Sara Parker-Toulson Publicly Supported A SJW Who Wishes Rape Upon Roosh’s Future Daughter

…but i hope one day you will be the happy father of one [daughter] and that she will be raped…

Christian Caouette, the very, very logical “anti-rape” advocate who opposes Roosh (and any of his future progeny, clearly). His comment was liked by Parker-Toulson.

Feminist Sara Parker-Toulson, who has already backed a violent threat against Roosh, supported a Facebook post by fellow SJW Christian Caouette, one which expressed a vehement desire for our proprietor’s future daughter to be raped. Clearly enamored by the biased attention she and other delusional SJWs have received from the negligent Montreal and other Canadian media, she now thinks “hate” can be stopped by wishing rape on unborn children.

It is stupendously ironic that a woman who blabbers incessantly about made-up “rape cultures” considers the rape of third parties yet to be born a useful tool for “educating” Roosh and others like us. That somewhere around 30,000 people (as of me writing this sentence) support the petition of someone who herself publicly supports the wishing of rape speaks volumes about the overall SJW mentality. It is pernicious, illiberal (in the fascist sense) and despises any semblance of free speech.



The pro-rape white knight Christian Caouette


Wishing rape on someone’s unborn daughters because they disagree with you. How classy, Christian Caouette.

Christian Caouette (you can find his Facebook profile here), from Amos, Quebec, chooses to white knight for the SJW cause by, er, wishing rape on unborn children. If this is what SJW advocacy has regressed into, we can all sleep more easily at night. The beauty of people like Caouette, plus Parker-Toulson and her false rape threat-generating friend Aurelie Nix, is that they think they can spew their ideological bile with impunity and that massive, irreconcilable contradictions won’t appear in their hate speech.

“The end justifies the means” is the mantra that psychologically buttresses these individuals, even as they support violent threats, wish rape on people not involved with the present debates and make up false rape threats against their philosophical enemies. To them, it’s moral to second violent threats if you’re preaching feminism and claiming your opponents are violent.

It’s moral to fight the rape culture by harboring desires that enemies’ children be raped in the future. It’s moral to say that false rape allegations are “rare” but simultaneously slander your foe by saying he threatened to rape you.

When will Canadian news outlets start reporting the false allegations, threats and rape wishes of the SJWs?

Aurelie Nix is still yet to furnish any “proof” that Roosh threatened to rape her. She has responded to her outing as a false rape threat maker by going offline and fearing a civil suit by Roosh for defamation and libel.

From early August, with the publication of my colleague Quintus Curtius’ article, the intentions of those amongst the SJW crowd have been readily accessible to the uninitiated public, let alone professional “newsmen and newswomen” supposedly dedicated to the “truth.”

In addition to other less salient indications of potential violence against Roosh and his loyal audience, discussions of bomb threats and other nasty plans have taken place in relatively open sight. Yet not even the smallest squeaks about this have come from the keyboards of mainstream Canadian journalists, ranging from the publicly-funded CBC to the Toronto StarMontreal Gazette, CJAD Radio and others.

There is absolutely zero intention from these outlets to disseminate anything that would call into question what must be the “clean character references” afforded to all SJW ringleaders. Any information backed up by fact cannot be used if it vindicates Roosh and undermines the credibility and “standing” of Parker-Toulson and Nix.

Disgustingly, too, Parker-Toulson is a mother-of-three who is supportive of someone else’s children being raped, all to “make a point” and “teach a lesson.” How open-minded.

We will continue to support the unveiling and dissemination of the truth

Sara Parker-Toulson, Aurelie Nix and Christian Caouette are all members of the same fundamental breed. They bend or even break the rules, advocating for violence, rape and false allegations to forge their ideological ends. “Dexterous” use of information is how they attempt to bury the litany of contradictions and inconsistencies, and the plain hate, they produce. In turn, the full body of information is selectively manipulated by the media to falsely characterize Roosh as a misogynistic fascist caricature.

Nevertheless, the only fascism currently being practiced in Montreal is that promulgated and incited by the organizers of the fraudulent petition, further ringleaders elsewhere and those supporting them.

As for now, let it be on the record that Sara Parker-Toulson is a supporter of rape for the children of those who dare question that “rape culture” actually exists and the unapologetic defenders of real free speech.

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180 thoughts on “Sara Parker-Toulson Publicly Supported A SJW Who Wishes Rape Upon Roosh’s Future Daughter”

  1. Wow. Wishing an innocent, unborn person to be raped in the future just show the hypocrisy of their own cause. It’s like the pro-life nut jobs bombing the abortion clinics and killing innocent bystanders in the process.
    On another note, why would anyone hit like on their own post. It’s implied since you yourself posted it. No need to reaffirm it and announce it to the world.

    1. Feminists are so smug and full of themselves that living their own posts is a matter of course.

      1. Not saying all pro-life are nut jobs. There are ones that take it to the extreme. The extremists. Like there are people who are Islamic, but don’t take it to the extreme. ISIS takes it to the extreme.

        1. I’m not sure. I am in the Army and I am ready to fight ISIS to the death. However, I think these guys are just going by the book – so to speak. ‘Moderate Muslims’ are just lying to themselves. They’d be better off if they converted to Christianism or even atheism and call it a day.
          About the pro-life movement: I think pro-choice people are the establishment (just like feminists, pro-gays, etc.). Pro-life guys have no choice but to be in the extreme. ROK is an extremist website from a mainstream standpoint but what else can masculine men do in today’s world.

        2. I wouldn’t say RoK is an extremist website. We do not advocate the use of violence nor denying the truth. We voice against those that are influencing establishments that are stripping away our rights. We debate with those who have opposing views in a civil manner, not to oppress them under some false premise or ideology.

