Woman Demands £7 Million For Feelings Hurt While Working At London Bank

Just days after David Garrett published his report on Hannah Bouveng, the Wall Street intern who pocketed an obscene $18 million in punitive damages for sexual harassment, English papers publish details of a finance worker seeking £7 million in compensation from a German bank because its “frat club” culture made her feel excluded on the trading floor.

Forex manager Jenus Fiouzi claims that key decisions at Commerzbank were made at men-only boozing sessions to which she was not invited. Do these women have legitimate grievances which are grave enough to warrant punitive damage that runs to the £millions, or is litigation against the employer simply another career move for female employees who want to be given something for nothing?

Fiouzi, who was on a £130,000 salary in Commerzbank’s London office, is claiming the £7 million for “injury to feelings,” unfair dismissal, and sex and race discrimination. She says of the culture at the Bank, which sacked her in October 2014, was that of a

German male-dominated environment, especially in the senior management ranks. On and off the trading floor there was a German ‘boys’ club’ culture at the bank, which I would describe as akin to a college fraternity or frat club. There were no senior female managers in sales that I can recall.

Beerfest in Munchen, Germany-Beer festival

Commerzbank traders making important trading decisions, yesterday.

She complains that some of the traders at the bank would go out for drinks after work, whilst failing to invite her. She describes how her German colleagues would discuss work matters at these drinks, from which she was excluded: “It then became evident to me that decisions about work matters were being taken during drinking sessions because when the same matters later came up in the office, I was out of the loop.”

With particularly lucid analysis she notes: “The men’s social relationships really strengthened their working relationships, so by excluding me from the social side, I felt they put up a barrier at work.”

Fiouzi says that the men used to talk across her in the office in their native German, which she doesn’t speak, adding: “This excluded me and made me feel uncomfortable and marginalised. There genuinely were two sets of rules. One for German men and one for me.” Commerzbank denies the allegations, and say Fiouzi was “disruptive” and was sacked due to performance shortcomings.

A last roll of the dice


Fiouzi’s trial is ongoing, so it looks difficult to judge the merit of complaints simply on the statements that have been published. But one thing is clear: big-money claims by women in corporate and city jobs have now become a routine career move for female employees in male-dominated industries in the UK.

Whereas there are not many British cases that touch the rank absurdity of US cases like Ellen Pao and the “oppressed” Hanna Bouveng, English Employment Tribunals have seen a steady trickle of cases brought by grievance-mongering female employees.

  • In February 2015, a city lawyer, Margaret Rowe, sued the asset management firm she worked for because a department head showed other employees a full-frontal painting of his wife. Her manager told the tribunal manager, that Rowe constantly made aggressive and false accusations that she was being treated differently because she was a woman.
  • In April 2013, a woman banker won her sex discrimination claim against her new employer after they sacked her, having found out that she was making a sex discrimination claim against her old employer. The woman was suing the old bank for allegedly promoting men ahead of her. She lost her sex discrimination claim but won on “victimisation” due to the way she as treated
  • In May 2010 a lawyer sacked by leading firm Allen & Overy sued for sex discrimination after they gave her the heave-ho for writing an erotic novel. She complained of ‘sexual persecution’ by her 60-year old boss, but then started writing a newspaper column bearing such surprising comments as “The human male has evolved to slap his slutty woman.”
  • In April 2010 two women brought £3 million compensation claims against Nomura, the Japanese bank, complaining that they had had to hear taunts that women “belonged cleaning floors.” Their claim was thrown out after the tribunal found that the “remarks were trivial, not intended to be offensive”
Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 02.00.42

These two special snowflakes were unable to handle the Bantz.

  • In June 2008, a lawyer who sued her finance firm employer for £19 million for sexist bullying was revealed to have been going on interviews for high-powered jobs whilst claiming to be “mentally disabled” and unable to work
  • In April 2001, an analyst at a leading city brokerage was paid £1.4 million in compensation after suing her firm for sex discrimination. Her gripe was that she was paid a bonus of £25,000, far less than some of her male colleagues. The bank doubled the bonus to £50,000, even though the woman had had cancer and then became pregnant at the relevant time.

Not only the suits are at it

And if the city cases are not enough to go round, there are also ample cases involving straight-up cases of women being shoe-horned into male professions and then crying foul when they are dispensed with for not being able to do their jobs. These cases include:

  • In May 2014, a female chef had her claim against her restaurant employer thrown out. She told the tribunal there was a “culture of sexist behaviour and language” and said she was locked in a freezer and her bum was slapped. The Tribunal chairman said in his ruling that: “We find that on numerous occasions Chloe Maisey lied or wildly embellished facts to embolden her claims. She left because she couldn’t handle the long hours.”
  • In February 2014, Two female police officers who sued their employer and won £70,000 for providing guns that were too big for their hands and protective gear too big for their heads.
  • In February 2012 a female firefighter, Katie Reid, sued her employer, East Sussex Fire Authority, for sex discrimination, after they took her off duty because she was too short to do her job. East Sussex settled the case.

You’d be off your rocker to have her on the payroll.

The newest racket in town

And there are many, many more that there is no space to republish here. Employment Tribunals in the UK have become a casino for women who, thrown into the brutal realities of male-dominated environments, find themselves on the one hand told by their social programming that “women are the same as men” and on the other hand given feedback from the environment that perhaps they are not the hot shit that Cosmo told them they are.

Once in this quandary they look for something to blame, and what better mechanism to relieve them of personal responsibility than the UK’s draconian and corrosive “equality” legislation?

The Equality Act of 2010, the last piece of legislative vandalism signed into law by a Labour party ready for decades of political wilderness ahead, consolidates all previous minority-worshipping, grievance-enabling legislations into one compact Act. The act is a restatement of the classic, liberal formulations of “discrimination,” enacted to EU standards and mirrored in US legislation.

More precisely, it bears the “two bites of the cherry” liberal formulation of discrimination: direct and indirect discrimination. You are directly discriminated if you are treated less favourably because you are a woman, you are indirectly discriminated if some measure, all things being equal, affects more women negatively more than it does than men.


British visionary and statesman Godfrey Bloom was right on the money when he said that “no self-respecting small businessman with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age”

This two-level configuration gives chancers and supplicants a million and one angles to sue their employers for on the most spurious of grounds. The physical aptitude or characteristics cases above are a case in point. If the police department does not spend ridiculous money to accommodate women by sourcing smaller guns or by lowering fitness thresholds, the it is being “discriminatory.” The tail is wagging the dog.

