How To Reverse America’s Cultural Decline

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Many critics have complained that solutions have not been proposed to the cultural problems described in the manosphere. Part of the reason is that we are more like scientists than policy figures, but I will now propose a program that can help the cultural and demographic ills facing the Western world today.

As much as I would like to make proposals that would nip most problems in the bud (e.g. repealing women’s suffrage), we must be realistic and work within the confines of Western-style democracy. Here are my recommendations:

1. Repeal Title IX. This policy has masculinized women by increasing their participation in male sports by a factor of 9. It has made them hyper-competitive and has also been used as a legal weapon to persecute male college students through anti-male sexual assault awareness programs (i.e. re-education). Its repeal would allow girls to focus more on useful nesting skills instead of athletic competition while simultaneously reducing rape culture hysteria, allowing men to educate themselves properly and peacefully without fear so that they can be future pillars and leaders of the country.

2. Repeal the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). This law has created grotesque inequalities in the home by giving women the power to imprison men with one call to the police with a false claim of abuse. This act effectively replaces a husband as head of the household with the government, creating family distrust and further enslaving and controlling a man’s behavior by requiring him to comply with whims of the state.

3. Enforce equality of the law and due process. If a man and woman both drink during sexual encounters, the law must treat them equally instead of placing the burden of consent solely on the male. Allegations of rape or violence by women should not be automatically believed, and divorce laws should recognize that women are not necessarily more fit and capable of raising children than men, especially if they whore around with bad boys who have a prior criminal record.

4. Repeal or forbid laws that regulate sexuality, sex, or bedroom activity. Birth control, abortion, and sex change operations should not be funded by taxpayers. All behavior relating to the sex instinct should be an individual choice left up to adults, not the state, which has proven its incompetence and unfairness when trying to regulate human pair bonding.

Imagine for a second what the country would be like if these four recommendations were implemented. Would it greatly improve the quality of women, clear their mind of anti-male brainwashing, make them normal weighted, and increase their suitability for marriage? Not as much as we’d like, unfortunately. As long as the culture is dominated by a far-left media establishment that continues to poison the population, and as long as universities continue to serve as socialist zombie factories, I’m afraid that government policy alone will only bring forth marginal improvements. It’s better than nothing, and would ensure more men are treated fairly by the law, but most of you would probably not notice the changes in your everyday life.

Even worse, as long as women have the right to vote, these policy changes would probably not last a generation until the newest wave of white knight politicians re-implement progressive policies and we’re back to where we started. True change would take more than repealing a few laws—we’d have to greatly influence universities to re-write curriculums to represent a more traditional world outlook and also control the output of the media. This will never happen unless we see a Stalin-esque figure take control over America, and then we’d have a different set of problems to worry about as those who live in dictatorships today can tell you.

The only time we’d get change that lasts generations is if the current degenerate culture no longer benefits the elites in power. When it suits their wallets to embrace a more traditional program, you’ll see it implemented in the media, universities, and government within a generation. This would definitely happen in the case of a decreasing population, but as you can see with the latest amnesty order from Obama, the elites are bending the Constitution to make sure this never occurs, and even conservative candidates for the next presidential election like Jeb Bush favor open door immigration. A worldwide shock event like a new World War would still affect the United States far less than other countries due to its geo-strategic location, so sadly there is no way I can conceive that we would ever find ourselves living in a country that doesn’t persecute neomasculine ideals.

But what would happen if we convince one man and one woman at a time that our views would serve their lives better than progressive views? What if an ideological revolution occurs where over 50% of both men and women long for tradition and reason, and the power of the ruling elites is threatened unless they give large bread crumbs to the agitating masses? Then lasting change can occur. It’s a slower method than a dictator flicking the switch, but winning hearts and minds, as long as you really do have the correct ideology and are persistent about sharing it, may save us yet.

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288 thoughts on “How To Reverse America’s Cultural Decline”

  1. Demography is destiny. We could do all 4 of those things and we would still be doomed because in a few decades, The West will not be majority white. Secure the borders, take away women’s suffrage, and start putting some serious limits on how many immigrants we can take every year. With certain, *ahem*, groups, maybe shipping them back to where we bought them from will be necessary to keep America alive for another 150 years.

    1. ship them back? far too expensive and a logistics nightmare (plus they wouldn’t be welcome on the receiving end either). instead, mandatory sterilization of these aforementioned groups (could be done while finger-printing them during their first trip to the big-house!).

    2. Id personally like to see a return to Europe. The only option in the new world would be something separate but Im not sure how that would work out.

    3. There are plenty of non-white groups that are more traditional and conservative than the USA. I would even go as far as to say most. I do not buy this argument that brown people will be the ruin of America. Indeed, we have gotten where we are today almost by ourselves.
      I do see a point concerning former slaves, but they have been here almost since the beginning so there is no use crying about it now. Yes, we fucked up bringing them here. But there is no feasible solution to it. And it’s not just white = good and black = bad. There are respectable, intelligent, family minded blacks in western civilization, just not in the welfare ghetto culture of the AA communities.

  2. American cannot be saved from the cultural decline. Remember, these changes that we have been seeing, will only benefit a small group of private interests, who will do everything to ensure that they cannot be stopped.
    Ever since deindustrialisation where all of the manufacturing plants and factories were shipped off to foreign countries, what we have been witnessing in the West is the decline and errosion in masculinity and the rise of the service sector industry.
    And here lies the real problem. Ever since the implementation of feminism, this has given rise to the creation of Human Resources. In all my life, I have never seen a department so useless and irrelevant to the workings of a corporation, that it actually allows a group of misandrists to act as the gatekeepers to the field of employment. So even though you have worked hard, got the best results in all the online and aptitude tests, you will still be rejected for the position, simply because you are not female.
    Over the last decade, we have seen the outnumbering of men in the workplace where women are now the primary breadwinners. This in turn, has contributed significantly towards the cultural decline as we have handed over the power to women. Since women are now making the money, men have been deprived from jobs, and as a result, are turning into trophy husbands dependant on the woman for his survival.
    In addition to the field of employment, feminism has also wrapped its tentacles around the family courts. I mean my God, the number of cases that one can see when visiting the courts, where men have been deprived the right to their children, losing all their assets and being financially raped for ailmony, child support, and every other means of extortion, makes you truly realise that men no longer have a voice left in society. Furthermore, add in the consequences of boys being raised by single mothers, and you can see the cultural decline rapidly increase.
    When men can no longer impose their views and beliefs because of the roadblocks of feminism, then expect society to go to chaos. Men built and created the companies that today’s women have the privilage of working in. We are also responsible for advancing our civilisation and making it possible for women to make progress. But no, according to feminists, we men are the villains, and stopping them from being heard.
    It is unfortunate that today’s modern day woman is ungrateful and repulsive towards men who have made it possible for her to enjoy the luxuries that she indulges herself with. So when men are cut out from the picture, then expect the cultural decline to continue in this Twilight Zone we find ourselves in.

    1. Women have always been ungrateful! Until men stop doing things for women, women will feel they are entitled to be served this way.

    2. Sadly, I wanted this article to inspire confidence that we can turn things around, but I agree with the sentiments above. Indeed, America simply cannot be saved from cultural decline, without a huge catastrophic event. And these typically change things for the worse.
      The best and only effective change would be to install some type of Saudi Arabian level of laws which separate men’s duties from women’s and places a damper over the behavior and ambition of women. This is never, ever, ever, ever going to happen in America.

      1. It can change and it will change. As you’ve so eloquently elucidated, we CAN separate men’s roles from women’s. We CAN damper female ambition and behavior… and it begins in the home with our own daughters. When you stare into the little round smiling face of your current or your future daughters, know she’s smiling because she’s devising ways to manipulate her Daddy to get what she wants. Belt that smile off her face until her rebelious ass is so red she can’t sit for a week. Forbid her from seeking higher education and instill in her a healthy doubt about her own abilities so that she always defers to Men for fear of God. It has to start in the home! AWALT, sadly. Once men begin acknowledging the unthinkable, that their precious little snowflake is just a tiny little harpy cunt in waiting – the societal change will commence.

        1. Great libtard, why don’t you shit out a few more empowerrred female doctors or perhaps your little future carousel-riders might prefer a wymyn’s studies degree. Mangina much? I suppose you’re a huge VAWA supporter too.

        2. Corporal punishment is one thing… beating a little girl within an inch of her life is something entirely separate. I take it you’ve never had kids?

        3. It’s a turn of phrase you easily triggered beta simp. Yes I have a daughter who is not allowed to play her with brothers’s toys or allowed to engage in any kind of aggressive play and who has toy dolls and a toy stove that she is mandated to learn from. Real men put women in their place because women don’t go there willingly.

        4. Do you have a daughter? Because I can’t imagine any man with a daughter talking like this. I do agree with you that we (fathers) can change our daughters, but not even remotely to the way you have described. Let me be as clear as I can be: My goal as a father is to have my daughter’s dependence for love and guidance be transferred from me to Jesus Christ, and then to her future husband.

        5. Yes, what could be more Christian than raising empowered, professional carousel riders. Lemme know how that works out for you in 18 years.

        6. You do realize that she would forsake all that love for the promise of false prestige and a PhD in order to manifest her own rebellious need for autonomy. It has to be stopped. They all branch swing and the branches are often times not necessarily men, but opportunities for virulent independence via ill gotten means like usurping jobs and educational opportunities that are the rightful provenance of Men.

        7. I am glad you said that because you are wrong. This is how I know my faith is real. You are correct that the kind of prestige a PhD brings is false.

        8. I hope you find someone to remove the stick from your ass. I’ll be praying that it falls out painlessly.

        9. Not really sure why you brought that up. The question is “how do we reverse America’s cultural decline.” You and I agree that the answer begins in the home with fathers being a meaningful influence on our daughter’s lives. Where you and I disagree, assuming you are telling the truth, is how to exercise that influence. Quite frankly, I am beginning to believe you are a troll and simply seeking to cause problems.

        10. It has always seemed rather strange how so many fathers possess the odd inclination to raise their daughters as they would a son. However, most individuals are simply products of their time, as has been true throughout history.

        11. The problem is female autonomy. Do you believe that they should have the right to actively garner high paying careers where they become empowered decision makers for their families? Is that reasonable to you? Because I feel that few things have a greater deleterious impact on society than women functioning outside of the home. They don’t want to go back and I believe they need to be guided back via any means necessary for the betterment of society.
          I also believe there’s no greater enabler of this social ill than toxic, feminized Christianity that facilitates and encourages a climate of acceptance for women’s professional empowerment. It’s a joke and I for one am no longer standing for it.

        12. Of course neither a woman nor a man has a “right to actively garner high paying careers.” Both men and women can, if they choose, be paid according to the merits of their work.
          You and I probably agree that the greatest deleterious impact on society is the idea that both men and women can have “sex without consequences.” There are always consequences. For a woman, (let’s say after 30 different partners) to decide to have a child (insert abortion number here if you choose) but then be unable to bond with the father of that child, i.e., neither she can satisfy him, nor he can satisfy her, and then she leaves the father to raise the child on her own . . . . that is what is wrong with this country. You and I are talking about two very different things.

        13. Agree to disagree. You are far more liberal than I am. I believe the financial empowerment is the driver behind the sexual immorality. You can curtail the degeneracy by by snuffing out the catalyst… female empowerment.

        14. Your ideas and methods imo are tantamount to being a Dictator. You can’t force Utopia, you can’t force people to hold hands, and you sure as hell can’t ensure your daughter becomes her best when you control her in the way you’ve described.
          I agree with your assertion on the importance of quality parenting being a possible catalyst for the turning around of this Culture War… indeed. Where I disagree is with the idea of raising autonomous female robots who do nothing but breed and cook like zombies.
          Sure that has benefits but I see females better serving their purpose when they’re involved in more ways than having children.
          End Progressive rule and the abuses of current Femenist efforts cease to negatively impact society in due time.

        15. I don’t believe there will ever be any kind of legal mandate holding women’s feet to the fire. There simply has to be coercion to return them to their intended role. They believe they’re our equals in intellect and that they too can learn and achieve as we do. They can’t. They’ve been GIVEN (not earned) every single academic and professional opportunity their gender has ever held and they sadly contribute nothing as they are unequivocally second rate when it comes to being men. Women are meant for procreation and serving at man’s pleasure. Nothing else is tolerable or ethical in my opinion.
          Whores or housewives. That’s it. That’s all they get. And we as men need both. My daughter knows this as sure as she knows the sky is blue. One role comes with dignity and obedience. One role comes with being splayed out as our masturbation and comedic relief fodder. Either way, women are so tiresome, who fucking cares what they want. We know what they want – to be us and to punish us because they can never be men. It has to stop. I’m taking a lead within my own family.

