Why Money And Sex Will Never Make You Happy

What motivates you?

Why do you go to work every day? Why do you go to school? Why do you go to the gym? Why do you go out at night?

For most guys the answer to all of these questions boils down to money, sex, or a combination of the two.

If we’re being honest, we all work for money and the freedom and security that it brings us. We all go to the gym and the bar in order to get laid.

And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting more money and more sex, there is something wrong with getting hyper-focused on these outcomes. And this is a trap that all too many of us fall into, at one time or another in our lives.

It’s easy to catch ourselves thinking, “I’ll be so happy if I get that raise,” or “I’ll be so happy if I can have sex with that girl tonight.” THIS line of thinking is a problem. An extra $10,000 per year or one night of amazing sex won’t make any noticeable change to your happiness levels. If you’re not already happy, then good luck finding happiness in money and sex.

Money is only as good as what it brings you


Everyone knows that “money doesn’t buy happiness”

Why do you want money? If your reason is to buy a house, a certain car, a new computer, or some cool clothes then, quite honestly, you’re fucked.

Think about it—why do you want these things? When you really get down to it, what’s the reason you want a big house? Maybe it’s because that’s what you think it takes to be “successful.”.

Why do you really want an expensive car? Is it because you really like the features of the car, and how it feels to drive it? Or is it because you think it will give you the status you need to pull more tail? Be honest with yourself.

I can’t tell you what’s “right”—I can’t tell you what a “good” reason to want money is. Personally I’m building a business because I need money to pay rent, eat, go to the gym, enjoy things like going to see a movie, travel a bit, and yes—to buy some new cool shit like clothes and electronics every once in a while.

I can tell you that studies have shown that people who spend money on experiences instead of “things” tend to be happier afterwards. And I can also tell you that from my experience the freedom I get from knowing I make enough to pay rent, buy my necessities, and still have enough left to travel and buy a few cool things here and there is worth more to me than any car or house ever will be.

Sex is the definition of a fleeting pleasure


Good sex is definitely pretty awesome… but it’s only temporary

Can you remember the best sex you’ve ever had?

I can certainly remember a few amazing sessions. And while they were pretty fucking amazing times, they definitely were not worth all of the stress, pressure, and bullshit I put myself through back in my days of being obsessed with “game” and “pickup.”.

You see, if you’re someone who’s convinced himself that you’ll be that much happier if you have a harem of hot women you can hit up for sex as you please, then you’ve got it all backwards. First of all, you’re putting yourself in a place of lacking where you’re not enough by yourself – and that alone will make achieving your goal that much harder.

And second – even if you do succeed in banging loads of hot women – you’ll quickly realize that sex, even with hot women, is not some magic elixir that will cure your problems and insecurities. It lasts for a bit – and then it’s over. The same as any good movie, comedy show, date, or conversation – it’s here and then it’s gone.

So what will bring you happiness?

Happiness is actually quite easy to achieve

Happiness is actually quite easy to achieve

As you can see I truly believe pursuing money and sex for their own sake is not a battle worth fighting. So what is a battle worth fighting? What pursuits will bring you happiness?

Well, honestly, this is different for every man. We all have distinct values. But, in general, doing things that are in line with these values is a good place to start.

If you value your personal freedom, then working towards building a business that will support you in living a life that you control would be a solid option. If you value physical activity, then working out, getting fit, and pursuing hobbies like playing sports or martial arts are probably good ways to spend your time.

And, above all, becoming supremely comfortable in your own skin and learning to love yourself is crucial to developing a happiness that will last. And I find the quickest way to do this is through meditation and being able to sit there, alone, and in silence without needing to be distracted by external sources like other people, your smartphone, or music.

So should I forget sex and money completely?


No one thing is going to make you happy… or three things, even

Now the pursuit of sex and money shouldn’t be written off completely. In fact the actual pursuit of any goal is where the real value lies.

You see, when you push yourself to get more money, date hotter women, or accomplish anything else, you have to work your ass off, learn new things, persist past countless failures, and all-around test your grit, time and time again. And it’s through these various hardships where the real growth will occur.

You will really get to know yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses as you go… well, if you keep pushing, at least.

And once you’ve arrived at your destination… As you’re admiring your hefty bank account… Or as you’re lying in bed with a beautiful women by your side… This is when you will smile, not only because you made it, but because you’ll look back at all the bullshit that you endured to get there.

You’ll realize that the best part of it all was the struggle. And as you move forward in new pursuits you’ll learn to love the process. The outcome comes and goes… but the process sticks with you forever.

But remember: it’s best to ground yourself and fill your days with activities that make you happy – and meditation – in order to stay sane and happy as you go.

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171 thoughts on “Why Money And Sex Will Never Make You Happy”

    1. The happiest times in my life were when things were going well financially. The most depressing times in my life was when I was having money problems.

      1. Probably because money is a proxy for resources which, at its most basic biological level, means food and firewood and a cave to stay out of the rain. Money is life, in a certain sense.

        1. I was thinking money is also a by-product of career success, so maybe it’s the success and fulfilment that is the source of happiness and not the money itself.

      1. Not at all. During the most productive and exciting times of my life, I’ve had neither money nor a sex partner.
        Poverty, even homelessness, teaches men endurance, self-reliance, conservation, and how to live simply.
        A ‘sorry existence’ is living without God . . . and instead living for one’s own self. That’s the true horror. Money and sex fade away, often quickly.

        1. Interesting response, and I agree with these points, especially as they parallel to the 50th Law which I have been re-reading, and some of my experiences in China (although I was having plenty of sex). Not too sure about the God part, but you make valid assertions.

        2. I wasn’t much on the God part either, until most my life already had passed. So I guess if he wants you, he will come get you.

        3. During the most productive and exciting times of my life, I’ve had neither money nor a sex partner. Poverty, even homelessness, teaches men endurance, self-reliance, conservation, and how to live simply.

