The Timeless Female Abuse Of Love

Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. – H. L. Mencken

Mencken’s words from “In Defense Of Women” strikes a chord for every awakened man who has understood female nature, and more so about possibly the most overrated (and abused) emotion known to mankind.

Throughout history, women have always been portrayed as the more nurturing, self-sacrificing, idealist and loving gender — while men have been vilified to be on the short end of the stick. Call it social engineering or covert female manipulation, this age old guilt tripping indoctrination has led men to idealizing both love and women to unhealthy heights—to forsake their own intelligence and become victims of an imaginary illusion.

But failure in love shouldn’t mean automatic bitterness, for it can lead to realizing that romantic love (even more so today) is transitory and illusionary in nature. But what is that which renders “love” as simply an imaginary illusion?

A man could’ve tried his best to be the best partner for his woman but to no avail, simply because of the unpredictability and hypocrisy of female nature reveals itself sooner or later in either a relationship or marriage.

This itself has been explored before where we’ve seen how the Madonna and the whore can be the same woman – and like love, there is no ideal woman. There are no certainties in life except change and the grim reaper, and women are not immune to them. In the end, you cannot control people forever—but you can control how you deal with them and your reactions to the harsh realities of love.

Deconstructing Love


The allure of love has held a powerful pull for humanity for ages (Napoleon Hill even includes it as one of the primary ten stimuli to which the mind responds most freely in “Think And Grow Rich”). Such is its allure that men have often risked everything for the sake of the romantic ideal, the love of a woman.

But in spite of all the relentless blue pill romanticism and social indoctrination throughout ages which paints love as an ideal worth risking life for – while simultaneously pedestalizing women – how it actually affects both men and women in the amoral power game of real life dating, is best expressed by Chinweizu:

Not only does love act differently”on man and woman; the word itself means quite different things to each. When a woman tells a man “I love you”, she means “I want you to feed me, house me, clothe me, fuck me, get me great with child, and take me as your burden until I catch a better slave”. .

…In contrast, when a man tells a woman “I love you”, he means “I am eager to be your slave, and ready to do everything I can to make you satisfied and happy”.

Which is why, when a woman hears a man say to her “I love you”, her joy is great, for she understands him to mean that he has been knocked out by her chloroform of romance, and she can safely tie him up with social ropes, tether him to her nest with legal chains and, while he is still sprawled out in love’s delirium, begin to make a toiling jackass out of him. The Kiswahili poets are among the few male pundits who have gotten things right: they specify that it is men who are made lame and tame by love.

Tame and lame, history is testament to this with numerous examples: some men have achieved great heights to please their women, whilst others have actually squandered their identities for the love of a woman which was illusionary to begin with.

How women transform love into an illusion


Ideally, romantic love was primarily composed of lust, loyalty and tolerant understanding. Without lust, love became compassion, the kind you’d feel for others in a non-sexual way. And because lust bore an important influence on love, loyalty became integral to secure sexual fidelity.

But in today’s convoluted and permissive societies, this loyalty itself has become meaningless in modern love relationships, hell even marriages.  A modern woman can claim to “love” her partner yet still fuck around casually while retaining a prudish social image.

And unsurprisingly some men have actually realized this (either through observational experience or accident) to actually seduce such a woman by dropping the “L” word – for that serves as the exonerating password she wants to hear to casually indulge her own inner slut or relationship whore. One would’ve encountered women hypocritically justifying “love” as a reason for their selective promiscuity and infidelities/

In this scenario, love—that supposedly “pure” ideal thing—has now become a modern woman’s get out of jail free card to be ruthlessly abused to often justify her irresponsibility, stupidity, cheating, sluttiness, or even to have anal! There is no limit to female hypocrisy, and love isn’t spared from it too.

Twisted “love” and its power games


The timeless story of Samson highlights how women haven’t changed much throughout history and abused love themselves to manipulate men for their own selfish motives, which they often accused men of. Numerous examples like these shatter the blue pill idea that women are the more idealist and morally upright of the two sexes, especially when it comes to love.

While Mencken mentions women are the strategizing realists in the game of love, Chinweizu rather highlights the simpleton ignorant sentimentality of a man in love:

Man, in his sentimentality, may refuse to acknowledge that the love felt for him by the woman who loves him is, at its core, a slaver’s love for her slave.

Those who doubt that should consider a woman’s proverbial reaction to her spurned love, or to a mate who deserts her nest. When she cries “seduced and abandoned”, her rage is that of a lioness whose intended dinner has run away. When she cries that her husband has deserted her, her fury is that of a slaveholder whose slave has run away.

If he has run off with another woman, her rage at the other woman is I hat of one slaveholder at another slaveholder who has kidnapped’ her property. Were men fully conscious of the predatory nature and exploitative purpose of a nesting woman’s love for her man, they might be found each day praying: “God save man from the love of woman! ” That men do not is a measure of how sentimentality thoroughly beclouds their eyes. – The Anatomy Of Female Power

If love is blind, it is more so for men due to their sentimentality which Chinweizu points out. A man’s emotional attachment is the prize what women seek – for that is what secures his slavery. And even if love is an illusion for women too, women are usually much faster to snap out of it due to their realism, and as when it suits them conveniently.

This also highlights the psychological advantage women have over men, ironically given to them by men: keeping in mind the traditional belief that men are the gatekeepers of commitment and love, while women are the gatekeepers of sex. A woman needs to qualify herself first to earn a man’s love, so the man who hands his marbles on a platter to her casually is himself to blame.

In this power game, the man who forfeits his advantage of peddling love stands to lose if he instead seeks both love and sex from women, for women will always try to acquire total control.



The truth about love’s illusionary nature is bitter and hard to digest for the unitiated man—but for the awakened man this reality is itself liberating, helping him to sidestep one of life’s common pitfalls.

Love actually is not a bad thing; but because today it increasingly has become a tool for female manipulation and deception than ever before, its virtues itself have been eroded to render it to nothing but an idealistic illusion for the modern man, even more than for his forefathers.

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140 thoughts on “The Timeless Female Abuse Of Love”

  1. Fantastic article. I’d recommend all Red Pill men also read The Predatory Female for a play by play analysis of the maneuvers of women.
    Any guilt you harbor for pumping and dumping will soon be alleviated once you realize what kind of creature you are dealing with. My relations with women are now mercenary in nature. Sure we can have fun together but the spider will never spin her “love” spider web over me, trapping and consuming me.
    Back when men still had testicles, songs were written about this kind of lifestyle. Waylon Jennings called it being a Rambling Man. “You better move away [bitch] you’re standing too close to the flame.”

  2. It may in fact be true that love is not something a man should give a woman. In the manipulated man by Esther Vilar, there are two loves promoted, lustful love and protege love. To some extent we need both to have a woman who is to become our wife. However, and I have experienced this, once you relinquish love to a woman, mainly in statement, they tend to get ecstatic for a while, elated a while longer, and then demanding soon after. When is the next stage of fealty they wonder? Will you marry me, move in with me, meet my parents, and so on. Each of these steps are designed to thicken your shackles and in a world where the government supplies alpha cock at the highest denomination, can any of us afford to go through financial and emotional ruin because some vagina stopped getting wet for us?
    I suggest in turn, we all model a bit from the PUA and do take away. If you must say you love your woman and the feelings bubble, do it in action. If you have said the words, be open to taking them back. That is right, take it back. Sure to some extent a woman will try to shame you as it is your birth right to be committed to her, but it is also her birthright to at the least feign her womb’s loyalty to you. This was and is still the only way committed relationships have been beneficial to men. Take it away often enough and the woman should never get tired of trying to earn it again, and again. Some of us have a stronger desire to commit than most so we’ll need to remind ourselves of this constantly.
    EDIT: You can’t out alpha the government but you can control your joy. Just be conscious that the elation known as love, is a chemical reaction designed to bring out feats you would normally not be willing or able to do. Vet these with your long term goals and just be cognizant that she isn’t your long term goal. Never was. Never will be.

    1. A man must, MUST be able and willing to be alone. Solitude and be content. So when she goes into that stupid tantrum, you can tell her to knock it off or GTFO!

      1. The only trouble here is when you have kids. Then you can’t tell her to GTFO. In fact, thanks to the Gov’t, she can tell you to GTFO and keep all your money.

        1. Indeed that would suck, but if you are able to accept that as a possibility and have the courage to deal with it, then they have no control over you.
          A man who is not afraid to die can accomplish a lot if he lives. What doesn’t kill him only makes him stronger.

        2. Not at all am I suggesting you walk away from your children. You accept there is a possibility. Heck, she could do that as well without you doing a damn thing.
          The point is that you should be able to deal with that; otherwise, having that fear is what they use to control you.

        3. My view on this, is that once you get married, your assets are a write-off. So write them off. Like they say in war, once you accept that you are already dead, you won’t be so afraid.
          However, there is a way to protect yourself. Accumulate no assets that can be tracked and that you cannot move easily. Have a second passport so you can leave and say “fuck you” to alimony and child support.
          Make sure your woman knows that in a divorce, she gets nada. And in this way you maintain your power.

