Virginia Schoolboard Gives In To SJWs With New “Gender Identity” Policies

This month, progressives initiated the use of a blitzkrieg tactic attack against normal men and women. On May 7th, the school board of Fairfax County, Virginia voted to add “gender identity” to the nondiscrimination policy currently enforced at its schools. The school board voted to approve the measure even though a standing-room only crowd of parents turned up to oppose it.

The most obvious ramification of this new policy is that if a male student decides to identify as a girl, he will be able to use the same bathrooms and locker rooms used by real girls. The change is intended to benefit the tiny minority of students who genuinely believe they belong to a different gender than the one they were born with.

As an aside, I think the biggest beneficiaries of the policy will probably be horny, heterosexual boys who want to see their female peers naked. Practically speaking, it will be impossible for school administrators to tell whether they are dealing with a genuinely confused student, or someone who just wants to see some T&A.

Be that as it may, the other (and perhaps more important) outcome of the change is that parents will no longer be able to request a transfer away from a transgender teacher, ensuring that a mentally ill person will be charged with the formation of their child’s studies and character.

“Gender Fluidity”


But the Fairfax County School Board is not stopping there in its transgender jihad. The board recently released a report recommending that changes be made to Fairfax County’s family life curriculum for grades 7 through 12 to include the concept of “gender fluidity.”

The report states that “Emphasis will be placed on an understanding that there is a broader, boundless, and fluid spectrum of sexuality that is developed throughout a lifetime. Sexual orientation and gender identity terms will be discussed with focus on appreciation for individual differences.”

The report adds that “Students will be provided definitions for sexual orientation terms heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality; and the gender identity term transgender.”

Why is this a blitzkrieg tactic?


Blitzkrieg is the German term for “lightning war.” Wikipedia defines it as a “tactic designed to create disorganization among enemy forces through the use of mobile forces and locally concentrated firepower.” The Fairfax County School Board’s introduction of the transgender agenda into the public schools fits the definition of blitzkrieg perfectly.

A previous example of social engineering was the campaign to gain public acceptance of homosexuality. This campaign had two fronts. On one front, gay activists introduced court cases to gain legal protections for gay people. But the primary front was by changing public opinion through featuring charming gay characters on popular movies and TV shows. This campaign to change public opinion literally took decades to achieve.

This time, as the Fairfax County School Board actions show, progressives are not waiting for the court cases or a change in public opinion. They are using “locally concentrated firepower” by forcing their transsexual agenda on children in one of the largest school districts in the country. It is certain that we’ll see other school districts soon following suit.

It is important to note that parents are overwhelmingly against the changes that the Fairfax County School Board is introducing. By introducing these changes, the members of the school board are increasing the possibility that they will be voted out of office in the next election. But it doesn’t matter because by then it will be too late—the transsexual agenda will already be firmly in place.

But I was born this way!


Bruce Jenner

No doubt, the boldness of forcing the transsexual agenda is encouraged by the success of the gay “I was born this way” message. Heterosexuals have been conditioned to accept anyone at face value who says that he has felt a particular way since he was a child, even if there was no evidence of their preferences.

Recently I forced myself to watch parts of Diane Sawyer’s interview with Bruce Jenner on his transgender journey to becoming a “woman,” and the “born this way” narrative was front and center during the interview. The majority of the interview was devoted to proving that Jenner had always been a woman, and that he knew it, even when he was a child.

For example, when Jenner was eight years old, he snuck into his mother’s closet to try on her clothes. If that is not definitive, scientific proof that he was always a woman trapped in a man’s body, I don’t know what is.

What are progressives trying to achieve?


Picture from BronyCon. Note that women have even infiltrated this one time bastion of “masculinity”

The real question is why are the SJWs within the school board willing to stake their careers on pushing transgender orthodoxy upon innocent children?

For the SJW masses, the answer is that the policy changes will make gender-confused children more comfortable. They will be able to pee in the bathroom that will give them the most validation. However, I suspect that the elite SJWs have darker reasons for supporting this change.

The first reason is that children are very susceptible to being influenced by authority figures like teachers. If a boy or a girl comes from an unstable home life, as is increasingly common, they are more susceptible to being brainwashed.

If the SJWs can indoctrinate these children early enough, they can ensure that the children will remain confused about their sexuality for their entire life.

Although the SJWs claim that they are just keeping up with the new “scientific truth” of gender fluidity, what they are really doing is using the divide and conquer strategy against the wider society. Someone who identifies as being a “transsexual female brony who is attracted to biracial cisgender male furries” will be more likely to be a ward of the state. He will also be a reliable soldier and voter (i.e. useful idiot) in support of future SJW social engineering campaigns.

I think that this support of these future social engineering campaigns is the second reason that SJWs are ramming the transsexual agenda down our throats so quickly.

What might the next battlefront be? The ultimate prize for some progressives may be the lowering of the age of consent for sex with boys. It is not hard to imagine a future where Diane Sawyer will interview a well-known celebrity with a penchant for boys. No doubt, he will claim that he was “born this way.”


Although Fairfax County has been in the news recently due to its gender identity policy changes, it is not the first school system to have implemented changes to accommodate the needs to transgender students. The New York City Department of Education and other progressive school districts already have policies in place.

If you live in a more conservative district, rest assured that the recognition of gender fluidity is coming soon to a school near you.

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    1. Understand but it’s still bad analogy. Doubtfire just wanted to spend time with his kids he wasn’t mentally deficient and didn’t actually think he was a chick

  1. I had to look up just what The Devil BronyCon was. I didn’t realize how sarcastic you were being in your quip (that shit is about as masculine as high heels). I went to their Wikipedia page and found a pic of plenty of Would Not Bangs, as is the norm at any retard convention with cosplay as the attention-whoring centerpiece:

    1. Heh, that’s a great pic. At first I thought bronies were gay men who liked to dress as purple ponies, but now it seems that most of them are girls. Maybe it is just a place where low SMV people can meet, but it is the very antithesis of anything masculine.

      1. i used to go to one of these conventions. there used to be one or two hot little things running around through the whole city with not much more than a bikini on – just don’t dare to be aroused by it, i mean it’s art.

        1. The attractive ones probably get tons of attention. I wonder, though, if these cosplay conventions would be good hunting grounds for above average men.After all, most of the competition is probably weak.

        2. fair question. i don’t think there’s much hunting going on at all. most of the guys there are as beta as it gets. don’t have much experience myself, though, so i can’t say anything definitive.

        3. Also @GoTomArrow:disqus CARTOON girls, no less. How bottom-of-the-barrel Beta must you be to have a boner over something hand-drawn or computer-generated?

        4. meh, some good art is boner inducing. nothing wrong with art that speaks to you… or your dick.

        5. heh, if I got my pic taken with a booth babe, my hands would be on her tits.
          I noticed stan lee got away with a LOT of titty-patting at Salt Lake Comicon.

        6. Brave?
          Brave is standing at a gun while someone is trying very very hard to end your life.
          Brave is going into a fire to rescue a child instead of running out of it.
          Putting your hands on a hot girl’s tits and risking ‘offending’ her isn’t brave, it’s fun. And by the time you are getting pics with booth babes, the con’s pretty much over anyway, so getting booted is no big deal.

        7. i like the attitude. although i certainly wouldn’t run into a fire because of a child.
          taking my hat off to you if you’re speaking from experience.

        8. The gun thing? yes.
          The fire thing? I wish I had that noble a reason. Mostly running into a fire is to keep your ship from burning to the waterline with all hands, including your oh-so-precious life.
          The putting hands on tits in public thing? who hasn’t?

      2. Yeah, it looks like the ultimate low SMV person selfie-taking and Like-collecting opportunity circus. Let them degrade themselves all damn day (seems to be what millennial homo sapiens do best anyway), at least I wouldn’t be at all threatened by a single one of them.

      3. “At first I thought bronies were gay men who liked to dress as purple ponies, but now it seems that most of them are girls”
        Would this be an appropriate occasion to ask “why, oh why do women always have to invade male-only spaces? I mean why can’t they make their own programmes about …..multi-coloured ponies…
        This world is so screwed.

  2. The real misogynists are running the school system. And they will gleefully watch as fat no-get-laidoidal omega blobs who hate women decide to get revenge on women by becoming one and flopping their dicks all over the girls’ locker rooms.
    Those of us who already see civilization burning are not going to be affected so much by this. Everybody I know who is not a brainless zombie and has kids does not put them in public schools anyway and others who have had foreign wives are raising their kids outside of the Fucked States of Perversion.
    But I bet the TERFs are going to have an ape out but they are probably on some other Twitter campaign or shiney object at the moment. Just wait until the first fat tranny scares some girls. (or more like the 5 hundredth)

    1. how do your friends manage to keep them out of the public school system? is there not a law requiring children to go to school in the us?

      1. Laws vary state by state with alternatives from home schooling to private or charter schools (called “school choice” generally).

        1. i have no kids right now (with no immediate plans on having kids)… but i was thinking that a great article for ROK would be by a man who has raised his kids by home-schooling (with tips, advice). public school’s purpose has absolutely transformed from the 3-r’s to 1-i: indoctrination (to horseshit).

        2. hmmmm… I fit that job description. But here’s the thing: you’ll have to put up with Jesus. Cuz that’s how I roll. That’s why I do everything I do. Jesus.
          I’m sure my life is extremely alien to many people around the world. I’ve thought about making a YouTube show. Then I’d surely lose my job and never work again. But maybe I’d get rich from the show?

