Did Sarah Silverman Lie About Getting Paid Less Than A Man?

Recently, stand-up comedienne Sarah Silverman was caught in a huge lie about her past. In a video for the feminist group Levo League, Silverman claimed that during a stand-up show she did with Todd Barry, she was paid $50 less than him because she was a woman:

In response, Al Martin, the owner of the Broadway Comedy Club, where Silverman and Barry performed, called Silverman out for straight-up lying about him:

Are you kidding? You come in to my club 15 years ago and ask me for a guest spot, I did not ask you to perform and you were not booked, and Then you ask me for pay? You asked to work out some material… Then you make this a gender pay thing? Sarah great cause I am with it, but I did not pay you less cause of gender… I paid you less because Todd Barry was booked and you weren’t… It was a GUEST SPOT, so I gave you some car fare, which actually is more than almost any club would have given for a GUEST Spot… Funny how in your attempt to become a super hero with a noble cause, you forgot that little fact… GUEST SPOT… GUEST SPOT


He also responded with a video.

As of this writing, Silverman has not responded to Martin’s comments about her; indeed, she hasn’t Tweeted at all since Wednesday. Her dishonesty on this issue is shameful but not surprising, as the “wage gap” has been one of the most persistent and damaging myths of modern feminism.

There Is No Wage Gap


For the better part of a decade, feminists have been fallaciously claiming that women earn less than men on average for the same work: the most common claim is that women only earn 77 cents for every dollar a man works. Despite the sheer economic illiteracy of this claim—if employers could get away with paying women less for the same work, then they would only employ women—this myth continues to persist, zombie-like, in American public discourse.

As Christina Hoff Sommers reported in Time last September, the wage gap myth persists in large part due to faulty math on the part of feminists. The claim that women earn 77 cents to every dollar that men earn fails to take into account differences in occupations, education level, experience, hours worked per week or anything else. Once these factors are added in, the “wage gap” mysteriously vanishes:

Wage gap activists say women with identical backgrounds and jobs as men still earn less. But they always fail to take into account critical variables. Activist groups like the National Organization for Women have a fallback position: that women’s education and career choices are not truly free—they are driven by powerful sexist stereotypes. In this view, women’s tendency to retreat from the workplace to raise children or to enter fields like early childhood education and psychology, rather than better paying professions like petroleum engineering, is evidence of continued social coercion. Here is the problem: American women are among the best informed and most self-determining human beings in the world. To say that they are manipulated into their life choices by forces beyond their control is divorced from reality and demeaning, to boot.

The fact that Sarah Silverman, a wealthy and popular comedienne, felt the need to make up a story in order to prove the wage gap exists shows that even feminists are slowly becoming aware of the myth’s untenability.

Narrative Uber Alles


Sarah Silverman’s fibbing also displays another reality of feminists and the left: they believe it’s acceptable to make up stories to fit their agenda.

Leftists believe that the truth of individual experiences is irrelevant: so long as a story helps propel a greater narrative, it’s still valuable in their eyes. We saw this when leftists tripped over themselves to defend Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s fraudulent Rolling Stone story on gang rape at the University of Virginia. The line from leftists everywhere from Jessica Valenti to Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig was that it didn’t matter that this particular rape never happened, because there are countless women getting raped on college campuses every day.

This line of thinking is so divorced from logic and reality that it’s a shock that it’s become so prevalent among the chattering classes. In order for a social trend to be true, there has to be actual evidence that it exists. If there’s no statistical or even anecdotal evidence for a trend, whether the issue is college rape or the pay gap, then it doesn’t exist. Fabricating scenarios in service of a political agenda is the height of chicanery.

If the MSM’s attempt to cover up the UVA rape hoax is any indication, it’s unlikely that Sarah Silverman will face any repercussions for lying about being paid less for being a woman. Nonetheless, the mendacity of shysters like her and her ilk need to be catalogued and remembered for posterity.

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231 thoughts on “Did Sarah Silverman Lie About Getting Paid Less Than A Man?”

  1. I’m willing to accept that she did get paid less. But there’s a reason for that – she sucks and isn’t funny. Wow. A woman making fart jokes. Jenny McCarthy broke that barrier two decades ago on The Man Show.

    1. Leave out important details to fit the “narrative”. Another attention whore in Sarah Silverman if you ask me.

  2. The pay gap is an absurd argument. Pay is a very individualized thing, you can’t expect to get the same pay as someone who works more hours than you or is at a higher position than you. Some women choose to have children instead of pursuing further their career, whereas seeing a “stay-at-home dad” is much more rare. Personal preference in career choice also contributes to the “pay gap”.
    The pay gap argument is like this:

    1. If employers could really get away with paying women less then companies would hire all women.

      1. Too much logic is being used here. We all know with women it’s all about the feelings.

    2. Completely true. E.g. for over 50 years, society had tried to push women in STEM in Belgium. Did it work? Nope, women still mainly choose to study courses like sociology, psychology etc… i.e. professions that don’t earn the same amount of money as let’s say engineering…
      “but hey, we have something to complain about now, let’s just not mention women’s life choices”
      Still have to read the first article in mainstream newspapers debunking false claims about the pay gap.
      Btw. off the record: I like Alcest’s music very much

      1. True. Any time this argument pops up we’re never given all of the facts – like choices.
        Also….I don’t blame Bob up the road (or women) if I did a shit job negotiating my salary. I did a shit job myself. Accountability…missing word from today’s dictionary for women.

        1. Yes, but you are forgetting that these ‘choices’ are shaped by ‘social forces’ that serve to keep women in subordinate roles.
          There is always an excuse.
          In my workplace, if women get paid less it’s because they either have less skills and/or they are poor negotiators.

        2. Yes, but you are forgetting that these ‘choices’ are shaped by ‘social forces’ that serve to keep women in subordinate roles.
          There is always an excuse.
          In my workplace, if women get paid less it’s because they either have less skills and/or they are poor negotiators.

        3. Agree. But they never seem to argue the point that it’s other women who are keeping that wage lower.
          A woman will undercut another woman ( or simply take less pay). You never hear any of them arguing that point.

        4. the lack of accountability is the reason women often get a pass for doing piss-poor jobs. They can always blame someone else as Jios pointed out.

      2. True. Any time this argument pops up we’re never given all of the facts – like choices.
        Also….I don’t blame Bob up the road (or women) if I did a shit job negotiating my salary. I did a shit job myself. Accountability…missing word from today’s dictionary for women.

      3. It’s funny, all these girls I see “liking” and spreading articles about women in STEM got degrees in….yep, you guessed it, sociology or psychology.

        1. Wrong, and you sound like an insecure little boy when you talk this way. I know quite a few young female pharmacists and they are all intelligent and for some reason better looking than most women. You need a PharmD today to qualify. Wouldn’t that be included this new STEM category you boys so admire?
          And what is your degree again?
          And as far as nursing you’d need at the very least a BSN. Hmm you think that may have something to do with science? Eh, Stemboys?