          Dude; seriously? LOL!!
          While my own short stint with homelessness was indeed a “character building” experience, I definitely do NOT look back on that time with wistfulness. I remember it well enough to keep me motivated to NEVER end up in that situation again. Besides, how can one be “homeless” and “productive” at the same time? Unless, of course, it’s intentional…
          While I agree wholeheartedly that “A ‘sorry existence’ is living without God . . . and instead living for one’s own self”, I also believe a little money and a little sex is better than being poor and having no sex. From a line I heard in a song: “If money can’t buy happiness, I guess I’ll have to rent it…”

        4. As friends of mine who have experienced “conversions” (not quite sure if that’s the right word), tell me, they would go to church and feel nothing, and this might go on for years, until one day, something clicks. Or so they tell me. *shrugs*

        5. The “clicking” is what we call” the work of the Spirit of God”. Without the presence of the Spirit it’s impossible to believe. Man’s natural sinful inclinations dont allow for it. We can’t will the work of the Spirit. He has to be merciful enough to grant it to us. That is why it is referred to as God’s grace. Without any merit or work on our part He deigns to grant it to us.
          It’s both simple yet profound. In Scripture the apostle Paul refers to it as “a great mystery”

        6. God certainly didn’t find me in any ‘church’ nor would I have gone to such a place seeking him. Unlike modern churchians, I don’t equate God’s presence, or potential presence, with attendance in a building . . . no matter how expensive or fancy a building.
          This is what ‘christian’ women tend to want, b/c they indirectly control most of the ‘churches’ and supposed pastors. Like public education, they want men gathered in a building, where males can be shaped according to feminine socio-political imperatives, not according to Scriptural or godly imperatives.
          I was not ready for Scripture, nor for any substantial and authentic ‘religious experience’ until my mid-forties. The preceding time was for preparation (not that I knew it; I didn’t) and there was no epiphanic moment. I am v suspicious of ‘conversion experiences’ and ‘born again’ moments, most of which are just emotionalism and the effects of group pressure.

      2. Soooo, money and sex equals less unhappiness, which must logically mean it equals more happiness.
        Which is to say, money and sex brings you happiness?

  1. David’s right that money and sex won’t make you happy, but he’s mistaken when he asserts that filling your days with activities and meditation will make you happy. Pursuing the things of this world will never fulfill you.
    King Solomon achieved it all, and he discovered the same thing. Google “Ecclesiastes” for his take.

    1. King Solomon achieved it all

      Yea, I like the part where he complains that he didn’t enjoy scuba diving any more.

  2. “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” – “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase

    1. “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” – “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase

      “You’ve let me have success, You’ve let me have all that I’ve hoped or dreamed for, and I know now, God, You let me have it to prove something to me, that it is meaningless without You.” – “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase

  3. Money, while useful as a tool, is a shitty way to ‘keep score’. Would I rather be miserable in a Porsche than on a bicycle? I suppose, but really I’d rather not be miserable.
    Women, while they can be highly ornamental and a tremendous aid in relaxation also come with their own agendas and sets of problems, as well as their own acquisition and maintenance issues.
    The Main Thing is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing and not over-focus on making money (to the detriment of your health, friendships, personal development) or pussy.
    Women are not attracted to a man who wants them, women are attracted to a man who makes them want him.
    If you work on Building a Better You, the pussy will flow. You will also be a happier and more well-centered man in the long run.
    À bientôt,

    1. As it happens I’m typing this while sitting on the driver’s seat of a ’58 Porsche 356, but if need to go somewhere I’ll get on a bicycle.
      I don’t know that that’s apropos of anything, except perhaps that given a set of tools one can apply them toward happiness in a variety of ways, some of which may be out of the ordinary.

      1. ….And that’s fine; what constitutes “happiness” is subject to individual taste. I picked a Porsche as a symbol b/c when I was a teenager, I daydreamed, casually, about having a Porsche someday. Not b/c I wanted a Porsche, particularly, but b/c I liked the idea of a Porsche b/c, on a sub-textual level, it represented freedom*–to my teenage brain it implied a lifestyle** that was (relatively) free from economic concerns, leaving me to pursue such things as I wished.
        Of course, now that I could simply drive down to the dealership and pick one out, and drive away in it, I no longer want one.
        Happiness comes from within.
        À bientôt,
        *Bearing in mind that my then-car was some behemoth Chrysler station wagon that frequently required me to open the hood and fiddle with the butterfly valve to get it to start. As long as I was going to dream about having a different car, I figured I might as well dream big.
        **Marketers often know their business, as it turns out.

        1. ” . . . what constitutes “happiness” is subject to individual taste.”
          Indeed. To me it was the bicycle that represented freedom and the Porsche represented an activity and a level of performance of that activity. So I got on my bicycle to commute 10 miles each way, to an entry level, blue collar job until I could afford a used Porsche.
          But in the long run the bicycle ended up representing the activity and the Porsche ended up representing office furniture – and in that I find happiness.
          And today I might well find happiness in a behemoth of a Chrysler station wagon, as a sport bicycle transporter, because I have, at least to that degree, changed my mind.

        2. A bicycle is simple and does the job done while a Porsche is more complex and higher maintenance. In order to maintain the Porche, you need to sacrifice your time to acquire the money to maintain it, ie. you pay with your freedom.

        1. If you don’t mind that it’s powered by an Antec Phantom 500 driving an AMD A10-5800K, sure.

    2. I think great actions make better score keepers than wealth. If you look through out history most great men did great things and they did not keep score by wealth. They kept score on how many kingdoms they conquered, inventions they provided to the world, or new outlooks they brought to the world.

  4. I can’t agree with the money part, it makes me happy no matter what, and I stay happy when I have it.
    Sex however, I do agree on. It’s like an endless cycle. It makes me happy while I’m doing it, after I’m done, it’s the last thing I want… until 15 minutes later when the urge strikes again. It’s like a drug.

  5. Does this author even have a lot of money or a lot of sex to be making such a claim? Having money enables a person to “throw money” at problems, especially problems the common man faces. If a man does it right, he won’t just have lots of money but it’ll free up his time and he can have multitudes of sex. Needless to say, I disagree with the tenets of this article.

    1. Money is a valuable tool to the extent that it buys freedom and peace of mind. It seems to do the opposite for many people: Mo’ money, mo’ problems, etc.

    2. Lots of money and sex does not guarantee happiness but the opposite almost assuredly guarantees unhappiness.

    3. I know a lot of rich people, few with alot of time. In fact there tends to be an inverse relation.

    4. I believe the author is taking a narrow view of the situation. He probably is in a situation where he has done all that he wants to do already. The key to money is that it allows you to have experiences that help you grow as a person. I will agree with him that experiences are more important than things. That is true. As for sex, I would say that sex ends up being an important part of your health. I think that a regular sex life does enhance you physically and mentally. Going without sex can certainly lower testosterone and confidence levels. I think that at a certain point in life, there is a correlation between the amount of sex one is having and professional success. The point is not to get obsessed to the point that you are desperate and putting women on a pedestal just to get sex.

