Is Propecia (Finasteride) A Poison Disguised As A Miracle Hair Loss Drug?

You may have heard about Propecia (active ingredient: Finasteride) as the wonder pill that slows or even stops hair loss in men. According to Wikipedia:

Finasteride is used to treat male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in men only.[4] Treatment provides about 30% improvement in hair loss after six months of treatment, and effectiveness only persists as long as the drug is taken.

The way it works:

It is a type II 5α-reductase inhibitor; 5α-reductase, an enzyme, converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

That 5a-reductase enzyme, which does seem to cause hair follicle death, turns out to be extremely important for the health of any man. How do I know this?

My Story


I’ve been taking a generic form of Finasteride for the past year, and let me share with you my journey in androgenous hell. I started with 1-mg a day, but after about 6 months I reduced the amount of .5-mg by cutting the pills in half. Despite taking a reduced amount, the effects were absolutely crippling on my life as a man. It’s been roughly one month since I’ve stopped using it, now my life is slowly returning back to normal.

The first six months were uneventful, and I was even happy with the results: hairs were falling out of my head much slower than normal. My hair loss was not anything extreme – I used to have long bangs covering my forehead and it was receding. I was not losing much hair on the back of my head.

My reasons for taking the pill were for maximum vanity. I wanted to preserve every last hair on my head if at all possible. The price I ended up paying has made me realize my hubris, although in my defense there was no way to know how bad shit could get.

At the end of these first six months, I things ended with a girl was I was banging back in last November after she told me she was going back to Kazakhstan. This would be the last time I would have sex until I got off the pill.

What started the downward spiral was that one day, at the gym, after doing some routine squats, I felt a sharp joint pain in my hip where the femur is connected. I figured I pulled a tendon and I needed to stay out of the gym for a few weeks while it recovered.

A month later, the pain was still there, and I had lost 5 pounds of muscle mass. I was down to 155 pounds at 5’8”. I hated going to doctors so I figured I would just take the month of January to rest some more. I read online that tendons can take a long time to heal.

Three months later, the joint pain was still there. I was down to 150 pounds. I was becoming depressed because I couldn’t lift at the gym and I was starting to walk with a limp. I also noticed that for the past three months, I had absolutely no desire to find women or have sex. I forced myself to go out dancing to pick up some chicks, but when I was dancing with them I never felt like asking them out nor did I feel any desire to have sex. I thought at first since it was deep in winter I was just being lazy, but even looking at porn did little to stimulate me. I wondered if I was just getting old and weak?

6 months later, the pain in my femur at the hip was still there. I weighed 135 pounds. 25 pounds of muscle mass gone. I could see my ribs when I sucked in my stomach. My strength and energy had disappeared. I was constantly in need of sleep. At my step-mother’s 60th birthday party, I fell asleep on a couch in spite of not having a single drink and it only being 9pm. At this point, my father came over to me and asked me to see a doctor, and told me he was worried sick for my health. I looked in the mirror and saw this:

Discovering the truth

At this point, I wasn’t sure what the hell was wrong with me. So I googled, “Propecia weight loss” and I found this forum:

The stories were horrifying, and most of them far worse than mine – men who not only had lost all functionality of testosterone, but many had quit for years and still never recovered! At this point, I felt like a total fool. I threw my pills in the trash but saved a few for the doctor to look at.

The stories on this forum range from guys who took the pill for 6 years before noticing their health was deteriorating, all the way to extreme cases of men who took the pill for one month and their dick shut off, permanently, forever.

Additionally, it turns out that the major studies used to justify the drug’s safety may have large flaws.

Study #1:

BACKGROUND: Finasteride 1 mg (Propecia) is indicated for the treatment of men with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss, MPHL). However, the long-term (> 2 years) efficacy and safety of finasteride in this population has not been previously reported.

Objectives. To assess the efficacy and safety of finasteride in men with MPHL compared to treatment with placebo over five years.
METHODS: In two 1-year, Phase III trials, 1,553 men with MPHL were randomized to receive finasteride 1 mg/day or placebo, and 1,215 men continued in up to four 1-year, placebo-controlled extension studies. Efficacy was evaluated by hair counts, patient and investigator assessments, and panel review of clinical photographs.

They used 1-year studies to assign a drug to men who would take it indefinitely. Some of the men on the forum above took the drug for up to six years. Imagine if someone released a study saying cigarettes were safe because nothing happened to the users after 1-year.

Study #2:

The Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT) was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the efficacy of finasteride in preventing prostate cancer in 18,882 men aged 55 years or older. The PCPT offered an opportunity to prospectively study the effects of finasteride and other covariates on sexual dysfunction.

Concluding a drug tested on men older than 55 is safe for men under 30? Gee, what could go wrong?

Study #3:

BACKGROUND: The Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT)-a randomized placebo-controlled study of the efficacy of finasteride in preventing prostate cancer-offered the opportunity to prospectively study effects of finasteride and other covariates on the health-related quality of life of participants in a multiyear trial.

METHODS: We assessed three health-related quality-of-life domains (measured with the Health Survey Short Form-36: Physical Functioning, Mental Health, and Vitality scales) via questionnaires completed by PCPT participants at enrollment (3 months before randomization), at 6 months after randomization, and annually for 7 years. Covariate data obtained at enrollment from patient-completed questionnaires were included in our model. Mixed-effects model analyses and a cross-sectional presentation at three time points began at 6 months after randomization. All statistical tests were two-sided.

Not once do they state the age of the participants, or how long the users took the drug, and yet this study concludes finasteride is safe for men.

From more reading on this forum, I discovered another disturbing fact: most doctors are unable to detect what is wrong with men who are taking Propecia. Blood tests do not reveal any lowered amount of testosterone, or any other anomalies. Thus the men on the forum came up with a different hypothesis.

5α-reductase is similar to the spark plug in a car engine. Without a spark plug in an engine, gasoline will pump into the cylinders but no ignition will happen. Likewise Propecia shuts off this enzyme, which would likely make the testosterone functionally useless. When you take blood samples, most medical professionals will fail to detect anything wrong with you.

Furthermore, the joint pain was caused by the shrinkage of muscles – they squeeze around the joint causing it grind together. I fear I may have caused permanent damage to my femur and hip joint as a result, but as I am writing this the pain has lessened considerably as my muscle grows back. I am currently back at 143 pounds. Still another 17 pounds of muscle to go. I went out dancing last week and I felt the rush of dancing with pretty girls once again. My manhood will survive this.

Heed my warning


Don’t let this happen to you, though. If you are currently taking Propecia or any other alternative, I would advise you to stop right now. Some men’s bodies handle this medication better than others, but the longer you take it, the more likely bad shit is going to happen to you.

Your testosterone is way more valuable than your hair. Trust me. I learned the hard way. Most guys don’t realize just how essential this gift from God is until you don’t have it. Without testosterone functioning properly, you cannot grow muscles, fuck women, or even think straight. It’s essential to every function as a man.

There are currently class action lawsuits against the company, although as usual because it only affects men most people do not give a damn. Based on my research, I think that Propecia is engaged in false advertising on two counts:

1. They say negative side effects only happen to 2%, when it’s clear from the forum I linked above that it’s way higher than that.

2. They say negative side effects are only temporary, when in fact the accounts suggests many men suffer from permanent damage, either in loss of sex function, muscle function, or joint function.

This pill is yet another example of big pharma selling bullshit in order to make profits. Better hair replacement technology is coming in the next ten years anyways. Hair cloning will be ready before we’re dead. Don’t risk your health on this scam foisted upon men.

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  1. Remember, your small problems are often not as bad to others as they are to you. Before you try to “fix” something, consider that the cure could be worse than the disease, and ask yourself if the real solution is not within your own psychology by finding the confidence to function in spite of your limitations. If you still desire to fix the problem, always, always, always explore every possible other option before taking drugs. They are designed as a forever solution – meaning that even if you don’t suffer debilitating side effects like the author, you will permanently bankroll a pharma company because you cannot stop taking them.

    1. This is very true. I know a guy who makes his alopecia a far bigger problem than it really is to others (he’s actually very handsome without hair). Even to the point of living like a recluse.

    2. “the cure is worst then the disease” saying goes back to the original cure for syphilis which was to knowingly infect yourself with malaria. The high fever associated with a symptom of malaria (around 106 degrees) killed the parasite that caused syphilis. After that happened the cure for malaria (quinine at the time) was administered. Back in the day, the end game of syphilis might not come around until 10-20 years after initial infection. By then, most infected men would have already been in the grave. So why bother curing it? Fortunately today you just pop some pills for a few weeks and you will be fine.

        1. There are some antibiotic resistant strains, but most will ultimately respond to at least one drug. Actual infections though, at least in the Western World, are pretty rare.

        2. There has been one since the 1800’s. Quinine does the job. There is no vaccine for it though as it is hard to trigger the immune system to react to a parasite whereas it is easier to get it to do so for a virus. Prior to the discovery of antibiotics there was no cure of syphillis. To “cure” it you had to induce one infection to get rid of the other infection. Then you had to cure the induced infection. Just be glad you live in modern times.

    3. Baldness is something real, the first thing people and women will notice about you, and no amount of confidence (confidence in what again, that you’ve been rejected before as a bald man and will be rejected again?) will change their bad impression they will get off the bat about you.
      The simple fact that you’re trying so hard to convince us that reality is not reality shows that you’re deluding yourself regarding balding. Yes it is a big deal to hair loss sufferers who will lose their identity in the process and then will be rejected by most women who don’t want a bald man!
      Baldness is perceived as unattractive and will impede your chances with most women. How can a simple truth like that be twisted like this?

      1. “Baldness is perceived as unattractive and will impede your chances with most women. ”
        Not sure if I agree with this. I’ve seen too many shaved headed bald guys getting a lot of tail that contradicts your statement

  2. While reading this article one thought stayed in my mind: these companies can keep churning out these poisons and doctors can keep prescribing them without any repercussions whatsoever. But if you’re caught selling a 100% natural, completely unaltered plant for recreational or medicinal usage to other consenting adults, you’ll get sent straight to prison in states like Oklahoma.

        1. I’m not from the US. I’m talking in general. Conservative -> small government. My point was that most problems today can be reduced to leftism.

        2. There are no conservatives remaining in american politics anymore——only neo-conservatives like Bush and Newt Gingrich.

        3. Yup. Neo-cons have done their best to brand Democrats the party of big government, all while they expand to help create world-wide crony capitalism.
          I wish Pat Buchanan would run for president.

        4. I didn’t think people outside the US subscribed to the silly left/right paradigm?

        5. Same kind of person who would name their kid, “Scarab” (aka dung beetle)?

        6. Of course. There might be more than just two parties scattered on the political spectrum and maybe their names are different as well but the spectrum itself is the same everywhere.

        7. Libertarians are for small gov. Conservatives tend to favor military and police where democrats favor welfare type gov growth.

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        now is 140 pounds) you need more complex diet plan. Here it’s FREE find Here/

      1. Oh really @robertsadler:disqus? Why then did they—-the federal govt—-give billions in taxpayer money to them back in 2008?

        1. Define “give”. That’s integral to your accusation. What form was the “give” precisely?

        2. Ok, whatever. So can you actually answer my question then? I’m not able to form an opinion one way or the other without knowing precisely what you mean by “give”.

        3. [Why then did they—-the federal govt—-give billions in taxpayer money to them back in 2008?] = I think he’s referring to the federal funds being paid to banks in the form of ‘bailouts’ after the 2008 mortgage scam.

        4. That makes sense then, and I agree.
          I find that 9 times out of 10 when I hear that the government “gives” things to corporations, what the person is talking about is that the corporation might not be taxed as high as the poster wants them to be, which I find rather Marxist. But yeah, the bailout, that was straight up bullshit served on a stick.

