Feminist Jessica Lelièvre Assaults Roosh V On Street And Brags About It On Social Media

Eat my cunt!

– The incredibly eloquent words of Jessica Lelièvre, anarchist-feminist and oppressed member of a multimillion-dollar construction business proletarian family. She said this after dousing Roosh in liquor, unprovoked.

Return of Kings proprietor Roosh has filed charges against Jessica Lelièvre, a Concordia student senator, “anarcha-feminist” and one-time President of the Political Science Students’ Association, for an assault captured on YouTube.

Intoxicated both with alcohol and “power,” Lelièvre boasted about her act on Twitter, before realizing that future employers tend to regard unprovoked assaults badly, even when they’re against people hated by large numbers of feminists and others. She also doxxed Roosh from her own account (see below).

Fortunately, we still live in legal jurisdictions where assault is only warranted in instances such as self-defense. Determining assault is not a matter of democracy, especially in the context of a large mob chasing a grossly outnumbered group.

Currently, Jessica Lelièvre has deleted her Twitter account (the tweet claiming responsibility was deleted first, though), her LinkedIn profile and Facebook page (an Academia profile is still active as of writing). The original video of the assault was put up to generate publicity for Concordia University’s The ConU (Twitter and website), with which Jessica has very close ties.

Like Jessica Lelièvre, when your only real job has been working for your dad’s multimillion-dollar construction business as an “administrative assistant” or whatever, you probably have the money to be sued, anyway.

Last time I checked, nearly 40,000 people had signed the petition to stop Roosh from entering Canada. Yet the extraordinarily privileged Jess Lelièvre must be one of the few people who would ever spend an entire day and then evening trolling around Montreal’s streets and bars just so that she could throw a drink in the face of someone they hate.

Normal students with real pressures, not the daughters of multimillionaires who claim to be anarchist-feminists, would be working or studying.

More tragically still, Lelièvre was on a panel reviewing sexual assault “procedures” at Concordia University. She orchestrated a “honey trap,” using her friend, to assault someone and get a mob involved, but was somehow responsible in the past for officially advising on policies for dealing with sexual assault allegations. With that sort of intrigue going on in public, God help any man who leaves her (or her friend) as a jilted lover after sex.

A calculated publicity stunt



The whole assault was soundly premeditated before it was carried out, as evidenced by a proud admission, later deleted, on Reddit by user Gepeg Libre. As they recount, Lelièvre was on the prowl looking for Roosh already and she texted a male “crew” (how feminist of her) to arrive in order to physically intimidate him. We can only guess if they intended to commit further, more serious crimes against Roosh and his friends, but luckily Roosh’s group was able to extricate itself before the “protestors” gave into their animalistic urge for open violence.

Before all this, however, Lelièvre and her friends had to ingratiate themselves with Roosh and others at the bar. Jessica, the daughter of the very wealthy Lelièvre construction family, executed her plan flawlessly with a friend who gave the name “Jennifer,” providing a great exposition of the ingenuity of her very rich old white male ancestors. Her great-grandfather Émile, the historical family patriarch and the man most responsible for her economically charmed life today, would be so proud.

Yes, Aurelie, throwing a drink (or even a cheeseburger) is assault

SJWs are rejoicing at the “fact” that throwing a drink on someone is apparently not assault and battery. However, it is. In the same few days that Busta Rhymes was charged with throwing a protein drink in the States, the anti-Roosh brigades console themselves by thinking that Montreal, or perhaps Canada more widely, is a legal paradise for those who seek to throw liquids at people with impunity.

Heck, even throwing a cheeseburger in a cup in Canada has resulted in assault charges, despite a lack of injuries requiring hospitalization. One of the attending officers for that case said that the cheeseburger was still considered a weapon.

Canada’s Criminal Code establishes that assault is where:

265. (1) A person commits an assault when

  • (a) without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly;

This says nothing about actual injury and I am happy to produce another ten cases verified via both Canadian court case databases and newspaper reports where people, including women, have been charged and successfully convicted for behavior comparable to Jessica Lelièvre’s.

I have not even broached the subject of the mass of white knights surrounding Roosh and his companions, which was clearly menacing and in all likelihood was intending to inflict serious assault and battery if Roosh’s group had simply remained at the bar enjoying their night out.

If Aurelie Nix (who appears to be a compulsive liar and who has still not produced any proof regarding Roosh’s so-called “rape threat”) and the other doubters want to deny that throwing a drink is illegal, let’s try an experiment.

Aurelie and her comrades-in-arms can go find a random group of women at a club and throw the contents of a drink (preferably something with more volume like beer) over their faces. Repeat the procedure at least ten times to get a good study sample. What would be the result? Obviously, the reason it should be tried on fellow women is because there’s no question of any “man retaliating against a woman” double standards.

The feminist folk hero who uses men to chase her enemies

Like many wealthy, self-entitled anarchist-feminist rich girls, Jessica Lelièvre likes to fly in chartered helicopters and talk about smashing the patriarchy that built them

Note how Lelièvre fades into the background after throwing her drink. She lets the “male” white knights take over. Would she do this to a bigger girl, or one who could simply easily beat her up? Of course not. She chose Roosh because she knows female privilege would prevent her from being retaliated against.

The entire incident demonstrates how women skilfully use men to do their bidding, in a situation where the cornered party has little prospect of taking on a larger group of belligerent males. That said, some within the group did try to restrain their less controllable friends.

Lelièvre’s history of instability and violence

Jess Lelièvre has a history of such combative conduct. She has previously been slapped with charges by Concordia for what the university termed illegal striking. Being the child of a very wealthy family, it is comparatively easy to see that she would be willing to disrupt classes and engage in strikes.

As for students who wanted these classes to go on (those that you would expect have a lot less support from their family name and wealth during college than Lelièvre), their needs and fears about the impact of disrupted or cancelled classes on their bottom-line were ignored.

Jessica, by virtue of her family pedigree, need not worry about obtaining a job soon after graduation. Her parents have already seen to it to buy her and her sibling a lovely property in Florida. As life for students across North America goes from bad to worse to diabolical, Jessica has already been set up for life.

For all her implicit and explicit talk about male privilege and anarchy, supposedly patriarchal modes of capitalist production have endowed Jessica Lelièvre pretty well. The irony is that the world of old white men she claims to rally against has given her ten times more in this world than 99% of the male population.

Lelièvre and friends are applying the same tactics falsely attributed to Roosh and his supporters

Remember Sara Parker-Toulson, the rape-wishing and violence-supporting “activist” who decried the “threats” supposedly being leveled at people like false rape threat accuser Aurelie Nix? She gleefully spread another doxxing from the “honey trap” girl who targeted Roosh before Lelièvre assaulted him. Unsurprisingly, she declined to name herself in the tweet distributed by Parker-Toulson.

It is also hardly shocking that the mainstream media is saying nothing about either the assault (other than as some sort of “comedy” video) or the calls for violence by Twitter users such as yrfather, Auragasmic, fairyocarina, Dildodaddi and Cocolicquot (among others):


Nonetheless, the position of the SJWs is tenuous. A vocal number of commentators have questioned both the morality and legality of the assault and the mob antics. One of the more common responses has criticized the notion that vehement disagreement equals some sort of unmitigated right to confront and attack others.

The SJWs have also been called out for using the exact same tactics falsely reported in the media about the Roosh V Forum. In fact, they took it further because, unlike so-called threats, they translated it into real life on the street.

Intolerance, entitlement, and bigotry might have many names over time. But today we can just settle with “Jessica Lelièvre.”

Read More: Canadian Aurelie Nix Falsely Accuses Roosh Of A Rape Threat With Help From Journalist Emily Campbell

911 thoughts on “Feminist Jessica Lelièvre Assaults Roosh V On Street And Brags About It On Social Media”

  1. A good piece of investigative journalism, David! I bet, granddad is turning in his grave.
    The only mistake Roosh did was to show them the middle finger. That could be used against him.

    1. Peace signs – even if sarcastic and insincere – will go over better as this video makes the rounds.

  2. Wow. I hope she gets a serious criminal charge and I hope Roosh gets a good payout in civil court!
    I think it is seriously messed up the way she acted, but also I am not shocked she had to eventually turn to men to try to get anything done to Roosh. It’s amazing how they’re equal and don’t need men until they want something done then they get a group of men to do their dirty work. Those men (and I use that term loosely) should be so ashamed of themselves. Helping a woman who hates you… bunch of damn appeasists.
    Roosh, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working or they wouldn’t feel threatened. Also, You need to come to Dallas! You’d definitely have supporters here!

    1. Except women don’t hate men who respect them. I’d be willing to bet those guys got seriously laid that night.

      1. Acting like a thirsty white knight isn’t a sign of respect towards women. It is, however, a serious sign of no self respect. Because no self respecting man would go out of his way to help such a foul wench in hopes of getting some pussy.
        Besides, I thought respect ought to be earned, care to tell me how she earned it?

        1. I guess they think respect should just be given. But then, in general, women usually seem to want things handed to them.

      2. Sadly, it’s always the guys who rush to protect women like this who end up alone crying about the friend-zone.

        1. It’s not like you “spend time” observing things. That should happen automatically when you are going about your life, talking to people, etc.

        2. maybe you should spend less time explaining the concept of observation to obvious trolls

      3. LOL. I seriously doubt it. If those guys were men who get laid, they wouldn’t have had to help the women in the first place. Second, women aren’t actually long term attracted to men who respect and support them, just look at the simp who was so feminist he actually blamed himself when his wife came home and told him she wanted to do other men… and he said okay and let her because he didn’t want to control her! Yea, she should have just been all over him right? Wrong…. Women like men who don’t need them and that they can’t run over. These guys are all beta orbiters that probably got friend zoned a long time ago and just hang around hoping to get dropped some panty candy by accident. They’re more pathetic than the females.

      4. I have been around awhile, and I can say without a doubt women want men to be strong… Mentally and physically.
        Despite some views, slapping your girlfriend or wife is a bad idea and is not the strength of leadership I am talking about, but acting weak will get you used, disrespected or cucked with nothing to show for it.

      5. The number of white knights that have gotten laid by grateful damsels in distress …… (sound of crickets)

    2. I think the correct political term is not appeasists (not even sure it is a word) but rather collaborators, similar to the many women and few men in Nazi occupied territories that worked with them against their countrymen.

  3. If throwing a beer in someone’s face unprovoked isn’t assault, neither is gently kneading a stranger’s breast on the street.
    I don’t know if these SJW dopes want to go there.

    1. errr….I don’t know which is more troubling, your gross misunderstanding of the concept of analogy or your use of the phrase ‘gently kneading a stranger’s breast’….congratulations on winning the ‘most likely to commit sex crime’ award of the day (believe me, you’ve got some STIFF competition on this board….and that is most definitely not a double entendre).

      1. Um, no. The proposition set forth by Social Justice Warrior Princess and her allies and enablers is that throwing a beer in someone’s face isn’t assault because it doesn’t cause physical harm. Gently kneading a woman’s breast does not cause physical harm (and in many cases causes pleasure). So clearly, the law encompasses more than touching that causes physical harm.
        You’re welcome for the lesson. Come back sometime and learn more.

        1. hahaha, okeedoke perv.
          Not included in your ‘lesson’ – the very important distinction between a beer in the face and a breast grope. namely that one does not involve physical contact between two people. Do you honestly see these as equivalent? She didn’t grab his dick, she splashed him with liquid. Here’s an (accurate) analogy for you to consider – by your rules, spraying a kid with a garden hose is the same as molesting them (something you may have experience with?).
          I’m obviously grateful for your enlightened education, but you may want to consider that little tidbit in the future if you want any of your unsettling analogies to “gently kneading breasts” to be taken seriously. now go back to masturbating to pictures of your daughter or whatever it is you do…

  4. She’s lucky she’s inheriting money from a rich man, because she is certainly not smart or hot…..

    1. I am so glad Roosh V is pressing charges….she must get a record over this and there is plenty of evidence to back it up with the video, tweets and other communications…

      1. Notice how they behave like a bunch of drunken frat boys who haven’t been laid, lots of yelling and group harassment and violent behavior, and then they instigate a fight.. isn’t this exactly the kind of behavior feminism claims to oppose?

        1. Officially, yes. Inofficially, anything goes as long as it is in accordance with their feelz.

        2. Probably just mob mentality. Ideological movements always have their little mobs and henchmen/ ‘women’ to harass people.

        1. Martyr or not, it’s one more enemy down. In war, you must seize every opportunity given to you.
          Plus, I think you’re giving the feminists and SJW’s too much credit. Their convictions and sense of honor (if they have any) run only skin deep. A “martyr” will not inspire them to action like it would us.

        2. Jesus, what’s with all the military references you bros insist on using? and if you want a war, you should at least get a sizeable army first (hint: if Doosh is only getting 60 Dooshbags out to his events, you most definitely do not have any army).

        3. there is a political party in germany that counts less than 1000 members in the whole country. i was on a meeting of the bavarian part and – with me – the count was seven people.
          60 people who actually go to a meeting that they have to pay for is quite an achievement.
          but sure, you would not call it an army. yet.

      2. I very much doubt anything will come of this, though the motivation and ego is there for an example to be made the actual assault is very minor and probably something that most of us have expereinced at some time in our lives. If it was ever investigated there’d be a good chance one of those politico’s who expressed outrage at Roosh entering Canada would probably put a stop to it or maybe daddy has friends in government to help.
        I doubt decency will preveil and as already pointed out she has enough money for life so the only logical way I can currently see to get justice is to publish the facts and evidence in as many places as possible so if she ever gets that political career that people know the kind of person they are dealing with/electing.
        With money there comes a point where you have so much that it’s worth very little to you and what people write and the statues they erect mean so much.

    2. better yet , what is the best way to ruin their pocket book and ruin their business so they can no longer be privileged like the rest of us

  5. You gotta wonder what is going through these chick’s heads when they do stuff like this and then brag about it on social media. Actually you don’t, because they didn’t think. Justice sure is sweet though.
    Been one of the most entertaining couple of weeks in a long time… I’ll see you in a week Toronto, don’t disappoint!

    1. Roosh may want to look into booking a larger venue, after all the publicity generated in Montreal!

      1. yeah man! Just like Bill Cosby! He’s been selling out stadiums like crazy since he generated all that publicity this year!

  6. I know it’s about the principle that actions should have consequences (for which Roosh is to be commended), but daddy probably has an army of lawyers ready to negotiate a pussy pass for his daughter.

  7. Since it is captured on video, Roosh should have no problem with a civil suit against this lady. This assumes that the canadian court system is not completely corrupted.

        1. Canada is NOT like the USA. Money can only get you so far in Canada’s criminal courts! This is a socialist country! 😛 They cap punitive damages payouts but they prosecute!

        1. Agreed, but at the very least it will be hours and hours of investigation and possibly a trial, and she will think twice before assaulting someone she disagrees with again. Who knows, maybe she will even come to realize she made a big mistake in acting so childish.
          I dislike people who spout certain thoughts, I would never consider walking up to a stranger I disagree with and attacking them. So childish and petty. And yet they are proving our points for us, aren’t they!?
          And there’s always the chance her daddy wants to nip it in the bud and end the negative publicity and gives Roosh some money to go buy many, many, many more drinks with.

        2. This is true but if she gets a pass you watch how it gets spun to be some great feminist victory.

        3. Doesn’t matter if she gets off or not. It’s in the public record. Next time she’ll go a step further because she has no impulse control, and then we’ll nail her.

