8 Lessons On Managing Women From The Bored Wives Club

Regular ROK readers are no doubt familiar with how the popular media pushes the message to women about how boring marriage and motherhood are, and how exciting it is to be slutting it up as a divorced single mom. Up until now, my circle of friends has remaind mostly unaffected by this corrosive message, but I can see the first signs of this plague spreading to people I know well.

My wife recently spent an afternoon with three of her girlfriends from college. When men get together, it is usually around a sports event. It rarely gets down to a personal level. But for women, an afternoon with the girls can mean that deep secrets come out, and in this case they did. My wife was shocked by what she learned and she shared the play by play with me when she arrived home.

Tale of the tape

Here’s the background story: My wife’s three friends are Hester Prynne, Gwyneth, and Sister Christian (names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent). All the women have been married for a few years, and all of them have children. Everyone got married pretty early by today’s standards—all of them were hitched before they reached age 25. They live close by so I have met all of them and their spouses at the various kid parties and backyard barbeques that go along with matrimonial domesticity.

While my wife and Sister Christian still retain their girlish figures, the other women have completely let themselves go. I’ve seen both women take the “eat for two” adage literally, and balloon to Jabba the Hutt proportions during their pregnancies. Unfortunately, they were never able to lose the baby weight.


Don’t let this happen

Hester, one of the high BMI gals, monopolized the girly conversation by announcing she had a “secret boyfriend.” In between bites of strawberry cheesecake, she told the sordid tale of her intense attraction to what can only be described as a balding, overweight, married coworker who “shares her passions,” “understands her,” and is “completely attracted to her – cellulite and all.” As everyone knows, “real men” love curves.

Hester revealed that her gravitationally challenged knight is trapped in a loveless marriage (of course) to a woman who spends all his hard earned money. While the two have supposedly never engaged in sexual intercourse, they have on occasion shared a kiss and a grope on an empty elevator and had a brief but passionate make-out session in the supply closet.


Artist’s rendition of chubby knight

As Hester gleefully shared her adulterous encounters, the other “more to love” wife, Gwyneth, enthusiastically joined in on the husband bashing, confessing that she would never marry again knowing what she knew, and wished that she had spent more time dating different men and focusing more on her career.

Sister Christian was the most normal of the three women. Ironically, she is the only one whose husband is actually defective. He is a hypochondriac, a chronic complainer, and touchy prig. In other words, he is a massive pussy. He can’t handle any stress so he depends on his wife to do everything.

Because I know all the parties involved, I can draw a few lessons from these sad situations:

1. Being Fit Is Not Enough


The husband of the woman who is cheating is a professional CrossFit trainer. He is handsome and keeps a low body fat percentage. He could be on the cover of Men’s Health. He should be able to run dread game on his wife. Of the two of them, the husband has a much higher sexual market value (SMV). She should be the one doing her best to keep him.

But the husband’s excellent fitness and good looks are not enough. The man she is cheating with is soft, overweight, and balding. In short, she is willing to trade her high SMV husband for the chance at a pounding (and that is the best she can expect) with a lower SMV male.

2. Being Interesting Is Not Enough


The husband of the other “healthy at any size” wife who regrets getting married too early is one of the most interesting people I’ve met. He’s an IT guy at a software company and a voracious reader. He can talk expertly about any number of subjects: literature, sports, movies, games, technology, business, and current events. He is also one of the strongest men I have ever met. I worked out with him and I’ve seen the incredible weight he can move at the gym. I’ve trained in martial arts since I was a kid and I still would not pick a fight with him.

Despite her husband being a renaissance man, his wife is bored with him. She wishes that she had the opportunity to ride the cock carousel for a while longer. It defies all reason.

3. Being A Good Father Is Not Enough

With the exception of the whiney complainer guy, both men whose wives are unhappy with them are model fathers. I guess these women care more about possibility of excitement than they do about their children.

If their marriages break up, these women will be reduced to single mommery. It will make the lives of their children infinitely more difficult. The girls will start having sex sooner and will be more likely to choose poorly when it comes to a mate. The boys will be more likely to fall in with the wrong crowd and engage in crime. They will spend years seeking the father that they lost.

These women don’t seem to see the potential consequences of their actions.

4. Bang Your Wife


How do I put this delicately? Gentlemen, you need to fuck your wives. If you are not having regular sex with your wife, you need to figure out what is going wrong and solve the problem, because there is definitely a problem there. The Hester situation is partially related to the fact that she is not seeing much action on the home front.

You can’t let your wife gain so much weight that she is sexually unappealing to you. If a woman regulates herself, pregnancy should not be a body-destroying activity. And don’t assume that a fat wife can’t find a suitor. There will always be some bottom feeder who is willing to hit it if you are not doing so.

If, on the other hand, the problem is that you have lost your libido, you need to take urgent measures to ensure that you get it back. This can usually be done through proper exercise and nutrition. The devil finds work for idle beavers.

5. Christianity Works—If Your Wife Actually Believes It


Although all the women in the group are nominally Christian, Sister Christian is a hardcore, bible-reading, mega church-going believer. While the other women have exemplary husbands, Sister Christian’s husband is a weak man.

Even though her husband is a gamma male loser, Sister Christian believes in honoring her marriage vows because of her strong faith. She asked the other women to pray for her husband to start acting like a man. Sometimes life is not fair.

How long she can hold to her principles, I cannot say. Perhaps if Hester succeeds in destroying her marriage, the CrossFit trainer will end up with Sister Christian in the end.

6. Keep Tabs On Your Wife


I know I will be unpopular for saying this, but you can’t give your partner a long leash without courting trouble. Hester is constantly texting with her chubby paramour right under her husband’s nose. If he paid just a little bit of attention, he would catch it before he gets the full cuckold.

There needs to be accountability on both sides.

7. Avoid The Divorcée


Divorced women spread the gospel of divorce to other women because misery loves company. Both Hester and Gwyneth have divorced coworkers who are trying to encourage them to leave their husbands in favor of the Sex and the City lifestyle.

If you find out that your wife is getting too close to a bitter divorcée hag, intervene before your wife’s mind is completely poisoned.

8. Constantly Up Your Game


Despite this, I am still a big advocate of marriage—how else can we raise decent offspring? But in our degenerate age, the natural cultural protections that a husband could rely on are gone. The media openly encourages cuckoldry, promiscuity, single mommery, and divorce.

I am beginning to think that the only way to stay married now is want to constantly strive to be more alpha in every aspect of life. There is no rest for the man who is trying to swim against the current in the age of Mattress Girl and Caitlyn Jenner.

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495 thoughts on “8 Lessons On Managing Women From The Bored Wives Club”

  1. Rather than having to follow all of this advice in order to keep your marriage afloat, follow this one simple step:
    Don’t get married.
    There are factors beyond your control and being “alpha” all the time will not solve every problem that can lead to divorce.

    1. If you’re willing to either drop out of the gene pool or give your kids a real shitty start in life, then yes, don’t get married.

      1. I’ll be sure to tell my son that having a father as a single parent means he got a shitty start. I’ll make sure he knows the most reputable heroin dealers, which women are good to leech off, and how to not get raped in prison showers.

        1. Off having poly relationships and cycling through “primary” boyfriends every three years.
          She’s seen him once this year, and it was to save face in light of her most recent breakup. She thinks having health insurance on him is enough to satisfy her duties.
          I’m the guy that’s teaching him to be a man and a productive member of society.
          I’m the guy that’s teaching him to avoid taking women like his mother as a wife.

        2. Not far from the truth. She hit the wall though so now her orbiters will need to take up the slack.

        3. Your situation is atypical. Usually the children end up with the mother as the primary caretaker. This is so detrimental because women often lack the wisdom and emotional maturity that children need to learn and emulate in order to be independent, healthy, productive adults. Even the most dedicated single moms have a hard time raising their daughters properly, and they are totally incapable of turning their sons into men.
          In contrast, fathers are much more important to the maturation of children (especially boys, but also girls). Men, not having the luxury of a pussy pass, learn to take care of themselves, cultivate their skills, and develop practical wisdom. These are the tools young people need in order to be successful adults, and fathers are demonstrably the best one to provide them. Your son will be just fine.

        4. I have no worries about him. I’m a horrible parent in almost everyone else’s eyes, mostly because I set and enforce guidelines for expected behavior. It’s funny to hear the parents of his friends comment on the improvement in their own children after they visit. At the age of 12 he understood that men don’t get things handed to them like women do. At 14 he learned that women will never be direct and always will attempt to gain through manipulation.

      2. Who says you need to get married to have kids? Was this some new feminist law that has been passed?

    2. I agree with you and don’t want to get married myself but some men want kids and kids grow up better in a stable family environment which means a father and a mother.

      1. “I agree with you and don’t want to get married myself but some men want kids an kids grow up better in a stable family environment which means a father and a mother”
        I hear ya, man but sorry, that is no longer possible. That was 70 years ago. With everything we know now from the manosphere and red pill, any man who marches of to the gallows of matrimony today is a fool who has a terrible fate that awaits him.

        1. Yea it’s unfortunate its become that way but guys are going to do it because reproducing in a natural instinct to most people.

        2. eh, granted we’ve only been together three years, but so far it’s going ok with my wife. she’s central american, very traditional, and devoutly religious. i want to have kids and kids should have a mom and dad who stay together, and she’s the best candidate i can imagine.
          i agree that marriage is too risky for most guys in most situations. i would strongly advise against it with western women in most cases.

        3. If it’s “no longer possible”, then how am I doing it? And how are most of my old friends from my un-named military college doing it?
          It’s because it really comes down to what you want deep inside….when a couple who really does want that gets together they generally make it happen in spite of everything.
          The problem is that in today’s day and age we’re heavily programmed to be selfish, myopic, and hedonistic. Most people are NOT like that.

    3. “Rather than having to follow all of this advice in order to keep your marriage afloat, follow this one simple step:
      Don’t get married.
      There are factors beyond your control and being “alpha” all the time will not solve every problem that can lead to divorce.”
      THIS ^^^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^ !
      I just keep reading in this article a small bulleted list of this and that “is not good enough” for fuck’s sake man, can we all face reality and give it a rest already? Marriage is tyranny for men, period.
      If ROK is going to publish an article aimed at married men, AND be useful, then it should be an article along the line of “How To Fake Your Death, Leave That Nagging Fatass, And Start A New Life” or something similar.
      As was already stated by Olevia DT, there are too many factors out of your hands, period. Men who got duped into tying the knot have positioned themselves in a prison of financial, moral, spiritual enslavement. Any advice aimed at marrird men have to address how to make their incarceration better, or how to break out and experience a better life.

      1. I agree with you but just because men shouldn’t get married doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek out females to pair-bond with and create a family that can better serve the community. Its the destruction of family units that lead to the destruction of society

        1. “I agree with you but just because men shouldn’t get married doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek out females to pair-bond with and ..”
          That’s the whole point of the clue batting going on here. THERE ARE NO DECENT WOMEN to be found anymore.
          Dont be tricked by a chick pretending to be all those qualities you are searching for in a woman. It’s all an act until you get married, then your fucked.
          Zsa Zsa Gabor was once quoted as saying : “A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he’s finished.”
          Give that quote some serious thought before you do something stupid.

    4. It’s a risk, but it’s a measured one…..and in many ways its like starting a business. If you’re highly competent, know what you’re getting into, and have done the necessary groundwork your odds can be pretty good.
      If you haven’t the most likely outcome is that you’re going to lose your home and the shirt off your back.

    5. That’s your male logical brain kicking in and arriving at the perfect solution to avoid all trouble, in this life. However, all the world’s upright religions have mandated that sex is to occur only within the confines of marriage, so this may be a variable you haven’t factored in. Are you advising the men here to not get married AND to stay celibate? In that case, there’s no risk involved. On the other hand, extra-marital fornication could have serious implications for our future existences, so it’s not a decision to take without even further careful deliberation.

  2. I’m curious to see other married men weigh in. I wish to have children that are sane and primed for life. These are good bits of advice.

    1. Don’t get married. If you have a kid, realize up front that it is not yours. You were just a sperm donor at best, and a plough horse to be worked to death at worst.
      Remember Thomas Ball.
      Remember Chris Mackney.
      Remember . . . Jesus, the list just goes on and on.

    2. I will second what the commenter above said about his Central American help-mate wife.
      Mines from deep down in “doesn’t-know-shit-about-America” Mexico.
      We’ve got healthy, happy, well adjusted kids. She’s totally content in just raising them and teaching them the lessons I teach her.
      Very malleable, very receptive. She reiterates and reinforces my edicts to my children.

  3. I was married. This article is on point imo. As an individual there’s only so much one can do, it takes two unfortunately….. what I learned from my ex is that, ultimately, women are fickle creatures.
    I believe that true couples possess competent conflict resolution skills, without that, relationships will eventually crumble.
    Todays women have hell overcoming adversity in their men which is hypocritical considering the emotional shite men have to stomach from women.
    Unless one plans on procreating there is no reason to marry a woman.

    1. There’s a key component to “conflict resolution skills” that most people overlook: goals. If both partners have the same goal in mind whether that be the well being of children, professional success, or so on then most conflicts tend to take care of themselves through a rational discussion of options.
      If you’re in the marriage because the other person is “a supporting character in the movie of your life” then anything they do that you don’t like becomes a threat to your script that has to be shut down…..and their interests certainly don’t play into it.

      1. Excellent observation on a shared goal. If husband and wife have a greater mission that they are trying to accomplish, there is less chance that one of them will get sidelined with some worthless diversion, like adultery.

      2. The key to our conflict resolution is scripture. If it ain’t in there, it ain’t for us. If I am wrong, show me the scripture. If she is wrong, I bring the scripture.

    2. Why would anyone get married unless they were planning to have children? What would be the point?

    3. The way to a woman’s heart is to always treat her second best. I once dated this chick who was a minor celebrity (and I wasn’t), so had higher value than me. She once tried to get me to not smoke weed, so I told her, “If it’s between you and weed, well…” and I proceeded to smoke a cone/bowl/bong (whatever you call it in your country). She left. I chilled. She came back half an hour later and her first words were, “Why didn’t you come for me?” I said, “I was chilling.” From that moment on I owned the relationship.

  4. Thank you for this. A lot of the manosphere is devoted to MGTOWs who have given up on women, or players looking to get laid. To each his own. However, we shouldn’t forget the importance of men being fathers and husbands.

  5. I don’t want to get married but the only women I’ve met who I would even consider getting married to are foreign women who haven’t taken on the worst aspects of Western feminism an really religious women who are traditional and there’s not lists of them around nowdays it seems. Marrying a woman other than those two types of women is playing Russian roulette in my view.

    1. Marrying a culturally westernized woman is like playing Russian Roulette with 6 bullets in the gun.

    2. Try online site which cater to specific religions only. The most traditional by far is Ave Maria….girls range from great to average on there but a lot of them are so extremely traditional and Catolic that even I shy away a little bit.
      Other sites you’ll have to do a bit of additional screening by talking to them but there’s enough on there that you can find them. Just don’t do normal “Christian” sites since it’s a broad enough net to catch a lot of ex-riders looking to settle. Make sure it caters ONLY to a specific religious sect. in my experience girls who identify not as “Christian” but as “Catholic” or “Lutheran” tend to be a lot more serious about their beliefs.

      1. online religious sites? nah, they tend to be a cesspool of born again sluts looking for their Christian beta bucks

        1. I addressed that. Like I said “Christian” sites tend to get a lot of those.
          If they’re picky enough to be on a sect-specific site (like CatholicMatch or LutheransOnline) then it generally(but not always) means they’re serious enough about their specific religious beliefs that even a dude from another christian sect isn’t good enough.
          Generically “Christian” sites tend to have a lot of wall hitters.

      2. Before I met my wife, I went to a some megachurch singles thing at the invite of a friend. My feeling is that it was predominantly ex-riders. The desperation was palpable.
        The girls who were raised in it are likely married off before they hit the singles meat market.

        1. And that’s what makes it difficult. It’s also probably why almost all of the good ones I’ve met hail from rural areas where there just aren’t many guys to meet, let alone ones who share their specific doctrines dear.

  6. Excellent and spot-on piece.
    For me, I have no problem trashing the ex-friends of my wife who lead undesirable lives. It helps for me to affirm my leadership role and make those options look even less appealing for her.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with trashing them; your wife should always put your opinions first and recognise what a loser she’ll turn into if she follows them. Nothing wrong with keeping tabs on her and limiting her alone time.

  7. You’re a cunt if you don’t tell those husbands of the fat cunts who are cheating/talking shit about them exactly what was said. Man up and do your duty.

      1. Uh, this could assist in an easy(ier) divorce and potentially save him a fleecing if he can prove his fat cunt of a wife was unfaithful.

