Why Do Female Comedians Need To Constantly Take Their Clothes Off?

The August issue of GQ created a storm of controversy this month for its cover featuring “comedienne” Amy Schumer scantily dressed as Star Wars character Princess Leia. With the droid C-3PO standing next to Schumer and his finger being phallically placed in her mouth, the cover was just the teaser for a series of erotically-themed photographs inside.

The first cousin once removed of New York Senator Chuck Schumer is not the first “funny woman” to resort to taking off her clothes to get attention, in between lambasting the supposedly “sexist” and “unequal” comedy “boys’ club.”

Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin, and Tina Fey have all opted to fight the patriarchy in recent times by sexualizing themselves to the hilt. Simultaneously, they continue to ride the feminist freight train, implicitly asking fans to support them because they epitomize the rise of a female comedy scene not only equal to but superior to the men’s brand.

As they do this, the actual jokes they tell are lost amidst the boobs, cleavage, posteriors and spandex. Oh, and the regurgitation of the feminism.

George Carlin Didn’t Need To Use His Body To Sell Shows Or Other Performances

When you look at the female comedy world, the emphasis of late has been on staged scandals and attention grabs. Though she didn’t bare her breasts (in this particular incident at least), Sarah Silverman claimed that she used to be “paid less than men” for performing. What she conveniently left out was that at this time she was at the beginning of her career, non-famous and paled in comparison to the well-known figures whose gigs she often introduced. My colleague Matt Forney covered this story earlier this year at Return of Kings.

Because contrivances like Silverman’s are less visceral and not-in-your-face, female comedians desiring the public spotlight have had to resort to other mechanisms. Chelsea Handler has been a repeat offender at letting her sexualization, not her “comedy,” do the talking. In addition to her reenactment of Putin’s horseback riding in the picture above (where she left it to others to blur out her breasts), she has disseminated her nude photos on other occasions, including situations where wasn’t even trying to paint on the weak veneer of comedy (i.e. she just released a Kim Kardashian-style nude selfie).

Even “High-Brow” Comediennes Have Used The Booby Factor

Tina Fey’s headline-generating appearance to “farewell” talk show host David Letterman using her body and spandex shows the extent to which female comedy has degenerated. Of all the “front-list” female comedy performers, only Amy Poehler hasn’t resorted to either carefully-executed booby or body-flashing or asinine accusations of misogyny which are bereft of context (Silverman’s equal pay fantasy).

And this may have more to do with Poehler’s lack of body confidence, not a lack of actual desire to do it if she could. In addition, the star of Parks and Recreation not so subtlety imbues many of her fictional and non-fictional appearances with appeals to feminism, girls marching forward and other political trinkets.

In this vein, Fey is joining forces with the more unstable corners of female comedy, including the perennially attention-deprived Kathy Griffin. Griffin has stripped during New Year’s celebrations in front of (gay) Anderson Cooper, to promote or during appearances on Jay Leno and David Letterman, and to “raise awareness” of the Ice Bucket Challenge fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

There are a series of other “events” involving her and removed clothes that I simply cannot keep track of and include in this piece. Whether naked or partially clothed, Griffin loves the attention. But can someone please remember one of her comedic acts?

Feminism And Female Comedy Are A Joke

Feminism will tell you in one breath that the sexualization of women is horrendous and in the next one turn a blind eye to women sexualizing themselves for massive economic gain and to attract viewers’ eyes. Women selling their bodies, even mediocre or aging ones, is not restricted to modeling, pornography and everyday narcissism on Instagram.

In the absence of the proper means to adequately compete with male comics, Schumer, Handler, Fey and Griffin have to parlay their appendages and sheer sexual innuendo to get by.

The result? Female comedy is a circus, rather than a collection of acts that actually make people genuinely laugh. And a woman taking her clothes off has long been an old joke.

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172 thoughts on “Why Do Female Comedians Need To Constantly Take Their Clothes Off?”

  1. A good part two would be an expose on the idiots who buy GQ, Men’s Health and Rolling Stone

    1. That whole Condé Nast…and its’ hipster magazine outlets is nothing but mindless bigotry and narcissism.

  2. As most “female comedians” are about as funny as a tax audit, they have to do something. It would help the tactic quite a lot, though, if they were better looking.

  3. Amy Schumer looks like a foot. For the record her jokes aren’t that funny either. I really wonder who’s lining up to bang girls like this

  4. I’ll read the article in a second and note my comments in an EDIT accordingly, but first I wanted to take the time out to laugh. Female Comedian?!? Is that the queef I have heard so much about during the ’90s? I’ve never heard a female comedian not reference her vagina and the many failed attempts to netting an alpha she’s gone through. Why would she not take her clothes off if she is under 35? The better question is why will no hot woman ever be a ‘comedian’. Answer? She doesn’t need to laugh at herself to hide her depression.
    EDIT: Glad to see the article erred on truth, female comedians aren’t funny. Chiding on female comedians aside, good article overall. And those nude shots of Chelsea and Kathy were horrific!

    1. I remember that from my teenage years sometime between ’93 or ’94.
      My sister: “You should check out these women comedians. They’re really funny.”
      I’m doubtful but figure, “what’s to lose? Besides it’s free weed and booze.” So I watch some women comedians from that time and even high off weed they weren’t funny.
      I swore if I heard one more chick try to be funny about her vagina I’d go to the nearest comedy club and turn postal.

  5. Hear me out guys, feminists could be some of the funniest comedians out there right now.
    The joke Chelsea Handler keeps doing where she wants to brings awareness to the over sexualization and objectification of women in western society by continually releasing photos of her saggy old titties… Has my sides splitting every time.
    Or how about when Sara Silverman told that hilarious joke about how she got paid less than a male comedian 15 years ago simply because she was a woman, and not because she was a no name who asked to be put on stage. Had me on the floor rolling.
    Or Anitta Sarkessian constantly claiming that she’s a life long gamer and upset with the culture even though there is video evidence of her on YouTube claiming she isn’t a “Gamer”… almost wet myself.
    Ok, seriously though, we all know that women on the whole are inferior to men in almost everything, so they well always default to showing some skin so they can get the much needed attention their fragile little egos desperately need.
    I’ve seen no name male comedians in hole in the wall comedy clubs that are 10 times the comedians than Schumer, Handler or Silverman.

    1. I’ll laugh at this skit for years to come over anything a Chelsea Manhandler or Kathy Queefin’ has to say any day of the week. The day a woman can re-create the humor of a Conan O’Brien then I will change my stance. I still laugh over these skits:

    2. Let’s not forget the hilarity of Women like Amy Schumer, who, while not “obese” is certainly heavy, prattling on about healthy no-shame body image while air-brushing and touching-up the shit out of her mushy body on the cover of a magazine.