        4. I seriously can’t believe how stupidly all us MRA’s are handling it– in order for there to be an “outrage”, you gotta start by calling the police, the news, and the local representatives to complain about it. They respond to numbers more than gender.
          Secondly, the bitch has a rich daddy– that’s worth something. Go after him and his company, enough negative publicity will have him reeling her in and putting her on a tight leash.

  8. Filing assault charges against her for throwing a drink makes Roosh the biggest pussy alive. Seriously. This is shit the rabid feminists would do to a man. Assault for getting wet? Dammit man. Get your shit together.

    1. It’s called black knighting. We’re playing by their rules now so let’s do it there way.
      And why not? They’ve been winning for a long time now because we tried to be “better than them”.

      1. That’s the problem. Sinking to their level achieves nothing but showing the world that we are no better than them.

        1. Cuckservatives have been playing that very game for the past few decades. And they have accomplished nothing.
          It is time to change the tune.

    2. Pressing charges is the correct thing to do…this girl needs to get a criminal record for the fact she thinks it is acceptable to throw a drink over someone they disagree with.

      1. Letting it go is the thing to do. Getting angry and pressing charges is an emotional response, not a logical one. It reveals a soft spot in your armor. A damage of pride and in an effort to restore that pride we lash out in a vindictive way.

        1. That is what black elders in the USA said from 1865 till 1965. Black girls were openly raped. Black boys were lynched with no repercussions. It stopped when X issued automatic firearms.
          That is also what Jewish leaders said from 1895 till millions had been run in the gas chambers. F**k with a Jew today and see what happens to you.
          And, it is what ‘men’ such as yourself have been saying since 1965 until men have no human; legal; civil; or constitutional rights left. Good job!

    3. That is exactly part of the mindset that underlies the problem with women in the West. That their actions should be totally divorced from consequences and nothing they do should be reflected back on them. The biggest pussies are guys unwilling to make a stand.

      1. Why are we the ones to dispense the consequences? Won’t that come on it’s own based on the pattern of her actions. It does take time but eventually what is due will come to her through her own actions. She will bring herself down and that is sweeter to watch than anything another person can dish out.

        1. You know what taking the moral high ground in a fight against an immoral, underhanded, conniving enemy gets you? Defeated.

        2. Even when defeated in the eyes of others you still maintain your dignity and come out on top. When you lose your dignity you lose everything.

        3. Yakita Yakita yakita blah blah blah. Over and over again, bend over and take it or you’re not a real man.
          You are not better than anyone if you have to take physical abuse without resistance.
          The African antebellum slaves had to take physical abuse without resistance. You want to be a slave, go for it.

        4. So, where is the dignity to having no civil; human; legal; or constitutional rights? You are one sick dude who imagines that makes him a superior man.

        5. Right, when America turns into a feminist state and you get arrested and sent to prison for having otherwise consensual sex that retroactively turned into rape because the bitch “just wasn’t that into it”, you may be getting butt fucked twice a week by bubba but at least you’ll have your dignity knowing you didn’t stoop to their level right?

        6. Dignity, inherent human dignity, is larger than any right granted by men. You can still have dignity without any constitutional rights. I’m also unsure how a constitutional right protects us from having a drink thrown in our face or how you have apparently compared having a drink thrown in your face to civil rights and slavery and the holocaust. Seems to me that you have pulled out extreme cases to try and make a point. When one resorts to such comparisons using horrible events in history it is generally guided by their emotion and intended to elicit emotion from the reader to pull them into agreement. The tactic you use is typical of the left, of liberals, of feminists, of sjw’s and the like. Does resorting to such things make a good man? No it does not.

        7. Would worry about accusations of rape be an issue if we stopped seeking casual sex with inebriated women and instead went on real dates and reestablished the idea of courtship? We as men can do this. We can change the pattern we have been party to. Modern society encourages us to seek sex and gratification from women. We no longer seek women as partners in life.
          When we use women for sex we degrade our own dignity as well as theirs. That hit on their dignity due to their own inebriation as well as our success in taking their dignity and making them view themselves as easy or loose results in the emotional backlash of accusations against us. Women are not an entity unto their own. Our interactions with them form the pattern for the future and the results we see and experience. Men and women are both part of the disordered modern idea of sex, love, and relationships. We as men should be doing our part to fix it instead of perpetuate it.
          I’m not saying we need to be a woman’s bitch. I’m saying we need to lead them out of this disorganized and dysfunctional pattern. We need to be real men and direct women away from the disordered lifestyles that have become the norm. The lifestyles that they and us perpetuate. When you are a man who leads all people toward virtue through your own actions you are a man who can have any woman he wants.

        8. The idea of dating and traditional courtship are dead dude and women are the ones who killed it. Im not worried about taking women’s dignity anymore because most of them don’t fuckin have any. They sold it to get their “equality”. Trying to save them is like trying to save a dog dying of rabies as it lashes out and tries to bite you. If you think you can get these hoes to act right by acting courteous and respecting them and all this other blue pill bullshit then all i can say is that I hope you like being taken advantage of and shit on because that is EXACTLY what you’ll get.

        9. We all killed the idea of courtship. Men and women are responsible for that. A subjective morality has slowly replaced objective morality and we are seeing the results all throughout society today. The feminists who scream for equality don’t want equality. They already have it. They want sameness. A fantasy idea that all people should be the same in condition. That is what they mean when they scream equality.
          “All men are created equal, endowed by their creator…” We are truly all equal in things that rise above the laws and institutions of men. An inherent humanity that we all share. People have forgotten or rejected this but it is reality. Today, people are rejecting this objective reality for their own manufactured reality. Nobody is immune to it. Red Pill is fucking steeped in it.
          Red Pill is intended to see the truth of the world. Indeed it does but it misses an important aspect of truth. It sees only what is, it is mere observation and looks no further. It acts upon the observed, a reactionary response instead of a proactive response. Observation is not knowledge. Knowledge is seeking and knowing cause. Only when we know the cause are we enlightened with the knowledge to know how to repair something. Red Pill sees what is and acts on an already disordered reality. In doing so Red Pill validates and encourages this false reality. It is effectively an enabler of the subjective morality and reality that has taken over society. It lives with what is and does not try to change it or fix it, it pushes it all forward like a bulldozer.
          As men we are meant to be leaders. To lead our families, to lead others through the expression of our virtue. We do not take advantage of people for our own selfish desires. We do not intentionally rob people of their dignity. We guide them toward it, toward virtue. We stand up as men and act as men knowing our responsibility as leaders and guides of others. Guiding people and society toward virtue and morality.

        10. I state an opinion and you call it a tactic? That seems to be projection. For you everything has to be a tactic, doesn’t it? So, anyone who states an opinion must be engaging in a tactic.
          Likewise I mention no extreme cases. Dalrock calls nonsense like that, re-framing. My posting has exactly two sentences in it

        11. I clearly explained the tactic that you used. Maybe you would do well to explain the tactic I am using instead of just saying I’m using a tactic. I can say you are a pigeon but unless I provide reasons I am just spouting nonsense.

        12. Typical meaningless chatter. All you are doing is arguing about what is is. I don’t do homework assigned by others pretending to be debating. I.e. go jump in the lake.

        13. I didn’t ask you to do homework. Simply asked to explain yourself which should be an incredibly easy thing to do if your statement had a shred of merit.

    4. you suggest taking it up the ass is better than fighting back? I wonder who the pussy is here.

      1. What pisses people off more then anything when they are trying to hurt you? Not giving a shit. When they see that their efforts are fruitless and are not getting the emotional response they desired they will become increasingly angry and irrational. When you fight back against nonsense like this drink thing you validate them by giving them what they desired from you.

        1. Basically “don’t feed the trolls.” Yeah I can agree with that to an extent but, these are not normal trolls, these are people who haven’t been taught a lesson their entire lives. Someone ought to do it eventually. Not what I would do personally, since I like to keep a low profile, but I don’t think what he is doing is bad or that it makes him a pussy either.

        2. Agreed. Just read some of the trolls posting on this page. They’re considering beer getting “poored” on Roosh and getting away with it a victory. Typically I follow the rule of ignoring your enemies, because it does indeed infuriate them. When it becomes physical, however, it needs to be dealt with.

        3. There you go again and again. Telling us bend over and take it to show you are a real man. If you want to bend over and take it, that is your business. Please do. But, when ‘men’ like you tell the rest of us to continue to live with no civil; legal; human; or constitutional rights that is our business.

    5. I would have preferred to see her get her teeth knocked out for the unprovoked assault.

    6. It’s a game and this is the way it’s played. It’s perfectly appropriate that she face criminal prosecution and a civil lawsuit for battery. Roosh just faced down the Mayor of Montreal and Canada’s state-run media empire. That’s a good working definition of having one’s shit together.

      1. Calling for people to infiltrate the protest group and pretend to be one of them is not having one’s shit together. It shows fear and insecurity.

    7. I don’t like the “something bad happened so now I deserve money” system of suing people either. But that’s how the law works in the west. There is no other form of punishment that can be administered, and there is nothing Roosh could have done to this woman to retaliate against that woman that night. So this is his option–to sue or to do nothing.

      1. Do nothing. Don’t give her what she wanted. Filing charges is an emotional based response to his pride being hurt. It’s not logical. It perpetuates the cycle of emotion and brings irrationality to the forefront from all parties involved.

        1. See above repeated comment, since you are also repeating yourself over and over.

    8. You have to fight fire with fire. This is what Roosh is doing.
      These people have no moral high ground, so we shouldn’t adhere to one while they not only break the rules, but never face consequences for the shit they push.
      These feminists think they can get away with all this shit, but the court system is one of the best right hooks you can give them.

      1. That lack of morality will bring them down eventually. They will bring themselves to the bottom of the barrel without any need for us to intervene. Their actions speak volumes more about their personality and morality than we could ever do with a lawsuit.

    9. Are you a time traveler or something? In the old days, if a guy was out of line a girl would dump their drink on him and that would be that. If a girl dumped a drink on him for no reason, he would bitch slap her and that would be that. That was 50 years ago and it doesn’t work that way anymore. Toss a drink on a cop and see what happens.

      1. Bitch slapping is not an appropriate response. A wise man would understand that the action she took was an irrational one and not see the good in validating an irrational act.

        1. Repeating:
          That is what black elders in the USA said from 1865 till 1965. Black girls were openly raped. Black boys were lynched with no repercussions. It stopped when X issued automatic firearms.
          That is also what Jewish leaders said from 1895 till millions had been run in the gas chambers. F**k with a Jew today and see what happens to you.
          And, it is what ‘men’ such as yourself have been saying since 1965 until men have no human; legal; civil; or constitutional rights left. Good job!

    10. We don’t need your type of concern troll here. Let the man do their work and shut your fucking mouth.

  9. The irony is that if this little girl was actually given the “equality” that she claims to want, then Roosh could have knocked her on her pampered, spoiled ass and society wouldn’t blink an eye. You think anyone would feel any sympathy if some dude had walked up to another man in a bar, threw a drink in his face, and then got knocked out for it? Hell no. People would have cheered the guy who knocked him out. But since “strong, empowered” Jessica, who is the “equal of any man” has a vagina, she’s allowed to go around assaulting men with absolutely no consequences. And the truth is, she wouldn’t have it any other way.
    “Some animals are more equal than others.”
    I also love the way she immediately hid behind a man after committing her “brave and courageous” act.

    1. She also claims to be an anarchist but comes from a $million family, if anarchy reigned her family wouldn’t have all the money she’s spending and living off.

      1. She’s enjoyed a life far better than 99.9% of pretty much everyone to have ever lived thanks to other men and yet claims oppression.

        1. Wow, I didn’t realise these white knights are now fighting other man on women’s behalf. I am truly shocked. I am still in shock. Hope Roosh follows up on assault (both physical for the beer chucking lady and verbal for the white knights) where I come from it is illegal to threaten someone or cause them fear by way of direct intimidation. I would never ever touch another man on a woman’s behalf. Unless off course he physically touches my sister, mum, wife. He can say what he wants about them I will tell them to get over it everyone is entitled to an opinion. I find the whole thing repulsive and fear for the blocks who have to pick a wife from this bunch.

      2. Her privileged background is WHY she’s such a “Fight The Power!” nutter. She has a life she has not EARNED and feels terribly guilty about it. So to prove her (non-existent) street-cred she has to be a faux-anarcho-whatever….even though NFW will she be giving up any of the privileges provided to her by others.

        1. I think you’re right about that, it’s also because she’s forming views based on feelings rather than logic so she can’t see the hypocrisy of her stances.

        2. Well… that, and she’s in it for the power and attention. She’s yet another entitled rich girl who is bitter about the fact that she’s not quite hot. She’s addicted to power and attention, and this is how she gets her fix.

        3. She is so hooked on the life her parents provided for her that she can’t become financially or emotionally independent. She can’t grow up. So, she is stuck in the rebellious phase of puberty.

      3. It’s the guilty white liberal syndrome, it drives these Financially fortunate people to hate themselves.

        1. Nailed it.
          As a white man let me also mention how sick and God damn tired I am of these stains upon our race.

        2. Women by their nature are short sighted, lack critical thinking skills and are after instant gratification. That’s been the case from time immemorial. Not that I am religious and religion is NOT the point I am making. I will use the example of the snake in the garden of Eden. Eva went for the apple (instant gratification) whilst failing to see that her actions will cause them to be evicted in the long run(short sighted) and had no critical thinking skills of her own as evidenced by blaming the snake when questioned rather than give a logical answer to describe her thinking that lead her to her current predicament. The very fact that the snake approached her rather than Adam is a testament to all the above.

        3. Yup, the Guilty white Liberal has really fucked everything up, i’m white also, and I hold the Guilty white liberal solely responsible for the mess we are in now, I think they are a completely different race of people unto themselves , I’ve never seen so much self loathing and Guilt and hunger for self Punishment as the Guilty White liberal has for himself.

        4. Yeah buddy. SJW’s keep saying to look at the gains of modern society because the laws that controlled women’s behavior are gone. Man, there were valid reasons why those laws existed. On NPR today they talked about how old laws focused on punishing unfaithful women, not the men. Well, duh. When you consider the “30%” factor in childbirth that’s happening now, you understand that our forefather knew what they were talking about. A lot of philosophers, the greatest thinkers of our species, said you can’t trust women to testify in court or hold jobs.

        5. What .. the … fuck…
          You just said you aren’t religious, then quoted the Garden of Eden story as if it actually happens, in fact said it is “testament” (proof) to something …
          Fucking hell, I read ridiculous, illogical, badly thought out and badly expressed stuff on the internet all the time, but you my friend take the biscuit.

        6. You have real issues and whatever they are I hope you get them sorted. You have just demonstrated a lack of critical thinking skills. The bible is not only studied by religious people. Philosophers and historians study the bible to get a glimpse into how life was back then. Resorting to insults to make your point only serves to show your mental age.
          Like I have said wether I am religious or not is not the point. But if you prefer to discuss that here goes. I am not religious but I see the bible as a reflection of how people saw the world during the times it was first written. The bible is a document that exists and enlightens us on the thoughts and beliefs of the fore fathers but it does not provide evidence for the existence of God. The perspective I chose to take when it comes to the bible is that it’s a history lesson on what people believed in and how they lived their lives rather than evidence of a higher being. The fact that they told the garden of Eden story in a book (bible) that they held holy (I don’t have to think it holy) shows what they thought of women back then regardless of whether the story is true or not. So since time immemorial when the bible was written there is evidence the writers thought very little about women.

