5 Ways To Escape The 9-to-5 Grind

A quick look around the manosphere will reveal mass amounts of young men who are sick to the back teeth with the prospect of the “go to college, get a career, get married, have kids and die” paradigm of the previous generation.

And who can blame them?

In today’s world of technology, travel, and seemingly unlimited options – we don’t have to follow this paradigm laid out for us by the previous generation.

I left home at 17 and began searching for an alternative to this system and way of life. After a decade of searching and looking, eventually finding what was right for me and living life on my own terms, I’ve come up with a list of five ways you can have an alternative lifestyle and live free.

1. Teach English overseas


Teaching is one option for escaping the 9-5 by going abroad.

Yes it’s cliché and yes it has been said a million times before, but that’s because this is possibly the easiest and most popular way to get away from home and make some money.

There is an absolutely HUGE demand for English teachers all over Asia, South America, and the Middle East. If the job market sucks at home and you need a way out, this would be your best bet.

After my article on why Asia may be the best place for a young western man a some people asked HOW to get started in teaching English. I’ve written this article and provided links at the bottom to accredited courses for those who are seriously interested. There are a lot of useless, scam TEFL courses out there so it is important to pick one that you will actually get a job with.

There are 1.3 billion people in China and approximately another 600 million in the ASEAN nations of South East Asia, and they all want or need to learn English to get ahead in their careers and lives.

If you have the adventurous spirit and are willing to live within humble means for a year or two until you get experience and the more lucrative jobs become available, all those people means a lot of opportunity for you. You’ll generally be expected to work about 20-30 hours a week and be paid decent cash.

Heck, living in the tropics isn’t half bad either.

2. Day trade

Day trading can lucrative, but also risky.

Day trading can lucrative, but also risky.

Day trading is not something you should take lightly. It is a fact that the majority of people who do it lose money over the long run. However, that’s because most people have no clue what they are doing and trade too often.

I personally would never choose this as my one and only source of income, but for those with less responsibility and a little capital to get started it can be a lucrative way to live with location independence and not have the man breathing down your neck.

Thankfully due to the function of short selling and spread betting you can make money even when the market in general or a specific share price is falling.

Again, this is not for the faint at heart or those who value a steady pay check and security. For those with the gonads to live by their wits and the patience to study properly and learn how things work, however, this could be the Willy Wonka ticket to wealth and freedom.

Tread carefully if you choose this option.

3. Work in offshore oil and gas


This is one of the most lucrative fields on the planet, as I outlined on Return of Kings before.

However, this option is virtually closed to those without either connections or some in-demand trade or skill. It’s also worth mentioning that now is not the best time to approach this industry, as times are tight and it could be a couple of years before things bounce back and jobs become widely available again.

That being said, if you are willing to retrain and skill up it could be the perfect time to do so and prepare for when things do kick back into action.

Offshore work is hard, dirty, and you work long hours. If you are willing to do that you will be rewarded with a fat pay check, six months off per year, and the ability to work in some of the most remote, adventurous places on Earth.

So far I’ve been doing it for three years and have worked in West Papua, Indonesia, and Australia. The check comes in at a little under 15k per month on the rig.

Tradesmen and workin’ horses – this is your ticket to the big leagues if you are willing to take it. All that time off can be used to start a business, travel or just spend quality time with your family if you have one.

4. Freelance

It pro

It probably won’t look quite like this, but close enough!

If you have a skill that is in demand these days and are good at what you do, there is absolutely no need to be tied down to a cubicle in some mind-numbing, soul-destroying corporate office.

Web designers, graphic artists, writers, and computer programmers are all examples of those who can make a living in the ever-growing freelance industry found online at sites like Odesk and ifreelance.

When I was traveling in Thailand I met a Swedish guy who worked as a freelance computer programmer writing code for a big company. He literally did about six hours work per day and spent the rest of the day catching waves and having full body massages on the beach in Koh Samui.

It may not provide you with the security of the office job, but then if you really wanted that you probably wouldn’t have read this article to begin with. Freelancing is a growing sector, and my guess is there will be a trend towards this kind of work arrangement in the future.

Why not get ahead of the game and start now?

5. Become an entrepreneur


There’s really no way to quantify this category because it covers such a wide range of possible occupations and ventures.

Let’s just say this – there are plenty of people doing things their own way, answering to no boss and living life on their own terms by embracing their inner entrepreneur and running their own businesses.

I’ve met a few from all different walks of life during my eight years in Asia. One guy flew all over the world setting up blimps at concerts and fairs, one ran a bar on Bali and seemingly was having the time of his life doing shots out of tourists’ titties on a nightly basis for a living, a few exported furniture and crafts from Indonesia, while many more ran blogs and websites selling goods and services.

If you relocate somewhere in South America or Asia for a year or two, the money you have saved should multiply by a factor of two or three compared to the cost of living at home, buying you a lot more time to get your venture off the ground.

If that isn’t your thing you can stay right where you are and do it there. There are thousands of successful entrepreneurs in America and Europe, with more popping up every day.


It’s a world full of opportunity and change. We are not trapped the way our grandfathers were – working for the same shitty company for fifty years and getting a gold watch and a pat on the back on the way out the door to retirement.

Opportunity to live an alternative way of life is available like never before. If that’s what you want to do and you dread the idea of working in a traditional career and way of life, I’m here to tell you that YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

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  1. I’m getting ready to try #1 very soon. I’ve built up my Fuck You Fund, secured a side income that will come in regardless of where I am, researched a good TEFL certification class, and been jettisoning all the dead weight (material things, relationships with Ameriwhores, etc.) that would hold me down.
    In fact, your last article on living in SE Asia helped solidify the decision, one that I’ve been contemplating since the business I’m in started the transformation from decent middle-class work into 50-60 hour per week soul-crushing sweatshop. I remember all of the things you mentioned about living in SE Asia in that article being true from the trips I’ve already made there.
    I think I’ll start with 6 months to 1 year in Latin America, which I already frequent, living on the cheap with my side income and then make the jump to SE Asia. Bottom line, I want to take a year off work to enjoy myself before starting a new line of work. Go into the whole thing refreshed and detoxified of Western “culture.”
    The more incessant the man-hating, you-go-grrrl-ism, moral degeneracy and more rapid the collapse of the economy becomes, the more I feel this is the right decision because tolerating the shit that’s going on in the USSA just isn’t something I want to do anymore. Long-term, all I see is continued decline. Sand is falling through the hourglass, it’s time to make some moves.

    1. Good for you man, I’m curious to hear your experiences. As #1 is probably the most viable option for me to escape the soul crushing corporate life so I’m starting to look into it more and more.

      1. There are a lot of naysayers, but those people will keep getting what they’ve been getting because they keep doing what they’ve been doing. There’s always risk, but perhaps the biggest risk in life is being risk averse.
        Good luck to you if you decide to do the same thing.

        1. Good luck to you. I earned a TESL
          certificate from a local community college. The Oxford Seminars offers
          training in many major etropolitan areas and has a good record with job
          placement. I am lucky to have a friend who used to operate a TESL school in
          Quito before she retired a few years ago.

        2. I’m going to do TEFL in Chiang Mai, and from the extensive research I’ve done, a salary of $1000-2000 a month is very attainable in Thailand, and with the cost of living there, half or more of that total can easily be saved.

        3. You can make $1000-$2000 a month in China. . .plus a free apartment and maybe free food. Given the exchange rate and cost of living, it is like making $40k-$50k
          I did my TESL at Oxford but I have other tricks in my bag.
          I have no concept of Armenia.
          If you are a Canadian living near Toronto, drop me a line and I will give you an introduction to my employer: they are good people.

        4. Thanks for the reply. But I will try Colombia first. It is closer to home and I have friends there.

    2. I was offered a teaching job in Armenia,
      Colombia through Internships Colombia and Heart for Change. The salary was about $600.00/US a month, which I was told by my ex-pat and Colombian friends is an excellent salary. My six month term would have started June 23, 2015 with two weeks of training in Bogota. But I have many friends and contacts in Medellin so I will wait for something to open up there.
      I had an offer to share a nice apartment in the Laureles area of Medellin for $300.00/US a month so if I set aside $4,000-$5,000 before I move; I would not have to worry about rent. Then whatever month I earn teaching would be for food, travel & fun. But ultimately I want to have $10K saved up before I move, then later maybe dip into my 401K and sell my
      house when my renter’s current contract expires in 2017.

      1. I am lucky enough to have a nice side income coming in, and as you already know one can live like a king off not that much dinero in most of Latin America. But I’ll probably continue to save and invest most of it as most “fun” things to do there cost nothing and a decent-looking gringo has girls fighting over him. (I’m speaking from experience, not hyperbole.) Unlike here where people spend large sums of money to “entertain” themselves with constant shopping and eating, fun there consists of nights out dancing, trips to the beach and/or mountains which cost next to nothing, and hanging out with family/friends. Only in America do people associate “fun” with spending large sums of money.

    3. Good for you, man.
      I did it in 2007 and it took a while to start getting places, but just making the move alone will open a lot of opportunities for you. It’s good that you have the guts to try something rather than just complain about your life.

  2. “answering to no boss”
    You still answer to customers, investors and bankers.
    Perhaps after you sell, maybe.

  3. it’s moronic for the day trading point you basically implied once you ” learn how things work ” that you’re good to go.
    there are guys with ivy league educations and 20 years of experience that piss away peoples money faster than burning it, and they do it for a living. avg joe has 0 chance.
    and yes I know, you probably have a friend that made 60 % returns for 3 straight years. he’s a moron and he got lucky. for every one of him, there are thousands that piss away large amounts of their money, before they realize they have no fucking idea what they’re doing.

  4. I’ve posted this video before, and I’m doing it again. SCREW the laid out plan the elites want you to have, and go out there and do whatever the hell it is that makes you happy and fulfilled.
    If you have the luxury of being able to reflect on your life at 80, you are going to most fondly remember the beautiful places you’ve been, the hotties you’ve fucked, and the cool guys you could share beers, experiences, and philosophy with.
    You are in control of your destiny and your definition of happiness is entirely up to you. Go get em!

    1. people on their deathbed aren’t exactly the most rational people.
      most people become more religious as they near end of life, but obviously thats due to fear and I don’t think you’d prop that facet up.
      everyone says shit like ” I wish I spent more time with my family” and ” I wish I worked less” well if you had done those things, you probably wouldn’t have the same quality of life from a monetary standpoint.
      I’ve never understood the whole ” listening to dying people’s advice.” A significant amount of them aren’t mentally capable of making their own medical decisions, but you’re going to listen to their advice on how to lead your life?

