SJWs Pile On Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Over “Offensive” Tweets

South African comedian Trevor Noah recently found himself on the receiving end of a social justice warrior witch hunt thanks to “offensive” comments he made. The 31-year-old comic, recently tapped to replace Jon Stewart as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, was the target of left-wing hysterics due to several “anti-Semitic” and “misogynistic” Tweets he’d made over the years:

The irony of accusing Noah—a soi-disant progressive who is part Jewish and whose mother was imprisoned for breaking South Africa’s apartheid-era anti-miscegenation laws because of her relationship with his white father—of being anti-Semitic was lost on the screeching baboons calling for his head:

To Comedy Central’s credit, they’ve refused to bow to these Cotton Mathers of Twitter and will retain Noah as Stewart’s successor. Noah has also fired back at his critics, declaring that “to reduce my views to a handful of jokes that didn’t land is not a true reflection of my character, nor my evolution as a comedian.” Unfortunately, the fact that the fracas even happened to begin with is indicative of a worrying trend in American society.

What If They Held An Open Mic And No One Laughed?


Lost in the pearl-clutching comments over Noah’s “offensiveness” is the fact that the highlighted jokes weren’t funny, a fact which he himself acknowledged. As my friend, comedian Yale Cohn, put it:

Comedy by its very nature is going to offend some people, because the entire nature of stand-up is about using humor to examine taboo subjects. To paraphrase the late Patrice O’Neal, in comedy, somebody has to get hurt. The legends of stand-up—George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor et al.—were beloved precisely because they took uncomfortable topics and made them into side-splitting comedy acts. In a Time article defending Noah, comedian Jim Norton made this point in scathing fashion:

The image people have of comedians staring defiantly over a stationary line of good taste is simply inaccurate. We don’t approach this line, put our toes over it arrogantly and then scamper back to safety. The line doesn’t exist. The correct image for people to have is one of a circle, with a comedian standing in the middle of it, surrounded by a myriad of races, religions, social beliefs, sacred cows and political ideologies. And in these groups are endless numbers of sub groups and personal boundaries. There is simply no way to consistently do the type of comedy that addresses these things without upsetting somebody. No matter which direction you turn to aim the joke, someone is getting hit. And while the person who has been hit jumps up and down and exaggerates their injuries, everyone else in the circle is telling them to shut up and learn to take a joke. Until they themselves get hit.

The SJW ninnies raking Noah over the coals for comments he made years ago are the spiritual successors of the censors who hounded beloved comedy icons like Lenny Bruce and tried to get them blacklisted and ruined. It’s impossible to espouse a brand of comedy that is completely inoffensive and acceptable to everyone watching, because everyone has different tastes and things that upset them. If SJWs get their way, all comedy will be as bland and neutered as Clean Comedians.

The SJW Bigotry Time Machine


The other, more disturbing facet of the SJW witch hunt against Noah is the fact that most of the comments they were having conniption fits over were made years ago. For example, his Tweet about nearly running over a Jewish kid in his German car was dated September 18, 2009.

The manufactured outrage against Noah has echoes of the victimization of former Business Insider CTO Pax Dickinson. In 2013, Dickinson was the target of a Valleywag article castigating him for satirical Tweets he’d made over the years, many from when he was almost unknown and his Twitter account was only followed by family and friends. Despite the fact that Dickinson was well-liked by his colleagues and had received no complaints about his conduct at work, he was fired after Gawker hatchet-men Nitasha Tiku and Sam Biddle whipped up a Twitter frenzy against him.

The fact that SJWs are so eager to defenestrate public figures—even fellow travelers like Trevor Noah—over comments made in the past is absolutely chilling. Because it’s impossible to predict what the Twitter twits of tomorrow will be offended by, this means that anyone could potentially be a target of their wrath. As Return of Kings publisher Roosh satirized in his short story “The Denouncer,” even seemingly innocuous remarks could draw the ire of professional Puritans and the loss of employment and income that comes with it.

As noted above, the fact that Comedy Central is standing by Noah despite the attacks against him is commendable. However, the existence of a vocal minority of self-appointed cultural commissars with the power to ruin lives is worrying for the future of America. A group of people who form a lynch mob over a couple of bad jokes are effectively foot soldiers for a new form of tyranny.

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231 thoughts on “SJWs Pile On Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Over “Offensive” Tweets”

  1. Well he isent White and he happens to be half Jewish so I doubt he’s eligible for any SJW “show trials”. Then again, SJW’s/Cultural Marxists are quick to sacrifice their own on the altar of equality if they act out of line.

    1. My favourite apolitical comedian is Mitch Hedberg.
      It takes solid delivery and presentation to be funny without hitting any sensitive buttons at all.
      Not that I shy away from that, Bill Hicks is one of my all time faves.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with the SJWs per se. Those who back them for them,however, are enablers of this behaviour. They will keep bullying as long as they can get away with it.

  3. When you have no life of your own the only thing left to do is ruin everyone else life.
    “If I’m not happy nobody is happy” -SJW

  4. He like many voices false opposition to Zionism.
    Its always best to have one of your own, or a paid shill, as controlled opposition.
    He doesn’t need to feel guilty about hitting the kid with his car, as only 340 000 died and were not gassed or any made up story – the german alliance and the allied forces lost were the real victims of this zionist scam.

  5. Behind every successful Rap Billionaire is a double as rich Jewish man. #BeatsByDreidel
    I don’t know if this one was meant as a standup one-liner. it struck me as a kind of musing.
    Whatever, though, this guy is totally clueless–seeing himself as a politically-incorrect edgester when in fact he’s a SJW with lame “hands up don’t shoot” schtick and assertions that America’s government/culture is more oppressive to blacks that South Africa during apartheid. Sad.

    1. Behind every successful man is a woman. . .whose rapacious, moneygrubbing, desired lifestyle made success necessary.

  6. Finally an article that shows what I said that Black people are not immune to your so called “SJW” attacks.

        1. He’s half German, so he gonna get burnt bcoz he “nazi” or some other thing that feminists hate or just decide to hate on the spot because they got triggered.

