Immigrant Single Mother Demands More Than $1,000 A Month In Welfare

Agnieszka Swiatlowska has high expectations. And she wants guys like you and me to pay for them. The largely unemployed Polish immigrant to Australia, who has a young school-age son, currently receives $530 per fortnight as a new Australian citizen. But she wants more and is demanding she gets it.

Non-citizen Australian permanent residents must wait 104 weeks to receive certain extra welfare payments. So Swiatlowska will have more than her current $530 come this September. She became a naturalized citizen in March but this does not affect the waiting period for migrants.

Unversed in the responsibility of a country to look after its own citizens, and avoid people using newly acquired Australian citizenship as a cash cow, Swiatlowska claims she is being discriminated against and that the government made a “mistake,” despite the law being incontrovertibly clear. She must wait, as she’s both a recent permanent resident and new Australian citizen (how did she get in?).

Swiatlowska’s trump card is that she’s a single mother. After all, why should women have to make sure that they can support a child before they get pregnant? That would be asking far too much!

Yes… because the vast majority of children raised by single parents end up like this?

After our Poland-residing Roosh, I declare myself ROK’s resident Polish expert. Despite strong economic forecasts, including the biggest long-term growth rate of any major EU country, Poland’s welfare system is much less generous than Australia’s. Although I was pleasantly surprised at the relative rate of support Poland affords many of its students and disabled, the best thing for a Pole is steady employment.

By contrast, in Western Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia, people may earn more from a job, but the relative difference between working and living at the expense of the state is more marginal. Surely Swiatlowska sensed this. Whilst she may be genuinely unemployed or underemployed, the safety net of the welfare state clearly solidified her desire to stay in Australia, especially with a very young son.

Australia isn’t the only case

If Swiatlowska thinks she’s in hardship, try being a senior citizen on a pension. Unlike them, Swiatlowska can physically work, if she gets rid of the emotional sense of entitlement, that is.

The United States and Britain, and to a large extent Germany, are now the world’s largest beehives for migrants looking for a welfare state or other honey. Understandably, these countries erect barriers and impose limits to prevent opportunistic individuals, who number in the hundreds of thousands and millions, from emigrating to their lands and living on the public teat and at the expense of everyone else.

Sadly for Great Britain, do-gooder European Union laws and regulations regarding the free movement of people make stopping this a truly gargantuan task. In the United States, the debate about illegal immigration and its attendant costs has regressed to the point where opponents of the southern US border being effectively open are labeled as intransigent racists and bigots.

Likewise, the United States’ dazzling debt, nearly $20 trillion, has not stopped Democrats and their SJW allies from ramping up the welfare state to its highest ever levels.

In a world where we are surrounded by so many cases of victimhood, including the highly disabled, cognitively impaired, and others in our own neighbourhoods, it riles me, as it should you as readers, that able-bodied women like Swiatlowska spend their time shouting from their own self-made pedestal instead of exploring every avenue for a job.

What else can we expect, though? Having fed people the dream for years that government should support them, above all single mothers, individuals are merely taking up the promised offers.

Swiatlowska has tried to grab headlines before

Attention seeker on the right.

Excuse my incredulity about her genuineness, but Swiatlowska seems to be a compulsive attention seeker. Few, if any of the news stories about her recent grab for more welfare money discussed her previous involvement with the media. She had fronted Australia’s only truly national newspaper, aptly named The Australian, to declare she wanted surrogate grandparents for her young son. And so the Saint of Single Motherhood finds yet another platform.

On the one hand, in most instances I would applaud a search for elderly role models. Senior citizens generally have much more common sense, have worked harder throughout their lives and have more quality life experiences, even on a per year basis, than those of us growing up in newer generations characterized by surrounding social and political decay.

When read with the welfare story, however, you can start to believe that Swiatlowska only wants the entire community, whether other individuals, her ex-partner, or the state, to attend to needs of hers that most people take (and simply must take) care of themselves. For every one Swiatlowska who goes to the media or kicks up a similar public stink, another hundred or thousand ply their mollycoddled trade of “Why me?” behind the scenes in normal life.

We must stop the rot

Swiatlowska claims she has the skills, so why is no one employing her? I wonder why…

The debacle unfolding now in Greece, as it has for years, demonstrates what decades of over-reliance on the welfare state does not only to countries, but also to the societies that breathe life into them. The United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and other nations are on the same precipice that Greece ignored at the start of the century when joining the Eurozone.

Someone criticizing even a “me, me, me” person like Agnieszka Swiatlowska risks social castration for their perceived lack of empathy, sexism, and privilege. But if the brave don’t sound the alarms for society, who will?

We are living in truly scary times. Designed as a safety valve to divert assistance to those who truly needed it, the welfare state is sucking the marrow from the bones of once proud and self-reliant communities. No matter how independent you are, no matter how much you have earned your station in life, the collapse of states dependent on welfare will ruin your existence as well.

Be warned.

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202 thoughts on “Immigrant Single Mother Demands More Than $1,000 A Month In Welfare”

  1. Could she at least be SOMEWHAT boner-worthy before asking for free shit? That’s usually how these scenarios work!

      1. it’s all in your mind. if you think you are a woman, others be better seeing you as a woman.
        i am a trans-species black widow, actually, but i never brag about it, because only men are allowed to comment here.

      2. Yea. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Us White Males are supposedly So Privileged. Yet all I see are people transforming into women.
        If men are so Privileged then why isn’t there an outpouring of women becoming men? It’s just the opposite.

        1. because most of them won’t give up that vagina pass. They can screech about male privilege but every last one of them knows that pussy pass beats it by a mile.

        2. The only privileged people in America are hot chicks. They don’t have to be smart or talented or anything, they just get shit handed to them. If they have a modicum of smarts or talent, then they get shit loads of shit handed to them. If shit loads is not enough, then they have affirmative action programs to grant them by law even more massive returns.

        3. It’s the same everywhere, not only America.
          Instead of bitching on women, you should hit the gym hard and learn a practical martial arts (Krav Maga, Jui Jitsu, etc.). Then, 70-80 % of people will fear you and will hand over to you everything you want … just as if you were a hot chick.

        4. I spent 10 years being trained by the airborne, along with all sorts of chop socky. It doesn’t help you get into a club, land a job, get a loan, or do anything practical other than having no fear of shitheads in the street.

        5. Having a good physique is just a starting point. You need to learn how to make the right connections. Even hot chicks have to do that.
          Understand that NOBODY has it easy in this world. Even the rich, beautiful or powerful have to work to have their way.

        6. Who is stopping you from being in that number? Don’t envy the rich, powerful or beautiful. Try to emulate them.

        7. One of the keys to success is to choose your parents well. Kind of hard to emulate that.

        8. You seem more interested in whining than self-improvement. Well, good luck with that.

        9. I have not whined once, you are just reading wrong. It is just a fact that some people get an easy ride.

    1. And somewhere out there…. some guy is wondering how drunk he was to bang that…..

    2. That’s how they use to work, why do you think women like Agnieszka Swiatlowska (Aging Slut for short) are feminist in the 1st place?
      A few notable quotes from the fanghornforest blog:

      Beautiful women have no need for feminism. Regardless of the lack of female representation (compared to men) in positions of authority, women have always had a substantial amount of power in society. Women use coercion and persuasion over men as a means to get things done. This is the anatomy of female power. Women have always avoided positions of authority because with being in a position of authority comes responsibility and accountability. Women have a strong aversion to responsibility and accountability. You see this in even the most mundane social interactions like, “where should we go for dinner?” A woman will have greater respect for a man who makes a bad decision but is decisive than they will towards a man who makes no decision at all.

      Aging slut is simply the final product of politicized female entitlement, she wants all the perks of a beautiful young woman with domestic skills without possessing either qualities.