      1. Obviously everyone wishes they could work less. Unfortunately bills need to get paid.

  5. This is the article I have been waiting for. After finishing college I’ve been in an office from 9 – 5 for the past two years. Luckily the people I work with are great but the daily grind of waking up, going to work, going home, waking up just to repeat the process all over again is killing me on the inside. Damn it though I will find a way to escape and still be successful.

    1. Have a purpose.
      Save money for capital.
      Develop a plan.
      Execute the plan and prepare to worker harder than you ever have.

      1. That’s exactly my plan. I’ve been thinking of entering into a trades program. Which is completely at the opposite end of the spectrum from working an office job. Looking at 1 year from now to enter the program.

      1. I’ve lived in Peru for 5 years now exporting products from the Amazon to Europe.

  6. This has got to be one of the most stupid articles I have read. It sounds like the typical cheesy, corny advice you hear someone giving to a young teenage kid, and telling him that you can pursue anything in life if you want it. Here is the reality of each of the points:
    1) Teach English overseas:
    Don’t believe this to be thr anwer. This bubble burst a long time ago where there is now a huge oversaturation of Westerners going to Asia to “teach English” only to find out there are not enough high paying jobs available, and that most of the jobs available are low paying temp contracts.Not to mention, that some countries are no clamping down on the number of foreigners by making it harder to acquire visas. There are plenty of articles on the The Guardian newspaper and the internet in general, which highlight the nightmare stories of TEFL and CELTA students not finding the “dream” in Asia. So do your research.
    2) Daytrade:
    Another stupid answer. The reality is that daytrading is a huge gamble where most of the times, it does not pay. The only people who should daytrade, are the ones with huge supplies of cash to throw and decades of experience of working within the financial and trading industry. Not to mention. that there are many rules and regulations to follow- just to start up, you are regulated to have a starting capital of arounfd $20,000. I don’t many people do their research in regards to suggesting daytrading.
    3) Work in offshore oil and gas:
    A better response, but still, one that is very unlikely to happen for most people wanting to pursue this. Firstly, the STEM shortage is a myth. There are plenty of people with STEM degrees and many of them cannot get a job, because competition is fierce and worse than ever before. The likely way you are going to get a job here, is through connections and nepotism. I know of people who work in the oil rigs and believe me, they did not get those jobs with simply their qualifications and hading in a CV. So if you are going to pursue this avenue, then understand the politics of the job market. Meritocracy and hard work alone, is not going to pay off unless you are incredibly lucky, which does not apply for most people. You will also need to have the connections, contacts and above all, luck, in order to get into this field. Finally, be aware that oil and gas engineering is also, mentally and physically demanding, and a lot of people cannot hack it.
    4) Freelancing:
    When I hear people mention this, I tell them to look for a real job. Unfortnately, freelancing has turned into something that you hear and see hipster kids do on their laptops in some organic coffee shop. Freelancing and getting paid huge amounts of money is a pipedream for most people. Only a very small number of people get paid that amount, and most are contractors who work in significantly difficult and complexed fields such as information assurance and software development. The reality is that freelancing is somewhat of a hobby, for those that want to earn a little side income, to their regular jobs. It is not going to replace that full time job you need in order to survive.
    5) Becoming an entrepreneur:
    Okay, understandble, considering so many people cannot get jobs, But make sure that the field you are pursuing is worth something. The fact is 80% of small businesses fail and 9/10 start up companies also go bust. Not to mention that brick and mortar businesses are almost dead due to the internet, and with all the insane taxes that need to be paid and rules that need to be followed. Don’t assume that because you are working on your own, it will be a straight walk in the park. It won’t. You may not even break even in your first 2 years alone, and may even start to wish you had a regular 9-5 job.
    So there you go. Negative and pessimistic, but more of a realistic answer to the solutions proposed by the writer of this article. Do not let anyone’s personal anectdodes fool you into thinking you will be a success. Look at the emprical data and analysis, and what you will find it the opposite. Go into something, but with a clear idea of what it is, you are tackling.

    1. Sloppy typos, but I agree, this article in general, sounds like an insult to those with an actual brain.

    2. The era of full employment is dead and buried. 95 million working age Americans don’t have jobs, and like you say, the internet and apps etc. are killing brick and mortar establishments for anything other than restauranteers.
      And who wants to do that for razor-thin profit margins after staff wages, rent, taxes, regulations, health inspectors, the insane hours, and customer bullshit are all taken into consideration?
      The reality is that money is hard to come by these days. Machines can do so many tasks now, young people dont want to buy consoles, video games, movies, and music because so much of it is for free on your computer and Iphone, if you just have the Utorrent app. Oh and the countless distractions and free content, documentaries, music, etc. on Youtube and well-written blogs galore?
      Too much free shit is everywhere!! That’s why it’s insanely difficult for people to justify spending money beyond the bare essentials of life now (rent, food, gas, internet connection, etc.)

      1. “Too much free shit is everywhere!! That’s why it’s insanely difficult for people to justify spending money beyond the bare essentials of life now (rent, food, gas, internet connection, etc.).”
        I’ve long thought that the fact that free content over the internet was retarded. Now these clowns are slowly dying and they’re trying to implement pay walls, but they simply can’t go back. People don’t want to pay for something that they got for free for decades.
        As you note, it’s hard to employ people when no one pays for your services.
        There’s a lesson in here about our current slide towards gimme gimme gimme free stuff socialism.

        1. Hollywood and the music industry have been pushing Marxism for a long time, then they are surprised when people don’t want to pay “the man” for movies or records. It’s hysterical.

      2. all Driving will be automated in under 10 years, Most major companies are rolling out their autopilot solutions right now,
        Basically, a self-driving van will roll up to your driveway, and a drone will come out of it which will find a sensor you have, and deliver your stuff, possibly by dropping it on your roof through some hatch
        amazon has this prototype software going where you push a button when you run out of supplies and it automatically orders replacements, youll be able to just select reorder with the internet of things mechanisms
        (all box stores will all have this delivery function just to compete)
        Virtual Reality will absolutely DESTROY the real estate market and the Travel industry,(have a look at the capabilities of unrealengine4)
        ^It will be a dumb ass idea to go spend hundreds of thousands on a crappy house when a virtual one looks 1000 times better like some exotic mansion/gorgeous palace……. and is almost free. We will own our own countries in virtual reality, and AI”s in the game will be indistinguishable from anyone real..(though the very freakishly realistic ai’s are more like 15 years away) crystal clear VR requires 5K per eye @ 90fps so the price performance is still 5 years away minimum but still very much under 10 years.
        Software is already destroying the teaching industry (teaching is currently a meaningless job creation racket) Software and video-instruction can replace any teacher already
        This is all in UNDER 10 years!!
        Oh, we’re going to start seeing drones building simple structures on their own, these structures will gradually get more complicated and in under 20 years, all construction jobs will no longer exist
        3d printing will work very good in 20 years, to the point where you build something.. get bored of it, Re-melt it or “unassemble it” and rebuild something else with the same basic material and for free!
        We may be immortal in 20 years aswell.(sounds crazy but do your research) biology is in the process of being digitized.
        I predict also that AI will be creating music better than any human can in under 15 years.. You will have an app that builds your music.
        Tons of websites are already using AI-Journalism, and AI-books are being created… Hint: they will become more interesting than you are
        Where does that leave you with your little 100 IQ?
        You will have to become enhanced, or you will be unemployed, a predict the coming of an exo-cortex, which will boost all of our iq’s by 50% at least at which point technological advancement will take off at light speed when everyone is a genius. Think 7 billion genius’s.
        7 billion genius.s…. this is probably the future.
        i forgot to add that robotics and further 3d printing will eliminate any kind of food industry as they will be better than the most professional chefs also, We will never get fat as our insulin receptor gene will be modified.
        appliances are starting to have functions which automate the cooking process more and more
        construction industry, Driving industry, Music industry, teaching/education industry,
        lol which industry will survive, that is the question? and what you should be planning on thinking about in the LONG-Long term.

        1. Not all driving. Motorcyclists aren’t going to go quietly into the sunset. I guarantee it.

        2. good luck with the self driving thing when it comes to transport of raw material. for example hauling wood out of the steep mtns during winter

        3. What will happen is the urban “trendy zones” where they can’t put their fucking iPhone down for two seconds, plus being half-retard aspergians who can’t drive anyway, will become areas where ONLY a self driven car will be able to go. You see, I don’t think these cars will rely so much on radar, image recognition, and GPS. Those are the long ways around, what you use for adapting a robot to a given infrastructure (my career started in robotics, mainly military systems).
          So what you will get are cars that rely more on mesh networking and wireless communications. In other words, they will create new infrastructure around these cars and only such that those cars will be capable of being there. There won’t be any stop signs or traffic lights and taking a manually driven car into such an area would be a disaster.
          No doubt these special cars will also be electric powered, tolerant of GLBT (somehow), non-triggering, and gluten free.
          That’s how “it” will start. Then when trendies vote their cities into hellholes and start spreading out, they will want wherever they run to, to accommodate their aspie-tardness. Meaning that the highways between their software jobs in the city and whatever small towns outside that they are fucking up will need to be equipped to handle their cars so they can maintain their latest SJW hashtag campaign on their way to and from work (while the people they are fucking over have to you know, actually drive to their low paying shit jobs). They will also want wherever they move to have the same accommodations.
          Only hackers sending these fucking roaches off an occasional bridge or cliff could put a stop to this.

        4. I’m currently working in a laboratory where we’re trying to find tech solutions for people with different disabilities. For example, how to present certain kinds of typically visual information to the blind.
          I think these are interesting theoretical problems, and I’m not against helping people who have had a hard life, but what I find annoying about the workplace is that there is zero emphasis on being a healthy individual.
          I’ve never been in a workplace where I am literally 30-60 pounds bigger and heavier than the average person there.
          These aint poor people either, they’re people who have internalized the idea that by making the world accomodate absolutely everybody, there is no need for taking your health or fitness into your own hands.
          I get a weird feeling when a 110 pound male is telling me how I should do my work.

        5. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
          My name is Clark. When I was in grade 3 I dressed up as Superman for Halloween. The next year my friend dressed as Superman. His name was Kent. Go figure.
          I can digest pop science but that is about it. My thing is politics and law: I am rather handy with that.
          You have co-opted my namesake so I am curious about you, in a gentlemanly fashion.

