Are Black People More Racist Than White People?

When I moved to the South as a teenager I got a glimpse of race relations up close for the first time in my life, and one thing that quickly became surprisingly evident was the disdain black people had for white people. This wasn’t the case with everyone but the undercurrent of their resentment was noticeable.

Then I went to college where diversity, love, togetherness, and every other feel good cause were front and center and that seemed to change my hunch for a while. But when I left and went back to the real world it was right back in my face.

Diversity! Feeeelzzz! Justice!

Living in more than a dozen states over the last 20 years was enough of a sample size for me to draw the conclusion that blacks might very well be more racist than whites. My second stint in a certain city put the nail in the coffin.


Those who have read my columns know and understand that I don’t exactly hold Atlanta in the highest regard. It’s not a terrible city because it does have its perks (such as the abundance of Latinas in and around the city) but by and large I’m not the biggest fan of The Big Peach.

The main reason I left after just 6 months my second time around was because of the black people. The victim mentality, ghettos, criticism of anything not related to black culture, and a shitload of other things got old quick.

What set the tone for my short stay was when a coworker of mine was on his usual soapbox about how black people were “oppressed” and that racism was at an all time high—the usual bullshit that people like him talked about ’round the clock.

I grew increasingly tired of his preaching so rather than trying to have a conversation with him about it (which I knew wouldn’t do any good), I showed him a video to let him know that we may not have it as bad as people in other countries:

His response? “Well we have it worse here because racism is covert. At least they keep it real over there and say it to your face.”

Un. Fucking. Believable.

These conversations were a regular occurrence with this idiot and unfortunately his mentality was prevalent in this city.

Another huge problem in Atlanta is that black people purposely separate themselves from other races. It seemed that they only associated with blacks whether it be socially, in their business dealings, religiously, or anything else they could think of. Even the shows they watch are predominantly black.

Sure, the black population down there is higher than most major cities which factors in. But how the hell can these people complain about segregation and the importance of diversity if they’re the ones actively separating themselves?

Black women DESPISE white women

Best believe she hates white girls

Years ago my ex wife and I were at mass, and in front of us sat a black woman and her two daughters. It was still early so people were still filing into their seats and awaiting the priest to make his appearance and start the proceedings.

Just before things got started a white family took their seats next to the black family. Nothing out of the ordinary there…except for the fact that the two young black girls looked at the blonde white girl with a disgust that was so pronounced my wife and I exchanged uncomfortable glances.

The sad part about this is that those two black girls were too young to dislike the white girl simply because of her pale skin. The hard truth is they’re being indirectly (and probably also directly) taught to hate white people by their mother, their culture, and everything they consume.

Those two little girls will grow up to shoot dirty looks at white girls and complain to each other that they are stealing “their men.” This mindset will permeate all of their thoughts and actions. Before they know it they’ll start to blame white people for all of their “struggles,” especially their lack of romantic options.

They can say whatever they want but this is the real reason black women hate on Kim K

Even my own mother would turn up her nose at my white high school girlfriends. These days she’s much more laid back about my choice in female companionship (age, introspection, and perspective will do that) but she never passed up the opportunity to ask “Why can’t you find a nice African-American girl, Donovan?” I never answered because I knew I’d earn a swift hand to the face.

This article is but a sliver of the pie that is the prevailing attitude about black men like myself who date outside our race. The title alone is all you need to know about where they stand on this issue.

Fatally obsessed with women of a lighter persuasion, Tiger Woods might be the only one on this list who actually has a medical condition. Woods has had more blonde prostitutes than a season’s worth of “Game Of Thrones.” Still, after losing a hefty $100 million in his divorce settlement, he swiftly scooped up another one to share the rest of his riches.

The sooner black women accept and understand that their lack of dating options isn’t because of white girls (or any other race for that matter) the better off they’ll be.

Legally speaking

Remember the O.J. Verdict? Remember the outright glee black people reacted with when the verdict was read? Remember how uncomfortable we were watching people celebrate that someone had gotten away with murder just because he was black?

The Simpson trial was not only the trial of the century, it shined a spotlight on how black people in this country really felt about whites. The fact that this occurred only a few short years after the Rodney King incident and in the same geographical area only heightened the blood lust for “one of ours” to get over on “one of theirs.”

Let’s face it. They had O.J. dead to rights. All the evidence pointed to his guilt (except for these) but because of the exploits of Mark Fuhrman, an obviously tainted jury pool trying to “make up” for what happened to King, and the best criminal defense lawyer money could buy, Simpson walked.

The most infamous mug shot of the 20th century

In an honest moment any reasonable person, black or white, would tell you he should have been convicted. Yet, to this day blacks still declare that he didn’t do it (including the wannabe Malcolm X I showed the above video to) knowing damn well they wouldn’t bet dollars to death on his innocence.

The cases of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are also prime examples where the fact that both of them being black clouded the common sense and judgement of black people. Race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson didn’t waste any time stoking the flames of racism to line their pockets and increase their prominence in the public eye.

Is it a tragedy that both of these young men were killed as teenagers? Of course it is. Nobody’s disputing that. But similar to the feminist agenda, the problem is in the narrative and this ROK article could not have stated it any better:

Janay Rice wasn’t sitting on the couch minding her own business when Ray walked up and punched her in the face. Rihanna wasn’t making pancakes when Chris Brown walked in the kitchen and slapped the shit out of her.

Brown and Martin weren’t sitting under trees studying for midterms when accosted by their would-be assassins. This isn’t to say they deserved to die, but they most certainly were not innocent little snowflakes minding their own business.

And thanks to people like Louis Farrakhan, black people have a blind rage without knowing all of the facts which only further deepens the racial divide.

All they have to hear is “white man shoots black man” and they instantly jump to outrage because of the dangerous precedents set by the chronicling of comparable events of the past.

The gross exploitation of a double standard

Black people publicly talk shit about white people (and other races) on the regular and most people don’t say anything about it. Whether it’s out of fear or social pressure, anything that remotely resembles racism towards blacks is avoided like the plague.

Fellow columnist and friend Blair Naso is my go-to guy for anecdotes on race issues. Having lived in the South a combined 40+ years we often swap stores and have great conversations. Naso’s right in the thick of things down there so he’s able to offer accurate, detailed accounts of race related events.

One such conversation was the genesis of this column and when I asked Naso’s opinion on this he didn’t pull any punches:

Which of the two is more racist in actuality? I’m not sure. But most white racism is benign, whereas black racism often hurts people. They’ll gun you down for being white and walking on their side of town and then justify it because of slavery.

Well said.

Blacks, on the other hand, are given a free pass to use all sorts of racial slurs but the moment someone of a different race even broaches the subject of a possible pitfall of the black race, we get up in arms.

Good question, Captain…

Political correctness is the shield blacks hide behind—that’s “pussy pass” in neomasculine-ese. They know that if a caucasian insinuates a racial element in any given situation they’ll be attacked and sometimes eviscerated. Whereas if black people do the same thing, they’re often defended by the hamster wheel of the culture and media and exonerated of any wrong doing.

Case in point: The Donald Sterling scandal. For those unfamiliar with this story, the long and short of it is Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was recorded by his mistress during a racial tirade. This set off a media firestorm which ultimately led to the team being taken from Sterling and subsequently sold to former Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer.

I can say with near 100% certainty that if Sterling was black and made these comments about white people he’d still have his team.

While I don’t agree with Sterling’s world view, I strongly disagreed with him being stripped of his team because of his views. I’m willing to bet he’s not the only owner who shares his perspective (on some level at least). But the only difference between them and Sterling is that Sterling voiced his politically incorrect opinion on front of a woman who violated his privacy and made it public.

Sterling with the woman who would eventually betray him

A spin-off of this saga was a statement made by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban in the midst of the Sterling story gaining traction:

If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face–white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere–I’m walking back to the other side of the street.

Once again the PC Police reared its ugly head and Cuban was predictably crucified for his remarks. There were a few that publicly defended him but by and large his comment was not taken very well. Nevermind the fact that he used a white person in one of his examples. All blacks heard was “black kid,” “hoodie,” and “other side of the street” and we lost our minds.

Black people in this country know and exploit this double standard ad nauseam, and black comedians and actors are no different. They literally trade on this double standard and use it to make quite a nice living for themselves while similar acts would all but end the careers of whites in this field. Remember this little gaffe?

Muslims and Panthers and colored people OH MY!

Two groups in particular have made it crystal clear they have no intention of improving relations with whites: The New Black Panther Party and Black American-born Muslims. We’ll get to the NBP in a minute but let me be clear here about Muslims in this country: I’m not talking about the ones that are born and raised in Muslim nations. I’m talking about blacks in this country that convert to Islam.

Funny thing is, most black American Muslims I’ve talked to seem to have one thing in common: the utter hatred of white people.

My first stint in Atlanta showed me how crazy these “converts” were when one knucklehead had the gall to say “Osama bin Ladin is a great man!” in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. I immediately knew what he was playing at so I coolly shrugged my shoulders and asked “Well why is that? What great things has he done?”

Silence. He didn’t have an answer because I was supposed to fly off the handle and start spewing the red white and blue blues and scream at him for betraying ‘Murica. All his statement was designed to do was illicit a reaction. It wasn’t to educate or inform me. The guy just wanted to piss me off because I poked holes in his “philosophies” and he threw a Hail Mary to try and win the argument…just like a woman.

These people are unbearable

Believe it or not, the New Black Panther Party is worse. Formerly led by the outwardly racist crackpot Malik Zulu Shabazz (who felt the need to shed his “slave name” Paris S. Lewis), the NBP has a well earned reputation for the ridiculous notions they abide by.

How crazy are they you ask? These loons backed Crystal Mangum when she accused three Duke LaCrosse players of gang raping her. That’s pretty fucking crazy in my book.

Note: (Dis) honorable mention goes to the NAACP who is as guilty as any group out there for fanning the flames of racism.


Racism is real and it exists. I get it. I certainly don’t blame older Black Americans who lived through the Civil Rights Movement and still bear the scars of past racism. That shit was tough to get through (thank God for Martin Luther King, Jr.) so I can understand if blacks of generations past still carry that resentment with them.

However, any black person who didn’t live in that era and have the audacity to squawk about reparations, “the man,” equality, or anything related to race as it pertains to black people are as bad, if not worse, than feminists as far as I’m concerned. Feminists ask “where have all the good men gone” but do nothing to improve themselves as women. That mentality is no different than blacks who “fight the power” on a daily basis.

Blacks act like we’re living in this age

Hell, we even shame our own when one of us doesn’t toe the proverbial company line. Charles Barkley has been the target of harsh criticism for calling out the looters in Ferguson (to which he responded in kind).

Similarly, Dr. Ben Carson is also looked at as something of a villain in the black community simply because he is unafraid to publicly criticize President Obama and doesn’t buy into the bullshit ideals of cooks like Shabazz or “Dr.” Jeremiah Wright and makes no bones about it.

Improving race relations in America is going to take a seismic shift of epic proportions in American culture. White people have been reigned in (mostly) on racist action and speech. It is high time blacks are held to the same standard. If more of us took the Barkley or Carson approach to life we’d be a lot better off as a people.

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1,082 thoughts on “Are Black People More Racist Than White People?”

  1. No. Maybe there is a better question to be asked which is why this kind of article is good. However, to propose that black people are more racist, excuse me what? What of the in between’ers who equally hate black culture, white culture, but bite their tongue because of income concerns? Or the whites who will speak to high heavens of lower IQ, brain size, and genetics for proof of superiority? I’m sure twelve will be all the more trigger happy just to comment because someone mentions this article. What you are speaking to is what happens when a piece of the information is given and the bulk is hidden. The question should be whom is influenced best by propaganda as opposed to who is most racist. But this article may do what it was intended to do, bring up a race debate. I’ll recede with my popcorn now. Where’s my butter?

    1. I live in Denmark. White capital of the world, or close enough. We welcome anyone, no matter their origin. But we do so on the idea that they will live according to our laws and customs. They, in fact, do not.
      If they did, we wouldn’t care where they are from, nigger. But as they do not, we suffer under our own generosity.
      The North will fall, because our politicians do not understand how the world works.

      1. Guess, that was an attempt at offense. If so kudos.
        Race bating is an interesting tool used by many to mask real issues. So, I’m supposed to focus on skin color when you won’t be a threat to me but your brother might. This is the exact argument feminist use to displace power and claim all men are rapists, or don’t you see that.
        Laws of a country are one area that needs to be addressed. If laws aren’t abided by of course the best course of action is to remove the obstruction. However, you are speaking of the same criminal element of most races, the poor and uneducated. To assume black means poor and uneducated is humorous at worst.

        1. the immigrants that come within our borders cost us more than the average local could possibly imagine. It, they, maybe you, will be our downfall. And nobody cares.

        2. That is unfortunate. Kind of what being red pill is all about, assessing the truth and taking your stand in regards to it.

      2. Isn’t your country overrun with muslims who demand that your society adapt to THEIR culture? And isn’t your society pretty much saying “ok” to that??

    2. I cannot walk into a music store and locate entire racks of music where the artists by and large call each other “Cracker” while high fiving, and talk about shooting blacks cops as if it were their birthright.
      The same cannot be said for the inverse.
      Blacks are just as if not more racist than any other race. It’s time to stop kowtowing the Leftist line of the noble poor put upon savage. Black men are men and just as fallible as any other man, and open to the same sins and foibles. Saying that there are white racists is true, but wasn’t the question being asked. We’re told day in and day out that ol’ Whitey is a mean bastard racist, while everybody else is allowed to throw out racist insults directly without consequences, as long as it’s directed at whites, preferably men.
      I could have given two shits about any race crap up to even ten years ago. Now the MSM bombards me day and night with messages that I’m evil, stupid and wrong simply because of the color of my skin. I’d ideally love to not ever hear a racial epithet again in my life. But it’s not easy to not notice a double standard at play.

      1. and that’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, today…the double standard. I call out all people as being responsible adults. We have both women and black people in high levels of authority in corporations and in our government. Times have changed and with that change, now, comes responsibility.
        If both of these groups want to “lead”, then they have to take the responsibility that comes with the job. You can’t continue to bitch about how hard life is for your group while at the same time enjoying all of the new (great) benefits of that change.
        Many on here (I’m sure) have supported some of the change over the years (some things needed to be changed) but it’s now time for folks to step it up.
        People wanted the change, they got the change…now let’s see a little responsibility and accountability.

      2. And that is pretty much what it is like to be black. IQ level of 85, more likely to bring crime into your area, always calling a white man something or other, cracker, honky, white devil, etc. Just because of slavery.
        The biggest part of this which you addressed is the covert attempts to stifle your voice and right to exist as you. I’m sure I must have called a white person a slur at some point, unlikely as it is because I prefer more personal attacks than that. Yet, I’d be a fool to ignore merit. Same as most men here I’d hope.
        The double standard is per the course. And best believe as egalitarian as things may appear, there is still some people, maybe a lot of people, who will gladly revert back to racists opinions to voice their inherent desire for protection. Whether that means some may not employ you, allow you to move in their area, or stare at you odd for sleeping with ‘their’ women. The world is big so this won’t be the limits of my experience, but don’t believe that these fears are removed.

    3. I think the real problem is that a white man is no longer allowed to have an opinion or comment, period. The pendulum (as usual) has gone from far right to far left on this issue and it’s no longer “acceptable” for a white man in this country to have an opinion, a comment, etc…without the PC police coming along to give us a ticket or to correct us.
      Times have changed but like feminists you can’t continue the constant complaining as though things are like they were so many decades ago. You can’t have the best of both worlds.
      Things have improved for women in the country and the black community. But, if you asked many of the people from these two groups, we’re still stuck 40 years ago?
      No. Again, you can’t have it both ways. Many things have improved for both groups and it’s time they started policing their own groups.

      1. Policing our group is something I’ve asked but not in the way you think, or maybe it is. Anti-intellectualism is a huge detriment to my group. I’m am neither a fan of those who disavow black culture simply to fit in with other groups. Being black shouldn’t mean being anti-other groups but liking other groups shouldn’t mean anti-black. It always pains me to see a black person, side with another group while dually insulting his own group.
        I do appreciate seeing how some men think. Especially the more racist ones. Is it a confusion of lack of merit, or substantiated evidence based on maybe the hundred they’ve met from the billions that have existed throughout creation.
        At it’s core blacks can be highly racist. What I’m thinking may unsurface, and is happening alarmingly enough to whites, is there is high degree of self-hatred. If you hate yourself, it’s difficult to express love for anyone.

        1. I think, as a whole, men should bound together. Men who put in the hard work and who have the ability to get things done. I’m all for it and it would be a great starting point for us as men (fuck the rest….the need right now is men grouping together). It’s up to men to call out the others who aren’t contributing to society.

        2. I couldn’t agree more. I’m down to shop ideas with you one of these days, as I do believe we are similar in mindset. Or similar enough to make something happen.

    4. “The question should be whom is influenced best by propaganda as opposed to who is most racist.”
      The real question should be how do we set aside all the bullshit propaganda and have an honest discussion about race?
      Look, I get the point that you experience racism and see it out there. We’d be idiots to deny that it exists. But it goes in both directions.
      I sometimes wonder what blacks think my “privileged” white life is like. It ain’t all roses and smoking cigars made of hundred dollar bills. In reality, I work my fucking ass off to see about 40% of my earnings fly out the door to support social welfare programs that benefit the very people who hate me instead of paying for food for my own family. In such a system, should we be surprised that whites might feel bitter toward blacks?
      I have never owned a slave. I never lived during the Jim Crow era. Similarly, most blacks have never experienced slavery, nor have they been subjected to Jim Crow segregation. At what point should we put all this aside and discuss how to fix the undeniable problems in the black community? I have nothing against blacks – I judge based on character and merit. I’m willing to take my fair share of the responsibility to fix this mess if blacks are willing to do the same.
      But that means no one gets a pass to be racist just because they perceive themselves to be less racist than they imagine everyone else is.

      1. We’re on exactly the same page. Coming to terms with double standards and eliminating them on ALL fronts is a good first step. Articles like this help bring that to the forefront.

      2. The thing is, and what I believe was the point missed, is this, Black people aren’t racist. If you didn’t know this let me explain. The blacks who come the closest to this are Black Americans. Just like many white Americans, both groups have an ugly under-belly attached to slavve culture long ended. While it was ended, the overt attempts to stifle black communities in the 60’s and 70’s didn’t go unnoticed. Steeped in fear at an enemy they didn’t understand, black Americans hate white Americans. They have many good reasons to as well.
        African love is hilarious to me as they are the underbelly of any society. They are the black merchants. Many of the more profitable ones would sell their body, or their relatives, or sell out each other for a buck. This culture didn’t pass on crisply to Africans raised in America, but whenever I hear an African side with a White person, I am not surprised. They sell out their disdain for white people in private all the same and will quickly change sides when a white person comes around again. In ancient times, such men would be slaughtered by kinsmen for being traitors. No they get high fives from the men who equally insult them.
        Being Caribbean, while you could link my past with slavery, good luck trying. I neither, have had the time linked with it, nor the lineage, nor has my country. This means, I have a stronger link to merit, intelligence, and other ventures of life than this race war. Don’t get me wrong, I believe there shouldn’t be a stifling of a voice. But just as I judge you on merit as you do me, I’d love for the world to judge me as such as well. Unfortunately, this world is filled with beggars, pussies, panderers, pimps, slave owners, feminists, terrorists, and the like. And there is only one thing everyone understands, from the African pan handler, the white police officer, and even the dog with it’s tail between it’s legs. Power. Best believe there will never be an honest discussion about race because to do so would reveal all the cards.

  2. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution. Sure racism towards blacks still exists, but the overt variety of days past is largely long gone. In its place, we now have a more insidious version that keeps blacks dependent on handouts, impoverished, emasculated and steeped in a toxic victimhood culture. Most troubling, blacks vote in overwhelming numbers to perpetuate this system, and flock in droves to race-clowns like Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan. Until blacks are willing to reject a perpetual existence in servitude on the white man’s welfare plantation, and take some responsibility for their own outcomes, none of this will change. That won’t happen soon – the author notes how feminine much of modern black mentality is. Should we be surprised that blacks are feminine in their thought processes when, for generations, they have been disproportionately raised by legions of single mothers? Good article.

    1. And Obama. Look, the problem is not blacks. It’s whites, and in specific, white women. And women in general, but there are more white ones than otherwise.They will always vote for whoever promises the most handouts.
      Edit – this does not seem to be the same post i originally responded to.

    2. Here’s a simple solution – root the race-dividing zionists from power and disclose the extraterrestrial presence.
      Suddenly, we’re not so different anymore…

  3. Fucking outstanding article. Balanced, fair and not a “white nationalist” type screed (which I guess would be strange if written by a black man), but rather a sober assessment of racism in this nation from a race *other* than “white man”.

    1. Indeed. There needs to be more of an honest debate when talking about this subject. Many people are still living in the past (and many didn’t even live through the hard times of the civil rights movement). I no longer give any a free pass because as far as I’m concerned we’re all supposed to be “equal” – men, women, all colors, etc….you better bring ability to the table when you’re dealing with me.
      It’s the first thing that I will call you on if you don’t live up to the standard (i.e. a job, work or task). I don’t give a flying fuck if you’re a man, woman, race, religion, etc…you’d better be able to do the job (especially if you got the job because you knew someone or some other entitlement).
      I believe that is what is needed today by all people. Society, as a whole, keeps people in “check”. That shit only goes on when people are too afraid to call other people out.
      It’s truly not rocket science but some people want to twist the facts, deflect or redirect the conversations. Always stay on point (with your point) and you’ll never go wrong.

  4. Good article Donovan. It’s awesome how most of the black writers and commentators on this site have their head together when it comes to the reality of race relations in the United States.
    Straight up, and this is no personal diss to our fellow black male red pillers here, I will say that black/African-Americans are proportionately far more racist than your modern day White person, especially those born anywhere from generation X to the present.
    The cold reality of life in big U.S. cities (I’ll take Atlanta for example because we’re both familiar with it) is that White people by-and-large do absolutely NOTHING to negatively impede on the lives of black Americans, while on the opposite spectrum, African-Americans bring a lot pain and suffering to White America.
    In Atlanta and countless other cities, it is almost exclusively blacks who break into White peoples homes and steal their cars, while nearly 50% of Whites are murdered by blacks even though they are only 13-14% of the population. Less than 5% of black murders are at the hands of a white person, whether civilian or police. Yet the SJW and libtard media likes to pretend that “black lives don’t matter” to white people or some shit like that.
    Interactions with a lot of blacks as a white person can be very cold indeed. You can observe that the “angry black female” attitude is often put into hyperdrive when they are dealing with white people, and it’s amazing how short a fuse many blacks have before they resort to calling a white person “cracker” or “honky” or whatever when their is an argument or less-than-amicable conversation going on.
    On the other hand, you REALLY need to work up a white person before they would ever resort to using a racial slur against a black. Even then, it might very well never happen because of the potential (maybe fatal) backlash that would ensue.
    As a white person, your just supposed to sit there and take the abuse.
    All of this is not black people’s fault by mere existence. It’s entirely brought up in the culture of victimhood, anti-intellectualism, “the oppressor” (white man), single mother households etc. which permeates in the African-American upbringing.
    Compare it to immigrants straight from Africa who are by and large WONDERFUL people, both in how they present themselves in their demeanor, their work ethic, and their wide range of interests and experiences.

    1. Compare it to immigrants straight from Africa who are by and large
      WONDERFUL people, both in how they present themselves in their demeanor,
      their work ethic, and their wide range of interests and experiences.

      Absolutely. While they are predominantly the upper crusts of the society they came from, they still prove that if you apply yourself as a man and do right and have honor, you can be a fantastic human being.
      Ghetto culture in the U.S. really needs to be thrown into the dustbin of history as the toxic goo that it really is.

      1. I totally understand why the article is as it is. I agree with it to a large part but what we must realise is that historical inequality still has an effect today. (I am not black american). I will explain myself. It’s kind of like having a head start in life. Black people didn’t own property and therefore their children could not inherit any wealth. Previous generations were not allowed to study. Although today’s generation can study they lack the funds cause their parents or grandparents left then nothing on which to start a life.
        I am not saying this should be an excuse but whites did get a head start. By the time blacks could go to university and partake in society clever white people had made their fortunes and those who were not smart enough had at least a decent education and an inheritance from gramps or dad.
        I am not saying white people are to blame. It’s just how the dice fell and ignoring these facts totally ignores the situation we find ourselves in. No one deserves anything for nothing however to completely ignore the impact history has had is a fools comfort.

        1. OK, but so what? Plenty of whites had a head start over me. Doesn’t mean they owe me anything. Doesn’t mean I’m not responsible for myself. Doesn’t mean that I don’t have to work hard to pull myself up. If anything – the fact that you’re starting at a disadvantage should motivate you to work harder to overcome the disadvantage – not to give up and wallow in victimhood.

        2. Partial credit. But blacks have scholarships, affirmative action, and a laundry list of other privileges which are catapulted their way, as a desperate attempt to bring black society up to the fold but it still doesn’t work.
          This “new head start” has been in effect for decades, but it hasn’t changed much for the better. Truth is, there are deep cultural problems in African-American society as to why their financial planning and money maintenance skills are so poor.
          Many blacks make incredibly frivolous and stupid purchases ($200 sneakers anyone?) and don’t set aside anything for investments or setting up a foundation to build wealth.

