Feminists Manufacture Rape Straw Man Against “Game Of Thrones”

In the sixth episode of Game of Thrones‘ fifth season, Sansa Stark is raped by Ramsay Bolton after their nuptials. True to form, feminists and other SJW-inclined critics have lambasted the scene, despite the rape being heard off-camera. Contrasting the litany of gratuitously violent scenes revealed visually throughout Game of Thrones, you never see the actual rape.

This hasn’t stopped feminists and other do-gooders from “quitting” the show, attacking the producers, or doing everything but assessing the scene in the context of the overall storyline and society it depicts. Feminist priestess Jessica Valenti is heading this new charge, hoping her grandstanding and dystopian appropriation of expressio unius est exclusion alterius will lead to another paid Guardian article.

Yet, for all the accusations of sexual violence in Game of Thrones, such renderings are deliberately toned down to placate censors who are much more at ease with blood splattering than showing forced sex. The focus was on Theon Greyjoy’s face after he is forced to watch Ramsay ravage Sansa. The question is, though, in addition to us not seeing her plight, did Sansa suffer any more than the hundreds of others viewers have watched being massacred, mutilated and degraded on Game of Thrones, sexually or non-sexually?

For a nice juxtaposition, watch the footage of the death of Oberyn Martell last season and compare it to the off-camera Sansa rape. I didn’t see Jessica Valenti calling the former “over-the-top” and “gross.”

A deliberate distortion of facts

In one of the books on which the show is based, Ramsay Bolton actually rapes Jeyne Poole, who is posing as Arya Stark, on their wedding night. This written account is much more graphic, including the use of bestiality. Poole is made to perform sexual acts on Ramsay’s dogs.

The feminist argument this week, that the Sansa rape is an invention designed to shock, is preposterous. All that has happened in the translation to television is that a pretend Arya Stark has been, for the sake of the shorter format, replaced by the real Sansa Stark. I note that no feminists seemed outraged when the show deviated from the books in having female warrior Brienne of Tarth defeat Sandor Clegane, one of the half-dozen best swordsmen on an entire continent.

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has joined the recent fray, excoriating the episode. Having observed McCaskill’s relish in helping to slowly destroy the presumption of innocence for sexual assault allegations, particularly in the military, I am surprised that she has even had the time to watch the show. She has apparently taken the route of confirmation bias viewing, as she glosses over a multitude of sadistic scenes that are either other forms of violence or sexual violence unleashed on men (for instance, how about the army of enslaved eunuchs for Queen Daenerys?).

Jessica Valenti and Senator Claire McCaskill’s “Hypocrisy 101” class

Senator Claire McCaskill is a raging hypocrite for calling out a rape scene that wasn’t even shown, only heard. She deliberately ignores the sensationalized violence pictured in full detail across five seasons.

Where were Jessica Valenti and Claire McCaskill when Theon Greyjoy had his penis cut off, only for it to be sent in a box to his father? Once again, Valenti and McCaskill prove that sexual violence (or any violence) only really matters to them if you’re female and the perpetrator is male.

Where were Jessica Valenti and Claire McCaskill when Myranda and Ramsay Bolton (then Ramsay Snow) hunted down a young girl Myranda was jealous of? Ironically, it was Myranda, the female in pursuit, who fired the arrow that incapacitated the girl so she could be eaten by Ramsay’s dogs. So at least it explains Valenti and McCaskill’s lack of anger.

Where were Jessica Valenti and Claire McCaskill when Gregor Clegane gouged out the eyes of Oberyn and then squeezed in his head and brains with his own hands? Unlike the Sansa Stark rape, this was shown, in all its glory, to viewers’ eyes.

Where were Jessica Valenti and Claire McCaskill when Oberyn ordered (the male) Olyvar to have sex with him and his paramour while grabbing his genitals? It mustn’t be rape when it happens to a man, right?

Where were Jessica Valenti and Claire McCaskill when Mance Raydar and others in a previous season were burned alive for not believing in the right god? Immolation is perhaps the most gratuitously over-the-top form of violence imaginable.

Calling out self-serving stupidity

Some people, thankfully, are calling out McCaskill and others’ unabashed opportunism (and attention-seeking for their own personal platforms):

We must welcome the outbursts of Claire McCaskill, Jessica Valenti and those who don similar political robes. In the absence of any outrage about so many other depictions in Game of Thrones, they reveal themselves as ideological beasts who only care for the kind of suffering they can make a career, celebrityhood, or nice quick buck out of. This week’s rabid backlash fundamentally reinforces their callous indifference to so many other forms of sadism portrayed on television and through other mediums.

Proper rectification of our skewed political and social climate nonetheless requires an active counterbalancing of the warped perceptions of McCaskill and Co. We cannot just rely on their foot-in-mouth moments. When you encounter this hypocrisy, raise objections to it. In the case of shows like Game of Thrones, mention an episode or scene where something equally or more “repulsive” occurs, bearing in mind that people will sit through fictional acts of violence 1,000 times more willingly than watching it in real life.

We defeat feminist selectivity by showing the whole picture. And the truth is something they can’t fight.

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244 thoughts on “Feminists Manufacture Rape Straw Man Against “Game Of Thrones””

  1. LOL.. “quitting” watching a show because a character does something you disapprove of. Good thing I never did that, or I would have never enjoyed The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, or any movie not rated G.

    1. Bambi pissed me the fuck off by befriending that annoying fucking rabbit. I quit that movie the moment that happened, just walked right the fuck out!
      The hunting and death scenes of his mother were ok though. But that rabbit, boy howdy, that’s just a line too fucking far!

      1. Hahahahaha
        I remember I was told in middle school I needed “sensitivity training” because I was not as moved by Jack London’s work as the trials of human characters in other books
        I wanna go eat deer meat now to send some protein to my huge nutsack

        1. Strange. In my school all young men got the first two days off for deer hunting season, assuming that they brought their shotgun and hunting license to the principle’s office to prove that they were actually serious about hunting.
          Sensitivity training in my neck of the woods would be more focused on which pressure points were the most sensitive when getting into a fight.

        2. sensitivity training means gently squeezing the trigger instead of jerking it and throwing off your shot.

        3. Indeed. Breath control and proper squeezing until the break are paramount.

        4. That follows with the Texas perspective on gun control; hitting what you shoot at.

      2. (whispers…like in The Sixth Sense)
        I can hear animals talking to each other.

    2. ” Ramsay Bolton actually rapes Jeyne Poole, who is posing as Sansa Stark, on their wedding night”
      Which leads me to beveling my theory even more: Women don’t like rape but they’ll read the shit out of it.

  2. The best comparison is their reaction to Theon’s mutilation and torture, most of these hypocrites now ‘quitting’ were pretty much celebrating that scene of male mutilation ,yet a non-graphic depiction of implied rape is too much. Hypocrites much?
    On the other hand I am finding GoT increasingly redpill in it’s inadvertent satire on SJW-ised character types. There’s plenty of ‘strong, empowered and independent’ women in the show, only they tend to be the ones actually running the world into the ground. Male characters on the other hand seem to be the ones actually saving the world and restoring order again.

    1. Of course there’s also the fact that you will have a 100% physical recovery from rape. Theon’s recovery will never leave 0%.
      Rape is not a good thing. But it’s more akin to theft than what feminists have made it out to be (a fate worth than a 1000 deaths). Ask any sane man if he’d rather be raped by a fat/ugly/smelly woman or have his dick cut off. I’m pretty sure about 100% would go with the ugly woman. Now ask a man if he’d rather be ass raped by another man or have his dick cut off. I’m pretty sure most men would take the ass raping. Which proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that rape isn’t in the same fucking league with permanent/disfiguring injuries. Fuck, it’s probably not even in the league with assault. I’d rather fuck the nastiest woman that you guys can dream up than get my ass kicked by an MMA fighter. Who knows what kind of lasting/life long injuries my bout with Tito would leave? At least with the nasty woman, all I need is a good Scotch and a few weeks to adequately clean my dick.
      Of course, this narrative is totally unacceptable to the feminists. I’m not saying rape is a good thing, but what we’ve got now is totally out of proportion between the crime and the punishment. Particularly in regard to things like date rape; years in jail for a “crime” like that is absolutely out of control insane. It’s as if we’ve lost our ability to reason. Which, of course, we have, because women have been writing all the laws and “script” around the horrid nature of rape for years now.

      1. Good points. But I’d go for the MMA fighter above getting raped. Would be a good man-up experience. Invaluable, really.

        1. I don’t know. Getting ass raped might lead to a life long need of a colostomy bag.

        2. good point, anal rape is much more ‘destructive’ than vaginal pounding, which is designed for that sort of thing.

      2. There’s no such thing as rape.
        It only exists in cultures where virginity has value.

        1. Don’t forget the necessary condition of marital fidelity. Rape by a man against a woman in pre-modern times was not a crime against the woman, but rather against her father, if she was a virgin, or her husband, if she was married. This was because if she had her virginity taken by force, the father would have a hard time marrying her off and would have to have her as a long term dependent. If she was married, her husband owned her reproductive ability, and the rapist was stealing it. In no case was the woman considered the victim.
          Now when there are no virgins above about 16 (I am being generous here) and where women claim the right to fuck around on their husbands as being true to themselves, there is no rape. There is nothing of value being stolen.

        2. you said it exactly like I didn’t, but that was exactly what I was thinking.

        3. and that’s what many women seem to be missing. They used to have something of value (way back when). Today, most women are sluts (the proper definition) but they don’t like to be shamed (it hurts feelings).
          Too bad…if you’re slutting it up…then you’re a slut. If you drink too much, then you’re an alcoholic….and so on.