  3. Looks like the Fairfax County School Board is anti-science.
    Because hormone treatments and genital mutilation doesn’t trump genetics.

  4. Speaking of the attack on sexual identity, I’ve read that the film Tomorrowland promotes this gender fluidity nonsense:
    When the inconsistencies are eliminated, only Clooney’s idiotic politics remain,manual

    For example: when the world is made correct in the film, viewers have a glimpse of windmills providing power, even though wind power is proven impractical for energy consumption in today’s technology driven culture; a futuristic glimpse shows men and women dressed alike, all with similar square features, dressed as if they stepped off the pages of a unisex catalogue so everyone can like anyone without gender as an issue; and the current social engineering construct of brainwashing women into the sciences is fully exposed to ridiculous standards. Current statistics demonstrate a lack of interest in science and math by women, yet the social engineers desire to alter the maxim. TOMORROWLAND aides the construct by creating female scientific wunderkinds, giving little girls a role model to emulate and hopefully change generations of genetic makeup. “We r in control.” – n. young.

    Sounds like another movie to boycott.

    1. A ten-minute clip of it played before Avengers (which is a Disney venture also, so they shamelessly promoted another one of their Summer films before it). It was loud and totally incoherent, a smorgasbord of noise and utter nonsense. Don’t waste the time/money/energy on it. Plus, what was the last GOOD Disney non-animated feature film that came out that wasn’t a Marvel vehicle? Exactly.

      1. The part about pushing girls into STEM careers also pisses me off. This has got to stop because it wastes educational resources. Those girls, especially in elite STEM schools like MIT (I have a real example in mind), occupy spots that should go to more capable and deserving young men.

        1. I don’t understand the concern, though. Do those women at MIT choose to be there, excel at the courses and then find well-paying jobs all on their own? I can’t see how that is an issue. In fact I’m sure that’s how we all wish “equality” actually functioned, minus any bias or pussy privilege/entitlement. I have no issue with women that actually WORK hard and can handle themselves (the ones that DON’T have to re-re-remind us every five feet how “strong and independent” they are, they simply show you) without a Beta provider/bill-payer. No, degrees and other pieces of paper on a wall definitely aren’t boner-inducing by any means, but at least I might have the patience to engage a woman like that in a conversation instead of how I talk with an obviously sarcastic and belittling tone to a deadbeat drunk attention-whoring cunt (because they deserve any better? Ha!).

        2. Think about the dysgenic consequences of taking girls with reasonably high IQ’s out of the breeding pool during their most fertile years. They would serve society better by avoiding college, marrying smart, older men with good jobs and making babies to put the brakes on the slide towards Idiocracy.
          And they should marry these men as virgins because premarital sexual adventures would otherwise ruin them for stable relationships and successful family formation.

        3. Sure, that would be ideal, but apparently that ship sailed and sunk already. I’m all for women who can actually accomplish success on their own without a provider/suitor bankrolling them (the ones that try to deny or hide that fact are just comical). All five or six of them out there.

        4. I did some business with a young Mennonite-looking couple the other day, and I thought, hey, the proper sort of women still exist in this country. They haven’t gone away, and just from differential fertility these kind of women could become the norm in a few more generations – though in all likelihood Hispanic women will win that demographic contest, thanks to our social-engineering elites.

        5. They also limit the number of Asian students into these schools because they out score all other races. Affirmative action.

        6. think cappy had a post about this issue. the results, if I remember correctly, are that intelligence mostly flows from the man. female intelligence whether low or high has a negligible effect on the intelligence of the children.

      2. Yeah, and how often have we seen the story where the Chosen One seeks out the Wizard to learn her purpose and destiny?

    2. I noticed something was off when the adolescent adventure-seeking character was a female.

      1. Yeah, notice the Dog That Didn’t Bark: America’s elites have already squandered a fortune into to trying to uplift this country’s women and minorities over the past 40 years, with no real-life Tomorrowland to show for it. If they had invested those resources instead into the people who already have a track record for delivering the goods – namely, white American men, and even white Southern men on their better days (they helped to put men on the moon, after all)- we might have attained the technologically progressive “space age” sort of world by now they promised us back in the 1960’s.

        1. Agreed. But as we know the globalist agenda is to oppress the way of men. they do not want the system and social order threatened.

        2. Then I am glad they did what they did. Fuck the space age, extremely overrated completely tasteless escapism.

        3. Well, we now have a society of entitled cunts who’d much rather rage about being offended (the humanity) at the sexist T-shirts of scientists who do the actual work of landing space probes on comets. Money well spent..

        4. I was going to call you a complete idiot, but it’s possible you are just utterly ignorant.
          Earth is too small a basket to hold all the eggs of what we call ‘sentience’. For all we know, intelligent life is unique in the universe. For species survival, we have GOT to get off this rock.
          Everything else is secondary

        5. “The US can’t even put a man into orbit anymore. All the money for exploration has been diverted to social engineering.”
          The US needs Russia to get into space these days.
          Skyrocketing inflation: Russia now charging NASA $70 million per seat to fly US astronauts:

          NASA Chief: Obama Charged Me with Helping Muslims Feel Good About Themselves:

        6. If you knew how much technology that you use on a daily basis was developed either in space or as a result of the space age, you would reconsider your word choice.

        7. Yeah because my life would totally suck if there was no technology at all. Those billions of people before me that lived without technology must have all had shitty lives because they didn’t spend their whole day watching porn or arguing with people on youtube.

        8. “For species survival, we have GOT to get off this rock.”
          No sizable self-sustaining off world colonies will be permitted. God will not allow mankind to spread while still infected with a fallen nature.

        9. *shrug* I don’t think he has ever mentioned it… and It is exceedingly arrogant of you to assume that you can dictate god’s will. You are putting yourself above God.

        10. “I don’t think he has ever mentioned it… and It is exceedingly arrogant of you to assume that you can dictate god’s will. You are putting yourself above God.”
          God already told us how humanity will be purged from the world with fire (Book of Revelation, etc). Mankind will no longer exist as currently anywhere, but will either ascend to communion with God in a perfected state or will be suffering in conditions far worse than even imaginable in this life.

        11. Exactly, the nuclear fire of rocket ship exhausts as we leave behind the planet of our birth.
          Both the advantage and flaw of revelations is that it’s damned flexible. Much like a fortune-teller’s palmistry, revelations can be twisted around to mean almost anything you want it to mean.
          In short, only a fool uses revelations to justify his own interpretation of god’s will.

        12. No we don’t. The only thing that threatens our species’ survival is technology and making it better isn’t going to fix it, it’s doing the opposite. That and the Sun swallowing the Earth… billions of years later.
          I am not utterly ignorant nor a complete idiot, it is you who are terrible at philosophy and cannot see the awful consequences and the psychology behind space flight.
          The proper function of man is to live, not exist, space flight is a deadly escapism and technology is a tool that will make that possible, along with making everything easier and thus breeding mediocrity, not to mention it is clear that after a certain point advancement on technoscience translates to significant decline in art and a rise in nihilism.
          The only reason you why you support space flight is because you’re an imbecile at philosophy and see the reality in the shallowness of physicalism. The age we’re living is in fact the Philosophically-retarded age. Never before has man’s mind been in such poor condition. You can never achieve the highest, abstract levels of mind with physics, astronomy or technology. Greatness in deeds and art (if they’re not the same) are what make life eternal even after one’s death, the tastelessness mentality and poor inner-life of today’s population is a result of advanced technoscience and thus getting it even more advanced will only make it worse, and survival will mean nothing as mankind will have lost it’s greatness and be a walking dead species.

        13. You are mistaking ‘settling other worlds’ with the spectre of overtechnology. Far be it for me to support transhumanism, I do not support it in the slightest.
          And yet I can recognize that mankind is designed to expand and explore.. You think of spaceflight as an end, but it is merely a means to an end. That end if giving people enough room to breath, to spread out, to get away from the anthill cesspits of urbanity, and in the process, securing our racial future.

        14. Nature has a tendency of working things out. The world gets crowded, people prefer tentacle porn, they don’t mate, culture gets shit and chaos starts looming, shit hits the fan and we’re back hundred of centuries. A lot of pure air then.
          “Exploration” is not a good reason to ruin everything that is good. Not to mention that there is no reason to believe that humans have it on their nature to explore space, we have it on our nature to explore the Earth. And to be perfectly honest, space is boring as fuck.

        15. Not a concession.You’re just either a troll or so astoundingly stupid that you’re worth no further argument.

        16. I could agree with you if we were in the brink of extinction, but it doesn’t seem to be so. The planet will live longer than us. Even if we go to another planet with the same mentality it’s still going to be all downhill. Unless we send children there that don’t know where they came from and start from the very beginning.

        17. Yep, everyone who has good views that challenge your naive ones is a troll or stupid, got it.

        18. I must admit that you do have a point — it seems that the smarter the device, the stupider the people that use them become.
          Smart phones used by increasingly stupid people!

        19. Who? Never met this God fella but if he’s trying to dictate his will he sounds like a jerk.

        20. You could take a lesson from god. Particularly alpha.
          He dictates his will, others follow. There’s a reason women used to be particularly religious.