        7. Lol you’re an idiot. It doesn’t matter if the Bible is studied by philosophers and historians. You stated in your post that the Garden of Eden story works as proof of a theory. That means you believe the Garden of Eden story is reality (otherwise how would it be able to serve as “proof” of anything ? Fictional stories cannot provide “proof”!) This completely contradicts your earlier assertion that you are not religious! It doesn’t matter if a billion philosophers and historians have studied the Bible. If one person says that they are not religious, then tried to use a Bible story to establish “truth”, then they are acting in a self-contradictory way.
          I think you are just a very confused individual.

        8. You are such an angry person. What is true is that someone wrote the story and in the process depicted the women as weak willed and unreliable. That is what I am considering here not the truth of the story. That someone wrote the story and depicted that shows that even during those times woman’s character was called into question. Might I remind you that these people considered the bible holy and therefore only wrote issues they considered of importance in the bible.
          Start thinking critically otherwise you are showing yourself up. Don’t think in straight lines and boxes.
          I don’t have to be religious to come up with that interpretation.
          It’s the thought process behind the person telling or writing the story that we concern our self with here. What inspired him to write a story about woman being disloyal, unreliable and short sighted? My interpretation is that he was inspired by the world around him. And that world around him had disloyal, unreliable women. Get it Mr dumbass?

        9. The Guilty White Liberal is only so because he/she lives in isolation in racially homogeneous white neighborhoods. In the Deep South, where blacks make up 80% of the population in some places, the whites are not feeling so guilty. Proximity to real “diversity” tends to erase feelings of guilt and sympathy. Robert Putnam can tell you all about that.

        10. Lol, I’m not angry in the slightest I’m just amazed at how dumb you are.
          I’ve seen a lot of stupid online arguments but I have NEVER seen someone say “I am not religious” then use a Bible story to back up a point they are making. That’s the only point I’m making here.

        11. oh the black folks they make sure they fuck over at every twist and turn fuck you asshole

      4. “if anarchy reigned her family wouldn’t have all the money she’s spending and living off”
        If anarchy reigned she’d get what’s coming to her.
        It’s been years and I STILL just cannot get my head around how feminists think a lawless world is the best place for a woman.

        1. Feminists don’t have any views based on common sense. Because they’ve convinced themselves that they are living under an evil patriarchy they think that governments need to fall, they’re too dumb and entitled to see that Western governments go out of their ways to protect women and put their interests ahead of men. If Western governments fell and we bacame a lawless society like these anarchist feminists want women would be in big trouble, no big daddy government and white knight legal system and police to protect them plus no government to pay for abortions and single mum payments.

        2. This is why we must not engage with them. Essentially, they are hysterical women (i.e. insane). Do you engage seriously with a lunatic or do you just nod your head, say “uh-huh” and carry on?
          When we engage with them, we give them too much power and respect. They have no arguments, they only have hysterical whines and bleats. You’ll get a more cogent argument from a sheep.
          Most women, believe it or not, understand what they want is a strong man. A strong man does not argue with his woman. He either says “yes dear” or “SHUT THE FUCK UP WOMAN!” depending on the situation. She will accept both because that is what she wants.

        3. These “strong, independent women” can’t even fight their own fights, so they have to appeal to a group of beta males walking by. Beta males are happy to white knight without question because they think it’ll get them pussy. It never does. Betas are only tough in a group. If one was walking down the street alone he would’ve minded his own business. Feminists like to claim men are obsolete (ala Hanna Rosin), and yet look who these feminists rely on for violent force? Did you hear the one gleefully squeal “fight!”? Jessica Lelièvre and her ilk are just horrible people. I hope anyone and everyone who considers hiring her reads this article to see what kind of person she really is.

        4. Ironically yeah. They’ll stand there and want to argue, but when you show them how stupid they are and treat them with disrespect they get wet for you.
          That’s the bane of most married men. They feel trapped because it’s their wife and they think they’re keeping the peace, but the wife ends up despising them and fucks the pool guy.
          The only thing you can do is preserve your own personality and be a man. Don’t put up with any shit. It might be hard to accept, but keep in mind that she’s likely sleeping around anyway. The wives who aren’t are the ones with eating disorders and really fat.
          This whole notion of a faithful wife and chaste marriage are only modern constructs. When you consider the laws and social norms of past centuries, they weren’t because of misogyny, they were because it was accepted that women can’t be faithful and will sleep around.

        5. more reason for all men to band together to overthrow western govts, then erect new govts made by men and for men.

        6. Amen…Look at countries that actually have anarchy,like Somalia. She would have 15 men holding her down gangraping her the minute she set foot on a street,day or night.

        7. Why? What would you be doing to women if there was no government or legal system to protect them?

        8. Just read your comment history. Don’t know why I even bothered with you. Such a looser. Stay away from these forums if the discussions are not to your taste. We don’t go commenting on your SJW forums.

        9. Women who I know and care about I’d try to protect, but man hating feminists who say they don’t need men and did their best to bring down a system thay protects them I’d leave them to their fate.

        10. Everyone should DDOS there company website, send it mass spam and spread word that the company are just a bunch of cowboy builders to make mummy and daddy angry that the daughter is costing them money 🙂

        11. Im in lets fucking do it!, why dont we just create our own governing bodys in parallel with the current ones then slowly but surely make the current ones invalid over a long period of time.

        12. look im not against protecting woman or treating them right, but if they want to go around competing with men, acting like men and be hating on men well fuck those ones they deserve nothing.

        13. This is correct, Roosh must stop engaging woth them to avoid looking petty and weak. they are seriously not on his level, although his behavior is telegraphing they are equal

      5. What people don’t talk about is that the student agitators and the hippies in America in the 1960’s and 70’s were mostly middle class and spoiled well-to-do kids who ended up in cush jobs when they grew up and got sense. It’s the working class people who have to deal with the aftermath of their nonsense.
        It used to be called “Radical Chic.” Bored rich people who had everything liked to go to ghettos and poor neighborhoods and live like bums and drug addicts. But they always had that family money life-line to get them out of trouble. Patricia Hearst is a prime example. So were Leopold and Loeb.

      6. It’s always the same with these types, ALWAYS. Jonathan McIntosh has millions in the bank. That loathsome ‘Diversity Officer’ at Goldsmiths, Bahar Mustafa (she of the ‘CIS White Male Tears’ mug) lives with her parents in a property worth about a million dollars.

      7. Rafael
        “She also claims to be an anarchist but comes from a $million family, if anarchy reigned her family wouldn’t have all the money she’s spending
        and living off.”
        An anarchist society has free trade and a free market so any family can become very successful and wealthy.
        Natural rights include private property and are foundations of an anarchist society.

      1. I would’ve wanted to, but I’m not sure I’d be willing to risk my life. He had like one or two guys with him, and there were probably twenty people against him. If that wasn’t the case, I more than likely would have.

        1. White knights always travel in herds. That way there’s at least two balls between the lot of them. They can share.

        2. If this had happened in the USA the white-knights might have had a surprise, in the form of a Glock 9mm, waiting for them. Cowards act all tough when they know they won’t suffer any consequences for their actions. If there is a chance they may get shot dead, they tend to be far less aggressive.

        3. Find a weapon you can legally carry. A mob of white knights threatening you with violence is a death threat and use of a weapon in self-defense is justified.

        4. I’m not about to take on a mob by myself with nothing but a bat or something, and even if I had a gun, I’m not about to just start dropping people. I might point it at them to keep them back, but that’s about it unless they kept coming at me. Then I’d light em up and call self defense.

        5. Indeed.
          Thats why I EDC an M&P Shield, Collapsible baton, Spyderco Paramilitary 2, Pepper spray and disposable restraints. In the event that I’m faced with a mob of aggressors, I keep a Mossberg 500 in my vehicle.

        6. In Canada? You can’t carry a weapon legally as far as I know. You can carry a tool or piece of sports equipment that, in a pinch, could be used as a weapon but if you intend to use it as a weapon then I think that is illegal too.

        7. Not even mace? Usually there are legal exceptions to the rule, like a taser and so on.

        8. Mace and tasers are prohibited. You can carry “dog spray” or “bear spray” but if you use it on a person you are screwed.

        9. There’s no point in slapping a woman over something like that. I’ve had something similar happen to me. Its upsetting but best to just walk away.

        10. It’s never been about numbers it’s about tact. beat them at their own game.
          Never physically fight anyone except to preserve your own life. It’s not worth it. Even if you out number them. SWJ love a good argument. They get incensed when you laugh at them and walk away. Record their aggressive violent behaviour and have them spend a night in a cell.

        11. I disagree. This is one of the few cases where taking the high road is overrated. In the end Roosh had two drinks poured on his head, then was chased back to his hotel by a mob of masculine women and their white knights; It’s pretty clear who won in that scenario.
          Of course, I’m not suggesting that Roosh go kamikaze but it was extremely reckless to fly solo with a crazed mob scouring the city for him. Leftists don’t have honor or tact and are winning because they’re willing to do the things we won’t.
          Until we start mirroring our enemies and stop finding honor in defeat, truly masculine men will continue to be marginalized and we will become a non-factor.

        1. Lol. Nice. Good to see men of all colors and creeds putting the fear of god back into these bitches.

        2. I’ve seen that vid before. If I remember correctly, it also takes place in Canada, but not sure where.

        3. Awesome! Example of woman used to the Pussy Pass to get her our of everything. See, it’s a lesson women need to learn. She hit the guy first, obviously feeling entitled to do it with impunity, and she got hit back.
          Looking at the big picture, it’s a lesson for her. The next time she’s in a dangerous position, she’ll know that there’s no taking ridiculous chances with her life.

      2. think the black guy would get like a 10yr sentence for pimp slapping her assuming the cops dont shoot him.
        There would be no protests either if the privilege white girl is the victim. HIs race card would be trumped by her female card.

        1. Eh, I think you’d be surprised. Of course, they would have to make an example out of him, so he would almost certainly lose his job if he were a public figure. However, this is one of the few scenarios where color trumps gender, as Black-on-White Crime rarely gets media coverage.

        2. “HIs race card would be trumped by her female card.”
          Tell that to O.J. Simpson.
          Race trumps gender not the other way around.
          More proof?

        3. This is a prelude of things to come. Entitled white feminist vs. entitled black mooslims. Who will win?

        4. NOPE! If that were the case, that young football player in Florida would not have been kicked off the team and charged with assault.

        5. There’s plenty of examples I know of when the race card trumps the pussy card but it’s not a given.

        6. I don’t know… America hated OJ Simpson after that. He got off because the police were sloppy and he had money, not because he was black.

        7. Really now? You believe that Mr Rafael? At times I think the commentors on here get carried away by their own bull. There is a complex of white man playing the victims like the SJW. Just man up deal with the issues in your life and stop saying who gets a better deal. If you analyse it even a guy who sleeps on the streets gets a better deal as he does not have to pay bills, clean the house and work just to pay debts acquired to live. What I am strongly against is unreasonable expectations any behaviours from any one person or group.
          However if it’s a genuinely held opinion more power to you. It’s a state of mind.

        8. hmm I was thinking of the case with those 2 indian cab drivers(in uk an canada)Jian Gomshi and Cosbey. But I remember that video, if they didnt have that video what that hog would said to the police she woulda won.
          Same story with those cab drivers, if they didnt record the conversation, theyd be in jail for rape

        9. if thats the case roosh should use that on the women that assaulted him…They get branded a racist and lose their business.

        10. You’re actually in agreeance with me, I hate groups playing victims and asking for privileges which is why I hate groups getting special treatment. But you can’t deny that in The West with political correctness there’s a heirachy of groups who’s issues get looked after more and who get passes for behavior other groups don’t. Everyone should be held to the same standards.

        11. I remember when that happened. It was money. If he was an innocent, broke black guy he’d have gotten the chair. His money got him off big time.

        12. That chick is a retard, she makes those other retards look smart by comparison, she is incapable of understanding that she is the one harassing them, not the other way around.
          Feminism in a nutshell is the delusional belief that harassing men is ok.

      3. LOL, so… what?.. You’re too much of a bitch-ass that you have to fight women instead of men?? Bahahaha!!

        1. DMOF is likely fem sock puppet.
          User activity is set on “private” and excessive use of “deal with it” type snark.

        2. he just did, more than adequately! or would you rather he go to the police and file assault charges? I guess that’s what real men do…

      4. The question is who is more privileged now? This would be a tough one for law enforcement. ‘We don’t want to infringe on a black person, nor do we on the feminist nutty. What do we do?’

        1. Well, cops are the original white knights so they would automatically lock the guy up, regardless of color; No questions asked. White women are, without a doubt, the most privileged members of society but the media still has a narrative to maintain, i.e. “Blacks are oppressed by Whites at all times.” The real question is whether we’ll hear about it on the 9 o’clock news.

        2. That’s why diversity and multiculturalism are a travesty. In an ethnically homogenous society this stupid “conflict of interest” wouldn’t even come up.

        3. Well, yeah. Sorry dude. When I was in England anyone not pasty white was considered “black.” And the cops fucked with them bad. That is one racist country.

        4. Likewise in America. Honestly, I think the cops there will infringe on anyone who pisses them off. They can do it with impunity.

        5. Yes! You gotta consider that a lot of careers attract given personalities. (Necrophiliacs gravitate to Mortuary jobs, child molestors as school teachers, etc. ) I was on the martial arts circuit years ago and met A LOT of cops. Most had the attitude that beating people up was part of the job, and they did all kinds of irrational mind games to justify it. Some go out patrolling with the idea that they’re supposed to beat someone up before the night’s over to keep up the force’s image. Most kept an eye on people to see if they just looked their way, and then they had an excuse to bully them. And then in off-hours they’d complain about all the people that they’d potentially have to rough up and lament that they had such hard jobs.
          To me they’re like barking territorial dogs that you don’t make eye contact with and get away from as soon as possible.
          I got out of my childhood neighborhood as fast as I could to escape the violence and crime. Now I’m on a decent side of town, no everyday issues like in the old digs. But you still have to look around and keep an eye on the cops. ‘Cause you don’t know if one’s had a bad day and want to take your car apart or run you in.

      5. The White man of any era pre this cuckoldry state has always given a bitch out of line the strong hand. I am a white man surrounded by “Cuckasians”.

        1. Please do. We should refer to these people openly and in public by their true name. We need to make it clear to everyone that we are two different species completely.

      6. What I don’t get is why they eated all those guys crap. Hell the bald one seems more jacked up than all the guys with the ladies, why didnt they stayed to drink. If one of those dudes cross the line, its lights out time. They aren’t going to kill you nor they will severely injure you they are not hooligans or Latino Gangs. It was all set up, screaming women and pussy friends. Push those commies to their limit, if they hit first, its all on camera baby

    2. In one Travis. I also find the irony of that man jawed Ronda Rouse attacking Floyd Mayweather for domestic violence. She beats up women for a living. Whatever about his previous she thinks she’s equal to all men, let her fight him. I can’t wait to see her with nose on the other side of her face.

      1. How is two consenting adults agreeing to a one-on-one fight the same as domestic violence?

        1. It’s not. Were you there when the woman claimed domestic violence against Mayweather? I was making the point that Ronda Rousey beats up women also, although she does it legally. As Trent wrote above if there were true equality when a woman lashes out at a man his self defence it would not be construed as “domestic violence”. But as is demonstrated here and everywhere else women don’t want true equality.

        2. I actually beat woman all the time. It’s purely consensual and part of the training. I’ve left women with bloody noses on occasion. No one complains. Funny that.

