8 Relationship Lockdown Techniques To Avoid

Dating was a lot different before the sexual revolution. Men were highly motivated to get married because it was the only way they could get sex for free. Yes, fornication and adultery have always been around, but there were a lot of social factors in place that prevented it from being as common as it is today.

Because most men wanted to get married, a girl only had to use her youth, beauty, charm, and her family’s social status to attract a husband. She didn’t have to resort to additional techniques to force a man into a commitment.

But things have changed.

In the modern world, sex is a readily available commodity—virtually every unmarried woman “puts out.” This is a great situation if you happen to be a PUA feeding off the bloated, festering carcass that once was western civilization. It is not so great if you happen to be a traditionally minded man.

Today, women need to resort to all sorts of additional stratagems to lock a man down. They start using these lockdown techniques early in a relationship. You need to be able to spot them quickly so that you don’t get suckered into a long-term relationship with a girl that you don’t want to commit to.

1. Sex


Men seek out sex because it feels good, but women are more likely to use sex to get what they want. Even though poon is easy to come by, women who want an LTR know, or at least hope, that it builds some sort of emotional bond with a man.

They also know that a man will want to keep on returning to poon palace so they will keep the gates to the palace open as long as it takes to get a ring.

How do you know whether she is using sex to snag you? Most likely, she is. The key question to ask yourself is whether you mind being trapped by this particular girl. If you don’t mind, then proceed forward. She might be the right girl for you.

Of course, the way to avoid this stratagem is to find a virgin and keep her that way until your wedding night.

2. Leaving Stuff At Your House


Leaving things at a man’s house is another stratagem that women use to escalate a relationship. It might be a toothbrush or something more intimate like a bra or panties. It starts out small, but before long she might have significant bits of her wardrobe in your house.

Leaving personal articles does two things. First, it marks your place as her territory. Her stuff serves as a talisman to ward off competing females. If you bring home a rival female, the rival will be turned off if she finds the other girl’s personal things.

Second, leaving a personal item behind means that she always has at least one more chance to see you. Even if you decide to end the relationship, you’ll still have to meet her one last time to return her favorite pillow. And this means that she will have one more chance to try to keep her claws in you.

Almost all girls use this tactic—even good ones—so if you see it, don’t regard it as a deal breaker if you want to continue the relationship. Nonetheless, you still should be aware of what is going on.

3. Buying A Pet Together 


You and mommy are breaking up?

A pet is a baby proxy. It forces you into an emotional commitment. How can you deprive Fluffy of her mommy? You monster!

Never buy a pet with a girlfriend you don’t want around for a long, long time. It is just a manipulation technique.

4. Getting Knocked Up


Unmarried women frequently get pregnant either to extract child support payments from the baby daddy, or to force the man to marry her. In either case, this is not a girl you want to commit to, and is usually a losing proposition for everyone involved.

Gentleman, the lesson is simple: if you plan to go out in the rain, wear a raincoat!

5. Financial Entanglements


A related stratagem is to somehow merge a portion of your finances. This could be opening a joint checking account or buying some large piece of property together like a car or a motorcycle.

I have a friend who bought a house with his girlfriend almost immediately after he started dating her. It was a tempting offer for him because the girl had the money for the down payment so he was able to move into a bigger house than he would have been able to afford on his own. Not surprisingly, he ended up marrying her.

The problem with entangling your finances with a woman is that it clouds your judgment and adds emotional commitment. When considering an LTR, your mind needs to be clear.

Never allow yourself to become financially entangled with a girlfriend. There already exists an institution that implies merging of financial interests. That institution is marriage.

6. Living Together


Many a man has fallen to this stratagem. The mirage is that living together means unlimited sex with zero commitment. The truth is that it is that it is the ultimate lockdown technique.

If you agree to live with a woman, you are pretty much closing off any opportunities for meeting other women. And if you do choose to break up, it is going to be painful. The woman hopes that it will be so painful, that you will just succumb to staying with her.

I used to live next door to a couple that was living together. They were a good-looking couple, but it was pretty clear that the guy was not terribly happy with the arrangement. Regardless of his feelings, he finally gave in and married the girl. He went to his wedding like a man goes to the gallows.

Avoid moving in with a woman. If you really want to live with her, make it legal by marrying her.

7. Social Media Announcements


It is one thing to go to a party or even a wedding as a couple. It is another when your relationship is recorded in writing on social media—forever. For some reason, writing something down makes it seem more permanent.

By announcing that you are “in a relationship” with someone on social media, women (or low testosterone males) are trying to imply a commitment. Granted, it is a very weak commitment, but you should still be aware of what she is trying to achieve.

8. Stalking


This is not a common technique, but women do use it. I know a woman who became obsessed with the guy she was dating so she decided to follow him wherever he went. She got jobs at the companies where he worked so that she could be close to him. She even followed him when he moved to different cities to escape from her.

It took years, but she finally wore him down and he married her.

Run from any woman that is pulling the stalker strategy. If you really like a girl, you should be the one who pursues her. 


Of these techniques, only the first two are acceptable risks. It is natural for a girl who genuinely likes you to want to build a committed relationship with you. And if you share her feelings, you might not mind, but you should always be aware of what is going on so that you don’t end up getting pulled down a path that you don’t want to travel.

