This Is What Feminism Could Look Like In 20 Years

February 26, 2035: Santa Monica, CA. United States Population: 189,000,000

I threw the tennis ball in a tall, lobbing arc – 30 years ago my little league coach would’ve thrown his hat to the ground and rather inappropriately said “By the time the fucking ball hits the ground he’s already made it home!” My Greyhound Max took off after it, any higher and he might’ve beaten the ball to the ground because, unlike an outfielder, he didn’t run with his eyes on the ball, he just waited for that first bounce and pounced on it.

All of this took a toll on my shoulder; he got faster and I’d have to throw the ball further. Max caught the ball and started toward a small Pomeranian with a female owner.

“Max!” I whistled, “Max! Come back here!”

I ran across the field as Max curiously sniffed the Pom who circled back and forth like it was tying him into an invisible knot.

“Zoey, stop that, that’s disgusting.” She pulled the dog away.

I caught my breath, “So sorry. Max, come here.” I attached his leash and pulled him away.

“It’s ok.”

The red beacons hanging from our necklaces lit up and rang with that annoying staccato ‘BEEP-BEEP-BEEP’ and her phone rang. She answered it with one hand and clutched a can of pepper spray behind her back.

“Hello?” she said.

A rushed voice came over the other end, “This is Fem-Protect, you are within five feet of a male, Kevin Sandoval, is he threatening you at this moment?”

She looked at me and blushed a little bit, cracked a smile, put away her pepper-spray with her right hand, returned her thumb to her belt-loop and pulled her jeans down and away from her hip. I took a step back just incase.

“No, I’m ok, my password is Zoey. What are his priors?”

The voice over the phone responded, “Clean record, no sexual activity in the last 20 months, due to receive his monthly anti-androgen shot today at 2:30pm, frequently visits a Ms. Kendall Mays, sending his contact information to your phone right now.”

“Ok, thank you.” She put her phone away and smiled at me. Zoey and Max pulled their leashes taught as they tried to sniff each other, “Kevin Sandoval…” she scrolled through my event history.

“That’s me, you must be Zoey?”

She laughed, “Very funny, that would be my dog, I’m Madison.”

“Nice to meet you, Madison…and Zoey. Well I’ll get out of your way…”


She scrolled down and look at me, “Wow, Kevin, you’ve seen this Kendall Mays for 32 months and no sexual activity? Isn’t that hard?”

“We’ve been going steady, just waiting for her to pop the question. I’m sorry I need to go, if she sees we’ve been talking longer than 2 minutes I’ll never hear the end of it,”

She tilted her head to the side and smiled, “Really? You think I’d make her jealous? Maybe this will…” she hit a button on her phone and a message popped up on mine:


“My apartment is just down the street,” she said, “I’ll fuck the memory of your girlfriend out of you,”

The blood rushed to my face and for a second it seemed like the greatest, easiest decision I’d ever make in my life. She was certainly more attractive than Kendall, but I knew Madison’s type—they were called “Sluts,” women who preyed on the men who craved a few hours free of their Chastity Belts, but did so with no intent to ever marry the man.

Under this law, once a civil union was established through marriage, the female could grant her husband freedom of this electronic fucking spandex relaying a constant stream of my health’s status to the authorities. When men became aroused without a female’s consent, the fabric of their Chastity Belt stretched the electrodes and our necklace beacons rang an alarm, sending the police who’d – at best – tranquilize you under threat of future sex-crimes.

This is what the sluts used to their advantage, if I didn’t accept her offer of sexual intercourse and I became aroused anyway, the alarm would go off and she could charge me with 1st Degree Sexual Intent.

This is why some men “checked out,” as they called it. My roommate Steve had checked out—rather than try for marriage to remove the Chastity Belt, if you made it to age 55 with a clean record you were pardoned from it. Steve didn’t talk to women and didn’t venture too far from the house. He did keep a small stash of porn handy to keep himself busy, which was a punishable offense, but he only had three years to go, and I did notice an increasing pep to his step with each birthday edging him closer.

“No thank you,” I took a step back, “I have a girlfriend, I would not like to engage in sexual intercourse,”

Deepika Padukone Hot photos (2)

She took a quick step forward and grabbed the top of my pants, pulled me in close to her face, just an inch between our noses and our necklace beacons rang again, she answered her phone and stared at me,

“Ms. Summers, this is Fem-Protect again, you are currently in direct contact with another male, please confirm this is consensual.”

She moved her lips so close I felt her breath – she looked at my lips and then my eyes. I wanted her, but knew I wouldn’t and shouldn’t, but still, I felt warm, I imagined us having sex as if the more vividly I did the less I’d tempt myself into the wrong decision.

“Yes, ma’am, this is consensual, password…‘fuck’.” She enunciated and her bottom lip gently flipped off of her teeth.

She reached her middle and index finger and pulled against the elastic of my Chastity Belt.

“I know you want this off, Kevin. Let me guess, Kendall isn’t exactly…small?”

My pulse crashed against my eardrums, “She’s curvy, I have a girlfrie..”

“Shut the fuck up, you make one move I’ll hit the distress button, either press ‘accept’ or…” she reached further inside the Belt, placing her fingers against the sensors, “I’ll pull right here and start crying just to watch you get shot. Don’t be stupid, and don’t pretend like you don’t want to fuck me.”

Max and Zoey wrestled at arms length. My phone rang,

“Is that her?”

I pulled my phone from my pocket and looked, it was Kendall. She must’ve had alerts synched to my activity. Madison took the phone from my hand and tossed it to the side without breaking eye contact. I knew what I had to do:

“Please…please just let me go.”

She smiled, “I don’t want to, and neither do you, I can see it,”

“I do not want to have sexual intercourse, I…have…a girlfriend!” I pulled her hand out of my belt and my necklace rang ‘BEEP-BEEP-BEEP’ I dropped the leash and dove the ball,

“MAX! RUN HOME! GO GO GO!” I threw the tennis ball towards our apartment with all I had left in my right shoulder and he took off.

She threw herself to the ground and screamed for help, rolling side to side. I grabbed my phone and typed ‘S-T-E-V-E’, “Steve answer answer come on…”


“Steve! Listen, I got popped, they’re going to raid our place, you need to stash your stuff,”

“Oh god, what did you do? I don’t have time, Kevin, fuck, fuck…” I heard a door kick in on Steve’s end, “They’re here, oh my God, no…” his phone hit the ground and three cop cars bounced over the curb onto the grass in front of me.


I rose to my knees with my hands in the air as four troopers jumped out of the cars with guns drawn, “This is a mistake! I did nothing!”

Madison rolled back and forth and batted her arms as if being attacked by a swarm of bees, screaming ‘HELP!’

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Max running back with the ball. He dropped the ball and ran towards the policemen, picking up speed and barking, the troopers turned their guns toward Max,

“MAX!” I got up and ran towards him to intercept, hearing a faint ‘Noooo!’ and pop-pop-pop from the other end of my phone, “MAX!” I dove and caught him as he took his last leap towards the officers and POP-POP-POP the metal tore through my ribs and the air left my lungs before I hit the ground.


They had Max secured with a noose but he was still fighting. I rolled over on my back and tried to reach the bottom of my lungs but could only take small sips of air. Max was snarling with something in his mouth and another pop-pop-pop but the sound muffled. It was the strangest thing, I couldn’t feel much pain – I was just dizzy.

My eyes couldn’t focus. A sense of peace poured through me; forgiving all that had been done. I’d be free soon, I thought. I smiled and hoped at this very moment Steve and Max were smiling with me, feeling more alive now than ever before.

We’d be free soon.

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248 thoughts on “This Is What Feminism Could Look Like In 20 Years”

  1. The scary thing is how this could actually happen. You men are not alone, there are lots of women like me who are against feminism and how it is destroying natural relations between the sexes.We have to fight this!

      1. Women are not the enemy. We are also being victimized by jewish intellectualism or the Protocols of Zion, however you wish to call it. Do you think emancipated women in their 30s are happy with their lives? Of course not! No amount of partying, traveling, hooking up in the world come even close to the fulfillment of having a family. Deep down, these women know that, which is the reason many of them are addicted to Xanax and alcohol.
        Anyway, as demonstrated beautifully in the story above, the main objective with all of this gender nonsense is power and control by the elite. We shouldn’t fight amongst ourselves because that’s exactly what the elite want.

        1. So you think some elite is responsible for women’s behaviour and mannerisms?

        2. I agree. Fundamentally speaking, men came to this world to work and produce; women came to breed and raise.
          Emancipated, childless women in their 30s are actually going against their very own biological nature.

        3. What does “jewish intellectualism” have to do with this article? Nice try deflecting responsibility there.
          I don’t see the jews benefitting here behind the scenes. If this article was about a jewish ruled dystopia or if as a matter of fact Israel was somehow much better than the rest of the western world as far as feminism goes, then I would agree; but Israel’s women have been riding the cock carousel, miscegenating and are arguably the most “careerist” in the world, if you go by the number of entrepreneurs per capita among women in Israel.
          That a large percentage of feminists are jews doesn’t mean jews at large benefit from this; it just means that, like in most parts of society, jews cluster at the top. That says more about typical individual jewish behavior than collective jewish motivation.
          If anything, women have benefitted at large at the expense of men. Of course western women aren’t “haaaappy”, but the fact remains that they still commit divorce rape en masse, they still vote, work in office jobs, fornicate, and murder babies with no accountability. Women are large benefactors of feminism in the short term.
          Women are not “the enemy”, women and men need each other for the survival of the species and of their respective ethnic group. However, in the current state of feminism, women can’t be trusted; it is not like women are gonna fight the good fight anyway. Women are going to sit at home while their men fight each other and rip each other to shreds, neomasculine men versus white knights, in case of a civil war.
          By the way, what’s your notch count? 🙂

        4. If you read the article posted on ROK a few days ago, you would understand what I am talking about when I say that I put a lot of blame on jewish intellectualism. When I talk about elite jews, I am not referring to the “regular” ones living in israel. 99% of feminist leaders have been jewish, and being as though jews only make up about 2% of the population, I’d say it is highly unlikely that it’s a coincidence.
          I agree that feminism creates short term happiness as woman can give into their impulses without feeling guilty. I also agree that women will not take up arms, should a civil war ever break out. However, that is not the only form of resistance. I think that women can do their part by talking to other women about issues facing men today. Any time one of my girlfriends’ declares that she is a feminist, I always give a firm argument of how feminist no longer about equality, but about female superiority. A debate usually ensues, and I poke just enough holes in their argument to get them thinking that maybe they are on the wrong side.

