Women Only Want To Attach Themselves To Your Status

“Like millions of people across the globe, my husband and I are outraged and heartbroken over the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian girls from their school dormitory in the middle of the night,” Michelle Obama began her address to the public in May 2014. “This unconscionable act was committed by a terrorist group determined to keep these girls from getting an education. Grown men attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls.”

Michelle then keeps blathering on for solid four minutes with a constipated look on her face. She mentions faith, female potential, strength, how educated women power economic growth, the importance of courage women must have to pursue a better life for themselves, and so on.

Michelle was, and arguably still is, the most powerful woman on the planet. She can take action! She can show us how a woman handles business just as good as a man does, or even better! Come on, Michelle, show us what you’ve come up with!

The hashtag is mightier than the sword

The hashtag is mightier than the sword?

She hijacked the spotlight Mr. Obama generally uses to deliver important political and economic news and directed it onto herself. And what did she teach us? That social media activism can stop terrorists?

Taking the blinds off

trash mountain-01

Never mind, these fuckers are actually having fun

Though laughable, Michelle’s address regarding Boko Haram’s kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian girls in 2014 reveals many secrets hidden in plain sight. You can find out everything about how the world functions, if you can read between the lines. Be warned, as once you see things in this light, you will never be able to go back to being naive and mistakenly believing women are inherently altruistic.

Michelle was on the verge of tears when talking about those Nigerian girls. But why would she give two shits about them? She lives halfway across the world and has all the amenities she could ever ask for. Besides, there are millions of other men, women, and children living in utter poverty, filth, and sickness on a daily basis.

Instead of doing some concrete action, a woman will rather emphatically urge others to do something, also known as nagging. This is because women are inherently solipsistic and first and foremost care about their own sanity. Nagging others into action gives a woman the good feels that come from solving a problem while at the same time making her immune to any and all possible criticism if something goes wrong.

Women also cannot empathize with men, but can with other women. This is why Michelle didn’t bother to make the same plea when Boko Haram kidnapped 40 boys and men. Why would she? They’re just boys, after all. Hence, men are perfect targets for nagging.

Chronic backstabbing disorder


Round one – FIGHT!

All women possess an in-group preference towards other women and this is their default worldview. This means that a woman you thought you knew and loved can and will instantly turn against you and side with an inconsequential unknown woman. It doesn’t matter what happened, it’s your fault and the woman is the victim.

One sole exception to this rule is a mother and her son, which is why even the hardcore feminists start to rethink their beliefs once the baby boy gets charged with sexual assault when he smacks the girl that took his toys.

The horrifying implication of this is that no woman is truly capable of loyalty. Not towards man, not towards any ideal, nothing. A woman answers only to her biological imperatives and knows no honor. She will attach herself to a man and use his resources and status to cruise through life on easy mode.

When she’s done with him, she will simply switch to another man and keep on draining. The old patriarchal society harshly punished such nonchalant behavior towards men, but today’s SJW societies will support and assist women in doing so all the way up to “crazy cat lady” category and beyond.

Rising through the ranks

There is nothing you can change about this situation except yourself. You will do so by adapting and using this knowledge to your benefit. Understanding the motives of women around you is all you need to achieve romantic success or, at the very least, avoid a catastrophe. It’s important to note that you ought not resent women for being like this. It’s simply their nature gone wild.

Your status is everything you have. Everything you do on a daily basis contributes to who you are as a man. Therefore you must always stay vigilant and allow nobody to ruin your status under any circumstances. Don’t associate yourself with those who willfully stay infirm.

Rather, always seek the smartest, the strongest, and the most able and learn from them. As you progress through life, you will accumulate status and this will give you more options in all aspects of life—work, health, sex, friends. And that, my friends, is the very definition of freedom.

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184 thoughts on “Women Only Want To Attach Themselves To Your Status”

  1. I was never a big fan of Good Charlotte back in the day, but this was one of the most red pill songs I’ve ever heard in my life.

  2. “Your status is everything you have. Everything you do on a daily basis contributes to who you are as a man. Therefore you must always stay vigilant and allow nobody to ruin your status under any circumstances. Don’t associate yourself with those who willfully stay infirm.”
    Yes. AV.Yader’s article a while back covered men as utility. And this touches the same themes.
    Telling from an evolutionary perspective that men don’t really value utility in women beyond the obvious reproductive elements. A rich or powerful man would happily marry a peasant girl and indeed history and myth is littered with such instances.
    A man however faces annihilation if he loses status. The frog had to turn into a prince, remember. And in today’s culture – well I know men who are shitting themselves at the thought of losing their jobs, not because of the money they will lose, many men are still pretty blasé about money beyond the essentials and a few simple luxuries like beer … but because they fear their wives may kick their ass to the kerb.
    Very sad

    1. The first thought you need to burn into your mind in regards to the wife is, “I don’t need you in my life.” Be self sufficient and be able to do the simple tasks without her.

      1. First thought you need to ask yourself “is marriage is a rigged game an bad deal for men in The West?”.

        1. Indeed if you’re a single guy. If you did the foolish thing and got married before your ingesting the red pill, then this is what you need to do.

        2. Why don’t you follow the blueprint on those culture with low divorce rates.
          I live in a Orthodox Jewish community and their divorce rates are very low. They must be doing something right.

  3. Sigh; if only you Celts had learned the lesson of Gwenhwyfar, your people could had avoided more headaches and drama.

    1. Not entirely certain what us Celts and Guenevere have to do with anything, precisely?
      Now if we are talking about how all of this goofiness could have been avoided had the Teutonic Knights not helped Crusaders set up hospitals in Jerusalem, why then my boy, we’d be onto something!
      What’s funny about Guenevere is that her and Lancelot cuckolding Arthur was not part of the original story. It was added in the 14th or 15th century by the French (maybe a bit earlier). Originally she was just some bint that Arthur got a hard on for and married.

