Is This “Inspiration To Women” Faking Cancer And Stealing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars?

Belle Gibson has been outed as a likely charity scammer and cancer faker, failing to pass on at least $300,000 in promised donations from her nutrition business. The non-medically qualified Gibson previously “developed” The Whole Pantry food recipe app, which exhorts cancer sufferers and others to dispense with conventional medicine such as chemotherapy and follow only a rigorous whole foods diet.

The Australian woman claims that this approach saved her from terminal brain cancer, cancer she has blamed on “the government.” Medical professionals and the media are now finding countless holes in her cancer story and uncovering a purported life of luxury. Other secrets include her fanatical opposition to any form of vaccination, including ones she argues made her ill in the first place.

Gibson has received almost daily plaudits for her efforts since 2013, including Cosmopolitan‘s “Fun Fearless Female Award”. A female-oriented “Healing Belle” social media fiefdom is now firmly established, centered on The Whole Pantry app, which promised to give away “nearly all” profits to various charities. Apple enthusiastically chose the app as one of the precious few to be featured on the new Apple Watch. Belle has subsequently been exposed as a pathological liar, to the extent of even lying about her age.

Always believe the campaigning woman, no matter what

Belle Gibson’s alleged frauds, including those of the medical, financial and social variety, highlight a pernicious theme in viral or “coming from nowhere” stories. Like the absurd Emma Sulkowicz and “Jackie” UVA rape hoaxes, a pitchfork-carrying (or, in this case, app-using) public and investigating professionals and corporate bodies are emotionalized into believing a story without question.

Why? Because women need to share their stories to encourage other women and therefore they must be true. Anyone who superficially appears to want to inspire is, ergo, inspirational. The lack of oversight and negligence of those propping up Belle was so egregious that she was on the cusp of internationally releasing her The Whole Pantry book tie-in of the app.

Unsurprisingly, the vast, vast majority of Belle’s devotees have been fellow women. They worshipped her like the Whole Foods version of Baal on Mount Sinai. Without mitigating the responsibility of Belle for her own probable scamming, questions need to be asked about the beyond herd-like mentality of women following social media gurus, especially those without any proper qualifications.

Belle Gibson “found” herself followed by 200,000 people on Instagram. She released a hundred times more self-promoting photos than details about her condition and past.

If they’re willing to follow a a likely scam artist, is it really surprising that they follow invented “one in five” rape statistics (later surreptitiously removed from the websites of people like US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand)? Or the menagerie of other fabricated claims and dubious stories and “statistical” information?

Who dropped the ball?

Multiple media outlets, which only saw the words “cancer,” “survival,” “charity,” and “social media” absolved themselves of any responsibility to investigate or substantially fact-check Gibson’s background. The obsession with finding “inspirational women” and “role models for girls” is so all-encompassing that such proper practices are dismissed as moral roadblocks to disseminating a wonder-story like Belle’s.

When this woman sensationally claimed in 2014 that her previously beaten cancer had returned and was ravaging her brain, spleen, uterus and liver in tandem, what media follow-up happened? Well, no one working for the same outlets seemed to bat an eyelid when she suddenly, in the aftermath of her four-cancer revelations, flew to the US to help Apple develop her app.

And no one then unearthed, or decided to publish, the innumerable indications she was driving a BMW luxury 4WD (suspicious at her faked age of 26, let alone her purported age of 23), enjoying a slew of international vacations and plastic-bingeing on $2,000 designer handbags.

Cosmopolitan was warned that Belle was a fake but, presumably like other magazines and papers, opted to continue supporting her, even generating more positive social media press for her.

Gibson alleged she had major heart surgery in 2009. Where are the scars?

A mentally unstable, anti-vaccination schoolgirl

School peers of Belle Gibson have described her as a compulsive attention-seeker who inveterately sought to “reinvent” herself as an emo, surfer girl, preppy type and God knows what else. Moreover, she endorsed a form of anti-vaccination extremism from those earliest days, which explains a late 2014 interview where she blamed her cancer on a cervical cancer vaccine. This anti-cervical cancer measure was rolled out en masse and given to young Australian women from the first decade of the 2000s.

In a shocking indictment of the diligence of Apple, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Simon & Schuster books in supporting (and enriching) her, Gibson previously described herself as a “distinguished psychopath”. Sunday Style has been another unquestioning spruiker of Gibson, describing her as “inspirational” in an article that also reiterated her “the government gave me cancer” claims. It’s clear they, too, failed to do any homework and blatantly disregarded serious logical fallacies in her story and overall reasoning.

Her claims about the time she was originally given to live (four months) flies in the face of medical professionals solicited by The Australian newspaper, who claim they know of no one surviving the form of brain cancer capable of killing so rapidly. She has also repeatedly used incorrect terminology in describing the severity of the initial brain cancer, as if she had watched a low-brow medical drama.

For the sake of brevity, I’ve had to omit another two dozen snippets about Belle’s outlandish claims, fabrications and all-round head-turning behavior. The plethora of articles out there is almost like nothing I have seen.

This image shows “Healing Belle” but a range of photos are now surfacing showing “Beer-Drinking Belle,” “Party Belle” and “Vacation Belle”.

Is “Healing Belle” helping to kill people?

Belle Gibson is no doctor and certainly no expert. Whilst the popularity of “new age” methods reflects a widespread distrust of conventional medicine and particularly a powerful pharmaceutical industry, the idea that the typical hospital system is dangerous remains catastrophically moronic and reminiscent of Illuminati conspiracy theories.

Whatever failures in service delivery sometimes occur, chemotherapy and related cancer treatments have saved, conclusively, tens of millions of lives since their inception.

Ironically, this same ignorance is what potentially cost Steve Jobs, the founder of the company that has chosen to headline Gibson’s app, his own life. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Jobs frittered away many months indulging in gimmicky Eastern medical practices at the expense of conventional treatment. By the time he took the more common (and effective) path, it was already too late.

Belle Gibson, unlike Jobs, is actively proselytizing and seeking to have people extract themselves from the conventional system. It will only lead to deaths and Gibson has in all likelihood harmed and helped shorten the lives of highly gullible people.

