Why You Should Avoid Dating Girls Who Claim They Were Raped

The feminists are right. Men must shoulder the responsibility for ending rape culture, and the way we do it is this: Never date a raped chick.

Next time you hear (or hear of) a chick claiming she got raped, what you should do is nothing. Don’t confront or antagonize her. Don’t question her motives. Certainly don’t quibble over the particulars of the raped chick’s story; even if you prove she’s lying, the world will still insist she’s a victim (see: Jackie Coakley, formerly of UVA).

And don’t date her. Simple as that.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting you forego banging a raped chick (after getting her written consent, notarized and in triplicate). Outside of a girl who is currently in the process of going ass-to-mouth with you, in many cases a chick who claims to have gotten raped is the closest thing to a guaranteed freak you can find.

But, whatever else you may do to her, do not date her.

Undercutting Rape’s Appeal


Girls are fond of falsely crying rape because in the sexually liberated West, being known as a rape victim is all upside, no downside. Raped chicks are praised for heroism and bravery. Other people lavish attention on them, and ask them to speak about themselves at length, which for chicks is like crack cocaine.

In extreme cases, raped chicks have leveraged their purported suffering into international acclaim and seven-figure book deals.

It bears mentioning that raped chicks have always been coddled and comforted (at least in the West), and in that regard, they are not so different today than before. But in times past, that coddling took place behind closed doors, among family. It was private and there was no way to leverage it into unusual status.

Rape was kept private is because it held terrible implications for the raped chick’s future. If she were single, she could be judged unfit for marriage. If she were married and gave birth soon after the rape, the child would be regarded with suspicion if not outright labeled a bastard.

Our society came to regard rape with such gravity primarily because of these things, and only secondarily because of the emotional turmoil a raped chick experiences as she orgasms underneath her alluring, bad-boy attacker.

If men once again refuse to date raped chicks, rape will become once more an infrequent source of private and passing pain, and not an indelible merit badge to be trumpeted across all the media outlets in the land.

Why It Works

A very upset and lonely woman sitting down crying against a wall

Bitches and feebleminded manginas who happen across this humble call for sanity will no doubt object that my plan won’t work. Already I can see David Futrelle’s fourth chin trembling as he stammers his rebuttal in a fit of pique:

Maybe this would work against a few famous raped chicks, like Lena Dunham and Emma Sulkowicz, because they’ve gone public with their stories. But what about all the other raped chicks? They won’t tell you they’ve been raped till you’ve already pair bonded and shared your Netflix password with them.

Eloquently lisped, Mr. Futrelle, and I thank you for raising that point—because therein lies the brilliance of this strategy.

In point of fact, it hardly matters whether you do or don’t date (or even marry) a raped chick. I hear it’s a bad idea, but then again, I’ve only knowingly dated one raped chick and she was one of the most pleasant and down to earth young ladies to ever drink of my golden seed.

What matters is that you say you won’t date raped chicks, and thus encourage girls to think that crying rape will hurt their romantic prospects.

Realize that we are fighting a war of disinformation, against an unprincipled enemy that is openly contemptuous of the truth. Nothing could be more tediously unproductive than arguing over facts with an opponent who has chosen to forego them. To win this fight, you have to hit the bitches where it hurts.

And for most chicks, that means attacking their romantic prospects—or, more fundamentally, their attractiveness. Even the most manjawed cunt secretly harbors fantasies of locking down a good man, marrying him, and thereby trebling her disposable income. Chicks will cry rape if it means endless, adoring attention with zero associated cost. But they won’t if they think getting raped renders them unattractive in the eyes of men.

A Brief Guide To Never Dating Raped Chicks

Never Date a Raped Chick

This is not baseless internet bravado. I have already begun testing these techniques in the wild. The effect is immediate, dramatic, and amusing. But it is important that you implement Not Dating Raped Chicks properly, so I leave you with several suggestions and one short, real-world example.

First, don’t seek opportunities to voice your aversion to dating raped chicks. Wait for someone else to bring it up.

Second, explain your position with sympathy for raped chicks, even expressing regret that you couldn’t date one. Never dating raped chicks isn’t retributive. It’s simply something you, as a man, feel compelled to do.

Last, don’t take individual responsibility for never dating raped chicks. Explain that all males feel this way; the testicular fortitude to own your feelings is all that distinguishes you from the mass of men.

In practice, it looks like this:

Vapid Office Chick: Did you hear about that girl who got raped at Columbia? It’s awful. I read that at the end, her attacker pulled out and jizzed the words “Reify patriarchy” across her chest.

Enlightened RoK Reader (head bowed): So true, so unquestionably true. And the worst part is, now she’ll never get married.

Vapid Office Chick: Right— wait, what?

Enlightened RoK Reader (mournfully): Yeah. Most men won’t even date a raped chick. How would she ever get married?

Thirsty White Knight: Um, wow. You don’t know what you’re talking about, dude. (turns to Vapid Office Chick) I don’t care about a girl’s past. I care about who she is now.

Enlightened RoK Reader: Sure, but almost all of your friends are women. And don’t you own Scandal on Blu-ray?

Thirsty White Knight (with rising anger): So?

Enlightened RoK Reader: I mostly socialize with other men, and they all say the same thing: They would never date a raped chick. I’m not endorsing it, necessarily. It’s just how men are.


This is a 10-megaton truth bomb, and your interlocutors will likely be angry and confused in its wake. Don’t expect them to agree with you, but don’t argue the point further. Once you’ve planted the seeds, step away and give them time to grow.

This is admittedly a long-term strategy. But if we band together in this effort, then someday, in the not-so-distant future, a 6.5 will find herself in her dorm room, regretfully recalling the night she got pounded out by the captain of her college’s club soccer team… and she’ll idly contemplate crying rape.

But then she’ll remember how much she likes the captain of the club swim team, and she’ll consider the impact crying rape would have on his opinion of her. And she’ll think better of her little lie.

And when she does, it will be because together, we took a stand against ever dating raped chicks.

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395 thoughts on “Why You Should Avoid Dating Girls Who Claim They Were Raped”

  1. Well said! And honestly, there is no need to call attention to this. And if you need a frame of reference, in the unlikely event that you as a man were raped, highly likely if you ever entered the prison system, would you be sharing said story with anything but rage? If she can smile about said story, blanket the word rape and just remember, You weren’t there at the time of said ‘rape’. You have no verification other than her words about the incident. And if your humanity, power, control over self, were violated, would you not feel weak and shamed for mentioning said story? Add the fact that said rape victim sought no retribution and you clearly have a he said she said tale. Just take a step back, admit you don’t know, and walk away. Pound her until you are completely drained, but leave any relationship ideas to the heroic White Knights.
    Don’t trust easily anyone who can reveal an affront to humanity as lightly as the average Joe can drop knowledge on yesterday’s sporting events.

  2. Good plan, bad article. Cut the swearing for fucks sake, it’s just diversionary ammunition for feminists and detracts from the message. Also, considering I agree that dating or marrying a chick who got raped is a bad idea, I didn’t see any valid arguments for this stance.
    1. Sex. Yes, she may be a freak… or, more likely, she’s developed a fobia of fucking. I dated this one chick and she would freak out occassionally during sex and would have fucked up dreams and I’d wake up hearing her saying shit like, “Get it out! Get it out!” That shit’ll fuck with your boner.
    2. There’s a good chance she’s into drugs in a bad way as a form of escaping her memories and helping her sleep. Been there, done that. End of story: you get dragged down with her.
    3. What’s the chance she’ll falsely remember you raping her while she was sleeping (because of #1 and #2)? Higher or lower than a chick who wasn’t raped? Exactly.

      1. That’s from the upcoming re-make of The Thing where all the Arctic explorers are females to placate our pussified “sensibilities” of nowadays. A reversal of John Carpenter’s amazing 1982 version.
        Of course, I’m kidding.

    1. 4. Have terrible sex and never be in a good relationship, and always wonder why is this happening to me.
      5. It’s you.

      1. Typical feminist. You can’t come up with your own list, you just parachute in on another person’s idea.

    2. Don’t just ‘not date’ them — avoid them as much as possible. They’re misandric time-bombs with the detonator armed and counting down, and the safest place for any male to be is outside their blast radius when they go off.
      (BTW, the picture PERFECTLY illustrates/exemplifies the toxic poison of feminism and the Western women who are the willing, eager hosts for it. EVERY man should see this.)

    3. “Don’t date single moms”
      Shit, that’s most of the population of fuckable women right there.

      1. No one said you can’t fuck them; I would advise against it as it is the portal to ruining your life, but up to you.

    4. 4. Divorced women, stay away from them…No need to pick up another dudes problems, and maybe if enough married women see their “Liberated” divorced friends getting nowhere with Men, it will make them think twice about divorcing their husbands.

      1. Young Men: Take Note. This is good advice, particularly if you are considering kids and marriage. “Raped” women, divorced women, and post-abortion women have all gone through some psychological traumas/experiences that will seriously degrade their emotional ability to pair-bond – and it is all “a man’s fault.” If she is truly raped, the trauma is horrible and long-lasting, and likely contributed to by a known lack of judgment on her part at some point. If it is bogus “regret-rape,” then you are dealing with a dangerous person that might land someone (you?) in jail. If she is divorced, you are not only getting post-carousel pussy, but an emotionally scarred psyche (and maybe extra kids). Again, be sure this is all “a man’s fault.” Women who have aborted their own flesh and blood as a convenience are capable of unnatural, biologically repulsive behavior – for the sake of their convenience. They know it, they know they are cold-blooded, and they must blame-shift much of it as “a man’s fault” in order to deal with the baggage. I have lived a now-broken 20-year marriage through this identified baggage (what a blue-pill sap I was). I know what it is like, after 7 years of marriage, 2 kids, a vasectomy, and a mortgage to hear the words “I don’t know what is wrong with me, I can not give myself to anyone.” You do not want to get on “resource lock-down” only to hear the “love of your life” tell you she can not pair-bond with you. You will be the nearest man, the closest target of masculinity, and you will receive the brunt of the fallout. Even if you did not put that pain there, you will still be the one who pays for it, by proxy. Damn, what happened to my life.

        1. I can’t like this^^ enough. The pair-bond part is dead on. I think that really represents the importance of men marrying virgins.

        2. Marry virgins. Oh so easy to say and so hard to do. But I tell my sons to wait until they are nearly 30 then try and find an “innocent” woman from a different culture than the anglosphere. Pair-bond functionality is talked about but very difficult to obtain, and likely always degrades with time and female “experience.” Vote with your feet.

        3. To each his own however, I’m a “divorced woman” and “single mom” and haven’t experienced any psychological traumas/experiences whatsoever. I do get where you’re coming from though. I tend to shy away from bitter divorcees and single dads for many of the same fears… I don’t need someone else’s leftover emotional baggage, I’d rather start with a fresh one… So hopefully some of “them” aren’t reading your advice here 😉 lol

        4. I gave my sons similar advice, but I insist on 35 as a minimum marriage age for men. Of course they should marry an 18 year old virgin. And that does mean they will have to go outside the sick western culture, as there are only a negligible number of 18 year old virgins in the west.

        5. This applies to you then:

          8 Essential Rules For Banging A Single Mom

          You’re exactly the type of woman this article talks about. I like how you put your titles in quotes like you’re trying to imply that they don’t apply to you personally, just to everybody else in society because you’re really a “good girl” and you’re not like every other woman out there. If you think you’re going to find some single alpha male with no children of his own to raise someone else’s kid, you got another thing coming. Most, if not all men on this site (and more and more men in society in general, the number increases every day) have been betrayed or somewhat disenfranchised by a woman somehow, (odds are, you most likely frivolously divorced your husband like the rest of them) that’s why they’re here in the first place. This high value man you seek, he’s successful and valuable. He has options. And if he has options, he is smart enough not to marry a single mom & raise someone else’s kid, when he can go out and find a single young 21 year old with no kids and knock her up. You on the other hand, are damaged goods since you are a single mom. Don’t like it? Don’t agree with it? Deal with it. It’s the truth. Should’ve thought of finding your alpha male before you got knocked up.
          So, good luck with your search.