        21. The point is, the ‘pioneer stage’ is the ultimate opposition to extinction. A strong will and stronger culture weed out the sickness, at least during the pioneer stage.

        22. You’re sitting on the internet in an air conditioned building bitching about how shitty technology is and how people without technology had it better. When was the last time you killed your own meal? Taken a shit in the woods and wiped with leaves? Slept in the dirt? Nobody is stopping you from going out and living in the forest, where you seem to think things are like some fairy tale where everyone lives in peace and harmony with all their needs met. If people without technology didn’t have shitty lives, they wouldn’t have created technologies to improve their lives. They’re not “good views that challenge your naive ones.” They’re objectively wrong. So yes, you’re either a troll or hypocritical and stupid.

        23. Don’t give me that bullshit. If that’s how we lived we wouldn’t worry about everything we do today.

        24. Don’t listen to Brigadon. He is a fucking POS atheist. He doesn’t believe in God yet he will use your faith against you simply to win an argument. There is a certain click here on this site who are all pretty similar and support each other. They are all atheists, secular humanists and liberals. From classical liberalism all the way through libertarianism into socialism. They talk about right-wing but their definition of right-wing is simply conservative liberalism. This is supposed to be Return of Kings but it reminds me more of Return of Neo-Socialists. We may not like each other but we are among the few who post here who still value traditional Western Civilization.

        25. Go fuck yourself asshole. You don’t believe in God but you will “use” Him to insult someone with whom you disagree. I noticed that you used a little g while spelling God, on purpose I’m sure. Go back to D.C. where Godless atheists POS belong. There was a reason why witches and heretics like yourself were burned at the stake. We are witnessing what happens when atheism takes over a civilization. Thanks for your contribution to this fucked up mess asshole.

        26. Don’t try and argue or reason with a heretic. You burn them plain and simple. They are an evil which can NOT be redeemed because they willingly spit in God’s face and side with Lucifer and Satan.

        27. You don’t believe in God so calling him a fool for attempting to interprets God’s Will is a cheap rhetorical device used to win arguments without any evidence or proof of your own to back up your allegations.
          …Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man,…” Romans 1:20-23

        28. Sorry but I don’t want any viruses escaping the CDC and I don’t want you escaping this planet to spread your vile memes and ideology, or lack there of, into the furtherest reaches of space. You are contamination masquerading as the cure.

        29. Listen up Spock, Reason, Rationality, Logic are NOT the end all be all of civilization. Were you not such a crass materialist like the Bolsheviks you would understand this.

        30. HA! HA! HA! You’re so fucking stupid. You like Ron Jeremy? Here’s one of his quotes. “Suck my dick bitch!”

        31. “You’re sitting on the internet” Yeah, and if I wasn’t I could be doing a lot of things that would benefit more. I’ve been addicted to this shit since 4 years old. Implying I’m a hypocrite for using technology while still accusing it is like saying a smoker is a hypocrite for smoking while knowing it’s unhealthy, I’m addicted to it, I can’t help it, I also have FOMO. I would never want to leave the whole internet either, I think a balance would be just fine, it has its ups and downs, I don’t mean just the time spent on it but the material that is found in it too. I like playing games like OS Runescape for example, I consider it a good thing, but who knows how many innocent minds are being ruined right now because they found some ultra-perverted porn, or how many are escaping to the tastelessness of transhumanism, scientism or physicalism, or in the other side of the spectrum, New Age views and all that bullshit?
          Playing games and listening to music may be a good thing that technology offers, but does that mean we should support ideas that have everything on Earth made of metals, robots doing everything while people sit on their asses and shit? Not that I’m scared of that, it’s never going to happen due to decadent-degenerative forces that pull down every civilization, as every civilization who advances too much in something fails, I’m just pissed off that people are so fucking naive not to only believe such a thing may happen, but to take it for granted it will.
          “Nobody is stopping you from going out and living in the forest, where you seem to think things are like some fairy tale”
          I am a social animal, I need my community, but you also seem to think that I am advocating an anarcho-primitive lifestyle, I’m not, there is a sweet point for everything and technology too, but when transhumanist views are taken seriously and idiots substitute God for super-duper intelligent aliens that don’t exist or think they’re going to become like that themselves through technology, that’s when shit has gone too far in theory.
          “If people without technology didn’t have shitty lives, they wouldn’t have created technologies to improve their lives.” They had shitty lives not because of a lack of technology, they had a hardship in their lives and they wanted fame or money so they could rise higher in social power, or some like Tesla simply liked innovating, that’s why they invented. Space flight in the other hand is not a necessity nor a good thing as like I said space is boring as fuck and if you cannot imagine how shitty life would get if everyone was freely travelling between solar systems you’re way too fucking stupid.
          “They’re not “good views that challenge your naive ones.” They’re objectively wrong”
          And I just showed you that they’re not, with this I just showed you you lack imagination and far-sight too, narrow associative horizon much?
          “So yes, you’re either a troll or hypocritical and stupid.”
          Or I’m too fucking smart and high-spirited for Undermen who have no courage to deal with life and want to leave Earth to escape everything instead.

        32. Listen up, Mangina, without a solid grounding in sensibility a culture is incapable of existing. Were you not a hand-flapping retard you would have realized this BEFORE you started typing.

        33. That’s okay, I got it from your mother’s pussy before she shit you out.

        34. No, I called him a fool for attempting to justify a foolish opinion by referring to revelations, dipshit. If you had actually read what I wrote instead of trying to troll you would understand that.

        35. (rofl) You don’t believe in being a man, and yet you ‘use’ ROK as an excuse to jerk off while typing, You really aren’t much of one to talk. Or much of anything, really.

        36. sen·si·bil·i·ty
          the ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotional or aesthetic
          What modern technoscience is doing has ruined art, literature, philosophy and even movies (seriously, old movies are so much fucking better in general than new ones, it’s not that good ones aren’t made now, but they’re so underground that it speaks a lot how people’s minds have gone to shit)
          Complex emotional or aesthetic values/phenomena are more in lack now than ever, as reductionist physicalism has become common, and everything is lame under that most bland ontological belief.

        37. Still don’t know this god fella. And if you think you’re “alpha” what you need to do is grow the fuck up.

        38. Did I ever claim to be an ‘alpha’? I am certainly not, I am a dominant, which is apparently an entirely different kettle of fish. I see no need to simulate ‘badass’ or wear pink fur and cat-in-the-hat headgear.
          I was saying that God was the ultimate alpha. If you believe in him, you assign him all the traits of a dominant patriatrch as well as those of the ultimate badass.

        39. couple of points:
          1) I never have nor ever will advocate discarding philosophy. Unlike some, I can see how both literal logicism (Not materialism) and philosophy interact. Logic is, at it’s finest, the empirical end of philosophical discussion… one cannot easily exist without the other.
          2) complex aesthetics are not ‘in lack’ they are simply too complex for most to grasp, and have been replaced by simulation of complex aesthetics. No place is that more obvious than in ‘post modern’ art, which is, in essence, a blank canvas upon which aesthetic complexity is projected by the viewers in order, not to appreciate the language of the artist, but rather to impress a third party with your ‘artistic eloquence’. But, in essence, I do not actually disagree with your synopsis of aesthetics, I simply wish to qualify.
          3) excuse me, I meant to say ‘sensibleness’. The word feels clunky, however, I should have simply used the term ‘reason’ instead. I assumed you would be able to tell from the context that that was the intended definition, but apparently contextual clues is not your strong suite.
          1) (of a statement or course of action) chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit.
          2) readily perceived; appreciable.
          I trimmed the ‘pronunciation guide’ off because including it simply signals that you are arrogantly trying to assume the ‘teacher’ pose, and that the person you are debating is mentally handicapped, ignorant, or a child.
          We know how it’s pronounced. You don’t ‘score points’ for being a dick about it. Isn’t defining reasons for a stance, and learning about other viewpoints that may be relevant, or possess information you lack, more important than scoring points?
          So far I am seeing a stunning lack of information transfer, nothing but raw opinion unfiltered by tact or reason. Why don’t you explain WHY you feel like you feel instead of simply repeating it? we may come to agree with you if you present it ‘sensibly’.

        40. Well you say that isn’t my strong point, but you interpret King Burger’s words your own way too. He said that reason and logic aren’t everything there is and period. Reason and logic are valuable but alone they mean nothing, the rational and irrational are far more powerful together than by their own.
          As for the pronunciation guide thing, I just copied what I saw, I wasn’t trying to make a point or treat you like a kid, please don’t assume too many things so wildly.
          I feel how I feel because of many connections and associations I have made between various things, for me to explain why I’d have to write a book, and I will once I materialize the ontological view I came up with. Let’s just say that reductionist physicalism is the most artless thing there is and takes the ‘magic’ out of many things that are better viewed in a holistic way.

