Sexual Harassment “Expert” Claims She Was Harassed By Military Cadets During A Conference On Harassment

While this story came out recently, it was late 2014 when Julie Lalonde, a self-proclaimed sexual harassment expert, gave a presentation to cadets at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) in Kingston, Ontario. RMCC is the Canadian version of West Point.

RRMC Cadets on parade

RRMC Cadets on parade

It was hard to find what Ms. Lalonde’s credentials actually are, but they can be found on this website. As expected, her expertise doesn’t come from psychology, sociology, or anything that could be called a scientific field.

You guessed it—she has an undergrad degree in Women Studies. In any case, her Twitter account indicates quite clearly what she really is all about: a hysterical and narcissistic social justice warrior. She even has a “Zorro” like mask on her Twitter photo – that explains a lot.

And she likes to tweet. So much so that she probably wrote two tweets since you started reading these lines. With a score of 29,800 tweets (as of today) since she joined the popular site in February of 2011, she averages 20 tweets per diem. One wonders where she finds the time to write and read peer-reviewed literature which is the burden of all those “experts” out there.

Ms. Lalonde’s twitter photo.  Where is Sergeant Garcia?

Ms. Lalonde’s twitter photo. Where is Sergeant Garcia?

She claims she was harassed during and after the presentation she gave at RMCC – perfect proof of the very bad culture within RMCC and the Canadian military in general, she says. It seems people in the crowd started to object when she said that “men” are the problem.

Hell seems to have particularly broken loose when she added that when a woman is intoxicated she cannot give consent (similar to teenagers under 16 years-old in Canada; whether they give consent or not is irrelevant, the law says they can’t) claiming that this was Canadian law – which of course it is not.

While it is true that being completely drunk could render you incapable of consenting under the law, intoxication, per se, is completely irrelevant unless you are loaded to the point of passing out. Even more insulting, she added that in such a case, even if the male counterpart is as drunk as his partner, he remains responsible for his actions and could be prosecuted.

Reality Check

Now, imagine yourself in front of a group of young, intelligent, resilient, and energetic cadets whose institution maxim is: ”Truth, Duty, Valour.” What is the audience’s reaction to such stupid and wrong comments? As one cadet put it: “At this point, all respect for the presenter was lost and she struggled to carry on with the presentation in the face of people ignoring her.”

Don’t get me wrong, it is very possible that some cadets were impolite with her and they should learn to behave, even when presented with idiocies. This is, however, certainly not harassment and it should instead be considered as a reality check for those ideologues who repeat their stupid mantras left and right and claim any opposition to their views equals harassment. She even started tweeting about how bad the audience was during the presentation breaks! And guess what, cadets were reading her Twitter feed.

She complained to the RMCC. Initially the Commandant wished to meet with her. She refused. Presumably because he is a male, hence, he is a potential rapist. She finally agreed to meet with him, but in the presence of many specific people.

When these people were all made available after a few weeks, RMCC reached out to Ms. Lalonde to book an appointment. Surprise. She wanted Brigadier-General Meinzinger, the Commandant, and the specially assembled entourage to come to her and not the other way around.

When a victim, make sure it is known.  It is good for business.

When a victim, make sure it is known. It is good for business.

Needless to say, there was no meeting and a simple letter was sent. A letter that Ms. Lalonde now uses as proof of her horrible experience and to self-victimize in a perfect publicity stunt (see her tweet).

The responds from RRMC Commandant

The response from RRMC Commandant

I imagine she will become a miniature version of Anita Sarkeesian and will use this victimhood to promote herself and earn more money. Should the self-perceived harassment cease at one point, she will find other sources of oppression to keep the business going.

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174 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment “Expert” Claims She Was Harassed By Military Cadets During A Conference On Harassment”

  1. What a grade-A dumbass. She has nothing that verifies her other than a PMSing monster attention whore

    1. really makes you wonder about the state of things when a young spoiled girl gets to play professor in front of men of war. next week, a blue-dyed ferret will talk about the benefits of vegetarianism.
      like letting women teach men how to seduce women. all they will tell you is what they want and how you should be their slave, yet attractive at the same time.
      you don’t learn to hunt from your prey.

      1. “really makes you wonder about the state of things when a young
        spoiled girl gets to play professor in front of men of war.”
        Great line. And tells you about the state of Western male pussification and emasculation.. that they are forced to listen to this shit and accept it and believe it.. or else they’re part of the problem and need to get out:

        Why are men putting up with this bullshit? Who the fuck do these spoiled bitches think they are.. and why should men sign up to fight and die for these awful, spoiled creatures who spend all their time denigrating these men and the maschismo, masculine culture that is necessary to cultivate men of war in the first place ?

        1. am i imagining it or is mr. morrison talking with just a tad too much seriousness and disgusted stoicism? like he is subtly mocking it, barely recognizable.
          look into his eyes: “if you are a man, you will not listen to the words that are coming out down there. you know just as well as me that these stupid kids are forcing me to say this nonsense. god, what friggin idiot gave them the keys to the control room?”
          how he spells “hiiiighly inappropriate material”. it so doesn’t fit the face, haha.
          why are they putting up with it? well, ultimately the answer is of course: because they want to. it may be their best choice or the best choice they know of.

        2. “like he is subtly mocking it, barely recognizable.”
          Nah, he’s all white-knight, 100 percent. He really believes what he’s saying. The comment section for the video above is also quite disturbing… mostly men agreeing with him and tripping over themselves to congratulate him for what he’s saying.

        3. i don’t believe it. he seems very controlled and confident. precise, too. not a hallmark of a weak mind. look at the feminist bitches. they are typically nervous and frantic.
          i say he is either consciously manipulating (psychopath?) or doing it out of necessity. his commenters are probably more sheepish, i would agree.

  2. All I can think about when looking at the pic of her in the painted-on mask is her pleasuring me, orally. I’m a bad, bad man.

