The Damaging Effects Of Jewish Intellectualism And Activism On Western Culture

ISBN: 0759672229

In the past couple of years I began to wonder about the fact that Jews are firmly in the middle of leftist movements centered around socialism, communism, and feminism. The Culture Of Critique by Kevin MacDonald answered why they are so heavily invested in leftist causes and how they have damaged traditional Christian ideals by treating America as a cultural laboratory to further their own group interests above those of gentiles (non-Jews).

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Up to recently, Jews did not have a homeland, meaning they had—and still have—to live in countries where they’re minorities. Therefore they would historically favor societies that were open, multicultural, pro-immigration, and left-leaning so that they would not be persecuted by the host nation or be barred from attaining higher social and economic status.

Jews benefit from open, individualistic societies in which barriers to upward mobility are removed, in which people are viewed as individuals rather than as members of groups, in which intellectual discourse is not prescribed by institutions like the Catholic Church that are not dominated by Jews, and in which mechanisms of altruistic punishment may be exploited to divide the European majority.

To accomplish such a society, Jewish intellectuals moved mountains to promote human equality and the idea of racial equality (the inventor of the word ‘racist’ was Russian Jewish communist Leon Trotsky, born Lev Bronshtein). While pushing the notion of equality, Jews were hyper-aware of their own unique race and would exclude themselves from many of the prescriptions they offered to their host cultures. They made sure to help their “tribe” before all others.

Below are the main arguments and highlights of The Culture Of Critique:

“Race is a myth”

Famed Jewish anthropologist Franz Boas was instrumental in pushing the idea of nurture and culture over that of nature. We now speak of “cultural” effects upon nations instead of more genetically determined factors like race.

An important technique of the Boasian school was to cast doubt on general theories of human evolution , such as those implying developmental sequences, by emphasizing the vast diversity and chaotic minutiae of human behavior, as well as the relativism of standards of cultural evaluation.


By 1926 every major department of anthropology was headed by Boas’s students, the majority of whom were Jewish.


Ashley Montagu was another influential student of Boas. Montagu, whose original name was Israel Ehrenberg, was a highly visible crusader in the battle against the idea of racial differences in mental capacities. He was also highly conscious of being Jewish, stating on one occasion that “if you are brought up a Jew, you know that all non-Jews are anti-Semitic. . . . I think it is a good working hypothesis”. Montagu asserted that race is a socially constructed myth.

Freudian psychoanalysis as a gentile subversive movement

The book proposes that Sigmund Freud, a Jew, pushed psychoanalysis to break down traditional pair bonding in gentiles.

Many early proponents viewed psychoanalysis as a redemptive messianic movement that would end anti-Semitism by freeing the world of neuroses produced by sexually repressive Western civilization.


Freud’s theory of anti-Semitism in Moses and Monotheism contains several assertions that anti-Semitism is fundamentally a pathological gentile reaction to Jewish ethical superiority.


Freud managed to diagnose Western culture as essentially neurotic while apparently, on the basis of the argument in Moses and Monotheism, holding the view that Judaism represents the epitome of mental health and moral and intellectual superiority.


…when [Western] institutions were subjected to the radical critique presented by psychoanalysis, they came to be seen as engendering neurosis, and Western society itself was viewed as pathogenic. Freud’s writings on this issue are replete with assertions on the need for greater sexual freedom to overcome debilitating neurosis. As we shall see, later psychoanalytic critiques of gentile culture pointed to the repression of sexuality as leading to anti-Semitism and a host of other modern ills.


The psychoanalysts who emigrated from Europe to the United States during the Nazi era expected to make psychoanalysis “into the ultimate weapon against fascism, anti-Semitism, and every other antiliberal bias.”

Frankfurt school

The Frankfurt school was a research institute set up in Germany during the 1920’s. They were instrumental in developing an intellectual base for cultural Marxism under the “critical theory” framework.

At a deep level the work of the Frankfurt School is addressed to altering Western societies in an attempt to make them resistant to anti-Semitism by pathologizing gentile group affiliations.


…entire thrust of the Frankfurt School’s view of science rejects the idea that science should attempt to understand reality in favor of the ideology that science ought to serve moral (i.e., political) interests.


The end of anti-Semitism is thus viewed as a precondition for the development of a utopian society and the liberation of humanity— perhaps the closest that the Frankfurt School ever came to defining utopia. The envisioned utopian society is one in which Judaism can continue as a cohesive group but in which cohesive, nationalistic, corporate gentile groups based on conformity to group norms have been abolished as manifestations of psychopathology.


In the 1970s, the Frankfurt School intellectuals continued to draw the fire of German conservatives who characterized them as the “intellectual foster-parents of terrorists” and as fomenters of “cultural revolution to destroy the Christian West”


Jewish interests are also served by the Frankfurt School ideology that gentile concerns about losing social status and being eclipsed economically , socially, and demographically by other groups are an indication of psychopathology. As an exceptionally upwardly mobile group, this ideology serves Jewish interests by defusing gentile concerns about their downward mobility.

Jewish intellectual strategies to change culture

Judaism, because of its position as a minority group strategy committed to its own worldview, has tended to adopt ideologies in which the institutions and ideologies of the surrounding society are viewed negatively.


…an important goal of Jewish intellectual effort may be understood as attempting to undermine cohesive gentile group strategies while continuing to engage in their own highly cohesive group strategy.


…one of the themes of post-Enlightenment Judaism has been the rapid upward mobility of Jews and attempts by gentile power structures to limit Jewish access to power and social status. Given this rather conspicuous reality, practical reasons of economic and political self-interest would result in Jews being attracted to movements that criticized the gentile power structure or even advocated overthrowing it entirely.


Another practical goal of Jewish political and intellectual movements has been to combat anti-Semitism. For example, Jewish attraction to socialism in many countries in the 1930s was motivated partly by communist opposition to fascism and anti-Semitism. The general association between anti-Semitism and conservative political views has often been advanced as an explanation for Jewish involvement with the left, including the leftist tendencies of many wealthy Jews.


In the absence of a clearly perceived conflict with Jewish interests, it remains possible that different political choices among ethnic Jews are only differences in tactics for how best to achieve Jewish interests.


Silberman notes “American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief— one firmly rooted in history— that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of American Jews to endorse ‘gay rights’ and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called ‘social’ issues.”


Institutions that promote group ties among gentiles (such as nationalism and traditional gentile religious associations) are actively opposed and subverted, while the structural integrity of Jewish separatism is maintained. A consistent thread of radical theorizing since Marx has been a fear that nationalism could serve as a social cement that would result in a compromise between the social classes and result in a highly unified social order based on hierarchical but harmonious relationships between existing social classes.


When an experiment in ideology and political structure fails, another experiment is launched. Since the Enlightenment, Judaism has not been a unified, monolithic movement.


In the promised utopian societies of the future, the category of Jew-gentile would be of no theoretical importance , but Jews could continue to identify as Jews and there could be continuation of Jewish group identity while at the same time a principle source of gentile identity— religion and its concomitant supports for high-investment parenting— would be conceptualized as an infantile aberration.

Promotion of cosmopolitanism, individualism, and decadent lifestyles

A race to degeneracy hurts Jews less than gentiles because they still retain guiding ingroup values. Gentiles are left in the cultural winds that Jews help create.

Research summarized by Triandis on cross-cultural differences in individualism and collectivism indicates that anti-Semitism would be lowest in individualist societies rather than societies that are collectivist and homogeneous apart from Jews.


In the long run, radical individualism among gentiles and the fragmentation of gentile culture offer a superior environment for Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy,


Indeed, “the universities, ‘free’ professions, salons, coffeehouses, concert halls, and art galleries in Berlin, Vienna, and Budapest became so heavily Jewish that liberalism and Jewishness became almost indistinguishable”.


People in individualist cultures, in contrast, show little emotional attachment to ingroups. Personal goals are paramount, and socialization emphasizes the importance of self-reliance, independence, individual responsibility, and “finding yourself”. Individualists have more positive attitudes toward strangers and outgroup members and are more likely to behave in a prosocial, altruistic manner to strangers. Because they are less aware of ingroup-outgroup boundaries, people in individualist cultures are less likely to have negative attitudes toward outgroup members.


Jews, as a highly cohesive group, have an interest in advocating a completely atomistic, individualistic society in which ingroup-outgroup distinctions are not salient to gentiles.


…a fundamental aspect of Jewish intellectual history has been the realization that there is really no demonstrable difference between truth and consensus.


…the cultural idealization of an essentially Jewish personal ethic of hedonism, anxiety, and intellectuality came at the expense of the older rural ethic of asceticism and sexual restraint.


Jews went through great efforts to conceal the predominately Jewish nature of their intellectual movements by having token gentiles be controlled spokespersons for their groups.

…because [their] movements were intended to appeal to gentiles, they were forced to minimize any overt indication that Jewish group identity or Jewish group interests were important to the participants.


…to exert their influence, they were forced to deny the importance of specifically Jewish identity and interests at the heart of the movement.


…after the collapse of the communist regime in Poland, “numerous Jews, some of them children and grandchildren of former communists, came ‘out of the closet’ ”, openly adopting a Jewish identity and reinforcing the idea that many Jewish communists were in fact crypto-Jews.


Lyons (1982, 73) finds that “most Jewish Communists wear their Jewishness very casually but experience it deeply. It is not a religious or even an institutional Jewishness for most; nevertheless, it is rooted in a subculture of identity, style, language, and social network.


Freud took great pains to ensure that a gentile, Jung, would be the head of his psychoanalytic movement— a move that infuriated his Jewish colleagues in Vienna, but one that was clearly intended to deemphasize the very large overrepresentation of Jews in the movement during this period.

The Jewishness of an assimilated Jew tends to come out when Jewry is threatened:

Jewish identity of even a highly assimilated Jew, and even one who has subjectively rejected a Jewish identity, may surface at times of crisis to the group or when Jewish identification conflicts with any other identity that a Jew might have, including identification as a political radical.

Their disproportionate participation in communism, Marxism, and socialism

Marxism is an exemplar of a universalist ideology in which ethnic and nationalist barriers within the society and indeed between societies are eventually removed in the interests of social harmony and a sense of communal interest.


Jews perceived communism as good for Jews: It was a movement that did not threaten Jewish group continuity, and it held the promise of power and influence for Jews and the end of state-sponsored anti-Semitism.


…many Eastern European Jews were impoverished at least in part because of czarist anti-Jewish policies that prevented Jewish upward mobility. As a result , a great many Jews were attracted to radical political solutions that would transform the economic and political basis of society and would also be consistent with the continuity of Judaism.


The main weapons Jews used against national cultures were two quintessentially modern ideologies, Marxism and Freudianism, “both [of which] countered nationalism’s quaint tribalism with a modern (scientific) path to wholeness”


Communism was good for Jews: It was a movement that never threatened Jewish group continuity, and it held the promise of Jewish power and influence and the end of state-sponsored anti-Semitism. And when this group achieved power in Poland after World War II, they liquidated the Polish nationalist movement, outlawed anti-Semitism , and established Jewish cultural and economic institutions.


12 of the 20 NKVD directorates were headed by ethnic Jews, including those in charge of state security, police, labor camps, and resettlement (i.e., deportation). The Gulag was headed by ethnic Jews from its beginning in 1930 until the end of 1938, a period that encompasses the worst excesses of the Great Terror. They were, in Slezkine’s words, “Stalin’s willing executioners”


Jewish dissidents whose parents had run the Gulags, the deportations, and the state-sponsored famines, now led the “urgent call for social justice” [after Stalin’s crackdown on Jews].

Jews were originators of the “social justice” movement that we now have to deal with, but they lost control of it after Jews were no longer seen as minorities in need of social justice but as privileged whites who are part of the power structure. Many Jews are confused about how to handle a movement they helped create that is highly sympathetic to Palestinian causes.

Jews in neo-conservatism

Neoconservatism evolved from those on the farthest right of Stalin’s communist left, who eventually became anti-communist because of Soviet persecution of Jews after World War 2. They still retain liberal ideals like the denial of race and gender differences. Their most preached position of “Middle East democracy” is a euphemism for “let’s hurt Israel’s enemies.”

Jewish liberals promote domestic issues which help their interests in the USA while neocons promote foreign policies that support Israel under the false guise of conservatism. They don’t work together directly but seem to cover all the bases to help Jews both in and out of Israel.

…origins of neoconservatism as a Jewish movement are thus linked to the fact that the left, including the Soviet Union and leftist radicals in the United States, had become anti-Zionist.


The New Left also tended to have negative attitudes toward Israel, with the result that many Jewish radicals eventually abandoned the left. In the late 1960s, the black Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee described Zionism as “racist colonialism” which massacred and oppressed Arabs.


Part of the attraction neoconservatism held for Jewish intellectuals was its compatibility with support for Israel at a time when Third World countries supported by most American leftists were strongly anti-Zionist.


In alliance with virtually the entire organized American Jewish community, neoconservatism is a vanguard Jewish movement with close ties to the most extreme nationalistic, aggressive, racialist, and religiously fanatical elements within Israel.


…by far the best predictor of neoconservative attitudes, on foreign policy at least, is what the political right in Israel deems in Israel’s best interests.


…neoconservatives have been staunch supporters of arguably the most destructive force associated with the left in the twentieth century—massive non-European immigration.

Jewish influence in America

Jewish groups, particularly the AJCongress, played a leading role in drafting civil rights legislation and pursuing legal challenges related to civil rights issues mainly benefiting blacks. “Jewish support, legal and monetary, afforded the civil rights movement a string of legal victories. . . . There is little exaggeration in an American Jewish Congress lawyer’s claim that ‘many of these laws were actually written in the offices of Jewish agencies by Jewish staff people, introduced by Jewish legislators and pressured into being by Jewish voters’ ”


By 1968, Jews constituted 20 percent of the faculty of elite American colleges and universities and constituted 30 percent of the “most liberal” faculty. At this time, Jews, representing less than 3 percent of the population, constituted 25 percent of the social science faculty at elite universities and 40 percent of liberal faculty who published most.


[Jewish intellectualism] has resulted in a society increasingly split between a disproportionately Jewish “cognitive elite” and a growing mass of individuals who are intellectually incompetent, irresponsible as parents, prone to requiring public assistance, and prone to criminal behavior, psychiatric disorders, and substance abuse.


…neither communism nor fascism was good for Jews in the long run. But democracy cannot be trusted given that Weimar ended with Hitler. A solution is to advocate democracy and the trappings of traditional religious culture, but managed by an elite able to manipulate the masses via control of the media and academic discourse.


Of considerable importance to the history of U.S. immigration policy has been the collaboration between Jewish activists and elite gentile industrialists interested in cheap labor, at least in the period prior to 1924.

Jewish progress in the 20th century

In the late 19th century the great bulk of the Jewish population lived in Eastern Europe, with many Jews mired in poverty and all surrounded by hostile populations and unsympathetic governments. A century later, Israel is firmly established in the Middle East, and Jews have become the wealthiest and most powerful group in the United States and have achieved elite status in other Western countries. The critical Jewish role in radical leftism has been sanitized, while Jewish victimization by the Nazis has achieved the status of a moral touchstone and is a prime weapon in the push for large-scale non-European immigration, multi-culturalism and advancing other Jewish causes.


The victory over National Socialism set the stage for the tremendous increase in Jewish power in the post-World War II Western world, in the end more than compensating for the decline of Jews in the Soviet Union. As Slezkine shows, the children of Jewish immigrants assumed an elite position in the United States, just as they had in the Soviet Union and throughout Eastern Europe and Germany prior to World War II. This new-found power facilitated the establishment of Israel, the transformation of the United States and other Western nations in the direction of multiracial, multicultural societies via large-scale non-white immigration, and the consequent decline in European demographic and cultural preeminence.


While constituting approximately 2.4 percent of the population of the United States, Jews represented half of the top one hundred Wall Street executives and about 40 percent of admissions to Ivy League colleges. Lipset and Raab (1995) note that Jews contribute between one-quarter and one-third of all political contributions in the United States, including one-half of Democratic Party contributions and one-fourth of Republican contributions.

Predictions for the future

One may expect that as ethnic conflict continues to escalate in the United States, increasingly desperate attempts will be made to prop up the ideology of multiculturalism with sophisticated theories of the psychopathology of majority group ethnocentrism, as well as with the erection of police state controls on nonconforming thought and behavior.


History also suggests that anti-Jewish reactions develop as Jews increase their control over other peoples. As always, it will be fascinating to observe the dénouement.


Presently white gentiles are the most underrepresented group at Harvard, accounting for approximately 25 percent of the students, while Asians and Jews constitute at least half of the student body while constituting no more than five percent of the population. The United States is well on the road to being dominated by an Asian technocratic elite and a Jewish business, professional, and media elite.

Jews feel an intimate bond with each other as you may have already noticed by their professional networking circles like I have in Washington DC. Their actions, lives, and ideology are dominated by their race. While I don’t have a problem with that, I do find their subversive movements against gentiles hypocritical in that they would in no way advise or enact those ideas for Israel. Their morality, fairness, and justice is limited to whether they are dealing with fellow Jews or gentiles, and they will not push any idea or notion that may paint Jewish actions in a critical light.

The book makes clear that Jews conducted cultural undertakings that they believed would end anti-Semitism once and for all, but like most utopia builders, they forgot to account for the consequences, particularly how multiculturalism, a Jewish keystone policy, is beginning to cater to additional groups that are hostile to Jewish interests. Also, incubating social justice and then losing control of it has left out Jews as a victimized group and promoted Palestinian interests instead.

Their overshot explains why the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a neocon organization, has in the past two years begun attacking feminism, an ideology that developed with disproportionate Jewish support. They’re doing so because minorities are clamoring for a bigger piece of the victim pie and introducing anti-Semitic and pro-Palestine thought. Some Jews have calculated that at this point it’s better to introduce some truth and realtalk in gender issues (but not race) so that non-Jewish groups don’t gain too much power. Don’t be surprised if Jews throw multiculturalism under the bus at some point and claim that they are the true “white” Americans in need of protection from the anti-Semitic minority hordes.

In turns out there is no “Jewish conspiracy” at all. The Jewish people simply are hyper-nationalistic and ethnocentric and so live and work in a way that their group is benefited first. Their participation in every sociological movement is structured so that Jews are benefited outright, or at least not hurt. This would be no different than if your efforts to increase your income and well-being went to benefit your direct family.

What amazes me is how methodical, patient, and determined Jews are in promoting their group interests. Such efforts should be commended and modeled. Why isn’t there such a group of Americans that do the same for Christian interests? The answer lies in the fact that gentiles are less organized, less ethnocentric, more altruistic to outgroups, and more prone to selling out their people if presented with money and power, while Jews would only sell out after their ingroup needs are met.

A lot of red pill truth is concerned with dismantling myths that have been institutionalized by intellectual Jews over the past century. Not being able to highlight race or gender differences matches with the Jewish imperative because doing so will inevitably lead to “anti-Semitism” when differences between Jews and gentiles are pointed out concerning each group’s propensity for ambition, intelligence, ethnocentrism, identity, and socioeconomic class status. The Culture Of Critique explains where significant parts of our current cultural problems came from, connecting a lot of dots I had missing about why our culture got to where it is. The bulk of what I criticize about Western culture was in fact ushered in by intellectual Jewish movements.

Before opening this book, I wondered if it would turn me into a neo-Nazi, but instead it served as a historical truth bomb that has made me skeptical of the ideas, behavioral actions, and teachings of prominent Jews and where their true intentions and loyalties lie (i.e. if an American Jew would die for America before Israel). I’m also having trouble getting my head around the fact that such a small group would embark on a massive reconstruction of reality and ideological manipulations on the world’s people just to protect their group—and succeed. I feel both outrage and admiration at the same time.

Ironically, my parents were allowed to emigrate to the United States in part because of intense Jewish lobbying to loosen immigration laws. I probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for their efforts in creating a multicultural America. The neomasculine ideals that I believe are correct, and the traditions that I would want to bring back, would have likely prevented me from coming into existence and becoming an American citizen.

That said, when I witness the cultural destruction today and how it negatively affects my male peers, I feel not anger for what has transpired in the past but a deep focus on actions I can take in the present to preserve secular masculinity for men who don’t want to turn into a effete male who prays at the alter of a matriarchal power structure.

The Culture Of Critique is thoroughly cited, but the author often went on long tangents that veered away from his main arguments. It reads likes a textbook and does repeat itself often, but the author is patient in making sure you understand the gravity of the information he’s presenting. If you’re interested in how our culture got to this point in time, I highly recommend the book.

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  1. After all this time… I’m amazed nobody on Return of Kings has ever brought up the topic of Jews being the puppeteers of feminism and cultural Marxism…. or ok, maybe there was just that one time.

  2. Anti-Semitism is a made up word intended to make you feel that whenever there is a problem with Jews it is always your fault.
    The same goes for Islamophobia, homophobia, feminism and all the other political -phobias and -isms.

    1. If I hate blacks, I’m racist. If I hate Mexicans, I’m racist. If I hate Chinese, I’m racist. If I hate Indians I’m racist.
      But if I hate Jews, I’m anti-semitic. Is it worse to hate Jews versus other groups? How did they get their own term for hatred against them?

