5 Reasons Not To Have A Breadwinner Wife

In my recent youth (five years ago), I made the mistake of blindly walking into circumstances that ultimately led to having a breadwinner wife. There is plenty of discussion about the social phenomenon that 40% of wives are now the breadwinner. However, the story is never told from a perspective that will help us men make the best decision for ourselves.

My story is one example. I wasn’t some chump—I had a MBA from a good school. My fiancée was an awesome girl. Loving, nurturing, domesticated, and hot. And I had choices to pick from. Oh yeah, and she was in Law School during our first two years of marriage- basically it was like her having a part time job.

I come before you today to dispute all of the reasons people have for why it is good to have a breadwinner wife:

1. “It is good to have a breadwinner wife you sap! More money for you!”


There isn’t more money for you. It is her money. Traditional men look at women as sacred possessions and take pride in providing for their women and children. Women, even good women, just don’t have this characteristic. Money she earns is her money and she isn’t going to be smart with it.

When we were living on my decent but smaller income, we actually had a savings. When she started making twice the money, I bowed out and let her deal with the finances. It was a complete mess for two years. No savings, spending $200 at the grocery store and coming home with nothing for dinner, leased car, and purchased but unworn clothes and more.

She had more respect for my money in the beginning then she did for our combined money later on. Go figure that out.

2. “You now have time to pursue more masculine past times such as hunting, fishing, or extreme body building.”


Unless you quit your job, there isn’t more time or money (see above) for masculine interests. It is actually the same amount of time you had before, except now you get to be the beta when you go home. If she has a career that requires lots of hours, you will find that you have to construct your life according to your wife’s job schedule—whether that’s planning the vacation, weekend trip, or what time the family is going to eat dinner.

3. “The challenges of being married to a ‘strong’ woman will push you to reach your untapped potential”

A woman who works 8-10 hours a day is a tired, worn out, and cranky woman every day of the week. Expect very few breaks from this reality. She just doesn’t have the stamina that you do as a man. When it is 7 p.m. and she hasn’t had time to cook, clean, work out, or anything, she is going to be in a bitchy, nagging mood. Not the best environment for self-improvement.

On one hand, you can just do all the housework. It only takes about an hour anyway. But then, she will lose respect for you faster than she already was from being the breadwinner. She doesn’t want the guy at home washing her panties, so kiss your sex life goodbye. Additionally, due to her likely Type-A personality, she will become threatened if you try to improve yourself any higher than your status as designated laundry bitch.

4. “Your wife will love you even more for supporting her Career Ambitions!”


While she was breadwinner, I went through a period where I did the cooking and cleaning when I got home from work just to make the evenings more pleasant. My firsthand experience is she actually won’t love you more or appreciate your support. She will lose respect for you.

We all know what happens when your woman doesn’t respect you. It sucks for all involved. Do a quick search and read the blogs and comments where breadwinner wives discuss their “husbands.” If men talked about their housewives like that, they would be thrown in jail.

5. “You just feel emasculated because of outdated societal constructs- it is all in your head! Quit complaining!”

rsz_1o-cosmo-careers-sheryl-sandberg-facebook (1)

The truth is you lose a large part of your masculinity by not being the breadwinner. Once you see how your in-laws have no respect for your authority (because you have none) or how your wife talks down to you constantly (because she doesn’t respect you), you will understand.

So you feel emasculated that your wife makes more? That means there is hope for you! Your balls can still drop back down to their original dangling position they were in before! Go hug your old man – he probably did right by you if you feel this way.

I survived and so can you. With diligent effort towards self-improvement, this too shall pass. Tips to help specifically navigate yourself out of this situation is a another conversation for another day.

I believe that knowledge is power. I only know three men whose wives are the breadwinner that seem content. One of them coaches baseball and two of them are Green Berets. The guy who coaches baseball just wants to coach baseball. Green Berets say they need independent women that can manage through their long and frequent deployments.

Most men I know whose wives are the breadwinner, however, are either dissatisfied with their personal life or are very meek in nature. So be careful, be knowledgeable, be particular, and plan accordingly.

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  1. This is all so completely true! I just got out of a 20 year marriage to such a shrew. Took me almost 4 years on top to do it. I paid all the bills, yet she hid money, and squandered the rest she earned. It was her money, and my money was too. Even in divorce I was supposed to take care of this lying, cheating, thief.
    It was a long hard fought battle, but in the end, she got her just deserts. Do not do it gentlemen! If you do, you will eventually be sorry. Im so happy to be out from under that miserable person.

  2. Great article. I’m not married or in a relationship but whenever I see some pasty-faced beta slob with a baby slung to his chest or pushing a stroller and his scruffy flip flop wearing chubbster wifey empty-handedly leading the way I want to punch him in his stupid SWPL face.

      1. That photo is something one can see in real life in the more well to do social classes in eastern europe. Traditional role models still are common among the struggling class in EE.

        1. Right – so a bunch of epicene, gender-neutral girl-boy weirdos can run the country in two generations? Sure. I can’t wait to see Russia, China and Iran steamroll over those pathetic twerps like a bad joke (and you can bet your top dollar they’re all working in unison plotting this, simply because it will be too goddamn easy). It is practically inevitable at the rate we’re going. So be VERY careful what you wish for!

        2. ….so a bunch of epicene, gender-neutral girl-boy weirdos can run the country in two generations

          That ship HAS sailed.
          Look around you….They ARE running the country!

        3. True, considering my Arnold/spartan-like features. If I had kids I’d be afraid they would wipe a large number of today’s weak ass spawns off the map reverting the gene pool to a small but concentrated puddle of pure strength.
          Btw why don’t you change your name to moonbat country.

        4. The paranoia is strong in you. And a lot of these “wimps” would be more than happy to wipe the smug from your face.

        5. Ha! They can sure try! Watch what happens next! Who wants to find out if there really is a God or not?
          Probably NOT a good idea to come onto a site with real men who exercise and weight train and practice martial arts religiously and toss threats around freely. Do so at your own peril!

        6. FYI keyboard warrior isn’t a martial art.
          Guess what? I work out quite often too. And I’ve been in more than my fair share of fights. You don’t scare me little boy.

        7. I’m not trying to scare you, Einstein. YOU showed up this gunfight with a knife and said some girl-boys would “wipe that smirk off of my face”. No, they won’t. Not in this lifetime or the next. However, you SHOULD be afraid of the noose The Russians have on deck for your grandchildren when those pussies have no fight in them to fend them off. Do you REALLY think think country has a bright future given the rate it’s nosediving? What color is the sky in your universe?

        8. Listen you paranoid little boy. And yes that’s what you are, a silly little boy, this isn’t the cold war. The Russians are not coming and it’s laughable that you think they even have the potential to do so.
          You’re fear has you pissing at the boogeyman.
          And yes you little wimp, lots of guys who feel as I do could take you keyboard warrior.
          The funny thing? You’re irrelevant anyway.

        9. Listen you vapid, empire-destroying cunt. And yes that’s what you are, a cunt who is among the contingency driving this country into the dustbin with your leftist, flip-everything-on-its-head “everybody’s a winner” ways, this is as bad as The Cold War. The Russians want nothing more but for us to be torn apart wholesale, and so do The Iranians, Chinese, North Koreans, DAESH, and many other countries that are close enough to each other and have each other’s interests in mind that will take the first opportunity to do this.
          Your delusional ways will make the boogeyman manifest.
          No, you can’t. You don’t train. You would last ten seconds at the optimistic best. Someone who trains doesn’t toss threats around like candy, they know better and were taught better. You’re the one who’s the real keyboard warrior.
          The funny thing? You’ll just be banned from this site in no time fast, and good riddance to you!

        10. The paranoia is strong as you.
          Or is it roid rage?
          Or both?
          Either way, I’m having a good laugh at you little boy.

        11. Answer this. Why would China ruin their own economy by attacking one of their largest trading partners?
          And in the process pissing off their other largest (the E.U.)?

        12. We’ll be an epicene “one gender, one race” joke a civilization by then, we won’t have a leg to stand on is why. Watch these degenerate weirdos run this economy into the ground as well. Even Canada and Mexico will heckle us.

        13. In other words you would have said that no matter what I said given you’re nothing is “good enough” for your bullshit standards nature.

        14. LOL this exchange was hilarious….but you are right, Russia, China and all the rest will plot against us and steamroll over us
          other than being an epicene(NEW WORO THE DAY WOOHOO!!!), the reason China will “ruin their own economy by attacking one of their largest trading partners?” is because a country that has enough debt to fill the deepest ocean, isnt exactly a good trading partner.
          the American Dollar replaced gold as the world gold standard on the basis that American Capitalism had created a securer economy than gold, and also to intertwine all the economies of the world together to prevent another world war…..however with our massive debt, the value of our dollar is very weak, as a result this makes other economies weak because of the M.A.D aka Mutually Assured Destruction deal that made the american dollar the gold standard.
          all these other countries have to do is build enough of a stronghold, to withstand the initial shockwave of M.A.D. and they’ll be okay….america with its endless debt and epicene race of people, will not be able to withstand this shockwave, we will fall apart and be easy pickings.

        15. LOL this exchange was hilarious….but you are right, Russia, China and all the rest will plot against us and steamroll over us
          other than being an epicene(NEW WORO THE DAY WOOHOO!!!), the reason China will “ruin their own economy by attacking one of their largest trading partners?” is because a country that has enough debt to fill the deepest ocean, isnt exactly a good trading partner.
          the American Dollar replaced gold as the world gold standard on the basis that American Capitalism had created a securer economy than gold, and also to intertwine all the economies of the world together to prevent another world war…..however with our massive debt, the value of our dollar is very weak, as a result this makes other economies weak because of the M.A.D aka Mutually Assured Destruction deal that made the american dollar the gold standard.
          all these other countries have to do is build enough of a stronghold, to withstand the initial shockwave of M.A.D. and they’ll be okay….america with its endless debt and epicene race of people, will not be able to withstand this shockwave, we will fall apart and be easy pickings.
          so I hope you batcountry can understand that. but thats basically whats going to happen

        16. You do understand that
          a) most of Americas debt is owed to Americans
          b) the United States has a AA+ S&P credit rating (aka the second best you can have) and is considered “stable”.
          c) China has an AA- credit rating (in other words slightly worse than Americas) and is also considered “stable”.
          Their economy is interlinked with Americas. There is literally zero reason for China to attack America. And America’s “debt problem”
          Oh and btw in terms of North Korea, there is zero chance of them attacking America in terms of an invasion. In case people are forgetting there’s this little South Korea thing that would totally love to invade if North Korea committed their army elsewhere.

        17. America was downgraded from AAA+ to AA+ which is HUGE actually.
          and you missed the entire point….it is because their economy is interlinked that they will attack…..we are weak, as our economy is interlinked, and continues to fall into the toilet, that makes them weaker…..they have every reason to get aggressive and it would be wiser for them to pull out now than to let it get worse.
          while yes America owes a lot of debt to itself, that isnt exclusively the problem, we owe debt to other countries, but also because of M.A.D. other countries are invariably tied to us and as such very interested.
          and let’s cut the optimistic crap….Russia hates, China hates, and even North Korea isnt exactly our best friend. Iran hates us, ISIS also hates us….we have a lot of enemies and our crippling debt is going to kill us.
          and you focused on Korea….Korea is childs play in comparison to the big dogs known as China, Russia, Iran, and ISIS.
          you say china is considered stable too? heres the thing…..we are in in SOOOO MUCH DEBT it doesnt matter. the news isnt going to call us unstable because that would create a mass panic. we cant have that. its better to lie or so they think. you see the 20 trillion dollar number tossed around a lot, but you rarely actually hear what the really means….you hear a lot about future debt for our children….it does not mean that, that debt combined with future spending liabilities and entitlements means in so many words America is fucked and will cease to exist. but thats what happens when your debt is that astronomical. we will have no resources to defend ourselves, and we will have several big countries that want to kill us….it really is a recipe for death.
          the news wont tell you that because they cant, because if the people actually knew that they were staring at deaths door, they would flip their shit. but thats what we are facing right, the angel of death, hes staring at us.
          we are so broke we cannot afford a package of pens. we are not stable.
          just as you are hear learning about off the grid relationship advice, so too do you need to go for off the grid economic advice.
          and this is just the debt, we havent even covered all the other problems in this country that are combining together for one super end of the world book of revelations doomsday like scenario.

        18. “We are not stable”.
          You know who disagrees? Each and every group that rates economies of countries. Each one.
          But of course you “know better”.

        19. keep believing what the media tells you batcountry2
          a country with untold trillions in debt is stable. yep thats right.

        20. troll confirmed….either that or a brainwashed idiot.
          we’re done here.

        21. so sad….one tries to enlighten another human being but they can’t handle it. thus is life.

    1. yes, it always breaks my h… i always break out laughing when i see it.
      sometimes it’s even a rather attractive man – regarding his looks. all over his face this sentiment: yeah, i know. but i didn’t think i could do better and hell, why stress?
      i can only wonder: did he choose this monster or did she become this monster after he chose her?
      i mean, why would anyone do it? it frightens me to consider what kind of mental tricks said chubbster must possess.

      1. A buddy of mine married a wealthy single mom (does tests at nuclear plant) and had a kid with her.
        He was broke-ass and had no education and no real skills. But he has killer clown game and so married this rich woman and had a kid with her. He loves his kids to death.
        The caveat is he was on anti-depressants. He chalked it up to overwork but I wonder if he was at least partially grieving the end of his freedom.

        1. From that info I can profile the guy as fatherless, uncircumcised, slightly wild but with natural game. I’ve known such a guy who was an unbelievable natural but wouldn’t work. His schlong was his ticket and his natural game was his gift. His weakness was getting wasted and fucking up though. High IQ but had a skanky single mom. He’d hit up rich chicks and was always driving their nice cars around. Privately he’d tell me how he can’t stand the bitch or his plans to game elsewhere. He’d go from living in some girls nice condo to crashing back on the streets without worry.

        2. “He’d go from living in some girls nice condo to crashing back on the streets without worry.”
          That’s a free man.

        3. when I met him he was banging a stripper friend of mine (everyone I knew was banging this stripper friend tho…) and now he’s a devoted father.
          My stripper friend was a wild unstoppable hoe and now she’s married to a rich Asian herb who keeps her off the coke.
          Oh how things change.

        4. “uncircumcised”
          I’m curious if being uncircumcised gives a man more game naturally or not. I’m hoping it is not a factor because the damage was already been done to me when I was born.

        5. I’ve seen it happen. Lifetime natural alphas with women give it up and flip to live a lifestyle of carrying the pappoose with baby. I guess to them it’s no loss, they’ve never been beta to begin with and thus are curious about life as beta, seeing all the other seemingly prosperous and productive betas accumulate and grow families. But a beta who self transformes to alpha knows the pitfalls of beta life, especially the ones who got sacked into a femicunt marriage and got divorce raped. But the natural alpha falls into it naively and as soon as he puts on his beta jammies, she puts on her prison guard uniform and removes her wig. Being a carefree alpha, he’s not equipped on how to negotiate the beta dungeon so he sleeps it off and awakens with the doors locked. Women have a totally different face and can summon totally different powers depending whether they are in the presence of an alpha or beta. They can drain an alphas balls like a goddess and lick his feet as he leaves or they can have the power of a whipcracking slavemaster over a beta.

        6. it makes your game worse. its a topic that isnt brought up on these kinds of sites usually…..but YOUR WHOLE PENIS came equipped to do its two favorite thintgs in the world and do them very well…..Pee and have sex.
          if you consider a 1 legged man handicapped, then a man that was mutilated aka circumcised, is a 1 legged man in the bedroom.
          I’ve put this nicely, but yes your game and your sex life is A LOT WORSE and not just for you, for her too. theres a reason she isnt in the mood, and its not just your beta personality, it’s the fact sex with a foreskinless penis is about as thrilling as watching paint dry.

    2. This. With ex-wife I used to do the tech support for her La Leche League conferences (LLL is the breastfeeding nazi movement). I was at one such conference watching the few husbands who’d be dragged along, who were trailing around sadly with babies strapped to them, carrying bags of baby paraphernalia, behind bright, smiling, empowered earth-goddess type women marching purposefully around the venue. But the earth mothers needed me to work their microphones and sort out the presenters’ inevitable laptop incompatibility issues …
      I watched these men and realised something was seriously wrong here.
      It was one of my steps along the road to Red Pill

  3. Makes sense how this could royally blow. Interesting how the men who are happy are doing what they want anyway because she’s useful. Pretty alpha adaptation to a changing sexual marketplace.

