How Limiting Vocabulary Reduces Our Ability To Dissent From The PC Narrative

A frequent topic of conversation here is criticism of SJWs and their insistence on using a specific form of English, often peppered with pseudo-academic jargon. These words are sometimes called “neologisms”—for example: cis-gendered, heteronormative, and “the performativity of gender.”

In his famous work 1984 George Orwell describes the creation of a new language, Newspeak, removing all nuance from English. The strategy involved replacing enjoyable, fantastic, and marvelous with good, plusgood, and doubleplusgood as a means of thought control.

Orwell was red pill.

Orwell was red pill.

Language and our understanding of reality

One may look to the real world for a similar example, namely modern Turkish. While originally intended as a Westernizing and modernizing political move, the introduction of the Latin alphabet during the early twentieth century unintentionally lead to a less nuanced and less descriptive language.

The Turkish government removed many words of Persian and Arabic origin. Eliminating words, intentionally or otherwise, is a dangerous path, as one’s worldview is created  and articulated by one’s language.

First, however, let us discuss how language imparts our perception of reality. Our ability to distinguish colour is largely based on having a word for it. As such, ancient societies did not make the colour distinctions we do today. Most surprisingly perhaps, they did not have a word for “blue,” perceiving it as a shade of green, the latter being more common; there are few blue plants or animals.

The poet Homer described Aegean Sea as “wine-dark.” A language historian named Lazarus Geiger analyzed the Bible, the Koran, Icelandic sagas, and ancient Hindu texts, none of which contained descriptions of the sky or sea using equivalents of “blue.” Therefore, language is an extremely important tool for comprehending the world around us. The more limited one’s language, the more limited one’s worldview.

The origin of modern Turkish

This brings us to modern Turkish. Under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the nation of Turkey went through sweeping changes: the Ottoman Caliphate was abolished, wearing of the fez was outlawed, and most importantly, Turkey switched from using a form of Arabic script to the Latin alphabet; used by English, German, and French. However, many words with Arabic or Persian origin were eliminated from the language. As such, the language lost much of its descriptive ability.

Portrait of Ataturk.

Portrait of Ataturk.

For instance, in modern Turkish a handsome man is “çok güzel” (chock guezel phonetically), as is a beautiful woman, an adorable baby, a stunning building, a well-displayed meal, a striking painting, and even a nice cold glass of beer. English has numerous “quantifiers,” many, much, very, few, a few, little, a little, whereas Turkish only has “çok”, roughly equivalent of “very.”

Most disturbingly perhaps, the Turkish language’s words for emotions are essentially limited to versions of happy, sad, angry, bored, and so-so. English has more synonyms and near-synonyms for individual emotions than Turkish has for emotions in total.

Having lived in Turkey, Turks who are fluent in English frequently complain about the childish nature of their countrymen, which I believe is a direct result of the inability to express their emotions in a complicated and nuanced manner. For reference, estimates of the total vocabulary of Modern Turkish is about 100,000 words, whereas English has approximately 1.2 million.

Ireland, a nation of five million people, has 4 Nobel Prize winners for literature. Turkey, a nation of 70 million, has one, their only Nobel Prize laureate. Nevertheless, what does this have to do with political correctness?

My only feminist friend

The elimination of vocabulary is a dangerous game. By intentionally whittling down the English language we narrow the field of discussion and remove ideas that may be articulated. A friend of mine is a self-identifying “feminist,” albeit not of the Tumblr variety.

Given the relatively friendly terms on which we can discuss and debate, I believe she makes an interesting example. Being of Sri Lankan birth and parentage, English is a learned language for her, albeit her Tamil is now very weak. Thus, most of her vocabulary expansion came from her degree in “Women’s Studies” at University.

Obviously, I'm using the term "degree" very loosely.

Obviously, I’m using the term “degree” very loosely.

She and I were once discussing so-called “cultural appropriation.” I cited examples where powerful groups accurately and respectfully used cultural motifs from a foreign society, such as Mozart’s “Turkish March” or Brahms’ “Hungarian” works (Brahms being an Austrian during the period Hapsburg rule in Hungary), and furthermore, cited examples where a subservient group adopted the dances and music of the dominant group due to unforced assimilation

I contended that “cultural appropriation” was not necessarily bad; the poor girl did not know what “necessarily” meant. Without the word “necessarily” how could one understand the notion that an act may be positive, neutral, or negative depending on the context?


The concept of the “euphemism treadmill” is an interesting one. Take for example the word “cretin,” meaning someone with mental retardation. The term is bastardized from the French word chretien, meaning “Christian.” The term originated in the Middle Ages and was a plea to treat such people gently, reminding the speaker those people were still Christians.

“Retarded” was originally considered less offensive than the previously used “idiot” or “moron”; “retarded” meant held back or delayed, e.g. “My morning routine was retarded by heavy traffic.”

Eliminating words from a language is incredibly dangerous, as it limits the mental processes that one may comprehend or articulate. Our vision of reality is defined by our language. This is important to realize when debating with SJWs or feminists—their vocabulary, while seemingly academic, is often limited to the concepts which their twisted ideology permits them to comprehend.

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201 thoughts on “How Limiting Vocabulary Reduces Our Ability To Dissent From The PC Narrative”

  1. I knew about the Turkish language reform, but I was unaware that they did the equivalent of eliminating all Latin, French, and Greek words from English which, needless to say, would virtually gut the language. The Turks claim they filled in the gap with neologisms using native Turkish roots, but based on what you say, it would appear that it was incomplete to say the least.
    Also, Brahms was German (from Hamburg), not Austrian, although like many German composers, he worked in Vienna for much of his life.
    Agree about the euphemism treadmill. The bottom line is that people need to shut up about being “offended”.

    1. Please remember the dichotomy between Germany and Austria that exists today didn’t exist in his lifetime, as fellow Germans (Deutsche) were all those whose ancestry was German regardless of their place of Birth (Preussen or LInz in today’s Austria). German was not only a nationality but a people, therefore there was a conflict between the German people within the Habsburg empire and the other peoples subjected to their crown. Hence Mozart would have never described himself as “Austrian”…

      1. True, you could call Austrians Germans, but not all Germans are Austrians, and Brahms was called “Austrian” in the article.

