3 Fundamental Truths About The Universe You Learn From Lifting Weights

A man’s experience in weight lifting, strength training, and bodybuilding reveal to him certain fundamental truths about the nature of the universe and the reality we live in. Here are three of them.

1. You get out what you put in


Progress and achievement in anything is always directly proportional to the effort one puts in.

Life is like a farmer’s field, where seeds can be planted to later yield a crop. If you plant rotten seeds, or don’t plant any at all, the yield will reflect this.

By contrast, if you plant many seeds and in fertile ground, then your future will be rich with the rewards of your previous efforts.

This concept of “you reap what you sow” is as clear in the gym as anywhere else. Physical changes in your body are directly proportional to the effort you put into your workouts, diet, and overall lifestyle.

If you try to “cheat” by skipping a workout or eating garbage food, you may get short-term pleasure but in the end you are only cheating yourself.

In the gym you will always see bad action reflected in your results, likewise with good action. Everything counts and there is no escaping it.

So it is with everything in life, from making money in a business to being successful with girls and getting laid. It’s an immutable law of the universe that you get out what you put in, and it’s obvious in the gym.

2. There is inherent duality in everything


Everything in the universe is characterized by an underlying duality.

Light and dark, up and down, masculine and feminine, duality is everywhere you look. You can’t have one without the other.

Likewise with building muscle and progress in the gym. In order to make any gains, you need to lift hard and break down your muscles. But equally you need rest, proper nutrition, and recovery. You can’t have one without the other.

If you only lift (biceps everyday YOLO), you’ll end up injuring yourself and won’t make any progress. And if you only rest, you’ll become a sedentary average person with no muscle mass and a poor physique.

An equal balance of aggressive action (forcing things to happen) and passive resting (allowing things to grow on their own) is necessary to build muscle.

You need both elements, and this is where the underlying principle of duality is clear. This is the constant cycle of “back and forth” that is always present; the polarity that characterizes the universe.

3. A valuable result comes only after a difficult, lengthy, and time consuming process

Unless you take steroids right from the start, it takes a long time in the gym to actually start looking “good.”

This can be discouraging for beginners, and it doesn’t help that expectations are often heavily skewed by

  • Misinformation from the mainstream media
  • Ignorance of the general public about fitness and nutrition
  • The fact that most fitness models and celebrities take steroids
  • Internet marketers selling fanciful “30 day transformations”
  • Outrageous claims of progress from the (unregulated) supplement industry

It can be hard to accept that your initial goal for lifting (not too big, I just want to look like Greg Plitt!) may not even be possible without steroids.

But the reality is that it will take many months or even years for your body to (naturally) start to look the way you want it to.


However, a lengthy process preceding the result is the case with everything in life.

If you want to be better than 90-95% of people at anything, you will have to take consistent action, on a daily basis, for at least several years.

Results are nothing but the product of many small efforts over time and all together this is what amounts to (way) more than the average person ever puts in.

Anything worth achieving in life will take a long time and a lot of hard work, and this fundamental truth becomes clear when you strive for success in the gym.

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90 thoughts on “3 Fundamental Truths About The Universe You Learn From Lifting Weights”

  1. When done right, it is an aesetic discipline. I didn’t learn how to train right til football was 5 years in my rear view mirror. Great article.

      1. “What do you mean aesthetic discipline?”
        Nothing. He means ascetic discipline, like characterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence.

  2. Agree with this article. I strongly feel that this would be a great way for men to teach their sons about the benefits of hard work. Even better if they do it together.

  3. 4. A man is never truly satisfied with his results, and will always seek improvement. I have been lifting religiously since I was 17. Compared to my old self – 6’1″, 155lbs – I am now a monster at a muscular looking 231lbs. But, I would always like to drop that little bit of extra weight that keeps me from looking shredded, I constantly compare myself to roidheads and seek ways to increase my size (though I only go natural), I always want to increase my strength, and I constantly find areas of my physique that I would like to improve because they are not defined enough for my liking. But this is the same in all areas of life. A man who stops moving and striving for betterment starts dying.
    One note to the above, there is a subtle distinction between dedication and obsession. Dedication is rooted in self improvement, and the discipline required to attain goals which naturally compliments the full development of a masculine personality. Obsession is feminine, and it is rooted in narcissism, insecurity and jealousy which leads to the temptation to take shortcuts to achieve results and not develop a fully rounded masculine personality. This distinction is subtle, but you should keep the difference in mind and approach this pursuit from the correct perspective.