  4. If you’re so financially unstable that you need your wife to provide for you then you’ve already lost your manhood before anything said in this article occurs.

      1. Not sure. Pauldrake has a point about how things have played out, but I think that even in dire conditions a man is better off to live frugally and independant than to be a paid for wife-with-a-penis.

    1. In the early 80’s when American industry collapsed areas once dominated by steel like the Mon and Beaver Valleys in Western Pa, Youngstown, Ohio, NW Indiana and large swaths on the south side of Chicago became overnight basket cases. Not to mention the auto producing centers of Michigan. Those that were unwilling or unable to move often saw the main breadwinner role fall to the female of the house. American Industrial jobs peaked in the mid 50’s and were dealt hammer blows in the 70’s and 80’s. By the time the crash came in 2008 there wasn’t much left of it to lose, but lose more of it we did. It takes very careful planning and a bit of luck for a man these days to maintain his frame financially. We become more like a nation such as Brazil, two tiered with great wealth and the EBT crowd and very little in the middle. I come from a blue collar background and saw so many men of my generation work hard to climb out of the carnage of back to back recessions in the early 80’s. Some sadly never recovered. There is a war on men on so many fronts and economically it get worse with each passing year. One day the 20+ trillion debt plus all the other unfunded liabilities will come due and then it will get really interesting. I’m so sick of this keyboard warrior thing. There is no pot of gold Stem job at the end of the rainbow for every man in this country. In fact I’m aware of many successful businessmen and business concerns shifting capital and labor to various destinations on the planet. We need a real strong vibrant economy in the USA again. The day we have it will be the day it is OK to rag on men for not outearning their wives and girlfriends. Yeah some are lazy no good for nothing, but most in that situation just are dealing with it because they have to, not because they want to.

      1. Many of these people (usually women) ragging on men have no idea what hard times look like at all. I’ve been around for a bit (and I’ve gone through some hard times) but I haven’t been through the real one….the Great Depression.
        I take any asshole’s (usually women) advice on men with a grain of salt. If or when shit does hit the fan, the women will be the first to crouch behind something to “stay safe”. These women, today, have no idea of what hard times look like at all.
        Women think that going 10 minutes without their iPhone or Starbucks is tough.

  5. All the reasons listed here are why I’m not mad as to being single. Yet, you claim you survived. I’m not sure what that means but I’ll await the explanation. Good article overall, and I agree with your points. Nothing creates entitlement from women than attaining a career in a typically male dominated field. Now, get to writing the part II already!

  6. The fact that the female is now the breadwinner of the family goes to show how much of a decline Western civilisation is truly in. The norm was that the man used to go out and make the money and the wife would stay at home and look after the family. This is what truly helped to keep the nuclear family strong and also, helped to maintain respect towards thetraditional gender roles.
    Honestly, it is quite a sad scene to witness when I see so many men out of work
    and staying at home looking after the kids, while it is the wife that goes out to work. Essentially the roles have reversed, and what this goes to show you is that feminism has contributed greatly towards harming men in society by depriving men from jobs thanks to corrupt human resources department and affirmative action policies, which in essence, destroys the values of competition and meritocracy.
    We are seeing a decline in traditional masculinity and everytime this is mentioned, you will be accused of being a misogynist or every other “ist” and “ism” in the political correctness handbook. Women still complain that they are oppressed by the “partiarchy” yet are now outnumbering men in the workforce, getting more special privelages and entitlements than ever before and also, enjoying a very comfortable and luxurious lifestyle thanks to the modern advancements that have all been created and contributed by men.
    But only in today’s world, is man the equivalent of a beast. Instead of being thanked and rewarded, men are now constantly attacked, denigrated and besmirched by the female empowered driven media. What we are now witnessing, is truly the death of the masculine man, and the birth of the effiminate, emasculated male, who dresses like a teenage boy, displays all of the charactersitics of an emasulated wimp, and now relies on the women for his survival.
    I believe what humanity will be best known for, is the rapid decline of our species and the downfall of everything that was once, considered to be great and truly held our society together.

    1. The really sad thing is that both men AND women are grossly unhappy with this type of arragement. The woman would rather stay home, the man would like to “bring home the bacon”.

      1. Good luck teaching women this concept for their unhappiness. They will deny it and call you a misogynist and get pissed off.

        1. When I tell them they shut the fuck up and get back to cleaning the kitchen.

        2. “Good luck teaching women this concept for their unhappiness. They will deny it and call you a misogynist and get pissed off.”
          Yup. It took decades to get this way and nobody wants to admit that that it was a big fucking mistake.

      2. Very true! in this day and age, It is the best time ever to be a western woman. They have more advantages than any class. HOWEVER, they are still very unhappy and stressed–a paradox. Now, both men and women are slaves of corporations. Women are most happy at home. It’s good for the kids and sustains stable families.

      3. and women can’t just fucking say it.
        they do the exact opposite, and scream the exact opposite then finally if you corner them on their opinion it’s ‘wellllll I guess Id be happier with a man making all the money’. Theyre like a mentally ill person who can’t help themselves

    2. “What we are now witnessing, is truly the death of the masculine man,
      and the birth of the effiminate, emasculated male, who dresses like a
      teenage boy, displays all of the charactersitics of an emasulated wimp,
      and now relies on the women for his survival.
      “I believe what humanity will be best known for, is the rapid decline of our species and the downfall of everything that was once, considered to be great and truly held our society together.”
      Democracy is the rug under which all crimes can be swept.


    3. I love your polemics Truth, even if I don’t always agree.
      I think that women are the main breadwinners in many families because they are single mothers (divorced or otherwise).
      While I have been accused of being a misogynist, I have found that being a misogynist is a definite panty moistener.

      1. ^^^^ We have a winner. This is EXACTLY what is happening and EXACTLY how these stats were collected, although there is no mention of this by whomever cobbled together this “study”.
        If youre a single mom, youre the breadwinner by default, no?>

    4. Wouldn’t be such a problem if these older man weren’t hiring nice sets of tits for blowjobs, or hell even just the faint promise of a lay.

    5. Too many men dont know the true nature of women until its too late. There is no compromise with them, its all dominance and submission. Hammers and nails. Most men volunteer for themselves as a nail unknowingly.
      My brother married a doctor and she makes over $150k a year and her dad makes twice that. She gets home from work and drinks wine, bitches and complains while he takes care of the kids. He cares about his daughters so much that he does whatever for them. She doesnt appreciate this or see him in a positive light for being a great father. In her basic, cavewoman mind, he is beneath her. He has hired a lawyer and is surveying his options.

  7. Anyone who hasn’t been in a relationship where the girl lavishes you with gifts for your time and attention is royally missing out!!!

      1. My buddy got his girl to pay for the apartment and food while he partied and got his masters.

    1. I passed up on a sugar mama pilot a while back. (Works for another company so no co worker bullshit either) She was getting hot for me too. She was at least 10 years older than me & was borderline MILF status as it was. Makes almost twice what I make. Regret not going for it.

  8. So you feel emasculated that your wife makes more? That means there is hope for you! Your balls can still drop back down to their original dangling position they were in before! Go hug your old man – he probably did right by you if you feel this way.

    haha, A.
    ayn rand once said that no woman should ever become the president of the united states because she would have no man to look up to and would be unhappy. even back when she said that, the reception wasn’t friendly.
    i also talked to a career woman once at work. she said that she once “gave a chance” to a man who earns less, but he couldn’t handle it.
    you don’t give chances to weaklings. you reward the strong.
    these baby-carrying men have to vanish from our streets, i can’t take the sight.

    1. So it follows that the only woman who could become president would have to be the wife of another president …

        1. He’ll be the USA’s Nestor Kirchner or Thaksin Shinawatr, ruling through his bitch …

  9. Women are generally really bad when it comes to finance. Back in the good old days they didn’t have a penny. They have no fucking idea about investment, they only know how to spend money on unecessary bullshit, it makes them feel better about themselves to be trapped in the consumerism society. Why do you think they always run around looking for men, not because of company but because of money. They need money to keep living this feminist lifestyle they are told to follow, it’s interesting though because without men they wouldn’t be able to be so strong and independent like they pretend to be.
    An advice to all men who are not bringing money home: be fast to find another job or financial resource, once there is no more money, your wife/girlfriend will run away and ditch you like a crap bag, women follow the feminist brainwashing but yet hate it and can’t stand it when the man can’t bring money home, paradoxical hamster point of view as usual.

    1. It has always been my experience with women that no matter how much they earn, even if they make a big salary, they always end up broke by the end of the month and don’t even know “where the money goes”. I think that’s the other most common question from women, along with “where have all the good men gone”. LOLZ

      1. I dated a girl who blew her salary in a couple of days, as soon as the money was available on her bank account, I mean literally, the moment she got the email confirmation about the transfer, she was at the mall. Non stop complaints about how she was “broke” but yet she kept on buying luxury goods, shoes and all the classic women useless crap. The money burns in their hand, it dissapear as fast as it appeared.

      2. And they have absolutely nothing to show for it, either: leased vehicles, rented luxury apartments, and 10,000 in credit card debt on 18.99% interests rates — they can’t get lower rates because their credit score is in the fucking gutter. Plus the student loans on top of it all.

        1. Constant profligate and impulsive purchases of shoes and clothes and binge imbibing drinks/drugs/dicks perpetuates their never-ending debt cycle.

    2. I noticed the other day while watching the movie Rogue Trader about Nick Leeson (and the doco) that when he was about to get arrested he is in the airplane and says to his missus, no matter what happens you’ll still love me, right? Yes she says with absolute certainty, 2 weeks later she had divorced him and started dating another London trader.
      All women will dump rich and powerful men when they stop being rich and powerful, just look at most doco movies.
      That is why divorce rates are increasing and will continue to do so.

      1. Yeah, read Elon Musk story. He got a divorce at the most appropriate time: when SpaceX and Tesla were going to shit in ’08.

      2. No matter what they say, a modern american womans word is only as good as how she feels at that moment. She could say she wants you to marry her yesterday but if things dont go their way long enough… You’re out with the trash. Always be prepared for the bottom to fall out at any moment and you’ll never be suprised or heartbroken.

      3. “All women will dump rich and powerful men when they stop being rich and powerful..”
        Or they find a richer man. A few years ago I ran into another expat who was a bit older. He told me he was CEO of 2 companies, one which he founded, jet setting was a part of the business, had a million or 2 in the bank and had a nice life based out of Miami. He came home one Friday night from work to find his wife and 4 cops in his living room. She pointed at him and claimed, “he beat me.” He was arrested and spent the next 2 years fighting to stay out of prison. In the mean time she divorced raped him and married a richer man. After the ordeal he lost his job, most of his wealth fighting the courts and left the US for good.
        I asked him how he couldn’t know she was a gold digger and he said, “I always knew she was a gold digger, but what I didn’t expect is that she would personally destroy me on her way out.”
        I know a few personal stories like this.

        1. Dude, could you make like a free wordpress blog or something and post some stories there. I and many others would find it very interesting to read.

  10. The author forgot to mention how career women often use their pussy to get ahead in business.
    Your strong independent woman is busy out there giving strong independent blowjobs to her boss.

        1. and no woman.
          the blowjob is just there. both man and woman can either be a part of it or not. the blowjob doesn’t give a fuck, so to speak.

        2. And this is how they do it in China!
          Tom, you take the one on the left.
          Clark Kent, the one on the right.
          English Bob, the one in the middle.
          I want the upside down bitch. . .just because.

        3. i dig asian chicks. i mean dick.
          but the left’s thighs are a tad too thick for my tastes. i like little asses. makes my dick look bigger.

        4. If they are 5 feet tall it makes your dick look 20% longer compared to fucking a 6 foot tall blonde.
          Wait a minute. . .you dick Asian chicks or you dig Asian dick?

        5. Some just stare at a camera, there isn’t a single dick in the room. I kid you not there are women who do this. Imagine POV, but with no dick, vagina or asshole. You’re lucky if you see tits.

    1. Not only in business but always when they need/want something that could benefit them: pussy in exchange of resources.

      1. The worst thing is when they get the resources but they don’t give anything back lol.

      2. I’m not agreeing that that happens, but I do find it interesting that you object to it. Men are complimented for their resourcefulness when they find ways to get things done; women are condemned.

    2. So true.
      Did anyone see the True Detective season 2 premiere? The scene where the girl tries to use her pussy to avoid being arrested by Taylor Kitch’s character?

      1. Listen to the Rachel McAdams character’s father during the daddy-daughter chat. There’s a lot of Red Pill wisdom thrown her way in that scene.

    3. Yeah I am usually the recipient of those blowjobs. Man how they get mad when I change my mind about the promotion.

    4. That does create a problem for men looking for work in this economy. I have noticed they get the hours they , the days off they want, the promotions, etc. Which means some guy gets stuck with the shitty end of the stick, as well as missed opportunities.
      And I have to wonder about he mentality, the character, of these bosses who would favor some fucking whore because she gave him a 10 second orgasm.
      I can think a few examples in which this has lead to the detriment of honest folks.

      1. Though Not a Blowjob, I always say the only “Position” a Woman should “Hold” is, Tits on the Ground Ass in the Air, Cheeks Spread.

        1. Only with a mirror. Personally, I like to see the look on her face when I inflict blunt trauma on her cervix.

      2. What about the rim job? Is there a joke in here about an “entry level position”? (Missionary, doggie or cowgirl?)

        1. You could have made one, but you stooped to the lowest common denominator. Step it up brotha man!

    5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA I upvoted your comment, then I downvoted it just so I could upvote it again!
      Man, I love these ROK’s comments…

    6. Although I don´t blame women, It´s actually mens fault, because the majority of fuckers lack standards.

      1. “I just sold out my friends for a cheap piece of pussy, am I a man now?”

    7. What is. . .disappointing is that women don’t even have to suck cock to get ahead of more qualified men. Affirmative action laws and policies do it for them.
      Maybe I am too old school, but a woman who offered to blow me for a promotion would be pounding sand. On the other hand, there is not much that middle management can do against dictates that some cunt must be promoted because she has a cunt. Those come from government and executives and guys trying to run a business have to work around them.

      1. Even just the suggestion of pussy is enough to get some bosses to give them special privileges. You’re right it doesn’t have to be so overt.

        1. They always get a double take so you can polish the turd or find an excuse for their failure. Even someone like me was doing that (back in the day). It applies across the board of identity politics: if a healthy, straight, white, Christian male is doing a shitty job you can tell them directly but everyone else gets a pass or two or three until you can paper it to the point where their incompetence is undeniable.

        2. Just having a pussy gets you special privileges, affirmative action and companies not wanting to look sexist and white knight bosses is enough for them to get ahead.

        3. True. I noticed that at just about every type of business just about everywhere are hiring more and more attractive women: Banks, Grocer, Retail, even Mechanical places. I know its a slick marketing strategy and I doubt that 100% of them are actually Qualified for their position.

        4. You’re so wrong. If anything women are discriminated against because bosses assume they’ll get pregnant, move to the suburbs and quit the job anyway, so they’re reluctant to train them.

        5. Most employment nowadays is contract work anyways. Nobody expects an employee to stick around for their entire lives anymore. How old are you?

        6. What difference does it make how old I am? I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. Women not get hired, not get a promotion or get fired (replaced) because managers assume they’ll quit the job within a year. It’s true companies don’t expect their employees to stay for a lifetime, but they hope they’ll stay with the company long enough to make training them worthwhile.

        7. Because it might be a generational thing.
          I’ve personally seen a lot of investment in women and bias in favour of women in the workplace.
          I wouldn’t be upset if you’re right and I’m wrong. I’m just going with my experience and the guys on this website happen to agree with my experience.
          My experience is from academic research fields, and where I was men were basically treated like shit in comparison to the cushy life of the female students.
          Perhaps there was an opposite bias in the corporate environments you’ve been in.

        8. >>and the guys on this website happen to agree with my experience. <<
          lol the fact that you think that means anything is side-splittingly hilarious.
          My experience is from academic research fields, and where I was men were basically treated like shit in comparison to the cushy life of the female students.
          Wow that sounds interesting! Academic research fields. I would LOVE to read that study. Please provide a link or some way I can locate it?