        1. Yeah but these guys are not his friends and its not his problem. Its down to Crossfit Guy to manage his household and handle his business. Being a tattletale doesn’t make a man. Plus, MS doesn’t know the full situation going on there so it is unwise to get into the middle of it.

        2. An anonymous tip-off would potentially save those men years of fucking/not fucking fat, disgusting women. I firmly believe if we can limit fat, disgusting women to only being able to fuck fat, disgusting men we might help reduce the obesity epidemic.
          It’s not about fucking up the guys’ lives, it’s about saving them AND fucking up the fat cunt’s lives. Two birds, one stone.

        3. That only works if you can get the legal pull to separate yourself smoothly.

        4. “if he can prove his fat cunt of a wife was unfaithful”
          you in U.S.? that doesn’t fly here.

        5. No, not in the US. Sure, I understand, courts are fucked in the head over there, but any and every bit of ammunition can only potentially help reduce the fleecing. Yes, she can be a pedo crack whore and she’ll still get the kids, but maybe she won’t get 50% of the money… maybe.

        6. Infidelity does not matter. She will always get the kids and your money. No questions asked. Only exception is if you can prove she’s an unfit mother but even in that case she’s still getting the money.

        7. Yeah, again, I know; but having evidence can’t hurt. Maybe you could stack the evidence by encouraging her to try heroin (’cause all the heroine’s are doing it) then take photo’s of her passed out, slobbering on the children. Stuff like that could help.

        8. They won’t do it man; with a few exceptions but those might be dumber than a door knob. They know how to play their cards. It’s actually very easy for them as everything is stacked up against you as a man. That’s the reality unfortunately. I don’t know what to say.. Now that I’m free (well sort of), I look at my married colleagues and I think oh man.. they’re just drones for the feminine and probably have no clue they’re walking on land mines.. Most are completely oblivious, and maybe it’s better that way. I was too and it saved me a lot of anguish until it hit.. then I’ve got on with the program, i.e the RP.

    1. You’re going to find that this course of action will screw you over more than it will help. Getting involved in someone else’s disputes almost never ends well for you, even if you’re in the right.

  8. I am married. There is no way that I have enough time, money, energy, etc to be a good father, be interesting, increase my alpha, banging my wife and hold down a job, never mind building a business. I wish I never got married. The work required to teach, train and manage a wife that does not appreciate or value her husband is unreal. If you are not married, stay that way.

      1. Always have escape routes, safehouses stocked with necessities, back up money, marrying a woman is like preparing to fight the government.

        1. It is not like preparing to fight the government it is preparing to fight the government. In the end it is not your wife you will face in divorce court; it will be the government, and to a much lesser degree your soon to be ex-wife.

    1. You made the right choice man. We know its hard work but we respect you for making the sacrifice. Those kids need their father and will appreciate you for being there. Do your best brother.

      1. But, unfortunately, there’s a 50% chance that she’ll divorce him once he’s built his business. I say, if you can afford it, get divorced now, pay your child support, build your business, and in a few years, if you’re rich, you can try and make it up to the children.
        Sounds harsh, I know, but it’s the logical choice. Think of a bum on the street. Now if you give him your sympathy and $5 note and you’ll make next to zero difference to his life/wellbeing. Instead you can ignore him for now, concentrate on yourself, get fucking rich and build/fund a homeless shelter. I know which path I’d choose if my prerogative truly was to help him; even if getting fucking rich is the long-odds.

        1. That may not work. Did you hear about the woman who went after a guy for a retrospective increase in child support, after he became a millionaire 20 years after they divorced!

        2. Yeah I did. Cheeky cunt (her, not you). But I don’t believe she’s received a cent yet, nor will she.

        3. So tell me. Are relationships just like flipping a coin on chance or is it somewhat within your control.
          Look at it this way. Most millenials may graduate college with tons of debt and no job, but the statistics aren’t the end of it. Study women’s rights and do nothing but campus activism and it’s overwhelmingly likely to happen to you. Go through a STREM or specialized business program with a high GPA and you’re most likely going to get a first job that pays your bills with plenty to spare.
          And, just like that analogy, success or failure is determined years before it’s actually tested.

        4. Is marriage like flipping a coin? Yep, pretty much. The statistics back up that statement. If you don’t like it, fuck off to some other site. Over here we don’t really care about emotions, just facts.

        5. Nope. Not entirely.
          Care to guess what the divorce rate is for Catholic women, who married as virgins and don’t use birth control?
          About 1%.
          Save yourself the favor of coming off like an idiot and look it up before you bitch about how I’m obviously full of shit

        6. Statistics can be skewed very, very easily, Mr. Bunghole. And I actually don’t need to look at the data (I did search for it though, couldn’t find the report) to know how easily that result is meaningless for you, assuming you’re living in the US and you’re white. Do you know who’s who of catholic? South America, (also Ireland and a few countries in Europe). South America is more traditional than North America. So there goes your completely unbiased statistic.

        7. The only problem with trying to make it up to the children later on is a little thing called parental alienation. The ex WILL turn your children against you. It’ll be easier for her to turn your daughters against you than your sons, but it still will happen. I knew a guy who went through that. He took off because the ex had become totally unmanageable, and things were on the verge of becoming violent. Years later, he tried to explain to his teenage kids what had happened and why he left. They didn’t want to listen. They weren’t even calling him “Dad” anymore at that point. Their mother had successfully convinced them that everything was his fault, and that, as such, he deserved no respect. The only way your plan will work is if you get a lot of visitation or somehow, through some miracle, get physical custody.

        8. It depends on the woman in all honesty… but with today’s women… yes… 99% of the time it’s akin to flipping a coin. The problem is it’s not a coin you have any control over.. and she has ALL the control over. Imagine going to a casino where the person running the roulette wheel can just pick up the ball after it’s dropped and put it in the most advantageous position for the house. That pretty well illustrates the disparity in terms of power in today’s marriages. So unless you trust that person with your life… and you start to have doubts… about the only leverage you have is to determine the timetable of the separation. I’m not going to sit here and say no woman should be trusted. There are good women out there… and there are women worth trusting like that. They’re about 1% of the datable population and you don’t really know you’ve got one of them for months if not years later… and then you only know because she refuses to use the power society has placed in her vagina to harm you.

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    2. I hear ya. In fact at this point in history the term “wife” has no meaning anymore. It’s better to use the more acurrate description of “in-house female”.

        1. So how often do you actually do that?
          It’s NOT a rhetorical question. It will help me understand where you’re coming from.

        2. Okay, well I normally do daygame about 2-3 times a week (basically if I’m going shopping for food) and nightgame on wed, fri and sat. In a week I’ll do on average about 20 approaches, of that I’ll grab roughly 6 or 7 numbers. Of those numbers 1 or 2 won’t flake.
          And all these numbers on a weekly basis ensures that I right now I have 5 fwb on roster, of which I’ll only fuck 1 or 2 on any given week. Sounds like too much work? Nope, no work at all, since I’m going out to socialise and women are a byproduct.
          This has been a good year for me, just this friday I had my 3rd threesome this year (even though I reckon they’re overrated). Oh, and last tuesday I fucked a virgin (which is also overrated, but as if I’m gonna say no). And just so you know, zero exaggeration here, most guys with game will be like, “yeah that adds up.”

        3. That’s gotta feel empty as hell though. Honestly it sucks that this is all we can get out of life in modern degenerate culture.

        4. Yes, you’re right, it’s empty. But what are you gonna do? Get married to fill that void? ‘Cause last I heard that isn’t the greatest plan in the world.
          This is the hand we’ve been dealt, we can roll with it or roll without it, either way it’s all hollow. I plan on moving to Eastern Europe and hooking up with a Polish or Ukrainian or Hungarian or Czech girl, though I don’t know if that will be hollow too. But what ya gonna do?

      1. Marriage hasn’t existed since the legal status between men and women was made equal. This occurred in the the USA during late 1800s. Since then all that we’ve had are glorified partnerships.

        1. It’s even more recent than that. It was due more than anything else to the emergence of no-fault divorce. That law meant that your spouse was no longer a life partner but was merely an asset in your life to be used and disposed of like any other.

        2. No fault divorce didn’t come out of nowhere. It was the culmination of decades of periodic weakening, both in fact and in practice, of the legal restrictions on divorce. Fraud of the divorce courts was rampant in the years preceding no fault. The reason Reagan signed the first no fault law in California, was out of an openly stated desire to relieve the divorce courts of having to preside over these farcical proceedings, where both spouses conspired to break up the marriage out of mutual agreement.

        3. Whoa, by this statement: “your spouse was no longer a life partner but was merely an asset in your life…” I can conclude that you’re either a female, or you’re a SJW of sorts who’s going to get ass fucked in divorce courts.
          Enjoy the decline.

        4. Wrong on both counts.
          Also spouse != men. It means now that most women view the man as a disposable asset.

        5. Wait, legal status made equal? Uhhhhhh, NO, sorry… you mean since women got the super cunt powers from the state to trump the man in almost every way legally. There is no 50/50.

    3. I hear ya,bro. The stakes are high and women today have neither loyalty nor integrity. And the government has endowed them with power to strip you of your nest egg if things do not work out. My advice it’s to have ghost money set aside for a good attorney. Good Legal counsel wins and it is never cheap.

    4. Damn man you’re right. Not enough hours in the day. Bet you don’t get much appreciation for your hard work either…
      Good luck sir…..

    5. Dang man. Let me give some hope. I am a father of 5, we homeschool so we are single income. I don’t make all that much but I have a nice office type job with regular hours so I get to spend time at home with everyone. My son is learning red pill. My youngest son is a stud. He’s not even two but I can tell he’s an aloof charming jerkboy. My daughters are beautiful and feminine and I fully expect they will land me some top notch sons-in-law that will add to my clan. My wife is a marathon runner and submissive according to the Bible. I am living a dream. I grew up with a single mother in the ghetto. I pinch myself a lot.
      I find time to go to the gym and I am a voracious reader so I hope that my wife is attracted to me. She is also everything I could ask for in a woman and I hope that I never do anything stupid and cheat on her.
      See how that works? She could cheat on me. At any time. (Well, it would be hard since I’ve kept her barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen for 10 years) and I just accept that. It’s up to her, man. I can only do my best. It’s on her soul and head if she chooses to sin. I have temptations too. Although I would put her away for cheating, I would not really take it personal or be all hurt about it. I would probably just calmly and lovingly kill her and all the kids and as many cops/neighbors as I could before going out in a hail of gunfire. That’s all. She knows that, too, so there is some disincentive.

      1. ‘Keep ’em barefoot and pregnant’ sounds cliche but is true and time proven. A wasted egg becomes egg on her brain. I’ve known a few guys whose wives were post hysterectomy and their hormones were permanantly screwed. The women went total gutter carousel like they had lost their souls. Keep her rolling kids out till the very end. There’s no other way. A big pot of bean stew costs only 30% more than a couple of single servings.

    6. Finally another man with a brain. Been trying to tell these guys here to drop their fantasies of a perfect marriage of a traditional virgin woman because that won’t happen and they were sounding like single women that needa the perfect man in their life

      1. There actually are a few traditional virgin women left, but even then if you believe in the “fairytale wedding” then you’re in for a world of hurt.

    7. Amen to that. I’ve been married 28 years. The last 2 separated. Only stayed married that long until my youngest reached 18. I’m avoiding a legal divorce in the US because that will just bring in the the 1000 lb. gorilla known as the justice system to profit from the forced tax the legal system has created for divorcing spouses.
      I was a model male in every department, except for perhaps the 6 pack abs (although quite healthy, trim and in relative good shape). Beyond that, I’m done putting in effort for any woman who’s not willing to be my bitch-slave. I don’t know of better words to describe a women who’s deserving of any or my time and attention, much less my money.
      And if men should not marry, it goes ten-fold for not having kids. Gentlemen, if you want to leave behind a real legacy, make $100 million dollars and give away half of it. Have your name permanently etched, embossed, plaqued, and bannered on the things you give your money to. Case Study: Ronald Reagan and his closet lesbian, Playboy posing, no-character, shitty author Patti Davis. What has she added to his legacy? Compare that the f’in airport named after him, a presidential library, et. al. Kids that love and respect you despite your foibles is a crap-shoot in today’s youth-centric narcissistic, mentally ill society.

      1. Ronald also has a fucking air craft carrier named after him. How sweet is that?!

        1. Exceptionally sweet!
          I forgot about the carrier. That’s about as good as it gets. Talk about firepower. That thing can wage a minor war by itself, and wipe out several hostile countries with the nukes on board.
          USS Regan, USS Bush, USS George Washington, USS Abraham Lincoln. That’s something to aspire too. Having your name on an aircraft carrier is sweet indeed..

    8. That’s it, it takes tons of work because your wife knows you have no leverage anymore. You’re already married and have children. You can’t just show her the possibility of you leaving as you would with a girlfriend.

    9. I couldn’t agree more. It is doable, but, oh man, is it a lot of work. Keep your high paying job, keep enough dread running, keep enough alpha pumping, fuck her, make her feel safe. Add in kids, and there’s no way I’d be able to keep all the plates spinning.
      Advice for those who want to marry in America today:
      1) Get a prenup. Even if it won’t hold up (and usually they will), it’s as strong an alpha play as you can make in the most beta of times (submitting to marriage).
      2) Don’t have kids. I know this is going to be unpopular, but a man who can spin all the plates necessary for a married relationship today AND keep up with kids AND keep up with the “presumptive child support payments” (wifey can go, anytime she pleases, to a website and see how much each “lotto ticket” is worth) is a very, very rare man indeed. Much more likely, you wind up divorced and broke (CS payments). Or married and an involuntarily celibate (see: Most US marriages). If you’re fucking zen-Buddha alpha AND really wealthy, you might be able to make it work. Otherwise, just give up on this dream and move on.
      3) Never drop your frame. Seems easy for a few weeks/months. Try it for years.
      4) Never stop working out/improving yourself. Learn new skills. Sitting around on the couch/relaxing, while so important for men, is just time women spend thinking about the bigger/better thing. Be that bigger/better thing.
      All in all, it’s a shocking amount of work. Running game is FAR easier, and, as a side benefit, you get to fuck lots of different women. I’m happy with my choice and enjoy things with my wife that I’d never be able to enjoy with a “plate”. But, just be warned, if you enter marriage thinking “now I can relax”, you might was well just shove a 10″ dildo up your ass and send your bank account info to Nigeria; it’ll save a lot of pain and financial ruin.

      1. I am on my fourth wife. The reason I did this to myself for the fourth time is that it now takes me zero effort to be an aloof asshole. Most of game is just faking that aloof asshole attitude. After many years, and having gone down the learning curve in many relationships, I now am a natural asshole. Who says alphas are born and not made? Women, and I am talking shitty western women, make men into assholes. I have been through the process.

      2. With all due respect, I pray that your wife never hears you describe marital intimacy with such a charming narrative and description!

    10. I liked this article, but to be honest this seems like too much work. Whores will be whores no matter what you do. MGTOW.

    11. I am very sorry to hear that.
      When you were dating your wife did you have the intentions of having to “teach, train, and manage her?” (I would love to know precisely what you mean by those terms, in of themselves.)
      In my circles, one does not date for any other reason than for marriage. By the time our young people go out, they are prepared and equipped in every way to be good spouses.
      Judaism discourages marrying a person with the intent to change them. You marry a person who shares your goals and values, and who has faults that YOU can live with. The Angels live in Heaven. Ecclesiastes 7:20 “There is no righteous man on Earth who does good and does not sin!”
      My husband and I are happily married for over twenty two years. Of course there are times we disagree. We talk things out and NEVER go to bed angry. We complement (and compliment) each other, and bring out the best in each other as well.
      If you marry someone with the intent of “managing and training her”, you set yourself up for abysmal failure. Perhaps you might want to concentrate on her positive traits. Take out a paper and write a list of them, and remind yourself why you wanted to marry her in the first place. Put it someplace where you can take it out as needed to read again.
      Best of luck to you…

      1. yEAH, well you can be certain that society, television, facebook, etc will manage and train her if you don’t. And why can’t it be the case that her manager and trainer (husband) isn’t focussing on developing her positive traits? The bad man can never have any good intentions, of course. Your kneejerk response was to assume tyranny, but by that logic, every parent who ever restricted their child in some fashion was an abysmal failure, including yours.

