3 Keys To Unlock Her Wild Side And Avoid The Friend Zone

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If you can’t bang the women you bring home, then you won’t get your goals met. You won’t get laid, you won’t approach with confidence, and you definitely won’t get into relationships from a beneficial frame.

Given a postfeminist society which encourages hypergamy at every possible opportunity, even if your goal is to find a woman with whom to start a family and establish your name, then you will still need to know how to close fast—or risk losing the girl forever.

On the other hand, if you have the right mindsets and techniques to consistently close the women you bring home, then a whole world of sexual possibility will open up to you: one night stands, casual or serious relationships, and a sense of confidence and power that will carry you through your days on point and feeling great.

It’s the difference between spending three hours with a girl just for it all to go to waste, or spending those same hours and taking her as your newest lover. The time commitment is the same–only the results are different.

Since sleeping with attractive girls and potentially having children with them are the primary (some would say “only”) purposes of your genetic potential, it’s tempting to assume that you would already know how to do this.

So why don’t you?

Fed a steady diet of misinformation from a young age, many young men grow up completely unable to understand women. Whether it’s your parents, your teachers or Disney movies….society has been lying to you. You already know this, because you’ve been trying what you’re told “should” work….and it doesn’t.

In fact, it can sometimes even seem like the harder you try, the further away the girl gets pushed, while she throws herself at a guy who “gets it.”

It’s a lonely, confusing, painful way to live, and so I will share with you the top three things that men absolutely MUST know about women if they hope to stay afloat and alive in today’s dating arena.

1. Women Slot Men Into One Of Three Categories


When a woman meets a new man, within a short amount of time, she will have categorized him into one of three “romance potential” categories: either a Loser, a Provider, or a Lover.

A Loser is someone who neither has the potential to provide for her, nor the potential to be a great lover.

A Provider is someone who has more Provider potential than Lover potential—i.e., he is more likely to provide for and protect her with marriage and a house, than he is to seduce her and sweep her off her feet.

A Lover is someone who has more Lover potential than Provider potential—i.e., he is more likely to make her feel charmed and seduce her than he is likely to marry her and give her a family.

She will base her decision on which category to put you in, based on your behavioral cues like the walk you talk, walk, and carry yourself.

2. Women Have Three Distinct “Sexual Personalities”


Due to the shaming nature of society’s attitude towards sex, women end up with “fractured” sexual personalities. There is who she REALLY is, who she PRETENDS to be when she wants something, and who she PRETENDS to be when she wants nothing. I will clarify.

The first personality is “The Prude.” When she is playing this character, a woman will behave and speak as if she has never or rarely had sex, thinks it is very special, and is possibly saving it for marriage.

The second personality is “The Hypocrite.” When she is playing this character, she is trying to convince you she is a Prude while acting like a Free Lover.

The third is “the Free Lover,” a woman who loves and enjoys sex for the inherent pleasure it brings. When in this character, she is acting out her wildest and most secret sexual fantasies.

3. Women Base Which Personality They Show You On Which Category You’re In


This is the real revelation for many of the men who have benefited from my teachings: that the woman will predictably and repeatedly show different sides of herself depending on her interpretation of what type of man she is dealing with.

Since she bases her decision on his behavioral cues, men can deliberately put themselves into specific categories in her MIND–which, again, determines which personality he sees.

She will generally show her Prude side to a Loser, her Hypocrite side to a Provider, and her Free Lover side to a Lover. Logically, if you want to start getting laid faster and drawing out the wild and animalistic side of a woman–which is to say, unleashing her Free Lover–then you need to know how to stop acting like a Loser or a Provider and how to become a Lover instead.

Even if you wish to eventually be her Provider, you will still need to know how to initially engage in Lover behavior in order to sleep with her and build the bond necessary to take the relationship further.

And that’s exactly what I teach in my book, Straight To Sex.

I named it Straight To Sex because, armed with the mindsets and techniques I will teach you, that is exactly what your seduction will look like.

No begging.

No dates.

No extreme financial investment of any kind (that’s for the kind of guy who has to earn each and every scrap of her sexuality).

All it takes is getting your behavioral cues dialed down to trigger the proper emotions and behavior from her. Once she’s yours, you can develop the relationship in whichever direction you choose.

Learn the skills today and buy the book right here.