The Equality Act also carries forward the notion of “harassment,” which, as we have seen from the American notion in the Hannah Bouveng, can persist even where the “victim” is willfully engaging in sex with her alleged “harasser.” Harassment is a catch-all provision which allows any behaviour, no matter how innocuous, to be presented as evidence of a vile excrescence of the male locker-room.

Modern feminism is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Women are strong and weak, vulnerable and domineering, capable as any man at the same time as needing accommodation, all in the same breath.

In order to achieve true workplace equality, and allow strong women to thrive in male workplaces without being stigmatised by chancers playing the “woman card,” the Conservative government must repeal all equality legislation and remove from the purview of Employment Tribunals any right to adjudicate on petty grievances based on sex, gender or race.

Only by denying the chancers the trump cards up their sleeves will we return to a truly competitive economy based on merit, rather than competition of victimhoods.

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191 thoughts on “Woman Demands £7 Million For Feelings Hurt While Working At London Bank”

  1. So basically if you’re a woman and you aren’t good at your job you deserve a massive payday. What a joke The West has become.

        1. Just insure against the risk of being sued by an employee. Take out employers liability insurance that covers employment issues like harassment, abuse, constructive dismissal e.t.c. If the insurance companies pay out millions they will do the lobbying on your behalf to reduce such lawsuits or their success.
          Women are a business risk and need to be considered as such with other risks like fire, theft, negligence e.t.c

    1. Not good for the job, but you’re a woman, you’re hired.
      Fail at you’re job, but you’re a woman, you get a raised.

      1. As a boss, do never use the word “raise” when talking to a female employee. She could sue !

      2. No, you do not get a raise; you get a promotion. And you will keep getting promotions as the company must promote women or be driven out of business by lawsuits.

    2. The worst example that I have seen (and it may cost lives) is when the FDNY lowered its entrance standards to let women into some of the fire houses in the city. This is a political move to gain more local votes but in the end it’s going to cost citizens and firefighters their lives. Some women are not going to be able to physically do the job and their going to get themselves and other people hurt or killed (all in the name of equality).
      The other side of it: many men who have failed the entrance exam would have passed under these new rules.
      It’s a joke.

      1. Exactly, same with the military. Jobs that require certain standards because they involve saving peoples lives should be exempt from political correctness and “you go gurlism” politics.

        1. Why artificially limit it at all? Jobs should be based on meritocracy. I don’t want anyone inferior at the task to work on my innards, to educate children, fight for our country’s sovereignty, pump out septic tanks, or to pour concrete slabs.

        2. Exactly.
          If a chick has shown herself to be an apt firefighter, rifleman(oh shi-) or whatever, by all means let her do it.
          Just don’t whine about a ‘boys club’ when you’ve been shown to suck at doing a man’s job.
          Arguing with biology is like kicking a brick wall. You’re not going to get anywhere.

        3. “If a chick has shown herself to be an apt firefighter, rifleman(oh shi-) or whatever, by all means let her do it.”
          eh, she should still be at home instead.

        4. It shouldn’t be limited at all I agree. I don’t like affirmative action and believe everything should be based of meritocracy. But in a culture that uses affirmative action they should at least leave jobs out that failing to meet the standared endangers lives.

        5. Give the woman a small fire extinguisher and a damp tea-towel and let her fight fires on the stovetop.

        6. If it was truly a meritocracy there would be no problem. The real problem is that many jobs are not mans jobs, they are jobs anyone can do. I don’t doubt if someone cites firefighting as an example, that a woman knows she will not be as fit for the work as her colleagues. The tribunals occur in cases where the women are unable to do their job efficiently because of the cliques that exist in the workplace. These cliques have the effect of forcing people to waste time in social maneuverings and politics just to stay afloat. Small minded people have always used gangs and cliques to protect themselves because they are weak. Company managers allow it because their egos are massaged by being alpha in those cliques and promoting their buddies. They are also under the impression that allowing the hazing behaviour results in weak staff leaving without them having to pay a dismissal package. What it really results in is retaining aggressive staff and losing honest workers. Everyone who survives these social rituals thinks themselves good at their job, but unless the job is war, it really is not appropriate training or assesment.
          For example, It does not help one become better at customer service, but it does help one learn to manipulate the system and treat customers like sources of comission for sales.
          Its not that its a boys club, its the existence of clubs in the first place that hinders people with good work ethics.
          If the writer is truly against cultural Marxism, he should recognise the problem where it is and not be rallying support against tribubals by only citing examples where women are having the problem. I think it is natural that any person who falls into a minority category is going to have problems fitting into a diseased culture, where they are not so easily able to adopt these irrelevant social requirements.
          Ive seen girls at work come out for drinks and join in, and Ive seen the hassle they get from some of the men who want sex with them and are refused. They get the same social problems at work as a male rookie gets for not laughing at the alphas shit joke. Both examples have a tough time getting promoted but are perfectly capable of doing their job and will leave to find better prospects in a more mature company.

        1. Yep. It took her fat ass three times to pass the exam while men in better shape did not meet the requirements (of the past). If anything, we are starting to see a trend in sexism towards men….handing out jobs to women (less qualified) because they are women.
          We need to beat on that drum more often.

        2. And get a segment on good morning america, a colum on huffington post, a book deal, a movie deal. God help us all !!

      2. in another thread on this site….i said the same thing and women came out calling me evil and sexist…..wonder where your trolls are? shouldnt someone be calling you sexist?
        don’t you feel guilty for being sexist yet?

        1. Not at all (I take great pride in it). Much of being sexist has to do with telling the truth…it’s just that many don’t want to hear it. Asshole is another endearing term that comes up with me (quite a bit) and I embrace that one as well. It’s part of my charm.

        2. truthsayers have to be sexist racist assholes, its the only way to survive speaking truth.

        3. I dont agree. When I notice sexist racist assholes, they usually have much bigger problems. Sexism and racism are symptoms of this, based on the person preferences of the truth seeker.
          Its all drama. Sexists and racists feel like victims, but choose not to behave as such, but without the intelligence to deal with the root of the problem, they take on the aggressor role and start a whole new drama.
          And then someone like me pops up and trys to solve things peacefully, like a rescuer, and the aggressors will feel victimised and will probably call me a mangina.
          In the world of truth telling grown ups, this would no longer happen.

