3 Eating Tricks That Get You Ripped

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Hey, Mike Chang here… and I’m honored to be a fitness expert writing on Return of Kings. Now you might already know me from YouTube, and maybe you’re even one of the 3.5 million subscribers on my sixpackshortcuts YouTube channel.

So to show you how grateful I am today for being picked as an expert… not only am I going to reveal the three eating tricks that will get you ripped, I’m also going to give you a complimentary eating system. It’s the same one me and my clients personally use to get ripped. And you’ll get that right after trick #3.

Now, you probably already know that most dieting is exactly that… a diet. But honestly man, I hate dieting so I’m not going to ask you to do that at all. My approach to eating is different –  because my goals are different. And that means I eat foods that will allow me to enjoy life, while getting a ripped body and six pack abs.

Because those are my goals… not some Crossfitter, paleo crap that your friends brag about on Facebook. Because with my eating system, my body does the talking for me, and you’ll be able to experience the same thing.

Let’s be honest. You don’t care about being a bodybuilder or Crossfitter, and you don’t want to spend your life hating the foods you eat. You just want to know how to get a ripped body that demands respect, in the shortest possible amount of time.

To do this, you can’t use old school diets that are impossible to stick to. So rather than just doing the same boring, nasty diet that everyone else is doing, you need to simply eat a different way…

So here are 3 eating tricks that will get you ripped:

1. Eat More Often


A lot of guys think that losing your belly fat is all about eating less… WRONG! You actually need to eat more. But you have to make sure that you’re eating more of the right foods. I suggest that you eat these specific fat burning foods about every three hours.

Because when you eat these foods more often, you actually boost your metabolism and allow your body to burn more fat. And on top of that, if you eat consistently throughout the day, you are less likely to get extremely hungry and eat a huge cheat meal. And that’s why Men’s Health said a meal about every three hours will “shrink your gut.”

If you want to know the exact foods to eat, I go into more detail with your gift that’s coming soon in trick #2.

2. Cook Your Meals Ahead Of Time


It’s important to prepare your meals ahead of time because we are not like women… we don’t enjoy cooking. So as men, we should just knock it out all at once.

In addition when you prepare your meals ahead of time, the food is there. It’s convenient… and your chances of eating fast foods are eliminated.

Prepping your meals will also save you time and money. It usually costs me about 9 dollars a day to prep all my meals… and that’s for 5 meals. And normally, if I eat out, I spend at least 20 bucks on a normal lunch.

Here’s what you can do today to get started:

1. Go to the store and get lean cuts of meat like top round steak, chicken breast and tilapia…

2. Stock up on complex carbs like sweet potatoes and brown rice.

3. Get some veggies like broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower

Then prepare your meals!

Here are some meal ideas:

Five ounces of flank steak, a cup of brown rice and a cup of broccoli.

Five ounces of tilapia or cod, 6 asparagus spears and one sweet potato.

Two whole eggs and three eggs whites. Cream of wheat and a few strawberries or a banana.

3. Eat Cheat Meals


Find an eating plan that allows you to cheat, because traditional “dieting” is not sustainable. So you can’t do it forever… you know what I mean? I know when me and my friends tried it – we always gave up. Because you can only eat nasty dry tuna for so long.

The honest truth is that sticking to a strict diet 100% of the time is close to impossible, because you can’t just grab a quick bite when you are busy, you can’t enjoy a nice juicy hamburger and fries. And worst of all – you can almost never eat out. And that’s not any way to live your life.

Eating cheat meals also increases your #1 fat burning hormone, leptin. First of all leptin controls your ability to burn fat or not to burn fat. So basically when your leptin levels are high… you burn more fat. And when your leptin levels are low – you burn less fat. So you want your leptin levels to be high, not only because you will burn more fat… but when your leptin levels are high, all of your other fat burning hormones work at their optimal levels. This means you will burn more fat.

So how do you boost your leptin levels?

You eat cheat meals every so often. Now, this doesn’t mean you eat them every single day. However, my clients and I have proven that eating cheat meals about 20% of the time will keep your leptin levels high, and your body burning fat.

Now I know breaking your old eating habits and doing these three new eating tactics might be difficult… But I’ve made it easy for you in this easy to follow eating system… It’s called The Zero Willpower Eating System.

