15 Reasons Why Toronto Is The Worst City In North America For Men

This was article was originally published on Roosh V.

For most of my adult life, I was pretty confident that Washington DC was the worst possible city for a man to live in, but I have found a place that is worse: Toronto, Canada. Here are the reasons why…

1. Girls are more excited about getting late night food than having sex

Do you remember how excited you were as a kid on Christmas when opening up the hot toy of the season? Well that’s how groups of Toronto girls act at last call when they realize it’s time to stuff their face with hot dogs, poutine, or diner fare. I thought women in DC were a little weird about getting pizza after the bars close, but the women of Toronto take it to another level—they have a plan to eat junk food before they even start drinking.


2. Girls cockblock more than anywhere else in the world

Good luck trying to have a ten minute non-interrupted conversation in a bar or club if her friends are nearby. If they don’t physically pull her away from you then what happens is that a rotating gaggle of women will come to “check up” on her, as if you’re on the verge of beating or raping her in full view of everyone. I’ve never seen such baby-like behavior in the Western world. I even experienced a case where the fat friend of a girl I was talking to said that I could “proceed” with the conversation. Fuck that.


3. Girls think they are cooler than they actually are

In DC you have a bunch of lame people who think they are important because of their government job. In Toronto you have a bunch of lame people who think they are cool because… I don’t know why. This is even worse because instead of trying to impress you with the work they’re doing, they try to impress you with slang, name-dropping, or commenting on how “busy” they are. I remember when a girl tried to insult me by calling me a “fucktard” and another white bread girl said to “get at” her. Just because you know the words to a Drake song and go to expensive restaurants doesn’t make you cool.


4. Girls are OBESE

I’m afraid that America has to take some blame for this because it seems that the our lifestyle has corrupted Canadian girls. It’s a shame because a lot of them have cute faces (they’re more attractive overall than DC chicks), but once you catch sight of her fat arms and the muffin top she’s trying to hide by wearing black, you start thinking of the porn clip you’ll soon be masturbating to.


5. Girls don’t give eye contact

I know some girls are reading right now and thinking, “They don’t give you eye contact because you are ugly!” This very well may be the case, but in Montreal I got daily eye contact from women who were much better looking than the Toronto specimens I had to deal with. Not only that, but Montreal women would smile at me. Yes, you read that right: attractive women would look at me and smile. In Toronto I might as well have been invisible.


6. You have to be approved by the “mother hen”

Every social circle in Toronto has an overweight woman who acts as a leader of the pack. She is the one who tells girls where to go and who to talk to. Apparently this is how she gets power in life since she’s unable to exert the upper hand over men due to her unattractive and portly appearance. If the mother hen doesn’t approve of you then you will not get laid. She can snap her fingers and her minions jump to attention so that they are not excluded from the tribe. Therefore not only do you have to build attraction with the girl you like, but you also have to charm a fat and ugly girl to give you permission to just continue the interaction.


7. Too many Asian and Indian girls

If you like white girls, a place like Toronto just won’t do, because there is too much immigration from non-white countries. At any bar at least 30% of the female clientele will be filled with minority races that don’t appeal to discriminating men like myself. While the Asian girls weren’t that bad since they adopted a white manner of appearance, the Indian girls were absolutely not attractive.


8. Ugly girls are desperate while attractive girls are inaccessible

It shouldn’t be much of a challenge if you want to bang a Toronto girl who is a 5 or below. She will approach you, smile at you, and be generally easy (though of course you’ll still need game to seal the deal). In the accidental conversations I had with these unattractive women, I wished I had lower standards so that I could have mostly carefree sex that happens a million times a day in most parts of the world. In Toronto, however, once you encounter a girl who rises up into the 6 range, the difficulty of banging increases in shocking fashion. The 6’s and 7’s give you attitude or are encased in huge social groups. The 8’s and above, if you happen to see them, already have dudes.


9. The entrenched PUA culture is raising the egos of all women

I thought that Washington DC had a strong pickup culture, but I hadn’t been to Toronto. PUAs are like rats in Toronto, infecting many venues with their fake high energy, puffed-out chests, loud fashion accessories, and total sobriety. On Thursday night I went to Madison Avenue Pub where I got to see at least 50 of them approach every woman in the bar. As much as I want to hate on them for increasing the girls’ bitch shields, I now understand why they do it: they have to. The best game in Toronto is not being an interesting man but just approaching a million girls with your freezeouts and spin moves and negs until you find the horny girl who wants to fuck.


10. Last call is at 2am

It wouldn’t be so bad if venues didn’t get hopping until midnight, but two hours is simply not enough time to find a good venue, mingle, and meet an attractive woman who you want to take home. By the time you get warmed up, it’s time to go. In Toronto you won’t have enough time for a real seduction, so what you see at the end of the night is a bunch of phone numbers being exchanged before girls rush off to a diner to stuff their face.


11. If you make just one mistake with a Toronto girl, you will be rejected

Your conversation has to be 100% perfect and 100% politically correct. You can’t say anything that can be remotely construed as offensive, weird, or needy. Once I told a girl that I like “feminine women” and she immediately ditched me as if I farted. In Toronto the best game is to speak like you’re a White House spokesperson. And god help you if you utter a lame joke! In one case I was talking to a girl for 30 minutes and had kept the conversation tight enough that we were getting to the kissing stage. Then I made a mediocre joke and she said, “Wow that was corny. I should leave now.” This came from a woman who didn’t say one interesting or funny thing to me all night and thought I would be impressed with her “marketing” job. Toronto women would absolutely never get laid if they were men.


12. It’s very expensive

Food, drinks, taxis, and lodging are all more expensive than DC. Do you get any additional value for paying more? Nope, you only get crappier women and intolerable weather.


13. It’s a suburban city

Most of the people who party within the center on weekends actually live in boring cul-de-sacs. Friday and Saturday nights in Toronto is like how Washington DC is on New Year’s Eve: amateur hour. You get a bunch of office drones with no character or class crowding venues and acting like they’ve never seen alcohol or the opposite sex before. My best night out was Monday because there was a total lack of 905’ers.


14. It takes a lot of work to date up

I never saw an average-looking guy with a hot girl, but I saw many attractive guys with average girls. Toronto is a penis paradise where a woman can date a man much more attractive than she is pretty. If you’re not a good looking guy, you either have to own a nightclub or approach 100 girls a week.


15. It beats men down

I saw too many men who looked like corpses. They had no color, no energy, and seemingly no will to live. Spending too much time in Toronto will reduce your ambition, your horniness, and your happiness. Many guys I talked to said that when they traveled abroad, they couldn’t believe that hotter women made regular eye contact with them and responded with gentle smiles and warm vibes. Toronto is one of those cities that can make men hate life. Staying out of here becomes essential for your mental health.


Both Toronto and DC suck, but I wouldn’t hesitate to pick DC first. The nightlife gets going earlier and lasts longer. More girls live in the city. There is much less cockblocking. It’s not a deal breaker if you say a bad joke. Girls actually want to get laid, and it’s simply easier to get one-night stands. While Toronto had prettier women overall, it’s not enough to make it a better city. You know you’re in a crappy place when it’s midnight and you are more concerned about spending less money than having a good time with a cool chick. For the nights I spent going out in Toronto, I wished I stayed in and read a couple good books instead.

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375 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why Toronto Is The Worst City In North America For Men”

  1. So it’s a good thing that Canada is getting a lot of Chinese immigration. For the white guys anyway.
    But truthfully it won’t improve the rot. Canada is more politically correct than the US I believe and that allows this mold to grow.

    1. PC = Communist-esque regulation of free speech and thought.
      All the Anglo countries will be destroyed by an economic collapse; only Europe will survive culturally, though still damaged.

    1. Why is everyone in america so obsessed with preaching – do that, don’t do that, look at me, i’m so successful, you can be too by doing x,y,z.
      Why are you guys so tense? You don’t get enough sexual tension release or what is it?

      1. when you have a market of 300+ million people who could buy your shit, it gets tempting.

      2. It’s a recent obsession. I have no idea what the deal is with it, outside of the growing prevalence of SJW’s and their incessant need to snark at others how to live their lives. I really don’t recall hearing such nonsense in earnest until the 1980’s when Nancy Reagan decided to snarl at all of us about “Don’t do drugs!”. After that it just cascaded.

        1. have you tried to watch a youtube video recently, and an ad shows this guy who is showing off his new lambo in his Hollywood Hills garage? Telling you to get a mentor and all that?

      3. Most folks live paycheck to paycheck here. Unless you have a union gig, you could get let go at any moment. Id be a bit stressed too

      4. With the removal of most social institutions (and complete lack of trust in the government) in the west, there is little authority or guidance for most on how to live a good life. Hence the 30 somethings confused about what to do, stumbling through college in their 8th year while living at home with their parents. This is not an exaggeration, this is.. maybe not the norm, but quite common.
        One of the criticisms of the internet is that while it levels the playing field, it is hard to know where to turn for quality. So, while I enjoy the investigative journalism and dashcam video that catches stories the mainstream media would never cover, the other side of that coin is that Woodword and Bernstein types will catch stories Joe Hipster with a 50 megapixel smartphone never will.

  2. Those Slut Walk pictures crack me up. Ever notice that they are always led by girls you wouldnt fuck for a paycheck, much less for fun? Yuck.