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147 thoughts on “8 Relationship Lockdown Techniques To Avoid”

  1. A man will pursue a woman until she catches him and makes him her nest slave.
    Ain’t no man happy in the long run in a relationship. Does not happen.
    Eventually, a man becomes more or less indifferent to sex with his woman. That’s when misery becomes the norm.
    LTRs are a failed strategy.

    1. As a rule, that is true, but admittedly there are exceptions… they are just not exceptions that are worth betting on. (a 1 in 20 chance of NOT being miserable for the rest of your life is terrible odds.)
      Buy a slave instead. They are worth a lot more.

  2. I would totally fuck the psycho chick in #8 Stalking. A bottle of Jack, a pair of handcuffs and a gag-ball at the ready and I think we would have one Hell of a Time! For one night at least. Strange enigma, Psycho Pussy and Bitch Pussy are the best…

    1. BTW, I had a stalker once. I kinda feel bad about it, because i kinda hooked a friend of mine up with her. He slept with her because she was hot and hopefully it would get her off my back, and she slept with him and bragged to me about it to try to make me jealous.
      Unfortunately, I think he actually married her eventually while I was overseas.

        1. It sorta was, and he was kind of a geek, so I guess it sorted ended well, since they are still married after… ummm… crap, 24 years?
          Wow. He musta got lucky. Just looked him up on FB and they have 7 kids.
          I think she might have been a virgin. I know I made out with her, but in the eighties some girls still took virginity seriously.

        2. its that 80’s muff bush, back then you had to be comfortable with a man to unleash the bush

      1. if its too good to be true, it usually is
        thats right, the same type of woman would go out of their way to give you grief

      1. without political correctness, all women would be insane, especially if judged by male standards
        they also like to be trendy, if they claim to have a “mental disorder”, it’s more socially acceptable so they can get away with almost any kind of behavior, combine manginas + clever marketing to make mental disorders trendy, and you get what we have today,

    2. if its too good to be true, it usually is
      “A bottle of Jack”
      two words…..Whisky Dick…

    3. It’s great until she involves other people in the stalking process, then shit gets messy. Have an contingency escape plan in place first. A truly crazy bitch will go to no ends to get you back, especially if you were the best fuck she’s ever had.

  3. Number 9. Don’t treat her as an equal. YOU ARE IN CHARGE.
    To hell with “women’s rights”. We want women right now!

  4. What if you want a relationship?
    I stumbled over a post about Pook yesterday. Dude has it right, there is too much polarity between pump’n’dump and nice guys who just want a family. Pump and dumpers are worthless as far as maintaining society and nice guys are not real men. We need to find a middle ground.

    1. ‘Pump and dumpers are worthless as far as maintaining society’
      speak for yourself bro

    2. Well there is a middle ground. Women you pump and dump should not be considered for LTRs.
      If you want a LTR or marriage and kids, seek a woman who values saving herself for those things.

    3. ‘ltr people’ are worthless for maintaining society now too.
      until the customs change and PUA’s are again frenquently stabbed, hanged, or defenstrated by angry husbands, I say more power to them.

        1. Of course not, what we can disagree about though is whether it’s even possible to grow up right in today’s society.
          I am certainly a traditionalist. In a sane society, PUA’s would be ruthlessly exterminated. But we do not live in a sane society, and in the real world we live in now, they are performing a service by culling the weaklings and destroying the garbage, and enjoying themselves and living like kings in the process.
          That’s why I say until such time as their usefulness is at an end, more power to them… and I have a strong suspicion that the vast majority of them would happily settle down into a more ‘normal’ lifestyle if the culture begins to return to sanity, or more likely is wiped out and replaced by a more sane one.

      1. “until the customs change and PUA’s are again frenquently stabbed, hanged, or defenstrated by angry husbands..”
        You sound like a massive white knight dude, women aren’t precious little princesses that must be coddled. They can make their own decisions of who they sleep with and until they have lost their right to vote, work with men, get paid the same as men, etc. they don’t get any special treatment or coddling.

        1. Bullshit. They are incapable of making their own decisions, they are children. They cannot vote responsibility, they cannot work reliably, They are, in short, in every possible way not only inferior to men, but utterly incapable of even maintaining what men have wrought. They cannot protect themselves, and treating them as if they are even remotely up to the standards that men define as ‘human’ is the worst sort of lack of connection with reality.
          Cute though how you attempt to label my lack of belief in your fantasy egalitarianism as ‘white knighting’ though. certainly, as a species, we need to protect our females, but that is a far cry from ‘coddling’ them. The most important thing we must protect them from is their own stupidity, willfulness, and complete lack of understanding of the concept of accountability.
          You don’t hand a child the keys to a combine harvester and then walk away, for the same reason you do not give women the freedom to make their own life decisions or ESPECIALLY life decisions for others.

        2. Who cares what you think, they want ‘equal rights’, they want to work in the same places as men, they want to vote and they have achieved it with the power of radical feminism.
          The only thing your doing by treating them like children when they have all these societal advantages is giving them even MORE of an advantage.

        3. feminist narrative – men have agency, women are victims.
          Your pretty much a feminist mate.

        4. You have to go a long way from recognizing that men are innately designed to dominate women to get to feminist, ‘mate’

        5. No, they don’t. They SAY they want these things. and we fail their shit tests by giving it to them.
          Women are designed to serve men and give birth. Men are designed to protect and dominate women.
          “societal advantages’ are the problem. Not women. They are simply doing what comes naturally, behaving like children. The failure to keep them in line is men’s.

