5 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Divorced Parent, According To Huffington Post

The Huffington Post recently put out an article titled “5 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Single Parent,” although it’s clear that it’s really about being an unwed mother. It’s written by Kerri Zane, who is described as a “single mom lifestyle expert.” How you become an expert in something that subjective is a mystery to me. Does she have a master’s degree in divorce?

I’ve seen a hundred articles by men glorifying free sex or avoiding marriage, but I’ve never read an article by a man glorifying divorce or bastardy. Well, okay, aside from that one Art of Manliness had, but I think that’s more trying to make the best of what you’re dealt with than an actual preference.

Also, this article is under the divorce subsection of HuffPo. Why would such a large publication have a section on this topic if it were not trying to glorify it?

For Zane, divorce court is an opportunity to make lemons out of lemonade.

Eleven years ago, when my former husband and I split, I saw my divorce as a glorious opportunity to parent solo. In fact, based on the latest Census Bureau statistics, there are over 14 million single parent households with children under the age of 18. That is a lot of people and a good reason to celebrate.

So someone decided to make March 21 Single Parent Day (or more realistically, Unwed Mother Day). The article doesn’t state who decided it to be so, so I’m assuming Hallmark. I have no doubt the Catholic Church will adopt it in a few years. Kick off some fifth century saint to make room for a good two-thirds of their congregation.

As a single mom advisor and author of It Takes All 5, I would like to honor the day and offer you five solid reasons why it’s better to be a single mom or dad then half of a parenting pair.

This philosophy is actually what the HuffPo article is about. We have reached full moral sewer. All that Clarey and Aurini said about the Left actively trying to destroy the family that made them sound like paranoid conspiracy theorists? It’s all true.

Here are Zane’s five excuses she uses to justify her terrible life choices and convince you to do the same:

1. You always get your way


Zane enjoys that she’s cut the balls of her children’s father and relegated him to their “weekend guardian,” to quote a scene from Thank You For Smoking.

Rather than navigating the treacherous territory of constant parental compromise, you can independently make choices for your children that you feel is best. […]

While your married counterparts continue to disagree on the state of their children’s welfare, you get to make unilateral choices, which in the long run is better for your offspring’s well-being. A child’s behavior can be negatively affected by adult arguing.

Because having your family severed into two isn’t a form of arguing, apparently. And what is it she’s free to decide?

No more discussing the finer points of gymnastics vs. volleyball. I didn’t have to debate dessert after dinner vs. never ever letting sugar touch lips. And there was no longer a lengthy discussion over the reason my daughters needed braces.

Those are hardly important decisions. Who wants to place bets that she’s the hippie that wanted her kids to never eat sugar and her husband was the one who was all like, “Eh, let them be kids”?

Furthermore, her point that two parents shouldn’t argue over everything further supports the ROK ideology that women should let their husbands have the final say on important matters. If you have to choose between being a submissive wife or destroying your family, go for the one that best benefits the people in your life you are responsible for. Empower someone else other than your ego.

Payment plans were designed for the single parent!

Or something like that

Or something like that

Forget the donation drive. ROK needs to start a credit card company.

After my father left my mother, she decided to never date again, regularly stayed at work until ten at night, grew obese, developed a hoarding complex, and become confused when all three of her children cultivated substance abuse problems. But hey, she got full custody, so having the primary burden of not screwing up her children certainly makes hers a full life well-lived.

2. You Can Encourage Your Daughters To Pursue An Inflated Ego


Zane wants her daughters to believe that they don’t need anyone else in their life. They can do anything on their own, which I’m hoping includes avoiding government financial assistance.

You can’t make it through life without relying on other people. Eventually you will need the help of someone else. Better to learn humility now than humiliation later. And there’s a unique kind of obnoxiousness in someone who refuses assistance or a gift out of some self-martyric “I’m a giving tree” onanism.

You embody the the idea that it’s better to “want” to be in a relationship because there is a loving bond rather than you “need” to be in a relationship because there is stuff to be done or procured.

Except she got divorced. Which means that the “want” wasn’t enough of a loving bond.

My very own unwed mother took great pride in never once using government assistance and rarely using childcare. There’s no telling how much money she indefinitely borrowed from her parents, though, and my grandfather watched us three or four days out of the week during the school year, since my mother was a kindergarten teacher.

3. Teach Your Children To Die Alone


Zane wants to pass her heartbreak and isolation onto her children.

Children will be enlightened and possibly relieved that they are no longer tied to that traditional lifestyle.

Relieved that they only see Daddy on every other weekend and every Tuesday night? Children need to be tied to that traditional lifestyle, because children need stability. Otherwise they end up an alcoholic law school dropout who writes hate speech on the internet.

These lessons are particularly important for girls, who were raised on the fictitious belief that Prince Charming would sweep them of their feet to live happily ever after, only to become enormously disappointed when their fairytale ending turns into a hardcore courtroom reality.

Yeah, I’m sure it was Zane who was the most disappointed in that courtroom. Conservative estimates place women as initiating two-thirds of divorces. And since she already said above, “I saw my divorce as a glorious opportunity to parent solo,” I’m assuming that she is the one who decided to dismiss the father in favor of more exciting men.

I like how she admits she wanted the fairy tale narrative. Remember kids, a girl’s marital market value [MMV?] skyrockets if she keeps her legs closed until the wedding night. Ladies get treated like ladies. Hoes get treated like hoes. Speaking of which…

4. You Get To Be A Slut!

Zane then brags about how much fun it is getting fucked and forgotten.

While [married couples] constantly have to “spice it up” in the bedroom, the nature of being single and switching partners does all the cooking for us. We tease, experiment and explore the bawdy awareness of every new lover.


When not confusing her children with a string of month-long father figures, Zane also enjoys sleeping in her bed alone, which in some way is the most depressing part of the article.

The National Sleep Foundation reported that sleeping two to a bed could cause you to lose 49 minutes of sleep per night. That’s a lot! On the nights when no one is next to me to snuggle with, I lay diagonally across the mattress, relishing the cool crisp sheets on “his side.”

Lifeless bedsheets instead of a man who loves you? Empowerment. Notice that this section doesn’t have anything to do with parenthood.

5. It Motivates You To Lose 30 Pounds


Are you a fatass? Can’t get motivated enough to hit the gym past the second week of January? Kerri Zane has the answer for you.

Most of us have an overriding desire to want to be attractive to prospective mates of the opposite sex. The result of a divorce? A slimmer, trimmer you — aka the Divorce Diet. Take a look at Tom Cruise who reportedly lost 15 pounds after splitting with Katie. Jennie Garth lost 20 and Demi Moore has been stick thin since the departure of her sweetheart, Ashton Kutcher.

Apparently Zane is so self-focused that attracting new dick is more motivating than pleasing the man she promised forever and ever. Maybe she’s losing so much weight because now she has to work an actual job instead of watching Lifetime tv movies all day.

The best way to handle the inevitable life shifts is to stay positive, reach out for support from your friends and family, relish the time you spend with your children and most importantly, create a daily space for some much deserved me-time.

If this doesn’t summarize the narcissistic entitlement of the author, I don’t know what does.

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333 thoughts on “5 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Divorced Parent, According To Huffington Post”

  1. Maybe this article about the adventages of divorce is a satirical piece and not real advice? It is hard to believe she is serious.

  2. There’s a new front opening in this war. This is the second article I have seen like this in the last week (Washington Post just ran something similar).
    This shit needs to be crushed and mocked for the delusional, selfish, narcisistic bullshit that it is.
    Empowered by divorce. What a fucking joke. More like downgraded to permanent cum dumpster and abusive mother status. It would be a blessing for this whore to get hit by a bus so the dad would get the kids. At the very least, this parasite should be forcibly sterilized.

    1. The single slut neighbor I have is a perfect example of this ideology. She’s taken so much cock it isn’t funny. Her daughter has caught mom servicing enough guys that she’s well on her way to being a revolving door herself. The only positive thing is that while mom may be a cum dumpster, she hasn’t spawned ten illegitimate kids.

      1. Here’s the other really rich part of this sad story – I would bet every cent that I own that this cunt incessantly nagged her husband to get married and have kids in the first place. Nearly every married couple (talking 98+%) I know ended up that way once the woman started to ratchet up the pressure. All this shows is how infantile women really are. What they want, what they think is best for them, has no more serious thought behind it than I would expect from the average five year old. This whole story, if not an example of the need for forced sterilization, is at least an example of why women should not be empowered to make serious decisions.

        1. This is the most bitter truth that has poisoned my very soul. They demand these things without any meaningful consideration of your wishes or the potential consequences. If you allow them to steer your life, they will drive it into the ground.

        2. Its obvious now why cultures have arranged marriages. Women cant even decide what to wear or eat on a given day, let alone plan their entire life. They are too shallow to make important long term decisions. Marrying a guy because his tattoos are cool is common for their species.

        3. Ah fucking men the arranged marriage was in fact the advanced form of marriage. The father also made sure the daughter stayed a virgin.

      2. Right…and more people need to point out that fact (and shame her for it). You know what you’re daughter is going to grow up to be: a stripper, first, and then move on to porno or an outright whore for cash.
        Yes, let’s promote mommy being a single parent so she can show little Johnny how to be a big pussy and show little Stacey how to use hers for money.

        1. I have a cousin whose mother was a single parent. Her mother liked to sleep with married men. My cousin also became a single parent of three kids for two different men and one of her kids’ fathers was married.
          Nobody ever wanted to marry my cousin and she is in her fifties, yet more than one man either used her as a side piece or impregnated my cousin and left. It is heartbreaking and gross.

      3. See? This is exactly what I was talking about in one of my comments above.
        Whores raise whores.

    2. It would be a blessing for this whore to get hit by a bus….

      The ONLY way to deny these idiots the “empowerment” and validation they receive from Government/Society is for US REAL MEN NEVER to marry them…..DENY THEM MARRIAGE AND KIDS…few things scares a woman more than dying alone (and being eaten by her cats)….We should force them to.
      This one simple act (for a Man) would bring feminism and all it’s enablers crushing down.

      1. DAMN STRAIGHT!! Only solution to the problem:
        They produce the babies. (Although they are not stupid, if single motherhood is soo IN as they say, why dont they get pregnant in a sperm bank, because… its all about the money.)
        So we as men have they key and the seed of life, deny them that.
        And deny sluts a marriage.

      2. >The ONLY way to deny these idiots the “empowerment” and validation they receive from Government/Society is
        There is another way: Constantly emphasize how ugly and useless they are. Women are extremely sensitive to this. They want you to believe otherwise but all “triggering word lists” prove them otherwise.
        Telling them that they are ugly, fat, useless hits them right in their heart.

        1. Exactly. They call any man they don’t like “Douchebag” or “Creeper” if he isn’t pleasing enough to her eyes, let us return the favor in-kind a hundred fold!

      3. Imagine if an article came out: Men only need a woman to have the kid, then ditch her.
        That’s pretty much what this article is pushing. It’s openly promoting divorce (another one of those articles – you don’t need a man) except she does need him. You can see it every time she goes to the government for assistance.