        6. Currently engineers are building Virtual “bike training rigs” basically a fan simulates wind which adjusts in power to the speed you are going at,(they even have smellivision, a smell simulator) while you wear a vr headset. A seat with various kinds of hydraulics simulate the motion, and of course serious athletes are probably already using the technology
          This technology will free your riding ambitions so you can go 200 MPH with 0 risk… in the VR, other extreme sensations will be possible aswell with 0 risk, ski jumping, sky diving, ETC, ETC, just anything and everything, action video games will make current ones look like Pong in the 80’s
          “haptics” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haptics
          .. i’m not following developments in this field yet, but i have an idea of how it will be done, materials magnetism and grip simulations that work with the nerves on our hands, and smart clothing full of various sensors, so when you hit a tree or something in VR, you will feel it, and be able to adjust the sensitivity and all
          But.. motorcycles will be lame, space ships are better…ideally.. a shape shifting voice-activated vehicle simulator…whatever you want it just morphs into. The thing about digitization is… it frees the imagination completely
          we are entering an “experience” democratization period where all “experiences” can be created cheaply..
          Of course, many men will be lost to virtual brothels and never leave, which is a risk
          I just see the ability to own a realistic palace with it’s own whorehouse, in which you customize personality and physical characteristics, an existential risk
          its all happening, phase 1, is the sub-10 year periods, than all else should happen in the sub 15, and sub 20 year periods
          yeah real estate is a stupid investment for this generation, as i said, No one is paying you hundreds of thousands for your piece of junk when you pay it off in 20 years when palaces can be had and simulated cheaply,
          First VR, than Haptic VR
          Decent VR 2016, Crystal clear VR 2022, and… Haptic enabled vr by 2025 , haptic AND “super” crystal clear VR by 2030
          Basically, “the matrix” by 2030
          this will change everything LOL
          ………..The universe doesn’t care if we succeed.
          we are so used to mean world syndrome scarcity with our reptilian hindbrains, but the good things that people forget is that the universe is also apathetic in that it enables success as a possible outcome

        7. Thank you.
          I’ve honestly only really thought about politics since I’ve been reading RoK articles and that started about 2 years ago. The more I learn about it though the more I realize how much I don’t know shit. I get the sense that to really have a sense of politics I’d need to brush up on history, which I know very little about as well.
          Here’s a little secret though, my name is not actually Clark ;D

        8. What people do NOT understand about self-driving cars is this: We only have speed limits for safety from human drivers
          We waste so much time because of poor traffic and speed limits for safety reasons, it also wastes energy to end up at a “stopped traffic light” these systems are primitive
          Cars will communicate with themselves in advance so they are spaced out properly, and safe, this will end traffic jams and other garbage,
          100 MPH average speed (on highways) by year 2035 , Shortly after Self-Driving car systems is the next step, and logic says, FAST travel is better than slow travel. It will all happen slowly, and safely, like a couple MPH’s every 6 months or so, until these things are blazing fast , it’s possible we’ll start to see the beggining of anti-gravity technology by this point so instead of highways being dual lanes you have a car going one way underneath, and another going one way ontop, if you create anti-gravity vertical highways, than you no longer waste land but predicting the unobvious future is too speculative
          So you see. Driving will still be exciting in the future. lol, if you want you’ll be able to just hang out in VR in your “earth transporter) (cars will be considered an ancient term) while you are being transported..

        9. I don’t believe it.
          You know what the Seattle yuppies do when they infect a small town in a nearby county?
          They get the speed limits lowered. Why?
          Because most of them waited too long to have kids, and most of them are too stupid or weak to have smart kids, so you have a bunch of little aspietards running into the streets like little blithering idiots and their obese parents (especially the mom who, having waited to 35 to have kids, was hit with the fatocalypse when she got pregnant) can’t catch up.
          So no. Maybe the highways but everywhere else will be a slow crawl. Once you hit that street with the “special needs” kid and the router in your car is signaled that you have one of those on the street your car does 2MPH the whole way.
          No fucking thanks.

        10. The predictions are economic. Think about it.. If it’s cheaper to automate, It WILL be automated. Money has a magical way of getting people to be able to do ANYTHING, as history proves.
          more and more complex ai systems will be available which means when it’s cheap to overcome a simple problem that you mention, a “bean counter” will easily figure out” hmmmm .. Pension+ salary+ safety pay times x amount of years =over 1 million$”
          and if that automation is cheaper, = unemployment
          if they can save millions with the automation, VS the cost of creating the automation software, than replacement will happen, you think about it
          i predict…”Artificial intelligence engines” similar to graphics engines which build environments, these AI engines will build solutions” using technology that models a round-table of human innovators, basically human intelligence

        11. “I get the sense that to really have a sense of politics I’d need to brush up on history, which I know very little about as well.”
          Here’s where you start.
          Why the Russians cannot be defeated:
          It’s a famous photo. Georgia, August 8, 2008. After the
          Georgian army’s defeat, its retreating forces regrouped and decided to return to Gori, but encountered a Russian checkpoint.
          One can see on the photo how a Russian Army soldier, with a machine gun slung over his shoulder, stands in the path of Georgia’s motorized infantry, whose officers threatened the machine-gunner in order to force him to let them pass, only to hear “go f*** yourselves” in response. Members of the
          media accompanying the column also tried to reason with the machine-gunner, only to receive the same response. In the end the column turned around and returned to whence it came. Foreign journalists later published an article with the
          title “You don’t need 300, one is enough.”

        12. All sounds very well, except western civilization will likely collapse before all that.
          Also: If everyone is special, that means nobody is.

        13. Risk is part of the experience. It will be used, no doubt, but it won’t entirely replace it.
          Edit: I wanna pilot Voltron.

        14. The Spartans figured this shit out long ago. Kill off crippled babies and pop out more until the general population is healthy.

        15. I spent the last few years of the cold war as a reserve soldier in the Canadian army. Rule #1 you don’t invade Russia. Napoleon couldn’t do it; Hitler couldn’t do it. DON’T DO IT.

        16. Except the Afghans, they drove out Russians from their land, Brits also and now the Americans

        17. What you seem to forget in your tech-induced orgasm is that such technology will be used to put the last nails in the freedom of human population worldwide. Whether you like it or not there are only two options to follow for mankind that is:
          1. Get out of this planet and start colonization of the solar system as well as a massive clean-up operation of all the crap we have been polluting the Earth with. I am not talking about the crap about Greenhouse gases but all the chemical stuff that is affecting the male of the species (as well as the female, not only from the human species but from the most mammals as well as aquatic species we have been giving hormonal treatments for free) and all the toxic stuff which is affecting our health and that has decreased the nutritional value of foodstuffs in every place where the “green revolution” has happened.
          2. Exterminate the “surplus” population that is not required anymore since soon enough they will have no more money to even represent a meaningful market and they are a “waste” of resources on the planet, a “cancer” of the Earth.
          Since they are doing everything to advance automation of most industries, technologies that will detach people from reality (your beloved virtual reality tech), as well as killer robots and drones that supposedly will be used for rescue operations http://www.fastcompany.com/3014203/fast-feed/meet-darpas-humanoid-robot-that-could-someday-save-you-from-a-crumbling-building (if you believe that you deserve to live under the boot of those motherfuckers) I am guessing we will not colonize the moon or mars in loooooooooooooooong time if ever…

        18. Yup. It will be very exciting when the gov’t tyrants hack into your self-driving car’s computer and send you flying over a cliff.

        19. The good thing about Seattle is that if we ever get into a Nuclear War with Russia, that place will be the first to be bombed.

        20. Yep, we’ll all be using mobile phones that fit on our fingertip. We will also be eating a pill for dinner each night because that is way more delicious. Human language instructors will be out of business because computers are funnier and more interesting than actual people, people hate driving like they hate having sex and so there will be no need for driving. Sex too will be done for us by robots named Hernando and Javier. Also modern humans really care about music and that’s why we buy the beautifully crafted work of Meghan Trainor and Pitbull….. robots will really be able to cover them.

        21. If robots and AI put us all out of work, how will we get the money to buy all of that wondrous VR tech crap?

    3. If you want to teach English in China, you need to find a quality employer who will not rape you.
      As an entrepreneur I failed in the first attempt but now I have the opportunity to have $100k+
      You only have to get lucky once.
      I am a Canadian: if you are young and strong then go to the oil fields. You don’t need some bullshit degree to make six-figures by some honest, hard work.
      Day trading is complete voodoo. I have studied the matter (I have a degree in business) and it is nonsense. It is a fucking crap shoot.

        1. I am in Jinan, the provincial capital of Shandong. It is not my favourite city but it is home now.
          If you have the opportunity, go to Xiamen. It is clean, beautiful, warm, cosmopolitan, basically the best city in China.

    4. On #5, I’ll also point out that you’re trading in a 9-5 grind for a 24 hour, seven day per week grind. Successful entrepreneurs aren’t sitting on the beach catching waves and getting full body massages, they’re working their assess off for years to refine and market their product, develop a customer and supplier base, establish goodwill and keep their business afloat. I know folks who have done it and succeeded, but it is a non-stop grind, so you better love what you’re doing.

      1. Entrepreneurship is not for the timid. They are a hard bunch.
        This is my friend. He has one year of university. He makes six and perhaps seven figures a year. He owns a million dollar home and cohabits with a professional flamenco dancer who he has beautiful daughter with. He drives a Bentley ($150k car). He is a successful publisher, movie producer and furniture manufacturer. He works 90+ hours a week but he will not admit it because he loves what he does.(He thinks he is semi-retired).
        I can’t do what he does. I have a softer touch. The funny thing was that I was a sergeant in the army reserves. I was a leader of men. I recruited him and he topped out his basic training but then left because he thought it was too constraining.
        I am going to make my way as a game designer and restaurateur. However, to be an entrepreneur you need to be keen, focused and absolutely merciless.

      2. I used to tell people that the great thing about it was that you get to choose whichever 100 hours a week you want to work.
        But the fact of the matter is that you have no office to leave your work at; ever. You may find that even when asleep you dream of work related issues. 24/7 is no joke.
        I can stand that for about 5 years at a stretch, then I’ve got to hand it off, sell it out, or even just plain shut it down and take a year to ride my bike and go fishing.
        Sometime during that year I’ll be riding into the sunset or waiting for the evening rise to begin and I’ll get an idea that grows into an excitement and I’m off on the next round.
        I do it because of an inner drive, not because I was looking for something to do and picked it out of a list of possibles. If you don’t have some compulsion bubbling up from within, don’t do it. One way or another you will only destroy yourself.

    5. +1 on the freelancing.
      I tutor people on the side in the college engineering maths (calc1-3, Linear Algebra, Diff Eq) and while it’s fun and can be pretty easy money once you’re good at it, there’s no way that’s going to replace my full time job. I can’t compete with Khan Academy.

      1. A question: have academic mathematics standards been lowered in such a way over the past few years that glancing over the substance at Khan Academy is enough to pass courses? Last time I checked at Khan Academy, there was no rigor at all. No depth, no proofs, nothing. Only the most basic of concepts are explained.

