I Attended The 2015 White Nationalist AmRen Conference

I went to the American Renaissance white nationalist conference last weekend. I thought it would be interesting, since I have expressed Southern nationalist sentiments before. Personally I wasn’t particularly inspired at the event, and I doubt I’ll attend again, but all things considered they are doing a wonderful work. I’m a firm believer that every person has a right to take pride in his own ethnic heritage, and I’m grateful that someone is breaking the echo chamber.

Talking points at this year’s conference included immigration, white self-hatred, and rat utopia experiments, among others. RamZPaul was especially entertaining. The over-arching theme of AmRen is that the white race has the same obligation to self-preservation as every other race, whereas our society and government today does everything it can to sell out the country we have built to outsiders and degenerates. Often there are neoreactionary and anti-feminist sentiments expressed, but they were minimal this year and appear to not be essential beliefs of AmRen.


There was this one moron in my circle very much fitting Billy Joel’s “Angry Young Man.” At one point he basically called me a traitor to the race since I watch college football and black people make up half the players. I argued how college football—unlike the NFL—is about a community uniting together to prove that their masculinity is greater than the next region over and that statehood is just as important as nationhood.

After consistently beating his arguments to a pulp, he finishes with a red herring, “You’re not even white,” since I have an olive complexion despite my largely Scottish background. The defeatism in his fallacy was so transparent that Helen Keller could see it. Notice he holds the common leftist misconception that race is merely an aesthetic quality and culture is only an ancillary feature.

The event speakers, however, were excellent, even if my short attention span couldn’t quite hold on. Most of them had a kind of C.S. Lewis vibe, if C.S. Lewis wrote about race instead of religion. They definitely made a greater impression on me than the obnoxious kids who think they have the world figured out in their early twenties.



Another thing I appreciate about AmRen is the diversity in opinion, which shows that it is a conversation and not a dogma. One may notice that ROK writers have a variety of slightly different views on the sexes, and it is for this same reason. I don’t agree with some of AmRen’s minor points, but I respect them for saying the things that others are terrified to say.

A great picture of this mild diversity was a public debate they had. They divided four of the speakers into two teams to debate whether the current political system can undo the political correctness hell we live in. Both sides were very articulate, rational, and well-researched. I was actually just a little disappointed in the side I agree with, as the opposing team was a bit better than them.

We in the red pill assume that the leftists have won the culture war, but they have not converted the minds of the people. The left has won the mass’s terror but lost their hearts. And while AmRen sometimes over-simplifies and over-idealizes some isseus, I’m very appreciative that someone is speaking up. Even if they are slightly wrong in the short-term, it may spark a consciousness about race realism in the long-term.

For the record, when I met the famous RamZPaul, he told me he enjoys ROK and later gave us a shout-out in his speech (which will later be posted on YouTube).



Montgomery Bell State Park

The event was held at Montgomery Bell State Park outside Nashville, Tennessee, which was absolutely gorgeous and had plenty of outdoor activities. I tried to get Matt Forney to play me in golf, but apparently he’s too young and hip for a contest of masculine self-mastery, dismissing it as “an old man’s game.” Then again, my friends have always said I was born old and cranky.

The protesters showed up later in the day despite being in the middle of the woods. At first there was just two. One laid on the grass holding his sign, and the other leaned on a handrail with his sign dangling. Pathetic. Later on there were about twenty in all silently instructing us on how black lives matter.

Oddly all but just one of them were white, because liberals think it is the white man’s burden to save the “coloreds” from all the dangers in the world. I have enough respect for other races to believe they can handle their own problems without us treating them like defenseless children.

The state troopers amped up security on the off-chance some young gluten-free vegan decided to get violent, which I thanked the troopers for. I realize police hatred is quite vogue right now, occasionally for justifiable though over-simplified reasons, but just because there may or may not be anyone to watch the watchmen does not mean the watchmen are not needed.

The troopers also asked us to go inside and not give the protesters attention, which frankly I had been saying the whole time. If you feed the geese, they’re just going to breed and shit everywhere. It’s not like there’s any third party observers watching them; they just want the validation of being a good person.

And they’re aren’t terribly interesting either. Most self-described colorblind people live in nice safe white flight parts of town and rarely interact with blacks outside of TV and HuffPo.


Race realism is a common theme in red pill thought, even if only a minor one. Granted, the AmRen people aren’t 100% in agreement with us, but there’s still a lot of overlap between our camps. At the least, we are fighting against the same enemies. AmRen wants the political correctness fascism to die just as strongly as we do. They are on the right path, even if they aren’t as potent as one would hope.

One fear I have is that more angsty idiots like the one above will become involved and give the movement a bad name. Race is by definition a lineage, sure, but the cultural aspect is what makes the social realities so present.

After all, any first year sociology class will teach you that a society will be chaotic without a clear culture. I’m not quite a white separatist, but at the same time I don’t want to force either whites or blacks to abandon their heritage in favor of another. The left seems to want to ridicule or marginalize all surface-level white culture while assimilating the coloreds into a white mentality.

Despite a few minor ideological differences, I’m in support of AmRen and its race realism, even though I probably won’t return. Never eat the right-wing.

For the record

Some people are telling a story about me getting drunk at AmRen. Personally I don’t know why they found a story about a drunk guy acting stupid at a conference so interesting, since it is nothing unusual. Perhaps they have boring lives and are looking for drama. Their fixation on gossip is in stark contrast to the scholarly impression I got of the organizers. But the Kings Media team thought it would be best if I gave my side of the story, even though very few of them are upset at me.

I was hoping we could all leave it behind, since it looks bad on the whole AmRen organization as well as ROK. But since AmRen’s own people have decided to tell the world embarrassing stories about the conference, I decided I should do some clarification for my own sake. Matt Parrot and others may not have any sense of shame in keeping a good face on their own movement (which is already controversial by virtue of existing), but I at least care about my own name and the name of Kings Media.

Matt Parrot is greatly distorting the facts, perhaps unintentionally since he seems like a good guy. I don’t know whether he was drunk that night or not, but either way memories cloud easily in such events. So here is what happened. And yes, I actually do remember all of it, despite my extreme inebriation.

On the first night, I got very drunk. If I were wise, I would have gone to bed after the speakers, but instead I went to a nearby bar with the other guys. I went around asking girls to dance, because I wanted to use the swing lessons I had taken. All of them rejected me, because no girl likes an obnoxious wasted guy.

A few young girls were being especially snarky. I knew they wouldn’t dance with me, but I decided to ruin their night anyway. I go up to them and say, “You’re fat, and I’m balding. Let’s dance.” They kept saying no, and I kept asking them, just to piss them off. One pushed me, and I pushed her back, and then the bouncer literally threw me out of the bar. Someone led me up to sit by the curb.

We kept him off of the property and got him back to the conference safely, then spent the next hour or so effusively apologizing for him, buying the girls drinks right and left, and promising the locals we would avenge their girl in short order.

That first part I’m very thankful for them doing, but the rest of it is pathetic, and I don’t feel guilty for them wasting money. Oh, and each time Heimbach kept half-jokingly threatening to fight me, I invited the fat weasel to indulge, but he always grew silent.

He was sitting there in the grass explaining how the girl…had no right to reject his advances…Reportedly, Forney privately handled the situation, which I trust he did, and by all accounts from the locals, the ladies, and my fellow attendees, the matter is now resolved.

Every single word of that is a lie. Sitting in the grass, I apologized profusely to the AmRen people around me and continued to repeat, “The is at least half my fault,” in an annoying drunken humility. I certainly didn’t say the fat girl was entitled to waltz with me, and Parrot’s claim of that makes me wonder if he’s trying to slander ROK as being everything the feminists claim it is.

And Forney didn’t do anything in private except tease me about it, and if it were resolved, then Parrot wouldn’t be telling the world the embarrassing qualities of AmRen’s attendees, although it appears telling such stories on blogs is weirdly the norm for the many conference attendees. I’m hoping this is just an errant memory of his and not him trying to smear the red pill movement.

The next night the same group of people got drunk and went out to party some more. It didn’t end well for some of them, but I won’t go into details. However, still upset over what I had done, I had decided to go to bed right after the final speaker around 9pm. Suffice it to say that I was very glad the next morning.

Whether it is ethical to push a girl after she first pushes you is up for debate (it’s not that she was actually hurt), but I got drunk and annoyed an entire bar for at least an hour. They were just wanting to have a good time on a Friday night, and I stole that from them. That was the truly shameful thing for me.

That and embarrassing the whole Kings Media team, for which I’ve apologized to them personally. I wasn’t acting like a king. I was acting like a spoiled prince.

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    1. “they’re telling you 50 is the new sexy; that’s bullshit. It don’t make a lot of people’s dicks hard” – hahahaha well said that man!

    2. “If you’re gett’n close to the wall, you better lighten up and tighten up, if getting a man is your objective.”
      “You got to set higher standards. If bitches said I would only suck your nuts if you’re an astronaut tomorrow, there would be niggaz in space!”
      ~ This man is a mgtow poet.

  1. Um…
    I’m on record as being firmly of British descent and whiter than Wonder Bread that has been triple bleached. I adore traditional European cultures and find them in all ways superior to every other set of cultures on the planet, bar none. I recognize crime statistics bear out that, at least in these united States, some races (and cultures) are dreadfully more violent and less civilized than the average white person and his default culture, and by that I mean blacks, especially urban dwelling blacks. I even go so far as to believe that the white men fucked up royally by not picking their own damned crops and that life today would be totally different if we hadn’t imported blacks as slaves. That is to say, the few immigrant blacks coming here voluntarily in that scenario would have bred a much more civilized culture than the entitlement driven, overbearing, low intelligence and frankly disgusting “culture” that modern slave descendent blacks embrace in these united States. I make no apologies for walking across the street or loosening the retention on my holster when I see a gaggle of black teens with pants around their legs approaching me. I make no apologies for deliberately avoiding ghetto neighborhoods, as I am no fool and no denier of reality. I even recognize the reality that generally speaking, like attracts like and people generally congregate amongst their own kind voluntarily, there is nothing at all wrong with this.
    All that being said, I cannot, and will not, associate with people who are, or break bread with, neo-Nazis and the KKK. The price to my neighborhood is skill, productivity, and competence, not skin color. If the Asian or Black fellow can earn the money to gain entrance here, and comports himself with the same honor and dignity that I do, then I welcome him to my table. The odds of that happening for the Asian are pretty high, and for the Black pretty low, given statistics, but I won’t vette out anybody of strength, character and ability simply because of his ethnicity.
    Give me an englishbob, Elven King or blckAv8r any day of the week over some man who doesn’t have the sense to recognize and respect an upstanding man due to skin tone alone.
    Meritocracy or bust is my motto. Fuck political correctness but also fuck not recognizing ability, talent and integrity in any man.

    1. I agree with most of what you say but the problem with allowing the ‘good’ blacks in your society is something called regression to the mean.

      1. That’s why I mentioned that we would have been better off not having slavery at all, ever. Then blacks coming over would have been, more likely than not, the upper crust (as happens today). Upper crust true Africans generally are highly educated, highly motivated, polite and respectful of their fellow man. I totally have zero issue with them. Without a slave-derived hate-culture such as we see in urban black areas today, they would assimilate to, well, us. I’m cool with that.

        1. It was doomed to failure from the get go. Liberia and Sierra Leon exist today because of that effort, but it was not ever a real possibility as a full package.
          What really sucks is that, if not for the Civil War, slavery was going to end anyway. Capitalism, the real kind, had made it cost inefficient in Britain around 1810, which was right about the time slavery ended there, all without firing a shot. America was largely agricultural, but by the 1860’s it was getting harder and harder to economically justify owning slaves when machines were coming out that could do the work of ten men at the cost of 1/10th of a man. Industrialization and laissez faire capitalism naturally makes the hard economic case against slavery in a way that cannot be ignored. But no, instead we get massive earth shattering warfare, followed by idiotic politics and people resenting having their ‘traditions’ trampled who then vented on blacks, who then retaliated or fled and grew resentful, and here we are today.
          Had Mr. Southern Plantation owner chosen to release his slaves because he couldn’t afford to keep them and he found no buyers, the entire attitude adjustment would have occurred organically as it did in the U.K., with, I predict, the same results. People simply civilized themselves and badda bing, peace and prosperity.

        2. You keep posting things that can be summed up as “wouldn’t it be nice if…”.
          The reality is what we have to deal with. That other stuff is for alternate history fiction.
          What do you propose we do, in practical terms?

    2. I was debating on whether or not to post this, but here goes.
      There’s a reason why blacks and, native North American native Indians were chosen for slavery over other peoples. I’m having trouble finding it now, but there’s a book out by a slaver from the 18th century, “A Slaver’s Journal,” that describes in gory detail the animalistic brutality and lack of civility amongst the indigenous peoples over Africa and the newly conquered Americas.
      As Europe had already emerged from the Renissance and was developing the math, science and culture we all benefit from today, these peoples were worse than apes in their brutal torture and murder of rival tribes, as well as each other.
      What would a civilized enlightened human being in the 18th century think of a tribe of canabalistic murdering heathens who’s blood lust overrode every other sensibility in their bodies? Would you see them as equals simply because you share a similar physiology, or would you rather evaluate those humanoids on the content of their character (or lack thereof) and conclude, as they did, that these were not humans, but animals in a human form? How could a reasonable person in those circumstances even be suggested to treat the heathens as equal in any way, shape or form?
      As a cultured European witnessing these horrors, they could only conclude that these “humans” were inhuman (a term we apply still today to brutal criminals) and unfit for anything but to be captured as brute beasts, broken, chained, trained, and put to productive labor.
      Whether or not this was right or moral never seemed to be a question in the mind of those who witnessed what uncivilized brute beasts were capable of. Just because they resembled humans in shape and form (albeit not color) was of no concern to the civilized. It was the lack of civilization and culture that made it easy to enslave thees peoples and treat them like wild animals. And, it just so happened that back then skin color was the simple way to identify civilized humans from the inhuman. And today it’s still wired into our evolutionary psychology to be very wary of those so different than ourselves. It’s a survival instinct, and a useful one, even in this day of political correctness.
      You can’t just flip all the evolutionary switches in humans by preaching ideological precepts. It takes time for an entire race or culture to evolve to enlightenment. It’s not as if Europe’s Renaissance happened overnight. No, it spanned centuries of pursuit of culture, knowledge, and truth. And, if formerly uncivilized peoples wish to be treated as equals, or claim equality, then they too must pursue the same. If they rather chose to create their own culture, which in some ways mimics and embraces their former heathen ways, then it should be no surprise that the cultured and civilized treat them as lessor.
      Without cultural standards, everything is acceptable and anything goes. By that non-standard we should embrace shit flinging chimpanzees as equals, yes? Why not consider all manner of God’s creatures as equals — as some are in the habit of doing. Why draw lines anymore? Accept all, question none, and judge nothing. Allow these things and watch Rome burn!
      And that’s the way it is… (W Cronkite)

      1. The same was said of the Scots at one time, and of the Irish until just the last few decades.
        I agree that each kind adheres to its own, give or take. Doesn’t bother me in the least.
        As I noted, I would have preferred we didn’t have slavery at all to begin with. A clean starting point would be had and the history of this nation would have been much improved across all periods. The blacks that would choose to emigrate to the U.S. would be the kind I’d have no problem accepting in that situation. It’s a self filter in a way, the best and brightest flee the horror story of their own nations, and we profit from receiving them. The way it should be.

        1. I figured GhostOfJefferson would chime in with something useful to add.
          You’re right. And let me expand on that idea if I may.
          In Roman times all the western European tribes were considered barbarians. And it took time for the barbarians to pull western culture out of the ashes of the Greco Roman civilizations they overran and conquered. Barbarians are still considered today as fathers of the dark ages (although you could credit the Roman Catholic Church for much of that period).
          I’m sure someone could say that Scots and Irish were similarly enslaved in the late 19th and early 20th centuries here in America as they immigrated to places like NYC. Being at the bottom of the social pecking order based on their past, they were treated worse than other immigrants. Scots and Irish to reform their ways and “prove” themselves worth of entry into civilized society. And today very few bar them from participating in any level of society today.
          I guess what I’m trying to say is cultures are judged by their thinking and behaviors against the measure of the great civilizations before them. And up until now no group of peoples got a pass on being considered equal until they achieved equality as measured by the idealistic standards of civil peoples. The notion that everyone gets a free pass on being considered equal, even cultured because were are all homo sapiens is ignorant and silly. Yet, that’s what we are forced to accept today by every social justice movement. I for one say “hogwash!”. If there is inequality, among peoples of different races, creeds, religions, and the like, then perhaps they should consider whether their culture has produced the greatest the world has to offer. If not, reform. If that’s not palatable to them, then I say they should retreat to their own enclaves of lesserdom.

        2. I hear ya’. It appears we’re on the same page.
          Interesting side note, Scots were imported as slaves to these united States from the 1600’s forward. Around 100k of them actually.
          I have yet to feel that I deserve reparations for this, nor do I find it particularly useful to spit on American culture and demand that it cater to me because of my “special” status.

        3. “Barbarians are still considered today as fathers of the dark ages (although you could credit the Roman Catholic Church for much of that period).”
          Fall of the western half of the Roman empire, 476. The Roman Catholic church didn’t exist until 1054 when they fell from Orthodoxy (notice they begin the Crusades in 1095, and Inquisitions in 1184, after this). The eastern (and still Orthodox) half of the Roman empire didn’t fall until 1453, by which time the Romano-Christian (“Byzantine”) civilization had long ago already found a new home in Russia (the Third Rome) since 988.

        4. You are incorrect, it is the Roman Catholic Church that has been in continuous succession since the time of Peter. The Orthodox Church broke away and is headquarter in the city formally known as Constantinople, today known as Istanbul. The crusades were a reaction to the constant attacks by the Moslems against Christians.

        5. The so called “Catholics” were a group of schismatics under 1 patriarch who didn’t like the fact that the other 4 patriarchs would not treat him as someone who could speak with infallible authority.

        6. Thanks, for clearing that up for me all this time I thought the Church of Rome was in Rome and the Orthodox Church was somewhere else. If they are not Catholics what are they called?

