Why You Need To Boycott The NBA

Sheryl Sandberg is one bossy woman.

Instead of pitching her feminist ideologies to a target audience, like Jezebel or Buzzfeed, she has decided to infiltrate the NBA. The intrusiveness will appear on a television near you, via the “Lean-in” campaign. Sandberg has partnered with the NBA to fight for women’s rights at home and at work, and she has even managed to enlist the services of Lebron James and Stephen Curry. For the next two months, the NBA will be delivering public announcements on major TV networks.

A few days ago, Sandberg went on ESPN to promote the plan. There is enough bullshit in the accompanying article to fertilize an Iowa corn field. Let me just critique the major points:

1. Sandberg is hoping to persuade men that they will be better off financially and emotionally if they take more responsibility for housework and child care, while also backing equal rights for women at work.

Immediately, we see that she is an expert at conflating the issues.

The “Lean-in” program is good because:

  • Men will be better off financially if they take more responsibility for housework and childcare
  • Men will be better off emotionally if they take more responsibility for housework and childcare
  • Men should also back equal rights for women at work


Each of these points need to be examined on their own merit. Then, after a careful review of the evidence, a conclusion can be drawn. Let me save you the time of researching the points. Her goal is to confuse the listener; that way, they’ll be more likely to support her primary claim (that the NBA needs the “Lean-in” Program).

In a sales pitch, this is calling “spinning the client.” You confuse them right away, which breaks down their wall of defense–this then allows you to sell them a used car, or a Florida time share.

Sandberg also employs the “argument by assertion” fallacy—if you say something enough times, it eventually becomes true and you win the argument. People have heard the “women are oppressed” argument so many times, that they now accept the claims at face value.

2. “Gender equality doesn’t just benefit women, it benefits men in lots of ways,” Sandberg said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Is gender equality good for men? Let’s take a look at statistics regarding gender “equality” in the Western world:

The statistics show that the feminist version of “equality” has not been favorable for men. A lot of guys are afraid of gender equality, and for good reason. It’s merely a talking point, divorced from reality. A growing number of men are affected by misandry, not misogyny.

3. Among other things, she believes most women are likely to have sex with their husbands or partners more frequently when they get more help at home — a phenomenon she has branded as “choreplay.”

“Choreplay” is one of those terms that feminists love–a clever play on words, which momentarily validates their existence. They can use these terms to publish dissertations that nobody will read, or to fund non-profit organizations.

But on to the point at hand. Are women turned on when men do the dishes, or iron shirts? Team feminism has done a good job at trying to convince us so. However, recent research is now proving otherwise:

  • In 2013, a study showed that people in more traditional marriages have better sex lives (American Sociological Review)
  • A study in New Zealand from 2014 found the same results.

And let’s not forget the recent success of Fifty Shades of Grey. Women across the Western world went into a tizzy over Christian Grey. And what kind of character was he? Was he a male feminist, busy ironing shirts before his wife got home from work? Hell no. He was an Alpha male with an edge, who liked tying up girls and then treating them like dirty little whores.

Conclusion and recommendation

Sheryl Sandberg is another social justice warrior, trying to force her ideologies on the American public. Sport lovers need to be concerned. Gone are the days when, after a long day at work, you could tune out the world by watching the ballgame. Now, thanks to people life Sheryl Sandberg, you’ll be drilled with political talking points.

But of course, it takes two to tango. Today’s athletes are also to blame. Men like Lebron James and Stephen Curry have, essentially, sold out the American male. They have enough money, so why are they doing this? We can only assume that they, like Sandberg, believe in political feminism. They need to learn from the stars of yesterday–men like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan; none of these stars would preach feminism to their fans.

I’m calling for a 2015 boycott of the NBA. These industries need to be reminded that their viewership is predominantly male (70%). We no longer accept the SJW agenda, and we will vote with our dollars. This means the following:

  • No paying for NBA tickets
  • No buying NBA merchandise
  • No watching NBA on television
  • No clicking onto NBA online links to check for scores


Secondly, I ask you to call bullshit on the “Lean-in” program in online forums. A simple Google search will take you to the available links. We need to let the NBA know that we do not accept their current direction.

It’s time to take our money elsewhere.

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289 thoughts on “Why You Need To Boycott The NBA”

  1. This is right on time my friend. A couple weeks ago Sandberg went through ESPN’s “carwash.” She appear on all of the radio shows and finally on SportsCenter. All day long I had to listen to her talk about women’s rights, the bullshit Lean In Program then see it on TV when I got home.
    The most telling part of her interview happened on The Herd with Colin Cowherd when she said (and I’m paraphrasing): “Men benefit when they take a female role in the office and at home.”
    Cowherd asks: “Well what do the women do around the office that men can take a part of?”
    Sandberg: “Women take a more altruistic role in the office. They mentor to other employees, plan parties, and take the notes.”
    Sandberg confirms that women are useless in the workplace. Women don’t have shit to offer in the way of wisdom, party planning is an auxiliary task that requires little to no time, and taking notes is a secretarial job…..a woman’s job.
    Her entire narrative was a crock of shit and I saw this coming a mile away when they started floating her name on the radio.
    Great article.

    1. ” . . . and taking notes is . . .”
      . . . obsolescent.
      Apparently another thing women do is stop paying attention to the company they’re supposed to be running to organize some bullshit or other. Maybe somebody needs to give her some make-work notes to take or something.

    2. Isn’t that funny… a woman who is successful telling everyone else how much things suck for her… ZZZZZZZ.

    3. For me, Sandberg’s blaring incompetence–confirmation of her tribal, token presence–occurred when she let that “stalker” software get released at FarceBook (2009?). I said to myself: “How the fuck did that ever get out of committee??” Within 6 months its was taken down due to a multitude of lawsuits. What a clueless idiot. A social engineering token. A diversity darling.

      1. But that ineptitude won’t stop her from having her smarmy mug plastered everywhere lecturing the great unwashed on what’s acceptable and what’s not.. Another reason to totally disconnect.

        1. I wish she knew how much her husband would rather bang any given busty Mexican 18 year old than her. I just wish she knew that.

        2. He let this thing hatch and it grew into this beast. He’s to blame for not disciplining her correctly.

      2. “A social engineering token” Looks to be that way. She’s not displaying any trace of intelligence with this bullshit. Notice what happens when people (Sandberg, Obama) are simply handed power due to their identity–They immediately renew their fantasy identity grievances. Obama immediately addressed ‘bigotry’ at his inaugural in 2008 (after being elected solely on skin color.). Sandberg cries about how unfair it is for women after her red carpet strolls to executive positions. If either of these mediocre people had actually earned their place, they wouldn’t have any kind of need to play up all this identity shit. They would be angered by the concept.

        1. Yes, very thick with Marxist and Alinsky tendencies.
          ‘Accuse others of what you do’ –Karl Marx

        2. Sandberg – DUCK FACE. Hillary – a close second. Brazillian president Rouseff – her pic got me started on the duck thing yesterday. How many people use DUCK FACEDNESS as a sole criteria for voting or taking marching orders?

        3. Depending on what metric you judge her by. If she lived in a long house with kids in the double digits that she delivered at home and tit fed, and the end of the day DICKO DADDYO comes in from chopping wood, whoofs down the stew and gives her tired ass a break and instead frosts her face like a toaster streudel, then yes I would shudder at the beauty of such a sight. I would howl and seig heil at the flag that flapped over such a land even if the flag had stars and stripes or even a squatting bear under a crescent moon!
          But Sandberg’s beedy black rat’s eye pupils I’ve seen before. She’s posessed. Feminist death cult from hell.

        4. I don’r think that you know what the word (Marxist) means when referring to Obama and his policies; what he’s doing isn’t Marxist at all. You might want to turn off Fox News, go to the library, and pick up a book about Marxism.

        5. And you’re a drooling, blubbering idiot. Here’s the first two books you need to read about CULTURAL Marxism: Andrew Breitbart’s Righteous Indignation and Hollwood Interrupted. In the meantime 5TFU.

        6. I’m sorry, but Andrew Breitfart was just as ignorant as you are about Marxism. Both of you (and most Republicans/Tea Partiers) need to do as I’ve advised. You’ll have to come up with a better criticism of Obama and his policies than what you’ve come up with.

    4. “Women take a more altruistic role in the office. They mentor to other employees, plan parties, and take the notes.”
      We are sooooooo fucked

      1. … arrange the gossiping, the backstabbing and the smearing … eavesdrop on the dong jokes … you get the picture

    5. Oh yeah party planning is really intregal to a companies bottom line. I remember the last corporation I worked at , the hens in the office had a baby shower for one of the bloated members of their tribe. At the time I remember loudly saying ” for fucks sake if they really want to celebrate why don’t they do it after working hours” Incredibly, a number of my male colleagues were offended by my outburst. Damn am I glad I no longer work in that hive known as Korporate Amerika.

      1. The parties they’re planning are usually for their children. The same ones they dump at day care in the morning and manage throughout the day, when they’re supposed to be working.

      2. I’m well on my way out of the rat race. I’ll be like a castaway kissing the beach after being out to sea for 5 years.

    6. I am a man and I planned a department party for myself and my coworkers last year.
      Step 1 – Call well known sushi joint.
      Step 2 – Make reservation for X amount of employees
      Step 3 – Send department email to all in department inviting employees. 1 paragraph explaining where and when
      Step 4 – Pay bill with company credit card
      I just save the company money. Cost to hire woman at equal pay of man. 70k. Cost of having party. 5k. Savings of not hiring a woman 65k per year. Your welcome, company.