    1. I will try not to laugh when the independent women collapse the west in the next 5-10 years and are made slaves of the state.
      Hopefully i will be in a place mentioned by others, which I believe will bear the brunt of a collapse much better; i tried telling others, but they have no ears to hear.

    1. its depressing to live in the west, especially when you have travelled and lived abroad.

      1. A Canadian city with a shitty hockey team is like an overweight girl with tiny boobs – failed at even that one possible saving grace.

  3. All large cities in Oceania (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, Perth, etc.) and Canada are hideous for their ultra-feminism and man-hating atmosphere.
    The cities within these countries are also called the “world’s most livable” but the real estate costs in relation to wages are absolutely insane.
    Become an online entrepreneur, move to Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Poland, or wherever there is hot chicks who won’t hate on you for just saying “hello”, and they might actually still fuck you if you have some grassroots game. I’M ORDERING YOU.

      1. It’s a bit less developed there and the prevalence of hotties isn’t as favorable as the previously mentioned countries. Also beyond Miraflores and Barranco, Lima is just a sprawling sty. But yeah, that’s an OK option too.

        1. I’ve been living in Lima for the last 3 years, there are hot girls all over the city, not only Miraflores and Barranco, but also Surco, La Molina, San Borja, Magdalena. The other places you mention Colombia, Brazil are also ridiculous for gorgeous girls. Buenos Aires, Argentina is outrageous for stunning girls too, but they are more difficult and standoffish in general.

        2. 7’s are about in Lima with regularity, but they don’t have the 8, 9, or 9.5 hotties of Colombia or a little further south in Chile or Argentina. Definitely easier to shag in Peru that’s for sure.

        3. There are many 9 and 10’s in Lima, it’s a paradise for hot women just like Colombia and Brazil. In Chile there are nowhere near the amount of hot women as Argentina, Bs As is just silly.

        4. Sure they do. A 10 is a 9 who fits every criteria you hold highest looks wise in a woman. So a 10 to you is not a 10 to me, unless we share the same criteria of course. Which is why almost all guys can agree on a 9 but there is rarely ever any agreement on a 10.

        5. this is an interesting friendly debate. haven’t even several ROK articles which made the 10 scale the primary focus, specifically pointed out that there cannot be a 10?
          I think there are definitely stronger 9’s than others. but no true 10. We can never achieve perfection as human beings

        6. I don’t believe in metrics that are not achievable. If there is no such thing as a ten, then nines become the de facto 10’s and then we’re back to square one with “no such thing as a nine”. And so on.
          What articles here do or don’t point out is irrelevant to my actual thoughts on the matter. I’m not a follower. heh

        7. But the 10 scale is based purely on looks, right? So when you see a unbelievably gorgeous girl and think “did I really see that?” she could maybe be a 10.

        8. true that. It’s kind of like Spinal Tap making the amplifier go up to “11”. Why not make it just as loud and have 10 be the maximum?

        9. Then Peru sounds like a much better place. Roosh actually admits above that the women are hotter in Toronto than DC, but it’s still a hellhole to be avoided. An attractive enough woman, who is easy to locate, approach, and take out, is only part of the overall package.

        10. Agreed, uptight hotties are overrated and any society with an abundance of them is a bad sign for a social collapse due to low male investment.

        11. I think of a 10 as a perfect girl – so to me a 10 doesn’t exist, maybe i’m too harsh or unfortunate not to have met one, but i don’t believe in the ’10’. But each to their own.

        12. That goes right back to my response to Hubert. A scale with an unachievable metric is useless as a scale.

        13. Agreed. The 10 ranking pedestalizes a woman. There is no perfection. All women are flawed. There is no male consensus on the 10, not even with super models, men are attracted to different things. These days 8.5 is an endangered species rarely sighted.

        14. There are no 10’s. Every woman goes bat shit crazy for no reason whatsoever. She can’t even explain why even when she admits she was bat shit crazy.

        15. No it doesn’t. Physical perfection and recognizing it is not pedastalizing a woman. Treating her like she’s the most special woman on the planet is pedastalizing women. She can be 19 year old Jennifer Aniston in looks, but if you treat her like any other woman while still recognizing her superior physical attributes, you’re doing fine.

        16. To you. To me, she’s a smoking hot ten in her prime.
          Which is exactly my point below about the difference between a 9 and 10. It varies based on the individual taste of the man making the call.

        17. I agree with all those countries. Especiall enter con Argentina. The most gorgeous Europeanized women live there with plastic surgery being the thing to do…
          But they are definitely aloof. Noticed that even in 2005.

        18. YMMV but 9s and 10s are a dime a dozen (I should clarify that these are all girls I have known in person. A couple of them I got to know particularly well.)

        19. Heh, no, an 8.5 or so in looks. Above what most men can get, but not some Hollywood starlet. Her selling points to me were her traditional habits and upbringing and lack of a feminist mindset. If I counted those in the rating then yeah, a 10.

        20. Yeah, she still gets diarrhea from time to time like everyone else… Real 10’s don’t take shits, bro.

        21. Hard to have any idea what a girl looks like from a 320p video. Mostly it’s like just a bunch of colored dots moving at that res.
          Anyway, she looks way too womanly for me. It’s not negative in any way, but, truly intimidating because at 32 I’m just a boy.

        22. No, but as part of your reward structure pursuant to operant conditioning. Gradually reduce the reward from daily to weekly to monthly.

        23. @66Scorpio:disqus Please don’t ever give advice to anyone about dating or relationships. You’re utterly clueless on the subject.
          Women aren’t dogs Dr. Freud.

      2. As an added plus you can get your picture taken at the top of Monte Picchu like all the American girls do for their online dating profiles.

        1. Or even Machu Picchu. I know what you mean though, all that natural beauty in the background and some fat nasty looking thing at the front.

      3. It depends on personal tastes, but more importantly, are you saying that they are not typically feminist cunts over there?

      4. If you like flat faces. Colombia & Brazil is where its at, so many good looking women, and the hottest women are ridiculously hot and can be had.

        1. Flat faces? Didn’t Rod Stewart use to sing in that group? I’ve spent a lot of time in South America. Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, overflowing with beautiful girls with hot bodies, most of them approachable. I don’t know what the fuck I was doing in the UK for so long.

        1. Seriously talking to girls is going to be a crime. This smartphone era is going to bring everything down to the pits.

        2. Dude…. that’s fucking sad. In Toronto, god forbid you look at woman, she will give you the dirtiest looks and then talk shit to her friends because you looked at her. Then look at her twice and she will call you a pervert. Look three times and she will call the police.

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    1. As someone from just outside of Toronto, I happen to agree with most of this.
      On top of all of this, traffic is terrible and so are most of the people you encounter down there which are predominately the douchey hipster cultural purists associated with the top photo.
      Go and meet a nice rural woman who isn’t plagued by the cancer of modern feminism.

      1. You see this in the UK too, so most of the west is afflicted as well, not just Toronto, which is an important point. This article could be about any major Anglo city.

      1. So after you get married, you move her to a different town hundreds of miles away. Problem solved.

    2. Glad you mentioned this distorted statistic that seems to always get peddled out… the worlds most “liveable cities”.
      What the fuck does that even mean ?.
      Liveable if you are married to the head of the Goldman swaps desk in Sydney, driving around in your ML550, and spending all day in Gucci with the girls.
      But for most of the punters (read: single, straight male), the standard Australian city is a shithole.
      Nowhere are things more stacked against you. The tax system screws you for being single, the women diss you for not being the head of the Goldman swaps desk, the government screws you every which way, and the media screws you for being a male (read: potential pedophile/rapist/sexist).
      And don’t get me started on the police state. As far as I know, Australia is the only country in the world where you are assumed to be a pedophile, and have to prove your innocence to be around kids.
      If you are in Australia, my suggestion to any red-pill man is… (as Eddie Murphy said so well in ‘trading places’).
      Get the fuck out !!

      1. Thanks for the tip – UK is much worse and will have whites replaced by non-whites, before it collapses. Its much worse than AUS as the island is over-crowded and has no real resources. Europe is the future of civilised society as well as whites, where all can benefit, not just a few rich bastards.

      2. Also, Australia is the only country I’ve been to that checks your passport WHEN YOU LEAVE. That struck me as pretty scary. Because theoretically they have the power to stop you from leaving right? Or else what is the point? At least in the US, for now, I know that if TSHTF, it’s still possible to hop on a plane somewhere, passport in hand. But with the TSA in place, that could easily be modified at any time to check passports on exit as well as entrance.

        1. its called ‘the corralling of the whites’ who are too rambunctious to be allowed to have any freedoms.

        2. We’re also connected by land to other countries with wide open stretches of unfenced land that is monitored by basically nobody. Egress out of the states is easy peasy, passport or no.

        3. Actually, when you enter Saudi, they will often confiscate your passport until you leave.

        4. Yeah, plus you can walk over the border to Mexico and no one even looks at you. I’m talking about at a legal border checkpoint. Now, if you are driving a car, they will stop and ask you some questions, and possibly search it. But on foot, you stroll right in and they don’t even nod at you. Coming back on the other hand… quite a different story.

    3. I don’t understand how this happened in Oz. This was a land of hard core prisoners, the last people you would expect to submit to political correctness. I think even today mining is one of their top industries.. so a bunch of miners and ex-cons have become metrosexual?
      My only theory is that with the decline of institutions which control and limit women’s behavior, men are simply too busy to do anything about it, and women have dominated society and culture there over the past 50 years. WW1, and to a lesser extent 2, upended societal norms and were huge drivers of this trend.