        41. I have done my own analysis and have come to the conclusion that Reason and logic ARE all there is, period.
          The thing is, that some people fail to understand that philosophy, ‘faith’, and other emotional attributes that are part of the human condition have to be accounted for by reason and logic, or your reason literally fails.
          It’s sort of like those that claim that belief in god is not logical, while at the same time espousing holistics, natural magic, or egalitarianism. Faith in a deity, like all Hierarchy, is a natural part of the human condition, and is perhaps the sole method by which humans can set aside their natural urges in order to cooperate, a cooperation which we are also, by nature, required to engage in. It’s this contradictory behavior… having to suppress urges in order to fullfill needs, that clearly demonstrates that a deep understanding of human emotional, hierarchy, connection, faith, trust, aesthetics, and drama, flows as easily into a framework of logic as math, the scientific method, and statistics.
          I think your problem is that you seem to equate people who believe in reason with the ‘reason’ movement. This is a false comparison, because the ‘reason’ movement is anything BUT reasonable… They try to reject human needs, human abilities, and human differences while at the same time espousing a contradictory ‘humanism’ that ignores needs in favor of desires, rejects community in favor of Crowleyistic selfishness, and purports to reject ‘cultural hierarchy’ in favor of an artificial hierarchy that is literally exactly opposite of the one nature and a thousand generations of humans have constructed. A heirarchy of victimhood, where the least fit are held up as examples of health, the least capable of leading are thrust into leadership, and the least competent are held up as examples to be emulated. They have to, because humans naturally fall into hierarchy as easily as breathing, and egalitarianism DEMANDS that hierarchy be kept constantly in flux… or else it instantly loses to sheer human will, which will CREATE hierarchy if it is not imposed.
          Thus, you have fags as ‘the cool kids’, women as ‘the natural leaders’, raghead serial killers as espousing ‘The religion of peace’, black americans held up as geniuses and innovators, and marxist ant-culture held up as a model of freedom and liberty… Egalitarians HAVE to have the least capable at the top of the hierarchy, who by their very nature constantly disrupt hierarchy, in order to maintain a constant disruption of equilibrium and continual quest for relevance.
          But that’s really an aside. Basically, you need to stop looking at what people say, and look at what they DO with a dispassionate interest… and realize that logically, analyzing the emotions involved is every bit as informative and reasonable as looking at WHAT they do.

        42. “I have done my own analysis and have come to the conclusion that Reason and logic ARE all there is, period.”
          I am done here. You say such a thing while you write a comment because your emotions tell you to. The Enlightenment was without a doubt the worst thing to ever happen.

        43. I see, so you take the first statement and don’t bother to read the explanation. So not only are you incapable of explaining your position, you are unable to listen to others explaining theirs as well.
          Why are you even here making comments? Are you simply trolling?

        44. Well since I don’t believe in him…
          And I’d be curious if you have even the slightest clue what being a Dominant is though.

        45. He’s a luddite.
          They always exist. They think that complex human problems can all be pointed at by a single problem with a single solution.
          “Overtechnology’ is a problem, but if they weren’t tapping at smartphones They’d be throwing flowers at lions eating people in a coloseum, and then cutting graffiti into that coloseum’s walls.

        46. Again with the straw men. calling me a ‘humanist’ or ‘liberal’ might offend me if it weren’t so utterly ludicrous.

        47. In other words you haven’t got the slightest clue about being Dominant.

        48. No, I am saying that I am not going to waste my time with some dipshit that reads ‘give me the thorns’, a few shitty anne rice novels, and fucks around on bulletin boards and thus assumes he is the final authority on bondage and dominance.
          I have no interest or need to prove myself to you.

        49. Hahahahaha. Sure buddy youve solved me.
          Who the fuck used bulletin boards anymore?
          Never did I say I was the sole authority just that your words show you don’t have a fucking clue about being a Dom. Nor how a D/s relationship works.

    3. Sounds like the short film 2081. An adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron. People are “handicapped” by a “Handicapper General” to ensure everyone is equal. On You Tube.

    4. personally I am happy they are making so much crap. it is saving me lots of money I use to spend

  5. what are the equivalent ages for those grades (7-12) in American public schools? is this a continuation of the desire of these sick faggots to essentially sexualize children?

  6. It’s amazing how these sick transsexual fucks always have this obssession with pushing their retarded sexuality into the minds of children, trying to sexualize them as early as humanly possible…. same shit here in Brazil. It only proves how they are indeed mentally ill, as we have been preaching for so long..

    1. Speaking of sick adults and their children, and Jenner, this is the most red pill thorough and real discussion I’ve seen on Jenner TO DATE:
      Of all people to report on this issue, these guys are the only ones to nail it?! LOL

      1. Holy shit, the end times are obviously here when even the degenerates from the Westboro cult sound sane in comparison with the people who are pushing the laws.

    2. Not to worry. I sense SJWs have already jumped the shark in terms of public support. They are still making gains, but the backlash is gradually coming to the surface.

    3. Mentally ill people enjoys company. That is why they try to influence the young, they want to spread their disease thinking.

    4. I actually find the attack on us through television to be really disturbing. It seemed that HBO kicked this off with long and disgusting gay sex scenes (that were of course completely unnecessary) in The Wire. And now, in a show based on books in which so far the word “gay” isn’t mentioned once (Game of Thrones), there are gay bum boys, who don’t appear in the books, getting down and sucking dick.
      The Gay Agenda, as I call it, is being thrust hard in our faces like an unwelcome cock.

      1. That’s when I rejoice on the fact that I’ve pretty much stopped watching TV and all it’s gay bullshit..

        1. They can’t seem to figure out why male viewership in the 18-40 demographic is off a cliff for TV.

        2. Unfortunately they are coming at us from all angles. This bullshit is popping up in books and video games now too. There will be a backlash before long.

      2. The Ante is currently being raised to very high proportions… we must bring more to the table than them in order to secure Victory.

        1. I say we bring a can of gasoline, a rope, a pile of wood and a box of matches to the table. It’s about time we bring the pyre back in fashion. But don’t you worry they won’t burn long, nothing that is rotten ever does…

        2. You are right! Tell you what, you bring the gasoline and I’ll bring the booze (it’s a known fact that throwing a barbecue without booze is downright sacrilege).

        3. What kinda beer pairs well with BBQed Femenazi?
          Shiner…. ba dump tish!

      3. As far as I am concerned, Bruce Jenner needs to give back his Olympic medals that he earned as a man.
        And while he is at, he can retire his balls too.

    5. It isn’t amazing. It is a practical technique for gaining political power. Lots of social change comes into society through schools, as kids there are indoctrinated to believe what they learn there is what is “right.”
      Look at how dictators like Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and the like all operated. They pushed their shit onto the kids first and foremost.

      1. Seems like it’s only a matter of time before they start using kids to spy on their own parents to weed out unpopular opinions, just like in 1984. Guess if Orwell stood from his grave he’d only have one thing to tell us: “Told you so, motherfuckers!”

    6. Aw Zel9, just admit that you’re in desperate need for a nice cock to experiment with and you can finally be happy. Just don’t worry about it man.

  7. By the way, there is no reason to keep calling these people progressives.

  8. So now they’re trying to forcefuck kids to give a goddamn about a lifestyle (because, at the end of the day, that’s what it is. You CHOOSE a lifestyle, you are BORN a demographic) that is less that 1% of the total population and also has a 60% suicide rate.
    What part of that makes any kind of sense?

  9. ‘nondiscrimination policy’… lolz. only a matter of time when hardcore criminals (murderers etc) are given a pass because hey, they were just trying to express themselves! they’ve always BEEN murderers since birth! we can’t discriminate after all!

    1. Oh I can name about a dozen people I know that deserve it just sitting here right now. Where’s my pass?

    2. It’s funny because feminists that ally with LGBT say all men are born rapists… so where is the pass for men? We are born something we can’t control!!!!

  10. I’m a very live and let live type dude, but I do not understand the current transgender trend. Statements like “I always felt like a girl” coming from a guy are impossible. If you were born with a penis you will never know what feeling like a girl is or ever truly understand being a woman. They can never have that prospective. It’s like me saying “I always knew I was a lion as a child.” Am I wrong?
    Thus, I don’t understand the push for medical transitioning. Fresh paint and new plumbing on a house doesn’t change the house into a condo. If gender is actually fluid, then why are we pushing these confused men into the far end of the spectrum and encouraging major elective surgery? Why can’t we as a society just accept a gender of men who dress and act like women? Like a eunuch class. I’d be okay with that.

      1. It lives in a genderqueer egalitarian collective pride and would preferred to be called the gender neutral “lio.”

        1. Lyon, like wymyn I suppose.
          You have to question the sanity of people that change the spelling of a word because it offends them and are still outraged that phonetically sounds like “*men.”
          Or the fact they seem to shop for labels to identify with. The more complicated the better. They seem to fucking competing with each other on who can be “least privileged and the most oppressed” so they can eventually become the most privileged and least oppressed. In other words, zero fucking restrictions on personal responsibility and accountability but blaming others.
          Poly-amorous, pansexual, transgendered black jew that self identifies as a lesbian seems to trump everything.

        2. Throw in handicapped and illegal alien and you have an individual so untouchable through political correctness it would make the perfect president.

        3. Sexuality alphabet soup. Throw a bunch of random letters at the wall and see which ones stick. Then use the word as a weapon to attention whore.

    1. Sources of estrogen mimickers in our environment:
      BPA from plastic- waterbottles microwaveable dinners, etc.
      Artificial estrogen- Shampoo, deoderant, toothpaste, Detergent(huge one)
      birth control, fire retardents, tap water, etc.
      Too many others to list here
      ROK really should do an article on these substances, how they affect the sexes( and the rise of chemically caused homosexuality!)
      In men estrogen mimickers lower testosterone, cause breast tissue development, lower IQ, raise cancer risks(prostate especially), and other shit
      The effects on women are much worse though, their body thinks that it has adequate estrogen and STOPS PRODUCING IT. This is the NO 1 reason why women are becoming more masculinized and cuntish. This stuff also effects any baby’s present in the womb raising the chances of them being born homosexual or with “I shouldn’t be a boy/girl” syndrome.

