When Women Abuse Authority To Commit Violence

Last week, a piece of world news grabbed media attention when, on the streets of the capital in unrest-torn Burundi, officers clashed with dozens of rioters who had taken to the street to demonstrate against President Pierre Nkurunziza’s controversial bid for a third term in office.

A female police officer had shot at unarmed protesters at point-blank range with a Kalashnikov during those protests in Burundi.


The video footage showed the female officer looking agitated as she and her fellow officers slowly moved towards the rioters, who stood pressed against a brick wall. Moments later a brief scuffle between one of her colleagues and a rioter led to her inexplicably shooting at the unarmed man from no more than ten feet.


And just seconds after the shots were fired, the policewoman was punched, kicked, and dragged along the streets of Bujumbura by a furious mob who managed to separate her from her colleagues. However, the female officer’s colleagues eventually managed to get between her and her attackers, enabling her to flee to safety with only minor injuries.

Considering the size of the mob and their crazed nature (they even stuck a dead owl to a stick to mock the ruling party) one wonders at the logic of the female officer’s decision to open fire on the unarmed protester—which only served to further ignite the mob’s fury and already volatile situation.

And, at the same time, the thought which came to mind looking at the pictures in which she was dragged away to safety by her male colleagues was that: eggs are precious, sperms are dispensable—even in that part of the world, no matter how unjustified and stupid the actions of those eggs might have been.

Meanwhile, the story was sensationalized for the “harrowing” images of how the policewoman was kicked, punched, and nearly killed. But the looming questions remain: was her attack justified to begin with? What was she thinking when she inexplicably pulled the trigger on the unarmed protester? Do women understand the difference between a protest and a provocation?

What would have been the public reaction if this instead had occurred in the backdrop of our modern societies? Would our societies then be instead apologetically defending the female officer in question, and further demonizing the unarmed protester?

With the increasing globalization of modern social constructs like feminism into underdeveloped parts of the world, the problem intensifies even further when authority is invested into the hands of women who would be unknowingly and blindly following the footsteps of their feminist and deluded sisters of modern societies.

While it could be argued by some that the guilty female officer was probably not so “intellectually or emotionally developed” for her inexplicable decision, as compared to her “intelligent” modernized sisters in developed societies, the real problem remains unaddressed: that the feminist ideology of investing equal authority to women (wherever they may be) is ridiculously erroneous, especially in law enforcement.

It would also be erroneous to accept the hypocritical reasoning that such women who abuse power were only following “orders,” and thus were guiltless. True equality cannot exist because of this hypocrisy—and if men are vilified for unprovoked violence, then women should also be judged for unjustified violence (which usually rarely happens). But the hypocrisy extends to others aspects of contemporary life globally.

The modern double standards of gender violence


Men have always been portrayed as more violent than women, and even more so in our modern gyno-centric societies where men have become increasingly demonized by contemporary culture and women are glorified as the better, “kinder” halves of men.

But in today’s world, with gender equality and influx of women into positions of both social and law-enforcement authority, it makes no surprise to note that women are today more prone to violence than ever before, committing the same atrocities what they have traditionally vilified men of doing in the past.

This has even permeated marriages with instances of female-on-male domestic violence rising today as an unspoken truth. To add to that, the terrible consequences of lopsided domestic violence laws continue to embolden women onto the path of degeneracy in modern societies, while feminism and its covert forms continue to be peddled globally in the name of female empowerment.

What we are looking at is a worst case scenario where women globally are increasingly irresponsible in restraining their violent impulses not only on in a social context, but in positions of authority as well.

The irony in this picture is of modern men indoctrinated to believe that women are to be saved, and thus they continue to suffer willingly unless being deprogrammed by the red pill.

Power and authority can corrupt, and women are not immune to their corrupting influence in the long run. History has had many examples of women abusing authority to exact violence – and more so in recent times, thanks to feminism taking away female restraint and investing more authority on them.



The incident in Burundi sums up one important truth about female nature: that there is little difference in women—whether throughout history or in their core nature throughout the world. While the actions of the mob may not have been right, neither was the female officer’s.

At the same time, this incident, like many such others, poses an important question: would giving authority to women in law enforcement (wherever it may be) be judiciously right when evidence shows that women themselves are becoming more masculinized globally and increasingly violent in today’s world?