    1. Amen to all that. We have similar stories. I’m 6’4″ and was 187 in high school, a twig. I peaked weight at 259 years later after years of lifting, but I’m cut down to 233-235 range and quite pleased at what I’ve achieved. There’s a few guys in my gym in the 6’1″ish range 265-285 who are totally jacked. I always wanted to reach that level of totally jacked but I realized to do so would be an obsession. What’s ironic is at this weight, more cut down, I’m very close to as strong as these jacked guys, and I get same eyes from women, if not more.
      Also, if you’re an LTR guy, and ever meet your girl’s family, usually her father will gain a level of automatic respect for someone who regularly lifts, because a good father understands the honesty in weight lifting.

      1. Yeah, my wife’s father was Army infantry in Vietnam. Because we’re both combat vets, he speaks pretty frankly. He once told me he was “very pleased that his daughter didn’t end up with some pussy.”

        1. That is amazing from a FIL. You’re in like Flynn.

        2. Before she met me, she dated some effiminate hipster for four years. Her entire family hated him. He was apparently a total wuss, and wouldn’t even talk to them or make eye contact. I think they saw me as a breath of fresh air.

        3. Marrying some guy’s leftovers is bad enough, if said guy is a loser, that’s even more humiliating.
          He may have been a total wuss but he still fucked your wife when she was hotter and younger…

        4. Yes, I’m sure you’ve never been with a non-virgin. Here’s the sad part for you, my wife had exactly two LTRs before me. Your prospects of finding such a woman are non-existant. Your entire sex life consists of some loser’s leftovers. Have fun with that.

        5. *said* she had two LTRs before you… I’ve been with asian and south american virgins, never with a white virgin but they inevitably must exist.
          Don’t diss your eskimo brothers. Think about what they’ll say about you if she divorces. If you have kids with her remember that although telegony hasn’t been proved in humans yet, it hasn’t been disproved either.

        6. I wouldn’t say a virgin is necessarily a good idea.
          I dated one and got into an LTR with her and she went COCK CRAZY after a while. Girls who have had a few partners and know it isn’t all that aren’t such a bad idea.

        7. Wrong. *She* didn’t say anything. I know this through her friends and family. How do you know the notch count of your *virgins*? Her word? Newsflash, the only virgins in traditional societies won’t come within a mile of your dick because you’ll have to get through the family first, which you won’t do. If you think female nature is different in different countries, you’re in for a rude awakening. Women are women. They tell you what you want to hear to get what they want, which is why you think you’ve slept with virgins from exotic traditional cultures. Come see me when you’re ready to buy a bridge.
          Telegony? Idiotic. They say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” With my kids, their looks and behaviors are so similar to me that they haven’t even fallen off the branches.
          I wish you luck in your continued search for somthing that isn’t someone else’s sloppy 232nds.

        8. That’s what I was thinking.This loser got sloppy 2 nds. And why is it that all of these boys always seem to have some “Viet Nam” vet who tells them they are a real man lol
          “Kid, I was in ‘Nam (probably as a cook peeling potatoes lol) and I took one look at you with all of those big muscles and thought ‘this is a real man’

        9. * said lol
          My assistant here, Dr Danilova, 21, was a 3rd year med student(she was going on 16 when she began) and at 19 was still a virgin when I had sex with her. And as a physician I can’t be fooled. In fact, she actually lied to me and said she had had 2 lovers thinking that I wouldn’t want her if she was a virgin. By the standards of this lame blog she would be a 10 but I’d put her in the 8-9 category (I have high standards)And btw, I’m not a muscle bound meathead and look more like a young Connery in build.

        10. How are you a doctor? Haha you can’t be an American doctor because they weed socially inept autistic freaks like you out in the interview process for medical schools. Where are you from? Russia or something?

        11. He’s doctor Nick, internet MD, JD, and certified butthurt 17 year old virgin troll extraordinaire. The only pussy this guy has seen is on the internet. That’s why he makes ridiculous claims like being able to tell that a girl is a virgin because he’s a “physician.” Apparently he’s never heard of gynecologists. He’s also mad because his skinny 17 year old arms can’t pull tail – literally or figuratively. But mostly, he’s mad that he’s destined for a future working the cash register at McDonalds. I’m almost 40, and I’m a “Vietnam vet.” Math and history aren’t his strong suit.

        12. HAHA! True, there is no way in hell he is a doctor anywhere in the western world. He can’t even seem to construct a coherent sentence, I don’t even think McDonalds would take the retard.