Is anyone actually surprised?

The quest for continual “female role models” is so retrograde in 2015 that the mantra is “believe now, don’t prove later.” Even the former dishonest method of taking a half-truth to concoct a full truth has fallen by the wayside because it doesn’t make a compelling enough story for women’s magazines and the readers of “inspirational woman” newspaper pieces.

Don’t worry, though, there’ll be another mentally ill “inspirational woman” coming in a couple of months. They always do.

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141 thoughts on “Is This “Inspiration To Women” Faking Cancer And Stealing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars?”

  1. Ok – next time Return of Kings should ask for Pfizer and Merck money to finance the next article on vaccine propaganda. Get your 100 vaccinations.
    Also you should check the details of the article for accuracy:
    Regardless on whether she is a woman or not the 300.000$ misuse of funds is fake and all you are left with is accusing her of mistrusting modern cancer treatments and vaccinations. Even many oncologists oppose many conventional treatments at various cancers which have been proven ineffective, but are still done blindly. And whether vaccination is such a good thing – millions of MDs around the world are opposed to those practices.
    The medical mafia has been known to destroy pretty much everyone – even former nobel price laureates who spoke out against some conventional practices – yes all of those are men.
    Go ahead and go mainstream the next time with Pfizer financing this crap.
    And by the way – this is not even a defense of that Belle person I have heard the first time of. She may very well be a con artist like many others are. But only because there are some fake PUAs out there does not mean that Game is false and every bootcamp is null and void and useless.
    Now after having checked out some details and her blog I must say that her claims as well as her recommended anti-cancer diet do not add up. This however as I stated do not invalidate some other claims she made. She looks more like a fraudster who took some points that even famous doctors make (some alternative cancer treatments being effective, vaccines being disputed by many doctors etc.) and ran with it to publish recipes on how to bake healthier cakes. Still – the article is way too close to the pharma lobby and should indeed be financed by them.

    1. She said $300,000 had already been given away. It has not because it’s still in her “cash-flow”, even according to her. If that is not fraudulent, especially when she was not even registered as a charitable foundation in Victoria (required by law), what is?
      Your point about the pharmaceutical industry is a straw man. I never claimed every vaccine doesn’t have casualties or side affects. You’re expecting perfection in an imperfect world.
      What I do know is that the reason you or those in your family don’t have polio, tuberculosis or some other now close to eradicated disease is because of vaccines.

      1. I do not question her being a fraud and a con-artist. That seems to be valid – maybe not the full extent of the funds, but who cares how much she stole if she made up fake cancer for self-promotion.
        With regards to vaccines – that is another matter – I as well as many other MDs dispute claims with regards to vaccines having saved as all, but that is another matter.
        Here the full 2 The Ecologist articles since they pulled the full text from their site:
        This is only one drop in the bucket of contrary medical viewpoint regarding the “blessings” of some modern medical treatments.
        There is a whole host on stuff out there on cancer treatments via drastic diet change (Gerson therapy) and other means, while at other cancers of course chemotherapy and surgeries are somewhat effective, but not the majority of cancers. Nowadays there is an incredible resistance to even do joint therapies which makes no sense at all unless it’s not about curing the patient. For example joint chemotherapy, high dosage vitamin C & raw vegan diet change in combination – no just eat your McDonald’s and take chemo.
        As someone has mentioned above -MDs live shorter than the already short lifespan of the average American. It’s like listening to the advice of a PUA who does not get laid.
        We should question everything, but yes – that woman is certainly questionable, but not some of her claims.

        1. When did I dispute eating a non-processed, whole foods diet? Again, another set of straw men by you.
          No one disputes the role of diet in preventing and managing cancer. But to dismiss chemotherapy altogether is a conspiracy theory.
          Becoming a doctor is the most rigorous academic procedure and so is the job itself once you’re qualified. The stresses of the job are intense. I know doctors who regularly pull 20 hour shifts. I’m not surprised they die earlier, if it’s true.
          I don’t believe I ever said the industry was flawless. But modern medicine has saved and benefited hundreds of millions more lives than it has cost.
          You called my assertion that she stole $300,000 fake. She said last year $300,000 had been given. It has not been, it’s still in the business. Ergo, she’s lying, all while driving a BMW and taking beach vacations, and failing to legally register her company as a charity.
          Kindly read the multiple sources I have quoted before calling what I say fake. She is on the public record for the $300,000 comment.
          I wish you well but you’re pulling straw men out left, right and centre, and accusing the article of pharmaceutical propaganda.
          I’ll let you adjust your tinfoil hat to stop the gamma rays.

        2. Now who is accusing me of strawman-arguments and that I should adjust my tin-foil-hat as you have so put it. I do it together with several chemistry and medical science nobel price laureates (those who questioned the usefulness of vaccines publicly).
          Again I do not claim that the fraud claims are wrong – I rechecked the facts and while some claims seem to be overdone, generally it looks like fraud that can even get her in prison because she ran as a charity and not a for-profit.
          I am perfectly fine with disagreeing on some points, but did not expect such open pharma-love here, that’s all.

        3. This even from mainstream site – only because you don’t hear it on CNN or from your favorite MD, then it does not mean that it does not work:

          “Laboratory studies have shown the following:
          Treatment with high-dose vitamin C slowed the growth and spread of prostate, pancreatic,liver, colon, malignant mesothelioma, neuroblastoma, and other types of cancer cells.
          Combining high-dose vitamin C with certain types of chemotherapy may be more effective than chemotherapy alone:
          Ascorbic acid with arsenic trioxide may be more effective in ovarian cancer cells.
          Ascorbic acid with gemcitabine may be more effective in pancreatic cancer cells.
          Ascorbic acid with gemcitabine and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) may be more effective in malignant mesothelioma cells.
          Another laboratory study suggested that combining high-dose vitamin C with radiation therapy killed more glioblastoma multiforme cells than radiation therapy alone.”

