3 Tips To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

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Hey man,

Mike Chang here. Being the #1 subscribed trainer on YouTube has it’s rewards and responsibilities. And one of the most rewarding things that I do is getting to meet and help awesome people from all around the world get in shape..

You know… by helping them to pack on lean ripped muscle as fast as possible!


And that’s actually me getting a chance to show Steve Harvey and his fans my little shortcut for doing just that.

It was an awesome experience to help so many people, and Steve himself. But one thing I didn’t get to do on that show was tell the world why I started working out.

We all have our reasons why… yours might be just to drop some weight for an event or get the attention of a girl. Or maybe something you’ve experienced has caused you to want to make a change within yourself. Well, for me…

I grew up in a pretty rough part of Houston, Texas and I dealt with a lot of bullies growing up. So yeah, I needed to put on muscle and be lean and athletic to survive. Or so I thought when I was young… However, I now know that having a ripped, muscular body is more about me getting the confidence and attention I deserve… not about me protecting myself.

The truth is that I didn’t have THIS when I was first starting to build the body I have today. But I guarantee you that if I did, my results would have come way faster. What am I talking about? The fat shedding and muscle building power of high levels of testosterone.

So today I’m going to give you the 3​best tips to boosting your testosterone​ that you can start using today.

1. Eat more of the RIGHT types of fat


To a lot of guys, eating more fat might sound a bit crazy. However these guys don’t know that eating more fat, specifically unsaturated fat, actually helps boost your testosterone.

And some types of fats, such as polyunsaturated fat, can actually help your body to carry crucial muscle building nutrients and hormones to your muscles quickly. So these good types of fats will help you maximize your results… especially after a hard workout.

Now this doesn’t mean you should start going on a fried chicken diet. Remember, in order to get your testosterone levels up ­ you’ve got to eat the r​ight fats.

Here are a few delicious foods that are high in good fats that can help you increase your test levels rapidly.

  • ­ Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and trout are full of omega­-3 fatty acids, the good fats. It’s recommended that you eat at least two servings of fatty fish like these every week to maintain a good level of omega 3s in your system.
  • ­Another great source of fats is olive oil or coconut oil. Whether it’s used as a dressing or to cook with, it’s a great way to consume more of good fats you need.
  • ­Lastly, foods like nu​ts, eggs and especially avocado, are very rich in unsaturated fats. These foods make for a great healthy snack, and they also help you fulfill your muscle building protein needs.So make sure to include one of these fat sources in your next meal, and enjoy the test boosting benefits they bring.

2. Cut out cardio!


It’s almost like an infectious disease that’s going around our society that’s affecting a ton of guys looking to get in shape… it’s called “Chronic Cardio Syndrome.” And guys who have it are wasting their workouts by doing long cardio sessions hoping to shed away unwanted fat.

Not only is long, slow cardio the worst way to burn fat, it’s also killing your muscle mass by destroying your body’s testosterone production.

And with your testosterone levels way down, you’ll be at an increased risk for a number of health issues such as depression, muscle loss, erectile dysfunction, heart complications, and fat gain,­ particularly around the stomach area.

So here’s the bottom line:​ avoid doing long cardio sessions on the treadmill, elliptical, and the stationary bike because you could be seriously damaging your testosterone. Instead, focus on using compound exercises like squats or deadlifts.

Squats actually boost your testosterone!

3. Avoid common things like BOTTLED WATER that KILL your testosterone


I know this sounds crazy, but even something as simple as bottled waters can be a major testosterone killer. And that’s because when you drink them, you could be pumping female hormones right into your body. But it doesn’t stop with bottles of water… there are a number of things, just like this, that you are using everyday that are feminizing your body as we speak.

However, here’s what’s wrong with bottled water. The plastic that it’s made from contains chemicals that are putting more estrogen into your body every time you drink it.

And if you didn’t know, estrogen is what makes a woman… well, a woman. On top of that, when a man gets too much estrogen, it can cause some unpleasant side effects, such as muscle loss, man boobs and extra fat storage.

I actually just made a new presentation that covers all of the common things you need to avoid if you want to boost your testosterone: n​aturally boost your testosterone.

And at that link I’ll also reveal the newest way that guys are getting ripped, muscular bodies by maximizing their testosterone fast.

Enjoy THIS f​ree presentation.

