5 Modern Day Social Justice Warriors Who Would Have Been Institutionalized In The Past

Social justice warriors are known for their angry, morally righteous proclamations on the evils of modern society. Prominent SJWs such as Anita Sarkeesian, Laurie Penny and John Scalzi rail against the injustices that our supposedly patriarchal, racist, homophobic world inflicts on women and people of color. However, given how ludicrous and out of touch their ideas are, has anyone wondered if SJWs simply aren’t right in the head?

In the past, anyone who made the kinds of statements spat forth by prominent SJWs would have been condemned to an insane asylum. Here are five prominent SJWs and how they compare to famous institutionalized writers and ideologues of the past.

1. Jessica Valenti


Best known as the founder of the once-prominent feminist blog Feministing, Jessica Valenti currently works as a staff columnist for The Guardian. Valenti has argued that virginity is a social construct in her book The Purity Myth, declared that women who claim to be rape victims should be automatically believed despite the evidence, and has advocated for rape trials returning to standards of proof that were abandoned in the Middle Ages.

Similar To: Virginia Woolf


A prominent feminist of the early 20th century, Virginia Woolf’s meandering, onanistic fiction was a considerable influence on modernist and postmodernist writers. Her most famous feminist work is the essay “A Room of One’s Own,” which was satirized by the South African poet Roy Campbell in his poem “On the Same”:

Far from the Vulgar haunts of men,

Each sits in her successful room.

Housekeeping with her fountain pen,

and writing novels with her broom.

Woolf suffered from bipolar disorder and was repeatedly institutionalized due to the nervous breakdowns she suffered over the course of her life. Starting with the death of her mother when she was 15, she underwent periodic mental breakdowns that were preceded by violent migraines and insomnia, which left their mark on her writing. Woolf eventually committed suicide by drowning in 1941.

2. Jian Ghomeshi

The former host of CBC Radio’s arts program Q, Jian Ghomeshi is an outspoken feminist who once said that he “believe[d] that the world would be a better place if it were run by women.” Last year, Ghomeshi was fired by CBC Radio after several women came forward with allegations that he beat and raped them. While Ghomeshi attempted to defend himself by claiming that his abuse was actually consensual BDSM, 15 separate women have since claimed that he never once obtained consent from them.

Similar To: The Marquis de Sade


The Marquis de Sade was one of the most prominent writers of the French Revolution; his books on sexual perversion and degeneracy are so legendary that the term “sadism,” the tendency to derive pleasure from inflicting pain on others, takes its name from him. He was also one of the most vehement feminists of his era, seeking to liberate women from patriarchal mores so they could better serve his depraved lusts. Sade spent over 30 years of his life in insane asylums and eventually died in prison after Napoleon ordered his arrest.

3. Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig


A soi-disant Christian socialist and contributor to The New Republic, Stoker Bruenig has a long history of bizarre outbursts. Following the implosion of Rolling Stone’s discredited article “A Rape on Campus,” about a violent gang rape that occurred at the University of Virginia, Stoker Bruenig argued that the reason the piece failed was because “it used rightwing tactics to make a leftist point.” She also accused ROK publisher Roosh Valizadeh of making rape threats against her after he asked his Twitter followers to gauge her attractiveness.

Similar To: Sylvia Plath


A darling of English professors and anthology editors, Sylvia Plath was a mentally unstable poet who penned doggerel about how her daddy didn’t give her enough hugs when she was growing up. She spent much of her life in mental institutions due to chronic depression; after receiving electroshock therapy in 1953, she attempted suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. Plath would finally succeed in taking her own life in 1963, leaving her husband and children behind.

4. Hugo Schwyzer


For over a decade, Hugo Schwyzer was one of feminism’s most prominent male voices, writing for major publications such as The Atlantic and Jezebel, teaching community college courses on the subject, and even leading L.A.’s SlutWalk in 2011. Schwyzer took extremist stances even by the standards of male feminists, including advocating that men allow their girlfriends to penetrate them with strap-ons, getting circumcised in his mid-30’s as a gift to his then-wife, and claiming that men should not date women younger than themselves.

In 2013, following revelations that he had been cheating on his wife with a porn star, Schwyzer had a widely-publicized mental breakdown and suicide attempt. In a manic, narcissistic Twitter rant, he revealed that he had falsified his credentials as a feminist professor, engaged in affairs with his female students, and more.

This was especially shocking considering that Schwyzer had built his reputation on being a “reformed bad boy,” who used to sleep with his students, abuse drugs and alcohol, and attempted to murder his ex-girlfriend.

Similar To: Bill Wilson


Bill Wilson, aka Bill W., co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 after being repeatedly institutionalized due to his drinking. His inspiration for founding AA came from a “vision” of God he had while on belladonna, an extremely powerful hallucinogen that was used as a quack cure for alcoholism up until a few decades ago. While never formerly diagnosed, Wilson’s grandiose personality and self-aggrandizing behavior fits the definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Despite being a Christian and a vocal advocate for temperance, Wilson was a serial adulterer known for coercing young women who joined AA into sexual relationships, a practice now known as “13th stepping.” Yet, while he was busy taking advantage of attractive girls who were recovering from alcoholism, Wilson remained unemployed throughout his life and depended on his wife Lois to pay the bills with her day job.

Additionally, despite the purported success of AA in helping drunks sober up, Wilson repeatedly relapsed throughout his life and even begged for whiskey on his deathbed. The inability of the Twelve Steps to cure even the man who thought them up is borne out in AA’s horrifically high failure rates. According to scientific studies, 90 to 95 percent of alcoholics who join AA end up relapsing within six months, and AA may in fact be worse for alcoholics then doing nothing at all.

5. David Futrelle


David Futrelle is a freelance writer from Chicago who has achieved minor notoriety for his anti-anti-feminist blog Manboobz, renamed We Hunted the Mammoth after male feminist Elliot Rodger went on a shooting spree last year. On his blog, Futrelle frequently cherry-picks quotes from trolls in an attempt to smear anti-feminists and MRAs, citing them as examples of what sites like ROK actually advocate.

While Futrelle’s site is frequently mined for reference material by larger publications, he has yet to achieve the big breakthrough he’s been hoping for.

Despite his current advocacy for feminism, Futrelle has a hidden history as a men’s rights sympathizer. A decade ago, he wrote a letter to the Chicago Reader in which he supported the opening of a Borders bookstore in his neighborhood of Andersonville because the only other bookstore was a womens’ one. He also described himself as a “lapsed feminist.”

Similar To: Matt Cvetic


Matt Cvetic was an FBI informant who achieved minor notoriety in the 1940’s after he infiltrated the Communist Party of the USA and wrote about his experiences in the Saturday Evening Post, later testifying before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). His tales of life in the party were dramatized in the radio serial I Was a Communist for the FBI, which was later adapted for film in 1951.

Despite his fame, Cvetic’s testimony was eventually discredited after it was revealed that he was an alcoholic who frequently falsified stories. After being institutionalized due to a nervous breakdown in the late 1950’s, Cvetic died of a drinking-induced heart attack in 1962.

As you can see, the loudest and most prominent SJWs of today exhibit obvious signs of mental illness and substance abuse. While suffering nervous breakdowns or becoming addicted to alcohol don’t inherently make someone evil, those who lack the capacity to manage their own lives have no business telling anyone else how to live theirs. Social justice warriors’ moral crusades are the byproducts of their defective minds.

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263 thoughts on “5 Modern Day Social Justice Warriors Who Would Have Been Institutionalized In The Past”

  1. These people belong in the nut house. Years ago it’s true that this type of shit was not tolerated in society. It goes to show how sad (and weak) our society has become in the last few decades.
    People with common sense, back when, would ignore these fucking idiots or call them out. Today, it’s accepted because it brings in the drama (the cash). Our society is built on drama (sand).

      1. I’m on mobile….but don’t see it here. If it’s a link, just add link…no html.

        1. Okay, for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to showing up, even though it loads successfully. I’ll give it another try, I suppose. Thanks, man.

        2. Well…. fuck it then. Sorry for littering your comment thread with this.

        3. Yep – I’m back. I just submitted a new one. It should be up on Monday at 12:00 EST from the looks of it.

  2. Another problem facing Stoker Bruenig is that the number one choice for her autobiography title has already been taken…

        1. For sure, Forney put together a good list of fruitcakes, they should all be hauled off in a paddy wagon and given drugs until drool drips from the corners of their mouths; and only allowed to share their ramblings with the nursing staff.

    1. Man… her teeth are utterly awful. I guess her parents thought they were fashionable?

      1. Yeah… a little less falsely accusing Roosh of rape, and a little more orthodontics seems to be in order.

        1. Amen to that. You know the sad truth (I guarantee you) is that she probably took that “would you bang” as a compliment and twiddled profusely to the thought of actual real men gauging her. Too bad Roosh didn’t have a hyper analytic system and then produced just how much she was searching the comments again and again. For example, one of my recent blogs was checked twenty four thousand (plus) times by the individual I outed. In this “woman’s” case and considering how national both this site is and how respected R is? Shit…. I am fairly positive she was a mainstay on the site.
          At the end of the day, she can play victim or play whatever game she wants to try to get attention but she STILL (even at her minuscule level) is a woman and still can’t help herself but to find out what men really think of her appearance. Those teeth are a serious relationship death sentence. No wonder she hates men so much as I am sure she has been called:
          a) Black and decker pecker wrecker
          b) Rock biter (Neverending story!)
          … or the like her entire existence. She should do herself a favor and cease her attempts at trying to write considering how awful of a job she actually does, get some braces, and go from there. However, we all know how this story ends already. Old lady, multiple cats, doing her best to dissuade women from being happy, and living an utterly miserable existence while we laugh at her.
          I’m cool with that!

        2. Yep, it’s almost certain that she took it as a compliment when Roosh posted that. Women can scream and shout all day long about how they don’t care what men think of them, or they don’t do things for the attention of men — give me a break. Every professional picture of this Bruenig girl shows her with her mouth closed — she’s incredibly self conscious of her teeth, and it’s for that reason that she must be mocked for them. Calling her a liar and a shitty writer is useless, but make fun of her fucked up grill? Now you’re going to strike a nerve.
          24,000 refreshes in a single day? Is there a link to the article or post you can provide? I’d love to see what that was all about.
          I still get emails from women I knew five or six years ago… that I only saw maybe four or five times. I work for a lot lower notch count and screen for sanity (or as close as I can get to it) more than anything else nowadays. It’s scary out there.

