Is Taylor Swift A Misogynist? Just Look At The Liner Notes

In a recent interview with Maxim Magazine, Taylor Swift gave a strong endorsement for feminism:

“Honestly, I didn’t have an accurate definition of feminism when I was younger. I didn’t quite see all the ways that feminism is vital to growing up in the world we live in. I think that when I used to say, Oh, feminism’s not really on my radar, it was because when I was just seen as a kid, I wasn’t as threatening. I didn’t see myself being held back until I was a woman. Or the double standards in headlines, the double standards in the way stories are told, the double standards in the way things are perceived. A man writing about his feelings from a vulnerable place is brave; a woman writing about her feelings from a vulnerable place is oversharing or whining. Misogyny is ingrained in people from the time they are born. So to me, feminism is probably the most important movement that you could embrace, because it’s just basically another word for equality.”

What a strong voice for women! As the most powerful person in pop , the 6th most powerful leader in the world, she is highly respected—many industry leaders have lauded her as a genius. Taylor is really leading the way to empowering, women right? The dirty truth is her feminist rhetoric is hollow and disingenuous because…

Taylor Swift hires almost exclusively men to make her music.


Let’s take a look at the production credits for her latest album 1989.

Executive Producer: Max Martin

1989credits - Copy

82% of musicians Taylor hired to make 1989 were men. Only 18% women. Her how about her earlier album Speak Now?speak-now-cover

Executive Producer: Nathan Chapman


A staggering 88% of her production staff were men, only 12% were women.

I guess feminism isn’t so “vital” in the production of Taylor’s records, eh? So long as women buy her records she can let the professionals (men) handle the technical details. This is blatant hypocrisy, as Taylor Swift has voraciously espoused women’s rights over the loudspeaker.

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” –Taylor Swift, 2013.



Maybe I’m just cherry-picking faults. Since Taylor believes women are as smart as men, SURELY some of her other albums featured women in prominent roles… right?

Nope. I looked. It almost seems like Taylor doesn’t trust female producers to work on her albums. Every single executive producer has been a man, with four out of five other roles also going to men.

Her actions are very different from what she preaches to her fans. If we look deeper into her music videos, the hypocrisy becomes even more apparent.


That’s 100% male directors for her music videos. 32 for 32. Who is the one holding back women now? If Taylor Swift was a college (or any other organization), there’d be widespread protests of sexism and misogyny.

If a woman worth $200,000,000 won’t hire a female director, who will?  The fact that she can rationalize this in her mind shows how delusional her thinking is.


You might say “well those men didn’t have to deal with the adversity and sexism normal women have to deal with!” The reality is that  the upper echelon of music production talent is mostly men. Only 5% of working music producers are women. Men have dominated innovation and creativity for ages.

Take for example Buddy Bolden, who innovated an entirely new form of music in 1901.


Of course, when Taylor was talking about double standards, she wasn’t talking about the music industry alone, but everyday life as well. So according to Taylor, it’s very important that we hold men and women to the same standard.

When we see what recently occurred between a horrible crime committed by Josh Duggar from TLC’s popular “19 Kids And Counting,” and Lena Dunham gleefully admitting to the same crime in her book about how she abused her sister.


Apparently this double standard in societal perception doesn’t seem to bother Taylor at all.

Judging by her actions, I can only conclude Taylor is a misogynist herself and doesn’t believe any of the shit she says about women being equal, since she clearly only trusts men to make her albums and music videos. You think she could delay an album release to give a woman producer maternity leave? Fuck no, it’s serious business and she knows that reality.

The musical integrity of her albums is too important to be entrusted to a woman, just like her safety is only entrusted to a male bodyguard. Feminist rhetoric carries little weight in the real world when her livelihood and safety are on the line.

I don’t really blame her, the music industry is dying and she’s under enormous pressure to capitalize on her window of fame as much as she can. One bad album could ruin her career so it’s important she works with only the best musicians (men). Like Silicon Valley is filled with men who dropped out of school and innovated amazing companies, the best musicians who can create complex, catchy arrangements are also mostly men.

Therefore I completely agree with her strategy, as ROK recognizes that men and women have very different abilities. It’s in her interest to have her cake and eat it too (work with top level men, yet publicly talk about empowering women), it gives her additional publicity and her gullible fans eat it up.

Like other privileged white women, Taylor can live like a princess but gain liberal street credibility by playing the “victim” card to pretend she can relate to her naïve fans. This is why we don’t take feminism seriously, and view them like the delusional children that they are. Everything in Taylor’s life involves men helping her, or building something for her, yet she complains how men are magically holding her back.

Next time Taylor Swift lectures you on treating women equally in your life, or how vital women are in the world, just ask her why she only trusts men to handle the important functions in her life.

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181 thoughts on “Is Taylor Swift A Misogynist? Just Look At The Liner Notes”

  1. Great article, but I can’t help but laugh at the irony of there being an ad for 50 Shades of Grey on the right side of this page.

  2. Female pop music has been a joke for a long time. Women don’t play instruments, they don’t write their own music, they don’t even sing any more as that can be back-tracked. All they do is dress up and dance, and update their twitter / facebook / instagram pages. They’re selling looks and personality, not music. Feminism is a fraud.

    1. Lady Gaga – while not really my cup of tea – is highly talented and wrote hit songs for guys to sing before going out on her own. I recall there was a point where the three biggest music acts in the USA were Shania Twain, Alanis Morrisette and Celine Dion: three women, all Canadfians.

