Is Bruce Jenner Having A Sex Change Because Females In His Family Get More Attention?

Bruce Jenner, a 1976 Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon, has been perpetually upstaged and outshone by his now ex-wife Kris Kardashian, his daughters, and his stepdaughters. Despite his immutable achievements as a sportsman and national hero, Jenner was, as a man, undoubtedly emasculated by the reality that his past talent and glory meant nothing against the vainglory of the women in his family.

It comes as no surprise that Bruce Jenner has taken the path of “gender transitioning.” Has Jenner equated being female with the fame, “respect,” and adoration he seems to desperately crave? Plastic surgery to capture (or caricature) his long-gone looks failed to generate anything but observers’ mirth. His eccentricity on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and in other appearances only gave him 1% of the pulling power of his step-daughter Kim.

So what other choice was there to make?

Jenner’s choice has been vindicated, however sickly, as he has reached a level of fame and recognition he never could have as a normal man in the Kardashian-Jenner family. The media are thronging to get a glimpse of him, his daughters and step-daughters, notably Kim, are paying more attention to him than they have in years, and the riches will start to flow more generously than before. For the first time in over two decades, he is the current focus.

A different world from his

I wonder when Kim, Kendall or Kylie, let alone Kris, will do this. But the next 40 years were not kind to Bruce Jenner.

Jenner’s youngest daughter Kylie, who turns 18 this August, recently purchased a $2.7 million home in Calabasas. Her meteoric rise, like her slightly older and still wealthier sister Kendall’s, has been ensured through their highly advantageous upbringing and proximity to their half-sister Kim.

It would be only natural for Jenner to compare this preposterous “achievement” of hers to his own childhood and early adulthood. Amongst other things, Jenner’s constant companions in his younger days were excruciating hard work, even with his athletic talents, twilight early morning rises each and every day, fatigue from never-ending training, the pressure of an entire nation, injury, and inevitable moments of self-doubt under the eyes of the globe.

Kylie, along with her sister and half-sisters, has been beyond privileged. She has suckled from the fame of half-sister Kim to take center stage in a family of overt narcissists. In the meantime, Bruce Jenner, his step-son Rob, and the memory of his step-children’s father, Robert Kardashian, have fallen by the wayside.

The curse of the male Kardashian-Jenners

In addition to the horrific esophageal cancer that took his life, one of Robert Kardashian’s final embarrassments was being cuckolded by his ever-had-a-real-job? wife Kris.

Rob Jr. has largely avoided the Kardashian family spotlight, not that it would earn him much, and still finds himself being backstabbed by his own flesh and blood. In a very recent interview with Today‘s Matt Lauer, Kim described her brother as “not comfortable in his own skin”.

Even when talking about her absent brother, the most controversial Kardashian is happy to spruik her own brand at the expense of his feelings and, given the context of her explanation, mental health. And so the Kardashian-Jenner emasculation that has plagued Bruce Jenner for years treads on, especially if Rob were to compare his own takings and fame with his much younger half-sisters, Kylie and Kendall.

Family wealth and fame cannot hide Rob from his struggle to understand why life is as unfair as it seems. A relatively good-looking man when not overweight, he could achieve great things in, hypothetically, acting, music, or writing, and still not attract an iota of the praise and cult-like following of his hyper-sexualized sisters and half-sisters. There is no mistake that the two Kardashian-Jenners with the most open appearance of mental illness are Bruce Jenner and Rob Kardashian.

The rot starts with one woman

Rob Kardashian’s erratic behavior, fluctuating weight and general absence can be seen as a response to the unwarranted fame and riches being given to his sisters and half-sisters.

Kris Jenner could be considered the progenitor of modern “vertical gold-digging.” Rather than the usual “horizontal gold-digging”, which Kris used to great effect when she married and then cuckolded Robert Kardashian during her affair with Bruce Jenner, the vertical variety involves sucking the fame and riches from your children when the spouse’s wanes.

This is exactly the skill Kris Jenner has exploited. Her control-freakery is so legendary that she’s intervening in her now ex-husband’s TV dealings, much to the chagrin of her children, who have also often been under her thumb, unwillingly.

Kris’ lack of achievements are epitomized in her only “normal” job being as a flight attendant in the 1970s. She became a professional housewife and socialite after her marriage and as she expelled four of Robert’s children. Her turn as a failed talk show host included milking the “exclusive first” baby photos of her granddaughter, North, on-air, at a time when son-in-law Kanye West clearly pitied her nose-diving situation enough to appear.

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch is evidently at home raising and manipulating daughters to make millions from presenting a vacuous veneer covering an equally or more vacuous personality. Like a true parasite, she appears to rely on her daughters to keep her own cellulite-tainted star in orbit.

The Kardashian-Jenners show a society rapidly in decline

Aside from a tiny stint as a flight attendant before marrying-up to Robert Kardashian, what “honest” professions has Kris Jenner had?

Although the average viewer can never emulate the opulence of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, the attention it commands (read: its women command) exemplifies a society gripped by a cancer as degrading as the one that killed Robert Kardashian. Instead of being rewarded for contributing to society, the Kardashian-Jenner women are lauded for objectifying themselves, whoring themselves out, and placing ignorance and constant superficiality on the world’s highest pedestal.

Inasmuch as he has made what most ROK readers will regard as a reckless, bizarre, and mentally ill decision, I do feel sorry for Bruce Jenner. It is hard not to feel sorry for someone who had the world at his feet and then saw it stripped from him. Retirement is hard enough for former sporting champions, particularly those with an Olympic gold medal or NBA Championship MVP award.

When you add the surreal life of being the so-called “patriarch” of the Kardashian-Jenner family, depression, and gender identity issues seemingly come with the territory.

The true terror of the Bruce Jenner saga is that it does nothing to dissuade the countless women who want to copy the lifestyles, asses, or lip-puckerings of Kim, Kylie, or Kendall. It only exacerbates the circus of social destruction and vanity, and glorifies the shallowness viewers are attracted to in the first place.

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270 thoughts on “Is Bruce Jenner Having A Sex Change Because Females In His Family Get More Attention?”

  1. How do you shame a pure attention whore into shape? They’re basically just a black hole, any and all attention you feed them, including shame, simply increases their desire for attention. Nothing can escape their attention pull, not even light itself.
    Kris Jenner and her daughters form a supermassive singularity of solipsism. Do the world a favor and starve the beast.

    1. I would give them attention if they ended up on liveleak getting their heads lobbed off

      1. That’s still feeding the beast, though I will grant you it is feeding them a poison meal.

  2. Bruce doesn’t crave the attention like the Kardashian women do. He doesn’t really care that much about being in front of the camera on the show.
    He’s transitioning to a woman because he’s a weak man and his cunt wife and her daughters broke Bruce down mentally.

    1. One look at that faggot tells you he’s been mentally castrated for years now.

    2. The awful Kardashian women attention whore like none other. But Bruce just gave a 2 HOUR INTERVIEW on national TV. If he really just wanted a snatch, he is going about it the wrong way.

    3. “He’s transitioning to a woman because he’s a weak man and his cunt wife and her daughters broke Bruce down mentally.” ~ I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for helping me come to the conclusion that I am probably headed down the right road in my reasoning.

    4. You just cracked the case, brother. The Kargashienz have been putting crushed BC pills in his Wheaties and Gatoraids for years now.
      Get Det. Fuhrman on the case, pronto!

  3. I have at times theorized on something about m2f trannies. Not sure if it’s true, but I took a course in human sexuality in college and got to see a host of interviews and accounts by trannies.
    They all say the same thing “I feel free”.
    Now I for one can’t understand this state of mind called freedom being based on that which dangles between the legs. But I can understand that this might be where the “omega tranny” thing comes from: a total dateless wonder so full up on man-hate dogma that they decide to get sex changes to get an upper hand in the game. But, if one were to sit there and think “hmmm. Women seem to get the upper hand in a rigged game and I can’t win. Therefore, become a woman…”, then that would in some ways be a (partially at least) open door to red pill thinking. The first part of the thought anyway, the realization that women have the upper hand in a rigged game. Who rigged the game and why?
    So for the thinker (who may not be thinking through) to arrive at sex change to deal with the rigged game must indicate some serious disconnect of thought processes from that point.
    But one thing I picked up, but never proved nor tried to prove, as the topic is so freaking politicized now nobody can discuss it without sperging, is that this “I feel free now” thing would be an indication that the “subject” may have come from a gynocentric household where the women get to have fun all of the time, gossip, dress up, be giddy, whatever, and the men get to be downtrodden, overworked, and miserable.
    And this could be the result of fathers or even a “culture in the family” of men thinking that to be a man is to be overworked downtrodden and miserable in some beta self-sacrifice to the happiness of the women. Now throw in sex change education and glorification of it, it gets harder to blame some lad who grows up going through one room in the house with his mother and sisters and they are all happy and have fun things going on and confident and there’s dad in the living room worked half to death and sitting in front of the TV while bitter and wishing for death.
    You see being all work and no play, as a man, and having no say in the household (like hiding in a man cave for example), IMO, is how you raise a boy to become a woman, because you give him the impression through example that it sucks to be otherwise.
    (Even though, to be a fake woman – that is: no agency for the role women are built for – is worse than being a miserable tired overworked man. Trading working sex organs for fake ones and having to live on hormones that can cause stroke, blood clots, and cancer, is not a good idea, M’kay? Don’t mess with the endocrine system. The same goes for you muscle heads).
    So I think, as we have reached peak attention whoring in women, through culture and social media, making the gender roles blurred by making both sexes equally miserable and fucked over, it could well be possible that Bruce Jenner is going tranny for the attention.
    I would like to add though that BJ being “gay” or whatever is not entirely new. Back in the 1980s if someone did something athletic but we wanted to insult or smacktalk that person, we “Called him Bruce”. Back then being compared to Bruce Jenner was to be called a fag. So BJ was always odd and this if of no surprise.