        3. Not in a single day, shit, that would make me the King Kong of hits if that was the case. It was over a period of thirteen days and that one specific hit came from the same IP which I backtracked (Google Analytics works well depending on the headers used) through hate emails received from the individual. In essence, the idiot gave me the way to compare the two.
          Yes there is a link and I have no issue releasing it but I am currently on investigative assignment (of my own doing by the way – in other words – I just don’t want to come across as some super sleuth) and always close my site down before hand so there is no chance of them getting any wind of all the information gathering. I have to admit I am fairly fed up and done with the stupidity of those types of individuals and exposing their stupidity because it appears that, regardless of any proof presented (even incontrovertible), it makes not a single shred of difference and they continue to erode society by their ridiculous banter and poisoning of others. There are no checks and balance systems which bare down on their behavior despite overwhelming evidence which shows the same trend repeatedly. So I have shifted back to what I enjoy more and that is support for veterans by looking to expose ridiculous groups that take advantage of them. My aggravation will likely shift back when I see something that I can’t ignore but for the time being I am simply done with dealing with any issues about miserable fems who we all know will never live a successful/happy life, homo issues, and/or a small minority attempted to convince others that being a transsexual is anything other than an illness and should be celebrated.
          I will remember this post and link the site in a few days once I finish my gathering process. You have my word on that.

        4. Quote: “There are no checks and balance systems which bare down on their
          behavior despite overwhelming evidence which shows the same trend
          And therein lies the rub: No one gives a shit about what women do, regardless of who it harms, and to what extent. The pussy pass is very real.
          On the flip side, if someone were to get a hold of my personal info and employer–or anyone else that has involvement with sites like this–I’d be in a bit of pinch. And that’s just for writing some truthful (albeit it dark and profane) articles that can actually benefit men (and women, if they were smart enough to see the forest for the trees). I go to pretty ridiculous lengths to protect myself — and that’s because I have to. It’s unsettling, but it’s the world we find ourselves in.
          As for your site and the temporary closure — no worries. Keep doing your thing for vets. People will at least pay lip service to giving a shit about them, so at least you’ll be able get some results and satisfaction out of the deal.
          Will look for that link in the future.

        5. Serious question: what is the best charity for vets to donate to? Wounded Warriors seems fishy and they seem to rely heavily on exploiting torn families and paraplegic vets. I want my money going directly to programs that benefit the vets, not into the pockets of some skimming off the top SJW.

        6. Check out biker (motorcycle) ride schedules in your state, they usually do rides for affected families directly, or to local vet oriented charities.
          I’m not suggesting you ride with them, rather, that this will give you a good list of charities to start with that are likely far more in touch with their constituency.

        7. “On the flip side, if someone were to get a hold of my personal info and
          employer–or anyone else that has involvement with sites like this–I’d
          be in a bit of pinch.”
          Agree…and we’ve come full circle. No more “freedom of speech”. Sure, you can say whatever you want (as a man) but there will be hell to pay (i.e. loss of job, income, other, etc..). It’s why I mentioned earlier (above) that our society has become weak and pathetic. Freedom of speech used to apply to everyone. Feminists bitched that they wanted equality (i.e. power, control) and we’re now a society that is anything but equal.
          Women can run off at the mouth anywhere, any time and say the worst things about a man (no punishment). A man even hints at opening his fucking mouth about something, has an opinion, he sees a woman doing something wrong and it’s off to HR (or some other punishment).
          I’m not sure which country I live in any longer…but it’s not the USA.

        8. Honestly? None. I really am serious. Through the preliminary research and through my own knowledge of the VA which spans over a decade now in my personal dealings, none.
          It is so bad that even uttering just how bad it is without first being able to positively prove everything would undoubtedly put me at risk. I know that sounds James Bond like and likely silly but it simply is true. From the “accidental” fires which destroyed thousands and thousands of records thus allowing the system to not meet the burden of proof necessary to award veterans with benefits (this has now happened twice in thirty years – once in StL and more recently in DC), to the loss of SSN/Service Records to rogue charity services who contact the veteran (how else do they get this information?), to the incredibly massive corruption within the VA itself, it’s just bad. Incredibly bad. The country (tax payer) gave three times the amount of monies to illegals than it did disabled or VA service connected veterans this past year alone and that doesn’t even include the amount of veterans who experienced a percentage drop randomly and certainly doesn’t include the veterans who lost all their benefits in totality based on the “accidental” fires.
          I wish I didn’t have to say that but the fact is, none, not a single one. Every single “charity” is nothing more than a high end scam and those that aren’t… well I sure have never heard of them. They may give a dime for every dollar (at most). Did you see the recent uncovered Cancer charity scams the feds exposed? It’s across the board and giving to any charity at this point is a very bad idea and not just because of the money as the money is secondary. The REAL bad part is that they may get your information just from the exchange. I would recommend staying away from them all and that is so hard for me to say considering that there are veterans out there who have bled for this country and are being overly fucked over by the same country (“leaders”) that have oaths to protect them.
          People impersonating or stealing the identity of veterans has fast become the most popular stolen identity issue. Put it this way…. each and every veteran and their records (DD-214, etc) are collected and maintained through systems (excluding medical records). Recently, ISIS somehow obtained these records and placed them all on the internet asking their fellow fucktard brethren to hunt them, etc (I’m sure you heard this on the news). Anyhow, ask yourself how they got those records. Seriously…. how does that group circumvent the national system and find all of them? Easy, the VA. It is so poorly managed that it doesn’t even have safeguards in place to protect the veterans and their families in terms of their private information.

        9. Good advice. My step father knows quite a bit of bikers and has been in a few different clubs, needless to say, I got to know plenty of the members.

        10. Well we’re dealing with people now, in leadership positions, that have one specific desire and that is their own agenda. The oath of office is a crock of shit to them and if that oath actually was taken serious I am sure the majority (perhaps all) wouldn’t even still be in office. Point being, people like that look for any and everything way to get what they want or need. For example, does anyone actually believe Hilary Clinton gives a flying fuck about black people, illegals, or the radical feminist movement? Of course not…. so she uses the groups and cashes in while pretending to be their best friend.
          I bring that up because when it comes to vets, we are a very simple to read group for the most part. The Republicans know we will likely vote their way and the Democrats know we won’t vote theirs. So the democrats have traditionally shit on us and the republicans give a pay raise of about a nickel and act like that makes them astounding.
          At that point… enter charity A and B. Politician A and B promises to help said charities get started/retain position in exchange for so/so amount. Charity needs to finance itself and charity needs to pay off those who got them going. So where do they get the money? From the same people donating to the causes. That is what happened recently with the Cancer charities and what happens with the veteran charities. All of which are based on the hand who began the process to defraud the taxpayer and then the group that assured it would happen.
          So, yes, it is very dismal to say the least.

        11. That has always been my general assumption on charities, I just assumed there must be a trust worthy charity for vets. Color me naive.

        12. This is why I love being in construction, no women around except in the office and I spit red pill every day and get hearty encouraging laughter!

        13. Invest in a vet trying to start a business, your money will be siphoned by the higher ups at any charity org.

        14. It is a great thing working around an all men environment. No need to correct anything..just good old fashion talk.

        15. This is true I remember the outrage after Roosh posted the 10 ugliest feminists in America article. Feminists don’t seem to care if an article disproves their theories on gender an social dynamics but pen an article on them being ugly and they go batshit. Plus many of them an their followers kept re tweeting it which just shows they actually enjoy the attention an drama which proves the manosphere and game belief that women love attention and drama. It also shows they do care on some level about looks because if they don’t care about Patriarchal beauty standards or whatever they call it then they wouldn’t have had such a reaction to being called ugly.

      2. Why? So a dentist can rape her mouth with his hands and put in oppressive braces? Fuck off shitlord

        1. LOL! Had to read that twice before I realized that was satire(it is satire, right?)

        2. Hah! This is very true. I should have considered such things before hand. Sadly I am sure this is coming next that one of these dumb bitches accuse their gyno or some professional of sexual assault while performing a routine examination.

        3. It certainly is, I’m a proud cis-heteronormal-white(& pearly)-toothed male.

        4. For us it is satire, I’m sure someone somewhere would say that it is a form of oppression and rape.

        5. Dude I never even thought about that! I’m sure the (male) OBGYN’s will be under fire by the end of this decade.

        6. An acquaintance of mine is an OBGYN — a female nurse must be in the room with him at all times when he’s with patients. Whether that’s law or not, I’m not sure. Regardless, it’s really fucking smart.

        7. That is utterly insulting, isn’t it, that it’s come this far? I’ll bet you a cool crisp dollar bill that the reverse is not true, i.e. – A female doctor requires a male nurse present when she examines a male patient.

        8. Yeah, it’s completely ridiculous. Next time I’m touch with him I’ll have to ask whether that’s something he elects to do, or if it’s mandated in some capacity. He’s in practice with a couple other men, and they all do the same thing as well. They may just be covering their asses.
          It’s certainly not true in reverse, but you know, those creepy OBGYNs might get the urge to rape one of those yeast infection, herpes cases that they see day in and day out; or pregnant women, because you know how hot they are. Other than routine checkups, these guys see and smell some pretty terrible shit.

        9. I guess it’s already began:
          (Charged – No Conviction)
          http://nypost.com/2014/06/18/gynecologist-charged-with-sexual-abuse-against-patients/ (Charged – No Conviction)
          “Two civil suits against Hadden have already been tossed — one because an alleged victim refused a judge’s order to allow her full name in court papers and another when a lawyer missed a deadline to give papers to the defense.”
          (Charged – Can’t find any information on if convicted or not)
          That was just a couple minutes worth of looking into it. I am sure if we spent a few hours we would find a literal mountain of frivolous and bullshit conjured cases. The worst part is I am sure (positive) that there are some fucking sick freaks who really are a danger but they fall through the cracks more often than not because of these dumb false claims.
          Anyhow, there are a few if you were bored and wanted to read about them.

        10. I do the same thing when meeting with a female for either an interview or a termination. It is not the law in my field but certainly something that is essential. I also circumvent the recording law by calling my own self before hand, letting the call go to my voice recorder, and having the conversation while this takes place. That way the conversation does not meet the burden of wiretap baloney and still can protect me. It’s just too dangerous for a man not to do these things in this day and age.
          Hell I even have a pen that records both audio and video that I can activate if some bullshit pops up. I simply have seen too many people lose their asses based on lies and manipulation and I won’t let that happen as I have too much to lose. It costs an extra fifty bucks, oh well, money well spent in the case it may be needed.

        11. When I was about 13 an ugly ass female doctor checked my balls and I obviously didn’t get hard for her. She had the audacity to ask “so do you like girls?” in a snide tone of voice. I said, “yup” and smirked.

        12. *Cough*bullshit*cough*
          Is that the best fantasy you could come up with?
          Poor guy can’t even get hard in his own fantasies.

        13. You’re a fucking pineapple if you think I’d lie to GoJ. Dude’s the cool uncle I never had.

        14. Well I can tell you from experience that in my area plumbers, electricians, and the like show up with another man if a woman calls. For instance, a few months ago an alumni’s water heater broke and she called HVAC and was surprised that they sent two men out to solder a pipe and replace valve. And I told her why there were two men. If it was just a guy who called, they more than likely would have sent just one man. Being alone as a man in a women’s presence is too much of a liability these days.
          So it doesn’t surprise me that your acquaintance has a woman present when performing his job.