      1. Or the ultimate joke… Feminists screeching how the Beauty/Fashion industry create unrealistic standards for women and is the direct result of low self-esteem and eating/psychological disorders in young girls. All the while the entire industry is run almost exclusively by Women and Gay men.

        1. Lol, even in an industry where a Straight Male is a hard find, all the Blame is still pinned on him

      2. Schumer’s “transformation” is horrifying- I saw her on the Charlie Sheen Roast about 6 years ago, not bad looking(and good performance). She went from cute to meh in 6 short years…but she can “still catch a dick any time she wants to” right?

        1. I had not seen these pics, so I googled them. When you look at the sum total of her pictures, it’s pretty clear that she vacillates in weight, and is trying to fight against her natural BGP (Big Girl Potential). Maybe, you know, lay off the hot dogs and twinkies….
          Also, I don’t fault any chick that uses her sexuality as power. I use my innate abilities for my advantage too. The trick though is that this is often a double edged sword. I’m a decent sized guy, and I can physically intimidate people when it is advantageous to me. But I don’t do it to “everyone” because then it would lose its true power, and people would view me as an asshole. I also realize that I lose my power if I don’t maintain it, so I try to stay healthy and lift often. Similarly, I have no problem with a chick who realizes she can bend men around her pinky by intimating that she might blow them. But if she actually blows every dude she comes across, while gorging on beer and chocolates, the act loses power and she becomes a worthless skank. Women understand the power they have, but they don’t understand how to weild it responsibly. It’s like handing an 8 year old boy a machine gun.

        2. Yes but any dick ‘caught’ goes into a disease filled meat grinder…so…is it really worth it?

        3. Without surgery shes gonna bloat up to momma June boo-boo appearance in a few years

    3. When they realize we’re all just being nice to them because they’re girls they’ll — take off their clothes.

  6. most guys that enjoy female comedians are usually male feminists with manginas. I can’t think of a female comedian that is funny and doesn’t try too hard to pander for laughs. also…there’s always the fat overconfident female comedian that gets roles…look at the new Ghostbuster film that’s all women. they have the typical loud annoying black chick (who’s fat) and the confident fat white chick, there’s also two blondes that I’m not familiar with. this movie screams out beta-male political correctness by casting all females to remake something that doesn’t need a reboot.

    1. Everything which is associated with feminism needs false validation otherwise that mythical girl-power narrative would suffer.Today comedians(even many males) resort to the narration of useless politically correct ideology to gain audiences.Females resort to vulgarity and mindless narcissism to make people show their teeth.
      But one thing is certain:to make people possess the so-called cis,white,male guilt.People who flock to their incessant pestering(which according to THEM IS COMEDY)are nothing but foolish,disillusioned liberal people who think that being heterophobic is pure fun but criticism of those gross bull dykes is a horrendous crime.I lost track and interest on comedy when it became infested with isms,ists,phobics…..and so on.To criticize an old man is huge fun…but criticizing old women(say the likes of Madonna) is AGEIST(huh?).Today comedy has degraded so terribly that overnight,Jerry Seinfeld,a pioneer comedian becomes a villain because he hurt the feelings of so many snowflakes.I still respect people like Bill Burr and Jerry Seinfeld who win masses by skill,brains and genuine comedy and not by undressing themselves in public.These female comedians,knowing they are incompetent,try becoming attention-whores but thanks to those tongue-hanging betas and fat,tattooed feminists that these narcissists get overrated.

      1. Actually Jerry Seinfeld did a nude scene (for laughs) in one of the episodes of his sitcom.

        1. I honestly don’t think there’s enough of them to make that movie a success.
          But of course, they’d all be in one place if you want to…

      1. IT was so bad (trainwreck) it made that dude in Lafayette LA start shooting people during the movie.
        I won’t be going to any gun free zones nor will I be viewing any Hollywood produced feminist claptrap.

  7. Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, and Tina Fey aren’t funny at all. In fact, they are about as funny as cancer. Deep down inside in their stone cold hearts women know they aren’t funny. Lucille Ball herself said she never thought she was funny. It was her writers (all men) she gave the credit to.

    1. Women aren’t funny.
      Men are not interested in women who are funny.
      What man ever said “I want a woman who makes me laugh”?

      1. Oh come on! You don’t find each and every female “comedienne” saying “I fucked a black guy, he was THIS BIG!” or “I fucked a Jew, he was uncircumcised!” over and and over and again (oh wait, along with the random token cliche menstruation reference, forgot about that!) side-splittingly hilarious? Fucking lighten up, man! :)-

        1. Let’s not forget the late, not so great Joan Rivers. “Oh!! Did I tell you about my new womb? I got this one over in India. It came with the straightest blond hair. Too bad it didn’t match my drapes but seriously, why did no one tell me about this when I upgraded the ‘ladies’ to double D scandalous!!”

        2. Um, what? Was that supposed to make some kind of sense AND be funny at the same time? “I got this new womb in India”???

        3. Play on the expendable nature of life while being affluent enough to purchase what you want. Throw in a not so hidden envy of youth, and thus a Joan Rivers joke.

        4. Still, what a bizarre and nonsensical thing to say. Did she buy her new womb from organ harvesters?

        5. If they are selling, I would hope they didn’t let her buy. Here is a taste of her stand up:

        6. “Let’s not forget the late, not so great Joan Rivers.”
          Joan Rivers is most memorable for calling out the Obamas as sodomites and “Michelle” as a man, shortly before she passed.

        7. Yeah, I agree, Im too young to know her from her early days, but she was nothing more than the foul-mouthed, mean-spirited granma at the end. Not someone you should admire.
          And she tried to screw over johnny carson, the guy who put her on the map in the first place(I respect the fact he never spoke to her again).

        8. Irony Defined: Joan Rivers writing a book entitled “Men Suck and they like Big Boobs”, then complaining on national television about how men do not want her.

        9. Irony Defined: Joan Rivers writing a book entitled “Men Are Stupid and they like Big Boobs”, then complaining on national television about how men do not want her.

        10. “Men are stupid” = “Men aren’t attracted to me.”
          Men are stupid? Who built the modern world, bitches?

      2. Not entirely true- the truest test of funny is standup comedy. Its sink or swim, and, other than phyllis diller, Ill never seen a great female standup.
        However, there have been many great comediennes in sketch or sitcom situations. How can you not love carol burnette?