    1. But one thing I picked up, but never proved nor tried to prove, as the topic is so freaking politicized now nobody can discuss it without sperging, is that this “I feel free now” thing would be an indication that the “subject” may have come from a gynocentric household where the women get to have fun all of the time, gossip, dress up, be giddy, whatever, and the men get to be downtrodden, overworked, and miserable.

      I’d go further. The “I feel free now” is because the trannies have toxic internalized childhood shame that they have either mistakenly or by abuse associated that shame with their own body. For these people, there literally seems to be no option, because they’ve lived in shame for their entire life, they have no concept of self as the mythical healthy person would. Freedom for them is actually freedom from something that was injected into them by solipsistic females in their childhood who found their own selfish needs more important than outgoing love to their own child. The tranny’s need to be rid of their childhood shame is so fundamental it shapes their every perception of the world. To them, being human *is* being female.

      1. A high rate of evidence to your assertion would be the way they act on the internet. It’s almost comical how I can look up any SJW account on Twitter, my attention raised by their sperging, and see they all have self-designations of some kind of gender or something. We say things like “whateverkin” as a joke but I have seen it.
        This is why I say that mentally ill SJWs will be easy to round up and put into institutions someday when it’s time to rebuild civilization. They all look and act the same. When you see obesity, died hair, “problem glasses” (like out of a Far Side comic) you know you have one in the vicinity. Is there a magazine they all read and get fashion tips from?

        1. Exactly, who but someone with a perception of a world where humiliation is normalized would be so quick to shame innocent behaviors?

        2. Institutions? Why? a 6 foot stretch of wall and a blindfold is so much more convenient and will save a lot of money.

      2. Agree.
        From my childhood I have my grandfather’s generation to look back to. There were problems sure, but people in the neighbourhood knew each other, my grandfather had respect in his own home, big family, a sense of togetherness, etc.
        If I grew up in a modern single-mother household with no reference point to what it means to have self-respect and self-esteem as a male, I imagine I’d be very confused.

        1. Male influence is very important, but it also depends on the person. My parents divorced when I was very young, and I had no communication with my father. My grandfather died when I was about 10 years old, but being manly came naturally to me. My wife has told me that she fell for me because I am a loving person, but at the same time dripping with testosterone.

        2. There was a GREAT interview I heard with Dr. John Gray (women are from venus men are from mars author). I expect he would get mixed results in the ROK group. He clearly understands how women are vastly different creatures than men, and how women constantly misunderstand men. I find a lot of what he says useful. But he is much less likely to criticize bad behaviors and advises couples on the best way to get along… but he did this AMAZING interview on Fathers Day a couple of years ago about all the reasons that fathers were vital and how fucked up kids were that didn’t have them.
          This inspired me to take a brief listen again, and here are a few highlights:

          What I see in countries that have become progressive, is that in the name of equality, a blindness is set up, where men should be more like women, and when they are not more like women, they are seen as the bad guys.

          When I go to the more feminist countries, women will say very disparaging things about men, like they are losers, they can’t do this, can’t do that.
          There is a force pushing men down, and I see it coming to America.
          We have gone from Father Knows Best to Father Knows Less.
          There is an epidemic among children without fathers. The children that turn out the best have access to father and mother, either through marriage or shared access after divorce. When children are raised by their father, either with mom/dad or only dad, the child turns out better. There is less ADD/ADHD, and all the categories of challenged childhood.
          The masculine energy of the father is calming and prevents the child from being upset about things.
          The feminine side puts up gates saying don’t do this or that, and the masculine side is thoughtful and provides the problem solving side to children.

          All this was only in his first 5 minutes of a 30 minute interview. It was so shocking to hear such a thing on national radio…

        3. I can relate. My mother is very nurturing my father is very masculine. This combination helps with the ladies because i can be gentle on occasion but yet masculine.

        4. I know of two single mothers who have boys. these boys have serious development problems. the worst one blames his mom (my coworker) for not having a father (father died before he was born). She never married and just goes through casual relationships. The kid desperately needs a male figure but no one wants to come near him and his mom for god knows why.

        5. The thing about the fathers is that the good ones are always there for a hand and they allow you to make mistakes to learn better. When reading about the alpha female and how her relationship was strongly shaped by her close relationship with her father, I flash back to the Greek goddess Athena who was born from her father Zeus’ thought and prefers men’s company to the women’s. The classical myths are full of the red pill truths.


      1. you are right, actually, gender ‘doesn’t’ exist. It is a social construct. a null word.
        Sex exists though. and with the sole exception of a very few XXY birth defects, it is assigned when you are born. all the hormones in the world won’t change you from an XY to an XX, or back.

        1. fascist? No, imperialist actually, but close.
          Communist? Not even remotely close. I actually like to hurt socialists. like you.
          Nazi? Sorry, Not even German. German National socialists aren’t my bag
          Homophobic? absolutely. sticking your dick into another man’s anus is a highly risky practice that leads to plague, and anyone that is NOT taking steps to avoid plague-carriers is a psychotic that threatens the lives of all humans, and should be put down.
          Animal? I guess, strictly speaking, we are all animals.
          So, 2 out of 5 isn’t bad.

        2. I’ve eaten pigeons, true. But sex with sheep… I have had sex with pigs, do college girls count? But sex with sheep… how do you do that anyway, don’t they run too fast? Why don’t you explain how YOU do it, maybe I will pick up some pointers.

        3. Hell, I wouldn’t even taser a woman to do my thing. They are much more fun when they struggle.

    3. “But I can understand that this might be where the “omega tranny” thing comes from: a total dateless wonder so full up on man-hate dogma that they decide to get sex changes to get an upper hand in the game. But, if one were to sit there and think “hmmm. Women seem to get the upper hand in a rigged game and I can’t win. Therefore, become a woman…”
      – I had a co-worker who was omega-tranny and this describes him to a tee. Obese and a chronic failure with women. His attempt to become one was a way to “get back” at them, as you described.
      Ironically, he accused me of being a misogynist once. The truth is though that omega-trannies have far more hatred of women than your average “misogynist.”

      1. I’m having trouble wrapping the noodle around understanding that. A woman-hating omega becoming a woman to “get back at them”.
        Could this be evidence towards understanding these fat balding tranny monsters who demand they have a right to prance around naked in women’s locker rooms with their pin-dicks wagging around? Just about every one of them is as ugly as all get out (whenever such stories pop up) and for most purposes is little more than a fat guy in a wig. I’ve wondered if they were under some delusion, or what lead them to that level of delusion – it just might be seething hatred or resentment.

        1. It’s difficult for the average man to understand this world, I agree. But I think that the omega’s self-hatred can also be see in the male SJW. A man like Michael Moore, for example. Instead of focusing on self-improvement, they are locked into their weakened state, unable to escape. So they resort to spiting those who are stronger than they are.

  4. First thing I though when I saw the article’s title was “Duh!” without even have to click on the article itself.

  5. Dude got old, testosterone crashed, crashed doubly hard being around all those persian sluts. Not surprising he started to feel like a little bitch.

    1. They’re Armenian, bro. But Armenia was carved out of Iran in the first half of the 1800s so you are somewhat correct.

    2. You could see a defeated cuckolded man in his eyes.
      I bet he did get cucked when his wife brought guys home. Bruce Jenner makes beta males look like kings it’s very sad indeed I can’t even insult this lout

  6. Are you suggesting that some men who envy the power women now have in society are just “joining the winning team” by turning into “Wo-“men”? As a sort of camouflage>?
    We know psychologically speaking men identify with other powerful men, in theory some men could verge to become so beta, as to literally become the object of their affections, as women are the object of men’s affections
    maybe it’s really that simple.

  7. Ironically, for the Billy Bixby/Lou Ferrigno The Incredible Hulk TV show they changed Bruce Banner’s name from the comics to David Banner because they thought Bruce “sounded gay”. How telling!

    1. At first I thought your statement was ridiculous, but then I just looked it up and you’re right LOL

      1. I would certainly hope that if I were savvy to inventing stories I could do better than that haha!

    2. Hey, let’s not go ragging on Robert the Bruce who kicked Edward II’s ass. Or Bruce Wayne.

  8. It feels so good to realize that I have not participated in the cultural rot that spawns these freaks for well over a decade.
    It IS revolting to watch the kowtowing and “celebration” of this mental illness. Truly we live in the time of the naked emperor.

    1. And “mental illness” is the key here, not necessarily attention whoring. This guy is mentally ill, but we live in a society so systematically ill that it celebrates illness as “diversity.” In a way, I feel sad for Jenner. The guy needs help, but our entire culture has decided to publicly sacrifice him on the alter of “no hurt feelings.”

      1. Exactly my sentiments. Every tranny I hear speak I come away feeling a lot of pity for them on the same level you’re speaking. They truly need help and we’re doing nothing but “helping” them get worse. There’s a 50% suicide rate with these people, pretending that they’re not mentally ill is literally killing people.

        1. Actually there was an article a while back from some doctor who did operations or ran some program that did – Hopkins University I think – who said something like 60 percent of the people that had operations would have been better off if they had not.
          Trading working sex organs for fake ones is evidently not a good idea.
          What burns my butt is that if you want to become like He-man and get the T or roids to do it, oh no! Evil! Criminal! Off to jail! You see you can get hurt messing with that stuff. It’s illegal because it’s not healthy.
          But if you want to be girly and take H or something like that and grow tits why, that’s pure sweet and innocent and not only should you be allowed to have it, other people should pay for it. “But the health risks are the same” we could say. And the response would be “Shut up, transphobe!”.

        2. even the ones that don’t kill themselves develop health issues very very early. It is not natural to flood a male body with female hormones, and causes a host of physical problems that usually wind up killing them in their mid 40’s

        3. Any doctor prescribing hormones to a tranny is unethical and catering to the whims of a mentally unstable person.

        4. Women can take all the birth control and hormones they want yet men are shamed for taking hormones.

        5. “I am a woman trapped in a man’s body.”
          “Hormone therapy for you.”
          “As you can see, I have below normal T levels for a man my age, can you help me with this?”
          “Youre being a bit dramatic.” (a dr said this to my friend lol)

        6. I once have a talk with one tran long ago. He really envied the women’s status and beauty even though he could be a handsome man. It’s hard being a sensitive man or a daddy and not being stepped on by the girls seeking alpha males. I didn’t know anything about the Game then. My question: what if Jenner did everything he could to become a woman and he still feel incompleted? I’m afraid he might feel like a failure and kill himself for no good reason.