With the limits and responsibilities on her behavior lifted by feminism and authority being given to her at historically unprecedented levels, a woman’s proclivity for violence under the right circumstances cannot be ignored.

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84 thoughts on “When Women Abuse Authority To Commit Violence”

    1. Yet we are the most sexualized society and encourage it with any sex (or in-betweeners), race, religion, and quantity. I have no doubt sex with minors of a certain age (say, 14-17) or animals will cease to be a crime at some
      juncture. But violence? Vigilantism? Taking matters in your own hands when the law and courts simply won’t? Bad, bad!
      Enjoy the decline.

      1. glad to see you’re able to discern the smaller issues from the bigger picture
        And this “decline” will only be enjoyed by the pathetic little dogs who let it happen without the balls to fight it. The same kinds of beta losers who let other people boss them around their entire lives. Despite the criminal gang mentality becoming so popular, it does make me laugh still to watch these submissives obediently parrot their masters.

      2. I have a 16 year old niece. If any guy messes with her I will buy a one way ticket back to Canada and end his world.

        1. You are an idiot. I say this as the father of grown daughters. Teenage girls are all fucking and sucking, and abusing the immense sexual power they enjoy so much, in this sick society. So who is messing with who? These are not innocent virgins praying to mother Mary for guidance; they are sluts in a slut culture. I tried not to know what was going on for sake of my own sanity.

        2. Well maybe me and my brother-in-law did not raise a whore. So who is the idiot, whore-breeder?

      3. ”I have no doubt sex with minors of a certain age (say, 14-17)
        To be fair sex at such ages used to be allowed at such ages in pre-industrial era down to ancient and primitive times with the caveat that they were considered young adults and held responsible accordingly. For example my grandfather on my mother’s side married when he was 16 years of age.
        Agreed with the rest of your comment.

  1. Women are susceptible to commit gut wrenching crime just like men. But of course in this incredibly gynocentric world, feminazis and manginas will drum up any excuse however convulted to justify the female criminals.
    A woman killed her husband in cold blood: Oh the bastard must be abusive
    Mother murdering own child: That poor thing must be in distraught living in this patriarchal world
    Woman slashing man’s face with glass shards : That creepy pig must have provoked the poor thing.

    1. “There are approximately 1.21 million abortions in America each year”
      “it’s trendy to have an abortion don’t ya know”
      How would you like it , if you we’re instead, aborted?
      “- About one in four woman will have an abortion in her lifetime”
      Hmm, IS that not the taking of a life?

      1. Wow. Who wants to start a photo meme of this?
        “I got raped… when the concession stand ran out of jujyfruits.”

    2. In the case of this female officer, it looked like it may have been a panic shot, fired from a poorly trained individual. You can see in the video that proper firearms handling procedure is not being followed. This woman should never have been issued a firearm and sent front line into a riot. But it’s east Africa so the training is probably substandard. I’m amazed that she lived.
      In the US , accidental discharge of firearms by police officers, transit cops, etc… have killed many people over the years. You can find youtubes of some of them.

    3. Exactly. But knowing what I know now, I always give men the benefit of the doubt, and ask, what could’ve provoked him to do that? Also, judging by the comments I see on mainstream news articles, more and more people (both men and women) are starting to show empathy for men–particularly on very gynocentric articles. So, there is some hope.

  2. Everything went to shit after that Ma Ramotswe opened her no1 ladies detective agency

  3. A big part of the problem is that because women are weaker both physically and psychologically there is much less leeway between where they can use persuasion and physical force to control things and the point where they feel in danger enough that LETHAL force is the only way they feel they can protect themselves and keep control.
    A properly trained male would know and be able to use non-lethal force more effectively before ever needing to move into the lethal zone. This is a difficult situation to begin with, pretending women are suited in putting people in more danger.

    1. American men for the past fifty years have been getting worse in that regard. Think: the barroom hero whose main tact is to sucker punch. Doesn’t take much guts to do that.

    1. Funny thing about women is that they are more likely to torture than men are if they don’t think they’re being watched. Also, whereas men generally are only willing to torture if they think it’s deserved, women don’t have that sort of qualms.

