Why Haven’t The People Who Pushed Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Hoax Story Been Fired?

This past weekend, Rolling Stone announced that the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism had completed their review of Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s article “A Rape on Campus,” her long-discredited report on a purported gang rape that happened at the Phi Kappa Psi frat house at the University of Virginia. To no one’s surprise, the review ruled that the story was completely false:

This report was painful reading, to me personally and to all of us at Rolling Stone. It is also, in its own way, a fascinating document ­— a piece of journalism, as Coll describes it, about a failure of journalism. With its publication, we are officially retracting ‘A Rape on Campus.’ We are also committing ourselves to a series of recommendations about journalistic practices that are spelled out in the report. We would like to apologize to our readers and to all of those who were damaged by our story and the ensuing fallout, including members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and UVA administrators and students. Sexual assault is a serious problem on college campuses, and it is important that rape victims feel comfortable stepping forward. It saddens us to think that their willingness to do so might be diminished by our failings.

While getting Rolling Stone to retract the story is a major victory, it’s absolutely insulting that Rubin Erdely, Will Dana and the other figures who pushed “A Rape on Campus” will get to keep their jobs. Fabulists of the past such as Stephen Glass, Jayson Blair, and Janet Cooke were blackballed out of the media over phony articles that did far less damage than Rubin Erdely’s.

Additionally, Jackie Coakley, the presumably mentally disturbed UVA student who made the false rape allegations, has yet to face any repercussions for her lies. Outside of a few reporters, such as the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, no one has even acknowledged that the UVA rape hoax originated in a bizarre catfishing plot Coakley cooked up in order to get the attention of a boy she’d been crushing on. Conservative journalist Charles Johnson was widely lambasted by SJWs for “outing” Coakley and investigating her last December.

With that in mind, here are some of the most significant names who pushed Rolling Stone’s rape hoax, and why they should be fired for whipping up fear, defaming innocent young men, and using the story to advance their political agendas.

1. Sabrina Rubin Erdely


The author of the Rolling Stone piece itself, Sabrina Rubin Erdely is a feminist with a documented hatred of masculinity, fraternity culture and “bros.” She admitted in interviews that she had been specifically shopping around for campus rape stories that fit her narrative, showing that she had a clear ideological motive in fabricating “A Rape on Campus.”

2. Emily Renda


Emily Renda is a feminist activist who serves as the subcommittee chair of the Virginia Governor’s Task Force on Combating Sexual Violence, giving her significant influence over government policy. Renda introduced Sabrina Rubin Erdely to Jackie Coakley so she could use the resulting hoax as a Reichstag fire incident to push for more extreme anti-male legislation. GotNews’ Charles Johnson recently revealed that Renda has a history of making up stories about being raped herself.

3. Teresa Sullivan


The president of UVA, Sullivan’s response to “A Rape on Campus” was to throw her own students under the bus. Even after Rolling Stone’s story was proven to be false, Sullivan forced UVA fraternities to agree to more restrictive rules on their activities. To this day, UVA frats are still on probation. Sullivan also had nothing to say when feminist vandals attacked the Phi Kappa Psi house, smashing windows with bricks and spray-painting obscenities on the walls.

4. Jessica Valenti


The founder of the once-influential feminist blog Feministing, Jessica Valenti has since graduated to penning columns for the left-wing British broadsheet The Guardian. Valenti had a nervous breakdown when the UVA rape story imploded in December, declaring “I BELIEVE WOMEN.”

When Rolling Stone finally retracted the article last weekend, she wrote a particularly delusional column claiming that the magazine was “blaming the victim [Coakley],” even though all every shred of available evidence suggests there was no rape and no victim.

5. Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig


A soi-disant Christian socialist, Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig is a staff columnist for The New Republic, the same magazine that employed notorious fabricator Stephen Glass. Stoker Bruenig falsely accused Return of Kings publisher Roosh Valizadeh of making a “rape threat” two months ago, and following Rolling Stone’s retraction, she posted a nearly illiterate article arguing that even though Rubin Erdely’s story was false, the supposed narrative of “rape culture” it was pushing was still true.

This list is hardly exhaustive: there are countless other figures in the media and government who seized upon the UVA rape hoax to push an anti-male agenda. It is absolutely astounding that not one of them has been blackballed, fired or even censured for their heinous actions. Only by documenting their lies and treachery can we ensure that these figures are discredited and shunned.

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209 thoughts on “Why Haven’t The People Who Pushed Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Hoax Story Been Fired?”

  1. Sabrina Rubin Erdely should be fired, and probably not allowed to write for a major investigative periodical again. She broke all rules w.r.t. respecting the intelligence of her audience. If a man did what she did, he’d never work in that industry again. So again, because vagina, she keeps her job.
    Teresa Sullivan should be removed from her post, but of course everyone knows that University Administration is basically a job-for-life like being a justice of the USSC. To be honest though, I’m not certain why she is somehow immune from lawsuits. Her extra scrutiny and rules placed on fraternities versus sororities should be grounds for a lawsuit under the equal protection clause (BIANAL).
    Jessica Valenti is insane. Honestly, people should just stop paying attention to that thing.
    Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig is insane.
    In the past, men were allowed to take women like this to the insane asylum and drop them off. While there were certainly horrific abuses in those institutions, and no one wants them back… they kept people like this from getting attention and damaging society’s structure. We need a new mechanism by which certifiable attention whores can get their fix in some dark corner without distorting normal society.