        1. You obviously mis-read my post. Your apology might be accepted if you throw a cherry on top.

    1. That picture of her makes her out to look a lot hotter and skinnier than she is in reality. Here is Mz Lalonde in her full plump and pasty-white glory on Canadian TV. Do you still want that feminist talking-points spouting mouth to pleasure your tool of patriarchal oppression?

        1. It’s OK…there are government funded support groups to help you get through this.

        2. Thank god, cause I think the only way I can get through this if this woman is put in a room somewhere with some really thick bars around it.

        3. she’s fat, and she looks frustrated. And she’s making a lot of fuzz that makes makes her look lame.

      1. taking the red pill is worth it simply for the joy of understanding why these idiots are so funny and being able to laugh at them.
        look at this stupid piece of shit and leave aside all emotions. ask yourself why she is doing this? why is she so nervous?
        and the answer is obvious. she does it to be accepted. she portrays herself as a victim because today’s society only accepts you if you are a victim. thus you do everything to be seen as one. you lie and deceive, wanting the recognition of being a proper member of society: a victim.

        1. Only in name most of these feminists arr rich white women aren’t victims of much, society bends over backwards to protect them. I agree though, it’s sad our society makes heroes out of victims when it used to make heroes out of achievers.

        2. a good antidote for that is to be around men who don’t take bullshit. quit my regular job where i was surrounded by losers and women, now my only regular contact is with strong guys from the gym who don’t honor weakness.

        3. Unfortunately I find white knights everywhere, even many rough guy I know who are externally strong are white knights. Western society has brainwashed men.

        4. that’s true. many of those tough guys buckle before a woman. as if they needed some outlet to give away part of their emotional responsibility. still, it’s better than being around people who encourage you to not be so hard on yourself with your diet and all and eat that muffin they brought to work. i felt that i should be able to resist such an environment, but it did get to me, especially since i have started developing any kind discipline very late in my life.

        5. I think in most cases it’s more than giving away emotional responsibility. Mosy Western men are genuinely brainwashed into white knighting.

        6. yes, but still, it’s such a cliche. tough guy with vulnerability. motorcycle gang that makes itself strong for child rape victims or some other bullshit sentimentality. as if nature just didn’t allow pure strength without an equally ridiculous weakness. it is fascinating to me.

        7. I understand what you mean I find that fascinating as well. To me though white knighting isn’t protecting the weak or women when the situation is justified to protect them. White knighting to me is taking a women’s side under any circumstances even when she’s wrong. Or having a pro female view under any and all circumstances, I find most guys in my country are like this.

        8. It’s a reactionary & dependent way to survive,though. Dependent on the existing wiring of people being slow to wake up to the deception. Like a Ponzi scheme, eventually one runs out of suckers to fool.
          That’s why enlightened men worship strength. The kind that can shape or destroy us. But it’s real.

        9. that particular effect is strictly emotional thinking. since looking at a cute woman feels awesome and fuzzy, looking at an aggressive male makes you … aggressive. intuitively, it is clear what side to take. like a kid intuitively becomes a sugar addict if given the chance.
          rationality has to be trained. these guys train their muscles and pain treshold, but not their minds and guilt/shame treshold.

      2. This “problem” is a bullshit problem that society (everywhere in the west) is trying to create to solve (not the other way around).
        There may be sexual harassment but it’s no where near the levels it was a few decades ago (it’s actually gone down). You’ll never hear the media (or anyone) give you the real facts because it’s a problem that they what to grow and continue – to keep people busy.
        This country (the U.S.) and many others have had it too good for too long (life in general). These “problems” are the result of it and it’s a reason why a true utopia cannot exist.

      3. “That picture of her makes her out to look a lot hotter and skinnier than she is in reality.”
        i used to call this the 10-year-20-pound rule back in my online dating days. in the majority of cases a woman in real life will show up looking about 10 years older and 20 pounds heavier than her online profile picture.

    1. the “manned” military is obsolete.. Drone culture, video game culture and the soon to come invisibility capabilities of nano tech combined with strong AI make the idea of a “fair” manned battle just a nostalgic joke

    2. Especially since they demand the work environment be Reconstructed for their needs, even though women and Homo’s have the least to offer the military, they require the most resources to keep them happy.

      1. Whenever I go to a foreign land, a new job or a new place, I try to adjust myself for the people there, and don’t demand that others adjust to accommodate me.
        But then after all I’m a man.

      2. ‘having the least to offer but requiring the most resources to keep them happy’…..
        Absolutely nailed the definition of ‘privileged’.

      1. that guy actually was a good talker. great idea to lay that nice music under his speech instead of that typical sad piano. sometimes you don’t even realize how much you are manipulated through such subtle stuff. if i didn’t know who it was and his voice, i would suspect a witty comedian.

    3. My view was that “don’t ask, don’t tell” should apply for basic training and your first trade course. Among NCOs. nobody cares if you like to pound fudge, but it really messes with the minds of 17 and 18 year old privates who have to shit, shower and sleep in close proximity with other guys who might be checking out their junk.
      Something similar for women. There was zero sexual tension when I did my junior leadership course (to get promoted to master corporal) and had naked women 10 feet from me getting dressed every morning. As a typical horny teenager that would have been rather distracting, but military life makes you grow the fuck up quickly.

      1. i was never in the military, but i worked on a US base overseas. when you say that you had naked women getting dressed next to you every morning, are you saying that you slept in the same quarters as the female troops? seemed liked the male and female troops were pretty segregated at the base where i worked.

        1. I did serve; and a long time ago. There has never been any hesitation in the US military to have lesbians in the ranks, or among the officers. In fact, it was pretty much assumed.
          I had one enlisted female that lived across the parking lot from me once tell me that she was getting out of the navy because they were talking about forcing women to serve on ships. She had no objections to doing her duty, but she could not stand the thought of being forced to live in close quarters with lesbians. She said any female barracks she had ever been in had been filled with lesbians that had hit on her endlessly.

    4. I don’t mind either serving in their own units. The status if units should be kept unknown to avoid prioritizing some over others.