        6. Ha ha you read a lot into my little paragraph.
          – I put them in quotes because I was quoting…. I think that’s how it works?
          – Really and truly I don’t want anyone to help “raise my kids”. I’m not looking for a hubby or a baby-daddy or any random dude’s opinion on how to raise my kids, so no problem there.
          – Not that it matters, but your odds are VERY incorrect about frivolously divorcing my husband. It sounds like you’re projecting because you were betrayed or somewhat
          disenfranchised. I think it’s really funny ONLY because a lot of you dudes sound like the exact dude-form of the bitter femnazi. You all are very entertaining.
          – I don’t agree or disagree with anything you said everyone is damaged goods in one way or another, even you, from the sad tone of your attack on me. I’m not so sure that someone as damaged as you is in high demand but I don’t know your life, so maybe you cover it up well in the real world.
          – BOOM – You’re absolutely correct on finding the right alpha-male before I got knocked up… live and learn I’ve heard.
          – Believe it or not (I’m sure you won’t) I’m doing pretty good in the finding what I want. I’ve found a couple options that are successful, single (in fact never married), no children, alpha-male’s and I think I’m dealing with it well!
          Thanks 🙂
          For every hot chick out there, there’s some guy who’s sick of her shit and for every “valuable” man out there there’s some chick who knows what a dysfunctional ass he is (not to imply that’s you).

        7. I’m unsure of where your “……..” is leading. However, you’re spot on again! I AM reading an alpha men’s web-site! Smart and intuitive, maybe that’s why you’re so successful with the 21 year old virgins? 😉 I find the comments highly amusing and entertaining (sometimes even the articles), there’s not much more to it than that. So……..?

        8. “I’ve found a couple options that are successful”
          Gentlemen, the hypergamous money gruber with her fools golden vag going to the highest bidder…..or so she thinks.
          Not men mind you, options, men being reduced to utility. Pure sociopath, soulless.

        9. That comment is full of assumptions…. and incorrect assumptions at that. Who said anything about money? Fortunately, I don’t define “success” by paycheck. At this point in my life, there are other attributes that are more important to me than a man’s bank account.
          No golden vag… And if that’s what you’re chasing or looking for you’re probably going to be sorely disappointed, for it doesn’t exist. There are millions of vag’s in this big wide world and I’m sure not one of them is going to be the ultimate prize vag to any two men. I don’t think I’m any worse or any better than anyone else. I’m sure I’m not your cup of tea, but I suppose there are millions of women who aren’t your cup of tea as well as there are millions of women who won’t find you very tasteful… Funny how the world works that way.
          Everything is an option! Option just means a choice, silly. Whether you believe me or not, I would never disrespect someone by treating them as a utility, and most definitely not a romantic partner.
          I’m sure you’re trying to make me mad, or hurt my feelings or prove your manliness because I dared to make an innocuous comment, but again, I just find it slightly amusing because you really do sound like the bitter FemNazis except you have a dick (although sometimes I think they do to ) lol it’s funny in a way… But sad that some chicks fucked you guys over so hard that it turned you into this whatever you are. 🙂 Like me, you should’ve picked a better ;-). Good luck!

        10. I think thou do protest too much. One sentence gets me four pargraphs, and I’m not even married to you. Modern women and their options, that’s why we are here.
          I was not always a prick, but now it’s much better this way. We don’t want to be pricks; it’s born of necessity.

        11. Ha ha Partly true… I don’t think I’m “protesting too much” however I do have, at times, an annoying habit of over explaining 🙂
          Also true modern times have given women more options… On the other hand modern “men” have made it necessary to look for options. They seem to have decided that all humans who have vaginas are jackboot feminist who want to rule the world and treat all of us as such. I prefer to date European men for that reason… In my experience they have a better grasp on their masculinity, old fashioned values and manners – I don’t want chivalry to be dead, in my world, just yet.
          I agree with you on the necessity of being a prick – defense mechanism and all that. However, I’m afraid that’s also the reason some women decide to be heinous bitches – what came first the chicken or the egg?
          The few ruin it for the many.
          Hey look at me and my paragraphs again!! ha ha

        12. Technically, the “golden” vag is called a virgin. But you wouldn’t know the value of virginity…..

      2. Young Men: if you are not seriously experienced and/or skilled at game, the unfortunate reality is that the average woman of your own age is far, far ahead of you in regard to her girl game. If you are going to “cougar-up” with an “experienced” woman, then you are even further behind the curve. For most of you, when you are in the presence of an older woman you are in fact a babe-in-the-woods. Women know the game, they have been approached more often than you can imagine (even the unattractive ones, ugh). They see your thirst, your weaknesses, your gullible nature and they know how to push your buttons. Until you have slept with scores of women you are that babe-in-the-woods. Even then, with many women you have just barely leveled the field, let alone established a “dominant frame.” You may be giving chase, but they are the ones so often dictating the pace and setting the traps. Learn game, pursue cougars for play only, and learn to coldly evaluate a woman based on her life experience, biological clock, and practical motivations. Have your fun, but develop a cold hard side.

        1. I’ve often felt “worth less” as women due to their ease of getting relationships and sex compared to guys until I learnt most guys have very little game and get just lucky now and then with girl from their social circle. The most good looking guys I know have had less sexual partners during their lifetime as some of the ugliest fat pigs I’ve come across have in a year. Why is it that any women can get sex and relationships so easily despite having a higher libido as men?

    5. Women’s studies and gender studies are major red flags. I don’t think there’s such thing like a woman who took Women’s studies and claims she was never raped: indeed Women’s studies teach to girls they’re oppressed, all men are powerful rapists, all women are poor victims of rape. That’s why having a degree in Women’s studies and having been at least “sexually assaulted” is the same thing.

  3. There are two types of girls who claimed to have been raped, and neither is a pretty picture. The ones who were subject to what rational people would call “rape” are victims who deserve our sympathy. However, they will be so messed up that you can’t build an ongoing relationship with them. The others subscribe to 3rd wave feminism and invent the rape. Back away slowly from these bitches because you could be the next rapist.

    1. Easier way to do things. I like to get a girl on a date, get her talking. If she says anything resembling moonbat feminist ideology and admits to being a feminist, finish your drink, say, “thanks for the drink” and walk out with no further word the minute she admits it. Make sure she’s left with the check. Gotta get them on dates, first, though. Going around screaming “I don’t date feminazi attention whores” doesn’t work.

        1. Cry harder fag. Don’t worry, you can have those feminist leftovers after I’m done with them.

        2. 100% agree with the doctor.
          If a girl starts spewing feminist doctrine on a date, then she is either a radical feminist, or a fool, or probably both.
          You don’t want to waste another minute of your prime dating life, on such a girl.
          Get up and leave.

        3. He left the feminists to you, you should be happy! Horny white knights get all the feminists! You should be happy, white knights always beg for sex…

        4. “Cry harder fag. Don’t worry, you can have those feminist leftovers after I’m done with them”
          Mayem’s strategy sounds good to me.

      1. I agree with you on the strategy, but you guys need to let the world know that women hating men (aka feminazi’s) aren’t attractive. A lot of women that claim to be feminists think it’s some sort of fad. And by a broad definition many women claim to be feminists. They don’t even know what they’re talking about. Let them know their hate isn’t cool. They need at least some sort of consequence. Saying “fuck you and your sexist comrades” is pretty clear. Otherwise more and more women will jump on this trend and it’ll be common for women like Emma at Columbia University to lie about being raped.

      2. Or just walk up to her and clap. If she is “triggered”, then she’s probably a feminist.

      3. I’d just nod, then come in her mouth later. You’re there to drop a load and move on, not make a statement. Fuck her face, then don’t call her again. Simple.

        1. Wrong. Stop rewarding these whores with your cock. Same with if she’s a blatant Trump hater. It’s time these sluts start feeling ostracism.

      4. The irony is that they’ll cry feminism shit and put men in general down. But if you ask them to pay or don’t hold the door, and any of the other shit they expect from chivalry, they get pissed off.
        Like cheating at sports. We learned to not do it because if the other team did it we’d get pissed off. Then we’re hypocrites. You gotta have standards, but women can’t understand something as fundamental as fair play.

    2. there is also the 3rd one that claims rape so she doesnt feel like a slut.
      Check this out, this big glass ugly crazy bi polar looking indian feminist hipster is producing liberal marxist feminist values and shaming men for their choices. Typically shaming them for not wanting to be with mentally damaged people, and the ones that say yes are obviously just giving the safe answer.
      There was a ROK article I cant find, saying he dated a girl that was raped
      and the relationship died, since she was emotionally less affectionate and couldnt be intimate anymore due to the trauma brought on. People with a bad history, be it ptsd,mental problems,past experiences, you cant fix them.
      It becomes a problem later in life.
      Plus females are crazy enough as it is,being an actual rape victim will just really throw them off their mental game
      WTFIndia has got to go. Feel free to redpill or neomasculinize their comments sections.
      ps, whats with all these feminists rocking these hipster glasses, I swear its a uniform.

        1. lmaoooo this is the liberal destruction of any words of meaning or serious nature just for their own insecurities.
          there was a time when ‘triggered’ was a term reserved for only those who were raped, or those with PTSD from serving in war.
          now its used so much its like nothing

        2. Yeah I agree.It’s like this video here. This was a gaming tournament. The main guy was excited. The Landwhale (NaughtyZeut) jumped up and attacked him and called him a “cis gender fuck”. She then claimed later that his screams “triggered” her. Of course, she also claimed that he attacked her first. It was only after the video surfaced that she recanted.

        3. Its because the Land Whale LOST.
          And as we all know, women cant fucking handle reality when it smacks them square in the face, regardless of their gargantuan size

      1. that girl is fucked up.
        it’s the equivalent of saying “would you marry a girl thats psychologically scarred and got huge sex issues as a result of her trauma?”
        no normal person would ever take on that much a headache and anyone saying they would is being disingenous

    3. Girls who were abused tend to get a little clingy or needy. That in and of itself is not much of a problem as they can be incredibly loyal and devoted to you. If, as a previous commenter mentioned, she admits this to you in private and doesn’t attention whore the fact then you may very well get a wonderful girlfriend and possibly a devoted and loving wife.
      On the other hand, I would, as the article suggests, avoid attention whoring ladies like Emma Sulkowicz like the plague.

      1. nah man, kinda disagree, theyd have a hard time loving and bonding with you, even any inimacy that comes up shell feel hesitant or taken a back or weird due to the trauma brought on…its kinda sad. Others just beomce really aloof and just one night stand all over the place.
        Those that have been abused sexually usually go down the route of a risky life or be an emotional wreck(clingy needy can be one of them too).
        Females lose their good nature due to this. THey are menat to be protected from bad experiances, they are not men, whom need times of hardship for us to mentally build up. For them its crippling.

        1. I agree with both of you. On one hand the abused girls are indeed emotional and clingy but they have trouble developing a bond. You are left with this terrible situation where these girls will never love you but will also not let you leave (it is too much rejection for them to cope).
          I think we can all agree to leave these damaged goods alone and move on to the next one.

        2. ya you cant save a bad or damged girl. But you can protect good innocent untouched girls. But once they go bad its over.
          We basically gotta think like knights(or conservative communities) that only helped ladies whom were dignified,reserved and prudent all while not giving a rats ass about the town wench. Now you got white knights saving every wench.

        3. not saving, because you cant fix them….Only protecting since they havent been expose to trauma or degeneracy.

      2. They go one of two ways. Some seek out the same kind of bad boy and are complete demons in the sack. Others clam up and become timid church mice who never want to see another schlong again.

      3. You mix up loyal and devoted with obsessed. You do not in any way want to be the focus of some batshit crazy girl’s obsession.

      1. Or stick your dick in crazy once, because it is damn fun. . .then run! I never got full biops from my one night stands but the most rocking sex has been with BPD, rape and incest victims, cutters and such. Not that I planned it that way, but in the aftermath of a megaspooge session, they will tell you all sorts of things.

        1. ” the most rocking sex has been with BPD, rape and incest victims, cutters and such. Not that I planned it that way, but in the aftermath of a megaspooge session, they will tell you all sorts of things”
          Thats usually the case with skags who are really nasty in the sack.