        3. ‘Moderate’ and ‘extremist’ have very relative meaning indeed, just like ‘terrorist’ or’freedom fighter’.
          From an ‘Establishment’ perspective (feminist, pro-gay, etc.), you are an extremist and you condone rape. If ROK gets a larger audience, it will probably get shut down.
          From your perspective, you are a voice for the voiceless modern man.
          Keep fighting but don’t forget that the ‘enemy’ honestly puts at the same level as ISIS. It’s all a question of perspective and conscious/subconscious interests

        4. Ok.
          What I was referring to when I said establishments was government, states, and place of employment. They are creating laws and rules that strips away our (men’s) rights in favor of women and gays. They cry it’s about equality but when you read it, it’s really about oppression.

        5. That’s what I’m explaining to you: to them the manosphere is a bunch of (potential) terrorist while you see yourself as ‘freedom fighter’.
          They won’t stop until everyone of you submit to the system.
          Personally, I chose to mentally disconnect from Western societies. I live here just to get the money and I go to spend it elsewhere on vacation. If every Western man does the same, the system will collapse and we can start over from scratch.
          This whole manosphere fighting will just boost the enemy.

  2. The only good thing that will come out of this is when you Google the likes of Aurelie Nix, Sara Parker-Toulson, and Christian Caouette people will see how fucked up mentally unstable they really are. Who in their right mind would want to be associated with these mental case freaks? We won’t forget and neither will Google.

    1. Many will hopefully see just how fucked up their brains function. On the other hand I have gut feeling they’ll somehow turn it around to once again make Roosh look like the bad guy here. So they’ll always have their supporters because crazy people attract other crazy people. Here’s hoping at least the majority see how fucked up they truly are.

    2. Just from looking at the photo of Christian Caouette, I can tell he is a snide smug prick who gets off from condescending others.
      Also anyone who takes someone who dresses up like a wood elf seriously has some issues

    3. i google Aure-lie Nix and this one caught my attention…lolz… I find it hilarious though.

  3. These people will not only have to be defeated. They have to be utterly destroyed. No two ways about it.

  4. If the “good guys” are a bunch of women cheering on a guy who wants unborn female children to be raped, I think I side with the “bad guys”.

    1. That’s the point, though. They are not the good guys. People who fight feminism are.

    2. Dont ever let them fool you into thinking youre on the evil side. All of us here are paladins of order.

      1. When I was a child I wanted to be a knight so that works out well being a paladin. Life purpose fulfilled!

  5. So we have Roosh who has never actually threatened to rape anybody and he is labeled a person who supports rape, yet a feminist actually wishes rape upon someone and feminists support him, their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Also feminists obsession with rape is unhealthy, they seem to think every white straight male wakes up and says “how many women can I rape today?” They’re delusional.

      1. Sounds ridiculous but that honestly seems to be how most feminists think white men are.

        1. “Sounds ridiculous but that honestly seems to be how most feminists think white men are.”
          Projection. Most of those feminists know the men that feminists really want don’t want them. So feminists pretend all men want to rape every woman. This means they can strip down for a Slut Walk to protest the innumerable men so desirous of their bodies that they would jump at the chance of raping them.

        2. No, they don’t. They know that’s total malarkey. They are just pretending to believe that, to keep us the bogeymen.

        3. That’s part of it but feminists also need to keep the narrative of women being victims no matter what or they cease to be relevant.

        4. You’re right about the professional feminists but your average college girl or arm chair feminist believes it

        5. LOL. I know. I myself have observed this, and it’s fucking hilarious.
          Actually I think, they think hold this stereotype about about all men, especially about men from the middle east. I’m one such man, but I often pass for a white man. I’ve heard, and read online conversations of feminists, who seem to believe that if you are a middle eastern man, you have a history of raping women. In fact, you’ve been raping women from the moment you are born, because your culture, and your parents tell you that raping woman is okay. As ridiculous as this sounds, I don’t know why, to me, it seems very, very funny.
          And of course, if you are a heterosexual masculine man, and you question the rape culture, you are a rapist straight away. There’s no arguing on this.

        6. And this also stems from the fact that women feel validated due to the fact that men want to fuck them. Now, I agree that rape is a horrible crime, but always complaining about the non existent rape culture is what gives these women the validation they crave.

        7. Feminists are obsessed with rape, because they wouldn’t get sex without the use of force. (Basically I am calling them ugly.)

        8. Or they have secret rape fetish. Projection i think it is called when you say over and over you don’t want a thing to happen when you actually wish it to happen…

        9. Most of them are naturally ugly. If not, then they make themselves ugly with fat, tattoos, piercings, or blue/purple/pink hair. If they not even do this, then they make themselves undesirable, and annoying to talk to through their toxic personality. All feminists have at least one of these “qualities”.
          This makes men avoid, and ignore them like hell, and feminists themselves observe this. Problem is, that they don’t know that why men are avoiding them, since all their lives they have been lied that, men love the kinds of women they have become. Anyhow, men ignore them completely, and like every women they desire to be desired by men. So them scream about rape culture, and how they are so hot that every man wants to rape them, so that they feel validated. This makes them feel that they are important, and attractive to men. That’s why feminists seem to be obsessed with rape, because it makes them feel validated. Deep inside them, they themselves know that it is all false, and that they are miserable.

        10. Problem is, that they don’t know that why men are avoiding them, since all their lives they have been lied that, men love the kinds of women they have become.
          This is the heart of the problem. An analogy to this is a guy being lied to all his life to be nice to women and put them on a pedestal, women would fall madly in love with him. He does this and it doesn’t work and he then figures that he was not nice enough and tries harder by being nicer. After all, the geeky guys in the movies and TV shows ALWAYS get the hot babes in the end.
          Some men do win the “affection” of the mediocre women that only uses him, but not love him. The women then leave when someone else better comes along. These men then agrees with women and buy up the whole feminism ideology just to win female approval. This is how the white knights and manginas come from.
          Then there are some men that are more open minded and think that maybe what they were taught all their lives was not true. So they find something unorthodox, tried it, and get a glimpse of positive feedback. Then they try it more and more and discovers the red pill. Then they try to spread the truth, but then are vilified and even threatened with violence.
          If these feminists would just open their minds and come to the realization that what they’re doing is not working and then must do something different. That’s how you learn. But instead they follow the herd. We try to help them by pointing out the truth, but only to be put down. They are truly hopeless.