        2. You think they would be able to use him being Half German? Its all becoming a grand competition of layered and multiple perspectives. Many times you find yourself agreeing on some issues with someone you strongly disagree on other issues.

        3. I’m not saying that someone is immune because of skin colour, no way jose. Matter of fact, these fat SJWs think that blacks and asians are not a “threat” as big as the white man, but they soon realise that men are men and men are men, and always will be
          That’s when they cry rape or etc… and white knight take the SJWs’ side when it suddenly turns into “innocent girl abused by “niggers, spicks, crakers, kikes”.

        4. Desperate housewife bullshit politics. Taking into account their meaningless lives, poorly shaped bodies and lack of male attention, they tend to make up for the aforementioned stuff by finding chinks in peoples armour and exploiting it.
          Nothing more than bullying!

    1. I don’t believe any man is safe from this group. Eliminate men from the equation though and watch how they’ll start tearing each other apart.
      Someone has to be the “bad person” because they are always the “victim”.

      1. That is what I have been saying for a long time now! You have to be careful what you say in public or at work, or you can find yourself in serious trouble. On the internet even here I always try to write my perspective in a way in which I would you a person in public. So this is how I actually would discuss issues in public…but even with a measured approach you still run the risk of getting into serious problems and some things are better left unsaid.

        1. Right….and I gladly point this out during discussions with fellow co-workers about all of the equality that all of us share, today….especially in the work environment.
          It’s funny to see the reaction on women’s faces when they hear this….because they know it’s true (and some agree with it). They know they have it “good” today with all of the social conditioning and laws in place (representing them…not men).
          One trip to the HR dept (by a woman) and you are done. I don’t talk to much about personal stuff at work…only when I’m “off the clock” so to say…but much of what I say (in a respectful manner) is very true (and they know it).

        2. I try to avoid conversations on socials.issues and politics but oftem some coworkers ask me about my opinions but i keep them simple and balanced and usually keep them to myself.

    2. ya its not the color of your dick isnt what angers them its the fact that u have one and want to stick into straight slim pretty girl insttead of a man or fat dyke

        1. I’m pretty sure that’s a homophobic statement, implying gay people can’t go quickly to the point. Straight people have no monopoly on being concise. Be more open-minded.

    3. A fake PR stunt like this proves nothing more than comedy central has a PR department.
      Unlike the evidence that Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown got what they deserved; the evidence of Trayvon and Brown’s evil was overwhelming.

      1. LOL you again with your George W. absolute simplistic speech and shifting debate tactics…I cant take you seriously anymore lol

        1. *giggle* your projection is so obvious it borders on self-parody. Your failed president sad tactics is no model for winning a debate, son. And your celebration of the evil thugs Trayvon And Michael Brown, who both got what they deserved, shows both you and your president to be the failures that you are.
          But you amuse me, little zombie-moron. Dance monkey dance!

    4. If SJW’s were consistent with their logic then blacks would be immune, but of course that is never the case.

    5. First of all, he’s not black. If it was a white guy saying those things, he probably would have been denounced as making racist and anti-semitic jokes and it would have gone beyond just a few comments made by people, there’d be people going after his job.

      1. He looks pretty “Black” to me lol…I understand what you are trying to say and agree… but in America he would be considered “black” historically. And it was put into law in some places look up “one drop rule” not our rules but part of American Anti-miscegenation laws upheld by our Supreme Court. Jack Johnson a black boxer was barred for competing for the overall heavyweight championship, he finally got a chance becoming the first Black Boxing Heavyweight Champion..which started riots all over America where many whites killed Blacks during their celebration. He broke the stereotype as the Black man being a coward etc…and his marriages and affairs with white women angered whites including the Government politicians. So its funny how now everyone wants to differentiate and criticizing blacks and others for stating that people like Obama are simply “Black,” but I am for it actually its good to see progress.
        “In December 1912 and January 1913, Representative Seaborn Roddenbery (Democrat of Georgia) again introduced a proposal in the United States House of Representatives to insert a prohibition of miscegenation into the US Constitution and thus create a nationwide ban on interracial marriage. According to the wording of the proposed amendment, “Intermarriage between negros or persons of color and Caucasians… within the United States… is forever prohibited.” Roddenbery’s proposal was more severe because it defined the racial boundary between whites and “persons of color” by applying the one-drop rule. In his proposed amendment, anyone with “any trace of African or Negro blood” was banned from marrying a white spouse.”
        But things might be changing or not. I hope they are for the better.
        On another note ALL of us have to be careful and use tact when presenting points in a work environment…or it can cost us dearly. For example my friend a white female made a statement about white people being silly and hypocritical for saying that they are losing their “rights” her words not mine (I would not have made that statement in a work environment by the way)…and she was warned by H.R. that she should be mindful of her words cause the next step would be her possible termination from her job. We all basically have to be careful especially in the public sphere about the way we phrase our statements.

        1. “For example my friend a white female made a statement about white people
          being silly and hypocritical for saying that they are losing their
          “rights” her words not mine (I would not have made that statement in a
          work environment by the way)…and she was warned by H.R. that she
          should be mindful of her words cause the next step would be her possible
          termination from her job.”
          LOL. And if she’d been a white male she would simply have been terminated.

      2. I wrote a longer response earlier but you know what! I can partially see your point as well. Simply put yes I agree. Anyway good day I have had good debates the last few days so at least there was some sense both ways.

    1. They think vitriolic (and largely unfair) attacks on conservatives are hilarious!

        1. Their humor is confined strictly to political assassination and ad hominem against political foes. All else is off limits, comrade.

  7. This entire ordeal seems very much forced. I don’t buy that at least some of this isn’t an attempt to hype up this non-entity as “controversial.”
    In any event, I’m not watching the daily show, as it’s nothing more that SJW-hivemind propaganda, with an occasional bone throne to the non-SJW crowd. I’m not a dog, I don’t eat bones, so I’m not going to be suckered in to watch 22 minutes of SJW-hamster propaganda-rationalization of why reality doesn’t conform to their philosophy, which always involves blaming a combinaton of Fox News, George bush,The Koch brothers, and Jesus “freaks.” Mostly fox news though, the SJW’s emmanuel goldstein.
    In conclusion, fuck ’em all.

