UK Feminists Shut Down Sussex Police Efforts To Prevent Rape

Feminists and their fellow-travellers in the British media have successfully shut down an initiative by Sussex Police to prevent rape. The poster campaign, intended to educate women about the risk of sexual assault on nights out, was initially defended by police in Sussex, a region of south-east England, but senior officers have since withdrawn the posters and issued a grovelling apology after pressure from a minority of Feminist complainers made known their opposition to the poster campaign, which they slated as “victim-blaming”.

This development signals a worrying new trend, namely that public officials in Britain now kowtow before media commentators with extreme ideological agendas, putting second the interests of taxpayers and members of the general public. The poster, below, was intended for publication in pub and club toilets in Brighton, which has a large student population:


Attack of the Shrikes

It’s sensible advice to any right-thinking individual. However, the usual array of fundamentalists took great issue with it. Premier-league cretin of British feminism Laura Bates told The Independent:

This kind of messaging (while it can be well-meaning) plays into hugely problematic victim-blaming within our society, which can make victims of sexual offences feel unable to come forward for fear they will be blamed for what happened.

Missing the point entirely that the campain was aimed at the friends of potential vicims, she continued:

Focusing on victim behaviour prevents us from placing the blame where it belongs- with the perpetrator alone.

Publishing a poster aimed at a victim’s friends also does not constitute “focusing on victim behaviour”. It is one facet of police policy. Other departments will be tasked with dealing with interrogating perps, gathering evidence and looking after real victims. Bates, a feminist hack with an English Literature degree, is lecturing cops about criminal justice policy.


A parasite in its natural habitat.

Another nutter, Glosswitch, who has previously written in the New Statesman rag on “Why farting is a feminist issue,” complained:

Almost 38 years after the first UK Reclaim the Night march made the glaringly obvious point that the threat of male violence must not limit women’s freedom of movement, it’s still being suggested that women are the ones who should be on their guard

It’s being suggested that women are the ones who should be on their guard! Who are these law enforcement professionals to suggest that women getting blind drunk on all sorts of booze might want to have a strategy in place to avoid the predations of men who frequent places full of inebriated women with nefarious purposes in mind? The patriarchal cis-het shitlords!

Glosswitch quotes another feminist hack, Soraya Chemaly, who says “teaching girls to constantly modify their behaviour in order to avoid stranger rape is a form of social control”.

Revellers celebrating the change of the year in Wind Street, the main pub and club district of Swansea, in south Wales

British women’s alcohol consumption is a public health issue.

The disingenuousness is palpable. Sussex Police are dealing with the issue of women putting themselves in vulnerable situations. They are not teaching women to modify innate behaviours. They are trying to persuade women to take steps to counteract a risky adopted behaviour (consuming industrial quantities of alcohol).

Feminists expect that women should be able to engage in this behaviour without restraint, as if the world was their own private bouncy castle in the form of a pub. Try as a cop to mitigate the risks of rape happening in such situations and you engage engaging in “social control!”

Just turn for comparison to the debate raging in the UK as to whether drunkards turn up to hospital A&E should be levied with a fine. No shouts of “victim-blaming” there, of course. Women are a category of victims with special dispensation to drink like sailors and ride the cock carousel into oblivion with no personal accountability when the inevitable tears and trauma arise.

Cops giving worldly advice based on endless weekends spent cleaning up blood, shit, piss, and vomit in custody suites are, according to Glosswitch, fettering women’s freedom.

Common sense ain’t so common

David Davies, a former cop who is running for re-election as an MP in Monmouth in Sussex, thought the message of the posters was sound advice.

I don’t think it’s blaming victims … it’s like telling people to lock car doors

No one’s suggesting the attacker doesn’t bear responsibility, the police are simply trying to make sure people are aware of danger and try to avoid it. It’s blindingly obvious.

It’s disappointing that some groups don’t realise police are trying to help prevent problems

Stalwart former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe, also added her tuppence, commending Sussex Police for their work.

With all the silliness that we have come to expect, some women’s rights groups are complaining that such posters blame the victims for rape. Tosh.

She went in her trademark outspoken style:

So let me give all those feminist harridans apoplexy by saying unapologetically that young girls should stick together, know how they are going to get home, drink moderately and not dress too scantily.

Cowards in high places

Initially, Sussex Police defended the campaign. Chief Inspector Katy Woolford pointed out that the poster was based on research into how to help those in vulnerable situations:

We would be failing in our response if, as with any other crime, we did not recognise that there are victims and urge them to take steps to minimise risks and help safeguard others from becoming victims…It is vital to be aware of vulnerability so that steps can be taken to guard against it. Friends and bystanders can play a key role in this, learning to recognise where their intervention may prevent a crime taking place.

Ultimately he campaign of outrage managed to browbeat Sussex Police into withdrawing the postes, Det Supt Paul Furnell announcing that the force had decided with its “partners” to pull the campaign, supplicating further: “The posters were well-intentioned with the sole aim of preventing people becoming victims of crime.”

Sussex Police had been made to pull the plug on the campaign by “democratically elected” Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, Katy Bourne, a career bureaucrat, who had come demanding answers armed with a file full of cuttings of press coverage about the campaign.

Feminists, a plague on the UK state


Sarah Green, giving credence to Roosh V’s claim that “Feminism is self-esteem welfare for women lacking beauty privilege.”

The invocation of the feminist mantra of “victim-blaming” in this case is a semantic nonsense. If anything, the poster is blaming the friends of the victim for abandoning her and putting her in a vulnerable position. The problem facing British men is not feminist abuse of language, however, but rather the growing influence of feminist agitators over public institutions.

A minority of gender-political hucksters were able to marshall Twitter and the national press in order to force a police force, funded to the tune of 24% by council tax paid by local people, the rest coming from central government, to backtrack their policy, wasting precious taxpayer money in order to satisfy a feminist whim about what constitutes proper narrative.

Moreover, the opinions of societal parasites like Sarah Green and Laura Bates is being given precedence over the professional judgment of hardened police officers with decades of service on the front line. Green and Bates make a comfortable, cushy living in the tertiary sector lecturing people with real jobs on how to do them, all on the basis of theories and studies biased in favour of a violently extremist ideology (feminism).

In the process, the empirical observations and instincts of front line cops are being marginalised to please a baying mob of Twitter schmucks who, like Green and Bates, wouldn’t last four minutes on the front line of British policing. If that doesn’t make you angry, you’re not paying attention.

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172 thoughts on “UK Feminists Shut Down Sussex Police Efforts To Prevent Rape”

  1. If you put up a no swimming sign in a dangerous stretch of a river, everyone would think it was a good idea. If you published a poster telling children to be careful around suspicious strangers, it would be applauded. Real risk begets real precaution.
    If rape is such an common, everyday risk, why do women feel no need to protect themselves. Hmmm…

        1. Only if the guy is hot enough for their “standard”. Otherwise else it’s persecution mania!

    1. Maybe they are retards to the point that they think they can expose themselves to all those dangerous situations without taking ANY safety preventions and if shit ever hits the fan they can just tell the raper :”Hey, aahh, excuse me, you know this is wrong and you can’t rape me right? Because that’s against our constitution. So please, just walk away because you have no right to do this, my good sir. I know you will give up on doing this because we have bravely fought rape culture on Tumblr and Twitter, so please, walk away as you should. Have a nice day.”

    2. The answer is simple. I posted this over at Thought Catalog, in response to a similar conversation.
      What you’re missing here is what would be implied if they listened your sensible advice, and took precautions to prevent themselves from suffering harm. It was the same when that Toronto police officer advised women not to dress like sluts, in order not to draw unwanted attention and make themselves targets, which in turn sparked the “slut-walks” across the Western world. Once you shift the focus of the issue from “men not raping,” to limiting the chance of rape, you yield the position that rape is wholly preventable and give acceptance to the idea that rape will always be with us; that it’s a fact of life, to be dealt with and limited as possible, but which will always exist to some extent.
      That’s the central point, the belief on the Left that people don’t do bad things because there is a corrupt part of human nature which enjoys doing bad things, but rather that the culture, law, religion and societal institutions create and sustain environments which drive bad behavior in society (e.g. rape culture). In the case of rape,they believe that the creation of “rape culture,” which in their understanding, inculcates in men the idea that it’s “ok” to rape women, is in fact of purposeful creation of a hateful misogynistic society, which in turn can be done away with, thereby eliminating the cause of rape altogether.
      In other words, the base problem isn’t the fallen nature of humanity, it’s a social construction that causes bad behavior, which is itself ultimately within our control to change for the better. To shift the argument to practical prevention, would concede their whole perspective on this issue and the problems of life in general.

      1. So what you are saying is that because I should be allowed to leave my car door open and the engine running if someone tells me that’s not safe and it risks the car being stolen they are blaming me for the car theft and that’s stupid and they should be ridiculed for it. Do you leave your house door open when you leave in the morning?

        1. Now I understand. It all comes down to social engineering and the belief that if only the right structures are in place we can create perfect well behaved human beings. It’s the same rationale that makes people want to “protect” children from reality (I.e. bad words, sex,violence, strenuous exercise etc.) in case they turn into homicidal sex predators.

