5 Reasons Why Chicago Is The Best City In America For Men

As my readers know, I recently relocated to Chicago after spending the better part of the past year hopping between various points in the Philippines and the U.S. While I’m not dumb enough to claim that the Windy City is paradise—what with its horrific metro system, wacky weather and war zone-level of bloodshed—my experiences over the past year show that Chicago is amazingly underrated among major U.S. cities. Here’s why.

1. The people are extremely nice (by city standards)


I don’t want to overstate the politeness of Chicagoans: if you want really nice, you’ll have to move out to the more rural parts of the Midwest or Mountain West states. But if you’re used to big city people being various degrees of asshole—the helpful assholes of New York City, the fake-nice assholes of L.A., or the fuck-you-and-die assholes of Portland—the Windy City might just surprise you.

In contrast to other big American cities, Chicago retains a distinctly blue-collar character. If you strut around like you’re better than everyone else, you’ll get slapped down hard, but if you act like a normal human being, people will show you the same respect. For example, when I went to the Pitchfork Music Festival last year, I wore my Sonic Youth Goo T-shirt on the first day. All the way down on the L (Chicago’s subway/metro system and back), people kept complimenting me on the shirt or asking what it was. That would never happen in New York.

2. Girls are sweeter and more approachable


Going hand-in-hand with the previous point, Chicago girls are more pleasant and feminine than girls in other major cities. Mind you, we’re not talking Filipino-level feminine, but if you’re inured to big city girls being intolerable twats, Chicago will shatter your expectations.

It’s likely because of the relative niceness of the girls here that Chicago is massively underrepresented in the manosphere and neomasculine world. While cities such as Washington, D.C. and Toronto punch way above their weight in terms of manosphere representation (ROK’s own Roosh Valizadeh is from D.C.), I’m currently the only major Chicago-based ‘sphere writer I can think of.

3. It’s inexpensive


Again, this is in comparison to other big cities: there’s no doubt a pile of bumfuck villages in flyover country where you can live more cheaply. But on the cost of living index, Chicago blows New York and L.A. out of the water. To give you an example, my friend pays $1,000 a month for a two bedroom apartment in Lincoln Park, one of the city’s most yuppified and expensive neighborhoods. Try getting a 2BR in New York that isn’t either at least twice that cost or in the ghetto.

On the other metrics of living, Chicago also stacks up better than its similarly-sized counterparts. Everything from groceries to nightlife is either cheaper or similarly priced to other big cities. While the CTA has to be one of the worst major city transit agencies in America, the L, Metra, and buses still allow you to live without a car. Even the tax situation, while not ideal, is better than in New York or California, and Illinois has the added bonus of a Republican governor to gum up the left’s works.

4. Concealed carry is legal here


It took years of litigation, but in 2013, Illinois finally joined the vast majority of states that allow citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights by passing a concealed carry law. Even better, Illinois is a “must-issue” state, meaning that unless you’ve committed a major felony, the state has no choice but to give you your permit provided you pass all the tests and pay all the fees. That includes Cook County and Chicago.

While the Land of Lincoln’s concealed carry law is far from ideal—the fees are high, and Illinois lacks reciprocity agreements with other must-issue states—it’s a damn sight better than the arbitrary gun grabber regimes that rule most blue states. Concealed carry has been such a huge success in Illinois that it resulted in “Chiraq’s” murder rate dropping for the first time in years.

5. Chicago is somewhat immune to SJW entryism


It’s easy to complain about the systemically corrupt nature of Chicago and Cook County government, but this corruption actually insulates the city from the worst excesses of leftism. Chicago’s antiquated machine politics and “fuck you, pay me” mentality dissuade lunatic moral crusaders such as NYC’s Bill de Blasio from getting into power and imposing all sorts of insane SJW edicts. In fact, the recent Chicago mayoral election featured a de Blasio-esque candidate who was swiftly curb-stomped by the electorate.

As much as Chicago kleptocracy can put a damper on my life, whether it’s the godawful transit system or the ripoff-level parking meters, it’s a price worth paying to keep the SJWs out. In fact, I encourage every trustafarian Midwestern hipster crying about “manspreading” to follow her dream of fronting an “art noise” duo and move to NYC or Portland. Go far, far away from the “boring” Midwest and “scary” Chicago and never come back.

While I don’t plan on living in Chicago for the rest of my life, it’s a pretty good place for men to settle down. As much as I may grumble about the obnoxiousness of the L or the fact that it’s 50 degrees out in May, I’d rather be here than anywhere else in the U.S.

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    1. Then read up on the area or don’t go into the bad neighborhoods Einstein. This is a dumb comment because every major city in America has locales on par with similar murder rates.

        1. That’s horrific considering Chicago-South side has areas with no stop lights, a bunch of empty lots where houses used to be, and some of the most ghetto hardened people I’ve seen. First place I’ve seen where Subways serves behind bulletproof glass.

        2. Camden has concrete walls on both sides of the interstate, so stray bullets won’t hit cars. That tells you something right there

        3. I was referring to Subway’s the restaurant but the subway line makes sense. Philly was the first place I visited where I saw police actively enforcing a 7pm curfew for teens.

        4. Phillys not really that bad, it depends where you are and when- just like everywhere else. I work in deep Kensington, which is pretty much a Taxi Driveresque hellscape, but I work first shift and never get bothered to or from work. Nobody hassles anyone at 7am or 3pm. I get the fuck out before later though.
          Id rather deal with degenerates and freaks in the city then deal with the suburbs and all its shit.

    2. Chicago has the highest raw number of murders, but the actual murder RATE is much lower. Small cities like Camden, East St Louis etc are the worst by far.

    3. Well, don’t involve yourself in a turf dispute in the ghetto where you have no business being anyway, and you’ll be just fine.

  1. Columbus, OH or Cheyenne, WY work just fine for me, thanks. Been to Chicago. They are way nicer than in other shitholes, but that is like comparing which mass murderer was nicer to his victims.
    I’ve never understood the fascination manosphere men have with blue state big cities. Girls there are no prettier than in my neck of the woods, the taxes are awful and there is no joy, for me, in being in an ocean of humanity every single waking and sleeping hour.
    The points Matt makes are valid of course, and it is one of the only giant cities where you can now carry, so there is that I guess. Just not my cup of tea though. But if you cannot stand the notion of living outside of a giant city, Chicago ain’t a bad choice.

    1. I will agree with your points. The murder capital is highly over-represented. You really have to expose yourself to the far nether-cracks of the Southside and Westside to see it. And taxes are incredulous. There is a state tax, county tax, federal, state, and a few others but why there is a county and state tax is beyond me.
      The obsession with blue state big cities is simply the women are smarter, more intricate as hubs for foreigners and travelers so the variety is easy to reach. I know a traveling Australian who is 23 who may leave the state in a month. She arrived a month ago. I’ve bed women from every state but Chicago, in Chicago, so far. Go figure. Just the luck of the draw and as far as I know.
      Since you have a family, Chicago is too polarized of a location to raise a family. I would almost wager it might be smart to start in a red state for primary years and shift to liberal states for latter years just to cement core values with your children.

      1. I honestly see no value in taking my kids to a leftist state. So they don’t grow up to “celebrate LGBT post trans modernist art” , big fucking deal I say, heh. Besides we have our own froot loop artsy fartsy places in the city proper, no need to risk murder or confiscatory taxes, in my view. Our plan has been start red state, then go a deep crimson hue by moving further out west to old school cowboy country and disappear into the mountains. If I want to bang broads from Australia, I’ll fly there.
        It helps that OSU is just a quick hop as well, plenty of thin, young attractive women flock to campus, so eh, we’re good.

        1. I completely agree with you. I don’t have kids but we knocked that “being gay is natural” bullshit out of my younger sister’s head as soon as she came home with it

        2. I hate the “being gay is natural” argument. It’s an example of the Naturalistic Fallacy. Murder is also natural, but that doesn’t make it right. That said, there are examples of gay animals, but let’s call homosexuality what it is, a biological mistake.
          I actually think it’s a good idea to let gays be gay, because it prevents them from passing their genes on. Over time, we should see a steady decline in the population percentage of gays as they disappear from the gene pool. I say let Leftists sacrifice themselves to Darwin.

        3. I think this argument has been lost. Which is fine with me, I don’t really care who is gay and who isn’t, and the more gays there are, the more single women that leaves me.
          But I tried to have a logical discussion about the sickness of trannys recently with a female, and I was using the point that while at least gay sex is natural and exists in nature, there is no animal that will gnaw off its penis and become a female. Trans sexual ism is an invented disorder or state and there is no basis in reality for this mental illness.
          This fact went WAY over her head and she was arguing that just because animals have gay sex doesn’t make it any more legitimate for humans to be gay (this is from someone who thinks being gay is super awesome). It was like she was confused what side of the issue she was arguing.
          At that point I dropped the discussion on trannys but with the level of cognitive dissnonance and lack of logic and reason in our education system today, I think it is futile to discuss anything about gayness.