  3. I completely disagree with the author saying the cadets should have shown respect. It’s insane to think battle ready men should show respect when they’re FORCED to sit through a sexist, anti male lecture from a Women’s Studies major who would be the first to expect they DIE for her.
    How fucking typical though. A group of men merely object to her sexist lecture and she claims “harassment.”
    The link to her Twitter feed and “accomplishments” speaks volumes. She’s a typical Women’s Study activist chronically looking to define the slightest, innocent thing as SEXISM and Harrasment. Feminists are desperate to maintain the notion of being oppressed so they can keep that precious protected class status which comes with all kinds of benies.

    1. Just another useless french canadian quebec whore.
      “I imagine she will become a miniature version of Anita Sarkeesian and
      will use this victimhood to promote herself and earn more money.”
      Leech more money. There, fixed that for ya.

      1. It’s evident the feminist grievance industry is now a lucrative, celebrity producing business. Sarkeesian is now a celebrity and rich after taking on the “Female ‘oppression’ in … Video Games.”
        Mattress Girl at Columbia concocted a bogus rape story, put on a show and was celebrated on covers of major magazines and invited to State of Union. I have little doubt she’ll be used by Hillary Campaign to pump the false 1 in 5 hysteria.
        And look at another article on ROK earlier. Girl accepted paid apartment but was just “so distraught by employers advances” she got $18M.

        1. Nah, she’s too savvy. She’d only start bringing up that BS after an election victory. You can be sure that she’ll pander to female voters in other ways though.

      2. “Leech more money” – its what they’re used to buddy, draining a man of what he keeps in his trousers. Can’t blame a fish for loving water…

    2. yeah, it would be fake respect at most. did you read the original report? apparently there was some white knight around criticizing the other guys for their disgusting view of women. i can imagine he wasn’t having many friends there.
      i can see the worth of not showing your anger, though, and being disciplined. openly showing anger without the ability to fight against your assailant is a demonstration of weakness, as it makes you easy to look through and manipulate. in a sense, it makes you needy. self-control is king.

      1. You’re point on self control holds validity and perhaps I over looked the author making that point.
        However I still disagree on these guys showing respect in this case. This shit keeps advancing because worthless women’s study activists face little resistance. And when they do, they declare “harassment” and get whatever they want. I’m DONE with people caving as they keep gaining such power over the vast majority who see them as they are: fringe lunatics.

        1. a part of the problem is that somebody who is sane will simply amusedly ignore the insane. there is no point in spending your time with idiots and their lies are evident to you, so no need to disprove them. on the other hand, while that policy is great for yourself, it leaves all those in the dark who don’t have that underlying sanity. actually fighting idiots makes you look like an idiot too and is a waste of breath. if i fight, i want to fight a worthy enemy, not a worm. yet for the weak ones, you look like you caved and they will further worship a woman’s bitch shield and arrogance as unbeatable strength.
          fathers would have been the solution. the only men whom men can really wholeheartedly trust when they grow up. i think it’s too late to save everybody now – err, to make everybody save himself.

        2. My argument on fighting them is just saying “NO!” and ignoring them overall. (I agree you can not fight with those who are irrational.)
          Of course my argument on fighting them as should can’t take place thanks to the MSM who treat these nuts like brave, heroic patriots. And I guess that is root of problem. We should just be laughing and ignoring these cunts but are instead having to put up with them — out of fear of backlash — courtesy of the MSM who’ve given these degenerates far too much advancement/ power.

        3. i like this concept: the best explanation for sjws is that they grew up defending a joke, because nobody told them it was a joke. of course that would make them sick in the mind.
          come on, girlies as leaders. ha fucking ha. it actually is funny. but so damaging, too.
          when i grew up, i was like a fucking sponge. after getting into fights and getting kicked out of elementary school, it was joyful to me to prove to everybody how coy and nice i can be, how i can change and be the good boy. i was so DAMN PROUD. course. men like to learn, right? adapt. but i never could quite keep it up forever and felt guilty for that.
          had i used that energy to learn something productive instead of learning to be like a girl…

    3. These guys need to tell her to STFU! That’s all. Go back and continue what you were doing.

  4. This deluded Twitter happy harpy will be happy to hide behind any one of these future warriors in the event Canada ever gets invaded by the Visigoths or Mongols.

  5. I’ve been forced to endure 20 years of these little hoe bags and trust me when i say that french Canadian Quebec skanks are the biggest fucking whores ive seen in my life, by far. This is the kind of hypocritical piece of Canadian garbage that will perform 10$ full contact dances in shady montreal strip joints for all sorts of hells angels bikers then will come in front of the royal Canadian army to lecture the soldiers on how to treat an “empowered lady”.
    Fuck em all, fuck em where they breathe.

    1. Quebec is filled with lefty wing filth whose entire identity is bitching about “The Man”, i.e. anglophone Canada
      It’s the same kind of scenario that causes Ireland and Scotland to be left wing
      I say let the frenchies go independent so they can crash and burn

    2. I get a Chuckle when Modern woman advertises herself as a whore, then gets flustered when Men come to Collect, and now women are leading the Moral charge in society dictating right and wrong, even though women are living Contradictions and can’t decide for themselves what’s up or down, yet somehow they know whats best for everyone else,…Go figure.

      1. yup lol, women change their opinions as often as they change pair of panties. These ultra-coddled little excrements can’t even rule their own used up vaginas and now they’re gonna elect a female president. Come november 2016, you guys need to get the fuck outta dodge lol, imagine the stratospheric entitlement of american women when this doomsday scenario comes to fruition. I would rather die than live in a country where a female president is elected.

        1. lol and you would be wise to do so.
          Id rather live in the worst roach-infested gypsy village and snort bacteria infested water than…. Need i remind all of you that come november 2016, you’re going to find yourselves in a world of hurt? I think the actual ramifications of that hasnt fully hit you yet. Heck, even i on the other side of the border, am afraid of the shockwaves. I think ill move somewhere in the sahara desert and invest in a camel riding business when SHTF.