      1. The strange thing is, criticizing Islam somehow makes one a racist as well.

        1. That annoys me too, how is criticizing a religion followed by many races racist? The same people who say it’s racist nearly always criticize christians too but are too dumb to know they are doing the same thing.

        2. Because the West has been brainwashed with anti-white propaganda. Isn’t it obvious?

        3. True. But Islam is more a political ideology (a particularly violent one) masquerading as a religion.

        4. It’s pretty simple, and it’s something I realized years and years ago- the vast majority of muslims are non-white, so in many people’s minds, that means it’s all about race.

        5. Yea I understand that’s a big part of it but it’s still ridiculous, giving an ideology a complete free pass from criticism an debate simply because it’s made up mostly of non white people.

        6. The degree to which some followers of Islam feel insulted when their religion is ridiculed and mocked is both astounding and frightening. It’s the same kind of reaction you would get if you called a proud black person a nig—.
          But whose reaction is justified and whose reaction is not? The black man is defending who he is while that follower of Islam is defending his beliefs. Both need to be respected but only one is debatable
          Nationalism is the only solution. True pride for who you are as a people while respecting and celebrating the differences of your fellow man. It is practiced by the elites behind the curtains yet shunned as an ideological canvas for a nation to use.

      2. It’s not even just hate. If you just merely complain about Jewish dominance in finance, media, Hollywood, etc. than you are “anti-semitic”. If your just smart enough and red pill enough to acknowledge the disproportionate power structure and Jewish influence of society than you are “anti-semitic”.

        1. So then what do you call them? Judes? Yehudis? Sons of Shem? WTF is good enough for them to where they won’t hang you on Israeli national TV after a show trial of people in the jury “fainting”?

        2. “disproportionate power structure..”
          Do you even hear yourself? You sound like a SJW feminist who is complaining about the ‘patriarchy’ and ‘oppresionz’ due to laziness and jealousy of people who work harder. Lol whats next “jew privilege”?

      3. On the surface, the word seems to be similar to Islamaphobic. Perhaps by creating a word like that, it allows that particular group to rally around the cause, and defend themselves, or have others defend them.

      4. A more effective way to criticize Jews is to only use facts never make generalizations. You cannot be called an anti-semite if you say Jewish people dominate the news media, Hollywood entertainment, elite academia, or are disproportionately represented in the US Supreme Court. These are facts. It is also a fact that it is statistically impossible for this to happen without some form of ethnic networking.
        There is a whole range of professions that are dominated by Jews in the US. Sport franchises for example NFL, MBL, NBA, and NHL are all majority owned by Jews, they don’t seem to play though.
        Some Jews conveniently call themselves atheists but they still identify as Jewish. The list is infinite don’t even mention banking or finance your eyes will roll into the back of your head.

        1. Not the same thing actually, though they appear superficially the same.
          Blacks are great athletes, they will be picked by other races who are motivated to create great sports teams.
          Networking applies at the higher levels, not the dumb jock level. Kind of like how women in HR tend to hire only women, that’s a form of networking, an in built prejudice to only want “my kind” and screening appropriately, and on the other side knowing that “my kind” are in a position to hire for certain types of jobs and presenting yourself for an insta-hire. Rather an unspoken but well observed phenomenon.
          Plus, regular networking is standard fare in business. The “good ol’ boys club” could easily be applied to *any* group and realistically have a chance of sticking, regarding higher level jobs and offices.

        2. “You cannot be called an anti-semite if you say Jewish people dominate the news media”
          I think a recent ADL survey seeking to measure anti-semitism across the world actually asked questions like “do Jews dominate the media” as something that would indicate an anti-semitic views.

        3. It’s important to cite facts such as who owns the media conglomerates. The ADL can sight anti-semitism if they want but if you can present facts without hyperbowl there is nothing that can be said to dispute it.
          There are four members of the US Supreme Court who are Jewish that is way out of proportion to their population in the US. They only represent 2% of the US population yet make up 4 out of 9 Justices on the Supreme Court. The ADL cannot dispute such a fact, their only response is that they were the best people for the position which is completely subjective.

        4. yeah, claims have to be made very carefully, so that the facts speak for themselves and not ‘interpreted’. IMO opinion the issue of over-representation should be addressed at as an issue of over-representation, just as the issue has been addressed with white hetero males vs women / minorities. Jews themselves have been at the forefront of highlighting ‘jewish privilege’

        5. Networking is key to a groups survival. All ethnic groups do it except whites apparently. Greeks, Armenians , Jews, Vietnamese ,Chinese…
          Armenians in Southern California (e.g Kardashians..)
          Persians in SoCal
          Chinese–how many of our cities have a “Chinatown “in them
          Sikhs–saw a turbaned man driving an 18-wheeler and on the side of the truck was “Guru Trucking” with the Sikh symbol on it.Sikhs are huge into trucking The Sikhs are now into olive growing in California
          Greeks–“Greektown ” in chicago
          Vietnamese–I have yet to see a nail salon NOT Vietnamese
          St Louis MO–big Bosnian /Serb community. There now is an entire Bosnian neighborhood in STLouis and only arrived in STL in the mid 90’s
          Lebanese—my friend had a marlin fishing business Ghana in east africa. ALL the construction trades were owned by the Lebanese.
          Hindus/ Indians–7-11 and convenience stores and motels. It is not a stereotype ..
          Folks should learn from this. Being in a tribe has its’ advantages.

        6. It’s not due to networking, it’s due to the way bell curves work. If the bell curve of black athleticism, Jewish intelligence etc. is shifted slightly to the right, there will be a major over-representation at the top end. For example, if the 99th percentile among the general population is only the 97th percentile among a particular group, its members will be 300% as likely to fall within the top 1% of the general population (3/100 vs. 1/100).
          Combine this with an increased likelihood of being steered in a particular direction – selection to train in a sport or parents who push academic achievement – and the over-representation will be compounded.

        7. “Blacks are great athletes, they will be picked by other races who are motivated to create great sports teams.”
          Much of the “blacks are great athletes” thing is just contrived by TPTB to influence society.
          How many people even know about this:

          And this:

          Seems to have resulted in this:

          “Jack Reacher”:

          I was going to remark that I think the Pats Super Bowl win really got the Usual Suspects going on cranking up the machine against Whites, but I saw in the thread that Riggins44 already had the same thought in mind. I have no doubt this could be a factor. Who knows what behind the scenes machinations are going on? Hell, the folks in charge of it all print out damn money.
          The Zenner situation – among many others – is absolute proof that a conscious effort is made to ignore White athletes, never mind vilify them.
          It goes beyond the folks in charge realizing very few blacks are going to succeed at anything if they have to perform at the same standard Whites when it comes to “regular jobs”, so let’s just give them sports. It’s an evil program of social conditioning, as vile as the work by Barbara Lerner Specter and her ilk when it comes to immigration.

        8. Actually it is the same thing.
          My point is not that Jews don’t network. Everyone networks. My point is that Jews don’t achieve their success because of their magical networking powers.
          Women network relentlessly. They do that better than anything else. Their networking abilities don’t save them from their incompetence. They will hire the woman they like over the man who can do the job. The failure rate of female run companies is well known. Such that they insist on forcing companies to artificially put them in power.
          Jews succeed in business because they have what it takes to succeed in business. They also have what it takes to succeed in just about everything else. I say this, because Jews tend to succeed in everything else they do as well. Your friend says it’s because we exclude you from our networked groups. Well, I think he is full of shit, but even if that was the case, women do exactly that and it’s clear they can’t get very much done.
          Here is the reality regarding Hollywood and any other company: Jew or no Jew, if the people getting hired didn’t get the job done, they wouldn’t stay hired.

        9. The question……”Who is a jew?”
          The answer will depend on which jewish person you are asking and what circumstances they are in plus who their audience is.
          I saw a rabbi…forget his name at the moment but he implicitly stated that “a jew is anyone who practices Judaism”.
          You must realize that due to their stringent culture of pursuing and keeping knowledge for their benefit plus their worldly experience among the nations they are extremely adept at dialectics.
          In that regard I believe it is safe to assume that you aren’t going to hear many jewish people answer a question like that in any way that could be negative for them.

        10. There is no such thing as “white privilege,” only Jewish Privilege. We’re told that race does not exist, until someone needs a scapegoat, then the white race magically exists.

        11. Blacks are not “great athletes.” African countries get their asses kicked in the World Cup every four years, same with the Olympics. If blacks were naturally better, they’d clean house in both. So why are Western blacks different? In the West, for hundreds of years, blacks were bred like cattle to be used as slave labor. It was artificial selection, basically eugenics, that created the dominant “black athlete.” It’s no surprise they naturally excel at sports, but not a whole lot else.

        12. When I was in high school, we went on a spring break baseball trip through the Carolinas and we stayed at a Jewish private school for a few days (our coach was Jewish). One night we wandered around the campus and found some papers with students’ schedules on them and we were shocked at the subjects they were learning. Accounting, finance, business law, etc. in middle and high school.
          Its a mixture of networking and competence. They learn business earlier than most so Jews know that they are hiring someone that will do the job effortlessly.

        13. Wrong. Jews control of the money from nothing scam coupled with their ethnocentric networking is the only logical explanation for their success. Jews loan wealth created from nothing to each other in giant amounts. Behind almost every successful jew is a loan of wealth created from nothing from a jew lending institution. Ignoring this for your blather is silly.

        14. Stats have already shown jews to be overrepresented at ivy leagues when compared to SAT results. Jews get into Harvard with lower grades than Asians and whites and don’t seem to be affected by affirmative action. Jews are sufficiently small enough in number that even their higher average IQ doesn’t explain the overrepresentation at the highest levels of law, government and business worldwide. The guy with the 160 IQ ends up working FOR the company, not owning it. They end up top engineer or if they have the people skills and are lucky they make CEO, not majority shareholder. Some things are not obtainable simply with talent and hard work, some things in our society really are hereditary or as a result of “privelige” like owning oil/energy companies, mega banks and *Cough* shares in the federal reserve “Cough”.
          IQ doesn’t explain everything, but even if it did there are different classes and groups within groups. such that if you compare the average jew to the average American, sure the jew is smarter, but compare to the average Mormon, episcopal or some other group, or someone from a “professional class” or capitalist class not so much. No point comparing jews to construction workers or cleaners, we all know jews don’t fulfil that role in society, namely because they choose not to touch it. Compare them to their actual counterparts/competitors and you find they are still hugely outnumbered but still definitely overrepresented. when you make the correct comparisons, IQ is not even factoring into it., because they are very similar or indeed the gentile IQs are greater.

        15. I think the point people are making is that it’s fishy that a jew is usually doing the hiring, and very often hires jews, especially in positions that hold cultural, social and economic importance. The most important thing a woman can exclude someone from is usually a birthday party or some such irrelevant event. Sure the jews are good at business and “succeed” but then again nazis were quite good at science and business as well. The ability to succeed doesn’t equal goodness or rightness or positivity. People can think objectively and decide for themselves if something is good or bad for them and their society.
          No one begrudges jews their success, it’s what they choose to do with it once in a priveliged or powerful position, that makes people question how they got it in the first place. I’m happy to buy a jew product and make some jew rich, and not hate him for it, are jews happy not to destroy my country?

        16. Well how does it happen? The blacks go to schools, the colleges recruit the best players from the schools, the league recruits the best players from the colleges….what is that if not a type of networking? What if running the world financially is not some noble goal of being victorious in fair, legitimate, rule based competition? Do we compare the actions of the british empire to innocent fair play sports, just because the brits were dominant or victorious? what if there is one game, and you invented the game and the rules, and get to decide who wins or even gets a shot at playing, no one can defeat you simply by replicating your peformance at the same time, same place on the same day, as they could even in war? You can choose not to watch a basketball game, but what if your game influences the whole world, everyones way of life etc, suddenly people have to take more interest than if it were a mere NFL game. the players are responsible when the team peforms badly. don’t try and shirk responsibility by comparing to NFL players, when NFL players suck and play badly, they get replaced, not bailout money.
          Basketball is a game played again and again over time for entertainment. As a sports player you have to be the best to be the guy at the top, to make the money. In other areas you just have to be at the top to be at the top. If you want to be the guy making the money, you have to be the guy making the money. And that’s great, but it doesn’t make you the “best” by any agreed upon requirements, like winning at football does, it just opens you up to scrutiny as to what motivates you to be on top and what you plan to do with the money/power.

        17. I think i’d be as good as the queen at sitting there doing nothing, owning a 6th of the planet, BP etc
          How do I go about mounting a fair, rule based challenge to her throne…?.
          oh wait I can’t, that’s not how the real world works. There’s only one game, the winner makes the rules and the winner is the winner, not the “best”, in whatever way that could be quantified or determined. Stop being naïve.

        18. It’s not only an advantage, but its natural. The reason you don’t see this type of mentality in the West, anymore, is that cultural Marxism has spent the last century making sure it doesn’t.

        19. Unfortunately the Psychological Warfare model implemented here in the States has been most effective at seperating Whites from having any sense of culture.

        20. Most of the I’ve personally been acquainted make no bones about it: it follows the maternal line – end of story.

        21. But the best African players are in Europe where they can make more money.

        22. Yeah, no, there’s no basis to the idea american blacks were “selectively bred” for strength, that’s mainly a Chris Rock standup people took too seriously. They’re very little different from caribbean or african blacks.

        23. Wrong dipshit.
          I just pointed out a rabbi that differs with your assertion. Since he is actually jewish I would say he is more qualified to make a statement about who a jew is than you.
          Also the ashkenazi converted to Judaism in the ninth or tenth century I believe and now all of them are considered jews. Prior to that their mothers had no fucking claim whatsoever on jewish ancestry. They also have zero semitic blood.
          NOW it’s end of story motherfucker. Get your shit straight.

        24. Bullshit! Sounds like disinformation, not surprising. Ha ha, are you a jew perchance?

        25. Are you really that stupid?
          A simple google search on the history of khazaria and the ashkenazi would show you otherwise but I KNOW I KNOW, that’s asking too much!

        26. Actually, it became common after the African slave trade was banned in 1807. There are numerous slave narratives that describe slave masters arranging marriages and such. It certainly did happen whether artificially or naturally. Probably both. American blacks could have become better athletes via natural evolutionary pressures. The environment always molds the animal. The best physical laborers would also been the healthiest slaves, which would’ve been favored by slavemasters in the production of slave children, and naturally seen as more attractive to female slaves. Healthy = sexy. Weak slaves would not have been given as many reproductive opportunities, both artificially and naturally.

        27. Jamaicans dominate sprints, Ethiopians and Kenyans dominate long distance events. You can’t say that Africans are bad athletes knowing these facts.
          Also a lot of their lack of Olympic success has to do with funding, Chinese people aren’t athletically superior to any race yet they dominate the olympics getting more medals than the U.S most years due to mass amounts of funding for training.

        28. Jamaicans are the descendants of British-held slaves. Kenyans do perform well in long distance, and it is likely linked to an African hunting style of running down and exhausting game over long distances, which was common until relevantly recently, and is still practiced by a few African tribes. Peoples outside of Africa abandoned this style of hunting roughly 10,000 years ago in favor of farming and livestock, hence the lack of an Evolutionary pressure to maintain extreme long distance running abilities.

          There is some truth to the funding argument, but it doesn’t explain the World Cup. African countries have been qualifying for decades, but are usually eliminated early in the tournament. For example, Nigeria often qualifies for the World Cup, but is not as poor as you think. Nigeria’s GDP is similar to that of Belgium, Sweden, etc.

        29. The US has practically always gotten more gold medals than china. Also the sports that China wins are like shooting, archery and table tennis. LOL!
          Artificial selection was implemented by the slavemasters. But the most significant contribution was the slavemasters having sex with back female slaves. Black slaves came from west Africa where the people were and still are diminutive, tiny people. The huge massive blacks you see today in American football and Basketbal is the product of white genes that were introduced into the black population from admixture.
          The east Africans such as Ethiopians, Somalians and Kenyans have ancient caucasian dna in them from Arabic and other Eurasian people. This is why they have more caucasoid cranial facial morphology and other physical characteristics.
          The sports blacks tend to excel at are all involving explosive speed. Such as track events.

        30. Your right that China did not beat out the U.S in 2012 but they did in 2008 (51 gold to US’s 36). Also the Top 5 sports that they won medals in came from Gymnastics, Diving, Weightlifting, Swimming, and Badminton, all of which require athletic skill which Asians are not known to have. It’s all about the funding with money you can turn even asians into athletic beasts.

        31. I don’t mean GDP wise I mean funding that goes into various sport training. China pours tons of money into developing athletes from very young ages to compete in the Olympics. They send them to specialized schools that require the kids to train hours upon hours a day to perfect their sport whether it be powerlifting or gymnastics.
          Asians aren’t the epitome of athletic ability yet they still dominate in the Olympics getting in the top 3 medal earning countries almost every games and in 2008 they had 51 gold (1st) to US’s 36 (2nd).
          Same goes for Soccer, even if a country like Nigeria has the same GDP as some European countries there is huge disparity between the rich and the poor and virtually no middle class plus lots of government corruption. They don’t fund soccer training nearly as much as other countries do.

        32. I’m aware of the fact there were arranged marriages, but selective breeding on the scale to affect their physical prowess (or really anything else) did not occur, nor was that at all a common practice on the part of slave masters. I imagine it did happen, but it wasn’t at all on the scale to affect things much, if at all. African-americans differ little in terms of their physique from other africans.

        33. Western European Men are in dire need to wisen up and realize they should network with their fellow Western European Men. Il help out whenever I can cause were all white, but at the end of they day if its between a Bulgarian and an Englishman sorry pal the Englishman is going down cause Im gonna help out my people first.

        34. Ive been saying for a while the White and Arab men busted some nuts in those sisters!

        35. Eh. It was not on a wide, organized scale, but it did happen. I’m sorry, but 300 years of slavery is a pretty strong Evolutionary pressure. It’s going to have an effect on the population by selecting for physical fitness traits. It’s a myth that Evolution moves slow. See the Domesticated Silver Fox experiment.

        36. What you wrote is plausible, but I don’t see any strong evidence to support it. England has a ton of money to devote, and it’s their national sport, yet they do not dominate at the World Cup. I wouldn’t consider Brazil and Argentina countries that do not have disparities between rich and poor. I think you’re trying to rationalize. At the World Cup there is no strong correlation between a country’s wealth, nor how they share that wealth, and where they finish at the World Cup. If native Africans were naturally better at sports, they would dominate regardless, but they don’t.

        37. I’m aware of all that, and all I’m saying there’s no evidence selection and breeding for physique was at all typical (I think it was rare) in american slavery, and a pretty good piece of evidence for this is the fact african-americans really aren’t anymore athletic than carribeans and west africans. Plus, black athleticism is really overblown to begin with, it’s more accurate to say they’re better in whites in some areas and correspondingly worse in others- they’re much worse swimmers, for one.

        38. That ONE year 2008 is the only time they ever recieved more gold medals than the US.
          Also you have to break down which of these sports they actually recieved more gold medals in.. For example that year the US team won more gold medals in swimming 12 while China only recieved 1. The only two truely atheletically taxing sports that they recieved more gold medals than the US was gymnastics (which they usually do well in) and surprisingly weightlifting. The rest of those 51 medals were supplemented by way of bullshit sports like ping pong and yes badminton.

        39. Dude all you have to do is look at the blacks back in west Africa where the slaves came from and see how tiny and diminutive they are and then look at all these huge massive blacks in the US. That didn’t happen by way of Voodoo.

        40. Something that everyone knows and used to joke about pretty openly is now a taboo. SHUT IT DOWN.

        41. I don’t know where you’ve been living these past five years but in my neck of the woods many people have gotten into big trouble for stating facts.

        42. It happened by way of malnutrition and disease.
          Do you think the children of west african immigrants in western countries look any different from american blacks physically then?

        43. The NBA is based on meritocracy. The prevalence of Jews in media, banking, education, and government is due to nepotism, which is clearly shown by any standard deviation analysis even when assuming that the Khazarian 115 average IQ is accurate (and we know the Jews like to toot their own horn as witnessed by the Nobel Prizes).
          Note – this post is not for codemonkey, but for all the gentiles to see how the Jews push the same talking points tirelessly while ignoring facts. Their goal is to “win the argument” by tiring you out.

        44. My point is that the average of the entire group is not particularly relevant. There are proportionately more Jewish outliers but they are a few tens of thousands of people among a population of around 8 million in the US.

      5. It’s funny because the term anti-Semitic is inaccurate, a Semite can be either Hebrew or Arab.

        1. Or an Ethiopian or a Maltese. In fact, Jews are one of the smallest population of Semites yet have made “anti-Semitism” exclusively about them.

        2. I knew some “brilliant scholar” was going to regurgitate this tripe.
          JUST STOP!
          Word meanings change over time. Get over it.
          The original meaning of “manufacture” means to “make by hand”.
          If I call a factory-made product “manufactured” am I incorrect?

        3. “Oh god, how could the goyim dare to use words in a way that I personally don’t agree with?!”

