Why You Should Consider Adding Kratom To Your Daily Regimen

The following article is sponsored by Good Looking Loser and written by Donovan Sharpe.

If you read ROK on the regular, you’ve probably noticed there’s been some discussion about a compound called Kratom. Chances are, you probably haven’t heard of it until recently or immediately dismissed it because it’s a natural compound that promises to do a lot of things. This is perfectly understandable.

Personally, I hadn’t heard of the compound until I read Eric Crowley’s post on it back in March, which piqued my interest. I’m always pretty skeptical of “au naturale” plants because there are so few that actually deliver what they promise to.

To my surprise, Kratom not only delivered, it surpassed my expectations. I currently use it regularly in my weekly regimen and it greatly enhances my performance in many different areas.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about the compound, what you can expect, and how it fits into my life.

What exactly is Kratom?

In a nutshell Kratom is plant that originates from Southeast Asia and is a distant cousin of the coffee bean. It stimulates your opioid receptors and gives you feelings of elation and energy (intensity depends on the strain) without the less than desirable side effects you get from drugs like marijuana or other opiates.

My first experience with Kratom

The first Kratom strain I tried was a Bali/Indo fusion—a good strain for beginners. I took 3 grams (about 1 teaspoon) using the “toss & wash method” which is scooping the Kratom directly into your mouth and simply washing it down with water (you might prefer to mix it with juice or Gatorade however).

About 15 minutes later I felt my mood and energy starting to improve. A few minutes later I felt a sharp increase in my overall contentment and began to think of things I was thankful for and how great my life was. That may sound a bit cheesy but that’s really what happened and was pretty cool.

Before I knew it I was thinking about how much I was looking forward to the process of improving my finances, my body, and my life. This all happened within the first half hour of ingesting Kratom and the feeling and energy stayed with me for a solid four hours.

How Kratom fits into my daily life

I’m the type of person who monitors his daily intake of any substance so as to not build a tolerance or addiction. That said, I use Kratom 3 to 5 times a week.

Most of the time I use it on days I lift. My go to strains are Hyper Hippo, Red Hot Hippo, and Rock Star Hippo on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays respectively. These are all faster strains which give me an insane energy burst. Each of these takes between 5 and 10 minutes to take effect as opposed to the standard 20 to 30 minutes that slower strains take to start working.

I tend to use moderate to slower strains when I need a kick in the pants mood-wise. Some days I’m just in a crappy mood for no good reason. Hell, we all have those days. Kratom is extremely effective in getting me out of a funk on any given day. Happy Hippo I and White Hippo are the strains I typically burn when I need an attitude adjustment. Slow strains are more for mood or well-being, while the faster strains are more for productivity and energy.

What to expect your first time

Everyone’s body chemistry is different so one’s first experience with Kratom may vary from person to person. However, I would recommend burning Happy Hippo I the first time you try it. More importantly do it in a fasted state (not having eaten anything for at least 8 hours) to get the best effect possible.

Upon consuming Kratom you’ll start to notice the effects around the 15 to 20 minute mark. Depending the length of your fast, the feeling will intensify at the 30 to 35 minute mark and remain there until it wears off.

Do not burn more than 3 grams your first time! Taking too much Kratom in the beginning will make you nauseous and/or drowsy and will increase your tolerance. I made this mistake the 3rd time I took it and had a very bad and unproductive day. Unlocking Kratom’s potential will require some trial and error and will vary from person to person.

Less is more

Take it slow, rotate strains daily, and dose it between between 2 and 3 grams and you’ll experience that same first time feeling just about every time you take Kratom. You may have to increase the dose, but it’s better to start on the low end and work your way up.


Natural compounds I’ve tried in the past have had little to no affect on me on account of my past experience with recreational drugs. Hippo Kratom, however, worked and worked well the first time I tried it and is still as effective as it was on day one.

Hippo Kratom is definitely as advertised and can be life changing in many ways. I personally recommend anyone looking to gain a physical or mental edge to give Kratom a try because it will be well worth it if it works for you as well as it has worked for me.

If you are totally new to Kratom, check out Hippo’s Newbie Pack that contains a variety of strains to try.

Donovan Sharpe, Return of Kings

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67 thoughts on “Why You Should Consider Adding Kratom To Your Daily Regimen”

  1. I don’t know about the lot of you, but it might be a little challenging to not eat anything for eight hours, take kratom, then try to go exercise. I hate this cliche because it makes you sound idiotic, but “just sayin’”.

  2. This was posted on twitter, and before I clicked on it, I immediately I knew it was a sponsored post by its title.

  3. Note —- everything listed as “ounces” or “oz” should be grams.
    Newbies should start with 3-4 grams of Kratom.
    not ounces.

    1. Understand that Kratom is an opoid, and like all opoids, chronic use will drastically lower your testosterone levels. It’s nice every once in a while, but you should definitely not use it a lot.

  4. Anyone know if Kratom is available in Thailand? Or what it’s current legal status is there?

    1. Kratom is illegal in both Thailand and Vietnam. Vietnamese kratom is said to be stronger than maeng da.

  5. What is this bullshit? We already have a cheaper substance that works, and it’s called Mountain Dew. Gives you all the energy and sugar high you need to get through your Counterstrike or DOTA 2 match.

  6. Wait……I thought kratom isn’t for human consumption. At least thats whats written on the website of the last company which sponsored a post about this stuff.
    For energy I’ve always liked coffee.
    For relaxation and mood enhancement lately I’ve been drinking homebrew mead. Damn thats good stuff!!!