Mike Chang

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153 thoughts on “3 Tips To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone”

      1. My first instinct was to punch his face. Then I remembered, it’s just a picture on the internet. Good thing too, monitors are expensive.

        1. Actually he uses those pads to stop his anal seepage problem from when his GF uses a strap-on on him, or maybe it’s for when his GF forces him to be with big Burly Gay Men while she watches, either way, that’s what they’re for.

  1. I Agree with 1 a lot, here’s a tip I found works really well, eat a steak before you lift, wait an hour or so depending on when you feel the steak has been properly digested, than go lift, I’m telling you what the first time I broke 400 on the DL was when I had a steak about an hour or so before hand, maybe It was the Natural Creatine inside the steak but i was at 395 1 RM and jumped to 405 that night, i try to eat Meats before I work out now because it can give lots of energy, specifically steak.I disagree a little with 2 , i heard cardio can promote estrogen but you don’t see Navy Seals who have to run 14 miles sometimes, walking around with tits, if cardio is good for them, it’s good for me.I guess 3 is referring to the Plastic and not the water, drinking water is very good, it helps replace lost Electrolytes….and is necessary for Life, you definitely want to have water, and lots of it in your Diet.

  2. another great kind of fat to go along with unsaturated fat…. SATURATED FAT! ie. that strip of fat on your steak… EAT IT!

    1. It’s what powers you, because it’s what you’re frickin’ made of. The saturated fat scare never made a lick of sense. If it were as bad for you as some make out you’d be dead already.

    2. Terrible idea… Environmental toxins in animals accumulate and concentrate in the fat cells, there are about 100 times more toxins in the fat cells,

  3. Mike Chang is one of the biggest scams in the fitness industry. This guy is lying to a lot of naive beginners with his overpriced bullshit programs and home workout garbage.

    1. The fact that his website is called six pack shortcut should clue you in. Anybody who has ever made any physical gains can tell you there are no shortcuts. Even with gear you still have to work out and eat right.

        1. Yeah I guess but he advertizes six pack shortcuts and yet he has like a 3.5 pack. He’s also well known scam artist.

        2. Seriously though, would you be upset if you had a body like that? Besides, 3.5 pack is better than the keg most guys roll with. I would like to know what his legs look like though. That’s important.

        3. His chest is disproportionate compared to his abs and arms. I would be half tempted to grope those titties.
          they are just a little too… round.

        4. No, I’d be happy with that, maybe a bit less body fat but he has a pretty good bod compared to most guys. I just hate the guy, he’s a massive scamming cunt.

      1. Good call.
        Red pill teaches you that living a life based on bullshit will result in the same.

      1. It depends on what you mean by long/drawn out, but most people don’t need to worry about that. That’s like running a marathon every day. 3-5 miles or so will not hurt testosterone production at all

    1. I think long endurance exercises will diminish testosterone.If you look at marathon runners and triathletes,Men and women look very similar, pretty much unisex looking. Short intense intervals will boost testosterone.Its the cardio that will make it challenging to add muscle. I teach spin classes and ride a lot and do weights. I can get lean but adding muscle is challenging. Theres only so many calories your body can burn and add before you get exhausted.

      1. testosterone vs estrogen isn’t really about looks unless you get into the extreme levels like trannies.
        What you are seeing is more a factor of female athletes getting Bunkers of T, rather than low-t males.
        Considering that nearly every male physical attribute is directly or indirectly linked to our T, female ‘athletes’ have to jack their t to get competitive.

      2. They are running for speed. A light frame certainly helps. Ultra runners have more muscle mass. The human body is made for running distances and often. We just don’t do it anymore.
        Cardio is much better than bodybuilding in my opinion. Especially long term. I’d rather be fit and trim than bulked.
        I would ask why is body building and bulking up considered to be a requisite for masculinity here. Lot of articles geared toward this. Masculinity is first and foremost a state of mind that requires confidence.

      3. Long, steady state cardio does not have to be marathons. 3-5 miles a day is enough, and it will not turn you into a skinny marathon running bitch

  4. #2. How does one train for a 5k or something without doing cardo?
    #3. Avoiding bottled water sounds like bunk.