        7. Its a freak show and who doesn’t love a freak show. Fortunately I personally have never watched or listened to what they say so cannot testify to the extent of the mental illness.
          I will also take this opportunity to point out that a few decades ago doctors considered this whole tranny thing including homosexuality a mental illness under the DSM and had people committed to mental asylums and electric currents passed through their brains. Fact.

        8. Hmmmm….
          I wonder…
          Maybe guys can dress up like a diesel dyke and claim to be F2M trans as way to get T?
          Sure they can “check your ID” but then you can say to the doctor “Oh the courts already changed by name”.
          Shit in Seattle I could probably pull that off (if my T was low and I needed it) without even having to shave. All I have to do is get a Janet Reno wig.

        9. Yes I’ve heard that a lot of trannys wish they had remained pre-op. Then there was (on HBO I think) some guy who had the operation, but had it reversed at least 2 or 3 times and was thinking about reversing again! And doctors want us to think they’re so ethical and not about the money, lol.
          But I’m sure this operation will be mandated for all health insurance policies and medicare/Medicaid some day. Even as they continue to deny the existence of chronic lyme disease.

        10. They’re not inherently mentally ill. What’s killing them is transphobia. Trans people are far more likely to be raped or murdered than any other group; may I refer you to the statistics?

        11. he’s 60, so he probably doesn’t have much time left as it is…. especially with the whores he lives with calling themselves family

        12. Than use this
          I’m a man in a man’s body so I need more T to feel like one. The sam excuse e FTM trannies give

        13. Oh my god the truth has been spoken. Hormone therapy treatment paid by our tax dollars for mentally ill people as well as hormone treatment for women but when a man wants to use steroids the handcuffs go down wtf

      2. I don’t think he’s mentally ill; I think he’s cynically pretending to have this weird disorder in order to get attention for a reality show.
        Either way its disgusting.

        1. You could argue that to feel such a need for attention an fame that he would pretend he has a disorder is a form of mental illness, like a hypercondriact.

      3. If man beleives he’s napoleon and he dresses that way and talks that way, and pays a cosmetic surgeon to make his features resemble napoleon, he would be considered mentally ill.

        1. I believe the exact quote similar to what you stated is “If a man claims to be Napoleon, we have him committed. If a man claims to be a woman, we hand him a saw. How is that better?”

        2. I have made the same comment using Abe Lincoln as an example hundreds of times.

    2. You know, it took YEARS for me to find out who the Kardashians were. Yes I did see the name pop up from time to time, but never bothered to look it up. Then it took longer to find out what they were all about.

      1. There’s apparently a few of them. I thought it was just the one Kanye is banging. I still have no idea what they actually do.

        1. I had to ask someone. I’m thankfully out of touch with popular culture. A friend said she screwed a black guy and the video got out. Apparently that was her ticket to fame and the fact she was Jenner’s step daughter.

        2. What do they do? Retarded illiterate rappers, apparently.

      2. Same. It took quite a while between the time I first heard the name and the time somebody finally posted a picture of the fat broad “Kim”.
        The attraction others have to that fat assed slut is lost on me

        1. Thankfully I can recognize none of this family except, thanks to his face being plastered everywhere, now Bruce Jenner… I have seen Kim Kardashian, usually as the butt of some pop culture joke (unintended pun), but I’m just on the verge of being able to recognize her. Bruce at least had some talent. I can think of nothing positive about any of the rest of the family. They were spawned by the guy who helped OJ get off committing murder, and then went on from there to be sluts and attention whores. And this is what our society values.
          I am just hoping I can avoid seeing and hearing more of them until their 15 minutes of fame are up… notice how you don’t ever hear about Paris Hilton any more? There will be someone younger and sluttier to replace them soon… Actually that’s a scary thought.

        2. To add insult to injury, it’s not even real. You can tell by the unnatural shape of it. I never liked it.

        3. I only saw Kim’s pictures and I only now found out that Bruce Jenner is her step-father and I went, what the fuck? The Wheatie guy and the whore?

        4. That’s what I’m sayin, what’s the big deal about this fat assed mediocre slut…? I don’t get it. She’s just a dumb gold digging whore.

        5. Mylie Cyrus? Her name is basically synonymous with young and slutty isn’t it?

      3. I didn’t realize that the Kardashians were Jenner’s get until I read it here about a week ago.

        1. Doesnt he have a son named Brody Jenner who also used to be a reality show…ahem!…”star”….???…funny how that guy is completely out of the lime light now that his biological father wants to a woman….totally agree with the mental illness that these people suffer from…and now wonder if his sons life and future will be affected by Bruce’s illness….must be a strange feeling to go from being the guy whos the son of a wealthy athlete to the son of weird creature….like finding out my dad woke up one day and decided he was gonna be one of the borg from star trek lol….this illness effects everyone related too or spawned by these people….sad this has become socially acceptable and anyone who tries to help these people is criticized as having a phobia…i.e…being scared of them vs just wanting to see them get the help they actually need…..

        2. Brody supports Bruce…bc he doesnt want to be written out of the will.

        3. I didn’t realize Jenner was associated with the Kardashians until right now actually.
          Retarded woman famous for giant ass and leaked porno. Famous man becomes a woman surrounded by controversy. Sure ok.

        4. I only recently learned there are 3 Kardashian sisters. I thought there were 2: the ugly one and the sort of pretty one with the huge ass. Oh well, assuming they have some sort of points program with their plastic surgeon, most of Jenner’s surgery should be heavily discounted. Disgusting, attention whoring, useless family.

      4. Only reason their famous is because Kim got fucked by some rapper on video and it conveniently got ‘leaked’.

      5. I still don’t understand why they’re famous. Other than their late father who was one of OJ’s defense lawyers, no?

        1. They’re famous because of the masses of air-headed women who give them ratings.

        2. Famous for being famous. Don’t know why any woman would aspire to be anything like them. Terrible role model for young girls.

        3. don’t you mean the millions of men that got the sex tape?

    3. you disgust me you cisgendered piece if bigoted shit. go and play video games and eat cheetos now

      1. Oh, and Breed. Don’t forget breed, you poor, sexually dysphoric, psychologically damaged Frankenstein.

        1. Ha! You disgusting, cisgendered piece if bigoted, video gaming, cheetos eating, breeding, sexually dysphoric, psychologically damaged Frankensteinian, meat muffin, disgusting, pickle slapped supremacist… ! Gawd piling on is fun ~ I don’t care who you are!

        2. Yes, and I have children. My bloodline will continue while yours ends like that of every damaged cur.
          You fight and fight to gain social acceptance for broken monsters, because deep in your psyche you want to be lauded and know that nothing, absolutely nothing, gives you value as a human being… not even the possibility of passing on your flawed genes.
          Other men seek immortality through family, you seek it by carving it upon the marble of better men.
          You think that trannie is the ‘new hip coolness’ little caring that your name, as well as the name of all the other twisted beasts that seek acclaim through vandalism, will die the moment that people realize the truth… no one remembers the name of the first Roman that raped a prepubescent boy, no one cares who the first slave was to castrate himself, and yet they were the ‘first’… You, who comes along afterwards seeking acclaim through perversity are less than the feces that coated the first molester’s dick.
          The worst part is that this is utterly preventable… your inability to do anything worthwhile is founded in laziness. achieve something… create some artwork, some music, build a business or even a house with your own two hands. Stop being so goddamned lazy and trying to take the ‘shortcut’ to immortality by pandering to the soulless slugs that want to bring down lasting achievement.
          Or, you can take another lazy, pathetic shortcut and dangle yourself from the key bridge. you will get your brief mention in the newspaper. It’s not immortality, but it’s the closest thing that lazy, twisted, angst-riddled failures can achieve.

        3. Gees, lolz. Have we not established I am trolling? You really take this stuff seriously don’t you? I am a male and in this forum I’m a parody of an outraged SJW. It takes all the fun out of it when I have to explain myself.

        4. naww, you caught me when I was half asleep.
          Besides, I have been looking for a way to phrase that perfectly for a while now. Thanks for presenting a convenient target when the real psychos are too scared to speak.

        5. Well when you put it that way, glad I could help. I’ve got to be on my way now, more people to troll – duty calls!

        6. You are pretty good at it, How about you try Xojane? They have a much more ergonomically designed echo chamber than we do… too many pointy conflicts to get really good acoustics.

        7. The criticism from SJWs or progressives on here are so similar an predictable that you can’t tell who’s a troll an who isn’t.

        8. You are actually fucked in the head, someone round house kick this sick excuse for a human being straight to HELL were you can burn forever you peverted hethen cum guzzling demon from the pits of hell!

    4. Agreed. It is a disgusting age to live in. I was watching this video about masculinity when down in the comments a girl posted, “Strength and character makes a man. You don’t need a penis. ;)”
      Those were her exact words. All this is leaving a bad feeling in my mind. Some poor fools take it another step further by saying they are “60% female, 40% male.” I would really like to see the equation/formula they use to calculate those percentages.

      1. I now don’t have to imagine what the ancient romans would have committed with our modern medical “techniques.”
        And strangely, supposedly, my life is still not complete.
        Well, back on the roller coaster to hell. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……..>

        1. This sex assignment surgery is no more barbaric than what the Romans did
          One of the first sex assignment surgeries done by a caeser to a man and become his wife because he looked like his late wife

    5. I didn’t even know the names of these people until I read this article. And I’m still left wondering: “Why should I care?”

    6. I feel good I was only peripherally aware of Kim Kardashian, had no clue about the rest of the family, and didn’t know Bruce Jenner was involved in any way.
      Can’t say that anymore, but, you know, it was good while it lasted.

