The NFL Continues Its White Knighting By Hiring A Female Referee

The National Football League recently helped women get a firmer grip on the scrotum of masculinity by hiring its first full-time female referee, Sarah Thomas.

Thomas, a married mother of three who hails from Mississippi, started officiating high school games in the mid 90s. She worked her way through the ranks and was eventually given a full schedule of games in the college ranks, which culminated in her being the first woman to officiate a bowl game at the end of the 2011 season.

The NFL announced her hiring on April 8th and the predictable narrative ensued. Sports pundits, male and female, have hailed the decision calling it groundbreaking, social progress, and the like. Thomas has made her rounds across media platforms and insists she doesn’t want to be a trailblazer.


Her thoughts about what she thinks she is or isn’t are inconsequential. What is consequential are the implications of this hire and what it means going forward. From what I’ve gathered so far men are falling into one of two camps on this: There are the “big deal, they hired a chick” and the “this is social change that is long overdue!” (read: white knights).

Then there’s a third section of men who happen to be in the minority on this—at least publicly. The men who know and understand that hiring a female referee is the continuation of the NFL’s consistent support of the feminine imperative at the expense of both the athlete and the male spectator.

Let’s take a look at the implications and subsequent consequences sure to follow with the hiring of Sarah Thomas.

Giving women power over men

Scenes like this soak the granny panties of feminists everywhere

Let’s face it. One of the main objectives of feminism is giving women power over men. The ability to exercise power over men in a male-dominated sector is something feminists have drooled over for decades. Thomas’s hire is the crack in the door they need to eventually realize this dream.

I recently wrote an article detailing the Chris Paul incident with female NBA referee Lauren Holtkamp. Holtkamp gave Paul a technical foul he disagreed with—something that happens nightly in the NBA with male referees. The difference here is that a woman had the ability and authority to dictate to and penalize a male and this is exactly what feminists want.

Women in the media and female sports fans won’t admit to this, but in an honest moment they’ll readily admit that seeing a woman calling a tech on an NBA player is something they relish. And now that Thomas has cracked the “glass ceiling” and is in the NFL, she and other women (who are sure to follow) will have the capacity to exert dominance over men in the most physically demanding, testosterone-driven sport in the world.

What’s her position?

Thomas’s position is a line judge. Though not as influential in terms of penalties called and overall gameplay, a line judge is an important position on the team of officials.

Basically a line judge’s responsibility is to monitor the line of scrimmage. Players jumping offsides, whether or not a pass is a backward lateral or forward pass, or various degrees of kicks during any given play are a few of the many responsibilities of an LJ.

One might think that a man or a woman could do this job equally well, but that is far from the truth. Being an official in the NFL is physically demanding. It requires physical speed, attention to detail, physical strength, and cat-like reflexes lest he (or she) be left in the dust.

Sarah Thomas has already addressed this as a possible “challenge” for her when she makes the jump to the next level:

The speed, yes, is there. These are just phenomenal athletes on both sides of the ball. The game has a tendency to slow down the (more) snaps you get and repetition. So, hopefully, the more snaps I get, things will start slowing down a little bit.


This issue isn’t difficult to unpack. The bottom line is that men are physically superior to women in every way. This is why 99.9% of employees on oil rigs, sewers, warehouses, etc. are men. The same goes in the NFL or any other professional sports league. College is one thing, the NFL is quite another.

If Thomas fucks up on account of her lack of physical tools to be able to keep up with bigger, faster, and stronger players whilst having to make sure she’s also on her p’s and q’s she should be quickly demoted or fired.

But we all know that’s not going to happen because…

She will be above criticism


Dean Blandino, the VP of NFL officiating, can talk all he wants about the fact that Thomas will be judged and reprimanded just like her male counterparts but we know that’s not going to happen. The minute a player, coach, or even a colleague of hers so much as suggests that her job performance isn’t up to snuff you can best believe their words will be met with harsh criticism.

Don’t believe me?  Ask Chris Paul.

Women want to be equal and do the things men do but they don’t want the responsibility or scrutiny that comes with it. But the PC police will ensure that anyone who points out Thomas’s mistakes or critiques her performance will be met with accusations of misogyny and everybody knows this.

For example, Danica Patrick hasn’t come close to winning a race on NASCAR’s top circuit but she’s managed to avoid criticism despite fucking a fellow driver, getting into an altercation with another over something stupid, and being flat out non-competitive in the 3+ years she’s been on the circuit.

A regular occurrence for the Go Daddy girl

But men won’t call her out because they would likely be suspended, fined, fired, or all three. Thomas says she doesn’t want her gender to matter but it will. The fact that she’s a female will make it nearly impossible to fire her unless there’s an egregious violation of some sort on her part, and even then she might remain employed.

Women will always trade on their beauty

What does Thomas have in common with other recent “trailblazers?”

Her looks.

Though the 41-year-old Thomas is well past the wall, it’s easy to see that she still retains some of the beauty she no doubt benefited from in her youth. Incidentally enough, her job before she became a full time referee was a pharmaceutical sales rep, which anyone with a pulse knows rewards women who have above average looks.

From Milka Duno and Michelle Wie, to Becky Hammon (who has become the first female coach in NBA history) and yes, Danica Patrick and most other women allowed to “play with the boys,” the common denominator is that they are good looking women. This is no accident.

This isn’t to say that their aesthetics alone got them to where they are today. Talent and ability definitely plays role in their success. But it would be disingenuous to suggest that their beauty didn’t grease the skids on their fast track to recognition.

Better looking girls have always lived better lives. Despite feminists’ efforts at social engineering, it will always be this way, and that’s perfectly okay. Crying their way into the boys’ club is no different because at the end of the day, feminists aren’t going to use trolls to infiltrate the almighty patriarchy (Billie Jean King notwithstanding) and neither are men.

Take Away

You can bet your bottom dollar that there are plenty of drivers who don’t race in NASCAR’s highest circuit who are 10 times the driver Danica Patrick will ever be. In the same vein I’m 100% certain there are scores of men who are more qualified than Thomas to do the job she’s been hired to do.

Similar to affirmative action this move by the NFL isn’t about meritocracy, it’s about political correctness and a poor attempt at establishing an unnecessary balance. Thomas will not the last female referee to be hired, and if this trend continues it won’t be long before players are suspended for “hurting the feeeewings” of a menstrual female referee who made a terrible call.