        4. Solid advice. Take care of yourself first. As far as kids go, sooner or later they can decide for themselves who they rather be with. That is beyond your control, but you can guide them in the right direction.

    2. Yeah, unfortunately you can show love all you want, but most women don’t have a true concept of love and can’t respond. They want to hear the words, and then the machine starts clicking in their heads. The games start, and you have start watching their moves and manipulations.
      Who responds to love in the proper way, and need it, are children. They’re more tuned into actions than words. Do things that make a child feel like crap but keep saying you “love” them and you’ve created a broken person who terrorizes society.
      For all their talk about love, and being the “relationship” oriented people in our society, women have no real understanding or concepts of what any of it really means. Love and Relationship are just code words or phantasmagoria to women who use it to get what their real, selfish selves want. Like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, He was a goofy but decent guy. Behind the curtain of Love and Relationship women are bitter, greedy, empty people.
      It’s not entirely their fault. Our society has never demanded that they grow up. They’re a bunch of 3 year olds in smoking hot, adult female bodies.

      1. Well written, especially this one
        Do things that make a child feel like crap but keep saying you “love” them and you’ve created a broken person who terrorizes society.
        It happens so often. Rarely out of malice, but because many parents today have no idea what a child needs. Boys are totally messed up by feminist influenced teachers/parents, and girls are put on an imaginary pedestal/horse where they do not belong. Both get a false idea about their worth and hence are betrayed. However, this
        Behind the curtain of Love and Relationship women are bitter, greedy, empty people.
        is half the truth. While there are many woman who are “guilty” of this (especially in feminism, surprise), there are also alot of guys who are the same. if you believe it or not, but some woman are not greedy, bitter nor empty. But well, since i live in a bigger city i can see where your words come from and yeah, 90% of woman i meet are indeed like that.

        1. Yes, there are an increasing number of bitter, greedy, empty men. Guess what! They are produced by constant contact with bitter, greedy, empty women. I firmly believe there is a horse and cart here, not a chicken and an egg. And if you can wander the streets of the western world, coming in contact with numerous women and still believe that the vast majority do not fit this description, then you are a fool.

        2. i do believe its indeed chicken and egg, and i`d like to quote myself regarding your last sentence
          But well, since i live in a bigger city i can see where your words come from and yeah, 90% of woman i meet are indeed like that.
          Im not blind mate. There are lots of damaged woman, and in the future there will be even more. Feminism and its aftereffects might ease the life of woman in the western world, but it will not make them happy. Their greed, bitterness and emptiness takes a toll on them, i can assure you that.

      2. “Yeah, unfortunately you can show love all you want, but most women don’t have a true concept of love and can’t respond. They want to hear the words…”
        One of the saddest things in the world to me is two people loving each other but not feeling the love of the other person because of the different ways that love is expressed.
        My husband has never once said he loves me. I don’t think he ever will. And, quite honestly, I don’t really need to hear those words because I can read in his actions that he loves me. But most women do not see that the actions a man does demonstrate his feelings rather than his words.
        Women, on the other hand, are probably more prone to say “I love you,” with or without any supporting action. To them, the words alone are enough.
        So, I tell my husband I love him and support that with doing nice little things for him, and, when he takes out the trash, pulls out a chair for me at a restaurant, or mows the lawn, I know he is telling me he loves me. (Also that the grass was getting a little too high 😉 )
        It’s all a matter of different communication styles. Remember men and women are so biologically different, we have even evolved to have different vision. Take a look:

      3. It’s not just love, most women don’t understand much that they can’t see or touch. Grasping concepts like honor, respect, loyalty, bravery, honesty, and their importance in our lives is an area of life that women are not equipped for. It’s depressing, really. Every girl I have ever gotten to the “love” stage with has only used love as a tool to either control me through obligation or do as she wants with love as her safety net. Love is a means to and end. They truly have trouble respecting a man that easily gives up his loyalty. It’s puzzling to men because most of us leave the house every day in search of exclusivity with one girl. They project their hyper gamy onto us and judge men for not constantly searching for something better.

      1. That article was a good read, but the images were bothersome… because i think we all have seen such attitudes in real life and they are not exagerating.

    3. “Love is a dunghill, and I am but a cock who climbs atop it to crow.” – Archibald Cunningham

    4. I think this is good advice; however I have yet to be able to make it work correctly for me. I think the key is getting the woman sufficiently hooked on you (unintentional pun, but think fishing.. if you pull too soon, the hook doesn’t catch, if you wait too long, the fish has swallowed the bait and leaves).
      In the past I thought sex is clearly the pinnacle of man/woman interaction, so if you are able to get a woman to the point where she is fucking you, you have conquered all the other obstacles in the relationship. But with today’s western woman, that is far from true! She will drop her panties easily and readily for a quick raw dog bang from guys she hardly knows.
      Try to push away and get her to work to draw near again just because you have fucked her, and she will disappear and never think of you again. She has no attachment to you at this point, she just wanted her hole penetrated and you were there.
      On the other hand, wait until you are in a committed LTR of a year or so and problems / arguments have already come up and then you try to push back, and it’s too late. Women handle conflict differently but in this case they usually just bitch / refuse to admit any responsibility or consider the fact that they could be “wrong” about anything / break up. Any real world experience from guys out there on the correct timing for this maneuver?

  3. A lot of guys will give up their freedom and masculinity just to have a shot at that illusionary carrot being dangled in front of them to live a life of slavery

    1. No doubt about that. We should PREVENT men & boys from being attracted tom women & girls at DRASTIC COSTS of their OWN lives & resources. Of course, genuine women & girls should be respected & helped, but so must genuine & innocent men & boys of this world also.

      1. More so help the innocent men and young boys. The cards are so stacked against them with the media and education system.

  4. The basic problems are within the biological ways through which complex, multi-cellular, mammalian human species reproduce.
    We all know that human females are the ONLY ones (as of now) who can propagate the human species, by giving birth to live young ones. They have the wombs. They have the eggs. The eggs are short in number. Males have the sperms. One male can impregnate several females, resulting in multiple offspring, but one female can only give birth to offspring from very few males. And that’s why, their lives are involuntarily & subconsciously considered to be MORE valuable.
    From having beautiful faces, to neoteny features, to curvaceous bodies, to long & soft hairs & skins, to tender & warm feelings, to youthful & innocent looks, etc, and COUPLED with their biological privileges of wombs & eggs, human brains (both male & female) are indirectly wired to protect them, to love them, to rescue them, to like them, to have sexual activities with them, to feel attracted to them, to feel sympathetic for them, to bend backwards & do things for them, to hook up with nearly INFINITE of them, and so on.
    THAT’S WHY, things like beauty, attractions, love, emotions, life, hope, sympathy, resurrections, motherlands, etc, are associated MOSTLY with human females. Things like nurture, warmth, lust, love, protection, honor, etc, are also linked to human females. We tend to think highly of our mothers, sisters, daughters, etc, even more than our fathers, brothers, sons, and so on. That’s why media brainwashes us to ”respect” women & girls, SIMPLY because they are human females. Moreover, that’s why the fields of fashion, modelling, TV shows, soap operas, ads, commercials, performing arts, dances, social media, internet, photos, videos, promotions, beauty, cosmetic industries, etc, are nearly fully HEAVILY DOMINATED by women & girls.
    If we want men & boys to be loved, cherished, sympathized with, helped, nurtured, funded, rescued, etc, as much as women & girls, we NEED to implement the bio-technologies of artificial wombs, male eggs, male stem cells, womb transplants, etc, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, along with reducing their violent natures, making them look clean & hygienic, PREVENTING them from committing crimes & bad activities, HELPING them survive in difficult times of need, and so on. Along with that, modern men & boys SHOULD embrace their brotherhoods, LOVE their fellow men, ABIDE by the laws, respect ONLY THOSE women who are good to them, while trying to remain NEUTRAL to others, helping other people, and so on.
    We could ALSO try to shape the minds of people, through media, internet, etc, that the vast majority of law-abiding, honorable and decent men & boys in this world are NOT disposable at all.

    1. i am not sure whether your suggestion towards the end of your comment is a joke. it is a joke, right? that sentence with “not disposable at all” sounds so squeamish.

      1. They’re kind of funny, taking the piss out of neomasculinity. One has to be able to laugh at oneself.

    1. Prostitution is legal in Deutschland mein friend, go get yourself laid and maybe that helps.
      I mean, have you seen those dimes prancing about on Oranienburger Straße in Berlin? go go go go fagget get laid

  5. I’m a seagull and in our culture women aren’t worth shit, we’d fuck em and fly away while they sleep #realtalk

  6. A feminist saying she wants equality is much the same as the average 18 year old girl saying what she really wants is a good natured guy that cares for her. Women are hard wired to say they want one thing but actually do the other. Until of course they get into trouble, then they start running for those beta bucks.