        15. That seems to be a questionable ploy, gender politics what they are these days. Wouldn’t the vyctym just say that the other guy was covering for his buddy, or maybe she was too intimidated by TWO strange men being in her home while she was alone? Maybe she’d claim they did a “pig on a spit/Chinese finger puzzle” on her. Like our friend Emma, the vyctym could carry around a barbecue spit, or a carton from Chinese carry out.

        16. Got one thanks kid. And you must be 12 if you think that story was real.

        17. Did you just use the term ‘pineapple’ as a pejorative? That’s the verbal fucking equivalent of kratom. I’m buying a round of shots in your name tonight, my friend.

    2. She makes The Rock Eater from The Neverending Story jealous.
      EDIT: Apparently that reference was already made by someone else. Too funny!

  3. I always wondered who that “Manboobz” dude was. Dude always struck me as fucked up in the head.

      1. If you are referring to the images posted by A.V. Yader then yes, I can see those images.

  4. Of all the nutcases listed above, Jessica Valenti strikes as the the reigning queen of insanity with a head filled with cow manure instead of a functional brain. From pointlessly whining about wrapping Yuletide presents to defending UVA rape hoax with the passion of a zealot. In a sane and sensible world, she would have been placed in cage to provide amusement for general public. She can spew feminist dogma until her face turns bright red but the public will point at her and have a good belly laugh. Alas, this world is far from sane and sensible thus she had landed a plum job at a leftist propaganda machine and write abysmal trash that passes for journalism nowadays.

  5. No real surprise, we have a society that produces maladjusted, immature, and uninformed citizenry by and large, and we’ve given them a wide-open forum in which to play. The danger is that the virtual insanity is bleeding into real-world application as there is both a common theme and a common goal between disparate entities. “Useful idiots.”

    1. “The danger is that the virtual insanity is bleeding into real-world application”
      I would say in terms of insanity bleeding into reality that at present society is knee deep in an elevator full of blood

    1. I love how the Guardian’s commentariat shits on just about every one of her articles
      fuck em right in their own house
      well played britfags

      1. Yeah the Guardian is pretty extreme left and even its commentards can’t stand her.
        Probably due to sexism … or something

        1. BREAKING NEWS: The “Left” is not a “Big Tent” in any way, shape, or form. Look around you, and you’ll see that the Manosphere is one of the few actual “Big Tents” in existence. Guardian is not extreme, it is an outlet of censorship which, like the far Left, masquerades as being “liberal” and tolerant. We are fighting fascists and collectivists,
          and this is what websites like Guardian represent.

  6. Strongly held beliefs of any kind, particularly those that are rigid, inflexible and political in nature (such as those designed to change the world) are likely to be highly correlated with underlying psychological issues. This is probably true of both left and right wing beliefs, however the left tend to be irrationally idealistic – since they believe in ‘changing attitudes, ‘progress’, utopia, rather than any kind of reality orientation – and the red pill has the virtue of self-defining as a reality checkpoint. SJWs inevitably have a weak sense of grounding in the here and now, tying their value as individuals to unrealisable abstract goals that being based upon feeling rather than a concrete analysis of ‘what is’ are always doomed to fail. Their belief systems set them at war with reality, particularly where they become addicted to the psychological and emotional pay-offs of waging righteous war against social injustice – a war which in their hearts they know can never actually be won.
    SJWs are committed to ‘what should be’ rather than ‘what is’. In other words they are living within a bubble of florid socially specified psychosis, a collective delusion, a folie a deux, that when as it must slips in the face of reality, results in actual mental health problems as the mind desperately tries to square what it is hallucinating with what its more grounded perception of reality.

    1. Great observation.
      Anytime I witness someone with strongly held beliefs I immediately recognize them as, at best, liars and con artists until proven otherwise. The biggest hypocrites are those that are either hard right or left. They seem to create an external presence that attempts to disguise who they are. The war they are fighting is a war against the reality of who they are and what they want to believe about themselves. They feed off of the emotions of others.
      I think the world we live in is inverted. The people trying to “save the world” and protect people from “injustice” are batshiat crazy. They need an enemy to define who they are. Without it they are nothing. They could give a shit less of how many lives are ruined as long they benefit.
      These specific people are given an audience because of novelty and generating controversy. They are a danger to themselves and society at large. The Media is responsible for spreading the meme of “being a victim of patriarchy.”

      1. Thanks. Its not difficult to understand how people who might have experienced real trauma and injustice might want to sublimate or put that experience to use – although most of the time its probably going to boil down to a kind of disguised revenge. The wierd thing today is that the people who want to ‘save the world’ are exactly the opposite of the above. As you say they need enemies to define themselves against; some great never ending cause to give their lives a sense of purpose. And in the process of saving the world for all the wrong reasons they end up killing it

      2. There is nothing wrong with strongly held beliefs that are true; just as there is nothing to fear from “religious extremists” whose religious views are wholesome. One can believe strongly that acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s^2, and, while it may not be precisely correct in all circumstances, it is unlikely to reflect underlying pathology or malignant motives.

        1. belief as in magic. magic is art, art is feeling, feeling is belief. belief as in should-make-real, as in make-believe belief (because feeling is real) is what is meant here. read it as “strongly held make-believe beliefs” if that helps you.
          of course, we know that’s stupid. you can’t make real a make belief, no matter how strongly you hold it. but what is also stupid: pedantry to take words out of context. when speaking about people who are still children, belief is gravity of feels, not actual gravity.

      3. wow mate!.. you nailed the shite outta that comment. I could NOT agree more… nor explain in a more eloquent manner.
        But INVERTED??.. absolutely hit the nail-on-the-head. I have noticed that to an alarming degree over the past few months… and it all revolves around these millenial fops that receive their instruction on how to breath, move, and assemble words into groups (called sentences) from twitter, snapchat, and facebook.
        Im a millenial as well, yet interestingly I managed to successfully escape not only Silicon Valley’s digitl-parenting-vortex, but also my parent’s conservatism/racism (which was traded simply for pragmatism, justice and logic… which neither results in views that are “just left”, or “just right”).

      4. I can’t agree that strongly held beliefs always signify a liar or a con-artist or even a deranged person. If one holds strongly to beliefs congruent with the natural and spiritual world does that make one crazy? Far from it. The key is to understand the cosmic order. To argue against just holding strong beliefs make you sound like an old lady, probably of boomer persuasion…”Lord have mercy, let’s not get everbody upset now…cant we jest all get along.” I call bull-shit on that.

    2. Your post seems to indicate that this is your strongly held belief. We all hold strongly held beliefs, but if they coincide with the majority then they go unrecognized and not seen as a problem. Think Galileo. The problem isn’t strongly held beliefs, but deliberately choosing to be part of a misunderstood minority, this is a sure fire way to lose friends and repel people, a recipe for mental instability. We are all hypocrites, but few recognize this.

      1. I understand where you’re coming from. I’m not really claiming that we should be ‘wishy-washy’ in our beliefs. The point is really about cognitive style and flexibility. You could in this sense make a comparison between some conservative religious beliefs that were ‘strongly held’ and feminist / SJW beliefs which were equally strongly held. The issue here is to do with whether the mind can hold such beliefs flexibly enough to admit the possibility of contradiction or falsification, for example where evidence may point to some other interpretation. Here the phrase ‘strongly held’ is really meant as an observed characteristic of people who in the psychiatric literature are seen as prone to delusional or paranoid beliefs, and as far as I can recall its a statistically supported correlation (this is from memory ). It doesn’t necessarily mean those beliefs are wrong content wise, or even wrong because they are held with intensity. Rather they are ‘wrong’ because they are “unhelpful” i.e. they make one more susceptible to delusional / paranoid thinking.
        Personally I think most SJWs do suffer from ‘strongly-held beliefs’ in this sense. Their beliefs are typical of the indoctrinated. They are often incapable of supporting their arguments rationally, for instance by logically refuting counter-evidence that might ‘weaken’ their beliefs.

      2. You confuse social opinions with science. Some people think it’s ok to be a slut. That is opinion. Gravity is a fact.

    3. While I accept that these SJWs are nuts, I don’t really see any significant parallels between them and these historical nutters, many of whom were not SJWs, just nuts. Jian Ghomeshi has nothing on Sade, for example.

      1. I didn’t quite see the need for the historical comparisons myself actually. De Sade was institutionalised because he kept mistreating (though arguably not really harming) the French strumpets he desported with, and of course because his writings were cruel and obscene. De Sade is a spiritual progenitor of the modern day SJWs because he considered that the French revolution had killed God and that thereafter sexual mores could freely violate the old morality, but although he might share with Ghomeshi an interest in hurting women de Sade was never a hypocrite. Ghomeshi on the hand, like all SJWs, must live in a state of psychic conflict, preaching love, and practising cruelty and resentment. SJWs deluded themselves. De Sade was a bad man but he was honest with himself.

        1. Brutally honest.
          Don’t you think that in someways the French Revolution was the ultimate SJW crusade?

        2. The trouble does seem to have begun with the French. What was that slogan: Liberte, egalite…..sororite?

    4. Yeah, definitely. Rigid, extreme views usually have sexual perversions, mental illness, and a hopelessly failed personality espousing them.
      No matter what side the politician or speaker is on, or how they’re smiling and jacking up the crowd, when they have radical stances on something, you know their public image and marriage is a fake.

      1. I agree mostly, but holding radical views (which may be either left or right) doesn’t necessarily mean rigid in itself even if it frequently does mean that

    5. Good observation; I’ve noticed this myself. I’ve always been skeptical of extreme right-wingers who used to be extreme left-wingers, but your observation that leftists are irrationally idealistic whereas rightists have a bent toward realism rings true. Perhaps, I should not be so skeptical of their stability, after all they are beginning to grapple with the Cosmic Order not what they think the cosmic order should be. When I think about, I have heard of leftists becoming extreme rightists but not the other way around (with the exception of some very young and unstable people of late). Maybe someone can correct me here. Probably, that phenomenon exists but it would be interesting to know the numbers

      1. “When I think about, I have heard of leftists becoming extreme rightists but not the other way around”
        That’s interesting and sounds about right. I’ve heard of a few instance, where some one on the far right has repented of some particular kind of intolerance or whatever and become a big touchy feely liberal on the issue in question, but I don’t really see the right / genuine conservativism and the far right as having much to do with each other really. I would say those on the left, particularly the young are likely to be highly susceptible to disillusionment as the world they thought they were helping to create turns out to be at variance with their expectations. If conservative right wing is correlated with reality orientation (which it may or may not be, but probably is in comparison to progressives) then the kind of disillusion that might effect a change in political orientation would be less likely

        1. I was thinking of neocons…not a good example. I’ll do some research and get back to you.

    6. So strongly held rigid, inflexible political beliefs are highly correlated with psychological issues ?
      You just proved my point, religion is a mental disease.
      Thanks !