        4. Wow I’m ignorant… didn’t know this. They are the most pompous people on the planet. I suppose they don’t think their shit stinks because they invented the Bank.

      6. How did they get their own term for hatred against them?
        From a non-Jew. It was invented in the 19th century by a German (Wilhelm Marr) to make Judenhaas sound scientific.

        1. The term was invented when Mr. Marr founded the “Anti-Semites League” which was a think-tank to figure out how to save European civilization from the recently “emancipated” Jews who were gobbling up all the financial, cultural, media, and academic institutions.
          Therefore it was a term of self-defense. Of course, to the attacker, it might be interpreted and projected as “hate” to appeal to the sympathies of the mob.

        2. Marr started out as a philo-semite, went through his anti-semite phase, then at the end of his life, renounced anti-semitism.

      7. What if you hate vanilla European whites?
        No term for that, not even racist.
        It’s reverse racism which sounds silly.
        Says a lot

        1. I will squash that bs if I ever hear it in public. It’s a way for non whites to state that only whites are racist.

      8. As Jews killed because the wealthy wear the skin of the whites they have punished for thousands of years the jews as they did in apartheid south africa will enact stronger conditions against those of other ethnicities.

      9. I’ve been wondering the same thing my entire life. The audacity of jews to have their own anti racial term is idiotic considering their successes are built on the backbones of others.
        They ‘think’ they’re special though… doesn’t make it reality.

    2. Anti-Semitism is a made up word [ . . . ]
      True. It was invented by a German to make Judenhaas sound scientific.

    3. It was made up by a German. So tell us, does that now make it a good word?

    4. The word “homophobia” was coined by a Jew, George Weinberg, to stigmatize those who opposed perversion.
      The man who led the the effort to declassify homosexuality as a mental illness was also a Jew, Alfred Mordecai Freedman.
      Frank Kameny, one of the Jewish leaders of the “gay rights” movement, has come out in support of bestiality.

      1. Homosexuality was decriminalised in the UK in 1967. The bill was put forward by Jewish millionaire Leo Abse.
        The list is endless. When you go looking for degenerate culture, under every rock you will find a Jew.

    5. Anti-semitism is some kind of contagious illness, apparently. People keep catching it for no good reason whatsoever. Is there a cure? Are people born anti-semitic? Does this anti-semitic behaviour come and go randomly? How exactly does this thing they call “anti-semitism” work? Why do “anti-semites” pop up in random places for no reason whatsoever?

    6. Look up the Austrian AntiSemitic Party and Wilhelm Marr. Stop reminding everyone that modern antisemites are lazy ignorant fools.

  3. I’m glad someone finally wrote about this, it needed to be said. I look forward to the day when the US wakes up and takes notice.

  4. Roosh, I commend you on taking a risk and writing a piece on such a…”sensitive” issue such as this. It’s good that you took great care towards the end of the piece to explicitly distance yourself from all associations with the neo Nazi/Jewish conspiracy side of this issue. Still, you never know what might happen. Hopefully, certain people out there don’t take bits and pieces of this article out of context and use it to paint ROK or any other redpill media as anti-Jewish in order to villify them even further than they already have.

    1. Screw those people. They are not the target audience. We deal in facts here.

  5. Great article. Sadly, being jewish today means nothing but being a part of an ethnical group. They just turned their backs on Judaism. Yes, they take part on cerimonies, wear their garments and all that, but it means nothing to them. That’s the type of jew I have a problem with, and those are most of them. If all these people that were mentioned ever really gave a damn about what the Torah says then we would never be seeing all this leftist bullshit they insist on promoting (feminism, homossexual behavior, communism, etc.)..

    1. Zionists hate the torah and orthodox jews as much as they hate the goyim, even though in many instances the line is blurred between the two there is a world of difference.
      The zionists have no problem in sacrificing normal jewish folk if it fulfills their agenda.

        1. In nature, it is the wild bitch mother who eats her young. The ‘great bitch’ did this after she couldn’t chew off any more foreskins.

  6. Promotion of cosmopolitanism, individualism, and decadent lifestyles

    Says the half-Persian/half-Armenian guy who grew up in the U.S. and now travels around the world as a sex tourist.
    Not criticizing you for that, Roosh. I like reading the accounts of people who have had uncommon experiences. But it sounds like you owe the Jews some thanks for enabling your current way of life.

    1. Did you finish the article? He proffered a bit of gratitude towards their push for more open immigration.

    2. I see what you did there. Jews did not invent chasing pussy so no, Roosh doesn’t have to thank them for that.

  7. Very impressed to see ROK coverage of an issue like this… although anyone who diligently researches enough feminist thinkers is bound to fall down the rabbit hole eventually.

  8. This is an article geared for “that which needs to be said, but it not”.
    I’ll say this much: the Germans didn’t just wake up one day and decide to hate Jews for no reason. The Germans had a front row seat to what communism was doing to Russia and German Jews were big on communism.
    Let the sparks fly. Let the heavens fall. Truth must be known. This must be discussed once and for all.

      1. The Germans also had no problem exterminating many Jewish WWI vets who fought with distinction.

        1. Most German Jews left Germany before the outbreak of war. But your point is taken. Jews that fought for Germany were treated badly and many did die. But that is always the way. The few ruin it for the many. I suggest you look up chancellor brunings correspondence with Churchill.

        2. Genocide is always an overreaction, but it that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s always a reaction to *something*.

        3. Citation please? There was not even 6 million jews in Germany according to jewish records from 2 years before the war. So if anything their must have been a huge influx in order for there to be millions collecting survivor benefits. Germany also would have know about the Jewish Bolsheviks killing 60+ million white Christians in the Holodomor after they took their guns.

        4. Citation please?
          “SS-Obergruppenführer Heydrich went on to say that an important prerequisite for the evacuation as such is the exact definition of the persons involved.
          It is not intended to evacuate Jews over 65 years old, but to send them to an old-age ghetto – Theresienstadt is being considered for this purpose.
          In addition to these age groups – of the approximately 280,000 Jews in Germany proper and Austria on 31 October 1941, approximately 30% are over 65 years old – severely wounded veterans and Jews with war decorations (Iron Cross I) will be accepted in the old-age ghettos. With this expedient solution, in one fell swoop many interventions will be prevented.”
          The Minutes from the Wannsee Conference, January 20, 1942

        5. Jews were tagged, locked up in ghettos and gassed many, many times throughout history. Just watch the first 5 minutes of the 2004 movie: “The Merchant of Venice” to see how Jews were tagged, locked into ghettos and gassed in William Shakespeare’s day.
          They have been tagged, locked up in ghettos, gassed and banned in and from 109 countries in the past 2000 years. So many gassings have they suffered…

        6. So many gassings… So many ghettos… So many taggings…
          They had to wear red hats in William Shakespeare’s day. The hats couldn’t protect them from the gassings though.

        7. A History of the Jews, a list of expulsions for 2000 years:

          717 A.D.
          Jews had to wear special yellow garb. Originated in Islam. Many Jews gassed to death.
          1012 A.D.
          Emperor Henry II of Germany expels Jews from Mainz, the beginning of persecutions against Jews in Germany. Many Jews gassed, doubtlessly.
          1215 A.D.
          The Jewish badge introduced. Dr. Mengele’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather made badges out of Jew skin, no doubt. Lampshades too.
          1240 A.D.
          Talmud burned in France. Many Jews died from smoke inhalation.
          1298 A.D.
          Massacre of thousands in Germany, in 146 localities. All by Zyklon B gas, of course.
          1306 A.D.
          Expulsion from France. Many Jews gassed.
          Etc., etc..

        8. We (as a society) always discuss the extermination of Jewish people but it’s very rarely ever mentioned how many other groups were exterminated.
          We always seem to discuss only “some” of the facts…never all of them. It’s rule number one when trying to paint yourself as the victim.
          SJWs (women) follow this rule to the “T”, today.

        9. Nonsense. it’s true that they had their own gated community in Venice just like other foreign groups doing business there but they were not harmed or gassed.

        10. hey fucking nigger cunt, first of all 60+ million people did not die in the holodomor. second of all, you do know that German Jews were not the only victims of Holocaust, right? Most of the Jewish victims were from Poland and Eastern Europe but people seem ignore that part of the Holocaust and focus on Auschwitz and Anne Frank instead.

      2. When Jews are rich they’re evil, when Jews fight as poor they’re evil. The problem is Jews.
        Maybe there is a similar problem with Yankees. They’re the most capistalism and they were the inventors of feminism. The problem is Yankees we need a genocide against Yankees because when they do a thing who others doing they are considered as a group rather than a different stupid individuals, because there is a Yankee conspiracy to destroy traditional values

      1. Well a friend of mine who is mainly a scholar of scripture and can read the Greek Concordant texts (in Greek) once told me that the Ten Commandments were written for the Jews. The gentiles are already expected to do right and not be in need of commandments written in stone.
        (That’s arguable but each line of the Concordant can be interpreted several different ways).

        1. There is a good amount of evidence to suggest the “Jews” of Jesus’s time were local Judean residents who pretended to be Hebrews, while the original Hebrews were white folk who migrated northward through the Caucusus and into Europe after their slavery in Assyria (the tribe of Dan, for example, is purported to have founded “Danmark”, or Denmark).

        2. You really have to go further back in time and study demographics to understand the mid East and N Africa.You can begin from 10k years ago, the beginning of modern human history and when the entire pop. on earth was 1m. ALL of the world was Caucasian and virtually the same people with only a handful of others on the west coast of Africa and in the Far East.The people who moved to these empty areas to the south were Ice Age Europeans (and of course the same people who lived in W Asia another Caucasian homeland. People begin with families then clans then tribes and the nations and that’s all the Hebrews originally were. Loosely connected tribes of Caucasians.Like everyone else they were shamanists or worshippers of local gods, Baal, Moloch etc As time passed and populations increased these White people formed countries.Things began to change about 3k years ago during what we call the Biblical period.

        3. Good old Herbert Armstrong with his “British-Israel” booshi! He also said “Scotians” were really “Scythians” and Cymru (Wales) were Cimmerians

        4. No, the tribe of Dan fled south to what is now called Ethiopia, married locals, and thus created what became the Beta Israel.

        1. “resistance is futile!” Do you really think that’s the best way of arguing your case?

        2. considering that estonia is considered a racist state for not wanting non-white immigration (by explicitly jewish groups too) I have to disagree that “fucking with you” is why this is happening.
          What has estonia done?

        3. Nothing can be gained by engaging the JIDF Matzah balls. Just ignore them!!!

        4. Thosr same explicitly Jewish groups are forcing Israel to take in Sudanese refugees by the truckload. What has Israel done to them?

        5. Oh dear. Well… at least Israel can render them infertile.
          Maybe Israelis and gentiles should team up?

        6. Actually they just do the same scams that Martin Luther wrote about 500 years ago. That’s not high IQ.

        7. If I got kicked out of 200+ bars I might think that the problem was me not the bars. How many times have J00s been kicked out of nations for what Martin Luther covered in every financial scam known to man 500 years ago?

        8. Oh mad are we now huh? Don’t like immigration do we, you Jews have done this to yourselves and now you’re going pay for it big time.

        9. I will continue to fuck with your whore wives on Adult Friend Finder while you watch and and enact your cuckold fantasies of being tied to a chair while your wife takes my “mongol”? cock up her ass. Seriosly Jews have the balls to talk about “racism”? Ive had 6 Jews tell me Im not white, and that Im a filthy mongrel who shouldnt touch their Tribe, just cause I come from SE europe haha.

        10. >they
          You can’t even help but lie.
          Also I wouldn’t call having millions of your people wiped out on a regular basis “succeeding”, more like surviving. Cockroaches are also pretty robust, maybe that’s where the comparison comes from.
          Israel’s space program is roughly on par with Iran’s despite all the free cash Israel gets from the US and the sanctions on Iran, I wouldn’t really tout that as “success” either.

        11. “What has Estonia done?”
          At 10:36 AM, on February 16th of the year 1859, a Jewish man walking to get his morning paper in the city of Tallin was derisively addressed with the term “Jew” by a 10 year old child eating an ice cream and holding a balloon.
          This we shall never forget nor forgive.
          Estonia must be destroyed.

        12. And Israel is – correctly in my view – throwing back out again. One rule for you, another for the rest of us.

        13. maybe you should all go to the country that disallows immigration of non-Jews…

        14. Of course they do. They’re fucking smart. Ashkenazi Jews have the highest average IQ of any ethnic group. But being successful and destructive are not mutually exclusive.

        15. Diversity is Israel’s greatest strength. I think they should let in some Syrians too.

        16. Are you sure about that? Or perhaps they just don’t test or include their mental retards and autistic kids in that average who are locked away in hospitals and homes.

        17. Dude, you cunts have been given a free pass for about 60’s years (after you got fucked up by “us”) and now your time is up. If any “race” (which you aren’t, you’re just a bunch of cunts who pretend to believe the first testament) was easy to fuck up, it would be the Jews, since you’re, stereotypically, just nerds. And there are so few of you, we could separate you into small pockets, like you’ve done to the palestinians, and pick you off one at a time. I’d sign up.

        18. You mean Jew York? We know why so many people hate NYC, it ain’t because of the goyim there.

        19. Then maybe you should stop trying to fuck with us.
          The poor downtrodden Black community thinks the same way. Even in Israel, so the rumors run*. I suppose the difference between the poor downtrodden Black community and the poor downtrodden Jewish community is that the former combines infallibility with low IQ and the latter combines infallibility with high IQ.
          *It’s a sorry world when one set of eternal victims oppresses another, nicht wahr?

        20. There are those who dislike competition. The best documented case is England in the 13th century,. Two reasons, but both really the same. The Jews were property of the King. Whilst they were in England, although a tiny fraction of the population, they paid one third of all the taxes – and in cash. This was important, because without cash the king could not easily hire mercenaries. This was one of the grievances in Magna Carta, which restricted the rightys of Jews to collect on certain loans – it was another check on Royal power.
          Thus, the Jews lent money to the Christians, and the King took his cut. Second, Christians wanted to enter the Banking business themselves, and wanted to break the Jew’s monopoly. The problme had been, of course, that Usury was a great offence under Cannon Law. But, eventually people in England came to the same opinion as was earlier in Italy: “He is takes usury goes to Hell; he who does not, goes to the poor house”.
          Of course, interest rates doubled after the Jews were expelled – less ompetition. Many merchants called tor their return – but too late.

        21. Well let’s see, last time EU tried that, they blew our their own brains, not to mention the wartime FUBAR of the fission bomb project.

        22. SE Europe is too general a location. In Hungary, Jews entered into and were accepted by the Magyar nobility. In Romania or Bulgaria, no comparable phenomenon. In Greece, the Jews were Sephardim, a legacy from their high status in the Ottoman Empire.

        23. hYes, the same Martin Luther who opposed the Bundsuch Rebellion, siding with the corrupt, tyrannical German nobility. No wonder Lutheranism became a lackey of the State.

        24. Israel get $3.0 billion p/a from the US. It foes mostly for arms credits ie money that can be used only to purchase American armaments. The future of this subsidy is in question as Israel’s own arms industry takes off and now isselling nearly two billion dollars a year – mostly to India. Also, given the Obama support of Islamo-fascism around the world, Israel has re-oriented itself and joined the Saudi alliance. Instead of being the US’s muscle in the ME, they are now the nuclear ‘force de frappe’ for the Saudi alliance. As interesting turn of events, to say the least.

      2. Either the entire world is congenitally anti-Semitic or there is something about the way Jews conduct themselves that elicits this reaction in their host societies.

        1. What’s the definition of an anti-Semite?
          Someone Jews don’t like.

        2. Bishops and Imams both used their religious positions to attain secular power. In response to having Jewish populations who clearly did not think that was what God wanted, they fostered anti-Semitism. The low IQ of many Christians and Muslims made them vulnerable to such propaganda.

        3. Anti-semitism is best explained with an example:
          Ashkenazi jews bombing palestinian semites.

        4. Ashkenazi jews are also semites (partially at least, according to DNA studies), but the term “anti-semitism” was coined by germans specifically for jews (and even more specifically, for ashkenazi jews), so your example is irrelevant at best and idiotic at worst.

        5. No, that’s just social hygiene. And besides, for what it is worth, the Arabs are, in a certain sense, Semites. And spiritually, all Christians are Semites – check with Pope Pius XI if you don’t believe me.

      3. I vehemently concur mate. The Jews have successfully manipulated the Western world into thinking that they are forever the victims of gross oppression.

        1. The more powerful Jews get, the more we have to hear about how oppressed they are.

        2. “The Jews have successfully manipulated the Western world into thinking that they are forever the victims of gross oppression,” that occurs over and over again endlessly, for no good reason whatsoever, apparently, just because.

        3. Sort of like some cop beating up a negro and yelling stop resisting lol

        4. It’s called societal programming. Repeat a set of information under 100 versions (documentaries, movies, interviews) and eventually, the minds exposed to such information start to rationalize it’s reality. It’s a basic form of mind-control done over a time interval – very effective and very deadly as we can now witness.

        5. A jew is to much of a pussy to strike anybody himself, he bribes some race traitor idiot with money he stole from him to do it

      4. Being a religious minority makes you an easy scapegoat, especially when you don’t believe in Christ. Things go wrong? Blame the Jews. Not sure why that’s hard to understand. You see the same thing happen to minority groups all over the world.

    1. As Henry Kissinger said, “Any people who have been hated for two thousand years is doing something wrong.”

      1. The degree to which Jews have infiltrated government is astonishing. Just a few decades ago you had people like Kissinger, Nixon, etc. talking about how they would never trust someone from The Tribe. Now politicians today from both parties cannot say enough good things about Jews. The Democrats have been in the back pocket of the Jews since my childhood but it is astonishing how they have been able to so rapidly get the Republicans just as far up the other ass cheek.
        I can think of no other group that receives such strong universal love from both party D and party R.

        1. Eh, I was following up on the earlier poster’s reference, so I don’t specifically know about Kissinger. But the Nixon tapes are full of him saying how you can never trust a dirty kike, etc. And there is plenty of evidence of the self hating Jew so it wouldn’t surprise me if Kissinger was among that bunch.

        2. Kissinger expertly walked the tightrope, benefiting from being a tribe member and simultaneously distancing himself from the tribe whenever it suited him.
          But at the end of the day Kissinger, then and now, was just a front man for the real power behind the throne – David Rockefeller, who is incidentally a crypto-jew of Sephardic heritage.
          Amazingly, Nixon himself didn’t fully understand the real power structure behind the presidency. Kennedy did – and paid for it.

        3. OK now you’re being stupid. The old man John D who founded the oil companies back in the 1800’s was a Baptist born on a chicken farm in NY. His ancestry is Swiss.Sephardic? None of them even remotely look like Arabs which is what Sephardic jews are.

        4. One big party with cash flowing in is all it takes, today.
          Politicians will jump to either side because in the end they know it’s all one party. They’re not called “Washington Insiders” for nothing.
          Yes, this includes the round of Tea Party members who joined their ranks. They, now, belong to that group. It’s all about the money.

        5. They are not jews so stop believing that jew propaganda you’re reading. Many of these so called outing sites set up by jews are really just jew bragging sites. Stop being so naive.

        6. He’s a crossdresser. A full on Dr. Frankfurter.
          I could never understand Jew-ery from an outsider’s point of view. The Torah is clear… God hates crossdressers Deuteronomy 22:5. He can’t be Jewish if he doesn’t follow the Laws of Moses. A man putting on stockings, garters and high heels in his own home for the benefit of his company is as great a violation of this law as I can think of.

        7. Rockefeller wasn’t Jewish lol. Some of you Jew haters like to paint everyone white that you hate as Jewish. You’re paranoid. I’ll give you the Rothschilds, but Rockafeller was a Christian.

        8. First, I’m not a Jew-hater.
          Second, there is credible genealogical evidence, including this family-history book written for the American Jewish community, that traces Rockefeller’s heritage back to France as Sephardic Jewish and related to the Rothschilds:

          It should be noted that the Rockefellers themselves at least *claim* to be Christian.
          Credible evidence suggest they are Jews related to the Rothschilds and, if true, that would certainly explain their multi-generational, inter-familial cooperation and their virtual global monopoly in the banking sector.

        9. lol. you don’t specifically know about ANYTHING. yeah keep following up on earlier idiots’ “references”. keep being a follower of idiots. is it a part of red pill philosophy?

        10. omg “credible evidence”! there was also”credible evidence” about WMD in Iraq. if there’s something on Amazon it must be true.

        11. U don’t have to be a Jew elite or radical scientist to control and manipulate the masses. U just have to be a greedy elite

        12. take it easy, it’s just paid people doing what they are paid to do – deviate the nature of the discussion. You are right and on point. Pay no attention to the dissidents.

        13. It’s about power and control that is what the Jews crave. To live in this world and for the non Jew (religious traditions) the afterlife is the main preoccupation.