      1. The bumper sticker is wrong. He who dies having spent the most time playing with his toys wins.

    1. Time. It allows me to hack into how i allocate my time, which is the real currency. As you correctly put, freedom.
      I need oxygen but I sure as fuck am not in love with oxygen. Barely think about it unless I’m short of air. But sure need it to live. That’s how i look at money.
      ‘Money…it’s a gas’ -Pink Floyd

        1. Amen to that. How often did you bend your laurels to get where you are today? That to me, which is a direct function of freedom, is my gauge for measuring my happiness.
          I’ve both had my own business, as well as worked extensively for others. While I was more free running my own business, too much time was spent appeasing other’s who operated sloppy operations that I don’t respect for existing.
          The business I’m opening now will steer away from those limitations. Obtaining any experience in life, without kissing asses of those undeserving, is what makes the victories oh so sweet. This of course applies to pussy and how you get it as well.

        2. Yeah I bent my laurels to some true, a-grade, incompetent assholes, who I now wouldn’t allow to scrub my toilet

  6. Don’t know mate, 7 digits in my bank account would most definitely make me happier!

    1. Voice of Experience here: if you’re not happy with $100 in your pocket you’re not going to be happy with $1M. I know a bunch of guys who could buy and sell me, but they’re miserable as human beings….and it’s all self-inflicted.

        1. I do, but I’m probably not rich enough to be miserable. The guys you are talking about likely spend too much time making money, too much time making sure they *keep* making money and then don’t have time (or imagination) enough to enjoy it.
          Some years ago, after living “broke” for a long time (sometimes b/c I was broke, and sometimes to “live beneath my means”), and once I got over, I decided that I was going to pick a number that would cover my expenses for 1-2 years and I was going to keep that amount in cash (or in demand accounts). I send other $ out into the world to work for me. But it’s the cash/equivalents that give you peace of mind. If something goes sideways, I don’t have to worry about it, and that creates a lot of peacefulness in my life.

        2. The richest guy is an ex trucker turned haulage company owner who never had any hobbies other than driving trucks, which he now can’t do.

        3. You can’t keep on enjoying something because you will be saturated at a certain moment then become bored.

        4. This…. the pressure to earn more never stops for many high earners. The happy millionaires are the ones who have either made their business their main focus and interest and enjoy what they do or have cultivated other interests and use their wealth to follow their goals in life. Always remember with more wealth comes more stuff which pushes more responsibilities onto the individual, property, businesses, women, etc. They all cost money, money which you will have to keep earning.

      1. Money is about survival not happiness. If you define it as something whose only purpose is to make you “happy”, then yes 1000000 will do nothing.

      2. Eh, don’t know about that. There is definitely a huge leveling off effect but I don’t think it starts at $100. If you have $100 bucks and are single, sure you may not be that worried but with a couple of kids? Factor in savings for retirement (which too few people think/worry about), and people with $100 bucks in their account should be worried, especially if you are over 25.

    2. That’s like my ex-wife telling me money isn’t everything, then drooling over the fact she works with millionaires and wishes she could have it. People that can’t attain it, usually will tell you money isn’t going to make you happy. Earning an honest living, with good pay, and solid benefits helps. Hard work does pay off in the end, and if you get rich as a result then so be it. Otherwise you grew a skill-set that is probably just as valuable or even more to your self worth.

  7. Francis Bacon offers the advice: “Seek ye first the good things of the mind, and the rest will either be supplied or its loss will not be felt.”
    You also find this idea in Ayn Rand’s writings. In Atlas Shrugged the heroes become wealthy in material ways because they have cultivated the good things of the mind, but they treat this form of wealth as incidental to other values, like performing productive work that they find challenging and fulfilling. They willingly abandon their stores of the goods of the body when they need to escape from an abusive relationship with the socialist state, because they know that they carry the source of new wealth within them.

  8. I should add that sex is like oxygen; it is only important if you’re not getting any…but then it’s Really Fucking Important!

    1. I wrote a similar themed response regarding money to Lucas above without reading your post here. I should have realized ol’ Mistral grabbed that Wisdom Idol from the Temple of Doom before I did. Hehe 😛

    1. Where’s the level for wifi?
      The difficulty for most people, especially when they’re young, is that they haven’t the first clue what self-actualization is.

  9. Sexual relationships have more than a physical component to them. Men who have to develop themselves to get into sexual relationships through dating acquire a skill set from the experience that doesn’t exist in isolation, but it also comes into play when you have to deal with both men and women in other areas. Ceteris paribus, the sexually experienced and confident man tends to earn more respect from both men and women than a similar guy lacking in those qualities. The former sort of man in the workplace, especially, tends to have better interactions with female coworkers.

  10. Thinking too small. A little more money won’t make a big difference. Even twice what you earn now won’t matter as much as you think. But enough money to last a lifetime is life changing.
    This is the true value of money. Money is time and freedom and power and options, but you need a certain amount of it before it really matters much.
    I’m in the process of setting up passive incomes through investing, and if that works out then I may never have to work again. This means freedom from the daily grind, freedom from having to deal with most SJW bullshit that everyone else is stuck in, freedom to live my life on my terms.
    Money is not the root of all evil, a lack of money is the root of all evil.

  11. I know a guy who must be worth 10 million British.
    He’s fucking miserable. Hen pecked by his wife and has no hobbies.
    He’s in his late 50s and has heart issues. He needs a divorce, a beach house, and a hot 19 year old lover
    Life is short

    1. If he gets a divorce, he’ll only be worth £5 million. Then he might not be able to do those other things.

  12. The society we have created, it’s so dumb. We waste our precious fleeting time here on junk. Instead of getting smarter and realizing it, we continue to make life more difficult than it has to be. Everyone is stuck on stupid.

    1. True. It all comes down to amount of time spent applying your wealth of knowledge. Knowledge goes stale when it’s not used. Most of the successful people I know do not endlessly ponder things, they might not be the smartest out there, but they’re doers, not ponderers.