  2. LeBron is siding with this because he wants to be “global icon”, whatever the fuck that means. Jordan would have totally sold out his people for a few bucks; he famously said he didn’t vote Democrat because “Republicans buy shoes, too.” Of course, it’s possible both James and Curry are doing what the NBA tells them to. Wherever the money blows is where these men will go, because their personal “brand” means more than their on-court legacy. They’ve learned that players fade into obscurity after retirement and are more savvy now about positioning themselves for it. Doesn’t mean we don’t see the hypocrisy and have to buy what they’re selling, though.

    1. He was the canary in the coal mine. One yr, he just came back with jailhouse tats. Everyone else seems to have followed his lead over the past 15 yrs…

  3. Women would be better off if they quit blaming men for their own internal wars. Which is what this Sandberg lady clearly has.

  4. You’d think with organizations like the WNBA, radical feminists would have all the access to basketball they need.

    1. Good point. Why don’t these bitches use their own damn league for a platform for their bullshit propaganda.

        1. Right. There are no resources to conveniently extract through shaming tactics. Lesbian basketball circus freak show acts are simply not profitable.

    2. The WNBA sucks (and they know it). It’s another example of “strong and independent” women leeching off of the men (and their success). Women can’t build shit from scratch. They always come along (after the heavy lifting is done) to take over something. Then, it will probably fall to pieces (with women running it). The facts (everyday) are in their faces, they just can’t deal with the reality.
      Women are only promoted (and kept around) due to men. Other women will gladly step on their necks (of other women) to get ahead on that corporate ladder. Women know this fact all too well but you’ll never hear one of them say it out loud.

      1. As i noted in a comment about workplace politics some time back, men create, women co-opt. With some rare exceptions, i’ll grant.

  5. Do you know what pisses me off to no end? I’ll tell you exactly what:
    Men WILL continue to:
    pay for NBA tickets
    buy NBA merchandise
    watch NBA on television
    click onto NBA online links to check for scores
    That’s what. Fucking muppets..

        1. Yeah, but when the shit starts getting really bad because of all this, people will eventually have to face the truth.

    1. Actually, recently, I recall hearing somewhere that sports viewership was on the decline? This shit may already be driving people away from sports in general where it is allowed to infest itself.

      1. I stopped watching awhile back. The nonsense with the public service announcements coupled with a movement that you could already see coming a mile out is what did it for me. Corporations (like people) have a trend…and going after a dollar is one of them.
        They cater to the new consumer (women) and don’t give two fucks about men any longer (so fuck them, they don’t need my money or time watching).

    2. Those are guys/males and not Men.
      Stop throwing the word around and wasting it on sackless mangina scum, please.

      1. Give it time those will get feminized and be made “non-offensive” too.
        The NHL apparently got screwed big time when they tried cracking down on fights, maybe the same will happen to other pro sports with this crap.

        1. Putting a Jewish New Yorker who came from the NBA and never even played hockey or watched it before he became commissioner—and keeping him on the job for 20 years while the NHL’s popularity sinks—-good job NHL. I don’t know how that stereotype of Dumb Canadians keeps going in the face of that genius move!

      2. College sports? Are you serious? Sorry, man, that’s an even bigger scam than the NBA or NFL.

  6. I am looking at the picture and I find this woman to have an incredibly smug and unlikable face. But what can you expect from high-level executives? All of them seem to be major assholes.

  7. There’s deep strategy at work in Sandburg’s pitch to men.
    Feminists recognize that women are breaking off their careers to have children and raise families, thus interfering with feminism’s only goal: securing power. So the aim of feminism’s gender-fluidity-think is to trick men into wanting to stay to home and be the wind beneath some uber-woman’s wings so she’s free to soar to the heights and grasp levers of power. As a bonus for feminists, men agreeing to step off the career path clear the way for women to rise.
    Enormous verbal energy is being expended to sell this con, with most attempts seeming to center around the notion that men will become more masculine if they willingly become less masculine. Here, that’s done by claiming the more housework men do, the more their wives desire them for sex. War is peace, weakness is strength.
    Once we get a feel for the goals and methods of this campaign, lots of pieces fall into place.
    …and I totally agree — Fuck the NBA, along with the NFL and the rest of the crony-capitalist, bread-and-circuses matrix of government/media/sports.

    1. So let women take over everything…Bye bye to innovation in that case. I mean innovation is just freaking gone if women keep overtaking education and the corporate world with the government’s assistance. The Russian/China power alliance will blow this world away in a few decades if everyone else is indulging in the absolute and utter financial bonfire of feminism. Half of our resources are being burned daily to accommodate female’s moment to moment mental states. Indignation, arrogance, whatever they want to feel, moment by moment, is being catered to in the hundreds of billions range and gobbling up our finances. We’re paying for nothing but indignation tingles somewhere in female’s brains. Russia and China are using their resources to build their countries.

  8. Sandberg would never be in the job she’s in (and with it a billionaire) were it not for the men who fast-tracked her up the ladder, namely larry summers, sergey brin / larry page, zuckerberg and probably others. Its very difficult to see what she’s done to justify being any kind of role-model for women, and if she were a role-model for jewish women she’d have the courage to point out that jewish business leadership is probably more patriarchal than other sectors. It must also be galling for summers that feminists dumped on him when he was president at harvard just for suggesting men might be better than women at STEM even though he helped mentored women like Sandberg to the top. Men who help feminists get ahead always find out down the line that they have scorpion’s tales.

    1. “Men who help feminists get ahead always find out down the line that they have scorpion’s tales.”
      Have I got tales of scorpions. Someday we’ll have to do the Battle Scars scene from Jaws.

      1. had a relatively new staff member once get pregnant; did everything I possible could to accommodate her every need, while suffering the consequences of low-staffing for the best part of a year. She came back part time and walked into a better job within a couple of months

        1. As department senior, I did most of the work a part timer should have been doing. I ended up getting let go so they could promote her to my position, because she was “more productive.”
          A year after that they let her go, because, gee, it turned out she not only didn’t actually do anything, but she was robbing the company blind as well.

        2. Experienced similar things: some absolute nightmares from criminal dishonesty with a fake cancer claim when she was found out to ones who were just a liability. Guys just get on with things mostly.
          Ps Hope you rubbed it into their noses when she got caught

  9. A quick google and Yahoo search fails to reveal not a single NBA athlete in opposition to “lean-in.” Of all the multi-millionaire guys who play pro (basket) ball, not even one has the intestinal fortitude to stand against this mountain of cunt-shit. Proof that money does not make an alpha.

    1. They are wage slaves, they don’t have transferable skills so they do what they are told. Hard to say whether the NBA bosses are being bought, blackmailed, or if they are true believers

    2. 90% of nba players were raised by single mothers- why would they oppose this initiative?

  10. If men really wanted to make a statement they could boycott pro sports en masse. Start off by cancelling your cable subscription. ESPN orchestrates the content of every sport and is ultimately responsible for the politics they adopt. Unfortunately, in order to truly boycott the politics of professional sports, you would have to stop buying things like Coors beer, Doritos, Nike, State Farm insurance, etc…. Most purchases help prop up professional sports. How do you think they can afford to pay those huge contracts and endorsement deals?

    1. Yep, sports and corporate sponsors go hand in hand. Always have; look up old photos of 1920s baseball stadiums. Outfields were covered in ads even then. I was recently given tickets to a Spurs game (the one where Kyrie went for 57) and there was not one damn second of that game that wasn’t sponsored by somebody. That, and every timeout was ended with one of Orwell’s ‘Two-minutes Hate.’ Constant distraction, screaming and yelling, buy some beer. Bread and circuses, indeed. Of course, don’t buy tickets and don’t buy the beer, and this will go away. But I’m not counting on it.

      1. Every second of every minute of every game must be monetized.
        I went to a minor league baseball game last year and it was awesome. Just people with their kids, people were polite, no one was loaded, just low key drinking, and no music blaring on the PA. Just a simple organ played by an actual human being in between innings.

    2. Boycott Pro Sports….
      And TV
      And Movies
      Bankrupt Big Entertainment With Boycotts

    3. The last segment of sportscenter about a week ago was cirque du soleil.
      I hardly watch anymore. Just go to their site for the latest headlines.

  11. “Men will be better off financially if they take more responsibility for housework and childcare”
    Household equality is nonsense. If you are the main bread winner of the household, you are under no obligation to partake in any of the housework. You did your part at work. You know, the thing that puts food on the table, close on your backs, a roof over your head, and extra items for entertainment? To compare cleaning dishes and laundry to a father’s burden is extremely lazy, delusional and shows a complete lack of common sense and entitlement on a woman’s part.
    As a child, when my father came home, he took off his shoes and went to bed or had a beer and watched T.V. My mother would tell us to be quiet if he was sleeping and never argued with him. He did not buy groceries, he did not do laundry, he did not clean the dishes, he did not cook family meals, he did not take us to school, and he did not barge in arguments between my mother, siblings and I unless absolutely necessary. These tasks were expected of my mother and us. We know that he works 9+ hours a day to maintain our good standard of living. There is no question about who’s in charge. That’s how a house should be, that’s how it needs to be — a patriarchy.

    1. If any hardworking were to do everything including make all the money, he would die at a very young age from overworking. I think their agenda is obvious now.

    2. And you know what? His example is why you’re here now. It’s why you typed the comment that you did. I, too, was fortunate enough to have the same example in my house growing up. What I realize now as a father myself is that he was teaching me how to be a father and a man, and not through words, but through actions and lifestyle. Right on.

    3. Question, what if your wife just so happened to earn more moeny than you? I mean in this age women can open a purse store, or shoe store, or makeup store, what if she was just good at making money? Would you be fine with cleaning and cooking and being the house husband?

      1. The answer you’re looking for is the term hypergamy. Rollo Tomassi on TheRationalMale.com has a lot of information on the topic.