    3. Given rise to HR.
      This ad was off to right of this article:
      This shit all comes down to money at the expense of innocent men. The passing of this anti-male legislation ensures multiple agencies stay well funded. Explore this company’s website. They’re all ready for “Yes means Yes” training! This crap makes me want to take a gun to my head. It’s utterly disgusting how we’re forcing men to sit through this non-sense, treating them like potential rapists all to “empower” lying cunts to create bogus rape allegations while removing the due rights of men in the process.
      I can’t take this madness anymore.

      1. thats why you have 1 in 4 americans on some type of mental illness softening drugs, This is fact. America has poisoned it’s own mind and created a culture so disgusting, it can’t live in it’s own mess without some further life-shorterning numbing pills, and add another 1/4th of americans who drink and eat too much or have subconsciously given up on life
        well it’s 2015 now..the pills don’t work, the gag is over, people are waking up that no, they really aren’t crazy…, but the culture sure is!

  3. Just my two cents, but cultural changes need to occur before legal changes can happen. I suspect you are putting the cart before the horse here is what I am saying.
    The policies of today would have caused open revolution if attempted in the 1950’s, for example. The socialists first had to subvert the culture through infiltrating media, entertainment and universities. People unsympathetic to your culture won’t allow you to pass laws that are for your culture.
    My own suggestions, and take them for what you paid for them, is to start making Internet only movies where WE control the content, direction and themes. Posit ourselves as the hip, cool anti-establishment types others want to be like. Pro male themes disguised as anti-establishment rebellion, etc. get more red pill comics out into the mainstream who will not sell out like Bill Burr did. Start applying for TA the Professorships at Unis, being sure to keep your agenda hidden until you get tenure. Do what they did, iow.
    A top down legal approach has to come with or after this, not before it, in my view.
    Just musing out loud here of course.

      1. If I was doing any better it would be illegal! You?

        1. LOL. I’m okay. I’m still trying to find the light in this bizarre world though.

    1. Great idea about creating movies with traditional content. I think there are lots of small Christian movie producers, but they try too hard to produce a sappy message that only appeals to their own niche. Their movies are antiestablishment but so boring that no one wants to watch.
      What is needed is needed are movies that have a traditional bent, but which have a wide appeal. A “disguised antiestablishment rebellion,” as you say.

      1. unfortunately, it takes some years of experience to produce appealing movies. you’d need a screenwriter, director and people who are fit with the technicalities. then to get them together at one place.
        and you need them to be in favor of the message, which is the harder part. i’ve known some good people, but they were helplessly socialistic, so to speak.
        i for one am from munich, germany and can provide editing, postproduction and camera. some visual effects and typography, too.

        1. Fantastic. We seem to have a large pool of talent to draw from, it will take more men like you stepping up. Throw a fund us link in once we organize for the first production and it sounds like a good start!

        2. the great thing today is that you can produce on a pretty good technical level at a low cost. no more celluloid and telecine.
          i forgot to mention actors, though. a good (short) movie stands and falls with good actors who understand the message. and the good ones often want to be paid like that – talked to an average actor who takes 1000 EUR a day or more. add to that that most actors are somewhat leftist.

        3. Agree on actors. That point dovetails into my idea that WE need to start assuming these jobs and discard leftist influence from the get go. I’m certain we have plenty of “hot” type young men here who could put in some time with acting classes. Older men too, now that I think about it. We will need to build this from barebones scratch. Exclude Leftists like they exclude us, mercilessly.

        4. You know what the most subtle red pill message in our time is?
          It’s one of the best. Why? Not only was it in blockbuster movies, it was even released by Disney. And those mangina Disney execs probably never noticed it.
          Pirates of the Caribbean. Watch it with red pill eyes and you will see what I mean.
          That’s how you do it.

        5. First three. I have not seen the forth.
          The trilogy is swimming in red pill IF and only IF you can “see” it.

        6. There are enough of us around that some of us have the skill to act but don’t know it yet. Power in numbers.

        7. true, We have absolute champion actors since all “game is” is acting, and the (effective)”alpha male” role is quite difficult i imagine
          call the project

        8. My former business partner is now a movie producer. His genre of choice is horror and is generally apolitical as far as I can tell.

        9. Inevitably this will happen, as it is happening with books and music already.
          Even better Ghost this is happening with guns.

        10. Hey Tom brother will you be in Munich the end of June? Il will be staying for 5+ hours there and we should meet up man.

        11. See what I mean? And there it is, out in the open.
          We have a theory in dealing with the “social engineers” and that is, they get off on things like telling us what they are going to do and then doing it. It’s like a rule with these people. So having three well known and popular movies to have all that red pill in it, out front and in the open, and for nobody to notice, is likely a source of amusement for them.
          People say “we need more red pill/manosphere movies!” Well three of the most famous and popular ones, such that a franchise is built on them, is sitting right there all along and nobody sees it. It’s like a canary in a coal mine, it’s how the social engineers know the people haven’t caught on. If the day comes when feminists start screeching about the series, then the “controllers” in the smoky backrooms can gauge our awareness.

        12. that’s what my dad used to say: look at the socialists, they wrote their plans down, but nobody bothered to read it.
          are you suggesting that there is a group of people who are putting these red pill movies out there to mock us? if so, what evidence suggests so? something along the lines of the article about jews?
          the great thing about a well-made movie like this is that you can choose to identify with different persons. choose to identify with william and the whole world is evil and unjust. identify with jacky and the world is a place of joy and adventure. worse movies usually don’t enable this by painting implausibly obvious “good and bad” characters.

        13. So, is your goal just a one shot or are you going to try and make a new industry?

      2. They know how to put the sticky trap in the honey jar
        Meaning, they put the excitement, and sex, special FX and good story in to lure is in like sheep, than mix in the trap of PC behavior modification agenda subliminally so we get our minds poisoned , they also have the money for the best talent in the world, so we simply cannot resist

        1. The trick is to start with a good story and have all the other fundamentals there: plot, dialogue, character development. Only once those are in place can you start messing with the theme, subtext and the other stuff. Otherwise it comes off as too preachy (whether the message is religious or Marxist).

        2. Best talent? Christ dude, get over the inferiority complex. We start up and perhaps stumble a bit at first, but we learn from our mistakes and move forward.
          This whole nihilistic defeatism many have is exactly what the Left is programming you to think. We’re dealing with cockroaches here, not monsters. Fuck defeatism.

    2. The late great Andrew Breitbart was correct “politics follows the culture “

      1. Yep. And never has the culture been so easy to steer as today. Ten SJW’s in a boiler room can make a “massive popular opposition” force that brings companies to their knees. Ten people.
        We have the same tools, in fact there’s a huge chance that STEM men are the ones creating all of these tools. We can turn the culture around but we need to eject the Woe Is Us attitudes, and get to work on it.
        The Leftists have lied and convinced everybody, including most of us, that theirs is the only truly creative force in the world. Horse feathers!
        We need to dust off our aversion to writing and art and get back in the game. Culture won’t change if we give up before we begin. We can do it.

        1. But you don’t believe in conspiracies or conspiracy theories. Remember? Also most on here are not artists. They are STEM rational types who know nothing about art or culture. Haven’t seen or heard of the great artistic expressions of yours. You had your time to change things old man and we are worse off now than before you were born. You are not part of the solution. You are part of the problem. Your naivety knows no bounds.

        2. Actually the SJW story is out in the mainstream, Limbaugh and a few others picked up on it last month.
          Your obsession with me is telling, SJW sock puppet. You hate me and other libertarians and cannot help but troll looking for pay dirt. We get it, hon, we get it. I rent free space in your head. Makes me feel kind of, heh, empowered. I control you, you can’t help yourself, you must follow me around like a little snapping puppy. Heel puppy, heel!
          Now we are through speaking. Go change your panties and bugger off for the day, you contribute nothing but sneering, no matter how many sock puppet accounts you log on to, to up vote yourself.

        3. are we fantasizing or talking business?
          as noted somewhere above, i can provide camera work – and more location independently – editing and post production on a somewhat advanced level. i wouldn’t make a good writer, though, lacking life experience.
          how’s your book going, by the way?

        4. Actually it is something that we need a real discussion about. We meaning all interested parties. Available talent, goals, ideas, logistics, marketing, financing, etc.
          3 chapters done, outline finished for all. Feeling inspired the last few months.

        5. Haven’t seen or heard of the great artistic expressions of yours

          Except for, I don’t know, great artistic men like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, John Milton, Thomas Paine, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Nikolai Gogol, Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Gore Vidal, Albert Jay Nock, H. L. Mencken, Ernest Hemingway, Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLillo, Thomas Pynchon, Victor Hugo, William Faulkner, Harold Bloom. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

        6. He has no solutions. He only comes here to snark, sneer and derail, with an especial hatred of liberty minded men. He may well be a she, she is quite emotional and tends to stalk.
          It might be a faggot too, given some of its recent posts and talks about buggering. It seems quite obsessed with me, and it appears to be rather mentally ill. Poor thing.

        7. Your words mean less than nothing old fart. But thanks for giving me a list of your supporters with their up votes so I can now bugger them as well. I had a dream last night where your son had entered my service as choirboy castratum and was my serving stooge and buggering lad. Your slattern sixteen year old daughter was busy licking my nads and tonguing my taint. She really loves to give rim jobs. Afterwards I repeatedly ran over your crotch on that stupid clown motorcycle of yours as you thrashed about kicking and screaming. The torturous sound of your womanly shrieks was the only solace I could find. Then I wake up in a cold sweat and masturbate furiously to the image in my head of your daughter spooning the shit out of my ass and eating it with gusto as your son is gang raped by a pack of feral libertarians.

        8. All your talk about liberty is bullshit and nothing but bullshit. It is like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. I hear a lot of talk about it but I see no proof. No evidence. Nothing in fact but a lot of hot air and machismo posturing. I’m the man who shot Liberty Valance. You’re the man who eats the peanuts out of my sheit!

        9. Only a moron would call these men Libertarians or up vote such a retarded reply!

        10. Look, I never claimed they were all libertarians. What I did think of when mentioning these people were the significant achievements created by many great men.
          And as for libertarians, there are a few libertarians in my list: John Milton, Thomas Paine, Albert Jay Nock, and H. L. Mencken. Then I could add Murray Rothbard, Thomas Jefferson, Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand (not my personal favorite, but worthy of attention), Milton Friedman, F. A. Hayek, and nowadays Ron Paul, who performed one of the greatest libertarian campaigns in modern American history.

        11. Time then, to start our own secret anti-Hollywood Men’s Club.
          I’m in.
          What do we need?

        12. It is obvious that your poor mental hygiene has you suffering.
          Until you get help it is well that you suffer.

        13. Mental Hygiene? What a little communist you are. That’s pure communism. The only thing I’m suffering from are dickheads like you. Why don’t you just drift away. Over a cliff!

        14. Engage brain, then keyboard. This is not the first time you were told you have a mental problem and you know it. Seriously, get some help.

        15. To, Arrow started a talent thread on the Roosh forum, that’s a good of a place as any I’d wager.

        16. Now, Im not American, so this does not explain well the idiots in my own country.
          But I am not normal, I do not understand why Everybody loves Raymond, or his wife.
          Where would you fit the BBC news channel into this? How gynolefty are they? Another perspective would be interesting.
          I mostly figured it was all the flouride and estrogen in the water supply and homone mimicing chemicals in plastic bottles, causing the gender overlap and the stupidity.
          I’ve often wondered on the minimal difference between letting this pollution continue and doing it on purpose. The results suit them well.

        17. The chemical explanation has always intrigued me, but I wonder then how I and other high T men somehow still exist in no small numbers?

        18. Rofl. Must be the whingers looking for excuses again. I cant belive I missed that one. Id say I must be getting old, but Ill go do some execrcise!

        19. Whoa! Somebody (KB) got knee’d in the pussy.
          In typical leftist/SJW/liberal fashion, she wants to suppress all views not in agreement with her, using whatever violent means is at hand, especially if she can get some other party to do the violence.
          No agency, no power, just ad hom attacks and calls for other people (or forces) to hurt the dissenter.

