The Top 5 Dangers Of Using Muscle Building Supplements That Actually Work

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If you want to know what the best muscle building supplements are you’re in luck because I know two of them.

What are they?

Relax, we’ll get there. First I want to warn you of the dangers of using these products.

Danger #1: You’re going to look a lot better.


That’s going to hurt your relationship with your friends and family.

Everybody’s friends and family look like shit, and they’ll want you to look like shit as well so you don’t make them feel bad.

Danger #2: You’re going to get stronger.


Along with strength increases come ego increases.

That’s just reality. When you get massively stronger your ego gets bigger.

Danger #3: You’re going to realize that you’re spending time with people who are going nowhere.


With a big ego comes the realization that, damn, you might have been wasting your time hanging out with bums.

You’ll start to realize that these bums don’t even look good and they’re not even strong, how could they be in the presence of greatness such as yourself?

Danger #4: You may recognize greatness in yourself that you never saw before.


When you realize you have the ability to get big and strong, you’ll eventually realize you have the ability to build a business and make a lot of money.

Building a business and building a body are similar processes. They take a lot of time and effort, and the result is extraordinary. Most people will never do it.

Danger #5: You won’t be able to tolerate most people.


Most people have no ambition, for their bodies or for their minds, and they will become unbearable to be around.

If you’re man enough to brave those dangers, then here you go….

The top 2 muscle building supplements that actually work and aren’t illegal yet are:

Read John Doe’s article The Best Legal Alternative to Steroids to find out what the best 2 legal muscle building supplements are.

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85 thoughts on “The Top 5 Dangers Of Using Muscle Building Supplements That Actually Work”

  1. amount of useful information gleaned from this ‘article:’ none.

  2. I can understand that a webserver costs money, but I rather pay a dollar or two then to have clickbait articles.

        1. Well, running a website doesn’t cost a lot of money. Most columnists here are unpaid as well. However, if you enjoy something I think you should donate once in a while. If everybody just donated some $. Would be fair. And $5 is a good start.

        2. We donate our views, willingly. Because ROK overall do a great job.
          with these views, ROK can charge to advertise products to a very specific customer base.
          Our donations would only suggest that the content is no longer pulling in adverts via views and interest. ROK must work to keep their audience.

  3. Pretty soon we’ll have articles that say “click this or you’re beta” and nothing more.

    1. Exactly. ROK thinks were chumps.
      This one is based off of the assumption that the reader does not possess those basic qualities and must purchase them. If ROK had another opinion about it’s readership they would get one of the great coaches on here with great but hard to swallow advice.
      It seems ROK fell quicker than I anticipated…

  4. These sponsored posts are so horrible LOL I love reading them though, they’re like satire to me.

    1. Off subject, but I remember rolling with you in Hollywood, hollering at women out the back of someones car, after Kaden’s place. haha!

      1. lmao, who is this?
        I’m trying to remember who all was in the car….Matt, Chris, Shahan, Shant

        1. This is why I always check the back seat before I get in the car. You never know who might be hiding there….

        2. Also, check again to make sure the duct tape & cable ties stay secured on your victim….oops, never mind…..

      2. Wow you sure keep up with the advice on this site.
        What went down (or in) at Kadens place?
        Is he even attractive?

  5. Jesus Christ, quality control. Make an argument or talk about something interesting or don’t do it.

  6. Gents ROK has to make money too. Plus, this sends a positive message and if you haven’t noticed in today’s fucked up culture there are NO positive messages especially for boys and men.

    1. Yeah but it really lowers the tone of the site – it’s cheap and distasteful.
      I thought Mike Chang was the bottom line but the bar has been lowered.
      Lets see what the future brings.

        1. Is that the only option?
          Were I running ROK I would finance my project without compromising my alleged values – do you not see the pattern, Mike Chang, Legal Steroids – this stuff is aimed at insecure Beta fucks and ROK just stated that they think thats you.
          What ROK just did was ill thought out and a betrayal of their chest puffing thus far.
          If ROK wanna be Red Pill, tell your readers about steroids and don’t be a PC faggot about it and try slipping this legal steroids alternative.
          Not long ago they were publishing articles with some dickless douche advising on strategies to succeed at an illegal lifestyle.
          You obviously are the mug they aimed this advert at.
          You can’t buy manhood sorry if that burst your bubble.