        1. Oh but it’s okay to marginalize fathers because women need to “empower” themselves with divorce! How is living in poverty while riding the cock carousel empowering?! The sad part is those types don’t realize what a bad example they are setting for their children…especially their daughters. Children of divorce are 40% more likely to be divorced later in life. The cycle continues with generations being raised by single women. This is what Kerri Zane wants.
          I will never understand the hypocrisy of feminists who roar about “equality” yet have no problem taking power away from men. Feminazis say they want society to be equal when what they really want is matriarchy and the destruction of families.
          It is no coincidence that North American society was much more wholesome when men were the heads of their households. Ironically, feminists don’t realize that women are most empowered when we have the protection and guidance of men who have our best interests at heart. I know my peers would tear me apart for saying that but it is my truth.

        2. When the US was more Christian nation everything was better. That was the prime of the US.

    3. All a dad needs to do is keep an eye on his kids’ grades.
      While the courts, the “system” (read: cathedral) is out to crush men, it also must demonstrate fealty to the educational system, for that is the indoctrination wing of the system and if you lose the next generation, you lose the war against family, patriarchy, liberty, etc.
      Meaning that if the kids’ grades suffer, you can make a case to get custody. I know two single dads who did this. They watched and waited and paid enough attention to their kids to find out if their grades were suffering, which is expected when their mother is out sucking cocks by the bag. Once a pattern of bad grades were established, they hired a lawyer (that they were already saving for and getting prepared with) and struck.
      In both cases the kids are far better off now, one having grown up already and has a degree and a future.
      Women raised by single dads are also game proof.

      1. The other gold standard is anything that can be classified as abuse or neglect, or anything close to it. Mommy’s sucking too many cocks from quasi-pedophiles? Daddy has an opening.

        1. Don’t count on that. She’s a person with needs. That’s what the judge apparently told the dad who was married to the slut next door. He got tired of hearing his 5 year talking about mom sucking and fucking random male “friends” when she had the kid.
          The most chiding mom got was to keep it in the bedroom.

      2. “Women raised by single dads are also game proof.”
        Women raised by single Dads have the world at their fingertips – like they’ve activated a cheat on a computer game.

        1. I think he means that a dad worthy of the name will look after and educate his daughter so that she’s going to behave with self-respect and will consequently be treated better as a result

        2. They get the physical, intellectual and spiritual benefits of being raised by their Dad + the societal benefits of being a woman.
          It’s having your cake AND eating it

        3. You are correct sir. I’ve personally seen that happen. I had an ex whose parents split when she was 13, lived with her ratchet mother until 17, then lived with daddy.
          He was a superior parent by a country mile, but he treated her WAY too much like a princess. Soon as she moved in, she went from being docile, submissive, sweet, and kind of lovely, to being “assertive” (see: demanding and aggressive) and thinking she was the one calling the shots.
          What would generally be considered decent parenting on her dad’s part only made her more entitled, bratty, whiny, self-important, and self-serving because it combined with her privilege of being able to get away with almost anything.
          Needless to say, I dumped that bitch. A lot changes in 2 and half years. I got better, she got worse.

        4. True, but it only works in a society that DOESN’T pedestalize women and teach them that they can do anything they want and deal with zero consequences.
          Daddy’s boundaries mean nothing if society gives her the go-ahead, and that’s the problem with good fatherly parenting in our society: it’s a great thing, but it makes a toxic mixture when combined with the general privileges women have,

        5. Depends on the dad. My bet is actually women who are raised solely by single dads often come out pretty solid

        6. But any dad worth his salt is going to keep the social benefits in check during their adolescence. One of the best things any parent can do for their daughter

    4. literally the only thing a woman could tell me that is more off-putting than being divorced is that she has a kid. fuck that, I’m out

      1. Seriously. Huffpost rarely if ever allows comments. Guess they are too afraid people will call them out.

    5. Shame them at every opportunity. Whether it’s in public or on the internet.
      Fuck political correctness.
      Go ahead and say it. D.R.I.:
      Go ahead and say it! what have you got to lose?
      Go ahead and say it! no need to hold back
      Go ahead and say it! voice your opinion
      Go ahead and say it! while you still have the right
      Why keep it all bottled up inside?
      Say it loud and at least you’ve tried
      Someone hears and you’re on your way
      Something on your mind you have to say
      Say it! go ahead and say it!
      Shout and let it out
      Go ahead and say it! say it!
      Go ahead and say it! don’t care what others think
      Go ahead and say it! let your thoughts be known
      Go ahead and say it! voice your opinion
      Go ahead and say it! while you still have the right
      Living your life like you’re satisfied
      Hold your tongue and you swallow your pride
      Peaceful and golden as silence may be
      There are some thoughts you’ve just got to set

    6. This is only tangentially related but it’s to head off “no marriage evar” types.
      The odds of divorce are not 50% and are easy to mitigate. Obviously if you don’t want to be married then that’s your business but trying to craft a philosophy out of it based on inaccurate data (that’s my real gripe) is wrong.
      Which is what MGTOWs did in this video by Spawktalk, where his dispassionately lays out his case and later does a response to Stardusk over this video.
      If you want more info on what I mean just watch the following and the next video which is on cohabitiation and hypergamy.
      This is without any manospherian insights so it can be improved by all means.

    7. It’s another example of how women can openly get away with “empowering” themselves. If the roles were reversed in this situation, then you would have SJWs pounding on HuffPos door to remove the article.
      What the article should have pointed out is that all of the points are to benefit mom…so mom can go out, get laid, may all of (bad) decisions, etc…without dad “interfering” in it. Blair makes a valid point…look at all of those stable kids that we have out there, today, due to that strong, single mom raising them (sure).
      These points are 5 more points on how mom can get back to the dating scene at any cost (even to the kids). A new “dad” every month….so mommy doesn’t have to spice things up with daddy. Women are delusional. It’s always all about them (rationalizing)…never forget it.

      1. Of course the man is at fault for the wife cheating, because he cant spice up their sex life. Maybe if the wife dropped a few pounds and tried spicing up sometimes.

      2. Any woman with half a brain would choose to spice things up with ONE man rather than sleeping with different men every week.
        Where is the pair bonding and joy in going to bed with so many different men all the time? Spicing up married sex reinforces the bond that a husband and wife should share, which results in strong intact families. Of course, selfish feminists are so psychologically damaged that they think there is satisfaction in promiscuity. It’s just makes me sick.

    8. My first thought after seeing that was “women like this should be sterilized”. But alas, you beat me to it. Well done sir.

    9. Child abuse exactly. Especially if there is a little girl involved. By the time she’s 8-9 she’ll have at least some clue to her moms cum dumpster behavior.

  3. The people at Huff Post really are degenerates that celebrate all things wrong with Western society. How is breaking up your family and betraying vows you took with someone something to celebrate an be proud off? My parents split when I was young (my dad actually raised me) an I can tell you for a fact it’s not good for a childs mental well being when they are young to have there parents apart an not loving each other. You go girlism an modern feminists have reached the point where they don’t even give a fuck about their kids, it’s all about having a good time an feeeels.

    1. Yes, huffpo has a hate boner for western civ. I forget where I read it recently, but someone was mocking the huffpo religion section which is article after article of LGBT stuff.

    2. It’s the privilege of not having to be the guardians against real trouble or evil outside modern fictional garbage.
      It’s the privilege of not having to think 4 or 5 steps ahead of everyone else to solve real problems or force new strategems. It’s the privilege of not having to conceive & build tangible functional things for civilization.
      It’s so much easier to sound the proverbial bullhorn & demand attention. Like an abbatoir of retarded children.
      A part of me thinks in biblical rationalization. Forgive them for they don’t know any better. The rest of me does not know what to think.

      1. It’s the privilege of having a pussy pass for everything an being able yo blame everything on men.

    3. Let me guess: the comments on this article are disabled at huffpo?
      This huffpo article is so evil that it almost seems like one of us wrote it and submitted it to huffpo to troll them.

      1. The one big redeemable quality western women have is loving their kids, looks like feminism now wants to discourage that in the name of girl power. A women who abandons her husband, causes psychological damage to her child an decides having good time riding the carousel an partying is more important than her childrens needs an families isn’t worth shit. But that’s feminism for you.

        1. I refuse to believe forty years of feminism would turn generations of women against children. I believe feminism opened the door for true female nature to come through. Children are a mans legacy, they take on his name after all. Women inherently know that to destroy a mans legacy and his name is the worst thing they could do and have been doing so throughout history. I do not believe this is a feminism problem. It is a true female narcissistic and selfish nature problem.

        2. I’m not sure about that, I believe a woman’s natural instinct is to nurture an care for her children. I think feminism recognizes it as a trait they don’t like coz they want women being carousel ridding careerists so they are trying to destroy it. Then again I’ve worked in schools for years an the women I’ve worked with there had genuine nurturing feelings towards kids an most of them had a family, my view may be different if I worked with stockbroker women.

        3. Well, if their nature can be not only swayed but completely eradicated in forty years, something is definitely wrong with them biologically.

  4. The left is so deluded in its narcissism and selfishness.
    Even in the best of circumstances children of divorce lose big.

  5. Women like this aren’t single if the father still pays for everything. Dudes that don’t get a prenup deserve this.

    1. Prenups don’t mean much these days. A divorcing woman can simply throw a pity party for a judge and the prenup won’t be worth the paper on which it is written.
      Also, if there are children involved, the amount of child support can be so high that it is de facto alimony, even if there is no official alimony order in place.

    2. A female judge will see a prenup as an offensive, sexist move by the husband. “How dare you plan for a divorce?” Men are the villains in divorce court no matter what. Child support isnt protected by a prenup either.

    3. You might as well set the prenup on fire the second you knock a woman up. Judges will cram alimony in through child support. Which is worse than alimony because at least with alimony you get to deduct it on your taxes.

  6. This is where the struggle for me. I want a traditional, feminine wife but I believe no longer exist (at least in the West), these articles are scary because they celebrate ostracizing the father and emotionally crippling the children so that the woman can be free to do what she wants. How f*cked up is that.
    So I pursue game instead. Its safer and the chase can be exhilarating. The dangers can be ridiculously few or many. I’ve had guys want to fight me because I was flirting and getting numbers/kisses, I once had 6, yes, 6 guys waiting outside a club to fight me…not a pleasant experience but I was able to get out of it without punches being thrown (I pointed at one guy and said, if its going to go off I’m going to focus on your pretty little face and pound the f*ck out of it, you guys will kick the shit out of me but I will ensure you are personally f*cked up). I’ve had women get into arguments at the bar over who was talking to me first and have had friends intervene to tell them not to talk to me. I’ve left bars with stunning women, not so stunning women, and sometimes alone.
    My point, game has its ups and downs but those are immediate and can be dealt with in the moment. Marriage/divorce is a no win for a man and these new “Why its better to be alone” articles for women simply contribute to the no win situation (and how blatantly obvious it is).

    1. I have a traditional feminine wife. Although she is still a woman and a sinner, my marriage is amazing and our children are a joy. Don’t give up hope.