  12. I never cared for basketball beyond the Space Jam effect. NBA is a dying league. Half the teams have to give out tickets almost for free to get even shitty attendance. So no surprise theyd embrace feminism as a ploy to fill seats. NFL is sucking up a lot of support. NHL is growing. MLB is plodding along. MLS is slowly gaining ground.
    I remember talking to a guy recently who asked if I followed basketball, and then corrected that he meant college, not the joke of the NBA.

    1. Nobody watches the NBA until the playoffs, and even then not until the last two rounds. Upsets are kinda rare. That’s why they’re launching this campaign now; playoffs start in roughly a month.

    2. Hockey is the real man’s team sport. None of the SJW crap that’s infiltrating basketball or football, and if you start a fight, you sit in a box for five minutes, not get suspended and fined. Better than watching hockey – go play hockey. I do.

  13. Are there really men out there that see these bullshit feminist commercials and then think “you know what? they’re right! Honey, let me do the dishes tonight” When I’m hanging out with my buddies and those Lean In ads come on, we all cringe hard as fuck at them. How the hell can these people get on TV and fight for equality when there are 2 separate leagues for men and women. If we’re all equal, let women play in the NBA and then see what happens

  14. Don’t need this rich witch to stop me spending a dime on the NBA. As soon as I hear the WNBA is doing fund raisers for prostate cancer, then I’ll reconsider. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Just kidding. I’ll never have to reconsider.

  15. The three kinds of men who watch the NBA are : 1) blacks 2) self-hating non-blacks; and 3) the other 5% of men who fall into neither category.
    Blacks aren’t going to listen one whoop to Sandberg’s delusion, and she knows it; men don’t even live with their baby mammas in the black world, and they’d tell her to go take a flying leap, complete with white and Jewish and female epitaphs thrown in while they do it.
    The 5% in neither category aren’t ever listening; the only thing Jack Nicholson’s going to help Jennifer Lawrence lean into is his dick.
    Sandberg’s aiming at #2: those self-loathing non-black watchers who wish they were black, blame all blacks problems on racism, and bow down before the affirmative action gods. Those wimps who have cuckhold fantasies about watching their gf or wife or mother with a couple of black bulls. Those losers who can’t even get a girl because they haven’t discovered the red pill yet but think doing housework will help them get it. Those guys so sad they resemble Patton Oswald in the movie Big Fan.
    Those guys who, if they start doing housework, will dry up the last drops of female vaginal fluid in their general vicinity.
    So she’s literally trying to destroy an entire gene pool of men from ever breeding.
    What a bitch.

    1. I love it. – “going to help Jennifer Lawrence lean into is his dick.”
      Let’s rename this silly campaign to… “lean in… to my dick”

      1. You know what would make me die laughing? If a sex tape came out of the two of them. Make all the feminazi jaws drop in hate and shock for so many reasons. Mostly jealousy, though.

      1. NBA peaked in the 90s. It was a mix of basketball and streetfighting. I dug the occasional bench-clearing brawl

    2. Sheryl Scamberg is arguably the czarina of cultural Marxism. She is a scourge and a seditionist.

    3. I totally understand your frustration if not anger at what’s happening, but putting blacks into it does not solve the problem. Same as blaming white people for blacks problems. Thing is, we know who are starting all this bullshit and you need to get a grip on your hoes, they are out of control. Black, Latinos or Africans are not running around asking for equality.
      NBA or no NBA they will advance their rotten cause.

  16. Agreed. There are already far too many sports to follow, and far too many reasons to stop watching the NBA. I’m in.

  17. All right people. I took a ride on the dark side, and chatted with some feminists. They still think “their work is not done”, and we are already so far apart we live in two different worlds. Reasoning with them is an impossibility. So we need to get organized and start fighting back economically, legally and politically. Sitting around and bitching about what’s going on is not going to get us anywhere. Period.
    What can we do? Street demonstrations? We’ll be laughed out of town by women and their maginas… Political activism? I don’t know… politicians are rotten to the core and they won’t give a shit. So WTF can we do? For ONE day at least, or something like that to show we’re still here and not as doormats. WTF people, say something. Anybody? I am really fucking frustrated. OK, feel better now 🙂

      1. It doesn’t fucking work. There’s too many of them and they are already flushed with money and extremely organized. I agree with what you are saying, but it won’t matter. It will not make a difference. I really don’t want to end up like Japan and start grazing…
        And here’s what they will do, I’ll tell you right now. When MGTOW gains traction, they’ll tax the shit out of us.

        1. You already live in their sphere of reality. It won’t hurt to accept it is broken, and slowly develop a new philosophy of how to live your life. And live it.

        2. ” . . . they’ll tax the shit out of us.”
          I hesitate to bring it up, but there’s a historical solution for that.

        3. So not fight, but adapt? I don’t know.. not sure that’s the answer. I think we have to find coercive ways to bend them over at a society level. Something that will hurt them and hopefully change something. Maybe I’m wrong, not wanting to go down without a fight…

        4. Not participating is fighting. If you want, start a blog. Call bullshit whenever you encounter it and be prepared to encounter personal attacks on your values. Rebuff and use indisputable facts to advance your position when you debate. Usually there will be no debate, just insults thrown in your direction. Deflect insults by indirectly negging and then shaming if you like. Try to bring other men in to your confidence and try to guide them to red pill websites like this one. If you run in to white knight manginas that are beyond reason, neg and shame them mercilessly. Prepare to make and lose friends.

        5. I just live minimally. Yes, it’s poverty sustenance level. No possessions of any real value. Enough to fit in a single men’s hostel room. Use Sally Anne for one good meal a day. And I’ve a doctorate and worked in a couple of the best high tech companies in North America.
          I didn’t bring this on me. Just look out. We all know who did this to us.

        6. You are right.
          We need to start actively thinking of a way to bring it all down.
          Let Project Mayhem commence.
          What did you think nicey nicey stuff will fix it?

        7. Yeah. Day by day, try to ignore those ‘money=happiness’ neurological ties until they just fade away. Barbell, library card, hiking, simple foods, one drink in the evening, a decent mattress. You can get all of those things below the poverty level. It’s the cunts in their mansions (who don’t even work) who are really in for it.

        8. You can ‘fight’ if you want. The best punch right now is paying for as little of their shit as you can.

        9. You got it. But hell, guys like us were good guys once. We had families. We were part of the community. We mattered to people. Now? Just disposable. And then I hear or read these feminists going on. What world do they live in? It’s not the real one.

        10. That’s what I hate the most. You can’t just be a good, modest and quiet man anymore who minds his own business. You will be feasted on. I worked with a bunch of millenials. I could tell they didn’t think much of me from the outset. So I thought I would just stay cool, stay mostly quiet and maintain decency and maturity, show respect. It only got worse. Within a few months they simply weren’t speaking to me. Nothing had happened. Just pure disrespect to a quiet, polite man. Same with most circles. The option of saying, “Hey. Just leave me alone to live my life in peace” seems to be hardly there. People will start sniffing around to criticize you. I’m exaggerrating a bit but not too much. That’s why I like Asia. There is decorum and adult civility if not driving skill. You can’t have everything.

        11. Melmoth,
          I am with you on this one. Just being quiet and trying to do your job will get the women at work wondering (gossiping) and watching (for any slipup). I rarely talk about anything but work while at work because I know all it takes is one complaint from a woman and poof Job gone.
          One of the more troubling parts to being all business at work is that women will take that for being aloof and it causes attraction. And nothing is more dangerous than an aroused female coworker that one scorns. Very soon one will get a call from HR about how you are sexually harrassing the coworker.

        12. They will do it.. It’s just crazy. Take a look at this article talking about the situation in Japan.
          Tax saying “If we impose a handsome tax on men who look good to correct the injustice only slightly, then it will become easier for ugly men to find love, and the number of people getting married will increase.” Under this proposal, the wealthy and handsome Herbivore Man will be taxed 80%. (Beth, 2011 Handsome Tax).

        13. Certainly they’ll do it. They’ve been doing it for more than 2000 years of recorded history. The Romans, anxious to have enough soldiers for the legions, passed a “Bachelor Tax” in ought nine.
          Likewise, in my youth, right here in the US, there was a tax deduction for being married, effectively a bachelor tax.
          However, passing a law and acquiescing to it are two different things.

        14. The culture in general has turned into a pack of middle-school mean girls, men included. You’ll find that out if you make it past 40 unmarried and are generally on the private side. You become a gossip rod. I guess it’s not such a big deal but it’s very boring. People don’t grow up and they certainly won’t notice or care if you do. I just try to look at it like it was my fault for making such an investment in people. The red flags were certainly all there, yet I still pursued a lot of approval paradigms. My mistake.

        15. Yeah, I am 40 and I understand. I am quiet among most people, even with acquaintances. My father is also reserved around people so it comes rather natural for me. I am a private person and even my friends take years to get to know me without my armor on. I have run social groups and it never ceases to amaze me that most people never get out of the middle/high school mentality.
          But I am like you now. I see most of the time I have given to others as a waste or poor investment. These days I only take care of those close to me with whom I know to have honor and integrity.

      1. Not gonna happen man.. And even if it does, in my experience (as I’ve been through one already), remember this, always remember this: Whoever was fucked before, will be fucked after.

        1. Oh I don’t mean in regards to just feminism, I mean a total revolution. Society is set to collapse any day now. We are in the last stages before all-out tyranny becomes the norm.
          The biblical apocalypse is going to involve more than what’s described in the bible. As the governments start coming after us in full force the real Men will rise up and resist and those who have been sucking from the big government titty for sustenance and protection will find themselves cut off and in need of protection.
          The feminists and their mangina accomplices will learn quickly that alpha traits alone will prolong survival.
          Nature has a way of weeding out the useless the sick and the helpless…it will be no different with them. How many useless people died waiting for help during the hurricane Katrina disaster?