        6. No, he just realises that we all get old one day, and an old age bereft of descendents is a hard one.
          Hesiod- the father of Western literature- bemoaned the fate of growing old childless, and the perils of marrying.

        7. Beethoven, the Wright brothers, Nikolai Tesla, Isaac Newton, etc. are part of the long list of men who never married and reached great success.
          Currently there is no point in marriage with the way that feminism has damaged women and how it has skewed courts in favor of women. I’ve met and read about the many men who have been brutally divorce raped, and I will not be one of them. PUA is a great alternative.

        8. Also you lose nothing by not having children and growing old without them. Most western people put their parents in retirement homes and visit them once a year tops, waiting eagerly until their parents die and they get their inherantence.

        9. What I’m saying is that is far too late, they are far too gone and feminism and SJW’s have become pretty much the norm.
          All you can do is treat them like equals and give them the same treatment for their failures (let them ride the carousel till the wall then suffer the consequences) instead of coddling them. They need to see the negatives of equality for themselves and like children who get burned when touching a hot stove they will learn themselves.

        10. PUA’s aren’t the problem they are the reaction to the problem.
          In the sexual marketplace women ACT by making sex easy and marriage not required to get laid and pua’s REact by creating an efficient way to fuck these whores and becoming the cock carousel instead of waiting around till shes old to become beta bucks.

        11. I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. They are going to be feeling the pain for themselves soon enough. I am willing to wait.

        12. Meh, I just don’t think women who whore around are victims who need to be saved from the ‘evil menz puas’ the way feminist and whiteknights like yourself do.

        13. again, you are putting words in my mouth. When did I ever say women had to be saved from evil pua’s?
          I said that in a sane culture, men would throw PUA’s out of windows if they caught them with their wives or daughters. We are not in a sane culture. In a sane culture, very very few PUA’s would even exist, they would have no need to, the few would be like Larry from three’s company or Don Juan deMarco.
          I said women were innately irresponsible. I said we need to protect them from being able to exercise that irresponsibility, not that we should protect them from the results.
          If you are going to argue, at least argue like an intelligent person by addressing my actual words instead of putting up straw men and knocking them down.

        14. Um, that crap is going the way of the suburban tract development, career security, and $80 VHS cassettes.
          Societies change, human nature does not.

        15. Does this change the fact that there must be a younger generation must in fact exist to care for the seniors?
          Reality check: most likely one day, you will be old and at the mercy of the young.

      2. That was a foolish thing to write.
        The legal realty makes it a liability to marry for the man, and imposes no obligations on the woman. I don’t think I need to explain the costs of a terminated marriage.
        As in marriage, so in casual relationships. Every cost and obligation on women has been removed, and every burden and threat on single men has been imposed. Back when marriage was common there was no concept of sexual harassment just by looking at a woman the wrong way.
        Ezra Klein thinks exactly like you, he is so delusional on this topic that even though he recognizes “yes means yes” is a terrible law, he wants it anyway because he is hoping that by terrorizing all the bad wicked evil puas then magically women will turn into good girls. What he will actually get is that the good men will avoid women like the plague, and only the extremely violent, reckless or extremely wealthy (protected) men will seek out women. Who will then proceed to use the male-deprived women like dogs.
        What is needed is two things,
        1. Freedom – leave men alone. Short of forcible rape, let women suffer the consequences of their own shitty decisions. They’ll wise up very fast enough.
        2. Honor the contracts. – enforce a sane contractual environment for marriage. Stop handing everything over to the women. When the contracts are honored, men will engage in them. Right now the marriage contracts are worse than useless.

        1. Not foolish at all, if it is the truth. Current culture is utterly stagnant (declining actually), and the cultural inertia is dragging our country backwards. You yourself have pointed out that the ridiculous irresponsibility is every bit as potentialized among married women as among whore culture females.
          Yes, LTR is the only way to break the cycle, and yet culturally and legally we have destroyed the LTR as a viable institution. That means that in a very real way, LTR is no longer a register of promise, Those involved in real relationships are just as incapabale of stopping the juggernaut of cultural decay as those who participate in it actively.
          At this point, there remains only two possible ways to halt the juggernaut. A cultural revival or ‘backlash’ effect, which becomes more likely the more oppressive the whore culture model, or a complete cultural disintegration followed by a rebuilding which again, a stronger whore culture makes virtually inevitable.
          When your paradigm requires a massive cultural change, or in your case, two or more massive cultural changes, it is not a paradigm, it is merely a potential. Yes, stable families are absolutely potentially of far greater worth both individually and collectively in the maintenance of culture, but currently they are incapable of realizing that potential. Unrealized potential is as worthless as lack of potential.

      3. Exactly, over the long term a society that does not have stable reproducing families is doomed to fail. In short Patriarchy works, and is severe.