        1. For engineering math courses, yes. I got a degree in Geophysics so I took the exact same math courses. Engineering courses don’t really require proofs so, although it helps tremendously to know proofs and all that, you really can just go to Khan Academy, do a bunch of the same problems until it’s second nature, and regurgitate it on the tests. That’s why you start to see classes that are separated based on majors now.
          For example, I took Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Differential Equations without proofs) which differed from the one which math majors took (with proofs). It is definitely getting watered down. Without the proofs I could legitimately learn a section in only an hour or two, it was pretty boring. Khan Academy exists for the students who somehow can’t even keep their attention span up that long.

        2. My friend’s brother studied geological engineering. I used to take a piss out of him by asking how his geography courses were going. He ended up getting his PhD and now works for Exxon, the largest frickin corporation in the world.

    6. The author is more like a teenage kid with limited life experiences trying to give me advice. Please boy,tell me something I haven’t already learned on my own

      1. Actually. the commentor is right on the money. Sure, he is pessimistic, but with that comes reality. I would rather hear true words than to hear from some internet marketing douchebag who writes online books and claims to make six figures. Ah yes, the magical six figures. America has no recession. Its all wonderful.

    7. Couldn’t agree more. I own my own business . It’s in consulting and has provided me with full time employment for 6 years. The insane number of hours and the chronic cash flow feast/ famine cycles often make me question why I do it. I started my business with 12 years of vast experience in my chosen field, have many connections to prominent players in my industry who know me on a first name basis and have high respect for me . Despite this I still go through periods where work is slow and margins tight. Any one who writes that you can just waltz out of your current job ; hit the ground running and money will be there to pay all your bills is someone who is talking about an issue in which they have zero life experience. It’s just life hack bull shit that looks good on paper but will not hold up under the harsh light of reality.
      That said: if you have extreme will power, grit, savvy and determination to succeed, go become an entrepreneur. You may succeed or you may fail but guaranteed it will come with more pressure than any 9-5 gig.

      1. I was doing that until 2 months ago. The feast/famine part is the thing that keeps you up at nights. Saving as much as possible outside of necessary living expenses for those famine times is a pain in the arse as well.
        No more.

        1. I gave in at one point – took a corporate job,kept business on the side but the drive in me wouldn’t shut off. I had to leave and go back to being an entrepreneur. every time I work for someone I feel like I’m in a straight jacket. I nearly go crazy

        2. I hear ya’ man. The place I’m at lets me work from homd 50% + of the time. This week for example I’m VPN’ing in every day. In the office it’s quiet, few people, and all men. There are conversations that cover topics such as firearms, architecture and literature, instead of gossip, office politics and women’s interest bullshit. So far so good.

        3. If you rely on others for your survival then you are, part way, a slave. Freedom requires working for yourself, but it also comes with the responsibility for your own safety. Tradeoffs.

        4. Funny thing. I live in China, one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet. However I have more freedom here than in Canada because I can carve out my own destiny. Sure, I cannot march a student protest in Tianamin Square. On the other hand, my tax rate is 10%, if that. I have my guanxi gearing up. I am going to open a restaurant next year. I am going to propose marriage to someone much younger than me, (and then there will be much sex to be had).
          Maybe your thing is Russia or Armenia or Brazil. Seriously: get the fuck out.
          My understanding is that Roosh is in Poland, or some such place. Not my thing, but YMMV.
          North America and Western Europe are cesspools .

        5. Agree. Same in HK.
          More free than in so-called ‘free countries’ like the USA and Australia.

      2. Good on you. However anybody. . .ANYBODY can do what you and I do. It is not fucking magic. It is hard work and dedication, It is brutal but well worth it. Nobody has to be a wage slave.

        1. most people aren’t emotionally strong enough , that’s why most people are employees

        2. I think you are correct. However, this website is Return of KINGS, not Return of Middle Management Wannabes. Roosh can do it; you can do it I can do it. There is no reason why this generation of young men who come here looking for wisdom cannot do it.

        3. I might add a disclaimer : emotionally strong enough to do it here in the West. I live in the States and running a business here is beyond tough. Your earlier post makes a valid point of leaving to practice business abroad. Its probably much easier .I don’t plan on it due to a real love for the region in which I live and family ties.

        4. Yes, I am something of a momma’s boy. I only get to see her once a year for a few weeks. I was born and raised in Toronto and it has gone completely to pot. Too many taxes, and a terrible place to raise children.
          Perhaps you have a more favourable business environment. . plus the people actually speak English.
          What exactly to you do, if I may ask?

        5. Or maybe they don’t think it’s worth the risk and/or have more important things to do with their time.

      NEVER listen to and believe in motivational speakers or life coaches. They are scam artists and scumbags. My god, America is rife and filled with motivational speakers and lifecoaches.
      The irony is that most of these motivational speakers and scam artists have never achieved any success in their life. And they’ve got the nerve to teach others on how to be successful?
      Pathetic. And companies pay six figures to get some fat tramp or asswipe to get on stage and lecture people on how to be a success? Yep- the world is definately going to hell in a handbasket..

      1. Dodge, you made a good point regarding the self help gurus.
        Tony Robbins is the master of that scam. His only real skill is putting on a toothy smile and blowing smoke up people’s asses. Thing is, I’ve seen videos of his group talks he has given, and there are moments where he will take questions from the audiences. Based on all the people I see attending his talks and seminars, these people who buy all of his stuff: dvds cds getaway trips etc., they all seem ‘broken’ emotionally in some way and will gladly give their money to him for brief moments of feeling validated by him. It’s emotionally pathetic souls such as these that make guys like Robbins rich.

        1. I only trust Dan Kennedy. At least he’s upfront about the bullshit that floats around.

        2. Tony Robbins has mastered Law 27 in Greene’s book, playing on people’s need to believe. All he really does is preach common sense but his pyramid scheme is so out of control that it just looks like he’s a success when in fact, like you said, there really are no skills outside of being 6’6 and having a big jawline.

        3. Dan Kennedys advice works. Ive put some of it into practice, in my own business, with great success. I respect him a lot

        4. His other skill is having a pituitary gland tumor which gives him massive amounts of T. I wonder if he has a how-to series on that?

      2. Motivational speakers are for people who can barely move. That is base level human psychology stuff. Any ROK reader should be well beyond that level of trite, general feelgood stuff. Life begins when you’re so involved with the minute details of a hobby, trade, interest or craft. That’s where your energy should be going not into trying to internalize all of those sweeping messages, fit to print with a sunset in the background. If sunsets are involved then you are at the McDonald’s level of human psychological development. If you need to pay someone to tell you to stop watching TV and go for a two mile hike in the woods then you have a long way to go.

      3. They’ve turned that BS into an industry unto itself, enabling lazy management everywhere to get through one more day.
        It is also a uniquely American occupation.

    9. While I don’t want to slam the author, the article does strike me as the kind of pabulum I’d expect from a female typist (read: not a writer). It’s shallow, even vacuous, stating things without real depth of implication.
      Exactly the kind of articles I’d expect bored women in cubicles to read when they are wasting time in their office troll job.

      1. i work surrounded by the trolls you describe. at least some of their magazines have some juicy photos of hotties, and the occasional victoria’s secret catalog is left in the break-room for my casual perusal.

        1. God help you if they are getting married or looking to buy a house. Constantly on the internet looking at flowers, place settings and whether there is granite counters or not.

        2. haha, this all sounds verrrry familiar! ah well, to be honest, they’re nice women and i get along great with them. they’d probably be disappointed to see me describe them as trolls (the victoria’s secret catalogs would disappear in a blink of an eye that’s for sure).

      2. This is one of the fluff, filler articles you see a lot of on RoK. The part on day trading shows conclusively that the author knows not a damn thing about it.

        1. Rather read the windbags blather on about how horribly expensive the remaining social support in the US supposedly is? And how awful all those women are?

    10. Why is it that when it comes to quitting your job and working for yourself theres two types of people? In one corner you’ve got all these super positive optimisitc gung ho people saying, “o yeah I quit my job and moved to asia and I’ve got my own hustle going and lifes fuckin awesome” and make the shit sound awesome and enjoyable and on the other hand you’ve got these people saying, “this shits hard as fuck and if your not willing to bust your ass every hour of every day for 5+ years straight and take on financial risk that could literally ruin you then your not shit and even if you make it through all that you’ll still probably fail so you should just give up and go back to your shitty 9-5”.
      I don’t get it.

      1. People can only tolerate the success and praise of others for as long as they can convince themselves that they too possess the same capability. Past that point is where envy and resentment sets in.
        I believe it was Aristotle who said that. Seems to fit.

      2. False dichotomy my friend. It is awesome and it is fucking hard. No two ways about it.
        If you want to teach English then you are looking at $1000 or so a month plus an apartment. That goes a long way here, but you can’t retire on that. You need to hustle.
        But the scenery is nice. I think I posted elsewhere that the average American woman has a BMI of 26 while the average in China is 22. YMMV and maybe Asian girls are not your thing. They have their issues. However, it works for me.

    11. There is some correlation between how difficult something is and how profitable it is. If everyone could do it, it would not be worth much.
      I’m doing #5 right now. If nothing goes wrong in the next few months, I could realistically end up financially independent for good. But as you say, it’s far from for everyone. Even with a detailed guidebook most people won’t risk it.

    12. Exactly – cringeworthy shallow ‘life coach’ bullshit. Offensively bad article.
      Play a well defined role in a massive company/Organization, and make sure you aquire knowledge that makes you indespensible (ie your the only person who knows how a certain thing works). You’ll get your pay cheque every month and leave the ‘digital nomads’ to their ‘freedom’ where they have to move out of the first world to afford to live.

    13. Teaching is saturated. I’ve been teaching in East Asia for 15 years off and on. They used to throw money at you for being a foreigner. Nowadays, you actually have to act like an employee; dress yourself, show up on time, give a shit about your job. This unfair expectation drives 95% of millenials crazy so that’s where the problem is. I’m way out of the expected age range in Korea, but I’ve been busy for a few years right in the heart of Seoul. You have to know how to get the right visa. All the dummies from N. America come over sight unseen and get manipulated right off the bat. They dress like 10 year olds, drink heavily, teach hungover and bitch about any employer expectation. If you want to suit up and act like an adult you will be fine in Asia.
      I taught in China and the big cities can give you a great life. Live minimally, STOP DRINKING, put 700 a month into index funds and you have cash left over for a bikini model that is half your age if you’re 36 and up. My biggest fear is having my passport revoked.