    2. Actually I’d love to eliminate all Latin, French and Greek words from our tongue, then retrace from original OE forward adding in Germanic words or lost Germanic based English words. There are people who do this now, as a hobby, in the linguist community, they refer to the language as Anglish. It’s actually *very* rich and honestly feels a lot more natural when reading it, if you’re reading a proper linguist who has done it correctly and once you get used to the conventions.
      English: “We posses a powerful language that many people use.”
      Anglish: “We have a mighty tongue that many folk wield!”
      Makes every phrase sound Thor-like, and you can’t go wrong when you sound mighty! heh
      But yeah, if you removed Latin, French and Greek from common vocabulary and replaced it with nothing you’re left with a travesty.

      1. Or like Tolkien. I’ve heard about Anglish, but it would require coining a lot of unfamiliar words. Tolkien was forced to use Latinate vocabulary at times for this reason.

  2. Absolutely. I encourage everyone to familiarize yourselves with SJW terminology so you can decode their meaning and avoid having them shape your thoughts.
    For example, one of the most pervasive SJW terms is “offended.” What does offended really mean? Its meaning has a representational component (conveying descriptive information with a truth value), and also a rhetorical component (a moral judgement designed to elicit some action):
    [You’re/that’s offensive] = [I don’t like you/that] + [you are/that is bad]
    If you have occasion to argue with an SJW over this, point out that offensive is the opposite of defensive; to say that someone is offending is to say that they are attacking. Explain that you’re not attacking anyone. If someone feels like they’re being attacked even though you’re not attacking them, then that someone has a mental problem and you can’t be blamed.

    1. And part of the social dynamics is whoever is most easily offended is the one with the most power. And the person who is tough and just says..he or she can think what they punished for that tolerance.

      1. But punished how? There is no real punishment for a casual conversation on the street. While it’s true you can be nailed at work or in politics for certain turns of a phrase, if you’re just out and about there’s nothing some snarky SJW at Starbucks can do to you if you “offend” her.

        1. The vast majority of people would consider getting bitched at punishment. If you are the exception congrats.

      2. That’s just it…and I can see some of your point. You do have to watch yourself if working in certain fields or environments (i.e. office) or you can lose your job (pretty sad).
        Otherwise (outside of work), I hold my ground on my opinions or comments (my rights)…and you stand firm on it.
        I’m just that type..I say what I have to say. If (or when) they get offended I just tell them that we disagree (I’m not responsible if they feel offended…that’s their problem).

        1. Be careful which conferences you go to. One of the most subversive things the SJWs have done is get speech codes enacted for all kinds of public venues. This allows them to ruin who ever offends them. Donglegate anyone?

    2. Good point. I’ve made it my “routine” to use words like disagree…especially when debating with an SJW, feminist, white knight, etc…
      If you let them, then these people will try to control the conversation using only their choice of words….and control the direction of the conversation. I’ll always stay on point with the subject and I’ll answer with “we’ll have to disagree on that…” because that’s truly what it is going on in the conversation.
      We don’t see eye to eye.

      1. They always try to steer a conversation, but they always have a fundamental set of assumptions, values that they think you share. They hold some things to be self-evident, like that you should try not to offend and that some views should not be voiced and so forth.
        Now, that’s where you can attack them. That’s the weakest link in their reasoning. You don’t need to knock over the enormous tower they’re building for themselves. You just need to question the foundation and they’ll go the way of the Tower of Babel. Go for their most elementary assumptions and turn those around, and they won’t know how to argue anymore. They’ll stack point on point, argument on argument – so if you can show that their fundamental argument is based on a value or a feeling and not anything logical or natural, everything they’ve argued for has been for nothing. It’s a more aggressive form of Socratic method, I suppose – let them rant and argue and blather, and then ask them a single pointed question to bring them down.

    3. More freedom in language is found if you don’t get trapped in the SJW vocabulary. I avoid words like toxic, racial minority, pro-choice because they re-inforce the sjw narrative. Looking back at old literature you can recover language from when people were logical and sane.
      Also think of language beyond words written on the page. Music, architecture, social interaction, etc. are likewise limited by political correctness and trapped in an sjw frame.

      1. “As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: you liberate a city by destroying it. Words are to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests.” — Gore Vidal

  3. It’s not just Turkey. This has been happening for a while. When I was in college, a DC politician used the term “niggardly” to describe the budget and was forced to resign by a black colleague who took offense. He eventually issued an apology to the black community and made a big show of his mandatory grovelling and contrition, explaining how he had to see it from the perspective of the black community.
    For those who don’t know, the word means stingy. It has no relation to the word nigger. Consider how idiotic it is that he was punished for using a word, correctly, in a way that would likely have helped the very people who took offense to it because they incorrectly assumed that it derives from a word that, in part, describes their ignorance. Worse, the man was forced to apologize, and in so doing, redefine the word to be something it was not.
    Ask yourself how often you hear this word today. Ask yourself what would happen if you used it correctly in your workplace. Ask yourself what would happen if you used the terms queer, gay, retarded, etc…even if you were not using them in their derogatory fashion. This is happening right under our noses.

    1. When the Iraq war was turning into a quagmire, there was a senator who said the war was turning into a Tar-Baby. If you know the story*, then you can see how the metaphor was extremely apt, and clearly what he was referring to. However, tar-baby is also a racial slur (that no one uses anymore). Of course, the senator (a Democrat!) was accused of being a racist, blah blah blah.

    2. Outrageous. This word is derived from the Old Norse word “nígzkur” meaning “miserly” and has nothing whatsoever to do with race.
      I’m bare assed over the politician’s spinelessness.
      No offence.

    3. I recall that exact event and it was embarrassingly shameful as to what it said about not just the “offended” politician, but also the public at large who demonstrated that they have zero working knowledge of their own elegantly beautiful Anglo-Saxon tongue. Epic levels of fail at all levels with that event.