        1. Your response to my posting is nothing short of preposterous and outrageous for several reasons. I will reply to each one of your allegations in turn.
          1. Just because Society is tragically extremely promiscuous, does not mean that a person is locked into its immoral and/or criminal behavior patterns. Orthodox Jews are honest and moral people with very strong principles thanks to the Torah (a/k/a “The Law”), which we strictly adhere to. This is, despite Facebook and the internet as a whole, and other outside negative influences. One of the biggest and most crucial jobs as parents is to raise our children to be virtuous, kind, honest, and hardworking people. There should not be any reason whatsoever for a husband to “train” his wife by necessity!
          The Almighty G-d gave Man free will to become anything that he wants to be. He can rise to the highest of heights and become very great, or tragically become extremely depraved, immoral, and/or evil. Man creates his own destiny and depending on his behavior will either reap the greatest of rewards, or suffer the most terrible retributions.
          2. A healthy marriage is one wherein both husband and wife are equal partners in everything. Judaism encourages this behavior and strongly cautions both spouses to have tremendous respect for each other and to treat each other with enormous kindness and compassion.
          A marriage involves two different people who were raised by different sets of parents. Each spouse comes with his or her own strengths, weaknesses, personality, and methods of doing things. A healthy marriage is one, wherein, spouses can learn from each other on many different levels. The most successful and loving marriages are the ones where the spouses demonstrate compassion, consideration and tact.
          There are indeed many wonderful things that I have learned from my husband over the years. On the lighter side, he was much more adept at folding a bed sheet than I ever was and showed me a better and easier way to do it with great tact and kindness.
          While my husband is very independent and helpful in the kitchen, there are things that I taught him which furthered his culinary skills. This was done with tact and humor, as well.
          Over the years, we discussed many important topics and made very important decisions. Everything was decided jointly. When either one of us had an opposing view, we discussed it at length and made any and all necessary adjustments.
          My husband never came down on me as if he was my lord or master. He would never even dream of doing so. That is not what Judaism is about. Nor does that kind of behavior make one “more a man.” In fact, it is just the opposite!
          We are as the Almighty G-d meant us to be, as “one”, as it says in Genesis 2:24 “Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother, and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” We never take each other for granted — even after knowing each other for twenty three (23) years.
          3. You wrote “Your kneejerk response was to assume tyranny, but by that logic, every parent who ever restricted their child in some fashion was an abysmal failure, including yours.” What you essentially did, was add two and two and get eleven! No where did I even allude to such a thing! Do not for even one moment, confuse your way of thinking with mine!
          What I did post was: “When you were dating your wife did you have the intentions of having to “teach, train, and manage her?” (I would love to know precisely what you mean by those terms, in of themselves.)” One would have to almost twist their mind into a pretzel to come up with your interpretation!
          Moreover, I do not assume anything! I specifically asked Matt to explain what he meant. From the tone that he used, my impression is that he “wears the pants in the family.” Even with that gut feeling, I didn’t jump to ludicrous conclusions like you did and requested clarification.
          In the latter part of your posting you wrote: “but by that logic, every parent who ever restricted their child in some fashion was an abysmal failure, including yours.” Again, that “logic” makes no sense.
          Orthodox Jews adhere to the Torah very carefully, as given by Moses. We are a very principled, kind, but disciplined people. One has to be very disciplined just to keep all of the kosher dietary laws, alone! The Torah teaches restraint and discipline, a superior code of moral conduct and ethics along with a host of other important laws to keep.
          Of course, children are taught about restrictions along with all of the common sense rules! Moreover, we start teaching children from the time they are very young. Thankfully, we have wonderful fruits of our labor to show for our efforts and adherence to the Almighty G-d’s Torah!
          When was the last time you saw an Orthodox Jewish girl pregnant without being married?! When did you see an Orthodox Jewish man being thrown out of a bar? Those are but two examples.
          There are three distinct character traits that describe the Jewish People, as per the Almighty G-d of Israel: “Three signs are there for this holy nation (Jewish people): they are rachmanim, merciful; bayshanim, have a sense of shame; and gomlei chasadim, perform acts of kindness.” (Yevamot 89a)
          The Torah teaches that a person is very quick to assume and accuse other people of faults that he himself has. For example, a thief guards his own possessions more carefully than anyone else, as he assumes that everyone else is a thief, like himself, and likely to steal from him. What does it say about YOURSELF, that you leaped to such fascinating and sordid conclusions?!?!

        2. Come on, don’t be a fool: you bombard me with your religious views when we’re talking about the world at large. Jews are only a fraction of the world’s people, not to mention Ortho Jews. I can agree with you that when religions are adhered to they provide a blueprint and method for people interacting in the world, but have you looked around yourself? Take a stroll through any place where people congregate, a market, town or city and look around. There’s nobody studying the torah, or the bible – people are getting tattoos, drinking, shopping for sexy clothes, gadgets, etc, you name a human activity, and ultimately status and debauchery are usually at its root. So this is what’s educating people, world wide. You’ve wasted a lot of words when religion isn’t really the pertinent discussion – morals are being derived by TV, facebook, peers via mobile phones. This is what is setting the bar, and it’s extremely low. If a reasonably righteous man is to consider taking a wife, he absolutely has to ensure that he’s guiding his wife, and not these family-destroying influences. It’s not that difficult to piece that together. If you read Brave New World, the penny might drop. Picking a girl of a certain religion might help to keep the family unit intact, as was the case with you since you’re Jewish, so already pliant and cognizant of a certain set of ethics. Getting into heaven is a more complicated matter than keeping a good family together, regardless of what religious folk might like to believe. So you can get hot under the collar and contest the minutiae all day, but what’s going on outside your window is another matter.

        3. Firstly, I never believed in false modesty; no one in their right mind would call me a fool. People consider me to be quite intelligent, and I am grateful to the Almighty G-d for that gift.
          Secondly, you are missing a major point. That is, by the time a person is ready to marry, he or she is a finished product of their home. The time to mold people is when they are very young. The Jewish sages compare a young child to a clean sheet of paper. The capacity for what that child could be taught is boundless — both with regards to being taught any and all subjects, languages, and morals with proper behavior. It is a moot issue when you are dealing with a finished product!!!
          My part time housekeeper is a religious Christian. We spoke about this at length. She agreed with me one hundred percent. The time for training is during youth. Training adults is like running up a downhill escalator. It is an uphill battle fraught with difficulties!!
          Lastly I am quite cognizant that Orthodox Jews are small in size. However, whatever we do, the whole world is watching. This is what our mandate is. To be a “light to the nations” as it talks about in the Book of Isaiah. The Jews are a representation of the Almighty G-d on Earth.
          We are at the cusp of the great Messianic Age, wherein the great war of Gog and Magog will be fought, as described in Ezekiel Chapter 37. Evil will be eradicated completely, and the Jewish people will become the spiritual leaders of society. Isaiah 2:3 “And many peoples shall go and they shall say ‘Come let us go up to the Lord’s mount, to the House of the G-d of Jacob, and let Him teach us of His ways, and we will go in His paths,’ for out of Zion shall the Torah go forth, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem!”
          Moreover, the Torah is being studied more and more every single day. The trend will continue to grow and grow, as the prophets talked about.
          The world will then return to the original state of spiritual perfection, as it was before the sin of Adam and Eve.

        4. Well instead of being grateful, how about using your common sense to appraise the arguments that are before you, rather than fall back on your monologue about how great you and your religion are. Also, there’s a complete contradiction in your propaganda piece: if a person’s moulding is already complete by adulthood, how can there be ‘more and more Torah study every day’ and it be a ‘growing trend’? It can’t become a trend if people don’t engage, yet all these people are moot points, according to you. Even if this Jewish utopia is to become a reality, then it’ll require 0-18 year olds world-wide to read the Torah, which just isn’t going to happen, as I’ve stated, on account of omnipresent low standard settings of mass media (which Jews play a huge role in). Yours is a 3.5k year old religion, some of the prophecies are correct, and some inaccurate. 3.5k years is enough to garner a good following if it was any good, but it’s now outdated. And by the way, not too many people are impressed by what your spiritual leaders of society are doing to Palestine, among numerous other things.

        5. You still don’t get it. I’m surely wasting my time. But one more round…
          I never said it is impossible to change an adult. I did not say it is a waste of time. What I did say was, the time to get started with regard to molding a person is in their youth.
          If it would be impossible for a person to fix their behavior, the concept of repentance would be meaningless. That being said, fixing even one bad character trait requires tremendously hard work. It requires an enormous amount of strength, commitment, and discipline. It is absolutely possible, however.
          Let me make this simpler. Let us say that an upright and virtuous young man has a choice of two women to marry. One is a religious woman, from a fine home who was raised with strict morals. The other is the daughter of a prostitute. Without knowing exceedingly much about either of them, who would our young man choose? If he had any sense, he would pick “Door Number One.” Adults are usually the fruits of their parents’ labor.
          Does the daughter of the prostitute have any chance of becoming a virtuous person? Yes, albeit the road for her is far longer, treacherous, and difficult.
          I am extremely grateful to the Almighty G-d for allowing me the great honor and privilege to be one of His Chosen People. Being a loyal servant of the Almighty G-d never breeds arrogance! Au contraire!
          As far as the Messianic Age and what will occur, it makes no difference what a limited human mind thinks is possible. You would surely doubt that the dead will be resurrected as well! The Messianic Prophecies are listed all together in Ezekiel 37. They will all occur when the Almighty G-d wills it to happen!
          With regards to the Palestinians, that is a complete myth. The Almighty G-d gave Israel to the Jewish People. The Almighty G-d made this crystal clear in Genesis, Ezekiel, Deuteronomy, etc. Whether you accept this truth or not is irrelevant. The One who created the world has the right to gift any land to any people of His choosing. Your denial has no validity whatsoever, in fact and truth!

        6. I do get it, but am trying to focus on generalities. Much of the world is in poverty which breeds violence and vice, the west is largely spiritually bereft, so I’m looking at the big picture. A family with good morals is well and good, but the competition from phones, TV, movies, etc is too strong, as evidenced by the girl from an upstanding Protestant family who got up to mischief immediately once she was out of their sight http://www.returnofkings.com/39995/the-flood-of-female-hypocrisy-following-the-magaluf-24-man-blowjob-incident. Unfortunately, this is the pervasive climate. In general, I think this men’s website recommends men pick door number one.
          All due respects, and I know you’re just an ordinary punter living your life, but your last paragraph has all the hallmarks of someone who repeats a mantra to convince themselves, and to banish all thoughts of the suffering of others. A lot of Nazis used to use self-justification tactics as well. It’s a very complicated situation that leaves me lost for words.

        7. I always read an entire posting before drawing any conclusions. The fact that you are comparing Jews to Nazis is downright outrageous, ignorant and sickening!
          When was the last time a Jewish person blew himself up to kill others? It never happened and never will! Judaism values life.
          The term Palestinians is a made up term. It is fiction pure and simple! You fell for it, hook, line and sinker!
          Joseph Farah wrote a fantastic article that is factually 100% accurate entitled “The Palestinian People Do Not Exist.” I am posting it herein.
          A provocative headline? It’s more than that. It’s the truth.
          Truth does not change. Truth is truth. If something was true 50 years ago, 40 years ago, 30 years ago, it is still true today.
          And the truth is that only 30 years ago, there was very little confusion on this issue of Palestine.
          You might remember the late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir making the bold political statement: “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people.”
          The statement has been a source of ridicule and derision by Arab propagandists ever since. They love to talk about Golda Meir’s “racism.” They love to suggest she was in historical denial. They love to say her statement is patently false – an intentional lie, a strategic deception.
          What they don’t like to talk about, however, are the very similar statements made by Yasser Arafat and his inner circle of political leadership years after Meir had told the truth – that there is no distinct Palestinian cultural or national identity.
          So, despite the fact that conventional wisdom has now proclaimed that there is such a thing as the Palestinian people, I’m going to raise those uncomfortable quotations made by Arafat and his henchmen when their public-relations guard was down.
          Way back on March 31, 1977, the Dutch newspaper Trouw published an interview with Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member Zahir Muhsein. Here’s what he said:
          The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.
          For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.
          That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? It’s even more specific than Golda Meir’s statement. It reaffirms what I have written on this subject. And it is hardly the only such statement of its kind. Arafat himself made a very definitive and unequivocal statement along these lines as late as 1993. It demonstrates conclusively that the Palestinian nationhood argument is the real strategic deception – one geared to set up the destruction of Israel.
          In fact, on the same day Arafat signed the Declaration of Principles on the White House lawn in 1993, he explained his actions on Jordan TV. Here’s what he said: “Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory that we can of Palestine, and establish a sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, we can get the Arab nations to join us for the final blow against Israel.”
          No matter how many people convince themselves that the aspirations for Palestinian statehood are genuine and the key to peace in the Middle East, they are still deceiving themselves.
          I’ve said it before and I will say it again, in the history of the world, Palestine has never existed as a nation. The region known as Palestine was ruled alternately by Rome, by Islamic and Christian crusaders, by the Ottoman Empire and, briefly, by the British after World War I. The British agreed to restore at least part of the land to the Jewish people as their ancestral homeland. It was never ruled by Arabs as a separate nation.
          Why now has it become such a critical priority?
          The answer is because of a massive deception campaign and relentless terrorism over 40 years.
          Golda Meir was right. Her statement is validated by the truth of history and by the candid, but not widely circulated, pronouncements of Arafat and his lieutenants.
          Israel and the West must not surrender to terrorism by granting the killers just what they want – a public relations triumph and a strategic victory. It’s not too late to say no to terrorism. It’s not too late to say no to another Arab terror state. It’s not too late to tell the truth about Palestine.
          Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2002/07/14501/#LsjBdl03Cg6eDMRL.99
          Do you know how many times Jerusalem is spoken about in the Koran? It is not mentioned at all! Jerusalem, alone, is spoken about in the Bible over eight hundred (800) times!
          The Creator of the Universe gifted Israel to the Jewish People. If the truth hurts, so be it! RASHI speaks about this, in the first line of Genesis, alone!
          1. In the beginning of G-d’s creation of: It teaches us… [G-d created the world] for the sake of the Torah, which is called (Prov. 8:22): “the beginning of His way,” and for the sake of Israel, who are called (Jer. 2:3) “the first of His grain.”
          2. In the beginning: Now for what reason did He (G-d) commence with “In the beginning?” Because of [the verse] “The strength of His works He related to His people, to give them the inheritance of the nations” (Ps. 111:6). For if the nations of the world should say to Israel, “You are robbers, for you conquered by force the lands of the seven nations [of Canaan],” they will reply, “The entire earth belongs to the Holy One, blessed be He; He created it (this we learn from the story of the Creation) and gave it to whomever He deemed proper When He wished, He gave it to them, and when He wished, He took it away from them and gave it to us!
          Anyone who has a problem with this, has to take it up with the Almighty G-d, Himself!

        8. The Jews have accumulated plenty of blood on their hands over the course of history, so can be compared to any group legitimately. And whenever there’s an inconvenient truth, there’s usually an element of self-deception. History is too complicated to allow anyone to come out smelling of roses, but at the same time, a lot of disparate groups pull in different directions and create undeserved reputations for others. Your information is certainly interesting and I’ll read that link.

        9. Any blood that Jews have on their hands was in self defense.” You should be aware that there are three “Cardinal” sins where a Jew has to die, rather than transgress. 1. Idolatry. 2. Adultery. 3. Murder. A Jew is OBLIGATED to defend himself. Moreover, if he knows for certain, that someone is coming to kill him, it is mandatory for him to kill that person first, if he can, to save himself!
          And HELL NO to what you posted: “The Jews have accumulated plenty of blood on their hands over the course of history, so can be compared to any group legitimately.” In your last posting you also compared the Jews to Nazis! That is completely outrageous and moreover, unforgivable!! No sane or decent person who studies history objectively would even think of making such a ludicrous allegation!

        10. It’s not up to you to decide who’s unforgivable. I thought you believed in a G-d, but it seems you believe yourself to be one.

        11. With all due respect, math (and reading comprehension) were not your subjects. You again added two and two and got eleven! I never said I was G-d! Good Gracious!
          Your statement about Jews being equivalent to Nazis, is unforgivable to any person with intelligence and a conscience! I, myself, will NEVER forgive you, for just cause, for that sick and ignorant statement unless you apologize!
          The Nazis murdered six million Jews in the most barbaric ways. My people had experiments performed on them while they were alive that would give you nightmares to read it, by the Devil, Josef Mengele known as “The Angel of Death!” (May his name be obliterated for all eternity.)
          We were starved, burned alive, buried alive, raped, gassed to death, beaten to death, etc., etc. The crematoria was constantly going 24/7/365.
          Those Nazi beasts took infant babies and threw them up in the air like birds to kill them by gunfire for “sport!”
          Pregnant women had their stomachs viciously kicked until their babies were aborted.
          That does not even begin to describe a fraction of the horrific suffering! I would wager big money, that any decent person reading this would agree with my sentiments, 100%!!!