        4. Allowing gay men means also allowing lesbians, so in the end it’s probably a wash. It’s best to completely avoid resorting to nature in order justify the “rightness” of something. If we took our morals from nature we’d live in a lawless, Darwinist society.
          There’s only three possibilities when it comes to gender: Biologically male, biologically female, and biological mistake.

        5. Biological male, biological female, biological mistake.
          As far as nature. The argument isn’t that anything natural is ok, but that one can look to nature for trends and patterns; ie the fact that more intelligent species tend to have mates for life is supporting evidence that ideally human beings should mate for life.
          So nature can reinforce ideas that humans have; indeed many theories such as the golden ratio, which is a fundamental component of art, photography, architecture, music, and mathematics, was primarily established because of its prevalence in the natural world.

        6. Duck and cover, the finer points of Kevlar adjustment, gang negotiation 101.
          Honestly I’d rather learn and have the skills I did growing up in rural flyover country. Spent a few of my early years, 1st and 2nd grade in Philedelphia and the only thing I learned was how it was ok for two adult males to mug a second grader. Oh and that grown men had a sport of chasing groups of first graders with a knife in his hand.
          Yeah, thanks…but no thanks. My dad getting transferred out of that stinking dump and back to Ohio was a high point in my life at the time. I’ll take lessons in hunting, fishing, motorcycles, camping, woodworking, whittling and car engine repair over those other “skills”, heh.

        7. No, that argument still relies on the Naturalistic Fallacy. You’re looking towards other animals to justify how humans should act, and thus you could cherry pick it however you like. “More intelligent” is a very weak and shaky premise. A rational approach would be to just show the statistical outcomes for children whose parents stay together for life, versus the alternative.
          Per your golden ratio argument, I didn’t say that everything that’s natural is bad. I said you cannot rely on nature to justify something, as it can also be argued that murder is natural. “Natural” does not automatically mean something is good, and is thus a poor argument.
          See: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/appeal-to-nature

        8. Ever notice how the people telling us that “gay is natural” are also the same people telling us that “gender is just a social construct”?
          Double standards. All the more reason to open up more mental institutions.

        9. That’s a bad argument. Gay animals aren’t destined for extinction just because they don’t reproduce themselves, the gay ones obviously had straight parents. Being gay is perfectly natural and might provide some biological advantage at times that we don’t know about, like taking part of the work in a group while not reproducing, otherwise it would have been weeded out long ago. Biological mistake.. nature is blind and doesn’t have a consciousness, it doesn’t do mistakes. And by the way, if a gay person helps her close relatives, she actually helps her genes pass on.

        10. GOJ – but what is the OSU campus like if a man is ther e to visit? Is the campus uptight ? Are the female students easy to meet or are they cunty and or raype culture paranoid?

        11. Anyone who thinks a behavior that leads to extinction is natural is delusional. They are insane, you got that right.

        12. Your username is hilarious.
          I always respond to the naturalistic fallacy by asking if Turner’s syndrome or some other gross genetic anomaly is good and should be promoted because “it occurs naturally”.

        13. No, evidence suggests homosexuality is passed on the mother’s side. It’s clear that homosexuality is recessive. If it’s common today is because it has been suppressed for such a long time, and thus the genes were kept in the population. Permitting homosexuality will undoubtedly result in fewer homosexuals in the long-term. If genes are not replicated they fade away. Period.
          Homosexuality is a mistake because it results in extinction, which is the worst thing that can happen to an organism. A gay person might help their close relatives, but the gay person’s genes are STILL at a disadvantage when compared to heterosexuals. Heterosexuals can have children AND help their relatives, thus they have the advantage. Sorry, there is no getting around the facts of Natural Selection. Public acceptance of homosexuality will cause the responsible genes to slowly disappear. They are destined to be out-reproduced. Traditional heterosexuality is optimized for human reproduction.

        14. Well, since you’re mentioning this…being gay is definitely not normal, as far as statistics are concerned, they’re way outside the Bell Shaped Curve, and no matter how they may demand “normalcy” it just ain’t happening. Statistical aberrations are just that, aberrations.

        15. Never raise kids in a place where people throw a fit because of a traditional live Nativity scene every christmas in a public park.

        16. Like hotwiring Cars, How to be ‘the man’ in Prison instead of the bitch, rioting for fun and profit, and of course the all important ‘let her beat the crap out of you to show what a man you are’.

        17. It’s not just that it leads to natural extinction, it is also plague-promoting behavior.
          Anyone that SUPPORTS the gay agenda is, by definition, even more twisted than the faggots that buttfuck each other.

        18. “nature is blind and doesn’t have a consciousness, it doesn’t do mistakes”
          (rofl) nature doesn’t make mistakes. That’s hilarious.

        19. Humans make mistakes, or maybe living organisms. Nature just happens. That’s what I wanted to express.

        20. Most of the people who think that everything that is natural is by that definition “good” would cringe at the thought of having to live in the wild. They are real stupid, that is for sure.

        21. Aids, Influenza, and all major STD’s, as well as frequently occurring CDC alerts for stuff no one has ever seen before that otherwise safely resides in the human digestive tract.

        22. Sounds like that kid left an imprint on you. If anything it is just one more reason to not listen to any celebrity pitch for a charity. So you can disfigure a human but want me to donate for the needy? Psshh

        23. I would live in the wild, but I would damned sure use the knowledge thta came to me from an industrialized world… aspirin from willow bark, the basics of hygiene, homemade sulfa drugs, first aid, CPR, and boiling water…
          All of these are simply understood and would not disappear simply because we lose an industrial base. THAT is why returning to a 1600’s style of living would not ‘resemble’ living in the 1600’s… we know how to make a basic heating water pump, a safe toilet, and that you need to wash a wound.

        24. yes, but that does not mean that nature cannot produce abominations and mutations that are utterly unsustainable. Albinism, for example. It’s actually fairly common, but prior to the modern era it was a death sentence for most creatures.

        25. Little Suzy needs stem cells to grow a penis. Little Johnny needs to scoop out his penis and have it sewn flat. A guy in the Netherlands was jailed for offering to sell a kidney – go figure. However, if he wanted to mutilate himself so he could wear frilly panties, a bra and lipstick, hey, it’s a Ok.

        26. These are bizarre times. Every body should experience being a woman once in life. It was coming to this stage the moment being gay meant talking and behaving like an excited, fat, ghetto, black woman. “Child!!!”

        27. Dude. If you want to wear panties and heels, go for it! Children having their sexuality determined by parental agenda is child abuse.

        28. No Ma’am! I think both ends deserve a kick in the rear, but adults are free to do what they wish. Except when it comes to damaging children.

        29. All my this. Mutilation of a child is acceptable from belief of sex confusion uttered by a 5 year old but when someone kills a child because God says so that’s the problem. Either case is bad but sex confusion uttered by a 5y child is okay wtf

        30. Parents listen and do everything for their child now, the parents are overgrown children disciplined by their second parents the government. There was a time parents did spoil their children but not to the point of buying them cars, a new phone every month and fiinally sex change. Imagine people saying they are not born as the right species. I think South Park really nailed that.

        31. OMG that is what I always say
          And they call it transgender… if its transgender they don’t have to get a sex change… just a gender change which they can do with their given body.

        32. Vegan animal activists make me laugh the most. They tell you to try to live in the wild on meat opposed to in the town and see how you like it.
          Well guess what a human’s main subsistence would be meat in the wild. These animal activists should try living in the wild on just plant. They think there are apples and bananas hanging from pine trees what a laugh! Wild bananas if found in the tropics are as small as a peapod and its filled with more seeds than anything. And i tastes more like cotton than anything.t

        33. What is really funny is the say they are anti GMO, and then eat those bananas thinking they are natural. They have no clue what they are talking about.

        34. Abomination, mistake are subjective judgements. Unsustainable mutation is a certainly more objective term. Albinism is actually useful for species which are cavedwelling, because they don’t have to spend energy on the production of pigments. In humans it’s bad though. The original line of thought was being gay was nature’s mistake. I’m pretty sure being gay is not the same category as albinism in humans. It might have some kind of hidden evolutional benefit if a few percent of the population doesn’t reproduce. Or it might not and it just didn’t matter, because not too long ago (few thousand years, let’s say 20), only the alpha males had kids, and females were certainly forced to mate even if they didn’t want to. So male homosexuals just functioned like a beta male who didn’t get to make kids, and female homosexuals didn’t really differ from other females in that they also had kids.

        35. Gays have been around forever. Heterosexual unions produce gay people so your argument is completely ridiculous. As long as people are born, some of them will end up gay. That being said, homosexuality is natural, but clearly an abnormality of the mind and/or body.

        36. My cat should have been born a dog. It’s sad to see his futile attempts to fetch sticks and chase cars. The worst thing is the look in his eyes when he approaches me with his leash in his teeth hoping yet again to be taken for a walk. I hope one day the surgery becomes affordable so we can get him what he has always dreamed of.

        37. It seems very pleasant and is HUGE. I believe it takes up almost a third of the city proper (maybe a quarter, I don’t recall). Girls are pleasant and not stuck up. It’s an agreeable place.