    2. Shit dude, you’re two inches shorter than me and 6 pounds heavier. Nice job. I feel all svelte and shit.

      1. Truth be told, I should drop about 15lbs, but I carry it well, so I don’t look fat, but I don’t have the definition I’d like. But I’m working on lifting heavy right now to bulk a bit and hit some personal goals, so I’m eating my face off.

        1. I did the big bulk body in my twenties. Now I’m all about the 300 type body. To keep huge Ahnold bulk and fat percentage at 13 or below is a huge hurdle and a hard thing to keep going, you’re always in a state of balancing (gain, lose, gain, lose). I did it, I liked it, I’m done. More in “The Rock”/Vin Diesel territory now, or “300′ territory. More comfortable way of living. Besides, at my age my wife is appreciative that I haven’t become a beer gut dorkweed. Heh.

        2. You all sound gay to me what with all of these comparing measurements. Next you’ll be comparing your dick measurements with each other.

        3. You’re really rather sad dude. All you do is poke people for attention.

        4. He’s likely 17. That explains it. Too bad really. At his age, I would have killed for the kind of advice available here. Doesn’t bother me any more now than it ever has. I get results. Guys like this get jealous. Boo hoo.

    3. Wow guys.
      My goal is to hover with low body-fat at 190. I’m 185 now with good aesthetics and I thought I was strong… But you guys are on another level.
      I’m curious at what age you hit your max? I’m guessing you have more experience than me (started properly training, aka squats/deadlifts, at 25 and I’m 28 now). Got any pointers?

      1. 35-40 is generally the max strength age for competitive PLers . it’s all about a consistent effort for a long time. train the compounds for 10 years and you have to fuck up pretty hard to not be strong as hell at the end of those 10 years.

      2. I’m pushing 40, and haven’t yet hit my max. I’ve had times where I’d plateau for a while, so I’d switch my routines to work on something else – endurance v. strength, putting on weight v. getting lean, etc… My advice is simple – keep at it. If you get bored, there are endless ways to change it up. Also, don’t sweat bulking. When you hit 30, your metabolism is going to slow, and you’ll have no problem gaining weight. If you’re lifting, you will be adding muscle.
        The other good piece of advice that a friend told me a long time ago which is even more relevant as you age – it doesn’t matter how much you can lift, it matters how much you look like you can lift. He said this in the context of proper form. Remember that the only people who know what you’re lifting are the ones that see you in the gym. Those people respect someone who uses proper form to lift more than someone who gets twice as much up but risks catastrophic injury to do so. If you’re jacked, people outside the gym don’t know what weight you’re lifting, but they won’t want to fuck with you. If you can’t lift with proper form, you aren’t strong. If you use proper form, you may not get to 410 on deadlift as quickly, but you’ll be just as functionally strong as the idiot who’s destroying his back, knees and hips, and you’ll still be able to do a deadlift at 50. Focus on form and don’t injure yourself. You’ll attain your goals anyway, and you’ll be able to keep going into your later years.

        1. I peaked at 37, I’m 40 now. I weighed no more than 200 up until about 36. My war is in the kitchen, weights are the easy part now. Joints aren’t what they used to be so I’ve had to ease up. Best thing I ever heard a guy say in the gym, whose ripped mesomorph in his 30s. “Man you go heavy a lot, but you don’t always want to do that because you’ll be out of here with injuries eventually. I want to still be doin this when I’m 60.”
          And he was right, this past 7 months I’ve had 3 different minor odd-ball injuries. Elbow joints giving me some trouble out of blue, a pinched shoulder muscle (behind my shoulder blade..very odd), and recently for past 4 weeks a pinched nerve in my neck from pullin heavy shrugs. Listen to your body or pay a hefty price.

        2. I agree. Luckily, I haven’t been sidelined by any major injuries, but I’m aware that I can’t lift heavy forever. That’s why after this final push I’m transitioning into maintenance mode. I’ve pretty much reached my genetic potential in terms of size unless I want to take steroids, which I don’t. I’m more concerned with functional strength, and that’s what my current goals are geared towards. I’m looking to increase my max on a few fundamental compound exercises (squat, deadlift, flat bench and standing military press) with the idea that I can then work at a much lighter weight and preserve my capacity to hit my max on the off chance that I need to. Bottom line, getting older sucks.

  4. 4. It’s heavy. Really heavy. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly heavy it is.