      1. I’ve read- not verified- that among the Native Americans torture was a job given to the women of some tribes.

  4. Why do we even have to tell ourselves that we have to defend ourselves from violence from women? Violence is sexless and should be punishable without thought of sex. In the wild if a female animal attempted that on a healthy fully functional male she would be torn to bits with no hesitation

    1. Violence is a human problem. Which we ascribe as inherent in the male sex which is completely reprehensible.
      Women historically only committed violence in concurrence with their capabilities like poisoning or stabbing a sleeping person or shooting.

  5. I’m surprised that this happened in some third world country. But at least their crowds aren’t as dead as our crowds here in America. The crowd pulled the female cop and tried to beat her ass. Here if it happened in America, the crowd will try to take their phone, snap some camera video shots, maybe yell some obscenities, and hold protests with signs later on and then forgetting about the shit next day and not giving any toot worth. Of course if the crowd here in America tried to save the man, the entire cop units will go nuts and American government will declare martial law.

  6. My dad was a cop, every time a female was hired outside of dispatch they fucked as many officers as they could before moving on to the next department.

  7. That doesn’t look to me like she “opened fire.” It looks more like she had a negligent discharge, which retarded females are also prone to do. Nonetheless, the idea that women aren’t every bit as ruthless as men is nonsense. In my estimation, they are more ruthless.

    1. I would hope it was an ND, otherwise she was so shit she couldn’t hit her target at that range!

      1. I think it stems from them being dumb. Not just a hyperbole statement. I genuinely believe it. Just last night a bitch came up to me and said, “If you fuck me over again I’ll fucking end you.” Now… let’s backtrack. Firstly, she’s a marketing/functions manager at a bar, I’m the loyal customer (and it’s my local joint that I’ve been going to for about 2 years). She’s ugly (Indian, 30) and goes for westerners, she made a play for me and I dismissed her, so she stopped me from entering the dance area 5 times in a row. I asked her boss about this and she got a talking to.
        So… put yourself in her shoes. What’s the ONE thing you don’t go and do if you’ve just been spoken to by your boss for treating a customer badly?
        Women. Fucking dumb as shit. Naturally, she’s getting fired in a couple of days. 😉

    2. Let’s hope that Hillary doesn’t become the next US President and have access to the nuclear red button.

      1. Hillary will be voted in by city people.
        Nuclear war destroys cities and kills city people.
        Problem solved.

  8. When real-life Anglo/western single moms abuse their sons, it’s logical to conclude white knighting is a form of Stockholm Syndrome.
    Of course, that only ends up unleashing MORE Norman Bates to the world.

  9. Men tend to respect violence, because we need to. Women don’t because they don’t need to.
    We can see this historically. In cultures with strong warrior traditions elaborate codes of conduct and etiquette develop because a respect is formed when violence is a fact of every day life. There is no base level of respect in North America, because we are soft and the threat of violence is low. We are too comfortable and can afford to neglect respect for skill at arms, and each other.

    1. Admittedly, some guys are complete abusive turds but I think most of us ascribe to Karate Kid logic: we learn how to fight so we don’t have to. I was relentlessly bullied as a kid until I said ‘fuck this’, joined the army and racked up several years of martial arts training. I have never been in a fight in my adult life because the other guy and I know it is not worth it and we walk away.

    2. They don’t respect it because there is no consequence and no punishment.

  10. The violence and malicious intent of the modern woman should be no more apparent than in today’s world. Her nature is base and crass…..just wretched to behold in it’s unrestrained state. It is poison for all of us. Well keep drinkin that shit up motherfuckers cuz that’s all you seem to like!
    Millions upon millions of aborted babies have women to thank for signing their death warrant and having most likely a man do the dirty work by sticking a knife into her vagina and stabbing those little fuckers to death.
    We truly live in a mutant abomination of a culture when the authority over innocent lives is given haphazardly to the sex most likely unwilling or unable to think and behave with a moral character.
    All of us are complicit in allowing this to happen and enabling it to continue. We all deserve the worst deaths for being members of western society and doing nothing.
    If you lived in a neighborhood where you knew that a few blocks down the road there was a warehouse where little children were kidnapped and tortured then murdered wouldn’t you fucking do something to stop it?
    You may thump your chest and talk big about how you would save those kids but the fucking truth is this shit has been happening for years and likely you have helped enable cunts to murder children on their own frivolous whims.
    If one was to pile up all the skulls of aborted babies how vast an area of land would it cover do you think? I have even heard that big pharma uses aborted fetal cells in vaccines for children.
    If there is a hell then rest assured it will be filled with millions upon millions of selfish, sadistic cunts whose hatred for humanity and utter loathing of any kind of ordered moral code will color their screeching banshee wails for eternity.
    Beside the women will be every goddamn white knight the world has ever known. Rightly made to suffer her indignities which he encouraged and enabled at the cost of so many innocent lives for ever and ever. Justice motherfuckers.