      The current brand of feminism is made up of greedy women seeking more power than they already have, the tomboys (women who secretly want to be men), and the female equivalents of the basement-dwelling WoWmega males. The selfish women just want more power than they already have. The tomboys want to be men. The omega females are the fat, ugly types who are unable to exert influence over men because they are fat and ugly (and usually their personalities are congruent with their appearances).

      What we have is an epidemic of greedy, selfish, undesirable, old, fat, ugly, jaded, bitter, mentally ill, post-wall females vying for the kind of power once wielded exclusively by either attractive women or royalty(princess bitch syndrome), with government backing to boot.

        1. what the fuck is that? is she rly giving blood from he pussy there? disgusting :O

    3. Who’s the GD idiot who had sex with that, that, THING? Ewwwwww.
      It’s every man’s moral imperative to avoid taxation and the slavery it brings — bot to those who pay it, and especially those who benefit from it.

    4. Hey, did Caitlyn Jenner throw in the towel so quickly by cutting her hair, kidnapping a kid and moving to the other side of the planet to escape the Kardashians? I guess you can’t blame her for that.

      1. Agree. It is one of my iron rules: if she has kids then move on to the next one.
        The only way that things will change is if women are held responsible for their actions. If women want to get out there and try the buffet before settling down then they run he risk of getting pregnant.
        But under no circumstances am I paying for a kid that is not mine (plus putting up with all of the bullshit).

  2. While she’s not a beauty in the classic sense, she should still be able to make some money working at a whorehouse. Many prostitutes raise their children with the proceeds of their honorable and fun occupation, so why shouldn’t she?

  3. All of this is stealing from others under the guise and force of the state.
    Her choice to be a single mom, her choice to be educated or not, her abilities.
    BUT I am made to pay with the violence of the state. UNACCEPTABLE.
    Time to STOP working so the parasites dry up and go away.
    Did you work that extra week this year??? Save and study an extra bit??
    GOOD – because its all going to the state and others to benefit them. Keep it up!!!

    1. Women’s unabashed sense of entitlement always drive me to grab the nearest barf bag and empty my stomach. Responsibility, accountability…. those are alien terms to these hoggish skanks.
      They feel the world need to place them on a pedestal and worship the ground they step upon just by the virtue that they were happened to be born with an axe wound between the legs. Things will get hilarious once they start to age and all the glory of a young lass vanish like magic. Maybe they’ll get into granny porn to gratify their attention whoring.

        1. I imagine that constant clapping sound would boost her self-esteem!

        2. No! No clapping aloud. We need to be mindful of the feelings and opinions of others. “Jazz Vaginas”.

  4. This is the end result of the “don’t kill your baby” crowd; women who might have chosen abortion because they couldn’t support children now have children and expect everyone else to bow down and cater to them because they didn’t kill their babies. It now becomes John Q Public’s responsibility to stand for the sperm donor who didn’t. Sure, some of those babies’ daddies are dead and the public should step up then. But, most are alive and rawdogging around making more little bundles for taxpayers to support.

    1. …Or she had the baby knowing full well doing so would set her up for financial “babying” from a Big Daddy government?

      1. Good call. She looks like she hit the wall and went over a cliff, so with low SMV and massive baby fever she might have one-nighted an alpha wearing beer goggles because damn is her son cute, or what!

    2. it is a smart tactic. if i was sure that dna would not easily reveal me, i would like the idea of spreading my sperm all around the world.

      1. Respect your honesty. I don’t doubt that most would like a battalion of mini me’s provided they were free.

        1. I’m old enough to recall when the saying was “Whatever you want, dear. Just do it inside so you don’t frighten the horses”. I used to believe that times change, people don’t, but not so sure anymore. Seems to be more bat-shit crazies and entitled layabout lovies around nowadays.

    3. One thing doesn´t have anything to do with the other. Otherwise Single motherhood would have been a feature of the West and the World since forever. The fact is that, like almost all monopolies, without State intervention, Single motherhood would be almost non-existent, restricted only to the professional whores and odd cases. The problem is the State whiteknighting.

      1. State whiteknighting is key. Yet, a lot of social shifts have contributed to the growth of single mom households. Going by live birth records, 25 – 33% of 1950’s brides went preggers down the aisle as they had full-term weight infants 5 -7 months after marriage. Further, few people then went handwringing around about murdered unborn babies. Abortion was then illegal because the best those sluts deserved was a veterinarian, or Frank Sinatra’s mother, Dolly. Correlation is not causation, however, the percentage of births to unmarried women increased expontially from the early 1980’s which happens to be when the Right to Life movement picked up cash and steam.

        1. 1950’s is not the right comparison. Unlike many here, one can state with certainty Western civ collapse started well before the 50’s (more like the Enlightenment with a terminal turns in the 1914and in 1960’s).
          No one denied that women were misbehaving in past times, the problem with single motherhood is not a fictional Right to Life Movement (who by the way in this instance is right, by any objective measure, abortion is outright murder). The catalysts behind the Single motherhood and illegitimacy are: State Whiteknighting, the Pill (the greatest responsibility dodging mechanism known in history, available only to women) and cultural collapse, where expectations of behavior sink into the ocean and the very fabric of the Western world is unraveling, to such an extent that one can say the West is dead (our ancestors from the early 1800s wouldn´t recognize our culture as a continuation from theirs, they wouldn´t be able to, unlike they who could trace the civ as far back as the Renaissance ), which explains why the number of single mothers picked up in the 80s, when cultural disintegration and welfare poison hit in full force.
          On its own, the problem would solve itself since single mother “families” are unsustainable and in time the very extended families of these women would enforce measures to ensure that their daughters would behave (otherwise they will foot the bill).
          P.S. How can someone talk about a “Right to life” movement being successful in a country where doctors openly talk about selling baby limbs and parts, where there is “late term abortion” and irrationality celebrated by the highest authorities of the land…

    4. Yeah. The same conservative who say things like “Just let the hoodrats kill each other off,” have such sanctity about abortion. I’m conservative but never really gave a crap about abortion. I say make it free and put a clinic on every corner in the hoods. I know there is the whole God issue but I say; Let the trash kill their own trashy offspring before we have to pay for them or have them ruin our urban safety. Who cares if trash gets aborted?

  5. If you have one child with your wife (and she receives some kind of support from the state) and another couple have, say, four children, then they receive four times more support, which means you waste money on someone else’s children, instead of giving more to your own. That’s oversimplified, but because of that we end up with people like Swiatlowska.
    If you can afford having children, then go ahead. And if you can’t, then that’s your problem. But no, we live in a Proto-Marxist society instead, that favors weak, stupid, parasitic, genetically damaged people over smart, strong and potentially beneficial to society people.

  6. The whole system is on the verge of collapse. I am so sick to death of witnessing for a long time, how people living in Government welfare, somehow managed to live a better life and receive more in money than those who are forced to work full time jobs while being taxed to death and financially raped by the increasing costs of living.
    It is absolutely unacceptable and reflects the decling standards in the lifestyle choices that today’s society chooses to embrace. Firstly, if the government stopped providing benefits in childcare and government housing, then this may indeed, have helped to reduce the high levels of parasitism that we currently have going on in our society. Honest to God, it makes me sick when I see hordes of young people today, who instead of going out to look for work, would rather choose to live in government housing and having as many kids as possible, while the taxpayer is forced to fork out as much money as possible to support these kids that are born out of wedlock.
    Disgusting. Firstly, having children is not a right. It is a privilage and one that cannot and should not, be subsidised by the tax payer. Secondly, what kind of an example do these parents set for their children by living a life on welfare? The disasterous result is that their kids will usually end up following the same example and the vicious cycle of poverty and parasitism continues. It is only when the damage has already been done, that society starts to realise how much damage has been done. But by then, it is too late to repair the destruction that has been caused. Even though efforts have been made by certain countries such as the UK, where a welfare cap has been enforced or reducing the overall amount a welfare recepient can claim, it is nontheless a great mistake that was made to expand the welfare state and continue to allow hordes of the population to live a life on welfare.
    Essentially, what the welfare system has done, has created and reinforced the idea that the losers in society should be rewarded, while the winners in society should be be punished. It is indeed, sad times that we live in.