        11. reminds me of this post-wall italian girl i have on facebook who is always going on about all of her stalkers. you can tell it’s her way of saying “i’ve still got it.”

        12. An SJW would call me sexist, misogynist, racist, and a bigot.
          You, however call me wise.
          Thus, I’ll say that recognizing wisdom is in the eyes of another wise man.
          You, yourself, indeed, are a wise man.

        13. You should just call her out on it. All those stalkers are illusionary. “You ain’t got it anymore. Those days are past.”

        14. Exactly. People who are bright, just figure out that they were being lied to all their lives.
          Those with low IQ’s are forever stuck with the lies that they are fed since childhood.
          Most of them will never change, and will forever live miserable lives. They are really hopeless.

        15. Correct. Another analogy I use is in Columbus time and before then, people used to think that the world was flat and you would fall off the edge when you sail off to the horizon. Many people believed that as truth until Columbus came out with a radical theory and proved to the world that the Earth was round, not flat. I’m sure he got a lot of shit for his belief just like what we are seeing with all this feminism stuff.
          Note: Whether or not you believe that Columbus was the first person to prove the Earth was round is irrelevant to the example I gave. The point is the same whoever you chose was the first person to do so.

        16. If you pelvis thrust the air a woman breaths she will become preggo and now you pay child support

        17. I bet if a man looks at an attractive woman instead of them they will feel raped as well because they were being compared thats rape

      2. If you broaden the definition of rape to include thoughts of making love to a beautiful woman, then…
        So in that case, with their chest pounding cries of equality, the feminists then would commit rape as well because they dream of doing the Brad Pitts of the world.

    1. And I would dearly love to know how many of those women have EVER asked a man if he consented to sex? I personally have never asked for consent. By psycho feminists definitions of what constitutes rape, virtually 100% of women are rapists.

      1. Going by 3rd wave feminists definition of rape everyone bar virgins are guilty of rape. If you include things like “stare rape” and “thought rape” the we all are. They are so obsessed with keeping rape stats high they constantly shift the parameters of what rape is.

      2. As we’ve seen when rape crisis feminists are pressed to clarify campus sex codes, men are always assumed to be the initiators of sex (even in cases where it’s clear that did not happen) and therefore men are the only parties to sex required to obtain consent. Similar to the phrasing of various laws and surveys, it is all but assumed that women cannot rape men.
        There’s little pretense any longer that campus sex codes (which are increasingly likely to be brought into the mainstream of some blue states) are gender neutral.

    2. I haven’t ever heard of a threat of raping from anyone but from SJWs and 12 year olds on Call of Duty.
      You can see the kind of minds we’re dealing with here

  6. As hard as she tries, she’s still not. quite. hot. And that’s the bitterness fueling all of her hateful actions.

  7. I honestly didn’t think the hypocrisy of feminists and SJWs would stretch this far. But it has.
    They aren’t people – they’re abominations. Abominations hell-bent on raping morals while trying to preach their perverted sense of justice. I remember from one ROK article that in the “olden days”, these kinds of people would be in mental asylums.
    If I were Roosh, I’d find some way to sue their asses for the backlash they gave him. Pretty sure he can do that, right?

  8. Feminists hate actual women the same way socialists hate actual people
    Marxism translated into non-economic disciplines warps itself further into anti-human death cult

    1. Feminists hate ANYONE who disagrees with them, and to stop them, do things, that no sane person would ever think of.
      Consider this. Feminists, and SJW’s got into a conflict with Lizzy F, and created child porn images using her three year old daughter, who has Down Syndrome, to teach Lizzy F a lesson.

        1. The person who created the child porn image tweeted it. The user is @the_letter_I_ and might be stupid enough to still have the tweet up. It’s a picture of the toddler with a penis next to her mouth and the words “so sexy I can feel myself getting hard”. For real. This is what they stoop to. But I’m the one banned from Twitter for posting rad fems actual words.

        2. That’s really in bad taste even the most heinous internet trolls have higher standards than that.

        3. I think that has become an actual thing. I was banned from Feministing for quoting a self-described feminist’s words back to her. In doing so, she asserted, I was attempting to intimidate her. She also claimed that by quoting what she wrote I was trying to censor her. A moderator agreed with her request that I be banned for the crime of repeating verbatim what she had said.

    2. Very similiar to many Marxists who when telling them you don’t want to buy into their ideas. They will start to should “when you go broke and get cancer you will come back to the side of the State”. I was would retort if I go broke it will nearly always be the states fault unless I’m completely reckless or a very high risk taker. I live a lifestyle that is very low risk towards getting cancer and yet my taxes pay those who take high risks. They don’t want to reward ever unless minority group. They are only in the game of punishment.

    3. Feminism that still harks on how women are disadvantaged is actually a view of women being inferior to men. Feminism is an insult to the intelligence and integrity of women. The favoring of women in law is also a disrespect on women treating them like children yet feminists will also wholly take this protection even though it’s from the patriarchy.

    4. Just once online I’d like to run into someone who has read even one volume of Das Kapital, and The Communist Manifesto, and said something intelligent about Marx’s political theory. Just once.

  9. New topic please.
    I am NOT entertained by repeated articles about the same thing over and over. Sounds like whining when you go overkill on it.

    1. We are waging a war against an insidious enemy and we need support and not deadweights. If you have nothing supportive to say take yourself elsewhere.

    2. And the key problem here is “entertained”. I am sure plenty of people were perfectly happy to watch Rome burn. You make it sound like they complained the fires were not varied in scale or color enough…

    3. No one is forcing you to read this article. If you don’t like it then go elsewhere. Just sayin’.

    4. LOL, you people complain about SJW’s trying to impinge upon your rights to free speech, but the moment someone says something on here you don’t agree with, your only response is GTFO!

