The Basics Of Sex Economy And Self-Regulation

The 20th century psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich used the term “sex economy” to refer to the accumulation, storage, and dissipation of a person’s sexual energy within their body. For him, sexual discharge for a man took place within the vagina of a woman, and sexual discharge for a woman happened with the receiving of a man’s penis. Anything else was considered a form of “fetish” or neuroses, which he argued would not appear in a sexually healthy individual.

Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich; student of Freud, later a radical psychiatrist

But that is not what I’m using the term “sex economy” to refer to. In this sense I am using it to refer to the dysregulation of the sexual marketplace.

Sex Economy 101


Too many choices causes buyer’s remorse and no satisfaction, coulda-shoulda-woulda

Early civilizations realized the very powerful nature of female sexuality (see the Law of Moses), and hence sought to control and regulate it, using the community-driven and sanctified form of a patriarchal and “bound” community. Anything holy or sanctified was called The Law, or God’s Law, to be precise.

What happened with the female liberation movement, as well as other fear-driven political movements was the breaking up of the glue that were these ancient standards.

Within Christianity, divorce (for any other reason than unfaithfulness), was considered adultery. There was no notion of trading up, or seeking a better deal. When the sexual marketplace becomes deregulated, what occurs is a free-for-all.

Ancient civilizations married their young men and women at an early age, they bound them by marriage, in holy matrimony. Because of this their souls and bodies gravitated towards each other, there was an equilibrium, a balancing, a settling.

Once this boundedness is given up, men and women are presented with the illusions of a sexual marketplace, and consequently people get eaten up, raped (literally or figuratively), beaten down, left behind or whatever. Essentially: everyone eats each other.

Once a person’s sexuality is not gravitated towards another person when their sexuality is awakened (read: heat, mating, or adolescence), then they are essentially thrust into the sexual marketplace to fend for themselves, and consequently presented with the illusion of there being infinite choices.

The effect on women

This presents the problem of hypergamy in women, because women are not bound (the settling, or gravitation of marriage does not occur), doubt is awakened in them. Have they “found the right one?” Could they “do better?”

Essentially women always trade up—they always look for a better deal. Men do not settle either because they want to have as much sex as possible (to make up for the sex they were denied, or could have had, or could be having), without being bound to a woman.

What is the definition of a deregulated sexual marketplace?


Thank you, ‘Rent Is Too Damn High Guy’

A deregulated sexual marketplace is caused by the absence of a binding ingredient, a glue that strikes at the right time to bind two people together. This is usually at age 16 or perhaps a little later, and satisfies both the man’s and the woman’s sexual lust. This consummation, which is sexual intercourse, if it occurs, would satisfy and remove the “neuroses” present in all men and women.

Instead this is not the case, most young men and women, find that they cannot get their sexual needs met, they then have a new burden to worry about, the women find out they need to become sluts to get laid, and the men find out they need to become bad boys to get laid.

As such psychological maturation stalls, if the problem is not resolved. The other downside is that young men and women begin to blame themselves for these occurrences: “I cannot get laid,” or “nobody wants to settle with me.” The reality is that most people who have lived on this planet have gotten laid within a regulated marketplace.



In natural selection, fitness is defined as an organism’s ability to reproduce

When the heat strikes, which is usually around adolescence for men and women, but it can occur later. This is considered the prime mating time of both the man and the woman. The man wants to spread his genes at the ripe time, the woman wishes to spread her genes at the ripe time.

If this peak period passes, wherein the unresolved sexual angsts of both genders is not fully consummated, then any sex happening afterwards is like a “sorry about that” from society. Society does its members a disservice, if it cannot get its member’s sexual needs met.

Any sex happening after the peak period is mostly a pleasurable recreational activity. It does not resolve the unwanted sexual frustration and angst that appears within late adolescence, for the sake of finding love and reproducing.

Consequently, neurotic forms of sexuality appear within men and women who “miss this phase.” The confusion spawned by the pain of the unmet needs during this phase, may in fact spawn more problems. The young man or woman may seek to: ignore sexuality (doesn’t work), get laid (doesn’t work or finds it unsatisfying) etc.


An inability to get laid on the part of a man may have to do with the man’s upbringing. Perhaps the father was not around, did not discipline the boy and instill “automatic, habitual action” in him. Discipline is essentially the absence of thought, and consequently, choice. Discipline is action, that is undertaken automatically, without thought.

The role of a father is to discipline his sons and daughters. If he is unable to instill this toolset in his child, through a temporary phase of pain, then his child will not have the tools required to succeed in life.

When ‘Sir’ did not spare the rod.

Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. ―Proverbs 13:24

The child will not have the ability to delay gratification, and without faith in consistent gratification, the child will unable to obtain self-regulation (life without deliberation and thinking).

In short, children who lack faith in the “other end of the stick” will not be able to get laid. This is because getting laid is an act that requires delaying gratification. In the absence of discipline, the child must make choices, is forced to do things willfully (not automatically), and thus is burdened.

Eventually, due to the inability to find satisfaction, and the inherent problem of will-based living, the child will burn out, and find themselves blamed by their parents or their peers, while ironically entertaining notions of their own helplessness.


We live in interesting times, but they seem to bring pain to most of the participants in the modern sexual marketplace. Ironically, future civilizations or societies may look back on this time period as one the are ashamed of, and will be careful not to repeat.

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    1. You created an account to make one snarky post. Wow man, you’re a real value to the community.