  7. Love that you name dropped Napoleon hill. I often wonder what he would have thought of this site. Check out his lectures on spotify and YouTube if you haven’t already

  8. “Man, in his sentimentality, may refuse to acknowledge that the love felt for him by the woman who loves him is, at its core, a slaver’s love for her slave”
    “love is the delusion that one woman differs from another”
    These quotes should be internalized by all men; ignore them at your own peril

    1. Women love opportunistically, men love idealistically.
      Quoting The Rational Male:

      Men are the “romantics pretending to be realists” and women; vice versa. Women are utterly incapable of loving a man in the way that a man expects to be loved.
      In its simplicity this speaks volumes about about the condition of Men. It accurately expresses a pervasive nihilism that Men must either confront and accept, or be driven insane in denial for the rest of their lives when they fail to come to terms with the disillusionment.
      Women are incapable of loving men in a way that a man idealizes is possible, in a way he thinks she should be capable of.

        1. Conceptualize this. Maybe mothers don’t love their children as much as we think either. It’s a sad thought, but I often wonder if it’s true from what I’ve experienced in the past 10 years.

        2. When my sister came along, after a few years, all the boy’s were put out out the house. Me, my brother and my father. He paid the mortgage and for her car. She did fuck all for seventeen years, and pocketed everything. She lost it all eventually, as ROK reader’s would expect, knowing how short sighted women are.

      1. Rollo nailed that concept.
        For one side is difficult to accept, but then when you start seeing it repeated everywhere you quickly realize it’s true.

    2. It’s difficult to accept, but I wonder if that’s because of how I raised. Blue-pill ideas of love everywhere and I had to discover myself how it wasn’t matching up with reality.
      But if young men are raised with a more realistic idea of women how will they behave differently?

      1. If young men were raised with a more realistic idea of women, than they would be less thirsty and it will reduce a man’s predisposition to be a white knight and/or capt-save-a-hoe. Many men make bad decisions when it comes to the women they pair-bond with because of the illusion of love

        1. “If young men were raised with a more realistic idea of women, than they would be less thirsty and it will reduce a man’s predisposition to be a white knight and/or capt-save-a-hoe.” Yeah that’s partly true and only works for a couple of dudes that have their shit together and look reaaaally good, aka the Alphas. I have some Eastern European and oldschool English buds and the way they talk about women you can see they were raised in a masculine environment but the red pill ideas will backfire on anyone if they don’t maintain frame.
          Let me explain, if women don’t like you and your ideas they will couple with someone who is more accepting of their shit (EE women) trust me one that. They want as many options and to take as many liberties as possible.

        2. There is truth to this. My game has been to give the perception that I’m ignorant of their ways. It can be quite hilarious to see their hamster spinning when my actions don’t quite match my words but I play the same game they do and it works wonders.
          You know you’ve got a woman beat when she becomes speechless. Sure they may get upset but they also learn what you will and will not put up with.

        3. It will look a lot like Ancient Greek, Roman and Viking cultures where men’s friendship is valued higher than today’s “my wife is my best friend.” Not all women were bad, some were actually outstanding such as Elizabeth I. But such women were ruthless when needed to and that should wiped the illusion out of men’s brains.

        4. “to give the perception that I’m ignorant of their ways. It can be quite hilarious to see their hamster spinning when my actions don’t quite match my words but I play the same game they do and it works wonders.”
          must look veeery funny to see their eyes when they are confronted by your doublebindings 😀 this scheme is used by females almost exclusively, often not even conscious. not every woman is that smart, you know. however, a man doing this is an experience not many woman encounter in their lives, hence the confusion. you deserve a proteinshake right now

        5. The illusion of love + the illusion of the pussy. So many guys nowadays have a hard time to fuck that once they have a pussy, they are ready to sacrifice pretty much all they have to keep it, their masculinity and their freedom. They are so scared to lose the pussy that they engage themselves in an illusional love relationship, just to keep that meat pounding 5 second orgasm.
          Once again we come back to the scarcity vs abundance point of view. Women nowadays literally have sex on demand, they can have sex everyday if they feel like to, I mean there are lines of desperate guys waiting to dive in the panties, one at a time. When you are a man it’s the total opposite, you need to have game and somewhat of looks + money and above all a good situation. 99% of the work to get the pussy is yours. Please tell me the last time you denied sex because you had too many options? Anyone…? You got my point…
          This is something that women understand from a very young age, the power of the pussy, it’s their key to the world. Opening and closing their legs is their most precious asset. Interestingly enough they do everything they can to protect this secret and trick men into believing the opposite. Sadly for a lot of beta chump blue pillers this is something that they will never understand or should I say ADMIT. How many “friends” of mine I have seen get divorce rape, having almost everything they had in life stripped away from them by bitches and yet they still believe that “one day I will find that special woman who is my soulmate”. Don’t get yourself hypnotized by the illusion of the pussy my fellow gentlemen…

        6. Whether it’s girlfriends or an ex they never win an argument against me, I’m that much of a cunt. I don’t get mad or scream I just let them say shit and use it against them. Tell em that they behave like children and where the door is.
          Abundance and no-fucks-given mentality will always help with women.

        7. “they are ready to sacrifice pretty much all they have to keep it, their masculinity and their freedom…” and I’m haunted by the fact that I can lose my freedom to be whatever I wish for a bit of pum pum. So many thirsty betas out there it’s fucking tragic.
          Women do understand the power of pussy from a very early age; Two days ago I was having in a pub with a mix group. I wasn’t planning on hitting on any chicks from the group so I was scouting my surrounding and walking around liek I owned the place.
          I got back to the table and this sweet and quiet 17 yo chick asks me why I don’t go to talk to the women I was looking at. She told me that she onto my game and how I behaved. And that was just a teenage girl who noticed my very subtle behaviour.

      2. i think that ideas are accepted as much as your experience confirms them. teach men to accept and understanding their own experiences, in other words: to think.
        then they will find out on their own.
        each attempt to iron it into them would only make them susceptible for going right into the other direction.

      3. If men were raised more realistically, they would realize that the “love” they feel for a woman, is just their primal instinct to care for and protect a female. Primate males do this because they know that females bring their offspring into the world, and thus ensure the continuity of the species. This instinct has evolved in humans, and this is what men call love.
        And of course, lust is a large part of love, because just as the writer said, love without lust, is really compassion.

      4. It’s exactly how I was raised. My dad knew no better. My parents had me late in life so they were even more separated from the current reality of this generation. He died in ’07 and my mom’s still alive. She’s become aware of the higher numbers of women I’m with from time to time and can’t comprehend it, as if I’m a male whore or want to run through scores of women like it’s a habit… which I supposed now it partially has become.
        I’ve explained how clueless she is to how reality is now, but she doesn’t buy it despite literally watching it on the news daily. What’s even dumber is upon my dad’s death, I realized much of the selfishness modern women have, my mom had during her entire marriage with my dad but hid it very well to her children. Nothing like a terminal disease to extract the truth of what women are at the core. That in combination with game taught me everything I need to know about “true love.”
        As stated by others, I don’t think women are equipped to feel true love anymore, and really never have been. They’re primal role is to advance the species reproductively. Any lies or illusions they have to tell to do that, OR the “act of doing that,” (I.e. strap down a preferably alpha-ish cock for continued good sex), is as ingrained in their psyche so deep, they can’t even explain why they do the behavioral actions they do. A man has to explain to a woman who she is to her, or she’ll have no chance of understanding herself. If you want to figure what’s going to happen next in your relationship with a western woman, just put yourself in her shoes, and imagine what ways you can easily be 2x or more selfish than you are, start looking there and you’ll find something you wish you didn’t. Whatever you find will be the truth.

        1. Well put.
          And I agree with you that the older generations really have no clue how much we have degenerated. Even when it’s shoved in their faces on the daily, the vast majority would just rather ignore it.

  9. Great article. Spot on but depressing. What to do? Marriage?? Marriage maybe should morph into more of a merger or business arrangement. Instead of calling it a prenup call it a “marriage contract”. Split assets equitably. Figure out children visitation etc. Go into the thing with eyes open.

  10. You guys listen to the lyrics to Whipping Post by the Allman Bros. Band. It’s the pain felt by a man the fell to the evils of women and under the disguise of love. Sure feels like you’re on the whipping post.

  11. its women’s fault that love is an illusion? lol at you bitter fools. love does not exist. nor men nor women love anyone. we are all animals that are in the search of the best partner possible.when we find him we are in lust, and those emotions that we call love are chemicals, that our brain tricks to keep us together for a certain time, the time to procreate and raise some kids. thats it. then it fades, and becomes convienence. humans only love their children. unconditionally, truly, deeply, forever. thats LOVE. we cant love each other, we have conditions or ”preferences” to be met,so we can love someone else. women, as you all discuss here endlessly, only ”love” chads and men only ”love”, young,prime pretty girls. thats natur for you. the rest(the betas and the post prime women) , see how unconditional love is , and they have no more illusions. they finally understand. chin up, gentleman, you have lost nothing.