        38. It teaches you how to deal with other people, something thats sorely lacking in a lot of how nonurbanites are raised. The suburbs create isolated enclaves where you never have to deal with anyone outside your own race or class.
          Urban childhoods teach rational relationships to safety…very few people that are raised in challenging environments get upset by ridiculous boogey men like ISIS or Ebola.

        39. I suppose from a humanist viewpoint, that is a more valid approach. However, I am rather disappointed with humanity and have a great love and respect for the natural world, and the instincts and social behaviors of animals are relevant and interesting to me.

        40. Columbus is a great town. I just finished my degree at OSU and am moving to work elsewhere, but I wouldn’t mind coming back in the future. Despite being a fairly large city, it just feels…normal, for lack of a better word. It’s relatively safe, it’s easy to get around, the cost of living is low, people are generally pretty friendly, and there are a lot of attractive young women around.

        41. I went to OSU. Like GOJ said, it’s a huge school, both in area and also in number of students (almost 60,000). Basically there are so many people that even if you’re visiting, it’s pretty hard to tell you apart from a student there. But aside from that, most girls are approachable, pleasant, midwestern girls. There are of course some cunty girls like you described, but they’re in the minority.

        42. btw, that assumption ‘alpha males had kids, beta males didn’t’ is based upon observations of animals which are NOT HUMAN. ie. great apes. It is certainly arguable that humans are a pair-bonding species, at LEAST as far back as our common shared ancestor with great apes.
          You can point to desert tribes and kings and say “Look, He’s got a harem!” But again, you are talking about a specific tribe with specific environmental factors. In the desert, survival is dependent upon water, which means that survivable environments are small and strictly limited… in a very real way, every man is in constant competition over a finite resource.
          However, in the northern climes, survival is not dependent upon control of a finite resource, at least not in places with seasonal variation. It is more dependent upon tribal dynamics and cooperation… instead of man being in constant competition for limited resources, man was in constant competition with the environment itself, competition which was considerably eased by forming cooperative, friendly groups, and in which pair-bonding was a survival trait in winter, especially.
          The problem with assigning reasoning behind this abomination is two part:
          1. The assumption that homosexuality is a genetic trait. So far, no ‘Gay gene’ or even sets of ‘Gay genes’ has been discovered. Ironic, since we have managed to track an enormous number of genetic conditions, many of which are vanishingly rare… a gene which affects 1-5% of the population just seems like the sort of thing that would be easy to find compared to say, Treacher-Collins syndrome.
          This as well as the fact that it is an evolutionary kill switch implies strongly that the vast majority of homosexuals (I will not say all, sometimes mutations express spontaneously, like genetic psychopathy) are not born, they are ‘made’.
          Whether this is due to early conditioning, abuse, weak mindedness, or simply males that will do anything to feel ‘special’ or to get laid easily, randomly, and constantly is undetermined… I suspect a mixture of all three. Being a ‘weak man’ willing to do ANYTHING to get laid, including fucking other men, is NOT an evolutionary kill switch.
          2. There is no environmental factor, or combination of environmental factors, where being homosexual is a net bonus from an evolutionary perspective. At least not for the individual. It is simply not an asset. Even the net gain for a community is highly speculative, and trying to assign an evolutionary value to a net negative requires some highly tenuous mental gymnastics.
          Frankly, men who fuck other men are very strong disease vectors. the taboo against anal sex has very smart origins… the contents of the anus are dangerous, they cause disentry as well as hundreds of other largely preventable diseases… Human waste products are best kept as far away from humans as possible, as is true for every mammalian species.
          In short, I don’t think that ‘being gay is nature’s mistake’ any more than ‘being a cannibal is nature’s mistake’. It is either a mental condition like psychopathy or disassociative disorder, a choice, or a mutation that should NOT be encouraged. Yes, the early attempts at curing homosexuals were often disastrous, but the same thing can certainly be said about the early days of medicine as well… mud packs, leeches, bloodletting… In truth, psychology is very much an infant science. Our mistake is in ceasing attempts to fix what is very clearly a dangerous disorder.

        43. If you don’t accept that “gay is natural” you are un-educated and bigot. But if you bow down to it, your educated and open minded. Sadly the word “educated” has got a new meaning. And please do you have link or a source stating that homosexuality doesn’t exist in animals? I’m tired of hearing this shit…

        44. If you don’t accept that “gay is natural” you are un-educated and bigot. But if you bow down to it, your educated and open minded. Sadly the word “educated” has got a new meaning. And please do you have link or a source stating that homosexuality doesn’t exist in animals? I’m tired of hearing this shit…

        45. The masses are asses.
          Fight back by saying: “Feminism is just a social construct”. “Heterosexuality is only natural”.

        46. The gay agenda is spiritual warfare against the human being.
          They (the elite that sponsored the gay/feminist movements, just follow the $$$) use it as a weapon to strengthen their power and wealth by weakening men and families starting with the minds of children. They also want to destroy souls because they hate us.

        47. Children’s sexuality is determined by their chromosomes and physiology. I should hope most parents are smarter than the government in trying to figure out their child’s gender/sex.
          Having child molesters, the mentally ill, those afflicted with homosexual temptations, celebrities, or the government tell a child that it’s okay to change their genetic/physiological determined sexuality is child abuse.

        48. Homosexuality is a mental illness. Typically from childhood sexual abuse or weak/non-existent father figures, brainwashing from schools and media.

        49. I agree that it’s a mental illness in the same way other genetic mental illnesses are passed down, but there’s quite clear evidence that homosexuality is genetic, not cultural. What is more than likely happening is that the mental hard-wiring that determines sexuality is being wired up backwards.

        50. Murderers have been around for forever also. Well Chicago wishes it had as few murders on a weekend as the Valentines day Massacre

        51. “Hey kids, I’m going to take you to see the urban freak show so you can feel REALLY GOOD about yourselves afterwards …”

      2. Chicago is a city where cops keep busy but a murder capital? Check the #of murders the last three years vs. that of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The city population is down 2-3% but the per capita rate is not as bad.

    2. It’s the clubs and easy access to night life. That is why they put up with big cities.

      1. I’ll defer commenting with my thoughts on that, heh.

    3. What is Columbus, OH like? I live close enough to be able to move there if i so please.

      1. Laid back, prosperous, quiet mostly compared to a giant city, and exceedingly clean. Taxes rather suck, but gun laws are fantastic (I’ve open carried walking up and Down the sidewalk outside the Statehouse, not a peep was said by any cops I passed). OSU dominates the sports scene, and also means we have tons of young, thin hot chicks. You get kinda spoiled by it actually. Republican governor AND State House/Senate. Artsy fartsy shit in the Short North, pleasant parks with summer time Shakespeare plays (Shiller Park). Base culture is German with a strong minority Irish influence. Lots and lots of blonde people.
        Not hard core religious, rather live and let live mostly. I live in the county north of Franklin, the richest county in the nation I believe or close to it. Beautiful homes and people.
        If you like scenery other than farm fields outside the city you are kind of fucked, but otherwise it’s pretty nice here.

        1. Property taxes aren’t that bad there are they? (yet). As for state taxes, I always get an Ohio tax return, except for one year, when I raided my 401 to try and start a business.

        2. Depends on the school district. I think our property taxes suck hind tit, but we are not staying past the kids graduation, so I look at it as simple fee for service. It is a FANTASTIC school system where we are.

        3. Yes, I am very familiar with the area. I went to Wesleyan. Delaware growth very similar to Medina growth up here. Pretty soon all of 71 will be a massive suburb.

        4. Delaware county is going bonkers with growth, yeah. Delaware city is still small town America nice though, I never mind heading up there.
          It is a great place to raise a family right now, though it is getting a bit crowded. Oh well, not a biggie really, we’re not long for striking out for Wyoming. My son graduates HS this weekend and my daughter is right behind him in 2 years.

        5. That’s where we’re looking actually. That, Buffalo and Cheyenne. Taking the wife out there next summer with me to give her a gander.

        6. cheyenne was dirt cheap several years ago when I was working there at the refinery just not enough trees for me but a good view of the mountains in Colorado

        7. Any Capitol city that has an large bronze statue of a white man wearing pistols riding a horse on a major bridge overpass gets my vote.

        8. My biggest beefs with taxes, policy, laws, etc. are almost always on the national issue. If Uncle Sam takes 45% of my paycheck (and wasting 40% or more), it matters relatively little whether Cousin New Hampshire takes 0% or Cousin Vermont takes 4%.
          Sure, I’d rather it be zero but at the end of the day, quality of life, weather, cost of living, safety, recreation, and other issues are far more important than the difference in tax rates between states.

        9. Agree on taxes, to an extent. Laws though? It matters a LOT to me if a state has no repspect for my rights. NY with its stop and frisk bullshit, and it’s highly unconstitutional gun laws, etc would have me moving immediately.

        10. How is Columbus, OH for a single Indian guy though? Most women that aren’t stuck up and nice towards a non Indian guy could act very stuck up and haughty with an Indian guy though. Never been to Columbus so don’t know how it’s up there.