      1. Finally someone addresses this point. It will become imperative to stop this intergenerational poisoning if mankind has a future…

        1. The only way in the foreseable future is for individuals to take measures themselves(which is why I also feel a need for Roosh or someone with a media presence to educate the growing number of people who can rebuild western society).
          Things to do:
          Use glass water bottles and food containers(Heated plastic is the devil- especially with food in it)
          Use shampoos/ conditioners/ soaps/ detergents/maekups/deoderents/shaving gel* with only natural ingredients(no sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, etc)
          Ingesting broccoli, lemon juice,cabbage, and apple cider vinegar will all pull artificial estrogen out.
          Use non styrofoam or plastic cups
          If cosmetics dont specifically say otherwise- they have estrogen in them
          Avoid chlorine and fluoride- youll need either a gravity fed berkey or propur or get a reverse osmosis system(preferred)
          -make sure the filter does not use activated alumina(the ones listed dont)-
          Eat organic(tactfully if needed)- For some things(broccoli and onions for example) there isnt much benefit but for thin skinned fruits, and vegetables(berries, potatoes) youll be avoiding alot of toxins
          Avoiding phyto(food) estrogens is also a bonus
          (Eat nothing with soy or soy lecithin, certain beans,flax research it if you want to go the extra mile)
          use natural sunscreens
          Avoid phthalates
          Avoid parabens
          Limit pharmaceuticals to what you must have
          Dont smoke pot or drink.(fyi pot’s effects are much worse)
          Hell, maybe I’ll write ROK an article…

    2. Some sick teacher will start using bathrooms in a cross sex fashion to molest children I had enough of this LGBT mafia

  11. I call all the schoolboys to identify as cis-trans-whatever and go use the girls bathrooms.
    Part one: get an erection and go to the girls’ toilets and stand in the corner, just staring at them with leering eyes. They’ll call sexual harassment. You explain that you were studying them purely for research on how to be more feminine in your behaviour.
    Now, part two: start masturbating in the cubicles. And make sure you’re not quiet about it. What’s going to happen is some female will complain of sexual harrassment (again) and you can, with a straight face, explain how you’re not gay and are only attracted to guys, and now you feel all violated at having to explain your private affairs to someone of authority.

    1. They’ll just tell him to cut his dick off. You know, male genital mutilation is considered as only a medical procedure.

      1. Uh huh? Cut his dick off? Yep, that’ll happen.
        No, what they’ll actually do is call a parent teacher meeting (when this happens more than just a couple of times) and maybe, just maybe, they might have a sensible discussion about this bullshit.

        1. How can you have a sensible discussion with a mentally ill person/people like the school board?

        2. No, the sensible side would come from the parents shocked that, firstly, the darling little daughters are exposed to sexual deviants and, secondly, that their boys are being allowed to explore faggotary at school (which is deviant, by the very nature of the word).

      1. Great observation. You’re indeed right. Me, a man, giving advice to schoolboys on how to create anarchy at school is quite obsessive behaviour. What was I thinking. I bet the authorities are after me right this second.

        1. Oh, the irony. The fact that you saw a gay undertone in my statements despite there being none speaks volumes.

        2. “None there”. Sure sure. Don’t worry you’ll come to accept your homosexuality some day.

        3. Go on. You claim there’s a gay undertone that’s “all so obvious” to you. Quote the passage you’re referring to then? Oh, you don’t want to do that because you were talking out your ass? Figures.

        4. Go check out your post about school boys. You seem to know a lot about their masterbating habits.
          Have a few fantasies about that?

        5. Alright, so you’ve outed yourself good and proper as a dumb cunt. You know, I know, everyone knows there is no gay undertone…. and yet even though I called out your bs and asked you to quote a passage with gay undertones you were unable… and yet here you are, like a dumb cunt, persisting with your “shaming.” Almost seems like you want it to be true, that the whole world is secretly gay, just to make you feel better about yourself.
          Stupid, stupid, cunt. LOL.

        6. Do you think it makes you sound smart, or just fucking dumb repeating that schoolboy fantasy AFTER you’ve been called out to quote a single passage of text that I wrote that has homosexual undertones.
          Do you fuck your children? I think you do. Do you prefer fucking your son or your daughter. Does she take it up the butt or cunt? What about your son, does he like the taste of your cum?
          See? Now THAT ^^^^ is a passage with sexual undertones (or overtones, you choose). If I’d written THAT before you’d have a point. But I didn’t write THAT. But now that I have written THAT, go on, tell us which one you prefer fucking: your son, or your daughter.
          P.S. What’s her cunt smell like. Is it fresher than your wifes?

        7. Not working. I know you think your trolling is getting under my skin but I’m only replying to showcase your lack of wit.
          Tell me, have you found the quote yet that has homosexual and paedophilic undertones? Nope?
          Must suck to not even be good at trolling. I mean, how shit are you at everything else?

        8. I already told you which one. The one about school boys masterbating. NAMBA shit right there.
          For someone who isn’t upset you can’t seem to not respond. Guess I really did hit close to the mark when I called you a sick pedo.

        9. Nope. Guess no one told you the protocol ’round here for dealing with feminists and SJW’s: no one here cares about convincing one of you lot that you’re wrong, nah, we just keep you talking so you can dig your own little logic holes. It’s good for the LULZ, making fun of cunts like you.
          But, then again, I’m open minded, I could be wrong about flogging one off in the girls’ toilets being not gay, I don’t know what goes on in gay clubs. Maybe you can enlighten me on all the parallels since you’re so convinced there is a connection. Go on.

        10. You seem to be confused who’s laughing most.
          Hint: it’s me and the rest of the world at you.

        11. If you believe that (despite the fact you’re, firstly, a SJW, and secondly, you’re on a men’s site who take joy in laughing at SJW’s), then I sure hope you’re impotent, cause you’re gonna have some fucking retarded children.

        12. My son’s just fine thanks and no issues with my performance but nice try.

        13. Sure, sure. Tell me, is it your number one phobia that your son will swallowing semen and taking it up the butt when he grows older (assuming he’s not on his knees right now)? You seem to be quite hung up on homosexual undertones. Oh, wait, I get it, do you like your son? As in, like-like your son. Do you masturbate imagining him naked squatting in front of you? Is that it? Is that why you’re so hung up on homosexual undertones, because that’s what you’re dealing with and want the rest of the world to be gay so that you can justify your “preferences?”

        14. LOL. Notice how the second I flip the switch on the “subliminal gay” accuser he fucks off? I guess we should call NAMBAR (or whatever it’s called) and check if his son’s okay.

        15. How did I “fuck off” when I answered you.
          Apparently you aren’t too bright on top of being a pedo.

        16. Actually no not at all. If my son is gay, then he’s gay. If he’s straight he’s straight. If he’s bi, he’s bi.
          I don’t care as long as he finds someone who makes him happy.
          Keep your pedo fantasies to yourself please. Seek psychiatric help.

        17. But be honest, you’d prefer it if he was gay. Could play your “bonding” games with him all day. It’s as obvious as your lack of anger. If someone had said that to me and it wasn’t true I’d have a fucking go at the cunt. But you… all soft: “I don’t care as long as he finds someone who makes him happy.” What the fuck is that!? So you DON’T care one bit if he goes to a gay brothel and gets fucked by faggots in every hole while he’s off his tits on drugs? You DON’T care if he gets a boyfriend to fuck him up the ass then suck his dick and swallow his cum, then kiss his mother, your wife, goodnight? Fuck off.

        18. Hey, dipshit, you realise you’re replying to this message directly after replying to the previous message even though this message was written today and the other one was written yesterday? Good one.

        19. Have trouble reading? I don’t care if he’s gay, bi or straight. Period.
          As far as brothels, projecting your own homosexual fantasies on others like that can’t be healthy.
          And as to the last part, I’d rather not know the future details of my sons sex life when he gets older (regardless of the sex of his significant other) because I’m not a sick fuck like you and don’t really want to know.

        20. Hey dipshit not everyone spends all day wanking to RoK like you and I responded to the first one in my inbox on disqus.

  12. And Fairfax County Public School is supposed to be the top ten schools in America with funding. That is quite scary to know.

  13. Cutting your dick and balls off is a mental disorder. The fuck is happening to this world?

    1. From an evolutionary stand point, that’s a sure way to make your species extinct like the dinosaurs. At least the extinction of the dinosaurs were not self inflicted.

      1. We have went to far, shit will have to hit the fan now so we go back centuries where life and experience had a lot of meaning and culture was rich with great art, philosophy, literature, and not nerd-ass tasteless sci-fi/reductionist physicalism faggotry.

  14. I have a dream that one day this country will be filled with companies dominated by people who identify as ethnic minorities and women, even if they appear to be “cis-gendered” straight white male fraternity members.

  15. Where are the fathers of these boys that are being encouraged to be trannies and faggots? How can men just stand by and allow shit like this?

    1. They think they are being ‘good guys’.
      I imagine the priests that were cutting out hearts in the ancient Aztec Empire were similarly convinced that what they were doing was the right and decent thing.