  7. How depressing is this woman? She’s just doing the typical broken woman act of desperately trying to sugarcoat her shitty life by bringing up a bunch of useless studies and celebrity examples. How about a study on how fucked up divorced children are later in life? Especially if they dont have a consistent father figure.

  8. So, this is what happens when women aren’t wanted? They justify whoring, pumping and dumping, and leading their children into lives of powerful loneliness? At some point, would it not be simpler, to not only learn game and shame these women by removing their access to easy sex. And by these women, I mean, the women we’d typically rate in the 4-7 bracket. Because clearly no one wants them for the long haul so they in turn want to burn it so women own the dumping. You can tell this woman is only raising the children in the hopes that they add to her own power and reflect her beliefs onto the world.

    1. So, this is what happens when women aren’t wanted?

      These women were clearly wanted at some point, which is why someone wifed them up. However, as the article points out, divorces are initiated by the same women most of the time.
      If you as a guy knew this about a woman like this, you’d be wise to “not want her” either, especially if she affirms this type of sordid lifestyle as being “good.”

      1. By initiating a divorce, barring physical violence or some life threatening instance, it is clearly about women who decided they changed their minds and their partner wasn’t worth the effort. But this may be a smokescreen. Notice what she praises. All aspects of power that places her in control. The minute she got children she decided, my job is done, now off to start my own kingdom with my new subjects. They’re forced to love me after all. And she can poisoon their minds as she sees fit.

    2. Women can rationalize ANYTHING. She coulda just been diagnosed with Hepatitis A thru C and she will still find a way to say this “makes her a stronger wiser person”.

  9. “women should let their husbands have the final say on important matters.”
    The game is already up if we are asking women this. There should be no questioning of male dominance.

    1. Narcissists aren’t capable of seeing how constantly leaning on such relations for money is the number one cause of isolation. Who wants to hang out with someone who chooses to not plan for the inevitable or support themselves.

    2. Oh yeah, great idea shake down you family and friends, hey what are friends for. And as for the “family”, um, what “family”…you fucking idiots destroyed it.

      1. Narcissists. The same assholes who, after seeing you’ve just bought something really nice for yourself or that you have a large amount of money, will ask you for money because “you have plenty.”

  10. Just be grateful the west can no longer financially support this blatent immoral thinking.
    The party is nearly over.

    1. Really. I mean think back growing up, the 5 or 10 most emotionally fucked up kids all through school were the ones with single parents, guaranteed

      1. I divorced my son’s bitch of a mother and I am with him 24/7. I take him to professional development soccer and help him with his homework. If I didn’t step up and sacrifice my personal life, that kid would be messed up.

        1. No, ALMOST always. There are a percentage of fathers who are substance addicted and / or violent. When I was a kid, there was one kid in school whose dad was a hardcore alcoholic. There was a couple of others with similar problems. They are the minority, but they do exist. Let’s not be like feminists and sweep the problems under the rug.
          Bad fathers do exist. They are not numerous. Most fathers love their children and would do anything, stay in a shitty relationship or even die for them without a second thought. Women are typically selfish. They will not sacrifice (truly) in many cases for the children, but many will die for them. In particular if she’s beyond the age of having more.

        2. My cousin has 3 kids. He divorced a year ago but luckily got full custody. Then again the exwife wanted to go to a bunch of sex parties and see male strippers. But the kids will be safe with him.

        3. my ex wanted more and demanded more. I got a vasectomy in secret until the right time to throw her out. One bad marriage and one kid is enough. I cannot see how guys keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

        4. Yes, in a country with about 300,000,000 more people than it will ever need, you will find several bad examples of anything and everything. It’s called The Law of Large Numbers.

        5. Yes, and we should never (ever) paper over or excuse the bad. They should be held out as the bad example, so others see it isn’t tolerated.

        6. Some guys although wont admit it…just dont like to live alone..basically have to be in a relationship.

        7. See the difference in a single dad versus a single mom. It truly is about the kid, first.
          My brother is the same way with my niece.

        8. Dog vs Cat my friend. Loyal male (dog) sacrificing himself for the sake of someone else’s future vs a female (cat) expecting all around her to revel in her narcissism. The little girl will become great simply based on being near her mother. That’s the extent of the explanation you’re given as the child becomes subject to whatever life the mother wishes to lead.

        1. I live in Canada, so yes, the vast majority of single parents are moms. The divorce courts here have a policy to fuck up as many lives as possible.

    2. It’s absolutely disgusting women advocate this. There is a mountain of research compiled nationwide over decades detailing the negative consequences children of single mother’s face.
      Women who advocate being single moms and praise it as being something good, should probably just teach their kids to smoke cigarettes and encourage them to be morbidly obese as well.
      But then again, every good lefty is more than willing to sacrifice the children for the benefit of the adult.

      1. She’s broke and alone so she needs money and other women who will flock to her for validation.

      2. None of the five points she made had anything to do with the kids. Just her life revolving around herself.

      3. This is another “feel good” article from a mom telling herself (and her girlfriends) how it’s ok to feel (and be) selfish. That is what this article is really promoting. It’s saying all of the nice stuff on the surface but anyone can see that it’s a pretty selfish move by an adult to have more “me” time.
        I thought improving the lives of the kids came first….nope.

    3. My formative years were during the rise of the “divorce era” where suddenly it was the popular thing to do.
      I was raised by two parents. With Generation X, your parents were either hippies from the 1960s OR if they had kids later in life, from the WWII generation. My parents were born in the 1930s but I was a teenager in the 1980s.
      So what went on around me was this: my peers were in homes that were in the process of breaking. This meant that friends who were at one point normal were suddenly going off the rails. I’m talking from as early as age 9 here. The kids I was growing up with would, for example, be normal when they say left for summer break, but when school started again in September and the family broke say in July-August, then it was as if this seemingly normal classmate or old friend came back an entirely different person and seemingly demon-possessed.
      And not just boys. In my early teens I watched sweet “girl next door” types become voracious cock-sucking drug hoes with all the trappings of cruelty to boot. They had one thing in common: divorced parents. And I even saw it later, almost like some gland secreted a slut hormone the moment their father was sent packing.
      It was a horror. Imagine “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” but instead of pods and people being replaced by emotionally flat pod people it was kids in divorced families and the friends and colleagues would come out of that with all sorts of issues ranging from being entirely soulless to outright Dark Triad.
      All because someone planted some feminism pods in the back yard.

      1. I was a kid in the 80s and a teenager in the 90s and I recognise those behaviour changes/patterns too.

        1. Some years ago (I was an activist from 1984 to 1993) I told my nephew in Mexico City what happened to kids when their mom dumped the dad. He said he had friends whose dads were tossed out and they got “really strange” so he didn’t want to run around with them any more.

      2. Good post dj…..and spot on analogies. What was also amazing was how absolutely clueless these mothers were as to why their kids were so screwed up. I saw good fathers just torn apart, alienated from their kids by court decree and their ex-wives bad mouthing them around the kids 24/7. I never married and after seeing what some of my friends went through with divorces and what some of them turned into staying married – absolutely no regrets here.

      3. In college I was dating this girl (lets call her X), who was living with her single mom. Her parents had divorced recently, and she had turned into a slut in a short time. She basically gave herself away to any guy for pumping and dumping, and that’s how I got her, because I was a beta back then, and rarely got any girl. I got her because she was too easy. What I observed while dating her that she was severely disturbed. In a drunken encounter once she told me how much she wanted to see her dad, and wanted both her parents to be together under one roof. When we quit dating, we still remained close friends, and sometimes when she visited my house and saw my parents together, observing traditional sex roles, I could she that she ached for her parents to be together. She often told me, how much she liked my parents and loved to see them interacting like “mommy and daddy”. Although this girl remained a slut, and was keeper of the term “easy” around college, I felt very, very bad for her and still do. Her mother just made a selfish choice (she was the initiator of the divorce), and this girl had to suffer terribly. But of course in the mainstream media you will never hear of how much stress children go through just because of selfish parents, how much children ache for the traditional parents, and how they are torn apart when they in their own little minds try to rationalize who, mommy or daddy was wrong and whose side they should be on. It’s just brushed under the rug. It’s a shame for us all. As adults we have failed our own precious little children.

    4. Even in HS, we knew that girls from divorced homes were easier lays than the girls with two parents in the house.
      No father there cleaning the 12 gauge when you picked her up.

    5. Dude, we all know that: women feelz > child welfare. It’s maths and stuff….

    6. Right. Let’s get divorced and make life easier (and better) for mommy. Who cares about the kids…as long as mommy doesn’t have to compromise (at all), she gets the financial assistance (from government, family or friends, and divorce court from daddy) – who needs him.
      Now, she can run out and get a new daddy each week for the kids (cause that’s about as long as he is going to stick around for her). And let’s not talk about the abuse that the kids may suffer at the hands of one of these strangers…it’s all about her.
      The elephant in the room that no women likes to discuss.

      1. Anything to do with negative female behavior or personality traits is an elaphant in the room. Everyone knows females do bad things but no mainstream outlet will openly state it or point it out as a problem, men on the other hand cop 24/7 hate.

    7. Children of divorce either grow up thinking it’s their fault or they grow up hating the father who the mother says “left her”

    8. And anyone who doesn’t believe women hate children can watch my YouTube video on the subject for more.

    9. Not to mention the incarceration rates of people who were raised in a single parent home.

  11. What’s really funny is this tart doesn’t know she’s merely easy prey for people like my single mates, and that they have literally no respect for her whatsoever.
    Single Mums out on the pull for one night stands. Scraping though the bottom of the barrel.

  12. Personally, I’ve long since rejected this culture. Call in place secession or whatever. I’m out, period. I come from a divorced family, IT is the single biggest “issue” in my life, it has haunted my life. I didn’t have a Dad etc. Now, I do not want anyone sympathy, but, I cannot sit still and watch this fucking gibberish occur today. Divorce is NOT a good thing its fucking horrible. Unlike these fucking privileged sjw’s I don’t want to have “issues”. And to promote divorce??? I’m sorry I just can’t find the words, but perhaps this will do, we are, after all, a society that seems to be moving towards the open acceptance of pedophilia.

  13. …haha……. until the single mom hits 30+ and falls in love with an alpha who,likes access to the easy pussy but doesn’t want the baggage that comes with it.

    1. Been there, done that. I´m 28 and I was dating about a year ago a 30 year old single mom. To make the story short, I was banging her and seeing her only at nights at her house. She was taking shit to seriously, saying that she imagined herself with me for all her life and shit like that. Until one day I told her BOLDLY:
      “I would never raise another man´s kid, and you are not my type of woman, and definitely I would never marry a woman like you.” Haven´t heard of her since.

      1. You need to post this about 834 times consecutively in the huff po comments section .

        1. The bitch even tried to compare herself to my mother. Quote: “Why do you hate single moms? Your mother is a single mom.” I was like WTF?!?! My mom is a WIDOW, she is not bound by stupid mistakes like you did. All my brothers and myself were born inside a marriage institution, which after 17 years was ended by death.

        2. Correct. And I am sorry about your father. I lost mine a while back and my mother last year, but it was a fantastic marriage and family…the way it should be.