        3. 40 acres and a mule solved this problem before it became a problem. They were given land, and threw it away. There’s no excuse.
          Further, my family came over here on a boat from England and Scotland in a day and age when the words “jet engine” were known to the world. We were wrecked by the war and started with nothing, and were solidly blue collar working class until my generation popped out. I sit here today only a few generations afterward and am by all accounts rich.
          Generations of blacks are not only “allowed” to study, they are given every opportunity possible to do so, but if they try they are mocked, shamed and derided in their own inner city communities for “acting white”, the shaming even escalating into violence if necessary to get the kid “back in line”. Libraries are free. School is free. Hell we even feed kids for free in schools now if they cannot afford it. There is NO excuse. None.
          Blacks who give their detractors the finger and study anyway always seem to find a way to climb out of poverty. Funny how that works.
          The problem is one of a toxic culture. That’s why I could exceed my grandparent’s mean start. They encouraged me. They had a patriarch who stuck around and didn’t flee to be ten other kids “baby daddy”, and all of the other men were patriarchs in their own families (uncles). They not only encouraged, but demanded hard work and good grades. Well fuckin’ A what do you know, it worked.
          No excuses accepted any longer. It’s time for the American black community to shit or get off the pot, as the days of claiming perpetual victimhood are drawing to a close.

        4. Thomas Edison started as a very poor school dropout from Hell’s Kitchen.
          This “disadvantage” bullshit in a day and age of free everything is simply that, bullshit.

        5. You are looking to apportion blame. I clearly stated in my comment that blaming white is not right. I also say no one deserves anything for nothing. But dealing with problems by being dismissive of people plight is a sure way of ending on the wrong path. I will repeat, it’s just the way the dice fell and it needs to be acknowledged.

        6. There were hundreds of thousands of Scots sold into slavery during Colonial America. White slavery to the American Colonies occurred as early as 1630 in Scotland.
          Damn it, why did I go and make something of myself, when in fact I could just sit back and blame my plight on being a descendent of slaves?!?
          Looks like I need to stop acting…um…well we’ll figure that part out in a bit. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go cultivate a taste for purple drank.

        7. “I will repeat, it’s just the way the dice fell and it needs to be acknowledged.”
          Again, OK, but so what?
          I’m really not trying to be flippant here. No one denies the history of our country, but what does “acknowledging” history do? At the end of the day, if you’re a black person, you’re either going to get on with improving your station or you’re not. I don’t see what acknowledging history has to do with that.
          I also don’t see what the history of slavery has to do with the current problems in the black community – rampant crime, drug use, single motherhood, and a rejection of education. None of those things happened under slavery. Moreover, none of those things existed within the black community for decades after slavery ended. It wasn’t until the 60s, when liberal academia superimposed the idea of white guilt onto slavery to “acknowledge” it that the modern epidemics facing blacks exploded. Prior to this, blacks actually had much stronger families, and economically, there was a solid black middle class and blacks suffered less unemployment than whites. All this in an era still marked by Jim Crow, which has now been gone for half a century. But, instead of simply removing the final barrier and letting blacks continue on the standard American trajectory, we decided instead to ask them to remain focused on the barriers that had been removed and to expect special treatment because of them. This was a disaster.
          If anything, I think there’s a strong argument that the constant focus on the past is exactly what keeps us there.
          So what purpose is served by “acknowledging?” I acknowledge, but what now?

        8. There has always been greater historical financial inequality just between whites than between blacks and whites. Most Americans (most of whom are white), have no savings, yet this country is the wealthiest on earth, with most of the wealthiest people on earth at least doing business here.
          There’s almost no reason to talk about historical financial inequality, because there has always been a greater disparity just in caucasian-land than between whites and blacks.

        9. By acknowledging that things are the way they because certain things happened provides a platform to come up with appropriate solutions that address the concerns of not just black people but white people as well, because what they do will affect white people as well e.g crime. The current solutions are inapptopriate and designed to give handouts which I am against.

        10. but there is no more plight tho. you are currently living in the most free corner of the earth

        11. You clearly have never been to Scotland and you show your ignorance when it comes to Scottish issues and why they even had a vote in a bid to divorce from uk

        12. Nice one and if you’re ever in Scotland give me a shout and we’ll go hunt haggis.

        13. Oh?
          So basically you couldn’t actually provide a rebuttal to my answer to you, which was given without malice, and had to resort to ad hominem. Interesting. In essence you have just ceded the argument. And at what point were we discussing Scottish issues as they regard the recent vote to separate precisely?
          I’ve done plenty of pub crawls down Prince street, thank you very much, though for sheer back woods fun, the Isle of Sky is quite nice, picturesque, and the residents much more friendly. Glasgow you can’t pay me to visit again, except perhaps to drive through on the way to somewhere else, reminds me of a slightly less downtrodden Detroit, really. Inverness has some of the greasiest fish & chips I’ve ever had outside of Islington, however their outdoor gaol from way back is quite interesting.
          You clearly are not even interested in a reasoned discussion. Please refrain from further commenting to me unless you have something relevant to our original topic to discuss, and further, if it is laden with ad hominem, well then, don’t bother in that case either.
          Slainte mhor agus!

        14. Sounds like a plan.
          We’ve been talking of taking a vacation back to Europe in 2 years as a graduation present to my daughter. Figured on hitting the Baden Baden area of Germany and over the border into France a bit, then on to Scotland and perhaps Ireland. Two years is a bit of a stretch time wise, but if you’re still here I’ll give you a shout.

        15. Well, I think we are in agreement on some things. And I’ll agree with your point that acknowledging the source of problems can help to shape solutions. But here’s the way I see it – this was already done 50 years ago when we put the current programs into place specifically to make up for the history of slavery and Jim Crow. That past was already acknowledged, and was in fact the basis for all of these failing programs that have served only to entrench and perpetuate black misery. So, if we are to acknowledge anything at this point, I think it’s more appropriate to acknowledge the catastrophic problems that these programs have provided – which leads quickly to the conclusion that the solution isn’t more free handouts from the white man.

        16. I honestly don’t have the energy to get into a long discussion on the internet. I have more pressing issues to attend to.
          In a nutshell all I am saying is I believe racism is a poor mans problem. To address it we need to look at how the inequality came about. By addressing this inequality, not by giving handouts but by other means such as a free first degree to everyone who has the qualifications white or black then we more closer to a addressing past inequality. There are more things that can be fine for everyone that will ensure a whole lot more participation from everyone.

        17. No, we really don’t at this point All barriers have been removed, and the only reason blacks now fare badly in America is the toxic culture they live in (not all of them of course, the successful ones eschew that grotesque culture). We all know the “why” and “how”, and the institutional problems were solved and then some long ago, leaving nothing left now but looking the inner city black man squarely in the eye and telling him to get off his ass, pull up his pants, and get a fucking job. No work in the hood? Then move. Even if you have to walk out of town with a knapsack on your back, like lots of whites did during the Depression.
          No excuses and no “addressing past inequality”. I’m not a part of that past, I owe fuck all to anybody.

        18. That past was already acknowledged,
          Yes, exactly. Constantly rehashing a fixed problem is a waste of time and resources. At this point we’ve given at least a trillion dollars through social welfare, and if that isn’t enough “reparations”, then to hell with them.

        19. I agree, for me these programs have perpetuated the problem. What poor black people or anyone for that matter needs to learn is that hard work is the answer and there is no quick solution, even the people who got rich oening slaves still had to work hard. A lack of education on how the world of investment works is the reason why many black stars end up bankrupt. Most of them never completed a reasonable level of education hence their poor grasp of dealing with money. They don’t know what a budget is because their fore fathers didnt have a clue and couldn’t teach them or their parents. These sound like trivial issues but they can go a long way to solving some of the issues around big rims and sneakers.

        20. Parts of Appalachia, even now, make inner city life look glamorous and rich.

        21. You are right in one way. Saying sorry and saying what we did was wrong isn’t the answer. By acknowledgement I mean looking at what it did to that particular group of people in terms of their thinking and attitude. We need to go into the detail of how slavery affected and stillbaffects the way black people socialise. Their attitudes to life and aspirations and how they relate in society. Some will argue that it shouldn’t because this current generation was not enslaved. However psychology will tell you behaviours are transmitted from ancestors to future generations in an almost DNA like fashion. You could give them millions each today, by the end of the year they will be broke and we need to look at why and address that rather than giving them free millions.

        22. Not applicable. After slavery ended the black family normally had a stable household with a father present. If the markers from slavery persisted then black culture in the U.S. would have been broken from day one. No, instead they had intact families up until LBJ showed up and *intentionally* went on a campaign to create a class of permanent Democrat voters. Combined with the budding Marxist movements (started in the 20’s but really started to blossom in the 60’s) an entire new class of “newly self aware” victims were created. Throw in a large dose of feminism which created the “we doan need noes man!” chant and here we are, nearly fifty years later.
          So now we know and understand.
          The solution is, was, and will always be getting rid of entitlements, dropping feminism and getting young men proud of making a better life for themselves, instead of being shamed.

        23. There are hordes of people who grew up poor but went on to college to be successful, I being one of them
          So to me your point is meaningless and makes a base assumption that one must do poorly because their parents had it rough. I find that to be completely inaccurate.

        24. black people never got 40 acres and a mule, white slave masters did get reparations for slavery, not black slaves. Black americans walked out of slavery without a dollar in their pocket, a government hand or any help and built up hundreds of great american cities like los angelas, new york, philadelphia and chicago and detroit.

        25. Not quite. There was land given, and the government did take some of it back, but some of it remained in black hands. Also at the time there was homesteading, for everybody, which meant that you could hike out to, say, Nebraska and claim a parcel of land, free, as long as you lived on it and used it. The size of the parcel necessarily varied by location. You could even homestead a bit still in the 1990’s.
          No excuse.

        26. I’ve studied this history quiet extensively, if you have some proof of this, I’d like to see it. No land was given to blacks to settle. Homesteading was white only, it is why those states are so white.

        27. A simple Google/Bing of the term shows that land was given out (and some taken back, and some kept). Additionally homesteading in Florida was specifically set aside for blacks after the war.

        28. I understand what you’ve been saying but your point is going to fall on deaf ears. People have been using the race card and continue to do so to such an extent that it has basically pissed everyone off.
          At this point it’s either you change your mindset despite the environment you grew up in (which is damn hard for the unlucky children) or suffer the consequences, including ridicule for not adapting like others have.

        29. Lol, “I, being an example of someone who grew up poor but became successful means that others can do it too”, says a person who doesn’t understand statistics or logical reasoning.

        30. No, it doesn’t are you just reading the words you are typing in? It does not come up. I will conclude you are trolling unless you can provide some source or search words you are searching. This is what comes up for me.
          “Forty acres and a mule refers to a concept in the United States for agrarian reform for former enslaved African American farmers, following disruptions to the institution ofslavery provoked by the American Civil War. Many freedmen believed they had a moral right to own the land they had long worked as slaves, and were eager to control their own property. Freedpeople widely expected to legally claim 40 acres (16 ha) of land (a quarter-quarter section) and a mule after the end of the war, long after proclamations such asSherman’s Special Field Orders, No. 15 and the Freedmen’s Bureau Act were explicitly reversed.”
          ” But, Federal and state policy during the Reconstruction eraemphasized wage labor, not land ownership, for African Americans. Almost all land allocated during the war was restored to its antebellum owners.”
          “Most blacks acquired land through private transactions, with ownership peaking at 15,000,000 acres (6,100,000 ha) in 1910, before an extended financial recession caused problems that resulted in the loss of their property for many.”
          Blacks unlike whites had to buy every acre they had, from nothing.

        31. Before black built detroit it was just a forest, not even a road. It pretty much looked like everything between chicago and oregon

        32. Oh spare me, SJW.
          You really are too much dude. Go find a leftist site that will welcome you with open arms.

        33. I love when people tell me what I am “just doing”.
          The record is clear, a basic search shows that some land was given, some land was taken back, and that homesteading was set aside in Florida. I’m not interested in SJW revisionism, hernan. And ad hominem basically cedes the argument to me.
          Good day.

        34. actually little token terms like SJW takes away from the conversation your little ideas don’t cover the overall historical truths. And your little simplistic responses like “no excuses” when presented well rounded historical facts makes you look silly and childish no matter your age.

        35. Actually kid, here’s the deal.
          Your snark aside, you have seen my other posts on this site and whether you agree with them or not, you know I’m intellectual and intelligent.
          I feed you token terms, back handed barbs and give you no credibility out of the gate as a form of insult. You and I both know that I am capable of constructing a long, rhetorically and factually sound rebuttal to your posts. I choose not to.
          You are simply not worth my time and effort, however you are worth about enough to warn others about since you pose as “one of us” on occasion.
          Have a great day.

        36. I respond to people the way they refer to me…if you don’t like the barb you should learn not to dish it. Yes I have seen your other posts and they fall flat when presented with certain factual truths that you cannot digest because they don’t fit your opinions and perspectives. Simple responses like “no excuse” really takes away from the intelligence you say you have. I don’t “pose” for anyone obviously I have stated exactly where I stand on a variety of issues not everyone here is a white male Republican-Voting Conservative who equates Feminism to Black Social realities and history as one and the same. Also the world is mult-layered obviously on a variety of issues my opinions will blend with others who may disagree with me on other issues..this is a reflection of our multi-faceted world…to you this might be “posing.” Obviously First Wave and Second Wave Feminism I agree with to a certain extent while disagreeing with many hypocritical aspects of Third Wave Feminism. I agree with social equity or a ideally a merit based society here and around the world…and I stress Ideally.
          You say its “revisionist” when presented with history you disagree with…even when it is a fair assessment and closer to a more well rounded truth, while at the same time turning a blind eye to real revisionism and pseudo- science because it fits your perspective…this is called hypocrisy..and you should be wary of that. Ironically some here will speak of history as if it is not “mainstream” when they are actually re-packaging the same ignorant real revisionist false history and perspective that our real truths were here to combat in the first place…you know what you call revisionism.
          No Sir maybe it is you who are not worth the time and effort, and obviously I am wasting mine..but at the least it is a record for others. The people you say I am a “warning too” maybe are the people who should open their eyes. I respect my elders but I don’t respect ignorant statements and views. Good Day!

        37. I, two of my brothers and several of my poor friends. We grew up poor and those of us who went to school and sacrificed…succeeded.
          Strange concept but it works. Imagine that.
          So, do you have anything other than insults? Facts to prove me wrong would be nice.

      2. Even the ones who are not upper crust are far different than AA. I employed a guy from Jamaica, just a good hard laborer, very honest, but blue collar earning $10-$15 an hour. Honestly, I don’t understand how the US has such a strong economy when you examine the ghettho culture and its support infrastructure, that other countries don’t have to deal with.
        That being said, there is definitely institutional racism in the US justice system.

        1. The economy is propped up by (increasing amounts of) debt. It will eventually crash and burn and the illusion of a strong economy will end.

    2. Agree…times have changed and more people need to step it up. That old argument of someone keeping someone else “down” is bullshit….call people on it whenever you get the chance. I’m a working man…I’ve always been a working man. I’ve worked two jobs (at times) and I will gladly call out anyone who can’t keep (or get) a job.
      If you want to work, then work is available. I will be god damn if I have to work while someone else sits on their ass (I’ll whistle blow no matter the color, age, or sex). That time is over and more people need to get it together. No more free handouts and no more complaining.
      You work, you eat…otherwise, you starve.

    3. “Compare it to immigrants straight from Africa who are by and large WONDERFUL people, both in how they present themselves in their demeanor, their work ethic, and their wide range of interests and experiences.”
      Agreed. Their family unit is very strong and their work ethic is second to none, as @ghostofjefferson:disqus also pointed out.
      Ironically, many of them are Sunni Muslim too, thus debunking the knee-jerk reaction that Muslims come here to “plot” chaos (maybe the random odd duck or two every decade does, nothing to get all paranoid about as a whole). Farrakhaniacs are a disgrace to the religion. What The Hell is “A-Salaam Alaikum”? Arabs/other Muslims NEVER say nor write the “A” at the beginning! And theres also some weird L. Ron Hubbard sci-fi angle they threw into the religion as well that I can’t quite wrap my head around.

  5. Thank God for MLK?
    What ever theyre teaching us about race relations prior to the 60’s MUST be questioned. I do know that there is NOTHING wrong with segregation. Its natural. Most likely its because of the inability of blacks to do anything for themselves, world over, that the civil rights movement happened (calling themselves victims); so they could leech off us more.
    Think of the white people you currently know….now put them in the 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. Do you see them being evil to blacks? I dont. Matter of fact….most of the whites I know are pussies and too busy working, raising families, paying bills to be concerned (which is a pity).
    And the incidents that did happen? Well we know how the media loves to use any white on black crimes to warp the minds of the people but ignores all the black on white crimes which I’m positive were around back then too.
    Thank God for MLK? Really dude? Again……question anything they are telling you about race relations prior to the 60’s. They have rewritten history in my lifetime right before my very eyes and the sheep took it and ran and will consider me a bigot for pointing this out.

  6. The snippet from the black celebrity article is interesting in its own right. They don’t want the men, just the ability to divorce them for their money. It’s like their being denied their divorce welfare.

  7. Outside of the race baiters/poverty pimps and their followers and swipl allies, when working with black men, race drops out of the convo pretty quickly and ability becomes what is important.
    I find that men respond well to being respected as *MEN* regardless of their color (assuming that they are otherwise worthy or respect.)

    1. Ability trumps all. And generally your highly able man is less likely to give a shit about sneering about race when there’s more pressing matters at hand. He may hold certain opinions off the job, but knows and respects that men of ability like himself are a rare breed, and treats them accordingly.

  8. There’s no white devil, black devil, brown devil…the only devil out there is the one we allow into our hearts.

    1. There is a devil out there, and he owns the banks, governments, schools, cops, and the press.
      Ignorant statement.

      1. You just agreed with him, then called his statement ignorant.
        He indicated one devil. You stated “there is a devil”. Devil being singular.

  9. Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.
    Until we restore the right of freedom, separation and recognize whites have racial interests these problems will persist.

  10. Life is not just nurture. It also includes GENETICS. At least a bigoted father gives some consideration to the fact that his grandchildren could be ugly, unnatural looking mulattoes.
    We all know that Tiger Woods would have nothing to do with a girl who looked like the daughter he and his beautiful Swedish bride will produce. We all know that OJ would have nothing to do with a girl who looked like the daughter he and his blond wife produced.
    The issue is the end of the white race. If we followed the neoconservative program and cut immigration and dedicated ourselves to assimilating with the nonwhites we have here now, there would be no white race in America.
    In the real world Black Nationalism is not an ideology, it is a reality. Blacks have nations and they are not ABOUT to hand them out to others the way you want to do with white countries. Oriental nationalism is also a fact. Neither China nor Japan has even a THOUGHT of letting the rest of the world have their countries.
    Opposing “White Nationalism” simply means handing out white lands
    to whoever wants them. It’s fun for you while it lasts, but it only lasts as long as you have something to give away.
    More blacks have come to America since 1965 than in the entire slave trade previously. But you no longer have anything for the Faithful Colored Companions to love you about.

    1. I think it would help to rebrand “White Nationalism” as “White Protectionism”.
      I think that simple change in semantics would wake a lot of people up.

    2. Life just isn’t fair is it?
      I know you burst a blood vessel every time you see a “colored” guy banging a white chick you would never get the time of day from.

  11. Really you enslave people kill some of them off hang them lynch them
    give crack cocaine to the kids and their racist

    1. C’mon man. Blacks were purchased as slaves from African tribes. Lynching was a form of crime control. Both blacks and whites were lynched. The only people who give crack to black kids are black drug dealers.
      So, yes you are a racist.

    2. Racial profiling gangsta thugs alive today, surrounded by gangsta thugs today, doing gangsta thug things today – bad.
      Racial profiling across centuries for things I had nothing to do with and have never done – good.
      Interesting world.

    3. Most races have been slaves at one point in history or another. Hell right now white people are the slave of choice for sex trafficing in the middle east (not talking about the “dump in my mouth” sluts).
      You are owed nothing. Not a fucking thing. Take some responsibility for your station in life. If you don’t like where you are, get a fucking clue, get off your arse and go out and bust your ass to make something of yourself.
      This is the duty of any man. Stop being a fucking bitch victim.

  12. I highly disagree. As far as black people being More racist than white people I have two things to say. 1: “If” we are can you fucking blame us. The problems you talk about in the first part of yyour article are so miniscule that they dont even matter and also you only give a couple life examples which definitely keep speak for the entire black population. Until you can actually prove what your saying about blacks is true you are just going off your own opinion which is something everybody has. 2. White people are definitely more racist than black people. You said that “Black Peoples Racism is hurting people” But BLACK PEOPLE ARE DYING ACROSS THE NATION BEING KILLED BY WHITE PEOPLE AND THEY ARE NOT GETTING ANY JUSTICE! You are literally defending Zimmerman for ATTACKING A FUCKING TEENAGER WHO WAS WALKING HOME WITH A PACK OF SKITTLES AND KILLED HIM. How can it be self defense if YOU attack somebody in the first place. THEN AFTER KILLING HIM HE LEFT HIM THERE IN THE STREE FOR HOURS LIKE A FUCKING ANIMAL NO AMBULANCE OR ANYTHING. Mike Brown was killed by white cops SHOT SIX TIMES TWICE IN THE HEAD. The kill shot was a fucking head shot and if the officers where aiming at body like they “Claim” then thy KEPT SHOOTING AS HE WAS FALLING. AND THEY ARE FUCKING FREE RIGHT NOW. You probably dont even know about Martese Johnson and AND ONE OF MY OWN FUCKING FRIENDS WHO ARE GETTING KILLED BY THESE FUCKING WHITE PPL AND SKATING AWAY SKOT FREE! SO FUCK YOU AND YOUR CRYING ABOUT HOW BLACK PEOPLE DONT LIKE WHITE PPL. YOU FUCKING RIGHT WE HATE WHITE PEOPLE. There the same ppl who enslaved us for over 400 years. There the same people who beat us in the fucking street when we march for our rights. There the same people who threw us in a ghetto and distrubuted mountains of drugs to us. YOU KNOW THERE ARE MORE THAN 3 TIMES AS MANY BLACK PPL INCARCERATED FOR DRUG CHARGES THAN WHITE PPL BUT WHITE PPL ARE STASTICALLY PROVEN TO DO MORE FUCKING DRUGS THAN US. NOT ONLY MORE BUT HARDER DANGEROUS. AND IF YOUR PUT IN A JAIL SYSTEM YOUR BASICALLY A FUCKING SLAVE LIKE THEYVE ALWAYS WANTED US TO BE! NOT TO MENTION ALL THE HARDSHIP YOU GET WHEN YOU COME OUT AS. DID YOU KNOW DRUG USE WAS AT AN ALL TIME LOW AND GOING DOWN WHEN RONALD REAGAN STARTED THE WAR ON DRUGS AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER IT INCREASED AND ALL THEY SHOWED WAS BLACK PEOPLE AND NOTHING ABOUT WHITES. AND EVEN BACK THEN IT WAS PROVEN WHITE PEOPLE DID MORE DRUGS. Im fucking done your a fucking disgrace to the black community should be ashamed of yourself. your just another black man thats ashamed of yiur own skin because of what you see on TV and around. You dont tryto help the community you just shit on it. you dont understand that black ppl are where we are becuase white ppl put us there. Fuck You Cracker.

      Pretty much makes the author’s point.
      For the record, three times more whites than blacks are killed by cops each year. Those cops get off just as scott-free as any of them.
      How about – “all” lives matter?

      1. If you read anything i said you would understand the point i was trying to make is that the only reason we hate white ppl is because white ppl fucking hate us. we have a reason they dont.

        1. Yes, we hate you so much that we’ve given you trillions of dollars in free money, set up educational scholarships that we don’t allow ourselves, and have tried for five decades to give you every opportunity, even unfair ones, in employment.
          Because we hate you.

        2. “we have a reason they dont.”
          Translation – “I’m content to stew in racism forever and never change this.”
          For the record, I don’t hate blacks, and in fact, there are many that I quite admire. My first mentor in my profession (legal) for example, is a black guy, and one of the smartest dudes I ever met.
          Your attitude creates a circular logic problem – whites hate you, so it’s OK for you to hate them. The problem is, first, not all whites hate you. Period. In fact, the vast majority don’t hate you, and you wouldn’t have anywhere near the freedom and autonomy you have if any significant portion of them actually did. Second, even among those whites that do hate you, they see it in the exact inverse – you hate them, so it’s OK that they hate you. To top it off, they see it as, “we’ve been giving these people free shit and handicapping ourselves to advance them for half a century, and not only do they still hate us, they basically wage open warfare against us if you look at crime statistics.” So, they could just as easily say that they have a “reason” to hate you.
          So where do we stop this stupid cycle?
          “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
          “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
          And finally:
          “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    2. Give it a rest, race pimp. Most blacks being killed across the nation are being killed by other blacks.

      1. We may disagree on some tenements here, but race pimp is flippin’ hilarious!! I may have to use that later. Keep Ur Pimp Hand Strong!

      2. Again because if the war on drugs which was just another plan from white people to keep blackpeople enslaved. White people created the stereotype that black ppl are criminals ever since the Martin Luther King riots. They capitalized on it and found a way to put us back in slavery which is why this country has the most number of black incarerated in the entire world. Like i said before they promote and only put out the sound of of black people that their stereotype was neant for which is why you only hear nonsense on the radio about killing, and drugs and all this other stuff. if you notice artist like J cole, Kendrick lamar, and BIG KRIT, abd lupe fiasco are never heard on mainstream. listen to there music and ask yourself why. All black ppl hear is about drugs which was given to us by white ppl. Because if black ppl were just coming out of the Jim Crow laws and didnt have that much education how the fuck did we aquire all those drugs in the first place. how the fuck did we even know how to get them ir that they existed. Instead of acting like females and getting emotional how about you all go look up what the fuck im talking about

        1. Take some responsibility for yourselves.
          You know part of the reason your community fails to advance?
          When a black man does figure out how to get out of ghetto, when he works hard in school, learns to communicate well, goes to college, gets a job and moves to the burbs, he’s not looked to as an inspiration by the black community…he’s not looked at as someone they could learn from…he’s called a traitor, an Uncle Tom and scorned as a house nigger.
          The very people who should be held up as examples of what to do to escape and advance, are ostracized as “not black enough”.
          At some point, your community has to be held responsible for itself, it’s decisions, and it’s actions.