    4. I should have read all the comments first. I commented about that same incident.
      Niggardly. Good word.

    5. ‘For those who don’t know, the word means stingy. It has no relation to
      the word nigger. Consider how idiotic it is that he was punished for
      using a word, correctly, in a way that would likely have helped the very
      people who took offense to it because they incorrectly assumed that it
      derives from a word that, in part, describes their ignorance.’
      This is called irony!

  4. Good job. Two contrasting views on this subject:

    Look at how words have been coopted, like “dehumanization” which is what America is doing to brown people in the Middle East that we bomb and murder as they go about their life, going to weddings and such, but here its meaning is a “common component of transphobia”. I don’t think anyone is claiming trannies are not human. They just have mental illness.
    Finally, those who control language, have the power in society. The study of language and the history and meaning of words is fascinating to me. A brilliant essay with the linguist Noam Chomsky.

    1. Carlin went Master Guru Level when it came to critique of language. I’ve read his later books where he goes over in painstaking detail, with humor, how our language has been deconstructed. Great reading actually.

      1. I need to check out his books. The guy was a genius.
        The power of language is so undervalued. If you look at any of our problems today, they can be rooted in an attack on language:
        Feminism can be blamed on the misappropriation of positive words such as “equality” and “feminism” itself, which I would be in favor of if it meant celebrating the feminine female; it actually means the opposite.
        Our endless wars are based on governments telling us “freedom” is at risk while they rapidly gobble up freedoms while they kill brown people abroad.
        The ACA/Obamacare was forced on people through a corrupt individual “mandate” which is twisted to mean forced purchase of a for profit item by the government (known as fascism elsewhere).
        The recession cannot be addressed because instead of reporting the real unemployment rate, we look at narrowly defined U3. Same with inflation, we ignore the declining value of the dollar and only look at narrowly defined “CPI”.
        And real issues such as the budget, pensions, etc. cannot be addressed because American society cannot be honest or truthful about anything.. ie “The state of the union is strong!!!” is always said, no matter the real circumstances.
        It’s all distortions, weak language, and lies. If you can stomach it, parse the language of any major politician and you will see they are saying nothing at all.

  5. “Retarded” is banned b/c it makes the parents of retarded kids cry. “Moron”, “Idiot”, and “Imbecile”, used as slang is totally ok. I use retarded from time to time in its common understanding, i.e. “Well that was fucking retarded” when describing something stupid that someone did. Because “That was cognitively disabled” or “That was a real intellectual disability,” sound stupid.
    Now, none of this is directed at actual retarded kids, b/c that would be cruel, it’s just commonly understood slang. So a couple years ago, I was at a dinner party and used the word “retarded” in this way. The wife of one of the guests immediately “corrected” me–because really, inherent in Political Correctness is a love of “correcting” others. She wasn’t a bitch about it, but she worked with retarded kids, and of course referring to retarded kids as retarded is just verboten–as if that’s going to keep them from crapping in their pants and wiping it on their faces (for the real gorked up kind).
    Of course, if you ever ask anyone of these PC mavens why they are so OFFENDED, they can’t really explain it. So I asked why just “retarded” is bad, but we can use “idiot” etc. in every day conversation. Her husband was actually pretty subversive about the whole thing, b/c I’m sure he’s been tut-tutted on a regular basis after slipping up.
    Bottom Line: It’s really just about social control. “YOU CANT SAY THAT!” or “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” and so forth.
    Which, as you might imagine, I think is fucking retarded….

    1. I said retard to some chick I used to fuck and told her I don’t care about about PC. She works with retards and she said “you can say anything because of who you are, I just can’t because I have this job.”

    2. This is exactly why I say faggot all the time
      It has nothing to do with gays and everything to do with pissing off faggots

      1. The minute you start bowing and scraping because you are worried about how words might offend people is when you need to start thinking about turning your penis in.

        1. Use some of your money to buy a gun and blow your brains out in the Lotus Elan you faggot.

      2. “It has nothing to do with gays and everything to do with pissing off faggots”
        Aaaaaaaand you’ve fallen into the SJW trap of “Oh no no I don’t ACTUALLY have anything against gays, I’m just using this word to not mean anything!”. Faggot means faggot, a queer gay person. Most of what that queer is doing is disgusting and thus calling someone a faggot is by extension an insult. Don’t do this whole “No no what I actually meant was….” little dance, just own up to the word. You’re using the word faggot because you want to imply and insult someone, else you would’ve used some other word.

        1. That’s precisely right – I don’t actually have anything against gays
          I use it only because the left finds the word taboo, otherwise there’d be no point

        2. Yep. I always used to say ‘just going out to smoke a fag’. Used to be very common here in OZ.

        3. Say that in these united States and it means something *entirely* different and very uncomplimentary. Heh. But I do recall the word used for log by older people here.
          I remember when my mother got on to me about using the word “queer” in the mid 1970’s when I was a pre-teen. I was using it correctly, to describe something weird or strange and it had nothing to do with sexual identification. She got all uppity about it (this was the heyday of Billie Jean King so I think there was a cultural push to eliminate the word), and I think that’s a decent marker in my memory on the beginnings of political correctness. As I recall I laughed at her and told her that she had queer ideas about the words I used. Which of course, set her off. heh

        4. That early? I always wondered why the word queer was appropriated. I do remember it not ever being used in that context though – it was just a normal word in the English language. Now you cannot use it to describe something weird or strange – it defaults straight to the sexuality identification realm.

        5. Yes, I remember it distinctly, can even see the living room of the house we lived in, which we moved out of before the 1980’s hit.
          It’s a fantastic word, as are many words that have been twisted and subverted by the cultural Marxists.
          Now that I think about it, I may have to resurrect it in conversations with the original meaning. That’s all it really takes to shift word meanings, there is no central authority that forces a word to mean something. All we have to do is go out and starting using words as they were intended, innocently and as somebody in the year 1950 would have used them, and people eventually adjust. Can’t make it obvious what you’re doing of course.

        6. I despair when I see what they’re doing with language these days, not to even mention grammar and the inability to spell.