        4. i suppose the point was lost, or not clear enough to you. sexism and racism = basically everything in todays politically correct world. the truth is by default sexist and racist. races the world over do certain things that other races dont, explaining this fits the modern definition of racists as well as acknowledging the muslim world wants us dead….this site speaks about the nature of women, which is by definition sexist.
          the modern definition of racism and sexist is so screwed up that everything that you disagree with is sexist and racist, as such truth speakers, which are politically incorrect, are by definition sexist racist assholes.
          heres a more accurate definition that covers the entire spectrum:
          hatred of one group for no logical reason at all.
          this can cover sex and/or race. and it also excludes bullshit like “race X does this a lot” definitions of racist because that isnt racist…thats just an acknowledgment of fact.
          keep it simple stupid/silly

        5. I agree there is too much emphasis these days on what counts as sexist or racist. Its not sexist to discuss the nature of women, or racist to notice patterns in abilities or behaviour, but it is when someone chooses to use a generalisation to infer their own superiority because they believe themselves to be from a better category, or to treat an individual badly because they are part of the category and assumed to have those general traits.
          If a person goes on to hate people who are in a particular category, thats the asshole part, not the ist.
          Example: most humans are idiots but to assume all of them are and to treat them as incapable of learning does one no good. On the other hand, you can be fairly safe assuming certain qualities of a woman who chooses to dye her hair blond, but the natural ones have a lot more variation to them.
          ‘White men cant dance’ or ‘black people run fast’ are examples of lazy sentence forming. They are statistical facts, not categorical ones. They ignore the true educational facts.
          It is an equally lazy assumption on my part that people who talk like that are *also* racist just because it seems like a lot of them are.
          Similarly, ‘women are emotional’ requires a significant amount of effort in interpretation by the listener before it can be called a fact. I find them to be capable of a wide range of feelings and expression, more likely to show them than hide them, and as a result better at understanding them. But we all know if you shorten that analysis to ‘being emotional’ you will be hit with an immediate example of this.

      3. No that problem can easily be solved by making fire engines and hoses smaller and requesting that victims of fires go on diets so that women can carry them down female friendly ladders.
        And by firefighter did you mean… fireman?

        1. Nice….victims on diets. Yes, I was referring to firemen but was referencing the article. I think we’re different (men) in that we like to get the facts out (and straight) and not distort the conversation with nonsense, feelings or other.
          Postman is another good one (good call).

        2. Victims on diets won’t work because that would mean the fat feminists who accidentally set their houses on fire and need help will have to go on a diet. Not fair they would scream.

      4. Sooner or later they will figure this shit out. They won’t change their policies, at least that’s what i think. They will probably promote these bitches to administrative jobs and if there isn’t any they will create those jobs.

      5. It’s the same logic (or lack of) that results in the 5’2 90lb female correction officer guarding the 6’5 350 lb goliath to prevent him from escaping.

    3. come on, why wouldn’t her co-workers want to invite a person who is likely to sue over hurt feelings to work? Most charitable answer is that she is also likely to sue over someone hitting on her and everyone knows it. Just as likely, they simply don’t like her because she is a cunt.

      1. Looking at a female colleague for more than 2 seconds or complimenting her appearance can be included as sexual harassment nowdays. Why risk that kind of trouble when you’re out having some drinks?

        1. True, but that’s not what I am worried about. Telling a woman she looks pretty can get you fired if you do it wrong. That doesn’t mean that the right guy can’t basically insult her until she is taking his cock raw from behind in the men’s room. The thing to worry about is when she want’s a repeat and you next her and THEN it is sexual harassment.

        2. I’m going to start a men-only business so that we never have to worry about sex discrimination.

        3. It’s only sexual harassment if you aren’t “haaaawt”. At previous workplaces I’ve commented female colleges on wearing something nice or having a good haircut, i’m actually amzazed I didn’t get put up for sexual harrasment for that.

        4. that is correct, but only phase one. It is not sexual harassment if you are “haaawt” no matter what you say……until you stop calling the trollop and then it is retroactive sexual harassment.

        5. Avoiding all women because of what they might probably do is sexist though. You have to learn to judge whether that individual you are including for a drink is a chilled out type or not. Thats all there is to it.
          Only inviting hot women, or dissing the ones that arent likely to sleep with you, also sexist, as well as personally stupid as you’d miss out on the company of some really funny girls.

        6. I’ve never tried to sleep with women I work with. And I dont avoid all women but I can understand if a group of male colleagues don’t want to invite a female colleage out for a booze up.

    4. Yep, it will make it harder for sane men to employ women. They may just end up back in the kitchen.

    5. Power has always been in the East. Western hegemony over world trade is a blip in time and coming to an end. Power has always been in the East.

    6. In the workplace, I am used to making personal connections other with men. It’s just natural. To use feminist terminology, work is my safe space. I feel comfortable there. If I ever go drinking with coworkers, it’s with the men. That is part of the reason I don’t really connect with women at work. But there is another big reason.
      One time at a corporate event, there was a notable figure making a speech, and afterwards, a large crowd gathered to meet him. I got a lot of time talking with him because I’m friendly, I had a lot of things I genuinely wanted to ask him about–that we had in common–and most of all, I am WILLING and ABLE to take the social risk necessary to APPROACH someone and start a conversation!
      There was a woman in the group. She was standing right next to him forever. But she could never get a question or comment in, and you could tell she wanted to. What would some feminist guys do? Probably give her the floor and all the attention. Not a chance. She was never noticed. And she never did anything about it. In the end, he left, and she never got to say anything.
      Yes, all of us–her included–wanted to talk to him badly. But we guys have practice getting rejected by some of the biggest bitches ever in bars and clubs, so much that it makes approaching to an important figure seem EASY by comparison! So, I looked at that woman, and saw her exclusion as self-imposed. Likely feeling entitled to an approach by this important man, she was probably left wondering…what went wrong? Why did the man fail to strike up a conversation and give her the floor? Why did all these men not give me a chance to speak, even though they were all talking over each other?!? Why did MEN FAIL TO DEFER TO ME?!?!
      Women need to work on taking social risks and approaching men–professionally, romantically, and otherwise–and many need to stop acting like totally unlikable princesses. Then maybe the networking thing will be easier. Until then, I will continue having my micro-patriarchy gatherings with my brethren.

  2. I would not invite that troll to anything. Women can’t just be happy making a shit ton of money. Even if they did invite her, she would complain the whole time.

    1. it is likely she wasn’t invited because none of her colleagues found her attractive enough to hit on. on the other hand, if she was, they would probably want to avoid the hassle of being sued for harassment.

    2. She was probably a pain in the ass to be around at work. Who the hell wants to put up with that shit on their own time (discussing work or other)? That’s why she wasn’t invited.
      I’ve worked with many types of people over decades and the only people not invited along were the people who were a pain in the ass at work (men or women). Those are the facts and she can’t handle them.