        20. Especially the lie that art is somehow faggy or effeminate. Even though our cavemen ancestors that hunted bison and mammoths created cave art of great beauty and intricacy.

        21. yo Steve Macqueen were all sorry your whore mother was analy raped infront of your eyes and her johns took turns cumming in your butt. Sincerely yours, one of her johns!

        22. You don’t have a chance because you don’t have the intellectual capacity.

      2. “The late great Andrew Breitbart was correct ‘politics follows the culture.’ ”
        The laws on abortion, open immigration, sodomy, and the removal of free association (what used to be called “freedom”) were all done by politics imposed against the wishes of the culture of the time.
        Breitbart was naive, which is why he announced he had major footage of Obama with Ayers, and ended up dead before it was released (it never was). Anyone trying to change the culture without changing the politics first (not by voting, but by a coup of loyal military), then your death can be easily arranged.

        1. The USA started as a country with an open immigration policy. Immigration has been gradually restricted, not relaxed, over time. Building a literal wall on a border with another country is generally not done, outside the Soviet Iron Curtain and North Korea. What does that tell you? Free people should be free to move freely.
          Also, I would say that the public by and large supported the restrictions of its freedoms. That’s democracy for you!

        2. “The USA started as a country with an open immigration policy.
          Immigration has been gradually restricted, not relaxed, over time.”
          The USA started as a country with an open immigration policy because only a white person would be considered a “real” American with civil rights. Once, that changed with the Northern victory in the Civil War, they began drawing up exclusion lists and quota systems (all which remained until after the coup of 1963). Modern America essentially doesn’t have border control at all (other than to harass actual American citizens traveling).
          “Free people should be free to move freely.”
          A free people need a free nation and a free (make that any “real”) nation can’t exist without controlling the borders and immigration. Can’t control your borders? Then you fall like the Western Roman empire.

        3. Sodomy and free association were cultural first changes, the other two you are correct and they are still seething wounds in our nation.
          The manosphere, which appears to be growing AND gaining some initial traction in culture exist, and none of the leaders of it have been assassinated, that I am aware of.
          Changing culture isn’t some Herculean task, else Marketing and Sales would be defunct professions, as would applied psychology.

        4. Actually we started as a conquering country who had forcibly pushed the AmerInds out of the territories that then became states. The AmerInds had zero immigration policies, you see, so we invaded, took advantage of their initial good will, then slaughtered and or moved them when we got tired of them. After that we continued to destroy them militarily and through treaties to the point that they are now a minority of a minority in a land they once called theirs.
          We also had the fact that only Europeans had advanced enough economically that their middle and lower classes could afford to uproot and take journeys across the earth, in large numbers If we needed minority workers or slaves, we imported them with our own funds, because only we could afford to.

        5. By the time abortion and later on sodomy and other social ills were approved officially by law and became mainstream, the culture had changed dramatically. For starters, Christian faith was dead already, in the U.S. and the rest of the Western world, like a plant uprooted that is already dying but at first you wouldn´t notice since the leaves are green still… The Greatest Generation only had rituals, dead ones at that, that they barely understood and just complied with, out of tradition (religion, morals, sexual roles).
          Hence they didn´t transmit it to their children (baby boomers) who were easy pickings for social engineers and marketers, since that generation was unmoored and ignorant of any tradition. The rot goes a lot farther back than the 1960s…

        6. “Building a literal wall on a border with another country is generally not done, outside the Soviet Iron Curtain and North Korea. What does that tell you? Free people should be free to move freely.”
          The United States is in a unique scenario with it’s borders and immigration policy because it’s a first-world economic powerhouse bordering a much less developed region which is around the same size.
          Western civilization and advanced South-East Asian countries such as Western Europe, Nordic Europe, Australia, Great Britain, Singapore, and Japan don’t face an immigration threat because of their strategic locations. It’s no coincidence that a large portion of developed countries are islands or peninsulas.

      3. Andrew Breitbart was a money whoring coke fiend who played people like you for fools.

    3. A lot of our problems are caused by the fact that even many of us still have a fundamentally left-wing world view. We think that institutions shape people and cultures instead of the other way around. The reason the progressive left is winning is because their analysis of the world isn’t doubted enough. When they can pretend that there is ‘institutional’ this and ‘institutional’ that, it becomes very difficult to propose a solution that doesn’t go through the institutions. We’re fighting on their terms, and that’s why we’re losing.
      But if we can make a good case for the fact that culture is the root cause of most of society’s problems, then the progressive left’s proposed solution (which is invariably through the institutions) will seem a lot less powerful and a lot less logical to your average ill-informed decision maker.

      1. When you assume your stance either left or right wings,you lose. They control both wings. They’re the bird. Both ideals are ridiculous in their own rights. Leftism wants to give everyone everything and be all free society,yada yada yada. And it’s touchy feely non sustainable bullshit that will result in a police state. Rightism is just straight up hypocrisy. It’s easy forv politicians to say pull yourself up by the bootstraps when their boatloads of cash come from the working public. Neither one of these parties will support this cause. I might be a good idea to become more militant in stance in the private content.

        1. What did your comment pertain to my statement, or are you just trying out collegiate words?

        2. It does. For truth may happen to pertain to an extreme or the center of the political spectrum but ultimately it stands on its own.

        3. Truth is never out in the open in politics. If you believe so, you may have drank the kool aid. The truth lies between the cracks, when the government says one thing and does another, when you look at the idea of equality and realize you are becoming less free because of it, when political candidates make ridiculous promises and keep none of them, why we are always in some fight in the middle east and all it does is dig us trillions in debt and help Israel.
          But make no mistake. Truth is never out in the open. It is far too dangerous that way. And only a fool would believe so…

    4. Agree. And to amplify a bit – where we stand in the current cultural war is a reflection of battles that were won in the minds of schoolchildren in the 80s and 90s. When we transitioned from GI Joe to SpongeBob, children received and internalized different cultural messages and themes. GI Joe knows there is evil out there, and he takes a weapon and sacrifices himself to fight it. SpongeBob is a hapless clown who drifts through life trying to find a solution to his problems by being nice to everyone. SpongeBob is funny, so the pussified message is obscured under an amusing façade, but it is still teaching beta behavior without any cultural counterpoint. These cultural solutions you propose don’t need to be aimed solely at people our age, they need to be aimed at children. That way, when some libtard apparatchik tries to tell her kindergarten class that violence doesn’t solve anything, 99% of them will once again say “but it does on GI Joe,” and the remaining 1% will think about the fact that they might be stupid if they don’t agree.

      1. Absolutely we need to aim for children and adolescents and young adults. In fact, I believe that should be our main focus at the beginning.

    5. You know where you are going with this?
      It would appear that you too have seen the difference between activism and resistance.
      Activism is asking the gov not to spy on you. Resistance is using strong encryption.
      Activism is asking for more police to protect you. Resistance is getting a gun and learning how to use it.
      Activism is trying to get a law changed. Resistance is breaking the law (who wants to be the law abiding chump in this lawless land still?)
      Activism is trying to get people to accept your existence and give you permission to do things. Resistance is saying “fuck them” and doing what you want anyway. Real liberty is not needing permission or acceptance from anybody.
      While the progressives are an element of beta-ization, they are run by very cynical red pillers who use their prowess to game women and weak men. This is why when you point out to a rank and file “lefty” that the things they clamor for will not benefit their own future, they are glad.
      They want to be dominated, bent over. Raped.
      But when the real men start saying “fuck it” and stop acting like Joss Whedon all the opposition could do is wail and gnash their teeth as the same hordes of weak people see a bigger alpha to spread it (literally – not so much some sexual thing) for. This is why we see a left that does what they want whenever they want but the corrupt right only fields castrated spineless candidates.
      Yesterday an article on ROK was linked in Infowars. The bots will scream on this, but Infowars is right up there as a major news site since the mainstream sites are no longer trusted. People will say “but… but… that’s a truther site! Wail! wail! Gnash teeth”. Yes …. and have they been stopped? No.
      And the tenets of the manosphere is gaining on the truth movement, meaning it’s going to be an element of it. Meaning that in addition to the popular documentaries on how governments use false flag terror attacks to destroy our liberty there will also be documentaries on the divorce industry, destructive nature of feminism, and the deep dark workings of the cultural Marxism behind it all.

      1. 1. Got married
        2. To an open admitted feminist
        3. Started veering hard left into darling leftist topics like population control, etc.
        All fine and well, except his former act was a complete 180 from that. He got some feminist pussy and now he’s a “changed man”.

        1. Bill Burr never struck me as the type to be drowning in pussy so that’s no shock.
          Kinda strange how pussy can fuck with a mans head, eh?

    6. I’m already going down the track of academia. I’ll educate my pupils as best I can.

      1. brave man. not an easy task in the current environment, but very admirable.

    7. “WE control the content, direction and themes”
      ..Youtube has over 300 hours of new video uploaded every.single.minute.
      What i have done is subscribe to around 60-100 or so channels i like, which is all free-video, more than i could handle even if i had 16 hours a day
      …. and with twitter, what i have done, is subscribe to all the alternative news sources , like 200-300 different feeds, so basically, we can distill the knowledge to our preferences to create our own culture, which is something that was not even possible 5 years ago,
      “information distillation” to get at the pure stuff. Also i have a bunch of reddit threads i follow, which = more distillation of what I want to hearabout/know/get updates on
      This is why we need artificial intelligence now, There is too much to handle, and i’d rather spend my precious time on something that is guaranteed to be satisfying
      the thing is, i’m talking about there being unlimited amounts of non-biased information created everyday around the world, that we would need 10,000 years to distill it all,
      As “trapped” as folks say society is, we are literally in an age of endless good information and you don’t even have to search for the info, it comes to you!

    8. The cultural changes were changing in academia, among media elites, in the government bureaucracy and in the judiciary. Once there was a lock there it really didn’t matter what the other 90% of people think about anything. If you can’t ram through legislation then get a few robed wizards to side with you to tell the government and their silly democratic supporters how they are really supposed to behave.
      I like the idea about developing our own media. If some mendacious, shrieking anti-Gamergate SJW can raise a couple hundred thousand dollars to make crap Youtube videos to spew her nonsense, then why no people like us?
      From observation, redpill-ish academics tend to come in a few flavours: 1) old codgers who got tenure a long time ago and now the SJWs can’t get rid of them 2) STEM types and a few other fields like psychology, where they had nothing politically sensitive in their field of research, until one day after getting tenure they step on a politically correct land mine 3) a leftist who converts after getting on tenure track, at which point the SJWs can’t get rid of them 4) First wave feminists who build their cred but who fell out with later feminists and reject 3rd wave feminism.
      The best example of #3 is Mike Adams, a criminology professor at UNC Wilmington. He describes himself as a leftist who became a born again Christian after getting on tenure track. The SJWs had it in for him ever since. It came to the point where he had to sue the university to give him full tenure and professor status and he won based on the objective evidence of his teaching, research and publishing accomplishments.
      Examples of #4 include Christina Hoff Sommers and Warren Farrell. The former gets a pussy pass by feminists but the books and events the latter runs get protested as hate speech.
      Other than management schools and the faculty of economics (and perhaps divinity school) you won’t find any fields that are explicitly right wing in terms of their professors and what they teach. Outside of those fields you have to go along with whatever local standard is and only after you get on tenure track can you challenge what has become the status quo.
      This means that you have to apathetic about these sorts of issues either because you honestly don’t care when you are 19 years old, or you are very good at hiding it. Turn to online activism under a number of well-protected screen names but just nod and keep your mouth while you are in class. That still might not help when you have to write some bullshit feminist analysis essay as part of an elective or maybe even one of your core courses. You just can’t hide from it. That’s 4 years for your bachelor, then at least another 4 years to get your PhD (with 5 or 6 being average an therefore half will take 6+ years). So that is over a decade of keeping quiet and trying to emulate the rhetoric that leftist profs will demand from you. Kind of a lost cause I think.

    9. There was the Roman approach. When Rome began to decline people simply left, putting in place the feudal system that developed some years after. People are already doing this of course.
      Frankly, the only thing that will work is the abolishment of the State. With no state supporting them, women will quickly look back to men as their protectors and leaders.

      1. Sure, but without popular acceptance of that requirement it won’t last. Witness Somalia.
        Your solution is one I wish as well. But we have to change hearts and minds first.