      2. I was gonna say “unfortunately now the game ends.”
        But desperate single moms who’ll do anything in bed aren’t in short supply anymore. NEXT!

      3. All we need is a lot more men not afraid to call it the way you did, man. Nicely done.

      4. you got what you wanted and she didn’t. Her only resolution now is alcohol and medications.

        1. Well… but it didn´t go unanswered, she told me that I was an immature
          prick and that I was uncapable of bringing hapiness to other peoples
          lives.That was so wrong with loving her kid, and shit like that.
          AS far as I remember, Males (IN GENERAL ANIMAL KINGDOM) kill other offspring so they can pass their genes. I think we should all be thankfull in general that we are not animals.
          BTW, she is on PROZAC. E

        2. she told me that I was an immature
          prick and that I was uncapable of bringing hapiness to other peoples

          Heh… That coming from a woman who made a baby with someone who wasn’t husband material and who obviously slept around with men whose character she couldn’t discern, that must have been a nice belly laugh.
          You did right staying away from the kid… They hit up sex partners of single moms for child support now.

        3. Its a sad state of affairs. Decades of data prove single moms do not raise well adjusted kiddies- so why roll the dice on this?
          Boy probably becomes a criminal or a pussy
          Girl probably becomes a whore or feminist or both.

        4. also once the child support runs out the 40 + single mom finds another suitor to sink her claws into. Again this goes back to the white knighting. If that stopped, single mothers would be outcasts once again like they were during most of the 20th century.

        5. You know what? She made fun of the guy, she used to mock up about the guy wanting to marry up but she didn´t want to because she was too young. I guess karma is a bitch right.?

        6. Soviet Russia had no-fault divorce for a few decades. Results were disasterous, so they did away with it. So why was this allowed in the West??? Hard for me to believe the powers that be wouldnt know the same outcome would happen here too…

        7. This idea that women can have children and then get married to a different guy will be the ruin of them.

        8. She didn’t want to marry young because there were too many more “good years” on the cock carousel for her to ride.
          Then, she was looking for a partner (heading towards the wall) with baggage and no one wanted that “used car” with high mileage. Classic.

    1. Wait a minute…I know that “Jen Sterger” I think Ive seen “her” before..lmfao

    2. Wow not even gracious enough to give more than immediate notice too.
      Of course with white knight manginas like that loser above why should she?

      1. and she liked my post because I demanded payment (in the form of pizza) but she dissed the mangina.

        1. LOL…completely dissed him…but came after you again. Like clockwork. And then he send another followup about paying for it…lmfao..

    3. Funny thing is, the last time I wanted to break out my truck and help a woman, the woman was a lesbian but a rather cool person to hang around with and I was in no way “getting some” from such white knighting. Yet I was more motivated to help her than any average cum dumpster I know.

  14. I wonder if she would feel the same if it cost her half of her assets and lost of custody if she pisses off her ex?

    1. The kids are with the father and she is paying 1850 month for the next 14 years. I would like to read that article on how great being a single mom is then.

    2. Heh. We all know the answer to that.

      That these women are angry is to be expected: men don’t like paying alimony either, and writing a check every month has long been, for men, one of the prime impediments to postmarital bliss. But their reaction also suggests that women, while eager to benefit from progress and expanded opportunities, are not so willing to accept the more painful consequences of our success.

      1. From that Time article – Wives paying alimony to husbands:
        “Now that the separate-spheres marriage has been replaced, in many cases,
        by the dual-earner version, there is a move to abolish permanent
        alimony altogether.”
        So women wanted equality, they wanted the opportunity to make (and take) the jobs that men held but when they’re asked to pay alimony in a divorce they want to lead a charge to abolish it, altogether.
        You can’t make this shit up. They want all of the goodies from the past without the obligations that come with the new role in society. They want to earn more and they don’t want to pay.
        And men are the entitled ones? Funny shit.

        1. I forgot about that… the current push for “alimony reform” isn’t coming from men who are sick of paying alimony but from the second wives who are sick of paying alimony to the first wives lol.

  15. Jesus fucking Christ, this is depressing. I can’t believe I have to read something like this. There are so many things wrong, I don’t know where to begin.

      1. Normally I would LOL at your comment, but i’m too deeply disturbed after having just read this article.

        1. But first and foremost every man must have a passport and use it at the first sign of attack from a woman. Once the criminal proceeding start, the first thing they do is pull your passport. In divorce cases if you are fairly sure you will be unable to keep up your (wildly excessive) child support payments you must flee the country before the courts pull your passport. Once the $ amount of back CS payments reaches the (low) limit they will pull your passport. The courts and women are well aware that they have you by the short hairs, and they don’t want you to escape their retribution. They can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, but they can throw you in jail just for fun.
          A startling statistic in this day and age is that 80% of Americans have never had a passport. Don’t be one of these statistics; be prepared.

  16. If I were in charge, Gawker and Huffpo bloggers would be lined up against a wall and shot

  17. “We tease, experiment and explore the bawdy awareness of every new lover.”-Huff Po

    Oh yeah, and get to try all the trendiest new STDs! (Oh, I know, I know… you ALWAYS wear a condom. Sure you do, we all do… right? )

    1. Hookers always use condoms, the liberated sluts never do and have never asked me to wear one.

      1. Anytime I’ve ever have had a condom break during sex, I’ve never had a “liberated” slut stop me or say anything. I know they can tell the difference between latex and a raw cock. They didn’t care.

        1. “I know they can tell the difference between latex and a raw cock.”
          That’s what they tell you when they’re trying to baby trap you.

        2. in fact one “educated” liberated slut begged me to fuck her in the ass because she liked the way I hurt her. She eventually found a mangina to marry her.

    2. Women are fucking horrible about condom usage. One of my friends was married to a real cow, 5′ 155lbs. Cow shut off sex, so he goes off for a side piece. Lady in his class at school, not on any birth control apparently (her own admission) lets him raw dog her begging him to finish inside her. No, she didn’t want to be pregnant – she had plan b in a drawer. She knew his wife and thought she was a bitch, and when she found out the sex was turned off, she turned it back on, taking him into her bed.
      He freaked out when she initially told him she wasn’t on anything. That’s when it comes to the fore: she hates condoms. Not allergic to them, she just hates them because they “don’t feel right” to her. She wouldn’t use any hormonal bc either except if a guy creamed in her, which got you on her naughty list apparently. She only let my friend finish inside of her for a couple of nights (because of the plan b) after that she finished him with her mouth.
      That ended badly. She thought (as a divorced mommy) she could steal him away from his wife. Without kids it might have worked. He’d rather go sexless for weeks than not see his kids. When he didn’t leave, at some point she got pissy and stopped talking to him. Not before the whole guilt trip “I let you cum in me” speech bullshit. He felt bad and I told him she probably lets every guy do that so she can use it against him emotionally. He should consider his stupid ass lucky she didn’t get knocked up on purpose.

      1. When I was 19 my mother of all people warned me about my then girlfriend having incentive to being knocked up despite us both at the time having no money (but I was in junior college and in theory had a future). This general mistrust/paranoia led me to eventually becoming good friends with Trojan. I notice the 1989+ generation seems to on average have an aversion to condoms. I try to correct the girls and explain its for everyone’s best interest but at least two of them have fought tooth and nail against the idea until I pinned them down and had at it wrapped up. Wtf, bitches?

  18. I’ve been reading, off and on, “Slouching Towards gomorrah” and it mentioned how the left had enclaves and archipelagos that they used to hunker-down in, as it were, during the early 1960s.
    Not that we should be emulating the left, but, that’s a good starting point for people like us and ROK is very much a enclave, archipelago or oasis. Just keep it up. In a right leaning nation, where the policies of the left are failing all around us we may have to run for cover for now but I suspect we’ll soon find our enclaves over crowded.

  19. 6) You only have to make half the bed.
    7) As many cats as you like.
    8) More shelf space in the bathroom.
    9) Nobody to witness you polishing out the sleep-eye gunk in the morning!

    1. #7 isn’t true. I know a spinster (not a divorcee) she had 9 cats and was getting into fights so much with her neighbors over them that she had to agree to a 5 cat maximum to keep the peace.

  20. Wow. Full moral sewer is correct. It’s really a testament to the state of things when this kind of thing is glorified and made to sound like something one should aspire to. 100% of what she’s talking about is indicative of simple incompatibility. I am in a healthy marriage. My wife and I have a little boy. The author of the HuffPo article, her thinking is all wrong. Only a child is worried about always getting their way. Adults debate using intelligent thought. My wife and I don’t agree on everything. Shocker. You have to learn how to disagree. Both of us assert ourselves, but we both also show humility and respect for the other to be open to the other’s point of view. If you’re bitching about things like whether or not a child should have desert or not, your thought patterns simply aren’t the same, and that should’ve been apparent in other ways before you ever decided to wed. While I don’t advocate knock-down drag-out fighting in a marriage at all, much less in front of your child, I believe it’s important to show your children the correct way to resolve conflict so they don’t grow up to be an adult spoiled brat that no one wants to be around. The author also mentions a constant need for married couples to “spice it up” in the bedroom. Really? Here again, incompatibility. You should know if your wife or husband is a good lay long before you’re walking down the aisle. Our sex life is just as great today as it was when I met my wife over 10 years ago. I do understand that, sometimes, sex just falls apart in a marriage. Why is that? In the HuffPo author’s case, at least, how much do you want to bet that she put on the pounds and her husband’s dick went limp? I pull this assumption from the fact that she saw fit to name divorce as a great way to lose weight vs. honoring the vows she took and taking care of herself. When you look at it like that, the pieces start to fit, don’t they? Marriage and co-parenting can be great and contrary to popular belief, effortless, as long as you pick the right partner.

  21. this is the type of broad who is going to take a handful of pills when she realizes she is worth shit. lol!! ” lets be positive all the time”!! fuck the truth I’m doing it my way!!! (sarcasm)

  22. “In fact, based on the latest Census Bureau statistics, there are over 14 million single parent households with children under the age of 18. That is a lot of people and a good reason to celebrate.”
    And how many of those parents THEMSELVES are under the age of 18, you fucking keyboard jockey pseudo-intellectual jackass???
    Clearly just another bitter, skullfucked, pumped-and-dumped Americunt piece of trash on a Castration Crusade based on her own poor choices that she’s projecting upon The Republic. Not even worth listening to, just like all the rest of them. An Yperite bath sounds about right for her!

  23. ” Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. ”
    This just proves women are self-centered, not one thought about her kids well-being because this feminist society taught women their feeling outweigh others, fact,logic,reality and common sense.
    Women are brainwashed with this me-me entitled mentality, after years of Oprah pushing victim-hood, single-mother godhood and that divorce is liberating even though its proven not, and when it all fails the blame falls at the feet of the man.
    Manginas will gush with joy, white knights will blush with pride and the gaggle of friends will tell her she hot,strong and deserve blah blah female bullshit blah blah “hugz”. So she walks around with her “Man” list throwing her half stretched out vagina hoping to catch some poor sap that’s after years of the old “P&D”. With the reality of the wall and 35 at the door, she will bemoan ” Where Have All the Good Men Gone? “.

