Women Just Want To Be Pampered — With Foreskin Facials

One of our readers recently sent us a link to an article describing foreskin facials and asked for the official RoK stance. I decided to look into this matter and, through my research, reached several somber realizations about the childlike nature of women and the amazing shrewdness of businessmen who are willing to exploit it. But, let’s start from the top.

That wasn’t some horrible autocorrect mistake or an Onion article – foreskin facials are an actual thing. HydraFacial is a proprietary non-invasive cosmetic facelift procedure available in New York that is supposed to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. At a price of $300 per hour, the customer will receive a four-step cleansing treatment with a glorified aspirator, crowned by a bizarre facial mask containing stem cells extracted from a “donated” baby foreskin.

An admirable hustle


Women are doling this out for chopped up penis remnants 

The results of a HydraFacial treatment are noticeable, though not nearly as bombastic as the “foreskin facial” name implies. The mask apparently contains only trace amounts of said stem cells, since one foreskin is supposedly enough to provide for more than a million HydraFacial treatments. Also, stem cells are by definition exactly the same, no matter which body part they come from. That pretty much bursts the outrage bubble right there—this is only a marketing ploy, and a good one at that.

Ashley Weatherford, the resident narcissist at NY Magazine, underwent the HydraFacial treatment and compared her new-found self to Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, both of which led the “single woman” assault on our senses during the ’00s (and the “increasingly irrelevant aging cougar” assault in the 2010s). Ashley also compares herself to a Disney villain, gleeing over the fact that she can now brag about absorbing baby foreskins:

Disney evil queen underlined

In reality, the “foreskin facial” mask probably contains just enough stem cells that the customers can’t sue for deception and false advertising, if any at all. Ashley doesn’t know about this nor does she care—she revels in the illusion of power and independence the treatment gave her. Arguably, the attention and care the cosmetic staff gave her during the HydraFacial treatment is the only tangible benefit she got for the money.

Outright savagery

foreskin facial poll

Poll from one of the sites that reported on the treatment

Of course, there is the notion that it is somehow proper to use male body parts for vanity purposes. This very concept is sickening and resembles voodoo practices, whereby all means are allowed as long as they result in a power gain. If the genders were reversed, say a male potency pill made out of ground female clitorises, you could rest assured that even the very idea would cause SJWs to melt Twitter servers with their howls of pain and cause Mrs. Obama to stare her wimpy husband into action.

Unfortunately, this is what it is. We live in such society where males, even babies, are considered disposable and pandering to women and appeasing their vanity has become a necessary part of every political platform. However, the understanding of female egotism can also be incorporated into any business strategy, making it massively successful. Of course, this facial treatment will be publicized widely across Tumblr and similar SJW outlets, based on its name alone, but the treatment also attracts regular women willing to try something exotic.

Women don’t care whether a product actually produces results—as long as they feel it does (and they think their friends believe it), they are willing to pay any asking price. This means that women, above everything else, want to be pampered and given the illusion of youth, power, and independence.

On the other hand, SJWs want to hurt men, no matter how petty or childish the action is. The creator of the “foreskin facial” treatment, evidently knowing all of this, found a way to monetize the SJW man-hate, giving them a false feeling of achievement. SJWs fork over their cash thinking how their pathetic life finally has a purpose while the creator of the treatment laughs all the way to the bank. Now that’s a way to do business.

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128 thoughts on “Women Just Want To Be Pampered — With Foreskin Facials”

  1. I am rather amused; sure, it sounds villainous and barbaric (and I often don’t care if it’s justified, say in a scenario involving vigilantism) but at the same time how desperate, naive, and vapid must you be to indulge in this crap? As Derek said, ALL stem cells are the same regardless of origin, and even though the research is still in its infancy you can cleverly market “‘Donated’ baby foreskins” as a way to laugh all the way to the back, which homeboy is clearly doing. Can’t exactly fault him for that! Just makes me wonder if they’re also “donated” from the bodies of Chinese babies from those traveling body exhibit freakshows!
    Now can we go back to ye olde “Shark cartilage might prevent cancer!” bullshit from the mid-90s?

  2. What better example of the depravity and level of feminization of our society than the fact that women are now using byproducts of male genital mutilation and rubbing them on their faces because their vanity is placed front and center in our society, at the cost of everything else.
    Can one imagine if men decided they wanted to import clitoris parts from female circumcisions to rub on their forehead to make their hair grow? The backlash would be swift and unanimous from the feminist state.
    These are women LITERALLY CHOPPING OFF THE PENIS of young men AND SMEARING IT OVER THEIR FACES and yet some will still have the audacity to say we are in a patriarchy???!?

