Can The Ways Of Eastern European Men Inspire Us To Revitalize Western Masculinity?

I am a 28-year old male living in Eastern Europe in the Moldova province of Romania. I wrote this article because I have noticed that during this masculinity crisis of the West, many Western males tend to perceive the Eastern European male model as a source of inspiration for revitalizing their lost sense of masculinity.

This is because, to some extent, Eastern Europe and Slavic states still cling to conventional gender models more strongly, and their societies encourage a more raw approach to masculinity, alongside a more traditional view on femininity also.


To begin, I would like to offer my own characterization of Eastern European and Slavic manhood. To an extent, the men of Eastern Europe might be called barbaric, backwards, and uncivilized at worst, and cold and unemotional at best. But Eastern European men, despite their low level of sophistication, do provide an example of an environment that fosters hardy, reliable men.

If we are to take the best traits in them, I suppose that these are courage (they are not easily frightened and do not lose their nerve), respect towards women who deserve it, an inclination towards cultivating physical endurance and strength (many people still perform manual labor here), and a strong attachment to their barbaric, warrior ways.

The sense of tribalism

By tribalism, I mean a mindset focused on making a living in a small society, namely a village, or, depending on the case, a neighborhood, block, street and so on. In broad lines, the tribal mindset prevents people from looking at the big picture, turning instead to satisfying the needs of the village or neighborhood and establishing a reputation there.

This is one of the reasons why there are violent urban (and especially rural) areas throughout Eastern Europe, where you might get your ass kicked just for wandering there, because the local macho men deem fit to thrash outsiders just to make sure they maintain their alpha position in the “tribe”:

On the positive side, though, the sense of tribalism fosters the desire to impress and help the extended family, or in some cases, the neighbors in the area one lives in. In the 90s, the sense of tribalism was rampant: even in the university neighbourhoods of my country, college students used to brawl in gangs for the sole reason to prove their toughness – fighting for the sake of fighting, not about territory, gang turfs or whatever.

Why is this so-called tribalism good for fostering strong male values? Because it cultivates a sense of loyalty towards your peers, it makes you streetwise, and often hones your fighting skills, which are all factors that prevent guys from becoming pussies.

Why is tribalism bad? Because it hinders progress in society, by clinging to archaic values and mindsets (some sort of medieval barbarism), instead of embracing more enlightened views towards the improvement of society as a whole.

The religious component

Despite his legendary cruelty, Vlad Tepes is considered by Romanians to be a hero and protector of Christendom. This is a scene from a Romanian historical movie about him, 'Vlad Tepes' (1979).

Despite his legendary cruelty, Vlad Tepes is considered by Romanians to be a hero and protector of Christendom. This is a scene from a Romanian historical movie about him, ‘Vlad Tepes’ (1979).

Most Eastern European countries, such as Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, or Ukraine, are members of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which, as you probably know, is pretty backwards and likes to cling to its archaic past as much as possible.

What does the Orthodox Church have to do with the male mindset? To answer this, I need to recount just how religion fits into the psyche of the people of Eastern Europe. First of all, allegiance to the church strongly resembles the medieval allegiance to the local warlord, boyar, or voivod. In Eastern Europe, people are quite ignorant of dogma, but still hold the church in high esteem and are ready to defend their Orthodox identity, often by adopting strong homophobic views and a staunch reluctance to adopt Western elements.

Religion encourages an “us-versus-them” mindset, as many people in these parts are ignorant and see the West and its influences as attacks to their national and ethnic identity, aimed at destroying Orthodoxy and establishing some sort of immoral gay tyranny.

In brief, religion fosters a type the archaic medieval mindset of allegiance to the leader and provides a strong hierarchical framework. Because men have the instinct to form hierarchies (being primates after all), religion in Eastern Europe does foster among its members a sense of belonging to a large pack, with its principles being backed up by the irrational fear of embracing Western ideals.

The political environment, both old and new

Grocery store queue from the early 90s. Poverty was rampant and even your basic needs were a luxury back then.

Grocery store queue from the early 90s. Poverty was rampant and even your basic needs were a luxury back then.

The perceived brutality of Eastern European peoples is perhaps best explained by their long-lasting history of abuse and violence at the hand of their rulers. Throughout history, most rulers, voivods, kings, czars, and whatever rulers might have been in charge sought to drain the most out of the common folk, with wars, genocide and rebellions being always around the corner.

The most recent large-scale violent event in Romania was the 1989 revolution, when the army was running tanks into protesters, and gunned them down from building tops, everything culminating with the execution of Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator, in an act of brutality that ended a 45-year reign of terror, poverty and corruption.

After the fall of communism, things were only apparently better, as massive job loss, poverty and corruption ran rampant. Violence was more frequent than ever, as the sudden change from Ceausescu’s Orwellian society towards a new, freer one triggered enormous confusion and chaos in the minds of the people.

Hardship breeds toughness and this is why it is rather difficult to frighten Eastern Europeans, but it is also difficult to make them revolt against unfairness and ill-treatment. It might be justly stated that most Eastern Europeans are pessimistic and weary, and refrain from smiling in public. However, they do this because they often expect hardship, due to this lack of trust towards leaders.

Comparison to the west

What conclusion can be drawn from this analysis? To answer this question, I would like to describe the recent changes in the males of my country. At 28 years old, I was a witness to the metamorphosis of the Romanian male population. I grew up in the poverty of the ‘90s, where people were tough, uncivilized, and violence was pretty frequent, but during the 2000s things began to change, as the economy grew and we became a part of the European Union.

At that moment the more important shifts occurred in the population of my country. More specifically, as living conditions improved, a surge of wussy, low-testosterone males became prevalent in many urban centers, and I suspect that better living conditions and the Internet have played the main role in this.