        5. “So you think some elite is responsible for women’s behaviour and mannerisms?”

        6. Are divorces high in Jewish cultures?
          I thought the boring herb beta-husband was the bread-and-butter of the Jewish way of life.
          I really don’t mean that offensively… but I had the impression that the commanding and all-powerful Jewish mother was a thing.

        7. Don’t be too hard on the likes of her.
          Gynocentric antifeminism is still better than gynocentric feminism.
          They have a saying in the middle east “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people”.
          I say first the leftists THEN the rightists.

        8. “99% of feminist leaders have been jewish, and being as though jews only make up about 2% of the population, I’d say it is highly unlikely that it’s a coincidence.”
          Yes, and failure to collectively acknowledge this can be squarly pinned on too many MRAs and anti-fems tripping over themselves to prove that they’re not anti-semites to people bent on tarring them as anti-semites NO MATTER WHAT anyway.

        9. Technically yes. Women have ALWAYS been this way. But SOMETHING turned standard discipline and father as king of castle on it’s head.
          That something was jew-backed feminism in combination with consumerism. It was inevitable, but that doesn’t mean the movers and shakers shouldn’t be hanged.

        10. They have a saying in the middle east? Wow, would that be in Yemen, UAE, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, Libya, Saudi Arabia or Bahrain?

  2. Men in happy marriages are economically productive. As feminism erodes marriages, men opt out of the society and produce barely enough to get by. This means everyone in the society suffers as the tax base is simply no longer there. I am not blaming anyone, I do this as well, for good reasons. Women have become unbearable harpies and are taught to criticize men with their very first words.
    I just got slammed by a 5-year-old girl for daring to say to a boy that he is spoiled. How dare I speak my mind??

    1. yep. Men can survive on 25% to 30% of their efforts. Men in families usually work at 100% to provide for their family. They are so productive, they can usually care for their family and still have enough to send to the government.
      Single men are in many cases more than happy to coast at 30%. Women in the workplace were supposed to be able to make up the difference, but they are not even close. Society is losing out on a lot of lost productivity because men are saying, “Screw it”.
      Karen Straughan has a video up called “Fempocalypse” in she does a great job going into detail and explaining the whole situation. If you haven’t seen it, you might want to check it out.

      1. I’ve sadly become one of those single guys running around 30%.
        I’ve observed this has been slowly happening to me over the last few years. The more aware I am of how legislation is becoming so female centric at the expense of men, the more I begin to check out.
        Who would have thought 50 years ago a father would be denied access to his kids yet be legally forced to still provide for ex-wife or face felony? Yet look at where we are today.
        And here we are again. Who in their right mind imagined legislation passed where normal sexual interactions between men and women would not only be criminalized, it “empowered” women to create bogus rape allegations without facing any public scrutiny while removing due process for men accused.
        Its sad what this is doing to relations between the genders. When I go out I want nothing to do with women anymore. I see them all now as potential rape bombs. Laughing it up, enjoying life as more n more legislation is passed which effectively transfers more responsibility from them onto men. All while they keep shouting about “equality.”
        I can’t take the insanity anymore or knowing how much worse it’s about to get.

        1. Well, in a couple of years there will be absolutely NO incentive NOT to rape a woman and feed her body the gators.
          I expected that decriminalizing false prosecution for rape will lead to a rape epidemic the likes of which will leave even the chechens stunned.

        2. What you want to do is to run at 100% for a couple of years, save a substantial amount, preferably in different currencies (you can even buy gold or silver in a Swis bank), then head overseas to start a family.

      2. It’s even worse than that. As my last young’un spreads her wings and leaves the nest I’ll continue to work at 100% – and spend every red cent of it on ME. Me, me me! And pretty much everything I buy is produced by men, not women. Of course I still have to pay taxes so the ladies will still get their cut.

        1. You are absolutely right. There are more men than women in manufacturing. Woman make fewer goods than men except maybe garments and food.

        2. One of my pet peeves for many decades has been the use of the word “lady” to describe women who are anything but. Just saying.

        3. Do not worry I hate being called that and I am a feminist. Woman or person is just fine.

        4. Just to clarify, i got out of the Army in 1966, an obligation that no woman has ever had in the history of the nation. For that 49 years, I have been exposed to every possible insult from women, while not committing any crimes nor doing anything to women.. I assure you I do not object to lady for women who aren’t because of what they think about it. I don’t care what they think about it.

        5. I am sure when you typed that you knew what you meant. One thing I do understand is you have a deep hatred of women. And for the record I disagree with obligatory army service. And that is just for men is unfair. I think you will find it is compulsory for men and women in Israel.

        6. Deep hatred for women. Like almost everything else you feminists say, it is right out of the feminist catechism.
          Because every waking moment we men have to listen to your insults and lies, means WE have a problem? How droll.
          That is like insulting men, accusing them of having mother problems, as if all mothers are saints and any problem a man had with a violent, insane mother means there is something wrong with HIM. (Other than being harmed by her abuse, of course.)
          My favorite people, hands down are women. Not women like you. In fact, there aren’t many American Women who are my favorite women. When you live with insane people it affects your own mental health.
          Why don’t you feminists just once have an original thought that was not first published in one of your femi magazines?

        7. I said it because of the way that you come across in your posts. I have in fact agreed with something you said about conscription. It is unfair.
          I don’t read “femi magazines”. I don’t know what you are referring to.
          I am not American. You know nothing about me. Your intemperate tone says a great deal though.
          You expect to come on here and insult people and you don’t like it when someone offers an opinion on the way you come across. But do keep insulting me based on very little. If it makes you feel better about yourself.

        8. *You have a deep hatred of men. I said it because it comes across in your posts.*
          That was sarcasm.
          On the other hand this is point blank truth: You have a huge weakness of logic and reason caused by your extreme self centerdness. And you know what’s fun? That makes you a perfectly normal, average woman!

    2. i can relate… my engagement ended in 2013… used to work (2009-2013) 6 days a week killing it… since then, i’ve dialed way back (ironically been able to save so much more $$ than before). i ‘could’ be more productive (like i used to be), but i’m no longer so motivated about $$$ and more motivated to read/learn/enjoy-life. red-pill = no more motivation for the mcmansion, keeping up with the jones’ etc. love it.

    3. They’ll just ramp up the tax rates, the alimony, the child support, the handouts, the make-work gov’t jobs for women, etc. Hell, maybe an outright “male tax,” didn’t Norway almost pull that shit? We’re already starting to see increasingly “progressive” taxes supplemented by “regressive” / lump-sum taxes or fees, like how child support works (only adjusted up, never down) so there’s no way of getting out of it. Men will start the year in debt to the government, and have to work it off first, taken right out of the paychecks. The next logical step is labor camps. Once men stop working because there’s nothing in it for them, the only way to get work done is at gunpoint.

      1. The next logical step is labor camps. Once men stop working because there’s nothing in it for them, the only way to get work done is at gunpoint.

        Welcome to Camp F.E.M.A

      2. If things get really really bad the government will have to fabricate some war and convince men that if they don’t fight they are not “real men.”

        1. I read somewhere that most men in history would have preferred to avoid blood spill. The only way things could turn good from the fabricated war you mentioned is if the men turned their guns to the government instead of at each other.

        2. That nearly happened in WWI but Woodrow Wilson (a progressive) intervened and saved the oligarchy of Europe from a well deserved hanging by their own soldiers.

        3. Just like famed suffragette Christabel Pankhurst…
          “The poetry from the period indicates that the campaign was not popular amongst soldiers (e.g. Wilfred Owen’s Dulce et Decorum Est[citation needed]) – not least because soldiers who were home on leave could find themselves presented with the feathers.
          One such was Private Ernest Atkins who was on leave from the Western Front. He was riding a tram when he was presented with a white feather by a girl sitting behind him. He smacked her across the face with his pay book saying: “Certainly I’ll take your feather back to the boys at Passchendaele. I’m in civvies because people think my uniform might be lousy, but if I had it on I wouldn’t be half as lousy as you.” [7]
          The supporters of the campaign were not easily put off. A woman who confronted a young man in a London park demanded to know why he was not in the army. “Because I am a German”, he replied. He received a white feather anyway.[8]
          Perhaps the most ironic use of a white feather was when one was presented to Seaman George Samson who was on his way in civilian clothes to a public reception in his honour. Samson had been awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry in the Gallipoli campaign.[9]
          The writer Compton Mackenzie, then a serving soldier, complained about the activities of the Order of the White Feather. He argued that these “idiotic young women were using white feathers to get rid of boyfriends of whom they were tired”. The pacifist Fenner Brockway claimed that he received so many white feathers he had enough to make a fan.”

      3. There is a way of getting out of it just don’t make enough money to pay taxes, or better yet get on the dole and help bleed the beast.

        1. Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. A lump-sum tax is a fixed amount you HAVE TO pay, much like how child support works. If you don’t earn enough, too bad, you still owe.

    4. Im not sure that matters if men drop out b/c women already work enough specialized jobs, things it would seem would just go back to the 50’s with one person working and the other at home. ( women at work , men at home ). But to give credit to your point the difference would be that there wont be ” any men at home ” b/c men aren’t marrying.
      I guess my point is that the tax base would be like it was back when there was only one earner. Nowadays most familes have two earners but for you to say the tax base would disappear if men stopped producing. Im not sure about that. Women would fill all the specialized roles men stop filling but, yes we would go back to a one earner tax base which would definitely be a hurt to the wallet of the US

      1. When a husband was the only earner, the taxes were much lower. Two workers, the taxes skyrocketed. Reduce back to one, then ask yourself if government will cut taxes back to 1908 levels. No? Guess what, you may not get a choice then on dropping out.

        1. The Conservative Canadian government is introducing income splitting for married couples with kids under 18. If the guys (and it almost universally is the guy) is the sole breadwinner or makes substantially more than the other spouse then some of that income can be transferred to partially or totally equalize the incomes. Because of the progressive tax tiers, that reduces taxes. The whole program means about $2 billion in reduced tax revenues and this is driving the lefties and SJW types crazy.
          On the other hand, several years back the government changed the child support rules so that they guy (almost universally) has to pay with after tax dollars. The way it used to work was that you paid your child support and it was deducted from your income and added to mom’s income, and then you based your taxes on that. That was a form of income splitting so when they changed it, government tax revenues went up. Plus, it was a stealth measure to effectively increase child support rates by between 10% and 30% because the women got the money tax-free.