  5. Weightlifting/resistance training is good and needed for a healthy existence, but its not the end-all-be-all like so many people on here think it is. Stay balanced and do other activities. Have fun. Shredded 8% body fat means jackshit in the grand scheme of things. Life is meant to be lived and diet of chicken breast and no booze is not living.

    1. Amen. To look at answers to the universe in a gym is fucking ridiculous. Important for a man to lift though and stay in shape.

    2. 8 % is different than 12. 12 is maintainable without a super strict diet, minimal cardio. 8 really isn’t long term.
      not to mention just because most BB dudes can’t cook doesn’t mean that eating a decent diet from nutrition means it’ll taste like shit.

  6. Lifting heavy weights is truly one of the greatest pastimes a man can have. Aside from casual sex, there isn’t anything I would rather be doing in my free time.

    1. You’re not getting any sex which is why you’re wasting time at some gay gym turning yourself into a gorilla. Constant heavy lifting will shrink your yarbles into the size of peas.You probably can’t even hold your arms flat and they stick out from your body like some deformed freak.

        1. I don’t object to looking good , it’s just a matter of what constitutes looking good. And just because a female looks at you means nothing, females will look at anything that’s odd or bizarre. It doesn’t mean they want to have sex with you. besides, wasting that much time and effort to become muscle bound is crazy.

      1. Someones only experience of weightlifting is looking at the front cover of flex magazine, and thinking “i’ll never look like that!”

        1. If you had a magic wand and could turn me into one of these meatheads, I would refuse.As I said, I naturally have a physique like a young Connery and I do no real exercise.Probably just heredity and good DNA because my father was built like an Olympic swimmer, which was what he was,

        2. Dude, you sound extremely jealous of men who have nice bodies.
          Why hate them when you can become them with a few years of training? Weightlifting increases your testosterone and makes you look good, and you don’t have to be giant and bloated unless you are doing steriods.

      2. It’s disgusting the way americans taunt animals at the zoo/aquarium/etc. The ‘I’ve paid for my entertainment’ attitude is palpable.

        1. I really don’t like animals who should be in their native habitat to be in zoos and I’m not some PETA crazy.

        2. It’s lamentable. I guess singling out americans is wrong, and the provocative gestures towards the animals is most likely a symptom of ignorance and irreverence as a result of consumerism, which is world-wide. There’s probably a way it can be done in a dignified manner, like those nature reserves. And the zoos would have us believe that species are under threat in their natural habitat, so there may be some good coming out of it.

        3. I didn’t single out Americans. There’s some truth about preserving a species but these gorillas live in the hills and even the Afros in the villages below didn’t know they were there since they’re hard to find until the White man showed them pictures of them. The Afro villages thought they were people when they saw the pics.

      3. It’s been such a long time since I came across another person with this belief, I had forgotten this line of thinking existed. I can’t even work up the desire to counter-argue: your statement is so incredibly off-base, it is difficult to treat it as if it is directed towards me at all.

  7. While I think an Understanding of Form is necessary to start, It boils down to, just pick up the damn thing.

  8. “Everything in the universe is characterized by an underlying duality.”
    Hey Aaron Simon, why don’t you fully expose your Manichaean Illuminati theology so that ROK readers be enlightened by it. Most ROK readers are indeed few step from reaching illumination.

    1. Q: What is the total, absolute force where your feet interface with the floor?
      A: Twice your weight.

        1. And God said, “Let there be light.” God saw that the light was good and he separated the light from the darkness.
          All occult systems, including the Christian, begin with the fundamental truths of life, the universe and everything. Therefore, if you go looking for it you will find it everywhere, even where it doesn’t exist, which is just about everywhere.
          And swamped with that much noise to signal you will, ironically, almost certainly miss it where it does exist.

      1. What do you know about Manichaeism?
        Of course, nothing.
        Did you know that Manichaeism reached China?
        Of course not.

      1. “I sent my soul into the invisible,
        Some letter of that after life to spell.
        And by and by my soul returned to me.
        And answered, I myself am heaven and hell.”
        (Edward FitzGerald)

  9. This is so true, been lifting moderately for about 4-5 years and only now is my body taking the shape of a lifter. It is a great thing however the only part that sucks is making it to the gym.

  10. As usual, most ROK readers, that is your average American chumps, will have no idea about the occult meanings that dwell between the lines of such articles.

    1. Q: What is the number of stability?
      A: Three.
      Fortunately, should you encounter a three legged stool or a tripod, you can always cut one leg off to avoid invoking the occult.
      How to deal with a Holy Trinity I leave as an exercise for the student.