        2. That’s all they’re good for anyway. Might as well. Let the SJWs invest in them and learn the hard way.

    4. Rape is certainly real and there are many victims as are false allegations of rape conducted for purposes of revenge, attention whoring, sympathy.
      I personally know several female rape victims. One, who I’ve known long was known as being fastidious in her personal integrity as a child and a life long tea totter was raped when she accepted home a lift rather than take a taxi from an acquaintance (met 3 times). A girlfriend had taken the initiative of organising a ride for her and she trusted that friend. She was not attached to the guy, didn’t want him as a boyfriend etc. Really one of those girls who is fussy over fidelity and marriage.
      I’ve known her and her husband and one effect is that she can not accept cunilingus because the rapist forcefully upon her. It’s not a big thing in the sense that the husband gets the usual sex life but one or two acts are of limits. I suppose its a kind of PTSD.
      Looking at the course of her life it’s obvious it did effect her deeply and it took years for her to trust men again, by then her choices had reduced and she ended up with a few time wasters and married later in life managing only one child.
      This didn’t go to the police. The guy that did it was bashed up, told not to show his face again in the town and lost all of his friends.
      The other girl I know was extremely pretty and was literally ambushed and raped on her way to her car in a car park.
      She was married eventually but there were quite a few trust and intimacy issues, a sort of emotional closing off. She did a rape kit but the offender was never caught.
      Neither of these girls were ‘feminists’ or man haters. Nor were they promiscuous. They were the kind that wanted one man and one man only. They knew they had trust and intimacy issues, knew it wasn’t right, fair or healthy to take those into another relationship but they struggled with them for many years.
      One thing I’ve noticed is that many girls, when they are ‘in love’ or infatuated become very agreeable and long to be sexually submissive and giving, sometimes overtly so. Rape seems to disrupt that, at least for a while.
      I suppose these girls deserve our sympathy but they don’t really want it, they want to get better, so should you find yourself involved don’t indulge too much. Expect them to be a woman and they will become.
      I suppose some people will deal with it better than others. I can walk on high steel mesh platforms with indifference. Some I know who look down will lock up in fear.

    5. I never bought that rape was this life-altering thin that women claim. If it was, they wouldn’t abuse it so much with false claims, etc. Plus, the ease that women will have sex in the right situations doesn’t show that they value their bodies as much as they claim. For instance, rather than work a regular job, a lot of girls will go to strip clubs and dance nude and let any guy who gives them ten, twenty dollars touch them. On the other hand, if that same girl gets raped, you want e to believe that it’s some life altering catastrophe she’ll never recover from?

    6. Good analysis 66.
      It is sad when a chick is genuinely raped (not fake rape) and thankfully I never was out with a chick who was a rape victim, but if I was: I. Would. Be. Gone.
      There’s no real fixing of that.

    7. So many girls see false rape claims as just a right of passage. It reveals their decadent psychology. They don’t care that they destroy a man’s life and create an uproar. . .To them it’s about attention and power. As a young man I felt powerful and a thrill to go out in the woods shooting my rifle. Women get that same experience actually in real terms destroying a person.

    8. People who’ve been raped can overcome their past. It doesn’t permanently damage them. To imply that there’s no possible future with a person who’s experienced sexual assault is just silly. All you have to do is build trust with them. Though, if you’re the type of person who subscribes to this RoK bullshit, that person’s better off not dating you.

  4. “I’ve only knowingly dated one raped chick and she was one of the most pleasant and down to earth young ladies to ever drink of my golden seed.”
    Hey pal, you sound like a paper asshole. I’m a red pill adherent, but if you did in fact meet one of the good ones why screw her over and not wife her up? Your Golden seed huh? Go flex your tooth pick arms in the mirror and tell yourself you’re a real stud.
    I did date a woman I genuinely knew to have been sexually abused by her asshole father which ruined her for life. Too bad because she was a solid 8-9, sweet as could be, always reached into her wallet to pay half the bill, and very unassuming and intelligent.
    You do make a good point to cast a critical eye on any woman who claims rape. I have since met a nasty old whore who made such claims and immediately sniffed them out for the bullshit they were. It was just a nasty old skank trying to illicit sympathy and attention.
    The good one I spoke of never told me her father abused her. I was told by a mutual friend.
    I can’t stand twerps who come on the Internet to live their Walter Mitty life.

    1. I fully agree with you, Ragnar. Plenty of good people have been victimized (both men and women) and ending a relationship simply because of that is foolish, shortsighted, selfish, and juvenile.

      1. Again, I disagree. It’s women with the long list of demands…men are pretty simple. Most men (if they found this diamond in the rough) would hang onto them. But, it seems that these “raped victims” (true or not) have some issues (and that’s what usually kills the relationship).
        A man having to deal with a woman with these kinds of issues is very draining. I don’t care if she was the innocent victim or she made it up…there is some “damage” there…I’m not here to save her.
        They will mentally wear you out in the end.

        1. Exactly. Refusing to date a woman because she has been traumatized by something like rape is far more reasonable than, say, the large number of women that would cringe at the thought of dating a man shorter than they are.

        2. I find it pretty fucking hilarious when I hear women (especially fat women) make a claim that they don’t date guys under 6 feet tall (or whatever height).
          How could some fat ass girl be that picky about height when she could easily start at nose guard for any NFL team?

      2. You don’t dump them “simply because they’ve been victimized”.
        You dump them because of what such victimization entails

        1. Whatever, girlies. He could have written a good essay if he left out his porn fantasies. I could care less what a couple girls like you think.

        2. I particularly enjoy his take on Christianity. What could be more insane than this dormat religion telling you to turn the other cheek. Still, I think European Christians in the past had a different take on Christianity than these grinning effete rapture bunnies of today. The Templars terrorized the Arabs during the crusades. They also became money lenders to kings, and that proved to be their undoing.
          Still in the end, the only law that matters at the end of the day is the law of tooth and fang. Life is a struggle for dominance.

        1. Agreed, women already have a pussy, they don’t need another one between her legs (unless she’s a 200lb+ butch dyke).

    2. “I did date a woman I genuinely knew to have been sexually abused by her
      asshole father which ruined her for life. Too bad because she was a
      solid 8-9, sweet as could be, always reached into her wallet to pay half
      the bill, and very unassuming and intelligent.”
      “The good one I spoke of never told me her father abused her. I was told by a mutual friend.”
      Why did you stop dating her? What happened?

      1. She let her ex husband back. A loser mommy’s boy with no income. She had a sizeable inheritance that this guy was pissing away before the divorce, so she let’s him back to finish the job. Short pudgy guy.
        It was before my red pill. I was way too nice also. What a dipshit.

        1. ah, I see. Yep, something to learn from here, though. I’m guessing this women is still out there searching too…or she’s hooked up with another of the same type.
          Women never seemed to learn. They piss away their younger years and then try to convince younger men (when they are older) that they are a “good catch”. Bullshit. Any woman past the wall is a bad deal for a man. I don’t even see these women at all once they are past a certain age.
          No amount of plastic surgery or other can improve them enough to compete with a younger women. Their time has passed.

  5. “Never dating raped chicks isn’t retributive. It’s simply something you, as a man, feel compelled to do.
    Last, don’t take individual responsibility for never dating raped chicks. Explain that allmales feel this way; the testicular fortitude to own your feelings is all that distinguishes you from the mass of men.”
    Fun to read that as I’ve done it for years. Not about raped chicks but about confident women.
    “Sure, confidence isn’t bad… but there’s something attractive about insecure girls. They’re endearing, I don’t know why, they just are. Oh, most men feel this way, but we don’t usually voice it”
    No reason to make nice girls feel inadequate though, keep it for obnoxious women. And trust me, they absolutely hate it, but they can’t show it as it’s “just preferences”. It’s fun to see them struggling to keep a fake smile.

  6. I would not recommend that dialogue (in this article) in a typical office setting where it’s obvious your employees are mixed in with white knights and feminists. I mean these days, even one slight wrongdoing or misinterpretation of your comments can quickly backfire and get you arrested. It’s not worth getting your income source situation be ruined like that. While I do agree with the Enlightened RoK reader’s view, I would side on the err of being silent. If they try to insist and keep wanting to know your views in the office, just wisely change the subject to something relating to office work and then move out of that area and just keep focusing on work. Don’t trust any of your fellow employees because they might rat you out and get you fired. Keep friendly but distant relationship with your fellow employees and boss. If you are dating any girl, make sure she doesn’t know where you work; but it’s hard because a quick name search on linkedin can reveal your work. Use fake or nickname when dating girls.
    Like this article states, if the girl insists she was “raped” (whether it is real or not; most likely fake to get attention as real rape victims would not advertise it loud), stay alert. I would recommend running away as fast as away from her in opposite direction as possible. Just cut off all contacts and do not play with those kinds of women. They are already screwed up and they gone far beyond no return. These days men must jump through A LOT of hoops to safely determine which girls are worthy for relationship and which are worthy for quick sex. Many women today have mental illness and have to be treated as such.

    1. If someday the laws/stigma/punishment for false accusations are ever fair to the falsely accused, and there is a public database of women who have made false accusations, then maybe men will not have to resort to this level of hypervigilance. But until then, set the bar VERY high for women who you let into your personal sphere. Save conversations and backup your phone periodically.
      Yes, in response to your hypervigilance, you will get responses like, “I’m not a crazy bitch.” But if letting her into her into your personal sphere doesn’t benefit you, why do it? Some women do not take rejection well, and will use mental gymnastics to twist everything that happened between you–and the feminist establishment will enable them.
      About the workplace–yes, watch what you say, but speak out when you witness hypocrisy in a conversation directed toward you. One time before a training session started, I overheard some woman in the auditorium say “Yeah, I have a daughter, and she is having issues with some boys at school. Boys are stupid.” As luck would have it, I was sitting there talking to another coworker who was a younger and cute single mom. The second I heard that woman say “Boys are stupid,” the image of that feminazi shirt “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!” came to mind. I exploded. “Really?! Boys are stupid? Is that because they are SO MUCH EASIER to raise?” I got a response, “They are?” I responded…”Just ask ANY parents with teenagers.” The feminazi shut up. And this was all before I knew anything about red pill, several years ago.

      1. They should have to send their picture and their address to all the neighbors for blocks around so everyone knows exactly what they are risking by even saying hello. Also the false accusations should be evidence in any and all future trials they may be involved in.

    2. I agree.
      I once said a few slightly red-pill things to a guy at my work, and he immediately started up asking me why I had such a cynical view of the “fairer sex”.
      We live in a world of brainwashed white knights.

      1. yeah it sucks a lot of guys are not aware of the ideologies with “red-pill” or quote the truth. There are some people who are worth helping but unfortunately there are many men who gone far beyond no point of return so they will just oppose and not appreciate what we preach. Since the nature of job is always on thin ice, I always urge on side of being silent. I mean your economic basket and feeding family or whatever/paycheck is much more important than being fired by some SJW, faggot, or feminist women. I mean if these clueless men don’t want to even help themselves then let them suffer then that will probably awake them up if not maybe they were just meant to be that… meanwhile the awake men can go on with their lives equipped with truth and move on.

    3. All too many women are not only not worthy of even a quick fuck, but are incredibly dangerous to even have them know your name.

      1. that’s why you never use real name when meeting women. You never know who the crazy ones are. It’s best to assume they are all crazy until proven wrong but even then it’s better not to lower your guard around them.

    4. Do not even talk where female co-workers can hear you. Keep any contact limited to the absolute bear minimum required for the job, and start looking for work where you don’t have any contact with females. I have been there and done that. You will improve your life immeasurably if you follow this advice.

      1. Yeah of course man. At job, it’s best to just focus on work. It’s hard to find white collar jobs these days without females though. They are literally everywhere in office jobs. Now on the other hand you will never find them in heavy, hard blue collar jobs like automobile mechanic jobs.

  7. I think a lot of readers are going to be conflicted about this article, Mr. Crumb. Your underlying thesis of arguing caution against dating women who have made rape claims sounds like sage advice, but I would like to raise the following points:
    1. Even though there is a current scourge of unfounded rape claims, not all rape claims are in fact unsubstantiated. Yes, I would argue caution, but a real man would never shun a good person who has been legitimately victimized.
    2. Ass to mouth, your golden seed, and being “pounded out”? There is in inherently juvenile and ultimately insecure way in which you describe sex. You sound like an asshole.
    3. You seem to advocate dishonesty and manipulation as an effective means of communicating how men feel about women who have made questionable rape claims. You would better serve your readers by advocating intellectual honesty.
    4. Your argument is muddled with genuine misogyny (yes, I am using that word as a red pill man) and in the end simply provides “ammunition” to our foes without any real benefit to the readers of this website.

    1. He comes off like pencil necked punk who spends his time fapping away to his favorite porn site.

      1. The message is not delivered well I grant you that… he makes too much of an immediate issue of a subject matter that most women will not discuss upfront until they know you a little better…
        The take home message is correct though, because girls hide things… like ‘I haven’t spoken to my father in 10 years’ or ‘I was raped’ or ‘I had a two year lesbian marriage’ or “I already had 3 abortions’ etc….
        They get inside your life and inside your head and then in the interests of full disclosure drop these little bombs on you… not for your benefit or to share, but to test how much you will tolerate (how much of a white knight you are).
        If you gloss over it and carry on like it’s nothing, watch the psychosis start up and your life unravel… if you try to bail instantly, watch the stalking and weird drama begin…..
        The rule applies not just to rape victims but all manner of personal trauma… i dated a girl once who had a car crash and killed her older sister… she nearly went to jail, but that wasn’t the problem… unless you want to play part time, emergency amateur therapist, on a 140 hour work week…. as soon as issues crop up, quietly back off and rethink it…. take your time, take space for yourself and forget about the easy pussy….. dark clouds are brewing on the horizon….