    1. this is the first time I’ve seen a woman taking the ‘biological line’. Has ‘culture’ lost its popularity amongst the progressive community.
      Culture is important: when I was young I thought love had to do with ‘agape’ – selfless, unconditional, even platonic. Now if you ask someone about the relationship of love to ‘agape’, they’ll think it a variety of dangerous porn.
      You know culture matters ladies. Not just biology

      1. The capacity for altruistic love has been brutalised out of most people nowadays, and seemingly benign items, like flickering screens, have played a big role.

        1. It doesn’t seem to exist as idea any more except as “social justice”, which is a distortion of what it should be. People are beginning to see that “social justice” is too often a con that exploits altruistic motives, which then leads to altruistic love, charity etc getting a bad name.

    2. “love does not exist”
      Love is not an illusion and serves a very important role in civilization and nature, it is based on oxytocin a “pair bonding” hormone that humans require for civilization,
      Love is basically the quantum glue involved in the organization of all matter, and involved in the organization of the 10 trillion cells in your body that emanate in an organized manner in your consciousness expressing itself as an “emotion” of well-being. “love”
      Since all life exists because of photons and the sun, Love is “light” or “to be en-lightened” is to be with love this is the basic physics behind love,
      The aggregation of cellular life, and any art, The “connecting” medium behind it all is an expression of “love”
      Loveless humans are not very functional, hence their psychological glue is weak,
      animals are nice to each-other for absolutely no reason of “Gain” or manipulation, Love does exist in nature, infact we even have a complex staple hormone for it called “oxytocin”, that is why you get a pleasant feeling when you are petting a cat and it purrs , the animal has the same “pair bonding” hormone which is therapeutic
      love is required for harmonious mental function, What is “love” is complex
      sigmund freud tried to heal his patients by teaching them “self-love”
      Most of the time, humans are conquering eachother in the name of “kindness” as a sort of psychological trojan horse that leaves us unsuspecting, because love is so strong that it really is THAT effective. Why do you trust someone more who is nicer? because they are communicating subconsciously with your desire to be “loved”
      Why write a comment” because your desire to express your mental content, is just a guise of “love” though it’s hidden to you consciously without taking the time to analyse it
      Love is basically defined as “kindness” or “compassion” with no motive of expediancy,

    3. The only woman who will ever love you is your mom……and that’s not a certainty either. I’ve see some old folks the have been married for 50 years. They had a genuine affection for each other. Culture and some sense of ethics and concern for others is what missing from today’s society. People are inculcated in this cult of narcissism and selfishness.

      1. There is a culture of “nihilism” because people are still hopeless romantics in denial, it’s the “hopeless part” that has inspired their nihilism and they still desire “love”

    4. This chick is correct. I’ve been telling ppl right and left to learn women’s behaviour and learn to game from there. You can’t ball if you don’t know the rules, do you playah?
      I think Christian McQueen said something along those lines.

    5. haha, gotta love that stupid chemicals argument.
      it’s just a chemical, therefore it isn’t real.
      that knife in my chest is merely iron and consists of metal, therefore it is not real.
      sometimes i get the feeling that people only try to understand things in order to deny them.
      oh and again: this is not a dating service. if you want to be admired for being smart, go post on quora.

    6. It’s tempting and easy in our secular, Darwinian age to believe that love is simply a chemical reaction.. After all, if you adhere to a strictly materialist philosophy that is reductive and believes only things that can be seen and measured are real, then love doesn’t exist. We’re only animals and only responding to our selfish or instinctive biological drives, right..
      Except there are all these ways in which we don’t behave simply like selfish animals following their bestial instincts.
      Consider this view: just because love consists partly of chemical reactions in the brain and release of hormones doesn’t mean it isn’t real. The chemical reactions are simply what you can see and measure.. but love cannot be reduced to just that. It is a real force.. and bigger and more real than simply how it manifests in the human body and brain.
      This is why I greatly distrust Darwinian explanations for human behaviour. Human beings may be the product of evolution and natural selection but we have many tendencies and emotions and drives and talents that seem to arise from nowhere.. and that don’t really have a Darwinian utility.. .for example, appreciation and love for beauty, ability to make and appreciate music, altruism (and the standard Darwinian explanation for altruism is simply not adequate enough), ability to understand the nature of our universe, mathematics and decipher the laws of the universe. All those things cannot be adequately explained as products of evolution and Darwinian natural selection. It is not clear at all how those features and tendencies in human beings serve any kind of survival and reproductive purpose. They have arisen out of nowhere.. but they are core to what it means to be human.
      This is why I also would have some respect and open-mindedness to religious notions of the human “soul”.. and the belief in most religions that human beings have a spark of the divine or that man is created in “God’s image.” I think this is a more “truer” view of human nature and human beings than the Darwinian belief that man is simply an animal and driven simply by animal, selfish instincts. And it is most certainly a better idea and a better philosophical assumption of human nature and grounding of human society to assume the best in human nature, and assume that man is indeed more than simply a highly evolved ape but is rather something far grander and “miraculous” and indeed created in God’s image. To quote David Bentley Hart from his book “Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies”:
      “When one looks, for instance, at the crepuscular wasteland of modern Europe – with its aging millions milling among the glorious remnants of an artistic and architectural legacy that no modern people could hope to rival, acting out the hideously prolonged satyr play at the end of the tragic cycle of European history – it is hard to suppress a feeling of morbid despair. This was Nietzsche’s greatest fear: the loss of any transcendent aspiration that could coax mighty works of cultural imagination out of a people. When the aspiring ape ceases to think himself a fallen angel, perhaps he will inevitably resign himself to being an ape, and then become contented with his lot, and ultimately even rejoice that the universe demands little more from him than an ape’s contentment. If nothing else, it seems certain that post-Christian civilization will always lack the spiritual resources, or the organizing myth, necessary to produce anything like the cultural wonders that sprang up under the sheltering canopy of the religion of the God-man.”

  12. All this negativity. Women have as much a predatory nature as children or cute little dogs. As long as you see them like that and treat them accordingly, you can still love them and live happily ever after.

        1. scientology (say no to drugs campaign) & co. have a way of making psychedelics look like they turn you into a madman jumping out of windows.
          ayahuasca (dmt compound) has been with us since thousands of years and used for initiation rites. that’s how i started in january this year.
          i’ll consider writing an article about it for rok.

        2. LSD helped me strengthen my mind indefinitely in my late teens and 20s. But as stated, it only strengthens concepts you expose yourself to during the trip. Bravo.

  13. Women fall in love just as men do, but they do it for different reasons and they are often by far more pragmatic. It would not be so bad if we men were always told the truth by society and academia. When everyone told you from age 12 on:
    “Be masculine, be strong, rather err on too much cockiness than too little, here is how you talk with women and what they really like, here is what to look out for, if you adhere and master those rules you will know how women tick and can have better success in the short-term as well long-term with women.”
    If we were told all that in full clarity, then no one would be surprised by all this.
    But as it stands – most men are left to believe that being a romantic understanding sympathetic man with a good job will get you the best girls and she will love you until death if you just do more household chores at home and really listen to her.

    1. SO few guys still get this stuff, that the ones that you think are Red Pill, or Players, or Neomasculine are only doing what they see other men do that seems to work. They’re observant, but have little-to-no intellectual curiosity or “locate points” to refer to that systematizes their decisions like an insurance policy.
      That’s the tragedy in it all. They’re purple pill at best, and the last half of their lives are spent reverting to blue pill ways to cope with reality, never even bumping the wall of widespread neomasculine truths.
      I’ve got a 9 right now positioning herself in ways to attempt an LTR with me. Possibly the hottest girl I’ve been with in over a decade. Decent looks and witty game is what brought her to me. She’s got rock solid bitch game in return. I can see some deep potential between us, but she knows I won’t be an easy task either.
      A FWB reminded me a while ago that the biggest problem guys she’s fucked or likes tend to have that she dumps them over is “planning.” Guys start planning a future with a woman far too early.. she even went onto say a guy should never “plan” what happens with the girl he’s with. << I thought;”Wow this bitch really gets it.” Well, of course she does, she causes it with the illusion she portraits.
      It really makes sense as my FWB is a truly down-ass bitch, who fucks me and also pipelines her hot friends my way. So as I sat there folding, groping and kissing my 9 in her fuck fantasy condo last night, I snapped out of my brief projection of what the future would be like with her, and back to the present reality that what was occurring was her illusion projected on me, and the current episode in the dramatic reality series she will go on to perform.
      Funny, I would like to think not going down the dream-road of “future planning” is what will ultimately keep her around if I chose, for the long term or not..we shall see.

      1. That’s absolutely correct. It should all follow natural rhythm and a woman should have a deep desire for anything more before you make that step. She should crave it first and not the man.
        Of course with the current legal system even marriage should not be undertaken, but women can understand that too.

        1. I have no problem telling a girl this:”I treat women, and people in general, the way they behave.” That statement ALONE has lost me pussy but I don’t fucking care anymore. If people aren’t willing to live by a similar mantra, they’ll become a liability to me.