      1. You’re exactly right. Men are too busy working to fight back and ensure their own best interests are cared for, so a bunch of whiney cunts with their laundry list of wants and demands get their fat asses catered for by companies and politicians who know which side their bread is buttered.

    4. I have been to Australia and now live in China. Seriously, this is the way to live.

    5. The ‘worlds most livable’ city surveys take into account single working women. The survey isn’t accurate for men and traditional patriarchal families. These ‘livable’ cities would be treacherous and deadly for traditional families and UNSURVIVABLE in the long term. The free services for runaway spouses, the anti male advocacy and streamlined processing of child support ‘blood money’ enforcement and collection all being as available and free as the sidewalks and the fluoridated city water. I bet fluoride added a point to the skewed survey too.
      I had to cross reference stats to come up with a truer list for areas with ‘livability’ for a traditional patriarchal family, because THAT’S the kind of place I’d want to live and invest in, not some metro-sexual mecca.
      And the best place to live and raise a family is:
      VANUATU. Formerly New Hebrides, territory of New Zealand. It has the LOWEST incarceration rate in the world (less than 10 prisoners per 100k population). USA is closer to 1000 per 100k! That translates to basically no legal system and no feminist family courts. In fact crime is so low even without fluoride, the worst crime spree involved a number of bicycle thefts. It is NOT an interpol member nation and does NOT have extradition to the US.
      The volcanic Vanuatu island group is large with resources
      and is inhabited by mostly western expats and a few of the original aboriginal ‘Vanu’ tribe.
      Vanuatu is flawless but for one blemish. The peace corps would come in and try to implement some program to ’empower’ the Vanu women. That woke me up on them and what they’re about. I’d throw coconuts if I ever saw the peace corps schmucks come around.

    6. This is true. I live in Perth and the women are haughty and rude. If you so much as glance at one, much less say hello, they’ll look at you like you’re Joseph Merrick. My home town is not like that at all. The women were friendly and even if you struck out, they’d still chat and otherwise act in a cordial manner.

    7. Ironically Toronto is the #1 city to live in despite not ranking #1 in a single category, this should raise some eyebrows. It is number one for women because it is hell for men who have to date down and spend alot to land a ugly girl. Works well for the girl bad for the man.
      Toronto isn’t even good for rich men, most rich men here have wives who spend all their money or make them drive them around or who are drug addicted because of how miserable their lives are otherwise. Any man who decides to opt out is harshly criticisized. If you just work your job, women will be angry and question you intensely at you, and other men will imply you are gay if you are not a pussy crazed sex feen for the below average women who surround you.

    8. Tell me more about this “become an online entrepreneur” you speak of. I see a lot of people talking about similar concepts, but never in the way of a starting point. Any suggestions?

      1. They’re referring to their own ventures in traveling to different cities, trying to get laid, and writing books about how horrible women are. If that sounds like a good life, you, too, can be an “entrepreneur”.

    9. Been living in Melbourne all my life. You are on the money regarding all the Ultra-Feminism bullshit! Every year it gets x10 worst!

    10. You’re absolutely right about Canada and Australia,for both the girls and the real estate.

    11. Large cities man, you called it. Some sort of weird, messed up, man hating, feminist ideals that are spreading like a terminal disease… it’s sad

      1. It shocks me that supposed men actually dress and look like that. I get dressing nice and being well groomed, but Christ, that’s so beyond the pale that it’s effeminate.

        1. And here’s me thinking you’d be rockin’ snakeskin suits and fluffy top hats.

        2. Aye. And there is, God help us all, “Gay Game”. Where you actually act like an out and out faggot in order to trick girls into being comfortable with you.
          If there is a choice between not getting laid, or having to act like a clown faggot to get laid, I’ll take celibacy any day of the week. A man has to have self respect, or he has nothing. No amount of pussy will cover up the void you create in your soul by selling everything masculine about yourself in order to get some stank on your dick.

        3. I realise it exists – I just can’t believe something that ridiculous exists.

        4. totally with you. I don’t think you’re much older than me – it sure wasn’t like this in the past.

        5. The problem is that our society now tells men that it is acceptable to be effeminate. Hell, if the picture of the woman he supposedly fathered a child with is correct, do we need any more proof of the incentives in play? I’d just as soon beat both of those fucks to death with a piece of pipe as type this comment, but from a biological perspective, this guy is a winner. He reproduced himself with an attractive woman. Sure they’re trash, but we’re witnessing Idiocracy in the making – while these mouth breathing morons are breeding, real men are a dying breed.

        6. Butthead: Hey Beavis, sometimes you got to act like a wuss to get chicks.
          Beavis: But Butthead but you act like a wuss all the time and you never get any.

        7. Eh, well, I bred as well, twice. And my son is on the path to breeding with one of the hottest women I’ve actually ever encountered in real life, if he stays true to course.
          We’re still out here. But I do agree with your sentiment. It is entirely a picture of what our culture now rewards. Fuck me if I can figure out why, when on any given day I can talk to ten different girls and hear nearly all of them paen for an actual masculine male. But yeah, say and do are two different things to be certain.

        8. You call that attractive? I’d give her a 6 at the most.
          Sorry. I can’t stand bony chicks.

        9. It’s Roosh’s invention, and it’s accurate. It is the preferred game in the anglossphere, better known as hell on earth.

        10. I hate that any women expect you to entertain them. They’re not worth it – they need to up their woman game, but don’t realise it.

        11. She’s not in the top of my scale either. I’m just pointing out that at least on an objective level she is hotter than the majority of chicks in the other pictures in this article. In his pond, she’s attractive.

        12. Men who peacock in large american cities like that pic will be assumed to be gay by appearance. There’s no way to make that work unless its new years eve.

        13. They don’t care if they are worth it. They crave the attention and the dopamine fix they get from rudely rejecting you much more than actually being with you. So even if the attention stopped, they would simply transform into junkies on the hunt for a fix. That is why you can forget about 7 and up in the West, they are damaged beyond repair.
          A few years ago that number was 8 and up, but every year it drops a number now. Next year it will be 6 and up.

        14. That’s what I was thinking. You know where this is going to end… it’s going to end in “ambiguous cross dressing”. You know, so be “non threatening”. And guys will do that “just to get laid”. They act like they are going to roll over and die if they don’t. And that’s a product of programming from the gynocracy that NEEDS needy men.

        15. And I was just saying…
          You know, back in my day, a fellow just had to leave the leather jacket at home and get a haircut

        16. Yeah, you’d think it was rocket science. And the more outlandish these idiots get, the more they push the boundaries of what’s acceptable in public life to the extremes. Fuck it, let’em, they’ll reap what they sow soon enough.

        17. The same goes for bodybuilder wannabe try hards that need a 8-12% body fat to hope to score chicks.

        18. Meh men have been doing the clown game. Pimps wear rhe most oily gay shit but at least they keep their women i line.n

        19. Women never up their game they wait until they’re in their 30s then start whining about no more good men. Their definition of a good man is a tall rich man that will sweep them off their feet with zero effoet on their part.

      1. Heh, well then. And a smoker to boot ! What a catch!
        I see that picture (the original, not the one you posted) and can’t help but think that if I ran into that “gang” that I could single handedly throw them all down to the ground and not break a sweat.
        The things some guys will do for pussy. Jeeeeez.

        1. I can guarantee she has sucked off many things before she decided to settle with mr. PUA.

      2. In Toronto seduction is not natural. Unless clown-game works for you it can be very depressing. You have to play up all these gimmicks like what Mystery does and basically become a caricature of a person.
        Personally, the core of my game with Toronto girls is to get women jealous of other women… That is really the core of my “game” besides focusing on self-improvement… A woman will treat me completely differently if I show up with a passably attractive girl than if I show up alone. Mystery’s tactics have worked for me but it becomes this life that is constantly micro-managed so whats the point?
        With women that I’ve dated from out of town things develop more naturally and you don’t have to treat her like she doesn’t exist to maintain her interest.
        Being an alpha male is not what got Mystery laid.
        Impersonating an alpha male is what got Mystery laid.
        Go outside of Toronto into some of the rural areas and you can still date a woman while being a well-rounded man.

        1. When I was younger I did door-to-door sales in lawncare.
          When one homeowner sees that his neighbour is purchasing core-aeration they are much more likely to purchase it themselves.
          I learned everything I needed to know about women from selling people a semi-relevant service.

      3. If I’m not mistaken Mystery was from Toronto, so it makes sense that the PUA movement emmerged from there given the state of feminist cuntishness going on up there.
        Despite his current disposition i.e. knocked up some slut and now fucked for life, I would credit Mystery as the founder of the manosphere itself.
        It was his teachings in ‘the Mystery method’ that ultimately set men on the path of freedom from societal expectations…and cunty women.
        We had to start somewhere. PUA was the gateway to the manosphere, by teaching men to get out there and do something…ANYTHING to break free of the matrix.

        1. Nah, wasn’t Dave D’Angelo (was that his name?) out doing game shit in the late 1990’s? Or is that the same time frame as Mystery?

    1. The freaking top hat and goth girl boots – WTF? Is that what it takes to get enough attention to get laid? No thanks. I’d sooner slam my dick in a door before being seen in public like that.