        2. Yeah, we all got together and planned the war on drugs to keep you down. We purposefully suspended all notions of justice under the 5th and 4th Amendment against *ourselves*, because we have these back rooms where we all meet and plot against you.
          Politicians who are about nothing but power got together and oppress both of us.
          A huge amount of white people oppose the war on drugs, including a large swath on the right. The libertarians are blatantly calling out on this topic.
          See, that’s the problem with your race pimping. You bitch, rightly, about the power brokers doing bad things, but attribute in them a blanket assertion that their acts belong to all white people. Tell you what skippy, the college kids in dorms across America busted for drugs and having their lives ruined are largely white kids. You’re stating we’d jail our own children to keep you down. That makes zero sense. None.
          As to crime numbers, you’re going to have a hard time dealing in the “perception” argument. FBI statistics are what they are. Start taking responsibility for *your* community and getting your young men stable father figures and not “baby daddies”, and clean up your own house. Those crime statistics will disappear in short order if you can just get out of the bitch-victim mentality and act like a man and take positive corrective action.
          And last, whites ain’t “giving you drugs”. You’re buying and selling that to yourselves. Not saying there aren’t white drug dealers, but he sells in the burbs these days, not the hood.

    3. I understand your rage. He is black though. So If you wanted to use an insult you chose the wrong word.

        1. Race is not dependent on ideas and ideology.
          Your mindset is what will keep you a slave for the rest of your life. You eschew self criticism and self examination. I suspect that you’re probably the type that ridicules any aspiring young black man who takes the time and effort to apply himself in school as well, aren’t you?
          You live a toxic philosophy. It’s no wonder you feel a victim all the time.

        2. The old “not black enough” argument. Being “black to you” would get him far in life.

    4. Where is the outrage for thousands of blacks killing thousands of blacks over shoes, hats, jackets, girls, drugs, and just plain stupidity?
      Shelby Steele had this to say in an article on the Trayvon Martin shooting and it sums things up perfectly as far as I am concerned.
      Before the 1960s the black American identity (though no one ever used the word) was based on our common humanity, on the idea that race was always an artificial and exploitive division between people. After the ’60s—in a society guilty for its long abuse of us—we took our historical victimization as the central theme of our group identity. We could not have made a worse mistake.
      The full article is at:
      It’s a very good article, and while it was written during the Trayvon Martin period, it applies equally well to the other incidents.

    5. Boo Fucking Hoo.
      I’ve worked with black Africans from Africa (South Africa, Equatorial Guinea & Namibia) who i’d gladly work with again just based on pure ability, intelligence, likability & refusal to submit to Victimhood mentality. Your rant is childish vapor, son.
      For the record, i’m half white, half Asian.

    6. Anyone think this might be a troll or a plant?
      This is his first message on disqus and its just too perfect…

      1. I was thinking the same thing. The rhetoric looks like it’s straight out of the playbook to me.

    7. This is the attitude that will lead to war.
      I’m not one to be goaded into war. The people who fund the race baiters and poverty pimpers want that to happen. So I don’t play their games.
      But I am trained to defend myself if the need arises. And I will be very pissed at the people giving me need.
      By the way, nobody’s lives matter to the people who run your mind. You poor sorry little victim.

    8. 100% with you brother, and I’m white. White racism has no justification what-so-ever. Black people can hate white people all they want, it doesn’t offend me because it’s rightfully justified hate. I would hate people that enslaved my race too, and the racism continues so there’s no reason for blacks to not be racist towards whites. Whites are racist because they can be (stems from low-IQ and ignorance of culture), black racists are racist because damn near all whites are racist toward them. So, who’s right? Well, nobody should be racist, period, but blacks have a f*ck of a lot more justification on their side than whites do.
      White people are still to this day extremely racist and the white racists have enormous numbers. The majority of my own friends are openly racist toward black people. White racism is alive and well, however, despite the MSM’s recent desperate attempts to point out any and all black racism they can find, I’ve never had a black friend that was racist toward white people. That says a lot and I’ve had friends of every race and culture. Blacks, whites, mexicans, asians, indians, I’ve been friends with them all, and the ONLY racists I’ve ever met have been white.
      The ego-inflated racist whites will attack the hell out of me, call me a white apologist, and then claim they aren’t racist all in the same comment…. in 3… 2… 1….
      Aaaannddd I was 100% right. You racist trolls have fun arguing amongst each other because I don’t have time to waste on you.

        1. I’m German and I don’t get pissed when Jews hate me. Says a lot about you, buddy.

        2. Dude, nobody knows about this…I wonder why??
          And the “Slavic” states were called this for a reason…

        3. And also, just further proves how despicable whites are to enslave their own race.

        4. Exactly.
          And we don’t know about it because it’s inconvenient to the racist narrative, such as Mr. Roll wants to engage in.
          Fuck white guilt and whites on white guilt trips, and fuck self loathing whites. Everybody was a slave at one point or another. Suck it up, buttercup, and get on with life. Being a slave to your past is still being a slave.

        5. There were also plenty of free blacks that owned slaves, including blacks who had formerly been slaves themselves.

        6. Yes, which is well known history.
          Mr. Racist Guilt Tripper here is simply trolling. “I ain’t racist!” “Whites are despicable!
          Yeah, sure kid.

        7. I don’t get pissed when people hate me for things I didn’t do either. I just think those people are retarded. I pity them. They’ll always have less and be miserable, because the victim card is the loser in any hand.

        8. Right on. When people hate me because somebody ran over their dog with a car fifty years ago, because I drive a car, I see them as rather touched.

        9. LOL this is the f*cking twilight zone. A white racist just called me a racist because I complained about white racists. Wow. Just f*cking WOW.

        10. “I’m German”
          Why am I not surprised. The self-loathing ethnomasochism of European people is by far the most strongly exemplified by the Germans.
          Gladly shouldering blame for crimes you had nothing to do with while taking abuse from individuals who weren’t even victims of said crimes is not noble. Far from it, your behavior is that of a self-righteous coward who believes he’s better than those “other whites” who don’t prostrate themselves before their moral superiors ranked higher on the victimhood scale. You should really learn some self-respect. And get over your pathetic, self-righteous posturing and status signalling.
          I’m sure at this point you’ll claim victory and gloat about how “I told you I’d be attacked for telling it like it is!” But know this: You’re a brave, persecuted man of righteousness in your mind only. You’re not fooling the rest of us.

        11. Was going to make the same call, but didn’t want to respond to “it”.

        12. You mean like the blacks who enslaved their own race and sold them to European and Arab merchants? You mean like all the black-on-black slavery that is still to this day practiced in Africa?
          Your historical ignorance is astounding yet not surprising given the propaganda taught in Western schools on this topic.

        13. I don’t have to fool you, you’re already fooled, fool, and you’re right, you did prove my statement.

        14. Her historical ignorance is willful because it makes her feel bad to acknowledge the truth.

        15. You’re what the commies call a useful idiot. You’re too stupid and too brainwashed to see how your willful acquiescence to the cultural Marxist driven PC narrative is being used to destroy you and the country you live in.
          That you accuse us of falling for the divide and conquer strategy is quite ironic. The divide and conquer agenda goes hand in hand with the very multiculturalist, perpetual victim class system you in your supreme idiocy are here defending.

        1. I’m not trolling. Just because I’m not racist and I’m not stupid enough to fall for the divide and conquer mantra you racist fools are so willing to fall for, and even ask for more of, makes me a troll?
          If any of you can give me a logical reason why somebody’s skin color is a reason to hate them, I’m all ears.

        2. Please point to an instance where we have said that it’s OK to hate people based on skin color. You’re arguing from a false premise.
          And your argument is completely retarded because you say there is no logical reason to hate based on skin color while simultaneously advocating that this is perfectly acceptable.
          Now piss off, troll. The grownups are talking.

        3. I didn’t say it was acceptable. I said the blacks have more justification to be racist than whites do. Go take a god damn reading comprehension class and come back when you gain a basic understanding of the English language, troll.

        4. “Black people can hate white people all they want, it doesn’t offend me because it’s rightfully justified hate.”
          Learn to read what you write, retard.

        5. “So, who’s right? Well, nobody should be racist, period, but blacks have a f*ck of a lot more justification on their side than whites do.”
          Keep reading, retard.

        6. Perhaps you speak a different language than me, but in English – the language we’re using – you are saying that racism by blacks is acceptable because it is justified. Your careful parsing of the language you use doesn’t detract from the overall theme.

        7. me too- 126 or 127….I remember bc I missed being eligible for Mensa by a few points…but then I found out they are just dorks who love puns and word games.

        8. The appeal of belonging to that group was lost on me. In theory they say it’s to associate with great minds on a higher level, give or take, but in reality it seems like walking into an autism festival. I’m a social guy, and there’s no reason one cannot both be intelligent, and enjoy fun, women, drink and socializing. The near social autism that most intellectuals let themselves fall into is shocking to me.
          Besides, I prefer honesty and being forthright over playing snarky petty politics and word games. This is why I’d rather hang with blue collar men any day of the week and shoot the shit about guns, women and booze than to spend three hours dealing with spergs sitting around tell each other how superior they are.

        9. Know a guy who got in. He barely mentions what goes on in Mensa though.
          Impressive score. How old were you when you found out your score?

        10. Is it impressive? It just means I know I am not a brilliant.

        11. No worries. That score seems pliable though. Did you take the Mensa approved test?

        1. only a 70 IQ negro would think 103 is high IQ to boast about. A 103 IQ german faggot would have said 130 or something like that.
          Looks like I was right.

        2. I have the best argument so far and no logical retracting argument to counter what I said, just character bashing from white racists. I think it’s pretty clear who won.

        3. Nah dude, I’m just not a liar. I know I don’t have the highest IQ but my IQ is still higher than the vast majority of the population, like the commentators here.

        4. There is no “logic” in your argument. Take it from a lawyer who has a much higher IQ and actually uses logic every day. It is pretty clear who won. You bashed character – people bashed back. The broader point remains untouched – the original comment you replied to is idiotic.

        5. Also – not trying to brag about this. A good argument is good no matter your IQ, and a bad argument is bad no matter your IQ. But if you’re going to pull the IQ card, don’t get caught making a bad argument.

        6. I completely agree with your stance. It serves no purpose to ask another their opinion if you aren’t open to learning from it. Even worse if you are unable to see it having value. I’ve noticed on here many repost IQ ratios like it was a supplant for penis size. According to some posters, even your IQ level is low, while they conveniently never state their own. I’m waiting to see that 174 IQ guy who is posting to finally reveal himself.

        7. You still place in the average or 68% of population scores’ column. Still a good score. Just know it is average. In the grand scheme if things it means nothing.

      1. “Aaaannddd I was 100% right. You racist trolls have fun arguing amongst each other because I don’t have time to waste on you.”
        Sorry, moron, but saying stupid, highly controversial shit on the internet and predicting you’ll get flack for it does not make you any kind of Nostradamus. It does, however, make you a Notsobrightus.

    9. Everything in your post is wrong.
      First the evidence in the Mike Brown case point to a totally different set of circumstances. Even if you don’t like it you must accept it.
      Where are the stats that prove that whites are killing blacks right and left?
      As for drug use, again, where’s the proof that whites are more likely to use drugs? And who’s forcing anyone to use drugs?

    10. That’s about the most blue pill post and attitude I’ve seen displayed here to date. Do you even ROK brah.

      1. Maybe Donovan is highlighting the problem that is summed up so nicely in the featured post? Dunno man.

    11. “Mike Brown was killed by white cops SHOT SIX TIMES TWICE IN THE HEAD. The kill shot was a fucking head shot and if the officers where aiming at body like they ‘Claim’ then thy KEPT SHOOTING AS HE WAS FALLING. AND THEY ARE FUCKING FREE RIGHT NOW.”
      You can’t even get the number of police involved right, which was a singular one (1), not “cops,” not “officers… aiming at body like they ‘claim’ then thy [sic] KEPT SHOOTING… AND THEY…”
      Now in the real world of facts, the evidence was so overwhelmingly that Obama, Eric Holder, and all the fascist racist media couldn’t successfully railroad officer Wilson.
      If blacks don’t want to be shot by police or citizens of other races then: don’t commit robbery and home invasions, don’t assault people, don’t resist arrest, don’t flee arrest.
      Meanwhile, non-blacks are the ones who have to be concerned about being victims of “knockout” games, “polar bear hunting,” etc.

    12. Spoken like a true black dumb racist… So “blacks are killed across the nation” because the police shoot 2-3 thugs. Meanwhile, you ignore the violent blacks who murder people at 20 times the rates of other races. Stay in your fictional world, racist idiot.

  13. Would someone be so kind as to tell me what the word “racism” means? All I have is a dictionary and it is not helping me to understand when people use the term.

    1. In popular usage it means that you said something perceived as negative against a person of color irrespective of facts or evidence.

      1. But today if you say something negative that is true and can be backed up with facts and evidence, you’re still racist. You just can’t say anything negative. Only positive things. Even if those positive things are lies.

    2. Why not ask the Marxist Leon Trotsky who invented it? Before that it was just ok for white people to be white…..

  14. As far as race goes, I’m just not listening anymore. The whole construct of Racism is a war against Europeans, especially us Nordic types. I’m not debating anyone on our right to exist as a people.
    I agree with your mother, Donovan. You should find yourself a nice African-American girl. Unfortunately miscegenation has been made cool, enlightened and surely a way for White women to gain approval of their new male authorities – the media, government, educational system triad, headed up by the Saturday people who are dedicated to the genetic destruction of Europeans.
    I like the radical Blacks who are just itching for a fight. I hope they attack YT en mass. It would be the best thing that could happen to Europeans. Nature abhors weak things. Europeans are on their way out. An alien people have been allowed to do our thinking for us, until that changes we will continue on the road to extinction.

  15. The problem as I see it is not racism. But how you act on that racism. Most “Racist” whites are just realists who don’t want to live near blacks because they are more violent, don’t want to employ blacks because they are lazy and unintelligent, don’t want their kids to hang around or breed with blacks because it means the dumbing down of their kids and end of the beautiful white genetic line. In reality, that is their right. On the other hand Racist blacks verbally and physically abuse white people, accuse them of racism and holding them back, and want to steal the product of white peoples labour, and subvert their rights to private property, freedom of speech, association and assembly. And whilst whites get called out on their “racism” all the time, even if it is just an accusation of what is contained in a white persons head, some nebulous term like “white privilege” or being hounded for lack of “diversity” in a workplace or neighbourhood, blacks are allowed to wear their racism externally and have openly horrible attitudes towards white people. Diversity means chasing down the last white child. Anti-Racism really is Anti-white.

    1. How dare a white man tell the black community that they should take responsibility for rebuilding their community!
      Oh wait… wait a second… D:

    2. I was gunna post some Thomas Sowell on here but you beat me to it. Like Donovan pointed out, his black friends said educating yourself and being smart is “being white”. What the fuck. Here in Canada I’ve noticed the same trend. How can you blame whites for your situation when you glorify ignorance, stupidity, criminality and don’t work hard to improve yourself. It’s that fucking toxic victim mentality that is way too prevalent today for my liking. Everyone just needs to stop feeling so fucking sorry for themselves and blaming other people.

  16. The problem with some black people is they always blame whites for slavery. but they forget by purpose that it was black people who were selling their brothers.
    a black might dispise you as a white
    a muslim as a “kafir” (none-believer)
    a black muslim as both !
    and also they have this mind set of being victims oppressed by white people. which is simply none sens.

    1. They also forget that slavery ended 150 years ago, and no one alive today owned a slave.
      It’s fun to blame me because 200 years ago great-great-great-great-grandma was a slave and that’s why someone today can’t get a job, but it’s not really useful or relevant. It’s an excuse.

      1. And what I Can’t really grasp is why they embrace Islam knowing that arabs spread islam in africa by enslaving black tribes !
        and in the arabic tradition being an arab is being part of the higher race. but the others “the ajam” are juste good to be slaves !
        speaking in a certain way all races have the same flaws,we are human after all. so there is no victim-race ! you either fight for your life and freedom or end up enslaved or killed.
        life is a struggle for the cell as for the planet.

      2. 200 years ago my family was in Scotland (and England) just trying to fight off the constant cold ever present rain and get by in life. Fuck if I owe anybody anything because they have a pigmentation I do not have, nor do they owe me anything. The only thing either of us owe the other is basic human respect. The race pimps don’t see fit to let that happen though.

  17. I’m a 24 year old Black man and I totally agree with this assessment. Too many Blacks play the victim mentality without fully realizing they are hurting themselves more than others with that mentality. Many Blacks live in the past vicariously through their ancestors since no Black person alive in America was ever in physical bondage. This mentality leads to taking no self responsibility and to blame “Whitey” for every problem they may have. There was a time when Blacks weren’t able to have a quality life in this country but the efforts of Blacks and Whites have moved us pass the times where Blacks weren’t allowed to read and write or control their own destiny. I see the victim-hood mentality as an insult to those who fought so we would not have to use any excuses to be the best we can be in this country. The liberal media is a huge tool against Blacks in this regard. Everything is presented in race-tinted glasses instead of looking at the facts especially with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. I payed almost no attention to those cases, they were young Black men who put themselves in position to have what happened to them. Why should I deify and defend a thug? Each case was presented as, “White man kills unarmed Black man.” Being unarmed doesn’t mean a god damn thing intrinsically. Reaching for weapons and beating someone can give a reason to shoot someone justifiably. It was Black people and the media giving a complete pass to the actions of the young Black men while condemning the actions of self defense.
    When young, I went to a mixed school in the Suburbs until I moved to the inner city of Chicago and attended an all Black middle and Highschool. Immediately, all the students said I talked White and encouraged me to use ebonics. They said me studying and getting good grades was also acting White. I just laughed at them inside and didn’t change one bit seeing how stupid most of them acted. To this day, I only talk to 2 Black friends of mine only because most young Black men aren’t setting and trying to reach lofty goals. Getting a decent job and clubbing is enough for most I encounter. I’m currently striving towards financial Independence which I can’t find any else doing my age so I spend most of my time in solitude working toward my goal. I’m on the cusp of achieving this and I hope to write an article on what I am doing to help other red-pill men in their quest for financial freedom. Black people need to stop looking out and blaming every one else for their problems. I haven’t been stopped from trying to achieve my goals from any White person, in fact, in my personal experience, it was other Black people who attempted to derail me more than anyone else. Blacks also need to disown and ridicule Hip-hop culture instead of adopting it as a lifestyle of thuggery and focus on education and self-improvement.

      1. Awesome…
        The Brits still have their moments.
        Edit: Upon further review, the guy is a full of shit Neocon. He demonizes Assad and Russia, two of the few bulwarks against international zionist globalism.
        Wolf in sheeps clothing.

    1. ” They said me studying and getting good grades was also acting White”
      I bet today they are all like: “The White man is keeping me down!”
      Anyway, man. I’m glad you had the brains and the guts to resist the herd instinct. best of luck in achieving your goals. Cheers!

      1. Rasmussen did a poll of Americans and asked them which group is most racist. Everyone agreed, including the blacks that were polled, that blacks are most racist. Whites came is as less racist than Mexicans and blacks. The ONLY respondents who thought that whites are more racist were democrats. Dumb fucking liberals.

        1. And the same poll shows conservatives believe only 12% of whites are racist. That’s either ignorance or stupidity. Since red-states are statistically proven to be the least educated states it’s probably both. Congrats SGT Pogue aka ‘Dummy’.

        2. You’re the dummy. Some of the most intelligent people were eugenicists. The SS was made up of the best physical and highest IQ people.They were going to breed with select females and produce a superior race.
          And the blue states are just like them

        3. No they don’t, they are fucking racist ass pieces of shit, that all other people in Asia hate… On the other hand, Japanese girls like black men… Koreans look at black people in disgust…

        4. They can look at me in disgust all they want… While I’m banging their chicks…

        5. When we understand racism as a structure, “reverse racism” sounds silly. If you’re mean to your boss as a worker, does that make you a “reverse capitalist” who is failing to see that “we’re all human,” and that ‘worker’ and ‘boss’ are just labels?

        6. Liberals remind me of that kid who walked down the hallway in school bumping into people because he had his nose in a book reading, some are book smart but lack common sense and a common view on things, they are blind or ignorant in many ways, it’s almost like they are lacking something on one side of the brain. Can’t really explain it and certainly don’t understand their point of view on a lot of things, it just makes no sense whatsoever.

        7. I have been to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and other south east Asian countries and I’ve found this to be true as well. They are much more “closed” society’s than Europe or the west.

        8. Given the substantial social ills caused by blacks as a group (violent crime, illegitimate births, dropout rates and school underperformance, destruction of neighborhoods, civil disobedience over the slightest thing, etc., etc., I would say white racism against blacks (as a group) is pretty justified.
          And your post is poorly written and hard to understand, so I don’t think you are the one to be talking about “the least educated states,” or calling someone a “Dummy.” You don’t come across as a rocket scientist yourself.

        9. you are exactly the definition of the disrespectful black mentality we are talking about in this article. have some respect for fuck sakes. stop putting the country to shame

        10. this article made a lot of sense to me. I don’t hear you giving any rational explanations?

        11. I thought Asian people were Infamous for idolizing white people. Considering the fact that they fetish anything of western origin, get plastic surgery to look Caucasian, primary feature white-looking characters in their anime, and worship white men as sex gods.

        12. I can attest to that. I have family in Hong Kong, and I’ve also been to Japan. If you are NOT Japanese in Japan, you are third class, until you show your credit card. If you say you’re Canadian things improve. One person asked me if I had Japanese ancestry and I lied and said yes. They do NOT like the Chinese. In Hong Kong, which is vastly more cosmopolitan than the rural areas or other cities, it’s not so bad if you aren’t Chinese, but don’t expect them to cater to you. If you go into the rural areas you are CLEARLY an invader. My mom has a friend who went to Africa several years ago. I don’t recall what country, but somewhere in central or south central Africa. When they exited a taxi into the streets of one city, cries of “MUZUNGU” rang out everywhere. This is, in their language, the word for “whiite.” White folks in Africa are a spectacle, everyone looks at them, everyone watches them. Again, I appreciate what the ancestors of todays white and asian and other cultural groups did to one another in the past and it is by no means acceptable, but the people alive today are NOT responsible for what happened in the past, only what happens in the present. Either there is endemic idiocy spreading around the world or people just want an excuse to pull the trigger. I worry for the future.

        13. Asia is full of racism. India vs Chinese, Indians vs Muslims, Chinese vs Muslims (I understand muslims are not a race but as a group they are extraordinarily intolerant), Japanese vs Chinese, Korean vs Chinese vs Japanese, Vietnamese vs Thai vs Singapore, it goes on and on and on. If you don’t LOOK enough like that person, you are intolerant to them. I’m so glad I don’t live there.

        14. That’s common among Indians, among the Japanese it would ostracize you, same with among the Chinese. About the only western things done in China and Japan are adjusting ear positions, coloring hair and breast implants.

        15. I didn’t mean nerdy necessarily, I meant a lack of common sense, some of the smartest people I’ve met are also the dumbest when it comes to common sense. The way the left side views certain things to me makes no sense whatsoever and I don’t understand how they can see certain things the way they do, to me it seems they lack something that points out the obvious in certain scenarios.

        16. Not so much Japan. Theyre pretty nice people. My mother is italian and was hired by a Japanese trade company. I am mixed with latina and black as well and when i met twoexcange students from japan they were very nice she even invited ne to her home. Japanese also have quite a few black entertainers who are idolized. We instantly became friends. Also. I had quite a bit of phillipino/chinese friends growing up.

        17. Hell, even within PRC, there is rampant racism between groups—even within the Han ethnic group.

        18. The blacks that were polled were probably democrats. You must be using faux news math.

        19. Muslims are intolerant? Ummm. There are 56 Muslim countries in the world, many are black.
          I am white (Muslim) my husband is Arab. I have friends from Sudan (Muslim), Somalia (Muslim) black American (Muslim), Palestinian (Christian + Muslim), Tunisian (black and light skinned), Yemeni, Bangladeshi (light and dark skinned Muslims), Latina (Muslim some married to Pakistanis, Arabs, Indians and black Muslims),
          I could go on forever. What do we all have in common? We meet up frequently. Women with women, men with men. Muslims are UNIVERSAL from East to West. Only 18% of Muslims are Arab, Islam will be the world’s most dominant religion by 2100 because of sub Sahara Africa’s birth rate according to the Pew Research.
          I have NEVER noticed any racism among my peers. Do you even KNOW any Muslims? From your statement, you sound like Fox News.

        20. It takes courage to own up to your own flaws and shortcomings. This is part of what being a good man (or woman) is all about. Unfortunately, black culture doesn’t have great male role models to promote these self sacrificing attitudes and instead highlights leaders that display the “victim” role or in hip-hop the egotistical “cool” thug who is out to get his. Neither one of these mentalities is manly. I hope for the sake of black people that more manly role models start seeming cool and not “white”.

        21. And that’s why all these calls for greater diversity in Hollywood aren’t going to be all that successful in the long run. Asians don’t give two fucks about identity politics and would much rather watch films with whites or Asians in the leading roles.
          As the Asian market for Hollywood films continues to grow, hopefully the SJW mentality will recede (due to lack of global demand).

        22. In fairness, Korean girls seem to love whatever isn’t Korean.

        23. Hi, you really bring out the crazies Bob. In this case I feel it is one of those times where the wise words of DMX would need to be brought to the conversation.
          “I’m tired of weak ass niggaz whining about pussy that don’t belong to them…fuck is wrong with them?”

        24. LOL! DMX had some great lines. I like this one from Puffy:

          There’s a disease affecting the black community known as bitchassery. I’m tired of the bitchassery!

          LOL we have this same disease of RoK sometimes.