        1. Green Malay works great for me. I take it before class. Energy lasts for hours.

  7. I’ve tried kratom. There are different strains. Some are more energizing and others are more somnambulant and druglike.
    I’ve heard that you can stack kratom and caffeine if you drink the coffee an hour later and that it could have a cocaine like effect. Which is true. Be very careful stacking this with alcohol. I’ve had bad experiences with that mix. But all in all kratom is something that can be incorporated in anyone’s regimen

    1. Thanks for mentioning the effects of using it with other substances. I was going to ask if anyone knew about the effects or had personal experiences of kratom with alcohol, coffee, etc.

      1. There are other things that effect it’s potency and duration. For instance, its advised to take it with Orange juice for maximum effect. They say that it works slowest and most mild in tea.
        Investigate the strains before you buy them. Each one is different. Maeng Da was alot of fun for me. Bali not so much.

      1. I’m not entirely sure. This doesn’t act or feel like a recreational drug, so you’ll be be disappointed if you buy it for that reason. But it plays off what you stack it with.
        Stacking it with a drinkable caffeine one hour after you burn will give you a strong amphetamine kick.
        Stacking with alcohol cumulatively with hit like a straight up opiate. I strongly advise against this because it was a very bad feeling. But I can’t vouch for how it affects your heart.

        1. In that case I’ll have to pass. I really really really don’t like the feeling of amphetamines. That doesn’t sound like very much fun.

        2. That’s partially false. There are no “amphetamine” compounds in coffee or Kratom. But you WILL be disappointed expecting a high. And his alcohol answer and mine are similar, but its not an opiate effect. Kratom doesn’t enhance drugs. Point blank.

        3. Do your research and then try first-hand. I said nothing about kratom being an amphetamine, but I said that it acts off specific compounds and changes the result. I was using kratom for nootropics and mind hacks to run more efficiently.
          If you check out the sites, and do some online searches, you will find a wealth of useful information.
          Alot off the information on Good Looking Loser has been very helpful.

        4. it’s not an amphetamine, certain strains have stimulating properties (fast strains), but most strains (especially the slower strains) are very much non-stimulating

    2. Apparently stacking it with Mucuna Pruiens works well although it made me over-stimulated.

      1. I’m going from what I read in the website that I took it from. Google search kratom and caffeine. You’ll find it. They said to burn the kratom and no a normal coffee an hour later. I’ve experienced serious mental focus and clarity, but wasn’t tweaking or jawing like you would from cocaine.
        Perhaps the cocaine comparison may have been off but it definitely improved mental functionality

  8. Honest Question:
    How does Adderall effect your work outs?
    What about Snorting it?
    Anyone know?

    1. Email me. I’ve researched this heavily and have plenty of personal experience.

  9. I’ve taken a few different kratom strains (don’t remember the names), the fast strains were like drinking a pot of coffee-much productivity without the side effects of too much caffeen-and the slower strains were equated to rubbing norco on the guns and snorting an addy. Not too bad for biding your time doing superfluous office work.

  10. Can Kratom be brewed into a tea? Used as a food additive/seasoning? As an incense? or smoked?

    1. tea, yes, here’s Victor Pride’s recipe –
      (works with kratom leaves or the powder)
      food addictive –
      yes, but it doesn’t taste good. putting it in a protein shake is a good way to get it down.
      Incense/smoked –
      not really meant for that

      1. GLL
        I hate the traffic and smog in LA and am really into hiking/nature.
        Can you reccomend a good place out West for this?

        1. Santa Cruz. Also Monterrey. One of the most beautiful spots in America IMO.
          Google, “Point Lobos.”

    1. Maybe not an ad but information is great. ☺ Blow the ad part off and he was right about everything except the paragraph about hippo kratom. People think you can DIE from Kratom when in fact, its SAVING lives. Literally. No one knows. Its sad. And when Big Pharma is gone, when their drugs won’t work anymore or they CAN’T make them any longer…we have to go back to the earth.

    1. I clicked on this article specifically to make this comment, and you beat me to the punch, you bastard! heh

  11. All this stuff is insane. Here is your shopping list
    Caffeine (powdered)
    BCAA (powdered)
    Beta Alanine (powdered)
    L-Carnatine (liquid)
    Agmatine (powdered)
    Creatine (powdered)
    Start by mixing together recommended dose and then tweak until you find a recipe you like. For about 100 bucks you have a full 30 day supply of a well researched pre-workout with no negative side effects giving you both pump and energy (and tingles…yah Beta Alanine) and it costs about 3.40 cents per dose.
    Pro Tip: if you can find a bottle of DMAA (like old Synadrex) for 60 bucks (30 pills) and don’t have bad reactions to DMAA you can basically turn yourself into the hulk and still not raise you daily preworkout expenditure past 6 bucks…..
    but yeah, sponsored post so that’s none of my business.

  12. Any suggestions on how to get Kratom living in one of the three states in the USA which it seems suppliers cannot ship to?

  13. Google search kratom stacks. There are a bunch of things that work with or potentiate the powder. IF you have been using this stuff for as long as you have, you understand that each strain has differing effects, some energizing -some for focus- and some for a sedative effect. Some use this for generalized anxiety,weaning off opiates and for mental clarity and focus. This being said, some will affect differently than others. They certainly can be used in stacks BUT you must know which strain you are using and how it interacts with the secondary substance.

  14. does this stuff work along the same receptors as caffeine ? I was a pot a day drinker years ago and burned out my adrenals, now I only drink a cup if I am going to go burn it off, as it usually puts me to sleep.

    1. not really (adrenal receptors), it works primarily on the delta opioid receptor, which is the “safe” opioid receptor, as compared to the ‘Mu’ receptor that Rx pain killers target.

  15. Go to kratomcountry.com for fresher product & fairer prices…& DON’T take kratom every day…some livers can’t take it. Always at least three ‘clean’ days between uses…respect the plant’s power.

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