      3. are you kidding?
        listen to ‘aint it funny’ by jennifer lopez. if the wailing in the chorus does not make you laugh, something is wrong with you.

        1. I wont be fooled by the rocks that you got. I know youre still Tommie from the former communist bloc.

        2. I heard if you laugh 3 times while listening to that song JaRule come out of your closet and will try to shoot you

    2. I think Tina Fey is quite funny. But she gets an inflation because she’s fairly attractive. She’s no match for an above average male comedian. Hell, she’s no match for a number of my close friends (goes without saying they’re male)..

    3. But they all want so badly to be funny. I’m not certain why.
      I just know every girl I’ve been with for an extended period of time took extreme satisfaction in making me chuckle or laugh.
      It’s amusing to watch them when it happens. Nine times out of ten I’ll be chuckling at something they said that I found particularly childish or petty but they don’t seem to realize this.
      They’ll look at you after you laugh and give this kind of huge but uncertain smile, thrilled that they have humored you but not sure what exactly they’ve done that was funny.

    4. Exactly, some women are funny if men write their material. Amy Poehler is funny in movies and television shows because men write everything. The women that study at the improv meccas like Second City can be funny in some situations like SNL.

  8. Because they simply are….not….funny…. So they have to be crude and obnoxious to get cheap laughs.

  9. Ironically, the laughs that their bodies engender are those disbelieving, uncomfortable chuckles you get when someone sees/hears something disgusting and doesn’t know what the proper reaction should be. Otherwise, most women are what I call “smirkedians,” trite, bitchy, and irrational unworthy of a guffaw or chortle, but perhaps so inane as to elicit a snort or smirk.

  10. i have long been a fan of stand-up comedy. for two decades in fact, i’ve listened to hundreds of stand-up comics… it’s an art and i liken some of the best comics to modern-day philosophers!
    the number of female comics whose material i have genuinely laughed at during that time is so small, it’s statistically insignificant. believe it or not, when ellen was a stand-up comedian in the early 90’s, she was pretty damn funny! so that’s one. now, i think i chuckled at some of margaret cho’s racially-inspired humor (which i’m sure the SJW’s are conflicted about today since it’s ‘soooo offensive’). that’s two. and that’s pretty much it.
    they’re just not funny.
    as far as taking their clothes off… ooooo so edgy! unfortunately most of them became comics because they couldn’t get by on looks alone, so… observer beware!

    1. Kathleen Madigan is a consistently funny lady stand-up. That’s about it though.

    2. Yeah, Ill give you Ellen..her stammering “well, what I REALLY meant to say was..” was funny. Also read recently she admitted she was molested by a woman as kid…hmmmmn…

  11. Most women think snark and sarcasm is comedy, it’s not. I’ve met some genuinely funny women but the majority of women aren’t and that goes for female comedians too.

  12. Woman like to sexualise themselves and want to sexualise themselves because they know this is how they get attention from men, which they crave.
    The only women who get angry about this female sexualisation are the women who know they would get no attention (or in fact would be ridiculed) even if they tried.

      1. Of course, when a woman is at the bottom of the social hierarchy it benefits her to:
        1. Enforce equality.
        2. Advocate “social programs” where government thugs forcibly seize male wealth and resources under threat of violence, and then redistribute those primarily to women (after taking a cut, of course).

        1. That’s essentially what socialism is about. If you’re not willing to work hard, you take money from those who are.

    1. True. The reason women get attention for behaving this way is because a woman’s value has always been primarily based on her beauty and fertility. Always has been, always will be. Women hate this fact, as do feminists in particular, who tend to be ugly even in their fertile youth.

    2. Women’s answer to many of life’s problems…
      Look at my titties!
      It gets them the attention they crave, the undeserved equality and power they expect, and all the free shit that you and I have to work and pay for. The irony is them titties eventually droop like Dubmo’s ears and seem to be the most diseased part of a woman, right after their minds.
      The so-called comedians are not funny — still can’t figure out the allure of Tina Fey, ewww! And Amy Shcumer — don’t even get me started on that fat flab of cunt bacon.
      Vulgarity and nudity are their sleight-of-hand to distract their audience from their glaring lack of creativity and talent. They dishonor the pioneers of female comedy such as Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller and to some degree Roseanne Barr, who were genuinely funny and wrote solid material. Them girls couldn’t use their nudity as a punch line if they wanted too. Tina Fey rose to popularity just as all SNL retreads do, through constant pushing of their personas onto the scene by NBC.
      As for Schumer, I guess Comedy Central just had too much dead air to fill. They had to manufacture a female equivalent of a Daniel Tosh, which of course is impossible. They’ll keep throwing this Summer of Schumer party wit the MSM until she’s reached so deep into her shit well that even her following and the media get bored of her Schumer Shtick. This is going result in a Fall Fail for Schumer as she goes the way of the intolerable Whiteny Cummings, who’s show not even NBC could save with their SNL force-feed model.

    3. 2015 and everything on television is total shit. It’s a good thing Jesus isn’t coming back, because he’d return to a People who look to midget couples and drug addicts for nighttime entertainment. Why do we care about Kayne’s beard, or Juice Brenner’s artificial pussy?
      Media’s aim is to persuade people how to think. Its task is injecting artificial form into knowledge before its dissemination. This process, to whatever extent, allows whothefuckever to do whatthefuckever to our pliable emotions and minds. A net that ensnares the stupid. You probably wouldn’t realize if you were caught in it or not.
      The people in charge know that blacks have a defined and powerful sense of cultural identity, unlike vague, racially apathetic white people. It’s logical for the media to highlight white-on-black crime as to create public outcry, which is the only important kind of outcry anyway. But hey, here’s a newsflash: Race doesn’t actually matter. It only matters because people won’t shut the fuck up about it. And public discussions don’t do shit. So Paula Dean said nigger: who cares? I would’ve used racial slurs if that nigger pointed a gun at me!
      Who gives a shit about feminism? It’s something people identify as because it accentuates their bountiful virtue. It’s the intellectual icing on the bitchy cake. Like sprinkling jasmine on a gay hummingbird, or waving a wand and muttering a stupid Harry Potter spell. Presto! Instant kudos for your bitch-ass ego. Women and men both need to stop lecturing us about it. Same thing as the evangelist who mentions Jesus every other relative clause. You are weird and annoying, please kill your children.
      Bruno Mars is a piece of shit. All women are not beautiful. Shut it down. Stop convincing men to be pussy worshiping pussies, you pussy. You need to understand that your girl didn’t leave you because you didn’t buy her flowers or hold her hand: she thinks flowers are gay just like you do. She left you because you’re a faggot. Yeah, I said faggot. What’s the point of having a word if I’m not allowed to use it? Plus, It’s a good intensifier.