      3. It’s worth a study in it’s own right just why women are so hysterical about rape, it’s certainly not a modern thing. I remember while researching personal accounts of civilian experiences of siege warfare during the Thirty Years’ War that the overriding fear in nearly any account by woman, (largely nuns) was a fear of rape. Thoughts and fear of it absolutely dominates their diaries and thoughts, several are fully prepared for to die and are absolutely committed it as the better outcome than to be raped by a plundering enemy soldier. Male experience is always going to be different but surely the numbers that would prefer sexual violation over death or mutilation is going to be massively in favour of the opposite.

        1. My sister wanted to be a nun for a while, but I told her to avoid it as it could become habit forming.

        2. It is understandable. In those times, even the poorest of the peasants would prefer a fellow virgin peasant bride over a recently deflowered one, due to war-rape, let alone an ex-warbride, who in many instances would be pregnant with the offspring of a hated enemy.

      4. And, there my friend, you deserve a medal! That’s how I feel. Rape’s not the worst thing that can happen to someone. It never has been. There are far more worse things. Women think it’s the most horrible thing, because really horribly things, like genital mutilation, or dying in the war just don’t happen to them. All of these are reserved for men. Women just don’t know what real horror is. They are just like children. For my son, the most horrible thing is to lose his toys, because real horrible things can at this moment not happen to him. For adults there are a lot of other horrible things. That’s just how it is with men and women.

      5. The telling fact is that female rape survivors, including the rape rape survivors, have no higher a suicide rate than the general population of women. At the same time the suicide rate for male survivors of divorce rape have twice the suicide rate of the general male population. And don’t forget that the general male population have a suicide rate twice the rate of the general female population.
        The evidence doesn’t show that rape is worse than death (which is what all women I know say it is) or even all that permanent and scarring.

    2. I personally think that Chris Brown’s “These Hoes ain’t loyal” should play in the background in most scenes. It’d tell the truth behind many of the situations.

    1. Yeah, seriously. Fucking assholes.
      Luckily they only spoiled the show. This isn’t how it goes down in the books.

      1. If there’s one thing that gets my goat! Second time some fuckwit did this to me. Its a fucking conspiracy!

    2. HowsThisForASpoiler:

        1. YouPrivvyToSomeInsideInfo?

        1. Most people would line up for the 30cc’s of Morphine, unfortunately it makes me vomit violently and continuously. It is the cross I bear, I just can’t tolerate most opiates. Luckily there are many other recreational drugs available.

  3. If Sansa donned a strapon and went to town on Bolton by force, I’m sure that McCaskill and Valenti would hail it as crusading TV of the highest form and demand that the chick playing Sansa recieve at least five Oscars for her performance in that scene alone.

  4. They’re pretty manipulative and skilled liars at that. However, they can be fought.

  5. I am quitting the Star Wars movies, due to their blatant disrespect of Wookie culture.

      1. I am with you. I’ve always been a fan of the Empire. I mean seriously, keeping the universe in order like that was no easy task. Things worked perfectly. Outside the galactic empire shithole like the bar on tattoine run by gangsters, but inside the empire everything worked perfectly, joblessnes near 0, from the looks of the bars everyone was having fun. Meanwhile, a bunch of fucking hippies are blowing up the death star which is an act of terrorist that makes 9-11 look like a paper cut. How they hell are they the heros?

        1. In omelette making eggs must be broken as they say.
          Alderaan was a war like democracy that needed to be demilitarized after the clone wars and was standing in the way of the consolidation and reorganization of the republic into an empire…which needed to happen for such a large and unruly multi planetary system to be successfully controlled.
          Don’t be such a hippie phaggot. Get with the empire 🙂

        2. Darth Vader had a homosexual agenda and probably spent his time in between destroying planets meditating and clearing his chakras or whatever.
          Make no mistake about it, under that cape was a tye dyed t shirt.
          Tyrants in fiction and real life have always been able to come up with elaborate, bullshit excuses as to why man’s rights should be abolished. Anakin talking to Palpatine was like dealing with a sleazy used car salesman, and he learned the art of bullshitting very well from his boss.
          No matter how empowered Anakin was made to feel by his taking part in the empire’s agenda, at the end of the day his life’s purpose was to follow orders and do as he was told. Fuck that.
          Freedom is the ooooooohnly wayyyeah

    1. #StandWithMichelleObamaAndAllWookies

        1. Well hell man, yours is way better than mine, heh. Win!

        2. Wow. Just Wow. (snicker)
          Man, I shouldn’t read ROK comments while drinking beer. It fucking HURTS coming out of your nose.

      1. The Wookies wouldn’t want to have anything to do with the current administration.

      2. Sansa Stark is raped by Ramsay Bolton after their nuptials

        I have to say, it looked to me like she consented.

    2. I am more turned off the homo-propaganda I hear will be in this upcoming movie…

      1. You’re kidding, right? Of course not. This is Hollywood.
        I can already see it…actually, I prefer not to.

    1. about as much as ‘true blood’ had to do with the sookie stackhouse novels.
      Little hint. The black faggot cook died at the very beginning of the second novel.

    2. The show has been about as faithful to the books as the recent hobbit and lord of the ring movies. Theres some mashing up of characters and removal of book plots but its been fair to the spirit and tone of the authors original work.

  6. In the books Jeyne Poole is posing as Arya Stark. The Show has compressed far more from the books than the “fake Arya” storyline with sending Sansa to Winterfell.

  7. Actually I believe she wasn’t raped, she didn’t refuse or said no. She married the most sadistic asshole, do you think someone like him would change for his princess?
    Gotta love these hypocrats, castration, torture? who cares.
    Rape?!!? Oh my! That’s disgusting and unacceptable.. Fuck this world

  8. Rok is a didsapointment as a website that talks about family and how feminism is destroying the family and the patriarchy. Why defend game of thrones, every other scene is a sex scene, there’s gay sex all kinds of sex and there’s a huge giant female knight running around killing people. The show is as feminist as can get and I read the books it’s full of all types of attacks on the patriarchy like the fact that it basically two women fighting each other one has dragons the other had kids by an aldulterios relationship with her brother and kills her husband. All the characters that are male pretty much die hasn’t anyone noticed that, the Starks all die except Sansa and ariya the mother comes back to life hmmm and the brothers go into a tree. Spoiler john stark he gets killed to, the only other strong male character is stannis and he’s lead by a witch of saten, oh most people don’t get that either so there’s the old gods they are trees, like the Greek and roman pantheon was derived from nature. The 7 is the judeo Christian God whose number is 7. And the lord of light is the devil, she got her powers when a comet passed by that’s pretty occultic .

    1. I don’t believe the author was trying to defend the show. His intent was to expose the sheer hypocrisy of these feminists and their mission.

    2. would have appreciated a spoiler alert re. stark getting killed.
      I’ve noticed the occult references though. The Stannis / Melisandre thread is obvious enough, but the book is heavy with them. Fire / Ice – has an occult meaning. The House of Black and White – again occult. The number 7 is too common to be clearly occultic – I haven’t seen any other numerology / gematria. One thing though: this is sword and sorcery fantasy – occult / magical themes are always going to feature to an extent. The question is do they feature as entertainment or as persuasion. In the latter category the only thing that is clearly designed as persuasion is the feminism, which is getting silly, but is popular amongst Denaerys fans in particular

      1. But any sort of portrayal can be misunderstood as positive. I just see it more as a portrayal of the war on Christians and the coming of the age of aqaurius. I am a Christian so this is what I take from it. The old gods are the trees in the book the old ones are nature just like the Greek pantheon which was ripped of the Egyptian one wich was simply the portrayal of nature. The new ones aka the 7 are the 7 spirits of the God of the bible. Revalation kjv 5:6 and I beheld, and, lo in the midst of the throne and of the four beast in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. I could go on and on about the number 7 and it’s usage in the bible and it’s significance. And the last portrayal in this book is the lord of light whose main prophet is a women clothed in scarlet. Who sacrifices children they left that out the show and threw in a bunch of rape scenes. See what one must realize is to me feminism is witchcraft plain and simple but so are allot of other things.for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.” That is all that is going on. I saw an article about feminism and it’s occultic roots but the bible make everything oh so clear. Everything is just a perversion of how things should be instead of man and women the world want man and man so on and so forth

        1. there is certainly an occult element (origin?) to feminism, marxism, & many other movements. In part that may be because all of them have in some shape or form been involved in the rejection of traditional religion, which has as one of its institutions ‘patriarchy’. Most of that is very much beneath the surface, and few are aware of it, although some that are go down the route precisely because it presents as an alternative to patriarchy / the old order etc. Beneath the surface there is an argument being played out. Things are coming slowly to the surface. In the meantime, if nothing else it seems the forces of the occult plan to keep us entertained, if not necessarily in the manner we would choose. It promises to be quite a show, but ultimately its just a show. The mayhem may be real, but their magic isn’t as deep as they think

        2. I think It affects people in ways they can’t imagine, if you watch rape and murder all day it has to affect you some how just a bit. A while ago I remeber there was a huge amount of people I worked with that watched the show acient aliens those guys flat out accepted that rubbish as fact, even though it pretty much made no sense at all period. This is in essence monkey see monkey do. You draw from your pool of options on how to live your life based on what you see everyday. That’s why companys show commercials they work effectively if you See something long enough in a good light it’s only a matter of time before you do it or at least consider it. And if you think wrong it’s only a matter of time before you do wrong. Like i used to wonder why supposedly straight guys always told extremely graphic jokes about bieng gay then it hit me one day they are kicking it around in there head. Some part of there subconscious had accepted this as desirable which makes it entertaining which makes it acceptable and presented with the right opportunities they would act on it. So what goes in comes out not just food. “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.
          15:19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies” I get all my wisdom from the bible and it’s never wrong ever.