        2. Here:
          If you advise people to lock their doors, you are conceding that theft is inherent in human nature. Not all people steal, but some do, and some will always have the urge to do so.
          If you advise women to not get wasted and ditch their friends, you are conceding that rape is similarly inherent in human nature.
          The feminists don’t want to concede that; they want to perceive rape as a societal construct. It’s the patriarchy’s fault that men rape.

        3. Nicely done.
          So they want to blame men for everything (and rape) because men are not female (aka different) and they want to modify male behaviour because they think it’s a societal construct and not because men really are physically, mentally and emotionally different?

        4. Exactly. My favorite manifestation of this is the railing against the slut labeling: They refuse to accept that the genders might actually be inherently different. Chastity is prized among women and promiscuity (sexual success) is prized among men.

        5. I’d echo what Shortest Straw has said, and would add the following, hopefully clarifying remarks. I’ll pick up, where he left off.
          We’ve established THAT they believe that rape culture causes rape, but…
          WHY do they believe that “rape culture/patriarchy/etc.” causes rape?
          They won’t acknowledge it, but the interest feminists have in seeing the world’s problems (e.g. rape) as the result of “social constructs” rather than from human nature, is two fold.
          1) There is a deep desire in all of us to control our individual and collective fates. Don’t underestimate this desire in people to see what they want to see, not what is, in order to enjoy that fantasy. People want control.
          If the problems of life are not the unfortunate, but inevitable result of our broken human nature (which we can’t control), but are instead the result of some other outside cause, i.e. “social constructs” (which we can control), then all the world’s problems are within our power to solve.
          It also means that people themselves wouldn’t be to blame for their bad actions. That’s important. In short, it would mean that……
          People are born GOOD,
          Society makes people BAD.
          Now, that’s not only a comforting thought for the individual,to believe that other people around them aren’t really bad, but it also allows people to believe that they themselves are good, free of any hideous, ugly inclinations as well.
          At the same time, it grants them the illusion of control over the world’s problems. Which leads to the next reason…..
          2) The consequence of what believing this means in real life.
          If “society” caused all the problems in the first place, then the remedy for the problem is within our reach, because we CAN change society, whereas we cannot change human nature. And if the way society has been all along, has resulted in bad things happening, then the way society has been, WAS the problem all along and needs to change!
          For example, if in the past, society restrained people in various ways, AND yet bad things happened, then those restraints weren’t actually helping to lessen bad things from occurring, they were in fact, the CAUSE of why the bad things occurred.
          And since they limited our ability to live as we pleased without cause, they were oppressive.
          As a result, those societal restraints were simultaneously….
          The CAUSE of bad behavior,
          needlessly OPPRESSIVE of human freedom.
          All of this means that we can be BOTH free of the restraints of the past AND at the same time, create a better world. Because it was those restraints (“social contructs”) that not only made us unfree, but were also the actual cause of all of the problems of life.
          In summary then,
          People are born GOOD and FREE,
          Society makes people BAD and OPPRESSED.
          Because we CAN control society, we CAN return people to being GOOD and FREE again, and make the world a better place.
          Or, put another way….
          Men don’t choose rape as an (improper) outlet for natural sexual desire,
          Society tells men it’s “OK” to rape,
          So the solution is to change society, and tell men not to rape, thereby eliminating rape, without limiting female behavior.
          Problem solved.
          That is a very tempting thing to believe.
          And that’s why they so dearly want to believe that rape is caused by rape culture.
          And that’s why they balk at any concession to limit rape by taking precautions. We might see them as common sense steps, but they (quite properly) understand that accepting them as useful, would effectively acknowledge that the actual cause of rape is flawed human nature itself (selfishness), and that they ultimately can’t change that.
          They can only hope to limit the possibility of harm.

        6. They’ve even succeeded in changing the language to reflect their beliefs.
          You use the world “gender,” instead of “sex.” That’s no slight thing.
          The word encapsulates a concept that masculinity & femininity are social constructions, not the result of naturally occurring differences. It’s creation was purposeful, and directed at changing the way we viewed the differences between men and women. It’s usage is very recent in our history, first appearing in 1955, only becoming common in the last 20-30 years.
          To use the word, yields the argument. And we’ve all come to accept it, without knowing.

        7. Well, the first bit of that is spot-on. But I think a distinction should be with the second bit. Believing that people have natural desires/tendencies, etc. that are not the creation of society, does not mean that we are unable to affect those natural instincts.
          It’s not a choice between, on the one hand, human beings as sponges, ready to absorb whatever environment they’re placed in, and on the other hand, human beings as base animals, bound solely by nature’s instinct.
          People can be born with certain good points and bad points, but we may also have the ability to bring out the best of the good, and limit the bad as much as possible.
          We do this by how we raise children, and also by how we function as adults in society.
          Keeping kids away from sex and violence, particularly at a young age, prevents them from becoming easily accustomed to behaviors which have real consequences behind them, and which ought to be entered into with a sober understanding of their results. Do we really want young kids growing up thinking that easy sex and violence, are just the way life is? Has that worked out well in the ghetto?
          And although most people won’t turn into “homicidal sex predators” if exposed to sex and violence, I don’t think we should discount the possibility of what a sick, corrupted youth might have on a person later-on.
          As for “bad words,” if a society doesn’t think words are bad for adults, it’s hypocritical to tell children that they are, but at the same time, adults will have learned how and when not to use them, if they shouldn’t. Children haven’t yet fully formed that learned capacity of self-restraint.
          That said, we could all do with some strenuous exercise.

        8. Yes. Feminism has much in common with humanistic psychology, which believes that everything we are as human beings is a product of our environment.
          There are a couple of problems with this. One is that it leads to social engineering – which is fine, but it must be done with a firm foundation, which neither humanistic psychology nor feminism has.
          The other problem is that it is narcissistic. If you presume that parents and society have complete control over their children’s development, which grants a tremendous amount of power, it puts a tremendous burden on parents and society to do right. Self loathing, and attack on others, ensues.
          Note that rejecting the presumption that all are born equal leads both to a rejection of feminism and racial equalism. Hence the manosphere has a great deal of overlap between anti-feminism and racial realism. Sadly, these usually cross the line into outright misogyny and racism.

        9. Ironically, christianity sees humans as born bad, but society (the church) makes them good. If you view your time on earth as a time in which to fulfill yourself and become good, then you are motivated to contribute. If you view society as making people evil, you are inclined to withdraw and complain.

        10. Keeping kids away from sex and violence, particularly at a young age, prevents them from becoming easily accustomed to behaviors which have real consequences behind them…

          What you say seems reasonable on the surface until one asks practically how this works. Do you intend to have a media black-out in your home and keep your kids locked in their bedrooms? You can try to stop them seeing S&V on TV and be obviously embarrassed when they see it, and then your kids will learn about sex in the playground and violence from the older kid when he beats their face in. Furthermore, if you want a child who is capable of making informed decisions about sex, well then he must know about sex. He must be “accustomed” to this behaviour, so that he understands the “real consequences”.
          Protecting children from reality leads to weak adults. Sex and violence are normal human behaviours. Rather than cover a child’s eyes it is better that they are exposed to these things in a positive manner from a concerned care-giver. The child should witness positive sexual behaviour between say, his mother and father and be prepared for violence (which will happen at some point) by his father. To do otherwise, is to ensure a man who feels guilty for looking at online porn and scared when he sees potentially violent men walking towards him in the street.
          Guilt is not a positive human emotion and you can see it displayed here by those men who love watching a woman having sex but yet continually self-flagellate about how “bad” it is.