        3. Then I fail to see the “irony” of someone that competes in a combat sport criticising someone else for criminal violence. How is that ironic? As for your second point, I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to refer to. Are you claiming that the “domestic violence” that Mayweather has been accused of was in fact self defence where his response did not unreasonably exceed the severity of the instigating act? After you asked me if I was there, I suppose I would have to return the same question to you. I don’t know what happened between Mayweather and the people he’s been accused of attacking (I’ve only read what’s been claimed), I’m simply questioning your logic.

        4. A wealthy fighter is accused of “domestic violence” against a few Nubian princesses, these accusations all legit? What do you think?
          Rousey slagging Mayweather about domestic violence and she beats up women albeit legally? If you believe in equality between the sexes then if Mayweather defended himself then it is not “domestic violence” and he legally defended himself.
          How many men have been wrongly accused of “domestic violence” and faced legal consequences?

        5. I have no way of knowing for sure if the accusations are legit, I wasn’t disputing that. I also wasn’t offering an opinion on whether I think self defence constitutes domestic violence. What I’m suggesting is that there is nothing ironic about Ronda Rousey commenting on the issue given her profession. Fighting professionally and fighting unprofessionally (whether it’s assault or self defence) are two completely different things. Whether Ronda cleans toilets for a living or fights in a cage seems to me to be irrelevant to her comments about Mayweather. If you can point out the irony then do so.

        6. Because women are simultaneously both responsible AND not responsible for their actions. Whether they are or are not depends solely on their convenience.

        7. The irony is in Rousey making accusations and sniping against an extremely successful male fighter when she knows full well she can get away with it in the name of equalitee and will never have to prove herself against him…..

        8. What has his success got to do with it? So it wouldn’t be ironic if he wasn’t successful? How is it ironic to criticise someone for domestic violence just because you won’t have to have a fight with them? She doesn’t get away with her comments because of any societal push for equality, she gets away with it because we have free speech. The same reason Roosh is pressing charges against Jessica for assaulting him for exercising his free speech. I think you need to look up the definition of the word ironic.

        9. Success has everything to do with it….Rousey brings Mayweather into her sphere by criticising him on television thereby raising her profile from a sideline sport like MMA where they get paid hundreds of thousands compared to Mayweather who gets paid hundreds of millions.
          She gets away with her comments because she is a woman, and because of free speech. If a male fighter in the same weight bracket made accusations against Mayweather you can be sure they would line up a fight. Rousey gets a pussy pass.
          Ironic: “happening in a way contrary to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this.”
          Rousey is using her supposed “spat” with Mayweather to up her profile nothing more nothing less, it is ironic because she does this knowing full well she will get away with it. And it does amuse me.

        10. Whether or not Rousey is using Mayweather to up her profile is neither here nor there with respect to whether her making the comments she did is ironic (I’ll ignore whether or not you even have any basis for that assertion, which is pure speculation). She made her comments after winning the ESPN sports person of the year award. To claim that she isn’t already a high profile athlete is simply inaccurate.
          To claim that if any male made those comments a fight would be lined up with Maywhether is an absolutely ludicrous statement. They would have to be in the same sport for starters, and they would have to be at least somewhat similarly placed ranking-wise within that sport. It also ignores the fact that fighters insult each other regularly yet don’t end up fighting each other. It also supposes that anyone that ever criticises another person is then willing to enter into a fight with them, which is clearly not the case. Does anything you assert have any basis in reality?
          Lastly, how on earth is the fact that Rousey took pot shots at Maywhether in the media “contrary to what is expected”? It’s completely typical of her behaviour, and she’s done it before. She’s a brazen, loud-mouthed, opinionated individual, and has been ever since she first had a microphone put in front of her face. No irony there.
          Keep trying. Perhaps one day you’ll put together a coherent argument, but I won’t hold my breath.

      2. The Rousey phenomenon has illuminated how literally delusional the media has become on gender issues. They seriously think she could hold her own against Mayweather in a fight. In reality, that fight would end even quicker than her other fights, and might leave her dead.

        1. You are completely out of your mind, man. You’re insane. For a million reasons, the first being that if Rousey got ANYwhere near Mayweather, he would essentially detach her head from her shoulders with one punch. There is a very good chance such a fight would result in death or permanent injury. Anyone who sanctioned such a bout would lose all credibility.
          You simply have no idea what you’re talking about.

        2. Lol mayweather is a good boxer no question, one of the best, but once you throw grappling into it he has nothing.
          Rousey would no more box with him than couture did toney. She’d tie him up and dump him on his ass then take his arm home with her.
          Once it hits the ground mayweather has nothing.

        3. Hmmm… what’s the difference between this hypothetical bout and Couture vs. Toney…. I can’t quite place it, but I know there is some significant difference. Hmm…
          Oh, yeah… GENDER!!! Also, at least 15 more pounds of muscle. At least. Plus significantly quicker reflexes, the male bone structure that Rousey correctly points to as a significant advantage, and on and on and on.
          If you honestly think that a woman who wasn’t even the best woman in the world at her weight in judo could step to Mayweather, your ability to think logically has been clouded by some bias. I truly hope your bias is simply that you think MMA/Grappling is a superior fighting form to boxing–and I’d agree with you there. But the idea that Rousey would stand a chance against Mayweather is wild feminist fantasy.

        4. I have a great deal of training defending against takedowns–and in shooting for the legs. She simply could not get to him before he landed several head blows. Furthermore, technique can be and usually is trumped by vastly superior strength. The fact that she has a great ground game–against women her size is like saying a national champion middle school wrestler could take you in a fight. And I don’t even know anything about you.

        5. Floyd:
          72 inch reach
          Fights between 130-154 lbs
          68 inch reach
          Fights at 135 lbs
          Guess what? Floyd IS around her size.
          We aren’t talking one of the Klitschko’s here.

        6. He’s significantly bigger. The smaller, the more significant the differences, hence her unwillingness to fight at 140.

        7. 140 isn’t a division in mma.
          And she has no reason to chase cyborg up a division if that’s what you’re referring to.

        8. This is what I wrote:
          “He’s significantly bigger. The smaller, the more significant the differences, hence her unwillingness to fight at 140.”
          No mention of division.

        1. Did you watch her “Do Nothing Bitch’ video rant? She practically insulted millions of women and yet, silence.

    3. Disgusting human beings. And she ain’t even one of the worst. Every single one of these cunts deserves a webpage dedicated exclusively to exposing what kind of subhuman walking feces she is. Unfortunately, life wills it so that people will be outraged for a day or two and then all those cunts will be able to continue their shit as if nothing ever happened (=pussypass).

    4. I don’t think she would have tried her little stunt if she was on the street in Baghdad, modern western woman knows that she can get away with anything because there will always be a white knight in the room who is eager to show his SMV quality by defending her.

      1. Western women act tough and pull stunts like that because they know they have the law and white knights to protect them. If they did that in a Middle Eastern country she’d be stoned to death.

        1. yeah, and if Doosh tried to file assault charges for getting a bit wet in a Middle Eastern country he’d be laughed outta town. Whats your point? Go live in a Middle Eastern country if you think it’s a superior way to run society, tell us how it works out…

        2. I didn’t say their society was superior I was using it as an expample to point out the only power these “strong feminists” have is due to men.

        3. huh? That’s like saying the only reason we have a black president is because of white people.

        4. Feminism only thrives because men allow it which is why it doesn’t thrive in The Middle East because men over there won’t allow it. I’m not going to debate what the superior society is I’m just using that example to prove the point. If you honestly believe feminism would survive if men decided en masse to end it then you’ve been drinking the feminist cool aid.

        5. And the Funny part is that none of those White Knights send Lighting Bolts in-between women’s thighs, the woman who threw the Drink in Roosh’s face would probably fuck Roosh over the Beta Drones who white knighted for her, all that effort in white knighting and no payoff, poor beta simps…

        6. White knighting doesn’t impress women, I know that first hand from before I discovered the red pill. The guys who women claim are “assholes” are the ones they were sleeping with and the nice guy who always helped them, which was often me wasn’t getting shit. I’m not complaining as women don’t owe me sex, it was my behavior that turned them off but one day those simps will realize being captain save a how doesn’t actually pay off much.

    5. “Lets you and him fight!”
      Yes it is pretty cowardly. I have had the same thing happen to me but at least the girl had the balls(!) to stand in my face and continue to taunt me (she was completely drunk however).
      That said, I would encourage Roosh to maintain his dignity and not even go as far as to give them the middle finger salute. Remain completely above reproach and give them no ammunition whatsoever.
      Sadly, I must also recommend that he keep a security team around him before, after and during these events. This time it was alcohol, next time it could be a lot worse (piss, feces, acid, etc.). Its been known to happen.

    6. Stop stating the obvious, you’re being like “misogynistic” or something….

    7. Probably became an anarchist because her daddy wouldn’t buy her a second car after she crashed the first one. These are the reasons kids rebel today
      Most of the teens that rage they didnt get a new phone or car for Christmas are women

  10. Lelièvre is doubtful she’ll ever have to face such an enormous scandal once she enters the real political world. “I have a good head on my shoulders. I don’t think I’d go in that direction.” She adds: “I don’t think we should have mayors who act that way.”
    So if this ruins her political career ambitions, the world will be saved from another feminist politician. Double victory.
    p.s. she thinks she has a good head on her shoulders. Hehe!

    1. The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein relatively unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate.

      It seems to run rampant among millennials, especially women, grossly overestimating their abilities and intelligence. It’s a byproduct of the glorified kindergarten that is the modern university.

      1. when i was young, teachers always told me how intelligent i was. back then, i believed it was some way to ingratiate themselves with me. with time, i believed it. nowadays, i am not sure if it is true anymore. if it is, i can attest that intelligence is more than worthless if you do not feed yourself with useful information and have some discipline working through matter.

        1. Reading your comments, you come across as a pretty intelligent and insightful guy. But yes, 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

        2. We used to call it the four levels of knowledge:
          1) Totally unaware of the vast ocean of their ignorance (nearly 100% of feminists operate at this level.)
          2) Recognizes correct answer when told; this means can pass a multiple choice test.
          3) Knows correct answer when asked; this means can pass an essay or problem solving test.
          4) Knows the important questions to ask. (Few people raised in the current educational system even know this level exists.)

      2. Meh, what a fancy way of dressing up Narcissism. Nothing more but delusions of grandeur. Fact is though, people from priviledged families have a good chance to actually land a position they dream of, not because they’re qualified, but because their families have the required connections. It’s always about the right connections. Skills (except for social skills) are hardly ever relevant for financial/social success.

      3. whoa what insight. It’s also self loathing of these freaks who know they don’t have a “real “job

      4. You just summed up the entire ROK demographic. Everyone here thinks they’re entitled to feel like an enlightened intellectual because they throw themselves at the feet of Doosh.

  11. @Roosh: I hope you get rich over the assault perpetrated by this cunt and friends on hers.
    It would be nice if the court also forced her to say sorry in public, but that’d be almost too much to expect.

  12. If you were half the PUA they claim you are you would’ve smiled and offered to buy her another drink.

  13. The drenching was an obvious IOI, you should’ve smiled and offered to buy her another drink.

  14. I look at all the monumental effort put forth by these “women” and their cadre of elite beta dickstands in attempting to prevent Roosh from lecturing and I have to laugh. The documented use of libel, slander, hate speech, illegal threats, violence, and even wishing rape upon Roosh’s future female offspring by these degenerate morons culimnated in nothing more than a “golden” moment where some brainless rich bitch flings a fizzy yellow beverage at Roosh.
    High fives to all the feminists and beta chumps in Montreal on your amazing victory. Your trophy is an autographed nude picture of Aurelie Nix covered in fake blood. If anyone objects, just tell them she’s a “model” and those saggy tits, stringy white hair, and horse teeth are “art”. Please be sure to tell any cohorts you have in Toronto to set their protest theme music to the “Benny Hill” show music for the upcoming Roosh lecture. It’ll make it that much more hilarious for us when they fail as miserably as you have.

  15. so her rich dad’s construction company is staffed by hard working men, yet she rails against men and the patriarchy?
    I wonder how the normal, broke college feminists view Jessica since she’s so privileged due to her dad’s wealth.

    1. In all honesty, it is probable her dad’s construction company is mostly staffed by criminal foreign national invaders in the country illegally. It’s a form of modern slavery.

      1. “In all honesty, her dad’s construction company is mostly staffed by
        criminal foreign national invaders in the country illegally. It’s a
        form of modern slavery.”
        And that’s why she and other rich progressives can think of themselves as anarchists. They’re traitors and treason is the source of their wealth. They follow Rules for Radicals to use the inherent contradictions of “free” societies to destroy those societies. They don’t care because the wealth they obtain will enable them try to position themselves as members of the elite in whatever follows.

    2. So why doesn’t someone find out the name of this construction company and put it on blast showing everyone what daddy’s little princess is doing?

  16. You’re right. Most college students are broke and have bleak prospects.
    I wonder how the other liberals who are struggling view this rich girl whining about men even though her dad buys her whatever she wants. She’s not one of them and has never had to struggle for anything.
    Who the fuck has time to spend a whole day trolling bars looking for someone….only a rich girl.

    1. I’d WB too, but I’d make sure i had written consent with a lawyer present and video evidence.

  17. Feminism is for rich white girls, this is nothing new. After she panicked and took down her social media, you know she called her daddy to protect his little princess

      1. I’m surprised there’s not a schism between them and the rich girls, though. Sure, maybe they’re all true believers, but when they see the rich girl with her daddy buying her everything, join their ‘struggle’, you’d think they’d realize she’s especially fake.

        1. All that’s required is a vagina. That’s why all the non-feminist activist bitches, you know, the ones we fuck, don’t stand against them. They’d lose the automatic benefits the activists create for them too, which make their lives an even bigger cakewalk than it already is.. at our expense naturally.

        2. Somewhere in that equation there would have to be the element of logic…alas. It’s all momentary feeling for them. Best to disregard.

    1. true but what wierds me out is that shes not bad looking like 5 or 6 why would she a feminist the pre req for that is to be at the most a 3 or 4 outta 10

      1. The modern university system is so screwed up and toxic that even halfway decent looking broads often turn into insufferable twats in their prime SMV years. Like others have pointed out, spoiled brat babies like this chick can’t even begin to fathom the irony-squared of protesting against the very system that provides them unparalleled creature comforts and leisure to be able to piss away time and resources on their infantile nonisssue “issues”.

      2. Was wondering the same thing, but the horseshit is starting to creep up even to women higher on the 10-scale. It’s a contagion.

    1. The men, because they think they’ll get laid, but they won’t, because they’re mangina losers.

    2. The men who follow her. She actually has the stones to step and say this garbage; the betas who follow her cannot stop and think for themselves.

      1. Not so fast. White knights are idiots, but women who can’t get their cunt eaten to satisfaction are obviously screwed up too.

    1. Actually, I’ve read that gun ownership is more prevalent in Canada than it is in the USA. And I’m glad there was nothing more violent than a cold drink thrown.

      1. Not exactly…but there are a lot of small town people with guns. The only people in the city with guns are black criminals…and the cops.

  18. Feminists once again prove they need men if shit hits the fan which is why she had to get a “male crew” and why she slunk away behind them after throwing the drink. So much for the feminist narrative of women being stronger than men.

      1. Exactly. If men just withdrew their support, all this feminism bullshit would end for good. That is why ROK and The Red Pill are so important. We need to spread the gospel!