    3. And she would monitoring the conversation for any trace of “offensiveness” to get you fired

  3. don’t like your working environment and colleagues? do you fail to integrate? do people treat you badly?
    the solution, ladies and gentleman? some old conservative farts would say “go your own way”, but this is not a country for people who give up! this country was raised by women who would not keep screaming until they got what they want! it is about time to take your righteous place in this world and become part of something bigger.
    the vagina nostra awaits you. get your application papers now, as a part of the discrimination lawsuit form package. the first membership fee is a mug of male tears, half of your alimony and a 80% cut of your self-respect.

    1. This sums up contemporary sexual relations in the workplace perfectly….a nice smack on the ass gets the message across…..

    2. ahhhh wayyyyyy back when ‘family guy’ was hilarious. it has been a pale-shadow of itself since it was initially pulled from the air due to complaints.

  4. So long as women persist in denying their natural self (femininity), their (hetero)sexuality, and their roles in society at large (care-giving, mothering, being wives etc.), this will keep happening.
    They can’t ever be happy because they aren’t suited for the things they are being told they can do, and it is driving them crazy en masse.
    Rather than accept the truth, their current tactic is to say everyone else (men) is the problem (and even to have laws made/changed to support their delusions), not their performance, not their physiology, and not their particular vein of intellect (because the feminist propaganda they recite says otherwise). But it is them and their sycophantic, sniveling, White Knight eunuch enablers who are at fault. Period.
    The worst part is that they are starting to believe that everyone else in the world exists to provide for them, that they are owed this money for having done nothing of value. They’ve locked themselves into a life they resent by believing the hype and now they want paid for their folly.

    1. The male equivalent is being told to just be yourself, to treat women like a gentleman and be extra sensitive and emotional, and you’ll get your cheerleader who can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. The lie for women is that if they are super smart (meaning degree holder, not real intellect) and have a great career, then their prince charming billionaire industrialist/pro athlete will come sweep them off their feet. Sadly for women,they don’t realize the jig is up until it’s too late. At least perceptive men get to figure this out in high school.

      1. Lol. If your true self wanted a cheerleader, you were a fool to pretend to be sensitive to get one. Cheerleaders want social status, so you have to do sports.
        If your true self is good at sports you win.
        If your true self is a geek, you will get yourself a nice sensitive geek girl to match, or you become bitter because you went for a cheerleader and lost. Unless of course you went on to do some geek genius website made loads of cash and the cheerleader, who chose a life of being hot to bag a rich guy, decides youre a catch. Hopefully by then a guy realises he is better than that and gets a classy lady like I did!
        In the end if you change yourself to attract a mate, youre the fish not the fisherman. The cheerleaders, theyre vicious hunters.

        1. I’m describing the deception, what society says to do that will yield the results you want but really doesn’t. There are many illusions in this world that we need to learn how to pierce.

        2. I agree, the best way is to go your own way right from the start. All social truths are lies.

    2. best comment ive seen on this site so far and an excellent, straight to the point analysis of the ongoing clusterfuck that is happening with women in modern society. Kudos to you. To all you lurkers in here, read this comment and internalize it immediately. See women for what they truly have become, a complete LIABILITY to men in all facets of life.

  5. Read these stories back to yourself and then ask yourself “would I employ a woman in my start-up”?

  6. Good stuff. Now someone with a super computer needs to calculate the aggregate hidden earnings women make from winning at whining in this way and add it into the wage gap figures. Add in divorce rape settlements too and it should be clear there’s an unacknowledged black economy of female ‘ earnings driven by complaint, manipulation and vagi-vandalism

    1. Ive wondered privately what the total “cost” of hiring black females is to any given industry or govt agency, between lack of actual work product, loss of time, fake illnesses, injuries, worker’s comp, false race/sexual harassment claims. I bet it is astronomical (not that white women are much better). Black women literally show up to do nothing and everyone is terrified of calling them on it.

      1. Indeed, but I suggest you word your research proposal very carefully when applying for funding lol

      2. But surely hiring one back female is less wasteful that a white female and a black man. (Assuming none of them are actually capable of the work in the first place)

    2. right. we need to create a men’s equality movement to counteract the privilege women get through their women’s equality movement. for on average, a woman receives 50.000 $ sexual harassment compensation in her life, a man should get the same amount on average from the state.

      1. There already is a men’s rights movement, but not too many people are interested in what they have to say. Women as well as men.

        1. yes, i know. i do find it a bit pathetic, too. personally, i think that there is more return of investment when i try to get the best out for myself instead of trying to improve the situation for all men. that conviction actually always boggles my mind and makes me wonder why women don’t do it the same way. so inefficient to wait for decades to get a little thing.

        2. Because it is easier for women to just keep bitching and complaining until men take action for them. Men don’t think that way because the buck stops with us.

        3. I don’t believe in a Men’s Rights movement. I think that’s the case with all or at least most of the contributors/ commentors here. If I want something I just work to get it. I take what I want. If I hit a roadblock, I’ll figure it out or network with other like minded men. The Men’s Rights movement is based on the false premise of fairness and a corrupted narrative, victimhood (Poor fucking me. Throw some of your Feminist breadcrumbs to me please. Boo Hoo). They can fuck right off.
          The entire Feminist/Victim b.s hinges on male created structures being hoodwinked & Manchurian candidate conditioned to support that reality. Call their bluff. If they’re truly strong, capable and qualified then all well and good. But they’re not. And they hate us for shining light on that fairy tale they’ve constructed.

        4. You can’t properly raise children (women) when they hold more power than you. As men (father), we need to get control back before the kids burn the place down.

        5. Right men accept responsibility. Accountability. Was Truman who had the famous sign on his desk “The Buck Stops Here”

      2. Feminism is the politics of manipulating “surface equality” to gain real monetary or political advantage. We need researchers, or better still research institutions that are capable of investigating how feminists / progressives etc exploit and leverage the differential between how equality is presented and the situation on the ground (although a lot of the time its just a question of saying one thing and doing quite another). There’s an interesting article that was published a few years ago about feminism as something that has exploits social perceptions of ‘formal’ power in order to enjoy both re-distributed formal power as well as the ‘informal’ kind they already enjoy, but which goes unacknowledged. With regard to compensation claims specifically these are nearly always presented as ‘occasional’, or ‘corrective’ actions – i.e. there is a structural disadvantage (women are being systematically excluded from Oktoberfest networking because they can’t hold their beer or whatever) but the often systematic nature of the way in which alleged discrimination is challenged goes completely unacknowledged as an income / power stream in its own right (ten times more so if you include dodgy divorce settlements)
        I’m in two minds about a ‘men’s equality movement’ specifically though – as a lot of people have pointed out these things can end up simply mirroring the thing they are concerned about

    3. “complaint, manipulation and vagi-vandalism”
      Isnt it more or less the only thing they can do ?