      2. Why would you bother to future plan with a woman who is a “rock solid bitch”? Who gives a fuck if she is a nine. Throw a burger and a beer down her throat now and then and use her for her vagina….that’s all she has to offer.

    2. It’s hard for a man to not expect reciprocity. If we give kind words or perform a good deed we expect at least a thank you or a return of favor. This goes for friends, lovers, family, colleagues, etc. When men realize that women don’t think this way, it’s up to him to decide how much he wants a person in his life that doesn’t feel the need to meet him halfway. If someone who “loves” me doesn’t appreciate my attempts to show love, I’m better off with no love at all. Those MGTOW guys aren’t all that wrong.

      1. These bitches view acts of kindness and generosity as “tribute”, they are not received in the spirit of your intentions. The flowers, the dinners, the Broadway shows, movies…all this is “owed” to them in their minds because they have a vagina. So, it is an absolute imperative that all men stop doing all these antiquated and chivalrous things. Why give when it is absolutely meaningless to them? To you these acts of kindness mean you have given a part of yourself. Your wages that paid for her dinner represent your life, your kinetic energy you expended to pay for that expensive dinner. In your mind you would be very appreciative for such an act of generosity, in her mind it’s “okay what else have you got”.

      2. I pumped up the footballs of a line of boys aged 6-10 today. Only 1 showed any semblance of gratitude. Being slighted by pipsqueaks isn’t a cause for serious grievance, but it was an opportunity to learn them some manners.
        scene in No Country For Old Men: “But I think once you quit hearing “sir”
        and “ma’am,” the rest is soon to foller.
        – Oh, it’s the tide.
        – Yeah.
        It’s the dismal tide.
        It is not the one thing.
        Not the one thing.”

  14. i believe there is a big lie going around about what it means to be a leader. the lie portrays leaders as those at the top with many many followers. slaves, if you will.
    nothing is further from the truth. the leader is the one who has to put his own interests back to serve those of others. a parent is a leader who sacrifices his own interests for the needs of a tyrant, the child. a political leader is one who sacrifices his integrity for the whims of a million tyrants.
    a leader is one who has broken free from the shackles of wanting more and more. and realizes that that is what growing up means. to serve those who are yet not wise enough to understand it, the children. unfortunately, when the children refuse to grow up, meh, that can be a reason for a leader to say: fuck it, i’m not providing pampers for 40-year-olds.

    1. Then it’s been a long time since I have seen a leader. By your
      definition we have never had a leader. The general who uses a battalion of his men as bait to be annihilated to flush out his enemy is doing it for their own good? Mao, forced unarmed Chinese peasants to use up American ammo in the Korean War was doing it with their best interests at heart? Stalin did the same on the Eastern front against the Germans with machine gunners at their backs. The fact is leaders are sociopaths and megalomaniacs.

      1. sacrifice a few to save – or enforce – many. by my definition, a good parent doesn’t serve his child so that his child will love him, he is past that. he does it because it is the purpose he chose for himself, not because he can’t withstand the child’s wishes. he chooses to shape a child / woman / family / society by his wishes.
        that’s not true of many parents, though, and it is not true of many leaders or those who aspire to be. an old friend of mine wanted to become a politician simply “to show them all”. just another person driven by a needy wish for acceptance.
        what i am saying is: you can’t be a leader if you don’t offer something to those who follow. ultimately, it’s not your own needs that dictate your behavior, but the needs of those you want to lead.
        a salesman is only as successful as he can be a servant to those he sells to.
        so many articles here about how to seduce women. we put in the effort so that they can enjoy themselves. being dominant is more work than being submissive. so who is really the slave and who is the tyrant?

        1. Bill Clinton wanted to be a leader to get pussy. Any questions? Oh yeah, Hillary for the same reason.

        2. Surely you are joking about Hitlery. She has been as much in the closet as Ellen DeGeneres was before her big announcement, which is to say not at all. Everyone was well aware that Ellen was a lesbian. The only one Ellen was fooling was herself. So it is with Hitlery.

  15. I’ve heard “I love you forever,” even though she hasn’t loved me in years. I’ve heard “you’ll never meet someone like me again” even though I always found someone better. I’ve heard “I want to marry you” before even though we haven’t spoken in years and she’s probably with someone else. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, it’s that women come and go. Getting too hung up on one is a mistake.

    1. I’ve heard:”I swear on my kid’s lives I never have or will cheat on you, nor am I doing it now.” – Cheating Mother I was banging. << Let this stand as the moral value of our current baby producers. Most of them deserve to have hysterectomies at age 18, and nothing less. In Westernized culture they’ve literally become baby containers and cum dumpsters, and little more. Most can’t cook, go out and get drunk with their 21 yo slutty sorority daughters to relive their whore years, they half ass their professions just enough to get by unaccountably, and motherhood is about showing their daughter how to emulate them, not raise them. Snotty useless kids now entering the job market everywhere. This may sound misogynist, but it’s not far from the entire truth.

      1. I don’t think this is correct. I think the problem is that we men have to work together to shape the moral “container” that women live in. Are we men looking out for each other? Do we get outraged when a man sleeps with another mans’ wife? Do we get outraged at the cheating woman? Do we get angry at women when they dress/act slutty? Do we demand that daughters respect their fathers wishes? If a girl betrays her father, do we ostracize the girl and condemn her?
        I saw a video of a bunch of Catholic men holding a prayer vigil for something in South America, a pack of miserable disgusting unclothed sluts started attacking them. And the men just stood there praying. Very nice, but I think it would have done a lot more good if the men had beaten the miserable bitches for their outrageous conduct.
        A read a story by a smirking P.O.S. who saw a husband and wife fighting in a restaurant, the wife wanted to harm the husband so she went with the 20 year old to have sex. Did anyone stand up to this? Did anyone slap her across the face and then put the little boys head into the toilet? Of course not.
        Do we show outrage at the family courts for ruining the lives of honest husbands and fathers? Do we show outrage that their children have been taken from them? Do demand a stop to “welfare” which is nothing more than stealing money from honest men and giving it to women who have failed to keep a husband. By doing this we undercut all the working class men. And does anyone care? Of course not.
        Read Dalrock, and you will see that the Churches and the Preachers for the most part make it their mission in life to undercut and demean the men. If even this section of society has betrayed the men, then who will rally them to stand up for themselves?
        We blame the women, but we are the men. It is our job to TELL THEM what is right and wrong. And then to punish them when they fail to meet our expectations.

        1. I think it would have done a lot more good if the men had beaten the miserable bitches for their outrageous conduct.
          I’m with Sean Connery on this one. Personally I don’t see the big deal when a man slaps a woman. What man wants to hit his partner? If he does, you know he has done it because it was a last resort.

        2. Don’t ever put a penny into the church donation plate. I knew of a church deacon who worked in a sizeable community and had a church vehicle to use all day. Guess what he did with the vehicle? He used it to go around and give women rides to the women’s shelters. Hundreds, maybe thousands of women.
          He worked with some hotline and would go quite far distances to pick up some flaking runaway mom and her kids, load their necessities into the minivan and sometimes drive them out of state. This was just one community church. Imagine all the mangina churches across the land. I doubt the white knight deacon was representative of many of the typical families who joined for spiritual support or sense of community or communion.
          So many newcomers to a church naively trust everyone in the church. You must be especially weary of the leaders. Even as a god fearing person, I myself would feel an intense duty to cut the sumbitches tires on the minivan if it would save one family in the crosshairs of the church cloaked sjw renegades or the official socialist services executioners. Dhhr workers or contractors will often instruct a woman to flee her spouse under threat of absconding her children. The guy with the mini van can best be described as a goddamn ‘family butcher’. And I only use the term ‘god damned’ if something is truly ‘damnable’ in the eyes of god. So I’m not swearing. – – that is I never use the term when I stub my toe or do something that is my own fault:)

        3. ” read a story by a smirking P.O.S. who saw a husband and wife fighting in a restaurant, the wife wanted to harm the husband so she went with the 20 year old to have sex. Did anyone stand up to this? Did anyone slap her across the face and then put the little boys head into the toilet? Of course not.”
          The problem is women, quite literally, hold a loaded gun to their husbands head everyday he wakes up. They have all the force of the police state at their disposal. In a sane world that husband would have knocked her on her ass and given that little cheese dick a good beating. The problem is if he had done the right thing 10 armed costumed clowns would have beat him down and he would be looking at a dime stretch in the correctional system.
          The government has to be brought down and dismantled from the top, from Washington to your local police chief and mayor. This won’t happen without blood and revolution.

        4. In saying that if my WIFE not fuck buddy, not short term partner but my FUCKING WIFE did that in front of me. I’d probably rip their throats out with my teeth. There wouldn’t be much left of either really. And I’m not joking.

        5. Men just need to start disregarding the law really. That’s if we want a future for our civilization. Else we can all leave but I really don’t think there’s anywhere to go.

  16. I actually saw a bumper sticker on a Volvo driving down I-75 near Detroit a few days ago that said: “I Hit Girls.” Profound, prophetic, and multi metaphoric.