    2. Taylor Swift does write lyrics am can play a guitar so she’s not untalented but she’s definitely overrated when you consider highly talented people who don’t make it.

      1. Stop with that silliness that people have been saying like forever. Always claiming that some unknown is just as good or better than the star.There are many factors and combination of things that make someone a top entertainer.There are better drummers than Charlie Watts, better singers than Jagger, better guitarists than Richards etc but for some reason people liked the Stones and they became popular.If you are at the top, and let’s remember that all of this is just a show, then you deserve to be at the top because you’re giving the audience what they like.
        If dressing up and dancing and singing silly ‘tween songs is what a large number of people want then you’ll be tops. Many female performers can do this but for some reason Swift has the right combination of qualities.She’s a nice clean looking girl and always dresses nicely, even if she wears a sexier looking gown she still has that clean look and apparently people like that. You can’t argue with success.

      2. I have my doubts.
        In the world of rock (for lack of a better word) music, I would use the word ‘talented’ for people like Freddie Mercury, Phil Collins, Jimmy Page, Clapton, Madonna,..etc.
        She might have imagination, but thats not the same as talent.

        1. She’s not on the same level as them but those people are very talented, she’s still more talented than your average walking around.

    3. Alicia Keyes, Adele, and Lorde, to name a few all write and play instruments. Stop talking about this as if it is a male or female issue, or have you forgotten that this is not a gender issue at all, and never has been. All the way back to the 50’s and 60’s an artist had to have a look and persona, while elvis could play instruments most of his songs were written by black people, but that isn’t a race issue, it WAS a societal one where middle class white folks didn’t want their teen daughters being attracted to a black artist, and their sons emulating a black artist…..but it was okay if it was presented by an all american looking white guy who ended up a druggie (and gave the producers and execs wives the warm fuzzies so he could get some later). Look up Milli Vanilli, New kids on the block, and the backstreet boys, to name a few. Being a fake in that industry has nothing to do with what does or does not dangle between one’s legs, but on what the execs like (because let’s face it their are plenty of acts that would be popular if they could get heard), and they like pretty people who will perform sexual favors for them always have always will, they don’t care who is paying for dinner, or holding the door open, but who is performing fellatio on them and who can do it and look like they would never while the results are dripping down their chin.

  3. This isn’t any different from the push for diversity in other fields, e.g. video games, comics, movies. The majority of people involved are white or Jewish men responding to the new demand for things that have a progressive message. Millennials will pay extra for cultural projects that signal the liberalism of their creators to them. It’s a total farce. Feminists are essentially being cucked into supporting male dominated industries. Delicious.

  4. Surely the most important thing is her employees’ abilities to do their jobs well, not whether they have a vagina or a penis in-between their legs. Should she hunt women down especially? Where should she look? What if she likes her current employees and the work they do? Yeah, she should change what already works very well just to keep you complainers happy(!) XD

    1. Yes. That’s exactly right. She should hunt them down because they (talented women) constitute 50% of the population. And if they’re not there (talented women) she should fund programs and schools to create them. And if she cannot prove that she attempted to stop discriminating, she should be sued and taken to court for discrimination, disparate impact, civil rights violations. And this is all indeed based solely on the genitals (fact or imagined) between your legs.
      And if you disagree with any of that, you are a retrograde bigoted fucking misogynist transphobic human rights violating criminal.
      Those are the modern rules of equality you instituted, you stupid faggot.

    2. She is an employee, men hire the best staff to work with their employed talent. Don’t kid yourselves guys.

    3. She said she believes in equality (her words) and that society is pushing men up while holding women back.
      I only see people like Taylor Swift (and others) with the means (money) to hire women.
      So why aren’t they doing it if they believe in the concept of equality? If they believe in true equality, then why aren’t they hiring women on to handle their music, videos, for security, etc…if they truly believe in equality?
      The ball is in their court and they look stupid (everyday) for opening their mouths with their beliefs while not acting on it.

  5. Not to mention her contribution to the preposterous myth of the warrior woman in her “Bad Blood” video.

    1. hahaha!
      i didn’t quite know how to judge this in the past. now i have once sparred with a woman in the gym. i’m not strong at all, but even the weakest guy i have ever trained with didn’t fly around like her after rather soft jabs. just the mere lightness and absence of muscle make this warrior thing impossible in my opinion. maybe a lack in testosterone, too, blocking aggression. sure, there may be outliers, through genetics and sheer will; but outliers are not the rule.
      it is indeed preposterous. an illusion put up to make you believe your average girl can seriously challenge you in a fight. she can’t. try it out when you get the chance – you won’t be able to grasp the severity of this fact elsewise.

    2. I like sexy women warriors in media though when taken through a pure pulp fantasy lens.
      That has always been around from Valkyries to femme fatales. I mean these chicks are pin up supermodels do stylized fights ala Kill Bill, Fifth Element. Only the most deluded liberal could possibly believe that in any way shape or form reflects reality.
      I enjoyed Bad Blood. The song is definitely weak as it is modern day thoughtless pop but the video is slick with wall to wall hotties expect for Lena Dunham of course.