      1. Your premise is based on women being immature. You have described what idiots and victims do. One must make clear the separation of the two premises to get the point across.
        Not disagreeing with you, just clarifying the argument so as to seem more acceptable and less sexist.

        1. Thats fine, but you’ll have more luck convincing women of your ideas if you allow them to see the rational argument and give them option of choosing to be less immature.

        2. Im not trying to convince women of anything, that is a lost case and waste of time.

        3. A good example of my point in other posts. All isms are based on a need to improve oneself purely by diminishing a separate category and exaggeration of their flaws. They persist through a refusal to hear a point when it is suspected of being criticism and causes the ist to look like an immature person.

        4. Then I can explain it for you. Taking a category of people and making hypocricital claims about their abilities makes you appear to be someone who has nothing to offer. It makes it very difficult to respect your opinions.
          Speaking more at your level, in response to your original statement: Thats you, that is

        5. Ah well I can see from your intelligent responses just how wrong I was about you. You have my utmost respect dude.

    4. The spending gap makes all the argument needed against the wage gap. Women spend 80 cents of any dollar made by anyone. This is only possible with women making only 77 cents on the dollar a man makes by massive transfers of income from men to women. It always has been and always will be.

      1. yeah, I was arguing that the other day with someone else. We disagree on whether it amounted to influence or control over expenditure (including male earnings that are only measured as a measure of male power). The bottom line is that not only is it influence / control but its also the reason advertisers and the corporate world are increasingly radical feminists along with the politicians they puppeteer

    5. don’t forget copious paid maternity leave! it’s a revolving door where i work with women getting hired, working through their probationary period and then proclaiming they’re pregnant days later (cha-chinnnnng!). don’t worry though, i’m there to do their work while they’re out. lol.

      1. yeah, I had one of those. But it often creates a lot of resentment even with female colleagues

    6. complaint and manipulation is how women survive – that’s their very nature
      which in turn lands the ball in our court – the main problem is men who give in to complaint or manipulation, without which undeserving women would rightfully starve

  7. The balls on these women are gigantic. My father in-law runs an electrical contracting business that installs and maintains traffic signals. He has no choice but to hire union employees, and of course must hire a percentage of women. One of his female employees constantly came in late or not at all with no phone call. Finally after months of this crap, he gave her a warning. She had no problem or shame telling him straight out that if he fired her she would sue for sexual harassment! He decided to make her actually work instead of just standing with a ” drive slowly” sign. She quit a week later!

  8. It is insane how an employer can be held accountable for what workers do on their own time outside of the workplace.

  9. Speaking german in a german company is now a form of gender discrimination…?

    1. i remember being in 1st grade school with a lot of turks. they spoke some arabian language and teachers always admonished them for it. how dare they build their own circle.
      as i wasn’t much of an individual thinker in 1st grade, i picked up on the teacher’s anger. me, i actually have a right to be part of your group! that’s how entitlement is planted into the heads of people.

      1. When I came to the US, everyone here spoke English. Nobody spoke my native language. So did I have a nervous breakdown? Did I demand money for the feeling of being left out? NO. I came to the US. It was my responsibility to speak English with the people here. It wasn’t their responsibility to speak my native language. I came here. They didn’t come to my country. I had to integrate into their culture. The people here didn’t have to go out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I couldn’t expect everyone not to speak in their native language. I was just being a mature adult.
        I don’t get what the fuck this woman meant when she complained that the Germans spoke in their native language. What did she expect? The entire Germany would go out of it’s way to make her feel comfortable? That’s bullshit.

        1. I wish the millions of illegal immigrants here in the US have the same philosophy as you.

        1. If there is a dictators ass to kick, if slavery needs to be ended, if there’s an earthquake and people in far off lands need assistance, if women want to be able to vote, of girls in far off lands aren’t going to school, of there’s a famine and people need food, if pirates are preying on tourists on the high seas, you call the white guys to come fix it. Everything is the white man’s fault, until there’s a global crisis. Then who gets called in to save the day?

        2. I took ghost as a reference to being whitte. The only whites being attacked are male. Thus affirmative action.

      1. I don’t even think white males are being targeted. You are beginning to sound like the feminists who feel that women are targeted by the patriarchy. You won’t swap your white-ass for my black-ass any day. This is about white woman and women in general. Unfortunately white man occupy most of the top positions in powerful companies (nothing wrong with that) that’s why it appears they are being targeted but trust me it’s about women vs man. Not white man vs the world. She could try suing a Black man but most of them don’t have a million bucks. Those that do are accused of rape by the white woman sued. And I am sure you are one those people who believe all the stories about black athletes raping white women. You probably believe all black man are violent thugs who rape and beat up women. When you see a poor flower of some talk show stating how he beat up and raped her you believe the stuff. E.g mayweather, Kobe Bryant, Tyson, Tupac, Bill cosby the list goes on. Why would these man work hard to get out of the ghetto and throw it all away by raping some chick when they could literally get as many chicks as they want? Wake up and smell the coffee.
        What’s happening to the rich white man at work is similar to what’s been happening to rich black man who dare date a white girl, I.e Accuse them of something that requires a pay off in the millions and walk away rich without a days work.

  10. She was working in the bank. Ergo she wasn’t excluded.
    There, that was easy.

  11. A group of women came to dominate a particular subset of an industry I was at for a time. One got in the door and only promoted others like her. Eventually, they revealed themselves to be nothing more than Junior High teens full of gossip, envy and yes, malice (much more so than men). They spent near ZERO time/effort actually doing their jobs, as men had done before, and all of their time whining, plotting and destroying perceived Alpha males and random Betas. Eventually, they retired and interestingly, a major overhaul of some of their (actual work) projects was conducted, or those projects were revoked in toto. In the end, even the slightest amount of executive work they did, had to be undone. They literally spent 5-10 years (over the span of various female incarnations) doing nothing basically, but being angry, gossipy teens, that were incredibly, given actual authority of men and a corporate entity. And you can bet, looking back, it was white knights that helped them get there, a few years before this all started (two of whom were stabbed by these women later). It was an incredible tale of the feminine imperative and dangers of women in positions of authority. I am almost certain most of the senior male employees still have no idea what caused all the issues, or how this happened. It started with an affirmative action-loving white knight helping a poor, crybaby female move up the chain of command, and it spiraled out of control (she eventually did him in, actually).