    1. That was probably the single biggest selling issue of RS that year. They generated more money off that story than anything else they have done in a long time. Controversy sells. Erdely is a big producer. She’s a rain maker for RS. She got a big fat bonus on the number of copies sold. Feminism is a fraud.

      1. Sex sells… or in the case of women, the fantasy of tempting a man until he can’t control himself and rapes you sells.

        1. Misandry sells. Its big business. Its an industry. Feminists make their living out of tearing down males.

        2. They’re hell bent on trying to convince the useful idiots in this country there is an “epidemic” of rape. You’d naturally think if there is such an epidemic, the truthful stories would be abundant. Yet all we’re hearing are bogus stories being exposed as another hoax.
          You’d think after this disaster … this would be the end of this non-sense, right? But that’s what we thought after the DUKE Case too. There’s 0 doubt in my mind this is merely a road bump and the bogus allegations/ destruction of innocent men and proliferation of more ant-male laws will grow.

        3. There’s no rape epidemic, especially in the west. Western women and even the immigrant women who live in the west are some of the most privileged people in the history of mankind. Moreover rape and other violent crimes, especially those against women have been on a sharp decline for many years. Yet these women just won’t be grateful and shut up, with all this rape bogus which is basically attention seeking.

        4. They won’t be grateful because it’s never been about ending rape or sexual assault. You see, DV/ VAW and Feminism is a giant money making machine. As assaults have decreased, these organizations have risked loss of funding. In order to keep the gravy train rolling, they’ve redefined harmless actions as RAPE while highly manipulating stats in an endeavor to convince the public there’s an “epidemic.”

        5. Yes. And there’s another reason. I’ve mentioned it before on this site somewhere. It’s that women tend to have the victim mentality. Even if they are not in any way victimized by the society, they will still find any reason, no matter how bizarre, to, convince themselves and others that they are somehow victims. I’ve come to the realization that they actually enjoy being victims. It stems from deep within them, to feel good somehow that they are controlled by men. It was weird for me to digest this, but that’s how it is.

    2. Incredible, isn’t it? A male commentator on ESPN makes a common sense remark on women not provoking men and expecting them not to strike back: He’s forced to apologize and is suspended.
      A female knowingly creates a bogus story which ruins the lives of innocent people and NOTHING happens to her.

    3. Shoulda
      The FI is the Female psyche writ large. Remove reason and accountability for all women at a societal level, just as is expected at an individual level.
      Meanwhile the Frat gentlemen have not received an apology from RS about this, nor none of the parties involved, and are placed under “stricter rules and scrutiny” over an act that was literally a lie invented against them out of whole cloth.

      1. This sort of thing is what makes me put one step in prepping. I am actually anti-end-of-world prophecy kind of guy, I’ve seen too many people claim doom and gloom…
        But when I see a society actually reward lies, and punish those who were lied against… you know that society is doomed. The script is flipped, which means that someday, and maybe that day will never come.. But someday I may be a target for no reason other than what I am. When that day comes, I need to be ready to abandon the life I have.

        1. Indeed. You can “prep” without believing that the world is going to go out in a ball of nuclear flame or a zombie horde apocalypse. You prep so that *you* don’t take it in the shorts when things go against *you*. That could be the zombies, but it could also be things like society coming out and criminalizing you for simply saying something and you need to hide out, or whatever. Hell you can do it just because, hey, weather happens and one need look no further than New Jersey or LA during Katrina to think that being ready for shit is a pretty good idea.

        2. One nation under the Wrath of God.
          (07 Apr 2015) White House In The Dark, On Lockdown Following D.C.-Wide Power Outage:
          The utility firm Pepco is currently investigating a Washington-wide black-out that has plunged The White House, State Department, The US Capitol, D.C. Metro, and even Oprah’s TV Stage into darkness…Ironically, the
          outage occurred minutes after Rand Paul commented that “the time has come to take away the power from Washington D.C…”
          (07 Apr 2015) Bees interrupt Barack Obama storytelling as children scream: Watch when President Obama’s storytelling of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ was disrupted when bees caused children to start screaming:

        3. His “relationship” with animals is rather ominous The flies he had flying about and around him on film that one time was straight out of a Damien movie.
          I did hear about D.C. going dark. Fantastic news.

        4. The little boy in the white shirt hugging on the little pink dress girl in the bees video, ought to be charged with sexual assault and forcible confinement.

    4. No one was fired because they don’t feel bad at all about what they’ve done. They’re ashamed that they got caught, but they don’t care about the innocent young men they raked through the coals. This is how leftists think. Males… particularly straight ones… especially straight white ones… absolutely straight white ones from well off backgrounds… are the enemy and any attack against them is no big deal. It’s even encouraged.
      Erdely sought out to write a scandalous story about rape on a college campus. She wanted to provide support to the BS theory of “rape culture.” It was the typical case of a SJW pseudo journalist creating news rather than reporting on it. Coming across a tale about white frat boys at a southern university was just icing on the cake. The leftist editors loved the idea as well.
      They all knew there were inconsistancies in jackie’s story but didnt care. The inconsistencies didn’t fit the narrative they were trying to tell.

  2. Fat ugly feminists bring lies, chaos, and destruction to anything they get their grubby hands on, and purposefully destroy whatever men hold dear. They are all “Wendy’s”

    1. Emma Sulkowicz was even invited to Obama’s state of the union address, despite the fact her story was already exposed as groundless.

      1. She was put on cover of New Yorker Magazine and some female senators made her guest of honor as they publicly defaced the INNOCENT male who fell victim of her venom. It’s reached the point that even when police clear those accused, the narrative is of utmost importance and people in power still destroy the wrongly accused — the REAL victims.

