Why Is Outspoken Feminist Charlize Theron Dating Alleged Woman-Abuser Sean Penn?

In 2008, actress Charlize Theron was designated as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, deciding to focus on eradicating violence against women. Theron’s upbringing in South Africa included the death of her father after her mother was ruled to have killed him in self-defense.

Some people may be skeptical about the legitimacy of this version of events, but I honestly believe the account proffered by Charlize and her mother: her father was an abusive alcoholic, one amongst a distinct minority of men. What is troubling, however, is Theron’s current enthralment with Sean Penn, whose domestic and other violent incidents are legendary within and outside Hollywood.

Most ROK readers will be familiar with Sean Penn’s infamous baseball bat explosion at Madonna in the 1980s, which resulted, spectacularly, in a mere misdemeanor on his record. Like a true Hollywood liberal, Penn is exonerated for actions which make Mel Gibson’s alleged outbursts look like a kindergarten birthday party.

He also served jail time for a serious assault on a photographer. Madonna had refused to press charges against Penn for his violence at the time, almost certainly because he was already facing incarceration for pummelling that photographer.

“Hey Madonna, wanna watch the Dodgers game with me and my baseball bat?”

Police reports about Penn’s later pugilist antics are in the public domain, including his bizarre scaling of a Malibu mansion to inform Madonna that he owned her like a chattel. One police lieutenant, when he came across Madonna after that same incident, described her as bleeding and unrecognizable.

It is not at all bewildering that she claimed then that Penn had tried to bind her multiple times, and that he only relented when she performed sexual activity on his person.

It may seem incongruous that ROK would pillory a man for behavior against a woman, given the climate of false or poorly “proven” domestic violence cases. Sean Penn, though, wholeheartedly deserves an exemption.

And Charlize Theron, admittedly lacking a comparable violent character, continues to engage in overt hypocrisy for even allowing Penn to court her. Her feminist talking spiels, in retrospect, look more like polished public relations exercises to promote herself and her films than an aspect she takes seriously in her own life.

Can some women ever resist the bad (and violent) boy?

There are a range of incidents, especially against the media, where Sean Penn should have been charged, convicted and jailed, but wasn’t. Hollywood privilege at its finest. Enjoy, Charlize.

Penn has fame, money, his own idiosyncratic form of “suave” and, although far from a favorite performer of mine, a fair degree of sophistication and range as an actor. Many or all of you may hate the themes of his films, his politics, his personal behavior or just him in general, but he is not close to “woeful” as a professional thespian. The “qualities” I mentioned have evidently appealed to Theron, who is rather short on potential male suitors with a similar celebrity name and standing as hers.

Even as she unleashes hell on the “sexism” of the world in her role as a celebrity social commentator and UN Goodwill Ambassador, she completely overlooks the relevance of her dating woman-bashing Sean Penn. A small amount of backward rationalization is all it takes for some people to consciously or unconsciously justify personal choices that vehemently contradict their public stances.

Theron might have excused Penn’s actions against Madonna, not to mention his violence towards the paparazzi and others, as a product of the inherent stress of being in the public limelight. Or perhaps it was substance abuse. Or just “being young” and now having grown up (in his 50s!).

Compounding the Madonna and other incidents perpetrated by Penn himself, Theron, as I already established, was a witness to and victim of domestic violence as a girl.

It staggers me that someone with that personal experience wouldn’t relate her father’s actions to the pure luck Sean Penn had in not permanently incapacitating or killing Madonna with that baseball bat, his fists or in some other manner. Or actively contemplate his additional rap sheet, including the items he was not charged for but should have been.

Do as I act and talk, not as I live in real life

Theron has waxed lyrical about the feminist themes in her films, notably her most recent venture, Mad Max: Fury Road. But when you closely examine her personal life, which doesn’t actually require much examination at all, she has shacked up with an inveterately violent and self-absorbed man.

Far from beating Madonna with his fists, Sean Penn chose an object many times harder. There are probably a litany of other situations we are not aware of. Maybe insurance companies now offer paparazzi members specialized “Sean Penn Protection Cover” for $2,499 a month.

Since when, under the touted definition, did feminism resort to condoning women cohabiting with and loving abusers of other women? Theron can talk about feminism and “sisterhood” all she wants, but her romantic choice as of this moment undermines any words emitted from her mouth and any credibility she has as a domestic violence advocate.

Talk is cheap, ultimately, and Theron simply does not deserve her status as a UN Goodwill Ambassador when you consider how it enhances her image and subsequent commerciality.

It’s high time that part-time, superficial feminists like Charlize Theron, who indirectly earn millions from their so-called “advocacy on the side,” start walking the walk they demand of the society around them.

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201 thoughts on “Why Is Outspoken Feminist Charlize Theron Dating Alleged Woman-Abuser Sean Penn?”

  1. There are a few truths here. Among them: Theron is a limousine liberal hypocrite; and Penn is no Alpha. His antics aside, he’s shacking up with a man hating feminist (recall that she symathetically portrayed a female serial killer prostitute who murdered her johns) well past her prime who plowed head-on into the wall at 90mph 10 years ago. Look at her pics from the Mad Max promotions. If this is the future, it will be a paradise for angry bull dykes, and a wasteland for boners.

    1. She’s still a cunt with a decent body. I’d fuck her too once she was wearing a gag.

  2. And Bill Clinton engaged in textbook sexual harassment, whilst getting head in the oval office from a young intern. He also had rape accusations against him deemed “the most credible I’ve ever seen” by a police investigator. But, come on, it’s BILL.