    7. Excellent! The emperor has a penis and nothing will ever change that.

    8. “It feels so good to realize that I have not participated in the cultural rot that spawns these freaks for well over a decade”
      Me too.

    9. Being in that house, with those people- constantly being bombarded with everything that is the “Kardashian Brand”… Would fuck up even the most sane of sane.
      Look fellas, even if you escape hell, you were still in hell. And NO ONE returns from hell a changed person!

  9. Honestly speaking, what else does an Olympic athlete expect to happen after a while? You win a medal in your prime but eventually you grow older then new and younger athletes will replace you. What I noticed is that Bruce only has a degree in physical education. As far as I know, that really isn’t a highly-valued degree. To me, Bruce seems like he was resting on his laurels and expected his Olympic gold medal star to shine indefinitely. Unfortunately, that is not how the world works. Some people think that when they finally achieve something great in their life, it is the happy ending to their story. However, everyone’s life story only stops when they die. I think Bruce didn’t know what to do with his life after his Olympic victory.
    Seeing the contrast between Bruce on the his victory day and what he looks like now is greatly depressing. I honestly dislike how people treat attention whores like goddesses. Money brings out the worst in society. Today’s society is a society where most women compete to be the biggest attention whore while most men walk in their women’s shadow instead of elevating each other up. If Bruce had been an athlete in the Ancient Olympics, artists and sculptors would be immortalizing him on pottery and stone while poets would sing his name in praise.

    1. “Some people think that when they finally achieve something great in their life, it is the happy ending to their story”
      True. That statement is only true if one achieves somethong great then shoots himself. Otherwise, like you stated, fame is very fleeting.

  10. All the Kardashians are malignant narcissists, Bruce Jenner isn’t doing this because he genuinely feels like he’s a woman, he is doing this to acquire narcissistic supply. Kim kardashian did the same thing when her porno was ‘leaked’

  11. I’ve heard before that homosexuals are the product of overbearing women. They tend to be mamas boys, as one woman told me. It’s likely Bruce’s condition developed pre-to early adolescence from his mom rather than from Kris. I think Kris is trying her hardest to make the best of the situation, through her way of handling things.
    She probably knew about this early and thought it was some kinky fetish. But she likely never imagined Bruce would have to balls to then remove them! That said, women don’t realize how easily they can drive men crazy with their crazy

  12. “Jenner’s choice has been vindicated, however sickly, as he has reached a level of fame and recognition he never could have as a normal man in the Kardashian-Jenner family.”
    Sick, but true.
    That explains who so many beta males are in the media spotlight. The only way for an ambitious man to win the media’s favor is by speaking/acting like a woman: Dr. Oz, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Drew, and the list goes on.
    On some level, the only difference between the beta males in the media and Bruce Jenner is the title “Transgender.”

  13. I don’t believe in the illuminati as a group but I do believe in the devil and he has people who work for him. This family fits the bill they are such a bad example and they swear up and down they are happy. This of course is a ploy for the unhappy and people who are looking for excitement. They are watching tv and witnessing whores make it and this is jus another step in that direction. They will shove this down your throught until you like it. Because stupid people will bite down hard on that hook, if you present it enough In a favorable light to them. See they want young children to get into this stuff the younger the better thats why movies and shows marketed to teenagers have sex and drug use in them.some can do these things and make it out. but how many don’t, teenage pregnancies, abortions, drug addiction and all before there even twenty. And the world just keeps turning and burning and people never learn these so called stars are suicidal .But see those are just little love taps compared to this one if you get that surgery your screwed for life in so many different ways and likely according to the statistics going to kill yourself.

    1. I appreciate your irony. Let me add, why does anyone even fucking care if he “thinks” he’s a woman? This is worthy of the attention of our national tv news magazine?

  14. I detest the Kardashians. But in his interview, Bruce Jenner said he has identified as a female since he was a child. He dressed up in his sister’s clothes. He said he trained to become a super-athlete in order to overcome his feelings of femininity. He also said that when he was on the podium receiving his gold medals, it was the most depressed he had ever been in his life because he was living a lie. He started transitioning in the 1980s, long before he met Kris Kardashian. The Kardashians have nothing to do with his transition. Most of us “regular” people don’t understand someone transitioning from one gender to another. I certainly don’t. But blaming this on the Kardashians is incorrect.

    1. So basically he’s always had an acute mental illness.
      That’s actually rather logical. I recall rumors that he was “gay” a while back, before this came to light. And yes, I know this isn’t the same thing, but the presence of a similar themed rumor is interesting.

      1. Hes always had acute mental illness. The only thing different about himself today is he now lives in a world that lets him act out his craziness.

    2. How does a child identify as “female” ? We wouldn’t even say a little girl knows what it means to be female, she’s still immature. But somehow we believe little boys when they say they identify as “female”??
      That’s like trusting a blind person to tell you they feel like they are the color blue.

        1. Ghost, I appreciate the support, but I mean.. cmon, this is just basic reasoning here, nothing special. How exactly did we get to a point where we believe what comes out of the mouths of people whom we know are immature and incapable of understanding what it is they are saying/doing?

        2. I absolutely agree. There is/was a story about some 8 year old who “was going transgender”. That’s just bullshit. The only thing 8 year olds care about is not catching cooties. The left is successfully sexualizing very young children.
          We’re dealing with evil people here who are using mentally ill people as a prop and a shield to spread their poison.

        3. Not evil people… evil human paradigms, which are probably much worse. People are mostly ignorant agents of their own limited perception, vaguely aware of their effect on other people, and self-centered by nature.
          Large groups of people, who are living with pretty little lies instead of their own perception/reasoning… that is the womb of evil. Evil is the metastasization of childhood trauma in self-appointed leaders of human ignorance among populations of non-critical-thinking people.

        4. Actually I was speaking directly of those who push agendas, not the common run of the mill cannon fodder foot soldier for the movement(s).

        5. Oh, ok. Those people are undiagnosed adults of childhood abuse. Any narcissistic need to affect how other people live is not normal.

        6. It’s just another step on the path to legalizing pederastery, the eventual goal of the homosexual front. Sexualizing children, it’s one of the few things that makes me really angry.

        7. It seems parents like those are part of the problem. I suppose some type of attention whoring and projection on the kid and ends up being mutilated because they think a child is a different sex because she plays with toys trucks. Little snowflake syndrome gone horribly wrong.
          “Do you want to be a boy Samantha?” What the hell is the kid supposed to say? I think most kids know boys and girls are different. I for one didn’t give a shit or even think of the sexual difference until I was 10 or so. If you have the weight of a parent enforcing that idea and sexuality at a young age, which leads to mutilation, that is horrific.
          I can accept a minority of people are going to be gay but politicizing sexuality and gays having sex in public bathrooms parks in un-fucking acceptable.
          Jenner can do whatever he wants to do, hopefully he looks for the root cause of why he feels that way. I hear stories of men getting their dicks whacked off and becoming lesbians. WTF is that shit about?

        8. privilege
          women have privilege, men have responsibility.
          Is it any wonder that some pathetic men seek to have the world given to them? maybe he feels like gold medalling was ‘enough work’ and he’s tired of it and wants the world to take care of HIM for a while.

        9. There was a story about a 2 YEAR OLD going transgender that I posted here. I will not do it again, for the sake of sanity, but yeah. Insane. That child won’t be sexual for another decade, yet it already needs a sex change.

    3. Most likely molested by family member or baby sitter as an infant. He can’t remember it.

      1. Forcing modern fem-centric Disney movies on little boys is probably just as abusive.

      2. No one knows why some people identify as the opposite gender. They just feel as if they are born in the “wrong” body. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a daughter named Shiloh, and she insists she is a boy, and has insisted on being called “John” since she was able to speak. She identifies as a boy. I doubt very much whether molestation causes it.

        1. No one knows why kids say any of the stupid crap that comes out of their mouths when they’re young and their thoughts are incoherent. It is an emerging, disorganized system of neurons that hasn’t fully established it’s own positive feedbacks yet. That means most of what it says should be *ignored* in the literal context because it’s source is fully immature.
          That doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to your kid, no, you give them a shitload of attention and you watch their behavior. But their behavior is only going to reflect what you put in. If you fed them an ounce of rejection over something they associate with their gender(like telling little Mary she can’t play soccer because she doesn’t have a penis), or gone through years of raising them with no positive experiences associated with their own gender (i.e., all Bobby ever saw was his daddy getting verbally or physically abused by mommy) then of course they’re going to want to dissociate from themselves.

        2. When I was young I was playing with a lighter and set a lampshade on fire. I thought telling my mom that there was a knob on the bottom of the lamp that I set to ‘full’ was a perfectly good lie.
          Kids are stupid.

        3. But it stays with them as they get older. A huge percentage of them commit suicide.

        4. A lot of adult children who suffered abuse as children also commit suicide, some of them by going on murder-rampages before offing themselves. I think that should tell you something.

        5. So, a child, who only gets inputs as to proper behavior from the adults around them, just magically believes that there’s something wrong with them as-is and it must be physically changed? Can you not see the contradiction in your reasoning?
          It *MUST* be abuse, because the only source of wisdom on the world that children have is from the humans that already exist around them during childhood.
          If you can find a single instance of a child raising itself among wolves deciding to turn himself into a woman, I will literally eat my hat.

        6. Except that people who have not been abused also become transgender. And people who are not abused also are homosexual. It’s an anomaly of nature.

        7. Except that people who have not been abused also become transgender.

          Not abused according to whom? Do you have perfect diagnosis on all human abuse? No, you don’t. There are probably 1000x as many people abused as those who are diagnosed.

        8. Correct. And many abused people go on to lead normal lives. And many people who are not abused go on to lead lives that to us are not normal.

        9. Troll, you can’t think straight. I just proved to you why it must be abuse, why the lack of diagnosed abuse is meaningless, and now you’re just circling around again.