    1. it’s incredible that something like that can happen and i guess it is only possible in a big corporation where nobody is really accountable for anything. big corporations seem to resemble democratic government in many aspects: overblown management, inflexibility, strict stupid rules, power games, inefficiency, slow communication, unmet deadlines. once nobody owns the company, nobody cares about it anymore.
      worked together with a big insurance corporation in my old job and they sincerely were using internet explorer 6 or 7 in 2014. upgrade? no, no, that would be too much of an act. the important apes have more important stuff to do, like business diners and rambling about politics. reminded me of that one time where a government agency threw away computers because they were infected with a virus.
      actually stabbed?

  12. There is a simple fix for all for all of this: stop hiring women. If you are an employer, especially in the UK, don’t bother hiring them. Because you are very likely to get one who wants to sue you for all you’ve got because you hurt her feelings.
    And yes, there are plenty of women who don’t do that. But since women tend to rally together against men, it would be better to shame all women in the case and make them police their own then for us to do it for them. That’s the best case scenario, of course, and I doubt it will come to pass.
    Either way, the age of the working girl will end if this nonsense keeps up. It will be just too expensive and too disruptive to maintain.

    1. Then they just pass a law requiring businesses to have 50% (or more, of course) female employees. Some countries are already doing this, at least of the high-paid management and board positions

    2. i would never hire a girl unless i wanted to profit from having a nice face at my reception desk and a female voice at the telephone. there is really no reason to bother with that shit.
      on the other hand, there will come a point in time where you will get sued for that decision, not hiring women. i believe there already are laws like that.

      1. So what if you don’t hire women against the laws? A higher tax band? Fine? What? I bet you whatever it is it won’t cost your company £7million. As a business owner you need to start looking at women as a risk and as my post above suggests insure against the risk of being sued.

    3. Large companies have no choice. They are practically forced by gun point to hire women. I think the key to running your own business is to keep it on the small side so the government won’t poke their nose in.

      1. You will never hear this admitted in public, but the number one reason for off shoring is to get away from government rules and regulations requiring the hiring and spoon feeding of women. Tons of other costs and the lower productivity in third world countries often far outweigh any savings from lower wages. However, the absence of having to deal with women and their government enforcers standing right behind them, makes it all worth while.

        1. Right. A company can work around the low productivity and other overhead costs, but not if the government shuts you down for violating these absurd laws.

    4. Women can’t sue in the UK! No one can without an extremely good case with a ton of evidence. In my experience the only stories Ive ever heard of sucessful cases are men who avoided being sacked for being drunk on the job and justified cases against random sackings without due process.

  13. The humidity must have been killer the day that top pic was taken of the plaintiff.

  14. She don’t have the “right” to be included in any company. A group of people will let you in if they want. It’s not something you can demand. And sue over it ? Get outta here ! If she wins that case, Western world will fall. I mean, every company employing women will get sued to their last dime, and the companys that dont, WILL TOO !
    There’s no way to win.

      1. Jesus, you could hide quarters in the bags under her eyes! Also @Dolan Duk:disqus

      2. I know anyone can cherry pick photos like these to support their position, but is there a biological reason these women have these pinned out pupils? Is it really related to too many fellas??

  15. Women shouldn’t be working in important jobs; they should be doing administrative work and social services.

    1. Not even administrative work, they took over HR departments and that’s how we got in this mess.

      1. Just had ANOTHER HR twat experience. Rather than admitting she didn’t read my resume, she cancelled the interview. Perhaps an even sadder species is the beta mangina HR orbiter whose dick is carefully stuffed up his ass where his brains are.

      2. I meant secretarial — paper pushing, answering phones — not making decisions. HR shouldn’t really even exist.

    2. But even then they bring their personal biases, preferences, and emotions to the forefront. Do you REALLY think a woman in something administrative like HR would do any favors for another woman who was prettier and thinner than her, even if it were just? Like Hell!

    1. depends on your needs:
      The 14-16″ Ka-Bar USMC Utility/Fighting knife will do it, is a razor sharp single edge blade, and nigh impossible to break. It also allows for other things such as using it as a step-up to climb a tree, field dressing animal carcasses, and is pretty damn intimidating in general. But it is also large (my personal go to though, and I’ve had it for nearly 14 years).
      There is the 11.5″ Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife, dual edged, with a foil grip, the design is slender so that it can penetrate quickly and fully. It also has a shorter “Shanghai” model.
      For quick, light, and small there is the MT588 Neck Knife which is about 4.25″ and not overly expensive at about 8 USD.
      Don’t let the odd shapes and bells and whistles distract you, a good knife is about utility, efficiency, and effectiveness.
      The legality will depend on your location, some states have blade length laws as well as concealed weapon laws. Knives are not generally the optimum tool for self-defense as they rely heavily on close proximity and surprise. I would recommend finding someone to instruct you in their proper use if possible. And remember the use of a knife requires full commitment to be effective.

      1. that isn’t the normal kbar, is it? i read that the classical kbar isn’t really meant to be sharp, unless you sharpen it.
        the fairbairn-sykes looks great. don’t want to be carrying too big stuff around.
        i also have some pepper spray but i find it kinda girlish and it also is very limited in terms of capacity. once it is empty, you are fucked. and a gun is not a smart thing to carry around in germany.
        with full commitment, you mean to go full in without thinking about losses or hestitating?

        1. Ka-Bar offers several suitable models, but staying simple is usually best. If you want to get away from the iconic profile, then something like the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade would work (5.5″ blade 10.5″ w/ handle weighs about 1.5lbs.). The BK7 might suit you too, but it is a bit longer.
          You shouldn’t need to sharpen most Ka-Bars right off the production line as they generally come ready. They are a tough and hardy item though I would recommend using a high quality ceramic stone. If you use a natural stone, be sure and use good oil.
          Full commitment means you have to be prepared to use it, there is nothing clean or impersonal about a knife, you have to be mentally prepared as well as physically and having proper technique.

        2. i see. k-bar seems too big for my tastes. want to be able to conceal it without big trouble.
          there are many fairbairn-sykes models with different price tags on ebay. are they all original stuff or a lot of fakes there? 400 usd seems like a hefty price tag for something that may get … lost. is there a good cheaper alternative with about the same size?
          makes sense. have you been in a fight with a knife? if so, mind sharing a story?