        1. Well the US Government is expert in changing hearts and minds in a way that does not favour it. As such, sooner or later, the “scales will fall” from the eyes of the populace.

    10. Yep. You need public support to before policy change. Reminds me of the “Death Tax.” It had to be renamed “Death Tax” before anyone cared enough to vote against it.
      To get public support you need a chunk of females supporting it too. The only way I see women getting behind “us” is through marriage and children. If we cut off those two things to any and all women who support 3rd Wave Feminism then a lot of 3rd Wavers will be dropping out as soon as their clocks start ticking hard. And with the way western women are aging lately, that’ll be around 23.

    11. That’s true, though if you can pass an effective law or repeal a detrimental one quietly so much the better.
      Cultural changes can be nudged along by producing seemingly trendy works that have some small element of better ideas that are identified with the best or most approved notions of current thoughtfad. No comment is necessary in such cases because the tactic is to show the contradictions in standard procedure simply by enabling conscious awareness of them. Only then will some people begin to think about them, giving them momentum.
      This is exactly what liberals have done and proceeded to push beyond common sense into extremism.
      Also, leftists will tend to seek stability once they’re in power and have disrupted things too much. Problems they previously screeched were evils caused by conservatives will then be attributed to the persons they once championed — gays, feminists, and so forth — and measures will be taken against them. Totalitarians want normal, stable populations, not competing groups. This is a trend that can be used if managed functionally and not allowed to result in persecution of scapegoats the left previously championed.

    12. Special interest groups vote for politicians who deliver to them what the believe they want. Electoral politics is nothing more than an advance auction on to-be-stolen goods (your tax dollars). .
      The arc of civilization must run its course. creation/growth/flowering/greatness/stagnation/decline/oblivion/death. The story of the body politic.

    13. The problem is that cultural changes happen slowly, after some catastrophic even, or both. The status quo has to become unsustainable before people start to wake up. And even then, many will still bury their heads in the sand.

    14. Can someone please tell me how Bill Burr sold out? He’s definitely my favorite comic

  4. Finally ! My prairs have been answered and comments read !
    I feel we’re moving in the right direction with some balls. But we need solutions for the layman, ya’ know, the plummer for example. How can he stop the cultural decline ? Choose his customers ( exclude feminists ? ) lay down some wisdom where he drinks his beer ? Solutions for the citizens please ! God bless !

  5. I think you could achieve more with brevity, simply focus on #3 relentlessly and I suspect the other 3 would fall away in time as a natural by-product of enforcing laws equally. If more women are locked up for false rape claims, their own domestic violence actions and all the other sins that we know so many of them commit, it would lead to a lot of soul searching in Blue Pill world. Get your Sun Tsu on and use their own tactics against them.
    Many laws, VAWA aside are written with the supposed presumption of gender equality already. Get those same laws enforced and sentenced equally, get the science out on recidivism rates for women out there and I suspect things will start to equalize quite quickly.
    Railing against Title Ix or VAWA will never gain any political traction, it’s a pipe dream no matter how much it appears to make sense because it doesn’t FEEL right. No politician in his / her right mind could ever say “do away with equality” in this day and age, because that’s what you’re saying by advocating getting rid of VAWA etc. So flip the script and say, “We demand equality” and execute it through existing structure of law.
    When women start getting locked up en masse for violence, perjury, fraud, paternity fraud and so on things like Title IX will be revisited as a matter of course.
    This is where we can use “gender identity politics” to our advantage. The tranny LQBQTKJERFAS set gets into trouble, you have SJW’s advocating for their rights but also throwing them under the bus at the same time. They can be the pointy end of the spear with all things “equality” precisely because their “grey” status makes them difficult to pin down. Do you sentence a transgender wants to be woman like a biological woman (Lightly if at all) or do you throw the book at them like a bio-man? Then where do you lock them up. If cultural Marxism would have us all reduced to zero or the low bar, fine, race them all there, push them all off the cliff and demand equality for all. When it all gets to the bottom and goes to shit we know who will win at that point, and it ain’t the SJW crowd.

  6. ONE Problem far outweighs every other: AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, ASIA FOR THE ASIANS, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODY is White Genocide!
    “White Privilege: “The privilege of forcing this “inevitable brown future” into ALL & ONLY White countries.”
    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide. To ignore the anti-white policies of elites in the West misses everything.

    1. Spare me the white supremacy and white nationalism bullshit.
      The truth is, people like you are the losers in society that couldn’t make anything of himself. Yes, Asians and Blacks are taking all the jobs (saracasm)
      Reality is, most white people don’t give a shit about other white people, just as most blacks and asians dont give a shit about their own kind.
      As Martin Luther King said, judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

      1. I judge people by how much mullah they’ve got and how much of those mullah they’d be willing to donate to me.

        1. I am white and all through my life I have had white people do extraordinary things for me when I needed help. And they weren’t keeping a mental tally either. What is your background?

        2. I am also white, and I have seen white people NOT help other white people. You seriously are a joke if you think people white people care about other white people. Believe me, I would not help you at all if you were dying, because your kind are trash.
          I do not care what your skin color, because white nationalism and white supremacy is complete bullshit.

        3. Well then my friend, you seem to be the problem. If you read back what you wrote – you are perpetuating hate and bitterness. I care about other white people, so here I am, a person that defies your statement. I care about all people. And if you were dying I would help you.

      2. Top half of what you said is off, bottom half is on point.

  7. Good luck doing any of this. Even the staunchest of “conservatives” won’t go anywhere near these ideas.
    The only way any type of change is going to happen is if we change the people in this country. Seek out traditional women for marriage and children. Have at least 3 children. Even if you need to go abroad and bring them here to do it, do it. Raise up those children to respect traditional values. That means keeping them out of the public k12 school system and away from mainstream media outlets.

  8. This would all happen in a month if men would stand up and just say “enough”. Feminists only get away with what they do because men don’t stop them. Remember that.

    1. Also remember that when and if men do decide to stand up & women go out on their massive bitch strike to protest, women don’t run this country. Men do. Let the women bitch. If they all quit their jobs tomorrow, paper wouldn’t get pushed and school would close for a week. If all men quit their job tomorrow, the country would collapse overnight.
      We men hold the power.

      1. Fuckin’ A right we do. The real damage of feminism is that it has successfully mind fucked even red pill men into thinking they are powerless when in fact we hold all of the cards that really matter still.

        1. And that’s the problem. I don’t see men uprising to this blatant B.S.
          Divorce and custody laws are a prime example: the vast majority recognize this is stacked against men. Yet what’s being done about it? Nothing!
          Instead we’re focused on passing even more anti-male laws such as “empowering” lying cunts to falsely accuse men when they regret their own actions.

  9. 1. Build up raw resources.
    2. Let the collapse happen.
    3. Grab all the power you can after the fact (see end of USSR).

  10. I’m more of a supporter of everyone being equal and accountable. Keep Title IX, but remove safeguards and entitlements. In other words no pussy pass
    You have to remember that modern women are like children. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them to not touch the hot burner, cover it up, block it, make it safer they will touch that burner with grim determination then wail about being hurt.
    So let them play sports and try to compete with men. Let them try to work jobs in harsh conditions and dangerous locations. They just don’t get the pussy pass anymore.

    1. It’s not the government’s place to force equality, except for basic equality before the law. If punishment X for crime Y, it applies to all, no exceptions. Besides, organizations that permit government to direct their message receive exemption from Title IX (NFL, NBA, etc) so that itself is a violation of equality.

      1. It’s a good thought, but too many people see the government as a parent figure to enforce fair play. The only way around that is to say “Ok girls, you can play with the boys as a boy. When you get hurt like a boy you deal with it, like a boy.”
        So unless laws are written to clearly state that there is no exception for sex, race, or beliefs then you’ll have some mewling pissant bellyaching about how their situation is different.

        1. All it would take is one well strategized Scotus case.
          This is all academic though, we cannot change any laws until we move culture closer to us.

  11. These things will never happen, because America has a vested interest in empowering women and this enslaves men because of the lack of lateral rights. This produces fear and subjugation,which is their desired end. The only feasible solution is expating. This system is beyond fixing

  12. I have a modest proposal: the government should only fund higher level education that is directly applicable to national goals. For example, we need infrastructure, so the government should obviously fund engineering and math. We need doctors, so the government should fund sciences like biology and chemistry. We don’t need a bunch of whiny pussies telling us about the latest victim categories while they serve our coffee and live in mom’s basement. So if you want to major in one of those programs, that’s on your fucking dime, and the university also has to figure out how to offer it on its own. Under this proposal, how long do we think it would take for this SJW culture to whither and die?

    1. The problem is the national goal in their mind is wrong. They think to the left and know no other.

      1. There’s a real danger that, if you let the government decide what’s needed, it will say “we are no longer an industrial nation, so we don’t need as many engineers, and instead we need more people who understand social processes and can advise us politically”.

    2. I do like this idea. This has potential. Government is always crying that we need this and we need that. Well, by doing this, they can justify it because it is for the good of everybody. They’re always claiming that this is what they stand for anyway. So, prove it mr. political candidate!

    1. Maybe if said family could find ways to live without new cars, new phones immediately upon release and could fix their own vehicles, houses etc. they wouldn’t need two jobs… but that’s none of my business.

      1. Yeah maybe we shut down the economy and get back to a feudalistic system were we have 90% peasants.Blaming consumerism falls short.A dad salary must pay for a family.Therefore reindustrialize the west,train the workforce,get back to high wage,high tech,high enery yield productive real economy.

        1. Rather nice strawman you’ve got there. Shame if something were to happen to it.
          Reindustrialize the West? How about we just go full socialist and demand the government fix it, too? Where do you think the jobs are going to come from when it’s that much cheaper to make stuff elsewhere? “Let’s fix society by demanding higher paying jobs to do the same things China and India do for 1/20th the price!”
          Beware guys with Germanic names pretending to be the next coming of Kirkegaard, Hesse and Von

        2. How about a New Deal ? How about zero percent loanes for production,education,technology,infrastructure ? Where should that come from ? A nationalized FED ! You trying this free trade , free market model now since 1970 and what has it got you ? US is basically a 3rd world nation with a crumbling infrastructure,almost no industrial production, a technological wasteland.Why is China the economy number 1 ? Because during the Asia Crisis it choose the american economic model, the New Deal as a blue print for its economy.But keep riding that free market dead horse up to the end.You deserve everthing you get.But be sure about one thing: Europe wont destroy itself with austerity and free trade.We will join the eurasian union and the chinese silkroad project.Dirigism is not socialism.

        3. A nationalized Fed, huh? Which is it, Paulite? Is the Fed so bad it has to be destroyed or is it so beneficial that it has to be nationalized?
          Your socialism always fails because someone has to pay the debts. If you actually think that the US has had free trade, free markets or unfettered capitalism since the 50s (I’ll do you one better than the 70s), you are truly blind.