        11. By Indian do you mean from India, or AmerInd (Native American as some call them)? The India types, can’t tell you exactly man. AmerInd, none exist here that I know of.

      2. Like most cities in America outside of the Northeast Corridor, the city’s pretty spread out, which isn’t necessarily a problem, but if you’re looking for that “human scale” feeling, only a neighborhood here or there in Columbus will afford it to you. Columbus was built around 1) being the seat of state government, 2) as the home of “the” (massive) OSU, and 3) more recently as a growing home for business. It’s neither an old river town like Cincinnati or Louisville, nor is it an old Rust Belt town like Cleveland or Detroit. Which means you escape a lot of the urban decay (still there but less of it) and rusted out abandoned factories, but you miss out on a lot of old neighborhoods and established institutions (outside of OSU). A lot of its growth is more recent, incorporating old villages around the city as suburbs, but with good infrastructure (at least with the roads). It’s not a bad place at all, and has a lot of upsides. If you’re looking for “city” living, it won’t be able to live up to expectations, if you’re coming from the NE or West Coast, or elsewhere. But then, it is less crazy, so that might be a sufficient trade-off for you. Also, it’s very centrally located, insofar as Midwest living goes.

        1. Fair review. You won’t find that human scale thing much, but I see that as an upside. Others might not. Victorian Village, German Village, the Short North, the Arena District, etc., all good and nice. And yeah, about two-ish hours from any other point in Ohio, give or take.
          I’ve done my time in some big cities and honestly the whole “lose yourself in the sea of humanity” and “party all day and night!” thing really has no appeal to me. We have our after hour after party spots but I’m really quite over that phase of my life now.

      1. I get that actually. I like visiting big cities, but they just keep me on edge all the time, it gets to be nerve wracking to me. Last time I was in Chicago it was for a weekend and I was done by the end of it. Paris I can only take in limited doses, and London has me crawling the walls after a few days. So much noise and bustle. But if it doesn’t bother a person I can see how it might be fun as a single man.

        1. It’s better to live on the outskirts of a big city. You have the small city advantage and a big city where you have many options ranging from employment to activities. To be honest, I always hated going up central London unless I was with my mates and it was adventurous.

        2. Not so much any city, I meant the giant major ones.

    4. With all due respect, GOJ, you are a few years older than some of the readers here, and married, to what by American standards is a rather feminine lady with traditional values and sex roles.
      The decision to either pump n dump or MGTOW is not one that men made; it was made for us. I wouldn’t want to live somewhere like Chicago long term, or raise a family there, but it is a fun city for either of the two above options, which is all the west seems good for these days…

      1. Wasn’t really commenting on how men behave. I just really get a headache out of big cities. Not the end all be all for me, like with some other men. If I can get a pretty woman easier outside of a city rather than inside, I’ll go with outside. If some dude is high tuned with city game, then I get why he would prefer it for pump and dump, yeah. But still, living in one just seems too disadvantageous to me, given my preferences.
        Iow, if the wife dies or divorces tonight, tomorrow I’m still living here in flyover. Big cities just bother me a lot.

    5. Yup, been in Columbus for a little over 12 years. Lower national profile than Cleveland or Cincy, but a much better place to live than either of those places. Lots of attractive, approachable women, IT jobs, and stuff to do.

      1. Very nice. At times I consider the wisdom of letting the cat out of the bag. Last thing we need is a horde of dudes in snakeskin suits, top hats and walking on stilts showing up.

        1. LOL! True. Then again, you might see some of them in the Short North on a Saturday night. I drive for Uber a few nights a week and get to see quite a bit of wacky shit in and around that area.

        2. Yeah, the Short North seems like the gathering point of hipsters and gays of the younger variety, while parts of German Village have the more established segment of gays. Good art walks though, and lots of interesting food.

      2. You were ok until you said LOTS of IT jobs. No one considers Columbus an IT job magnet.

    6. Miami is my city of choice. It’s a short route from island hopping in the Caribbean and there’s plenty of tourist bitches looking for samples of cock they won’t have to see again. From all over the world even.

      1. There are some things to like about Miami, but I can get kilos of Brickell Avenue attitude in nearly any North American city, and I’d rather be in the Caribbean than on South Beach …
        If I simply want to relax, I’ll take the time to drive up Dixie Highway and A1A to Saint Augustine.

        1. St Augustine is a nicely laid back little town with pretty scenery, excellent food (especially that one Cuban joint), and isn’t really in a hurry about much of anything.
          It may be a bit “touristy”, but that simply means there’s a fresh flow of pretty younger things that you can do your Established Older Dude/Most Interesting Guy Off The A1A thing with …
          The real thing is heading along A1A — it resets your clock and gets you used to not speeding around in a hurry, so that by the time you arrive, you’re relaxing instead of trying to drive Mad Max-style on 95.

    7. I won’t go near Cheyenne. That city tried to kill me twice. The city itself, not the people in it.
      It is surrounded by an evil air elemental fueled by the damned souls of dead truckers.

        1. Every time I approach cheyenne, there’s some kind of weird windstorm going on about half a mile outside of city limits, blowing trucks over, into ditches, and in my case spinning my truck and trailer around like a damned top.
          It’s like an evil cyclone with the city in the ‘eye’

        2. All I ever heard about was hordes of toothless meth-heads in Casper.

        3. I don’t truly believe it’s anything supernatural, but I’d rather not take any chances.

    8. Considering moving to the U.S. at some point. Any recommendations on where to look at basing myself?

    9. Cheyenne Wyoming huh?? Hmmm.. Not a place I would have thought of. As far as big blue cities go, the dating economics just works better. Feminism can only go so far when the number of good looking women to dudes is favorable, and it almost NEVER is in small cities or towns.
      So tell me a little about Cheyenne please? Is it somehow partially immune to all the modern garbage culture because it’s so far away from everything? I have been looking for a place like that for ages now. The problem is, young people who live in the country in Pennsylvania are the most impressionable people you’ll ever meet. They only know what they see on MTV

      1. It is a firmly right wing Capitol city. Beautiful, and the mountains in the distance are gorgeous. Their city statue is an armed cowboy on a bucking bronco. No carry laws to speak of it is all unlicensed and accepted, all forms of carry. Low taxes. Citizen base is mostly German and Scandinavia, so pretty people. And generally if you are a SJW they tell you to shut up or leave.
        I do not believe I’ve seen a young person out there carrying an iPhone, ever.

        1. A city in the U.S. that isn’t culturally dysfunctional is hard for me to imagine

    10. St Louis MO is a smaller version of Chicago. Cheaper and in a real RED STATE. Kansas City MO ditto. Plus the St Louis has the Cardinals and well Chicago has the Cubs…

      1. MO’ lack off legal state pre-emotion of gun laws is a big minus for me. Not a fan of patch work laws that make you a criminal in one spot and three yards away you are not.

      2. LMAO, T’aint Louis is NOT close to Chicago in appeal. You got Budweiser and that’s about it. What Fortune 1000 companies are based there? About to lose its second NFL.

        1. I was more referring to St Louis ( other midwest cities) and the quality of women. Midwest gals being more traditional , family oriented and less feminist and all that. Agreed STL isn’t Chicago …but it isn’t Detroit either. Fortune 1000 companies? Monsanto , Peabody Coal, Anheuser-Busch ( now InBev) , Ralston Purina, AG Edwards…a few heavy hitters. Would say less corrupt than Chicago. Maybe a bit less crime too. Trying to keep the Rams. Trying to get funds to build a new stadium. No NBA team yet.

    11. I keep trying to sell would-be tourists to the US on Lander WY, actually …
      You don’t wind up there by accident and whatever its faults may be, it really is an honest piece of the American West.

    12. Agreed. Much of this article is true but Chicago is still a VERY dangerous and oftentimes shitty place. They don’t call it the Murder Capital or Chiraq for nothing. I live here, so I know what its like. Its decent downtown and up north, especially compared to N.Y. but I live in the bad part of town where men and women are EQUALLY insane in my opinion. Growing up in the ghetto and other bad places is what made me realize how men’s rights were actually in jeopardy and it caused me to seek out sites like ROK, MGTOW,MRA etc and other men’s rights org. Chicago is decent in SOME places, but I’d much rather move. Its my goal.

  2. There is nowhere in America where girls are sweet to normal guys.
    If you went to a feminized city like SF you’d be treated well by the women if you were A) good looking or B) had Silicon Valley status.
    Most urbanized cities in the north and west are similar in this regard. The women are independent, all their needs are taken care of, so really all they are looking for is some good dick.
    It’s a complete wash where women are sweetest. Two guys would have entirely different experiences.
    If you can turn up the scumbag/asshole factor a few notches you could do very well with the hot women in the south, without status, game, or looks.

    1. Whatever the OP was trying to say wasn’t articulated well. Chicago resembles NY of midwest, for good or bad.

    2. > There is nowhere in America where girls are sweet to normal guys.
      In small town america, it happens all the time. It’s how I found game and the red pill, actually. I moved to SF and even in ordinary, non-sexual contexts the women were horrible to all the normal guys. It really threw me for a loop.