      1. Nope nonsense. My words were stated blatantly. To clarify more I agree that what Canada is doing is dumb. I also believe that hearing daily updates on rooshs’ personal agenda has little to do with helping men. It’s only interesting if it is not the majority of new topics and if there is something new or progress. If that makes you butt hurt I suggest you look in the mirror and think about what self hate you’re throwing out there to dodge that reflection.

  10. This is the article to show to your friends and family who say: “Why should I care?” “What does it have to do with me?”
    These SJWs are already thinking how to target your children, they will gladly punish your family to get to you. Let the women in your life see this and decide if they are okay with someone advocating the raping of children. Remind them that to these people, murdering (and dismembering for profit) unborn children is already okay and there really is no limit to their selfishness and hate.
    Ask your brothers, cousins, nephews, and circle of friends if they understand the intent to strip liberty from our descendants completely and that to do so, the opposition is willing to use any means, no matter how unconscionably vile.
    Couple it with the fact that gay activists are even now organizing to circulate through small, rural churches (in the US) and try to force them to perform marriages. Even if you do not favor religion, understand these are people claiming to be atheists who have in fact only supplanted one religion in their sphere for another: totalitarianism.
    Make no mistake, what we do now, what we allow now, will decide the future.

    1. Right. It is the same tactics that the Soviets used (and the mob for that matter). SJWs and these feminists are trying desperately to be on the side of “good” but their actions always say just the opposite.
      Now, if we could just get the media to report on it and stop pandering to them we’d be just fine.

      1. “Now, if we could just get the media to report on it…”
        Exactly so.
        And Roosh has done so over the past several days in Montreal, not to steal anyone’s thunder, but:
        For those who may not have been following, and the SJWs surely lurking this site as well but not the forum:
        What you will find if you read it all, is that not only did he get Canada state-run media (and the mayor) to publicly out themselves (on record), but also completely had the SJWs exposed and twisted in knots, proving once and for all these are not sane, rational, or even normal people safe to function in society. Check out Roosh’s Facebook to see them threaten him with assault, death, rape, having his family raped, and false imprisonment. Much of the world was watching, now let’s make sure everyone else knows these fiends for what they are.
        EDIT: Currently they are trying to redirect people back to the original petition and its lies to distract people from what actually happened today and what this was all really about. Don’t let them. Use your online presence to get people to Roosh’s stuff and not theirs so late-comers aren’t taken in by these twits.
        EDIT2: Roosh has been assaulted, a young woman admitted to pouring her drink on him in public without provocation, her friends video taped it and posted it to youtube. Along with that there were tweets calling for him to be immolated and more. Check out the forum and Roosh’s twitter to follow.

  11. The basis of liberalism and ‘equality’ is ENVY. And everything it pursues results from that deadly sin. ITs satan’s first sin, and it shows.
    ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all????’
    Here is SJW envy in action. Kind, benevolent, ever moral:
    Here in ONtario we have Premier Wynne pushing homosexuality and ‘alternate’ lifestyles on 6 year olds, and a former education cabinet minister charged with pedophilia. The hypocrisy and evil never stops. STand up and say OUT!!!!

      1. Nah. This has always seemed like envy to me.
        The whole movement and psychology just screams envy.
        All the time. Destroy, no one can be better than me, ‘privilege’, always condescending to inferiors (but controlling them), resentful of any superiority.
        And envy always tries to hide its motive– because it is simultaneously an admission.

        1. They are not proud of it. They are really embarrassed by it, but instead of improving themselves which requires effort, they shame everyone else for having a differing point of view.

      2. You know, now looking at these rainbow colored whatevers symbolizing gay marriage reminds me of the old cathode tube TV sets with a messed up color adjustment knob.

        1. cinema has 24. the framerate of 30 – more precisely interlaced 60 – is owed to the frequency of your electricity net. same with us, though.

  12. Oh this needs to be documented and published as a text book. That way future generations can study how mentally retarded the SJW was at it’s peak.
    Surely Parker-Toulson and her merry band of SJW’s are demonstrating some very obvious mental health issues. Surely the nanny state would have to investigate and possibly justify the removal of children from their care…

  13. Hey guys, CTVNews has done a hit piece on Roosh and it’s totally inaccurate. In fact, it may qualify as slander. There is no comments section for that article but there is a “report error” link at the bottom. When you open this link, an email type screen will appear. Let CTVNews know that they are exposing themselves to deeply problematic long term issues; that what they have done requires, at the very least, a follow-up story that offers greater context; that they need to set the record straight to avoid being labeled as a slanderous tabloid. Do not, under any circumstances, troll them. Instead, give them friendly advice that offers wiggle room to explain away their bogus coverage of Roosh. Give gentle reminders instead of brandishing harsh counterarguments because they will be receptive to the former and not the latter. If you are not up to the task, that’s cool. If you are, that too is cool. This is a “call out” to the wordsmiths of the manosphere. Go to the CTVNews link I will provide below and hit up the “report error” icon. We need to clean up journalism. Gamergate forced the hand of Gawker and now it’s time to address another mess. If we keep this up, we can move on to the likes of MSNBC and clean up that cesspool. This is a war for integrity in journalism and CTVNews requires a gentle but firm correction.

    1. Even better, make the complaint to the Canada Radio, Television and Media Commission. Reporting false and misleading information places CTV in breach of their broadcasting license rights.
      Force the nanny state to work in your favour. At the very least it starts shifting the use of state resources away from SJW causes.

    2. have you, for a second, thought about the fact that they do not care? they will receive your email and know you were stupid enough to direct your dissatisfaction exclusively at them. they will chuckle.
      every email program has a ‘delete’ button.

  14. It’s the same thing as when you come out against homosexuality, then the SJWs wish gay kids upon you.

    1. Yes, strange isnt it. That was supposed to be a blessing, but now it can be a curse. The double think is endless. So is the hate.