  24. Those all sound great for the mom, but she left out all the benefits the children of single moms receive. This isn’t just about the moms, kicking dad to the curb is good for the kids, too!
    This is what the kids get out of it:
    Higher rate of high school dropouts
    higher rate of college dropouts
    higher rate of not attending college in the first place
    higher rates of poverty
    higher proclivity towards teen promiscuity,
    higher incidents of teen pregnancy
    more of them unmarried with children of their own (furthering this cycle)
    higher rates of drug use
    higher rates of alcoholism
    higher rates of incarceration
    higher risk of being abused as a child
    higher risk of being involved in an abusive relationship in adulthood
    increased chance of running away from home
    higher rates of homelessness
    increased incidents of teen suicide attempts and successes
    increased chance of behavioral issues
    And that’s not even the whole list.
    So while single mom is living the life and deciding soccer over volleyball, getting banged by a new guy every week, and sleeping diagonally on the bed, don’t ever forget all the benefits the children receive.

    1. Is it time for a MTGOW host to invade and pillage that liberal cesspool called HuffPo?
      I’m down.
      What would the Cossacks do to those white knights, feminists, and manginas?
      I don’t think they’d sit down for a ‘conversation’.
      I’m thinking more along the lines of swordplay, burning, looting, pillaging, and other stuff.

      1. It would be like GI Joe going to war with the care bears.
        Bear blood would be spilled!

  25. It’s garbage like this that makes me not want to marry. Marriage is no longer holy matrimony; it’s just the seed to female narcissism.

    1. Ever hear the platitude “I didn’t marry my husband for his money, I divorced him for it!”? There ya go. Repeat all day, every day!

  26. Geez, it’s as though Kerri Zane is advocating American moms to act more like Norma Bates, with complete disregard to the mental well-being of children.

    1. Like someone said on another forum:
      Patriarchy = Women and children first
      Feminism = He for She

      Notice how feminism is basically patriarchy, minus the concern for children. it’s all very sad 🙁
      — Jill From Bolton

  27. That is a sickening article.
    It sells the idea of being happy, healthy and independant by fucking a husband and a father over and relegating him to weekend baby sitting duty while she rides a cock carousel. Promoting this shit as an acceptable alternative is bullshit.
    “It’s a lifestyle!”
    Wonder what his side of the story is.
    Destroy a family, destroy a nation.

    1. Destroy a family, destroy a nation
      Mission accomplished.
      You guys ever watch that old tv “The Wonder Years”? Shit seems mythical at this point…

      1. All coming of age stuff does now.
        All that’s left in various guises is hedonism, greed and narcissism.
        These manifest at age 6 or younger now.
        Parenting today is an uphill battle to fight off the outside world.
        Kids come out with language that would have gotten me killed. If I showed my parents attitude, I’d get smacked around the head. If I showed adults disrespect in the street I’d get my ass kicked .

        1. That tv show seems as plausible as paul bunyon with his blue ox. Did a mom like that even exist? She never yelled, her looks of disappointment were usually enough to correct Kevin’s behavior (not all manipulation is bad).

        2. It portrayed a vague way of life that I recognised in outline 25 years ago, for sure

      2. Yeah, family shows are all but dead. Thank god I grew up in the 80s and early 90s when the last of those shows were still on air.

    2. @socoloco
      I as a younger man was on the beneficial end of that situation, I’m very wary of it happening to me because of it.

  28. There is so much disorder here i hardly know where to begin, although i shouldn’t be surprised given that this article references a view that originates on Huffpo aka the mcdonalds of far left banality.
    Everything this female speaks of is essentially non compos mentis. It’s born from a vanity firmly rooted in a narcissistic personality disorder that divorces itself from reality by promoting a carefully constructed psychological matrix in which she alone is god.
    From the need to avoid justification of her beliefs (point 1 and a sign of avoidant personality disorder) to believing that relationships are essentially meaningless (point 2 and a clear sign of immaturity) to feeling that her views are so enlightened as to be worthy to be passed on to her children (point 3 and a possible delusional disorder here) as well as a belief that hopping from one lover to another is normal (point 4 and a possible sign of hypersexuality) and finally a specious understanding of facts (point 5 and again, delusional) it’s obvious miss zane is clearly living in a world of her own making in which her beliefs make sense to her and only those who subscribe to the same school of narcissism she does.
    I’m enclosing a picture of her here, so people can see what kind of person gives birth to psychoses such as these.
    This is her at her normal state before she applies the 10 lbs or so of cosmetics in order to make herself look slightly less alien.
    Here is her website, where you too can order your free “single mom superstar survival tool kit”….JOY!!
    This is daniel ramos the “hispanic expert” of ROK, reporting live from the internet 😀

    1. A kid with a face like this was in that old System of a Down video “Aerials”.
      She is clearly an alien/human hybrid.

    2. I went to the cited article and of course the comment section was closed…504 comments—likely due to unfavorable comments

    3. This is an issue that has been visited (and revisited) many times over the past decades….and the data still hasn’t changed.
      Children coming from a single parent home have disadvantages over a home that has both parents (see Bart’s list above for some of the reasons).
      I don’t care how many “feel good” articles these women write the data still remains the same. If it’s truly about the kids, first, then you try to work it out. If not, then it never was about the kids (all selfish reasons). It’s pretty obvious which reasons in this woman’s case (new daddy every week kids…..yay).

      1. It’s always in the eyes. It’s strange how few people can see it in others nowadays. The obvious crazies ok, yeah, but the more subtle shit most people seem to miss as of late. For example, I knew from the first time I saw his face in 2007 that Obama had some rather troubling psychological issues at work. Nobody saw it at the time, but you only had to watch him, especially his eyes and how they acted and reacted around people, to see it.

        1. Lying is another one that’s in the eyes, and I’m not talking about all the obvious ‘tells’ in the body language books, such as looking to the left when lying. people, especially women, get an odd look when lying.

    4. That is not the image of a human being.
      Did the lower part of her face spend an hour sucked into a Shop Vac?

  29. The HuffPost article’s premise seems similar to the ones celebrating faggotry in that it struggles to find reasons to celebrate what is ultimately wrong and destructive.
    Unilateral decisions? Whoring around? 49 minutes of sleep? Are you kidding me?
    Oh and who is fucking these used up cows? My current stable consists of a 22yo, a 25yo, and I’m supposed to see an old soon-to-be 25yo flame on Fri – none of which have reproduced. This isn’t that fucking hard people.

  30. This cunt is so far up her own ass she’s living in a parallel universe.
    The article is about why it’s better to be a divorced parent — PARENT being the key word here. The author is still a parent first and foremost, yet her solipsism and narcissism let her believe that these “5 reasons” are actually beneficial to her children and not just herself.

  31. The cop-out celebrity references are awesome. “B-b-b-b-b-b-b-but Tom Cruise and Demi Moore did it, therefore it’s justifiable!” Stupid fucking twat.
    Too bad Tom Cruise and Demi Moore didn’t also perform self-immolation…

  32. Sounds like some of the reasons used by my ex wife…good riddance – I don’t miss her.

  33. You notice that the female always gets the primary custody of the kid. Single MOMS are a fever swamp of dysfunction. The daughters grow up to be sluts or marry thugs. The boys of single moms are beta losers or gay. I wonder what the evidence is for single dads raising daughters or kids alone. I think single fathers would be superior than single moms….

  34. Facts suck to these people.
    Here’s one she won’t like:
    ~70% of single parent households live below the poverty level.
    What’s even better about your critique of her bullshit, is that her article does in fact prove that the liberal left wants to destroy everything traditional, including the nuclear family.
    If you ask me, as a man, one of the most if not THE most important thing you can do if you have kids, is make sure they’re raised right and provisioned to the best of your ability.
    Marrying sluts always ends up bad as has been said here many times, and I know from friends who did that who got divorce raped.
    This is a slut trying to validate her poor decisions.
    Nothing new to see here.

    1. as a man, one of the most if not THE most important thing you can do if you have kids, is make sure they’re raised right and provisioned to the best of your ability.
      If you have kids, that is absolutely your #1 priority.

      1. And the best way to do this is to be married to their mother, who stays at home to take care of them.

    2. Yes…all the stats are bad for single moms raising kids. I emphasize SINGLE MOMS . This was predicted by Sen Daniel Patrick Monyhian’s prescient paper “Defining Deviancy Down”

  35. These days, every relationship a woman has will have conditions, which feminism encourages. There is no such thing as unconditional love when it comes to women. They love their husbands and their children only when they feel it rather than doing it.

    1. It’s pathetic watching feminism turn women against men, but it’s disgusting watching these women sell their children out for their own temporary happiness.

    2. Women inherently hate men. This has nothing to do with feminism. The only reason why women “of old” appeared good was due to the strict religious and societal constraints that kept their true nature in check.
      Women never have and never will love men.
      Men are utilities and you don’t love a utility. Women love men like one loves a new car. They won’t love the car when it breaks down and will gladly trade it up for another.

  36. Just another Jewish cunt at Huff Post subverting our once-proud culture. Why be surprised at what these parasites write??

    1. Zios are disgusting. Their culture is inferior and they believe they must destroy the culture of others in order for theirs to thrive.

    1. No questions.
      So, you’re saying, that women make good decisions only after an impossible series of events occur? Got it.

  37. The destruction of the family )via fatherless homes and single motherhood) over the past 50 year has been the worst tragedy western civilization has ever experience. If it continues then western civilization will end. Permanently.

  38. 2015, the era of “family” is over. humanity is doomed. I like where i stand tho, i turned and gave my life to my GOD Jesus Christ. we are in the Last days.

    1. that’s a good thing you did for yourself, but there is no “last” days my friend. The Book Revelations is imagery as told by John, it is not meant to predict the future but of depictions and a more pictorial representation of evil losing and a new beginning that is wholesome. It does not mean we all get nuked or the Earth explodes.

      1. and man, just look at all the wild animal deaths they die by the millions its all predicted 2000+ years ago in the book of Hosea. the oceans are already destroyed. just wait few more years. there is soon not much left we can destroy

      2. David you should read more about what Jesus spoke of, which revelation expands on. Jesus spoke about the last days which include many of the things we are seeing now.
        There will come a final assault on humanity from the AC. The earth won’t blow up, but Jesus will come back to wipe out this evil once and for all, with the exception of satan who gets chained up for a 1,000 years before he finally gets his eternal punishment.

        1. Check the records. People have been saying it’s the last days since 33 AD. If you read the Bible it’s pretty clear that both John and Paul thought the Last Days would be in their lifetime. I don’t believe in any of that stuff.
          Also, Revelation wasn’t added in the New Testament until 100 years after the rest of the NT. Rome was under constant siege from barbarians and they thought it was the Last Days, so they added Revelation in for that reason. Previously it had been rejected in Nicea because it wasn’t considered a reliable scripture.

        2. I have. There are always going to be doomsayers who try to come off as prophets but that doesn’t discredit the very real finale of current human society as the bible depicts it.
          Also, Jesus spoke of the abomination of desolation that occurs after certain events have been set in motion. The earthquakes, and other calamities that Jesus spoke of had not yet come to pass in His lifetime, despite the perils that roman bound Christians had to endure.
          Christ spoke of false prophets coming in HIs name, so how could He have been speaking of his contemporary times, when He was the only Jesus around?
          You don’t have to believe of course, we are all free to believe what we like.

