Ariana Grande Sexualizes Her Entire Image For Years Then Demands People “Focus On The Music”

Singer Ariana Grande recently released an “essay” claiming that she is being objectified and oppressed by the all-encompassing patriarchy. She said was irate about the supposedly constant references to her as Big Sean’s ex, amidst her general opining about “misogyny,” “sexism,” and “double standards,” and a reference to feminist Gloria Steinem.

“Focus on my music!” is what her piece screamed, all while she continues to cloak herself in female caricatures and stereotypes labeled as sexist when men enjoy them: cat’s ears, corsets, prancing around in her underpants, and generally selling her body to sell albums. Nothing in the piece mentioned the excessive photoshopping of her on magazine and album covers, either, or an obsession with cosmetics that body image experts blame for rampantly low female self-esteem amongst the general population.

It has never been about Grande’s music because a) men typically write her songs entirely or contribute most of the lyrics and composition and b) many people can sing as well as or better than Grande. What Grande sells instead to the public is her body, perceived looks (but I’ll pass, thanks) and youth.

If you want the best singer, or at least one better than Grande, you would end up, probably, with an overweight opera singer or another girl, a rather “homely” one, who switched to pop.

If a man ogles this sort of image on a magazine cover, it’s considered sexist. When a woman creates this image of herself on the way to earning tens of millions of dollars, it’s considered “independent.”

Grande’s diatribe has nothing to do with double standards or “misogyny” and everything to do with celebrity culture. Celebrities are paid truly exorbitant amounts to plaster themselves across our collective social consciousness, without usually contributing anything that isn’t superficial or which doesn’t endorse narcissism.

One of the drawbacks of this massive remuneration and adoration for a person with a net worth well beyond $10 or $100 million is a menagerie of press representatives wanting a piece of their private life all the time.

I have no problem with Grande, like Kate Upton, using sexualization as a tool in her career. But the rest of us need to call a spade a spade. It becomes tedious when Grande robotically describes herself as a sexualized object and alleged “property” of a man when her entire public persona is predicated on her overt and inveterate sexualization. Her success as a performer is attributable to this fact alone.

Grande is not so special a celebrity

Take George Clooney, a much more high-brow celebrity despite his politics, as a case in point. Between 2005 and 2012, he starred in, co-wrote, directed or produced films which garnered him eight different Academy Award nominations across six different categories. Two of these nominations resulted in wins, one for Best Supporting Actor in Syriana and another for Argo being Best Picture.

He additionally received critical acclaim for other performances outside his recognition by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. One is hard pressed to name another film icon with a similar critically prolific and versatile track record over the past decade, with the exception of Clint Eastwood.

Most of the time, though, attention has been lavished much more on George Clooney’s love life and other female entanglements. Grande might argue that she’s the victim of double standards because of her genitals, but it doesn’t explain how men like Clooney are routinely invoked only to describe romantic partners and their “work” outside work.

Intrusion into one’s private life is part and parcel of the celebrity tradeoff for both men and women. Look at the litany of male stars who have legally detrimental encounters with paparazzi. They’re not accosted when they’re on-set and security could efficiently dispose of the photographers. It happens on their downtime, when they’re hand-in-hand with their latest sweetheart or frolicking shirtless at the beach.

Claiming feminism earns you big bucks

Classy Beyoncé in her empowered woman pose

The appropriation of feminism or other ideologies by already multimillionaire female (or male) celebrities continues to generate financial windfalls for them. Lady Gaga, for example, has established herself as the preeminent campaigner for gay marriage and other LGBT causes.

I do not doubt that she legitimately believes in what she says, but you still can’t ignore the phenomenal remunerative benefits it has brought her. Being a “gay icon,” a largely straight one who says she’s bisexual and is engaged to a man, equals a gay and leftist following that fills her bank accounts even more.

It’s also rooted in an intrinsic mythology, as it allows these people to present the veneer of suffering the same slights and misfortunes of the common person. This is because celebrity status relies on a complex fusion of being both “above” the masses but “like” them. The ultimate victory of the celebrity is being idolized like a modern-day religious figure but being lauded as “down-to-earth”.

Although more implicit than other songs, Beyoncé’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (ironically written with three men) is meant to channel the “girl power” of independent women. This presupposes that the situation of, say, lower middle-class women could be in any sense like Beyoncé’s. It’s akin to me comparing my next pangs of hunger to a child in the economically and politically failed state of Somalia.

Finally, and related to the second point, it enables those who are fundamentally privileged to fend off accusations that they are part of any elite that should give back more. Because of “patriarchal superstructures,” women with a phenomenal net worth like Beyoncé can lump themselves in amongst the traditional stereotypes of oppressed women. The male gas station attendant has male privilege; Beyoncé is “objectified” and asserting her girl power to fight it.

Basically, if a female celebrity doesn’t like a form of attention or criticism, she can call it sexism. Male celebrities lack such a jack-of-all-trades, please-get-away-from-me card.