        7. I agree. It seems most of us here are on that same page.
          “We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation.” Voltaire
          And despite the tragedy of 100K Scots being enslaved, Scotland experienced it’s own Renaissance, the Scottish age of enlightenment that produced minds of Maxwell and Watt (that come to mind), who built the foundation of electromagnetic theory and the steam engine of the industrial revolution. It’s because Scotsmen weren’t wallowing in the tragedy of their oppression that they evolved and moved on to contribute greatly to the world as we know it today.
          So what’s the excuse for negroid’s inability to evolve in an age of enlightenment with more opportunity to embrace culture and civility than all the generations of brutes before them? Sure you can say they are kept down and oppressed, but then weren’t the Scots oppressed by England for centuries before their enlightenment in the early 18th century? And that was before the technology and Internet we have today, not to mention the armies of today’s social justice warriors fighting against injustice and inequality.
          So what excuse is there for any culture not evolving in this day and age? As they return to their ancient drums, dances and rituals should they be excused in the vein of preserving and celebrating diversity? I say that’s nonsense. Let not culture and civilization be taken backward for a nonsensical social ideal. I think we abhor the idea of the whole class being held back for the sake of the slowest student. And we all despise having to serve the lowest common denominator.
          No excuses. Just do it.

        8. The Scots were treated as second class citizens by the English. That didn’t stop Sir John A. MacDonald from becoming the first Prime Minister of Canada. The Native Americans were treated as second class citizens by the Americans. That didn’t stop Ely S. Parker from becoming a Brigadier General on the union side. Parker, an attorney who wrote the articles of surrender, had previously been turned down for military service because of his race.

        9. The Scots didn’t wallow in their misery. They kicked ass. And the English are still scared of em. Maybe that should be an example the Blacks in America should follow. Oh wait…

        10. ….except the Scottish and Irish were Europeans with our conception of truth, our worldview and our conceptions of the gods.

        11. People will say anything about a group they despise, and certainly there has been bad blood between English and the various Celts over the years.
          But surely you can concede that, in the case of blacks, people aren’t “just saying that.” There will always be exceptions – as I stated above, I think Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell are two gentlemen with first-rate intellects, more civilized than many a white man – but, on the whole, I think we can still observe in day-to-day life in America, that the majority of blacks seem consistently incapable of coming up to the bar which Irishmen and Scotsmen have certainly surpassed, despite similar prejudice and “oppression.” Do you think this is merely cultural, or do you think it may be possible that there are more fundamental factors involved? I don’t believe “racism” accounts for the consistently observed IQ gap of about twenty points between whites and blacks with no mixed ancestry. What do you think?
          I’m a Catholic, so I believe all men are embraced by the Church and Her Gospel. But groups have strengths and weaknesses, and it seems like one should remain aware of them, and of the impact they may have, and of how they may be offset.

        12. It isn’t the group I speak to honestly, but the outliers. The good decent black men and women who rise above the idiocy of what’s going on in their “culture”, I welcome. Scots and Irish (same people, but don’t tell them that) had similar issues, but did not reject the common culture; they remained Christian and literate. They were still treated horribly, but didn’t give a shit and built their own path.
          “Racism” accounting for the iq gap, I concede. Irish (gaels) were on par IQ wise with blacks in the late 1800’s. They basically adapted, took advantage of education available and rose to normal levels. I’d love to say the same for urban blacks, who have every opportunity in the world, but I cannot. The outliers though, are always welcome as my friends.
          As to cultural or more fundamentals, well, in all honesty, there are smarter and dumber breeds of dogs, as well as stronger and weaker (physically) breeds of dogs. If we are to accept the notion of evolution, it stands to reason that it applies without exception. Labs and Australian Cattle Dogs are sharp as whips (both can probably do my taxes for me, heh), bulldogs, not so much (or pick your favorite dumb breed). This is a problem for leftists, given as they reject religion and embrace evolution, yet reject its maxims as well.
          I do not actually disagree with your post whatsoever, and the point you raise about awareness is well taken.

        13. “Thanks, for clearing that up for me all this time I thought the Church of Rome was in Rome and the Orthodox Church was somewhere else. If they are not Catholics what are they called?”
          The Orthodox are the “true” Catholics, as we profess ourselves to be, when we say the (pre-Great Schism) Nicene Creed during the Divine Liturgy, etc.
          When the east and west went their separate ways, the Roman church claimed dibs on the term, Catholic (“universal”).
          The Catholics of the East decided it was better to adopt Orthodox (“correct”) as our primary moniker; rather than to stubbornly contest a name with a highly aggressive Roman church, that was spoiling the brand name anyway.

      2. It takes time for an entire race or culture to evolve to enlightenment.The way the natives did this was by joining the U.S. Army in droves!

      3. LOL, lack of civility of blacks, coming from a race of peoples who had more than half the world’s wars, 2 world wars, the largest rape recorded in history, and the most savage behaviour on every continent.

        1. War is an inherent part of what humans are and do. It’s how our ancestors survived. And it will come again, once this Long Peace we are currently in comes to an end. It is, in a word, civilized. Because it is a requirement for a civilization to survive.

        2. Yeah, we are a race of warriors and heroes. You are a race of cannibals, slaves and professional victims.

      4. While your post isn’t totally off base(I’ve heard far more laughable excuses for slavery), I disagree with many of your conclusions.
        First of all, WAR is the great decider. The bottom line is Africa as a continent and not a *country* as many of your type imply, is a diaspora and very diverse. If the West Africans had been able to destroy the White invaders or at the very least, held them off….the prevailing narrative would be far closer to the one GhostOfJefferson is espousing. And the fact is, while there are certainly paganistic cannibal savages in West Africa and throughout the continent, there are also extremely civilized, cultured pockets. Since Whites won that battle and slavery as we know it entered the realm of history books, which Africans will we talk about as a culture? Why the savages of course, because it serves the victor’s purposes. But it isn’t entirely accurate in either an African nor a Native American context. For one thing, some of the most highly educated Africans have gone from the petty tribal warfare you cheery-picked your examples from…to flat out Genocide, like Idi Amin. There’s a growing theory that an African doctor created AIDS to wipe out a rival ethnic group within Africa. Ebola is even more likely to have origins like this. So the relative “savagery” of the people in question is a strawman argument. Rather it just boils down to WAR. Winners write the story, Losers read it. Personally, I believe accepting this plain fact is a base requirement to real manhood(which is the standard that ostensibly unites everyone on this site, I thought…).

        1. In your estimation, why did they war so much particularly in this continent?
          ” There’s a growing theory that an African doctor created AIDS to wipe out a rival ethnic group within Africa. Ebola is even more likely to have origins like this.”
          That even a theory is plausible of a man to do this to people who probably look very similar is quite vicious and perhaps validates some of the concerns brought up in this thread.
          You’re an intelligent guy. Surely you can’t blame others for valuing their personal or group sovereignty.

        2. Nowhere in my statement did i blame anybody for any such thing. Has internet forensics devolved to simply making up things and then attacking the imaginary statements???

        3. Also another mile long hole in this response is the implicit suggestion that Caucasoid people never try to wipe each other out. that would have to ignore even recent conflicts in Eastern Europe as well as the entire middle ages. Is basic logic not a feature of White Pride? And for the record, I have always supported Whites right to celebrate their own race. But the Whites that are at the top end of the wealth continuum seem to have a far narrower view of supremacy than the rank and file working class WN’s. They pretty much limit the ruling race to a few families, leaving the masses of White people well out of their favor. This is supported by those same people foisting Obama on all of us as their current puppet.

        4. “Aso another mile long hole in this response is the implicit suggestion that Caucasoid people never try to wipe each other out”
          And all this time I assumed when I asked about war in africa…..the implicit fucking suggestion was just that, WAR IN AFRICA.
          I’m in agreement as per your observations about the white elite but for fucks sake how hard is it to answer the goddamn question?

        5. Ok well give me some other examples of persons of non african descent inventing diseases specifically to wipe out their own kind?

        6. “First of all, WAR is the great decider. The bottom line is Africa as a
          continent and not a *country* as many of your type imply, is a diaspora
          and very diverse. ”
          Isn’t that Bush dude the decider?

        7. Captain, dude…I am NOT blaming Caucasians for valuing your personal lineage! For crying out loud…where are you getting that from?!

        8. That’s fine I just wanted to hear you expound on the reasons there still is to this day so much conflict in africa.
          Tribal animosity? Resources? Will to power?
          I obviously have my own thoughts on the matter but I wanted to hear yours.

      5. So in summary us blacks are inferior subhumans comparable to “shit flinging chimpanzees.”
        Ok then… lol

      6. Wrong. Is there anything more tiring than watching delusional white men delete huge swaths of history so that they can justify their sociopathic tendencies? Nope, nothing more tiring than that. The reality is that there were great civilizations that Europeans destroyed and then stole the fruits of those civilizations and called it their own. I guess if you can steal and commit genocide so that you can have condos, it speaks volumes about the nature of the beast

        1. “In the 1800s, European explorers, imperialists and colonizers WERE STUNNED by Great Zimbabwe’s grandeur and cunning workmanship…”
          ” walls as high as 36 feet”
          Come on now….
          “STUNNED”…. really?
          Here’s three contemporary (or earlier) European castles.
          “The reality is that there were great civilizations that Europeans destroyed and then stole the fruits of those civilizations and called it their own.”
          All those African empires described in your link were dead (per the dates included in the link you provided) before the Europeans arrived to somehow destroy them and steal “the fruits of those civilizations and” call “it their own.”

    3. Agreed! … by the way, recognize RamZPaul from days long gone by? He crash landed on our once beloved home 🙂

        1. Did he get the registry for LF then? I tried to go there but it’s a dead parrot, although it does not default to a provider saying that the name is up for sale….

    4. I’ll take this a step further.  Some commenters here verge on conspiracy theory from time to time.  But “black culture” as we currently conceive it is not so much “conspiracy theory” as it is objective reality.  It is a system perpetuated by rich, white, limousine liberals who are happy to keep blacks poor so that they vote overwhelmingly democrat.  Dangle the carrot, but keep it just enough out of reach to secure another four years in office, and then blame the “racist” other guy for the systematic failures of your own policies.  Period.  This is not just about welfare, which has done far more to ravage the black community by instilling a sense of defeatism than slavery ever could, but also about the “cultural” accoutrements of black culture that are celebrated – from ebonics, to thug life, to excessive materialism, to the “brave” single mothers in the ghettos…  All of this is designed, nefariously, to keep the black population largely ignorant and controllable. 
      Blacks no longer live on the master’s plantation, but they are still dependent on his handouts, and will therefore do what he tells them to do.  They no longer fear his whip, but they have to fear his militaristic cops.  And most blacks are happy to accept this because they have been conned to believe that the way to escape the past is to embrace idiocy and wallow in victimhood. 
      Of course, in a society bending to the arc of the feminist narrative, fostering these grievances, along with the inter-race resentment that black culture breeds, is also a useful way of keeping men of all colors from uniting against the common enemy – Marxism disguised as equality for women.  For any man, of any color, who believes in advancing by merit, “equality” is poison.

      1. I think this is right. Last time I read a post like this, someone mentioned the name of Thomas Sowell

      2. Those factors play a role, but so do hereditary factors. That’s why no matter where on earth you find blacks you find them falling prey to the same set of self-destructive behaviors. ‘Good values’ would improve their condition some, but ‘racial equality’ will never be anything purest fantasy.

        1. “That’s why no matter where on earth you find blacks you find them falling prey to the same set of self-destructive behaviors.”
          This would make sense and I’d be in total agreement, if it were isolated to just “blacks.” It isn’t.
          Trying to simplify everything to “genetics” despite seeing contrary evidence is a cop-out and ignores all other factors.

        2. Genetics is an important factor and no account that ignores it can ever hope to be complete. So I throw your statement right back in your face, with a twist: “Trying to simplify everything to environment [I’ll forgo the unjustified sneer quotes] despite seeing contrary evidence is a cop-out and ignores all other factors.” And I’d add: “With the invariable and fantastically unjust result that ‘white racism’ is resorted to as the explanation for every black pathology.”

        3. oh do tell us epigenetic expert. let me guess, a combo of genetic and epigenetic was/is at play. wow, you’ve discovered lukewarm water.

        4. Your comments are uniformly irrelevant and snide. And yet somehow, dull also.

        5. Contrary evidence? Where? Whites have built the most desirable societies worldwide. Blacks don’t have a SINGLE desirable nation or even city.

      3. I’ve have been saying the same thing for years, but have been easily dismissed with the “Oreo” label, even though I did not grow up rich and earned everything with 2x the effort of my peers. But I also come from a strong achieving family with a very active father. This is an advantage most Blacks do not have and refuse to hold the Black women responsible for.

        1. oh come now, there are fine Black women out there, and they’ve raised great women and men.

        2. If that were true by and large, we wouldn’t be seriously having this discussion. Overall Black women have to be considered the worst parents in the world, by far.

        3. Would you not say the mass abandonment by black fathers is a bigger factor? Black men leave their children, be they with black, latin or white women, at far greater rates than other races of men. It’s a phenomena observed in the US, the Caribbean, the UK and continental Europe.

        4. I ‘ve been to every place you mentioned for at least a month’s visit (and I lived in England for 2 years)….and in my experience, the rate of abandonment you speak of is not even close to the United States. Blacks all over the world have about as much contempt for american Blacks as you do. And they also have no clue what american blacks deal with or the unique set of challenges. So their contempt amuses me. (If Africans had stood tall like men, again, we wouldnt be having this conversation…instead like faggots, they allowed White strangers to kidnap rival tribes). The issues explored in this thread are great to talk about because the whole situation is a good deal more complex than extremists on all sides claim.

        5. Data always beats your personal anecdotes.
          Most of the kids that enter the public care system in the UK have black fathers who have abandoned them:
          Source: http://bjsw.oxfordjournals.org/content/29/2/269.short
          In the Caribbean, the out of wedlock rates are astronomically high: 85% percent in Jamaica and St. Lucia, 80% in St. Kitts and 83% in Antigua and that was back in the 1980s!!!! The rates are probably closer to 100% now.
          Source: “Human Biology of Afro-Caribbean Populations”
          The rate in black community in the US is close to 80% and the sources for that are too numerous to mention.
          You might want to put your head in the sand and blame the women of your group but everyone in the world has eyes and our eyes tell us that the condition of being a father is one that is of very little importance or relevance to black men from slavery-derived cultures (Western Hemisphere) as illustrated by the mass out of wedlock rates that occur wherever they go, with black, white and all other types of women.

        6. Before the Welfare state, black out of wedlock births was unheard of. In the 1950’s there were no ghetto black thugs, until ‘no fault divorce’ and feminist liberal welfare was set up.
          This welfare state resulted in black women being rewarded for not being loyal, and not holding out to marriage and fucking everyone they meet. This unchecked female hypergamy resulted in lots of out of wedlock births due to women having no restrictions or consequences for having children out of marriage.
          Also black women created the black thug and the hypermasculinity that occurs in black men, if you aren’t thuggish or ghetto you won’t get laid as a black male in the black community.

        7. Can we stop calling it hyper-masculinity? There is nothing masculine about black rage. These are just angry ignorant mysoginist cretins.They have conflicted views on women since they’ve ALL been raised by single mothers. They want to fuck their women but nothing more. It takes a REAL man to man up and be there for their kids.These guys are just man boys filled with rage because they let themselves be defeated at life. It blows my mind the statistics on bastardry of black people. Even the POTUS was a bastard! His father was a leftist intellectuall that had multiple women in different countries and left his kids alone with their mothers. Until they figure out why the fuck they cant be there for their kids then their culture will continually be the laughing stock of civilization.

        8. Even if I accept those statistics from that source, the White Knight-ish condoning of the female’s role in all this is interesting. Particularly, in light of the site we are on now. I think your agendas are starting to conflict, which is a danger of mindless hatred. You realize you embedded a major clue in your own response. “Slavery derived cultures”….
          We all know that there was no biological imperative for Black men to invest in fatherhood during that system. The only thing that separates us from Bears, Lions and shit is the EXAMPLE of a father. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that good fathers generally come from good fathers. Of course, Liberal Whites will try to interfere in that process which exposes their hypocrisy more than anything else. (The Adrian Peterson case shows the dilemma, the rare case where a Black man rightfully disciplines his son, he is arrested by Nanny State totalitarians).

        9. Thats absolutely correct and I’m surprised someone in this particular group knows that.
          There’s another angle here no-one has yet mentioned. And it’s something I’ve rarely heard acknowledged by either Blacks or Whites here in the USA. And that is White people’s curious fixation/fascination with Africans or Afro-Descended peoples. My premise here is based on the indisputable fact of the majority. In Western cultures, Whites have been the majority rulers since Biblical times. If they wanted to, they could have done a holocaust on Blacks eons ago. Particularly after the Civil War, what was stopping Whites from euthanizing the entire race? But we all know that the majority of Whites were and are against this? Why?? Considering the strength of the beliefs on this board of White superiority, it is a curious decision to keep us around. We are 10% of the population and 85% of the national discussion, consistently. Since the mid 1990’s White teens have accounted for the majority of rap music sales. (That in and of itself is a stale repeat of similar trends in the mid 50’s and the mid 70’s Rock and Roll and Disco). It’s almost Freudian the obsession. We have discussed on this board before the parallel phenomenon of White women chasing the field hand negros (which has gone from the illicit “Mandingo” era to flat out mainstream behavior now). I’d like to ask the opinion of Kafka and the other blatant nigger haters on here as to why the genocide hasn’t been committed despite ample opportunity…..

        10. they allowed White strangers to kidnap rival tribes

          Myth. Africans kidnapped and sold each other into slavery to anyone with money. The guy speaking here is Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University.

        11. The Nigerian king of Bonny, if memory serves, wrote to British parliament to complain when slavery was abolished

        12. it takes two to tango. perhaps Black women should just give up on Black men and vice versa. As for non black women, every action has consequences.

        13. what kidnapping are you yammering about? Black Africans sold Black Africans to everyone and their mother. Go ask the Arabs who started the slave trades.