        25. Korean girls will do some of the most filthy and disgusting shit and that is inversely proportionate to their social class.
          You show me a Korean girl who has a wealthy hard working dad, took piano lessons as a kid and has never seen a hard day in her life and I will show you a girl who will lick your galblatter — through your asshole.

        26. The Korean women I have known are quite the opposite. Some have even made comments not understanding why a woman would let a black man touch them.

        27. My wife and I were thinking about moving to Japan if Hillary wins. I’m white, she’s black. Based on your experience how do you think that would go over?

        28. Japanese have a deep mistrust and often outright hatred of other asians wheras whites are the tollerated foreign prsence or accessory like a handbag for young Japanese girls in their 20’s.
          Lived there for 6 years.

        29. Brining a woman to Japan is like brining a baloney sandwhich to a buffet..
          Work will be your main challenge.
          Any discrimination you face in Japan will be at least polite and mostly non agressive..

        30. I guess not all Korean women think with one mind. Fancy that. But maybe your Korean friends haven’t had me touch them yet.
          Btw, I “touched” a Korean woman in a club in Miami. She didn’t seem to have a problem with it and “touched” me back.

        31. I found this about Japanese when I lived in Japan.
          I was always treated kindly. Like a guest. But it was clear also that I could never be one of them. That simply could not be allowed.
          I still love Japan and the Japanese people. But they prefer to be among people like themselves most of the time.
          I do not have a problem with that as they are kind and have a sense of ethics with being honest and kind. They just do not want you around all the time.
          For me, fair enough. If you are a foreigner living in Japan, it is the freest country in the world. Have a few foreign and Japanese friends. Live sort of at the fringe of society, but comfortable. Japaense will seldom allow you to rise and be the boss of other Japaense people. But you will be paid a decent wage and be left alone as long as you do not make waves.

        32. Well it must be hard to be racist when you can enslave any color I guess. Another fun fact, muslims appear to not discriminate the color of any infidel they behead, or rape.
          Truly, a very progressive religion.

        33. Well, that is simple. First you must become a Japanese. Second, you train hard and quickly to become a ninja like them. And third, to give you extra-special cover, you take a wife.

        34. Well, there is a reason for that. IN ancient times the Chinese they make joke and they make pee pee in their coke.

        35. Thats because racism as defined by Democrats is simply to exist while being white.

        36. Yes, we lived in China for 4 years, until just recently, and never had a problem. My husband and I are white, and were always treated pretty well. It took no time to realize that they all but worshipped ‘pale’ skin, and did not particularly like Blacks. It was astounding to see the vast array of skin lightening cream sold over there! (And it seemed like their fave film was Titanic)

        37. This is generally true, and true for almost every country and ethnicity in existence. Racism is a human trait. However, I am married to a Filipina and I find that the Filipinos are not generally prejudiced against whites. I have heard from black friends that there is some prejudice against black Americans, but I didn’t see them having a problem getting a Filipina girlfriend or wife.
          In Thailand they look down on anyone that is not Thai. I am ok with that as that is pretty much par for the course everywhere. What is interesting in this context is that they label and group African Americans in with American and Americans in with Europeans. So, to a Thai, all these black Americans are just Americans, and are in fact Europeans. They treat African Africans much, much, worse.

        38. That was my attitude in Thailand. They could look down on me and think I am a barbarian piece of shit all they wanted, as long as I was banging slim young Thai girls. Of course, those days are long behind me.

        39. Good point. Muslims are equal opportunity beheaders of anyone, of any color, creed, or place of national origin, that are not Muslims.

        40. I have found that to be true of all young women (or at least enough of them). They are just as intent on getting their flags as is Roosh.

        41. Getting pretty close, but there may be a few surviving old geezers that were let into the US under project Paperclip, or just lied.

        42. I find niggers more acceptable than I do wiggers (look it up). Maybe that is because I can take no in-group responsibility for niggers but have to live with the shame of being part of the ethnic group that produces wiggers. And there are more and more of them everyday.

        43. True that. I just find the desire to fuck outside the culture most strong in Koreans. It might be just the ones I have met…which, admittedly, is only a dozen or so

        44. Pretty sure that’s not possible, unless both of you have Japanese heritage.

        45. First and foremost, what is “black culture”? Not all black men/women share the same experience. For example, Black Americans differ from Black people from the Caribbean, South America or Africa. Secondly, Thug culture & the victim complex are the symptoms of a matriarchal households that has been upheld by the liberal agenda.

        46. The main diseases affecting the Black Community are envy, blame-shifting, and slavish obsession with White women. Seems like that is just about all you talk about. The only thing you can be proud of in life is that you don’t date women of your own race. How strange.

        47. It would be unrealistic to lump any group of people under one strict definition.
          My experience with Koreans are with those from Korea, not here and I can only speak from my experience not yours.

        48. Yeah, they are fucking ignorant and ashaned of their own race, i’ve never seen any other race that wants to be white so bad and will, willfully dumb themselves down in front of white people. Most Asians I know are fiercely proud of their heritage.

        49. Looks like in going to Japan. I find that Japanese people are quite attractive. Their features are far less “eastern” if you will. Plus, a Japanese woman with big tuits is a real boner producer.

        50. You make good point in saying not all black culture is the same or that everybody shares the same experience. The “symptoms” of an “agenda” is an example of not taking responsibility and blaming actions on others. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and by saying ” other people’s agenda made me this do this,it’s not my fault” shows little self reflection and honesty.

        51. You’re absolutely right. I have experience with Koreans from Korea and the US. In my opinion, the ones from Korea are friendlier but who truly knows the content of a man’s soul…

        52. Sorry to hear that an Asian myself i do make every effort to bond with my European and American collegues.The main issue with Asians in general is the “closed-society” mindset as well as the victim card.Many Asians still feel “oppressed” by the Western nations when in reality colonism ended decades ago and the West has more than made amends by allowing us onto the world stage.Personally I have nothing but disdain for these people.

        53. Yeah, the Japanese hate anyone non-Japanese, even other Asians. Totally racist country. And they’ll let you know it too.

        54. One thing about that. They are super polite, freindly, and professional. Then when your months of work are over and a colleague takes you to the airport, you’ll thank him for his hospitality and kindness. . .And since he’ll never see you again, he lets you have it. They were only nice because they had to be, and now that they got what they wanted they’re happy to see you off. Don’t come back. And this will be from a guy you’d partied with and had you over to his home. Seen it, been there.

        55. Muslim women, specifically Arab and Persian, make for very tasty treats. When young, cause they don’t age well. LOL

        56. You better be very smart. Those guys are unbelievable. The smartest guy I EVER met was from Japan. And he was the best fighter I ever seen also. A big fella was picking on him and I said something to the guy and before I knew it he was on the ground literary snoring.

        57. I mistook a white south african for a german
          once and the guy came completely unwound.Wanted to go outside of the bar and fight! I told him to go home and sober up. lol

        58. As a Japanese girl, I think your statement is a truth. When I moved to the states no one was nice it’s bc I’m a foreigner. But I’m glad it was that way bc now I have some true friends.

        59. No. They like white mixed with Asian. I was there and elevated to princess level. even though I am 100 percent white because I have silky black hair and large eyes they considered me mixed. It’s an advantage but they do not like Black/African people-seriously racist.

        60. They don’t like Black people but the disaster happened and Trump won so I am glad you’re stuck there-maybe he’ll build a wall and not let you out:) I live in Europe-I am lucky. such gorgeous people and intelligent too. See ya!

        61. Not well. You’re a weirdo. All men prefer white women. except for misogynists like you-oh and closeted gays.

        62. Fuck you-sad because Jewish men have little pricks. It is the Jewish curse all other races with big noses have nice sized penises-Jewish men are Gross! Jealous much-I’d never fuck a jew. Biracial men like Alfred Enoch are chocolaty delicious!

        63. all Asians consider white women superior which is why they all carry parasols and stay out of the sun and use pearl cream to bleach their skin. They know we are princesses especially those of us with porcelain skin and raven hair.

        64. I know muslims and they are all misogynist just below the surface. You don’t have to scratch very deeply because ingrained int hem is the pedophile prophet who married a and raped a nine year old girl and said it is okay to beat your wife. Fuck Islam.

        65. even in Ataturk’s “secular” Turkey the Islamic cult forbids a man from being charged with rape if “only” a woman reports it. I would like the job of castrating all fundamentalist( and not) Islamic males. It only takes one cut while you are sleeping and in the U.S. I can cry rape.:) So glad in Europe and the USA I can do what I want.

        66. NO. All Asian women want to be white from Korea to Japan to Thailand they protect their skin from the sun because white women are revered-I know I am beautiful and white and I have lived in Asia and travelled extensively there.

        67. Ughhh I live in Tokyo currently, apparently times have changed since the 40’s sugar. They are sporting corn rows dark tan skin, hip hop fashion and tall pitch black boy friends. Ive also lived in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore they seem to be catching on to the band wagon. Last time I checked white women have not been relevant in desirability for quite some time. The stats from online dating speak for themselves…. Well.. Hey you MIGHT be beautiful but you damn sure ain’t relevant. You’ll most likely end up getting ran through by a group of black men with 13 in cocks

        68. Why? I’m offended you’d say such a thing my dear.
          I am an expert in the Japonicus femininicus. These are just the findings of my research project in the Land of the Rising Sun.

        69. we white women prefer mochalattes. Look at that hideous picture in your avatar-I wouldn’t let your little American dick near me. You forget it’s a two way street. White women PREFER chocolate men. They are soo handsome. But we also like European men except for the English and Germans. Spaniards are gorgeous, Hungarians and Georgians all strapping with nice sized penises. You americans have small dicks-even your ugly president with his small hands-I wouldn’t waste my time. Trump has a face like a prune-HIDeOUS. And a body like Alfred hitchcock-hideous. Get the fuck out of our lives you unintelligent, entitled, misogynistic American idiots- go run to asia where they’ll walk behind you and suck your little dick if you buy them. I want trump aass to build a wall around America and NOT LET YOU OUT-you are so fucking stupid.:D

        70. you’re a fag-slim young thai women look like 12 year old boys. HAHAHAHA1 NO ass. I have such a nice ass-not a flat wide white ass not a huge ass a perfect ass. Just like you-you are a perfect ass.

        71. I am a white woman with porcelain skin and high cheekbones and large beautiful dark eyes and I am worshipped in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, And North and South America. I’ve got it all.

        72. Italians except for Venitians are barbarians-hairy little monsters-so who cares? Also they scream monkey at soccer games whenever a balck person plays so your neighbor is a weird one. Kinda like you. black women take it up the ass so he’s probably using her for that.

        73. optitard, You are an asshole and haven’t actually visited Tokyo. I just came from there and went shopping and the most expensive creams are whitening creams which can cost upwards of $500. You moron. I guess you visited the ghetto part of town and hip hop is not cultured so “catchingon” to it is not progress. You would like Paris because the refugees have ruined it standing outside the Sacre Caouer playing tacky music and dancing in the street. I guess you like ghetto. Actually Japanese people like sasalsa hate to break your bubble. Boy on the bubble. or ancient old man in the closet.

        74. jesus you must be like 90 years old. Do your grandkids know you’re such a fucking perverted slime ball bigot?

        75. Yes, apparently you are the only person other than myself on this forum who has actually BEEN to Asia.

        76. No way. Chinese people get their ugly frog eyes with no epithelial folds fixed so they don’t look like down syndrome patients. You are seriously misinformed. Chinese women get a lot of eyelid surgery. So you are wrong about that, Again.

        77. the largest breasts out of the races so who the fuck do you think they are trying to look like with breast implants? Asians are naturally small-breasted, you idiot-“ostracized” for trying to be western. And who has red and brown hair and blond/ Certainly not black chicks or Asian chicks so you are completely illogical in your argument. Ridiculous, actually.

        78. Ew. you are a racist-a real relic. I am surprised to have found you. I thought you were extinct with the dinasaurs but apparently you are still here; what are you 90? Black men are so hot but black women are so jealous of white women and not that bright either but I don’t call them criminals. Jesus you are like a swamp monster from the 50s coming back to life.

        79. Yes except on an archaeological dig on this forum I found one surviving relic, Blue eyed devil-he must be 99.

        80. You are a cocksucker so why don’t you han yourself You jealous, teeny- dicked, useless, white piece of shit..

        81. Uh oh boys and girls, watch your coke around this one! I’ve been warning you. They think it’s funny but there is nothing funny about drinking urine

        82. I’m white, ASSHOLE. Go take a Viagra and fuck your corpse of a wife you should be composted you are so fucking old.

        83. Phew. Because I was going to have a coke and was afraid you’d make pee pee in it.
          So now that we got that out of the way, why are you so angry?

        84. Damn.. butthurt again, chimpie? Maybe if you learned to walk upright, and could get a job, you wouldn’t have so much time to waste on a site where you clearly don’t belong. Troll.

        85. Nope lived right in the heart of Shibuya south of the Hachiko exit. Spare me the bullshit please. Miss oh I’m SO rich… Bitch plz..

        86. Last time I checked, in college, it was the snow bunny nursing majors takin it up the ass. You ever been around the ASU dorms on a sat night. Dude plz… Monkey see monkey do.. Whatever, a bitch is a bitch and I’m sure some black hoes do take it up the ass, I wouldn’t know I was too busy railing white and Asian bitches.

        87. Black women are so Jealous I am guessing you’re a black woman who desperately wants to be wanted but ISN’T.

        88. Online dating suggests white women are most desireable followed by Latinas THen ASIANS THEn BLACKS. BLACKS ARE BY FAR THE LEAST DESIRABLE_LIKE YOU! So while I am MOST relevant now with my gorgeous dark hair and eyes and porcelain skin YOU WILL NEVER BE RELeVANTm glad it does you FUGLY entitled affirmative action, untalented stupid Black Bitch. Go watch some stupid shonda rhimes(jaba the Hut) show like grey’s Anatomy or scandal with retarded Kelly Washington’s deformed mouth. She tries to be so white it is hilarious I feel so sorry for her it’s like she has a disorder. She went from being this ghetto black chick with a big nose to talking like a valley girl and getting tons of plastic surgery like apefaced beyonce.

        89. Honey you are just a ghetto whore who probably used her affirmative action financial aid package to get a chance to visit Japan. You definitely do not have the intellect to get there any other way.

        90. NO self-respecting white girl takes it up the ass. Black women have to they have no alternative they are so desperate to be wanted.

        91. Because I have a family of American idiots. I live in Europe but they still call. I am hoping Trump will build a wall and not let them out.;D That’s why. I cannot stand the stupidity in America anymore it irritates me. And now you elected a fucking buffoon-a mentally ill idiot to office. It’s a disgrace. TaT’s why. And I am a White woman with a high intellect and a conscience- the only segment of the population who doesn’t benefit in America.

        92. The most reasonable statement on this thread-thank you. I am less angry knowing there is a reasonable American still living there.

        93. Do you realize you sound like a ranting lunatic? As for “high intelligence” nothing you have said seems to indicate that. In fact, looking at your comments I would suggest quite the opposite is true. Of course, maybe you are just ranting for the carthartic experience but you come off as far below average intelligence and, quite honestly, mentally unstable.
          Fine by me ya know, you be you. But that is what you are giving off.

        94. Thank you for that, because coming from you I take that as a huge compliment. Must be I am sane and a genius since your comments suggest you have a double digit Iq and are a racist psycho. Ciao!

        95. This is eight months after your original comment, but can you elaborate? I’m curious, is it with Jap men kind of a Mishima thing- that they are intelligent enough to respect us, but the fact we so soundly defeated them still irks them, assaults their manhood somehow? I did once have a drunk nip berate me and one of my waifus in public, and initially the other Jap dudes were just looking downcast and embarrassed, but they ended up beating his ass! The overt rudeness was why they pounded him, I’m SURE they agreed with what he had to say about the filthy red-bearded, blonde gaijin savage fucking their women. And I DID fuck their women (having a jap GF is like having a cook/maid/pet you can fuck). But I never had any of my nip male friends turn on me. But I was a pretty famous punk rock dude back in the day, so most of the guys I was hanging with were music people… with tats, so not your normal japs.

        96. I fuck coonass on the regular. When dudes say black bitches don’t take it up the ass, or eat ass, they just aren’t paying them enough. All women are whores, but at least jigbedwenches are up front about it.
          Don’t tell me not to touch your head when you are blowing me if I am paying for your weave, tho, bitch

        97. Those are a small subculture and you know it. Just like I ran through all the punk rock and skinhead bitches.

        98. Yep. I’ve had a couple who love to eat ass and wouldn’t let me shower first. Said they loved the salty apple taste. Don’t come round me if you been eating kimchi tho bitch. Makes the pussy stink.

        99. Nope it’s pretty large, but like everything in Japan that is trendy it’s all just a “subculture” glad you had fun. It don’t matter the genre they all have the same pussy and truth be told it’s just… Alright… From Hokkaido to Okinawa the ass was all the same bruh.. Koreans are better in bed.

        100. You already showed your lameness. Paying a bitch for sex, you a dumb ass nigga. Especially if it’s a black or white bitch. Atleast let it b something exotic, dumb nigga.

        101. You dumb bitch. Typical idiot nigger. I DON’T PAY THEM FOR SEX. I PAY THEM TO KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT AND SO I DON’T HAVE TO PRETEND TO LIKE THEM OR PRETEND TO LISTEN TO THEIR PROBLEMS, YOU DUMBASS HOODRAT COON. I am wealthy enough (because I am white and not stupid, like you) that I can throw some ho 250 bux an hour for the convenience of having them lick my ass and then kick em out. I have no prob not paying for it- I get more than you EVER have, what with you having no game- BUT PAYING BITCHES STRIPS THE BULLSHIT AWAY. IT IS LIKE BUYING A BOX OF KLEENEX, ya dumb “pimp”. You don’t know shit about women, game, or anything else. Or you’d be wealthy like me.

        102. Lol! Hit a soft spot didn’t I? Now we’re gettin some where. Bottom line, you are just a lame the type of guy that would get slapped up at a party in front of his girl and friends and not do a damn thing. Nigger this nigger that hahaha jiggaboo lol. My god you’re lame. No offense taken bruh. Thats what it’s like to have confidence and be a real man. But this is why people like you will be purged.

        103. But they’re so cute. I can’t imagine such obscenities emanating from their pretty mouths. Its almost as if some moron just made up his own subtitles and added them to the video.

        104. LOL yeah, YOU THINK? Lol @ groid “intelligence”. No wonder you have to parasite off of us. Your entire race has Dunning-Kruger syndrome. You always confuse playing master of the obvious with being insightful. It’s actually embarrassing to watch.

        105. Only one problem with your prediction that Islam will be the world’s most dominant religion by 2100. God has something planned called Armageddon in which Muslim, Russian and Chinese blood will flow as high as a horse’s bridle; as they are once and forever dealt with by Jesus and his saints.

        106. Yep, an agenda meant to keep them dependant on the democrats. Liberals pit poor blacks and whites against one another and keep them on a leash via subsidies. I’ve been around ghetto culture and trailer park culture, having grown up in an area where the two overlapped. The only difference? You guessed it, skin color. Both every bit as racist, crime ridden and dysfunctional as the other. Yet they had no problem crossing racial lines to sleep together.

        107. I also know that ghetto culture does not equal black culture any more than trailer park culture equals white culture.

        108. That’s actually pretty accurate. They get all of their political views from academics who are so deep in their sophistry and semantics that the real world is alien to them.

        109. Why did you marry outside your race. Now you will have more problems and lower IQ “kidz.”

      2. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that were the case and thanks man! Hope to have some insight from my current financial endeavors this week and will be writing up an article soon once I get past the first few hurdles.

    2. Right on. Slavery is over, the people behind it are gone. Should we hate on the Germans too for World War II ? It would be ridiculous. If we never forgot history we could hate left and right forever. What about hating the Romans for being an oppressing superpower 2000 years ago. I think I could find reasons to hate everyone. Africans ? everyone tells me how nice they are but people forget their tribal wars. Two tribes had a war going on for centuries, both killing and steeling women from each other but the balance of power was perfect so it continued without a final victor. One day, one tribe required guns and riffles from the white man. Next day, the other tribe was not alive anymore. That is a true story. Are you going to tell me that black people are saints ? I dont think so. No one is.
      Get over it.

      1. Hi Tom, I agree that many Afro-centrists paint Africa as some sort of Utopia before White people arrived which is complete bullshit. The misconceptions arrive when people forget that Africa was not a homogeneous society like Japan was for almost its entire history. People like to put all Black people in the same group without realizing there were many different ethnic groups of Blacks who historically hated each other like early tribes in Europe, Asia, and everywhere else. Black people are capable of good and evil like anyone else. All kinds of people were oppressed throughout history, American Slavery is just one of the more recent occurrences.

        1. No one paints Africa as a “Utopia” and any who reads knows that Africa (A gigantic Continent that can fit Europe, China, India and America inside of it is diverse). But at the same time for centuries Whitewashed history exaggerated any negative points about Africa and Black people…you can also speak on that. People on websites like these explain things as if they discovered a history not spoken in public when basically it was the same generalized history spoken of publicly for centuries to justify barbaric behavior that is the irony about the entire thing. Race wasn’t a big issue until Europeans stressed a Racial Hierarchy setting themselves on top and denigrating Black history and people. That is what caused all of these conversations in the first place.

        2. I said “afro-centrists” and many do paint it as a relative utopia before Whites came. Many people in America know nothing about Africa. They think of animals and Mud huts, not the wide diversity of people, geography, and climate. The Whitewashed African history is true, they didn’t even think we were fully human for a while.

    3. Many people are self aware of their history and why many others had a head start while at the same time working hard and seeking financial freedom as well. You can work hard and not be blind to the inner workings of society as well. People seem to focus on a musical artform…not all of Hip Hop is “thuggery” why not make a false example of the “evil” messages of dark metal or heavy metal and the such…I know I don’t do that…there are many layers to this obviously and the writer of this article misses many many points that makes his assessment heavily unbalanced.

      1. Hi, I agree you should be self aware and trust me I am. In fact, I went to an African-centered charter school for 2 years, and study history as a hobby. My point is that people love to wallow and look for every excuse why they can’t succeed. To me that is more harmful than anything. I keep things simple. In this day and age that I am currently alive, the only person who can truly hold me back is myself, period. I don’t look for excuses, I look for solutions.

        1. Exactly that is what I mean there is also an element of racism still in the works it is just indirect…that also does not mean that You “wallow and look for every excuse…” neither in fact being self aware and motivated is even better because you can still go out and work hard everyday and still keep your wits and your eyes open and things are less likely to catch you by surprise. That is what I’m saying. In fact the term “victim mentality” can be used for example for some whites on this very forum complaining for extremely trivial things compared to actual real subjugation face by other groups of people (talk about true Blue Pill)…”oh blacks can publicly criticize” this author and they say…which by the way whites can do as well look at conservative media.

        2. I agree. It’s possible for any person to have a victim hood mentality but it doesn’t bother me because they are hurting themselves more than anyone else. I think every red-pill man should seek to make absolutely no excuses and simply seek solutions because that mindset will carry you forward no matter what happens on the outside and no matter what anyone else says or thinks. Black people need to be aware that prejudice is not completely dead, but not seek it out and make up prejudice in their own minds.

        3. That statement I agree with..but I disagree with the analysis of this article..very unbalanced and I can counter each point.

        4. Basically this article seems like it reeks of pandering to this audience which has an element of people who seek to only see the negatives in our people. And that’s the reason many of us dislike it. Same reason they get a Black Conservative to be a voice box and usually said Black paints a broader more generalized negative picture than his or her white conservative counterpart.

        5. I think Black people are more free to be open about the realities in our community. I don’t think the article is perfect, but the overall message of self accountability is one that is lacking in our community. I would rather hear a Black conservative telling Black people to take control of their own destiny than an Al Sharpton looking to play the victim mentality. If Black people owned up to fixing problems in our community, than most Blacks can live a high quality of life. Expecting White people to solve our problems does nothing. Why should they care more about our community than the people in it? Black people need to stop complaining. Our ancestors had it bad, we have ipods, tv’s, cars and freedom. To me, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about our community, all that matters is what Blacks do to make our community better. I think people are too worried about appearances and people’s opinions over getting shit done. Also, I didn’t mention metal because metal is not very widespread in Black community like rap and hip-hop. My main problem is I see so many Black people whining and not getting shit done.

        6. There’s pretty much a permanent underclass of black people in the U.S. I can’t see these particular people waking up and smelling the coffee because there are things in place to keep them there. Namely, government subsidies and the influence of popular culture (including those who profit from it).
          I cringed when Jamie Foxx called Obama “The Messiah.”
          I can’t see this changing without some kind of catastrophic event, similar to what would be required to eliminate feminism.

        7. I don’t think it needs to be a catastrophic event at all, unless you want to consider educating yourself to be successful a catastrophic event. There may be little hope for older Black people, but there are still numerous ways to touch and positively affect many young Blacks people.

        8. I don’t know what your exposure is to the more extreme environments (ghettos, etc.) but it’s REALLY bad.
          You’ll always have a minority of people who get away from it, but I don’t see these numbers making a significant difference. Even people who aren’t so bad off keep themselves closed off to intellectualism outside of their bubble.

        9. I lived in the ghetto for 5 years. It’s bad, but looks worse if you look at it from the outside in. In my opinion, many Blacks in the Ghetto don’t truly believe there are many other options, even though they are wrong. It will take people going in the ghetto and helping to show other ways to be successful. Will it solve all problems overnight? No. Will everyone be open and listen? No. But you can still make headway and progress especially when young. I met many who are open but fall into a viscous cycle of believing they have very few options.