        14. You guys are incapable of taking any criticism of any kind. If people don’t do as you want them to do (dictating society) that means we want to put you in ovens.
          Paranoia & hyperethnocentric behaviour is the main problem that irritates us about Jews. If you want to live the way you want that’s fine by me, but that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to dictate my culture or lifestyle.
          By the way Whites are a distinct race with our own interests and how we live or what we value is of no concern to you. So to be forward snd succinct, “mind your own bloody business”.

        15. As long as you’re born of a Jewish mother and do not convert to another religion, you’re still a Jew.

        16. No you’re not. You’re just “jewish” and you know what people say about the lawless joos and their immorality.

        17. A Jew won’t fire you for following God’s Law. A fake christian will, but you are better off without them in your life.

        18. Criticism of Jews on Twitter= “Get in the ovens chosen man’.
          And, for a person like me, who has OFTEN criticized LEFT WING “Jews” who are not Jewish at all, I must also ‘get in the ovens.’
          When people are ready to have an honest discussion without blaming ALL of us, then go ahead.
          But, if you want to know why communist Jews are the way they are, its something that religious cannot answer. Ask a Commie Jew and stop pinning their evil on religious ad right wing because we DONT have the answer and do not answer FOR them.
          If you want to discuss the Talmud, most Jews are not into it at all but we do not study David Dukes version, either.

        19. Jew can publicly confess any faith christian, atheist, muslim etc. But his real allegiance is to the Tribe.

        20. “Some call it Marxism. I call it Judaism.” – rabbi Stephen Wise, New Yourk 1935

        21. Communism:
          Founded by Fredrick Engels, German Socialist, non Jew.
          Founded by Susan B Anthony, Non Jew Quaker..
          Back to what I said:
          Criticism of Jews on Twitter= “Get in the ovens chosen man’.
          And, for a person like me, who has OFTEN criticized LEFT WING “Jews” who are not Jewish at all, I must also ‘get in the ovens.’
          When people are ready to have an honest discussion without blaming ALL of us, then go ahead.
          But, if you want to know why communist Jews are the way they are, its something that religious cannot answer. Ask a Commie Jew and stop pinning their evil on religious ad right wing because we DONT have the answer and do not answer FOR them.
          If you want to discuss the Talmud, most Jews are not into it at all but we do not study David Dukes version, either.
          Which you did not address.

        22. PS:
          Feminist Non Jews –
          Mary Wollstonecraft, non Jew, Alice Paul, non Jew, Carrie Chapman Catt, non Jew
          Simone de Beauvoir, non Jew, Sojourner Truth, non Jew, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Germaine Greer, non Jew and more non-Jews in the founders of the scam called feminism.
          Ursula Burns, non Jew, Ashley Judd, non Jew, Madonna, non Jew, Ertharin Cousin, non Jew, hillary Clinton, non Jew, Bell Hooks, Jessica Valenti, non Jew, Tracie Egan Morrissey, non Jew, Roxane Gay, non Jew, Elizabeth Warren, non Jew, Cecile Richards, non Jew, Tressie McMillan Cottom, non Jew, Huma Abedin, non Jew, Malala Yousafzai, non Jew, Rosie Odonnell, non Jew, Whoopie ( Caryn Elaine Johnson) Goldberg, non Jew, Cher, non Jew, Beyonce, non Jew, Lady Gaga, non Jew, Katy Perry, non Jew.
          I could go on forever, but if I am only looking AT Jews, I am only going to SEE Jews and I am also going to think there is a “Jewish plot’ when there isnt.

        23. The Birth Of Cultural Marxism: How The “Frankfurt School” Changed America…It was a bad time and place to be a Jewish Marxist, as most of the school’s faculty was Jewish…The Origins of Political Correctness.
          The founder of modern feminism, Betty Frieden, left, relied on these texts when she wrote The Feminine Mystique (1963). These women all hid the fact that they were long-time Communist activists. In the 1960, their daughters had everything they needed, including the example of subterfuge, to start the Women’s Liberation Movement.
          As you will see I’m talking about modern day multi-cultural Marxism being used to rob and destroy white and christian western civilization by the Jewish Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism and the Freudian Tavistock institute of mental warfare.

        24. So, you’re point is Jews were involved.
          wow, I could have had a V-8.
          Bye, you’re only posting AT me b/c I’m the token Jew.
          I notice you basement dwelling pinkos never bug left Wing Jews about this.

        25. Oh yeah, I read Rense & Henry b/c they hate their Jewishness.
          And, I double read Daily Fag, Andy Anglin b/c he is 25 years old and knows everything.

        26. Well Said! One thing far right guys don’t understand is that it is because of what Germany did in ww2 that Europeans can’t defend themselves with the migrant invasion they have. The bloody Nazis gave Europe a “guilt” that prevents European taking action.

        27. I could understand Germany feeling a certain amt of guilt, but ALL EU nations? ALL?
          They bought into the guilt, too.
          At any rate, all Jews think that just b/c some idiot “Rabbi” has a demented version of Judaism, that means we all celebrate it.
          Judaism, in its purist form is the MOST holy faith on the earth. It is the faith that brought us the Bible and Jesus also

        28. Yes Judaism is the purest form of Abrahamic Monotheism and is 100% monotheistic… unlike Christianity that has some aspects of a dualistic religion it it.
          Regarding that European guilt, many European countries sadly actively collaborated with the Nazis invader- Also neutral Eu countries collaborated to some extent, like Spain or Switzerland. To some extent these countries took part in what the Nazis did.

        29. Sweden took NO part and they are suffering the worst.
          The past is the past.
          The damage in EU was set up by far left wing Fabian Marxists who wanted to destroy EU because of its “Colonialism”.

        30. You are right for Sweden, totally. And Sweden also became a refuge for anti-fascist and Jewish refugees from all over the region. They do not deserve this yes!
          No countries deserves it but I still think that if Nazis never came in power Europe would be able to fight the migrants invasion… I mean today out of the fear of being pointed as Nazis or racists people are paralyzed… And also you are right in saying that the marxists are using that guilt or fear to destroy Europe.
          As for “colonialism” every culture in the world was a colonialist at some time in their existence…. Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Incas, islam and much more. So blaming white people for all is really misguided.

        31. At this point, the meanest barbarians need to come to power. Thats what I believe.
          Jew or non Jew, illegals, etc.. EU barbarians need to throw out anyone not loyal to EU’s traditional roots of Christianity and the worlds most beautiful culture.
          Leave the people that ARE loyal: Jew, non Jew, migrant who IS loyal and demand they fight or die.

        32. You are right!
          An ancient roman author (I can’t remember the name) wrote : “Si vis pacem, para bellum” and he was so right. So now is not a time for weakness because the weak always loses at the end of the day. I just hope that “barbarian” will not be the nazis coming back.

        33. It isn’t “the bloody Nazis” who induced a guilt trip; it’s the media as always.

        34. Christianity is not, in any way, less than 100% monotheistic. Learn Christian theology before talking about it.

        35. If Hitler had been completely successful at what the Jews accuse him of wanting to accomplish, Soros wouldn’t be here at all.

        36. Kissinger was a pragmatist. It is a fact though that Jews are disproportionately represented in politics, industry, entertainment (not rap though.. lol ) educational institutions, medicine, law and other socially influential fields..

      2. “To succeed in their attack against Christian civilization, the Jews of France had to use deceit, to lie, to disguise themselves as freethinkers. If they had said frankly: “We want to destroy that France of old, so glorious, so beautiful, and replace it with domination by a fistful of Hebrews from many lands,” our fathers, less soft than ourselves, would not have let this happen. For a long time the Jews kept things vague, working with Freemasonry, hiding behind sonorous words: emancipation, enfranchisement, the struggle against superstition and the prejudices of another age.”
        “Thanks to the Jews’ cunning exploitation of the principles of 1789, France was collapsing into dissolution. Jews had monopolized all of the public wealth, had invaded everything, except the army. The representatives of the old French families, whether noble or bourgeois, had divided themselves into two camps. Some gave themselves up to pleasure, and were corrupted by the Jewish prostitutes they had taken as mistresses or were ruined by the horse-sellers and money-lenders, also Jews, who aided the prostitutes. The others obeyed the attraction exercised over the Aryan race by the infinite, the Hindu Nirvana, Odin’s paradise. They became almost uninterested in contemporary life, they lost themselves in ecstasy, they barely had one foot still planted in the real world.”
        — Édouard Drumont (1886)

        1. And Dreyfus was guilty, right?
          “Go away you sill little English knigget, or I shall taunt you again.”

        2. It’s not a black-and-white issue, yes or no. Whether someone is guilty or innocent requires a great deal of sifting of evidence.

      3. I’d make that 3k. Remember Abe who invented his new bullshit Yowly religion? Well, before he did that and went around circumcising everyone on his plantation including the animals he was a con man.He had bought a younger good looking wife, Sarah, from some camel driver. He wasn’t rich yet but thought that he could pull a good con down in Egypt. So he goes there and pretends that his hot wife is really his sister.The King at the time sees her and gets the hots for her as Abe planned and they begin screwing.The King then discovers that he had been shagging another man’s wife which to the moral Egyptians is strictly taboo and would bring down the wrath of the gods.The fact that the King just didn’t have them both killed shows that unlike the whoremongering vagabond Hebes they had some morality.The King pays Abe to leave the country with his wife and as it says in the Bible, Abe was a wealthy man when he left Egypt.Abe pulled the same stunt with another minor king.
        So Abram went up from Egypt to the Negev, with his wife and everything he had, and Lot went with him. 2 Abram had become very wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold.

    2. And the usual vermin crawls out of the woodwork the second you finally see an opportunity.

      1. If there was a community or race foisting ideals on others while being exempt from it themselves, wouldn’t you want to know?
        This needs to be discussed. And in past red pill forums where Jews come up, people who would state that intelligence is inherited end up having to submit that genetically, Jews are up there with Asians in kicking ass with intelligence.
        Meaning, if you don’t like Jews, then you have to work harder to beat them, and stick to the premise that an entire race or religion can game a society and get one over on them. There’s no point in being a dumb redneck and going “Muh jobs!”.
        I was raised around a lot of Jewish peers and find they put much stock in education and success, way more than other groups. No matter what you are made of, this matters more than anything. That some cryptoid agenda’s have yoked the prowess of a society to (obviously) push Marxism is well the product of gaming people and pushing their buttons.
        This discussion must happen, no matter how anybody feels about it. I’m seeing young people say racist and religious shit that nobody in my generation would have ever said or did, meaning that something is being pushed too far.

        1. It’s only the Ashkenazi Jews that have the high IQ’s and have made scientific and other contributions to the world. The word Ashkenazi means ‘German’ as in those jews that lived in Europe. Genetic data shows that Ashkenazi Jews have more European DNA than other Jewish groups. Which is where the higher Ashkenazi IQ’s come from, in comparison to other Jewish groups such as Shaphardic and HasItic. For example the national average IQ of Israel is only 94, which is nothing to brag about.

        2. That was very elegant, especially this part:
          Meaning, if you don’t like Jews, then you have to work harder to beat them.
          If that’s important to you, than by all means, work hard and honestly. Get wealthy and enjoy it. If you had stuck with that, we’d have had no issue.
          But this is what you wrote:
          The Germans didn’t just wake up one day and decide to hate Jews for no reason.
          Two problems with that statement.
          #1 “hate” wasn’t the issue. The butchering, raping, stealing, gassing, of 2/3rds of the Jews in Europe and Russia was the issue.
          #2 It wasn’t the German Jews that were mostly killed, it was primarily the Jews living everywhere else. Particularly the ones that had nothing at all to do with Germans or Nazis, or whoever you feel more comfortable blaming it on. It didn’t matter where they were, where they had lived or what they had done, if they belonged to a particular ethnic group and they weren’t living with the Finns, or lucky enough to have been serving in the kriegsmarine when the war started, then they were murdered.
          All honor to both those groups for actually acting like human beings, especially the kriegsmarine. They put the rest of Europe to shame.
          The Germans had a front row seat to what communism was doing to Russia and German Jews were big on communism.
          That reason is a load of horseshit. What they did had nothing to do with some noble reaction to communism.
          Communism is the complete antithesis of Judaic law, especially property law, and laws regarding the limiting of state power, etc etc.
          If there was any truth at all in anything you wrote, than the Nazis would have allied themselves with the conservative elements in the Jewish population. In reality, these elements were some of the first to be murdered, raped, humiliated, gassed, and even have their body parts used to make goods such as soap, or mattresses.
          It was about murder and theft, plain and simple. They saw an opportunity to advance themselves over the corpses of another group, and they took it. There is nothing more noble in what they did, than in the Turkish genocide of the Armenians only a few decades earlier.
          And before you cite Godwins law, I’m going to point out something to you: I’m not the guy that decided to start justifying what “one particular ethnic group” did to “another particular ethnic group” some time ago.

        3. I’m not going to play games with you. No amount of arguing or “feels” is going to change a damned thing. Notice nobody around here is complaining about Episcopalians? What have they done? Nothing. That’s what they have done.
          In the end nothing ever gets away. So if you come here to do damage control, have fun. You won’t change history here and the control of the narrative is already lost to you.

        4. He is a Jew and proves the point of this article through his attempts at trying to deceive we goyim and slander anybody that threatened the “chosen people”.

        5. That’s right, it isn’t.
          When I write these things I write it so people who are decent can see it and take heart. I also know, contrary to Nat that guys like you don’t give a flying fuck about right or wrong. With you it’s always going to be about the opportunity. Like a woman, whatever random argument you happen to use at any moment is just something you say to justify the evil in that vicious black pit you call a soul.
          As for “controlling the narrative”, I only care about the few that care about the truth. Those people matter. You are welcome to the rest.
          And no, nothing ever gets away. Too bad you don’t listen to yourself.

        6. Is it genetic or do their cultures just place much more emphasis on education and success. I went to a private boarding school my senior year of high school and the Asian amd Jewish kids were far more serious about school than anyone else. They didn’t play sports and weren’t attractive to girls so school was their life.

        7. A lot of my friends are Jewish. I was once tricked into joining my friend’s sader thinking I was going to a rave-party. I guess that was fun… why eat horseradish?
          I don’t have a problem with the Jews as I’ve more or less always gotten along with them. But what I have seen personally is institutionalized nepotism. But the kind of nepotism I’m not allowed to call out for fear of losing my job. Criticizing the Jews is simply not allowed, and this is my only problem with this group.
          I’ve seen benefits offered to Jews over those more qualified simply because they were Jewish. Why do I think it was because of their Jewishness? Because when I asked why so-and-so was able to get into this highly competitive program without meeting the technical requirements I was told to stop asking questions.
          This is a red-pill site. Not everything everyone is going to say is going to be correct, but nowhere else can we even entertain the idea of pointing out the unique characteristics of the Jewry. This in and of itself is significant and trudges towards truth.

        8. “People who are decent” = people who are useful to the jewish race

        9. A pity you don’t listen to yourself. Your fierce reflexive antagonistic defense of your race is, by definition, racist. Why not simply try to understand what others have to say, rather than assuming their opinions are the result of their genetic inferiority?

        10. Defending ones race is racist? Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense.
          You’re dismissed.

        11. exactly! Jeremy Dahmer was right by killing and eating his victims. they did something. they induced the desire to kill and eat them. after all, he didn’t kill someone he didn’t want to kill. why his victims couldn’t be like those he didn’t kill? they brought it upon themselves!

        12. Bullshit alert. No soap was made from work camp prisoners, nor lampshades. Admitted war propaganda.

        13. It’s not that simple. Intelligence leads to a culture’s prosperity, but it is also a result of it. Nowadays northern Europeans have higher IQs than Southern Europeans, but this wasn’t the case 500+ years ago, and certainly not 2,000+ years ago. Nowadays Koreans have higher IQs than Chinese, but again, this is a modern phenomenon. Before the latter half of the 20th century Koreans contributed nothing to the world. Nowadays Japanese have higher IQs than the English, but this wasn’t the case in the mid 1800s. 3,000 years ago the most accomplished people on earth were in the Middle East. Nowadays… not so much. I could go on here. But the point is that these variations in intelligence was due to the relative prosperity of the given time and place. Peoples that were once undeveloped and ignorant (Germany, Sweden, Korea, Japan, Finland) are now smart and productive. Peoples that were once smart and productive (Greece, Egypt, Levant, Anatolia, Spain) are now somewhat backward.
          Ashkenazi Jews have high IQs in large part because of their current wealth. As the article notes, this wealth comes heavily from networking and nepotism. When one Jew makes it, they all do. They hire each other, they promote each other, they support each other. All you have to do is look at Hollywood to get a glimpse of this. So many Jews and most of them are ugly and untalented.
          Of course you have many Jews who have become successful on merit. But for every Jew who has established himself through merit, there are hundreds who have found a profitable niche in finance, law, entertainment, advertising, or academia solely as a result of their Jewish heritage. For this reason, most Jews are born into privledged backgrounds. They come from stable families, go to the best schools, get the best internships, etc. Naturally people with superior opportunities are better able to reach their full intellectual potential. Hence, the high Jewish IQ.
          As for Asians, most really aren’t that smart. Outside of Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans, the average IQ in Asian nations is quite low. You can’t pick the smartest groups of a race and claim they represent the whole race. Asian-Americans are smart because America has a very selective immigration policy towards Asia. Pretty much only the skilled and educated are allowed in. America is admitting the Asian businessmen, grad students, engineers, software developers, and doctors, not the masses of Asian criminals, junkies, deadbeats, dropouts, peasant farmers, or sweatshop workers. So like Jews, Asian-Americans often come from privledged backgrounds.
          People really underestimate how much environment plays a role in determining one’s potential. It’s not all nature.

        14. I don’t think all jews exactly fit the stereotype that is being discussed in this thread. I do acknowledge them as a different race, with a distinct set of virtue and vice, but I still prefer to engage with them as individuals.
          Where I overlap with the alt-right is that I want this multiculturalism nightmare to end.

        1. @Shoxrux_Babayev:disqus Please share it! If this one speech were well disseminated in the western world, the world would be a different place.

      1. Wow…these people are ridiculous. The more I learn about the scale of their international treachery, the less I can stand them.

    3. Yea. The communist uprisings in Germany were headed by ‘guess who’
      And after seeing the Holordomor it became them or us for the German people

      1. Pretty much. When it gets to that level, it’s “them or us” or as they say “every man has a thumbscrew”.
        Sometimes with the kind of world the SJWs envision, or the more honest ideas of their handlers who have stated similar goals for the United States, I think the same “them or us”. It’s a sick game really. I find myself wondering if I have to don a brown uniform to do away with the red uniforms before they do it to me. Then I wonder if that was the plan overall, and why the communist/left/SJW brigades are acting out so insanely and so openly anti-science and anti-civilization. The goal may not be for them to take over but for our reaction to it. It’s all happened before.

        1. Yes, of course, the adlepated pawns have neither the desire nor the ability to “take over.” it is all about your anticipated reaction. Be cool. Be patient. Be circumspect, skeptical and self-interested.

    4. What this is missing is that the Jews not only contributed mightily to ideas and movements you find pernicious, they also contributed mightily to the Arts and Sciences and Industries. They’ve won about 1/5 of Nobel Prizes for example.
      But this may understate the extent to which they dominated fields like physics, not to mention Hollywood.
      A recent list of “Top Health Start-Ups Changing the World”, 2/3 of them were Israeli. There are more patents filed in Israel every year than the whole Islamic world, and Russia, and India, combined…
      Do you like the idea that humans have inalienable rights? Do you know who created that idea, that Locke got it from? Try Spinoza, a Jew.
      Without us the world would be far more primitive.

      1. No.
        In as much as a co-opted Catholic Church engages in a “learning against learning” scheme to pretend to forward the renaissance while combating it, and how that given rise to “whig-ist” prostentantism which at least is honestly anti-spiritual, the idea of “inalienable rights” and it’s bed mate, “democracy” is a sham in itself designed to make people think they are free when they are not. I highly recommend you read this.

      2. As MacDonald has said, “the dispossession of our ethnic group completely outweighs those contributions.”

        1. Jews destroying nations which go out of their way to be sensitive to them is pretty ungrateful.
          If we are gonna talk God then the Old Testament is God punishing the israelites for their poor behavior.

        2. Classic. And yet those countries that have no Jews among them say much the same bullshit.
          Countries going down the toilet with Jews – claim it’s the Jews fault
          Countries going down the toilet without Jews – claim it’s the Jews fault
          Common features to both: when they go down the toilet they blame the Jews
          How’s this for a radical suggestion: it’s actually not the Jews fault in particular as it is the fault of the country as a whole for their own corruption. You just like blaming the Jews because it’s easier than owning up to a problem.
          And you miss the whole point of the Old Testament if you think God had that written so you could look down on people like that. Compared to the shit everyone else has pulled, those people were saints.

        3. “Oh those nasty goyim hating us for trying to destroy their civilization and exterminate their race through silent genocide!”

        4. Except that countries with dominant Jewish influence are also the majority of major world powers today, and many of their actions directly affect countries without Jewish dominance.
          You’re trying to deny causation merely by hand waving and anecdote.

        5. There are good jews, like those that developed, alongside British intellectuals of the time, quantum theory. And then their are people like George Soros….
          It isn’t that all jews are evil, it is just that they have such a strong group identity that they fail to police themselves spectacularly.