It isn’t even Ariana Grande’s music most of the time

Male musicians and songwriters like Malcolm McCormick, known as the rapper Mac Miller, have written most of Grande’s songs.

It’s suitably quaint that Ariana Grande portrays herself as a victim of sexists not focusing on her music when much of that music she doesn’t write herself. A half dozen others, including men, wrote “her” number one hit from Yours Truly, called The Way. Only five of the 13 songs were co-written by her for this debut album.

Break Free, another number one from the follow-up album My Everything, was written by three men and Problem was written by Grande (finally!), Iggy Azalea and three men.

Fact Alert: Pop and many other genres are about the external appearance and persona of the singer or group, not the music. Female pop itself is invariably the marriage of soft pornography via a trim body and a voice that’s hopefully at least semi-decent.

Independent women who objectify themselves and rely on men

Get the men to write your songs for you and then they’re yours. Dress up in a way seen as misogynistic when men want women to look like that. This is all in a day’s work for Ariana Grande. Her hypocrisy knows no bounds. The command to “Look at me! Look at me!” combines very elegantly with the shrill politicking and opportunism of Grande claiming she is a victim.

The solution to this excremental situation is simple, unrelenting juxtaposition. Compare what feminists and others describe as the objectification of women by men and “society” with the identical self-presentation of unfathomably wealthy celebrities like Grande and the desperate regular girls emulating them.

Challenge the primitive assumption that “male privilege” allows any woman, no matter how elite, wealthy or advantaged in other ways, to claim the mantle of universal victimhood.

In the end, the Ariana Grandes of the world always expose themselves for the discerning and intelligently skeptical to see.

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215 thoughts on “Ariana Grande Sexualizes Her Entire Image For Years Then Demands People “Focus On The Music””

  1. That article was humorous. Grande doesn’t understand that history often repeats itself. She is nothing but a pop tart that relies on looks , minimal talent (if at all) and overt sexual theme. Ahem, Britney Spears?
    A human fact is that men want to have sex with hot women and women want to be hot women. Take hot out of the equation, and neither party is interested.
    And most feminists are not hot. Coincidence?
    The patriarchy is the force by which feminism draws it’s power. She is biting the hand that feeds her. Typical female.

  2. “Focus on my music!”?!?
    Ha! Yeah, let me waste what precious little spare time/money/energy (three of the most precious non-renewable resources) on this Pop 40 mall crap with asinine lyrics and little to no emotionally-charged sentiment to relate to at all. Great idea, Cupcake!

    1. Because she is beautiful. If this were Amy Poehler they would be all over it.

  3. I read the beginning of her essay and stopped (sorry, I just couldn’t read it all, I’m tired of seeing these vapid twenty-something chicks thinking they know shit about life..). It’s that typical feminist bitching about the “double standards” and that age-old question “why do they call a guy that sleeps around a stud but a girl who do the same is called a slut” and blaah blah blahh..
    Bitch, the real question is “Why does it matter?”. Why do you care so much about what the others think of you? Aren’t you the “strong, independent female that does what she wants and doesn’t need anyone’s aproval??” So there you go, if you want to talk about sex and ride the caroussel just do it..
    But no, she complains about slut-shaming and all that. First, if you are really convinced that there’s nothing wrong with being a slut then you just can’t be shamed for it and outside opinions won’t matter. Period. I said this once and I will say it again, all this “shaming” stuff is only a thing because deep inside the one being shamed knows he is in the wrong and don’t want people to point out his bullshit.

    1. The words slut, hoe, and whore destroy women without patriarchy getting involved at all. Its not about sex, its about being cheap and easy and they know that. A man-whore is not cheap and easy, quite the opposite actually. Any comparison is null and void.
      It makes no sense that a woman would want her vagina to be given the same value as a penis. Penises are gross and disposable. Even girls dont want to see our dicks outside of sex. The vagina has been cherished and even worshipped throughout our entire existence. Her father isnt oppressing her by wanting her to keep her legs shut, he’s trying to preserve her value long enough for her to meet a quality mate. Feminism is making female sexuality completely worthless past the age of 21.

      1. Dude most fertility symbols are giant dicks so you don’t really know what you’re taking about.

        1. And you use the word “most” like you’re sure the majority of ancient cultures held male fertilty above female fertility? The fact that some cultures did doesn’t change what I said at all.

      2. But it’s mostly women calling other women sluts and whores. When you point this fact out they cover their ears and mumble lalalalala I can’t hear you.

        1. Thats more evidence that its not patriarchy oppressing them and that there actually is such thing as a slut.

      3. A key part of this is the theory of the genetic damage that is caused when a woman has sex before she actually meets the father of her children. There is evidence that the children will have genetic material from all the other men she slept with before the father.

      4. Girls believe men have it easy and women are just rolling over you and dying to fuck you just because you wave a dick near them. Its pretty ridiculous.