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164 thoughts on “The NFL Continues Its White Knighting By Hiring A Female Referee”

  1. most physically demanding, testosterone-driven sport in the world.
    Lacrosse? Hockey? Rugby? Which is it, help a brother out here man?
    A regular occurrence for the Go Daddy girl
    Yep. I know it, you know it, even the white knights watching NASCAR at the bars know it. Yet everybody sits back and pretends that she’s “all that” when in fact, she isn’t. But then again, you don’t see Dale Earnhart Jr. out in a bikini on a commercial either (thank God) so there is that of course. Not that he’s a fantastic driver, far from it, but he owns his suckage and doesn’t get to wallpaper it over by owning a vagina.
    As to the female ref, this was coming down the pike long ago, it was only a matter of time. In a sport where they’ve convinced the management to force men to wear pink and attend to commercials where the lie of “domestic violence be from duh menz”, this was to be expected. And your point about attractiveness is spot on, looks like she used to be rather easy on the eyes in her heyday.

    1. Solid point about Jr. To be fair to Patrick, she was actually a half decent driver on the open wheel circuit (she won the Twin Rings in Japan if my memory serves me) and was in contention in her First Indy 500 as a rookie but since then she’s eroded as a driver. She’s probably the only driver more overrated than Jr. but, again, nobody’s going to point this out.
      Touchée on the Lacrosse, Hockey, and Rugby.

      1. That’s correct about Patrick, and that’s where she should have stayed, or at least returned to once it became clear that she couldn’t cut it with the big boys. I *DO* understand however why she hasn’t, why should she? She doesn’t have to perform at the level of the men but STILL gets big bank from advertisers, in her place I’d do the same thing if I lacked basic self respect and was in it only for the green.

      2. Twin Rings was a rain shortened win. She’s never been a championship contender and has no wins other than the rain shortened one.
        Anyone who can drive a 1200 HP Indy car or a 850 HP Sprint car can obviously drive better than your average person, but there are hundreds of guys who have comparable talent as her but never got a shot at the top level series because of their gender.
        Danica Patrick gets attention and a shot with her mediocre record. Dan Patrick does not.

        1. ‘cept IndyCars are, at most, 700HP. F1 cars have right at 1,000 HP. You’re point still stands though

      1. I like Aussie footie actually, but it doesn’t really blow away the others. I rather find it on par with them however, which is saying a lot in a good way.

      2. Not anymore The AFL are softening up the sport an trying to take the physicality out of it. Still a rough physically taxing sport but becoming less an less contact every time The AFL change the rules.

      3. Aussie Rules is a ridiculous sport. The rules are so poorly defined, it is a mixture of aerial ping pong and scrimmage. Deluded Aussies thing it Is a great sport, but there is a reason it has not caught on anywhere else

    2. I think its time we had mixed NFL teams. We can put the women on the offensive line since that area is the most challenging. They can show men how to do it.
      And of course, to avoid discrimination, they will all share the locker room and showers. Shouldn’t be any problems.
      Speaking of female drivers, I saw a woman nearly run down a cyclist in her SUV because she was driving the wrong way down a one way street. She was completely oblivious because she was nattering to her friend.

      1. If women are playing they will feminize the rules. Like complain about the unequal treatment of female players.. by male players while playing the game.
        Also they will be paid the same amount as the star players for doing diddly squat and get stupid press for being so brave and sexy.

    3. At least she looks like she works out…. imagine a Melissa McCartney or Rosie O’Donnell running down the side lines.

  2. “A female ref for the NFL? Why that’s a wonderful proposition sir! Duuuurrrrppp!!”

  3. I wonder which man was denied promotion so she could get in…
    seems to be the norm these days, discriminate against men…
    meh you cannot critique women anyways and the players no that.

  4. >will have the capacity to exert dominance over men in the most physically demanding, testosterone-driven sport in the world.
    MMA is the most physically demanding and testosterone driven sport.

    1. Those guys could not possibly survive a single day of the Tour de France, much less the entire month. They’re endurance lightweights.

      1. Sure, but riders in the Tour de France couldn’t last ten seconds in the ring with them either.
        Different skillsets for different sports.

        1. Eh, agree to disagree. Both are strong in what they are meant to accomplish. Those lean bikers trade off fast twitch reactions (punch speed/hard hitting), lightning reflexes and strong upper body strength for lower body strength and extreme aerobic endurance. It’s apples and oranges.
          Besides, ever been to a lacrosse game? Those guys run from the start of the clock until the end AND have to throw and catch a ball, with a stick, traveling very, very fast, all the while beating each other with aforementioned stick and getting checked/pseudo-tackled. Yeah, they can’t bicycle across Africa, but that’s not what they’re trained to do. They’d cream the bicyclist in a physical confrontation that did not involve bicycles.

        2. I’d wager even water polo is more demanding than lacrosse, tbh. I don’t mean to be argumentative, but just try something where you’re in motion just as much as lacrosse, but you’re constantly trying not to drown as other people push you down, pull you under, etc..

        3. Having seen both, I would say that they’re about evenly matched. Water polo isn’t in the least wimpish, despite the societal perception that it’s somehow a lesser sport.
          Not pimping for lacrosse so much as just noting that we’re making an apple oranges comparison. It’s akin to saying how the space shuttle is a far superior aircraft compared to, say, a fighter jet. Sure, both fly, both utilize similar principles, but end of the day they have two separate jobs. Can’t shoot down other fighters with a space shuttle, and you can’t get into space with an F-16.

        4. I have to agree. The endurance required for harsh rugged environments and altitudes would kill or seriously injure people in other sports. It requires a state of mind, will power and perseverance not found in other sports. There is “no bench” or rotation. Just completing it is worthy of admiration, let alone winning it.
          “My sport is your sports punishment.”

    2. I remember back when Fedor was still fighting, dumbasses would try to use P4P rankings to say that Anderson Silva was placed ahead of Fedor, thus he was better. When I tried to tell them that P4P lists are purely speculative, subjective and abritrary rooted in whim and personal bias, they would still cling to his crap. However, now all I have to do is point out that Ronda Rousey is listed at #6 on the P4P lists. So if you still want to cling to the P4P ranking, that means you actually believe that a woman (Rousey ) is better than all other men fighters in the MMA that are not listed above her on the list. LOL

      1. Yeah but Fedor was also highly overrated and fought mostly bums. He had a few good wins but he’s not as good as Pride fanboys made him out to be.

        1. Oh, so is that why he’s your favorite fighters’ favorite fighter. Ask Jose Aldo, Cain Velasquez, Anderson Silva, JDS, Machida, BJ Penn, GSP, etc etc who the GOAT is – All will say Fedor.