    1. A significant component of plastic is a synthetic estrogen. Very easy to google.

        1. Yeah. The plastic that they use to make those disposable bottles does not hold up. There ends up being plastic in your beverage. Especially if you are reusing the bottles. It might not be enough to fuck up your hormone levels, but it’s still not good to drink plastic. Also, you gotta be careful when re-heating food in tupperware. There’s a right way to do it without ending up with a bunch of plastic in your food. You’d have to google it, though. I can’t remember the details.

      1. drinking out of plastic bottles will do nothing to your estrogen levels. Besides, you guys don’t understand these hormones at all, do you? You need an EXTREMELY drastic change in either testosterone or estrogen to make any noticeable difference (we’re talking 200%)

        1. Y’know, you’re right. I don’t know much about hormones. What I do know is that male physiology has been in decline with generation over generation declines in T levels, and some evidence that sperm health is deteriorating. Why contribute to the problem?

    2. “#2. How does one train for a 5k or something without doing cardo?”
      You run. For a 5k your long, easy runs, done three times per week, will be only 30 minutes, which, if you are in halfway decent shape to begin with, won’t result in chronic elevated cortisol.
      One day of sprints, one day of long intervals, two days of rest, which, if you just can’t stay still can include a long walk at about 15:00/mi pace.
      Note that I didn’t use the word “cardio” once. You shouldn’t either.

      1. I ran a marathon a few years ago. Even for a long-distance run like that, most training programs don’t involve very much steady-state cardio. It’s all tempo runs, or a bunch of 400’s or 800’s, or mile-relays, or fartleks. You just don’t improve by doing endless 8 or 9 minute miles, even if your goal is to be able to run really far.

        1. Zátopek’s very first marathon was his gold medal run at the Olympics, which he did more or less as a lark. The bulk of his training was 800 intervals.

    3. 5k is a marathon?
      Huh. I thought Marathons were long… that’s what, about three and a half miles?
      We used to do that sort of thing with 180 pounds of gear as a warmup before breakfast.

    1. Is this real science or bro science?
      Legit question I’m not trying to troll.

      1. It’s real science. There are anti-estrogenic foods, broccolli happens to be one and it’s a low calorie food

      1. saurkraut is shredded cabbage in water with some salt.
        I am not sure that there is an ‘unfermented’ kind, or even a ‘low quality’ kind, since cabbage, water, and salt are about the cheapest stuff there is.
        I guess the kind with caraway seeds it the ‘high quality’ stuff?

        1. Pasturized,canned,non organic cabbage with vinegar-sitting on a warm shelf is sauerkraut that is shit. It has none of the qualities found in non pasturized organic versions. Research it for yourself – you’ll find what I write to be true.

        2. I don’t research it, I have almost 40 jars of sauerkraut I made myself sitting in my food storage cabbage, down from almost a hundred I made last year.
          Water, and cabbage, and if you like, a sprinkle of salt. Just keep it out of the sun.
          I have very little faith in anything that claims to be ‘organic’, or ‘free range’ or ‘all natural’.
          If it’s in a plastic package, it’s not natural, no matter what the label says. The label is marketing hype to jack up the price for suckers. Even ‘Organic food stores’ are nothing more than abusing a Gimmick to crank prices.
          Hunt it, kill it, grow it yourself, Or know where it’s killed or grown, meet the people, watch what they do with their crops. Farmer’s Markets.
          Sorry, city folk, but you all are stuck with overpriced lies. That’s what you get for living like ants.


  5. Can we end the Anti-Cardio madness please?
    Give me two identical twins, who both lift weights 4 times a week. The one who does cardio a few times a week is going to be leaner and stronger.
    Whether it’s walking, running, or dragging a weighted sled, it contributes to something the guys at EliteFTS like to call GPP, aka BEING IN SHAPE, which helps you recover from your weights sessions.

    1. yeah.. this article is so bogus. Doing cardio will not shut down testosterone.

      1. If you know what your doing it can be used to create a knock on effect that will improve your sleep, growth hormone and testosterone factors.

    2. If this dumbass did any research, he would find studies that show cardio in moderate amounts (less than two hours) increases testosterone.

      1. 1 hour and 59 minutes of cardio? What studies show that increases test? And I wouldn’t call that moderate.

        1. That depends. certain types of Cardio are outstanding muscle builders as well, such as swimming.

    3. I think what he is talking about is people who think a work-out is an hour on the treadmill five days a week, rather than people who incorporate varied cardio methods into a balanced fitness regime.