    2. A-motherfucking-men to this comment! Don’t shame you? Don’t be ashamed!

      1. Because no matter how much the culture tells them that women sleeping around is not bad but empowering, deep down they know it’s not.

        1. And it trivializes a woman’s biggest weapon, namely pussy. In the past giving her pussy was the biggest trick a woman could conjure to secure a man, and it worked, because pussy wouldn’t be readily available and a man had to, say marry a woman to get pussy, no matter how stupid she may be, or how toxic her personality may be.
          But nowadays this weapon of women isn’t an effective weapon any longer. She can’t get a man to marry her by giving her pussy, because he can easily get it for free.

    3. That pretty much sums up why I didn’t read the whole article but skimmed through it. No offense to the author, but when I saw the title, I knew, like always, it would be some slutty woman, who earns money through and advertises her body, and then hypocritically pretends to be offended by men objectifying her.

  4. Seriously, people should stop giving fucks about these celebrities and pop music in general. As you pointed out, these people are attention whores. It is they who are tearing down society with their leftwing ’causes’ that put them in the spotlight. Their ‘salary’ is proportional to the amount of attention they receive… but this means it is also their weak spot. If no one would pay attention to them, they, their ‘music’ and their ’causes’ will quickly vanish.
    Unfortunately, this world is too feminized. Not giving a fuck is mostly not a part of a woman’s or beta’s genetics.

    1. i’m too selfish to engage in that kind of boycott.
      also, if i enjoy something, whoever created it deserves the rewards from my point of view.

      1. I agree with your second point. Take Freddy Mercury for example. He was a great artist, although he had a degenerate lifestyle. But at least, he had the decency to act normal in public and his preference of butt sex didn’t show up in his lyrics (with a few exceptions, but I think you get the point). But here is the thing: this is mostly not the case for modern day pop music that is bulking of leftwing PC crap. That ‘music’ – in my opinion – doesn’t deserve a reward, so I move over to music that has more intellect.

        1. point taken.
          but although i very much share your contempt for simpleton lyrics, i am honest enough to appreciate the vibe of some modern music.
          come think of it. women are speaking bullshit all the time, yet you want to fuck them. why not listen to powerful music just because the lyrics are an abomination? to be consistent, you would have to abstain from both. which is as tempting as it is impossible, at least to me.

        2. sometimes the stupidity is enjoyable to me. listen to “ain’t it funny’ by jennifer lopez. whenever i hear that whiny howl, i can’t but break out in laughter. but i enjoy the arrogant contempt it makes me feel.

        3. I have to admit, you’re right.
          What’s even more: most of the music that is liked very much by women (like R&B, pop) brings out their intrinsic sluttiness on the dance floor in clubs, which is very handy for your game. It really lowers the threshold; you can easily be physical right from the start which is key in game.

  5. *solid article, thanks*
    Is she old enough to buy tobacco? On one end the Fashion Industry (for the last 30+ years) has been trying to pass off women who look like men as ‘models’ that are attractive to men, and now (as of the last 10-15 years) Pop is attempting to sell little girls as sexy attractive ‘women’.
    The Fashion Industry wants all hetero males to be gay and the Pop Industry wants all hetero males to be pedophiles.
    I wish destruction to the forces pulling those strings ^. They deserve true misery and suffering.

    1. She is *around* 20. She was on some Disney show. She had dyed red hair and played, rather convincingly, the sweet but really dumb friend of the main character….basically Kelly Bundy, minus the attitude and the sluttiness.

  6. the deep soul-corrupting dilemma every woman encounters at puberty is how to get attention without looking as though she’s desperate for it. Like politicians responsible for black ops women need plausible deniability. Thanks to feminism, and the theory that men are responsible for everything (bad) that means us. She didn’t move her tits, you moved your eyes. She didn’t advertise her wares in the most gratuitous and slutty way imaginable: you objectified her. Except now women like these are becoming so brazen that deniability is becoming impossible to maintain.
    As the article suggests, re. juxtaposing speech and behaviour to demonstrate hypocrisy, its time to hold a mirror up to their faces

    1. Your first sentence wins. That’s why even women hate slutty behavior: its openly, blatantly desperate. Thanks to the millions of beta orbiters on social media liking every picture of a woman showing skin, women have been given free license to attention whore. Female existence is a lifelong competition for male attention. How far they go for it depends on how men react to their behavior.

      1. “Female existence is a lifelong competition for male attention.”
        Everyone knows but no-one can prove.

        1. Her next release will be a “concept” album based on the commenters here on RoK…

    2. Women want to get the most profit for doing the least amount of work. They would love to get all the attention they do by just wearing old dirty sweat pants, a baggy shirt, and no makeup with hair pulled up. That is their goal their entire life.

      1. in the gynoworld that is the modern west that’s not an unreasonable expectation for them to have. Men get thirstier as the dessert gets drier I’m afraid.