It shows you what foods to eat and at exactly the right times.

It also shows in detail how to prepare each and every meal for the whole week… the best part is that it shows you how to do it all in one HOUR. And that’s including clean up.

Lastly, it tells you the precise times and the delicious cheat foods you can start incorporating into your diet to get ripped abs fast.


And you can get it Free by going here right now, and simply entering your first name, email and phone number so I know exactly who to send it to.

Now, you might be wondering why I need your number. Well that’s simple, because when you enter your number, you also qualify for a free coaching consultation from one of my personal coaches and friends :).

So good luck okay!?

Here’s your Zero Willpower Eating System

Mike Chang

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59 thoughts on “3 Eating Tricks That Get You Ripped”

  1. Absolute rubbish. Obese people have high leptin and high insulin. Insulin blocks leptin receptors. Lower your blood glucose, you lower your insulin, and leptin then can do it’s job to help you burn fat.
    There. Now ya’ll can send me your money.

      1. Intermittent fasting while on a low fat/high carb diet is torture. Do it on a low carb/high fat diet is a piece of steak (no cake).

  2. What about guys who already have a high metabolism? I don’t need “fat burning foods”, I need foods that retain fat and build muscle mass.

    1. Just fats, meats, and leafy green vegetables. Eat when you’re hungry until satisfied. Avoid grains. Lift weights and drink water. It’s that simple if you want to do it naturally.

      1. That is basically all I do eat besides processed microwave horseshit when I’m tired or lazy.
        If I eat anymore meat, I’d have to start my own farm.
        What can I do to slow down my metabolism?

        1. Maybe get your thyroid hormones checked out. T3 and T4 if I recalled correctly. It’s not the food. You burn too much calories, you start breaking down muscle to feed the caloric needs.

        2. My lordy I just looked up thyroid and found hyperthyroidism which has the following symptoms:
          Fatigue or muscle weakness
          Hand tremors
          Mood swings
          Nervousness or anxiety
          Rapid heartbeat
          Heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat
          Skin dryness
          Trouble sleeping
          Weight loss
          Increased frequency of bowel movements
          Light periods or skipping periods
          Of which I have all except trouble sleeping and obviously don’t have periods.
          Thanks for the insight.

        3. Glad to help a fellow brother here on RoK.
          I would encourage you to read “Wheat Belly Total Health” by Dr. William Davis. It has a whole chapter dedicated to the thyroid gland and how a diet of grains and modern industrial chemicals affect thyroid function. The condition you described reminded me of what was covered in that book.
          Good luck.

        4. Well it seems those symptoms are pretty generic and I found a more specific symptom list which actually removes a lot of my “symptoms”
          Anxiety, nervousness, and irritability (all 3)
          Frequent, loose bowel movements (frequent but not always loose)
          Difficulty sleeping (none)
          Double vision (nope)
          Eyes that bulge out, or “protrude” (in patients with Graves’ disease) (nope)
          Hair changes, including brittle hair, thinning hair, and hair loss from scalp (nope)
          Irregular heart beat (arrhythmia), especially in older adults (yes)
          Muscle weakness, especially in the thighs and upper arms (yes)
          Rapid fingernail growth (no)
          Rapid heartbeat, usually over 100 beats per minute ( don’t think it’s quite that fast)
          Shaky hands (only when I’m nervous)
          Sweating (I rarely sweat unless I’m doing physical activity)
          Thinning skin (not sure how this compares to dry skin)
          Weight loss despite increased appetite (I have difficulty gaining no matter how much I eat but I also have a pretty laid-back appetite) so this one I think I can dismiss.
          And now I’m just more confused. I don’t want to spend endless trips to the doctor/money for a doctor to chase this problem. I was also looking at testosterone treatment and the symptoms for low testosterone seem pretty similar so to be quite honest I don’t even want to see a doctor until I’m at least half sure what my problem is.

    1. I think you’ve got the right idea. Instead of getting angry, just look at these Mike Chang articles as comedy gold!

  3. Is this approach in meals going to yield a sufficient intake of electrolytes?
    It’s what we need.

      1. Bang Ding Ow, oops We Too Lo! Holy Charlie Chow Mein! You making me hungary for dat two dollar chinese blue plate lunch special man!