      1. It’s hard to tell in this group. The dividing line between retarded and normal is a fine one here.

    2. ROK readers, aside from we who are doing studies on the underclasses, are by no means typical Americans.You can tell by how they view American women who are some of the best in the world, that these boys must be surrounded by dogs which means they are in the lower 10% of society(based on Dr Danilova’s class and IQ calculator) where the females tend to be fugly. That’s all they see and no, they can’t go anywhere else because they would be out of place and uncomfortable around their betters.I’m not usually out walking around or in stores during the day but since it was a holiday weekend I was yesterday and I was amazed at how many top young females I saw. And they were all natural, hair, no tattoes, little or no makeup and of course no big ugly gorilla butts.

      1. Although I am not initiated nor related to any Illuminati affiliated sects like Witchcraft, Freemasons, Ordo Templi Orientis, New Age and various others, and while testing the level of awareness of the average reader of ROK about these ideologies, I found that their level of stupidity and arrogance is high to the extent that they will refuse to acknowledge the things that are pretty obvious to the well learned.
        The Yin-Yang symbol is used by the modern Manichaean Illuminati to signify their fundamental theology of duality, whereby light and darkness are mixed and form one god.

  11. As we all know, meathead muscle men who go to gay gyms say the most profound things.
    1. you stole that from Jesus
    2. ying/yang bullshit from the 70’s next he’ll want to know what your sign is
    3. leftover pop BS from old Kung Fu shows.
    Deep, man.
    I’ve given you boys invaluable knowledge which would take millions of dollars and many years of experience to learn and you don’t even have the gratitude to give a gazillion upvotes for it. Obviously too stupid to even understand its value, like some dumb Arab a 100 years ago not understanding that oil was valuable until the White European dug some wells and pumped it out of the ground and used it.

    1. What would an Arab need oil for a 100 years ago, anyway?
      Like some dumb Westerner nowadays not understanding that his shit is valuable until the Chinese start to pump it out of his ass and use it 50 years from now.

      1. Animal manure is valuable and people have known this for 1000’s of years. Human? Not really since it is too impure and needs to be composted for a long time before it can be used as fertiliser.
        Oil began to become useful when there was an industrial revolution. Arabs were too dumb to invent machines so the little oil that peculated to the surface was just used to waterproof tents.It took European technology to make oil valuable and also to dig deep to tap wells and get it out in large quantities. Even today Euro technology is required.

        1. Fair enough, but let’s not forget that modern European technology would hardly amount to much without the extensive scientific research of the Arabs during their heyday in the middle ages (mathematics, optics, medicine, astronomy, chemistry, etc. etc) which after the crusades bore fruit in the European Renaissance, which in turn gave birth to the Enlightenment and the beginning of modern science.

        2. That’s a myth. Alexandria, a Greek city in Egypt where the central library of civilisation existed was there from 300 BC when Arabs were dirty nomadic goat herders and fuckers. In fact, the earliest appearance of classical Arabic (the most primitive form) wasn’t around until 300AD so I doubt that the so called ‘advanced’ Arabs in Southern Spain were the same people as those we call Arabs today.Probably just N African Caucasians who had any real knowledge.

        3. Nope. Not a myth at all. The Islamic Golden Age Is a well established and documented historical fact that refers to the period in Islam’s history during the Middle Ages when much of the Muslim world was ruled by various caliphates, experiencing a scientific, economic, and cultural flourishing. This period is traditionally understood to have begun during the reign of the Abbasid caliphHarun al-Rashid (786 to 809) with the inauguration of the House of Wisdom in Baghdad, where scholars from various parts of the world sought to translate and gather all the known world’s knowledge into Arabic (and where the unkempt jihadistic Christian crusaders later became acquainted with the scientific method for the first time). It is said to have ended with the collapse of the Abbasid Caliphate with the Mongol invasions and the Sack of Baghdad in 1258. Several contemporary scholars, however, place the end of the Islamic Golden Age to be around the 15th to 16th centuries.

  12. You can put in a lot of effort into getting laid, and not get laid. Some of these thirsty betas/omegas put a staggering amount of effort into it, to the point of self-deprivation, only to be friend-zoned.
    Duality is not true.

    1. So working out is try hard? C’mon man, there are dudes who literally study pickup of women and get hundreds upon hundreds of lays while putting in hours and hours of work. Lifting isn’t try hard at all compared to these guys.