        1. Dude, I have seen 2 different guys come up to my main plate when we were at the grocery store at 10 in the morning (I was in line paying and she was by the door) when she is in baggy sweat pants, old flip-flops, and hair in a dew-rag. These “men” nowadays are thirsty as shit. She said one of them had a ring on.
          Now, the chick is cute when she dresses up but is maybe a 6 when slumming it. I watched and laughed inside just how fidgety and desperate these guys looked. When I paid, I just walked right up to both of them and held out my hand and she took it and walked out without saying another word. Fucking betas trying to swoop in while an alpha wasn’t looking.

        2. Just watching the walking dead. Thirsty pussy hounds are like zombies hooked on pussy instead of brains

        3. Even better next time, grab her, give her a big sloppy kiss and then wink at the guys over your shoulder while you lead her out of the store grabbing her ass…

        4. What makes you think you were the alpha?
          I bet they were thinking something like; Why not hit oh her,while her beta schmuck is at the till paying for her shit.

        5. Yeah they probably were thinking that while I was at my place balls deep in her. But sure…go ahead and try and make me feel less about myself just because you are insecure. Won’t work…but you can try. The situation happened to me months ago and she still comes over at least 3 times a week for stress relief therapy. Guess I doing something right. I might not be the most Alpha but I am alpha enough to get her 24 year old ass in my bed.

        6. I’m merely trying to see their perspective.Not saying you didn’t do the right things.

        7. Yup, if men are thirsty, they need sexual women, so women being sexual is a good thing, not bad at all.

      1. generally I’d say only the prettier ones can pull that off, because men want to believe its true. In the age of the slut walk though I’m not sure how many are trying though.

        1. practically, it’s also good for us, as long as she’s a good liar. if you really believe it, you will enjoy her more.

        2. They’re all good liars. So it must be great for us. logically speaking

        3. but: not for us, because we know better.
          for idiots, though? sure. if you believe you have a unicorn, it is like having a unicorn. unfortunately, those who are stupid enough to believe it are stupid enough to marry. i guess every lifestyle comes with it’s own good and bad sides. wouldn’t want it any other way myself.

    3. She didn’t move her tits, you moved your eyes.

      That’s kind of what I tell women on the train. I didn’t grab your butt, you moved it on to my hand.

      1. the tokyo metro’s probably better for that purpose. On the other hand the London Underground’s great for grabbing one of her chips while she’s got a mouthful of kebab

        1. Last I heard the Tokyo subway had women-only cars because too many guys were playing grab-ass during rush hour.

        2. bit extreme, but japan’s a strange place. Not sure the normal rules apply

        3. The Japanese are going extinct. If i had money i would be looking into buying Japanese real estate when large numbers of their population start dying due to age.

        4. Bargains are already to be had – finding a way to support yourself is the real challenge.

        5. Japan has ZERO game. Women a-plenty here begging for attention. Modern Japanese men are a failure. Not their fault, they are a product of their circumstance. It deserves an article all of its own. As a warning.

        6. I’ve never been to Birmingham. I have no plans at present to alter that state of affairs

    4. Just like the mattress girl who graduated and then makes a porn tape for the world to see with her blue hair.

    5. ‘Sweetheart, you may not be a whore but you are wearing a whore’s uniform. That would be like me Dave Chappelle wearing a police officer’s uniform & you approach me to report a crime & I go, ‘no, I’m not a cop. I’m just wearing a cop’s uniform’- David Chappelle, 1997 stand up, paraphrased.

      1. that’s the kind of thing. Hold up a mirror and maybe stand behind that cops riot shield when you do it

  7. read: pop artist bitch worth millions, still finds something to complain about.

    1. Sure is hard dicksucking her way through life and never actually having to really work for anything, isn’t it?

      1. For her this is just a move to acquire more money, just like Beyonce and Taylor Swift. You will never convince me that she actually believes this diatribe and that she doesn’t like the attention.
        Meanwhile, injecting toxic feminist thoughts and ideals into the minds of her adoring fans; creating an endless cycle of negative behaviors and white knighting (especially from her male fans, who probably think the have a chance with her if they come to her aid)

      2. I sometimes think it’s a mistake to think celebrities don’t work hard. I don’t know about this girl. But I think someone like Justin Timberlake worked VERY hard to get where he is today. Including as a child.

    2. Every woman needs something to complain about. A man needs a beer and to watch the game. Women need to moan.

      1. i theorize that evolution designed women as nasty as they are so that men would be angry enough at them to give them the rough sex they deserve.
        shit test? meant to heat you up.

      2. Shit has become this bad because men have done just that. Have a beer and check out on the couch till they have to go to work the next day. I blame the so called men that are glued to the t.v watching sports and not keeping an eye on whats really going on for all the problems we talk about in R.O.K.

        1. Myself, I actually quit beer a few years ago. Now I work on self-improvement in the evenings. Chicks only come to my house on the weekends. They know its out of bounds on weekdays.

