British Woman Allegedly Consents To Rough Sex, Calls Cops When It Gets Too Rough

A British woman has had a man convicted of assault after engaging in what appears to be consensually rough sex with him, after it got allegedly too rough for her tastes. Elizabeth Sandlin, 20, of Chester, had been having an ‘on-off’ relationship with Samuel John Price, 24, also of Chester.

For his trouble, Price was brought before the courts and sentenced to a 12-month community order with unpaid work for the assault.


If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

Sandlin met Price and they ended up in bed together on Valentine’s Day after an exchange of text messages. The especially rough sex they had that night included sinking his teeth into her body and pulling her hair. She called the police after leaving his apartment in a taxi cab.

Price told police that Sandlin had been “moaning” and enjoying herself, and that he bit her on the bottom to turn her on.

The white knights of the Magistrates’ bench in Mold, North Wales sided with Sandlin, and convicted Price of common assault on the after being shown pictures of the bruising on Sandlin’s body. He was slapped with a £200 compensation order, court costs of £850 and 40 hours of unpaid work, or “community service.”

Western women have no honour


There would have been a time when a woman would, even had she felt, in a position like Sandlin’s, aggrieved at a bit of rough hanky-panky gone awry, never have entertained the notion of airing such laundry in public. Now, snowflakes like Sandlin, who attended a £11,700 a year private school, are ready to have the graphic detail of their sex lives  on the court record and in a national newspaper.

Price’s lawyer told the magistrates that, “Rough and playful sex was part of their relationship.” Sandlin knew what she had signed up for. On the night in question, Price being extremely drunk, things got out of hand.

Price was getting into it and even choked his cohort, after which she ran off to the bathroom coughing. But, surprisingly, she still went back to bed. What better way to send mixed signals about sex that is supposedly “too rough”?


Sandlin, had she even a dram of that commodity so rare in our present times—honour—would, before calling the police, have taken stock of the situation. Yes, Price might have gone over the top. But what had been the result? A couple of bruises. No more than she might have incurred in any of their other rough sessions.

She might have decided to write the incident off, perhaps never see Price again, but opt not to call the police on the basis of some remote empathy and willingness to see the big picture, that dictates that to leave a young man with a criminal record for life is something of a drastic and irreversible step.

But no, Sandlin had to invoke the get the police involved. Roosh Valizadeh has written that men are nothing more than clowns to the modern woman. It looks like Elizabeth Sandlin had the clown she wanted. Regular, casual sex on tap, and rough into the bargain. Just how much of a replaceable clown-for-hire Price was to her is given away by one small detail revealed—she stopped seeing him for six months when he broke his leg.

The evolving role of the state in policing sexual relations

In the end, the police in Elizabeth Sandlin’s case ended up as a surrogate for the customer service department of the fuck-clown factory.

Western women are drip fed on the idea of empowerment through casual, hypergamous sex with no personal, ethical, or medical consequences, or what we in the manosphere like to term the “Cock Carousel.” Different forms of Western female excess have informed many recent scandals.

At the milder end of the scale, washed out Tinder sluts are airing their dirty laundry and becoming indignant at the slightest criticism:

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 00.26.53

At the more acute end of things, women are flying to Dubai and letting rich Arabs shit on them for money.

Although women are reassured time and time again that they should do what they fancy, that any attempt to rein in their sexuality is “slut shaming” and that notch count doesn’t matter, it all too often and too inevitably ends in tears. See Alana Massey’s early and brutal impact with the wall above, for instance.

It seems that most mechanisms intended to absolve women of responsibility for their actions, such affirmative consent, have heretofore only tended to hurt feelings in the wake of even the most unassuming of sexual encounters.

The case of Elizabeth Sandlin is quite different, and constitutes a worrying precedent. It now seems that women can follow 50 Shades of Grey to the letter, as they have been readily encouraged to do, but once it all goes tits-up, rather than manning up  and moving on, they now have the capacity to invoke the long arm of the law to come and clear up the mess afterwards.

Pretty soon, we may even have British police smashing down doors  and arresting a British man for failing to sufficiently satisfy his partner in the sack, with magistrates happily handing out prison time as punishment for the hapless sap’s deficiency in the line of duty.

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146 thoughts on “British Woman Allegedly Consents To Rough Sex, Calls Cops When It Gets Too Rough”

  1. Sadly, the reality is that this guy got off easy. With those pics, she could just as easily have gotten him falsely convicted of rape. It’s like she gave him a good cock discount.
    PS – is it wrong that the description of this incident almost gave me a boner?

    1. Yes it is wrong – because now you just cyber-raped the poor girl. You are officially fucked!

  2. the girl has basically been honest about what happened. This is a case about judgement. Everybody outside of the feminist bubble – including female journalist Jan Moir of the Daily Mail – can see that she’s revealed herself to be easy, slutty and to have applied her complaint retrospectively – something that only makes sense (to use that word in its broadest possible sense) under Yes means yes as the madness of having to seek consent at every stage of the sexual act. The girl therefore is stupid more than she is bad, herself a victim of the warped feminist ideology she’s drunk in from exposure to a toxic feminism bent upon dismantling heterosexuality.
    There’s some potential good news though connected to this. Alison Saunders the CPS DPP who is together with the Home Secretary Theresa May responsible for encouranging the new sexual police state is likely to come under severe pressure to consider her position if as is likely or at least possible the recommendation is made that the CPS reconsider its decision not to prosecute Lord Greville Janner MP for raping multiple under age boys during his career as an MP (he even did it in parliament allegedly). In other words this corrupt woman made the decision to pursue men in ordinary consenting relationships who happened accidentally to put a foot (or other member) wrong while choosing to ignore actual rape and abuse of the most serious kind when the accused just happened to be a member of the British Establishment.
    Alison Saunders needs to be pressured to step down that her fucked in the head policies can be reversed, and real victims safeguarded

    1. Well, yes. What you are saying that all of this is the result of corruption. Until you clean out the infestation, this problem is just going to get worse. The Saxon must get angry.