      1. I think he isn’t… and this is why he’s getting flamezed on the interwebz at high cost to his business ha ha!

        1. Can you quantify “high cost to his business”? And lets say you are right. Why do the struggles of an independent business man bring you so much joy?

        2. Do you think Mike Chang paid ROK to access their large and extremely insecure audience and advertise his services, expertise and products?
          Would you, if you ran an enterprise like Mikes, feel it was worth paying for access to a young, male but struggling with masculinity based audience?
          Do you think that ROK would host Mike Chang before their hard earned audience for free?
          Do you think that being ripped to pieces and exposed on the internet (the foundation of his business) does not come at some cost to business?
          No I am not able to quantify that loss – I think it would be so multi-faceted and in some part delayed that quantifying it would be impossible.
          The struggles of an independent business man (like a debt collector for example) who developed and build a business on misleading and outright stupid information whilst refusing to acknowledge the huge steroid pumped elephant in the room experiencing difficulties due to a badly mis-measured promo push brings me joy because it makes me feel as though the entire world is not as stupid as they seem sometimes. This warms my heart and makes me feel comforted much.

      2. I still disagree in that case. If the person has a sedentary office job, an hour on the treadmill five days a week is a good thing that will increase their insulin sensitivity and cardio fitness level. Of course, an hour walking outside would be better to get some vitamin D and fresh air.
        He might as well be saying being on your feet all day at work decreases your testosterone.

        1. Walking is very different to jogging. An argument can be made that you should never jog. Either sprint or walk. Certainly, walking is very good for you.
          I have seen a lot of fatties on treadmills man. And five hours a week on a treadmill is not a good idea.

    4. Yeah any trainer that talks about ‘cardio’ is a numpty. Squats are cardio in this sense. Any movement that requires the cardio (heart) system is cardio.
      Trainers that know what their doing talk about metabolic work, metabolic conditioning, metabolic flexibility etc… as they understand that the human body must be approached in way bigger concepts than the bitesize-how-much-advertising-space-can-I-afford concepts scale that Mike Chang uses.

    5. Yeah I guess all those guys in BUDS, Army Ranger school and Marine Corps boot camp who run their asses off all day are lacking in testosterone. I mean, compared to Studly McStudmuffin up there.

  6. “hey mike chang here! Its obvious my body is anything but natural but let me tell you about these things that can naturally boost your testosterone and get you jacked. Oh yeah, and heres a link to my site so you can buy my shit and look just like me!”
    The stuff in this article is actually true but you’ve got absolutely no place on here because your a fucking fraud. You sell gullible ass people programs and products and tell them that if they take your shit and do your programs they’ll have a body like yours and not only that, but they’ll have it in “record time”. You’re a fraud and a sellout and you know it.

    1. People are always looking for the quick way, because its easier than putting in the work on the bars.
      Many moons ago I had a coworker who was looking to get bigger. He told me that he had started taking some over-priced protein powder from GNC. It seems the guy at GNC told him that all he had to do was just drink this stuff and he would start building muscle. The guy also told him that since he was getting enough of a workout at work (we were unloading trucks at a retail warehouse, really not much of a workout at all) he wouldn’t have to lift.
      He was asking me for some advice, and I told him he was getting ripped off. I said it took me about 5 years to get where I was, and he got this super-dissapointed look on his face and said “Whaaaaat……man?” I told him that I didn’t get this way by sitting around eating potato chips, and that its a slow process. You eat whole natural foods, get plenty of protein, don’t eat junk food, don’t blaze, moderate alcohol, and stick to your lifting.
      Its so simple, but so many people just don’t get it. They want the easy way.

      1. It’s simple, not easy. Those words are spelled different for a reason

        1. Its logarithmic. Its gets easier the more you do it, until it is easier to eat clean than eat dirty.

    2. “”hey mike chang here! Its obvious my body is anything but natural ”
      This guy’s physique is as natural as purple snow. Too bad there are armies of gullible idiots out there ready to jump on the “natural” bandwagon and throw money at him.

        1. I also think he is way more impressive to see in person NO HOMO!
          It can be surprising how much smaller a camera makes you look, thats why Mens Health models are often way bigger in person than they seem from the metro mags.