        1. Gillibrand and McCaskgill – Real charlatans who are not ashamed to let people know they are dishonest.

      2. Propaganda. The Left doesn’t care about truth, but pushing a certain narrative. Obama also mentioned the Gender Wage Gap at the SofU, even though it’s long been exposed as a myth.

        1. The problem with the leftists is that they never are seeking fair and equal treatment for everyone. They are mostly willing for the (mostly insane) majority to support them

      1. I heard she also let the dude continue to anally impale her and told her she loved him regularly after shitsmearing his name with her rape fantasy. Goddamn piece of trash!

        1. She did. She claims she was raped in August. She continued to send her alleged rapist, Paul, loving messages months after the incident. In Oct she sent him, “I love you Paul. Where are you?!?!?!?!” But according to Paul they had begun drifting apart. You can guess what likely happened next… Scorned female decides to take revenge. Paul is the real victim here.

        2. Apparently bott-focking is a trendy new thing. Makes you dread ever having to send your daughter or your sister to college. Then again, a shotgun cocking sounds the same no matter what language you speak…

        3. After being publicly defaced by a female senator (after being cleared by police) and FED UP, he finally spoke out. I read somewhere that when he spoke out, people said he was seeking attention.
          LOL !
          The cunt who made up this bogus allegation has been parading around with a stupid mattress, happily posing for magazine covers and attending events with female senators where she’s the guest of honor. There is 0 doubt this fucking cunt will become a national icon by the left in 2016 determined to proliferate this “rape culture” meme.
          Can you imagine being this guy? You’ve been falsely accused and are left watching your accuser — who manufactured a story — being treated like royalty.

        4. She’ll probably be invited to make a speech with her mattress at the dem convention when queen hillary declares the “war on women” to be the new national priority.

        5. Not only that, but now everyone knows he had sex with a really ugly skank. I don’t know what is worse.

        6. We do.
          In all of these cases, the female who manufactures a rape allegation is treated like royalty. There’s STILL reporters calling Jackie “The Victim.” It’s fucking insane! She’s not a God Damn Victim — she’s a pathological liar!
          These reporters are so obsessed with a narrative that even when they’re busted for concocting a bogus story, they stick to their ideological driven view by responding, “We don’t care if this story is false … it’s shedding light on an ‘epidemic.’” An “epidemic” which they’ve manufactured and doesn’t exist.
          This RS piece has established a new precedent for “journalism.” That is … the truth and facts are of no importance. The narrative and feelings of the “journalist” is of utmost importance. The reality that no one is being reprimanded and some other “journalists” are defending this cunt is mind blowing.

        7. No doubt. The Columbia Mattress Cunt will be a useful idiot to the Hillary Campaign. She’ll be used to proliferate the bogus 1 in 5 stat as a sales pitch to make Yes means Yes federal legislation.
          I picture it now. This girl will get contacted by the Hillary Campaign soon. She’ll be speechless and so excited — thinking she’s really helping to make a difference! She’ll appear on stage with Hillary. Yet the second she’s no longer needed by the Hillary Campaign, she’ll be dumped like garbage and left scratching her head.

      2. If men have not learn yet that to fuck a feminist is to fuck away their lives, maybe, more men need to be locked up for false accusations. Let them learn. Pussy is a cheap commodity. And Porn is a safer bet always.

    2. Did some gay guy rape her accidentally or something? What a 15 year old adolescent boy looking “girl”

        1. It’s not just the flat chest. It’s the scrawny, gangly teen-boy look, the square jaw, the pulled back “short” looking hair, the narrowed masculine eyes. Shave her head and I *defy* anybody to determine if she’s a male or female. I’d fall strongly on the side of “teenaged boy” if asked under those circumstances.

        2. True. The manish hands don’t help her XX identity either. She certainly came up short in the looks department. In fact, i’d say she has a legitimate SJ lawsuit against her parents on the grounds of ill breeding and possible chromosomal damage.
          She got stuck with the pee end of the gene pool of life.

      1. No, she let him fuck her pussy and he stuck it in her ass or vice versa and she claims this was rape somehow because she only wanted it in the pussy or the ass, it is a real ridiculous story, I heard the cops laughed her out the station.

      1. Her mattress looks like the monolith from the movie 2001.

        1. Yes! Now all she needs are ape-people dancing around it hooting and hollerin’. Besides her I mean.

        2. This might be some sort of similar yet subconscious need for her to pay worship to a representation of the almighty penis.
          She certainly seems to have a fondness for it.

        3. Her rape is clearly a cover story; she has been chosen to be the guardian of the secrets of the universe. nice misdirection there!

    3. Yep. Unlike men, women are not required to own up to the consequences of their actions. It’s why people laugh when a female high school teacher fucks a student, but when a male teacher does it the whole town wants to lynch him.

      1. Unlike men, women are not required to own up to the consequences of their actions.

        Correction: Women DELEGATE the consequences of their actions….to men.
        The majority of men (Beta/Manginas/WhiteKnights) will obligingly accept these consequences….by marriage/cohabitation/LTR/State

      2. And when women are busted as liars … some still call them “victims.”
        I just saw a clip from Press Conference and a reporter asked, “are you concerned we’re blaming ‘the victim’ too much.”
        Jesus fucking Christ. Even once the accuser is proven to be liar, there’s still those who occupy the idea that any woman who merely makes an accusation is ‘the victim.’