  3. I will co-sign just about everything Matt said here. I moved out to the Chicago land area about 3 years ago. For comparison purposes, I lived in New York City prior. Here is what I’ve noticed. Living in the Gold Coast (the affluent part of Chicago) alongside the Magnificent Mile (tourist trap), I saw the lawyer, doctor hub up close. The people there were your standard pompous assholes but the city made them nicer. The streets are far cleaner and while the Mile isn’t much in regards to distance, if you are from out of town you will see many beautiful people, pleasant people, solid architecture for the picture happy, and plenty of ways to spend your money.
    Where I reside now would be the North side of Chicago. I never hear of anything related to crime and have a house that has made it quite comfortable. The place is by far the cheapest place I’ve lived in rent wise and the women, time and time again have come across as feminine. While there are plenty of obese women, there are plenty of white women with curves (Midwestern culture supports eating) that I wouldn’t mind staying for a bit. They are open to smiling and every now and then I’ve had women stop their cars to say hi. It is so rare to hear SJW nonsense that the few I’ve run across in the last year, 3 white women, seemed like oddities. I would refer back to ROK articles to check if they were real.
    Overall, the night life is borderline nonexistent in relation to New York. If you want to swing out here, just avoid the far south side and with rent being so cheap that shouldn’t be hard. Walk around the city as well. The Loop (Downtown and Chicago’s heart) holds the most clustered areas of the city and has many beautiful women of all races. The women are sweet here (the SJW cluster fuck who told me of cat-calling spent 5 minutes explaining how she hasn’t been laid in a year and almost slowed into a conversation, far cry from bitch face that women can apply in NYC) which may have a lot to do with the fresh air and open land space. Even the job environment out here, outside of the Loop, are masculine in nature. One of my past bosses got punched by a co-worker. This was after I left the job.
    I would stay but I love fast living, fast learning, and faster women. And I miss having a night life. If only other cities had the same rent costs America would be a easier place to enjoy.

    1. “Overall, the night life is borderline nonexistent in relation to New York”
      What? Wicker Park? Logan Square? Downtown west of the gold coast? Ukranian village? Pilson? Wrigleyville? Andersonville? River North? West Loop?

      1. It doesn’t compare to NYC. The majority of those places are frat oriented so if your goal is drunken fights over some bruhs girlfriend get to it. And they close to early. 2am is late. 5 am is a miracle. In NY up until the morning is a staple. That and the trains shut down. Often without warning. If that were to happen in NY there would be riots.
        People sleep out here. In NY there is 100x the variety, people, crowd, food availability, transportation access. I’ll check out each of those areas just for some hope but thus far it is quaint but NY smashes the nightlife here.

        1. What the fuck are you talking about “the majority of those places are frat oriented”? Have you actually been to all the hoods I just listed? It doesn’t sound like it. 5 AM isn’t a “miracle”–people who actually go out know where the 5 AM bars are.
          As for the “variety” that gets you excited, I’m not really sure what you’re talking about? Ethnic diversity? That’s not really a huge concern for me. It sounds to me like you don’t really know what you’re talking about. There is more than enough top-notch nightlife here to satisfy anyone other than a shallow airhead who lives to go out clubbing. This was an article about the best overall place to live. If New York is that for you, why aren’t you there?

        2. Reread what I typed before. I stated I will visit some of those areas as I haven’t seen them all. From what I have experienced NY offered more in regards to Night life.

        3. I did re-read it–you contradict yourself.
          You’re ripping on Chicago’s nightlife, but you haven’t been to its hippest nightlife areas. If wandering around Navy Pier with a plastic cup of warm beer was the extent of my Chicago experience, I’d be disappointed, too.

        4. So for reference Navy Pier, Wicker Park, Wrigley field, Old town, Roger’s Park were all areas I’ve visited. Including the Loop. I prefer lounges. Mix of dancing, beautiful intelligent women, and roughly the 20-30 demographic. My experience thus far has left me underwhelmed. As Chicago’s night life is concerned these areas were decent but not exactly what I was looking for.

        5. I love in Bucktown / Logan Square. Nothing impressive. Last week I came to nyc for a visit and got laid my first night out. I’ve been living here in Logan Square over a year and local girls won’t come home with me.

        6. haha! blue line for the win with that smell (i live in logan/avondale). i must visit nyc again sometime.

        7. Here are the hoods I mentioned in my original reply to you, to serve as a kind of sampling of the types of places you can go in Chicago:
          “What? Wicker Park? Logan Square? Downtown west of the gold coast? Ukranian village? Pilson? Wrigleyville? Andersonville? River North? West Loop?”
          Of these, Wrigleyville is the only hood that is primarily a “fratboy’ area, although that really is simplifying it–it’s gotten kind of ghetto, to be honest, and I don’t go there to hang out at night.
          In Logan, Pilson, Uke Village, West Loop, River North you can find what you describe. It seems that English isn’t your first language, and NYC is more of an international hub than a true American city, so maybe you’d be better suited there. But if that’s true, why are you here? Is it because, overall, Chicago is a better city to live in than NYC?
          Or maybe not. Maybe your whole life revolves around clubbing at places in a constant state of uber-trendy makeover, and you belong in NYC–and degenerate gamblers belong in Vegas, and men who place their highest value on attaining the perfect beach tan should go to Miami. For me, Chicago, for all its faults, has no equal among major American cities for all-around quality of life.

        8. You know, when you are drunk, your avatar looks like the back of a guy’s hand giving a half-knuckle finger

        9. Solid suggestions on places to check out. Haven’t gotten a wide variety of choices since I’ve come out here. I will say you sound the way I used to about New York. You do realize the amount of joy a person gets from where they live depends solely on their own tastes? And my reasons for living in Chicago are my own.

    2. Yup, I will also back up this article. While there will be someone here or there who says “yeah but I got shot down at this bar once in the Loop by a fatty” or “I can’t walk into the Chicago Art Institute with my AK47” I will say that of any large American city, Chicago would be #1. Except for the weather.
      Chicago is simply amazing for 6 months out of the year. The rest of the time you are miserable, going from work to home to perhaps a restaurant, but it is a very repressive and frustrating lifestyle. Winter is so unbearable you will develop Resting Bitch Face just from exposure to the harsh dry winds hitting your face. I think that being able to live someone where the climate is naturally nice and you won’t simply die from exposure to nature without burning dead dinosaurs or running an A/C unit, is among the top priorities for location. It’s why California is so populous and prosperous. And it’s why I will be retiring to a more tropical climate out of the USA.
      But back to the good points of Chicago. While I was there, I was blue pill and in a LTR, and only beginning to see the truths of the world. In fact, I can thank Chicago for my redpill awakening, so in that regard it always holds a special place in my heart. But I distinctly remember one day on a double date, talking to a guy I just met while my GF and her female friend ran to the bathroom, and this guy who I didn’t even know was freely telling me how easy and desperate women were there and how easy it was to approach them. “look over there” he said, as he nodded to a table of 3 fit, cute, feminine women. “You think they’re here for the iced tea? Those girls are dying for a guy to come up and talk to them”. Sure enough, I looked around and there were several similar tables of lonely women, dressed to impress, hoping to meet someone.
      In addition to the above points Matt discusses, Chicago has some of the best restaurants anywhere in the world. And they are affordable. $20 to $30 will get you a gourmet delicious meal, not to mention the fact that you will be able to find whatever specialty you crave, ie raw food, obscure sushi, and of course the delicious deep dish pizza (Try Pequod’s if you are there–it’s the best and least touristy). Also I was addicted to the free daily paper–The Red Eye. Just enough basic info to entertain you on a quick L ride, and it always had a list of fun activities to do that day–often for free. It was so easy to go to one of those events, meet ladies, get digits, even as a bluepill amateur.
      The local schools keep a nice supply of young hot women around, and the fact that it’s affordable means that single ladies can afford to live there while working their fantasy jobs without having to resort to Dubai Portapottying on the weekends, which is a necessity in places like NYC.
      There was definitely some silly PC language nonsense there. I remember one time introducing my GF to one of my “black friends” and she was appalled that I would call someone with black skin black… lol
      My advice, if you are young and single, try living in a place like Chicago for a year or two. It’s fun. However, one caveat: Cities like Chicago have made men literally optional for women. They do not need us for anything. They are able to obtain food, shelter, a career, entertainment, friends, and all sorts of arrays of orgasm devices that have replaced a man in their life, so I would not recommend these women for LTR.
      Also, Chicago has huge penis envy for NYC.

      1. With regards to raising a family, Chicago is not the place for that. The city is too segregated overall and for a city. I would prefer if there was more to do over all but whatever. I will check out the Red Eye as It was pretty informative when reviewing events for Cinco De Mayo.
        Completely agree with your penis envy statement. I mention New York to people from Chicago, as that was where I lived for a few decades, and some people act as if it is measuring contest with which is better. For all intensive purposes New York City is huge in comparison to other US cities.

        1. With regard to NYC, check out NY Times article from last week comparing NYC to L.A. Seems like NYC has reached bubble status in terms of livability.