        2. Its not a choice between paying to read and reading bullshit infomercials masquerading as content. There is something in between.

        3. Exactly. Were I the author of the ‘how to raise t naturally’ articles on here I would be pissed.
          “would you rather pay to read” – don’t start a business of your own. When you run a blog website, the onus is on YOU to keep audiences that you develop. Luckilly for ROK there are some real men who will comment straight up and let you know how to better advertise and fund your business.
          Lesser red pill people wouldn’t say anything and just walk away… or try and justify this.

        4. It is a choice because the idiots of the modern world are hooked on this “freemium” model, so even some guys who say “I’ll donate” are full of dung, they never do. People are too lazy to reach in their wallet and pay for good content nowadays, but the tide is turning, soon you’ll have too since too many good content providers are seeing the common Internet user for what they really are. Owning an Internet based business, here is the worst type of Internet user that visits your site: The guy that says, “I don’t pay for things on the Internet”, AND who uses AdBlock. And then wonders why eventually, a paid model springs up in place. If you enjoy the content, reach in your wallet, open it up, and slide the credit card, otherwise, stop crying about ads and sponsored posts. It costs money to run a site, and furthermore, if you run a good site, you SHOULD get paid for it. Don’t be an internet leech.

    2. Yeah its hard to find men friendly adverts nowadays. Sure these guys are here to pitch their business but it’s much better than commercials telling me that women have the moral high ground and men should grovel at their feet

      1. The reason we come to ROK is because of the absence of the grovel at womens feet articles no?
        This article plays on your insecurities and and is a total betrayal of your ‘raise t naturally’ articles.
        The moment this site tries to guilt trip men into this crap is the moment it became pussified.
        They lucky we pulled them up on it.

  7. I actually disagree, this is the first paid article here that resonates with my experience.

  8. “The Top 5 Dangers Of Using Muscle Building Supplements That Actually Work”
    I thought the article was about roids and shriveled testicles.

  9. Well, I mean those points were true. I don’t like being around most people now because of their weaknesses that can be easily overcome, and some of my friends do seem to be ain’t shit now.

    1. What I notice is that once you make noticeable gains, some ‘friends’ either avoid you or try to AMOG you.

  10. Having sponsored posts here is like watching a good season of Dexter or Breaking Bad with amusingly stupid commercial breaks every 10 minutes.

  11. Id still rather have an article like this with obvious click bait at the end than fucking mike chang coming on here and pretending to give a shit about who we are and what we stand for and trying to get all buddy buddy with the readers so he can sell his shitty products that don’t work.

    1. I think this is worse than Mike Chang. Chang may be selling a product but at least he posts actionable and legit information. This guy didn’t give us anything except a sales pitch.

      1. Im really trying to understand how you can’t see through this. Yes mike chang may have made a guest post that included some actionable information, but check out the actual sites to both of them. John Doe gives you actionable information from first hand experience, addresses steroid use, and is open about everything whereas mike chang just pushes products and his “six pack shortcuts” bullshit. Everything you need to know about him should have been laid out to you once the mainstream media embraced him. The very site you’re on is about evaluating the truth for yourself but instead of seeing things for what they are you want to argue semantics. They’re sponsored posts, they’re supposed advertise stuff. Take a look at the actual product and then judge for yourself

    2. Of all the great coaches with great advice that ROK could have had on this site, they chose these losers.
      It’s more down to those losers choosing ROK though and ROK not having many options?

      1. I don’t know who are the bigger “losers”, these roided up snake oil salesmen or the gullible guys who believe them.

        1. Actually, after the initial prohormone ban, there were a handful of products that were awfully close to the real deal. Anyone remember Superdrol?

      2. Whoa, Ive checked out the guy over at John Doe and in my opinion he’s the real deal. He preaches fitness the old fashion way, grit, determination, and perseverance. The dudes about putting in the work and doing what it takes to get what you want and i respect the fuck out of that. No “six pack shortcuts” bullshit. He wants life to be enhanced by bodybuilding not revolve around it. When it comes to steroids he kicks you the real deal. You don’t need steroids until you hit your genetic limit. And the thing i like about him is that he doesn’t fucking lie to people about taking them.