        3. People’s minds and identities are being moulded, and creating, manipulating and controlling their desires is pretty much how this is done. Modern consumer capitalism works by creating new markets, which effectively means creating new desires, and potentially new types of people in which those desires can become seated. Hollywood and the media play a big part in that, creating scripts, software effectively that we can play out within and amongst ourselves. I was always tolerant towards gay sexuality but gay rights have simply becoming a way of creating ‘identity groups’ who can be put to work at the behest of their masters.
          Manipulating the unconscious plays a big part of all this, and populating it with dark desires and perversions is a very good way to fill to our minds with objects of attention that work towards the end of control, manipulation and commodification. Over the last century its gone well beyond simple marketing. Its a mass mesmerism, where we have ourselves been shaped into products – commodities – that reproduce as commodities, according to a system that seeks to generate limitless desire with a view to satisfying only the minimum part

  9. Nothing in common with the whole Mad Max brouhaha last week??? Those nasty raping husbands doing it on the matrimonial bed…..muuuuahhhhaaahhhhh…….she won’t be going off side after her first night with her new husband…..

  10. It wasn’t even rape. She married him the scene prior. Although it may have been unpleasant, the sex was consensual and was a necessary part of her plan for revenge. Besides, the concept of ‘spousal rape’ is a recent phenomenon.

    1. I there is spousal rape in arranged marriages, but that’s different to the spousal rape (which is very real, btw) in western marriages. The only difference is in the west the man is the one normally getting raped. Divorce raped, sure. But still…
      Anyway, rape makes women’s clits tingle, which is why they hate it so much, it makes them all confused.

      1. The ones the speak the loudest are usually the ones that NO one wants to rape. Their thinking is that if I’m not gettin’ any, then no one else should.

      2. I never understood “spousal rape”, if you are a woman married to a man and have clearly had sex before how can you get raped by your husband….? Even if you were sleeping I have no idea how it can be considered rape, if you already in a long term relationship and have had sex before.

    1. Exactly. And how come nobody’s shocked, mortified, or threatening to boycott when some poofter’s taking it up the cornhole on GOT? Oh, I forgot. Mutilation of men is “justice,” two sausage smugglers popping each other in the ass is “protected speech,” but anything remotely offensive to women is verboten. It’s like in Atlanta when some chick was trying to host a topless march (in Georgia it’s legal for women to be topless) but got arrested, but they can have gay pride parades all damn day long. SMH till it falls off its axis.

    2. In the books, Theon was also raped by Ramsay. Let’s not forget Daenary’s face when Khal Drogo consummated their nuptual vows…

        1. The second one is the earlier one, where it was clearly more… “rape.” The first one is later on, where she started getting used to it and just stared at her dragons.

        2. well you certainly know your Denaerys rape scenes. The picture doesn’t convey how goddamn fine that scene was. Its been downhill ever since. They should have fired her on the spot when she said she didn’t want to any more nude scenes. Since that point there has been absolutely zero point to her being in the show – beyond annoying everybody with SJW politics

        3. not that I condone medieval fantasy conjugal rape of course…but if I did

        4. Heh… you’re not seeing the subtle deconstruction of the EMPOWRD WOMYN and white woman’s burden that’s going on. Notice how Daenarys’ rule is currently failing…

        5. Unfortunately Daenary’s rule is being propped up by her big government issue dragons. With such big dragons between her legs she feels very powerful indeed

        6. Exactly. Now the dragons b liek, “FAWK U, BISH! U LAWK US IN CAGE! FAWK U!”

        7. I doubt it’s for any genuine principled stance. She’d drop those panties for the right money, just like most women.
          That’s why the older female celebrities get the less “inhibited” they become. Trying to etch out that last little bit of attention before it’s too late. For some (Madonna) it’s well beyond late and has slipped into nasty territory.

        8. its not principled – of course not. But it is pride. These actresses become famous because of their bodies, but want to be taken seriously as talent in their own right. Typically this competes with the desire for the kind of attention that panty dropping creates. Hence the frequent attraction to arthouse or political movies where panty dropping can be seen as a good and worthy cause

        9. It seems to me her “stupid” moves are ignored as she’s “young”. But she’s actual a terrible leader 85% of the time. She doesn’t listen to her advisers and just does her own thing and “magically” thanks to her dragons her plans works out and she credits herself with being right.
          GRR Martin seems to pride himself on making his books realistic to the time period.
          But I’m sorry. I’ll accept his premise of dragons and long winters. However, in any realistic world as savage as he depicts, Daenyrus would be dead.
          Alexander the Great was young when he came to power. His youth was no excuse for piss-poor decision making.
          They keep wanting me to accept her as this awe-inspiring leader, but all I see is an incompetent leader buoyed by her dragons. She seems to actually believe she’s an “awe-inspiring leader who just happens to use dragons from time to time”.
          It doesn’t help that actress doesn’t ooze the charisma that I think a really awe-inspring leader would need to be “awe-inspiring”.
          Her speeches sound like a scared kid is reading them.

        10. Yeah she’s rubbish except when she’s talking in that made up language. While GOTs feminism is undeniable, it’s difficult to know whether ultimately she will won the iron throne. GOT likes to present itself as representing the hard reality of politics which predict her failure as a roguishly utopian figure, but I doubt it. She fits the agenda to well.

        11. yeah. It annoys me when all the violence and stuff is justified as being “realistic” to a primitive world, but then we’re supposed to pretend Daenyrus would be seen as a great leader.
          Um… If you’re going to be “realistic” then be realistic all the way. Let’s face the facts. Daenyrus would be a terrible leader. She’d at best be used as a figurehead by a powerful adviser. Even her dragons are not enough of an excuse for why she’s still alive and leading an army. Which is conveniently an army of enslaved men.
          Oh wait, there you go. An army of mindless men would follow her because she holds aloft a silly item their trained to follow.
          There’s realistic for you.
          It’s like that giant slave army of well-trained soldier that defeated the… erm… or that time when the Egyptian slaves trained in the use of weapons erm…
          Wait. I’m not even sure that army was realistic. Most of soldiers were barely trained and forced to war. The very well-trained were often not just discardable slaves.
          To spend years training someone in the art of combat is actually quite a drain on resources. In GOT they show him casually stab one for fun when showing it to Dragon Lady.
          Yes, because special forces are just replaceable.
          I need the writers to tell me again how realistic GOT is. I see some major gaps in reality.

        12. Daenyrus’ story has always strained credulity. It doesn’t make sense that i’s advanced as an example of girl power given that she is supported by dragons, armies, top knights etc …. all of which come from nowhere. The only thing that is believabe is the sense of entitlement which her bizarre serendipity results in.
          If you’re comparing the the Unsullied to the babylonian capitivity that would make Denaerys both Pharoah and Moses leading her people from the Egyptian pyramid to the promised land: Westeros – except the script probably isn’t smart enough to contain that kind of subtlety. Actually it wouldn’t surprise me if that is the idea that’s being presented. She’s a messiah figure. Westeros = Zion. The ice of the White walkers and the fire of the Red Dragon’s. Damn it, its pure Kabbalah.

        13. It’s not rape if you roll a natural 00 with your 2d20’s.

    3. Where were Jessica Valenti and Claire McCaskill when on the first freaking episode a little boy was thrown from a tower and paralyzed from the waist down?
      Where were Jessica Valenti and Claire McCaskill when Joffrey had all of Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate children (many of them babies) slaughtered in King’s Landing?
      Where were Jessica Valenti and Claire McCaskill when Rob Stark’s pregnant wife was stabbed repeatedly in the stomach? (but then again feminists love abortion so I guess they liked that one.)

    1. Because if a leftist doesn’t like something, they want to ruin it for everyone else.

    2. Agree. But this “outrage” is all about attention whoring, money and votes.
      Valenti is out for the attention whoring and money. McCaskill is looking for votes for the next election (typical politician). Doesn’t she have other constituents to worry about in her district (or are they all women, SJWs)?

  11. Also, let’s not forget something. I’m 100% convinced that “real rape” (you know, the violent, beat the fuck out of someone and then violate them act that used to define “rape”, not the morning after “he’s not that hot” rape we have now) has more male victims than female.
    Nobody gives a single fuck about the guy in prison who’s getting raped by another guy on a nightly basis. But that guy, if there for a year, may very well be raped a few hundred times. And a lot of men in prison are raped. Couple that with the fact that “real rape” is exceedingly rare in modern society (outside of prison, that is), I think it’s very likely that men are far more likely to be the victims of a real rape than a woman.
    Only when we change the definition to be “anytime I don’t cum from sex” or “If I’ve had more than 2 glasses of wine” can women even come close to claiming rape as a “female issue”. It’s a male issue, always has been. And “real rape” isn’t about sex, it’s about power. Another thing that feminists seem quick to gloss over.

  12. That photo of McCaskill above… she has that look of someone who is crazy… like nut house crazy. It freaks me the fuck out that someone like her has the power to vote on bills that impacts the country.