        9. In one specialized field–science, because for so long there has been such a low representation of females in that field. I hope you’re not trying to build some type of case for overall “discrimination” based on that…..

      1. The flip side is that hot chicks tend to be vapid whores who never developed any talents or social skills other than an exchange of vagina for dollars. . .but all socially proper and legal like.

        1. I have told this story before: . . .
          We were having a discussion in mixed company at the university pub and talking about relationships. I said that I tended to prefer “cute” to “hot”. One girl, objectively hot, an 8 – maybe a 9 but for her personality – blonde, nice hair, tall, slim, stacked and curvy – she calls me on this and says “Is that because you can’t get hot girls?”
          I said, “No I can get them but they are usually complete fucking bitches.”
          That shut down the discussion right there. As the group broke up to head back to class one guy commented to me on the sly “That was awesome!”

    8. Truth be told. When I was Director of a non-profit, we had interns and 2 out of the 4 of them tried to advance their career with me. I declined as they were grotesquely obese. One hooked up with a board member and the other with a college dean. The former got a high paying job in Hawaii and the latter is now a professor at a noted university. Both of them architecture students and neither knew what the basic column styles are.

    9. One thing that is never discussed enough is how women actually “rise to the top” versus men. Women always discuss how things need to be equal but it’s the man who usually doesn’t sleep his way to the top…he works for it, he earns it.
      Plus, many of these women “at the top” usually fuck up a company within a year (no direction, no plan, no clue). We’ve seen it happen time and time again yet the media will barely acknowledge it because of the evil man.

      1. As more women become CEO’s, wait and see how many men start sleeping their way to the top.

        1. I’m thinking once a company is handed over to a woman (CEO) then it’s time for a man to start up another company as the competition. It will only be a matter of time for said company (with the woman in charge) to fail.

        2. oh, okay…good luck with that. My feeling is that you don’t have enough money to your name to start up a company, but keep living it up on the Internet 😉

        3. and you are entitled to your opinion. We don’t agree but what does that have to do with my financial status? I’m on the internet because I can be on the internet…I have the time (and money). You’re only shaming because you’ve been programmed to shame. Think for yourself, use the facts and stats that are available to all.

        4. My feeling is that you are yet another broad posing as a male on ROK. Beat it dumb asshole——–>

        5. And I am in the same position, and would advise you to do the same. Anyone who makes such narrow minded generalizations about 52% of the population has serious issues with grandeur. I’m not “shaming” anybody, and if you want to see shaming look at the comment above. But in true patriarch fashion, shaming is fine as long as it’s directed at your opponent.

        6. anyone who goes after another man…especially during these times is clearly confused. Again, turn off the TV, the radio or whatever because you’re still in the Matrix and you’re still being programmed by it. I can “generalize” because I’ve been around that long and it’s clearly fact at this point. If you want to live in your dream world…that’s fine…your choice. But don’t confuse others with your opinion or nonsense.

        7. What are you even talking about??? I’m not supposed to tell you when you’re wrong because you’re a man? I have more respect for you and manhood in general than that. Are you trying to coerce me or shame me into agreeing with you? Those tactics only confirm how sordid your opinions really are that you can’t rely on validity to gain followers.

    10. You’re right Clark but it’s not just their bosses. It could be any man in the office they feel attracted too, it could even be an underling. Woman executives that travel are especially prone to extra marital fun. Oh the stories I could tell.

  11. The best advice in this situation I can think of is to have the mindset that you do not need her and the money she makes. You don’t need her pussy. You go without or get it elsewhere. Have no fear that you stand to lose the house, car, and whatever you’ve built together. They will use this to control you.
    This is the main reason women hate prostitutes. Women lose pussy power to control men. Men need to control their sexual urges. It’s really tough to do, but you need to for your happiness.

  12. Reminds me of a friend, who after getting his MBA became a house-husband. His wife has virtually no interest in having sex with him. And lets be honest, what woman wants to brag about her husband who earns no money? Woman want to brag about their big swinging dick of a husband.

    1. So why doesn’t he flip the script and spend his time devising elaborate ways to get some pussy outside of marriage, cover it up perfectly, consult a couple of divorce lawyers to test the waters, wait for wifey to get a nice fat raise, and then divorce her ass and take half her shit.
      He could even plant drugs in her car and claim she’s a drug addict so he gets custody along with an extra 5k a month in “child support”

      1. Lol. He recently had a perfect opportunity to get some pussy with me. Turned it down.

    2. I was up in Silverlake a couple months ago. A trendy gentrified section near Hollywood for a little get together during the day at a restaraunt. Silverlake/Echo park is known as the hipster mecca for L.A. All I saw at this gathering were trendy pussy hipsters playing make believe with their fashion. Most had that trendy facial hair with beards and immaculately coiffed mustaches. Most were glued to smartphones /tablets or a laptop. The guys that were there with women were the bitches of the relationship, either with baby snuglies strapped to their chests or handling the carriage. It blew my mind. All I could think was ALL THESE WOMEN ARE GETTING THE SHIT FUCKED OUT OF THEM somewhere by some neandrethal ALPHA. I could see it on their faces and the body language. You could smell the resentment towards their husbands eminating from these women. These trendy wimpy pussified hipsters were nothing more than male babysitters and emotional tampons to these women. These “guys” have no idea whats in store for them.

      1. Yeah it works both ways. I once dated a chick who tried to act like a man. Needless to say I very quickly started to resent her and kicked her to the kerb in no time.

  13. I do believe a woman should be the breadwinner after the man already reached his earning potential, not before. A woman’s income is helpful when her husband is on the verge of retirement and he can live off her medical benefits and extra income as he collects social security and retirement pension. In this author’s case, it just came too soon.

  14. OK, let me just come out and say it. 95%+ of women are fucking worthless with money. If not for female “stupid spending” the economy would fucking collapse overnight.
    Allow me to elaborate. Most men spend money on things that have very low markup, significant long term value, and provide a utility (perhaps a means to make more money). The “stupidest” thing that most men will buy is either a boat or a sports car. While both of those things are expensive, if you want to sell your 100K boat, you’re going to find that a few years later; it’s still probably worth 50K. Same thing with your Corvette. And if you buy a Ferrari, you might find that it’s worth MORE than you bought it for 20 years from now. However, all these things share one common thread, boats, cars, houses, tools, computers, game consoles, TVs… All have shockingly low markup on them. Probably boats the highest, perhaps a 50% markup if you buy new. More like 10% if you buy used.
    Now, let’s compare that to what women buy. Women spend a lot of money on things that, minutes after purchase, have depreciated nearly 100%. Clothes? That 100 dollar skirt your wore once MIGHT be worth 5 bucks now. Probably less. Shoes? ROFL. 100 dollar pair of shoes you bought 2 years ago and never wore? Worth a dollar today.
    However, not only is the depreciation out of control, so is the markup. That designer handbag you bought for 2500 bucks? Cost to manufacture was 25 dollars. Those diamonds you love soooo much? 10,000 dollar 2c rock cost about 100 bucks to “produce”.
    The things women buy, almost invariably, have insane markups on them. That’s why, when you watch TV, there’s about 100 ads for makeup to every 1 ad for men’s jeans. A 30 dollar tube of mascara might cost 30 cents to produce. Leaves a lot of money for ads. And an incredible amount of “slop” in the system for others to take a piece of the action and make a good living.

    1. No shit why do you think alimony and child support and all that bullshit is so one sided in this country? Its not so women can actually take care of the kids its so they can have money to spend on stupid frivolous shit.

        1. Except how longs that going to last? Im definitely looking forward to about 10 15 years into the future when all the girls from my generation are not only used up whores but also broke as fuck because the alpha fucks beta bucks narrative is going to go mainstream by that time. Once men really start to wake up and see how badly they’re being fucked over that large pool of betas willing to wife up and bankroll a woman’s lifestyle for table scraps is going to rapidly diminish. Talk all the shit you want about mgtow but id rather see a nation of herbs giving the finger to women altogether than sacrificing themselves like lemmings off a cliff for a chance at bottom shelf pussy. The majority of the population of men will exist on two extreme ends of the spectrum by then. Either the complete alpha pumping and dumping broads after promising them access to their resources or guys who are sick of womens shit and would rather live life completely for themselves. Personally I’m going to enjoy promising some whore marriage, use her up, and then kick her ass out on the street when its time to complete my end of the bargain. Hurray for equality!!

    2. It’s even worse. Those women and their crap financial mindset also vote.
      Look at our economy and banking system on the verge of collapse now.

      1. Women should never have gotten the vote. I’m not joking, it was one of the worst decisions ever.

        1. agree completely Luka….I know few will agree, even on this site….but it really was one of the hands down dumbest things thats happened in the past 100+ years

    3. This is spot on. I heard a female ‘expert’ on NPR the other day who wanted women to have more power in buying big ticket items because “they spend 80% of the money”. As if that’s something to brag about! I heard that and immediately thought of all the high markup useless stuff they buy just to “keep the economy going”. There would be nowhere near as many ugly strip malls and silly stores if men did all the spending.
      Even when guys buy overpriced stuff, they tend to have a better idea of what it costs. IE most guys know they can get a cup of coffee for 50 cents at the service station, they KNOW they are overpaying at starbucks because they want the free wifi / chance to meet girls / whatever. Girls go to starbucks because they think its delicious (it’s not) and don’t have any idea that it’s overpriced. They probably can’t even tell you how much they just paid for their drink.

      1. When you realize that she is spending 80% when the man is still buying all the big ticket items (house, car, etc), it’s even more absurd.

      2. Women are really frugal and hate spending money, unless said money belongs to someone else, then they just want everything, even if they will never use it.

        1. Dude. That wasn’t the point at all. On the contrary, most women are cheap but not frugal. Allow me to explain. Cheap is when you don’t spend money on SOMEONE ELSE. Frugal is when you seek maximum value for your money, even in an ethical manner, and spend it on someone else and yourself.
          It’s possible for someone to blow two hundred at a spa and not tip the gal doing her hair. I will use a coupon and then tip thirty percent.

    4. Governments want women into the workforce and out of the home. That’s half the population into the workforce you can now tax in addition to taxing all the worthless shit they buy.

    5. Why do you think all the ads on T.V are aimed at women? because advertisers know how gullible women are. Most shows pander to women with misandrist themes because women love shows that put men down and tell women how special and empowered they are.Just that fact that advertisers and shows pander so much shows how gullible women are! Shows wouldnt be made if they didnt have advertisers. You ever notice all the best groundbreaking shows are H.B.O and Showtime, AMC or Netflix etc..? Because they dont have to dumb down shows for women to watch them and they can focus on quality productions and not dumbed down network/corporate sponsored misandry.

      1. Remember when beer ads pitched to men the idea that drinking their beer made them hot to attractive women? Feminists hated those ads but they also exploited men too. It seems like now when I see an ad pitched to men, it seems to respect my intelligence more.

    6. You do realize that the US, which as had only male presidents, is in debt for an amount so high you probably couldn’t even read the number… Right? Of course, like all of the mistakes men make..it’s probably that they were being manipulated/berated/controlled by women..that made them do it.

      1. Presidents are beholden to their constituents, which, last time I checked, were about 50% women. Also, approx 1/2 of this country pays no income tax and/or gets a net payment from the government each year.
        Women are much more likely to vote for increased taxes (most of them aren’t paying them anyway) and increased government services. So, while the “man” at the helm is to blame, he’s only doing what those who sent him to office want him to do, make the government the ultimate provider to everyone.

        1. hahahahaha do I know my online meninists or what. You did exactly what I predicted you’d do: blame women for being behind any mistakes men make.
          Ultimately the President can do whatever he wants once in office. And so far they’ve all driven us into debt.

  15. Worst part: the breadwinner woman will turn into a man as the stress will recede her hairline and giver her a square torso and “man jaw”.

  16. I know a Guy who’s wife is the Breadwinner, and now they are going through a divorce, I don’t know the whole Circumstances or if the Divorce will Finalize, but here’s the Story: Guy Meets a younger woman who he loves so they get Married, he works and puts her through College, (That’s right, Pays Her ticket through College), She graduates and they start a Family and have Kids, She gets a Good Job and Starts Making Big Bucks (Breadwinner), Everything on the Surface seems good with this family, they go out often and do things quite a bit, and suddenly…. Divorce, I don’t know the Reason behind it all, if he/she has hidden problems if there was cheating involved or what have you, but I speculate that she May have started making the Big Bucks and he Became Obsolete to Her. Also as Otho Points out having a Breadwinner Wife is definitely something that should feel Unsettling to any Man that Calls himself a Man, I know if my future wife became Breadwinner I would Feel out of place, i’d Maintain Frame, but I can Understand how some guys feel Beta when their wives got the Pants On. I’d recommend Avoiding the Wife Breadwinner situation.

    1. What happened is really easy, women have no clue what loyalty and gratitude mean. She might have been in love with him at the beginning but deep inside she always told herself that once she is done with the studies and career she will probably find a better option. Add to that the dude became beta by bringing zero money home and the equation is easily solved. You would be surprised how quick a woman falls in love and how quick she also stops loving someone, it’s insane, emotional brain vs rational brain. Bitches are ruthless.

    2. I don’t think the money is the issue here. There are plenty of women who throw themselves at broke men…it’s all about frame.
      You can keep any woman “in line” as long as you don’t budge on your frame. You have a line, you dig in (like a trench) and you don’t let her move you one inch. It’s one reason why people are so baffled when they find out a rich woman is seeing (fucking) a man working a service job. The man doesn’t care about her money, he doesn’t care about her position with a company and he doesn’t give her an inch in her demands, requests, etc…..it’s his fucking way (or she can beat it).
      Too many men let women (really, the money) hold them hostage.

      1. Your absolutely Right, Maintain Frame all the Way, if she has More cash she may try and become alpha in the Relationship, but if a Man Maintains Frame and Lets her Know he’s still the Man in the Relationship and he’s not going to take her Crap than she’ll still be submissive to him, I know If I ever got in that situation that’s how i’d handle it, But there are a lot of Modern Metrosexuals out there with the High pitch voices and Limp noodle handshakes that wear the Dress in the relationship when the Pants wearing wife is the Breadwinner.

        1. I agree….and you have to ask yourself is that husband going to leave the breadwinner wife for another woman…or a man?
          It is sad but the sexual revolution of the 1970s (and since then) have all programmed society to empower women and shame men (at everything). Many men need to start taking back their manhood and forget what society (especially the media) thinks about them and their role in society.
          I can say I am one of the lucky ones. I’m old enough to remember the influential men (back when) plus had many around (in family). Many other men were not so fortunate.

    1. I’m a lawyer. People always assume lawyers date other lawyers. They get kind of judgy when I tell them the girlfriend is ten years younger and works at an animal hospital. I then have to explain to them that dating a lawyer is fucking awful.

      1. 10 years younger? animal lover? she sounds promising.Good on you.
        I’ve never heard wonderful things about female lawyers in the context of relationships. Imagine, you get shit at work and then come home and get challenge by your lawyer wife!? No thank you!

      2. I’m training to be a lawyer. Does that mean I should stay away from female lawyers?

        1. Yes. DO NOT get involved with law school females. Spend spare time in undergrad dives and areas, spend time with male law school friends. They will sometimes return to help you later in life. Guess who won’t?

        2. Law school girls are good for pump and dump only. They are also terribly slutty. Imagine your typical eat pray love sexually liberated woman thrown back into an undergrad type atmosphere with 10 times the stress. There were times at the bar when all I had to say was “hey, wanna go fuck” and was getting laid 15 minutes later. Insanity.

        3. Nice. Here’s another new idea for a start up business: a drive thru manned by prostitutes.
          Commercial or Ad:
          Too busy? Not enough time in the day? Well, stop on over at your local Fuck Thru to get that well deserved “release” that you need.

        1. Hahahaha!!!!! Every time I read comments about female lawyers, I am re-affirmed as to why I love this site in the first place.

        2. I believe they are just as bad as any woman who is a CEO or vice president of a company.
          You know she was fucking a few people to get to the top (it wasn’t because of her hard work).