      1. Ghost, just start writing for ROK, damn it. You’ve got a perfect blend of RP and many other things. I am sure many will learn from you.

  4. “Women only attach themselves to status”
    Oh you didnt know? Then your ass better caaaaalll some bodaaaayy

  5. I don’t agree that women will automatically support a woman over a man. They will the majority of the time but women seem to hate other women more than men so I’ve seen women take a mand side before if they are jelouse of or don’t like another woman or if they are attracted to the man.

  6. While it is true that women will generally side with other women against a man, you also have to remember that women fundamentally hate each other because they are competitors. If you find yourself on the wrong side of something where it’s you against women, the key to coming out on top is to figure out how to cause the women to distrust each other’s motives and start fighting each other. Once this happens, it becomes easier to re-forge an alliance (temporary) with one of the factions. Women inherently don’t have firm principles. So they are willing to ditch whatever they supposedly believed ten minutes ago if they feel better about something now. Once you help some faction feel better about you, which happens by showing how the other factions are not only against you, but against the women you’re siding with, you are back in safe territory. From here, you wage an insurgent campaign for dominance until you are strong enough to tell the outliers to piss off.

    1. “Women inherently don’t have firm principles. So they are willing to ditch whatever they supposedly believed ten minutes ago if they feel better about something now. ”
      You are so damn right about this. If a chick is really into you, and you suddenly lie and just say you’re a “Buddhist” or whatever, she is so damn easy to “convert” to you’re religion because you gave her special tingles.
      For her, it’s like to hell with 20 odd years of cultural-religious upbringings!

      1. Nah, say it ain’t so Joe!
        I feel it is a sheer coincidence that every woman I dated in my life became libertarian/right wing in very short order (including my wife). I’m just lucky at picking girls I guess, surely they all came to their positions independently and not because they were dating or married a hard right conservative-libertarian!

        1. Probably helped that you married young. All the best marriages(from the outside looking in at least) within my circle are between those who met in college and got married within a few years of graduating. All are still together. All the nightmares I know of(and there are alot) were people who got hitched in their late 20s/early30s. Try to make it work with your college sweetie.
          Also avoid women who went to Brown lol
          They are smart, witty and cool for the most part, but they are reaaaalllllyyyy promiscuous.

        2. Yeah, I know. Was just commenting on how women basically yearn to conform to the views of whatever man they’re dating, if the man actually has a lead role in the relationship.

        3. Wish I knew this 10-15 yrs ago. This site has been helpful.
          Its kinda disheartening to realize most women need men to steer them, otherwise they are like rudderless ships, going along with the tides cultural, politically or sexually. Where they wash ashore, it doesnt matter lol

        4. Since I broke up with my ex she has become an ardent feminist. I bumped into her last week at the local coffee shop.
          Things “trigger” her now and she wants to see the destruction of the “scary white man.” All of the tropes… It was like being in the Twilight Zone.
          I guess she hasn’t found a guy with self-esteem yet… Or maybe she just scares them off.
          Part of me felt bad and I wanted to help her. But then I remembered that she brought it on herself and wouldn’t think twice about making her problems my problems… Go Feminism!

        5. See what happens clarkie? She musta washed ashore on the isle of lesbos haha

        6. In and of itself its not a bad thing.
          It comes into conflict with reality when they have all this political and social influence. Women can’t pin down what they want… Whenever they get what they’re told they want they’re still filled with anxiety.
          Look at Sweden, the women rule that country and yet they still manage to find things to get upset about. “Men are sitting on the subway!!! OMFG!!???!”

        7. I hope the all start crossfittin’. Most will blow out their rotator cuffs so they wont be able to protest(cant hold their dopey posters above their heads anymore).

        8. you know theres no true number of how many get injured at these gyms? They arent franchises, they are affiliates. As an affiliate, they dont have to tally how many injuries occur. brilliant and shady at the same time…

        9. My ex has assumed a somewhat similar attitude (maybe not quite ‘ardent’). I explained to her what feminism imperative was, how it was seeping into our relationship, and why it had better stop or I’d leave her. It didn’t stop, I dumped her, was with her 2.5 years. That was November last year, she still texts, emails, or calls me 1-3 times a week tripping over “what I did that destroyed her for other men.”
          The best part is she clearly did’t learn 1 fuckin thing. Her ‘single’ status she’s realizing isn’t so glamorous, and Christian Grey’s aren’t lining up to sweep her away. Some fag will I’m sure, but I laugh at the whole experience now.

        10. I have seen this actually. Right in front of me.
          This is why the demonization of anybody who is not “liberal” by their definition has been an important project for them. Turn all the free thinkers and more libertarian-minded men into dateless wonders and not only are mangina children ensured, but the ideas never spread either.
          The malleability of women can be a double edged sword and they can be turned on the system.

        11. If you argued we all evolved from apes and monkeys, thus the kipping pull up is a primal movement when we used to swing from trees, I could almost understand it, but as important as shoulders are to every upper body movement, most def not worth the risk.

        12. Clark one of these days its just going to all fall apart and we will be hanging traitors, Communists, and femnazis from lampposts and utility poles.

    2. They are in competition with each other, but they use that competition against men.
      Sophie’s husband got a pay rise (subtext: where’s yours?)
      Claire’s got a new kitchen (subtext: we need a new kitchen)
      Women get insanely jealous of their friends/competitors lives and the shit they accumulate, and turn it against men.
      I bet Facebook (the jealousy portal) has indirectly sold £billions in holidays and consumer shit

      1. FB=Jealousy Portal. Outstanding!
        Best Description yet.
        My default response to FB: Fuck Facebook.
        I refer to Mark Zuckerbergs now infamous chat, captured by Wired mag, where he calls FB users “dumb fucks for trusting him”.
        Fuck FB.