        2. Come november 2016, you guys need to get the fuck outta dodge lol

          Way ahead of you. If good old CFR-owned Hillary wins the presidency, Operation Smash the Patriarchy will move ahead at warp speed.
          Imagine, if you will, Hillary donning a 9″ strap-on, to continue long-dicking America in the ass. It gives new meaning to the “I’m Ready For Hillary” bumper stickers I’ve been seeing.
          I hope you men are getting your affairs in order. I heard Dominica’s citizenship is dirt cheap.

        3. We had a SJW Feminist Prime Minister in Australia, she was so inept and hopeless her own party actually voted her out.

        4. I would rather die than live in a country where a female president is elected.<<<
          overstatement…but i think you’re just out of wit if you choose to do so, but then again this is internet where you can say something that can glorify yourself, or end up the opposite.

        5. when that hillary cunt becomes pres, all guys living in the US will be dead inside, so my statement is not that far fetched lol

    3. Canada in generael is full of feminist whores.. but I agree that Quebec women in particular are some of the biggest sluts there are. I suspect it has something to do with the left-leaning, strongly feminist political and media culture that celebrates female whoredom as “empowering” and the strongly secular, anti-religious sentiment that is in general part of French culture as a result of the French Revolution. Quebec is obviously not France but it cannot help but be strongly influenced by its mother country given the common language and theinfluence of French culture and media in Quebec.
      As Canadians might already be aware of, the anti-religious sentiment in Quebec also it has its roots in the anti-Catholic sentiments that grew out of the history of the Catholic church in Quebec. As everyone in the manosphere should know by now, the only thing that can effectively constrain women and keep their feral, whore nature in check is religion. Absent that, you have the modern Western female .. unchecked and celebrated for her whoredom.

      1. Religion keeps the whoring in check, a loose blanket control and allowed a permissiveness to shame and discourage whoring. Individual males kept it under control and punishable on a case by case basis.

    4. In fairness, I believe that she’s from Ontario ( Quebec women may be bad, but Ontario girls are right now some of and at certain times definitely the worst in the world. Ontario men like Mystery and Tyler Durden had to invent modern Game 1.0 they were so bad.

      1. yeah ontario girls are just as shitty as the “quebecoises”, and as an added shittiness bonus, are ugly as fuck as well. At least the quebecoises have harmonious, feminine/european traits because they’re descendents of french prostitutes and colonialists, but ontario is pure anglo garrishness mixed with canadian third wave feminism, not a good cocktail at all. I was looking at some dating profiles of chicks in Vermont, and noticed immediately the instant boner-reducing catastrophes that they are. All fat and butch as hell, bad skin, bad teeth, some weird alien like facial features and all farm girls with horses.
        A FAR CRY from romanian women in my home country.

        1. I have to agree. Interesting idea on why Ontario women are often so incredibly ugly while Quebec women are often quite cute.

    1. hahahaha……i don’t get it , i know it’s an analogy…but i still don’t get it.

      1. When you’re a sexual harassment expert, everything looks like sexual harassment. 😉

  6. The audacity of this creature is mind blowing. I want this on tv so the world can witness the idiocy at play.

  7. Sadly, in af least one thing, she was not wrong. Being drunk yourself (as a man) is specifically excluded as defense in canadian criminal law. Additionally, while ‘drunk’ does not equal ‘incapacitated’, it IS cause for arrest, thus publication, and trial, along with the attendant expense and stress. Really, that alone is like, half of the total punishment meted out in most cases.
    Sure, she sounded like a nutbar. But that was because she more or less accurately portrayed the canadian justice system to a bunch of blue pill white knights. Crazy as that sounds…

  8. Why was a feminist invited to speak there in the first place?
    This is a symptom of an overtolerant society. When some idiot claims that X has a “sexual harassment problem”, the institutions just accept the accusation and does whatever the equalist wants because they’re afraid of ‘looking bad’.
    Folks, an important part of strength is not feeling shame when you tell a complainer to eat shit and die. These people may be military men who are brave in the face of outside enemies, but they are mentally soft against domestic traitors. Get some practice and start gatekeeping today

    1. Because the politicians in charge of them are quite frankly, afraid of the sjws. Hell the sjws have enough seats in parliament to require this sort of tom foolery without ever admitting what it is.

    2. It’s a society that has been brainwashed, any form of disagreeing will get you ostracized.

    3. Yeah I don’t get that either. Why do institutions give femiretards like her so much importance? Why don’t they stand up to women like these? Someone, at sometime will have to take a stand to stop this shit .

    4. Bingo. But she was invited because a moronic corrupt politician insisted on that policty change. The moron was elected by weak men and rebellious feral women.

      1. She stays up all night worrying about all the men that want to rape her.

      2. “Harassment, harassment, harassment”, That’s what women like these scream all the time. I know women like these. Some days ago I was in an exchange of wits with a super stupid female troll. She was an idiot and a delusional. However when I pointed that out, do you know what she said?
        “STOP HARASSING ME!!!”

        1. There’s a big possibility that they are not beautiful. Beautiful women everywhere get ample attention from men. They don’t have to resort to trolling on a men’s site, just to get a bit of attention of men. It’s only ugly, low esteem land whales who do this.

        2. You should have slapped her in the face. Then got her with a backhand on the follow thru.
          Seriously. That’s where this is going.

        3. yeah, it’s obvious. the occasional beautiful one who started hating men after a break-up might do it, too, for the few days until she gets new cock supply.

        4. It’s getting too bad dude. Even if you just disagree with a woman, or criticize her, she will say that you her harassing her. And women and white knights will of course listen to her.
          This wimmin, though was trolling on the internet, so I couldn’t slap her. Hope in the future we have some kind of a virtual system through we can slap people on the internet.

  9. When did Men of the West Decide that women should be the Moral Designators of all things? Why do Men of the West take Moral Guidance from woman? Events Where a woman comes and Dictates to Men whats Acceptable and what’s Not, How did this Happen?