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76 thoughts on “3 Keys To Unlock Her Wild Side And Avoid The Friend Zone”

  1. sure, whatever, as long as you pay your 9.97 USD right? fuck your product.

    1. although i am fine with people selling a good product, i have to agree in this case. what are the author’s credentials? a half-baked model categorizing men and women and sympathy with the loner? we’ve seen that.

      1. Wait… his categorizing system isn’t based on peer reviewed research?!? Color me shocked.

        1. Is that some sort of ray-cyst swipe? “Colored”? Wasn’t that bitch the head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? Oops.

      2. Drexel Scott here. If you would like to learn more about me and what I teach, then I encourage you to Google my name to see podcasts and various articles I have written all over the internet–including several I have published right here on Return Of Kings under the pseudonym “Ashlar Ben David.” Cheers

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    2. Yeah the last thing we need is people earning a living, those fucking cunts.

    3. It’s a lot cheaper than failing to bang a girl you’re interested in and having to keep driving out to bars and clubs, paying for gas and drinks and parking all hoping the next one magically works out.

      1. Yes, I will give you that. However I am growing increasingly tired of “sponsored” articles that let you get to the end before saying you have to click on a link and send some money to get the whole story. I have no problem with someone making a living, but monetizing something like pickup has never sat well with me in certain ways.

  2. “I named it Straight To Sex”

    A Gladiator does *not* fear death. He embraces it. Caresses it. *Fucks* it.
    Each time he enters the arena, he slips his cock in the mouth of the beast, and prays to thrust home before the jaws snap shut.


  3. Well excuuusssseee me! Maybe if Rodney Dangerfield over here threw some examples out there for us I may be enticed to buy his book. No peeking, no buying! Drexel sounds like a pimp name btw, True Romance anyone?

  4. “If you can’t fuck the women you bring home, then you won’t get your
    goals met. You won’t get laid, you won’t approach with confidence, and
    you definitely won’t get into relationships from a beneficial frame.”
    Says who? you win some, you lose some.

    1. That’s true, but why on Earth would you not want a game plan to win 85% of the time? Why leave it to fate when you could DIRECT the flow?

  5. Loser, Provider and Lover? What about the friend zone? I find the Pandora’s Box categorization to make more sense although I think it is much harder to implement than advertised. Lots of gaps and shortcomings to this system IMHO.

    1. Being in the friendzone is like being a player on the bench; might come in handy at some point.
      Also, they like to see you struggle to hit that pussy because they want to be validated and need to feel like they are wanted.

    2. The friendzone is where the provider sits in for awhile, until she’s over the wall and ready to call him into action

    3. The Friendzone is a Loser. Do not confuse the fact that I had to write a content article, for the fact that my book itself contains a step by step system for how I have an 85% close rate for the first time a woman comes to my house.

  6. Sure, these are general, but just because you want to date a girl long term possibly doesn’t mean you should scrap having some dates and try to bang her. NO girl that bangs on a first date is long term material.

    1. That is not always true and you’re just going to get a lot more experience than you have because I can’t explain everything to you or what to look for.

    2. Sure she might be if she’s a virgin and you’re in Vegas waiting for the Elvis chapel to open in a few hours.

  7. I don’t have to read a book to know that the fastest way to sex is to be sexual. Not making a deal out of it and just show her it’s in your character to talk about it and show you think it’s important in life. Then make suggestions about you two going out or have fun together like it’s no big deal so you don’t look desperate. Women will instinctively know if they can manipulate you with dangling a carrot. Of course I’ve been burned multiple times by girls who were just prudish as hell. But you need to learn what to look for. That’s just trial and error. Don’t wast your time. A “sex within 3 date rule or out” -rule is a good plan for selfprotection.

    1. There are no prudish girls they just didn’t want you. There are virgins who may be nervous but still horny and they’ll still do it if you’re the right man.

    2. Drexel Scott here. With the information in my book, that quickly becomes a “1 date or out rule” because you know the next one to come over will sleep with you if that one did not. 85% close rate for first time she comes over is why I wrote it to begin with. I know everything that is going to happen ahead of time and that is the ability gained from my book.

      1. The reason men post on this site is because most of them already gave up on PUA. The best available option to spend your time is to invest it into yourself, by improving your body, knowledge and finances. I’ll try to find some more information about your techniques first. I think that when an advertisement is posted as a “real” article, a review of some people here should be included as well. That certainly will help your sales.