    4. The middle ground is being a dominant and masculine man who finds a woman with high standards, marries her, and raises children. Since marriage entails so much risk, the number of men who are able to pull this off successfully is much lower today than it used to be.
      In order to fix marriage, the solution, both for individual men and for society, is to return to the legal and sexual norms that prevailed prior to the sexual revolution, during which time, as the author notes, almost all men married because there was no such thing as pickup culture, and divorce was much less likely (thus, the pros of being single were much less, and the potential cons of marriage were also much less).
      Changes that must be implemented to return to this sort of society include:
      (1) end both child support and alimony in instances of “no-fault” divorce
      (2) end child support for single mothers who never married
      (3) make welfare payments equal for all people, rather than favoring single individuals, as they currently do; in fact, go even further and make welfare payable only to men, incentivizing women to find a man and stay loyal to him as a means of financial survival
      (4) reduce the amount of welfare provided in general, since welfare replaces reliance on family with reliance on the state
      (5) bring about a revival of traditional (ie red pill) teachings in schools, churches, the media, and other such institutions so that truth becomes the norm, rather than the current blue-pill propaganda
      This should be done gradually over time to give people who are currently reliant on the system time to adjust.
      If we as a society do not revert back to a strong family structure, then over time we will decline, both socially, economically, and demographically, and will be replaced by another culture which does have a strong family structure. Islam, for example, is one such culture, because despite the negatives (intolerance, violence, etc), Islam retains control of it’s women. That is why it is rising in influence and numbers throughout the Western world (in addition to immigration).

      1. Want to destroy a society without firing a single bullet? Look at Islam’s influence on the western world.

        1. Ha! Blame everything on a boogeyman far far away. Government propaganda – your tax dollars at work. “We distort, you comply”

    5. Doc Love I think has the best middle ground.
      He teaches men to recognize certain types of women and drop them: Psycho Girl, Mercenary (Gold Digger), Professional Dater (free dinner parasite), Structured Woman (inflexible w/ baggage), etc.
      He also teaches men to maintain “interest level” in women. Women need more variety than men while we are happy with more consistency in everyday life. Women will create drama, watch soap operas, etc to find that variety.

  5. Gentleman, the lesson is simple: if you plan to go out in the rain, wear a raincoat!

    Not just that, when you’re done flush the raincoat down the toilet or otherwise never leave it in her presence.

  6. Honestly, crazy girls are by far the best fucks.
    You just have to make sure you lose her afterwards. They are simply useless for anything else.

  7. 9. Isolating you from your friends
    10. Demanding you to introduce her to your parents.
    11. Sabotaging your condoms

    1. This article is all text-book in “the predatory female”
      Its the preying mantis ingratiation mating ritual of the female
      “In spite of her pious demeanor, the female praying mantis has earned the reputation of a sinfully cannibalistic femme fatale. She lures males with her pheromones, and when one approaches, the prospective mate engages in a courtship dance. If the daring he-mantis is deemed worthy, he is allowed to hitch a ride on the much larger female’s back and commence fertilization.”
      We know what happens after, ALIMONEY “hunny im bored” “iv’e just moved on” But…i need your money , O i love you soooooooooooooooooooo much MWAH

      1. you know, only 1 in 3 male mantises actually get eaten, right? It only occurs if the female has been unsuccessful in her hunting.
        So in a very real way, male preying mantises only get eaten if they pick a loser female.
        in human females, that’s more like 4 out of 5

        1. I wouldn’t invest in a sinking stock like marriage, every year your odds of losing everything get worse and worse
          also keep in mind that it’s women who initiate 80% of divorces
          Imagine this, Each year Your woman ages , and on top of that the odds that you will lose all of your money and be cockholded+ humiliated rise 4% thats twice the rate of inflation!
          I can’t imagine anything worse and the statistics are right here: on the life stressors scale, divorce is infact the WORST thing for a man
          As you can see, “seperation from spouse/divorce” is ranked the worst passage of life for a human being, equal only to losing your freedom, but aren’t they the same thing?
          Yet why is the worst possible thing sold to men? Its disgusting

        2. So, I gotta’ ask. Why are misleading stats on the collapse of marriage appearing on the Web? Is it another propaganda trick to make men think marriage isn’t being avoided as much as it is?
          Here are the figures after 2004:
          2004 39.9
          2007 39.2 (Rutgers 2009)
          2008 37.4 (Rutgers 2009)
          2009 36 (UVA 2010; project moved from Rutgers)
          2010 32.9 State of our unions data
          2011 31.1 (http://ncfmr.bgsu.edu/pdf/family_profiles/file131529.pdf)
          Note that they stopped supplying the figures as of 2011. So, it seems obvious they are still sinking very fast.

        3. Oh, I don’t know, lots of really awful lies get sold to women too.
          “Men prefer women that are experienced, experience makes you a better lover.”
          “You are equal to a man in every way.”
          “You can fuck around now, and then in your thirties get married to a good man, have a stable family, and live out your old age happily.”
          “You don’t need to ‘lose weight, be a better person,curb your sharp tongue, bathe regularly, care about your appearance’, people should love you ‘for who you are’.”
          “It’s not your fault you are unpopular.”
          “Violence never solves anything.”
          Well, maybe not that last bit, I was just running with what I perceive as the worst possible lies.

        4. Also with the recognition of “gay marriage” the social contract of marriage is meaningless. When to two people who by nature are sterile in their copulation then the nature of marriage has become a matter of feelings and convenience.
          Not something you stake your legal well being on.