        12. Your contention that it is “poverty which breeds violence and vice” is, at best, highly arguable.

        13. Please affix a value to “plenty of blood” you ascribe to have been spilled by Jews over the course of history. Then we can compare that number to the 270 million murdered by Islam and the 100 million murdered by communists.
          “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.” ~ Joseph Stalin

        14. AMEN AND AMEN!! Thanks so much for the support! I am almost shaking with anger and disgust from the Jewish people being compared to Nazis. Believe me, I have heard sick things before. That tops my list for the sickest!

        15. it’s ridiculous, being poor does not determine your character , it is how you choose to deal with being poor that does. You choose to be violent and you choose to act upon vice or not. What about those who take a vow of poverty? Any stats on their violence and vice, not that they are immune, because they are after all human but the poverty thing doesn’t make them any more violent or prone to immoral behavior.

        16. Wasn’t he the guy who said this badly paraphrase line?
          “Kill a hundred people and you are a monster, Kill a million and you are a statesman.”

        17. You said that it’s unforgivable, thereby judging me to have committed a thought-crime (by your standards). I agree that it’s a childish argument, but I propose that your judgement isn’t the be-all and end-all. I don’t require your forgiveness, but I do apologise for upsetting you – perhaps this discussion has been blown off course, but I don’t entirely shoulder the blame for that. I said that Jews are comparable to any group in history and that the denial spin they’re perpetuating about their atrocities in Gaza are similar to how the Nazis used to self-delude (and similar to how any other group in history who knows that they’re guilty tries to self-deceive). This insistence of Jewish innocence and self-defence is misguided, as there’s ample evidence of Jewish involvement in bloodshed throughout history – slave trading, Communism, the Holodomor, Israel, etc. No big deal, as nobody comes away from history smelling of roses. Jews, Christians, Muslims – they’ve all brought plenty of death to others down through the years. It’s not certain that those deities they choose to worship are in approval.

        18. Well said. This fallacy finds favor with socialists and statists (aka communists) as a justification for the redistribution of personal wealth by the state.

        19. Jed, I take off my hat to you and thank the Almighty G-d profusely that you are on our side!! Words are wholly insufficient to convey my thanks for your support and friendship.
          May the Almighty G-d protect and bless you and all of your loved ones always in the best of health!

        20. That would make perfect sense, indeed!
          The tremendous evil that was Joseph Stalin makes my blood run cold, just thinking about it.

        21. Oh, I don’t know. Caligula might agree, if he weren’t so damnably occupied already… 😉

        22. I stand by what I posted hereinabove one hundred percent!
          There is NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL that the Nazis did, that could compare to the Jewish people defending themselves. Do you know how many suicide bombers are stopped every day in Gaza alone?! I have a cousin in Intelligence in the Israeli army. The amount of people that are stopped every day, just in Gaza would boggle the mind and imagination. That is every single, freaking day!
          If you cannot comprehend the difference, then truly you cannot distinguish between good and evil!
          One last point. I cannot wait to read your reply to Jed!

        23. Yeah, I can only imagine how treacherous it is out there. It’s a rough terrain, surrounded by hostile groups, so Israeli military strength is impressive indeed. I’m pessimistic about the world ever finding some modicum of peaceful existence, but maybe something great will happen in our lifetimes.

        24. Ok, I’ll drop you off at the favela, or the barrio, with your parasol, and pick you up in the evening.

        25. You can test your theory, and take a leisurely stroll through the South African shanty towns, or the Mexican barrios. People are products of their environment, and when the environment is tough, violence abounds. An unfortunate fact of life, but good luck trying to disprove it. But if it makes you feel any better, the rich will also resort to cannibalism when/if a famine/war takes place.

        26. If one chooses to remain in that environment and use it as an excuse to prey on the others that live there or ones that happen to “take a stroll” there, it is still a choice. They are lazy and they are evil jackals feeding on society. They are products of their environment only if they have a bad character and choose to take the easy way out.. ie take the career choice pushed by the Democrats..that being “parasitic victim”. Peddle your excuses elsewhere, i grew up dirt poor and my mother and father didn’t believe in taking anything that you didn’t earn or that you were not going to pay back. They believed in clawing your way out of poverty and we did and we didn’t do it by stealing or being violent. I watched others make excuses for their criminal behavior, most of it was committed for reasons other than “to just survive”. No excuses , none.

        27. Agreed. While socioeconomic status is always linked to health and wellness outcomes, it is only in cultures placing an excessive value on wealth for competitive wealth’s sake which also cannot sustain basic needs on merit where being either too rich or too poor becomes morally toxic.

        28. Ok, well you can say that ‘a certain attitude when faced with poverty breeds violence/vice’ but the fact remains that crime is at a much higher concentration in poorer areas compared with affluent areas. Hence the generalisation that poverty breeds crime. It’s like that all over the world, hence the rule of thumb. Then again, the ultra-affluent (bankers, arms manufacturers, oil barons, state leaders, etc) have a huge part to play in the violence that is going on around the world, so maybe the generalisation is unfair and unhelpful. The original sentence was a generalisation of the state of the world at large, and was in the context of how mass media is possibly exacerbating matters, or, at the very least, not playing a more constructive guiding role.

        29. Penn and Teller and Eddie Izzard also noted this.
          “Somebody’s killed 100,000 people, we’re almost going… ‘Well done! Killed 100,000 people?! You must get up very early in the morning!’”

        30. Thank you so very much, Paul, for your friendship and support as well. G-d bless and protect yourself, all of your loved ones, and every friend of the Jewish people in the best of health.
          (People who say things like that make my stomach churn.. They have no comprehension or understanding what moral conviction is.)

        31. The sentiment is fine but the “What to do about it” can become toxic. Is there a good or even practical way to manage complex homeostatic systems at a detail level? I believe history would say no. Many errors have been committed on the alter of “Something Must Be Done”. For some strange reason (maybe the process incentives) really dumb things are often done when someone decides that they must be done.

        32. I agree. The only thing that can “be done”, in my opinion anyway, is to allow those who wish to reach greatness the freedom to do so on ability. No skewed taxation. No limitation of business opportunity based on whether they support gay rights. No squashing of those who desire to live off their own sweat.
          This means quelling the social issue tide and creating a fair market enterprise environment. Handouts solve nothing. A truly competitive economic environment, unfettered by emotional finger-wagging and legislating everything to the nth, allows people to get out of poverty… if they are willing to work.
          Poverty-prompted crime in the North American culture is the other side of bloated social engineers basing their bankroll on pandering to those who consider themselves weak and oppressed. It’s so obvious that Occupy and the 1% are the same bloody coin, I can’t understand not perceiving it.

        33. While you have yet to make your case that, it is “poverty which breeds violence and vice,” your anecdotal argument has some interest. In my travels, albeit some 45 years ago, I found the “shanty towns” to be far less violent than the cities. Petty crimes to be sure. But nothing like the violent crime seen in the cities with their “middle classes.” And that includes Mexico and South Africa, as well as India and others. You might want to factor drug use and street gangs into your equation.

        34. I agree. I perceive much the same thing. But it is the how it is done that advances the cause of civilization and individual freedom…or not so much. We need to see what we do as incentives that will be evolved by a complex, dynamic homeostatic system. They will not do what they intend to do. Often, wisdom is found in the old Henny Youngman line. “If it hurts when you do that, don’t do that.”

        35. There is an Irish “broken finger” joke in here. But I’d hate to be accused of prejudice. 😉

        36. Life is a joke that often goes unappreciated. What would help us a great deal is a countervailing force to the imperative to do good. Everything we do do governmentally pushes incentives into a complex, aware and self-modifying system.
          These incentives create social constructions and cause perceived realities to develop. These can often spawn persistent social or economic constructs that are contrary to the intended purpose that spawned them. To me, the only science I am interested in is one of determining where rational limits on incentives need to be placed. The constrained vision on steroids.
          I do not believe that social science must be a soft or wet science. Think it can be practiced in a knowledge based way on the how things must be done rather than on what will be popular or even what must be done for a just society. That is a venue we have not proven our competence to play in.

        37. You should try keeping your sanctimonious snide to yourself, and find another damsel in distress to rescue.

        38. Nope. My sanctimonious snides have a life of their own. They don’t listen to me and are rollin on the floor, bustin up over you. They asked me to say hi an convey their thanks for the chuckle. There is no accounting for the taste of a snide.

        39. The concern here is not if sociology is a “soft” science or not, it has to do with the elevation of all “science” to a stature to which it is neither deserving nor entitled. As Chesterton pointed out, science can either be a toy or a tool, but it can never be a guiding principle. Since WWII, we have foolishly allowed the sciences to dominate the humanities. Sacrificing philosophy and history on the altar of science will not advance the species.
          “The society which scorns excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because philosophy is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.”
          ~ John W. Gardner

        40. You would be well advised to hire a new writer. Whoever came up with the term, “sanctimonious snide” shouldn’t be on your payroll.

        41. I agree with you about the place of science in judgement. Even good science can distort an issue when applied outside of its own bounds over the good will and discretion of free people.
          But I was sneekin up sideways to a subtle point. And I’m probably going to take some fire for this. Consider that the social sciences aren’t just abysmally unscientific in their nature. Consider that their applicability to wield incentives and controls has distorted them from science. The tool has corrupted the unwary practitioner. There are incentives for misapplying incentives, rewards for profitable incompetence. Need I say Gruber? These incentives propagate their effect both ways. There is now incentive for them to be difficult to analyze and to predict effect from cause. It is in the interests of the shamans that control this industry whether they believe themselves to be so or not.
          It will be so as long as they can use their art to influence the movement or distribution of goods penalties, beliefs and instruction. It is the snake eating itself tail-first.

        42. Exactly the point. Pres. Eisenhower warned of this, as did others both before and after him. The validity of the science is irrelevant. The direction and degree to which it can be manipulated is all that matters. Just look to gun control and AGW for examples.

        43. Sadly, I think you and Ike both have that backwards. This has developed to meet the reality. It has evolved accurately according to what works. The corruption of science and academia did not cause our current venal governance, it evolved in response to it. Survival of the fittest. Parasites evolve too you know. They’re just doing a little niche improvement on the side according to an unconstrained source of nourishment. No we, as a people made a series of mistakes, some starting with our founding that have caused this outcome. Our Governing system was a prototype, not a finished product. Yes, I would even say that our Constitution is flawed. Many of the founders suspected this and the predictions were actually more pessimistic than the outcome. They crafted far better than even they thought. But they were not entirely wrong in their pessimism. They were constrained by mortality to trust in us to protect our liberty. We let them down.

        44. I’m afraid it couldn’t be much clearer with a cursory look at world news. It’s pretty plain to see on daily video footage from Calais, where ‘migrants’ are brandishing knives and tyre irons to get on board trucks headed through the channel tunnel. The wars in the Middle east are all happening in 3rd or 2nd world economies. The Baltimore riots. Detroit, Chicago ghettos. I never heard of the Bel Air or Hamptons or Chelsea riots/looting. Simplistic observation says violence and poverty are never far apart. Of course it’s remiss not to mention the role that elites at the top of society can play in agitating for or providing the conditions for wars. In some ways the ‘downtrodden’ are easily manipulated pawns, but people can also choose between right and wrong. Definitely, drugs/gangs play a major role, and there’s usually some powerful figures coining it off that enterprise. Alcohol is the main drug fuelling vice worldwide, and that’s endorsed by pretty much every government.

        45. Hunger breeds desperation… thats a fact. I get what your saying and I agree in many ways. Yet still, poverty does tend to compel many into criminal acts. If you were to say, go to Russia right after the collapse of the Soviet Union, or were forced to live in the poorer areas in India even now… you would understand desperation in a new light.

        46. This is not Russia after the collapse of the SU and its not India. This is The United States of America. We have almost 50 million on food stamps and all kinds of programs to educate, house, feed and clothe people. Welfare is supposed to be a safety net NOT a hammock.

        47. Agreed. I was simply making the point that sufficient desperation will cause an increase in crime. We cannot judge everyone in the U.S.A. because we cannot know everyone’s situation. Not to forget the fact that men do not get even 10% of charity that women do and that there is one men’s shelter for over every 100 women’s shelters. Let’s not even get into race and being a black man out here… oh my lord, talk about a merciless situation for many, especially going back in time.
          FYI, I am not a fan of welfare at all.

    12. https://youtu.be/iYVO5bUFww0 If this is serious you are getting what you deserve.. You want to “teach, train and manage a wife? Sounds like you want a human blow up doll that will make your sammiches and clean your bvd’s which you seem to have twisted in a big brown bunch. It sounds like you don’t want a real woman which is fine, try a foreign child bride that you can buy online . You can usually take advantage of their desperation to get out of abject poverty in some war torn country but once they get here beware, once they find out that they don’t have to be live in prostitutes to creepy old johns who cannot deal with real women, these child brides will be outta there with half your stuff. Either way enjoy.. What you are describing is not a Western marriage, it is more like something out of the middle east .

    1. Point being, don’t marry a woman who doesn’t work out and watch her food intake. I imagine she is cheating because Crossfit Guy can’t stand her and she knows only a fat slob would date a fat slob. Any guy who really focuses on his fitness would be disgusted by a woman who lets herself go. Their marriage is on its way out.

  9. “Christianity Works—If Your Wife Actually Believes It”
    my advice to ROK guys who feel like they want to settle down, marry, and have kids: consider latina girls who go to church. i couldn’t be happier with my devout catholic central american wife. she spent the years most women are on the carousel praying for god to give her the right man, and she truly believes that man is me. one caveat, before getting married make sure, as i did, that she understands that she needs to stay in shape and control her weight, and that the church is not allowed to regulate what you do in the bedroom.

      1. i’m not, which meant i had to jump through several hoops so that we could get married in the church. definitely worth it.

        1. I need to get me a good Christian wife. Make sure she’s too busy raising our kids to slack off and look at other men. And I’ll make sure to pick her friends carefully; don’t want any sad divorcees trying to convince her of something that isn’t true.

        2. Ah ha. Yeah luckily I was raised Catholic. I’m going to Latin America later this year.

        3. “…Make sure she’s too busy raising our kids to slack off and look at other men. And I’ll make sure to …”
          As I read this I think to myself “dead man walking” seriously. No offense but what you stated in your post is the sound byte of a naif about to walk on a land mine.

        4. Nice idea, poor plan for implementation. Better idea: think like a player and keep her on lockdown, addicted sex with you, and completely sold on your dream.
          In my case it helps that I’ve got both a dream to sell(which depends on her helping me achieve professional success) and that I can give her so many orgasms they start to become painful if I choose.
          You know why she’s going never going to cheat (strong monogamous programming aside)? Because any guy after me is going to be boring to her and she knows it.
          And remember that boredom is cryptonite to women.

        5. you cannot get a christian wife if you are a not christian. if you do, 99% she is not christian or a very immature baby believer that got fooled/made a mistake.
          also catholics are not christians – they are pagans/heathens they do whatever they want.

        6. yes really, heathens! no not “the antichrist”, but he is anti Christ. The bible defines what antichrist is: the whole world except God´s children. And his children/elect family He beats until they conform to the image of Christ.

        7. You have been taught sound doctrine.
          I know the errors of the RCC and all its amalgamated paganism yet I know a catholic family with 13 kids and the parents have been good and I believe they have sincerity in their hearts. They don’t even go their church anymore because they know how far gone it is especially after Vatican II.

        8. cool, man. not sure how old you are and how focused you are on settling down now. if you are, being catholic will probably help. go to church, join a local comunidad, that kind of thing. maybe shop around for a church with a lot of cute girls. from what i saw the ratios are great at church, about 65-70% women at mass usually when i would go with my wife.
          naturally, don’t be thirsty. not that i need to tell you, i’m just reminding some of the younger, inexperienced guys. i think one of the reasons my wife fell so deeply in love with me was that i was not focused on settling down, in fact i told her many times that i was eventually going to leave and that would be that. then i found ROK, contemplated the true nature of women, and realized exactly what a treasure she is, so i changed my plans.

        9. it’s a good plan. just don’t be thirsty, and be willing to next the christian girl you’re seeing if she shows signs of disloyalty, laziness, etc. you might already be familiar with the bible, but if not, i’d recommend becoming so. it will give you a lot to discuss with her, and there’s a lot of good stuff in there. ecclesiastes and the gospels are favorites of mine.

        10. tomato/tomahto. there’s definitely a lot of greco-roman paganism in the RCC. on the other hand, i always had trouble taking the protestants seriously because it seems like they make it all up as they go along. as far as doing what they want, that probably applies to most religious people when no one’s looking. on the other hand, my wife is a very devout catholic and as far as the important stuff (being faithful to me, not lying to me, not being materialistic and blowing my money on stupid stuff) she’s spot on. good enough for me, paganish or not.