Thus emerged the new urban male, effeminate, confused about women, often turning into either some sort of mangina, or some deplorable creep. From what I read, the downfall of men in Western countries took place over several decades, but in my country, this downfall was sudden and confusing.

Concluding remarks

Without a harsh environment, and I mean genuinely harsh, it’s unsurprising that today’s male has become feeble. However, I do not wish such a situation on any country—I’ve lived through it and know how it is like. The key to the question is that every man ought to, every now and then, do something that really forces his limits.

Do whatever, cycling, martial arts, weightlifting, but add a touch of creativity to the mix: for instance, spend two days alone in the woods without a phone, working out. Attend a martial arts school that focuses on insane workouts, even for beginners.

Don’t get involved in tiresome office jobs that involve paperwork. Try living for a couple of days on the streets, eating from dumpsters, or trying to cultivate your food in the countryside. In other words, find your inner barbarian, and try to keep him as an advisor at all times.

Therefore, with regards to the question in the title of this article, I suppose the answer is “Yes,” but only to a certain extent. What many Eastern European men fail to comprehend is that Western values do not mean a total rejection of their beliefs. What many Western men have been led to believe is that being nice, sensitive, and polite is the key to a successful life.

Both are wrong, and both can learn from each other. I hope this article serves well as an item of cultural contact between these two worlds, and helps spread different ideas that would help them improve their views on society and on themselves.

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125 thoughts on “Can The Ways Of Eastern European Men Inspire Us To Revitalize Western Masculinity?”

  1. 100 years ago, their fear and loathing of Western values would have been counter-productive at best. Today, it’s not all that unreasonable for them to think the West wants to impose an immoral gay tyranny.

  2. Western Masculinity?
    Western guys are the proudest effeminate males to ever live. We’re pretty damaged and it’s inevitable to say so otherwise.

  3. I disagree with this article. Eastern European men are very beta, as Roosh himself has said.
    I see TONS of EE/FSU women marrying men from other parts of the world (even non-white men), but I never, ever see EE men with women from other places.
    In other words, Eastern European men are like East Asian men : they are driving their own women towards foreign men, but they can’t get foreign women.

    1. Modern Eastern European men, yes. Historic is possibly what the author means here.

      1. Modern is what matters in a sexual sense.
        In the past, German, British, Chinese, and Indian men were also violent and capable of warfare. That is not today.
        Japanese men went from Samurais to herbivores.
        But I only see two groups of women in the world who overwhelmingly move away from their own men to marry foreigners, even of different races, leaving a large number of their men as incels : East Asians and Eastern Europeans.

        1. I saw plenty of White Brits that had a masculine look to them, so I think they still have it in them to fight if need be….

        2. there’s probably some truth in northeners’ description of people in the south as ‘soft shite’. British football hooligans are often thugs but there’s something of the martial spirit in that as well good or bad

        3. Millwall FC are in the south and are notorious for their fans hooliganism.

        4. true – but they’re Eastenders. Vinnie Jones & the Kray twins and that sort

    2. Yeah, it’s self-aggrandizing nonsense by someone who is either an idiot or thinks everyone else is an idiot. There are few countries less deserving of nationalistic pride than Romania.

      1. And why would you say that? Could you please fill me in because I’ve never been to Romania!

    3. fair point. But bear in mind.
      A. There is still a lot of poverty in EE/asia, sure money is power, but not true masculine power. The gold diggers are welcome to dig as they always will. Your average western male still isn’t in with a shot for the hottest girls, so I don’t see how that reflects badly on the average Eastern European guy.
      B. Marriage/divorce isn’t the cashcow for women in eastern Europe and asia that it is for women in the west.
      C. While the west is still portrayed as cool in the media and amongst foreigners, there is no shortage of Brits/westerners who end up in places like Australia and new Zealand, even in Eastern Europe(roosh anyone?), trying to escape the rot for as long as they can. Many western cities are becoming third world feminist dumps. I’m sure those guys in asia and EE aren’t stressing about those girls leaving, it’s the reflection of a sick culture. it would be like british guys crying over a 40 year old fat career lesbians not wanting them, or at least that’s the logical conclusion of it all, a race to the bottom. More fool to them.
      That said I don’t rate eastern euro males as masculine, except maybe Russians, but that’s more of a political thing. And certainly Romanians are basically just scum. But I wouldn’t place too much stock in what the women are doing, chicks be sellouts by nature, and there is no shortage of western guys who can’t hack it with modern women or just get taken for an expensive ride. Betas and losers are a universal feature of the sexual market, it’s in many ways a zero sum game.

      1. You made the salient point, their women care about money and a better quality of life. If Russian guys are more beta than American guys, how is it that they manage to keep their women feminine and they don’t have the social decay that we do? It’s a hard sell to convince me that Russians on average are more beta than Americans, in Russia homos are afraid to come out of the closet. Take a look at Putin, that guy is Alpha as fuck. Now compare him to Obama. LOL!

        1. I knew there was going to a Vladimir Putin lovefest in the comments. So when are you moving to live under your lover’s rule?

        2. No one is in a lovefest with Putin, and those who admire aspects of the man do not necessarily support everything that he is doing to Russia.
          Furthermore, it is good to admire Putin because he is a symbol of what we in the West have forgotten: the value of masculinity in our culture.
          Yes, much of what the Russian media promotes about him is propaganda to make him look more bad-ass than he is, but the image of Putin is nonetheless a symbol of value placed on masculine pride, as opposed to our society, which currently values politically correctness, androgyny, “equality”, and other bs.

        3. The former communist countries have a higher divorce rate than most places in Western Europe. As stated before by other guys, most Slavic guys are quite beta. You might see some “alpha” Slavic guys when you are out, but that’s because the vast majority of the beta guys are sitting at home… Social decay in Eastern Europe (a very general term that doesn’t even mean much, since the countries are quite different) is more pronounced than in Western Europe. And I am writing this as a guy who writes a lot about different aspects of Slavic culture.