    1. Right on. Someone can see through the smoke.
      Most likely a publicity stunt orchestrated behind the scenes by his Viacom handlers.
      Noah will continue on the great tradition of comedy-propaganda as his predecessor John (Leibowitz) Stewart.

  8. wait. so who exactly tried to ruin his life? those two people?
    i’m not very good at twitter, maybe someone can elaborate: how do you track these things? how do you exactly identify some kind of “sjw hate wave” or similar?
    in the end, there’s so many tweets. who exactly checks these claims in various articles about death threats etc. is it not just a bunch of people whose opinions are made up to be some kind of “big event”?
    even if it were a hundred people tweeting this stuff, what would it mean? yeah, maybe they have ten thousand followers, but it’s still just a hundred people.

  9. We don’t laugh anymore.
    We can’t laugh at ourselves. The special snowflake in all of us won’t have that.
    We must all have trophies. That way our gold star is proof we have been there.
    Personally I think the replacement will last 6 months, but what do i know? What really matters is what he says without full context in 140 characters on the worst social media platform ever invented.

  10. I hate twitter so fucking much. I just can’t understand the appeal in it.

    1. power. it’s all about power. once you realize that 95 percent of all communication is just the attempt to sound smart or like jesus, it becomes a funny game to watch.
      “you have a little penis.”
      mhm. mhm. a bit cliche, but this classic always works.
      “don’t you care for XXX?” (victims of YYY, minority)
      you would wonder why he should, but i see how this appeals to your extremely moral readers. good job.
      “he’s a XXX” (narcissist, racist, sexist, blah blah)
      another classic. making a value judgment without saying anything. i mean, you have to wonder: even if somebody hates women, why would you care? in real life, actions matter. it’s really kinda simplistic, but it works well if stigma is established – should not be left out by the clever twitter agitator.
      “you are irrational.” / “his hamster is mighty”
      don’t bother to give a reason, this works wonders.
      “you are sad” / “i have only pity for you”
      make the other person feel miserable through implication. excellent choice!
      simply block:
      if someone is not worth a funny battle, like me due to very little followers, just block. that pisses off, whohoo.
      it makes you wonder why people ever engage in those discussions. why would you care? if somebody is an idiot, let them be, you don’t have to talk with them.
      oh right, you do if they are out to get your money. but even then, why give them the satisfaction of bothering. as roark said: “but i don’t think about you”

      1. Maybe its the sleeping pills kicking in but I have no idea what you just said. It seems interesting though

    2. It’s for narcissistic shitheads who are so far up their own asshole that they think the entire world needs, not wants, NEEDS to hear what they have to say about everything. So basically 95% of my generation.

      1. That’s basically my view on it. Personally, I don’t think very many people really want to hear what I have to say, and there is basically no one who I want to hear what they have to say on a consistent basis. At least, in 140 character snippets. The only thing more tragic than it being an outlet for narcissists is that there are enough “followers” to encourage them.

      2. Yes!
        I’ve said before that if I’d sat down in 1985 and wrote out 100 postcards every couple of hours and sent them to everybody I knew with missives such as “Just had a ham sammich for lunch! Yum!”, people would have correctly assumed I was an extremely disturbed narcissist in need of serious psychiatric treatment.
        Today we give it a pass and call it “social media”.

        1. That series is fun. Have it on DVD, and watched it in the theaters at the time it was released.

        2. I saw it in theatres when it came out – it is still fun. I was once in a meeting, and said “this has got everything but a flux capacitor”. No laughs – no one got it…..and I’m not even a nerd.
          Did you manage Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man?

        3. 2015 is the year they went back to…forward to….gadzooks time flies while youre watchin society unravel…

        4. Amazing all the issues and problems he is having and he hasn’t even started the job.

        5. Aye. Haven’t watched the tube in so long though that the show itself is basically alien to me. I know what I know about it from online forums.

      3. The MSM, ESPN and various cable programs apparently think you NEED to hear what they have to say as they routinely display random Tweets when reporting the “news.”
        Besides ESPN hell bent on proliferating the SJW agenda, I refuse to watch that network due to their absurdity with showing tweets like a tabloid outlet.
        And Good Lord has the use of “racism” and “sexism” become beyond abused from its original definition. He produced a tweet about fat bitches — that’s NOT SEXIST. Jesus fucking Christ!

        1. Just use the Yahoo! Sportacular app on your smartphone. You can pick and choose what sports you want scores about and what teams in a very unassuming, not pretentious app. There is also a whole section for news you can click on if you feel so inclined and none of it seems politically charged or has any persecution mania.

        2. Hate to break it to you, but the idea that rich people are rich because they aren’t sitting around watching TV with the Walmartians is bullshit.
          The biggest no-talent shit brained cocksucker I ever worked for (that’s saying a lot at this point) made 30 mill in the housing boom and brags constantly about how he was in the city “Lambo Club”.
          His idea of intellectual stimulation was keeping up with celebrity gossip. This was a 45 year old white (technically) man.
          Most rich people are absolutely retarded moral and intellectual voids who do no productive work whatsoever.
          I am saying this as an entrepreneur myself.

        3. You’re thinking too hard into this. The point is that no one worth a shit got there by sitting around doing nothing all day. The guy you speak of sounds like a total fuck but apparently if he made 30 mil he had to have done something right. The rich people I’ve known are honestly all good down to earth people with a lot of applicable knowledge. I take every chance I get to learn from them. The entire point of being rich is that you don’t have to do productive work anymore because last time I checked the top 400 richest people in the country weren’t making money off salaries or commissions or any bullshit like that, something like 70% of their income was from capital gains.