      1. Ad hominems against this poster aside, he has a point. There’s only so many times we can rewrite “deregulated sexual markets harm beta males, the pillars on which civilization stands” before it starts sounding like a broken record.
        There’s a hundred thousand nuances we can explore on this topic. I for one am growing weary of seeing the same seven or eight surface level themes rehashed again and again.
        It feels like the bread that used to be crispy and fresh has since grown stale.

        1. But that’s kind of the thing here man. He obviously is “tired of” or whatever of the topic, or he simply doesn’t give a fuck (sic). Ok, great, then what’s the point of snarking? This site has rollover, new guys here all the time, recovering material is and likely needs to happen. Read it already or tired of the topic? They move on and don’t read.

        2. Some redundancy on the site is good for newcomers.
          I benefit from the stuff that covers up to date changes in legislation/politics/thinking.
          The Toronto education article posted last night I think is great. Journalism like that is why I keep checking on this site.

        3. You know what’s funny about this and other topics. It all happens simultaniously all over the globe. They, whoever they are, are pushing the same thing in Germany right now.
          Yes means yes is getting exported to the UK and the convention of Istanbul introduces DV to Europe. And it all gets approved practically overnight without news coverage.
          How is this even possible?

        4. True.
          ROK has members and writers from all over. Another great point about it.
          There are most likely some Californians for example that think the YesMeansYes thing is special to their universities… but we are already questioning why this idea is being spread across other developed western nations.
          Can’t give you a reason… What is the link? Is the western population really campaigning for this is or is it being introduced from higher-ups? Is it just a tool politicians are using to appeal to their liberal civilians? Hell… I don’t ever remember voting about YesMeansYes in Toronto… Our politicians are just making these changes and nobody on the ground (no one that I know) even wants to talk about it.

        5. And that is the problem.
          People these days are so disconnected from politics mentally and actively shielded by the MSM that they don’t even realize what’s being forced on them. These laws must be conducted by international conferences, or else you wouldn’t see the exact same ideas all over the west.
          Just my 2 cents.

        6. I agree, besides, everyone sees things with different eyes, but understand the same goal. If said goal was explained to people in a language they understand, or a viewpoint that makes sense to them, then there is no waste! It *should* only bring us together as a tighter knit brotherhood.

  1. Females have huge control of the SMV (sexual market value). It’s simple. Once promiscuity rises among females. It causes a social decline. Boys aren’t going to grow up and be men. Fatherhood declines, divorce is rampant, single motherhood rises, pornography addiction among men rises, etc…. Beta bucks are breeded and pretty much indoctrinated into “male feminists”. From a personal opinion, society would be much better off under religion (christianity, fascism, whatever the correct term is)
    It amazes me how many guys are blue pillers. Guys are forced to settle with single mothers, reformed sluts, and say some pussy stuff just to get into a girls pants. I see it with my dad also (I’m 17)
    My dad is a mildly religious guy (christian) but it shocks me to see how a hoe can lure a man out of his conservative nature. If a man’s weakness is women, then bad things are bound to happen. This is why I hate manginas and white knights so much. They’re weakness is women and would slave for temporary pleasure with a slut. I know I’m young and haven’t had much experience in the real world yet, but I’m sure I have a rude awakening.

    1. The whole recount of the fall of man from grace in the Garden, was as a result of Adam following after Eve, rather than his God. This stuff isn’t new; it’s the perpetual problem of humanity.

      1. Man’s sin falls under 3 headings:
        Lust of the Eye
        Lust of the Flesh
        Pride of life.
        All of these can be *seemingly* fulfilled by a woman, a trophy woman, if you will, and has made man lose sight of the Creator.
        And look where this has gotten us? We are weak, misaligned, wayward, oblivious to faults, and ignorant of accountability, as we now deny our root in the Father.

    2. I see a lot of guys who are red pill to a point or red pill in some ways but they still have a lot of blue pill views simply because that’s the way society has made them. It’s hard to accept the world view you’ve been taught is a lie.

  2. I hate to be a grammar-Nazi, but holy crap this is poorly written and makes me immediately doubt any wisdom the author may have. The second sentence is “For him, sexual discharge happened for a man took place within the vagina of a woman…” What?!
    “an deregulated sexual marketplace” Really?

    1. Grammar Nazi! I do agree. There is no reason to avoid a spell check or look for proper clause usage.

      1. I will third the sentiment.
        Article has great ideas but is so poorly written it’s a bit of an embarrassment for ROK.
        Hire a freelance editor to proof read this stuff please.

    2. I’m a grammar nazi with anything I write. I have to go over it again and again just to make sure there’s not some subtle mistake I initially overlooked.
      With other people’s work i tend to be more forgiving.
      I do agree with you though. It’s a good article but the writer should have proof read better.

        1. You forgot to put a comma betwixt, “mistake” and “ha ha”.
          Just sayin’, my esteemed brother.

    3. I am the author of the article, the original text read a lot differently. They shuffled around a lot of the words and deleted some sentences, for example the original piece reads: “For him, sexual discharge happened for a man happened within the vagina of a woman, and sexual discharge for a woman happened with the receiving of a man’s penis.”
      And the “an deregulated sexual marketplace” part read: “an unregulated sexual marketplace”.
      They also got my nickname wrong.
      Regardless, those are all my ideas.

      1. I admit I was kind of surprised at the quality of the writing, but this makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!
        Maybe you can post the original on the forum.