      1. I guess I am sort of blessed. They won’t give me enough work. I got in on the ground floor and they are trying to build a network to bring Chinese students to study at Canadian universities. The problem is that they can’t attract students: their parents would have to shell out $100K to send their little emperor/empress to U of T or Queen’s or UWO. I only teach two or three days a week.

        1. My employer has set me up in a two bedroom apartment. If you want to take a sojourn, the be my guest.

        2. Wow, man. Nice offer. It wouldn’t be any time soon unless things go sour in Korea. Very nice gesture Scorpio and I’ll keep it in mind gratefully. I miss China every day.

    14. You make a fair point regarding day trading and teaching English. But I personally know a lot of people who have both gone the freelance and entrepreneurial route and have made it work. So I know it’s possible and ‘realistic’.
      Its generally the masses who don’t believe in it that mainly explains why there are so few of them around. But thats a great thing because it leaves the markets open for other people who want to pursue it and succeed.
      You’re right in a sense that being Freelance isn’t stable and won’t make you much money, but it is a great stepping stone to eventually go on and start your own business. And doing it in this day in age is easier than ever. No need for startup costs or expenses other than a market, a website, an internet connection, some marketing knowledge and a healthy dose of hard graft and elbow grease.
      It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely possible, if time and flexibility is something that you value more than than money and a traditional career.

    15. The masses fear what they don’t understand, and hate what they envy. As I commented my freelancing plans to my family, they got mad, even my younger brother, immediately instructing me to find a job, get a paycheck, and resign. I don’t blame them, that is the only road they know.
      I think that freelancing works, but only for very specific individuals: disciplined, organized, talented, intelligent, driven, meticulous, resilient, minimalist, knowledgeable, ambitious, spartan, foresighted and thrifty individuals. The kind of people who plan expenses weeks ahead, save 40% of their earnings, buy second-hand; and hit the gym, read and develop skills instead of going out to the newest bar or buying an iPhone in 24 monthly installments.
      As you can see, that lifestyle is not for all. Most women would be repulsed, as it requires real, monetizable skills competing in an open market; also implying direct rejection of consumerism, welfare/alimony and attention-whoring. Men who want to form a family would be better at a cubicle, as a minimalist lifestyle and non-regular earnings are not the best of ideas when you need to pay for schools, mortgage, healthcare or, yes, —alimony—.
      Under most scenarios, won’t get rich, and you will be surviving each day while in a cubicle, you will be dying each day. In the end, it is a choice. Most of mankind simply lack the will, skills or want for such lifestyle. It is also logical that red-pill men and MGTOW are interested in such lifestyle.

    16. I imagine that writing software is difficult for someone who hasn’t acquired knowledge in the proper use of commas. For anyone with just an above average IQ, it’s not really all that difficult to at least do a passable job of it (in the IT sector, you can unfortunately even go on to bullshit the remainder of a career from that humble beginning).
      This is a very good article. It is true, though, that teaching English overseas is a bit of a burst bubble, at least in Europe, and not paid particularly well.
      If you’re smart, though, you could learn a language and take option #4 as a freelance translator. There’s good coin in that, and companies in Germany, for instance, are glad to have translations into English written by native speakers and not East Europeans.

  7. 1) I teach English in China. My employer gives me an apartment and pays for all my food. I earn less than minimum wage but my lifestyle would require $40k or more. I work two days a week.
    2) Back in the 90’s I designed board game. Now that game will be released on iPad next month. This could potentially make me six figures this year.
    3) I have hooked up with a smart and motivated girl. (She has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend so there is nothing funny going on). We are going to launch a restaurant together.
    I am not the success that I want to be, but this is good advice to escape the bullshit of North American living.

    1. “the bullshit of North American living” – yes working 8 hours then leaving with a nice paycheck sucks. Weekends where I can do whatever the fuck I want sucks. Paying off a house mortgage sucks man it does. Oh, yeah taking vacations twice per year just really sucks mans..yeah….going to bars and titty bars really sucks man.

      1. Does really the average American have 2 vacations a year? I don’t mean time off but real vacations like
        1) A week long winter vacation in Aspen
        2) A week long summer vacation in Dominican Republic
        I am sure there are many Americans who can afford this plus more but I am not sure this is the average American’s life.

        1. Dominican Republic? why go there when I can purchase a 4 day $800 all inclusive trip to Cozumel or Cancun from the many vacation websites, and only need to burn 2 days of vacation. That’s trip #1. Most people get Christmas week or a few days during that week off. There’s your Aspen trip. Then again you can save money and just fly into Denver and buy a Ski Pass at Loveland.

        2. Why? That was just a random destination, I chose on purpose relatively close destinations (one in the US and one couple hundred of miles off shore).
          All I was doubting was the notion that it is that common. Sure, if you have a decent job you would certainly be able to afford some good vacation but looking at an average American down the street I really doubt they have gone to many vacations in the past year.

        3. a person making $12 per hour at Lowe’s or Home Depot can afford the vacations I outlined. Hell a pizza delivery guy can afford those vacations.

        4. The average American has never left the country. Many of them have never been to another state.

        5. about 15-20 years ago yes, but more and more have been required to travel to due to the increase in trade with Asia and Latin America.

        6. 28 days paid vacation a year, can carry over 250 hours per year if I don’t use them all. That’s a month, a week and three days of paid motherfucking vacation a year! This does NOT include holidays that are also given. And no restrictions on time limits for vacations as long as your work is covered, unlike a lot of other places I’ve worked where they say “Yeah, you got 4 weeks, but you can only take 1 week at a time” bullshit.

        7. You’re probably right about “left the country” but “never been to another state” is a bit silly on your part. Most have in this day and age of the extended family and easy travel.

        8. cut the anti American crap . You’re here from Palestine, I am here from Armenia. We obviously haven’t left yet have we ?

        9. I was born and raised in North Carolina. When I said “left the country” I meant they’ve never taken a vacation outside of America, not actually leave America to live somewhere else.
          I’ve been to Mexico, Costa Rica, UK, France, Spain, Italy, and make several trips to Palestine.

        10. A person making those wages usually don’t have time off available to take those vacations.

        11. they take time off without pay. 2 days won’t kill them unless they are leasing an entry level BMW or have kids.

        12. If you’re into outdoor activities there’s a helluva lot to do in the US as far as vacations go.

        13. I’m now situated in Arizona, and it’s surprising the number of people I’ve met who were born in this state who have never left it — not even to California. True story. I knew a women who decided not to take a cruise to Alaska because it meant docking in Canada for a short period of time and she thought that was an intolerable situation. Some Americans I meet view the whole concept of getting a passport with contempt because it represents the desire to leave their beloved country / state. Crazy, but true.

        14. “Some Americans I meet view the whole concept of getting a passport with contempt because it represents the desire to leave their beloved country / state. Crazy, but true.”
          A US state can be the size of large European country, and the entire US is about the size of Europe.
          That’s why Americans just aren’t impressed by Europeans who brag about traveling to all these different (mostly other European) countries.

        15. I sometimes think that America is still a great place to live if you see it solely as a geographical playground. Mountains, forests, canyons, ocean etc. AWESOME. The problem is when you start to develop (or continue to have) any kind of expectation from the culture. Drop out, get offline, completely detach yourself from the culture as much as possible and get into the woods. Not bad.

      2. I don’t think he means the working conditions, I think he means the overall culture and poor quality of North American women. That said, I don’t know that many people, even with degrees, who are working only 8 hours a day anymore. Employees are being bullied into not using their paltry 2 weeks off a year in my field by management. Weekends off where you can do whatever you want aren’t exclusive to America. And as far as home ownership…that’s a whole other can of worms but the government owns your house just as much as you do in modern-day America. (Neglect to pay your rulers ever-increasing property taxes and see what happens.) Personally, I’d rather have investment income rather than a mortgage that gives me the freedom to live wherever I please. I say this not to pick a fight but to clarify why some may disagree with you.

        1. Well said. Both sides of the coin have their merits here. I am long term expat but living in TX (as David does) with a decent, balanced job sounds quite nice too. A stogie on the deck in those warm evenings. Very nice.

      3. If you have a good paycheck then I tip my hat to you. If you can afford a mortgage then I tip my hat to you. The rest of us do not have it that easy. I dunno: public sector employees have it ridiculously easy. I have no idea what your situation is.

        1. actually I would rather not have the mortgage or the taxes. I am 41, so I’ve moved up in the company, slightly, but desk job / cubicle life is not all that bad.

      4. I’m with you on a lot of your thoughts David. BTW, I live in Asia now. But you’re ‘going to titty bars’ bit of smack talk is kind of a giveaway. What you don’t understand is that China IS a tittybar. You don’t have to drop 1500$ a month to be entertained at strip clubs here. The strip clubs are the hotel rooms. And if you want to get involved with dropping cash directly for female companionship then China will get you a Hefner lifestyle. The trick is to make a lot of money here. Not easy at all. For me to live in the states and have some 22 year old Anglo asshole/methhead/idiot rub her dirty bunghole on my jeans for 400$ an hour at a strip club is just a disastrous waste of money.

        1. Ha ha. I’ll take a 20 year old Chinese girl strutting around with her natural tits bobbling around for hours over fake titted Destiny sticking her crappy, cum-stained garbage in my face for 50$ a minute while she just reeks of meth and a vague essence of wanting me dead. Maybe I’m weird.

        2. Hmm 20 year old? The middle one is 26 but the other two are actually mid-30s (but they age well).
          Ok, here you go:

        3. It is actually something of a miracle that I am not in jail for professional misconduct. These are some of my students:

        4. I just meant that I can get entertained here too. Come on man, it’s not that bad and there’s hot P4P women in the USA. I barely spend $40 at titty bars and get entertainment and drink my own liquor and P4P women in the USA are hot man.
          $150 for half an hour.

        5. That’s cool. One of your above posts made it seem like you were strip clubbing your way to happiness which I could never pull off. I regret every last dime I ever spent on Anglo stripper cunts. I had some good times with Asian strippers, I must admit. If you’re in Dallas with a good harem of P4P hotties at reasonable rates then Bob’s Your Uncle! I envy that. I love Texas.

        6. Jesus….
          Do all those Chinese startup airlines still need expat pilots from the states?

  8. ” remote, adventurous places on Earth.” – I work in mining, oil & gas, and construction and we offer jobs in the “field”; Awesome exotic places like Accra, Ghana, Northwest Territories, Canada, Republic of Congo, the desert in Australia, Winnemuca, Nevada. You will be in an area with very few people, no women, and sometimes plenty of crime. You will have most of your free time available to ponder how to get the fuck out within 6 months and back to your desk job.