      1. Cleaning out the stables needs a modern hercules. I’m not a saxon, but I sympathise

  3. I would bet the penalties will be less about imprisonment and more about getting a substantial fine paid or free labor. Imprisonment will most likely be used in special cases, say to remove a more outspoken detractor or rational accused from society where his harmful free thought can be “reconditioned.” In other words when his danger to the establishment is greater than the need for his output as a productive cog. Of course, all for the “greater good.”
    Most of the things governments do have nothing to do with right/wrong, justice, equality, protection, or even punishment, it’s about money and the control of said money.
    Who can buy, who can sell, and how much of that the government can get out of it all to fill its coffers. Current Western government, it seems, holds much in common with SJWs and feminists. Those within can do anything so long as they toe the line, and those without are to be leeched until dry and then tossed aside. Those who reject or leave the order should be discredited, humiliated, and silenced. What a modern, progressive Utopia.

  4. A true story: My brother picked up a skank from the bar and ended up tag teaming her with his buddy. They used her pretty good, with a fair amount of degradation, but she was into it. Luckily, my brother, to add to the wild perversion/fun of the moment, video taped the whole thing with his handheld camcorder, which she saw and played to as she was giving him a BJ while simultaneous taking it from behind. Well, the next day, this chick, having a boyfriend (of course!) and feeling bad about her actions, decided to right the scales and file a rape charge against my brother. So Sunday morning half a dozen storm troopers show up at his place and start intimidating the hell out of him. He’s like… waaaait a minute, check this out. He shows them the tape, the cops smirk, and they didn’t arrest him. From the video, it was obviously that the entire thing was consensual. They kept the tape as evidence, and of course, never charged this woman with filing a false, serious complaint. Long story short: video evidence saved my bro from years in prison. Skanks! Be wary of them. They are dangerous.

      1. The cops took his only copy at the scene. Later, he tried to get it back, but the state wouldn’t give it to him. He inquired some about the chick being charged, but gave up rather easily when she wasn’t. At the time, he didn’t have the means to hire a lawyer and who needs the trouble? This was like 10 years ago in Michigan.

        1. “didn’t have the means to hire a lawyer”
          Every man must have a lawyer on retainer these days. No exceptions.

        2. If you are going to do BDSM, do it right. Have safe words, a written agreement, and video the episode.
          You hear the safe word, stop, get dressed, take the video camera, and leave without saying a word.

        3. pulling hair and biting someone on the arse never used to be BDSM. It used to be called foreplay

        4. Why pay to keep a lawyer on retainer when pretty much all lawyers give free consultations?

        5. Yeah every man should have a lawyer these days

        6. You don’t need a lawyer on retainer just their business card so you can call them when you need them. Lawyers love clients.

        7. “Every man must have a lawyer on retainer these days. No exceptions.”
          Exactly what my Alpha Uncle told me. I think Trump also said something to that effect.
          The world’s not a nice easy place.

    1. They kept the tape as evidence, and of course, never charged this woman with filing a false, serious complaint.

      So now we have cops not doing their jobs. Pathetic.

        1. I think it may not so much be “white knighting” as it is “some cop has a new ‘stroke’ tape”…particularly if the chick was hot.

        2. I don’t know if it’s necessarily white-knighting. Showing mercy to someone who would not repay it in kind–because you have enough leverage or power to destroy them–is a sign of good leadership.
          With the sex tape in hand, they could ruin this girl’s life if they really wanted. I’d prefer to keep it a secret and spank to that shit.
          (Besides actual sex) What’s better than porn fresh out of the oven?

        3. That bitch deserves to get her life ruined for trying to ruin this guy’s life with a false rape charge. It’s not a matter of ruining her life for the sake of it.. she needs to be exposed as the lying whore she is.

        4. I don’t disagree. It’s just not in my constitution to think that way. I prefer to think threat of violent/aggressive action is better than actual violent/aggressive action itself. I just can’t live my life being at war with women. Understanding their ever-present dark side and taking precautions accordingly is a much better mental model to follow than all-out war.

        5. Well you may not be interested in “all-out war” with women.. but they certainly have been conducting an “all-out war” against men the last 3 decades thanks to feminism. They are harnessing the combined power of the State, the law, of the culture and the media against men. Only a naive fool or a saint spouts beatific niceties against his enemies who are out to subjugate and humiliate him.
          It’s about time men understand the all-out war that is being conducted against them by women and by feminism in the current Western culture.. and fight back accordingly.

      1. Actually … I’m pretty sure feminists have successfully passed legislation which tells cops not to charge women when filing a false rape allegation “for fear it will prevent women from coming forward to file rape allegations.”
        I’ll tell you what. If a skank ever filed a false rape allegation against me, I would not back down. I’d sue like there’s no tomorrow. I’m so damn tired of men who are victims of false rape allegations not fighting back. Even the damn kid at Amherst is not going after the girl. He’s only concerned about getting back into Amherst. What a Joke! Get back in to give $60K/ year to an institution who didn’t care about your Due Rights and painted you as rapists.
        Does anyone know if the frat at UVa sued Rolling Stone and UVa or did they too back off it? This shit will continue so long as men not fight.

        1. the UVA female dean has sued rolling stone for 7.5 million (their article smeared her as ignoring a ‘rape’ problem).
          as for the fraternity, they haven’t sued RS yet, I hope they do. I assumed they were preparing a monster case but it’s been a couple months now, idk if that’s normal to build a case before filing.

        2. Feminists are so stupid. False rape allegations only reduce true rape victims’ credibility. That is precisely why those kinds of allegations should be severely punished.

      2. What do you mean, “So now we have cops not doing their jobs”? This has been the pussy pass status quo for decades if not forever.

      3. You’re missing the whole point. The cops use the video to get off on slow days. You need to see how much they enjoy “going though the video evidence”. They ARE doing their jobs quite well.

    2. On a side note and I don’t want to go pope on your brother, but a man gotta have decency, moral and style. You can’t engage in shit like that as a man of honor and discipline. I think that we men also need to shame our self a little bit and not only slut shame. It’s not OK to do everything just because you saw it in a porn movie. Still I’m happy he got out o the mess.

      1. I agree with you, but the larger point is the hypocrisy. If some filthy thot not only is willing to, but actually offers to lick your ass while you bone her sister from behind….should you chose to accept it you shouldn’t fear waking up in the morning in cuffs.
        Agreed that as men of honor we should not try to turn the few remaining decent women into whores to fill our desires. But, at least here in NYC, it is like a modern day sodom. I seriously can’t leave the house and go to an early dinner without bumping into some shit who would pretty much do anything you can imagine and suggest things you haven’t thought of.
        Riding the subway, being in good shape and wearing a suit in NYC is pretty much how you imagine it is to be Hef’s special guest at the grotto…only more options.
        I guess I can be an ascetic and turn down all the free filthy twat, but sooner or later i will have a few glasses of wine or a scotch and enjoy using one of these fuck holes and would like to think I won’t be arrested when I tell her “of course i am not calling you tomorrow”

        1. Riding the subway, being in good shape and wearing a suit in NYC is
          pretty much how you imagine it is to be Hef’s special guest at the
          grotto…only more options.
          Do you live in my NYC or an alternate reality? Or is your world limited to the 4/5/6 between 96th and Grand Central?