        1. If she’s a woman, she’s a victim, that’s all. Anything else is fucking false.

      1. Glue a quarter between her eyes and another one to her ass, then people can flip for her: heads or tails.

    4. Is THAT a girl? or is he waiting to do long jump practice?That mattress has bigger tits and more curves than that dude.

    5. Perhaps. More significantly, the narrative is more important than the facts. Such a strange way to think.

      1. Facts and reality aren’t relevant to a destructive narrative. I think they are banking on “Repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth.”

    6. Some women just give off that aura of being a trashy skank. She is one of them.

      1. She’s stark ugly, and her character multiplies her ugliness by a factor of a thousand!

    7. Girl is a disgrace and a joke, told the cops that she let the guy fuck one hole and he put it in the other hole and claims it is rape. Who is going to believe that story, LOL

    8. Man, did you guys hear the whole story about Sulkowicz? Turns out she and three friends were playing a competitive sex tag game with the guy. Thinking whoever won would get him as a boyfreind. Didn’t work out, he just had fun with having sex several times a month with them. And then it got around campus and all three of them were publically shamed. Even bartenders in the area were cracking jokes. I mean, their names in jokes about whores. So they were totally humiliated and their social lives ruined. All their own fault.
      So they started a hate campaign spray painting his name and “rapist” everywhere, and getting White Knights to pick fights with the guy.
      The Administration and counselors found out, and the girls had to write essays from the viewpoint of the guy as their victem. And they had to do community service around campus.
      The other three girls took their punishment and kept quiet. But Sulkowicz went to campus police, then the Chicago police with her story. Everything investigated and they found nothing he did wrong. She fought to have the guy expelled and put on a sex offenders list.
      Just because she humiliated herself she went out to destroy an innocent mans life. The reason she went with the mattress was to go after the college. That was because the guy involved, her victem, had a lawsuit against her to make her stop the harrassment.
      And she thinks she’s going to get a job as a lawyer. If any company hires her it’ll only be because she applied there and they’re afraid to turn her away because of she’s a woman and she’ll sue.

  3. They need to leave the girl who made the accusation in the male State Penitentiary for an afternoon… see how she feels about her “rape” then.

      1. Part if Hope Solo’s situation also hinges on the fact that no one in America gives a shit about soccer, much less girls soccer.

        1. I asked a soccer expert how a national men’s team ranked 50th in the world (currently Equatorial Guinea) would fare against the top women’s team in the world.
          His answer was “imagine a sloth evading a steamroller”

  4. Who are the puppet masters that are pulling these women’s strings? Somehow, I’m sceptical towards the idea these nutjobs can do this much damage on their own and persistently remain shielded from any and all consequences.

      1. Maybe, but we both know there are “men” aiding, enabling, and abetting these women whenever and wherever possible.

        1. I’m actually inclined to agree that these clueless snowflakes are getting help. Improbable but not impossible.

        2. It creates a bad environment when you see too much white-knighting everywhere.

        3. Oh, it’s far from improbable, in fact it’s a given. All this shit would be impossible without lots of backup.
          I could make up all the crazy stories I want, but they are not going to be published in RS, nor will I be invited to meet the President or appear on TV.
          Who owns the media and tells the entire government what to do? It’s a mystery.

  5. Making false accusations is so heinous it even made it into the Ten Commandments. No civilization can exist when this sort of behavior is allowed to go on with impunity. Why is this sort of thing not a criminal offense? The treat of harsh prison sentences would nip this in the bud rather quickly.

  6. Because they’re all delusional. I’m sure most of the Rolling Stones staff still believes it.
    I got into it with this radical feminist chick last week.. It was bad. I finally got her to admit that the story was a complete hoax, and she said “But people should still read it. This is what women go through every day on colleges across the country and people need to know about it.”
    These people live in their own fucking world, far removed from anything that resembles logic or coherent thought.

    1. This is what women go through every day on colleges across the country and people need to know about it.
      Yeah, chicks routinely get gang raped on a bed of glass shards then stumble naked and bloody out and into the open world unnoticed *all the time*.
      Fucking unbelievable how idiotic these people are.

      1. What’s really fucked up is when you realize that women would actually be insulted if you tried to tell them the truth that men *dont* want to rape them.

      2. Her two friends were on Megan Kelly last night and noted she had no physical marks. She just seemed emotionally distressed. Pretty incredible — supposedly gang raped on a broken mirror yet not one single cut.
        Her friends also noted how she had a history of creating bogus stories.

        1. Also @ghostofjefferson:disqus what happened to the dude banging her on broken glass? No cuts on his knees, hands, or nutsack? Nobody noticed him all mangled-up in public or back at his apartment or the next day in broad daylight? Or maybe he healed like Wolverine after? I bet that’s it! Bitch never said she banged some dude who was a former Weapon-X project! :)-

        2. You just gotta shake your head at this shit, eh?

        3. Gee I don’t know, usually after I rape someone on the daily (since I have a penis and a pulse, I autopilot default as a “rapist”, as you well know) I go for a jog after and then smoke a cigar while Tweeting about all the social injustices in the world with my impromptu hashtags. Totally unscathed. All in a day’s rape-work!

    2. “I got into it with this radical feminist chick last week..”
      You can feed such people the details about real brutal rapes, they’ll eagerly lap it up, until you get to the punch line, the part that will cause them to go into cognitive dissonance: black rape of non-black (especially if white), Muslim rape of non-Muslim (especially if Christian), illegal alien rape of native born.

    3. Amazing- destroy a few lives in order to advance an agenda. But women are the more caring sex right?

  7. The deafening silence of the feminists… Feminism is nothing more than women supporting women because they have a vagina. It has nothing to do with equality or fairness or rights.