    2. You’re right. I think 9. is a big one. The same behavior is exhibited in a cult, cut you off to family and friends. No outside support or influences to contend with. In the “Cult of Us” there is no “I” nor room for male bonding. Perhaps it’s an instinctual self-preservation thing, on a subconscious level they break all institutions and any organizational structure (no matter how loosely affiliated) that offer any resistance to Their Will.

    3. First 2 points are usually camouflages in the phrase “Why don’t you grow up and be a man”. Careful when that shit pops up as she’ll try to appeal to your manliness.

    4. 9.- happened to me on more than one occassion. Those friends that allowed this to happen? Fuck em. i was bewildered and disappointed at first, but they are all in lousy marriages now.

    5. #9 I’ve seen firsthand. A good friend of mine got a girlfriend and their relationship was very serious.
      Eventually as time progressed he faded from the picture. The reason? “I’m sorry man, I can’t. I’m with my girlfriend, she won’t let me”. Now we never even talk at all. She literally owned his balls.
      3 years later he runs into me at a store all cheerful and says “Man where have you been, how come you never hangout with me or call me up?” I just laughed at his face and said “I don’t think your master would give you permission to do so”, his face quickly turned bitter and sour, we still don’t talk.

      1. So many of my friends have become little bitches in LTRs. Nothing weakens a mans character and resolve more than a woman at times.
        One of my closest friends took the side of one of my exes over his friendship with me because his wife is her best friend, and he’d obviously prefer a quiet life, or rather lack of bitchin’ in his ear, over having integrity, backbone and balls. She started shit stirring the moment I’d had enough and ended things with her. Sound familiar? My friend and I have not spoken in over a year.
        Both his wife and my ex sit around doing fuck all all day while spending countless hours on angry birds (An ironic title for a game loved by self-entitled bitchy western women) and various social media outlets. Sound familiar?! This kinda shit was one of the main reasons I nexted her in the first place.
        Unfortunately, karmas a bitch, as we all know the fate of the beta male who won’t put his foot down. He already knows me enough not to come running when he finds her sucking the plumbers cock.
        I don’t like losing good mates so I always try a salvage attempt.This involves shaming my friends lack of masculinity and white knight behaviour as a shock tactic to wake them the fuck up. But as we all know few men can swallow even a little bit of the bitter red pill. So it usually ends up that I distance myself from them with a view to permanent ejection from my social circle, which inevitably happens.

        1. I had a friend who was pussy whipped by a crazy girl. I kept telling him to leave her. Over and over and over again. I wouldn’t let it rest. I shoved the red pill at him forcefully and relentlessly. He eventually listened, thank God. That was almost 3 years ago. Now, he’s waist deep in poon. I like to think I was his wake up call.

    6. 12. ‘Gaslighting’ you and attempting to undermine your mental state
      13. Behaving as a ‘mutilated beggar’ in order to attract your attention as something that needs to be repaired/fixed
      14. Feigning sanity in front of your friends and people you know in general so nobody will believe the stories you tell about her behaviour

        1. Let’s just say that there are some life experiences that inoculate you against more of the same experiences …
          Let’s also say that some exes should stay exes for life.

      1. OMG, 13. , my ex GF was always calling me asking advice about working out or dieting after we broke up, and she’d always text me “I got a question” than she’d create all these Health problems, like her Back was hurting, and she’d need me to help her figure out what was wrong, for the longest time after we broke up that’s all she would do to try and regain my attention.

        1. The ‘mutilated beggar’ point also works in another insidious way: she gets to unload all of her responsibilities (especially for her health) onto you.
          The ‘broken princess’ that Prince Charming has to fix is a special high-needs sub-case of the ‘mutilated beggar’, of course …

        2. Dan the man stage 1 is probably the best subliminal modern cartoon for young boys ever created.

        3. You should have told her that consultation services are paid for in cash not vagina

    7. It boggles my mind how many women still use the baby trap in this day and age. Why don’t they realize that manipulating a man into marriage this way will surely result in an unhappy union? I have no respect for women who do that nonsense.

  8. I was just thinking about that time I saw Vanilla Sky and saw that scene when she says swallowing his jizz means something.
    I remember thinking “Jeez, women are un-fucking-believable” – they just shamelessly and meticulously log mentally log everything they’ve done for you as part of an investment account and expect maximal profitable returns on every deed they’ve done for you.
    This is why they get so angry and bitter when you bail on them or end up getting more sex from them than you actually spent money.
    For them, everything comes at a price and they must be the eventual winners, not you. In other words, we exist to facilitate their reality and we exist to pander to them in their world.
    So remember, everything she does for you she expects returns twofold and nothing is for free. I also bear in mind that women think any evil act perpetrated against a man by them is fair and that they think we have life handed to us on a platter and everything is easy for us. This is why they easily justify cheating on us or screwing us over.
    As men, our major failing is that we enter relationship light-heartedly without actually considering how truly unreasonable and crazy women are. But this won’t be me – not anymore, not again

    1. This outstanding comment should be read as a daily reminder for some of those gems of manosphere wisdom

    2. True, women are keeping score and list. Men are going into thesse relations without a plan for the most part. Women are planning on how to manipulate you from the first instance they meet you.
      Women only get bitter at men who cheat on them, because they feel they got sex and ran away before they had a chance to get their bit back. Its kinda like going to a poker table, winning big in the first 30 minutes and walking away before the house can make their money back. I done that once and you should have seen the look on the face of the dealer when I walked away.