        10. I think if we make comparisons we should make healthy and balanced comparisons, you can have both ways actually at one point Martin Luther King was also ridiculed and put down and they said everything you are saying back then in the 1960’s “oh you didn’t have it as bad as the 1930’s” in the 1930’s the same thing I bet in the 1880’s there were people saying “Oh things are not as bad as the 1860s” Fact is it is not about white people “solving our problems” who the hell cares about that. Its about realizing and fighting inequalities whether it’s racial and class. Also when ignorant people make faulty comparisons sometimes you point it out…sometimes you don’t I understand that as well. The problem I see with so called “Black Conservatives” is that they place ALL the blame on their own communities…at least the one’s who serve as voice box for their Conservative White counterparts. They then get on television and present an extremely unbalanced case and seem to enjoy lambasting their own communities…for what I don’t know. Cause I don’t think Dr. Carson is not going to even smell a republican party nomination for president. He is just there as a black voice box, who does not garner the respect of most of his people anyway.

        11. I agree.
          My biggest issue with it all is people who are given things to sustain themselves aren’t going to feel the pressure to adapt to anything else.
          It’s like feeding a normally wild animal on a regular basis in your backyard. If you happen to move out one day, depending on how long you’ve been doing this, the skills necessary to find food in the wild will have atrophied, if they were developed to begin with.
          Black people are still a small demographic relatively speaking so the numbers make it all the more worse.

        12. King was right. They were better in the 1960’s than 30’s. What happened after King was assassinated? Blacks destroyed their own community. Here in Chicago, I drive down the streets where the riots happened and the communities still haven’t recovered to this day. My dad was a child then and showed me where his old house was before it was burnt down by the community. It’s a vacant lot to this day. Our community needs to be lambasted, we have no excuse. The victim mentality led to many Blacks saying woe is me and destroying their OWN communities instead of carrying on Dr. King’s message and living by his example. Our community needs to be lambasted by Blacks who see the truth, we have zero excuse. We look for every chance to say woe is me and not to do better. I listen to some Black conservatives and they tell the truth, which doesn’t suit Black people staying the eternal victim. There is no excuse not to do better NOW. I’m just tired of people being more concerned about getting their little emotions hurt than owning the truth and doing better to respect the sacrifices of those who actually had to fight and die so we have the opportunities today.

        13. I agree 100%. If all you know is how to collect welfare, than you will do nothing else that will truly make your situation in life better. I have several family members who live off of the free government check and do nothing with their lives. And then, they want to act like they are getting over on the government while they are only hurting themselves by not living the highest quality of life possible. We need to take risks and learn wealth creation instead of being some of the biggest consumers in the country.

        14. I live in Chicago now and Chicago is a piss poor example of black culture and a perfect example of Americanized Black Culture. American Black Culture is not all of Black Culture. I lived in Brooklyn prior, with drug dealers in my back yard. And they were no where near as ignorant as the masses out here.

        15. My question to this statement is are they Black Americans? Were they born here as third or fourth generation Americans?

        16. I see the large Urban cities (New York, L.A., and Chicago especially) as being the hubs of Americanized Black culture, which like you said, people think is true Black culture. Unfortunately, many Blacks here in Chicago are so caught up in gangs, violence, and celebrating destructive Hip-Hop culture. (I know there is a lot of positive conscious hip-hop but we all know the negative hip-hop is glorified.) The ignorant masses in Chicago will do everything to pull you down to their level like I experienced in Middle and Highschool. We do have pockets of positive Black organizations that actually seek to uplift, but we need more help to truly make a difference here.

        17. I’ve seen the pockets. I’m slightly involved in the pockets. But they quickly get muffled out when you have weekends where 61 people get murdered in the span of 3 days. I’ll agree with you but in truth, this is still a stamp on Black American culture. They are so anti-intellectual I worry some wouldn’t attempt to think unless a rapper told them it was cool. Any wonder why Lil’ Jon became unpopular after singing, “Read a book!” to the kids? And it is a shame because historically, the black movement was so palpable and so ahead of its time in the ’70s in Chicago it was riveting.

        18. I don’t know if you heard, but Joakim Noah was trying to recruit a local rapper for his anti-violence organization here in Chicago because he realized what you just said. Many young Black people won’t do anything unless a rapper tells them to do it because the rappers are the leaders of many young Blacks here. After Noah met the manager of the rapper, the manager was shot and killed within 24 hours ( not necessarily saying he was killed for his efforts). It’s a shame the huge influence the mass media has over Blacks and Blacks have almost no control over mass media so the messages are dictated by people who don’t have our community at heart. We were more enlightened as a community here before I was born. We need much more influential Black groups who are spreading the right messages to truly uplift our community and drown out the negative messages of the media.

        19. There were affluent Black Communities in the early 20th centuries that were burned down by Racist whites as well with the authorities looking away. It has happened many times before as well…there are many angles of looking at this situation.

        20. I agree with that assessment the thing that is annoying is when certain groups are said to be the major users and abusers of welfare when they use welfare in less overall numbers than Whites and less than half the percentage rate of whites…for those who try to say I’m being deceiving with my math. That is what is hypocritical as well.

        21. Totally agree, I did a report on “Black Wall street” in Greenwood, Oklahoma. The destruction of the town was perpetuated by Racist Whites. Still, Whites today don’t care and will never care. We need to be aware of our history but that was during the 1920’s. The race riots in Chicago were even more recent though. I know that Blacks often tried as hard as they could and were greatly successful only to be thwarted due to pure hatred and racism by some White people in this country, I’m certainly not jaded on that. My point is we can’t stop striving to be the best we can be because of the past. Many civil rights battles have occurred since incidents like Greenwood. Racist Whites want us living in the past, I’m choosing to live and strive for the best in the now. I have a personal mindset not to let the past, present, or future stop me. Black people need to be aware of their history, but shouldn’t be held back due to it.

        22. Of course they shouldn’t be “held back” by it…they should learn about it…improve themselves and the negative elements in their community if they choose to do so while at the same time recognizing outside factors as well..and not being a mouthpiece for conservative media and criminalizing victims and focusing on the negatives and making broad statements..basically yessa bossin on tv. On another note why don’t we ever see a discussion on the ills of the negative aspects of the white community, where whites argue among themselves and we join in as outsiders giving our “higher than thou” perspectives and where there are sweeping allegations made on all groups of particular white people or where the entire white race comes into question. Seems odd doesn’t it? Or maybe its not odd at all…
          Anyway there is Nothing and I mean Nothing worse than these yessa bossin negroes on television like Larry Elder, what a disgrace.

        23. Just turn that shit off and pick up a book instead. Go to a library. It really isn’t the Herculean effort you’re making it out to be, tie your shoes like a big boy and lead by example.

        24. I’m actually doing that. I just keep this open when at work. I have a woman boss who gives me what she thinks is a lot of work but I finish it so fast that i usually end day on computer while getting paid

        25. Black people need to be aware that prejudice is not completely dead
          It will never be dead. If there were no negroes around then it would be against other whites based on class or religion or politics or whatever.Humans are a hierarchical group and are always competing with each other for dominance.They compete for everything, even the best females.In some societies this hierarchy is subtle and in others more blatant.
          Roosh couldn’t get laid in Scandinavia and he blamed it on the Jante code but he really didn’t understand it and thought it had to do with everyone being equal and no one getting above themselves or they get cut down to size to fit the others. But this human hierarchy is just very subtle in these places.In these places the custom is just to pretend people are equal to keep everyone happy (I won’t get into the reason for this here) but you can be certain that everyone, including females, knows who is who in these places.

        26. You need to be sure it’s an accurate history and not something learned from Hollywood films. You know, even in the days of slavery there were free men and there were wealthy negro areas.And if there was a Black Wall st. then you could always build it again.Whites have been wiped out by all sorts of natural and man made disasters and then just rebuilt.Japs had two atomic bombs dropped on them and had to rebuild.Complete cities were wiped out in Europe by other humans and plagues wiped out 1/2 of Europe. They just carried on and rebuilt. Do the same and stop crying about Black Wall st. and other incidents because you can’t change the past and have to live for today.There’s no point in crying over spilt milk and it’s just a waste of time.

        27. I don’t care how well I am doing. If I am living in Oklahoma you, or anyone really, is free to burn my shit down.

      2. To be fair, there used to be lots of concerned parent types calling metal satanic and stuff. I think it actually preceded the criticism over hip hop

        1. Black music has always been criticized before there was such a thing called metal in the first place..or until it gets adopted by Whites and the greater American community…this is nothing new…we can keep going back.

      3. Music should not be the main focus of someone’s life outside of the people in the business. It doesn’t matter what sort of music it is, it’s just entertainment and you should have a variety of interests not live you life around music and performers.Your main interest in life is just surviving and hopefully at a decent level. Most people need to diversify more.

        1. Yeah music is just entertainment, although some music may contain a message that closely matches your life views as well. But yes I agree with you.

    4. Bullshit. Many blacks were successful here, and in fact the first American slave owner was black. It has never, ever been about “white vs. black.” It is about “Free vs. Slave.”

      1. You have to stop watching Conservative Media or stop listening to conservative idiotic false history. I call major bullshit on your statement that “the first American slave owner was black.” You are talking about Anthony Johnson and the Casor case…there were many instances of Indentured Servants who led life long indentures (slavery) before Anthony Johnson. Conservative Lies and Bullshit. I will write a lengthy comment to dispel this myth.
        “Though Casor was the first person declared a slave in a civil case,
        there were both black and white indentured servants sentenced to
        lifetime servitude before him.”

      2. First Slave Owner was NOT Black, this incorrect and shows the idiots who frequent these conservative websites lol. Anyway I think all people should correct this idiotic claim and the idiots who state them within the internet and publicly every single time! I wrote a more detailed response to this moronic claim…
        “Though Casor was the first person declared a slave in a civil case, there
        were both black and white indentured servants sentenced to lifetime
        before him. Many historians describe indentured servant John Punch as
        the first documented slave in America, as he was sentenced to life in
        servitude as punishment for escaping in 1640.[16][17]
        The Punch case was significant because it established the disparity
        between his sentence as a negro and that of the two European indentured
        servants who escaped with him (one described as Dutch and one as a
        Scotchman). It is the first documented case in Virginia of an African
        sentenced to lifetime servitude. It is considered one of the first legal
        cases to make a racial distinction between black and white indentured
        John (2010). “Out of the Land of Bondage”: The English Revolution and
        the Atlantic Origins of Abolition”. The American Historical Review.

      3. Hi Ashlar, I agree some Blacks were successful here even during slavery times and many Blacks were able to contribute to society over America’s entire existence. I would disagree that it was NEVER White vs. Black. Many Whites were taught that Blacks were less than human therefore justifying slavery for many over the years. Once Whites got to experience Black people firsthand over the years, many saw that they were fed a lie and overtime, things improved greatly for Blacks due to efforts by Blacks and White effort. This was a while ago, but I don’t think it’s good to be ignorant of history, just not use it as an excuse. I don’t see how the first slave owner could logically be a Black person since the first Blacks were brought to America for the singular purpose of being enslaved.

        1. It’s called jumping the shark. Sometimes, when people get emotional they say things they can’t prove.

        2. That’s exactly backwards. Things were better in some ways for American blacks 50 years ago, than they are today. It’s complicated.
          Further, it’s usually that whites are taught that blacks are their equals, but then “firsthand experience over the years” shows them that the races may as well be from different planets.
          And Third Eye, I was talking about slaves, not indentured servants. You should have noticed, given that it’s exactly what I said in my comment. Nice try moving the goalpost though.

    5. I mostly agree w/ you. I don’t have a lot of black friends either for the samne fucking reasons! “Why do you talk that way”, “You work with computers”, “You’re the whitest black guy I know”. Wtf! Are we not supposed to be anything becasue we’re black? I want more out of life, I want everything life has to offer. It’s so stupid. LIke you I only have a a few good black friends

      1. It is a messed up reality growing up amongst american blacks in that the anti-intellectualism stance is very strong.

        1. It is funny. I grew up in a very black area and yes, the anti-intellectualism shit is there. However, when I got out and did really well in college and racked up a few degrees and then I went back it was like the same people who had that anti intellectual attitude were almost bragging about me.

        2. So, while black Americans may be anti-intellectual, they are very observant of meritocracy and will lavish praise if you took it upon yourself to get credentials. At that point it is bigger than being white, it scales beyond simply going to school. It is grabbing at the same slice of Americana that every citizen wants.

        3. Indeed. Plus, I never had problems with the black or the Rican kids growing up. They knew where I lived. They knew robbing me was pointless. It wasn’t about color. I didn’t have two fucking nickels to rub together. We all drank the same quarter waters and called it a treat. It was about money. It’s always been about money.
          It was all anti intellectualism until success hit.
          It’s why poor blacks have zero fucking issues with Jay Z wearing an 80 thousand dollar wrist watch. They know where he is from.

        1. Check out meet-ups for black people from the caribbean. Or UK. Or Australia. Maybe Africa as well but I’m not too familiar with there culture. Caribbean blacks will probably be your best friends. There is a reason everyone vacations there at some point.

        2. lol caribbean blacks are called creoles. They hate or dislike african americans. The creoles are more educated and cultured and they see African Americans doing all kind of hooliganism and being ghetto.

        3. True on the disdain for American culture, but false on the creole aspect. Unless if you are talking about Haitians. Then creole is the dialect they speak. A mix of African and French dialects. It does still depend on the country but by and large, the culture and education levels are better.

        4. Black Americans are more racist than White Americans (on average) and most polling/voting data supports this…But worldwide it’s an impossible question to answer since there are so many different groups of Black and White people…If we compare Whites from Russia with Blacks
          from Ghana or the Bahamas than I think Whites would be more racist…My point is it varies by country and area…
          To explain the blatantly racist behaviors of Black Americans well I think you have the
          “minority vs majority” phenomenon at work….In America Blacks are about 14 percent of the population so they have developed a sort of inferiority complex and hyper-vigilance against any threats (which
          happens to most minority groups that were discriminated against in the past) because they are constantly comparing themselves to the larger group (White Americans) in culture, standards of success and beauty,
          history etc etc….So it creates a sort of “chip on your shoulder” phenomenon (the same could be said of the Maori in New Zealand and other minority groups)…..
          On the other hand the Bahamas or Barbados etc are like 90 percent Black so those Blacks are coming from societies
          where they are the dominant powerful group and their standards (African/Caribbean) of success and beauty are the ideal standards….So they are much less vigilant against “threats” and act much less close-nit as a group…

        5. I like the way that you put this.
          As a black man who just moved to Atlanta myself, from South Florida/Caribbean, I can only agree with the original author’s points to a point, because they are all based on opinions held, and it seems a large part of the manosphere supports those opinions, regardless of the plethora of facts which could explain this phenomenon in a more evenhanded manner then what seems to be the idea here.

        6. eh well creole has different meanings. for majority of the people in the english speaking caribbean, a creole is someone who is half african and half british. also creole is a dialect, like a lazy way to speak creole. i can speak creole too. I usually see the lighter skin people look down on darker skin people in any parts of the world.

        7. Any one from the African diaspora hates on African Americans. It’s the AMERICAN that makes any race or ethnicity Anti-Intellectual in my opinion.
          Think about it. Roosh compares American chicks VS Eastern Euro. All goes for anything American. When I go to other countries, my god do they hate on Americans. And it makes sense.

        8. No, not true I am a Haitian/Island woman even though the African Americans in the south treated me bad I still can’t hate my own bothers and sister all of us children of slaves are from West Africa we should all love one another and not try and let whites and other cultures divide and conquer us! We really need to wake the fuck up that’s what I believe I hate the fact the the white man is done raping Africa and now ugly ass Chinese bastards are trying to have their way with her colonizing the land and giving out ever contracts to Chinese company to build housing ,developments, roads and business for Asians only , that is what really makes my blood boil ! Blacks in general are way too much of a friendly ,warm welcoming race of people compared to Asians and Whites Shit look at the New Miss Japan she is mixed with Black and Japanese but yet shit is considered an outsider in Japan and experience extreme shunning and racism going to High School were the Asians constantly harassed her and throw food at here just for being mixed!

        9. Education levels in my country are great only if you can afford them there is nothing for free in Haiti only the wealthy kids go to school and learn to speak French,English and Spanish.

        10. Africans would consider you as foreign as they would me.But if you go there choose a better area as you would in the US or any continent. Go where they speak English (many do) so you have something in common or were formerly British and you’d have a lot in common as far as culture.
          Bermuda is good but the negroes there earn like $100k on average and homes and living are expensive and it’s kind of small.

        11. Don’t go to Haiti.You’re an American and that’s what you know and you can still do what you want. If you want to live around Negroes then live around the good successful ones.They don’t want to be around the losers either or should you waste your life trying to improve them. Their rachet mam’s already ruined most of them and they are beyond help which is a pity.These people can only harm you and are certainly of no use to you.

        12. Africa is a large continent after all, and if Africans in America are any tells, there is a power grab going on that is internalized in the people. Desperate people will do despicable things if they can get away with it. South Africa seems to have some potential areas worth visiting and maybe worth a trip. I say this only because I’ve met some of their women and they were beautiful.
          I have never heard much mention of the Bermudas by anyone so they might be worth a visit as well, mainly to see how the atmosphere is for those who have affluence and who judge each other on merit.

        13. Haiti has always had a staunch separation for provisions based on classism. The region, wealth, and skin tint of your affiliation, was the barrier that brought you up or held you down and no where is this stronger than Haiti, with wealth being the clearest showing of the fittest among them. I imagine many would never immigrate to America or would have done so later in life, if their countries had a better quality of life for their people.

        14. Skin color has always been an internalized marker of status and was so before slavery. Slavery just polarized it further because to look like your persecutor meant better provisions.

        15. The environment was always good for negroes in Bermuda but it’s small and now a well off place off S Carolina coast.

        16. You know nothing about my country don’t get Haiti confused with India! 95% of Haiti is not mix maybe there are a few foreigners there with businesses that are wealthy there is no skin tone barrier at all, it comes down to is wealth and education my uncle is a dark skin Haitian man that decided to go to school and become a real estate developer and that’s how he earned his living no one tried to deny him of anything because of his skin tone! 95% of Haiti is black with very little mixing you really think we would let a small 5% of white population hold us down and treat us like shit? Last time that happen it did not end up too well for whitey !

        17. So, I’m mistaken that droves of Haitians flock to Florida, the Bahamas, and America because there isn’t much of anything by way of living for them in Haiti? And I’m also mistaken although the island is Haiti, the dark skin Haitians are on one side and an invisible line in the beach separate the Dominican and Haitians from each other and a possible internal war? And am I also mistaken about the wealthier Hatians living in the mountainous regions?
          It didn’t end for whitey in your country but that very slight without any ability to counter balance that, has led to Haiti being the red headed step-child of the Caribbean islands in regards to global assistance and trade relief. And political strife.
          It isn’t India by any means though

        18. Yes you are! my mom is a light skin Haitian women she is from the mountain of Jacmel yes they are light skin/white looking Haitians there not all of them are rich , some in the mountains still living without electricity my mom did not have a house with electricity until my dark skinned father who’s dad was wealthy enough to provide him with proper education worked hard in the U.S.A to bring us all here until this dd most of my moms light skin arrogant as family still live in the mountains some with no electricity.
          The only reasons why there are so many light skin Haitians there is because during the Revolution The first President/Emperor Jean Desslines (Nat Turner on Steroids) with rebel army went berserk on the french and started killing the slave Masters and their families on the island almost no one was spared Men, women , children and even the Uncle Tom as slaves who wanted to side with the french and give intel were killed . The ones that did manage to escape fled to the mountains those whites and their Uncle Tom sympathizers had no choice either that or death so they created there small colony there. Another reason why a lot of money & white/ light skin Haitians live on the mountain side is the weather which is a lot cooler nicer there’s a lot of tourism mostly whites that vacation in that part and fall in love with the country and deicde to live there and for some reason now there a steady LGBT movement that jump poped up there out of nowhere …..figures right lol

        19. A lot of the global relief money went into the Clinton’s and corrupt leaders untraceable bank accounts Haiti is slowly rising mainly due to the fact that Haitians with money from the U.S are starting to invest back into their own countries and are building business there and providing work for their people & by the way Haitians helped Dominicans gain there independence from the Spanish a great deal because they were much too cowardly to fight for themselves and when they did not need us anymore that when the whole conflict between us started happening. A lot of the political strife is mostly U.S and Foreign Mostly white people Woodrow Wilson robbed Haiti for a lot of our Natural Resources from the time he went in & left office and it continued with a few other presidents ( .The only real friends Haiti ever had in her struggle in the present was Venezuela who gave aid relief and help rebuild an airport in the capital .

        20. In 10-20 years from now Haiti will not look so bad anymore a lot of us Haitians who had the old school intolerant parents who beat our asses to pull up our pants up and go to school and be respectful and get good grades in what my mom would say ”The white mans country” are starting to wake up and want to be more proactive and creating more economic growth back home since we never planned to retire and die in the U.S in the first.

        21. “Don’t go to Haiti.You’re an American ”
          lol–you do know that Americans are increasingly going to Haiti everyday right?

        22. My first was a light skin Haitian from Jacmel. Oh the memories. That was 100 years ago it seems.

      2. I know a super smart black guy in the IT industry. He faces the exact same problems. Blacks tell him he ‘acts white’ because he works with computers and reads western philosophy.
        The anti-intellectual mentality is the real killer in the black community.

    6. As a black woman, I completely agree with you. Too many blacks like to complain about whites keeping them down, while they turn around and ostracize blacks who dare to rise above stereotypes.
      My personal experience is that blacks who epitomize the stereotypes hate blacks like you and I; they are so ignorant that they think the only way to be black is to be a ghetto moron. I want absolutely no part of that in my life. I wish I had a dollar for every time a ghetto bitch told me that I “act white” or “talk like a white girl”. Why is it that speaking properly and making sensible decisions is associated with whiteness in those circles? It is because they don’t realize that they are oppressing themselves while accusing whites of doing so.
      I wish that there were more black men who thought like you in North America. Unfortunately, there is a real push to embrace hip hop culture, laziness and being a deadbeat dad to several children. After more than one terrible experience with black men, I decided to date outside of my race and it led to a beautiful marriage. Yes, there are awful white guys out there as well and fetishization of black women is always a potential negative. However, I have found that I have been treated with far more respect and chivalry by white men. Too many black men are raised without the influence of a decent father figure, which in turn leads to them not having a good example of how to treat women.
      Keep doing well and making intelligent choices. We need more black men like you.

      1. I appreciate your kind words and had a question of how Black people you know treat your relationship? I know many parents (including mine) in the Black community push Blacks to only marry other Blacks. It’s hard to find a compatible Black woman my age and I dated a Chinese girl in college to the dissatisfaction of my parents. I’ve explained that I want to date/marry someone I’m compatible with, not a skin color. If they are Black and compatible, I would have no problem dating/marrying a Black woman. I simply made the point that I won’t turn down a compatible woman due to the color of her skin. Would love to hear your experience if willing to share.

        1. No problem. I don’t mind sharing with anyone who is respectful.
          Most blacks are unhappy with my relationship. My husband and I get a lot of stares from blacks and even negative comments. The ghetto women I mentioned love to say “I could NEVER be with a white man!” while the black men they have kids with are not taking care of their responsibilities. I find their logic ridiculous yet entertaining. I don’t care who doesn’t approve. My husband and I like to kiss when idiots gawk at us.
          My parents would have preferred for me to marry a black man. However, they were accustomed to seeing me date white men so my husband wasn’t a surprise. I have had many discussions with my parents about my choices and they completely understand why I chose to date white guys. Though my parents are old fashioned, they also understand that black men today are very different from the black men in their generation. My parents only wanted me to be treated well by the man I chose to marry. They didn’t care that I found love and adoration from a white man as long as he treated me the way a good woman should be treated.
          Only stupid people turn down compatible partners based purely on race. If you find love from a woman who isn’t black, more power to you and I wish you every happiness. It’s hard to find a black woman who isn’t a single mother with an attitude problem. Why should you sign up for that just to please other blacks?

        2. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I agree with you completely. It’s always foolish to marry to make someone else happy because you have to live with the person you marry. If you aren’t truly happy, it’s a disservice to yourself and your partner. Single parent Black households are an epidemic here in America. Many young Black woman have children young out of wedlock and end up single mothers when the guy normally doesn’t stay.Many Blacks here have a herd mentality and try to shame you if you try to do better like you stated so not surprised by stares and tasteless comments. Right now, I’m focused on working towards my financial Independence but plan to find a compatible woman to date soon irregardless of race 🙂

        3. It’s an epidemic here in Canada too; especially among households with Caribbean parents. I am very blessed to have grown up in a two parent home. I was raised never to have children out of wedlock.
          I’m sure that you’ll be very successful in finding financial independence. When you achieve financial independence, you will experience a level of freedom that most people only dream of. Make sure that you find a woman with similar values and stay away from gold diggers.

        4. Here’s a secret…White people may also be viewing your relationship in a negative light…not just blacks…but more about that later.
          I agree with your assessment as I also have dated a variety of people no matter where they are from. What I don’t like however is this “white is right” mentality from some black and brown people around the world (look up ‘Colorisim’). They would either date among themselves or a white man instead of the black man who they view as the bottom. People that do this are ignorant and full of self-hatred, and I think there are the apex and the perfect example of pathetic. Some hate the color of their skin, in Asia in the middle east and in the caribbean bleaching creams are used. Look even in Jamaica a beautiful people some women engage in this stupid idiotic practice! “Dem a Bleeach Dem a Bleach they skin!” The advertisements media all showcase lighter skin countrymen! What the hell for? This is more multi-layered than bad looks because you choose to date and marry white men. People that only date one race because of misguided reasons. (Preferences and healthy romantic bonding no matter race is different.) I would not be surprised if secretly some whites would also be unhappy with your relationship, including white women as well. Remember it goes both ways. On this website for example there are people who hate white women dating black men. But with black and brown people there is an element of self hatred. When I have written this publicly I have had Indian women tell me yeah we value white skin over our darker skinned Indians and “my parents would rather me date a white man than a black man.” You see this with some Latinos and Asians. Asian Females especially Northern Asian seem to fancy White men sometimes because of this misguided ideal that they are better than themselves. This is gradually changing but its still under the surface and to deny this would mean either ignorance prevails or a person is willfully blinding themselves from reality. For some reason I see this behavior exhibited the least among the American Black population where the women tend to want Black males. But in other so called minority populations an element of “whiter is better” prevails. This can partially be explained by historical roots where Whites implemented their racial hierarchy placing themselves on the top of the totem poles with brown people slightly better than their darker counterparts all the way down to the black slave.
          Hey you know what? What I wrote is a perfect example of how things that happened throughout hundreds of years ago persist today..
          On another note I’m sorry but you can be self aware and extremely focused on self education and extreme discipline and improvement of your future, idiots who say you are acting “white”are idiots….Blacks throughout history have created Civilization and Schools and centers of learning we need to get back to that now!