  5. Professional sports are nothing more than a business. Just another product to be sold on the capitalist market which panders to the retarded masses. That is the problem of free market capitalism, it always panders to the lowest common denomnatior for a few extra bucks at the expense of anything decent, moral, sane, or anything with integrity.

    1. How is it then that when we were far more capitalist, say, the late 1800’s, we did not see this kind of pandering to the lowest common denominator? Henry Ford didn’t sell cars because he was shooting for the lowbrow moron crowd, he was instead bringing an amazing innovation to the common man.
      Used to be, back during *real* laissez faire capitalism, that men strove to “make a better mouse trap” and offer it at the best price, believing that the average man was intelligent and capable of making an informed decision based on merit.
      We’re not even vaguely capitalist these days, at best we’re mercantilist with small smattering remnants of vestigle free market ideology on the fringes.

      1. Probably because we were taught that there were things in life more important than how much money one made. And real heros of the time (well I don’t know any off the top of my head in the 1800s) but in the past they were always innovators, explorers, creators, inventors, thinkers. Not today where they are simply whoever collects the biggest paycheck for singing / throwing a ball / twerking / whatever Paris Hilton does.
        Maybe no astronaut has made an equivalent accomplishment to Neil Armstrong, but can we even name a current astronaut today? In their day, Buzz Aldrin, Alan Shephard, Gus Grissom, James Wood, Yuri Gagarin were looked up to universally throughout the world. And ponder this: If kids growing up idolizing these men gave us the society we have today, what will kids growing up idolizing Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus give us?

        1. Industrialists were idolized and admired as well, but as you say, because of the inventions and innovations they brought.
          Agree with your post. My point to him was that it’s not “capitalism pandering” it’s rather something else, something deeper and more pertinent to the culture that is outside the realm of economics.

        2. I don’t know why we keep talking about capitalism vs socialism in extremes. Scandinavian countries are pretty good mixes of both, and sure we can gripe about cultural marxism/feminism in Scandinavia but at the end of the day, if very few people are homeless or starving, you’re doing something right. We can talk about theory all we want, I prefer to discuss results.

      2. Indeed. Capitalism is merit based. It reminds me of the following quote:
        On the free market, everyone earns according to his productive value in satisfying consumer desires. Under statist distribution, everyone earns in proportion to the amount he can plunder from the producers.
        ——Murray N. Rothbard, Power and Market

        1. Yes. And consumer desires are fueled by cultural memes and expectations and instilled shared virtues. You couldn’t have sold Miley Cyrus to even the most lecerous man in the year 1880 because not only is she an extreme reprobate, she is coming from a culture that is now more or less openly into Satan worship and is revolting even from a strictly sexual standpoint. No man with any self respect, which was a culturally instilled virtue in the 19th century, would be caught dead even pretending to look at a Cyrus, not only due to social condemnation, but also his own innate sense of right and wrong would make her wholly unacceptable, no matter how horny he was.
          It is simply not a question of socio-economics, imho.

        2. Very good assessment.
          People no longer believe in good and evil. This makes it easy to manipulate the masses.

      3. Just watch the the movie “Tucker” to see the reality of “Free Enterprise” in America.

        1. Own it actually. Tucker was the transition phase between actual free markets and statist mercantilism/fascism in the U.S. My grandpa used to tell me about Tucker cars (he was a mechanic).

        2. Cronies pay off the state to crush their competitors via regulation, licensing fees, and fines.
          Solution: no more state.

    2. This is liberalism not capitalism.
      Capitalism doesn’t pander to morons with no jobs and no money. Feminism, which is a subset of liberalism, does.

      1. No. That is wrong. Feminism as we know it today is NOT a subset of Liberalism. It’s a subset of MARXISM. Modern Feminism was originally a carbon copy of the Marxist theory of class-struggle, but replacing “bourgeoisie” and “proletariat” with men and women (What, you thought women had an original idea? Think again…). The Left has stolen and distorted Liberal ideas beyond recognition. They have concocted spoonfuls of misconceptions about Liberalism and it seems you swallowed one of them whole.
        And you simply can’t divorce Liberalism and Capitalism.

    3. So apparently satisfying the consumers’ wants and needs is now “pandering to the lowest common denominator.”
      As loser types on cheap personal computer that was made possible by capital investment and skillful entrepreneurs.
      ::grabs onto wallet::
      So what’s next, redistribution?

      1. The problem is that our wants and needs become so incredibly selfish and meaningless that everything becomes a slave to bodily pleasures and instant gratification.. Where libertarians go wrong is in thinking that market indicators are the be-all-end-all, they are God.

      2. Yea, completely ignore rather or not those wants makes any sense or even good for them at all and just assume that everyone wants the same thing and that everyone wants low quality shit. Fail. Does context mean anything to you at all? Who said i was against capital investment or skillful entrepreneurs? Take your head out you ass.

      1. It is just really frustrating because she seems so sincere , yet she does not follow some bible rules and get church does not care…

  6. “Women want to be equal and do the things men do but they don’t want the responsibility or scrutiny that comes with it. But the PC police will ensure that anyone who points out Thomas’s mistakes or critiques her performance will be met with accusations of misogyny and everybody knows this.”
    Extrapolate that tendency and present day reality from NFL line judge to national presidency and then stand and salute: “All hail Hillary” – or else woman hater! Reminiscent of Germany circa 1938.
    Watch for the accidental collision with fines and abuse charges enforced on the offending player(s). If she survives that then there will be the fights between players that she’s going to be required to step into and break up thereby suffering verbal and physical abuse, threats and of course sexual harassment. Wonder how long it will be before she sues the NFL for damages or makes the .70¢ on the dollar claim justifying a demand that she get ‘equal pay’. The NFL white knight manginas are in over their heads and don’t even seem to know it… yet.

  7. More and more, the NFL is the least manly sport in the country.
    Don’t bother watching it. Have sex instead. Bang the wives and girlfriends of the guys who are out with their buddies chest-bumping when their favorite team scores a touchdown.

    1. Oh my Allah those women are fucking disgusting! Especially when they put on the black lines under their eyes (whatever they’re formally called, I don’t even fucking know) and post selfies. Yeah Baby, bend over now, I want you so bad as you sport those, along with your team’s jersey and cap! Not!

    2. Even better, go to a real gym, lift heavy, and then go eat a steak or a huge hunk of pork.
      Better high than crack.