      2. Here’s the thing.. what do women produce of economic value? Fuck all. Most are in useless government, PR, marketing and HR jobs that deliver no real value to the economy. If you pulled all of the women out of the economy this year, society could survive, but if you pulled all of the men out, living standards would plummet and the human race would end up starving to death

        1. I’m thinking about this and I don’t know if its true. Surely you couldn’t pull all the women OR men out of the economy and expect anything less than disaster?

        2. Well, of course it would be a disaster if all women were taken out of the economy. But having said that, I have no doubt that society would be able to recover. But who do you think builds roads, buildings, feeds the people through farming etc? It is by and large men. This is far more important to society than workplaces where women dominate. If you took men out of the economy, the world wouldn’t be able to function any more. If women left the economy, it would force serious structural change, but in the long-term I think we could absorb it

        3. I assume you have a very useful job that makes society richer. What is it?

        4. I’m an engineer. Let me guess, “FeminineAndSuccessful”… overweight HR cunt?

      3. Here’s the thing.. what do women produce of economic value? Fuck all. Most are in useless government, PR, marketing and HR jobs that deliver no real value to the economy. If you pulled all of the women out of the economy this year, society could survive, but if you pulled all of the men out, living standards would plummet and the human race would end up starving to death

      4. If you think women and their ‘specialized jobs’ will pick up the slack for men ‘dropping out’ then I have to disagree. Females (and this is not my opinion, but fact) have a staggering INability to innovate or create. Check the patents granted by sex rates and your mind will be blown. You’d think a female chemist could at least trip and fall, knocking some solution into another solution and inventing something by accident on occasion. But even that doesn’t happen. Women replacing men in the workforce means progress is gone. Hell I wish it were the opposite. I don’t care. But women are extraordinarily non-productive. If you think a nation of donut eating HR brats will be able to compete with Chinese and Russian males then I would disagree.

        1. I agree, Since women entered the workforce in droves around 1945, there’s evidence that scientific, cultural and technological innovation has reduced massively.

        2. The specialized jobs will go away as men leave the workforce. Because those jobs depend on male plebs to do the heavy lifting.

        3. touche’. I keep forgetting men dropping out is mostly a western thing. ( or is it?)

        4. I assume that you have created something useful for the world. What was it? Would love to know.

    5. Modern women are simply clueless and delusional.
      Couple days ago I was telling an ex-gf how I am gonna head out of North America for a while because there is money abroad and all the jobs in my field require 5+ years experience, even just for an entry level position.
      Her response was that she got a job that required 8 years of experience despite having only worked in the field for a short period.
      This isn’t necessarily bad advice… the problem is she forgot to mention that she was sleeping with her new employer before she got hired there.
      Don’t forget to check your privilege guys.

      1. The thing is if her employer refused to have sex with her she could have accused him of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Check yo privilege indeed.

      2. This is absolutely rife where I work in Australia. Incompetent women are absolutely using their pussies to get jobs they would never be able to get on merit…

        1. They have companies in Australia that have a mandatory number of women they hire or give promotions too even if their are more qualified males, so much for eqaulity an wanting equal responsibility. Women don’t want true equality, they want all the same rights but want special treatment that gives them extra advantages, the very same thing they claim men got. Feminism is a sham.

        2. This shit is routine now. My brother flipped burgers in McDonald’s for a while and it even happens there where fucking your manager gets you an extra £0.26 an hour, in some cases.
          I remember reading on Reddit, a post from a woman who fucked her boss while she had a husband and kids at home. You can guess who’s responsibility that was.

        3. Australia is a feminist wet dream these days. It has cooled off a bit after Gillard got booted out, but her destructive legacy remains. Remember when Gillard tried to make it a law that companies had to have a certain percentage of women on their boards, like what they do in Government? What a joke, whatever happened to being able to hire whoever you wanted, and appoint them based on merit? How about how she gave hundreds of millions of borrowed dollars to ‘feminist programs’ in the South Pacific? No wonder Australia is broke. What about those crazy ‘mistress laws’, where sluts can receive large payouts for sleeping with married men. Talk about providing great incentives to engage in destructive behaviour! Seriously, have a look around you. No wonder the average woman these days believes she can do no wrong, and is untouchable.. it is hammered in all through school, university and via the media, and it is all legally backed privilege..

        4. Have you seen how Westpac espouses feminist values? Check their women in leadership focus, it is all on their website. They want women in no matter what, even if there are better male candidates. For this reason, I will never bank with Westpac!

        5. Yep Australia is trying to rival Sweden as feminist central. I’m actually amazed Gillard was moved on, she was a leftist an a woman yet even with those two advantages she was so inept her party had to challenge her leadership an the public turned against her. An you’re right Australian women do have a massive entitlement complex but it’s no wonder considering how much our society puts them on a pedestal.

        6. Exactly there’s other companies that do that too. If you’re a woman you get the job over a male even if he’s more qualified. There’s even business that are female only, imagine if a company announced it won’t hire females, the outrage from the media an feminists would be immense. It just proves femism is about female dominance an privilege not true equality.

        7. Which businesses are female only? Are they female staff only or female customers only? Either way you should name them and shame them because it is totally discrimination

        8. Oh my god, why should a married man have to pay a lot of money to sleep with a woman outside his marriage? That is just total shit. Its a matter of private sexual behaviour whether you’re married or single. Can you please send a link to these mistress laws you mentioned?

        9. That’s fucked. Who would have intercourse for £10 a week? That must make those chicks the world’s worst paid prostitutes.

          Here you go. It must sound completely ludicrous to people from other countries, but in Australia it is reality sadly. Basically it encourages sluts to target wealthy married men, knowing that if they can get the man to fuck them, they can then legally steal his money. They can satisfy their short-term hypergamy by chasing alpha males, knowing that even if they can’t secure commitment, they can extract resources from him anyway via a fat and totally undeserved pay day sometime in the future. Basically they are prostitutes that continue to get paid long after the actual sex occurred and was paid for. It is absolute insanity. Also, what hope does a beta male have of securing sex in such an environment? You will notice that this woman received a six figure payout, even though he had “showered her with gifts” and regularly deposited money in her account – surely more than adequate compensation for the ‘privilege’ of a consensual sexual relationship! It is beyond disgusting – it is not as if this woman was forced to continue the ‘relationship’, she was absolutely free to walk away at any time. So why do these whores get financially rewarded for breaking up families? How women can claim they are oppressed by the patriarchy when misandrist laws such as these (don’t even get me started on divorce and custody!) exist really does defy belief. It is obvious that Australian laws are deeply hostile to men, but benefit women. Some equality!

        11. Buissinessess with female staff only, I can’t remember the name but I read it last year a newspaper. They were going on about how women are better leaders an and workers a other nonsense, pretty typical of the kind of stuff you constantly hear in Australia.

        12. Wow haven’t heard of this one. Is there such thing as a BoyToy law, where fucking a rich married woman allows the man to steal her wealth? Not that women have any reason to make money but just curious if the double standard is simply out in the open.
          This makes me think of the recent prostitution laws in Canada, where it is legal to sell sex but illegal to buy it.
          Just obviously skewed laws that make no sense and everyone just accepts as normal.

        13. As an Australian I aggree with you, just as a side point. Years ago a co-worker of my brother was getting divorced. As shit stir, a younger co-worker. Decided to make a spreadsheet, Hookers vs wife. The short story is that if I had visited hookers instead of getting married. He would’ve been ahead, kept his house, cars and cash. What everyone seems to forget is that Men still have a lot of power, and while it is true that the smart ones commit suicide. Men still have a lot of control.
          Feminism is a global virus of the mind, it’s systemic, it’s malignant, and its global ( to paraphrase Gordon Gekko). Luckily for us we have a Male Prime Minister that made himself the minister for women. Ultimately what I foresee for both Australia and the U.S. Is a massive backlash, ending in Military dictatorship. Because men make decisions, whilst women hamster in circles, Men create, while women bitch about how there weren’t opportunities for them to do the same. The biological imperative will ultimately show feminism to be the nonsense that it really is.

        14. Some months ago, a woman blogged that she started a business with the plan to have only women, thus peace and prosperity. In reality, the women quarreled and didn’t do much else and she went broke. No men to get the job done, I guess.

        15. Clark, I’m unaware of any rich married woman in Australia being legally required to pay money to her scorned toyboy. Funnily enough the feminists Down Under have not even mentioned this shocking double standard!

        16. This is not unprecedented in Australia. A friend’s father, back in the 90s, used to have a rule; never live with a woman for longer than 6 months. He had this rule because the state government would consider the woman a common law wife after that time and they would then have legal rights to his assets. He owned a bit of land and had a healthy bank balance, so all it would take was some devious gold-digger living with him for 6+ months and all of that was in jeopardy. It would seem with this new law, you don’t even have to live with them now.
          And the moral of this story is; Australian men, don’t date women. Pump and dump, or just go straight up MGTOW and stay the fuck away from them altogether. They’re just too toxic. I don’t necessarily blame women for this, clearly it’s the government allows this to happen, but it’s also not the fault of the puffer fish that it’s deadly poisonous to humans. It just means you should stay the fuck away from them.

        17. You sound like you just hit puberty and your hormones are destroying your brain.

        18. Why don’t you lay off the man he is making sense speaking to other men.
          You have nothing to offer here

        19. It’s all the Anglo countries really. Just look at Canada and the UK. Just as bad as Oz, with even the US starting to ” catch up “.

        20. I’ve seen the same guy in other threads. He just makes one or two sentence troll attack comments and then leaves.

        21. I think we’re starting to surpass Sweden, have a look at this. While i don’t condone physical violence against women, i think this is over-board and will be abused.
          “The proposal will see GPS monitoring devices attached to offenders who pose an immediate risk to their partners, children and other family members, similar to existing measures imposed on high-risk sex offenders in some states and territories.”

        22. In the US you can have what’s called a co-habitation agreement… granted no body would want to ever present one of these things… to a mistress or actual girl friend…. but it basically says you are not supporting them and they shouldn’t consider you their spouse and it helps protect you against common low declaration. Do Australia and Brittain have such a thing?

        23. “Do Australia and Brittain have such a thing?”
          I’m not sure to be honest. Though I’m not sure how such an agreement would stand up in court. I expect a judge could dismiss it if they so chose. I might look into it, just out of interest.