        1. Or you just might be really fucking spineless. That’s cool. It’s not about rape, since plenty of rape victims are strong, cool, great people. This is just a smear campaign – the article might as well have been written by ISIS. Let’s stone them in the city square right? “If you’ve been raped, hey .. good luck with that, but I’m a wussy.” If having great sex is all you’re looking for, then consider yourself a part of the problem because you can’t even manage to find it with a consenting female you’re attracted to.

        2. I agree about being wary of rape bombs women will drop on you. I pointed two seperate instances, one BS and one never actually made to me. The poor girl who was raped by her dad my heart genuinely went out to. She was not a slut and was really in possession of all the good qualities you want in a woman. She was however ruined by that experience in forming healthy relationships.

        3. Good stuff, thanks. It’s important. If you’re going to be a misogynist wussy, people should be able to understand you.

        4. It sometimes amazes me how manginas can cite the facts about the people they are arguing with with absolutely no knowledge of the individual in question.
          I mean hell, they are either true goddamn psychics or they are flat-out liars… Since they sometimes appear HERE I guess they aren’t making billions a year as a powerful mentalist.
          Oh, and there’s no such thing as rape. It’s just assault. Rape stopped existing the moment virginity and faithfulness stopped being a valued commodity.

        5. I have foolishly participated in a number of forums over the years, and I have found that those who do the biggest talking, the bloviaters that puff themselves up the most are the biggest abject losers in real life. If you think this guy’s porn references and personal puffery helped make his point, enjoy.

        6. Jesus, if married, great sex, working on videogames you might play if you do play videogames (with tons of guns, wooooo,) and financially well off makes me a loser .. but you’re the one who is insistent on calling people “ruined”. You’re the one saying rape doesn’t exist – enjoy living in a voluntary minority buddy. Something tells me it’s not going to be a happy life. It’s not too late. Therapy helps. I know you don’t need it, but you’re going to be an angry man forever, and as cliche as it sounds .. probably not gunna have much sex. Sex is fun! GFs are great! Being an infantile “man man” .. well, good luck with that. Pretty sure the world won’t collapse despite you nitwits being so preoccupied about manginas and other names we only made up when we were 8 years old.

        7. So what you’re saying is you’ve frequented lots of forums and met up with numerous forum members?
          Not trying to be snarky, I am actually asking.

        8. I like meeting forum people and beating the fuck out of them. Even if I lose (and I do lose occasionally) They still think twice about making claims about you.

        9. Ohhhhh, we all tremble at the great might and strength with which you pound your keyboard!

        10. I am a professional artist in the video game community, and I can tell you from experience with the indy community as well as AAA titles, that most of the content producers (sans artists and writers) are ABSOLUTELY losers. They couldn’t get their dick sucked if it was made out of Godiva, and couldn’t fuck a woman unless they used canned air to blow the dust out first.

        11. (shrug) great strength is irrelevant. All that matters is that you make someone bleed, tongue a cut lip, and remember that you are willing to fight.
          ‘Men’ are usually taught that before they get their first pubic hair.

        12. Then you are usually hanging out in the wrong forums. Sites like RoK, Taki’s, and other red pill/neoreactionary sites are generally frequented by angry men with disposable income.
          If you are looking for jobless losers, try AVFM.

        13. I did not know you had done a statistical analysis of ROK reader’s income levels. How did you come by these facts?

        14. It’s simple. You get together for drinks and cruising. If a number of people attend from out of state, their income level is above average.

        15. ISIS get the job done. We are spending our Sunday notching in a comment section on a website.

        16. was it too much booze last night, too much coffee this morning or too much masturbation this afternoon…. or perhaps you always come across like a dry cynical prick ?

        17. btw, I am living a happy life, And have been doing so for quite some time.
          Not all forumgoers are high school students. Some of us are grandfathers, and a sizeable number of us are grandfathers that can game and fuck that 9 that all the college boys are too scared to talk to.

        18. I always come across like a dry cynical prick.
          It gets me laid.
          I am also an optimist. “Zombie apocalypse? About goddamned time! I almost was starting to think it would NEVER happen! I thought maybe I got into shape, sharpened my teeth, and practiced ripping raw meat in half for nothing!”
          see, the bright side in everything.

        19. Although false rape victims should be tarred and feathered, I do think there is a general high level of overly aggressive ways guys aproach and hit on women. Thats why they have such bitch shields.They get hit on ogled and crude gestures on a constant basis if they are hot. Unfortunately most women dont have very good common sense and find themselves in tricky situations with guys in even social situations among friends. Shit like hey girl lets go to my car and smoke some weed.Places where guys isolate women and get grabby fast turns ugly. There are a lot of douchebags that go overboard and dont no how to turn it off.
          Since women are raised from the get go to believe they are infallible little princesses that can do no harm, they dont develop common sense skills. Women dont have reasoning, responsibility or accountability skills so they end up perpertual victims. This victim mentallity is what has lead to the so called rape culture. It should be called victim culture. Sure date rape situations could be avoided if girls were raised to think If I do (A) action in this situation then (B) or (c) may result. Maybe I shouldnt go down into the woods with the testosterone addled captain of the football team even though he’s had a twelve pack and I’ll be out of earshot of my friends at the keg party. No, they dont think like that. Their first priority is being able to brag to their girlfriends that all they did was makeout because she would be slut shamed by her friendsif she told them if she did anything else. Ive ha my share of girlfiends that have been in date rape/ molestation situations. They might be good in bed but get ready to be an unpaid therapist and on the defense why they have trust and abandonment issues.You will never gain their trust no matter how much you try.

        20. And if you’re going to troll, you have to be smart enough to do it properly.
          I know you anger stems from rape-jealousy. It’s understandable, all these hot women are getting raped and no guy wants to rape you. Must be a terrible feeling knowing you’re unrapeable. My heart goes out to you.
          Maybe hit the gym. Or how about you dress like a slut, then go out and act like a slut, get drunk and go flirt with some black guys. Then drink some more. Hopefully by the time you’ve woken up the next morning you will have been raped not just once, but multiple times, and in all your holes too; then your pain would be over and you can join the cool girls’ group. Good luck.

        21. I am not actually misanthropic. I just think that most humans hate, are confused by, and distrustful of independence, so I don’t see the reason for offering it to them.
          Freedom, self determination, and independence should be earned. Most people are simply too stupid, selfish, or weak to appreciate what a huge gift they have been given.

    2. Dishonesty and manipulation work. That’s why western man is in this mess. The left wins at all cost. It’s time we adopted their mentality.

      1. The left wins at all costs, and ALWAYS wins. Until it loses, winds up decorating a wall with it’s brains.
        That’s the way it always works out. Civilization always moves left until it’s time for direct action, and then the right wins, usually very quickly. and the cycle begins anew.

    3. its a shame as some of the analysis was good, especially the examination of how they dynamics and incentive systems have changed over time. But if all rape victims are portrayed as emotionally / sexually conflicted because every rapist is a ‘bad boys’ (which is just silly – rape of nanking, the congo, etc), then nobody’s going to take that seriously.

    4. I’ll have to disagree. Much of your advice seems to come straight from a feminist playbook. The two phrases: “real man” and “advocating intellectual honesty” are two red flags.
      The shaming 101 tactic is deployed on a regular basis by SJWs. The author doesn’t deliver the message the best way possible but if you read it then you can get the meat of it. It’s his opinion on which way to go with dealing with them (each man will travel their own path).
      At this point in time, we’ve (men) cared too much about what our “foes” think and how they’ll react. It’s what has lead to this point in history and it’s the very reason why we needed a forum to come together for discussions (without interruption).

      1. Intellectual honesty does not belong to red pillers or feminists exclusively. Intellectual honesty is something that everybody should advocate and should not be treated as a red flag. I don’t see how my advice is feminist in any way.
        It was also not my intention to “shame” the author. Honest criticism is not shaming.
        Nor is caring about message delivery seeding the terms of the debate to the feminists. I agree that we should not spend energy worrying about what feminists think of us. My criticism was simply that the way the article is written hurts more than helps the cause.

        1. Some good points here. I don’t necessarily agree with the entire article but I looked past what I thought was the nonsense (we both see it) to get to the meat of it. I guess we’re all on a similar path…some just ahead of others (age, experience). Good thoughts, though.

  8. I stopped reading at the title – why bother finishing?
    It’s already been confirmed as true, in my own experience. 😉
    (It’s also a wonder how the economy keeps going, what with everybody raping/getting raped every second of every day. Where do they find the time to fit in any work?)

    1. It’s like getting carjacked. Nobody should ever get into a car with you after that. (Also, you’re an idiot. But thanks for the up-vote.)

        1. I wouldn’t expect you to. You wouldn’t agree with me pointing out how apt the comparison is.

        2. Lol. It’s funny and sad reading your comments. It’s like having a parking accident so you never park again.
          And yes, this is an apt comparison. If you don’t get it you’re not as smart as me and I won’t explain it to you neither, because you wouldn’t agree.
          Do you see how fucking stupid that sounds?

        3. So… spout some nonsense, then when it is recognized as and called out for it as being nonsense, you go to the “you just don’t get it” cop out.

      1. Lets say that a carjacking was so traumatic that a carjacked driver has a v. good chance of freaking out and causing an accident if there’s a passenger in their car.

      2. Depends on the circumstances.
        Driving around westchester in your prius on a quiet sunday afternoon.., or… doing half a bottle of vodka, and driving your Ferrari through South Central at 3am, stopping at all the red lights.
        There is such a thing as high risk activity.
        No doubt the knights out there will start on about “teach men not to rape…blah blah”, consider all the things we do in life to protect ourselves against things that are not our fault.
        Insurance, seatbelts, bullet-proof jackets,…etc.
        Rather ironic that so called “rape victims” want to be completely relieved of any responsibility for the circumstances they find themselves in.

  9. if the statement in the header needs to be explained to a man, this man also needs his head examined

  10. I wouldnt date a girl that was genuinely raped, so the ones that cry rape fall into the same category. Simple as that.

    1. rape was invented by blue pill marketing betas to sell toothpaste to feed their cheating bitch wives

    2. Agreed, both are mentally screwed for life in different ways, but the results are always the same. I won’t be any bitch’s therapist for less than $300/hr.

  11. The primary reason for avoiding claimers of any sort (rape, abuse, DV, etc.) is that they have seen the recipe work once and they are willing to bake the cake again. And they want to perfect that recipe.

    1. I heard that rape was invented by the ancient egypticons to control the weather. make of that what you will

        1. Let’s pretend Slavery didn’t exist among American Indians, Africans, Egyptians, Aborigines, Mayans, and a hundred other civilizations millenia before the white man was even ‘the white man’, shall we?

        2. The squat rack makes a real man? That’s pretty funny. I thought character made a real man. I also have to point out, that you can work out and also be an educated person.

        3. My grasp of history is as flippant as all the dumbass guys around here. Look, I’m sorry a bunch of men don’t know how to talk to, meet, or form relationships with women (the lot of whom here make them sound like another species) but holy smokes. Whining about women who were raped or just made up a nice story because it sounds good .. if you keep meeting women that are lying about rape, it’s not women that’s the problem, it’s your own judge of character of any human being, male or female. You’re just a bad person and you don’t know how to meet decent people. I might as well write an essay called “Don’t Date People From Poor Families That Have No Education.” But I wouldn’t do that, because that would be pretty reductive, wouldn’t it?

        4. For some reason he thinks you have a dick like an Ox. and you are smart too. Take the compliment in the spirit with which it was offered.

        5. And you think it’s wrong to point out that a woman that starts yammering to you about how she was raped has flawed character?

        6. nines aren’t going to let you bang them with a copy of crime and punishment…that’s why you get in there with the pile driver

        7. Did you read my previous comment about this article? Perhaps you are the one being flippant. My objection was your claim supporting the idea that slavery was “invented” by “evil white people”.

        8. I think it’s wrong that if a woman starts yammering to you about how she was raped, you would consider that yammering. It’s really easy to listen.

        9. Not when you have heard the same lies repeated a million times. It gets very hard to avoid stabbing your ears out with a kitchen knife, or failing that, cutting off their tongue.