      1. Dunham is a cross between Rosa Klebb in the Bond film and Humpty Dumpty.

    3. Can we stop complaining about the warrior women fantasy? It has never been meant to be realistic, you are reading too much into it. Would you complain because the girls in Crayon Pop last video are kicking ass? I dont think so, same as you would not complain for the presence of the female Power Ranger, or the all female cast in Sailor Moon

      1. The ones complaining are the weak insecure omega boys.They feel threatened by these cartoon characters.That’s why they’re always taking about pumping iron in some stinky gay gym.

    4. It’s typical chick music and a fantasy about being strong and of course it’s bullshit. She dresses up in different outfits and hair styles which appeals to the girls who watch this stuff.Only naive little boys and insecure omegas take this stuff seriously. In real life these girls wouldn’t want to get their hair messed let alone have to be involved in some dirty fight.

  6. Regarding the Duggar thing, 1/19 is not too alarming. But it makes it worth to keep a closer eye on them.
    18 healthy kids is a miracle in this age.

  7. She’s saying what she has to so her bosses will continue to let her on the radio. Nothing much to read into there.

    1. Yea there is – she’s trying to shove feminism down everyone’s throat now, while she knows men are better innovators.
      The idea that men hold her back is complete bullshit. She’s a spoiled brat rich girl – like most other American women.

      1. Men hold her back – like her rich father and the nice family life he provided for her growing up?

    1. Haha…well, I mean, I heard of her because of Kanye West…kind of like Kim Kardishian ..hmmm, a pattern here.

    2. Who give a shit about Pop 40 anything? There is plenty of independent and underground music of all genres that is night and day better and not politically-charged with actual legitimate integrity.

      1. I don’t, but I realize it’s called “Pop” as in “popular” – there are millions of (impressionable) people who give a shit about it.

      2. that’s not the point – the point is the hypocrisy…..
        it’s an absolutely classic example – brilliant writing and research…
        the mad max story also shows the stupidity of the whole argument… women totting guns and driving war rigs are just turning themselves into men.. they are not empowered feminine women, but men with vaginas.

      3. Honestly, maybe we should.
        40 yrs ago, artists with songs in the top 10 on the pop chart included:
        The Eagles (dont go all Lebowski on me, I fuckin LOVE the eagles man!)
        The Bee Gees

        1. The 80-‘s were better.

          Still going strong at 50+ Nice white audience too so you don’t have to worry about getting wasted when you go out

    3. It’s painful reading or listening to any young women talk about feminism. They are such vapid airheads. At least the old academics know the history and theory of the movement. But most so called feminists under 35 see feminism as some trend to follow. They see Beyoncé and Taylor Swift identifying as feminists and they want to get on board. So they read some Jezebel articles, Tumblr posts, and Tweets, and suddenly they are experts on the subject. Bunch of pathetic social media “activists.”
      If you were to ask them about feminist theory or early feminists, they will look at you dumbfounded. Half of them probably couldn’t even name the year women in the U.S. were granted the right to vote. All they know how to do is repeat the same Gender Studies 101 talking points: 1) feminism is about equality, 2) patriarchy, 3) rape culture, 4) slut shaming, 5) male privledge, etc. They know these terms and that’s about it.

      1. My first day at law school back in 1996 and I got into a discussion where I mentioned “radical feminism”. One chick snidely commented “is there any other type?”.
        Ostensibly she probably had a GPA of about 3.7, an LSAT in the top 10% and and IQ of maybe 125 or so. But what a dumb, ignorant cunt who doesn’t know that “radical feminism” is a technical term of art, along with liberal, gender, marxist, eco-feminism among others. How is it that a right wing straight male WASP knows more about the movement than the women who are supposedly part of it?

        1. What’s new. Many of them don’t know how to cook, either, and they’re proud of it.
          Women being “dumbed down” seems to be the new badge of honor for them. Those kinds of things are “oppressive” – I never knew that learning how to cook (to feed yourself) was so oppressive.
          See how dumb that sounds? But they are sing along to the same song.

        2. Maybe she was being sarcastic. Or maybe she was purposely grouping all feminists under one label as if to say she dismissed them all. Or maybe she didn’t take any women’s studies classes in college. Who can say?

        3. You know what? I don’t think women were ever good cooks, its just that they had to cook because the man didn’t have time. Most women I know who do “cook” suck at it. I don’t trust them to cook my food unless I watch them do it.
          Even my mother sucked at cooking until she was middle-aged, whereas my father would roll in on the weekends and cook some great mouth-watering food. My mother’s chicken would be over-cooked and dry, my father’s chicken would be lip smackingly “Dad can I have some more?”

        4. Say ‘maybe’ again. Say ‘maybe’ again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say “maybe” one more goddamn time!

        5. She was being sarcastic in a grand display or ignorance as I was trying to have a serious discussion.

        6. Being responsible for your own safety and well being is oppressive. Have a gym routine? You’re being oppressed by the gym itself and fat shamers.
          Want to cook you’re own healthy meals? Oppressed by the grocery store and fruit markets. Not to mention being oppressed by the time it takes!
          Have a job? You’re oppressed by the job because I shouldn’t have to worry about money to survive, the government should pay for everything for me. Any other way is oppression!

        7. Agree. Too much bullshit and finger pointing; not enough personal responsibility.

        8. Yes but I can reach down fibre cables and throttle you until your eyes pop.

        9. I’ve only had one girlfriend who was as good a cook as me and she was studying hospitality management. My one sister is a great cook and much better at baking than me while the other sister is a bit of a disaster waiting to happen whenever she ventures into the kitchen. Here in China not many people really know how to cook. Most apartments have tiny kitchens and local food is cheap to buy at restaurants, even more so for street food or prepared food at grocery stores.