        4. Slowed growth does not mean eradicate. Trust me, you get a dark patch on your lungs you’ll be queuing up to kiss surgeon ass
          I despise anti-science hacks

        5. Indeed – and poison, cut and burn are methods of 100% efficacy which heal 100% of cancer cases.
          But you expect those results from scientifically proven alternative treatments? Yeah – belief in every “science” that the mainstream pushes does you good – go study Game in Women’s Studies – they will teach you how to scientifically proven pick up women.
          Gender studies are taught in almost ALL UNIVERSITIES AROUND THE WORLD. Why do you waste time and breath on reading sites which clearly contradict the “scientific” world-wide consensus that preaches our complete gender equality, if we were only raised without male toys when young?

        6. Intravenous vitamin C treatment, I saw with my own eyes while getting treatment myself in same clinic.
          Some amazing results, less nausea from chemo also. I myself enjoyed fantastic health whilst getting them. I really wish the doctor had not moved, which closed down the clinic ( now too far to travel, for me.)
          Ian Gawler wrote a very good book on this type of diet for cancer sufferers.

        7. That would be naturopath. Isn’t homeopath one who uses homeopathy? Intrav Vit C is used by many doctors, not just naturopaths. (

        8. You need to look at the studies combing Vit C with chemo. It is very interesting. Modern medicine can use natural substances as well as drugs, and surgery.

        9. Yeah – I use orthomolecular medicine for years now. My entire close family incl. parents, cousins, aunts, uncles and even my grandmother has started taking daily supplements and ordering vitamin C in kg-containers. The reason for this is not my stupendous sales prowess, but them trying it out and seeing how effective it is.
          I have seen amazing cures of sore throats, flu, colds, kidney stones (dissolved within 3 days), depression (l-tryptophan), bacterial infection as well as the most amazing one schizophrenia by a family member – she replaced conventional meds completely with a huge number of side-effect free supplements and is doing well now for 2 years on that. Aside from that my mother is friends with a woman who recovered completely from stage 4 liver cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer at such a late stage that the conventional MD told her to write her will and wait for death in peace. Instead she found an orthomolecular MD who gave her actually low doses of vit C (only 15.000mg IV injections) and multi as well prescribing her to a strict raw vegan diet with lots of vegetable juices. The amazing thing is that after a year they would not find even traces of cancer – it was completely gone.
          That’s why all this crap about high-dosage vitamin therapies being quackery is so infuriating, because anyone can prove it to himself with most minor diseases – they behave exactly according to Dr. Cathcart’s vitamin C protocol.

        10. Yeah fuck it. Let’s cure brain tumours with eating oranges and jogging in the morning

        11. I think the problem is vaccines have been too successful. Polio is so rare people now think we don’t have to vaccinate for it. Smallpox was ERADICATED from Earth because it’s human reservoir was taken away thru vaccinations. I would concede that a huge drop in disease rates can’t always be attributed to vaccines. Plumbing, toilets, better living conditions, and being able to have food are likely more important than vaccines. Good ol’ hygiene and public health are huge in disease prevention. Plumbers, pipes and toilets and sanitation has saved more lives than all the doctors that have ever lived.
          Vaccines are especially important for viruses. Viruses are very hard to treat once you get the infection. Damn near impossible to “kill” the virus with drugs. HIV virus is just kept in check with meds but it is a lifelong infection. Herpes virus is lifelong and only kept in check thru the body’s immune system. Some vaccines are amazingly effective. Hep B was rampant in health care workers. The Hep B vaccine is about 95-97% effective in preventing the disease.
          Rabies is fatal unless you get that vaccine in time an then it is 95% effective in preventing the rabies virus from killing you.

      2. David,
        You’ve written some very good stuff on ROK, but this piece isn’t
        your best work, I’m afraid – and, really seems out of character.
        Frankly, you really did seem to come across as a shill for
        Big Pharma herein. I almost expected you to include a rant against the growing
        evidence against the use of statin drugs, including your own call for the
        government to start adding them to drinking water (as some associated with Big
        Pharma have suggested).
        This Belle Gibson may well be the charlatan that you’ve portrayed;
        yet, her abuses are simply that abuses. They tell us nothing about the issues of vaccine efficacy vs. vaccine
        preservative dangers, nor the relative value of alternative medicine vs.
        traditional (corporate) medicine across a whole host of ailments.
        You shift focus entirely away from Bell Gibson’s purported
        crimes to focus on a rather transparent attempt to link her financial disrepute
        to disrepute for those concerns been
        laid by a great many (not just Bell Gibson) regarding vaccine efficacy and
        safety. Non-sequitur,
        The crimes of a lone con-artist are not a meaningful part of
        a greater medical debate. Con-artist are notorious for latching on to peoples
        real concerns (right, or wrong) to part them from their money. Bell Gibson is
        not the reason for growing doubts about vaccinations, just someone who used
        those doubts to her advantage.
        To put it simply, you’re way off base on this one. The
        antics of Bell Gibson DO NOT disprove anything put forth by the
        anti-vaccination movement – nor anything suggested by any advocates of
        alternative medicine.

      3. How did my aunt get through the 1916 NYC polio epidemic without contracting polio?
        How did my friend who was vaccinated against it get polio?
        You might want to take biology and statistics 101 over again, and pay attention this time.

        1. Man, I don’t know about you but I’ll take modern medicine, pharma etc, over a 16th century “health care” any day.

        2. “Healthcare” has only existed since 1940. It has been one of the most backward steps in the history of medicine. Trauma medicine, on the other hand, is the best it’s ever been.
          The record of drug interventions is actually rather spotty. Although it has saved my own bacon on a number of occasions, I’ve also held stock in a company that got slammed for producing Thalidomide.
          None of which has anything to do with the statement to which I responded.

        3. The west is best at “catastrophic healthcare”- detach a retina, blow out an ACL, look to western doctors. Preventative healthcare, however…

        4. Polio has fecal oral transmission, your aunt avoided that.
          Your friend likely got a live vaccine and had a compromised immune system, or a preexisting condition- you did not give me enough info to really speculate what happened to your friend.