        2. Regardless, women believe ANY degree is a grand accomplishment. I know a few women with engineering degrees and they stay far away from design, you know, the real work. They prefer to be little worker bees in such things as compliance.
          There’s a reason men don’t drive around advertising what university they attended, plastered all over their windows and bumpers. For us a degree is a means to an end, although a STEM grad is at least regarded as being relatively intelligent.
          Women cannot compete with us on equal footing in this arena, it’s not in your DNA.

      4. The counter-intuitive thing is that women in repressive regimes are more likely to go into STEM: pick any Islamic republic. In the most free and progressive societies – like in Scandinavia – women can do whatever they want, and what the want to do is all the soft stuff like nursing and social work and such.

        1. As you said: counter-intuitive: I (and I think many of us) believe it is best for a women’s femininity that she choses to do nursing or social work rather than STEM – thus fulfilling their primary biological roles to some extent. In that sense one could expect that Scandinavia or other progressive countries would still produce feminine women as in other parts of the world. Yet the complete opposite is true. For example, I have seen engineering girls from Ukraine who looked more feminine than miss Belgian beauty participants.
          The problem is that in these progressive countries, the (small) minority of sexually frustrated females have too much choice – contrary to repressive regimes, where society still puts a lot of emphasis on their femininity and where deviating opinions are rarely tolerated. In essence this is a good thing, since this is in a woman’s best interest as it will push her to improve herself physically and mentally; of which she will get the benefits later in her life.
          And this is different here in the West: when women are sexually frustrated, they have the opportunity to become miserable in public and start whining that the world is a bad bad place. And taking into account the copy-cat behaviour of women as well as the support of dozens of thirsty beta-males, they will influence countless other females. So rather than improving themselves, they become feminists, gain power through the evenly corrupt media and push our ‘progressive’ societies further into the Untergang.

        2. You have zero idea of the job of nursing if you honestly believe it’s “soft”. You should try it…you likely won’t be able to stand it. Nursing is an incredibly hard way to make a living, intellectually, physically and emotionally. Nurses who do it are paid well and are not in it only for the money.

        3. It’s a “helping profession”. Women who become doctors are more likely to go into family medicine rather than, say, orthopedic surgery, emergency or nuclear medicine. You have more personal contact with patients. Nurses have even more personal contact.

      5. STEM is for inept nerds. I doubt if you’re any better than that female working in the next cubicle so stop acting like a bitter little boy.

        1. The hell are you talking about? It’s very hard to debunk these statistics, since they take all the students at (Belgian) universities into account (so it’s not just a group of 100 cleverly chosen people). And one can see clear differences between men and women. Yet, the media keep pushing pay gap myths.
          Look, I can count the number of females that succeeded getting the engineering degree on one hand.
          Remarkable how you keep using “little boy” in your posts, btw. Not bitter, just stating the bloody obvious.

      1. the graphics from you are a nice foundation for further research, and ultimately help me when i make some fems irl aware of their bullshit. nice job.

      2. Don’t know how you’re able to source your graphics but I’m one of those grateful every time you post really solid stuff on a lot of the site articles. Pictures saying a thousand words indeed.

    3. Their methodology was completely faulty. It didn’t even compare the same jobs.

    4. Yet this (beyond) debunked myth will undoubtedly become a HUGE focus of the 2016 election. You can already see what’s coming: An election focused solely on WOMEN.
      Look at how the narrative has already begun on Rand Paul. He got testy with two female ‘reporters.’ Thus he’s now being tarred as “hating women.”
      It’s come out that Hillary assaulted Bill with books and a lamp. Do you know what I’ve heard by some? She’s going to use that to portray herself as being a ‘victim of her husband.’ A tactic to connect with women. When I saw a female suggest this with a smirk on her face, I sat there in complete disbelief. Promoting DV against men by women as a selling point. WOW.
      I predict 2016 will be jaw dropping in terms of male bashing and hate.

      1. “It’s come out that Hillary assaulted Bill with books and a lamp. Do you know what I’ve heard by some? ”
        That is just fitting, no? Someone who committed domestic violence against her spouse, running for president. She should ask Ray Rice to be her vice president.

    5. The gender wage gap has been so completely debunked by multiple authorities, multiple times. However, it is a zombie/vampire myth that will not stay dead. Every time you put a steak in its heart, wait 24 hours and it comes back again.

  3. Women think it’s such an “injustice” that men could possibly be paid more money to work on oil rigs or build bridges while working in the most preposterous weather conditions, extremes of temperature, being on their aching feet for 12 hour shifts, their upper bodies worn out, and listening to high-decibel noises all day, all while doing something they DESPISE doing so they can provide for their lifestyle or family.
    Being in a comfortable, air-conditioned, quiet to moderate volume, temperature regulated, seated, office environment which 95% of women crave to have, is the trade-off of working in professions which might have more comparatively modest pay.
    They…..just…..don’t……get it.

    1. You’ve definitely put it lightly.
      Its the hallmark of womankind to not understand nor be grateful for shit.
      I’m pretty sure back in the caveman era when the tribesmen were out gouging out bear’s eyes and putting their lives on the line to slay mammoths and sabre-tooths their ungrateful bitch wives were in the caves lamenting how hard their lives were boiling stew and sewing animal skins. The fucks.
      They think shooting kids out of their vaginas is the hardest thing there is and men don’t deserve anything for their efforts.
      At its fundamental level, life is meritocratic – what you reap comes from what you sew. If a bitch believes that sitting in an office cubicle merits her being paid more than johnny the self-motivated driven son of a bitch who pounds the pavement, burns the midnight oil working his ass of to rake in the stacks then she’s fucking delusional and truly just doesn’t get it.

      1. Go out and work on your oil rigs suckers. Then go give it to the female lol
        The House always wins.

    2. Agree. I haven’t seen long lines for women signing up for these jobs…where is the equality?
      Plenty of time and energy to bitch about what they are not getting…..let’s harness that energy for something useful (since they can no longer cook).

    3. They are just whiners. Even men I know do it. I’m in education and even male teachers bitch constantly about how much engineers are paid in Perth(in the mining industry etc) and how it’s ‘unfair’ etc. They are completely ignorant of the laws of supply and demand.
      I’d love to be earning 100,000+ a year, but it’s never going to happen in my chosen profession. Instead of complaining about it, I try to live the best life possible in the here and now.
      Whinging about how others are making more than you is a recipe for disaster and only leads to envy and resentment in the long term.

    1. She knows. She’s a democrat and she describes herself as a feminist.
      Her criticisms of feminism promoted in the media are a means of controlling the backlash to the narrative.

    2. I have read Sommers’s work. The other person is Warren Farrell. He wrote a whole book on the subject: Why Men Earn More.
      The gender wage gap is not so much a myth as it is a legend, sort of like Robin Hood. There is a kernel of truth to it but then you need a narrative, which warps all of the facts out of shape.