        14. Black women this, black women that. So black men are puppets and objects in your opinion, endless victims of no agency, right? Come now, time to grow up and take part of responsibility.

        15. bullshit, they might be too lenient with their children compared to other mothers at times, but I see them striving far better than some of the Black Male Wannabe Alphas that confuse freedom with not having any responsibilities.

        16. Because it requires a large amount of dehumanization in order to condone any sort of genocide. No matter what the people or race in question.
          White nationalists are not necessarily supremacists, nor do they necessarily support genocide. Secession and separation is the preferred strategy. I dont personally hate Black people, but on the other hand I dont want to share the same nationstate with them in large numbers. The same goes for any other race of humans.
          The fixation with Blacks is an American phenomena, created by the media. In europe the fixation is far less pronounced, for the simple reason that Blacks are a very small minority. Until the influence of American media culture, Blacks had a very marginal place in the general consciousness of the average European.
          According to the official census, Blacks constitute around 13% of the US population.

        17. Slavery had been around since before written history, and was an accepted part of life for most people. No one technically “started” slavery. We do know who ended it though. It was the British who spearheaded the end of slavery, when they banned in throughout their empire in 1830. The rest of the world followed.

        18. Quoted for the truth. Black men are top notch in evading responsibility and blaming everyone but themselves for the state of affairs in their communities.

        19. You state that the system of slavery was such that there was no biological imperative for black men to invest in fatherhood. But Kobe in one of his comments below made the salient point that the rate of out of wedlock birth among African Americans a as very low post slavery up until the 1970s.
          Your expectations of black men are so fucking low that you actually tried to argue that they can’t be expected to be fathers because…slavery…despite the evidence to the contrary.
          Furthermore, you really need to have some more respect for yourself and your group and not revert to the word “nigger”. If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t expect others to respect you.
          I don’t hate blacks, not at all. I used the term “slavery-derived” culture to differentiate black societies from North America and the Caribbean from societies that don’t have recent slavery like most of Africa. Say what you will about Africans but they do not have a culture of mass abandonment of their kids like American black and black carribean do.
          Furthermore, you neglected to explain why black men abandon their children with white and non black women at far higher rates than other men. You can’t blame the women of your group for that one, surely? And again, why do Caribbean men abandon their children at astronomical rates? I do think it has something to do with slavery but am willing to listen to your explanations.

        20. This is something I noticed as well. The parent who actually stays and raises the kids is the lambasted one. And again, if you have close to an 80% out of wedlock rate then statistically, you can’t just blame the women only …statistically, it says a lot about the type of men in that culture as well.

        21. Black women might be considered the 2nd worst parents in the world. Black men would be the worst, as
          they rarely stick around to raise their offspring.

        22. I am not sure if it’s because of little to no parental restrictions in bringing up some of those Black Baby Boys, or the fact that they see how Black Men treat Black Women so they just don’t listen to their mothers and grandmothers, or if it’s the MSM conditioning over time… after all, Black Women call Kanye West King Kong syndrome infected N…

        23. oh, on a related note here is a book rec White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era by Shelby Steele

        24. Women have children with alphas of all races, and they are the most likely to leave a family behind or not be able to afford that lifestyle. Poor white fathers have the same rates of abandonment. Its more about socioeconomic status than anything.

        25. There was no welfare state because blacks lived off the land in the country. The civil rights movement was not as noble and virtuous as it purported itself to be. It’s goal was to move blacks to the inner city “projects” and financially enslave them into oblivion. The inner city is the worst place for poor people to live. Humans with no education and industrial skills should live off the land, look at the Mexicans that come here.

        26. The right word for them is feral. A male lion is masculine as hell, but he lacks any kind of consciousness and virtue.

        27. Its because blacks are a constant reminder of white’s superiority over them. A good example of this is the Seattle Seahawks. I don’t know if you follow football but Americans love following the pretentious and childish actions of Marshawn Lynch, while Russel Wilson is never mentioned. Russel plays baseball and football, voluntarily spends his time in the Children’s hospital every Monday, and leads the team with poise and character, yet ESPN rarely talks about him at all. Russel Wilson doesn’t trigger their superiority complex so he is insignificant. He is not a character, he is a real human being.
          Marshawn Lynch doesn’t even know that he is a joke to them, but he soaks up the attention. Thugs and rappers increase feelings of grandiosity among their peers, which is why SJW’s are so quick to defend them. They need someone to look down on, to pity and give their sympathy. They go to sleep every night saying “at least my life isnt like theirs”.

        28. Thats a creative but convoluted explanation. No one is buying that someone would be obsessed with someone because they feel “sooo superior” to them. That makes no sense.

        29. Kafka, my good man….
          My self-respect is pretty high, I assure you.
          Your attempt at sidestepping my point by focusing on semantics was smooth, but of no avail.
          (I’ll skip the treatise on the lack of real meaning of the word ‘nigger’ in 2015…)
          Your focus on Black men and their affairs belies some sort of insecurity, which is pointless. Nobody has yet to answer me why a minority group(and lets even go with the 13% outdated, pre-Latino era figure) is so interesting…Your much-stated superiority looks wobbly when a race is that unreasonably threatened by another minority race.
          The quality of parenting across the board in the US and Western world has plummeted since the sexual revolution. The singling out of Black men, while plausible, is curious. The outliers and “Russell Wilson” exceptions will always disprove a real genetic component. So then we are back to what i explained two days ago, the unique experience factor. Since White trailer dudes who run off on their children do not have the cultural background of slavery, it is silly to assume it’s the ONLY reason Black men do it, but is a significant factor.

        30. Oh yes, there is another factor that our friend Ann seems to resist. the sorriness and violent ignorance of Black women. I know this from experience. At least a good half of the “statistics” you people revel in regarding Black fathers’ absence from the home is DRIVEN by Black women. Increasingly, Black men have finally learned from the “Kramer vs Kramer” experiences for the last 40 years of White men and taken to legal challenges. I’m against frivolous lawsuits but when a man’s children are involved he must use whatever weapon he can against women who are loose, vile, uneducated and more or less…rotten.

        31. It’s not insecurity, I assure you. The rate of fatherlessness in the black community and the subsequent pathologies it spawns in terms of incarceration, violence, drugs, crime, poor public schools, etc…is something the entire society bears costs. At the very least, who do you think supports these fatherless children? The state, aka taxpayers. We are vested because our resources is what’s used to feed, clothe & shelter out of wedlock children. This state of affairs will no longer continue, now that everyone is getting hit economically, the middle class shrinking, tax base shrinking, etc. Look at places like Baltimore and Detroit…water is getting shut off because of the inability to support themselves. Before, the state and fed might have bailed them out but times are changing.

        32. If black men are actually going to court to ensure that they have greater involvement in their children’s lives, then I greatly commend them. The few that I heard of that go to court tended to fight child support, and rarely to actually claim the child, but that is anecdotal so you can disregard. Of course, you rarely provide any sources or figures for your assertions so I tend to take what you say with a grain of salt, as I detect a lot of defensiveness in your statements.

        33. Whether it be black or white, women in those types of cases are attracted to thugs, and the child abandonment is pretty much mutual. Especially in the black culture. The black female chooses thugs over nicer & more responsible black men to reproduce with. She doesn’t want the thug around nor does the thug even want to be around. She just wants the welfare check.

        34. There were no black thugs in the 1950’s when people had family values. Look at how they dressed back then and how they spoke compared to now. No comparison, black women and the welfare state destroyed the black community.

        35. So if black women choose black thugs and have children by these no good thugs, what does it mean that they have such a large pool of thugs to choose from? An almost 80% out of wedlock birth rate says something about the quality of the women AND the men, wouldn’t you say? And are Jamaican, Antiguan and other Caribbean women also choosing thugs to reproduce with? If so it says something about the quality of the men since the out of wedlock rate is north of 90% in these islands. And why is it that so many children who enter public care in the UK the children of white mothers and black fathers? Are you detecting a common denominator here?
          If black men want to be seen as equal to other race of men they really got to step up and stop blaming everyone else for their issues. Start by actually sticking around and being fathers to these kids. It would be a huge step in strengthening your community.

        36. kobe, get off those underage chicks. If you honestly think that I am not questioning your integrity as a human being when you completely blame all the wombs that gave birth to your ethnic group, you’re a bigger twat than I am.

        37. I blame black culture for that. BET is detrimental to blacks. The blacks here in Belize are becoming more afro-american and less caribbean blacks. creoles in te Caribbean still dislike African americans because the caribbean blacks are way more cultured and educated.

        38. It is the culture and poverty in the Caribbean and North America. Family values was not instill in them from birth nor do they grow up with such values. Poverty doesn’t allow these men to have extra resources for their kids. Another possibility is the type of women who are having these kids. More than likely, these women are not long term type of women.

        39. I don’t blame “the wombs that gave birth to my ethnic group” at all. Women are women, if left unchecked their hypergamous nature will be shown. The welfare system is basically allowing black women to run free without consequence which is detrimental to the black community. They have no consequence for fucking the alpha male aggresive thug man because daddy government will pay for their mistakes.

        40. And who is to say they aren’t in fact alienated by black women with poor impulse control and excessive testosterone levels–and a court system that is blind to the woman’s guilt.

        41. Actually, white supremism exists soley because certain white men need it in order to feel better about their own mundane and useless existence. You can’t come last in a race if there is someone behind you.

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        43. There’s a whole lot of bullshit floating around in this thread. Welfare does not give enough money to make having a child justifiable just to collect that meager sum that TANF pays out. There have been all manner of studies done on this. The right’s narrative on welfare is nonsense. The overwhelming majority of those that are on TANF are on it temporarily. Many people that get assistance DO actually work. They don’t make enough to rise above the poverty line however. And most women that use welfare have no more than 2 kids. The “welfare queen” myth came out of the Reagan era and been debunked endlessly.

        44. read all those studies too. used to switch back and forth on the issue (hard-knock life deliberate leeches) depending on who i was looking at. what made up my mind was just seeing more outside the relatively well-behaved neighborhoods.
          the vast majority of women deliberately use their own children for vampiric sustenance. welfare or not, poor or not, it doesn’t matter; so many can’t (or just plain refuse) to distinguish between their childish selves and their actual children. they honestly think what’s good for their inner 30yo child toddlers is identically best for everyone else, especially their hardest-job-in-the-world cheque possession prizes (babies). who ever said anything about feeding their babies? or clothing them, raising them, educating them? horridly overweight mothers in (what they perceive to be) high fashion clothes, with scrawny twig underdressed empty-faced autistic children.
          no, i don’t think they planned on it – that much. that’s where you’re getting this wrong: in the short-sighted emotion driven fantasies in their heads, they do so connivingly plan… 5 seconds into the future. they did plan on getting “theirs”, planned on using infants as means to live, and never made any distinction between self and child. until you see it enough times with your own eyes, i swear you’ll never quite get how deep it goes.
          those articles and journals advocating welfare queens don’t exist are detached from the mechanistic cold reality: some effort and more money <<< absolutely no effort and very little money to these women who do this. plus, they get to scream louder with more emotional hamstringing with each +1 ‘kid’ they torment into (out of?) existence.
          /edit: when you race to the bottom, every single mole-hill grain of sand is emo-hamstered into feelings mount everest. hence the zero effort parasitism being not just existing, but prized. any hand out, any gift, no matter how not-enough-for-living you rationalize it to academically be, is still too much of a hand out to this mentality:

        45. all benefited from the post war booms, even those that by in large didn’t fight – perhaps especially so.
          but as the bribes of paradise ran out, group by group returned to their base-level modus-operandi that existed long before. ancestral habits are ingrained; children echo their parents decades later, leading to patterns persisting over centuries. many blacks quickly returned to the self-defeating pseudo-hypermasculinity of poverty and theft that’s haunted them since before -they- sold -their- brothers into the atlantic slave trade for profit (the arabic/spanish ‘welfare’ of the era). black embracement of marriage has never been the historical norm in the bigger non-myopic picture.

        46. Only because of the welfare state. Prior to the inception of the welfare state. 85% of black children were raised in two parent households.

        47. It’s not welfare queens. It’s child support queens.
          And food stamps cost nearly 13 times as much as strict ‘welfare’ Not to mention housing allowance and SSD.
          The strict ‘welfare’ that commie rags like the atlantic point at is far less than 2% of the actual ‘welfare programs’ given out. But, if you weren’t a fucking idiot liberal, you would already know that. And you wouldn’t have tried linking to ‘the atlantic’ as a source.

        48. Be careful. Laws demanding interracial marriage are still being firmly discussed as a way to ‘End American Racism’

        49. ” they allowed White strangers to kidnap rival tribes”
          Check your facts again. Those rival tribes were SOLD to dutch slavers, who never set foot on the continent except to resupply water or fuck african whores.
          However, to be fair, Turkish (muslim) slavers have been taking african slaves for the better part of a thousand years. Which is why I don’t understand why so many blacks choose to become muslim. It’s like licking the asshole of the guy that’s raping your wife.

        50. bullshit. in the 1950’s the black out of wedlock rates were around 45%. You have to look back to the time of slavery to find lower than 30%

        51. kobey gets all of his statistics from NAACP websites. I wouldn’t be looking to him about any negro revelations.

        52. There are twice as many hispanics as blacks.
          But yes, generally, one can tell the general characteristics of a race by how it’s homeland is run.

        53. He blames whites, jews, black women, welfare, white privilege, poverty, anything and everything it takes to avoid admitting that his own social group is the cause of his troubles.
          Typical liberal.

        54. Kobe’s ‘salient point’ was incorrect. Post slavery the out of wedlock birthrate among american blacks was 30%. this ‘virtually nonexistent’ trash is a lie.

        55. It makes about as much sense as Whites universally jocking moronic Black music(from 50’s Rock and Roll to today’s horrible rap). Or paying Black athletes(generally the dumbest people on earth) millions and millions of dollars to do things with balls. Yet Whites “hate” Blacks. Cognitive dissonance at its finest and most pathetic.

        56. ironically, Blacks are not actually the greatest athletes. Most of the highest performers (with the sole exception of running away from slavecatchers… excuse me, the 50 yard dash…) are actually white. However, unlike the black community, sports is not the career of choice for nearly every single physically fit male in the white community.
          If you look at the actually open tryouts for basketball and football, you see a sea of black faces with only the occasional variation. The same holds true for college sports, where few if any blacks can make it to college without a sports scholarship, thus overwhelmingly the teams at those schools pull from the available pool, which is more and more overwhelmingly not populated with white males.
          I think many who talk about the overwhelming dominance of blacks physically simply do not understand that for most black males, sports is the ONLY way they are capable of succeeding. They are not smart enough to get a real job, nor charismatic enough to sell themselves, and thus you are more likely to see a potential white sports star choosing to make bank at a job that doesn’t destroy his body for a 5 year career.
          Ironically enough, ‘black sports dominance’ is as cultural as the myth that black men have larger penises… engorged average length among blacks and whites globally is almost identical at 15.2 cm, while in america the difference is 16 vs 16.5…(about a fifth of an inch). As well as the fact that all past and present record holders at guinness are white, for both size and er… weight.
          So basically, both sports dominance and penis size are myths perpetuated by whites. Like you said, a far cry from the supposed hatred and oppression.

        57. Blacks and Hispanics make up about the same proportion of the population Look it up.. If what you were saying is true, more than 1 quarter of the nation would be Hispanic, which is not true. Not yet anyway.

        58. Well we agree on the bottom line, though your route their is based on your own hatreds more than any logic. Some of the dumbest people on earth are the Whites in my own family. Sorry.
          And while I agree, that Blacks feel the only way is to be an athlete there are a few examples of Black men bucking that trend in the face of opposition from the morons in their own race as well as racists like you. Those are the people I respect. Real men.

        59. An exception does not a rule make.
          I will absolutely accept that a lot of the dumbest people I have ever met have been white. And yet that does not also exclude the fact that the majority of the most brilliant people I have met have been white.
          But nice try labeling any legitimate criticism as ‘hatred’. I loved the avengers, and yet I am completely willing to admit that the scene where black widow leaps and catches a rocket cycle is ridiculous in the extreme.
          Recognizing the flaws in the black community does not mean you hate them. If anything, it shows you care a lot more about the truth than political niceties.
          You label me as a ‘racist’. Not that I really give a shit, but it’s a label I can accept, if not in the spirit with which it is offered. Labels more often reflect the labler than the labelee, and you are proving yourself a true labia.

        60. There is an intelligent guy in there somewhere, and you do show admirable honesty in admitting your racism. As for me being a ‘labia’, thats false…but suit yourself. Your alright with me, even in our disagreements.

        61. I just popped that in because I was going with the ‘label’ theme. Don’t take it seriously.
          As far as I know, most racists admit that they are racist. The trouble comes when you try to convince them that it’s a BAD thing to be… Me, I think it’s a most excellent thing to be… after all, why shouldn’t the lives and fortunes of YOUR people be more important to you than the lives and fortunes of others? They have people taking care of their people, it’s not your job, and it’s not your fault if they suck at it.
          If you don’t take care of your own… especially when your own are the oppressed majority, NO ONE will take care of them for you. I am all for treating non-whites as (mostly) human, and will certainly go out of my way to help them, but when the interests of MY group is opposite the interests of THEIR group, only a total shithead would betray his own group.
          Hell, Traitors are one of the favorite forms of bad guys in almost every sort of storytelling media… and they always get their comeuppance, because we wish we could deal with traitors in real life the way they are dealt with in stories.

        62. Are you talking about one particular region of the America or the entire country? The black population of the United States is 13%. If you don’t even know that basic fact, I can’t take anything you say seriously.

        63. I know this thread is old, but its important.
          You said: “Welfare does not give enough money to make having a child justifiable just to collect that meager sum that TANF pays out.”
          OK, this is a well worn point that is basically disingenuous. Clinton, not Reagan, was the one who drastically cut Welfare. (We will save the bulk of that debate as to why, for another time).
          The seeds of the behaviour from the women in our community that we speak of here, stem from a time before the mid-90s when Welfare WAS indeed, enough motivation for the conniving, loose choices by Black women that have resulted in the zoo that is urban culture.