  13. “Money, sex…what else is there in the 21st-century?” – Most people.
    Wars? Society will isolate you for any forms of violence. Trying to solve problems in modern times consists of sitting around talking with people with probably a pinch of the “F-word” thrown into the mixture.
    Knowledge? The easier parts of most fields have been set in stone. Any further than that is beyond the patience limit of most people who will just say “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
    Virtue? The only place where you can find virtue are in books these days.
    Anything else?
    I cannot place the blame entirely on the average people I see in my daily life. The media constantly displays the image of upper class people using up their money like the rest of society uses up toilet rolls and having sex like its going out of style. Everything else you will ever do in life is simply just going to lead up to the Big Two. Why bother going any further?
    Money and sex is necessary. Enough money for your necessities and self-improvement. Enough sex so that your urges will not interfere with your activities. If you want to squeeze every second of your life for solely these two, by all means go ahead. If you end up miserable, do not blame anyone but yourself.
    Remember that we are men, builders of society. The days prior to what we call the modern era were full of great individuals. Architects, artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, scientists and more. Few structures today can compete with the magnificence of ancient wonders, regardless whether said ancient wonders are still intact or not. Art is barely taken seriously these days. One thing I hope for is the Red Pill to be taken seriously by many but at the moment, all we get called are misogynistic crackpots who can’t get laid.
    If you think you can’t be the man who can make history, find a protégé. Be the Aristotle to a potential (non-warlike) Alexander the Great. Dream, then create and influence. Roosh and other manosphere writers have illuminated the path for us. Choose a path and go beyond that. Otherwise, you are just living underneath Roosh’s shadow. In other words, if you don’t do anything worthwhile, you will forever remain as Roosh’s beta bitch.
    Simply take a look at Rodin’s The Thinker. Such a magnificent sight it is to see a man who is deep in thought. What truly goes on in his head, a mystery to all but himself. On the flipside, there is nothing magnificent about a person who talks too much. Could that person simply be giving lip service? That is why there is no famous statue of a person talking.
    Whatever you want to with your life, godspeed and good health.

  14. I understand this frame of mind. As humans we are always unhappy, and unsatisfied, and seek ways or things to get happiness and satisfaction. This is in fact what life is all about, or more precisely what life is. We always rationalize like this: If I could get this (insert, anything, like sex with that cute girl, that luxurious penthouse, that fabulous car) I would be happy. But as soon as we get it, the happiness or satisfaction begins to fade away. This is a never ending cycle. That being said, money is very important, because with it you can get loads of hot women, independence in your life, better prospects of living, treatment of an illness, and heaps of other benefits. So although, when you have abundance of money and it’s benefits seem to fade away, remember always, that you are much better off with it that without it, because only when we don’t have it, then we seem to realize the importance of money.

  15. I had a conversation with a man at a bus-stop recently and he gave me his idea of happiness.
    He said there are the 3 Ws of happiness.
    Work. Weather. Women.

    1. Qualitative, Quantitative, and Substantial. Maybe substantial should be circumstantial? But he sounds just about right. We ride an interesting mix on the road to happiness.

    2. Living in the far north where we have three weeks of summer a year, I can confirm that weather is indeed very important. And, with enough money, you can go where the weather you like is. Comes back to money again.
      I disagree with work, but only because it is something that is not in everyones nature. Aristotle thought some people had a slave mentality. I agree, some people really do seem to be unable to function without working all the time. I’m the opposite, I’m at my best when I have the freedom to spend my time as I wish.

    3. I would say weather is the most important of those for me personally. I feel like I’m in a total state of hibernation from November to March and then I am born again in spring. It’s also the reason why I never travel north of where I am, only south. My parents keep telling my about Stockholm but I couldn’t bother less, I physically crave the sunny charms of Spain and Italy.

      1. I’m exactly the same.
        I don’t think as fast, I’m not as motivated, etc.
        I’ve got a Mediterranean background and I seriously think I am just not predisposed to have no sunlight for 6 months out if the year.
        My fellow Canadians complain that the summer is too hot and I think they re completely insane.

  16. Man made things wont bring ‘happiness.’ We didn’t evolve to need money. The state of mind that is happiness is something that each individual must produce for themselves.

  17. Western society only cares about money, sex and material stuff. Like that’s the only thing we live for. That’s why so many Western people suffer from depression and midlife crisis. There are so many factors that contribute to a happy life. Sex and material stuff are just a few factors, but definitely not THE factors that make you happy.

  18. What is really valuable is time because you only have a finite amount of in your life and what time you waste you can’t get back. Not wasting time is probably the most important thing a man can do. Make sure that you get back something of value for your time spend and make sure you are enjoying it as well.
    Don’t dick around with porn, tv, video games, or watching sports. Make sure there some short of long term benefit for how you are spending your time. For an example, if you are into sports, actually play one instead of just watching them, that way you get the long term benefit of physical fitness/skills and developing more social bonds a well. If you need entertainment then read a decent novel that makes you think or watch an informative documentary or learn a new language instead of just watching reality TV and sportscenter.
    Just make sure you are getting back something for the time you spend instead of just looking for just short term excitement. Time well spend is what really makes people happy.

    1. Games are fine in moderation. They relax the mind between articles on history and politics and psychology and such. And games like civilization help give some perspective on how political leaders think. Just don’t obsess over it.

  19. You should have made two separate articles one for money and the other for fornication.
    However, since you need money to survive, the first article will convince nobody.
    And, although you don’t need to fornicate to survive, the second article will also convince nobody because everybody is after the pursuit of women.

  20. You’ll realize that the best part of it all was the struggle. -Genius right there!

  21. Well, I’m poor and seemingly can’t get any kind of female attention to save my life. I’m pretty fucking miserable right now.

    1. I guarantee you that the reason you’re not getting any female attention has absolutely nothing to do with you being poor. Do you think when a girl looks at you that she knows your account balance? Some poor guys get tons of attention, some rich guys get zero attention.
      From looking at your profile pic and reading your previous comments, I can make a few assumptions about you. I’ll just say you need to focus on improving yourself first, the female attention will follow. Start working out, lose weight, stop being negative about everything.

      1. I’ve put a lot of work into trying to improve myself. The rewards are still forthcoming, it seems.

        1. So instead if being a loser with no money here, I can move somewhere where I have no friends or family or support network of any kind, and I’ll still be a loser with no money when I get there.

        2. Why do you need any kind of support? Are you a man or what are you? Anyway, change your attitude.. That’s the only thing that’s in your power right this very moment, so do that first.

        3. I can’t imagine being any less miserable in a strange place with no friends or family.

        4. You are bringing your misery upon yourself. You are the only one responsible for your own happiness. The world doesn’t care that you are miserable.

      2. agreed. stop with the pity party, for real. supposed to learn that after your first few unsuccessful attempts to garner attention in your awkward teenage years. this guy looks too old to be doing the “woe is me” routine.