  4. I turned down a job for the simple reason a woman was going to be my boss. Do what you can, where you are people.

    1. I could never work in an office with useless HR CUNTS.
      I tried it after college. Some HR bitch fucked up the address on my checks. So I went in to get the problem corrected, thinking it’d be a simple and easy fix. The bitch had the most entitled attitude — like her position was so high above mine while insinuating HER mistake was mine. She then had the audacity to throw out the line that they’d charge me like $25.00 to correct their mistake.
      I gave the cunt attitude as I just couldn’t believe the sheer stupidity and cover for HER mistake. A couple hours later, someone spoke with me on how I had upset the chick. That was the last straw. Observing how useless HR cunts are and the company covering for her while reprimanding me for HER mistake … I had NO problem telling them what I thought as I threw a work book on the floor and walked the F out.

        1. I built stone walkways, patios, etc on my own during summer breaks in high school n college. I just went back to that. If you can do it … self employed is way to go. I can easily manage/ deal with customers being self employed.
          Yet being forced to deal with the sheer stupidity of HR and the way they think their pathetic — gossip time — jobs are of such importance, I have NO tolerance for.

        2. Cool, just curious what the back up plan was, because I’m sure I will find myself in your shoes someday. I would love to have the option to say “F you!” to some cunt in corporate America when they cross the line and then fall back to something else.
          Still working on that plan.

      1. 25 bob in her pocket to correct one of her mistakes for which she gets paid anyway? Kinda takes the biscuit, and what’s stopping her from repeating these profitable mistakes?

        1. Yea. Exactly. It was apparently “company policy” that if they have to correct a check, they’d charge you for the new check. This is where I became enraged and raised my voice. In complete disbelief I’d be charged for her F-Up.
          It was a blessing in disguise. I hated the company and I hate working in an office. I did it thinking that’s what I was supposed to do post college.

        2. Good on you bro, better to find out sooner than later. I copped a job working in an office for a recruitment firm and despite me being able to rake in more candidates than most of the staff ( more than all the women in there) I realised how life draining that shit is. That was just 4 months into the job! Pay was shite and my higher ups, which were -drumroll- women made a buck off my commission. Maybe they worked hard to get there, said naive me.
          Everything seemed to be going well until I realised that I was going nowhere and some slackers were getting preferential treatment over me, files were being dumped on my desk because I was such a yes man and worked too hard to establish myself.
          Fuck it I said and moved on. Took the biggest choice of my life and quit that place and went into construction where I worked for better money and managed to pay for a masters’ degree and a better car. Moral of the story, don’t waste your time with useless people.
          Forget lacing my boots at 5 am and getting coming home pulverised, I did it and it might just pay off.
          I would like to give a shout out to ROK for confirming my views and for the informative articles. Fresh out of uni and couldn’t live with the idea of not fulfilling my life.

        3. Whenever I can, wherever I can I ALWAYS choose to do business with a man instead of a woman. I deal a lot with recruiters, and if she’s a female, I hit the delete button. I don’t even read her fucking email. I hit the delete button every time I can when a woman’s salary depends on my business..I don’t care how “good” she might be at what she’s doing, I don’t care about her problems, her needing money, etc. I.don’t.give.a.shit.

        4. It’s always in a man’s best interests to do business with another man, because no matter how beta that man may be, he will never give you a fucked up attitude or try to trap you with false accusations of (Insert anything: take your pick!) There are two reasons for this. Firstly, men have a logic module built into their brains that propels them to act reasonably with others and cooperate. Secondly, even if he is a psychopath, he knows that he has to act reasonably, because he will never, ever get a pussy pass.

        5. Recruiters are one of the biggest drags.When it comes to women you can amplify that 5 times. They are some of the biggest bullies when it comes to forcing people to work for less,men do it, but women will reach out for any shaming tactic i.e. man up and take the job. Seen that with my own eyes! Also, they are quire bad at paying on time. They sometimes fucked up the taxing and payment!!
          You are right to do what you do @”guest”

        6. Female HR gals n recruiters. Two of the most annoying types of women.
          Occasionally I’ll read articles online. Almost always, when it comes to hiring, it’s written by a female recruiter. Notice that? You have to shake your head when reading their “words of wisdom”
          It’s always apparent their feeling ultimately dictate.
          This this lil off topic. But a couple years ago I was having a couple beers in Portland. I was shooting the shit with a guy who was opening a bar. He had followed every OLCC guideline. When it came to getting his liquor license, a young bimbo female showed up from OLCC. She apparently told him, “You followed all guidelines … but I’m not going to issue a license because I FEEL that …”
          The guy told me he got into it with the chick. How he followed every guideline and that he was only being denied was based on her feelings.
          The chick apparently was like, “Well you can appeal.”
          The guy informed her that would take months and that her feelings were THE only reason he wasn’t getting license to open his business and he didn’t have the time to deal with an appeal process. So apparently he was like, F-IT, grabbed a sledge in front of her and started knocking down shit.

        7. I would like to give a middle finger out to ROK for confirming their misinformation and for the offensive articles.

        8. My heart is bleeding.
          Fuck you in the ass, mouth, and cunt-a,
          Fuck you in the ass, mouth, and cunt-a,
          Fuck you in the ass, mouth, and cunt-a,
          Fuck you in the eye!

        9. Definitely. It actually is kind of funny because they are lyrics from a song. I was fuming.

        10. Definitely. The song I derived these words from is hilarious. Can you guess what it is? 🙂

      2. I’ve shifted from the school environment to a working environment and the HR and female staff are the most miserable cunts I’ve ever seen in my life.
        Despite the fact that their job is completely useless and a waste of everyone’s time, somehow they think they are above everybody, even the supervisors.
        It is hilariously bad I don’t understand how it’s possible.

        1. It’s because of the ship load of legislation government throws business’ direction

      3. I work at a corporate subsid. Years ago when I hired in, the HR feminists had titles such as “HR Generalist”. But of course, being that we are tied to federal funding (free money), the company became more and more progressively liberal. And surprise surprise, one day, job titles in HR changed over to Senior Manager titles with 2nd level $100K + base salaries. So the worthless feminists that probably wouldn’t be making $40-$50K anywhere else, were all the sudden elevated a band level and given $100K salaries. Midwest location. I’ve pointed this out several times to guys at the company, and they act clueless. I asked one guy how he felt having a bachelors and masters in electrical engineering and making less money than some worthless feminist with a lousy HR degree. He gave me a blank look. 99% of men are still clueless today. Jobs and salaries taken right way from them and redistributed to some piece of shit HR feminist with an attitude. And it’s true, everywhere I’ve ever been, women in HR are NEVER nice courteous individuals. They ALWAYS have an attitude and they are ALWAYS slow to help with anything.
        About all they do anymore is meet with outside firms that specialize in corporate structuring. In other words, how to legally and easily promote more women quicker and into more management jobs. So we have an environment that is about 85% men, but yet women hold literally 50% of all high paying management & executive titles. It makes me so physically ill sometimes, I just have to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist. And these are females that aren’t much over 30 years old. $100K+ year jobs, doing nothing but walking around in new outfits every single day, taking time off, and holding their noses in the air and acting as if they deserve the world.
        Something has to give one day. Society cannot continue forever in a fake matriarchy . Eventually the banking system will fail like the Soviet Union. And hopefully affirmative action and EEO marxist agendas will be dissolved and women will be tossed out.