        4. We haven’t tried anything even vaguely close to free trade since the 1870’s. What the fuck?

    2. The reason women entered the workforce was primarily out of economic necessity. The USA is a bankrupt nation. Yes, morally, but I am speaking financially. When Richard Nixon suddenly ended convertability of US Dollars into Gold, in response to demands of other western powers like France and Switzerland were demanding real money as they suspected the USA was devaluing its currency, as we have been doing exponentially since the 1970s.
      To combat a dying economy, the US instituted several “one time” shot in the arm tactics that can pump up numbers once but provide no long term relief, and cause social and economic problems of their own:
      1) 1970s women enter the workforce. The increase of millions of new laborers has the effect of increasing economic activity as there are now many more people earning money and household income increases. However, soon the excess labor has a downward effect on prices, which accelerates over time as the generation of daughters following this will be trained by its mothers to go to university and study traditionally male fields and then compete with males for the jobs, lowering wages. Letting 50 million women enter the workforce has the same economic effect of taking in 50 million new immigrants. But in the short term there is a huge increase in incomes and the newly hired women have huge amounts of disposable income that they spend freely, increasing economic activity.
      2) 1980s credit cards become widespread: Allowing customers to accelerate purchases to today that they would normally save for and purchase in the future; provides no economic advantage, other than increasing the economic activity in the short run at the expense of economic activity in the future, as future dollars cannot be used for purchases, but must instead be diverted to past expenditures, plus interest.
      3) 1990s The home equity line. Mortgages were often seen as bad, or at worst a necessary evil (My grandmother asked me several times if I still had a mortgage on my home, as if it were shameful or silly for me to waste my money on this type of low class financial product). The use of mortgages accelerated to where now about 1/3 of housing is mortgaged, 1/3 owned outright, and 1/3 rented. Then in the 1990s, the home equity line allowed homeowners to withdraw cash in exchange for debt secured by their home. This provided a HUGE boost in economic activity, as homeowners sometimes received 5 figure amounts deposited into their bank accounts to freely spend. But the unseen is the reduction in future economic activity that it will take to pay back these amounts over 20 or 30 years, with interest.
      4) 2000s+ Quantitative Easing. This is simply money printing, and is a sign that there are no other tricks in the bag. The government prints up dollars and gives them to banks, which then loan them out to people who hopefully do productive things with them and pay them back with interest. In the mean time the value of every other dollar in existence is proportionally devalued (ie if there are a trillion dollars and an addition 100 billion (10%) printed, then those trillion will buy 90% of what they used to, and every citizen holding those dollars is worse off. This is why prices continue to rise on almost all goods and services. Of course theoretically, IF it works (and it has been a mixed bag) the result is that in the short run, people have these newly printed dollars and can rush out and buy things with them, generating economic activity. In reality, the banks typically bought other financial instruments (stocks) with these new free dollars, which is why the prices of stocks has skyrocketed when the profitability of the underlying companies hasn’t. The end result of QE is that in a couple of years as the monies make their way through the economy, they devalue the earnings of the entire nation and everyone is poorer.
      5) The future? There is very little left to do to pump the economy. As you can see, each of these provided only a temporary increase, and did nothing to provide for long term economic growth; indeed often the opposite. As time goes by, more and more damaging techniques are tried.
      But this long answer was an attempt to explain why a single earning household can no longer exist and that women were allowed access to the workplace for a reason–the US is broke, and no one wants to fix it. The US has been pumped and dumped since 1971 and now, at age 44, is approaching the wall.

      1. Excellent comment. I read a commentary piece in the Wall Street Journal today that reminded me of the truly unprecedented times we live in, especially economically. But all things flow from the economy…to include politics and, yes, even culture. Simply, we live in a world with zero interest rates effectively making money free. To quote the piece “when money is nominally free, strange things happen…”. How fucking true is that statement, not just in the realm of economics and the markets but in the social systems as well.

      2. This is an example of an educated person. Not the liberal version of “educated” that accepts homosexuality as barrel or believes in “equality” bullshit

      3. What you’ve described is capitalism dying of it’s own internal contradictions. The dialectic at work. These are all classic signs of late-stage capitalism. We are headed slowly but inexorably towards a publicly-owned economy.

    3. Dad salaries already did support entire families in the 70’s and 80’s but that didn’t stop Empowered Princess from abandoning her maternal role and duties for the workforce.

    4. You’re forgetting the hypergamous nature of women. When they don’t work, women get together and try to create jealousy amongst each other. She will then nag the husband to get the new car, phone, house, whatever so HER friends would be envious of her. Then her friends would need to up one on the original friend and it is a compounding cycle where men have to get paid more to keep up with the Joneses.

      1. But..nagging is not control, you have a choice in how you respond to it.

        1. This is where we turn back to the manosphere principle of Frame. Do not be the man who tolerates enen minor nagging, from the start of your relationship forward, and it never grows large enough to be an issue.

  13. All those things sound great! However, zero chance of it happening. Women control the vote. Plain fact. Words won’t change that reality. The feminist assault on masculinity will keep growing. The basic reason is because there’s no one stopping them. Young men are going to be hounded from society.
    ISIS is coming. They are openly masculine. No confusion there. Young men are hardwired to seek rites of passage to manhood. Effeminate societies try to ruin young men. Yes, ISIS kills a lot of people. Barbarians always do. The choice will become increasingly clear. This has always been the historical pattern.
    You can’t beat a dead horse. Feminism depends on the very young men they are destroying to defend them. This is truly insane. American women all benefit from the feminist agenda. They’re all feminised. And if they’ve attended college, they’re indoctrinated.
    As the random attacks by ISIS grow, everyone will wonder why. Masculinity will have its revenge.

    1. Things change. I agree its very dark right now and I’m about to write my own alarmist comment above. However, consider if we were women back 20, 40, 50 years ago. Would we not be facing what appears to us as an impossible obstacle? Yet, things eventually changed for them, yes? So it will change for us. No man in the 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s 80’s…shit up to the 90’s ever expected to see this kind of feminist shit occur. Yes, there was the sedation by way of professional sports and many other things taking root during that time, but, put me back 10-20 years and I would have never guessed that 2015 would be a progressive feminist nightmare that it is. The only thing certain is change. And so it will be for women right now – change will occur. This paradigm is certainly ant-male etc but its also anti-nature, human, merit, rational…its kept alive by an intrusive government that is out of line and by free money. Elsewhere women are already showing their arrogance, which shows that they’re letting their guard down or, better put, becoming sloppy. This current system and status qou can simply not be sustained and even if it could be then it will, just like all the others, face inevitable change. In fact, consider again that previous pro-merit/male system – that was very much sustainable and yet change still got to it. That’s why I keep harping on technology – it creates tremendous and rapid change. Up until now technology has, seemingly, been good for the other side, which I think isn’t the full truth. But, remember change is inevitable and what took decades to evolve previously can now occur a lot quicker. As I’ve stated I think our future is with technology, namely, ditching legacy systems that are infested with progressivism for this new medium (the web), which in addition to given us the palette to be masculine et al, its vastly superior to what its disrupting and ultimately replacing. The two areas that I see that, regardless of what we do, is ripe for disruptive change happen to be the two that the progs rely on the most – the media and academia.

      1. You are far too optimistic. Sure, changes occur, but only in one direction…ie the progressive direction. When have things ever gotten “better” for men in the 60’s?
        It’s like boiling a frog. And we’re the frog.

        1. Again, if we were feminist women talking in the 1960s we could use your exact statement above. That changes occur only in the “progressive” direction is misleading but I certainly agree that it has much to do with the proverbial boiling frog. Since the 60’s and even before there was a slow incremental move of cultural marxism in the U.S. and elsewhere in the west. So for our lifetimes in the US we’ve only perceived just a progressive slow boil, as such, the illusion that change is only progressive. But, for the rest of the world and throughout history there have been countless epochs of radical change from traditional to progressive. The former USSR is a great example, what was once the vanguard of Godless communism is now a vanguard of free(er) markets, Christian Orthodox, nuclear families and masculinity. And that system literally fell overnight and the proceeding changes took ~ a decade. It can happen. Its likely that the US doesn’t even exist in the next 20 years, never mind, feminism with open borders this country will change and the demographic trends show us this. If anything we’re a Hispanic nation in the future.

        2. That view is easily explained by Confirmation Bias. You have only seen one result, which reinforces the result you’ve seen prior.
          The words only/always/never turn out to be wrong consistently throughout history.

        3. You don’t see that time and again societies always drift leftward until eventual dissolution?

        4. No. Leftism as we understand it did not exist prior to the late 1700’s (German and French reactionaries who were the forefathers of modern socialists).
          Things always do degenerate to tyranny, it btyranny wears many political masks.

        5. I strongly suggest you read the rise and fall of the roman empire. The ‘leftward Drift’ phenomenon is far from new, It simply was not referred to as such. Leftist does not mean socialist as such, you can have a leftist republic or leftist dictatorship as well… but what the leftward drift always includes is eventual descent into a welfare ‘bread and circuses’ state, a population of middle managers, the embrace of foreign invaders as more important than citizens (punishing nationalism), and ‘civil rights’ for groups who have done nothing to earn the privilege.
          Empire Suicide, basically.

      2. You have made a good point on the dates. The early non man hating feminists will have all graduated before the millenium.
        These women are going to be succesful workers or mothers or equally disappointed in the changes to the culture we are seeing.
        I am from this pre millenium era, I never noticed that things had changed so much. I see now why it is the under 35s who are so angry, and the timing matches the idea that it is women who hit the wall who are kicking off loudest. That’s just the age they are at right now, they were the first to be brainwashed.
        Do you think with a bit of sensible word-age it is possible to garner some support from the older women to halt the destruction of our youth?.

  14. The scourge of our society is fatherless children. Bring back the orphanages and the prisons for wayward women. No more money for single women to raise children without a father in the home.
    Repeal no-fault divorce. Restore marriage as a state-enforced lifelong commitment except in the most extraordinary cases. Restore adultery as grounds for divorce. In a divorce, the at-fault party gets nothing. The presumption shall be that the at-fault party, by torpedoing a marriage, has prima face demonstrated that they are an unfit parent.
    Serial marriages to be outlawed. Divorced people may not remarry.
    Routine paternity testing for all newborns. No man shall be obliged to support another man’s bastard. Marriage does not exist as a marriage until after the birth of the first child of the union. At that point, the parents are committed to raise it together.
    Mandatory sterilisation for all felons and recipients of welfare. Welfare recipients may use some reversible form of long-term contraception (depo for women, RISIG/Vasalgel for men). Felons get their tubes snipped or tied.
    It shall be a felony to knowingly bear a felon’s children. If a woman gets herself knocked up off a tattooed thug, kid to the orphanage, woman sterilised and sent to the workhouse.
    Within two generations, most of society’s ills will be permanently cured.

    1. Heh, interestingly enough, my wife has made the same exact speech to me a few times over the years when asked “what would you do”. I do not cotton to welfare at all so I omit that part of your view, but otherwise those are interesting suggestions that at least merit serious discussion.

      1. Yeah, I don’t agree with a lot of “state should stay out of sexuality”. These people neglect the fact that sex causes babies, and babies become citizens. The state has as much a legitimate interest in baby-making as it does in immigration.
        We all have to live with your goddamn kids.
        Oh – and I take the biblical view of abortion. A fetus is not a “living soul” until it takes its first unassisted breath. Until that point, vacuum the little fucker. Hell – some societies don’t regard a baby as genuinely alive until it has survived its first year, although that’s mainly an artifact of mortality from infectious disease in infancy.

        1. slippery slope.
          Proven by the serious australian consideration of ‘post partum abortions’

    2. Ah, you just discovered a way to make me pro-marriage. I have always been troubled by the “Wait, they promised till death do us part, but now we’re all supposed to just forget that and let them lie again?”
      A one time marriage is a great idea. Or allow a single divorce, perhaps, as everyone makes mistakes, and women can change. I would hate to see a guy suffer his entire life because he was fooled by a coy woman who turned into a heartless sexless fatty after tying the knot.

      1. Under my scheme, “marriage” doesn’t happen until the first kid is born. Up until that point you are engaged – “betrothed” in the old term.
        This being the case, no, you don’t get to make a “mistake” any more than the driver of a vehicle is allowed to make one “mistake”.
        What I’m saying is – get serious. Children matter.

        1. After viewing the above image, what about the notion that divorce is a critical element of ‘dread game’–that many wives avoid looking like the above 34 year old American land whale (though I have never seen one look anywhere near as young and fit as the 43 year old Japanese woman) because they are afraid their husband will leave them? Just some devil’s advocate, but I think it’s a very valid point. Honestly I think most American women that stay fit aren’t doing it for their husbands or to feel better, but out of fear of losing the free ride they have latched on to.

        2. my friend’s gf is american, 43, and looks about as good as the japanese woman. she’s an extreme rarity, of course.

      2. No free money for women on divorce. The one that initiates the divorce pays for the case and also pays the spouse

    3. Mandatory paternity tests are an amazing idea, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before.
      Mandatory parenting is also a great idea but it’s tricky. How do you enforce it when the father commits a crime and has to go to prison? In practice, a large fraction of single mothers are single mothers because daddy’s in jail.
      Mandatory sterilization/contraception is a great idea. Best of all, modern medical technology gives us IUDs which are harmless, cheap, don’t reduce the pleasure of sex, don’t fuck with hormones, and are incredibly effective. There’s no good reason why they aren’t used more.

  15. If people would just look at the effects of Cultural Marxism on history, instead of ignoring it out of arrogance (libs are the most arrogant people of the last 50 years, especially female libs), then it would die. Sadly, when one hears facts that oppose their position, blood flow actually decreases to the part of the brain responsible for learning and understanding new ideas.