    2. What size is your cock? Loose some weight, climb a mountain, swim a river, these are all free. Bitches will come. And your cock will more than likely stay the same size.

      1. I’ve lost about thirty pounds by exercising all the time and controlling my diet. I’m looking lean and mean, but it hasn’t helped one bit. That’s the most frustrating thing. I’ve put a ton of work into trying to improve myself, and it has had seemingly no effect whatsoever.

        1. What kind of effect are you looking for? Unless you’re a celebrity, girls aren’t going to flock you. You still have to be the one to approach them.

        2. Yup. That’s the hard part. I don’t have a problem with telling someone I know that I’m interested. It’s the random women that I can’t seem to summon the courage to talk to. That’s the biggest hurdle for me. It’s just so awkward. I feel like an idiot. I don’t know what to say, and beING in Alaska, I assume they are already taken, and I’m usually right.

        3. Your social circle? Location? Outlook, i.e. shy, introverted, etc? You’ve got the physical side right….. but you gotta change the environment and your circumstances. Don’t pedestalise the pussy. Work on improving your life….. the rest will come….

        4. If you want a relationship then you probably have to move to a different area with more women. Some ponds are out of fish. That’s not your fault.

    3. Here are the non-financial steps to stop being miserable: abstain from pornography and everything that comes with it, abstain from the company of women, and practice sports.
      In case you are in the presence of girls among friends or family, just remember that she doesn’t care about you, so you better stop thinking about what you should do.

  22. “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”
    –Matthew 16:26

  23. “Money doesn’t buy happiness”…pfft ok, if thats how you feel about it give it to me then.

    1. it had to be a Broke Mother fucker that came up with the Term ” Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness”

  24. It’s not the money. It’s the ability to make it anytime, anywhere is what really matters.

  25. There’s a guy from where I grew up who made $46 million 7-8 years ago. He continued his aspirations in Vegas. According to an old business partner of his I encountered last month, he lost it ALL. Had a Lambo, mansions, etc. Now he’s back home putting the pieces back together. It bought him some pussy, and a hot wife, we’ll see how long that lasts.

      1. Yea, my point is all that $$ didn’t seem to make him happy as he chased after something that wasn’t there in the end, losing it all.

  26. Why is it ok for men to desire sex and money, but not ok for women to do the same? Why do men praise each other on this site, for acquiring such, but denigrate women who have successful careers and derive pleasure from sex and sexual variety? I am a woman and this baffles me. We are all human with human needs. I literally cannot wrap my head around why you have these sentiments. You guys complain about the quality of women, and yet do not look in the mirror. The majority of both men and women in the United States, for example, are overweight or obese. Half of both men and women possess an intelligence that is below average 100 iq, and half above it, and only a sprinkling of both genders are two or more standard devations in either direction. So as you can see men and women in terms of mental potential and physical shape are pretty on par with each other. Yes there are differences in how the brains are wired, differences which complement each other in the same way that male and female bodies fit together.

      1. So the reason everyone here is angry at women is because they cannot find a good wife and woman to be mother to their offspring??????

        1. “People who disagree with me” = Angry
          How convenient. That way you have no obligations to rationality, logic, thinking. You have a built in straw man. So leftist of you.

    1. don´t fall for these trick questions. “whythisworldviee” go think for yourself- wanna get all the experiences and answers served with the silver spoon? not gonna happen. and i doubt you could take it.

      1. trick question, or is it just a question with no logical answer? i am well aware human beings are not known for being logical, however….

  27. A few of my friends and I have a number. That number is the number it will take to walk away from the workforce. We all work full time and have side businesses we are growing. The eventual goal is to ride it out until we can quit our jobs, and then make our side hustle get us to “the number”. When we hit “our number”, we will never work again. No schedules, no obligations, nothing. And money is going to get us there. So while money may not be everything, it sure solves many many problems in life. It is freedom.

    1. The most important reason to stop working is increasing becoming to STOP having your labour stolen and redistributed to others who are either actively working to destroy what you cherish, or plain out parasitizing you.
      So no, I;m not working to fund you. I;d rather ensure you starve until you leave me and my labour alone.
      I am very conscious of this every day now. Every damn day.

      1. Don’t know where you come from. But in Western Europe taxes are very high. Income tax up to 52% in the Netherlands. 52%!! Crazy right. And that’s only income tax. You are being punished for taking risk or studying. You know what happens when you are some parasite over here? Welfare up to your neck. For the lazy stupid people there are many allowances. In the end their income is higher than yours while you work and they don’t. Poor? Here, have a free flatscreen tv. When you make a certain amount of money you won’t receive anything. Just have to pay and pay. I’ll bet the US isn’t any different nowadays. Socialism is like cancer, it will work it’s way in wherever it can nest.

        1. “In the end their income is higher than yours while you work
          and they don’t.”
          2 Thessalonians 3:10-13The Message (MSG)
          Don’t you remember the rule we had when we lived with you? “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” And now we’re getting reports that a bunch of lazy good-for-nothings are taking advantage of you. This must not be tolerated. We command them to get to work immediately—no excuses, no arguments—and earn their own keep. Friends, don’t slack off in doing your duty.
          “I’ll bet the US isn’t any different nowadays.”

  28. Don’t agree at all. Money won’t make you happy? Money is freedom. Let’s say you’re worth 10M. You can easily not worth for the rest of your life and be set. Meanwhile you have tons of time to do WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO DO. I don’t know too many people where that wouldn’t make them happy….
    The articles on this site have been really shitty recently. Not sure if you guys are trolling us or someone hacked in and took control or what.

    1. I think this is more of a philosophical article on the limits to happiness that money and sex can bring. It shouldnt be taken 100 pct literally. No doubt we are physical beings with physical and material needs, yet at the same we are much more than that, and eventually wither on the vine without spiritual meaning to all this we call life. Too much indulgence in either direction is not sustainable nor desirable.

      1. desirable? you have to be a really negative person to somehow not manage to be happy when you can literally do anything you want.
        It’s funny because the people I always hear saying money can’t happiness are guys that make 30k a year, jacking off to their car and driver magazine about 100k cars. yeah money totally can’t buy happiness.
        like most constantly repeated idioms, they’re wrong.