      2. Most feminists are not really feminists. I had the misfortunate recently to hang out with a group of teenage girls. Two of them were self-proclaimed “feminists”. However, once I probed them a little bit I quickly saw how shallow their ideas were. Eventually they will grow up get married, have kids and forget all this nonsense.

      3. “But most so called feminists under 35 see feminism as some trend to follow. ”
        Good. Trends fade. I would hate it if Feminism were here to stay.

    4. Who gives a shit? About 10 million current and future twats 25 and under.
      I wish someone in her stable had the balls to tell her to shut the fuck up and sing(pun intended)

      1. somewhere on this planet there’s a poet trying to decide between the words ‘young lady on the cusp of womanhood’ and the earthier ‘future twat’.

    5. Taylor Swift matters because she is a significant part of American culture.

        1. But apparently not practice it. Sort of reminds me of the Hogwarts bimbo.

      1. Taylor Swift needs feminism because she was so oppressed growing up. That’s rich.
        Her successful father (a man) is from a line of other successful men (bank presidents) so she’s had a hard time in the “hood” growing up and being oppressed.
        She truly represents all of those white, entitled girls out there (who grew up with smartphones) who have been oppressed by men all of these years (since the 00s).
        You have to fucking laugh at it all…it’s all pretty damn hollow.

      2. And NYC cultural and tourist ambassador.I’m glad they chose a clean looking white girl with class so that we attract the right sort of tourists.

    6. I’ve barely heard of her because I don’t listen to the whiny chick nonsense Americans call music. When I wander into a cafe or restaurant in the United States of Vagina and get subjected to whatever is playing on their system I am reminded of how terrible music is here and how creativity and originality died a couple of decades ago. You go grrrls.
      I then cue up something on my earbuds from another country where males are still allowed on the radio and marvel at how much better it is. A lot of modern Latin music is Red Pill if you understand the lyrics and know what to listen to. Germany has a Red Pill rock scene too.

      1. One of the most memorable articles I’ve read on ROK was the hardcore redpill music of Rammstein (even the name is evocative of fucking). The music sounds brutal and masculine but the translated lyrics blew me away!
        The main song I know sung by T Swift is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” which is a pointless song that I just told you everything it encompasses by telling you the title. She is pissed at an ex and threatens that she is never, ever, ever going to go back to him again. Well good for you, cupcake! Can it get any shallower?

    7. Not us, but many people on the sidelines do. Politicians will also happily use Beyoncé et al. to further their agenda.
      It’s important to give these people with an underdeveloped perspective on feminism something to find on the internet that looks at feminist entertainers from a different angle.

    8. I don’t give a shit about Taylor Swift at all. But it’s important to call out a hypocrite (especially with feminists and SJWs).
      Bottom line: the girl (and that’s what she is) is barely old enough to drive let alone know anything about feminism or the movement (most girls her age only know how to work their smartphones). She’ll preach whatever her PR person tells her at the moment to sell more records, shows, tickets..etc…so she can “connect” with fans. She is similar to a politician…out of touch with average, every day people but talks a good game.
      Women don’t hire women because they know that they are a pain in the ass to work with every day. It’s the truth that these women will not tell men or society (because it would label them as misogynists).

    9. I know her(a cousin owns her building)and I’ve never once heard her music. I told her that and she gave me some tickets to a show. I never went lol

  8. I’m old enough to be her father. I give zero fucks; anyone who does is too young for me.

    1. Because cultural influences like her eventually make their way into laws that punish married men. So yes, it does concern you

      1. I was married once, but managed to dodge the worst of the divorce trap. I will not make that mistake again. Your move.

    2. You gotta live in the world an things that influence culture affect the world you live in.

  9. Not just Bank president, but 3 generations of bank presidents.
    There is a whole new breed of true fund kids getting into music and being relevant just because the connection daddy has and the money they spend
    Meghan Trainor, lena Duham, Lana La Del Rey, daddy’s princess wants to be a singer and money makes it happens.

    1. Meghan Trainor actually pissed off a lot of Feminist with her song ‘Dear Future Husband’ It was a shitty song but I enjoyed the backlash it recieved.

      1. Feminists don’t know what they want, that song song actually sounded like something a feminist would write when I heard it.

        1. Feminist: I want a hot man who isn’t afraid to take control… and a bunch of bitch boys to do all the things he won’t for free

        2. Yet they will publicly say they want all men to be bitch boys an criticize men who take control.

      2. If anything that song exemplifies the monstrous effect feminism has had on our culture. The whole song is about a women who believes she deserves a perfect husband and a big ring, while feeling no obligation to bring anything else to the table except for an occasional BJ. I can barely stomach the first 30 seconds of it.

        1. I always liked to have some 2 Live Crew qued but the way things are going it is probably considered a hate crime to play their music in public. You can probably get away with Spinal Tap given that it is satire and the movie was directed by a lefty.

        2. I looked through the lyrics (fuck listening to the actual song) and I think you may be right.

        3. 30 seconds, you are doing well, I nearly crashed my truck scrambling for the mute button, what a cunt she is…

        4. Exactly. 95% of women expect the man to front up in a nice car, pay for dinner, have his mortgage nicely paid down, cough up for a ring and wedding….
          Modern women makes those hookers in game of thrones look like sweet caring girls.