        4. Actually, I misspoke.
          He didn’t “earn” that 30 mill, he got it handed to him from his daddy’s real estate “development” business. That’s what I put together, at least.
          That money was made on the housing boom, which, in retrospect was literally a Ponzi scheme scam.
          The rich people we have come across seem to be very different indeed…
          Capital Gains just means sitting back and making money off people that do actual productive work for a living. Once you have money, youre in “the club” and no longer face real risk. They even brag about it, openly…watch the Mcaunaghey/Decaprio lunch scene in Wolf of Wallstreet.
          I have no ambition of enslaving my superiors, personally, and the fact that profiteers of counterfeiting (research the Fed) are held in such high esteem by their serfs says everything about this feminized slave culture.

        5. Yep, fuck that guy then, and then idk maybe i just don’t know people that are rich enough to be dickheads like that. I get where your coming from though. The only reason Im trying to get that kind of money is so I won’t ever have to play their rigged game just to survive.

        6. Yeah, me too man.
          There are intelligent and productive rich people, its just that the proportion has been getting worse and worse over the years, IMO.

    3. Some people use it for pithy messages. It can be useful if you have a great economy of words.
      Many people use it because they are unable to express complicated thoughts using multiple sentences.
      I look at it as a dumbed-down form of texting.

      1. This is probably another reason why it really has no appeal to me. I’m rather known for my lack of economy with words. Why say in 100 words what could better be said in 10,000? heh

    4. Easy way for reporters to get celebrity quotes all at once. Already in soundbite format. And half the time unfiltered from PR flacks.

        1. Shitter. Titter. Clitter.
          Fuck me! Just came up with the best name ever for a twitter clone for gay people: Glitter.
          Instead of hashtags they can use ****’s (i.e. glitters). It’s going to be FAB.
          Speaking of fags, go turn on the tv and 50% chance is a some fag will be lisping into the camera about something that he either adores, or something that makes him really, really, angry (like his boyfriend, Ryan, not wanting to get his butthole waxed).

    5. Microblogging appeals to kids and people who like to hear themselves talk – that’s why it’s filled with girls and liberals

    6. Twitter CAN be useful if you are famous or semi-popular online and have some decent following and you either have a website or fan base who like your work, writing, etc… then you can convert that twitter for a mass following and when you have a product you can launch, you can shout it out in twitter. For average folks thought, twitter is a waste of time.

  11. Jimmy’s article is great.
    And I do like the fact that Libtards are now eating their own.

  12. It’s funny to watch liberal Jews wrestle with the cognitive dissonance between their liberalism and Israel’s gradual coming out of the closet as a right-wing nationalist state.

      1. When you lose the war, woe to the defeated.

      2. Pretty funny how they continue to pay for Hitler’s sins they had absolutely nothing to do with, isn’t it?

    1. The coming out with Israel is rather interesting. I’ve never been a fan of giving them foreign aid (nor any other nation), and will always say we shouldn’t. But if they are coming out hard right, well, I’m not going to turn away an ostensibly right wing ally. In the past they were always far too left wing for my tastes.

      1. I can’t understand the appeal of living in a place where you are surrounded by countries with people that want to wipe your existence off the face of the Earth. I’d GTFO.
        It’s the same feeling I’m starting to get with this feminist society here in the US.

  13. Make a joke about a white European killing a jew, get harrassed by SJW’s/marxists and possibly throw your career away. Make a joke about a jew or another race killing a white European, its acceptable, funny and welcome.

    1. That’s the double standard that we live in, today. Women (especially white women) are allowed to say anything they want about men. Let it happen the other way around, though and a storm develops with men hanging on the cross.
      So much for equality.

      1. they always talk about white privladge but they trash talk more then any idiot crackhead or v illitirate villager in the 3rd world and its taken as normal while the idiots ethnic community has to explain their dumbasses actions and comments. that is if the media swirls it around and everyone gets hysterical.
        i say white women are the most privladged class. they suffered no discrimination like the ethnics and whatever her white dad father sin bro gets she gets a cut. how can they call oppression livin in an ivory tower. hell my country is feminized and in law class whites and females suffer lesser sentences for the same crime then ethnics and men but i dont hear them makin an outrage about that

        1. “how can they call oppression livin in an ivory tower….”
          That statement, alone, is gold. It’s how the female mind works in many westernized cultures, today. They are so privileged, yet, they are so oppressed (at the same time).
          Meanwhile, it’s the “don’t look at me (women), look at the bad men”….working in the background….all of the time.
          Funny shit, right?

        2. totally do lil white girls get shot by cops for playin with a toy they handicap white women get shot for holdin a screw old ladies get shot by cops noe. do thet get harassed at airprta for saftey. do they get media telling them they are a violent crazy group ..nope they are told they are specail. when somethin happens to them does get swept under the rug or do they call for “misssing white woman syndrome” even if no one made a big deal online. do they serve longer prision sentences for the same crime commited as others..nope.
          apperntly all this is oppression which is nothing but privledge. ironic the group shamin privledge are the most privledged.
          they dont get to live in comfort and claim being abused in the cottonfields

      2. Hi Driver, this is totally unrelated to the topic but I remembered you and our chat when I read it. And you seem like the best person to tell me what it means.
        What is ‘game’? We don’t have this in Singapore and the last time I visited the US many years back, nobody even mentioned it. Why must men have ‘game’? And what is it?

        1. Game (used by men), today, is the result of feminism (or the female imperative). Other people will have different explanations or definitions for “game” but after reading many different sites…I believe this is the best definition for it.
          To better understand how game is used (or what “it is”) then you’d have to read a few articles here:
          I hope this helps.

        2. My goodness : / It’s sad to read. When did game replace sincerity? It’s just a false front which can’t be maintained in the long run. It’s scary to think dating over there is… not being yourself : / There’s nothing meaningful about it any more, is there?
          Thank you : ) I understand it better now. Boy am I glad I grew up in a totally different environment.