  17. Thanks for posting this; even my own maternal clan pulled this this shit too many times on me since childhood, to the point I lost my trust on them altogether; right or wrong be damned.
    When your own mother cusses you out for getting sick, it’s become obvious she’s only using you as a tool. Shit, even my own mother did that to me, back in 2007.
    When your own sister shit tested you and had a white knight as her enforcer, it’s only appropriate you get even and give them a stronger dose of their own medicine.
    Yet, all of my female relatives constantly complain why I rather trust complete strangers than their own flesh and blood.
    And paging @The Ghost of Jefferson, this is why I have scathing impression of Angles and Celts altogether: excess salt consumption, to the point the thirst for water transcends to thirst for female attention; hence the excessive white knighting and military glory hunting.

    1. Well to be fair, if England was really full of Anglo-Saxons I believe they would be a much harder than the people of England today. The average Brit is a combination of Anglo-Saxon, native Britain, Roman and of course Danish and Norman blood. The later two made no real difference because 1500 years ago the Angles, Saxons and Danes were very closely related people who shared the north sea adjacent to Jutland and Denmark. Now they are being browned out by Pakis and Jamaicans.

  18. Interesting piece. Mencken eventually married an English teacher, Sara Haardt, you know 😉
    I do understand the philosophy of MGTOW: that refusal of relationships, specifically marriage, will cause a change in female behavior. That men feel so wronged by their experiences and that the risks are so great that they wish to remove themselves entirely from women.
    The problem is…it isn’t working. I really believe men must begin to see marriage as a political movement. Marriage is a saving institution that needs saving. Nothing else has the capability to limit a woman’s “n” aside from her own willpower and possible protection from her father. That is how I reached the age of thirty with only one partner. My ex-husband.
    In the six years that passed between my divorce and my re-marriage to Mark, on two occasions I spent the night with a man, raising my “n” to three. Not to gross anybody out, but that kind of restraint isn’t easy! In fact, the very purpose of marriage was to keep people from “burning” who did not have the capacity for celibacy.
    If you want more virtuous women, you cannot count on them to almost literally lock themselves away from the world like I did. You have to marry them. A trickle down marriage system is the only way to limit female hypergamy by removing the best men from the dating market and forcing women to marry their SMV equals or no one at all.

    1. I think the men here are willing to let someone else save this institution. The Blue pills, the Schmucks. I won’t even buy dinner. When the waiter hands me the tab I tell him separate checks.
      Willpower? What the hell are you talking about? Modern women have no willpower at all. They are not even trying to comport themselves as decent humans. They watch TV. They soak up social media. They behave according to those examples. They are raging sluts. So nice to hear you found a schmuck to pick up your tab, this Marky Mark.
      Why are you coming onto this website to tell the red pill world about your personal life. If you and Marky are happy why are you even reading this? Do like the rest of American women and get on Facebook and post a bathroom selfie of your ass.
      Three cocks, 30 or 100, your little lizard brains are incapable of any introspection. It’s too late. Western civilization is finished.

      1. “So nice to hear you found a schmuck to pick up your tab”
        Sorry, that won’t stick. My husband is penniless, and I gave my ex 140K in the divorce.
        “Do like the rest of American women and get on Facebook and post a bathroom selfie of your ass.”
        Er, no. That is what we are trying to get women to stop doing, right? If you are encouraging women to do that, you’re part of the problem, and I have more right to be here than you do.

        1. I’m not trying to stop them from doing anything. I simply don’t care what they do. Go get your fill of cum and semen modern American woman. Get it from Zulus, Hottentots, Hmongs, Pakis you name it, go defile yourself all you want. Us bad, bad European men can do nothing to stop you. You have all the marshall force of the socialist state backing you up. You are free!

        2. Why should men trust women at all anymore. We’ve been trusting them since we gave them the vote in the 1920’s. Look where it has got us. I don’t blame men for being pissed.

        3. You’re bonkers lady!! Why would any man open himself up to the kind of emotional and financial liability that is modern marriage if he can’t even trust his partner? How would marriage limit anything? No fault Divorce still exists and this aint the 1950’s.

        4. I agree with Slab you are nutz or just not too bright. Marry someone you don’t trust just to take them out of the dating market. Since when in this modern era has a government certificate been a constraint to female behavior? Yes marry a slatternly whore and then work your ass off while she surfs the Web for cock. Well, I already took one for the team here in the manosphere and it did not work out too well.

        5. It’s about trusting yourself and your capability to manage the relationship. It’s about realizing that women can’t chase after the same top 20% if that group is married. It’s about the trickle down effect this creates for every man below that in the socio-sexual hierarchy. It’s about how single women get left behind and left out of activities with their married friends. Married women don’t like single women around their husbands. Eventually, this turns the tide.

        6. “you are nutz or just not too bright” It’s been said before! 🙂
          “Well, I already took one for the team here in the manosphere and it did not work out too well.” You’ve been very nice, and I hope you have a pleasant evening.

        7. Aint happening anytime soon lady. Men aren’t blind anymore. By the way, Im sure those married women wouldn’t just cheat at all, because women don’t do that. And again “NO FAULT DIVORCE”. Go sell your christian cult ideals somewhere else. I think you might be in the wrong place.

        8. “manage the relationship” That only can be accomplished by use of force. Unfortunately, prior generations of men sold us out and allowed the state a monopoly on the use of force. If a woman knew she would get a hard back hand across her cheek for being disrespectful she’d be a lot less likely to go out and blow some Somali immigrant in a port o John.

        9. Dang straight Ragnar!!! Women have no accountability or penalties to doing shady sh*t. However, men have so much sh*t that women can use against them that it lends to a severely warped field.

        10. Have we not proven marriage has no bounds on women? I’ve been banging my way through divorced sluts off dating sites all year. Just lined up a date with a red-head slut 10 minutes ago off Tinder, who took a lawyer husband to the cleaners. Lol. They both deserve it for living the “look” which used to be the “dream.” Meanwhile, I slide in, fuck her free of charge as her bad boy, she dreams about my cock daily after doing whatever I say, and even has her cunt tubes tied so no accidents plastering my seed all about her occur. Internet dating sites are chocked full of the fall out of societal degeneracy, and you meet the same in person approaching women constantly now. Even stranger, the young 20s sluts who have yet to snare some asswipe into their trap also want your dick because they know you’re pounding a multitude of seasoned whores who’ve played the game and won against men.
          AND, the ones in their mid-20s are about to take the same path. Bullshit, married women WANT single friends around so they can live vicariously through their slutty unmarried friends, and might even decide;”She’s having too much fun so I’ll shit-can my entire family and kids to have one last shot at riding the cock carousel.” It will never be my fault women have entirely lost their moral compass. In fact, they’re not as worried about their single friends wanting to fuck their husbands, since their single friends have a limitless supply of cocks to hop on and often see the same beta loserness in their friends’ whipped husbands. The “choice” of limitless supply is what the men don’t want their wives to realize.
          The divorcees and mom’s I fuck tell me how their married friends wish they had a cock to ride like mine. Yet, naturally I’m the problem right? Fuck no. They made the choice to find a guy to fuck who gets how the game really works. I know this because I made the child mistake while engaged, and never even got to marriage. Right now I’m better off than the whole damn mess of them AND still get to have a life while raising my kid away from the moral insanity. But it sure as hell wasn’t meant to be this way. Damage control and fuckin sluts is all one can do in the U.S. anymore. If I didn’t have kid here, I’d have left on a crusade like Roosh, to explore the bastions.
          I don’t fuck married women, and I avoid women I know are in serious LTRs.. but surely have fucked a few of them unknowingly. And these women frequently come from very typical traditional families. Its young women, consciously making this choice. Have you ever heard of a women telling her beta husband:”Don’t let me walk all over you even though I try, otherwise I’ll cheat and ruin everyone’s lives I know.” No, it’s just one selfish giant ass lie. Not all, but an enormous majority that think that way, and a shocking percentage that acts on it.

        11. You’re nuts woman. My capability to manage the relationship? When she has the ability at any time to call big daddy government and force me out of the picture anytime she wants if I’m not “managing” things according to her hypergamic wishes??
          Men, never and I mean NEVER listen to a woman about how to control women. No matter how “good” her intentions are.

        12. “I’ve been banging my way through divorced sluts off dating sites all year.”
          That’s all I needed to read. You show no more restraint than they do. What do you think would have happened if you had met up and refused to have sex with them? If you had held yourself in higher regard. If she really was a bad seed, she’d have left, I suppose. If she wasn’t, she’d recognize you were not someone to be wowed by her physical offerings and would work to gain your interest and affection. Try it. What have you got to lose?

        13. She would have gone to the next asshole on some dating website thirsty for her vagina.

        14. “I think you might be in the wrong place.”
          Maybe. I read this place was about neomasculinity, which has as its subpoints things like “hedonistic moderation,” “male virtue,” “deeper life meaning and/or spirituality,” and “individual responsibility.” Aren’t those ideas the basis of our discussion? That is what I am here to support.