    1. I have the solution. If you want to throw this por woman out into the street with her child you are a heartless bastard. So, we need to decouple the woman from the child. Any woman that claims welfare or any government support on the basis of being unable to provide for her child should immediately have the child taken from her and given to a solid adoptive home. Then she should be sterilized so she can not inflict this harm on yet another child. Then she can be put on the work farm and, through the sweat of her brow, earn her daily bread.
      This solution does not penalize the poor child, and even eliminates the single mother status from the woman, so we aren’t punishing single mothers. We are just punishing strong independent women that may have been single mothers in the past, but who are now just useless single women unable to remain independent.

      1. “If you want to throw this por woman out into the street with her child you are a heartless bastard.”
        -No one is being a heartless bastard. If anything, having children and forcing other people to subsidise that child (even though it is not their child) AND forcing taxpayers to give them a home while they get drunk, lazy and continue to suck more money from the system, is clearly, the motive of a real heartless bastard.

        1. She is the heartless bastard for bringing an innocent child into this mess. The kid had no say in it whatsoever.

      2. Government has done a horrible job with foster homes. I can’t hate on a child, but the amount of single mothers I see is an epidemic.

        1. Well I won’t say it’s time to start ‘hating’ on a child but I think it’s time to stop caring. Not every life is sacred…sorry. Every trashy welfare kid got to exist in place of all of those ‘would have been’ kids who missed out on existence because their parents were too strapped by the tax burden. So fuck them. The lower class gives no more thought to creating a life than rats in an alley. Fuck them.

        2. A friend of mine, her friend is a welfare momma who has five kids and just sits on

        3. My friend, her friend has five kids. She has a pool, she smoke pot all the time and drinks with the kids in the house. Will call my friend and drag her down with her negativity. It’s sad. I have to bite my tongue when we stop by there. She is like this woman. Money is always an issue for her even though she can blow it all on pot, smokes, drugs, take-out food. I had a can of flaked chicken tonight for dinner. Basically dog food. Than such woman like her have the gall to get jealous of me for losing weight and “being skinny”.
          I avoid her like the plague because I would have no tongue left.
          There are some women who really do want to be a mom but can’t afford to. These want-to-be-mothers, I think, feel defeated and beaten down. This entitlement mentality has bunged up the infrastructure and economy so bad in so many places. It has ruined options for women rather than creating them weather a woman wants to be totally into her career or if she wants to be a mother and wife. Both paths have been blocked with lazy snorlaxes and Sudowoodos. What’s left is just a bunch of women in the middle of the road getting ran over working shit-jobs. While the welfare moms pop kids out. I’m searching for the poke-flutes and spray bottles. Get them out of the way!
          The kids my friends friend is having are going to be unwanted kids. One of the biggest problems, I think are all the unwanted kids.

        4. Just moved to a small town. Not a good idea to just run your mouth. People have been striken by poverty from not biting their tongue. If your gonna rock the boat make sure you have a lifejacket and are near the emergency life rafts.
          New person in town is defintly NOT near those life rafts and life jackets.
          I stay in the car if we must stop by but its hard becuase its like looking a trainwreck…you just cant stop looking.
          I feel like an anthropologist on Mars and I need to morbildy obsess over this sample I have found.

        5. Hopefully it’s not a permanent move and you are getting compensated for it all. You know that whole saying about ending up like the people around you…

        6. There was a discussion about this back in the clinton era when Clinton was fighting “welfare reform” and talk was made about putting welfare children into orphanages after a certain time limit if a welfare mother didn’t get work. I personally think that if a welfare mother is on welfare for more than 5 years, she probably is not a better guardian than the worst of foster homes.
          The fundamental problem is that in an era of almost effectively unlimited food via automated agriculture, there is no limit on population growth where there is a welfare state but due to abuses of social darwinism last century, talk about parenthood licenses ist verboten.

        7. Government has done a terrible job at letting the cycle continue (managing it)….and we will be broke one day. I don’t care if you want to blame the woman, the man or both. The fact that it’s continuing (and it’s getting worse) is a problem. It’s a problem that working taxpayers are tired of hearing and tired of paying.
          At some point, something is going to have to give.

      3. Yes, DO throw the marxist whore in the street and let her and the bastard kid starve.
        You don’t seem to understand that individuals such as this marxist whore are being subsidized for their decisions that as a whole eventually collapse the system. Once the system collapses, good people starve. Good people die. GENOCIDE. DUH. People like this are the heartless fu**heads. They are contributing to a future genocide of a society. Their decisions could actually kill millions one day.

        1. Sorry, but they make a right for the survival of future generations and souls. It has TO BE THAT WAY for any chance of survival of future generations. You have no clue what you are talking about. The “two wrongs don’t make a right” BS basically is a “no consequence society”. So in your mind somebody can make destructive decisions and have society pay for it. THERE HAS TO BE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE SO F***** STUPID. It’s people like you that contribute to the destruction of society and souls. You BETA EFFEMINATE male.

        2. Ah false equivalence, I somehow don’t want people to pay for their actions!

        3. And one extremely wrong doesn’t make a right either. Cheek turning and whistling in the dark which seems to be your philosophy are what got modern western democracies in the mess they are now.

      4. I’m pro choice. That means the woman is free to choose to not make herself useless.
        Realistically, the welfare should be limited to an emergency 6 month period. That is plenty of time to find a way to earn money.

        1. I’m pro take fuckin’ responsibility. It’s also known as adulthood. Don’t have a child until you’ve formed a long term monogamous relationship and adequately planned financially for having off spring.

    2. There’s probably nothing which angers me more than women pumping out kids knowing they’ve got guaranteed income either from Tax Payers or garnishing Daddy’s Income after she boots him out.
      It’s become an epidemic. Females addicted to crack and low intellect individuals pumping out kidz like bunnies for tax benefits and dollars while the educated are not producing. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like in 15-20 years when these kidz which have been used as pawns become adults.

        1. And jails aren’t free. Those guys get a 45k a year lifestyle. Movies, books, weights, free-time, clean air, clean linen, free courses, food, hoops, weed, FREE-TIME, counseling, FREE-TIME, easy jobs, FREE-TIME. They should be killed just for financial reasons.

        2. If I recalled correctly, jails were suppose to be unpleasant, not a paid extended compulsory vacation.

        3. A new prison is going to be built in the area I live in. The Criminal law profession is apparently growing…..hmmm I wounder why?
          Look around. First the big baby-boomer social insurance and medical diaper load. Than the legal system with all these unwanted single mother kids…and more to think of! Arrows coming down from a lot of places!

        4. And plenty of arse fucking. Let’s not glorify getting your arse fucked (for free).

        5. Meh. Ten percent are raped. And who cares anyway? There has to be some deterrent factor. Without that there isn’t a trace. I saw an interview of Snoop Dogg and he was reminiscing about his year and a half in jail with a glowing smile on his face; like a guy thinking about his days in the boy scouts. “Shoot hoops all day, smoke weed and rap all night” He was smiling for real. Good times for Snoop.

        6. “Ten percent are raped. And who cares anyway? There has to be some deterrent factor.”
          If a woman stole your car, would you support a violent rape for her as punishment? I often point out to histrionic feminists that we do have a rape culture and it’s even supported by feminists because “prisoners deserve it” yet they argue that cock teases on dates don’t deserve a roofee every once in a while.
          The barbaric American prison system is number one in the world for “not caring” about sending out low and medium prisoners who may have made a bad mistake in youth (stole a car, dealed some weed, etc.) out to become future violent offenders. It’s an expensive policy for you to endorse.
          Certainly, punish the prisoners but do so inhumanely at your own peril.
          I think not raping prisoners who are in for non-violent offenses to be immoral but also, someday, their rapists may get out and do some harm to you or your loved ones. But hey, the odds are relatively low so that’s ok.