        4. I’m only talking about Russia, the rest of Eastern Europe may very well be as you discribe. I would need to see far more evidence than what has been provided to convince me that Russia is worse than the US.

        5. The average life expectancy for a man in Russia is 65 years of age, for a woman it’s 76 years, one of the highest age gaps in the world. If that’s not enough to convince you, then I don’t know what will.
          Most of these articles praising the “social situation” in Russia and other countries are written by guys who maybe have been to the country, but don’t speak the local language and don’t have any local male friends.

        6. What does life expectancy have to do with being Alpha? In that case Okinawa Japanese men must be the most Alpha in the world and African pygmies the most beta.

        7. Highest life expectancy age gap, highest divorce rates in the world —-> both in Russia, life for the average Russian male is tough, much tougher than for the average guy in the US
          The life expectancy gap between Okinawan men and women is just a few years, and the African pygmy males probably live longer than the females, the average Russian man lives more than a decade less than the average Russian woman! Many Russian men die before they reach the age of 55 due to high incidence of alcoholism brought about by tough social conditions and depression.

        8. Still not seeing how this age gap equates to them being more beta? Most third world countries suffer the same social problems and corruption as well.

        9. “The former communist countries have a higher divorce rate than most places in Western Europe.” – do you have a statistic for that? If not, I have a statistic for you as well: 50% of western men are gay.

        10. You cant make an equal comparison, you ignore various points. A lot of EE men are beta as fuck but because the war killed off so much men theres an excess of women. When women compete for men, short haired feminists lose every time to the traditional ones. Girls compete for men and dress their best every day because of it, the trashy girl look wont work there like it does in America. The men dont keep them feminine, the women do. As for less degeneracy dont forget Russia has a muslim problem as well as lack of freedoms due to restricting degeneracy (no gay propaganda law can stifle actual facts and cuts freedom of speech but makes society better). It also has to do with how much the people let their leaders get away with. Putin wants a traditional society to stand against degenerates for the sake of his people, our politicians must follow political correctness in order to remain a politician.

        11. Still, Russian women (or let’s extend it to all Eastern European women) are more feminine and pretty, but have become gold diggers, hoes, sluts, manipulators etc. Don’t let beauty fool you.

    4. Do not generalize all of us. I don’t see how American men are less beta, I have been to the USA and frankly most of them men there are not impressive. And we don’t need women from other places, ours are the best.

      1. “And we don’t need women from other places, ours are the best.”
        Which is why they opt for foreign men, not EE men.
        You didn’t understand my points. Maybe your English is not good, but EE women are quite keen on their preference for foreign men (including Arabs, Indians, and Latin Americans) over their own EE men.

        1. Yeah, because the foreign men are richer! Why shouldn’t they be keen on them? Most of the Eastern European women have been dreaming of the lives of Sex and the City since it came out. During communism, they dreamed of the luxuries the Western woman could afford or could get. There are quite many emigrated Eastern European women getting married to Western men in Europe because these men can offer them a better life compared to the one in their country of origin.

        2. Not necessarily. Mostly they only like Westerners so much because they want to move with them to the West because many of them have the propagandized view that life in the West is better.

    5. who cares what a washed up Iranian has to say on east Europe, while i respect him for creating this site, he clearly doesn’t know east Europe because he is not from east Europe or it;s great heritage

      1. Washed up Iranian? Roosh has fucked a lot more EE women than you have (as have I).
        The point is, a huge number of EE/FSU women leave their home countries and marry foreign men (and not just Westerners either). Conversely, we never see EE men with other women, and they often are incels (since their own women departed for greener pastures).

        1. From your ‘points’ I can see you mostly get your information from the web and have little to no real world experience with any of the groups of people you are talking about. Sadly, sites like ROK are full of opinionated anti-social internet philosophers who repeat the same nonsense you get on most PUA sites. Furthermore, I get the feeling you have some personal issues with EE men. Care to explain? Besides, Western women date out at a much higher rate, would that mean they have abandoned Western men? What about all the mixed marriages with Arabs in France and all the incels all around the Anglosphere? It is also not uncommon to see EE men with Western, Asian and even black women (personally, I don’t approve of mixed relationships) but if that is your standard of success, a lot of EE men manage to get women from different cultures. I don’t get what your deal is, and you seem to repeat the same point over and over, is it something personal?

        2. LOL “Roosh has fucked a lot more EE women than you have”
          Well then I guess he knows everything there is to know about the country then. What a great qualification!

    6. Many Eastern Europeans are mentally tough, but physically I haven’t been particularly impressed (when I traveled all throughout Western and Eastern Europe)….I found that Dutch people were much larger than Russians/Ukrainians/Lithuanians on average….hell even the White “Chav” Brits in England typically have stronger builds….Eastern Europeans also seem very introverted in nature which is almost never an Alpha trait (unless you are a “Go in alone tortured soul” Rambo/Bear Grylls style introvert)….I never went to Romania so I can’t comment on them….I mainly went to Ukraine/Russia/Lithuania/Latvia.
      Most of the “Russian” wrestlers/mma fighters are actually Chechens/Avars and not ethnic Slav Whites …..So White Russians/Eastern Euros can’t take credit for that….
      The Former Soviet Bloc Boxers are mostly Slavs through (Ukraine and Russia have been putting out a ton of good boxers lately and the vast majority of them are White Eastern Euro Slavs) so they can get credit for boxing…..

      1. Are you joking? I’ve been in England and seen just some weird hipsters that got drunk from two ciders and did a mess. It was extremely rare when I’ve seen some man with bigger muscles and when I’ve seen him, he was just tight, shrink wrapped Bieber. People in Western Europe, especially england, try to pretend beeing „though“ by beeing sarcastic, making fun of everything 24/7 and picking ugly and fat english women in club or have some tattoo. But they are mentally and physically weak.