        1. i stand corrected, i guess man can live on money and sex alone, just make sure you never allow your thoughts to indulge or linger anywhere near the natural and human feeling of love, desire to love and be loved, desire for genuine human connection and community… cause, you know, thats so feminine and pussified, and must be suppressed at all costs including if there is any possibility that it is an essential component to human happiness… you guys talk a big game here, but alexander supertramp who ought to be someone you would assumedly find agreeable for his masculine courage to retreat into solitude and wilderness, wrote… happiness only real when shared…. There is an important spiritual concept that goes beyond gender wars, and as such, it necessarily trumps the wisdom of any conclusions drawn by either gender under the influence of anger, it is this…. too much of anything is not productive for the soul, you need the yin to the yang, you need to experience darkness to be grateful for the light, men and women need each other, etc etc etc… however since we are all both men and women living by the creed of a hyperindividualized society and world headed for hell… forget everything i just said, its all a moot point… carry on breaking each others hearts and spirits, using and objectifying each others bodies for fleeting pleasure, decimating cultural and natural diversity for the sake of the almighty dollar, mark, pound, cause its only a matter of time before this unsustainable situation collapses according to historical cycle, leaving all of us back to the drawing board where women are at the mercy (read:cruelty) of physically stronger men, and men die at 18 in close hand combat or hunting for the next boar to bring back to the village… all of us men and women, who understand the unsustainability of what is happening now should also understand that the opportunity to capitalize upon it is fleeting, and what a rare situation we are in

    2. Sure money is good, but having social connections with people is more important. Even when you are some introverted person. What are you going to do with not having to work? Sitting at home? Don’t tell me you are going to do some social work because I you think that is important you already would be doing that.
      Once you’re rich, people with treat you differently. They look up to you, but at the same time you’re not on of them anymore. They think you’re a snob when you show that new luxury vehicle. Is that a problem you might ask., what other people think. Well, you surely don’t know who your real friends are anymore. Because things will change.

  29. This is a problem few of us have but one rich friend I have always likes to say that at some point, when you become stable and successful, money is just another “0” in the bank account that really doesn’t make a difference to how you live your life.

  30. I think the author was trying to say that happiness is a temporary state. You need to have goals to strive for, money and bitches are just added benefits of achievement but not a means to an end.

  31. “You’ll realize that the best part of it all was the struggle”
    Indeed man indeed.
    The best part is the struggle when it comes the game of women and money. Its not so much gaining them as it is working towards gaining them.
    Meaning, its like watching a trailer for a movie. The trailer looks great and makes the movie seem like the greatest thing that has ever been created. The hype them starts as you see promo for it any and everywhere in commercials, posters, toys, on food, etc. The build up is really where it is at. It makes the people want to come sometimes more than the actual movie. Then, once the movie comes: Eh. Its not as great as the build up made it.
    That is how it is when dealing with women, money, and even game itself. The build up towards it is more fun than the actual outcome. I once seen women as this thing away from earth. Some magical being that was not meant to be touched but simply observed. I place them higher on a mountain than most, if not damn near all didn’t deserved. I was a confused dude that luckily went through some fuckery with a chick that helped snapped me towards a reality I would of never found on my own. By her being a complete bitch and messing around with my own family, I was able to reach a pain I could not feel without actually being taken to a dark place that shattered all my logic, reason, and hope when it came to love. In a way, I thank her for that.
    I was once confused but no more. Money and women are not the goals. the goal is to find what makes ME HAPPY. External pleasures will help for a moment but not a lifetime. My confusion is being broken down to dust more and more each year as I get sharper and smarten in my knowledge of the game of life and women.
    Very blunt post. I enjoy when someone can just cut through the meat and serve the shit raw. Great post man.

  32. money gives you the power to put yourself in favourable environments, this causes happiness. It allows you to purchase the ingenuity of your fellow man. It motivates us all. Money is the magnet for human genius extraction. The more smart folks cling to money, the better it is for all of us
    Before you have some level of success money WILL continue to make you happier and happier, but once you get there, it’s like the reservoir is filled, the thirst is quenched, so it’s just like a trophy. Think of billionaires who spend millions on a painting, it’s a trophy, objects become this “prideful collection” for self esteem.
    or just look at your girlfriends, and their shoe collections, always needing a new pair every couple of weeks because there is no cure to materialism
    Unfortunately, it is fleeting. Things are never as bad as they seem and never as good as they seem.
    i wish life was just as easy as having a certain amount of money in your bank account than you win the game and are satisfied, unfortunately this is not true, just look at all the restless billionaires, study their behaviour
    it makes them all super-attached to life and they panic like that we are terminal beings and no amount of money changes this fact
    Michel de Montaigne stated, the rich are paralysed by their inevitable aging end and are just as miserable as the rest of us(he was rich), lots of tech billionaires are pouring 10’s of millions into anti-aging research(hopefully it works out)
    Is an easy and smooth life good? I mean, Time distorts the easier life is and goes by faster!, and i KNOW its true, the best times of my life i basically time travelled, i couldn’t even imagine what a sad joke time must be if everything was perfectly smooth, no wonder the rich are all miserable! It seems the universe has a balancing act, during bad times life slows down, therefore making us feel like we are time-rich, than when things are going smooth and great, time warps away from us, making us time-poor, like when you are doing a hard workout you feel every second, for the rich man life is too short, for the poor man it is too long
    try this experiment. Go buy something. A couple weeks from now, see if you are any happier, of all the things you bought are you truly happy right now? i mean…as happy as you should be?
    Money is like a black hole, When you get more, it’s not satisfying it makes you want. EVEN MORE
    Funny enough, this realization that money doesn’t really have that much power to make me fulfilled means i save even more of it because i know spending it won’t really make me any happier for more than a couple days, which is odd because not caring about it has piled it up, and even saving more of it hasn’t done shit for my happiness , my conflict is that life is too short, so i spend time researching anti-aging and such, iam convinced that an easy life through money is a CURSE so long as we don’t cure aging, expect a smooth easy life to slip by like a time warp
    and with this knowledge stop your complaining^ the rich arent having as much fun as you think, sure the musics good, the drinks are stong on the “fun ship” but the part goers all know its headed for doom so
    it turns out rich folks have more and more aggressive orgies on their yachts in order to feel powerful, they have bizzare ritualistic orgies, they feel this puts them above the common “man” as their fate of aging, makes them bitter and somehow this is winning
    A can understand a beta male will be wrestless savages until they get that 1,000,000$ house and the 100,000$ car so he can impress a feminist that would treat him like dog shit otherwise, lol
    people who spend money are women, who are obsessed with “lifestyle” and beta males who want to give women a “lifestyle” or at least make it seem like they are capable of it
    being red pill therefore is VERY VERY good for your bank account fellas.