      3. In Canada the judiciary go the affirmative action bug so they started looking around for more women to become judges. The problem was that the female candidates – while good – almost universally had less experience practicing law than the male counterparts. So they still started appointing more women with the average one being several years younger than the average male.
        Of course, these are basically jobs for life with a good pension after they retire. So what happens next? Some feminists sue the government because female judges have to pay into the pension plan longer than the men to get the same benefits.

        1. The public sector has become pretty much intolerable to work in.
          I am currently working for a professor that moved from America to Canada to get on tenure track and he often comments about how annoyed he is at all the bullshit.
          He nearly lost his job over some accusation of being non-PC and office politics. He now video-records every single one of his lectures because he is afraid of being accused of something and having no evidence.
          I wish I was making this stuff up.

      4. true that, when someone has an edge on you, they’ll never tell you, the idea is that you’ll think they’re special if you don’t know they used a social “hack”
        lol kinda like men using steroids and saying they are all natural, “nah man it’s just genetics”

      5. true that, when someone has an edge on you, they’ll never tell you, the idea is that you’ll think they’re special if you don’t know they used a social “hack”
        an arrogant “i’m better than you” a feeble minded superiority con, people lie-to-themselves to feel better about their achievements its to announce subliminally the fact that they are powerful and you ought to tremble before their abilities
        lol kinda like men using steroids and saying they are all natural, “nah man it’s just genetics”..hard work you know”
        People are liars
        that, or the opposite, behind closed doors, they work their ASS off, than, they walk around pretending like it was easy and they are naturals, to try to gain a sense of superiority, “yeah it all comes easy brah”
        People are this petty, they will lie, for a good laugh if you;re stupid enough to think they are really special…
        Do we tell women how exhausting our workouts are, or how careful we select our words on a date(through trial and error on a bunch of pathetic dates where we would not dare say how beta we acted) or that we understand advanced attraction psychology and have an edge? No.. We make it seem like that’s really us. Yep. Ts’all genetics brah. We’re magicians who lie for approval, Why make it seem like we attained our goals through lesser means? it would make them think we’re not as special or powerful, and hurt our egos(or just inhibit the objective, which is almost always domination)
        We all use “mind control” But., in socially acceptable terms, our mind-control technology is in the form of a “personality”
        The power of the personality:
        it can make you vulnerable
        it can make you lend your trust
        it can lend familiarity to someone
        In other words, personality is an extraction tool
        Also, since everyone lies, The honest man realizes one thing really fast if he is clever, He realizes, he has to lie too! just to compete, so very quickly, you end up with a liar society built on hype,
        You wanna know the statistics on how WEAK people are?
        1 in 4 people are so weak they have to go beg a dr for relief from their existential problems through big pharma(1 in 4 on mental illness pills statistics), 1 in 4 are so WEAK they can’t even do some exercises 3 times a week, 1 in 4 are so WEAK they cant discipline themselves not to eat garbage, all these statistics on WEAKNESS and disease, and all the rest of the petty hangups people have, but oh yeah, they will criticize the fuck out of you every chance they get! hypocrytes, liars, and when you achieve some sort of progress in your life, theyll congratulate you but secretly HATE you for it
        whats sick about the whole deal, is that these people, can;t even live without eachother, even though statistics show you’re better off alone on all counts if your interest is in thriving
        It’s logic, they aren;t going to help you… So what can they do? They can fuck you over thats what!
        Want to be happy? Avoid people like the plague, i think the real red-pill has yet to be swallowed, that civilization is a parasite, an advanced parasite
        i have come to the realization that society is one big fraud, Marriage, friendship, relationship, its all a big con-job, “personality” is just a socially conditioned ego-mechanism, You analyze risk-reward, than you invent a character, a social ego
        You have 3 masks.
        One you show to the world
        One you only show around people you know
        and One you NEVER show
        that is why we seem to only be impressed by “self-made” folks, though usually…, it turns out, they are hiding something , not really revealing the fact that many of them got lucky, or some help .. non humble =|
        it’s not luck brah… I was such a genius “i predicted it brah”
        the idea of someone being that “high-performance” is a fantasy… A unicorn, the ideal alpha male is just a fiction of hollywood to entertain you for an hour and a half, Look around at society, where are the genius’s? It’s a shit heap, All talk, No action like 99% of politicians
        ALL talk, All bullshit, Most people are within margin of your ability, or just ONE standard deviation never forget that, the rest is their own marketing, just hype!

      6. Well crap, I’ve noticed that since I graduated college back in ’08. Some little bint will get a job because she is fuck buddy/eye candy material. I say damn them, both the old farts who need work week prick teases and the little hussies.

      7. Here LMGTFY:
        “Modern women are (generalization). Here’s ONE incident that doesn’t even prove my generalization”

        1. If it wasn’t so common then you’d be right, but I’ve seen many examples of this. This is just an example of outright hypocrisy.

    6. That’s the problem…you don’t negotiate or let little 5 year olds talk to you that way. When I was younger, I was told to shut my mouth or mind my business if I jumped into a conversation (with adults) at that age.
      That’s what needs to change. I won’t let a 5 year old in on my conversations and I’ll tell them to shut up (or mind your business). The rule of society is by adults (not children). You give them “power” when you allow them to engage in conversation. I’ll be damn if a 5 year old is going to give me their opinion. They may do it once, but a lesson will be learned that day.

      1. only don’t forget that the five year old was defending another child who this guy accused of being ruined or worthless

        1. Doesn’t matter. The problem we have today is that society (adults) have let children into the adult “conversations”. That shit needs to end. I wasn’t allowed to talk to any adult that way (through my parents and society – back when). Society has given too much power to children (and they know it).
          My son was taught to respect all adults, not to talk back to adults, etc…and he got it if I ever heard about it (it got back to me he was being disrespectful). Children rely on adults for their survival plus it’s a matter of respect. Respect is missing from the equation.

    7. If you told a small child that he is ruined then I think the other 5 year old who challenged you was pretty insightful.
      Verbally attacking children is not an example of exercising freedom of speech. Anyone who says shit to a kid and hides behind ‘freedom of speech’ as a defence is ignorant of what freedom of speech really stands for.

    8. Try this experiment: stand on one leg, i bet you’ll count every second, yet, in comfort you can spend hours like it’s nothing, it seems that in the matrix of life, the only way to get more time is to make life more difficult, or challenging, by having a difficult noble goal , or by turning your life into such a pile of shit, that every day is a challenge, I guess, both are successful in their own way, since both options create a challenge to overcome which gives men a rich sense of meaning through their trials and tribulations
      60% of marriages end in divorce
      of the 40% of marriages, 20% are unhappy
      1 in 5 odds … and getting worse
      I know what you’re thinking”
      You: “dude fuck marriage its 2015”
      Me:yes but… marriage used to be the “macro” result of a healthy society, whereas a mini relationship was the “micro version” meaning that, the best possible result you could have with a woman was to want to spend so much time with them that you cohabited it was inevitable that if you met a truly decent woman, naturally you’d want to be around her as much as possible, the fact that even this “extremist” lifestyle has disappeared, means the general “relationship” is gone with it, a society in which marriage is no longer possible means that it is a society where a relationship is no longer possible either, they go together, since marriage was considered just the evolution of a very successful relationship
      a low quality bonding woman, who is non-marriageable is also non-mini-relationship material, Want a good mini-relationship? find a woman who you’d consider marrying if it were still 1960 … Common sense
      What are you going to do? have the feels for a woman you can’t trust? That is crazy
      Even if you just get your feet wet in a relationship, generally, you try not to waste time with someone who you would NEVER consider marrying

  3. You know, there comes a time when, if so trapped, if the only thing left to do is start destroying everything in site, then so be it.

    1. “I will not tread lightly around this subject. I will not resort to euphemism or conceal my message ‘between the lines’. I will not leave you with the mere implication that Male Holocaust is the eventual outcome of feminism, before quickly moving on to talk about other things, as though airing the idea should be an embarrassment for the speaker.”
      “The imminent attempted eradication of half the human race calls for writing unimbued by flippancy or fancy.”
      If feminism isn’t stopped it will someday succeed in enslaving and eventually eliminating men.

      1. If accomplished it would result in an utter collapse in productivity everywhere that accomplished it followed shortly thereafter by them being conquered and the short sighted women made into slaves.

      2. That would require women to actually do stuff in STEM instead of drinking coffee

      3. If we men disappear from humanity, the female race dies off eventually as well. I say every man in the working field, firefighting,truck driving, gas & electric companies, etc. go on strike and watch how fast the world comes to a screeching halt. Then tell the government to abolish feminism or we don’t go back to work until then.

    2. Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” – H.L. Mencken

      1. society is so interconnected it would be really easy to bring it all down.

        1. It means it leaves you open to destruction quite easily. When Britain cant feed themselves without the rest of the world well.

        2. So if everything is interconnected you’d go down with it? Maybe things aren’t so connected after all.

        3. It would be glorious watching the world die and if I died during it then so be it

      2. You’re either a white knight or you are really a woman… not sure which yet. Either way, you’re a moron.

        1. Nope, you’re one or the other, simply based on your comments…. and I love to get f*cked… by the right woman of course.

      3. Don’t you feel like they are just documenting their sexual fantasies? Or they are really scared of sexually dominant women to the point where it’s become a bit of a fetish.

  4. Id rather die then to let some shit like this happen, otherwise good read.

  5. Damn, I bet the women’s channel is salivating over this. They’ll be pursuing you for a contract to do some more of this slop.

    1. They probably didn’t see it as a satire an thought it was someone envisioning the same future that they want.

  6. Just FUCKING disgusting. Anglo women deserve to be BITTER for driving away their own men.
    Paging the White Knights: you wankers are enabling your own women to act all misandrist.
    No wonder exogamy is the highest amongst folks that have ancestry from the British Isles.

    1. Last week I was reading some SJW Millenial Worker piece. In it the douche was proclaiming how “they listen to their women” in the workplace. Essentially without directly saying it … proclaiming how he’s all about more rules and laws to make the workplace even more “friendly” for women while it’s the job of men to change to accommodate women.
      Fuck. That. Shit.
      I’m damn tired of being told I have to change for women in certain areas while I’m them told I’m to engage in old traditions which were of benefit for women.