  8. I think the biggest problem with hiring a female referee is that it won’t be very effective if a QB tries to pull a “Longest Yard” and throw the ball at her crotch after a bad call.

  9. Black police officer just named Chief of police for Toronto. Same principle.
    Reviews are very PC but lukewarm. One commentator said he’s very middle of the road….as his best compliment.

  10. Wait until this woman doesn’t get out of the way of a burly linebacker and gets run down while he’s trying to make a play.
    That guy will wish he was never born.

    1. Maybe that will put her out of commission. Then players would have to skip around the referee not to hurt them even by accident. Players would fear losing their jobs by not making a great play.

      1. There’s nothing I’d love more than to see this chick — or any female ref — get tossed like a tooth pick by a linebacker. It’s going to be hilarious.

    2. Just wait till she makes a BS call and players call it out.
      The team and players will be turned into “woman hating sexists” for merely responding to a blown call.
      This is off topic yet relative. NPR in Boston last night, some broad said Rand Paul’s “2nd plane for Hillarys baggage joke” was … sexist. When she was questioned as to why she felt Hillary was above questions and jokes — like any other candidate she responded predictably: “She’s unique. She’s a woman”
      I share that because the same BS will happen with this female ref. Being above criticism courtesy of gender.

  11. Professional sport for the most part is not much different from any form of entertainment and this thetrefore open to the same corruptions.
    Believe it or not, there’s not a huge leap from NFL to Pro Wrestling, to the X-Factor

    1. Right now I’m watching David Ortiz getting suspended for one game due to going off on ump.
      Oh … can u even imagine what will happen when players blow up at female refs on a BS call.

  12. This is sexism. I have been reading this site for a while now, and I agree with most of it. However, she clearly has the credentials to be an NFL ref. After all the flak replacement refs got a couple years ago, I have no problem with a qualified women becoming a ref. She was a ref at the high school and college level and was trusted enough to be a referee in a bowl game.
    The speed, yes, is there. These are just phenomenal athletes on both sides of the ball. The game has a tendency to slow down the (more) snaps you get and repetition. So, hopefully, the more snaps I get, things will start slowing down a little bit.
    This is beyond the dumbest cherry pick I have ever seen on this site. Men and women a like have said something similar. I have heard hundreds of male athletes say “hopefully we get the win or hopefully the gameplan works or hopefully we can make the playoffs and go from there. She gives a very fair answer with some modesty. Nothing to see here.
    Sure NFL players on average will be faster than college players, but that isn’t always true. NFL players can be as old as 34 years old. In fact, the opposite is also true. Former Giants RB Darel Scott ran a 4.31 40 at the rookie combine 3 years ago and during this years veteran combine he ran a 4.71. I think it is safe to say if she could keep up on the college level, she can keep up on the NFL level.
    If there were more qualified men for the position then fine, I agree this was wrong. However her qualifications are pretty good is probably in league with most male refs out there. To say the NFL is white knighting when you have no idea of the other candidates qualifications and then using two examples from other sports, one not even including a referee seems very rushed and very silly.

      1. Men can ref women’s sports. There is no competitive advantage to have a women ref a men’s sport

        1. Men understand justice better than women do, and they’re not as easily intimidated by male athletes who lose control of their emotions. Officiating requires a very very cool head to do it well.

        2. Also, and this is a personal belief, I do not believe that anyone who is wholly incapable of playing a particular sport/game should be allowed to officiate it. If you don’t understand the physical demands and emotion involved, you should not be officiating it.

        3. I am not sure how to look it up, however, I would be interested to see how many refs played at the college or Pro level

    1. Why is it that people are perfectly willing to see the politically-correct politics that hurt themselves, but somehow believe that all other aspects of life are filled with ego-less people who only merit the positions they’ve achieved?
      My father officiated High School and female College basketball in California and Oregon for nearly 20 years. I’m not ashamed to say he was one of the best officials I had ever seen. He was never offered the quick path to promotion this girl was. I sincerely doubt her advancement is due to merit, I rather believe a few white knights along her path have simply used her to further their own agenda. All organizations have their internal politics. Referees are no different.
      Personally, I don’t believe this woman is better qualified than likely a lot of men who would jump at the chance to be an NFL official. I don’t believe it for a minute.

      1. I must agree. Surely there are at least a dozen NCAA refs who are more qualified than her. This is a ploy to garner more female consumers, and it’s a piss poor attempt by the NFL to right the Ray Rice fiasco.

        1. Well if you can show me the NCAA refs who applied for the position and that they have credentials that are better…fine. However we can’t so it is silly to just arbitrarily say this is feminist BS and NFL white knighting. It could be, and I wouldn’t bet one way or another. But I am not just going to go with the red pill agenda just because it sounds right. I want to see the facts first and then if it supports the red pill way of thought, all the better.

      2. Its political correctness. Many more qualified men were passed over to appease the feminists.

      3. “Why is it that people are perfectly willing to see the politically-correct politics that hurt themselves, but somehow believe that all other aspects of life are filled with ego-less people who only merit the positions they’ve achieved?” ~ Pure fucking gold. I don’t understand either, it seems to be some sort of human flaw or defect.

      1. I disagree that a man or a women should HAVE to have played the sport in which they ref or coach. If they are good at it, who cares.

        1. Bullshit. Like saying coaches or sports reporters can learn the job from studying what’s on the internet.

        2. No. She can learn from other referees from training and from experience, like she has for the past 20 years or however long she has been reffing.

        3. Do you honestly believe she’s more qualified than many of the male candidates? I’m not saying she’s got no qualifications but I would almost guarantee there were male candidates as good if not better an that this is a SJW experiment. An if it’s not then they shouldn’t have been giving pussy passes out throughout society coz it makes all females look like they’ve been given a pussy pass even in classes where they haven’t.

      1. I am not arguing that. I agree. My point is unless someone can prove that she is unqualified to be a ref, I see no reason why she can’t be when she was successful at the college level.

        1. Let me give you an analogy.
          When I was in high school, I was in the top 13% of my class academically. I went to college and I dropped down to maybe bottom 40%. You think you are the shit and then you go to the big leagues and you’re in for a rude awakening.

        2. Do you think she was the MOST qualified person for the job, or did her vagina help her land the gig?
          I’m banking on landed gig to meet vagina quota.

        3. I think that analogy would better represent College athletes experience going Pro. You dropped down because all the other top 13% kids from other high schools were also at your college. The competition was just simply too much and your rank suffered. She is going to ref games. She isn’t being compared to anyone else while doing her job in the NFL. She only has to do her job well. From my perspective, this analogy is flawed.