    7. And Roosh is an alpha?! Give me a break! He’s a reformed omega and an inspiring beta!

    8. I kind of agree with your points. However, I think you generalize that “Eastern European men are very beta”. Instead, what I see is that quite some Eastern European males have become hipsters, with all types of beards and having a feminine physique instead of a bulkier, more masculine ones. I guess it’s genetics and the influence of the parents’ diet during the communist years. There are of course lots of guys in the fashion of the UK’s chavs, looking tough, driving BMWs and Mercedes’ and having pretty ladies (most of the times hoes). However, the Western doctrine has been affecting quite a lot the costumes and views of the Eastern European males and many of them want to get rich, that is, buy a house, an expensive car and having money from somewhere. Many want to strike it big, either through some illegal scheme or going abroad to work and then come back with some money.

    9. “they are driving their own women towards foreign men”
      Hmm… or maybe they are poor, and the women go for the money? Whores do what whores do… Did you think of that?

    10. First, Eastern Europe is more culturally diverse than people seem to understand, so there is quite a difference when talking about Poland compared to Russia or the Balkans. Second, the number of EE women marrying foreigners is quite minuscule, as far as percent to actual population. In fact, I am quite sure that there is no women on this planet that tend to marry or fuck around with foreigners more than Western ones. Especially when it comes to doing that with other races. And unlike most of the chicks from the EE or East Asia, they don’t tend to do it for financial reasons.
      Thing is also, that men from all around the world actively go to EE and East Asia to pursue and marry women, while obviously no right man in his mind would actively come to the West to do the same. I am from the former Yugoslavia and been living in the Midwest for a while now. Never had problems picking up girls here. In fact, sometimes I can’t believe how easy it is. However, I would never even dream of marrying one of them.

    11. Haha very beta is that why your men run away from us when we come to fuck your women in your own countries. Get on your knees and thank us, because we are the last White Men on this planet left with balls. Western European “men” ( boys) are weak and are easiliy dominated by blacks, arabs, slavs. Infact the only more pussy ass bitches I know are indians and asians.

  4. Wow, couple of things.
    1) Moldova is not part of Romania, even if most of the population is ethnically Romanian. Did your geographically illiterate copy editor mean Moldavia?
    2) Moldova and Moldavia are both shitholes and you’re poor and have no marketable skills if you live there. Name one good thing about it. And don’t say women, because all the most attractive women end up in western europe.
    3) Romanians are not slavic, the histories are very different, and Romanians have always been kind of effeminate and cowardly, famous for being thieves and not much else. It’s no good blaming the reputation on the gypsies, either. They’re doing it too, but it’s easy to tell Roma and Romanian apart and it’s the Romanians who are running the biggest scams.

    1. Sure, Moldova and Moldavia are practically the same thing. They were before the end of the Great War. Not surprising though that the only interesting places in Romania are in Transylvania.

      1. Moldova is 30% ethnically Russian and Ukrainian and you can use Russian and be understood by most people, it’s not in the EU, and about a third of its territory is controlled by a Russian army division that turned itself into a country. How is that practically the same as Moldavia?

        1. I wasn’t counting Transnistria. EU membership is all well and good for the future, but it doesn’t say anything about the past. As for Russian, pretty much all Ukrainians can understand it, but it’s not an official language there. After years in the USSR, it’s not a surprise that they can speak Russian in Moldova, but history’s a lot longer than that.

        2. Have you ever gotten a taxi in Chisinau or been to the renok on a Sunday afternoon?

      2. The reason why the Transilvanian territory of Romania is found interesting by foreigners is because it’s concerntration on foreigners is very high. They focus specifically on tourism. The rest of the country – Wallachia for example – represents the true roots of the Romanian people. Check it out sometime.

    2. 1. Moldova as a historical region is split in 2: Moldova – Romanian region and Republic of Moldova – independent country 🙂 The author as far as I understand, is a Romanian/Moldovan.
      2. Have you ever been there? Know any Moldovans? If not, stfu 🙂
      3. We are not slavic, true. For the second part… you seem to be too much of an ignorant to deserve an answer. Go read some history and then we can speak 🙂

        1. Romania is said to have the highest gypsy minority in EE if I’m not mistaken, with 3.3% (according to the latest official statistics). The un-official statistics claim that gypsies actually represent up to 10% – the fact that they declare themselves as ethnic Romanians….
          And what other ethnic groups would you include in this philosophy of “who really cares, that part of xxx is all yyyy anyways”? Mexicans/latin americans? Blacks? Arabs? Asians? or Maybe brits/french? 🙂
          I could say the same for the UK: it will soon be an Islamic Republic, so who really cares what the brits think.
          The US, or better said, the United Afro-Latin Countries.
          France, or in the next 10-15 years, the Islamic Republic of Whatever.
          Another name for the UK might be: The United Kingdom of Immigrants from all over the world; or maybe the United Kingdom of Drunk Slutty Ugly and Fat Men-chicks 🙂

      1. I have been there, and that’s why I know first hand it’s stupid to say Moldova and Romania are the same. Most Romanians who have the opinion that they’re the same have never even been to Chisinau. It’s a silly reductionism, like saying that Canadians and Americans are the same. Very similar, yes. The same? No.

  5. If you feel compelled to beat up strangers, you aren’t macho or alpha. You are an insecure asshole – and deep-down, a beta.
    Get 50 miles out of any American city, you’ll find actual men here too.

    1. Indeed. They only beat up strangers, because they know that their own EE women prefer foreigners over them.
      In America, rural men are admirable people, and gladly HELP a stranger in distress, even a stranger of a different race. That is the example to follow.