    2. Women would not be able to drive men away of it wasn’t for technology. When cops are replaced by robots men will probably be put into genocide

      1. The main barrier for fems here is the fact that technology is run/invented/maintained by nerds (those socially awkward fellas that girls piss on all thru high school).
        Have you not noticed all the fems complaining about ‘brogrammers’ and etc. the last few years?
        It indicates that fems are (quietly) acknowledging that men are better in tech and that control over tech is vital if feminism is to move forward.
        In particular I’d say they are worried about VR sex.
        What do you suppose the SJW vs. Gamergate is really all about?
        For my 2 cents I’d say control over video games is really about control over the platform for VR sex.

      2. If anything, all man-made progresses are just tests onto women; seeing how the Anglosphere women have been acting into ingrates, they fail this test.

        1. I wasn’t aware that Scandinavian women were in the Anglosphere.

        2. Let me guess: you have dreams of Valkyries, taking you to Valhalla instead of taking yourself to the Otherworld. I’m not surprised, especially when it’s more credible to believe post-Arthurian Englishwomen collaborated with the Vikings.
          Jokes aside, I purposely single out Anglosphere women, because the Red Pill is practically a survival guide in the Anglosphere.
          It’s painfully obvious too many modern-day Anglo men are in denial of the damages of Victorianism, to the point even a couple of RoK posters would outright lie about how Victorianism exported sexual thirst worldwide. Hello, why do you think the “Indian Race Troll” exists?

        3. My point is that it is a survival guide everywhere in the West now. Obsessing about the races that live in the U.K. over others, as if somehow there is a difference, just strikes me as odd.

        4. Since the root source is in England, it makes sense to hold it accountable while simultaneously showing the rest of the West the error of the British Isles and its misandrist ways.
          The last thing I want to see happen in this world is go down the day Arthurian England did (read: Gwenhwyfar). In fact, modern-day Celtic folks have repeatedly given me hints, “You’re not supposed to know this, especially when you’re neither Angle nor Celtic.” In fact, the ones have been giving me the eye have exclusively been Celtic women.
          Newsflash: the modern-day world we live in know more about The Knights of the Round Table than they do about the fact Dragonball (1984, Japan) was based on the Classical Chinese novel “Journey to the West”, as a testament to England’s misandrist wrongs.

        5. I agree to an extent but the English speaking world seems to be the most entrenched with Feminism.

        6. Have you taken a look at Sweden lately? England looks like Manly Man Island compared to what’s going on in the former land of the Vikings.

  7. I was there when this was just an article on TC!
    Nice job. Glad to see it got published over here.

  8. I doubt that not even George Orwell could have dreamt of such a horrific nightmarish vision of the future in all his imaginings…

    1. George Orwell was a liberal who thought we’d turn to a conservative future.
      He got some of the details right, but got the big picture wrong.

      1. That’s an excellent comment. Indeed, he got only pieces of the puzzle not didn’t realize what the entire picture would turn out to be

  9. Well, the color of the person in the title pic is wrong. Expect blue-eyed, white-skinned people to become more and more rare.

  10. hey Dean… nice story…. drop me a line I have a project I think you will like…. raywolfson – gmail

  11. End women’s voting rights. It can easily be done. Even liberal, beta pussies hate their women and know they’re all dumb mouthy and useless. At least we conservatives have women who are more apt to admitting their intrinsic inferiority and thus they sidestep to make way for the lead of men for the good of society. Every man alive knows that women are best suited for subservience and that will only happen when we shred their voting abilities. Who’s up for submitting a ballot initiative anywhere? Getting enough signatures would be effortless even in the bluest of blue states. Step on a college campus and I dare you to find one man who wouldn’t send every last cunt packing and back to the kitchens they’ve abdicated. It would be effortless to overturn women’s voting rights! That would only be the beginning >:^)

  12. This is a great read, but it will never happen so long as personal firearm ownership is protected. This is why I refuse to give up my firearms. If beta gestapo thugs and feminists want to try to enforce this kind of dystopian society on me, let them. From my cold dead hands, indeed!

    1. Same. And if two years ago teaches us anything, the same for the majority of gun owners.

        1. Massive armed protests, thousands at each state Capitol, against proposed gun restrictions. All featured countles “we will not comply” signs. Had the fedgov kept pushing, we’d have plunged into civil war.

        2. America’s version of Dunblane or Port Arthur. It was supposed to be the big “look what happened! (wave bloody shirt) Turn in your guns now!”
          And the gun owners said (in a true measure of resistance instead of pointless activism that only works for people who already have the cathedral on their side) “Come and take them. Bring it!”.
          “they” flinched. Instead they have to go state by state, piecemeal, and only get more gun control in the already cuntified lefty libby zones.

        3. Yep. It was good to show up at the statehouse with a loaded FAL strung over my shoulder and my .45 on my hip. Many of the cops seemed to be on our side, at least here, and the traffic was all giving thumbs up as they passed. Great time.

        4. The ultimate Irony is that, of all those armed white people, as far as I know there wasn’t a single, even minor, incident of violence, gun or otherwise.
          Although I hear that a couple of counter-rallies tried to pick fights.

        5. The ultimate Irony is that, of all those armed white people, as far as I know there wasn’t a single, even minor, incident of violence, gun or otherwise.
          Although I hear that a couple of counter-rallies tried to pick fights.

        6. We had a single one person “counter demonstration” show up. He was low on facts and knowledge, but high on emotion, fear and vitriol. Me and two other men tore his arguments to shreds in front of a live audience. Quite fun.
          Interestingly enough, a large contingent of OSU students showed up, including many attractive twenty something women, all armed and marching with us. Gave me a lot of hope for the future.

        7. One nervous unarmed guy shows up to exercise his Constitutional First Amendment Freedom of Speech and it takes THREE heavily armed “Constitutionalist” thugs to bully, intimidate, publicly humiliate and silence a fellow American who DARES to utter something YOU don’t like or agree with. You like intimidating people; don’t you cocksucker? How fucking brave you are you low life chicken shit.
          You call yourself an American, claim to support the Constitution, claim to champion individuality over collectivism but you are a lying motherfucker. You are quite eager to kill any Individual for your American Collective. You are no patriot, you are a goon who enshrouds himself with symbols of virtue and seeks the moral high-ground in every conflict in order to hide the fact that he is a violent psychopath who’s soul is pure dog shit.

  13. Will never happen.Either you will live under a califate or you are a chinese protectorate.There is always a price to pay for weakness.And liberalism and feminism is weakness on steroids.I pretty optimistic that in the future battles we have to fight we will be victorious.

    1. Reminds me of the book “When gravity fails”. Remarkably precient like Neuromancer was.

    1. Would you please give a warning before subjecting readers to that disgusting blob.

  14. Thought provoking dystopian nightmare. Everywhere I turn societies are getting more feminized and masculinity is spat upon
    Boys are brainwashed into monogamy and shamed relentlessly if they ever thought of dumping their harpy,bitchy gf/wife/fiancee
    Women are lionized if they abandon or worse kill their significant other and the outpouring of sympathy is vomit inducing

    1. I love how you lumped ‘monogamy’, the ultimate pet peeve of SJW’s, into your mini-rant.
      That’s what we call ‘entryism’. Get thee hence, Mangina faggot!

    2. I love how you lumped ‘monogamy’, the ultimate pet peeve of SJW’s, into your mini-rant.
      That’s what we call ‘entryism’. Get thee hence, Mangina faggot!

      1. Damn you screeching, whining tradcon troll. ROK has published articles before arguing the salient points of polygamy for men. Powerful and dominant men in the past commonly have multiple wives. One more thing you faggy retard, if I’m a mangina like u alleged I won’t be even reading ROK. But alas!! Your keyboard warrior attitude trumps common sense doesn’t it fucktard.

        1. not at all, common sense dictates that betas are a valuable addition to a civilized society…. Betas without families , like you, thus have no reason to contribute to society, and your next einstein or tesla, Edison or Pastuer, winds up wasting his life jerking off over porn or wasting his time trying to pick up chicks.
          You think you are so smart? come up with something better than pair bonding. Or go suck your wingman’s dick, I care not which.

        2. Hmmm…so in your stunted mind the only way men can contribute to society is marrying and producing offspring. BTW how did u know I’m without family and wasting my time chasing pussy dickhead. Got your psychic power from Cthulhu?
          Hilariously, you gave Tesla as an example. What an imbecile son of a skank!!!
          Tesla, Newton and few other legendary intellectuals never married but their achievements are glorious.
          Look son, I’m all for polygamy for males not for females. Reasons? It will take an article to explain that. Most unfortunately idiotic coconut heads like you spout vacuous diatribe without truly understanding my point. While I pour effort into upgrading my marketing network and make love to my amazing feminine sweetheart, you can wank off to faggot porn and taste your own cum. YUMMY!!!!

        3. Vacuous Diatribe that seems to have been consistently workable for most of recorded history among my ‘tribe’, and the failure of which seems to have wrecked America as a cultural and economic powerhouse? Who the fuck are you trying to fool? or are you just desperately justify your sad existence by trying to score ‘points’ on a blog?
          Explain why polygamy is better for creating a workable and rewarding civilization , or shut the fuck up. All you have said so far is “Because I said so and I am too stupid to come up with a reason other than that I want to waste my life on dozens of permanent leeches, so I will just insult the person that disagrees with me instead and maybe I will get lucky and win the internetz.”
          Okay, since you want so desperately to win, congratulations. You win. Here’s your prize. Now explain to me how white people can create a successful civilization with normalized polygamy. With examples of successful western european polygamous societies, please.

        4. Well challenge accepted mate. I will contribute an article explaining my stance and answer your queries. You and ROK patrons be the judge.
          Besides that, let’s rewind who started the ugly mudslinging, name calling game.
          Oh, it’s you stupid. My intention is not to shaft you or emerge victorious in this pointless back and forth rantings.
          You flagrantly used obscene terms and I returned the favor. Can’t help it if you’re overwhelmed by Butthurt feeeeellllings.
          Remember an eye for an eye. If you engaged me with civilized words, I would have done the same.
          Alas you didn’t.