    4. Right on point. Women sexualize themselves, and sexually harrass other women constantly. And they use it as the fastest, easiest way to get the gratification they want.
      And the only women who complain are the ones that can’t do it. Good looking successful women are a double whammy to most girls. Women hate each other while pretending to “be sisters and all that.” They’re the first to attack another girl who looks better or has more going on.

    5. this post. Women cant overwrite their natural biology no matter what feminism instructs them to do. At the end of the day women are all controlled by this need to get attention (usually from men) and once they experience good sex they generally are linked to that man for the rest of their lives

  13. Question: “Why Do Female Comedians Need To Constantly Take Their Clothes Off?”
    Glib answer: Pre- and Post-wall early onset menopause? Makes them feel uncomfortably warm and is brought on by their joyless, bitter, harpy-ism and the incessant denial of their basic femininity and role in the male/female dynamic which in turn perpetuates their severe neurosis and chronic depression.

  14. Most male comedians are not funny either and females even less.

    1. I would have to concur. It’s like saying one American car is better than another, it’s still negligibly better shit at the end of the day. I find random silliness that happens in real life funny, I don’t find some self-referential script written by someone talking about life as a Jew in New York (I’m looking at you and your tired-ass show that’s overstayed its welcome by about twenty years, Saturday Night Live!) funny pretty much ever.

      1. Lol, serious every lame ass college kid I know goes on about how great SNL is. Never got that kind of humor.

        1. I guess if you have a raging boner for New York City it’s probably the best thing ever. Those of us that don’t could give a fuckity-fuck.

    2. When I was younger I laughed at everything. But now I shake my head being a effiminate male isn’t funny. Neither is cross dressing, so I avoid comedy pretty much. And female comedy makes my stomach turn, no one wants to hear about your sexual escapades.

  15. How the fuck else would somebody even want to look at Amy Schumer? Maybe if she lit herself on fire!

  16. When I was in college a “girl power” song came out called Ain’t Nuthin’ But A She Thing. TLC or Salt n Pepa or whatever. In the video the singers were all scantily clad per usual. My roommate turned to me and said “if it’s nuthin’ but a she thing, why do they have to be half naked for me to watch?” Rhetorical question of course.

  17. I find better comedy from most of the comment bloggers here on this site than actual female comedians on stage.

  18. It was disappointing and embarrassing to see Tina Fey take her clothes off on Lettermen. I’d see her a few times on skits and she was often funny. Sexualizing herself like this did nothing except lower her.
    ITs an indicator of either perceived lower value or just crass manipulation by females when they take off their clothes for men. And revealing of how they think when they;re not really thinking.
    Men know an attractive woman and know value without a woman taking anything off. And they know well. Taking the clothes off says a) I don;t think you would notice me unless I do b) my sexuality is for sale— come and see.
    Wrong move.

    1. Tina Fey was always a feminist cunt, it should come as no surprise that she sexualized herself in an “ironic” fashion, funny or not. Which by the way she was never funny. 30 Rock is a cesspool of leftist horseshit and her “bubbly / nerdy / insecure/ self depricating humor” never made me even chuckle.

        1. You must be sooo fucking triggered right now, to be replying to super old shit like this, lol

        2. Nope just bored and you’re a piece of shit. I think you should show every women you attempt your “game” on should read your comments on this site .

  19. Sorry for the hastilly put together first draft. Ive since finished what I wanted to say: Ive been waiting for an article from ROK in regards to Amy Schumer and her new movie and what it says about todays American Women. Ive seen her show on t.v and its pretty funny. most of her schtick is based around sex. i know a lot of ROK guys would prefer their women to have no sexual experience but to also be great in bed. You cant have it both ways. Like it or not Amy Schumer represents a lot of white women in America. Slutty, sloppy,trashy,drinks a lot and fucks a lot of guys. She’s basically a guy in a females body. For that reason I dont date white women. They are almost at the bottom of the totem poll as far as status amongst women on how they carry themselves. Amy represents todays women just perfectly. In charge of her sexuality yet not the most desired for wife material. Her show adresses sexual politics and double standards in sexuality and how women play the snowflake card. I respect her for calling women out on their duplicitous bullshit and double standards.
    I saw her movie with my girlfriend.Its almost a modern version of pretty women and equally unrealistic. It involves a modern independent carear woman perfectly content with one night stands until she meets a doctor that she hooks up with. She’s reluctant to take it any further but the doctor persues her. All the cliches of a romantic comedy are flipped. Instead of the circle of girls telling her to hang on to the man and lock him down, the guys like Lebron James play the sensitive voice of reason telling Amy to not hurt his buddy the doctor. Basically she’s realised she’s hit the wall and she cant get away with the fun slut routine anymore so she better lock down a man especially when he’s the sports doctor to all the most famous athletes.That never hurts to have a famous rich doctor boyfriend. The doctor played by Bill Hader is an inexperienced dork with no game. She tells her friend he’s good in bed( not the best but good enough). She pushes him away until she realises she better take the deal while she can and lock him down. She hires and dances with the pro teams chearleaders and does a song and dance number to win him back. It works and they get back together. End of story.
    The movie is a fantasy about an unlikely case of an independent carear woman/ slut that finds prince charming and lives happilly ever after. In reality most men, never mind a high value celebrity doctor to settle down with an average looking white girl party slut. Even doctors with no game usually find hot gold diggers with less mileage on the pussy. Sure they usually get divorce raped after a few years but they still get hotter arm candy in reality. Trainwreck is the modern carear WHITE party girls fantasy.Unfortunatelly its nothing more than Hollywood fantasy and girls like her in reality end up dealing with the harsh reality of partying past the time they’ve hit the wall.

    1. Ive not seen it yet. It sounds dull. But since it is called Trainwreck I have to assume she is aware of the irony this film contains. It would be an equally dull film if the genders were reversed. Man plays the field and settles down with a good catch just in time to not be a complete loser.
      Maybe it is not a fantasy, it is a warning to young women that only a non existent fantasy catch like a dumb rich man will save them from their inevitable decline into spinster hood.

  20. Female comedians are generally painfully unfunny, though I did get a few laughs watching Iliza Shlesinger’s special Freezing Hot. Only because she does pitch-perfect imitations of annoying 21st Century Western women and seems to completely get what makes them such a pain in the ass.