        64. (Again, disclaimer: I know its an old thread, but an exceedingly important). Jannik:Your explanation is one of the better ones. But you overestimate the “humane” tendencies of most Euro-Caucasians. Even toward each other.(Roman conquests, Crusades, Inquisitions, Armenian Genocide, WW1, WW2, Holocaust….time precludes me continuing the endless examples since 1945….well, Kent State….lets leave it there).

      4. “But “black culture” as we currently conceive it is not so much “conspiracy theory” as it is objective reality.  It is a system perpetuated by rich, white, limousine liberals who are happy to keep blacks poor so that they vote overwhelmingly democrat.”
        Yes goyim, ‘white’ liberals, not Jews at all. 😉

        1. just because the victim mentality is enforced in perception, doesn’t mean Black people should buy into the propaganda. Unfortunately some do seem to enjoy Victimhood too much when they do have more choices in reality.

      5. Yes, women make natural Marxists.
        The cultural Marxist incremental invasion, first mapped out by ‘The Frankfurt School’, has achieved victory. We are now in the occupation phase.
        Andrew Breitbart did a good job articulating what had happened to the West in his book: Righteous Indignation.

      6. “It is a system perpetuated by rich, white, limousine liberals who are happy to keep blacks poor so that they vote overwhelmingly democrat.”
        It’s not whites it’s Ashkenazi Jews who are doing this not Wasp’s.

        1. Most liberals are actually Catholics. They should be labelled cuck-tholics. Far worse than the Jews as far as race realism is concerned.

    5. AmRen is the genteel face of White, racial particularism. All are free to attend (including Jews, Blacks etc). Amerindians and Jews have been keynote speakers. No one who speaks there is a “neo-nazi” or a member of the KKK. Just FYI.

        1. Second that!
          Being “red pill” doesn’t really synch up with making Gawker style arguments against organizations like AmRen.

      1. Yeah, well, given as Nazi = National Socialist I rather assumed as much, heh.

        1. All White Nationalism is socialism, since their economic views are very left-wing and socialist. They just don’t admit it.

        2. Say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Toads. At least it’s an ethos.

        3. It’s good to see so many Lebowski references today, heh.

        4. Many nationalists hold economic views which are left of center. But there is nothing inherent in nationalism that entails socialism.

    6. Are you willing to welcome them to a degree that you own ethnic group wil become a minority, displaced or demographically swamped?
      This is the essence of being an ethnic nationalist, and there is no need to smear it with the Clan or NS Germany, which is really nothing more than knee jerk emotional reaction.
      You also fail to view the issue on a larger political scale. Welcoming small numbers of racially or culturally foreign people is not an issue. Large numbers is however a problem, and will change the culture and people radically in the long run.
      Viewing the problem from a strctly personal level, is exactly the mindset that has transformed the entire western World into an open borders area with a heavily diminished sense of ethnic solidarity and cohesiveness.
      If meritocracy is the only standard, then why not invite 10s of millions of educated chinese into the US? Thats called recognizing talent. And I guess its also no problem that the jews dominate finance , media and foreign policy. They are pound for pound the smartest ethnic group, so the current order must be fair.
      Your way of reasoning just comes across as extremely naive, like you have never really given the issues raised by AMREN any serious thought. For this reason its very hard to take this post seriously, despite the fact that i actually enjoy reading many of your other comments.

      1. Oh come now.
        I’m against illegal immigration entirely, and I’m only for legal immigration in the event that it actually is to the nation’s interest. Where you deduce that I’m for the hordes overrunning our culture I’m not entirely certain.

        1. That’s what legal immigration does – overruns you. Not overnight, but unless it’s stopped the result is inevitable.
          You seem like a reasonable fellow, and you’re certainly entitled to your views, but I have to the resolute refusal to support your own racial existence is mystifying.
          Surely it’s better to racially live on rather than die off, and surely it’s better to have a culture that celebrates your racial existence rather than a culture that denigrates.
          I really wonder whether if a hundred years from now, and whites somehow pull a rabbit of the hat and secure their racial existence, people will not look back and scratch their heads in wonderment at how there could ever have been a time in which what I’ve said here wasn’t as obvious as the sun.

        2. My main point is that it is a numbers game, and that meritocracy can not stand on its own as a criteria for immigration. There are millions of well qualified chinese and indians ready to migrate to the US. If they entered they would most likely drive up GDP per capita, and raise average IQ.
          So why not let them all come? What should be the reason for not letting them all in? It most certainly can not be on grounds of merit.

        3. I did mention that it would have to be in the nation’s interest as well. As in real national interest, not just some politician gets a payoff from a PAC to hire cheap labor. Displacing the existing population is hardly in the nation’s best interest in the long run, if the end result is a destruction of the system and nation.
          Nothing is a simple answer, however the internet keeps conversations rather brief. Obviously there are complexities to factor in.

        4. Yes there are complexities to factor in. Then it all comes down to what is in the nations best interest. I claim that multicultural states will create a host of problems, otherwise avoided.
          And that ultimately demography matters. Which is why AMREN is discussing some issues which are very relevant for the future of The US and Europe. This i not a simple clan rally.

        5. But they are. White americans will soon become a minority if things continue this way. There are exactly two ways to fix this, have more white babies or get rid of a bunch of colored people.

        6. The problem is whites arent buying the American dream anymore.Theres no job security, no corporate loyalty and they realize its all bullshit.They’re not procreating enough because intelligent whites like Americans and western Europeans dont believe the religious bullshit that they used to believe like have lots of kids even if you cant afford it. Immigrants from 3rd world countries still believe in the boogeyman and the good guy that’ll keep them from burning for eternity when they die. These people will work for shit pay, not make waves AND procreate and keep the stutus quo institutions going, hence open borders.

        7. Yes. We are stuck in a civilizational crisis. Philosophers like Nietzsche even prophesized more than a Century ago that the “death” of god would entail this sort of major crisis. Its a Development thats been underway for a very long time, and it only seems to be getting worse.
          But society needs religion, in one form or the other, and secular religions like liberalism, cultural marxism or human rights are totally inadequate in the long term. They simply do not fill the existential void left by abandoning the transcendent.
          The immigration crisis and the resulting colonization is a symptom of something gone wrong on a fundamental level.
          I want to reply to your interesting comment, which is a reply to a comment I made over on the RooshV forum. But in the mean time I have been banned on the forum. I suppose my comments were a little bit to candid or harsh, and it also sadly confirms my suspicion that I struck a nerve quite close to the truth. There are obviously limits to how redpill you can go, even on a selfprofessed red pill forum.

        8. “Philosophers like Nietzsche even prophesized more than a Century ago that the ‘death’ of god would entail this sort of major crisis.”
          “Its a Development thats been underway for a very long time, and it only seems to be getting worse.”
          Except for Russia.
          Russian Theater Director Fired for Offending Christians:
          Russia anti-gay sentiment rises sharply after law; teachers face brunt of “prejudice”:
          “I left the director’s office almost in hysterics. I didn’t know what to do. I HAD SO MANY CREATIVE PLANS WITH MY STUDENTS,” said Alevtina, who only gave her surname because she did not want her mother to know she was gay.
          “I’d put my soul into this work, and I also knew that I wasn’t guilty of anything.” She refused to resign and was fired for “immoral behavior incompatible with pedagogical activities”
          If you fail to remove homosexual influence then they remain free to do this.
          [Canada] Lesbian teacher: How I convince kids to accept gay ‘marriage’, starting at 4-years-old:
          Strong related that as she was reading “King and King” in the junior kindergarten class as a springboard to discuss her sexuality with the kids, she got to the part where the two princes become ‘married’ when one of the boys suddenly shouted out: “They can’t do that! They can’t get married. They’re two boys.”
          Recounted Strong: “And I said, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, they can. It’s right here on page 12.”

        9. Correct. Russia and much of Eastern europe has had a different trajectory relative to western europe and the US. Its really a crisis in the western World.

        10. I agree with that. I have a business associate that has attended AmRen and has admitted sympathies to their views. I respect him highly, mainly because he will tell you straight to your face where he stands. Plus we make each other money.

        11. A society built by Whites cannot be sustained by mud races. Curry Indians for example mostly have trouble using a toilet in their home country. Do you really think they will be the heirs of the American founding fathers like Washington and Jefferson? White countries are only kept White in culture by the GENETIC presence of their White posterity. Genetics is important. Intelligence is just merely required for cog-in-the-wheel corporate jobs. How about SHAPING a country around the American way of life as intended by Americans for 200 years?

      2. Yes, this is the kind of nationalism I support. A small number of aliens in a country do indeed enrich that culture and add some interest to things. By making the entrance barriers high for aliens (and, I would add, women, when it comes to high and public culture), you only get the occasional handful, whom destiny itself seems to choose. I understand GhostOfJefferson’s sentiment – I, too, wish to welcome men of goodwill and competence – but, it is simply an historical fact that if you welcome so many of such persons that the dominant, local culture is compromised, tensions develop despite the initial goodwill and competence. It is a nice dream, but it is a dream, so long as human nature remains fallen as it is.
        I have no problem with the occasional “minority” in high places, or sharing my neighbourhood. But, in the same way that I don’t imagine they would appreciate 30 million of the best and brightest white dudes setting up shop in their cultural space, I also would prefer that their numbers be small in my cultural space… especially since, at present, “best and brightest” does not describe the majority of immigrants.
        And besides, this comes from a real love of the variety of local cultures. When I go to France, I would like to experience French culture; in Morocco, Moroccan culture; in Munich, Bavarian culture; in London, English culture; in my town, my culture. I find “multiculturalism” very boring, because what it really means is either “no-culturalism,” or “resentment-culturalism.” It thus seems to me that the multi-culturalist is the real racist and destroyer of cultural identity.

        1. Great comment, you argued your case well . I happen to agree on all major points.

    7. Going to be extemporaneous here but I agree. However signaling that the KKK is bad seems like a pretty slippery slope when it comes down to whether one should support white nationalism if they’re white.
      NatSoc’s have dumb ideas but I dislike their ideas.
      Ultimately meritocracy seems to be more common in white cultures. Sans East Asian ones possibly (I simply don’t know). In factbthis rampant sense of fairness is used against whites to trigger outgroup altruism.
      This is something often said to libertarians: their movement is white and male because it appeals to white men way more than others. So why not advocate for that group?
      In fact, I started as a libertarian before finding HBD. I would bet that is more representative of rok than stormfront users.
      Personally, I think it would be fine if the manosphere and white nationalists stay at arm’s length and simply say, “we don’t entirely agree but we may as well not fuck each other over.”

    8. I believe the largest roadblocks to large-scale success in the black community are the victim mentality, and the huge percentage of boys raised by single mothers. The victim mentality is an excuse not to improve one’s lot in life, because it is much easier to blame “the whites” for lack of success. Single motherhood is a huge issue because, without strong masculine role models to look after, young black males will emulate low life thugs. This creates a surge in crime rate, which adds fear to the community. When the police come to solve crimes and restore order, they must face off with the thugs and low lives. If one of the bastards gets shot by the police, everyone blames the cops, which feeds into the victim mentality.

      1. I agree with most of your statement, but the police are also not benevolent do gooders who always abide by the law and are here to protect and serve every community equally. There are good cops and there are corrupt cops and at certain periods in our history whole municipalities suffered from a culture of corruption within their respective municipalities. This has impacted many communities and has greatly impacted Black, Brown or the so called Minority communities greatly. To state this obvious fact should not be denigrated and brushed aside as “victim mentality” neither. Case in point black youth who have assaulted white, black and anyone who is innocent does not generate massive protests, one got shot, (justly) and went to jail (justly) he also stated he learned from his experience and hopefully he will. However a parallel argument would be made if the black youth got AWAY with this crime because of a corrupt justice system and there has been a history of that. Then you begin to see why protests occur and at least the reasoning behind this.
        Simplistic unequal comparisons are effective in deviating from the truth.
        Notice how the conversation is ignorantly deviated to Blacks supporting “Criminals.” No one in their right mind would stand behind a true criminal, this also deviates from the fact that there has been an element of unequal representation and judgment under Law in this country pertaining to race and or class. Although I agree with most of your points I also don’t fall victim to the simplistic and generalist deviating tactics of certain Conservative Media Outlets as many do…as well as an element of Black Republicans too.

      2. Did the Jews in WW II bring it upon themselves because they saw themselves as victims? No. Their problem was the opposite: they weren’t violent enough. Same goes for the blacks in America.

        1. You dont get it. Jews do not normally resort to violence when living as minority diaspora in foreign nations. Their evolutionary strategy for dominating their host is completely different.

        2. Yeah, I disagree with that as well. You better have a damn magical plan when your numbers make up less than 10% of a given population.(Many of them mixed like myself). And I do mean a FLAWLESS plan the likes of which have rarely if ever been seen in history. Even Attila The Hun has numbers(as well as movement/element of surprise) on his side. No Blacks will never initiate a race war in the USA for that reason. No matter how tough corporate gangsta rappers talk(especially when their audience is comprised of wiggers and wayward teen girls).

        3. uhm, what now, gonna burn more cars and buildings? do African Americans realize that global news are global? whitey has limits. enough with the Jews, they butchered German civilians, children in retaliation so no worries about the “justice” part.

        4. I find it fascinating how they self-destruct especially now when the white host is the only host in history that has let them thrive due to coughs certain guilt. oh well.
          some of them seem to count on Israel being the epicenter of the world next. heh

        5. Jews butchered German civilians, children in retaliation?
          Can we have some links or pics, some referrence, to back that up?

        6. I find it fascinating how “Euro”/white “culture” would have little to nothing except warfare, hunger and disease if not for the civilising effects of the more advanced races of Northern Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Far East, for example.
          The euro/whites should thank their Jewish Jesus and his Jewish mom&dad that Attila the Hun and Suleiman the Magnificent, etc. saved their inferior genetics from the waste bin of history.
          Unfortunately for euro/whites, Jews avoided mixing (voluntarily, rape doesn’t count) their superior metagenetics with bleached-mud races such as euroscum.

        7. When you consider that the leaders of the revolution of 1918 were entirely jewish, that the leaders of the Bavarian social republic were majority jewish, that those who ran the banks were jewish, those who tried to pervert the culture through books, university and cabaret were jewish, that the Soviet Union which was influenced by jewish thought and had many Jews in key positions was only kept from Germany by weak little Poland, you will start to understand why there was a general state of animosity against the Jews in Germany.

        8. Suleiman? Attila? all dead, and dealt with. Jesus was killed by his own ilk, if he existed. Not my problem. Jews sure do love them shikasas though. Continue drooling in your fictional dreamlands. Yeah I don’t consider third world hellholes advanced. still can’t seem to live without them white folks. Sadness, will you ever get off of our tit?

        9. Lady, with your whitenesses’ below-sustainable lack of reproduction, you fleas, crablice and maggots should be off the more colourful humans’ ballsacks in 50 years or less.
          Salvation can be had at the business end of darkmen privates.

        10. Do an experiment: put bleach in mud, look what colour it turns.
          Then try to get something to grow in it.
          Then eat some of it.
          Eurowhitey history is on the fade to black.

        11. Thanks, schweinkunt, the only prob is that they (Jews in the book) came up about 5,800,000 bleachedmuds short of ‘an eye for an eye”.

        12. I know, they’re still incompetent. also it was around three million. Stop counting Slavs as Jews, morons.

        13. Unbleached humanity is increasing, whitemuds are genociding themselves through willful and congenital lack of fertility – check the stats for male sperm viability amongst the paler, pastier races of the British Isles for a good example.
          Yet the most suppressed, feral full human with darker skin is liable to produce tens of offspring from a similar number of females, many times of other races.
          Who’s winning the survival game, doughboy?

        14. Quantity == quality. Ancient aryan prophecies predicted the modern world and all its degeneracy when histories were still passed down through word of mouth. Know what else they predicted? That whites would reawaken and genocide you feral demons of the earth

        15. and those tens of offspring kill each other with their pants around their knees. Dawg, yawn, we’ve all seen that scenario every day of the week. much plot twist. oh my!

        16. Unfortunately the ‘pure white’ is soon to be no longer, merely by being outsmarted by Asians and Jews, outflanked and overpowered by dedicated Moslems, put out of business by Chinese, put out of even menial labour by Hispanics, outbred and reduced by Africans and everybody else ‘non-white’.
          And there aren’t enough Mormons in Utah to save the bleachedmud races from self-extinction, especially as the sexual proclivities of pale whitemudspouse wenches tend more and more to darker meats and the male whitemuds have growing cravings for spicier creampies – BBcreampies, Muffy?

        17. And Africa has about a billion in reserve, Moslems another billion, India/Pakistan another billion, China close to 2 billion, South America, Orthodox Jews avg 5+ kids each (and tend to stay married), etc., poor finished whitemuds.

        18. ever heard of… Ebola, AIDS, ISIS, Boko Haram, Lord’s Resistance Army, high infant mortality, poor hygiene, gang violence, caste system, tribal scuffs, one child policy that fucked up Chinese demographics, inter-ethnic conflicts, Hamas, starvation, corruption in India etc??? yeah, dream on. It’s the quality not the quantity by the way. Logistics my friend, logistics. Try harder.

        19. I did but I faked not laughing so we won’t end up with a lovechild of many colours.

        20. We don’t have to try harder, pasty degenerates like Gill Bates and Wanda Degenerate have to try harder, their social engineering and biowarfare can’t squash naturally coloured humanity faster than whitemud is going down the drain.

        21. But most of the ethnic groups you mentioned also have a low opinion in general of black folks.
          Do you know what word the jews use to call blacks?

        22. All of those ethnic groups aren’t involved in trying to genocide the ‘black folks’.
          I can guess the word you’re looking for would translate literally as, “Black” (the colour).

        23. “I can guess the word you’re looking for would translate literally as, “Black” (the colour).”
          Wrong chief.
          “Shvartze or Shvartza is a slang Yiddish word, which refers to roudy African Americans, who are usually from the Ghettos.”
          “All of those ethnic groups aren’t involved in trying to genocide the ‘black folks’.”
          Please include other ethnic groups that are trying to genocide blacks in your honest appraisal. You can start with other blacks…i mean unbleached.