    1. The radical feminist viewpoint is the norm in America and in law enforcement and government like with the University of Virginia rape case. Many feminists are saying “so what if she
      lied about rape and might put innocent men in jail. We should still believe her and help her spread the message since it is raising awareness about rape. They make up false statistics that no one bothers to check.
      The feminist women’s groups on college campus, in law enforcement, government in America believe that when a woman says yes to sex –she really means no. No matter what the woman says or does the answer to sex is always –NO! YES means NO! No means NO, maybe means NO, silence means NO. If she gets sexy and physical with a man, and says she wants sex, the man must realize the answer is still NO! and walk away. Or he can be accused of rape 10 years later if she decides that she didn’t “feel” comfortable ten years ago during the sex. Because what woman in their right mind would ever consent to having sex with a man? – This is typical feminist logic which is the way the laws are written.
      It is considered rape to have sex with a
      drunk woman since the law states that she can’t consent. If a sober man has sex with a drunk woman he can be charged with rape, when both the man and the woman
      are equally drunk the man can be charged with rape, when the man is drunk and the woman is sober the man can be charged with rape. When it comes to sex the
      man is always wrong and the woman is always right – the way the feminist laws are written. There are many feminist women’s groups who lobby the government
      and make the government and Law enforcement believe that all men are evil and all women are angels that can do no wrong when it comes to SEX.

      1. You forgot the bit where a sleeping man not responding to a Facebook friend request from a middle class woman he doesn’t know across continents means she’s been raped.

    2. This is the disgusting sexism I’ve been seeing in women since childhood. This is the single biggest reason I’ve lost all respect for women, and view them intolerant bigoted sexists.

  8. It really boils down to one unfortunate truth: in the media, you can be wrong and/or lie if you are of the correct mindset or if your error/lie is of the correct mindset. These people made their error but the narrative advanced reflected the values of their employers.
    A big time rape accusation gets eyes. Nancy Grace made bank on the Duke case. Even among people not pushing the rape culture narrative the salacious nature of it pulls them in. This gives it even more power than most of their narrative advancing garbage.
    The ends, for these people, totally justify the means.

    1. My sis got outta college in the early 2000s. The rugby guys(of course) loved to get drunk and go streaking across the lawns. Everyone laughed.
      These guys would be jailed now.

      1. Jailed and put on a permanent “sex offender” registry…. unable to get employment anywhere. Thanks Women!

  9. The hoax along with the hypocrisy etc is all seeing the light of day. Many people are discussing this. The msm may not, but, what do you expect from them anyway? They’re discredited and this latest incident with rolling stone is one of many. Look on a wider spectrum outside of just the Manosphere and see all the other countless examples of fraud. The media is proving to everyone else that they’re full of shit. It is just going to push more people away and into alternative media, which is going to take over.

    1. The only one I’ve seen generally livid about this and acknowledging the innocent males are the true victims is Megan Kelly on FOX. She has not backed off on exposing this ridiculous narrative and speaking up for the innocent men.

      1. She can and does more often than not take a decent position and stick to her guns. Not bad looking for a woman her age either. This isn’t to say that she always takes the right position, but at least when she doesn’t I get the feeling it’s because she came to her own judgement and is not simply following a script.

      2. Good point, but elsewhere, Paul Joseph Watson over at Infowars is all over this. In fact, Paul along with Alex Jones have been outspoken on feminism for months. Paul even uses “red pill” and “sjw”…I think he reads ROK. Infowars has more viewers than cnn. And, it just being fox news covering this, only underscores the point that the msm is killing themselves. Because as more people become disillusioned by the status quo, the more people will reject the msm and look for answers elsewhere. Its not just men in the Manosphere.

        1. That guy has more viewers than CNN? Wow. How many a week?

        2. Apparently he does read ROK and, Reaxxion as well. Check out his video on the Athena Tennis Girl at about the 3:40 mark.

  10. I took a look at one of the articles that Forney referenced from Bruenig and i happened to notice this:
    “Mortgage discrimination against black families over the last century is an example of a structural, on-the-books bias that had an extraordinarily damaging impact on African Americans;”
    I love how she builds a straw woman argument based on a specious interpretation of evidence.
    Since (poor) Blacks were denied mortgages it must mean they were discriminated against, obviously.
    I mean, it couldn’t have anything to do with the possibility of banks not wanting to offer loans to people that were a fiscal risk…could it?
    Well shoot, i guess racism was the cause of the housing bubble and not bad loans precipitated by dimwit dems like nancy pelousy and barney fag.

    1. When your only tool is a “hammer” of “discrimination”, everything looks like a nail.

  11. “Renda introduced Sabrina Rubin Erdely to Jackie Coakley so she could use the resulting hoax as a Reichstag fire incident to push for more extreme anti-male legislation”
    Nice. An entire rape culture narrative sewn together from false flags, but even with smoking guns, signed confessions, and guilty signs round their necks nobody is called to account. This is all because despite ROK & Charles Johnson the media simply doesn’t want to acknowledge this. I fully agree all of the above should be fired, but perhaps the best thing is to “concentrate all fire” (to appropriate Captain’s Picard’s words when attacking the Borg Fleet in First Contact) on one link in the chain (weakest or not). To my mind that should be Emily Renda – she’s the highest up, and she links both Jackie with Erdley. If there were any real opposition to the US administration this would already being mercilessly seized upon