        1. CEOs of Google and Ford were also busted recently for essentially saying the same thing…

    1. The meta description says: “In a typically mans game, Sacilotti showed she won’t be talked down to, getting into Biro Biro’s face and shouting at him. Absolute class!”
      Isn’t that amazing? Women have “class” now when they get up in a man’s face and shout like a bull-dyke.

      1. By virtue of assumed protected status as a soccer official. Let’s see her try that move without that artificial man given status…

  7. The dumb thing is that the same leftists who support Mrs. 0bama’s stupid hashtag silliness would shit bricks if a Republican president decided to send in US troops to fight Boko Haram.

    1. In that case the leftists would scream that Republicans are killing the terrorists because the latter are black. (If Republicans refused to send troops if Democrats demanded it the leftists would scream it’s because the terrorists are black.)

  8. The problem you are having is loyalty between men and women is different.
    A man will cut another man loose if that man demonstrates a lack of honor/morality.
    A woman doesn’t really care about a man’s honor/morality as long as it doesn’t affect his alpha status. Which is why you have women with wife beaters, marathon bombers, beards for homosexuals, etc.
    The reason you claim there is no loyalty among women is because you perceive status as being much easier to lose than honor/morality. This is not the case for women. They are either biblicaly or evolutionarily designed to submit. And thus by necessity their morality/honor is far more flexible than males. Their status however is much more concrete. Baring extreme accident or willful neglect a woman’s attractiveness and femininity are not going to change much in the next 5 years. Eventually, looks decay but not before they achieve mother of children status.

  9. Women are the exact epitome of what they truly symbolise in this world-hypergamy.
    Women do not care about the actual character or values of a man, but only his wealth, money, power and status in society. Which is why it is further proof that the concept of marriage is a sham and what is taught in society are nothing but lies and false indoctrination.
    Take for example, in the Asian communities, they are obsessed with the concept of status. Which is why you will always see women marrying men who are engineers, doctors and investment bankers. Heck, not only is this attitute prevalent in the Asian community, but it is very much around in the Anglo Saxon culture as well.
    I remember watching that movie “Changing Lanes” and the scene where Amanda Peet’s character explains to Ben Affleck’s character about marrying him for his status, reflects the very nature of a woman’s hypergamy beliefs. This unfortunately is proving to be the norm in society where women are taught by their mothers, sisters and the rest of the female aspects of society why it is important for them to marry men of wealth and power.
    As you grow older, you start to slowly awaken to the truth about how life really works and that everything that you were taught, is nothing but a false reality and a mirage. The behaviour, attitudes and lifestyle choices of hyoergamous women start to show itself, and these women truly reveal their true colors, and as men, you must be aware of this very cruel but sadly, real nature of women. I for one, have never, believed in the concept of true love and the establishment known as marriage for I have seen for too long how corrupt our society truly is and flawed our species are.
    Unfortunately, there are still too many desperate men out there who still attach onto their wives and girlfriends like a dog, because these men choose to live in the delusional bubbles which were created for them, by their own actions and those around them.

    1. In the sense that everything has its limitations and weaknesses, everything is flawed.
      In the sense that everything is as it is, because if it weren’t it wouldn’t be what it is, everything is perfect.
      You might want to consider giving up on railing against nature for “doing it wrong” because it does not adhere to your philosophical ideals. There may be more in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

      1. Nature can do whatever it wants. I’m simply just an observer of the freakshow. My “philosophy” as you like to call it, has protected me so far in life by making simple astute observations of our society, and responding carefully to the environment around me.
        Maybe if more people did this, then their lives would be a little more relaxed.

        1. Be careful out there, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is a paranoid schizophrenic.

    2. Our human relations are closed concepts with rules needed to function, so long as we have complex brains we need this “closed” social science to function as it makes us civilized, language and political correctness and borrowing animal behaviors from our most “alpha” role models (unfortunately the social engineers plant decrepit insane role models knowing our animal brains will identify with it)
      when you start to think out of the box, which you should, you realize that it’s a lie, but the fact is, it isn’t a “lie” its just just it does not fit in people’s closed systems and people are fragile chumps for the most part and don’t want to think outside of the box because it is intimidating and lonely but this is where you attain all of your “spiritual wealth” or whatever you call it
      People and society = closed box of ideas for economic utilitarianism,
      problem is, it doesn’t stop at this point^ you have to finish the job on your own by constantly updating your world view
      yes women are status obsessed infantile power mongers, and have loyalty to your wallet, but metaphysically speaking, men identify with their wallets and see that, so long as man = wallet, the woman loving wallet makes no difference
      rich men know women are expensive, but because they are rich, these men don’t “feel” the expense
      and that is what they are for, to take the easy train in life than age into a worthless prune
      Lifes just a short fart in the wind, take what you can get, cant blame anyone

    3. With 7.3 Billion people on Earth, we don’t need to breed. No kids needed = no need for marriage, and frankly, true love either.. Now with women voting and fully in the work force, they simply don’t need men at all. I believed in true love, with my 1st girlfriend when I was 13. After we cheated on each other a few times throughout high school, it become fairly obvious to me that true love was probably bullshit, but I wasn’t sure because I didn’t have enough experience.
      Once in my mid 20s, I was certain true love was b.s. Too many women to see operate, too many conclusions easily, clearly drawn. I knew after college that literally every decent looking girl rode the carousel then snared a chump for marriage. I detached myself from being that chump. Otherwise, I’m not so different than anyone else. You can have the ownership of you, or you can allow others to have the ownership of you. It’s really just a % basis of how you’re owned.