        24. I actually agree with you.
          I don’t understand why the Europeans are basically suiciding themselves in the modern era.

        25. You understood my point exactly.
          Let’s suppose every nasty whitey-firster was correct, they’re doing one hell of a job failing to:
          -Lower ‘inferior’ populations
          -Combat the ‘barbarians’
          -Stay masculine/feminine
          -Successfully reproduce
          And you, brother Kent, if I recall correctly are a swarthy, greasy wop dago guido mafioso Italian. Of the same nation that plagued the world with the likes of Da Vinchi, Galileo, Ferme, Marconi, Father Guido Sarducci and Don Corleone, and Rudolpho Guliani, etc.

        26. Wrong, analinguist, Shvartz (Schwartz) means literally, “black” colour, in both German and Yiddish.
          There are Jews named Schwartz, Germans/Austrians named Schwatzennegger, and even a US General named Schwartzkopf.
          So stop the BS bad translations invented by some inbred whitemud to impress his sister and get rewarded with another incestuous pink humanoid piglet on a lonely Saturday night in some bastion of ‘whiteness’.

        27. Grazie signore I appreciate the shout-out 🙂
          I might be paraphrasing you here, but I think Europeans are actually trying to roll with this “equality” and “white-guilt” bs that is making it impossible for their families to survive.
          Asians are too busy to take this stuff seriously… Muslims think we’re retarded beyond belief… Blacks have their own thing going on… and Russians don’t want us to complicate their shit.
          If the Europeans don’t get their shit together the rest of the world is going to sit back and enjoy the show.

        28. The sexual tension between these two is melting the internet! Someone get a hose!

        29. Yeah, the majority of white women still like white men. Fat, ugly white girls seems to like you though. You wouldnt know an attractive white woman if she sprayed mace in your face

        30. Yes. And ethnic networking . Its really a combination of ethnocentrism and raw intelligence. Especially verbal intelligence.

        31. That will remain a pipe dream. Most likely Israel will only become the epicenter of violent conflict for the remainder of this Century.

        32. Shvartze is just spelling it the way it sounds.
          For example, some dork wants to argue that the word “Peanuss” is a secret code word of the Aryan Nobility for their tiny, hardly potent yet very infertile little reproductive appendage (whilst being baffled at how all the dry, pasty pudenda of their pearly white maidens seem to be getting looser all the time, making certain members crave the life of clergy for its access to pederasty).
          A “peanuss” is a penis, unless it’s hanging betwixt the legs of an Aryan – then it’s possible it’s a peanut.

        33. The majority of any women like masculine men.
          Fat ugly women don’t even like themselves, obviously, so that point is moot.
          The dearth of “attractive” white women, these days, has nothing to do with how they look – it has to do with how they’ve been ruined by white menginae, like you, perhaps.

        34. The verbal intelligence is noteworthy), but symbolic/spacial/math intelligence is also well noted, just depends on what area is more valuable at any given time.

        35. Yes offcourse its very useful if you want to go into say finance and banking. My point is that jews are especially selected for verbal intelligence, they are the mirror image of East asians. Just with a higher average level of intelligence.
          I cant remember which psychometrician has put forth this hypothesis, but I will try to look into it.

        36. so sorry about the vaccinations, clearly you all just want to die of treatable diseases.

        37. No cure for genetic inferiority and unfitness of inbred pale defectives, they don’t make a shot for that – unless you count the copper-jacketed lead kind of shots.
          It’s blindfold and cigarette time for whitey, and he did it all to himself.

        38. Keep dodging the fact that negroes go for the two ton fatties while even ugly white men get 10s

        39. Funny that you side with jewish interests on this matter while israel…an apartheid state deports africans back to africa. So keep your head in the sand like a good little boy.
          BTW, i’ve known several jewish people who call blacks “schvartz” all the time and it is most definitely a derogatory term you obtuse moron.
          Maybe a jewish record producer can create a nifty jingle and you can do a tribal dance to it!
          Not to mention all the prominent jewish slavers during the slave trade.
          Books….they are more than just toilet paper you know.

        40. WTF does defining what a word means have to do with ‘siding with’ any interests?
          Example: I know plenty of WASP morons who use the word ‘Negro’ – while they write a check to the United Negro College Fund (“a mind is a terrible thing to waste!)”, BFD.
          Plenty of countries deport illegals, especially when they come from hostile countries – colour has nothing to do with it. In this case, you fail to mention the tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews (black and comely, dumbass) Israel has brought there.
          The whole point is actions of the majority – and Whitey loses hands down historically and currently.
          Now get back to pumpin’ and dumpin’ the pigsluts you whities seem so good at producing, while us more pigmented humans fix the world you all fucked up.

        41. It’s obvious to see that your vitriol is directed solely towards white/non jewish peoples…despite what facts there may be regarding other groups racial sentiments towards negroids at large. Also despite the fact that blacks at large enjoy more freedoms, amenities, technology and education in white dominant countries.
          This colors your commentary not only with blanket insults but an ignorant bias commonly seen among your brothas. Also you try and lump everyone together who is non-white to artificially swell your numbers but like I pointed out even most other non white groups have low opinions and animosity towards blacks.
          So good luck with that.

        42. Yes, but it’s a German word being spoken from a Hebrew mouth, is the point he was making. But I agree with you, there’s a lot of sensitivity over words like “Paki” or “negro” and “wetback”, when all they mean are (1) abbreviation of Pakistani, (2) black and (3) swam across the Rio Grande. “Honky” is a lot worse, as it implies “smelly” or “big nosed”. “Wap” and “greaseball” are kind of inflammatory, and so on and so on

        43. Your fantasy runs into quite a wake up call when super ugly rappers have multiple White model actresses chasing them. I live in LA and I saw it in London with the retard Soccer players.

        44. Hypocrisy is the “Obvious” in ‘CaptainObvious’. You can dish it out but can’t take it, eh? You’ve spent the entire thread insulting Blacks!?
          Pussy move.

        45. I don’t say this to brag…I really don’t want it to come off that way, but Jewish women have chased me most of my life. I fucked one last night, because she’s my current girlfriend. So that really pokes a hole(jeez…)in your “average intelligence” theory. What on earth is so intelligent about a privileged girl throwing herself at a middle class Black man? Please give me your oh so pithy theory….

        46. Weak comeback. It just proves that money/fame factor into the quality and quantity of women available for ANY man.

        47. That was certainly not the implication of the man’s comments I was responding to before you

        48. You just summed up the bottom line: “German word…spoken from a Hebrew mouth”. Next thing you know, it’ll be a German mouth sukkin’ on a “Hebrew National” sausage…

        49. I spent a few comments trying to ask you a simple question in regards to one of your comments and you still pussyfoot around it.
          “You can dish it out but can’t take it, eh?” And what exactly is there for me to “take”? Do you not have the critical reasoning ability to see the insults where being slung my way by the other guy?
          Wait…don’t answer that. I’m done trying to have a cogent, logical debate with you both as it is a fool’s errand. Facts, logic, history, whatever takes a backseat in your minds when your all butthurt about the idea that whitey is RAYYYCISSSS.
          In closing. Go fuck yourself.

        50. Whites bringing blacks slaves with them around the world has been a good thing for blacks from an evolutionary perspective. This artificial selection on the part of whites has increased the black populations by orders of magnitude.
          Not to mention the billions of dollars of food and medical aid that white nations have sent to Africa over the years. Had neither of these occured, the black negoid race would probably be almost extinct by now.
          (Although technically, ‘pure’ negroids are pretty much extinct, being most blacks today are mixed with caucasian admixture, even the bush men and pygmies are.)

        51. What on earth is taking you so long? Whites have long controlled the entire known world.

        52. Jesus was a pussy, White men need someone like HITLER to stand up and fight against our enemies (blacks, muslims, wetbaks, chongmonkeys, flips, etc.)

      3. The biggest roadblock to blacks becoming Aryans is that they are not us. They cannot be made into what we are. Let’s stop trying to make them and just see them for what they are. They do not even think the same way we do about the nature of the world

      4. Single motherhood, double parenthood, doesn’t matter. Blacks will be less successful than Whites, because blacks don’t have the brains and skills of Whites. They have bigger genitalia and physical strength, but Rome wasn’t built with genitalia.

    9. A case by case sorting is not a realistic way to fix things. Assuming we even want things to improve? The statistics are clear, removing blacks would be of benefit. After that we can then consider if it is worth letting blacks who are able and willing to prove themselves back in.
      You are preaching ideology. Yes, it would be nice if everyone could be recognized and judged according to merit. But that is not how the world works. We can go with an imperfect method that works, or keep things like they are.

    10. We fuck up today. Nobody wants to pay citizens to pick crops, so we import cheap labor so fruits and veggies are “cheap” because “no American wants to do that” work. Well, no shit Sherlock. You pay that little and who would want to do that work other than migrants?
      I see every race as having two distinct groups of people: people who work and trash that doesn’t. I don’t care if someone is digging a ditch, if they work hard and conscientiously, they deserve a measure of respect.
      Another note, there’s a UU church near me with a “Black lives matter” sign. Really it should just be “All lives matter” because that’s the truth. It is not an exclusionary statement. It’s a simple statement that it doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, or pink with yellow polka dots: your life matters.

    11. As a black man I agree 100%.
      As Chris Rock said, “I love black people but I hate niggaz”.

      1. Yep. Rock, I suspect, would disagree with most of us on politics, but he’s spot on regarding culture and women, or at least used to be, haven’t heard him in a while. If he isn’t actively reading the manosphere, then he’s one of the philosophers that helped establish it in pop culture.

    12. One of the nicest guys I’ve ever met immigrated from Nigeria. He talked about the racial issues he experienced since he moved to the USA decades ago, but still loves this country more than any other person I’ve ever met. He knew what his other option was.

    13. “I make no apologies for walking across the street or loosening the retention on my holster when I see a gaggle of black teens with pants around their legs approaching me.” that sounds like it was stolen from a homo erotica novel. lol

      1. Fags loosen the retention on their sidearm holsters?
        I had no idea, I’m not acquainted with gay literature, so I’ll have to take your word on it.

    14. I agree. Hatred does is not becoming of glory.
      I am proud to be a White man, and my diverse heritage. I’m proud of the English, the Irish, the French, the Sottish, the Austrian, and yes, the not white Ojibwe and Lakota Sioux (I tan well)
      The shame that is imposed upon us for being white is disgusting. How does it make sense for a white man to be ashamed of what his culture has created, cultivated, and spawned over thousands of years of (comparatively) extremely impressive ingenuity and stoicism?
      That said, there is defiantly a place for ALL men of any race to show the ability to become a man of honour and integrity. My Asian buddy is one of the most honest, intelligent men i know. My black friend is industrious and resilient to the pitfalls of money, with incredible foresight.
      We are not made to be ashamed of being white, (we don’t choose where we come from) but we should be ashamed of spinelessness, empty vanity, gluttony, sloth, so on and so forth. The same goes for any race.
      All in all…. I’m a proud white guy, and proud of what and who I am regardless of what the Liberal, politically correct, doublethink forces will dictate I should think.

      1. Right on man, we’re both on the same team.

    15. “The odds of that happening for the Asian are pretty high, and for the Black pretty low, given statistics, but I won’t vette out anybody of strength, character and ability simply because of his ethnicity”.
      I work/worked with both regularly. Africans are clearly genetic duds. While Asians are merely replicators. Both monkey-see-monkey-do; one monkey seeing and doing a little better than the other.
      We’ve allowed those same monkeys (cultural Marxists) to occupy our government and our HR departments. They will see to it that Western Civilization does not end well. They do not possess any of your altruistic traits. They see, they take.
      No nuance.
      The United States created the greatest civilization ever, peaking in the 1950s and 1960s, because it was nearly 90% European before and during. That wasn’t a coincidence. The next great civilization will need the same ingredients.
      Europeans and European-Americans ARE Western Civilization.

    16. You also need to recognize, my Anglo-Saxon friend, that we are entitled to our own living space, our own culture, our own genotype, our racial heritage, our own nations, which are really an extended family of people who share a common ancestry, blood and genetics. Let exceptional, Asians, Blacks (as numerically small as they are) and other non-Europeans be exceptional in their own lands.
      I’m also no admirer of the Nazis. They destroyed the flower of Aryan youth on a mass scale in Europe, just what Rothschild wanted. You can never win a war with strategic decisions being made by a corporal.
      Your German – Danish cousin.

      1. I actually get what you’re saying man. Honestly, I do. My only concern is the few who truly excel and are stuck in stone age societies. In our world, those who excelled were persecuted, but their works were eventually found to be good and we adapted, our culture has that built in, a respect for good ideas and an ability to adapt like no other. Africa stands as a testament to the horror of exactly the opposite. The torture a Tomas Sowell or Frederick Douglas would endure in the climate of sub Saharan Africa would be intense, and my heart as a man and Christian goes out to them, in that case. Everybody else, not so much.
        Asians I don’t mind, but in regulated numbers, with full regard to utility. If you’re a wiz bang top notch dude who is good at marketing, gtfo. But if you’re the top rocket man from Japan and your research is recognized and you defect here, that’s ok in my view.
        My ideal INS system would be very, very restrictive for everybody and anybody. Not that anybody has asked me.
        Agree that the Nazis did exactly the opposite of their intended “racial superiority” goal, even taking out the Jew issue altogether. Schnicklegruber was an utterly incompetent little insecure twit who was likely a faggot or close enough to make the differences trivial. Never trust the leadership of your nation to an effeminate, frail, one balled failed artist and low ranking enlisted man no matter your ideology, heh.

        1. Agreed, we need more engineers, physicists and researchers, not more toll booth attendants and floor scrubber operators. Though a toll booth attendant here makes $16/hr they’re all middle eastern/pak or mestizo. No light cauc Spanish, just the indian. Some skewed selection going on here. Actually the working white middle class seems like it’s being slated to be mothballed and scrapped. The white collar boardrooms remain white but the workers and being re bred for their specific roles, and their racial composite is being utilized to the max. We’re evolving beyond a cast system into a geno-racial hive. No room for white average joe’s in the hive anymore.
          The toll booth operators – local teens should be given these ‘foot in the door’ jobs because they’re nothing but high paying KID’S JOBS. Still they’re not the kind of job that some Sikh with five kids can support a family on without assistance, but their entire families are set up cart blanche. And the local home grown kids here look for jobs, some living at home with their parents into their 20’s, some scraping their way through community college and others giving up, smoking dope and eating frozen pizzas from their parents fridge and living in the basement well into their 20’s. It’s an all around tradgedy. And this ain’t the hood either, but one of the most affluent areas of the country.
          The youth wasted and replaced. Out with the old and in with the new. It is a controlled demolition of our society and way of life. Just like taking a wrecking ball and smashing down a row of fine old victorian homes and building a strip mall with the Domino’s pizza, a porn shop and a packy mart, our heritage is being bulldozed one block at a time.
          The agencies involved in importing the foreign labor force and guaranteeing them government gravy jobs is elusive at best. I doubt 1% of the people are aware of the names and titles of the individuals responsible for the re stacking of government positions with fresh off the boat foreigners while abandoning the apple pie natives. The sum boogers are as secretive and elusive as judges, the CPS and Elvis.
          I agree we need more scientists, although most colored foreign MD Doctors tend to be the pharma pushing type who won’t hesitate to call the socialist worker wogs if your kids aren’t vaccinated. They come from shit hole places with dirt roads and tend to be conditioned to follow any tyrannical crack rule out of fear. A distinguished silver haired Swiss doctor with an accent likely won’t blindly push the pharma and probably knows a little chiropracty on the side and is good for a gun chat, but you don’t see too many like that these days.

        2. Well, we are far past just letting a few exceptional scientists from Asia into European lands. We are the target of nothing less than genocide. I don’t need to go into the ridiculous false social constructs of “racism” and “diversity” you know quite well the double standards and hypocrisy of that. The Saturday people are not going to allow us anything. Our people have been so brainwashed that before you can get them to fight for their survival you have to get them to acknowledge they have a right to exist as a race and a people. Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard tried to warn us of what the Tribe had in store for us 80 years ago.
          Before we can even address the invaders and deal with them appropriately we first have to destroy feminism. Feminism has disrupted our breeding. It has spoiled whole generations of women and mothers. We can’t deal with the invasion until we address the enemy in our homes. The Jews and their money-men and their media – masters are all in. They understand the stakes. Our average citizen be he a physicist or a factory worker is clueless. So well have they done their work.

    17. Well to each their own but I’m tribal and even if the White individual is not intelligent or can’t amount to anything is of no importance because that person is one of my own. The nice Asian or even delightful charming negro are not my kind. The trend for individualism and Meritocratic thought is actually useless in the end because Whites are the only ones who are willing to pursue it. Others talk about it but only as a tool to distract people like you.
      The way you’re speaking is good because you’re giving advance warning that you’ll never be your brothers keeper, so when the shit hits the fan we’ll know who not to depend on when the open conflicts start.

  2. I get you guys are upset about whatever civilization collapsing. I was a WN before, but no longer am. Why?
    Embracing white nationalism is just trying to reach out and bring some kind of order to a world that is naturally chaotic. It’s a fairly normal reaction to do so.
    But you really think living in an all white world is going to solve your problems? All white schools show the sexual hierarchy the way it really is, with jock Chads at the top and beta whites at the bottom. That’s how it is in the natural world and if it’s all white this won’t change. White women are animals just as all human beings are.
    There is little point in trying to save a world governed by lawless, amoral nature. Instead of trying to surround yourself with people on the basis of skin color when they might as well stab you in the back like white women, just surround yourself with decent folk. You’ll be happier that way.
    Want to make a change? Start researching genetic engineering to turn humans into superhumans and stop pretending that Idris Elba or Godfrey Gao are somehow worth less than a random white balding incel on the street. The vast majority of human beings of all races are: A) ugly B) stupid C) useless. That’s the real redpill folks.

      1. you do realize that some of these neo WN are popping up due to MSM aggravating it intentionally, right?

      2. Well, brushing your teeth only “solves a minor part of the problem” but you still do it.

        1. Minor as in not the majority of the problem. Not a minor problem, but a minor part of the larger problem.
          The majority of the problem has to do with a general conflict between our nature and the structure of our society. To wit, white women seem to be capable of some perfectly reprehensible behavior.