  21. Good article illustrating the hypocritical show boating nature of feminists who are so nauseatingly righteous they can’t or won’t see their own bad behaviour. They will however turn and pick out every instance of men behaving badly and use this to justify or explain their behaviour. Feminism is a huge mind destroying ideology for women, it allows them to explain away all their failures and successes, while holding someone else responsible for everything that goes wrong. No girls, if you want credit for your successes, then you’re just as reposnsible for your crap, u know just like how men and most other resonable people think.
    Enjoy the gender politics for what it is, it’s high stakes politics with extreme emotion as it affects how the genders relate. I found the more invested one is the more radical and bitter it becomes. It also allows feminists to derive so much undeserved attention for their feministing that they reason that they must be doing something right. And for men, I personally have found this creates a complex toward women that I dont necessarily enjoy. While I don’t hold these views toward most women, the small subset of venomous feminists makes women as a group look entirely unappealing and unstable.
    Be wary of the vortex that is gender ideology, the women in it are more likely than not lost and will never return to normalcy, engage minimally to preserve one’s truth and sanity. And above all, don’t let feminists beat men down as a group by pointing out all the crap we have done, instead ask them why those things were done, in what context, and also who benefits too.
    Men as a group deserve much kudos and respect for what we have done and for feminists to say we are evil and oppressive is wilful blindness to all the good we have done for our families, mothers, sisters, partners, society. Get a perspective sister!

  22. Women aren’t funny and they aren’t supposed to be funny. It’s not bad that they laugh instead of making people laugh. Bad is the feminist brainwashing that goes against our instincts and our abilities.
    In a way, making someone laugh is an act of dominance. (It’s often the small and fat guys who are the funniest and who have learned to use humor as an alternative way to be dominant, to attack and to defend themselves.) And it’s unnatural for women to dominate men. Imagine a guy that is hanging out with a woman and imagine, said woman is making him laugh out really loud with dirty jokes the whole night. Now, would the woman be interested in that man? Probably not. Would she be interested in a man that makes HER laugh or just treats her like a court jester, not taking her serious. Yes.
    Feminism is about teaching women how to be unattractive for men. If women would be rationally intelligent they would ask themselves why they want men to desire feminist women and yet desire patriarchal men themselves. I mean, it’s not like “modern” women love submissive beta guys. Instinctively, they are just as patriachal as men. But they are not rationally intelligent, which is why they are so easy to be brainwashed, which is why they don’t belong into politics.

  23. Gracie Allen was funny.
    Lucille Ball was funny.
    Carol Burnett was funny.
    NONE of them ever sexualized themselves for publicity. But they were consistently self-deprecating,
    just like male comedians ALWAYS were and are, and something which feminism FORBIDS today’s females from consistently doing, even though it is the main, universal way to generate humor.
    The result? A bunch of unfunny modern female comediennes who are not even a shadow of Gracie Allen, Lucille Ball, and Carol Burnett.

  24. The Fey/Poehler set at the Golden Globes just illustrated how rubbish even the best of female comedians are. Compare it to the Ricky Gervais monologues at some of the previous Golden Globes and it illustrates how painfully bland women are.

  25. Kind of a side topic, but didn’t Chelsea Handler have a sex tape come out a while back? I seem to remember it was boring as fuck, which probably explains why I can’t fully remember.
    But that’s the other thing with this shit – sex tapes and nude shots are competing with internet porn. There’s nothing more deflating than to fantasize about some starlet being a demon in the sack, only to view the sextape and see that they fuck like a dead fish. Similarly, to the extent that you might have fantasized about what Chelsea Handler looked like under all those clothes, isn’t it sad to have your fantasy sledge hammered by reality?
    Perhaps that’s the purpose, but I doubt it.

    1. Talk about partying post hitting the wall. Chelsea Handler doesnt even look good anymore with the best makeup artists in Hollywood. Another case of blonde alchoholic that thinks she’s still got it. You can tell she’s a dead fish in bed just on her mannerisms.

    2. Yeah the last sex tape I saw was Paris Hilton, and while her boobs were cute, she was terrible at giving head and I can’t remember much more but think she was pretty lifeless during the sex as well. But guys need to see things like this, helps you take women down off the pedestal. I wouldn’t personally look in Kim Kardashian’s direction. Shes a nasty slut, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had better women in the sack. If she was that good, I would have heard about it from her sextape.

  26. Actors and entertainers in previous societies were considered lower class along with prostitutes. I think they were on to something.

  27. All I can say is that when Star Wars was still owned by George Lucas he would NEVER enable something as degenerate as the GQ cover for something that is aimed at generations of fans young and old. Leave it to Disney butcher something so beloved in this heinous manner!

    1. I think Disney was pissed about it and said they didn’t approve. Not sure how they got the rights to use the characters in the first place.

  28. Main girl asked me if I wanted to go see some chick do stand up comedy. Just from how I looked at her, she took the hint. I have nothing against women. Even my main is funny sometimes. But it is like a cute, dorky funny. Like when a puppy attacks its own floppy ear and chews on it. However, I strongly believe that women suck at stand up comedy.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. A funny woman to me has never been a woman who tries to tell a good joke, or a woman who is constantly thinking “ok i’m going to do something to make you laugh.” Women are funny in the sense that certain silly or cute things they do with their facial expressions or tone of voice just happen to be funny. Basically, when she acts like a proper feminine woman, she’s going to be enjoyable by default.
      But stand-up chicks are putting up a tough guy, try-hard act so it’s hard for me to enjoy them. 1. Chicks acting tough=boner kill, 2. Chicks acting tough=cringe.
      There was this one hot asian chick that does stand-up who’s funny, but not because of what she says, but in the naturally girly/ditzy mannerisms she has, this is what makes chicks funny.

  29. Because women are less funny than men. Who ever wants to hang out with a woman they’re not interested in fucking? Even women hate other women.

  30. Honestly, when Handler’s show first came on tv, I enjoyed it. Why? She would have rappers come on, and she wasnt having any of their BS. It was truly funny and different- these dudes didnt know what to do- looked dumb on natl tv.
    But as time went on, she got worse and worse. Cant stand her anymore(and yeah I know, she banged the head honcho at E! to get a show).