    1. We chose it in exactly the same way the Roman Empire chose to collapse – through a long, subtle process of disengagement, alienation from what made us great, and exchange of superiority for sympathy. The road to our hell is paved with ill informed, trendy best intentions.

      1. I agree, and somewhere along the line Man decided to Replace God with his own version of morality.

        1. We collectively lost our sense of direction. Indulged our weaknesses and engaged in a radical reordering of society. Fuck tradition. Fuck a process that shaped social rule and order through trial and error for generations. Fuck sense. Nope, we decided we’d flush it all like a day old turd and replace what worked with a shoddy jumble of post-modernistic bullshit.

    2. The answer: When some men decided that money was more important.
      We see everything today is geared towards pleasing or pandering to women to get at the almighty dollar. People do know right from wrong…but many want the money, first, so they decided it was ok to put up with a lot of bullshit from women to get at her dollars. Once society starts to tell women to shut the fuck up and sit down….then things will change.
      It’s like we’ve given a 5 year old money and we’ve let them loose in a candy store (while telling them how special they are all along the way). If more people would tell them the truth, to sit down and shut up or to mind their own business (instead of white knighting or bowing to them) then we could get back to a normal way of life.
      As it is, this nonsense will continue until men are ready to take command.

  10. I believe those are Green Berets in the Top Picture, My cousin in the AirForce has seen a couple, he said they Look like they have Murder in their Eyes, he said they are a Real Badass outfit, a No Bullshit outfit.

    1. US Army Special Forces are some of the best men you will ever meet. Don’t expect them to be big conversationalists though.

  11. I don’t care what the “facts” are, especially when they come out of the mouth of a female.

  12. I befriended a female NCO who was from my home state who was also the EO for the battalion. She told me once that 95% of the EO complaints are dismissed out right due to the fact that a male NCO ordering the female troop to do her job doesn’t qualify as harrassment.
    I wonder if that is still the case?

  13. Just a thought: What if these women are sent in by the government to cause problems and weaken our military?

  14. imagine having women as commander or general trying to lead the battle… it would be a DISASTER. I really feel bad and sorry for the US military having to be forced to accept women. (No offense to any military veterans and anyone in the military)… I have high respect for the military but it’s unfortunate that women have to ruin everything men are doing.

  15. Here’s the bitch on Canadian TV on a show about “Gender-based Harrassment.” This is what we have to put up with on a daily bases here… feminist bitches and Gender Studies specializing snowflakes who are taken seriously and their white-knight manginas pandering to them and expressing sympathy for their “traumatic” experiences:

    You here that men.. she has not one but TWO degrees in Gender Studies. That’s Canada and feminist women here for you.
    Translations of Mz Lalonde’s complaints: because the men pushed back against her stupid, simplistic and one-sided arguments, and didn’t lap up her feminist bullshit like good, white-knight manginas, they’re “misogynistic” and they are part of “rape culture.”
    Thank goodness for Margaret Wente’s level-headed comments.. although she’s wrong that the Hydro One guy should have been fired. He wasn’t the one who yelled FHRITP.. He was a bystander who simply laughed at a pretty funny albeit crude joke while he was drunk on his day off. And even if he was the one who yelled FHRITP, that’s not “misogynistic” behaviour. That’s just guys being guys.. being stupid and funny. I thought these were “strong” and “independent” women . .apparently they’re so fragile and delicate that they get so offended and traumatized by stupid crude comments by guys.

    1. All part of a broader social disintegration man…words mean whatever the fuck they want them to. A woman is raped if you look at her funny. She’s harassed if you don’t give her 50 bucks for getting outta bed. Male privilege means having the right to pay alimony till your balls are swinging past your knees.

  16. Going by that picture she’s relatively attractive for a feminist. Too bad she’s an openly prejudiced and hypocritical feminist, victimizing herself one minute then claiming to be strong the next.

    1. She’s used to getting her way by throwing a tantrum because of her good looks. The wall would not be so nice to her.

    2. i just posted her real YouTube interview. do a search for her real pix. this pic has nothing to do with the way she really looks.

  17. You join the millitary to kill Rape and pillage. Come to find out you can’t even offend someone or ask them to prove the point they are expounding upon. You must just sit there and listen to some chick drone on about rape and how somehow some way males get assaulted by males more than females with no objections allowed.

  18. Damn. It would appear that the military has it’s priorities backwards. I cannot imagine that at this rate, in the years to come, the US military or any other Western military will have the capacity to defend, let along wage war, against ‘enemies.’ The military is too busy eating itself.
    There appears to be no accountability in any of the Western institutions; from Govt, corporations, military, etc. This will not end well for the the West. The dysfunction really appears to be speeding up, and there is no bulwark against it whatsoever. The current perverse ideology of victim-hood is really tripping over itself. It’s really going to alienate a lot of people. I have a terrible feeling that Islam will start looking better and better to people and fill the void for some kind of order that people naturally want.
    I fear that dark times may be ahead.

    1. Probably not going to be Islam that does it. But once you see sizable numbers of skilled workers emigrating to China because of the better business opportunities there, that’s when you know the time has arrived.

      1. Good point. Islam is pretty extreme for most rational people. I truly never thought I’d live to see the day where Russia and China look more reasonable than the US. The US is proving to be one of the more backward nations on Earth. It’s one thing to have a sick, fruity, backwards culture. It’s quite another thing to have a backwards business culture. The US is not indispensable; not by a long shot.
        The rest of the world is going to pass the US by.

    2. dark times ahead?
      if one is brave enough to consider it, islam may actually be an improvement over the current state.
      why is it a terrible feeling to choose the best option out there?

        1. by now, i would not fit in with any ideology.
          i know a few muslims from a rather traditional family here in germany. practically all of them are very productive people / businessmen and enjoy the benefits of traditional relationships with young and beautiful women that they have all for themselves. the more i think about it, the more the burka aspect makes sense. what’s really the great benefit of having girls with all those freedoms? looking at them on the street and enjoying the sight? oversaturation. but looking forward to your hot girl at home and knowing you can do whatever you want with her and she will gladly oblige? man.