        7. I saw a documentary on prisons and it’s interesting how they originated. Let’s review:
          In the old, old days, prisons were expensive and few convicts were expected to last long in them. Most serious criminals were either executed or given severe beatings or other “unusual” punishment (castration for rapists, for example.) Prisons were largely places people went to wait sentencing or trial (what jails are largely for today.)
          The idea of long term “penance” came about from the Quakers who had the idea to basically make long term monasteries. Silence was enforced and they were expected to read bibles during that time. There were problems with the system and it largely didn’t work, but the principles are being followed in what’s left of Europe today. Eastern European prisons are far more enlightened that that here in the west.
          Keep in mind that this was before an era when so many welfare families were producing the violent third world gang bangers we see today. The problem with the death penalty for thinning that herd is that the USA has a problem with prosecution corruption railroading innocent men into prison. I’d like to see a special requirement for death penalty cases where the evidence has to be beyond the “beyond a reasonable doubt” and set to “certainty” (such as absolute forensics, multiple eye witnesses, etc.)

        8. Go offload your 18 wheeler tankard load of syrupy goodness on some other group of your choosing, just not felons. Fuck felons

        9. If a person steals a car, or breaks into a house they take the risk every time that the victim will attack and get off with self defense. They make their choice.
          The idea of rape in prison is supported as a deterrent, not the punishment.

        10. As we have seen in recent history, however, a lot of felonies are essentially political crimes: A guy tells his feminist wife that he isn’t going to wash the dishes anymore so she hits him, calls the police, and the police arrest him for DV. He gets a felony and raped in prison. A guy uses “game” to pick up a girl and pump-and-dumps her and she speed dials the cops and claims to be raped. Another good candidate for a prison rape, eh?
          If you want a Iranian/Saudi Arabian prison paradigm, then fine, you’ve got it halfway there. Perhaps that’s the gloomy direction folks are going here with MGTOW.

        11. I’m reminded of a scene in The Sopranos where Paulie is executing a Russian guy who gave him lip and helpfully tells him: “Let that be a lesson to you, buddy.” “Deterrent?”
          Actually, it functions best as a deterrent to blue pill men terrified of pissing off feminists lest they get a fake rape or DV accusation against them. The more you empower the feminist state, the more it works against you. It’s ironic that you’re advocating a feminist rape paradigm and don’t even think twice about it.
          Take another red pill and call me in the morning.

        12. I’m not advocating anything. My point is that guys like you want to fly your intellectual flag above all else. Making raped felons into the next glorified victim class is a waste of time. Put your energies elsewhere. If prison rape is so bad then make it punishable by death. Solved. Not that show-offs like you want to solve anything.

        13. Right, as long as it doesn’t happen to me or mine prison rape is “A-OK”.

        14. Mate, your comment is so twisted and fucked up its hard to know where to begin.
          If prison rape is so bad? Explain to me how a man being gang raped by a bunch of other guys can ever be “not so bad”!
          Seriously man, you fucking disgust me.

        15. Your intelligent words are wasted on that man-raping shithead.
          Kudos for trying to make a savage see sense though.

        16. Damn… his eyes… be like… red.
          That said, prison is population control. You might argue it is the modern extension of slavery, extended primarily to blacks but also to any other problematic groups. Not only that, most of these people are in for nonviolent offense. That means that in principle, they have not actually committed a crime.

        17. I’m not in prison and neither are ‘mine’. You guys are just going to bat for felons here. Wow. Is this ‘Upworthy’?

        18. Because it’s happening to a felon. And my ‘not so bad’ comment wasn’t referring to rape but for incarceration in general. The deterrent is clearly absent. YOU disgust me with your sanctimony. I’m starting to think some of ‘yours’ have been locked up. That makes you TRASH, if so.

        19. What a progressive you’ve become Bob. Just because I don’t give a crap about felons, I’m equated with rape? You’re insane. I already said they should just execute prison rapists. There. Are you going to cry tears made of molasses over that too? Goddamn prig. Here;
          Go rub out some sanctimony over that.

        20. “A modern extension of slavery”
          “They have not actually committed a crime”
          “extended to any other problematic groups” (Like criminals maybe? Hilarious)
          Ha ha. Show your stripes dude! Try upworthy, buzzfeed. Reality is not going to work for you.

        21. You have no idea what a progressive is do you? You are not consistent with your “logic”. You seem to think crime should be punished except in certain circumstances. I don’t buy that you think rape should be punished since you had your feet held to the fire before you said it.
          Felons are human beings and anybody can be one, including you. Nobody deserves to be violently attacked. You don’t understand this and you think man on man rape is OK. I’m not sure what kind of man that makes you.

        22. No I didn’t. I’m two steps ahead of you and always will be. I see your self-congratulation from a mile away. I’m from Seattle and I know all about sanctimony. I know pseudo-heroism and you reek of it.

        23. Its happening to a man. You don’t know what a felon is. You could become a felon simply for filing your taxes incorrectly. I’m sorry but justifying male rape simply because someone is in prison for a year makes you beneath contempt.

        24. When were my feet held to the fire? I’ve been calling for execution for any serious crime since I was ten years old.
          “You think man on man rape is OK”
          Do I? Is that why I said it should be punishable by death?
          Once again, I just don’t care.
          “Felon are human beings”
          HA HA HA HA. Oh shit. That’s some honeycomb covered in syrup with molasses on top right there. Ridiculous, man.
          FUCK FELONS. I stand by that.

        25. You’re more disgusted by me than by a felon, aren’t you?
          There’s the decline in a nutshell. So many people whose brains are that fucking twisted up with bullshit.

        26. I’m beneath contempt but your beloved felons aren’t, right? A felon is a felon. Fuck it. Now, spill…who in your family got locked up? Brother, father, you?…Spill. I know it was someone. Trash.

        27. “A felon is a felon”. Your commitment to circular reasoning only demonstrates your determined idiocy.

        28. You are all over the place:

          Ten percent are raped. And who cares anyway? There has to be some deterrent factor.

          So following your logic, if a man is locked up for one year after screwing up his tax return, he should be raped by another inmate (to deter others from screwing up their tax returns) and then this inmate should be immediately put to death… as his reward?
          I think we have reach the point where we need to conclude this debate. You are simply too stupid to provide a coherent argument.

        29. What about my slippery slope, strawman, appeal to authority, and red-herring commitments?
          You never answered me..Who in your family did time?

        30. Here’s my argument;
          1. I don’t care what happens to felons.
          2. Since you and Polish Knight wanted to go all buzzfeed and call on me to address the problem of prison rape, I went ahead and solved it; Kill all prison rapists.
          3. Your sanctimony towards felons is very curious.

        31. Who gives a shit what they are? Prove it? Okay, look at their crimes. There. Fuck them either way. Now go sneak a file to your brother inside a plate of Bedfordshire Clanger.

        32. You claim to not be advocating prison rape yet, here you are. Advocating or excusing prison rape as a form of deterrent is on the same level as third world nations chopping off prisoners’ hands, cutting them up with chainsaws, putting rats in a bucket over them, etc. even if they don’t do the dirty deed themselves but rather wink and look the other way while it’s done by the inmates.
          Even if our justice system was perfect and all felons were the same, such a method of punishment would be barbaric but it’s not. There are plenty of innocent prisoners railroaded there by hyper chivalry and many felons are convicted for crimes that prison rape seems a bit harsh (selling weed, for example.)
          In answer to your suggestion, a death sentence for prison rape would effectively mean putting all prison rapists on death row and with death row moving so slowly, you, as the taxpayer, will foot the bill for those costs. A far more effectively solution is to segregate the population by race and temperament.