    2. I would have to disagree….Look at any “Lock up Jail” documentary…Those guys are pretty damn Alpha and would have no problem bashing some random dude just because they can…..The difference is they have low impulse control/ low IQ and thus can only solve disputes with violence….
      A persona can absolutely be a primitive low IQ’ed savage and an alpha at the same….Just go down to the Cook County Jail and interview Tyrone

    3. Agree on getting out of cities. An unfortunate tendency across manosphere icons and writers is that most of them are city boys. They correctly note the lack of masculinity in their environments, but because they rarely if ever have ventured into red state territories are utterly myopic to the fact that there are masculine alphas in large quantities in flyover country. Just recently Heartiste apparently visited red state territory and posted an article about it like it was some strange foreign land. It was funny to read, though I don’t think he meant it to be humorous.
      I really need to get to writing articles for this site to try and balance that lopsided view a bit.
      Flyover country male

      1. I don’t know Jefferson. It seems like a lot of country boys are a little too soft and blue pilled… Although a visit to the city usually reminds me how good it is in comparison.

    4. I tend to agree, the further you get from high populace, the more likely you are to find people of merit and value. People who find use in their hands, not in a Liberal Arts Degree from a overpriced university. People who speak truth, not empty verse for show. People who look good not to impress, but look good because of character and struggle making strong bodies.
      I’m not a “true” redneck I suppose, but I make city folk look like pansies anyway. I mean, who the hell doesn’t know how to ride a horse and shoot a gun!?!?!?

    5. About 10 years ago I had to spend part of an afternoon in a small Virginia Appalachian outpost just off of route 77. Now I lived in the Uptown neighborhood on the north side of Chicago when it was known as “hillbilly heaven.” They (hilbillies) were my pals and I know all about the culture and the lifestyle. Just as there is no more Patsy Cline and classic country, you’re now as likely to hear a kid blasting rap from his pickup truck boom box in some Appalachian hamlet as you are to hear Alan Jackson or any of the other so called country stars of today. The fact is cultural rot is everywhere. The everything is just like it always was in the hinterlands just isn’t so true anymore. Work at Wal-Mart for peanuts, meth heads, single mothers, divorce, tatooed 17 year old girls are more and more the norm. There are pockets here and there fighting the good fight, but I find them more in the west than in the midwest or south. Believe what you like.

      1. Word up homey!
        The internet has trashified the sluts up to out slut each other & the dipshits to out tard one another.
        I love fucking with those stupid hoes on the tattoo pages. Dumbass sluts are going to look so horrid when they older. Maybe we can rock the new clothing line for fatty tatty’s? Horrid!
        When they get old with the flabby arms… May D-g help them.

    1. If you think the picture (above) is Thor’s balls, uh….you need to take a few biology classes.
      Just saying.

    2. There was no choice. He resides across the entire Germanic world’s pantheon as the model of warrior masculinity. Women today even swoon over the Thor movies precisely because he’s such a hard driven macho mofo. So they had to make him into a woman.
      Expect Odin up on the chopping block next. But do keep in mind that Loki will *always* be a man. Because that’s the only role we’re allowed to fill now.

  6. The only reason EE is less beta than we are, is because their radical revolutions happened violently, all at once, rather than through the slow demoralization process we’ve suffered. Hardly anything to be gained from looking at EE at present. Far better to look into our own pasts.

    1. all at once? I am sorry, but did you fail elementary school? Would you like the list of crimes, murder, starvation, regimes since world war I that plagued EE??? give me a break with “revolutions”. It was more of a de-evolution.

  7. As an Eastern European woman, I’ve got to say that not only are most Eastern European men Betas that come in two main flavors and that’s either the overly nurtured mama’s son-prince, or the overly barbaric spits in the middle of the street idiot that thinks that’s how Alphas should be like. Don’t worry, I still love ya my precious. The real Alphas in EE come either as brains over muscles, or men who isolate themselves from society completely for years and do their own thing. The rest of the men are just mimicking what society/church/west/east tells them to do, say, eat, shit etc. Basically the rest are just existing, not really living.

    1. I stopped over and I gave them my two cents.
      The article is ridiculous and it reeks of a one sided perspective. There should have been a financial collapse back in 2008 to remind women who the fuck is in charge, here.
      I would have loved to see women (and their entitled attitudes) after the financial collapse.

      1. Well driver, they’ll have a bigger one coming up because they didn’t want to deal with the corrective pain in 08

        1. I agree. None of the politicians (and big banks) wanted to deal with “losing out”. We (the people) were all sold out (by both political parties) so they could keep the money train rolling along. You saw that happen during the transition from one administration to the other. One party that was “supposedly” fiscally conservative to one party that spends like crazy.
          And we are paying for it.

    2. “And no, I do not mean what was meant by patronizing men who said this in the past — that women are lofty, tender, spiritual creatures. I mean something like the opposite of that. I mean that women are fundamentally pragmatic as well as caring, cooperative as well as competitive, skilled in getting their own egos out of the way, deft in managing people without putting them on the defensive, builders not destroyers. Above all, I mean that women can carry on the business of a complex world in ways that are more focused, efficient, deliberate, and constructive than men’s because women are not frequently distracted by impulses and moods that, sometimes indirectly, lead to sex and violence. Women are more reluctant participants in both. And if they are drawn into wars, these will be wars of necessity, not of choice, founded on rational considerations, not on a clash of egos escalating out of control.”
      Absolutely no fucking way. Written by someone who does not understand women.

      1. The author of that article (The End of Male Supremacy) – He understands women just the way his wife told him to understand women.
        It’s why he’s the “wife” in the marriage (god damn woman).