    2. ‘The game’ was undoubtedly ground zero for the entire manosphere.
      If it wasn’t for those slimeball faggots a lot of us probably wouldn’t be here.
      We had to start somewhere, and PUA was it. Once we realised what a raw deal women had become, we found our jaded asses here, free and enjoying life.

      1. Start somewhere, fine. Walk around dressed as a faggot, we have to talk. I do appreciate that things have to start somewhere though, so your point is well taken.

  4. In other words, the city is a leftist cult of political correctness, liberal faggots, feminazis, fat ugly fucks, SJW’s, emasculated beta/gamma/omega males, third world immigrants and other genetic and social inferiors. With no quality social standards of behavior of people to live up to it becomes an dysgenic nightmare because criticizing and shaming the weakling and failures of society is impossible due to political correctness. Also R-type degenerates from the third world bring their third world problems with them. On top of that their flawed utopia socialistic economic policies( high minimum wage for an example) make that place unnecessarily expensive as well.
    No wonder that place sucks so much, it is the leftist distopia come true.

    1. The first world of the current era was based on an economic scam exploiting third worlders whom they now import to weaken white Christian society. As such, because we allowed this to happen, most races are as degenerate as each other, with only a few of each race bearing real fruit.

    2. To quote the great Tom Lehrer,… “The important thing is to understand what you are doing, rather than to get the right answer”.
      So it is with your standard Social Justice Warrior. Admitting uncomfortable non-PC truths might allow problems to be correctly addressed, and solved.
      It doesn’t matter if the inequalities never get equalized. Because if they did, then your average SJW might have to get a real job.

  5. Can we assume “Don’t Bang Toronto” is in the works? In addition to being a best seller, I think it will serve as a warning not to waste time with the women of Hogtown. The best thing about the city is leaving it. Seriously. Stay there too long, and your I.Q begins to drop. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m saying it again–Toronto not only has the fattest and ugliest women, but they also have the personality to match the Seven Deadly Sins. The women have no sense of style but have a lardy, lazy look. They are mean, masculine, arrogant, slut happy, and aggressive who would beat the living snot out of Elmer the Safety Elephant and barbecue him for lunch.

  6. I’m observing a trend here. Metropolitan cold weather communities in particular seem to have NO IMMUNITY to the feminist scourge. Hot weather and tropical places are not only resistant to feminism, but also thrive on patriarchal order. Does Panama City or Quito Ecuador or Kinshasa or Bombay or Caracas have Slut walks? How much does race play a part in suceptability to feminist trending? Cold fapping Tokyo is becoming pretty metro sexual. Wasn’t cold Detroit home of the stereotypical fat black ’empowered’ welfare queens while blacks in the deep south still had families and parcels of land?
    I’ve always considered Canadians as a hearty bunch, able to withstand deathly cold spells and able to multi task by making provisions for basic survival. Same for Scandinavians. Enter the cityscape where the weather forces the majority indoors into apartment complexes and workplaces for the majority of the time.
    Male guard, regardless of race, becomes compromised in city ‘cat box’ living and working environments where cold weather forces women into the same ‘snow pants’ as the men.

    1. But those cities existed in the 1940’s and were chock full of hearty, masculine men. Take a walk down Tokyo in 1941 and you’d get your arse kicked for even minor social gaffs. Hit New York City in the 1950’s and you’d learn quick not to mouth off to the wrong people or you’d get a shiv in your gut.

    2. Warm places fall slower to cultural Marxism because when it’s warm, people go outside, interact with others and the general population, experience the real life. When it’s cold people don’t just hang out outside but go to some location with a purpose, thereby barely interaction with random people. Or they hole up at home which gives you a lot of time to read a lot of internet forums and blogs and to tweet inane shit

      1. Also note that folks are dressed more heavily. Natural pheromones are not as detectable even with wind blowing and our SMELL POWER is further short circuited by anti perspirants with perfumes, dyes and additives. A male hole defumigated and set side by side a defumigated female hole would deceive the nose of some schlub fag that was born yesterday. The poor kid could miss his mark and hit the WRONG HOLE or the wrong KIND of hole, not being able to SMELL WHAT HE’S DOING. Add to it an absent father, removed at gunpoint and a whore mother, it’s a recipe for you know what.
        Smell is as important in sexual identity and natural well being as eyesight is for an artist. I heard of a predatory lesbian once who rubbed a dab of her CUNT PHLAGUE onto the drinking straw of a younger girl who she wanted to seduce and had just given her first free ‘butch haircut’ to. She soon had the younger girl horizontal and was banging her with one of those . . eeh . . what do you call ’em? . . double dick things . . ‘PLASTIC JOHNSON FROM WISCONSON’. That’s it . . had it on the tip of my tongue. But it is true, SMELL IS VERY IMPORTANT. Lack of it or repressing it by concealing body odor breeds feminism and metero sexuality.
        Men could counter this by perhaps rubbing a little BALL SWEAT on their chins when close up approaching. Women surely exercise these same tricks. Watch her get closer and closer to your chin as you speak and soon she’ll be humping your chin. 🙂

      1. Wow, that’s like painting a moustache on the Virgin Mary. I hope the tropical jungle immunity kicks in and it becomes no more popular than an occupy Riyadh rally would be.

      2. I went to gay pride parade in Israel when I was visiting for work a couple years ago and I can honestly say the general attractiveness of the people there was 1000% more than the pride parade in Toronto.
        The pride parade in Toronto literally has trolls and ogres walking around everywhere trying to find booze. The pride parade in Israel was just a giant sexy party.

      3. The fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Damn, that’s disheartening.
        I can’t even say anything else.
        I was hoping at least it would be a “respect our women” march or something.. but no, they are “proud sluts.”
        Even the depraved man in the west has not sunk so far, where he advertises his worst qualities. Is “Unemployed Douchewalk 2020” next?

  7. The Blue Jays should win the division. This is positive, no?

    1. No chance…especially with no stroman and lack of a bull pen a .500 season is ambitious in my opinion

  8. My home town. It’s tough, but if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. An easy thing is not a thing worth doing.

  9. Kinda lol that Roosh is ragging on PUAs, but I can understand. Then again, his books are mainly bought by Indians, mystery meat swarthy guys and Hispanics and he bans any discussion of those groups on his forums so it’s still kind of an ironic comment from him.
    Especially his most beloved mod, Tuthmosis, is some mestizo looking 5’6 manlet

  10. I am a native Torontonian who is now a Chinese expat. Seriously Roosh has it become that bad?

  11. Toronto has no charm, it’s just big and boring. No wonder it produces fat and uninspiring girls. That’s why americans have always flocked to Montreal, the kinky side of Canada. Much more alive.

    1. Montreal is a beautiful city with beautiful women, that much is certain. Not having been there as a single man however I have no idea how hard or easy it is to pick up women.

      1. It’s the other way around. Women pick you up for a quick fuck, ask you to take the trash out and say adios.

        1. That should be a great thing, but its sad – i don’t expect that Canada will exist as a cohesive society after 5-10 years; and runs the risk of not existing at all after a few decades.

  12. Toronto is White Genocide in action by policy. Its disgusting and people want OUT.
    The West including Canada cannot be defined simply by the rejection of Islam or as a collection of legal norms. It is a culture created by a specific people and it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans everywhere have the self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without regard to the claims others make upon it.

    1. Vermont is the whitest state in the Union and if you want to go whale watching come visit. The influx of third world bitches to places like Miami has made that the place were you’ll find the hottest women in the US. I would like to institute an immigration policy were there is height, weight, BMI standards along with an intelligence test. What we don’t need more of is retarded, illiterate, fat women who are unfuckable moving to the US.

    2. Let me guess… You think the US and Canada are supposed to be white countries? Except there were non-white natives who lived here first and white nations murdered them, then stole their land.
      America and Canada have only been primarily white for several hundred years, so do not group them together with European countries that have been white for millenia.

      1. Go fuck yourself, leftist.
        Yeah, we did kill off the populations, because that’s what you do when you go to war against others. You kill them and take their shit. Proudly. Fucking deal with it.

        1. You did not kill anyone nor did you take anyone’s shit. You inherited the current situation without any sacrifice or input, so stop trying to sound tough and puff out your chest.
          And my point still stands. North America has not been white for the majority of history, so stop grouping it together with European countries.

        2. “And my point still stands. North America has not been white for the majority of history, so stop grouping it together with European countries.”
          North America has been white for the entirety of its history. The landmass wasn’t named for an Italian before Europeans came.
          “America and Canada have only been primarily white for several hundred years, so do not group them together with European countries that have been white for millenia.”
          Those several hundreds years are the entirety of their history. It will interesting to see how long the USA and Canada last once the founding population and culture are the minority. People define borders, borders don’t define people, borders can lag behind demographic change but sooner or later they usually catch up.

        3. What part of go fuck yourself did you not understand?
          This isn’t a debate. You are not worth debating, you simply needed to hear somebody tell you to fuck off so that your thick leftist head will be penetrated with the fact that nobody takes you seriously.
          That is all. You are dismissed.

      2. Uhhh the natives were killing and taking over lands of rival tribes long before the first white man.

  13. I live in Vermont and I think there should be a sign when you are enter the state that reads Welcome to Vermont All the Thin Ones are Taken.