        1. The RooshV forum?
          Sure, will do. I’ll make an account or try to find my old one. Keep in mind the original piece has the same ideas though, I actually find my writing to be very irritating and tedious, which is probably why they softened it up a bit. But yes I’ll post it.

        2. Cool, I’ll look for it!
          My account there hasn’t been activated yet because they only do that during the first 5 days of the month, but I’m still interested in reading it.
          As for your writing style, you know the old saying–practice makes perfect! You should be able to get a lot of good writing advice over there as well.

        3. Alright, I managed to replicate the original post over at my WordPress blog. For the sake of honesty, the original line read:
          “For him, sexual discharge happened for a man happened within the vagina of a woman, and sexual discharge for a woman happened with the receiving of a man’s penis.”
          But I removed the second ‘happened’, other than that it’s the same, except for some minor line spacing changes that I made.

          I’ll let you know when I get around to posting on the RooshV forum, the network administrator here has blocked access to *rolls eyes*

        4. I find that I’m a lot better at writing lyrics when I’m high, and coming up with book ideas. No wonder so many rappers talk about “smoking dank weed”, all the time. :p

      2. I hate that. I’ve written for other sites, and the “editor” has fucked it all up before posting. The readers assume its the writers fault.

  3. im actually stunned, so much truth here. this for example

    and the men find out they need to become bad boys to get laid.
    As such psychological maturation stalls, if the problem is not resolved.

    but how do you resolve it, when you are past the important age of 16 and your sexuality was a mess at this time?

    If this peak period passes, wherein the unresolved sexual angsts of both genders is not fully consummated, then any sex happening afterwards is like a “sorry about that” from society. Any sex happening after the peak period is mostly a pleasurable recreational activity. It does not resolve the unwanted sexual frustration and angst that appears within late adolescence, for the sake of finding love and reproducing.
    Consequently, neurotic forms of sexuality appear within men and women who “miss this phase”. The confusion spawned by the pain of the unmet needs during this phase, may in fact spawn more problems. The young man or woman may seek to: ignore sexuality (doesn’t work), get laid (doesn’t work or finds it unsatisfying) etc.

    absolutely true. i mean really. i always felt like the sex today is just a farcry from what it could be; but at the same time i couldnt really identify why its like this. this has nothing to do with how crazy you are fucking, and also not much if you are emotional involved. those 2 things make it better-really good, but still.. it fells empty and, to be honest, like a burden to do at all. if you find yourself in such a situation, how do you solve it? is there even a solution for this lacking of sexual maturity?

    1. My guess is this. First you identify your problem. If the author is actually correct with his thesis, it’s easy. Then you’ll have to accept it and finally make it clear to you that it doesn’t affect you anymore and that the past doesn’t define the present nor the future. In the end you’ll have to find a compatible spouse though and that’s where the real problems are…

      1. Then you’ll have to accept it and finally make it clear to you that it doesn’t affect you anymore and that the past doesn’t define the present nor the future. this is easier said then done. im working on this, but im just curious if the damage done is reversible at all. time will tell, heh.

    2. It’s something I’ve given some thought, the main thrust of the article was idea that a healthy person lives life without deliberation, and self-regulates. I.e his habits reinforce themselves, and lead him to make less use of his will-power.
      That’s all I was trying to get at, as others have correctly pointed out; the original figure of Wilhelm Reich was in fact more of a villain to the manosphere. Not really someone aligned with its ideals.
      This idea of self-regulation was something I got from this website:
      In the end I wouldn’t really worry about it (lack of sex at an early age), although the situations described on that site are ideal, the point is (and this is a very manospherian idea), modern times and the increasingly alienated and strange cultures that we live in, are not conducive to growing up healthy like we did in the past:
      So you’re not alone. And since the past is the past, I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s essentially nothing you can do about it, times are changing so rapidly that our task is to learn and adapt in our newfound and uncertain environment, not worry about ideal psychological growth or whatever.
      I also wouldn’t take advice from me though, since I’m pretty fucked up.
      Of all the points I made in the article, I’m actually surprised that the “past the age of 16” one was lent the most weight (which is what I gather from reading the comments section here), as it was the point I disagreed with the most. I didn’t like that I wrote that part.
      The part of the article I liked the best was about self-regulation and discipline: living without thought.

      1. Of all the points I made in the article, I’m actually surprised that the “past the age of 16” one was lent the most weight, as it was the point I disagreed with the most.
        when i was 16 my desire to really connect with woman, not talking about sex here, was the strongest. it was made fun of and ultimately rejected, and is crippled since. proof of this is that today, i dont care what a woman says or what she feels (aside from mindgames). not because i decide i dont care; but because its just not there anymore. i think it died when it met the hypergamous reality with woman at the said age of 16. a huge dose of redpill was forced down my throat which my emotional memory couldnt forget, though my mind couldnt really comprehend what was going on at that time. when i got my hands on some later on, it felt empty.
        And since the past is the past, I wouldn’t worry about it.
        i usually dont breed about the past. but when i read a somewhat triggering pos about the importance of sexuality being met at a young age, some things come to mind ))) i actually have an idea how to overcome this. i dont know if american woman are really THAT fucked up useless females that is written so often, but in europe, this is not so true. there are woman whom i could try connecting with. but not now ))
        The part of the article I liked the best was about self-regulation and discipline: living without thought.
        absolutely important. in school, i was known for my lack of discipline. and yeah, i was raised by a singlemother. this changed with lifting weights, I also think that living without much thought while remaining a fullfilled emotional state is the best mindset you can gain.
        the main thrust of the article was idea that a healthy person lives life without deliberation, and self-regulates.
        i agree once more. however, im curious, how many people have you met who are like that? im pretty fucked up too, but the sheer amount of others who are as well astonishes me everytime anew.