  9. I know a woman who became obsessed with the guy she was dating so she decided to follow him wherever he went. She got jobs at the companies where he worked so that she could be close to him. She even followed him when he moved to different cities to escape from her.

    I’d like to know this guy’s secret for attracting that much devotion from a woman. In my naive and callow youth back in the 1980’s, before I knew better, one of the women I surveilled confronted me and said, “Leave me alone or I’ll call the police!”

    1. I placed flowers on the porch of a girl who I had a crush on in 10th grade (1988). The huge male “friend” or ex boyfriend got in his truck and chased after me violently at her request.

      1. See, David, they were right.
        Instead of sappy “your flowers on her porch”, you should have gone straight to, “her tulips on your organ”.

        1. If I nutted in her mouth she would have built statues of me in her front yard. I learned the proper “courting” techniques about 5 years later .

        2. yeah….our mother’s taught us manners and politeness. In our post MTV world, they fucked up.

    2. “I’d like to know this guy’s secret for attracting that much devotion from a woman.”
      1. Be “hawt” and attractive… and tall.
      2. Don’t be unattractive.

    3. “I’d like to know this guy’s secret for attracting that much devotion from a woman.”

  10. “3 times a favor becomes an expectation”. Can apply to all kinds of things. Doing groceries, walking the dog late in the evening for your old parents. I read the line somewhere, and I found it to be true when a girl I watched a couple of tv-shows with 2 weeks in a row got angry because I already watched the show alone and she didn’t see it yet. Then I knew that lockdown strategies from women are even in the smallest of things.

  11. women are sneaky, they will do and say let’s be friends with benefits..plus the ‘you can hit w/o a condom…it’s no big deal’. if you hear this…run forest run! a clever way of relaxing your mind by thinking you can go on a boning spree with her w/o repercussions. when the late night friday ‘wanna watch a movie’ booty calls start spanning to sunday…monday..tuesday..you need to reevaluate your position. also after a woman has been letting you go on a joy ride inside her for a few weeks you better expect to be changing your status on FB to ‘in a relationship’ and her writing on your wall and commenting on your pictures bc stupid shit like that means she’s marking her territory like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant.. and! wait there’s more!……..
    now that she feels you’re worthy she’ll make you being seen with her in public a priority! it will start with going to get a movie a hastings then evolve into holding hands at the mall…with her directing your every move like a dog on a leash…going to stupid meaningless stores to look at shoes and candles……but wait! there’s still more!…………..
    after she puts you through her version of puppy kindergarten she will need further validation to see if you’re the right hound, this will start with eating dinner at buffalo wild wings with her girlfriends to cross examine you……and then the final test is go to the club with her and her friends for more examination. they will look to see if you’re on your p’s and q’s and thou shall not look touch or dance with other women….or say hi to your homies at the bar/club…you will be graded on this and are only allowed to dance with your soon to be master.
    fellas it’s okay to fail this test with flying colors, bc if you want to pass…be prepared to meet her parents next!

    1. Always Hit a FWB with Condoms On, I agree Completely, It’s not worth catching an STD over a woman that is entirely Meaningless to you.

      1. i always feel if a lady will just let you hit raw she’s either trying to trap you, or she’s letting others go in raw too. if anything sounds too good to be true..it usually is, imo. guys get caught slippin’ on that all the time.

        1. I used to be really really stupid, and would ask before hand..”You don’t have any STD’s Right?” Just think about that for a Second, asking honesty from a woman who is spreading her legs to everyone who I barely know, to tell the truth wether she has an STD or not, I mean what is she going to say, “Yeah I got one”!! Anyways, i’ve been Tested since then and don’t have anything, Thank God, but it made me get my Head on straight, also getting a little older helps.

        2. can you imagine if you could take your knowledge and wisdom and go back in time to place it in your 18yr body? that’d be interesting. older wiser mind in a younger body.

  12. I wouldn’t advise living together unless you’re engaged and using it as a trial period.

  13. Man, I’ve been through every single one of these. #3 can be the hardest one to deal with, in all honesty.

  14. 80% of people who move in before theyre marred never get married. Stay away from this poor choice that so many men make.

    1. Because its a trial run. They feel in their gut they aren’t ready for a lifetime commitment. So 80% are avoiding divorce. Many women get married for 14 months and decide they aren’t “happy”. Their “sisters” on feminist blogs will congratulate them on how “brave” they were to get divorced. Never are they criticized for turning a man’s life upside down.

  15. A few years back I had a purely sexual relationship with a girl that usually involved me going to her place and fucking, no dates to speak of. About 3 weeks in she got an extra toothbrush for me so I could brush my teeth if I stayed the night. The first thing I blurted out was “We’re moving way too fast.”
    And this was the moment I realized that sex has no value in our society. It used to be you’d either have to spend a lot of money on fancy dates with a girl or marry her in order to get sex. Now the opposite is true – If I take a girl out on a proper date it leads to nothing. But most girls I’ve slept with have required no dates or money being spent, we just click and then we fuck. If this were 100 years ago the proposition of no-strings-attached sex would be infinitely more shocking than a girl getting a guy a toothbrush. Now it’s the opposite – Sex is so ubiquitous in our culture that a toothbrush is more shocking than a girl you barely know swallowing your cum.