        2. Now you’re contradicting yourself. Every comment of yours is me, me, me… You have nothing real to say and constantly say things that boost your ego.
          You’re useless. If you have so many chicks stop posting your useless shit on here, get back to your chicks and STFU. If i wanted an ideal slave, i’d pick you. You only care for yourself; don’t care about the society you live in or others; and you are truly not a man – you have no substance and your posts reflect that lack of humanity and masculinity. In reality, you are more feminist than the women, and you’re going to give advice. Hah! The only thing you’re good for is to lick boots.

        3. Nothing wrong with watching the idiot box occasionally as long as you don’t do it all day and have other interests and hobbies.

  8. Watch when this little runt approaches the wall. She’ll turn psychotic like Millie Cyrus or make a sex tape to continue the draw of (bad) attention.

  9. She looks like she has a short squat body and a face that will be a big round one when she’s 40.

    1. The Wall will not be kind to this one. Whether she runs into it or it crashes into her is another matter.

      1. Very poignant lol
        Yeah she has that kind of face where I’m just waiting for a pair of unclothed male legs to come into the shot from the left side and plugging her talking hole until the mascara starts running.

        1. I’m sure we can work out a formula that includes this concept, thus determining the point at which hitting it actually results in negative rather than positive net return to the sexual portfolio.

        2. hardly. even when you have a net benefit, you want it to be big as possible. say you improve your sexual portfolio by 5 cp (cock points) by fucking her close to the wall, but you could earn 50 cp by fucking a young hottie.

        3. Perhaps but you need to factor in your ex-ante return. Ex post yes a young hottie is easily worth 50cp but ex ante you need to consider the probability of a successful return (maybe 5%). Thus ex-ante your return might be 5%*50cp versus 95%*5cp for an over the hill cock veteran. In the latter situation your net cock point return is higher.

        4. sure, but the time spent actually earning the 5cp – namely fucking – would need to be weighed against the time it takes to move from one 50cp prospect to another – namely rejection. i argue that you will be quicker to get rejected 20 times in order to earn 50cp than fucking 10 5cp prospects. it will also be cheaper.

  10. Wasn’t particularly aware of this pop tart’s existence. She isn’t doing anything Madonna, Britney et al weren’t already doing back in the day. A retreaded tyre.
    I have more respect for a Jennifer Batten type guitarist who at least requires talent & dedication to her craft.
    It’s the weekend. I’m expecting the usual feminist & mangina troll comments about what sexist, misogynist shitlords we are 😀 The subject matter is perfect trigger material.
    Won’t find them on the cerebral Quintus written articles or the other philosophy based ones.

  11. We are losing focus here: with her clothes on I enjoy watching her. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Who cares what she “says”?

  12. She does what she can do best: being and acting sexy, hypocritical, damsel in distress, manipulating, feigning to sing and making money because of all this. Her self-entitled, arrogant sexuality hooks everybody and makes them slaves.

  13. The sad thing is that Ariana Grande actually is an attractive woman without all of that. She listens to people that dress her like some sort of cheap tramp, the same people that dressed every other female pop singer as a cheap tramp for decades now, and then gets upset at what she sees in the mirror. At least there is still hope for her. If she keeps hanging out with that crowd she will wind up looking like all of the rest of the used up women by the time she hits 25.
    The funny thing is, the whole entertainment/media complex is so sex saturated that I think a female star that dressed and sang in a way that only hinted at things might stir people up more than what the industry decided is normal.

      1. Ariana is a product of Disney Corp. She is comparable to a Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears. Disney Corporation isn’t interested in the artistic growth or development of talent it hires.
        I tremendously respect Taylor Swift, her music has shown growth and she writes a lot of her own stuff. Much of it is still a little immature for my tastes.

  14. No mercy for bitches like Ariana Grande.
    They are no different than whores.
    there are pros and cons to a celebrity life.
    and I have no mercy for her being sexualized.
    Any time a women complains about being objectified or sexualized…I always turn a deaf ear to them.
    I think women like Ariana and other members of the young female celebrity liberal brigade must be told to “WOMAN UP”
    next time you see a bitch complaining about objectification…..tell her to “WOMAN UP”

    1. what does sexualization even mean?
      you are always loved for some visible quality of yours, never for your stupid feelings.

  15. It’s just women being women. They want to be respected for their brains when they’re young, pretty, and stupid—instead of being lusted after.
    Then they want men to lust after them and call them sexy once they’re old, ugly, and stupid—instead of being respected for their brains.
    It’s like the tale of the group of 20 year old college girls who went to Italy, and were offended when all the Italian guys would cat call them and pinch their asses. When they went back 15 years later to revisit and have a reunion—they got pissed at all the Italian guys because none of them were pinching their asses or cat calling them anymore.