        3. You could look at the TDI line from K-Bar, they are meant for quick access concealment and very compact. Didn’t mention them because you almost have to use them in reverse grip which is how I was taught but not at all easy.
          As Fairbairn-Sykes are iconic to the British commandos (and other military forces there) the ones used in actual historical campaigns are going to have “antique” cost. Having looked at eBay now, I would say 400USD is far too high for your needs, that is the impression I get. The one around 150USD is nice, though I have no way of verifying its authenticity 100%. You can try looking at http://www.fairbairnsykesfightingknives.com to learn what designs are proper and what are replicas.
          I feel no need to share particulars since it would likely be construed as bravado I do not feel, but yes, and I have scars across my knuckles, forearms, palms, hands, and one above my left eye that all taught me:
          These are not situations to look for or admire, the best defense is to avoid them when possible and be highly trained to deal with them if given absolutely no other option.

        4. don’t like the tdi shape much. something similar to the fairbairn with a straight blade, would be nice.
          does that mean that the cheaper ones around 100 USD are solid quality, too, but not very iconic?
          fair enough. what qualification should i look for in a trainer? how could i prepare myself elsewise? killing an animal?

        5. Then you probably want to look at double-edged fixed blade boot knives like the Schrade SCHF 19, 20, or 21.
          Again, something off of eBay I would have trouble assessing the quality. And the prices aren’t really indicative either.
          You’ll never be able to “fully” prepare yourself, like in any fight the sheer panic and fear alone is enough to make you lose it, and it is completely unpredictable only now you are guaranteed to take significant, likely lethal damage, everything about it is permanent, and there will definitely be blood. The idea is that you have to be aware of the consequences and certain that you are out of options, once you act you have to complete, that’s all. Sorry, but I won’t give any more advice on this part of the inquiry. If you feel uncertain at all, you should reconsider.
          I would say look for someone with military experience, failing that someone with extensive training weapons handling in martial arts, but there is a massive difference between a weapons exhibition and the real thing.

        6. you dumb white trash. get an inferior knife then, I was only trying to help. kbar sucks my clit.

        1. It is to a great many people. A Ka-Bar made here feels much more solid and reliable than a Cold Steel combat knife made in China. Yet if you don’t care, that’s fine.
          I sure as shit wouldn’t buy any electronics manufactured here, however.

        2. I don’t see any good reason to be patriotic anymore with our disgraceful cultural vibes, do you?

        3. i’m not an american. but having not been born and raised in the home country of my parents, i am practically completely free of nationalistic feelings.

        4. My parents are immigrants too and I was born here (America). The culture and zeitgeist now makes my skin crawl. I have no shame in saying I am just here for the freedoms, luxuries and benefits (heck, I pay out the ass in taxes, so why not?). I’m pretty misanthropic and see everybody else as self-serving and self-righteous as well as narcissistic (trying as hard as they might to deny all that to the grave) anyway, so I might as well not be shy about it and play it up really well!

        5. Yeah, the quality of a Ka-Bar is phenomenal, the steel is extremely high quality as is the production, and they have a lifetime warranty on top of it.

        6. Ask yourself the question, “how patriotic are the supposedly American corporations urging you to buy American? do they preferentially build plants in the US and hire Americans to staff them? Or do they invest overseas and staff with foreign nationals?”

    1. Look deep into my vagina. You are getting very sleepy, you will do my bidding, the vagina commands you, you are powerless against the gaping maw……..

  16. If she had been invited for drinks she still would have sued. Why didn’t she just look for another job?

    1. If you could possibly gain millions of £s by staying and throwing a tantrum, would you leave? That’s why these equality laws are so detrimental to the economy.

  17. Talk about double standards. I work in high finance too and for those of us that are not “protected” we are held to very high standards of performance. Drop below that threshold even a little bit or for a little bit of time and you could be fired. Its a hyper competitive environment that you’d think would have no place for socialism and affirmative action and ordinarily it doesn’t. Sadly, its changing. At present, we’re in some bizzaro in-between world where there is an affirmative action environment along side a hyper competitive one. Only one of these will win-out in the long run and its looking ever more likely the affirmative action crybabies will last. For now, the incoherence created by these two clashing cultures is causing a lot of discord, particularly among those of us that seek to earn by merit. The best way I can describe it is that you have a merit based system that, as the a.a. hires erode, increasingly is merit on the surface only. The results – confusion, loss of confidence, atrophy. But, why am I so surprised…there is a lawsuit originated by a special snowflake against her employer to remove the world merit from the corporate logo. You guess it, its offensive.

    1. But dont you agree the hyper competitiveness is a problem? Forget the woman issue for a moment, If you drop below a certain standard, you get replaced with a graduate who has no life skills and does what they are told which enables the shit system to continue.
      Some competitiveness is necessary, of course, but aren’t you sick of all the corporate bullshit?

  18. This type of nonsense will create a whole new insurance product for insurance companies to sell. Your premiums will be set depending on the number of female employees you have in your staff. The more you have, the higher the premiums.

  19. Maybe we should call this what it really is, WGTOW or Women Gone There Own Way. For decades this has been being set up, since Boomers railed against their parents for sacrificing them to go to war, women have opted out. They wanted their own resources, their own access to partners, and their own access to education. What have we gotten as a result? Weaker educaton systems where men are taught to hate themselves for being rapist, or white, or black. Opinions override facts in almost every field and our social intelligence reflects this. High schoolers used to be at the quality level of education as college students and now an ever larger group graduate unable to read.
    We are adding more jobs and positions for women and the companies that could be adding to the economy are getting phased out. The results? Men who are smart are becoming independent contractors or work for themselves or stay with a company knowing if you aren’t the boss or a woman, you better have a plan B.
    And the family life? Well we know the results there don’t we? Women initiate the bulk of divorces. We are learning newer ways to please women and they just keep dancing from partner to partner and we are still trying to find new ways to satisfy them. When will this plan work? Check back once we get those fem-bots in order.
    All of this grim present aside, I suggest we keep WGTOW in full effect and even initiate a petition to start it in fields needed the most equality ever; police force, fire department, contractors, transit workers who fix fields. Women have been under-represented for decades in these fields.
    I mean, has any of us seen that butch woman carrying a heavy load promoted as the new woman back during WWII ever? Why not make her real? So many women want to go their own way. I say take America with them. Do what youu need to do until you hit 27. Fly thee world. Lead men on. Enjoy your youth. Run a company. Run a company into the ground. Whatever. But let’s agree on a law that if that enforces our women to be as equal as they wish. 51 percent of our women need to be in the police force, 51 percent need to be handling our trash, fixing our roads, and working as builders and contractors. This will also lower male suicide numbers.
    Just for good measure, let’s shoot for a gender equal Human resources department. Wouldn’t want to be unfair so only 49 percent should be male. That’s only fair right?