        2. I will. New York is my first home by default. I would love to go back and hopefully raise a family there.

      2. I could stand -30 C winter nights in Sweden …
        The only thing that Chicago winter threw at me that I couldn’t handle was the fact that rental vehicles typically don’t come equipped with what I consider proper winter running tyres — I opted to take Metra and CTA as much as possible because I didn’t trust the rental kit being offered.
        The hunger you mention that women have for men is completely spot on — the demographics are not in women’s favour in Chicago.

  4. It’s the “el”, not “L”. Its short for Elevated Rail, its not a line designation like the subways in New York.

    1. we have colors for lines! free pee smells on the blue line every morning!

  5. When I lived in NYC, I frequently had business trips to Chicago. I liked the city a lot, people were indeed nicer in general. The only thing that I didn’t really like about the city was the nightlife, but then again coming from NYC it somehow makes sense…

    1. Hot, and very humid. Frequent flooding when it rains, which fortunately is rare. Most animals there can and will kill you. You will become very spider aware. Vast open expanses of nothing. If you’ve never been attacked by a rabbit you will earn that story during your time there. And become comfortable with the word “tornado”. But..at least used to be… Some fine specimens of the female persuasion to be found, and people are generally friendly as long as you’re tight with Jesus…if you are not, do not ever bring that to light. Ever.
      Cost of living is good, outside of Dallas and CC. Beef is fantastic if it is local raised, best steaks ever, anywhere. Much more masculine culture than you will find in many other states.
      I lived in San Angelo for a stretch as an adult.

      1. I’m not a legalistic bible thumper but I sure get along with them and appreciate living amongst them. I’m cool if you think dancing and drums are of the devil. Maybe my kids will grow up and find spouses that are not total degenerates here.

        1. I totally agree. Was just noting for his benefit. There is no quicker way to social isolation in Texas than to let on that you and Jesus are not boon pals.

        1. Jack rabbits will charge you sometimes if you get too close. They ain’t cute docile little critters. I think it’s only during mating season though. A buddy of mine accidentally jumped one out of the scrub on the side if a runway and got semi-chased.

    2. Imagine a State capable of Union Seccession, a State capable of serving its own needs, as well as a State capable of being its own Country….. that’s Texas

    3. Really depends on where in Texas you’re moving, as different parts of Texas are very, very different. The closer to the Gulf Coast you live the more humid it is. Where I live (Houston/Galveston) it’s either really fuckin’ hot or really fuckin’ cold, but mostly just really hot. Not many tornadoes in this part, but the odd hurricane can fuck shit up in a hurry. Cost of living is good, economy is generally good. Texas is very conservative. Quite a few fine women, not so much general pussification. Mostly very friendly as long as you don’t talk crazy to people. Where you looking at locating?

    4. Lower taxes and more liberty if you’re comparing it to any blue state hive Peoples’ Republik.

    5. Also has the best job market right now, especially in Austin. Some may find the uber-liberalism compared to other parts of the state and hipster scene repugnant, however. Most likely just a by-product of being the state capital. There’s always a give-and-take anywhere you go.

      1. I’ve never been to Austin, but I’ve heard it is a city designed for 100,000 that now holds several times that. Plus capital cities (national or state) always disgust me. The first thing I do when I fly into a foreign capital is GTFO.
        The job situation in Houston is great. It’s also closer to the beach (South Padre Island) and is a first class city. Austin sounds like a fun place to visit but it’s in that tough zone of too large for the nicities of small town America and too small for things like public transportation system, professional sports, world class museums, etc.

        1. I’ve enjoyed my time in Dallas, Houston and Austin. All are different in their way and have awesome history. San Antonio and El Paso might as well be given back to Mexico at this point.

        2. Interesting, I found Austin to be a crap hole, Between being pan handled by the SJW, communist party college morons and the scientologists non-stop to join their causes(plus give them money) and the pseudo-music scene that took itself way too seriously. On the other hand San Antonio, while yeah it has a big latino population, came off way better to me. City had it’s own personality and didn’t take itself too seriously, even making fun of Austin for stuff like their “Keep Austin Weird” campaign.
          But hey that’s the value of varying perspectives.

    6. Austin is interesting for game, big state university keeps the town young, and live music scene and bar scene doesn’t get boring. Cities like Dallas have bigger population but feel like suburbia, married with children demographic.

  6. Not sure I’d move to any big liberal city, don’t care how many supposedly hot, friendly chicks are there.
    Things are going downhill fast. Tensions are going to blow up in those types of cities long before they blow up in more conservative cities or rural areas.

  7. Great writeup – I pretty much wrote off the whole Midwest but maybe that part deserves a second look. Also pleased to hear some sense coming to town with the CCW laws.

    1. Where did you live in the Midwest that caused you to form that opinion?

      1. I didn’t – which is why I probably have that opinion of midwestern, blue state cities.

  8. Matt, will you do a Chicago meetup again?
    You’ll also notice the die-hardism for Chicago sports by all the locals. The atmosphere is awesome.
    Welcome to the Chi

    1. very good. because its americas big frozen city, there’s always employment for highly skilled & professional employees. no one wants to live in chi-beria half the year
      as for the women? i’ll have forney answer that in 6 months

      1. Cool thanks.
        You’re right we should see if Forney changes his mind about the wimminz.

        1. If you liked the lady from the last article you’ll love the women in Chicago overall. They some how cultivated all the sweetest neighboring ladies and gave the food and architecture to take pictures of. A lot border on the thick but there are the petite as well. Just walk around in the tourist areas like The Loop and Gold Coast and you should see plenty of women to like. This is the first state where I’ve met women with cankles so there is that too.

  9. I know you’re a very worldly guy Matt but be careful in Chicago. That war zone level of bloodshed is very real and it has spread its tentacles from its home bases on the south and west sides. Interestingly though gentrification is spreading to such urban hellholes as the East Garfield Park and Humboldt Park neighborhoods. I left Chicago in the mid 80’s and not a day goes by that I don’t miss it. A very tough but real place. A great novelist from Chicago once wrote “Once you’ve come to be a part of this particular patch, you’ll never love another. Like loving a woman with a broken nose, you may well find lovelier lovelies. But never a lovely so real.”
    Nelson Algren: Chicago: City on the Make
    Read John Kass in the Tribune. He has the pulse of Chicago like Mike Royko the greatest urban journalist ever once did. While your at it read Royko’s classic Boss and the book Clout by TV journalist Len O’Connor. Both books over 4 decades old but invaluable if you want to learn about the history and culture of the most American city of all.

      1. Lest we forget, Chicago’s newly re-elected mayor, Barack Obama’s former chief of staff, is a dual citizen.
        Guess which country he holds in allegiance over the US? Israel. Guess which country’s military he volunteered for, as an American living in America, during the first Gulf War? USA? No.
        I rest my case.
        Why we would allow anyone with split loyalties into a leadership position in this country boggles my mind.
        These dual-citizens are as common in the highest positions of USGOV as sluts are in LA.
        So hoiho’s post is actually right on point.

        1. Guess which country’s military he volunteered for […]
          Emphasis on volunteer. Emanuel spent a few weeks with the IDF as an American civilian volunteer in a program called Sar-El. Program volunteers perform non-armed, support tasks for the IDF. Emanuel performed maintenance on truck brakes on a base in northern Israel.
          Of course, Americans can serve in a foreign military as soldiers — Emanuel did not. Now serving as a commissioned or non-commissioned officer in the armed forces of a foreign state is something else entirely. You really don’t want to do that, unless you want to lose your American citizenship. It’s at that point the government essentially considers you to have dual loyalties.

    1. Where the fuck are the mods?
      Somebody is trying to make us look anti-semetic.

        1. Put whatever label you want on it. Stormwatch trolls turn any website into a ghost town on the net. Ranting that hitler killed fewer people than stalin doesn’t attract advertisers.

        2. The economy is being destroyed from the inside out, thanks to Zionist owned central bankers, the zionist owned media, the zionist owned corporations, the zionist owned government and everything else in America.
          The cat is out the bag. “Anti-semite” has no real meaning left anymore, and is used as a defence tactic on every occasion by zionist filth pigs.

    2. As a side note, pretty sure that quote is a fake. I’ve tried to find a source/documentation on it before and couldn’t come up with anything. If you find a reliable source though, I’d be interested

  10. Wtf is up wit dese comments dudes? It’s a blitzkrieg for a day or two and then all is forgotten. Typical western cunts lol

  11. The Mecca of “Meh”.
    On a serious note, though, I don’t think it’s called the Second City for nothing.. It seems like, from what you say, one just has to get one’s bearings and fast, like any other big city, albeit with its own particular character to be discovered.
    Can’t say I’d rule it out.

      1. Haha!
        I was referring to the mixed bag Forney’s describing in this piece. “Meh” as in middling or indifferent, but a Mecca nonetheless when you consider alternatives… like Portland. (See Forney’s other article on why it sucks.)
        I’ve never been to Oregon, but Portland sounds atrocious. I’ve been reliably informed (by those who have both visited and lived there) that Portlandia not an exaggeration, just a highlights reel.
        …In which case, GO CHI-TOWN!