        11. “You can try to stop them seeing S&V on TV and be obviously embarrassed when they see it, and then your kids will learn about sex in the playground and violence from the older kid when he beats their face in.”
          Yeah, or you could just get rid of your TV! Most of it’s crap, the rest stultifies the mind (preventing children from forming a full imagination), and it’s a great tool for cultural indoctrination (T.S. Eliot warned us about that in the Fifties). Learning about sex from another kid on the playground is a lot different from actually seeing it online. And of course there’s violence and they’ll see it in their own lives, which gives you the opportunity to teach them how to deal with it (fight back!). But the bully hitting them, isn’t Saw III, or ISIS removing a few heads. That’s the kind of violence they should be kept from. This isn’t “put Jimmy in full body pads when he rids his bike” stuff.
          “if you want a child who is capable of making informed decisions about sex, well then he must know about sex.”
          What on earth is an “informed decision” in that context?
          Have sex at young age – could lead to pregnancy.
          Don’t have sex at young age – avoid it.
          It’s not a difficult equation. In the manosphere we’ve come to understand how much bastardy is a blight on our society. Taking a neutral (ho hum) approach to the matter, as though it won’t matter which option they choose, is ridiculous. Sex leads to pregnancy, and teenagers are not (and have never been) ready or able to bear the consequences of it, or to make that “informed decision.” We have spent a number of years attempting to make peace with the idea that “oh well, they’re gonna do it anyway!” How has that worked out?
          In former days, we knew better than that, and we weren’t shy about doing everything possible to limit sexual contact. And for the most part….it worked! In a world before effective birth control/legal abortion…bastardy rates were low. How did we do it? FEAR. Women were too afraid of the consequences of sexual conduct to spread their legs whenever “the tingles” hit. Ever since we gave into that idea of appeasement, and started “sex ed” (and I mean the sort where we teach kids how to put condoms on cucumbers) we’ve witnessed a steady increase in sexual activity and pregnancy among the young. That doesn’t mean it caused it, but it didn’t prevent it.
          Teenagers do stupid things, and they’re not going to effectively do “safe sex” no matter how much education they receive. Fear is a much better motivator.
          “Protecting children from reality leads to weak adults. Sex and violence are normal human behaviours.”
          Funny how when our society did just that, it produced strong men who could fight wars and strong families that were self-sufficient. Now, in a world of open and easy sexual expression, and Rome-like indulgence in violence, we’ve produced a society of degenerates and weak, spineless pawns. No connection there, obviously.
          “The child should witness positive sexual behaviour between say, his
          mother and father and be prepared for violence (which will happen at
          some point) by his father.”
          Now you’re talking some sense. If by “sexual behavior” you mean a playful relationship between father and mother on one hand, and a father who teaches his boys to fight and shoot, in preparation for life’s difficulties, I’m all with you! Those are great things to foster. But that’s not what we’re getting.
          “Guilt is not a positive human emotion and you can see it displayed here by those men who love watching a woman having sex but yet continually self-flagellate about how “bad” it is.”
          Guilt is a great emotion. It’s the manifestation of a conscience. Show me a man who has no guilt, and I’ll show you one very evil man.
          And you can react to a natural desire that gives pleasure (however perverted), and yet recognize its ill affects, personally and socially, at the same time.

        12. My friend it is useless to try to hold back the tides with your hands. The kids I knew who were learning about sex in the playground were doing it through blowjobs and teenage pregnancies. Yes this was before Internet porn. I watched war movies and massacred 1000s of men in computer games. I survived.
          An informed decision is where you know how a woman gets pregnant or how STDs are transmitted. Believe it or not a lot of kids don’t know this. And they are going to “do it anyway” as they have done for as long as humanity has existed. Your only choice is to exercise futility in trying to stop them or help them to be sensible about it. A person who knows the facts can make a sensible decision. I agree about making sure girls are afraid of becoming pregnant. But today they are not afraid because single parenthood and Big Daddy State paying for your bastard is acceptable. This is a different issue.
          Don’t confuse openness about sex with encouraging children to go out and have it. You are letting your fear guide your argument here. I am saying that this puritanical “sex is nasty and disgusting” approach is harmful to the human psyche. This is one factor that produces the harmful emotions such as guilt. And do not confuse guilt with conscience. You realise that sexual assault victims feel guilt? Why? It is irrational. But they do. And their abusers do not. Reflect on that for a minute.

        13. “My friend it is useless to try to hold back the tides with your hands.”
          There is no alternative.
          Sorry, but I’m not a disciple of Rousseau. I don’t believe that natural man, is virtuous. We have many natural desires (for sex and violence and other things) which are destructive and harmful. Giving in to them won’t make us more free, it will bring about societal collapse, as people turn away from others, and towards their own selfish pursuits.
          Unfortunately, the dichotomy you draw is a fairly typical one these days. It goes something like this……
          “People are sexual creatures, so the form of sexual expression we see now is just people being healthy sexual creatures, and anything in the past which acted to limit or suppress sexual expression, was the bad old days of puritan oppression, which was horrible, unhealthy, etc. etc.” It’s Jezebel’s opinion to a tee.
          The whole point of the cultural manosphere (those people concerned with more than just getting laid) is the corrupt, vile society we’ve created by unrestrained, selfish behavior.
          So, If you really believe this, that a good society is as free in its sexual expression as it is at present, simply because people are sexual creatures, and that any limitation upon it in the past, was barbaric and ultimately a failure………..then I rather wonder at you being in this corner of the web. What’s the point?
          Most people seem to grow up thinking the world into which they were born was “just the way things have always been.” This is misleading. In your case, the Sexual Revolution was already fully in place by the time of your youth. Don’t suppose however, that what you (and I) grew-up with, was always the case. Of course, some people have always had sex, regardless of the limitations. But again, statistics show that FEWER of them did. And it’s that difference that separates the civilization of the past, from the festering pile we have at present. It’s not a golden age that once existed, but there was and is a marked difference between the past and present, which results from the respective beliefs of both, put into action.
          “A person who knows the facts can make a sensible decision.”
          That’s an extraordinary statement.
          “Can” people make sensible decisions? Sure. “Will” people make sensible decisions, even if “educated?” You my friend, have a faith in the sensibility of teenagers and young women in particular that defies human experience. No one in the past believed that, and rightfully so. Teenagers make stupid decisions. We, all of us have. Always have. Always will.
          “An informed decision is where you know how a woman gets pregnant or how
          STDs are transmitted. Believe it or not a lot of kids don’t know this.”
          I don’t believe it. Kids can’t read or write, but they sure as hell know that penis + vagina = happy feelings and maybe baby. How hard is it to educate…..put a jimmy hat on it before you bump uglies? And isn’t that the point? If they really don’t get that……then they’re not ready for sex.
          But at that point, you just throw up your hands and accept it as a fait accompli, that “kids are gonna do it.” That’s not entirely true. As I keep saying, fewer did in the past, when living under restrictive societies. That’s incontravertible. Some did, yes, but more didn’t. Statistics, as I mentioned before, bear that out. Question is, is that a price you’re willing to pay? It doesn’t appear so. You’d rather try to educate your way our of a problem, that every other society in human existence has (successfully) faced by restraint and fear.
          It kind of reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Flanders’ hippy parents took him to a child therapist because of his rebellious behavior. The take home line was….
          “Doc, you gotta help us, we’ve tried nothing, and nothing works!”
          Kids are more sexually active now, because the world has done everything it could to remove ANY restraint and consequence from sexual behavior. There is a cause and effect here! How could it not be, that if you remove restraints on pleasurable behavior that you won’t get more kids indulging in pleasurable behavior? You’re solution seems to be….we can’t go back to restraints, because restraints feel bad, so we’ll just try to do, what no society has ever successfully done…..get teenagers to make sensible, unselfish, long term decisions. I’m sorry, but there is no historical precedent for that.
          “But today they are not afraid because single parenthood and Big Daddy
          State paying for your bastard is acceptable. This is a different issue.”
          That’s the core of the issue. Without fear, fear of destitution, of shame, etc. people are apt to act upon selfish desire. That goes for a range of activities, not just sex. For young people, that will more often than not mean the pleasure of the moment. No amount of education will prevent teenagers choosing pleasure now. Remember the problems here aren’t isolated to pregnancy. Do you want young women MORE free to ride the carousel? You support that? Has that worked out well for us?
          You cannot have young women free to be sexually expressive at that age, completely unrestrained, and then expect sensible self-restraint. Let them free and you will get the carousel.
          Ok, so you watched a few war movies and killed a bunch of guys on screen. And in years gone by, kids grew-up routinely hunting and gutting animals for food and sport. (Which I fully support, the food bit at least) The point is that kids weren’t strangers to blood and death in the past…..and yet, they weren’t as indiscriminately violent as they are now. Criminal acts of violence, have always existed, but just like promiscuity, its prevalence is much higher today than it was 100 years ago. Why?
          There is a difference between being familiar with that in a respectful way, and indulging in violence for violence’s sake. What do you think caused the lack of conscience in the case of the “Knock-Out Game” that was so prevalent here of late? What causes the willingness, the depraved heart, to take life, any life (bystanders, kids, etc.) without cause in the ghetto? Kids who have grown-up worshiping violence, without anyone imparting to them the integral value and dignity of human life. That’s what I’m talking about here, not you playing Mortal Kombat as a kid. Though I have to say, far better a kid go hunting and see the actual result of a steal-jacketed bullet, than learn to kill visually only, without the visceral consequences in blood that one would see in real life.
          Dirty sex.
          I’m not a puritan. Belief in restraint doesn’t equal puritan. That’s a false dichotomy, used by libertines to justify selfishness. EVERY healthy, successful society in history, has had a certain level of sexual restraint present. Not just the puritans. It was rightfully understood as a requisite for any civilization to function and thrive. So no, sex isn’t nasty or disgusting, but it’s worship is most certainly the sign of dying civilization. As Gibbon observed, one of five signs of dying civilization……”the obsession with sex and perversions of sex.”
          Of course sometimes we feel guilt for things we ought not feel guilt for. Sure, the sexual assault victims you mentioned process the event by shifting blame to themselves. That isn’t healthy and he/she would need to be worked through that, and yeah, the abuser not feeling guilt, is exactly the person I was talking about. A person who feels no guilt, is a very dangerous person.
          But that doesn’t mean that guilt itself is wrong. And all things considered, I’d rather we erred on the side of guilt, rather than purging it from our minds, in an attempt to help in the rare circumstances you described. Guilt is the emotion that reflects a sense of deep regret at having done something wrong, or failed to do something right. Sometimes it is misplaced, but as fallen creatures, we ALL have at some point, done something wrong or failed to do something right. Guilt is the natural and HEALTHY response to feeling this regret where we really have failed to do the right thing. The notion that we shouldn’t feel guilt whatsoever, I find a reflection of the Counterculture idea of “if it feels good, do it.” That whatever feels good in the moment, is right. But human beings are drawn to many ill things out of selfishness, and our desires are poor gauges of right and wrong. Without guilt, you must believe you’ve never done anything wrong or failed to do something right. This cannot be so for any of us, and therefore it’s earnest belief is a sure sign of a very selfish, and perhaps very wicked person indeed.