    1. Companies? There’s only ONLE company that made finasteride and it was Merck. Know your facts.

      1. Mercks patent expired. Its made as generic and sold everywhere now. Doctors can make more money doing other things.

        1. Couldn’t easily verify whether the patent expired or not, but nevertheless it is prescription only, which requires a visit to the doctor and paying him $50 or more for a few seconds (literally, that’s all I’ve ever gotten) in an exam room after which he gives you a form. This is a GREAT way for doctors to make money. If I knew a way to make $50 a minute, I’d be all over that like flies on poop.

      2. Companies @hellouser:disqus—-as in companies who turn out this and other poisons disguised as pharmaceuticals.
        Know your context.

        1. lol “poisons diguised as pharmaceuticals”
          I have a timeshare and “1001 cures THEY don’t want you to know about” to sell you

        2. Did you even read the article Mr. Private Profile @gbombay:disqus or are you just trolling the day away?
          Rhetorical question btw. (just google it)

    2. At least “big pharma” solutions work to an extent and sometimes very well. Natural remedies don’t do heck for something as aggressive as male pattern baldness.

      1. @GregoryH13:disqus
        That’s because nature doesn’t cure things that are supposed to naturally occur. Lol!

        1. If you say baldness is natural, then I could tell you that cancer or any other disease is also natural. After all, they all naturally occur right? I hope you never get any serious disease because if you just “let nature run its course”, things will end up pretty badly for you.

        2. @GregoryH13:disqus
          Please tell me where I said to just “let nature run it’s course”.
          And I can’t believe you just compared cancer to male-pattern baldness. Unbelievable.

        3. He didn’t say male pattern baldness is as serious as cancer, he just stated that both are natural.

        4. Oh good grief @spring_chicken:disqus. Most men experience some hair loss over the course of their lives—-most men do not however get cancer.

      2. Actually you are completly wrong, is not a nature vs chemical. Its between knowing what you are doing or not knowing.

      1. “Shut up and drink your soy milk and eat your soy burger, junior! You don’t want to grow one of those nasty big, fat man-penises”

      2. Actually finasteride is used in transexuals men that want to became women,,,

    3. Yeah, that’s because black markets are the people’s markets. The the people don’t pay well. Corporations do pay well, and that’s why the US government is increasingly more threatening to most people and increasingly more friendly to really rich people. Black markets and drugs aren’t inherently bad, and they aren’t any worse than legal drugs. In addition, no drug that is the least bit helpful is allowed to be sold over the counter. If there’s money to be made, doctors will be sure to make it. And of course, cures aren’t nearly as profitable as treatment for the most part, so forget about uncle Mark with HIV or aunt Rhonda with cancer, or you with MPB. No cure, just treatment. If the treatment works it’s controlled. If the treatment is dangerous, but it can be profitable, it’s legalized and controlled. If the treatment is profitable and it works, but competitors have an advantage in producing it, it’s outlawed and the black market is trolled for people you can put in prison. HGH is a cure all, so it’s controlled and expensive. Cocaine makes people smarter than Adderall does, but cocaine can be produced more cheaply in third-world countries that have a cheap land/labor advantage. So it’s outlawed.

  3. I have a mind hack for men who struggle with confidence issues due to hair loss.
    Who needs hair? Hair is for women, sissies and queers. Oooh you won’t look pretty any more? Fuck you, you fairy. Watch a couple of Vin Diesel or Jason Statham movies and see how chicks get all moist for those guys. So suck it up faggot.
    That should do the trick I suppose.

    1. Well, “Fuck you, you fairy” are not quite the words I’d use. Nevertheless, the shaved head is a good look.
      Also, you forgot Bruce Willis.

      1. Bruce Willis is 60 years old for god’s sake.
        You cannot give that advice to a 25 year old.

    2. yup. two years ago, i stood in my bathroom and thought to myself: that hair is annoying, it blocks the sun.
      i hesitated for ten seconds, then gave myself a clean head.
      didn’t keep it, but i’m not scared of it anymore. i wonder why i ever was. it’s most often just the attachment to the known.

      1. When I lived in Florida I buzzed my head every week. Everywhere I went I wore a boonie hat. When it was really hot out, I would soak my boonie hat in water.

    3. Really? Is that why a bald guy has NEVER EVER been the main guy in any chick flick, EVER? You think thats really what women women? You sound like an ignorant betamale knows fu*k all about reality. Face it, baldness is a sexual death sentence. You’re just too privileged to know it, fullhead.

      1. Eh, I get what youre saying, its rare but it does happen (Yul Bryner in “The King and I” for example).
        So I guess you are playing a pharma CEO with a heart of gold in your next movie?

      2. If you’re taking your cues about what women desire from chick flicks, you’re doing it wrong. As any reader here can tell you, women love to watch chick flicks, but they act completely differently. I have known several bald men who absolutely slayed top shelf ass on a regular basis. The problem is not the lack of hair on your head. The problem is your own insecurity about it.

      3. I think it was Marcus Aurelius who said: there is no good or bad. There is only perception.
        You can deal with reality by beating yourself up and wallow in self pity or your can be like Statham. Reality doesn’t care.

        1. Also another good one by him: “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” -Marcus Aurelius

      4. “baldness is a sexual death sentence”
        I seriously disagree. Being a pathetic beta simp is a sexual death sentence.
        Confidence is king. And many things can lead to a loss of confidence. Losing your hair, putting on weight and growing a gut, getting sacked from your job, getting dumped by a mediocre girl, having no money.
        Once you lose your confidence, you start thinking like a beta, and this makes things worse.
        And thinking that any of the above is a sexual death sentence just accelerates the process.

        1. Alpha and beta dichotomy isn’t real. Humans are not wolves.
          Confidence is perceived as arrogance to women when you don’t mean their standards, and most women want men who hit on them to have hair on their heads.
          Cold, hard, facts.

        2. I think you might have missed the whole point of this website…. Since when should we care what women want ?.
          Betas fret about not being what ‘that girl’ wants.
          The rest of us play the cards we are dealt, and get on with the job of self improvement, and deciding which 20-something in our harem to bang tomorrow night.

      5. Chick flicks??? Yeah, because broads also like it when you chase after them, and throw pebbles at their window, and show up at their place of work too, right? Movies are fake.

        1. Movies are based on what women want in real life.
          No girl has “bald” on her shopping list for her ideal man.

        2. “Movies are based on what women want in real life”
          WTF? Movies are based on telling women what to want to fuck up cohesive society.

        3. Good points. You get arrested and charged with stalking for pulling that shit in Australia.

        4. Do you really want to be on a woman’s list as her “ideal man”… That sounds suspiciously like a beta-chump husband-candidate list.
          That’s not a list I ever want to be on.

      6. “Face it, baldness is a sexual death sentence. You’re just too privileged to know it, fullhead.”
        Vin Diesel ?? Big fuckin’ movie star like him… Jason Stathom (spelled?) .. Bruce Willis ?
        I will say perhaps hair is a bigger issue maybe in the States, but not europe or south america.

        1. Oh wow, you fired off a couple movie stars. Do you have any idea how many bald men DIDNT make the cut to be movie stars… because they’re bald? Or how about the movie stars that went bald and lost their careers like John Travolta, Michael Deluise, Billy Zane, etc? No, we never talk about THOSE GUYS, do we?
          Fucking christ, you guys think you’ve got it all figured out.

        2. You are waaaaay better off to shave your head than to sport a brim and try some so-so remedy that has far worst side effects than benefits. But do what you want.

      1. Congratulations, now you look like every other bald man ever. Generic. Is that really what most men want?

  4. When taking a drug or having an illness it is always a very tough call to decide whether to trust physicians or not. Especially when you consider their higher level of general knowledge in physiology/anatomy; you may mistake your distrust for arrogance.
    But ultimately, as I’ve found out, there is no other sure way than doing a lot of research on the web and decide for yourself. Most doctors don’t do this research themselves. They tend to trust the reviews, most of which are known to be actively manipulated by big pharma.

  5. I once took the anti depressant Lexipro for a few months… it was like being chemically lobotomized. I swear it permanently altered my emotional responses.
    I don’t trust any medications. Popping a pill is not something to do lightly.

    1. Absolutely. It’s crazy how quickly people resort to medication these days. And since doctors probably get a nice commission on every pill sold (speculation, I don’t really know), they aren’t helping either. Most of the time when a doctor prescribes me something I don’t even get the stuff. I use some household remedies and let my immune system deal with it. Obviously I’m talking about minor affections here.

      1. “And since doctors probably get a nice commission on every pill sold (speculation, I don’t really know),”
        They don’t technically, it’s more like a gratuity given for a recommendation of the product, it’s like a dirty little secret of the medical industry.
        Let’s say Pharma company A wants Doctor B to professionally recommend their product, which just got recently approved.
        What they will do is send the doctor some correspondence, inviting them to attend a presentation on the drug, and if the doctor is convinced of its efficacy the doctor might say “hey i’ll consider recommending this if it does what it says it does.”
        Pharma will then say “Cool. If you do we will be happy to “compensate” you for doing so.
        Now let’s say patient C comes in and says: “Doc, i’m feeling depressed. I think i need some SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) can you recommend some?
        Now the doctor thinks to himself. “Hmm. I could prescribe him generic A rx since it’s likely to be cheaper, or i could recommend Brand rx B from that pharmaceutical that approached me. It’s more expensive but…it’s probably more effective. And i get a nice little gratuity for it.”
        End result: Doctor: “Sir, i’m going to write you an rx for this brand. Come back and see me on x date to see how its working.
        Patient: “Thanks doc!”
        (i am of course streamlining the normal process by which one is treated but you get the idea i’m trying to convey here)
        The other (less usual) way it happens is that the drug company will send a representative to audition the drug for the doctor, and will bring along any FDA notes to support the potential effectiveness of the drug. Not coincidentally, the reps tend to be drop dead gorgeous. (watch Little Fockers, they even spoofed this with the character of Jessica Alba)
        I work in the medical industry, and i would see this all the time (during my previous position) I would routinely come across offers of equipment discounts from a DME (durable medical equipment) provider for the doctor to endorse their product, or the doctor would get faxed offers to attend an upcoming seminar on an “exciting new revolution” in patient care treatment. I’d also see faxed offers for discounts on trips but those were probably spam but you never know…
        The whole process becomes more convoluted if the patient has an insurance plan that puts stipulations on certain medications (for ex: medications that are narcotics, SSRIs or SNRIs, extended release etc) which the benefits may separately categorize into a “harder to get” category for obvious reasons, or because the drug itself is so expensive the plan can’t justify making it easy to obtain unless special circumstances (say, a medical appeal by the physician) are met after the obligatory back and forth between the doctor and medical director of the plan.
        The upside is that the plan can’t be “tempted” by these offers from big pharma (because there’s more people involved ergo more accountability and ethicality) the downside of course, is that it will be harder to obtain certain medications because of the sheer cost involved.

        1. Actually, the drs used to get kickbacks in the form of fine dining, trips, concert tickets…big scandal over a decade ago.
          Not sure if they ever cleaned it up.
          Western medicine shines when it comes to disasters- detach a retina, blow out an ACL… it is truly amazing.
          Its a fail when it comes to preventive medicine. They just push pills. What do you expect when they studied in a hall donated by Pfizer, look thru microscopes donated by Merck, etc?
          Big Pharma lobbied the gov to lower healthy cholesterol levels from <200 to <175, an acquaintance told me this months before it went down. The result was an additional 15-20 mil “patients” now in need of taking a pill.
          You should all be wary of these pills, they are linked to heart failure, dementia. You want your total chol above 200, not 165…

        2. Thanks for the insight. So basically when the doctor has a choice between two brands he will go for the one he was “lobbied” for.
          But it seems like there is also a rise in prescriptions in cases where the patient could very well do without any medication. Especially in the US. Giving children psych drugs because the are acting out is just one example.