        6. just cannot accept that we the Gentiles finally got to know the truth of Jew hypocrisy don’t you kike? Jews through their monster appendage Mossad subtly bring down a nation with pernicious ideologies. Pornography is largely controlled by Jew moguls. They constantly degrade whites and Christians by producing videos whereby white, blonde woman being spitroasted by Blacks. But the same hypocritical Jews raise a shitstorm if a Jew woman chooses to marry a Muslim man.

        7. hehe… how come you exposed yourself like this? here we come: someone who opposes pornography. i.e. a Communist. pornography was illegal in the Soviet Union – and could be punished by death.
          the truth of course is it’ the people like YOU who are real commies and hypocrites.

        8. qJews run all those nations, they’d be nothing without the jews.

        9. Yes, would you rather live in a jew run country like canada, uk or america or die of tb in white run belarus and moldova?

        10. Who’s eyes? Never met this “God” guy you’re going on about.

        11. Your low, contemptible opinion of non-Jewish intellect is really
          hateful and astounding, as well as supremely ignorant. The Roman Empire,the Chinese, the Greeks, America in the 19th Century, and the English and Spanish and Portuguese built mighty empires with high standards of living, and 95% of those nations were built without leaning on “Jewish knowledge” (spare me some anecdote about the Romans, who were already at the height of their empire when Pompey took the Near Eas). Learn some history before you start spouting off hateful nonsense about how backwards everyone would be without Jews.
          In only the last 200 years, the contribution of European-gentile stock doctors has led the mighty health reforms that you lay solely at the feet of Jews. Louis Pasteur, for one example, was no Jew.
          And Jews lived in a lot of squalor in their existence, by their own designs. Eastern European Jews were living in fetid disease-ridden neighborhoods. The Black Plague happened when Jews were thriving across Europe.
          Besides, the choice is not between no Jewish contribution and total Jewish domination; it is a question of limits. Many societies that came into contact with Jews found that there was a point of diminishing returns with Jews; that is, Jewish influence/activity up to a point was good for the society, but past a threshold, corrupted/debased the culture past that point. This is why Jewish influence waxed and waned in nations—going from no Jews to some Jews to a significant percentage of Jews, followed by a backlash, pograms, and reduction/limitation/expulsion. This is why they were confined to limited areas/neighborhoods–to confine their influence to what was thought to be acceptable numbers. There was always an observable tipping point where Jewish influence became more of hindrance than a help.

        12. Whats up my pale spanish cuckold from pure blood whites( your words). As a disgusting slavic mongrel, I will be very glad to fornicate with your sisters and absorb your self hating genes into an animalistic mongrel offspring. That is if you are actually what you say you are? And not the animal nigger that most people suscpect you of being. But hey nigger>mongrel in your mind so I guess Im the biggest threat here!

        13. They also get their panties in a knot if a “mongrel” like myself fornicates with their women. What the fuck is mongrel? I had to look that shit up damn I always thought if you look white your white. Nope apparently im a mongrel cause im with Balkan ancestry!

        14. You still preaching how bad the white man is and how peolple in Eastern Europe are mongrels? While you yourself being a pure bred blond blue eye white noble???

        15. I wonder where whites learned that solidarity among whites is so evil? We’re basically told in grade school that the next step after such a development is gas chambers.

        16. Well, at least you’ve admitted that the US has a serious problem. The first step, as they say…

        17. ” it is just that they have such a strong group identity that they fail to police themselves spectacularly.”
          Hahaha sounds familiar. They dindu nuffin, goy.

        18. America in the 19th century was jew controlled, black built, whites have had almost no role in it. Except the jew roles out a white face who is often a cryptojew or in a jews backpocket.
          England, spain, portugal all jew controlled. That is why they booted the jews and quickly collapsed after. Roman and greeks built by blacks. Whites invaded and plunged it into a dark age.
          You can live in modern belarus jew free or live in the civilized jew run world which is it?

        19. “whites have had almost no role in it. ”
          Come on. That is bloody ridiculous and you know it.

        20. lol. ok, you’re a troll and hilarious. Go back to gawker, boy. Everything you just said was a lie.

        21. Your mother is my sex slave boy. I got her on my way to Timbuktu, or was it Valencia again depending on what you feel like being today black or white you bipolar little bitch.

        22. Whites were just along for the ride, jews running it, blacks building it, whites doing not much but watching it

        23. Another double talking bullshitting jew here.Ignore their silly tricks.

        24. Belarus is jew run you moron.It’s part of the old Pale of Settlement where the jews were confined to protect the innocent somewhat naive White people.

        25. The men in the white coats are about to take this dummy back to the bughouse.Another dumb negro who read too many of those wacko books sold at ghetto book stores.

        26. Oh no! I have been insulted as being a feminist! What ever will I do? Oh… wait… that’s not an insult. -_-

        27. Tell me about it. It’s like a smoker blaming the cigarette company for getting cancer. Sheesh!

      3. Jews, based on testing are the most intelligent group on earth. But in all fields Jews are over represented and IQ cannot account for the massive numbers. Ethnic networking accounts for a lot of it. Are there many Jews that have done wonderful things and contributed massively in certain areas especially the sciences? Absolutely. Although Spinoza is practically unreadable. I can’t for the life of me see what Nietzsche found so admirable about him.

        1. On average, Jews are probably *slightly* more intelligent. However, the average isn’t what matters to dominate things like academia, science etc., it’s exceptional individuals. For whatever reason there are proportionately far more Jewish outliers with exceptional intelligence.

        2. The ashkenazi are Brahmin and drive all the start ups and innovations.
          Same with India. The stereotype of the smart Indian nerd is based entirely on Brahmin expats.
          Brahmin apparently have a really high average IQ, created by being selected as the Elite group.

      4. What you don’t umderstand is that Jews are in charge of who’s invention or contribution gets recognized. There are millions of artists, scholars, scientists, etc. in the world but the Jews are shoved in our face and hailed as greats. Look at Hollywood and the music industry. All the award winners are Jewish. The Nobel prize is a joke also.

        1. this is far closer to the core matter at hand hand: the charade of false openness.
          a masquerade that is in reality petty hyper-selfish advancement closed from the very beginning. it exploits every patience and resource of others until there is nothing. by design. and by design, so feigns ignorance and ‘unfair’ persecution for this deeply parasitic behavior when, at length, it is revealed that it’s global net ‘contributions’ are actually net losses. net losses to society, to civilization, to history, and most of all, to men.
          some may disagree, but at some point in history, long ago, most parasitic groups weren’t. they were started by men for their sons, which aligns with reality. but they became themselves subverted, leaving reality, throwing all resources into the feminist imperitive matriarchal black abyss, and thus necessitating such net non-contributive behavior to keep feeding their female harpies. when such groups exploit long enough, instead of being dismantled or dying, this insidious cloaked-in-good-feels net loss behavior becomes the modus operandi, the culture, the default world view. eventually, no matter what the contributions, this default is simply untenable.
          judaism aside, too many groups exhibit this today.

        2. Feminism and Judaism aligning themselves together is so fitting. Physically inferior, parasitic beings trying to gain complete power and dominance the way physically inferior beings fight: cunning and deception. They wear a mask to hide their true intentions which are to suck the life force out of any and everything in their path. Jews are probably responsible for every war in the last 1000 years but haven’t fought anyone themselves. Much like how men built civilization with our bare hands while women watched and actually have the nerve to disrespect the patriarchy.
          Equality, racism, homophobia, misogyny, etc. are all tools to corrupt the power of words and opinions to fit their false narrative that we are all the same, while secretly believing that they are superior. We can only hope that enough men see underneath the mask before its too late, if it isn’t already. As you said, the culture has actually changed to accommodate a “victimized” society, where everyone is oppressed by the mere presence of straight white men.

        3. ” Jews are probably responsible for every war in the last 1000 years but haven’t fought anyone themselves…”
          Israeli war of independence (November 1947 – July 1949)
          Six-Day War (June 1967)
          Yom Kippur War (October 1973)
          just to name a few.
          Please tell us more about how jews “never fight for themselves”

        4. The ttruth is most of us white people cannot even tie our own shoe laces. This is why we assume anyone who can tie their shoelaces is a jew.

        5. Precisely. That Jews like Nadine Gordimer (a South African “anti-apartheid activist” ™) have won Nobels in literature isn’t surprising: the very literature promotes Jewish ideas and Jewish goals.

        6. What about us mongrels? What are we capable of except defending europe for hundreds of years from muslim conquest and suffering through our boys being taken to be boy soldiers by the Ottomans? Oh why did our king marry a Jewess, why oh why poor sap.

        7. “The ttruth is most of us white people cannot even tie our own shoe laces”
          >replace “white people” with “nigger” and then you’re on to something.

        8. Nope, but I will replace it with white nigger, and white niggers like you think everyone is a jew who can tie their shoe lace. Whites are so lazy they can’t even catch their own slaves, LOL

        9. There may be a 100 doctors or physicists or in any other category who are doing absolutely equal work so how do you decide who to give the prize to? It’s all jew pushiness and lobbying and besides it’s just a prize and really means nothing. How does Obama win one when he had only been in office a short time, or Al Gore? Hmm? think maybe it’s all politics.

        10. I have Never read anything written by a jew that any value. Just a lot of banalities and ordinary crap.Tell me even one book that you thought was good and I’ll waste my time and read it and give an opinion.

        11. why catch a nigger when another nigger will catch him for you? rofl.

        12. yeah, jog on you prick.
          My grandfather (british jew) got knifed in WW1 all in the name of fighting for king and country so its pretty sad that a 40 year old virgin like yourself actually believes the bullshit that comes out of your mouth.
          You better hope I never meet you or any of your KKK arse bandits cos then we’ll see who’s physically inferior, you nancy boy bedroom dwelling nonce.

      5. That’s true, but it doesn’t dismiss the negative. Both sides should be heard.

      6. One of the most brilliant minds in the 20th century when it came to understanding the evils of fiat banking was Murray Rothbard ( a jew). trust me there was no preferential treatment for him in academia. His colleagues hated him.

        1. The Cathedral hates most of all those it thinks are one of them but goes against the grain.

        2. Jews are about monopoly control of money, either by owning the bank, or getting people tobelieve piss metal is valuable.

        3. So you kikes burn down the house and one of you has the courtesy to piss on the flaming wreck and we dumb goyim are supposed to thank you?

        4. How’s your Temple in Jerusalem looking? (Palestinian RPGs whistling through the air)

      7. Jewish companies control the media. In a nutshell they control what most are allowed to see.
        Networking and self promotion are their game. It seems logical that they want everyone to think they are the smartest.
        If their whole religion is a stolen spinoff of egyptian religion during their servitude as hebrews i have to question the notion that theyre so brilliant.
        And why do they as a people have such a large inferiority complex anyway?

      8. 1/5 in Nobel Prizes isnt that much considering their way of scheming and manipulating

      9. Don’t you get it, euro-whites for the most part cannot function on much more than a primitive level. The Germanic, slavics, and italic whites were all illiterate until blacks went into Europe and civilized them and taught them how to spell their own names. Without blacks the whites don’t even have any ancient civilizations as ancient greece and rome where both black civiliations that the whites invaded and ran into the ground. The whites then plunged europe into the dark ages, and it stayed dark until black muslims called the moors tried to teach them to bathe again. Predictably the whites went back to to their savage ways and killed out anyone who dear try to life them out of primitive tribal european ways.
        The whites in europe continued to believe the world was flat despite the fact the ancient black egyptians and malians and dogons had disproved these theories 3000 years earlier.
        Then you had the turks, mongols and huns, all of whom tried to lift whites out of savagery but whites couldn’t accept behaving civilized so they went back to butchering each other in yugoslavia and greece and russia once the asians abaondoned them as hopeless
        The last bout was the jews. The jews tried to life white europe out of it primitive and savage ways. For 600 years the jews have given whites most of their developments. And what do the jews get for it? The same racism because whites hate anyone who tries to improve their behaviour, they think you are being an uppity jew. Don’t you see whites still believe vaccines are which craft invented by jews to eat christian children.
        In conclusion, anglo whites cannot be helped, and would rather die of easily curable diseases like tb than take a vaccine, because the vaccine comes from a black, and they think blacks are being uppity by making whites take vaccines.
        Most whites are lazy and would rather be in the cave days.

        1. If EEF and CAN both come from Asia then are Asians white? Early European Farmers and Central Asian Nomads( Gingers). Damn good thing those Gingers were smart enough to show the local mongol dogs how to make animal skins or they would have died from frostbite in the Caucasus. But they developped Red Skin syndrome so fukem right!

      10. Without Jews, the world would be blissful. Nobel prizes have been horseshit since the 1960s. Top Health start ups???!!! Like figuring out how to put more mercury in vaccines? More fluoride in the water?? More kids on anti-depressants?? Jews change the world alright, they subvert and then destroy it as they absolutely cannot integrate / assimilate. As some high-level rabbis have admitted, Judaism = Satanism. Their god is Lucifer.

        1. Just like the mercury in my Tuna Sandwich. Learn science then cry

      11. Einstein stole relativity from an Italian scientist. The claims of Jewishness for many Nobel prize winners is even less than Elizabeth Warren is Indian. Before the internet Woody Allen was a movie star because jews in the news gave good reviews & people couldn’t realize until after they saw movies. SadPuppies extension of GamerGate shows little clicks making award choices and faking things.

      12. “Without us the world would be far more primitive.”
        This is an example of Jewish supremacism.
        Besides, whatever contributions the Jews have made to the modern western world are dwarfed by the European majority. Yet if we say “without us the world would be primitive”, the Jews screams out in pain.
        Finally, the contribution of European Jews is due to the culture of the people they have lived amongst for 2000 years. Sephardic Jews have accomplished practically nothing because of their lack of association with the European people.

      13. “Do you like the idea that humans have inalienable rights?” No, actually I don’t. Absolute human rights have crippled society, not set it free. I’m actually not surprised the Jews were behind that one too. Thanks for letting me know!

      14. Einstein was a fraud and the Nobel Prizes are a Jewish circle-jerk. Tell your rabbi thx for 9/11.

    5. Well yeah, so much is not said – so much that one wonders who controls the province of what is said. It doesn’t take much research to parse that one out. But since so little is said, and Roosh has, indeed, said quite a bit, I wonder if he won’t find his modest meanderings slated for “special attention” by such self-designated patron saints for “the cause” as the SPLC. Let’s hide and watch.

    6. It is said that,, if you want to know who the rulling power is in your country, find out who you’re not allowed to criticise.”

    7. Ironically it was the Germans who used communism as to weaken the Russian Empire during WW1 and the same goes for Jihad which was resurrected by German historians to cause riots in the British Middle eastern territories!

      1. German send Lenin, USA send Trotsky, send poisons to your adversary/competitor is nothing new.

        1. Yes, because those (((Germans))) were not helped by the other Germans as well. With or without brackets around their name,all sorts of Germans were involved in spreading communism to Russia.
          Get a grip boyo!

    8. I am on cloud nine since Roosh finally relented to discuss about Jewish supremacy and hegemony over the Gentiles.My comments on ROK was removed for posting the first picture which clearly shows Jewess(female Jew?) are the linchpin in Feminazi movement. Here is food for thought

      1. what “food for thought”? so you found a single person’s opinion – plus a religious freak as well. omg omg! that’s how the world comes to an end 🙁

        1. Don’t get your panties in a bunch kike. Isrealis as a whole strive to avoid immigration in Israel while shouting for diversity in Western Christian nations. I can’t post every link here u greedy hoggish hook nosed kike!!!!

        2. Using words like “kike” is counter productive. It alienates mainstream people who might otherwise listen to your arguments.

        3. Not to mention feed off it. And I do mean that literally. And that wasn’t sarcastic.

    9. “the Germans didn’t just wake up one day and decide to hate Jews for no reason”
      That’s right, the catholic church had been preaching hatred of Jews for centuries and the protestants were no better. The pope did not absolve the Jews of collective guilt for killing Jesus until the 60’s.

      1. And then the catholic church helped a couple hundret jews to escape from axis europe.

      2. prob due to the fact that jews were responsible for helping the muslims establish a caliphate in spain/iberian peninsula and sacking, conquering Christians cities by being a bunch of blood thirsty backstabbers. It was almost 700 years before the muslims were finally kicked back out of Europe! Its recorded that jews were opening the gates at night and letting the muslims in.

    10. you know, Germans also wanted to exterminate mentally disabled like yourself…

    11. If tthe jews were running communism why did the communist persecute the jews and pogrom them? I understand why the germans did get angry at jews for running their country. Such feelings are natural when a tiny minority comes in and takes over control.

      1. Stalin got paranoid over the jews after some stuff happened. So he decided to purge jews from certain communist institutions which made the jewish bolshevik core very mad. Stalin was a psycho after all who even let his brother die in a german prisoners camp even tho the germans where willing to exchange prisoners.

        1. your post is a stark evidence that you have a very little idea about Soviet history as well as Stalin in general.
          brother? lol. it was his son – but how would you know?
          so you’d expect that Stalin would exchange his son – who fell a prisoner to Germans – for some high-ranking German? man you understand NOTHING about Soviet Union – please don’t even get into this.

        2. Yes His son pardon.
          Anything to refute my point that he got paranoid of his jewish doctor and other jews in the NKVD?

      2. Stalin out-jewed you, that’s why you ended up getting ‘persecuted’ in the very slave state you kikes created.
        It’s actually pretty pathetic on your people’s part that you can’t even rule over something you created.
        You’ve had about 65 years, endless military aid, and a huge mass media apparatus as your propagandists, and yet you people still can’t conquer a small strip of land populated by mostly unarmed and starving Arabs.
        Eternal things are not for the Jew.

        1. Maybe stalin did but who has the last laugh, russia is one of th emost violent savage hell holes on the planet. Who’d want to live there? Not even rich russians do,
          Jeews runs all of west europe an america and israel and canada, why do they need a piece of palestine when jews run america which controls halff thoe oil states. whites animal, jew power

        2. Jews aren’t laughing when they yet again moan and groan about ‘muh persecution’. Yeah, you people totally wrecked Eastern Europe, ruling is not your forte. All you Jews are capable of is destroying and ultimately you will destroy yourselves.

        3. Yeah and the jews control the media and banks still and the whites are still poor LOL

    12. Here are some instructive images from Cécile Tormay’s An Outlaw’s Diary:
      Those pictures are related to the communist take-over of Hungary in 1919.
      Look at the rulers of Hungary, then look at who made revolution against them and destroyed native European culture in the process. Note the racial differences.
      Don’t let the “political ideology” canard fool you. It was RACE WAR.

      1. Jesus Christ these people have demonic facial lineage! Is this a coincidence or what the fuck kind of humans are these ?

    13. Jewish communists were actually fighting in the streets against the German military and German militia in the Sparticist Uprising immediately before the rise of National Socialism. When I first heard about this, I was completely shocked, “why have I never been told this before?”.

      1. I remember learning in school about the communist uprising in German after the first world war but the teacher didn’t tell me that it’s leadership was Jewish. This made the German people look like lunatics who turned on the completely innocent Jews for no good reason…

        1. Exactly. It was presented like they were simply insane and chose to hate the Jews out of mid air.

        2. Right…and any country reacts in this manner when they feel an “uprising” or threat.
          The U.S. is now turning into the former Soviet union with the “Patriot Act” as it’s first step. You would never have dared to come up with this act in 1985 because that’s something that “communist countries do”. We’re a democracy (sure).
          The next step is this Operation Jade Helm going on this summer (southern U.S. states).
          Take a read here:
          You can google it to find other stories (versions) but all in all…you should ask questions.
          Ask them now, because later on it may be too late. A takeover just happens….you won’t see it coming and the government is not going to give you any real answers (the truth).

        3. If a fraction of the members of a group that shared only their origin do something bad you condenm all the rest of the group? May we need a genocide against each human group on the Earth

      2. It’s because certain groups or people want to control the narrative. The U.S. is acting no different in the way it’s handling our current situation with terrorism (now coming to a U.S. city near you). The U.S. has done it before (WW2 camps with Japanese Americans rounded up). Don’t ever think it can’t happen to you, no matter the country.
        You always have to be on the lookout for the “quiet takeover”.
        It happens over time and if (when) you want to react then it’s too late.

        1. Half of those Japanese were not US citizens and this is what happens when countries are at war. Even some Germans and Italians had their property seized like Joe Dimaggio’s father’s fishing boats. People get interned during wars if they are foreign nationals of the country we are at war with.

        2. My point was this country always talks a good game… we’re different than other countries when we’re really not (when you get down to it). We’ll round up people as well (and we’ll find a reason to justify it…citizen or not). It’s primal.
          All you have to do (today) is paint a citizen a terrorist and it’s off to camp (whether the person truly is one or not). That’s the reality of it all.

    14. Gosh I’m happy everyone is waking up to the fact that Jews are people you just don’t want or need in society. About fucking time too.