  12. Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times did the same thing with Somaly Mam (even worse) Than Rolling Stone
    writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely with the Rolling Stone article “A Rape on Campus” at the University of Virginia.
    And guess what? Old Nicholas Kristof wrote about how terrible rape is on the UVA campus in the New York Times.
    This whole thing played out just months ago with the Somaly Mam/Nicholas Kristof sex trafficking rape scandal.
    And with “Sex Trafficking hysteria” in general.
    Not only did Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times write many fake made up stories about “Somaly Mam”
    and sex trafficking he also promote it, and wrote books, made documentaries and did marketing for her.
    Somaly Mam and Nicholas Kristof should have lawsuits filed against them and go to prison for committing fraud and stealing money from the public by providing the public with false sex
    trafficking horror stories that were lies to send money to the Somaly Mam and Afesip charities. These charities then committed human trafficking themselves by forcing women and girls to stay in their (rescue) centers against their will and to lie about being forced into sex trafficking to the western media and donors.
    Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times newspaper appeared with Somaly Mam at many fund raising events. He acted as her press, marketing and celebrity agent. Writing books and making documentaries about her. It seemed like Kristof was working
    for Somaly Mam. Was he getting a kick-back from her? Why was he doing all this work for her? How much money did Nicholas Kristof make from Somaly Mam?
    And guess what? Somaly Mam continues to make millions of
    dollars off of her lies with her new anti-sex trafficking NGO. Nicholas
    Kristof was never fired and continues to make millions off of lies about non-existent evil men.

  13. Okay this is worth sharing again because now it’s REALLY relevant. Here’s a text exchange I had with a girl just yesterday who purports to “kinda” having sex with a guy (much like car crashes and stab wounds “kinda” happen, ya know). Watch me fish and troll to get her to invent a rape and also not give a fuck about her saying glass someway somehow blew up in her face (I suppose that they were “kinda” having sex in The Amityville House, that must’ve been how that part happened!):

      1. Well the gateway to Hell opened and caused a window to explode in the direction her face was pointed, duh!
        Seriously though, she was probably drunk and walked through a sliding glass door yet in usual female fashion is trying to make herself into a “victim”, still.

      1. Yeah. And I hope to eat marshmallows and shit emeralds. At least I can achieve half of what I hope.

  14. 1. WNB
    2. WNB
    3. WNB
    4. WNB
    5. WB but only to get her pregnant, abandon her, and laugh about it

  15. My theory is RS will keep them on staff and when they eventually appear in court the RS lawyers will throw Erdely and the editors under the bus in an attempt to limit their liability.

    1. Is that some Asian language or something?

    2. That only works if it looks like you punished them of your own volition.
      If the owner of RS fired Will Dana, Sabrina Erdely, and every editor and fact checker that approved the story now it would at least try to show that he knew what they did was all wrong and he was looking to correct the situation as best he can now.
      Letting them continue to work until the lawsuit is an obvious attempt to simply throw them under the bus.

      1. Erdely can’t be fired; she’s freelance. On the other hand, they could say they won’t buy her shit articles anymore. They have said the opposite.

  16. Only #5 is bangable and you can see she has the kind of crazy eyes that say “you need to film this for evidence and never call her back”

  17. Why isn’t someone filing a lawsuit against her god dammit!? This kind of shit goes unpunished it just provokes the next crazy bitch to fabricate a rape story

    1. Actually I think that UVA or the fraternity are actually.

    2. Phi Kappa Psi will be coming for her and the school at some point.

  18. I wonder if the so-called perps are ” privileged ” white males ?
    Maybe that has something to do with it.
    Justice grinds slowly but it will come.

    1. Your article made for an interesting and insightful read. Have you considered writing for ROK? I would enjoy reading your printed thoughts in the near future.

      1. Thanks! I’d like writing for ROK, if they’ll have me. Haven’t heard from them, so . . .

        1. You write well. Send in an article at the above link. Give them 10 days to 2 weeks to process your submission, and you should hear something by email.

        2. You’d think, right? Sometimes you don’t.

        3. Email Roosh directly; he tends to respond pretty promptly. You will start off freelancing at first, and you will have to submit articles to him for review.
          I would persist in the endeavor. The rewards are well worth it.

        4. If necessity is the Mother of invention then persistence would be the Father.

        5. I don’t know what rewards there will be—but I do think it would be fun to get a wider audience and more feedback.

        6. Thats a pretty good sentence- did you write it or paraphrase someone else’s stuff? I dont need to agree with you 100%, but it made me think for a moment.
          I truly appreciate the quality of the posts on this site- in a more sanely managed world, most of you guys would be editors/contributors/columnists at some of the best regarded newspapers/magazines in the world. Now that print is dead (who needs an editor?) anyone can say anything- a few hundred upvotes can make you a short- lived sensation on the web(and in your own mind) in a matter of minutes.
          Sadly, we are living in a media world where click bait rules; if I penned an article on how the kardashians are ushering in the new world order, I could, without any substantiation! But so what? clickclickclick. right? Pageviews(quantity) trump quality these days…