        3. “Actually, the drs used to get kickbacks in the form of fine dining, trips, concert tickets…big scandal over a decade ago. ”
          Wasn’t aware of that because it was before my time but it stands to reason. This phenomena didn’t just happen overnight.
          You’re def right about avoiding these so called popular meds.
          I also tend to avoid anything with aspartame in it. Knowing that this chemical was approved, then removed, then approved again for public consumption by the FDA (thanks to that pos Rumsfeld’s involvement) makes me steer far away from it.
          The FDA long ago sold out its constituency to the financial interests of big pharma.

        4. Absolutely. ADHD is a bullshit psychological condition that doctors, schools and big pharma make BANK on because children are the ones who generally tend to take it the most. I haven’t done the research but i bet my 401k it’s given to boys more frequently than girls.
          It is a child’s natural inclination to run around or move rapidly like a dancing dervish, their pituitary systems are still developing in conjunction with their bodies (finding just the right ratio of testosterone to estrogen such as with puberty in males) so that is simply a byproduct of an active (and healthy) human organism especially in boys.
          ADHD medications like the more commonly known ritalin and its generic methylphenidate as well as modafinil, pemaline, amphetamine salts etc are just medications that are in essence designed to “zombify” the users in order to inhibit a capricious tendency or otherwise lack of concentration that is NATURAL in children. Since they tend to interfere with hormones, it’s no wonder that they have been linked to a retardation of a child’s natural physiological development. The fact that a school’s medical staff are fond of diagnosing ADHD in order to prescribe these rx’s probably has nothing to do with the fact that FED grant money is tied into it. (Sarcasm)
          I’m not going so far as to say that these rx’s don’t have legitimate uses, but just like with antiobiotics they are shamelessly prescribed too often to people who don’t really need them….like with children and especially, young boys.

        5. Aspartame was being developed as an antacid I believe; one of the guys got a bit on his finger, tasted it, and a lightbulb went off…

        6. Regardless of drug payoffs, there is the cost of a doctors visit to obtain a prescription. I can’t imagine many doctors telling a balding guy “Sorry, I’d like to help your balding, but I really don’t think this is the right drug for you.”
          I haven’t been to the doctor in ages, and don’t really know how the system works in detail, but what is the basic cost of a doctor’s appointment? $85 minimum right? So regardless if the doctor is receiving *direct* payments from the drug manufacturers, they are receiving *indirect* payments every time someone takes one of these pills.
          I work in the finance industry. Imagine if everyone had to pay me $50 for a quick consult before they could open a bank account. I’d be one happy guy!!! And I could truthfully say that the banking industry does not pay me.

        7. Re: Blowing out an ACL. I damaged mine twice. The first time the doctor wanted to operate and said “Ill see as soon as I slice into it how serious it is” I said, no, you won’t. He said ok, try 6 months of physical therapy and that worked. I ran into him later at the Apple Store where he was buying his 8th MacBook (not exaggerating, he had 7 already, one for each family member and a few to spare) and approached him. He smiled and said Great! You made a full recovery! “Do I need to wear a brace or anything when I waterski” I asked? Nah, you’re fine he replied!
          The second time a different doctor told me I had no choice but to operate. Again, I made a full recovery, just by taking it easy, did not walk on it for a month, used crutches, then just exercised and I’m back to normal.
          I talked to older doctors and they said the old treatment for torn ACL was to do nothing; only if one was a star athlete would surgery be performed. If I would have had surgery, I would be unable to sit Indian Style (my second doctor could not do this herself after getting the same operation and warned me of this!) and there is a 2 limit rule–the first time they can operate, the second time they can replace the knee / joint–the third time they have to amputate! So you don’t want to go the route of surgery unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY (and be wary, because even my female doctor who told me it was absolutely necessary was wrong)

        8. Yes, there’s that too. The cost of the visit itself depends on the insurance plan you’re under. Some physicians don’t mind patients who pay in cash and have no insurance because it means less effort, however some (if not most) consider this unreliable and will have stipulations in place where they won’t see you without insurance or if you’ve lost the insurance. The reality is that there are still uninsured people even after obamacare who are so dirt poor to the point that the IRS doesn’t even bother taxing them. These people usually qualify for Medicaid but it’s not always guaranteed and besides that some doctors refuse to see people with Medicaid because of all the red tape hell and delay involved in processing a payment.
          Anyway and generally speaking in network doctors will be cheaper but a high cost like $85 for a typical visit to a pcp and not a specialist would only be likely without insurance.
          Regardless the essence of what you said is correct. You pay to see a doctor (part of that goes to the hospital if he doesn’t have a private clinic) and he also gets paid on the back end if it’s an rx that a pharmaceutical company will give him gratuities for prescribing.
          The whole process becomes more complicated if the insurance says “uhh hold on a second” but if they don’t, then that dr can prescribe away for as long as he wants. His ethical nature (or lack thereof) will determine whether it was for a good cause or not and the office notes (electronic info regarding the patient) will damn him if it isn’t. You’d best believe. Uncle Sam will find out eventually.
          There are even worse examples of breaches in ethicality regarding more than just making an extra buck over a prescribed rx.
          Read this story…it made the rounds in my circle because of how outrageous it is. Sad to say, it’s becoming more and more common.

        9. Yeah and maybe another factor is people are just too damn lazy to deal with an active child. It’s sickening. I remember seeing an interesting documentary about the issue,
          Louis Theroux America’s Medicated Kids. Some children they showed there were actually behaving kind of weird and maybe drugs were justified but I kept thinking I’ve never seen a kid like this in Europe. Something just felt very off.

        10. Yes. Lackadaisical, shit standard parents are at the very heart of the issue.

      2. I have been quite active over the years and did not hesitate in popping NSAID’s followed by acid blockers to stop my stomach from blowing up.
        I was merely taking xenoestrogen cocktails that slowly effected my body in hideous ways. Now I’m very careful of what I eat and what medication I take.
        Take heed brothers.

    2. St Johns Wort is prescribed in Europe for 3-6 month periods.
      “The foundation of all mental illness is the avoidance of legitimate suffering. ”
      — Carl Jung

      1. Ha, it probably has to be prescribed over there doesn’t it? It’s a plant, easily purchased at low cost in the US for $5 or so per bottle without any sort of doctor involvement.
        Also, care to elaborate on the Jung quote? By “legitimate suffering” does he mean someone deserves suffering? Or is he talking about actual, serious suffering as opposed to feeling slightly less than perfect.

    3. I don’t trust “mood” altering drugs. Mood is such an undefined thing to begin with.

  6. (…) the industry finances most of the clinical trials into its own products and much of doctors’ continuing education, clinical trials are often conducted on small groups of unrepresentative subjects and negative data is routinely withheld, and apparently independent academic papers may be planned and even ghostwritten by pharmaceutical companies or their contractors, without disclosure.[3] Goldacre calls the situation a “murderous disaster,” and makes suggestions for action by patients’ groups, physicians, academics and the industry itself.[4]

  7. Chemical castration is viewed as an acceptable side effect for any drug a man might take.
    A few years ago I was working on some pretty debilitating depression, and they prescribed me some kind of SSRI. I looked the drug up on wikipedia and learned that my dick was likely to shut off and might never switch back on. I mentioned my concern to my [female] physician and she stared blankly at me, wondering why I’d care. Functional manhood was one of the few things I had going for me at the time, and it seemed like a perfectly reasonable sacrifice to this woman. And was this miracle drug going to put a smile on my depressed face? Nope.
    “You won’t necessarily feel happy, but you won’t care that you’re sad.”
    Well, I sure as hell was gonna care about the impotence.
    I’m glad Orwell never had to see this future.

    1. Imagine you had been a woman and the side effect was that your vagina would never get moist again, this doctor would have no problem understanding the hesitation, and she would counsel you against taking this drug. People who can’t empathize with their patients should not be doctors.

      1. fuck empathy. a doctor is there to show you the options, the choice is yours. it’s not a doctor’s fault that some things can’t be fixed.
        yes, if a doctor withheld information, i would consider him to be a bad doctor.

      2. I heard female viagra is going to be approved any month now. Hypergamy is about to explode in new ways never before seen. Make the current era of hook-up culture we are now in look quaint and naive.

    2. See my comment above. SSRI’s handed out like smarties. Was it Cymbalta by any chance?

    3. “I mentioned my concern to my [female] physician and she stared blankly at me, wondering why I’d care”
      Doctors dont five a flyin fuck (both male and female but i agree it’s worse having a female doctor) and they are dishing out this shit like candy to everyone, even if you are not depressed.

  8. Hopefully guys will consider this article before they mess with kratom and other drugs.

  9. Unfortunately this is the truth about all the 5AR drugs. What they do, chemically, is prevent testosterone from turning into DHT (dihydrotest). DHT is what makes your hair fall out (not testosterone as most people think). Problem is, DHT is also responsible for a lot of the “male” effects of testosterone (sex drive, muscle growth, etc).
    I’m on test and have been for years. I started noticing some hair loss a few years ago. I considered a 5AR, but… It’s just too risky. I use Rogaine and Nizoral. Rogaine is a 5AR, but it’s topical (only at the site of hair loss). I’ve had no negative side effects, and I’m certainly losing less hair. However, if I really want to keep it forever, I know a transplant is in my future (baldness runs in my family).
    The really terrifying thing is that nobody has any idea why the effects of 5AR drugs persist after you stop taking them. When you stop taking these drugs, your DHT is back to normal pretty quickly (week or so). And, by proxy, your problems SHOULD go away. But they don’t (at least not in all cases). Nobody knows why. And that should fucking terrify you. It’s doing something to your body that’s completely unknown and obviously fucking with some hormonal pathway in a manner that might be irreversible.
    If you have hair loss, Rogaine + Nizoral is probably the best/safest thing you can do. And save up for a transplant. Fuck, by the time you get done adding up the cost of a 5AR drug “forever” (the next 40 years or so of your life) a transplant is probably a LOT fucking cheaper too.

    1. No. Don’t get a fucking drug to avoid what nature has in store for you. That’s a cowards response. Be a man and deal with reality instead of pumping yourself full of shit to make (essentially) women feel good. Besides, there’s studies showing women are attracted to bald men anyway.

      1. If you’re michael jordan and 6″9″ and on TV getting paid several ten million dollars per year, then baldness isn’t a turn off for women. But it can make beta male look more beta in the eyes of women.

        1. But as per the examples, it can make an alpha look more alpha.
          Thus, baldness, being a mostly male trait (women go bald but not to their benefit), could be said to amplify a man’s beta-ness or alpha-ness.
          I know a fellow almost exactly my age who is “alpha as fuck” and bald but if he had a head of hair it would be way out of character for him.

        2. If you’re a loser, having hair won’t make you much less of a loser.
          So stop being a loser. You don’t have to be successful or rich. Just stop thinking and acting like a wimp. Women’s approval is not important.

  10. Those pills are available in Canada too. I never gave a shit about losing my hair, so I wouldn’t take any kind of medicine to stop the loss.

  11. Some time ago, I did some research into 5-alpha reductase, specifically natural inhibitors of this enzyme. For what it’s worth, I found the following:
    pomegranate seed
    green tea
    gamma linolenic acid (GLA)
    menaquinone-7 (Vitamin K2, MK-7)
    I obtained this list from various research papers, I don’t have the links but you can find them on Google scholar.

    1. Also saw palmetto. Not that I’m endorsing any of these, inhibiting 5AR is going to have side effects for some men no matter what they take to limit the conversion to DHT.