        2. Its proportion and point of comparison (i.e. who or what is he standing next to) But the other thing is that he is not particularly ripped. Don’t get me wrong, he has a impressive physique. But I would expect a steroid user with his level of knowledge to be much bigger and much leaner.

        3. You overestimate his level of knowledge for one thing. I would counter by stating that for someone on gear it’s testament to his lack of knowledge that people think he is not on gear. Imagine if you did a load of gear and then people believed you were natural!
          You would wonder why you used the gear…
          It’s not comparison though – his delt is about twice the size of his entire head. The sheer amount of muscle mass on his frame testifies against being natural.
          Finally, it does not matter how much gear a person does – they will still be ‘tainted’ by their genes – this means not everyone grows big calves or gets really ripped just from doing gear.
          Remember that people like Tyson Gay are on gear. When you see him not under stadium lights you wouldn’t even think he trained. Same with many ‘ripped’ guys on gear.

        4. Not really. 1.) Not all steroids are equal, there is a HUGE variation in types of steroids 2.) Not all athletes who used steroids look like the incredible hulk, but that does not mean the steroids do not benefit them 3.) He probably doesn’t want to become ridiculously huge or it would be too obvious

        5. I don’t know. You are speculating on his thoughts and his prior actions absent proof. None of us can say what is in his head or what he did in the past. What I can say is that he wouldn’t need steroids to look the way he does. Is it possible he did sure, but it is pointless to cast accusations at him that you cannot substantiate.

      1. I think his intro was a bad call. He is clearly used to dealing with idiots. a simple logical argument tends to have far more affect on US than even the most carefully worded buzz.

    3. Mate, if he was using steroids he would be waaaaaaay bigger and more ripped.
      Stop being jealous. It makes you look weak.

      1. No he really is on gear. Everyone responds differently and many men would struggle to convince you that they are on gear when they really are.
        When the human proportion between the body and the head go beyond a certain relationship it becomes instantly clear to the human subconscious that we are not viewing something natural.
        Don’t be so gullible.

        1. I would be gullible to believe you. People are always saying so and so is juicing absent evidence. Your first paragraph and second seem to contradict each other. How do you know he is juicing?

        2. I agree. A lot of these you tube “fitness gurus” are on gear. It’s either take gear and get more views and more money or go natty and don’t.

        3. Obviously can’t say with 100% certainty that he has juiced in the past or is juicing, but chance is far greater that he has than hasn’t

      2. Your basing your argument on the assumption that 1.) you can’t use steroids in moderation to get an aesthetically pleasing body like he has without going overboard. Going off your logic you either have to not take them at all or go balls out and turn into a beast. Remember its scientifically proven that even if you take just a little bit of juice your going to balloon into an enormous monster. 2.) You can’t use drugs to hasten the transformation into getting big and ripped. If your trying to get big and ripped naturally you can bulk up to get big and you can cut and lean out to get ripped but you can’t do both at the same time. Drugs allow you do this.
        He’s using his body thats obviously not natural to advertise shit that does not and will not get you a body like his and selling products to stupid lazy gullible people who want to look like a god without actually doing what it takes (remember mike chang can get you a six pack in “record time” bruh). That makes him a liar and fraud.
        Stop being naive. It makes you look weak

        1. Whether his products work out not is a completely different argument to whether he uses steroids. If 1) is true then why is Lance Armstrong so small? He took more than his fair share. 2) is entirely false. And you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. People (including me) do it all the time.

      3. If your so convinced he got to where he’s at by taking his own products and following his own regiments then why don’t you do the same thing and prove us all wrong? Go ahead and fork over $500 for his supplements and programs and then post your progress after a couple months. If you really believe he’s legit then you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain right?

        1. How do you leap from “I doubt he’s using steroids” to “I’m convinced he did it using his products..” I don’t know how he did it. But the methods he described on his articles posted here are sound and nothing new. Loss of people have gained mass using a similar approach.
          You guys just seem to be jealous and mad at success to me.

    4. Well said Dolan!
      If someone like Mike Chang could come onto to a red pill website like ROK with this metro bullsh1t and not get blasted and exposed within the first 3 comments then this site aint what it used to be!
      My expert opinion is that Mike Chang is on Muchos Steroidius.