      3. I’ve been a lawyer for many years. I’ve dated lawyers, investment bankers, CFOs and other professionals, as well as waitresses, musicians, nannies and other so-called lower level jobs. Lawyers are the worst. At first you think, “hey it’s great we have lots in common,” but it gets old and you need a break from legal stuff outside work and at home. Plus, being a lawyer really takes a toll on women’s appearance and attitude. The young hot lawyers that joined my firm (a mega firm that works young lawyers hard) either washed out after a year or two, or they survived but blew up and became fat, worn out, tired looking, overworked sluts. Without fail. It got to the point where I could reliably predict which path these girl lawyers would end up taking.
        The other businesswomen I dated were equally crappy partners. Some were complete personal train wrecks. The best girlfriend: my current one, a 25 year old nanny (I’m 50)!
        Professional career girls are pump and dump only.

  17. The basic problem is the logic in “what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine”. If a man makes coin then his wife is entitled to half; if a woman makes coin then maybe she might share it with her “deadbeat” husband. It is a totally crapsack double standard but there you go.

    1. The problem is with society (and our courts, U.S.) using the old set of books. Women need to pay up during divorce (with alimony, child support, etc…). Equality comes with conditions and a price tag…just like it did for men.
      The system is still operating under 1970s conditions…..shit has changed.

      1. The no-fault thing threw the first monkey wrench into the works. At first, if your wife didn’t fuck you, then you could get rid of her. Then, she didn’t have to fuck you but if she fucked someone else you could get rid of her. Now she owes you nothing and can take half your shit or more on a whim.
        Meanwhile, the “tender years” doctrine has largely been eliminated from the books but judges still do it de facto so if you are a man with young kids you are a particularly at risk.
        “No fault” divorce is feminist code for “man fault” divorce, in the way it plays out legally, and the pseudo-factual chatter you get about it. Nobody wants to actually take a look at what the facts are because it disturbs the ideological rhetoric. If a man cheats on a woman, it is ASSUMED to be his fault while if a woman cheats on a man it is ASSUMED to be his fault as well. Same with family violence. Advocates for a murdered wife will say she did nothing to deserve it but those same advocates when the husband is murdered w

        1. and you rarely if ever hear about the violence that women use against men (their husbands). The mainstream media does a good job of holding up the woman (wife) as the victim (always). It’s brain washing the public at it’s finest.

  18. Well, there’s a bright side to this. If your marriage to a money-maker ends in divorce – and it probably will – she might be the one who pays alimony:

    1. You should have labeled this “boner alert”. I’m working here, no reason to get a raging hard on like this clip gave me. 🙂

      1. Strange how things like this pop up now that more women are becoming the breadwinners, huh?

        1. Nothing is random. I bet my bottom dollar, the whole feminist hysteria these days have everything to do with Hilary election. Just watch.

    2. Funny thing is this is quite likely to happen since many career women pick slacker husbands whether by design or circumstance. Many working women pick a guy because he is sexy to her and these women do not regard the career of a man to be the sole determinate of a good husband, Then divorce happens and she must pay alimony. This happened with Sherri Shepherd who divorced her husband and now has to pay child support for a kid born with a surrogate.

  19. The concept of a woman being a “breadwinner” is non existent, as the very concept of a woman actually “earning” money is an entirely misplaced word. Women don’t “earn” money, women are merely being GIVEN their money by men through the state and completely held by the hands all their lives like little retarded children. You mean to tell me that the vast majority of women, who are all employed in make work government jobs/programs for women, are actually doing any real productive work that actually creates wealth and contributes to maintain/advance society? Bullshit, sitting on their fatasses in air conditioned offices (build by men) endlessly shuffling papers, surfing facebook/plenty of fish all day and attention whoring their tits/ass in walkways should be considered “earning” money?? Wut?? Have I missed something here? Or ruminating by the buckets in any of the bullshit jobs that are completely useless to society like managerial, clerical and service jobs? I don’t think so, as of right now, 95% of women in western nations are economically useless while pretending at the same time to be superior to men. Stealing your money to buy useless shit and perpetuating this vicious cycle of mass consumerism. The elite knew what they were doing when they put this system in place because they knew FEMALE NATURE at its most feral, primal state. Gentlemen of the americas, women and the elite have pulled a fast one on you, the carpet has been pulled from under your feet. Every time a woman gets an inflated salary she’s not qualified for or a promotion she hasn’t earned, it all comes from YOUR pockets. Women are chattel assets of the state for the entitled feminist, bureaucratic and legal class giving them access to remove any wealth you men produce. They’re here to steal YOUR money and YOUR livelihood through affirmative action policies and the divorce industry. Theyre not human beings anymore, theyre state prostitutes, shysters and dinner thieves, not “breadwinners” like referenced in this article. If this country were to make a constitutional amendment that forbade the existence of any job that produced no industrial, commercial or practical social value, women would be the largest unemployed demographic in the world. A woman “breadwinner”? This is farcical to the upmost degree. I urge all men who have “breadwinner” wives to ditch those parasitical whores asap and avoid dating any female who has drank the false “empowerment” kool aid as it is the biggest threat to a natural environment and to your very masculinity. MEN are the real breadwinners, MEN are the hunters, MEN are the inventors/creators and now suddenly, 50 years in, women are magically considered “breadwinners” through men’s tears, sweat and hard work since the beginning of civilization? Let me be clear, the ONLY place a woman belongs is in the HOME, raising future generations of manly men and housewives alongside a husband. If you can’t find that, and most probably will not, then don’t bother dating any of these over privileged skanks. Indeed, make yourself the biggest self-service and ditch every one of these worthless socialist pieces of crap who have shamelessly and WILLFULLY, through their endless greed and penis envy, participated in this pathetic wealth transfer scam thats pervasive in our society today. Instead of actually doing what would have been the right thing for families/children and the collective benefit of humanity. Each and every one of these selfish and opportunistic cunty bitches is the reason men are being kept weak and legally discriminated against in society. You basically work to fund a group of little childish/useless scumbags to have financial power over you. In my country, theres a saying: “pestele de la cap se impute”, which means that a fish gets rotten from the head down. Stop the thirst gentlemen, cut the head before it has a chance to infect YOUR life. Preserve your masculine DIGNITY as it is the ONLY thing that we still have in this failed, rotten world.
    No, there’s no “breadwinner” woman, never has been and never will be, this is merely a woman-catering smokescreen funded by blue pilled betas. It’s all men guys, it’s still all men, even through all the manipulations and deception. Women would have NOTHING and be NOTHING if it wasn’t for MEN. The concept of female “independence” is the single biggest scam in recent history.
    This current economic system is flawed to the core, it can’t last, and will not.
    Never, EVER bet on the “breadwinner” woman.

    1. “The concept of female “independence” is the single biggest scam in recent history”
      brilliant line

    2. That sounded like a sledge hammer hitting a railroad spike. Bam! Bam! Bam! right on the head. Good piece.

  20. I know two people who married breadwinner wives. The first was a dude who married my female cousin, who made $100,000 a year. They had a kid together and he played Mr. Mom. I think it was his first marriage, her second, she was late 20s, fairly attractive. I kind of envied him, because he just had to do the housework, which as the author pointed out, takes about an hour a day if you do it daily, and then could just chill and do whatever he wanted. But unless you have some strong friends and good hobbies, it would be emasculating and boring after a while. They divorced, don’t know the details, they live out of state. He was slightly pudgy and not all that interesting, but seemed upbeat. The wife is more of a career woman and I’m guessing she became bitchy and pushed him out.
    The second is a close friend who married a slightly older woman; first marriage for both. Both in their 30s, both from good families. The woman not my type physically but not unattractive, although slightly “curvy”. But this guy seems to prefer that type. They had a kid together, she brings in about $100k a year, he does whatever he wants to, doesn’t even really take care of the kid, she hires a nanny. He’s not a masculine guy but he’s free to sleep in late and do whatever he wants. I don’t really know what the girl sees in him.
    I think it could work, and sure who wouldn’t enjoy that lifestyle to some extent, but I would have trouble telling my kid that I just hang out and be The Dude all the time. Have some respect! Working is not the end all, be all, and in fact most office jobs I think are very feminizing, but a man should be doing SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE in his life.
    If I had one criticism about both the men, it would be that they don’t have strong self confidence or authority. It’s possible to develop that with a breadwinner wife, but it’s also still possible to spot a unicorn occasionally… I’d say unless you have a plan to divorce rape her and come out a winner, it’s best not to roll those dice.

  21. Check with your lawyer but this is the reality of Marriage 2.0:
    1) Get the bitch working and earning coin. If you divorce then there will be no alimony if she earns as much as you.
    2) If you have kids, take the hit, reduce your hours, get her to pick up the slack, be a father who is there. If you divorce you are looking at shared custody and no child support payments if she earns the same as you.
    It completely sucks and is inefficient compared to the man being the bread winner and the woman being the homemaker, but you have to ask yourself – in particular every time your fuck her – just how fucked do you want to be when her hamster turns on you?

  22. As a guy who has a profound interest in cooking, I will never cook for s broad even though my food will always be better. Women love a man who can cook my ass. Women love a man who has muscles and knows how to fuck.

    1. Yup. Knowing how to cook is just the icing on the cake. A bonus when you have muscles and knows how to fuck.

  23. I’ve been a reader here at RoK for a little more than a year and a half,
    I guess, and though there have been many posts that I have agreed with,
    there haven’t been any until this one that directly addressed a
    situation in which I could soon find myself. I apologize for what could
    be a long comment, but I am desperately seeking the sage wisdom of my
    fellow readers on this matter.
    First, the set up: my girlfriend
    and I want very much to be married, and sooner rather than later. I have
    not yet proposed to her or talked with her parents about it, but she
    and I are of the mind to be married. Both of us are Christians, so we
    have been trying our hardest to do everything by the book, but, humans
    being humans, we are finding it increasingly difficult not to have sex
    before we are married. So far I have really had to put my foot down on
    this, as I feel that if I loosened up even a little bit she would have gone along with me and then we’d be in a real mess. Again, we are Christians, so I understand how absurd this line of thinking is to those of you who are not religious, but I felt like I should mention the detail as it is playing into the desire she and I have to be married. However, sex is far from the only reason I would be happy to have her as my wife: she comes from a very traditional Filipino household (she moved to the US with her family when she was in middle school) so she is devoid of many of the negative traits associated with white girls in America these days, and, with regard to the aforementioned Christian comments I made, she really does live the life in accordance with the faith she claims. Aside from the normal female hassles any young woman would have, she is actually pretty great – charming, sweet, loving, respectful of her family and me, kind, smart and pretty, and she likes to cook and clean and keep a tidy house. She’s fantastic wife (and one day mom) material, I think.
    She wants to be a doctor. Now, granted, she does want to move back to our shared hometown (we graduated from the same high school but me six years ahead of her) to open her practice as it is a rural area always in need of doctors, but still, I’m looking a situation in which, like the author of this post, my potential wife is going to be making many many times more than me. Right now I’m a reporter at my local newspaper (a job I’ve had ever since I graduated from college several years ago) and I’ve been looking for other work for some time, but so far haven’t gotten any bites. In fact, I’m so tired of getting passed over (I know for a fact in two cases it was because the other finalist for the position was a minority female) for jobs which I’m more than qualified to hold and excel at that I’ve been saving up to open a gym within the next couple year as my town desperately needs another one of those too (but that’s a different story).
    The point of all this is to say that my girlfriend, great as she is in terms of being wife and mom material, is virtually assured to get accepted to a good med school, most of which are far away from where we live and, more importantly to me, far from my family and the life I’d like to have – owning the gym, etc. Her own family sometime acts as though her being married before she completes med school and residency was never a thought that occurred to them, and, like most Asian parents, they want her to achieve success above and beyond what they were able to do, hence why they moved to America in the first place. So the pickle we’ve got ourselves in is that we want to be married but, knowing what I know since ingesting the Red Pill, I could be walking into a mine field. Even if I own my own business and am successful, she’ll be the one with the more demanding schedule, more prestige, and higher salary (assuming she makes it through med school, and I don’t doubt she will succeed there too as she is quite smart and a hard worker), and this is IF the demands of eight more years of very difficult schooling don’t wear down if not outright destroy her cheerful and sweet demeanor or cause her to gain a bunch of weight – and this is all probably before we’d consider having kids.
    Needless to say, I’m worried. I view marriage as a covenant and a commitment, not something to discard because of a rough patch of bad feelings between her and me, but at the same time I’d rather not be caught in an awful situation that neither of us are morally bound to get out of. We all know about the divorce figures, and even though she and I agree (conceptually at this point) that divorce for any reason other than those laid out in the Bible is not going to happen, I don’t want to live a life of misery with an overbearing, overweight boss for a wife that won’t respect me. There’s no way I can go back to school to be a neurosurgeon, and that’s pretty much the only thing I can think of that will make more than her, so as to maintain a superior earning ratio, that is.
    I apologize for this novel-length comment, but I’m really in need of advice, and my own parents and friends are pretty much like “yeah sure just get married and go with her to med school” and that’s it.

    1. Do not let her get fat. That’s a deal breaker. Is she chubby now? If she’s chubby now, or even soft, she might get fat. It’s not worth it. That being said, I’m in med school. It’s a long, intensive apprenticeship (med school, residency, possible fellowship, blah blah) with questionable ROI but it’s not super social. Lots of solitary studying time. Med students tend to be very steady and practical (good with finances), not likely to cheat (They also have standards, so if they pick you, they pick you eyes open, very purposefully for whatever reason.). Also Asian women tend to be loyal and Filipino women tend to be more down-to-earth (less of the “Keeping up with the jones” phenomenon). Every couple is unique but provided you and she both appreciate each other and take care of one another, this could be a very healthy, balancing thing for both of you. Forget the paycheck discrepancy. I guess the question comes down to: Will you two appreciate one another years down the road? You sound as if you’ve been together awhile and have similar goals of creating a stable family, which bodes well. Also, don’t underestimate yourself. You could learn how to code in a relatively short amount of time and get a good salary. My buddy did not get into med school, worked as a nursing assistant, taught himself code on the side for 2 years and now works out in San Francisco with a great salary. It was HARD but it was possible. And yea it would be tough with shitty returns if you tried doing the med school thing now, especially if you don’t love it yourself.

      1. Thanks for the swift reply, and especially considering that you are yourself in med school. I appreciate your advice, but I can happily report that she is not chubby now and in fact loves to go to the gym. She does like to eat though, but what girl doesn’t like cupcakes and crap like that? As far as learning how to code, I have looked into taking IT courses on both the hardware and software side, and though I have no doubt I could do the work, the problem is I can’t see how or when I’d take the courses given my current work schedule (write all day and work at the office/cover events, sports and meetings at night) and I can’t quit my job just to go to school for two years. What’s more, my heart just isn’t in the computer world. My real aspiration is toward opening my own business, or, heck, even taking over my dad’s farm. At any rate, thank you for your comments. I don’t feel quite so bad about things having read your reply.

        1. Glad to hear it. It’s tough out there for couples. It’s very rare to find a real partner in this life but you seem lucky.
          More ROK people should look into finding med student women, but they almost never go out. Certain people go to med school and unfortunately they err on the extremely practical. Some of my female classmates think along the line of “Marriage is the point of dating. Who could I even think about sharing this crazy debt burden? How would we take care of our kids?” And they think they can just wait until they’ve paid off the bulk of their debt, but the financial climate realistically does not make that possible until these women are well into their 30s.

        2. Fortunately the debt won’t be so huge (though not inconsequential) in my girl’s case, being that she’s already looking at some minority/women’s scholarships. I guess this is Providence’s way of helping me out since I got screwed out of some jobs due to affirmative action practices. You are right about the extremely practical part though. That describes her to a T. She saves nearly her whole paycheck beyond monthly bills and almost never spends money frivolously. Probably a result of money being tight growing up she understands the value of it. My girlfriend is the only female I know who actually loses her cell phone because she hardly uses it. She has fewer pairs of shoes than me too lol

        3. its a bad decision to marry a doctor.
          after 5 years of working 70+ hours a week in residency, whatever beauty they had will be gone due to stress.
          Most of them deal with it by eating more.
          Id rather date a bimbo waitress with a tight little body.
          but, to each his own. just saying, a doctor is not glamorous like peope think. all they do is work all the time.