    2. While I do recognize there is a lot of bullshit cures, I’d rather lean toward suggestions like yours that to trust a corporations marketing team that promotes synthetic products with limited, FDA approval, none or fast-tracked by insiders.
      Tumeric is a natural anti-inflammitory. Sugar does the opposite. You wouldn’t believe the amount of shit you intake that is loaded with sugar. It is quite difficult to manage especially when obfuscated by the industry. Garlic and oregano oil work well as anti-inflammatories and have anti-biotic properties.
      Their is a lot of “Natural Remedies, vitamins and alternative cures are bullshit” stories promoted by BigPharma. They can’t patent a natural product, only synthesize it to patent it. Think of Monsanto splicing shit into corn.
      You have to change you mindset about health and maintain healthy habits, practice preventative “medicine” by eating healthy and exercise. Their are no shortcuts. The medical establishment doesn’t give a shit about prevention, they manage death. It is that simple. If a stranger handed you something would you take it? I doubt it.
      I don’t have a problem with hair on my head for sure. I may not know or understand what it’s like to have the problem of hair loss. I can assure you I’d never think less of a man for that reason. Character, ethic and integrity makes us who we are.
      I likely won’t be able to make my dick bigger than it is, but my dick thinks highly of itself anyway and still managed to get me in a lot of trouble.

      1. You’d rather lean towards his ‘natural’ remedy? Well, enjoy going bald, because theres NO natural solution that has ever worked. LOL, so naive.

        1. I didn’t mean to imply there was a natural remedy for that. The argument being against big pharma’s “solutions” in general. Kinda like pills to make a dick bigger. Not going to happen. No, I’m not naive. You missed the point.

        2. I second this. All men who have suffered from true balding and have hung out on hair loss forums for years, and sometimes a decade know this to be a fact. Nothing natural works, in 15 years of the existence of hair loss forums, we have not had even 1 successful case of a guy going “natural”.

        3. At least “big pharma” solutions work to an extent and sometimes very well. Natural remedies don’t do heck.

    3. None of those things has ever done anything for baldness. Nice attempt to fool the general public. There are only TWO things that work for hair loss; finasteride and minoxidil. PERIOD.

      1. You may have to take massive, possibly unhealthy doses to get any kind of effect. They don’t say anything about dosages. But take that up with the research paper authors, not me.

    4. If you ever suffer from true male pattern baldness, I really hope that you don’t seriously believe this “natural” crap will do anything to save you from going bald? Only three treatments have been proven to reverse/control hair loss: minoxidil, finasteride and hair transplant. The rest: complete BS.

  12. Buy hair clipper, trim your hair very short every week, problem solved. I lost my hair in my mid 20’s, the most difficult is accepting the fact and trimming them for the first time. After it’s just a routine, you get used to it and how you look, no big deal at all. In my opinion it even looks cleaner that way rather than having spots with hair and spots without hair. If you are starting to go bald, trim/shave everything and stop worrying, look around, there are plenty of bald men banging hot girls.

      1. He’s in shape (not so much “built”), knows a good bit of martial arts and parkour and carries himself like a bad boy. All that could pull him pussy regardless of baldness or even his celebrity status.
        Too damn bad he played second fiddle to that cow in Spy recently.

      2. Bald and short. So much for all of those whining “You’ll only get women if you’re tall and chisled, waaa, I don’t want to learn Game, waaa!”
        Dude has his shit together. As BDITM mentions below, he could have zero celebrity presence and still pull tail of that caliber.

        1. You moron, no he wouldn’t. Nice try practicing the positional good theory, but I see right through your lies.

        2. In the article I just posted, it says “girlfriend”. This is a good sign. If he was wifing up these young hotties at every turn then there would be a problem.
          I think though, that a fellow must have a “good skull” to pull off baldness well. I have a boss who went bald young, but he’s from tall Germanic stock and makes it look good. I feel sorry for fellows who have “Charlie Brown” heads.
          I know another fellow who went bald in his 20s but what remains is very thick hair, so he razor shaves the whole thing because he said if he does not, he will look like a “Killer Clown”.
          I had an uncle who was a paratrooper in WWII and he went bald at 18. That did not stop him from getting married (and remaining so until he died), having a family, etc.

        3. I have known guys with good hair and chiseled bodies not get laid because they had shit game. Remember Elliot Rodgers? He had it all – even wealth and a fancy car. And he must have thought so too, because he was all cunty mad because he expected girls to want him.
          So what you are doing is the reverse. You are expecting girls to not want a man who lacks hair on his head. The flipside to a man with money and good physique expecting women to come running to him. I would bet that if taken too far, raging incel status would be reached all the same, only on different roads. Your rhetoric shows evidence of this.
          Go ahead and pull a George Costanza “opposite day” and see what happens. You have nothing to lose (beyond that which is already lost).

        4. Another one of your sock puppet accounts, eh? You really should think about seeing a professional psychiatrist man, I’m being quite serious.

        5. “My name is george, I’m unemployed and live with parents……..” Aaaaand he still gave her tingles cuz he said it like a boss

        6. I’ve experimented with that approach and it works.
          It’s almost like telling a dog, in a friendly voice, how you are going to slaughter and eat it. The dog still wags its tail.
          Women are not that simple, but in that direction, it’s still all in the delivery.

        7. This is what the envious whiners here are missing. The key part is having your shit together. Not every girl can be like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and snag herself a millionaire. Most of them have to settle for normal guys like us.
          To that end I find myself emulating the way Statham carries himself in his movies. Hard, intelligent, determined not taking no for an answer. Stay in shape, walk like you own the street. Woman eat that shit up. Statham is pure red pill.

        8. You know there is one thing I don’t like about that photo. The way she is leaning off to the side and not looking at him. Bad psychology. Could just be a one off but it is suggestive.

        9. The episode know as “opposite george”. Its almost like he was running game for the first time in his life. lol

        10. Still trying to get over my own vanity, but it does help to see confidence overcomes most, if not all.

        1. Thanks, I just called my real estate guy, where can I send your finder’s fee?

      3. Apex fallacy. Statham is a millionaire, famous actor. Most bald dudes aren’t millionaire, famous actors. Full disclosure-I’m bald.

        1. The only thing that will stop you getting pussy is your lack of confidence, which you have demonstrated here.

      4. Because we all have the model looks of Jason Statham. Imagine a guy like Adrien Brody “shaving it all off bro.”

      5. Umm…she’s with him for money/status. Women will date a bald gorilla if it has money.

        1. That may be in his case but it does prove the point that being bald is not a barrier to getting pussy. I’m not bald but sometimes I shave my head bald. Chicks think I am actually bald but they still love me. I have no money or status to speak of.

        1. Already significantly balding at 24. I laugh when I get reasonable girls these days though, as I honestly expected to never get any decent ass again. The problem is, I can only get girls that are hot enough to interest me for 1 – 3 months. Can’t really get much hotter due to bald.

    1. There’s few things sadder and more pathetic than watching a grown man who’s trying to cover-up his receding hairline by letting the back and side grow long or doing the worst thing that you can do and that’s doing a comb-over.

    2. I keep my hair very short but I’ve also been using Rogaine for two years with decent results and no negative effects. Only apply once a day and not twice like they recommend because it will make your scalp raw.

      1. Do you get hairy palms from it?
        Of course some of us already have hairy palms 😀

    3. Agree. Blade 1 every week.
      And don’t even think about growing that goatee, unless you are a hard boiled meth cook.

    4. I knew a guy who shaved his head really short, probably 30 years old, after he did it he looked about 25. So it can actually help make you look younger. I’ve noticed friends who crop their hair really short look young too.

    5. No there are not plenty of bald men banging hot girls in the sense of having one night stands and flings. There are however plenty of bald men in relationships, because in relationships, things like status, money, personality, charisma etc. will matter. That’s most likely all bald men can hope for.

    6. Same deal, I was noticeably thinning by 22. By 25-26 I was a straight up horseshoe. It wasn’t really that hard of a transition for me as I already shaved my head to about 1/4 inch since my early teens. I used to hang out with this girl who would make casual jokes about me going bald. I told her that bruce Willis is short and bald and he still gets pussy, she said that’s because he is rich. Just wait, I told her, just wait. At 30 I am now completely bald and well on my way to financial independence, she on the other hand, well you know the story…

    7. “If you are starting to go bald, trim/shave everything and stop worrying, look around, there are plenty of bald men banging hot girls.”
      Fuck yeah, man. The ironic thing about hair loss is that as a man starts to lose his hair and starts getting a brim, he starts looking older. But if he shaves it all off and goes Cue-Ball he then starts to look younger, and more fit and athletic.
      Then there is no need for shampoo.
      Seriously, for any man whose hair is going south on him, he should shave it off and see how that works out for him. He can always grow his hair back and try to find meds to replace the hair. But as already been pointed out, the side effects of some of these drugs far outweigh what little benefits they may or may not bring.

  13. I’m sorry man. Reading this article I just thought “dumb fucking asshole.” How can you be stupid enough to want to destroy testosterone, the thing that makes you a man? Did you do any basic research before pursuing something like this? Hair loss is indicative of high testosterone levels. I.e. GOOD HEALTH in men. The way to stop hair loss is to get rid of your testosterone, which is seemingly exactly what this drug does (albeit in a roundabout way). I pity you for being stupid enough to even think about doing this. And get a proper haircut you wimp.

      1. Actually he’s right.
        Your hormone levels may affect your exact MPB symptoms. According to a study in the Journal of the American Academy of
        Dermatology, men with high levels of testosterone are more likely to have vertex baldness. The same study suggested that men with higher levels of the binding protein SHBG may have thinner hair on their chests.

        1. Actually men with hairy back go bald earliest. That suggests excess testosterone can cause baldness. Dude in high school started going bald at 18, hairy back.

        2. 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women. Source: The American Hair Loss Association.

        3. There is no relation between being hairy and going bald. Completely unrelated.

  14. When I started losing hair I experienced the initial panic and tried searching for a solution. The rogaine does little to help. Then I learned to accept it. Hair loss is an indicator of high testosterone levels, and I’d rather be a man thatn a little bitch. I knew a 55 year old guy who shaved his head and started banging a 26 year old colombian girl. Hair doesn’t mean shit. If you believe in masculine-feminine polarity then you realize that no hair is the way to go.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble but balding indicates just indicates that your hair follicles are more sensitive to DHT/Testosterone, not that you have more of it. Balding men have been shown to actually have LESS testosterone than men with a full head of hair.

      1. Didn’t really burst a bubble. You just contradicted yourself by saying balding does not indicate your level of testosterone but it does indicate less testosterone. Obviously genes are the primary cause of balding.

        1. Bald men generally have less testosterone. What does that tell you? Still feel like an über alpha male now? Of course genes are the primary cause of balding, genes that determine the sensitivity of your hair follicles to DHT.

        2. Props to you man, your comments are hilarious.
          IDK if you’re trolling but you obsession with hair as the key to all to pussy is hilarious. Are you from that Elliot Rodgers site (sluthate) by any chance b/c you have their type of mentality.

        3. Nope, I’ve never posted on sluthate, I’m just a guy who has a bit of common sense and doesn’t parrot nonsense like “looks don’t matter” and “hair is nothing”.
          If you think hair is no big deal, then you’ve obviously never tried to get girls with a grandpa horseshoe on your head. Or better, post a picture of you bald online! See how many responses you’ll get then.
          It’s not over of course, you will get the occasional 5 or even 6 who will make you jump through countless hoops (while the guy with a full head of hair had sex with her 2 hours after meeting her).

        4. If you’re serious, I offer you a serious challenge:
          Eat liver a few times a week, 4-6 eggs a day, and 5 turkey testicles a week for 30-45 days. Do squats and pullups every other day, too. Don’t use flouride toothpaste, use something like Thom’s of Maine.
          Report back on your results, ie, how women react to you.

        5. WTF was those advices? Yeah I’m going to spend all my money and eat for 6 people just to become fat. I have hair now but what would have your advice about fluoride changed about my interactions with women as a bald man? “Oh he’s bald but he’s huge, so now I find him hot!” Said no woman ever.