        7. No i didn’t come up with it, although at the time i said it i thought i did 🙂
          As a rule i make it a point never to intentionally plagiarize from someone else’s inspired thought through speech or written context.
          If i do quote from someone i will make it be known beforehand.
          “Now that print is dead (who needs an editor?) anyone can say anything- a few hundred upvotes can make you a short- lived sensation on the web(and in your own mind) in a matter of minutes.”
          Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than on FB, when the right number of useful idiot barnacles can get your usefully idiotic remark “liked” 100’s if not 1000’s of times.
          On FB, likes have been translated to mean accuracy or truth, when in a great deal of cases the opposite is true.
          Here on the manosphere/ROK however most of us don’t simply up-vote something because friend A or B who thinks as we do said it; we up-vote it because we determine that it has genuine merit.
          “Sadly, we are living in a media world where click bait rules; if I penned an article on how the kardashians are ushering in the new world order, I could, without any substantiation! But so what? clickclickclick. right? Pageviews(quantity) trump quality these days…”
          This was inevitable with the rise of conformist thinking…as critical thinkers die out and join the dinosaurs in social relevancy, so too does critical thinking become an antiquated and long forgotten tool looked over in bewilderment by what passes for so called modern thinkers nowadays.
          This is why we represent the Menaissance or the age of Menlightenment, if you prefer.
          So long as there is one remaining shadow of Diogenes here, we will continue to wander the earth for brethren of intellectual honesty and reason.

        8. If only we could create a print magazine that was a hybrid of humor(think of the old Spy and National Lampoon) and saner politics(Harper’s, reason.com) and some science (Popular Mechanics)…I think we would be onto something…

    1. Not that they had much credibility to begin with. I mean they were worshiping Al Gore when he was running, and he’s one of the biggest frauds with a public act these days.

  19. Every woman mentioned in this article is so ugly I doubt anyone would ever rape them.

    1. I think they’d have better success suing their school and school administration, to be honest. The first amendment applies quite broadly to the press. It is very easy for them to simply say, “it was an honest mistake.” and have a judge agree with them.

        1. I would imagine, the fraternity will sue the school and the school administrators at some point. Now was convenient to announce the lawsuit against Rolling Stone because Rolling Stone just published a report admitting all their failures in regards to the original article.

      1. Unfortunately Universities have immunity as a government agency as long as they follow their own policy.

        1. Yes, but… Universities also take money from the state and the feds. Taking money from the Feds means you are bound by constitutional law, taking money from the state means something similar. If Virginia has something similar to the equal protection clause, then essentially the laws of the feds and the state become superior to their own policies. For a private institution, this doesn’t apply. But… UVA is a public institution (right?), so I think they are exposed to not following the laws under which they are funded.

        2. They are bound to follow the laws, but a citizen can’t sue them for it. As long as the state’s board of trustees approved their policy for managing recognized organizations, and they followed their policy as written, there isn’t much you can do to them legally. If they violated their own policy, that’s different.

        3. You seem to be saying that only policies matter, even if those policies are in total contradiction to State and Federal Laws. Certainly that cannot be the case.

        4. They didn’t violate state or federal laws. Campuses are allowed to have codes of conduct for the organizations they recognize and their students. They can then remove an organization or a student, or discipline them, based on violations of that code of conduct. In this case, the school found that they violated organizational code of conduct and had to be disbanded through the school’s due process policy. Unfortunately a school’s due process policy, while having dire effects, has little over site or requirements from the legislature.

        5. They didn’t violate state or federal laws. Campuses are allowed to have codes of conduct for the organizations they recognize and their students.

          If those codes of conduct are different based on sex, race, creed, etc… then have they not violated a federal law?

        6. Yes, they will have violated if they discriminate on a protected class with sex race religion etc… but that did not occur here. “Type of assembly” is not a protected class and the University would argue that they would do that to any organization having the same perceived issues… and that they must in order to comply with Justice Department Title 9 requirements to prevent sexual harassment.

      2. There’s a point where that runs bad, such as libel. Since they fingered a specific fraternity, they automatically indicted every member of the fraternity by default, then accused them of awful crimes that could have, and might still, destroy their lives. They have a very strong standing to make a case of libel stick here I’d think.
        But…I’m not a lawyer and don’t even pretend to play one on television.

        1. They’d need to demonstrate that actual malice applied – basically that Erdely/Rolling Stone knew the story was bullshit and went ahead with it anyway. Defamation cases are notoriously difficult to achieve. I doubt they get it here.
          Maybe suing for negligence in the vandalization of the frat house might be easier (Rolling Stone was basically complicit in that as an accessory).

        2. They don’t need to show actual malice. The fraternity and its members are not public figures (prior to the story/accusations).

    2. Rolling Stone just published a 12,000 word report detailing every single failure of their’s throughout the process of preparing for this article. It’s a giant list of irresponsible, negligent, reckless decisions that were made that could have prevented them from printing a libelous story accusing a bunch of innocent men of rape and smearing a fraternity by portraying it as endorsing and encouraging an atmosphere of gang rape and sexual assault.
      Every step of the way, standard journalistic practices for verifying sources, getting a second source, verifying any evidence and claims made, and interviewing both sides of the story were ignored. None of these are extraordinary practices that could not have been foreseen as being necessary, every one of them is standard practice for journalists and has been for decades upon decades. High school reporters learn these practices.
      Rolling Stone is going to lose. Bigtime.
      EDIT: That’s just my opinion, obviously. I know there is at least one lawyer on this forum who may have a better, more informed opinion than mine.

      1. “Rolling Stone is going to lose. Bigtime.”
        Wait and listen for the sound of many bus engines starting at once and the muffled cries of all the people involved in this debacle getting run over by them.
        This yellow publication should call itself “Rolling Bus” magazine once this fiasco has run its course

      2. They should and probably will loose significant credibility (if they haven’t already)… but I honestly doubt the fraternity will be able to convince a judge that all these lapses were done maliciously. To successfully sue the press for bad behavior, you can’t just prove that they were wrong, or that their behavior was unusually bad, you have to prove they did it maliciously.