        4. I tell her this, and yet she is dead set on that career path (or so she says now). I’ve even brought up the “10 pound rule” as advised elsewhere in the manosphere, and she is not opposed to it (or so she says now). But I think she is jealous enough of pretty girls and thinks of me as being better looking than her enough that she won’t let herself go (or so I say now).

        5. People have the idea of kids, the idea of future careers and the idea of marriage. Then, reality hits.
          She will work long hours, that in turn, will affect her eating habits (good or bad).
          She still will not have time to properly raise your children (white elephant in the room) unless you are going to stay home to play “mommy”.
          I say all of these comments not to discourage you but to give you (and your gf) a dose of reality. Things change over time (and with the distance). You can hope (and dream) but in the end you have to be realistic.

      2. I don’t know about the not cheating part. The med school graduate I dated was a virgin, but she said almost every nurse there was hooking up with the doctors. They work so much and get off at crazy hours so they socialize together and one thing leads to another…. the doctors were all married and banging these young slutty nurses.

    2. Don’t do it. Not in America. Not with these laws. If you were going to live in the Philippines where divorce is illegal, that’s different.
      Don’t rely on religion to save you either. My soon to be ex is “Christian” too. She even went as far as to get baptized. Turns out that she ultimately wanted control of the home & family cause I run my home my way & I didn’t run the house according to her wishes. I told her to fuck off. My house my rules. Long story short, she turned into a bitch & as a result & I kicked her ass out. She quickly filed for divorce and is using the state in a attempt to get her way.
      AWALT. Keep her as a girlfriend. If she’s still sweet at the end of med school, reevaluate.

    3. Forget her for a second and what others think. What do you want out of your life? Take time to think about that.

      1. If I’m being genuinely honest, what I want is to get married and have kids, and of course a part of the dynastic ambitions I have is to create something worth leaving behind for my future generations. I’m keen to put down roots since my dad and his family moved when he was young and I don’t want to repeat that. If my girlfriend didn’t want to return back here after she completes her training I would probably have already broken things off with her. It’s a long road, but provided she sticks to the standards I’ve laid out for her then I’m willing to wait a while and learn new things in the meantime. Besides, if we marry and I tell her not to go to med school for the good of the family and such then, even if she’s ok with it now due to the honeymoon phase thing, years down the road after the eventual kids aren’t small and cute and needy of mama’s attention all the time she will probably come to resent me for not letting her live up to her potential in the medical field. I really do think she could be a doctor and that’s why this is causing me such inner turmoil. She has all the good, desirable traits any man would want his wife and the mother of his kids to have. If it wasn’t so I’d have already broken up with her.

        1. I commend you for wanting to ground and grow a family, but you mentioned about opening a gym up thread. You should think of the goals you want to achieve, inform her what/when you are going to execute or it might be you who is resentfull after you curtail your life around her career. Not being facetious when I say this, but pray and ask for guidance (and be careful what you pray for). Keep in mind HIS will.
          Also observe how her mother treats your future father-in-law as that will be most likely how she is going to treat you in 20 years.
          Good luck.

    4. I respect your faith. However, I must give this fair warning. Plenty of people can “hide behind religion or culture” to get you into the trap of having to accept whatever position they put you in. It is a dangerous place to be.
      The second point is that cross cultural relationships can be a bit tricky. There may come a point where she meets “old friends’ from her country who she connects with more than you. If she has the money, guess what…she could essentially have relationships behind your back without you knowing it.

    5. She goes to a different city for school and she gets a taste of freedom from the shakles of the parents and then the affection of some alpha med student at school, you will be the ex boyfriend.

    6. If she actually lives true to the faith of Christ, I doubt she’d actually really pursue being a doctor. Doctors have very little time to devote to the family, and that disqualifies her for motherly duties. She has a choice to make, to be a traditional Christian woman, or to be a “You go Grrrl!” doctor.

    7. I think you both are on different paths. You seem to want a traditional family (soon) but she is putting career, first, and family somewhere down the road. I can tell you right now that her going off to somewhere else for school will change her….I don’t see this working out.
      After she finishes with school there will still be endless rotations (work) so when did you think she’ll have time for kids?
      I’m not sure what you’re going after but the two of you seem to have different ideas about “family”. You want traditional, she wants a family at some time.
      There are difficult decisions to make here.

      1. Yeah, thats a good point, by the time she is a doctor, she’ll be 33 or 34, getting close to that age where she wont be able to conceive easily

        1. And the first few years they have you work the midnight shift, you can’t really raise a baby like that. Well unless you just want to turn it over to daycare or a nanny during the day when you are working and your wife is sleeping.

        2. Hell, she won’t have the time (at all) to be a good mother if she could be one. The problem is that all of these women have been brains washed into thinking that they really can “have it all”. No one can have it all. A man who is dedicated to his work (many hours of his life dedicated to his work) really does miss out on being a good dad. There are choices to make in life and it takes adults to make them. Feminism (with the Sex and the City nonsense) has convinced women that men “have it all”….no they don’t (and women can’t have it all, either).
          Many older women with their careers (no children, no hubby) are finding this out the hard way.

    8. You gotta talk her outta going to med school. A friend became a dr a few years ago, hundreds of thousands of dollars owed for school- scare her with this number. Depending on which state you live in, if you got divorced, you could be on the hook for half of her debts- you really want that?
      Have her look into being a physicians assistant instead, pays really well, doesnt take a decade, and you wont be in much debt.

    9. I have been a journalist married to a doctor. Stressed busy women lose their sex drive, doctors feel they are superior, women earning more than men lose respect. For me the key benefit is the removal of the incentives to divorce for cash and prizes.
      My wife was a doctor when I married her, although she has gotten a further three quals and completes one this year that will allow her to make 30k some days. If your fiancé is just starting it’s a long road. Your big problem will be her status upgrade and her natural female tendency to want to take that to market so to speak.
      My wife treats me with respect because I demand it. I do a lot of the cooking and cleaning (we have a cleaner also) but she doesn’t see it and I don’t talk about it. I earn more than I spend and help her business make money.

    10. I dated a girl who was finishing up her medical school stuff at age 35. She told me I made the wiser career choice. I think it’s like 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school and then 5 years afterwards of basically an unpaid internship. They may pay something but its like minimum wage. You delay making money for so long and have a huge debt to pay off. When you factor in the horrible hours she will be working (especially as a new graduate), the huge debt, and the malpractice insurance fees, they really don’t make all that much money, and as others have pointed out here she will be gone and it’s really hard to find a doctor that doesn’t have an ego or at the very least their personality changes because of working in the huge institutional medical hospital industry. Not to mention that you will just become a legalized drug pusher because that’s where the money is.
      If she wants to help people, she can go to community college and be a nurse, she can volunteer at the local hospital, she can be a physicians assistant or hospitalist or a variety of other things, or something totally unrelated to medicine. But I would not recommend this.
      I can tell by your writing that you are very attached to this girl, and I think we have all been there with one-it-is. But imagine a world without her because there are plenty of fish in the sea. If she isn’t putting family first, then you need to find someone who does. This cannot be overstated!

    11. you say she
      “She wants to be a doctor”
      but also
      ” she really does live the life in accordance with the faith she claims. ”
      these two statements do not go together.
      ALL CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURE is ripe with verses to no end, and stories to no end that basically say the womans role is at home, tending to the children and her husband, and this is from the beginning with Adam and Eve. no believing christian can be a woman that wants to be a doctor because if she was a believing christian she’d want to be a mother and wife. you need to correct her beliefs.
      “that divorce for any reason other than those laid out in the Bible is not going to happen”
      as stated, you are ignoring one part of the bible, so its not a stretch to ignore another part.
      “this is IF the demands of eight more years of very difficult schooling don’t wear down if not outright destroy her cheerful and sweet demeanor or cause her to gain a bunch of weight”
      school in America especially, but really most western worlds, is nothing but liberalized, feminist, brain washing….she will have that sweet demeanor beaten out of her, she will lose her femine charm, she will lose all the high praise you’ve just given her. it will be gone. School does that here in the states and the western world…..at the end of 8 years, you have a consverative christian sweet little wife transformed into a fat shewale of a bitch. School breeds misery plain and simple.
      “It’s a long road, but provided she sticks to the standards I’ve laid out for her then I’m willing to wait a while and learn new things in the meantime”
      even the most sweet christian girl doesnt stick to standards….again the bible, it is Eve that goes AWOL. women do not have standards as you and I, aka two men, understand standards to be.
      “Yeah, thats a good point, by the time she is a doctor, she’ll be 33 or 34, getting close to that age where she wont be able to conceive easily”
      cant be understated enough…..women if we were doing it by God and natures way, would be having children by the time they are 16…..it’s a biological fact, those eggs get old, and the older they get the more potential health problems the child will have in addition to the fact that it gets more difficult to conceive the older they get. hence the old “hitting the wall” philosophy. also she wont have time to raise them because shes just invested 8 years into college to do what? be a mother? nope to work. you either lose a mother and wife, or you gain a resentful mother and wife that just spent 100k on a useless degree.
      “as others have pointed out here she will be gone and it’s really hard to find a doctor that doesn’t have an ego or at the very least their personality changes because of working in the huge institutional medical hospital industry. Not to mention that you will just become a legalized drug pusher because that’s where the money is.”
      bingo…she have an ego….you want a submissive wife….again Adam and Eve and countless other verses.
      “She goes to a different city for school and she gets a taste of freedom from the shakles of the parents and then the affection of some alpha med student at school, you will be the ex boyfriend.”
      bingo again….women like children, should never be left unsupervised. so they should never be given true freedom. there should always be a leesh.
      “Do not let her get fat. That’s a deal breaker”
      her conservative values have taught her to look feminine, but her new doctor liberal values will tell her she can be a fat shewhale.
      “People have the idea of kids, the idea of future careers and the idea of marriage. Then, reality hits.
      She will work long hours, that in turn, will affect her eating habits (good or bad).
      She still will not have time to properly raise your children (white elephant in the room) unless you are going to stay home to play “mommy”.
      I say all of these comments not to discourage you but to give you (and your gf) a dose of reality. Things change over time (and with the distance). You can hope (and dream) but in the end you have to be realistic.”
      this is the point….going to med school with alter her mind, it will destroy her.it will kill her. she will become a liberalized feminist bitch. its what school does. the best advice is to tell her she has two choices:
      1. go to med school and break up with me and never speak to me ever again
      2. pick a date for the wedding, and be a stay at home mom which i might add your bible says she should do.
      it sounds like you have a good woman that is wife and mother material, she just needs to be corrected on a few fatal points. I say correct them and lay down the law. you also might have to make sure she doesnt get to big a taste of feminism, by preventing exposure to crap like “The View” or “Oprah” and other such shows as the more she is allowed to watch that crap, the bigger danger you put yourself in.
      I know it sounds cruel, to limit her TV viewing and her activities….but the goal here is to stop this liberal feminist BS from entering her head as it sounds like you have a good one, so keep her that way damnit.
      you are the man, you rule the house. let it be known.

      1. 16 years of age is around the ideal age to take a wife. In fact the age of consent before 1920 was between 13 and 16 depending on the state and dating back to 1875 when the age was from 10-12 in the US. The logic was that menstruation typically became regular around 14. The time period between 1875 and 1920 was also a very radical time for feminists of the day with prohibition and sufferage and the time also coincided with the Victorian craze with the ‘big hair do’s’ on the women and the revealing wasp waist ‘spandex’ look and the bling jewelry of the era.
        Before 1875, pre Victorian women wore conservative scarves, and the time to claim your wife was just below 13 and was pretty consistent dating back 6 centuries to 1275 when England passed its first ‘rape’ law lobbied by sir Edward Coke. His law forbade the ‘ravaging of a maiden’ that was pre menstrual basically. Which is common sense absolutely, but to have to actually pass a law indicates that common sense must have been breached already in masse. Or maybe sir Coke was just a litigious mangina of the day. I don’t know. It was common though to marry or claim your wife very young but TO WAIT until she was mature enough to actually consummate the marriage. You put your name on her basically and no one else messed with her and the patriarchy was set in stone. Who would have imagined that we would sink to the femicunt zoo that we have today?
        Today though, the age is around 18 and the feminists in 1920, when the age was on average 16 had a stated goal of eventually raising it to 18! Why is this? Education? With the current dumbing down, education is out the window. Population control of western man seems to be the motive as well as shelving or mothballing the western male. The age can’t be raised higher than 18 so what do they do now? Declare all heterosexual interaction as ‘rape’ with more consent ‘yes means yes’ laws that carry past the age of 18 and a chique class of leather whip carrying dominatrix priestess judges seated in the family ‘sex police’ courts and mobster crime rings of circumcised mangina divorce rapist attorneys in every jurisdiction? Feminism has no bounds.

        1. having interacted with you in the other post, I can safely say your views are as “crazy” as mine.
          “16 years of age is around the ideal age to take a wife”
          yep for a number of a reasons that I am sure you are already aware of, but the two top reasons are:
          1. her eggs are nice and young
          2. the sooner you tame the beast, the less poison that enters her head. it’s like a new puppy, the sooner you teach them who the master is, the happier you and the puppy become. this isnt an insult to women, it’s just how they are. men have balls, cats meow, dogs bark, and women behave a certain way. such thinking only seems radical to us modern men, but 200 years ago, this was basic knowledge.
          “3 and was pretty consistent dating back 6 centuries to 1275”
          you sure it was only 6 centuries? seems like this tradition has gone back way before that. though i could be wrong.
          “Feminism has no bounds.”
          basically, feminism is the devil incarnate.
          “With the current dumbing down, education is out the window.”
          since you mention the 1875 feminism wave, it should be noted and i hadnt noticed this before, but the current mandatory education system of Prussia really comes into full swing around this time too. this same system that would dumb down the population, perhaps not immediately but in good time it would be a success.
          and when it comes down to education today, it should be noted, it has a two pronged effect
          1. killing manhood
          2. poisoning the brains of girls, and usually their bodies too.
          you connect a lot more dots than your average poster like me. so kudos good sir.
          just for the benefit of whoever is reading this….neither one of us is advocating slavery of women here, men that abuse and beat and rape their wives are absolute scum BUT men should rule the house, what a woman should be allowed to do should be quite limited in scope(hence i truly think their education should be stopped at about a 5th grade level), nonetheless if a man of good character, morals and justice is ruling the house, and the wife lives under that house with strict limits but freedom nonetheless, BOTH PARTIES WILL BE HAPPIER.
          back to a dog for a minute….dog is mans best friend, and any man worth anything should love dogs, but dogs and man are happy only when it is clearly established that the dog is subservient to the man aka the master of the house. the dog lives with strict limits but also has freedom. likewise husband and wife are only happy when the wife is subservient to the husband.
          we have 100+ years of what happens when wives rule, and it hasnt been a pretty sight, Isaiah chapter 3 and 4 tell that tale for any of my fellow christian readers.
          regardless, i dont see this correcting itself until the whole country implodes which shouldnt be too long.

      2. An update: she and her folks are visiting family up in Canada, and they don’t get back until after midnight, but I’ve got to go to sleep because of work the next day. I tell her sorry but I’m falling asleep so I’ll have to skype with her tomorrow, so I say good night, I love you, the whole routine. She says “it’s ok I understand. night.” So I go to sleep. About an hour later she messages me again saying that now she’s got doubts about getting married after she talked with a whole bunch of her family members at this party they were at. She says she doesn’t want to “disappoint them” or have them think less of her (and me) if we get married since the script they all had in mind was for her to complete school – ALL SCHOOL – first. So that means at least 8 years including residency and rotations and all that. I replied “I’ll go ahead and put in the order for the cats or whatever animal can best keep you company,” implying that her family, despite claiming to tow that very traditional Christian line, really wants the status of a doctor daughter. She says she’s not trying to pick a fight and I said me neither but her family is out of whack.
        I followed the advice above and told her to pick a date and we’ll get married but when we’re married its me as her husband who has all the authority to call the shots and she knows this, so she’d better prepare herself (not that I’m a tyrant or even inattentive to her wants, needs, etc. within reason), otherwise she ought to break up with me because I’m not going to wait 8 years to get married since that is a pretty ridiculous demand for them to put on me. I mean, I’m 27, so I guess they meant for me to have a “long distance relationship” with her while she no doubt gets swept up in a “it just happened” situation thanks to the inevitable hawt neurosurgeon alpha bro doctor guy’s wiles.
        So anyway, we say good night and everything seems grim. I thought this morning I’d get a message or a call to say that she wants out. Instead, she says that when everyone gets back home we’ll talk with her parents and try to make them understand where we’re coming from, because she’s decided that being married to me is really what is going to come first. There could still be all sorts of land mine fields to navigate ahead for me, but I think this was sort of a solid, if minor, victory. Thanks for the help, fellas.
        So now there’s just the matter of selling the idea to her parents. I don’t want bad blood between me and them, so I think this step is an important one. We’ll see how much of the Bible they’ve all read.