    2. I think it is safe to say if she could keep up on the college level, she can keep up on the NFL level.
      The NFL is comprised of the biggest, fastest, quickest college players.
      Top college athletes who excelled in collegiate games for three or four years are unable to keep up with the pros in many cases, why would it be safe to think a female would be able to?

      1. I already demonstrated a case where an NFL player got slower as he spent time in the pros. The older you get the slower you get. That is life. She saw plenty of NFL talent in College and apparently did fine. It is ridiculous to think any one player will get faster in the NFL. If anything, there is less trick plays and gimmicks in the NFL, which could in fact make being a referee slightly easier.
        To think that a 30 year old RB would be as fast as a 20 year old RB is ridiculous. She has seen plenty of super fast and athletic player in college. Now there are just a few more. The slow college players are likely offset by the old NFL players.

    3. “(they)…were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” — Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park
      Why must women invade male spaces. It is obvious that men are not allowed in female spaces, so don’t talk about equality. Don’t kid yourselves, feminism is cultural Marxism and whenever Marxists get power millions are slaughtered. I think they mean to make men the new Bolsheviks.

      1. There are male refs (and Coaches for that matter) in women sports. I am sure the Male ref club will still be able to have their poker nights.

  13. Good article Donovan, and all valid points, but this is beyond my capacity to care anymore.
    If she’s qualified, then as men who say we believe in advancement based on merit, we should have no problem with the rare woman who can hack it. As you and I both suspect, she probably doesn’t perform up to the men’s level, but that will become apparent once she starts officiating.
    The real reason I can’t get worked up for this is that it’s so minor In comparison to the other issues we face. For example:
    I have friends who say that this transgender shit will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I’m not so sure. And this article is a perfect illustration as to why.
    Here’s the key line: “The mother said she tried to approach school officials about her concerns but was given the cold shoulder.” Translation: your overlords have already decided what is best for you to believe, and you can shut up while they brainwash your kids to believe it.
    Here’s how this works: first, they criminalize not putting your kids in school (homeschool exception to be discussed momentarily); second, they make sure that public school is free, even eliminating the cost of the $1.00 per day lunch, to incentivize people to send their kids; third, they enact laws that mandate establishment of a mandatory, but unspecified curriculum, and create a giant unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy that gets to decide what the curriculum is without your input; fourth, they decide what fairness and diversity agenda they’re going to push and start pushing it; finally, once they have enough momentum, they take disciplinary action against kids and parents who don’t get with the program.
    Now, this plan doesn’t affect homeschooled kids, but those will always be in the minority because we have also created and encouraged a you-go-girl economy where everyone works 12 hours per day to afford the latest consumer crap we don’t need and feed misguided female ambitions to be a cubicle slave, as if that’s a mark of respect. Because women eagerly buy into feminist careerism or consumerism, or both, it will always be prohibitively expensive to homeschool your kids while there is a free, state-subsidized daycare available every day for almost as long as you could possibly need it. Moreover, your homeschooled kids will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage when they want to get into college one day, but can only do trivial things like math, science and reading, while the entrance exams mandate diversity theory, gender acceptance and social deconstruction seminars. Eventually, these holdouts will find themselves part of the “bigoted minority” as their brainwashed peers outnumber them 99 to 1, and then our overlords can start deciding what new progressive agenda should be advanced in the interest of fairness. When that happens, we’d be lucky to deal with female refs – there will be mandatory tranny quotas for players, and you’ll be kicked out of the league for punching some fag who humps you when you get down in the three point stance.
    All of this shit takes its cues from the Marxism playbook, and as much as I hate communists, I’ll say this – they were absolutely correct to round up and shoot teachers who don’t get with the fucking program. They understood that the key to social change lies in the minds of children who will carry out their agenda in the future.
    So you see, I have trouble getting too upset by a female ref. Sure it’s an invasion of male space, but this battle was being waged in the classrooms of elementary schools around the country 20-30 years ago, and we fucking lost. We aren’t going to win by treating the symptoms of the disease. We need to get back in the classroom and win over the kids. Win them now, and this shit will go away 30 years from now. We ignore this at our peril.

    1. From a poster in the article you reference:
      “The latin term for this condition is “fuctupicus
      nutbagia” which, loosely translated, equates to “nuttier than
      squirrel turds.” It doesn’t take a medical degree to know these people are
      simply bat-shyte crazy.”

      1. Fuctupicus nutbagia, then? Wasn’t that phrase originally coined by Biggus Dickus?

        1. Ah yes, Incontinentia Buttocks, a true lady of the Roman Empire.

      2. I actually think the “sane” people who push transvestite acceptance are more insane than the trannies themselves. The trannies suffer from mental illness. It is to be expected that they are whack jobs. They need help. But to look at someone suffering like this and say, “that’s perfectly normal, and not only normal, but is to be respected if not revered and emulated” takes a special kind of psychosis that I believe is yet undiagnosed.

        1. I heard that Mens Health magazine is contemplating putting a transgender (from female to male) on the front cover. They are taking votes.
          I’m absolutely speechless at this point.

        2. So let’s see….”Men’s” – nope, tranny is not a “man.” “Health” – nope, transvestitism is no “healthy.” That this is even up for a vote eviscerates the supposed foundational purpose of this magazine.

    2. One of the best posts I’ve ever read on ROK. It nails our situation to the wall.

    3. There is a connection between the hiring of a woman in NFL as a Line Judge and the story you posted.
      But I work tirelessly against feminizm everyday thinking about kid. But please let’s just say that any effort against the overtake of boy’s AND men’s minds is well done, instead of the do-as-I-do-or-you’re-stupid attitude.
      But I agree that kids are the most important.
      Merits? I don’t give a shit if she is the best in the history of the NFL. Women can get the frick out of our business.

  14. “It requires physical speed, attention to detail, physical strength, and cat-like reflexes lest he (or she) be left in the dust.”
    right… like 65 year old Ed Hochuli.
    I think a woman (a lot of them) is perfectly capable of doing the job from a physical standpoint. Whether she has the mental fortitude to handle a player 3 times her size “intimidating” her or being booed down by 60,000 fans for a bad call is quite another. Most women are not great at that level of rejection.
    But even if she is mentally tough, the question should be why would you even want the distraction.