        2. I beg to differ. The White population in the US is headed for minority status within this Century. With the demographic shifts underway, race, culture, politics, you name it, will radically change.
          Demography is destiny, and the US behemoth will not be able to dodge this iron law of history. There is no american exceptionalism.

        3. Yes. White nationalism is a necessary but not a sufficient solution. Multiculturalism and mass immigration are symptoms of something gone wrong on a more fundamental level.

    1. “But you really think living in an all white world is going to solve your problems? ”
      No. Only the most stupid or naive people, confusing nationalism with utopia, have ever claimed this. However all the distinct problems associated with ethnic diversity will go away. You are setting up a strawman.
      You dont seem to understand that White civilization is threatened on a very fundamental level, and that the US and the EU is sleepwalking into a very troublesome future.
      If you think diversity is fine at the moment, just wait until the US becomes majority hispanic, or the EU acquires substantial african and muslim minorities. There will be a real threat of mass scale violence, or just a significant reduction in the quality of life.
      This is a question of security and demographic survival.
      That you stopped caring is your problem. Just dont kid yourself into believing that nihilism or misanthropy will solve anything.

      1. “However all the distinct problems associated with ethnic diversity will go away.”
        This will be replaced with what exactly?
        There are no static places in the world that resist the laws of nature.
        You’re in denial.

        1. It will be replaced with nothing. All the social problems that are not associated with diversity will remain. Such is life.
          I am not denying anything.

  3. Interesting how white nationalism and black nationalism hold such different connotations (in popular culture).

    1. Its because as a rule the blacks have embraced victim mentality as part of their culture. Whereas whites have not. Men like Booker T Washington attempted valiantly to change that about his culture – but unfortunately was elbowed out of the way by men like Dubois.

      1. That Frederick Douglas and Booker T Washington would have succeeded. Great men.

        1. They were great men. Things would have been much different and harmonious between the races – had these men prevailed.

      2. The same thing happened in South Africa. Men like King Buthelezi and The IFP – who stressed social conservatism, free market principles, pro-business and pro-self-sufficiency – didn’t win. Instead it was Mandela and his ANC. Why is this? Because of a certain tribe that was in the background, both in SA and The USA.

  4. I’m all for diversity as long as the people assimilate to the culture of the land. Don’t come to a new country and try to force the shitty culture that you escaped from onto your new neighbors. If that’s how you want to live, then stay there.

    1. That’s my view of Hispanics. The ones that assimilate also bring the best parts of their culture to the melting pot. For example, men are desperately in need of a bit more machismo and macho attitude so I welcome that influence, plus their food is fan-fucking-tastic. But the ones who have been here for like 5 years and don’t know a lick of English? Get the fuck out, Juan, you clearly have no interest in assimilating.
      I only pick out Hispanics because they’re the only group that I see in real life where I can find individuals who have been here for years who have zero grasp of English.

      1. I am Hispanic and share the same sentiment regarding the lack of willing to assimilate. This is my problem I have with the Latino community.
        Side bar: My background is Nicaraguan. You should try our food whenever you have the chance. you’ll love it!

        1. Actually I spent some “quality time” in Honduras near the Nicaraguan border, once upon a time. If the food is the same or very close, I endorse your recommendation!

        2. Gallo Pinto is very good but Caribbean Latin food is more seasoned and ranks near the top in my opinion (Caribbean food in general is very good.) Mexican food tends to be Hot and spicy. Argentinian food surprised me with their steaks.

        3. You are only scratching the surface with gallo pinto, bro. try a Fritanga!
          Argentinian steaks are pretty damn good.

        4. Fritanga es sabroso, pero nada es mejor que un pernil con arroz blanco y habichuela/frijoles negras. Pero me gusta comer comida thai y America der sur como Barbacoa.

        5. Es mi primer lengua jajaja. English is one of the hardest languages, Spanish is very straightforward. Nicaraguan people are very good, I have friends belonging to that community. Their cadence in their spoken Spanish is accentuated differently than mine.

        6. Spanish is technically my first language but after I arrived in the U.S. I quickly learned English. English quickly became my primary language.

        7. “some “quality time” in Honduras near the Nicaraguan border, once upon a time.”
          You’re giving me flashbacks, brother – different part of the world, different border – but still somehow the same.

        8. Yes it is better to learn the native tongue of the country you move to as quickly as possible.

        9. Comrades in arms isn’t just a quaint saying.

        1. I just re-watched The Big Lebowski last night, so when I read your graphic I was immediately hit with “Nobody fucks with The Jesus!” heh Fun movie.

      2. You think Ellis Island schmaltz is bad? Just wait another generation or two for the “Grandpa lived in the shadows” campaign boilerplate.

      3. My friends father came here from puerto rico over 30 years ago, he speaks very little english. Even his fucking kids are embarrassed by him.

      4. People are simple minded and think that assimilation means giving up any cultural remnants. I’m in a place with a huge Native American population who has only had exposure to white culture for about 100 years. I’ve met some people who have embraced white capitalism while maintaining their strong subsistence native roots and are killing it in life. Then there is that large other portion who think it is an either/or choice and fight white culture (or selectively/hypocritically embracing it) which leads to bunch of social problems.

      5. You still believe nonsense like “the melting pot”? If so, you are more blue pill than I suspected.

        1. Sure, because that has to do with picking up women. Makes perfect sense dude.
          I don’t care what it’s called, my goal is either to get them to assimilate, or get their arse shipped back to their nation of origin. That simple.

        2. And where do you send the natives??? YOU are teh immigrant who needs to assimilate. Get yourself some buckskins and a bow and arrow learn a native language and follow your own ridiculous philosophy! How does it feel to be a useless immigrant? Go home whitey!

        3. I think GoJ has mentioned his buckskins and weaponry carried openly, he’s an American Savage with a mechanised steed.

      6. That’s my view of Hispanics. The ones that assimilate also bring the best parts of their culture to the melting pot.

        Thank God we have a political mechanism for weeding out the ones who don’t then!
        Er.. hang on…

    2. This is the problem I have with my Latin American people. Some are unwilling to assimilate.

    3. have you been to Sweden lately? How about London? pfft. Assimilation is racist you Styrofoam faced cracka’.

    4. It’s funny how they a want to come over here for a better life. But then want to change things to be exactly as they we’re back home. Still haven’t figured that one out…
      they turn the places they flee to into the shitholes that they came from

      1. This observed pattern should be reason enough in itself to restrict immigration severely.

      2. That is not a nice way to talk about the European settlers who came to America.

        1. The original European settlers created societies that suited them just fine. That’s the point. Immigrant hordes flooding in today do not create societies that suit Europeans just fine. Quite the bloody contrary. Not that anti-whites like you care, of course, but those are the facts.

        2. stone age Europeans were the first to set foot on North American soil. you were saying?

    5. Whites are demographically destined to be a minority in the USA in our lifetimes. Most kids born in the US in 2015 will be non-white. And it’s not just race, but the culture, IQ, family structure, voting patterns and other things.
      What we are getting now is not “diversity”. Rather it’s replacing one population with another set of populations. And frankly the population that is doing the replacing has predominately third-world type behaviors associated with it.
      And the same thing is happening in every white majority country in the world. The MSM and the SJWs tell us a good thing. But ask them to name one example throughout history where a native population lost it’s majority status and it turned out good for that population. They can’t.

      1. Several diversity enthusiasts on this site have a very hard time comprehending these basic facts. Thinking that everything will be fine and dandy once race-replacement has gone full retard.

        1. oh come now, we all know how great minorities in countries of color have it… OH WAIT.

      2. Whites are demographically destined to be a minority in the USA in our lifetimes.

        Minorityhood is only a milestone along the road to complete white non-existence. That’s really the issue here. I’m sure you understand this, but sometimes I tire of playing the anti-whites’ “whites will soon be a minority” shell game – as if the demographic balance would just be magically frozen in place the moment whites become a minority. The sad, harsh, depressing reality is that whites will dwindle from a minority to a tiny minority to effective extinction even more rapidly than they went from a majority to a minority. And that is what the anti-white system devoutly wishes for – and what, alas, it is achieving.

        1. From that perspective every group has historically been a minority as measured against the rest of the world. Whites in those days, however, were in firm political and demographic control of their own territories – assuredly not what the coming domestic minorityhood promises. Whites aren’t just going to be a minority; whites are going to be despised, persecuted, put-upon minority that will be blamed for so-called “minorities’” ills for as long as a white heart beats anywhere on the planet.
          That said, you’re entitled to your values, but I don’t believe the value of embracing one’s racial identity and supporting one’s racial interests derives from the ability “kick ass” that it supposedly provides you with. I the r-word didn’t freak out the mindless masses so much I’d be quite content to describe my political program as “better living through racism.” That’s the real promise of racial identity in my view: a better life.

        2. I was being facetious. Then again, like Sarcasm, it doesn’t communicate well through a computer screen.
          But my overriding philosophy is, “Breed the best, smartest children you can, and hang onto your culture.” often that means white women…. but if the best you can find are asians, then tag that… but don’t let the bitch change your culture. MEN are the carriers of culture, not women. They must bend. Just like a black guy that marries a white girl raises the kids with ‘black’ cultural values.
          The culture war has always and will always be fought by men. Women are, at best, simply pawns in the game.

        3. Oh, we won little bighorn, we just lost that battle.
          Our unwillingness to ‘win’ in afghanistan, vietnam, and Iraq are at fault. Not our ABILITY to win them.

        4. Let’s not forget that many soldiers that were black and Latino died in these wars as well.

    6. This implies that all western nations should enforce quite strict immigration Laws. Being very selective about who they let into their country.
      The fact is that immigration policies are quite relaxed in the US and in many countries in the EU. The US even lets hordes of mexicans cross the border illegally, and then grant them amnesty later on.
      The immigration policies in the West, based on “human rights” and multiculturalism, are broken. This is the plain fact.

        1. Exactly! When I speak to Mexicans who spew this open border nonsense I hit them with Mexico’s strict immigration laws. They treat immigrants from other Latin American countries like garbage.

        2. I believe México protects it’s borders with barbed wire and machine gun mounts.

    7. Are you speaking on behalf of the Native Americans? I can assure you, there are lots of First Nations people in Canada who share your views!

  5. I know speaking up now is going to make myself a target, but somebody should step forward and provide an outside perspective to this article who is, by definition of the word, African American.
    Let me start by saying that I have a great respect for many of the contributing authors and for much of the knowledge that is congregated here on RoK and in other repositories (such as the Roosh forums, The Rational Male, MGTOW, etc).
    However, many of the opinions and ideas expressed by the comments and some of the authors here when it comes to race are blatantly ignorant, bigoted, and offensive for a variety of reasons, many of which are based upon negative racial stereotypes or experiences, which I can ultimately forgive because that is the version of reality that many people have, though unfortunate, but I am unable to change that. I am not the person to argue the validity of other people’s experiences, (that is inappropriate and disrespectful); if those situations are what they say have happened to them and that is now how they feel, I can respect that.
    I do agree that yes, every race should be proud of who they are and where they came from, but I also strongly believe that every race, down to an individual level, should be able to celebrate their commonalities yet still be respectful of their differences and be able to acknowledge them respectfully. This is where I see alot of Red Pill -centric areas on the internet fail miserably.
    Time and again I wish I could speak freely about the negativity that Red Pill Men often have when discussing race or race issues, and 9/10 times it devolves into a debate about statistics or men claiming superiority of one race over another. There is a fine line between being racially aware / race conscious, and being racist, and ‘Neomasculine’ zones on the Internet oftentimes do not tread on the correct side of that line.
    I would like to move on to say this: Almost every culture on this planet is Racist. This is a fact of the reality we all live in. Asian cultures are notoriously xenophobic, as are many South American cultures, Black Cultures, and White Cultures. I feel it is everyone’s responsibility to be able to decide for themselves what parts of their culture and how much of their culture they would like to internalize as part of their identity. Taking on the racist parts of any culture is a conscious choice, whether intentional or not.
    I would like to see from everybody here more racial openness and a willingness to be accepting of other minorities, because there are a great many generalizations that occur here which are detrimentally harmful to the expansion of the Manosphere. By being so xenophobic here, many of the kinds of Men that would be able to provide quality information and sound opinions would be reluctant to participate due to these stereotypes many users here perpetuate because of their ‘minority’ status.
    Finally, I would like to sincerely say Thank You, once again to the community at large here for providing such a variety of articles on a plethora of subjects, and Thank You for those who are tolerant and accepting of others.

  6. White Nationalism is just a goddess cult, because it is full of the biggest whiteknights around.
    It should really be called WhiteKnight Nationalism.
    Plus, there is no bigger sausage-fest than WN.

    1. WNs are the first ones to call out the sluts fucking around with degenerate ghetto criminals and other low lives. Ultimately WN is about traditionalism, which means building community and family. It usually also entails patriarchy, which is the opposite of WKism.
      You are right about one thing however, WN is mostly a sausage fest in the US at least, in Europe the pattern is some what different. But is far as I have observed MGTOW is an even bigger sausage fest. Even ROK is pretty much a sausage fest.
      So what exactly is your point?

  7. Anyone who thinks White nationalism and Game are complementary, is an idiot.
    No one has benefited more from Game, than colored men aiming to bed white women. Game in general, and Roosh in particular, have helped thousands and thousands of Black, Hispanic, and Indian men bed white chicks.
    Oh, and Roosh is not white. A Muslim Iranian is cycling through dozens upon dozens of your precious white chicks. Whatchagonna do now?

      1. Good. Just know that the same white chicks bedded a colored guy at some earlier date.
        The point is, WN and Game are not compatible at all, as Roosh has correctly pointed out.
        Plus, any real Game guy is glad when ANY man uses Game to aim higher with women, and succeeds on the strength of his Game. True mastery of Game includes being happy for another man excelling at Game, even if that man is colored.

        1. The only thing Roosh has pointed out is that he will go against any ideology which threatens his cosmopolitan playboy lifestyle on a very personal level.
          For this reason, in addition to his strawman littered analysis, his judgement severely lacks credibility.

        2. I wish Roosh all the luck in the world, but still hope to reinstitute a culture that will hang him at first opportunity.

        3. The only important thing about copulation is reproduction. Fuck all the women you like, people who are concerned with White interests take a slightly longer view.

        4. ‘white interests’ and ‘fucking white girls’ are two extremely different concepts.
          I am interested in genetic supremacy, not purity. Races became the best because they killed other races and stole their women. Not because of their ‘purity’.

        5. Which women did the anglo-saxons “steal” on their way to becoming the dominant ethnic group on the planet in the past? Which women did the Jews steal on their path to being the dominant ethnic group in America today?

        6. I didn’t mention “purity”, you did. Stop arguing with yourself, Brigadon. 🙂

        7. Oooh, do I really need to go into the depradations of the Saxons and the angles, or the interbreeding of the viking raiders?
          The Jews are a special case. They always have been. Their methodology is that of a slave race, moving into a structure and twisting it into their own desires. This methodology is unnatural, and ALWAYS ends with the Jews in question being forced to move or wind up getting exterminated.
          Jews have a long history of parasitic infestation ending in failure. The ones that have ‘integrated’ generally breed successfully into the dominant strain (I bet most whites have a trace of jew somewhere) but the Jewish ‘purists’ keep to the same old plan. One day, the purists will be stamped out completely (I hope). Their special brand of racism would make a skinhead blush.

        8. Indeed. Although I think you might be interested in Sykes work on British genetics. We’re actually a highly endogamous people despite periodic Dane, Viking and Norman invasion.

        9. Good point. There is a lot of evidence that implies that the true ‘cradle of humanity’ was not Africa, as was originally surmised, but rather the areas of Saxony… Germany, Poland, and middle Europe.
          Don’t tell a black guy that, though, most of them have a lot of emotional investment in being the ‘prototype’ of humanity.

        10. I am interested in genetic supremacy, not purity.

          In other words, you’re not interested in achieving political influence. Thanks for heads up. Fantasize away now.

        11. “Don’t tell a black guy that, though, most of them have a lot of emotional investment in being the ‘prototype’ of humanity.”
          Oh God! If I have to hear another person tell me that fallacy I think I’ll go postal. We share a common ancestor who was unlike either of us. It’s not the Black’s fault though. It’s politically correct Whites and Jews.

        12. I am not blaming the blacks for anything. Except for, maybe, laziness, but that only affects them, so I could give a shit. I know full well that ‘black problems’ mostly stem from meddlers. Left to their own devices, they’d probably be perfectly happy forming tribes, living in grass huts, and hunting jackrabbits ad infinatum.
          What I am saying is that, here, you will hear people like third eye constantly boasting about how blacks engineered everything before anyone else came on the scene. As if discovering fire is the same as inventing the atom bomb. And proclaiming everything from Pyramids to medicine as ‘exclusively black inventions’.
          I was speaking locationally, not in general.

        13. Achieving it? We have it. Our enemies are not black, brown, or yellow… they are white. And as fast as they give away influence, they get more of it back.
          Our enemies are as white as we are.

        14. Avoid conversing with Afrocentric zealots. They are incapable of truth or rational discourse.

        15. they are every bit as bad as eurocentric or asiacentric zealots.
          Truth? The atom bomb was developed by german scientists, designed by scottish engineers, backed by centuries of research by Arabs, Frenchmen, from materials dug out of the african soil by africans and chinese.
          “What your race has done” is generally far less important than “What they can do” or “What can YOU do?”
          Right now, the cultures with the most advanced potential appear to be Slavic, Euroamerican, and certain asian. Since Asian cultures are xenophobic, I am already learning Russian and seeing which culture grows and which stagnates.

        16. fortunately I am from appalachia. We are primarily descended from Irish, scottish, and british transportees, shipped as slave labor in the early 1700’s, but there’s also a thick mix of black, asian, and every other race you can imagine in the mix.
          Ironically, even though most appalachians are devastatingly ignorant, their actual average IQ’s (among males anyway) approach 115.
          Hillbillies are a good mutt mix, they are just…. unmotivated. But it’s not a surprise that every time America has fought in a war, a bunch of us get motivated awfully damned fast… Appalachians have always contributed the vast majority of fighting bodies in every major American War.
          I like to think of Appalachia as “America’s Switzerland.”