    1. How many times does the man have to say it. He did not, I repeat he did not have sexual relations with that woman.

  3. The all encompassing title of this article perfectly summarizes what this is. If I was Penn, I’d shoot for a 3-some involving none other than Scarlet Johansson.

    1. Welcome to reality my friend.
      What women say and what they really want, do, or believe is about as separate as is imaginable.
      One must NEVER listen to a woman’s words.
      How can you tell a woman is lying? Her lips are moving.

      1. Fair enough, although I believe it MUST be emphasised with regards to women, because the counter to it is what we’re indoctrinated with throughout our schooling & media for years. There are too many young betas scratching their heads at how the Emmas of the world – regardless of how much respect, sincere attention, companion & sensitivity they receive – never show lasting interest in them…and frequently go for rugby-playing alphas, and Sean Penns, instead of good old Joseph Gordon Levitts who just want to listen to The Smiths with them.

  4. Sean Penn is so small in stature, I doubt he could hurt anything with a baseball bat. It’s too bad he’s so liberal, men that small should have CCWs just to protect their vile, non-stop mouths from writing checks they can’t cash.
    That said, Charlize even allowing Sean to court her says two things:
    1) Social proof can matter more than stature.
    2) Charlize knows she’s about to hit the wall.

    1. Despite his stature(and his age), I still bet he could kick Theron’s ass without breaking a sweat.

      1. Not so sure after seeing the new Mad Max film,I mean have you seen how Theron kicks males asses into dirt?

    2. I believe I’ve read that he actually owns firearms.
      He just is very vocal about the idea that *we* shouldn’t own them. The man child is one of the biggest examples of “Better me than thee” and “I get privileges, you get shit” walking around in a pair of sneakers.

  5. No different than that Hogwarts slag getting all snarky and equalist at the U.N., then ensuring that she never dates a man less alpha than a prime masculine rugby player, whilst simultaneously belittling British men as too weak and tepid.
    Words = Nothing
    Actions = Everything

    1. Matthew Janney might look alpha on the field but when he’s around Emma Watson he behaves like a beta orbiter.

      1. He is kind of slumped shoulders around her.
        I’ll bet that what drew her to him initially was “Giant hunky super ripped aggressive rugby tough guy leader!”
        She seems like the ball busting kind though, no doubt that wears on a guy who is accidently alpha and doesn’t actually know game.

        1. It’s better to start out shitty with girls then learn your way up, instead of being a ‘natural’ at a young age due to social circle and athletics. All those guys end up getting played long term because they don’t understand the social status they had in school doesn’t exist anymore.

        2. You know the old saying:
          “No matter how good she looks, somebody somewhere is tired of her shit”.

        3. is she fucking the CEO on the last picture? it looks like him… hahah

        4. I read their individual body languages differently then either of you. He is literally projecting his image on the beach goers in supreme confidence. He is in incredible shape, a professional athlete known the world over, and dating a movie star. She on the other hand looks like a lost puppy, hoping it’s master never let’s go of her hand. Or perhaps her leash?
          This is what a real feminist looks like! When she actually gets alpha cock.
          Her “sistren” merely wish they could get what she has, and rightfully condemn her for the fraud she is. She is getting the pipe laid on her, and perhpas eventually said cock’s offspring implanted in her. She only pays them lip service.
          When she is happily married a decade from now, and that is a huge if, she will renounce her feminist ways as the mysterious stupidity of youth, and not care that while she was talking, her ex-rugby player husband was “Arnolding” the housekeeper.
          “Yaaaaaaaaaahhaaaa, I’m the frreagin choppa! Tell Rugby-masta you like it!”

        5. Apparently the loud outspoken alpha never ends up CEO. It’s usually the introverted one

        6. lol those comics are funny, only positive thing thats ever come out of that mental cancer of a site called SlutHate.

        7. Interesting comment, and I agree.
          These guys get blind-sided because they lack awareness. I remember a guy from one the Real World episodes back in 2009 or something. He hooked up with the hottest chick in the house, who was an absolute freak.
          It actually kind of shocked me at how freaky she was (bending over and spreading pussy lips) given how good looking she was. Usually at that level they’ve got at least a little modesty, but not this chick.
          Of course he gets serious with her and marries. Doesn’t last (how could I have ever predicted this…) and he moves on. This was also a very attractive guy who could get hot chicks no problem, but he’s not hip to the game.

        8. I wouldn’t be too sue about that. Most (male) CEOs are pretty extroverted. I think that’s almost universally true.
          They might not bag the best women but they’re the opposite of shy/introverted.

        9. Usually I would imagine the opposite… the nerd becoming CEO…

        10. All you are CEOs with Lambourghinis and massive dicks fucking other guy’s wives? Lolololololololo

        11. I was an introvert turned natural in high school. Sports such as wrestling, football and rugby changed me from a video game nerd to a guy with confidence in my new abilities and helped me to believe in myself for once (although I still love video games).
          As a single mother raised male who was lied to that didn’t stop the pain from bad experiences with women but that pain was good because it helped me become aware of their nature. Having the confidence to screw around with them but the awareness to know when to pull back and not fall into their traps is good. I play college ball for a small college in GA and I think sports (although hard as hell) are absolutely mandatory for guys with self esteem issues, pretty much cured mine almost entirely.
          As for CEOs and high value guys, they do tend to be naturally privileged dicks or introverted guys who got fed up and turned into dicks, either way, they still turned into dicks (and many of them coke and roidheads).