        3. We are fucked as a society, but I’m not the slightest bit convinced that the Bible has anything to do with it. The warning signs for the Last Days are VERY generic, and Jesus even says that the Last Days would happen before “this generation” passes (Matthew 24:34). Obviously, that’s what the author of that gospel thought, so he wrote it in. It’s an embarrassing line in the Christian Bible, but Christians are good at creating new interpretations (i.e. Ad Hoc Rescues), which are just plausible explanations that are very difficult to disprove. Jesus’ genealogy back to Adam (the first man) in Luke 3 is also embarrassing, unless you’re a young earth creationist, of course.

        4. “This generation” just as with other bible verses, isn’t necessarily meant to be taken literally. Jesus spoke in parables aka riddles the meanings of which defy scholars even to this day.
          Just as with the 7 days of creation, people interpret verses differently depending on the understanding that they use to interpret them. I take this verse to mean the generation of people following in Christ’s name, which would mean it was well beyond the time of his immediate peers.
          Not to say you are wrong, just asking that you keep your soul open just enough to at least entertain the possibility that i may be right.
          If not, it’s still fine with me. Scripture is not something that people of faith should be arguing about, but waxing exegetically over.

        5. Ah yeah, the old “don’t take it literally” ad hoc rescue. If you don’t take the Greek myths literally, they could be true too. 😉

        6. By Jesus returning, it means his Spirit, it is not a complete meltdown. That was already tried with Noah and humans still returned to their ways. This cycle will always repeat and that is the message of Revelations and Jesus. You will sin no matter what, because of original sin, but you don’t have to sacrifice bulls anymore, you just believe in The Christ.

        7. Well it’s all relative. Do i believe the bible? Yes of course. Do i believe that the manner of speech they used was always literal? Not necessarily, it depends on the context.
          After all, “Luk_17:35 Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left.”
          That can easily be taken by some with a dirty mind to mean something totally different…

        8. Using your logic, then we can’t trust anything in the Bible to be literally true. Maybe the Last Days aren’t literal? Maybe Jesus wasn’t literally divine? Maybe he didn’t literally rise from the dead? 😉 That’s the thing about Christians, you always have to resort to cherry-picking to make your theology work. You only say “don’t take it literal” when you’re confronted with an embarrassing hole in your theology, but when there isn’t a hole then we must take what is there literally.
          Of course, it is well known that the early Christians were convinced the Last Days would happen in their lifetime. Take the NT letter from the Apostle John…
          “Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.”
          -1 John 2:18
          Never happened.

        9. last days were events like the fall of Constantinople. That was a last day, historically, not the last day of humanity but the last day of a Christian Empire.

        10. Also, perhaps Jesus is speaking literally here, but we aren’t grasping the inflection he meant when he said it.
          The phrase “you had to be there” would certainly fit in this case.
          How many nuances of speech have been lost or otherwise mistranslated online because people were not sharing them in person?
          It’s the same in scripture. Unless we are there we cannot know for certain what Jesus truly meant. Given my examples of scriptural reference i believe i am correct, and you for your part do the same.
          We all come from different avenues in life, and like with traffic laws we are united under the law of Jesus while doing so. Where we end up is ultimately all that matters.

        11. Read my other comment before you pass superficial judgement from the comfort and convenience of an anonymous “guest” account.
          But to answer your remark here:
          Yes the bible speaks literally but does it always do so? No. Can you prove me wrong in that respect? I would like to see you try, since scholars have been debating this very thing for years, if not centuries.
          Just to set the record here i DO believe in literal interpretation of the bible, i just don’t believe that it necessarily has to be ALL literal…did not the apostles inquire of Jesus with confused looks precisely because he was speaking in figurative parables/riddles to them?
          Furthermore, the apostles were Men of strong Christian faith but are we to take their understandings as eclipsing the teachings of God/Jesus? Certainly not, given that they didn’t even understand everything He taught while He was in their presence. You are therefore using the NT letter of apostle John to seemingly make the claim that the bible is ONLY literal…and i disagree with that.
          Did they not believe that Christ would return soon, and within their lifetime?
          “Mat 3:1 In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea,
          Mat 3:2 And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
          How could John be preaching about the kingdom being at hand, when we know for sure that Jesus hasn’t yet returned?
          Could it be that John was speaking figuratively?That he was talking about ALL Christians, and not necessarily those living within his lifetime? That certainly makes sense, given the prophetic nature of apostles and scripture alike.
          Like i said we can agree to disagree, but i will thank you not to insult me while doing so, especially given that your “we” remark leads me to think you aren’t as well versed in the faith as you should be.

        12. That was because it was before the time that the Son of Man was to return to establish his kingdom on earth.
          Man when left to his own devices and thoughts will invariably fall astray from wisdom and do according to his own will. When Jesus comes back Man will no longer be under kings but under the King of Kings

        13. i see you know exactly that trying to extend the perspective of many (atheist) people is talking to a wall. they have a very closed perspective it´s not really their fault, most people just are not able do anything about it, its not their time (yet). many are called, but a few are chosen. most aren´t even called (yet).

        14. Yes. I was an atheist once myself, so i understand how they think better than they do with me.
          I don’t know if this “guest” fellow is atheist or not, perhaps he is agnostic.
          At any rate, i don’t like debating over scripture with others of the faith because it brings conflict among those of faith, which the bible condemns.
          We should speak fearlessly to the world using scripture, but with ourselves there should be peace and civility. I won’t speak superficial judgement on this guy, only righteous judgement once he reveals himself more.
          You are correct though…many are called, but few are chosen.

    2. What Dave wrote below is correct. All events eventually come to an end. This insanity will as well. Only question is how severe the unwinding will be, before things can stabilize and get back to their natural order.

  39. It Motivates You To Lose 30 Pounds

    -Ha! The joke’s on them. If you were getting fat with one man, what does that tell you? The next guy is gonna fatten you up all over again.

  40. I’d like to share some proof as to the bs nature of this huffpo writer using my own life as the resource:
    My Mother was single for a large portion of my early life, even though she dated often. I would hear her and my grandma talk about how there were no good men around, so that was her justification. She also treated me like shit for most of my young life and i use the word “shit” with no casual embellishment. As a child i noticed she whored around from man to man, sometimes in my presence. Not professionally, not to my knowledge at any rate. One time she wore a bikini and let some guy take pics of her…while i was in the room. Her parenting was unique, to say the least.
    As i grew into my early teens however she became religious and suddenly became the #1 christian alive. According to her i needed to be controlled because i was a boy and boys are ungodly. This entailed throwing garlic in my bookbag and sending me to school “blessed” so i could ward off evil spirits. It goes without saying that i would get f’d with often because of that, although on the bright side all the grief and occasional asskicking improved my fighting ability as a matter of school survival.
    Oh and i can’t forget the nightly bed of cushions she would fix for Jesus…while i slept on a worn out couch that dug into my back and left scars. Oh well…if suffering built character then i was blessed in that regard 🙂
    She was the Mother from “Carrie” i shit you not. My grandmother was even worse in that regard. I was stuck in the middle of an estrogen influenced hell that even Dante couldn’t have envisioned.
    She ran my life with all the subtlety of a drill instructor. My grandmother at least took a more lenient psychological approach to messing with me. They both seemed to think it funny to mentally torture me and beat me (that was my Mother’s main job) for “acting up” aka acting like an energized boy.
    They were religious nuts who unintentionally fused christianity, catholicism, and even hinduism into their religious life, and since i didn’t have a choice in the matter i got caught up right along with their quasi religious didacticism.
    My ill treatment continued for years until the birth of my sister 11 years after me. I expected her to go through the same thing… much to my surprise, she got treated like a princess and was spoiled shamelessly. I suppose her turning into a brat and acting accordingly shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me had i the wisdom then that i do now.
    Looking back i realized why she treated us differently…i bore a resemblance to my dad, which in my mother’s mind was a source of anger and bitterness. It makes sense that she would treat me badly. My grandma was just on board for the ride. I thought she was a witch…still do, somewhat.
    My dad for his part was hardly better. He left her shortly after my birth (according to her) because she didn’t listen to him when he told her to get an abortion.
    I used to think she was full of it whenever she would go off about him but then i met him at 14 and i realized he was a scumbag, even though she made him seem like a scumbag not for my benefit but just because i was someone she could vent to about him. He was involved in the drug trade (trust me on that) and operated out of a restaurant. He was also a womanizer who slapped female employees on the ass in front of me. My mother would rail about him often…back when she was trying to track him down for child support, mind you i was a little kid while she was doing it.
    One day she sends me to stay with him for a summer (because i was behaving badly but i didn’t see how even now) and he would slap me around in the restaurant, because i “acted” like a pansy. In retrospect i guess he was right, but how could i be anything but that when raised by two females?
    Not to bore you all with the long details but, he and i had our final falling out when he tested my heterosexuality by having one of his 20 something attractive waitresses try to bed me. I still remember the excuse: he closed up the restaurant early and had me stay with one of his waitresses (who lived close by) while he took care of other business.
    She put a porno on and it was an orgy, and my innocent 14 year old self thought it disgusting. I looked back at her unbuttoning her blouse and when she asked if i wanted to do that, i said “no.” She gave me a look like i had farted in church, and that was that. My dad picked me up and took me to his house with a shit eating grin on his face, which is how i knew he was in on it.
    Next day i awaken to the sound of him cursing and calling me a fag and homo in spanish…the beating that followed was the worst part of course.
    I wasn’t a homo, i didn’t even know what that meant. I just thought the orgy was gross. Ahh how innocent i was 🙂
    Anyway, we were pretty much done after that. He dropped me back off at my mother’s apt and dumped me with all the ease a guy does some girl he just pumped…threw a $20 at me and said he didnt want to see me anymore because i wasnt raised right. I suppose he was right about that much at least lol
    That was pretty much the last i heard of him, except for hearing through the family grapevine that he fled the US back to Colombia on drug charges. Don’t know if it was true or not.
    Given all this and much more, it’s no wonder then that i turned to atheism and dipped my toe in the philosophical pool of satanism in my late teens. I was fortunate that i had a love of knowledge even back then; it allowed me to channel my anger and frustrations into being the most intelligent human being alive…and yes, a narcissism developed from it.
    It seemed academic then once i hit legal age to pursue a career in the military, precisely the USMC. They have a high mortality rate which was great since my previous half assed suicide attempts didn’t work out. Plus i got to kill (or murder if you prefer) people without going to jail. I was sold lol
    There was a lot more i went through but this isn’t a pity party nor is it a self help exercise, since i’ve discussed it before elsewhere and came to terms with it.
    Sharing all this was enough to make my point, which is:
    Don’t EVER let your wife, girlfriend, sister daughter etc believe the bs that a single Mother will somehow be just as good or even better than a 2 parent household where a true Mother and Father are present.
    This dangerous belief needs to be debunked and discredited wherever and whenever it surfaces. I am living proof of just what happens when this belief goes beyond the theoretical and into real world cases and consequences. My mom wasn’t total evil but given just a few of the examples i shared, she was far from the ideal Mother and had she gotten her priorities in order rather than let one bad male example set a negative definition for all males, i could have had a real Father figure in my early life, even if he wasn’t flesh and blood.
    For a lot of years i used this as a crutch to excuse failures in life, until God set me free from being the guest of honor at my own pity party.
    If i can recover from all this through the grace of God, no one else has an excuse not to recover from things they may be dealing with.