    1. The only time I’ve seen a woman capable of doing that is when her child is threatened.

    2. According to the marines, women peak at age 19 and are physically equal to a 52-53 years old man. 65 years old Ed Hochuli is in excellent physical shape and finding women who are physically his equal is easier said than done.

      1. I’ve heard that “52-53 year old man” equivalency before but have no idea on where they get that. My father is in his mid 60’s and could whoop the shit out of any female at any physical activity, bar none. It’s not that he’s Superman, he’s just an active guy who still gets around a lot. A 52 year old who can’t out PT a 19 year old girl has to have some serious health problems or be so extremely out of shape even for his age that it’s laughable.

      2. Strength is irrelevant for the job of referee. The metrics are speed, agility, endurance, and reaction time.

    3. Female officials in sports I’ve seen tend to over officiate to prove they’re tough an capable which actually leads to bad calls, I’ve only seen female officials at amateur level but I think it’ll be the same in the big time. Also as we know females are emotionally driven an their emotions rule which isn’t good if you’re an official, my guess is she won’t be a good reff but will get a pussy pass regardless.

  15. This is a very dumb, risky move for the NFL.
    Every NFL season, 2-3 times during the season, a referee will get hit by 240+ pound men going full speed. Women lighter and less equipped to handle such a hit, and referees do not wear protective gear.
    If the female referee gets hit and gets hurt…. The NFL will be over. The feminist whining, temporarily halted with pink ribbons, will return at full blast. Every joe average blue pill man will be white knighting on behalf of the poor hurt girl. There will be media inquiries and congressional investigations.
    Of course a male ref could get hurt in such a way too, but men and women are different and society reacts to hurt crying women differently.
    Tremendous tremendous risk. And for what? some diversity points?
    Not worth it.

    1. so watching an NFL game will have one additional excitement added; the moment when the female ref gets ran over ~ cheers and groans all around. It’ll be like watching the Indy 500 just waiting for the crashes, wrecks and hopefully a massive pile up… you know who you are.

      1. Actually, if taken in the same spirit that people watch NASCAR, which is, waiting to cheer the disasters, then that could be fun.

    2. The thingis if that happens it will prove it’s a job that women can’t do aswell as men but that will fly completely over feminists head

  16. i feel bad for NFL fans…fuck em…come on over to the dark side..I cant imagine the NHL hiring a female ref or linesman on a consistant basis, I know there have been a few in the minors…and that is exactly where they will stay.

    1. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Nothing is more pathetic than to hear a fatass grown man in a jersey with another human’s name on it pout and say “We lost!” after a game.
      The only thing you truly lost is your dignity, schmuck!

  17. Due to the over-reverence of the military and now (ironically) increasing feminization of the NFL it entered my boycott list at the end of last season.

  18. I live across the street from a government complex. Police, Fire, Tag Office, Business License, Property Tax. About a year ago I noticed that I started seeing FAT out of shape “women?” cropped hair bull dykes “working” at the fire dept. Now Spring is here and I see the men nearly everyday out in their shorts running to stay in shape. I have NEVER seen a woman/bull dyke attempting to run or exercise at the fire dept. I mean there is one woman so fat that the only use she would be is as a driver, and I am not going there about fucking women drivers. She could NEVER climb a ladder or pull someone from a burning building. Perhaps I will try to get a photo in the next few days and post it here so you can see what a Fire “Man” looks like in today’s post modern nightmare.

    1. I have also noticed a current DISPROPORTIONATE amount of women filling traditional male roles such as truck drivers, FedEx/UPS delivery men, short order fry cooks, line repairmen etc. etc. etc. The way I see it men must stop working for government and corporations altogether. They are the ones plotting our doom and we are willing pawns in their game to comply any further at this point. If money is more important to you as a man than a sane civilization I say fuck you! We have to crash the whole fucking system before we can re-take the reins and bring back some semblance of sanity. We will have to burn the village in order to save it, as they said in Vietnam.

      1. getting out of the U.S. and moving to a country that is off the zionist radar is the best possible thing any man living in the U.S. can do. Unfortunately, that is not always possible.

  19. Find a picture of a better looking pharmaceutical sales rep. Those of us who watched that season of big brother remember April looked like a pushing-50 washed up hag.
    Chain-smoking ages girls and steals their youth.

  20. Boy am I glad I had absolutely minimal emotional (and therefore, time) investment in this sport. Now it just got REALLY easy to check out of it entirely! I won’t miss it and it won’t miss me. There’s enough women prancing around in jerseys feigning interest in the sport (who are they kidding? They’d have to look UP from their phones to actually focus on anything else going on!) to make me want to never indulge in it again. Something about posers who only do something to play dress-up, party, and post selfies (whether it be about football or heavy metal or exercising) really bothers me to no end and I ridicule it to that same no end. For somebody who is truly heavily emotionally invested in something and is on-board with it for life and isn’t just “a phase” they’ll say “I grew out of” later on has no need to constantly re-re-remind everybody about it or get validation for it. It just is, and always will be.

  21. What makes you think a woman doesn’t understand the sport? She was scholarship athlete in softball at the local junior college for one year, been watching football on tv for months. She has all the qualifications of a waitress at H( . )( . )ters.

    1. Oh sure, factor in slutty behavior and attention whoring and lo, a woman suddenly “understands” anything and everything!

  22. They may as well put a trained monkeys out there. Women don’t and never will play football. I hate female sideline reporters also. Parrots, mindlessly repeating what they have learned, with above average mammalian protuberences.

    1. Well a lot of them are attractive, what do you expect? For them to actually WORK for anything, ever?

    2. I too absolutely HATE female sideline reporters. Asking the most obvious questions, “Coach: You weren’t able to convert on that 3rd down, what do you have to do?”
      Geez. Let’s see: get a new set of fucking downs.
      Couple weeks ago during an NBA game, some bimbo female reporter — who takes her job way too seriously — was on the court going on about something as the refs n players were trying to resume game. You could see players behind her going WTF and making signals like, this stupid bitch is holding up game from proceeding

  23. it’s time to spend our resources on soccer because there’s no way in hell the World Cup, if it is ever held in Cameroon, Italy, or the middle east will ever be officiated by a woman.

    1. I think I’d rather spend my resources on fine scotch, a good cigar and a day out shooting trap, thank you very much.

      1. okay, so I’m partial to soccer. It’s for a good cause. I want the USA to shut the traps of the foreign and/or domestic naysayers who say America will never be good at soccer.