        1. Maybe they don’t have to prove malicious intent. Sometimes negligence is enough. RS profited greatly by selling copies of an untrue story that defamed people. At the very least, RS should turn over all profits related to that story to those who were defamed. The people at RS who failed at their job should be fired. Then there there could be other punitive damages if the judge thinks that’s not enough, because RS people are snarky and self righteous.

  20. We need to beat them at their own game. A petition template should be drawn up on cases like this for termination/ resignation and use their b.s tactics and show them two can play that game. R.O.K guys WILL sign it.

  21. Better question is, why were they hired in the first place?
    Equalist activity on a resume should automatically disqualify employment in decent institutions

  22. Separate but related question :
    Did the Duke Lacrosse guys sue Duke? As well as the government for prosecuting them? If so, how much money did they get? Why isn’t Duke bankrupt?
    Can the Fraternity similarly sue UVA? Can they get enough money that it can seriously damage the University?

  23. This is why Paul Elam is a phony faggot.
    Register-Her.com was supposed to document and archive all these people, for easy lookup. He let that slide. Off all the supposed ‘activism’ that AVfM does, that was the most important, because it exposed individual misandrists..
    But Paul Elam doesn’t want to beat feminism, see. He just want to *look like* he is fighting it, so as to line his own pockets. Register-Her.com was too close to killing the golden goose, so that quietly died.

    1. A Voice for Housebroken Men so Long as the Banhammer Wielding Women Allow It.
      Register-Her was John the Other’s project, until Paul othered him for insisting that AVfM should be a place for men’s voices, not a woman’s circle.

      1. His temper tantrum to some of the replies after Aurini’s piece shows what kind of person he really is.

  24. Just another sad case of feminism run amok.
    And in other news, women in foreign countries with options are looking better and better.

  25. Erdely certainly deserves to be fired, but compared to the reporting on the whole Cosby scandal, she’s a veritable paragon of journalistic integirty. Has anyone even seen a picture of Cosby with any one of his accusers yet?

    1. I don’t want to say what NEEDS to be done to all these people. But it’s coming.

  26. Removal of
    Senator Gillibrand, Mc Caskgill,
    Melissa Harris Perry (no retraction of the garbage she published)
    Others like
    Chloe Angyal (Feministing), Amanda Marcotte
    Have just discredited themselves. They work for propaganda organizations.

  27. I used to wonder why the Islamic world and most Third Worlders had so many laws about making women prove they were raped and not allowing women to vote or have a say in society (besides raising kids, cleaning and keeping up with home life). The specimens listed in this article helped me to realize that perhaps Muslims are correct.

  28. The way the laws are written about sexual assault in America:
    Is anything the woman thinks it is. Trying to kiss a woman and being
    rejected can be sexual assault. Flirting with a woman who you find out later is not interested can be sexual assault. Trying to hold hands with woman who is not interested can be sexual assault. Sexual assault according to the way American laws are written is anything that the woman feels is unwanted sexual advances. Which could be anything she doesn’t like and takes it to be something that she thinks is sexual. It is tough being a single man in America.

  29. Why the hell are we sending our kids to college where they can be raped?? Plus all the nonsense they learn. A fever swamp of madness college has become.

    1. Truth. The feminists say that by 2025, 4 in 1 college girls will have rape or rape-like activities thrusted upon them. That’s 4 rapes per every woman. Just during college. Shit. U.S. colleges are becoming miniature South Africas.

  30. “Fabulists of the past such as Stephen Glass, Jayson Blair, and Janet Cooke were blackballed out of the media over phony articles that did far less damage than Rubin Erdely’s.”
    Incidentally, when Stephen Glass *did* try to get back into journalism, writing an article about Canadian marijuana laws, guess who published his story?
    None other than Rolling Stone. September 4, 2003 edition.
    Stephen Glass actually disciplined Sabrina Erdely — for fabrication of stories earlier in her career. http://thefederalist.com/2014/12/12/sabrina-erdely-was-once-disciplined-by-stephen-glass-for-fabrication/

  31. Just look at those smugly vapid faces–especially Bruenig’s. Go-girl “feminists” who have been coddled every step of the way, always told they were right, and never forced to critically examine any of the premises they were basing their lives on. Pity the poor beta males in their lives who must loyally endure their wrath now that these “independent women” been exposed as liars and imbeciles.

  32. The real issue is not that feminists lie. The real issue is: who gave them the power to lie to million of persons? A male journalist who fabricates fake stories would get fired: why these feminists are still there?

  33. Modern feminism includes lots feminist journos, Uni academic jobsworths, and neurotic female student oddballs. They all make scurrilous damaging allegations against innocent men. Anyone check the facts? What facts? instead just fabricate a complete croc of horsesh*t and call the police and let the media descend like hungry locusts.

  34. The disgusting 5 feminists mentioned in this article and the fake victims that fabricate these stories collectively are committing a crime more nefarious than genocide. Every single thing they do in their professional and personal lives only serves to make the lives of men in this world a little worse off every day. There needs to be very swift vigilante justice aimed at these bloodsucking pure evil vampires, and the masculine men of the world need to unite against police states and their oppressive agendas. Things are much much worse than they were 10-20 years ago and the crusade against the liberties and opportunities of men worldwide is only gaining further momentum with increasingly more irrational demands by psychotic feminists and more malicious legal, social and professional treatment of men in the vast majority of the developed world…
    At this rate the only solution might be World War 3 for the free men of this planet to recapture their righteous ancestral heritage of prosperity and comforts of advanced civilization.

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