  31. It’s part of that need to receive a constant stream of affirmation. It used to be that funny girls were ugly or fat, so they used humor to supplement their social status. That, combined with the fact that almost any woman can be a cum dumpster to some guy out there who provides them with validation. Schumer herself said that she can get all the dick she wants. True, but so can Icky Vicky down at the road house. Women just can’t seem to get that most men drop a load with about as much emotional attachment as they achieve by pissing in a urinal.
    Now, attractive and semi-attractive women want to prove that there’s “more” to them than their appearance (God forbid it should be based on cooking or other home making skills), so they revert to humor–especially if they’re not too bright otherwise. That way, as their looks fade, they have something else. However, few attractive women can pull this off. Let’s see: there’s Lucille Ball, there’s . . . uh . . . there’s . . . Fuck, I’m tapped out.
    The really interesting case here is Melissa McCarthy, who achieved some modicum of fame from being the funny fat chick (due in no small measure to the fact that she was fat), and who is now losing weight in a bid to make her more attractive. I bet we’ll hear less of her the slimmer she becomes. Does anyone remember Lisa Lampanelli? No?
    I suppose one could argue that Whitney Cummings is funny and attractive, but her career has faded like a hard-on in a cold locker room. Aisha Tyler? Her career in comedy is as dead as Bob Dole’s dick. I could go on, but I need more coffee and my balls itch. Can’t attend to both and continue this post.

      1. Meh, she was OK. I thought she was funnier doing roasts, batting cleanup for Greg Giraldo.

      2. Not funny at all. I laugh too much probably, at things that aren’t even funny, every day. But this didn’t even make me smile, other than the hand part.
        When she said anything that changes in shape, size, or color is f** weird, I was thinking about their bellies.

      1. You just know she’s thinking..”I could fit those two thugs cocks between my big cock smoking lips….. at the same time….”

  32. There was a skit on SNL by Lena Dunham trashing MRA’s. I truly did find it funny because it was absurd and farce not in the least because it was unintentional:
    The SNL skit opens up with a jewelry party and one of the guests is a cast regular fat guy dressed up as a fat, ugly American woman. An MRA attends the party with a stereotypical hot, foreign bride. Dunham and all the women then proceed to verbally castrate him and the foreign bride leaves him and proclaims that it’s time to chase after hot men.
    It was hilarious that the American women were portrayed as fat and spoiled attending a jewelry party as compared to, say, maybe getting together to cook cakes for a church social or PTA meeting, engage in handcrafts, etc. and then attack a guy for claiming such women are not oppressed. The hot Brazilian woman saying she wanted a “hot guy” had a chance but these women, including Lena, no way. It was hilarious. Was Lena poking fun at MRA’s as well as herself or is she so clueless and self-centered that she doesn’t even notice the unintentional self-parody? I’m leaning towards the latter but it’s always possible that SNL writers pitched the idea of multiple angles of farce to her (or maybe didn’t clue her in.)

  33. This is because deep down women know they’re a wet hole and nothing else. And deep down guys will view every woman he comes across as a wet hole. You can show me a video of a woman who’s objectively the funniest comedian ever, or a woman who’s more intelligent than Stephen Hawking, and the entire time I’ll be doing the calculations to figure out if they’re fuckable.
    What’s ironic is that many females will excel in any creative field strictly because they’re females. Louis CK is one of the funniest human beings alive, but he had to toil in obscurity for 20+ years before landing his FX show and blowing up in his mid-40’s. Meanwhile, Amy Schumer is 34 and has only been doing comedy for less than 10 years and already has her own TV show and starring role in a Judd Apatow movie. Whitney Cummings is a much more attractive comedian than Amy and her rise to fame was overnight – At 28 she appeared on a Comedy Central roast, and within a year she had 2 sitcoms (“Whitney”, which she starred in, and “2 Broke Girls” which she co-created).
    The humor gene in a woman is a rare trait indeed. But even when they do have them they usually fall flat. You get the Margaret Cho’s of the world bitching about their mothers, you get the Tina Fey’s of the world preaching grrrrrl power, and you get the Sarah Silvermans of the world trying to be funny by being crass and cursing. They also have way too many jokes about sex and periods, nothing outside themselves. Meanwhile male comedians like Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Bill Burr will talk about abstract concepts or world issues like religion and politics. They may have had some bits about embarrassing shit like premature ejaculation or shitting yourself, but it wasn’t their whole act.

    1. Louis CK’s tv show bores me, but his standup is top notch. I thought he had potential to be one of the greats, but he appears to have already peaked.
      It’s true females will excel in any field where they have a minimum of talent because of affirmative action and diversity policies. Management will want a “VP of HR” who is female to balance out the all male management team. So anyone with a tiny bit of people skills can become VP if they have a snatch.

  34. Amy’s “comedy”: “I have a vagina ummmmmm…….i like stuff in my vagina sooooooooooo…”

  35. Women comedians are like one long bad joke but you never hear the punchline.

  36. The difference between male and female comedians is the confidence. Male comedians don’t hold back when mocking everyone and themselves. Most women usually moderate themselves. That’s why there aren’t as funny.

  37. The real reason is that women just aren’t that funny. Even women that most consider to be funny look like amateurs up against good male acts.
    There is a local comedy club I like to go to every now so I am on their listserv. They will occasionally give out free or highly discounted tickets to boost attendance when sales are not good. Pretty much ever time though I get an email about an offer it always is a show where the headliner is a woman or one or two of the warm up acts are women. Every single time.
    Women. They just aren’t funny.

    1. I think back through all the girlfriends, female relations, friends, etc., and very rarely if at all have any of them ever made me laugh…. even unintentionally…. humour is not their forte…. we make them laugh to get into their knickers…. that’s it…. the only reason….

      1. Pretty much every dating profile of any woman online has something like “a man that can make me laugh” in their “requirements”. Universally almost every single one. How many men put that into their dating profiles?

        1. They put that in their requirement because of the herd mentality. It’s not even original. They don’t really even know what they want. You can also throw in walks along the beach as well.

  38. Female comedian suck because comedy is pretty like game. Is a succession of ingenious comments and observations. Women evolved to have gossip skills to compete for quality males.Their main arguments are alluding to emotions. You can see in feminism. Feminism is not about the truth, is about how should be the truth. Because the truth can hurt feelings of some people.When you make a complete battery IQ test you obtain a gap over 9 points between males and females. But IQ test are set to not reflect that. Psychologist do it omiting subtests with higher male score and assigning an absurd weight to those subtest which female do slightly better. Despite that males have and slight prerogative of two points. And this is enough to maintain women far away from STEM as La Griffe point out.

      1. This is just a question about definitions.
        If the women in science have a masculine brain, wouldn’t you say perhaps the definition of masculine is off?
        Men are better at science. Men have higher T levels. Higher T brains do science well. Average men suck at science aswell.
        Einstein had much more white matter than most. Women have more white matter that most, but without the T they use it for other skills.
        To be really good at science and philosophy, to be inventive and not just ‘do math’, you need both, and you need to use it effectively.
        But yes, men have the advantage in that a higher T brain is the primary requirement.