        1. He gave me a blank look. 99% of men are still clueless today.
          Fucking imbeciles. I hate these man more than I hate women.
          As to the end of your post, you are right. This is going to crumble so fast it’ll be unreal. Just like the Soviet Union did in a couple of days. It’ll be fast and it’ll be fucking nasty.

        2. Truth. I work at a BigCorp too. There was a bit of a scandal about an affirmative action-hire HR director awhile ago. Completely incompetent and lied on her resume to get the job. They went through her emails and found even more nasty, unprofessional stuff. Eventually she was fired, but she was making $130k a year with a bachelors from an online university diploma mill.

        3. I’m speechless reading these 2 accounts. Young women in HR are pulling in over $100K. Seriously?
          The whole application process is a joke too. Why the F is your gender and race important in a hiring decision? Well of course we all know why: tax breaks and funding if you bring in a female or black over a white straight male.
          Gentleman, sadly it’s probably going to get worse. If Hilary is elected there’s 0 doubt the D’s will stump for “Equal Pay” legislation. The General Population in this country has 0 critical thought. Thus when rightful opposition comes against this legislation which will discriminate against men and make it easier for women to sue, the masse idiots will buy the line that those who oppose this legislation, “Hate Women.”

        4. Starting HR pay is 55-65k in most places and yes many make well into 6 digits for doing jack and shit.

        5. My blood is boiling. Educate yourself and your fellow Return of Kings meninists.

        6. Clearly the problem is we just need to know what feminism is about. Right? If only we’d open a dictionary and read the definition!
          Yea. LOL.
          The reason men and WOMEN are against feminism is we’ve seen it in action. You can keep shouting the “definition” in your endeavor to ‘educate’ us but ACTIONS speak Louder Than Words.
          We see what feminism is:
          -Proliferation of non-responsibility for women.
          -Proliferation of Divorce n Custody laws which financially screw men and deny them access to their kids.
          -Monopoly on reproduction rights while passing more laws to prevent paternity test so cheating sluts can financially rape the man of her choosing.
          -Demanding tax payers have no opinion on abortion while demanding they finance your sex life.
          -Enforcement of traditional male gender roles which were of benefit to women such as MEN ONLY being required to register for Selective Service.
          Etc, Etc, Etc …
          Your typical ideal use of “EQUALITY” is hollow.

      4. Did you stamp your foot too? Men of any real standing in a company don’t deal with Personal, or HR as you newbs call it.So apparently she was either at the same or higher level than you.
        And why would an address on a cheque matter? Deposit it at the bank or just cross it out and write in the new address. When I used to use cheques I never had my address on them, just my name.

        1. The fact is I hated the place with a passion and could careless about the job.This was 6 years ago. It was a simple screw-up on their end and the reason why I spoke to someone regarding it was simply so come tax time, documents would arrive at the correct location.
          When I received the attitude simply for asking a simple screw-up be corrected, and being I hated the company, it was the last straw for me.
          Congrats on loving your office job. Some people move on and do more with their talents and skills.

        2. My former doctor’s office job as chief doctor.
          And you were very rude to that HR bitch. You should have bought a small box of sweets and given it to her and told her it was for being so nice to you. You see, you have no game or know how to fuck with their minds.

    2. Years ago, I knew a guy who ran a restaurant (salads and sandwiches). All his employees were male. The place was clean, efficient and always packed.
      That should be a lesson to all small business owners.

      1. Agreed. I’m planning on starting my own business in a few months, that that’s what I’m thinking. The root of the problem is that the law these days has made it too dangerous to hire a woman. If she doesn’t work the same hours and gets paid less, she can sue you for pay wage gap. If she tries to seduce you and you turn her down, she could accuse you of sexual harassment or rape, because you have hurt her ego. In both these cases, one can expect the feminists and white knights fucking them raw in the arse without any proof.
        So why take the risk of hiring women? If I interview a woman who is more skilled and better placed for a job than a male candidate, my preference will always be hiring her. But I may be forced to turn her down because of the bogus feminist harassment laws. It’s the feminists themselves who are plaguing women. In this scenario men are going to be very cautious when hiring women. And some may not be willing to take that risk. And I do not blame those men. It’s human nature to act in their best interests and not of others.

        1. You have the right idea. You can’t afford to take the chances these days. Women should be your customers, nothing more.

    3. Of all the advice I can offer to young men on taking employment, not working directly beneath a female is number 1 by about a million lightyears

  5. Another feminist extremist with the name of Silverman, Rubin or Goldstein. I sense a pattern here..what I dont get is “why”.

    1. Grabblers and Blabblers… mythical creatures of vast societal destruction…

    2. You know why, and you’re being sarcastic. I don’t blame you, though. I wouldn’t want to get hung from a tree in front of a Brooklyn yeshiva, either!

    3. they act like this wherever they go, hence why Spain, Germany, some EU/USSR nations expelled them.

    4. “what I dont get is “why”
      I’m about to drop a long article in the next month that explains the answer.

  6. Surely there must be some lawyer who would be willing to work on a contingency for a defamation lawsuit here.
    That’s really the only answer to this sort of crap. Fight back.

  7. God damnit…I didn’t want to have to hit these b!tches with facts…
    “Workplace Salaries: At Last, Women on Top” <—-FROM 2010!
    “There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap” <—–FROM 2011!
    Department of Labor Study from 2009
    “Wage Gap Myth Exposed — By Feminists”
    “No, Women Don’t Make Less Money Than Men”
    “The Gender Wage Gap Lie” By our golden girl Hannah Rosin
    “The Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth” LOL even CBS knows
    Someone just tells these ladies to STFU & GTFO already.

  8. She and most female comedians should be paid less. They suck balls. Then we can take all that money we save and pay some scientists to clone a new Patrice O’ Neal.

  9. Fucking silverman, makes my skin crawl. No talent, not funny, just a fucking cowardly bully taking pot shots at people. Like that thing dunham we can thank the establishment media for pushing this piece of shit onto us.

    1. Tried sleeping her way to the top, which is par for the course, but with Jimmy Kimmel & ended up not hacking it at the elite level.

  10. Silverman is a real nasty piece of work. Only in America could an unfunny, foul mouthed bitch like her have a ‘career’ in ‘comedy’ and have men sucking up her ass when she is average looking at best. I cannot believe how many ‘hot’ lists she made 10 years ago. Are American/British/Canadian men really that fucking desperate? She was never hot, and she was never funny either.
    She wouldn’t even have a career if there weren’t legions of desperate betas that wanted to fuck her
    Her sense of entitlement is completely off the charts.

      1. I thought it was just me. Most female comedians are snide, arrogant, and vulgar.

        1. All they do is ape male acts, but it falls flat for the most part bc men do not like that type of personality

        2. It’s not just female comedians…a lot of women are like that now.
          They’re trying to emulate men, but it doesn’t come off as confident and strong, it comes off as you said…snide, arrogant, and just vulgar.