    1. Here is some “Historic red pill moment for you” Something that should be a weekly article on this site. Since history only repeats itself and has a certain novelty..
      I was reading “michel de montaigne” a french philosopher who described human nature in the 1500’s in such a prophetic way it blew my mind because it’s still 100% true today, but here is the general truth(the entire compendium of red-pill knowledge was known by michel de montaigne in the 1500’s:
      For example, he used to say things like, “just because she’s with you doesn’t mean she wouldn’t sleep with the mule driver” and how true that is!
      In ancient rome Women used to choose men to throw to the lions
      They’d pick the most beautiful woman to represent “venus” the goddess of beauty. then the white knights would send you to be eaten alive infront of them to impress their female goddess while they cheered and while literally 200,000 people watched (the colloseum was designed to hold 1 3rd of the entire population at the time) they particularly loved holding contests to see how much men would scream in pain(torture was a common favorite in rome), ah the god-ly romans put before us that somehow we’re all so proud of(due to historic ignorance), were a bunch of pussy worshipping savage lunatics!
      The romans quite literally sacrificed men in horrific and literal ways to please the “goddesses of beauty” I can imagine that the beta males of the time, who were had wives they instinctually knew wanted to fuck the gladiators were jelous of the physical specimen gladiators because of their own small dicks and lack of testosterone and loved getting rid of the competition, even though their own wives really wanted to suck on that gladiator alpha dick,
      it was so bad…. that some men who’d seen the acts from the stands but were now unwilling participants, rather than leave the world with the indignity that in their last moments a cheering mangina got to destroy them, would commit suicide by using an ass wiping sponge called a “spongia” and would suffocate themselves with a used shit rag before being sent out to die entertaining the sadistic masses ”
      The loving oh so loving women of the time, would get wet thinking about the most savage high-performance gladiators and collected their dirt and sweat off their skin in little vials because somehow they found it erotic the disgusting mixture only god knows what they did with it, HAHAHA
      This is the depravity our society is capable of going to! Our brains are exactly 100% the same as ancient times, the elites know the lowest levels humans are capable of going to and are directing civilization towards it’s end, starting with the feminization of men of course!
      As the french say : The more things change, the more they stay the same
      le plus ca change, le plus ce la meme
      “Roman Executions at the Colosseum
      The Roman Executions at the Colosseum included other forms such as:
      Being burnt alive
      Being bound by the feet to the tails of wild horses and dragged to death
      Being torn to pieces by wild beasts
      Beaten to death
      Burned with plates of red-hot iron”

    2. and yet some will still have the audacity to say we are in a patriarchy???!?

      Feminist Response: It’s the patriarchy that does these horrible things to little boys, which aren’t really that horrible, stop whining and man up like the patriarchy tells you to!

    3. Man oh man, women are hellbent in milking resources from men since time immemorial. Now, they are clamoring for our foreskin for vanity purpose. Only red blooded men can turn the tables and use female for our own enjoyment.

      1. I got these girls “facials” right here! (As I grab my crotch!)
        And some girls aren’t even really good for sex either…

    4. But gentlemen are we really surprised by this? Women get abortions all of the time simply because they don’t want stretchmarks. I remember an attractive acquaintance getting an abortion and commenting afterwards that all of the women in the office were beautiful model types. She said, “Beautiful women get abortions while the ugly girls have the babies so they won’t be lonely.” If a woman will kill a child just to save her looks, this was the next natural step:
      What did Lucifer say in,”The Devil’s Advocate”?

    1. “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.”
      -H.L. Mencken

      1. Here’s an idea off the cuff… a manginagotchi
        Remember tamagotchi? Let’s just make a modern version with simp men and women can trade’m like pokemon.
        Higher points the more pathetic you can make him.

        1. You good with Photoshop? Make a mock ad for one! Somebody do this, please! It’ll light up Imgur and make manginas who see it think twice and introspect! We might get some converts, what a clever way to proselytize!