    2. Because the fathers are unstable people who think they are being helpful by pushing the kids into the far end feminine spectrum and treating them like snowflakes instead of just raising them with life skills (which they lack and would sort out a lot of these problems). My sons and/or daughters are going to learn how to hunt, fish, clean, cook, fight, and build a fire. I don’t give a shit if they wear a pink tutu while doing so or bring their polygender friend along, but they are learning.

    3. Because some father’s are men who love their children unconditionally.
      Its called being a man. Try it sometime.

      1. So a real man will love his son even though he’s a cock-sucking tranny? OK

        1. Yup.
          And you’re a piece of shit if you’d stop loving your kid for their sexuality.

        2. Yup, a real man will even love his son if his son rapes his mom and sister and chops off his dads nuts off while he’s sleeping and then goes on a raping shooting rampage.

        3. i think the gender which is not normal other than men and women should be eliminated.
          Nature’s rule : SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

        4. Why should he care what you think of him, precisely?
          Your SJW stuff works in most places in life because people are trained to seek the approval of the sniveling leftist twit nowadays. It doesn’t work here, because we don’t give a fuck about you, at all. In fact, your hatred is proof positive that we’re doing the right thing.
          Nobody here cares what you or any other SJW thinks of us.
          And poof, you are magically disempowered and left bare and without any weapons. Heh.

        5. Oh noes you called me an SJW! What shall I do? Oh right I’ll give no fucks that’s what.
          Meanwhile I continue to get laughs from people like you for being so damn backward.

        6. Problem. There are no genders other than man and woman. When you speak to lunatics who believe there are, never entertain the delusion that there are more than two genders. Always speak as if there are only two (i.e tell the TRUTH)

        7. No dummy, you confuse delusion with the truth. I know what “gender identity” is. It’s when a man erroneously(through dysfunctional upbringing) identifies as a woman and vice versa. Everyone here already knows what it is, it’s just your ears are sewn shut by your leftist surgeons.
          All you’re doing is BELIEVING in the premise that “if someone identifies as a certain gender, that is their identity, period, no further discussion.” That is LITERALLY all you and the rest of intellectually lazy academics and college students do. Just take what they say for granted because they’re emotionally invested in their delusion and you just want to be nice(aka they sound sure about their delusions, and you don’t know any better.) and accept them for “who they are.”.
          I’m saying that premise is WRONG.
          It’s cool though in 2 years i’m going to actively educate people away from this delusional, intellectually lazy line of thinking in person.

        8. Good thing professionals disagree with you then and in 2 years you won’t be doing but two things. Jack and shit. And Jack just left town.

      2. That’s not what he initially asked. Loving your family is a separate topic to what he asked.
        A real man would have the virtues and frame to not raise a fucked in the head fairy (outside of the *extremely* small minority who are actually born with a condition).
        A father will (should) always love his son or daughter regardless of what kind of bullshit those kids are getting themselves into. The point is though that the father should not be sitting out on the sidelines and letting other batshit in the heads raise his kids!

      3. There is no such thing as unconditional love. The very notion of love without conditions destroys actual love.
        If a man loves his son, he doesn’t encourage his son to engage in mental illness, willfully. Instead he helps his son seek treatment for the mental illness.

        1. Except that those things (sexuality and gender identity) are not mental illness.
          Thankfully conversion therapy is being banned.

        2. Transgenderism is though.
          There is no such thing as “gender identity”. Your chromosomes mark you as either a male, or a female. Period. Full stop. Sexuality on the other hand is a choice. Bad choices require guidance from a loving parent, not “acceptance”.

        3. You are speaking of gender and not gender identity. That is where you fail as they are two different things

    4. The fathers are doing 1 of 3 or a combination of all 3:
      1. All the father expects of his son is to get good grades and get a good job. Son gets good grades, there’s nothing to talk about, good enough. This leaves the poor boy susceptible to the neurotic, confusing social influence of the media, and other kids raised by shitty parents since his dad didn’t care to influence him.
      2. The mom dominates the dad because the dad is an emasculated male who doesn’t know how to control the relationship with the mom, so the poor boy is influenced by the mom’s apathetically permissive “be whatever u wanna b son! i won’t judge you! u look so cute wearing mommy’s make-up!” attitude.
      3. Father is abusive in some way whether it’s beating the boy’s mom or the kid, so the kid actively resents the father and wants to disassociate from what he assumed was considered a masculine identity( This one doesn’t usually produce trannies, but white knights who say it’s never ok to hit a woman.)
      All 3 point to the same problem: Lack of proper male guidance.

  16. Again, it’s the minority getting all butthurt and whiny and insisting they are tolerant while ramming their agendas down society’s collective throats.

    1. Minorities have never claimed to be tolerant. They demand WE be tolerant.
      All you have to see is all the niggers laughing while some stage persona talks about Killing white people in order to understand that peace is impossible. Even the men that come on RoK are Black first, men second.
      And trannies are not a ‘minority’, they are a bunch of people who want attention.

  17. Where the hell is the mandatory Eric Cartman Transginger Video clip?

  18. Haha, I grew up in Fairfax County and I’ve got some tranny tendencies. I wasn’t born this way, definitely felt raised this way. I don’t feel like a girl so much think and act like one a lot. I enjoy being girly but I also accept I’m a man. Trannies are the clowns of society. People laugh at me I laugh with them. Why are people taking such a weird practice so seriously?

    1. Please get help before you kill yourself or some redneck kills you or you waste your life behaving like an anti-social freak that will have a hard time getting a job and normal friends. You’re headed for a life of trouble. Get help now.

    2. “I wasn’t born this way, definitely felt raised this way.”
      So, you were groomed for this? Is that what you are saying??

  19. It’s not so much that some people need killing, it’s more that some people simply don’t deserve to live.

  20. Homeschooling has been growing in numbers for a few years now. It’s about to explode over the next five years.

    1. How does homeschooling work? I don’t have kids now, but if/when I do, I definitely don’t want them going to public schools. Does the parent get materials from some organization and teach their kids themselves, or do you hire a teacher to come over to your house?
      Would it be possible to teach your kids at a faster pace and get his diploma in less time? I feel like the stuff I learned in 12 years of public schooling I probably could have learned in 8 years. There was so much useless shit in high school.

      1. CamelJockey, a good way to learn about homeschooling is to peruse the internet and get informed. What will happen is an avalanche of homeschooling sites may come your way, each of which with its own special curriclum/ coursework on the K-12 level. In all likelihood, you will encounter message boards where other homeschoolers share information with one another.
        You don’t have kids now but starting at this point is good for it will give you a “heads up” before you actually begin. Also work on your organizational skills so you can be consistent. Whatever curriculum and instructional method you use, be consistent, be orderly, and follow the plan. Study the instructional materials well so you can plan lessons appropriately. I’m speaking as an experienced public school teacher who is a HUGE fan of homeschooling.
        I have a preference for a certain type of curriculum but your explorations may lead you to your own preferences. Here is a link to a homeschooling website/ business that specializes in Classical Education (that is my personal preference if I were to homeschool my child).

        1. Wait until it becomes popular, the powers that be will start interfering, curriculum, etc.
          Personally I believe if you homeschool you should get tax deductions as you are saving the state money in not sending your kids to state school.
          What are the chances of that happening?

        2. That is a HUGE consideration. If I want to home school my kids I have to cut down my a working hours but still have to hand over a quarter or a third of my earnings to the state with a chunk of that going to pay for high priced baby sitters (aka teachers) to look after other people’s brats.

        3. In my opinion, if a person chooses to either homeschool or use private schooling, then both a federal and state income tax deduction should be granted to such a person. However, I also believe that the federal government should not source its revenue from personal income. It should gain revenue from a national sales tax and tariffs instead of income. This practice would make it easier for people to purchase alternatives to public education.

        4. You’re absolutely correct. Homeschooling is a huge commitment. If you homeschool then you don’t work. Also, any taxes you pay will still go to fund public schooling even if you do not use public school. In my opinion, the system is set up this way so that the state can control the type of information that a parent’s child is exposed to. State controlled education is a way to enforce a conformity of belief.

        5. I presently live in China where the tax rate is about 10% rather 20 or 30. I will get in a family way over the next year or two and maybe I can kick this issue down the road until about 2020. International studies place China slightly ahead of Canada

        6. You can work and home-school, I call BS on that one.
          I was full time single dad with full custody of my son, I home schooled him for all of his school years and I continued to work pulling over 6 figures… I even still had my hobbies and made time for myself on the weekend for a little trim chasing to blow off steam.
          It was a busy schedule for me at times yes, but if I can do it, then anyone else on this planet can too.

        7. Or its to ensure everyone has access to an education, not just the rich.

        8. The fundamental problem with your argument is that it presumes government to be the only entity that makes education possible. This is the “there would be no cheese if government didn’t make cheese” argument. This is false.

        9. Yes because private institutions have historically done so well at educating the poor.

        10. Government spends a whole bunch of cash miseducating people. Remember “new math” from the late 60s and early 70s? That was a failure. Remember whole language from the early nineties? They dropped that and returned to phonics after realizing that a generation of adults didn’t know how to spell. Remember cooperative learning? That was dropped. Now we have Common Core, and that is bogus too. C’mon man, do better.