        1. Interesting read, thanks. Its conclusions about cognitive style are the opposite of everything I’ve previously read regarding the differences between gender, but it sure does define the terms clearly.
          Still I think a smart woman does not necessarily have a male brain any more than a daft man has a womans brain. Its just a statistical designation that correlates with gender.
          Smart people have well organised and optimised brains. I dont disagree about those being more common in men, or that there are more above avarage men.
          The article does not mention testosterone though I don’t doubt its relevance in the changes to organisational structure.
          The idea of there not being feminine intelligence, rather than it being something us men don’t understand, though im not so sure about. They are well designed for caring about family, they see things we dont. They process emotional information pretty fast. The information processing in the assesment is culturally biased to work men tend to do. As a scientist Ive a habit of questioning these kind of correlations.
          Women are not designed for hunting or business but I doubt their head space is entirely wasted. It almost sounds like aspies, the way they focus more on local matters and fewer more directly connected people. What they do know, they know well.
          It also mentions men have more variance, we’re as much dumber as we are smarter. This is again because IQ tests domain specific intelligence, and ‘male bains’ are more domain specific.
          But yes, based on a statistical definition of a male intelligence, and an association of high pre natal testosterone and organisational complexity, and those resulting skills being what are required in modern society, then yes women deemed to be intelligent could be lazily described as having a male brain.

  39. There should have been some mention in either the article or the comments on the “Guys we’ve f**ked” podcast. If you still need help objectifying women, that will help.
    Also, to extend the article, much of western media, imho, has come to creating “freak” characters that we can laugh at, and so feel better about ourselves. Like the freak show of the old line circuses. Oversexualized female comedians simply continues in that cultural meme.

  40. ‘Female Comedian’ is as much as an oxymoron as ‘vegan butcher’.
    Women lack the ability to be funny (or produce much else of value other than children, for that matter).

  41. The funny thing is that these ‘female comedians’ don’t even hire a struggling male comedy writer and simply use his material in their act.
    That would be easy enough, no?
    But women aren’t even clever enough to perform the simple business act of buying something cheaply and selling it for a lot more using her already-existing fame and platforms….

  42. No. The West having a celebrity cult i.e. is worshiping actors, rock/pop/sports ‘stars’, and comedians, is evidence we live in degenerate times and the end of our civilization is near. The USA clearly is leading the way down. Women emulating men in these fields is the final step in the process. Just because they are unable to compete, they take drastic measures. This is mere footnotes.

  43. “Why do female comedians need to constantly take off their clothes?” “cause they’re not funny, but they still want people to pay attention?

  44. Because they were ugly ducklings as kids and teenagers. Compensated by being funny and witty.. Now they are in the spotlight finally admitting they crave male attention.. Even though they say they don’t

  45. Iliza Shlesinger called out female comics for spending too much time talking about their pussies and worthless shit. But the art of her first special was her nekkid with hair covering her titties.
    They’re all hypocrites.

  46. Wow. I never thought Kathy Horseface could ever look good, but compared to Tina Fey and Amy (BAAAARF!) Schumer, she’s got a hot body.
    By comparison, that is.

    1. They were funny when they never admitted they were gay. Paul Lynde comes to mind. So does Graham Chapman. Scott Thompson could be funny at times when he was with the Kids in the Hall (though much of his routine was being queer).

  47. Any female that lives a normal life span, will at some point live out the rest of their remaining lives as an ugly woman. By age 30, some women start losing their looks/bodies. By age 35, a higher percentage of women that were once attractive lose their looks/bodies. By age 40, the percentage goes even higher. And by age 50, just about all of women that were once attractive before, lose their looks/bodies and have to live out the rest of their remaining lives being ignored by most men. As well as being menopausal.
    In addition to that, because it’s such a “normalized” part of society, a lot of us don’t stop to think what the female population would look like if makeup and hair coloring did not exist. There’s been quite a few times where I’ve seen women without makeup on, that I didn’t even recognize them. They looked very “blank” to me. They weren’t pretty or necessarily ugly (of course a lot are ugly without makeup). Just “blank”.
    If makeup and hair coloring did not exist, you’d have a lot ugly 29 year old women walking around with graying hair as well. There are some women that will naturally gray by age 29. But you’ll never see it because they will always hide it. In fact, makeup is so different today than what it was just 20 years ago, that women literally paint faces onto themselves.

  48. Because women know deep down inside that they don’t have wit, and they don’t have enough mental Fortitude to impress Men, so when Men start getting Bored with women’s act, the Default for catching Mens Attention again is , Flash your Tits.

    1. Eh, actually a great number of them think they are quite witty and sarcastic, and that this should impress men.

  49. Someone is going to have to invent a word to describe people like Amy Schumer, Adam Sandler and many, many others who aren’t famous because they’re talented, they’re famous because they’re Jewish.

  50. Everyone should check out the so called ” ASMR ” community on youtube. This article might as well be talking about that. Basically you have these women filming themselves closeup , basically making out with the camera from a POV position. Yet they claim its ” all about the asmr experience “, when really its just a bunch of women selling their looks on camera for youtube suscribers.
    Seriously everyone here should check it out at least once. Search these names on youtube to see what im talking about.

  51. I had a discussion with a friend about female comedians. Just focusing on the stand up comics right now, I’ve noticed that the lauded female comedians are mostly just doing base-level guy humor; things I assume you’d see being joked about among “brahs”. Of course, they have stage presence and the ability to perform, so I’ll give them that but overall I would say there are very few female standup comedians that have made me laugh with non-sex jokes. I can only really think of Ellen Degeneres and Kristen Schall right now.
    Just my observation. Agree? Disagree? Comment below. Don’t forget to hit that like and subscribe button 😉

    1. We’re unavailable to take your call right now. Please hang up and try again.

  52. It makes me sad to see how young American girls look up to Amy Schumer as some sort of role model.
    She promotes awful habits. She drinks, eats, and fucks random guys all to an excess, and then laughs about it. So for some reason society thinks this is good? It’s muych harder to find a quality mate living this lifestyle, not to mention all the mental and physical problems that goes with it. If women want a role model, at least look up to a strong woman who takes care of herself. Jeez.

  53. I’d fuck Amy Schumer or Chelsea Handler. You know that they’re both nasty sluts who would be really dirty. Calling or texting them the next morning is out of the question though.