        5. Yeah, but she also says can’t cook any of it. I guess I’m supposed to be happy just looking at her fat ass all day. Bitch go make me a sandwich!

        6. You sound poor, bitter and butthurt little boy.
          And btw. the bride’s father pays for the wedding and dowry(marriage settlement)

      3. How could they get pissed off at that? (Rhetorical question, they’re feminists) It’s the basic feminist package; holding men to their traditional roles, minus the perks or respect provided by the women who are no longer beholden to their roles.

  10. no, no, you got it all wrong. women are not encouraged enough to pursue musical engineering careers.
    i studied and worked at the SAE (school of audio engineering), but in the web development branch. nevertheless, this is a private institution – whoever pays, can study. most audio engineer students were guys. on the other hand, it’s interesting to note that the branch of film production was overrun by women. most of them weren’t very technically versed or interested, though – yes, i can judge it, i have some years of video experience as an amateur. from my observation, they just wanted to bring their fantasies to life.

    1. ” from my observation, they just wanted to bring their fantasies to life.”
      I am shocked, SHOCKED by this hypothesis.

  11. Any female celebrity who identifies as a Feminist is just trying to boost their career and make themselves look good. Most don’t live by what they say anyway but their followers are too brain dead to realize that.

    1. Same-same with the climate change posers who have a carbon footprint the size of a mid-sized shopping mall, or the multi-millionaire Occupy whatever supporters who claim to speak for the 99% when they are in the top 0.01%

  12. one could write a long article about how her lyrics enforce the gender roles she claims to hate…..her dad bought her a fucking lexus convertible in highschool and she’s complaining about how men hold her back. what a cunt

    1. Right on. Another rich twat who never did without in her life. Exactly what does she know about hardship?

      1. You sound butthurt.And besides, she had a very traumatic experience when her bf Poindexter dumped her in HS.

    2. Her parents even moved to TN so she can pursue her dream of becoming a singer. What other parents would pick up and move everything for the pipe dream of their teenage kid? Only pampered cunts with rich mommies and daddies get that kind of treatment. It’s pathetic that she is trying to paint herself as some victim.

    3. That’s because she was already making money at 17 and of course minors can’t buy their own cars and register them.

  13. wait. did she hire those men? or did they hire her? i reckon that many musicians are just trademarks, in no way managed by the person who embodies them.

        1. I’ve never thought she’s attractive. She has the makeup caked on. Underneath you can see the facial features are just not that attractive. Maybe she has a nice body, don’t know, never seen it don’t care. But I think your typical woman would look (if thin) that good if they received the level of makeup Taylor Swift has in any public photos.

  14. watch, now the comment section is going to be invaded by angry 13 year old girls =)

    1. that could range anywhere from 13 to 45. Many of these “girls” really never grow up. The longer I live, the more examples I see of grown, adult women behaving like 13 year old girls.

  15. Taylor Swift is just a typical entitled Western Women who talks about Feminism but still falls back on men to do the work, meanwhile she rides the carousel getting pumped an dumped constantly then hamsterizes it in her songs to make the guys look bad.

    1. If I remember correctly her older songs go against everything she supposedly stands for now. I guess it pays to be a Femini$t.

      1. Yep that’s true, the ironic thing is much of her songs prove what Red Pill men have been saying for years, as you’ll find she likes bad boys or emotionly aloof men with lots of options.

      2. Taylor is a sellout cunt. Her music always sucked but she used to be tolerable. Now she is just another vapid pop star desperate to reinvent herself to stay relevant.

    2. I’ve joked for years the easiest way to get famous is to game your way into Taylor Swift’s vagina. She’ll write a whole album about you.

      1. Not to mention buy a house near you and start wearing your Grandma Ethel style bathing suit.

    3. She, like 98% of the women who identify as feminist, is not really a feminist. Only dykes are truly feminists because they actually don’t want men around. Taylor Swift is just patting herself on the back with all her “girl power” mantras because she’s a huge whore and she has to justify it.

      1. Feminism is 100% dyke in origin.From those bluestockings in the 1800’s who didn’t understand their impulses to be attracted to females right up to the present day of man haters.

    4. The reality is that even if she’s not a feminist she has to be. The backlash from her not being a feminist would cost too much.

      1. I get that identifying as a feminist is probably for her image an claiming not to be will hurt her in the entertainment industry but it’s still hypocrisy. Even the people who pressure her to be one should be able to see that. Far as I’m concerned modern feminism is the new religion, it’s views arn’t backed up by science, biology or common sense (an are actually proven to be wrong in most cases), it’s moralistic an militent in it’s views and you have to identify as one to be one of the culteral elite.

    5. What do we always say about females? Don’t pay attention to the nonsense they say but how they act.
      She is not riding any carousel so stop believing nonsense you read in the jew media that tries to make every female look like a slut. The fact that a naive kid like you would even get an upvote tells me that this blog is full of nerdy pyjama boys who have 0 experience in life.This is a girl who wants some sort of relationship and doesn’t want to be pumped and dumped. The guys she goes with are too young, some younger than her, and of course they want to screw her. This is why you never see her with anyone for more than a week or two. Either they dump her because she didn’t put out or she drops them.

      1. I have always thought this to be true of her. The fact that she doesn’t put out is why these men leave.
        As for the feminism thing, I feel that is a just a ploy on her part to garner further attention or to keep the feminists at bay. The only thing worrisome is that she has the power to influence millions of young girls. So her statements can’t be helpful.