        14. Brevity is an under-rated virtue.
          You are mis-specifying my argument repeatedly. Please respond directly to what I say rather than arguing with someone else. I don’t want to waste time and space repeating myself. For the record though, there will be no societal collapse so don’t worry.
          Btw, just because Jezebel says something, doesn’t make it wrong. But I have said nothing about a good society being free in sexual expression etc. For the third time, I am saying that hiding reality from your children will do more harm than good. I am also saying that teaching children that a natural act between two loving and responsible adults (that is the cause of your existence) is somehow shameful is likely to breed harmful negative emotions in that child (guilt, shame, anxiety). While you may have some arbitrary age in mind at which point you have a discussion with your kids about the birds and the bees, in practice the first time parents have this discussion is when they find out their child is pregnant.
          I know many people hold to this mythology of a time when everyone was responsible about sex (a time which only seems to exist on TV), even if it did, that is not the World today. To become a fully functioning adult a child needs to be taught about the World he is entering, not the World as you wish it was.
          My friend, if you think it is extraordinary that a person who knows the facts can make a sensible decision I am not sure what to think. I struggle to believe that you think a person is better off not knowing the facts. This seems to be straight out of the mouth of a totalitarian. “People are too stupid to make decisions in their own interest therefore we must make decisions for them.” Interesting that you use words like “restraint and fear”.
          Trust me, a lot of kids are very confused about STDs and pregnancy. I have heard all sorts. I guess that’s what happens when “you don’t know the facts”. And they make decisions based on their limited knowledge.
          You say that the core problem is Big Daddy State. Yes it is. Big Daddy State creates all sorts of perverse incentives, not just respecting sex and single parenthood but a whole host of things. Thus the problem is not that kids are learning about sex but that they are making decisions on bad information secure in the knowledge that if they fuck up, BDS will ride to the rescue. I think you would find that absent this, and in possession of full information, teenagers would make better decisions.
          And the same can be said of violence. Violent children are not adequately punished for their crimes. Does this breed non-violent adults? You speak of restraint and fear, but as the State becomes ever more fearsome and ever more restrictive (of gun rights, self-defence rights, etc.) society becomes ever more violent.
          One last point. Restraint (as in discipline) can only come from within. Restraint from without is repression. How would you feel if I put you in restraints?
          Last, your definition of guilt is not correct. It has nothing to do with doing something wrong. Whether something is wrong or right needs to be determined rationally not on the basis of feelings. Guilt is a primitive emotive response to stimulus. You cannot trust guilty people because they are operating at a pre-evolutionary level (mean they will resent you “for making them feel guilty”). What you are looking for is a “sense of responsibility”. Very different.

        15. Sorry for the delayed response.
          In the interest of pursuing virtue, I’ll keep this short.
          It’s been my sense here as well that we’re having two very different conversations. I suspect our perceptions of what the world is and how it works, are too different to come to any mutually agreed upon understanding.
          Perhaps then, it would be best to bring the conversation to a close. Even so, I believe it was worth having. I know that I always gain from having to work through concepts with others.
          I’ll see you around in another thread.

        16. You’re quite right. I think every red pill man should eradiate ‘gender’ from his vocabulary. I did so years ago, for the reasons you cited. I only use the word ‘sex’. I even do this at work when dealing with paperwork and such. One does not have a ‘gender’. One only has a sex, and there are only two of those.

      2. Would you mind cleaning up your comment so its easier to read? The formatting is making me cross-eyed.

      3. Wow. Is there a mushroom cloud forming above my head? Because, my mind has just been blown. (Edited to add that this statement was not at all sarcastic, I just genuinely love your point).
        Yes. So much yes! Evil (and evil actions, like rape and murder) have always, and will always, exist. We should do what we can to educate others and prevent these evil things from occuring–but, that won’t completely eradicate them, because that’s just completely impossible.
        So, we should also protect ourselves from that evil; there is no shame in intelligent prevention. And self-preservation does not equal tacet acceptance of rape!
        Thank you!

    3. Rape is not a problem… it is a political tool. Feminists want women to put in danger so that such incidents happen- as such incidents fecilitate their politics, fund raising and male bashing.

    4. In any self-defense course they will teach you situational awareness. This means being aware of your personal situation (impaired, tired, etc.) and what is going on around you. Additionally, you should be prudent about where you walk, avoiding areas known for violent attacks etc.
      Hard to see a poster recommending women look out for each other as anything other than good advice.

  2. Almost makes you want to become a rapist… They are making it SO easy.
    I still teach women’s self-defense… “Run like hell and scream your damned head off. Do some sort of instant, crippling damage and then get the hell out of there.” I guess I am low-profile enough that all I get is the occasional griping lesbian with bondage fantasies.

    1. Either than or bang bang bang with a pistol. A weak woman can easily kill a much physically stronger man with such a tool.

      1. Militant feminists, like all leftists, oppose gun rights. They want women to be unarmed.

        1. Anybody who’s anti-gun is only anti until they or someone they care about is victimized. Then their outlook changes REALLY fast!

      2. From experience, I can tell you that that is literally unsupported by statistics.
        Most women are incapable of using a firearm effectively against a strong man. Slower reflexes, a longer decision train between ‘threat’ and ‘action’, and a stronger submission reflex results in most armed women having the gun taken away from them and spanked for it.
        A LOT of training can overcome (some of) those handicaps, but there is a very good reason female police officers dramatically underperform.
        most ‘female armed male unarmed’ situations result in the armament winding up in the man’s hands. The exceptions are, of course, when a man is asleep (women are much better cold-blooded killers than men) or otherwise incapacitated.
        I run women’s self-defense classes… and believe me, a firearm is the last and least method by which a woman should protect herself.

        1. ”most ‘female armed male unarmed’ situations result in the armament
          winding up in the man’s hands. The exceptions are, of course, when a man
          is asleep (women are much better cold-blooded killers than men) or
          otherwise incapacitated.”
          Okay I will amend my statement. Guns are only the most effective when there is already distance. Especially for the weak and slow.
          However the difference that physical prowess makes is rendered irrelevant if a gun is aimed properly from a distance which women with proper training seem better able to do than men. Or am I wrong also in this regard?

        2. In other news. It is now apparent how the Syrian Kurds were able to over come ISIL in Kobane and how the still crappy Iraqi army was able to win:
          ”In Tikrit Iraqi forces
          (mostly soldiers assisted by some Shia militias) took the last ISIL
          stronghold in the city. Although there were still some ISIL forces
          holding out in the city the government declared Tikrit liberated. Iraqi
          commanders credit five days of American air strikes as the key to the
          success of the final drive on Tikrit. Using the same tactics employed at
          Kobane (in Syria) to assist Kurdish forces, the American smart bombs
          and missiles quickly destroyed ISIL strongpoints or stretches of road or
          ground thought to be full of bombs and mines. These tactics not only
          killed ISIL defenders but demoralized the others, which led to most of
          the remaining ISIL forces fleeing the city. These tactics are not new
          and actually go back to World War II when self-propelled heavy artillery
          and fighter-bombers using unguided (“dumb”) bombs to quickly destroy
          any enemy resistance were found to be highly effective. In late 2001
          this tactic was updated with the use of GPS guided smart bombs (and the
          older laser guided ones) against Taliban forces. This worked so well
          that after about a month the surviving Taliban defenses fell apart and
          the survivors fled. ”

        3. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but many more women ‘flunk’ firearms training than men. In other words, on average, your pistol-using women is far less likely to be trained to the standards of a male pistoleer with similar background.
          As far as set shots, when no other factors are in play, such as a protected sniper position, yes, women can make damned fine shots. However, they are generally unable to perform ‘nest movement’ reliably, which means that in an uncovered position, most female snipers will die before they move position and get another shot.
          But if you are looking to defend an urban area, feel free to put women in sniper positions… Set sniping (defending the wall while the men are out warring) is one of the things women are as good at as men, as long as they do not have to move position, lay still for long periods of time, wear body armor heavy enough to protect against most small arms, or have other stress factors… such as bombs falling on their heads or countersniper fire.
          Yes, my pets know how to use guns, but the rule is very clear. Here is a shotgun. If someone you don’t know is forcing their way through a door or window, blow the window apart. Do not confront them, do not ask them to surrender, do not allow them to see you or talk to you. Do not check to see if they are dead or need assistance, call the cops and hide, covering them and shooting them again if they move.
          As far as mixed pairs olympic shooting goes, Women have lagged markedly behind men right up until Shang Zhang blew out a bunch of world records… So there is strong evidence that in a controlled environment, women can potentially shoot as well as men. The reason for the lag may be environmental rather than physical, or Shang might be an exception… I cannot really say, as I do not have enough information.
          I do know that it is unlikely to be tested in depth, since the Olympics are eliminating ‘mixed’ shooting events, citing women’s long record of lagging behind men… despite Shang’s example.