    2. I worked as a marketeer for some years. What always amazed me is that women are willing to spend huge amounts of money on stupid stuff (like sports clothes, high heels, organic/superfoods or womens magazines) so they can be part of a community. If you use their sensitivity for uniformity in the group (fashion) , health (to provoke a sense of guilt when not participating) and the idea that they are environment friendly consumers you can make big money. People also need to justify their purchases, and since most women are irrational use the magic word “discount” as often as you wish.
      If I say “One direction” or “Zumba”. You understand what’s happening there? Nothing more than: events ($), VIP’s, community and merchandising (cd’s are too). So you need to come up with a product. Easier said than done. But it’s definitely not impossible. I mean, that chinese guy that invented “rainbow loom” it filthy rich now. Plastic rubber bands… seriously. And once again, that’s something for girls (little women) where community and merchandising are definitely keywords.

      sports events are the same. And the profits are huge. But those cater to men as well. You should come up with a product that is dirt cheap to produce and then sell it for a huge price. Of course the market for perfume, handbags and clothing is already saturated.
      Below is an image of a water bottle “invented” in the Netherlands. I’ve seen no men using one, but plenty of women. The company says they have a mission to reduce single-use plastic and support drinkingwater and sanitation projects. Once again, that stuff is a weakspot for women while most men shrug. In the end, it’s a fashionable item with all those different colors.

      1. Good points. You see this happening, now, with all of these women who are marathon runners. I’ve never seen so many fat people “running” marathons in my life. It’s all about the social thing: getting together, buying the bullshit that goes with it, eating the food after “running” the event, buying (or getting) the medal for the event and feeling like they exercise. It’s the herd mentality.
        Honestly, marathon runners aren’t typically 5’5″ at 175lbs.

        1. joggers, not runners. they hate it when you call em joggers lol

  3. The only positive thing I can see about this is its use in prescreening women. At first I thought the foreskins were a secret ingredient, because I’m naive and gullible and I assume the best about humanity. The fact that it’s a marketing ploy shows you what’s really going on: penis envy, misandry (literally: hatred of men), a love of evil (as noted in the quote presented in this article).
    Any woman who uses this product should be immediately disqualified as anything beyond a pump-and-dump. She might as well be taking a shit on a crucifix. Enjoy the cats, ladies.

    1. Did the Jews mastermind this? What a brilliant way to make a fortune off of all of those circumsized foreskins that would otherwise be thrown away.

      1. Naaah – they make ’em into wallets. You rub them, and they turn into suitcases.
        Badum – tish!

    2. It’s like going to a pro abortion rally. You know they are all fuc***g.

    3. By pump and dump I hope you mean to ”pump full of 5.56 and dump in a river”.

    4. By “ladies” you meant rotten, depraved cunts, but I wonder sometimes how much of a difference there really has been. Now it is all just more out in the open, which does make a difference.

  4. If women believe this, then they should believe all the health benefits of swallowing sperm.

  5. So… anybody still want to fight and die or get maimed to defend all these women, their systems, their cities, and their vanity?

    1. Haha let em have all women’s units go. They’re strong and independent!

    2. Women wanting more “combat” roles, more “opportunities” in the military directly correlates to the military having more roles that require sitting in bases using drones to do the fighting and office and tech support shit. The women always have their antennas up. As soon as easier shit is available they start whining they’ve been denied opportunities in the past. Lol. They only wish they could’ve been in the trenches! It’s like so unfair men get to go on adventures! Now in anticipation of robotic and drone fighting and getting to sit in an office building and murder third world people like it is a video game.. wait I thought women are so much more peaceful and morally evolved. Anyway.

  6. Hell I’ve been giving women foreskin facials for years, while it’s still attached to my body of course.
    I’m going to have to start charging for it. LOL!

      1. Saving that article for future dates, eh? “Why waste your money on those expensive creams babe? I’ve got some for you right here, for free and in endless supply.”

    1. There’s actually a bit of truth in semen keeping a female’s skin and health in good condition. But it has to be given internally where certain chemicals are absorbed through the vaginal membrane into the bloodstream. I don’t know if rubbing it on the skin is very effective. We’ll have to do some studies on it.

    2. i got fed up ejaculating into a kleenex with my ex so i convinced her it was good for her skin, if there’s one thing they understand better than anything else it’s anti-wrinkle formulas
      they certainly don’t understand that skin is our bodies cellular macro membrane, and an organ that only looks healthy and glows when the entire body is healthy, which can only happen from the inside out by taking care of yourself
      No, they like moisturizer and skin cream, “that’ll fix it”
      just remember that when you are using game and feel nervous, and this was a “nice sweet female” some alpha looked angrily into her eyes and came in that tongue to mark his territory on her future bfs ; )

  7. This is like that queen back a few hundred years ago who drank young girl’s blood thinking that it will maintain her youthful appearance. The young peasant girls were deceived along with her parents that they were called by the queen to serve her, only to be sacrificed for the queen’s own selfish wants.
    I don’t recall what country this was. I saw a documentary on it once.