  13. Its a tv show. Its sad we are at the point where society gets emotiona when something bad happens to a tv character. The actress sophie turner wanted to do this to get a push and show off her acting skills. She saw nothing wrong in it at all. Truth is, there was nothing gratuitous at all about this scene. It was necessary to add this scene to the show because by ramsey raping her in front of theon, the show builds up for the moment when theon will probably snap against ramsey. Sansa getting raped also furthers her sad story because on game of thrones she never gets a break. Sansas the good, pure girl on the show and this scene also reinforces the common theme of suffering for her family, the house of stark.
    Obviously the feminists calling it quits have never even watched the show and they just want to ruin one of the few decent shows on tv.

    1. “Its a tv show. Its sad we are at the point where society gets emotional when something bad happens to a tv character.”
      Indeed. It is as if the entire culture is experiencing a collective bought of extended PMS.

    2. She actually bears some responsibility for all the bad stuff that happens to her: she was the one who tipped off Cersei about what her father was up to in Kings Landing when King Robert died, due to her misplaced love for the-then Prince Joffrey.
      She could, incidentally, have consummated her marriage with Tyrion, but chose not because she didn’t want to be married to a dwarf husband – a blatant case of “disablism”, if ever there was one.

      1. I definitely agree. This is just further evidence that this scene wasnt revenge porn, torture porn, or unnecessary violence as the feminists argue. But that this scene was necessary to the plot of the story.
        When the viewers watched her choose to marry bolton, we all knew she was in big trouble and making another poor mistake. I expected her to have a rough time with bolton.

        1. There was a scene from season 4 where the nightswatch men who mutined an killed Craster an Mormat an took over his keep were rapeing all of Crasters daughters an it was clear they had been beating them too, their leader was saying “fuck them till their dead”. For some reason that didn’t stir up the feminists like The Sansa scene did.

      2. As I understand it, William of Orkanx also is involved in some kind of tryst with Nutellia, but hides it lest King Humperdoff find out. The dragon feces are going to hit the slave powered air oscillation devices when that comes to a head, I’ll tell you that much sir!

        1. Haha. You’re in unusually inspired form here, man. I mean, your other comments are usually gold worthy but this is some home run hitting here today.

        2. It was “First Friday” for me. I work 4 10 hour days, so Wednesday is my “First Friday” since I have Thursdays off. So I get loopy.
          Probably will be the same today, which is Second Friday.

  14. Yeah man, I know what you mean.
    Hell, I was watching I Dream Of Jeannie the other night. The main protagonist is some astronaut and he owns this really hot blonde chick who gives him his every desire and calls him Master with a huge smile on her face. In addition, she openly wants to fuck his brains out and when he’s tired of her he tells her to get back in her bottle, and she does and then he gets peace and quiet. His friend is also an astronaut and a ladies man, and when Jeannie is ordered back in her bottle, both her master and his friend head out for golf or flying jet planes.
    This isn’t a criticism of the show actually, as I rather think it’s a fantastic role model for male/female relationships.
    EDIT: You know, I wrote that as a humorous post, but looking at it, that actually IS the show in a nutshell. Television used to, at one time (get ready young guys, hold on to your hats) think men were cool and women were around to help them be happy. Strange, iknowrite?

    1. I love watching old shows sometimes. Just because of the political incorrectness.
      I was watching MASH the other day. They had a black guy named Spearchucker living in their tent with them in the first year, and Hawkeye and Trapper outright viewed nurses as nothing more than sex objects.

      1. The Trapper John MASH episodes were fantastic. It got too sappy and Alan Alda-y for me after Trapper John left though. That first season, yep, fantastic how things used to be in the entertainment world.
        Then there was Green Acres. Sure, Eddie Arnold was a hot head, but he was normally right about things. And his wife doing the “I adore New York” and he pulls her with a strong masculine pull saying “You are my wife” and her replying “Good bye city life” every opening, fantastic stuff. Also very anti-government and pro-liberty. Plus it was Grade A top notch comedy writing, almost peerless really.
        Even Happy Days was red pill compared to modern television. The dweeb betas all crowding around the alpha Fonz who has women lining up for him because he is NOT a dweeb beta (first few years).
        And of course, All In The Family, which originally was meant as a deconstructionist Leftist poke at traditional life and traditional males, which instead turned out to be the exact opposite as time passed and showed that, well hell what do you know, Archie Bunker was basically right about nearly everything!
        Shit dude, even the Brady Bunch is red pill compared to shit now. Mike taking his son out and teaching him how to fight to defend his sister and himself, and even though Mrs. Brady is clucking at him he puts the kibosh on it and she submits. The damned Brady Bunch, now red pill in 2015 without changing a thing. Whodathunkit? Plus, you know…Marsha….pound town brother, that’s where I always had her in my teenaged dreams, Pound Town.

        1. and was the father of tapping twin sisters.

        2. of course he did…but who didn’t? She was a leather seated town bicycle.

        3. I don’t know if I’d have let Jan join in, but she would have been welcome to film the activities. heh

        4. A skill that has been lost in the mists of time.

        1. ironically it was supposed to be an over-the-top parody for leftists to laugh at and non-leftists to be embarrassed of. Lear got hosed when he discovered it was the opposite. Archie Bunkers re-elected Richard Nixon.

        2. Imagine pitching ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ today. “Yeah we’re going to set a comedy in a Nazi POW camp…..”

        3. On the surface all in the family was funny and irreverent. However, the show had a very hard left leaning moral that it was pushing into american culture.
          Archie, who left school to work to support his family, who went to a war, came back, worked a blue collar job and sent his daughter to school and eventually retired and, rather than resting on his laurels, became a small business owner (his bar) and raised another kid because he loved her is constantly made to be the fool.
          Rob Reinner never intended you to laugh with Archie, but rather at him. The show was meant to show how an ignorant fool like this, in the face of far more enlightened and superior thinking from unemployed liberal arts majors (Mike), is laughable in our advanced culture.
          Yeah, Carol O’Connor had some great lines that we can recall fondly and think they would never make it today. But that mentality (Archie being a living embodiment of the american dream that hard work and sacrifice will pay off) was being mocked in such a subtle way that the show was closer to brain wash than entertainment.

        4. All true, but they got the final chuckle. Nixon didn’t finish his second term and we live in a feminist paradise.

    2. Yeah, remember Fat Albert? The one guy talks bu-bee bu-bee. How un-PC was that? What’s ironic is Bill Cosby created it. They used to teach kids morals at the end of the cartoon.

      1. Yeah, that was on Saturday Morning Lineup in our household. Came on right after Hong Kong Phooey, but before Scooby Do (I think?). Not really ironic, Cosby hasn’t seen a single shred of evidence against him to prove any of the allegations, so in my sight he’s still innocent.
        Shit man, I’m feeling really old. Hell brother, I can remember when Michael Jackson was *black*, what does that tell you?

        1. No, not about his false rape allegations. Cosby is black and that cartoon stereotypes blacks.

        2. No, phool, that cartoon WAS [certain inner city] blacks – Cosby even said in some interview Fat Albert and all.those kids were based on real kids back in the day.

      2. Morals taught by a slave race who’s values originate with leftist classical liberalism. No wonder everything has gone to hell.

    3. When I was 10 or 12 and watching re-runs of “I Dream of Jeannie”, I always thought the guy was a homo for NOT banging her senseless, morning, noon and night. Not much of a plot line after the first episode that way, but c’mon, that’s how we’d all do it, if the (young, hot) Barbara Eden was at our beck and call.

      1. Seriously, no shit. To his credit they eventually did marry, which at the time was the implied way of saying “and now he’s banging her day and night”.

    4. That was the description of the show to the T.
      Good show and one that is missed. It was easy going and it had everything that reminds me of that era (Mad Men also another good one, for today, of a missed era).

  15. All I’ve learned from this fiasco is if any franchise has been untouched by feminism to this point and wishes to remain so, it should just include a rape scene and the feministas will all flee. The franchise can then continue on, unencumbered by the need to pander to the feminist agenda since none of them are watching it.

    1. Agreed. This is going to be tough for Pixar to pull off successfully in its next animated feature, but as you note, it must be done.
      Donkey is *so* going to tear up and sexually dominate his dragon wife come the next Shrek installment!

      1. That will get me back to the theater for the first time in many years.

        1. Ironically, the PC religious have pounded their ideology with such an unrelenting sledgehammer that they have inadvertently made political-incorrectness exceedingly attractive and even entertaining.

        2. It gets girls wet when you’re openly un-PC. Just an FYI.

        3. Giggling protests I generally don’t take seriously, heh.

    2. They will still watch it even though they say they’re dine with watching it so they can continue to rant and draw attention.

    3. If i ever produce a show, the opening scene will be rape followed by the woman falling in love with her rapist.

      1. You’ve got a hit there if you somehow get creepy Ron Jeremy to play the rapist – and Slutowitz the MatressGurl to be the woman getting cornholeraped.

      2. Its been done. That is the premise of Last Tango in Paris. And as a side note, it was anal rape.

    4. I actually don’t think very many of them are fleeing any of these types of shows (just the opposite). Look how 50 shades pulled many of them to the theaters.
      Charlize Theron is now dating a “former” wife beater in Sean Penn (while she is supposed to be an “ambassador” for fighting violence against women) – pretty fucking odd.
      It’s about attention, first…and fake outrage (or purpose), second.

  16. Why is any of this newsworthy anyway?
    Feminist dumbfuck: “I’m done with GoT because xyz…blah blah… patriarchy… blah…oppression … Feelings.”
    Me: “Who the fuck cares what you watch on TV?”