        5. I realize that whites may view my marriage negatively. However, the question I was answering specifically asked about the reactions of other blacks.

        6. See this is the thing Black people are quick to join in on the criticism of black people to the audience of white people…although I agree that there are internal issues it seems only Black people are always asked as a whole to study their issues, or are lumped in as a single unit and stereotyped to their lowest degree….being conservative is not the issue is that so called conservatives seem to always do this the best on the internet and media outlets and that’s why they are disliked by the majority of their own people in the first place.

        7. Most Black conservative’s are financially successful whereas the ones hating on them normally aren’t. Also, this article was written by a Black man. Why should he address the White community he isn’t part of? Black people need to criticize black people unless you think our community is thriving right now.

        8. Yes I agree but why does he not also criticize black people in a black issues website or forum where everyone can sit down among themselves an address these issues thoughtfully. No one cares if a black person is conservative again its the WAY in which they criticize their own people in an unbalanced way usually to the glee of their white Republican counterparts who may have a few racist in their midst. Sure some Conservatives are doing well but some of them “go along to get along” its far easier than standing out. pragmatically it makes sense however. Michael Jordan avoided social and political issues and continues to rake in money while Muhammad Ali paid economically for his views on race and American Foreign policy..but you know what I have far more respect for Muhammad Ali…than an element of Black Republican “Yasser Bosses” any day of the week.

        9. Who cared about the audience? Completely irrelevant. I say it like i see it, an alien from mars could be listening. Them listening mean nothing.

        10. Yes I do care when that audience has an element of people who see all of us as backward anyway…also its not “blaming” its realizing that there are inequalities…while at the same time realizing there are internal issues as well…why can’t people figure out that it just might be a combination of factors but alas it seems to escape people mental grasp that a combination of factors are at play…the black conservatives who tap dance fo massa are just as bad as the extreme left who doesn’t acknowledge at all internal ills. But the yasser boss is sitll the most disliked by their own people.

        11. It’s not fair to make every successful Black person a civil rights icon. Maybe he wanted to lead by example and perfect his craft instead of complaining. Which if every Black person did, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. We always need someone else to save us, we need to save ourselves on an individual basis instead of expecting every successul black person to save us

        12. I was a part of organizations that do as you say. They always get trapped in playing victim. They stay stuck om issues and never find solutions

        13. What are you talking about? lol Did it ever occur to you that its not “Blaming” its acknowledging inequalities whether it is race class or other factors just as many on this site complain about comparatively minor issues. Did it ever occur to you that people have people they respect and look up to, and they can channel that example in their own lives. This is not only athletes, but scientists who are black like Tyson from my city..who makes science cool…maybe that will uplift black kids to pursue the sciences. Perhaps Obama will make a young black kid believe he too can be President of the United States. In a website like this with mostly white conservatives you and the author are good black folks who “get it” because other views are more uncomfortable for many of them..some actually can see certain points. Also you can have self awareness and also work to improve yourself everyday and improve your intelligence and seek financial independence and strength… but this does not go with your narrative or many here as I can see by your post above.
          Where are the Black Conservatives when Republicans bring up Barack Obama’s middle name to separate him as NOT American? Where are black conservatives when Republicans say he was not born in this country or he is a Muslim or an apologists (which basically means you say the truth about American History)? Where are the black conservatives with their counterparts say Obama is a “Communist” or create false narratives and perpetuate a false historical analysis? I rarely here them speak up. Actual criticism is welcome but false comparisons and jingoism is not intellectual but Black Conservatives remain silent or actually speak up with such joy and vigor in putting down their own people that they drown out the voices of honest fair black conservatives and paint them all in a bad light. Black Conservatives make decent points which I agree with but many of them are used as voice-boxes for distasteful unbalance views. Where are the black conservatives when white Republicans criminalize the victim even in the most one sided circumstances or make false equivalencies. For example No one supports actual criminals but people protest things like the Amadou Diallo shooting, shot at 41 times police get away with it…or Tamir Rice…you see you deviate the narrative..Blacks do not get away with crime whites are the only ones who have gotten away with murder,,,THAT is the reason for the protest…not “hate whitey” or “victim mentality” ironically you bring up O.J. the only real example of this situation the other way around. (that is if he actually killed Nicole). That’s why Black Conservatives are disliked by their own people and are seen as worse than white ignorants and racists.
          Note if you bring up where are Black leaders during black on black violence or internal black issues makes sure you take your Republican talking point blinders off because blacks are marching and talking and trying to solve internal issues as well…even the President created the “My Brother’s Keeper initiative” however this doesn’t fit into the conservative narrative neither go figure…they still bring up internal issues like we don’t bring those issues up..but that’s what happens when you listen to Conservative Media types.

        14. An organization that focuses on a combination of factors that reflect the complexities of actual society is best. Or if it matters to you start your own.

        15. I actually plan to here in Chicago. I’m working on financial Independence to help teach fellow Black youth my age see other options. I’m dissatisfied with many current Black leaders in the mainstream whining about “Whitey”, I plan to get my boots on the ground.

        16. That’s good I wish you well…however the whining about “whitey” is also a generalization…you don’t have to be a conservative to seek financial stability. Also financial empowerment is not the only aspect of the overall empowerment of the black community. It is important to note that being aware of Inequality is just being realistic and seeing reality i’m not sure why that is “whining” to you. If I point out Ethan Couch a rich white kid who killed four people and had a DUI with a previous record…and he serves no jail time…and I point out that a black kid or a poor kid would face the full punishment and hand of the law for a lesser crime…and that there is obvious inequality that whining to you?
          Anyway you use token word like “Mainstream” media…Conservative media basically is repackaged ignorance that was the predominant Media for most of our history. There are both sides to everything.

        17. Also on another note just in case you have not noticed…every other week on this website there is a negative article about Black people or brown people by whites…this “Black” writer is just adding to the pattern…also the Conservatives make idiotic comparisons as well.

        18. I never said don’t point out inequalities. Many Black people LIVE searching for inequalities instead of searching for success. I was a part of many Black groups here in Chicago and they almost all devolved to demonizing Jews. Not talking about solutions, blaming. How about teach Black people not to fall for the scams perpetuated by some of these Jews, like gangster rap, and how they can go about creating ways to control their own music on a national scale like the 2% of the population Jews do? We outnumber Jews, but we can’t do better? We are the largest consumers in America. We have money, we don’t pull it together. We blame Whitey and then go buy from their communities and don’t invest in ourselves. We would rather whine about someone treating us wrong then coming together and doing better.

        19. The reason I put so much onus on ourselves, is in my opinion, we spend to much time using excuses. If we aren’t hard on ourselves, racist Whites will just laugh at us for falling for their traps. We need to be extremely hard on ourselves and seek what we can do for each other, not what someone else will do for me. I don’t talk about Whites because every Black person in America knows what Whites did to Blacks, but far fewer know any true solutions

        20. Well the way you phrased this statement I have to say I have to agree with it, as I feel the same. Perhaps it’s the way we are phrasing our statements. However some other your other statements come off with a Conservative false comparison tone.

        21. That is true but at the same time we should be well aware of our history and of our current situation…i think its a combination of approaches.

        22. I really believe we are on the same page. We desperately want to help our community. I’m an independent, I don’t ascribe to either party but have values that could be matched with either party. I don’t mean to condemn or demean our people, we can just do so much better if we collectively come together

        23. I agree, but we need more balance in the solution department though. So many of my Black teachers in the afro-centric school I attended knew all the problems, but a smaller number knew of viable solutions. It applies to many in our community as a whole.

        24. Yeah but you have to admit look at this website every other week its an attack on Black or Brown people..while whining about minor things. Also in your previous posts you fail to make a balanced assessment… You have to understand its not “whining” its actual inequalities under the law that are still currently in place today. It is not about supporting “criminals.” but yet you also criminalize the victim…people here will make excuses for the killing of Tamir Rice with mental gymnastics but it would be different if it was a white kid. But Blacks such as yourself fall silent..that’s why you statement will not be well received by the majority of your own people, but you can feel good in a place like this with white conservatives.

        25. But what about Eurocentric views?….why don’t you speak about that! Pseudo Science has a real and vicious history all the way up to modern times. Racial Heir-achy was implemented by Europeans in the first place!! And they distorted their role in history for centuries and when people counter it with a more complete history and outlook people complain ironically falling silent on my aforementioned statement. People criticize the Black Panthers but mysteriously fall silent on WHY they came about..people criticize the Haitian Revolution but fall silent on the hundreds of years of brutality under the french…you bring up OJ system and echo the sentiments of your own community on the inequality under the Justice System and make yourself a mockery in that there are hundreds of thousands of cases like OJ that negatively impacted the black community up until now! Do you see my perspective. That is not Whining that is knowing what’s going on! Also knowing this does not mean you magically stop working and trying to achieve financial independence…again people can work towards several goals at once.

        26. Michael Brown was not a victim. I’ll give you that Trayvon is at least up for debate. I won’t defend someone who did wrong, period. My problem is, Black people kill White people as well but it isn’t made a media spectacle. Why should I fall for the media hype of these isolated event? There was a white college student from Australia who was out for a jog killed by Blacks because they were bored. That’s what the Black kids admitted, they killed him because it was something to do. You can find cases on both sides if you look hard enough which is why I choose to ignore BOTH sides. The media is a scam, they want to keep Blacks in slavery by having us defend thugs instead of aspiring to be better. Let’s protest self defense and destroy our communities through rioting, that solves nothing.

        27. I haven’t seen that. The vast majority fall into a victim complex which means no striving for financial independence. I’m talking of the majority of our community not the minority. What is more beneficial knowledge, knowing every injustice Whites have committed against us or knowledge of how to be in control of your own destiny? It’s hard to do both at once. I never even think of “injustices” against me unless I’m talking to other Black people who want to have a pity party. When I talk to people of other races, they are talking of goals for future, not injustices of past. Jews experienced Holocaust and they are economic juggernauts here because they acknowledge but don’t dwell on it. Our community as a whole DWELLS on it, unless you see the over 70 % divorce rate and rampant criminal activity as the White Man’s fault.

        28. Its so simple and you keep missing the point the most beneficial is knowledge of History so that you know events that led to current day situation…as well as financial empowerment and correction of internal negatives. Its very simple BOTH!
          Also some Jews also “dwell” on the Holocaust I’m not sure if you are again “aware” of reality…in fact they use it to advance Zionist Foreign policy which is not Anti Jew but a government policy which other Jews are also against.
          The 70 percent divorce rate is because we don’t have equal footing on the road to financial access under the current system. Again wages have stagnated and the wealth gap has increased while inflation is ever growing…yet Republicans OPENLY support big Corporations another thing Black Republicans eerily fall silent about. (Yes both parties are under the sway minus some progressive candidates of the left). When wages decrease you will see whites begin to suffer similar ailments of the black community.

        29. Again you repeat A FALSE equivalency this is exactly what black conservatives do just like their white republican counterparts….The protests are because of a specific Dynamic….White perpetrator kills a black person and gets away with the crime throughout our history and in current society…this is NOT supporting true Criminals…its inequality under the Justice System. This is NOT the same thing as a Black criminal killing a white person and GOING TO JAIL JUSTICE SERVED end of story. Wow people cannot comprehend this lol. If you give me examples of blacks committing crimes against whites and getting away with it under a corrupt justice system then you have an equal comparison do you understand now? This is what i mean by conservative unequal comparisons and their black conservative puppets repeating the same misguided comparisons to deviate the conversation. And you use the token word “thug” too what a shame, what a shame..same tactic to criminalize the victim…victim gets killed “oh he smoked a joint 5 years ago, yeah he’s a thug he deserved to get shot.” Sometimes I think all of you go to conservative school and have a token phrasebook you read from. You lose credibility with that. Nothing worse than a black person using token words like that.

        30. I’m aware that we had the highest marriage rate before Lyndon B. Johnson decided to create a permanent class of democratic voters through the welfare act. You demonize Republicans when Democrats had the biggest hand in the Black plight we experience today. Wealth gap is only growing because WE DON”T INVEST IN OURSELVES. No one is stopping us from doing that. Keep blaming the Black Republicans who actually have real viable ideas to help than the welfare democrats. If Blacks listen to Republicans who say to invest in ourselves, then big corporations don’t matter. Keep blaming Whites. We are 14% of population but can’t do better than 2% population Jews? You can blame everyone else if you want, I blame us.

        31. You are creating false equivalency. I clearly stated that Ferguson was SELF-DEFENSE. He punched a police officer and expected a hug? Ok. I mentioned the Australian runner cause he was killed for no reason and there was NO HOOPLA in Media. Keep on blaming Whites for everything, will get Black people no where. Black people love playing the victim, keep saying woe is me. Black people would rather march for a thug than do anything of any importance. Blacks also destroyed much of ferguson for NO reason! Yeh that is solving problems, what a joke

        32. No I am not you are….when you fail to mention the exact reasons WHY the protests occurred in the first place. Don’t give the stupid moron “Woe is me” and “victim mentality” that your ignorant white counterparts spew. It is NOT PLAYING THE VICTIM. Zimmerman had no reason to approach Travyon in the first place..he should have followed the advice of the operator and let the police handle the situation in the FIRST PLACE! We wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place. Is that simple enough for your brain to comprehend? or is it too difficult? What came before the entire confrontation the advice NOT TO APPROACH THE KID. Stay in your vehicle and meet the police at another location for questioning. Simple as that. Black conservative are the joke and disliked by most of their people. Go along to get along. Also you can be financially successful as well and hardworking….without having an ignorant one sided conservative view. Again you use the token term “thug” you use the same stupid buzzwords that these ignorant whites use very pathetic and sad…whats next Tamir Rice is a “thug” also yet he’s the one who is dead and can’t defend himself. People like Larry Elder are a complete joke, yasser bosses lol.

        33. First of all it is not “demonizing” Republicans I agree both parties are bought by Big Banks and Corporations which Republicans OPENLY support I like progressives that attack Big Corporate corruption not the mainstream Democratic candidates. Republicans love to criticize “welfare abusers” and try to paint blacks and Latinos as the main users and abusers. Fact is Whites have the bulk raw numbers…and percentage wise are near or at the top while Latinos for example PERCENTAGE wise are less than half the rate as whites. Yes there is an element of Blacks that don’t invest in themselves and there are blacks who do..and not all of them subscribe to the Republican Party. Again like I previously stated an element of the Republican party uses jingoistic and xenophobic arguments and many Black Republicans keep their mouth shut and that’s why they are disliked as Yasser bossing negroes by their own community…and believe me it’s not because they are “successful”…unlike lets say Colin Powell..a Black Republican who is respected and doesn’t use ignorant buzzwords you use like “Thug” and false equivalencies like you used in your other statement. When people open their mouths and say things like “Blacks would rather march for a Thug” they lose credibility cause I know their analysis is misguided and unbalanced.
          You stated: that the “Wealth gap is only growing because WE DON”T INVEST IN OURSELVES.” You and Bercel actually believe that?…that is the most idiotic thing I have heard or read. First of all NO ONE IS DISAGREEING THAT WE NEED TO INVEST IN OURSELVES! How many times do I have to repeat that?..Because we disagree and I am aware of reality I somehow don’t want us to invest in ourselves? First of all what cause the Great Recession was the Big Banks and companies screwing around with derivatives…Wall-street and Big Banks caused the Great Depression as well. But you don’t talk about the bigger problem of Corporate Welfare, you only talk about the comparatively smaller problem of individuals which I also agree is a problem by the way. Anyway keep coming here focusing all the energy on “negatives” of your own community while parroting unequal comparisons and idiotic conservative buzzwords and phrases. Hey even white racists love it!
          And that’s YOUR problem you “BLAME US” I Blame us partially, I also blame external forces. Do not simplify what I say this is not conservative media and you are not discussing someone who bends to your language phrasing.

        34. False equivalency for example would be this idiotic statement …
          1. “When a white person kills a black person its a big deal, but when a black person kills a white person nobody cares?”
          False equivalency: When a White person has killed black people in this country he has literally gotten away with murder, there are also modern day situations where he might get a minor penalty in certain situations. Black people ALWAYS face maximum punishment for the crimes they commit or don’t commit. This is call inequality under the Law! It can be racial or a class issue. This is why people of various races came out in the predominantly peaceful protests, while at the same time denouncing the negative elements. What people like you do by stating that Blacks like to come out to protest for a “thug” is deviate from THE TRUE reasons for the protests…while using stupid buzzwords like “thug” to paint the victim negatively even though they are dead. Even in heinous situations like Tamir Rice your counterparts criminalize this victim and use “thug” to paint your own people in a bad light which you go ahead and use yourself…what a disgraceful act!! Meanwhile the entire situation with Zimmerman could have been avoided in the first place if he would’ve followed instructions AND NOT APPROACHED TRAYVON IN THE FIRST PLACE. Do you understand the sequence of events? Also they criminalized Trayvon and use words like “thug” meanwhile you don’t talk about the clear arrest record Zimmerman has that I can post here with a simple google click…going back to I believe last month March 2015 some of them involving weapons, one before the Trayvon incident where he assaulted a plain-clothed cop..yet Trayvon is a “thug for smoking a joint which many white kids do as well as harder drugs…but i’m not judging it is they who judge and you play along. Good going!
          2. The incident with the Black guy who killed the Australian athlete for no reason…everyone who is sane black or white will not support that criminal. Question for you will the system set this criminal free or give him a minor penalty or paint the victim in a bad light…even if the situation was a little more layered? The answer is NO The Black criminal always faces the full extent of JUSTICE! That is the difference. A Black person who is a true criminal who commits a crime will not motivate a protest if the public knows the situation.
          3. Protests usually have a violent element that has been also denounced by the majority of protesters but Conservative media, including the token blacks LOVE to focus on the looters which we all agree are bad…and use the little token words you picked up from your counterparts like “thug.” The same decriminalization was also perpetrated against a Crawford a Black victim shot and killed by police in Ohio for carrying a air gun. They initially said he was waving it and being threatening but their historical lies fall apart because of video footage showing he did not point it at anyone and was shot dead by police. Again silence from most so called Black Conservatives what a disgrace. They then show video of the victim’s girlfriend where the detective was trying to find anything on Crawford…and I bet you if he even only smoked a joint that would’ve been enough for many “conservatives” to use your little stupid “thug” word against the victim…she was not informed he was dead until i believe two hours after the interview was completed.
          4. You have an equivalent argument when Black criminals kill or hurt white people and the system gives them a break..or historically black people get away with killing whites. Yet you keep reverting back to uhhhh “well when blacks kill whites there’s no outcry?” BECAUSE THE BLACK GUY GOES TO JAIL ALL THE TIME!! Again this is called critical thinking not making false equivalencies..and it’s not “whining” its being AWARE of reality! Even in Ferguson the Justice Department revealed that Ferguson Police unfairly targets Black people…yet that part of the story most Black Republicans just yessa boss and stay silent like good lil ol’ boys. By the way when the ex Sheriff killed the young white male in the movie theater because he felt “offended” Black people also voiced their opinions against that incident but at the end of the day Justice was served.
          5. Black Conservatives like Colin Powell are RESPECTED because they don’t use misguided and simplistic comparisons like you and an element of the Republican party uses and they publicly recognize the idiotic shifting and xenophobia of part of their party.
          6. This is not the same Republican Party of Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt, and even Teddy Roosevelt who many blacks and I support because of his “Square Deal” and his corporate regulations still managed to isolate blacks when an incident in Texas (Brownsville Affair) where a white person was killed and a black infantryman was falsely blamed making Teddy Dishonorably Discharge the ENTIRE 167 Regiment when they never did anything. Ironically Nixon in the 1970’s finally reversed this. You see its economic policies and fairness that motivates people. Also like I said many Black Conservatives don’t address the element of their party that engages in ignorant statements about the very people that the Black Republicans belong too…and sometimes the Black Conservatives join in with more “vigor.” Talk about disgraceful. People in this website get mad at white “liberals” and they never even had our historical and current experiences which makes the entire situation even more ironic.
          7. Finally Black Conservatives don’t have a monopoly on success…many of us work extremely hard while educating ourselves as well as seeking financial independence and success. Many of us putting in extreme hours day to day while also working on long term goals…but also realizing that corporate corruption which cause the Great Recession in the first place is just as important as the “welfare Queen” Conservatives like to focus on..which Black Republicans shamefully echo and the element of White Welfare abuse which ironically falls silent from Black Conservatives and other Conservatives.
          8. Fair Criticism is important and welcome but an element of the Tea Party labels Obama as the “other” “Non American” “Muslim” “Foreigner” an “Apologist” when he is just being truthful about our history, or stating his middle name “Hussein” to invoke fear, Islamophobia, and Xenophobia for the sizable portion of ignorant people that subscribe to Conservative media…which includes people who look like you and Black Conservatives..yet most of Black Conservatives fall SILENT as well. Again shameful. People like Colin Powell at least address their ignorance like I would address my cohorts ignorance. Keep thinking its hate because of Black Republican “success” its actually because of the hypocrisy and staying silent or echoing the ignorant statements expressed about your very own community. That’s the pathetic part of the entire thing, not that you have conservative “views” anyway you got your audience in places like this website…I wonder what your contribution will be when a racist idiot says something idiotic about American Black people or Blacks in general. Anyway go get your slice of the pie!

        35. I’ll tell you how to breed a better negro. You have to liquidate all the losers and bottom feeders from the race so that only the top 5% get to breed. Then you will see an improvement. And try to import some of those skinny Masai females to breed with or you’ll only have 300 lb gorillas with gigantic butts for breeding.

        36. You should have stayed awake in 4th grade when % and fractions were taught.There are equal raw numbers of whites and blacks on benefits but whites are 80% of the pop. and blacks 12% which means that for every black you would need 6x the whites just to make it in equal proportions.
          “Latinos” (whatever that means) are mostly illegals so they can’t legally get any benefits hence their lower numbers,but they still manage to get perks.And you believe that a foreigner can just walk into a country and manage to get benefits paid for by the citizens and meant to go to the citizens? There’s only so much money to go around and foreigners don’t deserve any of it.And btw, those few million Jews from the former USSR are gaming the system too.
          ” Republicans love to criticize “welfare abusers”
          Then why was it Clinton who did welfare reform where baby mamas had to get jobs once the kid was a certain age? If you think that republicans are the welfare cutters then you have drank the grape Kool-aid and been brainwashed by the media.Obama doesn’t give a rat’s arse about lower class negroes and just uses them for their vote with empty promises and con jobs.He’ll promise the illegals too because he’s got your vote and now needs theirs for the future democrat party.And stop calling negroes Uncle Tom’s ( I bet you never even read the book) because they are republicans because they are the smarter more accomplished ones.And why do negroes have to be part of any ‘community’ anymore than whites are? What did your ‘community’ ever do for you aside from holding you back with their stupidity and making you look like arseholes? A lot of people use Thug regardless of the race so stop being an emotional oversensitve female pussy.And stop worrying about someone saying nigger because it’s just a dumb word and in fact I have never heard in my life any white using it, mostly because it’s rude and lower class.You would think that a white who used the word was worse than a murderer in today’s insane world. And even if it may be a small number who march when some thug gets killed, the general impression that the media portrays is that it’s a large number so perhaps you should take that up with the media and complain if it’s not true.Whites cannot take your hand like a child and do this for you. They have lives they have to contend with as well. You have to do it yourselves.

        37. Stop with this Yassir boss bullshit and go along to get along because I’m sure that would include most whites too when dealing with their superiors and bosses.
          And btw, Cassius Clay got into trouble because he didn’t want to be drafted (I don’t blame him) He wanted to be exempt because he said he was a Muslim minister which at the time 50 years ago just sounded like some bullshit, like me claiming to be a priest to get out of the draft. Him criticising the government wasn’t it because there were millions doing the same thing.

        38. That’s true. Why should he have the weight of all the problems and waste his money. And stop with this ‘community’ nonsense because none of those people did anything for a successful person and may have even impeded him and hoped he’d fail. You don’t owe anyone anything just because you’re the same race.They need to look out for themselves and do the things to improve their own lives.If you listen to white people who were poor and made something of themselves they don’t give a damn about the people in their ‘hood who never did anything for them so why do you owe anything to the community at large most of whom are just strangers to you? If a person really did do something to assist you that’s one person not everyone.

        39. Regardless (irregardless is not a word)And forget the stupid herd mentality and just eliminate them from your world. They never did anything for you so fuck ’em. And as far as rachet negro females, they’ve killed (directly or indirectly)or had imprisoned more men than the cops.The nasty bitches have had black men imprisoned and really went after them in court for support even when they knew the guy had no money to pay just out of pure hatred. You know why I say pure hatred? They could get benefits and let’s say they get X. If the guy had money for child support their benefits would be cut and they’d still get the same amount because welfare would cut them for the sum paid by the man. Going after this guy for money he doesn’t have is sort of meaningless because they would get the full benefits but they still do it out of spite and he ends up in jail and she then gets the full benefits from the State just not split between the baby daddy and the State (all from the state now) he’s in jail for lack of support and you can’t get the money from him now anyway. She can’t lose and he suffers in jail and that’s just plain meanness and revenge even though she lost nothing.