        17. “Ironically, even though most appalachians are devastatingly ignorant, their actual average IQ’s (among males anyway) approach 115.”

        18. Man, that was decades ago. Irony of getting older, you remember reading scientific articles but don’t recall where at. I believe it was ARMY magazine, around 1990ish when they were talking about where in the US most of America’s wartime troops come from, although it may have also been soldier of fortune or another military rag.

    1. So you are saying that white women are the most desired in the whole world? Guess that makes you a white supremacist.

      1. Hmm. interestingly enough, globally, white women ARE the most sexually desired group.

        1. I think that must drive non-whites inferiority complex. They want to bang white women so badly, and when they do, it’s something to brag and boast about at the same time implicitly acknowledge their lower level or desirability because of their race. It must tear them up.
          I mean, could you ever imagine a white guy bragging about how he had sex with black woman as if it were some accomplishment? Lol.
          The great irony is if, say, a black guy is able to marry or just knock up a white women, the resulting children have a lower SMV than than the white Mom. Yes, you can bang a white woman, but the best you’ll ever get from her is black babies.
          Case in point, Barack Obama, a half white guy, raised by white mother and white grandparents, going to a white school in Hawaii yet still not able to score a steady white girlfriend. I think a good part of his racial butt-hurtness is the fact that he had a marry a black woman despite being intelligent, educated and half white.
          I have a friend who is black. He would only date white women. He married one and they have two sons. If he had daughters though, I’m sure at some point growing up or in early adulthood they would have come to a realization that there Dad would never have dated them or considered to marry them because they were black (or half black). I really think that would tear someone up inside and fill them with self loathing.

      1. Asian nations are not 100% homogenous. In China, India, Japan, Thailand – there are many different ethnic types that make up a significant percentage of the popluation, though they might “all look the same” to European eyes.
        The only exceptions might be North Korea and Bhutan, which for the most part are ethnically homogenous.

        1. Remember that WNs are not a particularly bright group. They are known for being the whites who have IQs more associated with blacks than with successful whites.

        2. Do you have anything to back up your claim? Or are you just talking out of your ass?

        3. If it’s the same guest that spoke earlier in the thread, I think he’s been eating beans and sitting on the keyboard.

        4. Nah, that’s just a myth anti-whites love to repeat.

        5. I’m talking about RACE not ‘ethnicity’. Nor am I talking about India, Pakastan or Middle Eastern countries which are caucasoid.
          Oriental Asian (Mongoloid) nations is what I’m reffering too. Sure you may have some Koreans living in Thailand or Chinese living in Japan and while these may be different ‘ethnicities,’ they are all the same mongoloid RACE. Thus those Asian nations are 100% homogeneous by RACE.
          The amount of non mongoloid people living in those Asian nations is less than 1% and most of those are students or business types who are only there temporarily.

      2. European nations have a decent case for being fully white, yes.
        But the US does not. It started late as a nation, and specifically brought over the darkest-skinned, least civilized group of people in large numbers as slaves.
        If blacks are here, whites brought them here.
        Hispanics… well, a big part of the 48 states was part of Mexico and Spain for 350 years before becoming part of America, so the SouthWest was always going to have a Mexican element.

        1. Just as many black Africans have immigrated here in the past 50 years as were imported as slaves. Although it is true there are many more blacks in the USA that are descendants of slaves because their population has grown over the years compared to recent arrivals, it is not true that, “if blacks are here, whites brought them here”.
          Yes, much of the USA was claimed by France, Spain or Mexico at different points in history. Importantly, Mexico was essentially a colony of Spain, a European country, and the borders of Mexico has no relation to an established country or population, but rather the expansionist desires of Kings in Spain who told their map makes where to draw the lines. The portions claimed by Spain/Mexico were sparsely populated and when and when the USA acquired the territory, all people living on that land were given US citizenship. So no Mexicans were displaced at the time.
          Recent Mexican immigration is an escape plan for Mestizos from an economically and socially backwards country to live off the prosperity of the United States. I don’t mean disrespect to Mexicans by calling them socially backwards, but the fact is in many areas of Mexico there isn’t even primary education available to students, when free universal k-12 education has been in place in the US for generations. Many things we take for granted as being part of our society they have not been able to implement in their country. In many ways, compared to USA culture, Mexican culture is backwards.
          It is poplar these days for Mexicans to claim a right to be in the USA because parts of the USA used to be clamied by Mexico. But why do they want to be here in the first place? Is Mexico overpopulated? No. Is the Geography of the US Southwest that different than Mexico? No. The reason is because out group of people and out culture has produced a society that is far more prosperous than theirs, and they want a piece of that prosperity. The problem is, their culture and group of people when left to their own, produce a society that is not prosperous and is socially backwards. By importing Mexicans en masse to the US, we are averaging the prosperity of the two groups and therefor lowering the prosperity of current US citizens.
          What is the difference between the neighboring cities of San Diego, California and Tijuana Mexico. The city in the USA is prosperous and the one is Mexico isn’t. Is the difference the geography? No. It’s the people and the culture. One has attributes that make it prosperous and one has attribute that don’t.
          This decrease in prosperity in the USA will accelerate as the Mexicans are able to gain political clout and vote foe the type of socialist kleptocracies they put into power in their homelands.

  8. My great-grandfather came to this country from Germany in the early 20th century. When my grandpa was a boy, he asked him to teach him German. Great-grandpa replied, “No. We are Americans and we speak English here.”
    Immigration can be beneficial if immigrants come in limited numbers and thoroughly assimilate. But when they live here for years and still don’t know or don’t care about American language or culture? Has there ever been a polyglot empire in history that didn’t eventually break apart along tribal, religious, and cultural fault lines?

    1. And we can all thank Ted Kissmyass Kennedy and his horrific immigration “reform” bill of, I believe, 1968 (?) for that.

      1. No, you moron. It is ILLEGAL immigration that is the problem.
        America’s legal immigration is relatively small. In fact, America takes in far fewer people, proportionally, than Canada and Australia.
        I understand you don’t use data to form your opinions, but US legal immigration is only about 0.3%/year relative to the native population. Canada is much higher at 1%/year, yet they don’t have ghettos and crime.

        1. In what place have I said that illegal immigration isn’t a problem? Pretty sure I’m an outspoken critic of illegal immigration and amnesty. But I suppose in your haste to sneer and call names you didn’t take time to research that, huh?
          Ted just got the foot in the door early by restricting who can come over and who cannot. Look up the bill. And lose the ad hominem, it discredits anything you say from behind your anonymous Guest handle. Looks like somebody was banned Toads, heh.

        2. Legal immigration was never high, and still is not. This is what you do not grasp, nor do you even have curiosity about the data.

        3. I’m not coming out against legal immigration. Good lord Christ almighty, where do you even get such a notion? I’m all for legal immigration, as long as it’s functional and controls for what values the incoming immigrants can provide to the nation as a whole. Kennedy’s bill removed that burden, now any mud crawling slime can walk in and start collecting benefits and that is not a good thing, not even in small numbers.
          But again, that’s nothing to do with illegal immigration.
          If you have nowhere else to troll, might I suggest Breitbart or some other site?

        4. You have no evidence that legal immigrants ‘start collecting benefits’ or that it is even easy to come to the US legally. Many highly skilled PhDs are on waitlists for years.
          Again, Canada takes in a much higher proportion of legal immigrants, yet does not have any social unrest. 18% of Canada’s population is now Chinese or Indian, with no apparent detriment. Indeed, Canada has surpassed the US for the first time, partly due to this.

        5. And this has fuck all to do with what, precisely?
          You’re simply looking to fight, for reasons known only to yourself. I immediately conceded that yes, illegal immigration is a huge problem, in the post where you led off with ad hominem, so now you try to go down a tangent. I’m not interested, kid.

      2. Jewish lobby groups played a significant role in changing immigration laws in 1965.

        1. Ah, right, ’65, thank you for the correction.

    2. “My great-grandfather came to this country from Germany in the early 20th
      century. When my grandpa was a boy, he asked him to teach him German.
      Great-grandpa replied, “No. We are Americans and we speak English here.”
      THAT is the fucking immigration that made this country great. Not pickers and taxi drivers that wear fucking Yarmulkas or Hijab, not rat bastards that celebrate cinquo de mayo instead of July the fourth.
      As far as I am concerned, flying an argentine or ecuadorian flag means you are conquering american soil. I have been known to break into people’s houses and rip those fucking flags out of their windows.

  9. I’m tired of the way that smarmy liberal MSM writers smear white people. Today I read an article on the real estate website, Curbed, by Michael Kahn. In referring to a county which demographics used to be a majority white, he referred to it a a former “bastion of pasty-whiteness”.
    WTF? Why would anyone use the term “pasty-whiteness” except to denigrate a group of people simply for being white. And further more on a real estate website.
    Why is it trendy and acceptable to slight white people at every chance. Why is it so acceptable that I can’t even point out how wrong it is except in an anonymous forum because I might have reprisals against me?

    1. That’s an accurate observation. When asians choose to cluster together in their own neighborhood that’s all fine and good for them to want to be surrounded by people like themselves. Same with gays. But for whites its racist.

  10. I am under the impression that a lot of the attendees still harbor ignorance and the classic “Saving White Women” white knighting junk, at the level of lower-class Victorian Englishwomen, spewing anti-Semitism pre-WWI.
    Seriously, it’s up to this generation of humans to undo the so-called “Whiteness Pyramid” that got set up during 19th Century USA. Really, pedestalizing Anglo/Celtic culture at the expense of other European cultures? Give me a break, and I’m not even an ethnic Celtic.
    I present to you a Victorian Era propaganda piece that reflects Social Darwinism and perfectly fits within the “Whiteness Pyramid” false paradigm.
    I just find it unfortunate Social Darwinism pretty much undid and overshadowed A LOT of European innovations and contributions.

    1. Petty nationalism is not really that interesting to the up and coming White identity folk. Jobbik and their Turanism and distrust of Slovaks is kind of besides the point now. The threat is greater than that.

      1. More like, sexual repression amongst Celtic folks only helped fuel eugenics. No wonder Englishmen literally jumped ship when their own women deprived them during Victorian England.

    2. I’m confused because I thought you people were always going on about the “red pill” and seeing beneath the politically correct veneer yet your post is nauseatingly left wing.

      1. I personally have outgrown the Left/Right paradigm for the same brain operates them.
        I am objectively speaking about the causes of such problems, to the point I am analyzing the situation and offer an eventual solution.

      2. Also, please do tell more about Jobbik and the Slovakian situation; this is the first time I have heard of it.

        1. Just petty nationalists being petty nationalists. Still upset over slithers of land doled out as appeasement at the end of wars rather than taking a longer view of the European crisis.

      3. White Nationalism is highly left-wing in economic matters, and thus entirely incompatible with both Game and Men’s Rights.

        1. That’s all good. The problem is that term is a useless catchall for leftist derision like “fascist” which is a word that has been thrown around for more than a century and has practically lost all meaning. I’m what YOU might call a WN but my economic leanings aren’t socialist nor are they free market. Just syncretic like most people.

        2. Mass multiracialism is about the stupidest way of organizing society conceivable. That’s why not even its most avid proponents really believe in it. Ultimately the only thing it does well is dispossess whites.

  11. I have no love of “white supremacy” as mixed raced, but as the article says every group needs to be able to affirm at least the best parts of who they are, and their culture, and that’s not possible in a the guilt / restitution culture we have today. Actually the white supremacists, just like every other kind of supremacist gain traction from multi-culturalism etc on account of the resentment it creates. No group of people, ethnic, national, religious, or gender should have to sacrifice their interests or their right to representation on account of (social justice based) systems of redistribution particularly when those systems seem to make the case for particularist (for which read selfish) interests on the basis of universalist creeds. As others below point out the current system of oppression / redistribution economics only serves to hamstring ‘minorities’ who could otherwise be taking responsibility for themselves and advancing accordingly.
    Another issue obviously is the way how the left manages to ‘construct’ the pursuit of some forms of self-interest as ‘supremacist’ while other forms – feminist, black, gay in particular are portrayed as being about equality. If we can tackle the hypocrisy / double-standard issues that clearly make so many people mad (with good reason) then the interest groups (elites, leftists / marxists) who want to set each section of society against the other because their creed requires (class, race, gender) conflict will ultimately fail. Its not looking particularly good though.

    1. I’m sure you had no reason to know this, but the AMREN group doesn’t consider themselves white supremacists. They term they use for themselves is race realists.
      What’s the difference? They don’t think white people are superior, but they think they have a unique culture which deserves to be preserved and celebrated.
      They look at IQ tests and note that East Asian have higher IQ’s than white people. But they also look at IQ tests and note that blacks have much lower IQ’s and point out that that’s the reason for so much disparity between blacks and whites in the USA.
      They look at Olympic track results and conclude that east African blacks are the superior long distance runners and west African blacks the superior sprinters. They see that there is a strong genetic and racial component to abilities as well as to anti-social behaviors and the ability to create and sustain advanced civilizations.
      In other words, they look at data regarding race and cultures and come up with logical, fact based conclusions. The fact that these truths fly in the face of what the MSM and schools tell us make them a source of red-pill knowledge.
      If you check out their website. you will see they are a rather academic and rational bunch, although they are branded as some sort of hate group by SJW’s.

      1. to be fair, East Asian IQ tests in america are the results of selective immigration, and the ones ‘from’ asia are heavily influenced by a communist government with a vested interest in making themselves look better.
        In short, They don’t test the BILLIONS of peasants for IQ. If they did, you might start noticing some startling facts about the ‘average’ asian IQ.

        1. Well, I am willing to concede that the Asians that immigrated to America in the 70’s are some of the brightest folks around (Just like early american immigrants were the best and the brightest… colonists are always the best) Places like Cambodia, Thailand, the vast majority of China, Taiwan… The populations there are just as stupid and ill-begotten as any other third world hellhole barely capable of ruling itself.
          I just don’t like the blanket ‘asians are smarter’ crap. It is absolutely unfounded and, in point of fact, if you start adding in asian ‘peasant numbers’ they start to fall well below averages.

        2. Yes. Once again the white man tries to be at least fairly truthfull, while the chinese are more concerned about maintaning a powerfull image.

        3. Face is more important than fact. Then again, the brits do the same thing with their ‘murder statistics’ to hide the fact that gun-free london is a more dangerous place to live than New York, DC, and Detroit combined.

        4. As far as I know, White Americans have slightly higher IQs relative to their white counterparts in Europe.
          All a result of selection.

        5. That’s interesting. I’ve found that when I travel to Europe the people I meet are generally stunned that I can hold intelligent conversations and sometimes know facts that they do not, let alone that I can form a sentence using complex words.
          “Wow, you’re American?!” is what I’ve heard on far more than one occasion.
          How we’re perceived by the world is rarely aligned with our actual identity.

        6. you just have to watch some of those slapstick kung-fu films to realise china may not entirely be a race of geniuses

        7. There is that, to be certain. But the prejudice seems rather deep, bordering most of the time on contempt. Had a group of lads in a pub in England try to get me to throw down with the lot of them over, well, the fact that I am an American. Made no sense, I hadn’t even talked to them, they heard me talking to some girl and took umbrage. We were discussing gardening so I doubt they were protecting her honor, heh. They were quite certain however to let me know precisely their opinion of Americans.
          End of the day they wouldn’t throw the first punch. Bunch of mealy mouthed pansies.

        8. That’s because your american ex-seal mystique terrified them. All they were doing was taunting the lion behind the safety of cage bars.

        9. I weren’t no seal, brother. I was MI in support of the resident special forces and 82nd Airborne. Not that they’d have known the difference.

        10. It doesn’t matter… On TV every american male that isn’t a fatass travelling in foreign lands is a spy, ex-seal, or assassin.
          and as an ex-seal transporter I can tell you that 99% of the legends about them are bullshit… your average weekend deer hunter is twice as deadly.

        11. Fuck, wish I’d realized that sooner, it would have come in great use while chatting up chicks at the bar. Fuck talking about gardens, toots, I’m an assassin spy for the seals!

        12. You’d be shocked how well it works. show them a scar you got from a lawnmower and explain how you barely escaped from a muslim extremist with a rusty knife, and reap panty liquifier.

        13. Speaking as a european I think it has to do with media stereotypes in addition to many americans upholding a tradition of being ignorant of foreign cultures and languages. I havent met many White non-hispanic Americans who could speak a foreign language on a fairly fluent level. This is just a casual observation from the couple of years I lived in the US.
          There is some truth to he stereotype. But it is quite exagerated, and it also hides the fact that there is a large amount of heterogeneity in the american population. Some of the smartest people I have met are white Americans.

        14. are you kidding? I LOVE those things! 90% of japanese mystique (weirdly enough) comes from hong Kong Chopsocky flicks. (yes, I know they are chinese, not japanese, but fanboys are fucking weird)

        15. i love them too. I watch them when my brain hurts and want to zone out. Have you ever seen an intellectual kung fu movie?

        16. Yeah, this one time, when I went under permanent hypnosis and decided not to go into work, and instead took out Jennifer Aniston. We sat around that evening watching kung fu. The next day we went fishing.

        17. I agree on the foreign cultures and languages. My general counter to that is that, why would most here have to be aware of those? This nation is huge, as in fucking huge, all with one common language and a rather generally accepted common culture (at its base). Europeans are nearly required to be polyglots, especially in this modern era of fast trade and easy travel, plus you can take a five mile walk and pass through three countries on a sunny day there. There’s a lot of environmental pressure to rather compel that kind of learning.
          But walk from Montana to Wyoming and you won’t see an iota of difference, except maybe in the sales tax rates. Ride to Ohio from Wyoming, same. The climate is different, and a few cultural differences regarding slang and such, but otherwise, it’s the same. There is simply no real practical need to have to know a lot of languages and culture, so people don’t.
          Like I said, what you note is true, and it’s my general counter. Business people who travel and others like myself who enjoy traveling are necessarily going to be more apart from the stereotype, out of necessity or desire.