    1. Internetdating is easy, anonymous, but it’s time consuming with an overal low level return in interest both in amount of dates and in honesty (myspace angles) We all know that women have mendacious appearances. So i don’t know why this is something new.

  8. What’s so bad about the friendzone? In today’s society that might even be preferable!

      1. Honestly, in my experience the friend zone is an easy lay… so many women have told me that ‘were just friends’ only as a test… once they see I could care less I end up fucking most of them (If I care to that is)!

        1. My point is that most ‘friend zones’ are potential lays! Now if the sex continues it becomes a friend’s with benefits relationship… but I like to hit it once or twice in a long while so I just see it as friends! Regardless, when a woman friend zones you, chances are its just a shit test!

    1. It would be preferable if women were capable of building true friendships with men. As we know, they are not. And for that reason it is meaningless to be friends with women.

  9. All you need is the red pill. The red pill is salvation. It changed my fucking life for the better by an enormous margin. The betas, manginas, and feminist cunts do NOT want you to live like a boss. They don’t want you to be ripped and rich and free. They want you to be a loyal , boring, dull, conventional, fucking cubicle-slave droning away for the Cathedral.
    Understanding the innate biological differences between the sexes is step one.
    Understanding that you have been fed falsehoods your whole life is step two.
    Making the logical changes as a result of this new information is step three.
    Take the red pill and in time you will be drowning in pussy and money. Truth.

    1. The red pill, and the fact that the internet has almost every piece of information you could ever need for free, if you search hard enough.

      1. I can recommend Leykis 101. Youtube is full of that stuff. Changed my views on women and dating forever. One day you think you are different, somewhat of a hater, don’t trust women anymore, think dating is a waitinggame, like playing the lottery. Then you hear Leykis explaining some rules that make good sense. Damn, I wasn’t the only one thinking like this.
        40 dollar daterule, 3 date sexrule, never date single mothers, don’t date co-workers, never talk about your finances, don’t game packs, avoid LTR’s, always wear a condom, only have weekend dates when sex is a guarantee your time is valuable, cellphone dating rule, no gifts, intoxicate her with alcohol to bring down the defenses, No Coffee, breakfast, or lunch dates, don’t accept filibustering, eat before you date to avoid costly meals out, have sex at her house only, fake it until you make it, power before marriage and kids.
        All rules to live by.

        1. Yup Leykis 101 on the radio was the intro to game. I believe Ive heard Eben Pagan on the show and that was the primer to game and eventually the book The Game. That lead to Mystery and his disciples. that led further down the rabbit hole,. The best guys Ive found that had a well thought out and believable programas were Vin DiCarlo and Carlos Xuma. Carlos put a lot of time into his programs and make the most sense and practical. As far as sex goes, David Shade is the best then Daniel Rose. The stuff you can learn from David Shade and Xuma is life changing. I still go over the programs to this day on these guys.

        2. Tom is a boy. Here’s the Benway method.
          Never spend any money or wait 3 times to shag her because you want to shag her first when you meet her and get her in the habit at once. If she likes you even if she’s a virgin you can fuck her right then. Guys who will wait 3 times usually waste their time and end up with a friend.
          No condoms, just stuff a sponge into her. Of course in the past females would use protection because I never heard of any getting ‘accidentally’ pregnant but of course there were no DNA tests either.
          Females I know keep their cells off with me or I tell them to.
          And I’m never awake at breakfast time so they can eat something if they want while I sleep in my own quarters (I never sleep with females if I’m not screwing them, it’s uncomfortable, and then afterwards go to my own suite and lock the door)
          Fake it? Tom could only fool a dingbat with his version of faking it and in fact I used to jokingly give him ideas 30 yrs ago when he was a low paid DJ on how to look richer than he was. It’s a pity he didn’t take my advice about getting into shape and not getting married.

        3. I know some Pickup gurus by heart because I listened to their material for years. When we take for instance mystery, his stuff was really original when it came out. But now, having heard the no nonsense approach of Leykis, I feel Mystery is just nothing more than clown game. His explanation of the different steps in the mating game are pretty solid though. But you can’t dissect a conversation from a to z, it just doesn’t work like that. As a man you just shouldn’t give a shit. That should be your first rule. Work hard, and don’t give a shit. That creates confidence and boldness. And is 50% of your game already.