        40. You are missing the point I know what I am talking about its not simply dealing with your superiors and bosses…what I am talking about is using unequal comparisons when focusing only on the negatives of a person’s own community to appease a certain crowd. It is not “bullshit” I think what those people are doing is “Bullshit” understand? Its not just an arbitrary employee and employer relationship, that’s not what I meant.
          And there were millions criticizing the draft but only the privileged were able to bullshit their way out of it without suffering repercussions many of them ironically are the same war-hawks of today. Re-analyze what I wrote.

        41. Welfare Usage as of 2015
          Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
          Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
          Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
          Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
          Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %
          This is percentage like I stated prior..raw numbers obviously Whites overwhelmingly use Welfare. I state this because Right Wing media perpetuates a false narrative…also I personally think welfare if only used temporarily and monitored to avoid abuse, is great for society. Also note how blacks tend to be poorer than their white counterparts and also experience a certain level of inequality compared to their counterparts, yet still manage. Moving along.
          Did you even read what I wrote?..I stayed awake in 4th grade math class but judging by your response you didn’t stay awake in remedial reading comprehension. I specifically noted “Raw” numbers and stated that whites are near or have been at the top. I also noted “Percentages” which I would think you would understand takes into account population size. Even with the population into account Latinos are far below Whites in Welfare usage Taking into account their population sizes. Moving along you falsely stated that:
          “”Latinos” (whatever that means) are mostly illegals so they can’t legally get any benefits hence their lower numbers,but they still manage to get perks.”
          Are you really going to assume most Latinos are “illegal” (because that is easily false) or did you mean most Illegals are Latinos…make sure you are careful with your sentence structure. Also I quoted “welfare abusers” because that is what Conservatives shift the entire conversation to…obviously almost everyone including myself dislike “welfare abusers..and I am for anyone who fixes loopholes and people who take advantage no matter their race. Also corporations LOVE Illegals because they can make more money and not worry about Laws and Labor Protection Laws domestically and in foreign countries. And companies have pushed the Government or have made side deals to facilitate the arrival of Illegals to work long hours for little pay without fear of unionizing…often employing divide and conquer among the various immigrant communities for fear that they would unite despite their cultural differences.
          Also on the Obama comment about him not giving a rat’s ass about the poor…well I can say the same about poor whites and Republicans. You see Conservative media states ignorant things like Obama the communist (nothing is further from the truth), Obama the Muslim (he says he is a Christian and even if he was a Muslim so what), Obama is a foreigner (He was born in the United States) and other ignorant statements to appeal to a segment of poor whites/and overall conservative idiots who are ignorant about Geo-politics and other racial communities and who ironically use Welfare and government aid themselves. And judging by raw numbers as well as percentages they make up a large portion of welfare users.
          Also you stated I called certain Black people “Uncle Toms” again you must have slept through reading comprehension… where did I use that specific phrase? I purposefully did not use that term to avoid the entire “Did you read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and the term does not fit the character of Tom in the first place” idiotic response. First of all I understand that and second of all even if I did use the term It’s about associating it to its common modern meaning in the first place. Also not all Black Republicans are appeasers in the first place, I simply stated that there were those who were. (And yeah I did read the book by the way…you like to assume a lot don’t ya?)
          On your comment about my “go along to get along” statement it was not meant for everyday Employee and Employer relationship obviously we all have a degree of cooperation in our work lives that is not what I meant. What I meant are certain people who use unequal comparisons like the examples I gave previously to paint their own community a certain way. These people are used by the larger political cohort to “legitimize” their views of a particular community they don’t belong too! So it is ok obviously to criticize your community but don’t expect someone to sit there and not address their bullshit. On another note yeah you have to protect your family and yourself first and improve your life..I agree but that’s not entirely what Im talking about. I’m talking about painting in a negative an unbalanced way a community in which you belong to. That is the issue.
          Also a word in itself is meaningless but its the motivations behind the usage to steer public opinion especially an ignorant public who truly drinks the “coolaid” I don’t because I think very critically and carefully. Thug is derived from “Thuggee” a band of Indians who robbed and killed and whom the British Colonial Government aggressive pursued and destroyed, its not the usage of the word its the motivations behind it. It is used to criminalize the victim even in the worst circumstances and SIMPLIFY a layered situation. That is what I was addressing in the first place. This is a tactic to paint a kid who might have smoked a joint or two into a “Thug” meanwhile the person who killed the victim is current walking around with a REAL criminal and arrest record, which is the true definition of hypocrisy.
          Also the Conservative Media is basically stating the same ignorant views that have been used for centuries repackaged, even before the United States were created…but yet many people feel angered at the “Mainstream Media” which has shared an opposing viewpoint for only the last few decades. Funny that I can say that this is what true “female Bitching” (or your reply) is in the first place. Ironically even the “P.C. Media (which at times I also disagree with) has punished non whites as well. Note how parts of your reply were already addressed in my previous statement to begin with (for example the Raw numbers vs Percentage point). The reason I brought welfare up is not because I disagree with the idea of the program but because Conservative Media pushes the “Welfare Queen” concept and the non-white’s welfare usage concept which you ignorantly repeat, again you guys must have a dictionary of ignorant phrases and words.
          And who the hell is looking for the “whites” to hold my hand or our communities hand…as a matter of fact the hardest workers on a daily basis I have seen were in my currently and historically and those abusing the system are shamed by our own community by the way. It has always been that way..the “lazy Black” thing was being pushed around during slavery when the average black man would outwork the average white man in the field…Hypocritical…just like calling Natives “Savages” while Savagely killing and taking their land. Don’t give me that bullshit lol. Anyway I actually don’t have a problem with anyone I respect anyone who respects me no matter the race, religion, sex etc.
          This is what I call setting it straight and I only respond when an idiot opens his or her “bitching” mouth and needs to be smacked with reality.
          Welfare numbers 2015 and PERCENTAGES so you don’t “bitch” Notice how Blacks and non whites are poor or usually have a worse start but still don’t overwhelm the numbers. Also as I stated originally, Latinos are less than HALF the rate of Whites and this is by PERCENTAGE NOT RAW NUMBERS. Have to capitalize so you won’t get confused. Asians are doing rather well given their circumstances I note as well. In terms of RAW numbers obviously Whites take the price by far…but that’s besides the point. Again I refer to these percentages. Class Dismissed!
          Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
          Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
          Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
          Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
          Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %


        42. First of all he is talking about his views and how they may be the best path for his “community” in the overall arch of the entire conversation we have had, so in this context yes we are also talking about the collective. Second of all I also agree with the individualistic approach to life and making it on your own and taking care of your family no one here is looking for a “handout” that’s not the point. Its also not “victim mentality” etc….Its about acknowledging their are external factors while at the SAME TIME working to improve yourself individually..its basically about being smart, aware, and working as hard as you can everyday. This equating being self aware of everyday life to “not trying” and “not investing in oneself” is simply not the point and is another stereotype and is also a tactic to deviate from the true aspects of the conversation in question. I never stated that we “need someone to save us” I simply stated that Ali inspired many. Just like a scientist can help inspire you to study hard and perhaps become a scientist yourself. This is the thing these simple phrases don’t work in this conversation, neither does shifting.

        43. “Black people need to criticize black people unless you think our community is thriving right now.”
          Don’t go towards whites for help, over stand your history. “Conservative Black’s” in today’s climate are 99.5% house negros without an original thought in their mind.

        44. Throughly enjoyed reading everything you’ve had to say. Interesting to see things from your perspective: Well spoken, educated, unbiased and uncorrupted although you had all odds against you.
          You seem like an interesting young man.
          Do you have a platform where you express yourself? I would love to read your biography and thoughts about this issue.
          Hope you reply!

        45. Thank you for the kind words! I have actually been thinking about writing a blog. I’ve actually been studying different forms of passive income recently, including blog writing and book writing. Out of curiosity, what else would you be interested in hearing about in addition to my thoughts on subjects of race?

      2. Being anything other than a human being is a choice. The whole ghetto hood thing was created by white people and black people as a whole in this country now represent the fears of white people. I do not hate my brothers and sisters, I hate this system, which was created by white people *cough cough*

        1. Actually the whole Ghetto was really created in Nazi Germany and just about all of Europe where they would isolate the Jews into slum cities and they referred to those slums as Ghettos!

        2. Lol! Ghettos originated in Venice in the early 16th century.
          Try harder next time.

        3. I don’t have to try harder the ghettos of Venice Italy in the 16th century all had Jews in them!

      3. Its a nasty circle many men who use chivalry in general in this society are not given an actual opportunity in the first place. Also Love is blind but I’m also very careful of Black women or women of color who only seem to date or want to marry a white man…sometimes there are underlying issues. Of course I’m not saying that is your case but like I wrote in other posts brown and black people around the world have a segment of “white is right” portrayed in the country’s media. This happens in India, Asian women seem to choose white men no matter how idiotic or sleazy they are over their own men etc. You see it in tv bleaching crimes and the such. I am careful around such people, for they at times lump all the negatives on their own people while turning a blind eye to the negatives of the race they see as “higher than themselves..” For example I met a beautiful Asian woman with dark skin and I stated how beautiful her skin tone was to which she replied “I don’t like it I wish it was lighter.” then she proceeds to sit next to a redneck without the best attributes. Now nothing against rednecks but the pattern is telling.
        In general however love is love and there are also preferences which are healthy and different than what I wrote about.

        1. There are always underlying reasons for dating preferences.
          I agree that we live in a world where “white is right” and that’s sad.
          My choices were based purely on my personal experiences. I go where I find myself being loved and accepted. Only black men have told me that I am “too dark” for them, which is another example of what you were speaking of in your last post.
          I did mention the way many white men fetishize black women instead of seeing as as real people. Any black woman who chooses to date outside of her race needs to be aware of that tendency.

        2. Yes Dating “Preferences” are perfectly ok however certain underlying reasons which I speak about is the problem. I read your post however in an article by a black male detailing the negatives of his own community to an audience that has an element of racist whites…while certain black commentators also chime in is also a good place for me to use comparative analysis. Also its noteworthy that we never discuss the negatives of the white community and what ails them as a people.

        3. Why is it that when black men choose white women, the black community doesn’t give them a hard time? Let a black woman choose a white man and suddenly she is wrong and sympathizing with white racists.
          I don’t agree that blacks do not discuss what is wrong with whites. If anything, I notice that too many blacks blame whites for not succeeding in life.
          Despite racism being a barrier, it IS more than possible for blacks to rise above oppression. Unfortunately, many of us embrace the negative stereotypes and condemn blacks who won’t entertain that nonsense.

        4. “Why is it that when black men choose white women, the black community doesn’t give them a hard time? ”
          That’s a lie–you damn well know black women roll their eyes and have an attitude when it comes to that matter–so seriously please stop this nonsense

        5. Totally agree that it is more socially acceptable for Black male/White female than the opposite. I have known multiple Black families personally who accept their son’s White girlfriend but will not want their daughter dating White. Black people can be so shallow that if they see you with another race, you automatically hate your own race.What a joke. People need to get a life and worry about their own personal relationships instead of judging someone else when they don’t know a god damn thing about the people they are judging.

        6. Who said that about you..I said that there is an Element of that behavior again reading comprehension. Again let me stress for you you can do both!! Yes there is an underlying systematic system of prejudice still in place, (although in varying degrees and in certain aspects it has improved) regarding class and race…this is just being AWARE. You can be aware and still work hard and study and strive for your goals. Why is it so hard for people to understand that concept?
          Many whites also exhibit those behaviors as well I have lived and worked with all races and have seen varying behaviors from all races. The thing that raises eyebrows is when a person of a given race exclusively dates people of another race because of misguided reasons. That is what I’m talking about…understand?

        7. why would I blame Hollywood for that? White men find their white women more desirable, why should anyone be mad about that?

        8. Making negative comments about the reading comprehension level of those who disagree with you isn’t the best way to convey your points. You may want to learn how to write a sentence and paragraph properly before you speak of the literacy of others.
          If more than one person is having a hard time understanding your beliefs, it is likely that you are not doing a good job of expressing them.
          You cannot assume that everyone who dates outside of her race is doing so for misguided reasons. Your automatic wariness of black women who date non black men shows that you have some preconceived negative beliefs about us.
          In any case, I don’t see how having a discussion about race relations with you is productive. You have jumped to some ridiculous conclusions in order to justify your points-such as blacks who are honest about the negative aspects of our community are “tap dancing to massa”. Being aware of inequalities doesn’t have to include constantly using them as excuses. Finally, the rants about conservative media just make you look combative and ignorant.

        9. Wow! lol I’m not assuming everyone who dates outside of their race is doing so for “misguided reasons” I challenge you to quote me on that! I actually said that there is an element in that dynamic. If you can read closely and quote me on your assumption we can move forward. Also if you haven’t noticed this website has a large amount of Conservative White people…obviously your opinions and criticism of your own community valid or invalid would generate more agreements than my comments no matter how factual mine are, but I’m not sure you noticed or aware of your surroundings neither. In other spheres things would be more balanced as opposed to a forum with a large number of White Conservative males and a small but vocal element of white racists…but if it makes you feel better to think that its because “more than one person is having a hard time understanding…” my beliefs, then you can assume that as well. Just like I can assume that if you were to bring up feminist issues on this forum and debate someone that “more than one person is having a hard time understanding your beliefs,” as well.
          Again I stated that I do understand there are negative elements and I do speak against them as well, however I find it ironic how we are always called to answer for the negatives in our community and debate among ourselves…but we never have conversations about the white people as a whole because of the present day negative aspects of their community. We may talk about the factual history of some of their people or inequality in the Justice System but it never devolves into a conversation about the ills of White people at least in most private and public circles. My points are not ignorant but are far more balanced than the original author’s writing and most of the comments in response just in case you have not noticed and I offer comparisons between the different communities.

        10. Your points are incoherent. Also white people are required to attend indoctrination centres where they are taught misleading history and to hate their own race. This pattern is present in every TV program, movie, most interest media, as well as most other forms of media for the last 60 years and I have yet to see a single black person aknoledge the tremendous and suicidally stupid sacrifice of replacing our religion with negro failure. No amount of fetishization is enough for black people. Asains have enough diginity not to wallow in that puke. You don’t.

        11. “Also white people are required to attend indoctrination centres where they are taught misleading history and to hate their own race. ”
          “This pattern is present in every TV program, movie, most interest media, as well as most other forms of media for the last 60 years”

        12. Your response is ironic because for most of our history we have been taught whitewashed history in the first place, we have been submitted to Anglo perceptions of beauty and have been indoctrinated to follow a False White God…and now just recently we are viewing this false history more critically and they are teaching a more balanced history. (And have NOT put whites down by the way). This is not to “hate their own race” but a more honest way to view history replacing the original lies. In comparison the “grievances” you mentioned are very minor and ironic (If they even exist!). So go cry me a river.
          Also Asians do complain about issues related to their communities in relation to greater American Society. Some of their grievances, I actually agree with.

        13. Only a tiny sliver of Asian women will even date a white guy. I met my Asian wife by going to Asia, where, to my surprise, almost all women were Asian. Then the fact that maybe only 3 to 5% of the women were willing to date white men made little difference because that tiny sliver still constituted a lot more women than there were white guys available.

        14. That is true of all men as considered by all women.
          My sisters” favorite “joke” is:
          Q. If a man is walking alone in the woods and says something where no one can hear him, is he still wrong?
          A. Of course he is.

      4. Damn just one experience Huh? Well good for you because I date white women. And I agree that white American women have treated me better than african American women, when comparing the two.

        1. There have been several terrible experiences. I just chose to mention one of them.
          As for dating white women, I always say that people should date whomever treats them well regardless of race. More power to you.

        2. youve never dated a white woman in your life.
          youve dated biologically white social and cutlural DOGSHIT. keep your hate to yoruself because it IS HATE when you refuse to make the distinction between dogshit and entire racial community.

        3. It is you perverted white boys who get the trashy white women. Just watch Jeremy Kyle show. Us decent, beautiful, educated, professional white women are marrying good, educated, professional black men and you slimy goat humping freaks cannot do nothing about it.

        4. It is funny that you say that. Through my dating years The best I have ever been treated was by a black woman. To bad I was young and immature in those days 🙁 They dont want anything different than any other woman. A little respect, acknowledgement and compassion. By better you must mean more obedient.

        5. Says the woman with no profile photo….Probably working at McDonalds and 500 lbs. Yeah that is totally successful.

        6. I am a medical professional with several degrees and work in clinical research, hospitals and clinics. What do you do for living you sick racist inbred freak.

        7. dom suda and bercel kyber are you saying that all white people are better than you because I don’t believe that. what do you guys look like because not going to lie its hard out here it your ugly. which what sounds like the problem you two were made for each other but don’t want the other because there black that is really fucking funny. Thanks for making black people look stupid right there, I wish the black community would start kicking people like you and the ghetto ones out. P.S those statements didn’t make white people like you even more.

        8. He’s probably right. You probably do work at McDonalds. “Us decent, beautiful, educated, professional white women”… blah, blah, blah, I’ll bet you have a yacht and a toilet made out of gold too, right? The thing is, you can say you are a medical professional all you want but I don’t believe you, and there is no way you can prove it. It’s funny too because you called the other guy a racist when his comment was not remotely racist. You are just stupid. Which supports my belief that you are not a medical professional, but a Honey Boo Boo-esque skank who loves to play pretend on the internet. Now go back to your bug infested trailer, and we’ll see you on the next Jerry Springer episode.

        9. Why don’t you bet your life on what you just said. Bet your pathetic life that I am a trashy white woman with low class job if you believe it so much. I am a educated, white lady with professional medical job. You must be a racist black female spreading stereotypes as usual to make yourself feel better. Why it is so difficult for you to accept that white educated, professional women like me love and marry good, quality black men? One and only occasion I would consider appearing on Jerry Springer show is as an medical professional helping lowlife, racist, inbred socially deviant creatures like you. You clearly admit that you are a trash as you watch idiotic show like that. I live in our own bought house. What about you? Trailer, project?

        10. Yes, Ms. Mudshark… we all know how American society is just teeming with “good, educated, professional black men.” LOL.

        11. STFU and get out of here, missy. What are you even doing on an alpha male website?
          It has been my experience that people who date or mate outside of their own race are either trying to make a social statement, or have low self-esteem.
          And you are about as much a “medical professional with several degrees” as I am.

        12. u guys are all getting off topic n acting ghetto. good debate guys. I can see youre very educated people…

        13. I don’t think hes trying to get white people to like him. I have seen and have the same beliefs. everyone is entitled to their opinion n u don’t need to agree with it but we do need to treat each other with respect and try to say our opinions with manor

        14. The statistics disprove what you say, most people marry within their race and the black with white marriages are negligible, infact almost non existent. White with Hispanic marriages are significant however.

        15. “cannot do nothing” is a double negative.
          yes, you are certainly educated by the u.s. school system.
          A little grammar lesson to counter your ignorance… cannot do nothing means can do something.

        16. Cannot do nothing about it:” Yes, you are an educated professional! Lying sack of shit!

        17. I f you were an educated medical professional, you would have a much better command of grammar!

        18. Not necessarily. Have you ever gone to a hospital and seen the admitting staff?

        19. Please, please, go somewhere else in the world. If you think American women are acceptable (black or white makes no difference), then you have not traveled enough to form an opinion.

        20. And don’t want to. I gave up on American women, of every color, long ago. I have no dog in the fight about anyone unfortunate enough to marry you.

        21. I am white and married Asian. I am not low self-esteem. The only statement I am consistently making is that women of the west are so culturally contaminated that a wise man would have nothing to do with them.

        22. As stated above, I married a half black Hispanic. Yes, that demographic is increasing, as Hispanics are approaching 25% of the population, and growing. Blacks have been a stagnant 10-12% of the population for over the past 60 years.

        23. Listen caramel cream if you look anything like the dude from criminal minds please move to Spain. Ciao!

        24. Black women are desperate they will do anything. we white women have self-respect we will not do shit for a misogynist white pifg-black women are so stupid and jealous of white women’s beauty and intelligence. and the fact we steal their delicious chocolate cream men. My boyfriend is gorgeous like Alfred Enoch on HTGAWM yummy I love biracial men and black men. Why is it that white American men have such small dicks they can’t satisfy?

        25. You doth protest too much. Jealousy is seething out of your stupid mouth. Intelligent women date chocolate cream. White women who date crap like you are pieces of shit. Like your wife if you have one locked in your basement you filthy piece of shit.

        26. Exactly. Black females are so ghetto even though they try so hard to be educated and white, it is an impossibility for them-look at Beyoncé-hahahaha!

        27. You have no source cited to back up this claim. actually, in Europe and the United States white women are marrying beautiful black men in droves. They are so handsome and well-built. American men are the ugliest men and stupidest on the planet; you are also poorly endowed. HAHAHA! white American men have the smallest dicks after Asians. This is what makes them such assholes-they cannot compete with real men; take into consideration their low Iqs and general odious nature-entitled and arrogant though incredibly stupid and it is no wonder intelligent white women have left them to die alone.

        28. Hey swamp man are you part of the duck dynasty crew? You sound like it. Go back to the bayou you crawled out of. You piece of misogynist shit.

        29. You are a nutjob. You just said you married a bi-racial black person now you are married to an Asian? Wtf-get out of here troll!

        30. It is. There are many well-educated black men; just not in the swamps of Georgia where you come from.

        31. I’m WAY north of Georgia, but thanks for your input, chimpie. You deserve a nice banana as a reward.

        32. Awww…. did I hurt your feelz again, chimpie? I have more than earned my right to voice my opinions. What have you sacrificed for your country, faggot?

        33. I personally like men of all races so long as they hold the same ideologies and culture as me, mainly working/middle class culture.

      5. I wish I had a dollar for every time a ghetto bitch told me that I “act white” or “talk like a white girl”.

        You do. Think about it.

        1. My point is that making responsible decisions and speaking properly should not be viewed as characteristics that only whites can have. I am not less black just because I do not fit stereotypes.

        2. I don’t think you got my point. My point was that you live a better life and probably make more money than those idiots, so, in turn, you actually do “have a dollar” for every time they say such things, at least in comparison to them.
          Also, I take issue with your saying “I am not less black just because I do not fit stereotypes.” If “black” as an identity is wrapped up in such stereotypes, you should strive to be anything but “black”. Unfortunately, I do think “black” is wrapped up in such stereotypes, as understood by people of all races in the US.
          Obviously you can’t change your racial heritage, which you really can’t claim any responsibility for and for which I’m not asking you to. I was just trying to affirm the powerlessness of these women’s insults against you and that it sounds like you have more in common with “stereotypical white folk” than you do with “stereotypical black folk”, and you should embrace that identity, whatever you would call it. It sounds like you do, so just take this as a reaffirmation of what you already know.

        3. I see. Thanks for explaining.
          I wish more blacks could see that they can redefine what it is to be a black person by embracing better choices. I thank my parents for setting a wonderful example and demanding the best out of my siblings and me. Education and building strong families was emphasized. I was taught that having babies out of wedlock was for trashy women.
          When I was working, I certainly did make more money than black women who chose to live stereotypical lives. This is partly because I did not become pregnant for irresponsible men and I focused on my education. Even though I am now a homemaker, my life is still better because I chose a responsible and successful Alpha for a husband. Those thugs without a job or legal source of income couldn’t even hold my hand, much less date or impregnate me.
          Thanks again for your explanation and support.

        4. Cheers. I dated a black girl for a few months, and she had some similar thoughts as you are expressing. It didn’t work out for other reasons, but I actually kinda miss her and wish other aspects of our personal situations had been better at the time. She was generally a sweet girl and seemed to suffer from identity issues, having been raised in a white neighborhood, so not ever really being “truly white” or “truly black”.
          I think about her a lot when this kind of stuff comes up actually.

        5. No matter what neighbourhood she was raised in, she will always be a black woman just as I will.

        6. Hey, sorry if that came off wrong. I think you know what I meant, though… she’s torn between two cultures and feels a belonging…and none, to both.

        7. I know what you meant and my heart goes out to any black woman who is rejected by our community, for not fitting awful stereotypes and being open minded.
          Did you find that you were treated better by her compared to white women? I’m asking because my husband always says that I was the best girlfriend he ever had and he only dated white women before me. Apparently all of the white women he dated were entitled feminists. I have heard more than one white guy say that black women take care of their men. I was wondering what your take on that is.

        8. Did you find that you were treated better by her compared to white women?

          Yes, and I actually was going to say something about that. She treated me like a man and expected me to act like a man. I think white women’s primary focus in this day and age is “breaking the gender barrier” even if it comes at the expense of meaningful relationships with men.

        9. White western women have a horrible sense of entitlement, so they think they should be treated like royalty by men without being kind and sweet in return.

        10. ur right bercel Im white n I have seen a lot of blacks put others down for that reason, such a shame

        11. I have heard the same thing but reversed races. don’t start with that crap. theres ghetto people in all races. I have been treated like crap by dating both blacks n whites. more like crap by black men tho if u want to play that stuck up game

        12. ive heard black and white men say that black women are violent and hard to communicate with. I have a hard time making friends with black women becuz most do act like they are above me with so much confidence about it. n they love there confidence but its a little too much. its good to be confident but when u start putting others down it becomes being stuck up n ignorant. a balance is needed

        13. I realize that there are ghetto people in all races. However, I am most familiar with ghetto blacks because they are a part of my racial community. As for being “stuck up”, that is yet another term that other blacks like to throw at me. Now I take it as a compliment because it means that I do not embody the awful stereotypes and the commenter feels threatened by that. Haters gonna hate.

      6. I have never met a black person who blames their problems on white people. I live in a black area and I talk to black people all day, everyday.