        3. Sadly, it might be due to unrestrained hypergamy. With women thinking being sought after for sex means they are quality people, the ‘dick’ has gotten to their heads. So many yes men make them feel funny when they couldn’t crack a smile without referring to sex.

        4. You mean its vulgar when women talk about “changing their plugs” in front of you? You wouldnt find that clever or cute?

        5. And the fact that their content is the usual ‘men are all misogynistic self absorbed idiots’ schtick. That gets old fast. And frankly, most women lack truly interesting life experiences & are boring as fuck. It comes across in the content & delivery.

        6. They say men think with their “second heads”, but I think this is more applicable to women.
          Men just want to fuck. Women think because men want to fuck them that they must be great. Their perception of themselves is based on the quality of male cock they can obtain. Thus, her self-worth is literally derived from her vagina.

        7. Exactly! Now, it has been revealed that women also cheat 2x as much as men, and with the amount of sex jokes, sex books, sex acts, etc. It is almost unfortunate that unlike us, there isn’t a biological endpoint to their ability to perform. By and large they are far more focused on sex. It is mainly our need that gets any man involved.

        8. Why so harsh, Frankie? What, you don’t think having Daddy pay for the trip to Paris is exciting? Having Schmuck Boys buy her drinks at the club every weekend isn’t adventurous? Prancing around the gym in spandex while every dork there oogles at her and taking mirror selfies with a bunch of impromptu hashtags after her “hardcore” ten minutes on the treadmill isn’t productive? Making the same jokes as a comedienne over and over about fucking black guys with huge cocks and uncircumcised Jews isn’t downright hilarious? Did I mention to 100+ selfies a days to Like-collect from Beta Schmucktown and validate why she lives and breathes to reaffirm her security? What’s wrong with you, homie? :)-

        9. Said it before I’ll say it again.
          Sex math.
          If a women says she’s had 3 sexual partners multiply that by 3. True number of partners.
          Men, divide by 3. Men brag about conquests never made.
          Woman can screw 15 men and claim they had 5 sexual partners. They only count what they consider “relationships”. Nothing to do with reality.
          If pussy is easy to get, it is easy to lose. Anything easy isn’t worth having.

        10. Is that it? I always wondered why I genuinely did not find female comics funny. I even tried to find some. maybe one I found but clearly it wasn’t all that cause I can’t remember.

        11. Most comendians of either sex are quite snide, arrogant, vulgar and unfunny today.

        12. Had a girl once that claimed she’d only really kissed one guy. I knew she’d had sex before, but when called on if she explained that those guys “didn’t really count”

      2. Yeah. “Not awful” is not the same as pretty or hot, by any measure. I thought she was ok, not repulsive, but to think she’s hot is absurd.

      3. I find that most female comedians who make it aren’t necessarily widely regarded as funny… but they do manage to make their fellow comedians laugh. It’s a case of impressing a group of peers moreso than providing something the customers really enjoy.

        1. Wanda Sikes is about the only female Comedian I find funny but her jokes are all the same…

        2. She was kinda funny…and now she’s not even that. Especially since she’s been preaching the “salt licker’s agenda” lately.

    1. She has done what was expected of her(whether she was aware of it or not): promote promiscuity
      do not marry
      do not have kids
      She is middle aged now…the meds will be prescribed shortly…

        1. Why is this idiot allowed to post this spam on every article? Is this what this site is headed for?

        1. Yes, she’s 45 years old and thus certainly infertile. That means her genes will die with her. 🙂

    2. She was good in “School of Rock,” where she played a bitchy girlfriend. I imagine she did not have to spend much time getting into character.

        1. If they do a remake of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” I imagine she could nail the part of Nurse Ratched.

    3. She’s really not funny. She relies on being vulgar instead of being witty to get laughs. It’s the lowest form of comedy, and requires the least amount of talent.

    4. I’d bang her. Don’t really find her funny or keep up with her. And when I say bang, I mean bang and then leave. I don’t even see myself being able to remain her friend.

    5. I can’t wait to see the porn flick where Silverman and Seinfeld co star. I believe they pounce on each other with yo mama jokes and Tay Sachs cut downs the whole time. They never manage to undress or get anywhere sexually. They’re both too fucked up TO EVEN BREED.

    6. I know Canadian men are very desperate, anything that isn’t fat is an automatic 7.5.

    7. It’s always amazing that when a woman “makes it” she can’t “shut up about it”.

  11. I knew there was a catch to this story.
    When I first heard it without these details I thought that she must have the worst agent in the world – or she’s full of shit. Now the latter has been proven true.

  12. If you hired the idiots that came up with methodology behind the wage gap to prove that a gallon of milk is cheaper at Safeway than Kroger… this is what they would do:
    1. Take a sum of entire store inventory in dollars
    2. Divide sum by number of SKUs in inventory
    3. Compare the two remainders.

    1. It is funny, isn’t it?
      So a couple people FED UP with this debunked myth being perpetuated went after those who are perpetuating it — NYT’s and the White House. When they used the method feminist/ White House and NYT’s use to arrive at the conclusion women are paid less, as expected . . . they “discovered” women were getting paid less at these 2 places too.
      The response from WH and NYT’s was pretty priceless. “Oh when you calculate it that way, it’s due to choices women make — like leaving to pump out kids or working in positions that require less hours.”

  13. Nice job, Matt. That video response from AL – the club owner was spot on…a must watch to go along with this article.
    Again…we see a woman leaving out crucial facts to fit her narrative..no surprise. She was actually doing a little attention whoring in his club by asking for the guest spot..she wasn’t scheduled to perform. Then she wanted paid.

    1. The only thing about his response which drives me nuts is him saying, “it’s a great cause and he’s with it.”
      This is how ingrained this crap has become in society. Even when it’s completely manufactured, people think they have to say it’s a “worthy fight” whenever it’s to the benefit of women.
      Look at the Rolling Stone piece. Women lying about rape and no one dared to talk about women making false allegations. The CJR cited the — feminist manufactured — 2% false rape allegation in their response.

      1. I think the response was a good one. You have to remember who we’re dealing with here. They are (or were) expecting an ugly response from him where as this response is dealt in a more straight forward way. I don’t have a problem with saying he supports (or believes) in a cause…I’m glad he stayed on point and he called out the lie and made it the entire focus of his rebuttal.
        Many women will expect men (and other women) to go on the defense with name calling or deflecting. He didn’t do that. He stayed with his message of “you lied, Sarah…I’m calling you out as a liar (a fake) and here is what really happened”.

  14. Sarah Silverman sucks as a comic.
    We get it: she’s Jewish and hates Gentiles and Catholics, and thinks its ok to be a slut. Also she can talk in a baby voice. That’s it, that’s all she does.
    She’s got nothing to say, and the only reason people ever listened was because she was attractive for a Jewish lady. And now that her ovaries have dried up and her face is wrinkled, she doesn’t even have that anymore.