        2. I have no doubt whatsoever that the vast majority of Muslims living in Western nations are very traditional and productive people. But keep in mind that they are living in Western nations and generally abiding by Western laws, mores, etc.
          Muslims living in the middle east and other poor regions are not quite as productive and civil. They’re freely chopping peoples’ heads off because there is no high tech Western police state to stop them. Keep that firmly in mind.

        3. i have no agenda in defending muslims generally and even my muslim friends told me they would kill if they thought allah told them to do it.
          nevertheless, i don’t think you can generalize this. ISIS and those groups are a part of it. hell, if you consider them the military of islam, it’s not even that bad. at least it’s honest. war is disgusting and it is all about death. no need to sugarcoat. and their honor codes? they might actually keep them sharp.
          if everybody was like isis, it would be an inherently unstable society and probably get nothing done. that said, i have not studied history well enough to make qualified assumptions. i can only conjecture from what i have experienced.

        4. That is a balanced response. Nobody really has all the information. I know that I don’t. We live in truly unprecedented times; unlike any ever seen before by so many different standards There is really no way to accurately predict the future. I’m sure the future will be stranger than any fiction though.

        5. well at this point, it looks like it’s people like you who are way bigger problem than any feminists.

        6. nope sorry dude. there’s no point in serious discussion with feminazis, cultural Marxists – and people like you who promote Islam and “burqa”.
          p.s. and what if that “hot girl” under burqa isn’t hot at all, her pussy stinks like rotten cucumber, she doesn’t enjoy sex and can’t come no matter what you do? it’s not like you can check it before your happy marriage anyway.

        7. why don’t you spare us both the hassle and come straight to the point, bro?
          it would indeed be unfortunate. then again, i do not think that the men don’t get to see their wives before the wedding. would need to inquire.

      1. Islam is just as bad as Leftist culteral Marxism, although different they are two sides of the same coin. Both want to dominate and will destroy any one who disagrees with their ideology.

        1. Going extreme the other way isn’t the answer though. In many Islamic countries you and me would already be killed for some of the opinions we’ve expressed on ROK.

        2. the only thing i want in Islam is being able to have several legal a wives, its like being An Alpha Lion…provided that you can afford it of course.

    3. Let the Dark Times come. More to the point, let them come to me that my children may live in peace. Go ask those of us that have been through the military’s crucible what we are. Some of us may have been out forty years, we will tell you that at heart we are still soldiers, and always will be.
      Whatever evil comes. I will not fear it. I will be there after it is dead when it is time to rebuild.

      1. No offense to you, but I’m not content to rely on 65 year old Vietnam vets to protect me. They served proudly during their era, but their era is over. Any serious fighting must be done by the 18-30 year old group; sadly, the younger men in the US don’t look like they could fight their way out of a paper bag. Also, be careful what you wish for. When the shit goes bad, all good people suffer.

        1. There is a difference between wishing for trouble and knowing full well that trouble is coming. You are right about this generation. They have been made weak and brainwashed. They are taught that white is evil and masculinity is evil and very few of them have been taught anything other than “if it feels good do it.”
          We won’t be invaded by a foreign country. What will happen is the government, in an effort to keep a lid on things, will keep turning the screws tighter and tighter on the productive so they can keep the welfare state and the prison-industrial complex serviced. Eventually, that will fail. The prison gates will open, pouring what amounts to about 2000 enemy infantry divisions lose on our soil. They will have ready bases in the areas that previously relied on welfare. They will have support from various sjw groups, foreign countries, parts of the government, and some corporations.
          The people opposing them? Well, this is my piece of dirt. You would be in shock at what some of of us old soldiers are capable of doing. We know the best tricks that Charlie and Johnny had, and we have our own twist we can put on them.

  19. It’s fun shooting these stupid feminist sjw types down. Done correctly, it isn’t even hard.
    A few years ago, one of my job assignments was training USAF personnel on the finer points of some of their equipment. In the middle of my training, I was told they wouldn’t be present one morning, and when I requested what was going to be interrupting my valuable training time, I was told they had to go to a sexual harassment briefing. I interrupted my training fro 30 minutes, outlined exactly what she was going to say, and told them what I wanted them to say when she said it. When they asked why they should listen to me, “Because unlike her, I will fail the lot of you if she isn’t sunk.” I also told them that if they didn’t start standing up for themselves, their career was going to suck because everyone would push them around.
    Well, the way the story got back to me, one of the meeker ones took offense to something she said and pointed out she was full of it. Which led to the next guy having the courage to call the next one. Pretty soon, the lecture degenerated into her saying something, and the entire room laughing. This female type Air Force captain ran out of the room crying and later posted an op-ed in the base news paper decrying the lack of decorum or restraint among the male airmen. They promptly found her some position where even less was expected of her.

    1. A speaker of lies lacks decorum and should not expect it in return regardless of rank.

  20. The “expertise” of this expert is the knowledge, experience and skill of framing any situation as sexual harassment. I’d say the attendees received a real-life education.

  21. How much longer are white knight faggots going to put up with listening to irresponsible deluded cunts like this one?
    For fucks sake enough is enough. Just tune them out and show how little they mean to you. From the sounds of it this was happening in the audience.
    Anytime one of these disgusting mutants try to rape your ears just laugh in their face and walk away. Nothing else is needed.
    Now the white knights who by choice give ear to this infantile shit bird and her ilk should all be handed over to ISIS.

  22. Just leave the room, collectively. Don’t say anything, don’t start arguing, just leave.

  23. Somebody in the organisation invited this speaker to address the cadets. They must have had a reason to do so and they must have had a desired outcome in mind. If the speaker was wrong, spread the wrong message and had the wrong credentials then it was poor judgement by the person who engaged the speaker and/or the speaker herself

  24. Just based on her picture, slit her throat with a hockey skate and dump her in the St. Lawrence River. Je suis Canadien.