        12. Shy/introverted aren’t necessarily one in the same. I mean those men who keep their own company more often than not and don’t need attention from the world.

    2. Emma Cuntson fucks a large muscular rugby player, then goes on about how British men are too ‘reserved’ and need to view women as equal to them. What a dumb cunt. They aren’t even hiding their hypocrisy. It’s right there for you to see.
      Women are attracted to dominance and badboys.
      For normal non-rich girls, they fuck badboys then stick taxpayer with the bill to take care of the child.
      Responsibility and meekness are not attractive to them, but they decree every man should be subservient to them while they fuck alpha males.

      1. Women’s hypergamy is basically a mainstream concept at this point. Everyone knows women want alphas but men still simultaneously accept this idea that they should be white-knights at all times.
        It doesn’t get any more hypocritical than Emma Watson saying she thinks men should be more sensitive and beta while simultaneously dating an athletic rugby jock.

        1. “You nerds keep signing up for my he for she thing so we know who not to fuck..er I mean, so we know who the good men really are”

        2. I think it is weak men pushing this shit more than anyone else. I have always seen socialism as the tactic of the weak to defeat the strong. Women are easily manipulated by such ideas and make ready allies for weak men.

        3. I’m sure the hot jock pictured here signed her he-4-she. There is no contradiction between being a jock and a white knight or a jock and a feminist. You seem to be nursing the delusion that women must date unattractive men simply if those men espouse their ideals. Why should they when they can find attractive men who espouse the same ideals?

      2. Of course….it’s all bullshit. She preaches how other women should do it….not her.
        Again…it’s like dealing with big kids.

        1. They are just like children, temper tantrums, indecisiveness, Weak, ruled by emotional thinking.The scary part is , they get all the Rights of an Adult.

        2. They get all the privileges of an adult and protection of a child. A single mother is a child raising children and if things don’t go her way God have mercy on those children

      3. It is merely the use of the established propaganda machine to enable their own current, and future goals/projects.
        They are not this dumb, I hope, and are merely talking shop with the feminist crowd to boost their image.
        When the next propaganda machine, even if it outright hates women, gays, and minorities comes to power, Emma Watson and company will be right there to support it with whatever it needs of their celebrity.
        These tools thrive on the ignorance, and low info count of the unwashed masses to keep their lavish lifestyle, and self-aggrandizement going.
        Why is anyone ever surprised anymore is beyond me.

      4. welcome to the future, where all men are subserviant to women, apart from the 20% alpha men, that get to fuck them. the rest of men dont get anything, they are the eunuch slaves that keep society going and are a last resort/payslip to post wall slags after their looks fade.

        1. No the beta’s will get them. Eventually.
          Eventually when they are old and worn out at 35 and have had 50 dicks in them (generous lowball number btw) and are ready to settle down. Sad thing is that those sad fucks will actually feel like they won by getting the bitch.

        2. You do realize that you’re a beta, right? Alpha men arent emotional wrecks that hate women.

        3. How do I hate women? Haha please fuck off with ad hominem bullshit, typical SJW feminist, go somewhere else and cry about how ‘white menz r evil n da patriarchyz iz comin to get ya’.

      5. Has anyone confronted this broad with her overt hypocrisy? What did she say? I’m genuinly curious as to how the Hamster has rationalized the situation.

        1. Some still have balls, but they then have to apologize on tv the next day for demonstrating said balls (yet another espn reporter apologized for some such shit today).

        2. Challenging feminist hypocrisy? You’ll never get that in mainstream media.

        3. Bunch of yellow bellied turds indeed my friend, journalist is a job for pussys these days.

      6. “Need to View women as Equal to them”, emma watson is dating an alpha male rugby player, because she wants a type of Man that doesn’t view women as Equal to him. No woman is ever Satisfied dating a man who reminds her of her girlfriends.

        1. What’s fucked up is that once she hooks an alpha, she always tries to turn him into her girlfriend thinking that’s what she likes. Then he turns into one and she despises him.

      7. I don’t listen when one of the most privileged women in the world tells other privileged women they are oppressed and that men should be on her side. Her sense of entitlement is so out of control, she thinks because she opened her mouth the entire planet should do as she says, regardless of their situation or that they may be stuck in a hopeless cycle of war and starvation; I doubt she can even begin to comprehend being in that situation.

      8. I never understood why she gets so much praise for her supposed beauty, are British woman really that damn fat and ugly that this cunt can pass for hot?

      9. bro, if you complained less and worked your lat squats some more maybe you’d also be banging hot latinas in thailand

      10. I’m surprised she’s into men. That said, it is good to let women say what they want. Keeps them quiet and happy thinking you believe their fantasies while they clean your house and shine your knob…

      11. What’s your issue with her dating a muscular jock? Unless you buy into the misandric stereotype that jocks are dumb brutes or violent thugs or some other brand of unsavory. Everyone should be able to date the most attractive person they can get and there’s nothing wrong with that. I want a good girl with intelligence and character but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be physically attracted to every good, smart girl with character and therefore must date her to stay true to my word of wanting a good smart girl with character, does it? Am I allowed to hold out until I find a smart good girl with character who also has a face and body I’m attracted to? Yes I am! Same with women who want good guys. They are allowed to hold out for the good guys with the face and bodies they lust for.