        5. I am not for polygamy for males. At least not on a widespread basis. If you could, would you not have preserved Tesla’s genes?
          The fact of the matter is that the majority of the most intelligent men on the planet are… socially awkward. At least with pair bonding we are giving them the best possible chance to pass along their genes.
          The problem here is that you are being ruinously short sighted. Humanity is not about your happiness, or your freedom, or your sexual urges, it is about the same thing that all life is about, replicating and building and creating a force so strong that an accidental universal whim, a stray comet, a really bad solar storm, cannot easily end the experiment referred to as ‘intelligence’. One of the concessions you must make for survival, as a species, is that not every creature is going to be blissfully happy at all times… In fact, it can be argued that intelligence is only satisfied by being UNHAPPY. Finding a problem that makes you unhappy and FIXING it.
          And when I say ‘pair bonding’ I could give a shit if it is love and marriage, or a master-slave relationship like I have, or locking a bitch into a machine and breeding her like a horse. The point is, those socially awkward dorks that make all the great scientific, medical, and engineering feats in the world need to have a better than even chance to pass along those genes.
          Like I have said, if you can find a better methodology that does NOT require a highly technological and intrusive empire which is GUARANTEED to fail, I would certainly welcome hearing it… So far, pair bonding is the best, the ONLY, low-tech solution with a proven track record.

      2. “I love how you lumped ‘monogamy’, the ultimate pet peeve of SJW’s, into your mini-rant.”
        Moron, WOMEN being barred from promiscuity is their ‘pet peeve’ NOT men being barred from it!
        Hell, everything they do is intended to bar men from it while allowing women to do it all the time! Jeezus, flush out your head gear!
        You can’t work out for yourself that yes means yes, affirmative consent law is back-door ball-and-chain-ism?
        You can’t figure out yourself that feminists came up with a solution to how to get men to buy the cow instead of just stealing the milk (by giving it away and then threatening to tell the police it was stolen unless they agree to buy the cow)?
        Who’s the entryist here?

        1. This conversation is about Pair-bonding, not ‘bullshit marriage 3.0’. It is discussed at length farther down the thread.

        2. Fortunately you got my point unlike our common detractor. Excellent analogy about the cow and the milk at the end.

  15. this is such a pathetic moment for any men to go through. Western men have few options… beat their women and put them back in their place and risk going to prison for the rest of your life or move away from western country and go to countries that are not affected by feminism bullshit. Since western system is already too corrupt and impossible to beat, the best option for a western men is to move to Eastern Europe or South America and do not look back.

    1. Nothing is impossible to beat. Stop with the Millenial trait of surrendering at the first sign of hard work, it’s unbecoming.

      1. You are fucking pathetic. Change your name to Jason Nesmith and buy yourself a pair of pom poms. Cheerleading For Freedom & Liberty!

        1. Did you know that during wartime, people like you could get the death penalty?
          It’s called ‘desertion in the face of the enemy’, but what it really means is ‘you are a coward, unworthy of being a man, a soldier, or alive.”

        2. Fuck you asshole. Taking up for your butt buddy huh? When you two meat this summer and after you suck his dick real good maybe he will let you wear a halter top and ride on his bitch seat where you belong. Desertion in the face of the enemy? What color is the sky in your world you delusional piece of shit? Somewhat violent and looking for trouble it seems. You fucking assholes need to get a grip on reality and quit hanging around ROK so much. It is rotting that tripe you call brains.

        3. ooh, you seem like you are really emotionally invested in the whole anal sex thing… Why don’t you tell me how you take your boyfriend’s meat so if I ever decide to visit YOUR side of the tracks I won’t make any mistakes.
          I think it’s funny when a foulmouthed basement dweller tries to tell me about reality.

        4. He goes on about anal sex and fantasizes about raping men anally. We have a Jezebel faggot in our presence. Decorum dictates ignoring him, he simply wants validation of his life through the attention afforded to him by others.

        5. I am not really bored enough to engage him anymore. Engaging a leftist is like wrestling a pig.

        6. I still remember you swallowing my load and licking my balls clean for a McDonald’s cheeseburger in that shitty park in D.C.

        7. Yeah. But at least pigs have a use in life; bacon. So they have that going for them.

      2. I rarely “surrender” and don’t like the feeling of giving up at the “hard work” but if you been around with so many negative traits of American women and the society we live in, you can’t blame guys like me that gives up. Yes it’s giving up but I”m sure you would too if you have to deal with their utter bullcrap. And plus American women just can’t compete. If you were given a choice of an average foreign girl who acts like a woman vs an average American women that identify with feminism and tries to act like a man, which women would you want to pick? Western society is far beyond any point of return. Plus feminism isn’t the only thing that is ruining western countries. Let’s see… add illegal immigration on the list as well as unemployment, police having too much power, tech jobs being outsourced to India and China, having my hard earned taxes given to people who take advantage of government welfare, homophobic agendas, SJWs, etc.. . By now you should know that going abroad is the best option for an American men. There are problems in other countries too but it isn’t ridiculous bullshit problems like we have here.

        1. The problems you list are valid. I’m American though, and been seeing this stuff for decades, why do you assume otherwise?
          Some things have indeed gotten worse, while others have improved. Nothing is unbeatable.

  16. Women could never accomplish such a state on their own. We have a THIRD sex enter the scene that goes unaccounted for. The genitally mutilated circumcised mangina/white knight enablers that have been sexually ‘wiped’ at birth and are thus easily programmed to fill a new and unheard of role as sex police. Deputy agent enforcers of a sexual order that is unnatural and foisted upon us, superceding the natural male/female dominant/submisive complementary order that is inscribed in our DNA.

    1. A Eunuch? Works well, and has been used before for that role. Guards for Harems.

      1. I think he’s busting on those of us that got trimmed.
        I just figure it makes sense that Jews demand mandatory tips.

      2. I think he’s busting on those of us that got trimmed.
        I just figure it makes sense that Jews demand mandatory tips.

    2. Lucky for me, it is possible for clean, simple code to overwrite social programming with logic.

    3. Lucky for me, it is possible for clean, simple code to overwrite social programming with logic.

  17. It could never happen eh?In that case who the hell wears all the
    male chastity belts,electronic and otherwise that are sold in their
    umpteen thousands every year?Oh,I know,politicians and white knights—I’m semi serious folks.

  18. Somebody write a different version of the story where hands reach to the aggressor’s throat and choke “that creature” to its last breath..

  19. Feminism has always been a drive for power over men. What this little story depicts is merely what the more aware feminists are envisioning for their endgame. Their fuzzier-minded followers would disavow it…for now.

  20. Pretty accurate except for when she reached for her pepper spray. She will be reaching for her handgun and would have the authority to use it if a man looked at her in the eye without permission.

    1. She would’ve missed every shot. With the exception of the well-trained, usually conservative, farmstead chick, most bitches can’t handle guns for shit (as well as beta herbs that have never left the comfort of their suburban homes.

    2. pepper spray is more effective at disabling opponents at close range where as a bullet might injure but pepper spray blinds.

    3. Back in the day, a man always had to wrestle with his woman a bit before she tired and then offered it up. If she never made the booty call, HE DID. She would then put her pink UP for him and once they got going, she’d be into it and she’d get herself going on it which would in turn get that final slap action going that would drain him. So what if she wasn’t into it in the beginning? It’s like kick starting a mule and they’re LIKE MULES aren’t they? We’ve all been decieved and our natural order is under attack. Still on those hot summer days when she was in heat, the man might stop what he was doing to pop it, to make her quit jumping on him like a tick so he could finish his masculine endeavors.

      1. They aren’t like Mules. Mules are strong and with proper treatment you can get a good day’s work out of them.
        They are more like Cats. No rhyme or reason to their actions, and at the end of the day they are ornaments that are only good for petting and do nothing but eat, shit, and make more cats.
        Is it any wonder women love cats? It is a group of their peers that they are automatically socially superior to.

        1. In some cases the woman/cat love may be mutual. Cats are fond of fishy smelling things.

        2. ”They are more like Cats. No rhyme or reason to their actions, and at the end of the day they are ornaments that are only good for petting and do nothing but eat, shit, and make more cats.”
          Yeah, cats do not really give a shit. They have no master.

      2. They aren’t like Mules. Mules are strong and with proper treatment you can get a good day’s work out of them.
        They are more like Cats. No rhyme or reason to their actions, and at the end of the day they are ornaments that are only good for petting and do nothing but eat, shit, and make more cats.
        Is it any wonder women love cats? It is a group of their peers that they are automatically socially superior to.

  21. Typical Feminazi, she owns a useless little Pomeranian, which gets all flustered when Max, the Retired professional Athlete, gives her the slightest attention. Zoey gets Max killed, defending his owner from the Feminist police, and Madison does the exact same thing to Kevin. I hope and prey this situation is never a reality. Support your local pro-racing greyhound retirement group.

  22. This is a good Bradburrian approach, the best sci-fi is not futurist, but uses a glimpse into the future to comment on current societal trends.
    However, the western way is always the carrot even if it really is a stick approach, the stick always looks like a carrot. The western way is to get people to want to do things that are not to their own benefit and convince them that it is in their best interest. The real scary part for me is not that this sort of society would be imposed heavy handedly, but that people will actually want this to happen.

    1. “The real scary part for me is not that this sort of society would be imposed heavy handedly, but that people will actually want this to happen.”
      They will if all there is left by then are fem dykes and mangina fucktards.
      Passivism is way scarier than violence.

      1. That last sentence needs to be etched in stone and hung in every village square.

  23. Um, George Orwell already did this (and better!). Remember the Junior Anti-Sex League?

    1. Bah, that was where George Orwell was way off… What better, cheaper way to encourage conformity than endless consequence-free sex? People that are getting laid regularly seldom make good revolutionaries.

      1. Actually the anti-sex league was for the top echelon, however they also produced an endless stream of porn to keep the proles quiet.

      2. Did you even bother to read the story? It was about all the obstacles placed in the way of Kevin “fulfilling” himself. Did you notice that the title envisions a 2035 US population of 189 million, down from about 320 million now? How do you suppose that would happen without huge numbers of people not having (or more likely, prevented from having) sex?

        1. yeah, back in school in like… 1980. That’s why I am saying his vision missed the mark by a mile.
          It’s a decent and very prophetic story, but he missed the ever leftward drift of civilizational history.

        2. I meant the story above on which we are commenting, not Nineteen Eighty-Four. Gawd, are you really that dense?

    1. ROFL! quote from the article: ”He had a relapse in the sex department.’ yeah, turns out tiger STILL enjoys casual sex. whoaaaaaaaaaaaa! in other obvious news ‘winter is the best time to go ice-fishing,’ and ‘homicide victims rarely talk to police.’

    2. That added value commoditizing pussy embargo shit always trickles down to the little guy. Johnny Carson made countless jokes and statements about his own multi million dollar divorce rape experiences back when the hammer was just beginning to hit the working folks. The whopping celebrity windfall shit sets somewhat of a precident to up the stakes on the common man. Like the tea tax, the last straw just might be exceeded.