        2. It’s not going to happen any day now. The collapse is already happening. Like a slow motion train wreck.
          The collapse of Rome took hundreds of years. The same criminal gang of nation wreckers was there that are doing it again.

        3. I am thinking of a collapse in construction terms: immediately pulverizing, but you raise a commensurate point.
          Death by a thousand cuts can definitely apply to the US, given that we have more to fear from within than without.

        4. Things will be different after the revolution; not better, just different. The top 10% run things, and always have. The typical revolution just replaces one group of 10% ers with another. The other 80% of us just take it up the ass as usual.

      2. No. Fuck that. More than fuck that. Fuck that to hell.
        Nothing more centralizing than a revolution. And what country that has been the source of “the cancer” on this world from feminism to social justice, FACILITATED my men who had heads full of good intentions was started by revolution?
        Why, it was THIS ONE.
        So no. Keep your powder dry but don’t waste your ammo. The masses are not worth it. They masses are not that important.

        1. I’m not saying to instigate one. I’m saying that a collapse is coming and you had better be prepared for it, and a revolutionary way of thinking is needed to rebuild society into what it was always meant to be.
          Unless you are starting a new country, history tends to paint revolutionaries as agitators, save for when they were forced to be revolutionaries by the tyrannical government.
          Yeah the U.S. dropped the ball with regard to the great experiment but part of the reason is because red pill men personally dropped the ball and started letting their wives and daughters influence them and slowly converted them into blue pillers.
          The U.S. was a good idea, it just suffers from true leadership.
          If you get behind my banner I can promise to conceptualize a world for you in thought word and deed… a world where a remarkably efficient pragmatic application is the standard and not the exception.
          No more social justice b.s….just leadership through strength and intellectual efficiency multiplied by wisdom.

        2. Look at what’s going on in Japan now. Men have just completely given up on sex and the population is drastically declining now

        3. Yes. Society is reaching a critical point. It’s like putting a can of aerosol on the stove on a low setting, then raising the temperature bit by bit.
          A society where males are taught to deny their leadership instinct is one that is destined to collapse.

    1. The best thing you can do it take back your time and money (to start). Work on other aspects of your life. Read books, workout, new hobbies, etc… Too many people are ‘plugged in’ and the industry (and the feminists) rely on it. It’s how they get their message out.
      Someone had it right. Women can come along all day and take over something (something already built up) but what have they truly built from scratch? Nothing.
      More men not being involved will mean (and show) that women will have to show their equality (pick up a shovel and do man’s work). They probably won’t (not this generation, anyways…iPhone is glued to one hand)…and things will start to decay. Men are very simple and can live simple lives….they just need more role models (today) to see that it can happen.
      I believe the lack of true role models (coupled with too many “guys” raised by single mothers) have crippled them – no masculine models to look to for guidance.

  18. I happened to catch this social justice cunt when I visited my gf and she was checking on the weather. She was giving an interview on the abc affiliate, which is probably the same one the author is referring to.
    My gf said I went into full meltdown mode. She thought my head would explode.
    To say this female is full of bullshit is an understatement of cosmic proportions; the equivalent of saying that hydrochloric acid will probably leave a burn or that a self inflicted shotgun blast to the penis will probably leave a Man in pain.
    Every one of her so called points is easily refuted if one does the research.
    The author did an excellent job of addressing a few of them.
    I threw my hands to the heavens and told my gf that all I want in that moment on is five minutes to debate sandberg in a neutral forum…I would do to her argument what Godzilla does to Tokyo every time he is in town and on town.
    Since she likes stupid buzzwords so much I invented one for her:
    As in “feminists are behind the cuntspiracy to control Men through bs indoctrination via the cuntspiring media”
    Ps: Wilt Chamberlain at his best would smack down lepuss James and stephen cunty

    1. Well shoot, looks like that word cuntspiracy has already been discovered.
      Ok ill invent “cuntspirator” then. Sheryl cuntspirator Sandberg has a nicer ring to it anyway.

    2. Scamberg’s book is also loaded with lies, inaccuracies–and especially omissions. It looks more like a journalistic crime scene.

  19. I dont watch any professional sports, mainly for race reasons. But beyond that, why men would take relationship advice from an unattractive women who none would in their right mind want to be in a relationship with is borderline insanity to me.

  20. Sheryl Sandberg is COO of facebook.
    In other words, without Zuckerberg’s genius her job would not exist. The notion that she’s a ‘powerful woman’ or a ‘leader’ is completely bogus.
    Women just can’t shut the fuck up and do their job. She has to try and rub everyones face in it

    1. She also was raised by a stay-at-home mom, and only became known after Larry Summers appointed her twice to be his Jew-girl secretary. She doesn’t believe any of the crap she says, is just setting the stage for a political career. Pelosi is getting old, California will need a new harpy to pick at the USA’s corprse

    2. Ah, that’s it. Woemn are the marketing moniker for real companies that men build, but can’t stomach the task of putting on the politically-correct face as CEO or COO. So, they rush a woman up the ladder to get her to be the PR spokesperson for the company. The media and politicos love it, and the public sees it as progress.
      These are women are puppets of the founders and board of directors. The problem is these women start to think they have real power to make change — not the kinds of change that increase revenue, profit and share price — but the kind that moves social causes forward. However, in the process they inevitably hurt the company and the men who built it. They destroy what they have not built.
      All I ask is if you founders and BoD’s are going to put female in charge, could you at least give us something better to look at than a Sandberg? Oh, of course, hot babe CEO’s would expose the plot for what it is — a glorified PR spokesperson.

  21. Better yet, boycott the entire big entertainment industry–TV, movies, organized sports, and so forth.
    Disconnect your television for a month, and see how much you miss it.
    I can tell you now, you won’t miss it at all–not one little bit, and you won’t want to go back. Just try it; I guarantee you WILL be happier, healthier, and more intelligent. You don’t have to thank me when you see the results from reading, lifting, and socializing after selling your idiot box and actually living your life instead of sitting on your ass and staring at the bullshit on the screen.
    Big Entertainment, Hollywood, The Media Social Justice Complex, whatever you want to call it, is your ENEMY. It is completely controlled by the left. For every Clint Eastwood, there are a thousand Michael Moores and Sean Penns. The days of John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart are gone and they’re not coming back.
    Sure, there are some great classic movies and classic TV shows, but trust me you can get by just watching the occasional episode of Gunsmoke or the random Kurosawa film on your computer.
    Go to a concert and support a local band, and enjoy the company of your fellow metalheads.
    Join a local sports league, and enjoy the company of your fellow athletes.
    Join a book club and enjoy the company of your fellow intellects.
    And so on, and so forth.
    Big Entertainment only survives because people give it their money. The only thing we should do now is destroy it via bankruptcy by spreading a boycott. It will take a long time and a lot of convincing, but it can work eventually and the place to start is with YOU. Convince your friends, family, co-workers, and spread it on every website you comment on.
    Please join me!

      1. Thank you!
        I think the hardest part people have with a boycott is figuring out what to do with their time.
        Homo sapiens have existed for around 200,000 years. The species got along just fine without Hollywood, and we can do it again.
        I’ve been wondering….if Bach had a TV would he have written the Brandenburg Concertos instead of watching sitcoms? Or would Michelangelo have painted the Sistine Chapel, would Newton have written his Mathematical Principles, would Milton have written Paradise Lost, would the nameless Irish monks have created the Book of Kells, and so on? Possibly not.
        Just think how much genius the world has lost due to people watching Jersey Shore or 16 & Pregnant for hours on end. Its really very scary.

    1. I cut cable over 7 years ago. It’s just not worth it all. I can’t believe people pay $100/month for a bunch of worthless channels. Everything can be watched for free online anyways, and apps like Showbox have recently released movies

      1. I cut cable over 7 years ago.

        People need to see more of this. So many were like me when I thought it “couldn’t be done.”
        Nearly 3 years later I don’t miss it at all either.

      2. The people who run the major torrent sites are unsung heroes for this very reason. They don’t get nearly the amount of credit they deserve for putting a dent in these vultures.

      3. Wow…after reading your comment I realized what an idiot I am. Basically I’ll occasionally watch a sports game once in a blue moon but I already know there are places you can watch them online for free. I never actually stopped to think how much money I waste per month.
        Your comment came at a good time. I’m literally going to cut mine today.

        1. I bought a micoHDMI-to-HDMI cable so I just connect my phone to my TV whenever I want to watch something. The Showbox app has so many movies and shows you could stream for free. TV shows are uploaded the day after they air.

      4. I have never had cable/satellite TV and I never will. I REFUSE to pay for entertainment that features commercials. PERIOD.
        I use my TV for local/national news and sports, video games, and Netflix. That’s it.

    2. Agree. Get out more and unplug yourself from the TV (turn it off). The nonsense on TV today is just that…nonsense. Even the “news” is entertainment (nothing worthwhile watching any longer…it’s all fluff pieces and bullshit).

    3. Spot on. You like sports? Get out and play. Entertainment=distraction. Use like you would cocaine or pain pills. Understand the trade-offs and the hidden costs.
      I will add, as I usually do, that social media needs to be on your list. Its no accident that the chief talking hairdo of this narrative is from Facebook.
      Social media is the apex of SJW media; it is a feminized echo chamber designed to commodify and control. Quitting TV, ESPN, buying NBA gear, etc. is all fine and good, but by failing to withdrawal your participation from social media you are propping up the next generations of anti-male, consumerist, social engineering media channels.
      TV is dieing, but only because social media and technology advances are making media ubiquitous, increasingly invasive, and difficult to avoid. It is only going to get harder to opt-out, if men do not start withdrawing now.
      Opting out of something already in its death throws is easy; opting out of the “bleeding edge” of media is what truly matters.
      Be wary of merely exchanging one distraction for the next. If you desire freedom from this kind of messaging – to truly starve the beast, you will have to give up something more than the NBA on NBC.
      To make a difference for yourself, to preserve/protect what remains of a culture you value, will require something from you; it will feel difficult, even isolating, but like all rewards of life, work and sacrifice are required.
      “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
      I took the one less traveled by,
      And that has made all the difference.”
      This NBA stuff is just one more foray of the cultural marxist goose-stepping parade into male spaces. This should be no surprise. All sports are selling out to the agenda. But then, televised/professional sports are merely entertainment, and as such, they are only the mirage of male spaces, some fossilized imprint of what used to represent masculinity.
      Go out and make your own entertainment, create your own male spaces, and protect them with vigor and vigilance, because the war will wage on and soon enough they will be knocking on your door.