  16. Florence Welch has 10x the talent Taylor has, but she’s ugly so she doesn’t get near the publicity

  17. Ali Payami is an Iranian male, so scratch off another female from the first list, Tony.

  18. I reckon she is actually pretty smart. Look at all the cash she has made by duping gullible young women into believing that as ‘feminists’ they share a bond of ‘girl power’…

  19. Taylor Swift has been pumped and dumped by more male celebrities than anybody but Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz!

  20. Finally, an article on “Return of Kings” about a topic I can relate to: Taylor Swift!
    Seriously, think “Lena Dunham=Rasputin.” Dunham probably planned to befriend Taylor Swift to help Dunham’s, er, boyfriend.
    P.S. Ali Payami may be a man.
    P.P.S. I encourage you to review her videos for “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” (violence against men is funny!), and then discuss the reaction to Redfoo’s “Literally I Can’t.”

    1. Jesus Christ, What is that thing behind her. One day we’ll be sending creatures like that to the country side to break rocks for the rest of their days.

      1. A faggot called Jack Andonov, who “plays” guitar in a shitty pop band called Fun.

      2. “Break rocks”? “Break rock,” maybe. Oh, wait—did I just muscle-shame? I must flagellate myself.
        I suspect she is his beard. He is a member of a music group with a hit song, so he could be swimmin’ in women (I couldn’t resist) who were 10s (who also have “great personalities”) if he wanted. But he is active in promoting alternative lifestyles as normal. If he came out of the closet, people would go, “Of course that’s why you support those groups,” but if he stays in the closet, what he says on the topic carries more weight.

    2. nice satin baseball jacket. I would not want him as my little league coach.

  21. Politics is the biggest pile of feminist hypocrisy. There is a small clique of ambitious women with nly middling talents who want to pass quota laws to put more women into national legislatures (Congess/Parliament). The problem isn’t “the Patriarchy” but rather the fact that women vote for men instead of voting for other women. It really pisses off feminists whenever women need to choose someone on merit and they choose a man 80% of the time or more.

  22. There’s probably a political angle to this. Let’s say she said feminism was BS. As a public figure her career would most likely be over.

    1. I think I might have read somewhere she came out against Feminism so maybe now she is doing Damage control..I could be Wrong..

      1. Possibly. Anyone who knows their way around Hollywood knows that they have to say the right things and have the right image.
        But I am sure that as a business, even Hollywood knows that if stuff doesn’t sell they’re doomed, so they like most other such businesses, like pro sports, are a meritocracy when it comes to day-to-day operations.

  23. So If Lena Dunham can Get away with Molesting her sister because she’s a woman, does that mean if a Man Feels he is a Woman, he can Get away with molesting women too?

    1. Yeah, I always keep wondering when shit gets so far gone that it completely backfires.

      1. Liberalism thinks a Man who feels he’s a woman should be able to use the women’s Bathroom,a lot of women aren’t intimidated by that idea, but if a straight man uses the Ladies room, Creep! It’s getting hard to comprehend the Madness.

    1. Right on. In a decent, sane world Taylor would have been encouraged to marry, make a home and pump out five or 6 good looking intelligent children. What does the west encourage her and her kind to do? Pollute the airwaves with garbage. Saddle yourself with debt by studying a degree that Will be of zero use and then enter the wonderful world of work. Forget children, a home and a husband. They are white, patriarchal, bourgeois ideas.

    2. We have servants for that. Why would any man of substance want his wife doing servant’s jobs? Do you live in some cabin in Podunk?

  24. Just as there are many men in political parties who agree with the manosphere… But they need women’s votes. It’s all business, nothing more, so they remain quiet about it. Media manipulation is strong, try turning off the TV while living abroad and watch how much clearer you see things, it’s enlightening. People like Taylor Swift come and go but they leave behind more shit we have to sift through, while they cruise around with $200,000,000 in the bank not realising that they are contributing to ruining young girls (she allegedly wants to protect) into a life of being pumped and dumped, not respected by men, poor mothers (if they ever become one), can’t cook won’t cook mentality, a true weight around a mans neck. So you go grrl… Great work in creating unmarrigeable narrcissitic wo(men) with lower than needed IQs.

    1. Right. Never listen to a woman; always watch her actions.
      Taylor Swift is a good example (don’t listen – just watch her).

  25. Who is anyone kidding? Femenism is also a marketing strategy and the target market is women. That is exactly what is happening here.

  26. Its all about the $$$$.
    Saying you support Feminism = $$$$.
    You don’t support homosexuality = lose $$$$.
    Hiring men over women = work done professionally compare to an amateur level (woman) = $$$$$$$
    We live in a bullshit society that preaches ‘equality’ BUT when it comes to someone’s different opinions, you are a ‘hater’ and made out to be worst than Hitler!

    1. Agree…and you’ll never hear the MSM question her on why she doesn’t hire these women (equals) for her albums, her videos or for her security.
      She hires women (I’m guessing) for roles such as: house keeper, hair, makeup, personal assistant or maybe PR.

  27. MAXIM interviews Swift?? A T n A mag interviewing a feminist.
    Thats like Cosmo interviewing Roosh.
    Proof positive print is dead.

      1. I’d appreciate Connery’s take on things before he passes away. He’s been MIA for over a decade.

      2. And you’re not? When was the last time you sold over 10,000 copies of a book or appeared on Dr. Oz? Troll elsewhere “doctor.”