    1. How right you are. If anything could possibly demonstrate how unsympathetic women are it is the fact that they alone are responsible for the murder of millions of their own children. Gives a man pause and possible cold shivers.

    2. How many of these damaged children would you have adopted?
      I know that answer, none.
      Let them carry that burden. As long as your progeny isn’t among them your interest should be minimal. While you weep for the lost sons, the living sons still wander without direction.

      1. Yeah, that should be the arbitrator of compassion, how many you can care for personally. Tens of millions killed in war? So what?!? How many would you have cared for?!? What a right fine path for losing your soul and humanity, that.

  11. I just almost got hit by a female cop speeding at 70 to 80 mpg in a 40 zone when making a turn. She doubled back and tried to bust me on something and when she couldn’t she “gave” me a warning.
    She said I should check for HER (not us police) and I said I can’t when you’re going that fast. She got pissy and tried to make it my fault. She couldn’t and I just got the warning along with the typical “you got lucky” statement.

  12. Women cops, women authorities, they all have a grudge Shabbat men and nothing gets then off more than having power and abusing it over men.

    1. I briefly dated a cop and I must say that she was one of the most marvelous physical specimens I have ever encountered. About 5’7″ of solid muscle: great pipes, slim waist, awesome ass, nice rack. Unfortunately, she had personal issues that were a deal breaker.
      However, from observation, most female cops are useless unless they can get to their gun/taser/pepper-spray faster than a felon can lay them out.
      I recall one story where a female cop pulled over a bad man in a routine traffic stop. As she leaned in to take his ID he grabbed her hair and then rolled up the window on her throat. He then got out through the passenger door, disarmed her, pulled her pants down and raped her like a dog. He stole the police car and left her with her ass hanging in the breeze.

        1. That story was from several years back and not widely reported for obvious reasons. Given the details you are in as good a position to track it down as me.

  13. What guy honestly has not taken scratches to the face from some crazy bitch before? I sure as hell know I have.

    1. Never had that. They smacked me on the shoulder or beat on my chest (ineffectually). One thought that hand-to-hand combat was foreplay. It was funny because I osotogari’ed her ass then went for the pin. I popped up, gave her a kiss on the cheek and turtled as she went completely insane for the next few minutes.

  14. While it might be apocryphal I heard that special forces and counter terrorism units are trained to shoot the women first, because they don’t hesitate like guys do. If a guy points a gun at you it could mean a hundred different things from back off to let’s talk or whatever. If a woman points a gun at you it is because she wants to kill you.

    1. Interesting. Makes perfect sense. Like if a child “play” pointed a gun at you, duck for fucking cover – the child doesn’t have the capacity to comprehend all the ramifications if they went “pew, pew” with a loaded weapon.

    2. Same for children. In a societal collapse, watch for roving gangs of children, they are deadly.

      1. Sad as it is, which is why so many kids with fake guns get shot: the cops or soldiers know that if it were real their little brains could not process all the morality of the situation and they would shoot.

  15. It doesn’t help that Hollywood keeps cranking out ridiculous propaganda about “warrior women,” like Scarlett Johansson’s character in the Avengers franchise.

      1. Marvel created her as a Russian warrior woman during the Cold War. The character doesn’t make much sense now, and Johansson plays her with an American accent.
        But what the hell. If you want to give Fury a race change, why not turn Black Widow into an American fantasy chick?