    1. The Australian desert is not the arsehole of the Earth, but you can see it from there.

  9. You fucking people need to let go of the steering wheel.
    I will let you know how this goes.

    1. “I have hooked up with a smart and motivated girl.”
      I hooked up with a hooker last week, $300 and I was out of there. No waiting at an airport, no getting the shits in Beijing, went back to my comfortable house in Dallas, and my easy desk job that pays well.

      1. She is 26 years old. I have yet to establish her history. She seems to be wife material. At 5’9″ she is taller than 90% of Chinese guys.

  10. I remember a guy a few years back who worked as a contract employee for a multi-level marketing firm that sold supplements..err..I mean “food alternatives”. He promised me that by jumping on board the MLM scam..err..I mean system, that I would be independently wealthy, healthy (because I would get the products for free, once I got my down-line operating) and be performing a good cause for the betterment of mankind. I’ll forward you his contact information, you can hire him as a future writer.

  11. “I want to be an entrepreneur” is about as definite a plan as “I want to be rich!” Or ” I want to be famous!”
    I’m not even going to touch the day trading suggestion. Again.

  12. I never understood people who say if you don’t want the 9-5 life then you should start a business. Any successful business is going to require you to work much earlier than 9 and much later than 5.
    What kinds of businesses do people think you could run working less than 40 hours a week?

    1. the first year it’s more than 40 hours and usually very little profit. Your hourly wage equivalent actually decreases until you start expanding the business. the vast majority of business owners are not Elon Musk.

      1. My parents owned a small gas station where they worked 7 days a week for 11 years. No free time at all.

    2. When you are building a business you have to define what success looks like. Yes it is true that you will work 50+ hours a week starting out because you want to keep costs as low as you can so you’ll be doing most of the work. At the same time you’ll be growing the business, or at least growing your profit (if you don’t fail outright) and this added income allows you to hire folks to take over some of the work you have been doing. Not only that, but because they are focused on specific job duties, your business has become much more efficient and likely more profitable as a result.
      The key though, is to figure out where on the spectrum you are most comfortable. Those who need to be in the office 8-10 hours a day micromanaging everyone are probably not suited to business to begin with because you are paying someone to do the work that you are doing for them or if you are a lone business owner doing all the work then you have to settle for a limited income because your income, in this situation, is usually directly related to the time you put in and time is finite.
      On the other end of the spectrum are those who put a qualitative 2-3 hours a day or less, gaining clients, keeping their eye on quality control, and any issues that arise. Even though you have hired people to do the bulk of the work, your hourly wage is enormous, and the work usually much, much easier than where you started. You are making use of others time in order to boost your own efficiency and profit.

    3. Yeah. You hear a lot of people equating business ownership with freedom but it seems like the opposite sometimes. Obviously it would depend as there a million scenarios but in general it could tie you down location-wise and emotionally. I think the better route to ‘freedom’ is minimalism and a mental erasure of any approval paradigms (status, respect, power, esteem). Not giving one single brain cell of a fuck towards what anyone else on the planet thinks of your life is as free as you can get. A lot of ‘success’ paradigms in your mind are approval based. I’m not saying avoid success or avoid challenge, but you can have those satisfactions via personal hobbies etc., not through a 30 year commitment to a career. That’s just one way of looking at it.

      1. Business ownership is a road to freedom. Once your business is at a point where you can hire someone else to run it, then that is the definition of success. Before then, it is a hard slog.

        1. Yeah. The guys that make it through have it the best. But I imagine a lot of them get stuck in a very stressful cycle.

      2. I wish I could upvote your comment a million times because what you described is exactly how my mentality has become. I’ve recently become very minimalist in my life, only buying things that I need. And I also give zero fucks about how anyone thinks I should live my life.
        Just last week I signed the closing on a newly remodeled 2-bedroom/1-bathroom condo that I paid for in cash …for an unbelievable $25,000! No more rent for me, no mortgage at all. Just $120/month HOA fees. This is in Saint Louis by the way. I recently moved here from Long Beach, CA where I was renting a 1 bedroom for $1100…for 7 years! $92,400 in rent while I lived in California, that would have bought a nice house here in Saint Louis.
        My dad keeps telling me I need a house, but fuck a mortgage. My parents bought their home for $190K and even after paying the mortgage for 12 years didn’t even pay off half of it because of interest. I’m very happy with my new condo, I move in tomorrow 🙂

        1. That sounds a lot closer to freedom than a lot of more wealthy people. Just a few simple decisions to cut ties with materialism and the need for status can free up about 20 years of free time for you. Good job Camel.

        2. Look at the real estate prices in Hazelwood, Missouri. It is very very affordable to live here. The owner was originally asking $28K but since I paid him in cash he dropped it to $25K
          He also has this 1-bedroom in the same complex that I bought mine for sale listed at $26K, but I’m sure he’ll drop it down to to $22K
          Saint Louis is the #7 most affordable city to live in the U.S

        3. That’s it. That’s all you need. Anyone wanting more from a house is off into status, ‘Look at me, do you approve of me?’ mode (or has children). Get a high end easy chair, a decent wooden drink stand and a kindle. Small bar console stocked with single malts. THEN, get back to minimalism, ha ha. That’s what I call luxury minimalism. You could have a multi-millionaire’s evening comfort level for 2000 bucks max, could be much less. Decent Turkish rug underfoot if you wanted. Good to go.

        4. When I was younger I always dreamt of having a nice house, but now at 35 I just don’t care anymore. What kind of American dream is that to spend $200K+ ($400K after interest after 30 years) to live in a house in a neighborhood full of people I’ll never even talk to?

    4. The code of entrepreneurs is that you must be willing to work 16 hours a day for YOU rather than 8 hours a day for somebody else.
      The thing is, you have flexibility. When I had my business back in Canada my business partner and I had a talent agent. Some days she would call us up, and if we didn’t have anything pressing we could shut down the office to go be in a movie or a television show. You can’t do that shit as a wage slave.

  13. This article would be fitting of one those “How I make $9779/wk from google” spam posts….Where are you? Dumb sluts…

    1. Hookers also have freedom to travel, be independently wealthy, and be adventurous as well.

    NEVER listen to and believe in motivational speakers or life coaches. They are scam artists and scumbags. My god, America is rife and filled with motivational speakers and lifecoaches.
    The irony is that most of these motivational speakers and scam artists have never achieved any success in their life. And they’ve got the nerve to teach others on how to be successful?
    Pathetic. And companies pay six figures to get some fat tramp or asswipe to get on stage and lecture people on how to be a success? Yep- the world is definately going to hell in a handbasket.

    1. Wouldn’t that be the benchmark of success? To get paid for worthless effort?
      Fuck, I’d do that in a heartbeat if I gave a fuck about making others feel better about their lives.

      1. Youtube celebs have mastered this art of providing worthless value to their consumers while raking in the cash. Pewdiepie is the king of doing this.

      2. “Wouldn’t that be the benchmark of success? To get paid for worthless effort?”
        The benchmark of success is achieving your goal. You are free to choose the goal.
        The ideal business is getting paid for no effort. Metaphorically referred to as “a post office box people send money to,” but in the days of PayPal and Patreon you no longer need to expend even the effort of going to the post office to collect the checks.
        Getting paid for worthless effort is pretty much the benchmark for being a millennial hipster and a worthless dullard, but I repeat myself.

    2. A former coworker of mine quit his job to pursue his dream of helping people by becoming a life coach. He offers advice on how to be successful in business….even though he’s never owned or ran a business.

    3. Believe in your brothers. I WILL NOT TAKE A DIME FROM YOU. If you want success, then fucking take it. I am only on the cusp of being as successful as I want to be. I have a girlfriend who is half my age; I have a sweet job teaching English; I have a video game rolling out that could earn me six figures. I have a sexy girl who will partner with me to set up a restaurant.
      Grasp life by the balls. What advice can I give you?

    1. That sounds very low paying to me. I don’t know though. Labor in lower tier economies would be so insubstantially paid that you ought to just work seven days a week back home and save like crazy. Then just travel.

        1. Well I guess not. But it could have woken you up to the fact that coming from the first world (presumably) and seeking out grunt work in jungle heat with non-existent safety regs for 10$ a day (maybe less) just might be a bit misguided.

  15. I have a few friends that spent some time working on cruise ships. They said the work was hard but when you got time off you were basically free to explore the ports of call or just drink and have fun. They said just make sure to find a ship/cruise line that allows professional staff “mingling privileges” which are the right to access public parts of the ship during your off hours and the leeway to “date” passengers.

  16. Daylight, Daylight, Daylight. Finish your work fast. Do enough, but not too much at work. Stay under the radar, and work the side hustle at full blast. Find things people are either too lazy to do or don’t know how to do, and charge them. Get better at it, and charge premium rates.

  17. my brother taught english for three years in china (starting in 2011)… in addition to his teaching schedule (which wasn’t all that overwhelming, especially after he got used to lesson-planning etc), he logged hundreds of hours in personal study/hiring tutors in mandarin. he’s now fully-fluent (passed HSK-5, with HSK-6 test scheduled this upcoming July). guy crushes the pussy in china and lives like a king on a modest income. guess what’s not on his immediate ‘to do list?’ return to the usa. so, while i can’t recommend day-trading (due to my shitty track-record there) or speak much to the other items on this list, i can definitely say that if you’ve earned a bachelors degree and are now at a loss of what to do… go teach english in china!

    1. I have an Internet friend who was making the six figures in the construction business. Construction died. He got his ESL certificate and lives in China.
      He gets paid around $500 a month and can’t spend it all without using it on world travel during his summer vacations. An injury he had, emergency room cost him like $2.
      He was sickly in the USA. Heart surgery, and steady medications, expected to die before age 50. Now healthy and strong. No meds needed. Life is good.
      He has no intention of ever returning to the States except when his mother dies.
      There are negatives. As best as we can tell, his Internet access has been shut off completely. He warned us it was expected to happen.

      1. Why was his internet shut off? Didn’t pay the cable bill? Or was it for something else?

        1. China announced that only those with approved political views would be allowed to access blogs. We assume as a foreigner he would not have approved political views. We haven’t heard from him weeks.

      2. Good for him. That reminds me, shortly after my time in the Philippines a young man I knew was shot over 1000$. I still think “man, what would they have done to me”, but you know what? between the paradise, low cost of living, etc. I don’t give a damn.

  18. Nothing wrong with doing your own thing, I do it, but don’t glamorize it. The truth is, as Michael Gerber stated in his excellent book THE E MYTH, you’ll often find yourself working longer, harder hours for less pay and benefits than if you were an employee. Sure there are also times you get paid large amounts of cash for seemingly no work, and you get it in its entirety till tax time, but the working hard for seemingly peanuts, is more prevalent, especially when you’re just starting. If you can handle that and have the discipline to mange your time and money wisely, and having freedom means more to you than a bi weekly paycheck with benefits. Go for it.