    5. It’s a “sponsored post”. He paid money to get it in here.
      Owner of the website is responsible for such articles.

    1. I love Laphroaig. But it’s so powerfully smokey and peaty it almost smells like rubber.

        1. yup.. the pseudomasculine culture of alcohol consumption is about as blue pill as it gets. A few drinks here and there won’t hurt, but going out and getting plastered is terrible for one’s body.

  7. “Trainers hate him..”
    Hell, this dude is one of the reasons why I downloaded AdBlock.

  8. What’s the alternative to drinking water from a plastic bottle? Almost all non carbonated water is sold in plastic and the water sold in glass is too fuckin’ expensive; and naturally, like most, I would not trust drinking tap water. Suggestions?

      1. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know shit about plastic bottles or working out, but I’m pretty sure not all plastics contain BPA, this was a big scare a few years ago with plastic baby bottles. Lots of Rubbermaid products are BPA free, as I researched it a while back before buying a plastic juice jug. The world is full of dangerous substances and basically the only way to avoid them all is to live in a plastic bubble (or maybe a glass one would be safer). As far as the cardio thing goes, being big and strong is great, avoiding heart disease and diabetes is even better, just my opinion, a little cardio can’t be a bad thing.

    1. Get a quality water filter. Fill up your own bottles – glass or metal. Cheaper too!

        1. Chlorine and Flouride. Both acceptably clean the water by poisoning microorganisms… But they poison you, too.

    2. Brita
      the generic wal-mart filters work just as well as the ones from Brita, although they have a slightly shorter lifespan.

  9. I bought into the idea that you should cut the cardio for a long time. it helped me focus on building muscle. But I couldnt keep up with other guys on the basketball court that weren’t as muscular as me. I realized that the heart is an important muscle that needs to be worked out with runs and sprint that jack up your heart rate. you need balance.

    1. It doesn’t come across well in the article but he is talking about steady state cardio not HIIT. Long bouts of SSC will not help you on the B-ball court.
      Also, many people leave out the benefits of walking as a cardio exercise.

    2. You should not do anything that burns energy that could be building muscle – in that way cutting cardio MAY help you bulk.

      1. I agree with that to an extent. In nature running should accomplish a goal such as catching prey. However you can’t ignore that the heart itself should be exercised because stamina is important. You don’t get that with pure weightlifting.

        1. Yes native peoples who catch journalists running in the morning for the sake of running roll around in fits of laughter at the funny white man who runs without chasing or escaping something. The idea of burning energy without saving your life or catching 10 times as much energy is insane to REAL people!
          But I would add that the reason most weight lifting does not exercise the heart as ‘well’ as cardio is the way in which it is done.
          Our weightlifting culture is still recovering from the metro “I just wanna be buff” bodybuilding/sculpting culture which revolves around the most convenient methods of resistance training to overload specific muscles.
          This is why people talk about chest day, shoulder exercises, cardio day etc – they exercise like morons and then need drugs and supplements t0o get anything back from it. No one puts two and two together and notices that the body part routines coming from bodybuilding magazines (or mike chang) are just platitude-paid-by-the-word articles sponsored by drug using bodybuilders and models and funded by the company that scrapes milk remains off the floor then sells it for grossly inflated price as a secret anabolic switch to monster mass freakanom.
          But if you use weight training properly – like empty bar, Squat for 4 mins non stop or well structured circuits the difference between ‘cardio’ and resistance training disappears.
          I’m not anti cardio by any means, improving your capacity to take on the breath of life is amazing and feels great and an essential part of a balanced healthy warriors lifestyle.

  10. This article is so incredibly full of shit. Cardio does not kill your muscle unless you’re doing a SHIT TON. Running a 3-5 miles a day will do nothing to hurt gains/muscle mass. What it also doesn’t tell you is that if you want to make any difference at all with testosterone, you need to raise it by over 200%, meaning you need to inject an oil based synthetic testosterone to make any difference. Raising testosterone by 30-50% really does nothing. And all these little “tricks” to raise your testosterone might raise it by 2-3% which will make absolutely no noticeable difference.