        10. So is Cancer.
          Except, if you see someone lying on the ground with a bullet hole, it’s usually safe to assume he was shot, rather than that he was ‘born that way’
          ‘it just happened’ doesn’t just happen.

        11. 50 years ago, parents would laugh it off as a phase and it would pass. Now parent go along with it.

    4. “But blaming this on the Kardashians is incorrect.”
      Possibly.. but we really don’t know what’s going on in Bruce Jenner’s head and I agree we can’t really claim we know with certainty what his motivations are. I think the author of this article makes some good points though.. about the the thoroughly feminized culture we live in, and how very little power, attention and fame the men in the Kardashian family have compared to the women.. which should tell you something about how women are privileged and have sexual power in way in which most men don’t.

      1. Yep even Rob Kardashian suffers. I don’t really give two shits about him though. He’s also just as talent-less as the Kardashian whores and Kris Jenner. Bruce deserves the fame though since he used to be an famous Olympian.

    5. Yep, these women are just plain, talent-less trash. They don’t even deserve their fame. At least Bruce Jenner was once a famous Olympian.

  15. I don’t care what anyone says, a guy who wants to get his balls and dick cut off is ALWAYS coming from a bad place that an ounce of prevention could have solved. I swear one day i’m going to get the truth out of a tranny as to why he THINKS he’s a woman. The only answer I hear are the obscure, “i just didn’t feel right in my body.”, “i’ve just always identified with women.” which i won’t buy for a second. I’ve never heard a specific, candid answer, so i’m not going to believe it.
    I’m pretty sure i know why Bruce is going insane. So he won a bunch of gold medals, he trained countless hours getting his body in shape. Who cares, none of that means anything when it comes to getting women to respect you. What matters is, are you demanding things from her? Telling her what you want? Enforcing what you want to make sure she meets your needs?
    I’ve seen at least 20 episodes of keeping up with the tardashians, and i haven’t seen one time where Bruce stood up like a man and demanded something from these whores. Not once. Just a bunch of whining(why do you have to be so difficult????waaahhhh!!”) and begging(can’t we just not argue???wahhh). No TELLING. No DEMANDING that something be done in order to get the respect he needed to actually feel like a man for once. I always cringed seeing the way he spoke, his accomplishments mean nothing to me because he has no balls, and that whole family of women sees him the same way.
    His whole life he trained his body physically, and his balls were shriveling up in the process. He had a male coach for his body but no male coach for his mind, and this is the result, utter confusion. He went through life with the same “just be nice to wimminz and dey will luv u” nonsense that i and the rest of you guys started out with. I think the problem is he can’t let this philosophy go because he wouldn’t be able to stomach the fact he’s been wrong his whole life. To him the problem can’t possibly be he has a lack of balls and has been grovelling at his daughters and ex-wife’s feet his whole life. It must be he was never meant to have balls in the first place. Whew! dodged that one Bruce! But then again i can’t blame him, he’s never had a strong male role model for how to deal with people in the first place.

    1. You’re taking him out of the context of when he was young and placing him into today’s context when talking about “how he was raised”. He’s far older than me, and I can tell you for a fact that a guy got in shape and won medals, back in his day, did get the wimminz. He was highly idolized and made into a sex symbol for many years actually. When you’re on the box of Wheaties, chicks come to you, not the other way around. And boy did they.

      1. Oh i definitely believe he was able to get women. And by get, i mean easy sex. Even hipster fags get laid. But all you have to do is observe what happens when he has to actually deal with a woman past the sex part, that’s when you can tell if a guy actually has the balls to get his expectations met or not.
        Look at that Barbara Walters interview with Sean Connery where she talks about him saying “it’s not the worst thing to slap a woman every now and then”. She goes “yea i didn’t like that.” like she was the one writing the rules for moral conduct. And he goes “i haven’t changed my opinion” and proceeds to explain why hitting a woman is sometimes necessary. He could’ve been a little more on the offensive, but the gist is that he’d made a decision and was sticking to it. That’s the attitude that gets others to respect you, especially women, when you essentially tell them “no not your rules, your rules sucks, my rules are better, we’re doing it my way.” Bruce was neverrrrr able to do that nor was he raised to have that type of attitude, which is why he’s ultimately fucked.

        1. Not only did Barbara Walters back off Sean Connery, but she ended up defending him at the end of the segment: “For the record, Sean Connery’s wife has been married to him for X years, and we haven’t heard any complaints from her.”

        2. I just don’t see what he said that was wrong. He said that when women can’t leave it alone then it’s better to slap her than allow it to continue. Absolutely logical.

    2. This is why fame is bad unless you have 100% mental discipline which very few people have. Once your entire life is recorded on video, it becomes very hard to shake the image that has developed of you, and pretty soon that image becomes you. That’s exactly what happened to Jenner.

      1. Ah, and here is the best explanation I have seen for him. When you take a child and force him into the spotlight and make him a multimillionaire, chances are he is not able to handle it, and you end up with an underdeveloped Michael Jackson or Bruce Jenner.

    3. His transitioning phase must be saying an excuse he couldn’t man up the whole time was because he wasn’t one begin with. Sorry Bruce you might be able to trick the deluded blind masses as messed up as you with their own insecurities but the red pill sees you for who you really are.

  16. The Kartrashians wouldn’t be how they are in the first place if Bruce wasn’t weird all along. After all, Robert was dead from a heart attack and Bruce was raising the girls.
    I mean, seriously… what sort of man goes attention-whoring? One who’s rather womanish, of course. This nutjobbery is just the icing on a putrid cake.

  17. Bruce Jenner was olympic gold medalist. He could have been alpha male with harem. He’s fucked in the head mentally, probably molested as infant and can’t remember the experience. Its illegal in many countries for doctors to do gender re-assignment surgery, its considered taking advantage of a mentally ill person for profit. American culture is sick from a disease called feminism, that wants traditional gender roles erased, so this behavior is celebrated.

    1. Then how do you explain females transitioning to males? There are an equal number of females who do this. It’s an anomaly for sure, but I don’t think anything “causes” it.

        1. Become a man?
          because, frankly, the common theme I see within female to male transitioning is the belief that men somehow ‘have it way better’ than women. Penis envy.
          Of course, most females realize that they have it goddamned good as a female, so the fm trans are vanishingly rare. most simply OD on testosterone medication, realize that men get the shitty end of the stick, and then stop taking their pills.

        2. No, I’m a woman, and I enjoy being a woman. A lot. I think men are wonderful. I love them, and I enjoy good relationships with men, in all its ramifications. I’m very feminine, and I am NOT a feminist. I am told, almost on a daily basis, that I am pretty — even by strangers. And I enjoy it. A lot.
          I have to say, however, that reading the comments on here, I am astonished at how many men hate women. For instance, I commented that I don’t understand anyone becoming transgender, that it is an anomaly. As a result, someone here commented that I was “overweight feminist with gay male friends, aka fag hag”. How does that even equate? That individual automatically hated me. Go figure.
          I feel sad for the men commenting here. They have obviously had very bad experiences with women — including the owner of this blog — and they have very little good to say about women. That is the common thread running through all his blog posts. Maybe if they raised their standards a little bit, they would associate with a better class of women. Or maybe they are just such losers, that a better class of women wouldn’t give them the time of day.

        3. Most of us here do not hate women. We are angry because as it turns out, women have not been held back or held down. On the other hand we have woken up to the fact that MEN have been the ones being oppressed for the last 50+ years!

        4. Why should anyone be held back, held down or oppressed? Men and women should both hold each other in respect. All I see from Roosh’s blog posts and also his male followers,are hatred of women. I wondered if there was not an underlying theme of homosexuality. Seriously. I wondered if Roosh and some of his followers should come out of the closet. Roosh views women as a tool for masturbation, and that’s about it. It’s just sad.

        5. Sites like this allow men to vent their frustration safely, without causing harm to others. PUA is teaching men how to play the game in which women have written the rules.

        6. There are no rules. And if men are venting their frustration, then perhaps they should look at what they are doing wrong. Any man who calls a woman a c*nt, for starters, is no gentleman, and women are not going to be overly warm to him. I always think of two old classic movie stars that people should emulate — Gregory Peck for men, and Grace Kelly for women. They are the epitome of style and savoir faire and decency and class.

        7. You may be an exception, but most women no longer want a gentleman, they want the bad boy. Do you comprehend that you ladies are the gatekeepers of sex and love? Men have always had to offer what the woman want’s to get her attention and desire. The attitudes of these men are a direct result of women no longer wanting “nice guys”

        8. No, women don’t want the “bad boy”. They are intrigued by them (the same way that men are intrigued by the “hooker with the heart of gold”), but “bad boys” not who women want. Do you know what turns a woman on MORE than anythings else? and 100 of women out of 100 will tell you this. A man who makes her laugh. Make a woman laugh and she is toast. Most women would take Seth Rogen over George Clooney. Trust me on this. I don’t see any humor in the men posting here. Just anger.

        9. This is my last response. Read the many articles on this site. Much of it will bother you, but to truly understand, you must read with an open and logical mind. Then you may discover what the problem is. Good luck.

        10. I have read them. I stand by my comments. You fellows all need a reality check. Or you need to meet better women. They are out there.

        11. Claire the reality is 80% of divorces are initiated by women.
          Family courts favor women, alimony policies favor women.
          Obamacare forces young healthy men to buy a level of insurance they don’t need so women can get their fucking birth control for free.
          I’m not angry, I just clearly see theres no incentives for a man to take all the legal risks that come with modern dating in America.
          That’s why feminism encourages women to be promiscuous – it destroys the family unit (or potential for having one), so government programs can take the place of a husband. This is what they’ve already done to the black community.

        12. With all due respect to you, that the silliest thing I have ever read. Well into the middle of the 20th century, if people got divorced, the man got everything — house, property, money, children — and the woman walked away in disgrace, no matter who was at fault. It wasn’t until the 1920s that women had the right to vote. And well into the 1970s, pregnant women were not allowed to work. In fact, in many companies, married women were not allowed to work. Women’s rights are not about subjugating men or oppressing men. Women’s rights are about being equal to men under the law, politically, socially and economically. Why should it be any other way?
          Feminism does not encourage women to be promiscuous. There have always been promiscuous women. Women enjoy sex as much as me do. And why shouldn’t they? I still say that the men “venting” and commenting on these blogs are a bunch of losers who did not need women to emasculate them, because they have done it to themselves.
          You get what you give.