        33. I don’t think we agree on a lot, but this is one we agree on. One can become a felon quite easily. Police passed a law in Illinois making it a felony to video a policeman in public. Fill in a wetlands on your property. A kid puts a cherry bomb in someone’s mailbox as a joke (and nobody is hurt) but he gets collared. Post a pic of your girlfriend showing your t*ts to a friend and it gets reposted and viral. Does someone deserve to get prison raped for that?

        34. I have an idea what a progressive is. It’s someone who perhaps becomes one out of well meaning hoping to make a European Utopia but winds up advocating racist and sexist white male bashing and corrupt governments as a cheerleader whore for the left.
          Hey, I went to cults too when I was young because I was curious. Some hot girls approached me on the metro and invited me to a church social. I went and they were fishing around to see if I had any guilt about anything in my life (I didn’t), a few girls flirted with me, etc. Didn’t work. I walked away. I suppose I’d be selling flowers on the subway now if I had fallen for it. As time has gone by, the left has become so white male hating that, statistics show, most young white men are now Republicans right as they start college (meaning that even Utopian progressive views now longer are an allure to them). It’s now a party made up of primarily third world gang bangers.

        35. What is feminist about a man being raped in prison? Or that being a deterrent against robbery?

        36. You’re showing off again. How can I convince you two that I’m not advocating prison rape. Put a couple thousand of the worst people in the nation together and bad things will happen. What does it have to do with me? How perfect should it be for them?
          I want to ask you a question;
          Who is a worse person;
          a) Me; a guy who doesn’t give a crap about 10% of felons being attacked. Who has never even had a misdemeanor. Works six days a week.
          b) a felon (not one falsely convicted)
          Who do you think is worse? A or B.
          Answer it straight up.

        37. I think Melmoth knows he slipped up but rather than just admit his mistake he would rather try to defend an indefensible position to the point of absurdity.

        38. I did.
          Your father was my cellmate.
          I ass raped him and he gave birth to you.

        39. Certainly. Answer is neither. Ultimately, if a woman you’ve run game on calls the police because she’s mad at you and claims that you shoved her and illegally copied DVD’s and downloaded music and gets you into jail (note, not a felon, just jail) and you get your butt raped because that’s just what the criminal justice system turns a blind eye to, then it doesn’t matter as far as you’re concerned.
          We look at criminal African men who have been marginalized by the matriarchal welfare state and condemn them when they go to prison, and often rightly so, but ultimately, that’s feminism’s plan for all of us mate.
          I’ve had narrow brushes with the law and I got through them by the skin of my teeth and I’m pretty smart. Hope your luck doesn’t run out.

        40. I’ll answer…you are the worst person and clearly a gender masochist whom hates himself and all other men. I would say most felons apart from the ones that are rape perpetrators in prison are still better than you. This is because you advocate or at least turn a blind eye to the rape and molestation of males in prison, whatever they might have done. Sadly most males that are raped in prison are often bottom of the criminal food chain and social hierarchy, which gives status to the most brutal and dominant over those that have committed comparatively minor offences.

        41. Stop turning a blind eye to rapists. They just didn’t have daddies and you’re condemning them here instead of giving them the love they need. BWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH blubber, blubber.

        42. In Polish Knight’s world
          Thinking there are far more important things than a gay felon with a sore bootie=beating children.
          Jump on the progressive ship Knight. It’s where you belong. Your ability to extract pseudo emotion from prison rape just screams leftism. Go left, young man. Water finds its own level.

        43. The whole prison system is a racket. There are a lot of people who should be there that aren’t and vice versa. Personally I wouldn’t trade my freedom for anything.

        44. It deliberately conflates the abuse and oppression of men with keeping us in check. You think some guy loosing his job falling behind on his “child support” deserves to be raped by some animal ?

      1. Read “The Marching Morons” by Kornbluth or watch the stupid film Idiocracy to get the feel for it

    3. Yes. The lower class has a far better life than the middle class. A little chipped paint on their porch (they spend ten hours a day there, of course it will be chipped) or a bit more scraggly lawn but other than that they live quite well. Sleep when they want, no work-stress. Day after day of free-time to pursue any hobby, spend time with their kids.
      Middle class; 45 years of financial stress, every single 20-spot leaving your wallet like a minor but noticeable smack in the nuts. Hobbies? What? What’s that? And how pleasant to know that the Monday morning alarm-shriek (that just fucks with your whole essence) is all in the service of some single mom somewhere. Monday is for her, whoever she is. Single Mom Monday. Then Tyrone Tuesday is for some unemployed or incarcerated brother somewhere. You foot all of that; his entertainment, his Adidas, his rehab, his 50k a year swanky incarceration. Wednesday morning is for some useless bureaucrats or teachers. Eat your lunch Wednesday (skip the latte too, that’s latte money for a lower class person who certainly has time for a nice few hours of reading in a cafe on your dime) WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON!!! You’re finally working for yourself. Whatever you can save from that point on is for your kid. If you can’t save anything, too bad. But pay for some trashy kid’s food, clothes and toys first. If anything is left over, you can buy things for your kid. But you pay for the brown kid first. Money for yourself? Ha ha. That’s funny.

      1. Trust me, the lower class does not have a better life. I’ll take my life any day.

        1. It depends. Generally they’re so stupid that they will roll around in their own feces and just beeline it to the neighborhoods with the most gunfire. But if one is not a dumb animal like that; to pick up your welfare, EBT, housing etc. and just live-in with the mother of your children somewhere out in the woods…Man.
          Wake up when you want
          Hike in the woods
          Smoke stogies paid for by your under the table work.
          Beats most lives hands down.

        1. Most of our federal budget in tax dollars goes to medicare and aide to the elderly, about 70%. People are working excessively hard because of
          “Welfare queens” and their ilk are total oversights of the system not working as intended, but that is the exception, not the rule. EBT also helps boost our economy because the government uses incentives and gives contracts specifically to small and medium sized domestic farming communities to keep them working instead of them going out of business because of cheaper foreign goods, even after importation costs.
          The prison industrial complex is one of our biggest corporate industries in the nation, and absolutely nobody wants to make it bigger except Republicans. The mentality from democrats is about reducing sentences and ‘rehabilitation’. Nobody in their right mind is trying to fund any prisoner for $50k a year, but the government is making money off of their labor and that is a direct physical tax on citizens wrongfully or harshly imprisoned for minor offenses, such as drug possession. Oh, not to mention that the population that is primarily targeted and profiled for this are Black Males.
          So please, tell me again how all this is the fault of the ‘brown people’ raping your women and taking your money and food directly from your kids mouths.

        2. Lots of free time to make that post, eh? Weekday and all…hmmm
          GOLD MEDAL for you in the rationalization Olympics if you don’t believe that our wealth transfer economy isn’t in critical condition. Of course you are likely on the winning end of it.

        3. “Targeted and profiled” HA HA. Not simply guilty, eh? Your meme is spot on.

        4. Yeah, you can stop now. I think you’re done here.
          I don’t feel any real need to qualify myself to you, but you’re assumptions about my personal character and status are dead wrong. Let’s leave it at that.
          The evidence I presented to you is widely available on the internet. Before going into some misguided self-righteous rant, you should probably do some fact checking on your own before anyone with any kind of semblance of intelligence could quite easily pick apart your argument.
          And yes, I do agree our wealth transfer economy is in dire straits, but not for the half-baked reasons you claim are ‘factual’. Once again, do your homework. Under-taxation of the top 10% of wealthy individuals in the US and western civilizations historically leads to financial crises, and especially coupled with the global market backing the fractional reserve system built by the United States leading the global economy. You can thank Ronald Reagan era “Reaganomics” for reducing this from about 85-90% to the current 35%, subsequently supported by Republican administrations onward.
          Don’t believe me? Research taxation rates during the years prior and following the great depression. “Brown People” are a red herring argument of outliers used to perpetuate a media-fabricated stereotype to make those wild exceptions seem like the commonplace. Congrats, Red Piller! You managed to inadvertently drink the Koolaid!
          So no, “Brown People” are not the ones leeching and breaking the system, it’s corporate CEO’s and single digit percenters raking in the cashflow at 270x normal living wages and enforcing policies keeping them in power, making money.
          Go read a book, Melmoth.