  19. Clearly assault and a hate crime with criminal stalking and intent to cite mob violence.

    1. Remember here in Canada a few months ago some guy got fired from his job, got feminists all enraged and pontificating about “rape culture” and “male violence” and had even had the police investigating to see if charges could be laid simply because he happened to be around and laughed when some guy yelled “Fuck Her Right in the Pussy” to some TV reporter?
      Here you have an actual assault and violence by a feminist female, and intent to incite mob violence .. where is the outrage and demands for police to lay charges on this actual act of violence?

      1. So pick up the phone, call the police, the newspaper, and your local representative and complain. When enough people do it, of any gender, that’s what constitutes “an outrage”.
        MRA’s need to learn how to use the tools of social justice.

    1. Great point. They all claim Roosh is so “dangerous” yet she’d never have thrown a drink at him unless she believed he was civil and in control of himself. She knew this video would never make the cut on WORLDSTARHIPHOP.

      1. Yup…crowd of black guys there would have been extreme violence inflicted….she wouldn’t have dared….

    2. Feminist bang them for free coke. Mommas boys who put pussy on a pedestal and party/splash on quality hoes.

    3. Black “hoodrat” chick would drag the little white girl by head all across the cement pavement.

  20. There’s a great irony in this…person declaring herself an anarchist. Without the protection of the law, she’d be someone’s slave — if not someone else’s dinner. In point of fact, only Roosh’s observance of both written law and even higher law protects her from very serious consequences.

    1. nah, her white knights protect her.
      theory: if anarchy ensued, each of them would consider raping her – for himself. but likewise, he would not want another man to do it, so he would keep white knighting. since nobody would want another guy to have her, everybody would protect her from the others.
      hypocrisy, cowardice and dishonesty would ensure that they would never talk this through among each other, making them unable to conspire against her.

  21. what this whole campaign taught me is that its crucial to have your own counter media organisation, because going on their [mainstream media] territory is a losing battle, but presenting the fractured, disjointed self immolating nature of the sjw movement via your own media organisation helps show people how small these elitist liberal princess types really are.

  22. There’s some basic logic as to why throwing a drink is assault that should carry some weight, besides the Canadian definition, which makes it enforceable. I’d rather be punched without my skin breaking into a cut or laceration from a tear, than have a drink thrown on me.
    Here’s why. Read any industrial bathroom cleanser you’d find at any company you work at. That shit is made to kill everything from AIDS to common cold. Her rotten-vagina sucking, mangina fag cock sucking dyke mouth – as well as the others throwing their drinks – could easily carry herpes, etc. Get some in your mouth, well….
    Just like your mom tells you as a kid to NOT drink after others, by throwing a drink in someones face, you’ve essentially forced them to kiss you. It’s literally sexual assault in that case, with all the biological dangers, minus the skin contact.

  23. Any tweets they send roosh’s way that wish him death, physical and mental harm, or any other remotely malicious tweets should be considered vicious, planned, and continual harrasment.
    The same standards of “harrasment” these feminists live by must be applied to them.
    Furthermore, it seems highly likely this assault was perpetrated because of Roosh’s gender as well as his race.
    This also seems to be a case of sexual harrasment. That thrown liquid probably stained his pants and therefore violated private areas without his consent.

  24. Standard screeching banshees and their fuck boys. Waste no time in pressing charges, Roosh.

    1. Certainly he can try in a civil suit. Especially with the publicity gaining traction here, I see no reason why at least a few law firms wouldn’t consider a case on contingency.
      That’s the great part about the legal system when you’re the victim. First you have the criminal side, then the civil side. And a criminal sentence will stand as strong basis for the civil suit to proceed.

  25. Did her dad have a wicked sense of humor, picking her firstname so that in English, her full name is “Jessica Rabbit” ? You couldn’t make that up.

  26. Whose the guy in the button down Polo shirt, telling them to settle down? Was he one of ours or one of there’s?.. he also closed the door at the end saying “there you go, there you go.”
    Also, after re-reviewing the vid, there seems to be more people after him in the group than I thought (based on audio proximity). Seemed like there was the one group up close to him, and another surrounding the camera man staying further back. So 15-20 in total?

  27. I wish Roosh the best of luck in his legal action against her. I don’t
    doubt the manosphere could be swimming in funds if all the rich little
    girl rad fems with plutocrat daddies were sued every time they engaged in or tried to incite violence against their enemies.
    From their actions and their tweets its clear that these social justice warriors are potentially murderous fanatics. No doubt the authorities will come down mercilessly upon them in the fullness of time. But thank goodness there’s a new world-wide push to promote ‘tolerance’, which is to say to promote the intolerance of intolerance, because these vicious storm-trooping SJWs appear to be the worst kind of potentially violent extremists ready to incite hate and instigate violence at the drop of the hat in pursuit of their revolutionary ideology. No doubt the SPLC will already have identified them as a hate group, and the authorities are even as we speak trying to linke them to other forms of extremism as part of the wider ‘war on terror’
    But what really upsets me is the violent sexual imagery contained in that SJW’s “eat my cunt” threat. That’s just rapey

    1. Roosh goes to Montreal to give a PRIVATE lecture, and immediately the Feminists start talking about fucking and killing. It’s a fantasy to them.
      ‘EAT MY CUNT!’ ‘RAPE!’ ‘KILL ROOSH!’ they have animalistic fantasies

    2. It’d be neat to set up an escrow account that accepts donations for legal-defense-only situations.

  28. SUE!!!! SUE!!! SUE!!!! You have PHYSICAL EVIDENCE!!! SUE!!! SUE!!! SUE!!! >:I Press charges! PRESS CHARGES! Once charges are pressed, she can’t leave the country until she gets a legal pardon which can take up to 5 years to get! >:I PRESS CHARGES!!! >:I

  29. That property in Lauderdale Lakes is in a shit neighborhood and is an ancient (by South Florida standards) condo development. I can’t see Jessica living there. If she does, it’s her parents’ revenge for her being an obnoxious “activist”.

    1. Bad neighbourhood=cheap coke and bad boys, how is she gonna boost her street cred? It’s this or the whole shithole is getting gentrified to bits.

  30. As much as I abhor these type of women, and heavily dislike any who think they are my equal. I would not sue her. I would not repay evil with evil. I would not step down to her level. I would simply ignore her, and move on. Our enemy is not only women, that would be an easy war to win. Our other enemy is a far more insidious one, the emasculated male. I did feel for Roosh when I saw those animals throw beer at him. But I would have him endure and push forward, not as a brute, but as the wise alpha that he certainly is. Roosh do not let this incident cloud your judgement, do not let them tear you down, they will try to now, piece by piece.

    1. If you ignore her, she wins. I’d like to see these types get curbed stomped but since that is not practical, the only option left is to press charges and sue.

    2. Those emasculated males use the female feminist as their proxy. Sue her, affect them. Jail her, affect them. It would be better to bring this to a boil now, rather than later, where no chance at gaining further traction occurs. They’re unorganized, a perfect time to respond in full force.

      1. I like your thinking, I need to see the larger scheme. Perhaps you are right. It is sad though, that fags and females rule over us. It makes me very angry.

    3. “I would not repay evil with evil. I would not step down to her level. I
      would simply ignore her, and move on. Our enemy is not only women, that
      would be an easy war to win. Our other enemy is a far more insidious one, the emasculated male.”
      When the enemy gives you the means to destroy them, you destroy them. To not destroy them will be interpreted only as fear, weakness, and submission. The enemy will become louder and more aggressive. If people see women being destroyed in court for assaulting men, then their white knights will become reluctant to white knight, because even vagina privilege didn’t save the women they grovel before when they tried it.

    4. Ignoring them is what has happened in the past and it’s gotten worse. You can’t use brute force in this day and age because the consequences are far worse. You need to use non-violent legal force.

  31. Roosh look, I understand you’re a lone wolf and I respect that about you but you’re a public enemy out here. Hence, you need to start “rolling deep,” when you’re out in public and especially when you’re in enemy territory; Like…way deeper. This would have never happened if you had at least two or three red pill men, capable of holding their own.
    The lesson to be taken away from this fiasco, isn’t that SJW are hypocrites (this is already common knowledge) but rather that there’s always power in numbers. Leftists already understand this. Red pill men need to start finding and bonding with other red pill men.

    1. On the contrary I think that the fact that he still goes out in public shows strength.

  32. Roosh is a better man than me. I would have bitch-slapped that femcunt to to tears and start brawling with them white knights.
    But this just goes to show that when it comes to actual violence occurring, its feminists and SJWs are the ones who actually perpetrate it. Anytime you have one of these events, like the AVFM conference, or Karen Staughan at Ryerson or Warren Farrel at U of T; police are needed to deal with feminist lynch mob outside. But still, somehow in the public narrative, it’s the men who are the violent ones.

    1. Quebec and Ottawa cops just stand around and tell the organizers to hire more private security because they can’t be bothered doing their own job to serve and protect.

    2. If Roosh had a brawl with them that would hurt his reputation. And the feminist opposition doesnt have a reputation to risk. But I do think Roosh should roll with some guys that are ready to throw down.

      1. We need an SA corps for all dissident groups. Truly sad, how many more and larger dudes these whores had. mThere can be no peace with these people. We need to project strength, and a dozen, fit, strong men could have defused that situation while waiting for the police.

      2. Yeh. I used to live in Ottawa and I can say that french Canadians are generally viscous lowlife scum and are very leftist. They got this center of the universe mentality regarding their whole identity, language and culture, and they see themselves as either being the “real Canadians” or something better. There was also the separatist movement a few years back for Quebec, but that got sabotaged when the government let in all the french speaking immigrants from Haiti and let them lose in Quebec. I wish they got independence because they’re generally a fucking embarrassment to the rest of English speaking Canada.
        And if anything, they are very, very poor losers. I remember when I played hockey (house league), there was a french team from Quebec that used to kick our asses every game. They were very unsportsmanlike and the parents would taunt us from the bleachers. We were on a roll when play-off seaon rolled around, and in the final game against them, we beat them 1 -0. Suffice to say a riot almost started in the arena. Police had to be called in. Someone called in ahead of time actually as a precaution I think.
        Later, when I was older I was in the Army cadets. I was doing survival training off base in an area in Quebec and we had a Canadian flag on our tent. Some asshole decided to burn the flag, and subsequently the tent, to the ground. Luckly, no on was inside.
        Now combine that with the general cuntery of SJWs and feminists and what you end up with are a bunch of Dykes, Manginas and general fuck-tards who are in need of some special attention. But yeh I agree, Roosh needs to roll deep. Comes with the notariaty.
        Cities like Toronto and Montreal are filled with uppity leftists, bankers and fanshionistas. Believe me, there is no appealing to reason or free speech values with these people. Once they decide you are the enemy, the lynch mob will assemble.
        More of the manufacturing base is south-western Ontario like Kitchener, Cambridge, London, Windsor etc. It’s more blue collar and I am sure it would be more welcoming. People here are a little smarter I think (just a tad bit) and may be able to discern a satirical point, which obviously, SJWs cant do.

    3. “I would have bitch-slapped that femcunt to to tears and start brawling with them white knights.”

      Just be sure you’ve worked out some kind of exit strategy.

  33. Kudos to Roosh for keeping his cool.If i were in his place my brain would just shut off and i would start hitting that bitch and everyone of her SJW crew.

    1. Oh I would have had an absolute field day with that haha. Just talk as much shit as possible and wait for one of those white knights to make a move and then just rock his shit. He should have been carrying a bottle of beer to dump back on her then broken it by the neck and used it to gut one of those white knight pussies haha.

  34. Roosh has grounds to sue. The woman organized a mob, committed assault, and incited an incident that could have led to more violence; of which anyone being in Roosh’s position would be in fear for their safety.

    1. It’s not worth his time to hang around for the court proceedings, even if it was small claims court with a minimum of fees and legal expenses. There was nothing more than nominal damages and the odds of getting any significant punitive damages are rather slim.

    2. Could you get the social media websites she used in these premeditated assaults subpoenaed to use as evidence?

  35. I haven’t any evidence to the contrary but I would imagine this harpie is a “daddy didn’t pay me enough attention when I was a likkle lady” case, lying on her psycho analyst’s couch hour after hour on daddy’s dollar… correct me if I’m wrong sugar tits……

  36. I think the most wonderful part of this is their own video is being used against them in the legal system. If that doesn’t just make me giddy as hell.

  37. Silly women, tear down the patriarchy they say…..with the help of other men. So much for girl power. Let’s not get religious here folks, but Mohammad did get one thing right when he said that women are a bad omen. Lol

    1. Give loose rein to their uncontrollable nature and to this untamed creature and
      expect that they will themselves set no bounds to their license. Unless you act, this is the least of the things enjoined upon women by custom or law and to which they submit with a feeling of injustice.
      It is complete liberty or rather, if we wish to speak the truth, complete license that they desire. If they win in this, what will they not attempt? Review
      all the laws with which your forefathers restrained their license and made them subject to their husbands; even with all these bonds you can scarcely control them. What of this? If you suffer them to seize these bonds one by one and wrench themselves free and finally to be placed on a parity with their husbands, do you think you will be able to endure them? The moment they begin to be your equals, they will be your superiors.
      — Marcus Porcius Cato aka Cato the Elder

      1. Thousands of years of technological progress, yet human nature is still exactly the same.

      2. Socrates said it first and in almost exactly those words:
        “Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.” ― Socrates

    2. I didn’t hear anyone say “tear down the patriarchy.” What part of the video was that? From the things they were shouting, it just sounds like they’re against rape and the constant reduction of women to stupid sex objects. Real men can see the difference between the very few extremist man-hating feminists and the overwhelming majority of reasonable people who just believe women are human, too. Perhaps this is because they’ve met some women.

      1. The fundamental problem with your retort is that you completely ignore the fact that these persons were part of a deliberate attempt to deprive a person from sharing ideas in a gathering of voluntary participants. If you don’t see a problem with this then you have a problem with individual rights.

      2. “overwhelming majority of reasonable people”
        Any female who calls herself a feminist is not reasonable; they will invariably end up supporting laws or social privileges that screw over males financially or worse.
        The logic in your remark much like your profile photo is non existent.

    3. The bigger picture is that every religious and philosophical work from before about 100 years ago warned against women and specifically against giving them influence in managing the course of society.
      Those societies that have deferred to the whims of women have without exception remained backwards and poor.
      The current scrum around Roosh’s speech tour is an example in case: the femtards – feral women – are trying to “stop Roosh” from whatever he intends to do based solely on lies and pathetic displays of sanctimonious victimhood. No recourse in facts or an objective assessment of Roosh’s activities and published opinions (e.g. RoK).
      The result for Canada is a regression from being a country ruled by law to a country ruled by mob, for, were it not so, there would be no politicians crawling into the saggy arses of these skanks repeating their groupthink-originated hatred of everything Roosh.

  38. ” Vagina brought you into this world and a vagina is gonna take you out”
    Hell, I could think of worse ways to go.

  39. Well some Social Justice idioton facebook tagged me in a video of the beer spilling this morning.
    The “independent women” who had men do the work of protecting them and instigating violence against Roosh claimed they set a Honey Trap, but they fell right in the Rabbit Hole. Now Roosh has an opportunity to press charges and I hope he does and sues in the process.

  40. Again….these fembots and their mangina drool stains are not going to like the world they think they want.

  41. Her high pitched little girl squeal “Eat my [email protected]” while hiding behind the male troop lines made me laugh. Was it actually aimed at Roosh or was it her mangina foot soldiers next order?

  42. I sincerely hope this never happens to me. I have a bit of a temper sometimes, and I would probably wind up looking like the bad guy.