  15. I live in Canada. Political correctness is enforced here the same way Islam is enforced in Saudi Arabia. It is the state religion. Wishing rape on unborn children is not considered “hate” but having politically incorrect opinions is considered “hate.”
    Canadian culture is heavily influenced by political correctness fanatics. It’s got to change we must take the fight to these lunatics. Thanks roosh for doing your part.

      1. You’re correct. You always hear the left scream for tolerance and diversity. Yet the second one raises an opposing view or merely questions their “stats,” they move to immediately silence that person.
        I’ve said many times: diversity to these folks is solely based on skin color and tolerance is adhering to their (warped) view.

  16. I get that the message was hypocritical to support raping an unborn child and the ringleader supporting the fight for women’s rights would state this, but catch the secondary and unstated claim within that statement. In advocating the rape on an unborn girl on Roosh’s property, they are suggesting that women are property that belong to their fathers. She is not an independent agent who may feel, hurt, bleed, or even deserves independence, but by association of her birthright, is property to the group from which she came.
    By default, this brings into question what rights they are wishing to protect and why with this crowd around, such institutions as slavery, subjugation, prostitution, will never disappear as they are fixtures for establishing political leverage. This is no longer liberalism but accepted Marxism coming to fruition.

    1. “In advocating the rape on an unborn girl on Roosh’s property, they are
      suggesting that women are property that belong to their fathers. She is
      not an independent agent who may feel, hurt, bleed, or even deserves
      independence, but by association of her birthright, is property to the
      group from which she came.”
      The wife and children belong to the husband, the husband belongs to the tribe in return for the protection and privileges of membership in the tribe. They know reality when it comes down to punishing enemies who are their enemies for not sharing their delusions.

    2. You’ve nailed it. In the olden days, people would rape women to teach their fathers/brothers a lesson. They didn’t consider how the woman would feel. All the wanted was to teach the male relatives of the woman a lesson.
      SJW’s and feminists complain about such people. Yet they themselves, wish that Rooshv’s daughter gets raped, so that he learns a lesson. They are just like the “evil men” they screech about. They don’t care about how women, or children feel when they are raped, as long as it hurts a man whom they disagree with.
      They people are literally human wastes.

  17. We cannot win with logic or reason. We must win by striking at the emotional core of our foes: turn their own weapons against them. Capitalize on these threats and riots, then the world shall be ours.

  18. This just convinces me more and more that people on the far left are mentally ill. The worst part is very few media outlets expose them for who they really are and most endorse the behaviour in varying degrees.

    1. I have a better idea Jeff, maybe you should do a better job at trolling because you clearly suck at this. Don’t quit your day job.

        1. “OMG someone dared to question rape culture, now I’m gonna wish for their unborn daughters to get raped. But hey wait! I’m against rape, or am I?”

  19. Stack Thornehawk says to hell with them all. If they attack you with the intent to kill you, defend yourself with the intent to show no mercy!

    1. wonder why roosh hasnt played the race card, since they are ganging up on a middle eastern. Guess its true, sjws dont care about the color of your dick just the fact that you have one. Like when they say they want equality they actually want supremacy. Any straight man is a target.
      We always talk about how white males get screwed by sjws but roosh seems to getting the most hate from them. Only difference is he knows how to win at least the others got no game. Not like these types come to the rescue for Bill cosby or Jian Gomeshi

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they use racial slurs on him because if he’s a bad guy it’s okay to overstep your political correctness of racial equality and no violence

        1. pretty much. Like you can look upp thinktank, those guys will praise any sexual degenercy but the second a conservative one comes up typicaly middle east they shame and mock them.

  20. Can someone help me out? What does Roosh have to do with rape, in the demented minds of these cunts? If you asked them what in God’s name they were talking about, what would they say?
    Near as I can tell, Roosh is 100% against rape, whereas these freaks openly support the rape of innocent children.

    1. Glad you said this.
      Rooshv has nothing about rape. It’s only that Rooshv has dared to question the rape culture, and stated in a satirical way that women must take responsibility for their actions. By this he meant that if they had sex with someone, they must not say that it was rape, if they regret it the next day.
      Rooshv also pointed out, that if a man and a woman are in a room together for some time, and later she accuses him of rape, then in the absence of visible bruises, the whole case is reduced to “he said she said” scenario, and it becomes very difficult to determine, that it was actually rape or not.
      That’s all that Rooshv said. I don’t think he said anything wrong. Of course you can argue with him or disagree with him. But saying things like he advocates rape, or that his daughter should be rape is just fucked up. But then, people can say what they want to say, no matter how idiotic it is. We believe in freedom of speech, unlike these bigots. But that also means that we can also speak, and point out the idiocy and bigotry of these people.

      1. Yeah. That’s something I’ve said for a long time–you simply cannot put someone in jail in a he-said she-said situation. Thus, women need to be very, very careful. This undeniable logic sends many juvenile feminists into wild tantrums. So that’s what we’re seeing right now, I guess.

        1. Actually women were well protected in the past under the “patriarchy”, where they were taught from childhood, not to wander in the streets after the dark, not to be alone in a room with a stranger man she is not married to, not to have sex with someone whom she is not married to, even if the man says that he will marry her afterwards. Then feminism came, and now anyone who even tries to suggest that women take any responsibility towards their own safety is ridiculed.
          The fact is, men are physically stronger than women. Period. Even if feminists don’t accept this obvious truth, the truth remains. This means that a man can rape a women when they are alone, if he wants to. Therefore women need to be careful not to put themselves into situations where this could happen. No I’m not saying that the man’s not to blame. I’m saying that by being careful women could avoid rape. But of course, feminists don’t want women to be careful, or be responsible for their actions, so their solution is to believe a woman every time a woman screams rape.
          This solution obviously doesn’t work. If there are no witnesses, or noticeable evidence, then we just can’t send the man to prison. Sending an innocent man to jail, is more unfair than letting a criminal roam free. That’s why we give the accused the benefit of doubt, and hold him innocent until proven guilty. In a “he said she said” situation, you can’t just take the woman’s side, just because she is a woman, just like you can’t take a man’s side, just because he is a man. However, you have to assume someone innocent if he hasn’t been proven guilty. That’s the law.
          Women need to take responsibility for their actions. If they choose to be alone in the night with stranger men, then they can be possibly raped, and in the absence of an evidence, we can’t send the man to prison. It’s thus better that if they do not know the man personally, than they avoid being alone with him, in a place where there are no people around. Is this unfair? No. This is the logical solution to the unfairness of nature that made women physically weaker.