        5. I read over a hundred books a year. I’m a clinical bibliophile. Biggest whiff I’ve ever seen in an internet argument. You’ve got the leftist cliches down pat. I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who benefits from them. We could actually agree on the Crony Capitalism stuff that you get into there. That doesn’t take you and your leeches off the hook.

        6. Being ‘leftist’ instantly makes me a leech.
          > Isn’t blatantly racist
          > Well adjusted
          > Hard working, has two jobs.
          > Pursuing higher education
          But i’m the…leech….because I’m a decent, thinking adult?
          Sure, okay.

        7. You are blatantly racist. Your whole ideology, politics, rote memorization of leftist canards is in service to your race. You are racial to your very core. You will likely never escape that racial prism and it’s giving you a boring life.
          Keep working though, that’s cool. Know that half of it is shipped over to others far less responsible than you. How you can stomach and actively vote to expand that unfairness even further is a mystery to me.

        8. “You are blatantly racist. Your whole ideology, politics, rote memorization of leftist canards is in service to your race. You are racial to your very core. You will likely never escape that racial prism and it’s giving you a boring life.”
          Assumptions. Disregarded. And pretty happy with my life, everything has balance.
          “Keep working though, that’s cool. Know that half of it is shipped over
          to others far less responsible than you. How you can stomach and
          actively vote to expand that unfairness even further is a mystery to me.”
          You’re gonna need to be far more concise than these sweeping blanket accusations and assumptions. You have no factual basis or informational data. If you are going to challenge anyone’s mindset, at least bring some kind of academic or independent research to the table instead of speaking to strangers like the Wizard of Oz

        9. Well you originally wrote that drivel yourself, so nobody to take any real responsibility except you.

    4. Nobody on welfare is living a better life than someone who earns decent money. Let’s be realistic…

      1. He is being realistic.
        There are people in London, England, who lived on welfare of upto £50,000 pounds a year, before the welfare cap came into place. This also included government housing and free healthcare.
        That is what socialism does to a country.

        1. I cannot afford to take a job in London unless I work for the big banks. I literally had to turn down an offer as unfesible for anyone who was not living in a squat.

        1. No. Lump in housing, food stamps (EBT) and slew of other goodies, they would have to find a job that paid the equivelent annual pay of $50k before taxes.

        2. Probably varies in different countries although minimum wage is still far worse than living on decent money. Where you are, living on welfare would definitely be better than living on minimum wage because you’d be richer time wise.

      2. Pending what US state you live in, a welfare mother of 2 takes in $35k in benefits according to a 2013 CATO review. The highest paid was Hawaii at $49k
        That included Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash assistance, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, which is still popularly known by its former name, food stamps), Medicaid, housing assistance, utility assistance and the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC). Researchers also accounted for federal and state tax deductions, exemptions and credits, such as the earned income tax credit and child tax credit.

        1. All this without lifting a finger?
          Have you heard about the welfare system in Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc? I’ve heard they even get a couple of grand to go camping once a year. Unsure if true or not, so I’m hoping somebody will come up with some good info…

    5. I think you mean having subsidized children is a privilege. After all, no one can stop you having children. If so, who provides this privilege?
      As usual though, in principle I agree with you.

    6. I agree with everything you say except where you say having children is a privilege. It is not a right, it is not a privilege it is just an “is”. In the old days we used to refer to it as a “fact of life”

  7. She had fronted Australia’s only truly national newspaper, aptly named The Australian, to declare she wanted surrogate grandparents for her young son.


  8. It’s important to mention that neither Bill Clinton nor Barack Obama is the child of a single mother. Bill Clinton’s mother was a widow and Obama’s mother was divorced. Their mothers conceived them while married. As Ann Coulter has correctly pointed out, liberals twist the meaning of the term “single mother” in order (as the photograph’s caption shows) to make it acceptable to be one.

    1. “It’s important to mention that neither Bill Clinton nor Barack Obama is
      the child of a single mother. Bill Clinton’s mother was a widow and
      Obama’s mother was divorced. Their mothers conceived them while
      Nothing about the real background of the man currently calling himself “Barack Obama” will likely ever be known to us with absolute certainty.

  9. Female entitlement knows no bounds. Truth of the matter is that any society where women are allowed to have a voice in matters of state is one doomed to inevitable failure as they ( the majority of voters ) enter an endless cycle of ever increasing social spending. Democracy + majority of voters having a toxic, inborn sense of entitlement and an inability to see into or even care about the long term = complete social collapse.
    There are only two possible things to do for the sane man, attempt to escape or simply enjoy the decline.

    1. A wake up call for the guy, don’t ever again even touch a bitch from the North American continent.

      1. Since I’m from Brazil, I’m following the story. His lawyer asked the documents of the accusation and the police of Toronto denied it. People here are seeing how ridiculous and unfair this case sounds. He’s being treated as guilty until proven innocent.

        1. I’m from Argentina, and I can totally understand if the guy thought there wouldn’t be any trouble, after all it was just one night,far away from home and in Brazil there wouldn’t be any trouble either, right?
          Well, I guess he’s learning the hard way, and the rest of the men in latin America will need to do the same quickly before we end up like him.

  10. She should have come to Canada. We are the world’s welfare immigrant door mat. Our elderly who have lived here their entire lives, fought in our wars and paid their taxes have to exist on $800/month. Illegals get $2100/month plus, food bank, healthcare, apartments and free legal services.

    1. If they were illegal, surely all they get is bed and board in a prison until theyve worked of the cost of repatriation. (by which I genuinely meant deportation, oops)

  11. It really seem like all this could be solved with simple solutions. If you choose to live on welfare you lose all you rights for representation within governments as you ‘re relying on someone else to pay your way. Also, aid stops beyond two children and free government sterilization for women or men who want it. Government incentives for highly productive members to have children and more incentives for particularly excellent citizens to have more than three. Everyone still has the right to procreate and everyone still will be taken care of.

    1. Now, if she was a Kiwi not a Pole the Aussies would tell her to go home. As they ought: you can travel freely between the two countries.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far, those pesky Anglo-christian values I was raised with. But I would say that no one has the right to procreate beyond one child. This insures their genetic legacy isn’t erased totally. And if society simutanously promotes those people with better genetics to increase their offspring at the same time ,eventually, the smaller number can be blended into the bigger number without problems while improving their genetic lines as well. All this is Taboo(eugenics) and will probably never be talked about mainstream anytime soon. Humanity has been breeding animals like this for hundred of years and a lot of the problems opponents point to from it came about within the last one hundred when work animals breed through and through began being breed for other entertainment purposes. In fact I would suggest that societies in the past have absolutely tried to control their own bloodlines in the same ways, but diseases, and war had huge impacts as well.

        1. I totally agree. I only reproduce with quality women.
          But my power mad boss promotes only narcs and brown nosers who fuck bitches.
          We can never outbreed the idiocracy.

        2. HAHAHA!, the Western world is F’up right now. What can you do,but sit back and watch the insanity.

  12. Another millionaire immigrant contributing and raising the per capita GDP!

  13. oh great. good to see my tax dollars going to foreign welfare moocher feminazis. what’s next, a pell grant for Abu Hamsa

    1. The Feminists will die out. But the Muslim refugees stay on welfare and breed to increase the payments, while teaching their kids that any western knowledge is unclean.
      In NZ, when your kid hits five, you better be in training and or work. And that is when your second kids hits five: not your tenth.