      1. In order for people to wake up they need to be exposed to the information and after that to try to apply it to see if it fits their country’s reality. When that sinks in, and the people understand the reasons why their country is governed by poverty and betrayal, only then can you call them awaken. This article that we are reading here is just a little spark.

    15. Wow. The truth is you Muslims just want to watch the world burn.
      You can’t actually consider yourself intelligent or rational and be honest.
      The leaders of this whole retarded Islamic Caliphate movement live such lavish lives while all the plebians live in filth and squalor. So how do they keep you idiots busy while they are fanned and fed grapes? They pit you drooling, uni-brow wearing, body odoring, poor hygiening, uneducated cavemen against the Jewish people. A tiny group that comprise less than half of one percent of the world pop. If they died tomorrow, your leaders would still have trillions of dollars, having sex with the most beautiful women, eat the best foods, smoke the finest herbs, and drink the best wines as they find another “Jew” to take your attention.
      you guys are the dumbest sheep in the world.

    16. Good points. I do find it interesting that Jewish people can no longer paint themselves as “the victim”. They may try but in today’s world (the U.S. at least) we can see that is a sham. There are too many of them in too many high profile or high powered positions. That dog don’t hunt anymore.
      Also, it’s backfired on them (in dealing with Palestine) because Palestine is now “the oppressed” versus Israel. If you take away the support Israel has by the U.S., then it would be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

    17. Rosa Luxemburg and the other mostly-Jewish leaders of the Spartacus League/KPD literally gave Hitler and the NSDAP all the credibility they needed. They deliberately downplay just how high the political stakes were during the Interwar Period following WW1… Germany was the #1 target of the Comintern. Luxemburg was killed when the Spartacus League made their move in the chaotic atmosphere post-WW1 and was crushed by German nationalists in the Freikorps.
      They make it all about race — even making people believe fascism somehow needs racist policies to be fascism, thereby masking the “smiley-face fascism” dominating the Western World today — when in reality the aversion to Jews was political in nature. Germans had already been betrayed and had many reasons to be wary of Jews questionable loyalty.
      But alas, history is written by the victors.
      General Patton knew all of this and was murdered once his services were no longer needed. He couldn’t believe that hostilities were being ended in a war that the US entered to supposedly “save Europe”, with half of Europe under the Iron Heel of the Bolsheviks/Red Army. How was that saving Europe?? He wanted to fight alongside the Germans and drive the communists out of Europe while they were heavily weakened.
      But that didn’t fit into the grand plan so they had him killed. The best US general, and a true patriot. He knew what was going on. Everything is minimized and the focus is of course always on the grossly exaggerated Holocaust… and this narrative is literally enforced by law in parts of Europe!!

    18. There was else a lot of communist Germans, nowadays there are a lot of communist Germans. We need a genocide against Germans because some of them are communists.

  9. Of course, a deeper reading of history would show you that Jews simply appropriated ideas which white guys invented starting back in the 18th Century. The ideology of sexual freedom came from decidedly non-Jewish people like Havelock Ellis, Margaret Sanger, H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, D.H. Lawrence and Alfred Kinsey.

    1. “Of course, a deeper reading of history would show you that Jews simply
      appropriated ideas which white guys invented starting back in the 18th
      Century. The ideology of sexual freedom came from decidedly non-Jewish
      people like Havelock Ellis, Margaret Sanger, H.G. Wells, Bertrand
      Russell, D.H. Lawrence and Alfred Kinsey.”
      Jews and crypto-Jews seeking to sin as much as possible and take as much of humanity with them.
      …he cited 1666 [ 666 ] as the apocalyptic year.
      They argued that such outward acts were irrelevant as long as one remains inwardly a Jew. Those who embraced the theory of “sacred sin” believed that the Torah could be fulfilled only by amoral acts representing its seeming annulment. Others felt they could remain faithful Shabbetaians without having to apostatize [that is pretend to convert to Islam or Christianity and work to change them from within, thus they remained openly Jews even they still secretly working towards the same goals as the crypto-Jews].
      After Shabbetai’s death in 1676, the sect continued to flourish. The nihilistic tendencies of Shabbetaianism reached a peak in the 18th century with Jacob Frank, whose followers reputedly sought redemption through orgies at mystical festivals.
      What we consider as “moderate” Islamic states are largely due to their hidden hand.
      Despite their conversion to Islam, the Sabbateans secretly remained close to Judaism and continued to practice Jewish rituals covertly. They recognized Sabbatai Zevi (1626–1676) as the Jewish Messiah, observed certain commandments with similarities to those in Judaism, and prayed in Hebrew and later in Ladino. They also observed rituals celebrating important events in Zevi’s life and interpreted Zevi’s conversion in a Kabbalistic way.
      The Dönmeh played an enormous role on the Young Turk movement, a group of modernist revolutionaries who brought down the Ottoman Empire.[6] At the time of the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923, some among the Salonika Dönmeh tried to be recognized as non-Muslims to avoid being forced to leave the city.[citation needed] After the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1922-1923, the Dönmeh strongly supported the Republican, pro-Western reforms of Atatürk that tried to restrict the power of the religious establishment and to modernize society.

      1. my understanding is that Zevi’s ideas have mainly been propagated through the growth of Hasidism a sect which was originally at odds with Orthodox jewry and therefore quite marginal.

  10. My favourite quote of the article (below) because from what I’ve seen there is no human more lost than a Jew that has taken the cultural left totally seriously. Without the ethnic ties and strong conservative family values, they end up on social assistance, with drug problems, highly neurotic, without any sense of where they came from or where they are going.
    Broken homes and a gang-mentality but without the toughness and aggressiveness of other ethnically defined gangs… the Jewish gang is more like a passive-aggressive gang that either flounders or eventually takes on more stringent traditional values, all the while still advocating leftist ideals. With that said, some of my closest oldest friends are Jewish.
    “[Jewish intellectualism] has resulted in a society increasingly split between a disproportionately Jewish “cognitive elite” and a growing mass of individuals who are intellectually incompetent, irresponsible as parents, prone to requiring public assistance, and prone to criminal behavior, psychiatric disorders, and substance abuse.”

  11. Very ballsy, Roosh, very ballsy. Expect the ad hominem attacks to come pouring in.

  12. This is the most importan article ever written on ROK and probably will stay as the most important one. This is the topic of topics.

  13. Roosh, I may have my qualms with you personally, but I have to give you a lot of credit for looking into this, and running with this kind of material on your site. Very bold move going with this. This is one of those things people too often wish to brush under the rug and never actually address.

  14. Great article, Roosh. Very brave. If the SPLC already had your websites listed as “hate sites” I can only imagine they will start a more aggressive smear campaign now!
    “Ironically, my parents were allowed to emigrate to the United States in part because of intense Jewish lobbying to loosen immigration laws. I probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for their efforts in creating a multicultural America.”
    Heh. I’m in the exact same boat. On the one hand I hate to see how western society has degraded due to these policies and yet I am a beneficiary at the same time.
    “In turns out there is no “Jewish conspiracy” at all.”
    Yeah, yeah. McDonald has to write that, doesn’t he? If he said the opposite, he would have been thoroughly run out of academia.
    I don’t want to drag ROK further down the rabbit hole (there are other sites for that) but I will just post this link for the hell of it. No discussions necessary. If anyone is truly interested, just do your own research and come to your own conclusions. And if you want to discuss it, there a multitude of other sites and forums to do so:
    Important to note that even if there *is* a conspiracy, I am adamant that the vast majority of Jews are not “in on it” but are rather along for the ride, and just following their leaders who they truly believe are are acting in the ultimate moral right. And also important to note that there are Jewish activists who are fully awake and make efforts to expose their Elite’s alleged conspiracy.

    1. Right. The $PLC already consider Roosh a hate-monger, and always will, so might as well give them a good excuse for doing so!

    2. It’s looking like human nature.
      Women will sit back and let feminists have their way with civilization because they think or expect that this is indirectly benefitting them.
      Blacks sit by and let the race baiters and social hucksters have their way because they think they would otherwise have no advocacy.
      Hispanics (an invented race and even now Hispanic on black crimes are classes as “white on black”) sit back and let La Raza do what they want because they think at least a voice to upset whitey will be good for them in the long term.
      So of course, while the rank and file Jews may not be in on some vast conspiracy, how many would sit back and let it happen?
      Funny thing is, as the most hated scourge of the earth whiteracistchristianCISmalebigothomophobeveterangunowner targeted by the entire “cathedral” for marginalization (at the least) and destruction (considering what the military is training for these days) I’m ready to sit back and let any “brown shirted” movement do whatever they want to all those red shirts out there and I won’t be doing a damned thing about it.
      That “I don’t agree with what you say but I’ll defend your right to say it ” contract was dead the moment the SJWs started using their free speech to destroy not only the free speech of everybody else, but their livelyhoods, careers, and futures too. Now all bets are off. Fuck them.
      Sometimes I wonder if there is really a plot to destroy minorities and GLBT (the former aborting their own and the latter pretty much snipping themselves out of the gene pool) but they can only be goaded through social engineering to destroy themselves so far and a little “help” would be needed. So a nationalistic Nazi-like movement as the reaction to the socialistic left wing movement might be part of the overall plan.

      1. Hasn’t the military been infiltrated by dominionists? Who tend to be white?

      2. In America Hispanic on black crimes are regarded as ‘white on black’ crimes? Sounds like another case of trying to demonize the white man an create more racial tension.

  15. For years I’ve found solace in the thought that there is an upside to the rise of islam in the western world – they don’t bow down to jews, israel or their lobbying efforts.
    Israel thinks they have an “existential problem”? Oh boy, wait til there are no white christians left to protect them. Lulz

    1. Its difficult not to conclude that islamic radicalism hasn’t been promoted at least in part to produce an international risk society that would need to be robustly managed. Despite Muslim numbers are they really a threat that can’t be controlled. Together with wahabist Saudis etc the neo-cons and US hawks have nursed islamic radicalism for decades

      1. Exactly. Before the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire got involved, there hadn’t been any Islamic radicals (that posed a threat to global civilization) for centuries. At best you had a few radical clerics in this or that middle eastern country and some minor inter-tribal skirmishes. But from Jordan to Afghanistan, it was pretty much peaceful. I’ve talked to many a hippy from the 60s and 70s (some of them Jewish) who traveled by car, bike and camel all over those countries and only met friendly people.
        All this Islamic Terror nonsense has been aided, abetted and in some instances created out of whole cloth by The Empire. It’s all fake. It’s all a tool of control.
        Just look at what happened in Texas today. Pamela Geller (Zionist) and her organization launched some insulting cartoon competition to insult Islam and then some radical (most likely an FBI patsy, as they all are) goes in and shoots. Of course this will now be blamed on ISIL or some other CIA front group.

        1. it might not be ‘built’ from the ground up, but there are too many people in governments and amongst zionists / progressives who seem to have an incentive to amplify the ‘hate’ coming from radical islam etc. One has to be careful about having too much hindsight, but the foreign policy incompetence of the last twenty years or so its hard to believe it was all accidental…the neo-cons have got what they wanted, and frankly that’s something that should make people angry

        1. If one is a Nationalist then he can’t be obedient to other Nations. While I understand their motives, I don’t understand why Europeans don’t have similar motives for their ‘own’ people… oh that’s right, because the Jews understand the name of the game, Unite/Conquer/Divide.

        2. its legitimate for everybody to look after their own interests constructively and transparently

  16. Hasbara alert.
    Dozens of Hasbara trolls suddenly posting nasty, “anti-semitic” Jewish caricature cartoons and memes to make this site look as bad as possible. ROK is clearly on their radar.
    Hopefully the mods delete all the junk posts are soon as they show up.

    1. lol. don’t be paranoid.
      No one is attacking judaism. People attack zionism. Huge difference between zionism and judaism.

      1. Sure, “Sir” who created his Disqus account 6 YEARS AGO and made a total of only 4 COMMENTS back in 2009!
        And now your auto-bot re-activates a dead account AFTER 6 YEARS so you can post on this thread.
        Get the hell outta here. We ain’t that stupid.

        1. Idiot. People can make random accounts with random usernames at anytime. Anyone can use the same username as other people on Disqus.

        2. Sure they do. And they leave them dead for 6 years and then magically re-surface to post propaganda. Totally normal posting profile.
          Just today me and my grandma created 5,000 random Disqus accounts just so we can use them years from now. I’m sure everyone does the same.
          C’mon, you people are generally smarter than that. Looks like your supervising officer will be firing you soon and replacing you with a fresh young recruit.
          Now that you have been outed, you should take this opportunity to do some self-reflection:
          Who are you fighting and why?
          Maybe you have become your own worst enemy and it’s time rethink the big picture. It’s not too late to start righting the ship, to avoid the same-old historical cycle that has played over and over again through the centuries. Enough is enough. Be smarter this time.

        3. You are an idiot. A typical paranoid freak, spending too much time on the internet. Go out and get some fresh air.

        4. Sure “tol” – account created in 2009 with a grand total of only 3 COMMENTS in the last 6 years.

          But you magically wake up just to post on this thread!
          So who’s the paranoid freak again? Two different accounts, both dead since 2009 and now posting furiously on this thread.
          Nothing suspicious at all. Move along. move along.

        5. Are those posts pre-fabricated or were they written by an actual person?

        6. Written by actual people. Most are Israeli college students and new military recruits hired by the state of Israel. Google hasbara.
          I’m sure they have bots as well, with pre-fabricated posts for certain topics.
          Other countries also have their own online propaganda brigades at this point, including the US.

        7. I had forgotten about that. I read a lot and I only retain so much. I read about this a few years ago… now I remember. Propaganda is propaganda and if a country has to pull such a move then it is a sign of weakness, USA included.

      2. Thank you! There are MANY Jews who are anti-Zionist and condemn Israel’s open apartheid policies regularly!

      3. In the book “Escape from Auschwitz” Rudolph Vrba does describe at the end that there was a Zionist element that collaborated with the Nazis. That book has been out of print since 1986.

  17. Before you praise jewish intellectuals for subverting American immigration policy and allowing your ancestors to immigrate, you owe it to yourself to investigate the jewish role in the genocide of half of your ancestry in Armenia. Also consider that jewish neocons advocate for a violent war against the other half of your ancestry in Iran, of course with gentile American lives, like Iraq.

  18. The Jewish people are NOT the enemy. It is Zionism. Zionism is the real threat which has attacked Judaism and non-Jews, and have committed the destruction of our world.

    1. History proves otherwise. Jews have Israel and yet continue and intensify their destructive campaign against their host nations. If it was truly about Zionism, Jews would move to Israel and live in peace with the rest of the world. Instead it appears Jews are motivated to exploit and divide and rule other nations as they see themselves set apart as a so called “chosen people.” If one host becomes destroyed or if they are caught for their crimes they can flee to Israel for asylum, from which they will never be extradited, before leaving to exploit another people.
      Edit: Just after I wrote these words a Jewish client brought in a small gift to say thanks. I am reminded that most Jews who I know personally are good people. I think the situation is complicated in that the Jewish elite foster a fear of antisemitism among the otherwise majority of innocuous well intentioned Jews in order to maintain control. In a sense they are as hostage as we are and I feel compelled to express this sentiment as we search for solutions to these problems. I suppose our problems lie with the concept of a “chosen people” to rule others and with the jewish elite themsleves, not with the masses of jews who are or otherwise would be good citizens if allowed to fully assimilate by their jewish leaders.

    2. Zionists are a lot less harmfull then liberal and communist Jews.

    3. True. But too many Jewish people hold on to the “I cannot be criticized” trope.

  19. “Up to recently, Jews did not have a homeland, meaning that had—and still have—to live in countries where they’re minorities.”
    “that” should be “they,” hope this helps.

  20. Holy shit, you are way more fucked up than I ever thought possible. Another mentally unbalanced extremist in so many ways. Wasn’t a big giant step to go from fat American women to the Jews, huh? Wowser. No wonder you moved out of the country. It is time for the American men who read this blog to wake up to the fact they are getting fed ideals stemming from the same beliefs that led to 9/11 and all the rest.

    1. I’m impartial, tell me what facts he got wrong please? Is there more or less Jewish representation in left wing politics, feminism, socialism, entertainment and media? I’ll be happy to examine your factual rebuttal when you offer it.

      1. Don’t hold your breath.
        Although being a ghost, what’s the worst that can happen?

        1. Indeed, I don’t even have the corporeal essence required to contain oxygen any longer, alas. It does make for a good time though, as I can infiltrate cheerleader locker rooms at will. So I have that going for me.

    2. Is it wrong to point out the large Jewish influence in the Marxist-Commie left and the media? Would you rather ROK be about nothing but articles on how to be more alpha, banging chicks, and how feminists suck?

      1. trx2 has a total of 26 comments, including the one you responded to. It doesn’t seem interested in expounding a bit on his assertions.
        Plus “he” used “Wowser.” as a sentence, so my guess here is…chick.

        1. Yeah, it does read something like you’d hear from a feminist in a sociology 101 class. Wouldn’t surprise me if the account is active just to shit post once in a while when the person is enraged.

        2. Oh this thread is going to be one heck of a Trollercoaster ride. I don’t normally eat popcorn, but when I do, it’s for articles like this.

        3. I’m only contributing a few wise cracks and impartial requests. The topic does deserve serious debate and discussion, and it’s frustrating to me that usually I only see Hate Versus Hate when the subject comes up.
          “Jew untermensch!”
          Why not just discuss the facts and be truthful on all sides?
          Yeah, I know, I live in a utopia on top of Fantasy Mountain.

      2. Mmm… “wrong” or “right” doesn’t really fit into this discussion. Looking at the bigger picture of singling out and blaming some sliver of humanity for your own personal ills. I stumbled on this site because I was channel surfing and came across a ‘fat shaming’ topic on Dr. Oz. I stopped to watch and the owner of this blog was the guest. He claimed that he was concerned about health, yet he only commented on fat women and certainly a topic of health and obesity would cover both genders. He also stated he was afraid of running out of thin attractive women to date. That is a laugh out loud comment right there and it led me to this blog.
        But on to the bigger picture — this is how hate grows. Singling out one group and blaming them in such a way that it empowers the ‘little guy’ to get on board because they feel powerless and it is a message that resonates with them. It is so much easier to blame others than blame yourself. This is how Hitler got started. This is how any extremist group gets started. These feelings of hate are presented as if they were facts (like this article) and people jump on board and for the first time in a long time they feel like they are part of something, they’ve found their tribe.
        I visited a concentration camp when I was in Germany. You cannot be in such a place and not be overwhelmed by the magnitude of what happened there. Genocides have happened since then and genocides will continue to happen and it is because people feel powerless and want to feel powerful so they will latch on to the first person who comes along and tells them what they want to hear and makes it sound like they are smarter than the average bear for agreeing with it. Maybe they don’t totally agree with it, but they aren’t going to rock the boat and lose out on being a member of the tribe by questioning it. I invite you, as a human being, to always question and always be alert to things like this. Do not think it is harmless drivel, because it leads to other things.

        1. Singling out one group and blaming them in such a way that it empowers the ‘little guy’ to get on board because they feel powerless and it is a message that resonates with them. It is so much easier to blame others than blame yourself. This is how Hitler got started.
          How am I to blame for the media, cultural Marxism or leftism precisely? Why would I want to blame myself for things I have no power over?
          World War I was caused by a very small, tight elite clique of Germanic kings, queens and such. We can identify them by name and they were all interrelated. Should we instead not notice and simply assume it happened because of one idiot anarchist with a revolver?
          What is it about identity that causes leftists to recoil in fear? “Don’t label me maaaaan!” and “You don’t know me maaaaaannnn!” and other such retreats from identification are treated as sacrosanct totems amongst the left.
          Also, curious, what’s wrong with being in a tribe precisely? Tribe is just an obnoxious way of saying “group”. We’re social animals, human beings, we identify and associate by groups, and further, I posit that this is natural and healthy. Why deny realities? To keep us atomized maybe?

        2. Nobody here is singling out any one group. All Roosh did with this article is investigate the Jewish question, and Jewish involvement in the socio-political world.
          You’re doing what a lot of people right now are starting to see… you criticize the Jews and any involvement they may have in things and you get called some evil hate monger, and your thoughts will eventually lead to a holocaust. People are tired of being brow-beaten by everyone’s victim complex while the alleged victim uses it as a weapon to wield power. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about socialists, feminists, SJWs, fat acceptance people, or even the Jews.
          You can’t hide behind “well, it might lead to genocide” as a defense against questioning something. Hiding behind “muh holocaust” is exactly the kind of mentality most people at ROK are trying to fight against. Take your victimhood bullshit and fuck off. We know many like you only use it as a shield to deflect criticism.

        3. Well, as long as you are so open to ‘questioning something’, why don’t you ask yourself why you want to defend this point of view and why it resonates with you? Who are you blaming for your failures?

        4. Defend what point of view?
          What things did Roosh bring up that are factually wrong?
          All you’re doing is trying to comment from the fence post while also continuing to throw out ad hominem. Address the facts, not the individual please.

        5. there are no ‘facts’ to refute since this article and the comments are garbage. And you are certainly not impartial and posting to every comment asking for ‘facts’ is just your own laziness and desire to continue to stir the pot while appearing to be oh so objective.