  24. Meh, I stopped watching football for the most part after swallowing the red pill and seeing all the BS. After last year’s domestic violence stuff, this news, and the inevitable news of there being a Head female coach which we all know will happen in the future, I can’t say I regret it. Since everytime rich people are involved in business, banking, politics it is always rigged I wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL was rigged to a certain degree anyway.
    I joined an online sports forum just to explain to the blue pilled sheep why this is a stupid idea and I was perma-banned within minutes. Those folk are hopeless.

    1. The NFL also doesn’t pay taxes as they’re registered as Non-Profit. I’m always amazed at how many people don’t know this. This status allows the federal government to pump the b.s. — such as the feminist narrative DV commercials during games.
      I agree. With each season the less I like watching football. I’m Fed-Up with male shaming BS/ you go girl crap increasing each and every year.

      1. What is one of the signs that your sport is not actually a sport?
        It is not governed by a non-profit.

        1. If there is a problem with how the NFL operates within the rules of non-profit corporations (and I believe there is), then the correct approach is to restructure the rules to prevent it.
          And it is worth noting that the salaries paid to the employees of the NFL are not tax exempt and that the member teams of the league are not tax exempt. Goodell’s 44 mil is private income, hence taxable.
          The idea that no taxes are paid by the “industry” is incorrect. They are paid through avenues other than through the governing body.
          MLB and the NBA did not “give up” their non-profit status. They became private businesses in order to be completely under the control of the suits and lawyers. They are no longer sports, but reality TV conglomerates and their product is no different than Big Brother. Their goal is to maximize profits, not maintain the sporting rules and organization.

    2. “I joined an online sports forum just to explain to the blue pilled sheep why this is a stupid idea and I was perma-banned within minutes.”
      So what? It is no loss. I bet the pussies that banned you are currently Liking a bunch of selfies women posted of themselves in football jerseys as we speak!

  25. We’ve all seen this coming. The break down began when they allowed women in the men’s lockerroom.
    Here’s an example: This female “reporter” is allowed in the men’s locker room to ask “questions.” Listen to some of these questions — getting naked together, their showering habits, what they’re doing for the summer. (Real pressing, huh?)
    Listen to how giddy she is. While a couple guys changing in back look visibly annoyed, she’s laughing it up, asking BS questions all so she can observe athletes in state of undress.

    1. If women reporters want to be allowed in men’s locker rooms, then they should be required to have the same amount of clothing as the males they interview, or lack thereof. Nothing but a towel falling off her, and its acceptable for men to comment on her butt and cunt and any other body part, on record in front of the camera with open mic.

      1. Imagine a Male Reporter In a Female Locker room… but it’s Socially acceptable for a woman in a Male Locker Room.

  26. Last year was abysmal to watch.
    I want a cure for breast cancer as much as the next person, but wearing pink attire for three months is overboard. Even after the players stopped with the pink uniforms, the announcers kept on going with their pink lapels and buttons well into the playoffs – just proving that you can never go overoard when it comes to a women’s cause in America. Prostate cancer? Not a peep out of anyone.
    And then, at every break, the constant domestic violence ads and commercials. One white knight player after another, “getting tough” on domestic violence. Meanwhile, every other film/tv show these days has some girl punching or kicking a guy. Nobody mentions a word.
    The final kicker was the Super Bowl halftime show, with a feminist performance that was right out of the Vagina Monologues. The show was like a giant tribute to Eve Ensler.
    As a long time NFL fan, I am sorry to see this day come – the testicles have been ripped off the league and its downhill from here.
    On the bright side, now I have my Sundays free.

    1. That’s what I found amazing. You had one of the feminist DV narrative commercials. Yet then 2 commercials later, you’d see ad for movie or sitcom where a female is assaulting male and punching him in nuts.
      I vividly recall a commercial for New Girl where she started punching one of the dudes in balls.
      I sat there enraged. This idea that women assaulting men in the genitals is funny whereas a male who hits a woman after she’s assaulted him is wrong.

      1. It’s almost like a shit test, to see how asleep beta males are. Will anybody even notice if they cuckold American men in public?

  27. Please don’t tell me this form of white knighting only leads to the NFL players themselves, “catching a grenade” for them, a la Bruno Mars.

      1. calling her a selfish bitch and then saying he’d jump in front of a train for her..

    1. the song is about a white knight who consciously realizes that his crush does not give a shit about him yet is still willing to die for her?

  28. Right. The strategy is incrementally to condition all males to accept automatically the authority and commands of all females. Already this has been accomplished, broadly, across Western institutions, and American athletics currently is targeted, as the final victory lap for the gynarchy. Sports is the last refuge of maleness and must be infiltrated and controlled.
    Roger Baddell and Weenie Blahdino are standard manginas, cookie-cutter castrati, making careers and fortunes off the disenfranchisement and degradation of other males. They buy beachfront property and play Look! I’m Mr. Enlightened! as the last of American masculinity is snuffed out, one ‘progress’ at a time.
    In an empire like modern America, most men are too comfortable psychologically and financially to challenge the overt, and internal, destruction of their own nations. The average U.S. male is afraid of both individual and collective female power — with good reason. Now even his heroes on the gridiron are subject to the ‘impartial decisions’ of Almighty Woman.

    1. I agree. Sports was the one last bastion of masculinity, and even that has been taken away by the fucking feminists!!! But let’s not forget, in reality, if men weren’t White Knights and didn’t cave in to feminists, none of this shit would ever happen. Why can’t men just call a spade a spade and say “Sorry ladies, this is a Man’s World”..????

  29. I have a family member who is a pharma rep. She grossed over 200,000 dollars in 2014 . I know this b/c she would leave her pay stubs and w-2’s around the house. She stayed with us for a few months recently as her house was being remodeled. I would say that on an average week she probably puts in about 10-15 hour of work. I dont think she has ever put in an actual 8 hour day, she’s be at the house all the time.These people are getting paid to basically be drug dealers. They work the same hours as drug dealers. Basically sit on your ass until someone is ready to re-up.
    Pharma sales is like legalized cocaine dealing. The hours are easy , never have to clock into an office. It’s hardly work I’m sorry to say.

    1. To sell pills that inevitably make children turn into drug addicts. Pills to stifle boys in classrooms for NORMAL activity.
      The only thing which makes me more sick is when divorced fathers get to point of trying to protect their children from these medications that the ex-wife has kids on, they have to take kids n then become fugitives simply for the goodness of their kid.