  15. Do you also make $89.00 an hour?!? OMG, this is too good to pass up!

  16. Seriously, gentlemen, avoid finasteride (propecia, proscar) like the plague. It’s so potent as an anti-androgen, it is routinely prescribed to trannies:
    “For transgendered women, finasteride when given in the larger dose promotes not only scalp hair growth but acts as an potent anti-androgen as it is highly effective in inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT (dehydrotestosterone) responsible for male sexual characteristics.”
    Yes that’s right, fellas, this sham baldness cure is essentially TRANNY PILLS.
    One regular guy taking finasteride for hair loss even claimed it DROVE him to become a tranny:

    1. I wonder… the effects of the drug persisting after not taking the drug could be from the solubility of the chemicals. I have known ex drug addicts take up exercise and get highs from old drugs locked up in their fat being released. There are fat soluble and water soluble drugs and vitamins out there. I would even wonder if the gall stones become saturated and then release drugs for a long time later on.
      A fasting may help, as well as a liver cleanse. There was a guy who was hit with radiation at Chernobyl who was saved by being starved down to a very low weight, helping remove the contaminants from his flesh. He lived to old age.

    2. I call BS on “Mandi”, in the second video you have linked to with regards to transgenderism. There is no way finasterride or dutasteride is going to do that to anyone. You will note that Mandi has had facial feminization surgery. He wanted to be a transgender, and probably tried to sue the manufacturer of the dutasteride he took in order to finance his transition.
      “She” definitely needs to work on her voice.

  17. The comments on this article are incredibly stupid. ‘Just shave it off and become Jason Statham’ What a load of fu*king bullsh*t. If it was THAT EASY, wouldn’t EVERY guy be doing it regardless of balding? How about the fact that Jason Statham looks good because, you know, THERES ONLY ONE Jason Statham?
    Face it; baldness is a sexual death sentence for men. Women DON’T respect it. Nobody is willing to say that bluntly though.

    1. Spotted another one of those “Can’t get laid unless you’re Brad Pitt” MGTOWs.

      1. I’d like to see you turn a situation around where a woman tells you: “Sorry, no bald men.” What are you going to do? Convince her that she’s wrong and should be attracted to your shinny dome? Yeah it would all work nice in theory, but once you’re put in the shoes of the actual bald man who has to overcome that mountain, you realize this simple truth: baldness sucks and it will decrease your chances dramatically with most women.

      2. Game harder? You mean, game so much until you land on a woman that doesn’t care about baldness? Yeah, good luck. If baldness wasn’t a big deal, it wouldn’t be the #1 turnoff and articles like this wouldn’t exist.
        Quit being delusional.

      1. How is it a troll? “Baldness is ugly”, it’s funny how people will delude themselves about an issue sometimes, yes it is not attractive, no matter how you look at it. Yes you can compensate for it, but if you tell guys to compensate for it, then aren’t you admitting that it is something ugly that needs compensation to be accepted? See where I’m going? No it’s not trolling. It’s basic understanding of the reality we live in.

    2. If only men with full heads of hair got laid, then doesn’t it stand to reason that the bald gene would be selected out of humans?

      1. Bald men can get into relationships because then personality, career, money, status etc. will matter. So they will have children. But for one night stands or flings? Forget it, women go all for looks in that case, and baldness is hardly ever considered attractive by women.
        Also, men died younger before, before the baldness gene had a chance to be triggered. Men and women alike can just carry the gene without it being ever expressed. Common sense here really.

  18. Two points:
    1: I have seen “bald” guys (either hair gone or they shave it off) run circles around guys with all their hair because they had good game. There will always be bald guys and guys will have an option to be bald. Women don’t care so much as we think about that. Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Telly Sevalis (Kojak) and Yule Brenner did well in life.
    2. Taking a drug, for anything is always a bad idea. The best ways to avoid turning your testosterone into DHT is to ….. avoid stress or learn how to control it. Stress is what drives T to DHT conversion. I know two fellows from the same family. Their dad is 80 and has a full head of hair. One brother at 40 has a full head of long hair, but he’s more of an artist type and is “starving” but self employed, works on his own time, and one of the most laid back people you could meet. The other brother is a couple of years older, but has MPB. He’s a “numbers man”, works in high stress high pay high finance and banking jobs. He makes lots of bank, but gets lots of stress too.
    Women also lose hair from stress but not in a MPB way. They will lose the hair over their temples, making their hairlines in the front more like that of a man. I can tell how much stress a woman has in her life by looking at that hairline. Often such women will also have the typical man-jaw of a female office troll (and further hormone imbalance causing a case of “office ass”: tiny rib cage with small tits but enormous hips and thighs. Why in the fuck do they not realize they are becoming mutants? )
    Finally, if you feel you must take something to reduce DHT production, Reishe Mushroom extract is a good thing to consider. It’s natural but overall it’s a tonic for the liver and good for your health. At best, it’s not a unnatural drug that fucks with your hormones and has no side effects. When I had issues with my liver from being exposed to too many chemicals (intentional and not intended) I took this supplement and I hardly get sick and I got hair back that I lost 5 years ago. I actually got more muscle from it because my overall metabolism benefited.

    1. Former chief Whitman at ebay was the best/worst example of a receding hairline on a woman. yeesh

    2. Its genetic from the mother’s side. Stress and diet will accelerate hair lose, but if its in the genes you can’t stop it with relaxation techniques and modification of diet.

      1. Good for me then. I come from a long line of men who died with hair on their head.
        Of course they all died young too. :-

        1. Full head of hair privilege and positional good theory in practice. You don’t realize how advantaged you are with that head of hair. If bald men didn’t exist, how else would guys with full head of hair know that they are superior?
          It’s funny, you explain in details why baldness is no big deal, then you go: “good for me then”. Bald men all know what you’re thinking.

        2. I don’t know what to say then.
          “Wallow in your despair”?
          “Full head of hair privilege” I’m white too. You want to go all SJW on this?

        3. It’s a privilege and you should recognize it a such. No harm in that. It’s like being tall or good-looking, of course it will put your ahead of the short or ugly guys.
          I just would like full heads to stop believing that their hair doesn’t matter at all in their success.
          Just picture yourself with all the girls you’ve shagged. Now remove your full head of hair from those memory, put a clear horseshoe (shaved if you want, it will still be visible anyway) on your head.
          Do you still bed those girls? I doubt it.
          Hair is privilege on the dating scene, and sometimes a big one.

        4. Please. Just about every bald guy I know has good game and if there was a scoreboard up I’d be far enough out of the winner’s circle nobody would remember I played.
          I’ve seen them run circles around guys with “good hair”. Myself included.
          The dating scene you are talking about must be a given age group. Maybe 18-24 but still even back then I was up against guys who shaved their heads cueball bald and would still lose in getting the girl.
          There are just so many factors. If I were sitting here expecting it to be easy because I’m not bald, I’d be pulling an Elliot Rodgers and acting like an entitled whiney bitch.
          Having known bald guys who successfully bed 7 and better is why I don’t lose any sleep over the prospect of getting a visit from the baldness fairy. Game is EVERYTHING. I wish it were otherwise, that money or hair was the ticket, because I have hair and I can fake having money, but my notch count is mediocre at best.

        5. “My notch count is mediocre at best”
          There you said it! What all PUA and game believers always admit when you probe them a little. Even Roosh admitted it.
          You’re supposed to know way, way more than the average guy, yet your lay counts are always “mediocre”.
          It’s funny because I know a lot of guys who don’t know heck about “game” and have a stellar notch count. They aren’t that good looking either.
          Anyway, thanks for offering us another post more or less proving that “game” is just a fantasy and that if you told 100 guys all the concepts of game and told 100 other guys to just talk to the girls and try to sleep with them, they all would get the same results.
          Baldness opened my eyes to the truth: looks are a very, very big part of the equation and anyone who says otherwise is deluded.

        6. “looks are a very, very big part of the equation and anyone who says otherwise is deluded.”
          Maybe – but you don’t understand that your opinion of “looks” is probably not what makes women moist, because you watch the movies to learn what women want…

      2. No, its NOT from the mothers side. Genetics don’t follow a mathematical pattern you idiot.

        1. I’ve done more research on the matter than you could imagine. Even the article only SUGGESTS that its a TENDENCY, not 100% guarantee. So you’re flat out wrong. And even if such was the case, why is it that I’m balding where nobody in my family is bald? Why do you often times see brothers where one is bald and the other is not?
          Because genetics are all based on CHANCE. Nothing is definitive.

      3. My dad lived to 70, only had some vertex baldness in his final years. My uncle is mid 80s, he’s bald.
        I had another uncle who was a paratrooper in WWII, he was bald at 18.
        I’m in my 40s and have no pattern baldness, but I have never had kids, was only in a bad marriage for 2 years, and have had for the most part a near complete lack of fucks for all the bullshit of the world.
        I do see a lot of guys my age, married to a fat blob, with screaming brat kids they are not allowed to discipline, who appear to be balding. I guess being a beta chump having to struggle to keep his mouth shut can be stressful in a more “silent desperation” sort of way.

        1. All my male friends that are married look at least 10 years older than me. I’m convinced marriage prematurely ages a man, almost certainly due to stress and marital conflict.

        2. Used to not be that way. Marriage was once a good thing for men.
          Now not being married is a good thing for men, and a bad thing for women.
          Oh well. It’s what the cuntocracy wanted.

        3. Stop with this nonsense. Science says baldness is 100% genetic, look up balding twins. They bald at exactly the same rate despite being on different diets and levels of stress. I know you would like baldness to be something bald men have done to themselves, but it isn’t the case.

    3. I have enough stress in my life for years now. studying, working, having a busy schedule. But I’m not bald. Stress can make your individual hairs thinner/weaker, but not the amount I believe.

  19. All drugs have side effects, even aspirin. Even if the 2% number is more like 10% that still falls in the acceptable range. There’s an easy way to check your own sex drive as a male. Can you get aroused looking at porn?

  20. My hair started significantly thinning at 25. By the time I was 29, I was looking like Captain Picard. I’m not old or established enough to pull off the power donut so I started shaving my head. Everyone said it looks much better on me. I will say this though: you need to hit the gym if you’re going to shave your head, especially if you’re white. Bald heads generally don’t look good on fat or skinnyfat men.

    1. I’m in the same boat. I just shave with clippers. Trying to hide thinning hair makes it stand out because people starting sporting physics defying hairstyles.

  21. if you are experiencing hair loss just shave whatever is left off and be done with it

    1. If it was so easy to do, the hair loss industry wouldn’t be worth 4 billion $ a year. And I’m sure that to say something like that, you’re probably not balding or bald yourself.

  22. From the perspective of a PhD chemist who has been using finasteride for almost 2 years…this article is crap. Finasteride has been studied since the 90s and has been in use since then, so there are way more than the 3 studies provided showing its effectiveness and safety. The reason why it seems like a large number of men have side effects is because the ones who do experience loss of sex drive will go to a forum and complain about it, whereas the 98% that don’t won’t go on the forum to report no negative side effects.
    Finasteride reduces the amount of DHT, but doesn’t completely shut it down. There are two isoforms of the enzyme 5-AR and Finasteride only blocks one of these isoforms. There is another drug, duasteride, that blocks both and is used to treat prostate problems.
    Just by reducing free DHT (NOT TEST) the susceptible hair follicles are able to make a comeback. Bald men have susceptible hair follicles, not more or less testosterone or DHT.
    From my own experience and based of the scientific literature, my only regret is not starting to take finasteride earlier!

    1. What do you think is causing the “perm effects” that some people seem to be experiencing on Fini? I agree, it’s a small portion of the population, but, man, I’d be scared as hell of that side effect. Lifelong loss of sex drive is fucking ridiculous, and, it does seem that some people are seeing exactly that side effect.

      1. I would say its mostly a psychological phenomenon. Biology is fantastically complex and has a huge “mental” component to it which is the source of the placebo effect. I suspect that people who experienced minor side effects and buy into the “unnatural pharmas are the devil” BS trump up their negative experience

        1. Would you say that perhaps it’s genetic predisposition to sensitivity? There are women, for example, who have XY chromosomes but their genes made them unresponsive to androgens.
          Perhaps it’s possible that some guys “run” on DHT while others can have almost no DHT and not be affected by it?
          Licorice root for example… I have studied herbs because I make beer with them (old style pre-hop era beers such as from the middle ages) and I have seen complaints that licorice causes man boobs but when directly researching that, find that this is extremely rare. Or maybe they ate that by the bucket load. But in my study of herbs I find that any overdose of any herb is going to cause some kind of hormonal issue no matter which way you slice it.