  54. Growing up I realised that female singers ALWAYS have their face on the cover of their albums. Male artists, occasionally. It was clear then that male artists were selling music, female artists were selling an image. Some of the women were actually quite talented to be fair. Female comedians on the other hand mostly suck and need to sell their image in order to be recognised.

  55. I don’t even recognize the names of these female comedians. Obviously, the have no talent. And, furthermore, has ugly faces and bad bodies, because I have not even noticed them trying to use sex to sell themselves.

  56. Women don’t have souls- I used to find this remark by Otto Weininger very amusing- however on mature reflection, I think when I see today’s “free” and “liberated” women and their utter lack of any inner value, as reflected in their shallow and wholly unoriginal attempts to be “in mens’ faces” as equals, is proof that when females are divorced from the masculine principle they amount to nothing more than pathetic self indulgent attention seekers. In essence, men can live, mature and develop into self-actualized beings without women, the opposite, although they’ll never admit it does not happen.
    There is also a continuous failing here on this website that tries to tie a man’s self worth into his own body’s self image. This is a classical mistake as you end up conceding a man’s intrinsic sense of self worth and value to the feminine/gay narcissistic idea of the body beautiful. The healthy, strong, fit body of a the well round but multi- faceted man, is very different to the feminine/gay ideology of the mindless cute, but essentially dumb and inert ” body beautiful” of consumerism/gay culture. The body is all feminine- the mind/spirit is all masculine, gays and women lack the latter which allows for detachment, discernment, judgment and wisdom.

    1. These are good points. It is worth considering a couple more: Herman Melville observed that “in most human societies men will do whatever they need to do to secure regular sex and in all but a few notable cases, little more”. It used to be that a man needed to be of good character, from a good family with good prospects to get this regular pussy, usually through marriage. Now men get more sex by being scumbags and boys worry more about their appearance more than skills. Men do seem to use female approval as motivation to achieve, and have been deliberately depowered in this sense. I also wonder whether the barrage of homo is not to get men interested in buttsex with men. It is to break fraternal love that is an auxiliary fuel source which is in many ways better. I’m picking you’re over 30? Over 40? Depowered generation coming after us bro.

      1. It’s interesting that in more primitive based societies there is a complete prohibition on single women, either as a way of life or when their husbands died early. There is an understanding, which is correct, that women are indeed much more sexual when it comes to the satisfaction of their desires and that having women exist in a state while fertile and sexually active that didn’t met these primary desires of a women’s “naturalness” seems completely odd and unnatural to them. For example, career women in our part of the world who up their primary desires for the desire to be empowered through status, position or money via their careers would seem absolutely alien to them.
        Your point about the proliferation in the homoiszation of traditional masculine culture is indeed an interesting one. With the wide scale availability of internet pornography now a largely accepted part of the culture young males are acquainted with, and the accompanying normalization of heterosexual butt sex, and the increased emphasis and the male butt (or often two of them) with a female is way of saying- well aren’t all butts the same anyway. This tendency when fully developed and normalized in about 20 years time will actually make homosexual butt sex, or the option to do it- seem as normal and natural as heterosexual vaginal sex seemed up to recently.
        It was the last taboo, I suppose, the com-modification of the male anatomy into yet another object of the late consumer society- it’s really the last laugh of the feminists against the despised white European patriarchs. Dead to the Fatherland!. All our idols must be destroyed, the sirens sing.
        Yet, there are areas free from them. There are many women for example who can see through the feminism left wing bullshit, there are realms of experience which are unique to males in which they come into their own free from their left wing ideology. For example, I’ve seen groups of males working as one collective team in the aviation industry, where you can see guys studying and working with an aircraft like a 747 that needs to be stripped down, and, you can witness the fulfillment and enjoyment (even though its their job) they get from solving problems and applying their skills as a group to one task, beats almost anything they’ll get even from sex. I don’t think these types of shared experiences where there’s respect and enjoyment among a group of guys doing something they love can be replicated or replaced through some type of feminized/homoised worldview. But, as you see the whole of popular culture is hell bent on undermining these traditional male bonds as they despise them.

  57. Unless a female knows she’s ugly, and often even then, she takes off her clothes when she’s self-conscious or worried or — a favorite word of theirs — “confused.” Female criminals do it when caught, female protestors do it, females who want to make fast money do it….

  58. Betty white is the only female comic to reach even close to the level of comedy of men. Every other one loses fame as they pile on the pounds and get older.

    1. Nah there were some funny women on SNL in the 80’s & 90’s. None of the jokes had much to do with feminism though except for making funny of it occasionally.

  59. The whole issue on women being funny stems from identity politics and political correctness. Two things that are the opposite of what makes comedy…comedy. Again, as it is always the case, we see yet another example of diluting merit in the name of equality etc. Comedy is, presumably, a very competitive endeavor not necessarily between performers but in the actual thing itself – you either make people laugh or you don’t, period. The approach that women are taking already tacitly admits that they’re not up for this. A funny women will be recognized, as such, to resort to “awareness campaigns” political correctness, which all amount to social engineering i.e. forcing (or attempting to force) people to enjoy a “comedian” that they would otherwise not enjoy (sans political shamming/pressure), is in fact an ipso facto admission that women are not as funny as men. And what suffers is the quality of comedy because ultimately merit loses so heartless hacks like silverman can feel good about themselves? Meanwhile they’ll go out of their way picking on the most convenient political targets and offending those people, which includes hurting those people’s feelings.

  60. Amy Schumer is the female Dane Cook, just another relatively attractive idiot who thinks they’re funny, but watching paint dry on a wall is more comedic.

  61. I would very much like to understand why mysogynists like your bunch like to criticize women who take it off?
    It is a puzzle.
    I mean except the obvious reason, that it lowers their confidence, and the critics can lower their price that way.

  62. Women would do better in horror especially if they are morbidly obese. There they would not sexualized but become a vehicle of grounded fear of the nasty land whale

  63. I guess the author of this piece has never been to a burlesque show, or more importantly has no sense of humour.

    1. I don’t think knee-spanking hilarity is the intended result of burlesque either, although it’s a difficult reaction to suppress watching fortysomething women prancing around as if they have the sex appeal or seductive acumen of a 20 year old stripper.

  64. TL/DR: because women are not funny, and it’s the only way they can turn a buck by hustling the low-life suckers by creating attention with their tits (under the guise of comedy).
    Other ways women comedians get attention is by being generally trashy, and acting in disgraceful ways to be seen as “cool” to other females.
    …not that there aren’t plenty on non-funny male comedians either.

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