        1. “i agree once more. however, im curious, how many people have you met who are like that? im pretty fucked up too, but the sheer amount of others who are as well astonishes me everytime anew.”
          Disqus just ate up my reply. The majority of people that I know from my university, in my major, function in that way. I.e they self-regulate. I attribute this mainly to their correct upbringing by their parents; their setting of boundaries, correct wielding of authority, making contact, firm “no”s etc.
          All these coming together beautifully to allow the child to grow up without thinking, while simultaneously, gaining the habits necessary to survive and reproduce, all of which are given to them without thinking.
          The primary obstacle; is the will, a non-regulating, self-exhausting, self-draining function that springs from nothing, and eats the person alive.
          I’ll probably have more to say about this later.
          Best of luck to you!

        2. The other interesting question is what can be done if a person is de-regulated. I have no idea. Having knowledge about how this works (self-regulation), doesn’t necessarily help because the ideal state of functioning is one of ignorance (a sort of ‘Garden of Eden’ state, if you will), wherein the functioning person doesn’t think about any of these things, and just gets on with it, non-willfully.

        3. Having knowledge about how this works (self-regulation), doesn’t necessarily help because the ideal state of functioning is one of ignorance (a sort of ‘Garden of Eden’ state, if you will), wherein the functioning person doesn’t think about any of these things, and just gets on with it, non-willfully.
          i think youre right. as for a solution, idk neither. i guess this will accompany me for as long as i live.

  4. “ironically entertaining notions of their own helplessness”
    Also known as “hipsters”

  5. I’m confused about the appeal to Reich. Reich was all about sexual liberation, and overcoming repression of sexual energy, which he seems to have thought was an immanent force in the cosmos. He was also pro-matriarchy, and with the later marcuse one of the most important figures in melding together marxism and freudianism, an alchemical marriage which lies at the root of much that is wrong with the world.
    Take a look at Reich’s wiki page – the guy was sex maniac from childhood, was probably abused, liked farmyard animals, had oedipal fantasies about his mom, who he told his dad about when she was having an affair with his tutor resulting – it seems – in her committing suicide, and a consequent guilt sexual complex.
    Reich is a fascinating figure but not one who’s an obvious hero to the manosphere in any way I can fathom

    1. Yes. You said what I was alluding to in my earlier post and of course in more detail and much better than I did.

  6. Future civilizations will hopefully look back on this time period as the middle of the collapse of Western Christendom.
    Unfortunately, nobody bothers to study why the Romans fell other than mention that some barbarians managed to invade their cities.

    1. Nor any of the other great civilizations.
      We are doomed to repeat the past over and over until the human race is utterly spent.
      Such is the fate of humanity… one giant hamster racing endlessly in an even more elephantine spinning wheel.

      1. it will go up and down up and down, forever. That doesnt mean that it will end though.

      2. Ancient Babylon. Ancient Egypt. Ancient Greece. Roman Empire. Byzantine Empire. Spanish Empire. Russian Empire. British Empire. And now the American Empire, in mid collapse.
        All achieved great heights, then gave women freedom, fell into decadence, depravity and homosexuality.
        The same group of satanic nation wreckers were present. Every. Single. Time. The enemy within the gates.
        Just a Cohencidence, of course.

    2. I think its time to pull out one of my favorite quotes again:
      “The five marks of the Roman decaying culture:
      Concern with displaying affluence instead of building wealth; Obsession with sex and perversions of sex; Art becomes freakish and sensationalistic instead of creative and original; Widening disparity between very rich and very poor; Increased demand to live off the state.”
      –Edward Gibbon, “History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”
      This sounds a lot like modern Western society.

        1. Designer Clothes, 16 & Pregnant, Piss Christ, Middle Class Wage Stagnation, Food Stamps.
          Just to name an example for each category, off the top of my head.

    3. The breadth of knowledge concerning the Roman decline is vast. Look and you will see.

  7. I think the author is on to something with the assertion that being denied sexual fulfillment early in your life and not getting it before you you become an adult at around say, 22, it’s over. You will never be a healthy individual. Your psyche forever tainted with sour grapes.
    It’s like those adopted children that never had a mom or parents until they were 5 or 6. Without that nurturing, those kids turn out to be sociopaths, killing animals in the backyard and turning violent against their adopted family.
    In the case of a young adults, you become a cat lady if your you’re a woman. If you are a man, you turn into Elliot Rodger or decide to fly a plane, with 150 people on board, into the side of a mountain.

    1. Anecdotally, I agree. At 22ish I started getting laid pretty frequently, but before then I was not well balanced individual. It’s no coincidence at that age I really started working out hard, dropped weight, etc. I can’t imagine the wreck I’d be today had I continued on the path I was on.