  17. Where are the media outlets making fun of them for “quitting” the show? You know, the same ones making fun of us for not wanting to see Feminist Road?
    I know:
    Absolutely nowhere to be found.
    We can see which side the toast is buttered on. Someday we are going to burn down the kitchen.

    1. Dude, don’t burn down the kitchen. Where are the surviving women going to make our sandwiches if we burn down the kitchen?

      1. We’ll build new ones with tile flooring so they won’t get splinters in their bare feet.

        1. Very good. Wouldn’t want them to trip and have a miscarriage.

        2. Doktor Jeep and I need to take this act on the road.

        3. WhichOneOfYouWouldPlayTheStraightRole?

  18. “This show is consistently over-the-top with sexual violence and it’s just gross. #GoT
    — Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) May 18, 2015”
    No, twat. I’ve seen what you look like, YOU’RE “just gross”.

  19. It’s all just an excuse to see how much power they can exercise, see how any people dance to their demands. I doubt most of the people complaining about it even watched the episode.

    1. Sure, the herd mentality/copycat lifestyle most women have. If not in their practically copy/pasted profile bios on Tinder, then in their Twitter hashtag jockeying. See a perceived alpha female with lots of male attention (especially if they are prettier and thinner than you) and then ape whatever they say and do. Yawn, gag, and snore!

    2. You simply tell them “that’s why there are so many channels….you can just turn it to another one”.
      In other words….fuck off.
      Never compromise with crazy. They eventually will turn on you.

      1. darn right. Ridicule them to the other mostly sane people observing, don’t play the game they want you to play.

  20. ‘this scene offended me so much that i absolutely refuse to watch another episode… until next week!’

  21. Many want men to live their lives for women’s approval, which is just pussy begging. Pussy begging is how feminists and women were able to subjugate men, so it will not be the solution to the problem.
    Women were not duped, tricked, hypnotized, brainwashed, etc., by feminism. Instead, feminism is female nature at its finest.
    Some men would have you believe that the answer to hypergynocentrism (feminism) is simply “weight lifting”. Cause you know…the answer to your existential crisis is to base your entire sense of self worth on the approval of women. It’s your “confidence” that is your problem – and you can’t possibly have “confidence” without female approval.
    Obviously, men should sacrifice their time, energy and lifespan to a society that views them as violent and predatory by their very nature.
    Obviously, men are simply going to allow themselves to fall for the same gynocentric tricks, over and over. Manipulation, re-packaged as bullshit traditionalism works well gentlemen. You get to hold up a society that has – and always will – view you as nothing more than a utility, an expendable subhuman tool, a TYRANT, canon fodder and a necessary evil.
    Don’t go away and embrace your autonomy, men. It’s not time to go your own way. Traditionalism and or feminism are the answer, regardless of how many men’s lives have to be slaughtered.
    Now is not the time to start thinking of your own needs, men. Now is the time for you to return to a life on bended knee. “Man Up”, men.
    There’s no reason to be confused, men. Ignore the countless millions of men’s lives destroyed over the past 40+ years. Ignore the hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men that have committed suicide following their divorce in the same span of time. Ignore the billions upon billions of dollars transferred to women by their dead husbands and divorce raped fathers. You’re too much of a man for that to happen to you. Your genes will be propagated and remembered into infinity.
    You, men, need women to sustain your existence. Psychologically create that void that you’ve been taught to have so that you remain a slave to the gynocracy. You’re nothing without a woman. You know it and so does everyone else. Your destiny is not in your own hands. Your destiny lies in the hand of some random woman. You need to impress women with your manliness, or you’ll die a total loser. You know it and so does everyone else.
    Men, any self-improvement you undergo shouldn’t be for yourself – it should be for the sole purpose of pleasing a woman. Making new innovations, curing new diseases – that’s for beta men. Alpha men should be focusing on self improvement, self actualization, and understanding of the world around them for purposes of female validation.
    The smartest thing a man can do is to give all of their power away by signing the marriage contract. For what? For the 5 second orgasm from the gender who would gladly see you rot in Hades for a shot at wealth redistribution.
    All waves of feminism are about entitlement and government subjugation of men for women’s benefit. Period (no pun).
    MGTOW are learning about female behavior and how it pushes society, government and relationships. Men have no need to fear MGTOW. MGTOW are the evolution of men. Women, on the other hand…

  22. Sansa Stark wasn’t raped. She gave consent when she gave her wedding vow. (Remember it’s Westeros, not Western Civ: 21st Century. What happened to the universal cultural relativism of the Left?)
    And she never said ‘no’ or ‘stop’. It was just rough sex, which is a bit cruel for a virgin bride, but not rape.
    Stop accepting the premise of Leftists.

    1. I agree. In the societal and legal context of the fictional setting, Sansa Stark implicitly consented to sex with Ramsay Bolton by saying “I do” to him.
      Tyrian Lannaster (her previous husband) was very kind to her by not making her have sex with him against her will, but he had every right to.
      Sansa Stark wasn’t raped, end of story, but its interesting to hear Sophie Turner (the actress who plays Sansa) defends the scene, saying it was brilliant and really a turn on.

    2. The reason why the scene is distressing is because of Theon being there and unable to help her full stop. GOT deals with complex issues in subtle and not so subtle ways that progress characters towards many red pill issues that no longer overtly present themselves in modern times. Now if we recall that Sansa could have been raped numerous times before most notably when ‘the hound’ a brutal killer who by his own admission finds nothing better in life than killing people saves her from being brutally gang raped.When she thanks him he plays it off as nothing but him doing his job but she can’t take herself to look him in the face. She is distressed by a man who while outwardly seems immoral often chooses the moral high path. He tells her that her safe world is only in place because of killers and that includes her brother Robb and father Ned. Yet she does not want o view the world through this lens, she loves Sir Lawrence( closet homosexual) who is beautiful and has soft features but would never love her.Then she is under the protection of Tyrion who saved her life from the madness of Joffrey and while she was not comfortable with his outward appearance she felt kindly towards he for all that he has done for her.Then she comes under the protection of “little finger” he lost a fight to Ned in his youth- the father of Sansa as he was strong and great in battle. However Little finger eventually is part of the reason that Ned is killed because he learnt from his mistakes and relies on his cunning and schemes.Little finger saves her from her mad aunt and she grows fond of him so much so that there is some light petting and kissing. She rejects the safety that Brianne of Tarth could offer her as she has failed on numerous occasions before and decides that through her life that male safety is the safety that keeps her alive. Cersei wanted her dead, Tryrions prostitute girl shae was not happy with her and wanted her out of the picture,her aunt in the Vale Lysa wanted her dead and finally Myranda a ruthless girl of low born status wants her dead. But she speaks up and rejects the threats of Myranda who is use to killing other girls that she is green towards. She finally rejects the threats of Myranda and as a final show of her need for the cloak of male protection is needed she sees that Theon the man who was to give her up on her wedding day and no longer a man as even theons father jested about can no muster the “balls’ to protect her. We and Sansa understand that her best means of protection is uderstanding which men can help her achieve her ambitions and which women are standing in her way. That is why the scene is distressing. It shows who has power and who does not have power and it was Theon who did not have power. The power of Sansa is growing. She confronts other women who want her dead.

    3. Exactly, I noticed that too. During the “rape” she never actually told him to stop fucking her she put up literally no resistance at all. She just took it doggy style while moaning/whimpering.

  23. The REAL reason they were upset is because beta/omega noob “Reek” formerly known as Theon didn’t bash Ramsay in the head and tell Sansa to run before valiantly giving up his life so she could escape, find Jon Snow and having incest sex with him (because Jezebel feminists are now kinda cool with that).

    1. How many rape jokes are there about males being victimized in prison? It’s so common, EVERYONE knows one of them:
      “Don’t drop the soap”.
      And, no, just so everyone here knows. I’ve never been to prison. I’ve never been raped by a man (I have, however, been raped by a woman). It’s not personal; it’s just fucking ridiculous the double standard that exists. Even more so that women somehow claim this as “their issue” when, in fact, at WORST, it’s at least 50/50. IMHO, it’s more like 90/10 (males being raped to females). Violent rape is a deplorable act against both men and women. It’s just so rare against women as to be almost like having a strong position against asteroids striking people walking down the streets of NY. Sure, it probably does happen. But there’s a lot more shit that happens that’s:
      A) Far more common (and therefore more impactful to society)
      B) Has worse consequences (like death/mutilation/life long injury)
      C) Happens to people regardless of what they do about it (like prostate cancer, not something you catch, something you develop because of bad genes).
      Yes, I’m going to come out and say it. Most women who are “real raped” put themselves in terrible situations (like being a street level hooker). The incidence of “real rape” for most middle/upper class non-drug using women is approaching 0%. And yet, here we go with the “1 in 4” or “1 in 2” or just “all sex is rape” bullshit. If even .1% of women who aren’t prostitutes/drug users/hang out with criminals are victims of “real rape” my head will blow straight off my fucking shoulders.

      1. Someone posted here before about domestic violence and rape stats, an infographic displaying how women are the bigger perpetrators. I believe it. And yes, I too have been raped by a woman. And yes, as you say, violent rape against women is so rare it’s more likely that one will be attacked by Somai pirates than a victim of rape.
        Why is it tolerable to joke about men being raped regularly and systematically, as in prison, but even a one-off rape joke about a public figure (Condi Rice) is cause for outrage?

    2. There is really no voice of reason on tv today. You have screaming head D and screaming head R. Patrice is sorely missed. Although I never could stand opie and Anthony.. talentless overpaid unprincipled hacks.

      1. The great thing about comedians…there is so much truth to their routines. George Carlin is missed as well.
        I like Bill Burr as a sub, though. A lot of good stuff from him.