        3. Yes, I know. It’s the very reason why many men from here are moving to SE Asia looking for a better culture, life (and wife). Women, here, are shaming men who are moving away but many of these women have no idea why men are moving away.
          These women believe it’s the men who can’t “man up” and be men…but it’s just the opposite. Many of these men are very responsible in life, they have very good jobs, own homes, etc…It’s just that women (here) have gotten to a point where they want to “have it all”. They don’t want a responsible (boring) husband. They like to make their own money, eat all they want, hook up with many different men, etc…it’s the new “normal” for them. Men (here) are finding it is a sad state of affairs for them so they are leaving to find a better place (with women who find “value” in them).
          It used to be different here, but times have changed. With all of this new “equality” women here have changed…and for the worse. It’s why so many of them are finding themselves very single as they get into their 40s and 50s (no man wants to deal with them at that point). They see no need to change…only the men need to change (and accept it).
          So they move on to better lands.

        4. Also, it’s very much a double standard here (western society). Women are allowed to say anything and do anything in public (while men are criticized, lose their jobs, jailed, etc…). Our society is losing it’s grip on “freedom of speech”.
          Freedom of speech only applies to females (usually white females). Any man who says something (even if it’s true) that doesn’t “jive” with a woman’s opinion (or narrative) gets into trouble. Women can call men flat out “losers” in public while men are not allowed to say such thing about women (i.e. fat woman). It’s true…but it hurts their “feelings”.
          Many men are striking back and you’re starting to see a growing movement. Equality is a sham.

        5. To a certain extent, I agree. My job is my job yes. It helps alleviate my man’s burden yes. But he’s my priority. If he should ever complain about feeling neglected, this job goes. I’ll look for 1 that allows more time with him.
          It’s just a very sad situation you guys have there when you need to view dating as ‘game’. Love isn’t a game. I’d take sincerity and the simple gestures of love and being taken care of any time over some silly manouvering tactics.
          Just take care of a woman and she would do anything to keep her man happy. This was what I grew up with. I don’t need diamonds; just a man who shows he loves me. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my man.

        6. Women there need to understand what true equality means. It means whatever effort men put into taking care of their women, they should be rewarded for their efforts. THIS is equality.
          If men make an effort to provide for their women, they deserve nothing less than devotion and affection. If men appreciate their women, they should be priority in their women’s lives.
          I wouldn’t say that I don’t have problems with my man. There will always be some, once in awhile. But when a woman loves a man, nothing can’t be worked out together.
          Men don’t and shouldn’t need game. All they need is sincerity and the willingness to take care of their women. And as women, it’s our sole responsibility to ensure our men are happy. It’s just the basics, sweetie.
          Very sad situation you guys have there.

        7. Yep. I wish things were different herd but they are bad and getting worse. Women never seem to be happy no matter how much a man provides for her or how well he treats her. They are losing out in the long run.

        8. It’s why men are leaving the U.S…too tired of the bulls hit with women here. A sad state of affairs and the women don’t see a problem…on their end.

      1. Depends on how it happens. If, for example, they were murdered by assailants wield weed wackers, you’d have to admit, it would give you a grim chuckle.
        Yeah, but what you said, actually.

        1. Then again, how many times has the holocaust been used for comedic purposes? Too many times and especially by Jewish comedians! Anything can be morphed into a joke especially if it’s done by a skilled comedian.
          Hell, there were jokes about the Germanwings the next day.

        2. Weed whackers? Like machetes? You laughing at the Rwandan genocide, huh? Insensitive prick!

    2. Like how some Jewish Bolsheviks murdered Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Alexandra, along with her husband Tsar Nicholas II and all their attractive offspring.

      1. Those idiots died because they were too fucking stupid and arrogant to leave. He was a weak man and leader who was dominated by a neurotic mentally unstable woman.

        1. They were murdered because they had their heads up their entitled asses. Failure to notice the angry starving hordes outside of your door has been the downfall of many so-called leaders.

        2. Victim Blaming! Nobody ever asked to be murdered! Have you even met any murder victims or do only read about them on the internet? I’ve met a number of murder victims, and I can assure you, they never asked for ANYTHING! In fact, I AM a murder victim, so I know, and I cry every time I’m triggered to think that my murderer is still out there – and you triggered me, you victim blaming asshole pig!

        3. Can’t say I have met a murder victim because they were dead. You’re a murder victim? Well it is Easter, I will assume you have arisen from the dead. I’ll jazz hands for you honey.

  14. When did so many people become so ungrateful? Trevor Noah’s tweets aren’t part of some political agenda (like the Daily Show). He’s a professional comedian, and he tried to make people laugh, for free. Excuse the fuck out of him if he took a swing and missed.

  15. been saying this for a while. sjws donot have ethnic mens backs j.they are feminie by nature and attack with emotion so when they call a white dude racist unecissarly it gives the immpression that they are on the ethnic mens side but what they really doing is dividing n conquering and gettin everyone to fight with each other. like pretty girls with mysogyny ethnics with lane racism or whites with appearance of favortism over them.
    just ugly dykes benefit from this. the only ones never attavcked by the mob just straight people thats it and dividin them up.

  16. White people need to stop breeding outside of our extended family. Otherwise we’ll see more problem children like President Hybrid (as my late father called him), Elliot Rodger, Laci Green and Trevor Noah.

    1. Um…… so you think ALL people of Latin America are mentally ill (virtually all people in Latin America are mixed race, ya know)?
      Eastern Europeans are part Mongol.
      Southern Europeans are part Arab.
      Get a clue, dumbass…

      1. And we know how all those Latin American countries have become such advanced societies that the rest of the world turns to for inspiration.
        By contrast, I have an overwhelmingly white ancestry with some random noise in the mix.

        1. ‘Advanced societies’ is different than saying they are mentally ill, dipshit.
          Plus, Eastern Europe is poorer than Latin America. Well, they are mixed-race too 🙂 :).

      2. most of us EE and SE fought the Mongols and the Arabs, a lot less fucking went on than people think. You need to stop reading eugenics during Nazi hun.

  17. Yet another reason to cancel cable, sell your TV/DVD player/video game machine/etc, and spend the proceeds on weights, books, and guns.
    Boycott and Bankrupt Big Entertainment!!!!!
    Death To Hollywood!!!!!!