    1. Elizabeth Bathory, from Hungary.
      She got a trial, but got a pussy pass and was only imprisoned(back in those days you could face death for petty shit.)

      1. Ah, thank you. I looked it up and she actually bathed in virgin girls’ blood.

      2. Yeah I remember seeing that documentary. I’m glad they locked her away until she dies. I think she only lasted two years.

  8. Fucking disgusting. 35% would actually consider getting baby dicks rubbed on their face?
    What the actual fuck, man.
    I wonder what the reaction would be if dudes were going around getting leftover FGM parts scrubbed into their faces? Tumblr would explode.

  9. Women will literally do anything to follow the “trends”. If the latest fashion involves them drinking horse urine for skin healing, I wouldn’t be surprised if they jumped on that as well. Reading stuff like this makes me feel more confident for some reason. I’m glad I was born as a Man.

    1. Always refer to their seemingly cut-and-pasted Tinder profiles that not only have regurgitated pics but also bios that read as same shit, different skin from one to the next as the finest examples of their herd-following mentality.

    2. Hey, if having sex with virgins rejuvenated my body they’d be a lot more cherries getting popped around here :o)

    3. It’s all about the feelings with women. Feeling accepted, part of the group, etc…

  10. Heh. Great to know the spirit of P.T Barnum & snake oil salesmen is alive & well in these interesting times 😀

  11. I disagree. From what I’ve seen of SJW’s, I don’t think a single one of these fat fugly bitches has ever come within a half mile of a beauty salon.

    1. On the contrary, they may have but to no avail. Nothing can be done to make them attractive.

      1. You might be right, severed male foreskin is probably the closest some of these fugtards have been to a cock in their lives. If they have to go to a beauty salon for that, they probably would.

  12. So lets get this straight..Women channel their misandry by getting a obscenely overhyped overpriced facial that supposedly uses stem cells of baby cock foreskins to make an over the hill man hater look better so she can brag to her money leeching girlfriends and outdo them so she can entrap another rich dumb beta to eventually take half of his net worth. Brilliant! You go girl! You’re so misunderstood yet empowered.

  13. It doesn’t really matter whether or not the product contains cells cut from an infant’s dick. The fact that women would even revel in the idea speaks volumes about their hideous character. At least the baby decided to donate his mutilated remains toward their vanity. Oh wait…
    Later, I’m off to get a Clitoridectomy pedicure.

  14. First they get paid to get diarrhea dumps in their faces by Arabian royalty and then they use some of that money to get wrapped in baby dicks. The Western woman knows how to find new and exciting ways to disgust me.

    1. yeah thinking about this makes me not want to kiss any of them or go anywhere near their face… who knows who went where and who did what…

  15. No one ever believed me when I talked about this about 5 years ago and there was limited information… this should be illegal

  16. Yup, profiting and gaining ’empowerment’ off the screams of infant boys. That’s what truly thrilled Princess Ashley — the nonsense about skin-rejuvenation is merely her excuse to engage in malevolence and selfishness. She’s making a political statement. And the personal doesn’t get any more political than this viciousness.
    Unsurprisingly, it was Queen Oprah that popularized (and profited from) this aspect of the Torture U.S. Boys Industry. About a decade ago, I think, is when she was hawking SkinMedica. Clearly, Ashley and Friends are examples of the total conquest of Amerika by the gynocracy. Nothing’s too good for their Precious Perfect Daughters! And no beatdown is beatdown enough for Somebody Else’s Son. This is about hate, not healing.
    Just to let Oprah, Ashley, and the whole gang know — there will be a price for your vicious sadism. Getting Baronied is just the beginning. A good beginning tho.

  17. Is anyone really surprised. Women and feminazis alike kill children, daily just to call it “girl power”. Everything in the name of self worship (vanity, calling themselves goddesses) these monsters to humanity will do it all to prove it. Check this site out http://www.numberofabortions.com

  18. Men are abused even from the start as babies, look at the horrible circumcision done on poor little babies, now it is done for women to look youthful.