      1. sometimes, but there’s no reason why one’s beliefs must necessarily be inflexible simply because they are religious….even if they may often be so

        1. The irreligious are often more fundamentalist and inflexible. Only wahhabists and atheists are triggered by pine trees with decorations. That is the definition of mentally unstable.

      2. Religious doctrines have changed all the time, you moronic chimp. If any groups are intolerant, psychotically fundamentalist, and inflexible, it is wahhabist muslims and atheists.

        1. Interesting combination about inflexibles. Wahhabists have to be anyhow or they’ll be killed. Atheists appear inflexible when religious people can’t bully them into agreeing with them; most won’t say anything if they aren’t bothered, though I admit there are some who are real pests.

  7. “A darling of English professors and anthology editors, Sylvia Plath was a mentally unstable poet who penned doggerel about how her daddy didn’t give her enough hugs when she was growing up”
    The Doctor turned essayist Theodore Dalrymple references Plath as a particular low point in a grander culture of self-pity – one that has basically poisoned western society.
    I think he has a case

  8. (dis)honorable mentions:
    Lacy Green, Margaret Sanger, Emma Goldstein, Gloria Steinem, Anita Sarkeesian, Sheryl Sandberg…
    They’ve all got some sort of mental disorder related to their SJC philosophy, well known or otherwise.
    On a tangential note, David Futrelle has an even more interesting past than you described, Matt. He defended a movie that depicted graphic scenes of young boys forced to engage in scatophagic acts, along with other equally obscene instances related to child pornography.
    The thing is, this guy once upon a time in the 90’s wrote from the perspective of an MRA in his criticism of feminists, when he wrote a lengthy article seemingly in the defense of pornography. It seems the guy has had a fascination with sex even back then when he was at least a closet MRA. (as you alluded)
    Today however, he is a full blown feminst, probable homosexual, likely pedophile (the latter two tend to go hand in hand in ass) that didn’t just take the blue pill by choice, he swallowed the whole prescription bottle.
    He is a disgrace to his gender.

    1. I personally consider Sarkeesian the worst. In her case I firmly believe she doesn’t believe half the shit she spouts and is (this is the best part) dictated on what to say by her boyfriend who is the same guy who tells her all about the video games she claims to know about. She is such a con artist it isn’t even remotely close to being debatable (as far as I am concerned) and those downtrodden braindead radical morons fall for her shit every single time without realizing just how obvious she is.
      They purposely picked the gaming industry for a reason and that reason is they knew it would generate the most hits to their sites and also knew it was an industry ripe for the feminist assault. There is millions upon millions in that industry so they attack it because it allows them to plant their staff and appear to be the group that knows what others don’t. All the while they make sure they disallow all points of contention and conjure false reports by saying shit like “I was threatened” or “I was followed” just to appear even more and more assaulted.
      She is, by far, the biggest con artist I have seen in quite some time (in any agenda or circle).

      1. The fact that more males than females play traditional video games made it a target industry for philosophical invasion by the feminazis.
        First they make it seem as if the fact itself is misogynistic, then they make it seem as if there are hidden pockets of misogynist gaming resistance that are afraid to reveal themselves for fear of persecution by those males. Sarkeesian like the hustler she is tries to paint herself as their hero when in fact she is their pied piper of duplicity, as you essentially stated.
        I’ll bet you any Man on here could run rings around her in regard to how much gaming knowledge she actually has. For God’s sake, the best example she could think of to demonstrate misogyny in games was Grand Theft Auto lol.

      2. Honestly Sarkeesian is just a giant scam artist. She doesn’t believe any of the shit she peddles, she just knows that’s what makes money these days. She used to sell PUA books ffs. Most of the batshit opinions she shares come from Jonathan Macintosh anyway, he’s the true nutjob in FeministFrequency.

        1. Exactly. I would absolutely love a chance to debate either of those fuckwads but they would never accept. They have made over a million dollars, free and clear (because it’s non taxable based on the fake charity), for their scams. It’s unreal.

        2. I agree. The fact that she is swindling manginas out of money, is something I nominally support…..

    2. Sanger married a jew at a very young age; Emma Goldman, Elyse Goldstein, Betty Friedan, Noami Klein, Ruth Ginsburg, Gertrude Stein, Gloria Steinem, Sheryl Sandberg, and even little Dr. Ruth Westheimer are all confirmed militant jewish feminists. Anyone see a pattern here?

      1. Indeed. They are all pharisee Jews who reject Jesus and (not coincidentally) embrace the progressivism that the left itself has fully embraced.

  9. Hugo is a real cunt. Valenti is at least worth a hate fuck. I’d love to bang her face-down-ass-up and blow all over her back. Futrelle is just pathetic. The guy is seriously a joke. No matter how much he defends women against net ‘misogynists’, he just isn’t the kind of man that women, or men, respect in any serious way.
    He has chump written all over.

    1. I wouldn’t fuck that Valenti scum! Why give her that domination pleasure she craves?

      1. Good point, feminoid cunts like her aren’t even worthy of a ’50 shades of spermtoilet’ style dickin’. Leave her putrid pussy to the simps/WK’s/manginas and otherkin breed of mentally defective males that she’ll increasingly grow to resent.

        1. The funny (and yet pathetic) part of the entire truth you just stated? I assure you that those WK beta fag waste of seeds line up to talk to her and think of ways to convince her that they are worthy of an audience when all they have to do is tell her how shitty her hair looks or she needs to bleach her asshole and she would be slurping their spankarade ten minutes later after she throws a temper tantrum.

  10. Dont worry,once right wing governments come to power across the world all these mentally retarded SJW losers will lose their power and influence and will either rot alone in their homes or will end up in a mental asylum.espiecially in the USA.

  11. Hugo Schwyzer is a particularly extreme case.
    Look at the lunatic grin. You get sense of his whole vibe just by looking at that one picture.
    This then backed up by his extreme posturing and outrageously hypocritical behaviour.
    That guy is a fucking menace

  12. Why not find ways to institutionalize them today? There’s always room for progress
    But really the one thing that links all social justice types is the complete absence of any valuable skills, yet somehow notoriety through whining about stuff. I swear it’s a type of survival tactic for that segment of society, profit through complaint – exactly why the more these types whine the less credit they deserve

    1. You hit the nail on the head. These are, literally, life long losers that have, repeatedly, been shut down through both their romantic and occupational ascensions and have thus become so lost in their own mental devolution that they do anything and everything in their power to gain even a smidgen of fame or recognition.
      They will never and have never mattered to the scheme of the world… they know this… and so they look to inflict their suffering upon others. Men are the easy target now a day’s (especially white males who are either Christian or Catholic) so they take advantage of that any possible way they can.
      At the end of the day though, it won’t change a single thing, they won’t ever matter. They will either continue to erode further and further or they will choose the cowards way out. The problem is that these individuals have been given steam and angles through (my opinion) the school system hiring unfit individuals to spew their ridiculous natures to children which forms the foundation while (even worse) some people have children who have absolutely not a single bit of business having them.
      Give me six months, a budget, and allow me to pick the team I want and I will have the issue resolved. Point being, the “leaders” simply aren’t doing their job and are allowing these chaotic individuals more and more rope. Unfortunately that rope is being used to hang others and not themselves.

  13. It figures that Futrelle looks like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

  14. Wilson was a serial adulterer known for coercing young women who joined AA into sexual relationships, a practice now known as “13th stepping
    AA is a *notorious* pick up culture group. Who is more vulnerable to risky and attention seeking behavior than a chronic alcoholic?

    1. And if you’re an alcoholic, who worse to spend your time with than alcoholics

      1. Absolutely. AA is a scam from nose to toes. Even if it worked, what kind of nonsense is it that “you’ll never be cured”? If you’re always an alcoholic even if you haven’t drank in 20 years, why quit drinking in the first place?

        1. Court orders forcefuck you to and in many states if you are on probation drinking is verboten no matter what the offense was. You’ll get breath and urine tested regularly while under the yoke of probation.

        2. AA is mandatory by the courts after a DUI conviction or no contest plea. It’s a form of brainwashing. Surprising that they don’t put in the feminist narrative in those. Maybe they have since I was forced to go over a decade ago.

        3. I’ve heard that. Odd really, how come that isn’t subject to the (bogus) “separation clause” we hear about when the Left wishes to ensure that our culture doesn’t get passed on to our progeny?

        4. At the time, AA seemed more like a religious cult trying to indoctrinate you to believe in some higher being. The serenity prayer they cite at the beginning and end of every meeting is a prime example.

    2. I have never known anybody who went to AA to be stable.
      Everything Charlie Sheen said about AA is true, by my observation.
      When I was 17 I had a friend who was 18 and got popped for drunk driving. His license was suspended but because he was a volunteer fireman the judge wanted to cut him some slack so he was told to go to AA once a week and he could get his license back in a month.
      So I took him once and lurked in the back. I listened to the tales of these weak pathetic people.
      At one point I noticed something.
      To my left was a table full of pastries like donuts and cupcakes and cookies. There were 2 of those large coffee pots, the kind that caterers use.
      This was back in the 1980s, so people could smoke indoors. There was enough cigarette smoke in that place you could swim in it.
      And I thought: So these people are off the booze, but they are still addicts and here are their other crutches. They have accomplished nothing.
      And that little observation I have made about people and addiction have helped me avoid being a fucklehead like them as my life progressed.

      1. Addicts are addicts. A former alcoholic will start binging on food and chain smoking to try and compensate for the lack of stimulation drinking gave them. This is why AA is BS, it doesn’t tackle the root cause of addiction which is different for each individual, sometimes its genetic, sometimes its a history of child abuse or psych trauma(or both) the addict needs something to self medicate, or its environmental..the addict grew up around culture of drinking(heavily)

        1. What they need is to actually practice self control instead of being pathetic and weak.
          Look, if you have to do a Dr. Strangelove and suppress one arm with the other, then do it.
          A boozer has to get up, go to the liquor store, select the booze, pay for it, open it, and drink it. All along this path are endless opportunities to intervene, to not be weak. Do they try? And I can say the same about smokers and fatties. Nobody is putting a gun to their head.
          I must have learned wrong from my dad. When he was told by his doctor to quit drinking and smoking after 30 years of it, he quit cold turkey. He would say “If you don’t want to smoke or drink, then don’t smoke or drink. Problem solved”.

        2. “If you don’t want to smoke or drink, then don’t smoke or drink. Problem solved”.
          I’d believe it if it worked for more people. As it stands, that doesn’t work for most people. Heck, most people don’t even believe they can change or that things can be better.