      1. Lol I don’t know. It seemed like he was talking about any cardio at all

      2. Ah Shi-Ton Cardio! Originating from the Ancient Shi-Ton dominion of Japan during the 1st centuries of Man!
        Got it lads thats what he means! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fully comply with his advice…

    1. reducing from the lowest level of climinical obesity to average fitness DOES in fact increase your T levels up to 500%

    2. Spot on! The human endocrine system is way more complicated than eat fat, don’t drink water(WTF?!) and the third one…

  11. ever heard of the term “soccer legs” ? 90 minutes of sprints produces muscle in the legs.

  12. i call bullshit on number 1. according to this article – http://anabolicmen.com/fats-and-testosterone/ – and the research presented within, saturated fat has the best effect on testosterone.
    seeing that people who give both kinds of advice have success makes me suspect placebos here.
    the plastic bottle thing also sounds slightly bogus. i couldn’t find any research on the real effects of xenoestrogens. if anyone has a source, i’d love to read that. is it really that big a thing? though, if it is, it’s not only about plastic bottles.

    1. What do you consider research on the real effects of xenoestrogens?
      I’ve read many articles that identify preservatives, plasticizers, pesticides, etc. as xenoestrogens and I’ve cut boatloads of then out of my life. I believe is has made a difference.

      1. yes, it sounds believable to me that cutting them out completely can have an impact – but merely avoiding plastic bottles seems like a tiny thing to do.
        i would consider research something that measures how much xenoestrogens are actually leaking from plastic bottles and whether this amount can have any real impact on measured hormone levels. or whether it’s as reasonable to be afraid of it as it is reasonable to fear hypervitaminosis from eating an apple a day.

  13. All fats increase testosterone. Also getting all your needed vitamins and minerals boost test as well.

    1. No…. fats are involved in the synthesis process of testosterone, eating more fat won’t create more , our cellular synthesis rate is capped pretty low and there is nothing we can do about it…. without roulette-like sideeffects so far, personally, i think side-effect free hormones are a trillion$ business only about 10 years away, genomics will basically be able to predict which type of hormone won’t give you any side effects, or which ones would actually just be a net gain, and then most people will look like your average body-builder, afterwards, nanotech will go into your muscle tissue and repair it as your working out,

  14. Sitting back and enjoying the comment war. Better even than “fat shaming day” cross-posted to XOJane 😉

  15. #1 is incorrect. saturated fats, and very specifically animal fats (with hefty protein attached, preferably) is the #1 method, with exercise, to add lean muscle. If you are looking to bulk REALLY big, you have to add carbs, but in general eating LOTS of protein and fat and healthy vegetables will allow your body to provide all the carbs you really need.
    #2 is just stupid. Yes, Cardio doesn’t add to muscle mass. It adds to endurance however, as well as general health. No workout will help you ‘lose’ weight, but improving your core endurance with cardio can add the second most manly feature… the ability to keep going long after all the top-heavy beach fags have fallen gasping on their ass.
    #3 while I will not place it outside of the realm of possibility that plastic leaches estrogen into bottled water (although common sense says that organic molecules like estrogen are unlikely to exist in any great numbers in rearranged hydrocarbons) small amounts of estrogen exist in EVERY MAN’S BODY. As small amounts of testosterone exists in female bodies. In general, a trace of estrogen is no big deal to most men. It does not ‘cancel out your T’. In general, trace amounts of estrogen in a man are no more unusual than nipples.
    However. if you are an OBESE man, you need to take care of your obesity problem before you can start worrying about your muscles. Fat cells produce aromatase, which turns testosterone INTO estrogen. This effect is vastly more pronounced than anything you might get from a water bottle, and really does lower your T.
    Low T high E men develop circulatory problems, renal failure, heart disease, and a host of other illnesses. All the exercise in the world is not going to help them overcome masses of fat cells constantly converting their T into E. There is also a highly suspicious relationship between estrogen and adult onset diabetes.
    Just like the myth ‘women live longer than men’ (demonstrably false, men have longer healthier lives than women… They simply have a much higher rate of ‘death by misadventure’, which dramatically skews the ratio as you reach geriatric ages.) “You are what you eat” us dramatically misunderstood. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does. Eating cholesterol doesn’t affect your blood cholesterol, again, blame sugar, both complex (starch, carb) and simple sugars (sugar, HFCS) do terrible things to the human body.