      1. “With 7.3 Billion people on Earth, we don’t need to breed”
        yeah but we have so many morons per capita that we can’t even solve our basic problems like aging and disease and space travel
        The only way is to have more humans and increase the carrying capaciy of the planet so we can have 20 billion or 40 billion, otherwise we just have too many limited intelligent people. only 1 in a million teslas fellas, this is not good progress!
        Notice how as population growth occured, technological progress increased, Population IS power so i don’;t agree that we need LESS people, we need more effiicient transportation systems and we need verticle farming and solar technologies and eventually we need space travel, space is absolutely massive and could theoretically support trillions, we could also create genetic engineering advances so that the body can have very limited requirements, etc
        In about 10-14 years we will be able to design a complete AI that has a sense of humor better than all of comedians put together and the romance of 20 casanovas all on a small computer chip and will simply not need to be parasites for our instincts of putting our flesh harpoon for pleasure like a bunch of animals, also, technology will make our digestion so efficient we wont be shitting like animals, and our piss will vaporize with some kind of quantum bending
        Sexuality belongs in the history books along with love and the rest of it, let the robot age begin, its wherre our power lies, to become an intra stellar non-suboid human primitive emotional whiners species
        That is all

        1. From my calculations, while technology may be 50 years ahead of consumer use in the military, greed of a few, the power and control they wield, will surpass their willingness to save the planet’s population. Space exploration is surely extremely important but it’s not advancing nearly fast enough. We haven’t even begun to colonize, or terraform new worlds at all yet.
          So get this. 1900 – 1 billion people on Earth, 2014 – 7.3 billion people on Earth. Do the exponential breeding equation and compare that to the advancements you’ve suggested, yet we STILL haven’t made a flawless consumer-use smart phone in the past 7 years, and the idiots that have them aren’t using them to find new worlds to live on so…. Not a good practical track record. We might have AI right now, it doesn’t matter, bc it won’t be incorporated into daily lives for years. My conclusion is maintain or reduce population to continue with quality of life, otherwise put that at risk.

        2. Youre close- 1.5 bil by 1830 or so; 2 bil by 1930. An additional 5.3 bil in less than a century.
          Makes me shudder if we ever got to 20 bil on our blue marble.

        3. I hope people like you go extinct. You’re the worst of worst, a true cancer that has its bad taste wanting to ruin human existence.

        4. We don’t need space exploration nor will there ever be any in a significant amount, there’s one reason to both: natural forces that stop people from populating and reduce population (e.g herbivore men in Japan are a product of it) and natural decadent-degenerative forces that ensure every civilization who goes too far falls, may be because free space travelling for anyone but a couple handful of men will have extremely nihilistic effects, as space is boring as fuck and too large for us.

        5. The true technological achievements were late 19th century to early 20th. In line with the rise of male will to power in the West.
          Since then we’ve seen a decline in innovation, not much big, just small improvements.

        6. The only problem is that the civilised countries are levelling off with reproduction. Immigrants from the southern hemisphere are doing all the procreation. The educated populations from the northern hemisphere are dying and the illiterates are breeding like rats= Idiocracy.

        7. Sounds like deep down you know, like everyone else, eugenics is the obvious solution.
          Otherwise, Harrison Bergeron here we come!

        8. Eugenics FTW!
          Uh oh, sounds like I’m being politically incorrect!
          Double plus ungood! Thoughtcrime!

        9. And just how are the idiot turd worlders breeding like cockroaches? How do they feed all these keeids?
          Someone has to pay for this somehow.
          It’s a mystery.

        10. animals fuck without thought of the consequence, worst part is we give them free contraception, they use the dying babies for begging, while they sit fat, happy, in ironed silks with gold earrings. Adverts for charity rarely show the women.

        11. We’re going to see a lot more starvation I expect in third world countries in the next few decades.

      2. Really? Did you think that statement through? That because we are 7.3 billion on earth, we no longer need to breed? You might as well say because you have overeaten right now, you don’t have to eat for another week.
        Well, fact is, no matter how many we are on earth at any particular time, we MUST continue to breed, else we go extinct. All 7.3 billion of us will go extinct if we stopped breeding for a mere 45 years. And if the senseless feminists get their wish too–their wish to totally emasculate all men and subjugate them–they would go extinct too.

        1. Since we’re getting exact, I should have said, we don’t need to increase. 2 kids for each couple on average. Some won’t breed, some will be Octo-moms. My point is with a growth explosion like that, directly tied to the discovery of oil and combustion engines allowing for macro-farming and industry, we should watch our use of land, and all natural resources. They’re not all limitless. And frankly, I’m sick of traffic.

        2. I eat my bones in the morning….humans are engineered to survive and reproduce. I will get kids no matter what….its in my genetic code.

        3. All 7.3 billions of us can comfortably fit into Russia. The earth actually has capacity to handle the current population x 5. So, calm down.
          Even as we speak, both the US, Russia, Canada, and pretty much most of the developed world is underpopulated. Australia is the worst.
          The problem is really not the population, since, each “mouth to feed” actually comes with a “brain” and “limbs”. Malthus was going crazy about population explosion many years ago. His dire predictions for an apocalypse did not materialize.
          The real problem is the elites who are bent on having it all for themselves. Most third world countries are ruled by thieves who impoverish their citizens through avarice, and cause untold human sufferings.

        4. There is still an element of racial politics. If certain races cease breeding or do not retain a replacement birth rate -as we are already seeing in Japan and with Whites in the US- while other races continue irresponsibly (the Indian subcontinent) human society as a whole could dramatically change and engage in eventual race warfare. Some believe this is one of the goals of Zionism, the poison pill of multiculturalism was certainly their plot to get cultures to destroy each other.