  19. Daytrading:
    Bad bad bad bad bad idea. You need a “little” capital??? When you do this you’re going up against highly sophisticated people who have hundreds of thousands of dollars at their disposal and years of experience at places like Goldman Sachs.
    Unfortunately, for many men the grind is an inescapable reality. A more realistic strategy would be to minimize your expenses so that you don’t have to work more than 40 hours to support yourself.
    If you can divorce yourself from the notion that you have to have the latest piece of iCrap with expensive data plans, cable subscriptions, closets full of designer clothes, and a new car + loan every 3 years then you’ll realize you can get along quite nicely without slaving away for 55 hours in the cube pits.

    1. Side note: nothing wrong with designer stuff when you can get it at walmart prices. You just have to know where to shop. And no, I don’t mean goodwill. Go to the designer stores clearance section at the outlet malls.

  20. Unless you’re part of the Criminal Elite, like I’ve been previously, you’re not gonna get rich no matter what because it’s all rigged, as George Carlin was nice enough to remind us. Unless you’re willing to sodomize a helpless child, torture and rape helpless women and shamelessly destroy your fellow man, you will never rise up the pyramid in terms of fame or power. Sure, you may hit $200,000 per year as some specialist, but taxes and BS will axe that in half at the very least AND you’ll have to live in a super expensive place for that job (NYC) or a super awful / dangerous place — so you’re lifestyle will be stressful and unfulfilled even if you have a wad of cash under your orthopedic mattress. You’re trapped either way.
    As men, we instinctively want to raise a supportive family and be able to work at something constructive to benefit our local community, but modern life no longer allows a harmonious family unit or truly productive work. As such, until the world’s economic and geopolitical framework changes (and it absolutely must within the next handful of years as we are living in analogous times to the fall of Rome), my advice is to tread water in a neutral and healthy way while you can and enjoy the simple things and conserve your energy for when we must rise up like the mythical Phoenix and rebuild things properly like we were meant to.
    Think of it like a decent severance package. You’re stressed about being fired and bringing in less money over a limited time frame, so it forces you to downsize, reduce your materialism, cancel your cable, maybe move to a more affordable and preferably healthier environment. It puts you in a position to make lemonade from lemons. Prepare for something better. You take the extra time to become healthy in body, mind and soul. Read / research about what has cyclically plagued the civilizations of mankind and realize we are at another major nexus. The inevitable “crash” should NOT be feared, but welcomed. It will be a true reset and certainly involve some chaos / confusion / stress, but good men will be desperately needed to lead and rebuild, but not so much the infrastructure, as our social fabric and family dynamics.
    In sum: take the easiest paycheck you can get to live as stress free as is currently possible for the next few years. For each man, that entails a different amount of $$$, but be creative and practical about reducing your expenses. Forget about your fucking “career” — it’s worthless. Stop trying to impress your shallow friends — their mostly worthless. Rethink your ingrained and ridiculous concept of “investment portfolio”. Cash that fucker out if you can. Boycott as many corporate entities as possible and don’t increase your debt load — starve the beast and hasten it’s demise. Prepare to tread water for a few years while recharging your humanity. Do fun things and fall in love with your family and planet all over again. Get in shape, be a better person. Read and research, get informed. Then prepare to roll up your sleeves and get through the Big Crisis of our times, knowing that we are likely to eventually see the cyclical return of an era that’s often been referred to as a Golden Era, where prosperity, decency, liberty and justice reign supreme — and that’s not just a cheesy motto for some crooked investment firm… If you live for drama, like most women surely do, then get ready for the upcoming blockbuster! I already look forward to seeing some banksters swinging from oaks.
    In regards to the article above:
    1) physical English teachers will hardly be in demand at all when all those who want to learn the language have internet access to basic software. When I wanted to learn Spanish, do you think I tried to find a physical native specimen?? Of course not — I went online and found some free software, but it takes a computer, internet access, some quiet space and leisure time, which is what many more people in Asia will have in the relatively near future.
    2) day trading is worthless, and uninformed & baseless speculation on “ghost” stocks backed by virtually nothing will blow away in the wind in the near future. Plus, you’re not a true insider, so what the fuck can you really know about any aspect of the stock market???
    3) the artificially propped up oil and gas industry is on seriously borrowed time (should have been done in the days of Nicola Tesla). Pure toxic and destructive bullshit. Even the Nazis of the 1930s & 40s were able to find and invent creative ways to survive the embargoes. In coming decades, the very thought of sucking that shit up from the ground will seem absolutely ludicrous, environmentally destructive and heinous to human health by even the biggest morons on this planet — duh!
    4) I suspect most of us will be classified as freelancers in the future, in the sense of working from home, or short-term consultants, or independent contractors etc. More people are doing it already because it’s a no-brainer, but it takes brains to make survivable income obviously.
    5) an entrepreneur?? Well, all the best and brightest up until now have been deterred, bought out, marginalized, intimidated, or outright killed, so until the world changes this is not good advice. Besides, when real information is able to flow again, we’ll all be amazed at what’s already been thought of and invented in the past that never saw the light of day. As an example, at the turn of the last century (ie. the year 1900), 70% of the vehicles in large cities such as NYC were powered by steam or electricity. Yet, we haven’t had a steam driven car on the market for nearly 100 years and the current electrical hybrids are over-priced jokes. You don’t think some engineers in this big world have figured out ways of snapping your head back in a car propelled by steam?? Of course they have.

    1. I agree with all of the points you make.
      Very few people in the world are able to do a job they love and get paid well and live the lifestyle they want.
      There is always a trade off, 9-5 in a shit job but with satisfying hobbies/leisure time in a secure neighbourhood in a first world country with good quality food/education/medical/rule of law for you (and your children) OR
      good job with shit pay in a third world country with shit everything.
      The reality is that our first world countries are the best for a reason, and to make the most of our lives with the free time we have through self improvement.

  21. Freelance is too often confused with consulting. Freelance and consulting are two different areas. Generally speaking a consultant is someone who has extensive experience in a certain area. Not everyone can be a consultant, however everyone can be a freelancer, just a little experience and knowledge are sufficient.
    I have done some freelance jobs over the past few years. From my experience this is not a career or life-path I would recommend. Although it might bring you some freedom with your daily schedule, making a real living out of it is another question. The illusion of independence is completely hidden behind the constant chase for new jobs. Do you really think you can pay the rent and food with the 100$ you made… How many jobs do you have to complete before being able to pay the rent? Those are real questions you should ask yourself before considering this as a career.
    Nowadays, you see a lot of wanabe hipsters being proud of being a freelancer. “Freelancer” you can imagine how cool does that shit sound at a dinner. They believe they are self made entrepreneurs. You see them everywhere sitting all day long on their macbook in coffeeshops thinking they gonna be a big deal because they are “independent”. What they don’t tell you is that daddy is still paying everything for them.
    Truth is nowadays most people are fucking lazy, nobody wants to work a real job because it is difficult! Yes it is, you think what, people gonna give you a paycheck for free because you think you deserve it? Everything is earned and slowly the value of hard work is being lost in this society.
    Educate yourself, read books, workout and take care of your body and mind, try to find something you are passionate about and if you have the balls and the dedication start a business. There are no easy solutions nor shortcuts in life to escape the corporate world. Survival is the priority in today’s world, even more in today’s society and especially for us MEN.
    PS: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to be a slave to society and work a job that you hate just to pay the bills. I’m just saying that some solutions that might seem easy are probably not the best ones (especially freelance from my own experience) in terms of survival.

    1. it will be the same as all of those survivor episodes where the girls bitch, eat all the rations in the first day, sun bathe, then the producers have to mix them with the men so they dont starve to death in under a week.

  22. This article I do not agree. Its better to have a REAL job and get ass fucked by your employer.

  23. You can freelance, earn USD$600 per month and survive in Mexico or Colombia, but you will starve in Canada or Germany. Entrepreneurship is still alive in South America and Asia, but taxation, regulation and wealth redistribution in first-world countries makes it almost impossible except for the rich or connected.
    Please recall that I am saying “surviving”. Just as you are surviving in your 9-5 job, loosing your youth and life one day at a time, you will be surviving freelancing or en reneuring. While you will earn more in your 9-5 job, your time and life-experience will be worth more being on your own. That is, if you have what it takes.

  24. Teaching – I have taught english in China and Poland and have many friends who have taught overseas, it provides the lifestyle of a rich backpacker but not a livable wage (eg you can’t buy a car/house) and has no career prospects, also if you do it for too long it looks terrible on your CV (trust me).
    Oil/gas – I currently work in oil/gas in Australia (onshore), offshore is possible but you must have very close friends or family in senior positions to vouch.
    The oil/gas in Australia is heading over a capex cliff from construction to production and mining is in the shitter resulting in a large population of experienced, skilled, educated,unemployed men to compete with.
    From what I read about USA competition is also high and likely to remain for a few years if not forever( I personally think the shale boom is over).
    Freelancing – seems like a hobby not a career, competition is India, they will do for $5 what you will want $500
    Entrepreneur – successful ones usually have seed money/security from friends or family, possible but a challenge.
    Eg in Australia immigrants will start a coffee shop/business, make a loss, cook the books, get permanent residency and sell the business.
    Daytrading – haha, say goodbye to your life savings in less than a week.
    I trade stocks (hold short term less than 6 months) and I break even.
    My advice to people would be oil/gas/mining as the culture is masculine (mostly)

  25. I’m in two minds about this. I wish these options were solid and true as he states. I’ve got my eye on teaching English. I currently have a 9-5 gov job – some days stressful, some chilled, some boring. I want to escape and be my own man and live the dream/ having more free time is the main thing. Free tme and more energy to focus on gaming chicks, working out, relaxing in a poosy paradise in a cheap s america or asia. I’ll never be able to afford a property and barely cover the crazy rents in stressful, expensive, politically correct London which push me to think of other options. – I just don’t know but the clocks ticking – any advice fellas?

    1. sometimes those chicks you game expect you to spend money on them , it’s a catch-22.
      Also, women want YOUR TIME, they want you to waste time with them or else they will cutoff the pussy, which means you will have to spend time finding replacements or side chicks. If you can go without for a few months you get your time back and you get pussy once in a while. it’s all about time and money.