  8. This is too Freudian for me. I think the whole situation is a lot simpler than what the author is trying to describe here.
    Modern western women are product of two factors:
    1) Money. Women see men primarily as providers. It’s one of the few things that guarantee commitment from women. Women in workplace making money to provide for herself leads to automatic decrease in men’s collective SMV.
    2) Birth control. Before contraceptives, women had to guard her sexuality and be careful about whom she chooses as her partner. Now with contraceptives, women slut around and emotionally damage their ability to remain faithful to a single man.
    Everything else we discuss in the manosphere is a direct result of these two factors.
    Edit: the hypothesis of unfulfilled sexual release in adolescence is intriguing though. Consider how the average life expectancy back in the day was almost half of today’s. Which means less time to reproduce and earlier marriages.

    1. Freud was right about certain things, that sex activity begins in infancy, and that sex frustration produces more of the world’s adults neuroses than any other single cause.
      In our culture there is a widespread hypocrisy about sex activity and experience. Few are even honest in their own thoughts about sex. Most people think sex is an activity beginning in puberty and involving the genital organs alone. Such is not the case at all.

    2. THIS^^^ We will get the upper hand and MUCH sooner than you may realise :^) Let’s just leave it at that. There are political movements taking place right now to forever alter the state of liberal politics and I assure you within our lifetime birth control will only legally be available for men and women will no longer have an option to sue for discrimination when we stop hiring them. They are going to have every single right stripped from them and the wheels are already in motion.

      1. Unless there’s a massive econic collapse I can’t see what you say happening, feminism an liberal political continue to dominate mainstream media, education an Hollywood until that changed they will still have control.

      2. Are you a member of the Illuminati??? Did you hear this news at a secret Bilderberg meeting???
        Jokes aside, do you have any links to back up what you are saying because I really hope you are right…

    3. I think the author provides a more complex, subtle and thorough picture of the genesis of all those sexually dysfunctional people and the unfair sexual marketplace.The situation you describe is the familiar diagnosis everybody is ill with and one that a person realizes later in life.

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    5. #1 is spot on, but given the high rate of STDs and unplanned pregnancies we still see, at a time when you can go to any college, convenience store, supermarket, gas station, etc. and pick up condoms, and at a time when a woman has 15 kinds of birth control to choose from, contraceptives aren’t really a factor. They might, however, be creating the ILLUSION of sexual freedom from the threat of unwanted pregnancies and STDs…a false security the participants take solace in even when they’re not actually taking those precautions or, at best, taking the precautions haphazardly.

    6. And who controls the money supply?
      And who invented the Pill?
      Just a cohencidence.

  9. “Ancient civilizations married their young men and women at an early age, they bound them by marriage, in holy matrimony. Because of this their souls and bodies gravitated towards each other, there was an equilibrium, a balancing, a settling.”
    There was also a very practical aspect to getting married young. Before the 20th century, most people didn’t live much past 50, and depending on your occupation or location you might have died earlier.
    If this is accurate: “…in the early fourteenth century, life expectancy at birth may have been as low as twenty-five” then you can easily see why girls would get married in their early teens. Getting married that young wasn’t totally unusual even in the early 20th century in the U.S.; as one example, my great-grandmother was married in 1900 at age 14.

    1. I had a great-great grandmother married at 14 in 1858. According to standards of “conservatives” today, all of our ancestors were pedophiles.

      1. The feminazis get worked up about a non-existant “rape culture,” but of course are saying absolutely nothing about all the recent cases of adult female teachers having sex with middle school and high school students.
        I remember one famous case years ago, about Mary Letourneau. She was impregnated by one of her students who was 13. Not a peep out of the feminazis on that one.

        1. “She was impregnated by one of her students . . .”
          While on probation for his earlier statutory rape.

        2. This happened when I was in high school.
          I went back and read about the case on wikipedia.
          She liked boys, parties, and traveling.
          She was known as a party animal in college.
          Her father had two illegitemate children by one of his students at a college he taught at.
          Claims of abuse by her husband, but no charges ever filed.
          Diagnosed with BPD during her trial.
          Impregnated twice by the boy when he was under 15.
          She cashed out on the affair by coauthoring a book with the boy, then later married him and granted Entertainment Tonight exclusive access to the wedding.
          It’s like everything ever written on ROK about fucked-up women all rolled up into one package.

      2. Most conservatives these days have no idea what it is they are conserving. They seem to focus on a fantasy version of the 50’s. I remember the 50’s and it ain’t what it used to be.
        “Traditional values,” at least in the English speaking world, began to break down circa 1800 under pressure from Enlightenment values and industrialization.
        Most people who actually support traditional values these days label themselves as neoreactionary:

        1. That’s what my dad has said about the 50s as well. People drank, did drugs, had affairs, and so on, but tended to keep it under wraps.
          I once asked him about the hippies in the 60s, and he told me that although there were some people who were genuinely into that, for the most part it was a media creation designed to sell records and fashionable clothes.

        2. Quite so. “Traditional conservatives” are better thought of as “habitual liberals.” Whatever the world was like when were born, is “traditional” and the way things have always been to them. Only recent changes are seen as a movement away from “traditional standards.” They fail to consider that the world they were born into, was already a world in transition. All they’re conserving in truth, are the liberal advancements of the past, that have been incorporated into accepted standards of life.

        3. “Whatever the world was like when were born . . .”
          Which they misunderstood at the time, and misremember currently.

        4. There’s a great BBC documentary (yeah, who knew?) from 2004 called, “Why I Hate the Sixties.” A lot of it dealt with the phoniness of the Counterculture, as a money-making project to sell the youth on the idea that young people are interesting…..which they’re not. Worth a watch.