        5. Define capacity? The Earth certainly does not have the known resources to maintain a Western lifestyle for every one of the 7B we have. Maybe it could support basic nutrition for 35B or maybe it ends up being a Malthusian catastrophe.

        6. To add to that, I’m no animal rights activist or tree hugger, but I’d really rather avoid annihilation and extinction of multiple species having 35B, or even 17B would bring. Again, technology.. including farming and food tech will not outpace in efficacy the needs for all those mouth…. unless of course, quality of life was to drop for the masses on all continents.

        7. Which I imagine would have to happen, because wait for it… “its only fair”.

      3. Love is a cocktail of hormones released into the brain to soothe the aggressive instincts. Animals will generally kill the opposite gender, but when the chemicals are in full force (aka “love”) they will mate and thus produce the next generation. Without “love”, there would be no next generation. The past 20 years have meant the death of “love”, of the romantic concept of selflessness.

      4. With that many people we need a free capitalist economy and a non-interfering government.
        No system yields more wealth and security than capitalism, especially combined with small government.
        Look closely at history and the study of society (not “sociology”, which is leftist propaganda) and you’ll see that the wealthier and more secure people are the fewer children they have.
        Thus by encouraging freedom you can have a shrinking and stable population in a couple of generations without having to resort to the leftist technique of mass murder through planned starvation and “ethnic cleansing”.

        1. And that was my point, freedom leads to quality over quantity of life. The freedom to build, create, specifically. The red-herring is that too much life (living beings stuffed into one place), usually decreases quality over time. Those with a propensity for dense living co-habitate, but they tend to be free in the first place. For instance, NYC. But in general, the entire county side surely can be that population dense.
          Just buy a 40 gal fish tank, and 1 new fish each week, and watch quality of life, and thus, size of fish, decrease over time. That’s not living.

    4. A little bit of this is good, as it can serve as an incentive for the man to be productive. But yes, it’s obviously gone way too far.

    5. Well put! Clear and concise. Miarrage is the biggest scam of our generation. I can never understand why so many dudes buy into the scam. Very few of them will ever admit they were con’d. Only when they get divorced and lose EVERYTHING, will guys admit that marriage is a scam.

      1. BP has a blind spot for this. I had it too. You.just.don’t.see.it. unfortunately. It’s by design.

      2. “Very few of them will ever admit they were con’d. Only when they get divorced and lose EVERYTHING, will guys admit that marriage is a scam.”
        Agreed, yet its interesting to see men married for a 2nd and 3rd time. Some guys never want to wake up.

      1. Here we go…another asshole playing the Marxist card thinking they are some sort of libertarian hotshot.
        If anything, why don’t you fuck off and stop posting bullshit responses.

        1. Libertarians are fags and subversives too. So Rabbi Schlomo, how is it dividing and conquering Western societies with your kikery?

        2. Smug Frog,
          You are definately a troll. Which is why this will be my last response. So with my final words, please fuck off. You are the epitome of an asshole.

    6. I actually started learning this my freshman year of high school. As a teenage juvenile, I logically always assumed that girls were simply attracted to the same things guys were attracted too. If you were good looking and nice, then girls should like you. But at age 15, I started noticing immediately that girls were ONLY associating with guys that were the varsity football/basketball stars or socially popular party guys. And half of these guys were typically very pig-like ugly and downright narcissistic. I just could not understand it. There was actually one guy that was nick-named “Sloth”. Because he looked just like “Sloth” from the movie Goonies. He was just downright UGLY. But he was one of those stocky-thick-boned loud obnoxious guys that played varsity football. He too had a hot girlfriend.
      My mother then explained to me one evening at the tender age of 15 that girls were attracted to status regardless of a guy’s looks or personality. In the juvenile highschool world, social popularity IS status. In the adult world, money IS status.
      Guys are attracted to the opposite things and vice versa. Which is why when I recently went to go meet a lady last week from a dating site that was a medical doctor and made good $$$$$$, I was NOT interested. Why? She didn’t look like her pics, was obese, and just wasn’t physically attractive at all. I thought to myself after the date “I bet if she were a guy, she’d have plenty of women simply based on being a doctor”.

      1. When I was in high school I knew everything too. But I wouldve fucked the fat bitch just for the practice.
        “Beauty is a light switch away.”

  10. The reason why Michelle mentions the girls and ignores the boys has little to do with her mentality as a woman. She is simply following the slavery manual, which reads: give more power to women and ignore the men, control the men through the women, humiliate the men in front of their women, etc, etc.
    RoK’s very often forgets (ignores) the political motives behind feminism, motives which ironically serve a small elite … of men.

    1. Men who could not accomplish what they do if the mentality of women was not to follow the slavery manual, dear Liza, dear Liza.

    2. I think most guys on the site are aware of this. any movement dies without money, so just follow that trail…

    3. WW2 – Hard population control (Nazism)
      Post WW2- Soft population control (Feminism)
      same shit, different methodology

  11. This is truly the key to understanding women. They can not be loyal to a man unless he has status. If they believe he has lost status or his status is not increasing at the rate they believe they deserve they will start looking for another man with higher status. They base their decisions on group think. If their friends are all getting divorces they want a divorce. If their friends husbands are all increasing in status they nag their husband into working harder to increase his status. In very rare cases would a woman leave her husband for a man of lesser status. Only if it gave her sympathy points with her group and made her feel superior to him. When you see a woman with a man who is down on his luck, who is suffering from some disability, and you think she is doing it for altruistic reasons think again. She’s doing it for the points it scores her in her group. She gets to play the martyr. Just listen to her tell her woe is me story, how much she suffers, not how much he suffers, as if she is the one with the burden to carry, not him. I know this from experience. Trust me.

    1. Paul McCartney married that cunt who was by very definition a cripple, with an artificial leg, and she STILL divorced him and took him to the cleaners!