    2. Praise be to the red pill.
      You are right about the drowning in pussy. Someone needs to right an article about what to do with all this pussy.
      Everyone tells you how to get to your destination, no one tells you what to do when you get there.

        1. Easy. Start being the nice guy you’ve been told by all the women including mom. Watch the poon dry up faster than the Sahara Desert.

        2. Unfortunately that would be as easy for me as it would be for you to drink the whole Black Sea, son.

      1. Someone needs to be teaching PADI scuba courses to help navigate the vast sea of pussy 😀

    3. It’s a strange, cold realization when you learn that there exist people who view a man’s journey of self-improvement as a threat. That just fuels my desire to become what I want to be instead of being that edgeless fool slaving away for the Cathedral, like you said.

    4. Very true-after coming around to red pill I’ve seen my success with women skyrocket. I bailed on a lame LTR, partially my fault for being lame, and started living for myself. Women are really drawn to it even if it goes against what we’ve all been raised to believe. You are also correct in that the “prison” doesn’t really like us going our own way. It wants us to consume and produce, rinse and repeat till we rot in the ground.

  10. OT: some of the older writers about subjects that may interest you were very good. Here’s one you may like. She was called Female Misogynist and after writing for a while gave it up 5-6 years ago because she had other things to do etc She was a lesbian but sort of an incel type and wrote about how she came out and wanted to date females and how shocked she was about how crazy they were. Anyway I read her at the time and thought she was good for a girl and some guy must have archived her stuff.

  11. Actually, this is not a bad post considering it is bought and paid for.
    Drexel, I’m not buying what you are selling but don’t let the haters get you down.
    I think the AF/BB dichotomy does not explain much. In my experience, women tend to balance the two when they can and do CC and BB when no “real men” are around.

    1. Drexel here. I don’t have a single unsatisfied customer, so any hatred thrown in my direction for the act of offering information people want, is simply a reflection of their own inner anger and their desire to project it outwards. Can’t get anywhere near me and thanks for the kind words!

  12. Excellent article although I would replace the term “Loser” with Friendzoned Beta mangina who she uses for attention & resources.

  13. Another Sponsored Post. Lovely. Always look forward to these. Especially the comments section 😀

  14. I propose another way: tell the girl it’s absolutely OK to be friends AND to have sex with you BECAUSE good friends are supposed to have very good sex together (this is true since time immemorial), —-> provided you both are of age and consensual obviously :). Teach her HOW to REALLY be FRIENDS. Just be absolutely serious about it because it’s the truth. You see, etymologically, the word “friend” is of Germanic origin and has existed in the English language since its founding in Old English. Back then, ‘friend’ existed as ‘freond’ which was the present participle of the verb freon, ‘to love’. The root of the verb was ‘fri-’ which meant ‘to like, love, or be affectionate to’. Teach her that if she wants to be friends with you she naturally has to love you in a sexual way too. Tell her that her wanting to be a FRIEND IS NATURALLY HER WANTING TO BE YOUR LOVER and she will be able to reconcile her desire for sex with you with her desire to be friends with you, and the strategy of the “friendzone” is at the same time nullified. Isn’t that wonderful? You overcome the problem very elegantly and come out on top because you will have taught her something useful: sex is the natural consequence of being real friends. Hehe. You’ll be surprised how well they respond to that. The key is to reframe her idea of WHAT AND WHO IS A REAL FRIEND (you!), and of course the frame is the one you present to her as being the undeniable and irrefutable truth. Suddenly, she sees that she always knew…

      1. Hahaha! You can present that truth in many different ways, be creative, she will not snore, and yes, you will score!

      1. Yes. Try it out, be confident and playful when you explain what it means to be truly and fully friends… Women love it when you look in the same direction, they want you to be on their side and to support their views while challenging them. As long as you’re the one who puts them in the direction you want to with absolute confidence you’ll be fine expanding their decision. Just as when they give you their rear to pound away. Don’t they really enjoy it as well?