  16. Title 9? Getting girls out of boys’ sports? The very suggestion implicitly stipulates that the federal government has some legitimate role in determining the composition of little league teams.
    That government is best which governs least, and all politics is local. If the bloated, over-reaching leviathan of central government can not be scaled back (and we’ve already seen that it can’t), then the union should be dissolved, so that each state can live in its own way, according to the customs, tastes and religious convictions of its own people.

    1. So get rid of Title IX, which is government assuming that role. The problem solves itself organically after that, no government needed.
      Government can be scaled back drastically still. I keep stating and nobody listens, that we did just that in a huge way with gun laws, from the early 90’s forward. It can be done, if you have sentiment in the broader culture on your side.

      1. This is point 3 in the ‘3 ways to fight’ post. More state independence or local unions will make people migrate to states that suit them best.
        People vote with their feet and the government can go back to doing its only true job of managing the larger scale infrastrucure and protecting the country as a whole, not controlling people.

      2. We’d have to start by firing basically every policeman and discarding all ‘policies’ and ‘precedents’. Not too likely.

  17. Require women to register for the draft if they want to vote like men. Many will choose to give up their voting rights freely. Politicians will stop pandering to feminist issues. But we all know that’s not going to happen because its not about equal rights anymore.

    1. Make the women sign up for selective service. They want to vote, they want to fight in combat so damn bad, then let them sign up for that shit.
      They’ll give up their voting rights in a heartbeat.

    2. Agreed. Make the women sign up for selective service. They want to vote, they want to fight in combat so damn bad, then make them sign up for that shit.
      They’ll give up their voting rights in a heartbeat.

      1. I really hope this becomes a reality and it needs to be pushed more since they are constantly harping on about equality. Form female only combat units and let’s get this shit rolling. If men are required so should women otherwise NO VOTE.

    3. I’ve used the SS requirement multiple times to shut down some bitch on a feminist talking point tirade.
      You’d be amazed how quickly they shut their mouths when you point out — in a direct and asshole fashion — how as a guy I was required to register for the SS to receive student loans while she is not and has vastly more financial resources available.
      It’s actually amazing the amount of young women who have no clue about this requirement for men. And when learning of it for the first time, they generally shut their fucking mouth as they know you’ve got them on the “equality” B.S.

      1. Exactly. As a matter of fact, ANY man reading this, this is what you need to do when you’re discussing “Equality” with women. Tell them if you don’t care about the fact you as man have to register for selective service to be able to benefit from the privileges they have WITHOUT having to sign up, then there is nothing to talk about. Period.
        Women never should’ve received the same rights as us, but i guarantee this whole “Equality” sham would either be non-existent or free of victimhood speeches IF the manginas in gov’t gave women their rights in the proper fashion.
        That is first, making sure they’re abiding by the RESPONSIBILITIES that being granted rights entails. That should’ve been the VERY first consideration before manginas gave them rights., but thanks to their blind “we must prutekt wimminz!” mentality, they’ve basically given women a metaphorical gun license before any of them have even fired their first practice shot. Now there’s a ton of resentment between both sexes.

    4. Require everyone to own real estate to vote, draft registration mandatory, but shouldn’t really be needed, as anyone that doesn’t volunteer immediately has no reason to vote.

      1. Own real estate to vote. I like it. Solid proof that you have a stake in the system doing well.

        1. How about just forbidding ANYBODY who gets money from the government in any form, from voting? Retirement, salary, welfare, SSDI, SSI, medicaid, medicare benefits all of it….
          As long as those who only take from the system get to have a say in how funds are procured and allocted, we who produce and who do draw checks from these entities will continue to see our burden increase and we will also see more people move from the ‘maker’ to the ‘taker’ category over time.
          The system we have now is like letting your little kids have a say in your household budget – they don’t contribute and don’t understand how to budget. That would be foolish and lead to rapid bankruptcy for most normal families.
          But when it comes to voting for MOAR free shit, then FUCK YEAH everybody votes! FOR MOAR FREE SHIT!
          FUCK YEAH!

        2. Freeloaders who don’t contribute don’t get a voice…….
          Sounds good to me..

  18. There is nothing you can do to stop it, its like rome empire 2.0 Nothing to stop it, you must just NEVER trust the system.

  19. On way to get morning breakfast today I saw and entirely female crew of (4) landscapers carting wheelbarrows of cobblestone off to create a bush bedding. Fairly labor intensive work.
    It got me thinking how they’ll regret a lifetime of that and can feel the soreness men do from hard labor if they stay in the landscaping field. All of them had a fairly husky build, and WNB a single one, but don’t mind seeing women bust ass to get a taste of reality. Funny though, they had NO men on the crew? Surely that was by employer design and/or request by these empowered women I suspect.
    I think what lacks in the equation is public humiliation for female wrong doings and decisions. As it stands we need to find ways to allow females to fail publicly in a manner the government has no way to save them.
    Women have been sold a false sense of freedom via “independence” which they attach the self-image of “strength” to. The trickery is their “independence” is merely corporate slavery in dress clothes. The devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist. What better way than to give away power to the seemingly least powerful. He who exercises the least power is the most powerful of all indeed.
    This is why Roosh’s conclusion much of this points to the elites seems correct to me.

  20. You and your ilk do not want peace between the genders or in society. You want total control. You envy the men in Arab countries whose women don’t add anything besides their vags. Your hatred of women and the fact that they dare stand up for their safety (gasp) and their ability to think (oh no) is palpable. And the fact that your biology NEEDS women is even more grating on ur egos. The irony of it all.
    To the sheep who to subscribe to this way of thinking: THIS is why you cannot build decent relationships. You are toxic and no quality woman wants to submit to that.
    It’s women’s fault. It’s beta men’s fault. It’s the Govt. Stop bitching. Go look in the mirror bc you are a part of the problem.

    1. “You are toxic and no quality woman wants to submit to that.”
      NAQWALT : Not all quality women are like that.

      1. Not a good comparison. One’s 19, tight and dirty. The other is 40 and baby rabies.

    2. It’s weird how Disqus dropped the final “t” from your username. You should petition them.

    3. It’s funny how SJW like you always say it’s your problem and you are to blame. I hear lot of it’s men fault for this and that but never does anyone ever say it’s women fault.
      You are blind and deaf continue with your copy and paste SJW nonsense. It does not fly here. If you want thunderous applause and agreement from others this is not the place. Either get it from your mommy who still says you’re a smart boy or from a SJW crowd. You have been warned. And do feel free to insult me about my grammar and spelling because that is usually what the SJW do when they can’t make a solid logical argument.

      1. She’s right about one thing….
        This is men’s fault. Men are supposed to be the leaders. Not women. Women will be women regardless, that’s why you don’t pay attention to what they say. If the men in the 60’s had stamped this shit out to begin with, we wouldn’t be in this predicament.
        If the men during first wave feminism had stamped this out we wouldn’t be in this predicament.
        Even going ALL the way back, If Adam had checked his bitch in the garden and slapped that apple out of her hand, we wouldn’t be in this shit either.

    4. This is typical feminist sidestepping. Move the discussion to a personal attack, make lots of irrelevant ad hominem statements, and avoid any type of actual theorizing or debate. The point of men in Arab countries is interesting, but of course the point was completely missed. Much more relevant than how many anonymous posters on an internet forum are envious of Arabic men, is the question of the value these women provide in their society.
      Arabic women stay chaste until marriage, so they are providing their husbands with not only a fresh, unused tight body for physical lovemaking, but also are more able to commit as a life partner, in a way that women with multiple sex partners are unable to.
      In addition to forming a strong pair bond, reducing divorce and infidelity, and providing a pleasurable experience in the bedroom, Arabic women are traditionally taught homemaking skills which are desirable for a partner. A marriage is a partnership, and each partner must bring something of value to the table. Arabic women are taught to cook traditional meals, care for her husband in time of need, nurture and support him, and not deplete his energies by making him worry about her infidelity.
      I do not know more than this, being largely unfamiliar with Arabic culture, but these are important values that men universally desire, especially in the west where it has become a rarity. Oh, but the price for all this includes women being unable to drive a car. Hell, *I’d* give up driving a car if I could have a society which provided women with the qualities discussed above.
      A more important question is what are traditional western career women who have had double or triple digit partners able to offer a man in the long term? Their primary value seems to be in an earned salary. While men’s wants and needs differ, I have found that typically the salary women earn is not in excess of the amount of spending the woman will require. Soon, a bigger house will be demanded, or a lake house, or more dinners out, and financially this becomes a net negative. A friend of mine recently had his woman quit her job (she was earning more than him) in order to raise their children full time, and financially it was basically a wash, after negating day care and education costs. If a woman is a financial negative, that is fine, but the only problem is–her finances were the main thing she was bringing to the table. So what else? She cannot pair bond well, the chances she will divorce are greater than 50/50, and she will almost always instigate the divorce. Home economics is all but eliminated from public education, so unless she came from a traditional family it is unlikely she will know how to cook or keep a house. So again, what is she offering? Is the Arabic woman offering her husband more? I suspect these questions are too terrifying for the west to face.

      1. +100 bonus uprates. Fantastic post!

      2. 100% correct. There is a study saying the same thing out by the british cdc. I would quote that one… because it is a bit more credible and peer reviewed. I would say that because of today’s hookup culture, we will see divorce skyrocket or marriage simply go away in the next 30 years. I know i would never marry if I was a young man today… too much risk and zero reward.

        1. Thanks for the link–a study I had not seen before. I truly feel sorry for the young women of today. They do not realize they are literally ruining their chances for happiness in the future. Sex feels good in the moment so they do it. It is the fault of society and elders that important lessons like those in the study are not imparted to children.

  21. Personally I am in “fight to survive another day” mode at this point in the crumbling of the cathedral. There’s not much one can do but stick to our niche here to help each other during the stage of crisis.

  22. It’s great that you are responding positively to criticism. But I disagree that you are more like a scientist than a policy figure.
    What you are is a man with followers, a leader of a community with an opportunity to organise people into proactive solution based behaviour.
    This is the root of the criticism – that you can suggest grassroots solutions rather than inspire what turn out to be hate campaigns, which bring on more feminist hate in return.
    My concern is that your response to the criticism here consists of changes in the law. What is needed is a change in the culture. We can take the first step.
    An ever finer definition of rape results in the complete removal of responsibility of the individual. With a functional cultural system, no laws would be necessary at all.
    The fact is drunk women don’t tend to rape men, but they rarely need to, we take very little convincing when sober. With the number of freely available women around these days, what loser is doing the raping?
    While laws exist, we should protect ourselves from false allegations as much as women must protect themselves from the consequences of teasing a less stable man. We do this with culturally responsible behaviour and some pride in ourselves.
    – I have never been in a position of having a woman who regretted being with me (failed relationships aside), or felt pressured into sex. I have not looked for vunerable women or sluts or other easy targets, these are no fun to have. I have caught the occasional nut case and have learned to deal with their dramas, but no woman can say I did not treat her the same way I treat everyone else, and with the same firm expectations of adult behaviour in return. I always used a condom, you cant trust they will remember to take a pill.
    In this way, I fully agree with point 4, and your final paragraph of changing one man and woman at a time. People pay for their own results of sex, with their own money, not shame. This stretches to the responsibility of an unmarried woman accepting responsibility for her pregnancy, (and returns us to a time when women want marriage) and a rapist must pay a fine equivalent to the cost of childcare even if no pregnancy results. ( it becomes an economical imperative for men to date publically, seek consent, and have pride in ones success with women, and for women to provide no doubt about her refusal).
    What I am suggesting is that we all behave as if this was already in place, to lead the way with a clear and consistent attitude about our responsibilities to a future where we can go back to having fun before enjoying being an older family man.

  23. I’m going to disagree with Roosh. We cannot reverse America’s cultural decline with legislation. Only women’s morality is going to reverse America’s cultural decline. We live in a world where the goal is “to enjoy sex without consequences.” The lie is that there are always consequences. Eventually, after a woman has 30 partners, and 2 abortions and has somehow managed to stay away from STD’s, if she wants to have a child, she will be unable to bond with the child’s father. She will be unable to either satisfy him, or he will be unable to satisfy her. She leaves the father and tries to raise the child without the father’s presence or the father wants nothing to do with the child. THIS is what is causing America’s cultural decline. When you see the riots in Baltimore or Ferguson, what do they have in common? Young black men growing up without fathers. Don’t talk to me about the need for education because America’s schools are no substitute for America’s fathers.