    1. That’s what any boycott of Hollywood leftism entails. It isn’t enough just to not watch. You must not pay for it either.
      Any guy can find a million and one ways to watch TV without paying for cable or satellite.

  22. Done and done. NBA is a ridiculous enterprise to begin with now.
    What an ugly and resentment countenance. Speaks volumes.

    1. Fuck man, I remember the 90s we had grown men like john starks, vladi divac etc….now we have a bunch of childish prima donna hip hop wanna be players. Same with the NFL

        1. He is a pitchman for a local car dealer now lol.
          Guess you heard Mason passed away? That was some team. So many great teams in the 90s. Sonics. Blazers. Magic. Nobody could beat the Bulls.

  23. When a poster child for the privileged (YKW) elite class tells you how to live and what to think, you should know that the exact opposite of what they’re telling you is probably true.

  24. You know just about everything she said, I tried at some point in my life.
    And it was a horrible failure and my life is a history of being treated like shit, being a chump, and piles of lost money and abandoned equipment.
    You see you young fellows around here know that NAWALT is a lie. I still had a carrot and stick to make me try.
    And try everything I did.
    And the outcome was pure despair.
    Since I don’t see women complaining about this, it means there are no good women. Women today are like Germans in the 1930s. Sure the Nazi regime sucked, but they sucked more to non-Germans and “undesirables”. So women today think men are undesirable and will sit back and let their Feminazi forces do the dirty work.
    For this reason, I have disconnected myself from all caring about civilization, the future, saving lives, or any shit like that. A country that is imperial, aborts it’s own, and basks in “tears” of if the injustices of people they don’t like (and they don’t like them for petty reasons) deserves everything it’s going to get.
    I do have the power to change things. Instead I’ll be watching the rape gangs in my scope but saving my ammo.

  25. Men would be financially better off if there was equality in divorce courts … .
    I knew it was only a matter of time until PSA’s would launch telling men to stop expecting women do all traditional female roles.
    The women proclaiming how we need to teach men to do 50% of traditional women’s work are always the first to shame any guy who argues a female should pick up 50% of the tab. Sexism when they don’t like it, Chilvalry when they do.

  26. Sandberg is an idiot. Nobody knows how she managed to fall ass backwards into money. People say she’s not obviously smart. Lots of women resent her for her stupid girl power solutions to complex issues. Just ignore.

    1. Nobody knows how she managed to fall ass backwards into money.
      Sez who? She is an Obama crony. Since FB happened at the same time as Obama’s regime, she got to be the government crony who got to be in FB and make sure they did what the NSA said.
      It is not a secret. When Democrats leave power, she will leave FB…

  27. Common ladies. Your insecure obsession to dominate all things that are male-dominated is like a chihuahua pissing on a Great Dane’s leg. This isn’t kindergarten anymore, and we don’t have to share if we don’t want too.
    Equality doesn’t pull women up. It pulls men down.
    Choreplay. Seriously? “Oh sorry honey, but I can’t earn another $100,000 this year because I have to take time to share in the mundane household chores in an utterly stupid display of domestic solidarity.

    1. Its all bullshit. Sandberge pays non-white domestic “help” to do the real work at home while she pretends to have an office job.

    2. Regarding Choreplay. You just have to let them know that you don’t do dishes. If she tries to hold the sex back, then let her know she won’t be having sex but you are certain that you’ll find sex (with someone else). Holding chores over your head for sex is bullshit.

  28. No problem boycotting here. All sports are trash these days. When I was a kid sports were inspirational. Remember Cal Ripkin breaking the consecutive game record and running around the field shaking everyones hand? Your children will never see anything like that with our modern athletes.
    Dont watch sports. They stopped promoting masculine virtues long ago. Sports today are designed to entertain women. Why else would they always cut to emotional interviews? Think men care to hear that shit?

  29. I’m ready to crash a Susan G Komen event and demand gender equality through a transfer of half of their foundation’s cash to support prostate cancer research.

    1. Don’t crash it so much. But go there and politely bring up the issue. Like, “What can we do as men to improve our prostate funding? Women have been so successful at spreading their message. What’s your advice for how men can secure more funding?” Fair enough question right? It would be interesting to see the reaction. It could be a cool reaction but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some dismissiveness.

  30. I would actually advocate for men to boycott all the sports on TV. If you like a sport, go out and do it.
    Sitting in front of a couch and eating fattening food while cheering for some other man playing the sport is an incredibly stupid thing to do.

    1. Don’t just boycott. Drop all cable or satellite TV. That’s how they make their money.
      The more people do this, the less in welfare that we’ll be paying in taxes to wealthy team owners who want us to build them their stadiums.

    2. I’m with you. I have to watch college football but I’m with you otherwise. I’m dropping the NFL. NBA is an easy drop.

  31. Well good for you for even trying to understand what in the hell “Lean In” even means. I watched her being interviewed and it seems like a vague message of “Women are perfect. Thank them. Men need wholesale change (again)” Even my limited understanding gives it more credit than I think it deserves. Something about doing chores, whatever.
    Leave it to a modern American female to score a cool billion by age 40 at a tech company (can she even write a line of code?) and then immediately go full bore into “Things aren’t fair for women!” activism after her red carpet ride to ten figure net worth.
    Couldn’t she have gone, “Okay, girls. I made a billion by age forty. Fuck your excuses. Things are equal now so get on it.” YEAH RIGHT.
    Like Obama being elected solely because of his brown skin. First point he wants to address is ‘bigotry’. This stuff is never turning back around so fuck it. No more obligations whatsoever to the collective. Clears up my mind quite a lot.
    Oh, NBA. FUCK YOU! Just like Hollywood. Yeah I miss movies at times and there are a few old favorites I will always watch a few times a year. But I boycotted Hollywood and it feels very good. NBA, NFL are out too. Kick these things to the curb and you will feel better. They added nothing to your life anyway. I’ll still watch college football and the Olympics but sports should be kept to minimum, imo. The NBA made it easy.

    1. It’s women, again, playing the victim. You have to love it – a female, top executive playing the victim. When does the fucking complaining ever end?
      She has the position, the paycheck but it’s not enough. The message: women need to totally destroy men (but they still won’t shut the fuck up about it..they’ll continue on with the complaining). I don’t let that shit play on TV at my house. My house is usually quiet (or a little music in the background).
      TV, today , is everything that the former Soviet Union was (back when). TV is nothing but mindless programming for people who aren’t aware of it. Simply shutting it off will work wonders for anyone.

  32. So, will I be banned too if I bring up the fact that she’s Jewish? lol. Any sensible historian who’s read between the lines knows where Marxism (our current cultural foray) truly stems from.
    Get this hag out of there! And get some more white men in the NBA too!

  33. Maybe you should start by boycotting Facebook. Do you think the NBA can really afford to resist the powers that be when it comes to their social programming agenda? Google and others are also involved in this. Shitting on the NBA is killing the messenger.

  34. “Choreplay” is, by definition, single-client prostitution. “If you do something for me, I will consent to sex with you.” That the ‘do something’ is “dishes” rather than “hand over money” does not change the basic nature of the transaction.
    Not to mention that it’s a double standard again: if men said it was appropriate to say “You’re not getting sex with me unless you get in that kitchen and do some dishes,” there would be a national outcry.

      1. hey, don’t knock slaveplay until you’ve tried it.
        They are always so eager to please after you’ve kept them locked up at the foot of the bed all night.

    1. “You’re not getting sex with me unless you get in that kitchen and do some dishes,” there would be a national outcry.

      Denial of sex within a marriage for reasons other than being deathly ill should be grounds for immediate and unconditional divorce. No alimony. No nothing. No man should have to suffer like that.

      1. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic turn? And betas would profit immensely (not a bad thing, they’re still men at the end of the day, I’m for helping them).

    2. Choreplay is bullshit (that doesn’t fly at my house). I take care of the cars, the outside, the grass, etc… That’s my territory and it should always be the same for any man. Chores on the inside for sex is for men who don’t wear the pants in their family.

    1. I would love to see that actually happen (in the U.S.) for about a month.
      Watch how much shit falls apart because we all know that there are plenty of jobs where women don’t want to be equal. They’ll gladly bitch about the pay gap myth all day long until you tell them your pay and job (maybe on an oil rig). They’ll shut the fuck up because none of them want to work on a rig….or coal mines.
      Women will gladly bitch about the pay gap with all the nice office jobs or nice little party jobs, city jobs or any other job where they sit on their asses all day long (and some could use getting up off of their fat asses). But hand them a labor job (construction, mines, oil rig, etc…) and they’ll take a pass (no debate needed).

      1. Always bring up the fatalities in the workplace statistic….. it’s around 85% of all fatalities in the workplace are males (might even be into the 90’s). Tell them we need to even up this statistic by placing more women in harms way….. love looking at their reaction….

        1. It is in the 90s, as in 93% of work place fatalities are male. About 85% of serious workplace injuries are male. I always bring this up when they start with the pay gap shit and want a law to force it to be “equal”. I say I am all for it as long as they randomly select women and pull them from their safe warm office cubicles and execute them and maim them to make these other statistics “equal” as well.