    1. Hey, don’t dismiss the hotness of some Jewish girls. Even god wants to bang them.

    2. Yeah, in her prime she wasn’t awful. That is, until she opened her pie hole, then any vestigial fair looks rating went right out the window. Insta-ugly.

    3. Thats the thing! American Jewesses tend to be…. well, stereotypical. The Israeli Jewish women…. well then. Bar Rafieli? Yeah.

    4. I personally talked to American Jewish women and privately revealed to me how much they hated and still hate the Assimilation Program in the Anglosphere.
      They themselves found it disgusting.

    5. I think her character in “School of Rock” most closely resembles her true self…..I don’t think she ad to do much “acting” for that one…….

  15. An example of how feminists lie about the pay gap anything
    Corrected the typo.

    1. Simple yet completely Accurate.
      Feminists understand that if you perpetuate a lie enough, the general public slowly begins to accept it as truth. (Currently it’s the 1 in 5 BS)
      I can’t think of a better example than the pay myth to demonstrate this. Even after it’s been debunked THOUSANDS of times … they STILL keep using the $.77 argument.

  16. Women in general work less hours then men, tend to gravitate toward positions with lower workloads, have less years of experience, disappear on leave every few years for 6 months to a year, engage in far less business travel, and simply don’t try as hard. After adjusting all for this and still accommodating them in the work place they want artificially adjusted wages just because of their genitals.
    Ladies you want to get paid like a man, work like a man.

    1. The best way to get a rabid fem to rage quit a “discussion” is to point out that the top paying jobs don’t meet the delicate requirements of being clean, safe, and dry. The easiest way to get the “discussion” down that path is to get her to talk about which professions need gender equality.

      1. Did you know that a sewage specialist on-call commercial and industrial plumber makes upwards of 150 dollars an hour? and can pull upwards of 3 grand a week easily?
        Of course, it’s the most miserable, shitty job in existence, and they are always desperately in need of new workers as the old ones quit from disgust and overwork.
        I have yet to meet a female on-call sewage specialist. I have met ‘girl plumbers’ before, but they do aftermarket gas installs and the occasional heater swap… and they bitch constantly about how they only clear like 16 an hour. It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya! To shut them out of the high paying jobs!

    2. My experience in the workforce backs up what you said almost to a T. The one difference is that the women I’ve worked with generally don’t complain as much about equal pay. They know it would be ridiculous since me and the other guys have to always go work offshore, in remote areas of the world, for over a month’s time since they can’t leave home because of [insert excuse here].

      1. If given the tradeoff for a promotion to supervisor that comes with your standard 10-20% promotion bump and 30-40% increase in workload, in my experience women will turn it down 2 out of 3 times. That is why women aren’t in management. They simply don’t apply for or take promotions. Time is worth more to them then hassle with a little bit more pay.
        I used to work higher end operations for a company of around 100. The census was split about 60/40 women to men. Women were about 75% of the junior staff. After a complaint that there “were not enough women in management” the CEO made the call to actively track some women for management. The only problem though was no one wanted to sign up for management track and the women who did 1 out of 2 would quit before the end of the program. After a year of hassle, bother, and wasted money the “women in management” program fielded 2 successful candidates. That was it. Two out of ten. What the process though did buy the CEO was no more complaining from women workers about women in management. Every time someone even mentioned it he just talked about the failure of the women in management program and they shut up about it.

        1. Yep, you’re first paragraph completely fits one girl at my company. Acts all serious and stuff about her job but when the time came to step up and accept more responsibility, it was time to exit stage left and stand pat with the entry level stuff.
          Haven’t dealt with that second scenario yet, but I know it’s coming at some point. I work in oil and gas right now and our company had to layoff a bunch of people. Of course it’s no surprise that the lean crew that’s left is mostly men since there’s no time to get cute anymore with diversity bullcrap. However, once oil picks up again and times are good I’m sure the ‘women in management’ thing will gain momentum.

  17. Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood whore-madam got paid more than her male counterparts, pimps.

  18. If a wage gap exists, then there is no free market, and companies are forced to hire men under pain of fines or imprisonment. If there is a free market, then women who are doing the exact same job as men, at exactly the same productivity level, for exactly the same expertise level, for less money… would by simple mathematics be hired instead of men.
    So, the argument that women are paid less for the same work falls flat on its face unless women are also willing to argue that there is no free labor market in the world, and companies are literally forced to hire more expensive men for the same job.
    Sarah Silverman, like many women with agendas, seems incapable of doing basic mathematics. I’m sure that won’t hurt her paycheck for her boss to find this out though…oh, wait, maybe it would…

    1. It’s not that she’s incapable of doing basic math. It’s that math gets in the way of her agenda driven narrative. The left and feminist in particular simply don’t care about facts and truth. Look at the response from the Rolling Stone fallout. “We don’t care if it’s false … it’s shed light on an ‘epidemic.”
      An “epidemic” which they’ve manufactured.
      The perpetuation of their narrative is all that’s important.

  19. Unless your job is flipping burgers, no two people will get payed the same. It all depends on things like experience and how well you negociate when getting hired.

  20. How much do men porn stars get paid compared to female porn stars (back when such things existed)?

      1. Yep, exactly. So where is Silverman screaming about inequality in this case?
        Oh, she isn’t. In fact, I’ll bet she’d smugly smile and chant “market forces”.
        As to the actual pay gap in porn, shoot, that’s not terrible. Sure I’d get lower pay, but then I’d be fucking women all day. That’s not a bad gig if you can get it. And not get AIDS.

    1. Yea, it used to bother me a lot the bias in pay in porn. Guys get paid by the inch, women get paid by the size of their tits and how many cocks they can fit in their mouth, pussy, ass, armpit, put orifice here…..

    2. Porn is for degenerate losers. Those straight male porn actors would suck each other’s cocks and take it up the arse if they were paid enough to do it just like the females will do anything for money.

  21. Us informed and educated types already know all too well that the wage gap is bullshit. The problem is, no one in the media will stand up and say it without the risk of getting fired or shrieked to death by some harpy feminazi. Certainly no pussy politician would ever say it-this stuff is the Left’s bread and butter. We have Barry O himself up there during the state of the union perpetuating the myth. Got to get those female votes!

  22. The logic of “if employers could get away with paying women less for the same work, then they would only employ women” has yet to be refuted by supporters of the wage gap myth.
    Whenever this argument comes up, I just sit back, chill, let the feminist ramble and when she’s done just regurgitate that line until they realize they can’t logically answer it.

  23. I have said this before…
    Name one…ONE place that pays women less: Mcdonalds, Walmart, Office Max, etc. You have 5,000 to choose from, so pick one already. Team Feminism is unable to, because they don’t exist. The fact that academia and the media foist this lie upon society so fervently, just shows the depth of their intellectual dishonesty.
    Call bullshit on this slanderous statistic whenever possible.