  12. I admit I do like the way this article is written.
    But after trying so many expensive suppliments that promise the world that haven’t really done much despite all the good reviews i’m sick of wasting my money on them.

    1. I didn’t like the way he built up the anticipation and then whipped the rug away at the end. Classic bait and switch.

  13. Steroids, everything else is a complete waste of money, none of the supplements have to get approved by the FDA, so all that pre-crap and pills you buy at GNC or more less a bunch of fillers. The cost of making the supplements people buybat GNC are about $2. Then they turnaround and sell it to you for $50. Workout supplements might be the biggest scam none to man. Steroids or nothing

    1. “Ooh please, please Big Government FDA, please tell me what to think, I couldn’t possibly think for myself or learn for myself, I need you to think for me”.

        1. I don’t need encourage to think for myself, its my natural inclination to.

      1. Unfortunately this is one situation where government works. If you want to buy something usually you want a guarantee your buying what the package says your buying, and that it is also safe to buy. When you buy a supplement that is legally sold you have no idea what your buying, your taking the companies word for it. And we all know a company is just out to make a buck. Since steroids actually work and are illegal that leaves a wild west market place for supplements that can say and do whatever they want

    2. I remember when whey protien was cheap $25/5 lbs tub now its like in the $70/ 5 lb tub where I live. Fuck that shit, I’m just buying food lol.

  14. I’ve grown to like these sponsor articles.
    They’re like a short commercial break from the Jew conspiracies, pump’n’dump threads, Dr. Oz, gold-digging-whores, race-relations, and interdimensional space-lizards.

    1. But, but, but, the reptilians are trying to ban the protein shakes because they fear we might get as big as they are and we’ll revolt against their preconceived notions of beauty!!

    2. “interdimensional space-lizards.”
      Haha I can’t believe this is actually a thing. I had a guy argue to me about it one time, insisting that there are lizard people. There’s even a guy who travels the world and holds conferences to discuss the space lizard people.

  15. Paid ad or not, all of these things are true, and anyone who works out to lose the fat and keep it off will confirm it.

  16. Wait, I can totally live with these 5 dangers. In fact, I would mind them at al…….ooooooh wait… are calling them dangers, but you really mean to say they are benefits only you are being really, really clever. Touche! Has someone informed the Nobel committee?

  17. This is actually a great way of promoting/selling a product. I salute you for your ingenuity.

  18. I do not understand what is the problem with having sponsored content. Really. If you do not like it just skip it.

    1. Seriously too many guys here complain about the sponsored content but at least ROK tells you right at the begining.

  19. Next week on ROK:
    “7 benefits of having a Large Dick:
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  20. Fellas, I tried both supplements and my dick grew 5 inches!!!!! This shit is for real, I’m being cereal.

  21. honestly this site is turning into a billboard for online companies, the pop ups, the ads at the side, the ads at the end of every article; it’s mahem. let’s ALL donate $1 every month and this won’t be a problem and we can enjoy ROK ad free

  22. Not this shitty supplement stack again! Ugh I thought it would talk about steroids and give legitimate insights into the products available, the pros and cons of each compound and which ones are best for your individual goals. Honeydicking us with this one…

  23. Guys, long time lurker here (over a year). 1st post, so this must mean my view is worth something, right? 😉
    Listen, I don’t understand the vitriol here. Clearly, 99% of the commenters here understand that this article is an ad. Sponsored post. “Of no mental nutrition”… whatever? Therefore, ignore it. Don’t waste energy and bandwidth complaining: RoK has to pay the bills, just like we all do.
    Let them be. By responding the way we all are, we hurt RoK, therefore hurting ourselves. Keep the comments section pleasant, succinct and free of bile. We don’t need to “captain save a ho” the news that might get some value from a sponsored post.
    Leave that kind of bitterness to the femalez.

  24. Good to see #5 I thought I was the only one feeling this, not necessarily just from lifting

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