      1. I agree with the main points, that she is likely a fraudster and women are herd creatures who listen to anyone who is featured on Marie Claire. I do not dispute that.

      2. There is very good reason for Zelcorpions passion. The use of nutritional substances is not accepted in medical science, as widely as other more touted treatments/comp. treatments -is a cover-up as large as the one hiding big business supporting feminism- because it makes more worker, more consumers, more money. But in this case, because it makes less.
        He cares.

  2. Criticizing Doctors, and Big Pharma is hardly “moronic”. Consider the simple fact that the average person lives around two years longer than the average doctor. If his superior knowledge and advice can’t help himself, what chance does it have for you? Or research how often doctors wash their hands, if they can’t master that advanced procedure, what are the odds they are going to get that brain surgery right? I think the criticism of putting ethyl mercury in vaccines is valid..its an extremely toxic material that can separate out if not shaken up. And you know doctors who are fairly incapable of washing their hands, need to have a 100% compliance of shaking up that bottle, otherwise someone could get a big fat dose of mercury. They used to have single dose, vaccines, and to make more money they introduced a preservative, so that the needle can be introduced multiple times. Im confused is the point profit or saving lives and minimizing danger? Neither doctors nor Big Pharma are doing gods work, they are just generally grubby industries trying to maximize profits, often at the expense of the health and well being of the people they supposedly help. You may not believe me, but have a few experiences yourself with doctors, or talk to someone who has, and you’ll come around.

    1. Normally I don’t reply to comments but there have been a number of straw mans emitting from the comments sections today.
      I stand by my comments that it is preposterous to call the health system (as a whole) dangerous. Malpractice happens in EVERY arena of life, from driving, to the police force, to the military, to the education system, to healthcare.
      You can present me with statistics that 10% of doctors don’t wash their hands or 10% of practices aren’t ideal. Then I can point you to statistics showing that the majority of kids with leukaemia now survive, as opposed to the 1950s before chemotherapy, or that we don’t have millions in the United States dying from advanced strains of the flu like 1918-21.
      Do you drink your own bore water to avoid fluoride? Did you avoid the pharmaceutically-produced tuberculosis vaccine as a kid?
      Who do you think produced the ebola vaccines being successfully applied? But when one or five people out of 1,000 die it’s a conspiracy?
      Do you avoid wi-fi internet to avoid having your testicles and sperm inside fried?
      If you have an issue with my GENERAL appraisal of the healthcare system, which now enables us to live beyond 80 as an average in even a blue-pill Western world, contact my editor.

      1. Vaccines as a whole are extremely beneficial, despite whatever comparably minor mishaps they cause; furthermore, there are many crackpot conspiracy theories about things in healthcare which are without doubt beneficial. As David Garrett notes, the modern western health system has greatly increased the average lifespan and well-being.
        However, it is also true that the health system as a whole is dangerous because oftentimes doctors chase profits at the expense of the health of the patient. It goes beyond malpractice, but includes much more. For example, many doctors are paid in a fee-for-service method, which means they get paid a flat fee based on the number of operations they perform, so they will issue far more operations than is actually necessary.
        The basic point, as Bo Jangles notes, is that the health industry, like all industries, is built around extracting profit from consumers, and since most consumers don’t know much about complex health issues, they are likely to follow what their doctor recommends. This puts doctors in a position of power which can easily be abused, and which many unfortunately do abuse, to varying degrees.

      2. Yeah just look at the fags with HIV, they survive for 20 to 30 years without any symptoms of full blown AIDS

        1. At this point I’d rather get HIV than Ebola. People are living full term regular lives these days with HIV.

        2. That is because HIV is NOT AIDS. HIV is a virus. AIDS is a combined total collapse of immunity, brought on by several ways; ( e.g.- risky behaviour with drugs use like poppers ( linked to Karsi’s Sarcoma)/bad nutrition, malnutrtion/exposure to disease with possible other factors from immunisation ( Africa ), exposure to toxic waste/pollution along with drug use/malnutrition ( cities like Newark, NJ.)
          Packaging HIV viral contamination with AIDS is scientifically unsound.

        3. I think if you avoid eating fruit bats or bush meat you wont contract ebola.

        4. There is no pharmacological connection. Possibly the perceived link (correlation) was due to poppers users engaging in more risky sex.

        5. I wish I could find the study that was done. Its been lost here in the house for about 10 years.( There is a lot of printed matter in this house! )

      3. Man, you couldn’t be more wrong in your naive rant. And it will absolutely and undeniably be to your detriment. I hope you don’t have a young family to pass your propaganda onto.

      4. Thank you for stepping in and addressing this. I was going to comment on a lot of what you said. It takes roughly one year of study in microbiology, physiology, and biochemistry to really understand disease and treatment. This woman’s claims of illness should not have been able to stand one day let alone years, I could not even get past the first paragraph without calling bullshit. The kind of cancer metastasis she was claiming is fatal in several weeks by the stage she is claiming, and brain cancer would totally incapacitate her. I cannot believe she pulled this off for so long..

        1. If she had that much cancer, and one terminal at that, she would be dead. I note she has a nose ring. I’m surprised she hasn’t got a tattoo of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Too many women just fall for these tales of woe without questioning – must be their love and need for drama.

      5. Many well educated professionals fail on average. The average MBA money manager doesn’t beat the S&P 500, a person is more likely to get over depression if they don’t go to a psychologist(although selection bias might partially explain that).
        A 10% non-handwashing rate? You’ve shown your hand that you base your statements on zero research. The self reported rate is around 70% but when observed by third parties its below 40%. . Yes I do my best to avoid Fluoride its on the EPA list of chemicals with strong evidence for being a neurotoxin The EPA also hates it because it often kills fish downstream(totally harmless chemical). The CDC says now that 41% of 12-15 year olds have dental fluorosis, up slightly from 10% in the sixties(dental fluorosis is when your teeth start to demineralize when you get too much fluoride). You don’t have to go to to show that fluoride is harmful, there is plenty of evidence of it directly from government sources.
        I never said I was against vaccines, after all small pox has been banished from this world, and that alone has done an incredible amount to ease world suffering.
        I don’t avoid wifi, but I do use a ear buds and a microphone and generally leave my cell phone off to avoid irradiating my nuts and my thyroid with the much stronger microwave radiation of cellphones, based on studies that show strong evidence of deleterious hormonal changes associated with cell phone use.
        From your statements its obvious that you are young and invincible and have accepted whats been told to you without critical thought or personal research. Nothing could be more blue pill.