  14. Toronto is an expensive city, with a limited amount of jobs (but especially for men), Canada is a matriarchal society, almost to the point of basically being a female dictatorship, a man here has no rights and you will be treated like scum by everyone, unless they have something to get from you
    Beta males see you as a threat due to the scare supply of demanding women, so the more successful and better looking you are here, the more envy and hate you inspire from your fellow man
    Women see you as a ticket after the carousel, and my god, forget the illuminati, every woman here is like a little dictator queen! like millions of wannabe dictators, they must be having a pretty awesome time, but i myself don’t want to be a second class citizen, or at least, i dont want it to be as OBVIOUS as it is!
    also, knowing tons of Canadian males, almost all of them get major divorce raped big time, especially the ones with the best jobs, you can always see the twinkle of greed in her eye asking so WHAT DO YOU DO, within 2 minutes of any date
    it is DOG EAT DOG 100%, Sure you can argue Canadians have “politeness” but they are NOT friendly. There is a big difference.
    The weather is bad, everyone seems to be in a terrible mood(due to weather possibly), and get this, most towns outside of the city are depressing dumps so folks in these places think Toronto is the BEST , the great “pearl” of the Canadian elite city
    have lived all over Canada
    Considering going to the U.S i don’t think it can get any worse as bad as the folks on ROK say, at least i get good weather and pay market value for things
    Everything in Canada is 20% more expensive and the job market doesn’t even pay 20% more, just check the net and various prices
    the average income in canada is 45,000 and in US it is 53,000 but in canada you pay 20% more for everything, electronics, food, rent, Everything + bad weather + what i call “endgame feminism”
    I would say Canadians are overall intelligent, but the mangina complex ruins it, they will undercut you as quick as you can imagine all while being “polite”
    The hardcore capitalist view wouldn’t be so bad if the job market did not cater to women even in “trades” or whatever, all the good paying ones you will be told what to do by women, no joke
    the women are bigger douches than the men here and i have dropped out of the market big time, no way in hell will i deal with these people
    there is just no way any man of average intelligence could deal with the market here and not pay a huge price psychologically
    Anyways, i’m done with the demoralization in a society where masculinity is in it’s endgame and has been defeated, i have moved on mentally, just figuring out my options physically
    I say, masculinity has been defeated when women boss the male society around, and that HAS happened.

    1. its the endgame in the entire west and most of europe AND russia.
      All the white countries, basically.
      And its by design.

    2. Come to Ireland man,
      Matriarchal society
      Last call 2:30
      Last bus home 11:30
      Ugly as fuck women with beer bellies and no fashion sense
      Lame ass girly men with no muscle tone
      But you can get laid here real easy. All you got to do is get some 5 or below drunk just before closing time. That’s when they get desperate.
      8 is like the speed of light. You can never reach it and the closer you get the more energy it takes. And even if she is that hot, she will counter it with ugly clothes, ghastly hairstyles and hideous makeup.
      Thank God for Ryanair and Internet porn.

      1. Lame ass girly men with no muscle tone
        That’s a shame. But I guess all the actual masculine men migrated out of Ireland during the colonization of Scotland, heh.
        “Ok lads, there are a load of scary Picts over across that straight, why don’t Angus, Seamus and Connor there sail on over and take them on since they’re so huge and good at fighting, while Paddy and me, why, we’ll stay here and keep the paperwork in order! It’s a grand plan, ’tis!”

        1. Scotland has hotter women as the healthcare and education in university are free, but they won’t last past the middle of this century, they’re all too soft and weak where it counts and will be destroyed as england gets sent down.
          The women are still idiots over here, though, for the most part.

        2. That’s 1/3 of Scots for sure, but there are enough average and hot ones.
          The female to male ratio in the Scots cities is the highest out of any of the Anglo countries.

      2. What happens as things get worse and the average becomes a 4/too low to get it up for? 🙁
        Seriously, is ireland that bad?

        1. It was worse before the recession. Women just fattened up and there were so many millionaires to choose from they didn’t care anymore.
          There are some really hot women here. Problem is they’re all married or have steady boyfriends. Age of consent is 17, the oldest in the EU, so they can snag a future husband by 16.

    3. I now realize why Vermont sucks so bad, it’s the proximity to Canada that makes this place a feminist wet dream. As a direct result of to many fat girls, the thin ones have become privileged since all the men are fighting for the scraps, the entire matrix has been thrown out of whack.

    4. It needs to be noted that immigration is huge here and I doubt Toronto’s economy could even function without making promises to immigrants in exchange for their life savings.

      1. Toronto’s economy is already in its death throes at this point. The deficit keeps increasing and the city remains bankrupt because money is constantly wasted on frivolous bullshit like Feminism, LGBT parades and the Pan Am Games.

        1. Trudat on the government money being spent on these programs that technically don’t produce anything. There are a lot of government grants for SJWs here. I tutor a young university girl who is working on an SJW campaign to “help women and promote equality.”
          She told me the government is giving her and her group something like 20k to develop her program. Toronto ghettos are not going to be fixed by promoting “equality”…
          The stuff she has told me about the younger generation and their behaviour is also disconcerting. Take frivolous sex and lewd behaviour and then infuse SJW terminology into it.
          “I kinda get the feeling that Rick raped Monica but I’m not really sure.” “Lisa can’t figure out if maybe she is actually a boy.”
          “We have to stop all the shaming… Women aren’t sluts if they sleep with many different men.”
          “We have to stop the big scary white man.”
          This is what I have to listen to on a weekly basis in Toronto. But the university is paying me a high wage to make sure she doesn’t fail her intro psych course so fuck it… I’m gonna leave eventually anyways…

        2. Here’s an ‘equality’ story for you. My local public university started up a video gaming club. Yeah, nerdy, I know. But I like to play video games and thought I would go check it out. The school gave them all this money to go buy gaming systems and big screen tvs with. Their homepage is basically a site that says here are the days this month we will have gaming night, followed by some PC text about how “oh and the gaming club does not discriminate by gender, age, national origin, height/weight ratio (LOL)” and more.. You can tell the college just told them that language has to go in there, because it seems really out of place and awkward. Then at the last event there was a questionnaire and one of the questions was are you male, female, or tranny… hahaha
          I laughed but these kids will grow up thinking that’s a legitimate thing. I don’t even really blame them. Without sites like ROK to expose the truth, the SJWs play to the caring, justice side of men and get them to have sympathy for trannies and land whales.
          I think we all remember a time where we felt genuine compassion or empathy towards women.. you know the time when you thought women reciprocated with these emotions. It’s part of our nature to have concern for others, and the SJWs know how to manipulate it. Hell, that’s how white males were conned into letting women vote, own property, drive, etc. Well, a whole generation of men is now being brainwashed with all sorts of wacky ideas.
          I heard a story on the radio today about a 2 year old tranny. This is really too much.

      2. This is exactly what I predict for the future of America. Whether you like or hate foreigners (I like them), there is no other way I can think of to continue for more than a couple of decades with the financial system we have here.

  15. Toronto girls are unapproachable, undateable, and down right disgusting. Always dress in black, no class, over weight, no style, no grace. They don’t know how to flirt, no eye contact, no sexiness. And yes everything Roosh has said in this article is so true. I remember reading this article 5 years ago when it was first written and these traits have grown even more obvious in Toronto women. Men here only add to there over inflated ego’s by dropping down 4 points. See attractive guys literally fighting over 4’s. This city is poison for the soul!

    1. “Toronto girls are unapproachable, undateable, and down right disgusting.”
      And yet, they are bombarded with attention from thirsty guys.

      1. I know…that’s the part I don’t understand. I seriously don’t go out in the city anymore. I chill with my buddies, save money and take a 2 week vacation every so often to were the girls are hot and fuckable.

        1. Thats why western women are turning to prostitution once again, because they scared many men off.

        2. Where is that? I’m going on my first actual vacation in a few months, but I still don’t know where.

        3. For the best value nothing beats S.America imo. I have done Rio x 2, Cartagena, Medellin, Havana and many more but for a first trip those are what you should consider. No resorts, rent an apartment get a feel for the culture and its people. Plus that’s how you meet the local women. All provide different but sexy woman in all sizes, shapes, and colours.

        4. I’ve become convinced that the majority of 8s and up in Toronto are call-girls on the side.

        5. I can attest to that. As Roosh pointed out, the place is a nightmare for a single guy working game. However, the variety and sexiness of the escorts in Toronto is as good as anywhere in North America if not better. As good as NYC in terms of the quality of talent but way better value and a really deep market. An inevitable outcome of the city’s screwed up dating dynamics.

        6. This city will soon belong to the Chinese… They stick together and the women understand that making their men hate them isn’t going to work out so well.
          I think it’s crazy how the native women in this city don’t realize that not having kids, being a feminist cunt, sucking up all the tax dollars, and expressing their hatred for men all over social media is somehow not going to lead to a bitter lonely life for everybody…
          Almost every dude with talent that I know has left the city and become mobile. Soon I’ll join them… Toronto is a perfect representation for what happens to a city that puts feminist values ahead of the family.

      2. well, i guess some need the sex and validation that bad.
        if all the women were trolls i.e. ‘1s and 2s’; some men even if they were 8s and s would pursue these women for a piece.
        Sad, isn’t it.

      1. haha, Tom ya probably only like a year but just like #15 on the list, that 1 year since the article has felt like 5..