    1. “Only women’s morality is going to reverse America’s cultural decline.”
      In that case there is going to be no reversal of America’s cultural decline. What you see is women’s morality. It will not change, it can only be constrained.
      Constraint of women’s morality is done through the application of men’s morality. A countervailing force.

      1. I hope you are wrong, but I fear that you are right. All I can do is to raise my children the best way I know how. And encourage my friends with children to raise their children and spread the message that both men and women’s morality needs to be changed.

        1. In reality only MEN’s morality can reverse America’s cultural decline.
          If I write an Article entitled ‘a blow for feminism’ explaining to fem activists why they should give ‘male feminists’ blow jobs, I wonder if Roosh would publish it?

  24. The traditional Western culture became prevalent because it is what succeeds when confronted with hard, cold reality.
    So serious hard, cold reality is the only thing that will eventually bring it back. I fear it is coming.

  25. I would love to see a parody of roosh on tv recently with that guy going nuts and saying men are pussies if they don’t love fat chicks. Random thought but it would be funny to play up the comedic value of this manosphere activity

    1. There’s nothing funny about the manosphere. Turning it into a comedic act would completely invalidate it, which is what the feminists want.
      It’s about men finally recognizing the mess America finds itself in due to feminism and protecting ourselves from its biased laws.
      I don’t consider it to be about MGOTW, as I enjoy the company of women, I just recognize that in this current context, women are nothing but fuck toys for my amusement. And the ironic thing is, they did it to themselves but are too brainwashed to see it.
      Oz is a idiot. For him to try and shove fat acceptance down our throats via his show, (even though it’s against medical ethics) he needs to have his license revoked.

  26. I am not so sure about Title IX, that has the potential to be a potent weapon for men to use, as post secondary education becomes increasingly dominated by women. There are few things sweeter than turning your opponent’s weapon back on them.

  27. #5 – Strangle the Media Overlords by neglecting to pay for Cable Television.
    “Not as much as we’d like, unfortunately. As long as the culture is dominated by a far-left media establishment that continues to poison the population”
    Institute #5 and the power shift will occur.

  28. Nope. Not possible. now to read the article.
    edit: still not possible. Listen punk, I could fix the western world within a decade if I was given absolute dictatorial powers. But that is not how the world works.

  29. “Repeal Title IX”
    Eh. I doubt college sports has that much of an effect on American cultural decline. The general leftist environment is the problem. Although sexual-leftism has been getting worse, there have been instances of lawsuits where colleges settle with falsely accused young men. More lawsuits, and the eventual enrollment crash when the higher education bubble bursts, will do a lot to solve this problem.
    “Repeal The Violence Against Women Act”
    Ok, but good luck. Saying we should this is all well and good, but how exactly do you do this? Federal legislation that’s been in force for 20 years can be difficult to get rid of.
    “Enforce Equality Of The Law And Due Process”
    Again, how do you do this? I’m sure this is a lot easier said than done.
    “Repeal Or Forbid Laws That Regulate Sexuality, Sex, Or Bedroom Activity.”
    So, how far do you go with this? Should we allow polygamy, polyandry, and homosexual marriage? I say abortion should absolutely be outlawed; if your goal is to reverse the cultural decline, then you can’t be actively killing the next generation.

    1. No offense to Roosh. While he’s a genius at figuring out how women’s minds work, when it comes to interpreting the lessons of history in the preservation of civilization he’s kind of a four year old playing high-stakes poker.

  30. A worldwide shock event like a new World War would still affect the United States far less than other countries due to its geo-strategic location
    EMP blast detonated by a nuclear missile either launched as an ICBM or by a freighter using the Club-K missile system.
    the effects of which would wipe out all electrical systems in the country. This means no refrigeration, no machines to harvest or process food, and worst of all, absolutely no way to deliver food to the starving masses in the cities that now also have no sewage or water available. And whose total food supply at any given time is less than a weeks worth. So you can expect mass Cholera outbreaks, and death by dehydration, starvation, rioting, etc.
    Incidentally, you can also expect much of the American cattle to be dead within a month since they depend on heavy medication and corn based feed that is brought in by rail to CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation – basically a factory for raising and slaughtering livestock)
    So your livestock will all be dead in a month, you won’t be able to sow or harvest anything for at least a year, and whatever grain you have stored you have no way to get it to where it needs to go. And, as an extra bonus, if your storage depends in any way on machinery to keep bugs out, you can kiss that goodbye too.
    Those who do have food or water or medicine or sewage can expect to be fighting for their lives against those of their armed (or even unarmed) neighbors who do not.
    A congressional panel estimated that about a year after such an attack, about only 1 out of every 5 Americans would still be alive. And not a single person would be directly harmed by such a strike.
    But then again, if the US is attacked in that manner, the enemy will probably blow up a few of the major cities just for laughs.

    1. hmm, all the people in the Urban hell dying of starvation…. Is this supposed to be a warning or a decent initial planning stage?

      1. I figure it would be fine entertainment, to watch through a telescope, of the failure of cities once cheese trucks stopped delivering.
        The first few weeks they’d try to emigrate out of their zoos only to be met by well aimed, crisp gunfire from the water towers and mountains.
        Ah…a man can dream…

  31. I think its cool that the term S.J.W is catching on in the media. When we have disparaging names for these misguided twats, It addresses that these people are wrong. I’m not sure about making movies about lefto liberal feminazis will convert anyone.just look at all the mega budget kids movies that address how we’ve fucked over the planet and yet no one gives a fuck at the end of the day. Just bring up a topic that S.J.Ws rally against and talk about how absurd it is that these losers have nothing else going on in their lives to your girlfirend or other women in your life. Make the S.J.W’s look like they’re losers on the many bullet points you’ll have at the ready. Make it uncool to be on the side of these thought fascists. Have your argument backed up. Just dont try to persuade or convince anyone.
    One of the many reasons these women go the S.J.W feminazi route is because they come from a place of priveledge and they have guilt coming from upper levels of society. The only way to channel their guilt is to crusade for the so called under priveledged. Typically women with daddy issues are S.J.W’s. These women take up issues that go against the so called patriarchy as a form of rebellion against their fathers that didn’t do so and so enough or too much so and so for them. This rallying isnt about fighting for women.Its just a way to channel their daddy issues or white guilt for the most part.
    Another tactic that has been employed by our government has been playing both sides. Guys…. come up with your own S.J.W name and identity on disqus or any social media platform. Pose as the most hardcore bat shit crazy man hating militant S.J.W and make bizarre statements and claims that take away any credibility on their side. Just dont have it blow back to you as an agent provocatuer. Infiltrate , divide and conquer.

    1. The biggest reason is sheer willful ignorance.
      Once they find a point that makes them ‘feel right’, their brains turn off and their hormones kick in. Evil men heating up the world ‘feels right’. Campus rape gets their panties wet, their brains don’t care if it’s real or fantasy.Powerful men manipulating the system to keep women as desperately panting beasts in chains gives them nipple erections that could cut glass, so any proof that it’s just women being women is disregarded as not being sexy enough, and thus impossible.
      Every feminist warrior is desperately hoping, praying to be put in her place, and she simply keeps pushing harder and harder in hopes that men will finally get sick of it and spank her like she craves.

    2. No matter how extreme you set yourself up for as a SJW on their side of things it will only make them rally the same thought.
      Give all rapists a sex change, meat eaters should be charges as murderers, surprising? These are the basic examples of what goes on in SJW discussions.
      Reverse psychology only works when you use things they find precious. Like put pot smokers to death, all video gamers are killers so charge them for murder, atheism is a religion, eating plants is murder.

  32. Reverse it? What on earth for? we should be ACCELERATING it! The sooner the shit hits the fan, the sooner we get to start shooting looters and keeping our own personal slave-harem.
    Why go to the trouble of gaming women if, after the bankruptcy of the united states, we can just pluck them off the streets? A little food, a blanket, and protection from getting gang-raped and murdered will assure you 24/7 dicksucking.
    Admit it, we are all thinking it. Hilary Clinton for president.

    1. I’ll admit it. I’d love my own harem.
      That scenario is 100% correct if it ever came down to that.

      1. It happened in the former Soviet Union.
        That’s why I think Charlize Theron as some sort of Badass in the new Mad Max movie is so hilarious.
        The reality? she would be on her knees for any man that wanted her the moment cops and politicians stopped protecting her.
        And if he offered her a modicum of safety in return? She would be happier than a pig in shit.

        1. That’s why I’m saying the advancement of technology is the downfall of man. Makes life cushier, safer and does all the hard man muscle work that women willl be able to take jobs using charm and their pussies alone. Men that use sex toys are looked down upon opposed to women using them. Men are tied to how far their ego go and with better tech it won’t go very far.
          A caveman state country is when women become women and men become men.

        2. I disagree. I think its misleading and can see the logic in assuming that as technology progresses men aren’t as necessary but you’re leaving out a very key variable. And that is the sheer amount of centralized coercion and engineering that goes into feminism. Indeed, technology has reduced physical jobs in favor of office jobs etc. And working in a climate controlled environment pushing paper is a lot easier than punching rivets ergo more apt for woman. But, please, if technology is that compelling than why do we even need feminism and affirmative action and hiring quotas, and smear campaigns and special treatment etc, etc, etc. And, yes, in many ways life today is a lot better than it was previously but its still pretty fucking hard. This glorious economy is nothing like it was in the 80’s and 90’s. Shit, with a degree from a decent college good, and I mean good, jobs were falling in people’s laps. So, even with technology life and work is still very demanding. What’s occurred, in terms of society and women et al., is mostly cultural. Yes, technology’s influence is there, but even in the technology sector, women are leaving and generally don’t gravitate too, so, in response what do we see? Calls to just let women in and shaming companies, schools and people to do this and/or create rich incentives and penalties if they don’t. That’s not technology that’s coercion. Take that away and things will go back to normal.

        1. I won’t have to rape anybody if society get’s that bad. They’ll be running to me for protection and I can just fuck them on the regular in exchange.

        1. Really? Ooh, that could be fun. Seeing how many neocons like you I could take with me.
          At least it wouldn’t be boring. Well, except for the part where you guys keep missing. Women can’t shoot for shit.

        2. what a shame logic… and those with the power to enforce that logic… is what actually CREATED civilized society.
          Or do you think civiilization just naturally and organically formed?

  33. History has shown the American people to be highly malleable when directed by ideologically grounded and highly driven people. Our society is the way it is now because people wanted things to turn out this way and they did so for their own benefit.

  34. History has shown the American people to be highly malleable when directed by ideologically grounded and highly driven people. Our society is the way it is now because people wanted things to turn out this way and they did so for their own benefit.

  35. “Yes means yes” has to be stopped before it infects all of North America. “No means no” was perfectly adequate although – as anyone who has spent time seducing women knows – it doesn’t really reflect reality either.
    Eliminate common law marriages. These “stealth” marriages were created so that women could get their hooks into a guy after a few years of playing house while neither of them had any express intention of getting married. In fact, even if a guy actively resists and balks at the idea of marriage a woman could convince a judge to foist marriage upon them. Of course, this is a retroactive determination only done after the fact when the relationship breaks down and the woman wants alimony and a slice of the man’s property.
    In the event of divorce, presumptive shared custody and joint guardianship of the children. Status quo arguments should be tossed out. That is, if the guy busts his ass 60 hours a week while the woman works part time during the marriage, if they part ways she can’t say “I should get the kids because I only work part time; how can he care for the children when he works 60 hours a week?” They should be allowed to equalize their time outside of the home to allow equal parenting time in the home without him getting “imputed” and pretending he is still working 60 hours when it comes time to calculate child support and alimony payments.
    With respect to Canada, governments should be more willing to use the “Notwithstanding Clause” to control the social decay caused by left-leaning courts making goofball interpretations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There are almost too many to list but some things that have been constitutionally enshrined include gay marriage, prostitution, “medical” marijuana, safe injection sites for hard drugs, public service unions, and hate speech laws where truth is no defense to an accusation.