        15. It is, but advocating for females best interests against males best interests is what you were doing.

        16. Listen i wasn’t trying to run you off, I was just taken back by your comments. Please continue to read and comment. I don’t agree with your views ,but it is good to see other people beliefs and discuss them. I can be rough in my dialogue,but I appreciate the discussion despite not agreeing with you. Like myself, this site seems full of men who see how the modern woman acts and aren’t cool with it. Sometimes men naturally come to this conclusion without help, but for me it involved over a decade of being a duped before my eyes were open ,so I can be rough. But that being said, I could be totally wrong about the other readers as I’am just one man with one opinion.

        17. We have to find a way to make it about our joint best interests. We can only do this by talking to each other, as you have been willing to do 🙂

        18. That is true ,but women hold the upper hand and have for a long time. I have yet once to met a woman who will even own up to a “maybe” when discussing this. You ladies control the dialogue, the law , and the popular culture. In my world, asking me to give more to work it out is not something that makes sense, if I even had the ability to give anymore in the first place.

        19. Oh, yeah. I remember that too. I remember how a whole group of “red pill men” swallowed every lie Mark’s ex-wife told them about him. Remember how she said he never paid child support? Well, I got her to admit to the truth this winter: that he gave them over $100K. I remind her of that now every time she harasses me online. She made fools of every single one of you. And if that was the first time you heard of Mark, you’re still a toddler in this sphere.

        20. Okay. Let me share something that took me quite a while to understand. It isn’t necessary for me to do “more.” What is necessary is for me to do “differently.” The same amount of energy can produce a different result. I will write more about it later on my blog if you’re interested. Poor thing is getting really ignored! 🙂

        21. No, actually it wasn’t the first time I heard about Mark but it was devastating.
          I used a different account then but it was unbelievable after all Mark had written on blogs and in articles, Mark “No marriage” Minter marries a single mother. Okay, “Geisha Kate”?
          Look, I don’t know you or Mark personally but seriously, why do you come here? Haven’t you made us suffer enough? Must you kill all our hope?

    2. Why save marriage?
      From what I have seen, MGTOW have no interest in saving
      marriage. They have given up on marriage. I think you misunderstand, MGTOW no longer believe that change in behavior is possible and have giving up on it. If anything, MGTOW expect the behavior to get worse. MGTOW have decided that they would rather keep the money they earn for themselves and not spend it on women or someone else’s kids they had with a thug. This is where the real panic is starting to come from with women that realize what that means for their future. i.e. no walking wallet to bail them out of their stupid mistakes or hanging around to listen to their melodramas that they created.
      The panic that women are starting to have, who realize all of this, is that there is nothing they can do about it. While some can, in desperation, change (or pretend) to change, they can not roll the clock back a decade or two and regain their looks or undo the kid(s) they had with some thug.
      It reminds me of something they use to save when the Soviets were in power, “They pretend to pay us an and pretend to work”. In short, you can’t force people to work when they get nothing from it. In that era, one of the reasons the economy was so messed up is that people would work just enough so
      as to not get ‘in trouble’ (or shot or labeled a dissident or sent off to some gulag).
      Even appealing to the state and trying to get programs to leach/steal/take resources from MGTOW through taxes and programs will not work in the long term, since many MGTOW are refusing to work more than they need to survive, and generate a lot less in tax revenue.
      Japan seems to be at the forefront of this. I have seen estimates of their MGTOW or like, such as Herbivore men or grass eater. The term, as translate, is sort of meant to invoke a vision of something like a cow that is ‘just there’, does
      nothing but eats grass. I ran across one Wall Street Journal Article where a company was asking a government agency if it was ok to fire a man for refusing a promotion. The man didn’t want to do more work or responsibility. I think the firm felt threatened, since if everyone starts to do this it would be like running a Wal-Mart where everyone only want to work the cash register or stock the shelves but no one wants to learn how to program the computers, or analyze inventory
      management systems since that requires a lot of thinking and work. Japan is concerned, since if everyone starts to work as little as possible, many things will not run anymore, they will not be able to pay their debt and things will just stop. I have seen estimates where the number of these people may be in the ranges of 300,000 to as many as 800,000. As a comparison, that would be the same number of people in a large American city like Boston, MA or Columbus,
      OH. Imagine what those cities would be like if instead of having thousands of professional in finance, banking, insurance and other industries; everyone would not do anything more complicated than run a point of sale system at a big box store.
      As a comparison, the guy working 60+ hours per week in a profession and generating $60K to $80K per year, is probably paying over $20K in taxes and fees when all levels of government are taken into effect. Compare that to the
      guy who work 32 hours per week at Wal-Mart for $10/hr. He is only grossing $16K per year, and most of that will not be taxed because his income is so low. He does not have money to do anything, but the guy working 60+ hours per week
      can’t do anything either because he has no time after working so much, except for one having a nicer house and a bigger car, their quality of life is about the same, except
      the 32 hours per week guy will probably outlive the 60+ hour per week guy due to less stress.

      1. It’s a sad state of affairs when there are such disincentives to working, which I believe genuinely lead to a man’s sense of self-worth and satisfaction.

        1. If a man is going to be a beast of burden, then it’s better he does so tilling his own land, or running his own business.

    3. You’re going to sit there and tell men that they have to marry washed up single mothers, Facebook/Instagram sluts and attention whores in order to limit female hypergamy?!
      Are you smoking crack?
      Your ” trickle down” system may have worked pre feminism, but the cat is now out of the bag and it ain’t going back in. The only way to limit female hypergamy at this point is to get the government out of the marriage business. Remove ALL incentives for women to “trade up” (which is again, due to hypergamy) by eliminating no fault divorce, alimony, and reform all family law to basically say, if the woman is not haaaapppyyy in her marriage and she wants to call it quits, then fine. She doesn’t get one iota of money, property and she forfeits custody of children. She’s ON HER OWN. Literally. Let her make her own way or starve. Until then, you’re just blowing smoke.

      1. “You’re going to sit there and tell men that they have to marry washed up single mothers, Facebook/Instagram sluts and attention whores in order to limit female hypergamy?!”
        Why, are these the only women you know? You appear to be engaging in limited beliefs and self-fulfilling prophesies. It’s a trap.
        I don’t disagree with some legal reform, but I think you’re not putting enough faith in yourself that it is possible to have a happy marriage and ignoring the fact that you have as much ability to end the marriage as your wife would have. You also have as much ability to make it succeed as she does.

        1. What country do you live in? These are the only women I know because this is all that women are. 95% of American women. Odds alone dictate that I’ll never find a “good” woman who values family & marriage. And don’t tell me about “self limiting prophecies.” I’ve lived the nightmare I speak of. Like millions of other men.
          Yes, I can also end the marriage, but not with the government holding my hand ready with its bailouts like women enjoy. You act like it’s a level playing field in family court.

        2. You may be well intentioned, but you have to be realistic and consider the odds. The odds are terrible, so you can talk about self fulfilling prophecies all you want, facts are facts. As much as we may want things to be different, that won’t make it so. Since my divorce women in their 30’s and 40’s I have dated are some of the worst human beings I have encountered. Let’s not even talk about my ex wife who abandoned her own 5 year old son to go live the whoring lifestyle and ruin me financially. She found a Beta to take on her pathology and now she has 2 kids with him and she does nothing but spend his money to fill that emptiness that is her. Never again, not me, not an ounce of my sweat will be absorbed by these vampires.

  19. The problem is many women dont love men at all; they love being in love i.e. where men love a woman, women love Love. Even Oprah criticises women who want the wedding but not the marriage. A modern wedding is just a narcisstic egotrip celebrating a woman’s love for herself.

      1. I agree but we still need them to make offspring. We can’t do that on our own. So we need to find out how to pick good ones to make offspring.

  20. I’m starting to come around to the Islamic worlds view of women. Genital mutilation aside, they’re certainly more red pill than the western man. I watch the western medias stories about the evil, Islamic, male patriarchy, and I just say to myself “don’t take your sandal off her throat, lest you end up in our perilous situation.”

    1. It was a huge mistake to think that if we treated women fairly then they would treat us fairly in return. The problem lies in women’s belief that they are more important than men. So for example when a woman cleans a man up at divorce she really feels that it is fair i.e. a fair representation of her value. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised because society values women more highly in mamy regards so when it comes to divorce she is only being consistent.

    2. Right on. I’ve been saying for awhile to take what works and leave the negative. With circumcision, Muslims are betas to their Imam’s, the state or their regime. The Sharia is state sanctioned but really should be common tribal law reinforced by fellow tribesmen.
      Ergo, a tribesman who stumbles upon some wayward woman in the gutter would refuse her but would interrogate her runaway status and locate her master. It is civic duty to tell on and rat out an estranged woman and help to return her to her harem/sisters or master. It is pure women’s channel drivel that runaway women in western shelters are in danger of life and abused. Every day flaky women crack and run batshit or abandon the nest. Even ones who have never tit fed in their lives. Geez how can they run from their motherly duties when they’ve never done them in the first place?
      The article points out some keen timeless observations about ‘love’. The hammer of Sharia is man’s shield to safeguard against the pitfalls of ‘love’. After the man has been incinerated by the wrath of the ‘loved’ woman and besieged by her or taken by surprise, then it’s too late to lay down Sharia.
      Sharia must come first thing in the morning ”KA BAAMO” like an alarm clock. Even if she’s just waking and hasn’t uttered a word, it’s ”BAM” ”HELLO PATRIARCHY” ”GOOD MOORNING WORLD”. Remember this is a woman you’re dealing with. The civilized west has forgotten and its days are numbered. The patriarch will live on regardless.