          By the time of the 1950s, the moral grounds and Christian belief upon which cultural standards rested, had disappeared completely. What was left, was the inertia of habit. It was a hallow shell. Once it was given a good push, it went.

        5. That looks interesting, I’ll watch it!
          At least from my perspective it doesn’t seem like all that had completely disappeared, but there’s no doubt that culture really did start a decline during the 50s and early 60s.
          You can kind of see it with the idolization of teen pop culture, Beatnik literature going on about drugs and homosexuality, and so on.

        6. Peter Hitchens likens the process of decline to the way plant which was been uprooted, doesn’t immediately look dead. It is dead, but it takes a while to wilt, and eventually rot.
          Christian faith had been slowly, but severely weakened i a long process that stretches back at least to the Enlightenment (perhaps to the Renaissance) by a thousand cuts, particularly among the leading and opinion-forming classes. Through the 19th century, the process accelerated (Darwin’s theories, Nietzsche “God is Dead”), so that by the eve of war in 1914, the faith and culture was in such a state, that when it was hit by the Great War (shamelessly supported by the Church and other cultural institutions) it collapsed in the hearts of the men and women of Christendom. The debauchery of the 1920s shows it. World War 2 redoubled the effect and striped away pride in national culture, but the damage had already been done.
          From the Great War onwards, people lived as though it was still a Christian society, because it suited the people who had grown-up as Christians, to carry on as though what was, still remained. But in their hearts, the faith was dead. That’s why it couldn’t be passed onto the generation that rose after the War, because all that was left, was habit. And when the counterculture (which was just a continuation of the same Enlightenment thought) made it’s final push in the 60s, the older generation shrugged its shoulders, and gave way, because it didn’t want to fight, for what it didn’t believe in. Complacency was all that was left.
          The charade was finally given up. The wilt had set-in. That process is now over. Christendom is now in the rotting phase. That’s what we’re witnessing.

        7. As for Darwin, he was simply observing natural processes and making conclusions. Evolution occurs, the fossil record is incontrovertible, but I don’t think that evolution really has much bearing on Christianity because it has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus. Christianity–and religion in general–deals with morality, not science.
          Nietzsche’s quote with some context is:
          “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves?”
          Reading that, it seems like he was making a rather dramatic observation about society, that it had rejected religion. “Must we ourselves not become gods…,” here he indicates the coming exaltation of the self that has replaced the exaltation of God, and which we see today in our culture’s rampant narcissism. By his choice of language, it seems like he was condemning this rejection.
          As for support of the Great War, it was probably necessary. The Germans in WWI were vicious in their invasion of Belgium, and had they won they probably would have created a slaughter even worse than the war casualties. The same thing goes for WWII. WWI was the death of European monarchy.
          Christianity may be slowly dying in the West (but it is growing in Asia), but Mormonism is growing. Who knows, in a few centuries the LDS church may be the predominant religious organization in the West.

        8. Darwin (which is another discussion entirely) gives people an out to deny the truth of scripture, which in turn denies the truth of judgment, which is what people want. To avoid judgment for their actions. Christianity isn’t about morals, you can have morals all on your own. Everybody has morals. Nobody is for everybody else having no morals. The point of Christianity is the fallen nature of man and his hopelessness on his own to reconcile himself with heaven.
          I didn’t say Nietzsche caused the downfall, only that his thoughts reflected the generally held beliefs, at least in part.
          I would disagree that WWI was necessary. Imperial Germany wasn’t Nazi Germany. What we would have got has what we have now. A German dominated economic and political union. But at any rate, the damage was done.
          As a a Christian, Mormonism is a cult, not a denomination. More peaceful than Islam, no doubt, but no less in error.

        9. Without getting into the scientific details of evolution, which as I say is a separate discussion, for the purposes of religious belief……
          Depending upon the Christian you ask, it may or may not. But many would say, that if man approached his present condition, from the primordial ooze, that this account would conflict and negate the creation story of man and woman created in the Garden. (Note, as a matter of biblical interpretation (not scientific interpretation of the Bible), I don’t hold to the 24 hours x 7 understanding of creation, and I think that interpretation comes from the same place as atheism; people want to know, they want solid answers, and where God doesn’t not give them to us, we invent our own. Likewise with the earth is only 6K years old bit, which isn’t in the Bible, as it was the calculation of some medieval monk.) Now, some think of this story (not without justification I suppose) as an allegory describing events which the human mind can’t understand anyway, (the creation of something from nothing) and that like other stories, their truth isn’t in the details, but in the truth they tell. I oscillate back and forth on this, in the sense that to deny account of God creating Adam, would necessitate the “allegorization” of the Scriptures, which in turn would lead one to the same view of Christ’s life, death and resurrection, as simply a big allegory for doing good things, if one so wanted to take it that far.
          Either way, I see science as a part of limited amount of theoretical knowledge which we human beings can theoretically have access to. Not all that is, can ever be understood. The very belief in God, necessitates that there is something in existence, beyond our full comprehension.
          At any rate, I think it foolish for anyone to base his view on eternity, on the contemporary scientific thought on what did or did not occur billions of years ago.

        10. Hmmm I guess you still believe the Germans ate Belgian children…hahaha. By the real Christianity is dying in the West, most new converts are protestants, protestantism being a disease and part of the problem which means those Christians will sooner rather than later follow our trajectory. Mormonism is not Christianity.