    1. Get your music off of bandcamp (best resource for independent and up-and-coming music of all genres) and only subscribe to Netflix and Hulu (there are plenty of independent, grassroots viewing on each).

    2. You need to write that book- “Weights,Books, Guns” as a response to “Eat,pray,Love”.

      1. Ha!
        That would be a very short book. The entire text would probably be:
        Chapter 1: Get off your ass and lift!
        Chapter 2: Turn off the idiot box and read!
        Chapter 3: Buy a gun and learn how to use it!

    3. Implying that people should sell their media devices for weights, books and guns is ableist, stupidist and pacifist. Check your able bodied, literate privilege. And don’t you know guns are able to kill people? That’s pretty insensitive to killed people.

      1. What shall my penance be???? Please, not a back-alley gender reassignment!!!!!!! Pleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee, not that!!!!!!!

        1. If you can prove your tolerance by other means, I will spare you the gender reassignment. Perhaps you’d like to get pegged in the name of open-mindedness? Sexuality is pretty fluid after all, and it won’t prove that you’re homosexual, only that you are open to new experiences, and feel what it is like to be in someone else’s position. And that can only be a good thing, can’t it now?

        2. If I may try and put this as politely as possible… It’s not entirely your decision here. We will have to go to a third party SJW jury who will consider themselves which punishments are suitable. You may have some say in which punishment you choose, but the options will be pre-decided by your socially enlightened betters, and even then, anyone of them may veto your preference.
          Perhaps, in the end, you will be sentenced to the most humiliating punishment of all:
          A public apology!
          Then you can have your brandy.

  18. I have watched the daily show for over a decade, but the last two years were getting painful. It was too gay friendly, too women friendly, too minority friendly. To the point where they were whining worse than the actual parties. Watching the crew do 8 minutes about street harasment in the exact way I feared they would, like SJWs, instead of commedians, really turned me off. In the last two years Ive honestly turned the show off a few times mid show, which never happaned the decade prior. I hope Trevor changes the mood.

  19. P.S. Jim Norton is a hack bootlicker who will do anything for a paycheck. He was probably paid to defend Noah. Norton defended Leno when he double crossed Conan, only because Leno let him perform on the Tonight Show. Totally untrustworthy as a spokesperson, no credibility.
    Not that I have any love for Democrat-lover Conan, but anyone with two eyes can see Leno’s actions to Conan were despicable and dirty and a stab in the back. For Norton to defend them speaks volumes for how low he is.

  20. He is guilty of being notfunny and he’s a fucking foreigner and he’s an affirmative action hire. He’s a liberal , left wing wet dream being from horrible S.African and mixed race ( white + black + ). He’s a marxist /lib/SJW cyborg for fuck’s sake. They couldn’t hire a bona fide black comedians like Kat Williams, DL Hugely or Kevin Hart?? Hannibal Burress?? What really bugged me is his snarky remarks about USA being as bad as his native s. Africa. He made some jokes about black incarceration and a reference to Ferguson “hands up don’t shoot” bullshit. Really Noah? You wanna go there? Let’s talk about being the rape capitol of the world. Let’s talk about albinos being killed for their body parts for witch doctor remedies.

    1. He can say whatever he wants..except make fun of fat chicks. That’s a sacred cow of the SJW’s. Cow… see what I did there?

    2. He also “supports” Lena Dunham through her trials and tribulations of “rape” and “abuse”.

  21. Maybe I am a horrible person, but can someone at least see the irony in his first “offensive” “joke”?

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Here we have some twitter exchanges and WHOLE article dedicated to analyse their meaning or the lack of it. What a waste of energy!
      People write lots of stupid things on the web, should we pay attention to all of them and try to draw any conclusions?
      This is called gossiping, nothing masculine about it.

      1. I don’t know why celebs don’t just pay someone to hang around, like a PA… that way if they twitter something and the media goes nuts, they can just blame the assistant for it.

  22. SJWs Pile On Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Over “Offensive” Tweets

    Very good. Let the cancer kill itself. Daily reminder: SJW and feminism is not viable, they either abort themselves into extinction, or have less children or kill each other in the “blame and shame olympics”. Let me get some popcorn.

  23. “liberal” shows have to be policed to ensure they remain “liberal”. The SWJ cheka are raising these issues now to make sure that he doesn’t step out of line later when he’s become comfortable and might be in danger of thinking he can actually say what he wants. In other words they’re not really offended by a few innocuous jewish jokes, but they want him to understand what lines he can’t cross and that if he goes beyond that he’ll be toast
    Edit: Actually the billionaire joke probably did worry them

  24. South African, Black, educated, mixed race, jew comedian..Immune to S.J.W’s and their p.c thought fascism.Well played comedy central. We need to isolate these T.W.A.T.S (thought warriors against thinking sanely) and dig in their closets and expose these hipocrites and ruin them.

  25. These same brainless leftist SJWs will continue to tune in because that’s all they know how to do.
    Sure they might feel offended, but the thought of doing something proactive like changing the channel is beyond their cognitive abilities.

  26. Actually I think the joke about fat chicks was rather humorous. It was almost pure red pill if you look at it. Not that this guy is red pill, but sometimes comedians stumble onto truths unintentionally.
    Everything else about this dude I could give two shits over. He’s a leftists, and now leftists are tearing him apart.
    The SJW’s are certainly starting to eat their own a lot these days aren’t they? I guess this is similar to how the SA faggots were terminated by the SS. End of the day, leftists gonna hate.

  27. Here’s a funny joke. What’s the best way to shut up a social justice feminist? Shove your cock down her throat.

    1. Heh.
      Unrelated, but I like the joke.
      “What’s the first thing a battered woman should do after being released from a shelter?
      Get me a beer if she knows what’s good for her!”
      A fan of dark humor, yes.

      1. Also @JamisonHartley:disqus “How do you make a woman orgasm?”
        “Who cares?”

      2. In dark humour lies a grain of truth. The man who understands the wisdom that comes from demoralising feminists and white knight betas through humour is a man that might just survive this war against the modern white male.