  19. Next they will be using aborted babies for skin treatment or for youthful rejuvenation.

  20. The kid who provided those stem cells will feel really weird if he ever finds out.

  21. Not surprisingly, the type of people who denigrate Christianity also denigrate the Christian concept that the body is a temple.

  22. I’ll volunteer to give a #10 female a foreskin facial with some extra beauty cream thrown in :o)
    As a doctor I can tell you that nothing you put on your skin will make it younger looking or firmer. It’s your internal health,heredity and age that effects your skin. The only thing you can do it use some good moisturiser(cheap vasoline is as good as the most expensive stuff) to protect the skin from damage and dryness from the environment but you can’t improve its looks or make yourself younger.Stay out of the sun and stop putting a lot of gunky makeup on your face and that’s the best you can do for your skin. It’s dryness (mostly from ageing) that ages the skin as it loses natural oils. And btw, this effects negro females as well and they are not really protected from the sun either. It’s a myth that negroes are immune and in fact they suffer from dryness to a big degree as well.

    1. The skin is our bodies membrane
      Similar to a cellular membrane, any damage to the inside of the cell affects the outside, therefore beauty/good skin can only occur from INSIDE OUT, but that takes a serious work ethic , supplementation, exercise, weights, ETC something that’s only a natural gift for the disciplined
      Some theorists suggest that a lot of aging is just skin damage, and that by damaging your external membrane over-time your over-all health suffers, so skin care needs to be a very important part of the health-care regime and when we mention health, what we ACTUALLY MEAN is AGING, since aging is the biggest risk factor for every single disease
      Want to really moisturize your skin? exercise ! SWEAT! Amazing stuff, water literally comes from inside out! penetrating deeply.
      I bet evolutionarily speaking, sweat is the skins primary way of cleansing itself, but what do folks do? they apply moisturiser to mimic the sensation of sweating and fake “healthy skin”

  23. All those men that got circumcised, have a dull broomstick of a penis compared to what nature intended. Ive seen the pros and cons of it, and the cons outweigh the benefits. circumcised men will never feel the full sensitivity that a intact man feels when he has sex, plus, women actually prefer men that are intact, it prevents the loss of natural lubrication from either vaginal or foreskin mucosal secretions.
    only in a misandric society, would circumcision still be allowed while chopping off a womans labial lips would be considered a crime. Dulling down a mans enjoyment of sex seems to be a part of a cuntocracy. Also prevalent in the Jewish religion, you call tell who really runs that culture, its not patriarchal.

      1. “Stalinism is the answer”
        Putin > Stalin, and without even needing to murder tens of millions of people.

        1. Bolshevik Jews controlling the precursor to the KGB killed millions of Russians, not Stalin. Just like you always here about the imaginary 6 million Jews who died in WW2 but not the 100 million Russian civilians.

        1. I was joking but certain things are interesting.
          Circumcision was illegal under Stalin. Even though he was a dictator ruling with an authoritarian fist he was one of the most successful leaders of the century and certainly the most successful in 20th century’s Russia. Despite the propaganda when Stalin took over in 1924 USSR was a rural country with the life expectancy of 32 years and 70% illiteracy rate. Upon his death USSR was a superpower second only to the USA. It was building space rockets, had a nuclear weapon, 0% unemployment and virtually 100% literacy rate.

        2. In order achieve all that Stalin killed millions via purges and gulags, 7 million died of starvation in Ukraine alone as a “small” sacrifice for industrializing the country plus 1 million in Central Asia. Basically 99% of population(women and teenagers included) was forced to do work day and night under supervision basically as slaves.
          And the result after 30 years?
          Dead agriculture producing half of what US could muster, low quality heavy industry material and atrocious consumer goods, especially food, that may as well have been used for poisoning someone. And don’t even get me started on “communal housings”.
          In all, people lived like impoverished cattle.
          Was it better than in 1924? Marginally, by some means, maybe. But did anybody think how prosperous the country would have been under free market or at least some democracy?! Imagine what Kerensky, not Stalin, could have accomplished.

        3. So what. North Korea has an atomic bomb. And no unemployment. The people over there must be very happy. You know why communists hate god? Because it stands in the way of people admiring the “great leader”. Since circumcision is a religious thing, no wonder it is prohibited under communist rule.

        4. Communists hate God because they viewed it as a tool of the ruling class to subjugate the working class. DPRK has an atomic bomb in the age when any country would be technically able to produce one. The reasons they don’t are mostly political.