        13. Claire, you wandered into a drinking den for old sailors. You have GOT to expect kneejerk responses from angry men when you tread into male territory.
          And to be completely fair, no one held your hand and guided you here. Thus, expecting men to moderate their language, or even give you any respect at all, is a very very entitled attitude. As an outsider, who will REMAIN an outsider, it is up to you to roll with the punches or choose not to return, your choice.
          The attitudes at other websites, where you can expect men to leap to your defense (aka white knighting) does not exist here, for good reason…. to be completely honest, no matter how sympathetic you may be to sex realism, there will always be those that do NOT want you here… and they are right, This is a man’s place. Quintus may not ban you for being a woman, but if enough men object, he will… and not a single man will raise a finger in objection.
          And the phrase ” I am told, almost on a daily basis, that I am pretty — even by strangers. ” really really does not help at all. To us, that reeks of entitlement, attention whoring, and braggartly behavior, not to mention that the kneejerk response among many of us is the assumption that that is probably a lie.
          There is no ‘prettiness’ here. You are not in a bar. Your sole worth is judged by the content of your writing. As far as we know, you are a 50something obese lebanese cab driver sitting in your ex-wife’s tenement scratching your balls while you write. And to be completely fair, that DOES NOT MATTER as long as what you write holds real value.
          But as far as ‘associating with a better class of women’, you really have much to learn. This is not a website (despite what you may think) of unemployed jewboys living in their mom’s basement writing anti-woman rants in between bouts of call of duty and minecraft. Most of the writers and many of the commenters here live in the REAL WORLD. They have jobs, are in college or vocational training, have families, and deal with this reality on a daily basis. And they have compared notes, and discovered, that the ‘higher class of women’ simply do not exist, at least not in first world countries.
          “Or maybe they are just such losers, that a better class of women wouldn’t give them the time of day.”
          And that, lady, is the reason I am recommending that Quintus ban you. This website is about learning to NOT be a loser, about teaching men what women are really about, and how to use that to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves. THAT is the reason why previously, women were banned from commenting on this site entirely.

        14. “Most women would take Seth Rogen over George Clooney.”
          Yeah, that’s pretty much bullshit. Otherwise you would see a lot of women gushing and creaming their panties over Seth Rogen rather than George Clooney.. and you definitely don’t see or hear that from women.
          As men who have to actually deal with women in the dating and sexual arena, we know what women say they want and what they really want and what makes them tingle are two different hings. Women definitely have a thing for edgy, bad boy types… Some grow out of it but never completely.

        15. You act as if hatred of women comes out of nowhere. Men grow to hate and despise women for very good reasons.. many of which men discuss here. When men have to deal with women and their difficult, hypergamous, c unty attitudes, they grow to hate them. No man is born hating women.. but grows to hate them after learning their true nature.

        16. “I am NOT a feminist.”
          You definitely are a feminist.. .maybe not a radical feminist .. but you believe that women should enjoy the same rights as men.. and that it’s fine for women to be promiscuous and have casual sex and there shouldn’t be “double standards” in that respect.. right?
          All those things certainly make you a feminist according to the very definition and practice of feminism. Stop pretending you’re not a feminist.

      1. but I don’t think anything “causes” it.

        That reasoning is like saying…”The universe was brought into being by the big bang, but transsexualism, that’s just a random happening that is not in any way influenced by the physical world.”
        It’s just ridiculous. OF COURSE something causes it, otherwise it entirely violates causality.

        1. All human anomalies are caused by something. That doesn’t negate the fact that they exist, and the person who has them has to live with them.

        2. You just want someone to agree with you. You’re afraid of conversation and debate that doesn’t fit with your thinking?

        3. Actually, I’m not. I love men, and fortunately for me, they love me. I am not a feminist. At all. But if it makes you feel better to categorize me that way, then have at it. 🙂

        4. First you say, “It’s an anomaly for sure, but I don’t think anything “causes” it.” Then you said, “All human anomalies are caused by something.”
          Which one is it?
          Yes, things do just happen, but there is always some underlying or obvious cause. I think it’s mental illness in this case.
          That doesn’t necessarily mean I’d want to force the guy into treatment. If he wants to be a woman, whatever, he’s at liberty to do so. It neither picks my pocket, or breaks my leg. But we should at least be able to call this for what it is.

      2. They are fucked in the head by similar individual experiences, and encouraged by fucked up social programming. Feminists believe gender is a false construct created by “patriarchy” and anything that challenges “patriarchy” is celebrated.

      3. This is my take on it. Bruce wants the attention. He has done it all, Olympic Champion, hot women, money. So now he is bored.
        My second point is that there is nothing like transgender. There are men who are very effeminate and women who are very masculine. This has existed for centuries but now in the modern era people are trying to take advantage and actually physically change themselves to get some sort of attention, whether local or global. If you are a masculine woman own it. If you are a feminine man, own it. Simple.

        1. I think if you watched his interview, you would have seen very differently. He has felt that way since he was a child, and he started transitioning in the 1980s. He took hormones for five years at that time. None of us here understand transgender. I certainly don’t. But it’s his life.

      4. There are twice as many males with this disorder in the US.3,000 males, 1500 females.It’s strange but men are effected 2x as much including twice as many homosexuals than lesbians.

      5. See this right here is why Bitches should not be commenting on ROK.
        She makes a statement that has next to nothing to do with what she’s responding too. And the original premise of which can also be applied to her question.
        Gist of original comment: “Bruce Jenner and those like him are mentally ill.”
        Her response:
        “How does that explain females transitioning to males?”
        The hell?!?!? Think woman! THEY ARE MENTALLY ILL AS WELL.
        Now look below and see all the useless, distracting “snail-trailing” that occurs in response to her comment. ROK seriously should re-instate or start enforcing the original rules for the comment section.
        It’s so irritating to be following a interesting and thought provoking thread, only to see it degenerate into non-sense because some chick, or self hating male feminist, or worse – some SJW homosexual side-tracts the whole discussion with foolishness.

    1. At least he could star in a reboot of “The Golden Girls”. Just need two more trannies(and Betty White could reprise her role)

  18. If only men would just giving attention to these attention whores, those Kardashian cunts would’ve been nobodies. Also for the men, stop seeking female validation. Instead seek validation with your accomplishments from other well respected men. Emulate them and improve yourself.
    It’s sad Bruce Jenner didn’t take this red pill advice.

  19. You know, i am not normally a fan of muslims, but using fags and dysphorics as terminally-guided munitions sounds like a pretty good idea.

    1. It should all be illegal unless its 2 beautiful women who include man in 3 way.

  20. The Kardashians are the first TV show about a family of donkey-show workers.
    Jenner is doing this for attention. He has long attempted to be a media whore,
    but his fame was based on something few cared about (decathalon) and he
    never developed good acting skills (see his awful movie with the
    Village People). But he has longed for a fame-based career; he once stated his goal in life was to never work again.
    When Fat Kim launched her career by being a bestiality porn star, and it
    became a hit, he saw that what once would have gotten you locked up in a
    mental ward or cast out of a healthy society would now get you fame and fortune.
    So he’s upped the ante. As a man, a sex tape was not a big enough show stopper. Coming out as gay was now old hat.
    But jumping on the emerging tranny train? Hallelujah, Brucy screamed blasphemously.
    It’s telling how fake this is in that he’s not having the surgery, but
    merely “taking the hormones” and dressing like a woman. In other words,
    things he can lie about doing in private and then make a big show of
    doing when the cameras are watching. Much like a chick who “comes out as
    a lesbian” in college but never has sex with women and barely kisses
    her one butch gf, and right after college/by her mid 20s suddenly
    “discovers’ she likes men. Attention + social power of the modern
    This is a stunt for a reality show, plain and simple. Not real in the least.

    1. Yes. My wife’s cousin ” came out” as lesbian, and married a guy and had kids a year later.

    2. On the other hand, these ‘lesbians’ are likely just confused girls. Lesbians are 1/2 of 1% of the population. Half of them are real dykes but the other 1/2 are girls being groomed by the feminist dykes.The dykes want a feminine looking female just like men do.The dykes groom these girls by pretending to be their friend and commiserating with them about their bad relationships with men and before the straight girls know it the dyke is playing with their pussy. The straight girl may even passively go along with it sort of like when some guy’s gf who is really not into him sexually just let’s him fuck her because he’s a good friend.IMO dykes are predators.