    1. My Grandfather told me that before Birth control was invented you would have a really , really hard time getting laid unless you were paying a prostitute, but after the birth control came out, women became a lot more sexually liberated.I know what you mean, now it’s just handed out like candy. Though Some women still reserve themselves, at least for a little while…

    2. Well said. The other night I had a broad over at my place. I put food in the oven, we had sex then I kicked her out so I could have dinner by myself. Shes such a dumb cunt I can barely tolerate her presence for more than an hour. It really is completely fucking backwards isn’t it? Kinda depressing as I have traditional beliefs but this is the time I was unfortunately born in so gotta play with the cards your dealt with.

      1. Edmond your comment made my cry laughing lol. Ng85 I agree with the whole money and dates shit. Women, if they do at all, get money spent on them after we are fucking. Paying for a girl is basically paying for them to be with you, they come to expect you to handle all the money. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way.

  16. Never live with a woman. With today’s “common law marriage” bullshit, you don’t want to go anywhere near it.
    And if she tries to leave her panties at my house, put them and the rest of her shit in a box where the other plate won’t find it. Problem solved.

    1. Continue to maintain separate address. Don’t give her a key copy. Don’t pay her bills for her. Sleep alone in your own bed at least once per week.

    2. Tack them on a wall as a trophy. If your next date complains, offer to put her panties up there as well.

  17. FWB with an attractive woman, meaning someone who has beta orbiters and other potential “boyfriends”, is bullshit. The first 2-4 weeks it’s all about sex, then it’s about watching a movie together, then before you know it they start “loving” you. The so-called articles about long term FWB relationships are hogwash. No woman , not even married ones, can be in a pure FWB relationship very long.

  18. I hope when you said ” if a rival female sees her things at your place she will be turned off” you meant that that was the INTENTION of the girlfriend. Otherwise, from a Game stand point you are dead wrong. Pre selection 101. Every time Ive brought a chick back to my place and there were some panties or a hair straightener there from a FB plate or girlfriend, the attraction increased ten fold. To believe that she would be “turned off” is something a beta would say, followed by “She isnt the kind of girl who likes players, shes special”.

    1. in the post modern fucked up dating world, the girl pretends to be jealous but is actually turned on.

    2. Yes, I meant the woman’s intention. She thinks she is marking her territory. I don’t believe this tactic works because, as you say, rivals may find that it makes the man more appealing, and guys are not likely to be moved by a pair of undies.

    3. The old Roissy flowers on the table from a crazy stalker trick gets the hamster going 8000 rpms. Worth the 3 bucks to but a shitty ass bouquet from Chinatown before bringing the chick home.

    4. Woman want things other women have and they want to take it away from them. They compete with other woman,
      Men cheat for validation, women cheat to acquire.

  19. One of the biggest mistakes in my life and from my last ltr was getting a pet together . I take the blame.We lived together where they allowed pets. She knew I wanted a dog. She got me one that I wanted from a specific breed. Long story short, the relationship didnt work out and it was exactly like divorce court and seeing who would get the dog. She was smart and got legal papers drawn up for co ownership. I had to relinquish the dog to her since my new place didnt allow dogs and I was back at school full time. To this day I kick myself in the ass for allowing it to happen. I had visitation rights but things were messy after the breakup.
    Eventually after being able to visit the dog,She let me know that her new boyfriend wasn’t cool with me still being in the picture so I had to cut my losses. I had to give up my dog to her and take my lumps.
    If you ever get a pet, make sure your backup plan enables you to keep your pet.YOU pay for the pet and keep the receipt. Make sure you will have the pet after a breakup and a place that allows pets. Dont try to fool themanagement at an apartment complex and sneak him in and out only to be forced to move out or get rid of the pet.Too many pets are abandoned and end up at a shelter because of impulsive and poorly thought out arrangements. Lesson learned.

    1. This is great advice. If you get a pet and you think that you will want to keep the pet even if the relationship goes south, make sure that you buy the pet–not her.

  20. Best Practice: Always go to her place. Your place should be like the Bat Cave or Fortress of Solitude.

  21. Yup…. been there bought the tshirt….pet, moved in together, paid for car, sex dried up after a number of years…. game over….. print these out or imprint them on your mind…. its for fuking real….

    1. If would be great to instinctively avoid those pitfalls but learning it and acknowledging it, is more important to understand it.

  22. 9-Her mistakes are your fault.
    10-If she is boring it is because you are not doing enough.
    11-If Obama wife is ugly it is your fault.

  23. This article is great. Exactly what I needed to read right now. I’ve been seeing a woman lately and she mentioned something about moving in. I was considering it but now that I read this article, I know better. Thanks. It also makes me glad I’ve been using condoms. No woman will trap me.
    Let no woman have power over you.

  24. Most of life’s major stresses are related to being married. Once a woman gets her claws into you, she will hold on tighter and tighter until you can not get away with out major blood loss. A lot of the information on this site depends upon what you know about yourself. Get to really know yourself.

  25. It’s funny I’ve seen first hand women pull all of these and NOT WORK! Granted men don’t walk away from marriages as easily but I’ve seen guys break up with girls they’re living with, have babies by, made social media announcements with etc. If a man doesn’t want to be in a relationship he won’t be.

  26. Never live with a woman unless you are married to her.
    Never marry a woman unless you are religious AND want children.

