FSU Quarterback DeAndre Johnson’s Dismissal Shows That It Is Open Season On Persecuting Male Athletes

Florida State Freshman quarterback DeAndre Johnson was dismissed from the football team today after a security video showed him punching a female classmate in a bar. The incident happened last month, at which point Johnson was suspended, but after the revelation of the video he was permanently kicked off the team.

Breaking down the confrontation

Predictably, the narrative plastered all over TV was “College athlete slugs female student” leaving out any context or details that led to Johnson sticking the girl with a right cross.

In the essence of fairness, your humble correspondent is going to break this down for you:

0:05 – Johnson looks to politely ask a female to his left to allow him through to the bar

0:07 – A different female student to the right whips around and says something to Johnson, who ignores her and tries to maintain his position in line

0:13 – Female student whips around again, seemingly unprovoked, and starts yelling at Johnson

0:15 – Johnson is now enraged after having been confronted twice by the female student

0:16 – Female student raises her fist and appears to be threatening Johnson

0:17 – Johnson, not wanting to be struck, grabs her arm to prevent her from swinging.

0:18 – Johnson appears to be warning her not to swing at him and continues to restrain her

0:22 – Female student uses her other fist to punch Johnson

0:23 – Johnson retaliates by punching the female student back

That breakdown is a long way from “athlete hits woman.” But men here know the SJW agenda all but guarantees men will never get a fair shake in the court of public opinion, and increasingly in the court of law.

Clearly the girl was the aggressor in this situation. But, as usual, her responsibility is shoved to the side with cliches like “he should have just walked away” and “there’s no reason for a man to hit a woman.”

The typical reaction

So a male athlete cold-cocks a female…again. It’s caught on video…again. And scores of white knights and female sports pundits jumped on the “throw him to the gallows” bandwagon…again.

Things got off to a fast start on Mike and Mike In The Morning on ESPN radio with both Mikes condemning Johnson’s actions and agreeing wholeheartedly with Florida State’s decision to dismiss him from the team.

But Colin Cowherd was exponentially more judgmental when he opined on the topic (and I’m paraphrasing here):

I’m a forgiving guy. I understand guys make mistakes, they screw up, that’s life. But if you hurt children or hit women, I’m done with you. Don’t want you as my friend, don’t want you on my team, don’t want you anywhere around me…

…DeAndre Johnson should have just walked away. Life’s not fair and women aren’t held to the same physical standard as men. Be a grown up and walk away. You’re a Division I athlete. Act like it.


I’ve listened to The Herd with Colin Cowherd for almost a decade, and for my money he is easily the most talented sports talk radio host of our time. He has a unique take on social issues as they apply to sports. In a word, Cowherd is nothing short of brilliant and that’s probably an understatement.

But he too has jumped on the SJW train, and it’s disappointing because he drops red pill truth on his show just about every day. One would think he’s just toeing the company line to keep his $2 million annual salary, and I wouldn’t blame him.

However, on issues pertaining to domestic violence he is uncharacteristically close-minded. It’s black and white to him. As far as he’s concerned if a man hits a woman he’s in the wrong 100% of the time no matter what the circumstances.

Cowherd’s attitude is prevalent in the minds of sports fans and sports media alike, and this is what ignites these pseudo lynch mobs when the shit hits the fan between a man and a woman.

Something unexpected…

Let’s go back to my morning bike ride—the time I listen to Mike and Mike in the morning. The two Mikes are going through their usual battery of berating the athlete for hitting a woman “regardless of the environment or circumstances” when they decide to start reading Twitter reactions to the situation.

The first one they decide to read is from a woman named Linda. Mike Greenberg reads the tweet:

Our first tweet comes from Linda who says “The female student shouldn’t have put her hands on him in the first place. If she doesn’t hit him, she doesn’t get hit.

Dead. Fucking. Silence.

I sported an ear to ear grin for what seemed like a solid five seconds of dead air as the Mikes were no doubt trying to think of a way to explain away Linda’s assertion that cut right to the heart of the issue: This woman brought this on herself.

Linda was dead on. If the girl doesn’t swing on Johnson, Johnson doesn’t swing on her and that’s all there is to it. You saw in the video that she was ready to get physical from the onset and Johnson did his best to de-escalate the situation by restraining her and preventing her from hitting him. We all know what happened next.

Cowherd was the next to get a dose of truth from a woman. Angela called in and gave Colin an earful about how the female student was every bit as responsible as Johnson was for the incident:

She shouldn’t have hit him. You can’t expect to hit somebody, man or woman, and expect them to sit there and take it. Now he was wrong for hitting her like he did but if she doesn’t hit him in the first place have we’re not having this discussion right now.

The sharp and quick-witted Cowherd is much quicker on his feet than Mike and Mike and managed to rebuttal Angela’s accurate assessment with more of the same black and white, bull headed rationale and got her off the phone (well…cut her off) to further drive home his point.


Men and women alike are beginning to publicly acknowledge this is a two way street

The fact that two women were allowed to share opposing opinions of the overall narrative that Johnson was the only one in the wrong was not only surprising, but showed that once again women know women. And when it comes down to it, women know deep down that most domestic violence situations are a two-way street.

It is officially open season on pro and amateur athletes

It’s actually been open season for quite a while. Ask Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy, who was never convicted of what he was accused of but was suspended for the first 11 games of the 2015 season by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell anyway.

Greg Hardy


Ask former University of Alabama football player Jonathan Taylor who was falsely accused of domestic violence and dismissed from the team immediately and not allowed back after his accuser not only recanted her accusation, but was later arrested for filing a false police report. Taylor has yet to find a spot on another college roster.

These and many other cases, including Johnson’s, is further proof that athletes are not just targets for gold diggers, but targets in general. The fact that a woman hit an athlete, and that athlete retaliates by hitting her back, and the athlete is the only individual punished or charged with a crime, sets a dangerous precedent.

Any woman at all can do just about whatever she wants to a professional or college athlete and get away with it while the athlete’s career is threatened and sometimes even ended by so much as an accusation, much less a video of the incident.


The bottom line is that if she hadn’t put her hands on Johnson, Johnson would not have put his hands on her, as Linda the tweeter summed it up. Nobody’s condoning hitting women, or saying domestic violence is okay. But it’s clear at this point that in most cases women are every bit as culpable for shit hitting the fan as the men are.

It’s no coincidence that in the two most publicized cases of athletes’ violence against women that have been caught on video, the woman was the aggressor. Janay Rice put her hands on Ray Rice before he knocked her out in the elevator and this petulant college chick punched Johnson before he punched her.

Ray and Janay Rice in the midst of a media firestorm in the wake of the release of the elevator video

And if you think these two women throwing the first punch in these cases are exceptions to the rule, you’re kidding yourself. Men rarely hit women for no reason and these two cases shine a light on this truth that few people outside the manosphere seems to want to grasp.

SJWs obviously want Johnson to endure every type of punishment short of deportation, but State’s Attorney Willie Meggs only charged Johnson with misdemeanor battery. Johnson turned himself in and was released on $500 bond. So much for a “heinous crime.”

One might think that DeAndre Johnson’s college career is finished and most of the time you’d be right. But new reports have surfaced that the woman Johnson decked called him a nigger and that there are witnesses who are willing to testify to this on the stand.

Only time will tell if there is any truth to this but if these reports are true, it throws this saga into a whole ‘nother realm which is another discussion. For now, this could lead to Johnson getting a second chance at another university because SJWs in the racial sector will most assuredly come to his defense.

It’s getting to the point where college and professional athletes not only risk their wealth by mingling with females, but also their futures and freedom. And since athletes, amateur and professional, will always attract females in droves there will always be potential for these run-ins.

Eventually, something’s gotta give.

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615 thoughts on “FSU Quarterback DeAndre Johnson’s Dismissal Shows That It Is Open Season On Persecuting Male Athletes”

  1. If it’s true that she called him a nigger and punched Johnson, he should be able to charge her with a hate crime.

    1. There is no such thing as “hate crime” in the U.S. that I’m aware of. Everybody uses the words, but I’m not certain that the law(s) actually exist in a codified form. In Canada, yeah, but not here. That I’m aware of anyway.

      1. it’s nonsense anyway. all people with undesirable traits found a union and suddenly it is a hate cream to dislike them for that trait. fat people are part of the fat union, black people have their nigger union, poor people have their poverty.

      2. I believe there are hate crime statues on the state level, if the crime is racially motivated. I could be wrong though. My question has always been aren’t crimes of violence hate crimes. When a Blood kills a Cript isn’t that motivated by hate? When a woman kills her husband is isn’t that motivated by hate?

        1. If there are I haven’t heard about them, at least here in Ohio. Not something I’m up much with though, too much crazy shit going on full time now thanks to Leftists for me to keep track of everything, heh.

        2. I think the purpose of special hate crime laws was mainly to deter white groups such as the KKK and Neo-nazis form targeting minorities mainly blacks and jews. It’a worked out quite well, as white people in general are terrified of being simple called racist or begin accused of bigotry. Even the formerly white superiority groups claim they simple want to be separate now as they know they can get decades upon decades extra if they assault a minority ,because the state won’t have to do much to prove it a hate crime. The problem with addressing a very small problem that they had before with extra laws protecting minorities over the majority is that now the crime statistics are way out of proportion when looked at for race. Black criminals know that white are hesitant to defined or fight against them and take advantage of it. Yes, Hate crimes are a ridiculous concept. All violent crimes are violent and we don’t need to be trying to judge the subjective hate involved in such crimes. One law for all people should be the goal, but right now we have certain laws for certain people.

      3. Look up 18 USC 249 at uscode.house.gov. Title: “Hate Crime Acts”. These laws exist. Pay particular attention to subsection (a)(2)(B), which details how virtually any crime along these lines falls within federal jurisdiction.

    2. My understanding is that for a hate crime to be charged, there has to be evidence of premeditation. At least that’s the excuse given when “urban youths” aren’t charged with hate crimes against whites, despite racial epithets being said.

      1. The only thing I ever hear is “racially motivated” or “not racially motivated”. I cannot find an instance of “hate crime” statutes anywhere in the States. This isn’t to say they don’t exist, but I suspect I would have heard if they were explicitly written. Or not, who knows, lots of shit going on these days, hard to keep track.

        1. Ghost, these hate crime statutes have been on the books in a number states and localities for years. I am against them wholeheartedly, especially since they’re never applied in cases of black on white racially motivated crimes.

    3. ‘Hate crime’ law has language in it defining victims being classed and victimized by race, religion and gender, the same language they use to word equal housing or employment policies. So a hate crime could be charged against ‘GENDER?’ based attacks?? (It could be thrown at every one of US without any limit defined). It is a slippery slope dealing at all with the establishment guard whatsoever. The same system that ‘serves’ you will no sooner turn on you and bite you. Anyone who’s been through family court learns to NOT TAKE THEIR BAIT. They’re all scumbags in there. Lawyers included. They’re all cannibalizing on your family and your jewels especially. Keep the shit slinging down and just remember names and faces of the enemy. If you can get their hooks out of your spouse and get your bunch out of there safely, you’re lucky. You’re dealing with THE DEVIL in there.
      I wouldn’t even consider asking the establishment schuysters for their ‘aid’ and I would spit on them and their services. I hate the system so much, why I wouldn’t even sic them on my worst enemy. I’d feel better about myself and my soul by simply taking matters into my own hands. If it be called vigilante, then so be it.
      Every action you take working within a corrupt system only perpetuates the system and sets another precident where the system mechanism takes predominance over the individual – – in this way we see individual liberties and authority irreversibly usurped by the system. Only dismantling of said system reverses the precidents set. There are only a tiny number of exceptions that exist to government voluntarily returning liberties that were siezed, like prohibition, which was originally countered by ‘vigilante’ bootleggers, many from within the ‘system’ surprisingly.

  2. The video reminds off the time when I was young lad having a temper tantrum and I would punch one of my older brothers. Guess what happened. Yup, that’s right, I got one right back with much greater force.
    These women act like children thinking that their actions can do no wrong.

  3. Oh that was a love tap. An athletic guy like him could have hit her hard enough to kill her. He didn’t even knock her down – just gave her a quick and well-earned pop. All he did was put her in her place.
    His biggest mistake was not covering his ass. Immediately following that altercation, he should have exited the bar, called the cops, and reported that HE had been assaulted by a crazy lady.

    1. That’s what I was thinking too, either:
      A) he doesn’t know how to throw a proper punch (which I doubt)
      B) he held back quite a lot, notice she didn’t go down?

      1. Exactly, that was just a tap.. just turning her head a bit to smarten her up.
        If he had walked away, she probably would have just been emboldened, and followed him.
        I wonder if that bespectacled hipster on the right abandoned his bar spot to go and white knight himself by confronting DJ.

        1. Haha probably, typical of white knight, go tattle tale. “Hey guys, I stopped a guy from beating up a woman in the bar tonight.” Oh cool man, did you kick his ass? “No, I told the bartender and he called the cops and threw his ass in jail!”

  4. I’ve said for a long time that this whole “Wonder Wymen Grrrl Powah!” crap is going to get more and more women seriously hurt. They literally think, these days, that they are the equals to men in strength and fighting abilities, and are starting to get aggressive. Hitch is of course, that they find out immediately that men can clean their clock with little effort whatsoever, and reality comes crashing down on Princess Warrior’s head like an anvil in a Roadrunner cartoon.
    Bitch got what she begged for. Enter a man’s world, expect to be treated like a man (a saying a friend of mine from Texas says on occasion when asked why he bitch slapped a chick who hit him first).

    1. But here’s the kicker (no pun intended) as soon as princess finds out that in fact she’s not a warrior she gets to cry “but I’m a girl!” and the white knights and feminists will come rushing to her aid. In a moment we go from 2015 to 1950 as soon as it suits the female imperative.

      1. Yeah, I know. Over at Breitbart right now fending off the “man up!” TradCons who dismiss rule of law if the violent criminal owns a vagina. Link above I think.

        1. Inside every TradCon is a feminist. Both view all women as damsels in distress, both advocate separate rules for women, both hand out pussy passes like ice cream and both expect us to “man up.”

        2. Those guys are so predictable over there. It’s actually hilarious as they twist around reality, they even try to dismiss claims of her striking first with “why is he even in the bar anyways”

        3. I was over there last night, and I like Breitbart, but the white knights were in full swing, it was mind boggling.

        4. They really were. It’s a site I frequently visit, and all I saw was what you describe.

        5. I’ve been pretty much fed up with conservatism and patriotism for being blue pill. I’m not going leftoid either though. Fuck it all. Nothing is going to save us now except every many looking out for himself and saving himself while this fucking ship sinks.

      2. Hell, they even starting coming to her aid during the video (phones in hand of course).

    2. It isn’t just the “Grrrrrlllllll POWER!” mantra at work. It is that girls have been seeing and hearing all their lives that men should not hit women. They’ve been taught it is okay to hit men because men did something to deserve it. “If he didn’t deserve it, I wouldn’t be hitting him,” goes the hamster.

      1. Good addition. With all the mental gymnastics it shouldn’t be much of a surprise when a woman looks shocked if she is hit back. She was told she was in the right for kicking men in the nuts Her whole life.