      2. AA is NOT complete bs cause it does work but for a lot of reasons you wouldn’t expect. In fact, AA is as GOOD or AS successful as those fancy inpatient programs that cost 100k in Malibu Cali. AA works because alcoholics develop alternative ways to spend their time other than drinking at the bar. You completely replace your old drinking buddies (“enablers) with other AA participants. You go to AA meetings in a church basement and drink shitty coffee and smoke cigs incessantly and talk about your life. There are ZERO shrinks , psychologists or mental health professionals at these meetings so no therapy is going on. Basically you are replacing drinking with meetings . You’re right about addicts being addicts. Often what happens is addicts just switch from one negative addiction ( booze) to another more positive one e.g religion or exercise.

  15. yup, and these are just the famous ones, we can only control so much these fucks are everywhere…AND most of the asylums that housed these people are gone now…it is getting easier to spot them and act accordingly…this site has definitely been helpful with that.

    1. Their depravity and stupidity are amazing.
      They say women’s intelligence hovers around the IQ mean… Is the mean dropping or something?

      1. No, I.Q tests just fail to take hysteria, manipulation, solipsism and a complete aversion to all reason and accountability into consideration when judging the intelligence levels of your average woman.

        1. Touché.
          What’s even more sad is the manginas that follow these brats.

  16. I bet ya none of these SJWs listed above know real hardship and poverty. I can also guess that they also been pampered and live sheltered life with their parent’s support. White, middle to upper class, know-it-all attitude… seems like a common denominator for characteristics of being a SJWs also in addition to non-white minority social rejects that try to fit in by being SJWs themselves but they will be known as pesky gnat nuisances anyways. Another pattern is that SJWs = either fat ugly out of shape or skinny-fat, frail weak. When I go outside, I can easily tell who is likely to be SJWs and who is not. I don’t jump into concrete conclusion about someone I don’t know but I make inferences and it’s usually not too hard to see.

    1. Spot on. When you experienced hardships in life, you come to the realization that this world was not created equal for all. You work hard and reap the fruits of your labor. They have this entitled mentality. This is why they are mostly fat and ugly because making yourself healthy and attractive requires effort, which to them is unfair.

  17. scary article, because, we’re being led by these lunatics. Here is a nice video of Christina Hoff Summers discussing how crazy feminism has become. She describes it as a cult and even quoted a female professor who said that we’ll look back at this time and say it was utter madness. And it certainly is.

  18. Fuck futelle, he is beneath pond scum. Not only for what he says, he is so fucking lost he has no idea that he supports the very people who hate him the most. futelle, per his looks (ahem, something he was born that way with and beyond his control i.e. seemingly a civil right by progressive standards) has no hope but to be the fat creepy guy. His delusion is that he can elevate his status by being a advocate for women, yet, those very same women will eat his feminist shit up in one instance and in the very next viciously discard him and openly refer to him as ugly and inferior. Yet, he continues to support them?

    1. I ain’t mad at him. He has turned White Knighting into a career. Look around you and you’ll see that activism has sold out. In my opinion, many of the activists are smart people who found a way to earn lucrative salaries as being professional liars. They use slick rhetoric and emotionally charged propaganda to intoxicate ignorant people into their world in order to get “clicks” and “views”. Many of them hope to make the “Big Time” and be hired by the federal government to become employed as a “court intellectual”. Manboobz aspires to be George Stephanopolis.

      1. Can you imagine how sorry one’s life must be to aspire to be George Stephanopolis. Why not aspire to be a homeless bum, seems that would have more dignity?

        1. The money and status is alluring. I ain’t mad at these people for they are products of the market. For every KRS One there are three MC Hammers. For every Slayer there are two Wingers. For every Kerri Chandler there are eight David Guettas (Paris Hilton included). The one thing to be thankful for is the presence of a niche that rewards those with integrity.
          The sellouts are worthy of some pity but each time I see their paychecks, as well as how they often hijack the pure things upon which they build their careers (once again I will reference Guetta), any sympathy in my possession completely dissolves.
          For some reason, my rant on sellouts just made me think about Michael Eric Dyson.

        2. The really sad part is that many Americans now pray to the religion of ATM (money). It’s money, first, always before anything else. We used to be a nation that was good at making money (making a buck, a profit) but at least we held onto some integrity…some character.
          Now, all that is falling to the wayside and the only thing that is left is praying to the ATM. It’s why these looney tunes are able to get away with their behavior.

        3. That’s right. He has no dignity. He sold all us men out for his own benefit.

  19. These male SJWs and manginas are selling out his own gender to seek female validation. They are the real ones with mommy issues. Geez!

    1. Nah dude its the sad virgins like the author and you who have mommy issues.

  20. The problem with trying to profit off of Social Justice, is that – even though 90% of what they say is corrosive crap without any point or thesis – eventually they will have to take some sort of positive position. As soon as they do, they’re locked into time as Cthulhu continues to swim left; once enough time goes by they become a representation of The Enemy, since there is no predictable end-state for Social Justice beyond sheer barbarity. For example, it’s unclear whether the pro-tranny camp or the anti-tranny feminist camp will currently win out, as neither is clearly and logically more Social Justice than the other; and whichever side loses will be on “the wrong side of history”.

    1. I concur. The SJWs are driving towards the cliff and they don’t know it.

  21. Most idealogical essays that are divorced from reality e.g. marxism, feminism and to a certain extent, some consipracy theories are indicative of mental disorders. People who believe in Marxism tend to usually have underlying characteristics of paranoid personality disorder and narcissism(pathological envy fuels many if not most narcissists).
    The belief in feminism indicates narcissism but the underlying dominant trait is a sense of entitlement. Most women are narcissists which is why many women are drawn to the ideology of feminism. It is however even worse in the case of a male feminists as this indicates that there is a pervasive level self hatred and hatred towards masculinity and by proxy, men.
    Don’t get me wrong, a lot of great ideologies have been produced by people who are batshit crazy, its just that one has to distinguish the ones that are consistent to reality and the ones that aren’t.

  22. My only complaint is that you listed only 5. But I understand you can’t devote the rest of your life to finishing the list. It would be insane.

  23. Awesome! A much-needed article by Matt Forney. Thanks!
    A ‘male feminist’ is almost always a sleazy predator in disguise. It is the perfect cover for a predator, really.

    1. Oh yeah Sulkawitless is on the list. That porn vid she made is just insane.

  24. This article is not harsh enough on Manbooz Fat-trolle.
    That he was once an MRA is not a negative.
    Rather, he should be raked over the coals for being so repulsive to women, that he cannot prove that any woman has been in a relationship with him in the last 5 years.
    Drill him on that.

  25. I was checking out Sandman on Youtube, and he mentioned some Canadian Male Feminist organization, (I can’t remember the name or the guy who started it. It’s like “The Pink Ribbon” or something). So I checked out that guys Youtube videos. He’s supposed to be married, and he talks about women’s rights and how bad men are. But he’s a morbidly obese, flaming, fag. He’s one of those “tweek” homosexuals that can’t cover it up and instantly bring “disease farm” to your mind. And I wondered how much money he’s making with this front of a man pretending to be married and straight, and siding with the Canadian Women’s Movement.
    There are a couple of different types involved in all this. Guys who pretend to be Feminists to become celebrities, and get a lot of hot pussy from girls who know he’s a sham but use it for his money. Women in charge who’re Lesbians, hate men anyway, and use it to get pussy. And real male Feminists who’re social and economic losers.

  26. think the case with Jian is that he has to say pro feminist narratives since hes employed to do so. CBC is a big media power house in canada and its hyper pc here. If you work for them you have to go with it. This is true with any major companys and federal companys

  27. So the Mentally insane are dictating Morality in our Age? The female feminists commit suicide over-taken by Misery when the false promises of their rebellion bare no fruits, and the Male feminist’s who claim Moral superiority and purity, use their Reputations to Rape their Trusting Female colleagues. I can see why many of the feminist’s of old were put in Mental Institutions, sounds like a good Place for Modern Feminist’s as well.

  28. Virginia Woolf may have been batshit crazy but she really was incredibly beautiful, her face looks almost exactly like an ancient Greek statue.

    1. She does look like she has an Adam’s apple though. Never a good sign in a female.

  29. Interesting stuff never realised that these people were so crazy, goes to show us all what happens when someone believes their own bullshit

  30. “Are social justice warriors mentally ill?”
    No. They just have different opinions than you do. Nothing will ever be solved by treating these issues like you’re in a war–MRAs vs. SJWs, conservatives vs. liberals, etc. I don’t agree with everything you MRAs say–sometimes I think a lot of hate is spewed on sites like these–but you definitely have some legitimate gripes (forced circumcision, male suicide rates, etc.). I also don’t agree with things *radical* feminists like Andrea Dworkins says. But both sides need to stop generalizing and assuming an entire community is responsible for the irresponsible words and actions of a few. We all need to have more empathy and find commonality with each other. We are all human beings, after all. Solutions will never arise throgh force or Twitter-bickering or painting the other side as mentally ill. It’s not like the other side is just going to die off one day and you’ll never have to deal with them again. The only way these social and societal issues are going to be fixed is through bipartisanship, not by being exclusionary. “The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.” –Bertrand Russell
    Thanks for reading.

  31. “Are social justice warriors mentally ill?”
    No. They just have different opinions than you do. Nothing will ever be solved by treating these issues like you’re in a war–MRAs vs. SJWs, conservatives vs. liberals, etc. I don’t agree with everything you MRAs say–sometimes I think a lot of hate is spewed on sites like these–but you definitely have some legitimate gripes (forced circumcision, male suicide rates, etc.). I also don’t agree with things *radical* feminists like Andrea Dworkins says. But both sides need to stop generalizing and assuming the entire community is responsible for the irresponsible words and actions of a few. We all need to have more empathy and find commonality with all human beings. Solutions will never arise through force or Twitter-bickering or painting the other side as mentally ill. It’s not like the other side is just going to die off one day and you’ll never have to deal with them again. The only way these social and societal issues are going to be fixed is through bipartisanship, not by being exclusionary. “The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.” –Bertrand Russell.
    Thanks for reading.

    1. You clearly have your head stuck in some really strange clouds. This fluffy little utopia you’re dreaming of where these “legitemate issues” feminists have can be talked out in some bullshit, Kodak moment of empathetic bipartisanship cannot and will not ever exist.
      Why? Because SJWs and feminists ARE mentally unstable and mentally ill. Their beliefs are not rooted in anything resembling logic and are not backed up with anything resembling facts. It’s all based entirely on a set of consensus derived “truths” (read: internet memes) that can change at the drop of a hat based on nothing more than how the SJW/feminist mob “feels” at that particular moment. And woe to the one who does not comply with their thought policing and conform. If they cannot covert you, they will spare no effort or expense to destroy you. And you think we can reason with this mob?
      To stand in the presence of such insanity and merely pass it off as a “difference of opinion” not only suggests an undeserved legitemacy of the SJW/feminist movement but also dismisses the very real effects that this cancer has had on men. Every man who has been falsely accused of rape and had his life destroyed as a result . Every man who has been lost his home reduced to little more than an ATM machine after his ex wife cleans him out in divorce court. Every man who has lost his children in a family court system that routinely sides with the mother, no matter how terrible a parent she is. Every man who has had his career destroyed because he ran afoul of the mob that is feminism and social “justice”. You lessen their sacrifices and diminish their losses with your ridiculous post and you, sir, should hang your head in shame for every last word of it.
      Which is more insane, I wonder? The feminist or social “justice” warrior? Or is it the fool that believes either of them can be reasoned with?