  36. “Yes means yes” has to be stopped before it infects all of North America. “No means no” was perfectly adequate although – as anyone who has spent time seducing women knows – it doesn’t really reflect reality either.
    Eliminate common law marriages. These “stealth” marriages were created so that women could get their hooks into a guy after a few years of playing house while neither of them had any express intention of getting married. In fact, even if a guy actively resists and balks at the idea of marriage a woman could convince a judge to foist marriage upon them. Of course, this is a retroactive determination only done after the fact when the relationship breaks down and the woman wants alimony and a slice of the man’s property.
    In the event of divorce, presumptive shared custody and joint guardianship of the children. Status quo arguments should be tossed out. That is, if the guy busts his ass 60 hours a week while the woman works part time during the marriage, if they part ways she can’t say “I should get the kids because I only work part time; how can he care for the children when he works 60 hours a week?” They should be allowed to equalize their time outside of the home to allow equal parenting time in the home without him getting “imputed” and pretending he is still working 60 hours when it comes time to calculate child support and alimony payments.
    With respect to Canada, governments should be more willing to use the “Notwithstanding Clause” to control the social decay caused by left-leaning courts making goofball interpretations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There are almost too many to list but some things that have been constitutionally enshrined include gay marriage, prostitution, “medical” marijuana, safe injection sites for hard drugs, public service unions, and hate speech laws where truth is no defense to an accusation.

  37. This article addressed the symptoms not the cause
    The fix to rich-country leftism has always been the same:
    1. Foster a culture of criticism against left wing thought
    2. Discard old conservatism for ideological nationalism
    3. Recruit the young
    4. Destroy the left

  38. It boils down to this….
    These are great suggestions and a step in the right direction. We can tell women that they’re fat, tell them to shape up their behavior & anything else we find unacceptable about them until we’re blue in the face. Until big daddy government is out of the way, by completely getting them out of my house/bedroom and out of my marriage, the wife/GF/FB (whatever) will never listen to you.
    “Fuck you!”
    “You can’t tell me what to do!”
    “I’m calling the police”
    We’ve all heard it. Some of us have lived through it.
    As long as she has big daddy government in her corner, she has NO incentive to follow a masculine man who leads his family as she can always fall back on the man’s “replacement.”
    She can either act & live like a feminine woman taking care of the family like she’s supposed to, or starve when her ass is kicked out of the home for submitting to her hypergamous nature. Once she realizes that she has no government to fall back on, it’ll finally click in her mind. Forcing this upon women is what’s needed as we’re at that point gentlemen. They won’t listen to reason otherwise. They’ve been turned loose for too long.
    Society needs a reset.

  39. I doubt that men have the spine or audacity to roll back these policies. Truth is, clinging to tradition is futile when a tipping point is passed, as happened 40 years ago. At this point, a smart man would create and embrace new traditions that subvert current paradigms rather than desperately grasping at the obsolete. Nostalgia and romantic notions of gone generations is admittedly a comforting dreamscape, but it’s ultimately inhabited in the real world only by the pathetic and fearful. Time to man up, fellas. Lean boldly forward.

    1. Tell that to God. We have it backwards. He set it up so that the man would lead the woman. What you’re saying is that his system is wrong.

  40. Women that cry rape whether true or not should get a penalty for it.
    Get a camera and emg indicator all recorded and tracked by the government in their vagina. That way they can get full protection from government from future assaults. This is a penalty for reporting rape. Men get the same thing when raped. It’s fair and quite effective.

  41. Awareness of the increasing gynocracy and feminism should not be known just to the US but every other nation where feminism is rampant or is slowly creeping into.

    1. Make him, and make me. Come on pussy. Yeah, didn’t think so, being a “tough guy” on the web is meaningless.

        1. I don’t understand people like you. You come here bash Roosh and the ROK community, if you are a man, don’t you see what’s going on? Don’t you understand that feminism calls you inferior and they scream it. If you’re a woman…its a policy on this site that women don’t comment here.

        2. Yes I’m a man.
          Unlike the boys here I don’t place all my woes on everyone and everyone else and look for others to blame.
          “Oh it’s not my fault! It’s the feminists!”
          Bullshit. It’s you. Y-O-U and the rest of the whiny little boys on this site that are the issue.

        3. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness which is precisely what Roosh is advocating in his article :
          1. Repeal Title IX.
          2. Repeal the Violence Against Women Act.
          3. Enforce equality of the law and due process.
          4. Repeal or forbid laws that regulate sexuality, sex, or bedroom activity.
          You are of course free to interpret those 4 rallying points above as “whining” – as a matter of fact, we had anticipated and expected as such from any man or woman or tranny who is not sympathetic to our cause.

    2. Typical. Your kind is well known for its desire to silence dissent to your dogma. You are bred and pure censors and tyrants.
      You make it so easy to oppose your kind. You all exhibit textbook Dictator personality traits.
      Go pound sand, leftist.

      1. Who’s censoring him? I’m just stating the best way to stop “Americas cultural decline”. Or at least a good start.
        Censorship would be preventing him from blathering on like an idiot. He’s free to do so but he’s still an idiot.

  42. Holy crap you guys are F’d up! I mean i knew there were severely deluded, insecure, religious extremist, woman hating (repressed homosexual?) morons in the world but you guys have really opened my eyes. But then again what did I expect…you are american after all….

    1. We’re fucked up? Um, if there are any religious extremists its progressives like you. Second, we’re not the ones supporting an ideology (progressivism) that is literally trying to make pedophilia acceptable. So, its you that’s fucked up.

  43. Kill the welfare system, restore the need for families (man and woman) to work together to raise children.
    Once the family is restored, 80% of society’s problems start to fix themselves.

  44. I ask myself do I have a future, I’m 21 yrs old. I’m starting to think that I don’t have a future, what is worth working hard for?

    1. You have a future. Things change my good man. Just keep your head up. If you want to help tell your friends about the Red Pill. Get them to stop watching mainstream media.

      1. What chris007 was talking about is the biggest real threat to our civilization. Men are the only ones capable of maintaining civilization and the way we are going will cause a man to quit without knowing why. Red pill MGTOW is a good thing for the man still has his spirit. A blue pill type reacting to his environment is a real lose all around and makes us vulnerable to some “Adolf Hitler” type of guy coming in to “save” us.

    2. If you ask “Do i have a future”, then the answer is simple – you don’t have a future. Nothing good awaits you.
      Change your attitude. Realize one thing – you are a Man, a changer, a bringer. You can change yourself, you can influence your environment and life.
      Stop trying to play as a Woman – passive force, always following the next trend. YOU are the trend maker, realize your own power.

  45. “Allow girls to focus more on useful nesting skills instead of athletic competition while simultaneously reducing rape culture hysteria, allowing men to educate themselves properly and peacefully without fear so that they can be future pillars and leaders of the country.”
    This is satire, right?

        1. Under what premises are you suggesting that the metaphorical places of men and women are different?

        2. My oh my. Its very sad to see just how far off some people are. There isn’t really anything to be said, you’re just too much of an ideologue. What premises? Lets start with the FACT that men and women are different. And, please, don’t argue that fact…don’t try to tell me that biology is just a “social construct”.

        3. Men and women ARE different biologically, but each man is also biologically different than every other man.

        4. Pfffffff. Look believing that men and women are the same or “equal” when all evidence that is observable and thoroughly tested via the scientific method firmly states otherwise IS no different than putting faith in a religion. Well, there is a difference, many religions though centered on faith cannot be entirely dis-proven until an observer dies to either confirm or deny their assertions. The progressive religion, on the other hand, and yes its very much a religion, believes in a whole host of “ideas” or “theories” that are categorically false and proven to be so by simple observations i.e. science, biology…math etc. Hence why its called “critical” “theory”. So small caps Bible all you want, but don’t think you’re any different. I can prove to you that men and women are different down to their DNA! And what so pathetic if I were to show you this proof in a microscope…you’d still probably keep believing that they’re not. The Man upstairs indeed – natural law.

        5. Yes we all know that. Now keep going…but “trigger warning” its going to lead to some harsh truths. We are all different therefore we are NOT all equal. Hence equality does not and can never exist. Equality under that law, however, can and should exist but by law I mean due process, trial by peers, Bill of Rights.

        6. I know its easy to go on auto-pilot but I’ve stated none of the things you’re ‘refuting’. Apologies for forgetting to capitalize ‘Bible’, however

        7. “Allow girls to focus more on useful nesting skills instead of athletic competition while simultaneously reducing rape culture hysteria, allowing men to educate themselves properly and peacefully without fear so that they can be future pillars and leaders of the country.”
          “Women need to know their place.”
          These statements do not fit in with what you just wrote. These statements are what I commented on and responded to.

        8. But you do disagree with these statements, yes? Well, why…Ben. Are you a feminist?

        9. I certainly disagree with these statements.
          I disagree because I don’t think the ‘place’ or ‘role’ of a woman is any different than that of a man.

        10. Because you believe that men and women are “equal”. But you just admitted above that we’re all different, and we are, and that, Ben, includes differences as it pertains to sex. And if we are different than certain roles are going to be more befitting of a certain sex. It all comes back to the false presumption that men and women are equal.

        11. We’ve already done this, we’ve agreed that no one is equal under biological definitions and we also agreed in the ideal of equality, under law or social organization if you will. Now:
          ‘Differences as it pertains to sex’
          Do you mean differences in the physical anatomy of male and female or something else?

        12. We agree. The statement you object too is under the bullet to repeal Title IX, which if I’m not mistaken mandates equal proportions of females to males in sports. That’s really my gripe because nothing like this should be mandated. And moreover we have this ridiculous mandate because its based on the false idea that men and women are equal. And basing any legislation on a outright falsity is no good.

        13. Affirmative action sucks but if I understand ‘Title IX’ as you do, it could be about the most harmless iteration of it I’ve ever seen. The comments that followed it are much more troubling and those are what I took issue with.
          My question regarding your ‘differences as it pertains to sex’ stands, though if you’d rather not continue the discussion I won’t begrudge you.

        14. You are part from a very vocal minority. Why the bitchiest and weakest of men are soo god damn vocal?
          Dude… gtfo.

        15. Pardon? All I’ve done in this thread is highlight two statements and ask some very basic questions about their underlying assumptions.
          God forbid that asking simple, inoffensive questions would ever put me in the minority. If it does, however, it would really simplify the answer to the author’s original question ‘how to reverse America’s cultural decline’.

  46. Nothing short of a civil war with at least 10 to 20 million dead will change a thing

    1. True. We should all learn and support para-military groups like The Azov Battalion and Misantrophic Divion. Radical Traditionalism… they got it right, that Might is Right.
      No need to play THEIR game (politics is dominated by leftscum)

  47. A male birth control pill and red pill public service ads such as what PETA does directed at young men would work wonders

      1. Look up Gandarusa Balls will be just fine and so will your personal well being

  48. I think it has begun with men talking openly on the internet in forums such as these. Modern media is a double edged sword whereas while the liberal left is able to spew their anti-male narrative but it also allows for those with an open mind to search out the truth via the web.
    I myself stumbled upon this site merely 8 months ago after a major spat with my spouse. The changes in myself in this short time have been dramatic. I have since taken control of my household to a large degree with my relationship with my wife improving tenfold.
    I am the father of three and I must say that ROK got the ball rolling on changing my outlook on how to raise my boy and two girls.
    Here is the point: It may be too late for prior generations including our own. But for those of us who have strong family unit and wives who respond favorably to a man taking his proper place as head of household, we can raise our children with proper values despite every liberal influence they are exposed to.
    Kids are really smart these days. I’m teaching mine to know bullshit when they hear it.
    The best part is my eldest daughter asked me about her future and getting married the other day at the supper table. I told her the most important thing was to find a man that will be able to take care of her so she can raise a family. My in the past defiant wife’s only response was ‘Not right away after high school though honey’.

  49. “anti-male sexual assault awareness programs”
    Fantastic! This jerkass would have it so that any man can rape any woman he chooses without consequence.
    Does this apply to your wife, mother, daughter or sister also?

  50. I disagree with any changes to the law, Roosh. Mainly because the american society is more focused on cultural swings than legal precedents. After farcebook begins to fade away, and adults have to find something else to do, the SJW movement will lose its efficacy. The pathological female mindset, which drives the SJW, will stumble onto something else to get a rise from. As with the Jim Crow laws of decades ago, these laws to aid society will just be ignored. Those in law enforcement will become very speculative in what laws really matter, and no one will give a damn.
    I believe the men’s movement to be far more balancing in this culture, and over time will squelch the voices of progressive thought in this country. Unless civil war breaks out first, of course.
    Progressives are soon to lose their sway over the populace, as in the case in the early 20th century, due to war. We are headed to the point of history repeating itself.

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