      1. bitch just made a dig at paul a few days ago. Appearing with Kanye made Paul relevant. She has one leg and zero soul

      2. Yeah, he really went down the wrong path with that femicunt. I suspect it was because he actually had a decent, love filled marriage with his first wife until she passed away. He was still playing by the Old Rules and paid for it, hard. I feel bad for him, at least for the second marriage.

        1. Same here. Linda could have run off at any time (with two good legs) and taken hundreds of millions of his $$$ but she genuinely loved her husband.
          Her death stabbed him right through the heart with a Claymore. Took him like 3 or 4 years to finally be receptive to dating again and SHE came along…

        2. what rock star wants to fuck a one-legged woman? Let alone marry one. sans a rock solid prenuptial? I mean, really that’s insane.

        3. “what rock star wants to fuck a one-legged woman”
          I have a suspicion that he might have assumed that she, being a cripple, would be more loyal. How much better can a one legged chick do then get with a successful pop musician?
          She certainly couldn’t run away when he wanted to fuck her.

      3. I love the Beatles but those Lyrics are pure Beta.” You know I work all day to get you money to buy you thingsAnd it’s worth it just to hear you say you’re going to give me everything
        So why on earth should I moan, cos when I get you alone
        You know I feel OK” .

        1. “I love the Beatles but those Lyrics are pure Beta..”
          Yes – and i realize that when i became red pill there were major beta in almost everything that i grew up with including tv shows and movies… almost everything… Peanuts comic stories, you name it.

  12. “no woman is truly capable of loyalty”
    Absolutely correct. Any man who has broken up with a woman, knows that you go from soulmate, to enemy, in a heartbeat.
    Women see us, as a utility. Something to derive something from. Only useful if it can contribute to the woman. This is why women will often fight to keep you, but when they get something better, or realize there is no more blood to be squeezed from the stone, they drop you instantly.
    Men, on the other hand, will still keep affection and regard for a woman long after you have broken up, and will say “she is a nice girl”, many years afterwards.
    Women will look at you like a total stranger.

    1. What’s fucked up is that if you reveal this truth to a woman, she’ll deny it even though she knows it’s true. She’ll believe in her own delusion.

    2. The essence of red pill truth. Check out textsfromyourex on instagram. It’s male exes desperately looking to reunite and women publicly ripping them to shreds in a gigantic social media circle-jerk.
      Women have no sympathy for weak men.

    3. This is why I loved this song when it came out, although I doubt he wrote it from a red pill/hypergamy standpoint:

    4. “Women will look at you like a total stranger.”
      Absolutely. Happened to me several times. All men will go through this. The only consolation is betas will still blame themselves whereas red pills will see it for what it is and move passed it just as quickly, no heartbreak no nothing.. one of the most important benefits of RP I think.

        1. Because loyalty to a cause, to a people, to a leader, to a philosophy, a god, a family, a clan, a tribe, is one of hallmarks of masculinity. That’s why.

        2. Why? So we can teach them disloyalty? Guess where women learn how to behave around men? First from her father, and then from you.

      1. Be loyal to deception? .You are female.Female thought process cannot function as male.You don’t understand anything about brotherhood love and true sacrifice.Men sacrifice themselves so that females can have the luxury of raising their sperm without much hurdle.

        1. Women are the way they are and this hasn’t changed in millions of years and will never change. They take their cues from us. The state of women reflects the state of men. If you can’t understand that, then give up on pussy and go after hairy man-holes or go celibate.

      1. 13 year olds are singing this like its a New Kids on the Block hit.
        Thank God the truth is getting out to the young before the frivorce rape.

    5. That’s why menReally ARE like dogs and women are just like cats. Cats only stick around if they’re being fed and sheltered. Dont mistake them rubbing against you as affection.They’re just trying to put their scent on you.Dogs on the other hand will loyally be by your side and stick by you till death.

    6. My first girlfriend in H.S. I was with 4+ years. We knew each other’s families well. When I was 34 we reconnected via FB. She didn’t even remember half of my family member’s names, a family of 5. Kinda proves how easily the guy who took her virginity, and her first real BF was to forget.
      Her last words to me in her first year of college before we broke up:”I just want to be rich, it’s all I really care about..” She’s married to a nephrologist, moved out west, they’re loaded now. Her B.J. skills served her well.

  13. derek, i like this article… well done. mrs. obozo is as full of hot-air as her husband. ‘click the ‘like’ button to help stop these terrorists.’ how about, ‘write a letter to santa claus to ask him to stop these terrorists.’ you’ve read through the lines well. also, i chuckled a bit reading about ‘nagging’ is it reminded of the south park ‘wheel of fortune’ episode: ‘people who annoy you.’

    1. I have it on good authority that what women can do in a productive environment is take notes and organize the after party.

  14. “The hashtag is mightier than the sword?”
    Exactly. All these pseudo-intellectual Twitter jockeys and Hashtag Heroes need to be shoved into blast furnaces.

  15. I do believe it was A.V. Yader who said women only see you as a utility (dinners/drinks/entertainment, gifts, bills being paid, rides, repairs/assemblies) and don’t really give a shit a you as a human being in any sort of way.

  16. “All women possess an in-group preference towards other women and this is their default worldview.”
    Some of the realest red pill truths right here. If you’re a man, you’re on your own in the west. Women don’t give a fuck about your plight, the sacrifices we’ve made in war and hard work. Men instinctually protect damsels in distress and try to destroy other men through competition. Women sit on the sidelines in the game of life, root for team vagina and then fuck the male winner.

    1. You know… what do the men that went half way around the world in some shit hole country and fought for us, gave their limbs, saw their buddies take their last breath.. And then they come back here, and see these entitled cunts not giving one shit about what they went through. Treat them like dirt, etc. I don’t know if I would be able to take it. So many suicides, maybe there is a reason, and not ptsd…
      Fortunately for them, most are betas and just don’t see this stuff.