  3. Got kicked off another local rag website for daring to suggest that a woman who was allegedly raped by four British sailors in Halifax, may have not made the best choice of going back to the barracks to drink with the boys.

    1. I swear it’s got to be a rape-craving complex.
      Maybe that’s why the posters are so offensive… if girls were WARNED that certain behavior made them easy targets, they couldn’t use ignorance as an excuse to do something phenomenally stupid.
      Ah well, the real ‘rape culture’ will come when there’s no money to pay cops anymore. Georgia (eastern Europe) and the Congo already know the difference between real rape culture and the fake ‘eyerape’ and ‘daterape’ and ‘internet rape’ culture.

      1. Yeah when zObie and ovongo bring their 12 mates to your house in the middle of the night and flay your daughters… that’s a rape culture.

        1. When a girl gets all her teeth knocked out so that she doesn’t bite while giving BJ’s, when your daughter is kidnapped to be sold to a pimp in turkey, addicted to drugs, and murdered when she turns 15 and gets a little too ‘long in the tooth’ for her customer base, THAT is rape culture.

        2. Right, now I’m waiting for the Jeff Foxworthy-styled “It might be rape culture IF” jokes …
          Go on, you know you want to.

        3. You might be in a rape culture if…
          Camel-fuckers are referred to as ‘Asians’ by the media.
          Shooting up a building full of cartoonists is referred to as ‘blowback’.
          Your Burqua is the best way to hide the scars.
          Your boyfriend ‘recycles’ condoms.
          The best method of birth control is an AK-47
          Your mom got a dumptruck full of gravel emptied on her for posting a twitter comment.
          Any member of your family has ever beheaded anyone.
          Opium poppies are the local ‘growth industry’.
          You have to turn up the contrast on your TV to actually see your country’s leader against a dark background.
          Your language has any ‘click’ noises in any words.

    2. Good lord, wtf kind of retard goes drinking with 4 sailors and expects not to get quadrococktored…

      1. Well, obviously one woman did. If the red flag is up at the beach, I take care and don’t swim. I lock my doors at night and wear my seatbelt – go figure.

  4. Well if the rate of rape drops they’re out of a job. So makes sense why the nazi feminists want to keep them drunk and alone.

  5. The UK has become a cesspool full of thieving Irish and Romanian gypsies stealing peoples dogs, every 3rd world nation of the former British Empire taking whatever few jobs remain, and feminist indoctrination which is making it unbearable for the White British men.
    The Captain wants you to come back? Don’t go back gentlemen. Row dammit. ROW!!

    1. Oh my god, the Irish are doing to Britain What Britain did to Ireland? unconscionable! (snort)

        1. 1:07 “It’s our lives now, not theirs. And I’m in charge of this boat sir.” Now ROW!! hahaha

    2. Well, I hate to say it, but I’m somewhat glad the the gypsies are leaving Romanian territory in the masses.

      1. The Romanian population has fallen from 22 million to 19 million in just 10 years due to a flat birthrate and a mass exodus of young people. That’s insane demographic changes.

        1. That’s good – during his reign he encouraged the Romanian populace to have more kids than they could feed and after his execution there were thousands of starving kids in destitute orphanages that many Americans adopted. Romanians were pretty discouraged from having kids and of course many ex-communist countries had massive brain drain after The Iron Curtain fell as people sought opportunities they hadn’t had before. Therein lies your “insane demographic changes” reference. One hand washed the other.

        2. There are several reasons as to why that has happened but before I get into that it must be stated that from 1940 to 1990 the population grew from 12 milion to 19 milion. That is extremely impressive and was mainly due to the fact that the borders were protected and the country was heavily industrialized by our former patriotic presidents (Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej & Nicolae Ceausescu ). They knew & understood the fact that neighboring countries oppressed us on every single occasion via land, people, resources etc and they knew how to react to the motherfuckers. But the neighboring countries saw that there is a single most effective way to destabilizing a country that was as powerful as 1980 Romania > Killing the leader. But how to do that when the people loved him for creating jobs & free housing ? They made the people hate him through various methods now readable on the internet. Take the story to 1990, the spies and infiltrators bribe and fuck every single responsible person over, kill the president, destroy our independence for housing and jobs and you have now what is called 2015 Romania, where all the young citizens flee to other countries just for a normal life (mark that normal not even rich). It has been designed that way and the neighboring countries planned that from the begining of time. Education, sanitation & healthcare again are targets as to give an answer to the question :,, How do you keep a popullus weak ? Make it dumb, make it hard for them to eat, make it hard for them to afford a home, make it hard for them to afford healthcare ? ” and again what you have as a result is 2015 Romania. But the intellect of Romania doesn’t despair…

  6. Feminists just want to create a world where women are free from the opportunity costs and negative consequences of their own choices.

  7. The left supports and needs rape to happen. The more things that they can call rape that occur, the more support they win for their cause.
    So of course it would be perfectly normal for them to shut down a police policy to prevent rape.

  8. Telling someone not to walk through the hood with all of your valuables so you don’t get murdered isn’t victim blaming, it’s common fucking sense.

    1. But that’s still a white man’s issue because off all the oppression blacks have suffered from slavery, PTSD has been passed down through their genetics causing modern blacks to mug anyone who passes by them in the hood.
      Again it comes down to white male privilege. My Gender Studies teacher told me so!

    2. Right like telling police not to wear bullet proof vests because . . . nope just retarded. Let’s not forget these sjw actually want women to get raped so they can write about it and further rationalize their nonsense. They care more about winning then the common good. If it’s real it sells. If it sells they stand to gain from someone else’s loss.

      1. a woman walking down a street on her own should not be comparable to a person who has been trained to face danger in a dangerous situation where a bullet proof vest would be necessary.
        women shouldn’t have to be with someone at all times, because men shouldn’t see a woman on her own and instantly feel like he has to rape her.

        1. Idealism and realism are two different things. A police officer should not be shot at period, but in reality it happens. It’s like defensive driving. Ideally you’re not texting your friends while you drive through an intersection. Unfortunately I now have to cover my ass at every green light and look because you do not always obey the rules. See there are universal laws and ideal laws. Universal laws can not be ignored or broken. Idealistic laws can therefor unless you want bad things to happen I’d listen more to the realist then dwelling with idealist. It’s not like we are recommending chastity belts although hey it’d work. While we are on this idealistic nonsense I should be allowed to walk around naked and anyone who stares at me funny should be arrested. Yes in my idealistic world the universe revolves around me which is why your world is not idealistic it is realistic.

        2. Men don’t see women and decide whether they’re going to raoe them. Psychopaths see women and are already decided that they’re going to rape someone and youve just given them the opportunity.

    3. Are you are comparing a woman to valuable objects – just objects. suggesting that if they are out on display, it’s inevitable that they will be taken, or assaulted in this case?
      Are you also suggesting that a girl walking down ANY street, is comparable to walking through ‘the hood’?
      We shouldn’t have to tell women to stick together in the same way we don’t have to tell men to stick together, men should just be taught not to go out raping people, then women would be safe to walk around on their own.
      This poster IS victim blaming because they are blaming the girls for leaving a friend behind, RATHER than blaming the man for raping her.

  9. This insanity perfectly encapsulates feminist’s infantile mindset. Feminism strives diligently to remove any iota of responsibility from cunts who severely lack discipline and self control. Don’t worry mates, these drunken cunts bound to he humiliated and used like a town bicycle sooner or later. Ahem *spring break festival * ahem.

    1. Centuries from now, somebody’s gonna have quite the laugh at what a ridiculous society we’ve got.

    2. I support that. I actually don’t care if chicks like the above get gangraped because of her poor choices. She don’t care, why should I?
      I only care about the dumb laws being passed every day to make life as a man more risky and stupid because some cunt thought letting 20 guys rail her was a good idea and later regrets it after she sobers up.

  10. 95 percent of “rape” allegations go as follows:
    -she got mad at the guy
    -she is a flakey attention whore
    -she is s feminist
    -she was cheating, time to save face
    -feeling guilty about the abortion

    1. Woman goes to a party filled with people she doesn’t know. Get’s drunk. Has sex. Friends tell her. Realizes she fucked a drunk ugly dude. Rape.
      Dude goes to a party, gets shit faced screws a fat ugly chick. Friends tell him. Embarrassed.
      Who gets over it?
      Being accountable is no longer a requirement. What they call rape is “life.” You fucked a fugly person in a drunken stupor? Get over it or don’t do it again.
      I have known two women that have been raped. Alcohol not involved, not overtly “sexualized” appearance. The disengenious cunts (that’s right, cunts) that willfully place themselves in environments and participate in drunken parties with strangers and are not holding themselves accountable for their personal action discredits the REAL victims of rape.
      There is a class of bitter, self absorbed, ugly, irresponsible feminists that destroy women of class, character and ethics and demonize men for their own feminist character flaws.
      If you jumped in a Lion cage to retrieve lipstick it is the Lion’s fault for attacking you? Well yeah, using the fucked up logic of the run of the mill SJW and Feminist.