        10. i heard that no one has ever actually been raped and it’s all made up to increase yahoo’s pageviews

        11. That’s true. you need to rate each area seperately.
          will to make herself attractive
          The first two groups are absolutely mandatory high scores. They MUST be high 7’s or above to even consider the woman marginally fuckable.
          The last group is very flexible, primarily because it’s almost entirely subjective… I like freckled redheads with perky B tits, while another man might like a voluptuous D cup with creamy skin.
          a ‘generic’ rating system is kinda childish when you think about it.

        12. Although I prefer a more holistic view, at least your formula is a more perfect metric than a simple 1-10 scale.

        13. you only need a submissive girl if you’re a beta peon and can’t dominate her yourself

        14. There’s a difference between ‘submissive’ and ‘lacking spirit’. If you have to break a girl instead of simply helping her break herself, you haven’t got the first clue what being dominant means.

        15. @brigadon:disqus has a point. I was chatting this empowered chick the other night and she was so easy to dominate. Towards the end of the night she got annoyed because her friends (one of them had her hair dyed like Storm from Xmen) got jealous because they kept getting approached by a group of shy lads, good looking but they had no marchioness about them. WOMEN LOGIC. The point I’m making is that chicks with issues are to e avoided if you want a shit free night and an chill night.

        16. Hey mate that’s a comprehensive list. I’m taking this for my own evaluation of women but with added personal flavor. Btw the last time we crossed swords you made a fleeting mention about being in a master slave relationship. Care to elaborate more? Cuz I’m genuinely curious. Is your relationship Ala Fifty Shades of Gray?

        17. Not really. That book was a bit of a crock.
          It’s more like an extremely stable semi-polygamous semi-open marriage with no ‘divorce’ option. And frequent floggings. And none of this ‘equal responsibility’ bullshit. And lots of great sex and blowjobs. And spankings. And no backtalk.
          It’s kinda like those marriages in the 1700’s without all that mandatory backbreakingly hard labor.
          Of course, the fact that both me and my ‘main’ slave are gamers helps enormously. (pen and paper, not CG) Our group knows what is going on, and don’t disturb her if she’s getting punished, unless they absolutely HAVE to have her character’s input.
          (yes, I have had to unlock or untie her to roll dice before.)

        18. No kidding. Everything you need to know about a woman to both make yourself, and her, extremely happy, can be gathered from her body language. Especially if she’s gagged.

        19. This just piqued my interest even more. Btw semi open? What does that connote? She is allowed to sleep with other dudes? Don’t think I’m being an intrusive prick in your personal life. Believe it or not this is the first time I’m hearing about a real life master slave relationship. Naturally my curiosity skyrocketed. Is your bitch white by the way? Haha can’t stop myself from using that word cause it rolls of my tongue easily. Cheers mate.

        20. No, she is probably blue, like that 12 ft alien chick in that sci-fi movie, while he has a death grip on himself.

        21. Haha I noticed you and Brigadon are constantly at each others neck. Well what is your two cents on this master and slave relationship, mate? I would like to know your honest opinion.

        22. I think it’s his mastabatory fantasy sequence that plays through his mind several time a day.

        23. I stand corrected. The woman referred to was very attractive, at least to me.
          I guess if you don’t foam at the mouth with hatred for all women all the time you are not a true believer.

        24. No, she is not allowed to sleep with other dudes.
          I am master, I do what I want. In theory I could fuck another chick every night, but in practice my slaves keep me pretty well satisfied, and at two score and ten It’s usually not worth the trouble of dealing with newly minted 18 year old drama.
          And yeah, both of my girls are white. I had a black slave once, but I have to agree with black slavemasters from the eigthteenths:
          “Blacks can be wuked real hard but they is dumber’n shit. If they wasn’t so strong they’d be plum wuthless.”

        25. I literally have no idea what you are talking about. Is it anything to do with pet training?

        26. Right, because you were there from the advent of human civilization all the way until The American Civil War. How can I join the ranks of The Nephilim as well?

        1. I was just amazed that the arabs could stop buggering each other long enough to complete the job.

        2. who said they werent butt pounding each other while flying the plane. you only need two to fly & there were 19 of them. fuck islam, the religion of liars & hypocrites 😀

  12. In reality the women who lie are both social rapists of the real victims and every mans’ life, social circles, and emotional resources for the sole purpose of vanity. These are psociopaths. Their higher ideals are broken. These people are best filtered off somewhere to were they can experience the consequences and shame their own actions properly deserve and intersect with reality rather then walk around using the in card. In sales it’s simply called word tracks. Being able to spot a word track and read a little body language like the way Paul Ekman or however you spell his last name does is clutch with this.

    1. Not to put too fine a point on it, but there are ‘psychopaths’ and ‘sociopaths’. They are basically opposites. You seem to have blended the words together.

  13. I think I found a great girl. The problem is that she constantly twitches. Advice brothers?

    1. You White Night mangina! There is no such thing as a great girl anywhere, twitch or no twitch! Get off this forum.

  14. No. Even pumping and dumping is a form of validation. Just avoid them entirely.
    I wrote about this a while back in the comments. The only way to improve the behavior of girls is to completely avoid those who act badly. There is no practical alternative.
    We also need to do something about pumpers and dumpers. Historically this has not been a problem (on a societal scale) because of wars, but we haven’t had one of those in what is now the longest period of peace in western history. Looking for suggestions on this one.

    1. Or we could, you know, simply abide for the next couple of years until our country goes bankrupt, balkanizes, and pussy goes begging for men that can feed them or keep them from getting gang raped to death.
      That strategy is starting to work out pretty well for Londoners with sac.

        1. Hehe… the country going bankrupt is the trigger event, not the endgame.
          Money will be worthless at that point. Knowing how to shoot, and being willing to pull the trigger on another human being, will count far more than all the ‘playboy bodybuilder’ muscles and bling you could imagine.

        2. brah you can try to pretend that being a flimsy pale ass rake is gonna get you bangs but unless your benching 50k you’re nobody

        3. 125 lbs?
          You are joking. Even a ‘flimsy ass rake’ can lift that.
          You don’t need to bench. If you are decently tall, straight pushups can replace the need for enormously expensive lift equipment, and is generally safer.
          Definition is far more important than bulk. And this coming from a guy to whom ‘bulk’ is second nature.

        4. Hector, that is not true. Poor men that are not good at hiding that fact or using it as an asset for a ‘badass’ game don’t get chicks.
          Any obstacle can be overcome. And not always by charging it head on.

        5. sure, and a homosexual can get chicks as well as long as he hides his gayness.
          what a load of horseshit.

        6. why not? Judging is human.
          Obviously not every male is going to be able to bench 500 (I cap at about 400 myself, but then, I am nearly 5 decades) but expecting someone to exert themselves to the utmost is not unreasonable.

        7. Wow! 400 lbs bench press, 500 lbs bench press. When are you guys going to make some progress. I warm up with 800 lbs 10 reps and pyramid my set finishing off with 1200 lbs. Kids these days, just full of unwarranted self-esteem.

        8. note. I mentioned ‘5 decades’ At 50, 400 regular bench is not bad. and I am not stupid enough to try and tear my ligaments by overlifting.
          Frankly, I wouldn’t look forward to the cascade of health problems you are going to develop later in life due to overdevelopment. look at Arnold to see your brilliant future.
          Besides which, I strongly doubt that any level of muscular development is going to effectively stop a bullet.

        9. BTW, you are completely full of shit. World record for bench press is 1100 pounds.
          Do you strain your back picking up your cat?

        10. Yeah, you are right. I am full of shit. One of the elements of humor and poking fun at someone is sarcasm. A sense of irony goes along with humor and sarcasm. Maybe someday you’ll catch on.

        11. You might try using humor and sarcasm in a venue where reading your words isn’t an issue.
          Irony and sarcasm don’t work in a text medium.

        12. Yes, I can see how you might mistake my post for being serious.
          Can anyone else discern if I am currently being serious or goofing around with Brigadumb?

        13. When you are not playing Dungeons and Dragons, can you just make us a top ten list of why you are the most interesting man in the world. I’m sure everyone here is very interested in your personal life and what a wonder you are. Everyone believes everything you tell us, I assure you.

        14. but if you are really interested, I am a 600 foot tall giant from outer space that likes eating cows in a single gulp. I enjoy long walks on the edge of volcanos, sterno and sulfuric acid cocktails, and getting caught in meteor showers. I drive a 1980 battle pod and yammer about protoculture all the time.
          Frankly, I have little need to interest YOU unless your measurements are 32-24-36, you weigh about 108 lbs and have red hair and freckles. Oh, and no red beard. Or dick. I figure only the last part applies.

        15. But that’s the problem, guys like you can’t fake it. A female would rumble you in 2 seconds.Sure, you can shag (maybe) chubby Rosie the barmaid at the Dew Drop Inn but will never make it to the bigger leagues.
          A crappy lawyer may be able to project a higher image so that a female thinks he’s better than he is but the stockboy at Walmart never.

        16. You like fucking niggers. Leave the pure, clean white women alone with your disease ridden semen. Go back to D.C. with the scum where you belong. Why oh why did that slut bitch who shat you out not have an abortion and saved the world from nigger fucking apartment dwellers like you.

      1. Nobody knows how long that will take. Could be next year, or in five, ten. Longer. Historically speaking the system should have collapsed by now. Always plan for every eventuality, in this case, continued status quo.

        1. I am already prepared for more status quo. Untouchable career, readiness.
          But I would still lay odds within the next 6 years.

      1. They are open to whatever society puts them up to. It is socially accepted, encouraged by media and indoctrination camps (“schools”), so they do it. The way to change them is exactly the same.

    2. Only fear deters females. Especially fear of looking unattractive and unwanted.A female would rather you saw her with a smoking gun after just killing her kid with it rather than looking unattractive.So use their own fears against them and stop with the useless arguing.

  15. No sane man would ever date a woman who has been raped. She is damaged goods beyond repair and falls into the same category as prostitutes. Let the white knights “rescue” them.

        1. No you are a cameltoe. Everyone can tell by your posts. It’s obvious and pretty pathetic that you created an account solely to troll around at ROK.

        2. you don’t have the right to call yourself a male…..you CUNT.
          A pure disgrace to masculinity.

        3. Actually I’m in pretty decent shape and my cock size is pretty good too.
          Of course if you knew anything you’d know the fact that I know how to use it (and other body parts) is way more important.

    1. I’d friendzone them. Keep it nonsexual. If she asks why it’s because she’s been raped and any future sexual encounters will only generate PTSD/emotional triggers from her previous experience.

    2. I make it a rule to never date women who fit this profile:
      Single Moms
      Dad Issues
      Rape issues
      I’m not raising kids who belong to someone else.
      The dad not being around or who was around but no attention (big problem).
      Raped or perceived rape…you never know the truth and we’re finding out more, each day, how there is a fine line between actual rape and attention whoring.
      A man will never be enough to fill that void that many of these types of women have in their life. Most of these women bounce from relationship to relationship trying to fill it; always trying to find something exciting and new. They try to fill that void but it never works. Don’t be the man trying to fix the problem.

      1. “A man will never be enough to fill that void that many of these types of
        women have in their life. Most of these women bounce from relationship
        to relationship trying to fill it; always trying to find something
        exciting and new. They try to fill that void but it never works. Don’t
        be the man trying to fix the problem.”

        True. Never waste your time trying to repair an old shack in a flood zone, in tornado alley, that’s sits on a fault.

  16. This is the absolute truth. I have never know of even 1 girl who claimed she was raped and I’m one of these men who females feel relaxed around and who tell me everything. I did have one girl once who said she thinks the doorman of her building looked like he wanted to rape her but I’m pretty sure that she just wanted me to take her home and shag her. And as I left I noticed the building didn’t have a doorman and that she used her own key to get in lol

  17. So we should still have sex with girls that claimed to be raped, just not date them?
    Ok that makes sense

  18. Thanks for another warning, guys.
    If only my late granduncle knew of this, he would had never gotten lynched for a false rape accusation.

      1. All I know at the moment is he met his fate during The Great Depression, while there were various reports he worked in Detroit, Columbus, and Northern California as a laborer.
        Given the sociopolitical climate that banned non-“white” men from bringing their wives AND female companions from their respective old countries to the USA, it only naturally led to them, becoming thirsty; my greatuncle was one of those men. Of course, it’s a foregone conclusion it DID lead to tons of white knighting “save the white female” shenanigans.