        7. I’ll admit that my grammar can at times become shoddy, especially when talking in real life. When I joined the military I had the hardest time communicating the first couple of years because I was raised in a home that used painfully self aware and proper English. We may have been lower middle class at best, but our use of language was top shelf on both sides of my family. In basic and AIT I was actually called out on it so many times that I started intentionally dumbing down my verbal skills to match my intended audience.
          It’s not all bad of course, I now speak seldom in real life but can easily converse not just with the hoity toity during social functions, but also fit in quite well with my biker friends. But having to dumb down the language was painful at first, to say the least.

        8. When I was young my mom would ask me to go the corner drugstore and get her a pack of “fags.” Imagine that. A 7 year old kid walking to the store alone and going to the counter and being able to give the clerk money for the “fags” and then returning home. Not only different vocabulary but a totally different world.

        9. Well it’s common knowledge that the limpwristed Brits like to smoke fags by the dozen and would readily open their asscheeks to prove how open minded they are. Also semantics games are generally pretty boring

        10. When in public my friends and I will say to each other “Stop being a bundle of sticks!”

        11. Gandalf set faggots on fire with his magic. It’s in the Fellowship of the Ring, (the book).

        12. It used to mean, “happy, go-lucky”, which is ironically something homo’s are not.

        13. To be fair, its a very useful word. Personally I think men who wear gloves in 50 degree weather are faggots.
          Now ignore that other faggot who’s arguing pointlessly with you.

        14. Dude… if we were smoking fags by the dozen that would be a lot of dead faggots.

    3. This is a phenomena that needs to be observed closer. Retard went from 0 to “nigger” in like 3 years. The fact that that transformation itself was possible is scary as hell.

      1. Heh, 0 to “nigger”. That’s funny!
        My daughter almost tried to go the “But dad!” route when I mentioned not “being a ‘tard” about something. So I made the word commonplace in our house for a bit, she eventually relaxed and started joining in, problem solved before it became a problem.
        Gotta nip these things in the bud. And no, I will not apologize to Japanese people for that remark.

        1. ha. yeah, thanks.
          good move with the daughter i think. This summer, for the first time ever, the ESPN will be televising the entirety of the special olympics. I can’t imagine they don’t realize how hilarious that will be.
          No word on whether the horses in the Dressage competition will be retarded or just the riders.

        2. Nip is for koreans, i think. Jap is for japanese lol.
          The ‘tard word is not nearly as edge as “fag” though. A word used liberally on the playground is now “bad”…lol. I use it anyway.

        3. Nope, The Nips were Japanese. From “Nippon”, which is Japanese for Japan. Jap is also for Japanese.

      2. It’s all about social control. Everybody who wants to remind the world about how shitty a deal that they got wants to pile on.
        I saw a news clip on a woman in NJ who has a fucked up kid (I mean really fucked up. I felt bad for them.) So what she does is walk around her town and take photos of people who park in handicap spaces without the right sticker or whatever. She mails these to the police (apparently it generates a fine) and scolds the driver, if she sees him/her. Now, regardless of whether people should park in handicap spaces*, her “therapy” (or whatever) is a bizarre manifestation of how bummed out she is that her kid is fucked up.
        I feel bad for her about the situation, but what level of mental illness are the rest of us supposed to tolerate?
        *We have a ton of these in the garage at work. They just added seven more prime time spaces to the 20+ that go unused every day. I think it’s like that “No Meat on Fridays” thing that Catholics do to “remind” you of whatever misery that shit is supposed to remind you of.

        1. Yeah, I’ve got plenty of sympathy for the physically disabled, but the handicapped parking spaces (can you even call them that anymore?) are out of control. The worst is Home Depot. My Home Depot has I think 12. As if more than 1 handicapped person is EVER going to be shopping for home improvement supplies at once.

        2. It’s getting worse. Right next to the handicapped space at the supermarket I shop at is a “Pregnant lady/Mother and baby” space. Pretty soon it’s going to be “All straight white guys park in the back of the lot, no matter what”.

      Your answer: sure I can, we live in America (at least this guy does).
      I don’t mind pissing off a few people at times. It’s healthy (In my opinion).

      1. I like rattling their cages. Might make them think a bit more. The important thing is to remain calm, cool, and collected, while they through a tantrum. I had one do that and then I asked if I could call that “childish” or should I use “maturity disabled”. *grins*

    5. Yes, it’s a power play, but it’s unique insofar as it relies on the target of the censorship to empower the shaming party.
      Which is why it is so terribly easy to defeat with laughter and derision. Who is NOT tired of the PC idiots these days? Laughing at them in the mid 1990’s may have bought you a bit of social ostracism (not much though, but the perception at the time was that you’d be rejected from all social groups) but today? What man who works for a corporation isn’t ready to cheer somebody who stands up to a snarking SJW in a non-work public place?

      1. And, of course, they can never explain “WHY” it’s “OFFENSIVE!!!”. I ask them to do it. Never met someone who could. The best thing they can do is say, “It’s a lot like calling a black man an ‘n-word’”, which, of course, it is nothing like.

    6. you can say whatever you want as long as it is directed at the group of the ‘privileged’. How often will i hear someone of (insert ethnic group) call a white- ‘White trash’ or ‘redneck’ or ‘cracker’. Whereas if i called someone a traditional term to denote their skin colour whether it is has racist connotations or not then it’s game over. The destruction of the European languages is primarily directed at the destruction of the European peoples. anytime anyone calls you privileged just say’ sorry its called hard working and blessed.’

      1. Answer racial smear with a racial smear, directly. Don’t stop until they do. If they get nasty, tell them exactly what you’re doing and why.
        Turn the fucking tables on these idiots.

      2. I correct people who say “privilege” and tell them what they mean is “achievement”. The word “privilege” is designed to disassociate people from the fruits of their own labors, much in the same way that the liberals screech about how ‘the rich’ (read: anyone with a job) “DON’T PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE!” in order to make it easier for the proles to vote for the Tax & Loot crowd.