      2. Leftists are so “tolerant” and ” open minded”, until you disagree with them.

        1. And they love to call Christians “intolerant”. Christians have been hearing the leftist nonsense since decades, and I don’t recall any Christian threatening violence against leftists because he/she disagrees with them. The vast majority of Christians don’t even support violence like the leftists. Truth is self evident my friend. Leftists have shown that its them who are the intolerant ones.

        2. I don’t support unprovoked violence, but self defense is okay. If one of this leftists attacks me, they’ll get a claw hammer to the face! Remember the part when Jesus told the apostles to buy swords? Some violence is necessary, in the case of self defense.

        3. No offense, but I believe, that Jesus meant it in a metaphorical way. Consider, when Peter used his sword to cut of a man’s ear when they came to arrest Jesus. Jesus, rebuked Peter. Jesus did not support violence, even in self defense. When he was being nailed to the cross, even then he didn’t use violence to defend himself. So I’d say Jesus does not support violence in self defense. That’s my opinion.
          Now how is this Biblical teaching supposed to work in a practical way when an insane SJW or a feminazi is attacking you for your beliefs which have nothing to do with religion? Truly, this in a question of which I cannot find any answer. I’ve often dissected various religious and philosophical ideas, but this one is something that, until now, I’ve never found an answer to.

        4. I think the reason that He didn’t defend himself, and rebuked Peter, was because He NEEDED to die. He knew that His time had come, and didn’t want Peter to interfere/also get arrested.

        5. The leftists still have valid and rational ideas that check right wing extremists. However, the leftist movement has been high jacked by a minor and very vocal group of radical feminists and sjws. It is important to distinguish that – or else there will be a similar frenzy against the Left as a whole by a minor and very vocal men’s group.

        6. They didn’t hijack shit. This has always been the leftist agenda. IT just has to get sold to people bit by bit.

        7. The main point is be careful of extremism — whether it is left, right , religious or anything else. Gender issues are mostly social issues – and the political sphere is often used or exploited by a minor vocal group to further one’s social dominance or cause. That is the main point.
          Ideological differences between left and right has about a 200 year history of debate. Both sides have valid points and often balance each other out. I swing a bit more to the right but always try to keep an open mind and try to understand the other’s view from a rational perspective. The world would likely be a better place if more did the same.

  21. Have they not arrested any of them yet? Or at least reported this side of it in the Canadian news? And what would happen if he did have a daughter one day and she found out about this? And shouldn’t social services go in and check Sara Parker-Toulsons children are being brought up properly and safe from harm? As a mental health worker I think she and the other colluders should also have an assessment as she and her ‘conrads’ are clearly well along the personality disorder spectrum.

  22. Feminists worship rape. Ironically it’s where they get their source of power from.

    1. I think they get the gina tingles thinking about it. There’s really no such thing as rape anyway. Rape is a social construct.
      If someone broke into your house and beat and fucked you that may be a sort of rape but anything else is bullshit.When females don’t abide by natural law and do things to entice and encourage men to have sex with them that is never rape.If they are too immature or stupid to understand the facts of life then whatever happens is their fault and never a man’s because they went around asking for it.
      Drinking and then wandering around alone is asking for it under natural law because a lone female is considered fair game. She may not even consciously know that she’s asking for it but subconsciously she’s doing this due to her sex drive to reproduce.Don’t believe me? Why else would a female put herself into certain positions.Would you carry around a lot of cash and then walk around in the worst area where you were likely to be robbed? Of course not because your instincts would tell you this isn’t wise but yet the female’s instincts are telling her to put herself in a position where she’ll get fucked.
      Why would a female engage in foreplay like kissing or rubbing against some guy dancing if she didn’t want sex. Go ahead explain that to me.If she’s doing it to be a cock tease out of some malicious intent then that is harassment.
      I’ve heard guys who said that they took a girl home (this is consent in my book) and the girl got naked and got into bed but didn’t want to have sex. I know this sounds insane but it happens and this should also be viewed as harassment.The punishment for this male harassment should be a curfew where she isn’t allowed out past 6pm to prevent her from harassing other men.

  23. I don’t understand wtf is currently happening.
    has he already given the speech in montreal? or not till later tonight?
    and most of what’s on rvf is disinformation?

  24. Was Roosh actually arrested? IF so, this is the greatest thing that ever happened to Roosh and the Neomasculinity movement.

    1. I wouldn’t say so. The best thing would be the event goes on as planned without disruption nor violence. The SJWs and feminists come to the conclusion that they were delusional and were wrong and offers an apology.

  25. Okay, here is an idea: start a phony “Stop Roosh In Toronto” Facebook Page.

  26. It never ceases to amaze me how the media (in Canada or the U.S.) will simply ignore violence and violent threats by women (but they seem to always pick up the “news” when women are on the opposite side). They never want to see or paint these violent offenders as criminals – they are always the victim. It’s one of the many reasons why I stopped watching “the news”…it reminded me too much of the former Soviet Union (and its propaganda campaigns).
    Taxpayers in Canada should be pissed that taxpayer funds are being used to promote this propaganda on a regular basis.