        11. Catholicism is a bunch of pagan traditions with some christian terminology thrown in. The best place to hide a lie is between two truths.

        12. “Good ” wholesome Christian women are some of the naughtiest little sluts you will ever find. Trust me on this, many can be worse than women of the “world”.
          The best Christian women you can find is one who did not grow up in the church but had a true conversion later in life. If she has no kids, low notch count and is cute – she’s a keeper. Their faith tends to be genuine and deep versus girls who grew up in the church their whole life

        13. Theres some wisdom in that. I regularly have very rough raw,sex with my wife. She loves it and has said its the most raw sex she’s ever had. She knows compared to me , sex with any other guy would pretty much suck

        14. Holy……that church is where I learned the most about the bible, christian history, theology and biblical exegesis than any church I had previously attended.
          The only reason I don’t currently go is because my lifestyle is currently hypocritical in some ways to Pastor Brown’s preaching.
          Do you live in the area?

        15. While I am definitely protesting the RCC, I take major issue with Protestantism and its christian Zionist garbage.

        16. whhaaaaaT? that´s fantastic!!! yeah they are such practical teachings that transforms your lifestyle. i have never thought it´s possible for a church to reach that kind of hardcore education level like how Jim does it. death to self, denying oneself predestination, all that was exactly what i needed!!!
          no i found it over the internet!!! i live in central europe so i can only follow it through videos!!! to encounter these bible teachings was such a blessing so far since i found it like 2 months ago i pump the videos daily!
          i understand how you feel brother, pull yourself back together! it´s the only thing that really matters. the teachings are so ultra redpill, true knowledge punch in the face, man aren´t they? hahaha!!!

        17. It is truly the grace of God to see how far that man’s ministry has reached.
          When I attended his church it was a tiny room with about 20 people. I still have a library of his sermons and hold the teachings close to my heart. He would always talk about being a prophet of doom like in the Old Testament. I try to be like that and let the world know it is condemned by God and He will destroy it all and everyone who is not of His family.
          James 4:4 ” to be a friend to this world puts you at war with God”
          Are there others like you in Europe? I imagine there aren’t many because even in the ” Bible Belt” in amerika people hate this message. As it has been said the world HATES the things of God.

        18. Really? Where is this inscribed? (the first part, not the Catholics are heathens part).

        19. Yes it has been a great blessing for my development. few points i don´t fully agree because i probably don´t understand it good enough
          he says eating unclean food is ok which i don´t think so.
          i don´t really know of any believers. and those who say they are christians prefer only their own doctrines and refuse to listen to anything except themselves. And they are friends with the world. most people are not hungry enough to study things, but that´s Gods “problem”. im sure my mother would like to watch Jims teachings but she doesn´t speak english, and translating full videos is a struggle and annoying. im thinking about adding subtitles so more people could enjoy the teachings. That, i guess, takes much work and i have no idea how to do that (yet).

        20. I wish you God speed in that endeavor. The truth is our daily bread for all of His family.
          What country are you from?

        21. Thanks homey, i´m from Austria.
          don´t miss out your great possibility to be in that great church in person having a real believing family around you. i wish i could be part of that in person. it is so rare to find teachings that great, it´s the best/deepest bible teaching i´ve ever encountered. You are very blessed to be in that environment already.
          this is kinda like disabled people telling fat lazy folks how lucky they actually are, having functioning legs LOL

        22. Bitter, angry, miserable asshole alert!
          And no, that’s not an ad hominem. I took a look at your post history and I have yet to see say ANYTHING constructive or helpful to any other men on here.

        23. You see bitter, but more humor than anything from my end. If you didn’t see ANYTHING constructive you must have not looked good enough.
          Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has them and they are full of shit…
          I’ll leave you with a quote a wise fool once said “I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO! I NEED T.P. FOR MY BUNGHOLE.”

    1. But Latinas are also fed a steady diet of telenovelas where the woman is constantly tempted to betray her successful husband for the old flame or (insert random hotguy).
      Latinas are as Hypergamous as they come. They crave money and status and as soon as they procure it their eyes wander to the next shiniest object.
      Number 5 should be “Islam Works”, because it seems to be the only religion that confines the woman to the role of a loyal wife. The Church is the biggest beta white knight of them all, Christianity teaches all can be forgiven.
      Islam teaches off with your head.

        1. “Yeah but it would suck to live in an Islamic State.”
          Islam’s attitude toward gender is the only thing I agree with 1000% but I also agree Bob that an Islamic state is hell. Europe is going to be very different looking in 100 years. Under Sharia Law theu fo not allow other cultures nor objects of other cultures to exist. This includes architecture and art. All of what europe has produced will have to be destroyed under Sharia mandates.

        2. Muslims fuck on the side, a lot. I know a fair few (not that I’ve fucked any married ones myself). Also, a lot of Muslims I know smoke weed and drink alcohol.

        3. I’ve been to Islamic countries and they are honestly legit. They are usually clean and well regulated with no nonsense.

        4. You’ve probably been to UAE, Bahrain or Qatar right? These countries although islamic are very “american” in some way, I mean it seems like the western world. Check North Africa and then tell me if you still have the same point of view.

        5. Hopefully they will allow the great churches and museums and art to exist in europe.

        6. No, hopefully they’ll get the fuck out of Europe. Dead or Alive, either way works for me.

        7. Don’t what what Islamic country you’re going to. The ones I’ve been to are filthy, violent, shitholes…..kind of a Mad Max: Middle Eastern Edition.

        8. You REALLY think it’s a paradise for the men?
          Most vets don’t call them faggots and goatfuckers as a joke. They’re dead serious.
          But, by all means, if 12 year olds getting assraped by 40 year old men is your idea of a “masculine” environment then I suggest you seek professional help.
          Anyone else who’s been there will back me up on that.

      1. That’s why you need to keep your Wife occupied so she doesn’t spend her days fat ass-ing it away on a sofa watching telenovelas.
        I would actually prefer a Wife to work than have her sit at home and watch crap like oprah or what you just referenced, because at least then she is spending her time productively.
        This of course does not factor in the existence of children, in which case she should be encouraged to make productive use of her recreational time at home, such as listening to conservative radio for instance.
        Either that, or get her a Wii with some exercise games on it 🙂
        The bottom line is: if you don’t take a proactive approach to steering your Wife to productive uses of her time, she will invariably waste it on the bs you mentioned if not worse, and that bs will then bleed over into her shared time with you as the underlying feminist themes start to affect her conscious interactions with you.

        1. Were I to ever marry, the wife would have to find productive things to do in her time since I haven’t owned a tv in almost a decade.
          I would not allow her to read any fem porn novels either. Her obedience would be rewarded but her transgression would meet with stiff punishment. At this point I’m not above slapping a bitch around and a wife would be no different. I don’t give a fuck what anyone here or elsewhere has to say about it either.
          My house my rules. Don’t like it gtfo. I know what’s best for my goddamn family not some retard fucking vagina.

        2. LMAO. Captain your remarks always make for some interesting reads.
          I don’t necessarily agree with all of it but hey, i know what you wouldn’t give in regards to it, so like you said it doesn’t matter.
          I’m curious though Captain Obvious, what do you think of Islam’s take on the equality of the sexes?

        3. Islam keeps the women in line for sure but many other aspects I do not like at all. For instance there seems to be a lot of under cover faggotry going on which could be related to covering up the women all the time? I’m not sure.

        4. You are correct friend, but it’s even worse than that.
          Look up bacha bazi. If they ever overthrow our system of government, you can bet this will be made legal at some point, or at least overlooked for the right price. Maybe that’s why an increasing number of pseudoscientist psychologists are writing “neutral” papers that quietly propose a “re-evaluation” of what most consider child abuse.
          Hell, they succeeded in coming up with bs pc terms to divide pedophilia into segments, in order to make sex with older kids more acceptable to the general public, through terms like ebphebophilia.(sex with 15 to 19 year olds)
          Back in my day, we used to lump in anyone that wanted to bang jailbait as a perv, today they try to create pc terms in order to destigmatize it so that pervs (homo and otherwise) can get access to fresh meat.
          They call this “moving the goalpost” and damn if the chronic left hasn’t been successful at it.

        5. I’ve known a little bit about the dancing boy stuff that goes on in Afghanistan.
          Wtf is wrong with these motherfuckers?
          And yes I’ve also seen the perverted left redefine words and change goalposts to legitimize depravity.
          We live in sodom and Gomorrah. I hope every day that God destroys the evil west and the rapacious, disgusting degenerates that have encouraged our slow descent into hell. Even if I was in the middle of it while the wrath of God came down upon a satanic culture I would sing praises as that would be justice.
          Judgement is coming to this wicked nation make no mistake about it.

        6. “Chesta dah Molesta” 🙂
          You bury the hatchet with third eye blind yet? Its been going on far too long….

        7. I’ve been burying it in his sorry excuse for an argument. He never did admit that he was a Black militant, he just came back with some lame response and that was the end of it.

      2. Christianity is supposed to teach both law and gospel. Not just gospel, which in the absence of law to convict the soul to our need for God’s grace, is little more than deistic therapy.

      3. i’ve never noticed my wife watching the novelas, but i agree, the would be a red flag in a potential wife. similar to how i wouldn’t recommend dating a sex in the city fan in the US.

        1. There’s a couple red flags that I’ve noticed in terms of taste. 50 shades is one, sex in the city is a HELL NO(include any comedy about slutting it up in NYC), Twilight is a big one. ones that are anime fans tend to be masculine and fat plus the dyed hair serves as an obvious warning trigger.

      4. No, number 5 should be –traditional– Christianity works because it is the right balance of social/political tolerance, along with proper control of females.
        You are right that modern Christianity, especially Protestantism, is pathetic bs. However, Islam goes to far to the other extreme, and is basically third-world savagery.

    2. Its the zionists who have f*cked up the west so they can be as God, who exists.
      They need to die.

      1. Right, because eating the flesh of your zombie savior makes so much more sense.

    3. The only issue I have with latina girls is that many of them blow up when they reach 40. Look at mama before you make the choice, if she’s 50 pounds over weight then run like hell. There’s a reason most latina girls have kids when they’re 20 or younger. Because they’re hot as fucking fuck. Just a beware sign for those of you who haven’t seen this transformation before their eyes.

      1. Yeah that is a risk. Personally though, I would put my girl on a healthy diet and I wouldn’t date a girl who doesn’t exercise. Major turn off for me.

        1. I was engaged to a woman who tried that.
          When I found out, it was off and I sent her packing the next day too.

      2. true, but i’d say that’s all women. men age like wine, women…well, you know the saying. i’ve lived overseas and travelled a lot, and i can’t think of a place i’ve visited where i haven’t heard another american say “yeah, women from (insert name of country here) are hot when they’re young, but they blimp up pretty seriously when they get older.”
        as a corollary, i would advise any guy considering getting married to make sure his woman exercises regularly and is committed to controlling her weight. any clever jokes about skipping workouts or shovelling junk food down her throat, or signs of fat acceptance (e.g. reposting megan trainor videos on social media)? run while you can.

        1. Thankfully my wife thinks that “really fat people look disgusting”.
          Her words.

    4. x2. I married a central american hottie who is a devout Catholic, her loyalty to me is unflinching and I could tell from our first dates that I had met a very genuine human being. She didn’t grow up with much & had parents who showered her with love, which she in turn reflects on to me constantly. When her parents visit she gives her mom foot massages and I see how her dad also cherishes her mom. Honestly, if she cheated on me she would believe God was going to strike her down…she prays every night before falling asleep in bed. I know this sounds ridiculous on ROK but you’re talking to a mongering bastard saying this, marriage has been great & mine seems to only get better. Oh yeah, and knowing the value of a dollar, she saves better than I do. You cannot group women into latina/asian/american/ etc too much because the majority are dumb whores in any square mile of the world. I am agnostic, but if you find a woman who puts God first & you second, you have one brainwashed to living a fulfilling life with you. Heard that elsewhere and it is true, religion was practically made to keep bitches off the streets.

      1. Feminists screech that religion is all about controlling women and I thought to myself “you’re right “…..

        1. Religion is indeed all about control. Control of ourselves, eachother, and our worship. To live the proper life (religion=living the proper life) requires it all.
          But before religion you must know God. God and religion are separate. God comes first. From that flows religion.

        2. They sure as fawk carry no honor on the merits of their own integrity & reasoning, has to be scared into them with a lil’ heaven or hell propaganda hehehehehe!

        3. Yep. It’s all about conditioning the worst human impulses out of our behavior.

      2. “marriage has been great & mine seems to only get better.” yes, here too. i’m definitely not saying all latinas are good wife potential, but you have a better shot than in an anglo country.
        out of curiosity, did you get married in the church? if so, how did that work, being an atheist? i’m kind of agnostic, kind of christian, and i ended up talking her priest into it, but i thought maybe they wouldn’t allow a full-blown atheist to get married in the church, at least not in central america where they are pretty hardcore about their catholicism.

        1. haha she wants the same thing, to be married by the church. I tried to go to Catholic classes with her and smile my way through, but it was too much utter bullshit. I figure I’ll just go down there and slip the priest a $20 to get it taken care of. Right now we are married but have not had the huge ceremony etc. Been married 6 years, dated her a couple before tying it down. She doesn’t try to change me

        2. There is still a lot of interesting stuff to be found within catholicism. Granted that a lot of the theology that makes its way down to the parish level is very dumbed down to the point of being bullshit……dig into the original scholars who influenced those teachings and you find a lot of redpill truths. Plus if you’re interested in esoterism there’s a LOT of hidden allusions and symbolism in the church.

        3. I will dig for the good stuff and try to shake off the window dressings & traditions

      3. Well that settles it. When I am ready to settle down I am getting a Central American Catholic for real! Out of interest, do you live in the states with her? Or were you forced to move down to Latin America?

        1. In the states, visit her homeland to vacation/surf though. If I was Mormon, I’d have had my second wife the last time I was there. How often do women in pencil skirts at the grocery store chat you up to hone their English in the states? haha one was trying to pick me up it seemed, such a great contrast to how shitty the states have become

        2. Indeed… looks like there is great truth to the great migration after all. 😉 Out of curiosity, what religion do you identify with?

    5. 100% My current GF knows, that if she gains weight and doesnt get control of it with in weeks of it happening, I will move on, a woman’s place it to be fertile, a mother, a wife and attractive.

  10. 9. Make your wife’s career her family.
    It will keep her away from the toxic divorcee co-workers who lie about how awesome their weekends are. It will also keep her focused on maintaining the household and keep her busy. Idle wives cheat.

  11. The second paragraph is soooo spot on it’s surreal…another takeaway is if you think you have secrets between you and your wife…you DON’T!
    Women tell all. If you’ve been having casual flirtations with a hot mommy that is on any branch of this chain your wife will find out. If you’ve been doing something kinky in the bedroom with the Mrs. one of your buddies is going to come up and mention it to you and you will be shocked

  12. I can speak from experience that these are all great points. However, they only reduce risk. After 20 years of marriage, my late 40’s wife has gone ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ on me despite mastering 1-4 and 8. 5 does not apply and 6, quite honestly is anxiety inducing. You can ‘keep tabs’ for so long; it can become obsessive and only f*ck with one’s head. 7 – My wife has lots of single (divorced & never married) and married friends and that, along with Facebook, the media, her body / hormone changes etc. has induced a mid-life crisis. It is quite sad.
    Her problem, like other mid-life women, is that she has never grown up. Being an Alpha and leading in a marriage is fine, but when your wife never truly grows up and does not know how to make herself happy, none of these things can prevent her from going ‘off the deep end’. Take it from me, marriage can be a great thing. I love my wife and we have had an excellent run. However, a lot of women (and men) hit mid-life having been on auto-pilot for years. They have no idea how to self-care and be happy ‘in their own skin’, so they freak out and seek external validation and attention to fill the inner void that only they can fix.

    1. You just hit on why I’m confident in my marriage.
      My wife had to “grow up” as a teenager due being part of a family that was both large and unexpectedly impoverished. She learned very quickly that adult life isn’t about the attention or fun you get but about taking care of your responsibilities.

      1. Hold your horses. She is a woman and is hypergamous in nature. Don’t think she won’t trade you for something better.

        1. Sure, just the same way that guys are incapable of being loyal because nature has programmed them to be hypergamous as well….nope, no such thing as a loyal marriage ever has existed.

        2. It’s that belief that NAWALT caused many men grief. Always keep that in the back of your mind so you can be more prepared when/if it happens.

        3. Times have changed. Communication has changed. All a female has to do is install an app. Boom! 100’s of dicks lined up and ready to go. The loyalty math isn’t your favor.