  3. It’s not actually clear if she faked cancer or not.
    Most of this article is you coming to the defense of Big Pharma. The HPV vaccine has killed young girls, indisputable.

    1. “Most of this article…” Interesting proposition. I suggest you go back and read it.
      It’s clear. She has invented key parts of her cancer-related issues. Even if she had one form, she has faked most aspects, including backtracking from one “diagnosis” when pressed.
      When did I ever claim that pharmaceuticals are infallible? They are corporations, of course self-interest is a factor that can cause problems some of the time. If you would rather live with the epidemiology of the past, by all means start your own anti-pharmaceuticals commune.
      You’re laboring under the misapprehension that some adverse reactions to some drugs equals a conspiracy to defraud/rob the health of everyone.
      Tens of millions of people died from the Spanish flu epidemic in the 1910s and 20s, more than the First World War. Why don’t we have these anymore? Maybe something to do with pharmaceuticals? And how about polio and tuberculosis epidemics?
      By all means, present ROK with a well-considered article on pharmaceuticals if you’re passionate about the issue, which you seem to be.

      1. Pharmaceuticals played a part but a bigger part of that was increased sanitation, better diet, and a higher standard of living.

        1. Part of why disease was eradicated was isolating the outbreaks. This is used as argument against vac’s but there remains the factor, that with air travel, and other such factors – it is very hard to isolate disease. Look at Ebola.

      2. Pharmaceuticals played a minor role. Sanitation and initial improvements ind diet, mostly due to greater availability of food, account for at 90% of ALL the improvements in life expectancy and health in the 20th century.

    2. I actually know someone who had a perfectly healthy daughter who now has seizures because of the HPV vaccine. This women still faked cancer. Big Pharma can still suck and she can still be a liar at the same time.

        1. I don’t know. I’m not a physician nor do I play one on TV. If you search low carb and epileptic seizures, it says studies have shown to be effective. We don’t know why but that’s how it is.

      1. Fair enough but I never actually said she DIDN’T fake cancer, just the article was very unclear about it. If you’re going to attack someone’s character so publicly, you should definitely have pretty solid material to back you up.

    3. It would be impossible for her to be alive with cancer of the brain, liver, and pancreas. It would be game over years ago. Pancreatic cancer alone has a survival rate less than 5%, with metastases throughout the body it is 0%. Plus she still has her hair, her body fat, and no surgical scars?! Cancer with metastases,especially to the brain, is not a common cold. You do not “just get over it” because you switched to a gluten free diet.

      1. OK fine but still, it’s not actually clear if she faked it or not. The article does not provide material support for the claim that she “faked” it.

    1. Damn right about that.
      Australia is a hotzone of narcissistic 3rd wave twitter feminism.
      It also has the most left wing, anti-male media in the world.

        1. Labour as a whole, but yes specifically her. Any female leader why plays the “misogyny” card should immediately be laughed out of office. The only thing I find myself disgusted at more than her, is the constant vitriol against Abbott. The man sneezes and its on the front page of the Herald that “Abbott releases millions of harmful bacteria into our air”

        2. Labour were a shambles at the time but she was particularly incompetent, so much so Rudd had to go back in charge of the party just to give them a chance of winning the election. She played the gender card when it was clear she was gonna get slaughtered at the poles. The media don’t like Abbot but they absolutely hated Gillard even more which I found very surprising for a left wing media, that’s the only thing I’ll defend her on. Mind you she didn’t give them much to report her leadership in a positive light

      1. You are well right on that, sir. My ex nearly took his life because of the prevalence of bad feminism in Canberra, while he was growing up and beyond.
        They are hysterical and ignorant. Just today, I was hoping to enlist another female in being educated and now Im fearing being attacked on the street when I least expect it.

      2. When I was a kid, everything I knew about Australia could be summed up by Crocodile Dundee and his BIG knife.

        1. It was a good time to be a kid too. I re-watched the scene for the post. Not only does the character scare off the hoodlums with his knife but the woman he is with gets the tingles and then he grabs her ass while kissing her.
          Ah the days when movies had proper messages.

        2. Well…even though I am banned from here for talking to women…..this story of my step grand father who fought in WW II and passed his story to me is what lads are well advised to listen to now.
          When I die I will see Frank Trainor again….and he will say “job well done” to me for the efforts I have made to secure the future for the children of my land. Shame so few men have made such an effort.
          Lads of today should be learning from the legacy of men like Frank Trainor.

  4. Enough buzzwords and the truth doesn’t matter.
    When rumbled on their lies, SJW’s can always revert to “the principles at stake”
    It’s like playing Chess against some fucker who has extra pieces

    1. Speaking of Chess, the pawns are like gender-confused mangina SJW’s. They have the objective of reaching the end of the board so they can get a sex change, become a Queen, and pin down the opposition’s King (the patriarchy) and rule the chessboard in a two Queen lesbian domination.

      1. the people who invented chess knew how power worked: the surface power and the kind that works behind the scenes. And of course the potential for a sneaky alchemical gender swap at the end as well. Chess is red pill

  5. Here is my qu: Why is it that these fake cancer survivors always miraculously discover their illness can be treated with “whole foods?” Why not Little Debbie snack cakes? Why not heroin? Why not kegs of beer? Whole foods is so cliched — I’d have bought this story if she’s been a little more original.

    1. It’s code for being able to shop at certain stores. The average working family shops, buys and prepares food. Their concern is keeping food on the table and a roof over their heads. Ever notice the whole food knuckle heads and cancer fakes are mainly white women?