  15. Eh, this is a bit of both an oversimplification and overcomplication.
    When you first meet a woman, she is either sexually into you or she’s not. If you’re a wimpy boring fat beta, she probably isn’t into you sexually. She might overlook the lack of sexual attraction because she has different goals – a family, money, etc. But all women want a masculine man with an edge, whether it’s for a one night stand or long term relationship. That is how their brains are wired. They just are.
    This is where most men fuck up relationships. They don’t generate attraction from the get go, and fall into the provider routine.
    Because you know what a “provider” really is? It’s a man who a woman dates / fucks for resources but she isn’t physically attracted to. Those are the guys who get cheated on, dumped, etc.
    Why is this happening? Two reasons. First, because our feminist society is telling men the wrong things to be attractive. Women are attracted to men, not other women. However, conventional wisdom says to be nice, buy flowers, and send her 27 text messages a day about how beautiful she is and how much you miss her. Nevertheless, men are being taught to act more like women to get girlfriends. In reality, women do not want a girlfriend. They want a boyfriend. A strong man in their life. Men get “friend zoned” because they act like women. You want to meet more women? It’s really not that hard. Go to the gym, eat good food, and read about “game” – which is really just a way not to be a wimp. 50 years ago, my grandfather would have said “just be a man.”
    Second, our feminist society is telling females to go against their genetics and settle down with Mr. Nice Guy. Women are ashamed that they’re actually attracted to the guy with all the tattoos, the dude who rides the motorcycle and doesn’t return her texts, and openly admits that feminism is retarded. She thinks there is something wrong with her for not being attracted to Mr. Nice Guy, who caters to her every whim, and that she should “woman up” and look past the lack of physical attraction.
    Third wave feminism is screwing both men and women.
    Once a woman is physically attracted to you, she will climb oceans to see you. She will be extremely direct for sex. She will do all kinds of wild things in bed and clean your house when you’re away. She’ll buy you gifts and send you nude photographs. There are never any questions about how she feels. You are happier, and she is happier.
    Game is what gets you women, and it’s what keeps them coming back.

  16. A great tip that works wonder, if you sense that the way she is talking to you is slowly putting you in the friendzone, use sentences such as: “tell all this shit to your gay friends, that’s what they are meant for” and next time you see her, flake on her and in no time she will be begging for your dick and chasing you.

  17. I know this sounds strange, but how can a man truly reach the highest development possible if he thinks of nothing but sex? Sex is fun, but I think you have to be careful about not letting the pursuit of it define you. Porn is, in my opinion, dangerous not for moral reasons but because it puts a man’s mind into a hyper sexual mode. And that makes you dependent on sex.
    Question: How many of you could say without question that you could throw out all of your porn and not have any type of sexual release for a month? (assuming that no one is watching you, that your computer works, etc.). Would you have the discipline to do that?
    I know sex is fun, but sometimes you have to think about other things like setting up a business / building a house / doing something you’ve always wanted to.

    1. Honestly I keep it to once a week if I’m not regularly getting some poon. And this is coming from a 25 yr old who eats clean and works out daily with a sex drive off the charts. Not easy lol

    2. “I know this sounds strange, but how can a man truly reach the highest development possible if he thinks of nothing but sex”
      He absolutely cannot and nowhere in my book do I state that sleeping with women is the key to happiness. Your Mission and spiritual quest should always take priority over women–but you still need to learn Game to stay alive in the modern dating arena.

    3. No any sexual release for a month? As a man age 28 I couldn’t do that. It’s insane, and probably also bad for your prostate. Now is porn bad? An over usage sure is. What is too much? 3 times a week or more I think. Regular ejaculation helps to clear the mind and reduce stress. A calm state is not achieved by seeing hot ass every day and torturing yourself. I’m getting tired of all those guys preaching celibacy over here. Go preach in your church or something.

      1. I’m not preaching celibacy, I’m just saying you should be able to have the discipline to say no to sex. It’s about having control over your self.

  18. But you’re not a boss. You’re a moron, Cody. I hope English is not your first language. And. If you WERE drowning in pussy, you’d be dead, and not writing such ridiculous drivel on the internet while you jerk with your other hand.

  19. Blog title should be : Buy this book if your a loser. It won’t actually help you get women but it will help me make money 😀

  20. That leaves a question. Is it better to show your money to increase your overall attractiveness, or hide it to avoid the “provider” category?
    I personally choose to display wealth, but I’m too unreliable and selfish to be put in the provider box. Best of both world IMO.

    1. Show her the money when you aren’t The Provider and that makes her a whore and you a John.

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