    1. I salute you for getting through that without putting a bullet in your brain, bro.
      And women think they’re the stronger gender.

      1. Thanks brother, although i did try to poison myself as a kid and jumped in a pool as a teen. (i didn’t know how to swim)Those were serious attempts, but i had a few half assed ones as well.
        By all accounts i should be dead but i am still here. I stopped that shit when i accepted Jesus into my life.
        I don’t have a religion, i have a relationship with God, and it keeps me strong 🙂

    2. Love your comment. Look on the bright side… people like you and I that grow up with single parents get the red-pill from an early age.. Hope all goes well for you brother- stay blessed

      1. You’re right brother. I had traces of red pill understanding even as a kid, even with all the blue pill indoctrination. Took years to get rid of all that blue pill nonsense but as the adage goes “better late than never.”
        I just feel bad for all the other kids, the majority of them who grow up into serial killers, homos, transsexuals, nymphos, pedos, cutters etc or just people who can’t hold down a relationship because they haven’t come to terms with all that psychological hell. i wish i could help them with that.
        All i can do is pray for them, wherever they are in the world.
        You stay blessed too!

        1. Dude your story almost mirrors mine except my father was awesome and took me and my brother out of the shitty situation with our mother. I also joined the Marines because my dad was a Marine. My brother followed. I joined for the same reasons you did and honestly it was the best descision I ever made.

        2. I’m glad you turned out ok too! Not every guy does.There must be rows of graves littered with the remains of males who were decimated under the weight of feminist sub par parenting.

    3. Wow, rough childhood man. Glad you pulled through it ok.
      This entailed throwing garlic in my bookbag and sending me to school
      “blessed” so i could ward off evil spirits. It goes without saying that i
      would get f’d with often because of that,

      BUT…I’ll bet not one single vampire gave you shit, ever. Amiright?

      1. Yessir. After awhile it dawned on me to just throw the garlic out, and they never caught wind of it.
        before that I would have been safe if the vampire apocalypse came 😀

    4. I am glad that you have let God into your life. Your soul was forged in the fire of misery, which made you a stronger person overall. God bless you.

  41. disgusting selfish solipsism on the part of women like this. They can rationalise divorce as for the benefit of the kids but down the line those same kids are going to resent them for it, particularly if they’ve slagged off the father in the process.
    The Robin Williams quote is a good one. One thing that was massively predictable was the way in which reporting on Williams suicide was immediately described as a result of mental health problems without reference to the multiple divorce rape he suffered. Same was true of the recent Scott Young suicide. Worst divorce in history that results in the guy being imprisoned – commits suicide – MSM verdict: had pre-existing mental health problems. The children of divorce also often have mental health problems, something which is natural to a situation where they are effectively forced to choose between parents, and often blame themselves in the process. And top of that of course the initiators of divorce may not end up much better off emotionally / psychologically even if they have done it for selfish reasons. Not that that will stop the rationalisation hamster from doing its magic. Divorce is one of the great modern evils and responsibility lies at the door of feminism in particular

  42. As pointed out, this is definitely a new front in the culture war.
    I just don’t understand the cultural left’s obsession with destroying the nuclear family to make other “lifestyles” seem more acceptable. To make it worse, it’s essentially openly pushed by our government through legislation.
    There must be more to this than just cultural marxism and trying to make people all dependent on the state a.k.a subservient to it.
    I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but something stinks. What is driving this? Why?
    This is no accident. It’s deliberate.

    1. Homosexualism goes beyond the homosexual sexual act. This third wave of “feminism” is commanded by lesbians.

    2. A man’s last loyalty was to his family. Countless men have died for such a cause. This is why men of old had more balls but unfortunately they did not have the access to information we do now leaving them succeptable to being brainwashed. Now that we do have access to information governments are stepping up their efforts to promote selfishness, sexual deviancy and the destruction of the family. This is a key objective to obtain control over a population. The state has to become both god and father.

    3. The idea is for the government to become your mother and father. Total control and power.

  43. A beta dweeb told me the other day that the idea that single parent households are more likely to produce deviant kids was ‘bogus’ and ‘part of the conservative agenda to uphold the nuclear family as the moral standard’.
    There is just no reasoning with some people.

    1. The next time you see him, please give him a sucker-punch from me. Thanks. Fucking moron.

      1. Hah. He said it’s ‘impossible’ to isolate a variable like that, and that correlation doesn’t equal causation.
        like i said, there is just no reasoning with some people.

  44. This is tangentially related by it’s to head off “no marriage evar” types.
    The odds of divorce are not 50% and are easy to mitigate. Obviously if you don’t want to be married then that’s your business but trying to craft a philosophy out of it based on inaccurate data (that’s my real gripe) is wrong.
    Which is what MGTOWs did in this video by Spawktalk, where his dispassionately lays out his case and later does a response to Stardusk over this video.
    If you want more info on what I mean just watch the following and the next video which is on cohabitiation and hypergamy.
    This is without any manospherian insights so it can be improved by all means.

    1. Divorce stats can be manipulated so easily because a ‘successful’ marriage from 2013 is chalked up to the ‘non-divorce’ column. You can’t really know the divorce rate because it’s rolling. To get the true divorce rate from, say the year 2002, you’d have to wait until 2080 when people either have divorced or have died married. Get it? I’m sure someone could come out and say, “Of the marriages in 2014, only 18% lead to divorce.” Well, yeah, it’s only 2015. Wait until the man plateaus at 120k a year ten years from now. That won’t be good enough for Blimpy McCunt-Whore and she’ll ask for a divorce and go EPL to Jamaica on her ex-hubby’s dime.

  45. The people who are going to regret it most when marriage finally is dead and buried is going to be women. Enjoy it now ladies because soon you are going to useful for not much after the age of 35. Yeah women will probably have it pretty decent from 18-35 but after that they are going to become complete societal rejects. Women serve little to no purpose in society once their looks have faded and child bearing years have ended. Marriage was engineered to be an institution that took this into account. The unwritten portion of the contract was that a woman would give a man her youthful years and children if he desired and a man would in turn pledge lifetime protection for that woman. Given this, in a marriage, women would usually get a net gain over a lifetime. Now they are just going to get pumped and dumped until 35 or so and then sent off to the far reaches of the shadows. If they come crying back, a few white knights might take them in, but most men (and rightfully so) will outright rejects those used hags.

    1. You are wrong my friend. The ultimate goal of this chimera is lesbianism.

    2. Marriage is already over, or any kind of loyalty that lasts more than a few weeks,
      if your a male 8 you already need to deal with a female 5
      as 99.5% of men are willing to jump through hoops for a 6(average woman)
      the only way you can get loyalty is by dating an uglier girl(it wont make you happy and they are just as demanding), but due to their nature they won’t even appreciate you and your own status will make them think they can get someone better than you, their hamster says:
      “im with him, ooo it means i can do bettr”
      lol imagine if you were a female you can rule 50% of the population(males)
      Must be somethin else.
      Women have barely just woken up to how much power they have, they are finding out now with online dating what a bunch of pussies males are so i can only imagine its going to get worse
      a 5 thinks acts like you are winning the lotto just to spend 5 mins with her LOL
      Does a smart man pretend to be a beta trendy to avoid being overwhelmed? like a wolf in sheeps clothing? its getting pretty bad
      so long as you wear these you should be immune for now ;|
      i notice lots of men in tight clothing wearing these hipster glasses talking with this effeminate voice and pretending to be extra smart, while the woman thinks they are scum and dominating the shit out of the males, also, grow beard if possible
      here is how you blend in
      -Beard if possible
      -Trendy lispy beta voice
      -tight pants/clothes
      -those black thick frames
      -weird hand gestures when talking
      -spout the latest politically correct jargon of the day

    3. The people who are going to regret it most when marriage finally is dead and buried is going to be women.

      This is so true. And most feminist women are incapable of seeing the long-term consequences of this.
      And it always happens. Look at how hard feminists pushed for “bathroom bills” to allow for men who identify as women to use their facilities, and now when men are using those facilities, they complain.
      Another example that I pointed out earlier… alimony. Now more women are paying it, and worse, they are paying it to their husband’s ex-wives. And of course, they complain and push for “reform.”
      I know it sounds “doom and gloom” but there’s a silver lining. It does seem that more guys are wising up and are either not considering marriage or children, or looking beyond the offerings provided by modern, “independent,” “I don’t need no man” women.

  46. Should anybody be surprised? I have always said that feminists hate men, marriage, family and children.. who cares about the kid, as long as you are a strong, independent modern woman who has some designer shoes and you are free to suck a lotta cock, right?

  47. Most women are very suggestable. A good 30% of people are ‘codependent’ which means they can’t function outside the capacity of a sidekick or ‘helper’ or mama’s boy in the case of a male. They can’t lead ANYONE much less themselves and likely are challenged even training or controlling a pet.
    The Huff article isn’t written by any codependent type but by a shrewd demon posessed dominant alpha female. Ironically the target audience is the opposite, which would be the lowly lackadaisical housewife who IS more codependent and who can’t think fully for herself and who gobbles up daytime soap drama until she cracks and deserts her nest.
    I can do propaganda as well, but it depends on where your heart is. You can construct arguments and logic for better OR FOR WORSE. You can build or you can destroy. SO I CAN VERY WELL SENSE that the bitch is laughing behind her keyboard with true malicious intent. The bitch is AN ENEMY PROPAGANDIST.

      1. I get it now, why the anteater/aardvark cartoon character always has that accent. But you may be right. ‘Zane’ has the same order of consonants as ‘Zion’ and would be a close linguistic derivative.

  48. I feel ill, I just feel ill after reading this article. There is no hope, all is lost.

    1. Of course there is still hope.
      This feminism crap won’t last forever.

      1. Bart. As screwed as my childhood was, I just can’t imagine mom and dad not being there. I really hope her children have other positive influences in their lives to guide them.
        It is so disturbing that children are dragged into adult problems. I would truly love to hear the father’s side of the story.

        1. For these kids it’s unfortunately going to be tough. Overall, though, society will figure it out again. It’s too bad that many children (and men even) are having to pay the price for all this feminism garbage, but it won’t last forever.
          And it is very disturbing that so many women are happy to view their children as accessories, and post articles how great it is for them to be narcissistic sluts and morons without even considering how their children are doing.
          I don’t know that I’ll live long enough to see society make a full circle, but it will change at some point if only because feminism and it’s socialistic garbage are not sustainable. Society will collapse at some point and traditional roles and values will be restored.

        2. Bart. You are much more optimistic than I am. It’s really the toxic narcissism that is fed by internet and reality shows. The mentality is all about what the individual wants with no capacity to think outside of selfish and immediate gratification. No capacity to place the children above mom’s egotistical stupidity.