  27. Well the guy likes slipknot and greenday. That tells me all that I need to know

  28. Get real! My question is why she didn’t wish as many rapes on this piece of RooshV Hate Trash as many times as he has done it to women and then double the job and see how he feels about rape then….uh just let it be men that rape him so he will know how being raped by men feels…Now that is fair and plain outright to rights and he can’t make any claims of hate because he just got what he is preaching about the piece of filthy human trash garbage disposer!

    1. Teaching men about what women want, and how to give it to them, is not rape. Read what he writes, and think like a man.
      Abandon your chick logic for just this once…k? 😊

    2. Of course, rape of a man by a man is perfectly acceptable right? That’s why it occurs much more than rape of a woman by a man. Maybe joke about it, cause rape jokes aren’t funny, except when the man is a victim.

  29. The Canadian media will NEVER report anything objectively. 80% of discretionary spending is done by women, media is essentially funded by advertisers who sell junk to stupid women. They know what side their bread is buttered. Wise people like Roosh will be cast aside in the name of chasing the ‘Pussy Dollar’. Feminists advocating rape is and will be the new normal.

  30. Guilt being an inheritable thing is definitely an aspect of far-left thinking. EG, modern Germans are made to feel ashamed over what their grandfathers did during World War 2.
    Anyways, why do they feel so threatened by us? Aren’t strong independent womyn capable of turning down us down without help from white knights and cautionary Jezebel articles? And if TRP, PUA tricks, et cetera are BS shouldn’t they be encouraging us to believe in them to reduce our romantic prospects?

    1. Women are stronger than men! Except when they are not!
      Don’t ever expect logic, facts, or reason from a feminist.

    2. Women who rely on betas for their sustinence fear the red pill going mainstream and having the potential to turn their whipped and domesticated men aganinst their pussywhipping culture. With entitled western women’s meal tickets threatened and their smv and overall value dropping in the eyes of the growing number of enlightened men, the pedestals these women take for granted are shaken and it strikes the same apprehension in them that the prospect of being dropped off in a strict patriarchal or islamic country would have. Only they’re not being relocated to any islamic or patriarchal bastion. Where they sit idle and without moving, it is the men around them who are ‘changing’ at an alarming rate and it’s like a real life scary movie to them, especially to the festooned and groomed ‘princesses’. The hammer of patriarchy rises over the west at last. The great MANBALL IS GROWING and gaining momentum as we speak.
      *2028 nears*

  31. Beta’s use White Knighting as a form of gaming women, Beta’s think that by mindlessly defending women and by mindlessly siding with women on everything, that the women will notice how respectable and “Honorable” as Men they are and want to be with them, but what really happens is the woman says thanks, your such a Great “Friend” and the beta remains single, he then convinces himself the next time He White Knights she’ll notice his Valiant effort and finally want him.

  32. Just Visited Roosh’s Twitter, Congratulations Roosh, I saw some of the pictures of the protestors, everything was about consent and Rape, is that the only Narrative those people rally under, what a joke…

  33. Hyphenated names are a woman thing, though in some unfortunate cases a stepchild boy gets stuck with his cafe mom’s stage name. Having a hyphenated name as a woman tells the world that YOU’RE SLOPPY SECONDS or that you’re a crazy feminist bitch. ‘Rodham-Clinton’ for example. What women should do instead of hyphenating their names, is they should tack onto their own name, the name(s) of all the guys they’ve ever fucked, kind of like how Latino’s will have lengthy names. ”Jose Guerrero Lopez Sanchez . . (30 more) . . Zapata Zamoro ZORO!” Latin extended names list the entire lineage and are thus never forgotten.
    IF WOMEN had to list every mile of dick they’ve had inside them BY NAME then they’d never forget all their dicks LIKE SOME. I pity a girl who can’t even remember all her dicks.
    UNDER THIS NEW naming system, girls would have to introduce themselves as such: ”hi, my name’s Judy-Judy-bo-booty-banana-fana-fo-footy-Tom-Dick-Harry-Larry-Mcgoo-Squeaky-Dopey-Hillary . . on and on.” That way YOU KNOW WHERE SHE’S BEEN by her name alone. If a girl has a short name, then you know how virgin she is. If she says ”hi, my name’s Sue Mcgoo, how do you doo”, then you know by her short name alone that SHE’S ALREADY TAKEN!

  34. Beta bitches and cat ladies got nothing except for Roosh and manosphere becoming well known in Canada. I personally informed over 20 guys about this and they’re all telling me how they’re just opening their eyes to see things through the red pill and not by the one-sided media funded by taxpayer’s hard earned dollar and operated by heterophobic SJWs.

    1. Canada is a rich and beautiful country, but it is overrun by far left liberals and political correctness, even our Conservatives swing left. So much ideology is served up as fact and self evident truths. It is time for men to speak up, and tell our side of the story.
      If feminists and SJWs are so confident about their narrative, they should not fear a challenge, instead they should welcome it as an opportunity to proselytize. But no, they attempt to shut down a lecture rather than debate and peaceful protest, showing how small minded and histrionic they are. They don’t see that they are proving the very same point they’re trying to dispel.
      Predictable and Pathetic.

      1. It definitely is one of the greatest countries. But the insane political correctness and zero tolerance for thinking different is mind blowing.

  35. This whole Roosh protest is gonna be a future show and tell on why SJWs are the scum of the Earth. I’m currently waiting for videos.

  36. That dude Christian has the SJW male bitch face down pat. The “someone pissed on my birthday cake” look that we have all come to know so well.

  37. “chooses to white knight for the SJW cause by, er, wishing rape on unborn children. If this is what SJW advocacy has regressed into?”
    He’s not a rape advocate.
    He’s just too stupid to realize that he’s just done it.
    Actually quite typical of leftoid.
    No telling how many times I’ve heard male feminists try and shame MRAs by calling them ‘bitches’ for complaining about discrimination against men in bars and etc.
    Even though ‘bitch’ is, in itself, one of the words feminists have historically disparaged as demeaning, sexist, etc.
    It’s similar to the way that atheists often know more about a religion than those who practice it and discover them breaking their own rules time and again.