    1. If you’re self employed, they will fine you for not hiring 50% women. You go have dinner by yourself and you can be sued for excluding a non-existent female staff.

      1. Unless there is a public announcement accompanied by an autotune Antoine Dodson telling me the government will find and fine me for going solo, I will continue to enjoy my steak and salad in solitude.

      1. For our equality loving feminist, bulk might as well be husk in all high risk jobs. Little do they know the real killer is stress.

    2. how dare you red hood, asking for women to work on oil rigs and coal mines, havent you the slightest sense of compassion for your equals? I mean, it would be impossible for these social butterflies to log on facebook or even flaunt their tight skirts in office hallways, while surrounded by the pacific or the dank, dark grotto of a mine. You’re a cruel, misogynistic prick and you deserve to get sued for hate speech.

    3. Not 51% of women. 51% of the women who apply to be in the job.
      I for one am not willing to stay home raise the children and become domesticated.

    4. Male empowerment is about raising yourself up, female empowerment is about lowering others down

  20. What employer would hire a women?? Menstrual cycles, PMS,maternity leave . The inherent illogic of the female psyche. I would never hire a women if I owned a business….

    1. I own a business and I would never hire a woman to any position of real importance. I will also never hire a black woman. Made the mistake once and she got herself fired in less than 12 hours for being an obnoxious cunt. I couldn’t even believe the way she was speaking to me.

  21. Every single one of these incidents is EXACTLY WHY men exclude women from important business dealings. It boggles the mind how blind they are.

  22. Too many western women need to be bent over a knee, given a good smack on their tuckus and told “Life is not fair.”

  23. A lot of guys are mad about this situation as I am too. But before we criticize these women for being insane, we need to think about the men who are enabling these behaviors of insane women.
    Let’s say you saw a child behaving irrationally in public. You can definitely say and bet that the parents have problems disciplining the child.
    Well similar case with this one… We can get mad at this girl for acting like a cunt but how did this girl act like a cunt?
    Because we as society enable her to behave this way and let her get away with this shit…
    the SJWs and Manginas…

    1. Agreed, but also the implication here is that she is irresponsible and can not be blamed for her perversion. She is incapable of using good judgment.

      1. girls like her need to be fed through wood chipper. There are people starving and dying because they have no money and no food but yet these cunt whores with self entitlement attitude thinks they deserve grandeur amount of money because their sorry ass feelings couldn’t take it.

  24. Again , the UK shows what a mess it is… And we just follow along right behind them.

  25. Women have always whined and men just ignored them. Now women can sue and turn their whine into water.

      1. Well… I was referring to the biblical story only I reversed the transmutation.

  26. The bit I love… thou shalt not go out for drinks with thy mates after work… unless you invite women you don’t like.

  27. The women cannot see they are suing themselves out of the work pool. I would probably never hire one, when I start my business I’m not doing it under any circumstances not even my sister. Is that eqaul opportunity or what?

    1. What do women care about other women? All she cares about is herself. She got herself a big payout at the expense of placing other women out of the work pool. She feels no sympathy nor remorse.
      “Lots of people talkin’ few of them know. Soul of a woman was created below.”

      1. Based on the comments on this site, I dont think you can blame women who sue for being the reason that other women aren’t hired. The hatred exists already.
        This article was conciously posted to support the idea that all the cases are as rediculous as this example.
        The real truth is that many employees of various categories have good cause to sue for reasonable losses and never get comp because of frivolous cases like this one.

        1. It is ONE of the many reasons.
          If you do not like the way a company is treating you, you can always find another company to work for. No one is putting a gun to your head coercing you to work for them. Why give these damn lawyers a way to steal money from both of you.

        2. Why would I sue them? How does speaking up get translated into demands by you?
          Your tone is feminist baiting, this is why you missed my point. Go find one if you want someone to bitch at.

  28. My god, were mothers of these cunts injecting grade-A Olympic steroids during pregnancy?! Just look at those manjaws!

  29. So when a woman wears a slutty dress it’s ‘cool, but’ when a man does it they take away my kids.

  30. Theres actually been two cases in Australia (Sydney / Adelaide) where both women sued their former employers for discrimination and both had their cases thrown out of court with both responsible for the payment of legal fees (apparently the Adelaide case was $150,000). The real reason both these women had their cases rejected because both women were disciplined over poor work place performance – its looking like a western world problem have a vagina with poor work place performance litigate against your employer in a vain attempt to cover your ass.

  31. Banks have been pushing the social engineering button like no other. If it comes back to bite their bottom line then it’s a victory in my book.

  32. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. So don’t just close up shop if you’re a private industry. Move to a location that does not allow this nonsense. Otherwise cash out the business, retire and enjoy the decline. There’s no penalty for governments for ignoring the bane of wolves for more money. When these shrews get into court the court needs to tell them to go fuck themselves and more and more they will. When government gets to where they can’t afford this anymore the courts will cooperate and dump these shrews for the loads they are. In the end this is proof positive that women are lazy, less intelligent and can’t compete with anybody. So they execute the nuclear option sue and go to the press. WE should just ignore them, there is no penalty for ignoring them if we don’t allow there to be.

  33. Dear Miss Fiouzi, this is what I would have done: 1. learn the German language better than the native speakers 2. learn every bit about your job and what others in other companies are doing and all the new information and/or past information that would help you to compete at such a level as they never expected of you, until you would be of such value to be invited in or at least cued into their talks. BUT—-this would be way too much work, so sue instead and never worry about working again. Litigate when you can’t compete. What the hell is the deal with the hairstyle on the first picture?

  34. You know, these stupid cows might be on to something. I think they should be able to initiate litigation.
    Case in point: last night I was at a bar. Some Royal Salute had loosened my tongue and I asked this girl for a skull fuck. She turned me down, which hurt my feelings and self-esteem. Whom should I sue: the cum catcher, or the scotch company for making something that forced me to act unwisely?

  35. I have to say, suing for 7 million is a bit strong. Does she think her entire career is ruined by this situation, and that she would ever earn that much in a reasonable lifetime? Asking for more than a years wages as compensation is taking the biscuit.

  36. if this is legit, kill me now. So shes in a country where she doesnt speak the langauge and used that as part of her case ?

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