    7. Fuck yes to that. BTW – had a neighbor with a retarded little girl. Talk about ‘tard strength, she could squeeze your legs hard enough to make you collapse. On top of that, she would often scream bloody murder with no provocation. It was a happy day when they moved away.

    8. Started university 2 weeks ago. I’m forced to do a module on academic writing. I was looking through our silly textbook and gawked at these gems.
      We’re not allowed to label someone by their disability e.g. diabetic, stroke victim, paraplegic, because it’s identifying them by their affliction. Instead it’s “person with paraplegia, diabetes etc.
      But you’re going to love this. Using the word waitress to describe a female waitperson is apparently sexist. We can’t use “male nurse” (even though it simply points out the mile-wide gap gender gap) and we can’t say actress because it’s also sexist.
      Needless to say, I’m really interested to see how far I can push this bullshit. I’d like to see what I can get away with without throwing Downey into the mix.

    9. I am confused (and maybe slightly retarded). How should I refer to a retarded child?

      1. By name.
        Incidentally, why would you be talking about a retarded child? One would imagine that it would not set the Pussy Tingle Generator aflutter. I mean, 9 months of time and all the labor pains and the kid turns out defective. Probably not going to advance your cause with the ladies….

    10. Well, if you want to swear at someone, you can use a politically correct words. Instead of calling someone a Bastard Son of a Whore. You just say, A Love Child of a Sex Worker !

  6. We certainly used to have a richer vocabulary to describe women: Adventuress. Termagant. Shrew. Courtesan. Chambermaid. Wench. Concubine.
    I guess you could run across these words in historical works or historical fiction. I would like to see them return to common usage in the Manosphere.

      1. Dammit I just posted succubus before I read this post! first three I didn’t think of… good work! See? This article is already making us dig deeper hahahahaha!

        1. That particular terms needs to enjoy a renaissance. Particularly when used against aging post wall 40+ year old women to inform them of their fate.

        2. Sadly, there are so many thirsty, cloying betas, these crones never get their comeuppance. We’d like to think that career cunts make this Faustian tradeoff where their penis envy results in a death spiral of loneliness – but there’s always some blind, batshit white knight waiting in the wings to wife up the perimenopausal slut with an advanced degree.

        3. Eh, the tides may be turning. Witness the growing snarling about “the marriage strike” for example.

        4. It’s hopeless on the left coast. We’re a sea of traitor betas over here. I’ve broken so many plates by introducing them to the concept of the wall. Without fail, as I stood smirking at what should have been a popcorn worthy display of disposable pump and dumps drowning in humiliation and loneliness – they all manage to BB up. 39 year old plate who I left a tear streaked, hot mess no more than 10 months ago of course just got engaged to a successful, good looking television writer. My sister let her womb dry up in med school and still landed a quality husband in her mid 30’s. The amount of old attention whores hitting the engaged status update on slutbook is mind boggling. Sadly, in blue states there is no penance for old whores.

    1. shrike, banshee, vamp, hooker, floozy, harlot, tramp, STRUMPET
      (attribution google)

      1. A coquette is different from a slut though, she’s what would now be called a cocktease.
        A coquette is a vain girl who flirts without being serious, who enjoys attention. An attention-whore but more subtle and French.

        1. Oh yeah, I’m aware of the definition – just adding to the pile of “richer vocabularly to describe women” in general going on here. Plenty of descriptive terms abound.

    2. Same for how we described the homeless. Now they’re all an object of pity and used as a guilt object against people with talent.
      We used to call the homeless:
      Vagrants, transients, hobos, drifters, bums etc., each with a distinct meaning. A transient for example may not live anywhere except a flop house, but he’s basically going from town to down and doing odd jobs. Etc.

    3. While I agree with you I think slut whore and gold-digger are more than sufficient to describe women. This lets me know to avoid them – which is a good thing for my wallet and my STI status

    4. We already have many words : Preggers, whore, slut, gold-digger, cougar, 1 – 10 on rating scale, HB7, HB8, MILF,cum-guzzler, Bitch, femtroll, Femidiot, femstupid, cunt, divorcer, attention-whore etc.
      They’re just not vintage but I use them precipitously

      1. One that is being pushed online is ankle (because it is 2 – 3 feet lower than a cunt.)

  7. aer – light blue, Caesicius – Sky blue, Callainus – Green-turquoise, Cumatilis – light Sea blue, Prasinus – Bluish green, Undae – sea blue, Venetus – dark blue… fuck the greeks.

  8. Remember, SJWs are cultural Marxists, with their ideology of “the personal is political.” For SJWs, all your words and thoughts are public, and therefore belong to everyone.
    Political correctness is communism of the mind.

    1. The term Hate-Crime is the one I despise the most. You know because before people were all stabby with love in their hearts. Its only a matter of time before they prosecute us for our thoughts.

      1. Agree. I see these terms (i.e. Hate-Crime) as a way to control the conversation, debate and remove more of your freedoms.
        There are certain ways that people should treat each other with respect (I didn’t know that we’ve become so retarded that we need to invent a new fucking word for it).
        The problem pops up when you have these new terms and people start to inject everything into them. So, I make a remark or comment that another person doesn’t agree with and suddenly it becomes “hate-crime”.
        That’s bullshit. It’s a disagreement, difference of opinions, etc… Don’t ever let anyone take away your right to your opinion and your choice of words.

        1. Hate crime is really a load of bullshit. You beat some motherfucker up for being a complete asshole, nobody gives a shit. But God forbid if that asshole just happens to be a faggot, all hell breaks loose.

        2. I can see “hate crime” being a problem in the future for our society. I can see these same SJWs trying to ban certain books (as an example) if they don’t agree with them or the books seem to manly – and labeling them as a “hate crime”.
          It reminds me too much of Orwell’s 1984.

      2. Hate crimes were invented so special classes of victims could be created.

        1. And to exclude other classes of victims. For example, three times as many blacks kill whites as whites kill blacks in an average year; yet it is never a hate crime when a black kills a white, but is often a hate crime when it is the other way around. I harken back to when our beloved Attorney General, Eric Holder, stated that white people didn’t have civil rights. Just as I know many blacks that actually despise white people for no other reason than that they are white. They will loudly and proudly proclaim this. When you then say that is racism they shout you down as black people can never be racist; only white people.