        18. you took out jennifer aniston for a date? Did you tell her you were a navy seal?

        19. Americans think in very pragmatic terms and are also very instilled with liberal ideology, I here use the term in the broadest sense. English is the lingua franca of the World, so there is not much need to learn foreign languages, viewed in strictly economic terms.
          A continental european woud be much more inclined to view the value of language acquisition more intrinsically, as opposed to mere instrumental value. Languages are a window into the collective psyche of a nation. You learn a foreign culture from the “inside” once you are able to communicate in the mother tongue. Languages serve many purposes, and there are always distinct meanings which are lost in translation.
          So my point is that one should learn languages since it has value in itself. Economic utility should only be of second concern. But this point is hard to get across to Americans, since the dominant culture is extremely materialistic. This is not the case however in many other parts of the World.

        20. heh, the term ‘lingua Franca’ stems from French. the latinization of ‘french language’.
          They still haven’t gotten over the fact that us english barbarians took the title of world language away from them.
          Then again, english will die as the basic language one day as well… I am betting on Russian as the new one. Strasvoytsia!

        21. Yes that is correct. The french seem to be quite butthurt about their language being sidelined and not spoken in that many parts of the World.
          I am not sure about English loosing its position any time soon. Just think about all the information written in English in a digital format. I think English will retain its status as the modern latin for a very long time.
          An example, when using Wikipedia I always use the english version as a default, since it by far is superior to all the others. I sometimes use the german or the various Scandinavian ones. But only when I am in need of local knowledge, or need a second opinion.

        22. It’s all true. At least, if you accept the fact whites are smarter than blacks, then you have to accept the fact that asians are smarter than whites. So you should be sympathetic to the blacks because you are in the same boat as them as compared to the asians. How does it feel?

        23. “Some of the smartest people I have met are white Americans.”
          You need to spend some time in Canada.

        24. Speaking for myself, no problem. It is what it is and I couldn’t imagine feeling miserable about it. Of course, the differences between whites and northeast asians are quite tiny compared to the significant differences between whites and blacks, and so are the subsequent differences in social outcomes, so it’s not really the same thing.

        25. No thank you. I am not willing to spend time in yet another PC liberal hellhole. Living in Scandinavia is more than enough for me.
          No offense to canadians, they might be the smartest people on this planet for all I know.

        26. why should I feel sympathetic towards them? I was born in poverty and worked myself up to a comfortable self-employed life without resorting to drugs or other crime.
          Why the fuck should I feel like I am ‘in the same boat’ with 81% of the prison population?

        27. I translate the scandanavian one when I am dealing with indy game coders. That’s about it.

        28. Nah, I just approached her in the restaurant she was serving in. She was upset about the amount of flair she had to wear, so that prompted a conversation.

      2. I guess my post wasn’t very clear probably because I’d just run a bath that was getting cold (or possibly for reasons of herditary IQ!). In a slightly ham-fisted way I was trying to distinguish between ‘supremacism’ as something which certainly does exist and the right all peoples including whites have to look after their culture and self-interests a ‘right’ that at present I don’t think they’re able to exercise constructively on account of the burden of ‘white guilt’ they bear within the multi-culturalist / marxist scheme of things. I realise American Renaissance shouldn’t be classed as a supremacist organisation but equally that for detractors will automatically fall into that category, which is I pointed out the hypocrisy in the present state of affairs where many groups (not just racial / ethnic) are effectively able to pursue supremacist aims under the guise of universalist equalities ‘jargon’. Actually one of the reason I’m so opposed to mult-culturalism is that I think it will inevitably to some extent promote white (and other) supremacism – marxism / multi-culturalism etc – these are profoundly divisive doctrines. Personally while I understand the position and acknowledge the legitimacy of white nationalism I’m more comfortable simply acknowledging and assimilating to western culture, and the immediate problem here is that “the white race” is under attack in the first instance because western (effectively white) culture is under attack. Western culture never had a problem being racially inclusive under imperialism / colonialism but now its on the retreat and under attack from immigration / multi-culturalism a defence of western culture is becoming reduced’ to a defence of white culture (and I acknowledge again that for many this is because it immigration / miscegenation [of which I am an instance] potentially threatens white countries at an existential level.
        Again, while I would fully acknowledge the red pill nature of IQ differences between races, I doubt there’s as much mileage as you think here (i.e. even if the bell curve is as Gods truth). Multi-culturalism (which I reject) clearly takes the long-view. Blacks may well be a ‘low iq’ class comparatively, but heredity down the line is about who you breed with: the point about the ‘black underclass’ if such there is, is that it is at least part a product of the welfare state, of the destruction of the black family, and its failure under multi-culturalism and affirmative to develop those kind of ‘eugenic’ characteristics that would promote higher (more functional) IQ and better more constructive integration. Moreover many of these same blacks will be breeding with whites – yet that does nothing to address the problem because they will be breeding with socially disadvantaged whites – stress the IQ issue too much and the multi-culturalists will probably start encouraging non-whites to breed with higher IQ women (instead of the working class). I’m not saying in other words that the IQ analysis is wrong only that that analysis doesn’t involve a helpful solution. The best and only constructive way to address the ‘feral underclass’ issue is to look at the conditions beyond IQ that maintain it. Multi-culturalism and the climate of victimhood is the real culprit here. Kill the marxism, and you get (at least part) of your country and your race back

      3. “They look at IQ tests and note that East Asian have higher IQ’s than
        white people. But they also look at IQ tests and note that blacks have
        much lower IQ’s and point out that that’s the reason for so much
        disparity between blacks and whites in the USA.”
        Oh oh.

    2. don’t conflate ‘race realist’ and ‘white supremacist’. Two completely different breeds, It’s like conflating “Bike messenger” and “Indy Car driver”.

  12. I would have paid cash money to see the “I’m balding. You’re fat. Let’s dance!” pickup line. Don’t sweat it, Naso. What happened wasn’t even a big deal. I’ve done much dumber things while drunk than dolling out a deserving shove to a land whale. The white knighting was priceless and typical. Hope they didn’t hurt you too bad when they “avenged their girl in short order” LOL! Don’t sweat that shit. Worse things have happened, trust me.

  13. When I was a teen, a lot of guys would say ”I don’t care if a pussy is green or purple, pussy is pussy” HA HA LOLOLOL. Hey man, if the shit’s GREEN, you better put on TWO OR THREE RUBBERS. Seriously GREEN PUSSY. The dumbfucks were so full of shit back then. Really, GREEN pussy. And these were the same guys that would talk of abortion services like it was a get out of jail card. I guess they were afraid of having hideous PURPLE KIDS with GREEN SPOTS. Above all, tribal identity was lacking in a lost generation. They then grew up to pursue cougar hunting when in truth REAL LIFE dumpster diving for usable items actually nets more tangible and GARAGE SALEABLE items that have recoverable value. WHO THE HELL brainscrewed that generation? Actually I have a bead on that question. Anyone who can sense their own tribal drumbeat can sense the answer.
    And you white guys with your snowflake ‘asian brides’ hey what’s your family reunion gonna look like when she starts bitching at you in Cantonese in front of grandpa Walton? You be the fool in the pool.
    And the white knighting bent in WN is a result of being circumcised or DICKCHOPPED. It is a long road for the dickchopped man to master FULL DICK COMMAND when some pierced tatted den mother is playing ten circumcised bootboys against each other.
    Everyone has a tribal drumbeat. And it is accentuated with the swing OF YOUR DICK. White, black, yellow GATHER YOUR CHICKENS. Family is family, but your tribe IS YOUR CHURCH. All you swingin’ dicks GET YOUR BUTTS TO CHURCH. Only in your TRIBAL CHURCH can you keep your bitches in line.

    1. Maybe you SHOULD THINK of writing more coherent comments instead of DICKING YOURSELF and LOOKING STUPID for the unceasing use of BUZZ WORDS and inappropriate ALL CAPS.
      Otherwise your commentary is not totally braindead. Except, of course, that most protestant denominations today have been utterly dominated by ‘new wave’, feminist, and multicultimarxist thought. Church may be the most dangerous place for a sane individual today…. Unless you build your own chapel.
      As far as ‘asian brides’ Who are you to say what a man may choose to stick his dick into? Jealous?

      1. Well I like using CAPS ok. And if I could add musical notes to the words I would. Good writing reads like a symphony doesn’t it? Caps are meant to shout at you. Maybe it is inappropriate for your time zone. Shouting words are for wake up breakfast reading along with your coffee buzz. Try re-reading it first thing in the morning and you’ll notice that I’m not saying ‘go to protestant church’ but rather that your tribe (race specific branch) you should treat as if it were your head banging church group.
        There’s always an affinity with a group of tribal kin that lacks in a cosmopolitan mixed group whether it be in school, workplace or prayer house. The white bickering in the USA where white neighbors sue each other over bullshit doesn’t exist in traditional European communities where the racial branch is more specific, eg. Celtic, Basque, Moore, Karelian, Teutonic, Baltic. Comparatively, American ‘Whites’ are at each other’s throats behaving like a bunch of white mongrels in a wage slave plantation.
        Early 20th century America had many cohesive ethnic White groups in the industrial cities and were watered down significantly by the early ‘Whites only’ bread and circus sports. Still the urban Jews and White Catholics make a Romeo and Juliet drama from time to time.
        My main point was to TRY SWINGING your dick within your own tribe and knock some pins in line before you go like a wrecking ball into another tribe. The tribes need spankings FROM WITHIN.

  14. The Two Party dichotomy is far to simplistic to successfully label and individual by simply the candidate he/she votes for in a General Election. Blacks largely voted Republican up until Eisenhower and afterwards due to fiscal issues. Teddy Roosevelt for example went up against the large Trusts in this nation like Carnegie Steel, Rockefeller Oil, J.P. Morgan etc. Blacks who supported Teddy Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” initiative as well as his Meat Inspection Acts and Pure Food and Drug Act, were turned off by his wrongful accusation of Black Military “Buffalo Soldiers” in the “Brownsville Affair” who were accused of killing a white bartender and injuring a white police officer and Hispanic. 167 Were Dishonorably Discharged, this also caused many blacks to dislike Teddy Roosevelt and the Republican Party despite Teddy’s push for progressivism. You see the Parties Democrat and Republican have had realignments several times and are not the same as they used to be. (When Republicans point out that Democrats were guilty of separation of the races they are right but the simple fact that the parties have realigned defeats their point for the Republican party of today is obviously not the same as Teddy’s Republican or Lincoln’s Republican Party.)
    Secondly Progressivism is actually the very ideals that were brought about by White Western Europe during the Enlightenment from 1650’s to the late 1700’s which in turn brought about the Industrial Age. You see it was a moving away from what was seen as European Barbarism, individual potential to escalate through merit and hard work, and the dismantling of the widening gap of rich and poor which exists today in modern western society. Just as many here believe blacks are misled to vote Democrat because they want “handouts” is simplistic and ignorant. I can easily say that a segment of poor whites fall victims to Corporate Republicanism to vote against their own interests (whites are the largest poor people in these United States by far). I can easily say that the Republican Party through Right Wing Media (which is arguably the most ignorant media ironically) misleads these people by harnessing their Xenophobia, Blind Patriotism, White Washed and one sided Historical Narrative and lack of knowledge of Geo-Politics. For example when someone states Obama’s middle name Hussein I can almost guarantee that ignorance will flow from their simplistic thought patterns, or they are members of that Right Wing Media Outlet which uses these coded words strategically. They also use Religion/Conservative Christianity to appeal to these people to garner their votes specifically the Tea Party to a larger extreme. Meanwhile the widening wealth gap is a problem not only to so called black and brown people but also to middle class and poor whites. Now like I said before the Democratic Party is also guilty of being bought by Wall street but the Republicans openly support Big Business and the shipment of American Jobs abroad where they avoid Government Tax, humane wages, environmental controls to make a profit. Does not matter if they hurt Black, Brown, Yellow, or White.
    A commentator ignorantly posted about peoples other than European being “less than, or barbaric”…ironically cause again the actions of many of those so called Enlightened individuals were specifically barbaric (cannibalism, tribalism etc), also their lack of proper bathing was noted by Natives (this lack of bathing has continued through the Industrial Age and even modern times)..as well as how they treat their own poor. Which excuse me if I state is not the epitome of Enlightened upper level society or people to begin with. But I’m not judging a whole group of people neither, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion you can be proud of who you are and your culture but as I look at you eye to eye you are simply another human to me, and if you respect me I simply respect you nothing special to me. Or maybe you just should put down the disgusting “Fish and Chips.”
    Indentured Whites had trouble performing the grueling slave labor that Blacks worked. We see it today with Mexican labor working 16-18 hour days everyday that the average American would not dare work. The very same corporations the Republicans support helped bring this immigrant labor to Hawaii and the mainland, from Asian nations and Latino nations and the white Business owner practiced divide and conquer just as the Imperialistic tactics of conquering nations inflict on the populace of those whom they conquer. Yet ironically the stereotype of them being “lazy” persisted despite the fact that the Anglo who put them into slavery or low wage work could not perform half the duties or refused anything less than management positions (although many of these immigrant groups had members who could perform management duties.)
    Another commentator stated the negative behavior of urban blacks which yes I agree there is a bad element but that does not include everyone not even in the worst ghetto. I can easily state that when I am in a Southern State where I see potentially hostile uneducated Red Necks I’m also at peak awareness. However I don’t paint all whites by the actions of those people.
    To go against Corporate Welfare, the massive bailouts of the banks who actually got us into the Great Recession and other Great Depressions in our history is not equivalent to wanting a “handout” or “Welfare.” The abuse of Welfare and Social Safety Nets (which I don’t agree with) is a simple drop in the bucket compared to International Banks and Corporations which wreak havoc on the domestic economy and a Nation’s International Standing. Or the increasing mass grab of Social Security a social safety net for all Americans who are Entitled to it because they worked and PAID INTO the system. Feminists usually support the Democratic Candidate I agree, however not everyone on that side supports Feminism. While I agree with certain aspects of 1st wave Feminism I also find myself at odds with aspects of Third Wave Feminism. Life is nuanced and cannot be simplified.
    IQ is not the only measurement of superiority for Civilization, mathematics has existed in non white people throughout our long history. IQ is manageable it is a strong work ethic many of my black and brown friends average far above the white average and the Asian average, and that is basing it on this flawed system. Every culture and race has contributed something to the overall human experience, including whites. Always remember before there were whites there were Black people and brown people…long before Ancient Greece and long before the Roman Empire called you dirty Barbarians who lacked any idea of Civilization. In fact many Black, Brown, and Asian people also contributed to modern technology of today, which whites could not have arrived at on their own without the learning of other cultures and peoples that had civilization long before them.
    These are the realities and complexities of issues such as these, meritocracy is an idealistic drive for society that in my opinion, can move society forward. Some people have a natural talent, but hard work is the great equalizer. Blacks were barred from attending certain schools and lacked access to higher education, they were also barred from the highest levels of Athletic Competition however through hard work and new found access towards these avenues they proved themselves in areas in Science, Mathematics, Writing, and in Athleticism which you witness in our major sports today.

    1. I am pro-slavery, pro-racist, monarchist in favor of legalized duelling, complete female disposession, and a limited free market. Does that mean I cannot call myself ‘right wing’ anymore?

      1. You can call yourself “Spiderman” for all I care…however an unequal comparison of the two party system and the changes they went through internally to convey a faulty partisan argument…that I will always call a person out on.

        1. I agree that both republicans and democrats are leftist demagogues that try to hide a strong marxist front behind a thin veneer of shitflingers vs hawks, but that does not invalidate the left/right paradigm… all you have to do is realize that both parties are strongly leftist.

        2. Ding!
          The real “paradigm” is liberty versus tyranny. Everything else is a giant word game. There is honest debate along that paradigm, but it’s not to be found in the Reps and Dems, both of whom have a vested interest in pushing tyranny.

        3. heh. define ‘liberty’. and for that matter, define ‘tyranny’.
          As far as i am concerned, the difference is not between the two types of government, it is between two SIZES of government. Large and invasive, or small and negligent.

        4. You defined it already in your last sentence.

        5. Man, if you EVER get out to Utah, Let me know. I will totally buy you a couple of beers. Or let you buy while I get my guns and set up my friend’s farm as a range and we blow off a couple of cases, both kinds.

        6. Actually, that may well happen this year. I’m riding to Sturgis, but when I ride there I only stay a day or two then take the rest of the time to tour places in the West I haven’t been. This year the choice is Utah or Idaho. Sounds like I’m leaning towards Utah now.

        7. Riding? Bike? what kind?
          Idaho is pretty darned nice though, especially around the Rexburg area… If you are hunting, WAY better pussy, especially for ‘church game’, around Rick’s than Provo.

        8. ahh sweet, glad you could brag. Do you carve also? I do some leather, but mostly it’s for folk’s armor, so it’s not generally finished like that except on the exposed areas.
          Man I wish I had some decent photos of some of my armor…

        9. Yes, all of the knife work on that holster is mine. Or did you mean wood? I’m a pencil and paper “artist” as well, so that really helps me customize things for people.

        10. I meant leathercarving… most people I know just use Hammers and ‘shape presses’ (Not sure what those are called?) or mold their own designs. A few of the old-school guys I work with though, do hand-carved designs in saddle leather, the only thing they use a hammer for is for their chisel.
          I keep telling people that handcrafting is the answer to a monolithically industrialized society… a hand-made chair is worth hundreds of Ikea matchsticks, both in durability and comfort, but most people simply insist that the old-school manufacturing jobs with people on assembly lines are gone forever.
          I buy handcrafted whenever I can… That’s why I have a lot of furniture that has lasted most of my life. ‘conveyor belt furniture’ is the very definition of Keynesian economics.

        11. You owe me a new pair of underwear. I peed myself when I saw the photos you posted. A cowboy hat and bull horns on your bike? A Ohio cowboy thats a good one. Your little gun with the Lone Ranger silver bullets is a hoot. 6’2″ with a 0.2″ pecker, that’s you. Upgrading from clown to cliché would be a good move for you.

        12. If you have a website for custom leather, maybe you can post it?
          I usually buy a decent sheath if the one that comes with a knife is crappola.

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