        4. Ah yes, slogans and diatribe…..the realm of feminists and the perpetually unsuccessful. I suppose it’s possible that some men who have done well with women are like that, but I’ve never encountered anyone with a level of game higher than pumping and dumping mediocre women bitch about “AWALT”.
          This “female nature” you all bitch about has as much to do with socialization as it does genetics. It’s an important factor you all forget.

        5. Well then good thing that relationships are more complicated than balancing a mathematical equation, despite what nerds believe.

        6. haha, better than believing in fairy tales. You carry on a discussion like a woman… “Oh my feelings and need to believe outweigh cold realism.”
          This might not be the place for you.

        7. Why not ask Jefferson? He seems to have maintained a good marriage as well.
          Nobody’s arguing in favor of hollywood bullshit style “love” marriages. They’re much more difficult affairs than that.
          You also might want to consider that your “reality” of getting shit on and mistreated by women (because your game is also shit) might not be my reality.

        8. My game? My game is tight enough to understand that which is external can only be controlled to a certain extent. You can play a hell of a game but you can’t make every shot.
          As for the “make her cum till it hurts”… Congratulations, you found what’s under the clit hood.
          After the experience of time has its way… You will reflect on this. Good luck brother!

        9. Jeff has said it himself that he married a woman in the older times and women then are more loyal. If you can settle with a woman much older than you go right ahead

        10. Lot of these guys here that talk about a fantasy wedding and marriage need to understand they sound like single women that sit around wondering why there isnt marriage material men.

        11. Just because you got divorce-raped and have been cheated on by every girl you’ve ever had an LTR with doesn’t mean everyone does.
          Give up MGTOW. It’s achieving nothing other than making you into a miserable, bitter, person.
          I suppose it’s always possible but the odds are remote in this case due to her upbringing…..and even if it happens it won’t take long to replace her and I get over it. Which, ironically enough, makes it more likely for the relationship to work.

        12. Sorry, not a fantasy wedding. I’m more of a realist in that regards in that I believe there is no happily ever after, and that making a marriage last that long is only possible (not guaranteed, possible).
          And you wanna know the real reason there “aren’t” marriage material men? What I can tell you about them(growing up old school south) is that the men who are both alpha and marriage material got taken off the market very quickly by the tiny number of marriage-minded 8+ girls out there. All of the ones I knew that actually are alpha are married with kids and pretty happy in their marriages.
          True to form the only person in that social circle who is an exception was the one who married a shrew-ish “Career woman”. Everyone told him it was a mistake before hand(she treated him like shit) and of course he insisted on it anyway.

        13. Man, I do feel sorry for you (and not in a condescending way) but you HAVE to understand people change, just the way it is. In the past there was little to zero media out there going on and on about cougars and threesomes and girl-on-girl and the rest 24-7, so the degree that people changed wasn’t as bigger factor. You also HAVE to understand that women are never ever happy with static. Get a nice house – GREAT! 5 years later – NEED NEW HOUSE! Go to Hawaii for holiday – GREAT! Next year – WE NEVER GO ANYWHERE NEW! And when it comes to you and your cock, same deal. She’ll be craving fantasies that you simply cannot provide e.g. kissing a girl.
          You may be great. She may be great. Give it time, the media and her friends will fuck it up for you.

        14. Sure you’re not a chick? Should of just went with “who would want a bitter virgin misogynist living in mommy’s basement”.
          You don’t get to pick and choose of what is. It just is… and you’re simply getting pissed at the messenger because it goes against your feels.
          To stick with the red-pill theme, I’ll just call you Cypher.

        15. “Pick and Choose” is what you’re trying to do.
          You’re the one in here deriding the idea of a healthy, functioning relationship is nothing more than a fantasy when there’s any number of guys in this thread alone, let alone on the RVF forums, who have successfully done what you claim is impossible.
          You’re not fucking red pill. You’ve just swapped one blue pill for another.

        16. What makes you think I don’t understand that?
          Of course people change. The important thing you’re missing is that “people changing” isn’t something that just happens on its own. You have an enormous amount of control over how you change.
          In my case I got shredded socially in high school. I COULD have “changed” by becoming an SJW who snivels and whines about “bullying” all day….instead I chose to enlist and put myself in an environment that was conducive to growing the fuck up. Back then drill sergeants really didn’t care for any pussyfooting or bitching. It sucked ass but I adapted, survived, and ultimately changed in the way I wanted.

        17. Please, point out where I said a healthy functioning relationship is impossible.
          The absolute control idea you have in your head is the fantasy.
          Is the risk and effort worth the reward (in the west)? Hell NO.

        18. Cool story bro, tell me more about how you willfully signed up for slavery because you couldn’t do it yourself.

        19. Dude, I’m not talking about YOU changing, just your little cupcake of a wife changing into a raging whore or a wilderbeast or a feminist or whatever. And there’s nothing you can do to stop that except, maybe, slap her around a few times to keep her into line. Also lowering her self esteem helps. Sounds fucked up, I know, but so’s marriage.

        20. “slavery”.
          Wrong word, because slavery is absolute ownership. The term you’re looking for as an indentureship.
          Also I doubt you’re brave enough to say that to any of the other vets that write for ROK and post here.

        21. I’ll say that to anyone as that is my POV. Just depends on the context of how big a dick i’ll be about it. Basically trolling at this point, no sense to go further.

        22. I didn’t have to. I am roughly of GoJ’s cohort. However, I went much younger on the basis that no man should ever marry any woman over 25; no matter how old he is. My answer to the sluttishness and low worth of American women was to not go with an American woman. To the catholic guy spouting that Catholics have this radical low divorce rate, he seems to live in a different universe, perhaps parallel, and perhaps not. Go with a 25 year old virgin from a part of the world where being a catholic means something; as opposed to the mere façade of faith which women have in the US.

      2. Fine your lady is one of a kind, a saint. I won’t question this.
        Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the worst, or at least think through a plan. She could get a brain tumor, she could hit her head…, anything can happen.

        1. “one of a kind” (yes, I recognize your sarcasm) would be going to far. I know a lot of dudes who’ve had great marriages with great women. It’s not so much about them being special but..it’s because people really are like dogs. If you socialize and train them well from a young age they can be loyal to the death. If not they’re as likely to bite you as they are an intruder.
          And trust me, I actually do have some backup plans were anything to happen.

        2. LOL at all the 20 somethings with life figured out, thinking 100% of women turn out like something ready for a Jerry Springer show. Men of character seek out the same to partner with, and guess what- she might not look like a perfect 10, but a ride or die 6 or 7 is better than a stab you in the back 8+.

        3. Not a 20-something here. Closest I’ll get to revealing who I am is that I’m just over 30, from a military school with a long tradition of “misogony”( masculinity) and now work in a high finance job. Let’s just say that I’m in a much better place than wondering if I should teach English.
          You’re absolutely correct about the last part. My experience is that people generally gravitate to others of about the same character to partner with….in pop culture, that’s why Jordan Belfort and his second wife or Kim and Kanye were a perfect matches. All are sociopathic, narcissistic users.
          Someone’s going to jump in about the “nice guys”, but i’d argue that very few “nice guys” are actually nice people. Most are no different from other guys that just want to get their dicks wet. Only thing different is that they’re such pussies that they won’t say say directly and instead try to buy their way into her pants by acting nice. It doesn’t work but predatory females will instantly recognize them as easy marks.

        4. Wow, we’re like opposites. I am the same age, did the finance thing and then joined the military. Not a grunt branch though. Nice guys are lame in the manner which they expect to be paid out in pussy in exchange for being a rug with manners. Being a gentleman with a some honor/ethics to those deserving of it is different. Treat trash for what it is, always.

        1. Funny, I seem to recall a couple of people telling me this about a year ago when I posted.
          Hasn’t happened yet. She still cooks me anything I ask for and will put out anytime I want. I was going to say “ask”, but I realize I never do ask. I just lead her to where I want her and start taking her clothes off, and she gets the message.

    2. “They have no idea how to self-care and be happy ‘in their own skin’,
      so they freak out and seek external validation and attention to fill the
      inner void that only they can fix.”
      This ^^
      I think thats why most girls are only good for fucking/getting pregnant instead of being a ‘ride or die’ wife material girl. They aren’t content in their own skin so even if you are the ‘perfect’ husband she will always devalue you in projection of her own real or perceived worthlessness

      1. That’s a key point and it’s why most bluepill types of both genders fail miserably at marriage. They don’t know how to validate internally and resort to sluttery, thrill seeking, attention whoring, or credential chasing in order to satisfy their egos.

        1. You’re gonna get divorced. Face it, and get the fuck out of there. It’s either that (a reality check), or getting the fuck out of here.

        2. Maybe, It’s always possible. But the odds of divorce in my particular demographic (NFP practicing Catholics who did not sleep together before getting married ) is about 1%.
          So it’s extremely unlikely even if you don’t account for me being a better leader and controller than 90%+ of Catholic guys.

    3. Solid stuff here my man. Many women never mature past their teenage mentality. I know women that are 40 who can barely keep their lives together and act like spoiled brats when things don’t go their way, kind of like…children.
      Sorry to hear about your wife splitting. This article does make it sound like way too much effort to keep your woman “interested”. End of the day, they’ll do what they like and with who. Too much risk and investment for very little reward these days.

      1. If the man cheats then it’s his fault. If the woman cheats it’s the man’s fault for not giving her an excited life

        1. To be fair fault isn’t mutually exclusive.
          If a shrew won’t put out, then she shouldn’t be surprised when her husband picks up some action on the side. If a dude is a terrible leader and lets himself get a soft, shitty, body then he shouldn’t be surprised if his wife finds her way onto a thicker and harder cock.
          Neither justifies cheating, just makes it more likely.

        2. No one’s going to agree with you here because we’re not brainwashed. It’s like trying to convince an adult that santa really does exist. You’re wasting your time trying to seek some validation that your marriage will be alright. It won’t. You’re already a dead man walking and you don’t even know it.

    4. Some really good points here about women general
      When my mate was going through divorce I told him the reason his wife was being a cunt was her self esteem was literally non-existent. She had front but I could look her eyes and see she had no real self respect
      It took him a while to understand me

      1. Learned that lesson the hard way through my own live in situation. You can always tell the ones who have no self respect by how often they need to see an image of themselves. It is as if, the less the see themselves, the harder it is to remember they exist.

        1. Bottom line is they don’t have anything meaningful going on in their lives much of the time

        2. The funny thing is, I don’t believe a woman was built to have anything meaningful in that sense. They can retain duty but they don’t have life purposes in the way that a man does. And creating a new human trumps almost everything in relation to a man.

        3. I agree
          But there are swathes of western women who are either
          a) childless
          b) have kids but have little motherly contact with them

        4. True, but the child, only comes about based on how strong the view the man as a whole. My ex wanted more than 4 kids out of me and cried about it. If they find no alphas, they will still have loads of sex and excuse it as being adventurous. It may also be less about the child and more about being tied to strength.

        5. You know what my rule was for dating?
          NEVER get into an LTR with a woman who posts more selfies than are necessary to complete her online profiles. If you’re looking for them on dating websites it’s a red flag if all their pictures are attention whoring selfies.
          Selfie taking is directly proportional to propensity for sluttery.

    5. The issue is lack of growing up, they lacked experiences, and see all the others around them and divorcees on tv living a certain way, talking about this cock, and that cock, and have you tried a black cock, o no, when then you been missing out girlfriend. And thats all it takes. Women also are insecure. No security means weakness.

      1. That’s it in a nutshell. A lot of them have shitty self esteem because they know, deep down, that they’ve never had to struggle and work for anything.
        The difference is immediately apparent in my in laws. While mine was raised very strictly and in near poverty, she’s got two younger sisters who were raised with a much lighter hand, not really challenged by their parents, and generally got whatever they wanted. Also worth noting that they’re young enough to have grown up with smartphones and selfies.
        Both of them started riding the carousel as teens. Neither can cook or clean. Both have mental issues and one even had a full blown nervous breakdown.
        Thankfully seeing them self destruct has caused my wife to swear up and down that our children are going to be raised the way she was rather than the way her sisters were.

    6. ^^this^^ Women can’t get their minds around aging and getting old. It is my contention that is why you don’t see any female philosophers. I can’t name a philosopher of note that is a chick.

    7. I say it’s time to make yourself happy, focus on what you want and go from there. If it doesn’t work out then it just doesn’t.
      I wouldn’t waste the time worrying about “what if”…if it happens then it happens. Focus on yourself, what you want, etc…and then see what happens. I guarantee you start doing that and you’ll see more women keeping an eye on you “as the prize” and your wife will be the one trying to keep you.
      I’ve seen it in action. Start focusing on you and it will make a world of difference.

      1. Here’s hoping brother! If you have to believe anything, why not believe in yourself?

    8. Its a spiritual issue. She’s trying to fill that little void inside that can only be filled by God.

        1. Except that never really seems to do it, does it? Just like becoming trans never makes people happy.

    9. It doesn’t matter how traditional a woman thses guys on RoK find if she is ever exposed to other women or media she wil become just another of them

  13. The wife of the crossfitter is cheating with a fat overweight dude? I’m willing to bet that the Crossfitter even though he is fit might have some beta personality and the fat overweight dude is probably loaded with money, cash, and power (personality).

    1. More likely he lost interest in his wife because she let her body decline. She’s desperate for any kind of male attention.

    2. The crossfit dude probably has a little honey on the side that the author is not aware of.

    3. Any man regardless of his look can make a woman horny with words, actions or just attention. Nothing is permanent nor granted in life, your friend, the plumber, the delivery guy or your neighbor can bang your wife anytime if you are not home. A woman’s reality is distorted by her emotions, any dude capable of pushing the right buttons will make her panty drop in the blink of an eye, making that hamster fall off the wheel. That’s one big mistake a lot of guys make when they say ” I know my wife, she would never cheat on me “. Shut the fuck up I want to say. Make some reasearch about women’s sexual fantasy and you’ll realize that “fucking with a stranger” and “cheating on hubby” are common ones. I’m not saying that all married women are cheaters, I’m just pointing out that it remains a possibility and therefore it should always be kept in mind by any man who is planning to get married at some point.

      1. I agree with you.
        “A woman’s reality is distorted by her emotions”
        absolutely which is why I will never fully trust what any women says.

      2. “I’m not saying that all married women are cheaters” — I disagree.
        Maybe not cheaters cheaters, but I think the vast majority(and I mean over 95%) will cheat at least once during the life of the marriage.

    4. Other possibilities to. I’ve known a couple of crossfit instructors and what they all had in common was that they were very insecure and acted like they had something to prove. Even if the wife doesn’t consciously realize it I’m sure that inner weakness impacts her perception.

  14. I love my wife of 16 years and our 2 children. The Christianity point is a good one. I would also suggest: Look at the relationship she has with her parents and especially her father. We all learn from our parents. We either learn what to do, or what not to do. That’s as good as an indicator to what kind of wife she will be as any.

    1. If a woman has a bad relationship with her dad, she isn’t worth a second of your time.

  15. First paragraph says: “Up until now, my circle of friends has remaind…” May want to fix that. Otherwise, good article.

  16. Good article
    I recommend –
    1. Always have projects of your own that suck her away from the nothingness of female company
    2. Be a bit of a bad cat. Have a few wild nights a month so she know she can never fully tame you. Keeps anxiety to a healthy level
    3. Casually disrespect all her friends. To their faces too. Nothing too offensive but put yourself firmly on a level above them. They may not like you but they will respect you and it will show when they talk to your wife.
    These things have worked for me
    It’s Thursday, the weather is great. I’m off to the pub!!

        1. would be hilarious if the two of you were typing this from the same internet cafe

  17. Seriously, when is this whole “focus on my career” bit going to stop? We all see it for the sham that it is. Once an ideal provider comes in and dangles the right carrot in front of their face, suddenly that there career gets put on ice. Everybody knows this.

    1. Its funny right? Women obsess over their “careers” but only one career matters and that’s the man’s. Who’s going to put food on the table when she has three kids running around? There’s only one career women need to worry about and that’s their man’s.
      And I don’t know a single man who “focuses on his career”. We just get up, go to work, do our best and come home again.

      1. “focusing on my career” is code word for “I’m a selfish person who doesn’t give a shit about my boyfriend/husband’s needs”.

        1. Or if she’s single “I’m focused on my career until some schmuck who I deem ‘good enough’ and with adequate income to support us both mainfests”.

        2. It means that everyone else around them is expected to subordinate everything to the woman’s agenda.

  18. “Fuck your wife” is key advice. One of the best ways to keep a girl on lockdown is to do what players do and get her literally addicted to your dick…..and in order to do that you need to be good enough that you can get her to lose control and become vulnerable to suggestion on your part.