        11. You should right an article. Your comment is very insightful. What many people don’t understand is that the decadence and the rot was already there in the 50s. For most people back then, Christianity was just a habit, a tradition, but nothing to die for, not even comment about.
          Coincidentally, the same could be said about Catholic Christianity and how the belief in the God of the bible and Tradition had withered. Otherwise the Council Vatican II and the mass apostasy that followed would have been impossible. But when people doesn’t even know what they believe in, everything is possible.

        12. So what is “real” Christianity? What makes Protestantism less “real,” than, say, the Syriacs, or the Armenians?
          Maybe you guys should bring back Arianism? Or how about Nestorianism?
          I’m personally not a Christian, but I find all their denominational quibbles to be quite fascinating for some strange reason.
          I know Mormonism isn’t Christianity. I never said it was.

        13. So what is “real” Christianity? What makes Protestantism less “real,” than, say, the Syriacs, or the Armenians?

          Maybe their rejection, not only of authority, but most of the fundamental dogmas of Christianity (a Church founded by Jesus, works as important as faith, Grace, confession as instituted in the Bible and a long etcetera). Unlike the Churches you mentioned,they willingly chose to create their dogmas and recognize no authority, for them the man is first, God is second. That’s why the last time I checked there was more thn 30,000 denominations in the U.S. alone. Many of these congregations have disagreements that span from the way to dress to whether Jesus Christ was God or not.
          They reject what they call “Virgin Mary’s worship” (which really is just veneration) but no man is more henpecked than one coming from a Protestant country. Their ideological framework provided the bases for the Enlightenment ideas and the rest of the Equal-outcome (socialism, communism, feminism, social-Marxism now called SJW) bullshit we have to deal with today.

    2. ” . . .life expectancy at birth may have been as low as twenty-five”
      Although life expectancy at 14 was rather higher.

        1. I would say a decent chance of actually seeing 60-70, most illnesses start after the age of 60 (and of course before the age of 5)

        2. It depends on the time period, but remember for most of human history medical care as we know it didn’t exist. An injury or common sickness which today would be nothing could easily kill you in times past.

    3. These life expectancy statistics are totally skewed. People did not die at 25 or even 50. If not, why does the bible say threescore and ten?
      The only thing that changed is infant mortality. This drahs the AVERAGE way down. Weak and defective children are kept alive at great expense, and then reproduce. This drags all of society down. In Sparta, babies were exposed, only the strong survived. This sounds cruel to the modern feminized mind.

      1. The Bible is not exactly a reliable source of info when it comes to life expectancy statistics.
        If you had a weak child would you kill it?

  10. It seems like anything but intercourse in the missionary position is out of bounds. Or did I miss something?

    1. Yea, you’re missing anal, double anal,dpda up the arse, dp, gangbangs, felching, creampies, tit wanking, and once more up the arse no condom etc.,etc. Missionary can be quite nice sometimes…..

  11. When the sexual marketplace is dergulated,if we assume men are ‘buyers’ of sex and women are ‘sellers’ of the same, immediately 80% of men are locked out of the market on account of hypergamy. Their money and talents are worthless to even the lowest value dealer of pussy.
    The top 20% of guys can deal, but the higher his sexual market value the more negotiating power he has on price. If he’s got game, he can psycholgically manipulate the dealer to sell in his favor.If he doesnt, unless hes the top 20% of buyers he’s blacklisted from the sexual marketplace.
    Trouble is, in this deregulated market a society where 80%+ of men are permanently denied female coupling is unsustainable.Picture the riots and chaos if 80% of the worlds population were denied access to banking and the internet.Unlike sex, we humns dont have a natural drive to hold checking accounts.

    1. Many feminists agree – and their talk about reducing the male population by 90% is all about what is described in this article and comment. I believe Daniel Amnaeus goes into this at some length in The Garbage Generation, critiquing George Gilder. The prospect of 90% of men denied sexual fulfillment is the reason many of the original (and even current, but more quietly) feminists advocated reducing the male population to those most desirable.

      1. Let’s not let them reduce the male population. Let’s increase the female population.

      2. Which is idiotic. See, you can’t guarantee that of these 10% remaining alpha males, 100% will be alpha as well. This will leed to a massive reduction of the genepool resulting in more inbreeding and the xtinction of humanity in my eyes.
        One thing comes to mind as well: What about all the work that needs to be done. Ya think women will take the shovel and dig?

  12. Think of the sexual marketplace as a trade in the Stock Market. A woman trades sex for security. The fact that many women are trading sex up front means they either want more security or cannot get men to give them what they want, so they have to up their offer as men are walking away in droves.
    In addition, while marriage is dying out (because guys are avoiding it like the plague), those men who are marrying take sex as a call option, with the right to buy at a future date. The only problem is, marriage contracts should have expiration/renewal dates like a real call option. So if she gets fat, naggy, or emotionally unstable, we as men have a right not to exercise our call option. All we lose is the initial investment on the “right to buy”. This is one of the things I laugh most at. I see women getting in shape for vacation or a marriage ceremony, and then losing all the desire and willpower when it’s over. In that case, it’s a put option, or Strong Sell.

  13. Thank goodness, at first I thought this was going to be an article about Wilhelm Reich. Foremost among Freud’s Retarded disciples.
    The man was so brilliantly wrong in every possible way. Not even a broken clock.