  14. Get her a housekeeping job paying $1000 per month to pay back what she’s taken from the state and then deport her.

  15. I’d love to sit here pointing and laughing at Australia on this one. But I can’t without making a hypocritical ass out of myself. Because this same shit is happening all over the USA as well. A lot of folks will remember the viral video of Angel Adams ranting abouy how “someone needs to pay” for all FIFTEEN of her kids. It’s just as bad across the pond from us too. Cheryl Prudham of Britain is demanding that the govern pick up the tab for an unnecessary C-section on kid number 12 because she’s “too posh to push”.
    I shell out a hefty sum in federal income taxes throughout the year, along with state taxes. Getting really tired of seeing my dollars being wasted on the entitled, selfish excrement of society who feels that they’re owed a living off the dime of those who actually work to earn their living.

    1. Im definitely not against the intermediate step of all child based benefits being limited to 2 children. This will encourage people to think about the costs of children and be reasonable enough that no one can argue against it.
      Im also not against the benefit payment being collected from the father, thats double the motivation to stop idiots reproducing without commiting to a family.
      The whole idea of women having children on benefits as if it were a career choice is as disgusting as all the lazy asses who choose benefits over work, or expect minimum wage to rise to make it ‘worth the effort’. The system was not designed for this contingency, It creates inflation and greed, prevents money and housing being available for the genuine temporary ‘down on their luck’ers, and my post tax salary I worked years to earn means nothing.
      No one should be able to claim anything if they have not worked and paid their own tax into the pot enough first. The single mothers can earn their keep as teaching assistants, other community and school support jobs, childcare. This way they actually save the costs we pay the tax for by doing something useful while their children are at school.

  16. The welfare system is a big part of what keeps western developed nations from not being third world shit holes. Yes it can be abused, but in Australia at least big programs are in place to cut down on the abuse and inefficiency, and create a system that protects us in the weaker moments in our lives, and avoid major societal problems like poverty, destitution and the swathe of problems that flow from that, like drug abuse and crime. Having lived in South America for a decade and seeing people reduced to living in boxes because there never was a welfare system to lift them out of that shit, there’s no way I want to see that happen in Australia.

    1. “The welfare system is a big part of what keeps western developed nations from not being third world shit holes” – No it’s not, that’s what the leftists *want* you to believe.
      The most affluent periods of developed nations were all during times where welfare did not exist, governments were small and the family unit was considered essential.
      With strong family values, welfare is provided from within the extended family.

      1. Welfare is more than getting a few dollars when unemployed in Australia, as well as several European countries. The welfare system here gives you a small wage to study at technical school or university (called Austudy or Abstudy). The system also pays for part of your education, the rest is payed by you through the tax system when you are working afterwards. This system allows anyone, rich or poor, to study if they are motivated enough to, to then later become working productive members of society. Its a big part of why Australia is a well educated, developed economy. If a few small fish scam the system, so what, small price to pay to facilitate the country’s well being now and into the future.

        1. Being well educated is not going to help a country like Australia when what it needs is to be competitive…
          What I see in Australia is a huge percentage of tax payer funded, unemployable degree holders. This is all good and well except that the vast majority will never be economically productive enough to deliver a return on that investment.
          I’m an Australian.. I moved myself and my economic activity overseas in 2012 simply because it made economic sense. As such my business is more competitive than ever and I continue to gain market share against the domestic competitors.
          Watch how quickly the benefit of a developed economy can become a burden in a globalised world. Just remember, it’s very difficult for a government to scale back the costs associated with a welfare state, aka Greece…

    2. Even with a generous welfare system, these scums STILL do not lift themselves out of the shit hole they’re in. The ones that do are the suckers.

  17. There are no barriers and competition for government money. People think there is an infinite amount of money growing on trees.
    When the people start giving a shit this will stop. Otherwise I wouldnt be surprised if it was sooner than 20 years when governments go insolvent.

    1. The scary thing is that there actually is a seemingly infinite amount of money growing on mining exports and external investment in OZ…

  18. Attention hipster douchebags. GO HOME. Go back to Pennsyltucky. WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE>

    1. Interesting stuff thanks for sharing and great advice stay away from single mums

    2. One of the absolute best Leykis is: “Tom destroys 34yo. Grandmother”. He slices and dices the bitch like a Benihana chef. Classic.

  19. Again, it is a simply a satanic system where men have absolutely no authority anymore (unless they are a global elite). Fathers only exist anymore if the marxist whore decides to keep the sperm donor around. Otherwise, the marxist whore can simply replace the father with the government of which steals wealth from other men to subsize this woman’s anti-christian lifestyle.
    100 years ago, if a woman wanted to have a kid, she needed to find a husband. If that kid were to have a roof over his head and food on the table, the husband provided that. If the woman wanted to be a marxist whore and get pregnant without being married, she and the bastard either starved, the bastard was given to an orphanage, or they went to the church to beg for charity. This reality put the power back into men’s hands to rule over society, and women were put into their place. This also reduced crime as well. Most hard criminals today are actually products of marxist whores. If women were not allowed to collect welfare or child support, the grand majority of gang-bangin criminals we have today simply would not be alive. You can blame women for the violent demoralized culture we have today. There are cities that I cannot go into where I live simply because the risk level of being shot or robbed increases dramatically. Why? because about 90% of the population in those cities are made up of marxist whores and their bastard gang-bangin offspring.
    My final conclusion after all my years on earth is that no matter what intellect a female possesses in terms of school & book smarts, there is a dimension to them that is absolutely downright immoral. If satan ran for president, they would vote for him. They really would. Time and time again, women will always make choices that hurt the future of society. Men typically make choices that benefit tomorrow’s society.

    1. You`re right Ghostrider.
      Satan did run for president and they did vote for him.
      His full name on his birth-certificate gave him away, however.
      Barac Hussain Obama 2.
      “Hussain 2″ is anagram for:
      ” Hu is sa2n”
      ” Hu is sa2n” is pronounced: “Who is Satan”-
      So his full name is: Barac “Hu is sa2n” (pronounced: who is Satan) Obama.
      And sure as fuck they voted for him.

  20. Australia has an incredible quality of life and generous minimum wage, compared to the UK and US especially. It would sadden me beyond repair to see my great country become like the aforementioned.

    1. I worry we will with all the Tony Abbot haters, I assume he will be gone in the next election unfortunately.

  21. The dour-faced cunt should be the poster girl for why every man should evade taxes.

    1. Also the warning poster for the “Marry an Eastern European” set of the manosphere. SHORT shelf-life. Something to consider.

    2. Its another reason why men should watch how much they drink when ugly women are around.

      1. Friends don’t let friends get drunk and fuck ugly women. Then again she might have been a hot Polish babe at one time.

  22. Humhhh… Unlucky for her, she’s white. So as I live in Australia, her chances to get more, are pretty slim…

  23. This brings me beyond the point of disgust and into hate territory.
    Things need to change..
    1) Bring back the stigma of being on welfare, you should be publicly shamed for the very fact that you require financial assistance from the state.
    2) More people need to actively pay less in taxation. The number of individuals that I see who don’t do anything about the fact they are paying upwards of 50% of their gross income in taxation is f*ing ridiculous.
    What frustrates me the most is that nothing will change until the taxation revenue dramatically slows. Ineptocracy – the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.
    Not so long ago I would have been all for a recovery of western nations like Australia. A recovery where things like the welfare state were phased out over a period of time…
    Now I say let it collapse and burn. If people like this woman suffer or starve during that process then so be it.

  24. In my country, the Netherlands, they made a calculation last year. A single mother with two teenagers gets:
    €1083 in spending money.
    €297 in rent subsidy.
    €72 in health insurance premium subsidy.
    €148 in child cost subsidy.
    €79 in single parent subsidy.
    €60 in additional child cost subsidy.
    €168 in child subsidy.
    That makes €1907, or roughly $2092 in American dollars, or roughly $2873 in Australian dollars, per month.

    1. That’s depressing. Medical residents live on much less than that for roughly a decade because of student loans + low resident salary. Plus we work a TON of hours even with the recently instated 80-hour work week rule. Plus no one wants to have kids while undergoing that kind of rigorous training and tight budgeting.