    1. Damn, what the hell happened ? Is this from the recent trip to Canada ?
      RooshV is the dude, even with beer in his face. (Or toillet water)

    2. hectic. Stay strong roosh.
      Irony in the end, all he’s about is helping people. Chicks and dudes aren’t happy, forced into unnatural roles and brainwashed into having unwarranted needs. Thank you for helping men see that it is actually ok to be a man and all it entails in a time when it is discouraged. And in the same token, letting women know that is ok to be a woman and embrace their femininity and the gifts it provides when it too is discouraged.
      Please don’t let all the hate get through to you and poison your resolve. As hard as it is to believe, these people don’t really hate you. They are just hurting and are unhappy in their own lives, using you as a means to express it. Take time off, if you need to. To regather yourself and stay true to your character. Really admire you for not flipping out and continuing your mission against such strong vitriol. And for touring in these whacked out cities, when i know you know there are plenty of nice spots around the globe to kick back in. Gl brother.

    3. Do I need to point out that “beer in the face” = “assault with a weapon”?

    4. However tough you are (Your Persian so I suspect and from what I’ve seen you’ve got two great big leather balls) It will get under your skin a bit man but stay strong. You need a few boys who can handle themselves around you. There trying to scare and intimidate you into submission…stay strong and centered and avoid any ranting or aggressive responses. Men from all around the world have got your back in mind and spirit. As the masculine saying goes ‘Stick to your guns.’

  38. I don’t know if anything can be made of this, but given the Canadian media establishment’s (and Montreal’s mayor) support of these lunatic SJWs and their tactics, should someone make this an international news story so that tourists, prospective business operators, etc., are made aware of how they and/or their corporate officers, etc., will be treated if they choose to go to Canada? I mean, how many potential CEOs, business owners would really want to operate in that environment, or be associated with these people?

    1. Agree. I will definitely be avoiding Montreal if I even decide to visit Canada at this point. I’ll make sure to share my story with many others as well.
      The money is our best weapon against this nonsense. Hold onto your money and spend it somewhere else….maybe they’ll get a clue.

    1. and again…no mention how these women behave, the violence that they bring to the table, etc….it’s all washed away (or ignored) to fit the narrative. The news paints these SJWs as innocent little victims (aren’t we all equal?) while they make open, physical threats against Roosh (or anyone for that matter) who supports him.

  39. This Toulson cunt is just disgusting to look at, with her cold smirk and pudgy body with apparent illness from apparently ingesting more cock than is good for her. I don’t wish anything bad on this despicable cunt because I aver she herself is the worst punishment she can get.
    The li’l Nix cunt is entitely another case. Disgraced by having been born ugly and apparently grown up undernourished, that poor, nay, miserable wench got her psyche so broken that she needs to call herself a “model” when everybody (apart from degenerates, that is) can see that she’d die of hunger is she had to support herself in a profession dependent on her bodily attributes, like being a model or a prostitute.
    While I can’t regard Nix with disdain, it’s certainly the kind of woman I avoid because they tend to latch on to ppl who show them any sincere grace: Nix reminds me of a neighbor, a prostitute, who is at the same time a nice girl and broken inside, whom I treat curtly for that same reason.
    I’ve been following the RVF thread on this since yesterday and see this as a great break-through against feminism, SJW, PC, which should ruffle the feathers of these creeps anywhere, but for that the pressure on them will have to increase, as, left to their own devices, the SJWs will conveniently forget this episode too soon.
    Thank’s Roosh and everybody in Canada and elsewhere who has worked to organize the World Tour. Hopefully, the Toronto speech will also be a success.

  40. The feminists have dug a wide hole, and many are falling in. CBC will never recover from this. The hatred and hypocrisy is turning off even the most radical people.

    1. I love the one sided reporting by all of these “news” outlets. Roosh has told them (multiple times) that he would do an interview (live) but many have them have passed up the offer. It seems that these outlets won’t have the chance to go back and edit the story (to fit their narrative) so they have the excuse “he wasn’t available for comment”.
      This tactic by these news outlets has been used for years on every subject. Interview one side, edit it to fit the narrative and then say the other side was not available for comment. Montreal is no different (as anyone can see by the coverage of this event). They didn’t show how the SJWs (and feminists) were behaving so badly or even had questionable behavior……only that Roosh is the “bad man”.
      Fucking hilarious.

    1. The end of the great feminist push is population control for the west. Disrupting and styming natural reproductive cycles in the target group by confusing sexuality. It’s long term slow kill warfare and completely calculated. Many western jewish women have claimed fame as the feminist movement’s gurus and their uber beta consorts do the hatchet work for them.

  41. I’ve seen this bitch comment on some of my friends’ FB pages (not related to Roosh and his tour). She’s an insane, retarded cunt.

  42. The hatred that women have for men in the west today is starting to become obvious to everyone…..well done lads.

  43. There are so many violent hate speech, racist comments, and libel/slander on his facebook page right now, that I officially think I’ve lost hope in humanity.

  44. Check out the racist comments these feminists and SJW’s made on his page. That’s the worst part.
    Georginette Polo – “Why dont you go back in
    your third world country you foreign fuck.”
    Cédrik Laprade – “Go back to Syria u fucking freak muslim”
    Wendy Lam – “Go back to Islam Goddamned
    picked up artist! Go back to hell where you
    Connor Logan – “Why the fuck else would a
    brown person side with the political right
    who calls you a camel jockey behind closed

  45. I don’t even like Roosh, but that’s just sick. Why would anybody say or support that? Canada should burn for this.

  46. No suprise honestly.
    How ironic that Feminist claim to want to end violence, but yet there the first ones to advocate violence against people who oppose them.
    You cant have your cake and eat it too bitches.

  47. these stupid, angry, crazy bitches and their mafia-minded thinking, are revolting. Everything Roosh has been writing on them for the last few years, is 100 per cent accurate.

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