        2. I think side effects are real. Humans aren’t 100% uniform in their responses to the same medicine. The 5 mg dosage which is used for enlarged prostate does have feminine side effects. But 1 mg every other day like the writer was using, probably not.
          Sounds like he over-trained doing squats. Don’t know why he lost his appetite and lost 15 pounds. I work out a gym that is mostly beginner and intermediate, and I’m surprised at how difficult it is for some guys getting started. There’s lots of soreness the first 6 months, incline press 200 lbs one day, the next day you can’t do 170 without your shoulder feeling like its been ripped off. Happens all the time.

        3. For sure, the balding “gene” is sex influenced, not carried on a sex chromosome. For example a dude with two copies of the bald gene will likely go bald early, and a girl with the same copies will have thin hair or go bald a bit later. Dudes with one copy will go bald when their old, but girls with one copy may jus thave thin hair or not notice any thinning. Only when guys have no copies of the bald gene do they have hair for life, compared to women who only need one copy of the good hair gene to have nice hair for life.
          Genetics have so much interplay with other genes and the environment that it is impossible to predict each individual reaction to any drugs or herb even when we know the genotype of the individual.

        4. Side effects are real, for sure. The thing that’s so terrifying about Fini is that people report they took the drug, lost their sex drive, stopped taking it, and NEVER got it back. That’s the effect that I’m most worried about. What is it doing in the body that makes a perm change to the composition? Does something change when DHT is inhibited in some people (like they stop making the 5AR necessary to turn test into DHT?).
          I don’t know what the answer is, so I’m not looking to start an argument. All I do know is that there are enough guys out there who have experiences similar to the authors to make me say “no fucking way” to Fini. I’d be lucky asshole who loses his sex drive forever.

        5. I agree that the side effect are real, I think they are being exaggerated on online forums and by people looking to sell you the “natural cures”. Its funny how they criticize big pharma for being greedy and making money, when they are doing the same thing with a MUCH less effective product.

        6. I don’t know. I’m not a scientist. I’m not advising anybody to take it. I find it hard to be believe that its not reversible though. Just stop taking it and when you’re hair starts falling out again then you know you have your old original hormone balance.

        7. Don’t be afraid of the scare tactics used by those in the natural remedies industry. Like I said the 5AR is not completely shut down so your body continues to produce it. DHT is more important pre-puberty for the initial development of male sexual characteristics. More adults males less DHT means less back hair mostly.
          If you lived your life avoiding the 0.001% of having a severe negative reaction or outcome, you’d never drive a car or leave your house.

        8. Guys, we are all different. Humans do not come off of an assembly line made to 6 sigma standards. The side effects that the guys on the forums are reporting are no doubt real. At the same time, the guys here saying that they are experiencing no side effects despite having used the med for 10 years are no doubt for real as well.
          The reality is that some men are going to experience side effects from Finasteride or Dutasteride use and others will not.
          I also think the case of “Mandi” being feminized as a result of Dustasteride use is bogus.

    2. Keep taking it bro come back in 5 years and tell us if you’re still A-okay. I’m glad im not rollin the dice with my balls and manhood.

  23. I am a decent looking guy with a good set of hair (at least for now) so I can’t speak from personal experience. But, the only time I have heard of hair mattering when it comes to getting girls is with online dating. Women are downright nasty about it when they see a bald guys profile. But, a bald guy with good game can do anything a good looking guy with hair can do in person.
    Also, if you want to keep or regrow your hair there are more effective methods then taking this systemic drug. I’ve known more then one guy who went through the pain of hair transplant (which sucks for about 6 months) but it is a “permanent” solution.

    1. I have heard that hair implants are easy now. You just sit in a chair like at the dentist. They take shafts of your own hair from the back of your head and insert them into the thinning areas. I think you are still required to take propecia after the procedure or the transplanted hair will fall out again, right?

      1. no the transplanted hair is taken from a region at the sides or back where the follicles are not susceptible to DHT which causes hair loss no finasteride is not needed to keep those hairs.

      2. I’m not sure. Just know two or three guys who have had it done and they say it was worth the hassle. I don’t think they had to take any drugs afterward.

    2. Bald tinder game is hard, but actually interacting in the real world it is not much of a hindrance. I have receding hairline but don’t have any problems offline

      1. Most bald guys I know simply stop online dating when their hair falls out. They just sub in day gaming. Which, BTW, I am still sort of in awe at how asking a girl for her number at a coffee shop after a two minute interaction actually works.

  24. If losing your hair is such a terrifying prospect, whatever happened to getting a good old transplant? It’s permanent as far as I know and has no lasting side effects, and while it isn’t that cheap, anybody with a half decent job can save up for a while and afford it.

    1. Because a completely bald head (norwood 7, aka horse shoe pattern) requires approximately 40,000 individual hairs (follicles). The most that can be harvested is HALF that and that’s if you’re lucky to have that much available donor hair.

  25. The Best thing to do is sport a comb-over, It’s shows you have class and sophistication, and that you’re not a head shaving quitter, hold onto every last hair and organize it well, and own it with pride,
    Otherwise, get a nice toupee, just glue a hairpiece to your head, they are high tech these days and look better than natural hair anyway
    Wear lifts in your shoes for the extra 2 inches of height (people are designed to respect taller men more in their brains) and get the nicest toupee you can buy
    you will look more “confident” this way, it’s not about being natural it’s about what will give you an egde the hype, and presentation,
    Rather than the actual quality, that no one cares about anyway
    Just do everything you can to associate status and positivity to yourself

    1. The comb over is social death. If you want to go natural, shave your head, grow a goatee, get a tat, work out at the gym, drive a convertible.

      1. No, combovers are seen as classy, A bad combover will blow around in the wind with gel and look bad, but thats not going to be your comb over, rather, poor exexution of the combover technique leads to a slobbish appearance
        First things first, Walk around with a comb, you’ll have to be the guy that fixes his comb-over in the mirror a few times a day, perfect timing is for a piss break,
        So Steps to mastering the comb over
        1) Carry around a comb, get used to mirror checking the comb over
        2)small amount of gel on the adjacent bald patch, (makes the baldness all gross and sticky so the hair sticks over it when you comb it
        3) Basically, Avoid wind.

      2. This is typically not a good “comb over” and this technique should be avoided
        say to yourself Comb-over or toupee, there is no other way, As you adjust the comb over looking eagerly for reflective surfaces as to avoid embarassment

  26. For all those saying being bald means you can’t get laid, or you’re relegated to the least desirable women, refer to Neil Straus, author of The Game.

    1. Neil Strauss admitted that when he was teaching the Mystery Method, he still hadn’t got laid even once. It’s in his book “The Game”. He’s been exposed as a fraud many time over. Definitely not a good example.

      1. His personal experience with game is real, but that doesn’t mean his personal experience is transferable or all men are teachable. If there is any “fraud” its because he over-sold seminars inducing people to pay the fees who then didn’t get results. I’m skeptical game can make betas into alphas, but it can help men take things up a couple of notches. For example it you’re male who women perceive as 4 out of 10, with personal improvement you can become 5, and with game skills punch above your weight and date 6s.

    1. Yeah it’s called minoxidil mixed in alcohol and propylene glycol. That’s it.
      Great advice, genius.

      1. Correction, look at the ingredients for CVS’ iteration of Rogaine…. it has a ton of bs in it like Propane.
        Pedantic correction aside, try again: I just flicked you.

  27. I always say men need to embrace their baldness. It’s only an issue if you make it an issue. As long as you don’t look like George Castanza you’ll be fine.

        1. And of course you will say that it doesn’t matter and that women never tell you it’s a deal breaker for them.

        2. And of course you will tell us that it hasn’t impacted your dating life in any way and that women never tell you your baldness is a deal breaker for them.

        3. you have other features, like a square jaw, that offsets your baldness. Not all men have that

        4. I agree. Women lie. They learn to tell men whatever men want to hear. They will say bald men look more distinguished to the man’s face. Then with anonymous survey that say they don’t like bald men. But its also true that it can be overcome by gaming harder. Neil Strauss, who wrote The Game, shaved his head. He got his notch count over 100, most of the women above average looks. He wasn’t 6’5″ and ripped either. Google his name, check out his pics.

        5. Oh look, a guy that hit an even weirder genetic lottery; still looking good when bald! Looks like you workout to compensate eventhough shouldnt have to, but at least you recognize that baldness is a crutch.
          Must be nice to get lucky.
          Can you say the same for all other bald men? Of course not.

        6. If you don’t like the shape of your jaw, grow a beard. You can give it any apparent shape you want that way. And bald men with beards can look badass.

  28. Your insecurities are all in your head. If you let it stop you from doing what you want, then it will.

    1. So when several girls tell you “No sorry, I could never date a bald man, ever, I find it gross.” or when you see countless dating profiles saying “No bald men sorry” It’s still all in your head?

      1. Why would you let that stop you from trying? After a second try and they still say no, then next her.
        Women always say one thing and do the other. They want a nice guy, so if you’re an asshole guy, you wouldn’t try? Sometimes it’s just a shit test.

        1. They dont want the nice guy, lol. Don’t you know, women are attracted to jacked up douchebags with full heads of hair. The bald guy that’s decent, if not excellent is an after thought.
          Try shaving your head down to a horseshoe pattern, see how far you get with women.

  29. I’ve taken Propecia for 10 years. No noticeable side effects on testosterone, libido, health, etc.
    Sample size of 1.
    The men who have reported problems, it would be helpful to know what their general exercise activity, diet, porn consumption are as it relates to health & libido.

    1. People have a tendency to say because some can survive, it must be safe. I looked at Wikipedia, and the FDA, who is NOT the most consumer conscious agency out there, actually required a label warning about sexual harm when taking this drug.
      I’m glad you did not notice any side effects. That doesn’t mean the drug hasn’t harmed you in some way, and it doesn’t mean it is safe for the general public. It’s kind of like saying my 93 year old grandfather smoked, smoking can’t be THAT bad for you. More importantly, you did not mention whether the drug even worked for you.

  30. Excellent advice. I have plenty of thick hair all over, so it’s easy for me to say, but if and when I start going bald I think I would just embrace it. Think of baldness this way: Much like growing a beard, having hair on your chest, or dangling balls, it’s something only men do, and therefore it is by definition masculine. Of course some women will not want a bald man, and others will be turned on by it. All things being equal, I hope I have my head of hair until the day I die, but losing it is really not that big a deal. I think the worst part is the interim period where you have the receding hairline but still grow a decent amount of hair and you are stuck in “no man’s land”

    1. 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women. Source: The American Hair Loss Association. Tell me how you still think it’s masculine now?
      The reason you don’t see women with bald heads or thinning hair around is because they’re simply not socially allowed to appear in public this way, so they will cover it up with wigs and concealers.

      1. Ah, but if a man tries to cover it up or treat baldness, its socially unacceptable.

    2. The receding hairline. Yeah, I’ve seen young guys that try to cover those inlets. Everybody can instantly see such a guy is insecure.