    3. Next January I will lift a chicken leg and a 40 of malt Liquor in his memory.

    4. Next January I will lift a chicken leg and a 40 of malt Liquor in his memory.

  24. It won’t get that bad for *everyone*. The male police (and you need those) would demand to have harems of their own in order to enforce this on everyone and then of course there are the men at the top. And you’d need men who didn’t simply crawl under their own sheets and not get up in order to maintain it all. Look at Baltimore. Would little miss assaulted do well there during a riot? This requires that the police power currently gripping the US becomes even worse than it is now and lasts forever. The police could get worse true but that has costs like people not working and checking out aka the former Soviet Union.

  25. If you read the story thoroughly, you’ll realize the problem isn’t Madison. It’s the ones in charge, specifically the men. Either white knights, manginas, thirsty guys or malicious alpha males. Notice I didn’t include beta males or lessers. I’ve seen beta males and lessers who have taken the red pill but just don’t have it in them to be an alpha male.

  26. That is the day you commit suicide-by-cop. I wouldn’t live through that bullshit.

  27. In a world like that, the black market would thrive on hack chastity shorts and jamming spheres. Plus guns and bombs. Still scary as hell, but vive la’resistance.
    Nice brain-food!

  28. This scenario will never happen because women cannot keep a civilized society running on their own (for long at least). It would just end up being either being reduced to tribes or become property of an invading country.
    But hey, I don’t want to ruin any feminists’ dream. But it won’t matter since they won’t be satisfied with it anyway.

    1. C’mon, it’d never happen because there’d be a revolution at the very suggestion of forced anti-androgen pills, if not way earlier.
      Just ask yourself, who has the guns, and who says “OMG guns r scary ‘n’ make loudy noiseys OMG BAN BAN BAN”

  29. One time I was at my friend’s house (we were 19 years old). He asked me to follow him to the bathroom and once we got there he asked me if I have ever kissed someone and I said no…so he proceeded to kiss me passionately and we got on the floor and my hand was in his pants (like I was trying to feel his butthole).. then he sucked me off and I fucked him in the ass. Then all of a sudden his mom knocked on the door and was pretty shocked at what she saw.

    1. I will respond since you seem to need attention.

      1. You have earned +2 Good Internet Samaratin points, citizen.

  30. Writing dystopian futuristic fiction is pretty cool. But my suggestion is that for an aspiring fiction writer, you need to work on your writing technique.
    This passage is really corny. The man has a male dog called Max and the woman has a female dog. And the man’s dog is a greyhound while the woman’s dog is a pomeranian? And you use violence directed at the man’s dog to generate pathos? Seriously? How cheesy!
    But some aspects of the writing are really great. The imagination of a dystopian future wherein human relationships are policed (have you read all the soviet greats, and Huxley?) is well imagined. I really enjoyed that aspect of the story.
    So many things are anachronistic though. Steve is the name of a man who was born in 1945-1950 (have you read the Steven Pinker chapter about the name Steve”?). Madison is the name of a woman who was born in 1985. And “Zoey” isn’t anything. I think you mean “Zoë”!
    You can’t write fiction unless you’re widely read in your own culture. Actually, that isn’t strictly true but the more you know about your own culture, the more you can comment on it.
    Do a lot more work, read way more books, do heaps more research and you’ll end up writing much better fiction, I’m sure.

    1. I think it was meant to be cheesy to some degree, it’s a satire and it takes the concept of feminism to the absolute extreme. I laughed at the “Let me guess, she’s not small?” “She’s curvy…” The names and dog choices were likely cliche on purpose, it was like reading every childhood story with a dog named Max and then it just got more and more intense and fucked up.
      The death of the dog wasn’t pathos in my opinion, it was just a guy stuck in an impossible situation who believed if he did the right thing his actions wouldn’t hurt anyone, but it does: he loses his girlfriend, his best friend is shot and killed, and trying to save the dog (who might’ve been all he had left in the world) was his last attempt to save something.

  31. A future where women have taken over to this degree simply isn’t plausible. It sounds like either the paranoia of an mra conspiracy theorist or the raving fantasy of a radfem.

  32. I doubt society will last this long, but then again, something like this would technically be an end to society.
    If you have a society where females wield this kind of absolute power, you also have a society where free speech is non existent, armed citizenry is forbidden, and those in the upper echelons of power control absolutely everything in order to keep the tyranny steadily flowing downward.
    In other words, something like this would actually mean that society was no longer free, or superficially free as the US is now, but actually and demonstrably in the hands of those who rule rather than govern. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the Constitution would no longer hold any meaning, with all ruling authority vested in a politburo of sorts with no election related accountability.
    I don’t speak for every male in America, but i think i can speak for the majority of ROK faithful when i say this: if this does indeed come about you will find me doing my best Rambo impression while living off the grid during this kind of “brave new” hellhole.
    I’d rather die on my feet than live on my anorchous knees being subject to outright estrogenic tyranny. F that.

    1. “If you have a society where females wield this kind of absolute power, you also have a society where free speech is non existent, armed citizenry is forbidden, and those in the upper echelons of power control absolutely everything in order to keep the tyranny steadily flowing downward.”
      Sound like a feminist’s wet dream.

      1. Isn’t it paradoxical how most feminists are pro choice on abortion but not on guns?
        You would think they would be in favor of females at least having guns, but their general consensus is that no one but the “responsible government” should have them.
        It’s also interesting the connection between the animal rights movement and feminism…it seems that in their mind at least, we are lower than animals since they deserve more rights than we do.

        1. How ironic, since it’s the conservative “barbarians” here who would support Women getting guns since it would hold them to a greater sense of personal accountability. We would also benefit from the social darwin implications involved in the stupid females shooting themselves in the tit because of their sheer incompetency.
          Nothing teaches humility like a partial mastectomy 😀
          Incidentally, those who reside on the feminist left don’t support guns for anyone, females included 🙂

        2. You see it all in black and white and in a myopic glare. This will be your downfall.

        3. On the contrary, my eyesight has never been as clear as when i disconnected myself from the feminatrix and saw reality for what it is, not for what it has been presented as.
          The philosophy you likely abide by is unsustainable. Marginalizing the masculine architects of human civilization will only result in the obliteration of society as a whole. Men have been the ones to make civilization prosperous, females for their part have done nothing more substantial than embellish it. In the house of human civilization their contribution amounts to a fashionable flowerpot situated perfectly next to the sofa.
          Rest assured real Men like myself are just biding our time and preparing ourselves for the inevitable collapse that comes whenever diversity is prioritized over efficiency.
          Your downfall is our ascension, sheeple.

        4. Recycling your nonsense doesn’t make it any less nonsensical.
          Go back to jezebel and tell them to make me a sandwich, if you don’t mind. 🙂

        5. You look like the type that has a fat, Mexican broad making you enchiladas.

        6. A racial implication…how novel! The left never ceases to impress in their hypocrisy lol

        7. The downfall of man was when he treated women with respect as equals starting with Adam

        8. it started when we finally built a society that made life easy.
          It was only then women decided to be “strong and independent”…….the point that “strong and independent” was something they did not need to be.

        9. This is true.
          This is why i didn’t agree with his mention of “respect” since Men and Women should respect each other.
          The problem arises when we as Men are expected to provide more than just respect, but actual empowerment to females in order to “level the playing field.”
          Therein lies the fundamental problem in doing so.
          1: When we empower females (through affirmative action related gender programs, special protection laws, increased presence within formerly male bastions, abortion rights, etc) we provide them the means by which they can use their empowered circumstances against us.
          Men have virtually no rights when it comes to abortion, Men have little to no protection against the damage done in a false rape charge, Men do not benefit from gender related programs, Men are not allowed to have “Men only” clubs, etc.
          This is largely due to the activism of the feminist movement, individually embodied by the contemptible Gloria Steinem and collectively embodied by the equally contemptible (and hypocritical) “NOW” org. (National Organization for Women)
          If NOW was truly about equal rights, it Would be called NOWAM (National Organization for Women and Men) in order to demonstrate that, but their name as it stands shows that what the truly desire and represent is not equality among the genders, but superiority in the genders, with that superiority belonging to the female exclusively.
          Of course, were it not for the existence of the gender quisling mangina and white knight justices, politicians, and members of media who ALLOWED and PARTICIPATED in this coming to pass within their respective fields, the collective remarks and actions of the feminist movement would have amounted to nothing more substantial than a cacophonous nag.
          Females never truly earned the rights (perks actually) that they enjoy today, they simply whined long enough and loud enough for mangina males to give it to them. They stayed true to their shade in that respect. This is also why they don’t appreciate the perks they have today and due to their puerile nature, why they seek even more, even if it means we are ultimately left with none.
          Granting perks to females is a zero sum gain in which we end up losing more of our rights as they end up using more of their perks against us.
          If sperm donations every drop to near zero, expect forced donation laws to start popping up…pushed by feminists and passed by their gimp accomplices in government and media.
          If we don’t speak out on the bs that feminism represents, our silence will be taken as a sign of weakness.
          We speak out not to whine, but to inform. We speak out to teach the uninformed and correct the misinformed mangina.
          We teach because no one else has the balls to do it, or lack the balls to do it effectively, figuratively and or literally.

  33. I wonder if Return of Kings would have a section or site dedicated to fiction. Anything, short stories, vignettes, prose, poems, novellas, novels, could be included.

  34. Feminism makes so much sense when one reads Ted Kaczynski’s Manifesto on the well-planned extinction of human race. “Due to improved techniques the elite will have greater control over the masses; and because human work will no longer be necessary the masses will be superfluous, a useless burden on the system. If the elite is ruthless the may simply decide to exterminate the mass of humanity. If they are humane they may use propaganda or other psychological or biological techniques to reduce the birth rate until the mass of humanity becomes extinct, leaving the world to the elite.”
    I’ve been fed on so much conspiracy it even makes sense to me…:(

  35. Yep. I can imagine this. I can also imagine partaking in a covert revolution against the feminist nazi government you describe.

  36. The only unrealistic part of this story was the picture of the attractive woman in the middle of the page. C’mon man, every single western woman by that point will be a whale.