  25. Women’s Studies major, huh? If a man said “excuse me” while accidentally bumping into her in the bar line after the ceremony it would be sexual harassment

    1. Just giving her a glance when she doesn’t find you attractive would be considered sexual harassment nowadays.

  26. As the French say “Sois belle et tais-toi.” — Be beautiful and SHUT UP!

  27. How the fuck is she an “expert” with just an undergraduate degree?! At least get a Masters, even if it’s the satanic women’s studies one!

  28. When I was in the service “experts” like this would never have been given any time by anyone least of all the command structure. The disturbing thing is that was a mere decade ago and in such a short amount of time the entire system has been throttled by catering on so many levels.
    I could sit here and tell you guys several stories but the one that sticks out the most to me is during my final stretch before my honorable service time ended. I was reassigned and stationed in UT and quickly gathered a group of friends both AD and civilian. Anyhow, among them was a guy we all likely have in our group. Good guy, a bit of an exaggerator but never causes any trouble more likely to avoid it at all costs than engage in it. In the service we had a rec room called a “day room” where there were pool tables, etc. I got off chem training (will never forget this) and had just had my anthrax vaccine (first round of them by the way – they make a person feel like utter shit). Upon entering the day room there were SP (security police) asking questions to numerous people about the “rape” that took place the day before which, apparently, involved the guy I was talking about.
    I had seen him the night before and he was playing cards with a group of people of which no girl was involved. However, as the SP talked to me (OSI actually – Office of Special Investigation) it became clear who the girl was and she was extremely well known as a “dorm ho” and someone Mike (the guy) had shut down on numerous occasions even going as far to (literally) pushing her off of him when she accidentally on purpose spilled beer on him so she could “clean it off”. In other words, she was a skank, plain and simple. An attention seeking skank and, to top it all off, she was being discharged for underage drinking and attempting to solicit herself for sex (ie: whore herself).
    I explained the numerous “events” I had witnessed with her to the OSI agent to which the OSI agent was already aware. So it looked like an open/shut case of “go fuck yourself liar”. Mike had been on six drops with us although being a year behind and was also a PJ (combat control – although a few classes behind as I said). While I don’t know the specifics I know two things:
    1) He denied the entire thing and was with his quasi GF at the time of the alleged “attack” (off base of all places – as in, not even remotely close).
    2) She later recanted upon her discharge day and admitted to making it all up because he:
    a) Reminded her of her Father
    b) Denied her
    (The implication of those two things…..)
    Anyhow, so Mike was in prison serving time (about 6 weeks by that time) for rape and was released when she recanted, however, he was STILL discharged. Yes…. I am not kidding… STILL discharged. Why? Because the military had already filed the paperwork and an article ran in the Air Force Times about it. In other words, they didn’t want to look bad, make the wrong thing right, and protect a young man who already had a Purple Heart and two service commendations among them a wartime ribbon.
    Now? From my contacts in OSI and abroad it is much worse. I have a contact at Travis (CA) who claims false rape charges pop up weekly.
    Do you want to hear the most ironic part about all of this? I am sure many of you guys are around my age range so you will remember what I am talking about. Do you recall the days when if we heard about some guy hurting a girl or, worse yet, saw it, we would swoop it and beat the ever loving shit out of the guy and then…. it was over… no issue, case closed? Now if I was walking down the street and saw a woman being smacked around I would, literally, have to fit my natural inclination to “step in” because, honestly, I just don’t have a single shred of faith in the way things used to be in terms of the guy being the aggressor or the girl not doing something before hand. When we’re younger and full of piss and vinegar we, as men, do what we can to assure people (both genders) are okay if we run into something like that but now…. no….. it’s simply too dangerous for guys like us. We are more likely to be blamed for helping than actually be given our due with a simple “thank you”.
    Now it’s all about catering to this fag or that skank or sweeping actions under the rug while targeting one specific group. Anyone who doesn’t see that is either stupid beyond belief or isn’t looking as it is the most obvious thing I have (literally) seen in three decades.

    1. We have an old saying that I learned from my elders (long ago)….mind your business. That’s what all men need to learn how to do, today, because it really isn’t any of your business.
      I understand it will be hard from many men because they’ve been brainwashed but here’s how to keep it in perspective.
      Chivalry is dead because there are no more ladies.
      Keep that in mind (and mind your own business)…it will work like a charm.

      1. Oh I do now, I am simply putting into perspective how times have changed so rapidly based on these radicals and the catering.

        1. Agree…and it’s sad how they’ve changed. Many, today, have been brainwashed into believing that feminism is a good thing. They don’t want to see the reality for what it is…..women getting a leg up in society, today.
          Each time you point it out with facts (to a feminist, SJW or white knight) it’s explained away (hamster) or it’s deflected with “look at men”..blah, blah, blah….
          They’ll argue just to be right….even if it cost them their life.

  29. Best place to ‘draw the line’ is with anyone who expresses support with anything remotely connected to feminist ideology or terminology as all they will ever do is hamper anything productive being accomplished and just suck up resources and waste everyone’s time, and worse get rid of high quality people and bring in more garbage like them.
    I hope the brigadier has learned his lesson

  30. There is no standardized credential to show that someone is a “sexual harassment expert”. It is just self study and self-aggrandizement. That’s not all bad (lawyers sort of work that way; game designers, movie producers and other media can be similar) but she obviously brings her own subjective biases and ideology to the situation, and has no feedback loop to keep her in check. If a lawyer consistently fucks up cases, judges and the law society come down on them; if game designers make shit games or movie producers make shit movies, then the market comes down on them.
    For her, when she does a shit job there is no objective measure to tell her just how shitty she is. She can turn the whole thing on its side and say that RMCC is shit, not her.

    1. Exactly. Her PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT cycle misses the check & act parts.
      That’s why she can believe her own press.