  9. The Master Tongue has over a million words.
    The mud “languages” have less than one tenth as many.
    I’d better check my White privilege.
    Bix nood muhfuggah dindu nuffin.

  10. The PC Police are at it again. This time Uber is focusing on hiring more female drivers. I never understood why companies strive to hire more females, or more minorities, more less-privileged, etc. Why not just hire simply the BEST person for the job? If more women wanted to be Uber drivers, then more of them would apply to be Uber drivers. But women aren’t really interested in picking up strangers and driving for Uber.
    Just like when they are being pushed into STEM. If a woman wants to study STEM, then good for you. But there’s no need to push more women info it. What for?

    1. What in the fuck does one’s genitals have to do with getting a driver for a car to take you from point A to point B? Who in the hell thinks that’s relevant?
      What this actually tells us of course is that men are aggressive, take the initiative and are naturally entrepreneurial whereas women, well, are not.
      Oh well, I was actually starting to become interested in Uber.

      1. Their competitor is called Lyft. Maybe look into that. I haven’t used either. But I like the idea of Lyft because its just regular people giving you a ride, not taxi drivers.

    2. Agree. I was always taught (from a young age) to do your best or to be the best. Today, we have a “hand out” society where you can do “ok” and still get a trophy in the end (I shake my head).
      Society has handicapped many people, today. We see people not striving to do better because the expectations are to do “ok” wait around and stuff will fall in your lap. No need to go get it….just wait for it to come to you.
      Fuck that. Go after it, set your standards higher and always maintain your standard…no matter what.

        1. Half assed….too much of that going on in our world, today. Half assed or very low standards.

    3. It’s the cushy jobs they want to be guaranteed a certain portion of.
      You’ll never see the push to hire more female commercial fisherman, female loggers, or female miners.

    4. Women can’t drive and cannot read a fucking map. My wife turns on the gps everytime she hits the grocery next door. Uber ? forget it.

    5. See, if I was a rapist, I would look at this initiative as an opportunity.
      “So, where are we going tonight?”
      “Oh, I live out of town. You know, where it’s reeeeaaallll quiet.”

  11. dam…had to be a sri lankan that had to be the feminist(south asian)…typical sadly.
    anyways that sucks that they tried so hard just to be westernized, only to lose out. Its sad that now a days people think going western and progressive they have to drop everything in thier culture to get ahead.

  12. In a just world, no word should be taboo no matter how offensive
    Policing language is another facet of censorship used by girls who seek only to make the world less intimidating for them, without thinking about whether or not that’s a worthwhile goal

    1. Women are usually concerned about safety, men as part of their natures(probably from hunting) realize that you often have to risk everything just to have something. I don’t think its an accident that rich countries are safe and feminized and poor countries are dangerous and masculine.

  13. The fact that Orwell was red-pill is discomforting, because our world is starting to look like the one he envisioned and feared, and in his book, the bad guys win. I remember that the most fucked up thing early on was that love between a man and a woman seemed impossible to the main character, even as it was happening, and that our sexual dynamic today is almost fucked up as that.

    1. Colombia was caught in a time warp because of the Guerilla there, I was amazed at how women revel in femininity, wearing girly colors like pink, having teddy bears on their beds, dressing sexy, being flirtacious and showing off their bodies. Men being aggressive, and shameless and sexual, and they constantly rank one of the happiest countries in the world. Then I see men here say that the only way a woman can be more attractive is by being prettier, and you realize that people can actually manage to go through life without meeting utterly charming accomadating women who melt in your mouth. We may have money, but we’ve given up love and friendship in the process.

      1. “Then I see men here say that the only way a woman can be more attractive is by being prettier.. ”
        “We may have money, but we’ve given up love and friendship in the process.”
        I hate to break it to you, but attractive women cost $$$$ or actual tangible resources. Love? No such things exists, even before Humanity became mechanized.

        1. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. A girl I’ve known since 4th grade was and is still smoking hot, but has married a traditional, down to earth blue collar man and spawned a couple of kids with him. Her father, whom I knew well, was an old school Irish Catholic masculine man, and that’s what she was clearly looking for in a man, given as her husband is masculine, of Irish descent and hard line Trad Catholic. The guy isn’t broke, but he’s not Captain McFancyBucks by any stretch of the imagination. She couldn’t be happier with him, yet could have easily pawned her youthful looks into “marry a millionaire” in her 20’s and even today could likely do a lot better on the “rich man” scale than the average chick.

        2. au contraire. You obviously have never been to Colombia. If you had, you would realize that you dont need much money to have a beautiful woman in Colombia. Once you escape the American paradigm, you realize that the money and status we all see here, is not as important everywhere else.

        3. I was have been to Colombia 14 times in the last 3 years. I was there in February. I banged 7 different women in 10 days. All of them hot as a firecracker. All of them total sweethearts and I did not spend a lot of money on them.

        4. An ROK article from 2013 “American Culture Is Corrupting Colombian Society”
          I need to politely ask you what kind of colombian females are you getting with? The young slender pretty ones under 30? Or old fat señoras way past their prime (in which of the women from this category are going to be easy and nice) don’t count.

        5. “American Culture Is Corrupting Colombian Society” was written in 2013 at ROK.
          What kind of women are you getting with? Any female not under 30 and pretty doesn’t count IMO.

        6. Ok then what age of the women you are there with? I’ve had similar conversations with other guys who insist colombian women are sweet and nice and oh-so-beautiful only to have them show me a photo of their frumpy, past their prime señoras. FAIL.

        7. $0.00 plus taxi and cost of dinner, dancing or overnight trip, depending on the girl. Sometimes, you help out a little with the bills. Take them out shopping maybe or the movies. Most of them don’t have shit. Pretty cheap for a hooker wouldn’t you say? But, I am sure you’re a hardcore pua and wouldn’t be happy unless you got it for absolutely nothing, right?