  28. Solid article which goes a little bit further towards demonstrating the nature of modern feminism as an elite movement that seeks to set the people at the bottom aflame with indignation while the elite manage to convert their outrage into $$$, Perhaps what she should have said is that there’s a special place in hell for women who exploit women in the guise of helping them. The motivating factor though is probably less the cynical intention to exploit as the fact that little rich girls can’t stand the idea that they have privilege, or in modern parlance of SJW idelogy that they’re ‘part of the problem’. The richest most privilege girls turn to feminism because psychologically they can’t face being at the top, the one doing the exploiting rather than being exploited and that’s because being a victim is a veiled way of being rich in modern society. But until the federal reserve decides to print currency in victim points (the worlds new reserve currency replacing the petro-dollar) it will be difficult to see how that works

  29. well to be fair if you were to hire anyone to do anything of import, it’s mostly going to be men – female professionals tend to have do-nothing or filler jobs
    besides, celebrities claim feminism for the sole purpose of bolstering their image – it would be funny if she actually was a misogynist

    1. Even if the support for feminism is hollow, the idea that feminism bolsters a celebrity’s image is still cause for concern.

  30. I happen to know Taylor , as I know quite a few people. Her father is an investor and what you would consider alpha and she definitely looks up to him and worries about what he thinks of her, a good sign in a female. She’s probably still is a virgin which is a bit odd at 25 but will likely get her cherry popped soon so it doesn’t matter.
    And yes, interviews and all of that publicity crap mean nothing. It’s like asking Miss Alabama what she wants in a beauty contest “well, I want world peace and everybody to be happy” blah blah blah
    As far as Dunham who is a nobody and pushy promoter of junk TV, she sought Swift out and tried to rope her into the stupid clique of Femtards but Swift is too smart and you’ll notice that she disengages crap very quickly.

    1. Probably still a virgin?. So you’re telling me bad boy John Mayer hung around for as long as he did for the conversation, and to look at, but not crawl between,those long sexy legs?
      If find that difficult to believe

      1. You’re a boy and have no experience.Mayer is a homo who just uses these girls as his beard.There are still many gays who won’t admit it in public.
        Rock Hudson would be seen with females too and even married one to keep his cover!
        Ed Koch would be seen with a former Miss America even though everyone suspected he was gay.
        Freddie Mercury never admitted he was gay and has a ‘girlfriend’ (who he left his money to). Never admitted he was dying of AIDS until a day before he died and then just said he had the disease not that he was gay.
        Stop believing all of this media crap about homos coming out of the closet because many will never admit it for a variety of personal reasons.

    2. I am skeptical that you know her, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.
      Interviews do matter. Feminism is a form of bigotry and any support for it is cause for concern. Her father should be disappointed in these supportive statements and if she looks up to him like you say she does, then there could still be hope for her. But I am skeptical of this as well.

      1. I also happen to live in areas where I’m likely to see or meet people that you would consider well known. This isn’t going to happen if you live in Punxsutawney.

  31. Women buy her albums.
    She has to talk the talk to get more sales.
    It’s about the money, nothing more. Just like all of feminism. Money and votes.Nothing more.

    1. You can’t forget; they want to destroy all fabric of civilization by turning it into a man hating dyke filled society.

  32. She is propped up by a marketing machine. Once the novelty wears off she’ll be taking clothes off and overtly sexualizing her brand when the current method doesn’t produce profits.

    1. Well she’s 25 and hasn’t done it yet. She has enough money she’ll retire and marry some upper class man. Someone like her father.

  33. It’s always good to read the credits.
    Of course, Taylor is just a product of her environment (read: single white female feminism). No surprises here.

  34. I have always given Taylor Swift the benefit of the doubt, seeing as her music and (at least) public personality is more benign then most of the other pop divas. However, the way her music has been going lately and with comments like this, I don’t anymore. That said, this may be more about maintaining public relations than anything else by being just PC enough to satisfy the social justice wolves. Or, she may have bought into the lie hook, line, and sinker. Unfortunately, in today’s world, the latter is the safer bet.

  35. Ali Payami in your first list is also a dude.
    This is not much different from our beloved prez giving lip service to they mythical gender wage gap, and then paying the women in his own staff less than he pays the men, which he justifies by saying he still pays more than 77%.
    Smoke and mirrors.

  36. With fame and success comes liesure time to dabble in pointless recreational pursuits like bread and circus has become for many. Pointless recreational ‘thought pursuits’ like her feminism signal that she has a lot of free time to let her hamster rationalize where she is now and who and what the hell she is. She’ll go the way of the dixie chicks. Her apex has been reached. They’re always looking for fresh meat in the industry. So she’ll say her two cents but most likely won’t be a fugly spokeswoman or guru for feminism. Watch her marry UP most likely to some billionaire or royalty like Princess Grace. That’s about how traditional she’ll stay. At least she won’t age too badly like a lot of blonde cigarette smoking 35 yo cashiers that you see at the truck stops and quickie marts. She’ll be hot well into her 50’s and possibly 60’s like Raquel Welch was.

  37. Nothing different between Taylor Swift ,Beyonce,The Spice girls, Pussycat Dolls or Suicide Girls. Its pimping girls and women out under the guise of girl power female empowerment and its all bullshit because they’re still shaking their ass exploting girls on their looks and nothing else. Soon the words female empowerment will be such a joke no one will buy it.