  26. Get your living quarters paid off ASAP- and then take part-times for general expenses.

  27. “It’s a world full of opportunity and change. We are not trapped the way
    our grandfathers were – working for the same shitty company for fifty
    years and getting a gold watch and a pat on the back on the way out the
    door to retirement”……..Uh yea, ok. Sure.
    My grandfather worked an easy peezy lemon squeezy job on an assembly line in a candy factory for 40 years. A chimp could have done his job. He only had an 8th grade education. But he was able to EASILY support a family of 4 with a stay-at-home-wife with his candy factory job. Retired with full pension + social security benefits and lived an easy-peezy life until he died at 94. And from what I remember of him, he was always very happy and enjoyed life.
    My other grandfather was a retired Navy flight navigator and carpenter. Only a 5th grade education. Supported a family of 4. Easily. Wife never worked. Died happy.
    I only wish I could have been as lucky as both my grandfathers. Both supported a family of 4 with ease. Those days are looooooong gone and will never return.

    1. Fantastic insight here. In many ways, we’re trapped far worse than our grandfathers were.

  28. How about 6) learn a trade, learn a foreign language, and move to a 3rd world country where your skills will be in demand? Yes you’ll live in a shithole, but what’s the alternative?

  29. Another HUGE problem is if you do create a profitable niche, it is just a matter of time before 1, 5, 10,100 competitors appear hoping to score a part of your income for themselves. The common herd thinks that means lowering their prices or fees and most of your customers will go straight for the lowest cost to them.
    Many people do not know the true cost of running a business. They charge prices or fees at crazy low levels and when the tax bill arrives they are surprised and many go out of business after cutting your business to pieces because of their ridiculous business model.
    But it’s wack-a-mole because even as one unprofitable competitor folds there will be two more new competitors with the same not-for-profit business model thinking low prices are the way to wealth.
    The result? Your once profitable niche that you created swirls down the toilet bowl because you cannot sell your goods and services at a rate that allows for a decent living. Nobody else can too. The niche is effectively destroyed, except as a hobby that may make some spare cash but nothing to support a family and home on.

    1. Spot fucking on. Maybe you and i could make a business of launching those assholes into the sun

  30. I’m a freelancer at the moment and preparing for a trip to Bucharest for 2 weeks. The best thing about it is that it’s all virtual and allows me to travel with my laptop.
    Granted, it does require time in exchange for pay, but it can never be as bad as the thought of being stuck in an office all day and counting how many days holiday I have left.
    Working freelance is a great stepping stone to being completely passive. My goal is to eventually have my own virtual business where I have a well oiled machine with sales coming in like clock work to my account while I sleep. Maybe work a few hours a day to maintain the business and to keep everything ticking over.
    Thats my ultimate goal in the near future. There’s never been a better time where all of that can be made possible thanks to the Internet.

  31. Day trading needs to stop being mentioned. I trade for a living, and I can tell you even short term swing trading is hard enough. I have looked a day trading indexes, and I can tell you, speed is of the essence. I can easily show you a tradeable signal, but if you cannot execute it in a millisecond It’s not going to happen. And no, I do not have millisecond capability.

  32. The only way that the vast majority of guys have any hope whatsoever of living a semi-alternative and reasonably satisfying life outside of the 9(8) – to – 5(6) soul-sucking corporate grind is to be single and free of children. That should go without saying. Next, you have to give up the concept of property “ownership”, which doesn’t legally exist anyway, but mortgages tie you down profoundly. Next, kiss the fancy car and big wardrobe goodbye, as well as all your tools and record collections. Only then are you mobile and free of mind enough to pursue and succeed at something satisfying and outside the box.
    The great thing is once you arrive at a place like that in your life, it is a giant magnet for short-term pussy, but a natural DETERRENT for women who want to latch onto an ATM that can also make babies. As such, most women would love to fuck an opinionated cad in a tent on the side of the road in the shadow of his Harley, but would never consider living in one. Fair enough!

  33. Seems to me that it’s worth discussing the fact that, for the majority of women, every “win” by feminism is a loss to them personally. A few examples:
    Women “win” right to work – Now women slave away in the office 40+ hours a week and hate every second of it, wishing they could stay home with their kids.
    Women “win” the right to birth control – Now we have a bunch of barren spinsters running around because they were in the office all through their 20’s and 30’s and can’t have kids.
    Women “win” the right to sexual freedom – And hate every second of it, sleeping with lots of men leaves them hollow and broken
    Women “win” the battle to make men more sensitive – And find out that they fucking hate sensitive men; sleep with bad boys, and have their hearts broken over and over again
    Women “win” the right to sign for things in their own name/take on credit – And find themselves mired in endless debt that destroys them
    Women “win” the right to go to college – See above (crushing debt), that leads to an absolute NEED to get a job (see first point). Also, most women hate college except for the fucking bad boys part.
    Anyone else see a pattern here?

    1. Exactly. This is the side i feel like many guys here fail to see. They are not “winning.” unfortunately, the children aern’t either

  34. If you’re a slave to pussy, you will never be “free” = even in you are well set financially. I suggest meditation or other spiritual disciplines that can help refocus and recenter your CHI – so that your mind will be clear enough to make wise decisions. In a nutshell- reduce expenses (pay off mortgage, no kids, no dependents)- and then go part-time so you can enjoy some of your own pet projects. If you’re 20-35, I suggest going to perhaps South America, Turkey, or Eastern Europe for a few years. Amerika now SUCKS.

    1. Fuck meditation if that’s in lieu of pussy. Don’t be a petulant asexual. Be NOT a slave to pussy. Bang pussy. Women are lovely right up until they’re not and brother, that train is never late. But there’s always the next and the next and the next. You NEED women, but not any particular woman. Don’t give up pussy. You’re diminished if you do and if you’re diminished, the terrorists won.

      1. Ha ha. ‘The terrorists won,’ Spot on. Don’t allow wretched Anglo cunt-whores to wither your balls to the point where you see being horny as a detriment or weakness. I’m in Asia and I’m at a point where I love women, but no longer in the Beta, emotional way. It’s just a physical fascination and that’s all it will ever be. I don’t ever want feminism/gender war bullshit to drive my T-levels down or make me resent a pair of 22 year old knockers in my face. That’s why I can’t live in an Anglo culture anymore. I start to hate women. Some anglo cunt with a great rack actually makes me angry. Not so in Asia. Where women are women, you are free to be fascinated with their bodies again. EASY access in Asia to some very high quality young women. Puritanism is a helluva beatdown for men. Not everywhere is Puritan though. If you feel like a slave to pussy it’s because in Anglo cultures, the pussies are owned by absolutely terrible people 9 times out of 10. No wonder it’s such a compromised attraction.

    1. It’s a blue print. A white collar blue print, but the methods are the same.

  35. Being free isn’t about “women” and what jobs they get, keeping you from getting one. I’m disappointed to hear grown men saying that shit. I had affirmative action discrimination aimed at me in several venues over the years from military to public sector. I flipped them the bird and morphed into another business. Gentlemen, you aren’t in any one business. You’re simply “in business”. When the airplane business flaked in the Navy, I got out. Fire Department hiring women and blacks on a schedule, fuck them. I went into the phone business. Then the data business, the the Home Theater business. You don’t get to stay in ANY one business for long, the tech changes TOO fast. Business structures change, they’ll leave you behind in whatever business you’re in. You DO not get to stand still. You’re in the business of whatever is hot NOW. Learn it fast, figure your place in it, milk it for what it’s worth (technical infrastructure is ALWAYS worth a lot) and be prepared for something else to replace it in months.
    I’m 58, so I can speak from the other end of the labor/business sluice, at least from a blue-collar perspective. I did the “right thing”, got married, had a daughter and my bride declared “not haaaapy” and retreated to her Mommy’s house when she got so fat I couldn’t stand having sex with her anymore. Post-divorce, armed with a shiny-new vasectomy I never told even one broad about, from the age of 28 to present, I have been free and clear to bang any broad in my path as a commercial phone guy in the offices and political lobbies of Washington DC. Office of NOW, Planned Parenthood. GW University, political lobbies, Capitol Hill, the K Street law firms, broads everywhere.
    Business. It isn’t about women. Remember, you cannot trust women in business, even with a contract. In terms of deals, handshakes and MONEY, the exchanges are always best between honest men of honest intent. I rarely have a contract, my transactions are a handshake. Men never have tried to rip me off, hold back dough, shave hours. NEVER. Women try that shit all the time. Conduct business with men only and you’ll be best off.
    Save your money. We made a ton of dough and even with child support, I banked and saved plenty. NEVER re-marry, never have children. I love my kid, I fought her every battle, saw her more days maybe than I would have commuting home to her and my fat ex-wife if I was still married those years. At 23, she’s married to a wealthy-family college sweetheart, I did ok.
    As for women, no bitching. YOU stay unencumbered. Get that vasectomy, impregnate, marry and pay NO woman. Get a fast bike, learn to ride two-up and bang every woman you feel like, it doesn’t take ANY effort. They dig on bikes and the men that ride them.
    That takes care of the personal shit. Look, you can work for a company if your skills are top-notch, if you’re flexible, if you’re capable and you morph into the next technical service as it comes along. Especially if the company you work for knows if they fuck you over, you’re GONE. If you’re good, the competition already heard you’re free and is on the phone to you. NEVER allow a company to cheat you. And never, ever steal, fudge hours or cheat the companies YOU work for either.
    Mine was a blue collar path, but the methods are clearcut and effective no matter your business because you aren’t in any particular business, you’re in the business of being IN business. Make no financial deals with women, keep always your honor, demand honor from others, shun those with no honor in business and personal relationships, avoid women except for the bang and you’ll land tall on your feet. Good advice whatever your business.
    Today, I’m in Boston dabbling in technologies still, but unfortunately, only pulling 5s and low grade 6’s, but what the fuck ya gonna do at 58? They still like to bang me. Every now and then, a youngster. So, what’s your sister look like?
    Dammit! I wrote another article. Mine’s better. Roooosh!

  36. 6. Become a professional gambler. There’s a lot of money to be made from sports betting and poker but it’s a hard way to earn an easy living.

  37. I’m not sure why people are hating on this article. Don’t you have something better to do with your time than put someones ideas down? At least people are taking the time and come read your site. I’d be happy to have the negative comments over at reversethecrush.com. Anyways, I though it was a good article in terms of ideas. This article could be one piece and eventually elaborate as a guide. But that was not the intention. I personally trade to make some of my income and this was one of the only (quit the 9 to 5) type of articles that mentioned trading. Thanks for the ideas!

  38. Great article Greg!
    It’s always great to see other people showing how possible it is to live life completely on your terms.
    I’ve successfully escaped the 9 to 5 grind utilising entrepreneurial ventures aligned with my passions. Currently travelling through Japan literally living my dream 😀 Never again will I spend a second doing something I don’t love.
    For anyone who is currently working the 9 to 5 grind (or even 7 to 7 grind like I did), check out the below article on how you can make your escape and travel the world forever.
    Lets connect.

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