  35. Women would be better off financially and emotionally if they take more responsibility for mowing the lawn and fixing things in the house if they break as well as taking out the trash. Add in shoveling snow and automotive maintenance.

  36. If men take more responsibility on housework and childcare, women just waste the free time fucking around in their stupid social media and texting each other with nonsense.

  37. With Sheryl Scamberg, I can never tell if that’s a feeble attempt
    at a “game face” or if she’s got something in her eye.

    1. Looking like a bitch is one way women try to emulate men. Men look stoic and confident, women just end up looking bitchy.

  38. I know this article pertains to couples and married couples as far as this ‘Lean in program” so my resonse has to do with those people not so much the single guys out there. This applies to the epidemic of sports franchise couch potato/ sports bar addict taht has become so prevalent now.
    Hit em where it hurts.Boycott that shit. It still baffles me why people watch this thug culture sport or any other sport where guys are so grossly overpaid. Another beta activity where guys have nothing else going on so they veg in front of the t.v all day wasting their life away yelling at their 50″ plasma screens.
    On the other hand I agree with what she’s saying about choreplay. Too many guys just check out and let their wife handle everything. If the MAN takes the lead and delegates the chores then he will get more pussy. Too many guys outsource any thing that might involve breaking a sweat. Mowing the lawn, odd jobs fixing shit etc.Women like to see their guy fixing things getting their hands dirty and seeing their guy sweat.Pheromones…the shit that turns women on that doesnt involve spending money? You know the shit that American guys pay illegals slave labor too do? Be the fucking man, turn off the t.v and do shit with your kids! If everything that involves moving a muscle and braking a sweat is outsourced to someone else, dont be suprised if your wive outsources getting her brains fucked out.
    The fifty shades thing isnt a fair comparison. He was single and he obviously had game. If the man in the relationship creates a dynamic with his woman as a dichotomy between treating her as a lady out in public or outside of the bedroom and as a nasty slut in the bedroom like most women REALLY want then guys WILL get all the sex they want. Women want to be submissive and slutty to THEIR dominant man.You can’t do that by watching N.B.A all day feeding your face with beer and potato skins.
    The line about “Among other things, she believes most women are likely to have sex with their husbands or partners more frequently when they get more help at home”. That is true. All a woman wants is to feel appreciated. Doing the dishes shouldnt be a sign of being beta. She just wants some help.Im sure she does the shopping right right after work..right?
    Thanks to those cocksuckers in Washington D.C. Times are different than the days of Larry Bird and Majic Johnson. That was the 80’s. Those were the early days of Reagan where there was still a middle class and we didnt live in the clusterfuck of outsourcing, wages driven down by immigration, globalism and unbridled government/ bankster corruption.Our government was corrupt but nothing like what we have now. The 80’s were the last days where a man could earn a decent wage and support a family and be respected by his wife for it. Now many families have dual income or even multiple incomes to support a standard of living inferior to what we had in the 80’s.This new dynamic has undermined the man’s role in the family.He’s effectively been neutered by the government. The wife has to work now and chances are she might make more money than he does.
    Great idea boycott the N.B.A! While you’re at it boycott all the other franchises that have become the mainstay occupation of the neutered obese American male.God forbid he should take part in fighting whats going on in our government or our communities. Spend time mowing the fucking lawn with your kids or take them away from their ipads for more than five minutes and do something fun! Perhaps your wive will get a new found respect for you and fuck you like the early days of the relationship. Perhaps she wont need to fantasize about some sadistic perverted hedge fund millionaire treating her like a human toilet. Ditch paying some of your hard earned money to those multi billionaire franchises get off your fat ass and start living again.

    1. Some of the guys you describe might just be MGTOW. If the male/female game is rigged, withdraw. Women hate men for their ability to occupy themselves anyway. I’ve never met a woman with a genuine, long term hobby, save for the occasional odd domestic hobby–like sewing a button.

      1. I really like the idea of M.G.T.O.W. I dont think the guys I’m talking about have this streak of independence. I’m talking about guys that are ignorant of red pill thinking or dont have the balls to even have the discipline to do without the trappings of the blue pill world. I’m sure the implied purpose of this lean in program was to touch on a deeper relationship between the couch jockey ESPN addict and his lady/ baby mama and being THERE for his family and not jumping ship and leaving her and the kids. If you want to get real, this leaning in program was a thinly veiled p.c attempt at maintaining a domesticity detente of the Maury Povich kind.

        1. True. True. But, also a manifestation of a domestic task, like sewing buttons. But, point well taken.

        2. Yes, quite so, we’re in agreement. I couldn’t come up with any hobby outside of a domestic task, so your point is proved in my book.

        3. I have a sister who is retired, and quite an avid quilter. But that might just be reinforcing the point rather than contrdicting it.

  39. Sheryl Sandberg is a total fraud.
    She does no real work for Facebook. When, ever, has the COO of a major company had this much free time to promote political lefto-faggot bullshit? When does the executive of a for-profit company go around spouting economically ignorant tripe like the ‘pay gap’ lie?
    She is just a government operative who FB had to hire in order to be in the good graces of the govt. When Obama leaves office, Sandberg will leave FB.

    1. Her whole career has been one diversity hire after the next. Shit, I recall that after larry sumners told the truth about math and was subsequently grilled for it, part of his penance was to put sandburg in some high level position.

  40. How about we men do our own housework, BY STAYING SINGLE AND JUST PUMPING AND DUMPING SLUTS AS WE CHOOSE?
    Truly, Sandbag has no idea that she is convincing men that women can add no value to their lives whatsoever.

  41. For someone who became a billionaire without really accomplishing anything, Sandbag is a very unhappy person.
    I mean, this butt-slut has nothing better to do that micromanage the lives of average people in middle America, demanding men do housework?
    If a man is going to do housework, why should he marry at all?

    1. there is no incentive to get married anymore. None whatsoever. Every day theyre making it less and less appealing for men, dont be a sucker
      Women really get off on sticking their nose in other peoples’ business and personal lives

    2. Someone needs to do a PSA for Sheryl Sandberg on TV. It should be short and simple:
      Sheryl Sandberg…..why don’t you mind your own fucking business.
      It’s the best advice that older people would always give out to anyone (who should mind their own fucking business).

  42. “Now, thanks to people life Sheryl Sandberg, you’ll be drilled with political talking points.”
    Please proofread your future posts prior to publishing them here. Thank you.

  43. Objectively speaking, Sheryl Sandberg has ZERO experience about running the NBA much less ANY team, to the point her player equivalent—past AND present—IS KWAME BROWN!

    David Stern even ran the NBA to where it is now, despite his upbringing as a Knicks fan. Instead of wasting her time and the NBA’s budget for this “Lean In” PR Campaign, she could have taken the time for a proper apprenticeship under Commissioner Silver. Where was she when the WNBA needed airtime and PR? Too busy emulating her Anglo counterparts, by virtue of being in a sausage party like the Silicon Valley. Yes, I am going to remind you all that this is the same Anglo culture that still outright refuses to talk about Gwenhwyfar and her contribution to the destruction of the Celtic culture and started blaming the Jews 500 years (read: The Crusades) later, after the downfall of Arthurian England.
    Okay, as for the main points of “Lean In”…
    “The “Lean-in” program is good because:
    –Men will be better off financially if they take more
    responsibility for housework and childcare
    –Men will be better off emotionally if they take more
    responsibility for housework and childcare
    –Men should also back equal rights for women at work“
    A. No. How can a man be “better off financially” if a guy doesn’t work? I should know this time and again, because I’m unemployed. If she intends to pay me a living salary to stay at home, I would, complete with role reversals, just to play Devil’s Advocate.
    B. That’s a red herring. Everybody is best off emotionally in a traditional nuclear family; I should know, I grew up in a broken home myself.
    C. Another red herring. It’s rather agonizing for men to put up with MORE shit tests, to the point they are checking out altogether out of distrust. I find it rather
    painful that Sheryl herself is oblivious why her Jewish brothers are marrying
    out, and it’s for the same reason why Englishmen have been marrying out for
    centuries! Even her boss herself is a living example of such scenario.
    II. She benefits from the Anglo gynocracy, to the point she internalizes Anglo ‘values’ of misandry, cuckoldry, and lack of PERSONAL accountability. I find it sadder she does not even impose personal accountability onto herself and worse, this is the same lack of personal accountability that led to Jews, getting BLAMED for a millennium in Europe.
    III. She wants to shove down that “Grenade” Fantasy onto everyone, and yet ends up hating it.

    IV. Finally, as much as I am going to admit I grew up watching the NBA, she’s making me quit the sport. It’s a shame too, especially when I became a fan of the league during the David Stern era.
    “TL;DR” format: she’s making a saint out of Gwenhwyfar instead of emulating Joan of Arc and Cory Aquino, with this “Lean In” shenanigan.

    1. “If she intends to pay me a living salary to stay at home, I would, complete with role reversals, just to play Devil’s Advocate.”
      I’ve sometimes identified as a full blown, 120% feminist. I’d love to switch workplace roles. Truth be told, I have no higher-purpose desire to accomplish anything in the workplace. If we lived in a warped society where females would be completely comfortable financially supporting males, I’d happily trade a 12 hour workday for an hour of housework, culinary school, golf & brews with the other stay-at-home husbands. We’d have a blast.
      My grandfather’s working class income in the 1950’s allowed my grandmother to smoke cigarettes and drink coffee all day with her girlfriends. Women have really had it so easy.

    1. Yes. I believe that was MSNBC’s motto a few years back wasn’t it? Tells you everything you need to know right there.

      1. Correct. It was Melissa Harris-Perry on an MSNBC ad with the Communist Slogan “Lean Forward” where she essentially says that your kids belong to the State.