    2. Toronto is the home of ‘Big Red’ and all the bitches from AVFM
      enough reason to avoid it.

    3. C’mon man. I live here too and I do alright. If you can’t get laid, it’s a poor carpenter who blames his tools. Instead of blaming the women, spend that time upping your game or trying a different approach. Hint: PUA doesn’t work here because it’s all ANYBODY does.
      After all, AWALT, right?

      1. Anon, for sure AWALT. And I agree with all you’re saying as well. I don’t use the PUA’s approach(never did) as I find I have good game just chatting up women and find I can close well. Ya I do alright here in Toronto as well but I guess its the value of the TO woman that is just to high. They have basically priced them selves out of the market. The ROI on Toronto women isn’t worth my time/money/effort (hence my little rant). I grew up in the suburbs and been living in the city for almost 10 years now. Ive seen what this city has to offer and I feel just like #15 on this list because I have almost every weekend or night out encountered everything else on this list . This city has beat me down. Like I said above, I just travel to really meet fun attractive women. The bar scene blows here I find….events, functions, concerts, gala’s etc or even day time pick ups is all I really seem to do well at lately. When hitting a bar its with friends for a few drinks and have a laugh with zero expectations of picking up.

  16. Hey, I have a photo with Drake too! I was walking down the street in Montreal with my camera then this man asked me if I can have a photo with him. I asked “why?” and he replied “Because I’m famous”. I thought “Yeah, right.” Then when I got home I google the guy and it turns out he is actually somebody.
    BTW. Do not go to Toronto; go to Quebec. French Canadians do take care of themselves; girls start exercising during winter to look good on summer. They are very feminist but still is way better than English Canada.

    1. Thanks for the tip. But Europe is still better for hot, thin white girls who are feminine.

    2. In Quebec groups of women used to try to pick me up, but that was in the 60s.
      In any case, it’s a more attractive city than Toronto, no matter what the women look like, and Kingston is nice if you like your cities on the smaller side. The only reason I’ve ever had to go to Toronto is because it was in the way.

  17. I have an account with OKCupid. I attempted to sally forth and look for quality women in TO to disprove Roosh’s hypothesis, but the fuck of it is that the best ones are all Chinese! I am in China, why would I come back? Ok, here is one hot black girl.

        1. The above is not my default choice for looks–but I would pursue the shit out of her because of that natural kind smile. Yeah, I’m sure she is crazy and unstable as all the rest, but genuine kindness and happiness is so rare in the west.

        2. She stands 5’9″ and has a body just shy of being a supermodel. I am 48 and she is 26. I am one year older than her father and that is really messing with her.

        3. She’s cute although personally I prefer Black Girls. Give me her id so i can find her 🙂

      1. Not too shabby. Kind of looks like the average around my neck of the woods.

        1. If I was not otherwise occupied, I would be all over her. But I think she is a bit out of my league.

        2. League?
          Get that shit thinking right out of your head man. No woman is out of your league. You however are the prize and they have to work to earn your attention.
          Overconfidence or bust, I say.

        3. I did say a “bit”. She is 21 and I am 48. My current GF is 26 and that is pushing the envelope.

        4. And I have 100 RMB that says you are all a bunch of cowards and won’t make a play for her.

        5. Why would I make a play for a Norwegian girl in Toronto, when in fact I’m a married man in Ohio?

        6. They may have raised the age of consent a couple of years, but it’s still a damned sight lower than 26, or even 21.

        7. bah, No woman is worthy to even have the right to get shit on by a man. There’s no such thing as out of your league, even at 48.

        8. This month, my IP comes through. With six figures in cash, nothing is out of my league.

        9. Now you’re in the right ballpark, but you had to negate your own argument to get there.
          You give the impression of needing to be correct, even if you have to prove yourself false to do so.
          That’s a pernicious mindset that will only hold you back. You might want to check out the series of articles on overcoming gamma at Alpha Game.
          Don’t let the title fool you, it’s not a PUA site, it’s a reactionary masculinist site.

        10. Heh, heh. don’t let anyone know… they honestly think we are nothing more than a bunch of guys discussing negs and the mystery method.

        11. Fucking correct. There are MEN out of womans leagues, never are any women out of any mend league ever. Correct.

        1. Eh, big boobies are overrated (to me). B’s are dandy and age much better than D’s.

        2. I’m a fan of mammaries myself. That and the booty (the caveman in me appreciates the latter.
          The bigger the better, in both respects and with deference to a thin waist, of course.

        3. We must disagree on here. I dated a girl with G sized breasts and a reasonable waist. She wasn’t thin, but she wasn’t fat either…i suppose the best word to define her would be voluptuous.
          To say i was in titty heaven would be an understatement.

        4. The waist, stomach, butt, legs, and how her twat looks are most important to me. Im not impressed by big chest. Ive practically been married many times, hardly even touch them after a while, you roll over and go after the good parts.

        5. lol understandable.
          We all have our particular tastes. I prefer to squeeze on some big cantaloupes before i go to sleep spooning.

        6. Eh, nothing really to disagree on it’s simply a matter of taste. I go as far up as C’s but anything bigger really doesn’t appeal to me. Not to say I wouldn’t bang some hot big titty chick of course, but I wouldn’t go cruising for one if I were on the market.

        7. Yes it’s a matter of taste. I was just injecting my two cents. I enjoy conversing with you 🙂

    1. I used to think so when I was younger. But really its a shit hole. The whole city is under construction the gardner is going to collapse. They cant figure out transit. No water front, our sports teams are the worst, everything is over priced, our councilors are a bunch of crooks that cant get anything right yet all they do is raise tax’s ( I dont want to get into a political debate) and the LGBT community runs the city…anything else you think can be added to the list?

    2. My impression is that it wants to be Manhattan, but doesn’t know how and gets it all wrong.

  18. I forgot about this youtube video….this guy is exactly why our city sucks because every guy in the city is a SJW, white knight, beta male etc…

    1. What a snarky little douchebag. Effeminate, passive aggressive, high pitched fast speech, air of superiority brought on simply because he disagrees. Yep, target acquired. Fire at will, Gridley.

        1. The reason people like him exist in such numbers these days is because it’s become socially unacceptable for men to fight like they used to. Had his skanky little arse walked into a bar in the 1970’s or 80’s and tried that shit he would have had his teeth ground into the carpet. Today he and all those like him are very aware that nobody is going to punch them in the mug for being a bitch in public.
          Damned shame if you ask me. So many of these manginas could find a cure from a good roundhouse to the mouth.

  19. “I never saw an average-looking guy with a hot girl, but I saw many attractive guys with average girls”
    This is a rule of life, never mind Toronto.
    In my past, whenever I dated a girl who may have been higher on the scale than me, I was red pill enough to know I was on borrowed time and the clock was ticking

    1. No, not really. An average looking man can up his SMV value quite easily if he doesn’t act like a pussy.

      1. It was a different time.
        I was 20 and still living at my parents’. I wasn’t a man.
        And I’ve never been one for pretending to be a man. I just worked hard on actually becoming one

      1. I should clarify, if an average looking guy makes something of himself, then yeah it’s definitely on the cards
        But the onus is on him to do this

    2. This is a rule of life, never mind Toronto.
      It’s only true in certain places, like Britain, Australia, and near U.S. military bases.

  20. I had a good chuckle when I saw this article being republished. Get ready for another endless barrage of angry comments from the manginas and feminists who think Toronto is some utopia on Earth.

  21. Is toronto really any different from chicago? The obesity rate is 33%, another 33% are overweight. You’re talking 50% aren’t approachable, and that’s being kind to some better looking chubbies and calling them “curvy”. I see better looking men dating down with less attractive women everywhere.

      1. 90% of canadians live within 100 miles of the US border. Is there really any difference? Is french canadian culture less fucked up? I heard montreal was filled with gay bars. The problem is western feminism, not geography.

        1. The girls have better fashion sense than Toronto but not as good as Manhattan. I don’t know about gay bars (I think Vancouver has a lock on that) but they have swingers clubs.

  22. When I go to Toronto I get laid all the time, but that is because a friend of mine works in a morgue. It is not that I am into necrophilia- it’s just that the conversation is more interesting than the conversations I have with the average Toronto girl.

    1. Well at least with necrophilia, she won’t file a false rape claim…LOL! Although that would be rape since she wouldn’t be able to give consent.
      I know sick joke, but I couldn’t resist.

  23. Vancouver girls are much sluttier. Give them some marijuana and they are pretty much DTF.

    1. You can find a lot of those girls in Toronto actually. Plenty of pothead and druggie girls around here.
      It’s difficult to date them unless that is your lifestyle though. Since quitting weed and some hard drugs it has hurt my game. I just grew out of that lifestyle though, been there, done that.
      But yeah if you want that kind of girl go to Kensington or offer blow to girls in clubs I’d say.

      1. I am military and still have fantasies that CSIS will take my resume, so I have never partaken. However, I am not so pure that I would not be an enabler.

        1. Fair enough.
          That would help you get laid here.
          Also girls from the prairies that visit TO will do almost anything for a drug dealer. Actually I’d just go so far as to say Toronto is a great place for drug-dealers in the sexual market.
          Its one of the last places where men have the leverage here to just act like men. And SJWs don’t seem to want to protest criminal behaviours… They might actually have to deal with some real life shit.

        2. I am chilling out in China. If I return to TO without a girl in tow I intend on being completely mercenary in my pursuit of tail.

  24. I travel throughout the Midwest. From Milwaukee to central PA. The suburb area bars are the best for box. My favorite: Suburban Pittsburgh. Chicago sucks a fuck.