      3. An optimist sees the cup as half full.
        A pessimist sees the cup as half empty.
        A feminist sees the cup as rape.

  28. The United States of America was founded on the principle of social justice. The Declaration of Independence says:
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”
    Thomas Jefferson was among the earliest social justice warriors. Here are some of his writings:”Justice is the fundamental law of society.” –Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816.”The most sacred of the duties of a government is to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.” –Thomas Jefferson: Note in Tracy’s, “Political Economy,” 1816.”An equal application of law to every condition of man is fundamental.” –Thomas Jefferson to George Hay, 1807.etc. etc.
    Any American who is bothered by social justice warrior should abolish the American Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the whole system that constitutes the United States.

    1. *facepalm*
      Yeah, the Founders were all about tracking down British leaders and having them fired from jobs because of effective mass shaming techniques.
      Justice != social justice
      Go back to HuffPo.

      1. The “founders” should have been executed by the King because they are a bunch of filthy traitors.

        1. Seriously, leftist, what do you get from posting here? Attention? Does it make you feel good to spit on others, especially dead men who were greater than you’ll ever be? You sir, are a worm.
          Go shove yourself in an oven. Our conversation is finished.
          I’m aware you have a burning, painful need to get the last word. If you post I shall neither read it nor respond to it.
          Now avaunt, you fairy.

        2. How ironic, that a man running by the name of Ghost of Jefferson, that is by the name of one of the earliest leftists and social justice warriors, dares to accuse others of being social justice warriors and leftists.

        3. OK this comment needs to win some kind of reward.
          I need you clarify exactly what point you were trying to make.

        4. The so-called founders of the United States are traitors who rebelled against their lawful king George III under unjustified pretexts. They should have been fought well, defeated and executed.
          Is there any thing unclear in what I am saying?

        5. So what you’re basically trying to say is that you don’t understand history, language, or politics. Got it.

        6. So you too still don’t want to recognize that you system is rotten to the core and from its beginning.

        7. Not following your logic, sorry.
          America was founded on the principle of social justice, Thomas Jefferson is the USA SJW Prime, but the system is rotten to the core from the beginning? Is this your opinion or is it supposed to be mine?

        8. Yes it is rotten, because the idea of social justice is a tool of destruction and corruption. Modern social justice warriors are the continuation of the first ones like Jefferson. They are the natural offshoots of the system. They run according to the system. The same system that you all hold to.

        9. Hmm, interesting.
          You know, it does appear that we are witnessing a worldwide degradation of Democracy into a money driven mob-rule that didn’t really start to take off until women’s suffrage became a reality. Women began to look to the State for support instead of within their families and communities. Man used to work to support his wife while she nourished their young children, which provided a level of comfort, support and safety back when most work was still work.
          Citizenship also used to be more restricted than it is now, and there was more of a hierarchy in social life that held things together.
          I don’t think things were rotten from the beginning, but seeds were sown along the way to slowly poison the soil. Was it inevitable?

        10. That’s because we were not a democracy in the beginning, were not intended to be, and rights were sacrosanct and guaranteed and extended no further than the individual. Meaning your rights could not impugn on the rights of others, which is the exact opposite of social justice warrior thinking.

        11. – The so-called founders of the United States are traitors who rebelled against their lawful king George III under unjustified pretexts. –
          Had the founders ever sworn allegiance to George III? If not, on what ground was he ever their lawful king then?
          – They should have been fought well, defeated and executed. –
          What a crying shame that such a magnificent idea never occur to George III and the entire arrays of British monarchy & military at that time.

        12. We were supposed to be a republic with a part-time government, that held the power of State governments over the power of the Federal government.
          Our ancestors really screwed up with slavery. The civil war may have started the process of rectifying the problem, but it ended up strengthening the power of the federal government. It also paved the way for a dependent underclass that can easily be identified and segregated by skin color. The civil rights movement for blacks was highly influential in helping bolster the women’s suffrage movement.
          I can’t help but think that maybe they handled abolition the wrong way. Maybe they should have waited for technology and attitudes to change. It’s possible that things could have happened more naturally. Blacks could have integrated into society more fluidly, with more white men taking black mistresses and creating mixed race children whose descendants could avoid being immediately born into an underclass just based on the way they looked. A lot less people would have died, and the government wouldn’t have been irreparably damaged.
          I hate that racism is a part of human nature, but that’s the way we are. We naturally do not trust people who are not like us. My thoughts probably aren’t very popular, and we can’t change the past. The world would be vastly different now had the civil war not happened the way that it did. Interesting to think about, though.

        13. That or we could have picked our own damned crops.

        14. Yeah, we could play the game of history revision all they way back to the beginning of time.
          I think slavery was more of an international force of nature, whereas the Civil War was more a series of isolated deliberate acts and decisions. It takes fewer nudges to alter the events around the Civil War for a different outcome than the amount of things that would have to be altered for the Atlantic Slave Trade to either not occur in or not influence the US economy.

        15. The arrogance through which Americans dare to falsify history has no boundaries.
          All the colonies were subjects of the King. Had the King won the war, the traitors’ fate would have been death.

        16. You mean, like the way it went down in Brazil?
          Just think, we could be like the glorious utopia that is Brazil!

        17. The slave trade was a force of nature. The Homo Erectus could fly, and just by luck flew to the USA. No one brought them here, it just happened.

        18. Yeah, just one: how do you propose the US’s lawful queen Elizabeth II remedies this situation, given her country basically relies entirely on this band of traitors for its military survival against, well, everyone?
          Oh, and also how the US’s lawful queen Elizabeth II proposes to do that given she actually has no power to command armies against her current or former dominions anymore — having given up most of her fiat powers to an English Parliament that looks a hell of a lot like the democratic model the US’s founders adopted?

        19. Social justice is indeed a tool of destruction and corruption.
          Justice =/= social justice. Jefferson guaranteed the pursuit of happiness to all men — not the policing of butthurt at large by rabid feminists.