        8. My point good sir, is that all relationships between men and women are resourced based.

        9. Yes, of course, resource based. I have plenty of resources and love to share with my beautiful Colombian ladies. In return, I enjoy the company of super feminine, polite, well dressed, respectful women. When you visit Colombia, the cabbies, hoteliers, men and women brag about how beautiful their women are. Its not bragging because its true. Their is definitely a genetic component to this boast. Its heaven for light skinned gringos.

    2. Discomforting for sure, as we’re far beyond just “starting to look like the one he envisioned.” Between the deconstruction of language as discussed in this excellent article, the blanket of political correctness weighing upon all public discourse, the ubiquitious cameras everywhere (with places like the UK practically covered in CCTV), global positioning in almost everyone’s car or phone, social media in general and the kinds of private things people are sharing online, online data collection of personal habits, recent ads now pushing “smart home monitoring” (the implications of which should really raise red flags), and so on, I’d say we’re right at the doorstep of his vision.
      And the scary thing is so many people are voluntarily accepting it. Pushing it forward for some misguided idea of safety or progress. It’s truly sad.

    3. Wait for the transhumanist revolution. Can you imagine fucking a bunch of mix of microchips and meat ?

  14. Nice to see that some people can interpret Orweel as more than a criticism of communism and totalitarianism. His ideas on the “Newspeak”, the controlled opposition (Goldstein) and many others things are far more interesting that saying that USSR is bad blah blah…(Though I didn’t said that USSR was a nice thing…)

    1. Yes, and I wonder why he chose the name, “Goldstein”? He left us a big clue when he wrote the book back in 1948.

  15. Jeremy Clarkson would never bow down to these SJWs and their silly vocabulary. Unfortunately, he learned the hard way that many people do not appreciate this. It appears as if the BBC was looking for a reason to suspend him and they found one this week.
    Hopefully we’ll see him back soon on the screen. If not, the PC narrative has not only ruined one of the best shows that were ever broadcasted, but also one of the few popular remaining shows that weren’t infected with PC crap.

  16. There are some people whose vocabulary should be forcibly limited:
    People who misuse and abuse “literally” and “ironic”.

  17. The problem with euphemisms is that they eventually assume the meaning of what they intend to hide. Language has a life all its own.

  18. “A language historian named Lazarus Geiger analyzed the Bible, the Koran, Icelandic sagas, and ancient Hindu texts, none of which contained descriptions of the sky or sea using equivalents of “blue.” ”
    As far as the Icelandic Sagas are concerned this is plain wrong. The color blue is often mentioned in the Icelandic Sagas.
    Mr. Geiger “the language historian” is wrong.

    1. Yes he got it all wrong, black was non existent though and there was only different shades of blue, so black would be the darkest of blue.

  19. Facebook just removed the “feeling fat” emojii due to some sjw petition. I don’t use FB personally, it’s a waste of time, but still, it’s disturbing.
    There is only one way to deal with feminist/sjw wankers:
    Pure, relentless mockery.

    1. I commented on that one on another article (can’t remember which one).
      I posted that since we have so many fat ass American women, today, that it should read “Am Fat”….not feeling.
      Needless to say, I got a bunch of complaining bitches posting rebuttals on my comment.
      I guess the truth hurts.

    2. Wow. Haven’t used FB since last year, but as I understand it Emoji is an entirely different alphabet–I have it on my ipad. You click a button and change from English keyboard to Emoji one full of symbols instead of letters. So how did FB remove just one symbol out of the Emoji alphabet?
      But yes, full on mockery is the answer.

    3. It’s probably what made them social justice warriors in the first place. They were made fun of for being inept, incapable little creatures. Then, for some reason, society gave them lots of activist groups, political power, bags of money and an opportunity to re-design the entire education system. They went all-out.
      But a bit more mockery wouldn’t harm them, especially now. Humour and mockery are the two most potent weapons against people who believe themselves to be paragons of virtue and have a lot of power. It brings them down to what they really are, deep down – scared little humans.

  20. Orwell may have been influenced by the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which says something rather similar. Some have criticised the idea of linguistic relativity as going too far down the ‘cultural’ line – by the time we get to Foucault there is nothing really outside the ‘regimes of truth’ produced by discourse and the institutions of that discourse – which begs the question how we can even talk about such things. There’s definitely something to the idea though – the Inuit may have 50 words for snow just as in the english speaking world we now have 500 different words for ‘gay’ and gender confused as the lgbtqxvbdsm type vocabulary demonstrates. But its still a controversial thesis though: language / culture is critical, but it may not be everything

  21. I had an employer who was quite a criticizer and who shouted at employees much. I noticed he NEVER used the word ‘bitch’. Even when the word would have fit perfectly, it seemed he bit his tongue and kept the word silent while substituting every other curse word in the book.
    I also noted that his wife came from some line of locals with entitled government do nothing jobs where a club of democrats handled all the local ticket processing, voting and were fixtures in the local courtrooms. She was a chubby skirt in some over paid desk paper shuffler job reserved for the party machine and their extended family. Never did I hear the word ‘bitch’ come from either of them.
    I use the word ‘bitch’ like banging on my favorite piano key. Before finding this site though, I never used the word ‘cuckolding’. Instead, I would go into a lengthy description of some ‘wild bitch mother who has multiple offspring, each one sired by a different male’. Now when I think the word ‘cuckolding’, or I’d make a statement like ‘In the animal kingdom, it is the wild bitch mother who eats her young’. Both statements would be difficult to articulate without the word ‘bitch’.
    If the sjw’s get rid of the word ‘bitch’ then the REAL skanky bitches would be unseen and unidentifiable and would have cart blanche to go on a terrible cultural vandalism spree and at the end of it would likely get away with murder.

    1. What’s fun is to use the word bitch correctly.
      That’s a fine bitch you have there, is she a pure breed Labrador, or a mix?
      Did you see the litter of pups that bitch in Jeffersonville popped out last week?
      The shock value in using the word *perfectly correctly* is amazing in mixed company. Which is when YOU get to use your shaming techniques against THEM.
      “What, you surely know that the word bitch is the absolutely correct word to use when describing a female dog, right? You did know that I hope?”