      2. I’m seeing it more on TV than ever before. Commercials for sitcoms and movies where a female is either hitting the guy or kicking him in the balls.
        Commercial for New Girl a while back showed her punching male roommate in nuts several times.
        Commercial for a CBS sitcom also showed female wife punching her husband in nuts.
        Commercial for Get Hard shows the wife hitting husband several times to portray him as a pathetic, weak man.
        Then what’s fascinating is how one of those DV/ End VAW commercials airs shortly after which target men as being sole culprits in committing DV.
        I’ve said this a few times before: Imagine being a parent of a little boy and he’s seeing this blatant double standard on the Tube. He’s told never to hit a girl while commercials show women hitting men left and right. How does a parent answer his question, “Why is it bad for a boy to hit girl but okay for girl to hit boy?”
        It’s evident to me people are really getting sick of this shit. Have you looked at the comments via that Youtube video? It’s flooded with people calling out this double standard. This notion that a woman can assault a man and the guy cannot defend himself is absolutely RIDICULOUS.

        1. All those commercials portray only manginas & not “real” men!
          Real man will not hit a lady ! But if a feminazi slut hit you, you hit back hard like you would at a man !

        2. I called that crap when I was a kid and no one in my family was capable of explaining it.
          The best excuse anyone of them could come up with was, “It’s ungentlemanly. Don’t you want to become a gentleman?” Which worked until the school year would start.

        3. The term ‘gentleman’ implies that the man is ‘gentle’ (broken and tamed). A ‘gentleman’s’ club is a place where there are rules of conduct in which men must sit with their hands in their lap as if they were hogtied and gagged. They’re not allowed to ‘touch’ as some naked slut takes the man’s cap off and smears her ass funk onto it and then places it back on his head. Local vice white knight scum cops are usually present to enforce the ‘broken man’s’ law, ensuring that male patrons behave gentle and tame. Hey, if some chick smears her funk on my cap, damn I’m liable to grab one of her feet and use her pretty painted toenails as a handy nut scratcher. Fair is fair.

        4. Gentleman is relegated to the days of chivalry, woman wanted equality and feminism, they got it, there are no ladys, gentlemen, lords and kings in the 21st world of egalitarianism. We are all equal, white black, gay, straight, male female, purple, you don’t get special treatment anymore.

        5. My dad explained it as simply son, you’ll get in trouble. This is a woman’s country, its not like old country, if you hit a woman here you’ll get arrested and cops might beat and or kill you.

        6. I’ve met plenty of females who agree with us on ROK’s … that if a woman is going to kick a guy in groin and hit him for no reason, she has 0 right to expect him NOT to hit back. I’ve met mother’s of sons who are sick of TV shows, movies and commercials displaying women assaulting men. And these mothers fully see how anti-male education and other aspects have become.
          You know … from my experience, the ones who always argue “a man doesn’t touch a woman” (even when a woman is beating him) are black women, fatties and vile feminists.

    3. Wasn’t there a recent teenage U. S. boys soccer or hockey team that beat the National ladies team?

      1. Yep.
        I also believe that the two tennis playing Williams sisters were thoroughly trounced by a low ranking male tennis player. Just prior they were bragging how they could kick any man’s butt at tennis.

        1. One must always remember that the answer is only important if you’ve asked the right question.

        2. Back in college in the late 1980’s there was a German guy in one of my classes who was on our University tennis team. I asked him about Steffi Graf who was the number 1 woman’s player at the time. I asked him if he thought he could beat her. He said, “Sure. No problem” He explained that he had a friend who would sometimes hit with her, and he told him that Steffi might win a game or two off of him in a match, but he would likely beat her something like 6-1, 6-0.

    4. Just like the stupid idiot who drove through a lion sanctuary with her windows rolled down and got mauled to death by a lion, so women must understand man’s natural instinct to protect himself once sufficiently threatened. She’s lucky he didn’t really land a punch to her face and knock her out ala Ray Rice.
      These bitches need to understand you don’t get a free shot on any man who’s not completely been castrated by the society at large. They better end this open-season-on-men shit before one of them really gets hurt, and the guy is charged not with battery/domestic violence, but with attempted murder.

      1. Its pretty stupid, it wasn’t punch for punch. She punched him, pushed him, kneed him in the balls, and him him in the chest and he punched her once. He had way more control than I would have had, I would have beaten her unconscious.

    5. Hey Ghost, Nice to see you here too. 🙂 And you are right, women are truly believeing all the construct BS of feminism. Physics is hard and hard on the face if you don’t understand it. This is clear she hit him he responded in kind. I would sue her for battery if nothing else to clear my name.

    6. Makes me leery of going to bars when I see/read stuff like this. Cunts
      rarely need an excuse when they’ve been told it’s ok to slap/punch/kick
      men in the nuts all their lives with no retaliation….. add copious
      amounts of faggy appletinis and multi-flavored fruity shots of vodka and
      the cunt transforms into the wildercunt. So much for equal rights equal fights.

      1. If you look at cases where there’s video of female harassing guy, her hitting him and him finally striking back in defense, even if she is amazingly charged with assault, he’s routinely charged with assault as well.
        Remember that viral video of chick harrasing/ slapping guy on NYC subway and him slapping back? I read she was charged but spent 0 days in jail. However … The guy had to spend 4 days in prison and was charged with felony assault. When I say men don’t have right to self-defense, this is what I mean. It’s either endure assault by woman or face felony for DEFENDING yourself!
        I seriously cannot take this fucking double standard and madness anymore. Women essentially now have a right to assault men and men don’t have right to defend themselves.

        1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. And trying to explain this to TRADcons or hypocritical liberals is an exercise in futility. They basically plug there ears with their hands and repeat the mantra “a man should never hit a woman” over and over and over.

        2. There was some remarking how bad it was over at Breitbart per this story. I’ve said before feminists are empowered by the backing of TradCons with this absolutely ludicrous double standard. I think TradCons are totally unaware how vile women have become. I suspect if many of these asses were being harassed and assaulted by a modern violent woman, they’d too snap and strike back in defense.
          The idea of a physically stronger male not attacking an innocent woman is something I don’t disagree with. But I absolutely disagree with idea a female has right to assault a male and guy cannot strike back because she’s a woman. What enrages me every fucking time with these cases is how the MSM flat out ignores woman initiating violence to pump the “men never hit women” bull fucking shit.
          Ive had it with these fucking TradCons and progressive liberals literally promoting women get pass to assault. Makes me sick and I’ve absolutely HAD IT with this shit!

        3. I am done with bars. Bars and clubs have become gynocentric feminist havens. The bouncers are the ultimate white knights. They will throw you out over a woman in the wrong. The bars charge men more money and higher cover. There is nothing in a bar for a man. You go to have a good time and a cunt knees you in the groin just for trying to order a drink and have a good time.

    7. Agree. Women walk around thinking that they can get away with anything and not be charged (or hit). I’d have done the same thing. Once any person poses a threat, then it’s one.
      These women only act this way because they know security, police or white knights are around to help out. It doesn’t matter. Let this shit happen to me (a threat, someone raising their hand as a threat, etc…) and she’ll get knocked the fuck out.
      Enough men do this to women and they’ll get the message. Come this way…but at your own risk.

      1. The problem is really that a lot of women truly feel an ownership of your personal space. Even women who hardly know you. They do not hesitate to use it as a tactic for manipulation.
        Perfect example: women’s “playful” sucker punches on first dates. In my experience, women usually do this when they can’t win an intellectual battle–when you’ve turned their ridiculous game and shit tests around on them. It’s like they’re saying, “OK fine, I’m not wittier than you, so if I can’t win this battle intellectually, I’m gonna win it the only way I can–by doing the only thing you can’t do back to me: hitting you.”
        Recently, I was at a gathering of sorts, talking with a chick I’ve been semi-involved with. Suddenly, her gross friend I had only briefly met once before came up and started playing with the bill of my baseball cap, as if having met me once made this intimate gesture OK. Almost like she thought I was sooo cute in the cap that I was “just asking for it”. And yes, she is doubtless one of those urban feminists. I just gave her a weird stare, and said, “…OK??”…then ignored her, and continued talking with the chick I knew. Thankfully, she seemed to get the picture.
        I don’t allow ANY leeway. If I get anything resembling a sucker punch on a date–however light–I just state right there: please don’t hit me. One time I had a rather hard sucker punch in the chest from a lawyer who clearly thought she was being flirtatious. I suddenly got serious, and within earshot of a lot of people, “You KNOW I could press charges for that. Right? RIGHT?” Under her breath, she apologized quietly to me: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry….I’m sorry.” Not a very smart lawyer…to brag about her career accomplishments, then not a minute later, punch me.
        Unfortunately, it’s like training a dog. You really can’t cut any slack. You have to control your personal space. They will not learn if you ever allow them to encroach without your consent.

        1. I say just call out the bullshit when it happens (just like you would with a man). People are too afraid to offend these special snowflakes and that’s where it needs to end. If she’s acting like an ass, then you call her on it.
          I did this the other day with some girl I just met (girlfriend of a friend). She started out talking nonsense to me (making a comment) and she didn’t even have the courtesy of introducing herself. I told her that she was too young and clueless. I dismissed her…told her to go stand over in the corner and let the grown ups talk.
          If anything, that peaked her interest because before she left she stopped by to say “see you later” to me. You have to put these women in their place when they start to act like an asshole (it’s what I would do with a man). It’s about respect.

        2. Good man! Yes, definitely about respect. Hence the dog training analogy. As far as calling things out, for me, depends on the situation. For sure, I never just let it go. Sometimes I’m super direct, and will just tell them how everything they said is hypocritical or contradictory. Other times, I play their game and copy female behavior to piss them off (since we all know women hate each other even more than they hate us)…you know, stuff like being overly fake-friendly–to the point that they suspect inside that I’m being sarcastic but can’t admit it to themselves–and then after we say bye, never returning a call or text again. It’s mind-boggling how many women think they can act rude on first dates and then have the nerve to expect a man to want to see them again.
          Just imagine…if all men stopped the ass-kissing, we wouldn’t even have to be here talking about the crap behavior! Glad you are doing your part.
          Edit: it is ironic how that kind of dismissal and public embarrassment can make her want you more. Not surprising though. Regardless, that doesn’t mean she suddenly deserves you. Once a chick has pissed me off, I really don’t want to reward her with any more attention or time, period.

        3. Agreed, a woman ran up to me and punched me in the chest with a smile on her face and said later asshole, I swiftly slapped her in the face (I mean a slap the taste out your mouth type charlie murphy slap) and said bye bitch. You should have seen the shock on her face.

    8. Even Whoopi fucking Goldberg says:
      “If you make the choice as a woman who’s four foot three and you decide to hit a guy who’s six feet tall and you’re the last thing he wants to deal with that day and he hits you back, you cannot be surprised!”

    9. I can’t disagree more, and this is the problem with young men, today. First, the 19 year old is under age, and shouldn’t be in the bar. Second, a man DOES NOT HIT A WOMAN, it’s like hitting a child or your dog. Third, today’s spoiled athletes think they’re special and behavioral rules don’t apply. Well, sorry, and fuck you, they do. In fact, since a “star” athlete is held up as an example, athletes have a higher personal responsibility of their behavior both ON and OFF the field. And I’ll say it again, a man who hits a woman deserves nothing but scorn.

      1. So let me get this straight…you equate women with children and dogs?
        You think women are either too weak or don’t have enough intelligence to be held accountable for their own actions? Sexist much?

        1. Oh, you hurt my feelings. As is typical of leftist rhetoric, you take the idea that I present: Hitting a woman is like hitting a defenseless child or your poor dog, and change it to “equate women with children and dogs.” Here’s the deal, hitting a woman is simply the lowest form a man can take. A man who hits a woman, isn’t a man, he’s a slime. Johnson deserves to be scorned, and given FSU’s reputation regarding the criminals who are allowed to play on their football team, needed to be thrown off the team. Now, let me be specific, if my daughter got hit this way, the guy would be in a hospital soon, after. However, her brother would probably kill the guy.

        2. So basically you would cheer her up for being a bitch and starting a fight she can’t win with a man..
          And, to another point: “A man who hits a woman, isn’t a man”
          In what do you base this? Because that chivalry code worked when mena were treated with respect and women behaved like ladies, not bitches.

        3. Hell, no. You got it wrong on several accounts. First, Johnson initiated contact when he forced his way to the bar. (Perhaps if he just asked.)
          Secondly, Johnson is NOT 21, he’s not even supposed to be in the bar, drinking. Aside from the movies, I don’t know a woman who can beat a young man in a fight. She’s defending herself from a guy who has grabbed her right wrist, so now she’s been assaulted, twice.
          Third, while the “chivalry code” may have worked, once, that doesn’t mean it’s not valid even if feminism. (collectivism for ugly women), says that it’s not.
          In fact, that’s even a greater reason why men should act chivalrous. The more they demand “equality” the more reason we need to stick to our fundamentals and maintain a chivalrous attitude.
          Finally, I’m a father to a tough little girl (2x black belt), and a veteran soldier from Afghanistan, who’s been taught to kill and has a very nasty attitude. If my daughter defended herself like this girl did, and the same events occurred, her brother would probably kill the guy, and end up in jail. (This isn’t good for anyone.)
          A man should understand that there are consequences to being a man, it’s nothing new, it’s age old, and it’s the way the world has always worked. Feminism isn’t going to change this fundamental. Is it worse for us? yes. Is it fair? no. However, in this specific case, Johnson is in the wrong and the comments here defending him are a sad statement on the men we’ve raised.

        4. Her brother will probably say “Finally, someone knocked this annoying bitch out”.

        5. Women simply hit men all the time in modern society because they know there is no recourse for their actions. Women falsely accuse men of rape because there is no recourse for their actions. Women are out of control because there is no recourse for their actions. Idiots like you enable this type of behavior.

        6. What kind of recourse do you want? Like it hurt you, or something. The chic didn’t even hit the asshole, she hit his shoulder if even that. What kind of man gets hurt when a girl hits you? My wife loses her temper, she takes a shot at me, it’s funny as shit. She cannot hurt me. She could probably hurt you.

        7. It makes no difference who she could hurt (I think she could hurt you, seeing as you need a bottle). You compare women to dogs and children. How do you discipline dogs or children? You sure as hell don’t let them run around doing whatever the hell they want. If my dog bites me, I’m not going to pet him and say good boy, I’m going to smack him and teach him not to do it again.
          Also, women do tons of damage. Just look at a few of the articles on this site about women attacking men with broken bottles and other weapons. One has been convicted of assault 18 times and has never seen a day in jail. Know why she keeps doing it? Your white knighting and the Pussy Pass.
          These bitches wanted equality, they deserve to be hit if they hit first.