  19. While this could technically work over a long period if time, it would cause further stress and shamefor real rape victims, who don’tneed anymore stress and shame. Veto on this one.

    1. Disagree. A girl I know who was raped for real kept quiet about it. I only found out about it by a fluke and then I did not pass on the knowledge to anybody else. There’s a vast difference between rape at gun point, and withdrawing consent retro-actively which is what seems to be happening on university campuses these days.
      The real point of this exercise is to stop the rape culture hysteria and the lynching of innocent men. It’s the attention whores and their feminist enablers that are the real targets of this boycott if you will.

      1. False Rape Accuser “What part of NO do you not understand?”
        A: “The part where it is retro-active”.

    2. A better idea: Just don’t date girls who publicly proclaim their “raped” status. Real rape victims don’t like to talk about it. If a girl confides in private that she was raped… well… that’s different.

        1. Because there must be a pile of gold digging whores who want his seed. Tape what you like, but for chrissakes put a rubber on.

  20. The chicks who make these false accusations frequently bring it up the first time they meet you btw.

    1. Or they suddenly start acting like a psycho squirrel and then pull the molestation/rape rabbit out of their handbag.

      1. Yeah they can get pretty bitchy. All I have to do really is let them know how big my dick is and laugh as they desperately try to bitch and moan at me, going in and out of passive aggressive, feminine behavior.
        Oooooooooooh yeah, they don’t like the guy who won’t put up with the nagging. Sometimes you just gotta tell em “hey little bitch, I’m going to do what I want. You are powerless over what I do so just accept it and suck it up” heheh.
        Then I remember how big my dick is and laugh at their butthurt bitch friends who hate me too. They make their anger at me pretty clear…. It’s like, holy shit I guess what I’m doing must be working lol.

        1. Just don’t be a big dick attached to an even bigger dick. Just be careful Little Miss Fruitloops doesn’t does drop the rape accusation on you. Your big dick won’t save you. Play with fire and you may get burned.

  21. I believe rape is a horrible crime but this obsession with rape from feminists in The West an the fact they now use it as a status symbol an support women who are obviously lying about being raped has got me to the point that most rape classes I hear I don’t even believe. I used to be a blue pill who believed women didn’t lie about rape but feminists have showed me their rape narrative isn’t about stopping rape but using it to further their agenda.

    1. It’s all about the attention whoring…bottom line. One woman can’t outdo the other…so the attention is needed.
      The crime: the women who actually have been raped (and the other women throwing them under the bus).
      It’s another example of women holding other women down (not men).
      That message needs to get out.

      1. Exactly every time women make false rape claims that feminists support an when feminists make up bullshit rape stats they gradually trivialize it making it worse for actual rape victims. It’s all about maintaining victim status for them which is why they always have to shift the parameters of what rape is, they’ve got to keep the stats up.

    2. Rape is practically unknown. And the horrible crime is usually more battery from some psycho than sex.

  22. One step ahead of you. I never fuck with bitches that were raped, especially if they were raped as kids. Most of the time they won’t tell you…. then you fuck her and it becomes plainly obvious.

  23. I have suggested that women practice this no dating, no involvement with men who have a history of violent and abusive behaviour. Yet, I get dumb blank stares when I suggest it.

    1. Yup .. Telling them to stop posting overtly sexual selfies and getting dumb meaningless tattoos also results in that deer in the headlights expression …

      1. i dont think its dihl. its more like out of ram memory stack overflow.
        error error dors not compute says her hamster brain lol

      2. The thread of meeting a guy, getting abused by a guy and then moving in with Mr. AbusiveAsshole and having a child with him is just something I will NEVER understand.

  24. Futrelle, that silly fat bastard. Is it still whining? I thought it would die of a heart attack by now.

    1. he’s like jabba the hut so no he aint dying of natural causes he’ll just crawl around like a fat slug.

  25. Hit the nail on the Head with the Thirsty white Knight, “I’ll defend you!”..(Please have sex with me)…

    1. i used to be that guy then i took a friendzone arrow to the balls lol.
      nah just kidding, i was just an orbiter chode. i wouldnt fight nobody.

      1. Yeah that sucks, I was in that boat back when I though women valued Honor in Men, but I learned early on most women don’t give a shit about Merits.

  26. Won’t work. A dude not dating Jackie Coakley is exactly why she made up her rape story. These women are mentally ill. Don’t date them, but don’t count on that to save your ass.

  27. I think that there are a few tough NAWALTs out there who have had the misfortune of being raped but pulled themselves together and moved on from it.

  28. honestly real rape victims and pretend rape claimers are both damaged goods and should be avoided

  29. As yes, the “don’t blame the messenger” approach. Quite effective when telling women how men truly feel, while minimizing potential blow-back. I find in my experience that women will – after I tell him this is just how men feel – rant how how horrible that is and how they or someone they know (who may or may not exist) “isn’t like that”. I just maintain my look of disinterest/mild amusement, then change the subject (or smile and walk away).

  30. As a matter of fact, in these days where feminists have the upper hand over most men, having laws formed just to benefit them. That’s what men should do, without arguing, without defending themselves whatsoever. It’s kinda of Passive-Aggressive-Long-Term Strategy.
    Well done.

  31. I went on a few dates with a girl who claimed to have been raped. Upon further questioning, this is the reply I got via email.
    I aborted the situation immediately, and any man who wouldn’t do the same is a fool.
    Attached is her explanation. Excuse the poor grammar. English is not her first language.
    Actually he was my hairdresser
    Was also my mom n my best fd hairdresser…
    We knew each other for 5 years
    Usually i go get hair cut once a few months sometime for the color sometime is haircut or treatment
    I went there last time to do 3 all hair things
    But he was very busy n i don get enough time to do the treatment
    So he invited me to do treatment at his place by next sat…i thought it is a bit weird to go to his place by myself n i hv asked my frd to go
    with me…cause it is not really a good idea to go alone
    When the sat i do the treatment, my frd said he has sth to do n cannot come join me for the treatment, n said he is ok to stay alone as we all knew each others for years so it is fine, ask to not to worry..
    Ofcos, things happened when he do the treatment to me, he asked me to put my hands at the back, and he put his penis near my hands, ofcos i instantly aware wht he wants to do but i did say anything ..i m already soooo scary
    Things continued for around 20 mins..and i just keep talking to him to ensure he is not going to do further..ofcos his stuff was still stubbing on my hands n also my back… he pretends nth happened….
    At the end i claim i have to go as i date my frd somewhere so pls make it as soon as possible..cause hv to leave now
    And i went police station at the end
    Was a harsh night for the asking n asking by the police…
    Was nearly crazy cause i didnt want to mention again n again
    They arrested him
    N lock him in the prison for a month
    Thts all of the sexual assult

  32. Uh, the “bad boy attacker” is in no way alluring.
    The orgasm occurs as a preventative measure to save the reproductive organs from damage by forcible penetration. In the days of old, women would be rendered incapable of reproducing if it were any other way.
    Of course this is forcible rape and not “regret rape.” It seems a minor detail but it betrays a dangerous ignorance on the topic.

  33. Its a no brainer I would not even consider it at all. More than likely she will turn on you down the line when the relationship goes down hill which it will. I would not even have sex with a girl who openly admits this. I think if someone was really raped they would not be so apt to talk about it as an actual rape would be very damaging. Most rape victims do not even come out about it. So for one I would already be skeptical if a broad brought it up. Just take it as a warning and bounce. As she will more than likely turn out to be bat-shit crazy!

  34. Do not waste your time, effort and well being on a female? Stop giving a fuck about these women! Pussy is overrated

  35. I prefer to date with decent and modesty women! I’m looking for good wife and mother for my future children! I agree that men should avoid dating with women who claim they were raped! So I’m looking my future wife on http://www.rbrides.com/ It’s one of the best dating service I have ever tried!

  36. We need and organization to fight for men in the U.S. The meninist was just a prank and those fucked up feminist were offended by it. Well we need a real “Meninist” like organization to fight for mens rights, and I’ll tell you why. Men face the worse end of it in the U.S. also, but no one speaks up, there’re no organizations that fights for Men’s rights similar to the feminists organizations who fight for more than equal rights….here’re some examples of what I mean and it’s only a few, I can write a book on this topic if I cared to:
    I’ll post this again to show that society has double standards all around. Men should start fighting for their rights as well, since these double standards seems perfect to all feminists who helped implement them. What equal rights? Men do not have it better or easier. In the U.S. issues for men are just as bad, if anything worse. Here are some double standards that are overlooked and considered normal here.
    The Medical Field in general, statistically they say that men don’t go get check up as much as women, yet no one knows why or claim that they do not. Well ask any male and you’ll find out why. In the U.S. men are left on display for everyone to see, and it’s the norm here. Even in situations where there’s no reason to be exposed, they will if you’re a male. Most of the medical workers are female and they tend to cover up the female body right away. Men they leave naked (completely undressed) even if there’s no need, especially if you’re unconscious when you get to the ER. Most men just follow along because they don’t even know the basic HIPAA laws that hospitals don’t care about this when it comes to male privacy as well. The comparable would be a female exposed with legs wide open spread eagle….that’s the equivalent if you want to compare it to a male being exposed.
    Another one are female sports reporters being able to go into the men’s locker room even while athletes are completely naked. Their reasoning is that they’re being discriminated against due to being female and it’s unfair. The feminists movement fought for this and somehow got it to past legislature. Where are the male activists to fight against this? We have no one fighting for men’s rights, so things like this happens. Again the equivalent of this would be male reporters in the female athletes locker room while they’re spread open for all to see…..that’s the only comparison. See how ridiculous that sounds, that’s because it is, but yet it’s accepted as a norm for men to go through that, but not women. Also male athletes are the pinnacle of male society, not the same for women…..so really the equivalent would be the a male reporter inside the locker room of miss universe or other pageants while they were naked and spread…..think about that. Male reporters are not even allowed in the lockers rooms while the female athlete’s are undressed, let alone legs spread apart…..so why are female reporters allowed in locker rooms while men are naked and on full display? This should be illegal, and if not, then let the men inside when the female athlete’s are naked….then and only then it would be “equal”
    Another one in the U.S. is male circumcision. The main reason given is that left uncircumcised, men are more prone to infections and such, and it’s unclean. We all know that a vagina is a lot more “unclean” than a penis, why are women not subjected to parts being cut off? Another ridiculous feminist idea that everyone just accepted. Less than 5% of the U.S. are of the religions where this practice is a tradition, so why is the circumcision rated around 80%. The ironic part about this is that women are voluntarily cutting their vaginas themselves because when they get older or if it’s to “ugly” they want the option to make it look better. Look up vaginal rejuvenation, or Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty. So women make this choice by themselves, but they took it away from men, they make that choice for men also. How fucking boldface is that?
    All of this will change in time as later generations would see how backward thinking the people of our time were and they’ll look back in disbelief. An example of that in current day is now we look back at the days when men were only allowed to swim if they were naked or nude while women were fully clothed. Seems unreal but it’s true. Now a man would go against swimming naked, because it’s unheard of today. Isn’t being forced to swim naked in front of the opposite gender backward, wrong an invasion of your human rights? Which one of you all would do that now in front of women who’re fully clothed? So why are men not fighting for their rights in the medical environment or in the locker rooms. Male modesty is out there but the feminists only fight to take it away. They don’t fight for equal rights, they fight for more.
    Time changes everything, and the double standards that we see today will change as well. Later generations will look back and wonder what was wrong with ours. We’ll be labeled as a backward civilization just as how we look back and label past civilizations as such, and they’ll be right to say that.

  37. “Stolen Valor” Comes to mind….Any woman who freely talks about her “rape” and advertises it like it is an episode on southpark was not raped. I have known a few women who were raped, and they spent a week in the hospital, and suffered terribly. They do not talk about it, they don’t advertise it. In fact their own husbands don’t even know !!! They were not some stupid girls drinking too much at a party and got buyers remorse, jumping on the fashionable “look at me” bandwagon. If a girl tries to tell you early on in a relationship that she was raped. She is full of shit, looking for sympathy and manipulating you. Real victims do not talk about it easily or at all. It pisses me off to see this new breed of attention seekers using a terrible act to further their twisted agenda. I have also known real war heroes that have done terrible things, and are real heroes. Guess what. THEY DO NOT TALK about it either !! In fact you have to eitheralready know of the situation they were in, or be very very good friends with them and it is an emotional experience when they tell you about the blood and the body parts, and how they did the deeds they did to survive and rescue their brothers in arms. Hence. Beware the quick story teller. They are suspect.