  44. Ive fully crossed the threshold and admit I’m MGTOW.
    Pump and dumps, casual flings with protection, but nothing serious, and a long term plan to go to a more suitable country where the women are a little better.
    It’s a daily bombardment on womens’ minds to fuck over their husbands. Even if your fiance is a genuinely good girl, media is hitting her brain daily trying to get her to be a cunt and screw you over.
    Theres no incentive whatsoever to marry anymore. Fucking 0. Liberals are doing all they can to make sure your wife becomes a worthless bitch.
    You’d have to be a complete limpdick faggot to get married and be subservient to your wife.

    1. Actually by taking on more responsibility for the housework I realized that I had absolutely no reason to be married. And since no kids, hell after the initial cost of the divorce, I’ve saved a shit ton of money!

  45. Don’t forget gentlemen that it’s all a giant shit test. Our black fellows seem to have a way better understanding of this.
    These hoes be acting up
    And these niggas be letting ’em
    I crushed them hoes, I never love them hoes
    And these niggas be sweating ’em.

  46. Fucking sandburg. Okay, so, sandburg is this s.i.w. type, right? Big tough guy COO of facebook, eh? I interact with C-level executives, they’re pretty busy, as in, too busy to be running around, writing books and spouting off about feminism. sandburg is the face of feminism, she didn’t start facebook and is the token diversity hire that zuckerburg and Co., feel compelled to have. And, as we can see, shes probably a lousy COO at that, after all, she seems to be spending most of her time on her personal politics versus helping to run facebook? But, it didn’t start there, this creature has been diversity hired her whole career. Indeed, the example of feminism. In terms of house work…I’ve said this before, women today need to be taught housework. Then need to be told that being messy and smelly is bad. Pick up after yourself for the love of God already! And you know what sandburg, keep it up, because its becoming apparent that men and women are being driven apart. So, keep telling women housework is beneath them, because, its likely there will be no man around. And that leaves little miss entitled to live in shit, and many woman today really do.

  47. Way ahead of you. Sports bore the crap out of me, so they’ve never gotten my time, attention, or money. I’d claim to support this boycott, but it’s a normal state for me. I hope it’s successful though.

  48. If you ever want to laugh, I mean really laugh, go up to your average Feminist and ask her what “Lean In” means. Nobody, from the rank and file to the upper echelons can actually explain in detail what “Lean In” really means. It’s a feel good phrase, a cloudy nomenclature. When the book came out, nobody could explain it. When she want on television, nobody could explain it. Feminists say it, but cannot explain it. I have a feeling that it will implode someday as there has been some backlash online to Sandberg’s holier than thou attitude from feminists who don’t make much money.

  49. these same monsters are slipping into all professional sports… the NHL (with the far more liberal canadian general populace) is ready to unleash SJW women (AND MEN) into the fray. i think the trick is hanging up the towel on all professional sports… just play sports for fun with friends, and ignore the ‘professional’ sports on tv.

  50. LOL at women complaining about men not doing the housework. You(women) are home all fucking day, THAT IS YOUR FUCKING JOB!! Get off you fat lazy ass and do it already. You can’t expect men to do his job and yours at the same fucking time.

  51. These extremists are infiltrating all parts of society. It began decades ago with their “long march through the institutions” to the point where they now get to set the laws, rules, management policies and indeed often arbitrate on what “the truth” is – they infest the media and even wikipedia too, demanding that obvious truths be “backed up with peer researched data” while having no data to back up their own extreme assertions.
    The go deep in education and the media knowing the influence such positions they have. And they love to target anything traditionally masculine – the police force, the armed forces and sports.
    It’s hard to know what can be done; feminism is a sign that a civilisation is in decline and in history once they start to decline they just rot from the centre.

  52. Hilarious!
    Looks like Sandberg is being thrown under the bus by her own feminist
    supporters. Michael Koziel, writer at the Sydney Morning Herald, has
    summarized several of the critiques:
    “Zoe Williams in The Guardian called Sandberg’s prescriptions “comically infantilising”, while Vanessa Garcia at The Huffington Post wrote: “The problem with leaning in is
    how similar it is to submission.”… Over at Jezabel, Tracy Moore objected to housework being framed as a service that could be exchanged for sex.”
    Am I reading this right, or is Jezebel sounding like ROK? Time to report them to the Southern Poverty Law Center if so.

    1. Nah, their reasons are different than ours. Ol’ Tracy likely objects to the notion that a woman should feel obligated to give sex for any reason, not that she has a problem with men morphing into women. It’s always about them, first last and foremost.

      1. Self-serving? I don’t doubt that. I still wouldn’t trust any of those writers.
        That being said, it’s amusing that are they willing to critique one of their own. Perhaps a chink in the armor?

        1. Eh, I dunno mate. It’s like the leftists who criticize Obama. They’re not upset that he’s engaging in leftist policies, they’re simply upset that he hasn’t gone full blown dictator yet. Ultimately all that happens is that he goes further left, which is a net loss for those of us who actually do oppose him. And so on.

  53. When you boycott pro sports and the MSM and the “entertainment industry” in toto you not only rob them of funding, you also free up vast amounts of time that you can and eventually will use for self improvement. Additionally without the constant propaganda barrage coming at you 24/7/365 you find your mind reaching out and growing through contemplation and deep thinking. There is literally no downside to not participating in their grotesque “culture” any longer, it is a full scale epic win for you no matter how you cut it.

    1. And for those of us with sons, you also minimize the propaganda washing over your them. Give them a break; don’t facilitate feminsits telling them they are a bunch of rapist, child molesters, and wife beaters and nothing else.

  54. There’s more to this shit than meets the eye…. the NBA has 27 million members to their Facebook site. Fortune heading:
    “The NBA has struck a partnership with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to promote gender equality. Count it as yet another savvy move by new NBA commissioner Adam Silver.”
    What’s in it for Facebook and the NBA other than pissing off any self respecting male sports fan (is there any such thing any more?)?

  55. The agenda of social justice is part of international law as set by the UN. International law is the supreme law of every country on the earth, including Iran, Saudi Arabia and North Korea who are all members of the UN.
    So, to think that taking the red pill or boycotting the NBA or whatever other minor measure will change anything is just delusion. This is a compact world order, the biggest prison ever, that there is no escape from it.

    1. You give Man too much credit. We rarely coordinate anything larger than a village without it turning into a major cluster fuck of incompetence and intrigue. To think that even a small group of people can successfully corral and coordinate the world is silly on its face. People aren’t built like that, we are born to incompetence and it never leaves us, not a one of us.

      1. Money runs everything. And he who prints this currency can run everything that is essential to his interests.
        Now tell me, where does your money come from? Who prints your money?
        Anyway, the fact that since 1776, the whole world became gradually structured in a uniform manner and along a similar pattern (states, constitutions, central banks, international law, the UN), unlike anything before in human history, is really fascinating and doesn’t smell of incompetence.

  56. Look up feminist in the dictionary and that face is what you’ll see. It definitely qualifies for a “backpfeifengesicht” or “a face badly in need of a fist.”

  57. This is why I stopped watching sports a long time ago. There’s no point anymore they all serve the purpose of making men subservient to women even though women’s sports are un-watchable. I regret I signed for a year for my cable package 6 months ago, which means I’m bound to pay for another six months for useless shit. Netflix is all you need when you have the time to actually sit down and watch.

  58. I dont watch the NBA very much but its sad to see that Feminism is now corrupting it just like the NFL.

  59. from times to times i love muslims…really are they the only ones that get whats going on in the west?

  60. So sandberg is saying women can be equal to men if they get the help of men.. I think feminist really don’t know what equality is…

  61. This woman is insane.
    She’s pushing the idea that there is a wage gap for children doing chores. She even gave it the cute name, the “toddler wage gap”, just to make it as stupid as possible.
    There is a toddler wage gap in this country. Toddlers. Toddlers! In our homes, boys do fewer chores than girls and get paid more,” Sandberg told Fox News’s Megyn Kelly in an interview that aired on Thursday night.
    Our sons take out the trash, doesn’t take that long to take out the trash. Our daughters set the table, takes longer.
    She’s actively pushing the idea that it’s unfair and a form of oppression that boys take out the garbage and girls set the table.
    This is what feminists are down to bitching about. I thought manspreading and complaining about paying for tampons might be the bottom of the barrel, but apparently not. There’s always room for more Stupid in the feminista mind.

    1. That’s total gibberish, absolutely gibberish. Good grief! Why oh why are people fucking listening to this buffoon.

      1. Because she has a billion dollars
        It is amazing the stupid, insane stuff other people will listen to from a woman when she has money, when they should be telling her to STFU and GTFO.
        I have witnessed one entire wing of my extended family start to implode because the men are dropping dead sooner than earlier generations, leaving the woman to run things into the ground. The reason they are able to ‘act stupid’ and do this, is because the men (husbands) are dead, and left the woman with paid off houses, retirement funds and life insurance before they dropped off, usually mid 50s. We expect the money will all run out within a generation. The kids are already messing up college and starting to mess up their careers.
        I would also like to know who at the NBA thinks that running this propaganda is somehow beneficial to the league? I can imaging that meeting where they discussed when to run the spot, “Yea, lets start running ads that target and harass men, it will help our ratings The men will love it”.
        I also looked up, and found that she was married for a year in her early 20s, so why would anyone listen or take marriage advice from someone who was married 20 years ago for one year. Apparently, she got married again in 2004 but I have to wonder what that is like and how long it will last.

    2. Megyn is a secret liberal, or at least a centrist. Can you believe that “choreplay” just got a primetime interview on the most popular news network?