      1. Agree… and hell, how are us ugly bastards supposed to ever get laid if we can’t get them drunk enough to get over their reservations? Hell, its never a “great” idea to have drunk with a stranger… doesn’t mean we’re a bad guy or “raping” them for trying to talk them into it. If we start using that type of definition… I have a couple of salesmen that have raped me multiple times.

  11. Preventing actual events of rape are not the issue. Feminists/Leftists only want rape prevented their way.
    Their way includes massive entitlements, privilages for women. What they also want is indoctrination of children (boys) to further feminine primacy. Feminine primacy relies on rape (real or fancied) to further itself.
    Like Rollo says, feminism is about the maximal restriction of male sexuality and maximal freedom of female sexuality.

  12. Alcohol consumption is a big problem among young adults in western societies. High consumption of this substance often goes hand in hand with partying. Losing inhibitions is seen as a way to make communication easier. People drink not because they really like to but rather because they feel the need to in order to have “fun” / “a good time”. We all know that once drunk our brain loses its capacity to make rational decision. It’s easy to get wasted, bring someone home or go to their place and the next morning say: ” I was drunk, I couldn’t take this decision” . BULLSHIT, whether you are a guy or a girl, if you decide to drink and get wasted, only you can pay the consequences, nobody forced you to pour the drinks down your throat.
    The third picture you posted is the perfect example of the downfall of “modern women”. Whether you go to a club or a college parties, such scenes happen all the time, it’s part of the picture now.

    1. Drunk women are asking for it. They want to be the cumbucket of the room without the attending accountability or shame. Fucking a splayed out drunk slut in a miniskirt so short it could facilitate a pap smear – IS NOT RAPE!!! Please, gentleman we need to “rape” the misnomer that fucking drunk sluts is rape. It’s nothing more than obliging the woman who so eagerly puked on your carpet with a convenient side of falling down with her partially covered asshole up in the air. Is there really any question about what these girls have consented too.

      1. The one on the park bench looks porno-hot, actually…
        Too bad she’s so stinky-drunk, what a turn-off.

      2. “Drunk women are asking for it. They want to be the cumbucket of the room without the attending accountability or shame. Fucking a splayed out drunk slut in a miniskirt so short it could facilitate a pap smear – IS
        NOT RAPE!!!”
        Nah, that’s rape (unless that’s your wife/gf or girl who was going to have sex with you anyway), passing out drunk is stupid and naive, but not consent. Would hate to see some “on the down low” masculine-type sodomites get you drunk/high and use this logic on you. In fact, I believe that’s where the whole “tea-bag” thing come from, “straight” frat guys putting their nuts in their “friend’s” mouth while the dude is passed out.
        the insertion of one man’s sack into another person’s mouth. Used a practical joke or prank, when performed on someone who is asleep, or as a sexual act.
        At the frat house last night, when Tim was wasted an down on the floor, he got teabagged by, like, ten guys!

  13. An ideology and a movement that is dedicated to victimhood and not excellence, to destroy to the exclusion of building up.
    Is a movement destined to perpetuate itself through continuing victimization to remain relevant. And if left by itself destroy itself from within as it defines and constantly redefines or expands victimhood and enemies to destroy.
    Status in a movement defined by grieviance and victimhood is who is the greatest victim. In a movement defined by excellence is who is the most heroic or great man.

    1. Twenty years ago, I first learned that most rape victims in the USA are men in prison. I told women this fact whenever there was a discussion of rape issues.
      In nearly100% of cases, the woman would sit there silent for a minute then laugh and laugh and laugh as if it were the funniest thing they ever heard.
      They were good teachers and I was a good student. I learned that rape IS FUNNY!
      If it is funny when men get raped, it is funny when women get raped. End of debate.

  14. It’s apparently beyond these women to realize men in urban areas ALREADY DO what the cops are requesting these women do. Ever heard of gangs? They form because men instinctively know there is safety in numbers. In fact, that last phrase was coined for a reason. Millennial women are as stupid as they are fascist.

  15. “Ohh, you are blaming the victim” BOOO FUCKING HOOOOO.. no, that’s not blaming the victim, that’s giving a fucking advice. After the girl gets raped, it doesn’t matter who is the one to blame, she got raped and got damaged, period. Any sane woman would do what’s on her reach to prevent that, that’s not blaming the victim, that’s using your fucking brain. Yes, in an ideal world we should be able to walk anywhere anytime we wanted with whoever we wanted wearing whatever we wanted but this isn’t the Fucking Awesome Republic of Rainbow Unicorns, this is real life, and we have to prevent ourselves, you stupid retards.
    Everybody knows, since the dawn of time, that any rapist deserves a good dose of law and order right in his ass. This fact renders the whole “let’s fight the rape culture” retardedly useless because: 1) There’s no such thing as “rape culture” (not in the West, at least) 2) Men who are not rapists (the overwhelming majority) would never rape anyone anyway and don’t need to be told not to. 3) Rapists are fully aware that rape is a bad thing. It’s not like they are going to watch your tumblr activism and be like “Wait, whaat?? So it is wrong to rape people?. Reeeally?? Oh, how could I? And I was thinking it was ok this whole time! Oh, time to change my character!”

    1. NO! This is “Fucking Awesome Republic of Rainbow Unicorns,” and it’s people like you who deny it, who are the REAL PROBLEM! You’re just covering for rapists. Stop blaming the victim!

  16. Even a female, British CRIMINAL COURT JUDGE said on her retirement recently that rape conviction rates would not rise until women learned to stop getting abjectly plastered on alcohol. She even said “And I know I will be pilloried for this point of view”. Of course the rape crisis centres screamed their heads off about it:

  17. Ah, The TED Talks, the ultimate way for keyboard jockeys and other pseudo-intellectuals to act smarter than all the rest of us in a pretentious and bogus manner. Wasn’t there one recently where some mad Italian doctor said he could theoretically swap two human heads and have them still be alive??

    1. “Onion Talks” are pretty damn funny, because it captures the pretentiousness (and ultimately worthlessness) of most of their talks. Especially by the Women.
      Take “The biggest rock” for example. hahaha

    2. I used to enjoy them when they were a new thing. But basically anyone can give TED talks now. They did one in my town, with just a guy no one had ever heard of who lives here. It’s the whole “internet” phenomenon where everyone is equal and no attention is paid to quality. IE twitter.

      1. Any pseudo-intellectual platform that assjacks bring more emotion into than facts or hard data is a waste of my everything.

  18. “teaching girls to constantly modify their behaviour in order to avoid stranger rape is a form of social control”.

    Considering women’s general emotional immaturity and bad judgment, they need more ‘”social control” to protect them from themselves. Our allegedly “ignorant” and “superstitious” ancestors understood this because they had as much opportunity to observe female behavior and its consequences as we do. Only they didn’t have this dangerous intellectual fad called “the Enlightenment” to mock and discredit what they understood as time-tested wisdom.

    1. To quote an oft-used example in the same vein…
      Do we feel sorry for a guy who flashes $100 bills who then walks into a bad part of town and gets robbed? Sure it wasn’t his fault for getting robbed, but why flash the money and make oneself an easy target?
      The same goes with getting drunk to the point of being passed out. Why make oneself a target like that?

      1. Yes, logical. But the agenda is for women to NOT have any accountability and responsibility for their actions. Much like children.

      2. Why make oneself a target like that?
        Because, that’s what these sluts want. Unspoken unaccountability for being a cumbucket. Not even the slightest misinterpretation of your desired outcome can be made when you black out of your own volition at a dirty bar. This unequivocally makes you a sleazy girl who’s gonna get dicked and hopefully filmed and deservedly diseased.
        Enough good men have payed the price and been incarcerated and destroyed for the definitively slutty behavior of stupid little girls. Can we all agree to stop calling this rape for fucks sake!! Rape is a violent despicable act.
        Fucking a slut who deep throated a plastic bottle of vodka until she collapsed in such an awkward position on your couch that the smelly string of her G-string is riding up her splayed cunt lips- Well, this girl wanted to be fucked by you, your gardener and perhaps your German Shepard too and only a beta mangina wouldn’t oblige her (unless of course she’s a typical western landwhale – then her tactics would have to alter to getting you shitfaced).

  19. They should make posters showing a girl laying on the ground with 2 guys standing over her with the caption “Go ahead, get drunk and walk through that dark alley alone….we won’t blame you. You’re not the victim. But don’t say we didn’t warn you”

        1. I prefer, if she lay down on the beach Greenpeace would drag her back out to sea.

    1. Yes, as pointed out here often, the way to handle ridiculous feminine feedback is with mockery and to never take them seriously. So guys over there should start making posters like that and putting them everywhere.
      I think I would contribute by taking some of these obscene spring break photos and putting all these passed out chicks on a poster with the statement: “Remember, guys, she’s a sweet little princess!”