    2. Yupp…
      I think they also stir shit up on purpose too to see who is the strongest man.
      Everything can be peaceful and rolling along just great but she has to make a mess of things to see who is the last man standing.
      This is why I hate manginas so much… All men have to do is have some loyalty to each other and we could run the show… Keep things rolling and move onto more important shit. But instead they stab their brothers in the back for pussy and think they’re the better man… until it all comes crashing down because they didn’t put in the effort to becomes anything on their own to begin with.

      1. The most unstoppable force in the world is a group of alpha males who are loyal to each other and working together towards a common goal. History’s greatest organizations have been organized in this format. Armies of strong men have conquered nations. Groups of innovators have brought ideas into profitable companies.
        No group of females can compete with a group of alphas. In social hierarchy, females follow groups of alphas. I first noticed this on a college campus where the top males are monopolized by 2-3 fraternity chapters. The fraternities run the social scene of course, throwing all the parties which are attended by nearly every attractive (and not so-attractive) girl on campus. If the fraternity is truly united and loyal, women are completely behest to their power. Don’t like the blatant misogyny and brash confidence? Get the fuck out of the party and find a group of lower status males to screw. Try to stir shit up by cheating on a member? If there’s true loyalty, get back down to the lower status dating pool.
        Can you imagine if men organized like this outside of college? Picture every professional athlete in a city grouping together in a nightclub and imagine the sexual power they would yield. Imagine every owner of a 9-10 figure business deciding not to hire females. They’d be destitute.
        It goes without saying that male military force can easily conquer women. However, apply the same fraternal bonds, honor, and loyalty to anything and women can be conquered without force.

      2. “Yupp…
        I think they also stir shit up on purpose too to see who is the strongest man.”
        Very true.

  17. Required reading for any young man …. I wish I’d seen this 20 years ago.

  18. Women can never care for a man. We are sperms donors and atm machines. The world doesn’t work unless the beta men slave for nothing. That’s what this is all about, this mess we have now. Beta men can’t and won’t man up for them. We are seen now only because women are being harmed and they only care for the slits. . The disposable man thing might pass when we lived in caves but now it destroys society since beta men make it all work. Until society gets back to sluts shaming and ending no fault divorce it’s gonna just get worse. Fuck society and these sluts

  19. women should just return to as they were in ancient times, a seen but not heard class of people, considering they have no real convictions and beliefs in life, shouldnt be allowed to vote (because they aren’t logical), shouldnt be allowed to pick the father of their kids (because most of the time their emotional brain picks some degenerate who gave her vagina tingles), that decision should be made for them, by men of high intelligence. shouldnt work and should just be taught in homemaker duties and nurturing children. (if a womans status is low to begin with, this satisfies her hypergamy when she gets with an average guy)
    it should work like this: boys are raised, and work hard until their about 18-20, and then when they have proven their worth as a man and to a red pill society, be taken to a place where he can pick a woman, a few years younger than him 16-19, and chooses the one that he wants. (ive seen so called primitive cultures do this, like arranged marriages, and actually works).
    Because the woman hasnt wasted her younger years, her children will be alot healthier than the children born today to women that to me, have chosen too late to have children (hence the increasing number of things wrong with these children both genetically and mentally) women are like fruit, they grow, ripen and wither after a period of time.
    i grew up in my teen years blue pill, swallowed the red pill after i left school, and ever since then i cant go back to seeing the world naively as i did when i was young.
    The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance.

  20. Not bad, but I still think Oprah carries more weight (literally and figuratively) than Michelle Obama. But not by much.

  21. Life is very simple for women. They don’t care about what’s being played or it’s rules. They simply say: Let me know who the winner is so I can go fuck him.
    To their defense.. Let’s look from their standpoint… This is what they have to do in order to survive. It’s million years of evolution. Granted, today it’s different with all the technology and everything else, but their nature can’t change this fast. So honestly, I don’t hate them.. I just take them and value them for what they are. Nothing more and nothing less. Then we can go into feminism/government and how they’re changing the men’s mitigating strategies, that’s a different story. But we should not be bitter. They are what they are..

  22. Michelle Obama is a tranny. I’m sold on this theory, even if it were to be wrong.

    1. Michelle Obama has wide shoulders, and an adam’s apple. Obama in his younger years, was described, by people who knew him as being gay. Also there are no photos of Michelle being pregnant with “their” children.

  23. One very critical point: DO NOT have female friends! They WILL bring you down. They contribute nothing positive to a man’s life.

      1. Very true; the only reason we interact with women is for sex. Women always seem surprised by this, when I bring it up. It shouldn’t be surprising…

  24. Obama and Michelle are there for the show, they don´t wield real power.The US is an oligarchy and rich oligarchs rule within , above and behind the White House.The last real president was J.F.K and he was killed by the oligarchs.

    1. Yup JFK wanted the boys out out of Nam and wanted the moon landing to be a joint US and Russia operation. It would have ended the cold war 20 years earlier than it did.
      The USA died with him.

    2. Most astute and concise comment I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely true, too. Historians someday will write about the men behind the curtain via LBJ assassinating JFK as a crucial turning point in the American Empire, all of it predicted decades before it happened by Spengler, i.e. “the victory of force politics.” The sheeple are still totally clueless about all of this. The more one knows about where JFK wanted to take us vs. where the military-industrial complex wanted to take us, the clearer the history of the last 50 years becomes.

  25. As for women having an in-group preference towards other women, that may be true on some abstract level, which means it matters when the other women are distant enough to not directly affect the woman in question, which would be true for Michelle and the Nigerian girls.
    Any loyalty towards other women dies the moment they become her sexual market rivals. Dalrock has written a great deal on female intrasexual competition and on how the vaunted Sisterhood evaporates before it. I can’t endorse the man enough.