        20. – Yeah, just one: how do you propose the US’s lawful queen Elizabeth II remedies this situation, given her country basically relies entirely on this band of traitors for its military survival against, well, everyone? –
          Mayhaps the US’s lawful queen Elizabeth could be convinced that the way of the SJW is not beneath her?

        21. – The arrogance through which Americans dare to falsify history has no boundaries. All the colonies were subjects of the King. –
          Which history? Every American I’ve ever asked confirmed to me that indeed the Brits or the Japs or the Nazis or even the ISIS dudes can rightfully own their collective Yankee asses AFTER they militarily managed to crush the Americans and put their boots upon their sorry Yankee necks. I trust that even George Washington himself would have concurred and he perhaps might even have added “Molon labe, my good chap, molon labe”.
          – Had the King won the war, the traitors’ fate would have been death. –
          Death comes to us all but unfortunately not so with military victory, it came not to the king and his red coat wearing jack booted thugs.

      1. So you still don’t want to recognize that you system is rotten to the core and from its beginning.

        1. …so now you’re saying Jefferson was responsible for a rotten and corrupt system from the beginning?

  29. I actually found Noah’s fat chicks Twitter joke pretty funny…because it’s true.

  30. When did Tweets become news? When did middle-America schmucks and twats become “intellectuals” whose Tweets get to be copy/pasted and featured in news articles? What the fuck is this sad, pathetic cop out? Any time I’m reading an article and it transitions to “The Twittersphere blew up with…” and showcases copy/pasted Tweets from keyboard jockeys I immediately click off of the article. At that juncture it is about as useful to me as a broken condom. The fuck I even care what keyboard gangster psuedo-intellectuals have to squawk about anything, ever? is especially notorious for this. It has became total amateur hour at The YMCA!
    Fuck millenial social poisoning every which way!

    1. Same. The problem is that the news media is humping the meme like Bob the horny dog humps your chaise lounge.
      I can’t even come up with a proper response to put in commentary about how stupid this trend in reporting has become. We’re literally living in a world of witch hunting.

  31. SJW assjacks COULDN’T tell he’s Jewish by his last name??????
    Wow, some people really can be as stupid as they look, it’s a fact!

  32. Twitter should be called “Twatter”, b/c it’s full of narcissistic smart phone zombies masturbating to the the sound of their own opinions.
    The problem with the anti-bullying movement is that it has shown that weaklings are perfectly capable of being asshats, too, which they weren’t given much opportunity to do when they were busy getting stuffed in lockers or getting swirlies in the boys bathroom.

      1. I like to combine with Instagram and just call the whole rage complex InstaTwit.

        1. If tinder gets bought by facebook the new co could be called Fuckface

      1. Your posts are so full of win it’s amazing. Good stand you take in life, brother.

    1. Bullying is a good thing. It teaches the bully that he’s either alpha as fuck or a dickweed big boned omega, and it teaches other men that they are weak OR that they ARE alpha as fuck when they rise against the bully. It is the primal male hierarchy establishment tool in youth and beyond.
      There’s a reason the left wants to destroy bullying. Bullying teaches young men to fight back.

      1. Meh. I could have done with a lot less “Lord of the Flies” on the playground in elementary school. It was more fun to channel youthful energy into playing games outside of the type that aren’t allowed now, such as dodgeball and “elimination” than being shitty for the sake of being shitty.
        Of course, presaging my later talent for leadership, I organized a campaign of massive retaliation against the one out-of-control bully in my 1st grade class. He was a slow learner but eventually he figured it out. From high school on he’s actually been one of my best friends (thus the upvote).

  33. Since when did “I find this unfunny” turn into “I WANT THIS MAN TO LOSE HIS JOB!”….?
    God, these people need to get over themselves. The world doesn’t exist to make you happy, fuck.

    1. But they think it does. That’s the problem. Solipsism.

      1. But who was it, Ghost, that designed the education system to train kids to become over-sensitive and to get trophies for mediocre performances?
        It wasn’t human nature, or like-minded elitism, or liberalism or any other vague concept you can think of. it was an actual group of people…

  34. With all the fracas surrounding the daily show’s transition from Jon Stewart to this guy,why bother keeping the show on the air? The Daily Show was Jon Stewart. his personality is what made it work.
    I’m sure Trevor Noah is talented but he apparently has a different sensibility that’s not as liberal which the shows fan base will hate.

  35. This tyranny is in no way new. It is simply modern civilization wherein truth is hated while lies are beloved.

  36. This isn’t about Jews, the SJW’s could care less about them and see Israel as oppressors.
    This is because he made fun of fat chicks. And because he’s not white he should know better than to stray off the PC reservation.

    1. Dont kid yourself. This is also about the jews. True that SJWs Groups are filled with anti-zionists. On the other hand jews dominate tha top ranks of must left liberal or cultural marxist organizations. The Southern poverty law center being one of the most prominent examples.
      The jews are the foremost victim group in the western world today. You can be anti-islamic, against homosexuality, anti-feminist, etc. with some penalty in life.
      But if you are known to be an “anti-semite” than expect to have your career destroyed.
      “Holocaust denial” is even forbidden by law in many western countries. Doesnt this just say it all?

  37. I don’t like the Trevor Noah pick, not because he’s black but because he’s not American. This is OUR country. It does not belong to foreigners, as they do not pay the taxes to our government that citizens do. This is the thing that irks me on a lot of levels. And it is not just liberals who are guilty of such treason. There are plenty of conservatives who would sell their fellow countrymen out yet still force the under the laws and tax codes of such a system.

  38. An affirmative action hire if I ever saw one. On the show less than 4 times, stand up material about 5% of what Rock/Murphy was. Even his tweets aren’t funny.

  39. The joke about Bruce Jenner was funny
    Seen his show before. He is a good comic.

  40. Investing in Kleenex stocks would be good idea whenever SJWs are so offended and cry about it. They can use the tissue as much as possible to stop their tears and since they cry and bitch so much, they might as well really cry about the fact that they crying.

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