      7. For whites glibly to dismiss the continuing legacy of racism and apartheid is deeply offensive. Some blacks tend to overcompensate for white racist attitudes and your one of them

        1. Just because I’m not using racism as an excuse to do poorly in life, it doesn’t mean that I am “overcompensating”. There is no need for me to overcompensate because I am successful despite society telling me that I should not be.
          You’re clearly just the kind of uneducated whiner that I am talking about. That is why you don’t know the difference between too, to and two. Please try again when you are literate.

        2. who is using a racism as an excuse? who said I’m uneducated. you might thing that you have escaped racism but it shall always come back to remind you of your skin colour. you are not immune from racism

        3. Obviously she isn’t immune to it because you just exposed her to your racism.

        4. You have shown your lack of education by the way you write and spell. As a black woman, I will never escape racism but I can choose to rise above it instead of allowing racism to ruin my life. What’s your excuse?

        5. the important thing is the message!! whether I misspell words or write in a wrong way!! I don’t care but if you got the message it’s cool!! you must be thinking that your better than everyone!

      1. I ironically attended “Martin Luther King College Prep” where I was not treated based on the content of my character haha And this is by my fellow Black students.

    7. Black Americans are more racist than White Americans (on average) and most polling/voting data supports this…But worldwide it’s an impossible question to answer since there are so many different groups of Black and White people…If we compare Whites from Russia with Blacks from Ghana or the Bahamas than I think Whites would be more racist…My point is it varies by country and area…
      To explain the blatantly racist behaviors of Black Americans well I think you have the “minority vs majority” phenomenon at work….In America Blacks are about 14 percent of the population so they have developed a sort of inferiority complex and hyper-vigilance against any threats (which happens to most minority groups that were discriminated against in the past) because they are constantly comparing themselves to the larger group (White Americans) in culture, standards of success and beauty, history etc etc….So it creates a sort of “chip on your shoulder” phenomenon (the same could be said of the Maori in New Zealand and other minority groups)…..
      On the other hand the Bahamas or Barbados etc are like 90 percent Black so those Blacks are coming from societies where they are the dominant powerful group and their standards (African/Caribbean) of success and beauty are the ideal standards….So they are much less vigilant against “threats” and act much less close-nit as a group…

    8. Also how did Trayvon Martin put himself in a situation to have been killed? No one asked Zimmerman to approach him in the first place end of discussion right there! Zimmerman as recent as last month was in court again for violence with a weapon. He has gotten in trouble before and after the Trayvon Martin incident and I will bet he will get into serious trouble again in the future. Yet Conservative Media does everything to try to paint victims as “criminals”for smoking pot or playing hooky things that white kids do too but oftentimes they let slide as “kids being kids.” You see i woldnt justify a white victim because he smoked pot in the past. Also what about Amadou Diallo no jail record and gets shot at 41 times! And Black conservatives are the ones leading the charge to paint victims as “criminals” or people like Tamir Rice who gets shot at and killed by the police for playing with a fake gun within 2 seconds of the police pulling up! You see its not that we are defending REAL criminals…its an injustice we see in the Justice System with Class and Race. No one cares about conservative perspectives on the economy or other social issues but criminalizing victims even when they are not true criminals and have minor unrelated crimes or none at all is what makes people mad. They seem like they are pandering…and like they are ready to say “Yessum Baus” lol thats why we have no respect for those people. People like Dr. Carson will never get close to the presidency and it’s not him being a conservative that we don’t like but his unrealistic portrayals of his own community, and people like him seem to never criticize negative elements of other communities with the same zest and glee as they do towards their own community. Sad part is some whites and many conservatives are using them to begin with, and secretly view them as just another “black” which is truly sad.
      Note: I agree saying that you act “white” by speaking well is idiotic but not all black people think that way and actually an element of blacks who oppose the conservative viewpoint are also very educated and have a deep understanding of history and themselves without self hatred.

    9. Fostering a victim mentality in other races is a way for “The Man” to
      aggrandize himself. Consider that whoever accepts blame is the
      responsibility party. Responsibility is a facet of leadership. Therefore, whichever race assumes responsibility for everything that ever happens to any other race is the de facto “master race.” Black grievance mongering is white supremacy.
      One thing that would transform racial dynamics in America is to recognize every part-white person as “white.” Historically, anyone with observable black ancestry was categorized as “black,” and, currently, we have myriad different little categories for government use. The reality, however, is that caucasian ancestry is everywhere around us, and “pure” white people will inevitably be more scarce over time, as they are the manifestation of recessive genes. That is, while blond people will soon be a minority in America, “whitish” people (to include Mexican mestizos) will continue to be the overwhelming majority.

    10. I agree. That victim mentality I had toget out of. When I was deep into emceeing in Hip Hop that’s all other emcees talked about,whether a black emcee or white emcee, how they were oppressed by the police, government, white man, etc.
      What did that get me? A poverty in mentality. After straying from that and taking the blue pill, I have found a wealth in mentality, where I have done everything with self improvement, such as attending graduate school, networking, working on my writing projects, reading books, traveling the world, and advancing in my career.
      It was when I took the “IM” and added “OR” to the word “VICT” my mentality opened up to more positively vast opportunities.

      1. That’s awesome dude, carry the torch proudly and congrats for escaping. There’s a lot of pressure in that community, from what I see, to stay stupid and poor so good for you for seeing through it.

    11. I’ve seen some awesome black men in my life I respected. Teachers, Soldiers and normal folk. It must be hell. We all have to deal with these fundamentalist SJW fanatics. Seriously no different religious zealots. If we are divided we are all in jeopardy.

      1. It wasn’t until I met my first conservative black person who openly disdained Ferguson protestors that I realized that hey, there really are good ones out there who understand what this is all about.
        I speak with her about this stuff all the time, she feels extremely lonely in her community because she doesn’t know a single other black person–at a fairly black college–who understands that Ferguson was a fake thing that didn’t actually happen the way the media said it did.
        99% of them believe anything at face value, and unfortunately that has left blacks wide open to be manipulated by people like Hussein Obama who pretend to be on their team but are not.

        1. They are marginalized and pushed out of the picture. I saw one black person, making some extremely valid points on an onsite interview, then…
          “Back you Jim!” Can’t have a black man on TV making any sense! Doesn’t fit the narrative of racism and victimization! Hell, they tried to rake Charles Barkley over the coals for having a rational opinion.
          The media pulls the puppets Jackson and Sharpton out of their luggage and the show begins.
          There is an extremely funny compilation of Sharpton’s show and man that guy has little command of any language, let alone English. Is he even well?

      1. Haha I’m a young Black man doing his best in Chicago. Do you live in Chicago by chance?

    12. I never understood how blacks studying, going to college and getting a good job in an outstanding corporation made them Uncle Toms. The very people that call others Uncle Toms are using white man’s electricity and white man’s inventions but learning white man academics and earning a living in white man’s job is being an Uncle Tom. Makes no sense.
      Apparently to not be an Uncle Tom you would have to live in the woods and build a new civilization there with no knowledge or skills from the white man.

    13. Too right. They have discovered what the jews and women have known for ages, and the muslim immigrant to Europe is catching on to: There is no stronger position in this world than being perceived at the victim of the white MAN’s action.
      If the white man has been tricked into believing he owes you an apology, he’ll carry you on his shoulder wherever you want to go.
      He is incredibly talented and incredibly stupid.

      1. Just because Whites are the most tolerant people on earth, and yes they are, never believe that they are weak. They can get tough pretty fast if pushed too far and taken advantage of.

    14. I’m with you for the most part, but let’s not confuse Hip-Hop culture with the Crap Rap culture that mainstream world perpetuates. The shitty rap you hear on the surface is a misrepresentation of a large portion of Hip-Hop the same way thug imagery is a misrepresentation of a large portion of black males who have their heads on straight, as I’m sure you can relate to. This genre has been and continues to be a positive influence for me throughout my life. Unfortunately most people are totally unaware of the large amount of worthy artists within the culture because, unless you’re looking for it, it’s not as easy to come across as what is played to death on the radio. Positive black imagery which does not fit a particular stereotype is pretty much censored out of mainstream media. Keep in mind that BET has a fairly lengthy list of banned artists because they aren’t “relevant.” In other words, they are “too intelligent” or better yet the level of quality is too high for the masses. Hip-Hop could play a significant role in raising the morale and self-awareness of not only black people, but people in general if it weren’t so goddamn dumbed down for the masses as being nothing but thug and material worship music.

      1. I listen to some conscious hip-hop as well but as you said, the ignorant rap and hip-hop is in the mainstream getting the play. I should have narrowed it to mainstream hip-hop which is mostly “gangsta”. Especially here in Chicago, it’s hard to find young Black men not engulfed in the hip-hop culture. Black people should not be afraid to be unique, but I sense a huge herd mentality here in Chicago.

        1. “Black people should not be afraid to be unique”
          I agree with this sentiment entirely. I feel that we need to balance out an understanding/appreciation of black history and culture with a deeper understanding of ourselves, beyond the identification of being black. One thing I find interesting to think about is that, if life really is a cycle of reincarnation til self-actualizing then, for all we young black people know, some of us could have been white slave masters in a past lifetime. How comical would that be? Us condemning white people for their wrongs against us when we were one of them. I for one would laugh til I cried if I happened to make that discovery.

      2. I’m also into Hip Hop music and I am with you on this comment! Like everything else people judge an entire thing from only the little they are exposed to.

    15. People need to stop talking about “Blacks” and “Whites” like they are two different guys. Its ridiculous. We have moved past this. All blacks and all whites do not think with the same brain. Are there some racists blacks? Sure. But there are plenty that are not. Same with whites.
      This kind of simplification of issues makes an article like this appear ignorant rather than profound.

    16. First thing blacks need to do is get rid of the thugs, baby mamas & sell outs like you!

      1. So talking about Blacks doing better through education, self improvement, and disowning Hip-hop is selling out? You sound like the Black kids from my youth, grow up.

    17. Bruh, you sound like a Tom my dude… Yes there are issues, however I cannot simply lean back and swallow all of this bullshit… To believe that this author some how “knows” black people is appalling, he never addresses the under lying factors involved, circumstances, missed oppurtunites of blacks in the corporate sector who have equal or greater qualifications than their white counter parts but still are not hired by potential employers… Yes that would piss me off too… The guy is a bonafide racist in his own right, even going at length to even critcize the tv shows black people watched.. I mean really? 99% of sitcoms on TV are white, whites watch white TV so why can’t blacks watch black TV? When I was in engineering school, I was 1 of 3 blacks in the science department, the dirty looks we got from WHITE students, for no other reason than we were black… And like always when blacks attempt to advance themselves like in our case we got push back and faced discrimination, because just our presence in the class room challenged their corrupted beliefs that black people are not equal to them. They become fearful… Given my experiences with whites I’m surprised I’m not a hard core racist, this guy whines about scattered incidents in his past while I lived it everyday of my life, boo fucking hoo. But unlike he stated I made NO excuses for my situation, I went to college, graduated and am living very well… But someone like him would still find something wrong with that as racist do.. ( mainly out of lack of intelligence and jealousy/failure to achieve in their own right) you need to do a reevaluation on yourself while you have several seats because your talking very reckless…

      1. I think you missed the whole point. I never said Whites in this country haven’t tried to hold us back or were racist. That would be an asinine assertion. My main point was that we as a people can do much better building each other up. I spoke from personal experience when in my life, more Blacks tried to hold me back than Whites. Everyone has their own life experiences and I won’t say your experiences are invalid. Instead of trying to get jobs with White people, why not start more companies and employ ourselves? Blacks are some of the biggest consumers in America, how about using our money for the edification of our community instead of consumerism. Just because its Black tv doesn’t mean its good. There is a lot of good Black tv, but most mainstream Black tv shows keeps Blacks in a small box related to hip-hop or some other stereotype. My thing is, we can’t expect Whites to make our situation better, only we can because they don’t care. If taking self responsibility for myself is being an uncle tom, it’s better than having a slave mentality and I’m not a child so calling me names means nothing to me.

        1. I appreciate the reply, however there is no love left in me for the states, like what I mentioned about employment, it’s not that blacks are Intentionally looking for white jobs, that’s just the American corporate sector in a nut shell… I don’t recall Microsoft, coco cola or Google being being know for their blackness or any Fortune 500 company in between… Either-way as I stated about having no love for the states I applied for employment abroad and got overwhelming responses back from foreign employers… I’ve been overseas for years but glance back every now and then on what America is doing and it hasn’t change since I’ve left nearly 2 decades ago, they biggest shame is the fact that I had to leave my own country for employment and to be welcomed with open arms in a country half a world away…. I can assure you the victim mentality does not rest within me as I became educated and sought employment on my own merit…. And am living better then many well to do whites back in America… I say this not to flaunt but to say that the bulk of the problem lies within the American white male, who absolutely refuses to admit, address or even come to grips with the fact that their totally clueless, arrogant mindset sets the tone in America… Again the main problem is the American white male… I’ve not encountered racism for their European counterparts in fact they agree with me on the current situation in America and why it’s heading in the direction it’s heading…. Yes blacks have growing to do, I’m not denying that fact however, the way the media loves to portray and perpetrate lies about us enhancing negative reactions to blacks in general no matter the circumstances… I’m also infuriated at the article that appeared to be written by a white man that was mad he couldn’t “get in good with us” which is no surprise, not condoning it but blacks are naturally suspicious of white people because many times what they say does not reflect their intentions… As racist as Australians are which is pretty much 99% white they admit they have a problem! and they attribute it to a lack of knowledge and ignorance on their part not hatred and disgust over ones color… Like I said it just sounds to me that the guy writing the article was just pissed that a few blacks let him know where they stand and he didn’t like it… America as a whole not just blacks have a lot of growing to do… I have faith that blacks are starting to become conscious and are taking steps within their communities to curb education bullying…,however a white person has no business commenting on our personal and mainstream struggles., they simply don’t know… Again it’s the white American male that is the main problem in America, we are just collateral damage… I apologize for calling you names, I just can’t justify agreeing with the moron that wrote the article, again he has no business commenting on something he has no clue about….

    18. tell the millions of white people to stop buying hip hop albums cause they support it! , and you are the type of black that has a mind unlike most blacks, but you must not use that mind to put down your own people. you know that in life your situation is not similar to everyone Else’s , no one should use the “victim mentality” because the real victims wont be heard like many blacks who were victims and aren’t heard cause they aren’t taken seriously because according to everyone (including the media “run by jews) that is not black their isn’t an issue. “its just a black complaining”. the problem in the black community is blacks like you , your better off so you look down on your people and move away from their neighborhood instead of staying and helping them get through it. your the black that will see obvious foul play from whites and turn your shoulder on it because you see chaos from your own people. your blind , whites will never accept blacks (that includes you). that is why blacks must support each other. stop buying from the white man , the Asian man , the Indian man , the Spanish man , buy from your own people , support your own people don’t go to school to get a job working for the white man go to school and make a business for your own people. stop being like them (white people) , they are privileged and blind they wont see the oppression blacks go through everyday no matter how much they preach they know. i pay no attention to those cases on tv because they are all fixed in order to start race wars , these young teens were both sacrifices . you have such poor faith in your people. maybe that is why you always see chaos from them… you should fix your opinion on your own people because they should come first. every race puts their people first accept blacks , blacks let white people destroy themselves and blacks today refuse to work with each other because they feel once they get money or a better job they ditch their own people and never support each other. you blacks don’t understand that the more you criticize each other and complain the more real progress does not get done. we need more blacks that are doers not Sayers and criticizers of our race!. i am sick and tired of this affirmative action behavior towards whites. they are not our gods stop looking for their approval! , approval only comes from ourselves a race!

      1. Who is looking for approval? I spoke of my personal experiences, if that upsets you, that is your problem. I call it like I see it. We can’t be afraid of criticism. I laid out actions we can take to better ourselves like stop glorifying rap and hip hop, and focus on education and self improvement. Stop being so sensitive, I love my people.

    19. I’m an outsider, as I live in a different country and I am of Vietnamese heritage and I probably shouldn’t be commenting regarding this issue in America but it is about race and I couldn’t resist even if this is a 6 month old comment.
      “When young, I went to a mixed school in the Suburbs until I moved to the inner city of Chicago and attended an all Black middle and Highschool. Immediately, all the students said I talked White and encouraged me to use ebonics. They said me studying and getting good grades was also acting White.”
      The mentality towards studying and getting good grades as being “white” is appalling. They’re setting themselves for future failure by thinking like that. They have to realise that they have the option of having a highschool education and need to realise that there are teenagers living in Third World countries that have no access to education at all. What they said to you just shows that they are degrading themselves by wanting to live in their bubble of ignorance.
      Also, good on you for ignoring those pissants from highschool for wanting to better your life by studying and maintaining good grades and having goals in life.

      1. Now I’m the one replying late to you haha Thank you for your kind words. I have never been to Vietnam, but I have been to Asia when I visited Japan. I agree with everything you said. There are people who would give almost anything to get an education, while some Black Americans willingly shun it. There is a lot of anti-intellectualism promoted from sources like Hip-Hop and Television that too many people take to heart. It is getting better, but it is still a problem. Are there any social issues in Vietnam that can compare to this American example? I love to travel and would love to visit Vietnam someday.

    20. “When young, I went to a mixed school in the Suburbs”
      Your cooning makes sense now. You simply don’t know your history.

    21. “All the students said I talked White and encouraged me to use ebonics”. This happened to me too. I went to a mixed school first, THEN went to an all-black school (why would my mother do this?). But then, when I didn’t act like then, I would always get bullied, especially by black boys, and I didn’t do anything. They were shit-starters. Even the teachers would turn against me (black teachers). And you wonder why I always hang out with other races. ‘Tis a shame. eventually I went to a mixed high school, but they are still racial divides, especially among black students and teachers, and EVEN latinos. Now these people that are supposedly “victmized” are just imposters and just taking away the victory from the REAL victims of racism.

      1. I’ve seen very similar things in my life. Many Blacks self segregate and limit their experiences in life. I’ve seen it all too often. You have to only hang around other Blacks and then all act the same. I’ve always had friends of other races and loved the experiences of learning new things from them. They dishonor the actions of leaders like MLK by going against what he stood for.

    22. I really do not mind so much when black people are a little bigoted. My problem is with masochistic white liberals.
      My boss is black and she treats me fairly.
      I just get sick of white liberals trying to virtue-signal by talking about how guilty we should all feel as white people. I feel bad for the times I have done the wrong things as an individual, but I really do not worry about things people did 100 years ago. Nor should anybody have to.
      I really think we could all get along a lot better if the left did not encourage people to become victimhood tribes.
      With victim hierarchy. I think with the basic equal rights fought for by MLK, the left had done its job. . Now they are all about socially engineering and bean counting the allotment of privileges each person is allowed to have.
      Government should just back off and let the grassroots work it out. The melting pot would work if we would let it.

    23. I’m in total agreement with you on everything except the Trayvon Martin case.
      I think his case is somewhat unique versus all the other high profile cases where I’m on the side of law enforcement.
      George Z. wasn’t/isn’t a policeman and was clearly out for blood given what we heard on the dispatch recordings. I don’t believe he set out to kill anyone, I think he wanted “something” to happen that would get this person (Trayvon) at the very least, arrested so he instigated a confrontation (confident while armed with a gun).
      Trayvon isn’t alive to give his version of how things unfolded so all we have is one side of the story and a witness that saw the fight. However, we do know that he was very apprehensive about being “followed” by a stranger.
      I think George is a wannabe cop/bad ass that has personal issues that led to an innocent young man losing his life. Trayvon may or may not not have turned into a responsible young adult but he’ll never get the chance either.

    24. They are pretty bad tippers too and think the world owes them everything just for being black

    25. Stop cooning breh. No matter how much white ass you kiss. They’ll never accept you.

      1. You bore me with your played out insults and silly shame tactics. All I did was speak about my personal life experiences. If you think that is cooning, you are just another idiot.

        1. You are a coon. I recommend you, as a black man, wake up and take the real red pill. The red pill 98% of these virgins copied from, Tariq Nasheed. Lace yourself up with some real game, kid.

        2. HAHAHA, you are funny. You can’t create a coherent argument so you resort to name calling. I’m not a child so name calling bores me. Let me know when you develop reasoning skills to debate and stay on topic. Good day sir

        3. There’s nothing to debate, I see your type all the time. You’re one of those black kids who grew up around white people. I can feel your aura through the screen lol. You think being a token is a good thing 😂. Like I said, you want the “red pill” so bad yet you’re too silly to swallow it.

        4. Please tell me more about how much you know me anonymous internet guy. You are so wrong it’s laughable. “You think being a token is a good thing”. Huh? Where did I ever even mention anything about tokens or about tokens being good or bad? Please increase your reading comprehension. I grew up around all races of people. Sorry I don’t fit your specific “Black Agenda” anonymous internet guy, but Black people are allowed to think for themselves if you didn’t know. People like you try hold other Black people back from being the best they can be.

        5. I see your type all the time lol. Nobody is holding your silly ass back I’m trying to help you, house nigga.
          You simply don’t understand the game. You want to follow behind these nilly vanilly white boys who set up these little blogs 3 years ago 😂😂😂 dumb fuck they ALL are just plagiarizing from Tariq Nasheed. You don’t even realize that black people started all this, these white boys are trying their best to be like a black man (Tariq Nasheed) yet your blue pilled ass wants to follow behind some copy & paste white boy virgins 😂😂😂😂 dumb fuck read a book.

        6. Who says I’m following them? I’m now a House nigga for not following you and thinking for myself? You make my head hurt. Maybe you should read a book because you display 0 reading comprehension. You are just making up stuff in your mind about someone you don’t even know. I’m done with this conversation because you live in a fantasy world. I’ve actually been to Africa in Ghana and know much more about Blacks around the the world than you do. Nice to know that thinking for yourself and working on self improvement is being a house nigga. I hope you relish your ignorance 🙂

    26. Jesus Christ man why do you have so much self hate? Did you get teased younger and couldn’t handle the jokes? You make us light skin niggas look bad with your coonery..

    27. Get off this white washed “redpill” shit most of these white boys COPIED their “game” from Tariq Elite lol. He’ll break all this shit down for your silly ass.

    28. I know this is a year old. But I had to say THANK YOU! Thank you for being YOU. You don’t have to act like anyone but yourself and I totally agree with you it is the new it’s cool to be a gangster or thug attitude that hold back black AND WHITE AND BROWN people. I’m a American Indian well half but everyone thinks I’m a texmex. I guess most people call me a red neck because I like to fish and hunt and have pit bulls and live on a farm. But guess what my Very best friends are Black and Philippine. And guess what they are “Red neck” too. I diss like anyone no matter the race if they are a stupid jerk. I respect any man or woman that is a honest good person. I don’t even care if they are a Outlaw as long as they are a fair man. The new it’s a Black thing ain’t cool. Don’t hate a person because he’s White or Black. I use to work deep in the projects and was treated terrible until folks got to know me. Then I started sharing meat from my beefs and fish and would bring boxes of vegetables I grew to some of the folks that needs a little bit more food than our sorry government would alott them. And they soon understood I was just like them just from the country. And there is a lot of good folks that have a hard time both black and white in the city and country and if folks would treat each other with respect and dignity we wouldn’t have any issues. And remember No one cares how much money you make or how. Big your wheels on your car are. When your dead and gone they remember how YOU were. God bless y’all. J

    29. We don’t believe you you fu<king @ss kissing coon. Lol, this dude thinks Internet cool points from white people is an achievement. What a fu <king ignorant coon you are. I’m sure your probably from Kansas or somewhere where know nothing about real successful black people. You’re a fu<king Tom to the highest extent. I’m starting to think you are not black at all actually.

    30. Then please, do what you can to wipe out this racist horse shit about “white privilege”. It is almost unheard of for black folks to speak out about that one directly but that is what it’s going to take because the black folks who believe in that shit won’t listen to what white folks have to say about it. Their minds are already made up that any white person who disagrees with that bull shit is just “in denial” or “whitesplaining”. So it’s going to take strong black voices to get other people to listen and pull that garbage down off its fake throne and rip it to shreds and shit on it permanently for the utter load of bullshit it is. Let’s make 2017 the year we wake up from this crap like it was all a bad dream and get back on track with making a better world for everyone.
      Also, you’re really smart and forward-thinking for someone age 24. I wish I’d been half as smart at your age!

    31. The worst thing about these black people who claim to care so much about their race and how much they want to break stereotypes of their race, is that by continually looting and rioting and making a fool of themselves in the public eye they continue to feed the negative stereotypes that are held of them. It’s the greatest irony that in an attempt to end their perceived oppression they only oppress themselves.

    32. You are not the only one to go through that situation. I had to fight a lot in grade school just because I paid attention in class and wouldn’t let them cheat off my paper. Like you, I was told I “acted white”, even by some of my own family at one point. Makes no sense, that they scream about how blacks need to stick together and whatnot, but as soon as one of us go outside the boundaries they set for the “black community”, we are the bad guys and are disowned by them, not being black enough accordingly. Oh well, they will just have to accept it. They can’t do anything about it.

    33. Your comments are so true and good for you. The feature articles that I read so much just blames white people for everything when this is just not true.. I don’t even notice colour. People have enough problems going on in their life instead of thinking about this subject.

    1. “I refuse to take any blame or responsibility for things that happened before I was born. If other people want to be so obsessed with the past, let them.”
      Don’t celebrate the 4th of July, don’t celebrate Veteran’s day, don’t celebrate your flag–heck don’t celebrate anything–when you hear someone say something positive about the US–snicker at them and say “hogwash man, that has nothing to do with me, that was like, 500 years ago, give it a rest already”–

      1. You can always go move to Cuba or North Korea.
        I’ll cheer for the winning team.

        1. Yep you got no response–dismissed–
          Oh and I am sure your kkk grandparents were saying the same thing while hanging black men in the US

        2. ROFL… You should be grateful that 360k mostly white people died to free your ancestors.