        1. excellent…..sounds like you made progress in the right direction that is good
          “So now there’s just the matter of selling the idea to her parents. I don’t want bad blood between me and them, so I think this step is an important one. ”
          yeah if bad blood can be avoided, avoid it. but the reality is if they are hell bent on that doctor daughter dream, you may just have to deal with it.
          “We’ll see how much of the Bible they’ve all read.”
          as a lifelong christian, I’ve discovered very few have actually read the scriptures near as well as they claim. and no Pastor A’s interpretation of them doesn’t count as reading.
          “(not that I’m a tyrant or even inattentive to her wants, needs, etc. within reason)”
          this is really important to note….living under the rule of a righteous king, is not tyranny. tyranny is only living under the rule of a psychotic king that generally speaking restricts freedom though it should be noted the wife should have some restrictions on her like the ones noted above, try and avoid letting her watch The View or Oprah(and if she watches that stuff you’re going to have to explain why its terrible junk when her friends say its good) or other such things that will have the same affect as her going to medical school. Isaiah chapter 3 and 4 are two chapters all about what happens when women rule. I point this out so you have ammunition when you get weak and tired and odds are you will what with society basically plotting against you.
          but it’s good you laid down the law, and she responded as we were expecting
          but either way happy for you, barring any other insanity, looks like you kept her as a feminine woman, and stopped her from morphing into a liberal doctor bitch.
          an example for us all.
          I’ll just add one last piece of advice….women being social herd creatures.
          if you can in time fully crush this liberal feminist mindset thats trying to bloom, you will create a happy woman who is anti-feminist(though lets be clear a happy feminist does not exist). this can have a fantastic domino effect. when she goes to places like church, the women there will see a solid anti-feminist woman who is remarkably happy, this will spin their brains and will radically increase the odds those feminist women will want to be like your wife rather than vice versa as you and her are social proof to these herd creatures that feminine conservative lady like women can be happy in a marriage. go and mingle with their husbands and plant seeds there as if they are married to feminist witches, odds are they too like the wives, will be in shock and awe and both will be jealous, with the husbands probably admitting it openly, and the wives secretly admitting it.
          versus if your wife is rocky and not fully anti-feminist, then said church friends will constantly be trying to convert her. so the idea is for her to convert her friends rather than vice versa because if she is doing the converting thats less of a headache for you.
          basically either the womans natural google gossip ability can be used for or against you. basically if she is fully trained in your thinking, she is your herd versus her girlfriends being her herd. and judging by her picking you over her family, it looks like she is trying to gear up to be part of your herd.

  24. i spoon-fed a bread-winner-to-be right up until she received her professional degree and then she left me. boy did i learn a valuable lesson! lolz! that was 3 years ago… fortunately i have the same degree, earn the big bucks and lo’ and behold, they’re 100% for me! ahhhh it’s great. hope she’s doing well, but i am confident that she’s crashing & burning. more lolz for me.

  25. China is probably different, but here goes some AWALT. The first bitch I bagged here was making over $100k US a year. My motto was that “my next girlfriend will be my last girlfriend”. The lying bitch agreed, fucked me silly and then moved to another city with a better job and (as best as I can reconstruct it) a waiting BB who she now has a kid with.
    I have dated some other six figure women who were either slim, sexy bitches that I could not stand or pudgy wenches that I could never sleep with.
    Now I am engaged to be married to a woman who makes about $800 a month. I guess everything that we want in life will take twice as long because I am the only one making six figures, but there is much better harmony.

  26. I understand if you are a simp and cannot control your wife. I have saw with my own two eyes a insurance salesman making 50k control all the finances of his wife who made 200k, her check direct deposited in his account. I see allot of guys on here amening but it just shows you are weak, women like being controlled but once you let them have something it’s hard to get back so if you never controlled your wife, then a ton of money is another nail in the coffin. But if you started with say her wardrobe ,no dresses abouve the knee, no cleavage. On and on, forking over that cash is a small surrender after all that.But if you never prepped her it’s going to be really hard to get that money, start with clothes or something small and gradually increase to be in control by the middle of next year. If you can’t rule your own house I bet your a failure at pretty much everything else also.

  27. My parents had a joint account where the bulk of their finances went, and a smaller percentage that went into their “own” accounts. Most of that money went back to the family somehow, but that veneer of choice and autonomy is important. My mom mostly spent her money on us kids (stupid stuff like unnecessary sweets or clothes despite us going to a uniform’d school) and my dad ended up also giving us most of “his” money for outings with friends, but still, it’s healthy to have your “own” money, however small, that you can choose to dole out or build up, independent of the larger family finances that go towards bills-investments-etc.
    Listen, fortunes are going to change. The economy has changed, courtship has changed. You and your partner need to work as a team despite changing fortunes. My dad made more early in the relationship and with his wisdom, investments paid off later in their marriage, but there was definitely a point where my mom made significantly more than he did.
    Unfortunately the overall trend toward females and poor financial skills includes my mother. She doesn’t have a head for money and a lot of what we have is due to my dad’s guidance.

  28. While your points are all valid and true, the simple fact you wrote that piece of decadent crap tells us more about your inner self than you realize.
    1. You are weak. Of course YOU, read again *YOU THE MAN* are in charge of the house, of your life, of your wife and most important of your finances.
    I do not care what your wife earns – she has to hand the money over to you. End of story. If she wants new cloths she has to ask you if thats ok. No matter if you or she did earn this money. Get over the beta in your mind. It is ALL in your mind. You are the man, she is the woman. Men lead, women follow. Her income has no place in this truth.
    2. Yes you do. Because the only reason you allow your wife to work is so you do NOT have to work. Quit your job and enjoy your fucking life.
    3. Of course she is tired. If she mades a decent income hire a maid for the house work. Make sure the maid is hot and then fuck her brains out, while your wife is at work. If you get enough sex on the side from all that free time, you can be generous and once a week sex with your wife is ok with you – your sex life is not depending on one person, is it?
    4. Fuck that. Your wife will respect your strength and how well you lead her. She also will respect how well you fuck her. One day she will want to have quality kids from you. When this day comes you will have to make a choice. Until then – enjoy your sweet life.
    5. It is in your head only. Look at the negros in africa and how they have 2-3 wifes, all working while they lord over their family doing nothing but eat, drink and fuck.
    It is our western culture that put those values into your head. Man = breadwinner.
    It is true that it does HELP many of our lesser men to keep their wifes in check. However it is no requirement. It realy IS all in your head. No matter what job a female has, no matter how educated she is, no matter how much money she makes, she *IS STILL A WOMAN* – treat her as such. Not your equal, never will be, never want to be.
    Final words; so much is wrong in our society that even the better ones have a long way to go. The brain-shit the marxists and their feminism has put in our minds is so deep it will take some effort to get clear. Read again what you wrote and try to apply the principles from my posting. You might be surprised how much of the shit that did happen, happened in your mind first.
    Example: “she started making twice the money, I bowed out and let her deal with the finances.” -> Why did you “bowed out”? Was she a different girl now that she made more money? Were you a lesser man? No? Than why change what worked well before?

    1. My uncle’s wife makes more than he does, and he does exactly what you said. She gets paid and hands over the money to him. She knows he cheats on the side, but doesn’t care because he’s the leader of the house. They have 3 kids and she wouldn’t even think about breaking the family apart.
      But this is not uncommon in middle eastern culture. Men are men, women are women. The West has been so pussified that women are now men and men are now women.

      1. Do they live in the US? What culture is this?
        My knowledge of American Middle Eastern woman is limited to one hard drinking, “Bisexual”, slut who I was fucking in Seattle 10 years ago. She was a 1st gen American of Iraqi Sunnis. Sure she’d wear her hijab for Eid dinner with the fam’ but she’d snort coke of cock every other weekend of the year.

  29. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about women assuming masculine roles after I witnessed my roommate consoling his crying girlfriend. She’s in grad school and has to work on her thesis, and she had a massive fucking breakdown because she didn’t know how she could finish it. In fact, every time I hear them speak she just sounds cranky and bitchy, no doubt tired from her school work. I’ve also dated two girls who lacked career ambitions, then suddenly decided they wanted to go back to school. One of these girls let herself go completely – She’d spend all day in her pajamas, wouldn’t do her hair or doll herself up, she was “too stressed” to cook so she basically lived at Dunkin Donuts, etc. Worst of all her sex drive was nonexistent. But when she was just coasting through life she was pleasant and sexually charged and was willing to please me.
    I used to talk a lot of shit about single mothers, but there’s one thing I admire about them – They’re at least honest about their priorities. While 20-something women are saying they don’t want kids and trying to pursue any kind of career (While adopting pets as child substitutes, ‘natch), single mothers in the prime of their fertility are fulfilling their biological imperative by reproducing and then rearing their offspring. No matter how shitty their lives might be otherwise, I guarantee they’re more happy than a woman of the same age who makes great money in a corporate environment.
    Bottom line, I’ve never seen men crack under pressure like women do in work or at school. Men and women were made differently for a reason, and a safe Western lifestyle and the ability to earn a degree and get a job won’t change our animal biology.

    1. ” 20-something women are saying they don’t want kids and trying to pursue any kind of career” -> They do this in the hopes to get a better man.
      Women like men with careers and money so they (wrongly) assume that when THEY get a career/money they will get a better man. Thats why we have so many 30+ women looking for a husband.
      They didnt like what they could get at 20+, did pursue a career in the false hope to improve the quality of males they can get and are now 30+ with even worse male options.
      The single mothers at least did max out their SMV. They were not hot enough to keep their alpha but hot enough to get a child out of the relationship. So yes they did much better than Mrs childless-career-lawyer cunt.
      A life without sex for a man is a life without children for a woman.
      Keep this in mind and your game just improved.

      1. “Women like men with careers and money so they (wrongly) assume that when THEY get a career/money they will get a better man.”
        This. I’ve also noticed many 20-something girls who don’t have an education try and get jobs like secretaries or assistants at places like law offices or financial firms so they can be around men with a lot of money. If I meet a girl who has a job like this I can usually assume they’re high-maintenance and/or are gold diggers.

      2. Well said. I heard from seveal 30 something female colleagues over the years, “all the guys my age in this office building are married or not interested.” Mystery that. Usually followed “where did all the good guys go?”

      3. “A life without sex for a man is a life without children for a woman.Keep this in mind and your game just improved.”

  30. I’ve been kind of experimenting with this one right now. So far those bleats that you need to do more? Classic Shit Tests. I’d leave the dishes for her to do when she got home…”Its not faiirrr” she would rage. A few alpha statements, and a new normal. You have to really root it in your head what you want and what you want to give, and if she isnt ready to accept that–then bye. Back in the days of the native americans, they women did tons of work scraping the hides, making the food, then the men went out to hunt or to war, and risked their lives. Manliness was more about fearlessness than it was about hard work..its well you don’t forget it.

  31. Have a younger relative in this situation. She travels alot and when she is local she is up earlier and comes home at night just in time to kiss the kids goodnight and jumps into herself. So no sex. My male relative has a job, drops the kids off at day care, takes care of them when they are not, does the domestic chores, etc… and can only imagine wants to top himself. He puts up a good front, and family feels sorry for him, but he looks like he dies a little each time I see him. The kids cling to him though– she isn’t there enough to build a motherly bond.

  32. 100 percent true. My buddy was out of steady work for a period of time, and his wife worked (she still does, but her job is cushy and he makes significantly more). Their otherwise strong marriage was a shit show during that period. I didn’t think they would make it. They did, but it was an eye opener for them and everyone around them. Men need to work and earn the majority of the income. IF women work, they need non-challenging, non-demanding work so their primary focus can be the house and children, and they need to make less than the husband.

  33. YUP!!! If you can do it, don’t live together if she makes considerably more money than you. You will be the bitch in the relationship. If you live with a girlfriend/ wife who makes more money.You my friend are on the endangered species list. Make sure you are ALPHA AS FUCK. Have a job that screems masculinity and make sure you run the show. Otherwise you will be resented, rejected and cheated on with no remorse. She will drop you faster than you can say Fucked by the bad boy from the bar down the street.
    They may say that they are cool with you making less money in the beginning especially if you’re going to school and they have their carear, be emotionally prepared to have the rug pulled from under you with a plan B sfety net in your back pocket.

    1. I see this a lot, smarter young women who become pharmacists or doctors get the tall, good looking guy in college.
      Since shes never held a job or paid for anything it doesn’t really cross her mind that their good looking hubby becomes a bitch in the real world and they’re not attracted to him anymore.
      Like you said, the only way around this is if the guy has a really masculine job like firefighter or builds houses or some shit

  34. My sister makes more than her husband, and she slowly loses respect for him everyday. He’s such a beta weak man…my sister got him doing the dishes and laundry lol

    1. Women don’t think ahead worth a shit.
      When they’re in college they basically pick a guy based on social circle and if he’s tall and has social skills, etc…
      it doesn’t cross their mind that in the real world he doesn’t have a marketable skill and loses whatever social status he had in school.

    2. Question ? Is he home whilst she works? Or do they both work full time ? If he is home while she works- yes he should be doing household tasks .. If bothe work fulltime- he needs to pitch in.

  35. This old Arab man told me when I get married to cut off a cat’s head in front of my wife. He said for your wife to love you and have a successful marriage she must fear you

    1. Honest question as I’m not aware, do women have the power of the state behind them over there like they do in America?

      1. No, there’s no such thing as feminism here.
        In Muslim countries, before a man and woman get married, the parents agree on a set amount called the “maher” that would be paid to the woman in a divorce. I’m not sure about other countries, but here in Palestine on average it’s between $5K to $10K. So you pay her that amount and you’re done with her. She goes back to her family, you keep all your assets, nothing is split in half. If the divorce was the result of her cheating on you, then you do not pay the maher.

  36. Women don’t like you as a person, they like the things you do.
    So in school (sheltered environment), they like the baseball player, the fraternity president, the guy who throws house parties, the drummer, etc…. in that setting, attractive qualities are different
    However once we transition to the real world, your social status is almost entirely based on your career (or lack thereof). So women are confused when the cool athlete now works at fucking home depot and they lose attraction for him.
    this is why parents would pick the husband for their daughter, cuz they knew she’d be stupid and fuck the singer in the college band or whatever and end up broke.
    Your humor, your job, your hobbies, your social status, etc….women are attracted to your actions, not you….so when you stop doing any of those things she will lose attraction.

    1. “this is why parents would pick the husband for their daughter, cuz they knew she’d be stupid and fuck the singer in the college band or whatever and end up broke.”
      one of the reasons i think we need to return to arranged marriages. We’d avoid most of this shit right here.

  37. I never understood how people get idealistic and think that marriage can work with a female bread winner. The reality is that if you are not working, when she goes to work, she meets men that work hard and make money. Eventually, she will fuck them and lose all respect for you. That is just how the world works.

  38. Here is the rub that betas don’t get: With a traditional family where the man earns well, he comes home and does not expect anything from the wife other than food, peace and quiet, and some loving. He does not care at all that she is not working. With the roles reversed, it’s almost always a guarantee that the woman starts to resent that her husband is not earning as much. It’s human nature.

  39. 1. The Mother of Mencius in Liu Hsiang, “Biographies of Admirable Women.” (ca. 33 B.C.E.): “A woman’s duties are to cook the five grains, heat the wine, look after her parents-in-law, make clothes, and that is all!.” “It will be theirs neither to do wrong nor to do good. Only about the spirits and the food will they have to think.” ” A woman’s duty is not to control or take charge.”

    1. I’m with everything there except heating the wine. Hate mulled wine, heh.

  40. Literally all the men that I have seen that have breadwinning wives are massive beta males. They are the kind of men that cry all the time and support feminism. I have never seen one who acts like a real man.