    1. This is why its so important to marry a woman that you never get tired of fucking. I nearly married a woman who was not capable of satisfying me. Disaster averted. Now I’m with a chick who sucks my brain out through my dick like its a straw. I’m always ready for that one.

      1. That’s until the kid(s) come out and she blows up like a balloon. You can’t predict that shit from happening.

        1. But you can stop it from happening. Contrary to popular belief, it is not natural to get fat when one is pregnant. That comes from twinkies and yum-yums.

  19. How will upping their game help these guys? Isn’t thier game already about as “up” as its possible to be? Dread game? Doesn’t work on a wife with a couple of your kids. These guys are boned and filleted already – they just don’t know it yet. What they need is not better game, but a skilled divorce lawyer.

  20. The prime directive of feminism is destruction of the family. Media promotes divorce by appealing to the anxiety inherent in the possibility of un-optimized hypergamy.
    Hence the proliferation of divorce porn.
    I was at a Crossfit Box recently and I overheard this Aussie woman talking about divorce and she told the other woman “join the force, get a divorce.” Granted she is in her 40s and a very good looking woman, but she is the exception and not the rule. Plus from what I know about her she got a big divorce rape payday. She’s nice but totally self absorbed. When I met her personally she introduced herself by both her first and last name. I don’t even remember her name.

    1. Yes. How many feminists have you met that loved children?
      By the way, I am Australian and our women are sickening. American women, despite the rep have on this site, are definitely better

  21. I can vouch for this. I have a female family member who has proved the lessons of the RedPill to me. She has 3 children, and 2 of them were fathered by a man other than her husband. In fact, on her wedding day she was already a few weeks pregnant with the other man’s baby. Despite this, she goes to church every Sunday and pretends to be a Christian.
    When her husband filed for divorce she acted like she was shocked, even though she had a boyfriend on the side (yet another man who didn’t father her other children). And believe it or not, she doesn’t seem mentally insane, she acts like a perfectly normal woman because she is. This is the way they are, fellas. Her soon-to-be ex-husband is a stereotypical beta bucks. He has lots of money, but tries to avoid confrontation.
    My girl tried to shit test me on the whole cuckold thing. She said, “you wouldn’t love those children even if they weren’t yours?” (Typical female logic.)
    I replied, “I love my brother, but that doesn’t mean I should be legally and financially obligated to pay his way through life. The real daddy should pay for the child, whomever he may be.” I made clear to her that, if I ever were to marry, there are several places that provide cheap paternity tests. If I ever had any doubts at all I wouldn’t hesitate. Then I’d explore my legal options, as I believe paternity fraud is illegal in some places.

    1. What kind of fucking brain surgeon would marry a woman pregnant with another man’s baby?

      1. He didn’t know she was pregnant. She had been engaged to him for a while. She was already cheating on him on their wedding day, and was already pregnant at that point. But it was so early in the pregnancy that she wasn’t showing. I know this because she told me.

        1. This reminds me, I swear all baby celebrations for the men should be held off till dna testing. She has a baby, everyone goes congratulations sweetheart. The baby is dna tested, everyone goes, congratulations, you’re the father. I’m calling it the “DNA Shower.”

        2. Reminds me of a study a while back. They recorded the conversations of families in the maternity wards after the mother had given birth. They found that the mother’s family was far more likely to talk to the “father” about how much the baby looked like him. Hahaha. There is so much manipulation, intimidation and shaming if you want to verify your baby is actually yours.

        3. OK I only saw “pregnant” “wedding day” and “other man’s baby”.
          That is unbelievably fucked up. Wow. Not much worse a woman could do to you.

        4. I agree, but she’s a family member so I have to be political about it for my own sake. If she weren’t a family member I wouldn’t have a problem outing her to everyone in public and ruining her rep. She deserves it.

        5. I didn’t know she cheated until many years later. As her children grew up, I had always noticed that a couple of her kids looked nothing like her husband. My gut made me suspicious, but I didn’t know for sure until she told me while she was drunk.

        6. Huh! That’s, indeed, an interesting study of human dynamics. If you can, try and find this book that was published in the 60’s or 70’s called, “The Games People Play.” It studies different role-playing we use to manipulate situations. Here’s one (can’t remember the title): If the woman’s scared of intimacy, or just isn’t horny, if she notices her boyfriend/husband getting aroused she’ll try and trigger an argument, e.g. start asking him about “their” savings, or the holiday they never went on, or the one valentines day he forgot and, sure enough, they’ll end up not having sex that night.

        7. Believe it or not the hamster can easily rationalize her actions. I am sure she thinks she did nothing wrong and has absolutely no remorse.

        8. And testing should be make obligatory. You almost start to think that the limited amount of time (3 days here) to declare a newborn has a plan to it: to prevent you from testing if the child is yours. If we could make that three weeks, so that the paternity test results can come in, that would certainly be terrifying for women and end cuckolding once and for all. Now how often does cuckolding happen? Not sure. May range from a couple percent to 1 in 10. With technology getting better and better, in a few decades we’ll have on demand DNA paternity tests, as fast as that machine you see in the movie ” Gattaca” .
          Trust is good, but control is better.

    2. “My girl tried to shit test me on the whole cuckold thing. She said, “you wouldn’t love those children even if they weren’t yours?” (Typical female logic.”
      how much leash do you give her? normally it´s: she works, comes home, stays home – that´s her leash length. she is simply not allowed to go her own ways.

  22. Good article, but I take issue with pushing men to work harder to bang their wives, especially given that the men in the story are fit, smart, and have a high SMV. And their wives aren’t much to look at. If you are putting in the work in the gym, as well as having a strong brain and conversational skills, why should sex be such a hang up with a woman you are married to. It should be effortless, and if she’s not giving it up, then I don’t blame the guy at all for tuning out. The same goes for going out at night if you are single and have the looks and brains, sex should not be such a hoop jumping session. I’m sure the pro-Game members may disagree, but in my personal experience, all the great sex I’ve had with women has been near effortless. Conversation flowed, flirtation was continuous, and it just happened. No BS, and ESPECIALLY no hoop jumping. And as a husband with those traits, that sounds to me like a waste of time.

    1. I’ve heard somewhere that more sex with your wife will mean she gets healthier. It makes sense since she’ll want to be attractive to her mate.

  23. Maybe the marriages are already over. In that case, the husband should try to lessen the impact. Try to make it work as long as possible until the kids are at least 16 years old. If you know of this situation, you should honestly warn them. Otherwise, you’re in on the secret. It might be hard to improve sexual interest with fat women. Weight is hard to take off. At least the woman who is having the emotional affair hasn’t done it yet, but once exposed, it will get ugly. It might just be the ultimatum that ruins the marriage. Perhaps you can get your wife to reason with her.
    Change the routine. Have more family vacations. Create busy body activities at home. Do some home remodeling. In the background, hoard some money. Speak to some lawyers. Know your rights.

  24. What do all these add up to?
    In the word of a mentor I had “boredom is kryptonite to women”.

    1. Nah, the simple truth is women are very, very similar to cats. If you feed a cat the best-cat-food-gormet-shit-in-the-world it’ll love it; the next day it’ll look at you like, “What the fuck, man, I had this shit yesterday!?”

      1. Sometimes I think that cats only eat your food just to make you feel better.

      2. You realize that your comparison actually strengthens my argument? The fact that it’s the same boring shit matters more than the quality of it…..hence “boredom”.

        1. Huh? I thought we were pretty darn civil, since there’s no real argument (since we can both read).

        2. Uh, Tim, neither had their bags out. Think you took your sensitivity training program a bit too seriously.

      3. You’re doing cats a disservice-they’re a far more loyal and nobler creature, and even mice look sympathetically at poor tortured men.

  25. Oh look, another “374 Things you can do to make your baby blue whale with more rolls than a bakery and a mass so large she has her own goddamn gravitational pull fall in love with your dumbass(again) and never leave you for the unemployed HIV-infected junkie who practically lives at the bar and gets more ass than a toilet seat @ taco bell” article on ROK.
    What’s so hard to understand that laws written on the books in western countries INCENTIVIZE women to tank her marriage, destroy her husband financially and her kids emotionally for any or no reason whatsoever and cash in her frivorce rape check for 18 years?
    If these same laws were in place 50 years ago then there’d be no western/anglo country standing today, PERIOD. They’re designed purely to destroy family, community and the loyalty a woman would have towards her man if she didn’t have the welfare state and various government programs to cushion her fall no matter how badly she fucks up.

        1. Yeah, if people start voting against Leftoids they’ll just import more poor immigrants and give them voting rights.

  26. Michael Sebastian:
    This of course begs the question…
    What did your Wife say about you when the subject invariably came up?
    Did you ask?
    Can you take your wife’s words as de facto truth?

    1. Heh. I didn’t ask.
      No man is exempt. Everyone has to assume leadership responsibilities over his family, and that means making sure that everything is in working order. I hope I am living up to my responsibilities, but I can’t rest on my laurels.
      Marriage requires eternal vigilance.

      1. Thanks for the honest response.
        “I hope I am living up to my responsibilities, but I can’t rest on my laurels.
        Marriage requires eternal vigilance.”
        I completely agree.
        Take my advice friend: Don’t ever get complacent. Stay on your game because no matter what your Wife tells you, you have to presume that because of her emo-instinctual nature she will likely respond to her friends differently than she would you.
        No offense intended to her, of course.

      2. “Marriage requires eternal vigilance.”
        So true brother.
        The word everyone is dancing around here is respect. She has got to respect you as that leader. I would also throw in a little bit of fear isn’t a bad thing either.

  27. The crop is indicative of the climate and the soil. A soil of no culture and constant social media inundation coupled with a climate that fosters hypergamy and absolutely no accountability whatever will yield a crop with little,if any, worthwhile or redeeming traits-aside from sex. These will make terrible mates and even worse mothers because they will spread their fucked up views to their kids.
    God pity if you procreate with these damaged people.

  28. Willing to bet:
    – Cross-Fit is banging a hottie(s) and doesn’t give a fuck about what Hester is doing
    – Sister Christian probably has a guy on the side, but is discrete enough not to blab
    – Gwyneth is living vicariously through Hester, who feeds her delusion about her SMV

  29. Meh, its just not worth it, do this, do that, do this, do that, its just not worth it dude. If you have to game your wife like having 3 girlfriends, its just not worth it. At least with a girlfriend being cold, distant and aloof will make her work harder, its the opposite with a wife, fuck it.

  30. Women are easy to manage, keep them grounded, make sure they know their role and exercise your dominance only when needed.
    Their instinct cant help but want you.

      1. Yeah… delusional. Guys just don’t want to look the truth in the eye.. Sure, my situation is different.. just makes me smile..
        The only remedy is to cheat more than she does, at least you’ll be ahead of the game when the ax falls.

  31. Must say, refreshing to see a post/submission from a married guy. And the comments are intelligent too. A bit more mature, I really only see “feminazi” and SJW ideas in practice on the Internet, not in life thankfully. Always stay on your game!

  32. This whole article is based on shit that came out of your wife’s mouth. Third party information from a woman is completely useless.
    Just imagine the dirt the other husbands have on your marriage…
    AWALT! Your precious flower isn’t any better than the rest, no matter what type of fertilizer you use.

    1. Yeah, it could be a coded message, like saying, “Come on, it’s not that bad I fucked around, all my friends are doing it too, as you already know…”

    2. I was gonna say that. I bet the snowflake is gobbling cocks just like the other whores she’s hanging out with…

      1. Sadly I agree. Reports back home only account for something when you have physical records to say she was where she was at all times. Women love giving reports as they filter what you see from them and what they can get away with.

  33. Just found out recently that my wife of 7 years cheated during a recent business trip and is actively trying to both maintain current and acquire more men. I have 3 boys under 8 yrs. Although the situation is shitty, she does make slightly more money than I do, so I don’t think she can divorce-rape me.
    We recently went to marriage counseling together, but she got frustrated when she wasn’t getting the answers she wanted to hear, and she has begun expressing interest in getting a tattoo and getting back on birth control for her “complexion.”
    I’ve recently come to realize my lifelong beta-indoctrination (around the time she said she wanted to go to marriage counseling) after swallowing the red pill and have begun trying to improve myself, but I am afraid it is too late.

    1. Stash a decent amount of weed, cocaine and maybe random pharmaceuticals in her car. Call her in for drunk driving. The narco charge will give you great leverage with your kids. Utterly crush that bitch.

      1. Right on. DIRTY is the word. I once took back a dirty whore and changed the rules on her. I screwed other women in front of her and declared that she was now lower on the totem pole for betraying her master. How tounge in cheek or how serious she took me was a factor of her own lowness. I never had the heart to completely throw someone away back then, so I allowed her to stay around and invited her to join in and play the ‘spoon’ and catch the dribble in her face as I screwed other women on the bed WE bought 5 years previous.
        TOTEM POLE MEANS TOTEM POLE. If a woman whores, she goes down a notch. I preached to her face that YES a man can screw multiple women and demand loyalty from all and cohabitate with all but the women cannot screw around with other men. Only ‘wives play’ amongst women is allowed. IT IS LAW!! amen. My ex was such a whore, even with all the new game and excitement in the house, surely the natural patriarchal vibe would saddle her permanently, but she still had her mind on other dick, so she was OUT of the clan. And get this, I was conservative traditional as hell with her alone, but I had to test just what would it take to break her to loyalty to one man, me. Nothing would, with her.
        The returned ex was never a virgin to begin with and was quite damaged goods when I met her. Some women are such pieces of shit, even a perfect beta can’t keep them living or appearing remotely right. She would never even make a good sister wife. I learned with the worst hardened piece of shit.
        Now I preach VIRGINS ONLY and polygamy with 2-3 max in the west. Never officially marry ANY. Marriage is a covenant you and your spouse(s) make with God only. Fuck the state.

      2. It could be difficult if she refuses search. Her not being drunk could ruin the credibility of the call.

        1. Wait until she has a GNO, then it’s not an issue, she’ll have alcohol already on her breath.

        2. As well as cock. “Ma’am, how much cock have you had tonight?”
          “Uh, just about one or two?”
          “Step out of the car, please.”

    2. Never too late. You are as young as you’re ever going to be right now. Do it for your boys. Good luck brother.

    3. Ouch man. Disagree about being “too late” in taking the red pill. It is never too late. The red pill and it’s associated philosophies e.g. neomasculinity, MGTOW etc are vital in all aspects of life….

      1. I just think it is too late to save my marriage. She’s obviously already thrown it away.

        1. What and leave the whoring lifestyle behind? It’s just so dammed exciting to be a filthy, degenerate whore without limits! Why there are blow jobs to be given in nightclub bathrooms, having 6 men taking turns cumming in her butthole, cocks, booze, more cock. Why would she want out of this fabulously gooey way of life?
          Moreover, why would any man with any balls or a brain want her back.

        2. Save yourself, man. You are more than that marriage ever was. You’re a glass of quality whiskey and she’s diluting it with period blood.

    4. She’s also started trying to get back in shape so she can fit into all of her nice clothes for her “next business trip.”

    5. When she got back from her last business trip, I’m pretty sure she made up a story about waking up on a park bench in the middle of the night, thinking somebody dropped a date-rape drug in her wine glass. She said she wasn’t sure if she was actually raped. She had only told her sibling and myself about this “incident” and said she never wanted to talk about it again.
      The next day she was “so relieved” that she got her period. By this time I had already ingested a great deal of red-pill wisdom, so my alarm bells were going off like crazy. That lead immediately to my sleuthing and subsequent discoveries.

      1. Yeah, she was probably afraid she got knocked up and was setting up an “I was raped” explanation to get out of responsibility. This is actually a common female tactic.
        The truth is, if she’s ovulating and she doesn’t want to fuck you, then she’s getting it from someone else. Never forget that. This is the #1 tell.

      2. You are only pretty sure about that bullshit story? How about she had three guys from a bar splooging in her and on her the night before. If you are only pretty sure you just don’t get it. Like AV8R said, today your wife will proclaim she is a chaste, virtuous woman even while she has semen from a syphilitic biker dripping out of her cunt and down her leg.

    6. Empty out your bank accounts now and stash the money somewhere.
      Stop going to marriage counseling, you’re wasting your time and money.

      1. Counseling was her idea and she gave up after 2 sessions (I think they were actually free).
        I don’t want to jeopardize my custody rights by doing something rash. She has no desire to be a good mother, and is very self absorbed.

    7. I am afraid it is too late.

      It probably is too late to save your marriage. The only way to get her respect is to fuck and flirt with other women. She has come to the conclusion that she is higher status than you are, hence why she’s cheating. Hypergamy, bro. Your options are to bring her down or build yourself up.

    8. Get the best divorce attorney you can find and fight for custody of your boys. Don’t compromise with her to “make it go faster” because the lives of your sons hang in the balance.