    1. I could never find really hot women in PA for some reason. Harrisburg is a travesty of ugly, with a few exceptions here or there of course.

        1. I’ve only lived here for almost a year, moved here from Southern California to take care of my dad. I really haven’t had the chance to do much exploring myself yet.
          Mind if I ask what you do for work? I’d love a job where I could travel.

    2. Have you fellows ever frequented New York? The girls there are pretentious twits but it doesn’t take too much to bed them.

      1. Yes. Its rough but ironically easier than Chicago. I agree. Was always surprised Chicago more pretentious than New York.

        1. I think chitown has the added infamy of being big on “community activism” like the kind the POS president is known for.

        2. chicagoan here.
          so much this! chicks in nyc were eyeing me on the subway whereas i was pinging for iois in chicago & get nothing

    3. I grew up in Chicago and you are on the mark. There are exceptions but in general Chicago area women are as dreadful as any in North America. Additionally that harsh hard voweled Great Lakes accent doesn’t win them any feminine points. It works better for a guy. Dick Butkus, who is from Chicago comes to mind. That gravelly Chicago accent of his reminds me of countless neighborhood guys I knew in Chicago. You’re also on the mark about Pittsburgh. The soft vowel elided “Pittsburghese” also sounds better on a gal. One more thing, middle and upper middle class white women are a big reason why Illinois has morphed from a bellwether state to a reliably blue state that gave us both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

  25. Hate to go against roosh on his one, but evidence is mounting on this site and others that Melbourne and Sydney have robbed Toronto and Copenhagen of the crown. And I have suffered through both to and cph.

    1. Copenhagen is no where near as bad as Roosh claims. I see lots of attractive women everyday where I live. Obesity is neither remotely as bad as it is in the US, Canada or Australia.(with the US being the absolute worst in terms of obesity). And I have stayed in the midwest US, Melbourne and Sydney. New York seems to be different, but the city is not really representative of the country as a whole.
      Feminism is however really out of control, and the additudes are really bad. This is in itself enough to stay away from this place. Same probably goes for Sweden and Norway, Scandinavia being one of the epicenters of feminism in the world.

  26. What’s shitty is that these poisonous attitudes have spread throughout the GTA (greater Toronto area) and the rest of Southern Ontario — which accounts for more than 33% of Canada’s population.
    Girls in London, Mississauga, Ottawa, Kitchener, Hamilton, Windsor, St. Catharines or any city with a University/College crowd…. They all act like they’re rich, big city, spoiled brats.
    Hence why I’m heading overseas in a couple months.

  27. #5 (Girls don’t give eye contact) reminded me about when I was in Sevilla,Spain. The girls there, although much more attractive than Canadian women, also do not give eye contact. I asked one of the local guys about this, and he said “it’s because the Sevilla women have a lot of pride and respect, not like your American women” lol

  28. Toronto is the big-leagues. You can still have success but your game needs to be tight (like a toiger). Having a hard time dating/getting laid here? Up your game. Like Sinatra says, if you can game in Toronto you can game anywhere. Trying to game here makes picking up in literally any other city child’s play.
    Like we always say: approach, get a result, re-calibrate. Girls here are immune to negging and all the other pua tricks because that’s ALL men do here. If you try something else, you’ll be amazed at the results.
    The fact that Roosh couldn’t pick up here is akin to the carpenter blaming his tools. Yeah, it’s tough. But it’s not impossible at all.

  29. Toronto is a hotbed of Liberal Arts students, Feminists, Manlets, and general patheticness roused by a large populace of Liberal supporters.
    Avoid Ontario, and you will find much better places in Canada.
    Ontarioans are so far removed from reality that they can’t figure out how to tie their shoes without government support.

    1. “Ontarioans are so far removed from reality that they can’t figure out how to tie their shoes without government support.”
      LOL. The inescapable truth!

  30. Toronto does strike me as the worst city for men. I’d urge everyone to look at videos pertaining to the U of Toronto. Violent lil Marxist Feminist/ Social Justice Wankers blocking doors to a Mens Conference and routinely pulling fire alarms and yelling at symposiums to disrupt speakers from altering their narrow world view.
    Other cities which are terrible for men: Portland and Seattle. I lived in both cities. WA State voted to remove the use of “MAN” from state records. They’re actually paying people to go through all state records and history to remove that “offensive” word.
    Both cities cater to these violent feminists and are absurd places of PC.
    Another city which strikes me as being taken over by the SJW crowd is Denver as well.

  31. Regarding #6, how do the overweight end up being the ‘Mother Hen’? I’ve always thought that women would usually follow the one within the group with the highest sexual value or most attention from men.
    With men, we tend to gravitate towards other men who are more successful in hopes of getting our own shot at success as well so I assumed it would be the same with women.

    1. Women would rather share alphas. So mother hens try to share or block the alphas from their friends. Pure jealousy.

  32. Just for clarification, what definition of feminist are you guys using? Someone who thinks they are better than you? Or thinks they are equal to you? a victim of you? thinks you owe them something? thinks you’re a jerk? Won’t sleep with you? Is mean to you when you try to seduce them? hahaha. Thanks Obama.

      1. Man, that was my go-to movie throughout middle school whenever we had a substitute teacher, the tv cart rolled out with Princess Bride. Ah, must have seen it 100 times. Ah, good ole public school! What a classic!

  33. sadly i agree.Here in canada its a sterotype that toronto is a cold city. Had buddies from there and they say it sux, dont go you aint missing anything.
    livinginthedeadcity.com is a blog about how toronto sux
    7) Well when it comes to tradional dress and values over “white ones”, I say the indians win. But I know what you are getting at. They have no style and dont workout. Usually the skinny ones you do see are skinny fat. But indian girls do have an attitude but thats everywhere.

  34. Don’t forget San Fagdisco, Seattle and Portland, OR. The 3 worst cities in the US for men. These cities are a single woman and faggot’s paradise.

  35. shouldnt be shocking that the slutwalk was made there, many feminsts and sjw types come from that city. ITs literally the most feminist city in north america, hell maybe the world.
    Could explain why india is starting to get feminists talking points from here as of late thanx to the high indian demographic in toronto.

  36. I live in toronto and I can confirm how awful it is here. Women have it so good and all the men I meet are jaded and depressed like prisoners. I need to get out of here before I go insane.

    1. If I were president, I’d order DC-10’s to fly over and spray the entire city with pheromonic CBS (concentrated BALL SWEAT). If that didn’t’ wake the place up. I’ve seen small college towns go ‘vag-ville’ and ‘gay-berry’ but a huge metropolis go wall to wall sluggo? The place is obviously being targeted by the likes of weather manipulators and such. Maybe it’s a beta test of a full force screw job (wave tech/chemical/psycho) to be done on other metro areas in the future. Yeah, I’d get outta there.

  37. Another manosphere hit piece on Toronto? Shit this place sounds like hell on earth.

    1. That’s not far from the truth. Belieeeve me.
      From the sour dating scene, to the not so vibrant job market, to the crappy weather most of the year, Toronto has got to be one of the WORST places to live. Don’t even bother visiting; it’s not worth it. Montreal, Quebec however is worth a visit, at least.

  38. no disrespect to Roosh, but the negative agenda being pushed here lately has a sobering, helpless vibe to it and honestly I find it toxic to redpillers (not feeling the term neo masculinity,). A lot of your older stuff was great Roosh, but lately I have been disappointed and it has pushed me to reading less popular, but more energizing and optimistic blogs like Zen and Debauchery, Mister Infinite etc. Of course I read ROK and Heartiste daily, they offer a lot of guidance. But the whole ” you have to be a clown” to pick up women and the overall feeling of hopelessness is depressing. In my experiences, and I’m a young guy (early 20s), but improving myself, staying fit, and consciously working on frame control and taking risks daily does wonders for gaming ALL WOMEN, and the more I do these things the less I am bothered or hindered in my game by feminism and cunty women.

  39. My cousin banged hordes of Canadian girls in Byron Bay, Australia. He literally has mild autism and I noticed the Canadian girls mistook it for being eccentric and quirky. Because he didn’t need to talk about anything remotely deep with them he was able to plough through a fair few of em whenever I went out with him.

  40. If that’s true, then how do I get out of here? I knew it was difficult to get that sort of thing done; I had no idea it was near impossible.

  41. All of my buddies from Montreal call Toronto “Nickle Town”. The girls are all fives or behave like it. I left 35 years ago, and Roosh is right, the trolls have taken over, and the manatees that flubber down the sidewalks are hideous.

  42. The thing about Roosh and Toronto is, forget his alpha frame, in this capacity he’s a pure humanitarian. It’s so bad there that his very humanity compels him to call out this issue just to save one dude from misery.

  43. Thanks for the warning, Roosh. At least I’m now able to save myself time and from headache with dealing with those issues.

  44. I do have a question for an aussies who might read this. How did australia become such a pussy whiped nation, you guys don’t even recognize gay marriage yet and seem to be a more conservative former english colony. How did you end up a hot bed of feminazis.

    1. Simple, Hernan. Feminism has always been the ideology of choice for unattractive, masculine women, because they were bitter that no men liked or valued them. We have a truckload of women like this in Australia, so it was a natural progression… Australian women are some of the most loud, obnoxious and masculine creatures you will ever come across

      1. Where did you get so many ugly women from? How did they end up so loud and obnoxious. Its not like they came off the boat that way. When did this transformation begin. Australia has their own tv and media so its not like they got it from usa media.