  21. I’m not a fan of the Kardashians and their means of fame. I do think that Kim although has had work done and has a special makeup artist to make her look good,She is a bery beautiful woman if you didnt know who she was. I think her fame is attributed to guys that are starved seeing a real woman with curves like huge ass, tits and hips. You know the shit the guys are genetically attracted to for mating. She fills that void that the media doesnt provide barring porn and the internet. The media usually promotes thinnish victoria secret model types and celebrities. Kim represents an exxageration of the female form that we dont usually see. The 50’s had Marylyn Monroe and she was the hottest because she represented what real guys like.Hips ,ass and tits.A beautiful face doesnt hurt either.
    Women on the other hand have fueled the Kardashians celebrity by both their admiration for a beautiful woman and their hatred of a beautiful woman. They like seeing all the drama that goes on between that family.They love seeing another woman in pain too. Its just natural for females to bask in the misfortune of other women. Women thrive on the trivial nonsense , drama the excessive riches and the dumb ass ghetto boyfriends that flock to these girls.
    The guys that become involved with this family think that they’re the ultimate alphas because they’ve penetrated the barriers of racism and super rich elitism and ultimately and ironically their assholes.The ultimate taboo?The ultimate fuck you to white society by fucking one of their hottest women? After all isnt that whats implied when you date a hot chick with an amazing ass?
    Little do they know that once these spoiled entitled cunts dont get their way long enough, These supposed alphas wont even be found in any of the weekly GAY RUN magazines and shows that have symbiotically made the Kardashians what they are today.These guys will be among the many in a long line of mandingo Kardashian casualties.
    Bruce Jenner was just another alpha casualty of this family. He tried to be a good father to these spoiled twats. Celebrity pretty much ruined this family. I’m sure he was living this double life for decades. Ask anyone in high elite level athletics,they will tell you they had demons to fight. Probably what fueled them to become what they’ve acheived in athletics. Lance Armstrong once said something like” Show me an elite athlete and I’ll show you someone running from something” Bruces journey into being a trans gender is just another extension of dealing with his unease of being a man. I dont think its because of being outshined by the girls. There are easier ways to get validation and attention that having your genitals surgically turned inside out.
    I find it very interesting that in a way these two icons of athleticism of the 1970’s (Bruce Jenner and O.J Simpson) have been casualties in roundabout way by the chance meeting of Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian Sr.
    As for the younger two sisters and their future,I can only think of bad outcomes for the two of them. Another alliance of vacuous looks and no substance meets opportunistic rapper/thug social climbing. Imagine trying to navigate the world being spoiled rotten where money is no object and no one to tell you No Bitch and keep you in line and grounded in reality.
    They may have won the lottery by Kim parlaying one night having sex with a rapper and turning it into a billion dollar empire.Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! Only is America. I wouldnt want to be in that world of shit they live in for all they have to put up with. Bruce is just the latest victim of female entitlement in more ways than one.

    1. Kim looks like a fugly Armenian. And as far as Monroe, we have her dresses and she was not all that big in the boobs or butt. In fact, back in the 50’s dresses were designed to accentuate these things and if you saw the female naked she would look a bit different.A size 8 today would be a 16 back then and she was no 16. She’d be like a 4 in today’s sizes and had a 22″ waist which is 12″ smaller than an average female today. Her boobs and hips were like a 36″ each that gave her that hourglass figure.
      It may just be my distorted memory but it seems that even in the 80’s females in general were more female looking for lack of a better word.I’m sure there were always big boned heavy females but I can’t seem to remember any I knew when in their 20’s. Tallness was not considered a positive trait in a female and in fact it never was throughout history(except to you shrimps who crave Amazons lol)I can remember girls 5’8″-9″ telling me that when in HS they would pray that they’d stop growing.Men are generally 5″ taller and 50 lbs heavier than the female so being too tall or heavy were not female traits and were undesirable.We have a situation today where females want to be like men which is why these male traits have become more acceptable in a woman and where people now think it looks good for a female to be tall.

  22. Why the FUCK do you even post an article about this vile scum sucking family? They are all despicable whores. There will be a special place in hell for greedy, cynical Ryan Seacrest, who foisted these bitches on the general public by giving them a TV show. Pushy despicable, talentless whores whose house of cards empire is built on RJ”s bent cock and Kim faking an orgasm while getting peed on.

    1. Yeah Kim Kardashian is the worst of all the sisters besides her mom, Kris Jenner. These women have no talent whatsoever. The reason why Kim became famous is because she dated some football player and her ugly ass Playboy shoot. Her ass is too damn big to even be considered attractive. Bitch needs to get a life and so does mom.

  23. Bruce is jealous of KK and wants more FB likes. The shit show for millennial feminists must go on for the ratings.

  24. Great read on Bruce’s gender switch, David Garrett! People will do anything for love and attention. Look at the difference between peoples makeup, clothes, hairstyles, etc. Look at the difference in furniture, interior design and outward appears in homes. Look at the difference in automobile and boat design. Technological advaces and easy access to gender changing hormones is really nothing more than a fashion statement now. I think you’re right. I think the onslaught of modern man hating made Bruce do what he’s doing. All you hear anymore is how evil men are and how oppressed women are. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of men have a deep seated unconscious hate for themselves and see gender switching as a path to self-love and acceptance.
    How do women psychologically destroy one another? They gang up on each other until someone develops an eating disorder! What does that cause? A radical redefinition of body contours.
    Good call!

    1. You’re wrong. All the man hating in the world is not going to make a man take hormones and cut off his dick unless he was mentally unbalanced to begin with.But accepting this stuff (like gay marriage) we’re only encouraging these mentally ill people to continue in their delusions.It would make more sense to get them to accept their true genetic sex.It would require drugs and other methods because you can’t convince a delusional patient of anything just by using reason and talking, and this applies to their enablers as well.You can use perfect logic and science and they just won’t accept it and will even change their argument to fit what they are deluded about.Let’s go back a little in time.
      People who believe this nonsense about a female being born in a male body used to argue that somehow Nature made a mistake and a female brain developed in a male body.But these are the same people who don’t even believe that there is such a thing as a male or female brain.Completely illogical.
      Besides, what would be the chance of DNA building an entire male body and then, whoops! putting a female brain into it? There are no true hermaphrodites on earth as far as I know.You will rarely find some error of development where the person has dominant working male organs and some vestigial non working female organs and this is corrected by some surgery just for some cosmetic reason.None of these rare people though has ever claimed that they were opposite from their dominant sex organ.

  25. It’s all part of the show. That’s my take. They’re fake people living a fake existence, in a fake world.

  26. *Why* on earth would anyone think that sex-change technology even exists?
    Do your chromosomes change from XY to XX?
    If you are 6’3″, do you want to be a woman who is 6’3″, with thick wrists?

    1. If you are 6’3″, do you want to be a woman who is 6’3″, with thick wrists?
      And who is 65 years old.

  27. I never watched the Kardashians but Googled this thing and it is still married yeah? So is the wife now a lesbian or what’s the story.

  28. I had not read a full length article about these people until this one, but I have another theory. Maybe Jenner’s mental problems are long-standing, but he is acting on them now because the cultural zeitgeist is starting to celebrate so called transgenders. A famous athlete doing something like this would probably have been treated as bizarro by media and pop culture 15-20 years ago.

    1. Of course. We are only encouraging the mentally ill to act out and let’s remember that 1% of the population is suffering some form of psychosis.That’s a few million people just in the US. Transsexuals are really only about 5k people in the US who have this delusion that they are of the opposite sex. But almost all of them are really transvestites since they have not had a sex change operation. Transvestites are people who get some sort of sexual thrill or satisfaction by dressing up as the opposite sex and in extreme cases to foster this will take hormones to grow boobs/or to make themselves more masculine.But in general they just look like men wearing a dress and high heels.
      There were a few cases in the past when it wasn’t accepted like Dr Rene Richards(Richard Raskind) in tennis who did get the full treatment.

    2. Now thinking about it, there have been other people who have undergone a sex change. The tennis player, Renee Richards. And that was back in the ’70s. So the fact that Bruce Jenner chooses this time to do this, if he’s always wanted to do it (didn’t watch his interview so don’t know if he’s said that before), it is interesting that he chooses this so late in life.
      At a time when the Kardashian crap is so popular and practically inescapable from. The public reaction to someone having a sex change back then may not have been as bad as some people might assume. So after all this time, the reason being that he waited due to a greater chance becoming a pariah may not be accurate.

    1. no I dont, but thanks for this pic…shit ton of work done…

      1. Don’t believe any current pictures either.
        She just has wide hips and skinny legs. Not a nice butt.

  29. This whole idea of “gender” being something people have was started by a sick, sick man known as Dr. John Money, who studied at Harvard and practiced at John Hopkins. A man who was elite, and studied and worked with the best and the brightest. Yet no one ever challenged his sick views.
    “Gender”, pre-Money, was strictly a grammatical term, meaning masculine pronoun (ie he) or feminine pronoun (ie she). The romance languages also have masculine and feminine classifications for their nouns (el dia = day, la noche = night). Money proposed the new idea that gender was some imaginary thing inside a person that meant what traits (masculine or feminine) they most “identified” with.
    Money founded the Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic in 1965 and the following year he persuaded the parents of infant David Reimer who was a victim of a botched male genital mutilation (circumcision) that he should just turn the remaining lump of penis into a vagina, which he did.
    Money wanted to test out a new theory that gender is something one can choose, just like “Hey I think I’d really like being Blonde better than Brunnette”. He removed David’s testes, named him Brenda, and wrote a bunch of papers about ‘her’. Money would have therapy sessions with David and his twin brother where he made David get on all fours and his brother would thrust his butt.
    Eventually David/Brenda committed suicide and the twin brother who was forced to simulate fucking his brothers asshole became schizophrenic and ODed.
    One would think this would be sufficient evidence to prove that Dr. Money’s theory was complete and utter bullshit, not to mention fatal, but no, the idea of “gender” and “transitioning” and “identification” persisted. The guy had a string of other evil beliefs, like how it is ok for young children to have sexual attraction to old men, but I am thoroughly disgusted enough for tonight and cannot write more.
    That being said, Iran’s answer to homosexuality is to perform a sex reassignment surgery on the person, and that might actually be an appropriate response.

    1. Fascinating stuff. Interesting his surname is “Money”.

    2. I’ve been saying for years that gender is a linguistic term. In the past it was only very rarely used to mean a person’s sex.Usually in a song or something to make a line rhyme lol
      Money was a perverted homo but what about Skinner who kept his kid in a box?
      But the female who got this gender nonsense really going is now on the Supreme Court-Ruth Ginzberg.

      1. I actually didn’t know any of that until earlier this year. I kept hearing about “cis gender” and all the 58 types of gender on facebook and Bruce Jenner and people “transitioning” and did some research because I honestly didn’t understand what people meant when they used those terms. It looks like no one else did either, prior to a few years ago…
        Of course Money, Skinner, etc. are to be criticized but it’s really the people that saw these horrible results, and instead of rejecting them rightfully as the deadly sadistic practices that they are, adopted them into our laws and institutions, who are to blame. At least the Germans were embarrassed about Dr. Mengele.