      1. That’s funny. Why is this reappearing now after being deleted for hours?? Must be a conspiracy! [Hey, buddy, I believe in imiginary conspiracies now, can I be a part of the club?]
        I didn’t mean the “issues of feminists” being worked out. Why would we want to work out issues like rape when there are more important things to worry about like the fact that “WOMEN CAN HAVE JOBS NOW??? What kind of demonic sorcery is this??” No, I meant the legitimate issues MRAs have, which I mentioned, like forced circumcision, male suicide rates, and yes, divorce and custody court issues. But do you really believe it’s a vast feminist conspiracy working against you? That’s paranoia, bub (and you said MY heads stuck in some “strange clouds”?). Also, since you provided no links to back up your data but instead parrotted typical MRA talking points, I’ll represent the other side: Rape *is* a serious issue. So is murder and other crimes, but we’re discussing rape, so I’ll stick with that. Statistically, false rape accusations make up about 7-10% of reported rapes, and those INCLUDE the cases where the victim recanted. You guys assume she recanted because she was lying, but who knows? Maybe she was afraid or just decided it was too much for her to go through will the whole trial, etc. And family courts USED to be very anti-father (and there may still be bias, yes) but things have vastly improved since even the 90s. Anecdotally I’d like to add that I got full custody of my daughter on my first try when her mother walked out on us because the court (a female judge) saw I was clearly the better parent. But none of this will do anything to change your mind. I don’t know what happened to most of you to make you hate women so much (and let’s not kid ourselves here, no one is driven to a website like this to agree with some of the misogynist articles on here like “legalizing rape” without having bitterness in his heart from a woman who’s fucked him over badly!) My daughter’s mother did the same to me. And don’t sit there and tell me it’s because I wasn’t “alpha enough.” She walked out on me and our daughter, who was 2 at the time. It destroyed me, and my little girl. And I was angry for a long time. Then I got some perspective. But I’m clear-headed and well-rounded enough of a human being to not blame the actions of one promiscuous, slutty girl (who, frankly, is just not that good of a person) on the entire female gender. People accuse MRAs of fighting straw-feminists and its true! You guys are fighting against an enemy that doesn’t exist! The few bad feminists who are “anti-male” are bad PEOPLE. It has nothing to do with her being a woman. The things like custody courts and alimony and male suicide rates are issues that are unjust and inherently wrong with our system, and they need true activism and ACTIVISTS to right them. The ills of our society and culture will not be cured by writing off half the human race. Sites like these aren’t helping anyone, they don’t even let you vent frustration, they ENCOURAGE frustration because Roosh wants you come back so he can get the page views, the ad dollars to get rich! He doesn’t even have any charities or funds set up nor has he organized anything to actually HELP MEN! Sites like these create Eliot Rogers, not solutions.

        1. Having a place where Free Speech is encouraged helps in more ways than can be put into words.
          The site may not offer you any benefit but don’t be so daft as to assume that others don’t benefit from frequenting this space.
          You should rename yourself, Captain Assumption.

        2. There’s a difference between Free Speech and Hate Speech. Yes, hate speech is technically free speech and protected by the First Amendment. But the problem is you guys are spreading hatred, and lies and slander. If this site was about allowing men to vent their frustrations, that would be one thing, but it’s not. It encourages their frustrations (and deliberately aims them at women) so that confused guys will keep come back so RoK can get more page-views. “Communities” like this don’t help anyone, men or women. They create Eliot Rodgers’s, not solutions.

        3. There is no difference between Free Speech and any other kind of speech. One is either allowed to speak freely or abide by some form of censorship: there is no comprimise (with the exception of making terroristic threats, pedophilia, and explosive design).
          When you’re able to comprehend that fact, return to this site of Kings but not until then.

        4. Oh, I didn’t say you *couldn’t* say whatever you wanted. Of course you have ever right to speak you mind. My point is, maybe, in order not to be a terrible human being, you might learn to censor yourself. You act like this is some issue of censorship and you’re some holy warrior fighting for basic human rights–“I’ll defend to the death [my] right to say it!”–but what’s really going on is you want the right to say terrible, hateful things and not even be called on it. What’s the addage: The First Amendment protects you to say whatever you want, it doesn’t protect you from the consequences.

        5. Your posts keep getting deleted because they are not only categorically absurd, they also manage to hit nearly every one of the feminist male shaming tactics square on the head (https://exposingfeminism.wordpress.com/shaming-tactics/).
          You also bitch about how wrong it is that either side uses generalizations, yet you use sweeping generalizations with the claim that we “hate women”. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we disagree with is the cultural Marxism movement spawned by the deranged minds of feminists and SJWs.
          Your response then devolves into a straw man argument about some vast feminist conspiracy theory that you assume we all subscribe to and then make the feeble attempt to shame us with it.
          This may come as a shock to you but we don’t actually hate women. Feminine women. The ones who didn’t spend their college years riding the cock carousel and then feel themselves entitled to a man to support them. Even career women who arrived at their success by virtue of their working equal hours as men while maintaining equal productivity as men and not sleeping their way up the ladder are not hated by us. We also don’t actually want the REAL crime of rape as defined in the law legalized. That means actual, forced, non consensual sex. We encourage women to call the police immediately. We do not believe drunken “mistakes” that women later regret while still maintaining active friendships with their “rapists” are in any way real rape. Real rape is a crime that should be reported to the police immediately and we firmly belive in harsh sentencing for both the men AND women who perpetrate it.
          None of your attempts at debate have accomplished anything more than painting you as a feminist apologist and a closet SJW. You have ignored the very real effects that they have had on mens lives and even gone so far as to insinuate that they have legitemate issues. What feminists and SJWs actually have are mental health issues and there is no crime in pointing that out. That you continue to say otherwise renders all your attempts at a counter argument patently irrelevant. Take your white knight drivel elsewhere because it won’t work here.

        6. You’re absolutely right, dude. There’s no sense in arguing. Neither side’s ever gonna see eye-to-eye, and no middle ground will ever be shared, so what’s the point? If there is a point, I know I for one am too tired to argue it. We’re the Israelis and Palestinians!
          All I’ll say is three things. 1) I’ve been to
          many feminist blogs and many MRA blogs, and the MRAs’ is the only place I’ve ever seen the “legalization of rape” advocated. Feminists may not be perfect—God knows no one is!—but calls to violence and displays of hatred and sexism is SO much more common on your side. I mean, just check out some of the subreddits! So, while individuals shouldn’t be judged for the actions of the wider group, as philosophies, feminism is the lesser of two evils and MRAs is the greater problem and ill of the world.
          2) A person who falsely accuses another of rape is a terrible human being. But these are *individual* women doing this, and feminists don’t support it. Also, false rape statistics are much lower than you guys regularly claim. ALL of the studies back me up.
          3) I want to be able to look my daughter in the eye and tell her she can be anything she wants if she works hard enough, not
          that her gender is selfish and childish and an evil on the world. Call me crazy.
          Thanks for reading. I wish you all luck on your issues and activism.
          “You’ve got to be kind!” –Kurt Vonnegut

    2. lol no. moderates & libertarians are the first ones to be swallowed by SJWs. the time for moderation is over. SJWs don’t want to cooperate. they want to eat your young. you either speak out forcefully against them or become complicit in their insanity. the middle ground, in this case, is for fools.

      1. Fair enough. Thanks for at least saying that civilly. I tried to do that at first, until I got deleted five times and then called an idiot and femtard for asking why. Still, that’s no excuse.

  32. I knew it
    feminists are actually all misogynists. They are the true haters of women

  33. [Is there a reason this keeps getting
    deleted? Is there no room here for opposing view-points from the status quo or
    honest discussion and debate?]
    “Are social justice warriors mentally ill?”
    No. They just have
    different opinions than you do. Nothing will ever be solved by treating these
    issues like you’re in a war–MRAs vs. SJWs, conservatives vs. liberals, etc. I
    don’t agree with everything you MRAs say–sometimes I think a lot of hate is
    spewed on sites like these–but you definitely have some legitimate gripes
    (forced circumcision, male suicide rates, etc.). I also don’t agree with things
    *radical* feminists like Andrea Dworkins says. But both sides need to stop
    generalizing and assuming the entire community is responsible for the
    irresponsible words and actions of a few. We all need to have more empathy and
    find commonality with all human beings. Solutions will never arise through
    force or Twitter-bickering or painting the other side as mentally ill. It’s not
    like the other side is just going to die off one day and you’ll never have to
    deal with them again. The only way these social and societal issues are going
    to be fixed is through bipartisanship, not by being exclusionary. “The
    only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.” –Bertrand Russell.
    Thanks for reading.

  34. [Is there a reason this keeps getting
    deleted? Is there no room here for opposing view-points from the status quo or
    honest discussion and debate?]
    “Are social justice warriors mentally ill?”
    No. They just have
    different opinions than you do. Nothing will ever be solved by treating these
    issues like you’re in a war–MRAs vs. SJWs, conservatives vs. liberals, etc. I
    don’t agree with everything you MRAs say–sometimes I think a lot of hate is
    spewed on sites like these–but you definitely have some legitimate gripes
    (forced circumcision, male suicide rates, etc.). I also don’t agree with things
    *radical* feminists like Andrea Dworkins says. But both sides need to stop
    generalizing and assuming the entire community is responsible for the
    irresponsible words and actions of a few. We all need to have more empathy and
    find commonality with all human beings. Solutions will never arise through
    force or Twitter-bickering or painting the other side as mentally ill. It’s not
    like the other side is just going to die off one day and you’ll never have to
    deal with them again. The only way these social and societal issues are going
    to be fixed is through bipartisanship, not by being exclusionary. “The
    only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.” –Bertrand Russell.

    1. Your posts are being deleted because you are reposting the same post again and again, in true Trollish fashion.
      If your posts have any merit someone will reply, otherwise posting the same thing repeatedly won’t make a difference.

      1. Actually, the reason I re-posted them several times was because they were deleted EACH TIME. And of course you don’t think they have “any merit,” they contain LOGIC and an appeal to man’s better nature, not sexist drivel.

        1. Logic eh…
          Let’s start with one piece of your post. I “need” to have more empathy for my fellow human brings?
          Can you be more specific?