      2. It varies by jurisdiction. However, I think you have the basics: there is a curriculum that the government provides and you teach.
        I hated school because I like to learn. I could have blown through 12 years in 8 with no problem other than my innate limitations (not so good at higher math or literary criticism).
        I don’t need the state to show my kid how to put a condom on a banana.
        It is a work in progress. It remains to be seen if my progeny can score in the top 2% of IQ like l do, and how my wife wants to approach this issue. Historically, kids entered university at 16 or so and the exceptional ones were professors in their early 20s. That is changing now where PhD candidates drag out their degree into their 30s.

      3. Don’t have kids they will get exposed to this toxic generation one time or later. Or raise them in Russia and cut off all internet and television

    2. I am in the process of wifing up and will probably have a kidling by Christmas 2016. I have worked in the education field and hope it gets its head out of its ass by 2020, but I am not holding my breath so my assumption is either private school or home schooling.

  21. I used to always believe that people were born gay, not chose to be gay, but lately I’ve started to reevaluate some things. I was hanging out with my sister the other day at the mall, and she asked “why does it seem like there are so many more gays out now then when we were younger? Are all these guys really gay or they just became gay cause it’s the cool thing?”
    We were raised in North Carolina, and we rarely came across any gays or trannies. But today it seems like they’re everywhere. Were all these gays in the closet in the past and just recently came out of the closet because of acceptance movements, or are people just becoming gay because it’s a way to join the cool crowd?

    1. Anyone who has taken psychology 101 knows that people can be programmed to do just about anything. A small proportion of the population – 1% to 2% – had hormonal issues in utero and were born gay (there is nothing more than speculation that there is a gay gene, and that idea is completely counter intuitive).
      The other 5% to 10% or so of the population experiments with their sexuality or – for one reason or another – swings for the other team.
      Personally, I really haven’t investigated gay/bi guys but I have been around the block a few times and asked a few uncomfortable questions of the bi girls I have dated. They tend to have physical or mental health issues, daddy issues, abuse issues and such.
      Frankly, I don’t get the gay thing. Guys are ugly: I don’t know why women put up with us. Women (proper women) are soft and curvy with not a lot of hard bumps and hair in unseemly places.
      Having lived in Vancouver for 7 years, I don’t have problems with gays and their personal choices. I only clash with the activists when they make it political.

    2. Or could it have something to do with it being accepted now and homosexuals don’t have to be worried (in most places) about being fired for their sexuality?

    3. See the trends: metrosexual, cybersexual ubersexual, lumbersexual… now it is homosexual. Yes, people are stupid, yes people are easily brainwashed. There is one cheap solution for this problem: the suicidesexual (people who identify wit hthe trend commit suicide).

  22. We used to put these special people on a short yellow bus so they could be readily identified. We need to bring the short bus back and stick all of these crazy fuckers on it.

  23. “What are progressives trying to achieve?”
    Chaos. Next will be stories about how “cisgendered” men are transphobes because they wont date women who used to be men.
    Pretty soon everyone will be confused.

  24. ” Someone who identifies as being a “transsexual female brony who is attracted to biracial cisgender male furries” will be more likely to be a ward of the state. He will also be a reliable soldier and voter (i.e. useful idiot) in support of future SJW social engineering campaigns.”
    Please don’t lump biracial identity in with this mess. Biracial people really were born that way.

    1. My intent here was to mock the SJW efforts to get everybody to categorize themselves according to some unique sexual orientation/fetish as part of their efforts to keep society divided. No aspersion toward biracial persons was intended.

  25. it’s sickening to see these mentally ill people promoting their agenda to unaware children.
    just saw a video on youtube titled “kids react to gay marriage” of course their reactions were in favor of the depravation, but only the fact that their main goal is to hit children mentally makes me to think take aggressive action towards LGBT group.

    1. Haha dude i hate that whole passive- aggresive leftist, hipster way of speaking. I saw the title of that video on my youtube feed and all i thought was: “Kids react to gay marriage” translates to “we need to have a talk you homophobe” translates to “you’re a bigot if you don’t accept the fag lifestyle like these children!”.
      I didn’t watch it, i already knew how it was gonna go. And your comment confirmed it. Leftists, so predictable, every time.
      When i raise a son i’m going to tell him gay is abnormal, but that doesn’t mean you should assault them when you see them in the street. Just be cordial. My future son will not be like one of those kids i guarantee you.

        1. All you can do is hope. Unfortunately for you there’s nothing you can do about my future kids growing up sane.
          You should be saying “with luck your kid will be able to influence and guide other young kids who are confused because their parents failed to give them proper guidance.”

        2. Nah with luck he’ll look at you and laugh when others teach him to be a decent human being.

  26. One of the reason I don’t want children, having to constantly fight against brainwashing and indoctrination that would be fireced upon my child in this increasingly messed up society.

    1. It’s not really that hard of a fight. No matter what school tells them, you still pull the most weight with their personality and intellectual development, as a parent.

  27. According to the washingtonpost they did it because of federal funding requirements tied to discrimination policies.
    Now keep in mind fairfax public schools are rich as heck and only get a whopping…….
    1.6% of their budget from the federal goverment.
    They get 15% of their budget from state sources, but sure do seem to spend a lot of time in the school year on testing kids.
    They also have .72 administrator for every teacher and a palatial campus for administrators while children are having classes in trailers.
    Fat can be cut in that school district.

  28. More and more parents are choosing to home-school their children.* Don’t be surprised to see more voucher program initiatives coming down the pipe after 2016.

  29. How the fuck is this happening, last time I checked what’s good for the majority is what is suppose to happen and the minority makes due or moves the fuck away. Pretty sure the sub human scum that think the vast minority of “transgender” should get special treatment should consider suicide. They are ruining the human species.

  30. South Park covered this already. Come on Virginia school board, do your homework!

  31. I just don’t get what’s wrong with hormone treatment to these SJWs? If you’re born as a boy and you start to “feel” like a women, then clearly something is wrong with your hormone levels or your mind. Why is the immediate reaction being: “I’m going to cut my dick off” rather than a simple “I’m going through hormone therapy such that I feel and act like a man again”? The latter is not only cheaper, it turns your mind back to normal and you are respecting your biological identity. You are born with a dick between your legs and you have an X and Y chromosome, meaning you are male and no amount of surgery or feeeeelings can change that. You can’t build a skyscraper with materials used for a tree house. If you would, the skyscraper would quickly collapse due to instability. And this analogy makes sense, considering the high amount of tranny suicides.
    By the way, even if you cut your dick off, you still need hormone treatment anyway.

    1. Your post makes me think of all the “trannies” that regretted cutting their dick and balls off because a bunch of sick people encouraged them to do it. Such a sad fate holy shit.

  32. Oakland, CA schools also just stopped kicking out students for ”willfull defience” ie
    cursing, talking back etc.
    Something about to many minorities being expelled…

  33. So if we’re being forced to treat men like women if that’s what they want, can I force people to treat me like a Cherokee Indian and go to school for free? We’ll call it trans-racial. It’ll give the SJW’s something else to feel oppressed about!!! Or what about trans-talented, if someone is not talented can they just say hey I “feel” like I’m talented and expected to be treated as such! SJW’s should get on these other abuses of the “trans” pre-fix because I might actually benefit from something like that!

  34. This is possibly some sick tirade towards pedophilia. Bruce thought he was a woman when he tried on woman’s clothes are you serious. Lots of kids do that but they turn out straight.
    Hey I was born President of United States give me control of the nation.

  35. Here’s a deal: you guys can teach gender fluidity *after* you successfully teach the kids to add, subtract, multiply, and spell.

    1. Because clearly children can only teach them one subject at a time. Right?

  36. Nature defines sexuality as digital and binary. Men want women, and women want men. Anything else is a an aberration, or at best a kink.

  37. Why does it seem like these schools would much rather teach children about their gender and sexuality, than you know…actually shit they should be learning like match and science?
    I remember cringing when I heard a teen girl who couldn’t have been much older than 16 claim that she TRANSCENDED gender, how the fuck do you TRANSCEND gender!? I swear everyday America looks more and more like the Roman Empire…

    1. This is really the crux of the problem. The problem with “trannies” is they’re so busy trying to fool others they don’t take a second to examine why they feel confused in the first place. Instead of specifically and candidly taking people through their life experience of how they ended up where they are. They’d rather throw out some vague phrase like “I’ve TRANSCENDED GENDER!”, “I’VE FELT LIKE A WOMAN FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER!” “I THINK I’M SUPPOSED TO BE A WOMAN!” and just hope people buy it. Which people unfortunately do.
      If i interviewed one of these confused people i could probably get to the bottom of why they’re so confused and realize all it takes is an ounce of prevention.

    2. Students can only learn one subject at a time?
      As far as the Roman Empire, you understand that it lasted over 1000 years after people generally think of it dying due to its decadence right? It lasted until almost the 1500s

  38. ‘ broader, boundless, and fluid spectrum of sexuality”
    ( Polymorhous perversity, Frankfurt School etc)
    Its interesting that schools in the UK put the welfare and protection of children seriously, hence various security checks on anyone seeking employment in schools…..
    Yet, what is promoted here in this school amounts to potentially the opposite

  39. They did it for the money.
    The federal government was going to cut off funds to this and any other school system that doesn’t implement such a policy.
    Of course this begs the question as to why schools see the need to accept federal taxpayer money, or why is federal taxpayer money paying for what should be strictly a state and local government issue to begin with.