        2. I am actually laughing out loud right now because the only way i can answer is, no, don’t be crazy…I go as far as 33rd but never north of 86th. Yes, i live and work in Manhattan. I am too old for meat packing nonsense and, like most Manhattanites (especially born and raised lifers like me), I have carved out a little chunk of the city just for me. If I had the resources, I could def find an apartment in one of the 2 hoods I really like and pretty much live in a 6 block radius.
          But Cheeseburga^3, you are right. I wake up in the morning, go to the gym, shower and get a suit on, go to work in Murray Hill, walk to the train after work and head back up town. This is pretty much my life.

      2. Yeah, like Patrice O’Neal said, a threesome is two girls and a guy. Two guys and a girl is a train. I think a woman being turned on by being physically dominated by a man is completely normal, but a train is just wrong. Girls should know better, but they don’t because our current society has absolved them of accountability. But guys should avoid trains anyway. Like O’Neal said, what if you make eye contact with the other guy? No thanks

    3. If a Man makes False Claims there is a Fire in a Theater he’ll get arrested, If a Man makes False claims he’s a suicide Bomber as a joke in a public place he’ll get arrested, If a Man publicly makes false claims he’s going to assassinate a politician even though he’s just angry and has no intention on doing it he’ll get investigated/arrested, Etc Etc, All those False Claims are taken seriously by the Law and those involved Punished, But when a woman Makes False Claims she was Raped, the Law does nothing and she goes unpunished.

    4. This story is so similar to one I heard when in Colorado. Was chatting with a bar tender on Pearl Street in Boulder and we casually started discussing this subject.
      He goes on to tell me about a friend who hooked up with a chick. Days later the chick accused him of rape. It turns out the chick had a boyfriend. To cover-up her infidelity, she accused the dude of rape. Well … it just so happens the dumb bitch sent the guy a couple text messages which read, “I know you didn’t rape me. I just have to say it so my BF won’t break up with me.”
      Same thing happened. The guy was interrogated until he showed them the text and when he displayed the proof, nothing happened to her for filing a false report.
      It’s 1) Enraging that women who file false reports like this NEVER face any ramifications and 2) Beyond frightening that women think nothing of filing a false rape allegation.

    5. Speaking of Violence, why is Domestic Abuser Hope Solo being showcased by the US Women’s soccer team, and even PLAYING in the world cup, given her arrest for violence against innocent family members and the details of the police report that show what an awful person she actually is.

    6. Nothing more than a carousel rider regretting her disgusting actions after enjoying them and trying to blame the man. I think that enjoying a night of sex with a man and then falsely accusing him as rape is just as bad as rape itself.
      I love having my husband bite my ass and slap it hard. I actually think that a little bit of extra pain is a turn on because it shows that my husband is passionate about dominating me within the limits that I am comfortable with. I’m not into whips, chains and blindfolds. However, some butt slapping and biting is sexy. I wouldn’t dare call the police on my husband if he was too rough because I asked for some subtle domination.
      Why do some ridiculous women ask for roughness and then cry when a man grants their wishes? I’d like to think that most men are reasonable enough to dial it back if the woman says she is uncomfortable.

    7. She should have been charged. She wanted rough sex, she got what she wants.

    8. Indeed video evidence of just everyday encounters with women is becoming important. As feminists infect more and more of the legal and political system we will find their attacks on freedom and the rule of law and presumption of innocence will become relentless.
      Here see some girls caught on video making false accusations against a man:

      And just look at the very dodgy conviction of Ched Evans in Britain – convicted of rape despite there being no evidence of rape, despite a witness attesting that she gave consent and the girl admitting she went to the room voluntarily wanting to have a one night stand with another football player and, the part that should make jaws drop in disbelief, she couldn’t remember what happened – she never even cried rape but the police decided to try to win some points from the feminists by basically ruining a guy’s life. The whole “beyond all reasonable doubt” thing that has protected our freedom for centuries is now according to feminists, just a white male patriarchal construct. Any one night stand henceforth needs some video evidence of consent since if she says she can’t remember what happened that’s enough for a “rape” conviction.
      Feminism is incompatible with a free and prosperous society. It rots away at everything – the rule of law, family life, freedom of speech, morality, childhood, happy balanced marriages, educational standards. They are an enemy within, far more deadly to western society that the likes of Islamic State who so often distract us while the feminists undermine our civilisation right here at home.

    9. He showed the cops the video.
      He probably got a year long pass on speeding tickets for that alone.
      Oh to be a cop….

  5. Maybe Price just kicked her out of his apartment after he was done. She got mad and decided to get even.
    What she failed to realize is now the world knows who she is and what a slut she is. We now know she likes it rough, but no one would be stupid enough to engage in anything with her.

    1. Once while sitting in a bar and talking to a girl who was ok, but not hot enough to want to bother fucking, I smiled and asked: Hypothetically, if I gave you one million cash, would you make love to me tonight. No strings attached. One time having sex and that’s it. Laughing, she replied “yeah, of course.” I put a quarter on the bar and said “here is 25 cents will you blow me in the bathroom?”
      She looked a little off and then I quickly said “we have already established you are a whore…now we are just negotiating price.
      This was a long time ago, but I will always remember thinking it was very funny

      1. The nice girls will do it for much less than a million if they think nobody will find out. There’s a vid on the net of some guy propositioning attractive female tourists on vacation in some tropical beach location for a few thousand dollars. The first few reject him and act offended, but he only has to go through a handful of women to get to yes.

        1. most women are a smile, two cosmos and the right song on a juke box from giving all three holes to any man. The point of the million was to set up the joke. I was soliciting lulz not soliciting sex

        2. I agree, accept the majority I have met at least need four or five before the back hole opens and they routinely offer the mouth hole for free.

        3. I had a college classmate demonstrate this to me back in the mid 70s. The difference was that no money was mentioned. He merely went up to each woman and asked if she would like some NSA sex. He bet me that he would get his face slapped a couple of times and get to yes before he had to ask 10 women. He won.