    1. Hahaha! No. I’m currently living with someone but I will never marry.
      This article is basically saying don’t do base jumping (living with a girl) but just jump of the rooftop without parachute and kill yourself already (marrying). That’s BS.
      I know I can walk out any time without too much paper work if I wishes so (and I live at her place so I don’t have to kick her out, I can just literally pack my stuff and go).

      1. No dude, you’ve actually put yourself at her mercy.
        One phone call to the police and you’re under arrest and on websites as an abuser. Or she claims you raped her one night. Or she gets pregnant and forces fatherhood on you, despite the fact she cuckholded you.
        No, no, no.
        Get out now. You are not in the position of power you think you are.

      2. You probably really like going to your inlaws birthdays. The eerie feeling that her friends know a lot of things about you. Celebrating christmas with the whole family, like your’re reenacting a scene from the bradybunch. Sleeping 365 nights a year together in one bed with all the obligatory cuddling and caressing. Not having privacy (no you don’t have any) And don’t forget the tantrums, reproaches, blame. Paying for her more than is fair. Don’t tell me a good woman doesn’t do these kind of things. Because wanting and doing the things mentioned is a result of being a woman. And I most have forgotten countless more things. The question is, do you want to have children? If not, a LAT relationship would have been better. You can still cohabitate when you’re 65 or so.

        1. Well, it’s my first real relationship so I see that as an experience. I can’t say I dislike it so far, but big part of it is that I went for a relationship with this girl because I knew I wouldn’t have to put with most of the shit most of the other girls would have annoyed me with (and yeah there are some family stuff but I don’t mind it since I’m living far from my own family and I don’t have to deal with two families simultaneously, but just sequentially).
          So basically no tantrums so far in two years… Mostly because she knows I would just shrug and say something like “whatever” (I am a frighteningly calm and rational person).
          She really insist to pay equally for everything too, so no problem on paying too much either.
          The day it changes, I pack my stuff and go. Simple as that.
          I am not a romantic person (thank you red pill!) and I am in this relationship because I know it doesn’t cause me trouble at the moment and it is quite comfortable. I am aware it can change (and probably will at some point) and I will reevaluate the situation then.
          Life is made of changes, I am not scarred of change and will not stay in a relationship just by fear of the unknown.

        2. I’ll bet almost every man have been where you are at. You see the whole situation as comfortable. Sex whenever you want, how great is that huh? You probably can’t even see the times when you’re being “disciplined” by her. The shit-tests. They’re there, definitely. And that’s the time you shrug. Having to deal with her family is way worse than your own. I don’t hear you denying that you visit your mother in law. You are on track for having a family within 5 years. Question yourself if that is what you want. I have one good metaphor for giving in to the nesting “urge” of a woman. Answer me: Do you visit IKEA as a couple? If you do, you fcked!

        3. Haha! That’s a good question indeed. 😉
          I wouldn’t be against having a family and definitely want children and I think she would be pretty good for that. Now, I’m moving quite a lot and have been changing area every 5 years or so since I’m a kid. And she will not stop that. So at a point either she’ll have to follow me or not. If not then, her loss.

        4. You can’t have it all. Having a family demands sacrifice. She’ll not be ok with you guys moving every 5 years and give you an ultimatum for the second time you want to move. The only way you are going to pull this moving-thing of is when you have a really high status job like a surgeon or a diplomat that she can benefit from. Moving for just the fun of seeing some other place: forget it, women aren’t in for that. after they have had children.

        5. My mom did put up with that, but you may be right nowadays. Ah, we’ll see. Only time will tell.

  27. 9. making do all the shit she wants to do at the exclusion of all your hobbies and activities…

  28. Wait… the last part got me. He married his stalker? He MARRIED his stalker? Why would you do that?

    1. I never learned what happened that caused him to marry her. She was reasonably attractive and completely dedicated to him, so that might have played a role. But I suspect that in the end he just gave up.

      1. Wow, persistence does pay off then. I guess all those women stalking Benjamin Cumberbatch should not give up, even if he’s engaged.

  29. I had a chick who left a bunch of stuff in my place. That shit went straight into storage. Then I called her and told her we were done. My friend said I should put her stuff on eBay but it was quite a bit of stuff and even I am not that malicious. Long story short I shipped it all back to her so there was no need for her to come to my place “one more time”.

    1. Interesting that we both thought of the same solution …
      I rented a separate small storage unit for two months for one particular chick’s crap — one month came free after you paid for the first month, which is the only reason she got two months out of the deal.
      She “dropped by” only to discover that I’d changed all of the locks and that I was waiting for her with her new keys, the ones to the cheap lock I put on the storage unit.
      I told her that she might as well take the lock with her — I could instruct the storage facility owners to cut whatever lock was left on the unit at any time, claiming I’d “lost” my keys.
      She took the hint — she didn’t come close to using the whole two months.
      The storage unit was the cheaper solution than paying for parcel packaging and shipping, BTW.

  30. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you know she’s going to break up with you when she starts asking to ‘borrow’ your favourite stuff.
    That way she can hold it hostage and provoke you into doing something unmanly to try and get it back, proving to both herself, her friends and you that you are the bad guy.

  31. Protip. Announcing that you are “Married” on social media means you are legally married in some states.
    Be careful

  32. It should be “relationship” since she is manipulating and wouldn’t be interested if there was nothing for her to gain from it.

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