    1. I’ve always said the same thing….just give me one example of a woman getting paid less than a man with the same experience and same job.
      This stupid myth originally came from the fact that men made significantly more than women….but in 2 completely different fields! A male doctor or engineer makes more than female teachers, and all of a sudden every female gets paid less than men

      1. When I first heard them utter this statistic, my gut reaction was…GTFO!
        But when you have an army of manginas on your side, I guess that almost any lie can sell.

  24. Women in their 40s who are without children and never married actually earn MORE than similarly situated men.
    I used to teach economics to grade 12 students. I asked them if they thought it was fair that women earn 77 cents on the dollar. Of course, they thought it was horrible. Then I went through a list of wage determinants that were iterated in the textbook: age, experience, education, hours, working conditions (danger, filth and such), unionization, productivity, and the whole nine yards. In every case, men have the advantage and that is why they earn more.
    But just for the hell of it, do any of these feminists realize that women deploy 80% of consumer spending? So that isn’t 77 cents on the dollar, that is 25 cents on the dollar for men. Who is at the disadvantage here?

    1. exactly, even if the the pay gap was real, who gives a shit? They spend their money and the money of their BF/hubby…

    2. It is also worth noting that women actually own 60% of the world’s wealth. And if they don’t earn as much as men, it is clear that they didn’t earn it.
      They also hold 60% of executive positions in non-profits and 57% of government jobs. So even when they do earn, they tend to do so unproductively.

      1. Part of the reason that the government is so inefficient is because the majority of government workers are women. They take so many sick days, it is beyond reasonable.

      2. “It is also worth noting that women actually own 60% of the world’s wealth.”
        And they have an option on at least half of that portion of the remaining 40% that is wealth owned by a married man.

      3. They inherit most of it either from their fathers or deceased husbands and insurance.

  25. I work at a law firm. I do the same job as two women and they make more than me. Funny cunts only cry equality when they get less. .

    1. I used to be a lawyer. In general, women make good solicitors but terrible barristers.

      1. agree, female barristers are terrible. I never seen one work the courtroom in the way that the best men can.

        1. Of course, that is a generalization. One of the best lawyers I know is a woman. She does all the child protection work in Maple Ridge and PoCo. However, most women tend to be one of two types: a whiney bitch or a complete fucking cunt.

    1. Ya gotta love this excerpt:
      “We know tall men earn more than short men. And we know women are generally shorter than men. How much height bias is in the pay difference for women?”
      The gender pay gap smells more like horseshit everyday……

  26. “the same work”? The figures they come up work on averages, is this not the case? What about the work that men do? I put it to the these tards that the vast majority of jobs that involve personal injury and danger to ones very existence are taken up by men. I have worked in the agricultural sector, construction and now forestry. Outside of an office environment it was so rare to see females on site in these areas. In my experience I witnessed 2, yes 2 women down the yard with the guys in 20 years.
    They want the pay once it involves sitting in a cubicle, feeling their ass spread, standing around the water cooler gossiping, Friday cosmos after work, and booking their next holiday when they are back 3 days after their last sojourn.

    1. Ive been misreading your screenname for months- you think Marshal Law could ever be published as a comic these days??

    2. “The figures they come up work on averages, is this not the case?”
      That’s correct, over a lifetime, for all women aggregated. It has nothing to so with pay per unit of work, never mind real, productive labour.
      Set them to hauling block, paid by the ton, and all could see clearly how and why they earn less.

  27. One problem with this article — the headline. I don’t think it should be addressed as a question. I think it needs to read “How Sarah Silverman Lied About Getting Paid Less Than A Man” if only to give credence to the club owner’s claims, which seem genuine.

  28. I don’t speak German, but I am willing to bet that at some point in the 1930’s Joseph Goebbels said something along the lines of “The Narrative is more important than the facts” …

    1. No, but I’ll go you one better: it was Hitler who said if you tell a lie big enough for long enough people will believe it as the truth.

  29. Comedy is the most level playing field of all. It is unriggable.
    The best comedians are black men. Yet, this butt-slut is claiming ‘discrimination’. Never mind that women are incapable of comedy.

    1. The best comedians are black men.

      Only if you find banal diatribes about white people funny. Too bad whites can’t use the same comedic firepower against blacks. Seeing a white comedian make fun of blacks is as unusual as seeing a black person buying a Father’s Day card.

    2. The best comedians are black because they are the only ones who can get away with making fun of black people

      1. Three grammar school kids, a Jew, an Italian and a negro are on the playground and decide to play a new game Who has the biggest dick.
        The Jew goes first and it’s nothing much;the Italian goes next and it’s bigger but still not much;then the negro goes next and it’s like much bigger.
        When he goes home that day his mother asks him what he did in school. He said reading , writing and playing who has the biggest dick andthen asks his mother if it was true that negroes have the biggest dicks since his was much bigger than the other grammar school kids.
        His mother answers ‘No D’shawn, it’s because you’re 22 years old.

  30. “My vagina, my vagina, periods, my mother, my vagina,” shut the fuck up and sit down Sarah. Women aren’t funny because funny requires smart and the ability to observe things that aren’t directly about YOU, which is something that 99% of women can’t even fathom.

    1. And these stupid beta male faggots eat it up…in between gushing over 45 year old has been slags and sneering at “conspiracy theorists”

    2. There’s a lot of truth to that, for some reason they are just not amusing.I was funnier than these girls and I wasn’t even trying.No, I couldn’t do a show, that takes real talent and experience but for a few minutes I just told lame jokes (that probably would be too offensive in today’s pc world)This sort of thing.
      What do you call a gay eskimo?
      A Klondyke
      What do you call a gay Irishman?
      A Gaelic
      What do you call a homo in a wheelchair?
      What does it say on the bottom of a Polish beer bottle?
      Open other end

  31. The logic with females that claim there is a ‘pay gap’ are usually comparing apples to oranges where they think no matter what type job the have, they should get paid the same as a man that has a completely different job in a different career. A female nurse probably thinks she should get paid the same as a male doctor on the hospital staff.
    A 22 year old fresh-out-of-college female working her first job at a corporation will expect to make the same salary as a 55 year old male working at the same company with 30 years of experience behind him. The females will claim that there is pay-gap. Women are illogical and irrational by nature, so usually their ‘pay-gap’ claims are based on irrational comparisons.
    Believe me, companies that hire both females and males for the same job title will usually make for damn sure that the female is getting paid at least the same as her male counterpart that is the same age/experience. Obviously they don’t want to be sued of course. So the ‘pay-gap’ is a complete farse.
    Aside from that, when it comes to incomes in relation to gender over a population as a whole, there are a lot of women that either do NOT want to work and live off the husband, or they purposely take easier average wage jobs that are less stress and require little skill.

  32. She has turned into a totally worthless c*nt. Slandering a former benefactor to create a fiction that supports her dipsh*t cause. It’s funny, not long ago she agreed to be the subject of a roast–but then made the talk show rounds afterwards sniffling that the roasters were mean to her because she was a woman. Apparently, some of them made jokes about her being old, and that struck a nerve because she really loved the power that came from being young and hot. She made a career out of viciously ripping on people and then felt she should have gotten special treatment at HER OWN ROAST because feminism. Sad, embarrassingly sad.