    3. And in the end these “liberal” (generally) women love the alpha cock. The problem is they vote for the state to be alpha too, and to do whatever it wants as well.

    4. The explanation is actually pretty obvious when you think into it…. hypocrisy aside, these women’s romantic nature is to find a ‘fixer upper’ …. they want to change the man… that’s what gives them a clit boner….

    5. I can remember the relationship (plus all the shit) between Sean Penn and Madonna….it was all over the news.
      Charlize is old enough and she should know better. The hypocrisy to date this guy and call herself a champion for battered women is ridiculous. How could any woman take her seriously at this point?
      Plus..she’s approaching the wall, fast…..she’s not the same as 10 yrs ago…that ship has sailed. But, you have to wonder how damaged is this woman, too?

      1. The fact she claims she’s a feminist makes no need to wonder how damaged she is. It’s a given.

      2. Yep, you can see that the wall is only a couple years away in that picture with Penn posted above.

    6. Stellar comment. 99.9% of the problems young men face, could be solved by this axiom: Don’t LISTEN to women, just LOOK at how they behave.
      Feminism, along with progressivism in general, has become a mark of sophistication among our elites; political correctness is also the code of good manners. Young women SAY these things to feel smart and sophisticated, to conform to the values of this class, and they’re rewarded for it – they’re complimented, praised, celebrated – but how they BEHAVE almost invariably contradicts this.
      Just as is the case with priests who preach celibacy (and almost always fail at practicing it): no matter how good it makes you feel about yourself, what you preach doesn’t change your biology. Once our young men understand this as it relates to women and social engineering, virtually everything is solved.

    7. Emma Watson’s UN speech was just embarrassing, it was like hearing a 15 year old talk about her utopian fantasies
      why did they even give her a platform?

    8. Women love to talk the talk but at the end the of the day, they all love a Bad Boy. All of them.
      Whatchugonna do when they come for you…?

    9. So what she’s dating a hot jock? I’m an egalitarian myself but I won’t date a woman, no matter how good, smart, “equal” she is, unless I’m physically attracted to her as well. Just because someone espouses ideals doesn’t mean they have to date people who are not sexually attractive.

  6. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Theron in “Young Adult” played that role to a tee, perhaps too well. Methinks she could be more like the unhinged character of said film than she realises. Baaaaaatshit krazzzzeeeee……

  7. exactly. it’s incredibly easy to share stupid memes with advice you never follow yourself.
    then you have the most intelligent woman on earth tweeting that she would be a good counselor on people’s lives, because she has good advice. in the same tweet, though, she admits that her own life is a wreck. hmmm, oh well, maybe we should listen to her, because she’s smart:

  8. “Do as I act and talk, not as I live in real life”
    Most Hollywood is very pro environment, fighting global warming but travel in private jets polluting tons of CO2 and owning mansion in seconds more than a person will in a month.
    Beyonce is a feminism icon, while her husband call women hoes and bitches in his songs.

    1. Beyonce is all about women empowerment, yet her career is based off shaking her ass being half naked

      1. Sluttery & Whoredom IS bitch empowerment, along with incessant whining and manipulation. Did I also mention the whining?

        1. Yup, just get out there and Shake your sex bits ladies, that’s strength, and when any man get’s turned on by the display, shame him! Feminism 101.

      2. Yeah her and all the other female empowerment women that shake their ass for a living.

        1. It’s pretty pathetic the state of modern music, reading those lyrics, even a child in kindergarten could have come up with something more creative…

        2. Pop trash is no longer even music. You could literally get a chimp or smart dog to understand beyonce’s lyrics if you took a few hours to teach them. I took six writers to repeat two lines over and over?

        3. My friend’s teen was listening to some rap crap- the lyrics essentially were “Im different, Im different, Im different…”
          He had to ask her “What the FUCK are you listening to? Its the same lyrics over and over!”

        4. It’s lowest common denominator lyrics…it’s not about what the music “says” it’s about how the beat “feels…” Hip Hop is for the ignorant masses, and the Left has produced a massive number of these consumers. Queen was for the PRODUCERS we ruled the world, and the worst of us became progressive-collectivists. Unbelievable.

      3. Is that really you in your photo? You like a pedophile. No wonder you can’t get laid.

        1. Instead of following me and name-calling, how about posting your pic so we could see what you look like? You sure do have a lot of hate towards other men. Funny how you’re the white knight making assumptions that I don’t get laid. Continue rescuing women online and see how far that will get you

        2. Not nearly as much hate as you guys have towards yourselves. Otherwise y’all wouldn’t be MRAs now, would you?
          Do you guys have a script or something you follow whenever someone calls you out on your shit? “White knight”… LOL You’re so predictable. I’ll admit, I’m a little disappointed. I was expecting some level of banter out of this… but you’re just pathetic.
          And what did I tell you? Going Josh Duggar on your sister doesn’t count as getting laid!

        3. Who said I was MRA? And why would I give you banter for? All you’re doing is attacking me with name calling and making assumptions about me. You’re trolling me and defending hoes. It’s clearly obvious you’ve got a lot of hate towards a better man.

        4. Man you shouldn’t use your real face on your account to comment, you have no idea how far whiteknights and SJW’s go to find people and destroy their lives, they are borderline sociopathic.