      1. I don’t think Islam is an answer to the problem. That ideology oppresses women and has barbaric punishments like stoning and beheading. I’d rather live in a feminist world than in an Islamic one.

        1. The stoning was originally Old Testament Israelite compared to the New Testament ‘Christian-lite’ peace and love tambourine playing sheep where Romans 13 (obey the state) is emphasized as much as John 3:16.
          What I would object to is having the village Imam, the clergy judicial oligarchy or the state apparatus arraign one of my own family members or harem for infidelity and sentence them to stoning or beheading. Having outside authorities come into the sanctity of my home and enforce anything on my family is an insult. DADDY IS KING in the house and deals the whoopings. Daddy knows best.
          Having outsiders override the domestic patriarchy is grounds for mass revolt against the marauding home invaders (tribal law, as anti-state as it is). The old scriptural clerics that overrode the patriarch usurped DADDY’S authority like any state or empire does and couldn’t have been as accurate or as right as KING DADDY in passing judgement on family members and was surely as much a farce and as unjust as the feminist family courts.
          Like any theocracy, state judiciaries are as guilty of overriding and destroying the domestic patriarchy in their quest for power over the populace and are as incompetent and retarded as modern day big city detectives who set up and purjor a conviction. They are all equally crooked. The sniffing ‘crime dogs’ both theocratic and state secular all have their beta mangina heads in the sand and do more harm than good when they ever get any power or authority, just like sjw’s. They are less evolved lower souls and when man ventures into space, they are to be left behind like trash, left here to play cops and robbers with their equals, the pickpockets and psychotic crazy baby drowning bitches and cannibals in the asylums. They all never seem to get enough of each other.
          ONLY THE MAN OF THE HOUSE HIMSELF should have the authority to pass judgement upon his own family. If this principle were put in constitution for law, this would give the Patriarchy a well needed ‘shot in the arm’.

  21. In past generations this thing called love boiled down to safety and commitment. The woman felt safe with her man and knew he would provide sustenance and protection for her and the children. The man felt safe in that he had a partner in the household he could trust, and that his children were his. It was truly a partnership where each played their part, but the man was the boss. Men and women are not equals and there can be no equality between disequals. Achilles told Hector there can be no covenants between lions and men, Achilles being a lion amongst lesser men.
    The social engineers have nature upside down. It can’t and won’t continue.

    1. “Achilles glared at him and answered, “Fool, prate not to me about covenants. There can be no covenants between men and lions, wolves and lambs can never be of one mind, but hate each other out and out an through. Therefore there can be no understanding between you and me, nor may there be any covenants between us, till one or other shall fall”

  22. The other big time use of the word “love” from a modern woman is when she “swallows” during oral sex – “I have blown 20 guys but I only swallowed with my current boyfriend because love him” – how many guys have heard that before.

    1. That’s still a waste of good American sperm. I think it was Abraham that said ”do not cast thy seed into the fire”. Put it into the fire and some curse may follow like the curse of Benjamin. I believe their tribe withered somewhat as far as offspring for shooting it into a fire at some point. A few times way back in my club days, I’d have a palm full of jaga and I’d be PISSED OFF because it wasn’t where it SHOULD BE. So I tightened my game or maybe got lucky. It’s always a good feeling when shit goes where it SHOULD go. lol

  23. I can’t fully give in to Mencken and Chinweizu’s almost ridiculously pessimistic view of the subject although I can understand how they came to their understanding. If anyone is interested in reading a wonderful and thorough book about love that might present a less depressing view on the subject may I suggest C.S. Lewis’ “The Four Loves” He goes through and describes the four types of love, Affection, Friendship, Eros, and Charity. Here’s a link to an online pdf version.

  24. You know, Roosh, I have a question: why do you desire the attentions of creatures you clearly despise?

      1. And dick is dick. And your response combined with the sluts’ response makes the whole world loveless.

        1. Yet you forget that women and men are not the same nor do they act in the same way when it comes to lust.

        2. Yes, they are. Women are biologically subject to hypergamy, not men.
          Men & women are not equal & never will be.

        3. Which begs the question of why exactly Roosh talks about love at all, given that he and many of his followers seem to think that women basically aren’t capable of it.
          My problem with Roosh is that he doesn’t think that sex is or should be treated like something special. Maybe a lot of sluts don’t either. But the fact that a lot of people don’t value something like they should is no reason to stop valuing it properly yourself. If this is really how he wants to live, then by all means. But I don’t see the value in learning how to sleep with women that you don’t admire or respect as people. And I don’t see exactly what I should envy about Roosh, assuming that the bulk of his reported exploits are actually true.
          Some of his ideas and advice are very good, unquestionably. But a lot of it really sounds like he’s speaking from despair more than anything.

        4. I can name a lot of words and phrases I’ve read on his sites, but “love” sure as hell ain’t one of them.
          Women don’t love the same way you do. They love opportunistically. For the majority of western women, as soon as your usefulness is used up, watch out, she’ll sic the state on your ass in some way shape or form.
          Sex, (in the context you speak of) was ruined by women. They turned themselves into fuck toys & have no one to blame but themselves, but they’ll still blame men anyway.
          Personally, I still value sex & love in the manner in which you speak, but the wool ain’t being pulled over my eyes. Odds alone say that I’ll never have that with a woman as long as I live in the western world. I see these women for what they are, toys for my amusement & nothing more. A man adds value to his own life by himself. No way in hell will I expect some slut to do that for me.

    1. Because of the hope men have that something good still is out there. It’s the same force that made men explore the world, yet the dangers were so big.
      Most of us (even the celibate MGTOWs) would not be hostile against the idea of having a family, be married. If only society and laws were different.

      1. You know the early explorers didn’t ever stop to commiserate that instead of El Dorado they only ever found sea serpents, and that they should count their blessings that none of the serpents killed them, yeah?

  25. I have a good Slavic friend, and he has a Russian wife. They both live in America, in a city with few Russian immigrants. Yes, they have a few they socialize with. But mainly the woman stays at home and focuses on her family. They have 3 kids and she does not work. She recently learned to drive. She is no supermodel, but very pleasant and warm and loving. The husband seems fairly happy, although it is tough for one man to earn enough money for 5 people in today’s economy. But I think only in an environment like this, where the woman literally has few to no friends and has a limited social network image to maintain, can a marriage be successful.
    There is little female competition for her to pimp her image out to, and her contact with westerners is limited. Now, were I in the husbands shoes living in the west, I would be very nervous, but so far it is working.

    1. If the kids are homeschooled and the family ‘team schools’ with other local homeschool families who are red pill and whose wives also strive to be deamons in the kitchen and in the bedroom for their respective spouses, then family life won’t be too mundane when interacting with like minded families.
      But if the kids attend public school, then there will be guaranteed trouble ahead especially if kids attend head start.
      It is believed that the head start program teaches kids civic mindedness and basic manners pre abc and 123 level. It teaches 4 year olds citizenship so they claim. THE TRUTH is it teaches kids to RAT OUT their own parents. It instills in them that the fat lady with the name tag is above their own parents and teaches kids that there is merit for being a P.C. state snitch.
      I’ve known a few head start schooled people and in every case the kids rebel by the 6th grade. Something goes click and they go hari kari on their own blood parents and won’t listen to a thing they say. Trust me I’ve seen it occur like clockwork every time. The kids either rat snitch or they self destruct. The kids have been primed to sic the authorities on their own parents and turn them in for any list of things taught to them in head start. Anything to shred the family. Kids turned in their own parents to authorities in droves as well in old cold war communist regimes during their purges.
      Head start is pure state run psy-op brain screw bullshit. Measure its failure or success depending what you consider them to be. A kid becoming a nanny state drone 100% success. Kid following in parent’s footsteps and joining the family business for example, close to 100% failure rate. Kids becoming estranged from family altogether and perhaps even joining a roving band of renegade sjw marauders – very likely. I would no sooner throw my kids away into the public state school garbage can than I would give them each a spoonfull of rat poison – NEVER. It is usually the dingy single mom that couldn’t give a hoot where her kids go, but the woman is also the one who drowns her infants in the tub when her fire itch persists. The golden rod and hammer of patriarchy lacks in public education.

    2. Got to prevent her from getting onto social media and start comparing her life with her “friends”. This is where she becomes envious and complain what she doesn’t have, but deserves.

  26. “A man’s emotional attachment is the prize a woman seeks, for that is what secures his slavery”
    Pure gold.

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