    1. Have your friend videotape the whole exchange. Don’t tell the court that you told him to do that, it may look like you were premeditating the encounter.
      Give one warning to anyone threatening you. If they touch you in any way you have a right to defend yourself against a perception of bodily harm as perpetrated by one or more persons.
      Kick ass as necessary.

  43. Roosh better hire a bodyguard for Toronto. the fruitcakes there will adjust their strategy based on what occurred in montreal

  44. When Rush Limbaugh said that feminism is about giving ugly women status in society, he was only half right. It’s also giving status to stupid women as well. Feminists are ALWAYS driven by jealousy against OTHER women.
    Jessica appears to have gotten some reasonably burly white knights to come defend her, but these men are probably not “alpha males” she can bring home to daddy. She needs a handsome guy whose also well bred and those guys probably have higher tastes. It’s also possible she is driven by intellectual insecurity regarding other women peers at university. She probably gets mediocre grades so being a SJW feminist gives her some notoriety she otherwise wouldn’t get.
    For all their hysteria about rape (which is of course the damsel-in-disdress ploy), there’s a fantasy element to it as well. She secretly wishes some guy would tear off her bodice like on a romance novel but she’s surrounded by wussy men who can barely talk to her.

  45. I wish the police would’ve shown up and maced, tased, beaten everyone of those idiots. That or he had as many friends with him as she did, and they just stomped their asses. This kind of stuff pisses me off so bad. I’d have knocked her out myself if I wasn’t as outnumbered as he was. I don’t think I’d be willing to risk my life for it though.

  46. They are not scared, they are TERRIFIED. Impressive work of yours in Canada. You and your organization defeated the corrupted NGOs , the canadian state and the media. There is a silent mayority of masculine and straight men organizing and it is unstoppable and fearsome. Best wishes for your sue.

      1. I wouldn’t. She strikes me as the type that considers sex a recreational sport.
        She’s probably been penis poked so often from the cock carousel she gets vertigo every time she walks down the street.
        Like with paris hilton, that SJ vaj probably has some seriously nasty flotsam within its gynocentric expanse.

        1. No doubt, but probably only surrounds herself with beta orbiters that will falsely build up her self esteem with compliments trying to get themselves laid…
          If she got with a real man, Like Roosh… and then he told her she sucked and was a slut (which lots of guys have thought but I bet never told her) she would find her fragile little ego and world ROCKED.

    1. He certainly will. This article has already got a lot of views. People are waking up, and it will no longer be easy to ignore the elephant in the room. Google Jessica Lelievre’s name. This article is the number one link.

  47. Roosh, you already have my respect so it only confirms it.
    The only advice I might add is: don’t even bother giving them the finger. I know it’s extremely hard and I probably couldn’t, but try to keep your cool as much as possible. Staying cool is the best attitude you can have, not getting mad is the true sign of noble men. You’re almost there. Thanks for what you’re doing.

  48. Ensure that you act within the law, and take her to the cleaners. Continue to publicize all this abusive behaviour via ROK and wherever else you can. I know it’s challenging to remain stoic in the face of such abuse, but at the end you’ll come out on top. Be the better person.

  49. Hookers like Jessica Lelièvre need to be raped in public and a video should be put up…..bloody fuckin cunt!!!!

      1. My question is, why would anyone want to? Besides, I’m no fan of violent crimes of any sort.
        What Jessica really needs is something she doesn’t seem to have gotten from her parents: discipline.

        1. I’d like someone to force her to live in isolation with the best looking most alpha male that has ever lived for an entire year. When she came back she would be fixed.

        2. What Jessica and her fellow feminists need is to be taught a good, hard lesson like these feminist bitches:

          I long for the day when all feminists are treated like this. The Russians know how to stop a cancer like feminism from infecting their society. Alas, I think it’s too late for the West.

  50. Take the rich girl hate monger and fellow mob members through the criminal courts.
    Have the white knights been identified? They should be prosecuted for public order offences in addition.

  51. Roosh, i hope you sue this self entitled quixotic quim and everyone else involved for every last canadian dollar they have. I hope from all the money you end up with you invest in an entourage with at least one guy who can handle himself against multiple opponents, like this:

    and another guy who can do this

    and maybe even one guy who isn’t afraid to do this when appropriate

    Seriously, all these white knight mob pussies and their uber cunt overlords need to get their just rewards. They are tough in numbers but if they were to fight one one on one they will show you just how dickless they really are.

  52. They were trying to provoke you Roosh, so that they would get to play the victim. Glad you didn’t play into their trap.
    Now, I’m not as cool minded as you. If I were there with you, I would seriously hit this cunt so hard, that she would die on the spot or be fatally wounded. And if any of the white knights came after me, I would, grab anything I could find, and hit them in their fucking faces. The idea is to hit them VERY HARD, in a spot where they will get the most hurt. This applies to both men and women. I’m all for equality, and I’ll defend myself against a woman, just like I would defend myself against a man,

    1. Yeah all that may be good in Russia, where those feminist bitches Pussy Riot got a dose of good whoop-ass from men and taught a good lesson:

      This is exactly how all feminists should be treated.. but in the West, you cannot get away with that. Roosh has to be play smart and play the long game. He exposed the hypocrisy and frankly the cowardice of feminists like Jessica Lelièvre, who acted in a violent manner against Roosh without provocation, and then ran like a little bitch to hide behind men after her assualt.
      While it may have been satisfying to deck her one, it would have made Roosh look very bad, and would have given further ammunition for feminists and the liberal, feminist media to attack Roosh. He did the right and smart thing by keeping his cool and not getting provoked into any violent confrontation.
      The end result is that Jessica Lelièvre comes across looking as the pathetic and cowardly cunt she is. And her entire SJW and feminist followers have been exposed as hypocrites because of their violent tendencies and attempt to incite mob violence against Roosh.

      1. Rather satisfying video. But I disagree. Feminists should be treated worst. Maybe stripped forcefully and paraded naked around the city to shame them? However it is still good. That’s why all the liberal white countries hate Russia.

  53. I greatly respect Roosh for not sitting there and taking it. He’s actually filing charges which will hopefully go somewhere and make feminists think about their actions in the future. Though I know that last one is just fantasy.
    Please keep us updated.

  54. Money and power = feminism. When shit gets hard, ie Greece or Ukraine, feminists disappear like a fart in the wind.

    1. Exactly. Feminism can only survive by taxing the life out of the middle class. Unfortunately, this is what socialist governments do, and women nearly always vote left-wing. If you vote left-wing, you are a massive mangina and destroying the economy, men and families

  55. It’s at the point now where a man needs to wear a body camera like the police any time you go to the bars in western countries

  56. More and more I think that SJWs are just an outlet for rich and privileged people to bully the middle class and the working class.

    1. Oh there’s a lot of SJWs that aren’t privileged or rich. They’re basically women who crave power or men who are beta males who honestly believe the women will respect and want them if they become yes men who just try to support the women, not knowing it will actually have the opposite effect long term.

  57. It saddens me to say, but the only way any serious repercussions might ever rain down upon one of those lunatics would be for Roosh (or someone else for that matter) to get stabbed by a SJW chick ON CAMERA.

    1. Her online reputation has been completely destroyed. This article is the #1 hit when doing a search for “Jessica Lelievre”, and she has closed her Twatter and LinkedIn.

      1. I understood as much and the guys are doing a tremendous job and it gives me a total boner to see her get fucked up online.
        But when I say serious, I want some bitch like her go to jail for assault, I want some bitch pay up in civil court etc.

  58. it is obvious that she needs some good pipe cleaning. and I feel bad for the poor sucker

  59. Never underestimate what a mentally unstable person is capable of. They do not operate with the same value systems as normal people. Throw in a highly privileged lifestyle, a worthless degree from a liberal diploma mill and you have a recipe for disaster. People like her are so disconnected from reality that simple moral equivocation, i.e. how would you react/feel if someone who disagreed with you assaulted you then chased you down with a mob of manginas, would be met with blank stares. I hope Roosh takes precautions in Toronto because I would imagine the SJW’S and mangina army will be out in force looking for a fight.

  60. Lelièvre ?? Some years ago this stupid broad would have been in a straight-jacket interned in a loony bin… Today she’s the “darling” of the piece of shit MSM !

  61. She Mad that she can’t live up to her daddy, and all his money couldn’t make high value men want to F*ck her

  62. Lelievre is obviously a sociopath, she exhibits all the signs when she deceived you.
    As this article demonstrates:
    10 signs for spotting a sociopath
    #1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a “glow” about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. They often appear to be sexy or have a strong sexual attraction. Not all sexy people are sociopaths, obviously, but watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes. (Jessica isn’t particularly attractive but her money is to beta simps)
    #2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn’t do. They are unbound by normal social contracts. Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky. (Irrational and risky..check twice for Jessica!)
    #3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others. This is why you will find many very “successful” sociopaths in high levels of government, in any nation. (Yup, all this fits that cunt to a T)
    #4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time. (lying? Again jessica to the letter 🙂
    #5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity. (The author must be talking about Jessica 🙂
    #6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent, but they use their brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them. Their high IQs often makes them dangerous. This is why many of the best-known serial killers who successfully evaded law enforcement were sociopaths. (Ok, This one might be the exception but i can live with that lol)
    #7) Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don’t actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do. (Lack of empathy…definitely fits for Jessica)
    #8) Sociopaths speak poetically. They are master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running “stream of consciousness” monologue that is both intriguing and hypnotic. They are expert storytellers and even poets. As a great example of this in action, watch this interview of Charles Manson on YouTube. (Not sure about this one since i haven’t had the chance to read up on her virtual twatage much)
    #9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack. (Jessica will NEVER apologize, she is too spoiled and apathetic to understand something as simple as humilty. Check here)
    10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it! Charles Manson, the sociopathic murderer, is famous for saying, “I’ve never killed anyone! I don’t need to kill anyone! I THINK it! I have it HERE! (Pointing to his temple.) I don’t need to live in this physical realm.. (Oh yeah…this fits J Lelievre once more)

  63. RooshV in Canada. Better entertainment than Trump in Fox debates.Looking forward to Toronto.

  64. The reason she’s acting like this, is because she’s been around pussified betas all her life. Probably never had a hard cock rammed up her pussy by a real man. If she had, she’d know her place.
    I can remedy that, sweetheart- you just name the time and place.

  65. I’d have taken a page out of their “Rules for Radicals” nonsense
    “Help these Neo-Nazis are trying to lynch me. Racism Raaaaayyyyysssssiim”

  66. Another privileged White female “feminist”.
    Nothing new here. These “feminists” are pieces of trash who often depend on their older White male daddies and other White men.
    We need to throw these bitches under the bus.

  67. What is the logic in this? You are saying on one hand assault is criminal, but trapping a woman and raping her on private property should be legal?

    1. So what wold you do against those rabid cunts? I’m sure he’d rather have knocked her teeth out.

    2. Those dirty whores deserve what they get. They play dirty, well now theyre gonna get the hose. Better to bring the law down, tarnish reputations. Im sure they would do the same. Theyd just fabricate the incident though.

    3. Renaud, you one pissed “nukka”. Let it go dude! Just let it go. You can always make up for it in Toronto.

    4. hey idiot Roosh can’t retaliate because he would go to jail. He can’t retaliate because he’s a man and girls can do mostly what they want to men without repercussion

  68. After watching that video I’m now convinced that the next Hitler will be a female as the average, demasculated 21st century male is powerless to resist the desire to please his female master.

    1. Renaud, just take your failure like a man. Your trolling is only an admission of a deep frustration. Do yourself a favor and salvage some of your pride.

    2. Tabarnak t’es tu en amour avec Roosh? Trouve toi un hobby. pi décrisse de notre beau pays.

    1. Incoming ‘tard spam. I wonder if renaud is a mangina or a petulant bitter feminazi.

        1. Whoops, someone’s fee-wings are hurt. To bad about that failure in Montreal. Better luck next time dude. Maybe you should read the other article on this website so you can get an in depth analysis of your sympathy inducing failure.

        2. You know you’ve got a good point. Roosh did win, he made his speech to a large group of AT LEAST 40 men. In the end all we managed to do was get his original venue cancelled, get him barred or banned from most bars in Montreal, have him publicly outed by the mayor, oh and beered by a woman he was trying to pick up. You’re right, what a rousing success story. Hats off to you sir.

        3. Word up, stop trying to tack innings on a game that is over. You are coming off as a sore loser. Post no more because it only makes you look worse than you already do. Man up and get ready for the next game. Stop being a beeyotch.

        4. Ain’t no cop out, you’re just trying to replay a game you lost… Oh wait, you didn’t lose out, you just ran out of time, right?

        5. All your efforts to stop Roosh were limited to that glass of beer that’s turning to a lawsuit against you. You failed cause you got physical and barbaric. Now go and munch on some blue haired’s blue muffin.

    2. Oh, someone is mad because their efforts at censorship was an abysmal failure. The tears of your despair are delightful.

        1. You know Renaud is pissed because he is taking the time out to search the interwebz in order to create memes. Renaud, don’t be mad bro, there’s always Toronto. Get crackin’, you have one week.

        2. Oh don’t worry, Toronto has been paying a close eye on events taking place in Montreal. Roosh will have a great time.

        3. Certainly. I’m sure they were watching. But for now, y’all muthafuckas in Montreal CHOKED!!!!! You guys were like Pacquiao against Mayweather. Better luck in the rematch….

        4. Dude, you’re mad. Get over it, man up, and get ready for Toronto. Y’all fucked up on Saturday. Deal with it.

      1. I believe the correct term is, Faggot Mangina? I hate to correct you but I feel like if we’re going to have this conversation we should at least stick to the lingo.

  69. Bahahaha you “men” are the biggest pussies and faggots I’ve ever seen!! Just because you all have small cocks doesn’t mean you have to woman-hate.. It’s not our fault you can’t please a woman!! We like REAL FUCKING MEN, not little boys such as yourselves with little dicks. You little boys deserve to get KNOCKED THE FUCKED OUT!! Lucky that woman didn’t kick you in your non-existent balls.

    1. Oh, here come the trolls to save face after their MASSIVE CHOKE in Montreal. You guys suck. Maybe the folks in Toronto can make you fell better about yourselves. LOL

        1. No, I’m just taunting you. Bitchass nukkas bring that out of me, that’s all. Don’t be mad. Now go make me a sandwich before I sell you for a carton of cigarettes.

        2. LOL… Y’all some angry muthafuckas. Don’t let it destroy you. Breathe!!!! Breathe!!!!

        3. Is that why you come here to the Western world because gay marriages are illegal where you’re from?

        4. Is that the best you can do? DAY-UM! Y’all are pissed. Just admit the fact that y’all got played on Saturday like a bald headed stepchild with AIDS and an incurable nail fungus.

        5. You’re racist and homophobic. I’m reporting you to authorities. I’ve already got your IP address racist pig. 🙂 Waste like you have no place in The free world.

    2. Go lick some feminist’s blue muffin. We all know how you let feminists fuck you with strapons. You don’t need to repeat yourself mr. Mangina.

      1. LOLOLOL!!! So any woman who believes a man shouldn’t hit or rape a woman is a feminist? Didn’t think so…but thanks for coming out, bud 🙂

        1. Not one person on this site condones rape or violence against anyone, we seek not to recreate your awful midnight flashbacks of your daddy hitting your step momma.

        2. What circumstance warrants a woman to be hit by a man, or vice-versa? Why does there need to be hitting from either side?