  14. i have a question…….how can i ignore my sexuality?please dont spam me,i am serious.i am not good looking(male),and i see my sexuality as a burden that:1.i will not be able to carry through sexual satisfaction,and 2:i think that my energy could be better spent without the burden of my own sexuality?could autosugestion work?by the way,i am eastern european.sorry for my bad english.

    1. The sexual power is the driving force in the universe, you can’ ignore it BUT heavy weight lifting helps … temporary. In the meantime work to improve yourself and you will attract girls naturally. A man does not need to be good looking.
      Or do what Tesla did … become a genius!

      1. Don’t forget, Tesla, greatest genius of all time, never married. He didn’t want to waste the time and energy.

    2. Hi Tesla,
      Get in good physical shape by lifting in the gym or participating in a fightclub. Save $3500 and contact me on this website. I’ll hook you up with my SE Asian matchmaker and after a flight from the states, you will be introduced to many feminine, submissive girls (read: not sluts) .these girls will vie for YOUR attention. It will be an eye opening shock that illustrates your TRUE smv.

    3. You could move to China and pay five dollars for sexual release with a reasonably hot chick whenever you please. Then focus on other shit.

    4. I wouldn’t worry about it. Their is more in a Man’s life than Sex, the age of pornography tricks Men to believe they should be fornicating every second of the day and anything less is inadequate, read the Bible, understand the Lord, exercise your mind and Body, build your character and put your efforts into constructing a virtues life for yourself.

  15. “Man, beware of thy wooing,
    For wedding is the long woe.”
    “Of maidens I will say but little,
    For they be both false and fickle
    And under the tail they tickle
    By the name of twenty devils let them go!”
    From an anonymous Middle English poem, “Against Hasty Marriage II”

  16. Bah! Socialist nonsense! Why would guys here want to romanticise a day and age of arranged marriages? Imagine being forced to marry a fugly and have ten children with her due to social obligation? imagine not be able to leave her for a woman you might actually want for fear of being branded an adulterer? Somehow very few here would jump at the chance even if it meant it would be the difference in not dying a virgin.

    1. I agree we often romanticize past times a bit too much but for your average beta male out there who’s getting very little or no sex being forced into a marriage an at least getting semi regular sex from his wife would probably be better than getting no romantic interest from women an virtually no sex. Plus women judged men differently back then, men weren’t seen as clowns an useless Buffon’s like they are nowdays.

  17. Eventually, due to… and the inherent problem of will-based living, the child will burn out,

  18. I have seen more than one article on this site that claims that the sexual marketplace in the west is “deregulated”. This is wrong!
    It involves actual _subsidization_ of stupid choices made by women with the means of the welfare state. Men are supposed to pay for children who are not their own and women can say that they dont “need a man” while they are still dependent on men’s tax dollars.
    A simple deregulation would not necessarily give rise to such a disaster as of today. It would be impossible for women to ride the cock carousel financed by governmental make-work jobs or welfare money. If they actually wanted to have a family and not live in poverty they would have to stick to a man that could pay the bills.
    So I hope I dont see this claim about “deregulation” again here because it is actually misleading.

    1. Very good point! It was the natural deregulation of the sexual market place that led to societies/cultures imposing a structure in the form of marriage and customs. This regulated the exchange of resources between men and women, in the form of men being provided with sex and offspring, while providing security and sustenance. Today, the state makes sure women receive the protection, sustenance etc, that they need, but they are absolved from providing anything in return.

  19. Nonsense.
    I wonder if a female (or mangina) is behind this article.
    What – a – pile – of – crap!
    De-regulation of the sexual market place leads to one thing.
    Big harems for alpha males, sex-robots for omegas and fatty fucking + prostitution for the mass of beta males.
    Depending on where you sit this can be good or bad.
    For alpha males it was never better in the past 500 years.
    For beta males it is STILL much better than most of the past but worse than back in the 50s or 60s when we had “peak beta male”.
    For women it is clearly better to fuck with alpha males, even if one women is one of several than be bound to one beta they have all for themselfs but are disgusted by the idea of sex around ovulation.
    The only problem the modern sexual market place has is birth control.
    Babies (plural) are THE most important factor in any relationship and the reason why “gay” was considered sick for 1000s of years.
    Birth control makes it so that even man+women can have “gay” sex without any meaning and real bonding.

  20. Great article about such an important and ever relevant topic. I would like to add that it seems that the “exchange value” of women has dramatically declined due to online dating, etc… The incentive to be “very interested” and pursue any single women is no longer there, when you can just go online and send 50 messages to different girls with or without success. These options have upsides and downsides, but they certain take away much of a woman’s natural power to be an exclusive object of attention and affection of any given guy.

    1. You’re being subjective here. I can tell you that this is certainly true if you’re a woman. Then you’ll get around 50-100 matches per day on tinder depending on your attractiveness alone without doing anything.
      In my eyes women are the ones that benefit from online dating the most. As a guy you still have to put in a lot of work, let’s say 1 fc out of 100 approaches maybe.
      Add the fact that females don’t even want a LTR anymore due to a choice overload and it’s clear who gets the short stick here

  21. Family stability policies that WORK
    1) Remove women from political power … ALL OF THEM
    2) Remove the franchise / suffrage from women
    3) Remove no-fault divorce
    4) Re-establish the powers of the paterfamilias
    Anything less is going to destroy Western Civilization.
    But here’s the dirty little secret, WestCiv has already slipped under the event horizon. Just a question of time.

  22. I thought this article would be worthwhile, but it too, fell very short of my hopes.

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