        5. 7 million dying in the Ukraine is a myth thoroughly debunked by declassified information.
          Excess deaths was 1.8 million, it only gets higher using made up nonsense. I am sure we all heard how Stalin starved 30 million or 60 million people.
          Dr Mark Tauger (American scholar who is not a communist) proves the famines was not man made.
          I don’t know where do you get information on economy, Russian economy never grew more, before or after, in fact Russia peaked (in relative terms) in 1961, mere 8 years after Stalin’s death. Russia today is a country with extreme crime, poverty, alcoholism and aids.
          In 1950 Russia ranked 19th in HDI
          http://estructuraehistoria.unizar.es/personal/dgallego/documents/CraftsDesarrollohumano.pdf some countries seem to be omitted so we can assume they would be in the mid twenties.
          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Human_Development_Index today Russia ranks 57th.

    1. true, i have a pretty numb dick so i have to fuck really hard to get any pleasure, women seem to enjoy it, i also can’t use condoms since there is no feeling from the numbing with just a thin layer of latex so i can’t really deal with sluts either, it’s nothing personal when we cure all STDS in the future with medical technology, things will be different
      There is a brand of condoms called lifestyles x2’s which have a penis sensitizing cream that makes up for the numbness added to the condom , so i stock up on them , they feel so good, put one on, and wack away the truth must be known
      women love cut men because our dicks are so numb and we really need to crush the pussy with no remorse with our cocks, this is the secret of why women love the look of a cut dick
      i guess, the real problem is when the blue balls occur, and sometimes i wish i could just rub one off in a couple mins, for convenience when im horny-on-the-run,
      Overall, i can’t say i feel that victimized

  24. Everything that women love, that give them comfort, contentment and pride should be mercilessly ripped from them and destroyed.

  25. Circumcision is despicable. In the case of circumcision on babies, it’s nothing less than mutilation of a (by nature perfectly designed) reproductive organ. It’s protection for the nerves of the glans penis, like your nails protect the sensitive nerve endings on your fingertips. What strikes me the most is all those “advantages” circumcised men trumpet forth. Most of the times Muslims. Fact is: most of us don’t live in a desert, so we can wash 2 times a day. Circumcision doesn’t protect against HIV like some idiots claim. What’s it good for then? To prevent young boys from enjoying masturbation.
    Now these women in the article are crazy. But women will smear everything on their face if they have the idea it’s going to make them prettier. Remember the Romans and Egyptians using lead based makeup? Sounds very healthy. Or those crazy Indian bitches that use bleaching cremes to be whiter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgx6xrc0gBs Anyway, now I’m thinking about this. White people wanting a tan are just as crazy. Those sunbeds I see people using do a lot of damage to the skin by causing more rapid aging. They are no different from a creme because in the end it is about beauty by skin modification.

    1. This was interesting…
      …and effin’ hilarious at the same time!

      1. One school of thought is the Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory of/to India in 1800 BC the Aryans brought with them a prohibition of the common folk (darker skin) eating their cattle and preference for white skin. As the aryans became assimilated and the Brahman caste reasserted their position at the top of Indian society, the sacred nature of the cattle remained and the prohibition against slaughtering cattle applied to all. Including the warrior caste, even though the cattle historically were theirs in the first place. Also, the preference for white skin remains to this day and predates the British colonization of India. British colonization reinforced the preference for white skin amongst the social elite of India, but it did not introduce the concept.
        The Indian caste system makes Jim Crow laws look like a grammar school clique in comparison.

        1. Simply unreal, but nothing surprises me! Your closing sentence is especially sensationally smashing!
          May the Almighty G-d protect us all from these monsters, as indeed only He can!!!

    1. Wearing any piece of clothing is unnatural too since all humans were born naked.

  26. Is there some quasi-evolutionary illumination these bitches are getting out of this I’m missing here? Wait, just part of the female productive recycling program. Stupid me.

  27. Never, EVER underestimate a woman’s vanity and her desire to fulfill it.
    And just know that her vanity comes purely from her desire to make other women jealous.

  28. Many of these women are (or were) getting this “treatment” as a bonus with a man. No need to spend $300 hrly.
    But, yes, if the shoe were on the other foot then the SJWs would be out in force crying how we (men) are once again exploiting women.
    This rationale only exists in their delusional world.

  29. Does cum have stem cells? Id like to cum in a glass and whip it up with a whisk. Maybe my cum will help their gross skin. Dumb cunts.