        3. No, that warrants a beer right back in her face, NOT a punch. You’ve got some anger issues you should probably get checked out.

        4. Id like to see your troll face throw water at a woman and see the consequence. I know your mom didn’t complain when she got jizzed on her face but that was her job and not the same thing.

        5. Answer the question, Dark. If we are in the era of enlightenment where a woman is equal to a man in all ways, why would it be unacceptable for Roosh to punch her square in the nose in response to her “pooring” her beer all over him?
          If a guy poured a beer on another guy, it would have been a good old fashioned brawl.

        6. With you and your cronies on this site it’s a different story mein friend.

  70. Well I guess they do exist, guys with mommy issues. This guy didnt even give a speech in montreal or anything….. With this guy’s reputation he won’t win any case. If this guy wants an all male society, go to prison as a trial. At least he’d be getting laid there. Obviously something he ain’t getting at all. Or maybe just in denial of being a homosexual? I dunno, thats what the majority thinks and I can see why.

    1. We won’t be able to empathise with your mommy issue kiddo, lol. Why don’t you navigate away from this site with your skinny jeans. We still think you’re awsome, just ask your mum, and don’t change our opinion on you.

    2. Seems like you have some serious experience of being double penetrated in jail. Pathetic fucktard

        1. Actually, I cry for you. The pain and disappointment you feel nearly overwhelms me. I need a cigarette.

        2. I feel your pain Renaud. Walking all day around Montreal trying to find Roosh. The sun must have toasted your peanut sized brain for you to come here and spit out this lame gibberish.

        3. Don’t worry. War is coming and you and your entire family will be deported to Africa where a new future awaits you.

  71. Trolls in the house but I am astonished as to their extraordinarily low quality. They must be from Montreal.

      1. I’m not casting any heat. You guys actually suck at trolling. Go home and come back another day. You might need some rest or something.

  72. I don’t know the status of your lawsuit but I do know the law enough to know that what was done to you is both criminal and grounds for a civil suit. If they want to act like criminals then they should be treated as such to the fullest extent of the law. She cowered and took those down because she knows the impended lawsuit(s) are about to fly.

    1. The Irony is the money won by the Suit will help further Roosh’s progress, it’s like the feminist’s are funding Roosh, an easy win.

      1. Agreed and from my research (I was asked to deal with Z.Quinn multiple times and finally started my research) which is already involved in the currently well known feminists she is a trust fund baby from a multi million dollar construction family. So she is rolling in the cash based on family financial holdings. While she is an adult and her family would, of course, not be held accountable it would likely be them paying the bill for her criminal activity so I hope Roosh goes all in on this one. No reason not to, that type of behavior cannot be allowed, ever.
        Canada is much easier to garner information from based on the differences in their personal hospital/public record files. Suffice to say, this individual has a long history and it’s about time someone stopped that behavior by legal action.

        1. Personally, i’m the kinda guy that if someone wrongs me I can forgive them if they ask of it, and I believe that at the end of a scuffle two Men should shake hands and walk away, but this is different, this is not only an attack on Roosh, but it is an attack on free speech, and these feminists are blood thirsty, there is no mercy and they want to take every Right away until they are satisfied, a nice fat Lawsuit could be used to make an example of this feminists’ actions as a warning to feminist in the future.

  73. Apparently she forgot that she has a “good head on her shoulders”:
    On a side note Roose, you really need to bring more people with you and protect yourself in this day and age. I am serious man. You know as well as I do that those people are insane and I wouldn’t be surprised, one bit, if they have discussed legitimately harming you. Don’t get caught with such a small group next time because I doubt this is their last attempt to harm you.

  74. This site comes up when you pop her name into Google. The word “assault” is easily visible without even clicking further. This is going to ruin her chance at politics or any serious job.

        1. Yeah, having control of your own manhood, or thapping against a woman as you fuck her, no man’s Balls should be in another man’s mouth.

  75. Those women only feel Tough because it is looked down upon for Men to defend themselves against women, and they know they can get away with it for that reason, if we’re supposedly living in an Equal age where enlightened modern knowledge shows us women are stronger and better at Men in everything(sarc), then how come a Man can’t equally assault a woman after she’s assaulted him, why is that Taboo still lingering on from those evil Patriarchal chivalrous days?

  76. Why is it tolerable in society for women to scream and bitch and throw drinks in Men’s Face’s, but if the shoe were on the other foot and a Man was doing it to a woman it’s not tolerable?

  77. That is a literal Lynch mob. A bunch of white men is agitated to assault a member of a minority at the behest of a white woman who is upset with his perceived lecherousness and corruption of white women. That is the story of the Tulsa race riot, and most of the red summer riots.
    Holy shit.

  78. An additional action for Roosh & Co to consider is connect the actions of radical SJWs with their “sponsors” and sponsors business partners.
    For example, the description of Ms Lelievre could be expanded to say, “Ms Lelievre, the daughter of , millionaire CEO of Lelievre Construction” with live links to his LinkedIn profile and/or company website (whatever is appropriate).
    Additionally, connecting the father and company to clients, projects, politicians and social/country clubs, would associate the negative and possibly criminal activities of Ms Lelievre with their good names.
    Ultimately we all have a choice and some of Lelievre Construction’s clients might not wish to work with a company that funds the excessive and embarrassing lifestyle of a luxury anarchist would yells “eat my cunt” in public.
    And Ms. Lelivre’s father may begin to realize that he has failed as a father and that he is in fact responsible for funding his daughter’s socially unacceptable behavior.
    Time to cut the cord Mr. Lelievre.

  79. But this kind of shows feminism for the joke that it is. Most feminists are middle class, white girls and women who have never suffered any real hardship in their lives. You don’t see them campaigning for what would be a legitimate feminist issue, like the end of genital mutilation in the Middle East. Why? They couldn’t care less. Feminists are privileged narcissists, which is why they instead dedicate time to quotas, destroying anything that is traditionally masculine, “rape culture”, “fat shaming”, “slut walks” and all that kind of codswallop

  80. You’re in a bad spot now, Roosh. Now that one girl has assaulted you and you didn’t respond, more will attempt to do so and maybe even escalate. It’s time to hire some goons. You can’t let this type of stuff happen to you. It makes you look weak. Two or three more incidents like this could seriously damage your ability to make a living.
    Just think. You’re not going to assault a big time political without their security reacting violently. If you had a few hired muscle with you that could knock out a few of her teeth, future feminists will think twice. You just need to make an example of one bitch. Hire some goons.

    1. I’d bet the security guys also have a certain amount of “protection” leverage to fight back based on the description of their company’s services.

  81. haha all the beta cucks whipped into a frenzy by an angry feminist. just hilarious. sorry bout canada, we have a nasty SJW infection, shoulda warned roosh beforehand. whoops.

  82. what a waste. A very angry little rich girl with beta orbiters says “eat my cunt!”.
    “One of the more common responses has criticized the notion that vehement disagreement equals some sort of unmitigated right to confront and attack others.”
    Its the cause that is just to these morons. Their hyper sense of morality justifies the very thing they claim to be against. Social Justice at its worst.

  83. Please people, I would suggest to just forget about these girls. They are not worth getting mad over. Some people could end up in trouble because of this. Just move on. Also they will cry harassment and the typical feminist victim narrative. Roosh is also getting investigated by the police for something he wrote on August 1 or 2. I have no idea what. So don’t put fuel in the fire. It is time to act civilized and move on better things. These little girls are not worth being mad.

    1. You’re crazy. Roosh was assaulted in public and the perpetrator walked scott free. If he doesn’t respond it will only encourage more assaults. You can’t turn the other cheek when someone is intent on doing you bodily harm

      1. It’s not so much the degree to which he was assaulted, which wasn’t much with 3 drinks being thrown at him, and mob-like posturing forcing him down the road, but their reason for doing it in the first place.
        Is gender hate not a hate crime, or does there have to be a skin color for it to count? Oh wait, they’ve made racial remarks about his lineage. So add that too. Is Roosh a convicted rapist? Nope. Just a conceptualist formulating (sometimes satirical) theories on how to navigate the modern female beast.
        Apparently every single famous American rapper is a rapist based on their lyrics as well by this standard. This is flat out thought-police bullshit. But making it physical in any form crosses the line.

    2. Ehh, i don’t think anyone is going to get in trouble, Roosh can just travel back to the USA if he needs to, the hell with Canada.

    3. Yea. I feel like they’re going to check the comment section of this site and other sites involved in the incident. A few names may be plastered on the net. It could get ugly

  84. I’m not a PUA and doubt I ever could be, but I really do not understand the condemnation it faces.
    It’s a bunch of guys boosting each others confidence and teaching ways to interact with women successfully.
    To me, it’s no different (indeed, it’s much more honest, fair and open) than the media consumed by women globally to manipulate men.
    Makeup tutorials, fashion, article after article about how to attract, keep or control men and it’s all acceptable, celebrated even.
    A community of men participating in consensual sex (which, if we’re to believe the claims of sex positivity is a win – win) attracts some of the most misandrous and libellous bullshit I’ve ever seen.
    Okay, some of the stuff I read in the manosphere makes me shudder, and I’d likely be labelled a mangina for many of my opinions, but if Roosh and his works help lonely guys put themselves out there and take risks I say that’s great.
    In my mind, everybody should fuck and be happy already anyways ><

    1. If the roles were reversed, men everywhere would be outraged about the “deception and trickery” of push up bras…

      1. And breast implants, face lifts, botox injections, lip injections, butt lifts, makeup. Anything else I missed?

    2. Feminists view Men as Rapists, but view it Empowering when women have promiscuous sex with the Rapists(Men), it’s an absents of logic not worth trying to understand.

    1. It was a beer…this time. What will it be next time? And the next? Listening to people just shrug and say ‘oh well’ shows how pussified you western males have become.

    2. So when a Man throws a beer in a woman’s face and she flips, will you say to her” It was a beer you fucking pussy”?

      1. well if she is as big of a cunt as Roosh, then I will laugh at how much she deserves it

        1. your mom probably should have paid more attention to you. or maybe your dad was a dick too, who the hell knows?

        2. It’s evident that you were raised by a single mom. This kind of weak behaviour is only limited to men who lacked the masculine role model in their lives and are worse than kids raised in the orphanage.

    3. What if a man emptied his beer on a girl in public and told her to suck his dick, would you say the same thing? You’re a hypocrite just like the rest of your peers.

  85. I am assuming Roosh did not accept her invitation to eat out her p*ssy?
    What a total bitch. I’ll bet none of her White Knight assclowns ate out her p*ssy either.

    1. It’s cunt Rick. “Cunt.” At least give them the respect they deserve. Pussy is slanderous in this case..

    2. It wasn’t caught on that audio, but she followed up by begging him to go ass to mouth on her.

      1. I hope Roosh declined. I bet she is riddled with herpes from riding the Thundercock Frat Brothers.

  86. Anglo-Canadians….
    Remember, people, this whole affair started with Anglo-Canadians!
    Anglo media and friends built the outrage, then some bored francophones followed along because it’s summer and there’s not much to do, but it was first and foremost an anglo initiative!
    Had Roosh been a francophone blogger from Belgium or France, the movement against him would never have gotten so much traction.
    I’m a francophone myself and I’ve attended conferences in Montreal by French bloggers visiting from their country and who were as provocative as Roosh and the amount of hysteria never reached this level.

    1. Yen a quand même des folles québécoises faut pas mentir ouvre les journaux pis c’est toujours les mêmes conneries.

      1. tu sais pas lire ou quoii? j’ai dis que cétait les Anglos qui ont démarré et alimenté la machine anti-Roosh et que les francophones n’ont fait que suivre comme des moutons. Tu verras qu’à Toronto, majoritairement anglophone, la vague de haine s’abattra avec encore plus de frénésie.

  87. And she does it so well too. She stated she’d never fight a man since there was no situation where that would be appropriate. She does such a good job of beating women (it’s almost man-like) that she should really look in the mirror on this one. Taking advantage of a weak woman shouldn’t be compensated for with money.

  88. I am not surprised, elites always love pitting one group against each other and sit back and watch the chaos unfold.
    How many of these SJW supported by one elite democrat or multiple democrat supporters?

  89. I’m glad your buddy kept you at bay. Now you got TONS of fuel for the lawsuit. Good luck!

  90. I think it’s absolutely hilarious, and rather telling, that you hate us women so much.. I mean, for real, most REAL MEN (aka none of you) actually respect us, treat us kindly and respect us, and as a result get that in return… Whereas most of you pussies DON’T show women ANY of those things, yet are shocked and appalled when they fight back (like throwing a beer in your face for example). Get over it, respect is a 2 way street…we don’t owe you shit!! Man up, and grow a pair!
    I don’t know about you losers, but I know my husband would much rather get reassurances about his manlihood and masculinity from a WOMAN instead of from a bunch of gay-ass punks sitting in their moms basements in some computer chat room like all you assholes seem to do… Real manly I must say.

    1. “but I know my husband would much rather get reassurances about his manlihood and masculinity from a WOMAN ”
      I have no doubts that he does from his mistress.

    2. “my husband would much rather get reassurances about his manlihood and masculinity from a WOMAN”
      Is that what you call it when he begs you to fuck him with your strapon?

  91. I hope there is a lawsuit, and I hope he gets millions so he can finally build the Rooshmobile.

  92. I think it’s funny that this ladies, instead of spending all this time and energy which they claim to be entitlement measures and proper but some how includes barhopping. So proper of you “ladies” to get drunk before your actions too, i doubt they would have the balls to do it without .But what is said is they could have been help down at a battered women’s shelter, working out ways of ending the high rates of sex trafficking women have, learned a foreign language, ahh the list goes on….instead….welll… ahahah yea.

  93. Take the high ground. Make her cop a plea bargain to take courses in anger management and to do community service helping men wounded in war or the job, attacked/raped by women, ruined or jailed by divorce law, etc. etc. and also to be banned from accepting any date that she did not make the first move on and ask for herself… and then to have to write a long essay about what she learned from these experiences.

  94. So apparently the conference never took place? Well, I really believed it. That changes a lot of things. Now I am pissed off at these cunts.

  95. Jessica Lelièvre is another cunt who uses her pussy (and family money) to get by while the rest of the working world has to play by the rules. These types of women will be the first ones targeted when shit goes down. That’s how it always has worked…find the fuckers who have been the pain in your ass for years and eliminate them, first.

  96. Looks like she had an army of white knights with her. Too bad Roosh didn’t have an army of RVFers with HIM. They would have kicked the ever living shit out of those leftist Canadian faggots.

    1. White knights are female utilities like tampons, but at least tampons have a valid function to justify their existence.

    2. An Army? She had a handful of total pussies with her who were only emboldened by the fact that their intended prey was basically alone. True cowards who would piss their pants if confronted one-on-one.

  97. Between this and the massive Chimpouts of the BLM crowd, I’d say the left is imploding.

  98. Here we have a serious problem of left-wing fascists bullying and preventing those with different views from doing anything. For example, a few months ago people organized a protest against an imam who is actually a recruiter for ISIS, a terrorist group that Canada is at war with. Yet the protesters were assaulted by far-left militants. Old women in the movement don’t want to go to anti-islamist protests anymore because they are scared. The SJWs are powerful here and dangerous.
    Left-wing censorship is getting increasingly frequent. That’s why I am trying to tell people that harassing Roosh is wrong. They will censor someone else right after him, then someone else, etc… That’s why even if you don’t like the person, you can’t tolerate this fascist censor behavior.