        1. The Nick Fury in the Avengers movies is based on the character in the Ultimate Marvel section of Marvel Comics. Nick Fury was made to look like Samuel Jackson specifically in those comics, not a random black guy.
          The character even jokes about being portrayed by Samuel Jackson.
          The similarity is even noted within the comic itself, in a scene in which the Ultimates discuss who they think should play each of them in a hypothetical movie about the team. Fury’s answer for himself is “Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, of course, no discussion.” It was only after seeing the redesigned Nick Fury in the first issue of The Ultimates that Samuel L. Jackson learned of the use of his likeness and contacted Marvel in order to secure the role of Nick Fury in any future movies which would feature the character.

          I noticed this as soon as I saw the character since I read the comic way before the movie came out.

        2. BW is a trained assassin. Being able to change her accent would be part of her training. Being that she’s living in the US she’d stick to using that one.
          Also had it occured to you that captain America is protrayed as a virgin?

    1. It is a fantasy trope. Geek alert! When I played Dungeons and Dragons lots of warrior women showed up. Any guy with an ounce of combat training knows that it doesn’t play out well in real life. Still, the fantasy persists. Hands up anyone who would not fuck Sameen Shah if she were real?

  16. This is a war on the souls of men. We cannot fight, in the simple definition of violence, and we cannot lay down, because our nature will not allow us to cower. These are the days of escalation before the flashpoint of war on a much broader scale. The nature of men versus the nature of women. It is going to get much worse before it gets better.

  17. Women are unsympathetic. Given them a weapon or authority and they will use it more or less at random, as their feelings dictate, and with little empathy for the harm.
    The firing of the weapon may have been an unintended discharge, but she had it in her hands and was aiming it toward people. Given a woman’s natural cowardice it should be no surprise that they will escalate quickly and without remorse.

  18. This has been true in the wars with American soldiers, too. Female soldiers have been too quick to pull the trigger and wipe out innocent people in convoys and at checkpoints in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  19. If a man wants to kill you, he will beat you or shoot you in a rage. If a woman wants to kill you she will poison you in a cold and calculated manner. With second and third wave feminism she will set fire to you while your are sleeping, cut your dick off or shoot you in the back of the head and then walk away scot free.

  20. You can blame the GI generation for the “men-are-more-violent-than-women” crap. “Better half,” Zeus’ ass.
    All traditional societies knew women were capable of a similar level of violence as men, though through different means.
    Let us just use Greek myth and literature.
    In Ancient Greek religion, they actually had two gods of war: Athena representing the calculating ruthless aspect, and Ares representing the bloody rampaging aspect. The Greeks understood this to have similar outcomes, lots of people dead.
    The Trojan War was precipitated by Eris (the goddess “Strife”) rolling the golden apple among the three goddesses labeled “καλλίστῃ” to the fairest.
    Medea kills and feeds her sons to their father, Jason, out of spite. The same man she betrayed her father for and butchered her own brother.
    “Better Half” the good ol’ boy GI generation was probably the most divisive group in American history. More like “better watch your ass” or she’ll get you.

  21. Nevermind the ‘indirect violence ‘perpetuated by women especially during the horrible, oppressive and demeaning patriarchy they have had to endure! As we all know very well women are the queens of manipulating men to dish out beatings and other negative actions on their behalf.
    I really do believe that far more violence has been caused by the female psyche than the male; we are often just used to carry that out. And we must not forget the direct violence suffered by men in modern relationships that goes mainly unreported, probably due to a lack of faith in a gyno-centric legal system.
    I come across female police officers within my fitness training circles. Refreshingly many of them take side with men and see right through their civilian sisters manipulations, false accusations and denial of having a part in certain events, especially inflated charges of apparent ‘domestic violence’.

  22. Here in Australia women have a license to murder. All they have to do is say they were the victims of domestic violence and they get to walk free.
    Google the name ‘Susan Falls’. In 2010 she stood trial for the murder of her husband. In summary:
    Illegally obtained a firearm;
    Drugged his food so that he fell asleep;
    Placed the pistol to his head and blew his brains out (in front of their daughter);
    Came back two hours later and blew his brains out a second time;
    Roped in three beta suckers to clean up the mess and dispose of his body in the woods;
    Reported him missing to the police.
    She was acquitted of all charges along with the three betas. The only person to be prosecuted was one of the betas on the charge of illegally selling her the firearm.
    The only justice she faced was one year later when she was found guilty of welfare fraud of almost $80,000 AUD. Her defense said her now dead husband had forced her to do it but the prosecution countered by saying it was never brought up in the murder trial.