  38. I’ve known this on an instinctual level for awhile and I’ve always did a disappearing act right after she uttered those 3 little words. I was raped! And I ran into allot of girls like this too!

  39. I would have thought you don’t date raped women coz they have an irrational fear and distrust of all men, and difficulty being intimate, thanks to their traumatic experience.
    As opposed to feminists and SJWs, who simply have an irrational fear and distrust of all men.

  40. This is one of the most disgusting articles I’ve ever read in my life. It reads like satire, or like some self important, arrogant twelve year old somehow got access to a computer. Every sentence has something dreadfully ignorant or just wrong in it; it’d be easier to list everything this piece of shit got right (nothing) then everything it got wrong.

    1. How can you say that after all the attention seeking woman who called rape in the recent years? Being as delusional as that is otherworldly…

  41. That’s pretty much it, good solid advise but being rendered as using this kind of guerrillas tactics is quite scary. Seems like we lose the war without knowing it.

  42. Okay, here’s the thing. I just sort of stumbled onto this website and started reading these…horrible, inflammatory articles…and I feel sort of the way I did the first time I realized what female circumcision is. Like this part of my innocence, that I wasn’t consciously aware of before now, has been murdered. That so many men can have so much hatred for womankind is pretty disheartening. My ten year old daughter came up behind my computer chair, and I shooed her away just the way I would have if I’d been looking at gruesome crime-scene photographs. Of course she’s too young still to understand what any of this means, but still… I felt like the dirtiness – the maliciousness and mendacity of this article stating that when women get raped they’re actually having orgasms beneath their “bad-boy attacker” – the pure malice and ignorance might somehow ooze out of my computer screen and infect her with it’s nefarious soul-stifling content.
    So the thing is, the thing that I created an account for, the thing I just have to say – and I know nobody is going to care or listen or think it’s that profound – and I’m just going to come right out and say it: I’m a fat woman, I’m uneducated, I’m plain and obscure and I know that in society’s eyes all of this means that I have absolutely no value. But since all of those men DID give us women the right to vote, since we can own property, and divorce our husbands now, and go to college, and choose who we spend our time with and marry, I’ll just state my mind and then I am never coming back here again.
    All of you are just so sad. I mean, as reprehensible as your statements are, what strikes me the hardest is how alone you are. I know you aren’t gay – though deep down you probably wish that you were: how much simpler life would be, yes? I know that plenty of you get laid, probably pretty consistently, and even with very beautiful women. Because you’re absolutely right. Damaged “chicks” are drawn to cruel men. If you have sex with her and then deliberately do something at the end to cheapen her experience – i.e. humiliate her – she probably will “fall in love with you”. That is, give you the broken, spiritually-damaged love that is all she’s capable of.
    And that’s what you’ll get, and that’s all you’ll ever deserve.
    Healthy, independent, logical women, who love themselves and can give all of themselves, will never date you for long. Sure, you might be able to charm and fool these women for a little while. But the really good ones, they’re going to see you for what you really are, and then they will say or do something to let you know that, yes, they know: they can see you. And you’ll feel tiny and small when they stop returning your texts and phone calls, when they quietly shut you out of their lives. And for a little moment, a really small one, you’ll feel shamed for the contempt you have for them. You might even get a small glimpse of what’s it like on the other side of all this darkness and cruelty. But the warm shiny world will hurt your eyes and repel you, and you’ll slither back into the dark, and you’ll probably come here to commiserate with all the other like-minded yes-men.
    And you’ll redouble your hatred because of this experience. You won’t grow or learn, because to do that you have to humble yourselves just a little. You would have to except that while all women have flaws, and so do you, that we all have strengths as well, just like you.
    I’ve always thought that women and men are meant to sort of complement each other, like we’re two sides of the same coin. I hope that someday society will gradually progress to an acceptance of this point. Even though this website seems to decry this possibility, diminish the progress, and even, in some ways, to demean the hope, I’ll keep on hoping to try and cancel out all of your hatred.
    Have a nice day.

    1. You won’t be back? Wonderful! KFC has a chicken bucket meal with 2 sides and fries on special. Dive in!

  43. This article came across my newsfeed and I found it very interesting to read. I’ve never heard of this site.
    I just think you should know that all your opinions are just that…opinions, and they aren’t fact. Because I can disprove a lot of what you say. Is it true that some girls falsely claim rape and that ones who legitimately are raped are very broken? Yes of course. But what you say isn’t true for all women.
    I was raped. A guy attacked me outside of my apartment one night. And yeah, it wrecked me. I was in no condition to date a guy for a good time. I felt like “damaged goods” and it would’ve been unfair to be dating a guy when I was still so wounded. But I worked through what happened to me and I healed from it and moved forward. I’m no longer wounded and damaged from it. It doesn’t interfere with my life or relationships. In fact, I’ve been in an awesome relationship for a while now and my rape doesn’t interfere with it.
    You claim that by refusing to date “raped chicks” (as you so insensitively label it) it will the rape issue you have to deal with. But by refusing to date girls who’ve been raped, you aren’t stopping the actual rapists, so you really are just making the experience of being raped even more traumatic by saying that one rape happens, that girl is ostracized and a hopeless cause. The fact that you use the term “raped chicks” shows that you don’t have any sympathy or sensitivity to it, because that’s a degrading and belittling term.
    Men get raped too. So would you say all of this to your own gender too?
    What if you as men stopped thinking in terms of how to deal with women who have been raped (because, I’m so sorry that what a MAN did to us is an inconvenience to you), and instead start taking a stand that rape shouldn’t be happening at all??
    I wonder how you will react if one day, your mother is raped or your sister or your daughter. Will you look her in the eyes with the enthusiasm you have on here and tell her she is damaged goods and crazy and no man will ever want to be with her and she’s just a lost cause now? God I hope not. Because if you wouldn’t look at them and say that, then why would you publicly encourage the whole world to on this site…when every woman who is raped IS someone’s daughter, mother, sister, friend. And I really hope that no women in your life are raped because I know how damaging it is to hear these types of messages from people you love.
    One of you pointed out that many of you men on this site have been wounded by a girl in some way, and I think it’s pretty obvious. Your words are screaming how much hate and bitterness you have.

    1. That’s all well and good, but if the stories over at the marriage forums are any indication, it’s not worth the risk.
      Plenty of stories of good men who married women to later be treated poorly by them and end up in a dysfunctional, sexless marriage; her past did indeed come up later, and yet as a woman would do, her husband/long term partner suffered for it.
      Not worth the risk.

  44. Agree. Men should steer clear of these types of women because they could end up being the next victim. Most (if not all) of these women are head cases. They are looking for attention (and sympathy). They have no real line (or idea) on rape…it’s all about how they feel.
    Too dangerous for men.

  45. I simply would like to say that you are all saying that rape victims who are victims of ‘actual rape’ are psychologically scarred and would be incapable of being in a normal relationship. That is actually just not true.

  46. This is my situation, to anyone who’s interested, I’d appreciate if you would reply with advice. Before I continue, I have a plan, and I want a girl who has a plan too, no games. My family is irish catholic, and I believe in the christian values.
    I met her two months ago. She’s very pretty and catholic too. I met her family and they are very nice, as far as I could tell, because they sometimes spoke in german and I don’t. She hasn’t told me much about her life, but she has acts kind of oddly for a girl her age. She has a bit of a temper; when she overheard a boy talking about wanting her to suck his dick, she actually spat on him and called him disgusting. I feel like a pussy for not standing up for her myself actually. Then there were some rumors about her being a whore, and one day my friend told me that she looked like she had been crying in class, and when I talked to her she said she just wanted to be alone and we dating, although we were still technically a couple. Later, she said she wanted to try again and then a month later she claims she’s lesbian and breaks up with me, although I can tell it’s not true. Whenever I would touch her, I could tell she felt uncomfortable and she got progressively more defensive and sarcastic, and our relationship devolved into a friends with benefits thing.
    I saw her around the school briefly while we weren’t talking, and she looked blank, devoid of emotion. I confronted her everything and she told me she was raped a year ago. Here are the highlights of her story,
    – It was by a guy she was friends with and his friend that was randomly over at his house one day. She didn’t give names.
    -They were intoxicated, she’s not sure with what.
    -She is mostly ashamed for being so naive and going to a boys house without telling her parents about it.
    – She feels so stupid for believing that the guy actually cared for her. She met him many times before he violated her, and there were no signs of agression. She admitted that after the incident, she’s intimidated by men. She was scared by our intimacy and even though she didn’t think I would hurt her, she didn’t think the other guy was going to either.
    -She’s never going to tell her family or the police about it because it would cause too much drama, be too embarrassing for her, and it would be painful for her parents. She said her parents warned her that being alone with men was a risk, and she chose to ignore them, so it was her fault.
    If she’s telling the truth, wow that’s really mature and admirable for a 15 year old who was brutally deceived and violated, and couldn’t tell anyone for two years. I might have to read her diary so I can murder the rapists with my bare hands.
    If she’s lying she’s fucking insane and I will never speak to her again. I don’t think she’s lying, but I need more opinions.

    1. Next her. She is making shit up.
      And whatever you do don’t go after her ‘rapists’.
      Let me explain to you something none of these little girls will. If a man rapes a girl in the real sense of the word, she needs medical attention after.
      And I think she is a lying shitbag who is manipulating you, it’s the same fucking story all over that so many men get fed and have throughout history.
      Every fucking girl has been ‘raped’ if it’s convenient to her victim status.
      This, too, is a shit test.

    2. From a woman. Fucking run dude! Messed up shit unless you enjoy the drama. Go rescue a dog!

  47. Wise words. Exodus 22:19
    Women have to get over their rape anger/guilt/shame before they can enter healthy relationships.

  48. men just love raping everyone like i wish women would rape us back so i wouldn’t feel so guilty about what we do to each other’s moms and sisters.

    1. Of all the men I’ve known in my life, non I’ve known have raped women.
      So, no, you’re not right.

    1. Hey, while we’re at it, let’s tell those black people to stop stealing cars, maybe they wouldn’t go to jail for that shit then!

  49. it seems like you guys just try to reinforce your egos because modern chicks make you feel emasculated. i dont believe any of you have actual experience with a girl, youd be LUCKY if a rape victim agreed to date you

    1. Hihi, oh really? 70% or more of women I’ve been bothered to ask who were with me thought they had been raped one way or another.
      It’s a fucking fashion thing.

  50. like this website is all around trash but talking about rape like this makes you look like weak little faggots honestly. This doesnt even upset me, it just made me realize how badly you guys wish you could be raped

    1. Demonstrating your rage by wishing rape upon other human beings certainly suggests how very much this article did upset you.

  51. raping a girl is the weakest, most desperate, slutty thing you can possibly do to someone. you claim all girls are thirsty and slutty but you guys seem like youre just bitter from being rejected so many times. no one who actually knew women would say this shit.

    1. Nah, the weakest would be to claim rape when it didn’t happen. Like it seems in way more cases than when it did.
      Women are undermining the whole thing.

  52. Grandma Gwen thinks the verbs being used in this article and discussion in reference to women give an err of disrespect
    Last year I started dating grandpa and even at his age he did not know what no meant… I froze … never saw him again..tried to convince myself it did not happen… my gracilis muscle will heal…but the shear attitude of disrespect displayed in the general public for people who have endured a trauma makes me want to date an asexual male.

  53. This is retarded. I dated a handful of women in my life who truly had been rape victims, and they never projected anything on me. If you’re not smart enough to tell whether a rape recount is true or cooked, especially after getting to know the person, and hearing it being recounted more than once, then you shouldn’t really be around women. The ones you’ll attract will certainly rip you apart. And you ain’t much of a king either; just a frightened little boy.

    1. This is englightening. I dated several women who claimed to be rape victims and never reported it. If you’re not smart enough to be a gigantic white knight mangina you shouldn’t be around women, because I can do it better. The women have spoken and they prefer my submissive ass to yours.
      See I fixed it for you.

    2. you’ve dated several women who’ve been raped ?????
      Either your full of shit or they are.

    3. Says the retard who has, repeatedly, dated rape victims.
      Women who have been raped have mental issues. Most of them never seek counseling and they continue on with their lives (in a mess). I tell young men all of the time to stay away from any woman with a troubled past. There is a reason why she bounces from man to man or she’s single…she has problems.

      1. Everyone has mental issues at some level, men and women. And for a variety of reasons. But, yes, of course rape victims – men or women – are more at risk of suffering psychological trauma (let alone physical trauma). But many do overcome it, as do other victims of violence.
        Someone who is incapable of telling whether someone else is unstable have mental issues of their own. So, yeah, I’ll agree to that: you should indeed stay away from other people.