      1. We live in a world where up is down, black is white, day is night, and all that.

  25. Good for her! Keep in mind when you get government money, government runs your life! This is what government wants. They want access to your accounts, your home,and the children you bring forth. There was a case in Germany where a young lady was collecting unemployment. Her case worker called and asked if she was looking for work everywhere. The lady said, “yes.” Caseworker said ” Have you looked at this Brothel? It is hiring.” Lady said “I don’t want to work in a Brothel!” Caseworker replied ” If you don’t apply here, we will cut you off from unemployment!” This is what happens when you take government money, there’s always a catch. And when government gets desperate for cash, they’ll push certain things to get that money out of you!

    1. Yup. Not only individuals, but institutions. US elementary schools that receive Federal money must adopt common core. Universities receiving government money must enact Title IX.

    2. LOL. >>Lady said “I don’t want to work in a Brothel!” Caseworker replied ” If
      you don’t apply here, we will cut you off from unemployment!”

  26. Wow, what would it take to fuck that? A handful of boner pills and a tourniquet?

    1. Even a handful of boner pills and a tourniquet would not be enough – add a big blindfold for the man and maybe he can get through it.

  27. This woman is living proof that Eastern European women (or Latinas, South East Asians etc. etc.) are highly susceptible to acclimatising to Western (lack of) culture.

  28. Bernie Sanders ( leader of the “Free Stuff ” party) wants FREE college education despite out debt /deficit and future obligations

  29. Yeah, it looks like Poland scored a flawless victory when this hag left for Australia.

  30. She could just get a job at Coles, have half her daycare costs subsidised and make decent money to support her son. There’s so much great free stuff to do with your kids in Melbourne jesus.

  31. There was a time when a woman like that had two choices find a man and marry him or put the child up for adoption. Now with the Welfare State of the West woman like this can live as a “strong independent woman” while collecting the tax benefits of single men who have jobs. She rough on the eyes so the kind of man should would have to marry would be lacking the characteristics of the man she feels she is entitled to. This is another way that the modern welfare state has destroyed the balance that once existed that allowed lower value men to find a mate.

    1. I’ve seen women saying “we ALL deserve a man like this” for articles on some celebrity guy. Actually one was for the apparently “cute” “hunks” Jennifer Lawrence, I think her name is, hires as her personal body guards. Now these guys looked like what the Japs will make their male sexbots look like. Male models, in other words, is what women all believe they deserve. And if they don’t get that they have the cunt religion, Feminism, to give them the answers their egos need as to why their life isn’t a fairy tale, and they have Feminism the lobby for vagina owners to continue to rearrange government and society to bend over backwards for millions of mediocre of women.

  32. No welfare until you have 5 years of full-time employment should be the rule, if not for citizens, then at least for immigrants. Personally I think welfare is what keeps people in poverty, but good luck getting any politician to go against the vast hoards of gimmies.

  33. When you overturn a really long practical rule of marriege between a man and a women, do you think you will be able to get a society killing freeloader out of your country. No you will not. Who you have sex with is the basics the fundamentals, it is like dribbling in basketball or blocking in football you cannot progress without it. We have deserted sanity and say two males doing a totally selfish act of debauchery are more important than a church or the cohesion of the millitary. So a this was bound to happen and get worse.All over

  34. The gall and hubris of these immigrants demanding stuff the instant they get here…

  35. 1000 dollars a month? That’s bullshit, literally not a single single immigrant mother in Sweden has to make do with such a paltry sum.

  36. “Designed as a safety valve to divert assistance to those who truly needed it”
    Even take money from taxpayers to give it to “those who truly needed it” is illegitimate at least without explicit consent of each taxpayer. Each one has the right to choose in what they spend their money. Money is your property obtained with your time and striving. Do it without consent is a form of bondage.

  37. I don’t get it. Is she or is she not entitled to that money? It seems to me that she is but the author doesn’t like that because of her funny name. Well though luck

  38. At least she’s white, I’d rather see white immigration to Australia rather than non-white invaders. Especially the useless africans and moslems who only contribute with crime and rape.

    1. if it weren’t for white trash accidental knockups, the white birthrate would be way way lower. whites would be gone in 2 generations

  39. Not taking this lady into account, welfare is basically tax based insurance to prevent people who don’t have cash from from robbing you at gun/knife point.

    1. And it doesn’t even do that. We have an expansive social welfare state in the USA and crime among recipients is through the roof.

  40. I’m chuckling because the author uses the term “migrant” which is politically correctness for “illegals or welfare state immigrants.” Unless they plan to do work and return to their native countries (which many Polish workers have done), they’re just immigrants.
    My impression about this story is that welfare states tend to attract the worst of any culture (including Poland) so it’s no surprise that there’s a Polish-Australian welfare mother just as there are several more “migrants” who are less than exemplary. But keep in mind that many articles on RoK detail how even normal Australian women, like American women, are little better than welfare mothers due to their entitlement attitudes.
    I remember fondly a debate back about 15 years ago by a Polish feminist (yes, they do have them) and a friend of mine at a drunken university graduation party. Hilarious. She referred to us conservatives as “Taliban” Who would have guessed back then that feminists would now be embracing Islam due to fealty to leftist political coalition dogma.

    1. No one made that claim. It’s too bad that you shit skins do not understand proportionality.

  41. This is a huge problem here (Australia) imo. Youve got 22 yo girls with 2-3 kids, because of their morals against abortion when they are so goddamn irresponsible to protect themselves in the first place.
    Then ofcourse centrelink pays them to stay at home with the kids almost as much as the minimum wage, which in australia is sufficient with other concessions for health care, transport etc.
    My father died leaving my my mum to take care of my infant brother and myself, with zero government support back then (the 80’s). Mum worked her ass off the whole time we grew up, we stayed at friends places and with family so she could work the hours required by her employer.
    This bitch should never have been let into the country,how dare she.

    1. I’m completely opposed to abortion under all circumstances. I find it funny how the same crowd that is opposed to abortion seems to have no problem with:
      1. Making babies outside of wedlock.
      2. Not using birth control.
      3. Believing it is morally OK to use the state as a proxy to steal from your fellow citizens to pay for your bad decisions.

  42. What a sour looking bitch, don’t know how she got in, your meant to prove your ability to support yourself as part of the application (except if you come on a boat). Don’t know what her problem is, you can get a job in retail, hospitality in about 15 mins, free training given. Probably stuck in the Soviet state gives everything mentality. Wish she would f off back to the shithole she came from.

  43. These parasites are tools of the upper class of Western nations and are being used to weaken you men by forcing you to compete (with the ones that actually work) for even less pay and in increasingly smaller job markets, etc. The depressing thing here is that it is our fellow Whites bringing in the hordes to Europe, North America, Australia. It’s class war.

  44. Ah yes, the Greek “welfare state”, the Big Lie that has become the truth for the American Right. If you had any clue about the Greek situation, and didn’t just operate on a knee-jerk identification of all bad thing in Europe with socialism, you’d get a clue and find out that Greece’s ratio of social spending to GDP was never anywhere near that of the Northern European countries held up as good and fiscally responsible in the whole mess.

  45. An Australian politician will blow $1 billion in one day ( eg Submarine debacle ) without lifting a finger, so why are you attacking the mosquitoes when you should be focusing on the gaping chest wound of the criminal mafia perfecting the art of wasting taxpayer’s money. This article also exposes the authors lack of comprehension of the fractional reserve monetary system of money of credit ( fiat/debt based/unlimited ) vs money of exchange ( common law/gold ) . This lady is paid out of the federal reserve system which is an unlimited printing press, which should be extremely obvious to those who have basic understanding of the money system. Tax monies are funneled to the international banking cartel not paid out to welfare recipients, and single mother’s don’t normally have it easy either so pick a better target.

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