        3. Feminism is female nature.
          Cut off its head and the legs will come looking for you. It will only else again in some other form.
          The solution is to remove all political rights from women and impose strict societal laws against them.
          Nothing in the hands of a female is safe.

        4. “The solution is to remove all political rights from women and impose strict societal laws against them.
          Nothing in the hands of a female is safe.”
          That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read today. Your comment started off well, but then you went and flew right over the cuckoos nest.

        5. Women did not earn the right to vote.
          They merely bitched for it.
          Men had to die.
          And those societal laws and constructs are what kept the “good old days” good.
          Women should not be allowed to vote. Period.
          Not unless there are strict laws that enforce complete and utter equality.

        6. Well, in my country (Australia) no one has to sign up for a draft or military service to have a vote. I can’t believe I’m about to defend women but I’m going to in this case. There’s no reason I should have a vote, but my sister shouldn’t. That said, you’re right, historical men did the dying and women stayed at home. I understand it’s different in the USA and if you’re male and you want to vote, you have to sign up to the draft, whereas women don’t. That’s wrong in my opinion but the answer isn’t to remove all political rights from women, the answer is to either eliminate the draft or to make women sign up too.
          We live in an upside-down world where women tend to get a pussy pass and men are looked upon as monsters, but I don’t think we need to go down the radical path of removing all political rights from any group in society. That’s pure extremism. That would be like saying we should remove driving rights from black people because they didn’t invent the car. I’m not white knighting here, but I cannot get behind any ideology that removes rights from one group but not another. Especially when rights we hold were earned by long dead people.

        7. What you’re saying is true and I agree for the most part but as I said, equality needs to be enforced which it isn’t. There is no equality, only female privilege which is at the expense of men’s rights which are less than an afterthought. I say, until there are laws which enforce true equality they should not have any rights.
          My other reason why I believe they should not have any rights is due to the fact they are so easily manipulated and women are inherently socialists. Women vote for big government and handouts which has been a detriment to society. Your analogy is flawed. Black people earned their rights which should have been granted by default anyway since they were brought here against their will. But we don’t give the right to vote to children for good reason. In the same way, women should not be allowed to vote. You’re entrusting the fate of a society to children otherwise.

        8. I’m sorry but that’s just silly. Women are not children, they’re adults. Infantilising them and given them only the rights of a child is no different to pedestalising them and giving them special rights. I want women to own their shit, so taking away all of they rights means we have to take care of them, and fuck that. I’m not taking care of women. You’re forcing me to argue in favour of women here, which I’m loathed to do, but your extremism is not much different to the radfem hub harpies who want to take away the rights of men.

        9. That’s why I said that as long as society coddles them as they are now, they should have no rights. Your tax dollars are supporting these so-called adults. I’d never take care of any woman either but at least under a system where they have no rights they better do what we tell them to do.
          An even better solution is to give them their own space. It is not fair the rest of us have to live under socialism which they vote for any time of day. Give them their own countries to fuck up. But if they want in ours, they better put the leash on!

    2. No hope for society but all kinds of fun/freedom opened up to you on the individual level. ZERO obligation to the collective. Run wild.

  49. There is a huge body of evidence proving that the healthiest environment for a child is to have a mother and a father.

    1. Agreed, but if you google research on homo couples and children the first 50 results are pro-gay parent “research” that says same gender parents are as good or “even better” than hetero parents.
      Controlling Google results is like controlling minds. Cultural Marxists know this.

  50. Unrelated, but I want to say this somewhere;
    What happened to the story about the girl who did everything she could to induce her boyfriend’s suicide?
    What MSM? Staying away from that one? Ha ha, so revealing. So perfect. So typical. So expected. No time for female as villain news items.

  51. Ah yes, the hamster got himself a bigger wheel. Women can rationalize their way straight to hell for all I care just as long as they’re the only ones who are getting fucked. And judging by the nearly one-in-four of the cunts doped up on happy pills, it’s working.

    1. This is a step beyond, though. Normally single mothers scream that it’s all the (ex)husband’s fault that they’re single and mothers. This is promoting it as a positive lifestyle choice. Sickened as I am by this article, it provides a useful defence to any guy who ever gets told that single mothers have it hard: “No you don’t, here’s proof from one that it’s better than having a husband.”

  52. I’m starting to think Christopher Nolan was giving us a subliminal message when he gave the Joker long hair and dressed him up in women’s clothing in a scene or two. Shift the gender on some of Alfred Pennyworth’s quotes, seeing him as the ghost of an old red pill guy and Bruce Wayne as the manosphere, and it gets chilling:
    “Bruce Wayne: I knew the feminazis wouldn’t go down without a fight. But this is different, they crossed the line.
    Alfred Pennyworth: You crossed the line first, sir. You hammered them, and in their desperation they turned to a woman they didn’t fully understand. Some women aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some women just want to watch the world burn.”

    1. Also a master manipulator. Turning the bank robbers against each other. Turning Dent into a psychopath because “It’s Fair”. Understanding a person’s weakness and using it against them.
      And a complete lack of accountability.
      “Me? I was in Gordon’s cage. Where were you?”

  53. Let’s just ignore research that shows children from households with two parents have better life outcomes, and pretend that being a selfish cunt is better for your kids. Oh wait, it looks like Kerri Zane has already done that. Brava.
    All this woman has done is to demonstrate what a selfish narcissist she is. Clearly she has no ability to work with other people. Why else would she want unilateral decisions over her children. She’s more interested in satisfying her ego than what is actually best for her children. What pisses me off is most people will read the article and nod their heads in agreement.

  54. Let’s just ignore research that shows children from households with two parents have better life outcomes, and pretend that being a selfish cunt is better for your kids. Oh wait, it looks like Kerri Zane has already done that. Brava.
    All this woman has done is to demonstrate what a selfish narcissist she is. Clearly she has no ability to work with other people. Why else would she want unilateral decisions over her children. She’s more interested in satisfying her ego than what is actually best for her children. What pisses me off is most people will read the article and nod their heads in agreement.
    Also, I’ve never been one for the tin-foil hattery that is the lizard-people conspiracy movement, but this picture makes me wonder. :/

    1. I’m telling you, man, she’s the fucking Joker reborn – see my post further down the thread 😀 Either that or they hit her with some Smilex gas.

      1. I shudder when I look at her pic, like someone walked across my grave. She’s creepy as fuck.
        I saw your post further down. Nice one. I’m bookmarking that link for further reference.

  55. Robin Williams will be sorely missed. I have suffered from low grade depression for over 25 years. I cannot imagine what he went through in his last days.

  56. I spent 4 years as a divorce attorney and I will tell you flat out, single parent homes are SHIT. Divorce completely fucks with your kid’s brains! BE UNHAPPY if that is what it takes, you self-absorbed shitheads. And mostly, I am talking to women, who of course are not reading this blog. About 70% of divorces are filed by women and about half of the remainder are men who are bitch-shamed into filing. There is some literature to support the idea that being free and such makes for better children but I am skeptical.

  57. Next query: will this fucking retard of a woman get on board with the idea that same-sex couples are inherently inferior to single mothers?

  58. It ceases to amaze me on how moronic some women are. The vile sh*t that comes out of their mouth just makes me want to unload on the next sorry cunt I f*ck. But seriously, how can you encourage divorce? Do you know how heartbreaking it is to go through one? Do you know how demonic and destructive this path is towards your children? My parents have been divorced for over 10-years. Both sides of my families hate me (since they hate my parents), so it’s nothing to celebrate here. On the bright side, my sister and I overcame these hard obstacles while growing up with a single mother.. and she will become a doctor within a few years. This divorce trend is really getting out of hand… feel bad for the future generations.

  59. So this is it? Familes are ruined, children damaged beyond repair as well as women. The bible was right in the end, women will be deceived and men’s sin is to follow them in spite of knowng better…
    I’m sick of the laws giving women a free pass in everything even in destroying her husband via DV charges.
    I’m still rather young and solo and can’t even consider marriage as a viable option. I was and still kind of am the “beta in waiting” as Rollo mentioned it over at The Rational Male. I’ve read all his stuff and understand wmen’s motives but there is no solution.
    The fairytale has been destroyed and there’s no replacement in sight. I can’t even enjoy women any more, not even for a fling. Fortunately my drive is low, but it still bugs me.
    What would the doktor prescribe in that situation?

  60. I do not understand why she isn’t being lambasted for uttering such inane statements.

  61. I’m thinking of the “single parents” I know in real life and their spawn. By “parent” I mean “mom” since courts don’t give daddy kids any longer. All of them are in less than optimal condition.
    Family that lived next door had a normal kid, then they split up when he was around 10. Dad exited the picture thanks to the law. By the time the kid was 12 and living with Empowered Dynamic Career Mom only, she had self diagnosed him with ADD and had a doctor agree and he was thusly drugged up. By the time he was 18 he was an accessory to a bank robbery and spent time in jail. The kid is now older, I think he’s 24 ish and has run far, far away from his mother, reconnected with his dad, and is cleaned up and working in a bar (hey, beats prison). He was never ADD he was a boy. Mom was too Empowered to have time to deal with the energy a boy brings to the table, but instead of handing him over to dad, she drugged him. Yay single mom!

    1. Most single mother’s never can control their Son’s, just look at all the young Men who join gangs and are out of control who came from broken homes, it’s paramount a father is present during a young Man’s life.

      1. hey, over 70% of men currently incarcerated grew up in single mommie homes.
        Just mention this gem if you ever get into an argument with a liberated modern day woman.

        1. Women can never control their Son’s, that’s why the Father need to be in the picture.

  62. People are the social animal and the happiest people I’ve known are generally very tolerant which makes for low divorce rates and loving families and good friendships..which are in steep decline in western countries. Im in a rich area at the moment and its amazing how the wealthy try to wall themselves off from the world.

  63. Yes, I want to be raising kids alone… busting my ass at work…. not sleeping in late…. going to play dates….. going to school functions that I don’t even attend the school to begin with…. meet with sissy teachers teaching my kids crap…. driving them all over everywhere…. cooking box food cause I am beat and exhausted….. and getting yelled at by my kids…. unable to discipline them cause laws suck…. paying a babysitter so I can have a few hours on my own… trying to date while having children…….
    Yes sir, that’s the life for me. I wouldn’t be able to ride motorcycles, make my money and keep it, come home to a clean and quiet house, do my hobbies and enjoy my life and bang women senseless when I get the opportunity. Yes, I want to be a single parent getting fucked in the ass!

  64. The Catholic Church has completely turned it’s back on what’s right and wrong. They’ve bowed down to the liberal Jewish lesbian establishment and have supported their societal experiments of homosexuality, single parenting, and feminizing boys.

    1. Don’t blame the Catholic Church for this shit, they didn’t have anything to do with the foundation of the United States or its present state.

  65. The last part of this article sums it up quite nicely: it’s all about her. Not the children and not men.

  66. Sounds like the beta fag she married got just what he deserves. I only feel bad for the children who will end up transgendered freaks dying from aids or suicide

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