        2. *sigh* Does it really need further elaboration? I know you guys are mostly sociopaths but anyone with a conscience knows what it means to have empathy and WHY you need to do it. Maybe because we’re ALL fucking HUMAN BEINGS and we have to share this planet, and blind hatred has never solved anything or helped anyone? You know, I’m sure a lot of white supremacists *just* had dumb opinions like you guys before they joined the KKK. And I bet a lot of anti-Semites *just* had dumb opinions before they became Nazis and brought about a genocidal Holocaust that killed six million innocent people. Not that I believe backward-thinking people like you could even organize anything like that –hell, you can’t even get off the internet to actually be activists for your own cause and actually help men with legitimate concerns, you’d rather sit online and tear down woman!–but since you’re so much like a cult anyways, parrotting back whatever RoK or A Voice For Men tell you, I’m sure if a Hitler/Tyler Durden-enough guy came along to galvanize you, who knows? There may be female-genocide in your future! [Speaking of, I bet you guys are the type of guys who completely miss the point of Fight Club, aren’t you? “Dude, I wanna start a fight club so bad!”

        3. Are you upset? I ask because you seem to be very angry. Can someone help you with that I wonder.. pardon me if I’m making an uneducated assumption.

        4. Okay you lost all credibility after the u mad bro and we are all human beings nonsense

      2. And it doesn’t make someone a troll for disagreeing with you. (Ironically, given the subject of this article), it actually makes a person SANE for disagreeing with you sexist cowards.

        1. Repeating your sentiment over and over does nothing but make you look like an attention seeker.
          Do not make assumptions about people you do not know.

        2. “Do not make assumptions about people you do not know.”
          “All women are whores/teases/children.”
          “Anyone who disagrees with me is a SJW mangina and beta male.”
          –all statements that can be found, either word-for-word or implied, on this site and the larger “manosphere.” Talk about making assumptions.

        3. You’re not quoting me so why would you make that post in regard to mine..
          You might as well talk to a fireplug because you don’t have anything on me.
          You are a fool.

        4. Oh, you don’t believe those things about women? Well, I just thought since all feminists and SJWs are the same and must be judged under the same umbrella as misandrists like Andrea Dworkins then I would respond in kind and assume all MRAs were misogynists.

        5. Do not attempt to speak for me in any capacity, ever… as you are incapable as such.

  35. It’s too bad AMHI closed. They gave fifty dollars to you if you brought someone there… damn shame that.

  36. Great article, but it could easily be expanded to 50 or 100 I think.

  37. I don’t think you proved insanity for any
    of these people, just that some of them turned out to not be very good people
    (or at least, they didn’t practice what they preached.)
    Of David Futrelle, you said he “frequently cherry-picks
    quotes from trolls in an attempt to smear anti-feminists and MRAs, citing them
    as examples of what ROK actually advocates.”
    Didn’t ROK’s founder literally write an
    article advocating the legalization of rape? Oh, but since David didn’t
    reproduce that article in full on his own blog and agree to its obvious merit
    then that qualifies as misquoting, misrepresenting and taking Roosh out of context, right? Typing MRA spin!
    Also, David has “a hidden history as a men’s
    rights sympathizer” and you’re using this as evidence of OBVIOUS INSANITY,
    sympathizing with your own cause?? LOL! I agree that sympathizing with “activists” who aren’t active at all but who, rather, passive-aggressively sit around online whining about women having rights and hating on half of the human race WOULD qualify as potential insanity, if it were true.
    Your last piece of damning evidence against
    him? He allegedly described himself as “a lapsed feminist.” Isn’t this what you
    guys want, to sway people to your misogynistic way of thinking? Or are you cool with the couple thousand bottom-dwellers you already have?
    God, you guys don’t even TRY to be taken
    seriously anymore, do you? It’s just all about that clickbait. As long as the
    ad-revenue’s coming in, who cares that you’re the laughingstock of the
    Hell, Roosh just put the Mad Max boycott
    article on the Best of May list?? Come on, tell me that wasn’t about just trying
    to get even more eyes, and clicks, on that article! How’s that one of the best
    of May when it made you guys into a bigger punchline than you already are and got you mocked and laughed at all over the internet!
    NOBODY takes you idiots seriously. You’re a
    sad group of little boys trying to be edgy but you try too hard and everyone
    sees through your charade. The tiniest bit of research and logic and common
    sense applied to your CORE BELIEFS AND TENNENTS and the whole thing collapses like a house of cards.
    What a bunch of wankers! All right, I’m
    out. Go back to circle-jerking each other and patting each other on the backs
    for “waking up to the truth” [What, are you guys 9-11 truthers, too? And
    logical-minded people are what, sheeple?] ‘cuz no woman will ever want to do
    Oh, wait, I forgot, you’re ALPHAS! You took
    the metaphorical Red Pill and started harassing and talking shit to women
    online and suddenly every woman in your lives said, “OMG, he’s so masculine
    now, I must have him!” Every time I think of you guys I picture a chubby,
    pimply eleven year old boy whose voice is cracking from the on-set of puberty
    saying: “(voice cracking) I took the RED pill! I’m an ALPHA now!”
    Oh, and Roosh? Doctor Oz OWED YOUR ASS, you

        1. Repeating your message only reinforces the fact that your message isn’t worth considering to begin with.
          Allow your thoughts to stand on their own merit. Going over them ad nauseum does not help your case.

        2. Ironically, this is the third time you said this to me about “repeating my message” and you’ve still yet to grasp what I said the first time. I didn’t post the same message 5 times, I was deleted 4 times and had to re-post it. Why was I deleted? I wasn’t rude or out-of-line at all, but again, honest debate isn’t welcome here, you guys just call people a “mangina” and then stop responding like you’ve won. So, yeah, sorry I had re-post so many times, I know it pisses you off.

        3. ?
          You haven’t upset anyone contrary to your belief. It is obvious how passionate you are when it comes to ensuring we here at ROK, have received your message.
          We heard you the first time, Tanto.

        4. Ignore it. It has the same delusions about being deleted as it does about men hiding under the bed wanting to rape it It’s only on Fruitloops Femtard blog where things are deleted that don’t fit the script. Don’t give it a forum here. Femtards are deleted here, Roosh do your job.

        5. Yep this “guy” is sick in the head. Pretty obvious. Just give it a slow clap and walk away

    1. The “How to Stop Rape” page was a satire inspired by “A Modest Proposal”.

    2. I’m not sure about the AA guy but all of the others are mentally ill and some were confined to asylums.Futrelle will end up in a straitjacket one day screaming about cats and mammoths.

    3. You sound like some Femtard or sissy boy who frequents Fruitloop’s site.I also find it interesting that you chose him from the 5 lunatics listed to defend. Whatever this freak is is irrelevant because no one wants him in their group. Now slither on back to the man boob retards site.

      1. Dude, get therapy for your anger, it’s not healthy for you. I’d rather be a Femtard that a Nazi. Your kind doesn’t last long. Why? You’re so afraid of vaginas you spend your life hating the human beings attatched to them–and that’s why your kind will die off. You guys wanna incite a genocide. We don’t have to. All we have to do is sit back and wait.

        1. Slither on back before I reveal the ID that you use over on Fruitloops site and people read your insane comments.

        2. What’s there to reveal? I go by either Doc Ockham or my real name, Josh Miller. If you’re talking about We Hunted the Mammoth, I’ve posted there…twice, I think? And I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve said online (except when I should’ve tried to be more mature and have more patience with some people; my political ideas? Nope, can’t shame me for those.)

    4. “Didn’t ROK’s founder literally write an article advocating the legalization of rape?”

  38. Bill Wilson never drank from 1934 till his death. He never shamed anyone for drinking, be loved whiskey. So what if he wanted a drink on his deathbed? In real terms he made far more money in his pre AA years than the tool writing the article will ever make. He has helped countless people recover and live happy lives. He left a far greater legacy that Matty Forney ever will
    And are you really criticizing him for getting laid?
    I used to enjoy his writing but Matty is an ignorant narcissistic tool.

      1. I don’t know if this is some sort of quasi-religious cult but even if it is if sitting around eating doughnuts and coffee and talking stops them from being falling down drunks then it may be of some use.The question is efficacy comparing it to people who just quit on their own. I don’t think saying that you’re helpless against something though and you have to rely on some higher god is ever effective even if that higher god is your own self control. It may be better to rely on your own self control on your own and not being around others with poor self control encouraging you.Being around people with addictions usually ends with talking about it to the others and telling war stories which for some reason may make you drink. I know that people who quit smoking on their own do better than those who go to clinics to stop.I know that group therapy in England for drug addiction was pretty much a waste of time and never cured anyone and may have even made them worse so as I said you have to prove efficacy first.
        There’s a saying especially with opiate use “You can get a separation but you can’t get a divorce” which of course means that you may be able to stop for a while but never be cured.
        I personally believe that in these addictions esp. opiates that you need a chemical cure. I don’t mean like substituting methadone , a longer acting opiate, for heroin because that’s not a cure anymore that substituting gin for whisky in an alcoholic.I mean an actual medicine that after a course of treatment you are cured of the opiate addiction.This is such a thing and it was developed by accident by Dr Dent in England and seems to work for opiates and alcohol but for some reason I never hear about anyone using it.Of course, drug ‘cure’ clinics are a big lucrative business so i wonder if thathas anything to do with it. The drug used by Dent cannot be patented so there’s no money in it and the treatment is only a week.

  39. Feminists, sjw’s and women in general begin to hate each other when they partake in not so feminine endeavors like COMPETING which is an exclusive, unique and patently male quality. They bend theirselves out of their natural shape and do a poor job trying to ape masculinity in any form and the losers of the competition then do a poor job coping with loss and the winners do an equally hysterical charade attempting to mimic the victory dance.
    Forgone are many babies that never were produced and tit fed and many recipes unlearned. What frustration. No wonder they become miserable hating wretches. They hate each other when competing for the same alpha and destroy each other trying to climb over each other when clearly every cheerleading squad who works together to please the alpha can cooperate and make a nice pyramid.
    Do cheerleaders compete amongst one another to the point of becoming a pile of scorn? Nooo, but the haters do. The competitive ‘hating’ women gouge each others eyes out and leave only one compromised soul for the alpha with the rest wrecked like flying machines in pieces on the ground. What a waste.
    The cooperating women though stack themselves like a lucious FIVE GUYS BURGER. Cheers to cooperation. So girls . . . who do YOU think the alpha would prefer? The winning witch from bitchwick OR the delicious SAMMITCH??
    And SJW’s live in a bubble, out of touch with nature and their world. So programmed are they by western matrix constructs, you can holler at them as a free man and they look at you like they’re behind an invisible plexiglass shield and they don’t even know it. Being raised in any matrix, too many of your needs are met and after a certain point, parts of the brain never develop. Grow up in the matrix and there’s no growing up afterwards, even if you escape. And you hit the world loaded with self delusion and fallacy. Let it all go. Grab your nads and WAKE UP.