        1. Yes, somebody else mentions that on this thread as well. It was highly embarrassing for his “accusers”, in my view. To be functionally illiterate in one’s own language is shameful.

      1. “A dog that can’t pee on trees is a bitch, so said snoop dogg” Snoop Dogg – Intro from Doggystyle album.

  22. i don’t think language control = mind control . In Armenian we have plenty of words to describe feelings or conditions and that shithole country is becoming a Facebook loving hellhole

    1. The Armenian Duduk sounds beautiful and haunting though. However, that is irrelevant.

  23. Controlling the vocabulary of a language provides direct control over what paradigms are exercised within the language. Literally, it controls what people believe and can see.
    One of the reasons why yogic and meditative practice is largely monopolized by Asian cultures is that moden English lacks the words necessary to describe basic phenomena. All of the words come from Latin or old English and therefore make it difficult to access.

    1. Old English? I’m a huge fan of OE. Do you actually mean our Anglo Saxon tongue from the year 1000 AD and prior, or do you mean Shakespeare’s Early Modern English?

        1. Smack dab in the height of Middle English and not far from the transition to early modern. When Chaucer used the “y-” to make a verb past tense (from the Germanic convention of using “ge-“, which OE also used to do before it morphed into “y-“) he was not speaking common language at the time but was writing a language that he knew would be seen as “old fashioned”, as in the kind your grandmother and grandfather might still use.
          When you realize how he employed conversational middle English while referencing “just barely passed” OE elements, the tone of his writing changes considerably and becomes much richer I think.

        2. Erudition at play on ROK? My dear fellow……’ll be highlighting displays of verbosity soon.

        3. I really didn’t know that much about it. I’ve only ever read Canterbury Tales.

        4. Reading The Canterbury Tales would to his contemporaries be akin to us reading Huckleberry Finn today.
          We all “get” when Twain is using slang, we understand the slang, and we know which groups used what kinds of speech, we understand that when he has a grandmother speak she talks “old fashioned”, we recognize the difference between the heightened yet Southern English of the whites compared to the lower and rougher English of the blacks, etc. so his tale comes alive as we read it. He could have written it in Standard English and it would have none of the impact, richness nor fluidity that it has in its chosen form of expression. It would die on the vine and be rather droll and boring.
          With The Canterbury Tales we moderns read it as a difficult exercise in even trying to grasp the basics of middle English, so the nuance, slang and, to him, antiquated references, and colloquialisms are utterly lost on us. It becomes, at best, a passable reading that is used today mainly to snigger about “he was talking about eating pussy”, which robs the tales of 95% of their true value, in my opinion.

        5. If we’re talking about use of language, have you ever read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy?

      1. It can be both. Common examples I use when instructing
        others in meditation/yogic techniques are egregore from the Latin and ether from English.
        Egregore is Latin for a kind of empowered semi-conscious
        thought form whose closest modern English word is group-think.
        Ether is a term that dates back as early as the 1400’s that originally stood for the concept, as represented by tantric Buddhism, of Akashic force. Ether manifests as a deep purple colored force in meditation, is both timeless and spaceless in nature, and is related to the sound of “aum.” In Buddhist iconography of tantric saints it is represented by a deep purple color surrounding the saint in a very thin layer.
        I brought this up in my earlier post, as it is very hard to build an understanding of something like the meditative phenomena if you lack access to terms that concretely define specific phenomena.
        The author of the article correctly identified how groups seeking to change the belief structure of others do so by eliminating their
        ability to express the concepts inherent to the group under assaults view of the world.

  24. I’ve recently come across Ben Shapiro who wrote a book called ‘Bullies’ about how the Left tries to stifle debate with intimidation. He has some great Youtube videos.
    Also, I make a point of always editing Wikipedia to remove ‘gender inclusive’ language.
    I just hate it when people write something like “When a programmer wants to sort something, she might choose to use the Quick Sort algorithm, or she might prefer Merge Sort…” The idiom is that we use ‘he’ as a non-specific pronoun. When you use ‘she’ you are slipping in a political point. I try to parody it by writing things like “When a Libertarian programmer wants to sort something, the Libertarian might choose…”.

  25. When the hammer of political correctness is meted out with deleterious professional ramifications, It is incumbent upon real Men to rise up in unison to support our fallen comrades with immediate employment options that not only match but surpass the jobs and positions that they’ve been cast out of. We need private universities and companies to start stepping up on behalf of the hapless victims of cultural Marxism like the maligned Dalhousie dental students, the poor schmucks from SAE in OK, the “Jedi Council” gentleman, the Mozilla CEO, etc. It’s long time for niggardly retards to lose their control over the fates of Men!

  26. Every time a kid starts talking and says “Yo”, no matter what he’s saying, a puppy has to die somewhere.

  27. Mark,
    It’s refreshing to see a linguistic perspective on the topic of feminism and its influence. I especially like the historical example of how limiting language can limit human achievment.
    However, I have to ask, what is your central thesis? You start at one place, move to Turkey, then on to a personal example regarding an acquaintance of yours. Would it not serve your aims better to focus on one topic and dig deeper?
    I think you could expand this into two separate articles that address different issues.
    To be specific, I think there is a disctintion between introducing new, volatile terms such as “cisgendered” and “heteronormative” on one hand, and limiting language through banning campaigns, as in “bossy” or “retarded,” on the other. (fuck off, Jane Lynch)
    You have excellent style. Great syntax. But today, your essay structure doesn’t stand up to your raw writing ability.
    Looking forward to your next piece.

  28. Our society has a focus on being polite, it goes back to England and polite society. You are not suppose to go out your way to offend people.

  29. Good article. The tie in with the Latinization of Turkish language is quite telling.
    Doubleplusgood…otherwise known as our future.

  30. The English invented the fucking language and yet there is no end the ways that they mangle it. To “bum a fag” has a completely different connotation across the pond.

  31. This is what a Sri Lankan feminist looks like when they come to Ireland, Dildo Chicken masala (not her real name but close!!). Be a long time before they get another Nobel prize.

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