        1. I can’t believe the shit written. This guy has no idea. You’re right, he is the ‘wife’.

    3. Author Melvin Konner is Jewish (and ugly). What do you expect? Women and Jewish share many similarities. I don’t trust either!

  8. This article is pretty spot on. Most Romanian men were red pill before the country was exposed to western influence. After the revolution, the public was manipulated with new western ideals and most of the resources/ infrastructure were quietly stolen and/or sold. By the end of the 90s, the struggle that created the red pill society was pretty much gone. Now Romania is plagued by countless effeminate, brainwashed men.
    My father was born under Romania’s communist rule and ended up becoming a police officer in his home town. After having to physically defend himself from drunks and gypsies on a daily basis, he developed a harsh give-no-fucks mentality. Most of his stories involved stopping people from killing each other over petty goods. When we moved to the States in the early 90s he was pretty shocked at how soft the people and culture was. He made my childhood a living hell to make sure I wasn’t flaccid as the rest of my peers. It sucked then, but I am pretty thankful for it now.
    I don’t think people can fully develop without a real struggle in their lives.

    1. That is a pretty good assessment of this article (and all of the points that it makes in it). People (society) need balance in life. What should have happened in the U.S. (back in 2008) was another Great Depression to “right the ship”. Yes, things would have been tough but in the areas that are most needed (today) for our country.
      Life becomes too easy and things start to “decay” – from the inside out. First world problems start to pop up (my iPhone doesn’t take good pictures) versus real problems – like not enough food to eat or clean water, shelter, etc…
      People in this country have become so soft because things have been good for too long. The decay, continues, because we haven’t had an event come along and give us a good smack in the head (a war, disease, etc..).

    2. “Most Romanian men were red pill before the country was exposed to western influence.”
      You mean: most Romanian men were normal humans before…

  9. Eastern Europe strong !!!!!! Best people on planet earth if you ask me

  10. Hi,
    It gives me great pleasure to read about my home country.
    Nonetheless, I see a few things that I must point out.
    To Author :
    1. The chaotic arrangement of ideas makes every NonRomanian reader miss the general ideas – which are good by the way.
    2. The Romanian people are not slavic – (exception making part of Moldova (50% russian influence) and the below 5% of the population of Romania which are migrants of either 10 or 100 years that came here.
    We are preponderently of latinic descent ( but that does not imply Roman dictatorship) – we were latinic before the Roman Empire – needs more digging.
    3. The name Romania has no justification as in Europe’s documents and our history points out that we reffered ourselves ( and were reffered to as ) DACIA untill the 1800s. This alone should scatter any idea about where we come from and where we’re headed. The fact that the pussyfication of men started violently in our country is mainly because of Media and TV- not leaving out the important fact that we’ve been secretly runned by Jews from 1989- here you go:
    To readers:
    Pussyfication of romanian men started with the feminization of women as well. Whereas once you would only take a lady out to dinner and dancing and she would be a virgin (sometimes untill 32) now some of them invite the partner for a blowjob in the bathroom. Thank you Western Culture for distroing our women.
    Anyway, there’s no excuse for staying in a weakly state. You have to evolve. Times change, so go ahead and change yourself ’cause the world is headed in one direction. Keep your shit together, remember where you come from, know your history and you’ll be fine.

    1. There’s no such thing as latinic descent, it’s a linguistic group. Romanians used to use the Cyrillic alphabet and speak Slavic dialect but you’ve been brainwashed.
      The name of you country Romania is also a joke. Romania used to be the name for the Eastern Roman Empire down in Constantinople, which is also known as Byzantine.
      Romanian territory today was not even part of Byzantine empire.

      1. Spare me brainwashing. We did use Cyrillic alphabet but saying we had a Slavic dialect is out of discussion. We do have a few words from the Slavs ,,iubit, iubita, iubire, drag, dragoste” but our basic alphabetarian heritage comes not from the romans and neither the slavs. I’m not saying that they’re Dacian, but for sure it ain’t Slavic.
        When I say of latinic descent, I mean (to those who actually investigate the Romanian history) that the Dacian tribes spoke latin with the Romans when they came.
        I’m not yet an expert on Romanian history, but I can say this: to anyone who tries to find out the true history of our people will make documentation up untill the 1600-1700’s. After that, it’s a black hole. Nobody fucking knows what happened. It is said that, and I will put this theory to practice, most of Nordic Europe knows our history as they’ve had more contact with us than we even know.

        1. So the Dacian had no language prior to the Romans?
          Mm, da, da, da!
          You say Da, no? ;-P
          You mean BEFORE 1600-1700 it’s a black hole. How come? Ever wondered about that?

        2. Even “iubit” or “drag” are not really Slavic. In French, you have “draguer” for picking up women and in English to “drag” means also to introduce, inject or insert something (your dick in that juicy pussy, of course).
          “Iubi” can be also be traced back to the Latin “lubere”, which means to be pleasing and agreeable.

        3. You wonder and find a blockage leading to the Austrian Empire and the Roman Catholic Church.

  11. This article is kind of weird. But the comments are out there. A lot of guys in a d-measuring contest with EE. Can’t say if trolls or genuine losers. As far as the comments about EE women leaving their own men, isn’t the rate of mixed marriage highest among British and French women? Some people seem to have major difficulties dealing with their own flawed circumstances and are looking for ways to vent. Wouldn’t help with the decline of the West, though.

  12. “Why is tribalism bad? Because it hinders progress in society, by clinging to archaic values and mindsets (some sort of medieval barbarism), instead of embracing more enlightened views towards the improvement of society as a Whole.”
    And what has “enlightened views” done for the West? Tribalism, archaic views, and religion are preferable to faggotry, feminism, liberal atomization, nihilism, male betafication, multiculturalism, miscegenation, obesity, and other forms of cultural degeneracy.
    Turning your country into a liberal brothel, in exchange for material wealth, is a bad trade-off. American liberalism is cultural poison!