    2. Ha, I was just about to bring this up. “Feminism” is just a “I’m such a good woman” moral righteousness thing. Have you seen the “Partition” music video by any chance? The entire song and video is just Beyonce being subservient to Jay. I believe the lyrics go, “take all of me…I just wanna be that girl you like…the kinda girl you like”
      Of course, liberal feminists could say that part of feminism is giving women the freedom to behave antithetical to its ideals…but we over here know what’s really going on.
      This is all dedicated to the same guy who has a song called “Big Pimpin”, featuring 100 of borderline naked girls in the music video, as well as one called “I Love Girls”, where he talks about them in the most “collecting baseball cards” fashion. Nevermind his classic “if you having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one”. Haha.

      1. Whenever I hear that song I sing “I got 99 bitches, but a problem aint one”.
        It drives chicks wild, after a few seconds of “WTF did he just say?”.

    1. Why would a man who is 45 date a woman near his own age when he can date a woman who is 30?

      1. 30? More like 25 if he has his shit together.

        1. Any man who has a solid grasp of his life and control of his environment should never accept a woman who is less than ten years younger. My uncle is a perfect example and role model. Now well into his fifties, he regularly has short-term girlfriends in their early 20s.

  9. “As you sow, so shall you reap.”
    Us, our fathers, and our grandfathers bought into the bullshit that women were ‘born human’ 40 years ago… Now we are simply reaping the rewards of that laziness and lack of direction and discipline.
    Spare the rod and spoil the woman.

    1. Women are quite human. Perhaps too much so, heh. The problem, as you noted, is a severe lack of properly applied discipline that women (and humans in general) require. One simply cannot allow an individual or set of individuals to do as thou wilt without the necessary application of consequences. It is an unfortunate aspect of human nature.

      1. Women has always been able to get away with more compared to men. With the recent “liberation” where they have been encouraged even more to act like bitches, this is especially true.

      2. Most people don’t see the connection between the crowleyesque “Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law”, the cult of feminism (which is deeply connected to Wiccanism and other occultism, the direct descendant of Crowley’s work), and the modern destruction of discipline and the rule of man, the only civilizing influence.

        1. I said “should”. And no western male in this day and age should be getting married anyways.
          Especially if he’s successful.

    1. Haha I love this cartoon like image… just because it tells the reality in one picture. Kids need to see this so they know how to avoid venus fly trap in their future.

    2. Only one small flaw with this picture, the female in the 2nd panel is now a “hag”, NOT a chick.
      He should be saying, “Beat it, Hag!”

  10. Good evening, gentlemen.
    It gave me great pleasure reading this exquisite article.
    But when I got to “Hey Madonna, wanna watch the Dodgers game with me and my baseball bat?” I Loled my ass off.
    What we can learn from this article is :
    No1. Never believe a woman.
    No2. Actions talk louder than words.
    No3. Feminists like rough-sex too don’t cha’ know ?

  11. I always thought she was hot a long time ago, until I saw that movie “Monster”. Never saw her the same since. The character she played was so repulsive and reminded me of so many other flannel shirt wearing dykes I’ve seen before, that I just cannot see her the same again.
    But again, women are hypergamous irrational hypocrites. If a guy has fame, money, & power, all bets are off. Reminds me of women in the past that have married and had kids with men that were mass murdering dictators and mafia gangster types. If the money and luxury is there, the female will ignore anything else associated with that man. She will pursue her hypergamous desires at any cost.

  12. it seems like feminazi women are closet submissive and need and secretly want stronger alpha to put her in her place privately. In public, they want to be known as the “feminist who fights for women justice” when in bedroom, they probably would fantasize being tied up and fucked real hard.

    1. It’s clear at this point that’s what she needs. I hope Sean Penn is providing her with all the dominance and abuse she’s been begging for.

    2. Exactly. I know a lot of them and underneath their “strong, independent woman” nonsense, what they really want is a guy to take control of them inside and outside the bedroom.
      Of course, many of them are conflicted from their own primal sexual urges and what the media and their fellow feminazis want them to be. If they give in to their urges, many feel guilty afterwards and make up a bullshit sexual assault allegation.

    3. Yeah, I’ve noticed this as well. I think there’s some overcompensating for guilt. Generally, the more insecure a woman is about how much she needs men – masculine men – the more likely she is to identify as a feminist. It’s the cognitive dissonance of people who’ve been indoctrinated with nonsense about equality, wondering why on Earth they aren’t attracted to the beta males they *know* they’re supposed to be attracted to, based on years of indoctrination. I know this fugly lesbian feminist, and all the girls she dates are these caricatures of masculinity. It’s like blackface in a sense, watching these poseurs trying to act like us. But nonetheless, it’s that contradiction I love. You’re a lesbian feminist, and all the WOMEN you’re dating are FARCICALLY “masculine”. Lol. The insanity of the contemporary West.

      1. Right on. And I never can figure out why some women will go for revoltingly ugly dykes doing a bad imitation of men, rather than go for the real thing if masculinity is what they presumably want.

    4. It doesn’t matter what you want to do or have done to you in the bedroom – that’s a matter of sexual tastes and as long as anyone involved is consenting and happy, who gives a fuck. Wanting to be fucked hard and dominated Khal Drogo style does not contradict a woman’s potential fundamental belief in equality outside the bedroom. Sex and politics are separate things and wanting to be dom/sub in the bedroom doesn’t mean a the entire relationship isn’t built on equality and companionship. (This isn’t a comment on Sean Penn and Charlize Theron btw.)