        8. I’d use an instrument of violence, because I’m not an idiot. If I’m going to get into a fight with some 19 year old football player, he’s gonna get hit with the closest thing at hand. Dogs shouldn’t be whacked, and if you beat a dog or children, you’re just a puke and a fool.
          Women who use weapons are in a totally different category than some chic at a bar who you’ve just shoved out of the way. In fact, she should have used a bottle when the guy grabbed her right wrist minimizing her ability to defend herself. I’m not giving anyone a pass. I’m saying that a girl couldn’t hurt a guy the way that chic attempted to while she DEFENDED herself.
          And I’m telling you, you hit a chic and I’m a witness, I’m not going to just watch it happen, tough guy. All you guys here saying the chic deserved to get hit seem to see the video with 1/2 an eye, because the girl is CLEARLY pushed out of the way by this Johnson asshole. As for Johnson giving up “millions” in the NFL, you obviously haven’t a clue about the FSU quarterback situation.

        9. I know there is absolutely no reason to hit a dog or a child. Please go back to Jezebel, liberal.

        10. He asked. The one girl directly in front of him let him pass. The blonde bitch said something at him. He ignored her. When he moved forward she moved, trying to stop him for whatever reason.
          And he didn’t initiate contact. Merely stopped her from hitting him again(after the kick). So, she wasn’t “defending” herself because nothing had happened to her.
          And, about your tough little girl. She does not have to be hitting random guys to get attention. Being feminine will be enough.

        11. Calling me a “liberal” is really funny. Coming from a guy who likes to beat up girls, dogs and children, I should really be offended. Why don’t you go show us how tough you are, with the rest of the ALPHA males here who think it’s manly to beat up girls. What a fucking joke you guys are. Seriously, go get all sleeved up and flex your beer muscles for all the other guys who think it’s fine to first push a chic around, and then smash her face in while you hold her wrist.

        12. “, I’m not going to just watch it happen, tough guy.”
          You’d sit there with your dick in your hand like every one in that bar. Just like no one did a damn thing when I punched a cunt in the face for throwing a drink at me because I told her that she was fat, old and ugly.

        13. Don’t worry, pussy, because the next time you’re at a bar and decide to hit a little girl, someone like me might be there, and then we’ll see who cries like a liberal little girl.

        14. When I see someone talk so much trash, I immediately think you wouldn’t be worth much in a fight. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not usually wrong about such things. Let’s hope you’re raising your daughter to act like a lady. I’d hate for you to have to test your theories on the wrong guy someday.

        15. On her second attempt to punch him. The first attempt he grabbed her arm. She persisted. The blonde in the video is obviously stinking drunk, silly stupid with all the fiction that’s been put into her head about Girl Power and that young athlete is paying for it, not her. I fail to see how he should be so starkly penalized in his whole life’s path because of the outrageous actions of one entitled little feminist hypocrite. Stop being Little Girl’s Daddy for a minute and strap your balls back on, think like a man, and imagine how you’d feel if that was your son getting jacked up by the media, sports, school, etc. Johnson’s biggest mistake was assuming that a modern lady might act like one. I move the hell away from women like that hot mess anytime I’m in a bar.

        16. Who asked you? Foehammer. Are you another guy who thinks it’s OK to beat the shit out of girls, too? What I see here are a bunch of assholes talking about how women need a beating…so if you’re another one of those guys, the only thing I can say is, who gives a shit what you think? Now, if you’re a man who thinks hitting women and girls is not a good thing for a guy to do, then we don’t have an issue. I live in Florida, if I see a guy hit a woman, I’m not just going to sit there and watch.

        17. I don’t recall needing to ask for permission much since I left the dinner table when I was 10.
          You’re defending some hypocritical feminist agenda. That’s all I needed to see to chime in.
          Any human being puts a hand on me in violence is open to whatever retaliation my brain at that point-in-time deems appropriate. I’ve never had to hit a woman. Never met one insane enough to hit me in the face. I’m sure that day could come at the rate this country is going though, so I watch out for the crazy ones in advance. I prefer to drink in peace.

        18. Just to be clear, you don’t decide to blast her off her chair, because she’s a stupid drunk little girl, right? Nor do you push her out of the way, like an asshole, just to get to the bar, right?
          She takes a swing, misses, before you walk away, perhaps you say something snide (she deserves to be called, “a sloppy drunk”), then you laugh, and walk away, right?

        19. What the fuck, what a bunch of fucking losers you guys are…I’m done wasting my time, here.

        20. I’d use an instrument of violence, because I’m not an idiot.

          Assault/battery with a weapon in Florida raises the bar from a first degree misdemeanor to a second degree felony. The first gets you up to a year in jail while the second can be up to 15. Kind of a high price to pay for an obese barfly who should have kept her lip buttoned and her hands to herself.
          So my money is that despite your braggadocio, if you saw something like that happen, you would do just the same as every other man in that video – nothing.

        21. Hey, go beat up a little girl, today. Feel like a man. It’ll make up for the size of your dick.

      2. Please take this white knight shit somewhere else. If an adult hits another adult, he or she better be ready to get hit back.

        1. Look around, Steve, you see all the bullshit going on around you? It’s because of the kind of attitude your giving me here. The guy shoved the chic out of the way, wtf is she supposed to do to defend herself? You didn’t see the push from behind? All the guys here defending this fucking idiot? You’re calling me a “white knight” like it’s a bad thing or something? BFD, if I see a girl get hit like that, there’s a bottle on a bar that’s going to land on your head. Who hits a girl? but a guy who’s really a pussy? or a piece of shit like Johnson.

        2. The guy shoved the chic out of the way
          Either we’re watching different videos or you’re a damn liar.
          You didn’t see the push from behind?
          No, he was trying to go up to the bar, and she deliberately tried to box him out. He gets in anyway and that’s when she turns around, pushes him with her left elbow, and raises her right fist. He grabs her wrist, then she hits him with the other hand, and he counters with a right.
          So to make a long story short, your little trailer park princess was the instigator from the very start and escalated until Johnson ended it.
          You’re calling me a “white knight” like it’s a bad thing or something?
          Yes, you’re an enabler of the cultural rot that’s seeping through Western civilization. ‘Take it like a man’ and ‘man up’ for men, ‘do whatever you please’ and ’empowerment’ (with no reciprocal responsibilities) for women. It will not end well.
          if I see a girl get hit like that, there’s a bottle on a bar that’s going to land on your head.
          Well, keyboard warrioring is cheap, but acting out your fantasies isn’t. I had posted earlier on why that wouldn’t be a good idea, so all I’ll say is if you want to blow a fortune in legal fees and a good chunk of your life behind bars, that’s your lookout. Remember, whatever you do, it’s all going to be on videotape.

        3. You see someone get pushed, your first reaction is to assault someone with a bottle? Because female? You’re the worst type of bitch, one that makes other peoples problems your own. Stay in your lane, faggot.

        4. That’s a laugh, chill. If a guy like you hit my daughter, I’d kill you. It’s really that simple.

        5. I think you’d die trying. And I’m also sure your lil slut in training isn’t worth getting my hands dirty. What are you going to do about the guy that is ramming his cock down your daughters ass then back to her throat? My guess is not much.

        6. Well, we don’t know each other, consider yourself lucky. OK, off with you little boy, go beat up your girlfriend, I’m done with you.

      3. You type like someone from another age. In case you haven’t been paying attention for the past 30 years, being a gentleman doesn’t work in every situation anymore and there are plenty of times now where in fact it can get you hurt. Women and White Knights simply want everything held up to a shiny DOUBLE standard. Well, fuck that. Those days are over.

      4. You are shooting yourself in the foot. All this “BS” around us you speak of? Your opinion here contributes to it.

      5. Black men hit women because their mothers do drugs because they’re married to drug dealers who are also up-and-coming rappers.
        Our country would be better if Obama just made rap albums.

      6. If a dog bites me you best believe i am going to break its fucking nose and kick it until it is a harmless lump.

    10. I have a three hit rule, during which time I remind her that my state permits Mutual Combat agreements and her third strike is agreement to engage in mutual combat – my cell will be recording by that time too.
      Then I break eye sockets.

    11. Someone should’ve told that skeez, “Be careful what you wish for” – now she’ll never get the tingles from anyone ever again if he isn’t an athletic dark man who slugs her after she gropes his meat and takes a swing at him.

    12. Goodness me, it’s no wonder this website gets accused of breeding bitter losers. I don’t suppose i have ever seen such enormous amounts of faggotry compressed into one tiny little comment section.
      Gotta laugh at the “equal rights;that’ll teach her” brigade; i mean can you say retarded? That dude wasn’t reacting in self-defense(‘the fuck kind of faggot must you be to feel threatened by some dizzy little blonde?). Ya boi De’andre over there is just going about his daily business. You see it on twitter every time, every other vine on black twitter is of a brotha smashing the shit out of a sistah because ” yall mufukuas best believe dem bitches ain’t disrespecting dis here nigga”…..smh. Let me reiterate, this here video isn’t gonna set a precedent and it isn’t a blow to feminism. I mean i get it, i see how fucking psyched all you nerds are by this but the truth of the matter is that this video is merely what you might call a “total nigg*r move”- happens all the time really and anyone who thinks it represents a step forward for the right of XY chromosome faggots to self-defense is fooling himself badly (for evidence look no further to how well-behaved,feminine and delicate hood-rat black chicks are).
      Now i know someone’s gonna want to get on my case with some whiny shit about “vulnerable males that feel threatened by its-bitsy little females *sniff sniff:((((” so i’m just gonna say this in advance:i’m not a faggot,therefore your reasoning wouldn’t be applicable here so it’s best that you save it.

    13. “I won’t be wronged. I won’t be insulted. I won’t be laid a-hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”
      –John Books, from “The Shootist”

    14. He probably did her a favour. Now she knows attacking a man is a bad idea. I’ve seen women get stomped in bars when they picked a fight with the wrong guy.

  5. No, I disagree. We cannot allow black men to smack up our blonde hair, white skin women.
    If they need some discipline, which it seems in this case this girl does, we white European men should be the ones to administer it.

    1. Tell that to white chicks who think that they can punch black men in bars without repercussions. I blame no man for defending himself, race has nothing to do with this.

    2. In other words, the right of self defense should be allotted based on race. Is this not what the feminists do when they allot such rights on the basis of gender? I also detect the stench of white knighting in your rationalization.

        1. I ain’t mad at white nationalism. I’m a Black nationalist and respect the white nationalists (I capitalize the letter “B” because that is how I was taught. The “w” is lower case because I noticed that white nationalists do this). My only beef is the absence of principle as well as the pedestalizing embedded in his rationalization.

    3. If they need some discipline, which it seems in this case this girl does, we white European men should be the ones to administer it.

      Right…because you’ve been doing such a bang up job thus far. You’ve mollycoddled these blonde bitches to the point that they belong in asylums.

    4. If those are the rules you are going to play by then: (A) she should have had an escort going out, (B) not gone to a place with more than three blacks, (C) not be surprised that harm came to her for violating A and B, ergo it is still her fault!

  6. He should have slapped her but not punched her. It seems that today these fat ugly girls are the ones with the worst attitudes.They even bully and hate beautiful women into submission because they clearly know they got nothing on them.

    1. Why a slap? She didn’t slap him. His punch was clearly pulled and just enough to put her in her place, which she desperately needed put in.
      When you punch a dude, you don’t get to choose how he hits you back. Next time maybe she’ll engage her pea brain before going all Princess Warrior on some stranger in a bar.

      1. Having been in potentially similar situations myself, all it took is one angry and disdainful look to have them change course for the better. They were actually attracted to me afterwards..
        Nevertheless, I still think a good hard slap or two would have done the trick just fine in this case, that’s the default method to treat rebellious women. Can you seriously call the punch that she threw at him a punch? I just hate the idea that one day we might go all out of an actually physical “battle” with OUR women lol…ridiculous..

        1. That’s a military campaign that would last at least five to seven hours across the nation. Heh.

  7. We constantly hear from feminists and even many Western women that they are superior to men. If that’s the case how come they expect extra protection and laws that hand a man extra punishment for a man hitting a women that she doesn’t recieve if she hits him? If women want to act like men then they should expect the same consequences that men face either physically or legally.

    1. Funny isn’t it? We’re supposed to be outraged that Princess Warrior got put in her place after going feral, while simultaneously believing that women are as capable in combat in the military as men.
      It is, as they say, to laugh.

      1. Yep women are the equal to men in every way as gender is purely a social construct apparently yet at the same time we are supposed to be outraged that he hit a poor helpless precious snowflake.

        1. We are equal in each and every way except in physical strenght and intelligence.

        2. More like proving that their “gender doesn’t exist” theory is false with his fists.

        3. Yes gender is a social construct. Did you see that right cross she threw ? As good if not better than a Tyson cross !

        4. she merely didn’t care to beat him because she is morally superior, her inaction and tears implying: “it is so sad that you have to resort to violence. do you not see that we are the same?”

        5. which of course brings up the question why women are generally morally superior if we are all equal. questions over questions.

      2. That girl has been watching too much Game of Thrones.
        Good to see 80% of the comments on youtube are similar to the ones here. Maybe too much to hope that the SJW hypocrisy is reaching broad awareness.

        1. On Breitbart they’re going full retard on it, white knight wise. I posted the link above.

        2. “witnesses said the woman said “no” at Johnson twice before he punched her in the face”
          That’s right !. No means no. And if a girl says no, a man has to respect that. Even if he has just been called a nigger, and punched in the face.

  8. He did the right thing, she messed around and attacked him. Bitches be like: we want equality if not more but then we never pay the consequences of our actions because we are women afterall. I say FUCK to that, you want to behave like a dude and mess around, you got what you were looking for. Like my grandpa used to say, if you can’t back up your shits, then just shut the fuck up.

  9. okay, if i needed another reason to stop believing in the innocent cute girl, this is it. what a disgusting slut. he did it just right. and look how her little slut friends come pitying the poor girl. puke. no wonder they grow up spineless weasels. if you want to start a fight, deal with the consequences.
    on a side note: how come the drinks spilled all over? did her arm jerk involuntarily?

    1. I might be wrong but if you look closely, right as he is inching in to the bar, it seems like she extends her leg outwards to prevent him from moving in closer.
      I’ve seen this kind of behavior a lot from fatties. I don’t know if they do it to provoke and get attention, or they just hate to concede any sort of power to men around them. They are the type who won’t move out of the way when you are walking and you have the right of way. Their inferiority prevents them from being cordial to men, and they are in constant competition to one-up them.

      1. interesting.
        i used to be a fatty and nice guy and moved out of the way all the time. nowadays, i never do, but i would find it silly to actively prevent somebody from passing.
        what do you mean by “right of way”?
        i also have an aggressive feeling of competition towards men. i think it’s natural if you are around stronger people, to grow and prove yourself, eventually come out at the top. of course, a strong man will be more kind and you will rightly say that a weakling wants to prove himself the most, but it is what it is. a weakling pretending to be strong and acting kind and giving would only look ridiculous and weaken his position.

        1. By fatties, I meant fat women. They tend to get overly combative around men. There is always something to prove. I think it’s different with men.
          By right of way I meant for example: there is a narrow walkway and someone standing in the middle should have to move to give right of way.

        2. i see. yes, truth to that. but generally, fatties would often feel inferior and try to prove something. though, i am not sure whether it is the fat making them idiots or being an idiot that makes them fat. for me, it was the latter.
          i do not agree about the right of way. i like to use as much space as possible. unless the other person seems as stubborn as myself. it’s a fun challenge.