    3. Don’t we all.
      Apparently after this Fox News never used Patrice again. Which is a massive mistake.
      They should have given him his own show.

      1. Ya, its crazy that this is right wing conservative media and they still follow this pc feminist friendly narrative.

        1. I think ALL media outlets are despicable, regardless of their point of view. But I definitely think Fox news is the only one that actually gives both sides a chance.
          The overwhelming majority of the media in the States, the Liberal Left, never does. Everything is 100% about their narrative and no other points of view can mess with it.

        2. perhaps, but personally not a fan of american media since follows the same narrative. I like RT and Aljeezra how ever, as being more fair and objectionable. Messed up thing is you look at different news outlets on the same story and thees always info thats missing or added opinions that changes whats actually happening. Its like high school gossip.

        3. At one time, about 30 years ago, I lived in a city where the three big networks scheduled their news so that I could watch all three evening news in sequence. I saw the same story on all three and got results 180 degrees out of phase. What happened, and the meaning of what happened, depended entirely on which channel you saw. I stopped watching all TV news after that.
          I read the paper, but I assume it is either wrong or biased in every story. (I do like the comics and the crossword puzzles.) When I was a child my dad told me that 100% of the time where he knew anything about the story in the paper, the paper had made serious mistakes in the facts. He then assumed (reasonably IMO) that in every case where he did not know the facts the paper would be wrong as well.

        4. The media reminds me of our two political groups…they all feed from the same trough.
          They all get their money from advertising so if SJWs complain to a company about something on a show (news, TV) that hurt their feelings then it’s off the air. Corporations have made the mistake of pandering to these crazies because of money. Now, it’s starting to turn on them (as we’ve seen in a couple of cases) where even business as usual (in the past) will no longer be tolerated by SJWs.
          Corporations should have told these flakes “freedom of speech”….you have yours and they have theirs. That used to work in the past like a charm (or mind your fucking business – another good one). These companies decided to cater to them (for money) and they’ve created a monster.
          I don’t let crazy people run my life – lesson learned here.

        5. Oh agreed. Not only that they ruined it for minorities that have actual grievances or things they want to mention that is legitly offensive or problamtic to the point that they dont want to bring it up since they absolutely “raped” it by complaining too much over the littlest things that dont matter then ones that are actual concerns. Plus they dont debate with facts they just shame.Crazy people should never lead groups. If they take meds they cannot participate in any activism.

    4. Feminists (and SJWs) want to “sanitize” everything so it doesn’t hurt their ears (or feelings). But, they only want to “sanitize” some things. Like many have pointed in their comments, if it has anything to do with a man being assaulted then it’s no problem.
      But, if a woman is assaulted (or is even perceived to have been assaulted)…then it’s got to go. Women don’t want equality in this country….they want the upper hand.
      They should come out and just say it versus trying to tip toe around the issue(s). Patrice (in the video) is right when he says: “What people?”. This women is trying to represent all women (or all people?). Some rape jokes are funny (it’s a fact). SJWs are trying to censor funny, now.

      1. think this is just women everywhere like I found the “mipterz” facebook page or looking at feminism in india, they are following exactly like the western women. If nothing changes think those countries will wond up worse (along with us) the african american community

  24. She didn’t get raped? She was all ready taking her clothes off? She agreed to get married to him, knowing full well who he was… How is this not consent?

    1. Being married doesn’t entitle you to sex with your spouse. Check your privilege. :^)

      1. In fact, until about 50 years ago, it did entitle you to just that. Marital rape is a new concept.

        1. That is exactly correct. For a man to take on financial responsibility for a family was a great sacrifice. In exchange, the woman was told her contribution was to give him the sex which would make him willing to do it. In 1985 when marital rape laws were passed, I challenged the local Father’s rights group to show me one single benefit guaranteed to men in the law, by marriage. I am still waiting.
          Recently, a very active man in the men’s movement used the example that without marriage, in his state, men could not get custody nor visitation.
          He overlooked the guaranteed part. There are millions of men who have legal visitation orders, yet don’t get to see their kids, because no one will help force her to let him see them. Thus, I stand pat on my challenge. But, of course, they spend billions to toss unemployed men in jail for not paying support moneys.

      2. That’s not really what I was trying to say… She was going to have sex with him and she knew that, it just seems like we’re calling it rape because the guy she had sex with was mean to her.

  25. “In the absence of any outrage about so many other depictions in Game of Thrones,
    they reveal themselves as ideological beasts who only care for the kind
    of suffering they can make a career, celebrityhood, or nice quick buck
    out of”
    I think that’s the most striking point. Its not just the hypocrisy. It would be one thing if we could believe that Valenti / McCaskill were actually shocked by the scene, but its impossible to watch the scene and believe that anyone beyond an actual recent victim of rape could be genuinely upset by nothing more graphic than Sansa getting bent over and quietly sobbing as Ramsay went to work. The unreality of these types of complaints should be palpable for anyone outside of the bubble, and as the author implies this is almost certainly a miscalculation: people know when they’re being bull-shitted; they know when things are said without sincerity or simply to shore up a political stance. The truth is though that there is a reason such double-standards exist. It isn’t an accident that the worst kind of torture porn is gleefullly beamed into the people’s living rooms without complaint while the slightest on-screen departure from yes means yes type decorum is immediately called out and punished. The reason of course is that torture porn isn’t a thought crime whereas rape is. Moreover and more perversely still, it is fictional media representations of rape, abuse or deviations from feminist decorum, that will attract the most condemnation for the simple reason that feminists rarely care that much about real rape, which being real rarely slots into the pre-fabricated schemas designed to protect and elevate privileged middle-class mostly white women in such a way that they can effectively function as a new gender aristocracy. The type of class that can keep everyone on their toes by making the rules as they do along.
    So its exactly right that we should ceaselessly point out the hypocrisy – the sexual mutilation of Theon, the sexual slavery of male neuters who lovingly serve a figure like Denaerys who has explicitly been promoted as a feminist figure, not to mention the sickening murder of Prince Oberon (and I would add also the previous weak’s murder by the Tom Boy warrior Dorn princess of a male captive by having a spear thrust through his head after being tortured by them for I imagine their quasi -sexual satisfaction). The reason to ceaselessly point it out is not only the hypocrisy though. Its the fact that by showing two classes of violence – the one tolerated, and even applauded as acceptable violence – the other violently condemned as a thought crime even though it is far less extreme – we are being trained to accept two completely different standards, whereby the political status quo can be maintained.
    These people are deliberately fucking with your minds in order to control you

    1. Somehow Sansa’s rape sparks a fucking media shitstorm when Prince O’s (one of the few “good” characters) eyes being gouged out and head being crushed until it fucking exploded while trying to defend one of the other “good” characters on the show barley nets a mention.
      Sure, what happened to Sansa was fucked up, especially since she does appear to be a good person (at least to date). But, she’s alive, unlike the prince who’s fucking brains exploded all over my goddamn TV set.

      1. I found that scene pretty nauseating – which was clearly what was intended. Traditionally there has always been a divide between showing physical violence and sexualised violence but in recent years its almost as though some types of physical violence (against men) have almost become sado-masochistic i.e. something which does cross that divide but in different direction, against males. Oberon’s killing was of the torture porn variety, but the spearing in the face of man who was being tortured by a teenage female warrior, the torture castration of Theon, and the S & M submissive / dominant relationship of the castrated slave army serving the feminist queen Denaerys suggests that sexualised violence is actually OK as far as ‘hollywood’ is concerned provided its against males

  26. Should we take these women seriously? To me it sounds like a child crying and throwing tantrums because she couldn’t get her favorite candy. This is what it sounds to me everytime a woman says she is “offended” by this, that, and that…
    The SJWs who enable their attitude are the worse ones.

  27. Maybe he was giving it to her “up de arse no condom”…… in days of old when knights were bold and condoms weren’t invented, they’d tie a sock around heir cock and babies were prevented!!

    1. I thought they did it in telegraph poles, and went home quite contented

    2. I thought it was….”in days of old when knights were bold and shit houses weren’t invented, they hid their lumps behind the stumps and walked away contented”.

  28. Minor quibble: It’s actually a fake Arya in the books. Sansa remains in the Vale with Littlefinger.

    1. Minor? The whole season so far has been a major quibble with me. They stayed with the lame Dorne storyline from the books, yet cut out the main badass (Victarion Greyjoy) from Dance with Dragons??? WTF?

  29. I never understand when feminists complain about rape scenes or violence against women like this. Almost all depictions of rape on TV and movies aren’t meant to titillate, but to establish that the rapist is irredeemably evil or that the setting of the work (like Westeros) is a fucked up place where bad things happen. I realize that most of these feminists who get outraged over TV, video games, and movies don’t know what they’re on about, but that should be obvious to everyone. Shit, it’s been 4.5 seasons of murder, rape, torture, pillaging, and chauvinism. How shocked/surprised can you be to see (or hear in this case) something like that at this point in the series?
    On a slightly related note, I was channel surfing a few weeks ago, and flipped to a way more graphic depiction of a woman being raped, brutalized, and left for dead. On basic cable, in the middle of the day. Guess which channel? Lifetime. I was actually a little outraged, myself. Shows like Game of Thrones are on subscription channels, and you know going in that you’re what you’re about to see may be screwed up. Lifetime is like 10 channels away from cartoons on my cable provider though. What I saw during absent-minded channel surfing could have easily traumatized a kid. It sure put me off my lunch that day.
    One of the ROK contributors ought to do a piece on how, for being so vehemently against any depiction or mention of rape or violence against women, TV channels with women as a target demographic like Oxygen, Lifetime, and OWN, sure do dedicate a lot of programming to stories about rape, domestic violence, and women being crazy/emotionally unstable like Bad Girls Club and Snapped. If there actually is a rape culture that anybody’s perpetuating, Lifetime is Public Enemy No. 1.