        6. Already asked myself those questions and answered them a long time ago.
          As for my own failures, I blame myself. I do a lot of introspection and figure out where I have fucked up in my life, who I have wronged, etc. I don’t want to have the same victimhood mentality that plagues most people in modern society today.
          My problem is that Jews are another group, like SJWs, feminists, and others, that don’t want any responsibility, refuse to be criticized, and think they can hide behind their victim shield while wielding it as a weapon as efficient as Captain America does.
          I’m not someone who goes around screaming “GAS THE KIKES, RACE WAR NOW!” I just think it’s fair to bring to light and question things about them, their past, and their influence on our world. It’s no different to me than the feminists screaming “MISOGYNIST RAPE APOLOGIST!” every time you try to criticize them.

        7. So the Jewish feminist names listed in the graphic are not facts but are garbage? Were the various and numerous Jewish names involved in the Bolshevik revolution faked as well?
          You seem to need to jab ad hominem. Just a quick note to let you know that I generally ignore that, so if it’s your only tactic you’re in for a world full of disappointment when it fails at its objective.
          But seriously, what did he say that was incorrect factually? Was Freud not a Jew and did he or did he not write what Roosh detailed? If not, I’d sure like to know about it, so give us your rebuttal to that. And the Jewish feminists which even very racially/ethnicity tolerant people can’t help but notice nowadays.
          More factual rebuttal, less sneering please.
          I await your considered reply.

        8. ” Who are you blaming for your failures? ”
          I’m blaming gravity for disabling me from performing this:

        9. Yeah, this is a woman alright…. nonstop incessant rambling which leads into talking about self..
          Never responded to GhostOfJefferson…. fail

        10. Quit wasting your breath on her. To her, facts = opinion unless they’re in line with her opinion, then they become facts again.

  21. Isn’t it funny. Americans simply want to control their borders, European countries simply want to stay European. What’s wrong with that? All other peoples have their homelands, but anybody who expresses this desire is called a racist. Anybody who even suggests that White people might ave ethnic interests in called a Nazi.
    Jewish ethnic interest is quite out in the open, Israel keeps a giant population in a huge open air prison which the occasionally bomb from the air and drop white phosphorous on, and they are never called racist.
    Who’s controlling the narrative?

    1. At the end of CoC, MacDonald speculates whites will adopt Jewish strategies.
      That sounds rather scary.

      1. That’s actually funny, I suggested as much earlier in the thread. If a tactic works, eh, why not?
        Hire our own, promote our own, network only with our own, stay group conservative while appearing outwardly “fun” in a way destructive to our enemies. Seems legit.

        1. It will take a lot of pressure to make whites an ingroup oriented people.
          Speculation that northern europeans were so isolated they never developed the instinct as strongly.
          Which one can see in Sweden.
          But the other nordic states are turning fairly right wing so maybe not. Or maybe they see Sweden from the outside looking in.
          The dominant narrative in Europe about nationalism is that the newcomers “don’t respect our culture”, “don’t respect the social contracts”, etc.
          All of which have a theme: lack of reciprocity.
          And as a more outgroup oriented group, white europeans would likely have a mechanism for altruistic punishment (punishing those who don’t reciprocate).
          As a digression, Roosh alluded to in the article, currently the European altruistic punishment mechanism is being used against their own culture because they’ve been convinced it is unworthy and cruel.
          But looking in on Sweden that is what strikes most people as insane: how much the Swedes give and how little (to put it mildly) they receive in return. A microcosm of which can be seen in the story of the 19 year old swedish girl who housed some gypsies; they raped her.
          The other nordic countries would likely be keenly aware of that fact and seeing it in a neighbor would help them notice it domestically.

        2. agreed with both of you
          I see nothing wrong with Americans becoming extremely Nationalistic to combat this infestastion in our Public Office.

        3. Yeah. Right of association: People are free to choose who they fuck, live, work, speak and whatever else

  22. Prediction – we are going to find out exactly how many comments is the maximum limit of Disqus. *Sits back with big tub of popcorn*

  23. In turns out there is no “Jewish conspiracy” at all. The Jewish people simply are hyper-nationalistic and ethnocentric and so live and work in a way that their group is benefited first.

    Of course, yet white people who are hyper-nationalistic and ethnocentric are demonized as evil.

    1. It always strikes me as odd how people fear “demonization”. So some social justice weenies call you a bigot or a racist or whatever, big hairy deal?
      Maybe we should take a cue from the documented behavior of the Jews that Roosh outlined, and start doing what they do. Hire “in house” as it were. Promote dissent and eroding principles amongst the leftists (eroding to their ideology). Promote and give raises and network benefits to others of our own kind “in house”. Squash any suggestion of collusion by creating new brands of “-ist!” out of thin air.
      “You only seem to hire people with Gaelic last names, Mr. Jefferson, why is that?!?”
      “Gaelophobe! Anti-Scot-ist!”

      1. If I ever get my druthers and make a business out of my opus I WILL be going out of my way to hire “desirables”.
        It’ll be (gasp!! HORROR!) a pure meritocracy.

        1. But then… you’ll have yet another business filled with Jewish and Asian men.

    2. Ever read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Even though we are told it is fake, the stuff in that book actually happens/has happened. That is a mighty funny coincidence don’t you think?

  24. Jewish leftists fear MacDonald’s book because it exposes them for what they are- a neurotic and manipulative cult full of hatred towards gentiles.
    That said, our true enemies are their multicultural SJW lap-dogs. Our university campuses are home to a disgusting monster. I’ve noticed that is is largely made up of the lower classes (most of whom shouldn’t be in college anyways) and those who come from screwed up (no-daddy) families. Throw in the genetically mutated freaks that are victim to exotically ambiguous manifestations of gender- and you have the modern day SJW.
    The thoughts in this monster’s head may have a left-wing Jewish origin- but the heart is full of primal rot and anger— they’re pretty much like zombies with a preprogrammed ideology implanted within them. If Jewish intellectuals don’t understand this- that they have created a destructive “socialist zombie”- then the zombies will go after them too.

    1. A two thousand year old tribal cult based on the ethics of primitive warfare and the wholesale destruction of their enemies in a modern world is simply horrifying.

  25. This reads like some frustrated beta is blaming jews because he can’t get laid.

    1. What facts did he present that you found incorrect, may I ask?
      Serious question.
      Also, in what capacity was getting, or not getting laid brought up, outside of your post?
      Say what you will, but there is a point to the notion that the only rebuttal to noticing Jews run a lot of things are charges of anti-semitism and, in your case, typical feminist shaming.

      1. Roosh a frustrated beta who can’t get laid.
        I’m a Chinese jet pilot.

        1. You always struck me as….taller….for some reason. Heh

      2. Man. Check out all the lowercase name trolls coming out of the woodwork on this article page alone. It’s as if some weird troll coding prevents them from using uppercase letters for their name.The amount of ad hominems thrown out by these goat munchers could feed the entire African continent if converted to food rations.

      3. One major example of contradictory information comes from these two parts:
        “Their morality, fairness, and justice is limited to whether they are dealing with fellow Jews or gentiles”
        This quote by Roosh, which is echoed in MacDonald’s book, makes it seem like Jews are only willing to be fair to other Jews.
        This directly contradicts another part:
        “Jewish groups, particularly the AJCongress, played a leading role in
        drafting civil rights legislation and pursuing legal challenges related
        to civil rights issues mainly benefiting blacks. Jewish support, legal and monetary, afforded the civil rights movement a string of legal
        victories. . . . There is little exaggeration in an American Jewish
        Congress lawyer’s claim that ‘many of these laws were actually written
        in the offices of Jewish agencies by Jewish staff people, introduced by
        Jewish legislators and pressured into being by Jewish voters’ ”
        Those two ideas are mutually exclusive – how can Jews be devoted to only helping their own, yet be active in the civil rights movement? MacDonald foolishly attributes this to the “group evolutionary strategy” to promote liberalism that helps other Jews. This is terribly cynical – he doesn’t seem to think that most of the lawyers acted as they did because they believed in what they were working for.
        There are many, many other examples of lies, half-truths and loads of BS in the short quotes that we were given.

        1. I don’t think the first clause excludes the counter example you gave. John S. Mill’s notion that when you work for your own self interest it usually comes out benefiting others whether you intend it to or not applies.
          For example I work for 2nd Amendment rights. I don’t do so because I give two shits about you or others, but rather, because I cherish my individual right and want to see it preserved and not infringed by government. With that said, my advocacy also helps other people, even people I may not particularly care for.

        2. The thing is, people who want to take away your 2nd Amendment rights are affecting you personally and directly. The lack of civil rights for blacks did not in general affect whites directly. The whites who agitated for those rights could have happily and profitably done nothing or worked to keep the status quo. By supporting legal changes, many of these lawyers (Jewish or Christian) could have faced loss of prestige, and possibly even death threats. This points to the conclusion that the people who did support the movement were motivated by something other than self interest, namely, a desire for justice and human rights. Is it reasonable for MacDonald to say that the Christians and Jews (or just the Jews) who supported the changes were doing so only for greedy and self serving purposes? I think that is absurd. If this MacDonald fellow saw a doctor giving free medical care to orphans, he would probably think that the doctor was just doing it to make his own business look better. Such cynicism cannot be the product of a healthy mind.
          PS: thanks for fighting against those stinking gun-grabbers!

        3. The (((civil rights movement))) made stupid, violent animalistic niggers THE SAME/EQUAL as civilized white humans in the eyes of the law. Now even “the great savior” Trump is advocating to give pig cops the right to stop and frisk EVERYBODY as a response to violent gun crime perpetrated exclusively by pavement apes, thereby violating caucasians’ constiutional rights. It’s all about the long game with this (((parasitic vermin)))
          You know the pig cops are going to stop and frisk a white guy in Jew York to prevent him from doing the world a favor and exterminating some Wallstreet kike for stealing people’s life savings instead of stopping and frisking Jamarcus to prevent him from busting a cap in Tyrone’s ass for selling crack cocaine on Jamarcus’ corner because Jamarcus gets his cocaine from the CIA who imported it from Columbia. FYI the CIA is owned by that Wallstreet kike I mentioned earlier.
          A (((doctor))) giving “free” (((medical care))) (poison) to orphans is definately only doing it to make his own business look better to attract more customer$. It’s called good P.R. through virtue signalling.
          The only people without a healthy mind are gullible, idealistic suckers like you who need this explained to them

    2. Hard to change something if you don’t understand it, or the history if that in which you are fighting.

    3. Out of all the articles on this site you pick this one to say the author is blaming someone else because he can’t get laid? Out of all the articles on this site about how women suck, feminism sucks, our culture and society suck… you pick this one?

        1. The reason why “it’s like an alarm went off” is because the sins of the jewish elite, quickly becomes the sins of all jews, which is complete b.s. It is ALL the elite that are causing this planet to self destruct.

        2. That’s closer to the truth than most other things we hear these days.
          And they keep us barking at each other in a 24/7/365 day a year Minute Of Hate.

        3. Now watch as these storm front idiots use this article to incite hate towards all the Joooos.

        4. As mentioned below, that always frustrates me. I’d love to see a rational discussion about this topic from all parties.

        5. you sound paranoid. There’s a lot of Armenian Shisters in this country, I’m not scared one bit, my conscience is clear.

        6. Paranoid? What happened in Germany during WW1? You telling me all the jews that were killed, deserved it ?

        7. What happened in the Ottoman Empire to Armenians was equally bad..sent to the Syrian desert to fry..but then again your kind wants to monopolize suffering.

        8. The Armenian holocaust was a horror story. It’s amazing how few people know what Turkey did (well, the Ottoman Empire technically, but still).

        9. My Grandfather’s 2 sisters, 2 brothers, and parents were shot to death in their own home. My grandfather, not home at the time, found some tattered girl’s clothes, dressed up as a Kurdish Muslim girl and fled to Tblisi, Georgia.

        10. My kind? You mean middle class, socially conservative, hard working people who detest liberal ideals?

        11. you being so worried about people hating jews, you must be jewish. then. Simple deduction.

        12. don’t care, you are being selfish , and you never addressed the suffering of others. Israeli/American Jews use the Holocaust for self-interests not for the prevention of another one or else you would address the equally violent Armenian Genocide.

        13. but your answer to the facts posted is always how everyone is racist and anti-semitic. I am clearly showing how Jews are equal in their “hatred” for others. Any mention of Holocaust denial is met with an angry response.

        14. I understand what you are saying, you are correct. The fear is because jews are such a small minority in the world. How many anti-Armenian articles do you see published? I don’t come across many.

        15. we don’t proliferate the media or try to change the laws of the countries we are minorities in. We don’t shape foreign policy of MUSLIM Iran even though we are Christian. We just engage in business and trading enterprises, some illegal, but in no way try to change the “culture” of the countries we immigrate to. Most Armenians hate Anita Sarkessian and the Kartrashians.

        16. You don’t think I detest that there are so many corrupt jewish politicians and fat and/or ugly jewish feminists? It’s shameful. Many jews support them out of fear, and hope that these “people” keep them safe.

        17. Yes. Just read up on Hasbara. Their search engines constantly scour the web for trigger words and then their troll army goes into action.
          And for sites like ROK, that were already on the radar, they are more closely monitoring and can act in real time.
          More and more people are seeing through it though, especially on social media where the trolls really overplayed their hand.

        18. Even the Jews who are not “elite” put their thumbs on the scale at the deli when they sell you your smoked meat

    4. This reads like some frustrated Jew is blaming someone for calling his kind out for giving themselves last name-based privilege in all of their decision making processes, including, but not limited to, banking, media, litigations, politics and hiring for any and every job (I’ve asked a few, they especially admitted to that part shamelessly!).

      1. You know who else made people wear pieces of flair…?

        1. That movie is a documentary, not a comedy. Kind of like Idiocracy. Mike Judge seems to have a knack for exposing the horrors of life while making you laugh like it was a light hearted joke.

        2. I actually liked Office Space and Idiocracy much more than Fight Club for their ability to be amusing and charming. I certainly felt like I could relate to the people and stories more.

        3. I agree. I noticed that most of my more intelligent friends loved those movies.

  26. look at the Ethiopian Protests in Israel…what’s good for the goose ….

  27. Jews are 3% of the US population, 0.3% of the world population. 2/3 of the Democratic Party’s money comes from Jews. 1/3 of the Supreme Court is Jewish. The media is overwhelmingly Jewish. Being interested in (and maybe a little bit paranoid about) Jews and what they are up to does not make you evil. It doesn’t make you racist. Watchdog groups that monitor “hate speech” are always Jewish. There are grants that Homeland Security gives to non-profits (I have no clue why). 94% of those grants go to Jewish groups.

  28. Ever watch the news? Every so-called “analyst”, “expert”, “human rights advocate”, “foreign policy think-tank” …… is ….

  29. The time we waste in not finding a reasonable solution the Jewish question, its just a matter of time until another ubermench rises up again to implement the Final solution 2.0

  30. The book is a hatchet job. He cherry picks what facts support his idea, and ignores any evidence to the contrary. There is also evidence that he “misrepresented the work of author Jaff Schatz in order to portray Jewish communists as the “core” members of Communist Poland’s brutal security service”.

    1. MacDonald still does tons of interviews and holds the same beliefs and opinions. MacDonald has gotten tons and tons of shit for his positions and research. He has been vilified pretty intensely, and has a hard time doing a lot of public stuff.

  31. With a selective attention towards history, you can come to any conclusion you want about any group.
    I’ll offer a few points of dissent:
    1. Although lots of well-known liberals are Jews, Jews are also overrepresented on the conservative end of US politics, and it’s not just about Israel. American Jews are much less pro-Israel than American Evangelical Christians.
    2. Jews are overrepresented in various liberal intellectual movements that are detrimental to western culture, but they are also overrepresented in science and philosophy, making contributions that we’d all agree are positive.
    3. American Jews have some in-group favoritism and networking, but so do other groups such as Armenians and Iranians.
    Let me offer an alternative hypothesis: Jews have traditionally lived in cosmopolitan liberal cities such as Vienna and NYC, which have been the main source of liberal intellectual movements. (Led by gentiles as well as Jews.)
    Jews have also traditionally been education and achievement oriented.

    1. the scientific contributions of Germans, Italians and French are FAR Greater than Jews or any other tribe. I am Armenian and have no loyalty to my so-called tribe. I prefer to live in communities without Armenians and prefer assimilation.

      1. And don’t forget the British, who gave us Isaac Newton and the industrial revolution. So what?

        1. it seems every pro-Jewish post has to amplify their contributions. I want to hear the WASPS, Anglos, and Germans AMPLIFY their contributions as well. I am tired of hearing about Ann Frank on TV. The only thing we hear/see on TV about the Germans is NAZI related.

        2. Agreed. We should spend more time discussing the great cultural contributions of Germans, French, British and what led to their golden ages. I agree that all the lauding of great Jewish intellectuals is tiresome. In the context of this article, though it’s really the only valid counterpoint to the argument that Jews are overrepresented among various degenerate liberal movements, which is true—but they are also involved in various positive movements.

        3. Hitler sinned greatly in order to remove sin. He should have kept control mechanisms in place and removed those Jews from positions of power and allowed them to assimilate only; what Putin did with Khordokovsky and Gusinsky.

        4. Thats a joke, right? Open any history book. American history is primarily anglo saxon. Every president, most industrial barons (Rockefeller, Henry ford, Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers, et. al)

        5. Well yeah. But technically, well, Anglo-Saxon are two Germanic tribe names, so, eh, kinda redundant. Heh.

        6. “Thats a joke, right? Open any history book. American history is primarily anglo saxon. Every president, most industrial barons (Rockefeller, Henry ford, Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers, et. al)”
          From your own examples.
          Presidents (27 English aka Anglo-Saxon, two English/Scottish, two English/Welsh, four Scottish, one Scottish/Irish, two Irish, three Dutch, one German, one “whatever” it is that the real background of the man calling himself “Barack Obama”)
          Edison (Dutch)
          Wright Brothers (The Wright brothers were two of seven children born to Milton Wright, of English and Dutch ancestry, and Susan Catherine Koerner, of German and Swiss ancestry.)
          Henry Ford (50% Dutch, his mother’s parents were both from Belgium)
          Rockefeller (His father was of English and German descent while his mother was of Scots-Irish descent.)

        7. My bad….you are right. should have said “white”, as in the generic western European descent. You also understand that “anglo saxon” is a general descriptive term that includes inhabitant of England from and until the Norman invasion of England. All of the german/ dutch/irish and scottish peoples are all very similar genetically as opposed to hispanic, middle eastern, african, asian, etc..

    2. Jews are also overrepresented on the conservative end of US politics,
      Neoconservative, you mean.
      American Jews are much less pro-Israel than American Evangelical Christians.
      And those who are not pro-Izreel are typically left-wing SJWs.
      but they are also overrepresented in science and philosophy, making contributions that we’d all agree are positive.
      Did you even read the article?
      American Jews have some in-group favoritism and networking, but so do other groups such as Armenians and Iranians.
      True, but Armenians don’t try to take dynamite to the outsiders’ culture.
      Jews have traditionally lived in cosmopolitan liberal cities such as
      Vienna and NYC, which have been the main source of liberal intellectual

      And why are they liberal, and the source of liberal intellectual movements?

  32. Roosh, how do you define the west and what is your role in it? What are you (with respect to the west) and why? Who is and who isn’t western, why?

  33. The term ‘anti-semitism’ is the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard. Its used as a way to control/shame anyone who criticizes them.
    These people aren’t even Semitic. They’re originally from Eastern Europe genetically.
    Hell I’m from East Africa and I’m more Semitic than they are lol. Arabs are Semitic too.
    These Jews describe themselves as Semitic so as to lend legitimacy to their claim of being tied to ancient Jews (who really were Semitic).
    Its crazy how they wanna fuck everybody else up but insulate themselves from all the chaos. And anytime someone “exposes” them its immediately condemned, shamed, made to look like its a ‘crazy conspiracy’.
    These people have been exposed numerous times but its been dismissed as a ‘conspiracy’. I hate that term ‘conspiracy’; its just like ‘anti-semitism’, its meant to shame you and dismiss you. When a small group of people have that much power and money, its not a coincidence or ‘conspiracy’, its reality.

  34. There are “regular” Jews who are good and decent people. The rank and file Jews are astoundingly successful which huge representations amongst elite professions like medicine ,science etc. No different than other successful ethnic groups e.g Asians, Indians . Roosh is describing a small percentage of Jews who are “up to no good” with nefarious motives. Is this on purpose?? Do these folks get together in a room to plan this stuff???

    1. I think he’s probably gets things wrong here and there, but in general it’s worth going through his entire channel.

      1. Bill Cooper is a troll distraction. The Elite do not belong to “all types of religions and mystery schools” blah blah. It’s very specifically AngloZionist.