      1. Emma Watson on one hand criticized men for pursuing women too aggressively then on the other hand hand criticizes British men for being too timid and not pursuing women strongly enough. Charlize claims to be an ambassador for battered women then dates a woman basher, surely you can see the hypocrisy in that. I know you said you weren’t commenting on them but it’s the same principle.

      2. I don’t think you understood my comment. Go read it again.

  13. I had a friend he had a joke a long time ago before feminists hit defcon 2 level. His was ..Why did the feminist cross the road?……. To suck my dick. Crude but pretty accurate. As much as they want to bash men. They still cant keep away from a bad boy especially if their father was one. Hence the duplicity of women.Thay talk a good game until a bad boys cock is in their mouth.

    1. Feminists live out their lives in some space in between alpha males who won’t respect them, and beta males who feminists don’t respect. Its a nowhere land of their own creation that they are trapped in, unable to relate to males.

  14. Off Topic, but the F her right in the P has now replaced BaBaBooey! IMO.

  15. Penn can afford his own lawyer, but do we even know what really happened with madonna? Its not difficult do imagine her IRL as manipulative shrew who played provoke and respond, and baited Penn into action, and then hyped it beyond what happened. Never should have married the wench, short term dating, pump and dump, that’s about it. Penn got a real life education in why successful men need to be aware of RPT.

  16. She has no kids. Seems pretty feminist to me.
    And no, her adopted hanger on doesn’t count, that’s a status symbol.

    1. Consider – her beauty will never be passed along. It ended with her (her youth).

  17. Just a textbook case of “observe how they act and not how they talk”.
    Nothing new.

  18. The whole idea that we look to celebrities for any kind of truth or life-advice is absurd. I think Dave Chappelle puts it well…

    1. You do realize the irony you just did there, right? heh

  19. No, no see… that rhetoric is just for undesirable “creeper” men. It doesn’t count if it’s rich, Hollywood aristocracy.

  20. Penn was exonerated for beating up women while Mel Gibson was excortiated for far less? Mel Gibson is an Irish Catholic; Penn is a member of the tribe. That’s all you need in Jew run Hollywood.
    I think the little Jew-boy beat up his wife Robin Wright, also. He likes beating up those Shiskas.
    These White women get what they deserve for bedding down with Jews.

    1. If I could find the bill burr bit on Mel flipping out about her getting his Lakers tickets, I woulda posted it

      1. No. Patrice O’Neal on O&A breaking down the Mel Gibson rant tapes – classic.

        1. Positively. I love comedy. Patrice could break down a situation, analyze it and speak the truth. You might not agree, but you had to respect his keen base way of dissecting the situation and telling it like it is.
          RIP Big Guy.

  21. Just make him the Emperor of Haiti. He wants that title, so give it to him already

  22. With all due respect, any “goodwill” ambassador of an organization that has the six worst human rights abuser nations on it’s panel of human rights violations is a joke of a tool at best, Theron, or a tool of that organization. Possibly our last two-five presidents for sure.
    The UN is a shadow of itself, if it was ever anything but a false projection to begin with?

      1. Maybe the last thing he wants is a bozo 20 something getting knocked-up and having the IQ of a turnip.

  23. Uptown girl, she’s been living in her uptown world, I beat she never had a backstreet guy …
    Well, he played one in the movies, anyway.

  24. Because women are starved for fatherly discipline, but cry to the authorities as soon as someone wacks them for their shit. They can’t go an hour without contradicting themselves.

  25. I think the answer is fairly obvious (regarding the question posed in the title). It’s one of two things:
    1. Sean isn’t a senseless woman beater, maybe it’s all just overblown.
    2. Theron realises that sometimes the woman deserves a beating.
    I will now go and read the article.

  26. In the near future men will have sexbots of pleasant, cooperative, helpful females. Females will want robots that smack them around and rape them.

    1. I want my bot to have an extendable and expandable penis. Also I want a nice warming heater in in his botdick. Maybe a few smooth bumps that move around. Perhaps a snap on french tickler, or maybe…..

      1. But do you want him to spank you or smack you around, maybe grab and rape you unexpectedly?

        1. He’s a bot and my bot and I will sit down and chat about it and decide what we like and what we want to do.

  27. So whats the point ? Women like violent bad boys ? Women are hypocrites ? The liberal media is a cesspit of hypocrites ? Its maybe a nice post scriptum to the botched Mad Max feminist flick and all the big mouth wannabe feminists out there.Can´t beat 300 k of evolution through social engineering.Women will be women.

    1. Sean Penn is 5.8. Another male that would be filtered out by women using online dating, no matter his accomplishments in life.

      1. A short man is filtered out because looks do matter for women as well. Just like a fat woman would be filtered out immediately even if she was a virgin, cooked like a 5* chef and would be willing to do anything to get a relationship, marriage and a family. She’d be passed over in favor of double-latte Starbucks-going, bleach-haired, overtanned simpletons with tramp stamps and criminal records because she’s not attractive enough. After the relationship with the bimbos fades away due to their previous abortions, STDs or kids out of wedlock, men will go and rant about it in a place like this one.
        Note: No, I am not fat. I am just making a point that’s quite similar to the argument raised by this article- saying one thing, and doing the other. If men truly valued quality women and only gave those quality women the time of the day, places like MGTOW and this overall jadedness and pandemic mistrust in women wouldn’t exist.