      2. Hey I see what you did there you pretentious prick. That was Winston Churchill’s infamous line!!!

        1. I didn’t know that, but I am sure I had heard it somewhere….just like most of the lines I might use in a bar. I am, in fact, a pretentious prick however. I still have serious doubt’s that Winston Churchill said that but I won’t claim it to be false. Either way, it’s kind of, I feel, like a public domain insult. Everyone has heard it.

        2. During a trip to Paris, a woman who knew Benjamin Franklin greeted him by pinching his belly and jokingly asking him what he would think if he saw all that weight on a woman. Ben replied, “Madam, twenty minutes ago… it was!”

        3. like all great lines that no one knows, there is always a million stories behind it. I consider public domain at this point.

        1. like all sexual assault / “rape” whether or not you get arrested or she tells her friends she met the “greatest guy” after you use her up physically and emotionally is all in the delivery. You get arrested for smiling wrong, but as long as what you say and what you do is done right she will just beg for more.

  6. “Western women have no honour” Who is the hell had that idea in the first place?

    1. Groucho Marx: Remember boys you are fighting for this woman’s honor……which is a lot more than she ever did

  7. As I have mentioned in other posts, I have been reading the original Ian Fleming Bond stories. Another quote from casino royale “and now he (bond) knew that she was profoundly, excitingly sensual, but that the conquest of her body, because of the central privacy in her, would each time have the sweet tang of rape”
    Brits used to know how to be men.

    1. “Brits used to know how to be men.”
      Not just the Brits…I’d say any first world country men used to know how to be men

      1. Fair enough…just happen to be talking about brits, because i was reading Ian Fleming, but of course, given the larger picture, you are correct

    2. Fleming is very red pill and often tackles feminism e.g. Pussy Galore. He seems to have regarded feminism as pretty much a wrong turn, but is still clever in the way he has bond negotiate it. Even today the barn scene in goldfinger gets guardian readers mad because they can’t call it rape because of pussy galores implied consent in succumbing to his forcefulness

      1. Not sure if you read the books, but it seems like it is even more pronounced. Fleming is a good author and the books fly by.
        Two other great quotes I added to notepad while reading:
        “this was just what he had been afraid of. These blithering women who thought they could do a man’s work. Why the hell couldn’t they stay at home and mind their pots and pans and stick to their frocks and gossip and leave men’s work to the men. And now for this to happen to him, just when the job had come off so beautifully. For Vesper to fall for an old trick like that and get herself snatched and probably held to ransom like some bloody heroine in a strip cartoon. The silly bitch.”
        This was not said tongue in cheek or making Bond look bad. This was a simple statement of fact on how people had natural abilities and natures and as they deviate from them they fuck things up for everyone, including themselves.

        1. “the silly bitch” lol even my phones feminist autocorrect wouldn’t allow me to write that. We need a bring back everyday sexism campaign. Just dipped into Fleming a few times. But his prose is great and I’ve already downloaded most of his books onto my kindle ready for consumption

        2. I’d add I recently read one of the John Gardner bonds. No comparison and horribly political correct

        3. I really love the “silly bitch” line. There is no hatred or malice in it. In fact, he loves vesper. This doesn’t mean she isn’t just some silly bitch. That’s just what she is.

        4. You can hear him say it in your minds eye. Just a fact in a world of facts. Nothing more or less

        5. by him, i assume you mean the sean connery bond….and yes, you totally can.

        6. The biggest problem for western society here is that the “silly bitch” attitude was very deeply ingrained. Men of value at that stage of history saw women doing mens work and thought it was adorable….like when little kids put on their parents shoes and walk around. They never had the foresight to think that it could lead to, quite literally, the end of western civilization. It was just like, smh that silly bitch trying to do a mans work….how adorable….but what a pain in the butt. There was no real thought to stomping it out in its infancy. Women were treated (appropriately so btw) as children and little children weren’t bad…it was laughable and cute. This is the very seed of the end of the world.

        7. as i read i am cutting and pasting quotes into notebook with the idea of writing a nice bond article when i am finished.

        8. they took it too much in their stride for sure, to complacent to see how serious it was. Bond’s attitude – the film more than the book bond (which I am still fairly unfamiliar with) seems mainly to have a resigned but indulgent attitude. The films are now close to castrating him, something that has only not happened because they’ve visibly curbed his ‘bad’ behaviour

        9. yes, correct. I haven’t finished but 2 of the 27 books but I don’t see any of the castration that modern world did to him.
          They couldn’t see how serious it was because they understood what a good deal women had. They were happy and living according to their nature. Their very reason for being, as a support to their husband and nurturer to their children, was being fulfilled and they were happy about it. If, now and then, they wanted to play at doing men’s things, that wasn’t a problem. You give a good nature smile and a pat on the ass and tell her that her failures are not her fault and to get back to the kitchen where she belongs. Then you have a drink with your friends and colleagues and laugh about the silly bitch trying to do a man’s work. There was never any kind of thought that women would so thoroughly shoot themselves in the foot and destroy civilization.
          It’s like if you saw a cute puppy in people clothing you would see it is impractical, that the puppy doesn’t really enjoy it and have a little laugh and move on…not think “holy shit, this is totally going to make marriage untenable and destroy professionalism from the workplace while sinking society into a disastrous hole of biblical proportions.”

        10. Yes, I had a few requests to write something a while back but honestly felt that everything I would write was already well covered by other, excellent, authors. However, I think I have a unique angle about something now so I will toss my hat in the ring.

        11. “It’s like if you saw a cute puppy in people clothing you would see it is
          impractical, that the puppy doesn’t really enjoy it and have a little
          laugh and move on…not think “holy shit, this is totally going to make
          marriage untenable and destroy professionalism from the workplace while
          sinking society into a disastrous hole of biblical proportions.”
          I will never again look at a puppy in people clothes in quite the same way! I think the issue really is about what makes women, and men as part of society happiest. Bond has been often been escoriated as a seducer of women, but as your ‘silly bitch’ point makes clear he’s actually incredibly honest – he seduces without deceit. Both feminism and corporate capitalism on the other hand are guilty of a seduction based almost entirely on deceit, blandishment, and appeal to womens’ worst emotions. If women weren’t so seduced as to be misled they would I imagine make very different decisions

        12. Interesting- tried to find that book a few months ago; people are wrangling over the rights now. Its impossible to find, am not overpaying for a used copy

        13. I am beginning to understand now why Bond didn’t bang moneypenny. He actually didn’t want to ruin one of the few women he saw was acting like a woman.