  62. Why even bother watching sports anymore. One by one I’ve given up… from childhood when I was a huge NFL, NBA, INDYCAR and NHRA fan.
    I started drag racing… no more watching.
    I played basketball in school and until I was too injured to continue… no more watching.
    NFL became too commercialized for my taste in the early 2000’s.. no more watching.
    My last refuge, NCAA football has also slowly lost its appeal. I used to spend all day Saturday watching, then I reduced it to just my Alma mater (LSU), and now the college game is getting as commercialized as the pro game. No more interest.
    The game experience changed so much @ LSU from mid 80s to now. It costs 10x to go to a game, now pay for parking, TSA checkpoints, no smoking in stadium or on grounds, much harder to sneak booze in (an LSU tradition for 100 years).
    They basically took the fun out of it IMO.
    I attended my last live game in 2007. And I really didn’t enjoy it compared to the 80’s and 90’s, when Death Valley earned its reputation for drunken Cajuns brutally abusing opposing teams and fans.
    Now its gentrified and the fan base at the games is totally different.
    I blame it all on commercialization and ridiculous money going into sports now.
    Fuck it.
    I’m done with all spectator sports. I participate in sports I like and that I can still do at 47 y/o. Basketball is out, but can still hike, dirt bike, drag race, mtn bike, etc.
    To hell with watching other people do stuff.

  63. I will support feminism when they begin to fight for equality and not just female supremacy. I am a man. It would be against all common sense and natural instinct to support an organization that actively works to make my life short and miserable.
    All in all, good read. I am appalled about the prostate cancer research news. But as you can see the feminists don’t give a damn about that, but they supposedly fight for equality???? Even the name “Feminist” screams a bias towards women.
    People are stupid.

  64. No one has gotten further using just tokenism and political cronyism, than Sandbag here…
    She has never founded a company, or been the CEO of a company. From her comments about ‘feminism’, she comes across as rather dumb.
    Yet, this butt-slut is a billionaire. Tokenism and cronyism is out of control.

  65. Once, Title 9 (communism) was introduced into law, everything male oriented has been feminized. Men should ban all sports, period. Our voices would be heard in a split second and they would have to take every single feminazi out of the game. But I am talking to deaf ears. Many manginas will continue to pay for NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC, and Fifa without batting an eye lash to the results of being turned into slaves of a gynocentric system which hates all men. Only 234 comments. There should be thousands, if not millions of men just as pissed off.

    1. ” Only 234 comments. There should be thousands, if not millions of men just as pissed off.”
      And only one like to your comment, when there should be thousands.
      This is the reason why i don’t watch sports, besides the fact that i don’t engage in idol worship. If i was a sports athlete i would NEVER wear anything pink to signify a fashion awareness…do female tennis players wear anything blue to signify prostate cancer? Of course not…because only the feminist agenda gets pushed in sports.
      Clap clap to you brother!

  66. Gamergate worked because gamer men do not give two fying fucks about feminism and government (or corporate, they govern us by proxy).
    Men should boycott any event that promotes women’s rights. They were always equal. They became our superiors a few decades ago. There is no more room for more rights. Where will I place my rights?
    If they want more rights, they can very well shove it up their smelly, rotten arses.

  67. The Boy Kings: A Journey into the Heart of the Social Network
    I have not read the book, but it is an account written by one of Facebook’s employees. I remember a Wall Street Journal review talking about the book and in particular, women wearing a t-shirt with Mark’s face on it:
    “On Zuckerberg’s birthday, the women employees were
    required to wear T-shirts with his face on them; the men to wear his
    trademark sandals.” (from an amazon.com review of the book, I do remember this incident being mentioned in the WSJ review also, that I read a few years ago.)
    It is like within the company they are running a cult. Can you imagine the outcry if any other company ‘required’ the woman to wear T-shirts with the face of the owner on them? Where the hell are the SJW idiots? (Oh, I forgot, the SJW are ‘useful idiots’.)
    I wonder what would have happened on Zuckerberg’s birthday, if when handed the T-shirt to wear, a woman decided to ‘lean in’ and tell Facebook to F off?

  68. I’d happily take my money elsewhere and boycott the NBA, except that I hate the NBA and never watch it anyway.
    But, we can boycott all of the major professional sports. They are all infiltrated. NFL wears pink and runs those ridiculous domestic violence commercials. MLB does similar garbage.
    Sheryl Sandberg is a pest, a form of black plague on society. I don’t know exactly why this woman hates men so much, since men at Facebook allowed her to make her fortune. But surely her issue is somewhere along the lines of hating men because no decent and normal alpha male will fuck her. She’s ugly. Plain and simple.
    What we really should be boycotting is Facebook. That is the evil monster that gave this horrible woman a fortune for doing nothing more than showing up at an office and doing some interviews. This woman is useless. We should punish any company or institution that rewards women for being useless.
    “Choreplay.” Any man that is dumb enough to believe that nonsense deserves to be castrated. Of course, no sense in castrating the man, since he will get no sex anyway after turning off his woman by acting like a subservient girl.

    1. “What we really should be boycotting is Facebook. That is the evil monster that gave this horrible woman a fortune for doing nothing more than showing up at an office and doing some interviews”
      Brilliant. Why any straight male with a triple digit IQ would have a Facebook account is beyond me. Especially with this tumor at the helm

  69. Only in an economic illiterate society would people believe “household equality” makes sense.
    The greatest economic surge in the history of humanity began with division of labor.
    How can it make sense for a man that makes money doing his profession (or trade) to take time and energy away from that in order to do the dishes and change diapers. Obviously, it makes zero economic sense.
    I’m so sick and tired of this disgusting shit from SJW parasites.

    1. Forcing role reversals would be like forcing a company head at gunpoint to trade places with the janitor. The company would fall to its competition and die. . OR . . Like forcing a jumbo jet flight crew to switch places with the rear passengers. The plane would crash. The end result is protracted and intentional. With gender role reversal, arrested population growth is the intended outcome. It’s more population control being shoved down our throats. ROLE REVERSAL = POPULATION CONTROL.

  70. Even though this may be the final straw I’ve had with the NBA, if I really gave a shit about professional sports other than mind-numbing entertainment I wouldn’t let some broad with a few 30 second commercials ruin it for me.

  71. That is why the only sport I still watch is boxing. Where a convicted woman beater can come back into the ring without a blink of an eye and there is nothing the feminazis can do about it. They can shut down ufc, but boxing is decentralized and mostly on PPV. They don’t even need the major networks.

  72. The “lean in” mentality will likely continue to spread through the industrialized world. In my locale (mostly conservative Midwest), it’s more common to see men pushing strollers (mom not present), than it is to see the mother pushing her child. Several times recently, I’ve seen men tending to their children in a small group, with the mothers congregating nearby, in another group. It seems almost exclusively couples in their 20’s-30’s doing this. Anyone think these guys are reaping the benefits Sandbag alludes to by acting this way?
    The trend of women becoming more masculine, and men more effeminate, shows no sign of fading at the moment.

    1. Its s fad pushed by a centralized media that is in the midst of being completely deconstructed and a new far superior decentralized web media is taking shape. As follows the culture will also be decentralized, which means the ability for a handful of spoiled elites like sandbitch will not be able to cast this kind of far ranging influence. That’s the real trend. And if, for now, men are doing more of those things, consider that if they didn’t no one would. women have been told, by the same antiquated media, that housework or even taking care of their fucking children is beneath them. And, this has evolved into women complaining about professional dress standards all the way to not bathing, brushing their teeth or, believe it or not, washing their own asses. Their fucking ass! I wash my ass every fucking day because…I like to be clean. Duh. You might be noticing some of these ill effects, but please consider the larger picture. women today are disgusting. And, sorry but there is no other way to describe it, they’re so fucking stupid to deny basic personal hygiene and cleaning up after themselves just because some fucktard makes it “trendy”. In effect your watching men be adults and mature because if they don’t step up…things like feces on the floor would be commonplace and for all those single women it probably already is.

      1. I disagree that the decentralized web media is surpassing the MSM. They said the same thing a decade ago (and that this would be the end of lefto-faggotism), but it didn’t happen.
        The government favors the MSM, and most weak people (women, manginas, and old people) would rather be told one to think from one source.

    1. Who owns our media, hellywood, military (congress), and academia? You wonder. Well just follow the money, none of these Khazars are hiding themselves.

  73. I’ve never been much of a “sports guy”, with the exception of playing some pick-up games and the like so I hadn’t really paid attention to the feminization of sports and related media, until yesterday I’m in the gym and see on ESPN that 2 women talking about how some supposedly male players felt about each other. HOLY F**K, this S**T is seriously gone down hill!

  74. I already do all of the things you suggest in your call for a boycott. So, in order for me to take my apathy further, I would need to get the NBA to give me money. Any ideas?

  75. The NBA lost me with the Trayvon rubbish. Then the strike over getting paid only $14 million a season instead of $15 million. Overpaid trash.

  76. I personally won’t be watching professional sports anymore, but all hope is lost. I find it funny that if a campaign was made to encourage working women to “do more housework”, it would be declared “sexist” and “misogynist”. It’s long been checkmate. America is long dead. We can’t win. To hell with the West. I can’t wait to get the fuck out of here.

  77. how about just boycotting nba because its a useless boring spectator sport run by jews and played by niggers, thats wastes the white mans time!!!

  78. What is Sandberg’s contribution to FaceBook? They needed a female face that women could trust so they would freely give over their personal information to the male geek founders to sell to the highest bidder. She succeeded well at that job.
    If she and Facebook are such brilliant technologists and engineers, Why don’t they make robots to do the housework instead of men or women. Instead all their ‘brilliance’ is used up to get morons to turn over their private information to sell.

  79. Women love the NBA because its full of the world’s most attractive tall dark muscular and lean alpha males

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