  13. “A valuable result comes only after a difficult, lengthy, and time consuming process.”
    Absolutely! This doesn’t just apply to weightlifting, but really everything in life.
    An achievement like dropping 30 pounds after consistently hitting the gym and being disciplined in your nutrition sure isn’t instant gratification, but in the long run it’s so much more satisfying because its a real accomplishment.

  14. These days I would say physical discipline (or any discipline, martial arts, scholastics, et al) are the only thing worth putting energy into because you reap the rewards. Anything else contingent upon society at large is a wasted effort.
    Two years ago I got mountain bike and started riding single track, dropped twenty pounds and got rid of my constant depression. One year ago I picked up an old timey strength training course, this february I got up to 100 pound one hand clean and press. By next year I aiming for a near body weight bent press.

      1. Luckily I have a source for the dumbbell I need (I maxed out what I could load on a standard dumbbell.)
        But the lifting program I used is 100 years old and is about surprising easy if you are persistent.
        Nothing puts things into perspective like hoisting a one hundred pound dumbbell over your head with one hand.

    1. Cool man…yes MTB is the shit. Cardio and you get massive legs and quads. Exercise outside in the air and sun…..nothing beats it…

      1. Yeah staring at four walls all winter gets old eventually. The hardest think about gym workouts is not interacting in a three dimensional environment.
        There’s no need to psych yourself up to push it when if you don’t push and maintain focus you bite it on a forty foot drop off.

  15. Stick to your diet like it was biblical commandment. If your shit has ever broke down and you rejuvenated yourself with diet, then it is what worked for you. You know what’s good. Hanging around shiteaters, you become one again. The effects of shiteating creep up on you like a sneak thief. Avoid the shiteaters and hang with folks who know food. A food retard will say ”mmmm, let’s get some ‘grub”’. WTF is ‘grub’ or ‘chow’? A 7-11 big bite dog swimming in a box full of preserved artificial cheez goo and imitation meat chili sauce more commonly known as a ‘gut grenade’. Or aything processed or from a box. I love when it says ‘made with REAL meat’. ha ha. I get a headache just looking at the sexy ho on the little debbies box. They should have collectable points on the boxtops redeemable for an arterial stint. Or say collect 50,000 points for a full colostomy. That would be REAL sexy at the pool wouldn’t it?
    But seriously you have to know good proteins/fats/carbs & amounts, Ca(citrate)/Mg, Fe, Zn, herbs, probiotics, all of it. A trash fire inside you of garbage food kills a runners high and and gives a delayed feeling like crap even after a good workout and rest. Or the buzz from doing a good round of reps is followed by being shit tired and sore. With good diet you get a sweet feeling with the high. It’s unbeatable.
    Don’t fight your genes though. Your genes determine how big you can optimally be. If your dad was a lean tree climber, you likely won’t achieve the body of a linebacker.

  16. That’s one (or at least used to be) of the fundamental differences between males and females- the male will to conquer and push onward to greater challenges is unquenchable once you’ve tasted success through your own efforts – Women can be just as goal driven, however, their actual will is never as well defined as a man’s will (once its activated) and tends to diminish quickly once it’s satisfied- it lacks a man’s sense of “divine restlessness” with the world and its rewards. The female will is reward based, a man’s will is based on a particular game with its own unique particular challenges- and winning that game in a particular way- and once done- going on to play another game.

  17. The fact that most fitness models and celebrities take steroids
    It’s not even just fitness celebrities. Do you honestly believe that the guys who put on 30 lbs of muscle training 3-6 months for a movie did it without some help? Look at the claims they make for how they did it (working 2 and 3 a days for 3 to 6 months and eating 4-5000 calories) vs the results they got and you start to see the truth. Perfect example, Gerard Butler for 300. Or look at Tom Hardy from his earlier work vs later on. Sure, some of them work out consistently, I have no doubt but the ones who go from Huge, to normal between movies, back to Huge for the next one are on something. But then nobody tests actors for performance enhancers.
    I mean if they do it for their business, it’s their body I suppose, but I wish people would realize what’s going on so they can set realistic fitness goals for themselves

  18. You reap what you sow is absolute BS, the Elitists pigs rely on the underclasses believing this nonsense to prevent any sort of rebellion. Do you really think the blue-blooded elites born into privilege and wealth are reaping what they have sown. And not everything has an opposite and valuable results can come quickly for some depending on their starting point. This was a very black and white piece (pardon the pun) that was completely devoid of any of the areas of grey typical of reality.

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