        1. This doesn’t make sense. The men who go to this website are not tired of having one-night stands with the “bimbos” and actually prefer it to dating a woman like you talk about (because they believe women’s nature is inherently harmful if not controlled).
          And the part about not dating a fat woman – this is simply not true at all. Perhaps 25-50% of the male population is – as this site would describe it – thirsty betas who will take literally anything. There are men who will date fat women, but they’re just probably not the woman’s first choice. The woman who you described is also NOT at all unattractive skill-wise, so she would have a much larger pool of men willing to date her. Everyone cares about appearance, but most men are willing to date women below their standards if there’s something to make up for it.
          Also weight can be controlled, height cannot. So this is not a fair comparison. Not that it matters I guess, life is not fair and the no one cares about unattractive people – men and women – struggling

        2. Weight can be controlled, now put down the oreo double stuffs and lite beer from miller and stop blaming men for your personality control issues.
          Ketsune = overweight feminist

        3. You sound really uneducated, pardon my saying. Are you American? 🙂
          I am neither overweight nor feminist, and I certainly don’t like oreos or beer.
          Maybe women don’t like short men because that’s unattractive, just like a man would feel about a woman towering over him? Sure, there are exceptions, but there’s also the rule?
          Why does this shortness argument have to be such a big, mysterious conspiracy? How isn’t it clear that some men are more attractive than others and yes, status, money and power in a man do matter, height being a huge attractiveness vector?
          I thought you people were all about evolutionary theories- how women should submit, how men should be the alphas and rule-making achievers? Well yes, there you have it. If a short man is hot and successful like Sean Penn, he’s going to fuck women like Charlize Theron, to use the author’s example.
          If a man is short and looks like George Constanza, he will NOT fuck women who look like Charlize Theron. The end.

        4. Here is where you are making the fallacy. You consider that height in a man, versus fatness in a woman cannot be compared, because they are two different situations. That is perfectly true from a logical point of view.
          My example with the fat chick referred to the number one ‘attraction killer’ in a man, physically speaking- a woman’s fat body. Regardless of the woman being what my previous comment said (sexually inexperienced thus ‘good’, a good cook, a good nurturer and good partner), the simple fact that she has a fat body would instantly kill the drive of 99% of men to interact with her. No man would even come close to a fat woman, even if ‘on the inside’ she’d be ‘perfect’.
          In the same manner, the #1 attraction killer in a woman is shortness in a man. Before a woman gets to know about his accomplishments or wealth (which do change the game), she is instantly put off by his stature. Just like men are biologically wired to be attracted to small waists and sexy hips, long hair, full breasts, etc., women are also wired to like tall, physically well-built men, large shoulders, deep voices, etc.
          Men are mostly attracted to a woman’s physical qualities and nothing much. In contrast, women are attracted to everything that has to do with that man’s ‘manliness’- success, money, wealth, position in the society, background, competitiveness etc. and yes- physical height and size.
          Sorry for the belated comment otherwise 🙂

        5. They certainly can be compared in the results they cause, but not the causes of the condition itself. I’m a very short guy and I understand – I decided very early that wealth and a good job are 100% a necessity for me (where they would not be for other men if they were taller). Though I understand, the cause doesn’t matter.
          I also think though that attraction is more complicated than you give it credit for being. Just looking at someone and thinking “s/he is hot” is not, but an actual connection (both physically and emotionally) is. People tend to ignore or reduce the bad qualities and focus on the good in your appearance when they like your personality. When I was still in high school, a very attractive girl showed obvious interest in me after she got to know me. I was inexperienced and awkward back then so I didn’t do anything from that, but it stuck with me.
          I’ve experienced this in reverse a few times too. There have been girls who I was very attracted to, but after getting to know them (shallow, vapid, stupid) I was no longer attracted.
          Honestly, while I wouldn’t want to date an obese woman, I would definitely date an overweight woman if she had other qualities I wanted (very few girls do, that’s why), like non-feminist, polite, not needy.

  28. This is my question: why is anyone surprised that she’s shacking up with this asshole? 1. She’s damaged goods due to childhood trauma of watching her mother being abused by her father, whom the mother subsequently shot and killed.
    2. Due to her emotional fragility, she joined a profession filled with a bunch of beta male and female attention whores whose sole objective in life is to say, “look how special I am” through their work and be lavishly rewarded for same.
    3. She peddles herself to fragrance/cosmetics houses to get even more of that attention/cash payoff.
    4. She obviously subscribes to that violent asshole = strong man paradigm that so many other women do.
    Where’s the surprise?

  29. What many liberated women conveniently forget is that with equal rights comes equal responsibility…Theron is merely a fugurehead for the self-decieving hypocrisy of a great many western women. When the shit hits the fan, or rather n the case of Penn and Theron the baseball bat hits the head, expect the usual doublethink, logical fallacies and weak excuses.

    1. All mainstream actors, actresses are liberal communist. So, responsibility is always a mute concept with them. Liberated (feminazi dyke) women hate the truth. Why do you think all of them support taking away free speech, and destroying the Constitution?

  30. Didn’t bother to read the article, but I can tell you the answer from the title: it’s because he’s a real man and only losers take shit from their girlfriends. Man up or gtfo

  31. From the article:
    her father was an abusive alcoholic, one amongst a distinct minority of men.
    Should be followed immediately by:
    The Mick ham is an abusive alcoholic, one amongst many pasty Irish drunk dirtbags.

  32. He’s an asshole, she’s an idiot. And there’s no way I will ever spend a dime on either one. They can both go fuck themselves.