    1. that is one attractive femminazi you are talking about.
      check out her dumbass video promotiong “mychoice”

    2. Isn’t that the truth. Keep on eating and wonder why men leave the U.S. in search of wives.

  37. Hey guys, you are aware that women have had the extremely short end of the stick in every patriarchal society (over 90% of civilizations) since the beginning of human history?
    Feminism is, unfortunately, a concept that is very often misinterpreted; people who are feminists do NOT want to sterilize all men, enslave all men, or whatever you ignorant nuts misunderstand the concept to be. This distinction is very similar to that between the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Nationalist Movement: the Civil Rights Movement was intended to bring blacks and whites onto the same playing field, and Black Nationalism attempts to achieve black supremacy. See the difference?
    Now, I know it must be very difficult for you guys to embrace the fact that I have the stereotypically beautiful family with a husband I dote and pamper on and for whom I make delicious sandwiches and steaks while also earning a six-figure salary, there is no need to assume that I want to cut off your peters. If you are THAT insecure about your place in society in relation to women, honestly, that only says that the source of this supposed ‘problem’ does not lie at the hands of women, but, really the fault is your own laziness, apathy, and piss-poor attitude.
    The comments aforesaid by these pitiful misogynists are severely misguided, and lead me to wonder if any bothered to study gender issues or, at the very least, took the time to read a Wikipedia page on the matter before spouting out nonsense like a 5-year old. Simply because it was mentioned on the internet (especially disreputable, fear-mongering sources such as this website seems to be) does not make it true. If men are supposed to be smarter than me, why am I the only one interested enough in the workings of the world to discern and discover truth as opposed to you haters blinded by the minimal satisfactions of idle, idiotic chatter?
    The supposed ‘benefits’ that women have over men are, for the most part, socially and not legally constructed. This means that these ‘benefits’ you cling to as proof of inequality is ludicrous: the only reason you adhere to them is because you’re afraid that others might shun your actions. This is all very similar to the struggles of racism that minorities suffer, yet these similarities continue to be looked over. There is no law or legitimate reason why you should hold the door open for me, but, if you close it in my face, the immediately surrounding other men will be disappointed (rightfully) in your lack of respect for another person.
    Finally, one last thing on these supposed ‘benefits,’ because this really grinds my gears: when I was a freshman in college I was the victim of what was legally deemed ‘Sexual Assault’. We were both drinking, I agreed to go back to his room to hook up and it was fine until he started to get physically aggressive with me. Not just a nibble here and a spank there, but choking me heavily and even ripped out the lip ring I had. Once he bit the jewelry out, I was bleeding profusely and in immense pain so I got him off of me, had to push past him and stop from choking me again to run outside for help. The police got there and I just told them to keep him away from me, I understood that the situation was just an accident since we had been drinking, but they needed me to go to the hospital to see if there was irreparable damage. The police MADE me get into an ambulance and take me to a hospital just to confirm the bruising on my neck and the swollen lip, but I wasn’t horribly concerned since they said that my hospital bills would be covered because I was the ‘victim’. Nope, because I chose to NOT press personal charges on him (the state filed their own) the law assumed it was entirely my fault and I was saddled with a $3,500 hospital bill.
    Moral of the story, guys. Women are, surprisingly, just like you in a lot of ways: I’ll continue to be kind to you as a person and give you the benefit of the doubt as to whether you follow the ridiculous ideas supported by pages such as this (i.e. assume you’re not an ignorant a$$hole), if you would, for once, give me and other women a chance to prove that we deserve to be treated equal (i.e. We’re not all total b*tches).

    1. ?????????? Your entire comment was a circle, jerking itself off. It went around and around and had no real purpose and no point, just a whole lot of rambling. Learn to write with a clear head, not as if you’re drugged up on Oxycontin.

      1. I do apologize for the disorganization of my comment: I was all revved up from reading the article, distraught by the lack of humanity in the comments, and, to boot was typing the whole thing out on my phone in between grading Philosophy papers. My bad.
        Actually, there were a couple points made, despite what you tag as ‘rambling’, so I’ll try in this reply to make things a bit more clear and concise.
        1) There is a huge difference between supporting the castration, slavery, sterilization, whathaveyou of men and supporting feminism (e.g. Women’s rights). This is where I inserted the point about the line drawn between Civil Rights and Black Nationalism for comparison.
        2) I read several comments in which men were expressing concerns for the ‘benefits’ (which I use as the nomenclature for lack of a better, all-encompassing word) women receive that are unfair. In response to this, I relayed the fact that many educated folk are aware of when it comes to issues of relations among the sexes: the ways in which men are “expected” or how they “ought” to treat women is a socially-constructed concept and not (expect for some obvious cases such as rape) legally determined. This is when I brought in my person side remark stating that, when such is the case, the only real thing inhibiting you from treating women in a fashion that reflects your personal opinions is the disapproval of others. If this is the case, put on your big boy undies and grow up-do as you say and say what you mean.
        Lastly, I included my own personal story as an example for you guys to look at in the hopes that you may realize that women are not out to get you or take advantage of some of the laws that are in place.
        I apologize once again for the disorganization and error-ridden comment I previously submitted; however, you must understand, I was extremely disappointed at the misogyny and ignorance that is displayed on blast as if it is indubitable truth.
        I am not attempting to justify all of the things that women do, as I am disappointed in the actions some women do just as much, but don’t saddle us all into one category, label us inferior and call it a day. This is simply another attempt on my part to prove I deserve the respect that I’ve been working for so long to earn.

        1. Look, maybe laws don’t give women a prime reason to take advantage of men, but they do sometimes end up putting men at an extreme disadvantage after a woman decides to take action against their partners. After the action is being taken, that’s when it becomes amplified by tilted laws and social customs.
          The result of feminism has done much for women, but also put men on the defensive, and sometimes offensive, if for no other reason than they themselves would like to claim an identity that is losing traction in our mainstream consciousness. I’m sorry that it sometimes spills over into railing against women for feminism, etc, but we all would like a seat at the table, so to speak. I really do think that all this vitriol is being voiced for that very reason. Fight back at that which you feel is stealing your identity, or overriding your voice, and then put down stakes in the ground for that which you feel gives you purpose and meaning. Men are in the fighting-back stage, like children who look at their parents and define themselves by that which they are not, before figuring things out on their own.
          Women also are not inferior, but they do fill different roles in society far better. For instance, service jobs, since they are better caregivers oftentimes, and not muscular. The sexes will never be quite similar in this regard and that’s fine. We can’t all be smart enough to be an engineer, for instance. The labor market is HIGHLY gender segregated already, and in some areas, this is not a good thing, and I point to the book, Men on Strike, to illustrate why this sometimes is the case. There are multiple reasons, but you can point to feminism being a little out of control as one of them. Having mostly women as teachers is a prime example of the imbalances that do not exist healthily for our society. Boys need male role models.
          I don’t have much of an opinion beyond this all, I treat women as regular people, but I am increasingly aware of people’s motivations for how they choose to live their lives, for instance. I don’t blame women for looking for a man who has money, this is not simply evolution-based, but simply rational. I also am aware that the oppressed can fight back too hard to win not equality, but fight for superiority and privelege. This will always be a never-ending battle with a liberal government between the sexes and between races. But I always am concerned, non-stop, when I see gender imbalances in the way we structure education, the ratio of girls to guys in college, and who does what in the labor market. This is not healthy for a society that wishes to be diverse, and trusting and understanding of each other.
          You really should read Men on Strike. It’s short, sweet and to the point. It illustrates the very real problems that I talk about.

        2. Oh boy…you forgot to tell us everything about yourself. Brag much or is it on auto pilot at this point.

    2. “the Civil Rights Movement was intended to bring blacks and whites onto
      the same playing field, and Black Nationalism attempts to achieve black
      supremacy. See the difference?”
      No, actually I don’t. Civil rights was a movement co-opted by the same people that brought you feminism. Essentially civil rights co-opted black nationalism because the powers that be wanted to use blacks just like they use women and feminism for their own gain. Its’ not hard to understand.
      “the lip ring I had”
      *sigh* *facepalm* …smh… Seriously? And you wonder why nobody but your beta male bitch of a husband takes you seriously?

    3. Next we’re going to hear about how black slavery was all a lie. It was women (mostly white) who were all the field hands doing all of the labor.
      You have to love that victim mentality. Women had it so bad.

    4. Feminism = women centric
      Egalitarianism = gender equality.
      Please buy a dictionary and don’t say you’re not all like that.

  38. Entertaining, but hardly possible. There is a vital flaw on all those stories that purpot to tell us how society will become if we keep down this road. They all assume that there will be a functioning society, but there won’t be. It is gonna be Detroit gheto all over the country. That’s what gonna happen.

  39. Ever read “The Handmaid’s Tale” boys? Because we are sleep walking into that scenario rather than what is depicted above.

  40. This isnt right at all, what really happens is mankind finally developes a way to genetically rid the world of women altogether, we gave them all dicks but then they just ran around raping men like some kind of he-cunts
    (Source: I have been to the future)

  41. Rly sounds like the author was getting off on this…you guys luv being dominated by women, you’re obsessed!!

  42. I know somebody besides myself will pull out the AR long before it gets that damn bad.

  43. I hope you boys are really successful.
    However my guess is you are mediocre losers who never came to much because you thought you were entitled rather than going out and working for what you want in life.
    The way you talk about the feminazis has a thinly veiled air of you guys secretly getting off on the idea of being sexually dominated by a woman. I bet you are all typing with one hand.
    Grow the hell up.

    1. LOL, this is simply an attack on credibility because she has no argument. She won’t debate facts, rather, she’ll just say because we don’t agree with her opinions we’re losers, because you know as a woman her opinions must be right and anyone who disagrees is a loser…. because you know, they’re tolerant of differences and all.

  44. Before this happens, they will invent a pill that makes men not attracted to women at all…. which I would welcome and take willingly. They would lose all power over me.

  45. Well… there’s no way the population of the United States would be 189 million in 2035 (barring a super-sized Bosnian/Lebanese type civil war in North America), but I actually do think it will be headed down by then, unless we start importing lots and lots of Africans.
    Nobody wants to procreate with fat fugly feminasties.

  46. What a pathetic piece, you must love BDSM i presume, the fallacy of it all is that it assumes western society is not gonna crash and burn.
    Men build society, women destroy it, this is the reason all empires fell, from Babylon to Rome, one an empire reaches the age of decadence, all the women will make a run for the spoils along with dark-triad alpha’s causing the beta-workers to stop carrying the empire on their back, lack of input then results in a shortcoming of provisions and services, the empire’s weight is no longer carried by anyone causing it’s collapse.
    It’s how EVERY EMPIRE fell.

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