      1. Yup- I said this once to a rather nasty woman. The day men stop stealing furtive glances at you will be one of the 5 worst days of your life…

        1. In no particular order: death of loved ones, death of a pet, day your credit card gets declined permanently…varied from person to person

        1. Another one of my quotes is “The difference between a happy female employee or a sexual harrasment lawsuit is how attractive the boss man is.”

      2. Some bitch coined a phrase like “neglect rape”. So if you pay attention to them then that is rape, but if you ignore them then that is rape too.

        1. “Rape” as a word has become a caricature of what it actually means, since it’s used so willy-nilly now!

        2. The definition of rape has been expanded to to such insane limits, that nowadays anything can be classified as rape.

        3. Just add any adjective before either “rape”, “porn”, or “gate” and you suddenly have a new social crusade to sound cool and hip!
          Yet just look at the people standing behind such things… Hardly anybody I’d want to associate with!

        4. If you are looking for extra money in the range of $50 to $300 every day for doing work over internet from comfort of your house for several h a day then try this…

        5. Neglect rape? that’s weird, that means to ignore the issue. Its not rape to pay attention to women or people. Messed up vocabulary explanation.

    1. I call this poetic justice… There is nothing more satisfying that seeing a 40 year old SJW crying because men ignore her, after years of calling men sexist and misogynist just because they are attracted to attractive women. I wish them a depression for decades to come while I continue to only look at young attractive women.

      1. lol its not sexist to look at attractive women. Where the hell did you hear that? Its ok to look at attractive women, if people are good-looking, then they just are. Human nature to look around and find a mate.

    2. Another way of looking at it is that she wants to engage in the short term benefits without having to deal with the long term consequences of any decision she makes.
      In this case, she wants the money and prestige for acting like a slutty little whore who uses other people’s creative songs, but doesn’t want the consequences of being nothing more than a slutty little whore whose entire creative persona is a lie.
      Basically, she is a child.

      1. Dude, some guys like that shit. They like the sexual ones, who dress like her and has a pretty face. Whore is no longer a bad deal. Men flocked everywhere for an attractive women, prostitute or not.

      2. I hope she learns something from this but most probably be back soon to making songs about being fucked all night long then complain again

    3. They’re never happy. They just need something to whine, and get offended about. And yes, it’s a man out there somewhere for making her all upset.

  16. Why can’t she just get publicity the old-fashioned way. Make a sex tape like Kim & Paris….

      1. Horrid photo of Tay no doubt..looks like she was making a face. Beaver teeth… Lol..she’s still a beauty-You would still do her in a heart beat.. ? No? You make funny faces now and then?

    1. i occasionally like to imagine women when they are 50 and a bit fat. how their faces will look. what kind of intolerable hyenas they will be.
      that said, i agree that she isn’t that homely if you take away the head, the flat chest and her clothes.

      1. Awwwwwwwwww Lena Dunham looks like an old Italian man. Ha ha how unfortunate

        1. Her boyfriend will have to marry her now that gay marriage is law across the US as she promised not to we’d until there was marriage equality. Lucky lucky guy

        2. Plan A: just a quick fling but that got too far
          Plan B: not to get married until gay marriage becomes level throughout US
          Plan C: get the body bag, hacksaw and bleach but she’s a bit chunky soooooo
          Plan D; he’s well and truly fucked

        3. Plan C might just work. But he’d have to pen a few rubbish episodes of girls and a follow up autobiography documenting her fiddling some more with her little sister to convince everybody that she’s still alive

        1. Have to agree with you.. Taylor does clean up nicely.. Lena would make just about anyone look good.. Homely as a mud fence, brash, gross.. Don’t get her appeal and guess I never will…

      2. I bet people pay Lena Dunham to take photos with them so they look more attractive.

  17. this kind of stupidity makes me want to leave women alone to die. as if they carried a disease that will turn you into a zombie if you touch them. it disgusts me as much as the idea of eating shit. the idea of the trite comfort of a female embrace that clouds the senses makes me want to push these creatures away. when i see an emma watson nervously cry in front of the un, i want to puke.
    but of course there are enough zombies around to feed them.
    and i guess growing up means to recognize that life simply is disgusting at least as much as it is beautiful. just like women.

    1. Its good to let them vent like this. They have no idea what they’re talking about. Every woman needs a good moan about some invented problem. When they’re done, they’ll come back for a good servicing.

      1. yeah. i think the key is not to let it provoke you too much, to have a certain emotional detachment, e.g. wanting to cut the head off but not doing it (isis would disagree).
        why does beauty need such hideous qualities as a contrast? oh, i know. so that you don’t fall for it.

    1. ah. we’re getting to the core of your problems here. the word “oblige” belongs in a man’s mouth as little as cock does.

  18. “While she continues to cloak herself in female caricatures and stereotypes labeled as sexist when men enjoy them…” Not exactly. How many men are buying this bland generic garbage? Even among beta white knights, the figure is very low. Let’s be clear, she cloaks herself in these stereotypes because women enjoy it. Period. It sells to women because it preaches the message they want to hear – no consequences for an empowered slut with double-standard benefits!!!
    Edit: for proof of my claim that it isn’t men buying this shit, google image search “ariana grande fans” and the results speak for themselves.