    1. “Female empowerment” already is and always has been a joke. It is a bigoted term the same way “white empowerment” is.
      Also, these women make their own decisions and they are the ones doing the exploiting. To say they are being pimped out is to dismiss their responsibility for these decisions.

      1. I’m just hoping that the term female empowerment will have the same empty connotation that the term “EXTREME” was when extreme sports blew up in the 90’s and everyone from potato chips to insurance companies used the buzzword to jump on the bandwagon and sell their shit. I’m looking forward to the day when people just laugh when they hear female empowerment. I know I do.

    2. Yep. Not too familiar with any of these “artists’” music, but I know Beyonce has some catchy little tune which includes the lyrics “if he liked it than he shoulda put a ring on it…” Yeah. Sure. You go girl. You’re so empowered you’re gonna go tell ur man to buy you something big and shiny. Great message for young women. I am a woman, by the way.

  38. What’s sad is that so many men agree to work with her while she recites these cliched, empty, and bigoted feminist talking points. If most of these men are at the top of her profession
    Also sad is that this was printed in a “men’s” magazine. The only justification for this would be for them to confront her on it. But after finding and reading the article, I found that not only does this not happen, it is an ass-kissing interview in which those are the final words.
    I hear countless women say “guys are stupid.” I actually find it hard to argue with them when there are an overwhelming amount of men who support a form of bigotry prejudiced against them.

    1. Indeed. You have to realize the environment of men. The majority of boys are raised by single mothers which garnish a distinct hatred towards men. I hear it from these banshees as well but toward their sons. It even equates to schools (Frankfurt system), media, and just about everything they see and hear on a daily basis. You’re not man unless she says so mentality. Boys being raised into white knight, manginas with no purpose.

  39. In that triptych of photos does it look like Taylor wants Dunham near her? Look at the body language.Looks like she’s pushing her away.I’ll have to explain WASP body language to you coloureds. Like when that negro grabbed her award. Notice how cool and calm she was? Imagine of it was even some semi-negro like Beyounce, they’d be weave pullings and someone would get shot.So that pic with Dunham looks like she’s really pushing her away.
    And btw, I’m really going to have to explain white vs. negro body language to you boys or you’ll never pick up a quality white girl. Give me a 100 upvotes and I may otherwise remain a loser.

    1. Unfortunately, as it is reported by most sources, TS, the monster (Dunham) and supermodel Karlie Kloss are a triumvirate of bff’s.

  40. I can write a song about ape sex that’s better than all her shit.
    The world revolves around my need
    To bang a chimp until it bleeds.
    Its ass will brim with jizzum. Rape
    Cannot be cried if if it’s an ape.
    Didn’t Tarzan bone bonobos,
    Screw the sapiens and homos,
    Swing on vines while getting head?
    I’d like that kind of life instead
    Of sticking rings on walking cunt.
    I’ll pass on that joint, to be blunt.

  41. This is a fantastic point. She’s an example of the sub-group ‘bitter bitches’
    You know Taylor had 10 boyfriends in one year?
    She’s been riding the cock carousel and getting ‘betrayed’ by so many alpha ‘dicks’ for so long that her eggs have been fried along with her brain
    So many middle class white girls are like this. ‘Dick is abundant and low value’ for example…

  42. Nobody is more misogynistic towards women than other women. Especially “feminists”, they are the most misogynistic of all.
    What’s wrong with a double standard? What’s wrong with an unequal double standard?
    Are women going to start standing up to pee?

  43. Lol great article. Although TS would probably try the bullshit 1984 double think femi-nazi counter argument that she wasn’t able to hire enough female production staff as it is still a patriarchal industry. Rather than the glaringly obvious fact that men have just performed better within it.

  44. Am I the only one who noticed that most of the chicks involved in the production don’t actually have anything to do with the music itself? One back up singer, one keyboard player and the rest (from two albums, no less!) are stylists, photographers, etc., who deal with the visuals of marketing (and in the minority there, too). I really don’t think anyone should be surprised; if you think of ANY genre of music, almost EVERY one of the top performers/composers is male. Is there any female equivalent to Beethoven? C’mon, surely we can come up with one . . . anybody? Oh, yeah, that’s right: there isn’t. I guess you could point to one or two female writers who have real talent, like Dolly Parton or Carole King. And . . . yeah, I’m tapped.

  45. The quote “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” is actually from Madeleine Albright. As AKA said, it hurts to listen this elite pawn talk about feminism because she doesn’t have a clue. She has to push the agenda to socially engineer American women into mindless consumer… but really, do you see her losing any sleep over female sex slaves in thirld world countries?? She has to pose with something that looks like “struggle” because she hasn’t had a real one her whole life.

    1. Madeleine Albright starved half a million Iraqi children in the 90’s through the sanctions that were put on Iraq. So at least roughly 250,000 females have been murdered by her.

  46. omg Taylor Swift is such a hypocritical piece of garbage. I used to be a huge fan but I’m sooooo over her. She’s fake as fuck.

  47. Why are there so few female music engineers?
    Because none of them have experience with Logic and Reason.

  48. I agree. The only thing though is her song “never ever getting back together”. I have experience with flaky men like that. So other than that, you may be right.

        1. Not that I care, 5 billion don’t either. All media today is shite and music is the worst. With its no talent hacks using auto tune and make millions doing nothing.

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