  30. Fucking creepy as hell, and I’m normally loathe to use the word “creepy”.
    Using a product made from involuntary genital mutilation remains sounds like something right out of a horror movie.

  31. The best facial a woman can get is the one a man gives her, all those young cells direct on her face:
    Bust it on her skin, let her rub it in.
    And when her friends ask her why she so smooth just tell them Oil of Olay.

  32. Am I the only one who read this article and thought,
    “Oh, I’ve been doing it wrong all of these years.”

  33. This is hyperbole. Facials are also done with placenta. Some even take it as a supplement. If you have an issue with circumcision, then that is your fight. What is done with the skin……..minor issue.

  34. Lol, this faddish glop probably is mostly exfoliants and irritants (with a few schmuck cells thrown in for esotericism) for the usual temporary “rejuvenation”

  35. I’m not sold on a lot of the arguments against circumcision. I was circumcised when I was 5 (medical reasons). I wasn’t traumatised by it and I wouldn’t call it “mutilation”. However I also don’t see the reasoning behind having it done to a baby for no medical reason or it being a “routine procedure” and a lot of the reported “benefits” of circumcision (lowered infections, it looks cleaner) are also bullshit. Having never had sex with a foreskin of course means I can’t comment on a “lowered sensitivity resulting from no foreskin” but sex for me is still pretty sensitive.
    To me it seems a whole lot like the male version of a feminist saying to a non-feminist woman: “this is oppression even if you don’t realise it and I’m going to be offended on your behalf”.


        1. In my youth I was a student of languages and zoology. That conflation is a special pet peeve of mine.

      1. Every time I see that picture I feel it is your exclamation point 😉
        I find it amazing that the farther the liberals go down the rabbit hole and tout science the farther from science they become! As science marches on and proves their ideology incorrect the more they froth.
        Have a great day brother!

  37. I hate to play devil’s advocate, but that poll doesn’t exactly indicate that women are crawling all over each other for an opportunity to smear their faces with chopped up foreskin.

  38. This reminds me of this kid in high school. He was a male prostitute. Made so much money from it. There was also some boy on boy locker rape or something that I didn’t get the full picture of. This was during 2004. Also had to deal with some racist guy who made jokes during Christmas about NIG-NOG. We played Halo 2 together with my bisexual friend.

    1. I’ve seen some shit. But never like the Paycho Church Girl. She was a stalker with an attitude. Let’s see who I can remember from my school days. The Bisexual Friend, Church Girl, That One Cripple, Racist Royce, Pedophillic Teacher, and every other person that I can’t name. 2005 was weird for me. Especially in the summer. I remember some whore getting pregnant. My friend’s house burning down. Helping another friend recover from depression. And playing Halo 2 way too much. And some homoerotic jokes.

  39. I could use this for a game idea. Some of the enemies will be aborted fetuses covered in barbwire/nails, a boss will be a pregnant woman, and undead children will combine into one massive fetus. Others will have their heads explode and reveling another head. The main story is about preventing the birth of Gods, which means you have to kill 7 Vile Infants before the Day ends. The final level is a castle made of bones, flesh, and blood. To get to the final level you have to use the skulls of the Vile Infants on the main gate to fight the Last Boss

    1. The story starts at Midnight with your character being awoken. You venture through a now abandoned city. The 7 Vile Infants are based on the 7 Sins. You then learn that the Vile Infants are all the result of Elder Gods impregnating young children and adolescents to bring the Young Gods into existence. The Vile Infants are born while the hosts die from the birthing process. You are tasked by The Last Fallen God to kill the Infants before the next Midnight.

  40. I give lots of facials and almost every girl I know including the current one absolutely loves them. But dayum, I do wish I had my foreskin back.

  41. Sauron666 gets lots of facials from his boyfriends. Actually, he’s a she pretending to be a guy.

  42. Unfortunately I do not possess a foreskin but have still produced many many facials.

  43. Sauron666 is possessed with getting facials from his boyfriends, or strangers he meets at bars.

  44. Kinda wish I had a foreskin. Just seems like a good idea. I did not let my son get circumcized because the doctor couldn’t blurt how out a halfway cogent explanation of why to do it. So he doesn’t look like me. Not into causing babies pain for no reason. Plus from porn, etc. it seems like it keeps the head much smoother. I have given hundreds of facials, but sadly without a foreskin.

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