  4. lol “zero willpower eating system”, “eat MOAR”, “eat cheat meals”
    Get fucked guy. Burning serious fat requires being in a caloric deficit. Which means you are going to learn to deal with being hungry sometimes. Which requires consistency, discipline, and willpower. This is run of the mill fitness snake oil- “get ripped fast without having to do anything.” Bullshit. In order of importance: calories, macros, micronutrition, meal timing/fasting, supps. Oh, and lift barbells.

    1. This is actually a well known type of eating plan and has worked for many people. Mike Chang didn’t suddenly invent it and write it up b/c it’s fake or something (according to you guys logic). Eating more will put you in a calorie deficit, because OVERALL calories consumed is less, due to the fact that you are not hungry and you are eating smaller meals throughout the day.
      Eating cheat meals is actually the zig zag method. Your body gets accustomed to the lower calorie intake and then goes back to switching your fat burning mode off. When you eat cheat meals, the calorie count spikes and your body doesn’t know what to expect anymore, so it keeps your fat burning mode on.

      1. I like what you say about switching the fat-burning mode on.
        It’s about changing your relationship with food. Higher protein, eat less than a stomach full several times a day to keep the metablolism high. I think we’re designed by evolution to operate that way anyway. But you’re not going to get a six pack or definition without some muscle building program.

      2. “Fat Burning Mode” is always on if you’re eating at a calorie deficit, you’re not making sense.
        And eating more frequently doesn’t have a different effect on the metabolism in studies. You can eat 2 meals a day or 5 meals, it doesn’t matter. Only a calorie deficit and consistency matter.

  5. Mike Chang? Fuck that snake oil saleman motherfucker. Listen I hope you guys got his money for this comedy piece, because that’s about what he is good for

      1. That doesn’t prove much either unless we know the chemicals he is taking into his body.
        He might do all the stuff in this article but also take test, tren, HGH, etc.
        The results of his “body” will never occur in the person NOT taking those chemicals.
        Stop the bullshit.

  6. Speaking personally, the time in my life when I had the best muscular definition and lowest body fat was when I was working out every day (varying between resistance training and cardio on separate days), eating basic, non-shitty food, AND walking 2-3 miles each day in addition to the formal exercise.
    Calories in versus calories out, simple as that.

    1. “Speaking personally, the time in my life when I had the best muscular definition and lowest body fat was when I was working out every day (varying between resistance training and cardio on separate days), eating basic, non-shitty food, AND walking 2-3 miles each day in addition to the formal exercise.
      Calories in versus calories out, simple as that.”
      That works for me too.

  7. Mike Chang is a fraud.
    He is really some little Asian dude that got on a bunch of steroids and HGH. He now peddles his comic bullshit to all the dumbasses who buy his shit.
    No one will EVER get the same outcome without the chemical warfare added.

  8. I’ve been fasting 16 hours/day for 3 months. I eat whatever I want during the 8 hour window, and drink a lot of carbonated water and coffee while fasting. I’ve lost over 10 pounds and can see my abs, I guess, but still don’t have a stunning six pack, which is fine. This works for me.

      1. I’ll probably quit or expand my eating time window when I get to 200 lbs (3# to go), as I’ve recently got a swollen tongue, and I suspect the fasting.

  9. ‘It’s important to prepare your meals ahead of time because we are not like women… we don’t enjoy cooking. So as men, we should just knock it out all at once.’
    Men dont enjoy cooking? Are you on crack? Most men I know enjoy cooking far more then most women I know! Best cooks in the world? MEN… why? Because they are truly passionate about their craft! Again, most men enjoy cooking more then most women that I personally know or have observed! IDIOT!

  10. This is wrong for a lot of people. This is almost exactly the Body For Life diet I tried almost 15 years ago. I was so fucking hungry all the time. My life revolved around food. If you’re asian like Mr. Chang his plan might work. If your family tree is full of fat diabetic fucks like mine is then a low carb high fat plan will probably be better.

  11. This is actually an example of solid copywriting. It only sounds dumb, because it’s written for not-as-mentally-gifted people.
    And to be fair, his proposed diet is still superior to what most people eat.

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