    1. The club owner didn’t even hire her.She should have paid him just for a chance to get onstage for a few minutes so people could see her and if she was any good.There are a gazillion comedians in NY.

  33. If Sarah wasn’t jewish, she wouldnt have a job at all. I dont see how she still has an acting career at all. Shes absolutely worthless.

  34. 50 dollars lol. I reckon feminism shows just how childish women really are when they get in groups of two or more.

    1. She was not even a paid act. In a lot of these places back then the owner would sometimes just let some amateur hanging around who thought she was a comic take the stage for a few minutes. Maybe if you weren’t bad you’d get a free drink. I recall that back in the 80’s at CBGB’s (strictly a dump) I filled in for Blondie’s guitarist for a few songs ( I think he was too drugged to play lol) I didn’t even get a drink.

      1. CBGB’s may have been a dump, but it was an influential dump. How many well know bands got their start there?
        A countless number.

        1. Fortunately you could smoke back then and it covered a lot up lol You know, I can’t remember if I shagged Debbie there or at Studio 54. I know I did Cyndi (Lauper) at Roseland on New Years Eve.It was just before she had a hit and became known, I was there to see a distant cousin, Ray Davies, who was booked there for New Years. In fact, I did write a couple of songs, the lyrics and some of the guitar line so I’ll let you hear one now. If I don’t say so myself it’s a great song :o)

        2. Was Cyndi’s pussy tight and what color was her pubes? Did she make high pitched squeals while fucking?

  35. If the so-called “pay gap” as these entitled cunts described DID actually exist, every Fortune 500 company/corporation in the United States would be ass-deep in lawsuits.
    Common sense, people.

    1. No, they’d just fire all the men and hire women instead, cutting their payroll costs by 25%. It’s bullshit. The “pay gap” has been disproved countless times.

    1. I thought that she was older because I’d see her sometimes at one of those crappy comedy clubs in NY in the 80’s. I guess that she was probably 18 then. A gf of mine was trying to be a comic and I asked her what she thought of this girl. She said that she makes more money giving bj’s than from her pay as a comic.

  36. I don’t know about the wage gap, but there seems to be an intelligence, integrity, honesty, sincerity and dignity gap- not to mention the gap between her legs. Females, the other gapped meat.

  37. SJWs are such hypocrites. It’s interesting how she got away with using an Anti-Asian slur on Conan without any consequences.

  38. You can take the woman out of Manchester, NH, but you can’t take the Manchester out of the woman.
    // Manchester, NH native

  39. Men die on the job 10 to 1 over women. This is indicative of the choices women make and the aggregate disparity in income.
    If women died on the job 1 to 1, there might be an argument.

    1. Feminists want quotas and set asides for corporate directors but you don’t see them lining up to be lumberjacks which – if workers comp premiums are any indication – is about 50 times as dangerous compared to, say, being a corporate lawyer.

    2. Hardly now. The most dangerous jobs are almost all rough, physical labor, which pays average at best, unless you happen to be right in the middle of an economic boom like Bakken a few years ago.
      I don’t believe discrimination accounts for a significant part of the pay gap, but I don’t think job lethality can explain it either.

    3. ” The most dangerous jobs are almost all rough, physical labor, which pays average at best”
      You are wrong. We are talking logging, mining, police and fire work, heavy construction: they all pay big. What it means man and women choose their jobs differently not from discrimination.

  40. I’ll never forget the time she was booed off the stage hardcore at the VGA’s. As a grown man, and a professional who’s had his own share of fuckups I can respect her for going on stage, doing her routine, having it bomb, and finishing. But as a critic: women arent funny.
    A girl I just tagged last night said a “joke” on our second date. She said she had a kid and she explained it was funny to see peoples faces. Weeks later the subject came up again and I explained that its not funny at all, its funny for someone watching the situation, but for an interested guy you’re telling him you’re a used car.
    Women arent funny.

    1. See now, you see why she might have made a mistake assuming sexism one time where it didnt exist when shes heard that crap for years and years…
      Sikverman I mean, not your date, if your account is correct, she is a twerp.

  41. “To say that they are manipulated into their life choices by forces
    beyond their control is divorced from reality and demeaning, to boot.” Feminism and social proof? Once inculcated with feminist beliefs, it does sometimes seem they have no control.

    1. I think you lads need to relax, no sarcasm, its getting better and youre mostly dealing with noise from older generation, if you kick off with ironic complaints of your own unjustness and picking holes in every foolish mistake, the war goes on.
      Keep your dignity, let her look stupid already and the loudest women will go quiet as they realise they went too far. Be the bigger man and all that,

  42. Howard Stern fucked her while he was divorced. She’s a pig now, who gives a shit? Sure, you’d fuck her, but the sheer nonsense pouring out of her cumm-hole of a yap is so annoying you couldn’t tolerate her for 5 minutes after the bang. Stern got the idea, he married Beth. Smart move, eh?

    1. I was a big fan of Stern back in the day. You remember how much CArol Alt was into him? I have no idea why he didnt move on that- she was gorgeous then and doesnt look bad at 50 now…

  43. Even though I do my best to avoid judging based solely on emotion and gut-feelings, without having first hand knowledge, I never liked this girl. She has the crazy, thousand cock, lucifer’s daughter stare. I guess my instincts were right in this case. Nasty, nasty cunt.

  44. Jewish women like Silverman and Sabrina Rubin Erdely are all radical feminists, aka socialists in panties.

    1. Communists in panties. Equality for the goyim, supremacy for the Neanderthal…err Jew.

  45. Women not only are paid more than men they get more job offers if they are even half as qualified. HR is all white women, they are looking to hire white women first.

  46. Someone should invent a term to describe people like Silverman, Adam Sandler and so many others; no talents who are famous in spite of that just because they’re Jews.

  47. I love it. Feminists fought for the right for women to ‘choose’ their profession and college major. Then they get pissed off when those empowered free women ‘choose’ majors like childhood education and psychology.
    For the record, I was a transfer student. Two kids transferred to the same elite engineering school I did. The other guy was as straight A as I was. The other was a girl. Her GPA was dropping like a stone, but she got in anyway. I think she was barely 3.1 when she finished the junior college. Maybe. The lesson: boobies re more important in college admissions than a GPA.
    Also, I was aware of at least two on campus studies about how to get more women into engineering. And for anyone that cares, there is a shit-ton more scholarship money for female engineering students than any other ‘disadvantaged’ group. Forget about white males and their white male privilege.

  48. Although she is a total feminist loser, I still find her attractive. She strikes me as the type who could benefit quite a bit from some hard asshole game

  49. This society is all lies. Woman actually make more money than man. Most man spend all their money on them. It is very rare when a woman spend money on a man.

  50. Yep. Here’s your answer:
    You’re welcome.

  51. This has nothing to do with anything, but I would like for swear words to stop being for a specific binary gender. Girls shouldn’t have to be called bitches; why can’t they be called jerks or assholes? This hurts my feelings as I have gender dysphoria.

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