  26. “which is why even the hardcore feminists start to rethink their beliefs once the baby
    boy gets charged with sexual assault when he smacks the girl that took his toys.”
    If they even get that far. Most hardcore feminists will just as soon abort their potential progeny once they discover its a boy. In their diseased mind, it’s a way of stacking the field by eliminating the competition in utero. To say this is evil would be to say that oprah’s ass is probably sweaty.
    “It’s important to note that you ought not resent women for being like this. It’s simply their nature gone wild.”
    Totally agree. You don’t blame a child for running in a store like an animal, you blame the parent that allows it. In this respect, the blame lies solely at the feet of beta mangina scum in power that forfeited the rights of Men thanks to the corrosive influence of wife and daughter alike.
    With regard to Michelle “i was born a male” Obama, the gag reflex almost set in when i saw that hashtag. Here we are, the leadership of (ostensibly) the most powerful nation in the world lowering itself to a white house emo moment, as if feelings alone were going to appeal to those boko haram scumbags! My anger of boko haram was eclipsed by the anger and disgust i felt knowing that this closet commie is the wife of the president of the US…the ultimate symbol of beta mangina scum in America.
    Here’s a video of them mocking mr michelle…and to be honest, i dont blame them. Libs and progs used to whine about how bush made countries hate us…thanks to their cancerous efforts, these countries still hate us…but now they laugh at us as well.

    We have become the millhouse of the global community.

  27. “All women possess an in-group preference towards other women and this is their default worldview. This means that a woman you thought you knew and loved can and will instantly turn against you and side with an inconsequential unknown woman. It doesn’t matter what happened, it’s your fault and the woman is the victim.”
    (L. A. Rudman, 2004). In Experiment 1, only women (not men) showed
    cognitive balance among in-group bias, identity, and self-esteem (A. G.
    Greenwald et al., 2002), revealing that men lack a mechanism that
    bolsters automatic own group preference.
    Experiment 4 showed that for sexually experienced men, the more positive
    their attitude was toward sex, the more they implicitly favored women.
    WTF is Patriarchy?

  28. I went to a party last night and made out with a girl I thought was cute. While my tongue was down her throat there was a moment where she said something like “I want an intellectual guy…” and in response without thinking I said “If it helps, I have 4 undergraduate degrees and I’ll be finishing my Masters degree in August.” (My M.S. will be in IT Security so it will be lucrative for me for sure)
    Almost immediately she said “…when you say Masters degree that gets me so hot…”
    Attached to status, indeed.

  29. In present time, there are several ways of wealth re-distribution by the state through which Men are deprived:-
    (1) Men pay most of the tax while women get most of the funds for welfare.
    (2) Maintenance and Alimony are ways to deprive a Man from retaining his own earnings.
    (3) Child Support payment is another way of forcing men to pay but depriving him of his right to take decisions on the behalf of his own child.
    (4) The concept of Marital Property Rights (or Community Property Rights) prevents a man from acquiring a property exclusively during subsistence of his marriage.
    (5) Prostitution is allowed to exist to make Men pay for what Nature intended for him to be free.

  30. Please understand the outcome in the western countries for introducing
    the concept of Marital Property Rights (all properties acquired after marriage
    is jointly held by husband and wife irrespective of who has contributed towards
    it). This provides incentive for one party to walk out of the marriage for
    financial gains. As a result of this the marriage rates have fallen and divorce
    rates are rising. Most children are growing up in single parent home. Studies
    have shown that children growing up in single parent home are more prone to
    take up alcohol, drugs and indulge in violence and crime.

  31. No eastern jurisprudence supports Marital Property Rights. Neither Hindu
    Law nor Islamic Law supports it. Recently China has rolled back Marital
    Property Rights after seeing the abuse of it. India must not follow the western
    countries and make the same mistake like them. SAY NO TO MARITAL PROPERTY

    Men must demand that they must own their inherited property and self
    acquired property (irrespective of whether acquired before marriage or acquired
    during subsistence of marriage or acquired after dissolution of marriage)
    The concept of matrimonial property is the most damaging to the men. It
    prevents a man to acquire property on his own and exclusively during
    subsistence of marriage. If men cannot oppose the concept of matrimonial
    property then talking about men’s right is futile.

  33. The most important persons in women’s lives are other females. Men don’t matter to them, which is why powerful long lasting cultures have always made females dependent on men; that is, on individual men and not on all men as Western society has done and told the females they’re free independent individuals.
    No matriarchal type society has ever developed beyond the neolithic stage unless it is a secondary society dependent on and created by men as in the West and in past aristocracies.

  34. It doesn’t surprise me that there is a hype with western women going to African countries to do hospitality work. They often do this after study and before childbirth. For them a picture with 20+ black children is like a letter from the Pope himself. Put it on facebook. No she pads herself on the back “good girl, you are a gutmensch, a anti racist, a very good girl”. Ironically, in the city these women live people are suffering from poverty as well. Then why do these broads go to Africa to build a school? Because there is more approval to be received in helping the obvious suckers then there is in helping your fellow (white) resident. Cultural Marxism plays a large part in this. Women are very sensitive to that, for they are the ones that also make bad decisions in choosing valuable partners. A lot of them rather play anti-racist and get fcked by the first criminal immigrant with a smooth story then going for the established studying countryman. Of course they will go for the latter (betaprovider) after countless adventures when the realization comes to mind that bills have to get paid.
    Most women have a problem prioritizing stuff that really matters. In risk assessment they even worse. Do you know the story of the two naive Dutch girls who went hiking 2014 in South America? They never returned alive.

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