  45. Every place is engulfed with the man-hating feminazi ideals now. It isn’t even funny. Just because you go to South America means nothing, it’s apparent that I may be the only one who pays attention to world affairs on this forum. Brazil, Mexico, Ukraine, Japan, Ireland, USA (of course) and so on are extreme hot beds for these man-haters.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ33tznawA4 (This video shows more proof that feminism kills everyone in a nation)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRqXSKTbaec (Japanese misandric commercial ATM dad)

  46. Usually when cities become as bad as that feminism is to blame only to a degree – it’s the gender ratios which have become off-the-charts bad for men:

  47. You forgot to add the Toronto Maple Leafs play there. But yes I couldn’t agree more Toronto is a shithole. It’s the biggest city in Canada so everyone there thinks they are automatically better people just because they live there. Dated a couple girls who came from TO and they were cunts, thier group of friends were even more unbearable.

  48. Yeah, Toronto sucks. All the guys are “metro” (don’t want to just admit they’re gay cause their family might be humiliated/ dishonored), and so the girls get stuck getting picked up/ hit on by guys who don’t want them anyway but go after them cause they fit the mould and make a good beard for the night. Its a weird situation in T.

  49. This article sounds like where I live… as far as the women are concerned. Time to GTFO!!

  50. I think it’s rather funny that Roosh made a post on his site talking about how race doesn’t really matter, but he’s here in this post admitting he prefers white girls, and says that there’s too much immigration from non-white countries.
    Guess he only cares about multiculturalism and immigration when it affects where he’s able to stick his dick.

  51. I live in Canada and never went to Toronto. Every time I hear from this city, it seems to be from the news with immigrants shooting people. It just seems like a huge shithole to me.

  52. I have never been to Toronto, but I imagine this article speaks for most of Westernized big cities in general. Young western poosy are latching onto sugar dating and using sites like tempted.com to hook up with wealthy, generous men.

  53. Why are they reposting this article? What happened to all the original comments?
    Anyway, I am from Toronto and all this is true. I sincerely believe we have the sorriest excuse for women on the planet here. If you’re looking for femininity in Toronto, at least the zoo is within reach. These are the types of “women” you’re likely to encounter in Toronto :
    -pseudo lesbian, liberal, thick rimmed glasses and dyed hair wearing, androgynite.
    -wannabe starlet/socialite, dollar store skanks with metropolitan envy.
    -Napoleonic, figureless, short, as-voluptuous-as-a-coffee-table midgets who are common and you’ll frequently see them with much higher smv guys who appear whipped.
    -common fat city, slob with entitlement issues to the power of 10.
    -foreign wannabes of the wannabes. We don’t just grow our own Western cunts here in Toronto we import knock-offs!
    -all of the above all rolled into one.

  54. Why would any man subject themselves to this? People need to kick their vagina addiction. It’s ruining their lives. There is no reason a man should have to jump through hoops and play some stupid mini game to get a girl interested, meanwhile she can just stand there and be a total moron with nothing to offer but a pretty face and a warm snatch.
    Screw that noise

  55. I live in Toronto, and yes women here are quite entitled, but if you are decent looking and have some degree of status and confidence, you will get women and laid on a regular basis. There are a lot of “nice” guys in Toronto, who get shafted by women however, and I can see that being fodder for this impression.
    Toronto, like many western cities has seen women become more manly/masculine in they way they relate and men more feminine and weak/shy and insecure. Too may boys being raised by single moms leading to grown men with no backbone and no understanding on how to act and be a real man.
    You are either an alpha who fucks or a beta with bucks.

  56. Here are five reasons why Chicagoland, Illinois is the worst metro area in north america for men.
    1, Chicagoland women are more interested in big luxury Bentleys and party buses than a man with a loving heart. And they set their standards high to the point of them hooking up with guys who steal those kinds of vehicles.
    2, Chicagoland women socialblock more than any other women on the continent of North America! Don’t even THINK about even approaching within less than 35 feet of that bikini clad gal on Oak Street Beach, North Avenue Beach, relaxing near Buckingham Fountain, or at that downtown nightclub! Doing so is about as likely to get you gunned down, murdered, and then robbed by her boyfriend/fiancee/husband and/or his mob of cronies as beating and pounding a hornet’s nest with a baseball bat is likely to get you swarmed and stung by a bunch of angry hornets!
    3, The only women that just might approach you are the heavyset (upwards of 300 pounds) women. If she is attractive, forget it; chances are, she’s allready married! Only the 1’s and 2’s are even approachable. Women as low as even a 3 tend to be snobbish and standoffish. Basically like I said, in Chicagoland/Northern Illinois, the only women likely to approach you are the ones that are in excess of 300 and even 400 pounds.
    4, One mistake with an Illinois woman and you are dumped, dropped, and left for broken heart! One false thing said, one dollar short, and she will immediately leave you for someone else.
    5, Chicagoland women are getting more and more involved with Chicago’s atmosphere of violent crime. Due to the very poor job market in Illinois, many numerous Chicagoland women are relocating from Chicago’s suburbs (even from as far west as places like Naperville, Elgin, Wheaton, Bolingbrook, Batavia, and such) straight into Chicago’s MASSIVE ghetto. And Chicago has a huge ghetto indeed; it covers everywhere between Illinois Route 50/Cicero Avenue and the lake/I-65 in Indiana, from around Lawrence Avenue all the way south to the Will County border. And Chicagoland women are hooking up with guys that are in gangs, guys that participate in Chicago’s lethal flash mobs, guys that are serial killers, muggers, robbers, guys that get their $350,000+ a year incomes, their luxury sports vehicles, their luxury houses and condos, and all else, through crime and illegal drugs.

  57. Wow, too many Asian and Indians and the way you insult the latter is pathetic narrow minded drivel!

  58. You’re right on the money roosh. You’ve actually described all of Canada outside of Quebec.

  59. Online game was rather kind to me in Toronto. I suppose I simply didn’t see all the crap that Roosh talks about here because I have good pre-screening skills or something. I haven’t set foot in a dance club in ages and back in the day when I did I was there to dance with friends and not pick up anyone. I have no approach for either day game nor night game. I’ve been out of country for a couple of years now and I hope things have not degraded too badly, for the sake of other guys because at this point my destiny is here in China.

  60. Roosh, as an Australian I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on Sydney. I truly believe you will find the worst place on the planet for single men

  61. “15 Reasons Why Toronto Is The Worst City In North America For Men”
    Run through it with your woes and see how you feel about it then.

  62. Was in Toronto back in the 90s. Was exactly the same then. Sorry to hear it hasn’t improved.

  63. My good sir, this article sadly also applies to the hellhole where I live in: Albuquerque, New Mexico. This place is depressing, has a rubbish dating scene, and vapid people who do nothing, yet brag as if they’re such cool people. I can’t wait to leave here. To every guy out there: please stay far, far away from here. You’ll thank me later.

  64. Even if you could manage to talk to a hot chick, she wouldn’t date you because you’re obviously an asshole :0

  65. THIS IS SO FUCKING TRUE ITS FUCKING SAD. The first thing to say is straight to the point: In Toronto, god forbid you say something critical about a woman, you are fucking mysogynistic. Women can trash talk, look down upon, cut eye, talk straight shit and make sure you hear them and if you don’t act like they want you to, they treat you like shit, like a third rate citizen. I have been living here for 20 years since I was seven. I am from Eastern europe and fucking Canada… or Toronto or whatever the fuck has caused me so much fucking emotional distress and self esteem issues. It’s fucked.
    I was just in Florida with my (Spanish) girlfriend for 4 months and even though it’s dangerous down there and there is a race war… I DONT GIVE A FUCK! Because to live here in Toronto, with misandrists roaming about blaming men for all their issues and treating us all like misbehaving dogs (for having libidos!)…. I would much rather live in a race war where everyone carries a gun.
    It’s not men that are perverted….. its modern women and their mentalities. I always had a feeling it was big cities and the author nailed it 100%. All 15 points are abso-fucking-lutely true.
    These bitches here are arrogant, entitled and rude! In Florida women are warm and smile and make eye contact. In Toronto they are all fucking pretentious and act like they have too much to do to be interested in anyone but themselves. And the guys here man… they are desperate. And I get it, to live with bitches like these. That’s why you see winning guys with loser girls. And guess what? These bitches beat them down too. The guys have low self esteem and the princess thinks she’s the shit and pounds into his head that he got a winner. YEAH!
    Advice to women: MOVE to Toronto. You are going to fucking love it. It’s a woman’s world. And if you hate men EVEN BETTER! There’s a tonne of you sexist fucks over here.
    Advice to men: RUN. Run the fuck away unless you like being disrespected, mistreated, being accused of being a misogynist because you have something called self-respect and can speak up for yourself, being accused of being a pervert because you have a libido and are heterosexual…………..RUN!!!!!!!!!!

  66. What people fail to realize, is that Toronto is a mirror or is reflective of Canada in general, horrible. And yet many delusional people seem to think it’s the greatest country, but at the same time, will say certain cities are terrible.
    Canada in general is rude, and there are many incidences on the web that say the same thing. People in general are just rude and arrogant and self centered. We also think this (SHIT hole ) country is an island unto itself. I have traveled, and l can say without reservation, Canada is NOT the greatest country!!

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