  19. Well written article. This formula that Grande uses has been used by pop stars for the last 20 years.They took a page from the Madonna clause. Champion and pander to the gay audience (lifelong loyalty fan base)and cry patriarchal unfairness all the while dressing like a whore from Bourbon street. Out of all their tepid and safe social causes (tax write off written as social cause and smart on a business level) I’ve yet to see any of these pop stars take on an issue of any international weight. You know real issues that subjugate women like genital mutilation of girls and child brides, sex slavery but that would implicate Islam. Even though it wouldnt hurt the artist monetarilly,these so called girl power warriors will definitely avoid anything to do with Muslims let alone ISIS. That would take real balls and conviction. Nothing these pop stars or celebrities really have. Its always these safe bullshit tried and true “social causes” Blaming white patriarchy.

  20. I just read she is hypoglycaemic which effects your brain. That explains everything.

  21. She is a corporate whore. Higher paid than those on the street but in essence, no different.

  22. OF course she is a woman , have only one power, everyone knows that and she is using it.. Next.

      1. Well you said it, so I decided I had to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised- solid 8.5 sweet little ass on my scale. I’ll never buy her music though.

    1. She’s beautiful. Nothing wrong with being a hot chick. Why is the word slut used? Bro, I’d take that girl anyday. lol Guys be lying if they don’t like sexualized women. How you gonna get pussy, insulting all these chicks? Fucking stupid, lol

  23. Oscar Wilde summed it up about “Not being talked about”. He wasn’t talking about men…

  24. I looked up some of her pictures. She’s passable only with a dump truck full of makeup.
    I listened to pieces of her “songs,” and holy crap is that bad!!!!
    Pop has always been pop, but it used to be listenable. I’m not much of fan, but Neil Diamond or Diana Ross never make me cringe, and their presentations weren’t trashy.
    Ariana Grande and all the other pop tarts only make money because its what people want. They want the worst of the worst, and that’s really pathetic. It reminds me of this:

    1. Her slutty appearance is the only thing that makes her singing tolerable. Try it. Just close your eyes and just listen.

  25. That’s all these little girls have to show for their work. The music sucks (it’s all the same) so it’s time to dress like a whore, flaunt it and then cry when people don’t take them seriously.
    The music sucks…so they might as well become dancers, strippers, etc…they all seem to have that down to a science.

    1. I take her seriously as a whore and she flaunts it brilliantly. She made millions. A lot better than I can and she complains about what she’s good at?
      If I could do that, I’d be happy and not bitch about it. You don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone.

      1. She is a master at the art of attention whoring.
        “If I could do that, I’d be happy and not bitch about it.”
        This is what makes her such a great attention whore though. Dressing up like a slut and then bitching about when people pay attention to her is double bonus points. First she gets the attention for dressing as a whore and then she gets even more attention when she bitches about it. You have to learn from the master if you want to be like her.

      2. Yep,Take the $, smile, bow and bank it silly girl..!
        On a side note , at least, Madonna, the Unholy Mother of these talentless pop tart spawns, had the honesty to acknowledge selling sex.. She never shied from exploiting her goods. And admitted as much.. She was a horrible influence on young women and society in general- but an forthright whore is better than a whiny talentless hypocrite….IMHO anyway.

  26. Such are the concerns of a nation with entirely too much food and comfort.

  27. I don’t understand how Ariana Grande is even a sex symbol, she looks 14-years old!

    1. Well thank God you like grown legal aged females… She does look like jail bait…

      1. Literally she looks young enough to be my niece. I can’t even fathom jacking off to her, it’d be way too weird.

  28. Grande’s music followers and buyers are the same as most pop singers today, young pre-teen middle to upper class girls, Katy Perry built her entire career using an image that appeal both to teen girls and men, playing “innocent girl” has become the most easy way to appeal to the market these days.

    1. Seeing that top image of those girls with Perry makes me shudder. For being a society “supposedly” opposed to child sexual predators, American society sure knows how to throw their girls into the shark tank, then demand the government to kill all the sharks. I don’t condone child abuse, but by sexualizing little girls by letting them follow modern pop stars, people are doing just that.

  29. If a woman wants my respect, she needs to start with the ability to produce the 5 mother sauces of French cuisine. She better also know how to kill a spider without napalming the apartment and clean her hair clogs out of the shower drain. Then she needs to maintain her appearance like a cover girl, wear 5″ high heels gracefully, and indulge my ravenous sexual appetites.
    Singing another writer’s songs like a strip club whore doesn’t garner respect from me or the other whores who know it doesn’t take all that much talent to wiggle like a headless snake onstage. Acting like a little brat and screaming for people to pay attention to you is a behavior we spank out of two year olds, but then “respect” and admire in young girls like Ariana and Taylor? Ha! If this behavior garners respect, then all young girls should be tought by their mothers to respect and imitate Madonna — the aging queen bee of this generation.
    This is why I have practically zero respect for women as a whole — zero!