    9. Tell her to get out of the house. File immediately (with an attorney) and don’t tell her beforehand. Let her get papers served to her. Hide as much money as you can. Get documentation about her affairs from her email and phone NOW. Drive her into the arms of any other man immediately. Give her the freedom she so desperately wants, and never apologize for doing so. If she resists in any manner, go public (in social media) with highlighted details of her actions. Act now, grieve later. Your sons will respect your decision later.
      Deconstruction is the only way to salvage your essence as a man.

      1. Right. Time to install tracker apps on her phone and lo jack her car while you have roam of your (and her) house. You have to get dirty first. There’s nothing dirtier than having guns shoved into your face for court ordered blood money. Hell, set her up big time to fall. I always remember WWF head Vince Mcmann wheeling his wife out in a wheelchair after he had her committed. He didn’t kill her off but he took a howitzer to her hamster with paid shrinks and psychotropics which wear off. But psych meds can literally crush her hamster to death. When she comes to, be there to welcome her as a convert to the patriarchy. That’s just the way women get when they never had loyalty instilled early. The thorzine pill is a tough one for a wild bitch to swallow.

        1. whoa- this wasnt linda i assume? He musta had a previous wife??

        2. I think it was Linda. Back in early 2000’s. Linda stuck her nose into some shit during a fight and tried to boss bitch the situation and had it out with Vince. I think she slapped Vince and threatened divorce. Then the show ended with a drumroll and the next show Vince wheeled her out in a wheelchair and announced that she was ill and was ok but had to return to her psychiatric treatment. Her tounge was hanging out like she was on plenty of haldol. It looked like she had a wig on to cover up shaved spots for electrodes or electro shock treatment. It was a very memorable episode, hilarious.

        3. IF you are correct, how the hell did she run for Connecticut’s Senate seat? Wouldnt the opposition drag Vince’s name thru the mud?
          Great gossip either way
          edit- oh it was part of the “show” lol

        4. The show was pretty wild pre 9-11 2001. I guess entertainment was getting the public revved up and ready. In April ’01 Linda was committed and returned on stage in ‘wheelchair II. Wheelchair I is somewhere in the archives.

    10. Theoretically, if you do a 50/50 split, which is what they always try to do in Colorado, she will owe you child support if she makes more than you. Forget about her, her inner whore is free. Tatoos, birth control, she plans on having semen from multiple men put in her which will completely destroy her genetically. She has been cheating on you for longer than your last business trip. Try to work out a divorce agreement and keep the lawyers to a minimum. Those Shylocks will feed off your flesh till nothing remains. Don’t get married again.

    11. It’s funny you mention SEVEN YEARS because I once had an acquaintence whose wife of 17 years turned whore like she was posessed. He told me he learned that there are critical years in the marriage to watch her like a hawk, these ALL BEING PRIME NUMBERED YEARS. During the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 17th and so on (all prime numbers) is usually when the woman is likely to turn whore, even with dependent children on her plate. This pattern could possibly be founded in some kind of mysticism but many men will admit to trouble with their bitch in these particular years. Begin counting time from when you met her, screwed her or wed her and the trouble clock is pretty accurate.

    12. Too late? It’s not a matter of time, but direction. Simply turn around and keep walking.
      She doesn’t need birth-control: Tell her that her bi-nightly money shot does wonders for those pores. You know what? Fuck that bitch. She’s a pore-whore.

    13. Start moving money, assets and changing access to credit cards right now.
      Custody! Child support has SHIT to do with custody and visitation. Most people are surprised to hear this.
      It may have been over before you knew anything. It is not a reflection of you as a man or a father. Too many men fail victim to the story they tell themselves “Maybe I failed in some way or didn’t do something good enough.” She might start trying to blame you for her failings or the reason why she did it. Don’t buy that shit!

  34. Reading some of these comments reaffirms my commitment to a guiding principle in dealing with women who enjoy the “wife” title. Erase them from your existence. This culture is becoming more blatantly bizarre in attempting to destroy men, therefore it is much better to act first and let the wives figure it out on their own.
    Don’t just divorce them for predictable reasons. Erase them from your life. Anything else will not communicate the value of marriage.

  35. Well, just imagine the few fit and trim housewives out there, how bad are they putting a knife in their husbands gut.

  36. Women are taught that their lives are all about them, and not about others.
    fuck those hos.

  37. MGTOW
    When the only game in town is rigged, only addicts play. MGTOW is are just men who no longer think they can beat the house.
    All men in failed marriages have done all the exact same shit as men in unfailed marriages. You married guys need to stop giving advice because the advice you share isn’t unique, it isn’t profound, and it most certainly doesn’t work.
    Listening to married men is like listening to some mom telling her son to “just be himself.” It’s not necessarily bad advice, but it’s hardly useful.

    1. Yeap. It’s all bull shit. Everybody is fucking everybody these days. Any trace of decency is gone forever.

  38. The author needs to tell the husbands what their cheating wives are doing. How can you look those men in the eyes knowing what their wives are doing behind their back. As an added bonus this will cause such a shit storm that those whores will stop associating with his wife, thus he won’t need to have an argument about how he doesn’t want his wife hanging out with whores.

    1. “How can you look those men in the eyes knowing what their wives are doing behind their back. ”
      All wives do this, probably even the author’s wife (she hanging out with those whores tells a story..).. if not now, she will in the future, and all husbands that think otherwise are idiots.. so why bother with the aggravation? Fuck ’em.
      I’ve seen it done to me, I’ve seen it done to my friends. No exception. It’s just the way it is… They’re OK until the kids come, then they start fucking around for different reasons.. Even for me, who would want to do the same woman for 20-30 years. That’s insane. I absolutely came to the conclusion that in fact two people are NOT meant to live together forever. So maybe this is normal, I don’t know.
      When it comes to women.. yeah you do everything right, you have her respect you and all that mental buffer, but I am certain, no one guy on this forum can bet his left nut that within a 20 years marriage his snowflake did not cheat at least once. You show me that guy, and I’ll eat my hat but while doing that, call him delusional.
      This is the cold truth unfortunately.

      1. You hit the nail on the head with ‘Fuck ’em.’ Giving a shit about whatever your wife/girlfriend is doing is absolutely the worst possible thing anyone could do.

      2. I know what your saying, a lifetime together and there is going to be some problems. Just from the story what these women are doing is completely disrespectful and it sounds like their husbands deserve better.
        After it happened to me I decided that anyone who knew about it and didn’t tell me, can expect a severe beating. So far no one has come up to me and said I knew she was cheating, I just didn’t want to tell you. I found out about the cheating because my ex couldn’t resist telling her whore friend about all the cheating, I found the emails and I divorced her. My ex’s whore friend lives in another state but if I ever see her I’m going to slap the shit out of her.

        1. What happened happened.. It doesn’t matter anymore. That’s the huge help I’ve got from ingesting the RP… I’m not even upset.. I look at it.. ok, well.. it is what it is.. whatever.. moving on and let’s see what’s next.

  39. This whole article is based on the absurd premise that one would have a wife. No sane man would get married. This is not the 19th century – you do not need to get married to have sex! And the divorce laws are so biased against men that to get married is proof of insanity.

  40. Thanks for the heads-up. I’m bookmarking this for future reference and use this when the timing is correct.

  41. All right guys.. Here’s the deal. I am scratching my head trying to understand why are we sitting here talking about marriage. Take a look at this and note people’s reactions. Women, men, children, old, young…. It is absolutely indisputable that marriage is the biggest scam for man.

  42. What the average women needs to understand is the next guy, is only interested in her becuase he doesn’t know her. He understands me she says, no I understand you and wish I didn’t, the next guy is silly enough to think its a good idea. I stay in shape would like to think I’ll be a good father, I think the odds are In my favor that I would be since my dad was a great example. If a guy wants to risk his life trying to get used goods be my guest . If she wants a new man she really can go and get one I dont keep tabs go through Her phone none of that, I think she literally would be doing me a favor becuase I’ll find out or just notice anyhow. I do keep a watch out for her friends though they seem to have tons of influence. All the sudden we must have a kid becuase she just talked to so and so. And I’m sitting here listening to this oh so proud and efficient single mom tell my wife it’s so easy raising a kid by yourself. I almost called he a liar to her face, no what you do is not raising a child, you go to work and drop it off at daycare and let some other women raise it and hope and pray she isn’t running a pedophile ring.

  43. This is so depressing. Women have just gone feral in the last 10 years especially. How can any self-respecting man love and respect the average woman these days? It is particularly sad to see how the media glorifies their degenerate behaviour.

  44. As a married Christian – this is great. Much truth to be found in this short little article.
    I have found its imperative to lead, lead lead. Without – the tendency is for the relationship to go off the rails.
    For example: My wife doesn’t have a lot of self control when it comes to food. (We married before I became red – pill aware) Needless to say – she’s pretty fit for being middle aged – but this is in large measure to the fact that I tell her how we are going to eat. No processed, and all meals made from whole foods from scratch – that she cooks. We only eat ice cream on special occasions – and we always go out to order it. I also initiate long ( 4 mile) walks every night, and strenuous hikes every weekend. In short I take the bull by the horns to insure both my wife and I remain fit and in good shape. Sometimes a guy has to do this to keep his woman fit. In an ideal world this wouldn’t be the case. But if one is committed to the marriage and they don’t want their naturally unmotivated wife to balloon up – that is what the man has to do.

  45. Poor silly PUAs, chasing your tail, to chase some tail. That list is only going to get longer. Mgtow only thing that makes sense.

    1. In the long run, men producing children win the Nature Game. MGTOW is a self defeating philosophy. I don’t begrudge you your choice, but don’t snark at men who actually still like getting some pussy now and then. It’s part of being a human being, the urge to reproduce.

      1. Mgtow is not against having children or getting pussy. Mgtow simply doesnt slavishly chase after either. The only rule of mgtow is no marriage. Instead of trying to appeal to women to do better, mgtow appeals to oneself to know better. Men and women are no longer connected. Period. End of story. Its time for men to find happiness and validation within themselves.

  46. So… You can be the perfect man, and it is not enough? Fuck marriage, then.

    1. True, super stars, millionaires, super-athletes with everything , but still not good enough for women, this woke me up and quick , the common man stands no chance, we’re disposed to think “we’re the exception” or our particular relationship is an “exception” lolol
      lol, once they have 50% of your money they don’t need you anymore,
      I only “love” the way women LOOK, it really is THAT simple.
      STD free? Look good? Then.Good. enough. I say
      all these demands for a woman to have decent personality disgust me quite frankly and i find it beta, and you sound like women making demands in the similar way for mr prince fuckallcharmingnobody

    2. This is true. A neighbor (now moved) started a marriage with a beautiful woman, and they had three kids. Chick turns from a Hollywood HB9 into a very fat, cuntish HB3 in a matter of about 7 years, screams at him constantly and “forced” him to sell his guns as she went full blown leftist feminist on him. Dude never saw it coming. Last time I saw him in public he looked *visibly* miserable. Sticks with his wife though, totally dedicated to his kids. Poor sonofabitch.

        1. It’s a pathetic thing. Dude is around my age, give or take. The woman was drop dead gorgeous, I remember the first time I met her when our house was being built, she radiated pure feminine beauty and energy, was very pleasant and traditional (or seemed so). No fucking idea what happened to her. The husband I feel very bad for. I think his youngest kid is probably around 16 y.o. now, so he only has a couple of years left to tread water. Assuming he hasn’t lost his soul entirely. Dunno, haven’t seen him in the last two years.

        2. I knew a guy in that position. We, his friends, tried to talk to him out of his engagement as we knew what she was. Two years later he disappeared and no one heard from him. Heard he took up a new career and moved serveral states away and only came back to Ohio to finalize the divorce.

        3. You’re in Ohio? I’m near Columbus actually.
          When I first met them, they were already married, and at the time I honestly thought “Good you him” because she was intoxicatingly beautiful.
          About six months before they moved I tried to have a talk with him, in a round about way. You can’t be entirely direct with neighbors about things, because it’s not like they go away, you have to live near them, ya’ know? He was very depressed about most things, and held an obvious resentment about being “forced” to sell his guns. I never got the “forced” part, if my wife decides I don’t need guns, then I decide I don’t need her in my life, just that simple. Poor sorry bastard just went weak I guess.

        4. Born and raised, even an OSU grad, but I have been an expat for almost 20 years and probably will never go back (until the shooting starts).
          I still know a few guys in that situation. After the kids, the wives swing way out of character and the husbands have the “lost the will to live” look about them. Don’t blame them, but you are correct– it’s hard to approach them about it. Even if they did admit the problem, most do not have the fortitude to change anything as the divorce rape/ loss of children, etc… makes it too risky for most to resist. The wife/mother holds everyone hostage to her delusions. Sad way to go through life really.

        5. Man, she must have been arrestingly beautiful, or else you were dehydrated, if your thought process was operating at that level of incoherence 😉

  47. I care nothing about being an ass clown to keep a woman. To hell with all of them.

  48. Too much shit on here about women. Extrinsic apathy, personal ambition and objectivity works wonders for your fulfillment. It even gets you pussy. If you do shack up, remember that your girl needs to be the “4th most important thing in your life,” maximum. (Patrice Oneal)
    Don’t get enraged and foster hopelessness because women are doing what they naturally do. Create a psychic shield that makes you impervious to hypersonic pussywaves. It’s a different story if you’ve got kids, but there are steps you can take to protect them and yourself.

    1. “enraged and foster hopelessness”
      yes, never rely on anyone for anything in life, the more important the object of dependency, the worse it is
      the root of all discontentment is from being dependant on other humans for financial, emotional or other support, there is a difference between cooperation for success, and dependency. Are you the cooperative man? or the dependant man?
      So long as you follow the formula of relying on others, you will be enraged and hopeless, what other possible outcome can you expect?
      ” Create a psychic shield”
      There is no such thing as a psychic shield of protection, or it’d be worth trillions, accept that in life you will suffer unwillingly no matter what kind of zen mumbo jumbo you read, and do not shame yourself in your own suffering.
      happiness is a dream, pain is real
      (though i’d change it to, Happiness is fleeting*”)

  49. Perhaps you’re all taking marriage too seriously. You want a family? That’s fine. Grab yourself a woman, have two or three kids in quick succession and then try to keep your relationship together until the kids are done with high school. Even have a wedding, if you like. But do not marry under the law as it is. The divorce rate and gay marriage should alert you that the present institution of marriage is not at all the one from the fairy tales. Also, don’t begrudge the woman if she wants to part ways after 20 years. She is much more easily replaced at that point than are you.

    1. Common law marriage will nab you in that case. This is *old* law dude, if you’re together with her for a lengthy time, live with her and have kids, the law will consider you married whether you sign a piece of paper or not.

      1. That depends on the jurisdiction where you live (some recognize common law marriages some don’t), but very important advice indeed GoJ!

  50. Good post, but I disagree with point 6. If you think you need to start watching her, you don’t need her. Also I noticed that if a guy is hpyer sensitve about his wife cheating, its because he is banging women on the side himself. Pure projection.
    Of note, I am a marriage advocate as well, but could never recommend taking an American wife. Spoke with my sister recently and she told me of her lifelong childhood girlfriends are all divorced accept one. The last two who recently dumped their husbands claimed, and I quote, “I was bored” as the reason for ending their +15 year marriages with children. One quickly arrived on the the scene shortly after the divorce with a new boyfriend (aka. a guy she has been shagging while married). Never bother with the entitled American females– they will f*ck up your life without a thought or consequences.

    1. Keeping tabs on her is something you have to be secretive about and only do sparingly. If you’re obvious about it, she’ll think you’re a low sexual-marketplace guy for worrying about her being faithful. Don’t be naïve, check on her occasionally, but not so much that it makes you anxious.
      I think an imporant thing for married men to internalize is that her bad behavior isn’t not about you. Women do bad, evil, sinful, harmful stuff. Being good is not something that comes naturally to them. And there’s virtually nothing you can do to make her more virtuous. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 10-foot-tall billionaire, professional MMA fighter, who fucks her like a pornstar everyday. You just have to work to be your best and deal with shit as is happens. If she cheats, divorce her. It’ll be horrible for the kids, but there’s nothing more you can do about it. If she doesn’t cheat on you, you can feel grateful for that. If she doesn’t let herself go and balloon to 200 lbs., you can be grateful for that too.
      But the idea that fucking her regularly, keeping tabs on her, making her be Christian, and shielding her from divorced women will protect you from being cheated on or other shitty behavior is misguided. It suggests that husbands are somehow resposible for sins their wives commit. That’s a churchianity notion and one that buys into the idea that women aren’t responsible for their actions and that if only husbands were more awesome then their wives wouldn’t stray or sin.

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