  6. All vaccines carry risks and are not 100% safe. However some of the replies here remind me of Jenny McCarthy style crap. I hate conspiracy theories the fast majority of which are bullshit. I also hate the idea that all vaccines and traditional medicines are bad and we should go back to “natural” methods of healing, whatever the fuck that is. Showing an almost complete misunderstanding of the nature of vaccines and medicines, which many are based on here comes that work again, “natural” ingredients. Let’s eliminate all vaccines, orthodox treatments for serious diseases like cancer, and see where are in 5 years or so. The results won’t be pretty. I remember as a very young boy in 1956 waiting in a long line with my father and my little brother to get our polio shots. The loathsome fear and horror of this disease was palpable to me even as a young child. A loved and valued older cousin of mine was already limping along with a withered leg. Where are we in the world with polio now? Smallpox? I found this anti semitic web site a while back that claimed Jonas Salk “killed a lot of kids.” What a repulsive mind set. Some of you are so fucking stupid or gullible, I don’t know which. I can’t decide whether to scream or cry. Yes the world is screwed up and we all hate blue pill da da da da but that doesn’t mean everything this civilization has produced is toxic.

    1. Living in yurt in a hole in the ground eating tofu, isn’t going to save us ( paraphrasing Will Self.)
      This hysteria is appalling. I myself, was prey to it when much younger. My science genius father could not believe he fathered such a abomination, after he had taught me to use my mind. Luckily, later on I found rationality * it was from extreme stress, and not only understand his viewpoint, can rationally debate things with him ( such as using well known proven comp programs for drug testing instead of the outdated animal model, which is used purely for preventing lawsuits, and often causes iatrogenic illness and deaths- which are blamed on medicine but are Big Pharma’s fault.

      1. No to say Big Pharma is evil. but suggesting some business practices have corrupted its strain. I myself am well because of several drugs, that allow me to function in society ( Dex and one other ) plus some for chronic illness I am very grateful for.

  7. If you haven’t got the memo yet, all women lie. That’s 100%. Its only a matter of frequency and magnitude of the lies. Any male who questions what’s going on will be shouted down with accusations of misogyny, or patriarchy. Isn’t feminism empowering?

  8. Pretty much all disease charities are scams, especially the ones promising to cure this or that. Think about it, if they did find a cure, they would all be unemployed the next day. Instead, their financial statements look like that of a hedge fund. The directors are all doctors, lawyers and investment banksters, all with a vested interest to keep the charade going. Employees have juicy defined benefit pensions. Being “charitable” has never been so lucrative in the history of the world. For these reasons I refuse to donate a single cent to these fuckers.

    1. there is a lot of power bound up in charities and foundations. The great and the good are all charity supporters and philanthropists and they always manage to get wealthier in the process. They tend not to work in soup kitchens though, or anything that involves cleaning up people’s shit

    2. The head of the fda was paid a bribe in the amount of $285,000 in the late 60s to cover up a supposed cure- an article on this appeared in the ny times.
      He was forced to resign as a result. A new guy came in, and of course, nothing changed.

    3. Exactly. And that’s what DV and Sexual Assault has become — a giant money making machine. The last thing they ever want is for it to end.
      What’s occuring right now? Sexual Assault was declining every year thus were being bombarded with propaganda that there’s an epidemic backed with manufactured stats merely to ensure the gravy train doesn’t derail.

    4. They fail or are fakes because they are looking for the cure. The only things you need cures for are broken bones and hunger.
      Everything else is prevention. Notice there’s no prevention?
      We get cancer every day.
      But a healthy person kills the cancer cells. Our immune systems do the job. Also cancerous cells tend to self destruct in a healthy body.
      Most people are not healthy. They are slobs.
      I would say that 99 percent of everything we would need medical help for is preventable.
      Yet when do people become health nuts? AFTER they get sick. And if they got sick from being in an unnatural state (having a body in which cancer can grow for example) then the natural state is not going to cure them. Nature does not kill cancer. It can prevent it very easily.

    5. Healing Belle? More like shameless, lies spouting Belle. This skanks’ unbelievable lies to hog the limelight is unlike I have ever witnessed. As usual the female ass-kissing and pedestalizing media lapped up her bullshit story like it’s made of honey. Here’s a rule of thumb before you fellows part ways with your hard earned money

    6. Thing is, there’s already a cure for cancer, Black Slave, but it’s 100% natural so can’t be patented. Doctors have emphatically stated it’s never been proven to work despite me seeing a documentary showing it work (I forget the name of the documentary, something like “The cure for cancer”). Can probably find it on youtube or The Pirate Bay.

      1. Oh, and if anyone doubts me, just know, it’s made from four 100% legal ingredients… and yet is illegal to make. Ask yourself why? It doesn’t get anyone high, it just sucks out cancer.

  9. interesting lines of division in the comments board over this article. The logic here seems to be that women (and Steve Jobs) are pretty susceptible to wacky new age thinking, alternative medicine etc as opposed to masculine hard science / conventional medicine, and that this is a function of feeling over reason. While that’s pretty much true this particular instance of feeling vs thinking conflicts with the other sense that conventional medicine is in bed with big pharma (pretty hard to dispute that I would’ve thought) and that therefore the conventional medicine / big pharma is part of the ‘cathedral’. There’s a genuine tension here. There are genuine problems with the ‘medical model’ and the ‘biological model’ however these paradigms have traditionally been attacked by leftists who were specifically targeting the corporate side of medicine. Personally I see this as beyond a left / right issue. There’s simply no need for a sound attack on touchy feely new age thinking to involve a defence of the whole of the medical / pharmaceutical complex. Western medicine on the whole has improved both quantity and quality of life, but there have also been costs. Particular drugs are pushed because they make money – who would even deny that – and doctors are increasingly incentivised to become a part of that business model. More immediately for the manosphere, big pharma potentially as part of the said ‘cathedral’ is also implicated in medicating masculinity. There’s a big difference here between say arguing that flouride is pumped into the water system to keep people compliant (a conspiracy theory regardless of any basis in truth) and saying there is a problem with the systematic drugging of young boys with Ritalin (although I’m not suggesting this is economically motivated). The male science of medicine could easily become a very anti-masculine science in the near future, and the complex of medicine, pharmaceuticals and psychiatry offer un-paralleled potential for social control. The alternative though is not to put misplaced faith in flakey new age gurus and snake oil salesman but to engage in vigorous critique

    1. We need science based medicine, of any sort. Non-biased ideologically free. Its going to be a struggle, as most study is funded by big business, or by taxes ( which here in Australia, are being linked to govt pushing its ideology thru, to get money for CSIRO to do this. )

      1. ideologically free is a sweet idea, but there have always been agendas. I’m afraid science is now in the service of ‘progress’ and progress in the service of identity groups

  10. The female Tai Lopez, promising cancer cures instead of wealth generation. Men and women usually run different kinds of scams and go after different markets, (more women respond to “health” scams while more men respond to “wealth” scams) but the overall effect is the same.