  30. Jenner is nutz. He’s 65 years old and now he decided he wants to be a girl?

  31. I think Bruce Jenner lost his mind, for a Man to want to become a woman their is no Sane reason or explanation. The two photo’s of Jenner not only show’s how much Jenner has changed, but it also show’s how much this country has changed.

  32. After reading this thread…I miss the good days where women and gays were discouraged from commenting on RoK and anyone who replied to a woman or gay was banned.

    1. As do I.
      SERIOUSLY, that rule needs to reinstated STAT.
      Feeding the bitches does nothing but side-track constructive and informative discussion.

  33. What is funny about Bruce Jenner, is he is worth over 100 million dollars.
    More than all the kardashians are worth.
    Who knew?
    Perhaps he is the funds behind these stupid cunts and their shows?

  34. I guess it would be transphobic to bring up the fact that he killed a woman.

  35. Bruce TransJenner is mentally ill. He is 65 yo. and I wonder if he is suffer from some form of dementia. The circus surrounding his breast growing, lipstick wearing transformation is mind boggling. Don’t be surprised if he commits suicide.
    He can whack his penis off with a rusty axe, but he will always be male.

  36. Sad and depressing this article is, yet very acurrate of how things have turned to shit.
    Indeed there may be something to the fact that american society is uber-gynocentric that very well caused Jenner to lose his marbles. What else could it be? I was a kid when I watched him kick ass in the olympics, and he was a pretty good looking guy so you know he had plenty of poon come his way. He was definitely an excellent example of masculinity. I wanted to emulate him when I reached my teen years.
    Now decades later he’s a fuckin circus freak; not just a freak, but THE poster child of the current state of affairs.
    And so he’s becoming a woman to be with a woman?

    1. If you had watched his interview, you would have seen that he has identified as a female since he was a small child. He used to dress up in his sister’s clothing. He said he became a super-athlete to try to get rid of the feelings of femininity. He also said that when he was on the podium winning gold medals, it was the unhappiest he had ever been because he felt he was living a lie. He started transitioning in the 1980s and took female hormones for five years at that time. No one understands transgender. I certainly don’t. It boggles the mind and it’s a complete mystery to me. I would not want to feel locked in the wrong gender. But people need to be sympathetic of those folks who do.
      He and Kris Kardashian (Jenner) have broken up, and he lives in his own house. His transition has nothing to do with the Kardashians.

  37. There’s only one explanation for the do nothing Kardashian females to rise to fame or popularity for doing absolutely nothing: They’re a bunch of witches.
    And there’s your likely explanation of how a solid driven male triathelete can completely morph 100% into the opposite. The witches are cackling and the younger ones are giggling for whatever reason they wanted to flower up big Bruce I don’t know. Maybe it’s a joke. Undoubtably the ‘K’ bitches are crazy. And If old granny was a big witch, then the daughters never fall far from the tree. They’re all in on it. He had no where to run.
    Witch bullshit goes completely unprosecuted these days. I ripped a few of my patriarchy lines on a witch once and she looked at me like she’d seen a ghost. She got away from me ASAP. I mean her wig and hair pins were still there but the rest of her was ‘zoom’ GONE! . . heh

    1. Or else they sold their souls to the devil.
      Of course this assumes that women have souls, and that their souls have some kind of market value.

      1. “Or else they sold their holes to the devil”.
        There, fixed it for you.

  38. According to Steve Sailer, a lot of today’s weirdness comes from the fact that WASP country clubs in the U.S. a century ago excluded men in a certain immigrant group from joining. These immigrants’ descendants never forgave this slight, and down to this day they have vowed to destroy the WASP culture in this country by turning every functional aspect of it into its opposite, including turning men into “women.”

    1. Well, if the fukkin’ WASP wants to cut off his ‘stinger’, then fukkim right in the pussy, eh?

  39. There is not enough emotional, physical and sexual abuse that can befall the kardashian cunts as punishment for what they’ve done to America.

  40. I know it’s a bit of a cop out, but with all the privileges that white women get in this society, who could blame any man, in their darkest hour, to entertain the thought of getting a sex change. Just sayin’..

  41. I wouldn’t care about Bruce and his huge hormonal issues at age 65. He likely messed with testosterone supplements or some shit and got walloped on the rebound. I don’t care.
    He killed someone only a month before. Maybe he should have laid low and not done his “I’m a girl” flounce-a-rama so soon after killing another person. Unreal.

  42. The Kardashians illustrate female nature unadorned by restraint. It’s female nature stripped to the bone.

  43. would hurl all manner of insults at the man, but frankly it’s just sad to see an Olympic gold medallist like this.

  44. Seems like Bruce didn’t understand what it is to be a man. You can be told about this or that, but if you don’t discover it for yourself, it is worthless.

  45. I felt like leaving a blank comment in honor of the Jenner’s-Kardishdan’s contributions to society.

  46. I’m Armenian . From the late 1880s to 1990 we had a proud and civilized community within the United States . A combined force of trash from the former USSR and the kartrashians have tarnished that image . If I could be the Hitler of Armenians I’d send all of them to the gas chambers .

    1. Armenian women in general do seem to be plucked from the depths of the toilet bowl. I lived in Southern California for awhile years ago. And the Armenian women always stood out to me as being complete and utter garbage. Trash of the first order. If I was a Armenian dude who had his shit together, I would definitely marry out of that depraved community.

  47. A man that has lost his way and should have defined his own life by controlling his reality as well as the women around it.
    A man on his purpose as well as developing and seeking mastery can not be derailed by the modern day fuckery.
    Bruce has become part of the collage of chaos. Another brick in the wall. Too much freedom and not enough restriction. He has let the women in life dictate his power of self and purpose.
    Or, maybe I am reading this wrong. Who knows. Hollywood will ever make complete sense to me. I think that is the point

  48. I had always believed this was the case for some reason, although he claims his desire for womanhood stemmed from his youth.
    How can a weak man value masculinity when the women around him are treated like goddesses? one episode will show you that both the “men” were just reactive, whipped boys who couldn’t put his foot down through a fem-centric culture.
    The general lesson? Always hold frame, gentlemen. If anyone challenges your frame, then dominate them. Otherwise, speak softly and carry a big stick. If the environment is too toxic already, then leave.

  49. This is all well and good, but I’ve been reading interviews about how Jenner has been attempting to do this for decades now, well before Keeping Up With the Kardashians ever hit the air.
    There was an article after his interview with Diane Sawyer by his ex-wife who said he told her he wanted to transition in the 1980s and even began the process (hormones and electrolysis) then.
    So you’re really grasping at straws here.

  50. Honestly, who gives a shit about Bruce Jenner or these fat-assed Kardashians. What a waste of ROK bandwidth in publishing this.

  51. I think there are some that are born that way. In that the hormones do not match the sex organs. That is a medical condition. But then theres peeps like chaz and bruce who see fame and wealth thrown at hours of hair makeup and wardrobe while their life is boring….it must be weird to have this going on in the homd literally allday long. Excitement about makeup hair, nails, and not get caught up in it. Some retreat to drugs and weight gain and depression and some embrace it……if you cant beat them join them?

    1. I believe being gay is a mental illness that people need to address im sure there is help for this but giving in to it isn’t the answer

  52. Yeah, because it makes perfect sense for someone to go through that much scrutiny and criticism not to mention medical treatments, hormone changes, and surgeries just because there are famous women in the family. God, the male ego is so fucking fragile.

  53. Guy has been a tranny since day one. He still cross dressed even before meeting Kris Jenner. The Kardashians are just attention whores. Period.

  54. I am completely disgusted by the entire Kartrashian clan. They epitomize what is wrong with America today. Kris Jenner prostitutes her daughters and destroys any man who comes into her orbit. Bruce Jenner is a mentally ill attention whore who was too weak to stand on his own; that’s why he married a slutty single mom with several kids.
    Instead of indulging the severe mental disorders of trannies, doctors need to start refusing sex change requests and suggest specialized counseling instead. There is nothing normal or healthy about a man who wants to be a woman or vice versa.

  55. No matter how bad life gets, I can’t look at my dick and say “yeah,you gotta go”.
    Hot girls get validation because guys want to fuck them. Simple as that. A man will never beat a woman at a woman’s game.
    Jenner would have done better to have taken human growth hormones,getting jacked and maybe banging one of his step daughters. That would’ve given him more publicity and props than becoming a counterfeit woman.

  56. I’m not into gossip, but Rob might be the only sane person over there. How would a sane person behave in the environment of psychopaths? Erratic? Yes.
    > Rob Kardashian posted a bizarre Instagram photo (below) of Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl with the caption: “This is my sister kim , the b—h from Gone Girl.”
    I think he diagnosed her well. He knows much more about her than we do. Especially how she behaved as a child to her siblings, where proto-psychopaths do not yet know what and how to hide.
    He is Hamlet.

  57. Be honest here, if someone goes through life as a normal man, till they reach a certain age, they aren’t a woman inside.
    It seems as though some flamboyantly male men, faced with the shame of declining testosterone, believe they can look less silly by becoming flamboyant ‘females’.

  58. A) Please use her correct pronouns (she/her).
    B) Her name is Caitlyn Jenner.
    C) Stop forcing your misogyny onto a completely different issue, trans rights.

      1. Haha nice!! So witty and yet so observant. I’m upvoting your comment. Pls notify me of any other such erudite remarks.

  59. I do not watch the show often, but do so, as some/most might to see the train wreck.On one occasion and I wish I had the footage Bruce said himself that the women get all the attention around here…. I wish I could recall the episode. My gut instinct and not from a place of judgement was, here is a man, who was a celebrated athlete, with his Wheaties box in hand, being placed on the back burner or removed from the stove entirely and not liking it one Iota. I have no problem with anyone making changes to themselves it is clearly non of my business. In the case of Bruce/Caitlyn however it feels to me like another Kardashian/Jenner photo-op cash grab, attention grabbing move Period.

  60. This explains everything. Once again the red pill seeks the truth
    The truth hurts but what hurts you can make you stronger if you survive.

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