  23. So a Woman is Sent in with Men to Try to Mitigate a Riot, and her Brain winds up in shutdown mode like every woman in that situation would happen too, and because of her nerves she winds up shooting into the Crowd and escalating things which results in her getting briefly abducted and beaten, that in turn causes her Male colleagues to have to come to her rescue and forgo the Mission of Securing the Rioting Crowd …. Seems like a Good Idea to send a Woman into the Front-lines like that, especially if the Goal is to completely avoid the Objectives because time must be taken to go and Save her ass from a Mistake she caused.

  24. Seriously???? You guys this much a bunch of sheeps! The whole thing looked STAGED!!!! Even the photos of the “Bloody Revenge” looked STAGED!!! >:I How the f*ck does she NOT have a single cut on her face, after being dragged on the street!!!!! Gimme a break! >:I Dudes are even smiling, look how one of them is holding is rusty knife!!!! This is a joke! >:I

  25. In college I worked nights as a clerk for the Domestic Violence court in our city. Watching things really opens your eyes.
    It was commonly known that the woman would start the fights, and then call the cops to control the man. It’s a mentally sick way they have of exerting power. They use the relationship to emasculate their men, then when they know he’s drinking or emotionally vulnerable, start a fight. Even being the one to throw the first punch. And they know ahead of time that they’re going to call the cops to “protect” them from the man.
    They do the same thing with restraining orders. They’ll know that the man has to go to the house for his wallet and things to go on with his life, or they’ll maintain contact and use the exposure to push his buttons, and then have him arrested when he visits the home. Sometimes they’ll even invite the man over, only to call the cops.
    Interestingly, about female psychology, when the man is openly intent on ending the relationship and leaving the woman, she ramps ups this abusive behavior of setting up the man to have him arrested. There’s a lot of cajoling and kindness from the women to get the man to defy the restraining order and get him back in the house, or she’ll even go to his place, or start a public fight. And then it’s in the court records of previous instances and the man takes the blame and a fall.
    The courts know this goes on. But they chose the path of least resistance. The judge wants his docket cleared. Judgeships are politically appointed positions. And it’s still considered that men have enough assets to hire a lawyer for justice. And the Prosecutor’s office isn’t about justice, it’s also a political position where he want’s to get as many convictions as possible.
    There were even women well known to the court, as they had pulled the same things with boyfriend after boyfriend. When judges tried to stand up to women for violating the same restraining orders that they themselves filed, or for filing spurious domestic violence claims, immediately women’s groups and the press would come down on him.
    The whole thing was a joke.

    1. it is interesting how a great swath of individuals (primarily women and white knights) denies the above actually occurs.
      “…women’s groups and the press…”
      My observations lead me to conclude that both of these groups are one in the same in practice.

      1. Hey Max. In some philosophy/sociology circles it’s called “The Tyranny of Capitalism.” People follow the proven money methods and exclude viable and possibly better options. And with how our society has devolved into what it is, it’s become a “Tyranny of Statistics” where it’s assumed that supporting an idea is the flat standard for making a profit or getting what you want. If an editor has the choice of a rape/racist/homophobic piece, or one that’s more valuable/socially responsible, he’ll go with the one proven to grab headlines.

  26. This article hits the nail on the head. The reality of the situation is that the female half of the species is much more hardcore in their use of force and oppression when they are given authority than men are. They are utterly committed to their missions, and become sadistic zealots. This fact is described in a book about counterterrorism called “Shoot The Women First”; where the women terrorists were much more likely to continue fighting to the death to ensure the success of their mission (in the face of opposition and resistance, whereas the men would frequently surrender).
    The drivel that is spewed forth from the mainstream media that all women are victims fails to recognize or acknowledge that both men and women are capable of psychopathy. I believe that women who seek positions of power and authority are asymmetrically narcissistic and psychopathic than the average male who does the same. If you normalize the number of women in positions of power relative to their skewed distribution, the likelihood that you will be abused by a female lawyer, judge, police officer, bureaucrat, etc, is much higher than you will be by a male.