        14. I got the ebook of all 27 stories for 4.99
          Really not that bad. However, you can always get them all on a torrent on kick ass. I love torrents, but 27 novels for 5 bucks suited me just fine

        15. she was a fine woman. In the films though she’s presented as an older matron type rather than obviously bangable. I’m not sure Bond had a ‘don’t shit wear you eat’ philosophy though

        16. thanks. read it now. fascinating how they watered it down in the movie. in a way, it is subtle, but still such a difference. where there is coolness and intellect in the book, there is drama and exaggeration in the movie and the finesse is all drowned in tiring emotions.
          in a sentence, i would say that the movies present the female perspective. the girl thinking she is the center of the man’s life and focus. i remember this gal whose blog i used to read. she was obsessed, like any silly bitch, with bond’s vulnerabilities and took a perverse pleasure contemplating the sad rootless personality of his. boooring. who gives a fuck.
          would you recommend reading the books in the order they were published or do you suggest to continue with an entirely different one?

        17. I think your comment about the movies showing the books from the female perspective is really, really excellent. I hadn’t thought of that, but I feel you really hit the nail perfectly (not counting the Connery Bond movies and a few of the Moore ones from the 60’s and early 70’s that were very masculine).
          Really, I mean it, excellent analogy.
          As for a recommendation, I really can’t make one. I am just finishing the second one (live and let die) now. I’ve never read them before and only now just started. They aren’t great books, but they are fun and there is some very good, pre feminist bullshit stuff in there. Truth is though that I am only reading for the first time now. I am going in order but I won’t be able to recommend this as a worthwhile path until I am done.

        18. gotta say, i love the writing. i have grown to appreciate simplicity and rawness of expression over refined prose. language is meant to represent reality, not be a reality in itself.

        19. I tend to agree with you. What Hemingway did for literature was truly astonishing. This is not to say that there isn’t amazing beauty in stuff like Dostoyevsky or some of the more intense, refined authors. However, the brute raw beauty of other stuff is really great and really for me. I think Fleming is fun and writes well, but the plots are a bit thin. If you like stuff like this and have a) a good sense of humor and b) an at least basic understanding of philosophy, I can’t recommend Tibor Fisher’s “The Thought Gang” highly enough. It is truly a gem which ought to be recognized as one of the great books by an author of our generation. It is a little esoteric. However, I you even have a solid college into level knowledge of Philosophy it will be one of the funniest damn things you’ve ever read.

        20. i think i liked precisely that thin plot thing about the bond book. it is straight forward and a progression of events and actions, like real life. not an overblown epos. it may be because i am currently most interested in getting my mind structured on the most simple level that i consider any rhetorical decor just a distraction.
          that said, i enjoyed the prose in “brave new world” very much. if i was to find another book written with that kind of language, i would be tempted to read it.
          believe it or not, the more i try to simplify the way i perceive and understand the world, the more esoterical i become, in a weird way. as if, when you strip all the nonsense, mysticism, moralism and unnecessary complexity from your perception, you see a world that is absolutely and profoundly logical and theoretically predictable by a firm set of rules. like a computer simulation. there is really nothing that doesn’t happen without a causal connection. arriving at that point, you get to wonder: this is so wonderful. so logical, so pure, if you only have the intellectual vigor to see it. how come i am here to enjoy this? what is this experience? i find myself more and more excited about the thought of death, looking forward to what surprises it may bring. will i just vanish? will i live again? will i remember any of this? i haven’t known this kind of fascination for a long time.
          thanks for the recommendation.

    3. Everyone on this site should watch the bbc mini-series about Fleming. He was a failed stock broker turned counter-intel agent during WW2. It was brutally honest, he wanted to go out in the field, got his wish, almost got himself killed on more than one occasion.
      His talent was really in counter intel(i.e., making shit up). Lead into his career as a novelist.

      1. Hey, so I watched the Fleming series. Woah, seriously good stuff.

      1. they aren’t great, but make for fun and fast candy reading.

  8. Just another case of buyers remorse. Its so sad that society is brain washing these girls into believing “riding the carousel” is an empowering trait or value. When these girls realize that they don’t like the carousel and that its actually shameful and degrading and that society has lied to them, what do they do? They blame us men for their actions and we end up getting royally screwed for giving a woman what she asked for.

    1. They blame us men
      They blame WE men
      You can’t even get 3rd grade grammar correct so I’d suggest that you stay away from females, kid lol

  9. This sounds much like what is happening to men on college campuses in the US. Rampant feminism and political correctness has basically dubbed every man on a campus as a rapist. If you are accused you are guilty until proven innocent and even in some publicized cases after innocence has been proved the man is still expelled.
    Ten years ago I used to advise younger men to live it up at college when it came to women. Now I caution them to just stay far away, focus on their studies, and get out as quickly as possible. You won’t get any advantage these days to staying too long in college. If you can avoid the false rape accusation and the liberal PC brainwashing for several years straight you can consider yourself a winner these days.

  10. If the roles were reversed would the male have been laughed out of court for a bruise on his butt?

    1. She had quite a few bites and bruises. Perhaps the guy was drunk and didn’t mean it but under the law voluntary intoxication is not a defence to a crime.

  11. Heartiste has been going on about Massey (“dick is abundant but low value”) for a while, he coined the term “millennial bitter bitch” just for her.

  12. A man must never, ever forget how broadcaster Marv Albert was destroyed by a lover he had carried on a rough-sex relationship with for 10 years:
    Any one of us can be set up, either in the early going or after many get-togethers. Beware the woman who asks for or claims to enjoy unusual sex. No matter how obvious she many have made her willingness to participate, she can always claim she later withdrew consent.

  13. “but once it all goes tits-up, rather than manning up and moving on, they now have the capacity to invoke the long arm of the law to come and clear up the mess afterwards.” Theres a reason they call it manning up and not womaning up.Girls are immune to accountability and responsibility. Fifty shades of Grey meets every Disney movie where the girl has infinite a fantasy world. The one thing Mr Price might have done wrong was to to cover his ass and do some post coital snuggling to prevent the little snowflake from feeling slut remorse after getting the shit fucked out of her.

  14. This is a combination of rampant feminism and sexually inexperienced white knights in charge of that court. A friend of mine in his mid twenties was not aware that all women love getting their hair pulled until I told him. The first time those idiots experience rough sex and its second hand in a court house for assault. No wonder they believed it.