        1. Yeah, nothing in this life is perfect (aside from maybe Jessica Alba’s ass at one point) but Forney’s take on Chicago’s virtues is pretty accurate. I think he might have understated the horrors of the winters, and exaggerated the shittiness of the mass transit system here. Then again, I’ve always made sure to live near an el stop. And if you’re willing to ride the bus, there’s really nothing to complain about too much on that end.

  12. You fail to note the tax and budget situation in IL. How their pension plan is basically bust, their property taxes are some of the highest in the country, that you cannot own a firearm with a ‘firearm owners card’ What ever the fuck that is…
    When the government of IL can no longer pay pensions to its blue heroes, hose heroes, teacherheroes, and every other public ‘servant’ they’re going to be forced by IL Constitution to take it by force from the remaining tax payers in IL.
    Good luck with that if you live in IL.

    1. IL has become like NY or CA. Its mostly blue. But small towns are less fucked up.

      1. To be honest, it’s not the whole state; just that cesspool adjacent to Lake Michigan. For example, in the 2010 gubernatorial election, Illinois Senator Bill Brady, the Republican candidate, won 98 out of 102 counties but still lost to Governor Jell-O, a/k/a Colonel Klink’s doppelganger.

  13. Good article.
    Some notes on this:
    “what with its horrific metro system,”
    This feels like an exaggeration to me. I think once you get used to it, it won’t seem so bad.
    “wacky weather”
    Yeah, what are you going to do? The summers are truly great.
    “and war zone-level of bloodshed”
    TOTALLY avoidable. Just don’t go to the Chiraq hoods.

  14. but where to live? I heard the area around wrigley is pretty sweet for us oppressors.

  15. Matt, I live about 40 mins from Chicago and I go down there quite a bit.
    Maybe it’s better then New York, but damn is the city expensive. Bar’s are not cheap.
    SJWs often dwell around areas down there like DePaul. Most girls in the city are approachable, but it depends…

  16. well, if forney likes the city he can have it.
    that approachability is just a smoke screen, it buys you a few extra minutes, nothing more.
    as an aside, daygame is virtually non-existant here. i’ve met 7 guys who do it so if your daygame is tight, you can do well here. otherwise…
    well enjoy chicago anyways 😀

    1. I’ve done day game mainly in ny and Europe and had some success. I thought I could apply the same strategies in chicago but alas, Chicago women are some of the most cold non-flirtatious women I’ve encountered.

      1. preach brother! i lived it.
        the worse rejection i had in europe was better than the best polite-girl-but-shes-nervous banter in chicago

      2. Another possibility you may not have considered perhaps? I do not know about Chicago, but lots of the more, ahem, comical forms of game leave women cold here. You show up dressed as Mystery and run clown game and you’ll be given the cold shoulder many times. That shit was invented around dead, soulless women, and it works on them. More grounded types, eh, not so much. What works out here is more old school, like old school masculinity, not taking bullshit, men that can build shit with their hands is even still admired. Maybe not in Chicago, but certainly in flyover country.

        1. I considered that but my game is very low key. I don’t run clown game. I make normal observational conversation with women. I am in my thirties, tall, with an intimidating look. So I keep my movements slow and speech melodic to build comfort. When I say chicago women are non-feminine I mean unexcitable, non-compliant, cocky, and always on the defense. EE women love my game. Midwestern women are prone to date in their small circles. Meeting a stranger is frowned upon. The cock blocking comes from all angles, friends, family, coworkers. Even if they never met you they assume the girl is too good for whoever they are dating. “They met on the street” is not a good story to a chicagoan.

        2. Fair enough, must be a Chicago thing then. Don’t know any woman around here who looks down on meeting a stranger, though it is true that you wil be “introduced” a lot more than other places I’ve lived. But yeah, we ain’t Chicago, so that’s interesting to know.

        3. You are exactly right my friend. Women in Chicago DO NOT like meeting men on the street. They only like meeting men through their friends.

  17. Great place to visit, great eats, etc. But the girls, on general, were thicker than most. Several you’d walk over an see a pretty face and she’d stand up and it would be oof. They were friendly as hell though. I’ll take Montreal, where you get friendly and hot.

  18. There is great economic opportunity in Chicago. Im a city person. And even though it’s a good place to settle down (with a foreign girl), it’s a terrible place to grow up. Way more blue pill than nyc. Blue pill combined with sports fanatic faux-masculinity is not something I want for my son.
    I was born and raised in chicago. The best thing I did was leave. Living in other cities I learned how to make friends who are like me and how to get laid. I never got that in Chicago. The women treat you like garbage because they can. Every bar and nightclub has almost DC-style ratios. My only lays in Chicago were girls from other parts. Local girls you will have to settle for are ghetto or fat feminist entitled. You will never see women wear heels.

  19. Enjoy it while you can. Ming the Magnificent will vaporize the city and all its inhabitants very soon.

    1. In the meantime I hear the minge is magnificent
      Prepare to launch your very own war rocket Ajax

  20. As much as I love the blues and deep dish pizza, I’m not about to get shot up. I can do that at home.

  21. Just what exactly is the matter with their transit system?
    I’ve heard it compared with Toronto’s system which is literally the worst on the planet.

    1. The closest train stop to Soldier Field, Navy Pier and a lot of other tourist attractions is a mile or more away.

  22. I have to question the validity of this article. I currently live in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. Finding a one-bedroom apartment (not a studio!) in Lincoln Park for $1000/month is nearly impossible. A two-bedroom apartment in LP for $1000/month? No flipping way!! That is a pipe dream. Either this is a load of bs or your friend is lying to you.
    FYI, I am a big fan of this site so don’t take this as me bashing ROK.

    1. Friend of mine had a 3-BR in LP for $1500/mo. It was above a vet, so the drawback was some of the patients would make noise.

    2. You should be able to find a space there for cheaper. There are 4 bedroom apartments in Rogers Park for 1300 a month. Saw a family of 6 living in one over by Touhy. Just saying.

      1. Rogers Park? there’s a reason is cheap up there. watch out for dindus and section 8’s near loyola u

        1. No idea what dindus is. But Loyola is a nice perk for being out here.

        2. 2 bed? thats par for the course in chi. logan/avondale is about 1700 for a 2 bed.
          if its a studio or 1 bed then you’re in andersonville/edgewater or at the edge of a-ville, your landlord just didnt tell you.

        3. 2 bed, extended lease. Otherwise it would be 2100 for 12 months.
          About 6 years ago in Logan I had a 2 bed plus basement heat included 750.

        4. must be closer to loyola or right on the water then. news to me as last year, i was gonna get a rogers studio for a song. then i looked at the crime map lol.
          logan’s full of hipsters now, that 750 is a studio in avondale (i pay a bit more for mine)

  23. I heard that ‘Bathhouse Barry’ Obama himself finds Chicago to be the best city in america for men.

    1. Certainly, many a middle-aged caucasian Chigagoan penis misses Barry’s bobbing or Soetero’s suckling.

  24. I’ve told countless numbers of single women who complain about the men in San Francisco, or LA, or NYC to move to Chicago, there’s a lot of normal men in Chicago who aren’t afraid of commitment, you just gotta like sports.

  25. Doesn’t Chicago have a problem with racist black thugs attacking whites?

    1. Chicago might as well be two cities in terms of crime. The thuggery is pretty well contained in the south and further west

    2. No they don’t They might attack your racist behind. Willbest said it best.

  26. Chicago’s demographics naturally prevents it from being overly faggotized – social justice is a disease of the privileged urban whites

  27. I have always wanted to visit Chicago after seeing Blues Brothers back in the day.. and I definitely intend to go to Wrigley Field to see the lovable losers! That place seems like a giant beer garden, with sports. What could be better than that? My mate and I met a couple of hot Chicago chicks in Vegas and scored.. if the girls are anything like those two, I can see why Matt is singing the city’s praises. They weren’t stuck up feminists at all, they were a lot of fun. Also met a really cool husband and wife when we were in Cabo, the guy was a top bloke and his Mrs was hot!

  28. Bad things about Chicago :
    1) Cold, shitty weather 7 months/year.
    2) A lot of militant, entitled blacks.
    3) People are fat
    L.A. wins on those three counts.

    1. Oh I forget about those friendly Crips, Bloods and Eastside gangs in Los Angeles. And who has a BIGGER reputation for LIBERALISM!? California hands down. Toad..lick it. lol

    1. Nookie just jumps in your lap there don’t it!? I remember as a kid reading a Playboy Mag article about the U.S. Naval Base at Subic Bay, at the time, the largest outside the U.S. . It was like a horny-mans heaven.

      1. To be fair, I had a girl lined-up already.
        But I got on Tinder & my inbox was packed immediately. The only complaint was tranny control. I mistakenly liked 3 trannys.
        But, a guy could easily go over there with no plan at all & kill it.
        In addition, EVERYONE in Philippines speaks English. Even 60 y.o. cab drivers.
        I like that country a lot.
        A good code of ethics. Human respect, no theft & the dollar goes quite a ways.