    1. A fireman I know, his wife is a doctor so she out earns him by at least triple. She is highly deferential to him, and at social gatherings is routinely asking him if he needs something, and replacing his beer without him ever asking. He is confident and can command a room.
      On the flip side an engineer I know put his wife through med school, and despite the fact that she has been the breadwinner for all of 4 weeks at this point, he might as well cut his nuts off. She was laying that ground work since she started med school. Sort of a “well since I am going to out earn you in 8 years, you best not get any ideas you are in charge now”. Only thing left is to pray he doesn’t get cuckold with some alpha male doctor’s child.

      1. The fireman…well yeah…but he’s a fireman. Women will bend over backwards for men that society considers super alpha, and firemen are near the top of that list. If he was an accountant she’d have his nuts stored in a jar under the kitchen sink. The status she gets from being hooked to a fireman, with other women, is over the top though.

  41. First, breadwinner stats are bunk. 30% of children are raised by single moms so of course women are going to be a sizable chunk of the breadwinners. Also, the breadwinner stats I have seen don’t disqualify a breadwinner if they are getting a government check.
    Second, 96% (or some other absurdly high number) of all women are only happy working when its optional. They like its time killing and usefulness feeling, but don’t want the stress associated with absolutely having to do it even if they have no intention of quitting.

  42. Has feminism improved the world? Absolutely not. Now we have a situation where both men and women are tired and stressed from working long hours for employers who really don’t give a shit about them. Things are less affordable than ever, because housing etc now reflects a two-person income. At the same time, many women are figuring out that men didn’t toil long hours in the workplace for fun – 99% of jobs are tiring, unfulfilling and are done for one reason only – to pay the bills. This is reflected in survey after survey showing women are more unhappy than ever, which is evident in the high divorce rate. Children are not being raised properly by a loving mother, who is hardly ever there because she is slaving away in a cubicle all day, so they grow up all fucked up. Yep, feminism has been a disaster in general. The only people who have benefited are the ultra wealthy who are raking in the cash from women becoming mindless consumer fuck robots and the ugly lesbian freaks themselves who wanted to be part of the mainstream
    By the way, I saw a guy get married to a female ‘breadwinner’, he was completely emasculated and they divorced within a year. Women cannot love and respect men who earn less than them – they might provide short term thrills, but in the long term, they will view you as inferior

  43. I had a friend whose wife made more money than him. She then quit her job and got a low-paying one. According to she, it was his responsibility to wear the pants and make more money. Of course, most of the time they were broke. After some time they split up. She’s back having a high-paying job and he’s living with his parents. Yes, he’s a parasite that’s why we’re no longer friends.

    1. Sounds like he failed as a man. She was giving him the opportunity to be the leader, sounds even like she was demanding it.

  44. Deep down women know they don’t want to be the breadwinner. Even rich women will date/fuck/marry an old ugly guy if he is richer and higher status than they are. Using their pussy to get what they want is the biggest ego boost a woman can get.

    1. I always thought it is funny when people say what a strong independent woman Beyonce is. I point out “Yeah that is why she married one of the two black guys under 50 richer than she was, and the one she didn’t marry can’t keep his hands off thin blond women. and I am sure the “Mrs. Carter World Tour” wasn’t at all about flaunting her husband’s 0.001% status”

      1. yeah, this is why “empowering” women and raising their status is pretty much useless. They do nothing with their increased status and increased income to benefit anyone else. A woman will never “pull up” a man from a lower station in life, or who is less successful than she is, in the same way that a successful man did, and still does, with women. Men are happy to support women and their wives… women resent supporting their husbands and lose sexual attraction for them.

    2. Indeed, I’ve actually seen this in real life. Worked for a startup back in the late 1990’s where the owner was a rich “old dude” (I think he was in his late 50’s at the time). Heard rumors about his “power Wife” aka “strong independent woman”. Turns out she was the stereotype, however she made a hell of a lot less than him and was in her 30’s and was a knockout redhead. She gave shit to everybody, but when he walked into the room she turned into a purring kitten almost to embarrassing degrees. That fucker was alpha as hell and she knew it and lapped it up.

  45. It all comes down to betas giving into pussy as a gift rather than something a man takes because he is a man. (and no, for you PC pussies, I don’t mean rape)

  46. I can definitely relate to this article. I did super well out of college and made a bunch of money for my first job. After about 10 years started living with a strong independent career woman (who now I know is strongly along the narcissism psychopath traits) and eventually married her. I quit the job after 15 years and took some time to explore some of my passions and start a business. I was making about half of what she was making at the time of making a go with my business however we were living in the house that I effectively bought for her as my original house wasn’t good enough and I had paid cash for it. Effectively we were living in a 1M home only paying property tax utilities etc.
    She started to complain endlessly of how she was “supporting” me. Fast forward a few years and a couple of kids. My business didn’t pan out but it did land me in a job that paid better and set me up for my current position etc. She fucks another coworker and I catch them. Divorce happens. I kept the house and did reasonably well as I owned it all prior to marriage.
    I learned so much about how she sees money. First off I have 50% custody and all the stuff I had in the marriage with effectively just my income so 50% of the income but effectively 90% of the fixed expenses we had together. My relative free cash has gone up. To this day I still don’t understand where most of her money went.
    I also learned her relative thoughts on it. She was driving a BMW which I kept alive by mostly fixing myself. Post separation the abs controller failed. Dealer cost to fix was 4k. I offered to fix it for her so she could have it working for the kids etc. And I knew I could do it for about two hours of my time and 250$ to have it rebuilt. I did the job for her and barely got a thanks. I understood through later interactions that the savings basically didn’t compute to her. It was an inconvenience needing doing. Post red pill me will not do anything for her unless she provides a return value for it.
    As many others have said as soon as I catered to her wishes ( having a kid etc) and then she perceived that she was the breadwinner respect was gone and so was the marriage.
    Course I am now fitter and dating a gal who is 15 years younger and she is enjoying her solitude and nearing 50. And now has a mortgage on less of a house than we had for herself. New gal treats me better and I am sticking to my frame.
    As pre yesterday’s article I really don’t see any benefit for me of living with someone again never mind marrying.

    1. The money was not the problem foolme. Your earning less was not the problem.
      “as my original house wasn’t good enough” (for her) -> here we get closer to the problem. You beta-castrated yourself way earlier. Why give a fuck what she wants? Women talk crap all day long. They do not even know what they want, or else they would be men.
      YOU decide what is best for the family and then you do just that. When she does complain you remember the fairy tale of the swine and the oak. You be the oak.
      Car problem. You do not work for a woman unless she begs you for it.
      “I did it for the kids” -> Thats lame and was very beta.
      Dont ever try to show your mechanical skills when she does not value them, “it is try hard” in her eyes. For her you wanted to impress her to get into her pussy by doing it. DLV extreme.

      1. I agree with most of what you say in terms of there were many other things that I would now do differently. The first of which would have been not getting into that relationship at all.
        Like every other interaction nothing is cut and dried in life. Every factor combines. From many other factors of knowing her like her irrational fear of not controlling her own life financially I know that the money was actually a big factor for her.
        My intent in posting was to show one example where even with traditional success factors, I’m 6’4 have always been reasonably fit and strong have leadership positions career wise have made significant money, acting in accordance to the feminist methods pleasing the woman and being OK with her career didn’t work. Confirmation of many red pill theories.
        The point I will disagree with you on is the kids section. I take my position as a father very seriously. That includes doing what I believe is right for the kids independent of what they or their mom thinks of it. For the car example I ask myself could I live with myself if something happened that I could have prevented? At this point in time though I would solve that problem by insisting she go spend the money and fix the problem and making sure she got it done. I had no intention ever of getting back in her pussy at that time and still don’t. At the time I was fucking way better anyway.
        I have learned much in my time post separation.

  47. There’s an article on New York magazine online that has at least one example of everything one needs to know to become red-pilled on “equality” between the sexes, and almost everything one needs to know about women in relationships.
    Here’s a few quotes, but I could basically just paste the entire article and comment on every paragraph.
    There are several quotes like the following, in which a woman demonstrates she is nothing like a man, doesn’t have the instinct of a self-sacrificing provider:
    “I didn’t really give a damn where the money came from,” says Betsy, an attorney. “That’s not the gift I expected a husband to give me. I wanted a romantic figure.” That was until she found him taking money from her wallet and leaving an IOU. “I just didn’t want to be giving him spending money.”
    They have all the information they need to reach the conclusion that women are built to be submissive to men in relationship, and that it won’t work otherwise, but instead they imply everything is the fault of the men’s incompetence.
    “Sometimes it’s the Alpha woman who needs reassurance that she’s still feminine.”
    It’s not that she is less feminine; it’s that he is perceived as less masculine.
    “When it works, it tends to be when the wife’s respect for her husband remains intact. “Women need to admire their partner,” says psychologist Harriette Podhoretz. “They need to find something that doesn’t interfere with their passionate glue, that keeps the marriage charged up and alive.”
    They don’t want to admit it, but relationships need to be unequal, and women still need to be submissive.
    And from the comments:
    “I am a Scandinavian woman, who test alpha on the female and male scale too. 2 different relationship with beta men and after the relationships ended, when my assessment was; if you want to be unhappy forevermore, when you just date or be in a relationship with a beta male. It was horrible relationships, I worked non stop +60 hours, it wasn’t management positions and just regular contract work, while these feminized men did their metrosexual shopaholic and homemaker thing. Every time I got home, they didn’t seem happy to see me. They were deeply depended on me financially and emotionally, but they never supported or encouraged me in any way.
    Underneath the surface, I didn’t feel empowered, while they hated and resented me for being the so-called strong person in the relationship. The whole arrangement or role reversal emasculated them, but they didn’t have the brainpower or will to change the situation. Both relationships ended super bad and in one case, it ended after he physically attacked me, because he was weak and he couldn’t handle the fact, I had cut of his funds, so he couldn’t shop online. ”
    Men supported women in just such conditions for millennia, but the roles cannot be reversed. Now, suddenly, even Swedish feminists are saying “But men and women are just not the same!” when ‘doing so favors them’ meets ‘real-world experience that nullifies bullshit ideological wishful thinking.’.
    It comes as no surprise to me that New York magazine and a bunch of so-called “alpha females” would miss the elephant in the living room.

    1. that is fucking hilarious. women have created their own misery.
      maybe a 29 yr old woman who outearns her husband can upgrade, but it gets harder and harder the older they get. no suitable male who makes enough money, until one day theyre the 40 yr old career woman alone and miserable. divine justice.
      That article is fairly old, I bet they wouldn’t even publish it now because it shows the major flaw with feminism and how it leaves women unhappy.

      1. So true, this article is four years old. It would not be published right now. How things can change so fast?

    2. And what the hell does Sweden produce nowadays? Ikea is known as the cheapest most over marketed flimsy crap furnature around. You eat yummy kratom flavored meatballs there and go crazy shopping. Volvo was decent before feminism too. Now you have to take the shit in regularly to reprogram the engine for an arm and a leg. It’s unnecessary cyber control that’s faulty, and more females in the workplace supporting the junk regulation work. All the unnecessary makework for women, paper shuffling, paper shredding, paper crumpling, paper sorting, paper bullshit is all bankrolled as life support for the business of keeping the prime fertile Scandinavian women with their heads in boxes and their crotches underneath cubicle desks where even omegas don’t go. It is the cost of dealing them a death knell and culling the land.

    3. I am a Scandinavian woman, who test alpha on the female and male scale too.
      No you don’t you solipsistic twunt.

    4. Interesting read. Another one from that same article:
      ““I know my husband could do my job with his eyes closed,” she says. “He’s really good at math. He’s twice as smart as I am.””
      We here at ROK know the man can do it, too.
      The problem is that society (as a whole) has been continuing to lift women up (as if they need it) and it continues to beat men down. Everything that you ever hear in the media or in casual conversation is all about empowering women (as if women are still oppressed and we need to save them). Both the government and corporations are siding with women (unless the government needs men to fight in a war) and they are side stepping (or shunning) men.
      Men need to wake up and realize what is going on here (mostly with the government). Corporations are a business and free to do as they please (they are in the money making business) but when the government (your government) turns on you then it’s time for a little critical thinking.

  48. “Green Berets say they need independent women that can manage through their long and frequent deployments.”
    Betas to the government and to a woman.
    (Yeah, yeah, I know…”I’d be speaking German now”…blah blah blah)
    Google “War is a Racket” by USMC Major General Smedley Butler for the truth about the military…
    “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service as a member of our country’s most agile military force — the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. During that period I spent more of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I suspected that I was just a part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service. Thus I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. I was rewarded with honours, medals and promotion. Looking back on it, I feel I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three city districts. I operated on three continents”. — General Smedley Butler, former US Marine Corps Commandant,1935

    1. ”we’d be speaking German” . . Lol . . Ben Franklin proposed that German be the official language of the new US. He is the only non president to be featured on paper currency and he is also known for being a renowned ‘ladies man’ in his travels. He likely had better game than Clinton!
      In France, the attractive socialite women would make appointments to spend time with him during his visits. Franklin, the genius inventor sowed his seed well there. The French then went on to invent marvels like the SST Concorde known as the most asthetically beautiful aircraft ever built. Sadly not one of them flies today. When you smell smoke, that’s typical European wiring. Edison should have finished Franklin’s job pumping French women with IQ booster and we’d all be flying Concordes and Peugeots wouldn’t have such crappy wiring. They’ve got million mile engines like Mercedes but the wiring is fatally bad.

  49. In this economy things change. Layoffs happen and you can go from hero to zero in an instant. When you’re in a relationship and she’s forced to bare the financial burden it can definitely complicate matters over time.
    I was not laid off and instead I quit working for a company I could no longer advance in and I went to school full time for a couple of years to get my MBA. This was done AFTER I had ensured I had enough savings to make sure there’s a buffer for the both of us. If she was not comfortable with this then she’s free to go. I understand the stigma behind men not working today, especially if the woman is in the supportive role.
    If the man is content with kicking back and not pursuing anything ambitious then he is in the wrong and he is going to bring both him and her down.
    If however he’s out of work yet he is doing all that he can to ensure a better future for himself and it’s a temporary move then go for it.

    1. “If however he’s out of work yet he is doing all that he can to ensure a better future for himself and it’s a temporary move then go for it.”
      Ahmm… Yes, I agree. However, be very careful here. If he fails in his pursuit, she’ll drop him. No exception.

  50. It seems natural tendency for the ‘breadwinner woman’ to try to beat the man down to house pet at best. The working woman should be avoided like she was on the rag. If she works full time then likewise she is to be avoided full time, completely.

    1. Hmm, you trying to sound like Gloria Steinem there? Wasn’t it feminists starting in the 70s that said let women have their jobs, their incomes, their own single lives, without men bringing them down by marriage?
      Shit, back in the 70s, the shit you and Gloria Steinem said pissed most men off. Are we finally catching up with the main goal of feminism? To keep women free of men?

      1. My honest opinion is that NO woman should be allowed to wear the pants. I could go all the way and say that to effectively domisticate a working western femicunt, she must first be broken by disallowoing her to posess ANY clothing of her own at first. If she has to go outside to get the mail, she can wear the man’s XXXL workshirt only, clutching it around her like a robe that drapes down to her knees. I wouldn’t mind even taking her into the 7-11 like that with fuzzy flip flops at midnight to get beer. People would see my big ass with her in tow carrying the 12 pack and they’d say ”YEAH, now there’s a domesticated woman”. No way in hell that she works some stick in the mud paper job with some house pet beta whip. No way.
        I reminisce back to the old ‘Married With Children’ show where working stiff Marcy Darcy had an unemployed house pet ‘Jefferson’. Today this has become all too common with the working women. It is the model arrangement that many working professional women seek, to have some controllable and compromised boy toy for companionship.
        Basically that’s why I said to avoid a working woman like the plague. Unless you have the game to domesticate or ‘break’ and tame her under the radar in the west and no doubt get kicked in the head multiple times while wrestling and putting her in her place, then it’s likely that she’ll break you instead and with the help of the bitch system. But still it’s easier to simply avoid the uppity working woman and seek instead a young uncorrupted virgin who is open and willing to be domesticated.
        Hard to find? Get your ‘chat em up’ game sharp and go for what you see. Catch one before she blows her virginity and is advertizing herself on social media. Be dominant and exude the qualities of the patriarch in panning for a mate and the pure women that were meant to be with the patriarch will gravitate to him. The sluts will be naturally repelled but the good ones will find comfort and sense righteousness and will come within your sphere before they get wasted in the decadent culture. The window of time to pursue a virgin is small but if you have your game ready, you’ll catch a good one.