    2. or go ahead, but dont complain to us cuz we dont care anymore, we only care for those that we know…. you can cry wolf(or be foolish) for only so long.

  20. It doesn’t help matters that you Brits let in immigrants from the feral branches of the human species, like the Pakis with their rape culture..

    1. In Pakistan a woman needs 4 witnesses to testify they saw her rape. Maybe England should start doing this and then see how the SJWs like that

  21. It’s almost beyond parody now, feminism really has just become nothing more than a bunch of nobodies having idiotic campaigns on twitter.
    The left in Britain, including the feminist movement, turned a deliberately blind eye to (and shouted down any attempt to investigate) the mass rape of thousands of schoolgirls by immigrants. Yes, thousands. And they then turn around a claim they care about the welfare of women?
    Of course telling women to be careful and not put themselves at risk is perfectly sound advice and backed up by the statistics. We all know feminism is an extreme ideology and the reasons they react badly begins with wanting to encourage bad behaviour from women to cause the breakdown of morality – while most feminists hate men they know there is value for them in encouraging promiscuity in young women as it destroys their chances of married life and breaks the bond with their fathers. Of course the same feminists will then begin the slut shaming afterwards with “no more page 3″ prudish campaigns too and insisting men should all be queuing up to marry 38 year old ball-breakers.
    Ultimately feminism is a bizarre ideology that is based on a falsehood; namely the idea that men and women are equal. Thus feminism is anti-science, anti-humanity, anti-reality. And therefore always full of strange campaigns and contradictions.
    Would it matter if a few hundred ugly termagants on twitter posted about feminism? No. But it does matter now they are getting into authority, getting the media on side, getting big companies to bow down. It’s not just the police, the DPP is Britain is an extreme feminist who is pushing to remove the presumption of innocence in rape investigations (though not the trials – yet), supermarkets, shoe companies, phone companies – all have just bowed down to absurd campaigns accusing them of :”sexism” for making toys for girls and boys or putting the magazines read by women in a women’s section etc. Normal people don’t both campaigning for normal life, so we just find the extremists, the oddballs, the constantly offended get to call the shots and push everyone around.

  22. Is advising someone not to leave their house unlocked to deter theft a form of victim blaming?

  23. I’ve got a joke for you guys: how any feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    4. One to screw in the bulb, one to complain that the socket is being violated, one who wishes she was the light bulb and one who wishes she was the socket.
    Just why are these girls going to venues full of creepy rapists and getting blind drunk anyway? C’mon, anyone actually think it’s for any other purpose than getting fucked? They get blind drunk so they have no inhibitions, and the sex can “just happen”, and the girl can be blameless and guilt free.
    As for the feminists themselves? Agree and amplify. “You should have the right to get blackout drunk and run naked through the streets, you strong independent woman you, you don’t need no man (the police) to keep you safe. It’s your right!”

    1. It takes 3 feminists to screw in a light bulb. One to hold the bulb and 2 to turn her.

      1. Feminists don’t screw in a light bulb, it’s shaped like a guy’s sack and gets screwed into a socket, and is therefore a sign of the patriarchal oppression of electrical rights …

  24. “Don’t tell ME that the bridge is out ahead, TELL THE BRIDGE NOT TO BE OUT.”

  25. You black out drink you are incapable of being raped. period. You pass out drunk at a bar/party/event you have made a public declaration that your slimy vag is public property. You have consented to fuck not just everyone but everything that feels like shooting a load on you.
    This is why I would never so much as think about passing out at a place where there were a bunch of faggots. I don’t want to be fucked in the ass by a hairy gimp – women who shamelessly black out drink however, clearly do!

  26. Absurd, I am a professional guard, in a dangerous part of the city, shift change, NO ONE is allowed to leave to their car, cab, train alone at night. Staff are escorted, guards leave in groups, not one has piped off about victim blaming.
    It’s common sense, most people that are victims of assaults, of any type, could have prevented it by ever so slightly modifying their behavior.

  27. I’m honestly sick of the feminist and white knights. Nowadays i don’t debate them . I just agree with them and go my merry way. I don’t hang out with my bluepill/beta “friends” as much as i used to, i have a legitimate reason as i’m busy with my start-up but the main reason is i don’t want them to see how i game bitches. I’m worried that because they get jealous word might get out that i’m a manipulative asshole that abuses women and all the standard jargon feminist and their orbiters use. I can’t have damage done to my reputation as it would prove disastrous to my business and future financial well being so now i’m like a redpill man in bluepill man’s clothing.
    If they want to do better with women they can find the manosphere on the internet that’s how i did it. When they come to me for advise i just give the standard bluepill dating advise nothing more and nothing less. I recently had a interesting conversation with a bluepill former co-worker he was complainig that he can’t get laid and that his expensive dinner dates don’t end with even a kiss at the end.
    First i called him a misogynist for even thinking that a woman will kiss you just because you bought her dinner, then i called him a male chauvinist pig for expecting sex from a woman, at last i said to him that maybe the universe is trying to tell him something. He should accept his celibacy and achieve something greater like nikola tesla and budda have. Because that i think is his destiny and i said all of this like i really meant it, the poor fucker left shaking his head and is now avoiding me Hahahaha.
    i think i’ve become a dark knight.

      1. I know some men who would rather be orbiters than be alone without any female attention .

    1. The risk of against you actually informing him of reality is too great to take. Too many such “friends” would turn on you, the moment you say something contrary to our present group think. Sad but true. He’ll have to find his own way, provided he eventually asks the right questions.

      1. Absolutely, i recommend redpill men become dark knights and become as self sufficient as possible.

    2. You sound like a dick, a virgin dick.You pussy whipped pyjama boys born after 1970 (with few exceptions) are all dicks. I’m pretty sure it was the fluoride they put into the water that caused this brain dysfunction and lowering T levels lol

  28. Women want to be raped. They fantasize about it they rub their pussies thinking about it and go in droves to watch movies about a sick bastard who has a woman sign over her body to him before treating her in an “abusive” (according to womens definition of abuse) manner. They go out dressed like streetwalkers and drug themselves amongst strangers in hopes a strong man will rape them.

    1. No. Women want to get “pseudo-raped” in a sort of consensual, but not that consensual way.. by a “hawt” attractive rich alpha man. They want a “hawt” attractive man to “take charge” and make the first move and initiate sex.. maybe in a sort of a forceful way so they don’t have to accept responsibility or feel shame for wanting to get fucked.
      This is very different from wanting to actually get raped by some ugly, beta male or low-status stranger or criminal thug. That isn’t what women fantasize about when they indulge in the rape fantasies that get their pussies tingling.

      1. Ive read studies saying impregnated rape victims rarely abort. I wonder what the rapists were like in those instances.
        I also wonder how prevalent those rape births are now, with emergency contraception so readily available in most places.

        1. Maybe that’s the reason 99% of females wait so long to report a rape. If they immediately report it some doctor in the ER like myself is going to do a D&C and pump her full of drugs to prevent pregnancy.
          As I said, Nature works in inexplicable ways and there are many things we don’t understand.There have been a few politicians who have been made fun of when talking about rape but the more I think about it they may have been correct and even doctors are split on whether a female who has been forced to have sex will get pregnant or if the stress causes a chemical change and the sperm or the fertilised egg is naturally aborted.
          We do know quite a bit but no scientist is going to publish it on the PC Internet and leave himself open to attack by the great unwashed and the stupid media.I can name a few Nobel prize winners who did and it almost ruined them. It seems that the harsh facts of life can just not be tolerated by the proles and they prefer to be fed sweets.

    2. When it comes to reproduction(sex) humans are just as primitive as chimps.In fact, they may be more primitive because human females are ready for sex at all times while chimps only reproduce while ovulating. At some point in human evolution the female developed this hidden ovulation and consequently she’s ready for sex at all times And humans became the most sex obsessed creatures on earth.Some of this may have to do with quickly replacing offspring killed by faster and stronger predators.
      Why did this happen? The reason is simple. As the human brain became larger the body became weaker. If a predator comes along a chimp can easily climb a tree or escape with a baby on its back something a human female cannot do.She needs men around for protection so she developed this ability to keep men in her vicinity by being able to have sex at all times, the only thing men are interested in a female anyway.Men also usually have food and can climb to the top of that tree like a chimp to get ripe fruit before the birds and other animals do. Females are either pregnant or can’t just lay a baby down to climb a tree even if they are able to.In the primitive matriarchy in which all animals live, as well as human females, it’s only the humans females who can’t fend for themselves.The male orang-utan lives alone in the trees and only comes down to mate when a female shows up in heat, the female like the chimp then doesn’t need him for protection or to survive.
      Human females were entirely dependant upon the male for survival and even today if their protected environment created by men was taken away they’d be entirely dependant again. Men and females have nothing in common outside of men wanting sex so sex is what females use to keep men around for food and protection. Nature and evolution work in inexplicable ways although I’ve just explained something valuable here.It seems that the more females “think” they’re safe and don’t need men the more these fake rape allegations increase.It’s like they behave from a million years of evolution to have the instinct to have sex with men because it’s good for her survival and that of her offspring but then some stupid feminist conditioning and brainwashing kicks in and she thinks all sex is now rape.