  31. I took propecia for about a year, because I had an onset of early male pattern hair loss at the early age of 21. But I started seeing signs as early as 17. I took it out of desperation, it’ssucks loosing it in your 30’s but imagine how horrifying at that age.
    The immediate side effects were minimal, because I have naturally high testosterone that would let met have physique of a body builder with out the need for steroids or PED’s. But the long-term effects of it alluded to in the article are insidious.
    Propecia fights hairloss by making you girly. A quote from the wikipedia page:
    Finasteride is sometimes used in hormone replacement therapy for male-to-female transsexuals in combination with a form of estrogen due to its antiandrogen properties.
    Eventhough the drug didn’t make me want to put on a pair of tits, I felt diminished, like A-Rod after quitting steroids. It took away the confidence I needed to seal the deal with women and to perform well in my studies. I studdied abroad in Spain for 6 months in between the time I started and stopped using Propecia. I wasn’t able bed this hot Brazillian Amazon who gave me mulitple chances to cheat behind her boyfriends back. Though I did well, during my semester studying abroad, I failed the following semester.
    As far as athletic performance, I was very active in Spain. I had to walk everywhere, a alot more than I did in the States, because Europe doesn’t have the car culture the US has and parking is a hassle. I took weekly dance classes and practised Karate twice a week. Despite my active lifestyle, only I lost half the weight I would have (in fat) had I not taken the drug.
    Testosterone is the drug of desire and motivation. It’s what elevates men above women. This drug takes away that edge.

    1. Except that this drug doesn’t even inhibit testosterone at all. In inhibits 5ar to prevent it from bonding with testosterone to create DHT. Know your facts.

      1. I agree Gregory. I’ve been using generic proscar, cut into 4 pieces for dosing, for some time now. I have had absolutely no negative side effects from it.

    2. The more i read about this propecia shit the more i think it should have never been pur on the market.

  32. If you act like a badass and take care of yourself you wouldn’t need this crap.

    1. Doesn’t matter, women and society find baldness repulsive. If you’re sure of yourself, shave your head down to a horseshoe pattern and see how far you get in life even if you act like a badass. YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN AS ONE, but rather as a bald loser thats trying to compensate.

      1. That doesnt explain why women go all coo-coo for Jason Statham. Women like badass men whether they are bald or not.

        1. Because he’s Jason Statham, DUH. Put him him on the street without celebrity status and he’s another ‘bald loser’ women will want nothing to do with.
          Women prefer badass men WITH HAIR. Again, shave your head to a horseshoe pattern and then see how you do with women. Of course you won’t because youre an indenial ignorant privileged fullhead preaching to me and others how easy it is to cope with baldness. Thats like telling a cancer patient how not to worry about being on their death bed while you go off and play basketball on weekends, have drinks and go dancing the next day.
          Christ, you fulheads are so friggin’ delusional.

        2. Women prefer badass men. Saying he is “Jason Statham, DUH” doesnt change the fact that he doesnt follow the rule you put forth. No matter who it is a badass is still a badass. Its better to say “Some women dont like bald men” and thats fine.
          Put Jason Statham on the street without celebrity status, and yes chances are he wont date super models but he will still get a piece of ass often because he is still a BADASS.
          If women were focused on baldness there wouldn’t be a ROK nor the red pill discussions. Talk about your delusions.

        3. Shave your head to horseshoe pattern, then come talk to me. you know dick about baldness and the hatred we get on a daily basis.

        4. It’s not whiny, it’s REALITY, one which you haven’t got a clue about.

        5. No its totally blue pill. All of us have limitations but we deal with it with self-improvement. Make improvements in your life and stop whining about your baldness. If you insist on putting chemicals in your body to grow hair then you might as well get a boob job.

        6. The horseshoe pattern is a disaster. The advice is usually to shave it clean, or restore it medically.

        7. Yes, we deal it with self-improvement ourselves. That does NOT matter though because we’re still BALD and humiliated. How many times have I heard people ridicule a bald guy that took extra steps for self-improvement because he was desperate to compensate? THATS STILL losing the game, dont you get it? It doesnt matter how bald men feel because no matter what, we’re still shit on by society, JUST LOOK AT THE COMMENTS IN THIS ARTICLE!!!

        8. I’m curious to see how you look like. From all your posts, you sound like a very bitter man.

        9. You don’t think its baldness and society treating me like shit because of it?

        10. I think you might have other issues other than your baldness for why society is treating you like shit.

        11. I don’t know your personal story. How are you being treated like shit because of your baldness? I’ve never noticed any difference in how people treat me now as when I had hair.

        12. Like I said, you got lucky with have facial features that aren’t affected negatively by hair loss. This does NOT apply to almost all men with hair loss.
          You know FULL well that bald men are seen as subpar. No woman has ‘bald’ on her priority list of wants. It’s the ONLY group of people thats disrespected openly and its encouraged. The only people that know about this are bald men themselves (cept you) but apparently privileged fullheads know better and their presumptions override MY OWN experiences with peoples humiliation of my baldness.
          You ever simply walked into a bar and immediately had a group of fullheads start singing ‘hes bald! hes bald!’? As if walking into a bar was supposed to be offensive… no, it was my BALDNESS that offended them. Dont tell me *I* have an attitude problem. It’s PEOPLE that have a problem with baldness. I’m the one thats being outcast.

        13. Are you also short and overweight? If you’re short, fat, and bald then yes you’ll be seen as subpar. Do you think the Rock and Vin Diesel are viewed as subpar? I work out, but I’m also 6’2, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t matter that I’m bald

        14. Omg right?? its just so fucking terrible for bald men. Bald men will absolutely NEVER be able to get ahead or be able to live a meaningful life no matter what they do because society is socialized to hate bald men.
          You sound like some whiny fucking feminist complaining about patriarchy or some bullshit. Shit happens in life alright, if you’re a man you deal with it and live your life regardless, if you’re a woman you cry in the corner and bitch about it online.
          No matter how many times you tell everyone to go shave their head into a horse shoe pattern and bitch about “fullhead privilege” its not going to make your situation any less real. Maybe instead of feeling sorry for yourself you should work on doing what you can to improve in other areas and concentrate on what you can control instead of what you can’t.
          I mean its either that or you can kill yourself since a bald head has somehow inescapably doomed you to a life a misery and anguish.

  33. I look at baldness as something normal that happens as you get older. Spending bunches of money on pills and transplants to fight the unforgiving hand of nature really isn’t much different than a woman spending bunches of money to try and pass as someone 10 years younger. Eventually, you just have to accept your fate and move on.
    I started seeing the signs around 20-21, and now at 36 I’m mostly bald. I bic my head about once a week. When I think of all the money I save, I actually end up being happy that I’m bald. Instead of paying $20 every other week, I spend about $8 every couple months or so on a pack of disposable razors. If I don’t use shampoo I get dandruff, but I use so little that a bottle lasts forever….I’ve forgotten exactly how long it lasts because its been so long since I’ve bought one. More money for liquor!
    Hair styling is for women. Embrace your baldness, it is one of those fundamental things which distinguish us from women.
    Men with hair loss:,cs_srgb,dpr_1.0,g_face,h_300,q_80,w_300/MTIwNjA4NjMzMjIxNzExMzcy.jpg[email protected]@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg

  34. If anyone thinks baldness isn’t a big deal: shave your head to a horse shoe pattern and see how well you do in life, particularly sexually.
    Of course, privileged fullheads will STILL deny everything. Idiots.

    1. You know what they will reply: “No one cares about your baldness discourse baldie, just leave us alone and let us enjoy our hair privilege!”
      They’re scared of baldness because if there is one thing that disproves “game” altogether, it’s going bald. No man gets shorter, or significantly uglier face-wise for some reason. But go bald and you will notice the difference with your so-called “game” very quickly.
      I was a huge believe of game before, and I thought I got a lot of girls because I was “smooth”, DHVing, not needy etc. And then baldness happened. I was a bald man in my mid-twenties, all of a sudden all the IOI’s stopped, most women didn’t want to give me a chance anymore. Yet I had the same personality and “game” before and after baldness. So what happened here?
      Simple: game is BS, looks and to a lesser extent status, personality and just coming across as normal socially (so not cold approaching) are everything in the dating game.

      1. Simple, the girls got programmed to like chix-with-dix.
        Long hair is effeminate (unless you’re Samson or someone like that).

        1. True, it’s not that they’re not attracted to bald men. But even if they are, they will think “wait a minute, Patrick Dempsey wasn’t bald, and Mr. Big either! I deserve better than this!” Thanks Hollywood and TV shows.

      2. Are you sure that your confidence didn’t drop as a result and you failed to make decent eye contact and generally became more withdrawn, starting a chain reaction of negative beliefs which resulted in a self fulfilling prophecy?

    2. Why would anyone walk around with a horseshoe pattern haircut? That would look silly. It would look so much better to completely shave your head.

  35. Hair makes you look younger, because it’s just not seen as much on older people. It’s also a marker of health, and important in the matinggame. At least when qualifying women.
    Once you start balding as a man, don’t fight it. Now, I can understand you may color your hair when you get grey hair more than other guys of your age (like I have at 28) but I’ve to say I don’t even bother dying hair. I don’t care. When people tell me about it I just tell the truth: I have a lot of stress in my life.
    If you care about hair on humans, remind yourself that the future of humanity is baldness for all.

    1. So much nonsense and terrible advice here.
      Don’t dissuade the newbies starting to suffer from hair loss to not get on treatments. They should fight it with everything they got because once you let it go too far and you realize that as 90%, you don’t have the head shape and looks to pull it off, you’re pretty much screwed.
      Grey hair is an entirely genetic process and it having a relation to stress is an old wives tale.
      And no the future of humanity isn’t baldness for all, people who have a full head of hair will keep on having offspring that has a full head of hair.

      1. Sure it sucks to lose your hair, you lose an option for styling, nobody wants that. But you prefer taking drugs because of something stupid as hairloss? Take that fear of having a bald head for something usefull like becoming ripped. That is something you can really control. Most men have head shapes that are just fine.

        1. No they don’t, most men look like they have Down Syndrome with their head shaved. Why would I want to get ripped if it’s not a big deal like you say? Why compensate?
          I don’t take drugs for my hair loss by the way, I’m on topical minoxidil (Rogaine if you want) and I’ve a hair transplant to be treated with more respect by women and society again.
          Before my transplant, I could not shave my head either because people would ask me if I was sick all the time. So it kind of feels good not being treated like a creepy child molester when you flirt with a young woman.

        2. After a certain age it doesn’t matter anymore if you’re bald. Sure you don’t want it in your 30’s. But after? I wouldn’t care, seriously.

        3. 30’s? I was slick bald at 23 years old! 23!
          Try to live a normal social life with the hair of a 80 year old grandpa!
          See how your “game” and muscles will save you then.
          By the way, you will always care about your appearance, you will always want to look good. at 20, 40 or 60 years old. You don’t wake up one morning thinking “Well I don’t give a fuck if I get bald and fat now!” Nope, not going to happen. Talk to men in their 50’s who take care of themselves, they will tell you the same.

        4. You are just insecure about something you can’t control. You don’t here me crying about my height (171 cm) either. It’s just the way it is. I’m not going to fool people with insoles. You get my point? Control what you can, with things that are reasonable. I think women don’t really look at your hair as long as you convey a dominant male personality. Improving your game can be done without a single strain of hair.

        5. Dumbass, 171cm is perfectly normal height, LOL. Just shave your head to a horseshoe pattern if you think its no big deal.
          You obviously won’t because you KNOW YOUR PRIVILEGE.

        6. Well, I will be balding probably in fifteen years, just like my father. Of course having hair is nice. But do you really want to take drugs to do it? That’s the only thing that bothers me.

        7. Yeah Minoxidil seems to work pretty well if used everyday. No reason to jump on the ‘just go bald!’ train.

  36. 5 alpha reductase enzymes converts Testostosterone to DHT, DHT, for those that dont, know is a male hormone far stronger than testosterone. Taking a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor will stop the conversion of T to DHT .

  37. If I met a girl that had a pretty face, nice legs, nice ass….but was balding for some bizarre reason and wore wigs/hair extensions to cover it…….Hell yea I’d still date her. But as a guy, put a wig on and see how many woman will accept it.

    1. None, as a man you’re supposed to remain a smelly, not groomed, pimple-faced greasy bald man and never care one bit about your appearance, because that’s what real men do and what women want right?!
      Screw society’s hypocrisy.