    1. Exactly. Do you see today’s society producing the great works of art, architecture and philosophy that societies in the past produced?
      At the moment, only a few things (mostly material infrastructure and the availability of advanced technology) are keeping us from turning on each other for food, water and shelter, even in developed countries.
      Maybe the world today is like an engine which is still running because of the last bit of fuel fed into it. We’re already through our social, cultural and demographical fuel reserves, and so we’ll have more and more trouble keeping the engine going before it finally stops and we’re stranded.

      1. Well, to be fair, the 19th and 20th centuries gave us great literature and film.
        For literature, we had great authors such as Melville, James, Poe, Hawthorne, Dickens, Hugo, Flaubert, etc.
        In the film world, there were greats such as Ford, Friedkin, Coppola, Wyler, Lean, etc.
        All these names made great art in their respective fields.
        As for architecture, the Carnegie Hall was one of the most beautiful things in our time, in terms of architecture and design
        In philosophy and thought, there are great minds such as Frederic Bastiat, Herbert spencer, Murray rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Carl Jung, Friedric Nietzsche, William Graham Sumner, Lysander Spooner, etc.

        1. Today’s society is not the nineteenth century or the twentieth century. In fact, the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century were the pinnacle in ‘tribalism’ in the form of European forms of nationalism, which themselves produced great thinkers, artists and scientists who worked not only for themselves but for their nations.
          So, you agree?

        2. To a degree. However, I also consider individualism and liberty as vital components of great culture and civilization, so I don’t believe nationalism is the primary factor that decides the greatness of civilization

        3. Agreed. Real individualism, the rugged “cowboy” or “Revolutionary patriot” kind, not the atomistic Leftist kind where they become unaware of how their actions impact others.

        4. Have we really gotten any more ‘free’ in the last fifty or sixty years, though, except in the sense that we can now be total degenerates and let others pay for the consequences of our actions?

        5. I would venture to say that libertarianism and the “total freedom” it advocates (based on the nonaggression principle) doesn’t advocate atomism per se. As Murray Rothbard, the finest theoretician of libertarianism and the father of modern libertarianism, said:

          Libertarians are methodological and political individualists, to be sure. They believe that only individuals think, value, act, and choose. Theybelieve that each individual has the right to own his own body, free of coercive interference. But no individualist denies that people are influencing each other all the time in their goals, values, pursuits and occupations

        6. I wouldn’t say we live in a free society. The welfare state is the antithesis of the liberty I believe in, the liberty that is the absence of invasion and aggression against the natural rights to life, liberty, and property.
          I do believe that, since liberty is the absence of invasion of rights, that the freedom to be degenerate so long as one doesn’t violate the “equal freedom” of others is existent. However, what I am advocating is not the same as freedom from responsibility. As William Graham Sumner, one of the great minds of true liberalism (which is really libertarianism in our day):

          “Almost all legislative effort to prevent vice is really protective of vice, because all such legislation saves the vicious man from the penalty of his vice. Nature’s remedies against vice are terrible . . . A drunkard in the gutter is just where he ought to be, according to the fitness and tendency of things. Nature has set upon him the process of decline and dissolution by which she removes things which have survived their usefulness . . . Now, we can never annihilate a penalty. We can only divert it from the head of the man who has incurred it to the heads of others who have not incurred it. A vast amount of ‘social reform’ consists in just this operation. The consequence is that those who have gone astray, being relieved from Nature’s fierce discipline, go on to worse, and that there is a constantly heavier burden for the others to bear. Who are the others? When we see a drunkard in the gutter we pity him. If a policeman picks him up, we say that society has interfered to save him from perishing. ‘Society’ is a fine word, and it saves us the trouble of thinking. The industrious and sober workman, who is mulcted of a percentage of his day’s wages to pay the policeman, is the one who bears the penalty. But he is the Forgotten Man. He passes by and is never noticed, because he has behaved himself, fulfilled his contracts and asked for nothing.” (Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, Caxton Printers, 1966, pp. 113-115.)

  13. I disagree with the idea that masculinity is some sort of “side-effect” of poverty; poveryt some sort of “blessing in disguise”. Just as I disagree with the idea that our ruling class is made out of good people who are unfortunately too stupid to understand what they are doing to men. No, they do this on purpose. And the feminization of men, the masculinization of women isn’t something that came as a side-effect of growing wealth but is done on purpose. That’s coming from the top, “Gender-Mainstreaming” in schools, from the EU and the UNO. Besides there is nothing “irrational” about the fear that “western values” are pushed down people’s throats. Just like at Russia right now!

    1. You can disagree as much as you want but you’re still wrong. Comfort makes pussies.

        1. Men with children don’t wish for catastrophe and poverty, btw. Broken boys who don’t expect anything from life anymore are always the ones who hope for a war to come. Which is one of the current problems of the right. It is dominated by alienated boys without families; boys whose ideology is so unattractive that they have to hope for misery to come in order to attract people.
          Besides, according to your logic American men should have become more alpha over the last twenty, thirty years or so. But the opposite is true. There is less and less “comfort” in the Western World and more and more cultural marxism.

        2. HuffPo is ANTI family, liberals are ANTI family, degenerates are ANTI family.
          You know, I’m German and I used to engage for the only real right-wing (RIGHT wing – not neoconservative israel and banksters or western values like notch count and PUA bullshit) party we have here. And I’ve seen it all before: all the healthy people who agree with the program stay away after a while because they get tired of spaces that are dominated by degenerated boys whose only hope in live left is that a war will come soon. If your ideology needs misery in order to attract people, your ideology sucks.
          There are people who mistake right wing politics (in a proper patriarchy some girl’s father would put a bullet in a PUA’s head and get a medal after it, btw) with World of Warcraft.