        1. I am not giving out disinformation. Further below in this very thread, I posted this link to a very taboo subject:

          My issue with Bill Cooper, David Icke and guys like them is all the nonsense linking geopolitical machinations to aliens and inter-dimensional space lizards. If you can’t see that as obvious disinformation meant to poison the well, and make all legitimate researchers look like nutters, then I don’t know what to say.
          It’s certainly possible that Bill Cooper and David Icke really do believe that extraterrestrials are behind world politics. But then that just makes them misguided at best, insane at worst.

        2. Space lizards, heh.
          Everybody knows it is the mice who actually control everything.

        3. Exactly. You’re one hoopy frood.

        4. “My issue with Bill Cooper, David Icke and guys like them is all the nonsense linking geopolitical machinations to aliens and
          inter-dimensional space lizards.”
          They’re demons, thus shape-shifting inter-dimensional beings able to pose as ETs/UFOs/lizards/pagan-gods/whatever.

        5. Please stop. Evil is all too human. We don’t need to invent demons in order to explain any of this. If anything, that is a cop out:
          “The devil made me do it!!”
          The devil didn’t make you do shit. You, and you alone, did it. End of story.

        6. SO much this.
          Even the biblical words for demon prove it comes from us and our “self” or our imagination.
          Demon or Daemon comes from the greek base word…Daio, which means to distribute fortunes. Hercules who I am sure all of us can agree here is a man made myth was called a daemon. He gave gifts to man after he came back from the underworld.
          The roman emperor Augustus was called a Eudaemon because he was such a good autocrat.
          The demon is YOU! People who claim demonic influence from some outside “evil” entity are just rationalizing their faults and problems away so as to alleviate responsibility and agency in their own minds. It’s all the ego.

        7. Every religion mentions “angels/gods” sometimes benevolent, other times malevolent coming down fro the sky. Alledgedly Jesus’ mom got knocked up by one remember.

        8. What created mental illnesses like psychopathy, multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia?

        1. Wasn’t a rebuttal. Just a retort.
          I dont quote ideology based on a wacko Internet site.

        2. I didn’t quote any ideology. Do you even know what that word means?
          “wacko internet site” – really? Have you ever bothered to read any articles on It is head and shoulders above any other news site in the alternative media, with impeccably sourced and researched articles on issues of globalization, geopolitics and war.
          The article I linked to gives a solid historical primer on the western power structure we are currently living under and complaining about.
          If you can’t even be bothered to read anything related to real history, then you are part of the problem.

      1. And here is a satellite photo of a building in the form of a Jewish Star of David in the middle of an American military base built in 1967 just 22 years after the West were deceived by the Jews into destroying Nazi Germany.
        Photo proof, taken on google maps, that definitively proves who runs the Zionist Occupied Governent of the United States.
        Here are the coordinates so you can cut and paste them into google maps directly:
        32°40′32″N 117°09′38″W
        (the coordinates don’t go directly on it, move a little to the right and up)
        And here is the link:,-117.1585305,589m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
        There is your proof on who REALLY runs the country.

        1. I’m with Tim – all I see is the swastika shaped building at Croix.
          I scanned to the right and up and I don’t see any Star of David. You either posted the wrong map or there is really nothing there.

    2. Isn’t it just like our patriarchy meetings? Y’know, strippers, drugs, oppression, and all that good shit?

      1. Shit, wait…you mean those exist?!?
        Why the hell haven’t I been invited?!?!?

    3. Yes but there is a caveat.
      The double-speak of pro-PC/leftist ideals in contrast to the extreme nepotism and traditionalism of successful Jewish families is often still there.

    4. I think in many cases they do it without thinking about it, because their brains are wired that way.

    5. No there is no conspiracy, just ethnocentric tendencies to work closely together for self-advancement, to use deception and to have as a priority always “what is good for the Jews”.
      Whites are hobbled by their universalistic, idealist. Look at the way that Swedens is importing refugees from everywhere.
      Then look at how Israel works. Viciously ethnocentric, deports non Jews at a drop of a hat.
      That is the dual standard. And Jews exploit it ruthlessly/

      1. If you want to be enraged read the Jewish Century by Slezkin (mentioned in article)

    6. Ya it’s called a synagogue and they are all in on it, some are just smarter than others.

  35. Professor MacDonald has many interesting YoiuTube videos about Jewish power. But I also recommend this one about how European Whites have voluntarily co-operated with their own suicide. It answers the question – why are we allowing this to happen to us?

    1. Nations need to be homogeneous by race. Jews (mostly Ashkenasi) have more influence and control in white nations than other minority racial groups, because they are more intelligent. Yet their caring about ther own interests is no different than all the other racial groups. This is an inherent trait that is absolutely natural for survival and genetic proliferation. It’s whites who are responsible for allowing this.

      1. His website has many fascinating articles you definitely wouldn’t be able to read anywhere else.
        It is

      2. I would suggest subscribing to The Occidental Quarterly, I’m going to send you a sample via mega. Check your email.

  36. What is interesting is that the sources MacDonal uses are in fact often Jewish sources.
    In regards to college admissions, check out the AmericanConservative article: The Myth of American Meritocracy by Robert Unz.
    Basically some groups are not only overrepresented by population but also by academic merit.
    Douglass Murray and Ben Shapiro are good in my book largely because they do oppose non-white immigration into white countries.
    And on a final note, much of their group strategy is based on opposition to groups that dislike them.
    And yet an interesting hallmark of American Jews is their intermarriage with non-jews at rather high rates.
    Because Americans LIKE jews. Maybe they don’t know how to deal with that?

  37. “Some call it Marxism… I call it Judaism”
    -The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935
    “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”
    (The American Hebrew September 10, 1920)

  38. Let assume everything in this article is correct.Also as is noted and well
    documented Jews dominate the media,Hollywood,banking,and so on.
    The Jewish percentage of the world population is very small much less than 1 percent.
    Now the point I would like to make,and that no one ever talks about is that how could this be possible unless Jews have a genetic advantage over the majority population?Many people would accept that Blacks for instance woud have a advantage over Asians in basketball,but to say that Jews or any race have an genetic advantage in academics is not possible. Note:I am not Jewish.

    1. It has to do with money. He who controls money, controls the world. Doesn’t matter if they are just 1%. They could be 0.1% and would still run things just so long as they control money.
      And to the money point – in some sense it’s not even the fault or design of Jews that they control banking. It was the English kings and aristocrats who put Jews in the role of usury and money collecting and banned them from all other professions. Anglos created their own Frankenstein and we are all paying for it (literally) centuries later.

      1. It was the English kings and aristocrats who put Jews in the role of usury and money collecting
        Edward III kicked them out for a couple hundred years. It was the nouveau riche like the Cecil and Cromwell families who saw an opportunity via the Protestant Reformation to loot all the Catholic Church’s monastic wealth (which also happened to serve as the Social Security of the time) and enrich themselves, and invited the Jews back in to eventually run the Bank of England. These English nouveau riche served as the Jews’ useful idiots.

        1. Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, did Cromwell et all serve as the Jews’ useful idiots or was it the other way around?
          The Jews, as you correctly noted were already banned from the country. They had ZERO influence. It was Cromwell who pulled them back in, specifically to use them as tools against his own serfs.
          For all the criticism we levy at Jews (or Zionists – and much of it deserved) I still feel that it was the old Anglo establishment that effectively ‘made them.’ Cromwell anointed them the Keepers of Money and banned them from almost all other professions. So whose fault is that? You can’t blame Jews for that one. They just made the best of what they were given
          Over the next few centuries, Jewish money married into the Anglo aristocracy. What we are dealing with today is an Elite which is really a separate caste all together. That is why many in the know refer to them as AngloZionists. That’s exactly who they are.
          The peculiar characteristic of this upper class is that are more than willing to sell out both of their sub-castes (white people and lower class Jews) in the name of their insane New World Order. Finance Hitler? No problem. Dilute the white race? No problem.
          They are neither fish nor fowl and owe allegiance only to their circles of inbred power families.

        2. protestantism particularly in its ‘revolutionary’ aspect (as in the civil war) worked hand in hand with jewish bankers. There’s certainly some truth in the idea that the British Empire and jewish money worked very closely together, and one reflection of this is the fact that there is a lot of jewish blood in the British aristocratic families.

        3. Interesting question. I’d say the English are the useful idiots because the UK is being swamped with brown hordes but Israel is not.
          Heck, all white European countries have below-replacement birth rates and brown immigration, but Israel is up around three per woman (above the world average!) and only allows Jews to immigrate. The Jews’ motto is “Family and national breakdown for thee but not for me”.

    2. They tend to have a very high verbal IQ, as well as a an intense propensity towards nepotism, and lack of out-group altruism.

      1. Jews were the biggest supports of blacks during the civil rights era, mostly leftists. Now they are clamoring for more immigration, including from Muslim countries, particularly in and to Europe. Lack of altrusim out of group? I guess it depends on how you define altruism.

    3. Actually if you take a look at the average Jewish IQ and extrapolate that across their population vs. the average IQ of European peoples and extrapolate that across their population, you will find an overwhelming number of Europeans cognitively qualified for the positions held by a small minority of Jews. It becomes quite clear that this is not a case of genetic intellectual superiority, but a case of criminal nepotism that is enabled by a Jewish stranglehold on finance. This is of course not a statement in regards to an individual Jewish doctor or lawyer, but in regards to Jewish control of finance, media, academia, politics and other institutions.

  39. the Southern Poverty Law Center lists all people with non-liberal views as “extremists”. Not one Israeli or U.S. Jewish Group is listed.

      1. I missed that one…but’s the caveat. THE JDL is a TERRORIST GROUP and should be in the FBI’s most wanted list because they have committed crimes and murders whereas the Westboro Baptists never committed a crime that I know of. So the SPLC had no choice but to list that one.
        thanks for bringing that up BTW !
        “In a 2004 congressional testimony, John S. Pistole, Executive Assistant Director for Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) described the JDL as “a known violent extremist Jewish organization.”[27] FBI statistics show that, from 1980 through 1985, there were 18 officially classified terrorist attacks in the U.S. committed by Jews; 15 of those by members of the JDL.”

        1. I noticed how you ignored that I pointed out the other groups and websites founded by Jews and put on their lists anyway.
          Thanks for confirming my initial assessment of your dishonesty.

        2. Don’t engage the Matzah ball there is absolutely nothing constructive that can come from talking or arguing with JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force).

    1. I was about to warn you about never making statements with ‘all’, ‘always’, ‘never, etc. – They are too easy to shoot down with one counter example.

      1. You’re right . I should have flipped through it slower but There is no way the westboro baptists are the same as the jdl.

  40. The Jewish people control our government.
    They own our financial institutions.
    They manage public education.
    They own so much of the media as to essentially control the dissemination of information and thought throughout Western society.
    We make them rich.
    We fight wars for their interests.
    We die for them.
    You’re not living in a free country, or a white country, or a black country, or a Christian country. You’re living in a Jew owned slave colony.
    Your television is not entertainment. It’s a Jew owned apparatus for the mass desensitization of viewers to degeneracy of thought and action. It’s a tool used for the cultural, religious, and moral deprogramming of you and your family.
    But none of this is new. It’s happened hundreds of times throughout history. Wherever the Jews are allowed to take root, they establish their own separate “nation within a nation” and then take to poisoning the wells of their host culture.
    The US is simply the latest casualty, another victim of a war tribe that has been attacking the rest of humanity for thousands of years.
    The only thing notable about the Jewish conquest of the US and through it, the Western world of our era, is the ease with which it was conquered, and the totality of that conquest.

    1. Right about everything except for religion, that is what they used for the same purpose as TV before TV was invented

  41. What this is missing is that the Jews not only contributed mightily to ideas and movements you find pernicious, they also contributed mightily to the Arts and Sciences and Industries. They’ve won about 1/5 of Nobel Prizes for example.
    But this may understate the extent to which they dominated fields like physics, not to mention Hollywood.
    A recent list of “Top Health Start-Ups Changing the World”, 2/3 of them were Israeli. There are more patents filed in Israel every year than the whole Islamic world, and Russia, and India, combined…
    Do you like the idea that humans have inalienable rights? Do you know who created that idea, that Locke got it from? Try Spinoza, a Jew.
    Without us the world would be far more primitive.

    1. I think most of us who are honest in our research understand as much. The entire ‘Jewish question’ is really an intricate, double-edged sword.

      1. If you disliked people for being consistently evil that would be one thing, but you seem to dislike Jews for being consistently inventive and productive, of both good and bad ideas.
        If you dislike people for being productive, you should get a life.

        1. What?! I was actually agreeing with you.
          You chose to misinterpret what I wrote according to some internal knee-jerk reaction.
          I was agreeing that Jews have contributed a lot and commend them for all those contributions to humanity. And at the same time, I am critical of their negative contributions (Marxism, Feminism, etc.) – hence the ‘double-edged sword.’ Please look up that term in the dictionary if you are not familiar with it.
          My approach is correct and balanced. I believe you are coming from that same perspective.

        2. Yeah because communism is so fucking productive. Also there amazing modern art…

        3. Apologies. I think the “the Jewish question?” is offensive, not just a double edged sword. The “Jewish question” is whether people should decide to eradicate people based on their contributions? Or what is “the Jewish question” to you?
          But if you don’t dislike Jews, I apologize for jumping to the conclusion you do.
          BTW, if you haven’t seen “The Believer”, you should.

        4. Communisms’ roots are traced to Plato, Roussea, etc. the early communists were as much Gentile as they were Jews.
          Jewish private property laws are so anti-state, that a family can’t even sell it’s property for more than a generation. That means no mega corporations. That means no communism.
          So if you didn’t like the way Jews turned from their laws and backed communism as a movement, then let me point something out to you:
          England wasn’t overrun by communism, neither was France, even tho those two countries were the origins of Communist thought.
          The only place that was overrrun by communism was Russia, and the Tzar and the Church there had made it their mission in life to stomp the Jewish community there into the ground. They did this because they wanted the Russian Jews to lose their faith in the religion, to be broken from their traditions so you could assimilate them into your church.
          Well you broke them all right. By the time you were done with them they wanted nothing more to do with their religion or with their faith.
          But you guys fucked up. Because instead of turning to your Church, they turned to the Communists.
          You want to blame someone for the Communist Jews? Look in the mirror.

        5. Yes, there are unfortunate historical connotations to using the term “the Jewish question” and I certainly did not use it with the implication of any kind of genocide.
          The Jewish question to me is what it is to Roosh and to many figures in history who have all been unfairly condemned as anti-semites for simply pointing out the undue influence of Jews in proportion to their population in their host countries. We merely ask the questions:
          “Why is this? What are the root causes? Where is this all going? How far does this influence go? What is its scope? Is it good for gentiles? Is it good for Jews? Or neither? And what can be done?”
          That in a nutshell is the Jewish question. And if there is anything to be “solved” let it be solved peacefully! At least, that’s my philosophy.
          And at the risk of sounding like a stereotypical bigot (in triplicate) – my three closest friends are all Jews.
          So no, I don’t dislike Jews but if *some* of them are at the top echelons of destructive social revolutions, then I will point that out and question why that is, while simultaneously acknowledging that “Jews” are not some monolithic block of evil. Far from it. As you have pointed out, their positive contributions to humanity are as monumental as anything in the negative column of their collective balance sheet.

        6. So the goy makes a bunch of mistakes earlier in history in his own nations. You think that’s a good reason not to talk about a foreign peoples involvement in wars, cultural decay, economic decline and mass murder?

        7. No, the Goy decided to be a corrupt thieving murderous asshole and got his head handed to him as a result of something he unleashed that no one could control.
          And you might want to rethink the second half of your argument, because you basically just reopened an attack on the entire German ethnic group over WWII.

        8. Why should I rethink that? You afraid that some Germans would get buthurt or something? I think we have talked quite a lot about the Germans have we not? Answer my question instead.

        9. Smith is a Jewish name is it?

        10. What are you doing here? Jews have been booted out of every place they’ve gained a foothold. I suppose you think that’s because people are jealous of you. Generally when someone enriches my life I like to keep them around, you know?

        11. You don’t get to solve a “Jewish Problem” (which doesn’t exist). Jews will work and act in their own best self interest, just like “gentiles” (Can’t believe this term is even used anymore…) Like it or not, we live in a pluralistic society. Your choices are either vote out government officials, boycott products or not listen to media, etc.
          Nice try with the “my best friends are Jews”. Its the typical bigot disclaimer. I sincerely doubt you could truly express your views to your “friends”.
          FWIW..I am not Jewish.

    2. Didn’t President Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize before he ever set foot in the White House? Yasser Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize also. I’m not going to knock the fact that Jewish people are smart but the Nobel Prize is nothing in my opinion. In fact I respect the Jews who refused to sit and listen to Benjamin Netanyahu when he addressed the House and Senate. PM Netanyahu was undermining the foreign policy of a sitting US President. I was bothered by the lack of Republicans who refused to sit that speech out.

      1. The peace prize is political b.s. The prize for science is not.

    3. Dispossessing my ethnic group is more important than any of that.

    4. The balance sheet is pretty evenly weight IMO. The great irony of the jewish (and particularly zionist) preoccupation with anti-semitism is that even amongst those who criticise Jews (anti-semitic or otherwise if the distinction may be admitted) many if not most will genuinely admire their contributions. Most people wouldn’t be that keen to live without jewish culture – or at least that part of it which doesn’t fall into the categories listed by McDonald above. I for one would love to lose marxism but would hate to lose Seinfeld…..etc. In other words Jews have a store of good will they could use constructively as a shield and defence (beyond the reflexive cry of ‘anti-semitism’) if only they were to tackle head on the kinds of claims that are being made up, but not just in denial…but to examine whether some of those claims are substantive. The argument above in particular is that jews ‘critique’ because consciously or unconsciously they want to undermine rival cultures to make themselves safer etc. But one could also argue that critique is woven into the jewish mind and culture itself, and could and should be applied to its self, its own working. It really is time that intelligent, conscientious jewish minds,applied some of that razor like wit to its own productions. Seriously there is a great deal at sake, and not just the security and prosperity of jews: the whole infrastructure of democracy and “social justice” is at stake. The plausibility of any kind of altruism is at stake, unless the people who did so much to produce theories of universal altruism can rid themselves of the canker of particularism. There is no doubt in my mind that some of the above is true, that ethno-centric interests worked to commandeer principles and institutions that were supposed to egalitarian and altruistic: perhaps instead of repairing the world you might engage in a little bit of self-directed remedial work. After all jews are big on catharsis and purification aren’t they?

    5. Look at the comments below Nat. This is why it’s a waste of time trying to justify your existence. You don’t realize it, but you are effectively begging for your life with what you are writing. How well do you think that is going to work?
      The economy hasn’t even crashed yet, and look and see what kind of crazy shit you are expected to answer to. What do you think happens when that dollar turns into smoke? Who do you think is going to be hung from a lamppost on that day?

      1. You don’t have much faith in humanity. The McDonald book comes across as powerful as it does, because hardly anyone ‘respectable’ bothered to address the claims raised as ‘issues’. Instead there was the predictable ‘denial’ and shaming. McDonald almost certainly overstates the argument about jewish ethno-centric self-interest – do you think he would have done that if he could have made such an argument in a responsible way without potentially losing all ‘respectability’. I have never understood why any criticism at all immediately gets interpreted as the thin end of the wedge of nazism. Why not try a little homeopathic ‘innoculation” instead of the usual catastrophism? You don’t have to emigrate to Israel because a few red pillers think jews are overly inclined to support leftist causes. I would be willing to bet that most of the people here like jews for the most part, and would infinitely prefer it they could avoid ever having to think of themselves as anti-semites because they happened to have noticed some patterns they’d never noticed before

      2. Who do you thnik is always responsible for crashing the economy and the dollar turning into smoke?

        1. The same people that were responsible for your homework coming in late and your wife leaving you for her girlfriend next door.

        2. Primarily the Dulles brothers. Southern California oil in collusion with Rockefeller oil. The Hapsburg family who I believe colluded with their beloved cousins to start even the first world war. All the old Connecticut and California money, some of whom Im embarassed to say are crypto Jews, most of whom are probably not.
          Anyway, its pointless to try to justify your existence. You have to live with honor and integrity, know what to answer people and stand up for yourself. But once you start trying to justify your existence, you may as well kill yourself and get it over with fast.

    6. You have absolutely no control whatsoever over your women. Even your orthodox encourage the highest levels of education and most prestigious vocational options for your daughters with absolutely no teachings of female submission whatsoever. You create these weird abnormally and inappropriately intellectually aggressive automatons with religious like devotion to education and career. I dated one of your women once and she openly professed that one of the most important edicts in your faith is to be learned which of course translates to economic empowerment. This is the single greatest factor that has decimated the western nuclear family.
      I knew I’d never marry this girl so I took plenty of liberties in fucking with her to mess her up enough emotionally, so that she would wind up a useless old maid. The first time you smack the smug off a jewish girl’s face is a priceless moment indeed. She was so enthralled with her education so I would make it a point to gaslight her for laughs and outright accuse her of having no idea what she was talking about anytime she ever tried to contribute to conversations on science, philosophy, politics, whatever – even if she was as right as rain. It drove her so batshit, it was hilarious.
      Why are all jewish men such milquetoast who allow their daughters, wives and girlfriends such a prominent seat at the table?