    1. Stop watching that perverted dirty jew produced porn.This is where you learned all of this crap about girls like being choked or getting their hair pulled and you’re too inexperienced to know that it’s all nonsense.

  15. What I’m getting from this article is that women born after 1980 do not understand the concept of action and consequence, and more so, modern western society is taking the necessary steps to absolve them of all adult responsibility for their actions. A prime example would be the abortion rights debate in the US. Followed by the Yes means Yes campaign and the anti-Slut Shaming campaign. Where is this leading western society?

    1. the problem is young women, and even older ones now infected with new ideologies find themselves ‘worrying’ about sexual transactions they would once have taken in their stride. Feminism works to problemtise, de-stabilise (and ultimate prevent) ordinary male-female actions. Young women especially, will always ask, after the heat of the moment rutting – was that fully consensual? Did I say he could do that? Was I fit to give consent? Where did that bruise come from? etc
      what they need to be taught to ask is: “am I flaky cow that has had my mind addled by a marxist ideology designed to destroy relations between the sexes?”
      they just need re-educating

  16. Its like the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf- Whenever a butch falsely accuses a man of a crime, it affects real victims as more people will take criminal accusations with a grain of salt.

    1. Real victims of sexual assault, in case of a false rape accusation, are basically secondary victims. Primary victims are the men who have been falsely accused. While your point is valid, I feel that the primary victims deserve more of our attention.
      That’s basically what feminists don’t understand. They hammer on about how real rape victims are hurt by false accusations, while giving lip service, or completely ignoring the suffering of a man who is falsely accused, who in fact is the primary victim. Feminists work with basic women logic. For them everything has to be about “me, me, me”. Even when a man is hurt, feminists and women somehow tweak in about a woman’s suffering. They just can’t bear not to be the victim or the center of attention.

  17. Well… if he would have just roofied her and left her in the park somewhere after he was done he wouldn’t be having this problem right now, so i guess lesson learned right?

  18. “Price told police that Sandlin had been “moaning” and enjoying herself, and that he bit her on the bottom to turn her on.”
    And THAT is why if you’re ever arrested for anything you KEEP YOUR DAMN TRAP SHUT TILL YOUR LAWYER TURNS UP. He confessed to biting her on the bottom. He thought “I’m innocent, I can talk my way out of this.” He thought that if he told the police that she consented to the rough sex, the police would realise he was innocent and let him go. Big mistake. You CANNOT talk your way out of an arrest.
    If he’d used his right to remain silent and his right to an attorney, his lawyer might have been able to make a good case that there wasn’t enough proof that the injuries had been inflicted by him. Sure, DNA evidence might prove that he had sex with her, but she wasn’t making a False Rape Accusation; she admitted that the sex was consensual. She was making a False Assault Accusation. Maybe the police could have found DNA evidence in her bite wounds incriminating him, but maybe they couldn’t. His DNA might have ‘washed off’ the bite marks and bruises, if it was ever there in the first place.
    But he didn’t wait for his lawyer to show up and find out what evidence the police had against him and how he could work his statement around that evidence. He gave the police a bloody confession right off the bat. So remember: no matter how innocent you think you are, it still pays to remain silent until such time as your lawyer advises otherwise.
    A video that’s already been posted on this site but is relevant:

      Given the size of the city I live in and the townships around it, I always keep this in mind when stopped by the police. The cops will pull you in for the smallest thing in South Texas just to keep the arrest records up and make it look like they’re doing their job. Every time I’ve been placed in cuffs the first thing I say is “I want a lawyer,” guilty or not.

        1. Not really, but I have been stopped and searched on numerous occasions for “matching a person of interest.”
          One such occasion happened about eight years ago after I got out of the army. I was riding with my sister, she was pulled over because her tags were expired. Should be a simple ticket and done right? Not in South Texas. They ran our ID’s and my name matched a guy who was wanted in Florida for a class a felony. Here’s the catch, even though the guy was white with blonde hair, blue eyes and 6’2″, meanwhile I’m a 5’7″ Hispanic with black hair and brown eyes, I was still put into handcuffs while the officers tried their good cop/bad cop routine. The only info I gave them was my social and end of time in service from the army because I’d only been stateside for less than thirty days. I quickly said, “I want a lawyer.” They got quiet and eventually let me go, but not until after they ran my personal info even though I didn’t resemble the suspect they thought I was in the slightest.

    2. Brits don’t have a right to remain silent. Not joking. They can be held liable for not answering questions the police ask.

        Suspects have the right to remain silent, but adverse inferences MAY be made if the suspect:
        “Fails to mention any fact which he later relies upon and which in the circumstances at the time the accused could reasonably be expected to mention”
        Price’s lawyer would have told him to mention anything which his lawyer planned for him to rely upon later. Delaying mentioning any such facts till after a consultation with his lawyer would not allow adverse inferences to be drawn; that would only be if he failed to mention such facts till the middle of the trial.
        “Fails to give evidence at trial or answer any question”
        Again, this is about keeping quiet right up till and/or during the trial, not just till after consulting your lawyer.
        “Fails to account on arrest for objects, substances or marks on his person, clothing or footwear, in his possession, or in the place where he is arrested; or
        Fails to account on arrest for his presence at a place.”
        Neither of these are particularly relevant to Price’s case. If a suspect fails to account for being in possession of a crowbar, balaclava and swag-bag in the vicinity of a recently-burgled house then this would be relevant – even then only if the suspect fails to account for his possessions and location AFTER receiving legal advice. But Price was presumably arrested days or possibly weeks after the incident, so would have been unlikely to have been asked to account for his possessions and location at the time of arrest.
        There is, of course, no guarantee that Price would have avoided a conviction had he remained silent till he’d spoken with his lawyer, but I don’t see how Price could have possibly made himself worse off by exercising his right to remain silent. Even if the police had been able to gather sufficient evidence that the bruises etc were caused by Price, with the help of his silence and his lawyer, Price might have been able to exchange his confession for being charged with a less serious offence; his lawyer’s advice to the effect of “You’re going to be found guilty regardless of your plea,” would result in a further reduction to his sentence (I assume from the article that Price plead not guilty and would thus have been sentenced more harshly). By confessing straight away, Price gave a away all his bargaining chips.