      1. I can see your point, but have to ask how it is then that Western men in the 1940’s, who lived by all accounts the most comfortable lives thus far in history (in their time I mean), were such bad asses? Lord Byron was not only a man who lived a life of affluence shamelessly, but also a warrior’s warrior who embraced many masculine virtues, up to and including going out and engaging in warfare himself.
        Material opulence does contribute to moral degeneracy, but it’s not the sole cause of making men into pussies, there’s more at play methinks. I do agree of course that harsh conditions *do* generate more masculine traits.

  14. Outstanding article! Bravo!
    You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.
    The problem is the elite in EE is ordered to adopt western values – faggotry, feminism, liberal atomization, nihilism, male betafication, multiculturalism, miscegenation, obesity, and other forms of cultural degeneracy. [quoting Jannik Thorsen].

  15. The article seems like a back handed “compliment” to EE men. On the one hand it notes that they are in fact a tougher breed than Western men (a net positive) but then characterizes the reasons as bad, which they are not. Backwards for not adopting Western norms? Are you fucking kidding me? If given a nation where masculinity still reigned supreme I’d be the first to jump up and beat the shit out of anybody who told me I had to embrace the LGBTWXYZFAG culture of the West. And then sneering at the Orthodox church?!? Come now, we can do better than to berate the institutions and customs that keep women in check and men masculine.

    1. I just don’t know why ROK seems to pedestalize Eastern Europe so much. Maybe the women are more attainable there, but the culture is just as fucked up, perhaps in different ways. The rate of children born out of wedlock, infidelity, and divorce are just as high if not even higher in EE countries than they are in the west. It’s really not the gem people on here think it is.

  16. Eastern European Men ( especially Romania) also tend to be con men, petty criminals,cyber criminals, fraudsters, very materialistic (reason of their society being in communism for years) and they will try to supplicate to their Eastern European gold diggers with fake designer watches, cheap clothes that they believe look expensive, pimped up cars and scooters etc.

    1. Yet despite all that, they’re a better choice than your typical Hipster Millinial “man” for any number of reasons.

      1. They type of beta guys your taking about are pathetic , but they are not dangerous + pathetic, Eastern European Men are pathetic betas + are aggressive towards other Men in competition for women + totally untrustworthy as humans.

        1. If you think Hipsters are not dangerous, may I suggest that you take a look at election trends and demographics? Just because you personally do not go out and wield a gun in people’s faces doesn’t mean that you’re harmless. Hipsters are much more harmful by proxy. Them and their leftist faggot elders are literally destroying the West and putting us on a course for soft genocide in our own nations.

        2. You make a good point , hipsters aren’t dangerous in the same sense of these Eastern European guys, but they erode society with a degenerate ideology and human values are destroyed very slowly but surely and under the pretence of being more civilised than the rest of society.

    1. Sic semper tyrannis eh?
      Brutal stalinist scumbag…met his maker on Christmas day 1989.
      So long comrade.

      1. Remember it vividly, and had no idea how to pronounce his name. Not like they taught us who any of those dictators in Europe were in school, just tha communism sucked and we should fear the evil Russian.

  17. One thing I admire about Eastern Europe is how they treat faggots. They really hate faggotry. Also they don’t like immigrants that much. Anti-white racists who promote non-white colonization have a serious risk of being murdered over there. I am not saying this is a better place than the West, but they have certain qualities.

  18. Ummm, Eastern Orthodoxy is backwards?
    News to me. Say what you will about religion, but I’m not sure how a church that has been unchanged since the beginning is considered backwards.

  19. OK, so this is interesting.
    But, can you please inform us whether Romanian girls give good head?

  20. Good true article. I’m familiar with Eastern Europe and its ways, costumes, problems and similar. Songs like American Dream by Puya feat. Connect-R and Undeva-n Balcani by Puya can also tell a lot about Eastern Europe, or especially Romania.

  21. as the economy grew and we became a part of the European Union.
    A mistake you will live to regret. All I can do is hope that you avoid the worst that the “Union” you have joined is going to try to ram down your throat. I like Romanians and wish you all the best.

  22. Actually Romania specifically is quite quick to adopt trends these days,
    but also to adopt countertrends. Which is good if you have to counter
    some retarded trend that’s picking up speed. There is a lot of beta-ism
    on the rise in the big cities, with Bucharest being eastern european
    hipster central. But it also has quite a large pua scene. Daygame is
    rampant in the city center it’s almost a sport, especially in summer.

  23. I disagree with the comments that say all Eastern European men are betas who drive their own women to seek better men. Rather, that is specifically true only of Polish men. They are of legendary betatude.
    Polish failures should not be expanded to include other parts of Eastern Europe. Russians, Ukrainians, Yugoslavs, etc. are not beta at all.
    The rest of EE has to work to distance ourselves from the reputation Poles have created.

  24. As a Romanian , I can tell you that we are by default “purple pills” , always tending towards “red” but always having a little “blue” left in the bloodstream. Don’t know if this is good or bed, it’s just how it is. It might be related to the women quality available – really high ! This is the main reason we prefer the local brand to foreign ones , why trade “perfection” for less ?… Of course “perfection” means different things for different people 🙂

  25. I saw a young Polish couple with a toddler in a cafe in Brighton the other day. The strong male/female polarity was a joy to see.

  26. I am Brazilian and my time in Europe left me quite perplexed about their concepts of masculinity.
    A generation that needs to ponder what it means to be “manly” … in my country that is itself an unmanly thing. Be unsure of their role in society is woman’s stuff. The man’s role is clear: to build, protect and lead. It caters for both family and work.
    At least that’s how most men are educated in Brazil.
    I know that my country is not even close to being the best example in terms of social development, security and economy, but at least here no one needs to read articles on the Internet to learn how to be a man.

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