  51. When she started making twice the money, I bowed out and let her deal with the finances. It was a complete mess for two years. No savings, spending $200 at the grocery store and coming home with nothing for dinner, leased car, and purchased but unworn clothes and more.

    Women are now more likely to manage the household budget. Unsurprisingly, half of American homes aren’t saving any money. Fewer people are saving money than ever before.

    1. Fantastic point. Most women demand to take care of “our” money (they use “our” when they’re claiming your paycheck, what they mean is “mine”). But statistics have shown year after year, from the 1970’s forward, that household savings rates have consistently plummeted to the point where a good 80% of people barely make it on paycheque to paycheque mode, and most are up to their eyeballs in debt. Back when ‘good ol’ dad’ was running the finances, pre-1970’s, savings were astronomical and debt was a bad, bad word.
      Yet today we hear incessantly how women are better “multi taskers” and “planners” when it comes to finances. Yeah…sure.

      1. “Yet today we hear incessantly how women are better “multi taskers” and “planners” when it comes to finances.”
        Now that’s some IV level bullshit right there. Better finance planners? Give me a fucking break. Sure, there are some women out there who are great with money/numbers. Just like they are some men out there who are fantastic at applying makeup. But “one” does not make a trend.
        Most women are terrible with money. They have no idea how compound interest works and, more importantly, no idea the value of things that they purchase.

        1. Agree wholeheartedly. Just talking about the “perception”, even from most pastel shirt wearing simpering “men”.

    2. Sorry, but you need to employ a little critical thinking before saying such un-thought out things in a public forum. Today, just living costs much more money than it did in our parents’ generations.
      (In comparison to wages:) the cost of living is higher, the cost of gas is higher, rent/home ownership is more expensive, today we pay for things our parents did not. Think cable TV (used to be free), cell phones for every family member (used to be one cheap landline for the whoooole family), videogame systems + games ($$$$) instead of playing in the yard for free, health insurance is through the roof when it USED TO BE cheap as hell, and oh, heck, I’ve made you look more ignorant than I needed to already so I’ll stop.
      Women are bad at a lot of things and can be squarely blamed for much, but NOT for what you’re trying to claim. You might’s well blame the Red Cross’s blood shortage on menstruation.

      1. Perhaps I’d take you a little more seriously had you not opened with an insult. An amateur move, btw.

        the cost of living is higher, the cost of gas is higher, rent/home ownership is more expensive, today we pay for things our parents did not.

        In other words, families are living outside of their means. Which was my point.
        Average home prices after inflation have only increased slightly over the decades. Regardless, that’s money home owners gain back once they sell.

  52. 5 Reasons Not To Have A Breadwinner Wife
    6th reason. You will work very hard for your money !

  53. @ number 1, it reminds me a lot of how feminists fight for middle eastern women to be educated so that they could join the workforce, in places such as afhganistan. the problem with that is/was that islam doesn’t place any responsibility on women to provide for their families financially, so by educating women the familiy’s would end up much worse in terms of nutrition etc. because of the wife’s lack of obligation to take care of anything except themselves. The male’s job is/was to provide for the whole family or risk some cruel Sharia law penalty of course. …kind of off-topic but this article inspired me to say this

    1. 3/4 of all converts to Islam are women.
      The strong masculine aspect and provider role required of men really draws women towards them. IDK why more people can’t recognize this as female nature

  54. meanwhile in Scandinavia… feminists make a rap song about anal sex.. and this comes from the culture whos ancestors where vikings..

    1. #NoRing. Period. There is zero benefit for men in getting married to the modern Western harpy of today.

      1. Oh, I agree. But for those men still insistent upon I suspect an intact hymen would triple your probabilities statistically of maintain the marriage vow. In fact, I think it is empirically demonstrable.

        1. But what few women who would still consider marriage in the first place, tend to put it off until after college. I’m, not saying there’s no chance of a post-grad being a virgin, because fuck, women are even putting off sex almost as much as they’re turning down marriage. But realistically, in order to get a female willing to consent to marriage prior to college, you’re going to have to settle for someone who lacks all goals and all desires to better herself.
          Sounds like an anchor around any man’s neck.
          Also, the Ukrainian and Romanian girls I speak with (my preference) all say they would never under any circumstance be with any man unless HE was as much a virgin as the girl. To them any man who’s “lost” his virginity is as bad as a gay man after shore leave.

  55. Australian TV presenter Jennifer Byrne tries to get Christopher Hitchens to backtrack when he says he preferred if his wife didn’t work if she didn’t want to. She then calls him sexist when concluding the interview. What a cow.

    1. Woman gives Opinion on Men, she’s labeled: Smart, Intelligent, Insightful, Concerned.
      Man gives opinion on women, he’s Labeled: Sexist, Misogynist, pig, Bigot.

      1. Women try to control men through shaming. The reason being that women can gain resources by manipulating men. Lots of men will naturally back down because women are influenced by other women say about individual men when selecting mates.

        1. So what? Men control men by shaming too! Have the blokes in prison are there not because they’re evil, but because their male friends got them into trouble: Aww, come on, mate, help me out, just drive the car, just hide my stash, just just just…
          Not to mention the most shaming, misandrist language comes from men to other men: mangina, pussy, bitch, phaggot, wimp, white knight, etc. Those emasculating names hurt worse than any others, and they come exclusively from men.
          And if you think men don’t shame women into every bad decision, you’re in need of a serious upgrade in your mends, pal.

        2. So what? Men control men by shaming too!

          Nice red herring. Did I say men never shame?

          Have the blokes in prison are there not because they’re evil, but because their male friends got them into trouble:

          Unsubstantiated horse shit.

          And if you think men don’t shame women into every bad decision, you’re in need of a serious upgrade in your mends, pal.

          More unsubstantiated horse shit. Also, Begging the Question fallacy.

  56. I saw this first hand with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. When they were first married he had the good job and made the money like a traditional marriage. As the years went by she got a much better job and was paid very well. I could see the role reversal and the life getting sucked out of him. It was a slow and sad process. They eventually separated and he’s still not the same guy as when we first met.

  57. Watched my dad work his guts out and miss me and my sisters growing up and even as a kid I thought “screw that!” That was before it became fashionable for the women supporting that behaviour to destroy the family for cash and prizes. I operate at less than 25% of my economic capacity and my wife almost ten times the female average.
    It takes tight tight game and my wife has to understand that my vision – men’s great advantage over women – is valuable to her. “What does every bad decision you have made have in common?”
    “I didn’t ask you.”
    (Slaps ass) “that’s right baby!”
    I work on projects that are now beginning to pay off and the time not being the primary bread winner was vital. I am far more involved in my kids lives than my dad was.
    Low sex drive and weight gain? Yep, unfortunately. You may need a concubine.

    1. Ah, the concubine… once the inevitable divorce comes, that concubine’s existence will more than double the alimony and child support you would have had to pay if there had been no cheating. Character flaws are a weakness, and cheating is perhaps one of man’s biggest character flaws. Don’t normalize them.
      If you think your wallet can afford it, get a concubine. Money is, after all, the world’s ONLY renewable resource, whatever is lost can always be re-made to replace what was lost. But not all of us have Bill Gates’ earning capacity to make up for the foolish financial decision of a concubine. (Not to mention concubines cause something divorce courts call Alienation of Affection which adds to the likelihood of a pricier-than-necessary divorce.)

    1. How about anyone who is a self-sufficient adult gets their own job and contributes fairly to the equation. The more equal a partner’s job, income, and education is to their spouse, the lower the incidence of divorce/breakup. And THAT is what’s important.
      Not to mention, if you were stupid enough to get a stay-at-home wife, and you divorce, you have shot yourself in your bank account when it’s alimony/support time. The more a spouse earns, the less the higher-earning spouse will have to pay in alimony/support. You both make +/- $50K? Then no one pays alimony. ONE of you makes $50K, the other one’s unemployed? SOMEBODY’S getting a good chunk of that $50K from the employed partner, regardless of gender.

  58. The Green Berets can only get away with that line when deployed to Afghanistan or some other shithole. Once they start going back to Colombia again (with the concomitant hotties in place) I’m calling bullshit – and so will their old ladies. Ha.

    1. You will find that although Heartiste is great to whack off to, his numbers and stats are pulled out of the same place his anal beads are pulled out from. Just so you know that for future reference.

      1. You make statements that have zero concrete basis.
        No links, no sources, not a shred of backup to support your post.
        You must be a female.

  59. Women initiate like 73% of all divorces.
    divorces where the woman has a college degree, women initiate fucking 90% of those divorces

    1. What’s more important than correcting your falsehood is pointing out that the higher a female’s education is, the less likely she is to want to divorce. So even if 99% of top-educated women wanted a divorce (which they don’t!), you have to intelligently remember that 99% of a tiny, tiny number is MUCH BETTER for men than 77% of a big amount (the bigger amount being that the lower a wife’s education is, the much more likely she is to want to gtfo of marriage from you).

  60. I will say that having cohabitated with a Ukrainian & Polish girl (2.5 years each), women from impoverished nations tend to spend & save much better than women from Western cultures.

  61. It takes massive Game and strong Alpha state to be successfully together with a career woman. Very few men are Red Pill, Alpha and have Game.
    In addition those men are also attractive enough to other women that they are willing to walk away if she is too much of a Bitterbitch. Those women either fall in line or the men leave. The successful relationships the author mentions are likely created by men like that.

  62. excellent article…All world religions have emphasized the right of woman to be provided for. secondly woman get pregnant and get maternity leave hence it is natural that they don’t have much representation at boardroom.

  63. If you are not “better” than your wife in every area.. and better than your wife’s male acquaintances in every area, she will simply lose respect for you which to a female means she won’t love you. Even if you make more than her, she will compare you to her male coworkers, bosses, etc. and wonder if she shouldn’t be with someone like them since they are obviously “better”. This doesn’t always have to be money, it can be power, but she has to perceive you as better than every other male around her that she has any shot at in any realistic way.

    1. exactly.
      I’m 5’11, 160 with fairly wide shoulders.
      In college I lived on a floor with football players who were all over 260 lbs.
      girls would be like ‘why are you so small?’ even though I was larger and stronger than the girls, they just bitch at you for everything.
      If you aren’t taller, have large muscles, and make more money they just don’t respect you

      1. Just depends on their options. Never let your wife work with/for highly paid alpha men and don’t ever let your wife or girl friend have a male physical trainer.

  64. Sincere question: I am the breadwinner in my marriage because my husband has chronic health issues. I was raised to be an independent woman, so I don’t mind working, but naturally I’d prefer my husband to be the higher earner and I know he feels the same way. He’s not by nature a ‘meek’ man and I’d say you’re probably right that he’s dissatisfied with the situation. The problem is that I don’t see how we can avoid it. Someone has to earn a living. We’re still young but I don’t know if his condition will ever improve.
    How can I work around this… continue to support him and our life together without fostering resentment in my husband? My nightmare is that he’ll come to feel negatively towards me as the years go on, even though we’re both just trying to do our best with an unfortunate situation.

    1. You’re just in a shitty situation and i’m afraid there are no easy solutions, if there are any.
      If you try working around the situation to make him feel more comfortable you will start to resent him even more as i’m almost certain you will start to feel something along the lines of “i work all bloody day to bring food to the table and now i have to deal with his precious feelings. Why can’t he be like a real man….aghh i know… i know he can’t be like one but still….”
      Your man will feel emasculated if you make more money and there is nothing you can do about that.
      My suggestion is to have a series of talks about the issues you feel. Don’t hash it all out in one session. Your man will feel less pressure that way.
      And also see if he can get some extra source of income even in his condition. This way he will feel less emasculated and you can have “a sense of relief” for lack of a better phrase that he is bloody trying in spite of his challenges. This will stirr an emotion in you that blowjob and french maid night is long overdue.
      Hope this helps.

      1. I see. Yeah, thanks manmax, it does help. Great to get a male perspective because I could never bring this up with someone who knows us in real life.
        You’re so right about the ‘working around the situation’ thing. I can feel a tiny bit of this already and it scares me because it’s obviously going nowhere good.
        I’ll try for what you’ve suggested. Thanks heaps for taking the time to help – it’s appreciated.

  65. I think you hit the nail on the head about feeling threatened when you dedicate yourself to self-improvement.
    They want a real man… except when they have a real man.

  66. “When it is 7 p.m. and she hasn’t had time to cook, clean, work out, or anything, she is going to be in a bitchy, nagging mood.”
    Well, I suppose the upside to your wife earning more than you is that you two can afford a house keeper? More leisure time for you both!

  67. “The problem today is that women aren’t fulfilling their fundamental role,
    the role that is consistent with their deepest nature, for an important reason: women aren’t presented with a true picture of man because of the rise in the
    number of emasculated men who don’t shoulder the responsibility
    allocated to them. This has forced many women away from their true role, and they don’t even realize it.” Found this online, and it seemed appropriate here.

  68. When you get married you pool your money and debts and share them. If either of you won’t share then get divorced. Unless you are rich, her higher income will result in both you having a better lifestyle. House, car, vacations, toys are bought with both your incomes. You both live in the house that she helps pay for. So if you make a huge salary and can afford to have your wife not work that’s your choice. Most Americans need as much money as they can earn. If your wife can’t manage money then you need to help her learn how.

  69. I don’t know what to make of the author of this article. He’s married to a breadwinner wife yet he fails to mention if these horrible things have happened to him.
    I understand she was totally cool with him when they were engaged but is she still? Some women change after earning more money than the man after so long. Has she? Is that why he has written this article of forewarning?
    “Don’t let what happened to me happen to you!”
    Or is he trying to tell us, “Hey man, my breadwinner wife is totally awesome but don’t get too excited because chances are YOUR breadwinner wife is going to treat you like dogshit eventually. I just happened to get really lucky but chances are, you will not get so lucky. So don’t push your luck.”
    So which one is it?

  70. Goddamn Sheryl Sandberg is ugly! Am I the only one who sees a correlation between Strong independent women and ugly ass dyke looking jew bitches?

  71. “Trust me, this is my singular experience so it must be universal.”
    Sigh, every article here is a generalization backed up by one anecdotal story. If men are more logical than women, then this is a bad place to support that.

  72. My cousin found this out the hard way. He was the general manger at a men’s warehouse, making close to six figures. His wife was beautiful and intelligent and wanted to work in the FBI. He paid for her schooling paid her plane tickets, after she got her dream job as a linguist for the FBI, he quit his high paying job to move with her and be the supporting house husband and raise their kids. It was a disaster. She got everything she said she wanted and It drove her crazy she turned his kids against him and divorced him taking EVERYTHING (he was dumb enough to have a joint account) He now lives alone in a run down apartment with a shitty car, I think he works at Wal Mart or something. I saw this and took what he learned for myself, I avoid career women like a virus. I have learned from him that once a woman gets everything she wants from you she will not reward you for your unwavering support and loyalty, she will discard you, because she no longer “needs” you anymore. It’s what they are.

  73. is working as a technical writer feminine? I know technology is masculine male dominated but writing is very feminine and technical writers need “emotional intelligence” a more feminine trait
    reason why I picked this career is bc
    its in demand/economy safe
    makes good money
    good work hours
    low stress
    all it requires is a degree in English or other related majors or a tech type degree (im getting an English degree “softer easier degree” so as not to ruin my femininity through college stress lol)
    I was originally in nursing school but it was extremely tough and making me very masculine and stressed out plus the job is very stressful so I quit to keep and replenish my femininity to save it and renew it lol
    I just want a steady low stress job until I get married and have children so I can sustain my femininity while working so I chose this low stress but makes good money, has good hours, and in demand job. plus I love to write!
    what do you think?

  74. I out-earn my man. But he is an european aristocrat of russian and german stock. He thinks women need whip and not pedestals. He still decided what happens with money even if I earn it. My grandma made more money in a factory in 50’s because grandpa was a cripple. Guess who decided Money affairs and had a long traditional marriage with 5 kids? They did.

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