        1. I’ll have to partially disagree with you.
          Women are attention seekers (I like to call them attention whores). The problem in our society, today, is that women are allowed to accuse a man with no repercussion if the man is found innocent. A man’s life is destroyed if he is only accused of it (even if found innocent later). If our court system started penalizing some of these women who are calling out a false rape then we wouldn’t have this problem.
          I say to any man who has been accused of false rape to go after that woman in court. She needs to be punished to the full extent of the law because more examples need to be made. It’s become nonsense and it’s a slap in the face to real rape victims (both men and women).

        2. > Women are attention seekers (I like to call them attention whores).
          > The problem in our society, today, is that women are allowed to accuse a man with no repercussion if the man is found innocent.
          See how the first statement is absolutely irrelevant? Besides untrue. After all, aren’t there as many male attwhores as women? How many really don’t want fame and recognition, either today or tomorrow, from all or from a select few? We all do, at some level. It’s human nature, and it’s a propensity we all need to fight not to take the best of us.

      1. Completely unrelated. They are fine people. Have been severely hurt, and have overcome their traumatic experience.

        1. Unlikely. Which is why you didn’t take them on as a life partner. And either way, per your own testimoyn: you avoid dating girls who claim they are raped, too.

    4. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but women make up shit to get sympathy.
      Here’s a fun thing to try. Catch a woman cheating, but don’t let her know you caught her. Ok, fine. Then ask her one day if she’s cheating on you.
      Present just a small fragment of evidence, but not enough to convict.
      “We just met on GNO, that doesn’t mean I went out with him!”
      Another small piece.
      “All he did was kiss me, I didn’t kiss him back!”
      Etc. Until you get to the end. By the end of the story it will be, at least half the time, her having been “drunk and unable to consent, baby I’m so sorry, it’s not my fault, I don’t even remember it, he raped me!”. This is assuming a “club cheat”. If you catch her in a hotel room it will turn into something equally as implausible or she’ll simply deny it while you flap the pictures in her face of her on her knees sucking off the other man.
      Chicks fucking lie like fish breath water. I’ve heard so many rape stories, many of them outrageously not-congruent and utterly implausible that I simply cannot take it seriously any longer. It’s the Trendy Thing now, to have your Been Raped credibility. Most women who have really been raped have to have the story dragged out of them with live mules, they will not offer it up in casual conversation or after a few weeks of going on picnics together.
      That you don’t realize this isn’t a commentary on ROK and it’s readers, rather it’s a clear indication of your gullibility. They tell you this to get your White Knight thing all fired up.

    1. I don’t think so really, but for the sake of rape, I have to say, I have gotten generally better sex from girls who claimed some form of rape than ones who didn’t.
      Where do you get your numbers?

      1. I feel you. I wasn’t stating an official study or anything like that, but just my own personal experiences, usually chicks that have had some sort of fucked up sexual experiences in early childhood are way more wild sexually. i.e. strippers, pornstars, or prostitutes.

  54. Rape has a quite significant impact on the nervous system on both women and men. They begin to “think emotionally” or think with their feelings. This, however, is not really thinking or processing with the higher brain centers. It is really just reacting in an emotional way to whatever is going on. Often it is oppositional, meaning opposed to whatever is asked or told to them, for example.

    1. Incidentally Holland just euthanized a 20 year old sexual assault victim who they determined had no hope of getting better. What a bizarre world.

      1. I’m in NL and have no issues with it. It’s just a secure form of suicide.
        The determination was made based on a cluster of mental illnesses she had, and from reading about the details, I do understand in a way.
        They say it was because of her abuse, but I don’t think so. She was crazybitch crazy, and didn’t want to be anymore.

  55. 1) “Rape Survivor” is such PC bullshit. Having dick forced into an orifice designed for penis pentration is nowhere close to life threatening. It is the hitting or weapons that makes it so, and doesnt occur to the fatal degree in all but the most brutal of encounters. Psychologically damaging? Sure. Genital Bruising? Sure. Fatal? Don’t exaggerate.
    2) Any respectable man will avoid raped women 100% of the time for anything sexually related. Whether the claim is true or not is irrelevant.
    If it’s fake, definitely run. She’s an attention whore willing to ruin a man’s life for some validation either in the form of “poor me” or “i’m so hot, i need to hide because men will risk prison to get a shot at this.”
    If it’s true, she is either fucked in the head and/or the rapist is the most dominant man to ever enter her life. You cant out-dominate a rapist. It’s going to be in her mind forever.
    I don’t agree with the practice or with religion, but this is why some religions do honor killings in these cases. She is not a viable candidate for anyone with self-respect. She’s ruined. It doesnt have to be her fault, for it to matter. Definitely not ltr material.
    If she needs help though, help should be provided just like any other patient. She’s not a bad person, just never have sex with her.
    edit: changed my mind. If she has no appraent problems, she’d be okay for a bang or two. Just never ltr. Choose a woman without a traumatic past.

    1. The only contention I would have is you can out dominate the imaginary rapist by doing it for real, and making her love it.

  56. Does anyone have experience with girls who claim to have been assaulted but managed to escape after having been partially undressed?
    Not sure whether mine really had that happen or she started to be a slut and changed her mind part way through. Her family is very Russian. Not really sure what to think so keeping my other options at the ready if any other warning sign pop up.

    1. Hmm? Undressing is usually not required for raping, unless you are talking about her wearing jeans and a guy pulling them down?
      Have you ever had to undress an unruly pre teen for bed? I have and I have to say it’s not easy to get the clothes off an uncooperative person.
      So to me this sounds unlikely to be true, I’d push her to find out what actually happened.

  57. I run away from all types of people who claim to be victims of something (victims of racism, of rape, of patriarchy, of religious discrimination, ETC.)
    I can’t even imagine myself socializing (outside for professional reasons) with a woman claiming to have been raped.

  58. Agree. This also must happen to serial domestic abusers. Leave this trash at the roadside for large orcas to scrape up. Significantly reduces domestic violence.

  59. ”In point of fact, it hardly matters whether you do or don’t date (or even marry) a raped chick. I hear it’s a bad idea, but then again, I’ve only knowingly dated one raped chick and she was one of the most pleasant and down to earth young ladies to ever drink of my golden seed”
    She was putting on her ‘sweetface’ and shaking her ‘moneymaker’ for you. It was a trial offer. I had a relationship when I was young with a post rape ho and take my word they don’t live up to shit. They’re lazy and won’t put a dime into any LTR. When you experience their emptiness and their lack of commitment to serving their man (you) is when you doubt they are capable of pleasantness or service to anyone. Then you see her put on her ‘sweetface’ for someone else. The user bitch sets her honey trap for some other dude. You fell for her honey trap all along. A high notch carousel ho is sweet and pleasant when she needs to be, when she’s panning you.
    I’ve said before, take ye a young pure virgin bride and upon marriage, her budding new equipment gets broken into spring adulthood as a fresh virgin mother and she learns her purpose: to serve her master. She learns the proper and intended use of her equipment. Eyes to read recipe books, not sociology textbooks. Tits to feed her hungry offspring and not to be jiggled openly at a college tailgate party. Sweet lips that belong to DADDY and that never once, not ONCE, gave blow jobs on the back of the school bus. Sweet lips that wet daddy’s whistle and a rump that PUMPS with devotion and loving loyalty.

    1. “I’ve said before, take ye a young pure virgin bride” Well that is less than 1% of women who end up getting married.

  60. In my experience, women who have suffered the trauma of an actual forceable rape develop serious trust issues with men in general, so avoiding dating them is not even an issue.
    But these women who get drunk and consent to sex and then regret it the next morning, or the ones who text “fuck me in the ass” to a guy and then straight-up lie that he raped her, or the ones who straight-up lie about being raped to gain sympathy, or the ones who blow a guy who’s passed out drunk and then claim he “penetrated” her, or the dozens of other spurious reasons women say they were raped… there is every reason for men to not approach within a barge-poles distance of these evil cows. And if he does, then he deserves what he gets.

  61. Well every girl I’ve ever dated claimed to have been raped by somebody else. I realised women must claim to be victims in order to function properly. It is called emotional manipulation. The most typical shit every woman does.

    1. Yes, they all seem to say that eventually. My first serious girlfriend made up some story like that, then about 6 months later told a completely different story about the experience. I was like WTF? I don’t even care either way, but which one is true?

  62. “Raped” women suck out seed, guaranteed. That’s all they’re good for and should be treated as such.

  63. My grandma told me when I was young that women who have been truly raped keep it to themselves.

    1. I think that is still the case. The loudmouths are only clamoring for attention. If a woman is truly raped, they would contact the police instead of holding a protest on campus.

  64. I highly endorse the author’s methodology in the last section in introducing redpill ideas in front of other men/women. Just sort of throwing it out there that guys don’t like short hair or tattooes, or slutty behavior or nose piercings or any of the crazy stuff they are doing these days, in a non-judgemental, factual truth dropping as you move along your way, leaving them to stew in their own juices or have an emotional breakdown later.

  65. 1. Don’t date raped chicks ☑
    2. Don’t date single mothers ☑
    3. Never marry a woman ☑
    4. Never cohabitate with a woman (e.g. live with a woman) who is not a family member ☑
    5. Never have a woman’s progeny ☑
    I’ve never been married. I’ve never been divorced. I never had kids. I do not have to answer to family courts or come under the punishing body of family law which micromanages my life and my finances for the benefit of other people who have left me with the threat of incarceration in the nation’s penal institutions and a life long criminal record should I fail to meet the court mandated payments against me. I’ve never had to hire marriage and divorce lawyers.
    My life is simple, pleasant, and enjoyable. 🙂

  66. The “rape stories” are getting downright comical these days. I know a girl who parties *all the freaking time*, to a state of inebriation and who really enjoys fucking random men she just met. And of course, you guessed it, once she gets drunk enough, once in a while, she’ll throw out the “I was raped” story to the audience of cooing horny men, generally as a sympathy tactic. And how was she raped, you ask my dear reader? She sat on her step father’s lap when she was 17. That was it. Not “she sat on his lap and he then fucked her”, not “she sat on his lap on top of his hard on and he grinded into her” not even “he felt her up while she sat on his lap”, no, just “sat on his lap, because she had a strange suspicion that he was eyeing her younger sister”. That was it. Nothing more. I even probed a bit for details thinking “and you mean that he then molested you” but no, not at all. That’s “rape” these days folks. Prepare and react accordingly. I laughed at her. It didn’t go over well, and some of the white knights present got fumed, heh.

  67. I’ve fucked a handful of bogus “rape victims” over the years. Usually in the face, they love to suck out seed. Never once got in any shit for it. Just don’t get involved. Let them save that trouble for their white knights, later robbing him of children and treasure.

  68. Why You Should Avoid Dating Girls Who Claim They Were Raped??
    I wouldn’t upset them, by telling that they don’t appeal to me , I just tell them, that I’m gay & I’m not interested in girls ?? Usually they say, “what a waste “??

  69. Yeah, many times they bring it up after you’ve been dating awhile. It never really happend, as most real rapes are rare. But they’ll bring up as a pre-emptive pussy-pass, when they plan to “move to the next stage” in the relationship where they start the games.
    When a women says she was raped it’s always because she’s used to gaming the system and sees it as a playing chip. When you meet a girl who says it, you know the whole history and pattern of her behavior. You might be able to get some tail, but beware, because she’s always got it in her bag of tricks and you could be the next victim.

  70. Wow… ‘Ignorance is bliss’ is such a true saying.
    You are the reason these girls don’t get help and can then be stuck in a vicious circle of self hate and other issues, and then become “undatable”.
    You’re shallow, and essentially a despicable human being and I hope to God you never have to experience some form of sexual assault although if anyone deserved it, you would qualify hands down .

  71. Hahahahaha wow, every single one of you is a sub human piece of shit. I hope you’re all murdered and left nameless. Each one of you should have been swallowed by your mother, or “cleaned up” by your father.
    Predictably stupid responses that would lead to getting your ass handed to you if you had balls to say it to my face in real life and GO! XD

  72. this whole article is a contradiction…. you explain exactly the negatives about being a raped girl while acting like there are only positives. duhhhh. because they’re forever seen as damaged goods. yeah that’s not a negative thing to live with at all.
    and it sounds like the reason you want to promote this is so people can keep raping and women will be less likely to tell? yeahhh ok not creepy at all.

  73. This article disgusts me on so many levels. Where’s the humanity? Where’s the compassion and love and concern for other human beings? People like you are what’s wrong with this world.

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