  40. All the more reason to support homeschooling and e-education. The state school was always about controlling the future generations. The “free” part was a bait-and-switch gimmick that works well for 100 years. But there are now more choices and it’s my strong opinion that the Middle Ages’s master-apprentice is superior to state education because you get to see how the real world work as a boy instead at age of 25. Combine this with a lifetime online education and you will have a much better and more rounded people than the jokes today.

  41. You people are disturbing. It saddens me that you feel the need to call other people crazy or confused based on their sexuality. It’s actually pretty pathetic.

    1. Oh quite right. When some man comes up to me and says “You know, I’ve always identified with being a snake, can you please schedule me an appointment with a surgeon so that he can remove my arms and legs and graft scales onto my skin” I think “Wow man, that’s so cool, I totally accept you, dude”.
      Because to correctly note that he is in serious need of treatment for his mental illness would just be disturbing, and make people sad.
      These mentally ill people have a 50% suicide rate. 50..fucking…percent. A lot of the remaining are taking happy pills. And you are sad because we notice a disturbing, harmful and quite literally life threatening state of mind and want to see it treated instead of encouraged?
      Get thee back to Jezebel and take your dumb ass SJW shaming tactics with you.

      1. I am NOT a SJW. But I’m not an asshole or an idiot, either.
        Your comparison (perhaps inspired by the South Park dolphin episode?) is not relevant. Identifying as a different gender is not comparable to identifying as a different species.
        Also, mental illness is as much a societal problem as it is an individual one. The fact that people like you feel the need to shame other people for seemingly no other reason than your own personal validation is a huge issue, and most definitely contributes to suicide rates among transgender individuals.
        And where the fuck did Jezebel come into this? We weren’t talking about that at all. Great to know that you’re a hardline racist, though. Have fun with Jefferson. His address to the State of Virginia is something you might enjoy reading.

        1. Like I said, take the SJW shaming back to Jezebel, it has an effective range of 0.0 meters on this site.
          I don’t watch television, so I have no idea what you’re talking about with South Park. It’s a valid analogy, whether you like it or not.
          And “racist”? Dufuq? Dude, you’re letting your SJW boilerplate bleed over onto topics where they don’t apply. Who said anything about race? Geez, slow day in the boiler room, eh?
          You in fact talk exactly like a SJW. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…it’s a duck.
          Your use as a foil to me has run its course. Now run along and play and dance around your rainbow flag.

        2. Well then I’m confused. What were you referring to when you said “Jezebel?” Usually that’s used as a racial term.

        3. First, pointing out that the current view of transgenderism is wrong and harmful is not “shaming.” (that word is way overused today) Nobody born with a penis can never, ever experience being a woman born with a vagina. Full stop. That we keep acting like its possible is very harmful.
          Second, it’s not identifying with one end of the gender spectrum or the other that is the problem. The problem is that today, we push single-digit aged children to the far ends of that spectrum. Instead of just buying Johnny some Barbies and letting him figure it out, parents are full on pushing full transition before these kids have begun developing sexually, much less being fully developed.

        4. No, Jezebel is not a racial term. Aunt Jemima is. Jezebel is taken from the Bible. Jezebel was the wife of King Ahab and became the poster bitch for women in rebellion against God and man. She met a nasty, deserved. end.

  42. The real reason the global elite are promoting gender fluidity is because in their future brave new world, there is no gender. And the promotion of unisex bathrooms in schools (notice starting with youth always) is to psychologically train children that there is no sex, no gender, we are all one. This is the foundation of transhumanism. Do away with gender, mix the sexes, merge men with machines and animals and we are soon back at Genesis chapter 6 in the King James Bible. Gender fluidity is a direct assault on Gods creation, the family unit, and the human soul itself. It is pure Satanic evil and must be fought at every level. Pull your kids out of these schools and refuse to go along.

  43. Action equals Reaction. This “gender identity / gender fluidity” BS will powerfully accelerate the departure of American minor children from the government-run schools. Should private schools endorse it as well, the homeschooling movement will swell to a degree not seen since the 1800s.

    1. If only, you have to take into account that the rate of stay at home moms was obviously considerably higher , while the rate of single mothers was by far lower back then. Modern women on the other hand need their government payed nannies (school teachers) to take care of their children. Because children are a chore and get in the way of their career obviously. And we can’t have that, can we? We have to liberate those poor women of the responsibility over their children so they can focus on riding dick… Woops, did I say ride dick, I meant career, yes career.
      Boy, am I glad my mother was born in a generation that still taught their daughters that family comes first!

  44. “Be that as it may, the other (and perhaps more important) outcome of the change is that parents will no longer be able to request a transfer away from a transgender teacher, ensuring that a mentally ill person will be charged with the formation of their child’s studies and character.”
    Bullshit. That would not hold up in a court of law. The State would lose.

  45. “But the Fairfax County School Board is not stopping there in its transgender jihad. The board recently released a report recommending that changes be made to Fairfax County’s family life curriculum for grades 7 through 12 to include the concept of “gender fluidity.”
    Parents that allow their children to attend this “school”, or Zoo as it should be appropriated, are contributing to the downfall of this country. Poor or not, this should be on the Frontline of the Social War. All eyes should be on this City for pulling this stunt, and the Nation should be lambasting them for exercising their Marxist agenda.
    I wonder if something like this will make FOX news… or any news for that Matter.
    Thanks for the reporting, Mr. Sebastian.

  46. The larger feminist agenda IMO is to eventually get female minders into men’s bathrooms. Male spaces are rapidly on the decline, and while it seems far fetched, pretty soon the last place men will actually be able to hold a conversation without facing fascist scrutiny will be in bathrooms, where we still have the power to actually say “No women allowed.”
    We all know most women have no intentions of actually using male bathrooms. But the feminists, they want the ability to be able to walk in at any time unannounced in order to break up any conversation that is against their ideology.

  47. I know what they want to achieve. If you are an SJW, there is a solid chance that you are rarely having sex. You would tend to kill the libido of any potential partners when you open your mouth.
    Solution: Put guys and girls in close proximity to one another and force them to be near you whether they like it or not. You will at least get to oole what you can’t have. Best case you get lucky once or twice. At worst you can cry rape.
    It’s kinda obvious

    1. The ones not getting laid are the guys who believe in the shit you just posted.

        1. And yet I have a kid. HE’S A MIRACLE!!! A NEW MESSIAH!!!
          Also guess who had sex this morning with his wife? This guy.
          Try again Billyboy.

        2. I’m sorry. I thought we were just saying random shit that never happened. You may want to reword your last few claims then.

        3. Whats the matter bill? Having a hard time believing my sexlife is better than yours?
          Because I don’t.

        4. You like talking about dicks with other guys huh?
          Not interested but I’m sure you’ll meet someone.

        5. Umm, I got one. I am actually a Billionaire Oil Baron. Hugh Hefner takes lady advice from me.
          Your turn

  48. Thank you for writing this article. We need to get at the truth regarding these sick trannies who want to turn our boys into girls. It is an all out attack on men, as you rightly state.

      1. Seriously? You don’t see how the cultural marxists are using these trojan horses to undermine the foundations of our society?
        You are right. No one cares what these pervs do in their own little enclaves and subreddits. But then why is all this freakishness national news? Why are normal people under attack for supporting normal human behavior? The goal is not to gain “equal rights” for trannies. It’s to weaken and ultimately destroy the existing social structure.
        The larger and more complex a social system is – and our society is very complex and getting more complex by the year – the easier it is to tear down. Just keep introducing “exceptions” to every behavior and institution that supports the status quo. Diversity is a weakness. Tolerance leads to destruction.

        1. Diversity can be strength. Tolerance is progressive.
          People like you would have us in caves fearing the thunder.

        2. I know that. That’s what I was replying to. Your reply was nothing but leftist memes. “Tolerance is progressive”. WTF does that mean? “Diversity [is] strength.” Straight out of the socialist handbook. You softened it by using qualifiers, but the meaning is the same.
          Use memes, no thought required.

        3. Nope! That’s original with me! Never read it anywhere else. Perhaps it could become meme but I doubt it. Not like Roissey’s “Diversity + Proximity = War.

  49. This article has left me in tears. I found it and because I was curious I decided to click on it and I really regret it. Having such an inclusive school is so important. I, personally, would love it if my school were like that.
    I’m a 14 year old non-binary teenager and although I doubt that you people will believe me or listen to what I have to say- it’s real. We are not “confused” or “lying”. I’m extremely upset right now and I don’t even know what I can say. I’m just going to leave this here (even though I probably shouldn’t).

    1. Don’t let these idiots upset you, they’re a small minority on the wrong side of history.

      1. So are transgenders.
        But fortunately, the suicide rate is even higher for postop transgenders than preop transgenders, so your minority is getting smaller every day.

    2. Seek professional help. Contrary to your own personal delusions and those of others, there are only two genders.

    3. Non-binary teenager? Can someone explain this deluded nonsense to me please?

  50. things like this are the result of a failed education system – one that teaches people to value a tiny minority of freaks the same as the dominant majority
    the schools need to do better

  51. Actually. …As it turns out we (I am a transsexual) do not really need to do that much to convert your children to our side or get a free peek at your wives and daughters in the bathroom. All we need to do is let you rant and spout your paranoid delusions. The “normal” people will see you for the bigoted, ignorant jackasses you are and flock to our rainbow banner.

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