  38. I don’t agree at all with the author. I’ve taken it regularly for about three years now and it should have been earlier but for a slack disposition. I jacked off twice this morning just to get that out of my system. If there was a sexual side effect it might be the bother of actual intercourse as that option was snoring in eyeshot but again it might be a slack disposition. Nothing to get hysterical over.
    The temples stopped receding after weeks of this stuff and some density returned which essentially ended the horror of an anticipated Dave Letterman style frontal pube tuft (old Dave). Now just widow’s peaks.
    Weirdly two years ago, bilaterally, the lateral calf hairs fell off leaving a half and half effect. Googled it at the time and someone took a pic of their legs with exactly this effect. The effect went away in about a month and never returned, i.e. full coverage.
    Again, don’t be put off by the author. This works. As this is an inhibitor of the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT, logically, that increases testosterone. If there was a libido change for me it might be that I didn’t immediately mentally strip the clothes off any half decent woman eye-balled and root her in the blink of a mind’s eye, but then that might be a confounder, such as being a bit older. I think that’s a good thing btw.
    If you are going to use this, two points of advice. Firstly get a script for 5mg tabs and quarter them with a pill cutter. This dramatically cuts the cost. The 1mg tab is a genuine scam from Big Pharma.
    Secondly, NEVER allow any chance of contact with even the tiniest sceric of this compound with a pregnant female as it is highly teratogenic.
    Other than that, enjoy a pretty decent head of hair. If you are in the early stages of androgenetic alopecia, I recommend on the basis of my experience. What you do is up to you of course as nothing in life is without risk.
    Just so you know, you’re gonna die. Be aware that viewpoints may not necessarily reflect a sound understanding of cause and effect. Also, if you value a full head of hair and you are in danger of losing it, this works, hysterics and finalities aside.

  39. Dihydrotestosterone is the hormone responsible for the development of the penis and body hair( So its probably not the best hormone to fuck with. It is also blamed for hairloss and aggressive prostate cancer, when the best evidence I have seen says it is artherosclerosis that causes a localized high concentration of dihydrotestosterone(both on the head and in the prostate). Fix the artherosclerosis not the hormone. Life extension has some recommendations, and from what I’ve read Diatamaceous Earth works wonders.

    1. Its taken by adults, not children, so there wouldn’t be effect on penis development.

      1. Im saying a hormone responsible for the developement of the penis is likely critical in other ways as well. Like say libido. It is also more androgenic than test even.

      1. Too bad fullheads can’t comprehend this. Of course, they’d never shave their heads, WOULD THEY?

  40. If you’re white and you’re getting bald you are FUCKED. Especially if you have blonde hair and/or a pale skin. Seriously, white guys who completely shave their head look awful and unhealthy. Sometimes they also look like a Nazi or a criminal.
    Guys with a black, brown or tanned skin don’t look that bad when they are getting bald.
    Besides, getting bald is for 99% genetics, unless you get random bald spots on your head, which can be a symptom of stress or unhealthy food. So, don’t cry like a bitch, because you’re genetically inferior compared to non-bald guys. Hair is a form of beauty. If you lose that, you also lose a part of your beauty.

  41. A few years ago I did an experiment. I created two online dating profiles, one of me clean shaven and with a full head of hair, the other of me with a shaved head and goatee. The first one got far more replies than the second. Baldness is a definite obstacle in online dating unless you look like Jason Statham.
    In real life, I’ve had significantly more success with cold approaches in broad daylight since I started shaving my head than I did when I vainly tried to hide my balding with copious gel and combovers.

  42. You can only fight the hair loss for so long. So long as you have teeth to smile with, you’re fine. Still some specialty shops make ‘grillz’. If that’s not your camp, then shaved headed with stubble holds on a cap or rebel bandanna like velcro.
    Then there’s the skinhead look. Doc Martins, spiderweb tats and bomber jacket and nearby panties wet themselves on a dry midwest day like someone performed a rain dance. Some chicks dig a man with his hands in his pockets, running his fingers through his hair while he’s chatting her up.

  43. It doesn’t matter what’s on your head, it matters what’s inside your head!

  44. Hair loss in USA is due to fluoride in the drinking water and also is used for shower.

    1. You’re a fucking moron.
      Hair loss is caused by upregulation of dihydrotestosterone, DKK1, PGD2 arachidonic acid and downregulation of CD200 cells, CD34+ cells and PGE2.
      Nice try on spreading bullshit.

      1. Your attitude has no place here and should try at the nearest gun range. Environment has a big impact in turning any genes on! Go and compare Europeans in Europe, and compare them spending 3-5 years in fucking USA, like New York or Chicago were fluoride is pumped into water. If you can’t afford your trip to Europe, go to Hawaii or Maui and compare hair density of men, as you know there is no fucking fluoride in Hawaii or Maui, if your stupid IQ can notice the results, come back and write.
        People like you are running this country to a shit hole due to book study shit.

        1. LOL, idiot. I am european and living in Chicago. Bald men are not exclusive to any single area because of fluoride, lol. Dumbass. If that was the case, Finasteride would have no effect. THINK LOGICALLY.

        2. obnoxious coward, coming online to abuse, check your past emails, you are such a weird shit, you have no ideas or thesis, still constantly use moron, fool, idiots etc, all the time. You apply no logic anywhere, this is a public forum and not your personal shit. Got it, your sperm donor was that hairy monkey to your Mommy.What a shame

  45. There is a website which recommends a mixture of vitamins and supplements. I have been using it for 4 years and while my hair regrowth is limited the shedding dramatically dropped. The good news is most of these vitamins have been shown to mildly boost testosterone and are very healthy in their own right. I was dealing with many of the propecia side effects without even taking propecia and this regimen has helped a great deal.
    It is certainly is no miracle cure but it can buy you time while we all wait for a better solution the recommendations are backed by science and they reference the studies well.

  46. I’ve been on this for years…yes, as a hair loss preventative. I’ve been lucky, no side effects that I can think of. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it works, and prostate health is a beneficial side effect. Oh, I have a full head of hair, but I also use minoxidil, and the patch of major thinness that started the process in my early 30’s has been gone for years. When guys say “you have a great head of hair,” I tell them it’s NOT natural, it takes work and drugs.

  47. A few years ago, I paid a lot of money to get some Finasteride from my doctor. I was 23 at the time, and had noticed my hair line had started slightly receding at the temples and I wanted to try to stop it.
    After a couple of days of taking Finasteride, I felt funny–my circulation was lower, my balls tingled and I was drowsy/foggy. I Googled ‘Propecia side effects’ and read exactly the type of stuff you did and I quickly stopped.
    Now, I use Rogaine religously and I’ve continued to work out regularly while also staying hydrated, taking Zinc + Magnesium + B supplements, and I tan. I’m confident this has helped slow the process.
    Lifting ups blood/free testosterone levels. This helps accelerate hair loss–but so does estrogen and a sedentary lifestyle. It sucks, but the reality is that guys who can keep thick hair into their 30’s while also having a good body are plain lucky. Rogaine might help ever so slightly, so I continue to use it daily. I haven’t felt any major side effects. If things get bad, I’ll try hair club aka hair implants. The technology is decent enough now, so in 10 years it should be effective.
    Drug companies and doctors (doctors collectively function like a union in this country) have a duopoly over the drug market. They use the FDA and one-sided research to make money, so don’t trust everything you read from them. Propecia is garbage that will do more harm than help. But tanning helps stop hair loss by increasing circulation, as does a healthy lifestyle with rigorous cardio training added into your weightlifting regiment.
    Increase your circulation by staying hydrated, staying in shape, tanning, and use some Rogaine. That cocktail is the best you can do until a company not motivated by greed invents the cure. Hair loss treatment and surgery brings in too much revenue for the people that call the shots to make an actual cure, so you may be waiting for something better for a while. When it comes, it’ll cost a shit load anyway.

  48. The truth is, naive lefties have destroyed this government and have created a nation full of desolate dependents. The free market is the fairest government, but naive liberals got tricked into abandoning it by rich crooks who wanted to make more money with less competition.

  49. Male pattern baldness doesn’t mean Shit. I cringe when I see any guy trying to save his hair by any means. As soon as it gets evidently thin. Shave it off.
    Beyond being clean and not fat, looks really don’t matter to women much anyway. Nothing teaches you that like being a bald “6/10 or so.”

  50. If there truly were a fix-it for baldness, wouldn’t Prince William be using it? Wouldn’t Bruce Willis? Hair transplants are the only real ‘cure’, but they never look 100% right.

  51. You people are taking a risky drug designed to treat prostate problems BPH, using it to treat hair loss. It increases the risk of prostate cancer – you have to watch for things like growing breasts.
    Terazosin is a milder drug that relaxes pelvic muscles and takes away urinary problems due to an aging prostate.
    For hair – get a hair transplant. I mean the correct kind where they cut a piece out your temples, clone more if you need it.

  52. Your writing style is pleasant and catches attention, but the conclusions you’ve reached in this article are based on misinformation and a lack of information.
    1.Finasteride inhibits 5 alpha reductase (5AR).
    2. 5AR converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a leading cause of hair loss (among others).
    3.DHT causes hair loss, it is also more androgenic (by ~2.5x) than basic testosterone, meaning it has 2.5x more power to make guys horny
    So, it stands to reason guys would be less horny on finasteride/propecia (a DHT killer). While the textbook science points in that direction… the proof begs to differ. Clinical studies using finasteride show that the rates of finasteride vs placebo are both really low for impotence (1.8 vs 1.3%) and decreased libido (1.3 vs 0.7%).
    You can check out the facts on the prescribing information for finasteride on the Merck website, the mfg of the drug: or on the FDA website itself While pharma companies do some shady stuff when it comes to marketing, the prescribing info and clinical study data is inspected by the FDA, edited and reviewed by 100’s of PhDs and MDs, and based on $100’s millions of dollars of research. While there’s some wiggle room for skewing things even in this area, the summary is of largely hard facts. It’s difficult to state 1 + 1 = 3 regardless of what the doc’s bias is.
    To your other points:
    Study 1- studying things for a smaller timeframe than, well, forever, is a commercial necessity. If the requisite was much longer, than the vast majority of drugs wouldn’t make it to market. Researching them would be too costly. This is why after these drugs are approved, they gather data still.
    Study 2:This is one of many studies. In the links above you’ll find data in men from 18-41 as well. The rates are comparable.
    Study 3: This looks like an abstract. which often ommits details for the sake of succinctness. You can find more robust data in the links I’ve posted.
    The Forum: Like your post, these patients, unfortunately, are in the ‘bad luck’ end of the bell-curve with adverse effects. If a drug is very safe overall with a 1% adverse event rate and millions of people take it, then (and I’m not a mathemetician), a lot of people will still have adverse events. In a forum composed of largely the bad luck group, the proportion of people with adverse events will seem largely overblown. It’s not as if the 99% of people with no adverse events are posting just as often.
    Additionally, studies have their limits. A study with 2,000 people will not detect adverse events that happen in 1/10,000 and may even miss something that happens in 1/1,000. It seems many of these unfortunate patients are on the forum and you are one of them as well.
    While not drug is perfect, it has helped many people as well. It is actually the most effective hair-treatment product demonstrated efficacy in the long-run.
    Also, regarding some other comments I’ve read:
    -Prostate Cancer Treatment: The drug finasteride, at a 5mg dosage (5x the hair treatment dosage) is used to treat prostate cancer. It does not cause prostate cancer. Quite the opposite.

  53. Well you absolutly right. How was after you quit this poison. Did you develop post finasteride syndrome?? It has been a horrible hell for me also. I wonder how can this things be done, but if there are masacring people in other countrys for money I guess they can do that via pharmaceuticals. What a horrible world we live in. Merck the company that developed finasteride was suited for thousand of deaths for a prior drug named viooxxx..

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