      1. Thats one part of the story. Our brains have lead to other developments that both contribute to and hinder survival.
        The order observed in nature is scarcely seen in the social behavior between biological organisms. Its an absurd theater.

        1. The most important thing in Nature is reproduction and it’s even more important than your life because without it the species will die out. Salmon swim upstream from thousands of miles away in the ocean to the very river where they were born, get eaten by bears along the river, only to fertilise eggs and then die.

  29. That first poster that says, ” Don’t let you friend go home with a stranger”, that sounds more like cock-blocking than rape prevention.
    So, I guess, thanks, feminazi’s for taking down tax payer supported funding for cock-blocking propaganda.

    1. Cops should not be in the business of cock blocking.Besides, if a female goes with a man she is asking for it and knows what she is doing.

  30. It’s not going to work, since the vast majority of UK vagina bearers are basically enabled by deluded mothers and soft fathers (where present) since childhood to do as they please, and give their whims free rein. Extrapolate at a society-wide scale with a few exceptions, and see for yourself. Only the Queen has a modicum of public decency these days. This once great Empire is done for.

    1. But he was so hawt… she didn’t know he would be so mean as to actually stick that 10″ cock in all her holes, for hours.

    2. the teardrop under his eye means he graduated summa cum laude, right? Or does it mean he killed someone? I forget

  31. I guess they never heard Benjamin Franklin’s quote.
    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
    That’s pound as in weight, not £.

    1. I’ll bite: kind Sir, how did you manage to collect that vial of rat’s piss?
      Oh, wait, you don’t give one, so you don’t need to collect one … 🙂

  32. Enlighten me for a second here. They allow UK National Health Service puts a full page ad about being on alert regarding date rape drugs, but force the police to take down posters safeguarding women from being victims of sexual assault?

  33. I have decided not to wash my ass for a full year, and don’t you dare tell me I smell bad, for that is SOCIAL CONTROL!

    1. After thirty days, if the local fire department hasn’t hosed down your backside as a public safety service, you’re golden …

  34. My God. I’m just about ready. I am just about to the point where I’m ready for H. L. Mencken’s maxim to be put into action: “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.

  35. Feminists have no interest in making women take any responsibility for their actions or preventing rape. Because if those two things happened feminists would lose a lot of their victim status.

  36. From the way feminists consistently act, there is no other possible conclusion than that, contrary to their claims of looking out for their ‘sisters’, they actually hate women. In my opinion, the roots of feminism were in ugly, jealous women and their hatred of attractive women married to successful men, and this legacy continues today. This article shows that feminists WANT women to be harmed, or at the very least are indifferent. There is no other explanation. Seriously, the police are doing their best to stop women being raped, but feminists clearly WANT to see more women in dangerous circumstances. If I am visiting Johannesberg, South Africa, and the front desk of my hotel warns me not to walk through a nearby township dressed in my suit, rummaging through my stuffed wallet whilst talking on my cellphone, do I ignore their advice because in a perfect world I “should” be able to walk wherever I want without being robbed and assaulted? Of course not. In fact, if I arrogantly ignored their advice and was beaten to an inch of my life, how much sympathy do you think they would have for me? I knowingly put myself in harm’s way, and paid the price. Well how is this any different. I know in a perfect world we could do whatever we wanted and there would be no consequences, but that is just fantasy land. What the heck is wrong with giving sound advice to minimise the risk of something bad happening to us? Fucking feminists have a mental illness, I swear to God. They are quite happy with placing more women at risk of being raped if this means they get to feel relevant on social media. Yet the police (‘The Patriarchy’) are the woman haters because they are trying to keep them safe? What a fucking joke…

  37. Two things.
    1: Feminists care more about their feelings than actually doing good. If that poster could have saved a girl from being brutally raped and murdered, they don’t care. I think that is all that needs to be said about those twats.
    2: I used to like TED talks. Then they got stupid with the Feminist/SJW nonsense. I have no idea how the hell that stuff can fly on such a forum.

    1. TED talks are pretty cool when it comes to science talks… I am much more wary of their talks when it’s about controversial society issues.

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  39. False liberal narratives are always more important than public safety or even common sense.

  40. There’s no such thing as rape in Nature. Any female who puts herself into a position where sex is likely is asking for it whether overtly or covertly (subconsciously). We shouldn’t even be wasting time on this trivial nonsense.Why would a female go to a man’s place at 3am after having some drinks? Did she believe that he was inviting her over for a game of tiddly winks? Females may be stupid but they are pretty attuned to things like sex which is the only reason a man would even talk to them and they are quite aware of this.So subconsciously if they go with a man or drink and socialise around men they are asking for it otherwise they would just stay home with their girlfriends and drink and listen to music with females in their grey sweatpants.
    -Dr Benway, kicking feminist butt since ’72*
    *and back then these cat collecting lesbian members of the shrieking sisterhood were just a big joke.

  41. Hey females, if you’re so afraid of ‘rape’ then wear a chastity belt and always have a male chaperone with you.

  42. Excellent article. Should a woman be able to walk around in the middle of the night, half-naked, totally inebriated, without being raped? Legally, and in a “perfect” world, yes I guess.
    Is that reality? No friggin’ way. Sorry, fellow ladies, but there are consequences for every action you take. No one can better look after you than YOU.
    This campaign–just like campaigns targeted at men, asking them to do the “right thing” when faced with the possibility of sleeping with a woman unable to give consent–is advocating RESPONSIBILITY.
    Take care of yourself, and look after your friends.
    Why is this offensive again?

  43. I don’t swim in shark infested waters and most surfers are aware of the danger spots. So too should women(and men) travelling at night in some areas of cities, especially parks.
    Women should not listen to radical feminists but heed to common sense and police warnings for their own safety.

  44. < col Hiiiiiii Friends….’my friend’s mom makes $88 every hour on the internet . She has been unemployed for eight months but last month her payment was $13904 just working on the internet for a few hours.
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  45. Feminist maneuver — make females dependent and demanding while forcing others to take care of them and claiming it makes females autonomous and competent.

  46. And the moment one of these drunken snowflakes gets into trouble, it will be the fault of the police for “not doing more” to prevent such attacks. But let’s face it – as long as society bows down to these young Cultural Marxists, things aren’t going to get better. If anything, they’re going to get worse.

  47. Look, it is obvious that feminists do not want rape stats to decrease- they want more rapes so that they appear more relevant and can get to guilt trip more money from the state. Feminists need and actively promote any thing that creates the impression of a rape epidemic, even though actual rape stats have been falling for decades. They also therefore need rape to be something from which women cannot protect themselves, because if women did that, then the stats would drop, the outrage-dollars would stop rolling in, and women would be truly empowered to the extent that they would abandon the learned helplessness of the victim narrative of feminism. Feminism is rent-seeking on the backs of women.

  48. Yeah, right “sexual assault”, you are just a drunken whore giving away free blowjobs, you worthless slut.

  49. Interesting how feminist groups have no problem practicing their own form of “social control” on the police (and society itself for the past several decades), but no one is allowed to dare suggest women maintain a bit of self-restraint or self-control. Yet another example of feminist hypocrisy…Scary in a way that they have more power than the police. People need to start getting a backbone and refuse to back down to these delusional Twitter Twats/Tumblr Free-Bleeding Otherkin.

  50. Labelling craszy women as feminists is not productive. One of Islam’s top fears is the feminization of their women. This would lead to women having control over abortion, access to health care, employment, freedom to travel, eductation (which is most feared by all right-of-center political organizations: knowledge is power), and of course, having the right to refuse to be raped or enslaved or treated as property. One reason the west is superior to Islamic dictatorships is our human rights, in part fought for and established by feminists/womens-rights groups.

  51. HOLD ON!!!! When doing PICK-UP, WOMEN have to go home ALONE with you! >:I These posters are COCK BLOCK POSTERS! Women like SEX, and these posters stop horny women from going home with horny guys! These feminists sound like they LIKE the Pick-Up Culture, and NO ONE should be ashamed! I support their shrieking in this case! 🙂 GOOD CALL! 🙂 “No COCK BLOCK posters!”

  52. So the UK government is supporting the lack of competence of real risks in the future for native UK women from stupid deluded social justice feminists to further the Sharia Law and big brother survelliance controling population that will cause the future collapse in their land and beacuse they are obeying from the shadow government who are pulling behind the scenes and uk feminist don’t know better, what a great idea uk feminists the violence and rape brutality you will get from muslisms and africans will really enrich your ‘life’ (my bad intent of sarcasm)

  53. Life is the best teacher. If they are too silly to recognize good advice, fuck ’em…literally. Darwin will sort it out.

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