    2. Indeed. This is the reason employers often give annual performance reviews to employees. It should be done without bias. No sugar coating and to not hurt the employee’s feelings. All criticism are intended to be constructive, to point out areas you are deficient and to improve.

  31. Diversity is NOT a strength. It just destroys everything it touches==that’s the idea.
    This SJW is just a parasite. Demand these people earn their OWN way or go away.

  32. What is truly amazing about Lalonde is that she seems to hold the belief that she is more important than a Brigadier-General. This springs from her belief that she “knows things” that a Brigadier-General doesn’t, like how Al Gore tells kids they “know things” that their parents don’t. This is where the real danger is exposed that our corrupt education system poses to our society. These “women’s studies” ideologues in academia are turning our society’s girls against us and watermelons like Gore (green on the outside, commie pink on the inside) are turning our children against us. This is no small matter.
    Great article Alexandre d’Aragon. Bon travail.

  33. What? A girl from Ontario acting like an entitled feminist cunt?!? THAT’S UNPOSSIBLE!
    I’m glad to see some Canadian men finally standing up to this nonsense.

  34. How bad are things when your daughter can get an IUD put inside her in the 6th grade without your consent or even your knowledge? Pretty fucking bad. This is a symptom of “education” turning children against their parents, like Julie Lalonde’s hatred of men is a symptom of her “women’s studies professors” turning women against men.

  35. Being an “expert” on something so unsavory really reeks of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  36. It seems to me that offering a platform in the military for these leftist nutjobs to spread their hysterical hyperbole is not conducive to the production of combat worthy troops. How can you expect cadets to deal with enemy fire and the trials of combat when you’re poisoning the ranks with the mentally ill preachings of brainless morons like Lalonde? What are they going to do in a combat situation when they come under fire? Throw down their weapons in a screaming rage and storm off the battlefield screeching nonsensical bullshit about mysoginy, sexual harassment, and the woes of patriarchy?
    It’s one thing to have useless screeches like Lalonde in a public forum It’s quite another thing for military commanders to actively sabotage and undermine the strength and cohesion of their units by inviting toxic outside influences. Especially when those toxic influences have worthless qualifications called “wimmins studies” degrees.

  37. That has a very easy solution. Getting back for the men the RIGHTS, a thing we gave to women and that they should never had. Women are irrational and manipulative, therefore they have to be kept in their place, that is, from the bed with open legs to the kitchen and the other way round, no voting, no right to work, not anything. God created men superior to women, and if you don’t believe in it, nature did, its proven.

      1. i forgot to say, I will reinstate death penalty for gender violence IN BOTH WAYS so therefore we will not have to spend millions of dollars, euros, rubles, in trying to made a normal man of a son of a bitch, or maybe castrate them painfully (same the opposite way of course if it happened) its like in the godfather “why you do not beat your wife?-she never gave me a reason to do it. But no, I am the retrograde one just because I am against abortion when I kicked a voluntary ignorant from my class because he was telling jokes about pregnant women and that was totally bigoted, while the feminazis of my class were all laughing because they found his jokes so funny.

  38. Oh the irony, a harassment expert gets harassed. I’ve noticed that many female “experts” usually become victims of what they’re rallying to prevent. A girl I dated ended up becoming a Tumblr feminist and couldn’t shut up about rape and teaching men not to rape (After we broke up, thank God). But even after being all about rape prevention, she suddenly couldn’t stop getting raped. I doubt any of her stories are true, but if they are then she’s either the unluckiest girl on Tumblr or she has no situational awareness. Emma Sulkiwicz was the same way, she was the head if the anti-rape committee at Columbia and then supposedly got raped.
    A logical mind would assume these girls would know how to avoid rape or be prepared in the event a rape does happen. But no, rape is never their fault so they can be as lax in their safety as they want. I wonder if they lock their car doors – It’s not their fault if someone steals their radio or the car itself because men should know not to steal cars even if they have the opportunity to do so.

  39. Women’s Studies=Lesbianism=Mental Illness. Hands down, you meet anyone who has a Women’s Studies degree and if she’s not bull dog lesbian, she’s a “floater” living between gay and normal worlds recruiting other women to the gay lifestyle. I’m 55 years old, and have never seen an exception to this phenomenon. And the women with that degree cause the most trouble in workplaces, if not by attacking the “Patriarchal Constructed Workplace” then by constantly sexually harassing the other women.

  40. Way back in the day, I attended a military academy. They had a series of lectures that we all had to attend after dinner, about 4 times an academic year. The purpose was to expose us to a broad spectrum of opinions on the issues of the day, and make us more rounded individuals. So, in his wisdom the commandant scheduled Gloria Steinem. Now this was in the hey day of second wave feminism around 1970.
    Now this occurred a year before I got there so this is second had reporting. I believe it is true because just prior to the first lecture during my freshman year the commandant gave us a long lecture about proper behavior and being respectful of any presenter.
    On to the story. It seems the dessert for that night included oranges, which the students were allowed to take out of the mess. This was most unfortunate. At some point where Gloria was waxing eloquent about how abusive all men were and how they objectified and oppressed all women, a student started to toss his orange up and then catching it. Soon the entire student body was doing the same. The crowd was a sea of bouncing oranges. For some unexplainable reason Gloria found this to be intimidating.
    The entire student body was punished for this offense. Every student had to write a letter of apology to Gloria. However, none of this had any affect on the opinions of the student body nor did it instill any contrition.

  41. If you would like extra cash of about 50-300 dollars each day for doing an online job from your couch at home for 3-4 hours daily then this may interest you…

  42. Good, I’m glad to hear of the whole event. The more times this happens, the sooner the whole thing will blow up in their moronic faces and we can flush the whole farce down the toilet where it belongs.

  43. Wow… yet ANOTHER twat where I’ve never even seen her before but I’m blocked by her dumb ass on Twatter… what a cunt.

  44. I wanted to join RMC in high school. This coudlve been me if I had bothered with the extracurriculars needed to get an ROTP scholarship.

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