    2. They are drug dealers.
      About 60-80% of prescription drugs (i.e. supplied by a hospital, doctor, pharmacy) in the US and UK are counterfeit. In the US a big part of this is pharma reps selling the drugs to street dealers and supplying the doctors with Chinese knockoffs.
      Generally the Chinese made counterfeits are identical to the real thing, but once in a while its some cunt mixing the chemicals in a bucket in his backyard.
      I think the US has about 6-8 to investigate prescription drug crime, and a budget of a million or two, versus the DEA and its budget for illegal narcotics.

  30. “You can bet your bottom dollar that there are plenty of drivers who don’t race in NASCAR’s highest circuit who are 10 times the driver Danica Patrick will ever be. In the same vein I’m 100% certain there are scores of men who are more qualified than Thomas to do the job she’s been hired to do”
    This… it is why I hate feminism so much. Equal opportunity my ass.. it is all about rewarding mediocrity. The same thing is happening in Australian football, they even have a female commentator now. Why? Women don’t know shit about football.. I hate it how we men are not allowed to have ANYTHING to ourselves anymore.. women have no place in sport, just fuck off already!

    1. Can you point to the evidence showing she’s mediocre at her job? Or is she just mediocre at her job because she’s not a man? I’d be willing to bet my life that she knows more about football that you do.
      I wasn’t aware that football was created exclusively for men. Especially since women provide the NFL with the majority of their revenue from apparel purchases, season tickets. etc. (didn’t know that, did you?)
      Don’t expect it to change. I’m pretty sure NFL owners care far more about their profits than they do about your fear of the almighty p***y.

  31. Every time one of these articles regarding sports is on this site I say the same thing, STOP WATCHING SPORTS! My whole life I always felt like a weirdo because I seemed to be the only guy on the planet who didn’t enjoy watching sports or playing fantasy football/baseball.
    You stop watching and buying they will stop white knighting. End of story.

      1. The only reason sports institutions are cowtowing to the feminine imperitive is that because it is in their financial interest to do so. No other reason.
        If men were to actually stop complaining and get into action (i.e. doing or not doing something) and STOP watching sports and/or attending the events, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.
        So, me telling someone to do would require me to have a reasonable expectation of compliance from that person. I never did/don’t have that expectation. If men really want to see rapid change, they would put their money where their mouths are. Try it sometime.

        1. Tell me about the action you are taking to prevent the feminist take-over of sports.

        2. Did you not read my statement? My non-support via non-engagement is my action. Engaging or non-engaging with your money is the only power people have in a free market. Writing letters, complaining, and general whining will get you or your tribe nowhere.

        3. So your action is to continue not doing something you never did in the first place?

        4. I think you’re smart enough to admit he does have a point here. Maybe we can’t do much about it as individuals, but that doesn’t mean we have to contribute to the problem.

        5. I’m smart enough to know that he is actually using this issue to provide cover for his dislike of sports. It hasn’t nothing to do the so-called feminist take-over. I have noticed those men who not only have a strong dislike of sports but also can’t stand the fact that other people like them also tend to be quite affeminate as well. He is probably lacking in some aspect that makes him feel less manly and rather tha confront that issue he would prefer to attack other men as though they are the ones with the problem. He says as much in his first comment.
          People like him like to believe that there is something inherently wrong in other people liking sports or even in sports themselves. The fact is, this kind of belief (whether it concerns sports or some other activity that other people enjoy) is at the heart of socialism and its progeny, feminism.
          The man is actually a feminist at heart as women cannot tolerate other people enjoying themselves in a way they perceive to be threatenng. As such they will try to stamp it out.
          Have you even considered how absurd his approach is? He continue not doing something he never did to fight against feminism in sports, an activity he doesn even like. Ridiculous.

        6. I get your point, but then there’s the flip side of the coin. The pseudomasculine culture of obese, non-athletic men getting together indulging on shitty beer and junk food wearing jerseys of other men’s names on their back shouting “go, go, go! That’s my boy!” The kind of people who put all of their emotional and intellectual stock into the outcome of a football game that they have no control over. The kind of people who take pride when “their team” that they have no participation in wins, and then go to their offices and brag about it to fans of rivalry teams. That’s the problem. Men should prefer playing any sport over watching any sport.

        7. Be careful using the word “should”. Usually that means you are assuming that other people should hold to your personal values. While I agree that a man will be better off if he attends to his fitness ultimately it is his choice.
          That said I am a sports fan and I am in excellent shape. And let’s be honest: the creep of feminist ideas is happening across society, not just in sports. I think there are more important arenas to fight it in.

  32. Hiring a woman in the NFL with 25 years of experience to sell more tickets idgaf. Good for her. If they want to slave away like the rest of us great. In the meantime has anyone noticed the cost of living and average wages far exceeds that of the general population despite the fact that money is just made up paper that you assign value to for trade? Oh that’s right you’re too busy hating to pay attention to your generation and future generations having 0 to no sustainability without serious policy changes, but look boobs.

  33. Just when I finally start really liking football(especially the playoffs) they make it even more unbearable to watch. Forcing men to wear pink, domestic abuse commercials of blatant lies, and now handing over direct in game authority to women. Trying to mention this to any white knight faggot you happen to be watching the game with is pointless and often infuriating.

    1. I know, right! Where’s the justice in the world? We need a law protecting men’s delicate sensitivities from being forced to look at the color pink, commercials designed to help victims of violence and now chicks who have the nerve be on field and not wearing cheerleader uniforms. It’s criminal.

  34. Most sports like basketball and football are a waste to begin with. People that are paid several millions just because they’re tall that’s all this is. I don’t care if feminists destroy just another useless vain superficial venue in society. Start introducing female players and transexual players and cheerleaders fuck football nothing a big waste of money.
    Sports is just like women. Why is my tax dollars going to a stadium where I have to pay to watch the games? Fuck that shit.

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  36. < col Hiiiiiii Friends….’my friend’s mom makes $88 every hour on the internet . She has been unemployed for eight months but last month her payment was $13904 just working on the internet for a few hours.
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  37. Donovan’s just salty because here’s yet another hot white girl he’ll never get.

  38. The other issue with giving women power over groups of men: They shamelessly pick favorites while being draconian authoritarians over 90% of the other men.
    You can watch this if you work for a female manager. There is no meritocracy in female led organizations. Her whimsical gina tingles will dictate workload and treatment. I’ve been the beneficiary of this type of situation and it’s not as great as it sounds: Other coworkers notice preferential treatment and get justifiably resentful and it turns out to be a bad situation for everyone.

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