  40. As a whole I believe that far left political beliefs are a sign mental illness. Also, it is just me or does Liz Stoker Breuing’s husband remind anyone of the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

    1. And yet, you are undisturbed by the conservative right? I’ll be honest, I found Jeb Bush’s urge to bring back the Scarlet letter infuriating… But that was because of his utter failure at reading comprehension. You should know what the book was about before you use it to further your political campaign…

  41. Fruitloops which is the nickname of Frutrelle that I gave him years ago was diagnosed as schizoid affective and has been living on benefits for years which is why he’s able to spend 24 hrs a day on his stupid blog with the dirty dozen wacko females he attracts from around the world.We’ve been studying many sites for years and analyse the commenters as well.Now, it’s sometimes very tedious reading the posts but eventually the person will give themselves away and when they do we take note of it and attach it to a screen name.In 100% of cases, yes 100%, the females on Fruitloop’s site have some sort of psychiatric and/or physical defect or disability by their own admission. Some are so obvious to a trained man that even without the admission I can see it. Everything from bi-polar to autistic to being obese to fugly to imagining they were abused as kids, bullied, raped etc etc It’s like the biggest collection of misfits and wackos you could ever imagine being gathered in one place.
    And why did you have to mention him? I hadn’t read anything for years over there and had just gone now and nothing has changed and my head feels like it’s going to explode.Better take some Oxy before I have a stroke.
    As you said, he finds some obscure site since he has nothing much to do, outside of playing with his cats that he picked up at some cat pound, and makes a big thing about it. Well today it’s an alleged site called the Philosophy of Rape.The Femtards are up in arms and one even did that petition thing at the White House to get the FBI to investigate it as terrorism lol I am not joking. What’s so stupid about these ‘tards is they think they can track the guy down and have already put up a few things but not being smart enough to know that whoever made the site is not using his real name, location or pics from twitter and the name is just some innocent guy. It’s likely some Femtard agent provocateur like all of these sites which allegedly are recommending rape or beatings for women as ‘corrections’ for their bad slut behaviour.And since it was mentioned on SPLC you can be pretty sure it’s a hoax and just another scheme to attack men in general.

  42. I used to work as a printer for a leftist outfit. We did a lot of work for individuals. Every educated woman describes herself as a feminist or radical feminist in her literature. Their beliefs vary so widely that the term feminist now means the person is probably a woman. Or it is just another way of saying I am a Woman.
    Anyone claiming to be a male feminist is either a fraud, mad or a fool.
    Often these people construct insanity out of their muddled beliefs.

  43. If im not mistaken I believe sevral years back David FatTroll supported child pornography.
    Id beat the fuck out of him if I ever saw him in real life….

  44. Except for Bill Wilson and the reference to the fact that AA is worse for Alcoholics than drinking (3 million plus in AA and around 1 million in NA) would suggest that something there is working
    Bill Wilson on the other hand, was a very flawed and self-absorbed individual and his history isn’t covered up by anyone in AA. In fact it’s usually used an example to let people in recovery know how human everyone is
    That said I’ve seen very self-absorbed and Narcissistic people in both programs some of them with decades of clean time. In fact, it was a female family member of mine in the program that was primarily responsible for me taking the Red Pill. I know Roosh doesn’t like that term but it fits.

  45. Any substantially technologically advanced nation is feminized.
    Stop denying this. Technology is the culprit for feminism getting stronger

    1. You know, I’ve actually pondered this myself. But it seems feminism has risen in the pages of history as well. Seems like women are just better at manipulating things (ie technology like the media) to suit their own ends.

    2. That is a stupid thing to say. Technology can just as easily tip the power back to men, through VR Sex, etc.
      Get a clue, luddite.

  46. Wouldn’t matter what these people believe if the government wasn’t there to put a gun to your head. It’s always about power, who has it and how they use it. Who, whom. Big Brother does the deciding. These SJWs are just tools, so are black rioters, so is Caitlyn Jenner. These high school social losers are attracted to political correctness precisely because it gives them the opportunity to bully those who rejected them in school, to sic Big Brother on them. Take that away and most would just fade away.

    1. The worst thing about SJW is that that they have limited their view of justice down to what minority you represent. Just like feminists are most commonly victimized by other women, social justice attempts to force acceptance and equality by discriminating. In fact, I had to step in and defend a friend who I completely disagree with as far as his politics, faith, and limited perspective, because this one girl kept accusing him of discrimination, and she clearly had no idea what the word even meant. Their social justice has become so insistent, that they can’t even define what they claim to be fighting against.

  47. Leave AA out of this. Whatever Bill Wilson’s human failings were, that organisation has saved millions.

    1. Citation needed….have yet to see any kind of empirical evidence supporting AA’s effacy.

      1. Fortunately no one cares about your needs. They’re just staying sober, leaving you to tilt at windmills.

        1. Hahahaha….I wasn’t saying I need a Citation. I was saying that YOU need to cite your sources if you want your assertions to be taken seriously. You say, “AA has saved millions”. All I was saying was extraordinary assertions require extraordinary evidence. So…do you have any?
          You say AA saves millions. I say prove it or shut the fuck up because there is zero proof of such that I am aware of.
          If there is proof, and you can show it, I would be more than happy to stand corrected.

  48. “AA’s horrifically high failure rates. According to scientific studies, 90 to 95 percent of alcoholics who join AA end up relapsing within six months, and AA may in fact be worse for alcoholics then doing nothing at all.”
    We’ll yea….with everyone from the courts to interventionists and the rehab industry dumping people into AA who aren’t ready to quit, indeed the 6mos figures suck.
    But for those who make it back and stay with it, AA has proven to be one of the only things that has ever worked long term.
    Whatever Bill Wilson’s issues were, leave AA out of this. It has saved millions from slow death in gutters around the world.
    And whatever Wilson’s failings, he was genius enough to make AA an organisation with no leadership structure…lest it be hijacked by people with personality disorders.
    It has no place or relation in a discussion of SJW Marxism.

  49. Matt, you should’ve included Scalzi. He’s easy – he’s a version of Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead). Like him, Scalzi is fat. Like him, Scalzi is a cross-dresser. Like him, Scalzi puts out pretentious garbage and calls it “art.” And like him, Scalzi eats the dogshit that comes out of the rectums of the Haydens at Tor.
    David Futrelle is a repugnant human being. Don’t look at his old money/finance articles. They’re garbage. Hell all five of these people are vile and putrid people.

  50. Plath wasn’t the feminist they made her out to be. That occurred after her suicide. In fact, feminist need to make her a martyr was horrific for her children and husband. They are still outspoken about blaming her children for her suicide. Neither Virginia Woolf or Plath were notably for feminism. Anne Sexton would have been a more likely candidate, and that’s the lie of feminism in a nutshell. Plath was could be made into a martyr. Sexton couldn’t have been, but Sexton was openly sexual and had much more controversial opinions. Feminism didn’t want a strong mind. They wanted someone that let them blame motherhood and men.

  51. I do think the accusation of insanity in this article undermines your argument. It also reinforces misinformation and discrimination against a marginalized with little means to defend themselves. It’s not any better than feminist belittling men to feel superior. Neither writer was an actual feminist or a social justice warrior. They seem to have been chosen simply to support the claim of mental illness and nothing else. There are much better examples out there.

  52. I would argue as ‘scummy’ as Bill W. was, he just knew how to play the game…and maybe had some Game…he created an organization that gave him an excuse to not hold down a job again while living off his wife, and used his Alpha-male status in that organization to funnel loads of guilt ridden trim into his bed. I have to admit I’m envious.

    1. Bill was no alpha. In fact, there is nothing alpha in coercing others to carry your load.

  53. Don’t know if I’d call Rogers a Feminist. More like a rich beta who hated woman because they wouldn’t sleep with him, even though he had money and pedigree.

  54. With a blog named Feministing, I’m 100% certain Ms. Valenti enjoys being fisted.

  55. umm you may want to remove the Gomeshi piece that was written before he was fully acquitted lol

    1. Hardly changes his previous statements?
      The guy was aquitted but so what? He’s still a dungbag idiot.

      1. yes sure he’s a fucking idiot – it’s just the main point of him supposedly not getting “consent” from those women is quite dubious after all that was revealed during the trial.

  56. So ?? We do know that they are retarded piece of shit ?? What else is new ?? That they are schizophrenics ???

  57. honestly… that stoker cunt … If I heard that she was beaten to death, and hung by her eyelids just outside the door of that pedophile that Salon compassionately wants to provide nanny-employment for… I would celebrate on a level that far surpasses that of which would be undertaken had I won the folking lottery.
    P.S. Gaze rape is amazing

  58. Can’t help but notice that Woolf and Plath are hotter than their modern counterparts.

  59. The AA rant has got to be thrown out as rubbish. AA has saved millions of alcoholics from drinking to death. What else can truly make that kind of claim? Yeah. Nothing yet known that’s what.

  60. In short-Leftism is a mental disease. The cure? I prescribe a lead injection to the brain.

  61. I will never get how men could call themselves feminists. They are snakes and they are using a tactic that will never get them laid.
    You never, ever fvck your allies.

  62. Just as one poster on here said: “Modern women are some of the most dependent
    creatures in existence. They have simply replaced men with The State”
    <–bingo, true.
    BUT, most most most people still do not see the
    bigger spiritual picture (assuming they are Christian). Scenario: A
    liberal single mom dies and is standing before Christ to be judged:
    Christ: Hi Lisa the liberal, have a you lived a good life? Why should I let you into heaven?
    Lisa the Liberal: Sure I’ve lived a great life, I was a compassionate liberal.
    Christ: Have you ever engaged in thievery or stolen anything from anyone?
    Lisa the Liberal: Of course not, I was a good little liberal that voted for
    Obama and helped fight against the oppressive white man.
    Christ: You collected welfare and other perks from the state, and even had an
    affirmative action job given to you at one time just because you were a
    female. You gladly accepted all of the welfare payments and gladly
    accepted the job that paid you more than any white male working at the
    same company with the same job responsibilities as you. This is
    thievery. All of that was only possible via thievery by the state in
    which a portion of income is taken from people via taxation and
    redistributed to recipients for welfare and also to create laws for
    affirmative action and EEO policies so women can have guaranteed jobs.
    The beneficiaries of this system (females) are participating in this
    thievery. Therefore, you will go to hell to spend eternity with the
    rest of your liberal female girlfriends. Be gone, for I say to you, “I
    do not know who you are”.

  63. Don’t forget Ire Einhorn, who murdered his girlfriend and kept her corpse in a trunk in his apartment for months.

  64. If virginity is a social construct what is the reason — oppressing women, of course, but it doesn’t make sense to me.
    Sorry, I don’t keep up with trash….

  65. Standards sadly continually to get worse and worse everyday like a rolling snowball which continually accumulates. Making comparisons may be an exercise in counterproductivity, but it still makes you realise how deviant and deprived socio-political norms have begun, and gives you something to cling to, and work towards.
    On a side note people with perverse unnatural views (read: feminists) are nearly always mentally unstable: single parent families, genetic neural abnormalities, or just excessive resentment (towards men) which they refuse to let go of because they’d prefer to hold onto it than admit which they’re wrong, which is in itself egotistical and stupid.

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