  33. IS it wrong that I pretty much skimmed out through most of this article, yet could not look away from the pic of Penn with Madonna?
    I mean DAMN, she looked really good back in the day. Now; not even, if at all.
    When the warrenty is up, it’s up.

  34. Because in the end, she’s a slut like most girls in today’s society are when they’re younger….oh wait she’s a grown woman, guess some never change. The feminist fight for “more than equal rights”, well where’re the men to right for our “equal” rights? Men face the worse end of it in the U.S. also, but no one speaks up, there’re no organizations that fights for Men’s rights similar to the feminists organizations who fight for more than equal rights….here’re some examples of what I mean and it’s only a few, I can write a book on this topic if I cared to:
    I’ll post this again to show that society has double standards all around. Men should start fighting for their rights as well, since these double standards seems perfect to all feminists who helped implement them. What equal rights? Men do not have it better or easier. In the U.S. issues for men are just as bad, if anything worse. Here are some double standards that are overlooked and considered normal here.
    The Medical Field in general, statistically they say that men don’t go get check up as much as women, yet no one knows why or claim that they do not. Well ask any male and you’ll find out why. In the U.S. men are left on display for everyone to see, and it’s the norm here. Even in situations where there’s no reason to be exposed, they will if you’re a male. Most of the medical workers are female and they tend to cover up the female body right away. Men they leave naked (completely undressed) even if there’s no need, especially if you’re unconscious when you get to the ER. Most men just follow along because they don’t even know the basic HIPAA laws that hospitals don’t care about this when it comes to male privacy as well. The comparable would be a female exposed with legs wide open spread eagle….that’s the equivalent if you want to compare it to a male being exposed.
    Another one are female sports reporters being able to go into the men’s locker room even while athletes are completely naked. Their reasoning is that they’re being discriminated against due to being female and it’s unfair. The feminists movement fought for this and somehow got it to past legislature. Where are the male activists to fight against this? We have no one fighting for men’s rights, so things like this happens. Again the equivalent of this would be male reporters in the female athletes locker room while they’re spread open for all to see…..that’s the only comparison. See how ridiculous that sounds, that’s because it is, but yet it’s accepted as a norm for men to go through that, but not women. Also male athletes are the pinnacle of male society, not the same for women…..so really the equivalent would be the a male reporter inside the locker room of miss universe or other pageants while they were naked and spread…..think about that. Male reporters are not even allowed in the lockers rooms while the female athlete’s are undressed, let alone legs spread apart…..so why are female reporters allowed in locker rooms while men are naked and on full display? This should be illegal, and if not, then let the men inside when the female athlete’s are naked….then and only then it would be “equal”
    Another one in the U.S. is male circumcision. The main reason given is that left uncircumcised, men are more prone to infections and such, and it’s unclean. We all know that a vagina is a lot more “unclean” than a penis, why are women not subjected to parts being cut off? Another ridiculous feminist idea that everyone just accepted. Less than 5% of the U.S. are of the religions where this practice is a tradition, so why is the circumcision rated around 80%. The ironic part about this is that women are voluntarily cutting their vaginas themselves because when they get older or if it’s to “ugly” they want the option to make it look better. Look up vaginal rejuvenation, or Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty. So women make this choice by themselves, but they took it away from men, they make that choice for men also. How fucking boldface is that?
    All of this will change in time as later generations would see how backward thinking the people of our time were and they’ll look back in disbelief. An example of that in current day is now we look back at the days when men were only allowed to swim if they were naked or nude while women were fully clothed. Seems unreal but it’s true. Now a man would go against swimming naked, because it’s unheard of today. Isn’t being forced to swim naked in front of the opposite gender backward, wrong an invasion of your human rights? Which one of you all would do that now in front of women who’re fully clothed? So why are men not fighting for their rights in the medical environment or in the locker rooms. Male modesty is out there but the feminists only fight to take it away. They don’t fight for equal rights, they fight for more.
    Time changes everything, and the double standards that we see today will change as well. Later generations will look back and wonder what was wrong with ours. We’ll be labeled as a backward civilization just as how we look back and label past civilizations as such, and they’ll be right to say that.

  35. because they are alike, and likeness attracts even when on opposite sides of the fence. Power to do what one wants is a likeness they share.

  36. Does this surprise anyone? Liberal theme “I am not bound by my words… you are”…
    “Stop accusing me, of what I am doing… You are delusional for believing that, you asshole” That last line I stole from an argument one of my exes… Turns out she is a borderline personality… The more I see and hear liberals, the more I am sure that all of them are psychotic Borderlines.

  37. Some thoughts on this: she’s clearly the bigger/stronger of the two, has gone through a few nightmares in her life, and seems plenty able/used to handling herself and keeping his antics and temper in their place. She grew up watching her mom take care of business. Penn is probably a delight by comparison.
    Furthermore, Penn might have mellowed out and dialed back the aggression a few notches, or he might have changed, given he’s older and has maybe had time to reflect.
    In short, I think these two are both self-aware and know what they’re doing. She wears the pants, and maybe he’s tired of them.

  38. It’s rather pathetic to see how many men think an article criticizing a hypocrite celebrity’s ‘feminism of convenience’ is the perfect place to spout off with blatantly misogynist comments. Way to criticize one woman’s BS feminism by illustrating the spot-on legitimacy of real feminists’ complaints about sexist and abusive men.

    1. Way to attempt to deflect problems with feminism by use of the No True Scotsman fallacy.

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