  30. None of this shit even happened in the book. The show is going out of its way to portray men as evil rapists and women as helpless victims. Sansa doesn’t go anywhere near Winterfell and doesn’t meet the Boltons at all.

    1. A man becomes uniquely evil when he rapes a woman… even after he already savagely castrated a man?

  31. Funny how this sparks outrage among the feminist crowd but are silent with 50’Shades Of Grey which is the same prinicple( male having sexual power over a woman). Also, the feminst probably enjoy the rape scene from Delieverance which btw is way more graphic.

  32. Feminists are just pathetic people who want the whole world to pander to their needs. Game of throwns got more an more Guuuuurl Power with each season an even had the actor who played Oberyn say Oberyn was a male Feminist.

  33. “We defeat feminist selectivity by showing the whole picture. And the truth is something they can’t fight.”
    Can I have this on a t-shirt please? Take my money! (rocking article)

  34. Everyone just accepts the notion that Sansa was ‘raped.’ She was not raped. Ramsey did not force himself on her. Reek, by contrast, was forced to watch. That’s not to say the scene and encounter wasn’t disturbing, humiliating, gross and off putting. (I didn’t like it because it killed any momentum of growth for the Sansa character, and that would’ve also been the time for Theon to find his balls again, but that’s a different subject.) But the fact is Sansa willingly agreed to marry Ramsey. She willingly proceeded to the bedroom for her wedding night and did not resist him as that was what she was there for. For her, it was part of LittleFinger’s plan for her to ultimately be ‘Wardeness of the North. Yes, she was duped and manipulated into this position but that’s not the same thing as being ‘forced.’

  35. Everywhere I rape, I see the same raaape…rapedy rapey raaape…rape, rapey rape.
    We should just have a worldwide rape day at this point. On the other hand, I wouldn’t even rape those hideous creatures with YOUR german shepherd.

  36. Rape is the hugest problem in the world and we should never stop talking about it but it must never be depicted in fiction.
    One exception: when the victim is a plucky feminist punk who then gets to sadistically torture the guy later, as in the moronic exercise in rape porn that was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
    Face it, women who identify as feminist just aren’t capable of thinking clearly.

  37. “OH NO! How will Game of Thrones stay on the air without that crucial rad fem demographic?” Lol. Does HBO even care about female viewers? They seem pretty content with their overwhelmingly male 18-45 demo. That is the demo that hour-long r-rated dramas are made for. Bitches that write for Huffpo will just watch Orange is the New Black and leave all the good shows the fuck alone, like they are supposed to. I doubt any of those bitches ever watched GoT anyway. If they had they would have quit when Joffrey pumped a whore full of crossbow bolts or when Littlefinger had two of his whores lez out and finger each other’s assholes.

  38. This sounds like a truly disgusting show. It’s disturbing that intelligent people are even debating about it.

  39. Minor note, Jeyne Poole was impersonating Arya Stark in the novels.
    Otherwise, at least two rapes have been more graphic (Danaerys and Cersei) and Ros was sexually mutilated and stuffed full of crossbow bolts by Joffrey. I guess the producers found a more sympathetic character in Sansa

  40. Arguing about fiction is silly, but this is happening right after Aaron Clarey took a lot of heat for his criticism of the feminist storyline in Mad Max Fury Road.

    1. Arguing about the political messages in fiction isn’t silly. Singling out this one moment–in all of Game of Thrones–as unacceptable is totally silly. A woman is shown having to submit to sex after an arranged marriage to a terrible man. The idiot feminists are throwing a tantrum because… actually I still don’t really understand what their rationale is. They didn’t make a peep when the same character was shown sadistically castrating a guy and turning him into his slave.

  41. Anything the Dear Senator touches just fucking run away from.
    And there is all kinds of crazy insane batshit nuttiness in that series (more than that eyegouging scene) and nowallofthesudden letspullouttheVictorianfaintingcouch.

  42. Where were Jessica Valenti and Claire McCaskill when on the first freaking episode a little boy was thrown from a tower and paralyzed from the waist down?
    Where were Jessica Valenti and Claire McCaskill when Joffrey had all of Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate children (many of them babies) slaughtered in King’s Landing?

  43. I actually disdained of the next generation, but today something happened that reaffirmed my faith in them.
    A group of 20-something guys, normal-looking (Not geeks or jocks, just normal dudes) was cracking up in the parking lot, and I had to walk by them to get to my apartment, and I heard what they were laughing about.
    guy 1> “Hey! Stop it! You are oppressing me! I am being Oppressed by the Patriarchy!”
    Guy 2> “You better stop looking at me like that, That’s RAPE!”
    (More laughing)
    Guy 3> How dare you say I am rapelooking you, I am a minority, that’s a MICROAGGRESSION (He was clearly germanic)
    (More laughing)
    The fact that these normal looking dudes are laughing over this gave me a newfound hope that maybe the tide is turning.

    1. Belittling their own subjection and inferior position in the social pecking order is the hallmark of all well adjusted and fully assimilated slaves. By making light of it shows they do not take it seriously enough. That story just reaffirmed my lack of faith in them.

      1. Are you shitting me? That didn’t sound like “and boy, isn’t it great!” talk to me, it sounded like mocking the feminist narrative.

    1. and…they don’t rely on advertising (regular TV), sponsors, dollars, etc…
      So SJWs can fuck off (in other words).

  44. Of course, they pay no notice to the beautiful scene of Arya feeding the sick young girl the water from the fountain. Or the scene where the Sand Snakes take on Jamie and Bronn.
    And Myrcella has really become a fine piece of ass, right?

  45. Good article. However, as I said on another site…..this was not rape. You have to understand actions in a book or movie or series by the internal logic of that world. Ramsey is a noble lord who was lawfully married to a lady, by her own will (reasons do not matter) at HER home, in front of the symbol of their gods, in front of witnesses. He is her lord and master and, by all the rules and logic of the universe the books/show is set in he is in his rights, as her lord and lawful husband, to claim what is his….her redheaded cunt…whenever and in whatever manner he desires and it is her job to bear it stoically even if she doesn’t enjoy it. On this site, at least, we should not be calling it rape.
    Also, on a lighter note…Sophie Turner, the girl who played Sansa, had what might be my favorite quote of all time:
    Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa in the hit
    fantasy TV series, admitted last year that actually, she “loved” the
    hard-hitting scene.
    “I love the way Ramsay had Theon watching, it was all so messed up,” the 19-year-old actress told Entertainment Weekly before filming the controversial segment.
    “It’s so daunting for me to do it. I’ve been making [writer-producer
    Bryan Cogman] feel so bad for writing that scene: ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!’ But I secretly loved it.”
    When I read the “I’ve been making [Cogman] feel so bad for writing that scene. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! But I secretly loved it” I immediately thought that this is the perfect quote to sum up modern women and then I thought, I really hope ROK has an article on this so I can drop this quote.

  46. I know I already posted as part of my comment below, but this is just too good not to post twice:
    Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa in the hit
    fantasy TV series, admitted last year that actually, she “loved” the
    hard-hitting scene. “I love
    the way Ramsay had Theon watching, it was all so messed up,” the 19-year-old actress told Entertainment Weekly before filming the
    controversial segment.
    “It’s so daunting for me to do it. I’ve been making [writer-producer
    Bryan Cogman] feel so bad for writing that scene: ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!’ But I secretly loved it.”
    1) Make him feel bad
    2) say why are you doing this to me
    3) Secretly love it.
    Thank you sophie…for saying what every woman is feeling. There should be an ROK award for Most Honest Female and the first winner should be Sophie Turner. I am sure we could find at least one a year.

  47. My anger at it is not so much the violence of it. It’s that it wrecks the only interest I had in Sansa. I stopped reading the series after book 3. I only watch pieces of episode, following characters I’m interested in.
    I was interested in the dynamic between Littlefinger and Sansa. Now that’s destroyed.
    In the kind of world they depicted, all Sansa had to bargain with was her virginity. Of course, Bolton won’t be as awful to her as Jeyne Pool. He’ll save that for other women. It would make sense for him not to be too awful to his new wife. He’d want her to get pregnant and take that child to term.
    I roll my eyes that they try to depict this as showing Sansa’s strength. No, it doesn’t.
    She walked into this marriage knowing she was likely to be raped. Also, even if she kills Bolton later, she’ll surely be pregnant with his child by then. By doing was she did she’s joined the blood lines.
    *slow clap*.
    Ladies and gentlemen our brilliant Lady Sansa.
    That’s right give the madman not only legitimate claim to the North, but make his bloodline have legitimate claim as well.
    If she has a son, that son will be entitled to the throne over her and her own brothers (who I know she believes are dead). All the more reason not to give him heirs.
    As far as she knows her siblings are dead. She is the last of her line so it is beyond stupid to give up her line.
    I think modern writers don’t understand how important lineage was and how much it was on people’s minds. Sansa thinks like a modern girl going “Oh I’ll benefit”. Not “Oh how my family line will suffer”.
    What I can’t accept is how the writers made her character do an incredibly stupid move and now expect me to believe this was her showing “wisdom and cunning”.
    Sansa showed the cunning and strategic planning of a lemming going off a cliff. Or a person play with fire in a gasoline-soaked room.
    I’m sick of writers having characters do dumb **it and then expect me to say “Wow, she’s so smart and brave”.
    No. No this is not smart and brave. You don’t ‘effin legitimize that mad man’s rule over the north. What did she think being his queen would somehow give her any power in the situation?
    Did she not take notes from Cersei?
    Even if she kills him and is not left with his brat, it’ll be hard to sell herself in a new marriage now that her maidenhead is gone.
    *ugh* so stupid. Please stop telling me this was Sansa being smart. I can’t stomach this much stupidity in a character. I’m personally done with this series.
    Is it even possible to get smart good guys anymore?