  27. OH MY GOD one female officer shoots someone with questionable motive, must mean women are overprivileged and taking over the world.
    “Would our societies then be instead apologetically defending the female officer in question, and further demonizing the unarmed protester?” — just to remind you all, this LITERALLY HAPPENED all over the US when people were apologizing for the MALE officers in Ferguson, New York City, and Baltimore….
    But more importantly:
    “With the limits and responsibilities on her behavior lifted by feminism and authority being given to her at historically unprecedented levels, a woman’s proclivity for violence under the right circumstances cannot be ignored.” — but really though, I’m incredibly confused.
    You’re whole thing on this website is that women are meek, cowardly, demure, whatever. But here you’re saying we should fear the female proclivity for violence? It doesn’t make sense. This is why people don’t take your point of view seriously. You all contradict everything you hold dear when it’s beneficial to a specific argument and aids in fear-mongering.
    How can women be too violent (or just as violent as men as some commenters have pointed out) and aggressive when left unchecked by male authority, but also be too cowardly, weak, and inherently different from men on their own?
    Doesn’t that line of logic support the idea that the inherent, biological, nature of women and men is basically the same so long as women aren’t being held in check by patriarchy? Which basically contradicts the entirety of this website and supports a feminist perspective that women and men have similar natures that are then gendered by society.
    Not saying that this is the truth, no one knows for sure how gender works biologically and in our society, I’m just pointing out how your logic is flawed.

    1. “OH MY GOD one female officer shoots someone with questionable motive,
      must mean women are overprivileged and taking over the world.”
      Plenty of examples are advanced by women of single male cases in order to suggest all men are something that the vast majority are not. Exhibit A: rape hysterics. We need not go to the feminist conceit that all men are rapists, we need only look to the pearl-clutching of gutless, “moderate” feminists when they demand ‘TEACH MEN NOT TO RAPE!’ Interestingly, they don’t demand that we teach blacks not to steal cars or teach Mexicans not to import drugs across the border.
      “How can women be too violent (or just as violent as men as some
      commenters have pointed out) and aggressive when left unchecked by male
      authority, but also be too cowardly, weak, and inherently different from
      men on their own?”
      You seem to be missing two key items in the analysis:
      (1) Authority
      (2) Men’s restraint.
      Neither is inherent or something a woman can control. Both come from men.
      To give authority to women is to allow them to borrow men’s strength for a while. The woman who killed unarmed protesters from ten feet away did so with a male-designed, male-bought, male-maintained weapon. She would not have tried or would have come to an amusingly Darwinian end had she not been armed. Every woman who orders a man locked away does so at the suffrance of, and resting on, men to do the dirty work of subduing the prisoner and keeping him locked up. Oh, by all means point to the odd woman who is a prison officer by way of limp rebuttal — and I’ll point you back to your histrionics that one woman does not prove the general rule, not to mention the large numbers of male prison guards injured in the course of assisting female prison guards who don’t have sufficient strength or resources to bring a male down. Or just look to the amusing case of an unarmed, untrained nutball who vaulted the White House fence, encountered a trained, armed and female Secret Service agent, bowled her over and kept on going. It took male agents to bring him down. So much for the myth of female power.
      And then there is men’s restraint. In pretty well every domestic violence case where violence is occasioned by a woman against a man, the male husband usually had the physical strength to, if necessary, knock down his attacker and if need be defend himself with lethal force. They are simply conditioned not to by a lifetime of being told not to stand up for themselves and a lifetime of browbeatings that women are always the victims of domestic violence. A woman against a man who chooses not to fight back is a one way contest. A woman against a man who does is a one way contest, but in the opposite direction.
      But then your whole argument is wrongheaded because it proceeds from this premise…
      “You’re whole thing on this website is that women are meek, cowardly, demure, whatever.”
      If you’re going to attempt to criticise the argument at least get it right. Women brought up in a feminine manner are demure. They don’t fight and they are accustomed to the complementarity of the sexes. Modern women are not. Your gender has chosen to try and behave like men when it’s not your natural inclination and when you ultimately can’t be and can’t outdo men in physical or intellectual terms. So be it: but if you want to play on a male sportsfield, be prepared to accept you’re physically inferior and accept your gender can’t resort to misleading stereotypes that women are always victims in domestic violence or that you’re all shrinking violets who never start the fight. Shit, the domestic violence rate in lesbian relationships — pretty much equal to that of heterosexual ones — disproves that pathetic little shield.

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