        1. In the US the defendant does not have to testify and the defence does not even have to present a case to prove his innocence. The burden of proof is entirely on the prosecution.After the prosecution puts on his case the defence will usually make a motion for dismissal on the grounds that the prosecution has not proven their case and the judge following along with the testimony can dismiss it on those grounds without even the defence presenting a case. It doesn’t happen often but it can.As I said, the defendant does not have to take the stand when his lawyer puts on his defence but sometimes will if his lawyer thinks it will help him.

        2. That’s supposed to be the case in the UK as well, aside from in the specific circumstances described above. The US might not have any circumstances wherein adverse inferences may be drawn from a suspect exercising his right to remain silent like the UK does, but c’mon, do you really think that a US Jury is any less likely to come to the conclusion that a defendant who refuses to testify has something to hide than a UK Jury? A US Jury can be given as many lectures as the defence lawyer likes about “Innocent until proven guilty,” “Prosecution has the burden of proof,” and “All suspects have the right to remain silent (for good reasons),” but you will be judged by a dozen Average Joes (and Janes, who might be less sympathetic to the victim of a False Rape Accusation, but that’s a rant for another time). Your average Joe will still be biased against a defendant who refuses to testify, no matter what jurisdiction you’re in. The trick is to avoid incriminating yourself under questioning by the police by remaining silent till you can come with a statement to run with with the help of your lawyer.

      2. Then fake a heart attack so they have to take you to hospital :o)
        OK, what you said is only partially correct. He can answer questions when his lawyer arrives.

  19. The Doctrine of Contingent Consent: consent is granted contractually, and is contingent upon the fulfillment of that contract. Failure of all parties to fulfill their stated requirements constitutes breach of contract, and consent is thus not granted. Case in point: consent is granted only if the man brings the woman to orgasm; his failure to do so is breach of that contract, thus withdraw of consent, and therefore Rape.
    Someday. It’s coming.

  20. Crash the welfare state.
    I’m doing my part. I have 70% VA “Disability” and get $1440 per month in untaxed money. I’m also a part time fire fighter who only makes about 25K per year but I only work >20 per week.
    I was an Army Captain. I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in International Relations– all paid for by the Army– I was offered a $125k job at Boeing and a Associate Professor of Military Science ob at Western Washington U. Fuck that. Why work hard? To but shit that I don’t need or particularly want? To provide for shitty kids? I have enough money to pay my bills and go on vacation every year.
    I’m going to go smoke a bowl and play with my dog.

  21. Like I said before and I say it again, stay away from women. It hurts for me, but that’s what I do. Tired of this fucking shit where a man showing his sexual masculinity is now shamed but if a boy wears pink shoes or a guy declares he gay, it is cheered.

    1. You are being foolish and missing the point. Women do not do this in Russia, they don’t do this in the Middle East. A society of Rooshes would not have this problem. Because mass spankings would commence.
      This problem is a direct result of faggotry, specifically white knight “I am just looking for an excuse to castrste my brother while pretending I am an altruist” faggotry
      Put a stop to the faggotry. Grab the white knight by the shirt and slap him across the face until he grasps it. If he insists on faggotry, call him on it. Point out to him that he is full of shit and only doing this to find and excuse to betray all men. If he continues, make sure he feels the pain of consequence for his attempt to ass rape his brother.

  22. What women don’t understand: just because you can do it, it doesn’t mean you should!

  23. Does she have no shame. I mean the bruise was a bit rough, but people can get carried away too and leave bruise when they don’t intend. It is kind of BS though.

    1. Roosh has said that women are like water. They take the shape of whatever container they are put in. That is, their attitudes and concepts of what is right and wrong is formed by what we men tell them.
      If the authorities hammer it in to women through education and constant shaming that any woman who uses an iPhone is a slut, and makes sure to enforce consequences for such use, then women will regard iPhone use as evil.
      If we tell them it is a good thing for a girl to empower herself by having consequence free sex with 5 guys and a midget giraffe, then guess what she is going to do this weekend.
      I’m exaggerating of course. They also have their natures and needs that strain against the “container” society forms for them. If the social conventions and expectations for women are realistic for their nature and guide them properly, you’ve got a great bunch of happy girls. If the expectations and conventions are unrealistic, you are going to see some seriously neurotic females rationalizing some very crazy shit.
      If the guidance is weak or meandering, then you are going to also see them do very crazy “look at me daddy! I’m so bad! What are you gonna do about it huh?!” Crap, until some man somewhere gives them the boundaries these wacky little children, bless their slutty little insane hearts, desperately need.

  24. There was a Court case in Adelaide Australia where a bloke and chick met at the local pub got blind drunk and left to have sex in a nearby park. The next day the woman reported him to the police for “raping” her, the Judge on the case made the comment he should not even have to rule on the case before adjourning to make a decision(I never found out what the judgement was the case was about 18 – 24 months ago). The interesting point was made by a detective who stated ” these types of complaints are made to police on a regular basis where a woman has drunken sex then wants “rape” charges to be laid”. ROK readers couldn’t be more aware of women claiming rape to protect their pride, ego and to ditch their irresponsible actions.

  25. Another true story: a few years ago my friend who was living with me at the time, came home from the lake with a bunch of skanks and a couple of their male friends in tow, they arrived in their own vehicles with their own booze. We got drinking, and everyone was having fun, dancing etc. After a while I noticed my friend wasn’t around, I went into the house looking for him, and found him and two girls having a threesome in a room. He had just finished up but the girls insisted I stick around for a threesome of my own, so I said what the hell. We did our thing, went back to the party, and after a while everybody left. Me and my friend gave a high five and laughed about it over one last beer before going to bed. About six months later I am working in a different city and get a call from a cop about a sexual assault that happened at my place on whatever date. I don’t know anything about it, but some names and the date sound familiar and I trace it back to that party. I tell the cops what little I know and don’t think much more about it. A few days later the cops call me back to inform me that the girls have named “the owner of the house” as the guy who did it, while not actually accusing me by name. They told the cops that they had a threesome with one of the guys and then one, yes only one of the girls went upstairs with the other guy who then raped her. They ask me and my friend a bunch of questions and tell us that the girl took a rape kit and DNA evidence was found. We both call the (woman) cops bluff and say we never touched anybody. A few days go by as we both wonder what the fuck is going on. Then I get a call back from the same cop. She tells me that the charges are being dropped as it turns out that the mother of one girl pressured her into filing the report after seeing on Facebook that her daughter had fucked “some old guy”. I was 24 at the time, and since they brought their own booze I can only assume they were over 19. Point is that these two girls acted like huge whores, got made fun of on social media, and then completely warped the story (since the other girl knew what she was doing was fucked up and wouldn’t say that she was there to witness the rape). Part of me wanted to tell the cop that there was two of them and it was a consensual threesome (x2), not a one on one encounter, but sometimes it’s just better to keep quiet. I’m pretty sure the chick cop knew they were full of shit but I was definitely more careful about screwing young sluts after that one.