  10. It seems like life just goes on at that bar, everyone just minding their own business. No white knights and manginas running to rescue. Bartender keeps polishing glasses.
    Could be that no one noticed, could be that men are fed up.

    1. I think the hipster on the right noticed, and scurried off to scold DJ. He certainly looked like a name brand white knight.

      1. Hope he did. Because he can pull no card, victim or otherwise, and will just get his ass kicked for no one to care 🙂

  11. I’m usually skeptical whatever I hear a man randomly assualted a woman. I saw multiple videos and someone I was subbed to on YT claimed he bullied his way to the bar. In this video the woman is preventing him from getting to the bar, he grabs her arm to prevent her from hitting him, she then punches him and gets hit back. He was in the right.

  12. Seems like no matter what the circumstances are, a man has no right to defend himself from a woman. Society gives men 3 options.
    1. Be a pussy and let her have at you.
    2. Be a pussy and walk away while letting her have at you.
    3. Be a pussy (regardless of what you do you’re considered a pussy or not a real man) by defending yourself and then get your ass kicked by the cops or a mob of white knights.

    1. You aren’t a pussy for taking a weak little jab from a woman, holding frame, and walking away.

      1. So it’s “a little jab” now and not “an assault”.
        Pussy pass wins over rule of law. Film at 11.

        1. Sometimes you have to draw a line. DeAndre was wrong to have stepped over it. I get it, he probably got his little black ass beat on the regular by his big fat single mother. Doesn’t excuse his actions.

        2. Yes, here’s the line.
          Rule of law.
          He didn’t step over it, he defended himself. She initiated the threat of violence, he tried to stop her with restraint from exercising her threat, then she used her other hand to hit him. She assaulted him from frame one. He acted in self defense. She deserved what she got.

        3. The Most Interesting Man in the World wouldn’t have to resort to physical violence in this instance. The guy can parallel park a train for Christ’s sake.

        4. Why do you make such pains to excuse women for being feral animals? If this were a man in the same scenario, I bet you wouldn’t have jack to say about it. Right?

        5. I’m not excusing the dumb bitch that provoked the hit. Nor should you or anyone else excuse DeAndre for socking her cunt face.

        6. Well, see, I believe in self defense. She wasn’t actually hurt, she didn’t go down, she had no blood, bruises or broken bones (that have been reported) and she was getting Femi-Luvvzzz from her BFF within five seconds as she cranked up the “I’m a poor victim” tear buckets.
          He used restraint. If he wanted to actually have hurt her she would have been down in one punch and probably with smashed in parts of her skull as a gift for the rest of her life. He’s an athlete, he could have easily have nearly killed her with one punch. He didn’t. End of discussion.

      2. Actually many women would look down on you as weak for just walking away. I’ve been hit by women and done nothing only to be called a bitch later.

        1. Did being called a bitch hurt your feelings? You were right to walk away.

        2. Women do this because the hamster winds up and totally erases the fact that the weak woman had the full power of the state standing at her shoulder with loaded weapons ready to come down on the dude with both feet. They maintain the frame that the guy feared them; therefore a pussy.

        3. Maybe. But what’s going to happen the next time, and the next time and the next one? Because there will be a next time, especially if she, and other women, see that you do nothing about it, and won’t stay at that, but it will escalate quickly. After all, what is it to stop them?

      3. That’s not the way other people see it. I’ll try find a video.

      4. U don’t know if it’s going to be a light jab, she takes a bottle down on your head or gut you with a knife.. Someone attacking you, you don’t have time to measure the counterattack. Basically you attack that person back until there is no more resistance.

        1. Yep. Appears BCP has never been in a real fight as an adult. You can’t sit and armchair qb before you act, you just act.

        2. Remember that black parolee that was working the McDonald’s counter when two strong independent black women came over the counter because he was examining the bill they paid with? At first all you heard was the guy beat down two women with a metal rod. He was immediately fired and arrested. As the full video started to make the rounds that showed him telling them to back off and, I believe, stay down after the first blow, things started to change. The arrest was dropped and he was rehired with a raise.
          In the cases involving college and pro sports figures no matter how much exculpatory evidence comes out later they stay fucked over. Colleges we know are nests of viper feminazis, and no male should expect anything like fairness. Now pro sports are trying to widen their appeal to women because women are the ones that spend the money. Advertisers would rather get two women’s eyeballs then ten men’s.

  13. If I was him I’d play the race card and say she called me a dumb nigger ape or something which is why I lost my temper and hit her back, get some black activist lawyer or something. I hate people using victim cards but if I was him I’d say fuck it, society gives her special rules so why should I play by them?

    1. I was just about to say the same thing my self. Hes the got the race card in the hole. Now is that enough to beat the Feminist card?

      1. Yup! The SJWs get tripped up when you play the race card because you are accusing them of something that they think no one can accuse them of and so they are stunned. It’s important to have some fuel in the tank (supplemental information) ready for their attempted “comebacks” and counterarguments.

      2. A race card is good but a female victim card trumps all other cards. If you’re black women or black gay, you can’t lose ! It’s like playing poker with only aces !

        1. Not sure I’ve seen the race card trump the female card a few times, that video of the woman walking through the black and Hispanic neighborhood to show street harassment was one example. Instead of getting applauded for showing evil catcalling men it got heavily criticized for being racist even by feminists.

        2. “A race card is good but a female victim card trumps all other cards. If you’re black women or black gay, you can’t lose ! It’s like playing poker with only aces !”
          Remember progressives/liberals/Democrats/Marxists all love criminals, because they’re evil and love chaos and rebellion and revolution.
          Criminal > victim.
          Black skin (of a criminal) trumps (victim’s) vagina.
          Vagina (of a criminal) trumps (a victim’s) black skin.
          If a group of black men had assaulted the woman at the bar, then the media and powers that be would be covering it up, questioning what she did to provoke them, refusing to it consider a hate crime (even if they used racial insults before and during the attack), refusing to investigate, etc.
          However, since the woman attacked the black man, then it fits into their Satanic agenda to subvert society by siding with the female criminal aggressor.

    2. “Lost your temper and hit her” is always a losing argument. What’s wrong with, “I was defending myself against an assault,” which is actually true?

      1. Yea “The girl was assaulting me and calling me racist names, clearly a hate crime” sounds better.

    3. He will, give him some time. It is literally his only recourse in this society. But I don’t support it. I support him doing interviews and fighting this with the truth. He would fail, but he’d make it increasingly possible for men in the future to fight with the truth.

  14. If I was him I’d play the race card and say she called me a dumb nigger ape or something which is why I lost my temper and hit her, get some black activist lawyer or something to stir sgit up. I hate people using victim cards but if I was him I’d say fuck it, society gives her special rules so why should I play by them?

  15. There are so many themes running through these incidents that it’s difficult to settle on one. First, note that DeAndre Johnson, Greg Hardy, and Ray Rice are all black — and black Americans have a quite different attitude toward violence between the sexes. Second, the prevalent guilty-by-accusation attitude also applies to sexual, parasexual, and almost entirely nonsexual encounters — and there are persons laboring to make that attitude a matter of law. Third, consider how this factors into the sharply declining willingness of young men to marry, and the similarly declining willingness of young college men to involve themselves with young college women.
    I’m not quite ready to say that the “war between the sexes” has gone to live ammo, but I can’t imagine how much closer we could get.

  16. If I was him I’d play the race card and say she called me a dumb nigger ape or something which is why I lost my temper and hit her, get some black activist lawyer to stir things up or something like that. I hate people using victim cards but if I was him I’d say fuck it, society gives her special rules so why should I play by them?

    1. Threads like that make me sad, because it becomes clear just how many men feel women can do no wrong and will defend them no matter what.

      1. I know. They are quite the danger, on a societal level. And oddly, I’d bet 4/5 of these “men” will bitch about feminism on other threads. They literally have no clue what their actions and positions enable. Bunch of I.D. 10 T’s.

      2. No, they defend them in futile desperate yearning and hope that it will acquire them some pussay once in their life.

      1. It’s just the typical TradCon blindness on display when it comes to women. They’re all about “rule of law!” and say they hate “feminazis!” yet the moment a woman doesn’t have full legal dominion over a man they go into hyperventilating spasms trying to white knight for her.

        1. All the while thinking that women will respect them for that and they will wake up tomorrow drowning in pussy… yeah.. nothing but fake redpill posers, says I….

        2. Isn’t Breitbart more neocon than tradcon (though I think this may have changed since the founder died)?
          I’ve noticed the supposedly conservative Fox News is very feminist.

  17. All you have to do is read the comments on the video to know that the left is just full of crap.
    The ones that see through the BS write logical comments like
    “Hey, the girl pushed, kicked, and then punched the player. Therefore, she can’t complain when the same thing happens to her.”
    The lefties write something like
    “Wow, reading the comments from some of you sexists makes me really ashamed to be American! I thought this was the 21st century!!”
    That should say enough.

  18. I never read into this story or watched the video until just now. A guy at work asked me if I saw the video yesterday, I told him no and asked who hit who first. He said the girl did, and I responded “Ok, so she hit him, and he’s in trouble for defending himself?” which was immediately disregarded because “he hit a woman!” Yeah, he did, but you chose to forget the first half of that equation. This guy didn’t go up and just punch some woman. Well, my coworker had nothing so he goes with “the guy wasn’t even old enough to be IN the bar!” which I responded “was the girl old enough?” and of course he did not have the answer. I can’t fucking stand how quick people are to defend a woman they have never met just because she is a fucking woman. If I tried to assault someone (especially a woman) and got my ass handed to me (especially by a woman), almost the entire nation would collectively say “you deserved it” and that she is a survivor.

    1. Others have said it and I agree completely; White Knights are our true enemies. Women just behave how they think others want them to, the Hivemind we all speak of, it’s enabling sycophant drooling retard men thinking that they will get pussy for “defending” a woman that are the problem. Not just physically, but from a legal point of view as well.

      1. White Knights are our true enemies.. What I find interesting is they are actually a small minority. While going through (other sites) article comments, the opinions are pretty fair and balanced. Even women are on our side.

        1. white knights are a small (but obnoxiously loud and vocal) minority. they are the worst.

        2. They’re a minority? I thought every man has at least a little bit of white-knight in him?

        3. That because this anti-violence stance is clearly one sided. We seem to endorse violence from women. It may get to a point where if I want to mess someone up, the best person to hire would be a woman. She can beat him up publicly, maim him, or worse, and if he retaliates, she can cry rape and imprison him. As long as i’m never implicated the amount of people a man can take down this way would be limitless.

        4. Or Tyler Perry can dress up like a fat fucking sassy grandma and do it on the big screen for boku dollars.
          I think T.P is a tremendous douche bag but it’s funny; if he dressed as an old black man beating the shit out everyone around him he wouldn’t make a dime.

      2. Yep. The coach that cut him from the team, and the dean who backed up the coach’s decision are both men.
        The police who are failing to charge this woman with assault are probably all men as well.
        If we are living in a patriarchy, it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

      3. I agree that white knights are far more dangerous to men than even the most raging triggered feminists. Even if I was at this bar and only caught the tail end when he hit her, I would not jump to defend anyone, male or female. Maybe when I was a young man with an “open” mind. At this point in my life, I realize that if someone gets the snot punched out of them, there is more than likely a damn good reason for it and it sure as shit isn’t up to me to figure out why.

        1. I decided a while back that that was the only way to be; I may not have any idea of what went on before the incident I may have witnessed. The two parties may even have had a history that I would not be privy to- oftentimes even when a man (or even a woman) kills another person. It may have been after she lied in a court of law and the state had unjustly kept him from his kids/ jailed him for years then financially raping him and leaving him homeless and jobless with a felony conviction.

    2. Perhaps you should have responded to your co-worker by asking him (I’m assuming it was a “him”) how his sex life is since he seems to be so exhausted from defending women all the time.

    3. I’ve started turning the tables on white knights by calling them out as misogynists. They’re not treating these women as equals with equal accountability & responsibility. ‘How dare you not respect these strong & tough minded specimens?!! Giving them free passes like you would a child.’
      Verbal jiu jitsu to get the White Knight hamster logic running.

      1. I am SO going to fucking steal that.

        1. That’s an honor coming from you. Take & use freely with the blessings of the Patriarchy, haha.

      2. Haha same.
        Sometimes I refer to myself as a feminist.
        I believe that men and women are equal, so go take care of your own fucking problems bitch.

        1. It truly is the most interesting aspect of being a guy because sometimes that white knight bug comes out involuntarily. I just saw an older man, overweight, think comic book guy from the Simpsons, ask a black teen to remove his bag from a chair so he can sit. You know what is the first thing he does? He looks around for the closest woman he can find, an elderly lady younger than him, and asks Her if she wants to sit. She says no but the seat was empty long before WK stepped on the train.

        2. Behavioral conditioning I suppose. Though, if he’s that much older he did benefit from a time when women were women & cuntiness wasn’t so widespread.
          The rest of us are adjusting to the zeitgeist accordingly.

        3. This QB retaliated just as if his antagonist was a man. I mean he didn’t hesitate with the right cross to the FACE. By not “pulling his punch” or countering with less force isn’t this a sign of equality ladies? He treated this chick as his equal and belted her good. No crypto misogyny here….

        4. I used the word “equity” to describe that harsher and more honest form of “equality.” But I bet that word has been co-opted by some loud leftist minority. Marx’s Children (chiefly, leftist boomers) learned to control the language and hem in dissent. On the upside, there are many words in the English language and we can always invent more.
          If I found myself with a pistol and 3 rounds facing Dahmer, Caligula, and Marx- I would shoot Marx 3 times. His philosophy was intentionally: virulent, subtle and destructive. Those spreading it may not even realize it, and opposition to its natural divisiveness only widens the gulfs it aimed to create in the first place. General Rommel was right. There was an even greater and more lasting evil we could not unite against. And here I am off topic with Godwin’s Law again…

        5. Ditto on three lead injections for Marx. Karl Marx detested compensation for manual labor so much one of his children died from malnutrition as a result. His faggot ass butt buddy Engels (a trust fund baby himself) supported Marx financially through much of his academic career so he could “study philosophy.” This behavior is not surprising from the founder of modern leftism. The modern western leftist despises his identity, heritage, and often progeny more than any bourgeois nemesis. Please explain your reference to Rommel if you don’t mind?

        6. Erwin Rommel had two opinions he would occasionally share with his captured adversaries.
          1. He loved Germany and was a nationalist, but hated Hitler’s occultism, insane obsession with jews, eugenics, etc. He routinely disobeyed relevant orders and eventually attempted an assassination.
          2. He felt this all misdirected their considerable energy into the fuhrer’s egg chair / mustache-twirling pet projects and fighting with countries they could be allying with against the USSR’s incubating Marxism- possibly preventing its spread.