  33. People strive to make money and often struggle, and if they labor for too long just trying to keep afloat they become unhappy. Money gives you much more freedom to do things, go places. Many wealthy, generous men these days find pleasure by using sites like tempted.com and have mutually beneficial relationships with younger, classy women.

  34. If you’ve played the game long enough to see through the promises of eternal happiness through women, then it’s time to focus your energies on higher callings. Spiritual callings.
    If you seek everlasting love and happiness, it truly comes from within. I know there are some who disagree with this, but if you’ve studied Yogic sciences for any length of time and practiced the teachings, you might learn to transmute your sexual energies into a whole new level of internal peace and well-being free from sexual desire.
    Freedom from desire is liberation from the limited egoic self. The result is improved health, energy, vitality and gratitude for life. I may submit an article in this topic some day. The secret word is ‘celibacy’, or even simply ‘moderation’. You may be surprised at how much energy and power this will give you.
    Once you’ve satisfied base pleasures or needs, your next task is to transcend them. The rewards are great.

  35. Good article. Some say you have only one shot in life, well if you get ammo, you can reload.

  36. I appreciate your respectfulness as regards to life and order. Your realization and public declaration that sex and money have their place and it is not at the forefront of humanity or intelligent humble minds is brave and nothing short of faith strengthening for me and I thank you for your small contribution to our human story. You have my utmost respect sir, I look forward to more of your musings.

  37. Having more money and stuff definitely makes life easier, but there’s a point at which it doesn’t make sense.
    I think of it this way. Having a nice house, a fancy car, and all the latest gadgets is definitely a lot of fun, but that typically means working long hours to be able to afford the stuff. When it gets to the point where you spend all your waking hours in the office, then you end up not having enough time to enjoy all that stuff.
    A few years ago I had an hourly branch banking job in a wealthy area. Most of the clients who came in were bankers, lawyers, doctors, private investment types, etc. These people had million dollar homes, Porsches and Teslas, designer clothes, and so on. Since I worked with them, I knew about their finances and every single one of them were in debt up to their eyeballs and most were underwater on their luxury homes…..they barely had a penny to their name when you compared their cash to their debt. You could see the misery in their eyes, especially the ones whose wives divorced then fleeced them. One lady’s alimony checks even had the words “spousal confiscation” written in the memo line!
    If you have a job that you truly enjoy, then that’s different, but unfortunately most of us don’t have that luxury. I would rather work my 40 hour / week job and have time to do the things I enjoy, instead of slaving 60 hours for a fancy house I barely spend any time in.

    1. instead of slaving 60 hours for a fancy house
      And it’s not even your house. It’s hers.

    2. Those people were not actually rich. Someone said that if you can’t buy what you want with cash then you don’t deserve it. I agree and live that way. I don’t have a fancy house or a car, no designer clothes (nor do I want most of that stuff), but another thing I don’t have that most people do is debt. It’s better this way.
      The one downside, and it’s a big one, is that girls only look at the surface. They don’t care if things are funded by debt or otherwise. Worth it to me.

      1. Actually, based on their income they were rich. But they are not wealthy. Wealth is having enough money and time to live the life you want to live and not be subject to having to trade your time to create someone else’s wealth in order to live.
        If you have to work 60 to 80 hour work weeks to the detriment of your health or family to make six or seven figures and/or are in debt up to your eyeballs to the mortgage and credit card companies, then you are not wealthy. Consequently, a person may make only $40,000 a year in passive income, but because he/she only had to put in lots of work at the beginning yet now only has to work the proverbial 4-hour work week managing their income streams to spend the rest of their time pursuing their dreams, they are far more wealthy than the high earning doctor or lawyer,

  38. In prehistorical times only the Alfa primate could have sex with the best looking females. Having sex with a beautiful woman will have positive effects on your person for a long time I think. There is a whole mindset to it.
    A rich life to me is a life of knowledge.. Not that I have the IQ of a professor. But learning some more languages and reading a couple of different blogs and magazines a day brings me more joy than owning an Apple watch or a BMW. Also good health is earned for most people. By educating yourself on what to eat and drink (or not) and what to do to stay fit and feel strong. These things are cheap.
    Money alone will not make you happy. I know millionaires. These 2 guys have bad health and their lack of quality relationships (once you’re rich knowing who is your friend will be harder) is mediocre. Those guys are not happy despite the fact they own dozens of cars and travel like there is no tomorrow.
    The ability to be happy living a frugal lifestyle. That in fact is a gift! And I am not talking about being some bum. Just middle class.

    1. Thats what people never consider about being rich… if you are focused on making money you have little time to focus on health, which people dont value until they lose it, and we are losing it at younger ages if partaken in overindulgent lifestyles… that and wondering if all your friends only like you for your money… its a very predatory lifestyle…. neither am i saying you should allow yourself to be the prey, the nail to someones hammer, but…. there is a happy medium, which maximizes health and happiness for the longest period of time in ones life, and i think that varies per individual… which is why we do find different cultures on different “trips”, mindsets and ways of living… at one point early on a tribe mcgyvered a way to solve a problem, to increase happiness, and it grew into an elaborate way of life, a whole culture… nevertheless the motivation is universal to all… to decrease pain increase pleasure… where you find the similarities in cultures, is where you discover the defining characteristics of being human…

      1. You are wise. And just so you don’t have to hear about it later from someone else: I’m stealing “mcgyvered” heh

        1. white knight post of the month! congrats for being a white knight you earned the beta spot
          i get it you´re a girl

        2. I said three words pertaining to this article, which by the way is for a certainty full of wise words, not sure how you could have missed that yet you have three times made baseless assumptions about me from barely a paragraph contributing naught but an air of immature discord to what could have been a very philosophical discussion. I think you got more out of what I said than the actual article which is…..odd and disappointing.
          Quite frankly your words are presumptuous and you couldn’t possibly have put much more thought into them than you do your morning piss, so in all fairness I really can’t take this seriously and I’ll have to dismiss it. I’m sure you’re trying to insult me by assigning these made up terms then ending by assuming I’m a “girl” (I’m not) but I can assure you, you have done no such thing I actually feel increasing pity for you.
          At any rate I do hope you did end up getting something out of this article and you’re just trying to be modest by hiding your intelligence which there is no need for it would have actually been welcome and kind of the point of commenting. Whelp, it’s been a pleasure but I must take my leave what with work in a couple hours, I’d shake your hand but well….proximal constraints and so fourth. Cheers.