    1. Lol.. A perfect appraisal of the situation.. You nailed it yes, really ! thanks for the belly chuckle..

    1. They also like the idea of a man breaking all the rules and forgoing all the taboos of the society just to fuck them.
      It makes them feel validated and desirable.

  30. She’s a cute alright BUT did you have ruin the image with a photo of Beyoncé

  31. kids like to provoke, it’s natural. when i was young, i said things like “god is an asshole” just to amuse myself over how angry people would get over words.

  32. True. Women use their sexuality for attention, then cry when men objectify them for it. Just like men should keep their dick in their pants, women should keep their tits in their shirt.

  33. I find that AG sucks big time – both her music and her affected haute-cuntitude. To my eye she’s about a 5, with lots of goodwill a 6 at the very most.
    I found her some time ago while browsing YouTube – after seeing couple of her videos I’d made my decision: She’s some high-affording plastic bimbo affecting to be a “super-duper” singstress performing feminist songs, surrounded by by an entourage of negro fags and demifag lickspittles, peppered with the obligatory disfunctional strong&independent females.
    Pity the dork who get’s entangled with that skank for more than pump&dump.

  34. I’d definitely fuck her. Nothing thirsty about that. She is quite pretty.
    Her music is shit though and she is a big hypocrite, but she is also young and naive.

    1. WB too
      And who knows, probably the “focus on my music not on my ass” rant emanates from one of her male managers who wanted to increase page views (and cash flow)

  35. She would not be anything without her looks. If she looked like Adele she wouldn’t even be in a discussion. It’s amazing how much hypocrisy these women spew. In five years she will be an afterthought. i.e Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguliera, Britney Spears.

  36. She is a whore, no disrespect to her but that’s the truth. All whores have the same twisted logic and attitude toward what they do. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to justify the continuous vicious circle of 1) whore themselves 2) get paid 3) sedate themselves with drugs, shopping, fame in order to get through the next round of whoring. They can’t walk away from the game because their soul is garbage and without the next round of sedation they would be nothing. They would never admit this though, lord knows. They pretend that instead of trashing themselves, they are indeed the victims of circumstance. Shallow, childish, sad and self-destructive. The opposite of everything masculinity stands for.

  37. If you dress & behave like a pro (& I don’t mean a professional singer, but a prostitute)
    So don’t be surprised that men & boys are only interested in the merchandise that you displaying & not your singing !

  38. I dated a fascimile of AG who was of south Italian roots…like most girls the difference between no makeup (extremely bland looking) and makeup was pretty stark. Girls like this are sensitive about their petiteness, if you want to royally piss them off there’s little worse than jokingly referring to them as “little girl”.

  39. Oppressed… are we fucking kidding??? Oppressed??? Woman you’re successful BECAUSE YOU OBJECTIFY YOURSELF. Let me repeat that
    1) you objectify yourself. Nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to wear those outfits. Nobody forced you to act like a slut. You knew that acting like a slut would get you more benjamins which leads us to …
    2) you’d be jack shit without acting like a slut. I’ve never even heard of you sweettits. And chances are I never would… were it not for how you look (and your asinine entitled behavior)
    entitled snotty little brat

  40. Wow! I didn’t even know that George Clooney is the only person in history to be nominated in six different categories for the Oscar. Honestly, all you hear about the guy is his flings and now his marriage or his politics and these female celebs have the nerve to complain about them being objectified!

  41. Guys its obvious that she hasnt been getting laid. Id be willing to dominate her if she her ex bf wasnt a chimp.

  42. LOL, stop sexualizing me:
    Shows ass on stage
    Stripper pole
    Shows ass on stage
    Shows ass on album cover
    Without her looks there is nothing. Anyone can be taught to sing like her who is willing to put in the hours. Anyone can sing songs written by a team of 10 song writters she isn’t writing those songs. All she has is a pretty face, a decent work ethic and thats about it.

  43. Never bothered to listen to her music. Not that it matters. She’s not the first nor the last to market herself as a hot piece of ass. Too bad I’m not one of the Warren Buffetts or Carlos Slims of this world. Bet I could have had her for Xmas.

  44. Find a good woman, and then empower her. Choose well and make a baby, that is more empowering than all the millionaire skanks could ever give her.

  45. Yeah AG is a try hard wannabe sexy it makes me cringe. My main tends to like most hot girls but she agrees this one is a wannabe ho who doesn’t like to be judged for it or called out. Go lick a donut you cunt.

  46. Its typical women, a perfect example, they will freely show their obsession and fantasies with 50 shades of grey, (basically being tied up and fucked) then u call them a slut and its wrong? Hahahah

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