    1. You think Canada is shit? What about Australia? We banned Julien Blanc and Tyler the Creator, and filed similar cases against Eminem. I think we have it worse than you guys.

      1. Australia is SJW Central! I have no doubt Roosh wouldn’t have been permitted entry here…

      2. Canada is completely controlled by – ism
        Australia still has some breath left – enjoy it while it lasts.

    2. Canada is heading quickly into no rights bill C-51 welcome back to communism 101 meme – Started in new york a century ago – visited the Czar – killed 20 million Orthodox Christians in Russia and is now coming to a neighborhood near you….
      want proof its here = check out Morgan Wheeldon today….instant NDP resignation when you talk about the Rothschild stolen lands as a Canadian politician – you must support uber-racist Khazar non-Semitic posers to get into power = money rules 101 😉

  99. This has all been said, but this kind of hatred and childish behavior exposes the SJWs further for what they are. Anyone who thinks they’re morally in the right just needs to watch these types of videos.
    I don’t know what the laws are in Canada, but in most states in America, it would have been lawful for Roosh and his crew to pull out a firearm and take out these SJWs chasing him. I’m not saying he should have, but he’d be at least justified to pull it out and to threaten them to leave immediately. He didn’t really have a way of knowing that none of them would do anything crazier while they chased him around, totally outnumbered. There’s no excuse for that kind of aggressive violence.

  100. Roosh a suggestion. You need to spend some $$coin for some legit personal protection detail/bodyguards at your speaking events. Not some big guys that are friends or fellow red pillers but actual pro bodyguards like those in the movie “Taken”. Real personal protection bodyguards are ex police/ex military /ex special forces types that you see protecting celebs and such. These freaks that protest your events are unstable…

    1. I’m pretty sure you can get a pro bodyguard like you mentioned for only 150 – 300 dollars for a day which is reasonable. if he went to the Toronto bars with a bodyguard that’d be a hornets nest of fun.

  101. The French Canadian coverage of the whole ordeal in Montreal was more nuanced than the anglo one. For example, Sophie Durocher defended Roosh’s right to free speech even while thinking that he’s a jerk (”Pourquoi censurer le gros macho?” Journal de Mtl, August 5). She said he should be let in the country and not be banned. There were other supportive texts written by female francophone columnists, but I just cannot locate them anymore. To my knowledge, there was no such support in the Anglo press. Maybe I’m mistaken and someone can point out some supportive article in the english press?

  102. “As they recount, Lelièvre was on the prowl looking for Roosh already and she texted a male “crew” (how feminist of her) to arrive in order to physically intimidate him.”
    Roosh really should consider sporting pepper spray or some such non-lethal weaponry (I know they don’t allow guns up there).

  103. She will be charged as a sacrificial lamb for the Canadian government to maintain a veneer of sanity and fairness. she is too small a fish for them to put their reputation on, so they will give her a slap on the wrist.
    In most other circumstances don’t expect the legal system to hold a woman accountable tho. This is a rare case with solid evidence (which she provided herself lol).
    their liberal gov will let roosh get away with this one, but next chance they get to really stick it to a young man you better believe they’ll fuck you over

  104. I warned you Roosh ,Canada is full of nasty feminist and SJW’s and you got the same treatment Warren Farrell got but at least you have the balls to stand you’re ground and for that I commend you.

  105. She wants Roosh to eat her cunt. That’s her way of flirting. If she had had more time, she would have added: “FUCK MY ASS! HARD! THEN FUCK MY MOUTH AND CUM IN MY EYE!”
    She opposes free speech and advocates mob violence. Those pussy ass guys who got involved need to learn what can happen when you try to act like a tough guy when you’re not really a tough guy. If the authorities don’t deal with this as a crime, street action will be needed for self defense.

    1. “eat her cunt”…..wow do you kiss your kids with that mouth??Oh wait you don’t have any kids…

        1. omg sorry no not you that Jessica Frenchy-name-I-can’t-pronounce gal mentioned in the ROK article…the horrid drink thrower

  106. These are some seriously disturbed people. Their behavior is so far out of proportion to the situation. This is a case of “sports fan politics” taken to the extreme. They only care about their team winning, and lose all sense of proportion and propriety.
    Also, I’d eat her cunt.

    1. It’s a case of arrested moral development, especially in atomized urban shitlibs, a topic pman @ mpc has written about extensively in recent months:

      I think there is evidence that atomization leads to a sadomasochistic element in social conflict. If atomization results in retarded moral development, we have a handy model for this: children. Because children interact socially before they have developed emotionally, we can observe what social behavior should look like among morally retarded, unempathic adults by studying child behavior.
      It is fairly normal to see children in groups of three or more periodically engaging in bullying, exclusion, and humiliation. These childish conflicts exhibit an amoral quality and suggest a fascination with wielding social power over others, devoid of moral feeling. Today’s larger school environments and online social networks provide more opportunity for such behavior, and detached parenting can reinforce poor social development that exacerbates it.
      If leftist activists are trapped at a childish stage of moral development, it would explain their extremism and single-minded desire to humiliate opponents even after political victory has been attained. If my speculation is correct then their nastiness may become even more extreme as growing atomization leads to people who are so drained of moral energy that only humiliation and self-amusement are attainable experiences.


  107. Roosh you have done everyone everywhere a service. You have this on camera. Thank you for sharing this. Keep this stuff coming, let the truth set you free.

  108. Good job,
    but it’s starting in Toronto already. articles about Roosh in the Star and the Post…
    you can see which is right and left as you read… but both are in fact left.
    Also, the mayor said he’s not welcome.
    it’s all such a joke. But this is the world we’re living in. You are going to be labelled a misogynist for suggesting women should be good home makers, mothers, while remaining chaste and feminine.
    Roosh never said actual rapes don’t occur, but just that a lot of “rape” on private property is not necessarily rape.
    Would a husband really believe his wife were raped if she went home with some guy she met at the bar or club?
    And this seems to be the way the media refers to him, the man who would legalize rape…
    man o man are we living in some downright insane times.

    1. Feminist dont understand what a satirical point is. It like when Paul Elam wrote about running over Jezebel. They all lost thier shit just the same and accused violence against women.

  109. “pooring”
    4 years of college, the best education money can by and Jessica lelievre is so stupid, she can’t even spell “pouring” correctly. Unless “pooring” is a new word for “acting like a vicious emotionally unstable slut”.

      1. I believe that there is a variation of Murphy’s Law which says something along the lines of “Any post correcting another poster’s spelling/grammar will invariably contain a spelling/grammar mistake itself.”

  110. This was just beautiful. I assume Toronto will be tame but wait with baited breath to read up on more successful strikes in this scorched “feminist” policy.

  111. What annoys me even more than this SJW is the beta orbiters white-knighting for her. These dudes seriously need to learn some game.

  112. Anyone find this bitch ugly as fuck? I mean, a lot of Canadian white women have this sort of general appearance I find. Like they got down-syndrome or something but not quite.

  113. Look at the guys following her around, doing her bidding, hoping to get some sort of reward.
    Do they not realize that Jessica has turned them into peasants, doing her bidding?
    Sad, sad state of affairs in Canada.

  114. Attack attack attack, pointing out their hypocrisy and charmed life runs off the SJW crowd like water on a roof. Copy all threats and all attacks. Hold them accountable and sue any Police department who fails to uphold the law.

  115. In the US what they were doing by following you in a violent mob would come under the federal anti-lynching laws.No, it does not have to involve a rope.

  116. Wow, feminism has officially turned the corner to out and out promoting violence and racism to get their way. The world is in flames.

  117. Doosh gets a little beer on him and goes running to the police for “assault”…lol. Some Messiah of Masculinity you guys have, you should be real proud.

    1. That’s exactly what he should have done, and more men need to do this. It’s good to see someone actually hold a woman accountable for her actions.

        1. Nah, a man would deliver a KO
          But in todays society running to the Fedz is a better option

        2. Funny how the phrase “like a man” is so often preceded by an advisement of something stupid. A real man holds people accountable.

        3. So, *not* filing assault charges after you’ve had a measly beer poured on you is, in your estimation, stupid? Jesus.

        4. Funny how you feminists/nazis ALWAYS use this “like a man” expression to try to force some guy to behavior the way you found better for your agendas. This, and “are you gay?” thing.
          Be a liberal/femc*nt/anarchist when I want, but act as a men/women of the past when I say so, right? 😉

        5. men don’t suck it up when challenged, stupid. they take revenge and if they are smart they use the system.

        6. if you see a beer in the face as a ‘challenge’, then you’re no man. sorry bud.

        7. Oh My God!!! Now you used the “that’s not what I wanted to say” excuse. Gooods, you’re predictable.
          Here, take this money, go buy a kebab or something for you and leave the adults debating. Hush, hush, out you go.
          Oh, yes: take your little friends with you. Come back when you all reach puberty (I could have said ‘adulthood’, but I’m not so optimistic).

        8. oh jeeeeez….what’s more likely? That I have sincerely held beliefs about what being “like a man” is, or that I’m using that phrase facetiously to point out the inherent hypocrisy in Roosh constantly preaching the need to return to traditional gender norms while also responding to this situation in a manner that is decidedly not very traditionally “manly”? seriously bro. you don’t have to agree with me but you’re being deliberately obtuse if you can’t see the intention behind the comment. what’s all that about debating like an adult?

      1. That is exactly right. End female privilege and the gender prison gap by reporting women to police, no longer will women act like an irresponsible child that assaults with impunity. Women, especially feminists, have absolutely no qualms about reporting men for even the most frivolous of things (street “harassment”, workplace “harassment”, most things are harassment or “hate” speech to feminist fuckwits), even falsely reporting men for rape after destroying due process for the accused.
        Matter of fact, numerous feminists have reported Roosh to the police according to the same article that states Jessica Lelievre is being investigated – of course it’s frivolous reports and the feminists won’t be charged with making a false report due to social Justice privilege in shit hole Montrael. Tattling has always been a female/feminist/SJW thing, it is low and cowardly, but it is funny when the low and cowardly’s own methods are used against them.
        To say “suck it up like a man” is promoting male gender roles which is ironic for such a progressive feminist who believes men beat the shit out of women by bottling up their emotions. Feminists are tattling cowards in nature, they designed a system where tattling is the golden rule, so we basically have a pot calling the kettle black moment here.
        I look forward to the day when people start waking up and finally build gas chambers designed for feminists and SJWs.

  118. that was the crew that she got to intimidate Roosh? lmao, i could kick all their white knight asses with my hand behind my back. pussy ass mofos 😀

  119. I hope you guys keep us posted as to the outcome of the assault charge. Don’t forget to include names of cops, lawyers, and/or judges who may be involved.
    Also, does anyone know Daddy Lelievre’s email address? I’d like to send him a link to this article, just in case he doesn’t see it at the top of the Google results for his daughter’s name.

  120. I would like to point out that that video was filmed incorrectly, with ugly black bars on the sides.

  121. So it begins…the war between truth and lie, between good and evil…Roosh I bow down to the courage of knowing the dangers of what you were walking into and still you did it.
    Acknowledgement !

  122. Do these bitches not realize how incredibly privileged they are to get away with things like this in a country that was created by men, run by men, and protected by men? Then they complain that men have too much privilege and that women are treated unfairly. The irony is so strong it hurts.
    In an anarchy there wouldn’t be any working currency so if she’s really an anarchist-feminist then she should give every penny of her wealth (which was given to her by capitalist patriarchal men) to starving children in Africa. Actions speak louder than words.

  123. So, I watched that video…..wow. Those guys are seriously angry….at a guy that’s campaigning for their best interests. And for what? For the privilege of buying booze for entitled feminazis? ‘Fighting to defend that system’ indeed.

  124. Ashame, she’s really cute and would bang.
    I’m guessing what she’s really upset about is not “The Patriarchy”, but not being either bright enough or hard working enough to get into Queen’s, where she could have been surrounded by and reveled in the attention of the tall and good looking men of Queen’s (Tyler Durden’s Alma Mater – not a coincidence) and RMC while being one of the relatively few 6+ girls in Kingston, but I suspect unlike America Daddy’s money (at least alone) can’t get you into a top school in the Great North. Instead, due to either her dimness or sloth has to settle for the relatively average men of Concordia and Montreal while competing against some of best women on the continent.

  125. “The irony is that the world of old white men she claims to rally against
    has given her ten times more in this world than 99% of the male
    And how is that irony? Does she claim disadvantaged person status for herself? Does she claim that her female gender disadvantages her more than her family background advantages her? Is there some moral law of the universe that you are not allowed to agitate against privilege if you yourself happen to be a beneficiary of it?

    1. do you happen to have an extra chromosome? SJWs in Montreal ate shit. Their ultimate effort was to pour drink on Roosh and for which they are going to the court. P.s your real name is Catcunty2

        1. The thing that sticks out in my mind is the utter failure of the Montreal feminists to prevent Roosh from entering Canada. Oh wait, I forgot about their failure to prevent the conference from taking place as well. Maybe the Canadian feminists shouldn’t set such high goals as the only thing they are capable of is throwing things in a hissy fit when they don’t get their way. Just sayin’.

        2. To the eyes of some people. However
          He has new fans that he wouldn’t have without sjw indirect publicity for him. Live in denial of you will.

        3. And he has far more detractors than ever.
          You people are the ones living in denial.

        4. You mean the 12 man circle jerk that had to change venue? Yeah that’s a real “win” for Roosh.

        5. Nah, I mean how the Canadian feminists centered their activities around two objectives and both failed. In a last ditch attempt to save face, they rallied around an individual who threw a drink at Roosh. The Canadian feminists celebrated this “victory” while the person who threw the drink had to go into hiding for fear of criminal charges field against her. If you want to celebrate this entire course of events then have at it although it does appear that you are taking the residue of a consolation prize that has little importance. If I were you, I’d celebrate! Congratulations!

        6. Roosh held a 12 man circle jerk in a hotel room at an undisclosed location because he was afraid to publish it. Yeah real victory.

        7. Please don’t misunderstand me. I completely understand the elation you feel as a result of having recouped your losses. I’m pretty sure the events of that day left you with a great deal of despair. The video of the girl throwing the beer must have been like finding a tall glass of hot sauce waiting for you after having walked for miles in the desert. Instead of focusing on the conference, you should focus on what the young girl did for that probably softened all the frustrations and disappointments you endured that day. If I were you, I’d get a screenshot from that video, blow it up to poster size, frame it, and hang it above my bed so that each morning I awakened, I would see something that would put a smile on my face thus making my day full with cheer and merriment. But that’s just me.

  126. Wow, what a nasty, sexist piece of work! What is it with feminists that they think their hate excuses them from anything? Even premeditated felonies?
    Um, it doesn’t matter if she started it. Remember Ray Rice? Uh-huh. Its double standard time! Its double standard time! She should be charged and imprisoned, then her co-felons can “protest” by assaulting her and publicly bragging of it.

    1. It would be great to see once she is charged along with her beta white knights, they all start breaking down and turn against one another. Backstabbing each other to save your own skin is a strategy in their textbook.

  127. In order for there to be an “outrage”, you gotta start by calling the police, the news, and your local political representatives to complain about it. They respond to *numbers* more than gender.
    Secondly, the bitch has a rich daddy– that’s worth something. Go after him and his company, enough negative publicity will have him reeling her in and putting her on a tight leash.
    That’s how activism works.

    1. You are butthurt that your side (faggotism) lost.
      Don’t you have a butt-buddy appointment or something.
      Roosh won.

      1. Nope he didn’t, and I’ve got a wife thanks now go home alone and jerk off little boy.