      1. Oh yeah, I remember all those women talking about forex and NLP like all the time. Oh wait… no. Doesn’t matter if you call your herd “women” or “men”, if you associate with one or the other you’re still a sheep.

  11. Western society is putting women on such a pedestal now that a women can make outrageous claims that involve her suffering an she will be automatically believed.

    1. Bingo. Look at the chicks who clearly make up a rape allegation. Two for example: The -unt at Columbia who carries a mattress around. She’s been put on front cover of New Yorker Magazine and has been referenced by Hilary Clinton.
      Then the chick at U Oregon. It’s evident she made up the allegation after feeling guilty for her actions. Damage already done though. The 3 guys are expelled and the Portland Media destroyed them. It’s come out there’s holes in her story. And the guys have text messages from her which blow the rape allegation apart. Yet when U Oregon was going to press charges on her for the B.S. the successfully indoctrinated student body flipped their S and the university dropped the case essentially letting another female who created a false rape allegation to face 0 ramifications while 3 men are completely RUINED

      1. Yep women left with no accountability is the end game of feminism an it’s getting that way.

      2. If you’re going to regularly comment on here don’t ever censor “CUNT” again. It’s safe to day all day long on here.
        Sites like Jezebel and other feminist paranoiac tripe call us “douchebags” if they don’t think we’re attractive enough for their “standards” (which we know women have none), we can call them cunts for their actual LACK of any merits displayed by themselves.

        1. I prefer to use the term ankles as they are 2 to 3 feet below a cunt (depending on the amount of leg the woman has.)

        1. I refer to what happened during the Great Leap forward, the cultural revolution.

  12. Let’s have an article about cancer riddled Steve Jobs getting a new Goddamn liver because had the money to pay for it. I just can’t feel sorry for these arrogant rich fucks.

    1. well why? I would pick someone else.. let’s not forget Steve is the quintessential self made billionare. He started in a garage with nothing but an idea and he changed the world. We can talk about his flaws/business practices but we can’t argue about his legacy. He made billions in the process, and that’s the way it should be. And yes, with money come the perks..
      If you want to point to Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian/Wall Street thugs and alike, then I am with you.

      1. Exactly. Jobs may have been a prick but you can’t deny his huge accomplishments.
        Kim.K and that ilk have contributed nothing of use.

      2. Sad that part of his legacy was his massive ego didn’t allow him to believe he was human. Cancer, the great equalizer.

  13. It is true that women fall easily for ridiculous alternative practises but it is also true that аllopathy has significant drawbacks.
    Before making decisions regarding your wellness needs, it is wise to carefully weigh your options and educate yourself about the risks and benefits of different forms of health care, including allopathy. When you know the risks, you can take steps to minimize them and improve your chances of a positive outcome.
    And always remember that 1. Doctors receive little, if any, education regarding nutrition and healthy living. 2. Drugs do not usually cure, but suppress and change the way the body functions, this covers up the condition instead of curing it.

    1. Usually less than ten hours reported on nutrition study average.
      A shame because it can be used in tandem with medicine to help heal.
      The most interesting new cutting edge discoveries on healing/helping immunity-based diseases are coming from ortho-molecular nut., because it is so new, and not yet accepted into medical science.

    2. Doctors receive a lot of training about nutrition and healthy living and it is featured prominently on the USMLE. Many doctors my not follow the advice they give , but that is another discussion..

        1. Look at tested subjects on the USMLE bulletin. You have to know nutrition because a considerable amount of pathology is linked to poor nutrition. B12 and anemia, Vitamin A and immune disorders, Vitamin D and bone disorders, Iron deficiency anemia and that is just the easy ones off the top of my head.

  14. As a supporter of ortho-molecular nutrition, I would like to state – natural substances are to be used as complimentary medicine in cases of extreme illness. Benefits from supplements, herbs, and other substances can be useful when your healthy to help prevent disease ( help is key here, not prevent )- but they are not a cure all.
    Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, because of stupid ( Jobs ) or scheming frauds ( Gibson ) but use scientific theory and practice, along with reputable, unbiased ( e.g.- check studies on positive/neg effects for funding sources ) medical studies.
    also this:

  15. “Believe now, don’t prove later”
    Perfectly sums the fuckery I just read here. The pure audacity that this doesn’t have more coverage is mind boggling and, at this point I really do feel now that all men will never be able to reach the heights of the red pill and instead be comfortable in blue pill truths, green shit forced beliefs, and red blooded tampon soaked puss values that are leading this world into our own version of mediocrity.
    Women, I now see why y’all don’t need to worry about what is “right” and “wrong” when pussy ass betas are allowing shit like this to occur. I now see why my cousin was treated as a 2nd class citizen when holding the door open for a chick, she couldn’t even utter the word “thanks”. Just simply walk pass him as if this is how its SUPPOSE to be. Horseshit. Women have no sense of right and wrong and its stiuations like this that show men are blinded to this fact simply because of old school world views on how “innocent” and “sweet” the women of past years used to be. Or, now if I am being honest, I don’t know if women were ever as sweet and innocent as they seem. Maybe they were like that due to having no power back then as they do now. If Feminism was maybe 80 years old instead of 60, things may be more worse than it is now.
    Standards are dropping off at rates in which I honestly am shocked to see no matter how many articles, sites, and videos I view daily to keep my mind sharp as a blade and skillful as a samurai ready to slice through the bullshit as easy as butter. I am glad sites like this continue to help me and others push for having standards instead of falling victim to the constant dirty piss infected ocean. Using a ploy like cancer in which real women, men, and of course kids to gain money shows a lack of decency and morals. Something in which most women (And men also) are losing just to gain the “power” of the dollar. Pathetic.
    Trying to put a end to this is a uphill battle. Men are starting to wake up but, at the same time its still a war in which we are out numbered by the blue pill betas and mentally warped fembots. The best we can do yearly is continue to have standards in ourselves and hope more men continue to unplug and seek the truth, and hopefully find their own truth too in the process.
    Nice article man. The picture of her laying by the pool without a fuck to give explains it all.