      3. Bingo, you nailed it. I’ve pulled the same trick so many times on my college campus, for example last year when some feminist minded girls and I were talking about the Ray Rice case. It was wonderful.
        Me: “So you can see from the video that his wife not only was verbally abusing and taunting him but she also hit him first right?”
        Them: “Yeah but..”
        “Then as free people living in an equal society why should he not have the right to strike someone who was verbally and physically abusing him?”
        “You just can’t hit women!! Any man who does that is a loser and a low life!”
        (Me): “As a staunch feminist, I’m personally offended by your vile misogynistic views.”
        Blank looks of shock on their face.
        Me with a small smirk: “I have spent my entire life trying to defend the equality of the sexes and I can’t believe you two are defending the patriarchal mindset like that.”
        Now they have no fucking idea if I’m just fucking with them or if I’m being dead serious. “B-b-but…men can never hit women because that’s how domestic violence happens…They’re stronger so they can physically abuse women in a relationship…
        The girls were so confused they looked like they were about to cry. I just smiled, winked, and walked away.

        1. Indeed. It’s very easy when they simply hand their weapons over to you like that.

        2. How dare those cis-gender patriarchy defenders spread lies about female inferiority?!? And way to go Arjun for defending equality!!

        3. Ha good one. You know what really scares women is that nearly all men could kick females asses but we don’t. That Ray Rice video musta scared the shit outta the ladies .The raw power of Ray Rice as he decked his nagging wife to unconsciousness and then dragged her outta that elevator like a sack of potatoes…. Whew…

        4. My friend, you are exactly the voice, and that was exactly the comment I needed to hear tonight.
          Thanks for fighting the good fight with your unshakable sense of humor.
          Arjun looks like good company.
          And I REALLY approve of that graphic!

        5. Wow, you’re on a- no doubt- feminist controlled institution of higher education?
          That is one dangerous place for a man. Thank you for defending true egalitarianism as opposed to the feminist privilege that modern feminists advocate.
          You are definitely smarter than the average bear. Kudos.

    4. There’s nothing we can do at this point. Gynocentricity is ingrained into Western culture, and the Gaystapo is shifting into overdrive. The Left has won.

      1. Please, world wide, womens rights are on the decline, only in america, that means, future is against them.
        Men have global control, so we will set the course.
        Read up, educate yourself.

    5. Its mind boggling how they keep referring to this bitch as “The Victim” while they show video of her throwing first punch.
      We all know if this girl had been a scrawny dude acting the same way, the coverage of this would be a 180. As in recognizing the dude throwing first punch got what he deserved while never once calling him “the victim.”
      It is truly enraging to know that as a guy, if a female hits me, kicks me in nuts … assaults me first and I don’t simply take it and actually defend myself, I now face threat of battery charges while the female who assaulted me is treated as an innocent victim and faces 0 charges.

  19. I used to listen to Cowherd too but I’ve stopped listening to any sports radio as it’s all the same garbage.
    I’m surprised you’ve put up with him for so long. Yeah he’s probably a talented sports radio guy but that’s like picking out one handful of poop and saying “This pile of poop is the best smelling of all!”
    He never gives his caller a chance for a rebuttal. He just cuts them off, like you said. Even worse, he continues to pile on like he won the argument after he cuts them off. You have to be a special kind of douche to be proud of arguing with nobody.

    1. No, she mistakenly thought she could run around in society throwing punches at people without repurcussions because she has a vagina.

  20. Surprised they actually dismissed the guy, since normally if it’s a poor oppressed black athlete then he dindu nuffin. (Although in this case he actually WASN’T the one deserving of blame, as the article explained.)
    In today’s liberal utopia, it’s a constant game of “who’s the bigger victim?”

  21. Yeah sorry guys, negroes hitting white women (unless they’re coal burners and therefore asking for it) is not something I’m ever going to warm up to.

    1. Every man has the right to self defense. If white women don’t want to be hit by black men, then they should not hit black men first.
      What skin color has to do with men having the ability to defend themselves is beyond me. All men deserve the right to self defense.

      1. Yeah okay there “Ghost of Jefferson.” What you think ol’ TJ would think about this shit?

        1. I could give a shit what “ol’TJ” would have thought about this.
          This is an area for men. If we excuse women acting like beasts towards certain men, but not others, then we are little better than the selective-outrage feminists.
          White women don’t want hit, then don’t hit others. You don’t like white women getting hit by black men defending themselves, then reign your white women in yourself. Stop sneering at innocent men defending themselves against feral women.

      2. This man is a white knight, like we were talking about. What he’s really doing is making an excuse for the woman.

        1. No, I simply dislike violent negroes more than I dislike the sisters of my own race. Jesus Christ on a lunchbox you guys are fucking faggots.

        2. So basically you’re not actually part of the manosphere, you’re just another boilerplate racist. Amirite?

        3. We’re fags yet you have this odd thing about black guys…I’m sure you’re big on the BBC porn.

        4. I enjoy reading the articles here and at heartiste sometimes. However, there are a couple things more important in life than “muh dick.”

        5. Like protecting lily white females…thats way more important to you. Whos the fag again?

        6. “you have this odd thing about black guys…” Yeah, they have poor impulse control and are prone to violence, among other other deficiencies.

        7. Yes, there are. Such as a man being able to defend himself against a woman who illegally assaulted him. Skin color has shit to do with it. All men have the right to self defense. All of them. No exceptions. No “muh dick” applies here.
          Don’t like the white bints getting hit by black men, then reign in your white bitches. You seem to be failing at that, so don’t blame black guys that are forced to defend themselves against your unbridled and untrained women.
          If I won’t train my dog not to bite other people, whose fault is it when it bites somebody and is shot? Mine, that’s who.
          Clean up your own house before coming down on others.

        8. Just like a feminist supporting the utterly shitty things other feminist do. What is it they say? Oh yeah, “I have no problem with this.”

        9. I would suggest that self defence is something that everyone is entitled to.

        10. Totally, bro. They commit HUGELY disproportionate amount of violent crime in this country. For example, blacks commit approximately half of all murders in the US, while being 13% of the population. You whittle that down to males between 15 and say 35…you’re talking about probably 3% of the population.

        11. And what does that have to do with the fact that a white woman assaulted a black man? Any more excuses for her? Where you scared for her? Poor white woman, all by herself at the bar with that scary black man knowing that he wants to rape her, she had no other choice but to hit first!

        12. You’re the one who wanted to make a snarky comment about blacks being “so scary.” I just wanted to point out that you were unwittingly correct.

        13. So is Roosh just another “boilerplate racist” for his article about the jewish role in the subversion of Western culture? (Great piece, btw.) Why don’t you try opening your eyes a bit…

        14. No, but you are. You will let your uncontrolled, untrained feral women go out and assault other men.

        15. Did I say they scare me? I just don’t like going through life woefully uninformed about something important. Interracial crime is black-on-white to the tune of about 85%. What is life really but a series of instances of you playing the odds? Best to avail yourself of all the information you can, even if modern society deems it heretical.

        16. No. And the idea that if a woman superficially hits a man he can and should clock her is retarded. The manosphere would do well to remove that plank from its platform. But hey, you do you.

        17. So far, black on white crime has not been a part of my life. I did have a few white friends steal money from me on different occasions and from my father. Go figure.

        18. A problem doesn’t exist unless it has affected you directly somehow. That’s a solid way to operate.

        19. Never said that it does exist, it has not been a part of my life, it has not effected my life. In fact, white people have negatively effected my life far more than black people have or could ever possible, it seems. I just don’t paint with a broad brush. Go racebait at Jezebel where you belong, faggot cuck.

        20. “I just don’t paint with a broad brush.”
          Yeah buddy, you’re so enlightened. Keep sitting here bitching about women all day. Their current shitty behavior is a symptom, not the disease.

        21. I am as enlightened as the man that is ok with a man defending himself against a white woman, as long as he isn’t black.
          Your feminism is showing sweetheart. Enjoy your fat entitled princess bitches known as white women, I can see how you love them to the moon and back. Kindly fuck off, I’m done biting the troll bait.

    2. You don’t want black men to hit white women? Then don’t allow white women to turn into the entitled little beasts they’ve become.

    3. This could have just as easily happened to a White guy. There’s a time and place for the racial red pill, this isn’t one of them.

    4. Then maybe white women shouldn’t be hitting people.

    5. I’m not american so I can only imagine how it must be to live with all that diversity and cultural enrichment. I know the crime statistics though, and it’s sickening how these apes conduct themselves.
      So can we say in an ideal world the black guy wouldn’t be in a white bar and white girls wouldn’t act like ratchet ass hoes on worldstar.
      But this is not a 1950’s perfect world anymore. And whose fault is it? White mens’. Because they have turned into faggy beta cucks.

      1. Not advocating the return of slavery. It is an abhorrent practice. Now, if Lincoln had lived and seen through his plan of African repatriation, that would have been ideal.

  22. This just highlights the ridiculous eventual need for men to video their daily lives. If ur not filming interactions with women and u have anything to lose ur taking a big risk

  23. I love the way all her friends crowd around her, to give her moral support after her ordeal.
    If a man copped a bit of slap and tickle like that, his buddies would probably take on the other guy, and beat hell out of him,…. or just buy him a few shots of Jack to numb the jaw, and get on with the business of trying to pick up skanks.

  24. What’s really going on there?
    Entitled white female 25 pounds overweight having a bad night is going bitchy because she has to buy her own drinks at the bar instead of some beta males offering to buy her drinks for her? That’s not fair. She’s not supposed to have to compete at the bar to buy her own drinks. No alpha is flirting with her. No beta male is opening his wallet for her. Its like other men don’t understand why she made all the effort to put on her make up and go to the bar.

    1. And some uppidy nigger is near her and white boys might think she is with him. Jigger needs to be put in his place.

  25. How do womens’ minds work?
    Girl: “Oh my God that man retaliated when I hit him”
    Friend: “Don’t worry, I’ll tie your hair into a bun”

  26. Equality in action. If any male did that, he would have gotten the same response.
    Feminists should be embracing this.

  27. I was under the impression that self defense laws allowed you to make the minimal effort to prevent further assault. For a big guy, that’s about as lightly as he could hit her, which is a reasonable self-defense response.

  28. I would suggest that it wasn’t the punch itself that set him off…
    but the stench of smug invulnerability that women seem to exude after they have just hit a man.
    Having been slapped myself in a nightclub, I have seen this look on a woman’s face before. Almost daring you to hit them back.
    Fortunately, one of my friends realized I was considering it, and stopped me. Which is a good thing, since I was a city boy living in a country town at that point, and would certainly have got my ass whipped by a dozen cowboys.

  29. Fuck this guy. Scholarship athlete, 19, representing Florida State, at a bar, punches a woman in the face. Yes, she provoked him with a weak little “punch” thrown. Maybe she did call him a nigger. He responded by acting like one. I’ve been defending Jameis Winston and hope he has success in the NFL, but this asshole deserved to get kicked out of school. I’m no White Knight. ROK shouldn’t be defending DeAndre Johnson’s actions.

      1. Would you punch a woman in the face at a bar? Call me names, I’m not budging on this one.

        1. If she punched me in the face first? Yes. Self defense is a right that all of us have, not just women.

        2. Women want equality when it suits us. The disparity between punishment for men and women must stop.

        3. Of course not. I don’t punch women, I slap them.
          But seriously I wouldn’t strike a woman – because of the consequences. If I was punched in the face, my reaction might occur before I had time to restrain myself.

    1. You are defending this beast of a woman and giving her a free pass. What she did was wrong to begin with. You seem to have left that fact out in your argument.

  30. I wonder how long it will be before “witnesses” come forward to say he “wanted to rape” her? That seems to be the go-to play in the modern feminist book.
    After all, he:
    “felt her up” (accidentally brushed her while idling up to the bar)
    pinned her arms down (to avoid being hit, she kicked his junk anyway)
    forced her into unwanted physical contact (probably fine with it at first when she was getting her empowered way, but then came regret)
    I’m sure the Socialist Justification Weenies will spin it that way given half a chance. In their minds, she was the one defending herself, guarantee it.

  31. Maybe she can spend the next 3 years protesting about violence against women, by carrying a blood spattered bar-stool around the FSU campus,…. as part of the thesis assessment for her degree in visual arts, gender studies, psychology… of whatever bullshit major she is studying.

    1. She’ll also need to make a video re-enacting the whole thing (from her perspective, of course) as way of showcasing her “defiance against the patriarchy”.

  32. A physical powerful athlete strikes an average woman, and she pretty much walks away unscathed. He showed restraint in response to her aggressions, otherwise she would have ended up in the hospital with serious injuries.
    His mistake, striking. In that situation a pressure point or wrist lock would have stopped her.

    1. “His mistake, striking. In that situation a pressure point or wrist lock would have stopped her.”
      Agree but perhaps he does not know how to use a pressure point or wrist lock to stop people. He only knows how to punch, its an instinctual action and basic way to defend one’s self.

      1. A man should have the right to stand his ground when provoked! Women need disciplined as much as children!
        If she is tough enough to throw a punch, she is tough enough to take one!

        1. Paul, can’t disagree with you but I have also seen in some situations when one person is much bigger and stronger than the other person and that other person provokes, or pushes, or even throws the first punch, the bigger stronger person knows they would beat the other person to a bloody pulp and decided against hitting them and used another method of defense. Just saying that hitting a person back isn’t always the best nor only way to defend your self.

        2. She wasn’t in a bloody pulp, he barely hit her, she didn’t even go down and she was standing without blood or bruises and getting “You poor girl” lovezz from her BFF within five seconds. In other words, he used minimal force and then walked away to prevent further violence.

        3. Im not saying in this scenario that she was beaten to a “bloody pulp” but certainly she could have been. Also not disagreeing with with you GOJ about her barley getting hit, all I am saying is that sometimes people who are of much more physical strength can use different forms of self defense. Now on the other hand this woman who got punched now knows that she is not very strong and maybe should not resort to physicality to resolve her issue.

        4. How would he know if she’s a martial arts expert or not and could potentially break his arm ending any possible career in football?

        5. One of my exs use to pull a knife out of me. I took the bitch down before she could stab me with a knife! If the police found out, I would be in jail for keeping myself alive!
          This bitch could have pulled out a gun, you just don’t know. From martial arts, my trainers always told me, if there is a threat, you never wait for it, take action to save your life!

        6. One of my exs use to pull a knife out of me. I took the bitch down before she could stab me with a knife! If the police found out, I would be in jail for keeping myself alive!
          This bitch could have pulled out a gun, you just don’t know. From martial arts, my trainers always told me, if there is a threat, you never wait for it, take action and save your life!
          What this guy did was CORRECT, he tried to control the threat on his life, she throw a punch (she could have had a knife/gun, bitches are crazy these days), he stop the threat by punching her.

  33. While I have no sympathy for the girl who got her face caved in(you don’t poke a tiger and then act shocked when it mauls you)Johnson is a moron for taking that swing. Situational awareness is a big part of life. You are a division one athlete, you know what’s going on, you have something to lose by swinging. This is a classic example of winning the battle but losing the war. Hopefully this guy learns from this, and gets another shot somewhere after he sits for a year.
    I used to listen to Cowherd once upon a time, he’s the furthest thing from red pill, he’s a shameless panderer. He will back the feminine imperative when it best suits him. SVP on the other hand used to spit a lot of knowledge, especially when he was single.