  26. Well, you tolerate these magistrates and this joke of a law. The Muslims clearly don’t so they don’t have to put up with this. So whose fault is it?

  27. Never leave marks.
    I think the defining case in Ontario, Canada is R. v. Welch. If you engage in behavior that could result in bodily harm and bodily harm results, then consent is irrelevant. The case itself is an interesting read and the subtext is that you had a guy who sodomized a girl with a hairbrush handle and then wanted to plead consent. The judge didn’t want to tie up court time with the consent issue so he ruled that you can’t argue consent for that. I think it was upheld at the Court of Appeal.
    You are putting your nuts in a vice if the bitch wants it rough and you give her something to show for it.

    1. “Never leave marks” – exactly, this man speaks wisdom. Because no matter what she begs for behind closed doors it’s going to be a your word against hers when she makes an accusation because of shame or spite or frustration or revenge or whatever the fuck else passes through her pretty, vapid little head. Mind games are fine. Physical treatment that doesn’t leave lingering marks – fine. But give her a proper seeing to and you’re opening the door to some unnecessary danger – treat her accordingly.

      1. An ex admitted to me that when her hubby threatened her she punched herself in the face. His balls were in a noose for the next few days as she walked around with a black eye.

        1. When you get right to the heart of the matter, women have a different value system. Hell, if they have one at all. They want to win. And fuck anyone who dares get in the way of that victory; whatever it is. Unethical to the core. That bitch didn’t give 2 shits about what she was doing to the guy, probably enjoyed knowing she was potentially ruining his life.
          Man, hope you got the fuck outta there.

        2. I should have but I didn’t until several months later because I was weak and sex with crazy chicks is awesome.

        3. Fuckin’ crazy chicks is like chugging cheap beer – fun when you’re looking to get smashed easily, but no way in hell something you should be doing nightly.

  28. Had to google Alana Massey, first suggestion on Google was “Alana Massey buzzfeed”
    All I needed to know really lol

  29. This is really working situation in the west. Feminism has ruined the social fabric everywhere.

  30. if you are the first guy to get snapped by this fly trap of a ho, then you pay, but for God’s sake, you meet a girl, look up her name on the internet quick, fast and in a hurry. Even if you scan her fb page you can gleam a lot. Hopefully the only cock this bitch gets is a plastic dildo from another woman. ANY GUY who goes after this train wreck deserves what he gets…. I learned a bit too late with my first snowflake after my ex when I googled her name after a few wtf moments…search results, came back with charges of BIGOMY !! Her professional act….”I was only married twice” turned into technically 5 times because the schlub who married her the 4th time had to divorce the stupid cunt and then REMARRIED HER !!! Making him husband #4 & 5. Major issues with women do not go away. You can’t fix crazy. Do not even fuck them. Its not worth it. They turn on a dime and find yourself in hot water. The second damaged good I got involved with I was fun bike ride who I knew was trouble but I made sure to have media of various encounters which not only saved my ass when she filed false assault charges…but also ended up releasing a poor guy who was sitting in jail for over a year on rape charges. #damagedgoods #leavethatshitalone. Fk these stupid women. The guy in the article probably had other tang on the hook and she found out and got jealous.

  31. Women are not men and don’t always run away when they are intimidated or being dominated or hurt . So you have to exercise control and know how much is to far, he messed up when he got drunk. If Any women shows up bruised and you where drunk and the last with her it’s going to be really hard to convince a jury or judge you didn’t abuse her. I’m not surprised at all, I don’t even think they where wrong in fining him

  32. which is why I will not have any ounce of sympathy when white british females get gangraped by muslim men. That should put these whores to be more humble.

  33. Sandlin sounds borderline ‘tard’. Girls and guys both who were always too stupid to think for themselves usually tanked on the bubble tests and were put in the slow classes. A commonality among boneheads is that the system focuses their dumbed down ‘snitch education’ onto the ‘speddy’ or ‘special ed’ students teaching them to ‘see something say something’. I’m not talking down’s syndrome ‘tard’ but rather the ‘functionally’ stupid. Just smart enough to tie their shoes and ride the bus, but very shy of having the acumen to budget or to do their own taxes. They learn the monkey math, how to count digits and dial the phone but simple algebra was unattainable. The system encourages them to be a snitch and they are taught that it is virtuous to be a tattletale since they’ll never likely lead or invent anything and have proven to do some of the most idiotic and hairbrained shit and fall for extremely stupid ideas that create a menace and endanger everyone.
    If Sandlin were judged by the pile of books she’s read VERSUS the pile of cellphones she’s gotten mad at and broken, she would undoubtably have tested positive for entry into the stupid class. In other words, the snitch graduates were deemed as almost too stupid to live and their hairbrained nature would otherwise put everyone around them at risk. Locked in a house following simple recipes and duties or quietly going out in a burqa and returning is the real limit of their abilities. But the system wants them running out and rogue – – AS SNITCHES.
    THUS a snitch is born. I personally knew of a card carrying hairbrained chick who I went to lengths to avoid. She was so stupid, she would actually call A HOTLINE whenever she was bored or just wanted someone to talk to. She had shit for social skills but she did manage to keep a circle of equally suffering challenged minds about her. She was honestly as dumb as a bag of rocks. But the hotline shit should serve as a rattle snake’s rattle. STAY AWAY from chicks like her and her group.

  34. “Price was getting into it and even choked his cohort, after which she
    ran off to the bathroom coughing. But, surprisingly, she still went back
    to bed.”
    What she should have done was left and called the police immediately at that point. Choking is attempted murder. Whether he meant to kill her or not, that is what choking does. Especially if he was drunk as the article says, he may not have been able to gauge. Alcohol and sex does not mix well, alcohol and rough sex much less so. He got off easy and its good for him. Hopefully he learned a lesson and never will attempt drunk sex or murder in the future. Had he not gotten this wake up call, then he might have actually killed someone else.
    I hope she got a wake up call too.
    Sheesh, people these days. Utter nutters.

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