      2. I dunno…I work 12 hours a day 7 days a week sometimes for weeks at a time and i NEVER miss the gym and far as I know I’m healthy as can be. 3x a week even on top of this workload.. It’s all about priorities.

        1. If that makes you happy go for it, but do you get enough sleep? Lack of sleep takes a significant toll on the immune system and the heart. As long as you dont neglect sleep, more power to you.

      3. This is a chart of human lifespan, which has doubled in the last 100 years, expectations are that it will double again this century until it is indefinite
        “an American demographer who heads the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany, have noticed that life expectancy in the countries where people already live longest has risen by a constant two-and-a-half years a decade since 1840.

        1. This chart does not account for death from chronic, lifestyle related health conditions. If you google regarding sedentary lifestyles and diet of americans, projections are that 75 pct of american men and women overweight or obese in another 30 years, we are currently at 66 pct with that number… and an expected decrease in life expectancy that goes along with that statistic. Again, too much of anything is bad for you, including things that are normally considered desirable and highly sought. Food, sex, money, leisure etc

  39. I’m simply in awe that “Jefe” wrote an article that’s not about going to the fucking gym. I guess he ran out of ways to say “Working out is manly and you need to eat lots of protein, oh and buy my eBook.”

    1. That’s an arrogant response! Well done.
      If I had wanted money bad enough, I could have gotten it. But then I’d have been just like you! :O)

      1. it was actually not directed to you. it was a sarcastic response to the spammer. I have a lot of empathy towards those who are /have been homeless- having been close to it myself. ( this winter actually)

  40. Good article and good effort. I agree for the most part. I think the problem with the two base desires is when they morph into something else, due to some underlying issue. An obsessive fixation on either could be due to some empty space somewhere else.
    I think people get too binary when it comes to money. It ends up being;
    spending money=shallow, empty, sick
    minimalism=healthy, grounded, real.
    But there is all kinds of middle ground. The more important thing is to make the distinction between spending money to better your enjoyment of life versus spending money for social attention or approval. One guy is buying a car for status, another guy is really fascinated with the mechanics and the feel of driving it. It adds happiness every time he starts it up. Same for watches, clothes whatever. I actually think decent, fitted clothing made from good, natural material is a legitimate visceral pleasure. It often gets lumped into the shallow/stupid spending category but I disagree. Smart spending on high quality products is a true joy, imo. It’s just a matter of balance.
    For those who want to indulge a bit after working hard and are drawn to the concept of a wealthy life.
    1. Well, go do it. Become a multi-millionaire
    2. For those who can’t or took missteps or simply don’t want to work that much there is the idea of downsizing your way to ersatz wealth. You can’t have the mansion for 1.5 mill. but you can have a two thousand dollar leather easy chair and a 1000 dollar Turkish rug underfoot for your tiny apartment or condo or mini-home. You can’t have a Ferrari but you can have a 1000$ watch, a luxury leather wallet and a custom made 400$, abalone handled pocketknife on you at all times. This fills that urge for high quality ownership more than you think it would, imo. It sounds laughable but it’s not. To be sure, I haven’t lived both lives. But I think the brain can only output so many endorphins. A guy who owns a ferrari isn’t a happy maniac–laughing with excessive daily joy two years in. It levels off because the brain has a limited amount of joy it can shower itself with. If you can get that same degree of satisfaction of ownership with a vintage Rolex for 2k that some people get with a Mercedes, then save yourself 98k and sit in your easy chair with your Rolex on, smiling away. Same amount of serotonin as the guy with the Mercedes who’s likely sitting in traffic, road raging every time someone comes within ten feet of his 100k baby. Is he 50 times happier than you? 50 times the serotonin output in his brain? Nope. But he paid 50 times more than you did for that vintage Rolex that makes you smile every time you’re taking your evening dram.
    Then build up a 10,000$ wardrobe over the years. 5-6 pairs of 300-500 dollar shoes, 50 silk ties, gold/silver tie tacks, cuff links, etc. Luxury coffee maker and AAA grade coffee beans, a bar of single malts, 3-5K$ dollar bed and mattress. Luxury carpeting (if the place is small), luxury bath towels, cashmere robe. All in; 25-30k over 10-15 years (even less when subtracting the base-line expenses of clothing/furniture that would be there anyway)…Yet when you navigate your life and home you’ll feel the same satisfactions of the wealthy, or nearly. Just with less housework. I would take that, in a tiny house, over a troublesome, risky McMansion while wearing crappy clothes and shoes from Target. You can be a wealthy man on a small scale, as funny as it sounds. It’s the car, the home (and the land) that drain money. Avoid those massive expenses and with a fraction of that savings, you can gild the small things in life. Luxury minimalism.

    1. Wow excellent way to put it. I completely agree with this approach. I’m a recovering socialist and definitely think that the value of money is in its ability to give you access to quality commodities and experiences.

  41. Be happy WITHOUT money and sex and we are talking.
    Can you do that?
    No? Case closed.

  42. Sex and money are an important baseline for happiness in life. Without those, you’ll truly struggle to make it to the next level.

  43. Money is a tool, but it is nice to have a very large tool.
    Too much sex is only a problem if your dick gets excessively chafed or falls off.

  44. I wish all men would read this, agree and apply it. Since I began meditating, my life, my habits, and my happiness have significantly improved.

  45. I like both money and sex. Am i obsessed with them? No. Obsessions are defined by what you will do to get them. I will never degrade myself morally for either. But i will work rather hard to get them.

  46. Happiness is actually extremely easy to achieve: simply decide you want to be happy, and you will be. I made this decision at 11:00 am on January 6, 2005, and I have literally been happy almost every single moment since that time. There’s a little more to the process, but the essence is that the brain is simply another organ like your arms or legs, and you can consciously control it; you are not at its mercy unless you choose to be.
    Money and poon, on the other hand, those take work. You can’t just wake up and decide one day that you’re going to have them. So my advice is: first, decide to be happy, then, set out to achieve money and poon armed with that happiness. As those things naturally gravitate to happy, emotionally centered people, those (and other) goals will then become easier. But you’ll still have to work at them.

  47. It is true money are necessary for food, rent, bills & other things but if you would like to be happy in life just make money & then go have sex with an escort or find an asian massage parlour for a massage. That way you would save time, money & you would be happier for sure!

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