    1. He didn’t cave in her face. Nobody called an ambulance. He didn’t even knock her down.

      1. You’re not a bright one, aren’t you? The phrase wasn’t meant to be taken literally, you can replace it with any phrase that refers to someone taking a shot. She may have not gone down, but he got a shot in.

  34. Times are changing, I think he will likely sue the FSU and the girl if hes smart, now the allegation is that she called him a niger, well see if that plays out. But overall, I think the facts will prevail in this case and she will get her day in court for swinging either way, courts are wising up, women dont get the benefit of the doubt like they used to, a judge is not the media, you just have to get them to that court room.

  35. She got what she had coming. Sorry. Don’t put your hands on other people if you cant handle the same in return.

  36. Look at the video again. At :14 or so when he’s making his way to the bar she gets cunty and shoves her hips and legs in front of him.

  37. When the video starts, Johnson is approaching the bar and she cuts him off and shoves her way in front. Then she immediately gets belligerent when he starts the long journey around her fat ass.
    Notice she’s trying to knee him in the nuts right before she throws a punch?
    She was belligerent a hostile from go.

    1. He was clearly invading her space at the bar and was inconsiderate about it.

      1. Never been to a crowded bar, huh?
        “Invading your space” and “inconsiderate” are not legal license to commit assault. Sorry.

    2. She sexually assaulted him by groping his meat, then got violent when he told her to unhand his johnson.

  38. According to court documents she also tried to “knee him in the midsection.” Hard to make out in the video but you can see something come up waist level at about 0:19.

  39. It seems like white woman victomhood is overpowering black victimhood in the media.
    I really feel for these black athletes. How many times have we seen them get fucked over by white women and society takes the side of the broad.

    1. Well, now we just take away his livelihood and education (if he was studying). They used to lynch them for not tolerating shit from white women. Progress, right?

      1. Actually, used to lynch them because white skank naturally be cravin BBC aka darkmeat aka Mandingofruit.
        The white race is cursed with WhiteKnightery to compensate for penis envy – which is another malady they have in common with wimmenz, whilst the weaker of darker complected mens sometimes fall victim to CaptainSave-a-ho-dom.

  40. If you have any kind of money or status, simple interactions with women can ruin your entire life.
    It used to be only getting married without a prenup could fuck you, now its pretty much any interaction with any female can be used as grounds to destroy you.
    Women now think they can challenge you physically and they’ll get away with it

    1. Simple interaction? I’m sorry, but no white kid would behave the way that thug did. Except for a Jersey shore guido.

  41. At practice yesterday I had to tell my boys that just like a hundred years ago when there were different laws for people with different skin colors, today there are different laws for men and women. Yes, in our schools females are fighting at younger ages and with three times the frequency as males. Of course these facts are all ignored.

    1. The problem is very simple, we are a violent species. A lot of the violence is and should be done by men because we also respect the power of those stronger than us. Women inherently do not respect the power of violence as on a primal level, they would never need it to make peace. All white knights are suggesting is men should never hit women, or exert violence when like any species, the ability to exert violence is exactly what is needed to keep peace.
      To your statement, there are only two powers at work today, women and the state. It would be wise to guard your sons with knowledge so they can protect themselves from both when the time comes.

      1. RHA,
        I coach and teach in inner-city CA. Ten-fifteen times a year I give a male the lecture on how a man has to walk away when women abuse verbally and strike. Unfortunately, I end the speech with “That’s just how it is.”

        1. Why? Would there be an uproar over this guy hitting another guy who weighed what that woman weighs? We only care about “fair fights” between men and men and women and women? But a gangster 220 lb thug jumping a 110 lb nerd is “just how it is”?
          That’s fucking ridiculous. You can teach it all you like, and while I agree, that is how it is, the current state of affiars cannot persist. Either you’re “above” violence and stay out of situations like this, or your not.. And you start a fight, expect to get popped.
          Women cannot have it both ways. I know that’s what they want, but it simply cannot continue like this. Either they “become men” and are as open to violence as we are. Or they go back to being women and start acting like a fucking proper member of society.
          Also, Roosh. The video ad that’s imbedded in the site (right under “Tip Jar” on the right side of the screen) isn’t coded right. It causes browsers to “jump” back to focus on the ad every time it changes. It’s fucking maddening, you can’t read an article without it jumping back and forth every time.

        2. You describe this event as if there were no aggressor. If you pull out your six shooter, loaded or unloaded, there will be a reaction, size and sex not mattering.

        3. and your message is ACCURATE! Women aren’t innocent, however, FORCE is not a necessary tool to employ when facing an emotional woman, REASON is. Walk away is the way to handle this. In this case, Johnson FORCED his way to the bar, and initiated physical contact. He was in the wrong. Besides, he’s 19 and the drinking age here is 21, he shouldn’t have been where he was.

        4. Men drinking underage is part of football just a females drinking underage is part of college. All that aside, we have empowered the illogical woman and neutralized the rational man: violence is the only byproduct of our current male/female dynamic.

        5. …which is why we need to concentrate on the fundamentals, and completely ignore the feminist bullshit. Problem: men have been enabled to act as boys well into their 40’s. Reason: women “rule the roost.” Solution: Do not give in. Demand that men be raised to be gentlemen, take responsibility for the health of their bodies, learn to drink alcohol, correctly. Don’t be a fool with drugs for idiots, stay away from women who treat themselves as sluts. Don’t accept aberrant behavior from fellow friends. Respect their mothers and fathers. Defend discipline and military standards. Accept personal responsibility for the body politic.

  42. Uh oh. All the special little babies of mama SJW are growing up and fighting each other. Which ones going to be the most favorite?

  43. Screw that cuntrag’s “feewings” after getting decked – what’s with the faggot bro bartender sporting the overalls with no shirt??

  44. I beg to differ. Women and men ARE different, they should NOT be judged by the same standards, especially not when physical violence is concerned.
    Men should not hit women, even if they hit first. He wasn’t in any sort of danger – he’s an elite athlete, a man and black at that, probably 3 times stronger than her. He could have easily protected himself by pushing her away, or just holding her.
    The idea that men and women are the same and should be treated the same is a cultural marxist virus. Gender equality is an entirely evil concept, and it doesn’t matter that there are feminists out there who believe in it. Real men should not follow feminist rules.

    1. It’s women who want equal treatment. And rule of law applies, or it doesn’t.
      If you wish to hold women as children under the law, and I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with that, then fine, but let’s do it. Keeping law on the books that only men can be prosecuted under while women get a free pass to act like barbarians is wrong on all sides. Either restore the Patriarchy to its fullest extent, or accept the current system and treat women as “equals” under the law.

      1. I’m not talking about the law, I’m talking about common decency. It’s blatantly obvious that he was in no danger whatsoever. He simply had no reason to hit her. A man who hits a women when he doesn’t really have to is a loser.

    2. So he just lets her punch him some more? And when he catches a finger or ring in the eye, ending his football career, “oh well, at least you were a gentleman” is his consolation?

      1. Given how feral and dangerous women are becoming, walking away is the last thing you should do. Dudes are getting glassed and women are getting off the hook for ruining their faces.

    3. “Men should not hit women, even if they hit first”
      Yeah, speak for yourself white knight, you go get your ass whipped by a woman and see how much ‘respect’ you’ll get from other women for being such a ‘gentlemen’. I love guys like you, you just make it easier for guys like me to fuck YOUR girls

      1. He didn’t look like he was in any danger orlf getting his ass whipped. And if you actually read my comment you wouldn’t call me a white knight. Your ability to discuss is SJW level.

    4. I agree! We need completely different laws for men and women! However, let’s let the men write them!
      Your post is so ludicrous, illogical, and flat out, stupid. Are you a troll?

      1. Troll? Nah, He excuses women hitting a man but condemns a man for defending himself. He’s your average rank and file white knight.This is actually the normal mentality of men when you step back in the matrix

        1. “White knight”? From here on out I will refer to them strictly as” male feminists”.

      2. I don’t think any laws at all should be involved if people slap each other in a bar. It’s a question of etiquette.

        1. I agree. Unfortunately, everything is subject to litigation in our manner-less age. As you can see from my avatar, I am a big fan of The Wild West…

    5. Unless you have a bit – or maybe even a lot – of training, it isn’t the easiest thing to restrain someone without hurting them. when they obviously are not holding back and are willing to take any cheap shot they see open up. Johnson is a football player, not an aikido master. Not taking that reality into account puts the onus back on the initial victim – the defender – to walk away for fear of getting raked over the coals because some belligerent shit took a poke at them and would not back down.
      Nobody would buy this if a 120 pound guy started it, and got smacked down. Cripes, if some little guy took a shot at a land whale and then she sat on him causing internal organ damage, it would be a laugh a minute.
      PEOPLE should be judged by the same standards under a given set of circumstances. That will result in men and women – in aggregate – being judged differently because . . .wait for it . . . THEY ARE DIFFERENT. Your reasoning is bass ackwards.

      1. Even if you disagree with the notion of treating women differently because they are women, and instead subscribe to the liberal modernist notion of individualism, you would still have to condemn him because he is so much stronger than her, as an individual. Sure, Football is not a martial art, but do you seriously believe that his health was in any way in jeopardy? Looking at the video, it looks very much like he just hit her back because she irritated him. That is not a valid reason to hit a woman.
        I’m not saying that she did the right thing in hitting him, but he really had no excuse for hitting her back at that point.

        1. That’s a good indicia of reasonable force.
          I finally found a working link to a video. He is rather clearly justified.
          HIs action was purely defensive. She has her arm cocked and fist clenched, he grabs her wrist and checks it by pushing it to her chest so she can’t punch, he then straight arms her to push her away from him. Was the justified? Well, we know ex post that she is a violent woman who has no compunction about punching him in the face if given the chance. When he tries to stop her from punching him with her right hand, it is at that point that she goes nuts and tries to wail on him with her free hand.
          He has a few choices at this point. He could let go and try to walk away which is a bad idea from two reasons: 1) that gives her two free hands to punch him with, not to mention the inevitable knee to the groin and 2) women like this will follow you and continue to provoke and/or assault you. If he has some martial arts training he could have gone for a lock or a throw, but having seen the video there wasn’t much space to do that safely, even if he had the training. He could have bitch slapped her with an open hand.
          But after almost getting hit in the face himself, he gives her a quick shot to the head, lets go, and withdraws. She was stunned long enough for him to get out of there but she doesn’t seem to be really injured. It’s not like he used even a fraction of his full strength or that he was really intent on hurting her. Under the circumstances his response was measured.
          SJWs love to say “check your privilege”, but this case really shows why women should check theirs. If this was two men or two women, there would be little question of the outcome: they would either both be charged or more likely neither would be charged. And if it was the man who was the aggressor, the video would have gone viral faster than an feminist can type “you go gurl!” Just by reversing the genders, the entire narrative changes, which shows that the narrative as being spewed it complete dog poo.

    6. You’re right! Where is this girl’s father? He needs to be taught a lesson since he raised a girl who feels it is OK to go out to alcohol establishments unescorted and one who is willing to interact with those of the African race no less! His failure as a parent and a man has his special princess putting her virgin womanhood at risk. She should know, after all, that men and women are not equal and she may encounter unkempt men of lowly character who can hurt her. For it is not the tiger that is blamed for mauling the man who enters the jungle, it is the man who is at fault who enters the jungle unprepared.

      1. Haha. . .It’s just that tigers, like women, don’t know any better and can’t control themselves.

    7. If some woman is assaulting my 4 year old son, I as his dad will use all manner of physical force, up to and including the lethal kind, to defend him.
      I could not care less about “how different men are from women.”

        1. I don’t really see why you bring your child into this. The man in the article was a grown up, a very very strong grown up man. Men are stronger than women, that is why you can’t treat women like men when it comes to physical violence. In the same way, children are weaker than either men or women and should enjoy special protection. You wouldn’t hit a child, so you shouldn’t hit a woman. If you need to hit a woman to protect yourself you are a weak excuse for a man.

        2. So if your kid is being beaten up by some deranged, psychotic woman, you’re just going to sit there and do nothing, because “men never hit women.”
          That’s lunacy.

        3. Why do you keep going on about children? There were no children involved here, and obviously i am not saying that women should be allowed to hurt children. In fact, i said just the opposite of that in the comment you replied to. You seem unusally autistic.

        4. Show me any law, rule or regulation anywhere in the U.S. containing language to the effect that use of force/self-defense concepts are different for women versus men. You can’t. Because there are none.

        5. 1. If you had actually bothered to watch the video, you wouldn’t talk about self-defence. He wasn’t in any danger whatsoever.
          2. I am not talking about laws, I am talking about common sense and manners.

        6. Yes, I agree, the woman certainly brought trouble upon herself by her lack of common sense and manners.

    8. I agree to a point – benevolent chauvinism is the correct way to view women, and some leeway is to be granted them as regards physical altercations between healthy, adult members of each sex. But at the same time I think a man is entitled – legally and morally – to defend himself from unprovoked and/or repeated physical attacks by a woman, even where the physical mismatch is severe. I just don’t think that this set of facts falls within the scope of that right.

      1. Defend himself, definitely. But there was no need for any defense in this video. Even if she tried her best, she wouldn’t be aboe to harm him in any way. I don’t know why she punched him, but it would be absurd to claim that he was in any danger whatsoever.

    9. And if he would have pushed her back, he would have most likely been attacked by any number of white knights looking to score with Jabba the Hut.

      1. Bro, he hit her with a right cross and no white knights jumped in per the video. You’re trying to artificially make punching the better option when it isn’t.

  45. When it comes to ‘gender violence’-whatever that means since gender is a ‘social construct’ according to pseudo-intellectual liberals, there’s a difference between coming home after a bender and brutally beating your woman than when a girl hits a guy 1st and the guy retaliates reasonably like the kid mentioned above.
    Violence without reason deserves punishment but reactionary violence within reason is justice. These incidences just goes to show you how delusional modern women have become due to the Cathedral successfully brainwashing these women.
    Ironically the more men that are condemned for this, the more times liberals and feminists will contradict themselves about women being equal to men. In a true equality both individuals in this incident would have been indicted and condemned.
    In observation, I found that feminists and white knights are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They never practice what they preach and they’re all bark and no bite.
    A Man will always be superior to a Women in reasoning/logic capabilities and physical strength amongst other things. No amount of ‘girl power’ and you-go-girlism’ will ever change that. If you wanna act like a man than expect to be treated like one.

    1. I agree with almost everything you say, but I cannot agree that both of these individuals deserve equal condemnation. This guy defended himself from physical violence. Self defense is an inherent right. If a man hit a woman for no reason, and the woman took it, and hit back harder in her own defense, we would say she was justified. Equality does not insist on the lowest common denominator by punishing everyone as the resolution of every situation. Instead, it recognizes that the rules don’t change just because the sex organs of the attacker and defender do.