  48. Why does everyone think Sansa was getting raped though?
    It wasn’t NOT consensual. I didn’t see her putting up any resistance. And if anything she was doing what most women do when having sex: moan.
    They didn’t show the scene either. I can’t tell you what actually was happening; she could have been loving it.
    I know, I know. Theon’s face says it all, right? But let’s remember Theon’s a eunuch and a sex addict. Could it be that watching Sansa getting plugged from Ramsay inspired long ago feeling of an erection? An erection that can’t express itself so he starts to cry?
    This whole scene to me is very misleading. Let’s not acknowledge nor engage feminists and their attempts at eliciting attention

  49. It’s only violence against women on the show that matters…
    Jamie Lannister gets his hand lopped off
    Oberyn Martel gets his eye gouged out and face crushed
    Theo Greyjoy gets raped, castrated and tortured
    Women I don’t get . The scream “were tough” but yet constantly need protection, trigger warnings etc..spoiled babies .

    1. I don’t remember Theon getting raped, when was that? Only thing I remember was that when he escaped the Dreadfort (not knowing it was all staged by Ramsay for the lulz), the Bolton men who caught him tried to ass-rape him until they got shot down by Ramsay.

  50. Gwendoline Christie seems like a nice lady and is an excellent actress in her portrayal of Brienne of Tarth. But really, I have no tingles for her.
    Several years ago I dated a 6’3″ blonde and it was a missed opportunity in my books. Her face and body were better than Christie’s and if she had some dedication she would have bulked up a bit and dropped the baby fat to be a perfect action hero (her interest at the time was “special skills” which in Hollywood speech means martial arts, weapons and driving). As it was she had a bit part in X-Men 3 (in the funeral scene there is a tall, blonde student in the background – that is her). When I kissed her goodnight after our one and only date I had to tip-toe so as not to face plant in her tits.

  51. How do you “rape” someone after marrying them? And its on the wedding night? So in the ever changing definitions of marriage now we have to get rid of the word consummation as well as the couple is indeed expected to have sex on the night of the wedding.
    I haven’t seen the episode but Sansa having sex on her wedding night and losing her virginity is now a “rape” and the shows producers must be punished. Okay, am I missing something?

    1. It wasn’t rape.
      I just watched the episode, played the scene a number of times, and there is no way this can be considered rape, for the following reasons.
      1. At no point does she say “no”. Of course, if she was in California, rather than Winterfell, she would have had to give affirmative consent (verbal)…. of course, there are some feminists who would suggest that a man must obtain verbal affirmative consent from his own wife, but fortunately we are not living in that world yet.
      2. She just married the guy. Enough said.
      3. She went along with the whole thing. She made a few squeals off camera, but they could have been squeals of pleasure and joy.

  52. A bunch of immature man-babies getting histrionic over their rapidly evaporating dominance in society …..

  53. GOT is an absolute wet dream for the J-tribers and a culmination of many years of subversion of our culture / ethics / morality. Sansa Stark, Robb Stark’s wife, many others).

  54. Sansa did not get raped. She was given a chance by Littlefinger to decline the marriage “just say a word and we’ll go back” but she decided to agree to it and she knew very well that noble marriage involves obligatory marital sex on the first night. Despite that, she still decided on her own to marry Ramsay and all that comes with it. Remember that consent, even according to modern-times law, is agreeing to it, not “wanting it” nor “liking it”.
    Infact she didn’t even tell Ramsay she didn’t want to have sex for that matter; she did not like it, but she agreed to it, she did not try to oppose it, so it is not rape.
    Daenerys was raped, but SJWs don’t care about her because she’s not an idiotic damsel in distress looking for a white knight to infantilize her. But Sansa is the portrayal of the modern woman SJWs like: perpetual victim, scared of everything, damsel in distress. A poor little puppy who needs a man who pats her head and tells her she’s a strong girl.

  55. so they were cool when they cut a dudes dick off, but hearing rape of screen…. THATS where we crossed the line

  56. Rape scenes of women in film….how about what happens on men in society everyday? Who’s fighting for these issues? No one is because that’s the way our society is trained. Men face the worse end of it in the U.S. also, but no one speaks up, there’re no organizations that fights for Men’s rights similar to the feminists organizations who fight for more than equal rights….here’re some examples of what I mean and it’s only a few, I can write a book on this topic if I cared to:
    I’ll post this again to show that society has double standards all around. Men should start fighting for their rights as well, since these double standards seems perfect to all feminists who helped implement them. What equal rights? Men do not have it better or easier. In the U.S. issues for men are just as bad, if anything worse. Here are some double standards that are overlooked and considered normal here.
    The Medical Field in general, statistically they say that men don’t go get check up as much as women, yet no one knows why or claim that they do not. Well ask any male and you’ll find out why. In the U.S. men are left on display for everyone to see, and it’s the norm here. Even in situations where there’s no reason to be exposed, they will if you’re a male. Most of the medical workers are female and they tend to cover up the female body right away. Men they leave naked (completely undressed) even if there’s no need, especially if you’re unconscious when you get to the ER. Most men just follow along because they don’t even know the basic HIPAA laws that hospitals don’t care about this when it comes to male privacy as well. The comparable would be a female exposed with legs wide open spread eagle….that’s the equivalent if you want to compare it to a male being exposed.
    Another one are female sports reporters being able to go into the men’s locker room even while athletes are completely naked. Their reasoning is that they’re being discriminated against due to being female and it’s unfair. The feminists movement fought for this and somehow got it to past legislature. Where are the male activists to fight against this? We have no one fighting for men’s rights, so things like this happens. Again the equivalent of this would be male reporters in the female athletes locker room while they’re spread open for all to see…..that’s the only comparison. See how ridiculous that sounds, that’s because it is, but yet it’s accepted as a norm for men to go through that, but not women. Also male athletes are the pinnacle of male society, not the same for women…..so really the equivalent would be the a male reporter inside the locker room of miss universe or other pageants while they were naked and spread…..think about that. Male reporters are not even allowed in the lockers rooms while the female athlete’s are undressed, let alone legs spread apart…..so why are female reporters allowed in locker rooms while men are naked and on full display? This should be illegal, and if not, then let the men inside when the female athlete’s are naked….then and only then it would be “equal”
    Another one in the U.S. is male circumcision. The main reason given is that left uncircumcised, men are more prone to infections and such, and it’s unclean. We all know that a vagina is a lot more “unclean” than a penis, why are women not subjected to parts being cut off? Another ridiculous feminist idea that everyone just accepted. Less than 5% of the U.S. are of the religions where this practice is a tradition, so why is the circumcision rated around 80%. The ironic part about this is that women are voluntarily cutting their vaginas themselves because when they get older or if it’s to “ugly” they want the option to make it look better. Look up vaginal rejuvenation, or Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty. So women make this choice by themselves, but they took it away from men, they make that choice for men also. How fucking boldface is that?
    All of this will change in time as later generations would see how backward thinking the people of our time were and they’ll look back in disbelief. An example of that in current day is now we look back at the days when men were only allowed to swim if they were naked or nude while women were fully clothed. Seems unreal but it’s true. Now a man would go against swimming naked, because it’s unheard of today. Isn’t being forced to swim naked in front of the opposite gender backward, wrong an invasion of your human rights? Which one of you all would do that now in front of women who’re fully clothed? So why are men not fighting for their rights in the medical environment or in the locker rooms. Male modesty is out there but the feminists only fight to take it away. They don’t fight for equal rights, they fight for more.
    Time changes everything, and the double standards that we see today will change as well. Later generations will look back and wonder what was wrong with ours. We’ll be labeled as a backward civilization just as how we look back and label past civilizations as such, and they’ll be right to say that.

  57. Long time reader, first time poster, love the site and hate feminist/sjw nonsense. I decided to comment on this article because even though it’s old, it’s still very relevant after I watched the first ep of the new season of GOT. It’s clear the unwarranted fuss the sjw’s made over Sansa’s surprise wedding night sex, has had HBO kowtow to their demands and tone down the show, not just from a visual perspective, but from a writing one, too. The newest episode felt empty of wit and good dialogue, as if it had been written explicitly for the brain-dead sjw teen masses that moaned about the Sansa scene but who were all fine when Dany was raped by Drogo, and far worse other things. I think the reason the sjw’s attacked the Sansa scene but not the Drogo scene is because, Ramsay is a white man with power, and Drogo is an arabic looking foreigner. As we all know, it’s only rape when white men do it according to RadFems. Drogo was just practising his cultural norms so the sjw’s saw no problem in that. Remember, racism and minority appeasing tops feminism in the identity politics Top Trumps.So the fems and sjw’s couldn’t say anything about Drogo raping Dany, but when the white man Ramsay did it, they could say what they like because it’s all above board and kosher to attack white males. It’s the politically correct group to go after. Had they said the same of Drogo, they’d have been shouted down as racists by other sjw’s.

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