  29. Better than Houston?
    Sure. We had a lesbian mayor, but since that novelty wore off and we quickly got sick of her, there’s nowhere to go but up.

  30. “mentality dissuade lunatic moral crusaders such as NYC’s Bill de Blasio from getting into power and imposing all sorts of insane SJW edicts”
    Yes Rahm Emannuel is SOOOO much better.

    1. I’mma gonna give this darkie an up vote, he made a good point. blind squirrel and nuts, stopped clock and twice a day and all that.

  31. Im sure it’s not a specifically Chicago-transit phenomenon, but whats up with the apparent racism behind cell phone vendors not selling headphones to black people? Every ride on the Red line there will be one (or several) black people listening to their fucking rap on their phone’s loudspeaker. What gives?

  32. I dare your ass to live in Joliet. I’ve lived here damn near 15 years: this is nothing like the south east side of Chicago, but it’s still a shithole.you want to talk about damn near losing your balls, try being an AT&T premises technician down here.

  33. This is laughable- do you seriously live in Chicago?
    1. You say the people are nice, because some hipsters liked your tshirt, but right before, you talk about war-zone bloodshed- your interpretation of nice is interesting.
    2. Stop approaching women, which by the way is what they are called- girls are in grade school. These women are being nice because you are a jackass- and everyone loves a good foil.. Btw. nice goatee bro.
    3. Chicago is not cheap- at all. The cost index for Chicago is 123, where as the national average is 100. Granted, its not as extreme as San Fran or NYC, but its expensive nonetheless. Oh but your friend got a place in LP on the cheap? Well then, nevermind! Side note: total bullshit on that stat- I dont believe there is a $1000/mo 2bd apartment in LP, but even if there was, it would be a total POS shoebox. But, since we are playing the game of friends real estate, my friend owns a number of apartment buildings in a less-than-desirable area of the city- and he rents these units to government subsidized tenants at $800/ per month, per bedroom in the unit. So even he, in an area where you might actually need a gun to be safe, gets more than 1000/ month for a 2 bed. Your friend must be one hell of a negotiator.
    4. This goes back to number 1- why would you move to a city that you feel requires you to keep a gun on your person in order to be safe? Also- your data is false- YTD 2015 there have been 121 murders, YTD 2014, 98- so much for all those good guys with guns. Here is a link to the CPD stats, for your own education: https://goo.gl/cNHgSt
    5. Rahm was taken into a runoff election, for the first time in city history, by a candidate who, in almost any other city, red blue or otherwise, would have been laughed off the ballot in the run up to the primary elections.
    You write like an angry teenager with a thesaurus- Your arguments are weak and ill informed- if you are going to insist writing for an audience, take one writing class at the city college- it will really help!

    1. Haha brilliant. I was going to retort but you seemed up my thoughts perfectly.
      It also is worth noting Cook County has the highest income tax in the country. Rahm cooks the books on the murder rate. There all categorized differently so it looks like there’s less murder/crime.
      I live in Rogers Park. 1800/month rent. Shit hole compared to LP.

  34. Are you aware the Chicago’s credit rating is now at junk status? Chicago is the next Detroit. The author of this article is a moron.

  35. This website and all the inbred coons associated with it are a cosmic fucking joke. Bad enough having one idiot on a soapbox but when a group of you fuckers get together it’s a more disastrous tragedy than the damn holocaust. Females supporting this tripe are worse than the insecure, egomaniacal asshats beating their chests for an ounce of power over the opposite sex – you idiot hags. Your arguments have zero validity and a fellow tard cheering you on doesn’t lend you any…but of course dumb ass people don’t know they’re dumb. So let me help you out – you’re all dumb as shit. All of you are failing at life…kill yourselves and try again.

  36. This website and all the inbred coons associated with it are a cosmic fucking joke. Bad enough having one idiot on a soapbox but when a group of you fuckers together it’s a more disastrous tragedy than the damn holocaust. Females supporting this tripe are worse than the insecure, egomaniacal asshats beating their chests for an ounce of power over the opposite sex – you idiot hags. Your arguments have zero validity and a fellow tard cheering you on doesn’t lend you any…but of course dumb ass people don’t know they’re dumb. So let me help you out – you’re all dumb as shit. All of you are failing at life…kill yourselves and try again.

  37. This website and all the inbred coons associated with it are a cosmic fucking joke. Bad enough having one idiot on a soapbox but when a group of you fuckers together it’s a more disastrous tragedy than the damn holocaust. Females supporting this tripe are worse than the insecure, egomaniacal asshats beating their chests for an ounce of power over the opposite sex – you idiot hags. Your arguments have zero validity and a fellow tard cheering you on doesn’t lend you any…but of course dumb ass people don’t know they’re dumb. So let me help you out – you’re all dumb as shit. All of you are failing at life…kill yourselves and try again.

  38. Pittsburgh is a low cost city AND I don’t need to get a FOID (firearms owner ID) to own my guns.

    1. but its PITTSburgh. Cold, mountainous, city with bad shopping and no nightlife. Hell barely can afford to support the Penguins. Better than Cleveland or Cincy but that ain’t saying a whole lot.

  39. downtown is cool, but i had a shit ton of good fortune pussy-wise in the west burbs

  40. What’s side of Chicago did you settle on? Let’s meet for beers Forney!

  41. I was born in Berwyn, IL and raised in Westchester (still in Cook County). Bought a house in Elmhurst and then St. Charles, before finally divorcing my Filipina cunt wife and moving to Tampa Bay. I would NEVER move back to Chicago. Yes, the people are nicer and more genuine than New York and Los Angeles in general, but the cold weather and gray sky lasts forever. Housing is much cheaper down here and the beach is 3 miles away! Besides, it’s quiet here. The only noise is when the lawn care folks are doing their thing once a week. As for women, bleeeh… I am a MGTOW. I stop wasting my time and money on females over 10 years ago. But I enjoyed the article, bro.

  42. Chicago’s a nice city with a lot of sluts per capita, especially if you venture into West Chicago and the immediate suburbs, it still is a liberal city, but since the democratic party has shown itself to be corrupt, there is a less tolerance to elect left of center leaders.
    I would go there during the summer, but avoid it during the winter when temperatures can range 10-20 degrees below zero.

  43. Reason #2 is wrong in my opionion. Couldn’t be more off. Women here are pretty crappy, especially BLACK WOMEN. In fact, I don’t think all other ethnicities of women here are far behind. I’m not saying 100% of them have horrible personalities but by and large, YES, it’s pretty negative here. I stay on the South Side. It’s not a good idea to come over here but if you do, you’ll see what I’m talking about. You’ll very likely get dirty looks from these whores, gossiped about and there’s no telling what else they’ll to do to you or get you in some kind of trouble if you cross them or just rub them the wrong way. Same pretty much goes for these black guys in the ghetto areas of Chicago as well. Maybe if you’re downtown everything is swell and dandy. But things can get crappy down there as well. Chicago is getting more like New York if you ask me. Like I said before, women can be nice here, but it doesn’t overshadow much of thier shitty behavior and it is still my personal opinion that among black women with shitty personalities, the worst of them can be found in THIS city. Just my opinion.

  44. This guy clearly does not know what he is talking about. I have lived here my whole life and I can tell you that Chicago is the WORST city in America. First of all, it has the highest murder rate of any city in the country. Also, it has the highest sales tax of any city in the USA.
    Chicago is also one of the “fattest” cities in America. A lot of the women here are fat and the ones that aren’t fat are hideous looking. There are almost NO attractive women here at all (this includes the suburbs).
    People here are not friendly and they drive like maniacs and road rage is a daily occurrence here.
    I have traveled throughout the United States and can honestly say, DO NOT move to Chicago for any reason, it is an absolute hell hole!

  45. Girls are sweeter? Seriously? I am a Shitcago native who has also visited many different cities and I can tell you that women in shitcago have to be the most rude, entitled, stuck up, bitchiest, xenophobic, and cliquish bitches to ever walk the face of this planet. And the few DECENT women in shitcago who are not that way are FUCKING TAKEN!!!!
    Shitcago is also full of aging career women who basically live at work and use their job to cop out of dates. These women want men who are perfect in every facet of life. If you do not make at $100,000 a year, not in tip top physical shape, and were not popular in their high school, you will get nothing from these bitches.
    And these fefails are almost impossible to approach on the street because they only want to date guys they went to high school with (and the guy has to be one of the popular guys) or guys their bitches they call friends sets them up with. Fuck these cliquish cunts.
    The issue with shitcago is most of the women grew up sheltered in the suburbs and have been taught that men are all evil and are only good for money. So these girls grow up not trusting any man they have no known for at least 10 years. These girls also like to live life like it’s the movies where the guy and the chick are friends first then end up in a relationship then have sex. The only guys who they will promptly fuck are rich guys and criminals.
    You are better off moving to a college town in Michigan (MI girls are WAY nicer than Illinois bitches). Shitcago fefails are a sick joke!!! FUCK THEM!!!!!!

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