  46. Stupid kunt got what she deserved. She was looking at him as he came to the bar. Probably looking for some black cock take out. As she was drunk her only way to get his attention was to get aggressive. She takes a pop at him, weak enough strike and he retaliates smacking her in the gob. To be honest she took the punch pretty well, not hitting the floor. But then she is a tubby bitch. They can take a lot of abuse.

    1. Well, whilst taking a BBC up the pooper in the restroom would’ve been nicer for her plans, she had to settle for getting slugged.

    2. Remember the toys that were people that were fat from the bottom 2/3…Weebles? Yeah, this cunt was a weeble like most feminists. The jingle for the commercial was “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”

    1. You should toss ESPN on the same festering body pile of networks to avoid like the plague along with MTV.

      1. ESPN should just rename themselves the Sports Tabloid Network since the only thing they talk about is the drama between pro athletes.

        1. Bringing in all the fat post-wall bitch commentators who feign having an interest in sports also makes ESPN a disgrace.

  47. I defended Ray Rice at the time since his fiance 1) hounded him as he retreated, continually hitting him; and 2) Rice was confined in an elevator when his fiance continued her attack, at which point he threw a push/punch from his back foot to repel her.
    In this case, Johnson was not confined in a space with the woman, made first physical contact, and made no effort to retreat or deescalate the situation. Johnson’s behavior was wrong, and indicative of an individual likely to become a future problem in the program.

    1. He’s not in a confined space? It’s a crowded bar! If it wasn’t he would have approached the bar well away from her.
      The only reason she’s able to punch him is that he’s pushed into the girl behind him and can’t back up any further.

      1. Sorry, a bar is not a confined space like a closed elevator. Legally he has a duty to retreat (or to attempt to retreat) before initiating the use of force, and he made no effort to retreat. Instead, he initiates the physical conduct by grabbing her arm. He’s wrong, and we lose credibility by making him the exemplar of a real phenomenon of assumed female privilege to hit men and boys.

        1. And what about the woman? Doesn’t she also have the duty to retreat? Can’t she stand accountable since she was the one starting to initiate violence? Oh, wait, she is just a mindless child that doesn’t know what she is doing, right? So the burden of being superior falls over men’s shoulders because women are too stupid.. got it.

        2. No – I repeat that he made physical contact with her first, and by the time she contemplates hitting him she’s precluded from retreating because he’s gripping her arm. She’s not blameless, but the healthy right cross to the jaw is not in any way justified. If she’s being an obnoxious scrunt but not initiating violence the correct course of action is to bring her behavior to the attention of the bar’s security staff and ask for assistance in mediating the situation.

        3. According to the article, she cocked her arm. You don’t have to wait for someone to hit you before you react – Johnson is not some emasculated NATO peacekeeper. The legal definition of assault is the reasonable apprehension of the use of force. Apparently, she threw the first punch.
          766.012(1) of the Florida Statutes states:
          “A person is justified in using or threatening to use force, except deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force. A person who uses or threatens to use force in accordance with this subsection does not have a duty to retreat before using or threatening to use such force.”
          Hell, and I got my law degree 5000 kilometres away. Where did you get yours?

        4. Yeah, except you should watch the video again and notice that she is the one initiating the violence. At 0:17 she raises her fists and at 0:22 she attempts to punch him in the face first. Only then he retaliates.

        5. Holding one’s clenched fist in the air motionless (you really need to see the video) does not really qualify as a reasonable belief of imminent use of unlawful force. In this case the genders and relative size and strength of the participants can lawfully be taken into account to arrive at such a conclusion.
          I practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and State of New Jersey and Federal Courts situate therein.

        6. She raises her clenched fist and holds it in the air for approximately four seconds before he grabs it. Her elbow is not cocked back in the fashion that one would do in order to load for a punch. It’s just silly to argue that he was in danger of any harm, that he couldn’t simply step aside and ignore her, and that his physical response was justified or proportionate – he was reacting to a sense of humiliation/indignancy unrelated to a physical assault, not in defense of his person.
          We’ll lose credibility if we chose this hill on which to die.

        7. Great, so we agree that she was the first to attempt violent acts. Now we only need to start holding her accountable for her actions instead of putting all responsability on the man
          ” he couldn’t simply step aside and ignore her”
          I insist, why couldn’t she do that, why are we only expecting the man to be “the greater man” here??

        8. No, a swing and a miss would be an attempted violent act which would justify a proportionate physical response calculated to deter the threat to his person. She simply holding her fist in the air is not.
          He has to be “the greater man” (if the roles were truly reverse and she initiated force, she’d have to be “the greater woman”) because he initiated the use of force. Grabbing her arm is a battery.

        9. If you have a non-youtube link, I would love to see it: I am just going based on the narration. I used to practice in British Columbia but now I live in China, which makes all the youtube links problematic.
          I’ll take you at your word and assume that you are a competent lawyer in your own jurisdiction, but you really did sort of ball up that duty to retreat thing.

        10. Forget it. You’re arguing with a lawyer whose job is to muddy up the situation and make white appear black and make people believe it.

        11. The problem is you’re analyzing Florida law under PA and NJ principles. In Florida, as in many states, there is no duty to retreat.

        12. No, you’re wrong. There is a duty to retreat unless he had a reasonable belief that he’d be killed or suffer grievous bodily harm. Neither of those factors apply here.

        13. Ok dude, suit yourself. I’m only an attorney that practices in a no duty to retreat state. What do I know? Continue to dispense your incorrect legal advice!

        14. I’m only an attorney that can construe a fucking statute. The duty to retreat is relieved only in the following circumstances, per Sections 776.012, and 776.013, Florida Statutes:

          (1) the person reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself, or another or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony; or
          (2) the person acts under and according to the circumstances set forth in Section 776.013 (pertaining to the use of force in the context of a home or vehicle invasion).

          None of the above circumstances were present on the video.

        15. If you’re going to claim that “I’m only an attorney that can
          construe a fucking statute,” perhaps you ought to demonstrate that by
          finding the most current version of the correct statute, reading it, and
          not selectively copying parts of an incorrect statute out of context.
          not talking about the use of deadly force, we’re talking about basic
          self defense. 776.012, “Use or threatened use of force in defense of
          person,” effective June 20, 2014 reads in full:
          A person is justified in using or threatening to use force, except
          deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person
          reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or
          herself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force. A
          person who uses or threatens to use force in accordance with this
          subsection does not have a duty to retreat before using or threatening
          to use such force.

          A person is justified in using or threatening to use deadly force if he
          or she reasonably believes that using or threatening to use such force
          is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself
          or herself or another or to prevent the imminent commission of a
          forcible felony. A person who uses or threatens to use deadly force in
          accordance with this subsection does not have a duty to retreat and has
          the right to stand his or her ground if the person using or threatening
          to use the deadly force is not engaged in a criminal activity and is in a
          place where he or she has a right to be.
          (emphasis added).
          there is no duty to retreat. And use of force is justified to “defend .
          . . against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force.” As that is
          exactly what happened here, the use of force was completely justified.
          Moreover, the provisions you cited, which are outdated, pertain to
          deadly force. But even there, you have not duty to retreat before using
          deadly force in Florida. Saying that you have to fear imminent death
          of great bodily harm is nothing more than the usual rule for when deadly
          force is allowable. If this guy pulled out a gun and shot her in the
          face in response to her punch, a duty to retreat would be irrelevant
          anywhere, including Florida, where it doesn’t exist in the first place.
          If you don’t have this fear, you can’t use deadly force. Period. And
          Florida law is crystal clear that you have no duty to retreat in deadly
          force situations either. But since we’re not dealing with a deadly force situation, all of that is irrelevant. 776.012 says that there is no duty to retreat in non-deadly force situations provided that you are defending your self against imminent unlawful force. As he was being punched, I’d say that is was both unlawful and imminent. Bottom line, there is no duty to retreat in
          So, nice try. How long have you been practicing again?

        16. He wasn’t being punched, shitdick. He ran her over from behind first, as she turned around and raised her hand, he grabbed it violently (two batteries so far), and only then did she punch in a futile attempt to free herself, after which she was greeted with the right cross (third battery). As the initiator he absolutely had a duty to retreat, and his use of force was in excess of that reasonably necessary to repel the (non-existent) unlawful force applied to him.
          Is Baez even making a “Stand your Ground” defense argument? If not, why not? Johnson should fire the guy who got Casey Anthony and acquittal and hire you tout de suite.

        17. I don’t know what third tier law school you graduated from, but in no universe is he the aggressor, and in no universe are the initial actions you point to criminal battery.
          Read the statute again. No duty to retreat when defending against the unlawful use of force.
          Bumping into someone in a crowded bar is not unlawful, nor is it a criminal battery. There is no intent to harm this person, which would be required. If bumping someone while trying to make your way to the bar is criminal battery, ever person I see in the video, including little miss snowflake, is guilty of it.
          Grabbing someone’s hand to restrain them from hitting you after you have accidentally bumped into them is also not a criminal battery – it is self defense. You don’t have an intent to harm the person, you have an intent to prevent them from harming you.
          Punching someone who has punched you is a battery, but he will be able to successfully argue self defense under the statute, because her battery on him is unlawful.
          The woman is guilty of battery here, the man is not. No “stand your ground” argument is required because this is not a deadly force situation, which is when “stand your ground” applies. I guess it has gone over your head that there is a difference between deadly force and non-deadly force, but let me reiterate, you do not have a duty to retreat in Florida in any event. I don’t know why that’s so personally upsetting to you, but it’s the law. Sorry.
          My guess is no one is arguing about his duty to retreat because it is blatantly obvious to everyone, except you, that he doesn’t have one. He will undoubtedly argue self defense, if this continues to trial, which it likely won’t. The only reason he has even been charged is because they have to look like they did something in the face of the video where a poor little white girl got smacked. The defense attorney isn’t required to argue his case to the media to satisfy the court of public opinion. But at the end of the day, no reasonable judge is going to construe him bumping into her in a bar as an “initiation” of the type that makes him the aggressor.
          You may disagree. Fine. Perhaps you should volunteer your time with the D.A. down there to try to help convict him.
          But let’s not lose sight of the fact that we’re having this discussion because you asserted that there is an unequivocal duty to retreat before you can use force in self defense. On that point, you are flat wrong. Shifting the goal posts to try to save face doesn’t change the fact that you are wrong.

        18. You don’t need to be a lawyer (although I am one) to see that words reasonable belief that he’d be “killed or suffer grievous bodily harm” is not what the self defense statute says. The standard is “imminent use of unlawful force, a much lower standard. Thus, no duty to retreat. Leave it to the jury whether his belief was reasonable.

      2. I can’t follow the youtube link, but our colour commentator mentions something about Johnson maintaining his position in line.

      3. If he would not have retaliated, I am pretty sure a white knight would have spotted the melee and jumped in on the attack. She would have continued hitting him, and a white knight would have identified the “damsel in distress” and run directly to her aid in the hopes of securing some ass for the evening. This would have inevitably led to her banging the white knight and filing a rape accusation the next day, which would have all led to a far more entertaining story.

    2. I was not aware that being in a confined space is what defines a man’s ability to defend himself legally. Most states have Stand Your Ground. Additionally, in the heat of the moment, nobody goes into full logical analysis mode. He did a great job in simply pulling his punch so as to not really hurt her, which is more than most guys would do.

      1. Everyone – male and female – has a legal duty to attempt to retreat if means of safe retreat are available before resorting to the use of physical force in self defense. “Stand your ground” applies only in a case in which retreat would reasonably be likely to result in death or great bodily harm (i.e., retreating from one person with a firearm into the line of fire of another hostile person with a firearm). Those circumstances cannot be said to be operative in this case with a straight face.

        1. I’m aware of the law. And I re-iterate that during the heat of the moment, in a crowded bar where you can barely walk without running into twenty people every yard, you’re not going to be sitting and debating legal technicalities. Bitch threatened him with violence, he tried to stop her, she punched him with the other hand, he reacted in the heat of the moment, yet even then didn’t actually harm her in any real way. Self defense, plain and simple.

        2. This:

          And I re-iterate that during the heat of the moment . . . legal technicalities.

          contradicts this:

          Self defense, plain and

          The “heat of the moment” does not excuse behavior falling outside of the defense of self defense, which Johnson’s behavior does.
          He hit her not because he feared for his person but because he was insulted by her boorish, obnoxious behavior.

        3. The part where he had her arm gripped up, making first physical contact and denying her retreat. This isn’t hard, but perhaps for you it may be.

        4. He was defending himself from her using that fist against him, only to have her use her other fist.

        5. No. She did not swing at him. He could have backed away, but instead he chose to make physical contact, committing a battery. Only then does she strike him in an attempt to free herself.

        6. Listen, dummy. “Stand your ground” does not eliminate the duty to retreat in all cases. The statute consists of more than its title. Read a fucking book.

        7. Hey, you’re right. I looked up the law and it said “Stand yer ground, Jethro. Punch the bitch in the jaw.” Oh, wait, I must have that mixed up with the real statute, Sections 776.012, and 776.013, Florida Statutes, which relieves the duty to retreat only in the following circumstances:

          (1) the person reasonably believes that such force is necessary to
          prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself, or
          another or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony; or
          the person acts under and according to the circumstances set forth in
          Section 776.013 (pertaining to the use of force in the context of a home
          or vehicle invasion).

          But hey – maybe he lived in that bar? Tell me more about how the law says you can grab a woman lawfully about a public place and then sock her with a right cross when she tries to free herself. Surely you can rub two of your four synapses together and come up with some new failure that I’ll find humorous.

        8. So you can read.
          ” or great bodily harm to himself or herself, or another or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony; or”
          Like a broken nose, broken jaw, or maybe an eye injury. That stupid cunt can cause ” great bodily harm” if she is permitted to continue her assault.
          But I’m sure a WHite Knight faggot, like yourself, wouldn’t have the balls to treat a women as an equal.

        9. Nope. Try again. Now you’re just sad. (I assure you that it doesn’t look to all the world like you are grasping for excuses to slug young women unnecessarily, and that it doesn’t reveal your Mommy issues to the world.)

  48. This isn’t a SJW thing. The outrage and rush to judgement is a gynocentrism thing.

    1. It’s an SJW thing regarding a measured response to a use or threat of force.
      Guy with a meat cleaver rushes a cop and ends up dead. SJWs come out (assuming white cop and black dead meat cleaver guy) asking “why didn’t you just shoot it out of his hand?”
      You get the same thing in the Israel-Palestine thing. They fire rockets into urban centres while hiding in hospitals or schools, they get squashed like bugs, then they trot out the “collateral damage” and cry about how terrible “the Joos” were for responding.
      Protesters illegally shut down a multimillion dollar operation, and when local security clears them out, they cry “abuse”. (Admittedly, I am making this last one up, but it has the air of credibility to it, eh?)

  49. Women think they can push a mans buttons until he’s crazy and fuming at the mouth, that they can grab, harrass, and abuse men physically without any repercussions, and therfore they do. This woman should be charged.

  50. Would have been much cooler if she started saying “Ain’t so bad, ain’t so bad!”.

    1. Actually that would have given her some street cred, right there. Clearly she thinks she’s a Warrior Princess, so shrugging it off would have been a fantastic response.