    1. Fat is it’s own organ, Know what fat tells your body to do
      through cellular signaling?(cytokines)
      Fat means that you’re tribe is
      thriving it means that you’re too successful and have an over-abundance of food that you may be depleting the species food supply, so an abundance of fat cells, specifically deep organ fat, starts to eat your brain and immune system….
      it tells the body to dial up inflammation to destroy you with disease so that
      you can make room for the rest of the species and not deplete the food supply.
      Get rid of the deep organ fat! It’s
      literally telling your body to be sick
      ““ only in the last decade had scientists come to realize that fat deposits
      are not inert but act like endocrine organs, secreting a variety of hormones
      and other chemicals into the bloodstream.”
      People who exercise and have low fat have a 50% reduced risk of all cause mortality… Lots of studies also indicate that damage from a shitty diet is almost nulled if you exercise
      stay healthy while the biotechnology revolution commences in 15-25 years, enabling radical life extension

    2. “If you are looking to bulk REALLY big, you have to add carbs . . .”
      Although it should be noted that the majority of the apparent bulk will be the water needed, at about a 3 to 1 ratio, to store the carbs.

    1. That’s not conclusive. You’d have to test 1000 men who drank only bottled water for a year, and compare to 1000 men who didn’t drink bottled water for a year.

  16. Bottled water does not kill your testosterone. Some of the plastics, under some circumstances can leach off into the water and these mimic oestrogen’s in the body but the realistic impact of this is negligible in the face of all the benefits bottled water provides – especially if you use glass bottled water…
    No other water source is good enough – not tap (chlorine, fluoride, who knows what else), filtered (no mineral content means you donate the minerals to process the water from… Your bones!) and filtered tends to come through or be contained in plastic anyway. Re-minerilization is an option but its way smarter and easier to get bottled spring water like Evian or Volvic.
    This kind of advice is garbage throwaway internet platitude advice so thanks Mike for echoing Mens Fitness, Mens Health and all the others information.
    You really wanna boost your testosterone without just injecting it? Try smoking.
    Tobacco has long been known to spike testosterone AND up regulate the release of fatty acids to be burned as energy – aka higher rates of fat burning.
    Tobacco can be vaporised for the health conscious…
    And before anyone cries on about addiction and cancer – natural tobacco with no additives is physically addictive for no more than 4 days.
    Tobacco is linked to cancer in the same way sunshine is – no one factor gives a person cancer other maybe than exposure to nuclear radiation and many of the things we are told fight cancer and cause it are absolutely false and feed the cancer industry relentlessly.
    As someone who ‘enjoys’ high testosterone levels I would caution against thinking that high T levels are either an easy or fun thing to handle. Statistics confirm this as high T males tend to fall right to the bottom of society in a variety of ways.
    Further, my humble experience is that women are indeed very attracted to and exited by high T men BUT not always in the best or most convenient way. They usually have a healthy fear and masochism towards us in my opinion and this is easily turned into a victim mentality and is how they justify all manner of ridiculous and malicious things – this can be seen in the courts. Relationships as a high T man tend to end explosively…

  17. I like the part where he says not to drink bottled water and then posts a video showing him drinking bottled water.

  18. What other alternatives increase your testosterone level: pussy, boxing, running, cycling, music, no fap, visualizing great things, barbecue, driving.

  19. I don’t know what kind of deal was made under the table to get this bullshit article posted, but if I keep seeing shit like this, wherein it’s basically an advertisement coupled with disinformation, I will stop coming here as frequently (and eventually I will abandon the site). I know that this site isn’t a charity, so I’ll tolerate filtering the odd fraudvertisement, but no more than that.

  20. ROK is turning into a giant bucket of fail when it comes to fitness stuff. Stick to trolling fat chicks if you can’t get it together.

  21. number three is the hardest part. If our water is really filled with estrogen and flouride then we’re fucked. There is no way to avoid water since it’s potential viable source of our life and our body makes up like around eighty percent of water. What would be an alternate source to bottled water? tap water? filter water? This really can’t be good.

    1. of course, you can never trust the water in latin american countries, since its polluted.

  22. Come on. Even my grandmother knows about xenoestrogens in water bottles.

  23. Not impossible to look like natty. Takes years of griding it out in the gym. Doesn’t happen overnight.

  24. What about re-using plastic bottles by drinking tap water? My understanding is that the plastic only mixes with the water at first.

  25. mike chang is a fucking scam artist, get this trash out of here

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