    1. Ha. The door thing. I know exactly what you mean. When someone has held door open for me I always say “Thank You.” 90% of time if I’m walking into an establishment n a female is behind me n I hold door open, she walks right on in with no Thanks. Just as u said, walks past with 0 regard. I’m so fed up with these -unts that now when it happens I say in a LOUD voice as I stare at her, “No problem. I’ve got the door. Let me get that door … you fucking bitch” Then just walk out.

  16. Attention Whore. Attention Whore. Attention Whore. Shame on the media and corporations for not vetting this lady’s story. But if a women says something is so it MUST be true. Feelings are all the proof you need by god. Men do this stuff but much less often and it is usually just for money not the attention. Munchausen’s , Munchausen’s-by-proxy , fictitious disorders ( making shit up) are almost exclusively found in women.

  17. Let’s not mix apples and oranges here. All women lie and self-promote, that’s absolutely true, but so are the basic statements that “natural” products can positively impact (dare I say, cure???) cancer. Also true that modern vaccines offer very dubious health benefits, and are being increasingly linked to causing or contributing to various cancers, autism, allergies and autoimmune conditions and many other diseases. Vaccines have also been discovered to be contaminated with cancer causing agents on NUMEROUS occasions, which completely mystify those of us who are familiar with modern pharmaceutical labs. In other words, these shenanigans look to be intentional.
    So, although this particular woman MAY be full of shit in some regards and attention whore, and strive for a life of luxury — although I don’t personally know her — let’s not throw the helpful health information under the bus by calling it conspiracy garbage.

  18. In regards to “big phrama” of course they are profit motivated. Big deal. Unless you are a commie or a socialist, profit motive isn’t a dirty concept.
    Do some people die from “big pharma” drugs? Of course. Some people die from eating peanuts, wheat, sea food … Hell, sea food is touted as a healthy natural product. It is for many people. But deadly for others. We can’t ban every food that someone has an allergy to. There would be no foods left.
    Some people die during essential surgery (died from the surgery and not the malady being treated.)
    All medicine has a risk factor. Some die. Some live.
    So telling me that your neighbor died from a vaccine reaction doesn’t tell me anything. You would have to tell me whether the death rate dropped enough in the larger society for me to make an independent judgment on the efficacy of the vaccine.

  19. “They worshipped her like the Whole Foods version of Baal on Mount Sinai.”
    Best RoK article quote EVER.

  20. This article just about sums it up in a nut shell. She is a first class scam artist and even Cosmopolitan knew she was fake but continued to support and promote her. Australia in general has a massive feminist force and should have been nipped in the bud early on. Many women are taking advantages of other ways to make cash and joining sugar dating websites such as and hooking up with wealthy, generous men.

    1. This article piece had NOTHING to do with dating but you brought up that link anyway? Why not pay roosh to advertise your shit you fucking freeloader!

  21. Ever heard of Anita Sarkeesian? She is a scam artist who receives a shit-ton of money by being a hateful mysandrist social justice warrior. She claims to be “harassed”, therefore, everything she says is automatically considered the gospel because she is a “victim”. Anybody questioning what she does with the money is automatically labeled a misoginist. She is the most high-profile among a plethora of professional female victims in the gaming industry. All of them claim to be victims of threats and harassment and receive money through donations for “projects” that are either of extremely bad quality or just frauds. Nobody ever questions what is done with the money or they are labeled misoginists. The entire gaming media is siding with these women.

  22. Vaccines and Maurice Hilleman
    I think a lot of people, myself included, have no memory of what it was like before vaccines. While some vaccines do cause problems, maybe even death due to adverse reaction, these problems or reactions are a lot less than what is being vaccinated against. (i.e. You are a whole lot better taking the risk with the vaccine than taking the risk of getting the disease that is vaccinated against.)
    Smallpox, middle ages, had a death rate of around 25%. There are some accounts, that I seem to remember, citing death rates as high as 50%. Other accounts relate ships drifting the Med because everyone on board was dead from the disease or factories idle because there was no one to work them.
    While nutrition helps, vaccines are how you prevent people from getting sick in the first place.
    I remember listening on C-Span’s about Maurice Hilleman back in 2007, and his research. I got a copy of the book,
    Vaccinated: One Man’s Quest to Defeat the World’s Deadliest Diseases
    His vaccine’s, when developed, were ‘perfect’. They did what they were supposed to and safe. The problem that he had is that the manufacturing side would start to substitute things in the process or change the process that he had developed. He called these people ‘meatheads’ and would throw a fit, telling the company that they needed to leave the process alone, and make it as he developed it.

  23. Works even better when these “role models” are good looking. Somehow people equate beauty with truth. Shit those PR experts know their trade.

  24. Well cancer is now the new rape. The rape stories by women got so played to where most level-headed people no longer believed them their new attention stunt sympathy ploy is “I have cancer” when, say, a mole is spotted suddenly that wasn’t present before.

  25. “Whatever failures in service delivery sometimes occur, chemotherapy and
    related cancer treatments have saved, conclusively, tens of millions of
    lives since their inception.” – Very, very, very doubtful. If you die on the 1st day after five years you’re a cancer survivor. “tens of millions” ??? No fuckin way.

  26. I have more respect for a street hooker than I do for this manipulative psychopath.

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