  51. Years ago I was living with a crazy girl and we got into an argument. I am sitting on the couch and she hauls off and hits me on the shoulder out of anger. I grabbed one of the couch pillows and socked her with it. That totally infuriated her. I’m 5’10” about 180 and she was 5’2″ about 120. The next few minutes was like something out of the Benny Hill Show with her chasing me about the apartment (I was trying to get away from her, but there was no way in hell that I was going to leave my home in her hands for even 10 seconds at that point). The whole thing ended with me cowering in a corner using a broom to keep her at bay, specifically because I didn’t want to restrain her and I certainly didn’t want to hit her with anything more lethal than a couch pillow.
    I suppose it was the combination of military, martial arts, and legal training that was moderating my behavior.
    The absurdity of the situation finally dawned on her and she backed off.
    Then I planned my escape. . .

    1. “The whole thing ended with me cowering in a corner using a broom to keep her at bay”
      i didnt know what the english word broom means, so i google and find this
      and as soon as i knew the meaning i laughed my ass off, imagining how a guy keeps his crazed raging gf at bay like he would some wild animal. totally made my evening, thanks )))))))

      1. ”With women, I’ve got a long bamboo pole with a leather loop on the end. I slip the loop around their necks so they can’t get away or come too close. Like catching snakes.” – Marlon Brando

  52. couple of things and I am going to try and be charitable to both sides.
    1) For the side of the team, SJW’s and anyone else condemning him. A QB should know better. Never punch a woman. Hands are too valuable. He should have kicked that bitch. Also, at a big school like FSU there must be at least a dozen first year pledges that would have punched that bitch for him. Shame on him for not thinking about his hand which is pretty much the only tool he has separating him and every kid working at foot locker
    2) Forgetting that she initiated the fight and took the first (two maybe three) swings…how is it even illegal to hit a fat bitch? Especially if you are a football player. Aren’t fat blondes lining up to get knocked around by just about any black guy, let alone one who might have a future. It’s a shame, because this kid might have been punching kardashian sisters in a few years if he understood my first point.

    1. What was it the Joker said? “Not the face!”
      The thought of having blunt trauma inflicted on her cervix by his glans might have given her tingles.
      Personally, back in the day, I think I would have osoto gari-ed her ass and then GTFO.
      Funny thing: For the benefit of people who didn’t get the reference I looked for an image of osoto gari. When I put in search terms like “man osotogari woman” the only relevant hits were pictures of women throwing men on the ground.

      1. nice. Osoto gari is also a good idea. But lets not loose sight of what’s important. If you have an extra D in front of your name and you are a QB on a major college team, your ass needs to be careful with your hands.
        Blunt Cervix trauma would def have given her tingles. As it is, after getting slapped around a bit like that she will probably, if she runs into him, give him brain in a bathroom.

        1. When I was in the army I met another (female) soldier and we had a thing. She was a punk rocker and as a civilian, would wear army boots and a leather jacket, and a black cat suit with little else, which really sold me on her. And then hand-to-hand combat was foreplay for her.
          Out of nowhere she punched me, full force in the shoulder and then put her dukes up. So it was on. Oh, maybe 10 seconds and I osotogari-ed her and then went for the pin with the occasional cheek kiss. That drove her insane.

        2. very nice.
          Guessing she was a ton of fun now and is, depending on how long ago this is, a ton of mcdonalds and three kids now.
          I had something similar with a girl who was a “black belt” from some karate farm. We were on the beach when she said “how would you defend against this?”
          I put my hand on the side of her head and tossed her in the sand like the 100 pound shit she was. She was a perfect blend of pissed and horny.

        3. It was a bit over 25 years ago. I can’t find her online so I have no idea how she turned out.
          I took judo when I was about 10 years old. So I was a yellow belt and my sparring partner was a 16 year old female green belt. She was bigger, faster, stronger and with better technique so I got tossed about a lot. Sometimes I could get in a sacrifice throw and go for. . .ground game. Epic for a 10 year old boy.

      2. Ha ha..”blunt trauma inflicted on her cervix by his glans”….^^^^^
        So you’re saying use a Judo move?? What about a JuiJItsu arm/elbow /wrist lock??

        1. An elbow lock could drop her without too much harm. Wrist locks are a bit trickier because if she fights it, the wrist snaps.

    2. Maybe he used his weak hand because he he tried to go easy on her which also protects his throwing hand.

      1. I actually thought about this…but seriously….this guy is on the fucking finish line despite being born about as far away from it as possible.
        Like Pierre-Paul blowing off fireworks before training camp…athletes need to realize that they are only as valuable as the stats they put up which is going to be directly influenced by the stupid shit they do. For a couple of years, for like 10 years (15 if you are lucky) stay away from motorcycles and fireworks and hand guns and fucking dog fights and anything else…you were born in the fucking gutter and were given a golden ticket…don’t be a fucking assclown.
        My opinion.

    3. I read this, fist pumped with a smirk and said aloud, “Yes.”
      Punching Kardashian hoes. Priceless. Keep the comments flowing.

  53. I watched the video. Dude was trying to force his way to the bar, which meant pushing the white woman over. She turned around and exchanged words with him. She raised her fist to threaten him to get off of her, so he grabbed her and started wrestling her. She hit him in self defense, so he punched her in the face. He initiated the contact. Come on ROK, there are lots of examples of women getting a pussy pass, and you’re going to defend this one?

    1. It’s the sort of thing that will be used to undermine credibility in the next Solange Knowles “you go girl” incident (with media white knights and femcunts cheering kicks to the victim’s balls as hilarious), where a right cross is truly necessary and merited.

    2. Watch the first 9 seconds again. He was walking to the bar and she shoved him out of the way.

      1. I watched it. She didn’t shove him, she stepped in front of him. Not even close to being the same thing. He then tried to force her out of his way.

        1. Some pushing and shoving is expected in a crowded bar. She threw the first punch at him. He reacted in self defense. How would he know if she was a black belt MMA or not.

        2. He initiated contact by trying to push her over. When she tried to stand her ground he grabbed her and pushed her into the guys next to her, yelling at her. He escalated the situation. She tried to use her leg to push him off of her. It was completely obvious by her weak left jab, which completely missed, that she wasn’t a black belt MMA. She acted in self defense after HE physically grabbed HER. This guy plays football on a Division I college level. He was never under any threat, so spare me.
          There are situations where a man is justified and needs to defend himself against a woman, but this isn’t it. He played a major role in escalating the situation into what it became. I have no sympathy for him.

    3. in the end, it’s just another meaningless conflict like many others. it only gets blown up by politicizing it. white innocent girl hurt, omg.

    4. Um…. no. He grabbed the arm to which the fist was attached. This is called restraining a person who is about to hit you.

      1. You’re watching a completely different video. He grabbed and pushed her into the guy standing at the bar next to her, while yelling at her. He escalated the situation. This guy is NOT a victim.

        1. Um…. no. He pushes past her en route to the bar. The girl says something to him over her shoulder as he makes his way to the bar. She then turns and faces him with a raised fist at the outset of a heated verbal exchange. It is at that point when he grabs her arm (this is the arm with the raised fist). Clearly you did not watch the video.

        2. YOU clearly did not watch the video. HE pushed her out of the way, HE grabbed her, he initiated physical contact. Period. He pushed her into the guys next to her, while yelling in her face. Rather than behave classy, HE played a major role in escalating the situation. She kicked him to get him off of her after he grabbed her. Self defense. When her kick didn’t work, she took a swing and missed. Only AFTER he punched her did he let go of her and leave. Watch the video. This guy is not a victim.

        3. He didn’t grab her until she raised the fist. This happens at :18. Please watch the video again.

        4. She didn’t raise her fist until he tried to push her out of the way. According to the news the argument was over who was next in line. He tried to push her out of the way, and she stood her ground. She raised her fist AFTER he tried to physically push her aside. AFTER he initiated physical contact. He then grabbed her and pushed her into the guys next to her. Watch the video, Al.

        5. Oh wait, at :15, she shoves her forearm into his chest and then at :17 she raises the fist. My bad.

        6. AFTER he tried to push her aside at the bar.This guy initiated physical contact with the woman. Period. He played a major role in escalating what happened. As a Division I football player, it’s a joke to claim he was ever under any real threat.

        7. Are your trying to say that contact initiated at a crowded bar, which resulted from trying to get a space at said bar, justifies this woman shoving her forearm into his chest? And then she raises a fist in the midst of a heated exchange. What exactly is the message she is trying to say? If you look at the posture the two persons during those moments, only one appears to be posturing for an attempted assault (remember the raised fist?). Perhaps the guy was rude in the manner in which he approached this crowded bar but there is nothing that justifies this woman first putting her hands on him and then raising a fist in the midst of a heated exchange. The guy puts no hands on her until she raises the fist. Now remember, the guy is the object of her attention during this heated exchange. She raises a fist while forcing her forearm into his chest. He doesn’t do anything until the fist is raised. His first action is to grab the fist. Clearly he grabbed her arm to keep from being punched.

        8. He tried to push her aside from behind, and they exchanged words. She did raise her fist, I’m not denying that as it’s obvious. Again, this guy is a 6’1″ Division I football player in the physical prime of his life. He is not in any threat. Instead of raising his hands up to block any (weak) punches he grabs her and yells at her, while pushing her into the guys next to her. That’s a major point of escalation. That’s where he loses any claim of innocence. Now he’s provoking instead of trying to calm the situation, and the woman attacks him in self defense.
          His smarter option would’ve been to wait for his turn in line, of course. Sorry, no sympathy for this guy. Lots of examples of women getting the pussy pass, but this one is just weak.

        9. The size of the guy and his physical prowess, which is visible, can also be held against the girl’s judgement. Question: why would anyone attempt to physically challenge anyone like that? Does not the girl know that she is overmatched? Did you see the way she made a fist? The thumb was extended which means she does not know how to throw a punch. She is also challenging him physically with her face wide open. This woman has no idea how to defend herself yet she challenges an elite level athlete to a physical confrontation.
          The guy, in my opinion, recognized his ability to beat her down. Remember, his first defensive action was to restrain her arm in order to keep from being punched. He could have easily punched her lights out the moment she raised a fist but he didn’t. The girl then issues a strike with her free hand and makes contact. At this point, the guy has one hand occupied in the restraint of the girls other hand, the surrounding area is crowded so evasion is not an option, and she has one hand free to issue another strike. Certainly he could have restrained that hand with his free hand but remember, he is in the midst of a highly escalated situation and he’s already been struck once. What would most people do?
          Note the fact that he struck her, dazed her, and walked away. Whatever the purpose he had to go to the bar was abandoned. He left the situation. A lotta people call this kid a thug. A real thug would have stuck around after she was dazed and continued to beat her down. Question: do you think this girl would go into a ghetto club and do this? I don’t. These middle class kids travel off to the safe spaces afforded by a big college (which are like summer camps), with all its amenities, and loose all sense of personal responsibility.
          That bitch escalated a situation that she created. That male could have easily punched her lights out from jump but he didn’t. He chose to restrain but she had to keep shit going. In my opinion, this is a privileged attitude and mindset. The guy acted in a manner that was infinitely more responsible than this dumb and privileged bitch.

  54. If the guy was Brad Pitt she wouldn’t have been offended at all that he “crowded” her trying to get to the bar. Her vagina would have tingled with excitement because she actually got that close to him, and she would have gone home and masturbated. He looked too ghetto and her privileged white female ego couldn’t handle the “disrespect” of him bumping into her. I don’t care if the guy might have said something rude to her, like could you please move your big ass. I don’t care if she called him a nigger. Her actions escalated this beyond verbal into physical exchange. He should sue her.

  55. The only thing I’d like to point out is: don’t hit a girl with your fist, use an open hand, like (real) knights of old did to start duels of honor. Hitting somebody with your fist means they’re your equal, with the open hand it’s a sign of “you’re beneath me.”

    1. So when you slap a girl, she will protest inequality and you should then punch her with your fist.

      1. No, I guess what I’m saying is that fuck the equality bullshit, treat her like she’s not your equal, but do so gracefully, with style, be street-smart, not the street thug. Knowing the possible repercussions, you just don’t hit a girl in the face, it’s a stupid movie, be smarter than that. Like, you wouldn’t hit a small kid in the face and that’s essentially what they are, if need be, just grab and immobilize them by holding them but don’t let them level the playing field, operate from superior footing.

        1. Don’t make the mistake of equating a child with a woman. Punch the hell out of a woman treat a child as a child they are not your equal like and adult woman is by law. Kick her ass with out shame, she is an equal.

  56. Start shit……….You get the Shit.
    Also strange they scream out ‘Teach boys not to hit girls.’…..But do you hear ‘Girls don’t hit boys’????………….

  57. I love listening ot the herd because Colin drops a lot of red pill knowledge compared to 99 percent of most media pundits. He had that interview with Seinfeld weeks ago where he went on a rant against over sensitive SJW’s who are outraged by everything.
    But the one area where he isn’t is with women. He spit out the same verbatim yesterday as he did last year with the Ray Rice scandal. Cowherd automatically defaults to blame the man when a confrontation becomes physical. In fact, he’s so blue pill when it comes to the reality of women, he’s like a lesser beta.
    But that’s not just my opinion…fellow ESPN colleague Stephen A. Smith agrees. He’s been quoted as saying in his old radio show with Ryan Ruocco, that Colin Cowherd “is not good with the ladies.” (His interview with model Kate Upton was cringeworthy) Men and alphas, who are good with the ladies tend to have red pill beliefs, though not all of them openly express their thoughts. Stephen A. made the mistake of standing up and telling it like is is last summer over Ray Rice. ESPN suspended him for a week and then exiled him from ESPN New York to Sirius Radio.
    It is possible that Cowherd is parroting the politically correct line to maintain his standing. But I think his misguided opinions come from an ignorance that’s the result of a generational gap. For those of you who are familiar with his show, he sees himself as being in touch with the younger people because of his fashionable progressive beliefs and his willingness to ebrace soccer.
    But he is in fact out of touch with what young men are dealing with in today’s sexual marketplace. At 50 years old, he’s and early Gen X’er who never had to deal with women who are sluttier, more entitled, bitchier and more physically agressive than what he ever had to deal with when he was a young man in his twenties. Had he grown up now, given the aspects of his personality that he’s revealed on the show (such as being a self diagnosed Aspergers, wall flower, possibly bullied), he would have lost his virginity later and his notch count would be less than half of what he’s had in his life. He would then see those same same women that turned him down, hook up with a bad boy, adding to his disillusionment.
    But he hasn’t had to go thought that meatgrinder. Thus, when he spouts that garbage that men are soley to blame in these situations he’s no different than those rigid, old white men who are into baseball and golf, who are always looking though the rear view window.

  58. Look at the vid clip again at 4 – 7 seconds. It looks like he’s actually saying excuse me to the woman on his left. No altercation with her.

      1. The point is it looks like he’s doing the exact same thing with 2 women on either side. One responds normally, one goes hostile. I think the vid works in his defense. He lost his scholarship because of tweets from SJWs.

      2. Well if he would have just listened to mike chang and taken his kratom and phenibut then this wouldn’t have happened.

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